A New Vampire King @emerald
A tragic tale and the attack begins

The scene opens up to show Atomsk via a monitor letting the others see him since last time he was in the millennium falcon with Han solo and Chewie, The Spirit, Abeloth the bringer of Chaos, Cream the Rabbit, Daniel the Panda, were looking at a recap of last chapter while the Spirit points at it when it gave a condensed version of the last 6 chapters.

"Alright everyone, it's been awhile since we were last here, so in a nutshell, Finn became a Vampire thanks to the Vampire King who labeled here will be called Morlock, and he also vamped Marceline the Vampire Queen though she is in the process of becoming one again and is Finn's main lady though Phoebe the Queen of Flames and Bubblegum are also his ladies as well, and thanks to a spell by a librarian by Ranmyaku, Finn now has a female form named Fionna he can change into, after some drama with training and losing virginities, Finn or Fionna at the time was forced to do a certain thing with a certain ass and after the three ladies and Ranmyaky rescue her, they went back to the candy kingdom to celebrate after Ranmyaku took Fionna's memories of what happened to her into his own head, meanwhile a guy named Demonga was planning a lot of things and one of them involved getting Me-Mow's charges dropped by being pretty charismatic and other things, last time we left off was telling part of the FK's story with meeting Phoebe's mother and they left to get something to eat while some mysterious figures plan to attack the Candy Kingdom… so… questions?" The Spirit said while it looks at the others.

Daniel was thoughtful for a moment.

"Uh yeah, you think Demonga will still try to take the Bubblegum's Kingdom?"

"Well not until most likely a later arc since for now we should just focus on the Vampires, should consider him neutral until that arc happens." The Spirit said with a serious look on its face.

"I agree. Though what about that Tai Ping character? Surely Bubblegum will have to find out what her own warden is doing." Abeloth said.

"Well depending on certain factors, Tai Ping could be working there still but Bubblegum is none the wiser if Tai Ping hid what she did, either that or shortly after she let some prisoners go on Demonga's request, she could have quit to work with him full time with Demonga, the beauty of letting the plot flow means that anything can happen as long as it logically makes sense…. And who knows we could bring Amanda into this story full time instead of in flashbacks since she was freed as well and was Me-Mow's prison cell mate." The Spirit said while hoping it would answer that question for now.

Abeloth hums for a bit.

"That does sound interesting." She said with a smirk.

"Indeed, any other questions before we start the chapter?" The Spirit said while looking at everyone else.

Daniel raised his hand.

"Do you know the whereabouts of TME? I mean it's been a long time and I have a feeling Atomsk is still trying to reach him."

"Well not to worry, like I said as long as TME is safe, I am fully focused, could say I'm like an extension of him so to speak, similar to how Abeloth here has multiple bodies to use over the years, forgot if she can control multiple at once but think like this, TME is my creator and thanks to how I am, I can tell if he is safe or not, and while I can't say anything since he is pretty much blocking my sight for him for this story, he has popped up for other stories since its been awhile since the last chapter and this one." The Spirit said while it smirks at Daniel.

"Hmmm… well I guess that makes sense. Do you have anything to add Cream-chan?" Daniel said as he looks at his girlfriend.

"Hmmm… only one I got right now is if were going to see more of the Flame King and that story of his." Cream said when she looked thoughtful since aside from the party and the soon to be attack, nothing much may happen aside from occasional talks in the party.

"Well of course, wouldn't be a proper step in the story unless its continued." The Spirit said which made Cream nod her head and the Spirit looks at Atomsk on the monitor.

"Anything from you or do we get started?" The Spirit said while it grins at its creators friend and co-host.

Atomsk chuckled.

"Nope I'm good. Well actually…" He said before looking at the readers.

"As usual, TME and I do paid commissions and we can negotiate a good price. If you also have a OC made and want TME and I to use it, we can work out some deals. And as usual, we accept constructive criticism, negative guest reviews will be immediately removed, and anyone with a real account reviews negatively will be reported based on what the review says."

"Indeed, though considering what I got from the latest DaP chapter… seems all those negative reviews caused something to awaken in TME so while he may report people, he might as well enjoy the bad reviews now since it shows that at their bases… the bad reviews don't even give details and what not so he's just enjoying the anger and rage now." The Spirit said while looking amused at the readers.

Atomsk and the rest sweatdrop.

"Right… hopefully not too much."

"Well… you don't want me answering that and for the readers, aside from important announcements we will try and keep the outros out of the story and only unse that section to end the part or talk in one sentence about what is happening next, anyway this chapter starts put right as Phoebe and the FK get back to the party…" The Spirit explained before the scene shifts to the lobby of the Candy kingdom castle.

Ooo/ Candy Kingdom/ Candy Castle lobby/ Finn, Marceline, Bubblegum, Phoebe, Demonga, Me-Mow, Canyon, Huntress, Burst, Ex-Flame King

The scene showed the Former Flame King bringing Phoebe some coal for her on a large plate while Burst and a few others looked at the FK with amused looks like Burst and Me-Mow mostly, Demonga though having a smile on his face was mainly for looks to make him look friendly with the candy citizens here, Finn...just looked bewildered while he stood near Marceline and Bubblegum since Phoebe… actually looked happy to see her father when he passed her the platter.

Marceline and Bubblegum were surprised at the sight.

"What the?... I thought she was still mad at him now she's… smiling?" She said.

"Maybe he's got her under some kind of hypnosis?" Bubblegum said before chuckling was heard when Burst who overheard that walked over to the trio.

"More like went to talk about Phoebe's mother, didn't get much from The former FK, but heard he gave his daughter a locket that has pictures of him and his mom from before she died." Burst said while she had a fiery drink in hand.

Marceline, Finn and Bubblegum blinked in surprise when they heard that as they look at Burst.

"You're that lady that came with Phoebe's dad." Marceline said with a narrow look.

"Yup, the ex-Flame king's plus one and date if you want to put it like that, nice party by the way… well... excluding what Demonga did, he does means well though." Burst said while she leaned against the nearby wall.

Marceline got angry.

"Means well? Do you know what your boss did? He hired my no good ex, Ash to kidnap Finn, when he was Fionna. Which was a distraction so Demongass here can rescue his evil dad. Then he shows up, uninvited, and threatens to take Bonnie's Kingdom if she didn't drop the charges. And now he just made Bonnie, Finn and Jake the bad guys for some technicality. And even if you say Demonga didn't issue the rape order on Fionna but… he's still responsible either way."

Burst however chuckles and raised three fingers.

"One, none of us are mind readers though it would be a good skill to have, would have had someone else make the distraction with getting all of you out of the castle, two Demonga is just following the rules, was Bubblegum following them when she spied on people and cause lots of damages as a result?, Forgot if you know the details or not but I didn't do a quarter of what she did which would get her kicked off the throne if it was anyone else… and finally we are not good guys, we get bad guys in our ranks and you guys to me are no heroes… Vampire Queen who likes to terrorize people with pranks, the human who melted the Ice kingdom… and well… want me to write a book on how questionable the Candy royal is?, I didn't come looking for a fight so try and not start one with me, Demonga technically started this… not I." Burst said while she smiles at Marceline when she made her counters.

Marceline's eyes glowed with red but Bubblegum held her hand to calm down Marceline before Bubblegum frowns at Burst.

"I believe you said enough. Now please go elsewhere and not cause trouble. Your boss already made things awkward."

"Fair enough, I'll leave, but best I did was just make things awkward, your GF started the insults so I made a counter, nothing else, anyway I'm going to eat now, heard the Former FK is going to tell the rest of the story he mentioned to Phoebe later so in case you wonder where she is then there you go… oh and congradulations with my sis Finn, Spark sent me a letter so congrats." Burst said before she starts walking away from the trio.

Marceline and Bubblegum's eyes widened when they heard last part.

"Did she just say…" Marceline said before stopping as Bubblegum was speechless before looking at Finn for his reaction.

"That she is Spark's sister?..." Finn said before his head steams when he starts to mumble incoherently when he talked about odd family trees and what not since Phoebe would be his soon to be wife alongside Spark… who were related to Burst and the Former FK and it seems like they were in a relationship as well and Finn looked more confused then ever now.

Bubblegum looks at Finn with a concerned look.

"Finn? You okay?"

Though Finn seemed a bit out of it while Marceline looks at Bubblegum.

"Seem's Finn's brain was overloaded just now thanks to Burst." Marceline said when she figured this would cause Finn's brain to overload right now.

Bubblegum sweatdrops before sighing.

"This is beyond my fault. If I knew this was gonna happen, I would never had made Gumbald. I should've ended him when I had the chance."

"Well can't go back in time to do so unfortunately, still seems all the actions we did are coming back to bite us in the ass, just need to make the best of the situation now, we always did when we survived Ooo when it was just starting out and was pretty dangerous in its own right." Marceline said while patting Bubblegum on the back lightly.

Bubblegum did appreciate the support.

"But still that bastard, who I refuse to announce him as a cousin, infiltrated my home. Who knows what other damage he done. What if he had one of my people secretly work for him behind my back?" She said with now a worried look.

"Oh please, like I would be low enough to do that." A Familiar voice said nearby the duo while Finn was still recovering.

Marceline and Bubblegum blinked a few times before they looked at the source... even though they knew who it was.

It was Demonga and he was holding a drink in his hand while Me-Mow was busy keeping other people away from the trio with small talk and seems Demonga heard what Bubblegum said.

"Oh please, knowing who made YOU… pretty sure you would try something underhanded with Bonnie sooner or later." Marceline said while Demonga sipped his drink for a second.

"Like I said, like I would need to, though if she was a normal princess maybe, but have I done anything that would risk the world's safety?... pretty sure all I would need to do is just wait and see what my cousin here would do and if she did another thing that would risk Ooo's safety, intentional or not, I could just swoop in and have an election done and unlike with that pathetic king of Ooo, I wouldn't shirk my duties if I'm elected as the ruler of the Candy Kingdom, Lemongrab took power when Bubblegum was returned to her 13 year state so not too hard to use the rules here to my advantage… also heard the King of Ooo guy was an arrogant asshole and while you can call me arrogant and an asshole… pretty sure we can all agree anyone would make a better ruler then him." Demonga said while he didn't look afraid of Marceline right now.

Marceline didn't care as Bubblegum narrows her eyes.

"Surprisingly, I do agree. But, I'm not making any more mistakes. Also, I will not lose my Kingdom again to anyone. Especially you."

"Hey if its the fact that your Uncle Gumbald made me, just know that we are not picking how we are born, and as for that infiltration, all I did was just be honest and your guard attacked me out of the blue, I'm trying to get my creator back thanks to my programming and you could argue that it maybe a bad idea but I can at least go about ways towards that goal that don't make me look bad, granted I do have some of your former enemies in my employ but aside from some… missteps like not having some kind of Wizard who can read minds to make sure that those in my employ follow them the right way… I'm not the one breaking rules in the past, after all just like you I'm doing things for what I care for… yours happens to be for your kingdom and your family here… but mind just so happens to be purely for family… so how about this… truce?, at least for now?... no insults… no hostility… and if you need help then I'll lend some, however I'm hoping for a few favors in return if I do aid you, simple as that… so how about it cousin?... and if you want to know if I'm serious… I royal promise that I will hold up my end of he deal as long as you do the same… we in agreement or will you try and push me away before actually getting to know me?" Demonga said while he held a hand out to Bubblegum for her to shake.

Marceline raised her eyebrow at this as Bubblegum was silent after hearing this.

She would say no but… it may cause a chain reaction where people would distrusts her and somehow another election would be made.

After thinking carefully, she did the unthinkable.

"Truce." Bubblegum said before shaking Demonga's hand.

That caused Marceline's jaw to drop while Demonga shook Bubblegum's hand and bowed lightly to his cousin.

"If you'll excuse me, I'll be going back to my fiance now, hope the rest of your day goes as well as mine later." Demonga said politely before he left Marceline and Bubblegum while Marceline, when she saw Demonga was far away with Me-Mow.

"Bonnie… what in the nightosphere were you thinking when you agreed to this!?" Marceline said while she kept her voice low enough to not let anyone hear her.

Bubblegum looks at Marceline.

"I'm not liking this anymore than you do Marceline. But considering the situations we been dealing, I had a bad feeling that if I didn't accept the truce, something bad could've happened." She said in a low tone.

Marceline just crossed her arms and grumbles when she couldn't find a way to counter.

"Fine… but if this Demonga guy tries anything agreement or not I'll kick his ass hard." Marcelinely said in a low tone while she looked over to see Demonga being social again with Me-Mow and had a hand on her hip while many people talked with them on friendly terms… Demonga maybe doing this to make him look good but Me-Mow seemed to be having fun, granted being behind bars may have made her appreciate parties more but seems she was happy with Demonga as well.

Bubblegum went to hug Marceline.

"We just need to bear with it and once he leaves, I... and maybe Finn can help cheer you up." She said before she kissed Marceline's ear a bit.

Marceline blushed from the kiss to her ear and the fact that there maybe an afterparty so to speak did cheer Marceline up.

"H-Hehe… yeah… anyway I'll get us something to snack on, just because some killjoys are at the party doesn't mean the food has to take a hit for it right?" Marceline said before she shapeshifts into a bat and reformed out of Bubblegum's hug and moved to the buffet in no time flat while she had a blush on her face the entire time.

She then focus her attention on Finn to see how he's doing.

Seems his head was still steaming from the Phoebe family thing… granted he seemed to grow but seems his brains still needed an IQ boost to keep up with the soon to be confusing family tree.

Bubblegum then tries something to snap Finn out if it before she lightly slaps his face.

Finn shook his head after he was slapped out of his stupor and blinks a few times.

"H-Huh?, wha?, Pb?" Finn said when he looked back to normal and seems Bubblegum's slap had no effect in terms of damage thanks to Finn's tougher body plus his regeneration to boot.

"Sorry Finn, but you seem out of it. But here…" Bubblegum said before leaning in and kissed Finn's lips.

Finn blushed from that and instantly hugged Bubblegum and kissed her back hard when he had his tongue fight against hers and a couple candy people blush at the sight.

Bubblegum lightly moans into the kiss as she had her tongue fight back.

Finn took 10 seconds to keep the kiss up before he pulled his head back and smiles at Bubblegum.

"Hehe, sorry for the trouble PB, guess I was just overloaded from what I heard about Burst being Sparks sister… and Burst being in a relationship with the former FK… well… you get why right?" Finn said while he continued to hug Bubblegum.

Bubblegum hugs Finn more.

"Not to worry Finn, I know the feeling when it comes to… crazy relatives. But right now, lets try and enjoy the party. Hopefully when it's over, we, and perhaps Phoebe, if she wants to stay here tonight, can help cheer Marceline up."

Finn blushed at that before he gave Bubblegum a fanged grin.

"I'd like that, might as well help cheer Marcy up later, still how are you doing?, kinda overheard what just happened though I was stunned for a moment." Finn said while he chuckles nervously since he was fading in and out a bit at that time.

Bubblegum sighs.

"Well… I think… I might've made a new mistake when I… agreed to a truce with Demonga."

Finn blinks at that before he took a breath while looking at the ceiling.

"I see, well… you have more brains then I so I'm sure you know what you're doing, just know I'll support you and protect you in case that Demonga guy tries anything funny." Finn said while he gave Bubblegum a serious look which showed his blood red eyes.

Bubblegum gave Finn an appreciative look.

"I know you will Finn but… I feel like I'm not that smart considering my terrible track record. Only reason I agreed for the truce is because I feared that another domino effect could happen if I said no. Didn't want to risk things."

"What are you talking about?, you are smart, you made the Gumball guardians, candy people, the castle from the ground up… not many can say that they can do that right?" Finn said while he grins at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blushes.

"Yes but… I made Gumbald, which he made Demonga, then there was the incident in the Fire Kingdom that killed innocent flame people. Oh and who can forget the zombie breakout that happened… twice. Who knows what other mistakes I made."

"Well… yeah but you never knew that Gumbald would do this right?, or how he would make Demonga, and… yeah really got to make up with Phoebe there or her people at least but one step at a time, pretty sure many flame people are going to see you're serious later when well… in the flame kingdom arena with Phoebe later… most likely after I marry Phoebe to make things official." Finn said while he blushed a bit for many reasons.

Bubblegum blushes brightly.

"Yes of course."

"Right, point is everyone makes mistakes, you just gotta make up for it in the end, simple right?" Finn said while he smiles at Bubblegum more.

"That is true." She said with a small smile.

"Yeah, so try and not worry anymore, its true that right now things are rocky, but we've always managed to get through right?" Finn said to cheer up Bubblegum more.

"Right." Bubblegum said as she was starting to cheer up.

"Great, why don't we get a bite to eat… and considering that we're now… tolerant of Demonga and… Me-Mow… we should at least try and make small talk with them so we don't look like were avoiding them, besides while I have issues with her, I did become friends and well… lovers to most of the ladies that I met who tried to kill me so who knows what could happen." Finn said while Demonga walked by them towards the restroom.

"Just make sure you don't flirt with her for now Vamp King and we're cool, don't care if she has fun with you but knock her up and I'll show you that I'm no pushover." Demonga said with a rare angered look on his face before he entered the restroom while Me-Mow who followed for a moment to get away from some people, chuckles when she stopped near Finn and Bubblegum with Demonga being a bit possessive, though surprisingly open about things.

Bubblegum blinks in surprise after hearing that as Me-Mow chuckled.

"Not to worry babe. Only kid I want is yours." She said.

That surprised Finn a bit on many levels though he shook his head and looks at Me-Mow.

"So… talk about new situation… last I remember you were trying to kill Wildberry princess and tried to be a bounty hunter… now you are working with that Demonga guy and a possible kid to be?... talk about serious career changes so to speak." Finn said to try and be civil about things.

Me-Mow rolls her eyes.

"Beats being in jail. A jail that you put me in after being fooled by your fake bounty."

"W-Well… I was blindfolded most of the time, didn't know you were Me-Mow until you told me, pretty drastic since the last few times I saw you, you were the size of a doll during the Wildberry incident, and then taller than me during that time, how was I suppose to know you were the same person, besides can't blame me for wanting to lock you up for attacking Wildberry princess." Finn said while Me-Mow gave Finn a half lidded look.

"This coming from a guy who caused his former Ex now Fiance to fight the ice king and melt his kingdom?... pretty sure this whole thing with me is now moot with you at least since Demonga and I still need to work out a peaceful way to keep Wildberry off my case later." Me-Mow said which made Finn jolt when Me-Mow had a point.

Bubblegum went to defend Finn.

"Alright. I think that's enough."

"Hey I'm just saying since I didn't bring this up, he did, anyway considering I'm working with Demonga and am now supposed to be… tolerant of you and your boyfriend here… don't get any funny ideas with trying to use us… I still remember those experiments you made on some prisoners in the past and myself included, never told anyone that just FYI except for Demonga, so trust me… got more issues with you Pinky then Finn but I'll let bygones be bygones since recently I was able to use those results in interesting ways since Demonga likes to bring a lot of sexy ladies to the bedroom." Me-Mow said while Finn looked confused.

"Experiments?" Finn said when he looks at Bubblegum with a confused look on his face.

Bubblegum facepalms.

"I'll tell you later Finn."

"Hehe, anyway like Demonga said, he's pretty cool if I bring a guy or two in for some extra fun as long as they don't knock me up, issues aside you don't seem too bad body wise so I wouldn't mind showing you a good time as long as you made it worth it in the end, Demonga brings in a lot of ladies so he gives them some leeway on making things kinky, then again after seeing how you can turn Female Finn, looks like you don't need to let the ladies of your group go for other guys since you pretty much become the female and take it good from the shapeshifters, anyway I'm going to the restroom now so see you later." Me-Mow said while Finn blushed since he did do a lot of… things with Bubblegum, Phoebe, and Marceline in Finn's Fionna form while they grew their own cocks to use on her… not only that but Finn was blushing from how Me-Mow teased him.

Bubblegum didn't want to say anything but she was still not trusting Me-Mow even if there's a truce with Demonga.

The groups around the room then saw the Ice King fly into the building and lands on the ground.

"Hehe, wow talk about a party!" Ice King said while Marceline looks at the insane version of Simon.

"Oh hey Simon. How's it going?" Marceline said.

"Oh hey Marceline, it's going great, I got plenty of Fanfiction for Bubblegum to read and if you remember a while ago, I ran into your new female friend, though still don't know her name or looks, anyway I was hoping to run into her here if she was around and see if she would want to read one of my more romantic stories hehe." the Ice king said while Finn felt a chill go up his spine when he heard that and looked a bit ill just now which caused Marceline to see Bubblegum trying to comfort Finn who looked ill… seems he overheard that one just now.

Marceline sweatdropped.

"Yeah, sorry Simon. I haven't seen her. She's busy with other things."

"Oh… I see, well hope I can join the party at least, seems like some shindig after all and the food looks good." Ice King said with a smile on his face.

Marceline softly chuckled.

"Of course you can stick around. Just remember to behave yourself."

"Oh sure, see you later Marceline hehehe, buffet and ladies here I come!" Ice King said before he walked away from Marceline with a spring in his step.

Marceline sweatdrops at the Ice King's antics before feeling a bit sad.

"Oh Simon. I will find a way to cure you."

Though the Ice King didn't hear that while the party keeps on going while many, people enjoying themselves and shortly after Phoebe finished eating her fill, she and the former Flame King went back to the library so that they could continue the story.

Though first the former FK made sure that Phoebe was comfortable in her seat and used some aluminum foil to make sure that the seat wouldn't be burned while they had some time to themselves since no one else was in the library.

"Thank you father." Phoebe said.

"No problem Daughter, anyway you had some questions before I start my story again?" The former FK said when he looks at his daugher.

Phoebe was thoughtful for a bit.

"Right now… I don't."

"You sure?, nothing too small would be an issue since it maybe awhile before we talk again." Former Flame King or FFK said while he wanted to make sure Phoebe had no questions at all.

Phoebe did sigh a bit.

"Alright… Do you trust Demonga?"

"Hmmm… well I doubt anything I can say will be certain with you, but while Demonga may do things that seem bad, he does try and keep the damage to a minimum, I can assure you that while you may not trust him, you can trust him to keep his word no matter what, so if you make a deal with him, you'll know you're in good hands, its only if people break deals with Demonga does Demonga get payback unless the person breaking the deal was forced to, honestly its hard to understand him since when he's at the base, he normally just keeps to himself except a select few, even the ladies he has besides Me-Mow don't know his plans and I'm pretty sure Me-Mow doesn't know every plan of Demonga's… still as long as you honor a deal with him, he will honor it in turn so he has honor at least." FFK said when he remembered some key things about Demonga, cold to many but keeps his deals unless they were broken by others.

Phoebe was quiet for a moment.

"Well regardless if he honors a deal or not, doesn't mean I'll automatically trust him. I mean HE hired that donk of a wizard to kidnap my fiance and did… unthinkable things to… well her since Finn can change into a woman. Only good thing was when Ranmyaku managed to stop Fionna from getting… knocked up."

FFK hums at that while he rubs his chin.

"I see, well only thing I can say in Demonga's defense is that he didn't know what Ash would do, I mean you gotta admit that Demonga is no mind reader and Ash well… he's just a straight up psychopathic compared to the rest of us, pretty sure the Vampire Queen would know that better than anyone so guess getting that book I heard about pushed him over the edge into complete madness far beyond any Wizard should go, I mean when Ash did what he did, Demonga was nowhere near the bases since he was getting his mutated realitives from this castle so unless he had some kind of mental link with the twisted Wizard, he wouldn't know what happened." FFK said while he remembered hearing about how twisted Ash was after he learned magic and more would help further that and Demonga though smart was not a mind reading Wizard or Glob… and since he was busy getting his mutated family from the Candy Kingdom, no way for him to know at the time what Ash was doing.

Phoebe was a bit surprised when she heard that.

"I-I see…" She said even though she knew about Demonga getting his relatives before frowning.

"However, if I see that bastard that defiled my fiance, I'll personally make sure I burn off the very important part that makes him a man… somewhat before I let the others have their turn."

"Hmm… pretty evil of you to do that… I'm so proud… hehe, still pretty sure I overheard that Ranmyaju guy made Ash immortal but powerless so pretty sure if you ask where he is from Demonga or that Ranmyaju guy, you could do that, maybe have that book keeper make Ash female and give them a taste of their own medicine?" FFK said while smirking darkly… though seems he messed up Ranmyaku's name by one letter… guess he didn't hear his name much.

Phoebe sweatdrops for the name part.

"Ranmyaku, dad. But that would be an interesting idea. May have to talk with the others about that first."

"Great, I may do that for you since I doubt you can do much right now in your current state and you could consider that a marriage gift of sorts since I can't go to the Fire Kingdom anytime soon, food for thought." FFK said while he smirks evilly at his daughter…. Guess even if he had to make himself evil for appearance sake, seems he enjoyed some dark stuff every now and then.

Phoebe would've sweatdropped again but did lightly chuckled a bit.

"Thanks dad. So are you gonna tell me more about you and mom?"

"Sure, where did we leave off again?, pretty sure it was after your mother and I first met and fought and explained how she died… should I skip a bit to how I earned your mother's hand or how we started to get along?" FFK said while he seemed to have a few stories in mind.

"I would say… the second one." Phoebe said.

"Alright… shortly after the fight between your mother and I, we were recovering from our wounds and well… thanks to her attacks my head swelled up a bit as a result… hehe, you think this is all natural?" FFK said to try and make a joke about his large size before he gets to the story.

Phoebe was surprised after hearing that.

"Wait… so mom is the reason your head is like that?"

"Hehe, nah, was just trying to make a joke but if you could see me back then, you would laugh since my head was bigger than normal." FFK said with an amused tone to his voice.

Phoebe blinked a bit before she started to laugh a bit.

FFK chuckles a little when he found it funny as well before he calmed down and waits for Phoebe to calm down as well.

Phoebe calms down a bit before she waits for the former FK to start the story.

"Alright, this story like I said continues shortly after my spar with your mother…" FFK said while the scene flashbacked to years ago with FFK or Flame Prince at the time was using a firepack to help reduce the swelling of his head while he laid on a bed thanks to how many times he was hit on the head.

Years ago/ Flame Kingdom/ Flaria's home/ Flame Prince, Flaria, Frederic, Frederic's wife, Past Flame King, Past Flame Queen

The scene now showed the past Flame Prince holding his firepack to his head while he rests on a bed set out for him, after the fight with Flaria and he came too, he felt a bit woozy and what not which showed he may have a concussion right now so he had no choice but stay awake for now.

"Oh man… Flaria can really pack a punch."

"You could say that again boy." A voice said before the door to the room opened to show Frederic… Flaria's father and he had a serious look on his face while Frederic's wife followed him into the room.

Flame Prince was a bit surprised when he saw the duo.

"W-What's going on? Where are my parents?... Is your daughter alright?"

Frederic's wife giggles at the surprised look while she nudged Frederic on the elbow which caused him to clear his throat.

"Your parents are checking on our daughter right now since like you she has a concussion and talking with her about plans for your date with her once you two are recovered, gotta say you give a mean punch though I bet you didn't expect Flaria to pretty much tie with you I bet?" Frederic said while he grins at Flame Prince.

The Flame Prince blushes after hearing that.

"To be honest… yes. Your daughter is very strong. Hopefully my head doesn't grow big after that hit."

"I don't know, your head like body does look a bit bigger than normal." Frederic said with a grin on his face when he looks at Flame prince on the bed.

Flame Prince blinked a few times before he tries to sit up and look for a mirror.

He saw one nearby and his body, mainly his head like body, did look a bit bigger and… squishier… seems the swelling made him look… cuddly?

"You've gotta be kidding me." Flame Prince said as he felt his head.

He cringed a bit since the touch made his face ache while Frederic and his wife chuckle at the Flame prince.

"Well think of it like this, your body knows how tough our daughter is and we heard when we passed by her room that she would give you one chance for a date so try and make it count, she turned down your brother so should show she's not shallow about getting with a Royal." Frederic said while he nudged the Flame prince a few times on the shoulder to not harm the prince.

The Flame Prince blushes after hearing that.

"Right… Got to make sure this date goes well."

"Yup, but before that happens you may want to go talk with Flaria, should get to know her likes and dislikes before you plan a date so you know what she likes to do… she's not as girly as most ladies so cute dates may not last long for her… bit of a tip." Frederic said before he looks at his wife.

"So Surt, you like this guy and if he is good enough for our little girl?" Frederic said when he looked at his wife who was now identified as Surt, a name whose meaning was lost to most, but in the pre mushroom wars, Surt was a fire giant in norse Myths, he lead his kin during Ragnarok but since that meaning was lost, the name was just either picked by coincidence or it was thought to be a strong elemental name.

Flame Prince was a bit surprised when he heard that name.

Surt was thoughtful for a moment.

"Well… He does have a good head on his shoulders. Can handle himself in a fight well. If he promises to treat our little fighter well… I say he's okay."

"Great, I'll let the Flame Prince's family know so he and Flaria can talk in private soon." Frederic said before he starts to walk out of the room.

Flame Prince blinked after hearing that before being quiet as he looks at Surt.

All Surt did was smile at Flame prince before she starts walking away though she did say this.

"Oh… and in case things do get serious… we women of this household do love it when a man takes charge in the bedroom… food for thought if you and Flaria get serious hehe." Surt said before she exits the room before Flame prince could say anything.

Flame Prince blinked in surprise after hearing that.

'Did she just…' He thought before he actually imagines himself being the one in charge.

That caused a blush to form on his face when he pretty much forced a willing Flaria onto a bed before he did things to Flaria that would make it hard for her to walk for a good long while.

That made Flame Prince blush brightly before he shook his head of the thought.

"No, I can't think of something like this right now." He said.

Though shaking his head made him a bit dizzy and a throbbing feeling was felt and he had to place his firepack on his head again to help the throbbing dull back to nothing.

When he got the throbbing under control, he managed to get to his feet and walked to the door so he could try and locate Flaria.

"Okay. Gotta see which room Flaria is in. Shouldn't be too hard to find." Flame Prince said as he starts looking for her room.

Though… he underestimated how big the home was and while it wasn't massive compared to the Fire Kingdom Castle, it was still big… and then there was a few hidden doorways he stumbled upon and wound up walking into a room filled with treasure which caused him some frustration since he got lost only 10 minutes into looking for Flaria.

"Oh come on! How big can this place be?!" Flame Prince said.

"Big enough to get a big guy like you lost." Flaria's voice said from right behind Flame Prince.

Flame Prince jolt.

"Oh geez." He said before turning around to look at Flaria.

Though while her own head was a bit swollen, mainly her cheeks, she looked amused when she looked at the flame prince.

"You know, pretty sure many would misunderstand why you are here when you shouldn't have entered hidden hallways, many have not been seen again unless one uses Heat sense." Flaria said while she smirks at Flame Prince.

Flame Prince blinked a few times after hearing.

"Sorry. But I was only trying to find your room so we can… discuss some things." He said as he lightly blushed when he remembered what Flaria's parents said.

Flaria just chuckles before she turned away from Flame Prince.

"Come on, we can talk about… some things… in a room that actually has chairs and what not." Flaria said while she walked away and it could be Flame Prince's imagination… but was Flaria swaying her ass on purpose?

Flame Prince was blushing when he saw that before he shook his head and tries to catch up to her.

Present/ Candy Kingdom Library/ Phoebe, FFK (Former Flame King)

"So as you can see I was a bit… impatient and got lost a few times at her place… though I think that just amused Flaria more, I'll skip a bit since we had a few dates before doing anything serious though I doubt you want to hear how wild your parents were in the sheets I bet hehe." FFK said while he chuckles at Phoebe.

Phoebe was blushing brightly after hearing that.

"Yeah… I don't think I want to hear that. But at least you and mom we're getting along."

"Yeah well we had our ups and downs but more or less we were pretty much into one another… really wish she was here but well… you know what happened more or less…" FFK said while he looked depressed at the end.

Phoebe did look sad.

"I believe I do… Guessing uncle Fernus didn't like the fact that mom chose you over him."

"That's the understatement of the century, Fernus normally turned away women so when Flaria turned him away, he started to try and romance her but she kept rejecting him again and again… in fact… hehe, she got so fed up with it she kicked him so hard where the sun doesn't shine that I heard something actually crack down below… not sure if that caused things to snowball out of control but lets just say for awhile, your uncle was high pitched for days when his fellahs retreated into his body for safety." FFK said before chuckling at the memory.

Phoebe was shocked when she heard that before she started to laugh at her uncle's misfortune.

FFK joins her in the laughter and it took a minute for the duo to calm down.

"H-Hehe… he… phew… anyway unless you want to hear about anything else, I'll skip to the day I asked your mother to marry me… it was… eventful to say the least." FFK said while he managed to keep himself calm.

Phoebe was able to calm down.

"So what happened?"

"Well… not much of a long story per say and I can go in detail later but… well… lets just say that I had a fancy meal planned and other things… but let's just say that thanks to an improperly cooked Lava cake… well… your mother's wedding ring flew and hit her right in the forehead and the box knocked one of my teeth out… still was a memory to laugh about and while we were getting healed, Flaria accepted my… *dangerous* proposal since that was a memory no one in that restaurant would forget." FFK said while he chuckles and sweatdrops at the shortened memory.

Phoebe blinks a few times after hearing that.

"Wow… that must've hurt badly."

"No kidding… word of warning, make TRIPLE sure that if you order a lava cake… make sure you either have it properly cooked or have a blast shield in front of your face… probably the best life advice I can give right now." FFK said while he rubbed his chin a bit.

Phoebe sweatdrops a bit.

"I'll make sure to remember that."

"Yeah… anyway after your mother led me out of that treasure room that was hidden, we talked about how the date may go and while I had to surprise her, I did get to know her like and dislikes… though… not sure if you want to hear this but want to hear details about what happened after your mother died and how I fought my brother?, not sure what else to talk about per say, but considering you have Furnius and Torcho living with you, it may make sense for you to hear about this so in case Furnius and Torcho ask about their father since I heard that Demonga looked into them and they were looking into their fathers past and they may ask you questions." FFK said while he gave his daughter a patient look.

Phoebe hadn't considered the fact that her two cousins would ask her about their father. And even though she didn't want to feel the pain of hearing the story… she surprisingly wanted to know.

"Tell me… everything."

FFK hums at that before he nods his head.

"Very well, I'll skip to after your mother died and when I found out about her poisoning… that alright with you?" FFK asked while he gave Phoebe a thoughtful look on what she would decide.

Phoebe did sigh a bit.

"It would be for the best."

"Alright… at the time shortly after you were born… I was a nervous wreck since your mother's passing..." FFK said before the scene flashed back to FFK or Flame Prince at the time while he had his daughter in his arms after she was cleaned and checked out by the doctors and he was told about her unstable matrix.

Flashback/ Fire Kingdom hospital/ Flame prince (AKA past FFK), Phoebe (Newborn at time)

FFK had a blank look on his face while he carefully held his daughter in his oversized hands, he wanted to cry… scream… break something… since Flaria just died an hour ago while he was waiting for the doctor to come and let him know if it was safe to take Phoebe out of the hospital or not given her condition and she may need to be left here for a bit so that she could get examined.

Though when the doctor came by, he had a piece of paper in his hand while he looks at the Flame prince.

"Your highness?" The Doctor said to try and get Flame prince's attention while Flame prince was just looking at his giggling daughter who was unaware of what just happened.

"Yes Doctor?" Flame Prince said as he looks at the doctor.

"Well I came here to let you know that your daughter, even though her matrix is unstable, is healthy enough to leave the hospital, though to be safe I would like to have her stay overnight just in case we missed something… however… I… have some news that you may not like, I have a nurse here who will take your daughter for some extra examination just in case while I talk with you in private… it involves your wife's death…" The doctor said with a serious look on his face while a female flame elemental nurse was nearby so she could get Phoebe from Flame prince.

Flame Prince blinked when he heard that before he looked at his newborn daughter again.

All Phoebe did was just giggle cutely while her arms reach towards her father when she found his large head like body funny.

Flame Prince couldn't help but softly smile at his daughter before looking at the nurse and gently hands Phoebe to the Nurse.

The Nurse smiles at Flame Prince before she starts walking away from Phoebe who just giggles adorably at the Nurse without a care in the world.

When the doctor saw that Phoebe and the nurse were gone, the doctor looks at Flame prince.

"Alright… anyway its also good you are sitting because…" The Doctor said and while a person in a wheel chair came by… the doctors mouth was moving even over the sound of the wheel riding along the ground and Flame Prince's eyes slowly widen with every word before he stood up and glared at the doctor while the person in the wheel chair left and Flame prince's body flared a bit.

"This better be a sick joke doctor!" Flame Prince said while the Doctor sighs.

"No… it's not… There were trace bits of some kind of toxin in Flaria's body when we did one last examination before we send her back to her family for a proper burial since her body was lasting even after death…. If you doubt me, here, take a look at these note, and the toxin was a rare one that slowly ate away at a flame person's matrix, relatively painless but unless it's treated soon enough, then it will be fatal… and not every person can get this one since it not only requires a large sum of money to make, it also requires other rare ingredients… unless you or Flaria made an enemy out of someone powerful, I doubt this would come out of nowhere, we have a few specimens here of the toxin so we can make an antidote so unless someone stole a sample, I would say a high ranking royal or someone of high status would be able to do this." The Doctor said while he passed Flame prince the paper with the details of the toxin and even had a few pictures as well to make it simple for the flame prince to understand.

Flame Prince grabs the paper and looks it over as he hoped that the doctor was wrong.

However thanks to the pictures and the dumbed down words, Flame prince's eyes widen when he recognized this plant before… not by name but by sight… it was a moment but he saw a plant like this is Fernus's room back in the castle… and an enemy of his and Flaria… no… Flaria… that would make a lot of sense… if not horrifying… his brother wouldn't do this… right?

That caused Flame prince to look at the doctor and passed the paper back to him.

"Thank you… please look after Phoebe, I have something I need to check, please make sure Flaria's remains are sent back to her family without issue, money is no trouble for her." Flame prince said before he turned away from the doctor and walked away while he had a slowly forming angered look on his face which was not noticed by the doctor.

The doctor was silent as he sees Flame Prince leave.

'That poor man. I have a feeling he knows who's responsible.' The Doctor thought.

A bit later after a trip to Fernus's room when he was out of it, Flame Prince walked towards the doors of the throne room and a few guards tried to stop him.

"Milord, your brother is in a meeting a-!" The guard said before he was gripped on the head by Flame prince and lifted into the air and he gave the guards a cold response.

"I don't care what he is doing right now… either get out of my way or I'll make you." Flame prince said before he threw the guard out of his way and into the nearby wall, making it crack from the force alone while Flame prince glared at the other guard with a look that dared him to say anything right now and just move out of the way.

The guard pales at the look before stepping away.

"G-Go right in sir."

Flame prince was silent before he stepped towards the door and a moment later, he used both hands to open them and the meeting that was going on was interrupted which caused everyone to look to see Flame prince entering the room with a hard to read look and his brother, Fernus, a flame person who at the time looked like a slightly bulkier version of Fernius thanks to his age, saw his brother walk in and tried to be mannered yet stern with his brother since he was interrupting the meeting out of nowhere after all.

"Hello brother. I would love to talk to you but as you can see, I'm in a middle of a meeting." Fernus said.

Though considering many things, Flame Prince just gave the people in the meeting a cold look.

"They can wait… either have them leave or have them sit here and keep quiet… I'm not in the mood to fight guards when I have a bone to pick with you brother…, though considering I'll need witnesses, better for them to stay here since this is a serious matter and I don't want to look like a criminal." Flame prince said with a look that just dares Fernus or anyone in the meeting to say anything when Flame Prince's body looked like it was barely containing his building rage.

Fernus sighs before looking at everyone else.

"Alright everyone, let's call it early and continue tomorrow." He said as he ushered everyone else to leave.

Once everyone left, a few guards came in since they normally stood near the doors and in no time flat, 8 guards were around the room at the walls while Flame Prince looks at his brother.

"Good… we can get to the heart of the matter…" Flame Prince said while he brought out a small bag from behind his waist.

"And what is it that is so important that I have to stop this meeting for brother?" Fernus said with crossed arms.

"Simple… I heard from the doctor that my wife, Fernia, was poisoned… and not with a simple one… it was a toxin that slowly ate away at her matrix and it was one that was not easy to come by… I went into your room earlier so I would have proof of this and found a petal of one of the components that made up that toxin… one thing you may have forgotten brother is that while its widely known that it can be toxic, normally this flower is resistant to heat which means that I can show this and not have my evidence burned." Flame Prince said while he pulled out a single flower petal from the pouch and the guards saw it while Flame Prince had a cold look in his eyes.

Though what he didn't expect was Fernus chuckling a bit while the guards around the room looked confused.

"Maybe brother, but wouldn't someone try and plant that in my room to frame me?, just because a petal is there doesn't mean it was in my room in the first place." Fernus said while Flame Prince narrowed his eyes.

"True, but I saw first hand when you were entering your room having a complete plant… mind explaining where that went if not used for a poison?, like I said not easy to get rid of with flame so unless you threw it away when it died, mind showing a trash can or the spot where you threw the flower away?" Flame prince said while he frowned at his brother.

Fernus though sighs before he looks at his guards.

"Guards, you may have to detain my brother, seems his grief over his wife's death has caused him to try and frame me thanks to his grief, put him in the dungeon for a few weeks for him to let his head cool, I'll make sure his daughter is well taken care of in his absence." Fernus said while a few guards, though hesitant about this since they were confused, did look like they would follow Fernus's orders while Flame Prince's eyes widen and he grits his teeth while he clinched his right hand.

"My brother… my own Brother… doing this… how much of his life was a lie… did he harm mom and dad to get the throne?... killing my wife… now… he wants to put his hands on my daughter!?..." Flame Prince thought while his body flickered for a moment with rising flames which made the guards nervous.

Fernus blinked before he looks at his guards.

"Don't just stand there, arrest him!"

While that happened, Furnius and Torcho, pretty young at the time but old enough to walk with a babysitter following them, was being led to the throne room with a few guards and some of Fernus's advisors before they heard a commotion from the throne room.

When they got there, they all saw Flame Prince rushing Fernus with raw fury on his face and when he was in front of Fernus, he gripped his brother by the throat and before anyone could stop him, Flame Prince's flames turned black for a second, but that was more than enough for him to throw a fist right through Fernus's chest and as he dies and faded away, his armor dropped away while Flame Prince returned to normal and pants for breath while looking at his hand.

The babysitter gasps as Fernius and Torcho had their eyes widened.

"DAD!" They screamed before they ran to their father's body or his leftover armor.

The advisors and people who were turned away from the meeting just now rushed back in and joined everyone else while Flame Prince was silent and while Ferninus and Torcho cried over their father's remains, one of the advisors, though fearful of Flame Prince now, managed to speak up.

"M-Milord… w-why did you…" The Advisor said and flinched when Flame Prince looked at him with a cold look on his face.

"Because he did something unforgivable to me… and it's Flame King now… if anyone objects… well… unless you want to end up like my former brother… I suggest you don't." Flame Prince or King said while he glared at everyone with a look that dared anyone to correct him.

Everyone else was silent as the babysitter went to Torcho and Fernius.

It was only a moment before the advisors and some of the people bow their heads to their new King.

"What are your orders… sire?" One of the advisors said.

That caused Flame King to smirk though that was just for appearances sake… part of him died that day and from then on he became the Flame King everyone knew and hate… the scene then went back to the present with the Former Flame King and Phoebe in the Library.

Present/ Candy Kingdom Library/ FFK (AKA Former Flame King), Phoebe (Current Flame Queen)

"... And there you have it… how I ended my brother's life and how we ended up here…" FFK said while he had a hard to read expression on his face.

Phoebe was shocked after hearing everything and was silent for a moment.

"Wow… So that really... explains a lot of things."

"Yeah… still it doesn't excuse the fact that I was still a horrible father, pretty sure Ferina would kick my ass hard in the afterlife if she could see me now." FFK said while he placed his head like body in his hands and sighs when he looks at the ground.

Phoebe sees that before getting up and went over before hugging her father.

FFK was silent for a moment before he sat up and stands up.

"Still… no use bringing up the past anymore then it already has, we should get back to the party before everyone wonders where you are, besides I worked up an appetite and thirst talking about that story and don't want to be bummed out any further." FFK said before he looks at his daughter.

"So… shall we go?" FFK said before he held a hand out for Phoebe to take… just because he wasn't there for her when she was younger doesn't mean he couldn't try and make up for lost time and then some.

Phoebe did smile a bit before she took her father's hand.

However, there was one thing she needed to ask.

"Before we go father, what happened to Fernius and Torcho's mother?"

FFK was silent before he sighs.

"Honestly I'm not quite sure, she could be one of Fernus's lovers or could have been just a fling with a woman or two, Fernius and Torcho do look quite different after all so unless I'm missing something they may be half siblings at best or siblings from the same mother dropped off at the castle, there was a note after all explaining that their mother had no choice and well… your grandmother and grandfather always wanted grandkids so… Fernus adopted them, not sure if he actually loved them but he at least made sure they were well cared for and all that." FFK said while he took a moment to think back on when Fernius and Torcho were brought into the castle and the events in between which led up to them getting accepted as royals of the Flame Kingdom.

"Oh… I see." Phoebe said as she was thinking why the mother did that.

FFK looks at her and smiles.

"I wouldn't worry too much, nothing happened as far as I knew while I had a select few who knew the truth about why I killed Fernus try and locate Fernius and Torcho's mother… as far as I can tell they found nothing." FFK said while he hoped that helped ease Phoebe's thoughts.

"I see… well its good know." Phoebe said.

"Yeah, anyway we should get back to the party, you may have ate a bit but remember your eating for two and coal does burn fast for pregnant flame women so lets at least get you a snack or something… hope the food here is doing good for you." FFK said with a smile… it was like he went back to his former self before he became *evil*... guess he was so used to pretending to be evil that he must have felt relief to be normal again.

Phoebe did return the smile.

"It has." She said before she starts to lead FFK back to the party.

When they got there, they all saw Finn, Marceline, and Bubblegum nearby and were looking at them with surprised looks while Phoebe led FFK to them.

"Hey everyone, we miss anything?... current issues aside I think my dad and I may get along much better then ever now since I heard a lot… turns out in a nutshell dad wasn't really evil but was doing it because of people pretty much considering him that… long story I'll explain later but he won't cause trouble here unlike with that Demonga guy." Phoebe said with a smile on her face while Ranmyaku, who was at the party still, joined in with an amused look on his face.

"Wow, like Marceline and her dad though Phoebe is the more open one." Ranmyaku said with an amused look on his face while he drank some tea.

Finn, Marceline and Bubblegum were surprised when they saw the duo.

"No kidding." Marceline said.

"Yeah… so… you're really a good guy?, what was with all the evil stuff then?, saw you muttering evil daily to Phoebe from candles and fire sources." Finn said while FFK rubbed the back of his head with his free hand.

"Well… hard to fear a soon to be ruler if one doesn't strike fear into her enemies if they don't get her respect… not only that I worried that the advisors would try and take advantage of her… I mean considering the kingdom then, which is better?, a good ruler who would be too sweet to do anything or an evil one who would put their foot down if they didn't like something?" FFK said while Ranmyaku rubbed his chin.

"I see, try and make your daughter evil so she would be safe, better an evil feared daughter who would rule with an iron fist then one who would be an easy target." Ranmyaku said when he managed to simplify what was just said.

FFK sighs.

"Pretty much. But I went overboard on that when I was focusing on protecting my daughter so much."

"Yeah well… better too far then none at all, from what I heard Phoebe was pretty nieve when she was let out from her lamp, so what better then try and toughen her up… I mean considering what Bubblegum and Finn did, it shows that Phoebe still has room to grow and though she has grown, she is still learning things." Ranmyaku bluntly said which bummed out Finn and Bubblegum a bit when they couldn't argue with him there.

Finn felt bummed when he remembered the bad things he did to Phoebe before their breakup as Bubblegum felt bad for not helping Phoebe when she was a baby before remembering her spy network and what her plan did resulting the deaths of many flame people which made the Candy Monarch feel sad and guilty again.

Though FFK seemed to read their minds or something when he looks at Bubblegum and Finn.

"Try and not dwell on the past… hypocritical of me but trust me… blaming yourself when you already found ways to make up for it and actually regret your actions will only hinder you… besides since you regret it you're already better in my eyes then my own brother… I ended him with my own fist after all and for good reason… Phoebe can explain more since I don't want to tell that depressing story twice." FFK said while he looks outside and saw that the sun past the special blinders were starting to set, they were made so Finn and Marceline wouldn't have issues thanks to their slowly altering states thanks to their sanguine Vampirism and Marceline more and more herself each day while each day for Finn added another silver whiteish lock to his blond mane.

Finn, Marceline and Bubblegum were shocked when they heard that part but can see that FFK doesn't want to repeat the story.

"I-I see… well I intend to make up the mistakes I made… even if it won't be easy to get over." Bubblegum said.

"Right, well heard what you and my daughter will have to do and while I can't stop it… try and not cause an arena wide orgy or something… place is pretty sacred for battles after all… may cause the wrong message with the citizens and make them think its alright to get it on there or something." FFK said while giving Bubblegum a half lidded look.

Bubblegum blushes brightly while chuckling nervously.

"I'll make sure to remember that."

"Right… though try and not blame me if I come after you in case people start having orgies in the arena… can't blame me if I want to… get even with you myself if you know what I mean." FFK said while wiggling an eyebrow at Bubblegum while Phoebe gave him a half lidded look.

"Really dad?" Phoebe said with a raised eyebrow as Bubblegum blushes brightly as she couldn't believe what she heard.

"What?, can you blame me?, not everyday something like this happens and can't blame me for getting a bit of payback myself if she helps cause others to think doing stuff like that in the arena is a good thing, besides I heard from a few contacts in the Fire Kingdom that you and you and your friends here are not exactly subtle." FFK said while he smirks at his daughter.

Phoebe and Bubblegum blushes brightly as Marceline facepalms when she knew that FFK was right.

Finn was blushing brightly as well while a hooded figure entered the room through the front door and thanks to how the hood was, their face and the rest of their body was hidden from view while the sun starts to set behind the mountains around the Candy Kingdom.

A few like Demonga, Ranmyaku, FFK, and even the Ice king looked a bit… on guard when they saw the figure while it slowly approached Bubblegum and the others.

Bubblegum was able to get over the feeling of being embarrassed before noticing the hooded figure.

"Uh excuse me. Who are you?" She said.

"Hehe… sorry but I just had to get out of the sunlight... not good for my skin after all… and I did want to see up close and personal on the traitor and her weak excuse for a king." The cloaked figure said before red glowing eyes were seen under the hood and a rumbling was felt which knocked most onto their asses and FFK had to support his daughter while Burst moved to get near him while Demonga held Me-Mow carefully when he didn't like what this feeling was… and the rumbling… that wasn't the figure so…

That cause Ranmyaku's eyes to widen before he summoned his book while the rumbling got stronger.

"EVERYONE LOOK OUT!" Ranmyaku yelled while he opened his book right before a flash of light was seen bursting from the ceiling and in no time flat, everyone passed out from the shock of the sudden attack as the sun went down.

A minute later… everyone starts to come too with groans and moans while Bubblegum had to hold her head, she wasn't in pain parsay but as her vision clears… her face starts to twist with horror when she saw that her castle which many were standing in was completely totaled and she was in some kind of barrier… Many in the castle were in fact while the hooded figure seemingly not harmed by the attack looked over to Ranmyaku who didn't have time to bring up a barrier for himself had a greatly damaged body while most of his clothing was missing from his shirt to his pant legs.

"Hooo… not bad in bringing up some kind of defense for that high level attack spell, and not bad withstanding that kind of hit with your body alone." The Hooded figure said while many other barriers fell to show that Finn and the other people in the castle were protected and Ranmyaku fell to one knee while he pants for breath much to many's shock.

FFK had hugged Phoebe and Burst to his body and tried to act like a shield but the barrier protected him while the same could be said for Demonga who stood in front of Me-Mow, he had slightly narrowed eyes when he didn't like this situation at all.

As Bubblegum couldn't believe her home was wrecked, Marceline, who groans, glares at the hooded figure.

"Who the fuck are you?!"

"Simple traitor… were here for revenge and to see if this former human is worthy of our lord's power." The hooded figure said with a shockingly fanged grin being seen while two more cloaked figures appeared.

The one who talked was a bit shorter then the two but not by much while one of them was huge in height and frame, the middle was more or less the most normal looking before they removed their cloaks to show a shocking sight… all three of them were Vampires… and from the feeling of their power… they were about as strong as the Court of the Vampire King… maybe more.

One was a hulking behemoth of a humanoid who had a wide fanged grin on his face, his red eyes showed raw bloodlust in them while he cracked his knuckles.

The one who spoke was a simple looking humanoid who was dressed like an assassin but it wasn't the Guild of assassin attire from what Me-Mow could tell so aside from their eyes being the same red glowing color, no one could tell much.

The final one was more or less the odd ball… he was shockingly human looking but had a blank expression on his face, he wore a simple vest and shorts while much of his body was on display to show that he had some seriously toned muscles… and from the subtle power felt… it was like he was the strongest here.

Everyone else was shocked when they saw the figures as Finn mentally calls Morlock.

'Uhhh Morlock?... Do you recognize them?'

"Yeah, two at least, the big one is called Gillium, he's the powerhouse of a small clan of vampires, he would have been in my court if it wasn't for his habit of disobeying orders so I had him regulated with a keeper, someone strong enough to keep him in line, the other from the voice if I recall is an assassin of the Night, a clan of Vampires who work directly with the current Vampire Ruler… I'm not sure about the third but the power alone I can sense is nothing to scoff at so maybe he is a new vampire that was made after I died and was absorbed into Marceline, be careful Finn, fighting them now would be a bad idea at your current level but you may have no choice, just try and not take to many risks… think of these three at a level who could fight the lich single handed literally… and one on one… nothing to scoff at from the power I sense." Morlock said in Finn's mind when he explained a few things quickly.

Finn, though shocked, let whatever Morlock said sink as he cautiously glare at the trio.

Though before anyone could do anything, Ranmyaku opened his book and some kind of dark mist similar to what he used on Ash appeared and he reached in with his free hand and pulled out a potion before he drank it, his wounds healed up in no time flat and he placed the bottle back into the void and closed his book while the assassin looking one whistles.

"*Whistles* wow, got plenty of tricks I see, you going to fight us or something?" The Assassin garbed Vampire said while Ranmyaku chuckles while he snapped his fingers and he was in a new librarian outfit.

"Nah… not 3 on 1… more like…" Ranmyaku said while Demonga and FFK moved to get near him.

"3 on 3... considering you pretty much dropped a magical nuke on us, we might as well get payback right?" Ranmyaku said while the assassin garbed Vampire raised a hand while the stoic looking one got into a charging stance.

"Sure… but… might as well change players since none of you are our targets." The assassin said before he snapped his fingers and before many could even blink and even Demonga was shocked when he had to put his guard up and he was launched clear across and out of everyone's sight when the stoic figure pretty much kicked Demonga out of the area while FFK and Ranmyaku looked at the vampires with a stunned look on their faces when they saw what happened and Ranmyaku had to block a hit which skids him across the ground from the stoic one who charged him while Gillium moved with shocking speeds next to FFK.

"Hehe… looks like its just you and me former Flame King." Gillium said with a fanged grin on his face and FFK threw a punch at the large Vampire while Gillum did the same which caused a small shockwave of sorts that prevented many from getting close while the the assassin smirks when he turned to Finn and Marceline and the others when FFK and Ranmyaku were busy with the stoic vampire and Gillum.

Finn and Marceline glares at the assassin.

"I don't know who you are or don't care but one thing is certain… attacking my friends and loved ones was a bad move." Finn said as his eyes glow red.

The assassin chuckles before he points a finger at Marceline.

"Blame this traitorous bitch here, she went around killing our kind so this is payback, can't hold a grudge without a reason right?" The Assassin said before he took a step forward but before he could get close… he was hit with a blast of ice magic and was frozen in a block of ice while Ice King walked in front of the group.

"Maybe… but it doesn't mean I'll let you harm Marceline as long as I live." Ice King said in an oddly controlled tone that Marceline recognized instantly while many were confused by the Ice King's change of demeanor all of a sudden while the Assassin broke free of the ice and he looked ticked when he looked at the Ice King.

"S-Simon?!" Marceline said with a surprised look.

The Ice King, or Simon from what others heard, looks at Marceline with a smile on his face.

"For now its Simon at least, we can talk later, for now you should guard Finn, Bubblegum, and the others around you Marceline, doubt many here could fight at your level and someone needs to guard them… just in case though…" Simon said before he held his hand towards Marceline and a beam of energy shot at the ground in front of her and a dome of ice was made over everyone who had gathered around Finn and Marceline earlier, though Canyon and Huntress tried to get out of the dome, they didn't make it when Simon smiles a bit more when he made the dome widen to prevent that and in no time flat, everyone was sealed inside of a dense but oddly see through dome of ice that not even Marceline could crack much with her punches when she realized what Simon was doing for her and Finn... protecting them even if it takes Simon's life.

"Simon no!" Marceline said as she tries to break the barrier.

Though Simon just smiles before he looks back at the assassin.

"Sorry but I doubt even with your strength, you'll be able to get that ice broken… only way to do that is if you can kill me." Simon said while the Vampire assassin smirks while he moved with shocking speed and his hand pierced Simon's gut which shocked many… but before everyone could be sad… Simon's body broke apart like Ice and many other Ice King's appear while a few speak up.

"Sorry but unlike my Ice King side, I'm not an idiot like him, I'm using my brains here and lets just say during one of my better days, I studied a bit of fridjitzu that the Ice King had in his secret room, you're not the only sneaky one here." Simon said while many doubles made some hand signs and many sharp ninja weapons were summoned as a result.

"Whoa." Finn said with a surprised look as Marceline and the rest had the same reaction.

The Ice King doubles just smiles while the assassin makes a tsk sound and cracks his neck.

"Just delaying the inevitable old man, sooner or later you'll run out of gas and I'll find you, after that you can imagine the fun I'll have with torturing you and right in front of the vessel for the Vampire King's power and his traitorous bitch and other bitches." The Assassin said while many Simon's frown.

"Even if she did earn your anger for what she did in the past, don't think I'll let you harm her physically or mentally… Marceline is like a daughter to me so what kind of father figure would I be if I couldn't protect her!" the Simon's said before many of them charges at the assassin while many flew up into the air and threw their ice weapons at the assassin.

Everyone blinked when they saw Simon and his doubles fly as they go in to attack the assassin with an intent to protect Marceline and the others.

The Assassin frowned when he saw all that and sighs.

"Good grief… seems like you don't get it old man… well…" The Assassin said while many clones and flying weapons were destroyed when the assassin moved with speeds even surpassing Marceline for a moment and he moved back to his spot while Simon was holding a bleeding arm and looks shocked that he was found so fast and all his doubles were destroyed.

"SIMON!" Finn yelled with worry on his face while the assassin looks at Simon.

"Don't think just because we are immortal that we have the same battle experience, from what I can hear you barely managed to get your sanity back it seems and trained a little which is impressive… but I've trained for centuries and all to make that traitorous bitch pay for what she did to Milord." The Assassin said while Simon looked at his bleeding arm while Marceline had a worried look on her face when she tried to break the ice dome again even when her knuckles started to bleed and heal slowly.

"Damn it! Why won't this break?!" Marceline said as she needed to save someone who was like a father to her.

Bubblegum however instantly knew the answer to that, two of them actually.

"Actually I think it's because you are weaker than normal without the Vampire King's power backing you, even if you still have the court, you don't have the same energy as before... remember his power is in Finn now and unlike the Ice King, Simon has clear intent in his actions so I doubt the Ice he wields is as weak as the Ice Kings, Finn would probably have a better shot of breaking this Ice since unlike us, we barely go to Finn's training sessions with Ranmyaku and let's face it… we would probably get in the way right now, I'm only good for my brains since against Vampires I might as well be a weakling, and when was the last time you seriously trained?" Bubblegum said with a worried look on her face while Simon used some ice to seal his wound on his arm.

Marceline hated to admit it but Bubblegum was right since Finn was the only one in the group that was strong enough.

That caused Finn to get a serious look on his face when he approached the ice dome and cracked his knuckles and his eyes glow for a moment.

"Marceline… stand back, everyone… same as well, not sure if I can break it but if I do then watch out for ice shards." Finn said when he got in a punching stance and clinched his fist hard.

Marceline and the rest blinked before they got to a safe distance.

A moment later when Finn saw that, Finn growls and his body starts to spark with energy when he threw his fist forward and his fist smashed into the dome, it didn't break but most of the wall was smashed and Finn's fist though slightly damaged was healing at a rapid rate… but before Finn could throw another punch, the wall repaired itself much to Finn's shock.

"What the!?" Finn said when he saw that and Simon spoke to answer what just happened.

"Sorry Finn, but like I said, as long as I'm alive, that wall won't break, you could if you use a strong enough hit to make a small hole, but I'm sure even this guy wouldn't get through even with his speed." Simon said while the assassin made a tsk noise.

"Well in that case… might as well have a bit of fun with you before I kill you then… how good are you with electrical attacks?" The Assassin said while one hand starts to spark with a lot of energy and Finn growls before he threw punch after punch at the ice wall but Morlock could see that with Finn's current power, it wouldn't work since the ice reformed faster then Finn could hit the wall.

"Finn, save your strength, all you're doing is wasting energy right now, if you could use my full power this would be a different story but…" Morlock said in Finn's mind while Finn's anger rises.

"Shut up!" Finn growled out which caused many to wonder if Finn was talking with the assassin, but Marceline, Bubblegum, and Phoebe knew that he was talking with Morlock while Finn keeps on trying to break the ice and had to stop to pant for breath while his injured hands healed a moment later.

Marceline and the rest were worried for Finn as Simon glares at the assassin.

"No matter what you do, I will not let you hurt them."

That caused the assassin to laugh madly while he points a finger at Simon.

"Oh I know… but I would suggest you don't dodge this, after all this is a very shocking attack but…" The assassin said while he points a finger at the ice wall and a beam of electrical energy shot over Simon and through the ice wall like a drill or something had pierced through it before the ice reformed much to Simon's shock.

"I'll admit… this attack isn't damaging per say if you know healing spells but for a wall like that, I don't need to get through personally, just need to aim and shoot, I'm an assassin after all… though… if you don't move well…" The assassin said before he shot a lesser concentrated version at Simon who had no choice but to take the hit when he had no time to raise a ice wall in defense and screamed when he was hit hard with an electric attack that passed through his body, it didn't leave any damage per say but his body sparked greatly while Simon barely stood on his feet while gritting his teeth.

"SIMON!" Marceline screams as Phoebe and Bubblegum were shocked.

Finn was also shocked as well… metaphorically while Simon pants for breath while he looks at the vampire… he couldn't dodge or someone would get hurt with that piercing skill… he couldn't fight for long, he was no fighter even if he did practice some skills… only thing he could do caused Simon to chuckle oddly enough even through the pain he felt which confused many.

"Huh?... did I fry your brain already?" The assassin said with a confused look in his eyes while Simon looks at Marceline with a gentle smile of all things.

"Hey Marceline… three things… one… I am so sorry that I wasn't there for you in your life and you had to pretty much babysit my insane self… I never meant to harm you or Betty but… seems like I always seem to cause misery for others." Simon said when he looks at the ground away from everyone and memories of his time with Marceline flashed before his eyes while a bad feeling starts to form in the pit of Marceline's stomach for some reason… like Simon was about to go away again for a long time or something.

"Simon no! Don't do it!" Marceline said.

"Second… well… even though I did cause a lot of issues… I'm glad to see you have a new family with you… Finn… Phoebe… Bubblegum… and many others… seems like your years of loneliness payed off huh?... well… might as well make up for my mistakes right here right now." Simon said while his crown jewels glow and a moment later, frost starts to form around him and his right hand glows with surprising power while the Assassin's blinks and breathed out when he felt a chill already.

"What the?... Oi old man what in the nightosphere are you planning?" The Assassin said while Simon chuckles and ignored him.

"Third… and you may remember this line… but someone will come here to take care of you…" Simon said while the assassin looked irritated.

"Like anyone would come help her now when she's about to die after I kill you… now… time to die painfully old man!" The Assassin said before he points a hand at Simon and shot a strong bolt of energy at Simon and he screamed in pain but didn't drop his soon to be attack… in fact he stands his ground and his attack charged more while Simon powered through the pain much to everyone's shock and horror when Simon starts to bleed from his body here and there.

"SIMON!" Finn yelled while he tried to break the ice wall again but even with his anger and worry filling him, he barely made headway.

Marceline was getting teary eyed as Phoebe and Bubblegum gasps at the pain that Simon is going through.

Though to the assassin's shock when he raised the energy, Simon just wouldn't go down while Simon's energy rose and the air starts to actually form ice shards around him.

"Why won't you go down!?" The Assassin said while Simon grits his teeth and glared at the Assassin whose eyes widened from the look in Simon's own eyes.

"Unlike you… I got something to protect… even if this attack costs me everything… it will be worth it to keep my daughter alive!" Simon growled out while the assassin for the first time in his life felt his instincts warn him about an actual threat.

"D-DON'T SCREW WITH ME!, YOUR JUST AN OLD RELIC AND NEED TO BE PUT DOWN!" The Assassin yelled while he amped his energy to the max and Simon screamed while many thoughts when through his head from Marceline being a little girl, him starting to go insane, him going mad… everything which made him glare at the assassin while he gripped his right wrist with his left hand.

"Yeah… I'm older then most… would have died long ago if not for this cursed crown… so… before I die… let me show you… MY EVERYTHING!" Simon said before he roared that last bit and thrusts his right hand forward and shot a blast of ice magic so strong that it caused many to have stunned looks when it froze the nearby area from the beam just being near it while the the Assassin had wide eyes and tried to move… but he was shocked when his boots were frozen to the ground and Simon smirks when his plan worked… freezing the ground with a power boost would give him only a second and he used it when the beam hit the assassin and traveled upwards to avoid hitting the surrounding intact buildings… and when the beam fades… the assassin was entombed in a large arc of ice so massive that it made the pillar the pillar the ice king made pale in comparison look like an absolute joke while the dome of ice starts to vanish and Simon was on his feet for a moment.

But everyone got horrified eyes when they all watched Simon fall forward and hit the ground while the crown of Ice fell to the ground from his head.

"Simon!" Marceline screams as she flew over to Simon.

When she did, she turned him over and Simon weakly looks at her.

"H-Hehe… r-really… shouldn't be doing this stuff… at my age… could be the death of me…" Simon said while his vision was blurry and a familiar darkness was starting to take over again.

Tears start to leak from Marceline's eyes.

"Please don't go Simon. I can't lose you again."

Though while that was going on, the ice arc starts to rumble while many gathered around Marceline and the downed Simon with worried looks, mainly at the shaking ice before parts of it start to break while Simon weakly chuckles.

"Don't worry Marceline… I'm… just taking a good long… rest… c-crown wouldn't let me d-die… besides… I'm just the opening act here…" Simon said while the Assassin broke free from the ice and with an enrage look on his highly injured face which was covered with frostbite from head to toe, roars with anger when he charged Simon with intent to kill and had a clawed hand outstretched… though time seemed to slow while Simon speaks up as his eyes close while the camera went to a POV in the sky that rapidly fell towards the assassin.

"He maybe a goof… but he's still your real father…" Simon said while Hunson the ruler of the Nightosphere lands hard on the ground behind the assassin while shadows covered his eyes and was slightly knelt over from the impact.

"So I'm sure… seeing his daughters crying face… would cause even him to get serious right?" Simon said while the assassin looked back with an enraged look when he didn't recognize who was behind him while Hunson used a single punch to the assassin's gut and sent him flying right into the ground nearby while Hunson did indeed look angered… royally so with a cold look in his eyes being seen as he glared at the assassin.

"Nobody hurts my daughter." Hunson as he was really angry as Marceline, Finn, Bubblegum, Phoebe, Canyon, Huntress, and Me-Mow and many citizens were shocked.

"W-What the?!... How did he get here? I didn't see a portal." Bubblegum said with a surprised and confused look.

"H-Hehe… b-blame me… for that… made one… to invite him… to the party… but I came here ahead of him since I had a bad feeling in my gut… about something… seems I was right… hey Hunson… you know the deal… don't harm anyone here… and you can have whoever gave me that bad feeling… well… you have… three… to…" Simon said before his head fell to the side all of a sudden while the assassin pulled himself from the ground from that powerful hit and his anger blinded him as to who he was growling at while Hunson was quiet when he saw Marceline look at Simon and she starts to tear up and looks horrified when she looks at Simon's unresponsive body.

Marceline starts to cry as she held Simon's body.

"No… No!... Simon!... answer me please!... no… d-damnit!... damnit! And I was this close to finally curing you." She said as more tears begin to leak out.

That caused Hunson to be oddly quiet while others start to tear up before Hunson spoke up while he looks at the assassin.

"You know… I'm the lord of evil… a souless creature who could care less about mortals and their lives…" Hunson said while some people start to get angry while Marceline keeps on crying over Simon.

"But…" Hunson said while his body starts to emit a dark mist and his eyes glow a demonic red for a moment which caused a chill to go down everyone's spines, even got Ranmyaku and FFK's attention alongside the Vampire allies of the assassin's which caused them all to look over while Hunson cracked his knuckles.

"But… that man before he went insane cared for my little girl like she was his own flesh and blood… this… is a rare feeling for me to feel… but… this has really angered me… so I hope you don't mind… but lets see how long I can make you a punching bag before I have you beg me for death." Hunson coldly said while his body bursts with a dark power which showed that the ruler of the Nightosphere was truly angered right now.

The assassin scoffed.

"Bring it on. Once I'm done with you, that traitorous bitch is next."

Though before the assassin could reach, Hunson moved with shocking speed and slugged the assassin so hard in the face that his face was partly caved in and the assassin was slugged into a nearby mountain wall which caused part of it to collapse.

"Don't care what she did… call her a bitch again and I'll make sure your head goes into your chest next time." Hunson said while the assassin's body twitched when his regeneration worked to repair his face thought it was at a slow rate.

Finn was just shocked at what he was seeing, he knew Hunson was tough but it looked like he was just toying with the assassin who pulled himself together a moment later while Ranmyaku was confused as well on why Hunson was here… though when he looks at Simon, his eyes widen and he tried to get to him, but the stoic vampire got in his way and Ranmyaku grits his teeth.

"OUT OF MY WAY!" Ranmyaku yelled while he slammed his hand towards the ground and a dark mist from his book shot on the ground and towards the stoic vampire and he was trapped in a cocoon of darkness, Ranmyaku knew it wouldn't hold long but he didn't waste time when he moved from where he was to be next to Marceline and got Simon from her and placed Simon on the ground, before anyone could ask why, he placed his hand on Simon's chest and his hand glowed with a green energy.

"Don't you dare die on me you bastard." Ranmyaku said before he shot the energy into Simon and his body jolts, it was like Ranmyaku was trying to jumpstart Simon's body when he charged his hand with magic again to repeat the process.

Finn and the others were shocked as they saw what Ranmyaku was doing as Marceline was more shocked.

"What are you doing?!"

"Simple, not sure if any of you know this, but I'm trying to use a magical equivalent of a defibrillator, I can tell Simon's energy is fading, unless something is done and fast he won't last and could be lost forever and the Ice King has a permanent spot in Simon's body, if I send my energy into Simon while he's still in control it should give him enough of a boost to claw his way out of the Crown's grasp, oi Hunson, keep that Vampire away from us, I got the other one sealed for a short time, but I'm not sure how long exactly." Ranmyaku said while he starts to send energy into Simon's body again while Hunson made a hmph noise.

"Don't need to tell me twice, make sure my daughter doesn't cry anymore then she has Librarian." Hunson said while the Assassin looked angered at how things were going and saw Ranmyaku trying to revive the one who did this to him and Hunson got in the way of that gaze and cracked his knuckles when he just started walking towards the Assassin.

"Damn it! This was not supposed to happen this way. I came for vengeance and I will get it one way or the other." The assassin said as he charges to attack Hunson.

Though before he could get far, the cocoon holding the stoic vampire bursts and a moment later, the Assassin was slugged on the side of the face by the stoic vampire and he spoke with a dull tone to his voice.

"Enough Grimoire… you're not the combative type of the group." The Stoic Vampire said while the assassin now known as Grimoire sat up while rubbing his cheek and looked at the stoic vampire with an enraged look on his face.

"Damnit Vlad don't think that I-!" Grimoire said before was frozen when The now named Vlad gave a boost of power so intense and directed at Grimoire which froze him in mid sentence.

"Remember our mission… Hunson is not our target… Marceline and Finn are… the rest are not important… I'll deal with Hunson… you deal with Marceline." Vlad said while he gave Hunson an empty look.

Hunson had a ticked off look.

"Oh no you don't. If any of you plan to get to my Marceline, you have to go through me and that's not gonna happen."

Though Hunson got a shocked look on his face when Vlad moved with speeds far surpassing Grimoire and slugged Hunson hard in the gut that he was sent flying to a nearby mountain cliff face while Vlad had a empty tone to his voice.

"Don't care if you can't be killed, your daughter is our target and if I get killed and tortured by you till the end of time, so be it, I was born and raised to kill Marceline no matter the cost so threats like that won't work… now Grimoire… do you job while I buy you time." Vlad said before he starts walking towards where he sent Hunson flying while not even looking at Finn or the others like they were nothing to him he even walked so close to Finn that when Finn slugged him… all Vlad did was just look at him without even reacting to the hit.

"Such a weak being… Even if your affinity is strong with the king's power, staying here will only hinder you… word of advice if you do live… go and look for the Vampire King's island… you may learn something… now… don't bother me." Vlad said while he flicked Finn on the forehead and he was sent flying with a scream which caused Marceline, Phoebe, and Bubblegum to look worried for Finn and shocked as well when Finn was just one shotted out of the fight and Vlad looks over and leaned back to avoid a hit from Hunson when he tried to slug Vlad in the face which caused Vlad to headbutt Hunson and knocked him back from the crowd and Vlad walks towards Hunson without a hint of fear on his face like he was ready to die.

Hunson groans as he gets up.

"Well… looks to me like I'm finally facing someone that's more stronger than your weak teammate." He said before he rushes in to attack Vlad.

Vlad just dodged hit after hit while he talks with Hunson.

"Well Grimoire is the weakest of us in terms of power, only saving grace is his assassin skills, my job is to make sure guys like you don't get in the way, too bad I couldn't get rid of that Librarian when I sent that odd being flying just now, but it at least makes things more ore or less in our favor… after all, I'm keeping you busy while Grimoire deals with Marceline." Vlad said when he kicked Hunson away which caused him to chase after the deathless being while Grimoire though angered at being called weak, just growls when he slowly approached the group of people while his gaze was fixed on Marceline… though before he could get far, a large fireball was tossed at him to show that Burst was the one who threw it while a massive vine appeared from the ground and many water like tentacles shot from the air when they were condensed and pierced Grimoire to show that Huntress and Canyon joined in the fight.

"Even if we can't beat you…" Huntress said before Canyon continues.

"We can hold you here until Demonga gets back!" Canyon said while Burst lit her hands up with an intense fire.

"Yeah, just saying in advance if you can't beat us easily, Demonga will kick your ass so hard so fast you won't realize it until your missing said ass, not even Canyon, Huntress, and I can take Demonga in a sparring match and thankfully while everyone was busy, Me-Mow gave us a message and it was Demonga is closing in at high speed, all we need to do is hold you off for five minutes." Burst said with a smirk on her face while the water Canyon used was pulled out of Grimoire and hovered near Canyon.

Grimoire scoffs as his wounds heal and he breaks free of the vine holding him and glares at the three ladies.

"I don't have time for you lazy bitches. So let's get this over with so I can finally kill the traitor and this so called new 'Vampire King'." He said before he charges at the trio as Finn, after being tossed, was finally getting up.

Though as he got up, everyone was interrupted when FFK was flung over and he crashed near the three ladies with a groan while Gillium laughed when he lands on his feet near Grimoire with slight burns on his body while FFK slowly picked himself up.

"What's up Grimoire, can't handle this?, should have left the killing to me...would have ended this long ago though the Former Flame King is fun… still... want me to take care of these four for you?" Gillium said with a twisted grin on his face while many were surprised to see how beat up FFK looked, he was no slouch in a fight since he was the former Flame King but with his armor cracked and what not showed that compared to Gillium, FFK was barely hanging in there on his own.

"Father!" Phoebe said with wide eyes as Grimoire rolls his eyes.

"Do what you want. They don't concern me." He said before he starts going for Marceline.

Though to everyone's surprise, FFK made a wall of fire halting his progress while he looks at Burst, Canyon, and Huntress.

"You three take this speedy guy… I'll take on the big guy again… he caught me off guard last time since he uses that regeneration to power through hits, but I won't fall for it a second time… besides…" FFK said while he glanced back at his daughter who was near Marceline and looks at the three.

"If I don't keep that big guy out of the way, chances are he would kill Phoebe to get to Marceline… I won't let that happen!" FFK said while his body flared when he starts walking away from the group while glaring at Gillium who laughed a bit.

"Hooo… so you want another beating?... fine by me, Grimoire could use the training by taking these bitches down if he can." Gillium said while he walked away from the group which left Grimoire with Huntress, Canyon, and Burst again… though Phoebe did give her father a worried look… she saw him beaten before but never this badly since his armor was made to be of tough stuff even for fire kingdom standards.

Canyon, Huntress and Burst intervene Grimoire as they power up to attack as FFK glares at Gillium.

"Your friend should not underestimate these ladies as they are powerful together. Whoever sent you three was a damn fool to think they can get away with this."

"Really?... well Morlock's daughter doesn't seem to think so… she sent us after all and is the official Vampire Queen after she took the right of passage back home… not like this imposter here who just flaunts the title… and just to let you know… she's much stronger then I… if she came here none of you would be alive… nuff said." Gillium said while he grins at the looks on everyone's faces while Finn could see a surprised Morlock looking at Gillium from his point of view nearby, and only Finn saw that thanks to his connection to Morlock.

Though before many to get too shocked, they heard the sounds of a battle raging and had to look for a moment to see Huntress firing arrows at Grimoire while Canyon used many water spikes to try and pierce the Vampire Assassin while Burst used her experience fighting to try and slow Grimoire down when she used her fire to enhance her own punches while she tried to punch and kick the Vampire in between shots to trip him up, though thanks to Grimoire's speed, Burst could barely keep up even with her fire boosting her speed like an afterburner of sorts.

As the fight continued Finn still couldn't believe what he heard.

"Morlock… Please tell me I didn't hear right when that guy said that your daughter sent them." He mentally said.

"I'm afraid so, if it's her then I don't doubt it, she was always wanting to take my place, her brother doesn't have the… best intelligence and while stronger then her, he's normally too nice to do much about it, my daughters name is Saphira and her brother is Grigori, both are similar to me in looks though a Lioness doesn't have a mane and Grigori in terms of strength had the potential to be stronger than me strength wise, if anything Saphira would have sent these three if she were in charge." Morlock said while he actually looked worried.

Finn's eyes widened after hearing this.

"Oh snap!... Is there something I can do to stop this fight?"

"At your level you would have trouble with Grimoire, even if you took on Flaron, you couldn't take Grimore since these vampires are regenerators and have powers surpassing the flame elemental even with a black flame form, the level between Flaron and Grimore are like night and day." Morlock said which told Finn it would be a very bad idea on his end if he tried anything risky without some kind of plan.

"Well I have to think of something. I can't let anyone that I care and love get hurt, especially when some of them are working for Demonga." Finn mentally said.

Morlock sighs before he looks at Finn.

"Very well… but you won't be able to do much… tell me how much do you trust me Finn?" Morlock asked out of the blue for some reason.

Finn was a bit confused.

"Well you haven't done anything evil to me or steer me wrong… but why ask?"

"Simple, there are one of two options for you now, both are risky for different reasons… one is that I force your body to awaken for a short time but the cost is that even with regeneration, your body will slowly break down after a minute and I'll have to shut your powers down for a moment to adjust the flow back to normal, you won't be able to fight after and your body will be in agony, so much so that even with your high pain tolerance would scream in well… agony… option two… and this is a gamble… but you and I trade places mentally for a short time while I use my full power, I'm not sure if that will give me full control for good or cause serious ramifications, so the choice is yours Finn, either way you can't do much on your own, I can guarantee you can take out the Grimoire guy or I can before I have to try and put things back to normal, just don't say I didn't warn you either way." Morlock said while he had a serious look on his face.

Finn was shocked at the two options before he tried to weigh the pros and cons for each.

Whichever he chose, Grimoire will be defeated either way but down side, it will take a while for Finn to heal if he chose option A, and B… well either Finn would be like the Ice King and have to try and find a way to get his body back while Morlock ran damage control… or something worse could happen… either way he couldn't do much as is right now.

While Finn was having his mental talk with Morlock, Huntress, Canyon, and Burst keep on working to keep Grimoire busy while he kept getting more irritated when they just wouldn't die and managed to avoid his attacks by the skin of their teeth… unfortunately Finn had to make his choice now when one of Grimoire's more lethal bolts, the one that pierced the ice dome earlier, grazed Canyon on the leg, but since she was a water Nymph, that attack caused her to scream and fall to one knee while Grimore smirks and aimed another attack at Canyon while time seemed to slow and Morlock's voice entered Finn's head.

"So Finn… what will it be?, access to my power with a risk of pain and no power for a time after or allow me control but with unknown side effects?" Morlock said while Grimoire's index finger sparked while Burst and Huntress tried to rush Canyon to help her, Ranmyaku couldn't help since he was aiding Simon as best as he could, Marceline was still down from what just happened with Simon so even if she wanted to help, she wouldn't be able to go 100%... this was all Finn now while Canyon's eyes slowly widen in rising fear… a look that Finn didn't like on Canyon's face.

After thinking this through… Finn made his decision.

"I'll take… the first option."

"Very well… just remember that once Grimoire is taken down, you won't be able to fight for awhile." Morlock said while Finn felt his body heat up and after Grimoire launched the attack at Canyon… Finn moved all of a sudden with speeds far surpassing his usual movements and just flat out slapped away the attack while he stood in front of Canyon while shadow's covered Finn's eyes for a moment and he was oddly quiet while Grimoire looked shocked that Finn, the supposed unawakened Vampire king just redirected his strongest piercing attack.

Phoebe, Marceline and Bubblegum, who saw this, was shocked.

"F-Finn?" Bubblegum said as Canyon was a bit speechless.

Finn breathed deeply while a red mist started to emit from his body.

"No wonder Morlock warned me of this… feels like my body is burning up from the inside out… maybe I should have let him take control but no use complaining now..." Finn said before he looked up and many were shocked to see the whites of his eyes were pure black and the reds of his eyes looked blood red… Finn looked like some kind of demon right now and they looked right into Grimoire's eyes with raw anger in them.

"Wait what?" Marceline said with a surprised look as Grimoire was a bit surprised as well.

"Impossible." He said.

"Yeah… impossible… however Morlock is a guy who makes stuff that's impossible a reality… I did absorb his essence after all and he's the one who gave these ideas… granted after I take you out I'll be out of the fight but better one Vamp down who wants to kill my friends and loved ones then none at all… in fact this talk is annoying me so I'll explain things later since I can already feel my body starting to break down right now, can't hold this state for long." Finn said while he starts walking towards Grimoire without a look of fear in his eyes.

Grimoire was able to get out of his surprised look before he crack his knuckles.

"Fine then. Let's see what you can really do." He said as he powers up.

"You misunderstand one thing Grimoire…" Finn said before he moved in front of Grimoire with even faster speeds stunning the vampire.

"This is payback for Simon before I kill you… pretty sure I can last that long so…" Finn said before he slugged Grimoire through the stomach without much effort which made the assassin cough up blood through his mask.

"That… was for making MY Marceline cry though… I hate to see her get like that and I'm pretty sure no one will complain if I make you suffer." Finn said with a deep growl to his voice while he removed his hand from Grimoire's stomach and his body slowly heals in front of him.

Grimoire groans before he chuckles weakly.

"Not bad… See if you withstand this!" He said before sending a powerful punch to Finn.

Though to everyone's shock, Finn took the hit and to further shock… he wasn't effected while Finn looked down at Grimoire.

"Is that all you got?... even if it's only for a short time… I have the full power of the Vampire King or at least a good portion of his power channeling through me… you're going to need to do better than that." Finn simply said before he mimicked what Vlad did and flicked Grimoire on the forehead and caused him to be launched away and his forehead bled greatly when Finn nearly cracked his skull and ripped his skin on his face.

Marceline, Bubblegum, Phoebe, Canyon, Burst and Huntress were shocked when they saw Finn do that.

"Whoa?" Phoebe said with a surprised look.

"Yeah… guess Finn has a lot more power than we would have thought if he had the full VK package." Bubblegum said while many citizen's looked shocked as well while Grimoire barely picked himself up while Finn heard Morlock's voice in his head.

"20 seconds Finn for the power to be used, 10 for the damage to start setting in, finish him off now." Morlock said while Finn hums a little in agreement while he held a hand towards Grimoire.

A moment later, a bit of blood bursts from his hand when he made a wound on his own body and his blood starts to form into an orb, similar to the one that he used on Flaron but… this was very different when a large amount of energy was forced into the orb and the ground starts to rumble.

Grimoire, who groans, got up a bit as his injuries healed before his eyes widened on Finn when Grimoire saw what Finn was gonna do, he tried to move but thanks to all the built up injuries… he stumbles a bit which was all Finn needed for his move.

A moment later, Finn shot a bloodred beam of energy at Grimoire and this time it looked like a beam of energy then a small blast and for a second, Grimoire could have sworn he saw his lord right behind Finn in the same position he was in and… oddly smirks behind his mask… and before he was engulfed in the attack… he had one final thought.

'Long live the King.'

A moment later the beam fades to show that Grimoire was no more… in fact thanks to the intense blast Finn totaled part of the mountain when he aimed the beam a bit upwards to avoid hitting the surrounding buildings and Finn takes a moment to breath while everyone else… they had dropped jaws and shocked looks though Ranmyaku was already back to working on Simon.

Gillium, who saw this, couldn't believe the outcome.

"Impossible… he took down Grimoire."

Though FFK took the chance after he got over his shock pretty fast to give Gillium a powerful right hook which knocked him flat on his back.

"Well of course!, Finn is going to be the new Flame King after he marries my daughter, I would be insulted if he couldn't do this much!" FFK growled out, though before FFK could say more, Finn gripped his shoulders and screamed when his body felt pain like no other and in no time in order to protect his mind and life, his body shut down and he passed out right then and there after falling onto his back and Phoebe ran to his side while Gillium grits his fangs.

"Finn!, oh Glob please don't die!" Phoebe begged while Gillium got to his feet.

"Don't screw with me... he was a weakling but he wouldn't lose to a fucking bastard like him unless that untrained newborn vamp used hacks…" Gillium growled out before he charged by FFK and towards Finn with a punch at the ready.

"I'll make that brat pay for what he did!" Gillium growled with anger in his eyes while FFK gave chase while Phoebe tried to throw a fireball at Gillium… it didn't do anything and Gillium roars when he tried to strike at Phoebe when she moved to shield Finn's body with her own.

FFK's eyes widen even after he gave chase while Huntress, Burst, and Canyon tried to save them, Huntress launched arrows at the juggernaut and though it pierced his body, his body never stopped charging at Finn and Phoebe, Burst tried to use her own fire but it only lightly burned him, Canyon tried to make a wall of water but Gillium plowed right through it and FFK knew that no one else had the right power needed and though he was technically weaker then Burst in an all around fashion… he already knew what he had to do.

"Damn… looks like I won't be able to see my daughter get married and see my own grandkid it seems… talk about a cruel reality… Not sure if I'll be coming where you are Flaria… but… this should make up for all the shit I did with our daughter." FFK thought before his speed shockingly bursts and when Gillium threw the punch forward, it stopped all of a sudden with the sound of metal breaking.

That caused Phoebe to open her eyes in confusion… and she looked up and was horrified… when she saw that her dad had taken a punch to the stomach… which broke through his armor and was buried deep in his stomach while fiery blood slowly leaked from the wound while Bursts own eyes widen in horror from what she just saw… same with everyone else.

"DAD!" Phoebe screamed with wide eyes as lava tears leaked from her eyes.

FFK then coughed up a little blood from that while Burst looked angered while she looks at Gillium.

"YOU FUCKER!" Burst roars while her body flared and she threw flames that tried to get rid of the vampire, though they made him growl he just smirks at the FFK.

"Hehe… looks like I can give that fucking brat a plus one to the afterlife… why don't you just take a good rest!" Gillium growled out before he roars when he tossed FFK away and he crashed into a nearby wall that survived the sudden attack to the castle and a lot more blood flowed from his wound in his stomach and from the Former Flame King's POV, it looked like Phoebe was trying to say something to him but he couldn't hear her… in fact FFK felt dizzy… so much so that he could have sworn he heard Flaria's voice in his head.

"Come on Flame Prince! Are you really gonna die like that?!"

FFK blinked a few times and a moment later, he saw a ghostly version of Flaria in front of him.

"Flaria?... am I dead?... or in the process of dying?" FFK thought while Flaria looked a bit sad herself.

"More or less the latter… that hit was pretty much a near fatal one… even if we get you help you may not make it… though I'm sure you know that right?" Flaria said while FFK looked by Flaria and looks at Phoebe.

"I… really fucked things up… so many regrets that I wish I could take back… yet I let my anger blind me… not sure if I can earn your forgiveness Flaria… but seems like I have one way of protecting Phoebe… just… before you kick my ass in the afterlife… mind if I at least give you a hug and a kiss when we meet." FFK mentally said to his deceased wife… he wasn't sure if he was hallucinating or not… but he just wanted something to go right even if it meant his own end as a result.

Flaria chuckles.

"Sure…. Though when I do kick your ass… I expect you to rough me up in bed like the good old days."

That caused FFK to lightly smirk when he heard that even though his entire body hurt from that one action.

"Hehe… guess I'm a masochist then since that sounds like a good time to me… just give me a few minutes and I'll see you there dear." FFK thought while Flaria smiles and her form fades while the camera turned to Phoebe while she tried to call for her father and Gillium just gave her an amused look.

"Please don't die dad! I need you!" Phoebe said as she continues to shield Finn.

Though Gilliam chuckles while he raises his hand in a swiping motion.

"Don't worry, heard you flame people don't leave corpses, not sure about that runt I hear in you though with a small heartbeat… or is it a Matrix thing… either way I'm sure you'll see your dad in the dead world!" Gilium said while he starts the swiping motion to attack Phoebe and Finn.

Though to everyone's shock, a powerful flame shot towards Gillium and he was forced away from Phoebe while everyone was greatly shocked to see the FFK standing while he was the one who had launched that attack at Gillium who looked at the Former Flame King with a surprised look that the FFK could use that much power even when near death.

"What that?! You should be dead!" Gillium said as Phoebe and Burst were shocked that the FFK did that.

Though they noticed his heavy breathing while he looked at Gillium.

"Yeah…if I get help now… I have a chance of surviving... but… a pretty… tough lady… gave me a pep talk… and… she's waiting for me in the dead world… but..." FFK said while his flames flicker and to Burst and Phoebe's shock… they start to turn black in color while the FFK continues...

"... if I let my daughter die… if I let Burst be killed… even if it was just a short time… I felt happy for once… I thought I could… live again… even if I… wasn't allowed in the Fire Kingdom anymore… I could have at least watched my daughter grow old and have… her own family… I… could have made another… but… seems reality… is really cruel and… twisted that way… and it looks like unlike that ice user… I won't get a second chance with how badly damaged I am…" FFK said while an intense heat forms around him… so much so that even Gillium looked uncomfortable.

Gillium even stepped back a bit as he was not liking the black flame as Phoebe and even Burst was getting teary eyed after hearing FFK say those things.

Though as the flames on FFK turned darker, he clinched a hand when he felt a surge of power which helped him focus.

"But… I can at least make one thing right… and that is protecting my daughter,her child,… and my son in law… he may have fucked up before… but like me he's making up with all his might… and one other thing… just because I lost to my daughter for the throne doesn't mean I'm weak…" FFK said while he gripped his other hand while the ground rumbles around him and he glared at Gillium with raw fury in his eyes.

"FORMER OR NOT… I WAS THE DAMN KING OF FLAMES FOR A REASON!" FFK said while his flames on his body turned pitch black and unlike with Flaron… the FFK went into black flame mode and his power in this state easily eclipsed Flaron's by leaps and bounds while the heat around FFK skyrockets so that even the ground under him starts to warp and melt while FFK heard one last word of encouragement from Flaria's spirit.


That signaled the Former King of Flame's to charge Gillium with a roar and similar to how Finn got a power boost, FFK's fist buried deep in Gillium's gut and though it didn't go through, Gillium coughed up blood and he was launched far from everyone a moment later while FFK looks at Phoebe who had tears running down her face when she saw her father in this state… with a hole in his gut plus the life taking effect of the black flame… there was no way FFK would live after this and all FFK did was just smile at her with a gentle smile before he looks to where he sent Gillium while he roars and charged FFK again, this time when FFK charged, their fists collide and FFK starts to slowly overpower the barrage of fists coming his way with his own and starts to wail on Gillium as much as he could… at this rate his body wouldn't last a minute with how much of his leftover lifeforce he was using… he was stalling for time like Simon did though no one else knew that besides Burst who knew the reason why besides FFK was doing this… even if he couldn't kill Gillium… as long as he could protect his family… that was all that mattered to the FFK right now.

Phoebe and Burst shed more tears as they know what FFK's fate will be as everyone else watch him overpower Gillium.

Though as the fight went on, FFK had flashback after flashback of his life like his life was flashing before his eyes… his first meeting with Flaria… his marriage to her… her pregnacy… her death… his fuckup with Phoebe that spiraled out of control… his loss of his throne by his daughters hands… his imprisonment in the same lamp he had his daughter locked away in… so many regrets… so much he wanted to make up for… but because of these guys… because of these guys… Because of these guys!

"Because of you guys… I won't be able to do what I really want… even if I can't kill you… I can at least do this!" FFK growled while he knocked Gillium off guard and with a palm on Gillium's chest… FFK had one last thought while his body slowly starts to break down.

"Goodbye Phoebe… Burst… sorry but looks like I can't go any further…" FFK thought while he roars and fired a beam of pure fire through Gillium's chest and launched him back while the large Vampire roars in agony and fell onto the ground while he tried to put out the flames… all the FFK did as his flames start to dim… was look at Phoebe and Burst and smiles at them before he vanished… all that was left was his armor on the ground while many looked shocked a what just happened while Ranmyaku just had gritted teeth when he saw that and couldn't do jack besides trying to keep Simon alive and even then it was tricky… though… when Ranmyaku looked at Phoebe and Burst… he knew he couldn't say anything to console them right now.

Phoebe and Burst start to cry after seeing FFK disappear while Marceline, Bubblegum, Me-Mow, Canyon and Huntress were just silent as after witnessing things.

Gillium screams in agony for a minute before the flames vanished from his body and while his wounds slowly recovered… he managed to get to his feet and looks at the armor.

"F-Fucking bastard!, didn't change a damn thing!, I'm still going to kill that fucker who killed Grimoire and those bitches you were trying to protect just to spite you for that attack." Gillium said while he walked over and stomped on the FFK's chestplate… destroying it and glared at Phoebe and the unconscious Finn and started his approach.

However before he could get a couple steps… a bolt of lightning shot from the sky and in front of Gillium much to his surprise and from that bold… Demonga appeared and he was silent when he looked at Gillium… then he starts to look around and saw the FFK's shattered armor before he looks at Burst and Phoebe with a blank look on his face.

"Oi… Burst… Phoebe… did the Former Flame King pass on?" Demonga asked since on his way here he saw a black flame… and if not Phoebe or Burst…

Phoebe was silent but Burst was able to speak up.

"Yes Lord Demonga… He's no longer with us." She said with a sad look.

"I see… Me-Mow… did he go down with a warrior's death while defending his loved ones?" Demonga said with a hard to read tone when he looks at Me-Mow while ignoring Gillium much to the Vampire's rising anger.

Me-Mow blinked a bit from the blank look.

"Y-Yeah… He went all out despite the outcome."

"I see…" Demonga said while Gillium got more angered.

"Ha!, you kidding that loser died and I recovered from that attack, what good did he do besides be a punching ba-!" Gillium tried to say but was shocked… litterly when Demonga shot a bolt of lightning through him… and unlike Grimoire this attack was much more powerful than Grimoire's would ever be.

"Will you be quiet… I'm trying to get a read on the situation and more or less know it now… Finn and the Ice King are down for the count most likely from taking out the small guy since Hunson abadeer is keeping your stoic friend at bay… you and the Former Flame King fought and he lost… simple as that… I honestly wouldn't bat an eye since the Former Flame King was weak and needed training to get back in shape… however…" Demonga said with a cold tone to his voice while he looked Gillum in the eyes.

"... Considering he sacrificed his life for his loved ones and was a hired hand of mine… and as his boss… I can respect that… make fun of him again and I'll make sure your death is filled with so much pain you'll beg me to end it." Demonga said with a cold tone that just got colder while his body emits so much electrical energy that some rocks were floating near him like they were magnetized.

Gillum's was shocked at the power he felt but still held his ground.

"I like to see you try."

"Very well…" Demonga said before he moved with so much speed that no one could notice him and a moment later, Gillium screams in pain when his body bursts with electrical energy and Demonga just looks at Gillium when he had a disinterested look on his face.

"Considering scum like you may try something, I should be honest… I lied… I was going to make your death painful in the end anyway as a tribute to the dead Flame King but why stop there… I learned a trick that can deal with annoying regenerators like you and lets just say I only need a spark of energy to do so, granted stronger opponents can undo it but if you can't… well… consider your eternity a living hell while you get electrocuted by your own cells that are turbocharged to the point that they all pretty much repair and destroy your body again and again…" Demonga said while Gillium keeps on yelling in agony when the electrical energy never seemed to dissipate.

Everyone else, who was conscious, was surprised when they saw what Demonga did as Gillum, who kept screaming, tried to hit Demonga.

Though Demonga just used his augmented speed to move near Phoebe and gave her a somewhat sympathetic look while he knelt in front of her.

"Your call here your highness, want me to leave this Vampire in agony for the rest of eternity while Burst and I take him as a prisoner or end him now." Demonga said while he waits for Phoebe's answer.

Phoebe was silent for a bit but did glare at Gillum for a moment before looking at Demonga.

"Do what you want with him."

"Very well, Burst, get your torture gear ready when we get back, were bringing this guy home so we can get some info out of him and I'm hoping you'll be one of the first to give him a taste of real pain." Demonga said while the fight with Vlad and Hunson raged on and Vlad glanced over to see that Grimoire and Gillium were beaten and Vlad sighs when he stopped moving all of a sudden much to Hunson's confusion.

"Hey why'd you stop?" Hunson said.

"Simple… to do this." Vlad simply said while he aimed a finger at Gillium and a tiny spark shot from his finger and before anyone could react it flew into Gillium and he starts to look odd when he held his chest and Vlad looks at Hunson.

"Seems our fight will have to be put on hold for now… reason being… I just turned Gillium into a bomb… better get him away from your daughter or she will get caught in the blast… doubt she's as Deathless as you… I got enough info here to take back anyway." Vlad said while he jumped out of the damaged crater while Gillium starts to gurgle and shine in a way that didn't make sense with Demonga though for Hunson… he heard Vlad speak up.

"Just to let you know… all I did was use a small pebble and charged it with my energy and something that small totalled this castle… how big of a blast would a human sized bomb be?" Vlad said with no emotion to his voice before he starts walking away from the crater while Gillium starts to groan and what not.

Hunson's eyes widened.

"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" He shouts as he quickly ran towards Gillium and dog piles him to the floor.

He then looks at everyone else.


Ranmyaku got the warning instantly since if Grimoire was the lesser lightning user and Gillium was the battle crazed muscle… then Vlad must have been…!

Ranmyaku then summoned his book to one hand and had to do the multitask of his life when he formed many barriers not only around himself, and everyone else, but in the entire candy Kingdom as well, but keeping Simon stable was really pushing him and his veins start to burst from the effort of channeling so much magic through his body at one time and when he roars, he used a moved to teleport every man, women, and children in the Candy Kingdom all the way to the Grasslands, even the Gumball Guardians as well and Rattleballs who was still in a partly repaired state, same with Dr. Princess, her patients and workers, Peppermint Butler, and Timmy and in the nick of time as well when Gillium's body glowed with a bright light but not before he had his own thought about what Vlad did to him… some would see it as a traitorous action but to Gillium… it was an act of mercy considering his situation and it would really put a damper on Marceline and her allies after the losses that they had.

'Thank you Vlad.' Gillium thought before closing his eyes.

A moment later, his body blew and Hunson was enveloped in the blast and everyone in the Grasslands looked on in shock when a massive pillar of light shot up from where the Candy Kingdom was and the earth rumbles from the force of the explosion while everyone who registered what just happened could only look on with stunned looks on their faces when they start to realize that the Candy Kingdom… was completely destroyed just now… a blast of that magnitude… unless something was enchanted to withstand the blast… nothing would have survived…

Marceline was more shocked.

"DAD!" She screams as everyone kept watching.

The blast then fades while Ranmyaku chuckles a bit weakly in front of Marceline.

"D-Don't w-worry… deathless… doubt would die from that… f-fuck… so tired… so much magic used…" Ranmyaku muttered while he keeps on supporting Simon's life and used a bit more magic to make one pulse and shot it into Simon and a moment later… Ranmyaku fell onto his back with a groan.

"D-Damn… managed to get a decent pulse from Simon… not sure if he will still be Simon or Ice King but he will live…" Ranmyaku said with an exhausted look on his face.

Marceline eyes widened when she heard that but was happy to know that Simon will live.

Bubblegum couldn't believe her home was gone. But she was grateful that her friends, loved ones, and her people are safe. Especially her Gumball Guardians.

However, she noticed a couple things missing.

"Wait… where's Timmy? And Neddy?" She said with very worried look.

Timmy at this time was running up to Bubblegum when he heard his name and he was looking for her anyway since he was in the lower levels of the castle, the upper part was destroyed but the lower part was still intact, however while Timmy was resting, he suddenly found himself surrounded by many candy citizens and heard his name, which caused him to run to Bubblegum as a result.

Bubblegum pets Timmy as she was happy to see him.

"I'm glad you're okay Timmy."

Timmy just rubbed up against Bubblegum's side while unaware of what happened and a minute later, Bubblegum starts to hear oh oh like sounds constantly which were familiar to her… very familiar.

"Neddy!" Bubblegum said as she went to the source of those sounds.

Timmy followed and a minute of running later, Bubblegum saw Neddy while he was surrounded by a few Candy People who were confused at the big… thing… before them and Neddy just looked stressed as hell, first the shaking now here after some kind of green barrier surrounded him, honestly Bubblegum couldn't blame him for being upset.

"Neddy!" Bubblegum said as she sees him before she got closer to the scared gum dragon.

When Neddy saw her, he just kept making Oh noises while trying to reach for his sister when his distress state tried to grab at anything friendly to him.

One Bubblegum got close, she carefully hugged her brother and made sure to calm him down.

While that happened, Ranmyaku keeps panting for breath while he looks at Marceline.

"Hey Marceline… I'll… be taking a nap for now… go to Phoebe alright?... pretty sure she needs the extra comfort… don't worry… Simon won't die, I made sure of that…" Ranmyaku said while his eyelids felt so heavy right now.

Marceline nods to Ranmyaku.

"Thank you Ran. I owe you big time." She said before she starts floating towards to Phoebe's direction.

When she got there… she saw that Phoebe was pretty much wailing while Burst held her in a gentle hug while she held the older Flame person tightly… her father who was once a bad guy came clean about his ways and though he wanted to try and make things right… died protecting her… Demonga stood nearby while Me-Mow sat on the ground nearby while neither of them could say anything while Canyon and Huntress looked regretful that they couldn't help more, even Jake and Lady were near Phoebe which showed they must have been in the city or something… must have either been at the party and left which would explain why they were not at the battle or were coming towards the castle, even BMO was there which reminded Marceline that the little bot was at the *Trial* for Me-Mow to help with the bounty incident and the little bot had a sad look on their face.

Marceline was silent for a moment before she got close to Phoebe and Burst and sat on the ground next to the duo.

"Hey Phoebe… Burst… I'm greatly sorry for what happened." She said.

Burst shook her head and looks at Marceline.

"No… don't be… you never expected this kind of attack to happen… and the former Flame King went down in a blaze of glory… not many can say that right?" Burst said while she keeps hugging Phoebe since she was still crying and Burst just keeps on petting her back… it wasn't surprising… her world was turned upside down twice and went from having a father who she hated to one who she would try and love and then that was ripped away from Phoebe in no time flat.

Marceline was feeling bad about the situation.

"Still though… I know what it's like to lose a parent. Lost my mom when I was very little before meeting Simon. Never knew what happened to her. After a 1000 years, I try to remember what she looks like."

"I see… then if you want to make up for what happened… then I have one favor to ask since I doubt I'll be around long… take care of Phoebe… I doubt I need to ask… but… Phoebe may be old enough to have her own family but she's still immature… if you can promise you'll protect her no matter what and support her… then I'm sure the Former Flame King wouldn't mind if I helped walk Phoebe down the isle and look after her every now and then since I was planning on asking the big lug out once I whipped him into shape." Burst said while she smiles gently at Marceline.

Marceline was surprised after hearing that but a moment later, she actually chuckles.

"Funny… one moment I wasn't liking you guys and one disaster later, we're being friendly. I may have a bit of beef with your boss, but… considering what you and Pheebs… went through, I'll be more than happy to watch and comfort her. And she's not alone considering Bonnie and Finn will be there for her. Along with your sis and some other flame chicks."

"Hehe, yeah… though… I think I may be lucky since I probably won't be here when you explain to a passed out Finn on what happened… pretty sure he would be in a similar state to Phoebe here since not only was the kingdom destroyed, well… he lost a good father in law and never actually got to know the real him… pretty sure he will need either a normal pep talk or sexy one after that downer but still… I will say this… Demonga already told me to tell you this but until these Vampires pay for what they did, consider us your allies… unlike some past help… the Former Flame King was actually a good guy… and after what he did… can't say otherwise." Burst said with a serious look in her eyes.

Marceline also had a serious look.

"Considering what they did… I'll accept this alliance. No one harms my man and ladies and gets away with it." She said as her eyes glowed red.

"Yeah… but before that… you, Phoebe, Finn and Bubblegum seriously need to train… Finn killed one but that was from borrowing the Vampire King's power and even then it was only long enough to take out a weakened one… the other one Gillium was killed by his own ally… and the third… I don't even know where he went… most likely reporting to his superior or something by now if he wasn't caught in that blast." Burst said while a familiar voice walked up to the trio.

"Got that right… man talk about an explosion, if it was anyone else they would be deader than dead." Hunson's voice said while he walked up the hill while he keeps on dusting himself off, seems like he was hit pretty hard because his body was still recovering from the damage he took just now.

"Dad!" Marceline said before she quickly flies to Hunson and hugs him.

"Hey Marceline… sorry I wasn't able to do more… I normally don't apologize but the previous Flame King did protect you even if it was for his own daughter… hehe, seems like us Dad's got the spotlight today it seems." Hunson said with a light smile on his face while he rubbed Marceline's head in a comforting way.

Marceline lightly chuckles as she hugged her father more.

"Yeah well… at least we all made it out."

"Well… most of us at least… I'll be heading back to base with Me-Mow and the others so we can try and dig up info on these Vampires and at least where they came from, even if the answers are in Finn's head with Morlock, I doubt he would talk much for a while given the situation, Burst, take as much time as you need to recover, Huntress, Canyon, same to you two if you can't walk much, more so for Canyon since you were it in the leg from what I can see." Demonga said while he walked over to Canyon to get a good look at her injury and tore a part of his shirt off and tied it around the wound so it could help it heal.

Canyon blushes at the gesture.

"T-Thank you Lord Demonga."

"No worries, you're an important ally to me, same with Huntress as well, heard that you two fought well with Burst even if the team up was more or less impromptu considering you were mainly guarding our three guests, when we get back and find some things, you three will get a well deserved rest and a reward of your choosing as well for fighting so hard." Demonga said with a serious look on his face which showed that he meant it.

Huntress, Canyon and Burst did blink for a bit before Huntress chuckles.

"Thanks boss. Though after I heal and stuff, gonna do some serious training."

"Very well, but I still suggest three days of rest, you all maybe strong but you are still ladies, consider it a request from a selfish stupid male in order to keep beautiful women like yourself in top form." Demonga said without a hint of perverted or sexist undertones to his voice to show he was 100% legit with the 3 day off thing.

Canyon did blush at the beautiful comment.

"Alright then." She said as Huntress nods her head.

"No problem with that.

"Fine by me, but careful Lord Demonga, some may think you are flirting with us or something." Burst said with a smirk on her face.

"Well maybe for Canyon and Huntress sure if they were in a better mood, but I would wait a few months before trying anything with you, I won't lie, thanks to the way my body is made I try and go for as many women as I can but I can at least respect boundaries and give respectful time for mourning for the dead." Demonga said with a point blank look on his face to show no hidden intentions in his voice.

Burst did blush in embarrassment before chuckling.

"Right, well thanks for thinking that boss." She said as Burst knew that she needs time to get over losing FFK.

"Right, anyway I'll send some of my men here and help with repairs of the Candy Kingdom, where is my cousin by the way?, I haven't seen her since we got teleported." Demonga said when he stands up and looks around to try and locate Bubblegum.

One of the Candy people spoke up to get Demonga's attention.

"The Princess was seen petting a big kitty and then she went to hug a big pink dragon."

"Big Kitty?... Pink Dragon?... you mean Timmy and Neddy?, I ran into them and they were pretty friendly to me… might as well go and help sooth Neddy in case Bubblegum can't." Demonga shockingly said and to those… mainly Marceline who must have heard of Neddy… nothing could normally calm the gum dragon down unless it was Bubblegum's singing voice or a candy tree root.

"Dude, the only thing that can calm him down is Bonnie's singing." Marceline said.

"Really?, when I ran into the big guy, he gave me a hug when I got close to him… maybe its because of how I was made by Gumbald but I always seemed to have this calming effect with many sooner or later with animal like beings." Demonga said before he looks at the candy person who spoke.

"Which direction is Bubblegum and the big kitty and the big pink dragon?" Demonga asked while he had a calm tone to his voice.

"She went that way." The candy person said as they point at the direction.

Demonga nods before he starts to walk away from the group while he looks at Me-Mow.

"I'll be back Me-Mow, going to have a talk with my cuz and be awhile." Demonga said nefpre he continues walking.

Me-Mow was a bit surprised after hearing that but shrugged.

"Alright babe." She said before looking at the others.

Many were just doing their own thing and Phoebe had fallen asleep after all the crying she went through and Burst pets her head carefully so that she wouldn't be woken up from her dream that she was having.

Phoebe's dream/ ?/ Phoebe

Phoebe in this dream had opened her eyes to show a white space and while she was confused on how odd the dream was and how… in control she was… she heard a voice behind her.

"Indeed… it is a strange dream but considering things… we decided to have one last visit given the circumstances…" A familiar voice said behind Phoebe which made her eyes widen… more so when she heard a female voice that… seemed strange… yet familiar to her.

When she turned around… her eyes widened in shock when she saw FFK and Ferina behind her.

"D-Dad? and… mom?" Phoebe said as she couldn't believe she was seeing both of her parents in her dream.

FFK smiles at her.

"Hello Phoebe. Though we would use this chance to see you."

"Yeah… though in my case this is the second time we met… but you were just a baby at the time." Flaria said while she smiles gently at Phoebe.

Phoebe blinked after hearing that, but she got teary eyed as she finally meets her mother for the first time…. Well technically second time persay but who's really counting.

Flaria smiles at her daughter and held her arms open for a moment so she could hug her daughter again when she walked to her and held her gently.

"My little fireball… I missed you… and boy how you grew… would say that you would need to use some kick but combos to fight away the guys but seems you get more attention from girls it seems hehe." Flaria said to somewhat tease her daughter.

Phoebe blushes at the tease but didn't care before she hugged Flaria.

Flaria blinks at that and chuckles at FFK when she looks at him for a moment.

"Wow, guess nothing will embarrass her huh?, anyway we came to talk to you Phoebe about some things and to see if you'll be alright because of your father's death." Flaria said while she gave Phoebe a somewhat worried look a moment later in the middle of her sentence a bit and pets Phoebe on the back of her head.

Phoebe did sniffle a bit.

"Well… I'll try. Since I have everyone supporting me. Just can't believe that after father and I… reconnected, he gets taken away by those… evil vampires. Excluding Finn and Marceline for obvious reasons."

"Yeah but I'm sure not all Vampire's are bad, I mean look at the Fire Kingdom, many considered us evil yet here we are and you are ruling the kingdom down a good path… your grandparents would be proud of you, but listen Phoebe, we also have a message for Finn, contrary to what you all heard, the Vampire Queen didn't send those goons, you see after I died I ran into Death and he told me that the current Vampire Queen is still in training and though close to graduation, she never took the throne yet, a corrupt Vampire Lord is trying to take the throne from Finn and Marceline since they are the rightful rulers and currently… they are weak right now… Finn may have fought Grimoire but that was a barely considered pass and I died against that Gillium guy and couldn't take him out… you all need to get stronger so you can protect yourselves but Phoebe… no training till after the kid is born… can't have a pregnant mother fight and cause the unborn child to be harmed right?" FFK said while Flaria nods her head at that.

Phoebe, who was shocked about the corrupted Vampire Lord, nod her head at her parents since she doesn't want to harm the child.

Though she was a bit sad.

"I wish you both were alive so you can see my child when it's born."

"Oh don't worry Phoebe, we will, we watch you sometimes or I did and now have my husband with me to join in on that, but we also have other reasons for being here, simply put… Finn has our blessing to marry you, another is that we will come to you in another dream to let you know if they are going to attack again, unlike this time where you got surprise attacked, we won't let our baby girl get snuck up upon again… finally, try and find a trainer, Burst is good but try and look for my parents dojo… in case of my death and to keep it from Fernus, I had a couple maps hidden that will lead you to my family dojo and there should be a few family members there, Flame King isn't the only one with secret family members… Second is that there is a weapon that I had which will aid you greatly in the future… however don't use the treasure map in your current condition… it's in your room which was Flame King's room, should be behind some kind of portrait… look for an odd looking rock and either turn it or press it into the wall… been so long I forgot which… Either way a secret compartment should open in the room, all you need to do is reach in and grab the maps." Flaria said while she had a serious look on her face with FFK giving the same look.

Phoebe blinked at the info before she nodded her head again before getting a determined look.

"I'll make sure to remember mom."

"Good… try and remember this as well, you're a fighter Phoebe, and your Father and I love you… but unfortunately it's almost time to say goodbye so your father wants to say a couple things before we go." Flaria said while she lets go of Phoebe and FFK walked over to stand in front of her.

Phoebe was sad again when she heard that before looking at her father.

All he did was rub the back of his head while he looks at his daughter.

"Honestly I can only say two things since your mother got most of what I wanted to say out of the way… first off I am truly sorry for my actions to you in the past… your mother gave me one Nightosphere of an ass kicking before we came here and I'm still feeling the pain even now." FFK said while Flaria chuckles a bit at her handiwork.

Phoebe wanted to hold back a chuckle after hearing that before she regains her composure.

"It's alright dad. I forgive you."

FFK smiles and he leaned down and kissed Phoebe on her jewel forehead and stands up fully.

"Thank you… the second is I also love you… contrary to what many will say your mother and I will always love you, never forget that." FFK said before he and Flaria gave Phoebe a double hug with Phoebe in the middle and Flaria kissing her daughter's jeweled forehead as well.

Phoebe blushes while hugging her parents.

"I won't forget. I love you both."

"We know… and don't worry… your father and I are working with Death a bit to earn a day in your dreams in the future… so for a day of long overdue bonding… mind giving us a smile when we leave?... because Death is here to take us back to the Dead world now." Flaria said when Death appeared and he waved at Phoebe.

"Yo Queen of Flames, Life says hi by the way and hopes the bundle of joy is healthy when its born." Death said while he smiles lightly at Phoebe.

Phoebe was surprised when she saw the actual Glob of Death.

"T-Thanks… and I hope so too."

"Welcome, anyway Flame King, Flaria, time to go for your jobs." Death said while he smiles at Phoebe.

Phoebe blinked a few times after hearing that.

"Jobs? What jobs are they doing?"

Flaria and FFK jolt at that while Death chuckles before looking at Flaria.

"You want to tell her or should I?" Death oddly said and Flaria sighs.

"No I'll tell her… well Phoebe your Father and I have one job each… two for me since I'm technically making a Deal with Death so Flame King doesn't get a harsher job or gets punished since he did do some bad things in the past, I'm working as a Bodyguard for Life and your Father is working as security for certain dead worlds on various days, his firepower helps with dealing with some stubborn ghosts or undead who don't stay put or calm in some of the lower dead worlds." Flaria said while she explained hers and FFK's jobs… though what was Flaria's second job?

"And the second?" Phoebe asked while Flaria blushed a bit and rubbed the back of her head.

"Well… in a nutshell I'm technically Life and Death's plaything when they want to get frisky in the bedroom or just anywhere, granted when Flame King came they didn't mind if he wanted to join in but for now I'm technically helping your father work off his sins and well… then some… things can get intense though it shouldn't be too surprising, you have multiple lovers but you think that was all you?... nah, I liked to experiment and I'm well… Bi… really made things interesting when your father and I were alive and invited a lady or two to the bedroom or a few guards to really make a mess of me… being in a relationship with Flame King can get stressful after all." Flaria said while she chuckles nervously and rubbed the back of her head while a shocked Phoebe looked at her father to see if that was true.

FFK was blushing brightly while feeling a bit embarrassed that Phoebe is hearing this.

"It's true." He said.

Death chuckles while he crosses his arms.

"Hehe, yeah, and considering how time flows in the dead worlds can be vastly different then the mortal plane in some cases, what probably felt like half an hour or so in that fight with those vampires were days so plenty of time to talk to your parents into having some fun times with us… Life also seemed to like it when we tag teamed her… speaking of which you two may want to save your strength for today, Life is getting extra kinky today so we should get going so we can get some stuff done beforehand." Death said while he gestured for FFK and Flaria to follow him.

Phoebe was blushing brightly before she shook her head.

"Wait a second, this is a joke right? You're just saying this to mess with me right?"

"Hehe, well if you want find out if I'm serious or not, just look at a wall corner and enter the dead world if you want to find out if I'm joking or not, you could even invite Finn, Marceline, and Bubblegum if you really want to make things intense, my wife and I are not choosy on who we invite." Death said while he smirks at Phoebe.

Phoebe's eyes widened after hearing that.

FFK and Flaira sweatdrop as they know Death was serious.

"Still that's for later if you're interested, not going to force you, its just don't be surprised if my wife and I have your parents please us… now if you'll excuse us, we really should get going, FFK here is almost late for his shift in the 20th dead world and Flaria needs to get to Life to guard her, after that is when the four of us have fun before they go to their Dead world to rest until they are called." Death said while he showed a clock from his pocket and opened a portal and FFK jolts when he saw that he really was almost late.

"Oh man, I really have to get going." FFK said before looking at his daughter.

"I'll see you later Phoebe and know that your mother and I will always love you." He said before kissing Phoebe's jewel forehead again before quickly going to the portal.

He entered it and Death chuckles before he closed the portal and opened a new one for Flaria.

"Alright, Flaria you got two minites so say your goodbyes before we leave." Death said while he waits for Flaria at the portal.

Flaria nods to Death before looking at her daughter.

"Goodbye Phoebe. Your father and I will make sure to see at your next dream. And like he said, we'll always love you." She said before hugging Phoebe.

Phoebe, though still stunned, returned the hug and she lets go of Flaria and watched as her mother entered the portal and Death looks at her with a smirk.

"I will say this though, I always did want a mother daughter combo to have fun with, my offer stands for your family to come to the dead world to have some serious fun when you get the chance… oh and thanks to this special dream, when you wake in a minute it will be dawn when you wake, just saying in case you're wondering why your nap was so short… anyway toodles." Death said before he winked at Phoebe and entered the portal and she was alone again.

Phoebe was just stunned after hearing that.

"Oh Glob… please tell me that he's joking."

Though she wouldn't know for sure unless she visited… but before she could think about the situation more… her vision starts to blur, guess she was waking… and when she did… she was on her bed in the Fire Kingdom.

Fire Kingdom/ Castle/ Phoebe's room/ Phoebe

When Phoebe awoke, she groans when she tried to sit up… but for some reason a weight held her down and when she looked… she saw to her growing blushing face was not only was she nude under the covers, but Finn was laying on one side, Marceline on the other, and Bubblegum was surprisingly on top of her and her head rests between Phoebe's breasts, she didn't see Spark or the other ladies so Phoebe guessed it was just her for now.

"Oh Glob." Phoebe said as she blushes brightly but deep down… she wasn't complaining while her brain started to wake.

That's when Phoebe remembered everything, from the Candy Kingdom's party to being attacked by three powerful Vampires, it took the combined might of many to survive and the FFK died that day… however… Phoebe wasn't sad since she remembered the dream… in crystal clarity… though she wasn't sure if it was a dream or not… part of her hoped it wasn't and it was real… the other… well… not sure what to think considering what Life and Death would be most likely doing with FFK and Flaria sooner or later.

Then there was the message that she has to give to Finn and most likely Marceline in a sense.

After being fully awake, Phoebe tries to wake her friends and lovers.

"Marceline, Bonnibel, Finn. Wake up please."

Though it seemed Finn, Marceline, and Bubblegum were really out of it, Finn she could get from that recoil if she remembered right from that fight… but what about Marceline and Bubblegum?... that's when she remembered a large flash of light and her crying but not much else… maybe she should let them sleep for a bit longer… yesterday was painful in many ways after all.

'Hmmm, I'll let them sleep more. And since there's nothing else to do, I'll just go back to sleep.' Phoebe thought before she closes her eyes.

When she fell asleep… far across the land of Ooo, Vlad was seen walking along a long stretch of land while he was talking some kind of cellphone.

"Milord… The plan worked, we got their attention and the Candy Kingdom is a wreck, unless Morlock inside of Finn is stupid, he would warn Finn that sticking around Ooo would be bad for any kingdom… Marceline is a subtarget… Finn is the real one… even if they find out about you if the Globs get in the way... it won't change the fact that we could attack other kingdoms so that Finn will be forced to leave Ooo for the homeland...yeah… yeah… alright I'll return to the island and get rid of this Vlad persona… right… yeah, I'll call you when I get to the home island… goodbuy milord." Vlad…? Said over the phone before he hung up and the scene fades to black right when he hits the end call button on his phone.

(End of the Party and Attack on the Candy Kingdom Battle.)

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