The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
time dungeon, Floor 26-50 out of 100

"Alright people, here is the next chapter of The Dimensional Saga, it's the 12th chapter people so hope you like it, Here is tonight's guest, Xan grand-blade people!" TME said before a old man came up to sit in a chair.

"Hello TME nice to be here, thanks for calling a taxi for me." Xan said before he shook his shoulders to get the kinks out while TME spoke up.

"No problem Its kinda long way to get here, besides that cab driver owed me one." TME said before he grabbed a plate of snacks he set up earlier before holding it up.

"Want some snacks Xan?" TME said while Xan shook his head no before he brought out a bottle of sake to drink and a bento box while TME shrugged sense it saves money for him before he looked to the screen.

"Lets start the story..." TME said before he raised his hand.

IN 3!2!1! GO!

Time dungeon arc floor 26-50/ Prequel arc 10 hours to go

Trial of blades/ Rest area/ Cabin/ Emerald, Leonel

"What!?, Onimusha!?, isn't that the life draining blade that made the last guy who used it battle crazy?" Emerald said in shock while Leonel got a confused look on her face before she spoke up.

"Huh?, I heard the wielder died and Onimusha vanished with no issues." Leonel said which confused Emerald sense it was... different... then what he heard.

"Xan must have left some parts out." Emerald said with an odd tone in his voice before Leonel took a moment to process that tone before she stood up and stretched.

"We can ask this Xan guy later, for now we should go back to sleep." Leonel said before she walked out to her room.

"Man, Hope I can fall asleep again." Emerald said while he laid back on the bed for a few minutes before he felt his eyelids growing heavier before he fell asleep shortly after while the scene shifted.

Outside the cave/8 hours left/ Elemental Group/ Kamikazix (Wind), Terragaia (Earth), Nebula (Lightening), Infernus (Fire), Oceanic (Water), Shiro (Light), Kuro (Dark), Nexus (Sage)/ Xan's Group/ Xan, Zack, Shunpei, Pluton

"OK 2 hours passed, so is that 6 months, that's another... 25 floors right?" Shunpei said as he tried to get the math right before he heard Xan speak up while Shunpei worked more on the blaster handle.

"Not quite." Xan said in a irritated tone when he had to rewrite a line in the scroll.

"What do you mean?" Zack said after walking over to Xan after he woke up from his nap.

"First off, the floors are randomly generated like in one of those rogue like games I heard about in a few worlds, they can be large in scale or small like a safe zone, not only that, but the themes are random too, with monsters that can be over a skyscrapers height, and there's the fact that the monsters get a lot stronger the deeper you go, I'd say they got 10 to 15 more I'd say, though Leonel's there so they might be further." Xan finished before hearing a voice speak up.

"Wanna see how they're doing?" Kamikaxix said out of nowhere which surprised the group near the cave before Zack spoke up.

"Um, sure." Zack said while he shrugged at the question.

After hearing that, kamikazix opened a viewer on the cave wall, the screen shows the dungeon trio following the path while they were having a conversation and saw that Emerald was wearing a different outfit.

It was a long sleeved shirt with a Skull in the middle with dark jeans and black boots, his hair got longer, to the point that it went to his shoulder it was straight before it ended in severe waves near the ends. (I'll be serious, my hair is wavy, depending on how you see it, my hair can curl upward to defy gravity with nothing added, no hair spray, gel, or any other substance.)

He had a odd pack on his side that looked like it was a side pack that hung from his shoulder.

Emerald's dungeon group

"Remember the floor were on?" Leonel said trying to remember while scratching her head.

"I think its floor 45, those last 2 floors before were nuts, I mean a maid cafe of all things, now that was surprising, not to mention the shifting maze I swear I'll hit the guy who made this dungeon If I ever meet him, There were even stronger versions of those clothes melting slime's!" Emerald said with a blush when he remembered some of his embarrassing moments.

"Y-yeah sorry for being incapacitated." Leonel said while blushing from the memory.

"N-no problem, good thing you can re-summon your clothes." Emerald said with a blush as well while he looked away.

With the others

"W-WHAT!" Xan said while a nosebleed sprayed from his nose before Zack got next and him to bopped him on the head before speaking up.

"Calm down!, Lets just watch OK." Zack said with an irritated tone before the scene went to the dungeon group.

Back to Emeralds group

As Emerald, Leonel, and Nocturn continued deeper, a woman's voice spoke up which made Emerald eyes widen in fear when the voice recognized the voice.

*giggling* "Well I see its you again boy." ? said while Emerald heard which made him shriek in fear.

"HIIIII!" Emerald shrieked before he did a scooby- doo jump into Leonel's arms which surprised her.

"W-What the hell!?" Leonel grunted before dropping Emerald before he quickly got to his feet.

"How the hell did she find me!?" Emerald said while he looked around wildly after getting up.

"What!?" Leonel said in a bit more then concerned tone sense she never saw Emerald act like this before.

"Remember the succubus I told you about a few floors ago?" Emerald said with fear in his voice.

"Yeah, why?" Leonel said a bit more then confused before Emerald spoke up again.

"Well I think I heard her just now." Emerald said while he started to panic.

"You didn't think, You know." ? said which made Emerald go wide eyed.

Just then a female with large wings came out of the shadows along the path before she looked to Emerald with a lust filled look.

"HOLY HELL!, SHES HERE!" Emerald shouted while hiding behind Leonel which made her sweatdrop.

Leonel then looked at the woman and saw that she had perky F-G cup breasts that looked like they defied gravity, considering a succubus uses magic to help keep their figure its no surprise, she had shapely hips and odd enough star shaped eyes in a cross like shape, she had earth brown hair in a long braid, she wore a skin tight leotard and it showed her figure well.

With the others

"OGA!" Xan shouted before he went bugged eyed before his nose started to bleed.

"CALM DOWN!" Zack shouted while he bopped Xan again which caused a bump on Xan's head while the others sweatdropped and looked back to the screen.

Emerald's group

"hehe!, I see it's you Emerald, must be fate we meet again." the succubus said while a blush appeared on her face.

"Why the hell are you here!?, aren't you suppose to be on a higher floor." Emerald said as he pointed upwards before the succubus spoke up.

"Normally, but I found a way to get stronger thanks to you." The succubus said while blushing again before she held her face.

"Are you here to finish the job!?" Emerald said turning pale while he kept hiding behind Leonel.

"Job?" Leonel asked in a slightly angered tone.

"Aha... she...ah." Emerald said while flinching at Leonel's tone before the succubus spoke up.

"Oh don't hide it, We made love remember." the succubus said which made Leonel's cat ears twitch while Nocturn's metaphorical ear twitched.

The people outside looking in had different reactions, Xan mainly being bopped again as a result while the conversation continues.

"Love!?, you have a weird definition of love lady!, didn't you hypnotized me!, *quote* drain me *unquote*, and leave me to die!" Emerald said while pointing an accusing finger at her.

"Ah what a mistake that was." ? said which got a double reaction from Emerald's party.

"What!?" Both Leonel and Emerald yelled while the scene shifted to the cave exterior.

With the others

"Oh-ho, whats this?, some sort of love triangle, an aphrodisiac of love!" Nebula said while sparkles appeared around his head while everyone in Xan's group sweatdropped.

"I know, its a tasty event right?" Kamikazix said while she watched the scene unfold.

Back to Emerald and the gang

"Who are you anyway?" Leonel asked in a peeved tone for some reason while the succubus looked her way.

"Oh, hello there." ? said not really interested in Leonel at the moment which angered Leonel greatly sense she considered that an insult.

"Just answer!" Leonel hissed out which got the succubus's attention again.

"My name is Lillum, My grandmother was named Lilith, nice to meet you honey." Lillum said before she winked to Emerald which made Emerald feel a chill go up his spine.

Just then Leonel used a spear she summoned to try to kill the succubus, but she dodged and flew off before she spoke up again.

"Well meet again dear!" Lillum said before she flew away from the duo.

"Holy crap, she scares me!" Emerald said while his body shook before Leonel spoke up, or more like growled out.

"Lets just go!" Leonel growled out before she continues on the path.

"What I do?" Emerald said to himself as leonel walked away before Nocturn spoke up with a lecherous tone filling his voice.

"You lady killer!" Nocturn said which surprised Emerald sense he didn't expect that.

"Huh, what the hell do you mean?" Emerald asked the mentally smirking gem before said gem spoke up.

"Now wheres the fun in that?" Nocturn said before he floated after Leonel while leaving behind a confused Emerald behind.

"What the hell?, first Vanilla now Nocturn, whats going on here?" Emerald said before he ran to catch up with the duo ahead before the scene shifted to later.

later on floor 49

"Wait up Leonel!, Whats wrong?, you haven't talked to me for weeks." Emerald said while trying to catch up with Leonel while the duo took a few more minutes to see that they were at the stairs to the 50th floor and Emerald was not going further without a good reason.

"Fine, keep using the silent treatment, Ill just sit here then." Emerald said before he sat on the stairs which got Leonel's attention.

"Oi Emerald, We don't have time for these games." Leonel said before she continued to walk ahead while Emerald just sat on the stairs.

A few minutes later

"OK, What the hell Emerald!?, we don't have time for this!, or do you wanna stay here!" Leonel said with a growl after she noticed that Emerald didn't follow her down the stairs before running back to him.

"Hay don't pin this on me!, you kept ignoring me for weeks remember?, at least tell me what I did OK, did I say something wrong or do something wrong?, or was Nocturn's perverseness a level higher then normal?" Emerald said before said sealed Elemental spoke up in a slightly offended tone.

"Hay don't blame me cause she's in heat!" Nocturn said which shocked Emerald greatly while making Leonel blush.

"What!?" Leonel said in a shocked tone sense her secret was exposed.

"Well it's been nearly a year sense we came here so no surprise, also haven't you ever had a lover before Leonel." Nocturn said with a knowing look before Emerald Kicked Nocturn away and thought that he heard a goal shout from a ref but thought it was his imagination.

Leonel in the meantime looked at the duo silently while her face got redder and redder in embarrassment.

with the others

"HOLY HELL!" Xan shouted while he emitted a nosebleed that would make a sink faucet jealous before Zack spoke up with irritation lacing his voice.

"THAT'S IT!" Zack said before drop kicking Xan, but Xan somehow vanished before the attack could connect.

"The hell?" Zack said when he looked around the clearing in confusion.

"ZEHAHAHA!, you'll have to try better then that to get yours truly!" Xan said next to Pluton and Shunpei while trying to look cool while he grinned with a twinkle coming from his teeth.

Just then there was a pow sound that echoed throughout the clearing before Xan fell flat on his face unconscious and everyone saw Pluton hold a metal bat in a swing like motion over Xan's body before speaking up while a bump grew on Xan's head again.(Kid's don't try this at home unless you have a few screws loose, hell adults shouldn't do this either.)

"That aught to keep him quiet for a bit." Pluton said blankly while he made the bat dissolve into a silver like substance before it flew a canister that was in Pluton's right hand before he slid the canister into a slot in the back of his left elbow.

"Thanks, Emerald won't want this guy awake for this." Zack said while the others looked back at the screen to make sure nothing bad happens.

Back to Emerald

"You OK Leonel?" Emerald asked with concern in his voice before Leonel ran off to the previous floor which surprised Emerald sense he didn't expect the sudden action before he spoke up while facepalming.

"Man why do I always keep getting surprised today?" Emerald said before he ran after Leonel while Nocturn looked over and floated to the stairs to wait for them to return while the scene shifted to Emerald.

With Emerald in the shifting maze

"Wait Leonel!, Please!" Emerald shouted while he chased her but lost her after a minute when the maze cut him off.

"Damn I really hate this floor!" Emerald growled before he tried to locate Leonel again.

"Man and I just had to be a jerk, some friend I am!" Emerald said while he raced after Leonel while the scene shifted to Leonel herself.

With Leonel

"Damn!, Damn!, Damn!, DAMN!" Leonel thought while her heat kept bothering something fierce before she spoke up again.

"A few more days and it should pass but why won't it cool down?" Leonel said in a confused tone before she walked towards a rock that appeared nearby when the maze shifted again.

Leonel sat on the rock before thinking about the other three celestial demons.

Core the elemental dragon, The hothead, The muscle and short fuse of the four demons.

Lynx the panther, the calm one, the strategist, Leonel's best girlfriend who would listen to her worries and would listen back.

Umbra the phoenix, the loner, the strongest of the group, wouldn't blame him for acting the way he does sometimes, other celestial's kept bugging him for pictures and stuff so he always stayed in his home unless an emergency happened.

Now for herself, Leonel the lioness, The scary one when she got into a fight, the one others wouldn't look in the eye or be freaked out and run off if they thought it would piss her off.

"*Sigh* so why am I having so much trouble now?" Leonel thought to herself with such intensity that she didn't notice a monster grab her until it was to late and screamed from the powerful grip.

With Emerald

"GYYYAAA!" Leonel yelled while Emerald heard before he rocketed off towards the scream while hoping Leonel was OK.

Turning a corner he saw a scaly golem like monster about to eat Leonel while she struggled to get out of its grip while he rushed over to help.

But before he could get to her the maze shifted and a wall appeared before him which cut him off.

"DAMMIT!" Emerald shouted before he gave the wall an angered look.

"OUT OF MY WAY!" Emerald roared while he rushed towards the wall with a pulled back fist before he roared out again.

With Leonel

She saw Emerald run to her before a wall materialized before him suddenly when the maze shifted again and started to accept her death that was about to happen when the monster raised Leonel over its head and opened its mouth before a voice shout out which made it look around confused.

"OUT OF MY WAY!" ? roared before the wall where Emerald was started to break when the voice roared out.

"DARK CHAOS!" ? roared before the walls broke inward with a crash before Emerald appeared with a darkness enhanced fist raised to attack the shocked monster before he roared again.

"FIIISSSSST!" Emerald roared while he rocketed towards the surprised monster before it could react and hit right in the kisser which released Leonel before Emerald roared again with rage filling his being while dark lines encroached his body while his eyes shifted between normal and pure white.

"DIIIIEEEE!" Emerald roared again while Leonel felt herself fall towards the ground and passed out right after before Emerald looked to her with great worry before he ran to catch her before she hit the ground.

With Emerald

"SHIT!" Emerald shouted before he did a sliding catch to grab Leonel before she could hit her head and sighed in relief when he caught her before the monster got up with a groan while Emerald put Leonel over near the broken wall to keep her out of harms way before he looked to the it monster with coldness in his eyes.

"Bring it on!" Emerald growled out with a dark mist emitting from his body before he Jumped to the monster with darkness enhanced fists while the scene advanced.

After a few minutes

The monster fell over dead after Emerald bashed its skull in right near the spine and walked to Leonel with wounds covering his body before he spoke up with slight regret sense Leonel was hurt.

"Damn... I really need to train with Xan after I get out of here." Emerald said before he carried Leonel back to Nocturn.

With the others outside

"Phew, talk about close!" Shunpei said before he tried to get use to the hover boots after he made alternations to them with Pluton's help.

"I know, talk about heart stopping." Xan said which surprised them sense he was knocked out just a minute ago.

"How the hell are you awake!?" Zack asked in a surprised tone before Xan laughed for a minute before giving an irritated Zack a twinkling grin before he spoke up.

"Please!, that was a love tap compared to other hits I've taken." Xan said while grinning which made everyone look at Xan with various reactions.

"I'll take your word for it." Zack said after he sweatdropped before the group looked back to see Emerald walk back to Nocturn with Leonel being carried in his arms with wounds now covering the duo when the scene shifted to Nocturn's area.

Back to Emerald

"Hay Nocturn!" Emerald said which got the gem's attention when Emerald neared before Nocturn spoke up.

"Hay Emerald, I see you really showed Leo a good time huh?" Nocturn said with a giggle, but then looked closer and was shocked at what he saw.

"Damn Emerald, didn't know you were that rough!" Nocturn said before he flinched at the look Emerald gave him when his eyes flashed to pure white for a moment before Emerald spoke up.

"Sense you weren't there, I really suggest you shut up!" Emerald growled out in his normal voice before he gently set Leonel on the ground and asked Nocturn if he could heal her.

"Not really, unlike The other Elemental's, My healing skills only work on people who are non-elemental or dark elemental in nature, celestial's are normally all around in elements, but Leonel here seems to be mainly light." Nocturn said while he looked over the wounds.

"She wont die, but she will be out of it for a few days." Nocturn said when he finished the examination.

"I looked ahead and saw a rest area before the Large room, like the one Leonel was in, it seems we can rest there, oh and here!" Nocturn said before he healed Emerald by sending him energy.

"Man your like one of those healing save point's in games." Emerald said in a grateful tone when he felt the pain leave his body.

"Well I'm not just a pretty face you know!" Nocturn said smugly while Emerald rolled his eyes before he picked up Leonel gently before he followed Nocturn down to the rest area and was stunned at what he saw.

2nd rest area

There was a cabin like last time, but he saw that it was fancier, there was a hot spring near it as well which gave off plenty of steam.

"Huh... seems the deeper we go the better the arrangements." Emerald said before he adjusted his grip on Leonel before he walked to the cabin.

After walking inside the cabin, Emerald saw there was only 2 rooms this time and walked in one to put Leonel on the bed.

After going to the bathroom to look for a first aid kit, he walked to Leonel and started to bandage her arms cause it seems the rest of her body had taken less damage but wasn't sure when he looked to the Sealed Elemental.

"Hay Nocturn, can you take a second look to see how serious the damage is?" Emerald asked worried while Nocturn rolled his energy eyes sense he already gave a status report before he looked again to see that Leonel's arms were fractured in many places, but not broken and the rest of her body was bruised in various places.

After telling Emerald that he had Emerald bandage her arms better before Emerald walked over to the other room to leave Leonel to rest before he saw something that shocked him silent.


Emerald blinked a few more time after that to be stunned to see Lillum of all people sleeping on the bed before he silently walked back out and closed the door quietly before he went to sleep in the living room area after asking Nocturn to wake him if Leonal wakes up soon, He also asked Nocturn to keep an eye on the other room.

"OK, but why the other room?" Nocturn asked in a confused tone at Emerald's actions.

"Remember Lillum?" Emerald asked Nocturn who looked more confused.

"Yeah, why?, she not sleeping in the other guest room is she?" Nocturn said to only laugh right after at his own joke, though after seeing Emeralds serious face had Nocturn shocked right after before Nocturn got a grin on his gem like face.

"Hehe, Oh I'll keep an eye out!" Nocturn said sitting on a shelf that sat outside of Leonel's door which faced the room Lillum was sleeping in while Emerald sweatdropped.

"OK... seems Nocturn's perv mode is on full force." Emerald said before he laid on the couch before hearing Nocturn's giggle a few seconds later which made him sweatdrop again before speaking up with irritation in his voice.

"Night!" Emerald mumbled before turning over to sleep while the scene shifted.

with the others

"Oh, this is not going to be good!" Shunpei said when he started to see a pattern forming.

"Yeah I can see those two starting a fight at the drop of a gil." Zack said before sweat dropping at already seeing Leonel and Lillum already going at it while the others wondered what the hell that gil was.

With Emerald after resting so 1 minute of waiting real time a few hours in the Time cave. (I'm just trying to figure out the time difference)

Emeralds dream

Emerald walked to the Master Emerald alter when he saw it and put his hand on the giant gem, the first two vision's replayed while a new one flashed into his head.

The same two were about Onimusha and the wolf girl while the new one was Lillum cast some odd spells at a dragon like monster with an odd crest on its head which gave Emerald the creeps for some reason while Leonel and Emerald fought alongside her.

Just then the Master Emerald flashed brightly which resulted in Emerald awaking from the dream.


Emerald woke up with a groan before he opened his eyes to only be shocked at what he saw, or who he saw.

"Lillum!?" Emerald said with shock filling his voice at seeing Lillum's face floating above his head.

"Oh Hello dear, you looked tired after fighting that golam by yourself, so I thought I would watch you sleep for a bit." Lillum said which confused Emerald for a moment.

"How do you know I fought a golem?" Emerald asked with confusion on his face before he sat up while Lillum floated backwards to avoid hitting Emerald's rising head before she spoke up.

"I was wondering the maze and I saw you charge a wall before breaking it down to fight a golem for your friend, I followed after watching you kill it." Lillum said before she continues before Emerald could speak up.

"While you talked to that gem, I flew ahead and fell asleep." Lillum said a bit embarrassed about dozing off before Emerald spoke up.

"Well why are you here?." Emerald asked before he got up from the couch with a nervous feeling filling his body when Lillum grinned.

"What?, I can't visit?" Lillum said with a smile on her face before she floated closer to Emerald while Emerald moved around Lillum with a nervous grin on his face before speaking up.

"H-Hey nice to see you!, but I must check on Leonel, later!" Emerald said quickly before fleeing to Leonel's room while Lillum sighed with irritation before speaking up.

"Hmph!, you will be mine sooner or later Emerald!" Lillum said with glowing eyes before the scene shifted.

With the others

"Well, well, seems to me that things will get spicy soon." Xan said with a gleam in his eye while he rubbed his beard while Zack felt a headache forming from Xan's perverseness.

"OK!, HOW!?, and what will it take to knock you out!?" Zack said while he tried to bash Xan on the head with the bat that Pluton brought out again while Xan dodged the attacks. (Again, don't try this in real life or you might cross a line that shouldn't be crossed, even if Xan deserves it)

"ZEHAHAHA!, nice try!" Xan said while dodging and laughing the attacks.

"Can we look back?" Shunpei said with a half lidded look on his eyes before everyone looked back to the screen after Zack and Xan stood still long enough to look back.

Back to Emerald in Leonel's room

*sigh* "Holy hell, women are scary." Emerald whispered to himself before a shiver went up his spine at Lillum's antics before looking over to see Leonel sleeping peacefully and went to change her bandages.

Just then he saw a weird rainbow like light or something come from Leonel which made Emerald rub his eyes for a moment in confusion before looking back over to see that it vanished.

"The hell?" Emerald whispered before going back to Leonel's bandages before a voice spoke up.

"What?" Emerald heard Leonel whisper when she looked over to him with a tired look on her face.

"Leonel your awake!" Emerald said relieved before looking over the rest of the damage while he listened to Leonel.

"Yeah I thought I was monster chow for a moment, thanks for the rescue." Leonel said with a grateful tone while Emerald rubbed the back of his head.

"No problem, though we have a new issue." Emerald said scratching his head while Leonel gave him a confused look.

"What!?" Leonel asked while looking at Emerald before he spoke up again.

"I'll just straight out say it, Lillum got here before us and she's now floating in the living room!" Emerald said with his guard up when he noticed that Leonel's face warped with raw anger.

"What!?" Leonel growled out before she tried to sit up but could hardly move thanks to her injuries which made her fall back onto the bed.

"Hay!, hay!, no moving alright!, you need to rest up, I'll handle Lillum, Trust me alright?" Emerald said with a small smile on his face.

"At least I hope!" Emerald thought out when he thought of all the things Lillum could do to him and shuddered in fright sense he didn't want to die anytime soon before Leonel spoke up.

"Fine!, but if she tries anything, Ill slice her up good!" Leonel growled out while she laid back down to rest while Emerald smiled before he walked to the door.

"Thanks for helping me so far Leonel, I mean it!" Emerald said before he walked out of the door before closing it before Leonel could say reply before the scene shifted.

In the living room area

"Hay Lillum?" Emerald said after he walked into the living room when he thought he should just get things over with with Lillum.

"Yes?" Lillum said before she floated over to Emerald from the chair before he continues.

"Ill be blunt, can you help us?" Emerald said which surprised Lillum greatly before she spoke up with a calm tone.

"I don't mind, but why?" Lillum asked in a confused tone when Emerald spoke up sense he already had an answer.

"I know you can cast spells." Emerald stated which shocked Lillium sense she never told him.

"How?" Lillum asked before Emerald spoke up.

"long story short, I have these visions for some reason and the newest one was you helping Leonel and I with a dragon like monster with some weird crest on its head that gave me the chills." Emerald said while the scene shifted.


"Visions and a weird crest?" Kamikazix said with a confused tone sense she never heard of these visions while she looked to Xan's group to see that they were confused as well before Nebula got her attention by speaking up.

"What's wrong my lady?" Nebula said while he poured more sake into a glass for Kamikazix.

Kamikazix was silent for a moment before she spoke up.

"Lets wait and see, It might be nothing." Kamikazix said before the Elemental's looked back to the screen while the scene shifted to Xan's group.

with Xan and the others

"Visions?, I've heard rumors, but can they be...?" Xan thought out before his thoughts got cut off when the scene went back to the dungeon party.

Emerald's group

"As far as I know, these visions happen sooner or later but their pretty accurate." Emerald explained while looking at Lillum while she spoke up.

"OK, I'll help." Lillum said which shocked Emerald greatly sense he thought she might think he was insane.

"Really!?" Emerald said with bugged eyes before Lillum spoke up.

"Sure, It seems like a good way to get to know you better!" Lillum said before she blushed while holding her cheeks which made Emerald sweatdrop.

"Lillum!, focus!, please don't get excited, we need to wait for Leonel to recover before we can continue." Emerald said before realizing that Lillum could turn that wording dirty, before Nocturn spoke up which got the duo's attention.

"Well, What now?" Nocturn asked which made Emerald look down before he thought about this dungeon then looked to the floating duo before he spoke up.

"We need to train." Emerald said which confused the listening duo.

"Training?" Lillum said in wonder sense she thought that they had to wait for Leonel first.

"Yeah, Leonel and I barely made it here by the skin of out teeth a few times, that has to change." Emerald said before the scene changes to Eggman.

Outside 7 hours to go/ Eggman's skybase/ Eggman's lab/ Eggman

"Hehehe!, 6 hours left, and The robots are done!" Eggman said watching Steel and Metal being rebuilt right before his eyes as the scene shifted again.

Trial of blades/ Floor 50 rest area/ Cabin living room/ Emerald, Nocturn, Leonel (Injured), Lillum

"So what do we do then?" Lillum said while she wondered what happens now which made Emerald speak up.

"Well... at best we have a few days before Leonel recovers, so we need to do some teamwork training in the meantime." Emerald said with Nocturn floating over his shoulder.

"Where then?" Lillum asked when she wondered were the training will be.

"The shifting maze." Emerald stated with slight venom in his voice before going back to the cabin for a few minutes before walking back out, though he did look a bit pale.

"I let Leonel know where we were going and she fell back asleep." Emerald said quickly before he passed the slightly confused duo before Lillum shook off her confusion before she spoke up.

"Well what are we waiting for!, lets go." Lillum said before she floated after Emerald before he stopped all of a sudden.

"Alright, go on ahead, I need to ask Nocturn something real quick." Emerald said before Lillum floated ahead while Nocturn gave Emerald a confused look.

Emerald then asked Nocturn to keep an eye on Leonel and let to him know if she needs anything before he chased after Lillum who went back to floor 49 to train as the scene shifted.

With the others

"W-Well... want t-t-to wait a few m-minutes or see them t-t-t-train?" Shunpei asked trying to balance on the altered hover shoes while Pluton worked on the minor bugs in the blaster handle before Kamikazix spoke up.

"I could use a few minutes." Kamikazix said before she turned off the screen to nap which made Zack speak up.

"What now?" Zack said while he squatted near Pluton again while Xan answered Zack's question.

"We wait again" Xan said before he continued to write in the same scroll he had from earlier.

"What's in the scroll?" Zack said with a curious tone before Xan grinned at Zack's curiosity before speaking up with a serious tone in his voice.

"For Emerald's eyes only, sorry." Xan said before he put the scroll in one of his pockets before Shunpei spoke up.

"W-Well I'm gonna try to get u-used to these shoes so I don't b-break my neck."Shunpei said while he drifted over to Pluton and back to his spot while wobbling before the scene advanced in time.

with Emerald and Lillum a few days later/ 5 min later in the rest area

"Holy crap that was rough!" Emerald said while his banged up body gave shocks of pain with every step before Lillum spoke up.

"I'll say and to think it was a regular plant is an understatement, but that fun time nonetheless!" Lillum said with an exhausted but lecherous smile while Emerald blushed a bit at the memory.

The duo walked back to the cabin before Emerald opened the door and collapsed on the couch shortly before falling asleep while Lillum went to her room and did the same before the scene shifted.

With Leonel shortly after the duo passed out

"Finally!" Leonel said taking off the bandages and going to get something to eat.

When she passed by the Living room area, she heard Emerald snoring on the couch, she also saw him on the couch with ripped clothes and scratches being healed by Nocturn before she heard Lillum snoring lightly in the spare room which made her speak up in confusion.

"What did I miss?" Leonel said before she walked to the cabin fridge to grab a bite to eat before thinking about the dungeon itself.

"For an underground dungeon this place has a lot of up to date appliances." Leonel said before she grabbed some food before she heated it up to eat while the scene faded out and time passed to one day later.

1 day later/ 1 minutes later, Going back to the 4 dungeon crawlers

The scene faded back in to show Emerald's group getting ready for the boss of this floor before Emerald spoke up.

"Well let's go to the boss of this area and finish this." Emerald said while stretching his body while Lillum spoke up.

"Yes Dear!" Lillum said before she floated ahead which made Emerald misstep before he face planted before Leonel growl while her cat ears twitched.

"Well here we go!" Nocturn said before he floated through the door quickly so he could keep out of the possible fight that might happen between the two woman before the scene shifted.

Walking in the scene shifted to the outside

"Well here we go guys!" Zack said before he looked towards the screen with excitement showing on his face before Pluton spoke up.

"I agree, I wonder who's next!" Pluton said while the two groups looked back to the screen.

Trial of blades/ 2nd boss floor/ Emerald, Nocturn, Leonel, Lillum

"Well here we are, where is the big boss?" Emerald said on guard while he looked around the room but found nothing but Lava in various areas.

"..." Leonel was silent before she started to sniff the air which made her eyes turn catlike before she recognized a scent, one which made her shout in warning.

"GET BACK!" Leonel roared out which made the group jumped back just in time sense a massive Beast landed in front of them which made the room shake a bit before a dust cloud appeared to block the beast's form from their vision.

The four then heard a roar which made them cover their ears, though the best Nocturn could do was fly into Emerald's pocket to muffle the sound.

"ROOOOAAAAAARRRR!" The beast roared out which made the dust cloud blasted away from the shock wave the beast emitted while Leonel looked over at the beast before greatly being shocked at what she saw and whispered in disbelief as the scene faded to black.

"Core!?" Leonel whispered in shock before the scene ended.

7 hours to go and 6 hours till Steel's and Metal's completion.

"Well folks, this is the next chapter of The Dimensional Saga and here's hoping the dungeon party survive Core the Elemental dragon's attack." TME said with excitement in his voice before Xan spoke up.

"Well that was a riveting story, but I must be going." Xan said before he got up before walking out of the room while TME spoke up.

"Well people Xan grandblade everyone!, This is TME signing out, so see you next time." TME said before he bowed to the readers before the scene faded to black.

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