The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
the time dungeon, floor 1-26 out of 100

"Well people, I hope the last chapter of The Dimensional Saga wet your whistle, here are the guests this Evening, Chise Zeo and Zack fair, people lets give them a hand." TME said while clapping before a woman and a man came on stage.

"Thank you, TME nice to be here for this guest spot." Zack said while waving to the readers.

"Yeah Hope this story is as interesting as the previous chapter." Chise said as she sat down.

"Well it depends if people stop to read this story." TME said as he looked at the story stats in the traffic stats. "looking at this arc will reveal that it revolves around Emerald and Nocturn and their spelunking adventure, anyway lets get this story started shall we, anyone want any snacks?" TME asked handing some food to the guest star duo.

"Thanks!" The duo said digging in before TME looked to the screen.

Well lets get this story started...

IN 3!2!1! GO!

Time dungeon arc/Prequel arc

Trial of Blades/ Cave entrance/ Day 1/ Emerald, Nocturn

The scene cuts in to show that after he got launched into the cave, Emerald was shown to be face down on the ground for a minute before he stirred.

"Ugh... what hit us?" Emerald groaned out before getting up while rubbing his head.

"Most likely Kamikazix." Nocturn said while looking around the cave entrance while Emerald got confused.

"Kamikazix?" Emerald said before he looked around the cave as well before he saw the entrance looked odd, like things were moving so slow outside that no one moved at all.

"Elemental of wind, also known as the strategist of the Elemental's in some dimensions." Nocturn explained before he took another look around the place.

"And... I see she did quite a number on this place." Nocturn said with irritation lacing his voice after he looked at the entrance for a minute.

"What?" Emerald said before looking around again when he heard Nocturn say that.

"She messed with the dungeon itself, forced the difficulty up to 100 floors instead of 10 and put a powerful time dilation spell on it, also it seems we can't leave until we hit floor 100." Nocturn explained before floating on ahead of Emerald before he gave a sigh like expression, he expected the elemental's to do something, but getting Emerald involved wasn't his intention.

"Can't you cancel it?" Emerald asked after catching up to Nocturn who took a moment to think.

"I can't, I'm no sorcerer, Kamikazix and Nexus were the sorcerer's in the group, the others where more might then magic, even if I did, I can't do anything in my current body." Nocturn said while turning a corner while Emerald followed in silence for a bit.

few minutes later

"Oh yeah, I just remembered something!" Emerald said looking at Nocturn with a blank look while he lightly bopped the flat of his right palm with the side of his left fist.

"What?" Nocturn asked with slight curiosity only to be shocked sense he was grabbed before he could turn around.

"What the hell did you do to me!?" Emerald growled out which made Nocturn sweatdrop sense he could actually feel killing intent coming from Emerald.

"W-What do you mean?" Nocturn asked Emerald before Emerald's grip strengthened.

"Read my memories you jackass!, then you can find out!" Emerald growled out before a nervous Nocturn did what Emerald suggested before he read Emerald's mind for a moment before blushing greatly while he spoke up.

"You sly dog, why didn't you tell me yo-Gah!?" Nocturn tried to say but failed after Emerald chucked Nocturn into the wall nearby.

"Focus!, What happened to Vanilla after!?" Emerald shouted out while he blushed before Nocturn floated upwards before looking back to Emerald.

"Well I guess you could say its similar to a demons mating ritual in some dimensions." Nocturn said before he floated back to a confused Emerald.

"What do you mean?, I'm human aren't I?" Emerald said confused while Nocturn continues.

"To... be blunt, sense you took my Energy in your body, it is now similar to an Elemental's organic structure." Nocturn explained before Emerald gave Nocturn an odd look.

"Meaning what exactly?, I'm slowly turning into an Elemental?" Emerald said while tilting his head in confusion while Nocturn started to chuckle.

"Hehe!, you wish, what I mean though is that in some worlds demons take mates while some take lovers first to see if they are mate material, For Demons the mate lives as long as the lover, say if you take a demonic lover as you are now, you will live as long as the demon." Nocturn explained to Emerald who kept quiet for a moment before he spoke up.

"I can tell theirs more there." Emerald said before they saw some stairs ahead that lead downward.

"Simply put for Elemental's, the lover of one will live as long as an Elemental, when the Master Core made the original Elemental's, it gave them that ability so that the lover wouldn't die of old age while the Elemental stayed young." Nocturn explained before the duo stopped at the steps.

"And in my case?" Emerald asked which made Nocturn look at Emerald.

"In your case, think of yourself as a downgraded or hybrid version of an Elemental, the ability I talked about was downgraded to only restore a lover to her prime, think of yourself as a walking fountain of youth." Nocturn explained before Emerald blushed before shouting at the perverted Ex-Elemental.

"ARE YOU TURNING ME INTO A SUPER PERVERT!?" Emerald shouted out with his voice echoing through the cave before the scene shifted.

Another dimension


"Hehe someone must be talking about me, GAHAHAHA!" A white haired man in ninja garb with a headband with the symbol for toad said while he walked along a path to a hot spring village.

Another Dimension

*ACHOO!* Sniff!*

"Huh?, that's rare, someone must be talking about me." A old man with a turtle shell on his back said while he sat on a rock while two kids, one had messy gravity defying hair and a monkey tail while the other was bald and wearing a monk outfit, with turtle shells on their backs.

They carried milk behind the old while they ran from a dinosaur.

outside the cave


"Wow Xan, someone talking about you or something?" Zack said when he heard Xan sneeze.

"Maybe, I did meet a lot of loving woman in my prime!" Xan boasted with a grin on his face before the others sweatdropped at that statement.

Back to the dungeon duo


"Didn't think that you could get a cold there." Emerald said in a ticked off tone at the sealed Elemental before Nocturn spoke up.

"Well enough of the embarrassing moments, lets go." Nocturn said cheerfully while he ignored Emerald glare while he floated down the stairs with a ticked Emerald in tow before the scene shifted.

Cave viewers

"Well what now?, its been 1 hour, wonder how long its been in there." Shunpei said while he looked at the glowing cave.

"3 months I'd say boy." Terragaia said after walking up to them before looking at the blaster handle in Pluton's hand.

"Interesting tech, might be handy." Terragaia said sense he heard that the tech in this dimension was pretty advance.

"I didn't make it, a friend of mine did, and I'm trying to get it to work." Shunpei cautiously said before he examined the blaster again while asking Pluton for a few spare parts and tools he had while Terragaia shrugged before speaking up.

"Well good luck with that." Terragaia said in a bored tone before he walked away.

Just then Kamikazix woke up and started to chant which got everyone's attention before a screen like image appeared on the side of the of the mountain wall which showed Emerald in a new set of clothes and Nocturn before they walked along another cavern path.

"Don't bother talking, he can't hear, I've been keeping an ear out for him and he is already on floor 24, also this viewer is linked to his time frame so he looks normal to us." Kamikazix explained before Xan got wide eyed in shock.

"Floor 24!?, that would take a year at least to get to!" Xan said shocked.

"From what Terragaia said, they were in there for 3 month." Zack said while he was still squatting with Shiro and Kuro watching in wonder at how a human can do so many with Nexus nearby.

Xan looked over to the image. "Be careful kid, that place has a lot of surprises later on." Xan thought before the scene shifted again.

Trial of Blades/ Floor 24/ Emerald, Nocturn/ 1 hour/ 3 months in

"Man that was nuts, who would have thought that there was going to be that herd of giant spider." Nocturn said. *shiver* "Don't remind me, we nearly turned into giant spider chow, I think I might want those weird dreams then nightmares." Emerald said walking over to the stairs leading down to the next floor.

Floor 25

"Well we're on Floor 25 but it looks like a big empty room." Emerald said while he walked towards the stairs going downward.

Before the could get near the other set of stairs, they heard a small mew which made them look over to see a small tan colored cat walk over before it sat on its hunches before it looked at Emerald with curious eyes.

"Aww look, a cute kitten!" Emerald said before petting the cat with closed eyes and a smirk on his face while the kitten purred before Nocturn spoke up.

"Emerald, remember we don't have time to be playing with small creatures, remember that slime creature on the 2nd floor." Nocturn said while he got a bad feeling from the cat.

"How was I suppose to know it melted fabrics, I had to run around naked for 5 floors till a monster dropped a set of shirts and pants I could wear." Emerald said while sweatdropping before getting up while Nocturn continued.

"Remember the succubus?" Nocturn said before Emerald blushed greatly before looking down while he tried not to remember while Nocturn continued to speak.

"Man!, after she caught you, I found you drained to the point that you looked so pale I thought you where a ghost." Nocturn said before laughing and laughing some more before Emerald grabbed him and tossed Nocturn into the ground with a blush.

"I don't want to talk about her OK!, I pretty sure she's still following us!" Emerald said before a chill went up his spine and could swear he heard giggling.

"OK OK, lets go then." Nocturn said while he tried to stop laughing before he floated to the stairs with Emerald following before the two then felt a change in the energy around them which made them look back to get the shock of their lives.

Looking at them was a large glowing lioness where the kitten was, and If Nocturn could crap his pants he would before he tried to get Emerald to run, but the doors sealed shut on both ends and The Lioness charged the duo which started the fight.

Lioness VS Emerald

Nocturn shot into Emeralds pocket before Emerald ran away to get his bearings before shouting at Nocturn for info.

"OK WHAT THE HELL NOCTURN!?, WHAT IS THAT!?" Emerald shouted while the lioness chased the fleeing duo.

"That's Leonel the lioness!, and she's suppose to be a celestial demon guarding the original Master Core shrine!" Nocturn said in a worried tone while Emerald focused on running from the lioness.

"Isn't that a contradiction?" Emerald said after dodging some claw swipes from Leonel.

"Not really, there are good demons, but their rare." Nocturn said before he notice that Leonel's claw swipes got a bit too close for comfort.

"Lets focus on the fight OK!, Ill answer questions if were not eaten!" Nocturn said with concern when Leonel started to swipe her claws faster.

With the others watching outside

"Holy Hell!?, Leonel the lioness!" Xan said to himself before looking at Kamikazix with noticeable rage in his eyes.

"OI KAMIKAZIX!, WHAT THE HELL!, ISN'T THIS OVERKILL!?" Xan shouted out before he got had a shocked look on his face right after seeing that the other elemental's where shocked as well.

"Whats Leo doing there!?, I pretty sure I didn't summon her!" Kamikazix said to the others before Nexus spoke up.

"Don't look at me, I had no idea!" Nexus said while she looked shocked as well sense Kamikazix never told her.

"Nor us milady, as far as I know we don't know such complex spells." Nebula said while looking unnerved at this.

Another dimension/In a dark room with a mirror/ ?

"Hehehe... Seems my plan is working... now I wait." A red coated man said while he sat in a chair before sipping tea while he watched the battle unfold.

back with the others

"You better win Emerald." Xan thought out when he saw the worried looks on Emerald's group before the scene went back to the fighting drifter.

Back to the cave

"OK this has gone on long enough!" Emerald said before dodging another swipe before speaking up again.

"Hay Nocturn!, can you send me your power, We'll be chew toys if we don't fight back soon!" Emerald said before dodging another swipe that nicked him lightly which made him pick up the pace.

"Are you sure?, running is our best bet right now." Nocturn said which made Emerald look down at the cowardly pocketed gem.

"What the hell!?, aren't you suppose to be a god of darkness or something!?" Emerald said before dodging another swipe from the... claw?... which made him look back with confusion on his face to see the lioness a fair distance away while a paw raised over her head while she bore a grin on her maw before swiping the claw which caused a deep cut to appear on Emerald's cheek without warning before blood splattered out of the wound before Leonel raised her paw again.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" Emerald shouted in shock before trying to dodge the many swipes coming his way by watching were the swipes were aimed, but they were too fast.

Emerald fell to one knee after a swipe hit his right leg which made him grit his teeth from pain.

With the others

"Damn, here is were Leonel gets serious!" Kamikazix said while she felt a bit of pity for Emerald before Shunpei spoke up.

"What do you mean?" Shunpei asked in a worried tone before he heard a couple voices speaking up at once before looking to Shiro and Kuro who hugged one another.

"Leonel likes to play with prey sometimes to gauge them, and sense Emerald's now getting hit by her flying swipes, it seems Leonel is not playing anymore!" Shiro and Kuro both said while hugging each other in fear with the others watching the battle in attention.

Looking back they saw Emerald get into a guard like stance after he got up which made Leonel hesitate for some reason, that made the entire audience look on in shock by that one action sense most knew that Leonel wasn't one to back down without reason.

"Emerald... what are you gonna do now?" Zack thought in rapt attention sense he had no Idea what Emerald could do in combat.

With Emerald a minute ago in battle

"Nocturn please!, aren't we a team!?, I can't beat her without you!" Emerald said getting up after being knocked down by one of Leonel's attacks.

"Are you sure you can beat her?, she's wouldn't be a guardian for being taken out with a weak attack." Nocturn said seriously before he floated out of Emerald's pocket while Emerald kept an eye on Leonel.

"One shot, I need to get close enough though for a point blank attack." Emerald said while glaring at Leonel when she started to take a few steps towards Emerald.

"Very well Emerald, BRACE FOR THE PAIN!" Nocturn shouted while he sent Emerald as much energy as he could through the link which made Emerald's eyes widen before his pupils shrank.

Emerald then hunched down with his arms held in front of him in a cross guard like position when the energy surged threw him which made Leonel wonder what was going on.

With the others

"What are you planning Emerald?" Shunpei thought with the others thinks similar things when they saw that light show happen.

with Emerald

Emerald then threw his head back and roared which shocked all who saw when his body emitted purple aura and his eyes turned neon purple in color.

Leonel's instincts knew that there was no holding back now.

When Emerald's head started to swing forward she got on her hindquarters, she then started to swing her claws at an intense speed toward Emerald, Emerald in return, hunched over to charge the swipe waves that were already halfway there.

Emerald then charged and ran through the Energy blades with energy covering his body which shocked Leonel and the others watching the fight sense that was normally a suicidal move before he roared from the pain and the energy coursing through his body, he got closer till he was a quarter of the way there.

Leonel then rose one claw, she concentrated all the energy she had into one claw, she then swinged it as hard as she could in Emerald's direction while the angle of the claw caused Emerald's arm and leg on his left side came off at an angle before blood flew from the cut off areas which made him slowly lose consciousness from shock before he slowly fell forward.

With the others

"NO!" Xan's group shouted while the Elemental's thought about leaving before something shocked them even more then Leonel flinching.

Emerald mid-fall/ Emeralds mind

"Will... I die here?" Emerald thought before thinking about the people who helped him up till now when he got to Mobius.

As Emerald fell a little further *Heartbeat* (chaos is power)

Xan, The old man who helped heal him and wanted to teach him how to fight for some reason.

A bit more *Heartbeat* (power enriched by the heart)

Shunpei, The kid who wanted to be a mechanical wiz.

Halfway *heartbeat*Heartbeat* (the heart is server that unifies the chaos)

Zack Fair, The warrior he helped but may have stranded in this world.

A bit further, his hand fell forward *Heartbeat*heartbeat*heartbeat* ( the guardian to the true power)

Pluton, The Robot with a heart of gold who Helped him so much by trying to defending the Rabbits and helping him regain his sanity.

his hand was about to hit ground *heartbeat*heartbeat*heartbeat* (the true power lies in the heart)

Nocturn, The one who brought him here, the one who helped him stay alive, His partner during this whole ordeal.

*SNAP* (Chaos control!)

1st boss floor

Emerald's hand hit the ground before he regained consciousness when he felt a rush of energy right after while his eyes got wide before he grit his teeth tightly before he flexed his right arm and pushed off the ground while his arm and leg leaked blood slowly.

He jumped with his right leg towards Leonel which shocked Leonel and Nocturn greatly before Emerald roared out a command to Nocturn while he pulled back his right arm.

"100% TO RIGHT ARM!" Emerald roared out which snapped Nocturn out of his shock.

Nocturn then roared out as well before he sent so much energy to Emerald's right arm that it was encased in darkness but changed to a green colored energy for a moment which shocked all seeing this while Emerald got near Leonel and pulled his arm back to attack.

"DARK CHAOS..." Emerald roared while he got next to Leonel who thought she saw Nocturn in Emerald's place and for a moment froze in stunned shock.

"What?" Leonel surprisingly said before Emerald sent his fist forward.

"FIST!" Emerald roared right the blow connected before all he energy he acquired slammed into Leonel which nearly drained Emerald dry.

Leonel, who barely kept her consciousness, felt herself fly into the opposite wall with a great impact as a result before she fell to the ground in a stunned state while Emerald hit the ground.

Emerald was barely conscious before he felt Nocturn put his arm and leg back to normal soon after.

Emerald, with his mind falling into unconsciousness, saw a boulder start to fall to Leonel, he then jumped forward to tackled Leonel out of the way which shocked everyone watching who saw when the boulder fell a few inches from Emerald's feet before Leonel got up with surprise on her face when she noticed that.

"Why did you save me?" Leonel asked in a bewildered tone when Emerald spoke up in a slight daze.

"Hehe... I... don't know... my... body just... moved...!" Emerald said before he fell unconscious while Leonel just stared at him with a further bewildered look on her face for a minute before Nocturn spoke up.

"Hay Leonel!" Nocturn said while floating over Emerald while a pissed off look was on his face as much as anyone could tell before he floated over to the stunned lioness.

"Mind kicking him or something?" Nocturn asked in a pissed off tone which made Leonel laugh which surprised the bewildered gem before she spoke up in a humored tone.

"Follow me Nocturn." Leonel said before grabbing Emerald's shirt in her maw before she tossed Emerald onto her back before she walked off to the opening door to floor 26 with a confused Nocturn in tow.

with the others

The entire group sat in stunned silence like they couldn't believe it, Emerald beaten Leonel by the skin of his teeth, and Leonel looked no worse for wear as she took him to floor 26.

"What the hell!?, did Emerald win or lose!?" Zack said in a stunned tone before he heard laughter which made everyone turn to Kamikazix in slight shock when she spoke up.

"HAHAHAHEHEHEHE!, who would have thought that Leonel would help the boy out!, it should be Impossible!" Kamikazix laughed out before she drank out of a sake bottle that she got from who know where when Nebula spoke up in a worried tone.

"My lady!, Are you OK?" Nebula asked in a worried tone at Kamikazix's actions while Kamikazix waved him off before she spoke up.

"Yeah I'm fine, lets see a little more before we turn it off." Kamikazix said before she looked back at the screen.

Another dimension/In a dark room with a mirror/ ?

"HAHAHAHAHA!, wonderful Emerald!, wonderful!" The red coat man said before he stood up to clap to the images of Emerald's victory.

"That's it Emerald... get stronger and stronger... soon you can help with my plan!... HAHAHAHA!, seems I'll need to make the next step now." The red coat man said before he walked out to get ready while the scene went back to Emerald.

?/?/Emeralds dream/ Emerald

"OK!, I may have said this before, this is getting repetitive!" Emerald said in an irritated tone before he walked up to the dream Master Emerald before he placed his hand on it.

"What now!?" Emerald asked in an irritated tone before the Master Emerald glowed to show the visions in Emerald head.

The visions he saw this time was the same wolf girl and the weapon, but there was a new vision now, this time there was Emerald and Nocturn fighting alongside a woman in a old native american outfit, like she was pulled out of time itself.

She had dark skin, had D-E cup breasts, had a spear and sword in both hands, she had no warpaint on, but her eyes were catlike in shape and had a glowing aura around her body.

"Wonder who that is." Emerald said before he waited for more but felt no more visions before the Master Emerald's light died down before hearing a voice speak up a moment later.

"HEHE!, well it seems we are turning into a lady killer!, aren't we?" ? said surprising Emerald which made Emerald look over to see the dark double next to him before he got his guard up after jumping back a bit.

"Oh relax I'm not here to fight today, I just want to congratulate you!" Dark humorously said with his arms held up in a calming manner to a worried Emerald before Emerald spoke up.

"What do you mean?" Emerald asked a bit weary at the way the double acted when he got a bad feeling in his gut before the double spoke up.

"Just the fact that you drew energy from the master Emerald and not go insane from the power, it can be addicting sometimes depending on the emotion!" Dark said which shocked Emerald greatly sense he was sure he used Nocturn's power.

"What?" Emerald said before he looked over to the massive gem while he wondered what happened.

"Hehe, Sorry, but where is the fun in answering those questions, See you Light! Dark said before vanishing into particles before Emerald woke more confused then ever when the Dream Master Emerald.

?/?/Reality/ Emerald

"Gasp!" Emerald gasped out when he woke in a room of all things before looking around with a confused look.

"Where... am I?" Emerald said before he hanged his legs off of the bedside before hearing a voice speak up a few moments later.

"In a rest spot before or after every big fight, pretty handy sense you might be exhausted." a woman's voice said which made him look over to see a Dark skin woman with catlike Eyes walk in.

"Who are you?, I'm Emerald." Emerald introduced when he remembered the vision.

"I'm Leonel the lioness, the animal you fought earlier." Leonel said which surprised Emerald before he calmed down.

"I see." Emerald said sense it kinda made sense with the vision he had that showed Leonel fighting alongside him.

"Your surprisingly calm about this." Leonel said in a slightly surprised tone sense most would be shocked at hearing that before Emerald spoke up.

"Hehe!, well... this dungeon pretty much got me to expect the unexpected." Emerald said while blushing from a few embarrassing incidents.

"I see... well this thing yours?" Leonel said before kicking Nocturn into the room which made him bounce across the floor a few times.

"OW!, what was that for!?" Nocturn said when he looked back to Leonel before shrinking back when he saw her eyes glow before she spoke up.

"For being a perv!" Leonel said while her eyes glowed a golden yellow after her fangs grew sharper while her voice acquired a feral like tone which made Nocturn flinch before he turned to Emerald and floated to the wall in a bit of fear at what he saw.

"Hay Leonel, you got a laundry chute or a pile of dirty clothes from previous testers?" Emerald said in a slightly echoish tone while looking at Nocturn with pure glowing white eyes while a dark mist emitted from his body.

"Oh I got something in store for him." Leonel said with a fanged grin on her face before she turned to the door.

"Where to then?" Emerald said while he grabbed a fleeing Nocturn before following Leonel out of the room while the scene shifted for a moment.

With the others

"Idiot." the everyone thought as one when the scene shifted back to the dungeon.

1st rest area/Cabin/living room/ Emerald, Leonel, Nocturn

"W-What are your two planning!?" Nocturn said in a worried tone while he tried to get out of Emerald's hand before Leonel spoke up.

"Hehe!, you won't like it, I can assure you." Leonel said after she calmed down.

"Here we are." Leonel said before pointing to a chute in the living room.

"That a laundry chute?" Emerald asked before he calmed down greatly which let his eyes turn back to normal.

"Yeah, and it was never emptied, who knows what lies in there." Leonel said while her eyes glowed for a second before she pulled the chute open.

With the others

"Oh this is gold!" Kamikazix said trying while she tried not to laugh from the funny moment she was seeing while the other Elemental's tried to hold their laughter in so they could see what would happen next.

With Emerald

"NONONONO!, PLEASE EMERALD!, PLEASE!" Nocturn begged while he was held over the opening.

"Maybe... admit to what you did and I'll think about it." Emerald said blankly while he gave the gem a half lidded look.

"I saw her taking a bath OK!?, I was sitting in the sink to relax when she walked in, I'll even admit that I just laid there so she wouldn't notice me, partially from fright!, please don't drop me!" Nocturn begged while his energy eyes teared up comically.

"Oh I won't drop you." Emerald said to Nocturn while Nocturn looked up at Emerald with eyes tearing up some more while Emerald gave him an angelic smile.

"Really?" Nocturn said in a hopeful tone before he froze when he felt Emerald's energy spike.

"No... I'LL THROW YOU!" Emerald roared before tossing Nocturn as hard as he could while dark energy augmented his throw into the chute.

"NNNOOOOOO!" Nocturn yelled in fright while he rocketed downward into the who knows how long laundry that was dropped there before he hit the bottom with an audible thud.

About 20 seconds later Emerald and Leonel heard Nocturn give a shout of horror which made Emerald and Leonel sweatdrop.

"OH DEAR CHAOS!, WHAT IS THAT!?, NO... S-STAY AWAY!... NONON-AAAAHHHHHH!." Nocturn shouted before Emerald closed and locked the chute before the scene shifted.

with Xan and the Elemental's

"HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!" The Elemental's laughed so hard at Nocturns predicament they fell down and had to hold their stomachs while Xan and the others were shocked silent.

Trial of blades/ Rest area/ Cabin/ living room/ Emerald, Leonel

"HAHAHAHA!" Leonel laughed loudly when she heard Nocturn scream while Emerald scratched his head before speaking.

"Geez doesn't that guy ever stop being a perv!" Emerald growled out before calming down, though he did wonder what Nocturn ran into down there.

"Hehe!, well that aught to keep him in line for now." Leonel said before Emerald looked to her with a curious gaze.

"Well onto more important matters, can I ask why you didn't kill me?" Emerald asked a bit on guard sense Nocturn was down in the laundry.

"Well to answer, its 4 reasons." Leonel said before she held up four fingers.

"What?" Emerald asked which made Leonel speak up.

"1. you did save me for starters, 2. I want to know If the other Guardians are here as well, 3. I want to know how we got here If all 4 of us are here." Leonel said before she took a moment to think.

"And the 4th reason?" Emerald asked in a curious tone before Leonel grinned.

"4. I want to join you cause it seems you get into strange adventures." Leonel said with a grin on her face which made Emerald sweatdrop before he spoke up.

"OK I can see that I can't talk you out of this." Emerald said with a half lidded look on his eyes.

"Hehe!, damn straight!" Leonel said before she walked to one of the 3 empty rooms to rest.

"Well that was strange." ? said surprising Emerald greatly when he saw that it was Nocturn who appeared out of the blue.

"HOLY HELL!, How did you get out!?, I thought I locked the thing." Emerald said in a shocked tone cause he was sure the chute was locked.

"MUWHAHAHAHA!, it will take a lot more then that to take me out for long!" Nocturn said in a smug tone while Emerald took a couple steps away from the floating gem.

"Well I'm heading back to sleep, You might want to wash yourself off, I can actually see stink lines!" Emerald said while backing away more while seeing green fumes coming from Nocturn's gem prison.

"BY CHAOS!, WHAT STINKS!?" they heard Leonel roar out before she came out while pinching her nose.

Emerald then quickly pointed to Nocturn which caused her to growl out before pointed to the bathroom.

"I don't Know care how!, but you better... GET CLEAN NOW!" Leonel yelled out mid sentence while Nocturn rocketed to the bathroom in fear.

"W-Well I'm heading to bed...good night." Emerald said while trying to get away but before he could take a single step he was grabbed by the shoulder with Leonel gave him a stern look.

"You go in there to, you don't smell like daisy's either." Leonel said while her eyes glowed brightly in anger.

"Yes ma'am!" Emerald said in fear before running into the bathroom like a bat out of hell.

"Man, shes scary when her eyes glow!" Emerald said while he vigorously washed his body in the shower while Nocturn spun in soapy water in the sink.

5 minutes later

After getting out of the bath, Emerald and Nocturn went to their room before Nocturn got on the nightstand and dozed off while Emerald got on the bed and stared at the ceiling while thinking about what happened.

"Man what a wacky day." Emerald thought before turning off the lights to sleep.

With Leonel

"Well time to get ready to sleep." Leonel said before she went to shower to clean herself before going to sleep.

She looked everywhere just in case of Nocturn appearing before she got undressed, then started the shower after the scene shifted.

With the others

"Well I think that's about enough for now." Kamikazix said making the screen go dark when Leonel entered the bathroom before napping again.

"Well... it seems Emerald got a new friend." Shunpei said before Zack spoke up.

"Yeah, hope she stays that way." Zack said while he still squatted repeatedly.

"Well see then later shall we." Xan said going back to his scroll.

"Affirmative!" Pluton said while he worked with the blaster some more before Shunpei joined him again.

"Hay Zack, how can you keep squatting?" Kuro and Shiro said in unison which got the ex-soldiers attention.

"This is nothing, I broke and made a new record in my world." Zack said while Shiro and Kuro looked to one another with wide eyes before looking back to Zack.

"Record?" The duo asked in a curious tone.

"Yeah, I did squats for 2 days straight." Zack said before he stopped to stretch.

"Whoa!" the twins said with wonder at how a human did that many without hurting at all.

"How do you know my name anyway?" Zack asked before stopping to stretch for a moment before looking at the two in confusion while the twins looked to each other before speaking up at the same time.

"It's an ability of ours, its a magic skill called scan, some worlds have something similar." Shiro and Kuro said while Zack nodded when he remembered that the sense materia gave basic info about the opponents when in use before the scene shifted back into the cave.

With Leonel after her shower

"Ah that's much better... had dirt in places that I didn't want there to be." Leonel said while she dried her hair before dressing into a simple tanktop and sweatpants before walking to her room, but stop by Emerald's room after feeling a chill go up her spine.

She took a moment to look in with her demonic eyes to see that a dark mist like energy was emitting from Emerald's body before she looked at Nocturn and was confused because Nocturn wasn't giving any energy at all which worried her greatly.

She then looked back at Emerald when she felt the energy receded back into his body before he started to squirm and groan from a nightmare or dream.

?/?/?/ Emeralds dream

Emerald somehow found himself walking through a field littered with weapons and bodies, he saw a man in a hooded brown cloak with a demonic looking sword fighting a Man in a red coat with a black sword and staff.

The man in the cloak had his hood up so his face was hidden, the only thing he could tell about the man was that he had pale white skin sense the man didn't wear gloves on his hands.

The man in red wore a red trench coat that went down to his ankles, he wore black boots with multiple clasps while a couple chains linked the two boots together, he wore strange black colored pants that had chains sown into the fabric somehow, his shirt was just a simple black long sleeve shirt.

his hair was red with black highlights while his eyes gave off a bright red glow.

The next thing Emerald knew was that the two charged each other before vanishing with sonic booms echoing across the entire battle field.

the fight was insane to say the least, the swordsman did combos that made Steel in the western base look like a complete pushover while the man in red used the sword extremely well, though not as well as the swordsman, but he used powerful magic to even the odds.

It would seem the fight would go on for hours when the man in red and the cloaked man hit each other in the stomachs with there respective blades which ended the fight while shocking Emerald from the dream before he could see who won.

Reality/ Trial of blades/ rest area/ Cabin/ Emerald, Nocturn, Leonel

Emerald sat up in shock before he looked around in a daze to see a pair of glowing eyes that looked right at him which shocked him greatly sense he didn't expect that at all before a female voice spoke up while he felt a hand grip his shoulder.

"It's me Leonel... you OK Emerald?" Leonel asked Emerald in concern sense she saw him thrash around a lot before he awoke.

"Yeah just had a weird dream that's all." Emerald said before looking at the wall for a moment to try and make sense of it.

"Want to talk about it?" Leonel asked with curiosity. "Sure." Emerald said as he crossed his legs on the bed before he spoke up.

"It started in a battlefield... and after they impaled each other in the stomachs I woke." Emerald finished telling the dream to Leonel who looked a bit spooked at what Emerald described.

"Are you OK Leonel?" Emerald asked in a concerned tone sense Leonel looked a little pale.

"Yeah... it's just you might have got the last guardian leaders memories!" Leonel said before she looked a bit better but still looked a bit pale from an idea she had.

"How?" Emerald asked sense its normally impossible to get other people's memories.

"This trial of blades might be for Onimusha." Leonel said which shocked Emerald greatly before the scene shifted

?/Eggman skybase/Eggman

"Hohoho!, 10 hours to go, the repairs and upgrades are coming along nicely!" Eggman said as he looked over the final components for Steel and Metal as the screen faded to black.

"Here is the next chapter of The Dimensional Saga, hope you guys liked it so far, don't be sad, there will be more action scenes, and maybe some lemons in a chapter or two ahead for you lemon lovers!" TME said with a grin on his face while Zack and Chise blushed a bit before TME turned to the duo.

"Well Zack, Chise, any parting words for our readers?" TME said when he looked to the duo.

"Yeah give constructive reviews like typo corrections or parts that looked cut off." Zack said before getting up and walking out of the room.

"Yeah same as well, I hope the story gets more in terms of romance." Chise said while blushing before she walked off screen with a slightly dazed look on her face.

"In time Chise, in time!" TME said while he rubbed the back of his head.

"Well this is TME signing out, hope you guys like the story so far." TME said while waving to the readers before the screen faded to black.

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