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hot spring surprise and more Q and A,2

"Hello everyone, this is TME here with the next chapter of The Dimensional Saga, and to those who are wondering, there's a lemon in this chapter." TME said while he looked towards the audience with a grin on his face before he spoke up again.

"Here are the guests today, Sonic and Amy again people, lets give them a hand." TME said before he clapped his hands while the duo walked on stage.

"Thanks for the invite TME." Sonic said while he and Amy walked up to the chairs to sit down.

"No problem... So how are things you two?" TME asked before Sonic spoke up.

"Eh same old same old, eggbutt is still being annoying with plans, but at least they help pass time." Sonic said while shrugging which made TME sweatdrop before Amy spoke up.

"Yeah and my Sonic rescued me from that reject doctor again." Amy said with a blush which caused the other two to sweat-drop before TME spoke up.

"Well now that the talks are done lets get into this chapter now." TME said while Sonic and Amy sat down when TME held up three fingers.

IN 3!2!1! GO!

Time dungeon part 6/ Prequel arc

5 hours and 30 minutes to go and 4 hours and 30 minutes till robot completion

Warning, lemon later in chapter, skip if not interested

Last time


Emerald woke with a start and saw that he was in a rest area bedroom, he looked around and noticed that he was alone.

"Well sense we just had a tough fight the others must be resting and trying to recover." Emerald thought before getting up and walked out of the room.

Walking outside the room, he looked around and saw that Leonel was sleeping in a guest room and Core was on the couch, asleep as well.

Nocturn was on the nightstand near the couch to allow Emerald to rest.

Lillum on the other hand was missing which got Emerald worried before he went to look for her.

Emerald walked out of the cabin to hear splashing and looked toward the hot spring which made him blush a bit before Emerald walked over to the springs and spoke up.

"Hay Lillum, you there?" Emerald called out while the scene shifted.

When she got in the hot springs Lillum striped before she used the spring showers to clean herself off before started to step in the springs and heard a voice that made her heart jump a bit before she recognized the voice.

"Hay Lillum you there?" Emerald called from outside the springs before the scene shifted.

Outside the cave/ both groups

"Well It seems we need to wait for a while." Kamikazix thought with a smirk on her face when she spied on Emerald who was about to walk in on Lillum as the scene switched to Eggman's skybase.

Eggman's skybase

"HOHOHOHO!*cough*Ahem* Phew need to lighten up with the laughs." Eggman deadpanned while the robots were being upgraded constantly even as he speaks while he looked over the data himself to make personal upgrade to the robots as the scene faded to black.

Present and Lemon warning

Hot spring/ rest area/ Lillum

Lillum smirked when she heard Emerald call for her before she hid in the shadows near the entrance and called back.

"Yeah Emerald!, I'm decent!... can you come in and help me grab something, I can't reach it since I need to rest my wings for now!" Lillum called back with a devilish smirk on her face which made Emerald blush before he walked into the hot spring.

He noticed that Lillum wasn't in the springs at all which confused him greatly since he was sure that he heard Lillum in the springs.

"Lillum?... where are you?" Emerald said before he felt a pair of arms wrap around his neck and felt something on his back which made Emerald's blush intensify while he heard a voice speak up.

"Right here sweety." Lillum said which surprised Emerald greatly before he turned his head slightly before he spoke up with a wide eyed blush on his face.

"Lillum!?" Emerald said with shock which made Lillum let go before turning Emerald around which caused him to blush greatly because Lillum was naked, and floats right in front of his face which gave him a perfect view.

Lillum giggled at the look on Emerald's face, before she floats over and whispered seductively into his ear.

"Well Emerald, since your here... can you help me with something?" Lillum said to him... but Before Emerald could reply Lillum kissed him which stunned Emerald long enough for Lillum use a spell to remove his clothes and placed them near the entrance of the hot springs.

Emerald in shock covered himself when he realized what happened... but Lillum grabbed his shoulders before she kissed him again, this time with a slight charm spell to help things along.

She wanted to have some real fun while Emerald felt his body get aroused all of a sudden before he got hard in front of Lillum who smirked when her spell took effect.

Lillum was impressed with the length before she points it out.

"Well, well, well, seems you got an upgrade." Lillum said which made Emerald look down to see that his dick was increased from 7 inches to 8 inches and had a slight width increase to 2 and a 1/2 inches in width while a surprised Emerald thought to himself for a moment.

"Nocturn I'll get you to answer later." Emerald thought before gritting his teeth when Lillum surprised him by grasping Emerald's length before she licked her lips.

"Well time to dig in." Lillum said before she started to rub it up and down slowly which made Emerald groan while Lillum stroked it a few more times before she flipped upside down in midair before she started to lick the head of Emerald's dick to his surprise.

Emerald in return saw how wet lillum's pussy was before he started to lick Lillum's clit when he remembered Vanilla's lessons.

Lillum moans for a moment before taking Emerald's length into her mouth before she started to suck it repeatedly.

Lillum took the dick deeper and deeper into her mouth with each bob of her head which made Emerald eat Lillum out with more vigor when he felt himself get closer to release after a minute while Lillum's tongue moved back and forth over the top of his dick.

Emerald felt his hips thrust a few time without his consent which let Lillum know that Emerald's orgasm was nearing before Emerald bit Lillum's clit hard, but not to hard, which caused her to squirt and moan around Emerald's length when he came in return.

Emerald felt his semen shoot out of his dick with great force which filled Lillum's mouth while Lillum gulped down Emerald's seed vigorously when she likes the flavor of Emerald's seed while most of it shot down, or in this case up, her throat while some splashed back onto her face and chin.

Emerald gasped at what Lillum was doing before letting Lillum go which caused her to slowly lay in the air while Emerald fell to the ground in a sitting position to get a second wind.

Lillum on the other hand took a moment to wipe her face clean with an odd crest she summoned before she giggles which got his attention.

She then pushed Emerald onto his back before she starts to grind herself on Emerald's dick a few times before she spoke up in a mocking tone when she got ready to slide it inside her.

"Lets hope you last longer then last time... you glass cannon." Lillum said with a grin right before she impaled herself which made her moan out before she starts to ride Emerald's dick vigorously.

"Ah...ah..." Lillum groans while she gropes and massages her breasts which caused her to not notice Emerald for a few seconds.

Emerald in the meantime was more then a little ticked at that stab to his pride which caused him to grip Lillum's hips before he started to rail her.

The unexpected action made Lillum scream out in pleasure before Emerald picked up the pace again which surprised her into clawing Emerald's shoulders when she starts to fall forward.

"Yes!, Yes!, fuck Yes!" Lillum kept repeating when she grew closer and closer to orgasmic bliss.

Emerald in the meantime slammed into Lillum one more time before releasing his cum stright into Lillum's waiting womb which made her orgasm as well from the surprise creampie when it seemed to not stop.

Emerald groaned when he felt his seed shoot from his dick a few for a surprising amount of time while his hips shuddered before Lillum spoke up, or to be more exact, groaned out.

"!" Lillum groaned out before her head fell to the right of Emerald's head and onto his shoulder to recover while the scene shifted to a few minutes ago.

A few minutes ago/ one of the guestroom's/ Leonel

Leonel woke up before she felt the need to relieve herself... she went to the bathroom before she cleaned her body in the shower.

after she was done she grabbed a towel then went to the springs to relax.

But when Leonel walked near the entrance... she heard Lillum's voice which confused her before Leonel blushed when she finally made out what Lillum was saying.

"Yes!, yes!, fuck yes!" Lillum kept repeating before Leonel heard a groan that made her heat up greatly.

"!" Lillum groaned which made Leonel look past the entrance and boy was she shocked silent to see Lillum and Emerald having sex right near the springs while the scene shifted back to the duo.

Back to the duo

"Ah... Emerald... that was much better... then last time." Lillum moaned out with slight surprise after she sat up since the last time they did this resulted in Emerald being half dead at the end.

Emerald however was still recovering from his orgasm after it tapered off a few seconds ago before a voice spoke up from the depths of his mind, though Emerald couldn't hear it since it was more like a whisper.

"Lets show her how much better." ? said before Emerald felt a burst of energy burst throughout his body and a hunger like no other before he flipped Lillum over onto her back which surprised her not only from the action, but from the dark mist rising from Emerald's body.

Before she could ask what was going on, she felt Emerald pull out until only the head of his dick stayed inside before pushing it back in with a greater vigor then last time before he built up a steady rhythm.

"Ah!... yes!... deeper!" Lillum groan out before the drilling left her breathless while Emerald felt his body go on autopilot when he saw Lilllum's breasts bounce up and down repeatedly.

Emerald then bit Lillum's left nipples and massaged her right breast while he continued to drill Lillum into orgasm right there while Emerald kept up his piston like motions.

"U-Ugh!" Lillum groaned out when her tunnel tightens around Emerald which caused him to growl out before he releases a great amount of his seed again which filled Lillum's womb.

Lillum felt his seed fill her up and sighs with content when it made her tingle before Emerald pulled out before she could enjoy the afterglow which caused her to frown a bit.

But Lillum's did appointment was short lived when Emerald lifts her and put her against the wall with her feet on the ground.

Emerald starts to grind against her ass before he growled next to her ear which made her body shiver at what might happen..

"Hope you like this!" Emerald growled out before he prodded her asshole, he then thrusts in balls deep which made her gasp out in pain and pleasure when he stays there for a second.

Emerald then grips her arms before pulling her back and placed her face on the wall which caused Lillum to groan out two, barely noticeable, words.

"Y-you animal." Lillum groaned out before she tried to get used to the intrusion before Emerald spoke up... this time with a more demonic tone of sorts.

"Hehe... I'll take that as a complement." Emerald said before he started to thrust back and forth with great speed while the scene shifted.

meanwhile with Leonel

Leonel was both stunned and aroused greatly at the sight she was seeing, not only was Emerald Having sex with Lillum, he was doing well from the look of things.

Leonel looked around for a moment before she made her clothes disappear before she starts to rub her clit and left breast vigorously when the scent of sex got heaver in the air.

She saw Emerald drill into Lillum with great speed before Leonel bit her nipple when she came, while she was shocked that she came so fast... though thinking for a sec how long its been it's normal that she was backed up.

Just then she saw Emerald lift Lillum before he puts her against the wall before he grinds against her ass before he prods her ass before he spoke up.

"Hope you like this." Emerald said before he slams into Lillum before he starts thrusting before she could even get used to the intrusion before Lillum groaned out.

"Y-you animal." Lillum groans before Emerald spoke with a slightly demonic tone in his voice to her surprise.

"Hehe! I'll take that as a complement." Leonel heard Emerald say to her surprise before he starts to thrust back and forth which made Lillum groan out before Leonel started to massage her breast and clit again when the action got more intense while the scene shifts...

...Back to the duo again

In and out, In and out, the motions repeat for a few minutes before Lillum starts to feel the tell tale sign of her impending orgasm approaching when her stomach tightens before Emerald's dick started to twitch before he slammed his hips into Lillum's one more time before he came with great force.

"UGH!" Emerald grunted when the first shot fires into Lillum's ass before his hips shuddered with the other three shots following before he pulled out slowly.

Lillum at the same time fell to her knees in a daze when she wondered how Emerald got that good.

Lillum then turned towards Emerald to see that he was still erect and gave a devilish smirk before she spoke up.

"Wanna finish up then get cleaned up?" Lillum said before Emerald gave a fanged grin.

"What do you have in mind?" Emerald said before Lillum smirked and move a bit till she was in front of Emerald while she stayed on her knees before.

She then grabbed some soap and lathered some on her breasts and Emerald's dick before she used some water to make it soapy, suds and all.

Lillum then placed Emerald's dick between her breasts, and starts to lift them up and down in various ways before she spoke up while Emerald felt his legs tense up to keep his body from falling from the pleasure.

"Well here is a cleaner way to finish." Lillum said before she she picked up the tempo before Lillum alternated between going up and down to having one breasts going up and another down while Emerald's dick twitched faster and faster before Emerald felt his release coming rapidly.

"I-I'M CUMMING!" Emerald shouted before Lillum opened her mouth before she put the head of Emerald's dick into her mouth right before he came and swallowed Emerald's load.

She was surprised at the amount when it caused her cheeks to swell a bit before she swallowed greedily while thinking to herself.

"Tasty!" Lillum thought before Emerald pulled away suddenly which gave her a facial with the leftover shot which covered her face and breasts.

Lillum then licked Emerald's dick clean it of his hanging release before she spoke up.

"Thanks for the fun." Lillum said with a wink before she turned the shower on above them to rinse off before Lillum smirked before she spoke up.

"So Emerald, how did you get that good?" Lillum asked which made Emerald shrugged before he spoke up.

"No clue really... just felt like I needed to pick up the pace." Emerald said before he sat down under another shower head while the mist fades from his body before he showered to clean himself while Lillum looked over with a smirk before she thought about what happened.

"Well, well, seems Emerald is just full of surprises." Lillum thought before she licked her lips when this could be a repeat later while the scene shifts to Leonel.

with Leonel a minute ago

She saw Emerald release in Lillum's ass before she fell to the ground to pant which made Leonel speed up when she rubbed herself closer and closer to orgasm.

She then saw Lillum giving Emerald a titjob before she orgasms when Emerald gave Lillum a facial and thought that she should retreat to the cabin showers to wash off.

She got up and ran off after re-summoning her outfit.

Lemon over

After showering his body clean, Emerald said goodbye to Lillum before she took a dip in the hot-spring to relax.

Emerald in the meantime walked out of the springs before he grab his clothes to see a liquid like subsistence on the ground nearby and looked at it for a moment before deciding that it was condensation from the springs and walked to the cabin to eat and see if the group was up while the scene shifts.

Later outside with Elemental's and Xan's group

Kamikazix woke up after blushing a bit from the show she just saw before she cleared her throat which got everyone's attention before she spoke up.

"Well everyone let's resume shall we?" Kamikazix said before chanting which made the screen restart while the scene shifted.

back to the dungeon group

Nocturn and Core woke up in the living room of the cabin before looking around while wondering how long were they asleep when they saw the clock which showed that they slept much longer then thet normally would.

Just then Lillum floats in with a smile on her face which made the clueless duo wonder what the hell happened before Emerald walked out of the kitchen with Leonel following with a light blush on her face which confused them more before Core spoke up.

"Did we miss something?" Core said with a sweatdrop before Emerald and Leonel blushed while Lillum's smirk grew wider on her face before she spoke up.

"Nothing that you two need to know." Lillum said which caused Nocturn and Core to sweatdrop while she floats over to Emerald and sat next to him on the couch after Core sat up while Leonel sat on the other side of the room on the recliner before growling when she remembered the 'hot spring incident' with an irritated look towards Emerald and Lillum before she looked away while she blushed.

Nocturn blinked a few time in confusion before he cleared his *throat* before he spoke up.

"Well on to more pressing matters, we need to talk on how this dungeon works and why its like this." Nocturn said before Emerald and the others looked towards Nocturn confused.

"What's there to talk about?, we were put into this dungeon by someone and have to reach the bottom floor and may have to fight the other 2 guardians." Leonel said while she looked towards the group before Nocturn spoke up.

"That's just it... why are the guardians here?, why was there a magic crest on Core?, why does Emerald have these visions?, there are to many questions and not enough answers." Nocturn said before looking upward in thought.

"So lets go over what we know then and try to piece things together one at a time." Emerald said while thinking back to what he knows while the scene shifts.

Outside with others

"Hay just like us." Zack said with a grin on his face while the others rolled their eyes before they looked back to the screen while the scene shifts again.

back to the group

"Well for starters... 1. I get visions from the Master Emerald for some reason." Emerald said while he looked towards Nocturn who spoke up.

"2. two of four guardians are here and the other two might be on lower floors, the question is why?" Nocturn said before he starts to float around the room to think.

"There is a unknown magic crest that controlled Core and boosts his strength way past normal." Lillum said while she crossed her arms under her chest and thought about this while Core rubbed the back of his head in slight shame.

"There's also the robed figure, who is that guy anyway?" Leonel before Emerald had a flashback and realized something before he spoke up.

"Guys I-I think I know who the person is!" Emerald gasped out which shocked the group greatly before Lillum spoke up.

"you do!?" Lillum said in shock while the scene shifts.

outside out of the cave

The group listens with rapt attention and the Elemental's looked on wonder what Emerald had to say while the scene shifts.

Another dimension

"Hmhmhm!, that's right Emerald help things forward." the red coat man thought when he was about to be revealed while the scene shifts.

Back to the dungeon group

"Who?" Leonel asked in wonder before Emerald spoke up.

"A man named Bordux if I remember right." Emerald said before the two guardians and Nocturn froze in mention of the name while the scene shifted.

Outside with the spectators

To say shocked would be a understatement while the group of Elemental's were stunned at hearing that name.

Xan looked over and was shocked at the faces on each of the Elemental's where making.

Some like Shiro, Kuro, and Nebula had faces of confusion and wonder at who Bordux was while Nexus however looked horrified while Kamikazix, Terragaia, Infernus, and Oceanic, however had the most shocked faces of all and the entire group had different things things to say.

"Impossible!?" Kamikazix whispered to herself.

"That Kid better not bullshit us!?" Terragaia growled out while his war-hammer vibrated from his rage.

"THAT KID BETTER DIE IN THERE OR I'LL ROAST HIM!" Infernus roared out which shocked Xan's group while her voice echos out across Angel Island.

"What are you up to kid?" Oceanic thought while he tried to calm down Infernus before the scene shifts.

back to the dungeon group

"A-Are you 100% positive?" Nocturn asked in a tone that had a hint of hope in it that was missed by the group but Emerald before he looked down and closed his eyes before he thought back to the vision.

flashback/?/ Shrine Alter/ Nocturn (Emerald), ?

"I don't care who or what you are!, move away from the Master Core or Ill kill you in the most painful way possible!" Emerald said before he summoned a sword of darkness in his right hand before the robed figure spoke up.

"I don't think so." ? said, which sounded like a man's voice, after he finished the chant and the Master Core changed from being a completely round ball of energy to it's current Emerald version while Emerald's temper spiked greatly.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!" Emerald roared while darkness cloaked his entire body before the robed figure spoke up.

"Its very simple Nocturn, but you won't find out until its to late!" ? said before he vanished before reappearing in front of Emerald instantly before he chanted a spell while a familiar crest appeared before Emerald could react.

Emerald then felt himself start to fall unconscious while the robed figure touched Emerald's forehead before he looked at the robed mans smiling face to be shocked beyond belief at what he saw.

"Bor...dux?... Why?" Emerald muttered before the scene went back to reality.


Emerald looked back up to the group before he spoke up.

"Yes... I'm 100% positive that the vision of Nocturn from the past said Borbux." Emerald said while Everyone looked at Emerald and then to the ground before they had various reactions, Lillum was clueless about Bordux which made her ask who he was which made Nocturn reply.

"Bordux is a sorcerer of great power, he was the main sage of the original shrine and was Nexus's predecessor and master, I have no idea what happened to him after I was banished but from what you might remember he might have been the one to alter the Master Core before I could stop him." Nocturn explained before Leonel spoke up.

"Hold on... wasn't Bordux the most trusting guy in the entire shrine, why would he betray us if your right?" Leonel asked with a confused tone before Nocturn spoke up.

"Now that's the million dollar question isn't it" Nocturn said before he floats toward the door and out of the cabin before the others got up and walked after him.

"Hay Nocturn, are we heading deeper now?" Emerald asked the sealed Elemental before Nocturn spoke up.

"Yes, not much good waiting here, I want to get answers and I want them soon." Nocturn stated with a serious tone which made a chill go up the groups spines before Looking at one another before they went back to gear up before following Nocturn past the boss area and to the lower floors while the scene shifted.


The Elemental's looked grim while the others wondered why, but didn't ask because they looked like they could snap at anything that would come close at the moment, especially Infernus before the scene shifted to the Egg fortress, more importantly to the laboratory Eggman was in.

Eggman's skybase/?/ Eggman

Eggman looked at the Footage and wondered who this Bordux person was... but he decided to focus on the repairs and modifications of Metal and Steel since it seemed to be something that needed more information before he could made the necessary countermeasures while the scene switched to another Dimension.

?/?/?/ Bordux

"Hmhmhm, now then, I wonder how the Elemental's will deal with this info, HAHA I'll bet there will be discord now." Bordux said with a grin before he got up from hi chair.

"Now to put the final touches on my little greeting... now I wonder how you will deal with this Emerald, Hmhmhm!, HAHAHAHAHA!" Bordux said before he started to laugh while the scene fades to black.

4 hours and 30 minutes left till time limit reached and 3 hours and 30 minutes left till robot completion.

"Well people hope you like this lemony chapter of The Dimensional Saga and hope you like the twists and turns in the time dungeon arc, what is Bordux's plan and how does Emerald, a Dimensional misfit at this point in time, fit into this?, find out next chapter." TME said before he looked over to a blushing Sonic and Amy.

"Also I'd like to point out that I added some marks before and after the dialog between characters." TME said before he walked over to Sonic and Amy and tapped them getting there attention.

"W-whoa... you really don't pull punches on lemons huh?" Sonic said while sporting a bright red blush while he blinked a few times.

TME look over to Amy before TME whispered into her ear which made her blush greatly before speaking up.

"R-Really!?" Amy gasped out while looking at TME who grinned before nodding which caused Amy to squeal which shocked Sonic greatly.

"A-Amy what's wrong?" Sonic asked in shock before Amy spoke up.

"Oh nothing Sonic, nothing at all." Amy said cryptically which made her giggle at the face Sonic was making before she walked out of the room with a spring in her step.

Sonic blinked a few times when he was confused as hell before he looked over to TME while TME only shrugged before he replied.

"Well its about time to upload this chapter, Sonic sorry for the impromptu exit but I got fans waiting for this chapter." TME said before he walked a confused Sonic out then walked back in alone.

"Well dear readers, you may have already guessed at what I'm planning but I'll save it for later in the story, See you next time." TME said while he bow to the readers before the screen then faded to black.

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