The Dimensional Saga: Mobius arc: Prequel arc @emerald
the Tale,The ambush,the test

"Well everyone, here is the next chapter of The Dimensional Saga, and here are the guests for tonight, Sonic the hedgehog and Rouge the bat!" TME said while introducing Sonic and Rouge before they walked on stage.

"Hi guys, Sonic here again and I hope more people read this." Sonic said before he sat down on a chair.

"Yeah, I feel like I haven't got much screen time lately." Rouge said while pouting before she sat down as well.

"Don't worry, there will be more screen time for you guys in this chapter, but only briefly cause I want the training to be a surprise for the readers." TME said while he grinned.

"Oh well, lets start the story already." Sonic said while shrugging before TME nodded.

"Right, lets start the story..." TME said before he held up three fingers.

IN 3!2!1! GO!

Angel Island/Emerald's dream/ Emerald

Emerald opened his eyes before he noticed to his annoyance that he was near the Master Emerald alter clearing again.

Emerald walked up into the clearing while he wondered why he was here again before he walked up to the Master Emerald alter and put his hand on the dream Master Emerald before speaking up.

"What now?" Emerald asked before the Master Emerald showed him the earlier visions, he saw the same wolf like girl, the living sword, and 1 new vision that was interesting.

The vision was about the Elemental Infernus, plus 6 other people talking to Xan and the others before the vision faded.

"Interesting... I wonder what that means." Emerald said while he got in the thinking pose.

The Master Emerald glowed all of a sudden which surprised Emerald before he heard a voice in his mind speaking up.

"Not yet" ? said before Emerald was engulfed in a flash of light which woke him up.

Reality/ Angel Island/ Knuckles's house/ Guestroom/ Emerald

"Ugh." Emerald said when sunlight hit his face which made him sit up to avoid the light before he grabbed his right arm when it felt like it was in burning agony when he tried to move it.

"AGH!" Emerald shouted before leaned forward while holding his arm to his chest before falling back on the bed.

"You shouldn't move yet, you just woke up." ? said which made Emerald look over to see Xan sitting on a chair nearby while he read and wrote in a scroll that was in his hands.

"Hay... how long was I out this time?" Emerald asked before getting a feeling of daja'vu before Xan spoke up.

"About 15 hours believe it or not, its around 10 am now." Xan explained while Emerald's eyes got wide.

"Whoa!" Emerald said in shock, he was worried that passing out this many times was not good for his health.

"Yeah, but the other guy still needs to wake up, Plutons watching him in case things take a turn for the worse." Xan said while explained about the swordsman who came from the vortex.

"So what now?" Emerald asked while the pain faded from his arm before he laid still to notice that Nocturn kept quiet on the nightstand next to him.

"We wait." Xan finished before he returned to the scroll while the scene shifted.

Meanwhile/ Angel island/ Knuckles's house/ guestroom 2/ Pluton, ?\

The camera panned into the room to show that Pluton was scanning ?'s body before he took a step back while his programming gave it's report.

"Scanners indicate no health problems." Pluton said after scanning the knocked out swordsman for abnormalities sense he heard that Emerald's arm was negatively affected.

Before he could wonder about Emerald's arm, the swordsman woke up which got Pluton's attention before ? slowly looked around the room for a bit while his eyes widened when he wondered if he was dead.

"Am I dead?" ? asked while patting various places on his body while Pluton watched ? before speaking up.

"Negative... life signs optimal... and there are no abnormalities with your body." Pluton said which got ?'s attention which made him look to Pluton in shock.

"Whoa!, are you some kinda cyborg!?" ? said while looking at Pluton with excited eyes before he sat up.

"Negative, I'm 100% mechanical." Pluton said while getting up from his chair to report to Xan about the swordsman's awaking.

"Where are you going?" ? asked Pluton who looked back to ? with a blank look on his face.

"To get Xan and to see if Emerald's awake." Pluton said before walking out the door while ? blinked a bit in confusion while the scene shifted.

Meanwhile/Angel Island/ Knuckles's house/ Guestroom/ Emerald, Xan, Nocturn

Xan was writing in his scroll before he decided to work on in later before rolling it up while Emerald looked to his right arm when it pulsed with pain again.

"Just to be sure, how are you feeling?" Xan asked with a knowing glance before Emerald sat up again, this time being more careful before he spoke up.

"Well... besides my arm feeling like I stuck it in lava I feel fine." Emerald said while rubbing his arm which helped with the pain greatly before getting up from the bed while Pluton walked in to give the news about ?'s health.

"The swordsman is awake." Pluton said before he walked out of the door while Emerald, Nocturn, and Xan got up to talk to the man while Pluton went to retrieve Shunpei who was still sleeping in another guestroom before the scene shifted.

Angel Island/ Knuckles's house/ Guestroom 2/ ?

? in the meantime got up from the bed before moving his arms to get rid of the stiffness before he started to do squats to pass the time before a voice spoke up a minute after which made ? look to the doorway to see an old man with a really spiky beard while a younger man stood behind the old man.

"Seems you are OK." the old man said followed by the younger mans voice.

"Well it's better then being dead right?" the younger man said before the two strangers walked into the room.

The man younger man looked like he was around his 16-18 maybe around his 20's while a... weird floating gem... floated above his shoulder.

"Hi, sorry about that, got a bit stiff." ? said before he stood up straight while the old man got a little annoyed at ?'s carefree tone.

"Any longer and you would be a stiff." the old man said while giving the swordsman an annoyed look before he introduced himself.

"By the way, who are you?, I'm Xan grandblade." Xan said as he introduced himself before the younger man introduced himself.

"I'm Emerald, nice to meet you." Emerald said before walking up with a hand outstretched for a handshake.

"Names Zack, Zack fair, former soldier, 1st class." Zack said while introducing himself before shaking Emeralds hand.

"Soldier?, like an army man?" Emerald asked in a confused tone while he tilted his head for a moment while Zack got confused at Emerald's reaction.

"Don't know Soldier?, that's odd." Zack said in a confused tone before Xan spoke up.

"Not if no one ever heard of them in another dimension." Xan said which surprised Zack greatly.

"Another Dimension!?" Zack said in wide eyed shock while Emerald spoke up.

"I know what you mean, I came from another Dimension as well." Emerald said which made Zack look at Emerald like he couldn't believe what he heard.

"How?" Zack asked in a shocked tone before Xan spoke up.

"Well..." Xan started before he explained what happened.

5 Minutes later

"And that's it." Xan said after finishing the tale while Zack sat on the bed while he tried to process the info before he grinned.

"Well I'm alive and well, so why don't I get out of your hair by heading home then." Zack said while he grinned for a moment before getting up while Xan got a gloomy look on his face.

"That's impossible at the moment." Xan said which made Zacks grin fade before he looked seriously at Xan.

"What do you mean?" Zack asked while crossing his arms before Xan took a minute to think before sighing.

"2 reasons." Xan said after holding up two fingers while Zack looked confused.

"And?" Zack said while waiting for the answers.

"1. The vortex you were pulled from was a one way road of sorts that vanished, and no one know when another one will be open." Xan said before he held up one finger.

"And the second?" Zack asked already feeling dread build up in his gut.

"We also don't know If you can even go home, from what Emerald could tell you, your suppose to be dead there, also dimensional jumping is a random for the jumper without the right skills." Xan finished before he shrugged.

Zack then sat back down on the bed before thinking about a few things while Shunpei came in the room which got Zacks attention before being shocked about Shunpei's tails and animal ears.

"Whoa!, you got tails!?,and animal ears!?" Zack said while getting up from the bed before walking to Shunpei who blinked a few times in confusion.

"Yeah, why?" Shunpei asked while his tails weaved to and fro behind him while his ears twitched.

Zack then walked closer and rubbed an ear which shocked Shunpei for a moment before he realized what just happened.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" Shunpei shouted before he jumped away from Zack who grinned while rubbing the back of his head.

"Hehe, Sorry kid, names Zack fair... well I believe you now." Zack said while Shunpei hid behind Emerald who sweatdropped.

"You do?" Emerald asked before Zack's grin widened.

"Yeah, no human on my world has tails or animal appendages." Zack explained before Emerald took a moment to think.

"Seems rules are different on your world." Emerald said while Zack nodded before speaking up.

"Yeah, seems so." Zack said in agreement before Xan spoke up.

"Well everyone, let's get the intros out of the way now, cause we need to get Emerald ready for whats next." Xan said which got everyone's attention.

"Where to and why?" Zack asked in an intrigued tone before Xan grinned.

"To the Cave of Trials." Xan said while grinning before Emerald got confused.

"Didn't Knuckles and Rouge go there to train?, I heard about that from Vanilla before leaving." Emerald said before remembering what happened to her and wanted to Talk to Nocturn for a bit.

"Yes and no, The cave of trials have different stages and the one the duo went to is for training, the one we are heading to is the one for your weapon Emerald." Xan said which further confused Emerald.

"My weapon?" Emerald asked while Xan grinned again.

"What?, think I wouldn't help my student acquire one before the real training started?" Xan said with a grin on his face before he turned to the door.

"Follow me, I'll show you mine as an example before we go." Xan said before he walked out of the house with the others in tow after they got Pluton who waited at the entrance.

10 minutes later/ Angel Island/ ?/?/ Emerald, Zack, Shunpei, Pluton, Xan, Nocturn

After leaving the house, the group introduced themselves to one another before Xan lead them through an odd part of Angel island, after going through a ruined building with some traps with some humerous reactions from Emerald, Zack, and Shunpei, the group entered a jungle of sorts before passing through a cave like tunnel that was hidden behind a boulder like door before they found themselves at Xan's place, for the boulder like door, there was a switch which lowered it into the ground before rising shortly after.

"Whoa!... this place... is incredible!" Shunpei said in awe at the scenery of the area.

"Thank you, I try to keep it clean." Xan said before he walked to a small house that was connected to a larger building in a clearing while Nocturn followed Xan.

But what got everyone's attention was the large scrying pool with a waterfall a bit off from it which gave it a steady flow of water, there were gems encrusting the pool's and the waterfall's edges, plus there was some training grounds nearby that sat between the scrying pool and the building that Xan walked towards before Xan looked back to the stunned group.

"Well come on!, stop gawking and follow me." Xan said which got the stragglers attention which caused them to run up after Xan and Nocturn who walked, and floated, ahead.

Angel Island/Xan's dojo/ Emerald, Zack, Shunpei, Pluton, Xan, Nocturn

"Well here we are boys and roboman, this is where I live and train." Xan said while they entered the dojo.

"Where are the weapons?" Emerald asked in a confused tone sense the dojo had no weapons in sight.

"Hehe! you guys will love this." Xan said before making a katana appear in his right hand with a flash of flames.

"HOLY HELL!" Emerald and Zack said at the same time while the entire group took a step back.

"Well I can take that as an impressed shock huh?" Xan said while grinning before the blade vanished.

"Y-yeah how did you do that?" Zack asked with total attention sense this was really interesting to him.

"Hold on, let me get some beverages, sit down cause this will be quite the tale." Xan said before he walked out of the room while the others looked at one another before sitting on the wooden floor, Pluton just stood near the door while Nocturn floated around the room.

Few minutes later

When Xan entered the room with some tea and a cup of oil, he saw that everyone but Nocturn and Pluton was seated before he spoke up which got everyone's attention.

"Here everyone, some tea and Pluton... hope you like deluxe style oil, Sorry Nocturn, but can you even drink anything with that gem like body?" Xan said while passing the drinks around while Nocturn gave Xan an irritated look before Pluton spoke up.

"Thank you, I needed an oil refill." Pluton said blankly before the group sweatdropped when they saw Pluton drink the oil like a beverage. (will be explained later, just not this chapter.)

"Ignoring that... moment... lets get into the tale, word of warning, I apoligize if I sound a bit confusing... now the tale about the guardians..." Xan said with a grin before he sat on the floor nearby while everyone listened.

Xan's tale

"Centuries ago... there was a order of fighters who guarded the Master Emerald with their very lives before the Echidna's appeared, they wielded weapons with wills of their own and the blades helped their owners with there entire being, a partnerships of sorts." Xan said while Emerald, Shunpei, Zack, Pluton, and Nocturn listened before Xan continued.

"This order of fighters, or the guardians as most here would know from the grimoire of the ancients, would mainly guard the Master Core, or now Master Emerald, from harm from those who would try and steal it for their own use." Xan said before he continued after sipping his tea.

"However the guardians where not powerful at first, oh no... before they even had the weapons, they had to learn how to tap into the power of Chaos, let's just say long story short... it was one bloody battle after another for awhile, many sacrificed their lives to just push back the enemy while others got injuries that permanently took them out of the fight." Xan said while everyone shuddered.

"Now you must be wondering where the elemental's where during this time." Xan said while everyone looked to one another, Emerald from curiosity, Zack and Shunpei from confusion, they never heard about the elemental's before today.

"It's both simple and complicated, normally the guardians are enough to hold back to hold back most enemies so the Elemental's normally travel through many dimensions to train, however when it's truly serious, the master emerald can summon an elemental or the entire group, you see one elemental has the power of many guardian captains who are extremely strong in their own right, and that's for the newer trained elemental's, a truly trained one can decimate much of the guardians in their prime." Xan said which made Everyone look to Xan in shock before Emerald looked to Nocturn who looked like he shrugged before Xan continued.

"Don't get me wrong, an elemental is strong but I can tell you that there are 4 guardians who can take an elemental at full power, I'm one of those people believe it or not, but I'll get into that later." Xan said while everyone's eyes widened while Nocturn rolled his eyes.

"Now where was I?, let's see, power of the guardians...the weapons... ah yes... it wasn't until a certain person appeared before the weapons appeared shortly after, from what I know, this person was similar to the elemental's in that he was created instead of being born like a human, he traveled through dimensions and learned various blacksmith techniques before setting up shop in a special forge that only guardians know about, rumor has it he took an apprentice to be his successor." Xan said while everyone looked to one another before looking to Xan who continued.

"I'll tell more about the blacksmith and his forge at a later date, for now I'll explain what happened after the blades appeared..." Xan said before trailing off before he took a breath.

"When the blades were forged, the guardians where told that in order to gain it's power, they needed to take a certain test, but I'll explain that part later." Xan said before the others sweatdropped before Xan continued.

"Anyway, to explain more about the blades, some blades where higher in rank of skill and power, but the main thing was that the blades worked with the wielder to bring out extraordinary powers unlike no other, The main abilities were the power of bringing the users potential to the max and channeling their energy to the blade to power it, there are other skills, but to many to list, However there is 1 blade that stands above the rest." Xan said with as serious look on his face.

"What blade?" Zack asked already bugged eyed at the info.

"The demonic blade Onimusha, in some worlds it means demon warrior, and its called that for a reason." Xan said with a grim look on his face.

"Sounds scary." Shunpei said while he shivered sense he thought that the blade was evil.

"Indeed the blade belonged to the last leader before he died and the blade vanished about 600-700 years ago... I saw that personally." Xan said sadly while everyone but Nocturn went wide eyed from hearing that last bit.

"700 YEARS!?" The listening group yelled in surprise while Xan covered his ears.

"Gah!, yes don't need to shout!" Xan said while rubbing his ears to clear the ringing sound.

"How?" Emerald asked in a bewildered tone before Xan spoke up.

"Using the power of Chaos slows the bodies aging process greatly and that's just from using it a lot, real masters can live for thousands of years without hardly any aging at all." Xan explained which shocked the already shocked group.

"Well to get back to the blade, what was so bad about it?" Emerald asked while Xan looked down for a minute while the group looked on before Xan spoke up again.

"Onimusha drains the wielders life force if their to weak to power it and if their mind is to weak then it warps their mind to the point of being a battle crazed monster, a berserker so to speak." Xan finished with a grimace while Emerald felt something was off about that last bit of info.

"Seems there's more to this story then." Emerald said while Xan nodded.

"Indeed, but that's for later." Xan said before he got up off the floor.

"Where we heading now?" Zack asked before he got up with the others doing the same before they noticed that Xan gave a scary grin before he spoke up.

"The Cave of trials." Xan said before the group shivered in slight fear before they followed Xan out of the dojo while the scene shifted.

5 minutes later

"Well here's the pad to the cave." Xan said while he stepped on the pad with others following while Emerald spoke up.

"This won't have us upside down this time will it?" Emerald asked in a nervous tone sense he already crash landed here twice.

"ZEHAHAHAHAHA!, no it won't, though it might be hilarious to see." Xan said after laughing while the group sweatdropped as what Xan said next.

"Though I can do that if you want." Xan offered with a grin which made Emerald, Shunpei, get wide eyed in shock.

"NO THANK YOU!" the teleporting duo yelled while zack looked confused before he spoke up.

"Should I ask?" Zack asked with a shrug before Pluton placed his right hand on Zacks left shoulder before speaking up.

"No you do not, trust me." Pluton said before he let go of Zacks shoulder before Xan spoke up.

"Well lets go then." Xan said before he used the pad by tapping it with his cane and the entire group vanished in a flash of light.

Meanwhile/ Angel Island/ Cave of trials/ training section/ Knuckles, Rouge


"Ugh!" Knuckles grunted when he blocked another monsters downward attack before countering with a uppercut to its throat which sent it flying.

"Well took you long enough knucklehead." Rouge said while dusting her legs off before sitting on a rock to rest near another monster who had a boot print on the top of it's skull.

"Hay you try playing wack-a-mole with a fast tunneling monster and not get a little ticked off." Knuckles said before sitting nearby while getting a drink of water from the pond that was next to him before Rouge spoke up.

"Whats up with this place anyway, I never seen anything like this." Rouge said while poking a monster with a long stick.

"Keep that up, then you can ask." knuckles deadpanned while Rouge sweatdropped before she dropped the stick.

The duo were in a special dungeon that made time flow faster on the inside then out, 7 days passed while 1 went by outside and the duo was making some progress by heading floor by floor deeper before Rouge wondered were they where going.

"Where we heading knucky?" Rouge asked while Knuckles's eye twitched.

"Will you stop calling me that already!?, and I don't know exactly, this place is random every time I come here." Knuckles said before he looked around while Rouge went wide eyed at the info.

"Random!?" Rouge said in a surprised tone while she followed the Echidna.

"Yeah I know only from the Grimoire that the ancient warriors used to train here after passing something called the trial of blades." Knuckles said before he whacked an approaching monster on the head that charged them.

"Trial of blades, whats that?" Rouge said before she drop kicked another monster into the ground so hard that spiderweb cracks appeared under its head.

"No clue really, the book didn't give details, the only thing it said that the blade, or whatever inside would give a gauntlet of trials to the person taking its test." Knuckles said before he finished off another monster with a slamming fist.

"Where are we going again?" Rouge asked when she landed next to Knuckles.

"The exit and there's suppose to be a treasure chest with some items we can use after we leave." Knuckles said before he turned to Rouge and flinched by seeing that greedy gleam in her eye.

"Treasure you say!, Lets go knucky!" Rouge said before running ahead with gleaming eyes.

"H-hay wait!" Knuckles said while chasing after Rouge before the scene shifted.

Station square/ Tails's house/ Tails's workshop/ Training room/ Sonic, Amy

The camera panned to show that Sonic was staring at his opponents who were non other then Steel and Metal, however they had bits of blue cube like lights emitting from their bodies while Sonic grinned.

"Here we go!" Sonic said before charging the digi Metal and Steel which started the fight while Amy looked on from the sidelines.

"Whoa!" Amy said while she watched Sonic fight Metal and Steel, she was impressed further by the fact that Sonic was taking them alone.

"Indeed." P.A.I. said while he appeared near Amy while she watched the fight, Sonic and Amy already got used to Pluton's backup data appearing out of nowhere so she just continued to watch the fight.

"This is nuts!, how does Sonic fight those guys two on one without getting beaten?" Amy asked in a worried tone if there was a surprise the digi duo were keeping.

"It's an adaptive A.I. that does better fighting the better you fight, The digi versions are just getting started, so Sonic better be prepared... follow me Amy your room is set up, just chose your opponent and it'll set itself up." PAI said before vanishing while Amy looked at Sonic one more time before she walked off.

"Be careful Sonic." Amy said in a worried tone while she walked to the other arena and worried about what PAI said while Sonic fought the digi duo.

With Sonic

"Damn its tough, even with my speed... Metal keeps attacking with speed based attacks and Steel keeps using those blades of his!" Sonic thought while dodging Steels double downward slash before Metal hit him in the side which sent Sonic flying before he landed by flipping to land on his feet.

"Well like I thought, this will be tough!" Sonic thought before a grin appeared on his face before he charged the digi duo while the scene shifted.

Station square/ Zeo residence/ Chise

"Well what to to now." Chise said while she thought about what happened earlier with the Steel incident before she sat on her couch.

"I need to get stronger so I don't get caught again, man that was horrifying...but how?" Chise said before she walked out of her house to go to the Tails residence to ask the inventive fox about any ideas when she remembered how smart he was.

5 minutes later/ Station Square/Tails's residence/ Living room/ Tails

Tails was trying to relax after he re-calibrated the telepad before he worked on another project, however he had to groan when someone knocked on his door again.

"Coming." Tails said before he opened the door to get a little surprised to see Chise before she spoke up.

"Hello Tails, may I come in?" Chise asked while the two tailed fox moved over a bit to let her in.

"Sure... come in." Tails said before Chise walked in before she looked around the room for a moment before looking to Tails.

"Sorry for intruding, but I needed to ask If you got anything to help me get stronger Tails, Steel proved I could barely do anything." Chise said in a worried tone before Tails sweatdropping at a thought he had.

"Why does everyone think I have all the answers?" Tails thought before he spoke up.

"Sorry Chise, but Sonic and Amy are using a Special training room for 2 people only until I can upgrade it, and I sent Emerald, Pluton, and Shunpei to angel island so Emerald could train, Pluton and Shunpei joined him for some reason." Tails said before thinking why those two would join him if it was for training.

"Shunpei?, who's that?" Chise asked sense she never met Shunpei before.

"Ah, well I don't think I should say much but the story is... and that's why he's here." Tails said before he finished the story with Chise looking sad.

"Wow, why did he come here then?" Chise said in a confused tone before Tails shrugged.

"No clue, he said he wanted to study chaos energy and how to make it work with machines, though what he did kinda went against that claim." Tails said more confused about Shunpei's actions before Chise spoke up.

"Well isn't there anything I can use?" Chise asked which got Tails's attention. "Hmm." Tails said while he thought hard before he remembered one thing which made him speak up.

"Follow me, I may have something." Tails said before he walked down to his basement with Chise in tow.

Station Square/Tails's basement/ Tails, Chise, Sonic (in training room), Amy (in training room)

After Chise followed Tails they went to one of his workbenches before Tails handed Chise a belt and collar which confused her.

"What are these for?" Chise said while she looked at the items in her hands before Tails spoke up.

"The belt and collar are prototype training devices that increase the wearers weight by turning the dial, It can only go up by doubling the weight by one click and another by turning it more, be careful you don't go over the limit until you get use to it, it can do major backlash by going overkill on weight." Tails explained by showing the dials and buttons on the belt and what they do.

"Anything else?, it seems the weight gear can help but will I get stronger by just doing weight training?" Chise asked before Tails thought one more time and had an idea, though it was a prototype as well.

"Follow me, I may have one more Item." Tails said while Chise put the belt and collar on before following the two tailed inventor to another workbench before he reached for another item.

"Well here it is." Tails said before he struggled to hand Chise a box shaped device which made her grunt a bit at the weight before she caught herself.

"W-What is it?" Chise struggled to ask before Tail's spoke up.

"Its a time dilation device, it speeds time up within the radius of the bubble." Tails explained before Chise gave him a confused look.

"I thought you said you didn't have anything else, hows this not helpful?" Chise said while looking at Tails with confusion while she pointed to the box.

"It's only feature is the time bubble, nothing else, you can turn it on and off at will, but that's it, no special feature to help." Tails said while he pointed to the power button.

"Can I use it?" Chise asked which made Tails grin before he nodded.

"Sure, keep it, I made two more as backups." Tails said which made Chise grin as well before the two exited the basement before leaving the house.

Station Square/Tails's residence/ front door/ Tails, Chise

While Chise walked outside Tails spoke up which got her attention.

"Remember, don't go over the limit, trust me, it'll end badly." Tails explained while Chise nodded before she walked back to her place while Tails's went back inside to rest up for a bit sense the time boxes took awhile to make.

Station Square/ Zeo residence/ Living room/ Chise

Chise carefully entered her house before setting down the time box before sighing.

"Phew... that was a lot heavier then I thought, but here it is." Chise said after she set the box down in her living room and saw something in a little cubby part that was attached to it's side.

"What's this?" Chise said to herself while she looked at the thing in hand and saw it was a instruction manual on how to use the machine properly with the gravity belts, written by Tails.

"Well this makes things easier." Chise said while smiling before she read the book to get ready to train while the scene shifted.

Station Square/ Rabbit residence/ Living room/ Vanilla, Cream, Cheese

"Mama, do you think I can go to Tails's place to hang out." Cream asked her mom after looking in a mirror to examine the scar on her cheek from when Steel barely missed her while Vanilla spoke up.

"Sure dear, call and let me Know if Tails says it's OK, Oh and take this, it's for you and Tail's." Vanilla said while she handed Cream a basked before Cream left right after while Cheese followed her before Vanilla sighed when the door closed.

"It seems Eggmans going for keeps this time, I hope things turn brighter." Vanilla said before she looked out a window to see a flower blowing in the wind before a petal flew away which worried her.

"I hope the others are OK." Vanilla said while thinking of the others in slight worry before the scene shifted.

Angel Island/ Trial of blades/ cave clearing/ Emerald, Nocturn, Shunpei, Zack, Pluton, Xan

After finally getting to the right cave entrance which seemed to have a barrier blocking the entrance, Xan stopped ahead of them before speaking up with a serious look on his face.

"Only two can go in this dungeon, It's a rule of this place and Before you argue, its an enchantment to keep people safe from the creatures here, and I can't take it down, This place is known as the Trial of blades, The weapon inside will test you to see if your strong enough to take it's test." Xan explained before he examined the cave entrance while Emerald looked to Shunpei before taking the blaster handle out of his pocket.

"Hey Shunpei, here." Emerald said before handing the blaster handle to a surprised Shunpei.

"why?" Shunpei asked when Emerald passed the handle to him.

"You could most likely use it better then I can, so why not?, besides Tails forgot to tell me who to give it to before we left." Emerald said while Shunpei couldn't say a thing for a minute after sweatdropping before he took the handle, then spoke up while turning the cave opening.

"So who goes in with Emerald?" Shunpei asked before a voice echoed throughout the clearing which made them all look around.

"How about I make that choice boy." A female voice said before a gust of wind kicked up around the clearing which made everyone cover their faces.

Before anyone could respond to the voice, Emerald and Nocturn felt a massive gust of wind rocket the two towards the entrance so fast that even Xan couldn't keep up for a moment while Zack and Pluton who were closest tried to grab Emerald and slammed into a barrier after Emerald and Nocturn passed through the cave entrance.

While Zack and Pluton picked themselves up from the ground, Xan was pissed beyond belief before he looked at the source and was shocked at who did that.

"Kamikazix!?" Xan said in shock when he saw who sent the attack when the person now known as Kamikazix spoke up.

"Indeed, I forced the Drifter and the traitor inside to not only test them but to see if they will survive." Kamikazix said with a smile on her face while Xan frowned.

"If you think I'll let the boy die, think again." Xan said while removing his cloak when he takes walks out on the Island before Kamikazix giggles.

"*giggle* Oh Xan, you most likely can kill me, but can you take the other 6 while protecting your other friends?" Kamikazix said before she pointed up which made the group look upwards before getting shocked at what they saw.

Looking up the group was shocked to see six other floating people with various elements supporting them, one was Infernus who was standing on fire, she had a smirk on her face, while the others either had board looks or were looking the group over while floating to the ground before the element they controlled vanished.

"Here we are kamikazix now what?" one of the elemental's asked before Kamikazix spoke up.

"We wait and watch, in 12 hours we will have our answer." Kamikazix answered before she started to chant in an odd language which gave her a teal glow before it faded.

Pluton looked over and scanned Kamikazix, she had a pale complexion, had a petite frame but scanned the power coming from her which made him hesitant to attack.

she wore a pair of light blue shorts, a simple light green tank top, and was barefooted, she had greenish hair highlighted with yellow at the tips that was a bit messy, all in all she looked like she got out of bed and didn't bother to get ready, it also looked like she had dark lines under her eyes, It may be from a lack of sleep or something.

"12 Hours!?, that's impossible, it takes at most 4 days!" Xan said shocking the group that got to the cave before the Elemental's.

"Normally... but what I did changed that." Kamikazix said with a smirk on her face before killing intent came off of Xan which scared Shunpei into hiding behind Zack while the Elemental's got into defensive stances, though Kamikazix stayed in her neutral stance before Xan roared out.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!" Xan roared out while a red aura emitted from his body which further frightened Shunpei, he even made Zack nervous, and he fought Sephiroth to the death once which was saying something, while Pluton scanned the aura for a power comparison.

"*giggle* well all I did was force the dungeon to go to its max level and gave it a time Dilation effect of grand proportion." Kamikazix said after she giggled while still keeping a smile on her face while Xan's eyes glowed red.


"Well its just 12 hours here, we'll see how long he really takes, besides... he has Nocturn the traitor so he's not defenseless." Kamikazix said with a smile while Xan tried to calm down which made his aura recede before he spoke up again.

"And the 12 hour thing?" Xan asked which made Kamikazix giggle again before she explained.

"*giggling* well the time is accelerated in there, in 12 hours depending how fast he goes it could take 2 years at least or 4 years at best in there." Kamikazix said pointing to the glowing cave.

"I didn't alter anything else though so no worries." Kamikazix said before walking up to a nearby tree before sitting against it before taking a nap of all things which surprised them.

"What the!?, sleeping!?" Zack said in a stumped tone before another Elemental walked forward.

"Don't bother, once she naps she wont wake until she wakes on her own." ? said which made the group look to see an odd man walk up.

"Names Oceanic, some called me Oceanus, but they turned that name into a filthy joke so I changed it." Oceanic said before he face palmed at others stupidity.

He looked like a man in his 20's, he wore a blue and black shirt with a water like pattern, blue cargo pants with black water like patterns, he wore black shades that covered his eyes, he had blue hair that was actually made of water which surprised everyone but Xan.

"Oh Oceanic, don't help these allies of Nocturn." Infernus said before she walked up to the group and kissed Oceanic on the lips which made Shunpei blush before he looked away.

"If we can't really do anything but wait, I say we wait." Zack said before starting to do squats a few feet near the caves entrance after walking to it.

"As much as I hate to admit it, your right, might as well meditate or work on this." Xan said before sitting down on the ground before pulling out a scroll and a pen.

"Umm... what do I do?" Shunpei asked before Pluton walked up to him while speaking up.

"Why don't we see if we can get that blaster working." Pluton said before motioning for Shunpei to follow him.

"Thanks." Shunpai said before pulling the handle out of his pocket before the duo started to work on it.

With Kamikazix and the other Elemental's

"What now?" A rough looking guy in military gear pants with a tanktop said before another voice spoke up.

"Really Terragaia, bored already?, and here I thought you learned patience, seems I overestimated you?" A guy with blond hair said with a white suit while holding a cane before Terragaia spoke up.

"What was that Nebula!?" Terragaia shouted in Nebula's face which made him take out a handkerchief before Nebula wiped his face.

"Seems I was wrong, you really are a short fuse." Nebula said while smirking which got a reaction from Terragaia.

"Don't get cocky kid, compared to Raiken you only know parlor tricks." Terragaia growled which made Nebula sigh before giving Terragaia a killing intent filled death-glare.

"Is that a challenge I hear?" Nebula said before his cane started to spark before it glowed with a blue light before Terragaia brought out a war-hammer that looked like it weighed a ton but he held it with one hand while a grin appeared on his face.

"Bring it on kid, I've been wanting to smash that face in the moment I saw it!" Terragaia said before he gave the come get me gesture which started their scuffle.

The duo ran at each other with their weapons at the ready, but before they could get closer, a clear glass like barrier came between them while a girl with white hair, in a black and white hoodie, with tight black jeans, appeared nearby before giving the scariest death-glare which made Terragaia and Nebula freeze in their tracks before she spoke up.

"Will you two give it a rest, Kamikazix is resting from casting that taxing spell, and you two clods want to wake her!?" ? Whispered loudly while she emitted killing intent while the two scolded Elemental's hung their heads in shame.

"Sorry Nexus." Terragaia and Nebula said nervously at the same time before walking away from each other while Nexus huffed.

"Geez." Nexus said as she readjusted her hoodie before speaking up again.

"I might not be an Elemental, but I'm not scared of those two." Nexus said with irritation lacing her tone before she heard voices.

"Of course big sis." two female voices said at once which made Nexus turn to the voices to see two little girls next to each other while looking over her way.

They were wearing monochrome outfits with 1 being majority white, and with the other black, like a yin-yang colored Chinese outfit, something like a Cheongsam, it kinda seemed like a yin-yang thing but the real kicker is one eye on the one which was dressed in mostly white had her left eye pure black in color, the other who was dressed in mostly black had a pure right white eye, the two were always together and speaking at the same time.

For the Elemental's, it was a normality.

"Well Shiro (white), Kuro (black), let's sit over there." Nexus said before she walked to a tree stump while making a book appear out of nowhere before she sat on it while the twins looked to one another before nodding.

"Yes big sis!" Shiro and kuro said before running to Nexus.

With Kamikazix

"Well then, what will you do now Boy, will you die in there or come out stronger?" Kamikazix thought while napping with a grin on her face before the scene shifted.

Eggman's skybase

"HOHOHO!, just 11 hours till completion, I'm a genius!" Eggman said after laughing while the final touches were being made to Steel and Metal before the scene faded to black.

"Well people, that was this chapter of The Dimensional Saga, hope you keep reading, any parting words you two?" TME said to the waiting duo.

"Yeah, this is Sonic saying keep reading if you like where the story is going, give some constructive reviews if you can help the story get better, and giving a reminder that this is a disclaimer for all characters but OC's and there skills." Sonic said before speeding off to who know where.

"Well I gotta say that this was a long read, but I hope for more screen time." Rouge said before she walked out.

"Sorry Rouge maybe more next time." TME said before he looked to the screen.

"Well this story was overdue, so I apologize, but I got hooked on Tales of hearts R on the playstation vita, not a bad game if your a fan of the Tales series or an RPG fan, anyway what is Eggman planning?, and will Emerald survive the dungeon?, find out next chapter, it will be the dungeon arc of the prequal arc next chapter, This is TME signing out." TME said with a two finger salute before the screen faded to black.

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