A New Vampire King @emerald
Resource gathering dungeon train Part 1

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Ooo/ Candy Kingdom Reconstruction site/ ?

The scene showed that the repairs were well underway for Bubblegum's kingdom though it was a slow process thanks to how hard it was to gather candy based materials, many Candy Citizens were in tents or large huts as they wore constructions hats.

Some people were busy remaking homes and businesses, some were busy helping others, and some were working on the Castle itself which was probably the least worked on since the Gumball guardians were slow going in their actions to not break anything or step on anyone.

"Still can't believe that my home got destroyed." Bubblegum said as she watches.

"Eh could be worse, thanks to Ran at least you have Candy peeps to work with and can make a bigger stronger castle if you get the right material, could even make a bigger lab on the ground floor and have your room built next to it so a silver lining is that you could make this your dream kingdom now that you got more experience sense then right?" Marceline said to try and cheer Bubblegum up as the duo lands near a foreman who was leading Banana guards in helping with the construction.

Bubblegum was thoughtful for a moment.

"Hmmm… you do have a point." She said when she started to have new ideas to make her kingdom better.

"Yeah, maybe could make a bigger bedroom as well and maybe a sex dungeon in case you want to get kinky and not let anyone know about that side of you." Marceline teased while she held her umbrella over her to prevent the sun from hitting her.

Bubblegum blushes brightly after hearing that.

"O-One step at a time." She said before going to the foreman.

"How is everything going?"

The Foreman, who was a Gumball looking Candy person with a construction hat looks up at Bubblegum and salutes at her.

"Hello your highness, things are going rather slowly since we lack the tools needed and require the Gumball Guardian's aid in moving heavy items, not only that…" The Foreman said when he looks at the Banana guards with a half lidded look.

"Well… not to knock their enthusiasm but… unless I direct these guys every step of the way these guys don't get much done… one kept walking into a wall the moment I take my eyes off them and stuff." The Foreman said while the Banana guards who heard that just look at the princess and waved at her.

"Hello Princess, nice day today." The guards said as the Foreman rubbed his head where a headache was forming and Marceline looked Sympathetic.

"You have my sympathy dude." Marceline said.

"Thanks but if sympathies could help me get competent help I would have gotten it long ago… thankfully they don't complain much or need much to motivate them so its simple to get them to work." The Foreman said while he rubbed his candy like dome.

Bubblegum sweatdrops.

"Well perhaps after everything gets built, I'll find a way to fix the banana guards a bit."

"Maybe, but until then its slow going for work, got any blueprints for the new Castle your highness?, we made the throne room at least but figured we get to work on an outer wall so people can sleep safely at night soon, after that we can work on the Castle more while resources are used to help make homes for homeless Candy citizens." The Foreman said when he showed Bubblegum and Marceline a complete entryway to a throne room which looked grander then Bubblegum's old throne room.

"And considering this is smack dab in the middle of town, might as well make the Castle the easiest place to get to so no one gets lost… mainly for the guards here." The Foreman said while he sweatdrops at the Banana guards lack of direction.

Bubblegum sweatdrops a bit.

"Yes… though there is some ideas I want put here." She said before telling the foreman some stuff.

The Foreman hums at that while he rubbed his chin.

"Right…. Well as long as the Castle is the center of the Kingdom I don't mind helping with some of these plans but we have three issues that need fixing to really work any of this… one is time, going to be awhile before anything is made, so hope you have a place to crash at… two, resources, as much as I want to build anything grand or dense, that attack from those Vamps caused some real damage, not saying you can't do some sciency thing to regrow materials or you ask for help from other kingdoms, but Candy Material for Anything is lacking and I did promise Dr. Princess we focus most onto a new hospital after the throne room was made so we can have a place to help the sick… but that will take a huge hit in materials so you'll have to find a way to get more fast if you want anything detailed built… finally we will have to talk about a defense system so we don't get attacked by more Vamps, not saying all are bad like Marceline here but if we get attacked by a bomb dropper like last time and that Ran guy isn't here… we won't be able to survive another hit like that." The Foreman said while a new but familiar voice to Bubblegum speaks up near the group.

"Good thing I came by then." A female voice said while the trio looked and Bubblegum was surprised to see Tai Ping of all people here.

"Tai Ping. This is a surprise." Bubblegum said.

"Indeed, considering you gave me a cushy job as the warden for your prison, I feel like returning the favor since I quit to join Demonga and his gang." Tai Ping said when she walked up to the group and Marceline saw that with her hands behind her head, Tai Ping was a good looking woman, though while she was decently trained, she had some serious leg muscle and what not, probably their first ever meeting though Warden for Bubblegum's prison?

Bubblegum though was shocked.

"Wait what?! You're joking right? You're my best warden."

"Yeah, I was your warden, but considering that I let Me-Mow out on various circumstances and others after looking at their spotty reasons why they were in there, I figured my talents could be used elsewhere where I wouldn't have a guilty conscious on if your prisoners deserved to be in your prison or not and used for experiments." Tai Ping said when she gave Bubblegum a serious look like Bubblegum betrayed her trust.

Marceline blinked in surprise after hearing that.

Bubblegum was flabbergasted.

"I never experimented on the prisoners."

"Could have fooled me with that look, but how else do you explain some of the prisoners that didn't use to have cocks and what not having them after a while?, and some were not natural shapeshifters, pretty sure unless you were fine tuning something or making an experiment to alter bodies, pretty sure unless some kind of secret biz was going behind your back, then I'm not sure how else some prisoners I had fun with in my former office would have cocks that would make normal sized people jealous with, I maybe good at keeping people in line but I'm not a full blown idiot." Tai Ping said while she raised an eyebrow.

Marceline raised her eyebrow at her girlfriend.

"O-Ok we're getting off tangent. But you can't quit to join Demonga. You're my friend." Bubblegum said.

"Really?... If I'm your friend then how come I never heard about those spotty reasons why those prisoners are inside of the prison?, I left those who deserve it in their cells after I did my own investigation and let others out who didn't deserve time from said cells… not only that but Demonga pretty much gave me one good reason to change sides and I'm not talking about him being a good lay, he is honest to a fault and while some may question his methods in getting villains and what not, he has counter measures to keep them in line unless they do something even he won't expect like that fucker Ash did, heard that guy after his powers were sealed is just bumming around bars and what not nowadays… point is while you gave me a cushy job, when was the last time we hung out or even did something as friends?, I mean for fucks sake you pretty much had me keep prisoners who may or may not deserve to be there behind bars so who knows how many people I scarred when I dominated them, I thought all of them deserved getting it even if they didn't want it at all." Tai Ping said when she glared at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum was taken back by the glare and though she wanted to counter… she couldn't find nothing to back up.

"Okay… I'll admit that I haven't been visiting you for certain events so I'll take the blame for that."

"No kidding… and you never invited me for fun with your New Vampire King lover?... geez… maybe I should use a spell that I learned so I can be a pain in your ass to make us even but right now I'm here to help with kingdom reconstructing, I know a place where you can get plenty of items for free, not sure if you know of this but know a place called the Dungeon train?" Tai Ping said while she crossed her arms.

Marceline hummed.

"Actually I think I heard Finn mention that, might need to ask him or Jake where it is."

"Well no need to do that, Demonga has an information network and he located that place a long time ago… not many go there so he made a base there so were constantly getting items with interesting or surprisising effects, since he doesn't want issues later, he is willing to offer my help and the help of a team of fighters to go in there and gather items, depending on what is found, you could find an item that can make duplicates of items for zilch or find things that would otherwise be impossible to get otherwise, we're still studying how that place works but as long as you are willing to fight some monsters for loot, and as long as you are willing to give a cut to us for expenses for a team to aid you, we can gather a lot of items and what not that could be used in ways not many would even consider." Tai Ping explained while she had a hand on her hip.

Bubblegum was thoughtful for a moment.

"Okay… I'll consider it. But Tai Ping, I'm sorry for taking you for granted. Is there any way I can make things right? I don't want to lose you."

"Hmmm… maybe, I already got a replacement running the Prison so it's still operational and I can't just quit Demonga's team so three conditions to start out as friends at least… first off get a damned investigator to really look up what people do before you throw people in prison, pretty sure this is a key reason why I'm not working there for awhile." Tai Ping said when she gave Bubblegum a half lidded look.

Bubblegum lowers her head a bit.


"Good, second condition is pretty simple compared to the first… you owe me big time, and I don't mean a simple fuck session… I'm talking about hardcore intense fucking that would make the legendary Vampire Queen blush in shock at how hardcore it is, she can even join in if she wants." Tai Ping said with an amused tone to her voice.

Marceline and Bubblegum blushes brightly after hearing that.

Though Marceline did smirk.

"Well wouldn't say no to a threesome but don't mind seeing some one on one time first."

"Oh I can assure you it may not be a threesome if I make it hard for the Princess here to move so you and I may have one on one time later if she can't even stand up." Tai Ping said as she and Marceline were oddly in sync with their bonding of Dominating Bubblegum.

Bubblegum, though blushing brightly, sweatdrops at this.

"Fine, I'll agree."

"Good… final condition can be pretty simple or complex depending on how things go but… try and actually get to know Demonga before you call him a bad guy in your eyes… he may not seem like it to you but he is actually surprisingly sweet given his usual stoic state… I won't lie, aside from being charismatic, he is a pretty intense fuck though considering he is related to you you may not be interested but Marceline could warm up to him if she just gets to know the guy… she seems to have a thing for Candy related people after all." Tai Ping said with an amused tone to her voice and fought to keep from laughing at the look on Marceline's face.

Marceline blushes a bit before narrowing her eyes.

"Perhaps… but I'm still a bit peeved for the stuff he pulled. Mainly at the part where he hired that no good bum of an ex of mine."

"Hey I was hired by Demonga AFTER that incident so I can't say much, but just to let you know Demonga was desperate for help so he had to look where no one was normally willing… besides considering how… questionable Bubblegum's morals are… can't exactly play the good VS evil card here when many know of Bubblegum's former spy network and other things she did… Demonga wanted to kill Ash after what he did to Finn or Fionna at the time but that Librarian guy made sure Ash would get a punishment in the making since he can't gain more power and would be powerless to stop anyone from coming after him… I mean Demonga was more or less forced to get help from unsavory places so can't fault him if the help he hires doesn't listen to commands or do their own thing… I mean you dated the fucker once so you know how idiotic Ash can be, do you think he would listen to orders for long without something to gain?" Tai Ping said when she looks at Marceline in the eyes.

Marceline was quiet before sighing.

"Sadly… all true."

"Yeah… look Demonga was starting out back then and had to gain help from any source but now he has a better understanding of things and what not, he may not have his own kingdom but if we're talking influence… guy has more than enough in many land to pretty much gave a kingdom granted to him if he wanted one from an abandoned or empty kingdom and can keep any bad guy in line now since he can get to know them or have a fail-safe in place for them… until now Ash was low tier on his list and he won't make the same mistake twice, just saying for many things and if you can make a kingdom from scratch your highness, Demonga can as well but he has no need to do so since he is still missing something to bring back your Uncle Gumball… still not sure why you don't like the guy but Demonga seems to have both love and hate for the guy… not sure why both… but eh… probably a family thing… anyway if you want to see the base near the Dungeon Train, we should get going while the sun is still up and we can see the trail in the forest, Marceline will be able to put her umbrella away there in some trails from how dense the foliage is, we can talk more when we get there." Tai Ping said while she rubbed the back of her head.

Marceline did look at Bubblegum to see what she thinks.

The Candy Monarch was thoughtful for a moment.

"Alright. There's nothing else for me to do since the reconstruction is still happening."

"Yeah… should be a good thing to come with since this could help with a lot of things… you can bring guards if you want but I doubt it will be needed, not only do you have Marceline the legend as backup, I was your warden in the past and can kick serious ass, so lets get going if you don't want to bring anyone else, if so I'll wait here if you want to bring some help carrying loot at least." Tai Ping said before she walked away while Bubblegum and Marceline got a better look at her outfit, Marceline didn't know Tai Ping but Bubblegum did and she had a new outfit.

It was an overseas style from the Premushroom war era, a Cheongsm, it was red and white in coloring with a dragon pattern spirling up towards the neckline and it showed off Tai Ping's legs and hips while being modest enough to cover the important parts, she wore steel toed boots that had been customized to power her kicks and from the muscles on her body, would be pretty deadly… though thanks to how showy it was with her legs, her ass was partly seen at least from how tight it was around her ass and Marceline and Bubblegum could see how tone it was, more powerful then rounded but still nice looking.

Marceline smirks before looking at Bubblegum.

"I can see why you hire her. Though you really got yourself in trouble… again."

Bubblegum blushed again before she looks a bit down.

"Y-Yeah… though thanks to some mistakes I lost a good warden… hopefully I can at least salvage a friendship with her." Bubblegum said while she looked a bit determined to be friends with Tai Ping again… though how did she meet this Panda like humanoid?

"Atta girl. Though where did you meet her? Surprised you never even tried to tap her." Marceline said.

Bubblegum blushed before she gave Marceline a half lidded look.

"Marceline, stress relief or not, situation or not like in a relationship or not… I wouldn't *Tap* her unless I was willing to try something with her or she started things… not only that with how long I've been in my lab, do you really think I would take so long to visit my prison in person?, I have or had Tai Ping there because I trust her combat skills… in terms of actual training and what not she is actually around Rattleballs level if we're talking skill, though instead of a sword Tai Ping uses something called Martial Arts instead of weapons like swords or Axes… I can explain more like how I met her in a moment but you get why I had her in charge of a place full of dangerous people." Bubblegum said when she starts to walk to a captain of the guards while Marceline floats after her.

"Okay. Though you didn't had to go all out but I'll shut up for now." Marceline said.

Bubblegum sighs while she rubbed her head.

"Sorry Marceline, its just… I'm stressed out big time, not only do I need to find more resources, most likely from a monster infested train, help or not, I need to plan out details for a new castle… AND come up with defenses on how to counter Vampire attacks since 3 managed to destroy my home entirely… I may seem calm and what not or at least tolerable but I'm actually just stressed beyond belief and that trip to the Jungle Kingdom a bit ago helped some but man when did it become so hard to have peaceful moments?" Bubblegum said when she shakes her head.

Marceline did felt bad before she wrapped her arm around Bubblegum.

"Eh don't worry Bonnie. I know you'll think of something with that sexy brain of yours. Plus I know ways of getting those stress levels down." She said before wiggling her eyebrows.

Bubblegum blushed more from that and chuckles a bit when she hugged Marceline with one arm.

"Thanks… maybe later we can have fun with Tai Ping since I do owe her one right now… besides saw you staring at her ass, gotta admit looks good huh?" Bubblegum teased when she lets go of Marceline and walked away from the Vampire Queen.

Marceline did blink a bit before having a mischievous look as she floats after her girlfriend.

Once she caught up, she saw Bubblegum speaking with a guard captain.

"Pardon me, I'm about to head out of the area to try and find resources and I'm going to need some help, will you be able to offer some Banana guards to lend a hand?" Bubblegum asked since it was a tough call on letting guards come with her or stay here to help with repairs.

The Guard Captain was thoughtful for a bit.

"For you princess of course. I'll send 5 to assist you."

"Thank you, hopefully this trip will be worth it." Bubblegum said as she smiles at the guard captain.

The Guard Captain nods his head before he motions 5 guards that weren't doing anything to approach.

Once the guards were summoned fully and given the lowdown, the 5 guards, Marceline, and Bubblegum went to where Tai Ping was waiting and she got to her feet after getting off a box she was sitting on.

"Nice to see we get help with this, come on you guys, follow me and keep up, don't want to waste the light of the dun and fumble around the woods in the darkness." Tai Ping said as she starts walking away from the group.

Bubblegum did sweatdrop before she, Marceline and the 5 guards start following Tai Ping.

This resulted in Tai Ping leading the group away from the Candy Kingdom construction site and towards a massive forest.

Once the group entered, one of the trails Tai Ping led the group on had enough shade for Marceline to close her umbrella under and the group was following Tai Ping as she hums a tune as she led the group deeper and deeper into the forest.

The group were quiet as they followed the panda humanoid for some minutes before the group started to hear a noise of sorts.

Turns out it was the chugging of a train and Tai Ping smirks when she led the group to a… building?

"Welcome to the base where resources are gathered your highness, we built this place around the Dungeon train so we could examine, study, and gather materials from the creatures and loot here, welcome to the R&D department of Demonga's bases." Tai Ping said as she went to an automated door and as it opened many armed guards came out with deadly guns and were all circling the group as Tai Ping placed a hand on her hip and looks back at the group with a smirk.

"I'm also the head of security here so say hello to the fighters you are hiring to raid the train." Tai Ping said with an amused look in her eyes as the Banana guards gulp at how tough the armed guards looked, some even had mini chain guns at their side with special runes and symbols that made even one of the weak looking guys here pretty damn strong from being able to hold it up with one hand.

"Huh… interesting." Marceline said as Bubblegum had to calm down her guards.

"If you think that is interesting, just take a guess at who will be joining us." Tai Ping said as she and her men entered the base and left Bubblegum, Marceline, and the banana guards behind for a moment.

"Huh? What does she mean?" Bubblegum said.

"Who knows but we're gonna find out anyway." She said before the group started head towards where Tai Ping and her crew were going.

Once they entered, Bubblegum pretty much saw a lab of her dreams as she entered what looked like an observatory based lab that had the Dungeon train in some kind of enclosure while a high grade security door blocked any and all access to the train thanks to a dense looking glass dome.

Tai Ping was walking by a few scientists and was walking up to a figure… that figure was shockingly Me-Mow of all people while she was decked out in a high grade assassin based gear and was equipped a high grade looking gauntlet on her right arm.

"Me-Mow?" Bubblegum said though part of her wasn't a bit happy to see her but didn't show it.

Me-Mow looks over and smirks at Bubblegum.

"Oh hello Princess… or should I call you sis?, because at this rate looks like I'll be marrying your brother… or was it cousin?... man your family tree is odd… you know what, because of how things are going, might as well just call you in-law at least." Me-Mow said as she used her free hand to scratch her head as she approached Tai Ping and the others.

Bubblegum sweatdrops.

"Pretty much." She said was very much regretting creating Gumbald.

"Yeah… so looks like I'll be joining you in this trip, wanted to get some goodies to bring back to Demonga and see if I can't get any good items for my own use, been pretty busy lately in trying to find something to help increase my fertility rate so Demonga and I can have a kid, not sure why his creator made it so hard to do that." Me-Mow said as she shrugged her shoulders.

"Wish I know… then again, Gumbald wasn't a trusting person." Bubblegum said.

"Yeah well you may say that but Demonga is saying things otherwise, though he does say to keep an eye out in case if we ever bring Gumbald back to not take everything he says at face value for some reason." Me-Mow said while she didn't know why she was told that.

"Surprisingly… it's better that you follow that advice. There's no telling what Gumbald would do if brought back." Bubblegum said as she frowns at the memory of that man before Marceline pats her shoulder.

"Right… still I got my eye on you since who knows what could happen in that dungeon, we may have men on the inside and out examining that thing but who knows what could happen… come on, lets get going, I heard that there is going to be a surge of loot from some bosses, Demonga doesn't stop people from going in or out though if they go mad in there… well they won't be treated well." Me-Mow said as she walked by Bubblegum and Marceline and smirks at her gauntlet which crackled with energy for a moment.

Bubblegum did frown a bit as she sees Me-Mow get a bit further as Marceline pats her back.

"Chill Bonnie. Nothing is gonna happen." She said.

"I know… though I'm still mad what she and Demonga pulled on us. And I didn't appreciate the threat he did." Bubblegum said.

"Well considering what I heard, it was mainly to get public opinion on his side, besides from what I heard Me-Mow was unlawfully put there by you, sure she attacked Wildberry princess but the guild of assassins were contracted to do so because people from her own kingdom hired Me-Mow for that, not all assassinations are started from evil intents, maybe you should look into things first before passing judgement on others your highness, situations like this may not happen as often." Tai Ping said to give her two cents on the matter.

Bubblegum was bit surprised by that info.

'Why would her own people do that?' She thought before shaking her head.

"Whatever. Let's just go." She said before she starts walking.

"Right, before you go in, grab a weapon just in case we get split up, the place maybe a straight line connecting into a circle but who knows what could happen to get us split up." Tai Ping said when she walked to a table that had plenty of unique weapons from swords to guns, even a pair of Nunchucks that Tai Ping got that could connect into a fully functional Bo staff that she grabbed for herself.

Bubblegum was a bit quiet before she head to the weapons.

She wasn't much a sword person so guns were probably her expertise… that and science.

She did find something when she picked up a blaster shotgun that when fired in a testing spot, fired flying orbs of energy that zapped the target on contact and if it missed it would ricochet off of things.

"Huh… neat… the ricochet seems a bit overkill though." Bubblegum said while Tai Ping shrugged.

"No clue, that thing came from the train, we sometimes mix some weapon based loot we have and oddly enough if fired at an ally has healing properties, guess it changes firing modes based on who the weilder considers friendly or not… we have a policy though here, you can use the weapon but after you get a kill and a new weapon, someone assigned to the train car will take the weapon you got from the table from you so you'll need to pick wisely once we get inside, I got this Nunchuck here from the train so its my personal weapon though I let others borrow it from time to time." Tai Ping said as she showed her nunchuck to Bubblegum.

"I'll keep that in mind." Bubblegum said as Marceline had her trusty axe.

Tai Ping nods her head before she led the group into the Dungeon train, there was a special teleporting pad that was used and a moment later, everyone was inside of the train while the entry car, manned with many armed guards and scientists, noticed the group and one of the guards came up to Tai Ping and salutes her.

"Ma'am, its an honor to see you again after that training session we had, you should know that no enemies have gotten through our defenses so please be at ease if this is a routine checkup." The Guard said as Tai Ping smiles at the guard.

The guard was a humanoid male with goblin like traits but was much taller then the average Goblin.

"Oh no worries Frank, this is Bubblegum, Marceline, these are Bubblegum's Banana guards, we came here to gather some items and resources so Bubblegum can repair her kingdom, I take it my personal guards are already at work?" Tai Ping said with a smile on her face.

The Guard may have blushed from the smile.

"Indeed ma'am." He said.

"Good, make sure things are going smoothly, we don't know everything about this train so better keep your guard up, anyway I'll be sticking with Bubblegum and Marceline to guard the princess… is Me-Mow here?" Tai Ping said while a scientist approached the group.

"Indeed Ma'am, Me-Mow went on ahead to test out her new weapons abilities and a few spells as well, she went down that doorway so if you want to join her, I would suggest going now so you can catch up." The scientist said while Tai Ping nods her head.

"Alright, come on everyone, we got a kitty to catch up with." Tai Ping said as she gestured for Bubblegum, Marceline, and Bubblegum's guards to follow her.

Said group follows though they noticed a few of the guards were a bit on guard to the group though Bubblegum and Marceline chose to not care as they follow Tai Ping.

Once the group went through the first doorway, Tai Ping looks at the group.

"Sorry if the guards looks got you all on edge, given what we heard some people can be a bit distrustful and on guard." Tai Ping said as a few of her personal men were battling some monster's, crystal ants with various loot inside of them from gold, food, to even various tools that seemed simple at first glance, though once gotten they were placed in a special teleporter so the items wouldn't clutter the train, most likely to a storage area or sorting place to get sorted into what to keep, not keep, freeze it or not in case of food items, ETC.

"Huh… neat. It's like trying to find a good surprise in a cereal box." Marceline said.

"Yeah but no matter what monster you pop open, you always get a treat, speaking of which you may want to have your Banana guards wait here so they can gather materials, most in the first and second cars normally have food based items or the occasional tool, should be handy to collect right?, and thanks to my guards here, they won't be in real danger as long as they listen to my men." Tai Ping said when most Crystal Ants were indeed dropping mostly food or tool based items.

"Very well." Bubblegum said before looking at her guards.

"There's no need to follow us. Just stay here till we're done." She said.

The guards were cautious.

"Y-You're sure princess? We're supposed to protect you."

"I'll be fine." Bubblegum said with an assuring look.

"Yeah, she will be fine, she has two kick butt ladies with her and with you gathering ingredients for her kingdom, I'm sure she will appreciate the help, right Bubblegum?" Tai Ping said when she looks at the guards with a smile.

"Indeed." Bubblegum said as she readies her weapon.

"Indeed indeed, as you can see she has her own weapon as well so I'm sure she can take care of herself, anyway let's get going so we can find some interesting monsters to fight." Tai Ping said as she, Bubblegum, and Marceline left the nervous looking guards behind while they were with the experienced men of Tai Ping so they could gather materials and resources.

Once it was just the trio, they made it to the next room while Tai Ping explains some other things.

"Alright, in this Dungeon train, all the rooms are randomized when no one is inside so the first three rooms on each side of the main train car where the main base is is always filled with people to keep the rooms similar, this train car is the weaponry room, for some reason only weapon based loot spawns here inside of monsters so if you find a weapon you want from a monster, then have at it, you can take multiple ones if you like but try and remember not to get too greedy, some of these items will be coming to the base later so try and find one ranged, one melee, and one medium ranged weapon you like, there is also one other room that we have filled daily that helps with stress relief and seems to be a safe zone as long as we have someone inside of it but I'll explain more as we go on." Tai Ping said as she held her nunchuck in her right hand as Monsters start to appear, this group of monsters were hair apes with spell caps.

"Eh no sweat. Whatever item I find, if I don't like it, I'll let someone else have it." Marceline said.

"Fair enough, now lets get to the butt kicking." Tai Ping said before she shot forward and gave a spinning axe kick to one hair ape, pretty much taking it out before she swings her nunchuck at another before they start to retaliate and Marceline flew to the ones near the ceiling to take them out which left Bubblegum alone with a couple hairy apes that tried to gang up on her.

Bubblegum had a determined look.

"Take this." She said before firing her weapon to the first hairy ape on the left.

Thanks to that and the Richochet effect and the fact friendly fire had healing properties, the room was cleared of hair apes in no time and plenty of loot was gathered together while Tai Ping had a happy look on her face as she examined some unique looking weapons.

She found a staff that could turn into an actual snake and coiled around her arm before it turned back into a staff of command, she found a ring that fired a homing laser that could be controlled to make various shapes as well, she even found something similar to Finn's battle moon which looked like a heart and it floats around Tai Pings head… looks like she found her close, long ranged and medium based weapon on her end.

Marceline looked through her loot and found this interesting pick that a small picture of skull and when she strum her axe with it, the power of the pick surprisingly summoned some flaming skeletons.

"Whoa." She said.

"Indeed, seems you should keep that if it can summon beings like that, seems to fit your punk rock and roll style… you should try and find a long ranged weapon as well and a close range one not so heavy set in attacks." Tai Ping said while her floating heart shot one of the skeletons and it got hearts in its eyes and comically moved to stand near her with a lovestruck look in its sockets.

"Wow… guess this thing charms others occasionally… not sure if it will work on beings stronger then myself but if weaker… looks like I outclass these summoned flaming skeletons." Tai Ping said when she was surprised by the hearts effect.

"Uh yeah… What did you get Bonnie?" Marceline said.

Tai Ping looked as well since she wondered what Bubblegum got.

Seems Bubblegum had a neat looking wrist bracelet before it later turned into a shield.

Another item she found was ironically a small looking robot that seemed to well… do the robot near her like it was programmed to do so while a cute robotic tune played… not sure why she picked that aside from the robotic theme but could have an interesting effect or something.

Marceline blinked in confusion when she saw that.

"You're picking that?" She said.

"Why not? It looks adorable. Plus can be handy." Bubblegum said.

"Got to admit she has a point, I haven't seen any weapon based thing here be useless, it could be a rare dud but you gotta admit the dancing is cute." Tai Ping said while the little robot continues to dance, it kinda had a BMO feel to it with Marceline and Bubblegum so that was probably the main reason why Bubblegum picked it.

Marceline shrugged.

"Eh why not. Besides, we got more prizes to get. Can see why Finn liked this place. Though Jake did say he got addicted to it."

"Well never met the duo before personally so not sure what they are like really but as long as we don't spend 24 hours here, pretty sure we are good… well… aside from that one car that we can visit hehe, but I can explain more later… want to pick one more item Bubblegum?, you still got a ranged weapon to pick to take with you, you'll have to return the shotgun sooner or later so might as well get a ranged weapon that you can keep for later." Tai Ping said as she noticed Bubblegum still had the shotgun with her.

"Hmmm… good point." Bubblegum said before she started looking for a range type weapon.

When she found one after a couple minutes, a complex rifle looking weapon… she tested it out and was shocked that when it hit a nearby wall… well… a Freaking black hole was spawned at the impact point and a powerful force of being pulled in was felt for a second before the effect fades while Tai Ping and Marceline got wide eyes at the sight.

"OK… I think I can speak for us all when I say watch where you point that thing." Tai Ping said when she didn't want to be anywhere near the impact of that kind of bullet.

"Sorry but the instruction manual wasn't included." Bubblegum since she didn't expect that.

"Yeah… again watch where you aim that thing… we don't know what happens to things that get hit by that… lets get going… the next car is the accessory and armor car, after that once we get geared up is a few randomized cars and finally my favorite car in this base." Tai Ping said before she gestured for Marceline and Bubblegum to follow as a guard in the room came to collected the unclaimed loot and sent it to the base while taking Bubblegum's healing scattergun from her.

After giving the guard her gun, Bubblegum and Marceline goes to the next car to see what's in store for the trio.

This one had various slime like creatures and when they were taken out, Marceline and Bubblegum saw the various bits of armor and jewelry that dropped as a result while Tai Ping went to get some shin guards and a necklace, what effects they had was anyone's guess but apparently it had some kind of effect to it that could be seen later.

Marceline and Bubblegum shrugged as they checked out the items.

Bubblegum found what appears to be a tunic of sorts and didn't know why it was here before wearing it.

"Strange but feels nice." She said before Marceline noticed writing on the back.

"Huh... it says… "Two-Ton Tunic"?"

No sooner than later, Bubblegum's shirt turned to a piece of armor for the torso but the weight caused the Candy Monarch to fall on her back.

"UGH!" Bubblegum let out when she crashed hard with wide eyes at the unexpected drop while in another Dimension….


A Small Dragon like being was counting down some artifacts and was confused when he recounted some things before he called this out.

"Hey everyone… where is the Two Ton Tunic?" The small Dragon said as the scene went back to the dungeon car as Marceline tried to help Bubblegum up though even she had trouble well… lifting a two ton tunic wearing Bubblegum who was dazed from the drop.

Ooo/ Dungeon car/ Bubblegum, Marceline, Tai Ping

Currently Tai Ping ran over while she tried to find some way to help Bubblegum up but no matter what she or Marceline did, they couldn't budge the Candy monarch at all.

"Damn this thing won't budge." Marceline said.

"W-Well try something else, I mean how did you get this thing to well… turn into a Two ton Tunic?" Tai Ping said when she remembered Marceline mentioning something and before their very eyes the armored glowed and it returned to a tunic like form that it was once in.

"Huh… guess its voice activated… neat." Tai Ping said as a dazed Bubblegum sat up and gripped her head.

"Oh… what hit me?" Bubblegum asked when she tried to recover from that unexpected fall.

Marceline rubbed the back of her head.

"Sorry Bonnie. Turns out that tunic of yours becomes a super armor of sorts."

"Yeah… just don't say a certain combo of words and it won't turn into an anvil not even Marceline can lift… it's probably two tons with what it says on this… outfit." Tai Ping said as she didn't want to set the tunic off by accident if she said the combo of words even separate in a sentence and used outfit instead of tunic.

"R-Right… perhaps I'll switch it with a different item later." Bubblegum said.

"Yeah… not unless you want to give it to Marceline, she could probably use it if she was ready for it… then again not much help aside from being some kind of armor… though not helpful if you can't even move." Tai Ping said when she wondered what kind of enchantment was on this cloth… could be helpful if needed but at the same time… seemed restrictive and limited, especially if one couldn't speak.

Bubblegum takes off her tunic.

"Let's just continue to the next car." She said.

"Right… may want to come back here later, though may want to try and find an accessory at least, could have interesting… hopefully helpful effects instead of unexpected ones…" Tai Ping said when she got all the armor bits and transported them which left some cute or deadly looking accessories left for Marceline and Bubblegum to pick out.

Marceline and Bubblegum started to look through till they both got their hands on a heart shaped locket.

Oddly enough it broke into two pieces and it had a gold chain on each piece to show two people were supposed to wear them… the hearts made the duo blush while Tai Ping looked amused at the sight.

"My my… this is cute." Tai Ping said with an amused look.

The duo blushed more from that and Bubblegum and Marceline just shut it as they put on their necklaces… and well… they glowed for a moment and Bubblegum and Marceline blushed though Bubblegum blushed more and looks at Marceline.

"I'm sorry… you want to do what to Tai Ping and me!?" Bubblegum said while Tai Ping looked confused for a second.

Marceline blinks a bit in confusion.

"W-What?" She said before thinking this.

'What the? It's like she was reading my mind.'

Though as she thought that she blushed when an image came into her head.

"Well I'll explain that when you explain wanting to bend me over your knee and spanking me." Marceline said with an amused tone to her voice when she starts to get whats going on… especially when she saw the necklace on Bubblegum's neck glowing like hers.

Bubblegum blushes brightly as Tai Ping grins.

"Oh I get it. With the locket split, you two can sense what the other is thinking and feeling."

"Yeah… every dirty and kinky thought that Bonnie is thinking right now a mile a minute… gotta say surprised you want Tai here in THAT position, not sure if she is THAT flexible Bonnie." Marceline said in a teasing way to Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blushes brightly before smirking.

"Oh yeah? Bet she isn't flexible with what you're thinking."

Marceline chuckles at that while she stands.

"Well considering we can read one anothers thoughts you really don't want me to blurt out what you really want to do to earn Tai's forgiveness… I must say that is rather kinky even for you." Marceline teased while Tai Ping looks curious.

"Oh really now?, if its that intense I may want to give it a shot later… going to save that moment for when we get to the certain car I have in mind here." Tai Ping said when she stands up and followed Marceline to the next car which left Bubblegum behind while Tai Ping's ass swayed a bit in Bubblegum's view.

Marceline and Bubblegum blushes when they saw before they looked to one another but didn't say word since they knew what they were thinking.

That thought pretty much was unanimous when they would try and get with Tai Ping and one another and stuff… and Tai Ping's swaying hips really didn't help matters.

That caused them to remove the necklaces and pockets them so they wouldn't be distracted as they followed Tai Ping through a few Cars while gathering items and what not, they even ran into Me-Mow a couple cars in and after some talk, Tai Ping was talking with Me-Mow as Marceline and Bubblegum followed the duo after their latest hull of loot.

"So Me-Mow, you sticking around in THAT car when we get there, should be a good stress relief for everyone hehe?" Tai Ping Cryptically said when she grins at Me-Mow.

Me-Mow chuckled.

"Ain't that the truth." She said as Marceline and Bubblegum blinked a bit in confusion.

Though any asking of what this special car was was met with a cryptic subject change as as the group got by the 5th car after the initial basic 3, Tai Ping and Me-Mow stop in front of the next car door.

"Alright… what you two will see in here may shock and surprise you but get ready to have a lot of fun to help you forget the next few hours and who knows… I could help with those dirty thoughts that you two had earlier with those mind reading necklaces." Tai Ping said while she smirks at the duo.

The duo blushes brightly as Me-Mow grins.

"Really now? This got even more fun."

"Hehe, yeah, and considering you'll be joining us, maybe Bubblegum can repay you for the prison time after she relaxed a bit, for now though we should enter." Tai Ping said when she points a thumb at the door.

"Yes we should." Me-Mow said before she gestures for Marceline and Bubblegum to follow even though Bubblegum had a bad feeling after hearing that.

Though after Bubblegum and Marceline followed Tai Ping and Me-Mow into the Car… well the duo were shocked big time and had big blushes on their face while Tai Ping and Me-Mow grin when they saw that the room was full of shapely demonic looking women getting fucked by many guards, creatures, monsters, and what not with cocks or strapons while no one was causing any violence here and parts of the room even had beds and rooms made here that looked like they were brought in from the outside.

"Hehe… Welcome to the Succubus Car, Marceline should know about them being part demon and all… many people from the base, other beings summoned to the Car who don't fight, and just the occasional adventurer come here to unwind and relax, even some crazed dungeon junkies who attack on sight stops for this room to have fun… though the occasional troublemaker who doesn't stop to have a relaxing time gets blasted either by the guards here or magic from the succubuses and believe me they got top tier magic." Tai Ping said as she looks at Marceline and Bubblegum.

"W-What the?" Bubblegum said as she was shocked while blushing brightly.

Marceline was a bit speechless.

Tai Ping and Me-Mow chuckles as a few Succubus's float up to the group.

"Hello you four how may we… oh Tai and Me-Mow, nice to see you two here, you bring guests?" One succubus asked with a smile on her face that got lustful at seeing the duo with her partner getting the same look while Tai Ping grins at them.

"Frost, Rose, nice to see you two, your mother doing alright?" Tai asked which caused the duo to giggle.

"Like you need to ask, sucking cock and making anyone fall for her at the drop of a hat here, so who are your friends?" The ebony skinned one said.

"Well Rose, these two are Bubblegum and Marceline, you should remember me mentioning them right?" Tai Ping said to the ebony skinned woman which showed she was Rose and the other one with pale white skin was Frost, both women were shapely with gravity defying F to G cup breasts, wide hips and large round asses that looked perfect all over and rather eyecatching with youthful looking faces and they were wearing matching rather revealing leotards and they both had large demonic wings and tails with heart shaped bits at the end.

Rose blinked a bit.

"Oh so these are the two trouble makers that you mentioned." She said making the two royals blink.

"Excuse me?" Marceline said with a raised eyebrow.

"Well aren't you a usual prankster on Ooo?" Frost asked Marceline while Rose looks at Bubblegum.

"And didn't you revive the dead twice and cause Me-Mow here to be put in prison unlawfully?... gotta say I'm impressed with the evil unholy acts, you'll fit in well here with a lack of morals like that." Rose said with a teasing smirk on her face.

Bubblegum felt insulted.

"H-Hey! I'm not evil."

Frost and Rose just give her blank looks while Tai Ping and Me-Mow gave her half lidded looks before the four looked at one another.

"Anyway we came by here to have some fun and hopefully you two can do just that, maybe bring two more friends so we can make this a sexy 8 way or maybe go 1 on 1 with us VS some succubus's to warm up before we swap partners, think you have any two free succubuses available aside from you two?" Tai Ping said when they made a subject change all of a sudden.

Frost and Rose were thoughtful for a moment.

"Hmmm, I think I know two that are perfect. Wait here." Frost said though she shook her head at Bubblegum before fetching the two succubuses.

That made Bubblegum frown.

"Okay I refuse to be called evil here."

"Alright… can you look me right in the eye and tell me with every fiber of your being you are Lawful good then?... because I know for a fact that many here know otherwise… you may not be evil… but you are not true good at least thats what people think or is everything about that wrong?" Tai Ping said when she looked Bubblegum right in the eyes and waits for a response.

Bubblegum felt like retorting but Marceline put her hand on her shoulder.

"Don't say it Bonnie. Just making yourself look worse."

Tai Ping raised her hands and tried to calm things.

"Look… I'm not saying anything bad here, all I'm saying is that with what I heard and what people know, its a fact many will not consider you good so you got a long road ahead of you before people will say otherwise, but why don't we drop the subject for now and just try and have fun here?, we fought plenty of monsters, got tons of loot that can be handy in many ways to restore the Candy Kingdom, so why don't we get a serious stress relief from pros like succubuses… thanks to this place they barely need to feed on sexual energy so they are pretty happy living here or off the train since they were pulled here in a way that doesn't make them want to act like Marceline when she is red starved… though in this case sex starved in Succubuses cases hehe." Tai Ping said while hoping this changed the subject for the better.

Bubblegum took a deep breath.

"Alright fine." She said.

"Good… because Frost is back with some friends of hers." Tai Ping said when she looked over and everyone saw Frost with two more succubuses trailing behind her.

"Hehe, alright everyone. Here are the two succubuses that wanted to meet these two." Frost said.

One was surprisingly adorable and petite looking, she looked like a rabbit humanoid with snow white fur with demonic traits and looked right for the teasing, she had A to B cup breasts, thin hips, and looked cute on top of that with her leotard having a carrot icon on it.

"H-Hello… my name is C-Clover… I'm new here… nice to meet you." The rabbit looking Succubus said when she introduced herself.

Marceline and Bubblegum blinked a bit and figured this one was very shy.

"Ditto. I'm Marceline." Marceline as Bubblegum introduced herself.

That's when the duo looked at the other succubus.

This one was surprisingly a wolf humanoid with blue fur.

She had a nice figure that made her look like a model with C-D size breasts and a nice round ass.

"Sup. Name's Cedrina." She said with a fang grin.

Bubblegum blushed at the confident look Cedrina had and was reminded of Marceline in her werewolf form for a moment.

"As you can see, Cedrina and Clover are top tier in their own rights so… who goes with who, want to pick or let us pick for you?" Frost said while she looks at the four.

Bubblegum didn't know what to pick before Cedrina smirked.

"Oh I think I'll take Mrs. Bubblebutt here."

"A-And I'll g-go with t-the Vampire Q-Queen… if she wants that is." Clover shyly said when she looks at Marceline.

Marceline shrugged.

"No problem here." She said.

'Speak for yourself.' Bubblegum thought when she didn't like the bubblebutt comment.

Cedrina smirks when she moved to grip Bubblegum's chin.

"Oh don't be like that, I like bubblebutts… plenty of cushion for the pushin." Cedrina teased as Frost smirks at the surprised look on Bubblegum's face.

"We can also read minds just to let you know… helps with getting the person's deepest kinks and what not so that we can please our lover more." Frost explains to Bubblegum.

Bubblegum's eyes widened.

"W-Wait wha-?!" She tries to say but was caught off when Cedrina kissed her lips.

Tai Ping and Me-Mow looks amused when that happens and Clover moved to grip Marceline's hand gently and starts to lead her away from the group.

Marceline blinked a bit before smirking as she wonders where Clover was taking her.

As that happened, Frost and Rose looks at Me-Mow and Tai Ping.

"So… since you two are used to this…" Frost said as Tai Ping and Me-Mow smirk as they moved to grip the Succubuses hands and dragged them away which left Bubblegum with Cedrina as she gripped Bubblegum's ass with a strong grip.

That caused Bubblegum to groan from that as she looks at Cedrina since she couldn't pull back from the kiss.

This caused the scene to go to each person after Cedrina dragged her from the entryway to show each pairing in smaller rooms that seem specially made for each person.

Clover's group/ Marceline, Clover

Clover had dragged Marceline into a room and Clover let's go of Marceline's hand.

"A-Alright… there are three things before we start… rules so to speak… first o-off… n-no forced s-stuff u-unless it's a r-roleplay… some are n-not mind readers and new people will get the wrong idea if they see you forcing yourself on me…" Clover said though she looked liked she blushed at the thought like she would enjoy that.

Marceline blinked a bit before chuckling.

"Don't worry. I won't force myself on you… unless it's your kink." She said with a smirk.

"Oh i-it is… many had their way with me and I-I did mind but I'm just saying were not in the sex demon realm so forcing yourself on me may get people the wrong idea if they are new here." Clover quickly explained so Marceline wouldn't get the wrong idea.

Marceline can see where Clover was going with this.

"Duly noted."

"R-Right… s-second… n-no trying to force me to bear young… you would be surprised how many wanted to do that with me so it's a bit of a thing I need to warn about, I have many spells to prevent them… n-not like having a child from you would be bad, being the Queen of Vampires and Princess of the Nightosphere anyone would be honored, it's just…" Clover said though she tried to calm Marceline if she was getting mad.

Though Marceline waved her hand.

"Eh no biggy. Even after 1000 years, ain't ready for parenthood."

Clover nods her head while she floats near Marceline.

"Good… Good… finally… do you trust me to take care of you?, We Succubuses have a bad image sometimes and I want to make sure you are comfortable with being around me." Clover said with no stutter, seems she was slowly getting used to Marceline or that this question was serious enough to not hold back on this.

Marceline blinked a bit at the question.

"Well I'm not bothered by you. Then again, we just met. Though you are a cute one. But I got no issues with succubuses. We all have to eat."

Clover smiles a little as she seems more relaxed around Marceline.

"G-Good… so… shall we start or have questions before we start if you never been with a Succubus before?" Clover said with a smile on her face.

Marceline was thoughtful.

"Well technically, you're not my first succubus. Last time I was with one was a long time ago. We had some dates. Think her name was Lilly."

"Lilly?, Interesting, almost sounds like Lillum, Frost and Rose's mother's name, heard she came to Ooo a few times and had a bit of fun here, heard one person she had fun with helped conceive Frost and Rose, they are hybrid demons instead of full Succubuses believe it or not but not manys loads can partially overwrite Succubus DNA to do that, they must have been a powerful demon in their own rights to do be able to conceive a twins with Lillum of all Succubuses, oh how would I love to meet a demon like that." Clover said while she placed her finger on her chin in thought.

Marceline blinked a bit after hearing that.

"Huh… interesting. I was a half demon when I met Lilly before the whole vampire thing happened. Strange coincidence."

"Yeah, but what are the chances hehe, anyway we should get started so…" Clover said before she snapped her fingers and her clothing vanished to not only show a cute looking body but Clover smiles when she formed a massive cock above her pussy that was 13 to 14 inches long and 3 in width.

Marceline blinked a bit before she licked her lips while feeling excited for the fun that's about to happen before she got naked as well.

Once she was naked, Clover was on her knees between Marceline's legs and was eating her out while her cock was iron hard in no time.

"Oh fuck." Marceline groans in a pleased tone as she was enjoying this feeling.

Clover in turn used her tongue to hit all of Marceline's weak points and Marceline was forced to put her hands on the wall and her feet on the floor from how intense the pleasure was.

Marceline continues to groan before she uses her hair to form a hand before using it to pet Clover's head a bit.

Clover blushed from that and she ate out Marceline more while she enjoyed the taste of her pussy and slipped her tongue in deep to really get Marceline worked up.

"Oh fuck." Marceline groans before she had her hand hair go underneath Clover.

That's when the Vampire Question starts fingering Clover's pussy.

Clover really groans and gripped Marceline's ass and worked to find her weak points in her pussy when she wiggles her tongue more in Marceline's pussy which slowly twitched as time went on.

Marceline was now moaning before she had her hair hand really finger the fuck out of Clover's pussy.

This really got Clover to eat Marceline out more and more while Marceline's orgasm was about to hit her hard until…

Marceline moans a bit loud as she climaxed on Clover's face and tongue making Marceline's toes curled on the ground.

Clover keeps wiggling her tongue in Marceline's pussy and waits for her to ride out her orgasm.

Though Marceline's climax did get stronger, she still uses her hair hand to finger Clover's pussy more to make the hybrid climax.

Unfortunately it seems Clover had some fun earlier because while it felt good for her, she was unable to Climaxed and pulled her tongue from Marceline's folds.

Marceline, after tapping off, stops her action as she took a moment to catch her breath.

"D-Damn… that's some… g-good tongue."

"Hehe… thanks, I've been practicing… now then… want to return the favor or get to the fun part?" Clover said with a lustful tone to her voice as she pets Marceline's ass and her stutter vanished… seems her lustful side was helping her speak clearly.

Marceline blinked a bit when she saw that Clover's stuttering stopped before smirking.

"Well it would be rude of me to not return the favor."

Clover smirked and a moment later, Clover was standing fully as she groans when Marceline was deepthroating her cock again and again.

"O-Oh fuck… s-so good… glad you have no need to breath." Clover teased as she pets Marceline's head a few times.

All Marceline did was wink at Clover as she continues to suck Clover's cock very hard.

Though the Vampire Queen did use her regular hand this time to finger Clover's pussy again.

Clover groans from the feeling while she spreads her legs a bit to give Marceline a better access while Marceline could feel that Clover was pretty much soaking right now.

That gave Marceline all the more reason to seriously finger Clover's pussy as Marceline continues to suck her dick faster and harder before she uses her tongue to roughly lick the tip.

Clover shuddered and shakes when she felt that and she starts to pant as her cock starts to throb in Marceline's mouth.

Marceline felt that before she doubles her efforts without breaking a sweat… or breath in this case.

It took a couple minutes as Clover's cock throbbed more and more before she tossed her head back and groans when she came hard down Marceline's throat with great force.

Marceline was a bit caught off guard by that but tries to swallow down Clover's load while finger her pussy more.

Clover groans loudly from that and when she tapped off, she pants for breath a bit while she blushed when she watched Marceline lick her cock clean.

Once Marceline was done, she takes her mouth off before licking her lips.

"Hmmm delicious." She said with a smirk.

Clover blushed brightly from that and with surprising speed, Marceline was put on a magically summoned bed after Clover couldn't take it anymore and Marceline saw a lust crazed succubus rabbit humanoid approach her with a hardon like no other.

Marceline was a bit surprised at this turn of events.

'Damn she's really turned on. Almost reminds me of Lilly.., though she was a pro but still.' She thought.

A moment later, Clover hopped onto the bed and knelt down to kiss Marceline on the lips as Clover used a spell to move Marceline's legs apart and the head of her cock was poking and prodding Marceline's pussy before it was slowly shoved inside of her with decent and surprising force.

Marceline's eyes widened before she let out a groan in Clover's mouth as she feels the inside of her pussy stretching.

Clover took her time with letting Marceline adjust but she did keep on going with her actions until she got the tip of her cock to touch Marceline's cervix.

It wasn't long before Marceline fully adjust to Clover's cock before the Vampire Queen returns the kiss after hugging Clover's neck.

This caused Clover to thrust her hips and her cock barraged Marceline's pussy again and again as time goes on.

Marceline kept the kiss up as she moans and groans before wrapping her legs tightly around Clover's waist.

Thanks to that, Clover's cock pretty much bashed through to Marceline's cervix and into her womb which pretty much caused Marceline's womb to be abused by Clover's cock big time again and again mercilessly.

Marceline moans more before she brings her hand down to her womb area before activating the anti pregnancy spell.

Her womb glowed from that though Clover ignored that to fuck Marceline harder then ever.

Marceline finally removes her lips from Clover so the hybrid can breathe as Marceline was moaning loudly.

"Fuck yeah Clover! Don't stop!" She said with a lust filled look in her eyes.

Clover didn't say anything when she fucked Marceline harder to follow Marceline's command.

Marceline continues to moan and groan loudly as she was loving this intense pleasure.

"K-Keep going!... F-Fuck me like you're trying to own me!"

Clover didn't need to be told twice when she fucked Marceline harder after she gripped Marceline's hips to keep a steady pace with her actions.

Marceline moans loudly as her toes curled a few times as her pussy tightens around Clover's cock few times while the Vampire Queen looks at the hybrid with more lust now.

This went on with Clover returning the look as she fucked Marceline harder and faster as their orgasms got closer until Clover tossed her head back and she groans loudly when she filled Marceline's womb with sperm.

Marceline moans loudly as her pussy tightens again around Clover's cock before climaxing hard on it as Marceline hugged Clover more.

It took the duo a minute or so after they tapped off 15 seconds later so they could enjoy the afterglow.

Marceline panted a bit before looking at Clover.

"F-Fuck… y-you really came… h-hard… It's l-like you're trying to… k-knock me up." She said with a smirk.

Clover chuckles a bit when she heard that.

"W-Well I a-am part r-rabbit h-humanoid… pretty much hardwired to fuck and reproduce thanks to my succubus nature on top of that… not s-sure what would happen thanks to t-that spell you used on your womb." Clover teased while she moved to get off Marceline and her cock from Marceline's folds and as a result, plenty of sperm leaked from her while Clover had fully given into her lust and stroked her slickened cock.

"Get ready because I'm about to fuck that ass hard!" Clover said with no shyness or care to her speech pattern, guess all this lust flipped some kind of foul mouthed kind of switch or something… either that or it was Marceline's tastes to take on a equally dominating woman… who knows...

Marceline blinked a bit at Clover's foul mouth before chuckling.

That's when she got on her hands and knees with her ass and points it at the lust crazed Clover.

"Then come and get it."

Clover grins at that and as she approached Marceline, the camera turned from Clover to… a pink looking ass while a canine like cock was aimed at said ass… and the camera pulled away to show that the scene suddenly shifted to show Cedrina as she was about to fuck Bubblegum's ass while she was ironically on all fours and she shoved her cock deep inside of Bubblegum, seems an earlier round happened because sperm dripped from Bubblegum's pussy for now and Cedrina growls in a pleased way from the tightness of Bubblegum's ass as she stayed in a somewhat standing position so she could look down on Bubblegum.

"Oh fuck!" Bubblegum groans from having her as penetrated.

Cedrina had a fanged grin on her maw as she forced her cock nearly knot deep in Bubblegum's ass and has her clawed hands on Bubblegum's ass.

"Fuck talk about a good ass, not sure if anyone complimented it but damn this is top tier and I fucked other succubuses as well so that should be high phrase." Cedrina teased while she enjoyed how perfect Bubblegum's ass was, it was like it was naturally reshaping to take her cock easier passively instead of actively like succubus's sometimes need to do for large sized lovers.

Bubblegum blushes at the compliment which made her ass lightly tighten around Cedrina's cock.

Cedrina shuddered from that and chuckles at the tighter feel.

"Hehe, seems you loved that huh?, well better get ready because I'm about to make this ass ripple!" Cedrina teased before she starts to fuck Bubblegum up the ass again and again with great force behind each thrust.

Bubblegum groans and moans a few times from each thrust and as time passed a bit, the Candy Monarch's face was already looking fucked up thanks to earlier actions.

Cedrina licked her maw like lips before she used a hand to smack Bubblegum's ass hard without holding back and continues to fuck Bubblegum's ass without restraint, its like Bubblegum was made to be fucked hard.

That caused Bubblegum to groan from that action as moans again.

"D-Don't stop… M-More!" She moans as her face looked more fucked up with her tongue sticking out.

This caused the blue furred wolf like succubus to grin in a dominating way while she continues to fuck Bubblegum harder and faster while she could read Bubblegum's thoughts.

'O-Oh fuck… she's just like Marceline… only rougher… I suddenly have the urge to want to ride... Cedrina's cock… maybe even… kiss her.'

Cedrina really grins when she moved to hug Bubblegum for a moment and after a second of moving around, Cedrina was on her back on the ground while thrusting her hips up into Bubblegum's ass and she used a hand to turn Bubblegum so that she could kiss her while Cedrina reads her thoughts more while Bubblegum looked surprised by the sudden, if almost, riding position she was in.

'Oh crap!... forgot she can read my thoughts… Oh screw it… it just feels good!' Bubblegum thought before she kissed Cedrina's lips.

Cedrina returned the kiss while her wide tongue messed with Bubblegum's smaller tongue for now and she continues to fuck Bubblegum more and more until…

Bubblegum groans a bit loud into the kiss before she climaxed on Cedrina's cock.

Cedrina gave a couple thrusts to force her cock up Bubblegum's ass and her knot slipped in and she growls when she came hard inside of Bubblegum's ass after getting locked in her.

That caused Bubblegum's climax to get stronger while feeling her stomach getting filled up.

'Oh Glob… I almost feeling like carrying her child… or pups.' She thought.

Cedrina was amused but before more could be seen, the scene went to Me-Mow and Tai Ping as they stand next to one another near Frost and Rose with grins on their faces as they were going over some roleplay ideas after they had some fun thanks to sperm dripping from both their asses and pussies and some from their mouths, seems Frost and Rose were in similar states and were looking at the duo as they talked.

"Okay so what roleplay should we try?" Me-Mow said with a smirk.

"Hmmm… well considering things… why not pretend were prisoners and maybe I could… drop the soap and all three of you can have your way with me or I could pretend to be the kinky Warden again and order you three in some interesting ways or… maybe you could be the pretend warden and give me orders as your kinky prisoner?" Tai Ping said when she gave those ideas while Frost and Rose look amused by them.

"Ho Ho… like the sound of that." Me-Mow said with a grin.

"Indeed, should be good for you in many ways… so which roleplay do you want to do?" Tai Ping said when she grins at Me-Mow.

"Hehe… let's go with the soap idea." Me-Mow said.

"Alright… Frost… Rose… would you supply the illusion to make this official?" Tai Ping said while Frost and Rose smirk.

"Oh of course… but lets do one better and maybe… bring in other Succubuses who could join in on the fun?... really make this drop the soap thing a full on orgy of sorts." Frosts suggests since it would save her and Rose power.

"Hehe, sounds good to me." Me-Mow said.

"Alright then, bring in the works." Tai Ping said.

"Nice… Rose… you know where the shower room is, so mind leading Me-Mow and Tai Ping there?... I'll bring the others to the shower room so we can get clean and have fun at the same time… who knows… maybe we keep quiet and make things more authentic by actually letting someone fuck Tai Ping while not knowing its a roleplay… should be interesting right?" Frost said as she grins at her sister.

"Hehe… yes indeed sister." Rose said before she starts leading Tai Ping and Me-Mow to the showers.

The duo were amused when they followed the succubus and after Rose led them to the shower and Rose chuckled when this room looked bigger than last time to accommodate many people.

"Wow…" Me-Mow said with a surprised look.

"Yeah. Much better than the prison shower." Tai Ping said.

"Well this place seems to accommodate not only Succubuses but guests as well, place looks bigger than last time." Rose said when she saw that the place looked bigger then last time, given how magical this place was, making a large shower for others to use that was bigger on the inside then outside was pretty simple for this place.

"Well either way, this is perfect." Tai Ping said.

"Indeed." Rose said before Frost entered the bathroom.

"Hey Rose, good news, got many people coming here and ironically enough mom is coming soon so everyone wants to be presentable for her, we got time to fool around here before she gets here but point is everyone is coming in here." Frost said while she had an excited look on her face.

Rose claps her hands.

"Nice. So who do you want to go with first?" She said.

"No one yet, we're all supposed to gang up on Tai Ping here but why not we get cleaned and if Tai happens to drop the soap and someone gets to her first… we can join in as well hehe." Frost said as the bathroom doors open and many people enter the shower both male and female while Cedrina and Clover walked in with Marceline and Bubblegum.

Me-Mow grins.

"Well well well, things just got more interesting."

"Indeed… lets keep quiet for now and lets see what happens." Tai Ping said with a mischievous look on her face as she went to get cleaned for now when many showers started up and Marceline, Clover, Bubblegum, and Cedrina joined Me-Mow, Tai Ping, Frost, and Rose in a small group as they got to getting clean.

"So Clover, Cedrina, how were these two?" Rose said with smirk.

"Hmmm… well not sure about Marceline since Clover and I went one on one, but I can say Bubblebutt here can really take a pounding, she may have an ass better than you two and that's saying something." Cedrina teased when she looks at Frost and Rose with a grin.

Bubblegum blushes brightly after hearing that though Frost and Rose felt like that was a challenge.

"We'll see about that." Frost said as she and Rose grin at Bubblegum.

Clover chuckled.

"Well I know Marceline enjoyed the pounding that I gave her."

Marceline blushed from that while Tai Ping and Me-Mow look amused.

"Hoo… so in your professional opinions… who do you thing would be the better lover here?, I mean on the giving or receiving end?, personally I think Marceline with her mouth at least could top everyone since I heard she doesn't need to breath ergo no need to pull away from sucking cock… what do you think Clover?" Tai Ping teased since Marceline was with Clover just now.

Clover smirked.

"Well I will say, Marceline's blowjob definitely tops everyone else's thanks to her not breathing. I bet that Lilly person that she mentioned loved it too."

"Lilly?... almost sounds like moms name, well if a succubus or anyone has a high opinion on Marceline's blowjobs, should be obvious as to why… going to need to test that later myself to see if her mouth is as good as you claim Clover." Rose said when she smirks at Marceline.

Marceline blushes a bit.

"Oh I don't blow smoke. Plus, can't tell if her pussy or ass is good but I'll go with her pussy." Clover said.

Marceline blinks at that before she gave Clover a half lidded look.

"Didn't you fuck my pussy and ass a moment ago?" Marceline said when she wondered what was going on with Clover and her short term memory.

"Yeah but it was hard to choose which hole, besides your mouth, is the best." Clover said with a smirk.

"Right." Marceline said with a blush again as she went to wash her hair for a moment while the group was unaware of a being walking behind them at the moment as Marceline ironically dropped the soap which clattered to the floor.

"Damn." Marceline said before she bends down to pick it up.

When she did, the others noticed a figure approaching Marceline and well… Marceline felt her ass getting gripped out of nowhere.

"What the?" Marceline said before turning her head to see who was the culprit.

Turns out… it was a… strange looking female humanoid?... didn't seem to have any relation to anyone here though she did have a large cock and looked to have succubus traits and had long black hair and ebony skin.

"Yo… seems you droped the soap." The succubus said as she aimed her cock at Marceline's ass before she could get her bearings and forced her cock deep in Marceline's asshole.

"Gah!" Marceline groans as as she didn't expect this… scratch that she lightly expected this after seeing the succubus's cock… just wasn't prepared.

The succubus stranger groans when she felt how tight Marceline was before she starts to fuck Marceline hard without mercy and everyone saw that happen when Marceline was forced up against the shower wall.

Marceline groans a bit loud from having her ass pounded as her breasts were pressed against the wall.

The Succubus grins as she used a hand to smack Marceline on the ass while Bubblegum looks on at this situation, granted dropping the soap here was just asking for it with succubuses in the room but still she didn't expect anyone to actually go through with it.

"W-Who's that?" Bubblegum said while feeling a bit concerned for Marceline.

"No clue, looks like a newbie." Frost said when she looks curious on who the newbie was.

As most were confused on the newbie, Marceline kept on moaning and groaning as she felt the newbie's cock roughly going in and out of her ass.

A couple minutes pass with the newbie surprisingly not climaxing yet while a few succubuses were turned on and they start to have their fun nearby, some even came over to have fun with Tai Ping, Bubblegum, and Me-Mow rather forcefully to go with the shower theme here.

As Bubblegum lightly gulps, Me-Mow chuckles a bit as she 'drops' the soap.

"Oops." She said before bending down.

A succubus smirks when she pretty much got behind Me-Mow and forced a formed cock up Me-Mow's pussy and starts to fuck her hard in no time when she gripped her hips.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Me-Mow groans as she was already loving this.

The succubus with her grins wildly when she fucked Me-mow harder how she liked it while Tai Ping saw a Succubus approach her.

"Hehe, doubt you need to *Drop the soap* to have fun with me… want me to form a cock or let you form one since I know you have certain spells from past visits." The Succubus said with a grin on her face.

Tai Ping smirks.

"I think this time, I'll form a cock."

"Good… form one and lets get to fucking." The Succubus said when she grins at the Panda woman.

Tai Ping grins back before a moment later, she summons a cock which was 10 inches long and 3 in width.

The Succubus licked her lips while Tai Ping surprised her when she gripped the Succubus on the back of her head and pulled her in for a sudden kiss.

The succubus was a bit surprised by this action before she went with it and starts kissing back.

Tai Ping went with that and as she lifts the Succubus's leg to get ready to fuck her, Bubblegum saw a rather aggressive Succubu with a toned body slammed the wall near her head with the palm of her hand and grins as she looks down at a nervous looking Bubblegum.

"So Pinky… ready for some fun?" The Succubus said with a lustful look as she licks her lips when she looked Bubblegum up and down.

Bubblegum blushes a bit while feeling a bit nervous.

"U-Uh Well…"

The aggressive Succubus licked her lips before she gripped Bubblegum on the throat and with a grip gentle enough to not really choke her, lifts her while she was against the wall and the succubus summoned a massive cock that matched Clover's size.

Bubblegum was caught off guard right not from having her throat grabbed.

She wanted to say go easy but… something tells her that this succubus doesn't know easy.

That's when the succubus aimed her cock at Bubblegum's ass and pretty much dropped Bubblegum… that caused a massive bulge to be seen when Bubblegum was forced to take the succubuses cock so deep that she got more then 11 inches inside of her ass and the succubus smashed her lips onto Bubblegums and fucked Bubblegum's ass again and again when she thrusts her hips which forced Bubblegum up and down against the wall.

Bubblegum's eyes widened before muffly groaning loud in the succubus's mouth from having her ass fucked hard.

Frost and Rose joined in when they worked to get their summoned cocks stroked off by Marceline.

Clover and Cedrina just fucked it and were having fun with eachother.

This pretty much caused everyone to enjoy themselves and after awhile, everyone starts to get close to climaxing as the newbie fucked Marceline's ass harder and she was getting her pussy fucked by Rose while Frost floats over her and gets her cock sucked.

Me-Mow, turning the tables on her partner, formed a cock above her folds that was a foot long, was fucking the succubus she was with up the ass, Tai Ping keeps on fucking the succubus she was with with great forced thanks to her leg strength and Bubblegum was getting royally fucked by the succubus who keeps on fucking her ass hard and it looked like everyone was getting close to climaxing until Frost, Rose, the Newbie all came in Marceline's holes, same with Tai Ping flooding the Succubus's eager womb with her own load as Me-Mow did the same with the succubus she was with, Bubblegum felt the succubus with her thrust herself deep in her ass and she growled as she came hard inside of Bubblegum's ass, flooding it with her load.

The succubus with Me-Mow moans as she climaxed on the felines cock. The succubus with Tai Ping groans as she climaxed hard from her pussy, Marceline groans before climaxing on Rose and the newbie's cocks lastly, Bubblegum moans loud as she climaxed on the aggressive succubus's cock.

Though the Candy Monarch's face looked up when she did thanks to some aggressive pounding as her tongue was sticking out in front of the succubus to see.

This caused the aggressive Succubus to smash her lips on Bubblegum's to make the kiss intense as she keeps unloading more sperm in Bubblegum's ass.

Bubblegum kept climaxing before she actually kiss the aggressive succubus back before Bubblegum's tongue rubs the aggressive one's tongue.

As this went on, everyone was pretty much coming down from their orgasmic high as each person tapped off from either filling wombs, asses, giving facials, ETC… all in all once everyone finished, many were a mess and the Newbie, after pulling her cock free from Marceline's ass, smirks at her.

"Ah… I remember that feeling, been so long that I almost forgot how good the Vampire Queen's ass felt." The Newbie cryptically said as she looks down at the worn out Marceline.

Marceline, after calming down, was confused before she turned her head.

"W-What?... D-Do I… know you?" She said.

The Newbie smirks as her body radiates with power as her form slowly shifts.

"Indeed… last time was when I was on Ooo and we had fun before you had your way with me… you should recognize this look right?" The Newbie said as everyone looked shocked when they saw the Newbie's form going from a simple shaped figure to a well endowed one surpassing Frost and Rose's figure, getting beautiful white skin, rose colored lips, long brown hair and bright demonically charged pink eyes while the leotard changed to a regal and sexy looking one that had a long billowing tail bit in the middle when it covered the succubus's tail.

Marceline's eyes widened when she connected the dots.


"Mom!?" Frost and Rose said when they look at this Lilly and she smirks when she looks at Marceline.

"Lillum my dear… Lillum, though I'll keep the cute nickname… been awhile and considering this roleplay was a bit fun, I downplayed everything about myself to join in on the fun, and I must say the wait was worth it to have fun with that sexy ass of yours again." Lillum said when she grins at Marceline in a teasing way.

Marceline blushes before chuckling.

"Right, wish you dropped by. Didn't realize you became a mom." She said before blinking when she remembered what Clover said.

"Hang on a sec… those two are your daughters… and Clover said you met a demon before having them... was this after our meeting?"

"Well… you could say that they were born after our meeting… though back then when we met you were the only high class demon type around and a human hybrid at the time… you may not remember fully but don't you remember everything that happened?... hehe… you did seem to get a bit wild back then so I'm guessing you don't remember drinking from me, absorbing most of my power, and making it impossible for me to break your loads down as you filled me again and again… you can probably guess where I'm going with this right?" Lillum teased when she grins at Marceline as Frost and Rose scratch their cheeks in slight nervousness which showed that whatever Lillum was talking about… well Frost and Rose were in on it.

Marceline blinked a bit before her eyes widened when she remembered certain parts that made her blush more and more but the answer was there.

"Wait… these two… are my kids?!"

That got the now recovered Bubblegum, Tai Ping, and Me-Mow's attention.

"What!?" The trio said as Lillum giggles.

"Yup, pretty much, Rose takes after your mom Marceline with the skin tone being a default state, I can't believe you didn't notice even after Clover gave all those hints to you like I ordered, guess you were too focused on having a good time to fully use that brain of yours huh?" Lillum said when she didn't look worried while Frost and Rose chuckle a bit at that.

Clover rubbed the back and of her head as Marceline was flabbergasted.

"Yeah… but this is… when did you find out? Did you try to look for me?" She said as she didn't know if Lillum tried looking for her.

"Well I found out about this shortly after I used the last of my power to return to my dimension to recover and it took me a few years to get my power back, by the time I did recover, Frost and Rose were a couple years old, I tried to locate you a few times in Ooo secretly so your father wouldn't know… pretty sure we can agree your father not knowing and letting Frost and Rose be free to pick what they want is better than risking getting forced to rule the Nightosphere, besides unlike back then I don't need to worry about a constant drain on my powers thanks to this train pretty much being some kind of high grade summoning circle so I don't need to run off again." Lillum explains somewhat to Marceline.

Marceline facepalm.

"No kidding… considering how my dad is… But still… this is… big news… especially when I just pleased my own… daughters." She said before blushing.

"Eh it's not strange to me, I mean I took Frosts and Rose's virginities when they were younger since it's a thing where mothers train daughters to be top tier Succubuses… so… how were they?, they impress?, they take after you with the drive to fuck a top tier lady, and how was Clover?, I personally trained her so her massive cock is a bit of habit from me being a size Queen." Lillum teased as Frost and Rose chuckle when Clover blushed a bit from the phrase.

Marceline blushes a bit.

"Well, Clover had some top dick and she had a good drive. And considering I just found out that I'm a mom… I'm indeed impressed." She said.

Bubblegum, was still with the aggressive succubus, still couldn't believe what she was hearing.

'I can't believe it… Marceline a mom?... Finn and the others will be shocked about this.' She thought as she slightly shuddered from feeling the aggressive succubus's load leaking out from her ass.

The Aggressive Succubus surprised her when she pulled her cock free, let Bubblegum go after placing her on her feet and actually bowing to Lillum.

"M-Milady, sorry for not showing my respect earlier, I was too into things to-!" The aggressive Succubus said before Lillum cuts her off.

"Oh don't stop your fun on my account, I became Succubus Queen thanks to Marceline knocking me up years ago and earned my position not through fear, I'm not my mother after all, so get up Aggitha, you maybe a former sexual instructor for many succubuses but here we might as well be all equal and enjoy ourselves." Lillum said with a relaxed look on her face.

Bubblegum blinked at the name.

"Aggitha huh?... Nice name."

"I'll speak for Aggitha when I say thanks, she is a bit old school and I'm trying to get her out of that respectful thing she does, too formal for my tastes." Lillum said while Me-Mow looked curious.

"Hey why do Succubuses need instructors?, don't they just learn a few spells and bam, let nature take the rest?" Me-Mow said as Lillum hums.

"Well actually if we're going by this world's standards… sexual instruction is technically combat instructions here, you know the term love not war?, well in my dimension is technically both the same thing there, I mean some fight but thats more or less when one doesn't accept their loss in a sexual battle between Succubuses and Incubuses, to be exact, Aggitha trains many succubuses in sexual arts so they can dominate weaker Succubuses and the occasional Incubus, or to be exact, say two succubuses wanted to settle some serious matters, they would have sex on the spot and the winner gets to decide things, and in the case of actual battle, the succubus or incubus disarms their target and pretty much rapes them, sure its strange but in my world it would be strange to actually fight instead of fuck so we have soldiers ready to pretty much fuck anyone into submission." Lillum explained to Me-Mow like she was giving a lecture.

Me-Mow blinked a bit as she let's the info sink in.

"Huh… so in way… sex is a weapon."

"More or less, though you could say the same for weapons here in this world, depending on their use they can be simple tools like shovels or weapons if said shovel is used to bash a persons head in… point is we succubuses can have sex for fun but if the need arises… we can use it to pretty much fuck our opposition into submission, in a nutshell you would fit in well there since you seem to like getting fucked and fuck others." Lillum said when she giggles a bit at Me-Mow.

Me-Mow blinked a bit before chuckling.

"Perhaps… maybe I'm part succubus and don't know it." She said as she chuckled at the possibility.

"No… no your not, I would sense it being a Queen of the species and all, and I'm not talking rank, Queen Succubuses are technically a different species of Succubuses that are more evolved then regular ones and we can pretty much sense when other Succubuses are nearby and pretty much force a succubus to do anything we want… if you want a general term of power or something… it would take three to four of these cars filled from top to bottom to even make up 1/5th of my power right now, I could order Cedrina here to pretty much rape you and she wouldn't hold back in that to make you her bitch more or less even if she didn't want to do that, that is how different I am compared to a normal Succubus, in fact if it wasn't for the fact that we have similar natures of feeding with sex, beings like me would probably classified differently from how evolved Queen's are then the normal succubus… there is one way however that makes Queens different then normal Succubuses as well… an interesting perk right from the Globs of Life and Death." Lillum said when she explained the serious difference and smirks at Me-Mow.

Me-Mow jolts from that while almost paling at the info.

"R-Right." She said before having this thought.

'Note to self… Don't piss her off.'

"And what is that perk?" Tai Ping said as Lillum grins.

"Simple, if Succubuses are a lower tier version of me on the species meter, then it would be obvious that Life and Death would want to keep beings like me in check so we have a deal going all the way back to when a Queen was birthed…. Simply put I don't need a contract to make new Succubuses and incubuses and can make any non succubus or Incubus into one with a snap of my fingers… handy for wanting to make new allies, the cost however is that I need to go to Life and Death shortly after for a fuckathon of sorts since I'm bending the rule of nature in this world, but small price to pay to make new sex demons outside of the fun way." Lillum said with a grin on her face.

Bubblegum, Tai Ping, Me-Mow and Marceline were shocked.

"Seriously?!... you have to get fucked by the very Globs that can give and take life." Marceline said.

"Yeah but considering I'm completely altering someone from being a simple mortal to someone who feeds on sex, I feel like I'm the one who wins with getting filled with glob juice, in fact I go to various parties with some ladies like my daughters, Clover, Cedrina, and Aggitha and more to various glob domains to have fun... nuff said since many can't beat a Glob in a fuck compitition." Lillum said with a lustful tone to her voice.

Some succubus chuckles as Bubblegum and co blushes after hearing that.

"I-I see…" Bubblegum said as she continues to blush.

"Yeah, in fact thanks to how well I handled Death a few days ago at this party hosted by the Party God, I got an IOU for a free transformation thanks to him not being able to even masturbate so how about it, I'm in a good mood from seeing the one who knocked me up so Me-Mow… considering I'm reading your mind and what not… want to try and be a succubus… could help with getting knocked up by that hunk of a guy Demonga…" Lillum said while she smirks at Me-Mow mainly.

Bubblegum and co blinked in surprise after hearing that though Me-Mow blushed brightly.

"Y-You think me being one can help me get knocked by Demonga?" She said.

"Of course… though while not 100% foolproof, we do have spells that raise conception rates for succubuses, I mean how else do you think I had Frost and Rose or any succubus has kids since we automatically absorb sperm, had to seal my powers so I couldn't absorb Marceline's sperm for a few days and had to use various potions and spells to raise the conception rate ten fold, maybe 100 fold." Lillum said when she grins at Me-Mow.

Me-Mow was a bit quiet after hearing this before taking a moment to think a bit before looking at Lillum.

"As much as I want to… I need to think it through first."

"Fair enough… but two things to remember…" Lillum said before she grins at Me-Mow in a demonic way.

"You would owe me big time for this since I can guarantee you'll be able to keep up with him at the very least, we succubuses thrive on sex so the rougher the lover the more energy we get, and two… my offer stands however remember I only have this one freebie so think wisely, I'll wait say… 3 days?... I'll be hanging around Marceline and her new family so I can get to know them since I'm interested in seeing how intense this Vampire King is… AFTER I patch him back up by giving the Finn side a boost of energy to recover." Lillum said while she smirks at Marceline and Bubblegum.

Said duo blinked in surprise.

"W-Wait… seriously?" Bubblegum said.

"Seriously… I read your minds in a heartbeat and yes I'm serious… besides Marceline is a favorite lady of mine who knocked me up… might as well have her take responsibility for putting two buns in my ovens… or are you hoping she does the same for you later." Lillum teased when she covered her mouth and giggles at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blushes brightly and didn't know what to say as Marceline smirked at her girlfriend before looking at Lillum.

"Well... I did knock up. Might as well make up for lost time with my… baby mama."

Lillum smirks before she surprised Marceline when she tossed her something, and when she caught it, turns out it was an actual freaking ring with a red gem.

"Might as well do one better and have you marry me more or less, or more like I marry you since you are more than likely going to be an official Vampire Queen soon… Finn is going to have to earn me the hard way by impressing me but considering various things… I don't mind personally teaching him free of charge… that is if Bubblegum here can share… then again since she will have to marry the Queen of Flames and what not, pretty sure it would be fair for me to have a shot at marrying the Vampire Queen right?" Lillum said with an amused look in her eyes.

Bubblegum and Marceline were surprised at after hearing that and though Bubblegum wanted to protest… she knew Lillum was right since the Candy Monarch is sharing Finn with other ladies and plus Bubblegum is marrying Phoebe to make up for her mistakes.

She then looks at Marceline to see what she would do.

No doubt Marceline thought the same thing before looking at Bubblegum.

"She has a point Bonnie." She said.

"Oh just put it on, considering the situations I was pretty much asking for it by having others marry you instead of…." Bubblegum said before she trailed off when she couldn't say more though the message was clear on what Bubblegum wanted to do with Marceline.

Marceline blinked a bit before blushing brightly.

"You wanted me to marry you huh?"

"...M-More or less… but again… the situation is strange in of itself… so better to say it now then later… Marceline… after everything blows over… and after my castle is rebuilt… will… you… m-marry… me?" Bubblegum said while she had a serious blush on her face.

Everyone was surprised at the sudden proposal as Marceline blushes brightly before smiling at Bubblegum.

That's when she floats by and hugs the Candy Monarch before kissing her lips.

Bubblegum blushed at that before she returned the kiss and Lillum claps her hands followed by many more to remind everyone they were getting watched by many easily turned on succubuses.

The duo blushes a bit in embarrassment.

"Of course I'll marry you, Bonnie." Marceline said.

"Oh that is so cute, looks like Bubblegum and I get a sexy Vampire Fiance… in celebration why don't we have an interesting viewing of the time I met Marceline if anyone is curious, please follow me if you want to watch a top tier porno more or less right from my memories that were magically extracted and exited to be like a professionally filmed movie." Lillum said as she walked up to Marceline and placed a hand on her head to pet her for some reason and she walked by her and out of the room with swaying hips.

Marceline blushes a bit as the rest of the succubus follows Lillum to watch.

After Marceline and Bubblegum followed to see this, Lillum was holding some kind of orb that had a mist from the hand Lillum used to touch Marceline that was flowing from it and into the orb.

"There, thanks to the memories from Marceline just now, I now have the complete perfect porno right in my hands, I'll make copies in case anyone wants to have some interesting material to get off to later but for now…" Lillum said as the orb slowly rose from her hand and moved to make a 3-D holograph like movie before everyone that was colored in to show a fully replicated Marceline in her Vampire Hunter days, side ponytailsincluded, while she was having a tough time finding some Vampires with her axe and Marceline realized Lillum just instantly copied her memories of that time and mixed them in with the ones she had for this kind of scene.

"So that's why you rubbed my head." Marceline said.

Lillum smirks as she pets Marceline on the head again.

"Nah, I just need to get close to read memories like that and needed a proper intro, I petted you because I care, oh and wear the ring by the way, shows you are claimed by me and stuff so other demonic beings may leave you alone if they try and mess with you… I don't mind sharing though hehe… also if you bite it, it recovers its red shortly after so you can snack on a constant source of red, and it will allow me to locate you and you can summon me whenever you want… handy right?" Lillum said when she gestured for Marceline to sit next to her while Frost and Rose went to sit on Lillum's left.

Marceline blinks a bit after hearing that before she made sure Lillum saw her putting on the ring.

Lillum eyesmiles and as Marceline and Bubblegum moved to watch the show, the scene went to the image itself to go into more detail.

Pseudo flashback/ Land of Ooo/ Marceline

Marceline was fighting many Vampires who wanted to try and harm her, at this point in time she only had the Fool's power so at best she had her agility to use but she was getting plenty of scratches on her body from claw attacks and was slowly getting overwhelmed by the horde of Vampires around her who smirked when she was starting to weaken.

"Hehe, not long now you bitch before we make you pay for what you did to our kind." The Vampire, most likely the leader of the current group said as he leered at Marceline though it was obvious there was lust in that gaze as well when the Vampire looked her up and down.

Marceline scoffed.

"In dreams you scum." She said as she readies to attack.

Though to her shock and the Vampires shock, a massive ice spike came from the air and lands between the group while a female voice from above got everyone's attention.

"My my, so many Vampires in one place and ganging up on a cutie no less, makes me want to aid her in her fight." The being said to show a much younger Lillum.

This version had short brown hair in a small bob similar to what Bubblegum's hair looked like as a kid, she had E to F cup breasts, wide hips, and wore an outfit similar to Frost and Rose's look so no royal getup while her demonic wings and tail were seen.

Marceline blinked in surprise when she saw the woman though the Vampire Boss grins.

"Oh ho… Dear lady… what do we call you?"

"Simple… I'm Lillum the Succubus Queen in training, I happened to wander here from my home world after a summoner summoned me for a good time but… they forgot to make a spell to keep me from running away from them... not sure what is going on but why not make a more… peaceful deal… you let this cutie go and I'll satisfy every single one of you handsome ladies gentle Vampires, not sure what she did but pretty sure letting her go for now would be worth it to have some fun with someone who can take a pounding right?, I may have fun with the occasional human but I gotta admit they can be a bit on the weak side and I need to leave before I'm satisfied… oh I'm so pent up from the teases its hard to not jump on you all." Lillum said when she introduced herself as she lands on a flat part of the ice spike with a very lustful look in her eyes and the Vampires could see how shapely Lillum was in more detail like she was ripe for the fucking.

Marceline blinked in shocked after hearing that and the Vampires were liking this deal.

"Hmmm… tempting… though why one when we can have 2 bitches pleasing us." The boss said with a grin.

Though instead of getting mad, Lillum just smiles more.

"Well three reasons as to why…. 1.. I doubt she would be willing to have fun with you all…. 2… instead of wasting time fighting and possibly losing men and women, why not have fun instead?… and 3..." Lillum said before an ice shard was launched faster then any would react from Lillum and it cut a few hairs from the lead Vampire's head.

"I could end a number of you before you would even blink… don't insult me, you weak low grade creature... humans are a food source for me if we want to make a comparison on Vampires with Succubuses in how we hunt... unlike you however I don't kill my prey, I make it so I have a long term way of keeping power in this world so I don't have to go back home… you may think I'm an easy woman but considering you are killing humans… I could go around and hunt you all… and easily do so… however I'm trying to give a deal for a good time so you can leave peacefully since I don't like violence… however if you attack know a number of you will die before you can even unsheath your claws… so what will it be… let her go and have a good time or pull a stupid move and die?" Lillum said with a cold look in her eyes as she summoned hundred of small ice spikes in the shape of wooden stakes and all were aimed at the Vampires before her for an overkill moment.

One of the lesser vamps looks at the boss.

"H-Hey boss. We should definitely take the offer. This chick isn't joking."

Lillum in turn looks at the boss while her ice spikes were spinning like drills to show a warning of sorts for the boss to really consider his options.

The boss glares a bit at Lillum for a moment.

"Fine then… we'll take the deal and let this bitch go."

Lillum eyesmiles a moment later and the ice spikes vanished.

"Good choice, I'll make sure to make up for the scare I used but to be fair when an army of Vampires is before you, you either go strong or get walked all over… anyway… Miss demon hybrid, you should get going while I head off with these guys, I'll see you later if I ever see you again." Lillum said when she looked at Marceline with a kind smile.

Marceline couldn't believe what was happening but she had to get out to get healed.

"Yeah well… good luck with these assholes." She said before she starts to run from the group.

Lillum smiles at that before she looks at the Vampires.

"So… got a base that we can go to or want to get down and dirty here?" Lillum said when she floats to the ground in front of the Vampires who circles her though not many looked pleased since their prey was taken.

"You know lady… if you weren't powerful enough, would've taken you down. Because of you that bitch of a hunter escaped. Our king will not be pleased if he hears this." One lesser vampire said.

Lillum giggles when she grins at the Vampire.

"Oh I could care less if that mangy lionman finds out, in case you are not aware I'm next in line for the Succubus Queen throne once I dominate my mother so unless you want an interdimensional war with Succubuses started because of you, you'll all drop the grudge and your pants for now and enjoy yourselves, or is my body alone not worth enough and you need to go elsewhere?, I don't need to stick around if everyone is going to be angry at little ol me." Lillum cutely teased when she had her hands behind her head to pose when she made her ass and breasts more pronounced for the Vampires to see.

The vampires were tempted after seeing that.

"Well you heard her boys. Let get to it." The boss said.

That made the vampires start getting nude.

Lillum smirks when she saw that and grins fully when she saw their cocks and the females formed some cocks on their bodies thanks to various spells used… all were above the 10 inch mark or so.

"My my, if anything you are all well equipped… I'm going to enjoy this." Lillum teased when she snapped her fingers and her clothing vanished leaving her nude for all the Vampires to see.

Some vampires whistled while the rest gave some lust looks.

That's when the boss was first to approach.

Lillum smirks and when the boss got close, the scene went to Marceline as she was flying through the forest while she looked a bit regretful when she left Lillum behind with those Vampires.

"Damn… I know I just met her but… it didn't feel right to leave someone to those idiots." Marceline said before she turns back and went to go see if Lillum was okay.

When she got back and hid behind some trees to be safe, she saw to her shock that an orgy was actually happening and right now Lillum was at the center while a larger number of Vampires were on the ground with flaccid cocks.

Right now she was surrounded by lust fueled and horny vampires as well, about 10 or so of them, while she rode one vigorously and stroked two off while sucking the Vampire boss with a gleeful lustful look in her eyes as another Vampire fucked her ass hard without mercy.

"Fuck yeah! That's the ticket." The boss said before he starts thrusting his cock as the lesser vamp got rough on fucking Lillum's ass.

Lillum lustfully groans as she gagged gleeful on the Vampire boss's cock while she tightened her holes on the cocks inside of her and stroked off the others in her hands while Marceline at the time when she saw this and how well Lillum was taking them on…

Marceline was blushing a bit brightly at the scene.

'Holy… she's just taking them on without trouble… talk about… sexy.' She thought before blushing more at that last sentence.

As this went on, she saw the Vampire boss getting close before he pulled his cock from Lillum's mouth and gripped her breasts roughly when he starts to fuck them after sandwiching his cock between the plentiful mounds.

"Damn!... now that's quality breasts." The boss said with a lustfilled grin as he fucks Lillum's breasts.

Lillum moans from that when things really got rough and she stroked and rid the cocks in her more and more while she lets the Vampire boss fuck her tits more until…

The boss groans as he climaxed on Lillum's breasts.

One lesser vamp came inside Lillum's pussy as the other climaxed in her ass while the last two sprayed their loads on Lillum's body.

Lillum groans from that while the Vampire boss moans when he unloads his load between Lillum's breasts, pretty much getting all the stresss out of his body while plenty of sperm leaked from between her tits.

Marceline blushes brightly when she saw this before a moment later, each one taps off with the boss going first.

The others tapped off as well and Lillum smirks as the Vampires around her fell back onto the ground one by one and the boss felt oddly weak, granted his orgasm was much stronger then normal but that shouldn't… wait… each guy only had one orgasm each yet passed out… did Lillum...

"Y-You sneaky… what did you…d-do?" The boss said.

"Hehe, I feed on sexual energy remember?, I pretty much drained the energy from you so much that one shot was like fucking for 24 straight ours for you and all through one orgasm… pretty intense right?... you can pass out now, you should feel well rested and what not and don't worry, I'll move all of you in shade so you won't burn up when the sun rises so nighty night and don't worry, I didn't take years off your life, that is just a stereotype passed around… sure we can kill with sex but only if your body can't take it." Lillum said as she waved at the Vampire boss with a grin as sperm dripped from between her breasts.

"D-Damn it." The boss said before passing out.

Lillum smirks when the Vamps next to her and behind her all pass out thanks to their orgasms being stronger as well and while Lillum noticed that one was barely able to stay away and hard in her, she smirks when she looked to the side at the treeline.

"You can come out of hiding you know." Lillum said when she looks to where Marceline was hidden.

Marceline was surprised that she was found out before getting out.

"Okay don't know how you figure I was here, but I wouldn't put these guys in the shade."

"Eh maybe, but I could care less about you wanting to hunt them or not, an eye for an eye and the world goes blind, protecting humans is fine and all since I enjoy human sperm can't complain, but pretty sure not all of them are bad right?, anyway one second, one guys is still awake so…" Lillum said before she starts to ride the cock in her pussy while she moans and groans as she played with her breasts and licked them clean while Marceline had a front row seat to it all.

Marceline couldn't believe this as she was blushing brightly again as the lesser Vampire groans before thrusting his cock up a bit hard in Lillum's pussy.

Lillum really groans from that as she enjoyed that action while she continues to ride the cock.

"Oh yes!, keep fucking me you fucker!, try and hold the orgasm as long as you can before you fill my slutty pussy!, really build that load!" Lillum moans as she rather enjoyed the lesser Vampire's failed attempt at holding himself back.

The lesser vampire grunts and groans as he tries to hold back his climax as best he can.

Though it was fruitless as Marceline watched as Lillum rode the Vampire's cock more and more until…

The lesser vampire groans as he climaxed a bit hard inside Lillum's pussy.

This load however made Lillum's womb bloats as it slowly shrank when Lillum absorbed the sperm with a pleased groan.

The lesser vamp continues to climax for 15 seconds before tapping off. Though thanks to the climax, the lesser vamp was pretty much drained and was knocked out.

Lillum hums from that before she got off and the flaccid cock fell from her body and onto the knocked out Vampire while Lillum stretched her body as her magic cleaned herself off and she used a spell to move the vampires into the shade.

Marceline was a bit surprised by this.

"Well… since you're okay, I guess I'm no longer needed." She said before she's to walk away.

"Now hold on, you look like you could use some company after that fight, I know a few healing spells and since I got quite a bit of energy, might as well patch you up first, never got your name as well." Lillum said when she approached Marceline while she used a spell to dress herself in her Leotard and thigh high boots.

Marceline blushes a bit when she saw the getup.

"M-Marceline." She said as she compose herself.

"You mean Hunson's daughter?, that Marceline?" Lillum said because at this point in time Marceline was not a Vampire yet and only a half demon.

"Yeah… but I don't want to talk about him." Marceline said since during that timeline she's not talking with her dad.

"Fair enough, just wanted to be sure who I'm talking with, nice to meet you, Lillum Demonica, princess of the Succubus Kingdom in my dimension." Lillum said when she brought her hand out for Marceline to shake.

Marceline blinked a bit after hearing that.

"Huh… well nice to meet you." She said before shaking Lillum's hand.

Lillum smiles when she got that and lets go of Marceline's hand when she floats next to her.

"So… where to?" Lillum said all of a sudden to Marceline.

Marceline blinked a bit.

"What do you mean?"

"Eh, similar to you I got nowhere to be while I'm having fun in the mortal world, why not have a travel buddy along the way?" Lillum said when she smiles cutely at Marceline.

Marceline blushes a bit.

"Well… you did help me so… wouldn't hurt to have someone, that's not afraid of me, travel with."

"Great, I believe this is the start of a beautiful friendship, come on, lets go wherever and see what happens." Lillum said with a grin on her face as she floats away from Marceline.

Marceline blinked after hearing that before chuckling and floats after Lillum.

The scene then fades to black as this part 1 of Lillum and Marceline's reunion ends… soon will be the viewing of more intense things and maybe more on Finn's training to deal with the Vampire threat… or will he?... Find out soon in… A New Vampire King.

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