The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
Time dungeon part 4,Dragons freedom

"Well everyone, here is the next chapter of The Dimensional Saga, and here's Lillum and Leonel who are guest starring today." TME said before the two woman walked in while waving to the screen.

"Hay there, thanks for the invite!" Lillum said while she floated over and sat on a chair near TME.

"Same here." Leonel said before she sat nearby with a slightly bored tone lacing her voice.

"Well ladies here are some snacks for the story to help brighten your mood, enjoy!" TME said while he handed some food to them a moment later.

"Thanks!" both Leonel and Lillum said before they dug into the food with mannered gusto.

"Well then time to start the story while they enjoy their food..." TME started to say before he sat back in his chair while holding up three fingers.

IN 3!2!1! GO!

Time dungeon arc part 4/ Prequel arc

6 hours and 30 minutes to go and 5 hours and 30 minutes till robot completion.

Trial of Blades/ 2nd Boss room/ Emerald, Nocturn, Leonel, Lillum

When everyone saw Core appear in human form, they noticed that he barely looked injured in the slightest, not only that but his forehead wasn't even scratched before he got their attention by speaking up after moving his arms to see if they were OK.

"Not bad kid... not bad, been awhile sense anyone actually made me turn to my human form and get serious." Core said before the crest on Core's head glowed before he started to walk over to the group while he emitted a large amount of killing intent.

Leonel and Lillum got in front of Emerald while Nocturn tried to heal Emerald's body before Leonel summoned her weapons and Lillum started to chant and move her hands to cast a spell which made Core stop for a moment to look before he laughed with a bit of insanity filling his voice before he spoke up.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!, What can you two do?, Leonel, we both know out of all the guardians you were the weakest, and miss succubus, aren't you running out of steam?" Core said with an insane grin before he started to walk to the group again.

As Core got closer to the group, Emerald tried to get up, but felt extreme amounts of pain radiate from his chest and fell to his knees which got everyone's attention.

"EMERALD!?" Lillum grunted out with worry while she looked back sense she wanted to go to him, but couldn't because she could feel that Core was not to be underestimated, and felt thing where just getting worse.

"DAMMIT CORE!, SNAP OUT OF IT!" Leonel growled out loudly before she charged Core with rage filling her being which resulted in the two melee fighters dueling it while Nocturn sent energy to Emerald to heal him.

The duo traded blow after blow and seemed to be evenly matched until Core somehow accelerated in speed when Leonel tried slashed downward with her sword while Core sided stepped the attack.

Core then slugged Leonel in the stomach with his left fist so hard that she coughed up blood before she was sent flying to the other side of the room and landed on the ground for a few seconds before she tried to get up, but fell down in pain with only her arms supporting her.

"*gasp**gasp*, C-C-Core!, h-how t-the hell d-did you get like this?" Leonel gasped out before she tried to keep get up a few times but failed when she felt pain course through her body while Core took a moment to think about her question before he realized what she asked.

"Oh you mean this?" Core said before pointing towards the crest on his head with his free hand while Leonel gave a surprisingly feral growl from seeing it shine on Core's head before Core spoke up.

"It's a gift from an old friend, you should have accepted when you had the chance!" Core said before he started to walk towards Leonel before someone spoke up.

"HOLD IT!" ? screamed which caused Core to stop suddenly when ice spikes came jutting out of the ground between Leonel and Core to act like a barrier.

Core then turned towards Lillum with a chilling smirk that sent a shiver up her spine before he spoke up.

"Not the best idea little lady." Core said before walking towards Lillum while he set his blade on his shoulder.

Lillum then started to cast more ice spikes and sent them flying towards Core in different patterns, but core just lifted his sword and swinged it so hard that the force alone shattered the spikes and sent Lillum crashing near Emerald.

"L-Lillum!" Emerald groaned out while he tried to get up again, but the pain in his eyes felt insane, not only that but whatever his dark side did made his body turn into a mass of pain.

"Hehe!, I think I'll take care of you first miss magic." Core said while walking towards Lillum with a blood thirsty grin on his face.

"NO!, KEEP AWAY FROM HER!" Emerald shouted with rage while he looked at Core who looked at Emerald before speaking up.

"Ill get to you in a second kid, just wait for your turn." Core said while he kept walking towards Lillum while the scene shifted.

Outside the cave/ Elemental Group/ Kamikazix (Wind), Terragaia (Earth), Nebula (Lightening), Infernus (Fire), Oceanic (Water), Shiro (Light), Kuro (Dark), Nexus (Sage)/ Xan's Group/ Xan, Zack, Shunpei, Pluton, Vanilla, Cream, Tails, Chise

"DAMMIT!, how the hell does this guy keep coming and coming?" Zack said while his anger grew when he saw Core approach Lillum on the screen.

"I don't know, but if something isn't done then they're..." Tails started to say while he sat nearby but fell silent before Vanilla spoke up a few seconds later.

"Can't we do anything?" Vanilla asked worried while Xan thought for a moment.

"Hmm." Xan hummed in thought before speaking up.

"Everyone gather round!" Xan said before he asked Pluton if he had a spare Emerald before Pluton removed the green Emerald from his chest cavity and passed it to Xan who asked everyone to put their hands together and asked Zack and Shunpei to put their free hand on his shoulders.

After doing what he asked, the others wondered what he was doing before Xan spoke up.

"Now what I'm about to do is try to link with Nocturn mentally so we can talk through him." Xan explained while the green emerald started to float in front of him with a dull glow before he spoke up again.

"Now focus and think!" Xan stated before the light turned green and dense while the scene shifted to the Elemental's when they looked to the group.

The Elemental group

"Do we stop them?" Terragaia said when he saw the group getting into a circle of sorts before Kamikazix spoke up.

"No need Terragaia, lets see if they can help pull out that 1% chance." Kamikazix said before she turned back to the screen with the others looking back while the scene shifted.

Back to the battle

"Move!, move!, Dammit move!" Emerald grunted out while he tried to get up, but failed when his body erupted with pain while Core walked towards Lillum with a sick grin that promised pain before death.

Just then Nocturn felt someone was tapping in his mind somehow and let the presence in before he heard Xan's voice.

"Nocturn no time!, let us talk to Emerald!" Xan said urgently while Nocturn, though confused, let Xan's voice through a moment later.

"DON'T GIVE UP KID!" Xan shouted out through Nocturn which made everyone look towards Nocturn confused before Xan's voice spoke up again through Nocturn again.

"Xan!?" Emerald asked in a bewildered tone while he looked towards Nocturn with a confused look on his face before Xan spoke up again.

"Listen!, all of us are using the green chaos emerald to link with Nocturn to talk through him." Xan said before Emerald replied a moment later.

"Us?" Emerald groaned out before another voice spoke up.

"Yeah Emerald!, don't lose to this guy!" Zack said further shocking the group who heard.

"Zack?" Emerald said in wide eyed shock when he remembered how he help and stranded Zack in this world. (A year or so passed in the trial of blades cave so Emerald might not remember some of the people on Mobius without a reminder.)

"Yeah!, and not just me either." Zack said before another voice followed by one after another.

"GET UP EMERALD! Chise shouted out which surprised Emerald and the others in the room sense this time it was a females voice.

"Chise!" Emerald whispered before he slowly pushed upwards when he remembered how she helped him recover and pushed passed the pain before another voice spoke up, though it sounded slightly mechanical.

"You better return for Cream and Vanilla's sake!" Pluton stated which made Emerald grit his teeth as images flashed through his head before he spoke up.

"Pluton!" Emerald said already on his hands as he remembered how Pluton tried to protect Cream from Steel and how he was growing and learning more emotions before a younger sounding voice spoke up, this time a little girls.

"Yes, please come back alive!" Cream begged while Emerald's eyes went wide eyed before he spoke up.

"Cream!" Emerald said before pushing up to one knee as he remembered how he both failed to rescue Cream unharmed and how he save her when another voice spoke up.

"COME ON EMERALD! YOU CAN'T LOSE!, YOU BEAT STEEL REMEMBER!" Shunpei shouted which made everyone but Emerald confused when they heard a boys voice emit from Nocturn's body.

"Shun..pei!" Emerald muttered before he successfully rose to both feet while hunched over before he remembered the boy he met in the park outside of the time dungeon when another voice followed.

"Please Emerald!" Tails said in a worried tone.

"Tails." Emerald whispered as he slowly rises when he remembered how Tails and Sonic helped him slowly get use to Mobius and how he built Pluton.

"Please come back to us! Vanilla said which made Emerald blush a bit before he spoke up.

"Vanilla!" Emerald said blushing a bit more when he remembered how she gave Emerald and Pluton a home and other "memories" while gaining better balance on his feet.

"You hear those voices kid?, these people are waiting for you win this one and get the hell out of there!" Xan said as he tried to keep the connection going when he noticed that the link was weakening.

"Xan!" Emerald said before his head rises to look towards Core while he remembered how Xan offered to teach him and how he helped him heal from Steel's attacks before Zack's voice spoke up again.

"You better win man!, how am I going to repay you for saving me!" Zack said before the connection got cut.

Another voice spoke up, a woman's voice, this time in Emerald's head which made him look around in confusion before noticing that it came from Core's direction.

"Please!, Please help Core!" ? begged which made Emerald look over towards the voice to realize that it was originating from Core himself, though Core looked at his blade with a confused look which confused Emerald further.

Just then he heard the same voice shout out which surprised both Core and Emerald greatly from the volume.

"PLEASE ASK NOCTURN ABOUT THE SEALBREAKER!" ? shouted before the voice fell silent while Core wondered what the hell happened before Emerald realized it was Core's weapon before the scene shifted.


"Hehe!, Emerald... what will you do now?" The man in red said with a grin when he watched the fight after he cut the connection between the 2 groups before the scene shifted.

Trial of Blades/ 2nd Boss room/ Emerald, Nocturn, Leonel, Lillum

Not to argue with the voice Emerald shouted out which surprised everyone in the room again.

"NOCTURN!, GET OVER HERE ASAP!" Emerald shouted out which shocked everyone before Nocturn flew over as fast as he could.

"Y-yeah?" Nocturn stuttered near Emerald after he got close.

"Listen and please no crappy jokes or dumb questions now, do you know a technique or ability known as sealbreaker?" Emerald asked which Nocturn freezed even mid float before he spoke up.

"How?" Nocturn asked in a shocked, confused tone before Emerald spoke up.

"Just some voice coming from Core!" Emerald said while he looked towards Core who was looking at his blade with an irritated expression on his face.

"Can you tell me how it works?, cause I think things are about to get worse!" Emerald said urgently when Core looked at him with an angered look in his eyes.

"I could, but unfortunately it seems we don't have time!, HEADS UP!" Nocturn said flying away while Core launched towards Emerald with a pissed off look on his face, complete with glowing red eyes and crest glowing bright red.

Emerald pushed the pain aside and fell back to get his footing while the scene shifted to Leonel.

With Leonel

"I-I can barely move!, Dammit!" Leonel thought while she struggled to get up before Looking towards Emerald with a worried look to see that Core charged him while Emerald jumped back to make space between the two fighters.

Emerald then charged with his fists with Energy while Core swinged his blade in a downward motion.

Emerald used his enhanced his fists to block the attack but he was blasted back to the wall of the boss room as a result when Core's raw strength overpowered Emerald.

Leonel finally got up before she used her speed to appear in front of Emerald with her weapons appearing before Lillum appeared from above with a tired expression on her face while she gasped for breath while the scene shifted.

Lillum a minute ago

Lillum Looked over when Emerald shouted out for Nocturn, she then tried to get up, but was about to fall back down when she heard a loud bang and saw Emerald being launched backwards at a wall, hard.

Lillum then forced herself to get up and fly over to Emerald and saw Leonel appearing in front of Emerald before flying over, she felt exhausted and was panting like she ran a marathon before the scene shifted.

the dungeon group

"Any ideas Emerald?" Leonel asked before seeing Core grin with blood red eyes.

"Just one, but Nocturn needs time!" Emerald said while Nocturn flew over while Lillum spoke up.

"Oh great!, we get the sword wielding psychopath." Lillum said sarcastically while she facepalmed before Leonel spoke up.

"Lets hope we don't die then!" Leonel said before rushing forward with her spear and sword combo while Lillum flew from above before launching bolts of fire towards Core to distract him.

with Emerald and Nocturn

"I really hope you can tell me now!" Emerald asked while his body sweated sense his body could barely support itself before Nocturn spoke up.

"Yeah I'll explain later, just do what I say and hold your wrist in your hand." Nocturn asked before Emerald did as he was told. (Picture Emerald holding his right wrist with his left hand)

"Like so?" Emerald asked while he heard the fight rage on.

"Yes!, now brace yourself because this won't be pleasant!" Nocturn said while the scene switched to the battle in the boss room.

Leonel and Lillum vs Core

"HAHAHA!, do you two think you can stop me!?" Core said before he charged the duo which caused them to split up and Core started to chase Lillum before he spoke up.

"Come here miss magic!, I promise this won't hurt much!" Core said sadistically while slashing with his weapon vertically.

Before Core could cause the killing blow however, a spear came flying which caused Core to slow down when it hit between the duo which resulted in Core's blade slicing through the spear handle and Lillum's stomach lightly.

"UGH!" lillum grunted out while holding her wound before casting a spell at Core with one hand, but it came out weak from using so many high level spells from earlier so it was more or less just to slow Core down.

Core in turn jumped away before swinging his blade towards Leonel who blocked with her blade and thrust her spear forward.

Core dodged to the right with the spear grazing his cheek and swings his blade downward to knock Leonel to the ground.

Leonel in turn jumped back in time to see the blade smash into the ground where she was which made her go wide eyed from Core's raw strength once again.

Core then pulled the blade from the ground while Leonel went into a defensive stance that held her spear forward and her blade in a reverse grip to be used as a shield.

Just before Core was about to charge Leonel, there was a blast of magic which made the three looked over and saw Emerald do something that shocked them greatly.

Emerald and Nocturn in the middle of the battle but before the blast of magic

"#$^&$#$^$#^$%%#$ %." Nocturn spoke in a odd language for a few minutes which confused Emerald greatly before he looked back to the fight.

Just then he saw that Lillum took a hit to her stomach and was about to run there but held back sense he knew that if he went he would only get in the way, not only from his injuries that didn't completely heal, but from whatever his dark side did.

He expected to not get an answer but was surprised to actually get help, though the backlash was intense he was able to stand, but Emerald knew he wouldn't get back up a second time if he fell again.

Just then Emerald felt a rush of power before a green crest appeared under him while Nocturn spoke through the link which got Emerald's attention.

"Get ready!, this spell is taxing." Nocturn thought to Emerald before Emerald could ask how Nocturn could use spells sense he told Emerald that he wasn't a caster, he then felt the crest rise and warp around his hand like plastic wrap.

It felt odd but before Emerald could ask Nocturn then Thought through the link.

"Go now Emerald!, Before the seal fades!" Nocturn thought which made Emerald look to Core before roaring to get his attention before charging forward with a sealed covered fist while the scene shifted.

outside with Xan group

"Come on kid!" Xan said while feeling that this fight was about to end one way or the other, hopefully in a good way.

"Go Emerald!" Shunpei whispered next to Zack with Pluton analyzing the fight.

Zack was on the edge of the rock that he was sitting on while Cream was so absorbed in the fight that she didn't even notice that Vanilla hugged her close.

Chise was standing and watching Emerald charge Core before she was about to shout out cheers.

"Emerald!" Pluton thought in slight worry when he saw that Emerald took a lot of damage in the battle.

"Oh man this is intense!" Tails whispered in worry before the scene shifted.

with the elemental's

"How the hell!?" Nexus said in a shocked tone when she couldn't recognize the spell that was cast.

"Indeed, seems Nocturn kept a few surprises from us!" Kamikazix said with a smirk which got Terragaia's attention.

"Know something Kamikazix?" Terragaia said in a slightly confused before Kamikazix spoke up.

"No, but this just makes things more interesting don't it?" Kamikazix said before looking back to the screen with the others watching before the scene shifted.


"HAHAHA!, Well, well, let The finale begin!" The red coat man said before he threw his arms out wide with a grin while the crest glowing brighter.

Back to battle

Core saw Emerald approaching rapidly before the crest shined brightly which made Core charge Emerald in a berserk like state while Leonel and Lillum were slow to react and raced to catch up with Core.

Core then swinged the blade in hand in a downward arc while the blade burned brightly with a Blue flame in a arc while Emerald dodged to the left to avoid getting burned before he sent his right fist forward with all his might.

the resulting blow connected with the crest on Core's head which caused a bright flash of light which blinded everyone for a moment before hearing a loud cracking sound, like shattering glass before it breaks.

Just then the light died to show that Emerald and Core where not moving at all with Emerald's right fist near Core's head and Core's blade was embedded into the ground near Emerald's right foot, no flames emitted from the blade.

Then like puppets with strings cut they just fell to the ground unconscious next to one another which got Leonel and Lillum to rush over in worry before speaking up at the same time.

"EMERALD!?" Leonel and Lillum shouted in concern while they ran to him while Nocturn kept silent before he looked Core over to make sure he was OK in more ways than one.

Just then Core started to get up and fell on his back which made Leonel and Lillum get their guards up when Core fell back before Nocturn spoke up.

"Relax, He is normal again, I sense no magic crests on Core, It's Emerald I'm worried about." Nocturn said before he floated over Emerald with slight worry when he examined his wounds before the trio heard a voice which shocked them into looking around for a moment.

"Uuuuuggghhh!" ? moaned out again which made the conscious trio look over to see in shock that Core got up and staggered to his feet before he spoke up.

"Oh my head!" Core said weakly while using his blade to support his body before he held his head from the massive headache that was forming before Leonel spoke up with anger lacing her voice.

"Nice to see you sane again Core!" Leonel said in anger while Core looked to Leonel in shock before speaking up.

"Leonel?, where am I?, and why do I feel as though I got hit by a meteor?" Core said before he was looking around in confusion before Nocturn spoke up.

"In order, 1. Your in a trial of blades dungeon that was set at the maximum level that was altered by Kamikazix for some reason but I can guess a few, 2. and the meteor like beating was from fighting these three and Emerald had to use a taxing technique of mine that was not a novice move to free you from someones control and he's now paying the price." Nocturn said plainly before Core looked at the group and saw Emerald which got him concerned before he spoke up.

"Can I help?" Core asked in a concerned tone before Nocturn spoke up.

"Follow me and carry him back to the rest area, I think I can speak for everyone that we need a few days off to recover." Nocturn said before floating back to the previous rest area while Core walked over and saw that Leonel gave him a cold look but stepped back.

Lillum on the other hand was worried for Emerald's safety and got in front of Core which startled him greatly when Lillum gave him a cold look before she spoke up.

"Give me one reason to trust you!?" Lillum said while holding her wounded stomach with one hand while another hand was out ready to cast a low level spell before Core spoke up.

"Um... OK here!" Core said before digging around his pouch for a moment before pulling out an odd looking potion that made Lillum ask what it was when she saw it.

"Its an elixir, from what I read back at the main core shrine once, this might be a downgraded version or a regular version, I can't remember fully, my memories of recent events are a bit scrambled." Core said rubbing his head in shame when he couldn't remember what happened recently.

Leonel in the meantime took a look at the potion before explaining that it was the regular version, it looked and smelled safe to her.

Although a bit skeptical from what Leonel said Lillum took a sip and her wound on her stomach healed greatly right before her eyes while the lesser wounds completely vanished.

Lillum in amazement asked how many elixir's he had left which made Core look in his pouch to find three more elixirs and a few odd orbs.

"Huh?, I don't remember these." Core said before taking an orb out to look at it closely before Nocturn floated back with a ticked off look on his face before he asked what the hold up was.

Core then remembered what he was suppose to be doing and put the items up before picking up Emerald carefully before walking with the others towards the rest area while the scene shifted.


"Holy hell!, that was... nerve racking!" Shunpei said after he saw Core join the group.

"No kidding!" Zack said in wonder when he himself wondered how Emerald got into these things.

"Well he past two of the guardians, and I think the other two are next if a pattern is there." Xan said before fishing out the scroll and a pen to fine tune some things in it before Vanilla spoke up.

"Remind me, why is Emerald in there again?" Vanilla asked in a concerned tone before Xan looked to her before speaking up.

"Seems to be a test by the Elemental's to see if Emerald and Nocturn are OK here, it was suppose to be a test for Emerald to get a new weapon, not all of this!" Xan said with irritation lacing his voice while trying to think about what was going on.

the scene then shifted above the group.

The scene then focused on a little eggbot with a camera focusing on the screen in attention, The egg cam feed was brought to the egg fortress and Eggman saw the previous battles and the fights with Leonel and Core.

He was going over the data while the scene shifted to the eggbase.

egg fortress

"Hmhmhmhm!, HOHOHOHO!" Eggman laughed while the the Data he got from the eggbot was incorporated into Metal and Steel while the data did auto upgrades from scanning the footage.

"Don't think I can't get my info you pests!" Eggman thought with venom lacing his voice before the scene faded to black.

6 hours to go and 5 hours left till robot completion

"Hope you guys liked the newest chapter of The Dimensional saga, Core is now apart of the gang and the dungeon group is officially 50% complete with the Trial of Blades dungeon, Leonel?, Lillum?, your thoughts?" TME asked the two ladies who looked at TME when he asked the question.

"Well... seemed kinda rushed to me here and there." Leonel said when she reread a few parts before TME spoke up.

"Well Leonel, not only is it this prequel arc of the story, its suppose to be a way for Emerald to get stronger fast, if you reread some chapters Emerald gets by barely a few times." TME explained while Leonel leaned back in her chair.

"The reason being is that Emerald is untrained in fighting and he needed help badly in a few areas, also I have read a lot of manga, fan-fiction, and watched anime that get into combat fast with overpowered characters, I can name a few here and there that get good reviews in my head that I keep to myself." TME said before he continues.

"There is also another reason for the prequel arc, A way to build into some canon areas of the sonic universe and other worlds so Emerald and the other OC's can fit in the stories without issue." TME said seriously before he looked to Lillum before speaking up.

"Lillum?, any questions?" TME asked before Lillum took a moment to think before speaking up.

"Well I think some people might think your character Emerald might be to main character like." Lillum said when she remembered reading it somewhere before TME spoke up.

"Ah, I remember a review saying that." TME said looking up when he remembered that as well before he spoke up again.

"Well people the reason for that is 50/50, Meaning Emerald has some traits of the main characters like Kindness, wanting to protect his friends, and so on, But there are also some difference that are apparent." TME said looking towards the screen with a serious look on his face before he spoke up.

"1. Emerald is still trying to cope from being pulled from not only his home, but from his world itself, he tried to cope but there will be a breaking point, He worries about his family and is that really such a bad thing, also before he was pulled he was a normal human with a kind mindset, He's not a anti-hero or anything, at least not in this world." TME said before continuing.

"2. I'm still typing this story no matter what, But like I ask I still asked for constructive reviews to help make this story better like If I accidentally copy someone let me know to look and see if you are right, If right I will apologize, type a reply, and remake the chapter to make the changes so that I wont copy, also for typos and miss caps,etc,etc." TME said bowing a bit to the readers before standing up.

"Finally I like to say to all my readers that I try my best here so that no one is bored, I hope I get more readers in the future so that the story can continue." TME said with a hopeful tone before looking to Leonel and Lillum before speaking up.

"Anything else ladies?" TME asked looking towards the two before Leonel got up from her chair before speaking up.

"Hmmmmm, as far as I can tell at the moment... no, good-bye TME." Leonel said before she left the room while Lillum got up to follow Leonel out of the room as well.

"Same here, bye TME." Lillum said before she floated away before TME spoke up a few second after Lillum left the room.

"Well there you have it people, please send reviews to my inbox or the reviews column if you have any issues on this story, if not please tell others to read this if you think this story is good!, This is TME signing out and waiting for reviews." TME said before waving to the readers while the scene faded to black

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