The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
the Walk and the bad egg

"Hello everyone!, this is TME again and this is a new chapter of THE V2 hope you enjoyed the first chapter and hope the rest turn out well." TME said with a grin while he looked to the screen.

"Here is the Intro corner for new and old characters, here are Sonic and Amy for the first intro corner. "TME said before Sonic ran in panicking while being chased by Amy which made TME sweatdrop.

"Why is Amy here!, you didn't say anything about that!" Sonic said before he dodged one of Amy's hugs.

"I lost a bet with Amy, sorry sonic." TME said before Amy caught Sonic off guard by jumping over a chair and hugged him. "Hehe, and there you have it Sonic, I'm staying for awhile." Amy said while hugging Sonic.

"Ack let me!... Amy let me go!." Sonic Screamed in fright before TME clapped his hands to get the duo's attention.

"Amy, I may have let you in here, don't think I can't kick you out on bad behavior." TME said before he grabbed a remote control while a dark mist rose from him which gave a chilling feeling to the hedgehog duo.

"Sorry TME, I'll be good, just don't kick me out!" Amy said while tearing up before she used the puppy dog eyes before TME flinched. "Crud why does that always get me?, fine you can stay just behave OK?" TME asked which made Amy smile when she heard that.

"Alright!, I'll just sit next to my Sonic."Amy said in a cheered up tone while sitting next to Sonic who looked away so no one would see his sad face. "Why me?" Sonic whispered so no one could hear.

"Well readers, here is a new OC that wont be introduced till a later ark." TME said before a person walked on stage.

"Damn TME you don't need to keep me hidden." ? said while their voice got warped into sounding like a mix between a man and a woman's.

"Yeah I do, it would be a spoiler if I tell now." TME said while he facepalmed.

"*Sigh*, might as well do squats then." ? said before the person started to squat on the ground multiple time while everyone sweatdropped.

"OK, well lets start this story then." TME said while sweatdropping before he looked to the screen.

"This is TME and guests signing out of the intro and going into the story, you guys wanna say anything beforehand?" TME asked while Sonic looked to the screen.

"Sure, this is Sonic saying that TME owns no one but OC's, any similarity's from anyone living or dead or other OC's is coincidental and unintentional, a disclaimer for those by there own corporations." Sonic said with a grin before he breathed in again.

"LET THE STORY BEGIN IN 3!2!1! GO!" Everyone called out while holding up three fingers while the scene shifted to Emerald's story

Angel Island/ Master Emerald alter/ Emerald, Rouge, Knuckles

"My name is Emerald, how and where I got this gem is from the front yard of my house." Emerald said to Knuckles and Rouge which confused them. "Front yard?" Rouge said while sweatdropping.

"Just sitting there out in the open?" Knuckles said with a confused tone at that info while Emerald nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, don't know where it came from or how it got there, just woke up, took my dog outside to feed him, and it was just in the yard laying there." Emerald said while thinking back to when he found the gem.

Flashback/ Emerald's home/ Emerald, ?(Mom),?(Dad),?(Sister)

"Come on boy time to eat." Emerald said while taking his dog outside to eat.

Before he could close the door, he saw an sparkling object on the ground which confused him. "What the?...Why is this here?" Emerald said while he wondered over before he picked up the sparkling object to look at it better, and saw that it was a glowing gem of all things.

He wondered where it came from and why was it glowing before shrugging with a grin.

"Cool, should look good on my desk." Emerald said before pocketing the gem.

Said Gem flashed before he could take a few more steps and saw that he was now falling straight down to an Island.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH CRRRRAAAAAAAPPPPPP!" Emerald screamed while he fell to the Island.

Present/ Angel Island/ Master Emerald alter/ Emerald, Knuckles, Rouge

"...and that's how I got here." Emerald said before he finished his tale while Knuckles and Rouge sweatdropped.

"Kinda anticlimactic if you asked me." Knuckles said while sweatdropping before Emerald got angered.

"Hay I teleported, Fell to an island out of nowhere and somehow survived a crash landing at mach 1 thanks to Rouge here, thanks by the way, and I am now talking to 2 Human like creatures, forgive me for not having a better backstory." Emerald growled out with an angered face.

"Geez sorry." Knuckles said while he flinched before he took a step back. "Oh don't mind knucky, he's just grumpy everyday." Rouge said with a grin before Knuckles got irritated by that remark.

"Am not!, and stop calling me that!" Knuckles yelled which made his voice echo before Emerald facepalmed when he watched the nearly bickering Duo. "Before a fight breaks out, can you guys tell me where we are?" Emerald asked which got the angry duo's attention.

"Where on Angel Island on mobius, or to be more exact near the Master Emerald alter." Knuckles said while Emerald rubbed his head. "I think I asked before, but what is the master Emerald again?" Emerald asked again before Knuckle crossed his arms.

"The Master Emerald is a source of infinite energy that controls 7 smaller versions of it, now 8 from the look of things." Knuckles said looking at the dark Emerald in question.

"By the way you said it glowed as soon as you picked it up, right any reason why?" Knuckles said while trying to figure things out. "No, it just started glowing as soon as I picked it up, any reason why for that?" Emerald asked while he started to get unnerved by this before Knuckles shrugged.

"No clue, Ill need to look at the ancient Grimoire of the of old guardians of past to even understand this." Knuckles said in thought while he confused Emerald and Rouge.

"The old guardians?" Emerald and Rouge said out loud while they wondered who they where before Knuckles looked to the confused duo.

"All I know is that they were an ancient order even before the Echidnas who guarded the Master Emerald." knuckles said while he stunned Emerald and Rouge with that info.

"Whoa they sound amazing." Emerald said in wonder while Rouge got a little irritated.

"Yeah, but how come we never heard about this until now?, we could have used the book before so why!?" Rouge said with growing anger while Knuckle flinched at Rouge's tone.

"I only found it Recently, and I was going to talk about it later when the others get here." Knuckles said while he felt a bit frightened at the face Rouge was giving him.

"Man women are scary." Emerald and Knuckles both thought in Fear. (TME here id like to clarify that I both fear and respect women greatly, I live with a bipolar mom and sister, so I tread on eggshells sometimes.)(Back to story)

Rouge gave a irritated look towards Knuckles before she sighed.

"*sigh* fine let's fill the others in then later." Rouge said while Emerald looked to Rouge and Knuckles. "Who are you two talking about anyway?" Emerald asked in a curious tone before Rouge looked to him.

"Well there's Sonic the Hedgehog AKA the fastest thing alive, the hero of mobius." Rouge said with a grin before Knuckles picked up from there. "Then there's Tails The Two tailed fox whose his adopted brother, then theirs Amy, his Stalker or self proclaimed girlfriend." Knuckles continued which made Emerald sweatdrop.

"Wow... anyone else?" Emerald asked while he sweatdropped at Amy's description. "Well there's Cream and Vanilla the Rabbit, the daughters Cream and the mothers Vanilla, Cream also has a pet chao that follows her around wherever she goes." Rouge said before Emerald sweatdropped again.

"Chao?" Emerald asked in a bewildered tone. "Yeah, you'll find out later, looks like a floating blue fairy if that help identify it." Knuckles said before Emerald nodded.

"Got it, Anyone else I should know about?" Emerald asked before Knuckles and Rouge looked to one another before looking back to Emerald.

"Yeah, watch out for Eggman, an old man with a passion for world conquest."Knuckles said before Emerald sweatdropped.

"Sounds like an unpleasant guy."Emerald said a bit unnerved by that info.

"Yeah, he wears a black and red bodysuit, he's fat and bald with a big gravity defying mustache, and he's usually in a floating ball like vehicle with robots around him, so if you see him, run, he's not good news, he's also named Ivo Robotnik if you want to get a bit more info on names." Rouge said while Emerald hoped he would not run into the mad scientist.

"Wow, again wow, hope I don't run into him." Emerald said before he crossed his arms while Knuckles and Rouge nodded in agreement before Knuckles noticed something.

"Well on a better note, here they come." Knuckles said while looking up while pointing.

Emerald and Rouge looked to where knuckles's was pointing and saw there was a blue biplane with an orange fox symbol on the side flying over the island and there was a small hedgehog like character standing on the wings.

"Quick question, Why are they coming here today?" Rouge asked Knuckles before he looked to her.

"Training." was all Knuckles said before Emerald looked to him. "Training?" Emerald asked in a confused tone. "Yeah, also Tails called and said he was giving sonic a lift here." Knuckles said while looking at the plane when it started to land.

A few minutes later the plane landed safely past the treeline and the duo hopped off the plane and came to the waiting Trio.

"Yo knuckles, Rouge, and...who is this?" Sonic said in a cheery tone before he wondered who Emerald was when he saw him.

"Hello, My name is Emerald nice to meet you Sonic and Tails." Emerald said while introducing him self before bowing his head a little. "How do you know us?, you don't look like anyone I've seen." Sonic said while on guard, after all its not everyday people show up on angel island without ill intentions.

"Hold on Sonic!, he's alright, he actually needs some help with this weird Emerald he has." Knuckles said in Emerald's defense which confused Sonic and Tails. "Weird Emerald?" Tails asked in a confused tone.

Emerald then shows the Dark Emerald, fills everyone in on how he got here, fills some questions in, and everyone is caught up to speed now.

"So an odd 8th Emerald brought you here, now your trying to find out why you crashed here for some reason." Sonic said before everyone sweatdropped.

"Wow talk about fast." Emerald Deadpanned before Sonic chuckled.

"Hay that's my thing, fastest thing alive remember?" Sonic Boasted while he rubbed his nose. "Very funny, now you said something about training Knuckles?" Emerald asked before Knuckles nodded.

"Yeah Sonic, Tails, and I, were planning to make and work on some new move to use later if Egghead shows up later." Knuckles said while Emerald nodded.

"I see... well... mind if I look around Angel island a bit?" Emerald asked before Knuckles nodded.

"Sure, but be careful, this place can be dangerous." Knuckles said with a warning tone to his voice. "Really?" Emerald asked in a worried tone. "Yeah, no worries though, I'll join you, I don't have anything better to do at the moment." Rouge said with a gleam in her eyes.

"Fine, but Emerald... watch out, she might try to take the Emerald you have or something." Knuckles said while Rouge crossed her arms under her chest and huffed.

"Well I never!, I wouldn't do that to him." Rouge said before Knuckles scoffed at that. "Yeah right!, I saw you looking at that gem he has, watch your back Emerald, she's also called a jewel thief if you wanna know her title around here." Knuckles said while eyeing Rouge.

"OooooK?" Emerald said slowly while he just blinked a few times before he walked of with Rouge followed in a huff before being stopped by Knuckles.

"One last thing." Knuckles asked while he scratched the back of his head before Emerald and Rouge looked to Knuckles.

"What?" Emerald asked before Knuckles looked at Emerald.

"If you happen to see a large field of mushrooms, please leave them alone, they're kind of my only source of food here except fruit, at least until Tails makes that postal drone for me." Knuckles said while Tails rubbed the back of his head sense he was trying to find a way to make it strong enough to fly here and back without trouble while Emerald blinked at him for a moment before nodding before he walked away with Rouge in tow while Sonic looked to Knuckles and Tails with a grin on his face.

"Well lets get started guys." Sonic said before he stretched a bit while Knuckles and Tails grinned before they stretched a bit as well. "Right." Both guys said before they took their combat stances against Sonic who gave a cocky grin.

"Try to keep up!" Sonic said before he charged the duo while the scene switched to Emerald and Rouge.

Angel Island/?/ Emerald, Rouge

"Well... looks like just us now." Rouge said with her hands behind her head while she followed Emerald who saw a few ruined areas of the Island with an awed look on his face before he got worried.

"Yeah, kinda wondering where I can go now." Emerald said sadly while Rouge looked to him. "Hay now, cheer up, you might be able to ask Sonic or Tails if you can live with them." Rouge suggested with a smile on her face.

"I guess, but I don't want to be a burden to anyone." Emerald said while his mood dropped more before Rouge put on her thinking cap. "Well why not work for me at the club." Rouge asked with a grin on her face. "Club?" Emerald replied in a confused ton before Rouge looked to him with a pride filled look.

"Club Night, one of the hot-spots of Station square and its a pretty popular place." Rouge boasted while Emerald looked to her for a moment before speaking again.

"You sure?, I should warn you, I kinda don't have any work experience at all and before you ask its because I was never able to get a job or drivers license cause of a car accident, kinda knocked the fear into me and there was no where I could really go." Emerald admitted as he felt a bit depressed at that info.

"Really?, nowhere?" Rouge asked concerned. "really." Emerald said simply as he continued to walk with Rouge behind him.

Angel Island/?/ Emerald, Rouge

When Emerald and Rouge walked into a clearing they got the surprise of a lifetime when gunfire shot near Emerald's feet.

"HOLY HELL!" Emerald shouted in surprise while he dodge the gunfire before Rouge got in front of him with an angered look on her face when her ears picked up an approaching vehicle.

Her mood dropped more when she heard laughter before a figure appeared while it kept laughing when robots appeared next to the figure.

"HOHOHOHO!, how did you like my greeting Rouge and *looks over* hmm...who's the lad next to you?" Eggman said while looking over and saw Emerald looking at Eggman and the eggbots.

Emerald heard his question and thought about what Knuckles told him.

"Red and Black bodysuit, overweight, bald, mustache, flying pod, robot minions, must be Eggman." Emerald thought before he spoke up which got everyone's attention.

"My name is Emerald, and you must be Eggman or Ivo Robotnik right?" Emerald both answered and asked in response while Eggman's grin widened.

"My my, it seems my illustrious reputation proceeds me, now Emerald was it?, would you kindly hand over that gem you have?, I won't have to force it from you if you do." Eggman said with a smile before Emerald shivered at the feeling he was getting from Eggman.

"No way egghead, this things the only thing I have from my world, I'm not letting you take it, I also heard your evil, how do I know you wont just attack us if I give it to you, people in my world called me many things, but i'm no idiot." Emerald stated before Eggman frowned for a moment before grinning a chilling grin again.

"So be it!, Eggbot 1 & 2 retrieve the gem from him and bring it to me!, the rest...take care of Rouge!" Eggman ordered before the two bots flew to Emerald while a large group of Eggbots flew towards Rouge.

"Roger!" 1&2 replied while heading for Emerald who gulped in fear.

"Shit!, run Emerald!, I'll take care of things here!, go get the others!" Rouge shouted while Emerald backed away. "OK!, be safe Rouge!, I might take that club offer if I live!" Emerald shouted back while running away with 1 and 2 chasing while the scene went to Sonic's group.

Angel Island/Master Emerald alter/ Sonic, Tails, Knuckles

"You guys hear that!" Tails said when heard something from Emerald's and Rouge's direction.

"Yeah, it sounded like gunfire, and it came from where Rouge and Emerald went!, not only that..." Knuckles said before trailing off while his eyes got wide. "Lets go guys there might be trouble." Sonic said before she started to run on ahead before tripping when Knuckles said something shocking before he rocketed by.

"MY SHROOMS!" Knuckles shouted while he ran to the direction of the gun fire with a dust cloud trailing behind him before Sonic picked himself up and dusted himself off before Tails walked up to him with an are you kidding me look on his face while he looked to where Knuckles was running.

"Lets just go." Sonic mumbled while facepalming before he rocketed after and past Knuckles while Tails struggled to keep up before the scene went to Rouge.

Angel Island/?/ Rouge, Eggman

"Give it up Rouge your out gunned." Eggman gloated while the Eggbots surrounded her in the air.

Rouge was fighting 40 eggbots and was getting tired from dodging the bullet fire for so long. "Man, where are the others." Rouge said out loud before she landed on the ground exhausted.

Just then Sonic came shooting past some Eggbots which not only knocked them over and braked some but surprised Rouge and Eggman when he landed with Tails and Knuckles in arriving a minute later while Sonic distracted the bots.

"Damn guys, cut a girl a break, what took you?" Rouge gasped after jumping back behind the trio. "We heard gunfire and came running." Tails said before he pulled a blaster pistol out from who knows where and pointed at bot and fired which made it explode.

"Wheres Emerald?" Knuckles said before hitting another Eggbot which caused it to explode after he calmed down when he noticed that they weren't in one of his mushroom gardens.

"What you mean Emerald's not with you!?" Rouge shouted in concern while she dodged a tackling robot before kicking it which shut it down.

"HOHOHOHO*cough*ahem, it seems luck on my side today you pesky rodents." Eggman said in glee after hearing that they didn't run into Emerald.

"What do you mean Eggbutt!" Sonic yelled before dodging a bot before spindashing the bot into shredded oblivion.

"He was being chased by 2 bots while I was holding the others, you mean he didn't run into you guys!?" Rouge said before kicking another bot before she jumped back to catch her breath.

"SHIT!" the others said before they joined Rouge.

"Rouge, Knuckles, go help Emerald, Tails and I got this!" Sonic yelled before spindashing a few bots while Tails used a second gun to hit others before Knuckles and Rouge nodded to one another before looking to Sonic when he landed.

"Right, come on Rouge lets go!"knuckles said seriously before running off with Rouge in tow.

Angel Island/?/ Emerald

"Crap crap crappy crap on a cracker!, how did I get into this mess! " Emerald thought before he ran into another clearing, he saw he was not near the shrine after looking around a bit.

"Damn, lost already." Emerald whispered to myself before the Eggbots chasing him appeared from the treeline and armed their guns.

"Give the Gem to master and we will let you live." The Eggbots said before Emerald turned to them.

"No way!, I need this thing to help me get home if I can!" Emerald shouted back while the bots processes the answer. "What the hell do I do now?, I don't want to die here!, I never even said goodbye to my family, or lost my virginity!" Emerald thought in panic before the bots spoke up which got his attention.

"So be it, we will take it from your corpse then." the eggbots said before their engines revved up a bit to get ready for combat while Emerald took a step back.

The eggbots then armed their guns and aimed at Emerald while panicked.

"DAMMIT! WHAT DO I DO NOW!?" Emerald thought in fear before the gem in his pocket started glowing after he thought of that, but he didn't have much time to look before he had to run until help comes, which he did before he ran around the clearing to avoid gunfire.

"Scanning... error, human speed increasing past normal levels and emitting large amounts of Unknown Energy, Readjusting tactics." the eggbots said in unison while they scanned Emerald who wondered how he got so fast, not only that, but his brain was able to process the speed while his body ran forward on small commands while time seemed to slow for Emerald's thoughts.

"The hell!?, how am I so fast?... no matter, I'll think about that later, time to give these bots a reason to feel fear!" Emerald thought before he grinned before he charged the two eggbots.

Emerald VS two Eggbots

Emerald was trying to get closer those bots, but the machine gun fire was insane, they wouldn't give him leg room to maneuver, but he had an idea, and it unnerved him greatly sense he was so calm in this situation, normally stuff like this happening in his world would make him freak out or worse, but somehow he wasn't even afraid, maybe he went insane to cope with his situation or something, Emerald wouldn't know until much later.

"Hay bots!, why work for that egg guy!?" Emerald asked before he jumped back from some more gunfire.

"Its Eggman to you Human!, and he is our creator!" Eggbot 1 stated before Emerald grinned.

"Really?, seems more like a bad boss to me, I may be new here, but how many of Eggheads plan actually work?, Humor me and just try to answer." Emerald asked before the bots stopped their gunfire to look at one another to process the question.

"Well, er, its just-*CRASH*" while the bot was stunned by the question, Emerald did a double flying kick at high speed and sent Bot 1 crashing into a boulder which caused it to malfunction and shutdown.

"One down, one to go!" Emerald thought before the other takes to the skies which made Emerald think aloud.

"Ah crap." Emerald muttered before the center of the bots chest cavity opened while the scene shifted back to where Sonic and Tails we're fighting Eggman.


"Hmm whats this?" Eggman said when he checked the scanners which read that Eggbot 1 was down, he looked in its video logs and was both intrigued and ticked at the same time.

"This a surprise." Eggman said out-loud which got the duo's attention. "What was that Egghead!?" Sonic said before bashing 1 bot into another with a tackle before taking 5 more out by homing combos.

"Oh never you mind rodent!" Eggman said before thinking to himself.

"Interesting... seem the boy can use the gem somehow to increase his abilities, the question is how far and what skills can he learn, this should be interesting data." Eggman thought before he decides to make a strategic retreat to find out more.

"Well I hate to fight and run, but I just got some interesting data about your friend, hedgehog play with the eggbots while I leave OK?" Eggman said with a slight wave of his right hand before he laughs and flies away while having 20 more bots come and attack Sonic and Tails.

"Damn we need to hurry!" Sonic said while using a sonic dash with a boost in the mix which caused 10 bots to break and the rest to scatter. "You said it, I'm worrying for Emerald, from what Eggman said he seems in trouble." Tails said while using another blast to hit 5 more while the scene shifted.

Knuckles and Rouge

"Well he's not at the Shrine, where is he?" Knuckles said in a worried tone. "Don't worry well fi-*Booooom* The hell!?, what was that!?" Rouge said in surprise from hearing an explosion nearby.

"No clue, lets go!" Knuckles said before running ahead with Rouge flying ahead soon after. "Right!" Rouge said passing knuckles while an irritated Knuckles picked up the pace before the scene went back to Emerald.

Back to Emerald

"Damn that was close!" Emerald thought while looking at the crater near him.

He had some scrapes here and there on his body while his clothes looked torn up, mainly his shirt and coat.

Emerald looked up at the bot and he saw it was getting ready to launch another missile.

"Damn I need help!, I cant get up there." Emerald said while falling to one knee exhausted, and as he said that Rouge and Knuckles ran into the clearing.

The duo was panting from exhaustion before they saw that Emerald was OK. "Emerald!, you OK!?" Rouge said with worry when she noticed the flying bot with Knuckles noticing a second later with a growl.

"Living and breathing, but I need help getting that guy down!" Emerald said while looking at the bot when it made adjustments to its aim. "Can you guys jump in, like fly up and kick it or toss something at it?" Emerald asked while Knuckles and Rouge grinned to one another.

"BOTH!" the duo yelled with a grin before Knuckles gripped Rouges left wrist, threw her up above the bot faster then the bot could process before Rouge kicked it down to the ground.

"Here Goes something!" Emerald thought while he ran and kicked the bot into the waiting fist of knuckles before it hit the ground and the bot started to shut down as a result.

"E...eerrroor... Sending V.v..vv..vIdeo...log. System.. ..t..d.o.w..." The bot finished while shutting down before its body sparked some more before exploding after Knuckles jumped away.

"Phew!, that was exhausting to say the least." Emerald said before he laid on ground exhausted. "You OK man?" Knuckles asked in concern for Emeralds health.

"I'll live, but I really need to sleep, I'm exhausted!" Emerald stated before gasping for air.

"Lets head to the shrine then, I got a hut with a few guest rooms near it cause Sonic and Tails sometimes need to crash there, can you stand?" Knuckles said while offering his hand to help Emerald up.

"Thanks Knuckles, I'll take that offer." Emerald thanked while getting up before the trio went back to the shrine.

Angel Island/Master Emerald Alter/ Emerald, Knuckles, Rouge

After meeting back up with Sonic and Tails and filling a couple questions on the way to Knuckles's hut, they head back to the shrine to sleep and recover and talk about what happened the next day during breakfast.

"Night guy I'm turning in." Emerald said before he got ready to go to sleep after he said good night to the mobians.

He took the gem out of his pocket and wondered what else is in store for him, but let it go for tomorrow and went to bed with the gem on the nightstand while it glowed with a slightly brighter purple glow in the center then fading to black then glowing purple in a pattern while the scene shifted.

Eggman skybase/?/ Eggman

"HEHEHOHOHOHO!, this data is useful indeed not only can I upgrade my old bots, I can use it for the new prototype robot and fix up an old model so that the others will be terrified by it!, HHOHOHOHOHOH!" Eggman said with a insane grin before the Camera pans awhile Eggman laughs.

A lab table shows one set of red glowing robotic eyes on one table and a set of green on another before the screen fades to black.

"This is TME and guests signing out, please review and help improve this story." TME asked before Sonic got up from his chair.

"Bye guys, now I got run." Sonic said in a panicked tone before he ran out of the room while Amy chases after him.

"GET BACK HERE SONIC!" Amy shouted while she ran after the blue blur.

"Well...later people, I'm gonna turn in as well, nice read by the way TME." ? says before the person walked out of the room.

"Thanks, now I hope people read the next chapter its gonna be Emerald's explanation for the others and adjusting to life on mobius." TME said to the readers while ? walked out.

"This is TME signing out." TME said while he bowed to the screen while the scene faded to black.

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