The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
the irregular town, Lillum's family

"Hello everybody, and welcome to the next chapter of THE V2, last time was a lengthy chapter that was 10,000 words that took longer than usual, this chapter we see what happens to the dungeon group on the way down to floor 76, we also see how Steel and Metal were upgraded this chapter, also before we start I'd like to introduce my guests tonight, two you already know if you read from the beginning to now, give a hand for Emerald and Bordux!" TME said while holding hand out to the two seats next to him.

"Seriously, you invite the one person I hate most here!" Emerald growled out before he looked to Bordux. "Oh Emerald, why must you get antagonistic here, manners remember." Bordux said before he relaxed in his chair while Emerald scooted away from Bordux.

"OK, I think I made a bad combo of guests tonight."TME said as he sweatdropped. "Damn straight." Emerald said as he crossed his arms. "Hehe, well if you two can keep calm here lets give the intro's if you will."TME said nervously as he looked to the screen.

"Well like I said at the start of this tale, I don't own anything besides OC's and their skills, if I happen to accidentally copy please message me and I'll check, if you are right I'll make changes and apologize if you are, plus the characters and their moves already made are owned by their respective company's, any relations to living or dead people in reality are purely coincidental. "TME started.

"OK, now that the disclaimer is out of the way, here are some snacks for the story."TME said as he pushed in a table on wheels in front of the three chairs.

"Oh thanks, I was getting hungry."Emerald said as he grabbed a chicken and cheese sandwich from the table. "Indeed, traveling here took awhile." Bordux said as he grabbed a plate with green beans and corn, plus some hamburger helper for the main.

"Well if you guys are OK the story starts now, plus I'm throwing my own twists on the last time segment of the chapter, hope you like."TME started as the scene shifted.

IN 3!2!1!GO!

50 minutes till dungeon completion and 10 till robot completion.

Last time

Emerald's party went into the 3rd boss room after Emerald and Nocturn woke up.

After finding out that they had to fight 2 guardians, Emerald's party had to fight Lynx's panthers and get past her traps, after getting to the two possessed guardians a second time they had to fight a giant panther that Lynx created.

Umbra and Lynx nearly killed Core as he was knocked away from Emerald's group by Umbra. Lynx used a double to fight in her place while she surprised Core by stabbing him, Umbra used a special move to critically wound Core's chest.

upon arriving, after a few word with the injured Core, Core passed out, in shock Emerald had few past memories return which allowed him to access his Dark form.

After freeing Lynx from Bordux's control, Umbra got the order to head to the final boss floor. Umbra then revealed that he was many time's stronger then the group thought, not only that Emerald's left arm is now missing.

The group went down to the lower levels as the story starts.


The group walked down the stairs to Floor 76, they saw that the place looked odd even for this place.

"Whoa, this place looks retro." Emerald said when he saw that the place look like a retro game, the place looked 3D in sight, but the down the mountain path, the town itself looked 2D and villagers looked like real people instead of monster like people.

"Wow this a new floor." Core said before he placed Lynx nearby and sat near her to rest.

"You guys explore if you want, I'll keep an eye on Lynx." Core said while the others looked to him. "Alright, shout if you need help." Solar said before the group walked to the odd town before the scene shifted to the outside.

outside the cave

"What the hell!?" Zack said stunned while everyone blinked a few times to make sure they were not seeing things.

What happened was this, everyone saw that the images on the screen went from 3D to 2D, Emerald and the others looked like 8 to 16 bit sprites with text bubbles under them.

Instead of sound from talking, they read a text bubble that showed that Emerald spoke up

"Whoa, this place looks retro." Emerald's text bubble read out to the group.

"What happened?" Knuckles said scratching his head in confusion. "That's a unique floor." Xan said which got everyone's attention.

"How?" Cream asked in a tired tone from staying up for so long.

"Well my dear little rabbit, this place is special for it is fixed every 75 floors per dungeon, it is also special for it is both a safe area and not a safe area." Xan said to Cream while she got confused more.

"Safe and not safe?" Cream said confused while xan gave an eye smile. "Well think of it like this, its safe in the town, but before going down the stair to floor 77 their are a lot of monsters, the town gives out quests for hunting various monsters nearby." Xan explained to the group.

"Why do that?" Vanilla asked in confusion when she wonder why the town was even there.

"Well that's the thing, the town was never suppose to be there, I remember the leader telling us that the town was made by the various blades as a way for testers to rest and recuperate after the various trials, good thing too after the last fight the group had." Xan said while the group looked back to the screen as the 2D versions of Emerald's group split from Core to go to the village.

"Why the quests?" Zack asked when they saw the group run into a 2D monster on the path.

"Simple, for gold to buy items that are rare outside of the town, the town runs on gold the various monsters and quests bring, don't ask me were the gold comes from, even the townsfolk don't know were it comes from." Xan said before everyone looked back to the screen while scene shifted to Emerald's party minus Core and Lynx.

Emerald's group

The party was walking along the path, Solar, Nocturn, and Lillum floated while Emerald and Leonel walked.

"Wonder what to do now." Emerald said before the group walked down some stair to another path. "What do you mean?" Solar asked before she summoned Mirai to polish the jewel that floated at the center.

"How do we fight Umbra?, if he is as strong as he claims then we have some serious trouble, more so if he teams up with someone who might be as strong or even stronger them him." Emerald said grimly before he looked to the stump were his arm was.

"Hmm that is a problem, the only thing I can think of is the sealbreaker to break Bordux's control, but if he has backup with him and no longer holds back, we got serious problems." Solar said when she remembered the warnings about Umbra's true power from her predecessor, and her predecessor's predecessor's from the memories she got when she was made a successor of the Elemental of light.

"Is there nothing we can do?" Lillum said worried while he crossed her arms under her chest before she floated around the group. "Hold on, there is one way, though it might be impossible." Solar said as she got everyone's attention.

Before she could say anything though a monster appeared out of the forest surprising them. "We'll continue this later." Emerald said while he drew his right arm back and filled it with energy.

The monster walked to the group which allowed the group to get a better look, It was 10 feet tall, it was purple in color, it looked rugged in looks and oddly with a beard as well that reached its chest, It was an Oni with a spiked club.

It looked over to the group, saw Lillum and grinned. "Oh Lillum, is that you?" the Oni said confusing the group while Lillum pointed to herself. "Me!?" Lillum said in shock before the Oni walked up with grin on its face.

"How could I forget you after that night long ago." The Oni said causing everyone to sweatdrop. "Uh who is he?" Emerald said while he looked as Lillum who shrugged confused.

"Oh where are my manners, my name is Kin-ki, named after one of my ancestors who was immune to weapons." Kin-ki introduced before he walked over to Lillum who sweatdropped when he grabbed her hands.

"Lillum I hope you remember that promise your dad made me." Kin-ki said smiling as Lillum sweatdropped while Emeralds eye twitched.

"Promise?" Lillum asked in confusion. "What, did you forget the promise that your dad would give me a chance to earn your hand in marriage?, or did he not tell you?." Kin-ki said before everyone watching sweatdropped, Emerald's group, the onlookers outside the cave, and Bordux's group.

"Why is this conversation annoying me?" Emerald thought while he heard the conversation happen.

"Huh!?" Lillum said as she jerked her hands away surprised.

"Well sense its been around 100 years or so I guess you forgot." Kin-ki said before everyone sweatdropped. "Hold on!, do you have proof?" Lillum said in anger at what her dad did.

"Oh I have proof." Kin-ki said with a smirk before he reached into his side pouch while the others sweatdropped when he pulled out a orb.

"What's that?" Emerald said while looking at the orb. "It's a recording crystal, it shows a recording in a complete 3D way, or to be exact it looks like we are right next to images that can't see us." Kin-ki said as the Orb glowed brightly.

soon after they saw that they were in a room that looked see through with a see through Kin-ki with a shorter beard and Lillum.

Looking at the two images everyone heard a conversation happening while a couple people passed them by.

"Well hello there Lillum, lovely as always." Image Kin-ki said while he walked Lillum around the castle with the recording orb in hand. "Thank you, I try to look my best." Lillum said with rose colored cheeks before she hiccuped.

"Are you drunk?" Kin-ki asked before he sweatdropped when he saw Lillum wobble while she floated float along the hallway. "Drunk, who's drunk!, your not drunk." Lillum said dazed before she fell to the ground with anime swirls in her eyes while Kin-ki sweatdropped.

"You drank?" Emerald asked when he saw the real Lillum chuckle in embarrassment. "Well lets fast forward a bit to the actual promise." Kin-ki said while the orb in his hand flashed and the images flashed forward to later that day.

All that appeared was a door though.

"Any reason we can't see through the Door?" Emerald asked while Kin-ki sweatdropped. "Sorry, Lillum's dad, Lucifer was a adamant against anything that could capture his image." Kin-ki said before everyone minus Emerald and Lillum were stunned greatly.

"LUCIFER!?" Everyone minus Emerald inside and out shouted in shock which caused Lillum to sweatdropped.

"Who's Lucifer?" Emerald said in concern at everyone's panicked faces before Nocturn gave Emerald the are you freaking kidding me look.

"Memory loss or not, shouldn't you have common knowledge of the world you were born in!?, even if your not religious Lucifer was normally called Satan in in catholic lore, in Dante's inferno Lucifer was sealed in the deepest ring of Hell for trying to take over heaven." Nocturn said stunned at Emerald's ignorance.

"Then again this may be a different dimensional version, hay Lillum, how is this Lucifer different, or is he the same?" Nocturn asked Lillum before she tried to remember her father's past exploits.

"I... remember him saying one time long ago about trying to do that, but after he failed he was sealed here. "Lillum started while the images were paused to listen to Lillum's tale.

"After a few centuries he was released by a man who wanted to save his dead lover, after fighting past each ring of hell he fought my father, even though the souls of the dead he helped tried to return the favor, they could not give enough power to truly kill him, only ward him off for awhile." Lillum said while the other listened.

"I see, just like in Dante's inferno, were Dante went to rescue his lover." Nocturn said before Lillum continues. "Well I don't know what the difference is, but instead of leaving Hell he stayed there to rule, it seems the gods left him alone sense he stayed there." Lillum said before Nocturn figured it out.

"Seems to be a different dimensional version, I read that In dante's inferno that Lucifer followed Dante out of hell after tricking him, I never read the chapters after before coming to this dimension though." Nocturn said before he floated to land on Emerald's shoulder.

"Seems that's when the dimensions differ then."Emerald said shrugging when he saw the difference in the stories. "Well if this conversation is over lets continue."Kin-ki said as the images resumed.

Everyone saw Kin-ki place the orb on a table near the door and walked in to see what Lucifer wanted, whe he closed the door everyone heard a conversation going.

"Ah Kin-ki, welcome to my humble abode." Lucifer said in a booming voice that made everyone sweatdrop while the conversation went on.

"You called me for a reason my lord?" Kin-ki asked while he looked to his king. "Yes, I need you to pass out a message to the outer lands that Lillum is coming of age and is in need of a husband, my other daughters and sons already married, simply put no one was good enough for her." Lucifer said before he continued.

"If you happen to be to her fancy you have my blessing, ironic sense I'm the farthest thing from a holy being sense I've fallen, hehehe." Lucifer said before he chuckled as the images faded and the orb in Kin-ki's hand dimmed to nothing.

"So you see, I was going around lands that had magical energy to pass along the message of your betrothal, though I really hope I can get your hand in marriage myself, HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Kin-ki explained before he laughed for a minute while everyone sweatdropped.

Lillum got ticked, royally so.

"Well for your information, I already have someone I like!" Lillum said in anger which got Kin-ki's attention. "Huh!?, who!?" Ken-ki said in shock before Lillum floated to Emerald and grabbed his right arm.

"This guy, Emerald's the one I like!" Lillum confessed while she blushed while she shocked all. "WHAT!?" Everyone said bugged eyed while Kin-ki looked to Emerald in confusion.

"What do you mean what?, Lillum chose you to be her husband, I consider that an honor." Kin-ki said before Lillum spoke up to explain for that.

"It because of a sage ranked sorcerer that Emerald lost his memory." Lillum said while a shocked Emerald was stunned silent. "Lost his memory!?" Kin-ki said in shock before giving Emerald a funny look.

"Yeah, sense the battle with former guardians named Umbra and Lynx, I regained a few, or to be more a few incidents." Emerald said shocking the group.

"Really!?" Lillum said hopeful. "Yeah, but nothing good, I remember how Pluton and how Cream got hurt, though I can't remember them on a personal level." Emerald said which confused the group inside except for Nocturn while he shocked all outside.


"Emerald!" Cream said while she rubbed her cheek. "..." Pluton on the other hand kept quiet while an odd feeling hit him while the rest of the group looked at Emerald with slight hope while the scene went to Bordux's base.

Bordux's base

"Interesting, it seems these high level fight are a good thing." Bordux said with interest at these developments. "Remind me papa, why is Emerald important to this plan, we have stronger allies on our side." Nex said while she heard the story about Lillum's dad.

"Like I said my dear, Emerald's ability, Ultimate adaption, can give him the power to fight gods, a little oversite on the god themselves if anything." Bordux said before he looked to the screen while the scene went back to Emerald's group.

back to dungeon party

"Who's Pluton and Cream, I heard Bordux talking about them but I think no one here asked?" Lillum asked confused. "Pluton's a robot that is learning human emotions if I can remember from conversations from others on that day, and Cream is little rabbit mobian that I rescued." Emerald started.

"Why are those bad memories then?" Leonel said in confusion.

Emerald got a regretful face which confused the group more before he spoke up.

"Pluton he...he nearly got destroyed because of my request, and Cream was injured because I was to slow." Emerald said with a regret filled tone.

"What happened?" Solar asked concerned. "I really hate to be the bad one here, but can we talk on the way to the village?" Nocturn asked with the ladies of the group giving him a cold glare that made him sweatdrop.

"Very well." Solar said before the group walked by Nocturn which made him shiver before he followed the group at a slow pace. "What do you mean exactly?" Kin-ki said interested at the story and followed.

"Well sense Pluton was learning human emotions because of a chaos emerald that acted like a human heart, I asked him to watch over Cream as a friend, it wasn't an order or anything like that, at least that's what I think I remember, I may be wrong about that request thing." Emerald started to explain as the group walked along the path.

"It was shortly after I called a friend, or at least a person I think I knew, for a job interview and went to the meeting place to apply before I heard that Pluton, Cream, and Vanilla, Cream's mom were attacked." Emerald continued while the group walked down some more stairs.

"Pluton tried to defend them against a robotic double of myself that a mad scientist made after my first fight with him, he was nearly destroyed and was left alive to pass a message to me." Emerald said before he saw the village nearing.

"After Pluton was nearly destroyed, Steel kidnapped Cream and Vanilla to lure me to a base that looked more like something from a horror movie." Emerald said while the group continued along another path.

"Enraged, I used Nocturn's power to dash to the base, shortly after I found the base under a cliff, I saw that Steel was about to grab Cream and another woman, I got enraged further and jumped through a window and on a guardrail, I launched from it with so much force that I'm pretty sure I broke it." Emerald said before the group walked down another set of stairs and saw that the village was another set or two away.

"Long story short here, I fought Steel and nearly lost after he cut my left arm, and heart." Emerald said as they walked along the path before he realized something. "Seriously does anyone a thing against my left arm?" Emerald asked irritated sense this is the second time he lost his left arm.

"Don't know, what happened after that?" Leonel said curious at the tale.

"Well after that, my friends, or some people who wanted to help, I can't remember who they were before you ask, ugh I wish I could remember more about the other people but it seems I can only remember that event and the two main people there." Emerald said when he mentioned Cream and Pluton before stopping for a moment to sigh before he continued.

"Were was I?, oh yeah, the possible rescue party got locked in a electrical cage before they were stunned greatly, after that we found out that Steel was a robot made by eggman after an of sorts accident." Emerald said before the group walked down another set of stairs.

"Shortly after, Steel cut the cage holding Cream and the other woman faster then anyone could keep up with and grabbed Cream, shortly after he tossed Cream high into the air and jumped after her, while that was happening I felt my sanity snap somewhat and went into a pseudo dark mode that allowed me to rescue Cream, but she was hit on her cheek deeply with heated blades that scared over instantly." Emerald continued while the group flinched at that image.

"How cruel!" Lillum said in anger as her magical energy started to leak from her body.

"Yeah, it was what Steel said after that what really made me snap, he called Pluton weak, it might not seemed like much, but after I found out that Pluton had a hole in his chest and missing his arm and leg I snapped and truly turned into my dark mode for the first time which allowed me to beat Steel." Emerald said as they hit the final stairway.

"After that my memory stops there, and like I said I can only remember Cream and Pluton somewhat, I can't remember things before or after the Steel incident so I'm just guessing a bit here and there." Emerald said while the group walked on the path.

"How did you get those memories then?" Solar said in confusion. "After seeing Core pass out, I thought he died, and to my shock I got the memory of Pluton nearly dying then, it was after they insulted Core that I got the other half." Emerald said in slight anger with dark mist coming from him for a moment before calming down.

"Well that sound interesting." Kin-ki said while the group walked along the final path before the scene went to Eggman's skybase.

Eggman's skybase

"HOHOHOHO, It seems he remembers that little incident to a certain extent." Eggman said while he watched the screen. "Indeed, Id be shocked if he didn't remember anything at all." ? said while Eggman looked at the voice.

What Eggman saw was this, Steel and Metal were rebuilt, Steel's appearance looked similar to his previous body, he had two changes though that were noticeable, 1. his had spikes on his shoulders, 2. instead of simple eye cameras, the eyes looked more organic, he also had hidden surprises to be revealed later.

There was a cord attached to the back of his head while a monitor was doing a system check on Steel's systems, Metal had the same thing done to him as the computer checked Metal's new upgrade.

Metal was upgraded, he had more spines that looked razor sharp, his clawed hands looked like they could rip into metal materials like butter, and his legs looked thicker with stronger jets equipped.

"So were is my organic copy?" Metal said curious as he wanted to test his new equipment on Sonic. "Hmm... it seems they are not with that large group." Eggman said while he checked his video logs of today.

"Who cares, I just wanna have some fun putting fear into those weaklings!" Steel said with a insane grin. "In due time, the system check is only 20% finished." Eggman said while he went over the data.

"Geez, you think a super computer would be faster." Steel said blankly while he crossed his legs.

"In it's defense, you two are many times more complex then before, so much so that the computer has a hard time keeping up, I need to upgrade it if things with you two go south." Eggman said as he walked to the two other robots.

"Who are they?" Steel asked when he saw the robots.

"Simple, they are your back up bodies that are being upgraded even as we speak." Eggman said as a micro arms went into the robots to further upgrade them thanks to the video feed showing the fights Emerald had.

"What's so special about them besides being in development?" Metal said intrigued. "All in due time, consider it a surprise for later." Eggman said with a grin as the scene went back to Emerald's group as said group walked to the town.

Emerald's group

When the group walked into the town the group noticed that some of the townspeople walk to the flat like buildings before they touched the 2D door and just vanished surprising the group except for Kin-ki.

"I came from the town a few hours ago to rest before walking into you guys, I heard that the flat looking buildings are just for looks, the doors are like gates to bigger rooms, for example, the Inn itself looks flat but has a lobby on the inside that has more dimensional doors that lead to bedrooms, get it?" Kin-ki asked while the group nodded when they got the idea.

"So it like this place?, a gate leading into another dimension?" Emerald said before Kin-ki nodded in agreement. "Yeah, really saves space here." Kin-ki said before he started to walk away.

"Where are you going?" Lillum said in confusion.

"Well sense you chose your husband, I'm heading back to the underworld to report to Lucifer that you already made your choice." Kin-ki said before he walked out of town.

"Hay Kin-ki, if you see two people up the path, can you let them know where we are heading, Core's a man with a great-sword and Lynx is a woman with a dagger, Lynx might still be knocked out." Emerald said while Kin-ki stopped to listen.

"Sure I was heading a few floors up to get to a Dimensional gate so I'll let them know as I pass." Kin-ki said as he walked away leaving the group to walk back up the path with a serious face.

"Why does that guy have an odd aura?" Kin-ki thought when he saw Emerald's aura before he walked away from Emeralds team.

Seeing that Kin-ki left after a few minutes Lillum sighed.

"Sorry Emerald." Lillum said with a tired face. "What was that about anyway?" Emerald said in confusion. "Well after thinking back for a bit, I remember Kin-ki now, simply put he is a nice guy, but not my type." Lillum said with a frown on her face.

"And me being your husband?" Emerald said while the others walked to the inns door. "Well I panicked for one." Lillum said before she shuddered. "And the second?" Leonel asked with cat ears twitching.

"Well that's it, I panicked mainly." Lillum said before Emerald touched the Inns door. "Now I got a bride apparently." Emerald said sweatdropping before he vanished in gold light.

in the inn

Emerald flashed in the inn with a golden flash of light. "Whoa." Emerald said as the others teleported in with a golden flash and saw a surprisingly high class hotel. "May I help you?" ? said getting the groups attention.

Looking over the group saw that there was a woman at the reception desk, she had extremely pale skin, she had long red hair, she wore a plain shirt with plain pants and with slip on shoes, her eyes were blood red in color.

"Sure, would it be possible to rent a room for the night, we have no money at the moment so is their a way to earn some here?" Emerald asked as he walked up to the desk.

"Are you a trial of blades test taker?" ? said before she looked the group over with a calculating gaze.

"I am, we have two, maybe three more coming here." Emerald said as the receptionist nodded and passed 3 key to Emerald who looked confused.

"Don't we need to pay for these?" Emerald asked concerned as the receptionist smirked. "Thanks to the Leader of your group, you and your party gets one free night, after words you gotta pay like everyone else." ? said before she passed Emerald a document.

The group looked at the Document before Emerald read it out loud.

"For defeating a SS class monster that wondered onto this floor and preventing said beast from destroying the town, I hereby grant the the user of Onimusha and his order the reward of one free night in the inn, all expenses paid." Emerald started as the group gathered around to listen better.

"Any future test taker and their party are welcome to this perk to rest and recover from their travels if they make it this far." Emerald read out loud as the others were impressed.

"SS rank, wow." Leonel said as she heard rumors or monsters above rank S. "If the rooms are free for tonight I suggest we turn in after getting Core and Lynx." Emerald said as he passed the extra 2 keys to Leonel and Lillum.

"Where are you going?" Leonel asked when she saw Emerald walk to the door. "Well if we are going to be here for a few days we gotta find a way to earn currency for the inn." Emerald said as he looked to Leonel.

"If its gold your looking for, I suggest the request board at the center of town, they give a surprising amount of gold and treasure as the rank of the quest rises." ? said before she gave Emerald directions.

"Thanks, my name is Emerald, the Succubus is Lillum, Leonel the Lioness is next to Nocturn, Nocturn is trapped in a gem that's floating around the room, Solar the wyvern is an old friend of ours that joined us recently." Emerald said as he introduced himself and his party.

"Your welcome, my name is Lum, hope you enjoy the stay here." Lum introduced before Emerald's group walked out of the inn to look around the town while the scene went to Kin-ki before he walked to Core and Lynx.

With Core and Lynx before Lynx started to wake up

"Ugh." Lynx said before holding her head when it started to ache. "So your awake?" Core said shocking Lynx. "Core!?" Lynx said as she sat up quickly before leaning forward to hold he head again. "Remember what happened earlier?" Core asked before he got up and dusted his pants off.

Lynx got up as well before she tried to remember what happened to her. "I can't remember much before coming here, last thing I can remember was talking to Bordux before my vision gets hazy." Lynx said while Core looked to her.

"You talked to Bordux as well?" Core asked while Lynx nodded. "Yeah last I can remember about that conversation was that Bordux wanted to talk about getting stronger so that the Master core would not be messed with again, before I could talk to him at the meeting place I felt drowsy and fell unconscious, after that I felt like I was in a dream of sorts, it was like I could see what I was doing every now and then but I couldn't control myself." Lynx explained to Core.

"Like myself huh?" Core said as he got Lynx's attention. "Yourself?" Lynx said confused. "Yeah, thanks to Bordux I was turned into a puppet like you, I fought Emerald and the others and Emerald with Nocturn's aid helped free us."Core said shocking Lynx greatly.

"Wasn't Nocturn banished!?" Lynx said stunned from hearing about Nocturn's return. "He still is, his prison is a floating gem that follows Emerald, the new owner of Nocturns body." Core said further shocking Lynx. "What!?" Lynx said shocked.

Core was about to explain when he heard foot steps approaching, Core and Lynx summoned their weapons as a monster walked nearby. "Hay are you two Lynx and Core?" ? asked while he walked along the path.

"How do you know us?" Core asked while Lynx got behind Core to support him. "Easy, I talked to Emerald, Lillum, Leonel, Solar, and Nocturn, I know Lillum from before she came here." Kin-ki said as the group let there guard down, Core still had his hand on Nova though.

"How do we know your not an enemy?" Core said before he got his guard up again. "Simple, if I was an enemy I would have attacked by now, besides you can sense energy right?, am I giving a threatening aura?" Kin-ki said before Core lowered his guard a bit.

"Alright then, I'm listening." Core said as he dismissed Nova but kept on guard just in case. "I talked to them about various things, Emerald regained a few memories after fighting two people named Umbra and Lynx before they walked into the Inn in town." Kin-ki said throwing the group off guard.

"Me!?" Lynx said stunned. "Yeah, same with me, it seems you have no memories of the fight huh?" Core asked irritated as the lack of info. "Sorry, I remember one thing though." Lynx said saddened. "What?" Core asked with Kin-ki storing this conversation for later.

"Stabbing you in the side now that my head cleared more." Lynx said saddened. "Eh, no problem." Core said as he shrugged nonchalantly. "You sure?, I mean Sombra ( Spanish word for shadow) gave you one hell of a hit." Lynx said when she saw the scar wound on Core's stomach.

"This?, I've been meaning to ask, why hasn't my wound completely healed?, that Elixir was suppose to heal me fully." Core said when he looked at the closed wound.

"That's Sombra's main ability, it makes wounds that cannot be healed normally, the elixir was suppose to heal fully, but it was downgraded to the point of barely working." Lynx said stunning the listening duo.

"Whoa, scary ability." Kin-ki said as he looked at Core who shivered in slight fear of the blade. "Do the other's know?" Kin-ki asked. "I removed my broken armor after they left, so my guess is that they don't know." Core said stretching and flinched.

"You OK?" Kin-ki asked as he saw Core flinch. "Maybe, my body feels fine normally after I drank the Elixir, but sense it was downgraded I may need to see If Solar can help heal it later." Core said as Kin-ki looked at the stairs leading upward.

"Well I hate to leave on a sour note but I gotta report back, Emerald asked me to tell you two that they are staying at the inn in town, if they are there they can help, if not they must be exploring the town." Kin-ki said before he walked up the stairs and out of sight after a few seconds pass.

"Well sense your awake, I suggest we head to the village." Core said before he resummoned Nova and walked out of the clearing.

he left his shattered armor behind while Lynx followed Core down to the town while the scene shifted to the town square's request board.

Emerald's party at the town request board

"So what do we do?" Emerald said looking at the jobs. "How about this one?" Leonel said pointing to a request requiring hunting some monsters. "I don't recommend that one, its a seasonal hunt." ? said getting the groups attention.

Looking over to the source of the voice, the group saw an old man sitting nearby with a stand with potions next to him."Who are you?" Emerald asked in confusion. "Oh forgive me, were are my manners, my name is Zion, a simple shop owner." Zion said with a smirk.

"Hay Zion, what do you mean seasonal?" Emerald asked in confusion.

"I'm glad you asked, this quest is set in a winter climate, to put it simply, this quest here can't be accepted or completed until winter comes." Zion said with a grin on his face.

"So what do you recommend?" Lillum asked before Zion's grin got wider. "I recommend you take this one, its a rewarding quest, and its easy for strong fighters." Zion said handing a request form to Emerald.

Looking at the paper in hand Emerald read out loud too the group. "Warning, massive group of acidic slime creatures 1 mile away from Dimensional helix, The reward for this quest is as followed, 500 gold, 1 elixir, and depending on how many slime samples you get the gold will increase accordingly by 10 gold per sample." Emerald said to the group.

"See, rewarding ain't it?" Zion said with a grin before Emerald's party looked to him. "Why recommend it to us though?" Nocturn said when he noticed that this old man was giving off an odd aura.

Looking at Nocturn, Zion chuckled while Nocturn got ticked at that action. "Well as you may already know, I'm not from here, I moved here years ago sense this place is interesting." Zion said while he kept his grin his face.

"Your not from here?"Emerald said before he pocketed the request form in his pocket.

"Well to be exact, most of us are not from here, some are descendants of the families who original moved here, Lum from the inn is one." Zion said with humor at everyone's shocked faces.

"Can we get back to the subject, why did you point out this quest?" Nocturn said a little irritated at Zion.

"Hmph, Oh fine you spoil sport, This one is of the lower ranks, you guys look like you needed easy income so I thought I could give you guys a push." Zion said slightly irritated at Nocturn's attitude.

"Sorry about him, we had a rough day today." Emerald said stuffing Nocturn into his pouch from chapter 12 that barely hanged in there from all the fights that shook a bit from Nocturn struggling before the group walked away to do the quest while the scene shifted to Core and Lynx.

Core and Lynx as they walked into town

"So where do we go?" Core asked when he saw the citizens teleporting into some houses while some passed them by. "Well...lets head to the Inn, Kin-ki said that they went in there." Lynx said before the duo walked to the inn in sight and touched the door to go in.

After teleporting in the duo walked up to the front desk and asked Lum if their group went in. "You must be Core and Lynx right?" Lum asked the duo. "How do you know us?" Core said with an eyebrow raised.

"Simple, your friends came in before you two and made reservations for your group, they left to earn more gold for extra nights." Lum said before she told them about the deal with the Leader of Xan's group.

"So we get one free night here, but after we need to pay after right?" Lynx said after Lum nodded. "Exactly 50 gold per person, Nocturn included." Lum said smiling while the others sweatdropped at Lum.

"50 gold!?, that's...let's see...Emerald, Solar, Lillum, Nocturn, Lynx, and myself, that adds to...300 gold right?" Core said while counting his fingers while he hoped his answer was right.

"Correct, 300 to stay another night if you stay as a group." Lum said before Core and Lynx looked to one another and asked were the others went.

"Simple, they went to the request board, If they're lucky they might get a good job, it's at the center of town." Lum said before Core and Lynx walked out to look for the request board while the scene shifted to Emerald's group.

Emerald's party outside the town

"So where do we find some slime's?" Emerald said looking around the field outside of the town before Leonel passed him the quest paper.

"it says one mile away, lets follow the path and see where we go." Leonel said before she followed the path along the field with everyone in tow.


After walking for a few minutes along the path the group noticed a pack of green puddle like slime's across the field near some trees. "Seems like ten of them are in sight." Emerald said while he tried to look around them for more.

"Huh?, it seem this may be a scouting group because I can't sense other auras." Emerald said before he walked around a little to see past the slime's to see that more were far away while the others got on guard.

"Yep scouting group alright." Emerald said before he noticed that the scouting slime's slithered closer when they noticed the group. "Heads up." Emerald said getting the groups attention before they got ready.

Just then four Lynx's appeared out of nowhere and stabbed one slime each before jumping back while Core appeared to use a horizontal slash that took the tightly packs slime's out before the could react.

"Core!?, Lynx!?" Leonel said surprised before the duo walked to the group.

"How did you find us?" Solar asked in concern before she saw that Core was walking a little funny. "You OK Core?" Solar said getting the groups attention.

"Whats wrong?" Leonel said in worry while Core straightened out only for the group to see that Core had a scar on his side were Lynx hit him.

"How did that happen?" Emerald asked while pointing to the scar.

For a moment no one spoke, Core tried to speak but Lynx beat him to it. "It was me when I was under Bordux's control, Sombra's ability, Degradar (Spanish word for downgrade) made the Elixir less potent, which caused it to only heal Core lightly." Lynx said surprising the group.

"Lightly?" Leonel asked in worry about Core who swinged Nova around a few times.

"Before you guys worry I'm fine, I just need a few healing sessions with Solar to get back into shape." Core said before he looked back to see floating coins, pouches, and a floating egg.

"What in the world?" Core said un bewilderment while he walked up to the floating items.

Just then the items flew into Core and Lynx's side packs which surprised them greatly. "What the!?" Emerald said in surprise before the group heard laughing coming from nearby.

The group turned to see Zion walking to them. "Zion?" Emerald said in confusion. "I must say, I'm impressed that you guys beat those slime's as exhausted as you are." Zion said while he looked to the group to see that they looked a little pale.

"Well it was Core and Lynx who did the work, I couldn't even sense them approach." Emerald said in a tired tone. "Well I wanna know what you two got then, pouches need to be appraised to get their full value." Zion said which made Lynx and Core passed their packs before they followed Zion back into town as the scene shifted to Zion's stand.

Dimensional helix/ Zion's stand shortly after

After Zion grabbed the items, he then appraised the items on an odd machine that made the pouches disappear and some odd items appeared in their place.

"Hmm, seem you got 20 gold, the items that appeared though seems you got a bangle, a targe shield, and a dagger." Zion said in a bored tone from seeing the items.

"Though the egg is a rarity." Zion said which confused the group. "Rarity?" Lillum asked before she picked it up while the group looked at it closely, it had pink spots all over while instead of a white shell it was green.

"Yeah, its an adaptaslime egg." Zion said confusing the group further. "Adaptaslime?" Lillum asked as she wondered what that was. "Well to put it simply, it's a slime that adapts to its parent and learns skills that help the parent by using skills and magic that the user doesn't use." Zion said surprising the group.

"What does that mean?" Emerald asked in confusion. "Well simply put, if you have offensive magic as your forte, the slime learns defensive magic to help balance it out. "Zion said before he held his hand out.

"Want to hatch it?" Zion said before the group looked to one another before Lillum walked up which surprised the group. "Can you hatch it for me?" Lillum said to Zion before she looked to Core and Lynx.

"May I?" Lillum asked which made the two look to one another before looking back to Lillum. "Sure." Core and Lynx said at the same time before looking to one another in surprise before Lillum walked to Zion to hand the egg to him.

"Well Lillum, hope your ready for the next couple weeks, taking care of a baby slime is not simple." Zion said as Lillum thought about it for a minute. "Yeah, should be interesting." Lillum said smiling before Zion put the egg on the odd machine again.

"OK, before I start, Lillum stand there while your friends come here." Zion said before the group went to Zion with confusion showing on their faces while Lillum got nervous when Zion pushed a button on the odd machine with a scary grin on his face before a cage like block appeared before it dropped from a crest that appeared above Lillum which shocked the group while Zion kept his grin on his face.

"No worries, one second." Zion said before he walked over to the cage and pressed a button that moved a panel to show a speaker.

"Testing, testing, Lillum can you hear me?, you should see a glowing red button." Zion said before he waited a few seconds to hear Lillum's voice emit from the speaker. "Hello?, why am I in this thing?" Lillum said in a worried before Zion chuckled at Lillum's nervousness.

"No worries, this is just to make sure that you are the only one seen so there would be no accidents." Zion said before the group Lillum's voice again.

"Won't that be hard sense the room is completely pitch black." Lillum said before Zion push another switch on the panel. "Oh thanks!, where is the egg?" Lillum asked before Zion pressed another button and the odd machine slid into a slot that opened after a mechanical arm shot of the cage to pull it in.

"Now after I press this switch, the egg will start to shake a bit so don't panic and just wait, after a minute the egg will hatch and look around, try to look nonthreatening sense its just a baby and startles easily, ready?" Zion said before Lillum said yes which made Zion push the button.

with Lillum a few moments later

Lillum saw that the egg was shaking around a bit after the machine started to glow.

The next thing she knew was that the egg hatched and a pink tear like slime was sitting there dazed for a moment before looking around and saw Lillum who smiled at the slime.

"Aww, who's a little cutey." Lillum said while poking it which made it giggle before Lillum petted it which caused it to purr.

The cage was lifted right before it was sent back to the crest. "Aw what a little cutey." Zion said with a grin while the slime jumped onto Lillum's right breast then her right shoulder and tried to hide behind Lillum's right ear, but failed when it just squished against her head and bounced back to fall on her shoulder which made the others sweardrop before it got up scared while the group tried to walk forward but stopped to let Lillum grab it to calm it down.

"Definitely an adaptaslime." Zion said grinning at the Slime. "Guy or girl?" Lillum asked before she poked the slime again. "Bright green for boy bright pink for girl, the color gets darker as they grow and evolve." Zion said before Lillum smirked.

"A girl huh?, can I call you Lilly, that OK?" Lillum asked while the Slime got confused before Zion walked next to Lillum.

"Babies can't understand until they learn the alphabet." Zion said while he appeared at an comedic angle before Lillum and the others sweatdropped at Zion trying to be funny while Lillum hugged the slime gently.

"Aw, I got time." Lillum said before the Slime giggles with it jiggling. "Lilly huh?" Emerald said while he walked forward before lilly got nervous before she sniffed the air for a moment.

Just then the slime smiles before jumping to Emerald which surprised him while he reached out to grab it which surprised the group while Zion eyed Emerald with a wide grin one his face.

"Hoho!, It seems that you had a relationship with the succubus." Zion said grinning with everyone else but Lillum sweatdropping. "Huh!?" Emerald said bugged eyed before he looked to Lillum who blushed before she looked to Emerald who blushed in return while Leonel growled which made Zion laugh for a minute at the display.

"Seriously!?" Emerald said blushing red like a tomato while Lillum smirked while Leonel's right eye twitched before she blushed and remembered the hot spring incident that came to mind while the others blushed and Vanilla covered Creams ears outside the cave.

"Yeah, I won't go into detail, but that second encounter was better by far." Lillum said smiling before she hugged a blushing Emerald while he started to sweat from Lillum's actions while the others blushed at what Lillum said that while Zion hooted at Emerald which made him uncomfortable before Leonel bopped Zion on the head.

"Well what now?" Emerald asked before Lilly jumped back to Lillum. "Well... lets... sell the items you got and see how much they get you guys." Zion said before he looked at the Items again.

"Lets see, bangle, targe shield, dagger, all together with the 20 gold you got from the slimes, that's...170 gold, 80 for the dagger, 30 for the bangle, 40 for the targe." Zion said while the group looked to one another.

"So if we find another egg, how much for the egg?" Emerald asked in wonder before Zion smirked and gestured for Emerald to lean forward and whispered into Emerald's ear while Emerald's eyes got wider and wider.

"TE-TE-TEN THOUSAND!?" Emerald said shocking the group and making Lilly giggling at everyone's odd movements.

"Holy hell, what are the chances of getting another egg here!?" Emerald said while the others were having random reactions, Lillum trying to think how many nights they can stay in this town with that kind of cash, Leonel and Core where thinking how an egg can be sold for so much, Nocturn and Solar were wondering if an egg can be sold for that much on the outside for a large sum, while Zion's grin got wider at the reactions.

"And to be bought, it cost 100,000 in gold here." Zion said while Emerald's group froze in shock.

"OK, before my brain fries I suggest we head back out to the field to fight some more slime's to get the quest reward, then turn in to rest." Emerald said in a startled tone while the group followed Emerald back out of town to to the slime infested area while Zion followed for a bit.

Outside Dimensional Helix

"Well I must bid you adieu, I need to go back to my shop, here take these, just remember that I gave them to you so I can get some business later." Zion said handing the group a map of the area and a set of potions before he started to walk back to Dimensional Helix with a grin when he wondered what the group could do before turning back to talk with a serious look on his face, though he kept the grin.

"Oh and one more thing, the Slime's have a scary ability that I need to tell you about." Zion said while he looked to the slime's. "What?" Emerald said before the group got on guard.

"If you don't take a group out fast, the slime's can form a man or woman like slime figure to use different skills, the green one's use the melee attacks, while the rare red ones use magic." Zion started while they looked to Lilly in surprise before Zion continues.

"Hmm, it seems that there 4 groups of nine, 3 groups of green, 1 red." Zion said squinting as he counted the groups. "So all in all possible 4 to 8 Slime fusions, right?" Emerald said as he tried to do the math while he looked to the slime's.

"Yeah, but the really scary thing is this, if 6 or more slime emperor or empress's get together, they can fuse into a slime giant, unlike the other two types, if even one slime empress fuses into the others, the giant can use magic, not much if 1 but some nonetheless." Zion said while the others looked to the Slime's before they wondered what to do.

"Thanks for the info." Core said when he wondered what to do to help.

"No problem, its just that this quest can get dicey if your not careful, the quest lasts a week, so if you take a couple groups out you should have enough for a couple days, there is also another thing but..." Zion said before he then looked to the Slime groups in surprise while Emerald got an angry look on his face when he looked at the area that ignited around the slime groups which made them merge into emperor's and empress.

Then bolts of lighting struck around the slime's scaring them into forming the giant form. "What the!?" Zion said taking a step back in confusion.

"BORDUX!, WHERE ARE YOU!?" Emerald roared out while he looked around with eye's glowing before he looked across to see Bordux grinning across the field before he disappeared in a flash of darkness.

"Damn, seems Bordux wants to screw with us again." Emerald said before the giant slime walked over on two legs.

It stepped through the trees nearby causing them to melt into dead pieces while it walked to the group and Emerald sighed.

"Seems our luck just gets worse and worse." Emerald thought out before the slime giant roared out while the scene faded to black.

"Well people, hope this chapter gets your whistle wet for more sense the next chapter shows Emerald learning a new move, and some more when the group uses a training montage to get stronger to fight Umbra and Aggro, and who knows what else is with them." TME started to explain before he continues.

"Well you two, how was the story." TME said before Emerald looked to TME with an odd look. "It kinda seems half done to me." Emerald said as he looked to a few points.

"For starters, why was Kin-ki there in the first place, and Lucifer, it seems you want religious people to come knock down your door, and what gave you the idea of a 2-d town with 3-D people, and the slime's, come on man, it seems like you running out of Ideas." Emerald said patting the script with the back of his hand before TME started to sweatdrop.

"Ill admit that for the time dungeon arc, I am running out of ideas, besides the training moments after fighting the giant slime, the group will train for awhile then head to the 99th floor, besides a few encounters, there is one rest area left on floor 98, plus a lemon or two in the final rest area, the question is with who, I'm in a good mood though and give a 2 hints, Emerald and Core will have separate lemons so two in one chapter this time, so lemon lovers hope you can wait for a chapter or two." TME said while Emerald looked to Bordux in anger before walking out of the room.

"Anything to say Bordux?" TME said with Bordux getting a creepy grin on his face which made TME nervous. "Well I wonder, hehehe." Bordux said before he walked out with a chilling grin.

"H-h-h-h-holy crap, might have been a mistake to invite Bordux." TME said before Emerald poked his head back in. "GEE!, YOU THINK!?" Emerald said before he walked back out.

"Well readers, sorry if this chapter is not your thing, like I said I'm running out of ideas for this town area, thankfully I already have an interesting finish for the final few chapters for the final boss area." TME said before he looked over the chapter.

"Well everyone, I gotta log out for now and upload the chapter, see you all later, please review to help make this story better." TME said before the screen faded to black while TME walked off stage.

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