The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
training pays off for now P3

A portal opened up next to the Master Emerald alter before a person stepped through before the light from the gate dimmed a bit to show that it was TME before the gate closed.

TME then cracked his neck before sitting on the alter steps before he looked to the screen before doing the two finger salute before looking towards the trial of blades cave before looking back to the screen.

"Hay there everyone, welcome to part three of the final dungeon arc, last time we left off when Emerald, Core, and Lynx took their powers to the next level, Core and Lynx using their Blades next form while Emerald used the next level of Chaos overdrive, how will the group fair now?, will they win?, can I get to the damn story already!?, then again that joke is most likely getting old, oh well enjoy the chapter." TME said before the scene shifted to Emerald's team in the Trial of blades.


"Release your rage!, Nova Imperial!" Core said before a Pillar of flames enveloped his body while two other Pillars appeared right when Core's pillar appeared while the scene shifted to Lynx and Lillum's fight.

"Lead my foes to their death!, Shi shi no kage!, (Shadow of the dead, again please let me know if I translated wrong I cannot stress that enough.)" Lynx growned before Sombra spun in front of her while spinning clockwise before it spun faster before a purple pillar of energy formed around her while a pillar of fiery red and a green Pillar with dark energy appeared at the same time while the scene shifted back to Aggro's question.

"You know, if you asked me that when I still had all of my memories, I might have agreed with you." Emerald said before he slid his left foot a little further to gain balance.

"However!..." Emerald said before he release more energy which shook the ground around him slightly while Aggro's grin reappeared.

"I should thank Bordux for this, because in a sick sort of way..." Emerald said before the energy started to move towards Emerald's body before his eyes glowed with a green glow.

"I feel nothing when I think about killing you when I need to protect my friends!" Emerald growled with power radiating from his body while Aggro's grin widened as far as it could go before Emerald started to speak which confused Aggro for a moment before he recognized the words.

"Chaos is power...Power enriched by the heart...the heart is the server that unifies the chaos,...CHAOS OVERDRIVE V5!" Emerald growled out before roaring the last words before a pillar of green energy appeared with some darkness mixed in before the scene faded to black.

Final boss area/ rocky canyon leading to the stairs leading to the blade/ Emerald, Nocturn, Lillum, Lynx,Core, Solar, Lilly, Ikaru

The camera faded in to show the three pillars of energy before they faded, the camera panned to Core's fight first.

Core VS Umbra

Core's pillar of energy faded to reveal a surprising sight to Umbra who lowered his weapon sense this might be interesting to see.

After the pillar faded, it showed that Nova had changed to a pair of gauntlets that ended near the middle of his forearms while four, clear, fist sized orbs appeared to float around Core, mainly floating at his back to keep out of his way.

Umbra took a moment to look at what Nova turned into and was a bit confused.

"Strange, from Nova's previous owners, her released state should be different then that, not only that but why are there orbs floating around him

Core then took a basic fighting pose with his left arm in a guard of sorts while his right arm was at his waist before he shifted his feet to where his left foot slid forward while his right leg bend a little for balance while two of the orbs floated next to his shoulders, two hid behind his back.(I personally took some karate lessons for awhile so I use the basic white belt stance for my class, was a purple or brown belt but forgot most so I can only use the white belt stance, fortunately or Unfortunately depending on how you see it, I haven't got into a real fight so I have no combat experiece, got into a couple scuffles but nothing serious.)

Umbra then raised his scythe in a guarded stance before Core shot towards Umbra while the orbs followed while the scene shifted to Lynx's area before her pillar of energy faded.

Lynx and Lillum VS Dark Leonel

Lynx's pillar disappeared to reveal a shocking sight to both Lillum and Leonel who saw what Sombra turned into.

Instead of a duel edged serrated dagger, Lynx wore a black cloak that looked like it was ripped here and there while the bottom looked torn to shreds that covered her entire body when closed while the hood of the cloak covered her head.

Before the viewing duo could wonder what happened to Lynx, Lynx then thrust her right hand out of the cloak before throwing her arm out which made the cloak part for a moment to reveal that besides the cloak, Lynx wore an odd gauntlet on her right arm with a slot on the back of the gauntlet's forearm that stopped at her shoulder, the cloak stayed open when the right side of the cloak rested on her shoulder before she held her arm straight out towards Leonel.

Before Lillum could ask what happened, Lynx held the armored arm towards Leonel before a scythe blade of all thing appeared which made Leonel and Lillum think it was fitting sense she was an assassin before Leonel grinned.

"Interesting, mind telling me what that does." Leonel asked in an excited tone before Lynx's energy spiked a gain before the blade disconnected before it floated in the air.

Lynx's arm grew brighter before another scythe blade shot out before floating near the other blade before she repeated the action a few time before 6 blades floated around her before another appeared on her gauntlet and stayed there before Lynx lowered her arm again.

"Get ready Leonel." Lynx said before crouching while holding the bladed gauntlet out to her side before pointing to Leonel before the six floating blades flew after her while the scene shifted to Emerald's pillar of energy before it faded.

Emerald VS Aggro

Emerald's pillar faded while Aggro's grin grew a bit when he felt Emerald's energy spike greatly when the pillar appeared.

All in all, Emerald's body didn't look any different compared to earlier at a glance, though to a person who could see aura, it would be a mistake to underestimate Emerald by looks alone.

If someone looked closer at Emerald's body, they would see that Emerald's muscles enlarges slightly, not enough for a real change, but the shocking thing was that Emerald was emitting a large, dense, green aura of chaos energy.

"Gotta say kid, not bad." Aggro said before he started to chuckle before he took the opened arm stance again which confused Emerald.

"Like I said earlier, three free shots, make them count." Aggro said while an orange aura wrapped around his body before is stayed there like some kind of membrane which confused Emerald greatly sense he never saw something like that before now.

"What the...what is that?" Emerald asked in slight worry while keeping a serious look on his face before Aggro's grin widened again.

"My title isn't the Iron wall for nothing." Aggro said before his grin faded.

Emerald saw his face change and ignored the feeling in his gut again when it appeared before he charged Aggro with a chaos energy enhanced fist before the scene shifted back to Core's battle.

Core VS Umbra

Core charged Umbra who was in a guarded stance before Core attacked with various punches and kicks while Umbra blocked and dodged for a minute to figure out Core's fighting style.

Core tried to attack by over powering Umbra with raw strength, however Umbra started to throw in counters when he noticed that Core's fighting style had a certain pattern.

Right punch, left kick, backhand with the left before another punch with the right followed by a rapid barrage of punches, slight variations in between but that was normally the routine, the orbs however made him wonder what Core was hiding.

Umbra smirked before he dodged another one of Core's punches before charging Core with his scythe held at an angle before swinging.

What Umbra didn't expect was Core catching the sharp edge of the blade with his right hands palm before Core smirked.

"Don't be to surprised, Nova was durable in her greatsword mode, what made you think this form is worse?" Core said while he pushed made Umbra's attack with his hand before Umbra jumped back to take a better look at the gauntlets themselves.

The gauntlets looked armored from the tips of his fingers to the parts that ended at his forearms without hindering movement while it looked like it meshed well with Core's armor that he got in Dimensional Helix from Zion, must be the reason Core got the giant's armor.

Core then clinched his fists before one of the clear orbs turned red in color before giving a plasma like glow like lava which got Umbra's attention.

"You should know..." Core said in a serious tone which got Umbra's attention before Core resumed while he raised his right hand before turning it into a fist.

"That I haven't trained all this time in Dimensional Helix for nothing." Core said before his right fist burned with a bright flame which made Umbra sigh as a result while Core kept his serious look.

"Really..., you go for your weakest attack and say that?" Umbra said in a disinterested tone before Core grinned before he got into a fighting stance, one that was like a boxing stance before he charged Core with a flame covered fist ready to attack.

Umbra raised his scythe to block the attack before he got the surprise of a lifetime when Core's attack connected with his scythe.

First, the power behind the punch was many time greater, so much so, that it threatened to break Umbra's guard.

Second, the flame on Core's fist turned bright blue in color before it propelled Core's punch forward.

Third and Finally, when Core's attack connected and nearly broke Umbra's guard, the flame broke his guard by connecting as well before thrusting Core's fist forward again when the red orb glowed again.

As a result, Umbra was sent flying into a canyon wall before Core waited for Umbra's next move with his guard up after Umbra walked out of the cloud with an irritated look on his face before a cone of green energy appeared which shook the room which shocked the duo before they looked to one another before rushing over to the area before the scene shifted to Lynx's fight.

Lynx and Lillum VS Dark Leonel

After sending her scythe blades toward Leonel, Lynx charged with her right arm over her chest to get ready to attack, however she jumped back when she noticed that Leonel's right hand twitched.

Good thing two when more spears flew from above her and intercepted the scythe blades.

The scythe blades flew back and hovered around Lynx before her eyes narrowed while she looked around the field and noticed that most of the spears that she shot vanished before she remembered that Leonel could dismiss her undamaged spears to use again for later and sighed.

"Seems I'll be here for awhile if I don't figure out how to take Leonel's spears out before I run out of energy." Lynx thought before she lowered her arm and summoned 7 more scythe blades and felt her energy drop a bit.

Lynx then raised her arm and pointed towards Leonel before the scythe blades shot towards her while a few shot to the ground which created a dust cloud around her which blocked Leonel's view.

Leonel in the meantime summoned more spears to block the flying scythe blades before sending more into the dust cloud to smoke out Lynx, but nothing was heard which confused Leonel and Lillum who stood away from the fight when she summoned a wall of ice before the dust cloud settled and the duo was surprised at what they saw.

Somehow, Lynx vanished from where she was which made Lillum and Leonel look around the area to see nothing before Lillum felt someone cover her mouth and was about to panic before she heard the person whisper in her ear.

"Lillum, I need you to help Core or Emerald, before you ask why, I can't completely control Sombra's new form so you might get caught in the crossfire if you stay here." Lynx said before she let Lillum go before she turned to Lynx while Leonel looked around the room while she kept her guard up.

"How...?" Lillum asked sense she didn't sense Lynx's energy at all, normally Lillum could sense people when they get close thank to her training but Lynx just appeared out of nowhere.

"I'll explain later, for now, get out of here while I distract her." Lynx said before she turned towards Leonel for a moment before she did something that shocked Lillum.

Lynx's body turned pitch black before a weird portal formed under her, like a portal of shadows before Lynx fell in before it closed while Lillum wondered what the hell happened before Lynx reappeared from Leonel's shadow with her right arm poised to strike before a cone of green energy appeared from Emerald's area before the trio looked over before Leonel smirked before looking towards Lynx who was shocked by the amount of energy Emerald used before Leonel spoke up.

"Don't know about you, but I want to see what happened." Leonel said before she vanished with Lynx and Lillum chasing after in worry before the camera panned to Nocturn's area.

Nocturn's area/ Sealbreaker and support team/ Nocturn, Solar, Lilly, Ikaru

Nocturn and the others had no Idea what was going on when the Pillars of energy appeared from Core and Lynx's areas but he had a few ideas before he turned to Solar after Emerald's pillar vanished when he stopped the Sealbreaker enchantment which confused Solar while Lilly watched Emerald with a worried look on her face while Ikaru kept his guard up in case of a stray attack coming his way.

"Listen Solar, I need you to listen carefully as well." Nocturn said before he floated over and whispered into her ear while Emerald used the first two chances for his Chaos fist and Shockwave cannon while Solar's eyes widened at what Nocturn was explaining before he floated away.

"And that's a last resort, until then I'll support Emerald." Nocturn said before the group felt a large surge of energy before looking to see that Emerald was powering up after equipping the cloak before it did something surprising while Nocturn got oddly quiet before he spoke up.

"It unfortunate, but it seems..., that the last resort will happen sooner then we might think." Nocturn said before Emerald unleashed his attack after charging it which shocked everyone silent while the scene shifted back to Emerald's fight after he charged Aggro.

Emerald VS Aggro

Emerald took the three chances that Aggro gave him and started by charging Aggro before stopping in front of him before he charged up his chaos fist attack for a minute while Aggro got a serious look on his face.

Emerald's arm glowed brightly before he threw his fist forward.

"CHAOS FIST!" Emerald roared right when he hit Aggro's stomach with full power which created a resounding boom and a dust cloud before he jumped out of the could with a worried look on his face.

"Crap." Emerald muttered before the cloud vanished thanks to Aggro flaring his aura while Emerald noticed that Aggro had a grin on his face, and boy he

"One down, two to go." Aggro said with a grin on his face before his aura flared again before he took the same stance from before while Emerald thought of what to di next.

"Guys built like a brick wall...or in his case... an Iron wall,...oh for the love of...why didn't I remember that." Emerald thought before he facepalmed which confused Aggro before Emerald got into a attacking stance before he charged which made Aggro grin again when Emerald got near before opening his hand into a palm strike before energy condensed there.

"TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE!, SHOCKWAVE CANNON!" Emerald roared before he thrust his arm towards Aggro who's eyes widened at the technique before it connected with a resounding bang before a shockwave appeared around the duo.

However, Emerald was blasted back into a wall a fair distance away somehow while Aggro grinned when Emerald caused a resounding bang before Emerald got back up while his right arm was limp at his side before he sent energy into it which allowed it to move again before giving Aggro a confused look.

"What the...hell?" Emerald muttered before Aggro chuckled which unnerved Emerald greatly before aggro spoke up.

"Guess you never fought an aura user after you lost your memories huh kid?" Aggro said which greatly confused Emerald before he thought back to his previous battles, none made him bounce back like that before.

"I'm guessing from your confused look that you never did, here's a lesson for you sense you'll be joining us soon." Aggro said which pissed off Emerald greatly before Aggro spoke up before he could respond.

"To make a long story short, that orange coating like aura you saw was something like armor, or if you want a better example, try standing in a blizzard with no clothing at all, even a novice of aura would get what I mean." Aggro said which infuriated Emerald before he calmed down to think.(Best I can say it watch Hunter x Hunter 2011, not a bad anime to watch.)

"I see, when I hit him with an aura based attack, it reflected back onto me thanks to the weaker properties, like water hitting a dam before it flows back into itself, Chaos Fist was an attack that would disperse once it hit thanks to the unstable energy,..." Emerald thought before he looked to the ground while Aggro took it as Emerald's falling moral before he heard Emerald chuckle and sweatdropped when he thought Emerald had a few screws loose from his reflected attack.

"'s nothing, it's just that I wanted to save this move for Umbra, oh well." Emerald muttered with a grin on his face before Aggro got a grin on his face at what Emerald said before he spoke up.

"Hooo, a new move huh?" Aggro said before Emerald looked to Aggro with wide eyes before a large green aura emerged from Emerald's body before he spoke up.

"First off, I'd like to introduce a new, hidden ally, thanks to a deceased man from Dimensional Helix, it wasn't until after I got to the final rest that I figured out what to call them." Emerald said which confused Aggro.

"Hidden ally?, might as well bring him out while you can then, can promise that he'll live later though." Aggro said before clinching his fingers which made a resounding crack before Emerald closed his eyes while confused him more before Emerald spoke up again.

"You heard him right?, Hakumei." Emerald said before the ring on his neck glowed before his flame like cloak appeared on his shoulders which surprised Aggro before he grinned before his aura flared while his eye's emitted an orange glow.(Not 100%, read it on a English to Japanese dictionary online, Hakumei = Dusk, please correct if wrong.)

"Better make this one count then, third time before my turn!" Aggro said while his voice had a echo of sorts before the aura faded again before Emerald moved his hand over to his side before the cloak did something that surprised Aggro before Emerald spoke up with a grin on his face.

"Unfortunately, thanks to my missing left arm, I was forced to limit myself, however thanks to Hakumei here, I can use this technique!" Emerald said while the flame like cloak turned into a fake left arm for Emerald to use that mimics his right while the rest turned into a pair of flaming wings on his back.

Nothing more was said before a large green orb of chaos energy appeared in front of him before it started to grow while he leaned back a bit when it started to grow bigger then his body before Emerald spoke up when it started to get twice its size.

"You...know, when I... practiced this move, ...I norm..normally wouldn't be ab...le to get it this c-charged up sense the monsters here a...attack normally." Emerald struggled to say while he concentrated on keeping the large orb of chaos energy from blowing up.

Before Aggro could say anything, the orb rapidly shrank before Emerald trapped the condensed sphere between his right hand and fake left hand before energy started to leak from between his hand before he took a step forward with his left foot before he thrust his right hand towards Aggro after he removed his left hand after two small orbs of energy appeared from his flame like wings before they charged up on their own.

Time seemed to slow when Emerald thrusts his left hand toward Aggro while Aggro's grin grew before Emerald roared the technique name.

"CHAOS...!" Emerald started to roar before the two orbs under the wings started to open behind him before Emerald fully extended his arm.

"...CANNON!" Emerald roared before a cone of green energy shot from his hand while the two orbs opened into jets that kept him from flying away before it consumed a grinning Aggro before the green light of the energy blinded Emerald for a bit while he felt his energy drop exponentially before the light faded before Hakumei turned back into a simple cloak before returning to the ring tattoo on his neck, the entire area that was consumed from Emerald's attack was covered with a dust cloud that blocked his vision, but Emerald didn't care at the moment.

Emerald then used his knees for support, or right knee before he fell to one knee when his energy dropped more.

"" Emerald gasped to himself when he felt the technique drain him greatly before he heard someone land nearby from behind him and looked back before getting shocked to see that Umbra stood there with wide eyes before Core appeared a short distance away with four orbs floating with him while one was glowing red.

A couple seconds later Leonel appeared before Lynx appeared a short distance away, and boy was he surprised to see Lynx's new look while scythe blades flew after her, Nocturn's group, who kept out of the battle, went around after he launched the attack to get a better view of the area before their eyes widened in shock.

Lillum arrived a moment later, though she looked a bit winded from trying to keep up with the others before the group looked to Emerald's area before their eyes widened like Umbra's.

What they all saw while the outer part of the dust cloud settled and saw that the attack obliterated 1/10 of the floor, though it didn't hit the wall on the other end.

Before anyone could say or do anything to one another, good or bad, Lillum noticed that the dust in front of Emerald shifted before the ground started to rumble, like the room was having an earthquake before she saw something that filled her body with dread while Emerald saw her face and turned back and his eyes went wide at what he saw.

"No way." Emerald thought before things slowed down again when he saw that Aggro charged out of the dust cloud with his right arm drew back for a punch while it gave an orange glow, the thing that horrified Emerald was that even though he used almost all of his energy in that attack, Aggro looked undamaged, not even a scratch.

"My turn!" Aggro growled out before his fist flew forward while time seemed to slow for everyone.

Unfortunately, Emerald was unable to move thanks to his weakened state and was slugged right into the ground with earth shattering force when Aggro's fist hit his chest, odd thing was that the ground looked undamaged while Emerald had a pained look on his face before he tried to gasp for breath.

Emerald couldn't believe how much pain he was in, not even that two headed, four armed, minotaur packed this much power when he was on the receiving end of its double punch attack.

Aggro grinned before he spoke up while his fist glowed brighter while Core and Lynx tried to help Emerald, but they got stopped by Umbra and Leonel, Lillum tried to fly towards Emerald with worry showing on her face, but she was to late.

"Let me show you a real fist type technique!, GAIA'S PILLAR..." Aggro growled before he roared the attack before Emerald got trapped under an orange pillar that went up to the roof of the roof before crashing there before stopping while Emerald's entire body got pinned further by its weight.

"IMPAAAAACT!" Aggro roared out before the Pillar shot through Emerald's body without causing physical damage to him or the ground for some reason.

When the Pillar shot through him, he bounce on the ground when it finally reached its end before landing on the ground, still, immobile,...unconscious.

Everyone in Emerald's group couldn't believe it, Emerald got beaten while Aggro looked undamaged while an orange glow emitted form his body before the scene faded to black.

The camera faded back in to show the master Emerald alter before seeing that TME napping on the steps before his body rolled over and painfully rolled down the stairs.

A minute passed while TME's body twitched before he got up and grabbed his head.

"Oooohhh, next time angle angle the body so I don't roll down the stairs." TME mumbled before he looked to the screen and froze before he blushed from embarrassment before trying to save whatever dignity he had left by straightening out his body before speaking up like he never embarrassed himself.

"W-Well then, hope you like the chapter so far, Emerald's group might have gotten stronger, but Aggro's team might be to strong for them to handle, find out what happens next on The Dimensional Saga." TME said before he opened a Dimensional gate back home before he looked to the screen.

"One last thing to those who stick all the way through to this chapter, I may need to re-calculate how many chapter are in this final dungeon arc, until I can figure it out, let's just say that it will be a few more chapters." TME said before stepping through the gate before it closed with a bang while the scene faded to black.

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