The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
Floor 75 ultimate brawn and brain

"Welcome to the next chapter of THE V2, last time Emerald and Nocturn are out of it because of the forced link, Solar joined the group after separating from Winron and Gen and are now resting up as Umbra heads to lynx to back her up, how will this story go?, will Emerald and Nocturn wake in time or will they stay in a coma, find out this chapter as the group dives deeper into the dungeon." TME said as he leaned back in the chair seriously.

"Now onto a lighter note, lets welcome today's guests, Sonic and Shadow for today's chapter."TME said as the group looked left to see empty chairs which confused him.

"Huh?, where are they?" TME said looking at the spot for a moment.

"Looking for us?" ? said shocking TME greatly as he shrieked like a woman in fright and fell to the ground which made every reader sweatdrop before TME saw Sonic and Shadow smirking.

"Hmhmhm, seems you win this one faker." Shadow said amused before he passed Sonic 10 dollars.

"What the hell?" TME muttered as he got up before he sat down in his usual chair. "Hehehe, sorry TME I had a bet with shadow to see if I can get a reaction from you, he bet that I couldn't and well.. you know the rest." Sonic said before he sat down in his chair.

"Well jokes aside, lets get to the story." TME said with half lidded eyes as he looked to the screen while holding up three fingers.

IN 3!2!1! GO!

1 hours and 45 minutes till dungeon completion and 45 minutes till robot completion

last time

"Camping." Solar said surprising the group. "Camping!?" everyone said in shock. "Well its not like Wyverns lived in hotels, more like we lived in wooden huts with stone bases, easy to repair if the hatchlings got rowdy and broke the walls, so some of us made tents for single users." Solar said before she grabbed some large tree leaves and fashioned together a tent with some sticks to hold it together.

"Goodnight everyone!" Solar called out before she crawled into the makeshift tent while the others shrugged and walked back into the cabin to sleep as the scene shifted to the outside.


Dungeon group 14-20 hours later after resting, they used a lot of energy against Hen.

most of the group woke up to see that Emerald and Nocturn were still asleep and worried that they might not wake up.

"Wonder if their really OK." Core said with crossed arms when he saw that the two haven't budged.

"Maybe, but we gotta keep an eye on these two, especially Emerald, he needs to eat remember." Solar said before walking out for a few minutes before walking back in with a bowl of soup to feed Emerald as the scene shifted to Emerald's mind.

Emerald's mind

"...and that's how that technique is used in simple terms, a lot simpler then the other I talked about." Nocturn said as he explained another technique to Emerald while purplish words floated behind Nocturn to show what he wrote in floating energy.

Emerald though had swirls for eyes when he tried to remember the moves.

"HAHAHA!, well it takes a few lessons to learn, try not to get a migraine trying to remember them all at once." Nocturn said before he laughed for a minute.

"So how much longer do we wait now?" Emerald asked before he noticed that his mind showed a night sky which impressed him when he saw so many stars in the sky, though he did wonder how much time passed in his head.

"Hmm, well... to be honest I have a couple ideas, not really good but not bad either." Nocturn said sweatdropping before he looked at the floating fragments.

"What?" Emerald asked in concern before Nocturn looked around the field.

"Well... the link needs to be relinked naturally, not forced, my anger caused the link to be used in a way it wasn't supposed to be and well... you know the rest from earlier." Nocturn said while Emerald nodded when he remembered what happened.

"You said their were two things we can do, what are they?" Emerald asked while Nocturn looked around the place again. (For those who forgot Emerald's mind is a large field at the moment with floating fragments of Nocturn's memories, with a lake nearby, there will be more later.)

Looking over Nocturn noticed the Dream alter with the Master Emerald nearby in a clearing surrounded by trees.

"Hold on, we may have a way out if my idea works." Nocturn said before he walked to the alter with a confused Emerald in tow.

Walking up to the Dream Gem Nocturn looked at it carefully before placing his hand on it which caused it to shine brightly before Emerald felt a wave of energy wash over him as he woke up.


Emerald and Nocturn woke up groggily at the same time as they looked around to see that they are in the rest cabin guest bedroom and looked to one another.

"Holy crap that was an interesting experience." Emerald said before he looked back up to the ceiling as he placed his right arm on his forehead. "Indeed, it seems my gambit worked." Nocturn said which got Emerald's attention.

"Gambit?, didn't you just place your hand on the Dream Emerald before it glowed?" Emerald asked in confusion. "You've got a lot to learn, but yeah, my idea was that sense the master Emerald and you are connected somehow, I could use that link to pull us back to Reality." Nocturn said before Emerald sweatdropped.

"And what if that didn't work?" Emerald said after he looked in Nocturn's direction. "We would still be stuck in your head." Nocturn said blankly before Emerald sweatdropped.

"Lets get some real sleep this time, I can sense that the others are asleep by their auras, might as well rest up for tomorrow." Nocturn said as he dozed off while Emerald followed Nocturn's example and went to sleep as well.


The others woke up to see that Emerald and Nocturn were still asleep and sighed in worry.

"Are they OK?" Lillum asked in worry while she wondered if they will ever wake. "Not to be a downer, but they could be dying if they don't wake soon?" Core said grimly as the others got saddened.

"Were not dead yet." ? said getting their attention before the group looked over to see that Emerald had sat up and rubbed his eyes while Nocturn wobbled up with a dazed look.

"YOUR AWAKE!" Lillum shouted in joy before he hugged Emerald tightly.

Emerald could not speak sense he was smothered between Lillum's breasts and couldn't breath.

"Oi Lillum!, if you don't let Emerald go he'll pass out again." Solar said before sweatdropping when Emerald's struggles got weaker and weaker.

After hearing that Lillum looked down and saw that Emerald was barely moving and left go, causing Emerald to fall back with swirls for eyes.

"Opps!" Lillum said blushing after Emerald passed out with the others sweatdropped as they saw that Emerald would be out for awhile longer.

few hours later

"Ugghh, what knocked me out again?" Emerald said as he sat up. "Lillum and her breasts knocked you out." Nocturn said floating near Emerald's head. "Oh yeah, now I remember." Emerald said blushing while sweatdropping.

"Hehe, and what a way to be knocked out." Nocturn said after giggling before Emerald got the urge to toss Nocturn at the wall.

Outside the cabin

Emerald and Nocturn walked out of the Cabin before Emerald saw the rest of the group at the blacksmith area while Emerald heard clanging coming from the area.

"What's going on?" Emerald asked which got the groups attention. "Emerald, are you OK?" Leonel said walking out before she saw Emerald walk towards them though he looked like he was keeping his guard up. "Yeah, though I really feel hungry now." Emerald said before his stomach growled when he walked into the smithy.

"Well go ahead and eat, I gotta repair Nova after fighting from so many battles." Core said as he used the smithy's furnace to reheat Nova so it would be easier to sharpen.

After watching Core for a minute, Emerald walked back into the cabin, more to the point, the kitchen to grab a bite to eat.

After taking a few minutes to eat, Emerald walked back out content to see that Core was already done sharping Nova.

"Wow you were fast!" Emerald said as Core dismissed Nova. "Well I was nearing the end of repairs when you came here earlier." Core said before the group walked out of the blacksmith.

"Well if everyone is awake and well rested lets continue." Nocturn said before the group walked into the boss room after taking some time to get ready.

3rd boss room

Walking into the room the group saw that the room was different compared to the rest, It was mainly a large dense jungle with a couple mountains, all in all the room was massive in size, the size of a large island encased in walls.

"Whoa!, this is large!" Lillum said in wonder when she saw that this place was massive. "I'll say, this is the largest room I ever saw here." Core said in amazement.

"Why thank you, we tried our best." ? said which shocked the group before they heard the beating of wings from somewhere from above.

Looking over the group was shocked to see two people coming from the sky, one holding the other before they landed.

"Umbra!?, Lynx!?" Core said in shock before Lynx smirked while Umbra's wings vanished and had a blank look on his face before crests appeared on both of their foreheads.

"Not you guys to!?" Leonel said in sad shock before Lynx chuckled.

Emerald took a good look at the two, Lynx has pale skin with black hair, she wore a simple two piece outfit, she wore a baggy pants that went to the middle of her leg while she wore a top that had no back. (thing of the black shirt that Yoruichi wore during shunko) her outfit was entirely black, she wore no shoes exposing her bare feet.

Umbra on the other hand wore heavy set clothing in a mix of black and purple, baggy cargo pants that had many pockets with hiking boots, he wore a dark shirt that had a feather on the front, he also wore a thin jacket with a pair of wings printed on the back, he had purple hair with black highlights and a pair of fossil shades. (the brand I ware not an old pair), finally he had a scythe fixed to his back.

"Well you guys sure took your time." Umbra said blankly before he drew his weapon. "Well Umbra, mind holding these guys while I put the finishing touches on my little plan." Lynx said before she leaped into the trees.

"Man oh man, ever the tactical one she is." Umbra said getting into a defensive stance with his scythe, he held the scythe end low to the ground while he held the other end above his head.

"Umbra please don't do this!" Leonel said sadly while everyone got on guard.

"Sorry Leonel, gotta follow orders." Umbra said before he charged the group with his scythe switching to an offensive stance, the scythe head was angled to be above his back.

Battle Everyone vs Umbra the Phoenix (round 1)

Everyone scattered before Umbra attacked with a downward slice which caused the ground to erupt with dust before Umbra launched out of the dust to Core with a vertical slice.

Core used the blade like a shied to block the attack and countered with a punch.

Umbra dodged with a forward flip which allowed him to get behind Core, Core had to jump forward to dodge the killing blow, but he got hit with a horizontal slice on the right side of his back, causing Core to lose his grip on Nova.

"UMBRA!" Leonel shouted as she charged Umbra in an offensive stance.

Leonel attacked by tossing her spear towards Umbra which caused Umbra to jump away from Core, Leonel then started to Combo Umbra rapidly with her sword and resummoned her spear while charging, Leonel used a thrust with her spear while her sword was in a reverse grip, the attack made Umbra dodge right while Umbra had to block the sword so it would not decapitate him.

While Umbra was distracted Emerald charged with an energy enhanced body before energy went to his fist, Umbra sensed Emerald and used Leonel's momentum to slide under her before he used his legs to springboard Leonel to Emerald, Emerald had to stop and catch Leonel while Umbra charged with a downward strike to take them both down at once.

Emerald noticed Umbra and tried to dodge to get both of them out of the way, but he saw that he would not make it in time.

As Umbra got close, an ice spike flew between the duo to make a wall between Umbra and the stunned duo causing Umbra's attack to be stopped by the wall and looked over to see Lillum starting to cast another spell.

"Try to dodge this!" Lillum said as she sent a bolt of lighting towards Umbra, Umbra in turn stabbed the scythe into the ground and jumped away before the bolt hit the weapon.

"What!?" Lillum said in shock before Emerald and the others ran around the ice spike while Core and Solar ran next to Lillum to guard her.

"Don't you know Succubus, metal attracts lighting greater then organics, more so sense my weapon is higher then myself in height." Umbra said plainly blushed Lillum blushed in embarrassment.

Umbra looked around when he noticed that the group was barely unharmed, just then Umbra saw a signal fire telling him that the plan started before he called his weapon and it flew to him at his call.

"Return!" Umbra said before the blade flew back.

Everyone vs Umbra the phoenix (round 1) (finished)

The group got on guard when Umbra's weapon returned to his head, but got confused when Umbra vanished.

Looking around the group heard a voice call out to them.

"Over here guys." Umbra called out from the treeline which surprised the group.

Looking over, the group was shocked from Umbra's speed.

"Damn!, was he holding back!?" Emerald said greatly surprised at Umbra's speed. "Well he is the strongest of us, it was a wonder why he was holding back, plus isn't he augmented by the crest." Leonel said when the group looked to Umbra before he retreated to the jungle.

with the observing group

"Man I hope things go well."Zack said as he got a bad feeling in his gut.

"Lets cross our fingers and hope for the best, Umbra was called the strongest of the four guardians for a reason, and Lynx may be weaker then Umbra, Core, and Leonel, but she has many times their brains, if anything these two make a surprising duo." Kamikazix said before the group looked back to the screen worried.

Bordux's base before the 3rd boss room

After showing his forces the images and giving the order for Umbra to join Lynx, afterwords Bordux went back to his scrying room to see if Emerald has awakened.

He saw that Emerald had awaken while the others were asleep, he also saw them go to the 3rd boss room and fight Umbra for a short time, he also saw the signal fire and smirked.

"Well Emerald, lets see you fight the strongest brain and brawn of the guardians." Bordux said smirking when he saw the group chase after Umbra.

Dungeon group

"Lets go guys!" Emerald said running ahead as the others followed Emerald into the jungle.

Running past some trees Emerald saw some spears fly to the group by the dozens. "HEADS UP!" Emerald said diving out of the way while Lillum floated up, Leonel pole vaulted up while Core blocked with the flat of his blade as the spears hit Nova repeatedly.

After the spears stopped coming Emerald's eyes glowed with a green mist as he saw multiple auras, mainly in string like shapes. "Guys don't move!, this place is booby trapped!" Emerald said which made everyone stand where they are.

"Follow my steps slowly, but keep on guard for Umbra." Emerald said before the group followed Emerald as he avoided the wire traps, it took awhile with a few hiccups as a few traps went off, mainly more spears and log traps with a boulder chasing them downhill once, after walking for awhile the group went into a clearing.

Emerald noticed that the clearing was clear of traps.

Before they could wonder why they heard laughing and looked over to see Lynx with Umbra, just then Lynx pulled a few hairs out of her hair, she held them in her hand and blew on them, the hairs flew out of her hand and grew into panthers which surprised Emerald and Lillum.

"Unlike my guardian allies I can't transform into a animal form like Leonel or Core, I can however be like son goku from old stories in some worlds and turn my hair into panthers, that's why everyone calls me Lynx the panther." Lynx said while a panther walked behind her and she mounted it before it carried her away from the fight to keep her distance.

"So there you have it, I'm teaming up with Lynx here to take you guys down." Umbra said blankly as he drew his scythe.

"Might as well tell you the name of my weapon then to make things fair, its called Meikai no shihaisha" Umbra said blankly as he got in a defensive stance. (ruler of the underworld)(Japanese translation, may need help with translation)

The panthers charged Emerald's group causing them to scatter as the Group got into 1 or 2 on 3 fights.

Emerald vs 3 hair panthers (round 1)

Emerald saw that he and Nocturn got split up, he got on guard as he saw that 1 of the panthers charged quickly, Emerald in return saw that the aura panther that appeared before the real panther and used an energy enhanced attack to hit in smack dab in the middle of its face, causing it to crumple in on itself then explode into a black hair that floated back to Lynx.

The other two charged from both sides of Emerald in a pincer attack, Emerald in turn saw the blue pattern with green mist eyes and dodge at the last second, the panthers crashed into one another and got tangled up in a pile, the panthers heard a footstep and saw that Emerald was next to them, the panthers sweatdropped as Emerald raised an energy enhance fist and brought in down, crushing the panthers, and the same thing happened to them like the first, turning them into hairs that floated back to Lynx on her hair panther.

Core and Lillum vs 6 hair panthers (round 2)

Core charged the panther and attacked is a vertical ark, 4 of the panthers dodged while 2 of them got hit.

Lillum flew upward and used a spell that fired a volley of ice spikes that hit 1 while the others ran far back to avoid the attack.

Core charged the remaining panthers and used Nova's lighting element to fry the remaining panthers which caused them to turn into chard hairs before they flew back to Lynx who had an irritated look on her face before she tossed the burnt hair to the ground.

Leonel vs 3 hair panthers (round 3)

Leonel took a defensive stance when she saw that the 3 panthers surrounded her, the 3 charged Leonel as she summoned her spear, she used it to pole vault over the 3 straight up.

the 3 headbutted one another at the same time, which dazed them, Leonel summoned her sword on the way down and started to spin, when she landed she spun like a top for a second which took all 3 out at once before they turned back into hair and they floated back to Lynx.

Solar vs 3 hair panthers (round 4)

Solar used her wings to fly up into the air, the panthers then opened their maws and fired smalls balls of fire surprising her.

"I should mention that I learned low level spells, might not be handy on my own, but my panthers can use my spells sense their part of my body." Lynx smirked as she saw Solar dodge fire balls.

Solar stopped flying around and started to chant in midair as the panthers started to cast fireball spells, Solar nearly finished with one word left and waited.

The panthers fired the fireballs at Solar who then spoke the last word of the spell and a crest appeared in front of her, the fireballs hit the crest and the fireballs were sent back to the panthers, turning them into chard hairs which went back to a ticked Lynx.

everyone vs hair panthers complete

"Hope you have something up your sleeve or this will be to easy Lynx!" Leonel growled out before she got into a defensive stance while the others got near the two opponents in a half circle.

Lynx only smirked before she dropped the remaining burnt hair, she then grabbed some fresh hair and held the hair in her hand, this time she breathed inward while concentrating her magic and breathed outward.

The hairs flew out of her hand and joined together to turn into a giant panther, it roared with energy emitting from it which caused Lillum and Nocturn to fly back sense they were flying, the others got pushed back, skidding on the ground for a bit.

The Panther roared and charged the group.

Everyone vs Giant hair panther (round 1)

Everyone scattered when the panther charged the group.

Emerald, Nocturn, Core, and Lillum went to the left, while Leonel and Solar went to the right.

Emerald and Core charged the panther while Lillum used some ice spikes with a mix of fireballs.

The attacks hit the panther causing it to stagger form the conflicting temperatures, Core took the chance to launch Emerald up to the side of the panthers head, Emerald used an energy enhanced fist to Knocked the panther to the ground.

Leonel used her spear to pole vault onto the side of the panthers head and stabbed the right eye of the panther which caused it to flail about which shook Emerald and Leonel off of its head.

It got back up and roared, making a shockwave that stunned Emerald and Leonel who were closest, Emerald's eyes gave a green mist with the red warning signs and jumped backwards to avoid the Panthers claws.

Solar took the chance while the panther was down to cast a spell to hold it down, she saw it get back up as she completed the spell, she saw it swipe Emerald and got nervous sense Emerald looked stunned, Emerald surprised her though when he dodged it in that position.

She took the opening to cast the spell to make ropes of light, they wrapped around the panthers midsection and paws, pinning it down from moving.

Lillum took the chance to make a pillar of ice to launch Core upward while Emerald took the chance to attack from underneath, Core turned Nova into its water sword form while Emerald charged his Chaos fist move, the panther roars which caused another shockwave.

Solar saw that coming while Lillum flew behind Core to push him past the shockwave while she got blasted backwards.

Solar used a shield of light to block the attack, the support of the two caused Emerald and Core to continue the charge, Emerald used his attack to push the Panther upward while Core came from above slicing the Panther in two, causing it to turn back into multiple hairs that flew back to Lynx who smirked as she saw that Emerald's party was weakened from fighting all those fights.

Everyone vs Giant hair panther (complete)

"Well Umbra, how about fighting seriously here?" Lynx said smirking as Umbra walked forward. "If I have to." Umbra said as Lynx summoned a dagger.

The dagger had a serrated edge on both sides, like it was made for stabbing, there was a panther pattern on both sides of the blade while the handle had two fang like objects, all in all it looked like a deadly sai like weapon.

"Well sense I don't want our plan to fail I'll join in as well." Lynx said as the panther got beside Umbra before he grew purple feathered wings.

Everyone vs Umbra the phoenix and Lynx the panther (round 1)

"Well lets start!" Umbra said before charging with Lynx following with the dagger in a reverse grip.

Emerald, Nocturn, and Solar jumped back, they knew the drill now and started to cast the augmented sealbreaker to break the crest on Umbra or Lynx.

everyone else got in front of the two to block Umbra and Lynx's charge, Lynx attacked Leonel and Lillum while Umbra attacked Core.

Core vs Umbra

Umbra attacked with an upward strike while Core blocked with the flat of the blade, the power of Umbra's attack sent Core flying into the sky with Umbra following as the scene went to the other fight.

Leonel and Lillum vs Lynx

Lynx on her panther charged towards Lillum when she noticed that she had no close range attacks, Leonel used her speed to get in front of Lynx mid charge with her spear and sword summoned.

Lillum put her hand on the ground and conjured a Ice wall in front of Leonel to block Lynx, the panther was surprised about the wall and couldn't stop in time, Lynx jumped off and over the ice wall while the panther hit the wall and vanished with a poof, turning into a hair that floated back to Lynx.

Lynx smirked before she charged Leonel, Leonel in turn charged Lynx while the scene shifted to Core's fight.

Core vs umbra

After Umbra chased Core, Umbra tried to various combos, Core in turn could barely block Umbra's attacks in midair, Core started to fall back to the ground with Umbra sending him down with a downward strike, Core blocked the strike but was sent down to the ground in result.

Core landed but fell to one knee exhausted.

"D-damn!" Core grunted before he saw Umbra land with his scythe resting on his shoulder. "You must be wondering why your exhausted, huh Core?" Umbra said as as Core got up while the scene went to Leonel's fight.

Leonel and Lillum vs Lynx

"Whats the matter, running out of steam?" Lynx said before she dodged an ice spike.

Leonel jumped back, panting, she had to admit that Lynx was right, first fighting Umbra then traversing that trap infested jungle, then fighting those panther hairs and that Giant panther, who wouldn't be tired after all of that.

"Was that your plan?" Leonel said before she used a spear to support herself.

"Exactly, sense you out number us, I thought we could even the playing field, and what better then traps and some fights before the boss huh?" Lynx said while Leonel growled out then smirked which confused Lynx.

"Whats so funny?" Lynx said before a shadow appeared behind her.

"You may be smart, but you forgot Emerald and Solar." Leonel simply said which made Lynx looked behind her.

Time seemed to slow when she saw Emerald launch a sealbreaker covered fist at her head, Lynx smirked though right before Emerald hit her head and instead of the sound of breaking glass, she poofed and a hair appeared in her place.

Emerald in surprised looked around before he heard laughing.

The group looked towards the sound to see Lynx walk from behind a tree. "Nice try, but like I said earlier, I'm not stupid." Lynx said before she drew her weapon.

Core VS Umbra

Core in the distance looked over when he felt the sealbreaker spell, but had to dodge the next attack from Umbra as he sent another downward strike towards Core who had to jump back or be bisected while the scene went to Solar.

Everyone minus Core VS Lynx

Solar saw that Lynx used one or her hairs to make a double and moved behind a tree without anyone fighting her to notice. "How did she get there!?" she heard Emerald say before Lynx laughed.

"Simple it was when your succubus friend made that Ice wall, I made a double that jumped over the wall, long story short you were so tired that the double was able to take you on until your friend here hit the double." Lynx smirked as Leonel growled.

Solar smirked as she silently cast the same binding spell on Lynx while she was busy talking to Leonel, the bind pulled her to the ground, surprised Lynx looked to Solar irritated.

"Oh now you join in." Lynx growled out. "Well sorry, but like you I'm the support type of person, so I won't join in unless necessary." Solar said putting a hand on her hip.

"Here's hoping your the real deal!" Emerald said surprising her which made her look back to see Emerald with half lidded, irritated eyes as he brought the Sealbreaker forward and connected with the crest on her head, another poof was heard and Lynx turned into another piece of hair.

Irritated Emerald looked for Lynx's aura before growling out for a moment.

"Damn, sense these hairs are apart of her they share the same aura, this is more confusing then difficult." Emerald said irritated as the scene shifted to Core's fight.

Core vs Umbra

Umbra charged Core with a vertical strike which sent Core flying towards a boulder.

Core hit the boulder hard but landed on his feet and held Nova in front of him like a shield, Umbra stopped attacking which confused Core, but then Core felt a stabbing pain in his side and looked down to see a dagger stabbing his stomach under his armor.

Looking to the holder of the dagger Core saw Lynx smirking at him before she withdrew the dagger and jump back to Umbra as the dagger pulled some flesh from Core.

Grasping his stomach Core fell to his knee as the scene shifted to Emerald and his squad as he yelled in pain from the pull.

Emerald's party

Looking around Emerald noticed that Lynx nor her clones were around before everyone noticed that Core was missing and started to worry. "Anyone know were Core went!" Emerald said as he ran back to Solar with the others regrouping.

"I think Core was knocked away from us when Umbra attacked him." Solar said before she tried to remember the direction.

"GAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" ? shouted from a distance which shocked the group.

Everyone looked to the sound's direction to be shocked when they recognized that it was Core yelling. "Oh shit, That was Core right!?" Leonel said before she ran ahead of the group, with said group following as the scene shifted to the outside.

Outside the cave

"Oh crap, this is not good!" Shunpei said worried as he saw Core get hurt. "Man how did that happen!?" Zack said grabbing his head in pain.

"Simple, Lynx used her hairs to distract Emerald's group while Umbra knocked Core away from the group, it seems they talked about the plan before fighting them, not only that it seems the traps were slowing them and tiring them down before the fight, hair panthers small and giant included." Kamikazix said as she looked to the screen grimly.

"Can they make it to Core in time?" Chise asked in concerned for Core's safety. "If Core can hold out long enough, and if their are no traps left between them and Core." Kamikazix said as the group looked to the screen worried.

Back to battle

Emerald and the others hurried over in the direction of Core's shout, after a 4 minutes they ran into a clearing, what they saw shocked them all.

Core was laying on his back with multiple wounds, there was blood littering the area around Core with one on his chest that angled near his heart while emitting a purple mist, Nova was in the ground, stabbed at a diagonal angle, Core's armor war shattered in various places and had a large stab wound on his stomach that looked like it was hit multiple times.

"Man oh man, Core sure put up a fight." Umbra said as held his scythe next to him that had blood on the blade. "For you maybe, I just liked the show after I got away."Lynx said as she sat back against the boulder that Core hit.

going back to when Core was still standing

Core saw that Lynx had dealt a big blow to his stomach and he was bleeding out. "Damn!" Core said switching Nova to his left hand. "Damn this is gonna be tough fighting Umbra with my left hand, I'm normally right handed, not only that my vision's getting blurry." Core thought before he saw Umbra charge and got into a defensive stance.

Umbra's attack sent him back, away from the boulder with Lynx sitting back against it right after to watch the fight.

Core tried to fight back but Umbra was fast, to fast as he used his scythe to try to Pull Nova away, after a few minutes of blocking, Core stumbled from a few loose rocks and Umbra took the chance to pull the blade from Core, Nova flew away to be stuck at a 45 degree angle, while Nova flew away Umbra charged Core, Core tried to attack with fire encased fists, but Umbra ducked and used an upward strike to hit Core's chest which hit his chest at a angle, the force of the attack made Core fly near Nova.

He landed on his feet mid fall and fell to a knee as his vision blur.

"Tough guy huh, might as well show you what Meikai no shihaisha can really do before you die!" Umbra said as he held his weapon, the scythe head was behind his back while the bottom was in front of him.

"Unleash your fury, Meikai no shihaisha!" Umbra roared as the scythe head glowed a purple glow.

Umbra then swinged the scythe in an arc before shouting.

"Unholy moon!" Umbra said and as soon as he said it a purple wave of energy in the shape of crescent shot forward.

Core eyes widened when he realized he couldn't block fast enough and was hit in the same spot as the last attack, he flew back closer to Nova on his back with a purple mist emitting from his chest.

After a minute, Umbra and Lynx then saw Emerald's group run in the clearing, Umbra then held his weapon to his side.

"Man oh man, Core sure put up a fight." Umbra said as held his scythe next to him that had blood on the blade. "For you maybe, I just liked the show after I got away."Lynx said as she sat back against the boulder that Core hit.


"Core!?" Leonel yelled in shock before the group ran to him.

Getting near Core the group saw that Core was alive and breathing, but barely. "S-sorry guys, I-I tried to h-hold on." Core gasped out in pain. "Don't speak Core!, save your strength!" Solar said worried before she put his head on her lap.

Emerald could only stand their in shock when he saw Core barely alive.

Emerald looked to Umbra and Lynx, his face was calm but anger was in his eyes. "Oh are you angry?" Lynx said noticing Emerald's anger.

"Angry?" Emerald growled out before he started to walk forward but was stopped by Core grabbing Emerald's ankle. "D-don't kill t-them please!"Core said tightening his grip which made Emerald looked to him in disbelief.

"They are j-just under Bordux's control, please don't!" Core said before his hand fell shocking all.

"Core?" Leonel asked in a worried tone before she shook him for a moment. "Move!" Solar said as she pushed Leonel out of the way and chanted for a second, afterwords she placed her hand on Cores chest with a white light emitting from her hands.

"I'm healing him as fast as I can, but I can't focus if those two attack Core and I, we gotta get Core out of here or he will die soon!" Solar said shocking the group.

Emerald stood in shock when he heard that, he looked to Core with wide eyes. "He'll die?" Emerald said before everyone looked to him in confusion. "Emerald?" Lillum said in concern before a dark mist emitted from his shoulders which shocked the group.

"He'll die!?" Emerald thought as a past memory flashed in his head.

Flashback Steel incident

Emerald ran up to the house to see the destruction around the area and hurried to the house to see if Pluton protected Cream and Vanilla and hoped they were OK as was shocked at what happened to the rabbit residence as he got more worried.

"CREAAAAM!...VAAAANILLA!...PLUTOOOOON! WHERE ARE YOU!" Emerald called out as he heard a weak robotic sound as second later."Em...d.." ? muttered which shocked Emerald as he hurried to the source of the voice and saw what was left of Pluton and slowed down in shock as he got close.

"P-Plu..ton!" Emerald said shocked as Pluton looked to him with a sad grin. "Hello..sor..ry..couldn' V..vanilla or" Pluton said weakly as his body emitted small sparks as his power drained further.

"Who?,w-why?,how?" Emerald asked in shock as he saw that Plutons right arm was smashed off along with his left leg, he then saw that he had a hole on the right side of his chest as his eyes widened to see that his Emerald core was gone, the holder was mainly intact.

"I''" Pluton said as his vision started to flicker between crystal clear to static as Emerald just slowly walked to Pluton.

"Y-You'll be OK!, Tails can fix you up good as new!, where is your arm and leg at I'll grab them." Emerald said as he felt his throat tighten as he got close to Pluton before he started to look around for the missing limbs before he felt Pluton grip his leg which stopped him in his tracks.

"No time..Cream...and...Vanilla need way..hurry!" Pluton said as he pointed west.

"'m..s..sor...ry..." Pluton said shutting down as his body slouched over as his arm fell to the ground while Emerald's eyes widened slowly in growing shock.

"Pluton?" Emerald said while shaking Pluton a bit,but there was nothing,no reaction as Emerald's vision started to blur as he let go of Plutons shoulder.

"Pluton!, please wake up!, please!, what about cream and vanilla!?, please!, please!, please!" Emerald begged the shut down robot though nothing happened as Emerald looked down and thought of Pluton as he felt his sorrow turn to boiling anger as a dark mist rose from his body.

"Who could do This, why would anyone do this!?" Emerald thought as he slowly got up as he remembered what Pluton said as more mist rose from his body.

"Steel...Emer..a..l..d...that way..hurry!" Emerald remembered as Pluton pointed west while something snapped inside of Emerald.


"STEEEEEEELLL!" Emerald roared to the sky while black lines appeared on his body as the gems purple glow turned pure black while Emerald looked to where Pluton pointed as he launched like a bat out of hell to the west while the scene went to the present.

Flashback over



Emerald started to emit a dark mist from his arms surprising all. "Don't worry Core, I wont kill them." Emerald said before he turned to Umbra and Lynx with mist coming from his neck.

"I wont kill them... I'LL BREAK EVERY SINGLE BONE IN THEIR BODY TILL THEY WISH THEY WERE DEAD!" Emerald roared out mid sentence as a dark aura of energy was emitting from him with black lines tattooing his skin.

Nocturn was shocked, he was not even sending any energy to Emerald, after the link was cut Nocturn was unable to send any energy to Emerald, so why was Emerald emitting dark energy on his own.

Then it hit him, The darkness stained his body so deeply that Emerald under extreme emotions, could used the power of darkness on his own accord.

The group looked to Emerald in worry,they didn't know what was happening to him, nor how the coming battles would mean to him.

Emerald stepped forward towards Lynx and Umbra.

"Everyone guard Core!, and don't help me!" Emerald growled out which surprised the group, they were worried, but they complied as they were exhausted from all of the fights.

"Oi, Quick question, are the real Umbra and Lynx in their or am I just talking to puppets?" Emerald growled out with the others looking to him in confusion.

"What do you mean?" Umbra said in confusion at what Emerald said.

"Don't give me that crap!, If you were really were under his control, you would have used the advanced crest." Emerald shouted out while Umbra and Lynx looked to one another confused before looking back to Emerald.

"What do you mean advance crest?, Bordux only told us to wait here for you guy." Umbra said in confusion.

Emerald had a gut feeling that they were telling the truth when he looked at the two. "Well then, what about Core then huh,don't you feel anything from doing this to your old friend!?" Emerald growled out before he saw Umbra and Lynx shrug.

"To be honest I feel nothing." Umbra said blankly as he put a hand to his chest. "Same here." Lynx said smirking as Emerald growled loudly. "Oh is that right!" Emerald said as the tattoos on his body encompassed his body more.

Umbra and Lynx's faces turned darker as the crests glows brighter, he put 2 and 2 together right then and there.

"Damn Bordux!, messing with people for no good reason!" Emerald growled out as the dark mist nearly covered Emerald's body before another past memory flashed inside of his mind.


"Weak?" Emerald said looking to the ground as his anger skyrocketed. "WEAK!?" Emerald yelled as the dark mist emitted from him in larger quantities while the same voice from before spoke to him in his mind.

"Destroy him for taking what you hold dear!" ? said as Emerald felt his body fill with power.

"YOU CALL A FRIEND OF MINE WEAK FOR FIGHTING WITH HIS ALL!?" Emerald roars out as dark energy fills his very being which shook the entire base which in turn shocked everyone watching as black marks appeared on his skin and thickens till there was barely normal skill left.


"Use everyone's anger and the rage agents this pathetic robotic shade, tear him apart for hurting whats yours!" ? said as Emerald felt even more power fill his body.

"YOU HURT MY FRIENDS AND THESE INNOCENT PEOPLE!...AND FOR WHAT!?..ALL BECAUSE OF YOUR SICK GAMES!?" Emerald roared while the black marks completely cover him.

"Ill kill you and tear you apart into so many pieces that no one can rebuild you!" Emerald growled out while glaring at the ground before the dark energy that emitted from his body was so immense that it made Emerald look like death itself (think of Gon from hunter X hunter before the adult form but just before like the dark form he takes before that)

Emerald then looked up and shocked all silent, he had eyes so white that they glowed pure while, and the gem gave a pure black glow.


Everyone looked confused as Emerald stopped for a minute, just then Emerald looked back up while he emitted a massive amount of dark energy which blocked everyone's view for a minute, and what everyone saw after the darkness disappeared shocked them all, his eye's were pure white, and glowing while the rest of his body turned pure black in color.

"I don't care if you were allies with Core... if anything that makes things worse... I'll break every bone in your bodies if I have to knock some sense into you both, Nocturn focus on casting the sealbreaker spell, Ill hold these two off, if I don't accidentally kill them in the process." Emerald growled out after the darkness completely covered his body while Nocturn started the chant for the sealbreaker.

Dark Emerald VS Umbra the Phoenix and Lynx the Panther

Umbra and Lynx got on guard before Umbra stepped forward in front of Lynx while Lynx went up to grab a few hairs, she breathed onto the hair turning them into Lynx doppelgangers, Emerald's face took on a calm mask as he focused on battle.

Before Umbra could move Emerald vanished shocking all, Umbra then felt his head be pushed with great force on the right of his face, everyone saw Emerald move so fast that no one could keep up, in Emerald's place their was spots of blood, Emerald himself had thrust Umbra on the right side of his face.

Umbra was launched to the forest in one push so fast that everyone was shocked, as soon as Emerald's foot his the ground he launched towards Lynx and stopped in front of her.

Lynx was shocked she was sure that Emerald could not tell who she was out of the 4. "How!?" Lynx gasped out stunned. "Did I find you?" Emerald said while Umbra pushed a few trees off him.

"Simple, it seems my Dark form altered my sight a little when I'm in this form,might have to test it later to see if its one of this forms abilities." Emerald stated coldly while Lynx flinched.

"Earlier I was able to see a rainbow like aura around everyone I met here ever sense I got my ability to see auras, now I can see an aura of Darkness from you, your hairs barely have a will, it was simple to tell the real from fake here." Emerald explained before the fake Lynx's growled.

Emerald spun around and backhanded all 3 doubles plus Lynx sending all 4 flying with 3 turning into hair, Lynx flew into a tree, causing it to dent as she fell to the ground while Emerald's arm bled.

"Hmm, seems this energy is to strong for my body, hence the backlash I get from just moving." Emerald thought while he examined his wounds as they healed before his eyes.

"Lynx!" Umbra said before he tried to attack Emerald. "Oh relax, I only gave enough force to knock her out, if not give her one hell of a headache. " Emerald said coldly as he dodged Umbra's horizontal slash.

"Damn you!" Umbra growled in anger before the crest glowed brightly before he vanished. "UNHOLY FULL MOON!" Umbra roared out as a full moon shape attack flew from his scythe towards Emerald after he reappeared on another side of the field.

Emerald only raised his hand and backhanded the attack which sent it flying of to a far mountain, a second later an explosion sounded out before Everyone looked over to see a large pillar of purple atomize the side of a mountain.

"How the hell did you do that!?" Umbra roared before he got on guard.

Emerald looked at the result blankly, then looked to see he had a cut on his hand that healed after a few seconds.

"To be honest, I just let my body go on autopilot and it did the rest." Emerald said blankly shocking all but Nocturn and Bordux who watched Emerald impressed for different reasons.

With Nocturn

"It seems that Emeralds body remember's its past battles, even if he forgot how to hold back though." Nocturn thought after he saw Emerald knock Umbra's blast away while he kept the chanting up.

With Bordux

"HAHAHAHA, Oh Emerald you just keep surprising me." Bordux said when he saw Emerald push Umbra into a boulder that was pass some trees that fell on top of Umbra.

"Geez!, Emerald looks pissed." Nex said when she saw Emerald backhand Lynx into a tree. "Hmph!, seems to me he is still weak." Aggro said while he looked coldly at Emerald.

"Well then Aggro, care to test Emerald for me and see personally how strong Emerald can get during mid battle." Bordux said grinning before Aggro smirked. "Don't mind if I do then!" Aggro said while he stood up.

Before Aggro could walk out of the room, he felt a chill and looked back to see Bordux giving a cold smirk in his direction.

"Remember not to kill Emerald, his allies on the other hand though..." Bordux said leaving part of his sentence off as Aggro grinned at the implication.

"Oh don't worry, I won't kill the kid, the rest..well, no hold's barred right." Aggro said before he walked out of the room. "Think Aggro can win alone?" Nex said in slight worry.

"Don't worry he is not my right hand man for nothing." Bordux said before he smirked.

Bordux smirk grew wider when he saw Emerald knock away Umbra's attack. "Time for a change of plans soon." Bordux said when he saw Nocturn cast the Sealbreaker spell on Emerald.

With Emerald

Emerald saw the Sealbreaker crest appear under him and thrust his hand downward, the Sealbreaker wrapped around his hand again before Umbra saw the attack and got ready to counter Emerald's charge.

Emerald charged Umbra while Umbra got ready with a Unholy Full moon, Emerald knew he only had one shot with the Sealbreaker sense he knew his body could not take more of this darkness for long.

As Emerald got closer, Emerald surprised Umbra by dashing past Umbra by letting his body go on auto and side step Umbra and dash away from him.

"What!?" Umbra said before Emerald stopped in front of Lynx and brought his hand down to break Lynx's crest.

"Damn!" Umbra grunted out before he stepped towards Emerald in anger at being tricked.

"Fall back Umbra, head to the final boss floor, Aggro with await you there." Bordux said telepathically before Umbra stopped in shock. "What!?, if I go all out he's nothing!" Umbra thought when he got angered.

Just then Umbra gripped his head in pain which confused the group when he hunched over with one hand holding his head while the other used his scythe to support himself.

"Do as I say or I will kill you." Bordux thought with a cold tone. "Fine!, but I gotta distract him first" Umbra thought with irritation lacing his thoughts while the pain faded.

Emerald felt a change with Umbra when he let go of his head. "*sigh*, It seems we have to postpone our fight Emerald." Umbra said coldly. "You think I'll let you leave, after what you did to Core!?" Emerald growled out.

"No... maybe not... but I got my orders... sorry but I'm taking the kid gloves off here and now." Umbra said before everyone felt an intense pressure press down on them while the scene shifted to the outside.


"OH NOT AGAIN!, WILL THINGS EVER BE EASY!?" Zack shouted as he rubbed the sides of his head from the incoming migraine coming on. "Here is were Umbra gets serious." Kamikazix said grimly while she looked to screen worried.

"I may regret asking this but why are you worried about that?" Shunpei asked frightened from the face Kamikazix gave.

"Simple, his title, the phoenix, is not just because of his bird like title or appearance." Kamikazix started before she saw Emerald get on guard. "Its because he was never truly defeated while he was a guardian." Kamikazix said grimly.

"How!?" Cream said worried. "Simple, he is Immortal, even more so then us." Kamikazix said while the others were shocked. "WHAT!? HOW!?" everyone shouted while Kamikazix covered her ears from the loud noise.

"To put it even simpler, Umbra is immortal, he is ageless, and if he is killed in battle he revives from ashes and continues the fight like nothing happens." Kamikazix said with the others stunned.

"And not to be a stick in the mud, but he is even older then us, he trained when the shrine was first constructed." Kamikazix said before the others were shocked further.

"And finally.." Kamikazix started to say while the others were dreading what came next.

"He was the very first guardian of the Master Emerald while it was still the Master Core, even before the Elemental's were born." Kamikazix said while she felt sorry for Emerald's group before the group looked back to the screen in concern and was shocked at what they all saw.

Emerald's group a couple minutes ago

Umbra looked to Emerald and saw that Lynx was behind him, he then looked to Emerald coldly. "Like I said, I got my orders, word of warning I recommend dodging this move after you arm gets chopped off." Umbra said while Emerald blinked in confusion.

"Arm chopped off?" Emerald said before Umbra's arm holding his scythe vanished in a blur for a moment before Emerald's eye gained the warning signal, Umbra's arm then turned back to normal before Umbra smirked.

Umbra pointed downward while smirking which confused Emerald who looked down in shock to see his arm left arm on the ground.

"To fast!" Emerald thought wide eyed sense the warning came to late while the others were stunned silent, Solar nearly stopped her first aid treatment before concentrating again on Core more worried then ever.

"Surprised?, you shouldn't be, at the shrine that I surpassed the Elemental's themselves, I can revive in battle for one, I trained to the point that I wanted to die a few time, Simply put I am superior to you in every way, ask Nocturn if you get the chance, I'm pretty sure that all of the Elemental's can vouch for him." Umbra said before he raised his Scythe and spun it above his head.

"Like I said, I'm taking the kid gloves off now, dodge if you want, but Lynx will get hit instead if you do." Umbra said before he stopped the scythe when it glowed a bright purple light that gave warning bells in Emerald's head.

"Unleash you full power Meikai no shihaisha!, Wrath of the Phoenix God!" Umbra said he swinged the scythe downward, A large blast of purple fire erupted from the blade in the shape of an orb which shot towards Emerald and Lynx, the orb turned into the shape of a bird and launched towards them at insane speed, like an egg hatching right before their eyes.

Emerald had no choice but to grab Lynx before the attack could connect, his eyes warned him of the timing of Umbra's attack and as soon as Umbra swinged the blade downward he jumped to Lynx.

The fire bird flew towards them while he grabbed Lynx before the bird was nearly upon the injured duo when the attack connected which gave a resounding bang which shook the surrounding area.

"EMERALD!?" Everyone shouted even the outside group. "Lynx!" Leonel said in sadness. "Hmm.. seem I over estimated him." Umbra said in a blank tone while shacking his head which enraged Emerald's group before hearing a voice that shocked them all.

"Don't kill us off yet." ? said which shocked all into looking towards the source of the voice.

The group looked over to see Emerald and Lynx, Lynx looked OK, Emerald though was another story, Emerald was missing his left arm while his legs looked like they were burned into a crisp, his dark form faded from his body.

"D-damn!" Emerald grunted as he used his right arm to support his body. "Well now, it seems you live." Umbra said with a smirk. "What the hell was that!?" Lillum said in shock at Umbra's attack.

Umbra looked to the defending group while Emerald was out of commission for awhile.

"Simple succubus, Meikai no shihaisha has the power to bring the deepest fires of hell itself here, to be more exact, Hellfire, and be used in various ways." Umbra said shocking the group when he dismissed his scythe.

"What I used was only a small fraction of my true power, if you want to continue deeper, get stronger, I can tell you that you will fight an enemy that rival's my power along side my self." Umbra said as he walked away.

"Hold it!" Emerald said while trying to get up.

"Don't push me Emerald, I may not be able to kill you because of orders, but I can kill your friends if I want to, Bordux said not to kill you, just your allies if I feel like it." Umbra said in a cold tone which shocked the group before he vanished.

Dark Emerald vs Umbra the phoenix and Lynx the panther (Lynx-win, Umbra- lose)

"Where did he go!?" Lillum said in concern before she flew to Emerald while Leonel ran to Lynx. "Don't worry, I spread my senses and it seem he already left this floor." Solar said as she focused more on Core.

Lillum brought Emerald over to solar and flew back to the spot Umbra attacked with that fire bird and was shocked at what she saw. "W-what!?" Lillum said getting everyone's attention.

"What?" Emerald groaned out as Leonel ran up and was shocked at what she saw.

past a couple trees Leonel and Lillum saw that after the attack hit the tree it exploded outward, the resulting attack caused a wave of destruction to fan outward.

Leonel and Lillum knew if that attack hit Emerald or Lynx dead on they would have been completely destroyed.

"Holy hell!, Emerald thanks for getting Lynx when you did." Leonel said to Emerald who was on his back while Nocturn repaired his legs, His arm would take awhile, Nocturn could reattach limbs, and heals damaged limbs, but regrowing an arm, you take a few days to a week at best, a few months at worse.

After a minute the feeling in Emerald legs returned and he got up before stumbling a bit from dizziness.

"Oh man I feel so weak." Emerald said as he wobbled a bit before Lillum floated over to support him. "Easy!" Lillum said worried for Emerald before Emerald remembered something, or someone.

"What about Core!?" Emerald said stumbling towards Core in worry. "He's stable if I keep using my healing magic, but I need to be rested for higher level healing." Solar said grimly while she looked to Core who looked pale and gave ragged breaths.

"Don't we have anything to help him?, like a potion or something!?" Emerald said while the others looked at him like he grew a second head then looked to each other in shock with wide eyes.

"OF COURSE!" Everyone said at such a loud volume that Emerald fell to the ground with ears ringing when Lillum let him go.

"W-What the hell!?" Emerald said before getting up while Leonel and Lillum practically tore Core's pack from his side while Solar looked at the pack hopeful and kept Nocturn from flying in.

"Something in his pack?" Emerald said before Leonel smirked when she grabbed a vial with red liquid in it. "What's that?" Emerald said before Lillum took the bottle and opened it which made Leonel growl at the succubus, a bit angered with a twitching eye.

"Hello?" Emerald said with one of his eyes twitching eye at being ignored.

Lillum passed it to Solar who poured it carefully into Cores mouth, Emerald scooted forward while Solar poured the odd drink before Emerald saw Core's wounds that showed pasted the broken segments healed right before his eyes. "Holy hell!, what was that!?" Emerald said in shock.

Looking to Emerald the three women giggled with Emerald and Nocturn sweatdropping.

"That potion was a high grade elixir, it can heal any wound so long as the person is alive. "Solar said relieved before Emerald blinked a few times. "Elixir?" Emerald said then looked to his disarmed left arm. "Sorry Emerald, but we had to use the last one for Core, besides I don't think an elixir can even regrow limbs." Solar said in regret when she could have saved some for Emerald to test it.

"No worries, Nocturn or you could use a healing spell and fix my arm no problem." Emerald said but sweatdropped at Solar and Nocturn's grim looks. "Er, am I missing something here?" Emerald said.

"Well.. its like this...I can't regrow arms without taking about 5 days to 2 week of healing therapy, and thats if its grows well, the worst is a few months." Solar said sweatdropping at Emerald's face.

Emerald had a half lidded look with a frown on his face. "2 week? a few months?" Emerald said with a grimace as he got up before he looked at the armless stump and sweatdropped.

"Lets hope I can fight for a few weeks with one arm then." Emerald said as he looked at Core in concern.

Just then Core stirred and sat up slowly. "Uggh!, my head." Core said surprising the group greatly. "Core!?" Everyone said in relief. "What happened?, last thing I remember, I got launched into the air by Umbra." Core said before he had a scary look on his face and jumped up.

"WHERE THE HELL IS HE!?, WHERE IS THAT TRAITOR!?" Core shouted as he summoned and swinged Nova like a mad man before he rested the blade on the ground.

Emerald took the chance to bop Core on the head which knocked him to the ground.

"Calm down!, Umbra is gone, we got Lynx back, we just gotta head back to the rest area to recuperate." Emerald said which shock Core.

"Seriously, well th...WHAT THE HELL HAPPEN TO YOUR ARM!?" Core shouted mid sentence when he saw that Emerald's left arm was missing.

"Well after fighting Umbra and Lynx for a bit and freeing Lynx from Bordux's spell, Umbra first cut my arm off so fast my abilities couldn't keep up, he then used a strong attack to incinerate my arm after I had to ditch it in order to save Lynx." Emerald explained while Core has a regretful look on his face.

"I'm sorry Emerald, everyone." Core said as he sat down sad. "Hay don't blame yourself, we got Lynx back, all that's left is Umbra and we got the four guardians on our side, all in all, even though it was close, we managed somehow right?" Emerald said trying to cheer up Core.

"Yeah beside you had that elixir, that really helped in healing you recover, nice call saving that!" Solar said as she tried to cheer up Core. "Hmm, you may be right, but I need to think for a bit after we go back to the rest area." Core said getting up and grabbed Lynx.

Everyone walked back the way they came for 10 minutes and were surprised to see the the gate to the rest area blocked by stones, looking over the others sweatdropped when they saw that Umbra's attack practically knocked a mountain on the gate.

"Well damn." Emerald said with the others in agreement. "Seems we have no choice but to continue." Nocturn said irritated as he flew back to the battle scared clearing with the others in tow.

After getting back to the clearing the group noticed that there was a message on a tree with an arrow pointing past the clearing.

The message

If you want revenge follow the arrow to the stairs leading down, you'll meet me at the 99th or the final boss area, however I won't be alone there.

love Umbra

Core then punched the tree in anger over the arrow which made the tree collapse. "LOVE MY ASS!" Core shouted in anger before he heard giggling from the ladies of the group while Emerald and Nocturn just laughed and laughed.

"What the hell is so funny!?" Core said in confusion. "Hehe, think back to what you said while you hit the tree, hehehe." Emerald chuckled while the others walked ahead to where the arrow was pointing before Core blinked a few times thinking back to what he said and blushed.

"THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEANT!" Core roared as he chases the others down to floor 76 as the scene shifted to Eggman's base.

Eggman's skybase

"Hmhmhm,HAHAHA, just ten minutes, just ten till the upgrades are complete, then for a system's check to make sure thing's go right." Eggman chuckled darkly when he saw Steel and metal nearing completion before the scene faded to black.

50 minutes till dungeon completion and 10 minutes till robot completion

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"Sonic, any words for our readers?" TME asked. "Yeah, again help TME with any errors like typos or any accidental copies, etc,etc, please review if you have any constructive words for TME." Sonic said before he got up and shot out the room with a sonic boom which blasted TME backwards.

"Well everyone... hope you like this chapter... like I said I'm taking a day or two off to recover... I'm logging out to upload this chapter, read you later!" TME said with irritation lacing his voice at Sonic's unique exit before the screen faded to black while TME picked himself up.

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