The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
Relearning basics and an old ally

"Hello there and welcome to The next chapter of THE V2, there will be many shocks during the story, you have been warned, here are tonight's guests, Vanilla and Xan people give them a warm welcome." TME said before the duo sat down in their chairs.

"Also as a side note, if you kept up with the remixed, remixing, of this story for better or worse, I made it a habit to end sentences in probably annoying ways like, Before Emerald spoke up or something like that, Ill try to keep it to a minimum from now on, now if you guys or gals say otherwise let me know." TME said before he walked off stage for a moment before pushing a table on wheels with food on top into the room.

"Well you two here are the usual snacks." TME said handing out some food.

"Delicious." Vanilla said taking a bite."Not bad." Xan said digging in. "well people lets get started on the chapter shall we?" TME said.

IN 3!2!1! GO!

Time dungeon arc part 10/ prequel arc

3 hours till dungeon completion and 2 hours till robot completion

last time

Taking a similar stance to Chaos overdrive, Emerald growled out with a dead look in his eyes while the rest looked on in shock.

"Well Steel... it seem I learned one thing from you... Darkness Overdrive V2!" Emerald growled out and as soon as he said that a red orb of darkness shot around Emerald before it twisted into a purple vortex that condensed before a cloud of darkness appeared around Emerald while the orb shrank which blocked everyone's sight before Bordux spoke up.

Emerald's skin was covered in a shroud of darkness so thick that it had a purple shine when light hit it,his hair was more wild then before, a Purple mist was pouring out of Emerald at a fast rate, he still retained the claws and fangs, and his eyes changed from black with purple catlike pupils to red with black catlike pupils.

Just then Bolt of energy hit Emerald which caused him to scream in agony.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Emerald screamed while the others raced to him to help, but bounced off some barrier that blocked the group from helping which launched them on their backs before looking to Emerald in worry.

Xan stood up so fast that it surprised everyone, not only at the speed, but the face he had, it was one of absolute horror.

He then said something that confused the group greatly.

"How is this possible!?, That blade was sealed by the vary first guardian!, WHY DOES NOCTURN POSSESS IT!?" Xan shouted near the end before Zack spoke up.

"Any parting words traitor?" Nocturn said in a cold tone before Bordux smirked while his weapons vanished before he spoke up.

Emerald woke up in the clearing feeling funny and not in a good way at all, his body wouldn't move and he couldn't speak, the main question that popped in his head was this.

"Who am I?" Emerald asked before the scene faded to black.


Emerald's dream

Emerald looked around the field before wondering where he was, he was also wondering why he could not move or talk before a flash of light appeared nearby before it faded to show a white haired woman with an entirely see through body in a roman like toga.

She floated over before landing near Emerald while Emerald looked to her blankly, after all he couldn't move or talk so he thought why bother before the ghost spoke up.

"I see we finally meet." ? said with a kind smile while Emerald could only look over a bit confused, after all no memories of her, no clue right?

"I see you pushed yourself to hard, here let me help." ? said before she cast a healing spell.

Emerald felt a little better after a minute, enough to talk, but still felt drained, He looked over to the mystery woman before speaking up in a blank tone.

"Who are you?, Who am I?, and where am I?" Emerald said surprised the woman but thought this might happen.

"I am Helios the former Elemental of Light, and you are Emerald the one who can make things right." Helios said before bowing to Emerald slightly before she resumed the healing process.

"What do you mean?" Emerald asked in confusion before Helios looked at Emerald in worry.

"I can see I am confusing you, here let me explain while I heal you the rest of the way." Helios said before she cast another healing crest that boosts the previous healing crest.

"You see, the reason you have no memories is because of Bordux and your own mental state at the time." Helios said before closing her eyes to focus more on the healing process.

"Bordux?, who's that?" Emerald asked more confused.

"Well we have two days here, so lets sit and talk." Helios said before Emerald got up and Followed Helios to a pool of water to listen to her tale as the scene shifted to reality.

Reality in the dungeon

the group woke up later to see that Emerald was still sleeping, Lillum floated over to the bed worried because Emerald looked a bit pale but thought she was just a trick of the light.

"Hay Nocturn?, does Emerald look a bit pale or am I just too worried?" Lillum asked while floating around Emerald a few times from various angles.

Nocturn floated over after hearing that before scanning Emerald, he was then shocked to discover he had a extreme temperature and was looking a little malnourished, he relayed that to the others which shocked them.

Core and Lillum started to panic before Leonel just bobbed the panicking duo on their heads to calm them down.

"We just need to get some soup in him then, we cant help with the fever but there is plenty of food here." Leonel said before walking out with the others minus Nocturn in tow to look for food.

They came back a few minutes later with a big bowl of chicken soup before Lillum took the bowl and was about to feed Emerald but had to wait for it to cool a bit before Core spoke up in the meantime.

"What do we do?" Core asked looking at Emerald concerned, he might not have been with the group long but he could tell Emerald was a good guy and wanted to help.

"We need a healer, I may put him back together like Doctor Frankenstein with his creation in a book in Emerald's world but I'm not a healer for mental damage like this." Nocturn said as the others thought that Emerald was in trouble as the scene shifted to a day later.

Emerald's dream a day later

"And that's why you are in this dimension and why you lost your memories fighting Bordux." Helios explain while hoping that Emerald's memory would be jogged somewhat but noticed that Emerald's face kept his blank stare.

"I see." Emerald said blankly which made Helios sweatdrop at his emotionless state.

"You are taking things calmly here huh?" Helios asked as Emerald looked over blankly.

"Well it seems I can't go anywhere sense I'm stuck in my own head right?, why panic?" Emerald said blankly with Helios blinking a couple time before looking upward.

"It seem that we have a 30 minutes or left, so why don't I teach you something that can help you when you wake, after the link broke between you and Nocturn you have no other skills right?" Helios asked before Emerald scratched his head for a moment.

"Sure its not like I can go anywhere right?, also I have skills?" Emerald asked which made Helios sweatdrop before she got up and walked over to the lake before speaking to Emerald.

"Here is the Technique, Its called Chaos augmentation, my variant uses the element of light as the power source, its similar to Chaos overdrive in that it is more user friendly to the users health, although it not as potent, think of it as a downgraded version of Chaos overdrive." Helios explained before a white aura appeared on her body before it then turned into a skintight light that gave her a white outline.

"You see what I'm doing?, its like this, now to teach you..." Helios said before vanishing which made him look around before feeling a hand touch his back and looked back to see that Helios placed her hand on his back.

"This is a way I learned that is extremely effective in another world, Its not really accepted there for various reasons, I send the Chaos Energy through you and unlock the potential to use chaos Energy inside of your body, though the potential needs to be there in the first place to be unlocked, if not, the Energy would just passed through you without harm, if so Ill explain how to control it properly, get ready cause here I go!" Helios said before her energy entered Emerald's body while the scene shifted to reality.

Reality same time

The group went into the rest area living room to think about what to do sense Emerald was still out.

Just then the group felt a massive spike of Energy that shook the ground getting the group on guard before rushing to Emerald worried because the energy was coming from Emerald's room.

Rushing in, the group was shocked to see Emerald glowing with a green energy emitting from his body that was steadily rising even as the group shouted to one another.

"WHATS GOING ON!?" Lillum shouted over the roar of energy after she landed.

"I DON'T KNOW!, HE'S EMITTING A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF CHAOS ENERGY SOMEHOW!,IF WE DON'T CALM HIM DOWN SOON HE MIGHT DIE!" Nocturn shouted out before the energy spiked then fell silent somehow before the group could move to help which confused the group while the scene shifted to Emerald's head a minute ago.

Emerald's mind

"You need to focus Emerald or you will die for real!" Helios said after she calmed down.

To say Helios was shocked was a understatement after the amount of energy from Emerald blasted her back a few feet.

"How am I going to do that?" Emerald said blankly before the energy rose more which shocked Helios greatly because Emerald was not looking weaker at all, he looked more and more healthy as the energy grew so much it started to scare Helios.

"Think about a raging river being channeled into a gentle stream!, then picture that stream being stopped off completely!" Helios said before Emerald started to picture the energy being stopped like she said.

Just then the Energy stopped raging completely which shocked Helios who saw that Emerald was having complete control of his energy, something that masters required thousands of years to master, she then chalked it up to the fact that Emerald is like a emotionless husk therefore no emotions to lose control of.

"W-well it seems that you got good control now, lets just see if it last's after you get your memories back, now onto more pressing matters." Helios said walking over to Emerald before walking to another area of Emerald's mind.

"What?" Emerald asked while following Helios to the dream Master Emerald shrine clearing.

"Simple, the Master Emerald wants to give you two gifts before you awake, besides I need to leave soon as well." Helios said before the dream Master Emerald shined before it shot a beam at Emerald who felt his eyes burn and his body feel hot.

"UGH!, M-MY EYES!, MY B-BODY!" Emerald shouted out before the pain grew greater in waves which made Emerald fall to his knees.

"Don't worry, the pain will fade, the two gifts are the gift of sight and ...hmm.. I believe the next one should be helpful in a fight so seeing is believing in this case, just don't get your head smashed in OK?" Helios said before the pain faded from Emerald slowly.

A few minutes later the pain faded completely before Emerald looked to Helios who smiled.

"I'm sorry, but this meeting will cut short soon and I must tell you two things." Helios said while things started to get dimmer.

"First please tell Nocturn I'm sorry and I hope we can meet again." Helios said smiling as Emerald got more drowsy.

"Finally you have a skill that Bordux wants and that skill it this...Ultimate adaption...It allows you to adapt to worlds in unknown ways and attain skills and power faster." Helios said before Emerald started to wake from the dream with one last thing.

"I hope you can bring the truth to light." Helios said as Emerald woke from the bed.


Emerald woke with a start before he looked around slowly to notice that he was in a cabin room on a bed before Emerald got up and walked out of the room to notice that the cabin was Empty.

"Hmm seems I'm alone here, might as well figure out why." Emerald said blankly before his stomach growled which made him wonder how long he was out.

"Seems I need to eat first." Emerald said to himself as he looked for food and found the kitchen.

Meanwhile a few minutes later with the other dungeon divers before they walked back in the cabin

Lillum floated to Emerald's room and was panicked because Emerald was not in the room before she flew out of the room.

"WHERE IS HE!?" Lillum shouted which shocked the group greatly before they saw Lillum fly out of the room before looking around.

"What do you mean?" Leonel said when she saw that Lillum flew back to the group after a minute.

"Emerald's vanished that's what I mean!" Lillum said shocking the group. "Well what are we standing here lets look!"Core said before looking around the cabin again while Leonel and Lillum went outside to see if he was outside.

Meanwhile outside with the others

"Well it seem to me enough time passed, can we see the inside?" Shunpei asked kamikazix who looked over and thought that it was long enough before she started to chant for a minute before the screen appeared.

What they saw and heard after the screen blinked into view shocked them all.

Back to the slap up party

After looking around after splitting from the group, Lillum found someone walking around the back of the cabin, she flew closer,got wide eyed and shouted out surprising not only the group, but the figure as well before she rushed over.

"EMERALD!" Lillum said before she flew forward before she tried to hug Emerald who looked blankly to her and dodged to the left which surprised Lillum.

"Who are you?, and how do you know me?" Emerald said which caused Lillum to crash to the ground before she got up.

"W-what!?, your kidding right!?" Lillum gasped out as Emerald looked at her blankly which only strengthened her fears.

Just then the rest of the group appeared and saw Emerald who looked back in the same blank look, they ran to him excited to see him awake but Core who was the closest had to block a pretty powerful sidekick with Nova which shocked all who saw.

"Emerald!?, what the hell!?,why attack us!?" Leonel asked in concern while Emerald looked to her before speaking up in a surprisingly empty tone.

"I don't Know who you all are, Explain why I woke up in that Cabin after talking to Helios." Emerald said shocking the group inside and out before the scene shifted.


"What!?" Kamikazix gasped out while everyone else was stunned silent before the scene shifted back to the dungeon group.

back to the dungeon group

"What did you say?" Nocturn whispered out before Emerald looked at him in confusion.

"What are you guys?" Emerald asked in return when he saw that Lillum was floating above the ground while looking around for an escape route.

"ANSWER THE QUESTION!, HOW DID YOU TALK TO HELIOS!?" Nocturn shouted while a dark aura appeared around the sealed Elemental.

"I don't think threatening me will get many answers." Emerald said blankly as a green aura came off of him which shocked the group before Leonel got between the two to calm them down.

"OK!, knock it off Nocturn, Emerald's right, fighting now wont get us anywhere." Leonel said before Nocturn pulled his dark aura back with Emerald doing the same for the green aura, though he kept up his guard as he kept his eye on Leonel.

"OK lets start like this, I'm Leonel the Lioness, we kinda fought before joining you after you saved me from a boulder." Leonel said as Core walked up to Emerald slowly before dismissing Nova.

"My name is Core the Dragon, like with Leonel, we fought before you freed me from Bordux's control, I wield the Element's as weapons, and my partner weapon is Nova here."Core said summoning his weapon again before Lillum floated over slowly.

"My name is Lillum the succubus, we um 'met' before, and we worked together before fighting Core until now." Lillum said sadly while she looked towards Emerald who looked at Nocturn who spoke up after Lillum finished her introduction.

"My name is Nocturn the Elemental of darkness, I was banished because of Bordux's plan to your world and by some chance, good or bad, we where pulled to this world, we are in the Trial of blade to get your partner weapon." Nocturn explained which made Emerald look to the floating gem.

"Nocturn right?" Emerald asked the talking gem who nodded in agreement.

"Helios wanted me to pass a message." Emerald said getting the group's attention.

"The message was this, I'm sorry and I hope we can meet again." Emerald said before Nocturn floated to the ground while thinking about the message.


"What does he mean with that message?" Zack asked the group while the Elemental's spoke to one another. "I don't know, I have a feeling that this will revolve around Emerald, though how, I don't know." Kamikazix said while Terragaia walked over which got her attention.

"Oi Kamikazix, what the hell is going on?, why is that kid missing his memories?" Terragaia said before Kamikazix thought hard before she spoke up.

"Its most likely the mental strain plus whatever Bordux's did to Emerald, that was an odd crest he used, It must be from that tome he found if memory serves me right." Kamikazix said while the others looked back to the dungeon group.

Back to the dungeon group

"Well what now?" Core asked as the group walked in the cabin.

"Don't we just continue for my partner weapon?" Emerald asked blankly which made the group look at him which made Emerald sweadrop.

"What?" Emerald asked confused at the looks.

"Well we have no choice but to continue, but how will the weapon tell if you are worthy if you have no memories?" Nocturn said in concern.

"What do memories have to do with this?" Emerald asked blankly with the others looking at him.

"To make a long story real short, the blade reads your memories to see if your worthy, no memories, no test, though we are stuck in here until we get to the end." Nocturn said as the others sat down near the cabin while thinking of this issue.

"Hmm." Leonel hummed while scratching her head, irritated about this situation.

"Well I may have no memories, but I have an Idea." Emerald said getting the groups attention. "What?" Lillum asked intrigued which made Emerald look at her for a moment before speaking up.

"Well... if this is a test by the blade, it might already know what happened to me, I may not pass but at least we might get out of here if we finish, right?" Emerald said with the others sweatdropping sense they had not thought of that.

"Are you sure you have no memories?" Core asked in stunned confusion while Emerald gave the dragon an irritated look.

"Yes." Emerald grunted as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "Well, If everyone is OK health wise and rested, lets head back a bit so Emerald can relearn how to fight." Nocturn said before the group followed the floating gem to the stairs.

Emerald stopped for a moment which was unnoticed by Nocturn's group before he grabbed his head in pain while an image flashed in his mind, but it was to fast and Emerald lost it before he could remember.

He shook his head before running to catch up to the group before they could notice that Emerald fell behind.

outside with the two groups

"What happened to Emerald?" Shunpei asked concerned at Emerald's state.

"To be frank, it seem like Bordux absorbed the darkness from Emerald, normally that wouldn't be a issue, normally an Elemental would rest or absorb their respective element after using their energy greatly, take me for instance, if I use my ultimate attack I would not be able to move for a few hours and need to rest after." Kamikazix said surprising them.

"Ultimate attack?" Zack asked curious while the others looked confused.

"Our ultimate's normally correspond with the Element we represent, for me I can create a twister of grand size and power, if pushed my energy to the absolute limit, I can shift the vary atmosphere around me to have no oxygen at all." Kamikazix said which greatly shocked the group.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAT!?" Everyone yelled in shock at the info. "We try not use our ultimate's at max power for reasons you can imagine." Kamikazix said with the others agreeing while Xan's group nodded vigorously.

"Hold on what about the memory loss?" Zack asked concerned.

"Hmm, it seems to be Emerald's mental state from earlier plus the draining that affected him, it must have caused a bad reaction that caused memory loss from the strain, that's the best I can say putting it in simple terms." Kamikazix said as she looked back to the screen with the others looking back as well.

Back to the group

Walking to the 74 floor the group looked for a group of monsters to fight before finding themselves on top of a cliff with rocks and rocky pillars that showed a rocky field on the lower area past the rocks.

Looking around they found a group of bipedal lizardman that had held a dagger in one hand and a broadsword the the other, there was also a larger bipedal wyvern with blue scales that held a serrated greatsword in its right hand on a lower ridge.

The group hid behind the rocks and pillars before looking over and saw that the Wyvern was saying something, or more like shouting out which made the group sweatdrop.

"I DON'T CARE WHO!, FIND THE TRAITOR!" The Wyvern shouted which made the Lizardman scattered in fear as they looked for the traitor.

with the hiding group

"Think its another lizardman?" Core asked on guard in case the lizard's came up to the upper levels. "Do we attack the big guy?" Lillum asked while she watched the large Wyvern sit on a stone.

"Hold on, I think we should wait." Emerald said confusing the group as he looked to the boss of the lizard group. "Why?" Core asked in wonder sense the boss was alone.

"Call it a gut feeling." Emerald said crossing his arms as he looked back to the wyvern while he leaned on the Pillar.

Just then Emerald's eyes glowed with a green mist for a moment which surprised Xan who watched what happened on the screen.

Emerald then saw a red color on one side of the green glow which made his head turn in the red colors direction, it was like a warning signal of sorts that Emerald knew somehow, and reacted before anyone could notice.

When he turned his his head in that direction, he saw an odd colored, Hulking, bleeding wyvern rush the group.

Emerald charged the wyvern while the others were caught off guard at the unexpected guest.

Emerald then remembered what Helios taught him and used Chaos augmentation which caught Nocturn and Xan off guard at the move when Emerald's outline changed to a green glow before he accelerated with a green aura emitting from his body to the surprised Wyvern before it could react.

Emerald grabbed the wyverns uninjured arm and flipped it with Core catching the Wyvern by the flat of the blade so that they don't get caught by making noise.

"Unless you want us to toss you to the Wyvern boss down there, explain why they call you a traitor, that is if you can even understand me." Emerald said with a cold look that shocked the group but kept silent.


"What did he do just now?" Knuckles said in confusion. "I don't know how, but it seems Emerald learned how to use not only Chaos augmentations, but Aura vision as well." Xan said stunned at what Emerald did, though he only confused most of the group more.

"What are they?" Zack said curious about those moves.

"Chaos Augmentation it is similar to Chaos overdrive, to put simply its like a more user friendly version so that their is no damage, its still drains energy though, Aura vision is the ability to see and read a persons aura and intention, it has other functions, but for now I'll continue, in some world's it's similar to abilities like Gyo, ki sense, or An ocular ability in other worlds, there may be other names though." Xan explained as he counted the known abilities off the top of his head.

"Hold on, how did Emerald get those abilities then?" Shunpei asked in confusion which got Zack's attention. "What do you mean?" Zack asked in confusion while Shunpei took a thinking pose before speaking up while the others listened in.

"What I mean is this, why did Bordux weaken Emerald?, even if he had no idea about the memory loss, he must have known about the link being cut right?" Shunpei said concerned while the others looked at one another while they thought about the situation before they looked back to the screen while the scene shifted.

Another dimension

"Well now this is interesting." Bordux smirked with interest at how Emerald fought back against the injured wyvern. " What's interesting papa?" Nex asked when she walked into Bordux's scrying room which got Bordux's attention.

"Oh Nex!, take a look." Bordux said grinning as he rewound the images.

"Interesting, but how did he learn how to do that?" Nex said looking at the screen in curiosity before another voice got their attention. "What happened?" ? said walking in to show that it was Aggro.

"Ah Aggro, nice timing, come look." Bordux said before rewinding the images once again. "Hmm, interesting, question is how did he learn those techniques, from what I heard of he could not use those abilities before?" Aggro asked a bit befuddled.

"Well sense you both asked, its because of the Master Emerald, though how he learned how to use chaos energy is still a mystery." Bordux said a bit intrigued at how it happened.

"Why not rewind the mirror to see how." Nex said looking at the secondary runes near the top.

"Says here that Emerald woke and walked out of the cabin, wanna look there?" Nex said while Bordux nodded as he rewound the images.

Few minutes later in Bordux's scrying room

"Well now that is interesting indeed." Bordux said grinning as he looked to the Conversation with Emerald and his allies. "Wonder if Helios survived Nocturn's sealing." Aggro said a bit cautious.

"Impossible, after Helios used the seal, I rushed over and confirmed her death myself." Bordux said while thinking back. "Weren't only Elemental's allowed during trials?" Nex asked in confusion.

"Normally, but that case dealt with the Master Core after it's change, every important person from top rank sage to the 6 other Elemental's were summoned there." Bordux said while Nex nodded.

"So what?, was that a ghost or something?" Aggro grunted out. "Maybe Aggro, Maybe, lets watch Emerald's group for now and see what happens." Bordux said summoning 2 extra chairs for Nex and Aggro to sit as they watch the group.

with the dungeon group during Emerald's interrogation

"Well your call." Emerald whispered coldly.

For a minute the Wyvern didn't speak which made the group thought that it couldn't understand Emerald, just then the Wyvern spoke.

"I-I was trying to leave w-with my sister." The Wyvern spoke while Emerald and Core help the guy up and used an elixer to patch the Wyvern up.

"Well sense we can talk to one another, Who are you?, and why would that guy down there call you a traitor for that?" Emerald asked while the Wyven sat down while he felt a chill run up his spine when he noticed the empty look in Emerald's eyes, it almost seemed like he was dead inside.

"In order, my name is Winron, most call me win for short, and the reason why I am a traitor is for leaving with my sister, mainly she was suppose to be Gen's mate because of her otherworldly knowledge and power." Winron said while the others looked to one another in confusion.

"Otherworldly?, and what do you mean not suppose to be?" Core asked in confusion.

"She was suppose to be chief Gen's mate but she didn't love him, and Gen really!, really!, did not like that, I was imprisoned to be executed in a few days for other reasons as well, mainly, a few days ago I was trying to help Solar." Winron explained while the others were resting.

"Help with what?" Emerald asked confused."Well to understand that you need to understand her powers first." Winron said to the group.

Flashback from Winron's side

"Years ago, about 22 years ago, Solar was born to my family, I was around 4 or so, ready to hunt small game with the adults." Winron started as Core kept a watch on the Wyvern boss while the others sat down to listen.

"before I went hunting, I told my family that I was about to head out, right before I could leave my Mother started to go into labor with another clutch of eggs." Winron continued as the others looked at him.

"It turns out to be not only a good thing for my family, but for me especially,for you see thanks to Solar coming that day I was spared, for you see no one returned from the hunting party, the scouts looked and found out that lower level creatures came in mass and the Hunting party had to sacrifice themselves to save our home past the Dimensional gate." Winron said before being interrupted.

back to reality

"Hold on what is a Dimensional gate?" Emerald asked while the others looked at him.

"A dimensional gate is like a doorway to this place, multiple world's clash here for some reason, or sometimes lone unarmed figures come here for some test if the rumors are true."Winron said as the others looked at one another.

"Can you continue the story?" Nocturn asked as Winron nodded before he continued.

Story continues here

"*Ahem*were was I?, oh yeah it was way after the hunting party when the eggs hatched, there were three born that day, two were healthy strong Wyverns like myself while one was the runt of the litter, that was Solar... the thing that scared me back then was this." Winron said before he continued.

"She spoke as soon as she hatched, and what she said to me not only scared not me, but my parents as well, she said I'm glad your OK... I had no Idea what that meant or why she spoke so soon, but it seemed like she knew something somehow." Winron said looking down.

"Shortly after we cleaned the babies and slept after, not only was my mother weakened, that scare really tired us out." Winron said as he looked back to the group.

"A year later, she displayed the talent of using spells so she was trained by the head sorcerer, but the real scary thing was that she soaked up the spells like drinking water after wondering a desert for days, so much so that the head sorcerer after only 3 years made her head sorcerer." Winron said as the group besides Emerald were impressed.

"It was a few days before I was imprisoned that I learned that Solar asked for the Staff of time for some reason." Winron said before he stops for a minute.


"Staff of time?"Emerald asked while Winron reached into his sidepack to pull out a familiar staff that shocked all who saw.


How the hell?" Kamikazix whispered while the other Elemental's looked back stunned silent.

"Ah!" Xan choked out while the others looked at him funny while the scene went to Bordux's place.

Another Dimension

"How!?" Bordux said standing up to get a better look at the staff while Aggro and Nex were confused as the scene shifted back to the dungeon group.

dungeon party plus one

Just then Nocturn flew right in Winron's face which surprised the Wyvern greatly.

"Where did you get that Staff!?" Nocturn Whispered furiously. "I-It was given to my people!, it was originally wielded by a woman named Helios long ago if the tome of history is right." Winron said while the group was stunned.

"When!?" Nocturn asked while Winron felt a pressure of sorts press on his body. "About 23 years ago, about 140 days into the year!" Winron said shocking all. "Hold on that was before the trial, what does that mean?" Nocturn said to himself before the group heard something.

Looking below, the group saw two Lizardman forced a woman Wyvern forward, she had black scales with white glowing veins on her wings, her face had silver colored eyes that strangely glowed with a dragon like maw with gleaming white fangs, she also has small cracks on her scales that glowed a lightly, She had perky C-D cup breasts, and wore a simple outfit made of two cloths covering her breasts and her lower half.

They saw that the Boss wyvern got up when the woman wyvern appeared. "So Solar, why run with your traitorous brother instead of staying here?" Gen asked in a cold tone.

"Its because of the Staff of time, it told me to be here." Solar said with a small smirk which irritated Gen greatly.

"Hmph!, Staff of time huh?, last I checked I was the one giving orders not some stick!" Gen growled out while Solar's smirk grew a bit wider while the scene went back to the dungeon group who jumped.

upper level a few minutes ago

Winron was about to go down there when Emerald grabbed his arm which surprised him. "Rest first for a bit, Let us go, your still weakened right?" Emerald said getting up with the others following his movements.

"Why?" Winron asked in slight shock when the group got ready to jump. "Something is telling me to go!" Emerald said before the other continued. "I don't like egotistical jerks." Lillum said while floating up a bit before she got ready to cast a spell.

"I'm a guardian, kinda in the job to protect people." Core said before summoning Nova. "Same as Core!" Leonel said before summoning her spear and sword. "I want to know more about the Staff of time." Nocturn said while floating over the group.

Before Winron could say anything else the group ran and jumped down as soon a Solar smirked.

Battle time (Emerald's party vs Gen's Party)(Mission-protect Solar)

As soon as they jumped Emerald shouted out in midair.

"SOMEONE HELP SOLAR!" Emerald shouted before Lillum created an ice pillar under Solar which surprised Gen's party who looked over to Emerald's group in shock.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?" Gen roared after Emerald's group landed while Solar rose to the ledge they were on before she jumped to Winron's level. "Were with Winron to rescue Solar for various reasons, for Winron?, he's her sibling, for us?, we just want some questions answered, and Solar might have them." Emerald said as a green mist rose from his entire body from the coming fight.

"Winron!?" Gen said angered when he heard the traitors name.

Just then Gen charged Emerald while the others took the Lizardman.

Round 1 (Core vs 4 lizardman)

Core kept his guard up when he noticed the Lizardman use a sword and dagger combo which made them versatile not only in offence but defense.

Just then one charged Core in a rough attack that made Core blink before he dodged and backhanded it on the back of the head which knocked it out which surprised him.

"The hell?, are these guys weak or are we too strong?, then again after fighting Bordux these guys don't even make a blip on my radar!" Core said to himself as the rest charged Core who was on guard with Nova this time.

Core blocked an attack by the closest one and punched its stomach which sent it flying past the other two which surprised them, Core then attacked while the two were distracted and punched the two into the ground, ending the fight for him before he looked to the duo of Leonel and Lillum who's fight went on.

Round 2 (Leonel and Lillum vs 10 Lizardman)

Leonel was in a defensive stance with her Spear and sword combo while Lillum floated above the crowd, just then three Lizardman grabbed some bows and arrows and fired at Lillum who had too dodge while Leonel charged the Archers.

Three melee Lizardman charged Leonel, Leonel in return used her spear to pole vault over the three before she spun in a circle after she landed which sweep the lizardman off their feet with her spear.

She summoned multiple swords and used them to pin the Lizardman down by their wrists and ankles which took them out of the fight.

3 down 7 to go

Lillum was getting a little mad at being targeted and decided to fight back, she cast an ice spike towards the archers after dodging the next volley of arrows causing them to split, Lillum took the one that was alone and cast an Ice bind on the Lizardman,(Ice bind- creeping ice locks the opponent in place, might be others who use so credit goes to original users), from seeing one of their comrades frozen, the other lizard man panicked and retreated as they did not want to frozen as well.

Leonel and Lillum regrouped to Core after seeing the fighting here was done.

Round 3 Emerald VS Gen

Gen growled when he saw that his men retreated, a red mist emitted from his body which surprised the group.

"Watch out Emerald!, Gen uses berzerker like skills to over power his opponent, focus on speed and you have a chance!" Solar shouted which confused the group greatly.


"Hold on... did Emerald or anyone else tell Winron or Solar their names?" Shunpei said while the other thought back to Winron's story and what happened after.

"What does that mean?, does she have the same foresight that Emerald has?" Zack said before the two groups looked back to the fight while the scene shifted to Bordux'x base.

Another dimension/ Bordux base

"Hay papa, Did Emerald or the others say anything?" Nex asked Bordux while Bordux said no. "I'm pretty sure that only Winron introduced himself." Bordux said as he looked to the group while the scene shifted to Emerald's group.

Dungeon party

Emerald had no time to think before Gen charged with his blade held high to try and crush Emerald in one hit.

Emerald in turn charged with a green mist meeting Gen mid attack.

Emerald's eye's glowed green before Emerald saw another Gen in front of the real Gen, the image version swinged its blade downward before Gen did shortly after, Emerald in return punched the flat of Gen's blade with his left hand which caused it to crash to the right of Emerald's body surprising Gen who was sure he was faster.

Emerald didn't let up by punching with his right hand, hitting Gen's chest which caused Gen to let go of the blade before he slid backwards, Gen then fell to one knee before he looked at Emerald in surprise at the strength that Emerald emitted before he grabbed chest, the hit barely hurt thanks to his scales but he was still shocked while the scene switched to Bordux's base.

Bordux's base

"We can't have that can we?" Bordux said grinning before he used his magic to make a crest appear on Gen while the scene switched back to the battle.

Slap up party


"Gah!?" Gen roared in pain before he slouched over while grabbing his head in pain. "Oi, are you OK?" Emerald said in slight concern.

Just then Gen threw his head back and roared again as a crest appeared on his forehead which shocked the group, Emerald's party was shocked when Gen had a crest that Bordux's uses before Emerald grabbed his head in pain as an image flashed in his head.

The image was Bordux with the crest on his forehead while holding one hand out too Emerald with a grin on his face, Emerald then felt an intense rage come over him which caused Emerald to emit a massive amount from of chaos energy which surprised the group.

"Oi!, why does that crest make me so angry!" Emerald growled out while his eye glowed with a green mist.

Gen in return roared as he charged forward with more speed surprising the group while Emerald charged to meet Gen mid charge.

Emerald and Gen started to try to hit one another, Emerald with energy enhanced fists and aura enhanced eyes, Gen with razor sharp claws while the scene shifted to Solar and Winron.

upper level

Solar looked worried while Winron silently looked at Solar in confusion when he wondered how Solar knew Emerald.

To him it was like she knew something everyone didn't, Winron then looked back to the fighting group with such intensity that he didn't notice Solar grab the staff in his pack and jumped down to the others in Emerald's group as the scene shifted back to the lower level.

Lower level

Emerald was countering by blocking Gen's wrist's while seeing the blue image move before Gen even did and countered in turn, Emerald then grabbed Gen's wrist and pulled causing Gen to lose balance, Emerald pulled back his right fist and slugged Gen with a lot of energy sending him back, with Gen skidding to a stop near his blade.

"Hehehe, HAHAHAHA!, I don't know where this power came from, but this is amazing!, that attack didn't hurt at all!" Gen said in mad glee as he puffed his chest out shocking the group while pissing off Emerald more who emitted more energy.

"Calm down Emerald, if you lose you cool everyone here will die!" Solar said walking next to Emerald as he got confused not only by Solar landing near him but from how she knew his name.

"How do you know my name?" Emerald said while Solar smirked.

"I'll explain later for now focus on the enemy!" Solar said before she jumped back a bit while Gen grabbed his sword and roared while the crest glowed brighter as the scene shifted to Bordux's base.

Bordux's base

"hmhmhm!, lets see if this works at the next level!" Bordux said before the crest on his head shifted while the one on Gen shifted to match the pattern on Bordux's head.

"Whats that?" Nex asked when Gen hunched over in pain.

"I learned this from an old ally named Orochimaru on how to evolve certain seals an applied it to the crest and got something interesting, unlike his though, this one on stage two makes them my puppets while his only makes them stronger on the higher the level, for me it's handy to help Emerald get stronger, for him upgraded soldiers." Bordux said before the scene shifted back to Emerald's group.

back to dungeon party

Gen slouched over in pain, dropped his sword confusing the group as to why he dropped his sword as soon as he grabbed it, just then Gen roared as the crest warped and his blue scales turned pure black in color.

Looking back up Gen smirked and said something shocking all as he picked up his sword.

"Well, well, Emerald, I see you got stronger even though I drained the darkness from you." Gen said with a smirk which shocked the group greatly while the group outside was shocked silent.

"Bordux!?" Solar shouted further shocking the group even Gen for a few seconds. "My my, I don't think we met before, have we?" Bordux said while talking through Gen's body.

"What Bordux, even after all you did and what you caused me to do, you forget me?" Solar said confusing the group greatly.

"Hmm, I don't think so, why not enlighten us." Bordux/Gen said as he crossed his arms.

Solar looked over to Emerald and Nocturn before she looked back to Bordux/Gen with an angered look on her face. "Very well, you might not recognize me in this form, but you might remember my past form before I died." Solar said stepping forward a few times while Bordux/Gen raised his right eyebrow.

"It's me... Helios the former elemental of light!" Solar said shocking all silent while the scene switched to Eggman's sky base.

Eggman's base

"Hmm, this is interesting." Eggman said as he watched the scene in the dungeon play out before him as he uploaded the data to the near completed forms of Steel and Metal.

Eggman then walked over to another panel and typed a few sequences before a wall opened up to reveal a second set of robot bodies. "Hmhmhm!, don't think I don't learn from my mistakes you pests!" Eggman said before he started to laugh.

"HOHOHOHOHOHO!,*Cough*Cough*!,*Ahem*, ugh!, I really need to lighten up with the laughs, that might kill me before old age does." Eggman said before wiping his brow while sweatdropping before the scene faded to black.

2 hours and 30 minutes till dungeon completion and 1 hour and 30 minutes till Robot completion

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