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A returning ally, a good rest

"Hello everyone, this is the next chapter of THE V2, last time Bordux possessed Gen and tried to kill Solar who was the reborn Helios, in return Nocturn and Emerald in their anger forced a link between the two, what will happen this chapter to the group now that Bordux knows about Helios, find out this time on THE V2, also here is tonight's guests, Pluton and Cream!" TME said before he saw the duo walk in the room.

"Hello TME, Thank you for inviting us here today." Cream said while bowing before she sat down. "Indeed, I appeared on chapter 4 if my datalog remembers right." Pluton states as he sat down.

"I was in a lot more though, hay TME how come Pluton barely had any time to come here?" Cream asked a bit steamed.

"Hehehe, well Cream.. you see.. Pluton will be on other guest spots like this one on later chapters." TME said while sweatdropping before Cream, still a little steamed, sat back down.

"W-well lets go to the story now, here are some snacks to pass the time while the readers well read the chapter." TME stuttered as he passed out snacks, he half hoped it would calm Cream down.

"The story starts in..." TME started to say while he held up three fingers.

3!2!1! GO!

2 hours till dungeon completion and 1 hour till robot completion

Last time

"Emerald!, Nocturn!, Now!" Solar shouted while she raised her staff before Emerald had the Sealbreaker wrap around his hand.

Just then a second seal appeared under Emerald and wrapped around the sealbreaker causing it to change shape, The seal breaker, instead of being wrapped around his hand, it floated over it like a bubble with Emerald's hand being encased in it, two seals appeared and spiraled in a pattern, sometimes overlapping, the main point was everyone near could feel its power was greater then before.

Both Emerald and Gen fell back with loud thuds while Nocturn fell to the ground before the group ran to Emerald and Nocturn in concern while the scene shifted to the outside.


After the battle Solar and the other's grabbed Emerald and Nocturn and put them near the wall nearby before they looked over to Gen while Winron flew down to the group.

"What do we do with this guy?" Core asked as he put Nova on his shoulder.

"Core do you have an elixir or potion?" Solar asked Core who took a moment to think. "Ummmmm, yeah I have two more, why?" Core asked taking out two elixirs. "I may hate myself for this, but give Gen one." Solar said shocking everyone.

"What!?" Lillum shouted as she looked from Emerald. "I need to ask Gen a few things, I can't if he is dead." Solar said crossing her arms under her chest.

Core closed his eyes before he thought of the pro's and con's of what could happen.

"GAAH!, alright!, but if he causes trouble, I'll finish him off myself." Core growled out before walking over to Gen and poured one of the elixirs into Gen's mouth.

The group waits for the effect to take effect for a minute before the group got on guard as Gen started to stir and sit up.

"Ugghh!, what happened, and why do I feel so ill?" Gen said before he stood up but slouched over while holding his stomach and head.

"Don't you remember what happened?" Leonel asked with a spear pointed at Gen. "Ugh, I remember leaving the clan to chase after Solar, but after that it's a blank." Gen said as he tried to remember what happened earlier.

"You attacked us with a group of lizardman, after we beat them back you fought Emerald one on one, after fighting for a few minutes you were possessed by Bordux, a traitor sage of the Elemental's and resumed fighting." Solar started to explain.

"Emerald and Nocturn forced a link between the two so we don't know what the side effects will be, after fighting your possessed body for awhile I had to help Emerald upgrade the sealbreaker to another level while the other's here had to hold you off so we would not be interrupted." Solar continued while pointing to Emerald's allies.

"After I upgraded the sealbreaker, Emerald used it to free you, you two fell to the ground unconscious and here we are talking to you now." Solar said while Gen sweatdropped.

"Is that all?" Gen said as he sweatdropped again. "Well if Emerald wakes up safe no issues, but he doesn't wake up...well..." Solar said giving Gen a pointed look which made Gen flinch when he saw the anger in everyone's eyes.

Everyone looked to Emerald and Nocturn concerned in various ways, Emerald's party in concern, Gen looked confused as the scene shifted to Emerald's mind.

Emerald's mind

Emerald woke up in his mind again, this time though there were fragments floating around his head.

He got up before he took a closer look to one that floated by his head and saw that their was an image playing over and over again in a loop.

The image was this, there was two people walking next to one another, one was Nocturn who walked past Helios in their previous forms before Bordux turned traitor and had Nocturn sealed and Helios died.

Emerald looked around to see more fragments floating around and wonder what happened, he recognized Helios but Nocturn in his human form not only confused him but had some familiarity to him.

"Hmm, why do I feel like I know the guy?" Emerald said out load to help himself think.

"Because that's me." ? said behind making Emerald turn around in shock.

Emerald saw Nocturn in the flesh so to speak, he looked see through with the gem floating in the center of his chest like a nucleus.

"Who are you!?" Emerald said before he took a guard like stance while stepping back a few times. "Whoa there, no need to get defensive." Nocturn said sweatdropping when he saw Emerald step back a bit.

"My name is Nocturn, and you may be wondering why I'm not inside the gem, am I right?" Nocturn said before Emerald lowered his guard.

"What happened here?, and what are these things?" Emerald said as he poked a shard which made it float away.

"Your guess is as good as mine, but I think because of the forced link, fragments of my memories are now fluttering around your head." Nocturn said with a smirk when he saw a fragment float by which contained the memory of himself being bobbed on the head by Helios.

"That a bad thing?" Emerald asked as he saw a fragment showing Bordux using his shockwave cannon on Emerald from Nocturn's perspective.

"Well that's the thing, this never happened before so I have no idea what happens next." Nocturn said while he looked at Emerald seriously before a few fragments floated between the two showing events from Nocturn's past.

"So what now?" Emerald said walking over to Nocturn. "Hmm, it seems we will be out of it for a bit, want me to teach you a few moves while we wait?" Nocturn asked while Emerald nodded as he looked over before the scene shifted to reality.


"Well what now?, Emerald nor Nocturn haven't awaken." Lillum said in concern. "I don't know, like I said earlier this never happened before, so what happens to Emerald and Nocturn I have no idea." Solar said while the others looked to Emerald and Nocturn in concern.

"So Gen, I like to ask a few question, if your truthful you can head back unharmed, if don't wanna know."Solar said while Gen sweatdropped. "W-what?" Gen stammered out as he saw the other's walk over with weapons drawn just in case Gen tried anything.

"First, why did you chase me all the way here?, a few rules of the clan said that I could leave at anytime if I trained an apprentice to be the next head sorcerer, and I did before I left, and correct me if I'm wrong but if I remember correctly, I rejected your advances before I left." Solar said while Emerald's group remembered the conversation from Winron's story.

"Ugh, well the earliest thing I remember before chasing after you was this, a man in a red robe told me you were leaving were leaving with Winron after you acquired the staff of time, he also told me that you were planning to use it against our clan, at first I did not believe it but after seeing the staff gone... well you know the rest" Gen said while the others looked at Gen shocked.

"Man in red robe!?" Core said as he remembered something. "Must have been Bordux's plan from the start, the questions is why?, he didn't know Solar was alive so why?" Leonel said as she looked to the others while Emerald was still asleep.

"Best not think to hard about that, who know what Bordux is thinking, you might get a migraine trying to figure him out." Core said shrugging.

"Final question, and don't lie, are you willing to give up leadership of the Wyvern clan to someone who is not so gullible?" Solar said crossing her arms after Mirai vanished.

"Huh!?, and who do you think is good enough to lead?, yourself?" Gen said stumped. "Not me, hay Winron come here." Solar said while Winron walked forward. "Yeah?"Winron said while Gen got wide eyed. "You wanna make him leader!?, He's weaker then me!" Gen said getting up as Winron growled at the jab.

"Weaker?, your slightly stronger, but he is many times smarter, you can't deny that, can you?" Solar said while Gen flinched at the jab.

"beside's aren't you the type to follow orders, not give them?" Solar asked while Gen looked at Solar a bit ticked. "You still haven't reminded me as to why I should let him lead." Gen growled out while Solar chuckled.

"Hehehe, well for starter's you owe Emerald and I one." Solar said smirking as her eye's glowed while Gen flinched again. "W-well that maybe but what about the other's, they still think that you two are traitors, even if I say otherwise, other's wont accept with out the usual ritual for leadership." Gen said while the others looked at Solar worried.

"Then use the Ritual, no one can complain after Winron is accepted, If you accept this deal, I'll have Winron make you head of the guard when you two get back, that position gets a lot of action, in more ways than one if you get my meaning." Solar said smirking while most of the others blushed as they got the innuendo.

"Well Gen what do you say?" Solar asked while Gen got up.

Thinking for a minute Gen looked at Solar and Winron before picking up his weapon, the others got on guard while Solar held her arm up stopping the group.

"I agree on two condition's." Gen said before resting the blade on his shoulder. "What?" Solar said seriously. "1. If Winron is really accepted, and if I see him slack off I'll challenge him to the right of leadership." Gen said before he walked over to the group.

"The 2nd?" Solar asked. "I wanna know why you rejected me." Gen stated while Solar blinked a few time with the ladies blushing at the turn of events while the conscious men held their hands over their mouths to hide their laughing faces.

"W-what!?" Solar said blushing. "Like I asked, I wanna know why you rejected me, simply as that." Gen said while Solar blinked a bit.

After calming down Solar looked at all the people and blushed. "W-well I guess the main reason is I already like someone." Solar said while looking everywhere but at people.

"Hmm." Gen said before walking past Solar surprising her.

Gen walked to Core and sniffed around him making him sweatdrop at the action. "Can I help you?" Core asked rhetorically. After a minute Gen walked away and walked to Emerald and Nocturn and sniffed around them confusing the group.

"Hmm, seems you like one of these two guys sleeping here." Gen said surprising the two watching groups while making Solar blush. "The odd thing though, why do they both have the same scent?" Gen asked while the group looked at one another.

"Well...and that's why they share the same scent and why Emerald has no memories." Leonel explained causing Gen to blink a few times in silence. "I may have interesting adventures but you guys take the cake." Gen said sweatdropping while the others nodded in agreement.

"So let me get this straight, Nocturn in the gem was your lover before you were reborn into your new body, Emerald on the other hand had the opposite, he had Nocturn's body reborn around him while Nocturn was sealed into the gem he is in now right?" Gen said while he looked at Emerald and Nocturn.

"Yeah, the seal I use was permanent unfortunately, certain spells are like that, even with the sealbreaker it would have to be upgraded who knows how many time to even scratch it." Solar said with regret while he looked to the sleeping duo.

Looking at the group Gen walked back to Solar as she looked to him. "Very well, I'll pass leadership of the clan to Winron after the ritual." Gen said while Winron walked forward.

Gen moved his sword in front of Winron which surprised the group. "I meant what I said, you slack off, I'll challenge you!" Gen said to Winron while Winron smirked. "Make sure you can keep up old man!" Winron smirked causing the group to sweatdrop.

"What was that you hatchling!?" Gen growled out after headbutting Winron's forehead. "Bring it on old man!" Winron shouted while the two tried to give one another concussions by headbutts.

Someone tapped their shoulders before the two looked over to see two fists flying at them which caused the two to fly into the wall.

"Ummm, like a giant..." Emerald mumbled while Solar floated back down with a blush after hearing that. "Is he really asleep?" Core said tapping the side of Emerald's foot with Nova's flatside.

"Those two get along well huh?" Lillum said causing everyone, outside the cave and inside to sweatdrop.

"HOW DO WE GET ALONG!?" Gen and Win shouted out while Lillum giggled. "Well Winron from earlier seemed down earlier, but Gen got him to cheer up right?" Lillum said causing the group to sweatdrop again.

"If this is them getting along, I hate to see actual hate." Core said sweatdropping as he picked Emerald and Nocturn up before placing Nocturn in Emerald's pocket, Nocturn didn't blast Core sense he was technically not linked to Emerald at the moment.

After pealing themselves off the wall, the two walked with Solar for a bit with Solar stopping after helping Gen and Winron free the lizardman who were pinned to the ground.

"Something wrong Solar?" Winron asked looking down to Solar for a minute when she looked back to the group and saw that Core grabbed Emerald and Nocturn.

"Go with them." Gen said surprising the two before he walked away. "What do you mean?" Winron said while Gen stopped to look back.

"It's her scent, I only remember a few times when one of our clan wants to leave, they visit every now and then, but the main thing is that when someone gets that scent it's normally a bad thing to hold them back." Gen said resuming his trek back to the village.

Looking after Gen for a bit Winron looked to Solar for a moment. "Hay Solar, you really wanna go with these guys?" Winron asked Solar who looked to the group. "Yeah I really do." Solar said looking back to Winron.

Looking at Solar for a moment, Winron noticed that Solar really wanted to join them.

"*Sigh* Alright then go." Winron said after a few minutes of thinking before walking away after Gen which surprised Solar. "Winron..." Solar whispered but then smiled and walked after the others which surprised the group when she caught up.

"Hay Solar, forget something?" Leonel said while the others stopped to look back. "Actually, would it be possible to join you guys?" Solar said shocking the group. "Really?" Lillum said in glee when she hoped that she could learn a few spells.

"So what do we call you?, Solar or Helios?" Leonel asked. "Solar would be fine, new body, new name right?" Solar said grinning before she walked to Core. "Won't Winron worry?" Core said while he shifted Emerald to get a better grip.

"Don't worry, Winron and Gen are already heading back to the clan village, they also know about me coming here, so no worries on their end." Solar said while the group looked to one another before looking back to Solar.

"Well welcome to the group, were heading back to the rest area before the next boss fight." Leonel said before walking ahead with the others in tow. "Boss fight?" Solar said confused as she walked behind the group.

"Yeah..well..its like this... and that's why Emerald fought us." Leonel said as they walked back to the cabin.

"Wow, it really has been awhile if I forgot the boss areas of this place, Emerald has some odd meetings don't he?" Solar said sweatdropping.

"I fear he may have more in the future if things get tougher." Core said sweatdropping as he looked at Emerald who was over his shoulder while the group walked back to the cabin while the scene shifted to Bordux's base.

Bordux's base right after they walk out of the room

Bordux walked out with the image crest in hand while Aggro and Nex followed after him.

Bordux then made a second crest appear and held it with his other hand while Nox and Aggro covered their ears while Bordux put the new crest in front of his face.

"OI!, EVERYONE COME TO THE 13TH FLOOR IMMEDIATELY!" Bordux shouted while his voice echoed throughout the bases other crests which made everyone in the base cover their ears to prevent the ringing.

Bordux then took a moment to summon a figure, revealing Umbra with the crest on his head.

"You summoned me sir?" Umbra said with a blank look on his face. "After the meeting, head to where Lynx is, tell her I gave the order for you to back her up." Bordux said with Umbra bowing a bit before he started to follow the group to the 13th floor.

After waiting a few minutes every person in the base was gathered in the largest room of the Base, The grand stadium, and waiting for orders from Bordux.

Just then Bordux walked on the stage getting everyone's attention.

"Greetings ladies and gentlemen, I called you here today for a few reasons, mainly about our plan, for starters I would like you all to watch this." Bordux said as the image crest expanded so all could see the images as the scene shifted back to Emerald's group.

Emerald's group at the rest area

After walking into the cabin, the group walked into Emerald's room, placed Emerald and Nocturn on the bed and nightstand to rest and recover while the others walked out to the main area of the cabin.

"Man Emerald really gets knocked out a lot huh?" Core said sweatdropping as he thought about the times Emerald passed out. "Yeah I wonder if this is detrimental for Emerald's health." Lillum said before she sat down on the easy chair and sighed when a few bones gave a few satisfying cracks.

"Well health aside, we got to get better so our fights are not so one sided." Solar said before the others remembered the fight with Bordux and cringed.

"Well what do you suggest we do?" Lillum said as they looked at one another. "Hmm, for starters what are your moves you use, its been awhile and you might use new ones now." Solar said as the group looked to one another before looking back to Solar.

"Well I'll start then, everyone here already know me and my partner weapon Nova, She uses my Element's in her attacks to change the properties of the blade, for example, fire changes the blade to a sword made of fire, water changes the blade to extremely sharp blade that can cut diamond, wind changed the blade to be used in various ways, like boosting my jumps so it looks like I can fly or push my enemies away if their light enough, or myself to make some room, Lightning changes the blade to be like a bolt of lightning emitting waves of electricity that can stun or electrocute them to the point of death or near death, I can change into a dragon to tower over my opponents." Core explained after he sat down in the couch. (I rewrote that his blade wields water instead of ice, reason, it seems to be more basic in use than ice.)

"I can also use Elemental attacks without Nova, but their mainly fist types or breath attacks that deal various types of effects that aren't as effective but get the job done." Core finished before he leaned back to relax.

"Well you all know me, I don't use a sentient weapon like Core, but I use resummonable weapons like spears and swords to use against enemies, not only that but I can augment my body with energy so I can withstand harsh attacks and increase my speed greatly, not only that but I can augment my weapons in various ways, like if I toss my spear It will accelerate by reducing the wind resistance around the tip and by using a small amount on the opposite end to push it forward." Leonel explained after she grabbed a drink from the cabin kitchen.

"My blade's use special metal that reforms after they dispel, not only keeping them in peak condition, but keep them sharp, simple but effective enchantment, like Core I can change into an animal." Leonel said before she sat down to finish her drink.

"I'll go this time, I mainly use spells, mainly in terrain and bolts of elements, like making ice shields and pillars for example, so you could say while Core is offensive, I'm more defensive, a girl's gotta defend herself right?" Lillum said before she stretched her wings as she walked to the kitchen for a bite to eat.

"I'll finish then, Like I said before, I'm Helios, or now Solar reborn from the Wyvern clan, unfortunately my strength was downgraded so to speak so my skills are a little weaker then they normally are, my skills now are mainly based around light attacks and defenses and boosting spells like upgrading other spells to a higher level." Solar said simply before she grabbed some food and drink from the kitchen and sat back down to eat.

Solar looked around to see that everyone was exhausted before she finished and got up from her chair. "Well everyone, I say we turn in and rest." Solar said before she got up and walked outside which confused the group before they followed Solar outside.

"Where are you going?" Core asked surprised when Solar walked out.

"Camping." Solar said surprising the group. "Camping!?" everyone said in shock. "Well its not like Wyverns lived in hotels, more like we lived in wooden huts with stone bases, easy to repair if the hatchlings got rowdy and broke the walls, so some of us made tents for single users." Solar said before she grabbed some large tree leaves and fashioned together a tent with some sticks to hold it together.

"Goodnight everyone!" Solar called out before she crawled into the makeshift tent while the others shrugged and walked back into the cabin to sleep as the scene shifted to the outside.

outside with the two groups

Kamikazix cancelled the screen before she fell asleep to think about things while Xan's group gathered around to thing about the events while the Elemental's gather around to talk about Bordux's seals while the scene went to the Master Emerald. (the two groups just talk about what happened to Emerald's group while the Elemental's talked about Solar, the upgraded sealbreaker, and Bordux's upgraded seal.)

Master Emerald shrine

The Master Emerald started to emit a golden glow in the center before fading while the scene shifted to Eggman's base.

Eggman's skybase

"Hmhmhm, almost there!, almost there!, Hmhmhm!,HAHAHAHAHA!,*cough*cough*Ahem*, ugh gotta make a reminder or something so I don't cough up a lung." Eggman said sweatdropping before the camera shifted to the extra robots being upgraded while Steel and Metal were nearing completion as the scene faded to black.

"Well readers, hope the wait was worth it for this chapter, Gen and Winron are heading back to the village with Winron taking over, will it go smoothly?, find out in a future chapter, Solar now joined the group and are now resting in the cabin to wait for Emerald and Nocturn to awaken so they can go deeper into the dungeon, however Umbra is now heading to Lynx to back her up, what will that spell out for out slapped up party?, find out next chapter on THE V2, any words Cream?, Pluton?" TME asked the two while they reread the chapter.

"Why did you cut most of the conversations near the end?" Pluton asked after rereading the part about the scene shifting to the two groups near the end.

"Well Pluton, the conversations would have just gone over the fight with Bordux and the upgraded spells for one, and Solar for another, I think the readers would not like to reread things that could have been explained in the story already." TME explained while Pluton nodded and looked to Cream.

"Hmm, what about those floating shard things in Emerald's mind?" Cream asked while TME chuckled. "Sorry Cream, the only thing I can tell you is this, Nocturn's memories help later, how?, I can't say now."TME said while Cream shrugged then walked out with Pluton in tow.

"Well readers, I gotta upload this chapter, hope you guy enjoy the story." TME said bowing to the screen before it faded to black.

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