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The Dimensional Drifter arrives

"Hello everyone, this is the intro for The Dimensional Saga and a BIG disclaimer for everything but OC's and their moves, also this will be rated M for a few reasons, the main issue is this story will get dark at times and there are some love scenes that can get a bit lemony so warning for people 16 and younger." TME said while looking back to the screen before speaking up.

"Also there will be dimensional travel and time leaps through worlds in the story so if you don't like these kinds of stories please leave, If your OK with this stuff read along." TME said while he grinned before he spoke up again.

"Another thing, sense there are so many place my main OC or OC's will go to, I will use this chapter to issue a disclaimer for all but OC's." TME said when he used the disclaimer before continuing.

"Enjoy the story and hope you help me make it better in the future, this is Twilight Master Emerald A.K.A TME A.K.A light master emerald hosting these intros." TME said before he got up from his chair and bowed to the readers before continuing.

"Please read my original for a rough draft... kinda...*sweatdrop*... sorry if it's a mess, I don't know what happened, it looked like it was erased in some areas.*ahem*" TME said while sweatdropping before clearing his throat.

"Now before we get into the story let's go to an unknown place where the story begins." TME said seriously while the scene shifted.

lets get started in 3!2!1! LETS GO!

The dimensional drifter/prequel arc!


The camera opened to a pure black abyss, nothing was seen before a voice was heard with a white light accompanying it before a dimmer purple glow was seen shortly after.

"My apologize for the wait old friend... but I was finally able to make a connection... however it won't last long, so appear in front of him soon or all of this would be for naught." ? said before the white glowing light faded completely while the purple glow faded in and out a few time before fading completely before a flash of purple light appeared while the scene shifted.

Angel Island/ Master Emerald alter/ Rouge, Knuckles

The camera slowly approached a planet before speeding up till it was over the ocean of that world before speeding up faster before it stopped near a floating island in the sky while the camera focused on something approaching the island.

That something was Rouge the bat, jewel thief of mobius, she was flying to angel island while she hoped that the Master Emerald was unguarded by knuckles the Echidna, one of the last from what she knew.

It was unlikely for the giant emerald to be unguarded but possible, but when she got there Knuckles was resting on the alter next to the Master Emerald while he looked like he was sleeping before Rouge smirked while she glided next to the Master Emerald silently before she spoke to herself to help think.

"Alright, looks like he's sleeping, maybe I can take it sense he's knocked out." Rouge whispered to herself while she kept the greedy grin on her face before a voice spoke up.

"I can hear you, you know." Knuckles said with an irritated tone which startled Rouge greatly which made her gasp before she saw a ticked off Knuckles who look at her with one eye open, and boy did he look angered before Knuckles spoke up again.

"Gonna need to try harder then that." knuckles growled out while he got up while Rouge crossed her arms under her ample chest before she opens her mouth to reply.

But before Rouge could say anything else, they heard a scream from above them which made them look upwards from under the alter roof to see a shocking sight while the sound got louder to hear a man's voice, though when the voice got close they realized he was shouting.

"AHHHHHHHHH CRRRRRAAAAAAAP!" ? shouted while the duo looked upwards to see a man about average height, average face, pale white skin with a barely noticeable tan complexion if you looked close enough, decent arms, short hair to shoulder length brown hair, he wore a black trench coat like coat, black jeans, black hiking boots, a black and white shirt, a silver dragon pendent, and and a chain fidget ring on the right hand's middle finger and a bracelet on his left.

Rouge then leaped from the alter which surprised Knuckles before he saw that Rouge was flying towards the man.

The man in question was falling fast to the ground rapidly and was just waiting for the end before he heard a voice call out to him which made him look over to the voice and did a double take when a flying bat like creature flew to him with her right hand reaching for ? before Rouge shouted over the rushing wind.

"HANG ON KID!, I GOT YOU!" Rouge yelled while flying to him before she neared while ? felt relieved that he wouldn't kiss the ground at mach 10 before he spoke up.

"THANKS!" ? shouted over the passing wind before grabbing Rouge's hand which made the fall slowed down somewhat for a second before they both started to fall again sense ? was too heavy to be supported.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Both ? and Rouge yelled before they neared the ground at increasing speed while Knuckles got a panicked look on his face before he looked to where they were falling before he went to help before he spoke up.

"HANG ON!, I GOT YOU GUYS!" Knuckles yelled while he ran down the steps and under the falling duo while Knuckles cursed the wind for a moment because it was making the falling duo sway left and right on the way to the ground before he did the same were he moved left and right to try and keep under them before ? did something that shocked him.

"Oh crap!, this landing will hurt even more so for this!" ? thought before he grabbed Rouge and placed her in his lap which surprised her greatly before she looked to ? greatly confused.

Before she could wonder why he did that, she saw the ground closing fast and closed her eyes and hoped she wouldn't get hurt before Knuckles spoke up.

"I got you!, I got you!" Knuckles said while reaching up to the falling Duo when they neared.

But comically a gust of wind blew ? and Rouge to the left of him which made Knuckle's sweatdrop and flinched when a resounding boom echoed throughout Angel Island as a result before he spoke up.

"Oh crap, that had to hurt." Knuckles muttered while hoping no one was dead before he rubbed his head in sympathy.

When the dust settled, Knuckles was shocked greatly to see that Rouge was fine which made him ran up to her and hugged her which shocked Rouge greatly before she blushed at Knuckles actions.

"Your OK!" Knuckle's said in a relieved tone while forgetting things for a moment before Rouge's blush intensified. "K-Knuckles!?" Rouge said in shock while she thought her face looked like a stop light while ? twitched under the duo before he spoke up.

"OOOOhhhhhhh the pain." ? whispered weakly while Knuckles held Rouge in a hug before he remembered that this was Rouge the jewel thief he was holding before he dropped her while he put on a pretty good poker face before Rouge got up from the ground with anger written all over her face while she looked at Knuckles while rubbing her rear from soreness before she screamed into his ear.

"OW!, WHY YOU KNUCKLE HEADED IDIOT!" Rouge screamed in his ear before Knuckles plugged his ears from the loud scream before shouting back.

"UGH!, WHAT WAS THAT FOR!" Knuckles shouted before he stomped his foot a few times in anger while the duo forgot about ? who was still puzzled into the ground.

"Uggh!,ow!, ack!" the unfortunately grounded ? grunted out in pain from the stomps while the duo argued for a minute longer before they calmed down before Knuckles and Rouge noticed that she wasn't hurt at all and remembered that ? had pulled her onto him in order to protect her which made the duo looked down before flinching at what they saw.

? looked like he took most of the damage while there was shoe and boot prints on his body while Knuckles and Rouge where standing right on top of him before they got off of him with panicked looked on their faces while ? twitched in pain.

"OOOHHH the pain" ? groaned out while Knuckles and Rouge flinched before the two looked to each other before looking back to ? before Knuckles spoke up. "You OK man?" Knuckles said before ? turned his head in Knuckles direction before speaking up.

"I'll... ugh... live." ? grunted while trying to get up a few time before succeeding while he got his bearings before he readjusts his clothes and items on him before he looked to the two humanoid creatures in detail before sweatdropping.

"Holy hell!, where in what world am I?" ? thought while he got a better look at the duo who looked like they were half his height, they stopped at his waistline, and he was around 5 ft to 6 feet tall so around 3 ft for the creatures.

He looked to the while furred bat like one that rescued him and saw that she wore white boots that led up to her hips with pinks hearts on the tips of the boots, she also looked like she was wearing a black leotard under a heart shaped chest plate or shirt that covered and restricted the creatures D-E cup breasts to keep them out of the way. (? couldn't tell what the cloth or armor was, nor was he being a perv, just being observant)

She wore white gloves that stopped at the upper arm, he also noticed that she wore some pink shade of lipstick.

He then looked to the less dressed red colored...thing...(We all know who), the first thing he noticed about the red creature was the shoes, they were red on the front and back while yellow in the middle, there were also metal plates on his shoes but ? could be wrong about that before he looked up to see that the red creature wore white gloves that had 2 thick, possibly sharp spikes, protruding near the knuckles of the creature's hands before said creature looked at ? confused before he spoke up.

"Where did you come from?, fall off a plane or something?" Knuckles said while he looked around the sky for a possible plane before ? spoke up.

"Kinda." ? said while scratching the back of his head while sweatdropping before he moved his head side to side to hear and felt pleasant cracks and pops in his neck while Rouge looked to him before speaking up.

"What do you mean kinda?" Rouge said more confused then ever before ? reached into his right pocket before he gripped the item he was looking for before ? pulled out a strange looking gem from his pocket, it looked like a black colored chaos Emerald with a purple glowing center before ? spoke up.

"This... whatever it is brought me here." ? said a little irritated at the object while it gave a slow pulsing purple glow while Knuckles and Rouge looked at it in two different ways.

"Wow it's beautiful!" Rouge said with a greedy sparkle in her eyes while Knuckles sweatdropped at the look Rouge was giving the gem before he looked at the gem as well to examine it before he spoke up.

"Looks like a Chaos emerald...somewhat." Knuckles said before taking a closer look when he felt an odd sensation before he shrugged it off while ? looked to him before speaking up.

"Chaos emerald?, whats that?" ? asked Knuckles who looked to the Master Emerald alter before he spoke up.

"See the giant green glowing gem on the alter?" Knuckles said while pointing over his shoulder while ? nodded in confirmation while speaking up. "Yeah." ? said while he looked at it with amazement showing on his face from seeing a gem of that size while it gave a similar glow like his gem, but green this time before Knuckles continues.

"Well there are seven smaller gems subservient to the Master Emerald on the alter, though the Master Emerald is rarely used on them for various reasons, the chaos emeralds hold immense power and mysterious abilities that have yet to be taped into, though eight now from the look of things." Knuckles said while looking at the gem in ?'s hand again before Rouge asked a few questions.

"By the way, who are you?, and how did you get here?, my names Rouge the bat, and this butterfingers name is Knuckles the Echidna." Rouge said while Knuckles crossed his arms before grunting at the butterfingers insult while ? spoke up.

"My name is Emerald, how and where I got this gem is from..." Emerald said while started to explain his story before the scene faded to black.

"Cliffhanger hanging from a cliff, an-*Crash*" ? tried to say before being interrupted when TME tackled the guy out of the room before TME spoke up.

"Sorry people wrong series, I always wanted to do a cliffhanger, and on my first story, ain't I a stinker." TME said grinning while he waved his right hand in front of his face like a fan before looking to the screen with a serious face.

"Anyway, find out next time on The Human Emerald V2 or The Dimensional Saga on how Emerald found the gem and meeting Sonic and Tails, also the other chapters will try to be longer, but this is just an intro chapter." TME said with a grin before he stood up from his chair before he continued.

"Please Review and give Constructive criticism to help me make this story better." TME said before bowing to the readers.

"This is Twilight Master Emerald signing out now, enjoy the story." TME said while waving to the readers before the scene faded to black.

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