The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
A frightening turn, P4

A gate opened near the Master Emerald shrine before a figure stepped out to show TME before the gate closed with a bang before TME looked to the readers with a serious look on his face.

"Hay everyone, welcome to another chapter of The dimensional Saga." TME said before he walked up the shrine steps and sat next to the master Emerald before leaning against the large gem.

"Last time we left Emerald's group on a bad note, even with the training they did, it seems that Aggro's group is a step ahead of them, Emerald's knocked out, and Aggro was unharmed somehow." TME said before shrugging.

"Now then, so that I don't give spoilers, I'll just get into the story." TME said before the camera panned to the outside of the cave with the others right when the images of Emerald getting attacked by Aggro appeared on the wall.

Angel Island/Cave of trials/ Xan's group/ Xan(tied up), Knuckles (unconscious), Rouge, Shunpei, Pluton (INOR)(In need of repairs), Cream, Vanilla, Amy, Sonic (fire overdrive)(Pinned at the moment), Tails, Zack, Chise/ Elemental group/ Kamikazix (Wind), Terragaia (Earth), Nebula (Lighting), Infernus (Fire), Oceanic (Water), Shiro (Light), Kuro (Dark), Nexus (Sage)

The camera faded in to show that everyone was looking at the screen in surprise, mainly from Kamikazix who wondered who activated the viewing screen before she looked towards the Master Emerald in surprise before looking back when she heard chuckling from Steel which got everyone elses attention.

"Hehehe, oh wow, I gotta say that I didn't see this coming." Steel said with a grin on his face which irritated everyone nearby before they heard more chuckling, this time from the screen on the wall which showed that Aggro was the one doing it while the scene shifted back to the dungeon group.

Trial of blades/ 99th floor/ Canyon theme/ Emerald, Nocturn, Lillum, Core, Solar, Lynx, Lilly, Ikaru

After Emerald was knocked out, Aggro started to chuckle which made everyone on Emerald's side get on their guard before he walked away from the group which confused all who was watching before he sat against the wall.

"What?, I'm not gonna interrupt a fight, besides, Emerald's the one Bordux wants, the rest, well you get my meaning...unless you want to try and take me on." Aggro said with a malice filled grin which sent a shiver up Emerald's group's collective spines while Lillum grit her teeth in anger before her eyes glowed red before turning to normal which got the groups attentions while Lillum's memories flashback to everyone in the group.

To say Lillum was angry was an understatement, she may have met Emerald and the others, but she was angered beyond belief thanks to Bordux screwing with Emerald's head, unintentional or not, which resulted in Emerald losing all of his memories.

Then there was the issue with the four guardians, Nocturn, and Solar. (I'd like to remind everyone that time is accelerated inside the dungeon unless synced up to allow viewing for everyone on the outside, 4 years on the inside, 12 hours on the outside.)

She grew fond of Leonel and Solar thanks to the fact she traveled with them for a few years, Lynx normally kept to herself outside of battle which was fine sense it was better then a person who wouldn't keep quiet, Core was similar, he normally slept here and there when they made camp to recover from battle, Nocturn was normally hanging around Emerald before and after he lost his memories, slight perverted tendencies or not, he was OK in her opinion.

Emerald, he was suppose to be a target for her to feed off of before leaving for another victim, however the energy she got from his was like no other, looks aside, when she met him he like a normal a well mannered guy, tried to look her in the eyes after getting over his shock, didn't stop Lillum from having her fun before flying off to see what he did next before getting curious at his actions after.

She was surprised when Emerald saved Leonel from the falling boulder back then when he managed to barely beat her, was double surprised when Leonel helped him to the rest area, she was also surprised that Emerald was able to use magic during Core's fight, even if it was cast on him by another it would still drain Emerald of magical energy to stay active.

After she joined she was impressed that a human of all things was able to do what he did, normally humans from most dimensions need to train for years to fight monsters in this dungeon, and even then, they would normally be frightened by the monstrous creatures in the dungeon, Emerald made Lillum wonder if he had a screw loose when she trained with him in the shifting maze and when she asked him how he was so calm and the answer surprised her.

Flashback/ Shift maze/ Emerald, Lillum, Nocturn

Lillum and Nocturn were floating around the maze after getting split up from Emerald, the maze shifted when Emerald knocked a crab like monster away from Lillum before it could clip her wings, unfortunately the Maze altered after he did and now the floating duo was looking for Emerald.

"Geez, I really hate this place." Lillum muttered before Nocturn turned to her with an irritated look on his gem like face. "I know... you said it ever sense we got separated from Emerald." Nocturn growled which got Lillum angry as a result.

"Alright you floating piece of coal, whats your problem!?" Lilllum growled out which made Nocturn turn to her with an angered glowing look in his eyes.

"COAL!?, I'M BETTER LOOKING THEN THOSE HUNKS OF ROCK!" Nocturn roared out while flaring his aura while Lillum gave him a deadpanned look before speaking up.

"You know your stuck in a hunk of rock right?" Lillum said with a smirk on her face which irritated Nocturn further, but before the duo could bicker further they heard a commotion ahead the path they where on before the duo looked to one another before flying ahead.

Before they reached the area, they heard one last boom before things got quiet which confused them before they reached an opening before they got the shock of their life before Nocturn started to chuckle.

"No wonder we didn't run into monsters." Nocturn said with a humor filled tone before the camera panned to a large pile of monsters corpses with Emerald sitting at the top with an exhausted look on his face.

Lillum couldn't belief what she was seeing, It looked like Emerald took out 15 golems, normally they were giants that had a serious resistance to either physical attacks or magical attacks, but it looked like Emerald had only a little trouble taking them out which confused Lillum more, but she had one question that she needed an answer for before she spoke up.

"Why?" Lillum asked which got Emerald and Nocturn's attention before they got confused looks on their faces before turning to Lillum.

"Why what?" Emerald asked in a confused tone before Lillum floated up to Emerald while looking around the room.

"Why are you not scared?, normally humans are scared about fighting creatures like these without training." Lillum asked before Nocturn floated towards the duo.

"I can answer that, simply put, Emerald is naively stupid about protecting his friends." Nocturn said which pissed off Emerald but was cut off by Lillum who spoke up again.

"Well... even so, normal people wouldn't help others if they were in danger, normally they would run if it didn't get them anything in return, at least that's how most humans are in various dimensions, I may not look it but I'm a lot older then I look and I've seen some sick things that humans did in order to line their own pockets, I can respect it if it's to survive, but normally..." Lillum said before trailing off while Emerald looked up before speaking.

"Don't know if you know this already, but in my dimension, I'm normally a pathetic weakling who has a lot of fears, no friends, I live with my parents and sister, I usually sit at a computer desk, I just browse the internet, watch videos, or play games with an empty feeling flowing through my body, pretty sure I had a blank look on my face whenever I'm on the computer." Emerald started to say which got Nocturn and Lillum's attention before Emerald continued.

"Even though I have other family members, I can only trust my parents and sister, mainly because that I rarely see any other family members and a few actually stole from us in the past, made it hard to trust other humans in my dimension, there was also the lack of friends and the bullying, I don't think I got the worse of it but still it was pretty consistent sense I was picked on sense 3rd grade and all the way to the 10th before I had to drop out, shortly after I had to get my GED, which is the high school equivalent of a high school diploma." Emerald said before Lillum got a slightly worried look on her face before she spoke up.

"Must make me a bad person then, besides you guys here, the people outside of this cave, and my family back home, I could personally care less about people, I just want to protect the people I care about, simple as that." Emerald said before he held up his right hand which sparked with purple energy with a hint of green that went unnoticed by the trio before Emerald chuckled a bit.

"You know...most from my dimension would do practically anything to get even a one of the abilities that I have, and I'm not just saying that to be scary, some people are serious scumbags who would do anything to live longer or have the power to rule the world or just to do what ever they want, my world is a mess, there is so much pollution that the earth is getting warmer and warmer, even if some people try and fix that by various means, it would take years, centuries even to fix what was screwed up, the air on Mobius is cleaner here in it is there." Emerald explained which confused the group a bit before he got up from the pile of monsters and started to walk down.

"All in all, I just don't want to lose what I managed to get, that's all, me being selfish, me being human, simple as that." Emerald said with his hands behind his head while he walked passed the floating duo before Lillum smirked before following Emerald.

"Don't know if there's more, but I guess in this case, being human is a good thing." Lillum thought before the scene shifted to the present.

Present/ Trial of blades/ 99th floor/ Canyon theme/ Emerald, Nocturn, Lillum, Core, Solar, Lynx, Lilly, Ikaru

"" Lillum growled out which got everyone's attention before she spoke up again before anyone could ask what is wrong.

"Why...are...!" Lillum growled out before she gripped her head when a sharp pain shot through her head which confused the various groups before Lillum was forced to land on her feet which shocked Emerald's group sense Lillum never did that a lot in battle.

"LILLUM!?" Lynx called worry before Lillum's eyes snapped open to show a bright red glow before she threw her head back and gave a frightening roar before a wave of magic started to build around her before a pillar of blue energy shot upwards which surprised everyone watching while the scene shifted.

Before Lillum's burst of energy but after her eyes flashed red once/?/?/?

The camera panned to show a castle over a large lake of lava before the camera moved to show one of the windows before panning in to show a muscular man with his eyes closed while he sat on a regal throne in a loincloth with pure black hair like the darkest night that ended near the middle of his back.

The sound of a door opening made the man open his eyes to show X shaped pupils that shifted into other shapes before turning into regular pupils before he saw on old man with an intricate staff approach before bowing to the man before the man waited for the old man to speak.

"My apologize Lord Lucifer, however I have some interesting news about your child Lillum, it seems she is finally experiencing her awakening." ? said to Lucifer which got his attention before Lucifer chuckled before full blown laughing while the old man waited for him to calm.

"Hehehehe, HAHAHAHA,... Astaroth... you think I don't know that already, I'll admit that I didn't see Lillum doing that for a few more centuries at least, I heard from Kin-ki that she found a husband in the trial of blades after he got back to report it, I also know that she is caught in Bordux's scheme." Lucifer said while Astaroth didn't find it surprising that Lucifer knew, Lucifer was once one of heavens greatest angels before he fell to hell.(I may have said it in this story or another, but I'm not really religious for various reasons, if this offends anyone let me know and I'll make a few changes.)

"Maybe, but her target might be to much for her even if she awakes." Astaroth said which made Lucifer frown, he may be a demon to most, but he had a fondness for a few of his children who showed promise, Lillum was one of them, for her magical potential was one of the strongest in his bloodline, unfortunately she was untrained before she left and to hear she was awakening was a slight surprise to the demon lord though he didn't show it.

Lucifer eyes narrowed before the scene shifted back to the dungeon fight.

Trial of blades/ 99th floor/ Canyon theme/ Emerald, Nocturn, Lillum, Core, Solar, Lynx, Lilly, Ikaru

The Pillar of energy faded to show a surprising scene which gave various reactions.

Lillum's appearance changed greatly, instead of the dress, she wore something similar to her old leotard though it was ripped here and there to show that her body got more muscular, though not bulky, her wings grew bigger while her nails, though the same length, sharped into points, her skin took on an ashen color with glowing red cracks littered her body.

The real shockers were the horns on her head and her eyes glowing a dull red color with purple colored eyes with black pupils, though she looked like she had a blank look on her face.

All in all, Lillum's body looked like it matured, just add horns and the ashen colored skin with the glowing cracks on her body.

Lillum then raised her right arm before the air shimmered above her while everyone felt the power Lillum was emitting while Aggro grinned before he stood up when Lillum looked towards him while the scene shifted again.


The camera panned to show Emerald in the middle of the master Emerald clearing while he struggled to get up, he was confused greatly.

"Why, can't I move?" Emerald thought to himself before he heard a voice speak up which surprised him when he remembered that voice from the giant slime incident while he heard footsteps approach.

"To put in simple terms for you and for those who are reading this story, Aggro's attack hit you both physically and mentally." ? said in a duel tone of a man and a woman which confused the hell out of Emerald for many reasons before he somehow managed to angle his head a bit to see who spoke and was surprised.

He saw approach though besides a toothy grin, the figure looked pure white with an aura that wrapped around its body.(for those who forget, think of the god like figure from FMA brotherhood.)

The figure then crouched down in front of Emerald before tapping the side of Emerald's head which irritated Emerald sense he couldn't move which made the figure chuckle for a moment before standing back up.

"First off, the reader thing, let's just say that being omnipotent lets me know when others are looking into this world, either by magic, technology, or by writing, and in this case, its writing." ? said which confused Emerald further before the figure walked away to the Master Emerald for a moment before turning back with the same grin on its face.

"And by writing, I mean fan-fiction, stories that aren't published in stores, then again you already know that sense you wrote a lot of fan-fiction at home before you lost your memory." ? said with the ever present grin on its face while Emerald looked confused.

"Fan-fiction?" Emerald thought before shaking his head which surprised himself sense he was unable to move earlier which made the entity chuckle.

"Seems the attack is wearing off mentally, physically...well time is accelerated here to the point that a second is like an hour outside so we got time to talk." The figure said with the ever present grin on its face before walking over to Emerald and held it right hand over him.

"Though talking to you like this is probably going to give you cramps, here..." ? said before a familiar green energy emitted from the figures hand before enveloping Emerald.

Emerald felt his body jolt before he felt normal again before he stood up from the ground with an ever further confused look on his face with made the entity chuckle again which unnerved Emerald.

"Who..or what...are you?" Emerald asked which made the figures grin widen before the figure shrugged.

"Oh just the combined mentality of various gods who made the Master Emerald on angel Island, no big deal." M.E. said with a nonchalant grin before Emerald's eyes widen in shock while his jaw dropped before Emerald shook his head to get over the shock.

"H-hold on, I heard of the Master Emerald from Nocturn, he said it was originally a-!" Emerald started to explain before the figure held up its hand before speaking up to interrupt Emerald.

"I'm pretty sure you and the people reading this are already familial with my body on angel island, we don't need so many reminders." M.E. said which confused Emerald again.

"You said readers, and fan-fiction!?, what the hell are you saying!?, that this isn't real!?" Emerald said in surprise before he got bopped on his head when the figures grin turned into a frown.

"In your dimension, stuff like this would be make believe, however here it just means that someone is able to see into this dimension when they are asleep and they just wrote down what they saw with slight changes here and there to spice the story up, for all that author knows, he's just writing a story that others read while here is as real as it can get." M.E. said before walking towards the Master Emerald before turning back to Emerald with the frown still on it's face.

"I'm not saying that this isn't real, but from your dimension it might as well be sense they are not able to jump back and forth through dimensions, anyway we are getting nowhere so why don't we deal with our current issue." M.E. said before it walked towards and passed a confused Emerald before Emerald followed with questions floating around his head.

However when they reached the treeline, Emerald followed the figure before getting shocked when the figure vanished before looking around and saw the figure sitting near a dick like object on the ground before running over and saw that the figure yawned while covering its mouth before looking to Emerald with a grin on its face before speaking up.

"What took you so long?" M.E. said which made Emerald's eye twitch before the figure spoke up while point towards the before Emerald could say anything.

"See this thing behind me?" M.E. asked before standing up while Emerald looked to the object for a moment in confusion before looking towards the figure.

"Some kind of platform right?" Emerald said while shrugging his arms before the figure chuckled for a moment before turning to the platform with its grin widening.

"It can be a platform when inactive, but it's a lot more then that, though I can't say much now sense it will spoil the story for others." M.E. said with an irritating grin before turning its head to Emerald who got more confused at the beings actions and words, especially about the reader thing so he would just ignore it for now and deal with it later.

"And, what does this thing do when active?" Emerald asked which made the figure's grin widen before looking back to the platform.

"It's simple, this is where you get your power over darkness from, your *darkside* isn't what he claims to be in a sense." M.E. said while giving the finger quotes for the word darkside which shocked and confused Emerald before the figure turned to him before Emerald shook his head to get rid of the shock he was experiencing.

"Power?, andwhat do you mean isn't what he seems!?, he seems a lot like a darkside to me!" Emerald growled though the figure ignored the tone by grinning wider.

"That's it though, he *seems* like a darkside but he has more in common with Helios or Solar now." M.E. said which confused Emerald before he looked around the field for the dark double.

"Where is he anyway?" Emerald asked when he saw that the double was nowhere in sight which made the figure grin before waving his hand before speaking up while an image formed.

"While we were busy talking, I matched the time outside to when Lillum made a surprising transformation, easy for yours truly to do sense I practically have multiple gods abilities." M.E. said while Emerald sweatdropped before turning to the vision while the scene shifted.

Trial of blades/ 99th floor/ Canyon theme/ Emerald, Nocturn, Lillum, Core, Solar, Lynx, Lilly, Ikaru

After Lillum looked towards Aggro, she pointed towards Aggro before an avalanche of Ice and snow shot towards Aggro so fast that it shocked everyone for a moment before the attack hit Aggro before the current of ice and snow spiraled before slamming into the ground away from the group before a flower of ice appeared after the snow settled before Lillum moved her hand before slamming it towards the ground which made the flower of ice crunch into the ground which made a flat surface before things got silent.

Everyone looked to Lillum in shock when they noticed that Aggro was missing before a blue mist started to emit from Lillum's body before it wrapped around her before it dispersed to show that Lillum was back to normal, though she was on her feet while her body started to wobble which confused the groups looking towards her.

Lillum was trying to keep herself steady but she felt drained, like she used everything in that last attack, she didn't know why it happened or how she accessed that form but she was glad that it took out Aggro.

Her vision blurred a few time before clearing before turning to Lynx with a tired grin on her face, however time seemed to slow when Lynx's face shifted from shock to horror which made Lillum turn her tired body towards what Lynx was look at and was shocked to see a hulking figure behind her with its left arm over it's right shoulder before it backhanded Lillum's right side which launched her towards a canyon wall before a loud bang happened as a result which shocked everyone but Leonel and Umbra before the figure was revealed to be Aggro, who's body was still undamaged except for his right arm which shocked everyone, but Aggro barely looked irritated.

"Talk about close, got to admit that if I didn't use my aura to defend myself then I would be buried under so much ice and snow, though I was a little late in getting it to my right arm." Aggro said before he examined his right arm, the right sleeve of his jumpsuit was torn off from his wrist to his upper arm before everyone heard a thud and looked over to see that Lillum fell to the ground while everyone in Emerald's group and Xan's group while a few Elemental's watching flinched at her injuries, more so when they realized that Lillum was awake to feel it all.

Lillum's body was badly damaged, her right arm looked broken in various places, her head was mainly damaged on the right side and the group was sure she was bleeding when blood started to drip from her head a moment later while the scene shifted back to Emerald.

Emerald's mind/ Gate of darkness/ Emerald, Master Emerald spirit

Emerald who was watching what was going on was surprised at Lillum's new form and got greatly surprised when her attack swept Aggro away before he got a horrified look on his face when Aggro appeared behind Lillum with an arm raised while M.E. had an indifferent look on its face.

"NOOOOOO!" Emerald roared in worry before Aggro's attack landed which made Emerald freeze in horror when Lillum flew into the wall before Emerald's rage built up before he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked to see that the figure was giving him a grin of all things which pissed Emerald off greatly before trying to punch the being but his hand passed through it before the being chuckled a few time before speaking up to a pissed off Emerald.

"Unfortunately you can't help at the moment." M.E. said which enraged Emerald further before the figure spoke up again before Emerald could do anything.

"Your body is knocked out, even if you could move at full power, it wouldn't change anything, you would get a couple hits in but they wouldn't do anything before you get knocked out again, lucky for you, you got an unexpected ally for this battle." M.E said which pissed of Emerald more but confused him at the mention of an ally.

"Ally?" Emerald asked before he got worried when Aggro raised his right foot before slamming it towards the ground before the scene shifted back to the dungeon group.

Trial of blades/ 99th floor/ Canyon theme/ Emerald, Nocturn, Lillum, Core, Solar, Lynx, Lilly, Ikaru

Before anyone could do anything to help Lillum, Aggro spoke up which surprised the group before he rose his right foot.

"Sorry but my orders are for getting that kid to Bordux, THE REST OF YOU CAN DIE!" Aggro said before roaring when he stomped with his foot before a boulder launched in front of him before he grabbed it like it was nothing before he grit his teeth before the boulder started to condense and shift into a spear like shape.

Aggro then aimed it towards Lillum while Lynx and Core noticed and tried to help while Lilly and Ikaru tried to fly towards Lillum to rescue her, however Leonel and Umbra blocked the duo while Leonel launched some spears towards Ikaru to slow him down before the scene shifted back to Emerald and M.E.

Emerald's mind/ Gate of darkness/ Emerald, Master Emerald spirit

"NONONONONONO!" Emerald repeated rapidly before he got tapped on the shoulder before getting really angry with the spirit of the Master Emerald before he saw that it held its hand over its mouth in a shushing gesture before speaking up before the screen slowed down.

"Remember what I said about your darkside being more then he seems, well..." M.E. said before trailing off while pointing back to the images which showed a shocking scene.

Trial of blades/ 99th floor/ Canyon theme/ Emerald, Nocturn, Lillum, Core, Solar, Lynx, Lilly, Ikaru

After Aggro tossed the earthen spear, time seemed to slow as it approached Lillum who saw the spear approach with her good eye sense the other was closed thanks to Aggro's attack.

"Is this it?" Lillum thought before her vision blurred for a moment before the spear approched her head while Aggro's grin widened before it turned into shock at what happened next before everyone else's face turned to shock as well at what they saw.

The spear that was heading towards Lillum was stopped just a few inches from her face, however it wasn't the fact it was stopped, it was who that stopped it.

"How!?" Solar said when she saw who stopped it while the others around her agreed with her before the camera panned to show that the earthen spear was raised before the person spoke up while Lillum's vision cleared before her eye went wide eyed at what she saw.

"I gotta to say..." ? said before the earthen spear started to crack with purple energy emitting from the cracks before it shattered with a bang before the figure held his right arm out while a grin appeared on his face.

"IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK, HAHAHAHAHA!" ? said before full blown laughing with a twisted grin on his face to reveal that it was Emerald who was the one to block the attack, however Emerald was acting another person and dark lines where wrapping around his body before he looked towards a shocked Aggro with the twisted grin widening while his eyes flashed from green colored eyes to pure white in color before straightening his body before speaking up.

"I really should thank you Iron wall, if you hadn't knocked Light out, I wouldn't be able to give this body a test run." ? said with a grin on his face before Aggro spoke up, though he was shocked at the aura Emerald's aura, it was nothing like before, last time it was weak but it gave off a sort of comforting feeling that boosted allies moral while trying to intimidate the enemy.

Now it was just...dark.

"Who or what the hell are you!?" Aggro said with a slight growl before Emerald? grinned at the question.

"Hehehe, who am I, It's simple, My name, is Dark, simple as that." Dark said with a grin before a dark mist emitted from his body which made a chill go up everyone's spine before the scene faded to black.

The camera panned back to the master Emerald alter to show that TME was sitting with his back towards the master Emerald, but before he could turn to the screen he felt someone tap his shoulder and turned his head to see the Master Emerald spirit before he screamed.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" TME screamed before jumping, however he made a mistake by doing that and his foot slipped on the steps before M.E. looked away before hearing crashes and bangs before it stopped before looking to see a bruised TME face down on the ground before chuckling while walking down the steps.

M.E. then turned to the readers before speaking up.

"Well everyone, it seems TME is out like a light, I'll do him a favor and finish the outro for him." M.E. said before it looked towards the cave.

"What happened to cause Dark to take over Emerald's body, why did I say those things to Emerald about you guys and gals, finally how long will it take for the next chapter, that's for me to know and for you readers to find out." M.E. said before waving it's hand towards the screen before the screen started to ripple before fading to black.

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