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time dungeon 5 Q and a part 1

"Hello everyone, this is the next chapter of The Dimensional saga by yours truly." TME said when he introduced himself to the readers.

"I would also like to point out in a few chapters there will be a lemon if I got lemon fans, now here are the guests here on the TME talk show for the show intro, Give a big hand for Knuckles and Zack!" TME said before Knuckles and zack walked up before they sat down in the nearby chairs before the group talked to one another.

"Hay TME, how is the story going?" Zack asked before TME spoke up while shrugging.

"Eh so-so so far, looking at my traffic area I'm getting like 10 people at best, but its better to get some readers then none at all." TME said while he looked around the room before Knuckles spoke up.

"True." Knuckles said before he leaned back in his chair while TME walked off stage for a moment to bring the usual snacks for the group.

"Well here are the usual snacks!" TME said while he placed the snacks in the area before he sat down to start the story.

Lets get this story started...

IN 3!2!1! GO!

Time dungeon arc part 5/ prequel arc

6 hours to go and 5 hours till robot completion

?/?/?/ Emerald, Nocturn, Leonel, Lillum, Core

The Camera faded in to show Core carrying Emerald while Leonel and Lillum followed in silence while they walked up to the rest area while the scene shifted.

Outside with the entire group

"Hmm, danger aside, I always thought that Nocturn couldn't use spells." Xan said when he thought back to when Nocturn still had his body before Kamikazix spoke up.

"Well, it seems that Noctune had a few secrets he took to another dimension." Kamikazix said when she got near Xan's group while Shiro and kuro ran up before speaking.

"Yeah, but the question is how much?" Shiro and Kuro said together while the two groups saw that Core placed Emerald on a bed before walking out to the living room with a gloomy look while Xan's group looked to Emerald in concern while the scene shifted.

Emerald's group/ Trial of Blades/ 2nd rest cabin/ Emerald, Nocturn, Leonel, Lillum, Core

The camera focused on the rest cabin before going towards Emerald's room before Core walked out of Emerald's room before he sat down in a chair in the living room to think for a minute to get his bearings.

He was in the trial of blades dungeon somehow and not only that he fought but he fought Leonel, his old friend, and a succubus that was teamed up with a Human named Emerald apparently, and somehow Nocturn was back in this dimension.

It might not be the original shrine dimension, but its still a surprise.

Just then Nocturn, Leonel, and, Lillum walked into the room and sat down before looking to Core who spoke up in slight concern.

"How is he?" Core asked in a worried tone before Nocturn spoke up.

"Well...he'll live, but what changes for good of bad, I have no idea." Nocturn said in a grim tone before Lillum spoke up.

"Changes?" Lillum asked in a worried tone before Nocturn looked to her before speaking up.

"I have no idea, this never happened before." Nocturn said with irritation filling his being before Leonel spoke up.

"Well what now?" Leonel asked before Nocturn spoke up after calming down.

"We wait and see, we can't do anything at the moment." Nocturn stated before he spoke up again.

"Well now that Emerald is asleep, lets talk." Nocturn said before the group looked towards Nocturn who had a serious expression on his gem like face.

"What?" Core asked in a curious tone before Nocturn continues.

"Well lets start on how things started with us here, starting with Leonel." Nocturn said which surprised her before Leonel spoke up a moment later with anger in her voice.

"Why me!?" Leonel asked in anger before Nocturn spoke up.

"Simple, similar to Core you were an enemy once, the only difference was that you didn't have a crest like Core, any reason you were first?" Nocturn said in a suspicious tone.

"The hell!?, I fought all the way here with you two!, and I'm a suspect!?" Leonel growled out in anger with glowing eyes before Nocturn looked her straight in the eyes before speaking up with a serious tone.

"I don't think Kamikazix made this place so hard for it to be an impossible task, I'm just being cautious... think about it, wouldn't you be a bit suspicious if you were thrust into a dungeon with 2 of the 4 celestial demons who guard an ancient artifact, and 1 of them had a crest that not only controlled them but boosted there abilities way past the normality?" Nocturn sincerely asked which made Leonel freeze for a moment which allowed Nocturn to continue.

"Now I may be many things, a perv to some, dense at times for various reasons, but I am no idiot!" Nocturn said while looking at Leonel seriously which shocked her while the scene shifted.


"I wonder where Nocturn is heading with this." Kamikazix said with the rest wondering the same thing.

back to Emeralds group

"I'll go first if you will let me." Nocturn said which got everyone's attention.

"For what?" Lillum asked sense she was feeling a little left out.

"The story of how I got here in this state, and how I was framed." Nocturn said grimly which confused Leonel, Lillum, and Core.

"Framed?" Lillum asked sense this part went over her head.

"Yeah... it all started like this... and then the event happened like this..." Nocturn explained while the scene shifted. (read previous chapter 13 Emeralds dream for detail.)


Everyone listened and some had various reactions.

Elemental group

"Why would he say that?, we have evidence against him." Kamikazix said when she remembered the incident from back then.

"I don't know milady, but why don't we listen and see." Nebula said with a calculating smirk on his face.

"Hmph!, you just want to sound smart huh?" Terragaia said when he didn't like the interruptions.

"I don't have to sound smart to be smart, unlike you who's more of a brute I actually have class." Nebula said with a smirk while Terragaia got a tick mark on his head before he shouted at Nebula.

"WHAT!?" Terragaia shouted before standing up before someone cleared their throat which made Terragaia and Nebula freeze before they looked over to see Kamikazix smiling at the duo before she spoke up again.

"Sit down." Kamikazix said with a chilling smile on her face that made the duo look to Kamikazix in fright before they sat down while sweating buckets while the scene shifted.

Back with the dungeon group

"And then Helios used a certain spell to separate my mind and powers from my body, banishing them to separate dimensions, where my body is, I'll never know, but I remembered that the spell in question takes the users life in exchange, It's similar to others of the same type but that one was a true banishment spell, not a seal or containment." Nocturn said before he finished his tale while Leonel looked around the room before speaking up.

"If what you say is true, then how are our memories fake?, for all we know you could be lying!" Leonel argued before Nocturn tried to say something in his defense but a voice cut them off.

"Because he is telling the truth!" ? said which made the group look over to see Emerald slouching against the wall nearby which made Leonel stand up before speaking up.

"Emerald!?, you need rest." Leonel said in a worried tone while she walked over in concern before Emerald just walked past Leonel before speaking up.

"Later." Emerald said while he walked over to a chair before practically falling onto it before Core took a minute to let Emerald get comfortable before speaking up.

"What do you mean that he is telling the truth?" Core asked in a confused tone while Emerald leaned back with both groups listening before Emerald spoke up.

"I guess you could say the Master Emerald gave me a vision." Emerald said which shocked all who heard before Core spoke up again.

"A vision?, Care to elaborate?" Core asked with a curious tone before Emerald replied.

"Sure, I guess you could say I was thrust into the past or something, or more exact I was in Nocturn's body before he got exiled." Emerald said which shocked many people before Leonel spoke up wit wide eyes.

What!?" Leonel in a shocked tone before Emerald nodded.

"Yeah I saw the original shrine metropolis, It was amazing, I also saw the shrine itself, had four platforms if I remember right." Emerald said seeing the shocked faces of Leonel, Core, and Nocturn.

Waiting for a second Emerald continued.

"I also saw the other Elemental's, The only ones I recognized were Infernus and... Helios." Emerald finished which made everyone go silent before Nocturn spoke up.

"Helios?" Nocturn whispered in sadness before Emerald spoke up after picking up the sadness in Nocturn's voice.

"Yeah, she looked like a goddess wearing roman gear, more like a toga, she also had a staff with a floating crystal in the middle, said it had a few tricks that yet to be seen if I remember right." Emerald said before he finished before Nocturn floating to the ground as he kept quite like he was stunned silent before Emerald continued.

"I also remember walking into the shrine behind Helios saying that I'll be the king of space or something and she knocked me upside the head with that staff!" Emerald said while he rubbed his head where Helios hit him while Nocturn sweatdropped at the memory before speaking up.

"Anything else?" Nocturn said while floating over before Emerald spoke up, though everyone who watched thought that Emerald's face turned dark for a moment but passed it off as a trick of the light before Emerald spoke up.

"Yeah... during a meeting or something, the vision shifted to the shrine after dark." Emerald said when he got an irritated look on his face before he continued.

"I saw the 4 guardians beat up and ran up the stairs to see who was there, I saw a man in a cloak or robe chanting before the Master Emerald and saw it shift to the form it has today, I then used some darkness to make a sword, clad myself in darkness like armor but it wouldn't work, the man teleported or moved so fast that before I could react he chanted something and I fell unconscious, then my vision warped and saw Nocturn's body from a 3rd person view and the scene shifted." Emerald said with the others in attention.

"I saw that Nocturn was on trial, but it looked like the decision was already decided when things looked normal to me, the thing Kamikazix brought in for evidence was not like what I saw." Emerald said gripping the chair's armrest before Leonel spoke up.

"What?" Leonel asked in attention before Emerald spoke up.

"I saw Nocturn chanting before the Master Core changed into the Master Emerald which made being blown back by energy from the Emerald, you four guardians might have had your memories messed with because I didn't see Nocturn attack anyone." Emerald said while looking towards the guardian duo who looked to one another before Nocturn spoke up.

"Anything else there?" Nocturn said though he didn't wanting to hear anything else but wanted to be careful.

"Yeah." Emerald said sadly before he continued.

"I saw Helios use a banishing crest or spell after renouncing the courtship with Nocturn, and after Nocturn vanished, Helios... she died shortly after saying,... A way for the truth, like she knew something we didn't." Emerald said in slight confusion at what Helios said before he continued.

"The scene then shifted to in front of my home, right before I found Nocturn, and I was teleported above Angel island, the rest is about how I got used to this world somewhat, how I fought Steel and was sent in here, and... you know the rest." Emerald said as he finished the tale.

"A-anything else?" Leonel said sadly when she remembered when Kamikazix told her that Helios died.

"Yeah, the Master Emerald showed me two old visions and one new one, the first was a lady with a wolf tail running across rooftops and the second was Onimusha apparently, the final one before fighting Core in human form was... well the five of us walking up to the original shrine or maybe a replica but it didn't give details." Emerald said before Nocturn spoke up.

"Well I for one would like to rest before thinking more about this." Nocturn said in a weary tone before he had the group split up to rest.

The group split up with Leonel helping Emerald to his room before Leonel herself went to sleep on the bed in the other room while Lillum tried to not think about things for the day before she decided turn in as well while Core laid on the couch after his armor vanished and his sword disappeared before he thought about a few things.

Core may be a bit dense at times but he thought a few things were missing and would ask tomorrow before he fell asleep while the scene shifted.


"Hmhmhm!, interesting so the Master Emerald showed Emerald the event huh?" The red coat man said while looking in his floating mirror before speaking up.

"I may as well help the vision happen sooner then later!" The man in the red coat said with a grin before he started to chant before the scene changed.

outside the cave/ both groups

"What now?" Zack said before Kamikazix spoke up which got their attention.

"We wait." Kamikazix said in a serious tone before she made the screen on the cave fade before she went to sit next to a rock to think about various things.

"Well now, we have 2 different stories and Emerald is holding some things back, the question is what?" Kamikazix thought before she continued her thought process.

"I wonder what is going on here, first the 2 guardians, and Nocturn using spells, I don't like being kept out of the loop." Kamikazix thought while she looked towards Shiro and Kuro who walked up and sat down nearby.

"What's wrong?" Shiro and kuro asked which made Kamikazix look over before speaking up.

"It's just that things got confusing, 1st Nocturn is still keeping secrets, 2nd Emerald somehow knows what happened, the question is what, 3rd and finally the crest that Core had is still bugging me." Kamikazix said before rubbing her head from the oncoming headache forming before Shiro and Kuro spoke up.

"Maybe Nocturn will explain more later, and maybe Emerald will fill in things more after resting." Shiro and Kuro said which made Kamikazix spoke up.

"Maybe, but I just don't like it." Kamikazix said laying back to nap while trying to put two and two together while the scene shifted.

Xan's group

"Hmm." Xan hummed which got Vanilla's attention before she spoke up.

"Something wrong?" Vanilla said in a worried tone which made Xan speak up.

"Just thinking about what we heard." Xan said before he looked the group over before Zack spoke up.

"Yeah, it's a lot to take in!" Zack said while rubbing his forehead from an oncoming headache before Shunpei spoke up.

"Wanna go over what we heard?" Shunpei asked before the group sat in a ring to talk about things before Cream spoke up.

"Well what do we know?" Cream asked before Pluton spoke up.

"May I start?" Pluton asked which made the group look towards Pluton in attention before he started.

"1. Nocturn know spells." Pluton stated before Zack continued.

"2. Emerald gets visions from the Master Emerald apparently, whatever that is." Zack said suddenly before Shunpei spoke up.

"3. All of the Guardians might be in there." Shunpei said while he thought out loud before Chise followed up.

"4. That weird crest thing that everyone saw and how it ties into this." Chise said before Vanilla spoke up.

"5. That robed man is an unknown factor." Vanilla said before the scene shifted to the elemental's who were listening and thought in different ways, but had the same end thought.

"Who is that robed man?" The Elemental's thought before the scene shifted.

back to the dungeon group/ 2nd rest area/ Emerald's room/ Emerald's dream/ Emerald

Emerald's eyes opened to see the Dream Master Emerald alter that sat in the clearing in front of him before he felt pain surge through his body which made him speak up sense this place responded to him.

"Man why am I still hurting?, even when I'm asleep?" Emerald asked with pain flowing through his body, he half expected the Master Emerald to flash before a voice echoed throughout the clearing.

"It's because you used too much darkness, that would explain the pain your feeling." ? explained with a humor filled tone which made Emerald fight through the pain to get up before he look around the clearing for the source of the voice before he spoke up.

"Who's there!?" Emerald said while he looked around the clearing before hearing the same voice speaking up, this time from behind him.

"Behind you!" ? said behind Emerald which made him turn around to be shocked to see his dark doppelganger.

"Dark!?" Emerald said in shock before taking a step backwards while the Dark doppelganger spoke up with amusement in his voice at Emerald's fear.

"In the flesh, so to speak." Dark said while mockingly bowing to Emerald which made him speak up.

"What do you mean that I used to much darkness?" Emerald asked in concern while he kept an eye on Dark.

"Simple, like I said, you have used too much darkness and it recoiled against you, damaging you both physically and mentally, that's why you are hurting here as well." Dark said before shrugging before he continues.

"Also there was a unintended, but pleasant side effect." Dark said with a grin on his face which unnerved Emerald who spoke up with slight fear at Dark's face.

"What could be pleasant in your dictionary?" Emerald asked while he kept his guard up before the dark double spoke up.

"Simple, The darkness is staining your mind, so it will make it easier to take over!" Dark said with a widening grin when Emerald's pupils shrank at hearing that before he spoke up.

"WHAT!?" Emerald shouted before the double spoke up.

"We both know you know what I am talking about, after all your me and I am you!" Dark said with madness filled grin while he poked his head a few times.

Emerald in the meantime looked at Dark with a confused look on his face, but then something clicked and Dark's grin widened before speaking up.

"Finally get it? Dark said before Emerald replied.

"You mean that If I ask for power, you will...!?"Emerald said in a shocked tone before his dark double grinned again before speaking up.

"Exactly, Kinda like an extreme case of a double edge sword ain't it?" Dark smirked when Emerald spoke up in shock.

"What the hell?" Emerald said in disbelief when he heard that.

Dark then walked up to a rock that appeared suddenly before he leaned against it with his eyes closed while a grin stayed on his face before Emerald spoke up.

"What does that mean for me then?" Emerald said with an angered tone at what Dark could mean before the double spoke up.

"Hehe...Well... why don't you use your imagination." Dark said before he started to dissolve into particles which made him speak up again.

"Well light... let's see if you can keep your sanity till later!" Dark said before giving Emerald a salute before he fully vanished.

"Oh and one more thing!" Dark said while his voice echoed around the clearing which unnerved Emerald which made him speak up.

"Where are you!?" Emerald said while he looked around more with a scared look on his face before he felt a tap on his shoulder which made him look behind him to see Dark with a fist raised before he spoke up.

"Time to wake up!" Dark said before he swings his fist toward Emerald before he woke up with a start while the scene shifted.

Reality/ Trial of blades/ 2nd rest area/ Emerald's room/ Emerald


Emerald woke with a start and saw that he was in a rest area bedroom, he looked around and noticed that he was alone.

"Well sense we just had a tough fight, the others must be resting and trying to recover." Emerald thought before he got up from the bed and walked out of the room.

Trial of blades/ 2nd rest area/ Emerald

Walking outside the room, he looked around and saw that Leonel was sleeping in a guest room and Core was on the couch, asleep as well.

Nocturn was on the nightstand near the couch to allow Emerald to rest.

Lillum on the other hand was missing which got Emerald worried before he went to look for her.

Outside the cabin

Emerald walked out of the cabin to hear splashing sounds and looked towards the hot spring which made him blush a bit before Emerald walked over to the springs before he spoke up.

"Hay Lillum, you there?" Emerald called out while the scene shifted.

few minutes ago

Lillum woke up a few minutes ago to feel slightly better before she stretched before she got off of the other couch to check on Emerald to see that he was still asleep before she decided to bathe and relax in the springs.

Before then though she cast a sleep spell on Core and Nocturn just in case sense she heard that Nocturn was a peeper, Core on the other hand, not a clue but wanted to be safe.

Like this in simple terms, Nocturn... Pervert, Core... Still has issues, but he was more or less so-so in her book.

She was exhausted even after sleeping for more the she normally would, she thought a dip in the hot spring would feel like the best thing in the world right now and if Nocturn came by somehow, she would freeze him in a massive block of ice and push him into a lava pit to see if he could feel pain.

When she got in the hot springs Lillum striped before she used the spring showers to clean herself off before started to step in the springs and heard a voice that made her heart jump a bit before she recognized the voice.

"Hay Lillum ,you there?" Emerald called from outside the springs before the scene shifted.

Outside with Elemental's and Xan's group

"It seems we need to wait for a while." Kamikazix thought with a smirk on her face when she spied on Emerald who was about to walk in on Lillum before the scene switched to Eggman's skybase.

Eggman's skybase

"HOHOHOHO!, *cough*Ahem*, Phew need to lighten up with the laughs." Eggman deadpanned while the robots were being upgraded constantly even as he speaks while he looked over the data himself to make personal upgrade to the robots before the scene faded to black.

5 Hours and 30 minutes to go and 4 hours and 30 minutes to go till robot completion

"Well people, here's the next chapter of The Dimensional Saga and a lemon scene happens next chapter, so hope you guys enjoy it, anything to say guys?" TME asked Zack and Knuckles before Zack spoke up.

"Hmm, no... not really, though still seems rushed from what Leonel told me from last chapter." Zack said when he remembered running into Leonel after the last chapter was updated before TME spoke up.

"Again sorry, Like I said last time, this is the Prequel arc and it helps build into the other worlds, so sorry to everyone if this is a bit fast for some." TME said before Zack and Knuckles said good-bye and left the room before TME spoke up.

"Well people, again this is the next chapter of The Dimensional Saga, see you next time and give constructive reviews please!" TME said before he waved to the readers while the scene faded to black.

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