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"Hello everybody!, welcome to another chapter of THE V2, this chapter deals with Steel, his past, and Emerald's team vs Umbra's team, who will win these battle?, find out this chapter after another lemony Lemon or two come's your way, here are tonight's guest's, Core and Lynx!" TME said with a grin while having a gleam in his eyes before the two guardians walked on stage.

"Thank you for the invite TME." Lynx said while the duo walked on stage before they sat down on the spare chairs. "Yeah, taking a break from training, might as well see what happens next." Core said before TME gave a chill inducing grin.

"Oh I hope you two enjoy this chapter as well." TME said before a dark mist emitted from him which made Core and Lynx look to TME in surprise Before Dark Emerald appeared in TME's place.

"What!?" Core and Lynx said while they summoned their weapons.

"Oh relax, I'm TME's darkside, DME, Dark Master Emerald, It's time for my twisted mind to come into play for a chapter or two." DME said before Core and Lynx looked to one another while DME snapped his fingers.

The next thing the duo knew was that tendrils of darkness shot out of the chairs before they grabbed Core and Leonel before they forced them onto the chairs's and locked them in like seat belts before they tried to get out but found it to be impossible and looked to DME with angered looks.

"What the hell did you do with TME!?" Lynx growled out while DME chuckled.

"First, I don't think you should give me a threatening tone while asking that, second I am here because this was suppose to be a dark-fic remember?, this chapter deals with a dark moment near the end, no spoilers though." DME said before he snapped his fingers and the belts of darkness tightened around the captured duo.

"Gak!" Core gasp out when he felt the belt tighten while Lynx grunts. "Now then, if there are no more interruptions, lets start the story shall we." DME said smirking before the story picked up when Steel gave his supposed true name while DME smirked at the tied up duo.

"I'm gonna have so much fun this chapter" DME thought while the story started while he thought of the fun things to tell today.

Last chapter

What they saw made them all freeze in shock as the camera panned in front of Sonic and Amy to show Knuckle's burnt body while he held his shielded arms out to block the attack from hitting Sonic and Amy.

"SOMEONE HELP!" Vanilla screamed while Metal's mostly intact arm started to spin like a drill before everyone heard a roar for some to see Pluton rocket past at unbelievable speed while the scene shifted back to Pluton and Steel before it happened.

"GODDAMMIT!, IF I HAD MY REAL BODY YOU WOULD BE NOTHING!" Steel roared out which shocked everyone who heard. "Real body!?" Zack said in shock while everyone looked at Steel like he was insane before he grinned with a mad grin at everyones reactions.


"I think speak for everyone here when I say, What the hell did you just say!?" Zack said with confusion clearly showing on his face sense he never heard about the chaos beast part but got the Elemental part when he heard about the Elemental's ultimate skills from Kamikazix herself.

While the group looked to Steel he grinned before he looked to the group after stabbing his blade into the ground and rested his arm on it like a cane before he started to explain his circumstance.

"Vary well, might take awhile, but I may as well start at the beginning, you see, when the original shrine was created for the Master core before its transformation, I was created with the other original Elemental's to safe guard the shrine from invaders when a few centuries passed..." Steel started to explain while the scene flash backed to the past while the Elemental's listened carefully to not miss anything.


Destruct was sitting on one of the pad walls, minding his own business, when he thought back to his previous battles and sighed.

"Damn, why was I created if my guard duty is so easy, either the enemy's to weak or I'm just to strong" Destruct said to himself before a man walked up to him with an angered look on his face.

"Destruct!, what the hell was that back there!?, you could have killed us with that shitty stunt!" ? said while Destruct turned to the voice and gave an irritating grin which pisses the man off more.

"Oh hello Hikari, (one of the Japanese words for light), you say something?" Destruct said which made Hikari growl a bit before a white light emitted from him which made Destruct growl in turn after he shielded his eyes.

"Mind turning that down, you could blind someone with that." Destruct said before Hikari's aura receded while he continued to looked to Destruct with an irritated look.

"Sorry but I have one hell of a reason to be angry with you." Hikari said while he tried to sense where Umbra was before Destruct chuckled darkly.

"Oh you mean the part about killing the leader of that army and his elite squad a few days ago?, you should thank me, after-!" Destruct tried to say but got surprised when Hikari grabbed Destructs shirt collar and lifted him to get face to face with Destruct.

"Don't forget that you also left your sector of the city to be destroyed and its citizens killed you son of a bitch!, DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY LIVES WERE LOST THANKS TO THAT STUNT!" Hikari growled in Destructs face with venom before Destruct chuckled before gripping Hikari's arm with so much force that Hikari was brought to one knee from the pain.

"You really think you can threaten me without expecting this?, and about that guard job, we guard the Master Core, not babysit some weaklings who can't take care of themselves, I was doing my job, what about you?" Destruct said with a smirk before Hikari pulled his hands away from Destruct with some light emitting from his body a moment later.

"I was doing my job of protecting the possible successor's, besides, its not just this incident, You always ignore orders and do your own thing, we are suppose to be a team to guard all of this!" Hikari said when he though about the city and shrine before Destruct chuckled darkly before emitting an aura of darkness.

"You really don't get it do you?, I'll put this in simple terms, why should I listen to someone weaker then me?, I already proved I can kick your bright ass alone easy, you might as well bring the others if you wanna take me on." Destruct said with a grin before the beating of wings were heard and the duo looked to see Umbra land on the pad before his wings vanished.

"Whats going on here?, I hope you two are not here to destroy my nest again, last time it took months to repair." Umbra said blankly while irritated on the inside before Destruct growled.

"OI!, don't pin this on me!, Dumbass mclightbright here thought it would be a good idea to threaten me, If anything, I'm just defending myself." Destruct said before Hikari growled at Destruct while Destruct gave Hikari the middle finger a moment later.

"WHY YOU!" Hikari yelled out before he charged Destruct while Destruct retaliated by thrusting his right fist that was clad in darkness at Hikari.

As the two neared one another in slow motion, Umbra vanished and reappeared after pointing a dark/fire encased right hand at Destruct while wielding Meikai no shihaisha in his left while he pointed the blade edge at Hikari before Destruct got some vain marks near his eyes while he looked at Umbra before the darkness around him strengthened.

"What are you doing Umbra?, ready to test your immortality?" Destruct growled out while Umbra kept his attacks pointed at the duo.

"If you wanna fight, take it away from the shrine, Even if you are the strongest Elemental's I won't just stand here while you two threaten the Master Core by being stubborn about the Elemental hierarchy and who takes orders from who." Umbra said before he started to emit a purple aura that rivaled Destruct's and Hikari's before people in the shrine felt the aura, sweatdropped, and ran to the source while The three warriors waited a minute before Hikari receded his aura before Umbra and Destruct did the same a second later.

"Humph!, I don't have time for this crap!" Destruct said before he walked past Umbra and Hikari while Hikari turned to Destruct with a growl while Umbra looked to him on guard just in case another fight was about to break out.

"This isn't over Destruct!" Hikari growled out before Destruct raised his right arm while he kept walking and gave the middle finger to Hikari.

"Beat me in a battle once then I'll consider it, until then, fuck off!" Destruct said with a malicious grin while one of his eyes turned pure white before the scene went to the present.


"After that a couple decades passed while my fights got easier and easier until they got to the point that I could 1 shot opponents with just a flick of my finger." Steel said before chuckling while most of the group shuddered in slight relief and fear, after all, if Steel was this tough then his real body must be monstrous in power while Steel grinned at the groups stunned expressions.

"Now to the Chaos beast part..." Steel started to say before the scene shifted back to the past to when the shrine part of the shrine collapsed before smoke rose from it.

Flashback/ 200 years after previous flashback

The camera panned past to the steps with a familiar scene before the camera showed Umbra with the original guardians while Umbra admitted first aid to one of the guards before the other 3 guardians looked to the shrine in worry.

"What the hell do we do now Umbra?" ? said while Umbra looked to the speaker to see a woman with a horn on her head, Lycra the Unicorn for her healing spells and her iconic horn, she had pale white skin, pure white hair in a short style that ended just below her ears, B-C cup breasts, wore on outfit similar to Umbra's but White and blue in color, in stead of cargo pants she wore short shorts that showed of her figure well.

"To be honest lycra, I don't know." Umbra said before he looked to the shrine in worry.

"Why would Destruct do this?" Umbra thought before the camera panned to the Master Core alter with a shocking scene.

Destruct though a bit damaged, was grinning like a mad man when he beat the Elemental's of Fire, wind, lighting, and Earth in various ways, all that was left was water and Light to go and he could get what he wanted.

"Oh come on guys, is that all?, I was just having fun." Destruct said in a mocking tone before Hikari growled again as Destruct grin.

"Whats the matter?, mad that I put you friends near death?" Destruct said with a sick grin before Hikari roared out with anger.

"DESTRUCT!, I'LL KILL YOU!" Hikari roared out before he charged Destruct with an aura of light while Destruct just got a bored look on his face before he vanished a second later which surprised Hikari and the past male water Elemental before Hikari heard a voice in his right ear that made his eyes widen in great shock before turning his head while everything went in slow motion to see Destruct passing him like Hikari was nothing in his eyes.

"It seem's that you got weaker, or maybe I got to strong." Destruct said before Hikari turned to see Destruct vanish a moment later and the Elemental of water looked around before Hikari roared out in worry.

"MIZU!, BEHIND YOU!" Hikari roared before Mizu, (Japanese word for water), turned to see Destruct with his arm raised and brought it down with his elbow connecting with Mizu's face which made Mizu crash on his back knocked out, and near death, the blow hit him right dead center of his forehead and a noticeable dent was formed from the hit.

"MIZU!" Hikari shouted before he looked to Destruct with a greatly angered look on his face.

"Why!?" Hikari growled out before Destruct looked to him in confusion. "Why... what?" Destruct said while shrugging before Hikari looked to Destruct with wide eye anger.

"ALL OF THIS!, STORMING THE SHRINE!, HURTING SO MANY!, WHAT ARE YOU AFTER HERE!?" Hikari yelled before Destruct started to chuckle before laughing like a mad man going insane.

"Hehehehe!, hahahahaha!, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!, you really don't get it do you?" Destruct said before Hikari, though angry, got confused. "Get what?" Hikari said while Destruct looked to him with his mad grin growing wider.

"It's because I can, that's all, I wanted to fight strong opponents and who better then the Elemental's themselves, but you guys proved to weak." Destruct explained with half lidded eyes while Hikari's rage rose to new heights with each word before he emitted a dark mist which surprised Destruct for a moment before he grinned.

"Hoho, it seems you got a few tricks up your sleeve huh?" Destruct said before he emitted dark mist as well before charging Hikari while Hikari charged Destruct with a roar before the flashback fast forward to an hour later at the Master Core alter.

Flashback 1 hour later.

Destruct walked in the room with an insane grin on his face, if someone was there they would have saw that Destruct was covered from head to toe in blood, who's?, most likely Hikari's before Destruct walked up to the massive ball of energy and bowed a bit in slight respect before looking at the orb of energy with a mad grin again before he reached out one hand before the Master core pulsed which pushed Destruct back a bit before looking to the orb in anger.

"Damn you!, why the hell are you getting in my way!?" Destruct growled before a beam of light followed by a dead jewel hit Destruct with enough force to launch him onto his back with a grunt.

Looking down, he saw a jewel embedded into his chest like an Icon before he saw it glow a pure white light before Destruct screamed wjem the light shone throughout the entire shrine before dying down to show the white Chaos Emerald in Destruct's place before the scene went back to the present.

the present

"...And that folks is how I was sealed into the white chaos emerald, thousands of years passed in there and I went mad a few times from not having anyone to fight before I had enough and tried to break out, however the Master Core before and after its change had eyes like hawks when it came to keeping track of the Chaos emeralds and stopped me at every turn." Steel said which confused Zack greatly.

"How did you get out then, and what about the beast part?" Zack asked while Steel looked to Zack with a grin.

"Well that is a bit complex, to put it simply, I became a chaos beast after my body got absorbed into the white emerald, after being sent here to Mobius a true Chaos beast in the shape of a mobian was born in the white Emerald, and the other 6 as well, he represents life and death though." Steel said as he talked again.

"I believe his name was...was...ah I cant remember, I only heard it once so I forgot it a few days after meeting the guy." Steel said while he confused the group more.

"Hold on if one was created in the shape of a mobian, why did you say that your also a Chaos beast." Sonic said while he kept trying to remove the slagged arm from his cloak and the ground with difficulty while steel grinned. (Metal gave one last command to his arm before he ripped it out, it would open its fingers and extend like roots into the ground to be prevented from being pulled out of the ground for a good while.)

"This of info of mine is iffy at best, but sense the ratio of Mobians, humans, and hybrids is 7, 2, 1 respectively, There was not enough darkness to absorb from the two lower numbered races, hence after the Chaos beast of life and death was created, he filled me in on what happened." Steel said with a serious face while everyone looked to him in attention for various reasons, mainly in case he started to attack in the middle of his explanations before Steel continued.

"You see after I was sent into the white Emerald my body was changed into a weaker version of itself so that the Master Core could contain it without trouble, my energy levels stayed the same but my control was shot to hell." Steel explained while he shrugged in slight confusion about that part before continuing.

"Now to how there could be a human shaped Chaos beast, you see, when the master Core sent me into the white Emerald, it figured that it could do that to an Elemental if needed, however there was two conditions, the Elemental would have to develop a darkside first before being selected, when an Elemental chooses a successor, and if they have a darkside, the darkside is absorb while the rest go to the successor, its suppose to be a secret even from the Elemental's until they are chosen, from the Chaos beast that bunked with me told me, the Master Core gives the darkside a choice to be a chaos beast or go to the successor while giving the Elemental that same choice." Steel explained while the Elemental's had shocked looks at that info while Steel looked to them with a wide grin.

"I can pretty much see that if one of you Elemental's get in my way, Ill lose no question asked, so ask the Master Emerald later about that choice I told you about later." Steel said before he looked back to the others.

"Now to how I got out...weeeeellll... you should thank pops for that one." Steel said which shocked everyone still which made Steel grin.

"WHAT!?" Everyone, even the Elemental's shouted in shock before Steel looked to Sonic with a grin.

"I should really thank you Sonic, if it weren't you stopping all of Pops plans I would not be here and you most likely would have fought the real Steel Emerald." Steel said which confused the group more.

"I might as well explain, you see this data is from the cameras in the base before my body was made." Steel said while he sent a signal to one of the spybots to make it fly to him while letting the cloaking drop before two more followed.

Steel then used his metal teeth to open a panel on his right arm and pulled out a USB cord before he plugged it into one of the spybot before Steel sent the required memory.

The spybots cameras then glowed before shooting out images that gave the images a 3-D effect like effect before the images showed a title while the scene went to the images.

Memory playback memory log 316 (see I told you there was a reason for the missing memory)

The images showed Eggman in front of a computer with and irritated look on his face before he slammed his right fist into his computer monitor from his last failed plan.

"*Growl* Every time I try something that involves some type of world takeover, someone or some mobian gets in my way, and this data is lacking for this new bot!" Eggman growled before he gripped the right side of his head before a voice echoed throughout the skybase shocking him.

"Want someone taken out?, call my name, and I'll owe you one." ? said which made Eggman grin before the name was sent to his head.

"Very well, if you can take out a certain Mobian and his friends I'll be more then happy to call you...Destruct!" Eggman said before energy condensed in the center of the room a few seconds later before the scene paused and the scene went back to Steel.

Memory pause

"To explain this part I must tell how I got to talk with pops, you see it went something like this..." Steel said before the scene went to the white Emerald of the past before Eggman called him.

Inside the white Emerald before the Steel incident

Destruct was floating around in the white Emerald minding his own business before he noticed that a skull floated by and sweatdropped.

"Oi, if your gonna sleep, mind floating the other way?" Destruct said with irritation lacing his voice before the Skull floated away from him while Destruct thought he heard a growl and shrugged.

"What now?" Destruct said before he heard a voice echo around him which surprised him sense this voice contained a lot of malice.

"*Growl* Every time I try something that involves some type of world takeover, someone or some mobian gets in my way, and this data is lacking for this new bot!" Steel heard someone say before he grinned when he felt a pull on his powers and thought of a way out, though it's risky, its better then sitting in this limbo for eternity.

"Want someone taken out?, call my name, and I'll owe you one." Destruct said with power filling his voice before he sent a link to the dark thoughts of the human while sending his name as well.

When Destruct heard Eggman call his name, he felt a pull on his body before his powers pulled themselves from his body and had an out of body experience before he saw that he was being pulled towards a vortex that formed and looked back to see that his body floated in the limbo like it was in a coma before his current body? was pulled into the vortex before it vanished while the scene went to the present.


"You see, to get out of the White Emerald I had to unknowingly abandon my body and floated through a tunnel like vortex for a minute as a being now made of pure darkness, now on to the video." Steel said before the video resumed.

Back to the video

When Eggman called Destructs name and the Vortex appeared as a result, Eggman felt the raw energy coming from it before he fell back in wide eyed shock before a wave of dark light blocked his vision for a moment before fading to reveal a shocking sight to the image Eggman and the people watching the hologram.

The figure looked like this, he looked like Emerald's dark form but parts of his body where broken off, for Example, picture a human body, then think this, his upper right arm was missing as well as his left thigh, the right side of his head was missing as well before the figure looked up to Eggman to show that fragments of his chest was missing as well before the Figure grinned.

"You should know my body, so to speak, is unstable, if you really need my help, I need a container to keep myself from breaking down more." Destruct said before collapsing while Eggman got up quickly and typed on the keyboard for a few seconds before a few robots flew in while carrying a glass tube with a sealed top with a keyboard on the side before the robots dropped it over Destruct carefully which completely covered him like a cage.

Eggman then walked up to the keyboard and pressed a few buttons before it started to scan Destruct for a minute before giving a dark mist like outline on the glass before Destruct got up a few seconds later with a confused and slightly pained look on his face.

"Ugh, I must admit that was a stupid move, even for me." Destruct said before he looked at Eggman with a serious look on his face before grinning.

"Thanks for the help, need help killing someone?" Destruct said while Eggman gave him a calculating look while he rubbed his chin in thought.

"Not to be rude, but how can you help me like that?, you seem to be falling apart outside of my stabilizing chamber." Eggman said before Destruct looked at his body and sighed before he scratched the back of his fragmented head before looking back to Eggman.

"Well, it seems that in order to escape the White Chaos Emerald after being sealed inside of it for so long, I had to leave my body behind, now I'm just a walking unstable mass of dark energy." Destruct said before Eggman grinned when he had an Idea.

"Destruct was it... if you are now living energy, can you power something that will benefit us both?" Eggman said before he walked to the keyboard on the supercomputer and a minute later some bots walked in with a odd device.

"Whats that?" Destruct asked before Eggman grinned with glee.

"I'm glad you asked, you see this is a special container that can hold massive quantities of chaos energy, with a little work I can use your energy to power a robot I'm developing to kill a pesky rodent and his friends and his new friend named Emerald." Eggman said before Destruct grinned at the possible fun he could have.

"Screw that, bring the body in here, I got a trick I know for robotic enemies that might work in my favor as well." Destruct said grinning before Eggman frowned with Destruct noticing.

"The thing is I haven't constructed the robot yet, I don't have enough data on that Emerald character that appeared with that odd Emerald, Sonic and his friends got in my way again before I could collect more." Eggman growled out before Destruct chuckled getting Eggman's attention.

"Whats so funny?" Eggman growled with irritation before Destruct tried to calm Eggman down by holding up his arms.

"Sorry, sorry, It's just that I have not talked with anyone for a long time so I am a bit humor inclined at the moment, besides I can wait for a body to be made." Destruct said before Eggman put two and two together right there and grinned.

"I see, well then, if I could get a piece of your energy, I can make a robot that can hold your energy without trouble, though it might need upgrades to hold more." Eggman said before he typed for a minute on a nearby keyboard before a hole with a tube popped up near Eggman and Destruct respectively while Eggman grinned again.

Destruct then held his right hand over the tube and a few drops of dark energy was transferred to Eggman's case which gave a pure black aura before a bot picked it up and took it to the lab for study.

"Now then Destruct, any requests for your new body?" Eggman said with a fanged grin while Destruct grinned at the same time before the video log cut off a minute later when Eggman started to laugh.

End of video log

Everyone was silent while Steel grinned again at the shocked faces of every group before he gripped the blade that was stabbed into the ground, pulled it out before the groups looked to him with slight panic and confusion, he then placed his weapon on his shoulder while Zack got his guard up before Steel chuckles.

"Now to make things simple as to how I got this body and to why I can come back from death itself, its simple really, when Eggman first made my new body, it was too weak to hold my full power so I had to put only a small fragment of my being into the previous robot some of you know and love so it wouldn't go supernova and blow up." Steel said before Sonic got confused.

"Hold on, if that's true, why not use your dark abilities before now?" Sonic said before he lit his hand on fire to try and weld off Metal's arm while Steel chuckled.

"Well like pops said before, he didn't have enough data at the moment to allow the robot body to channel the dark energy without problems, it wasn't until I fought Emerald that I got some pretty good data on him which allowed me to get this strong, more in tune with the darkness, body that you see now." Steel said before Vanilla gasped.

"You weren't after Nocturn!, you just wanted the data on Emerald's abilities!?" Vanilla said shocked while everyone was stunned before Steel chuckled. "I must say that if I had my left arm, I would clap for you at this moment." Steel said while the group was shocked at that info.

"Why the hell did you do that!?" Sonic said while the Metal arm joint started to melt a little which irritated Sonic greatly sense the Metal melted slowly before Steel looked back to him.

"Like I said before, I needed a body and pops needed more data, what better then pissing off Emerald to the point that he tapped into Nocturns power." Steel said before Vanilla growled at Steel before she plugged Creams ears and said something that shocked everyone silent.

"So you kidnap Cream and myself, Killed so many innocent people, Scar most of the people who lived mentally!, and Scarred Creams cheek!, All to get Emerald angry so you could get more data!?, I'm normally a calm, well mannered person, but you are a...and a...and I hope someone kills you for good because you can go to the deepest ring of hell and further because of your actions, you Psycho Bitch!" Vanilla growled out while everyone but Cream and a shut down Pluton got wide eyed while Vanilla cussed out Steel for a couple minutes before Steel chuckled then flat out laughed.

"Kukuku,HAHAHAHAHA, Oh wow!, I never expected you of all people to cuss up a storm so bad that it would make a sailor blush." Steel said grinning before Vanilla's temper nearly snapped while Zack raised his foot and stomped it on the ground with a little magic to make a resounding boom before everyone looked to him while Zack looked back to Vanilla.

"Vanilla right?, I heard some of you guys call her that a few times before, leave the fighting to me OK?" Zack said before he held his blade in a two handed grip before the blade glowed a bit while Steel grinned.

"Well sense a fight is nearing I may as well say one more thing then." Steel said before he looked his blade over while the Nano machines did the necessary repairs before he looked back to the group while they looked to him with caution.

"I am only a fragment of the original, remember that Pops took some of the original's energy to test it?" Steel said before everyone looked to Steel in horror except for the tied up Xan and the Elemental's while Steel grinned.

"The first body could only handle a little energy as a power source, this body can channel that power somewhat, however I should tell you that my main body makes my current power seem like a drop of water splashing in a ocean." Steel explained before everyone got the reference and froze up in various ways while Steel grinned again.

"Yeah, scary right, unfortunately without a container like body, my main source of power can't last long outside the stabilizing chamber however pops is getting closer and closer even as we speak." Steel said before he emitted darkness in waves.

"Now then, why don't we get to the fighting now shall we?, just for formalities though, My name is Steel the Proxy, AKA Destruct the Ex-Elemental of Darkness." Steel said while Zack gripped his blade tighter before he focused on Steel.

"My name is Zack Fair, Former 1st class soldier of Shinra, the leading military and power company in my world, and I am gonna protect these people here!" Zack said before he charged Steel while Steel gave a chilling grin before the scene went back to Emerald's group.

Floor 99 of time dungeon/ while Lillum took Leonel up to Emerald's room last chapter, the camera pans to Lynx (Lemon happens here as well, also strangeness alert during Lemon, nothing nasty.)

Lynx saw Lillum guide Leonel upstairs and wondered what she was doing before she shrugged when she thought of what Lillum said earlier.


"Simple really, and I'll be blunt." Lillum started to say before Leonel grabbed a drink of water and started to drink it. "What guy here do you like?" Lillum said while she gave a devilish smirk at the reactions the others gave.

Flashback over

"A guy I like?, I had to guard a relic that once powered multiple dimensions, when would I have the time to look for someone?" Lynx muttered while she walked into the living room area to see Core on the couch napping before she thought back to when she noticed that she hurt Core and thought with a blush forming on her face.

"Maybe I can make up for what I did." Lynx thought before she reassured herself while she walked to Core when he lightly snored.

When Lynx got next to him, she put her right hand on his chest and shock him lightly while she called to him. "C-Core?, can you help me?" Lynx asked before Core woke up a bit disoriented.

"H-huh?, wha?" Core mumbled while Lynx sweatdropped. "Maybe this was a bad Idea." Lynx thought while Core rubbed his eyes for a moment before looking at Lynx.

"Something wrong Lynx?" Core asked while getting up before Lynx blushed a bit before calming down.

"Y-yeah, can you follow me for a moment?" Lynx asked with a confused Core in tow while the scene went to the blacksmith before they past Nocturn who saw Lynx and Core walking by before he noticed Lynx's aura and if he could facepalm he would, he then settled for sighing.

"Grrreaaaat, now Lynx and Core to?, Might as well see how Solar is doing sense she made that tent near the stairs leading upward." Nocturn thought before he floated by with stealth that would make Solid snake proud while Lynx and Core did not notice him at all while seeing Lilly and Ikaru walking back into the house and closed the door. (To be fair, Snake trained like hell to be stealthy, Nocturn just floated over their heads at the right moment.)

With Core and Lynx

WARNING/WARNING/WARNING, LEMON ALERT/LEMON ALERT, READ AT OWN RISK.(skip if not interested, also multi tag warning, you'll get it later.

As Lynx walked over to one of the far wide corners with a bunch of trees, she turned to Core and stopped so suddenly that Core nearly walked right into her before she turned around with a serious look on her face.

Core got stunned when Lynx walked up to him and kissed him out of the blue for a minute while Core felt Lynx slip her tongue into his mouth and moved it around so much that if Core was OK mentally he would have thought that Lynx was a Snake before she pulled away a second later after that.

"What...the...hell!?" Core muttered while he stumbled back a bit light headed while Lynx blushed.

"Well you might disagree with this, but consider this my apologize for what happened while I was under Bordux's control, not only that, but if worse comes to worse, I...well...don't want to be a virgin anymore." Lynx said which shocked Core who gave her a funny look.

"A virgin!?, weren't you the popular one at the shrine along with Umbra?" Core said while Lynx blushed before shaking her head before looking back to Core.

"Listen, are we here for 20 questions or are you gonna are you gonna be a man and take this chance?" Lynx said before removing her shirt while Core sweatdropped, then blushed when he saw that Lynx's breast were bigger then they looked and after removing the restricting clothing noticed that her cup size was D-cup.

Core's jaw dropped in slight shock while Lynx walked forward before she pushed his mouth close which shocked Core out of his stupor before he saw Lynx remove her pants by bending over before he could stop her and saw with wide eyes that she was only wearing black panties.

She stood back up and sighed at Core's slowness before walking to him, grabbed his armor collar and growled at him which made Core sweatdrop again while Lynx said something that scared him a bit.

"Now listen here you bastard!, you have a willing woman who wants to have sex here and now, so get undressed!" Lynx growled before Core used a crest he got from Zion to store his armor which left him in just a pair of pants and a shirt.

Core then removed his clothes which showed off his muscles, his 6 pack, and was just wearing simple red color boxers at the moment.

Before he could remove it himself, Lynx gripped the sides of the waistband and pulled down to see that Core was erect and got shocked when she saw the size before grinning a bit before she thought of a funny thing to calm herself down.

"I must say, being a Dragon has gifted you well." Lynx said with a grin but mentally was freaking out at Cores size, it was 10 inches long and 2-3 inches in width. (he's a dragon people, of course he's big.)

Core then felt his more Draconic side try to get out but fought it back when Lynx took a closer look to see that it was shaped different compared to a human one that she read about.

Core's dick had ridges that ringed around his shaft 5 times in a parallel like pattern that got thicker when it neared the base from the dickhead, though the dickhead was shaped like a human's in general, was serrated at the edges.

Before Core could respond, Lynx gripped the inhuman dick and felt the ridges which made Core hiss in pleasure before Lynx started to pump it slowly to really get a feel for a minute.

Core leaned against a tree to keep from falling while Lynx scooted to be in front of Core's dick, she licked the head lightly before sucking it and noticed that Core was already leaking precum.

Lynx smirked while she mentally said her surprised thoughts while something in Core's head snapped.

"Is he a virgin as well?" Lynx thought before Core gripped her head which surprised her before he started to pull her head back and thrust his hips forward in such a way that he was deepthroating a wide eyed Lynx rapidly for nearly a minute before roaring out when he hilted Lynx and orgasms straight down her throat and into her stomach with a roar while Lynx's vision started to blur.

"ROOOOOOAAAAARRR!" Core roared out when he felt his seed shoot out and down into Lynx's stomach which bloated a little after 20 seconds.

Lynx's vision started to blur more for a bit from the lack of oxygen while Core's orgasm continued for 7 more second before he pulled her head away which made her cough for a few seconds before being pushed backwards onto her back.

After the push made her fall on her back, Core got between her legs while she was distracted and before she could say anything, he thrust his head forward, clamped onto her folds and clit with a hunger like he never felt before before she gasped as a result.

Lynx squirmed for a minute while Core's surprise left her stunned to the point that she was at his mercy and was greatly shocked when Core's tongue shot into her vagina and found out that his tongue was like a snakes when it slithered into her vagina for a couple inches before hitting a wall.

Core in his beast like state only grinned before his tongue shot forward and broke her hymen, then pulled away while blood ran down Lynx's folds then her ass cheeks then dripped to the ground.

It surprised her so much with pain that she screamed out loudly through gritted teeth, the scream echoed throughout the area around them, however Lillum's seal prevented them from hearing her while Core, after cleaning himself off from the blood and fluids, then gripped her under the arms after standing up, lifted her up and after she fell forward and onto his chest.

Core then turned her around and made her lean forward onto all fours which made her look back to See Core aligning himself with her vagina and hilted Lynx with one thrust which made her head fall to the ground in shock with shrunken pupils.

"GAAAAH!" Lynx shouted while Core kept still while he waited for Lynx to get used to the intrusion before we go to Core's thoughts.

Core's mind/ Lemon freeze. (unless stated otherwise Core has two sides to his personality, His human side and his Dragon side, both are technically in control but Core has more human like control when calm and his dragon side emerges in cases like these or when his rage rises.)

Core's mind was an amalgamation of the four elements in a pie like pattern, one was pure water, one rocky with tornadoes, one with floating sparking rocks, and another that was an entire volcano.

"What the hell!?" Core said before he heard chuckling and looked to the source which shocked him greatly, He saw his dragon form sitting on its haunches nearby near the Volcano area, the kicker though the dragon was about Ikaru's size, so about the size of a horse.

"Again, What the hell!?" Core said before walking up to the dragon before it looked at him with its maw turned into a scaly smirk. "I see you here already." ? said while Core just blinked a few times before the Dragon chuckles again.

"You might wonder what happened, you see, sense the female assassin tried to seduce us I took control to teach her not to underestimate a dragon." ? said before Core got enraged greatly.

"Why are you doing this!?" Core shouted before the dragon chuckled again.

"Simple you submissive weakling, I wanted to show that you were a man, and sense were stuck together I thought I could help, besides I don't think she hates it." ? said while he made the human Core see things from a first person view while the scene went back to the Lemony reality.

Reality/ Lemon continued

For a couple minutes lynx just laid there in shock while Core felt Lynx's body relax a few second later and gave a fanged smirk before his iris's flashed red for a moment before he grabbed Lynx's arms and pulls them behind Lynx which made her torso area rise into the air.

"So you want to have some fun huh?" Core said before he pulled out till only the head was in which made Lynx moan out in a daze sense Core's dick scrapped against her walls and hit a sweet spot on the right side.

Core then shoved himself back in which made Lynx moan out in pleasure this time when the ridges made the intrusion many time more pleasurable then painful which confused the Human Core in his head.

"How the hell is she not hurting?, she just lost her virginity." Core thought while he kept up his piston like motion for a bit before he heard chuckling in the back of his head.

"Are you sure you are a dragon?, its a simple mating mechanic in dragons, I'll be blunt sense you are not really the brightest person." ? said before he made Core's body let go of Lynx's arms and gripped her breasts before he pulled her to his chest which made her moan out when he pinched her nipples and twisted them lightly which made her purr in pleasure before he grinds against lynx gently.

"You see, your precum is actually a powerful pain reliever of sorts while being a slight aphrodisiac on the side, it doesn't mean that your about to release, it just means that you found a willing female and your body helps make the female feel as much pleasure as possible, you should also be lucky that she is not in heat, dragons like you can't get anyone pregnant unless she is in heat." ? said to Core Mentally while he let go of Lynx's breasts, slid his hands down to her ass, gripped her hips a second after, lifted her before he stood up, pulled her off his dick, and twisted Lynx around which confused her for a moment before he slammed her down to hilt her again while her legs rested on Core's shoulders.

Core then used his right hand to hold Lynx's left shoulder while his left hand held her ass, he then used his strength to lift her up and pushed her back down quickly which made Lynx groan out repeatedly.

"Gah..ha..Ugh!.." Lynx groaned repeatedly in various ways while Core grinned at the pleasant pressure on his dick and the gasping Lynx made before he felt his release approach slowly.

Core then took things up a notch by gripping Lynx's ass with both hands and picked up the pace greatly which knocked some sense into Lynx which made her grip Cores neck with some drool coming from her mouth while she started to see stars in her vision.

She felt something in her stomach tighten before snapping in an extremely pleasant way which made her yell through clinched teeth again while she clawed Cores back a bit before Core roared out in pleasure before he hilts Lynx.

"HIGII!" Lynx shrieked through clinched teeth while Core roared out when he climaxed.

"ROOOOOOAAAAARRRR!" Core roared out while he felt his seed shoot out of him which coated Lynx's womb with so much that it made Lynx's stomach bloated before Core pulled out to see that his seed flowed out quickly for a couple seconds before stopping and set Lynx down on the ground near a tree before Core gave a fanged grin while his eyes glowed bright red.

(Here is the weirdness part people, again skip if not interested.

Core then hunched over before placing his right hand on the ground before he started to growl while a red aura started to be emitted from his body.

Cores skin then slowly turned scaly to the point that he looked like a red and black colored lizard man with a more draconic looking head before his body fell forward and his legs turned bow legged to support his new form. (Think of the red dragon monster in the via-infinito in FFX-2 and you should get the general idea, just add wings to the mix, I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure that is the only dragon monster in the Via-infinito but I may be wrong.)

The human side of Core tried to get control back which irritated the dragon side of him to the point that it snapped.

"ENOUGH!, WHEN ARE YOU GONNA GET IT THROUGH YOUR SKULL THAT WE ARE ONE AND THE SAME, your thoughts are my own, I just act more like a man then you when it counts." ? said shocking Core silent before he walked on all fours towards Lynx.

"Time for me to have some fun now." ? said while he saw Lynx push herself up on all fours to try and get up only for her torso to be pushed back down by Dragon Core while her ass stayed in the air while her knees dug into the ground from the unexpected push before Dragon Core grinned with glowing red iris's.

When Lynx looked over her shoulder, she saw Core in a miniaturized dragon form, though it was slightly bigger then Core himself, and felt something press between her ass cheeks and looked to only gulp at Core's dick while Dragon Core grinned smugly at a shocked Lynx.

Dragon Core's dick was the same as his human version, with four added features, one was that in was 12 inches long as full erection while it got a inch or two wider, the second was that the shaft and head was a mix of red and black,third the head of the dick was not rounded but cone shaped with it rounding out near the tip, finally there were barbs here and there, some where pointing to the dickhead while the rest where pointing to the base that covered the entire dick, the head included.

All in all, to Lynx it looked like it was made to please a dragon's mate.

When Dragon Core noticed that she was to stunned to move he chuckled for a moment before aligning himself with Lynx's used tunnel while he held her down to prevent her from being scraped across the ground and push himself in 3 inched before Lynx's pupils shrank not only from the intrusion, but the feeling of the barbs as well.

Not only was Cores size increase a plus for her at the moment, the barbs hit all of her sweet spots, Lynx could barely breath and could only pant from the pleasure while her tongue hanged from her mouth while drool hit the ground before Dragon Core pushed a few more inches in and thrust a couple more times.

Lynx then groaned out before her pussy tightened around Dragon Core's dick which made moving harder, he grinned before he pulled out with only the dickhead still inside which made Lynx who what still in mid orgasm groan louder from the sudden pull before Dragon Cores eyes then gave a red gleam before he pushed in so hard that he fully hilted Lynx who could not breath for a second before looking down to see a bump where her womb was.

Her eyes widened while Dragon Core had a half lidded pleasure filled look on his face when Lynx's womb clamped onto the intruding dickhead like a vice.

Dragon core stood still for a moment to relish the feeling of finally having sex for the first time, after all Core was not really a ladies man even though he had the looks, he was that bad with woman when they did not fight on his team and he just kept quiet around woman to keep himself from looking like a fool.

Dragon Core then noticed that Lynx had relaxed some and pulled out a bit which made her look back in shock when the barbs scraped against every part of her vaginal walls and cervix before Dragon Core thrust back in and out with a vigor which made Lynx gasp out in both great pain and slight pleasure. (Again Core's body produces a liquid that dulls pain greatly during mating.)

After a minute the pain faded greatly which made Lynx groan out while Dragon Core gave a fanged grin before using his forelegs to steady himself by placing them between her arms and legs, he then pulled out till only the head is left inside, grinned with gleaming red eyes, and did something that shocked Lynx into screaming so loud that if there were no silencing charms around the areas of Emerald and the others, they would have come running to this scene.

Contrary to looks, Core's lower hips were thrusting in and out with such speed, Sonic the hedgehog would whistle if he was there, before a record breaking scream echoed throughout the room and past a few floors.

Floor 99

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Lynx's scream echoed down the stairs.

Aggro and Umbra where just doing a simple spar to work off the food they ate when a scream shocked them into hitting each other in a cross counter of sorts and sense Aggro was bigger then Umbra by a foot or two, Umbra used a kick to hit Aggro's cheek, while Aggro slugged the side of Umbra's head before the resulting blows knocked them to the ground stunned. (think of the sea king and Genos from one punch man right before they attacked one another rapidly)

"What the hell was that!?" Aggro said getting up while rubbing his jaw.

"No clue, maybe someone is in trouble on a higher floor and their scream just echoed down here, I heard it happens sometimes with previous testers." Umbra said before he cracked his neck while Aggro growled.

"Well then, as much as I enjoy someones scream during a fight, my fighting moods is gone, ill be at camp, later." Aggro muttered with irritation in his voice while walking away before Umbra shrugged then hopped back on his boulder to keep an eye on the stairs before the scene went back to the mating duo.

Floor 98 just as she screamed

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Lynx screamed as Dragon Core got a serious look on his face as he kept his hips speed up.

Dragon Core started to growled a bit as he felt his release approaching slowly again and decided to end this now.

Dragon Core then stopped for a moment before doing something that shocked the human side of Core and Lynx as Dragon Core's body changed from his quadruped dragon form to a bipedal Wyvern like form as he picked Lynx up and stood on two clawed feed.

Dragon core then slid Lynx's off of his dick quickly and had Lynx lay on her back on the ground.

"C-Core?" Lynx gasped out at the Wyvern like Core before Core resumed what he was doing before she could ask what happened.

He then got between her legs and entered again which made her gasp out before he gripped her hips, he then growled out when he picked up where he left off and rapidly thrust in and out of Lynx again for 30 more seconds before his speed increased further and got more erratic.

Instead of roaring Dragon Core leaned down, opened his maw and used his extended tongue to give a pseudo french kiss when he hilted Lynx one more time before he growled.

"MMMMMMMHHHHH!" Lynx moan out as best she could with Dragon Core's tongue in her mouth before she tightened around Dragon Core's dick like a vice grip before Core Growled again out when he came in turn.

Dragon Core was... more productive then Human Core to say the least, Lynx's stomach barely bloated when Human Core orgasms, the abnormal thing was that Core's semen shot out like a pressurized hose and made Lynx's stomach bloat to nearly twice that size before Dragon Core pulled out.

When he did, and her stomach shrank, Core's semen flowed out of her like a water fountain while Lynx had a stupefied face before Dragon Core turned back to his quadruped form while his dick shrank and went into the hidden folds he had to protect it.

He then walked around Lynx, gripped her arm in a gentle way and slowly dragged her away from the puddle to rest near the building that Nocturn was napping on.

He placed Lynx near there, stepped next to her, and used his wing to scoot Lynx over to Cores left to keep her warm, then he then used his left wing to cover her completely before he fell asleep soon after a the scene went outside of the cave.

Lemon over (For now!, MUWAHAHAHA!)

Outside the Cave right after Zack charged

Zack fair VS Damaged Darkness overdrive Beta steel Emerald

Zack used a downward strike to try and overpower the damaged robot while Steel grinned from the challenge when Zack then spun around to try and attack Steels left side but Steel jumped back then charged with a upward strike to break Zack's guard.

Zack in turn thrust his blade forward which made Steel bring his blade up to block the counter before he charged Zack while moving past the blade on his left or Zack's right which shocked Zack a bit before he grinned while the middle of his left arm gave a green orb like glow.

Steel in turn thrust his blade forward to attacks Zack's head, but before it could connect though, some odd looking grey pyramid like barrier the size of Zack's head appeared and slowed it down enough for Zack to jump back unharmed while the others looked surprised before Steel looked at him a little confused.

"What the hell was that?" Steel said in shock while Zack grinned before rubbing his nose smugly.

"From where I'm from, Most people can't use magic without something called a Materia, they're rock like orbs of condensed knowledge which allow someone like me who was not normally ably to use magic, to actually cast that barrier magic, it seems the magic changed somewhat in this world though, normally it covers the entire front of the body." Zack said while Steel grinned.

"Oh tell me you have more then just defensive tricks, it might slow me down, but any magic like that must cost something to cast." Steel said while Zack frowned.

"Yeah there is, in my world the cost of magic is called Mental power or MP, it is explained that to use a Materia's power, a shock triggered by the user's mind waves is required, As a result the user's mind is weakened and frequent use of Materia without rest taxes their stamina, or that's what my mentor Angeal made me read in a textbook to the point of memorizing it." Zack said shrugging while everyone sweatdropped before Steel grinned. (I read it in the final fantasy wikia about materia.)

"So I just have to keep attacking until you run out of gas is that it?" Steel said grinning before he charged Zack who in turned grinned before he pointed his left hand at Steel with another green glow coming from his arm before fading.

Steel then felt off with his body, he saw that the glow on Zack's arms vanished, he then saw Zack run up to him with the blade in his right hand before it was held over his left shoulder for a horizontal strike.

Steel then brought his guard up, or he would if his body wasn't so damn slow, a surprised Steel then used the darkness inside of his metal body to shield his right side from Zack's attack before he jumped back and felt his body go back to normal right after.

"What the hell?, why was my body so slow!?" Steel said in surprise before Zack chuckled which got everyone's attention.

"It's simple you recycled pile of scrap!, the Materia spells are more then a barrier, what I did was just use a little magic to slow you down, literately too." Zack said impressing everyone who heard.

"Well, well, it seems we need to study more on alternate dimensional magic." Kamikazix said with a grin on her face while Nexus grinned as well. "Agreed, I wanna see more though, just to be safe." Nexus said before Zack got into a guarded stance.

"And I got more surprises waiting for you, you walking trashcan!" Zack said while Steel grinned.

"Well then, LETS START ROUND TWO!" Steel roared out as the scene went back to the dungeon group.

Back in the dungeon before the fight with Zack and Steel/ Lime happens shortly

As Core brought Lynx to rest and recover from their *activity*, the Camera panned to Nocturn who was at Solar's tent entrance.

Lime alert, skip if not interested

Nocturn floated trough the flaps of the tent to only be shocked at what he saw while one of his glowing eyes twitched.

Solar was naked, not only that she was gripping her right breast while biting her right nipple before he used her fingers to pinch her clit while she growled in pleasure.

Nocturn could only float there stunned before he heard Solar mutter something to herself something which made Nocturn's eye twitch twitch again.

"By Chaos!, I really miss a mans touch." Solar said while the sound of breaking glass echoed in Nocturn's mind before he floated out of the tent quietly before shooting to the house with purple energy like tears streaming down his face in a comical way.

"DAMN YOU BORDUX!" Nocturn shouted before he neared the house while the camera panned back to Solar.

Solar felt that she was nearing her peak and bit down harshly on her nipple while pinching her clit roughly before she groaned out before she sighed in relief when her orgasm hit before she panted 10 seconds later.

"I-I really need help with N-Nocturn if I can survive the next fight." Solar said while panting before she grabbed her blanket and went to sleep before the scene went to the next day while the camera panned back to the front of the cave.

Lime end

outside the cave

Steel and Zack just traded blows for a minute which was only a couple strikes, they blocked one another while Zack used the Barrier spell to slow down Steels attacks.

They jumped away from one another before the ground started to rumble a bit while everyone saw something happen to the mountain wall and stopped fighting to see something that shocked them greatly,.

Emerald was attacked by Aggro and punched into the ground with an orange pillar forming around Aggro's arm, the Pillar then shot downward through Emerald without leaving much physical damage though it knocked Emerald out before the scene went to earlier in the cave. (sorry. but the story won't be stopped there, it will be explained next chapter after this final segment.

In the cave 1 day later

Leonel awoke in bed and for the life of her wondered why she was in a different room that barely had any light, and she wondered why she was hugging a pillow, a warm, large pillow, only for her mind to get the shock of her life when she realized that she was in Emerald's bed when she looked upwards before she recognized a few scents.

She also got shocked when she realized that Lillum on the other side of Emerald's body, She wondered how she got here again before the memories rushed back into her head before she blushed.

"Oh by chaos!, I can't believe I acted like that!" Leonel thought before she wondered what time it was before she slowly got out of bed without disturbing the sleeping duo, she then wondered why her body wasn't hurting before she re-summoned her clothes.

Leonel then focused her energy into her eyes which allowed her to see better in the dark before she looked around the room before she walked out of the room before she walked into the living room and saw that Core was sleeping on the couch while Nocturn just sat on the nightstand with a blank look on his face which confused her before Lynx walked in the door with a slight blush on her face while carrying bathing items.

"Might as well act normal." Leonel thought before she walked over to the group.

"Morning everyone." Leonel said which got everyone's attention in various ways, Lynx jumped a bit while her blushed brightened, Nocturn returned to normal when he blinked before looking around the room, Core just woke up before he sat up and cracked his back and neck before standing up.

"Morning." Core mumbled before he and Lynx looked to one another before looking away with blushes on their faces which Confused Leonel while Nocturn sighed before Solar walked in and was about to say good morning before stopping when she saw...whatever was going on when she noticed that Core and Lynx where looking away from one another while Leonel looked confused while Nocturn looked depressed.

Solar shrugged before she walked to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat while Emerald and Lillum walked down the stairs which made Leonel blush while she looked away while Emerald yawned.

"Morning." Emerald said while he rubbed the sand out from his eyes while Lillum stretched before she looked to Leonel who turned to her before blushing when Lillum gave a impish grin.

"Morning." Nocturn said before he floated upwards from the nightstand before he floated to the door.

"Alright everyone, I suggest we get this over with or we'll never get out of here." Nocturn said before everyone got ready to leave with various levels of nervousness while the scene shifted to a few minutes later.

A few minutes later

Everyone started to walk out of the cabin after grabbing their equipment, however after the group walked out, Lillum who was floating next to Emerald froze when she felt something that made her body shudder in fright.

"W-what was...that?" Lillum thought before Emerald stopped when he noticed that Lillum wasn't following the group and turned back to talk with her.

"Something wrong?" Emerald asked in worry which shocked Lillum out of her stupor for a moment before she pushed down her fear before turning to Emerald with a smile on her face.

"Nah nothings wrong Emerald, just took a moment to check if I got everything." Lillum said before she got shocked when Emerald gave her a hug out of nowhere which made her blush sense she was normally the one to make advances.

"E-Emerald!" Lillum said before Emerald spoke up, and what he said shocked her greatly.

"Don't worry Lillum, I'll get everyone out of here alive...I promise." Emerald said before he let go of Lillum and turned back to catch up with the group while Lillum floated in the air for another moment in shock before she flew after the group and caught up with them when they all reached the stairs.

Near the stairs

Emerald's group started to walk down the stairs with serious faces when they tried to psyche themselves up to fight Umbra and Aggro, though they don't know Aggro is there yet.

When they neared the bottom of the stairs something felt odd with Leonel who stopped for a moment.

"Must be nerves." Leonel thought before she slowed down for a moment to breath in then out to calm down while Emerald slowed down before the others passed him to look at Leonel in concern.

"You OK?" Emerald asked while Leonel nodded. "Yeah, I won't lie though, I'm then a little nervous." Leonel said before Emerald grinned.

"Don't worry, I learned a few things, and you guys aren't pushovers, if anything, I think Umbra should be the one nervous." Emerald said before he started to walk down the stairs while Leonel followed a few seconds later.

Bordux's base

Bordux called a meeting on the 13th floor of his base to have everyone watch the fight with the two groups and grinned when Nex walked nearby and sat in a chair while the entire base sat or floated around the room to watch the fight.

"Well then, I might as well make things more fair on my teams end." Bordux said before a live video like feed of the 99th floor came into view before Bordux snapped his fingers which activated his hidden weapon while the scene went back to the group.

99th floor/ rocky canyon with forest trees/ Emerald, Nocturn, Leonel, Lillum, Core, Solar, Lilly, Ikaru

When the group reached the final few steps, Leonel stopped and looked down to the ground while Emerald and the others looked to her with concern.

"Hay Leonel, you OK?" Emerald asked before Leonel nodded in agreement silently before the group continued after looking at one another before shrugged when they chalked it up to nervousness.

For a minute of walking nothing happened, the group followed a straightforward path which led to a clearing with a campfire and wondered if Umbra left it before continuing while on guard.

After a few more minutes they found a large wide rocky area that showed the stairs leading downward and had their senses at full alert.

"Where the hell is Umbra?, his note said he would be here." Emerald said before he charged his right arm with chaos energy while Core, Solar, Leonel, and Lynx summoned their weapons while the others powered up with their respective abilities while Lily, who was riding on the back of Ikaru for safety grabbed her wand while Ikaru's senses went on full alert.

"Hehehe, be careful for what you wish for kid, I was getting tired of waiting on my ass for who know how long." ? said which shocked the group when the earth rumbled with great intensity.

The next thing the group knew was that the area in front of the stairs blew up in a cloud of dust which made the group scattered a bit, Leonel was behind Emerald and Nocturn while Solar was tagged with Core, Lillum with Lynx, and Lilly while Ikaru who flew away to keep lilly out of the fight while the dust settled.

The group looked on with their guard up before the dust started to settle, when it did the group saw Umbra first with a blank look on his face while wielding Meikai no shihaisha before everyone looked over to the rest of the cloud on guard.

As it settled further they saw to their shock a hulk of a man, he looked to be 7-8 feet tall, possibly 9, and extremely bulky, he had long brown wild hair, he wore a brown jumpsuit with a black jacket while he gave a fanged grin. (think of Aggro like sloth from FMA brotherhood but not as lazy, and with the features I added.)

"Bout time you guys showed up, thought you died before you could get here." ? said while Emerald looked to the man with a bad feeling in his gut when he heard the man speak.

"Who the hell are you!?" Emerald growled out at the man who chuckled as a response.

"Hehe, oh yeah where are my manners, my name is Aggro the Iron wall, and the Ex-vice captain of the guardians who guarded that hunk of rock when the Elemental's are not around." Aggro said which shocked everyone in the group.

"OK... I did not see that one coming." Emerald said stunned before Aggro chuckled while Core looked to Umbra with an irritated look. "Is this guy the only one you have?, or is there more underground." Core asked with a growl before Aggro grinned.

"So to speak." Aggro said darkly which confused the group.

"What do yo-GAAAH!" Emerald tried to ask but felt blinding pain in his chest and looked downwards to see a spear of all things while everyone in Emerald's group looked behind him before getting the shock of a lifetime when they saw that Leonel was holding it with a grin while keeping her head down and upper face covered with hanging hair and sight blocking arms.

"EMERALD!" Lillum shouted before Leonel removed the spear quickly then moved so fast that she was at Aggro and Umbra's side with speed that was faster then her normal speed.

The others ran to Emerald in concern before Nocturn used his energy to repair the damage that Leonel caused while everyone looked to her, some confused, some flat out angry.

"WHAT THE HELL LEONEL!?" Core roared out before Leonel raised her head, and what they saw shocked them all greatly.

"N-No... not y-you... to!?" Emerald said with shaking breath before Leonel's grin got wider.

Leonel had a dark menace filled grin on her face while a possession crest shined brightly on her forehead before the scene slowly faded to black.

"As you can see, Leonel is now under Bordux's control and join the diabolical duo, not only that but the fighters are dropping on the sonic team, unless Sonic can pry himself from Metal's arm before Zack gets hurt they might stand a chance, how did Bordux control Leonel when she had no crest on her?, will the Sonic side win?, will the dungeon party beat the final bosses and rejoin the group?, find out next time on The Dimensional Saga." DME said before he looked to a frozen in shock Core and Lynx and chuckled.

"Well I see my work here is nearly done, before I leave though, I need to ask a favor to the readers who get this far, if you don't wanna review or message idea's fine, at the very least can you rate it in the reviews section with a 1 to 10 Emerald system, 1 means that this story is horrible, 10 means perfect, simple no?" DME said before he snapped his fingers which released the frozen duo.

"If no one rates, fine, I'm just trying to get some motivation to continue the story's writing at a decent pace, don't get me wrong, I'll continue writing every day if I am in a good mood, I got a follower for this story awhile ago that gave me a boost of energy for a couple days at the very least, if interested in how this story goes, follow it or something." DME said while he looked to the screen.

"Now if you excuse me I gotta log out before I get the two statues out of my house and upload this chapter before TME gets control again, see you next time, hopefully on a more darker tone." DME said while the scene faded to black with DME's white eyes glowing for a moment before fading as well.

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