The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
recap from TME,final fight start P2

"Finally the next chapter of The Dimensional Saga has arrived, and before anyone'm not gonna re-update some of my earlier chapters, at least not now, reason is two-fold, one...It is a serious time consumer, I'm pretty sure I took half a year re-updating the story last time, just replace the word *as* for *before* or *while* and you guys and gals should get it, I might redo the needed chapter at a later date, just not now, second, I wanna get deeper into this story, simple as that." TME explained before he looked to the screen while he grinned.

"Now onto a lighter matter, I'm changing the intro next chapter, if you read the aftereffect or Bill's fail-safe, then you guys should get what I'm about to do next chapter." TME said before he leaned back in his chair.

"On a darker matter, this chapter is gonna start out slightly one-sided for Emerald's group, don't worry though, I'm gonna make this a five, yes five, part final fight with real shockers in the mix, or would it be six sense this is part 2?,... what I have planned might be a cliche or it might be a goldmine of material, then again, cliche's are a classic." TME said with a little dark mist escaping his body before he cleared his throat while the mist faded.

"Sorry about that, anyway instead of an intro corner, I'll just give a... small recap of the story so far." TME said before he waved his hand in front of him which showed a slideshow of what happened so far in the story like a hologram.

"In chronolocial order, thanks to Bordux's plan, The Master Core, the power source for all dimensions that relied on magic, was changed into the Master Emerald before Helios sealed Nocturn into his current form which resulted in her body dying, Nocturn's body was unable to die unless killed in battle so his body went a magicless dimension and reformed on the unborn fetus who would soon be called Emerald, years later Emerald teleported to Mobius thanks to Nocturn who somehow appeared in his front yard." TME explained while images showed the events that happened.

"Shortly after appearing, he and his new allies, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Rouge, were attacked by Eggman and his eggbots, Sonic and company took down most of the bots while Emerald fought of two of them after something strange happened with the gem in his pocket and thanks to Knuckles and Rouge, after fighting them off the group rested up for tomorrow, however during the night Emerald had a strange dream." TME said before he stood up from his chair before he walked in front of the images like a weatherman before he continued.

"After the freaky dream that ended up with Emerald screaming, he went to the kitchen to talk with the others, after a few words and a new ally, the group minus Knuckles and Rouge left for the rabbit residence with smashing success." TME said before chuckling.

"Soon after learning that Pluton was developing emotions, Emerald went to club night after meeting up with Amy and Rouge, however things turn dark when Steel appeared, a robotic version of Emerald, Steel kidnapped the rabbit family after beating Pluton which resulted in Emerald's rage reaching new heights before he raced to the base." TME said before he wiped his forehead.

"Phew, this is one long recap, where was I again?, oh yes..., after Emerald raced to the base, Sonic and Tails found Pluton while Emerald reached a cliff that showed the base where the rabbits where being kept, not just them though, dozens of other Mobians, hybrids, and Humans, were kept in hanging cages, Chise was kept in one one the cages that Cream was put into while Vanilla was put into another one nearby." TME said before he stretched a bit.

"To make a really long recap for this part short, Emerald jumped towards a window while Steel reached for the cage that held Cream and Chise, after breaking through Emerald started his battle with Steel while Sonic's team raced over to help while Pluton stayed behind to recover, when Sonic's team arrived, they jumped through the window and jumped again when the catwalk collapsed, shortly after Steel got the upper hand against Emerald and company before Eggman arrived and claimed to have created Steel." TME said before he drank a glass of water he got from his fridge.

"While Emerald and company were temporarily taken out, Steel grabbed Cream and tossed her into the air and was about to bisect her with burning blades while the others could only watch in horror, Emerald then did something shocking when the gem invoked a dark form that was able to overpower the demonic double." TME said before he sat back down in his chair.

"Unfortunately thanks to Emerald's other half who tried to put things into overdrive, Emerald nearly killed Eggman which would complete the forced transformation, however thanks to everyone he met he was able to snap out of it and return to normal, later after Emerald passed out, he found himself in the residence of Chise Zeo, unfortunately his body was still recovering and wasn't able to move until Xan Grand-blade appeared and healed Emerald before offering to teach him how to manipulate chaos energy." TME explained while the Images showed what happened in the past.

"A few days later, Emerald left Chise's place after finding out a more then he thought about the gem when he and the others discovered that the gem housed a sealed deity, the former Elemental of Darkness Nocturn, after arriving at Vanilla's Nocturn left before Emerald entered and for those who kept up we all know what happened." TME said before chuckling before clearing his throat.

"After that, he left for Angel Island by use of a teleporter with...unintended results, Pluton and a boy with three fox tails Shunpei Kitsune joined before the teleportation, after recovering from their unexpected arrival and joining Xan, the group ran to the shrine when Emerald's senses somehow told him that a man was in danger." TME said before rubbing his neck.

"Oh geez this is gonna be awhile, anyway, after rescuing the man who we all found out was the first class soldier Zack Fair from Final Fantasy 7 crisis core, Emerald, Xan, Shunpei, Pluton, Nocturn and Zack, approached a cave that would test Emerald to see if he was worthy of a weapon, unfortynatly Kamikazix, the Elemental of wind forced Emerald and Nocturn into the dungeon and sense Nocturn counted as a second party member, the others weren't able to join him, now then..." TME said before he sipped his drink again.

"Phew finally at the mid point... we now stick with Emerald for awhile, Emerald and Nocturn journeyed through the first 24 floor with hardly any trouble except for Emerald running into Lillum, after fighting Leonel and rescuing her from a boulder that was about to fall on her, Leonel joined Emerald before the duo journyed further deeper into the dungeon, after reaching the mid point of the dungeon Lillum joined the group before fighting and freeing Core the dragon from Bordux's control." TME said before he reclined in his chair and looked like he was napping before he continued.

"After using the anti-crest spell, the sealbreaker, that Nocturn and Helios developed, the group headed deeper before fighting Bordux himself, unfortunately it was a one sided fight before Nocturn took control of the illusionary double and beaten back Bordux's puppet, again unfortunately for Emerald's group, Emerald especially, as a result of Bordux's plan, Emerald's body was drained of the darkness that powered it while his memories disappeared, thanks to Helios who somehow appeared, Emerald managed to relearn a few things about chaos energy after Helios re-unlocked the ability to harness said energy while the master Emerald gave Emerald a few gifts, one of which was the ability to read auras and warn him of incoming hostile attacks, the other is unknown at this point." TME explained before he sat up.

"Afterwords, Emerald with his memory loss awoke before leaving the cabin, Lillum found him and one thing led to the other before the group headed back to teh previous floor to retrain Emerald, however a group of Lizardmen lead by a wyvern named Gen were looking for a couple traitors, the brother and sister wyverns Solar and Winron, it turns out that Solar is Helios reborn into the wyvern clan after her death, one thing lead to another which resulted in Solar joining the group before they headed deeper." TME said before he cracked his neck and back before continuing.

"Ugh, instead of an offical chapter I should make this a recap and bio chapter." TME said while sweatdropping.

"When they got to the next boss room, they fought Umbra and Lynx, the other two guardians of the Master Core, after Emerald regained a few memories he reattained his dark form and was able to beat Lynx before fighting Umbra who showed a fraction of his true power by slicing Emerald's left arm clean off, after that happened Umbra used an attack that nearly killed both Emerald and Lynx when Emerald used the sealbreaker on her." TME said before he laid back on the chair again.

"Shortly after Umbra left, the group left for Dimensional Helix, the main town area for blade testers, the group met Lum the innkeeper, Zion the shopkeeper, Carol the barrier master, and Flare, Carol and Grigori's daughter, Grigori died during Emerald's S ranked quest to take down a dragon lord that blocked the stairs leading downward, after a few events the group headed downward with new allies Ikaru and Lilly." TME said before he looked to the screen while the images showed what he talked about.

"While the group headed downward, Xan's group had to deal with a rebuilt and upgraded Steel and Metal, after Steel used a makeup remover to reveal Vanilla's secret which made her cry from breaking her promise, Pluton in response emitted dark energy before knocking Steel into the air before axe kicking him into the ground, Pluton then took on his own dark form while Knuckles in his new armor took on the upgraded Metal Sonic." TME said before he cracked his knuckles.

"Unfortunately during the fight, Knuckles lost one of his eyes during the fight and things started to look bad for the Echidna before a stronger Sonic and Amy arrived, and boy did they change thanks to Tails's time compression room that the backup data upgraded to last 180 days instead of 7, which for the sake of math that I will do for everyone reading which would equal 49 days before the upgrade." TME said before he looked to the readers.

"Sorry this is taking so long, but I figured that some of you might want a little recap of the story if you forgot the earlier parts of the story, while the group fights off Steel and Metal, we go back to the dungeon group after they make it to the 98th floor or the final rest area, I won't go into details but after they make it to the 99th floor things take a turn for the worse when Leonel attacks Emerald, when the group saw her forehead, they were shock to discover that she was under Bordux's control." TME said with a frown before he continued.

"I have some good news, bad news, this time for the people outside of the cave, Pluton was taken out after finishing off Metal and taking Steel's left arm with him, fortunately Zack fair was able to fight Steel when Pluton used the last of his energy to shift his weapon that was made of a special nanomachine like liquid into a durable blade, one thing led to another which resulted in Knuckles getting taken out of the fight thanks to Metal's chaos blast from earlier when he blocked the blast with his shields that nullified Chaos energy, unfortunately the shields could only cover the radius of the shield so Knuckles body took the hit." TME explained before sweatdropping.

"Gotta say, not much good news there except for Metal getting taken out of the battle, now then for the finale, like I said earlier, Leonel attacked Emerald after Bordux used the crest on her, question is, how the hell did he do it?, how will the two groups get out of their predicament?, and for Chaos's sake will get to the story already!" TME said before he grinned while the illusionary recap closed.

"Now then everyone, if we're all caught up now, lets finally get into the story in..." TME said before holding up three fingers.

IN 3!2!1! GO!

Final boss area/ rocky canyon leading to the stairs leading to the blade/ Emerald, Nocturn, Lillum, Lynx,Core, Solar, Lilly, Ikaru

The camera slowly faded in to show that the two groups kept their gazes on one another while Emerald's wounds slowly faded when Nocturn's energy filled his being.

Emerald and the others couldn't believe it, Leonel was somehow under Bordux's control, and before they could say anything Aggro just chuckled a bit before full blown laughing.

"Hehehe...HAHAHAHA!, Oh man, It seems you guys didn't expect that huh?" Aggro said before the group wondered what he meant before Core spoke the question on everyone's mind while Emerald's wound healed greatly.

"What do you mean!?" Core growled out before holding Nova in a guarded stance before Aggro shrugged with a grin on his face which irritated Core greatly.

"Simple, have you ever heard the term sleeper agent?, Leo here always had the crest equipped, Bordux just never activated it until now." Aggro said which confused most of the group while others grit their teeth in anger.

"Sleeper agent?" Core asked while he had a feeling he heard that term before before Solar spoke up.

"It means that until Leonel did what she did just now she was on our side, it also means that Bordux wanted to even the odds a bit, what I don't know is this, why not activate it earlier?" Solar said while the others listened before Leonel smirked.

"It's simple, he wanted to test Emerald before bringing out yours truly." Leonel said with a grin on her face while the crest on her head glowed brightly before fading back to normal before the group looked to her when her speech pattern changed.

"Uh..I might not be the brightest here..but it kinda sounds like-" Core tried to say before Umbra spoke up which surprised the group sense he kept quiet for most of their encounters.

"Like she's another person?, well... that's the interesting thing, compared to the other guardians, Bordux wanted to try a little experiment by messing with her seal gradually,...I guess he wanted to have one of us who had a crest equipped to develop a dark side." Umbra explained which shocked Emerald's group.

"What!?" Lillum said in shock before Emerald's gaze fell to the ground before Aggro spoke up while he reached behind his body which got everyone's attention before he pulled something round into view which not only shocked Emerald's group, but Emerald and Nocturn specifically when they felt the energy emitting from it, however before the duo could speak up Aggro beat them to it.

"Yeah, the seal's that's on everyone in the base is just a simple experiment to Bordux." Aggro said while Emerald's eyes widen while everyone else felt rage build in their bodies.

"What!?" Solar said while the jewel on Mirai glowed for a moment before fading when Aggro spoke up.

"Don't be so surprised, now then, as to what the crest is really for besides giving the wearer a power boost or turning them into a puppet..." Aggro said before he vanished before reappearing behind Leonel which greatly surprised everyone when Aggro pulled back his arm with the orb of darkness in his hand before thrusting at Leonel who stood there.

What happen next would shock all watching, the orb that Aggro thrusts at Leonel went into her back without damaging her before Aggro moved back to his previous spot near Umbra.

When Aggro hit Leonel with the orb, she started to fall forward while everyone started to move to catch her before her right foot slid forward to stabilize her before she fell while everyone froze, not from seeing Leonel get her footing, but from the energy she started to emit which shocked everyone on Emerald's team before Aggro grinned before speaking up while Leonel's hands started to twitch.

"As you can see, Leonel just needed something to jump start her transformation." Aggro said which shocked everyone before Leonel leaned forward while Nocturn floated in front of Emerald, good thing too before Leonel threw her head back while a lion like roar escaped her before a pillar of darkness erupted from Leonel which released a shockwave which pushed everyone back a bit while Umbra stood behind Aggro sense Aggro was built like a wall.

"THE HELL!?" Core shouted over the wind while Ikaru flew back more when his senses picked up the rising bloodlust from Leonel's transformation while Lilly held onto Ikaru so she wouldn't fly away.

Shortly after the Pillar of darkness appeared, it vanished a few seconds later to reveal a shocking scene, and a shocking aura to those who could sense it.

The camera panned to Leonel to show her new form, first off for her eyes, instead if the dull yellow when normal to a golden glow when her emotions spike, there was only pure glowing whiteness, instead of her dark brown skin, her entire body was inked with darkness, her hair stayed the same while it emitted a smoky haze.

All in all the feeling made everyone shudder before Leonel started to chuckle before he full on laughed while Emerald grit his teeth before Leonel spoke up.

"HAHAHAHA!, Oh by chaos!, is this what you have been using Emerald!, this power... its amazing!" Leonel said with exitement filling her body before Emerald raised his fist, filled it with chaos energy, and brought it down which resulted in making a small boom that echoed throughout the floor which got everyone's attention before Emerald stood up while his head rose.

When Emerald's head rose, everyone saw to their shock that he was emitting both Chaos energy and dark energy which emitted mainly from his eyes, a green glow from his right and a black mist from his left, Emerald spoke up while the two energies faded from his eyes which got everyone's attention.

"It doesn't change much, all we need to do is used the sealbreaker twice instead of once to free Leonel and Umbra from Bordux's control, guys know who you want to fight right now?, then lets get this started!" Emerald said before his right arm gave a greenish glow while he looked to Aggro who grin widened.

Core moved to Umbra who gave them a blank look while Lynx and Lillum went over to Leonel who gave a fanged grin at the duo before everyone got on guard while Dark Leonel summoned her weapons while Umbra rested his scythe on his right shoulder before making the come get me motion with his left hand.

Nocturn and Solar moved back to start their chanting while Emerald walked forward to face Aggro who's face took a face took a slightly feral look while his grin widened even further before an orange aura emitted from his body.(All three fights happen at once.)

Core VS Umbra

Core walked closer to Umbra who stood there before Core leaned forward before charging Umbra with his blade waiting to strike, Umbra tightened his grip on his scythe before pulling it into a downward strike while Core brought his blade into a horizontal guard to block the attack, however the attack brought him to one knee which surprised Core from Umbra's raw strength with one arm before he spoke up.

"I must say Core, you got a lot stronger, last time we fought, you got sent flying into the sky, that attack would have slammed you into the ground normally." Umbra said before Core growled out at the memory before he gripped Nova before he stood up while spinning which made Umbra jump back from Core's spinning attack while the scene shifted to Lynx and Lillum's fight.

Lynx and Lillum VS Dark Leonel

Lynx summoned three doubles before she charged with them towards Leonel who grinned while Lillum started to chant.

Leonel in turn just stood there while the doubles and Lynx approached before Lynx felt a chill up her spine before she jumped back, just in time to when her doubles got stabbed through various parts of their bodies by multiple spears that launched from Leonel, or from the air around Leonel. (the best I can think of who Leonel's fighting style is similar to when summoning weapons is close to Gilgamesh's style from the fate series, though Leonel is more of the close range combatant while Gilgamesh from the fate series is mainly a ranged expert.)

Leonel then grinned before she slowly summoned more spears before they launched towards a surprised Lynx who's eyes widened when the spears approached rapidly.

Right before the spears could hit her, a pillar of ice shot upward and blocked the spears before they could hit Lynx while Leonel gave a grin towards Lillum who floated in the air around the duo.

"What's wrong?, scared of fighting up close and personal?" Leonel said with a slight echo emitting from her voice before Lynx pulled a few more hairs before turning them into more doubles while one hair turned into a panther for her to ride on which got Leonel's attention which made her grin when Lillum summoned a few ice spears while the doubles charged Leonel while the scene shifted to Emerald's fight.

Emerald VS Aggro

While Core and Lynx's fights went on, Emerald and Aggro just stood there while the feeling Emerald had about Aggro returned full force before Aggro chuckled which made Emerald's eyes narrow a bit before Aggro spoke up.

"I must say, it's least 2 decades sense anyone actually faced me one on one, you sure you don't need Nocturn or the others?, then again they're a little busy at the moment." Aggro said in a slightly mocking tone while Emerald stayed quiet which made Aggro grin again after he finished speaking when he noticed that Emerald kept his guard up.

"What's the matter kid?, getting cold feet after that little speech of yours." Aggro said when he tried to goad Emerald for a reaction while the other fights raged on before Aggro frowned in annoyance.

Emerald in the meantime was thinking about this situation and what he thought wasn't good.

"I don't know why, but compared to the feeling I got from Umbra when I fought him on the 75th floor and the feeling I got from Leonel when she was forced that dark form, I felt like I had a chance of beating them if I used the sealbreaker, this guy though, I feel like I'm outclassed here in a lot of ways." Emerald thought before he started to walk around Aggro right when he frowned at Emerald's silence.

Aggro was confused for a moment at Emerald's action, however when Emerald's eyes glowed a bit Aggro grinned before speaking up.

"Trying to figure out how to beat me huh?" Aggro said while Emerald stopped at Aggro's words before Aggro surprised Emerald greatly when Aggro held his arms wide in a hug like gesture before he spoke up. (It's not a hug but it looks similar to it, you readers will get it in a moment.)

"Three free shots... better take them while the offer is fresh." Aggro said while Emerald's eyes widened.

"He's telling the freaking truth!" Emerald thought in shock before he thought back to when he was learning about his eye based abilities.

Flashback/ Dimensional Helix/ Inn/ Emerald, Nocturn

Emerald was resting in his room before his eyes gave the red like warning before he hopped off of the bed with his guard up before noticing that Nocturn was where his head was and sweatdropped.

"What...are you doing." Emerald muttered before Nocturn floated upward before looking at Emerald silently which slightly creeps Emerald a bit before Nocturn spoke up.

"This might be late to ask but did you get a warning of some sorts when I tried to attack you." Nocturn asked which pissed off Emerald sense he didn't expect Nocturn to attack him out of the blue.

"What the hell Nocturn!?, Yeah I got a warning before you attacked me, why ask me now of all times?" Emerald asked before Nocturn blinked a bit before he floated up to Emerald height before Emerald's eyes saw a blue hologram like version of Nocturn charge him before he reacted by moving out of the way before Nocturn crashed into the wall while Emerald sweatdropped again, this time from exhaustion from Nocturn's antics before Nocturn spoke up.

"I see, it seems you somehow learned how to use Aura eye or Aura no me." Nocturn said which confused Emerald greatly sense he thought it was a normal thing. (I'm not 100% sure but ,Aura no me, should be called Aure eye, please please please correct me if I am wrong.)

"Aura no me?" Emerald said before Nocturn nodded before he spoke up.

"Yeah, normally it's a basic chaos type technique that can evolve or be tailored for various situations, it seems yours it geared for battle, hence the warning you got before I attacked, was there more to it or was it just the warnings?" Nocturn asked before Emerald took the thinking pose for a moment before he spoke up.

"Well..." Emerald explained for a few minutes before Nocturn sighed with an exasperated look on his gem face before he said something that royally pissed off Emerald.

"You have got to be kidding me, if that's true then forget someone who can be overpowered, your a flat out broken character whos beyond repair." Nocturn said before Emerald emitted dark energy from his rising anger.

"Oh like your one to talk!, how strong we're you when you had a body!?" Emerald said in anger, however Nocturn kept quiet which unnerverd Emerald before Nocturn spoke up.

"Listen and listen well, what you described is various abilities mixed into one, remember these abilities that I tell you, they might keep you alive." Nocturn said while the scene shifted to the present.

Present/ final boss area/ rocky canyon leading to the stairs leading to the blade/ Emerald, Nocturn, Lillum, Lynx,Core, Solar, Lilly, Ikaru

"Remember Emerald, one of the abilities you described it the ability to tell when the opponent is lying or not thanks to the stability of their aura, if you see that it wavers, the opponent is lying, no doubt that the opponent is lying, if it is stable, then they are telling the truth." Emerald thought when he remembered what Nocturn told him about his eyes abilities, and it was just one out of who knows how many.

"Alright then, I'll take that offer." Emerald said before Aggro grinned when Emerald replied.

"I wonder about that..." Aggro trailed off which confused Emerald sense he saw that Aggro crossed his arms.

"What do you mean?" Emerald said on guard before Aggro grinned again.

"It's simple..." Aggro said before trailing off before he spoke up before Emerald could say anything.

"Can you kill another human?" Aggro asked with his grin growing wider while his eyes gave an orange glow before the scene shifted to Core's battle right after he spun his weapon.

Core VS Umbra

After Core regained his footing, he charge Umbra while he used Nova by sending wind type energy into the blade before angling it so that core was launched towards Umbra with surprising speed.

Umbra however used little movement to step to the side while a surprised Core was launched into a canyon wall before Umbra facepalmed while sweatdropping.

"Core... do you remember how many times I saw that move?, I could avoid it with my eyes closed, and I'm wearing sunglasses in a dim cave like area, now that is sad." Umbra said after Core pulled himself out of the canyon wall which made him growl with rising anger before he breathed inward before sighing to calm himself before he looked towards Umbra with an irritated look on his face before grinning.

"Well then, I might as well take this fight to the next level then if my normal fighting style is predictable for you." Core said which confused Umbra for a moment before his eyes widened a bit at what Core did next.

Core held Nova in front of his body at a vertical angel before turning it to a horizontal angel before placing his left hand on the flat of the blade.

"Release your rage!, Nova Imperial!" Core said before a Pillar of flames enveloped his body while two other Pillars appeared right when Core's pillar appeared while the scene shifted to Lynx and Lillum's fight.

Lynx and Lillum VS Dark Leonel

Lillum threw the ice spears at Leonel before they angled to try and trap her while Lynx and her double's charged Leonel, Leonel's grin widened before more spears launched towards Lynx and her doubles while she jumped out of the way of the ice spears before they could hit her.

Leonel's spears hit most of the doubles after they did something surprising while the real Lynx jumped back off of her ride when she felt a chill go up her spine, the spears were normally regular spears that flew through the air when launched, however it from Lynx and Lillum's view, they looked like they were covered in an inky darkness.

Leonel grinned before the darkness on the spears dimmed a bit before the spears got a second boost in midair which took out the rest of the doubles while Lynx got a deep cut on her shoulder when the spears came way to close to her arm before Leonel grinned when she smelled Lynx's blood.

"Ah fresh blood!, really gets me going for more!" Leonel growled before a pillar of ice appeared between Leonel and Lynx which made Leonel look towards Lillum with a slightly irritated look before she grinned.

"Ah Lillum, just the infuriating woman I wanted to see." Leonel said before her grin widened before she felt Lynx's energy spike.

The duo looked towards Lynx and saw that she held her dagger in front of her with her right hand before she spoke up.

"It seem's I need to get a bit serious if I want to win." Lynx said before she dropped her blade before speaking up when it stopped to float above the ground.

"Lead my foes to their death!, Shi shi no kage!, (Shadow of the dead, again please let me know if I translated wrong I cannot stress that enough.)" Lynx growned before Sombra spun in front of her while spinning clockwise before it spun faster before a purple pillar of energy formed around her while a pillar of fiery red and a green Pillar with dark energy appeared at the same time while the scene shifted back to Aggro's question.

Emerald VS Aggro

"Can I kill another human?" Emerald asked before Aggro grinned at the question.

"Yeah, from what I know, you used the sealbreaker to free your friends, and you normally fought other monsters who normally have barely any intelligence to speak of, however I am a flesh and blood human, though I'm a lot more powerful then the average human, I am still a human!, can you kill me!" Aggro said before Emerald's gaze went to the ground before he emitted a large amount of chaos energy which surprised Aggro.

"You know, if you asked me that when I still had all of my memories, I might have agreed with you." Emerald said before he slid his left foot a little further to gain balance.

"However!..." Emerald said before he release more energy which shook the ground around him slightly while Aggro's grin reappeared.

"I should thank Bordux for this, because in a sick sort of way..." Emerald said before the energy started to move towards Emerald's body before his eyes glowed with a green glow.

"I feel nothing when I think about killing you when I need to protect my friends!" Emerald growled with power radiating from his body while Aggro's grin widened as far as it could go before Emerald started to speak which confused Aggro for a moment before he recognized the words.

"Chaos is power...Power enriched by the heart...the heart is the server that unifies the chaos,...CHAOS OVERDRIVE V5!" Emerald growled out before roaring the last words before a pillar of green energy appeared with some darkness mixed in before the scene faded to black.

"Final-freaking-ly!, I finally got the next chapter of The dimensional Saga written, if anyone wondered if this story was dead or something then this should prove that it is still alive." TME said before he leaned back in his chair.

"Now then, the reason this chapter is shorter then the other fights is for two reasons." TME said while he held up two fingers.

"1. it is proof that I am continuing the story." TME said before he held up one finger.

"2. it is also a continuation of the previous chapter, it's lasts six parts and this one is the shortest of the six parts, the next chapter will be longer...hopefully." TME said before sweatdropping.

"Now then, it's three AM where I am so I'm hitting the hay, good night and hope you guys enjoy this chapter." TME said before getting up from his chair before bowing to the readers while the scene faded to black.

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