A New Vampire King @emerald
Enlightening Read and a loving Vampire

A scene opens up and you see Atomsk piloting the Millennium Falcon as he escapes from the two Star Destroyers.

That's when he flew into an asteroid field. Some TIE fighters did follow but, and if you remember Ep.5 - TESB, they didn't make it.

Atomsk kept flying till he successfully got out of the field.

"Thank God. Thought I wasn't gonna make it." He said before looking at the readers.

"Hello everyone and welcome to Chapter 2 of ANVK. I'm your co-host Atomsk. Now normally TME would open the intro, but he was busy with his plan. Perhaps I should call birthday boy and see if it's done." Atomsk said before he tries calling TME.

Unfortunately for the Author… he heard the sound of a blaster charging before a gun barrel was pressed to the back of his head before he heard a familiar vice speaking up.

"Don't know who this Birthday boy is… but why are you controlling my ship." The person said while a beast like gurgle sounded out while something pointy prodded his shoulder lightly.

Atomsk's eyes widen before realizing who it was.

"Uh… Han Solo?" He questioned before the person spoke up.

"In the flesh, now since you saved our hides from those Tie fighters, I'll give you 30 second to explain why I shouldn't blow your brain out since you threw me from my bed and caused Chewie to spill his food all over him… and let me tell you, that is not easy to clean out since it gets tangled in his fur." Han said while he kept the gun to Atomsk's head.

Atomsk tried to hold back a chuckle before speaking.

"Okay look sorry about that. Didn't know you guys would be on the Falcon when I thought about your ship. Now instead of an explanation, how about we do a deal?"

"First off we're in space right now, where did you think we would be if the ship was in space… and what Deal are you talking about." Han said while he lowered the gun but kept his eye on Atomsk, who was a stranger to him.

Atomsk sighed a bit before turning around to look at Han and Chewie.

"Before I talk, I gotta say I'm a big fan of you guys." He said which made Han and Chewie look to one another before Han points his gun at Atomsk while Chewie pulled out his bowcaster and points it at Atomsk as well before Han spoke up.

"Sorry but our little fame isn't a good thing since bounty hunters like to come after us, try again with that deal of yours before Chewie and I have to clean your brains off the console." Han said with narrowed eyes.

Atomsk sweatdrop before speaking.

"Okay… I guess flattery wasn't a good idea. I'm not a bounty hunter and I don't work for the Empire. Even if you guys don't believe me. Now for the deal, I can make you two very rich if you can just drop me off at some planet." He said while Han raised an eyebrow.

"Depends… mind explaining how you got on this ship first?... because when we got ready to take off, Chewie had guard duty while I combed the ship from top to bottom there was no way you could have stowed away without some kind of trick." Han said when things didn't add up.

"Well let's just say that I have powers that can rival the force. Powers that can let me do anything. Not even the Jedi or Sith can do." Atomsk said which made Han raise an eyebrow before he scoffed.

"Prove it then, I'll admit that Jedi and Sith can do many things but how are you stronger?, I mean I heard from Luke that the Emperor could shoot lightning from his freaking hands, and even Vader was strong enough to nearly beat Luke and the guy was a freakin cyborg, what could top that?" Han said while Chew had to agree with him with a gurgle like noise.

"Good question." Atomsk said before he starts concentrating.

It was only a few seconds before a loud thud was heard in the back.

Han and Chewie jolt before they look back to see what the sound after Han spoke up.

"Chewie, keep an eye on this guy, I'll see what he just did." Han said before he walked to the source of the sound while Chewie had his bowcaster at the ready in case Atomsk tried anything else.

Atomsk folds his arms while looking at the wookie before speaking.

"How old are you anyway?" He asked with a curious look while Chewie tils his head and tapped on a nearby monitor keyboard with one hand while he hept the bowcaster on Atomsk while the number 200 on it before he went back to guarding Atomsk.

Atomsk's eyes widen with shock before speaking.

"Damn." Was all that Atomsk could say.

Chewie tilts his head again before Han returned with a handful of credits in hand before he spoke up.

"Ok, I'll bite, how did multiple crates of credits appear out of nowhere?, and are these things real?" Han said while Chewie looked a bit surprised and looked to Han to see the credits in his hand.

Atomsk raised his eyebrow before speaking.

"Yeah they're real. Trust me."

Han looked to the credits in his hand before he looked to Chewie.

"Lower the weapon chewie, we'll… treat him as a guest for now… but if these are fake… than you can show him what happens when someone cheats us out of a deal." Han said while he holsters his pistol before Chewie did the same with his bowcaster while gurgling in agreement.

Atomsk then spoke.

"Alright. Now that we clear things up. The planet I want you to take me to is Praxxus Prime."

"Praxxus Prime?, Why there?, That place is a junk planet… literally." Han said when he had trouble following, credits or not, he at least wanted to be sure of a few things.

Atomsk chuckled before speaking.

"Yes I know. I actually built a little base for myself there."

Han and Chewie looked to one another before Han spoke up after he looked to Atomsk.

"Alright, but we're stopping by the closest planet to check that these credits are legit or not, we'll take you if so… but if not… well…" Han said while Chewie punched the flat part of his hands and cracked his knuckles like a muscleman to show where Han was going with this.

Atomsk raised his eyebrow before shrugging.

"Fair enough. But after you drop me off, I'll put more credits in the ship as thanks." He said.

Han chuckles before he spoke up.

"Well first off, unless it's Chewie or an emergency, no one else sits in the driver seat, so off, you could hyperdrive us into a blackhole if you're not careful" Han said when he gestured for Atomsk to get out of the chair.

Atomsk chuckled before speaking.

"Good point. But still, I did out maneuver those Star Destroyers." He said before getting up from the seat.

"Fighting's one thing but hyperdrives another, let me tell you a story about a cocky guy who actually did shoot himself into a black hole…" Han said before he sat down in the driver seat before he starts to type in some coordinates while Chewie got in the seat next to him while the scene shifts when the Millennium falcon hyperdrive away.


The scene than opens to show the Spirit of the Master Emerald when it appeared over the candy kingdom library from a portal with another person next to it.

That other person is Daniel Leemus.

"So why are we here again Spirit?" Daniel asked.

"To earn a favor, you remember that I told you about about DDS and TDS and TME and Atomsk right?, well since their busy right now I figured I could do this intro for them." The Spirit said with a grin on it's face, but there was the question of why Daniel was here if it was just that.

"Yes I seemed to remember. But how come I'm here then?" Daniel asked which made the spirit grin at that question.

"Simple, aside from acting as my arms and legs for now, it's good to hear a second opinion from a fresh face since this is your first intro… and I want to see if anything funny happens to you since things here could get comical before you know it." The Spirit said with a jovial tone to its voice.

Daniel didn't like the sound of that before speaking.

"Uh… has Cedric or the others done this before?"

"Yep, in fact, let me invite another person to make this more interesting." The Spirit said before it snapped it's fingers… but nothing happened.

Daniel was confused before speaking.

"Was that supposed to happen?"

"Oh you'll see later, the person will appear in the outro, but before that, did you read the chapter you got for this story?" The Spirit asked with a look that showed that it already knew when it grinned more.

Daniel nods to Spirit which means that he did.

"Mind leading us in than?, your own take on what an intro should be like?, the spotlight is all yours for now." The Spirt said right before a spotlight appeared from out of nowhere and hits Daniel which caused the readers to look to him.

Said panda was surprised to see the reader's looking at him before speaking.

"Um… hello, and welcome to Chapter 2 of ANVK. I'm your host Daniel and with me is the Spirit of the Master Emerald." Daniel said after introductions.

"Indeed, Daniel here is a Samurai in training in Angel city, he's a student of Emerald, Demonga, and Lillum along with other students of theirs, now… this story starts right after the group gets to the library to find out more about Vampires, but thanks to the fact that it's the middle of the night, things might go bump in the night for our four main stars, and maybe a more loving bump in the night for Finn if you get what I mean." The Spirit said with a comical grin before looking serious.

"All lemon subjects are 18 or over, so no one complain about Finn's age since it can be slightly debatable about Finn's age and birthday, so why not make his 18th birthday for this chapter… to really get some fun time from one of the ladies here… Daniel your thoughts?" The Spirit seriously said before grinning when it looked to Daniel with a humored look.

Said panda sweatdrop before speaking.

"Well I just hope that Finn masters his new vampiric powers since it's gonna be a difficult challenge."

"Indeed, Now than, since we got this out of the way, let's get into the story… shall we?" The Spirit said while it noticed Finn and the three royal women approaching the Library before the camera shifts to them.

Ooo/ Candy Kingdom/?/ Finn, Marceline, Bubblegum, Phoebe

Finn was slowly speeding up a bit when he got a bit more control of his floating somewhat but it was still slow which caused the four to take about 20 minutes to get to the Library before they stopped to look at the building itself.

The Library it seemed wasn't the one in the castle, this Library was made in the bad part of town when Bubblegum slowly ran out of room in the castle Library, it looked huge and some of the houses, which were vacant, were taken down to make room for it while the other homes nearby were repaired to livable conditions. (A/N: The Library is based on the one from the Pagemaster movie.)

"Whoa…. Should come around this area more often, never saw this place before." Finn said when he saw the massive Library.

Marceline and Phoebe stared at the library with a surprised look before Marceline spoke.

"Let's see what the inside is like."

Finn nods before he starts walking forward to the large doors before he seemed hesitant to enter.

"Uhhh… do I open the door or do any of you any of you want to?" Finn asked when he looked to his hands and clinched them a few times to feel that his grip strength increased greatly, how much, he didn't know yet.

Phoebe was confused for a moment before speaking.

"Something wrong Finn?"

"Uhh… you know about my condition right?, but how much?" Finn asked since he doubted that much info would get out.

"Well…besides the red eyes and gradual white hair and the floating thing from what I heard of… I know you can't be out in daylight and can't eat garlic." Phoebe said to the Semi Vampire.

Finn was silent while he listened before he spoke up with a nervous look on his face.

"Well… it's a bit more than that… seems I also got the previous Vampire King's powers since that large monster cloud was his powers running wild after Pb here took them out of the king when he wanted to be mortal again with some kind of machine… I took a hit for Marceline after she tried to absorb the cloud since it was apart of her before, and again PB used that machine on Marceline which turned her back to being a mortal… then that Vampire incident happened and… well… I absorbed it or something and here we are while Marceline got what I got but I don't know if she'll be at the powerfully strong level she was since I keep seeing a mental Vampire king who told me that his powers went to me … and seems I'm going to be the new Vampire king if I get these abilities under control." Finn said while his vocabulary momentarily improved again.

The girls were shocked after hearing Finn's vocabulary being improved.

Phoebe, however was more shocked when she heard the other stuff that Finn spoke of.

"Uh… Phoebe… you ok?" Finn asked with a nervous look on his face when he walked to stand in front of her when she didn't say anything for a bit while his vocabulary went back to normal again, seems that was a coming and going thing right now.

Said Flame Queen shook her head before speaking.

"Y-Yeah I'm fine. Was just surprised after hearing that. But don't worry Finn, I'll help you no matter what."

Finn blushed a bit before he rubbed the back of his head before responding.

"Thanks and you're not the only one surprised, I mean I got that Vampire King guy appearing every now and then, he either says things to me or he does odd things… than again I heard that he danced with a cow from Jake so I shouldn't be to surprised… *Shudder*... hope I don't get that flipping bonkers." Finn said while he hoped he didn't go insane.

Phoebe was shocked after hearing about the mental VK but was confused about the dancing thing before speaking up.

"Okay… I don't know how to answer that… but do you see this Vampire King now?" She asked which made Finn blink a few times before he looked around before his gaze stopped at the door to the Library, but it looked like he was thinking somewhat.

"Uh, yeah, seems to be thinking of something while he's looking at the Library here." Finn said since the Vampire King looked lost in thought.

The girls were surprised to hear that before Bubblegum spoke.

"So do you want to go in Finn?"

"Might as well, I mean this guy was normally random right?, maybe something inside got his attention for a reason, I mean he sensed out Dr. Princess before I knew she was even there so that should say something right?." Finn said with a slight shrug since he still remembered the cow thing from Jake.

Bubblegum, Marceline Phoebe shrug as well from the answer before Marceline spoke.

"Well then Hero, let's get inside." She said before going to the door and opened it.

Finn nods before he walked forward slowly and into the room with the other royal women in tow before the door closed when they entered the Library.

Ooo/ Candy Kingdom/ Bad section Library/foyer/ Finn, Marceline, Phoebe, Bubblegum

When the four enter, they saw that the inside of the library was as massive on the inside as it was on the outside, seems that Bubblegum spared no expense when building the place, even the foyer was large in size before they saw a desk with a male humanoid receptionist who was sorting books nearby but he seemed to be alone, and his back was turned so it was hard to tell what the person looked like.

Bubblegum was confused at the man before speaking up.

"Um excuse me, who are you?"

The man looked up from a book he was looking at before he turned to the four with a smile on his face.

"Oh, my apologies your majesty, the previous receptionist had an appointment to go to so I'm her replacement for today, my name is Ranmyaku, nice to meet you." The person, now known as Ranmyaku said with a grin on his face when he approached the group while he was fully seen.

Aside from a few non human features like pointed ears and slight green glowing eyes, Ranmyaku looked surprisingly human, and since he had long brown hair, it hid his ears well so it wouldn't be much of a stretch to call him human by accident, he also wore an outfit that looked like he belonged in a library. (A/N: The Librarian's outdut in the Pagemaster movie when he talked with Richard Tyler.)

Bubblegum raised her eyebrow a bit speaking.

"Alright then. My friends and I are gonna find a spot to discuss privately so we don't wished to be disturbed."

Ranmyaku kept his smile on his face before he bowed slightly to Bubblegum.

"Very well your majesty, is there anything you need beforehand?, like a book about vampires?, I heard of Finn's condition here earlier recently and I want to do anything that I can to help or is there anything else besides that?." Ranmyaku said with a kind look on his face.

The group was surprised to hear that before Bubblegum spoke.

"As a matter of fact, we actually do need a book on vampires."

"Excellent, but a few things to say before you all enter, first of all, could you four take these?" Ranmyaku said while he surprised the group by pulling out 8 items from who knows where.

They looked like 4 maps and 4 cards, each card was paired with the map.

"Why do you want us to take these?" Marceline asked.

"Well the Library is large your majesty and these maps are enchanted to show your current location in the Library, and the cards will allow you to enter certain sections of the library that are normally closed off to the public since you are Princess Bubblegum's closest friends and allies and it would be rude to deprive you the full Library experience... I made the maps by casting the spell myself, I used to travel around a lot as an adventurer of sorts and I learned a few spells over the years that seemed handy as you can see." Ranmyaku said with a kind look on his face while he explained the purpose of the two items and what he did before he became a Librarian.

The group were surprised to hear that before Bubblegum spoke.

"Very well then." She said before she grabbed the cards while Marceline got the maps.

"Thank you, now for you your highness so that the books can be protected." Ranmyaku said when he turned to her with a smile before he starts muttering an odd incantation but it seemed familiar when a few words of the flame shield spell was heard, but the rest was strange.

A moment later, he held his hand out before a hamster ball like shield formed around her before it fades while Ranmyaku just smiles at her.

The group wandered what he did before Phoebe spoke.

"Was that a flame shield spell?"

"Not quite, Flame shields normally have a blue hue when it wraps a skin tight barrier around the body, what I did was… the opposite." Ranmyaku said when he walked to Finn and placed a hand on his shoulder before he gave an angelic like smile.

"My apologies Finn." Ranmyaku said before he surprised the group by pushing Finn towards Phoebe lightly which made him stumble into her arms while an off guard Phoebe caught Finn by his arms while Finn was surprised into his floating state again… but he wasn't even being burned… not even his clothing… all while Ranmyaku placed his arms behind his back while he smiled at the duo to see their reactions.

Bubblegum and Marceline were surprised at Ranmyaku's action while Phoebe, who felt the same thing, blushed a bit when she had Finn in her arms.

"Uh… Why'd you do that?" Marceline questioned.

"Like I said, I did the opposite, instead of making The Flame Queen Fireproof for a short time, I made a boundary barrier that makes things within a certain distance from her fireproof, still working out the kinks like the short time, but for the most part, she can touch things and not burn them now." Ranmyaku said with a grin while he pulled out a notepad while he seemed to write and erase some things.

The group seemed to understand before Bubblegum spoke.

"But was the pushing necessary?"

"I mean no offense your majesty but would you touch her without a flame shield or some kind of covering?" Ranmyaku asked with a curious tone to his voice.

"Hmmm, I guess you have a point." Bubblegum said which made Ranmyaku nod.

"Alright, final thing before you enter... there's a reason for the blocked off areas and it's for your safety that I inform you that some of the books here are enchanted in various ways, some for security to protect books, some that beam info directly into your head, and some that have spell incantations, there are others but those are the most dangerous, hence the reason for the cards, can't have the public get hurt right?, and not to toot my own horn but I brought my own collection of books over the years and I have them set up in one of the sections, I can show you the section itself before leaving you four alone, if you need me I'll either be here or there sorting books or doing some spells to help restore some older books so that they'll be in a better condition, any questions first before we go?" Ranmyaku asked with a smile on his face.

The group took a moment to think before Bubblegum spoke.

"Well we still need the book on vampires. And to answer your question, for now no."

"Very well, anything specific about Vampires or do I bring everything here about them?" Ranmyaku asked with a slight bow of his head to the candy princess.

Bubblegum took a moment to think before looking at Finn.

"What would you like Finn?"

"Hmmm… do you have anything on the former Vampire king?" Finn asked which made Ranmyaku smile.

"Of course, anything specific about him or general things?" Ranmyaku asked to help Finn.

"Ummm… well… know if there is a book about his abilities." Finn asked which made Ranmyaku think for a second before he nods.

"Of course, it will take me a bit to get it, I found a few books about his abilities a few years ago so it could be a bit dated, would that be alright?" Ranmyaku asked which made Finn's eyes widen in surprise when Ranmyaku actually had something about the Former Vampire king that matched what he wanted.

Bubblegum, Marceline and Phoebe were surprised as well before Marceline spoke.

"How did you find that type of info?"

Ranmyaku smiles a bit more before he looked to Marceline.

"Well, I wouldn't be much of an ex-adventurer or a Librarian if I didn't at least have some info about him, I did find a few people in the past who saw what he could do a few times and I actually talked to a few vampires in the past after I made a few deals with them, and even some people who knew him in the past during his more friendly moods, anyway, I should be able to do at least this much to be a proper Librarian right?, please follow me and I'll show you my personal collection of books before I look for what you asked for." Ranmyaku cryptically said with a grin on his face before he starts to walk away to get the books that Finn needed.

The group was shocked after hearing that.

'How old is that guy?' Was what the group had thought.

"Ever get the feeling that some people know more than their letting on?" Finn asked since Ranmyaku seemed to be too perfect of a Librarian to him… and he did remember some of Bubblegum's more… secretive moments.

"Yeah." Bubblegum, Marceline and Phoebe said in unison before they start to follow Ranmyaku before Finn looked to Marceline after he lands on his feet before letting go of Phoebe's arms.

"Hey Marceline, Pb, can I see one of those maps and cards?" Finn asked since he wanted to know how big this place was while Ranmyaku exits the lobby and enters the main section of the Library.

Phoebe felt a little upset from that action before Bubblegum spoke.

"What for?"

"Well I'm curious at how big this place is, and I wanted to see what that card looked like." Finn simply said when he looked to the cards and maps in the two royals hands.

Bubblegum nods at the hero's request before she gave him one of the card keys while Marceline gave him one of the maps.

Finn first looked at the card before he got confused which made him stop before his eyes widen in surprise.

"Uh… everyone… take a look at this." Finn asked when he looked to one side of the card.

The girls were confused before looking at the card.

For Finn when he first looked to it, the card was blank… but after a few seconds things start to form on the card which slowly made it look like some kind of ID… it had Finn's full name, his gender, even had the occupation that showed that he was a Human/Vampire King in training, but the info moved a bit to show that Finn was 17 at the moment… but timer of sorts appeared next to it which showed that he had an hour till his 18th birthday… apparently the card showed basic stuff about the person while a picture formed on one side with a picture of Finn as he currently was with a neutral look on his face which gave a surprisingly good picture.

Bubblegum, Marceline and Phoebe were surprised to see that while blushing a bit at the photo before Marceline spoke.

"Wow Finn. Your birthday is in an hour." She said which made Finn blink a few times before he got confused.

"Huh, Nearly 18?... hey what about you three?, now I'm curious since you saw mine." Finn said with a grin on his face… but he got a bit confused since the other side of the card glows a bit which made his eyes widen greatly at what he saw.

The girls wonder what's wrong before Phoebe spoke.

"What's wrong Finn?"

Finn turned the card to them before the three saw something shocking… the Former Vampire Kings information.

Name: Morlock (A/N: Original name since name is currently unknown, if real name exists please message me.)

Age: 989 (Debatable since multiple sightings tell show and tell that he was alive and dead multiple times.)

Gender: Male

Species: Lion (current mortal form)/ Vampiric essence state (Currently inside of Finn Mertens)

Occupation: former Vampire King/ Lion

Weight: Unknown, able to float at will.

Abilities: Basic Vampire abilities plus more.

The Card cut off there when it ran out of room after it formed a picture of a Stoic looking Vampire King who looked see through somewhat to show his more mental like state.

The girls were surprised after seeing that before Marceline spoke.

"Wow. Didn't see that coming. And who knew Morlock was Vampire King's name."

"Yeah, but why did he pop up here?, thought he would technically be dead." Finn said while he scratched his head before he pockets the card and looks to the royal trio.

"So what do your cards say?" Finn asked when he wondered what would appear on their cards.

Bubblegum, Marceline and Phoebe took a look at their cards before their eyes widen at the info that appeared for each.

Phoebe's card read as followed

Name: Phoebe

Age: 17 Birthday: 2 months/ 18 days

Gender: Female

Species: Flame Elemental/ Fire Elemental

Occupation: Flame King (Or Queen by gender)

Weight: Secret (A lady has to have secrets right?)

Abilities: Various fire based abilities and the ability to shapeshift

Bubblegum's card was as followed

Name: Bonnibel Bubblegum

Age: 20's physically: True Age: 830+

Gender: Female

Species: Sentient humanoid gum; AKA: Gum person

Occupation: Candy Kingdom Princess and scientist or Princeientist (Recently re-inaugurated)

Weight: Debatable since form can be changed if needed from self is regrowing limbs

Abilities: High intellect and moderate combat capabilities

Marceline's card was as followed

Name: Marceline Abadeer

Age: 1003

Gender: Female

Species: Half Demon/ Human Hybrid (Sanguine Vampirism in process)

Occupation: Vampire Queen/ Musician

Weight: Unknown, able to float at will

Abilities: Soul sucking powers plus Former Vampire King's court's powers

All in all, all three cards had the exact same basic general things to show what the three royals already know while Pictures with neutral looks appeared where Finn's and Morlock's pictures appeared.

Bubblegum, Marceline and Phoebe were a bit surprised at the info on their cards before looking at their pictures.

The pictures images looked neutral to them before more info appeared on their cards which started with Phoebe.

Phoebe's added info...

Extra: After break up with Finn Mertens, experimented with a few women in fire kingdom, can form a human shaped phallius and make her figure larger or smaller after some experimenting with her fiery based shapeshifting powers.

Bubblegum's added info...

Extra: With experiments to her body, able to shift form somewhat to allow a human shaped phallus. First time was with Marceline the Vampire Queen. No full real first time with anyone yet.

Marceline's added info...

Extra: Thanks to shapeshifting powers, able to change her body in multiple ways, can change into a different person entirely, can grow phallus or shift figure. First time with Princess Bubblegum.

The trio blushed after reading the extra info on their cards.

They were also surprised after reading who each of them were with.

But now they're worried what Finn will think.

Finn in the meantime saw their blushing faces and raised an eyebrow before he spoke up.

"Uh… is everything ok?" Finn asked before he starts to walk to the trio.

Bubblegum, Marceline and Phoebe quickly shook their heads before they all said.

"Everythings fine!"

Finn stopped for a second to look to the trio when they saw what they did before he looked to his card if something appeared on theirs to make them act like that, it was just basic info right?

Finn then saw some more info appearing which made his eyes widen a bit.

Finn's added info…

Extra: Still has crush on Marceline the Vampire Queen, Phoebe the Flame Queen, and Princess Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom. Does not know anything about tiers except basics so still virgin when Jake told him to stay away from later tiers.

Finn blushed a bit before he turned the card over to hide the info before his eyes widen greatly while he froze up when some more info managed to get onto the card… but barely so not much info could be added to Morlock's side of the card.

The girls noticed that before Marceline spoke.

"Something wrong Finn?"

Finn however didn't answer while he kept looking at the card in his hand, whatever he saw must have shocked him beyond belief.

Then suddenly Marceline swiped the card from Finn's hands.

Finn however…didn't even react even when he knew his own info would be embarrassing… what was on Morlock's half anyway?

Marceline looked at Finn's side again to see if there was any extra info on the card.

Her eyes widen in shock before blushing a bit brightly after reading who Finn has feelings for.

Then she giggled a bit after she read the part about the virgin thing before she shook her head after realizing this is Jake's fault.

Finn didn't even react to the fact that his card was gone from his hands still while he tried to process what he read on the other side of the card.

Bubblegum and Phoebe wondered what's on Finn's card before Bubblegum spoke.

"What's it say?"

Marceline chuckles before sending her a look she would say later before she flipped the card over to see what was so shocking before she herself froze while her own eyes widen in shock at what she read which made Phoebe and Bubblegum look to one another before they walked next to Marceline before reading what was on the card.

Morlocks side of the card…

Extra: Has two children, one son, one daughter.

The Trio's jaws dropped after reading it.

"No way." Marceline said with wide eyed shocked when she recovered somewhat.

Finn managed to recover slowly before he finally realized that his card was taken before he looked around before he saw it in Marceline's hands before he quickly walked forward with more wobbling before he floats a bit when he gripped the card while hoping to Glob that the trio didn't see the other side before he spoke up.

"C-Can I get that back please." Finn asked while he had the card pinched between his fingers.

The girls regained their composure before looking at the floating Vampire King in training before Marceline spoke.

"Uh… Finn? Did you read Morlock's info?"

"Yeah… surprised me since I didn't expect that…" Finn said while he kept his fingers on the card with surprising strength.

"Even the part where he has kids?" Marceline said before releasing the card.

"Yeah… I'm going to ask that when I see him next time." Finn said while he still had trouble processing that the Vampire King had kids while he pockets the card.

Marceline nods before thinking.

'Hehe, Bonnie and Phoebe are gonna love when I tell them about the other part.' She thought before she had another idea.

'Hmmmm, since Finn is gonna be 18 in an hour, might as well help pop his cherry as a gift. Besides, it's not like he'll complain much since he loves me.'

Finn saw the thoughtful look on her face before he spoke up while his face got close to hers when he floated a bit to close.

"Marcy, you ok?, was that info that shocking?" Finn said not realizing that Marceline read his side as well which in a sense…gave a double meaning for that.

Marceline's train of thought was interrupted after hearing that before her face blushed at how close Finn was.

"Y-Yeah it was. I mean I didn't know he had kids when I hunted him. Now I'm worrying if they're gonna come here for vengeance on us." She said even though it wasn't a lie since she had no idea.

Finn frowned before he placed his hands on her shoulders.

"Don't worry, I'll work hard to get these abilities under control so that I can protect you and everyone else I care about." Finn said while his eyes momentarily glow to show how serious he was without him knowing it.

Bubblegum, Marceline and Phoebe blushed a bit brightly after hearing that.

Though Marceline blushed a bit more when she saw those red glowing eyes before Finn let her shoulders go before he mutters about rocks and lands on his feet before he pulled out the map and opened it before he spoke up.

"Whoa… this place is big…" Finn said when he looked at the map which showed a detailed map. (A/N: Think of the Marauders map from Harry Potter but more 3d looking to show how big the Library was.)

There was also a little blue dot in the lobby that showed where Finn was while a red one for Marceline, an orange dot for Phoebe, and a pink one for Bubblegum was seen which seemed to focus on their closed maps.

The girls were surprised when they saw the map before Bubblegum spoke.

"Remarkable. So Finn, is there anything on the map you want to go to?"

Finn took a moment to look at the map before he noticed a little black dot that waits at the door where Ranmyaku went before he remembered that they were following him to his collection.

"I think we were suppose to follow Ranmyaku here." Finn said while he points to the black dot when he thought it was Ranmyaku.

The girls nods to Finn before the group used the map to find Ranmyaku after they enter the main library which was oddly covered with shadows, than again it was nighttime so it was a bit hard to see.

Thankfully they saw him sitting on a chair nearby while he read a book near a candle while another thicker book was next to him that looked old and it looked like he didn't notice them yet.

It wasn't long till they reached the librarian before Marceline spoke.

"Yo dude." She called which caused Ranmyaku to blink a few times before he looked over to the group before he smiles.

"Oh hello, glad that you entered, thought that you all left or something with how much time you took." Ranmyaku said with a gentle smile on his face.

"Our apologies." Bubblegum said which made Ranmyaku chuckle before he stood up.

"No worries, I took the time to grab the book that Finn needed, I wouldn't be much of a Librarian if I couldn't do at least this much." Ranmyaku said while he looked to the bigger older book on the table.

"Whoa… thanks man, you rule." Finn said with a grin on his face which made Ranmyaku chuckle again before he looked to the three women.

"So, while Finn reads the book here, want me to show you a section of the Library of interest, or can I show my personal collection?, you might find something of interest." Ranmyaku said while he bowed a bit to the three royals.

The girls looked to one another before Bubblegum spoke.

"To your personal collection please."

"Excellent, I hope you have your cards and maps in hand, after I show you my collection, I'll leave you three alone so you can read in peace." Ranmyaku said before he mutters for a moment before a ball of light was called to his hand which lit the room greatly which showed a breathtaking sight to all when they saw the section of the Library they were in in its full glory. (Picture the Library of the PageMaster if anyone forgot and add a few more floors to make it bigger.)

The group stared at AWE when they saw the room.

"Whoa." They said in unison before Ranmyaku spoke up.

"Well than your majesties, please follow me if you would be so kind, Finn, enjoy the book and if I can help with anything else, please let me know." Ranmyaku said before he starts to walk away with the ball of light floating over his hands.

The girls were surprised for a bit before looking at Finn.

"We'll be back later Finn, okay?" Bubblegum said which made Finn nod.

"Alright, be careful ok?" Finn said when he floats to the table and opened the book before he looked to the first page before he starts to read while he floats in the air when it seemed more comfortable for him when he didn't have to strain his neck.

The girls smiled at the scene before they start following the librarian.

A few minutes pass before the four found themselves at a locked gate with multiple chains and thick bars before Ranmyaku looked to them.

"Please slide your card in this scanner please." Ranmyaku said while he gestured to a card reader next to the gate on the wall.

The girls looked to one another before the trio took their cards and did what the librarian instructed.

A moment passed before the gate rumbles before the chains glow and with a surprisingly impressive snap which sent glowing chain bits flying for a second which vanished before the bits could hit anything.

The Bars than both raised and lowered in a pattern before Ranmyaku looked to the three women to see their reactions.

Bubblegum, Marceline and Phoebe were surprised when they saw that after feeling a bit worried after the chain bits went flying.

Ranmyaku chuckles before speaking up while gesturing to the three for them to enter.

"Welcome to my personal collection, I hope it suits your tastes, now if you'll excuse me, I'll be doing some work here and there." Ranmyaku said before he walked away with one hand behind his back while he tossed the orb into his collection section which floats in the middle of the room before he summoned another to light his way.

That's when Marceline had something to say.

"Hold on a second." She said which caused Ranmyaku to stop before he looked to her with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes?, is there something that you need?" Ranmyaku asked when he turned to her.

"By any chance… would you happen to have a book that can tell any info on to how to neutralize any cursed objects?" Marceline asked while hoping to find something on how to free Simon from the crown.

Ranmyaku just give her an eye smile of sorts at her question before he held up a finger.

"But of course, I have a few here and there, I'll bring them to you right away, anything else for you or your companions?" Ranmyaku asked while he waits for any more requests or questions.

The trio looked to one another before Bubblegum spoke.

"No that will be all."

"Very well, if you need anything, I'll return in soon, so if you need anything than, please let me know." Ranmyaku said before he starts to walk away with a smile on his face when he went to grab some curse removing books for Marceline.

The trio waited for the librarian to be as far away before Marceline spoke.

"He seems like a nice guy."

"Maybe but he seems too perfect, I mean he found a book on the former Vampire King and now he's getting books on curse removal, and he knows magic." Phoebe said when things didn't add up to her about this Ranmyaku person before she looked to Bubblegum.

"Shouldn't the real Librarian tell you if she had a temp in charge?" Phoebe asked while Bubblegum shrugged a bit.

"True but that was before the… *King of Ooo* stepped in, he could have changed the Librarian here for one who didn't really care for protocol and the previous Librarian could have went on vacation for all we know, I'll have to come here tomorrow and see if she returns or not." Bubblegum said while she frowned when she mentioned the king of Ooo's name with some venom while she crossed her arms.

That's when Marceline spoke.

"Well at least he's gone." She said hoping that it helps before Bubblegum sighs.

"Yeah… anyway before we get off track, why don't we go in here and talk, I'm curious on what you saw on Finn's side of his card." Bubblegum said while Phoebe nods in agreement.

"Well before I tell you, Bonnibel, I think we should discuss *the thing* that we were gonna tell Finn about to Phoebe here." Marceline said while Phoebe looked a bit confused.

"What thing are you talking about?" Phoebe said when she raised an eyebrow while Bubblegum blushed a bit before she looked to Marceline for help.

Marceline crosses her arms before speaking.

"Do you still have feelings for Finn?"

"Uh… wow, kind of out there all of a sudden, why ask that?, we broke up remember?" Phoebe said while she felt a bit off from the look that Marceline was giving her.

Marceline raised her eyebrow before speaking.

"Well that's a shame. Because when I looked at Finn's card, I saw more info on the bottom. The first part says that he a crush on all three of us."

Phoebe blinked a few times at the question before she blushed for a second before Bubblegum blinked a few times as well before she spoke up.

"Uh hold on, what about Cinnamon bun?, I heard from Finn that you cared for Cinnamon bun." Bubblegum said which made Phoebe blink a few times while paleing a bit before she spoke up when she returned to normal.

"He's like a father of sorts since mine was never one, he's more than double my age remember?, I never even considered that?... guess things must have looked that way to Finn." Phoebe said while she shuddered again from the mental image that got put in her head from Bubblegum's question.

"No kidding. I saw him leaving the Fire Kingdom while feeling depressed and heard him saying stuff like how he messed up again, being shown up by Cinnamon Bun and thinking he had no chance with you." Marceline said which made Phoebe frown at that before she sighs.

"At first after our break up, I was more focused on getting my kingdom in order and when I got my throne taken away I was focused on that as well, and after that, Finn and I became friends again, every now and then I get some feelings for Finn again… but when I remember what he did those times, I have a hard time deciding if he actually matured or not, I mean what if he did anything like that to either of you if you were in my shoes?" Phoebe asked since this was really confusing for her.

Marceline sighs before speaking.

"I understand what you're saying. But Finn has matured a lot. I mean I wouldn't mind dating him. Besides he be a much better boyfriend than… Ash." She said with a little venom in her voice.

Phoebe and Bubblegum frowned when they heard that name when Ash, a Wizard and Ex-boyfriend of Marceline did some pretty bad things to her over the years and even tried to erase Marceline's memories of her breakup but Finn and Jake helped her with that before Phoebe sighs.

"Alright, granted that Finn is a lot better than this Ash guy I heard about, but Finn caused me to melt the ice kingdom and fight the Ice King, who I heard from a few people over the years was an old friend of yours, wouldn't you be mad after something like that?" Phoebe asked when she seemed to perk up more but gets defensive when she mentioned that day.

"Oh I was mad at Finn at first before I slugged him in the cheek. But then Jake came and told me that Finn did those things because he was following that dumb dream made by the Cosmic Owl and also Jake made Finn keep going because of that dream." Marceline said.

"Wait…you're telling me… that because of a dream by the Cosmic Owl… and some advice from his brother to keep going with that stupid dream… I melted the Ice King's home, got into the second fight with the Ice King and broke up with Finn thanks to them!?" Phoebe growled out with actual venom in her voice when she realized who the real issue was.

"Yeah pretty much. Anyway it took me sometime, but I forgave Finn after that." Marceline said which caused Phoebe to grow with anger a bit before she blinked a few times when she realized something.

"Oh Glob... I broke up with Finn thanks to Jake and a freaking dream owl… what do I do now?" Phoebe said when she felt depressed while she sat on a nearby chair and placed her face in her hands.

Marceline then walked to Phoebe before she placed her hand on the Flame Queen's shoulder in a comforting way before speaking.

"Hey don't be sad. This can be a good opportunity for you. You see Bonnie and I made a deal where we can share Finn since we care for him a lot. Now we had feeling you might still have feelings for him. So if you agree on the sharing thing maybe you two can go one a date and see how mature he got."

"What!?, when did that happen?... oh why ask, I mean, Finn and you are becoming vampires and Bubblegum here is practically ageless, I may live a lot longer than most but I'm not immortal or have eternal youth, how do you expect me to even agree sharing when one issue, Finn getting burned apparently vanishing if he got that fire resistance thing from you and the former Vampire King, to now me being mortal and him being immortal." Phoebe said when she felt depressed again which caused her flames to dim some.

"Well first I can't get burned since my dad is the ruler of the Nightosphere and I got that trait from him. Now since Finn has the Vampire King's powers, he can do some elemental manipulation. So basically he can't get burned. And as for the long life thing, I'm sure there's a book in here that can help you be immortal." Marceline said to try and cheer Phoebe up.

Phoebe gave her a half lidded look before she spoke up.

"Ok, I get that this guys impressive but do you really think he has some kind of book on immortality?" Phoebe said before the trio got the shock of their life when a loud thud was heard which shook the table which made them look to see the man in question, Ranmyaku, placing multiple stacks of books on the table on a large cart.

"Here are the books you ordered from curses and dispelling them for dummies all the way to legendary curses and how to find loopholes for them for the highly intelligent, would there be anything else that you need?" Ranmyaku asked while he looked to the three stunned women with a smile on his face.

Marceline was surprised when she saw those books before speaking.

"Uh yeah… do you have a book that shows you how to be immortal?"

Ranmyaku took a second to think about that before looking to Marceline.

"Pardon me for saying this but I doubt you would need it your majesty, I mean you are returning to your vampiric state right?" Ranmyaku said when he finished placing the books on the table and turned to her… but the way he said it did tell that he had one or two here somehow… just who is this guy?

Marceline blinked a few times before speaking.

"Okay, no it's for my fiery friend here."

Ranmyaku took a moment to look to Phoebe before he took a moment to think.

"I see, hmm… well I do have some books here but I'm not sure that they'll have info on turning an elemental immortal, give me a bit to see what I have." Ranmyaku said before he starts walking away before Phoebe had enough before she spoke up.

"Hold it, there's a question I want to ask you." Phoebe said which made Ranmyaku look to her before he spoke up.

"Yes?" Ranmyaku said before Phoebe spoke up.

"Who are you really?, you have all of these books here and you say that your just temping for the former Librarian?, I want to call flipping bull on that since you seem to know more about this place than you let on, and those maps and cards and this security system and those spells you know… I mean seriously, there's only so much stuff one can take before a person starts asking questions." Phoebe said while Ranmyaku stood there for a moment to think of an answer for that.

Marceline and Bubblegum were surprised at first after hearing that. But they were curious about the temp.

Ranmyaku however just smiles at the trio before he spoke up.

"Let's just say that I wouldn't be much of a Librarian or a fan of books if I couldn't do at least this much… but… let's just say that I'm not what I appear to be and leave it at that, just know that all I want to do is help in anyway I can, as for the previous Librarian, she left when the King of Ooo took over which caused the place to go into a decline of sorts hince the book repairs and I decided to make this place my own Library that anyone can enjoy." Ranmyaku cryptically said before he turned away from them.

"My apologies if that didn't answer your questions, but I'll be back with the required books so please enjoy the reading material here and I'll be back shortly." Ranmyaku said before he hums a bit when he starts pushing the cart away from the trio and into the darkness of the Library before he summoned another ball of light.

The girls were surprised for a bit before Marceline spoke.

"Okay… Wow. But he gives a good point."

Phoebe was just straight up more confused about Ranmyaku than ever before she rubbed the sides of her head.

"Glob… I feel like I'll get a migraine if I try and think of this anymore right now... . what is it with people and secrets." Phoebe said while she tried to figure out that question before Bubblegum spoke to her.

"Perhaps some questions are left unanswered. I mean he is being helpful with everything else."

"Maybe but the most important thing I want to know is how he got all of this stuff…I mean look at this." Phoebe said while she picked up a book that didn't burn while a large skull was on it that had the title: Mass targeting curses and how to defend against them.

"And than there's this one." Phoebe said while she put the book down and picked up another that read: Love spells and how to undo them safely.

Phoebe then put the book down before her eyes widen when she read a certain books title.

"Uh Marceline… you may want to read this one." Phoebe said while she looked surprised.

Said Vampire Queen was confused before she looked at the book before her eyes widen as well from what it said.

The Title of this book was called: Cursed or magical object possessions and how to safely remove them or their effects.

Marceline's hands shook as she hold the book.

"This is it." She said with a wide eyed look on her face.

"You sure?, I mean I heard that the Ice of crown made people go insane sure but would this really help?" Phoebe said after she looked into the Ice king more after she kicked his buns around.

"I'm positive. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to ignore the other books. Besides I'm not in a rush. I have plenty of time to read these before helping Finn. Speaking of which, do you agree with us on sharing Finn Phoebe?" Marceline asked which made Phoebe blushed a bit before sighing, though Bubblegum and Phoebe did worry about what kind of idea she could have with these other cursed based books.

"I… don't know… I mean what if he doesn't forgive me?, I mean crush or not, he could get angry or something if I just walk up to him and ask him if I can date him again, I mean wouldn't you if your Ex, not Ash by the way, wanted to try and get back with you and you didn't see it coming." Phoebe asked which showed that while she might agree, she would be worried that Finn could take it wrong or something.

Marceline took a moment to think on that before speaking.

"Well I would be shocked, but I would at least talk with him first before making a decision. But he doesn't seem to hate you. The only thing he hates is himself for hurting you."

Phoebe took a moment to think about that before speaking.

"Can… I take a bit to think… I… got a lot to think about now." Phoebe asked while she took a seat near Marceline again.

"Alright but before you do there's one other thing I discovered in Finn's card that you two should know." Marceline said with a grin on her face when she got to the juicy stuff.

Phoebe and Bubblegum looked to one another before they looked to Marceline and spoke up at the same time.

"What?" The duo said to the Vampire Queen with some confusion in their voices.

Marceline grins more at the two royals before speaking.

"As it turns out, our dear Finny is still a virgin and still hasn't got the talk thanks to Jake."

Phoebe and Bubblegum took a moment to process that before speaking at once again.

"What!?" the duo said when they couldn't believe that before remembering who Marceline mentioned before Bubblegum sighs while she spoke some German word before speaking.

"Oh Jake… why?" Bubblegum said with a worried tone for the Vampire King in training since Finn didn't know the birds and the bees it seems.

"Remind me… should I roast Jake's buns on an open flame for a bit, cause he seems to be messing with Finn's head a lot lately." Phoebe asked with a half lidded look on her face while she lit her hand aflame.

Marceline chuckled before speaking.

"You could… but Finn might not like that. Even though Jake has a habit of messing things up for Finn, he still a brother to the Hero. Besides I don't think Lady Rainicorn would be happy if that happens."

"She might if she heard what Jake did, I'm sure some kind of Karma will hit him sooner or later and I'm really willing to speed that process up a bit." Phoebe said with a half lidded look on her face.

Then Bubblegum spoke.

"Well technically Lady did punish him for that. She banned him from doing… tier 15 with her for a year."

"A year?, not bad, but can I at least throw a fireball at him since I just learned this now?, or do you two have better ideas?" Phoebe asked while she wanted to get some kind of payback for the Fire and Ice fiasco herself.

Bubblegum and Marceline took a moment to think about that before Marceline spoke.

"We'll think about it later. Right now I believe I know a perfect gift for the hero, since he's almost 18, and it can be from the three of us."

"Uh… what exactly?" Phoebe asked when she had trouble following while Bubblegum blushed a bit when she was already figuring out where Marceline was going with this.

Marceline grins before speaking.

"We show Finn how to do tier 15 by helping him pop his cherry."

Phoebe's eyes widen greatly before Phoebe spoke up.

"Uh, Marceline, even if we agree, and that's a small if right now, how could all three of us do that when Finn only has one first time… I mean it's called that for a reason." Phoebe said with a blush growing on her face when her imagination went a bit wild.

"Well we tell him what he has to do and we show him what a girl likes. Plus Bonnie did say how big *it* is." Marceline said.

Phoebe didn't get the reference for a second before her eyes widen when she looked to the candy Monarch who blushed at the stare before speaking up.

"It was done by a male nurse and it was a legit medical exam, learning his size… was just a… but of a bonus." Bubblebum said while Phoebe's eye twitched before she looked to Marceline.

"So… who does get the first time anyway?, I mean I'm out for now since I'm not even with Finn yet and I'm not even sure about Bubblegum here…" Phoebe said while she points an armored thumb at Bubblegum who rubbed the back of her head a bit from that.

"Well right now Finn is thinking so we were gonna wait till we check on him and see if he agrees on the sharing thing." Marceline said.

"And if he agrees?" Phoebe asked when she wondered what would happen.

"If he agrees then that's it. And if he doesn't, which will be unlikely, we'll just persuade him." Marceline said with a smirk before wiggling her eyebrows.

Phoebe and Bubblegum blushed a bit at the persuading part before Bubblegum spoke up.

"What about taking it slow though?, remember Finn's jacked up with relationships right now and this Vampire stuff is only gonna add to that, besides how are we gonna even try tier 15 with him if he'll just become a stuttering blushing mess?." Bubblegum said while blushing a bit from talking about tier 15 with Finn already while Phoebe herself blushed again but kept silent for now to listen to the duo.

Marceline did remember that before speaking.

"Relax Bonnie, I'm not gonna try to rush things. We give Finn some time think, go see him and ask if he agrees, and then we teach him tier 15 and after that we do the part of taking things slow." She said before she noticed the time on the clock and saw how close Finn's birthday is before thinking.

'Except I won't do that part...yet. Gotta give my man a reward for saving me and stuff. Just need to create a diversion.' Marceline thought when she already had an idea when she noticed the security device next to the wall.

"Hey Bonnie, I am wondering something, this maybe your security system but think that Ranmyaku guy added things to it to make that gate?, makes me wonder if he's as smart as you or something, I mean he does look like he reads a lot after all." Marceline said when she floats to the security system panel and taunted Bubblegum somewhat to get her attention.

Phoebe was curious on what Marceline was getting while Bubblegum frowns at the remarks she was hearing speaking.

"Excuse me? But there is no one in Ooo that is smarter than me." She said before she stormed over to see the security device.

"I don't know, I mean that guy looked like he used both magic and science for this, you say magic is just unexplained science so why not explain what he did if you can." Marceline taunts while she floats away from the security panel while *Dropping* her map to get Phoebe's attention.

Bubblegum huffed a bit before she starts examining the device.

Phoebe then got up before heading over to the duo to see what the commotion is about.

Unfortunately for Bubblegum who was touching the panel to get a feel for it, Marceline used a few strands of her hair to make it look like Bubblegum tripped to her right when she moved in that direction… before she crashed into Phoebe while a red light went off on the panel when it looked like Bubblegum hit something she shouldn't have before the two tangled women got tangled in a suggestive position.

The position had Phoebe's head accidentally ending up inside of Bubblegum's dress, inside of Ranmayku's collection area... Right before the bars slammed shut on the three which closed in Phoebe and Bubblegum and left Marceline alone while multiple chains reformed on the bars to double the durability.

"W-What the cabbage is going on?" Phoebe questioned as she tried to get away from Bubblegum.

Said candy monarch was doing the same thing before speaking.

"I-I don't know. Marceline help us out."

"Uh… I don't know, these bars seem durable and I lost my card when I set it down on the table here, I think it got used as a bookmark by accident when I placed it in a book of interest and I forgot the title since I only saw it once, do either of you two have your cards?" Marceline said to the collapsed duo when she tapped on the chained up bars a few times while Phoebe and Bubblegums cards were secretly thrown under the table near her and made it look like they got there after the duo crashed, but in a way that they wouldn't be noticed unless Phoebe got near the bars, the two hairs from earlier took the cards while a section of them did the rest.

Phoebe and Bubblegum still struggle for a bit before the duo checked for their cards before Bubblegum spoke.

"My card's gone."

"Mine too." Phoebe said.

MArceline took a moment to think before smiling.

"No worries, if Finn's still at the entrance area, I'll see if I can get him here if he hadn't left for another book so he can use his card, be back soon so wish me luck, read some of these books in the meantime, there could be a secret bookcase or something here since this is Bubblegum's library were talking about." Marceline said with a slight tease before she starts to fly to the entrance which left the duo alone after Marceline picked up her map after she *Noticed* it.

Bubblegum and Phoebe continues to struggle before Phoebe spoke up.

"Hey Bonnibel?" She called.

"Yes?" Bubblegum said when she managed to push herself up a bit.

"Do you get the feeling that Marceline planned this?" Phoebe asked.

"Possibly every time I see her she's always thinking of some kind of prank like plan." Bubblegum said with a half lidded look on her face before she sighs while it seemed that she forgot that Phoebe's head was between her legs and in her dress, and when Bubblegum pushed herself up, she gave Phoebe a real eyeful of her panties when the dress moved away from Phoebe's eyes.

Said Flame Elemental blushed brightly before her head back and pulled herself up before speaking.

"W-Well… knowing her, she's probably gonna have her way with Finn when she gets there."

"N-No way, it's not his 18th birthday yet, Marceline maybe a lot of things but she doesn't go for minors no matter how close to their 18th birthday it is, besides she agreed to take things slow!" Bubblegum said when she managed to pull herself free from Phoebe, but because of Phoebe's armor… the lower half of the dress was ripped to show the right side of her hip while the tear went all the way up her leg.

Phoebe was surprised before she motioned Bubblegum to look at her dress.

Bubblegum was a bit confused before she looked down and blushed a bit when she showed so much leg.

"Oh Glob, I maybe able to do a lot but Gum does not make a good dress in durability, easy to fix though." Bubblegum said when she got ready to repair her dress.

Then Phoebe spoke.

"Um… just a reminder, how much time is left for Finn's B-Day?"

Bubblegum was a bit confused at that question before she stopped before she could even touch her dress when she realized something.

"Oh Glob… if I know her well enough… she would have saw the info on Finn's side and already figured it out… and if she's really planning on doing something…then sometime within the next few minutes, she might check his card first but…" Bubblegum said before she fell silent before her mind went into blush inducing territory.

"What?" Phoebe asked with a confused look.

"Well… while Marceline is stubborn and aggressive… when we were together… I was normally the dominant one when we… you know… so if she pushes Finn over the edge… well… we might see a really satisfied Marceline later since the rougher a person gets… the… more hot under the collar she becomes and Finn would be aggressive if he finds that out… no clue if that would be his thing though… but repressed desires have surprised me before." Bubblegum nervously said to the Queen of fire while she scratched her cheek.

Phoebe was shocked after hearing that before blushing a bit of the idea of Finn being aggressive before speaking.

"We have got to get out of here."

"Well we can try, but if this Ranmyaku guy added some security I wouldn't risk anything to explosive since were in his personal collection area so the level could be higher here than the rest, can you try and melt a few bars?, I'll try and find a book here that has some kind of spell that can get us out of here… *Sigh*, can't believe I have to rely on unexplained science." Bubblegum said to Phoebe before she starts to look on the shelves for a book while the orb of light gave the duo a decent light source.

Phoebe then tries to use her fire powers to melt some of the bars on the door.

However to her surprised, the moment the fire touched the bars they and the chains glow before the fire was absorbed in between the bars and vanished…right before a Hologram version of Ranmyaku appeared in front of Phone and wiggled it's finger at her while repeating this line a few times.

"Ah, ah, ah… ah, ah, ah, that's no good, prepare for level one restraints." The Hologram said before many small chains shot from the larger chains and wrapped around Phoebe tightly before her armor vanished and…the chains left her in a very provocative outfit that looked a lot like a dominatrix outfit made of chains that didn't seem to melt while it covered her body well.

"WHAT THE BALL?!" Phoebe yelled which made Bubblegum look to her and blushed at the new outfit she wore.

"Uh…I should ask the same thing…. What happened?" Bubblegum asked when her blush brightened a bit while she looked away from Phoebe when her imagination went wild.

Phoebe blushed brightly at what's happening before speaking.

"H-Help me out of these chains."

However before Bubblegum could do anything, the hologram spoke up with an eye smile.

"Now an explanation as to what just happened if you have no idea about the security here." The Hologram said which made the two look to the hologram while it continues.

"First off, it removed all articles of clothing and replaced with chain like outfit, style depends on wearers personality." The Hologram said while it took a moment to let the info sink in.

Phoebe was shocked to hear that before speaking.

"What do you mean personality?"

"I… think it means that you're a dominant person… from what I can tell." Bubblegum said while the hologram continues to explain like a recording.

"First time offenders have the outfit only and this prerecorded recording, make a second offence and depending on the style of outfit, the chains will shock the wearer greatly to prove that I take the security here seriously, no worries about the bathroom needs, the chains, while equippable, can be shifted slightly to allow full access to the person's body, think of it as cursed armor, the effect will fade once you leave the Library and you'll be re-equipped in your own outfit… have a nice day." The Hologram explained before waving while also telling the duo that it was a recording before it vanished.

Phoebe was again shocked before speaking.

"Oh Glob… I can't believe this is happening to me."

"Well it could be worse, at least your not in the nude." Bubblegum said while she blushed again when she saw the outfit on Phoebe which made her imagination go a bit wild again.

"Are you sure your not a dom like person?, guess your not as innocent as I thought if this curse outfit works, and Ranmyaku hasn't proved us wrong yet." Bubblegum said while she looked closely at the outfit and saw that it really was made of tiny chains that seemed to stick together in a way that left Phoebe in a daring outfit.

Said Flame Elemental was blushing in embarrassment before speaking.

"Can this day get any worse? I don't want Finn to see me in this."

Bubblegum just gave her a half lidded look before she spoke up.

"Ok, I'm not much of a superstitious person, but saying a line like that pretty much just guaranteed that Finn loses his virginity and he sees you in that, I mean do you remember who we are exactly?, trouble will follow us at any chance it can." Bubblegum said while she gripped the back of Phoebe's outfit to see if it could be moved at all but unintentionally made it hug Phoebe's breasts and caused the lower part to rub her lower unclothed half accidently.

Phoebe grunts a bit before speaking.

"H-Hey careful."

Bubblegum however ignored her by messing with the suit more when her scientific mind went into overdrive before the scene went to Marceline while she approached Finn's area.

Ooo/ Bad section Library/ Entrance area/ Finn

Finn was still at the table while he continued to read the book but he starts moving away from the table when he looked at the map for Vampire books and decided to move to a new section after he kicked off the table.

With Marceline in the meantime while she got closer to the entrance area…

Marceline was floating along while she thought of a few ways to convince Finn on celebrating his birthday before her mind went into more… adult territory.

'Here I come Finny. Hope you're ready to lose that v-card and be my man.' She thought before licking her lips a bit.

However when she made it to the area where Finn was, she saw that he was missing and there were a couple shoe marks on the edge of the table which showed that he jumped and floated away into another section for some reason while the book about Morlock was on a certain page.

Marceline was curious about that before she went to check on the book.

Turns out it told about the sunless room that Finn mentioned earlier but it had a few complicated words on how it could be made, some were even in another language while an arrow pointed to a handwritten note by Ranmyaku.

"I got this info from multiple Vampires so the info might be mixed with different languages, look in the translation sections for these books." The Note read before a number of foreign languages to English were listed.

Marceline was surprised for a moment before she tries calling Finn.

"Hey Finn you here?" She calls out.

Unfortunately it seemed like the Translation section was a fair distance away and Finn couldn't hear her… which was also reinforced when her voice echoed a bit.

Marceline then remembered the map she picked up before leaving Bubblegum and Phoebe before she opened up and looked it over till she found Finn's dot.

It seemed a fair distance away and looked like it was near the stairs on the second floor while it moved around a bit near some 3d looking shelves.

Marceline smirked before speaking up.

"Here I come birthday boy. Or should I say man after I get my hands on your v-card." She said before she starts following the direction of the map.

Meanwhile with Finn…

He was moving around the area while he looked at a piece of paper with a note that showed the books needed while he placed each one on the table when he floats over the table to drop them up.

"*Sigh* who knew that learning was hard… I got mads respect for Pb now who does this daily… she must have a lot of stress if she does this day and night… wonder what I can do to help her with that." Finn said while he looked to the list again to make sure he had everything.

That's when he heard a familiar voice.

"Hey Finn."

Finn looked up from the note when he realized who spoke up and looked around to see no one, the voice was a few shelves away from him before he spoke up.

"Marceline?, something the matter?" Finn said when he waits for the Vampire Queen to approach him while he floats near the table with books since he had trouble moving around here since he had to take things slow.

It took a few seconds before Marceline appeared from around the corner and approached the Vampire King in training with a smile before speaking.

"Just checking to see how you doing."

"Oh I'm good, I found a page on the sunless room that the Vampire king made…but I got a lot of reading to do… maybe I should ask Pb to look at the page for me since she must know all of these languages by heart, where is she by the way?, and Phoebe too?" Finn asked when he didn't noticed the two other royals.

Marceline still smiles before speaking.

"Oh they're just busy in Ranmyaku's section, seems they found some interesting things, and I even got a book that might be able to help Simon." Marceline said which made Finn's eyes widen before he smiles at Marceline.

"That's great!, did you look in the book yet?" Finn asked while he placed his hands on her shoulders after he floats to her with an excited look in his eyes.

Marceline chuckled with a slight blush before speaking.

"No not yet. I have time. Besides, I figured you could use a little company since you've been here all alone reading. But also was wondering if you thought about what me and Bonnie talked back at the cafeteria."

It took a minute for Finn to register the question before he blushed.

"Uh… what question is that again?" Finn asked to be sure while he blushed when he thought it was the sharing one.

"About me and Bonnie sharing you." Marceline said which made Finn blush more when he was right about the sharing question.

"I-I don't know… I mean I messed up with Phoebe and that was really bad, what if I do worse and it actually harms you or Pb?" Finn asked when he worried about his past experiences.

Marceline brought her hand to Finn's cheek before speaking.

"Finn you can't keep thinking of the past. You made a mistake yes, but you learned from it. Plus part of the blame goes to the dream turkey and Jake. I know he's your brother but he should've at least think about what happened before giving you the advice."

"M-Maybe, but what if I do something and end up even worse than Ash?, I mean did he destroy a kingdom or risk losing one to a madman?, I mean the guy treated you like dirt and you didn't deserve any of that, you must have a heart of gold or something to deal with his junk like personality for so long." Finn said when he frowned when he remembered Ash's actions.

Marceline frowned a bit before speaking.

"Don't ever compare yourself to that piece of filth, Finn. Ash my not have done those things, but the one thing that idiot can never do was accepting responsibility. That moron only cared for himself. But you Finn are different, you've shown responsibility and cared for others than yourself. I know you won't do something like that again. What you have to do is not follow the Cosmic Owl and follow what you think. You're a cool dude Finn. Which is why…" Marceline said before stopping as she blushed a bit.

Finn blushed as well before he lowered his head.

"Thanks Marceline… you… are probably the most radical dame I know besides Pb and Phoebe… I already know that I won't do any of that again since The Cosmic owl caused a few issues for me in the past besides that… I normally stick by Jake now since he had a croak dream and there was other things but..." Finn said while he tried to find other stuff to say to the Vampire Queen.

That's when Marceline asked this surprising question.

"So Finn, what do you feel for me, Bonnie and Phoebe?"

Finn blushed brightly before he looked to her with a serious look in his eyes.

"I-I think you three are some of the most radical dames I ever met, Phoebe… we dated at first since I thought she was cute but that became more as we got along… Pb, she's the smartest person I know and she can be cool when needed… and those dresses make her look… beautiful… and you Marceline…" Finn said before he took a breath so he could continue what he was about to say to her.

Marceline wondered what Finn was gonna say about her before Finn spoke up.

"You… your one of the best friends I have who I can count on in a fight, you can also make a party seem more alive when you appear… and… you are one of the… hottest women I know... I… gotta admit something since I need to get something off my chest since I said that… figured I should be honest." Finn said while he blushed brighter than ever before.

Marceline blushed brightly as well before she was ready to hear what Finn was gonna say.

"Jake and I… we hid in your closet once even when you told us to stay out of your house… I followed Jake in and tried to get him out… but you came home and we hid there... after you went into the bathroom… he told me to scope out the scene and... I saw you undressing in the bathroom… I froze when I didn't expect that… and managed to snap out of it long enough to go back into the closet… Jake was still hiding in the coat and I told him to never let me go out there again…mainly since I thought I would do worse while my body acted funny and I didn't know what was going on." Finn admits to the Vampire Queen while he looked down with a bright blush on his face.

Marceline blinked a few times before speaking.

"I see. Well I'm gonna have a nice long chat with Jake. But first I gotta ask you something Finn." She said which made Finn gulp for a moment before he looked to her and spoke up.

"Y-Yeah?" Finn asked while he braced himself for pain when he looked to her, he may regenerate or at least heal from small injuries… but it didn't mean that he liked pain.

But surprisingly, Marceline brought her face close to Finn's with a smirk before speaking.

"Did you enjoy seeing my body?"

"Uh…y-yeah… y-you… were beautiful… more so… than Pb or Phoebe… since I never… got anywhere with Pb or far with Phoebe… but my body felt funny afterwords and Jake never explained why." Finn said while he looked down again when he tried to ask Jake that long ago but Jake looked pale from that before he changed the subject every time.

Marceline blushed at the beautiful part before shook her head before speaking.

"Well Finn, what your body is going through is puberty. You feel funny because you're attracted to the opposite sex. Now I believe Jake hasn't given you the talk about going far with a girl." Marceline said.

"Uh… what do I do when I feel like that?, I mean since Jake never told me, I thought it was just something to ignore." Finn said while he looked to Marceline with a curious, innocent, look in his eyes.

Said Vampire Queen looked into Finn's eyes before speaking.

"What if I can show you Finn about tier 15?"

Finn blushed brightly at the question before he spoke up.

"N-No thanks, I mean Jake may be hit or miss with things but I heard from him once when I asked the reason why I should stay away from tier 15 and a lot of people tier 15 who talked about it sometimes within earshot told me it can cause babies and I don't think I'm ready for them." Finn nervously said with a slightly panicked look on his face.

Marceline blinked a few times before she felt surprised a bit before thinking.

'Hmmm, didn't know he would ask other people that.' She thought before speaking.

"Okay Finny, I need you to relax. I'm not asking you to make me preggo. Unless of course we should get hitched first." Marceline teased before blushing a bit at the idea.

Finn blushed brightly at the idea as well before he spoke up when he got confused.

"B-But what would tier 15 be used for if babies aren't made... I-I mean Jake had his kids when he and Lady did tier 15, whatever that is, and he had his kids right?" Finn asked when he just got more and more confused.

Marceline chuckled a bit before speaking.

"You're so cute Finn. But you should know a couple of things. First tier 15 is basically called 'sex' and second, there's somethings you can do in tier 15 that won't get a girl pregnant." She said.

"Um… what is this sex thing and what can I do to not make a person pregnant?" Finn asked with a innocent look in his eyes.

"Sex is what you call tier 15 and it's what a man and a woman do to have kids. But like I said, there's a safer method of having sex and you won't get a girl pregnant. Think of it as my birthday present to you. But all you have to do is let me show you." Marceline said before bringing her hand out.

Finn's eyes widen when his mind processed what she said before he spoke up.

"Uhh… I trust you but I also heard that I have to be 18 first…" Finn said while he pulled out his card before his eyes widen before the card shot out holographic confetti before a chibi holographic Ranmyaku appeared which had a smile on its face.

"Congratulations, happy birthday card holder Finn Mertens, it's your 18th birthday in three… two… one… " The Holographic Ranmyaku said before the image vanished and Finn's age went up to 18 before a timer appeared which showed 365 days till Finn's next birthday while the sound of a kazoo was heard to make it festive while Finn looked to the card in shock.

Marceline chuckled a bit before speaking.

"Well looks like you are of age. But if you feel uncomfortable, I can wait till you're ready."

"Umm… it's not like I'm not comfortable around you… but like I said, what about the pregnancy thing?, and what is sex?... is it some kind of spar or ritual or something" Finn said when he recovered from his shock and put the card away.

Marceline chuckled before speaking.

"Something like that. I mean it can get wild. But the important thing is that you're doing it with someone you love." She said while blushing.

Finn blushed at that while he rubs the back of his head.

"W-Well… I… love you too…do you think you can show me what this sex thing is?... well I need to know what that way to keep you from getting pregnant is first though." Finn asked while he blushed a bit while he looked at Marceline.

Marceline blushed a bit too before speaking.

"Why of course Finny. Plus I do know a spell that I can teach you so you won't have to worry about getting a girl pregnant until you're ready."

Finn blinked a few times before he smiles.

"Really?, Thanks Marcy, just when I think you can't get anymore radical, you surprise me again and again, so… what do we do to start with this sex thing?" Finn asked with an innocent smile on his face while he looked to her with excited eyes.

"Hold on Hero, first things first, do you agree with the idea of the girls sharing you?"

"Well… I guess… I mean I would have to speak with them first to be sure they're ok with it and I have to make doubly sure with Phoebe she's really ok with it as well… I mean she looked like she had a scary look or some kind of look on her face when we broke up and we just became friends again recently… I don't want to make things worse… but if she's cool with it, than yes, I'm good with the sharing thing… though it kinda feels like I'm the one being shared around right?" Finn said about his worries but ultimately agreed with a slight joke.

Marceline giggles before speaking.

"Don't worry hero, I promise you'll enjoy it." She said before she surprised Finn by leaning in till her lips touched his.

Finn's eyes widen in shock from the surprise kiss before he starts floating a bit higher when he felt like he was having butterflies in his stomach again while he let's Marceline continue the kiss for a bit.

Said Vampire Queen then surprise Finn even further by slipping her tongue in his mouth.

Finn was further shocked at that move when he wondered what Marceline was doing… but something felt off in his body… like something was about to snap in him but he had no idea what it was.

Marceline continues the kiss before she pulled back.

"Enjoyed the kiss?" She asked with a smirk.

However what she didn't expect was Finn, who wanted to feel that feeling again to find out what it was, reached behind Marceline's waist with his left arm to pull her close to his body while his right gripped the back of her head and she mimicked Marceline by kissing her again while he slipped his own tongue in while his body's strength increased a bit which made it hard for Marceline to move around.

Marceline was shocked at the sudden move before she shrugged and kissed him back.

She also had her tongue interact with Finn's before moaning into the kiss.

Finn continued the kiss with her before he blinked a few times when his mind finally registered what he was doing before he pulled his head away with a bright blush when his nervousness kicked in.

"M-Marceline… s-sorry… I… didn't… I mean…" Finn tried to say while his arm around Marceline's waist tight end a bit which showed a tiny bit of his increased grip strength.

Marceline smiled at him before she brought her finger to Finn's lips before speaking.

"It's okay Finn. I actually enjoyed it."

Finn blushed brightly at that before he spoke up when he pulled his head back a bit.

"R-Really?... I mean I don't know what came over me… y-you kissed me and my body just moved before I fully got what happened." Finn nervously said while he had a blush on his face.

"It's because you enjoyed it and wanted more." Marceline said.

"M-More?... is it because of that sex thing you were talking about?" Finn asked with a nervous/curious tone.

"Hmmm close, but now this is where the fun starts. First get naked." Marceline said.

"N-Naked!?" Finn said while his body pulsed more with that odd feeling went through him again when he remembered Marceline's naked from from last time.

"Hehe, well yeah. We can't have sex with our clothes on right?" The Vampire Queen said.

Finn blushed brightly at that before he had a few thoughts.

"N-Naked with… Marceline…" Finn thought before part of that something snapped inside of his before his eyes gave a light pinkish glow which outlined the red color of his eyes before he surprised Marceline by moving his hands to her upper arms while his body unknowingly made a small grin.

Marceline was surprised at the sudden action.

"Well well. Didn't know you had it in you Finny." She said with a smirk before she slide her hip between Finn's legs and rubs her hip on Finn's groin which caused him to freeze when a jolt of pleasure caused him to look down for a moment before he greatly surprised Marceline when he turned her to the table before he roughly set her on it which pushed the books onto the floor before he pressed Marceline's back onto the table when Finn's eyes glow more while some odd emotion went through his body while he starts looking Marceline up and down with a look that would be familiar to Marceline but strange to Finn… the look of raw lust.

Said Vampire Queen was again shocked at Finn's action before she starts thinking.

"Wow never expected Finn to be a little aggressive. Eh not that I'm worried or anything.' She thought.

Finn's next action might prove her wrong though when Finn felt his control about to snap while he took in her figure… a moment later, he moved his hand and hooked a thumb under the bottom of her shirt before he roughly but carefully pulled it up while he accidently snapped her bra off which showed the actual size of Marceline's breasts to him while he took the sight in for a moment when more lust filled his eyes.

The Vampire Queen's breasts size were somewhere between D-E size.

Marceline was both shocked and impressed by that action before speaking.

"You're welcome to have a taste." She said with a grin before Finn's hands moved to her breasts before he starts massaging them for a moment before he latched his lips around her right nipple before his teeth nipped at the tip of her nipple.

"Gah!" Marceline yelped a bit from the action while Finn continued to massage her breasts for a few more moments before he froze and starts sniffing the air when an odd smell hit his nose before it got stronger after a few more seconds of playing with Marceline's breasts which made him pull away in slight confusion before he looked to her pants when it seemed to come from there which caused a bit more of his control to loosen up which showed when he moved a hand down to her pants and with a surprising amount of force, he practically ripped her pants off by breaking the button and zipper and by extension, her panties which only left Marceline in her pulled up tank top.

"Whoa dude, my pants didn't deserve that." Marceline said though deep down she felt turned on by that.

Finn however ignored her when he saw Marceline's pussy which was already a bit wet while his gaze went over Marceline's form one more time before he felt something actually snapping in him before he brought his hand down and touched her folds with a finger and starts to rub her folds gently for a moment, his lust seemed to help him but he was still a unknowing person when it comes to sex and he didn't want to hurt Marceline…it was like he was fighting his own lust or new Vampire instincts to keep Marceline safe.

Marceline shudders a bit at the feeling while thinking how Finn didn't want to hurt her before speaking.

"Finn, while I do enjoy the treatment, I think it should be fair that you remove your clothes as well."

Thankfully for Marceline, it seemed that Finn had some control left over and he quickly pulled his hat off and tossed it to the side which caused his hair to flow down his back.

Unfortunately for Finn…it seemed that his repressed lust combined with his Vampiric instincts caused him to grip his shirt and pants before he just tore them off with no mercy which showed off his body which seemed even more toned than normal and whatever fat on his body seemed to have melted off which only left him in his underwear which showed a very large bulge in the restricting underwear before he went to remove it as well… and most likely rip it off in the process.

Marceline's eyes widen with shock before blushing big after seeing Finn's muscles before speaking.

"Whoa there hero, there's no need to rip those off." She said trying to stop him.

However it appeared she was too late in her warning before the sound of ripping was heard and Finn now stood fully nude with his entire body on display… which also showed an quickly erecting dick that that pulsed with blood and was around 10 to 11 inches long and 2 to 3 inches in width which supports Bubblegum's mutation or boosted Vamp theory somewhat… either that or it could be that it was all natural with Finn and the boost hadn't taken effect yet but no one would really know for now.

"Oh. My. Glob." Marceline said with wide eyes before blushing brightly after seeing Finn's dick.

Finn then moved forward and he used his hands to move Marceline's legs apart while he bent down to look at Marceline's pussy with a half lust filled/ half curious look when the scent got stronger for him before he licked his lips which showed what he was about to do by instinct.

Marceline wondered what Finn was gonna do before she found out a moment later when Finn used his thumbs to touch the sides of her folds and gently spread her folds apart while his mind barely registered the sight.

"T-This is… a ladies…" Finn thought while his mind starts to catch up with his lust driven body… but he decided to go with it for now by lightly licking the inner parts of her folds when his body starts to urge him to do more to the woman in front of him.

Marceline was surprised by this move before her body shudders a bit from that action.

Finn continues to lick her folds before the scent of Marceline's womanhood got stronger for him before he moved a finger to a hole that he saw after he moved her folds apart and carefully slipped a finger in while being careful to not hurt Marceline before he wiggles his finger around.

Said Vampire Queen arch her head a bit before she let out a soft moan which caused Finn to stop for a second to look to her to see if she's ok.

"A-Are… you… ok?" Finn barely got out when his worry slowly starts to override his lust filled state, seems deep down, Finn would always worry for his friends or lovers.

Marceline, who felt touched by Finn's concern, pants a bit before speaking.

"Y-Yeah… I'm fine. Keep going." She said right before Finn starts to move his finger in and out of her soaked hole before he continues to lick at her folds as well when he got the go ahead from the Vampire Queen.

Marceline moans again as she starts to enjoy it before Finn continues for a minute more before he got a bit confused when Marceline's tunnel starts to twitch and shudder which made him speak up while he continues to finger her.

"Uh… something… f-feels… odd… are you… ok?" Finn slowly said with a slightly deeper tone to his voice while his body roared at him to continue his actions.

"I-It means… that I'm… g-gonna cum. Just keep...going." Marceline moans out which caused Finn to wonder what she meant by cum but if Marceline said it was ok…

Finn than decides to speed up his thrusting finger again before he starts to lick Marceline's folds again before his tongue hit something roundish and looked down to see her bud before he used the index finger of his left hand to press it a bit and rub it when Marceline's scent got much stronger when he hit it... Seemed like his body was trying to tell him what to do but he was to clueless to follow through fully since this was unknown territory for him…. But if he learned how to fully...

Marceline moans a bit loud before thinking.

'Oh Glob. I don't know how Finn is doing that, but it feels so good.'

Finn continues to mess with Marceline's hole and folds for a few moments while speeding up more before he got surprised greatly from what Marceline's body did next before Marceline arches her back a bit before yelling out.

"C-CUMMING!" She yelled before her pussy squirted at Finn's face.

Finn got greatly surprised from that which her juices start to hit his face before he covered his face to block more before speaking up.

"W-What the?... M-Marceline are you ok?" Finn asked while some of Marceline's juices dripped down his face and onto his lips which made him blink a few times before he licked his lips clean before thinking.

"H-Huh?... tastes…" Finn thought before his body pulsed more with lust while he saw his juice covered hand which shielded his face somewhat before he starts licking it clean.

Marceline pants a bit with a flushed look on her face before she lift her head up and her eyes widen a bit before speaking.

"Does it taste good Finny?" She asked with a smirk.

However what she probably wouldn't expect was Finn smiling at her before responding.

"Yeah… very tasty... Think I… can get more?" Finn slowly asked with an eager tone when he liked the taste greatly while his dick twitched a few times when his lust starts to go into overdrive.

Marceline was surprised to hear that while blushing a bit brightly before speaking.

"Why of course. In fact I know a quicker solution. Lay on your back." She said which caused Finn to blink a few times before he did as she asked when he spoke up.

"Uh… floor, table or do I just float in the air?" Finn asked when he seemed to get more control of his body again, but his eyes still had a slight glow in his eyes but he had trouble deciding on where to rest his body.

Marceline somehow liked the idea of floating but decided to do that later before speaking.

"Floor for now." She said which made Finn nod before he laid on his back while his dick stood like a tower.

Marceline licked her lips when she saw that before she got off from the table and walked over to Finn before her legs were beside the Vampire King in training's head before she squats down till her folds were facing Finn's face before she laid down and was now facing Finn's dick.

Finn was surprised at the position they were in but decided that if Marceline chose this position, than he would just roll with it for now when he used his hands to grip her ass cheeks and after he moved her ass a bit, he decided to follow his body's advice and he starts to lick her folds with his tongue.

Marceline shudders before she took her tongue out and starts licking the base of Finn's dick.

Finn jolts greatly when a great of jolt of pleasure shot through his body before he spoke up after he pulled away from Marceline's folds.

"W-What's… happening…" Finn said when more pleasure went through his body but he had no real clue on what was going on when he felt Marceline's tongue licking his dick.

Marceline stops licking before speaking to Finn.

"I'm just giving your dick a nice licking." She said before she resumes licking which caused Finn to shudder greatly before he starts to lick her folds again before something in him made him slip his tongue inside of her pussy for a moment when he went a bit too high before he repeats the pattern by licking her folds and slipping his tongue in while he enjoyed the feeling on his dick.

Marceline jolts a bit from the surprise move before she continues to lick Finn's dick before she brought her tongue to the head of the dick and starts licking the tip.

Finn jolts again but doesn't stop licking Marceline's folds before he used his index fingers to spread out her folds before he licked the inside of her folds with his tongue and this time concisely slipped his tongue into her pussy hole when it seemed to get a reaction from her while he felt his dick slowly twitching before he spoke up.

"W-What's going on… my… you know… is starting to… feel funny." Finn said to Marceline when he didn't know what was going on.

Said Vampire Queen stops licking the tip before speaking.

"It means you're gonna cum soon. But if I'm gonna get you to you cum, then I better do this." She said before she opened her mouth and swallowed Finn's dick before she starts bobbing her head up and down.

"OH GLOB!" Finn loudly said while he felt more pleasure than ever while he felt Marceline practically swallowing his dick while his dick starts twitching again, faster and faster, thanks to his lack of experience before time barely went to a minute before his dick starts twitching rapidly while Finn gripped Marceline's ass with his hands while he grit his teeth when he felt his end approaching.

"Oh...G-Glob… Marcy… it's… it's… about t-to happen!" Finn said while his dick felt like it would explode at any moment.

Marceline mentally giggles before she bobs her head a bit quicker which caused Finn to groan for a few more seconds until…

"C-CUMMING!" Finn shouts before he starts unloading into Marceline's mouth while his hips twitch and shudder… and it appears he never heard the concept of masturbation when his semen continues to shoot into her mouth with great force.

Marceline's eyes widen at the amount which caused her cheeks to puff a bit while some escaped her mouth as she tried to swallow some.

Her body shudders at the feel of Finn's cum before she came on Finn's face again.

Finn however, couldn't register anything for a bit while his brain tried to register what he was feeling right now in a stunned state while he continues to cum but the flow starts to slow.

Marceline was still surprised at the amount as she tries to swallow some of the hero's cum.

Finn's dick stopped shooting semen into Marceline's mouth before he starts to pant for breath while his unfocused mind snapped when he felt his first ever orgasm while his hair covered his eyes while he continues to pant for breath.

Marceline was able to swallow the last bit of Finn's cum before she took her mouth off to breathe.

For a moment Finn just lays under Marceline in silence before his body starts to twitch a bit before his eyes glow for a moment before it turns into a bright pink light which went unnoticed by Marceline.

Said Vampire Queen pants a few times before speaking.

"You okay... Finn?"

However what she didn't expect was Finn, who stayed silent, grips her ass with surprising force before she was shoved forward onto her front onto the ground which caused her breasts to press into the cold floor or the library.

Marceline was shocked at this sudden move before speaking up.

"F-Finn?" She questioned before looking back.

What she saw could either scare her or give her one hell of a turn on… but what she saw was Finn standing over her with his erect dick while shadows covered his eyes while two pinkish red dots showed were his eyes were… and they were looking at Marceline's naked form… it looked like the pleasure of cumming for the first time in his life was too much for Finn and caused him to truly snap now.

Marceline was surprised, but was turned on from the look before speaking.

"Finn… If you can hear me, you might want to let me do the spell so I won't get pregnant."

Unfortunately for her, it seemed that Finn was too far gone right now and he reached down with surprising speed and strength before he lifts her ass into the air which caused Marceline's face to rest on the floor… fortunately, it seemed that Finn's body moved itself… till his dick prods her ass while he lets out a sound like a growl of sorts before he thrusts his dick balls deep and starts to thrust with no mercy.

"GAAAAHHH!" Marceline yelled after feeling Finn's dick in her ass before Finn took a minute to continue thrusting before he stopped for a second to grab her arms and pulled them which caused Marceline's torso to rise into the air before he starts thrusting into her ass again.

Marceline was surprised by that move before speaking.

"OH GLOB YES! KEEP FUCKING MY ASS FINN!" She loudly moans to the out of control Finn who didn't need to be told twice, nor did he register her voice when he start to thrust even harder into her ass with bruising force while he let out more growl like sounds before he stood on his feet, and with Marceline in tow since his dick was in her ass before he walked over to the table while he keeps thrusting with each step before he placed her face first on the table while her legs hanged off of the table before he resumed thrusting while he gripped her ass cheeks with both hands and pulled himself to make his thrusts even stronger.

Marceline kept moaning loud with ecstasy as she enjoys the pleasure.

For a minute Finn kept thrusting into her ass with no restraint while his dick was slowly twitching in her ass as time went by for a couple minutes before Finn let go of her ass after seeing her hair.

He than gripped the hair with his right hand and roughly pulled when his body started to realize something… the rougher he got, the more Marceline liked it if the strengthening scent was anything to go by.

Said Vampire Queen was first surprised at that action. Even though it did hurt a bit, she was actually enjoying it while having her ass pounded.

For a couple minutes, Finn keeps thrusting into her ass before he starts to let out some growls and snarls when he starts to feel an approaching orgasm when his dick twitches faster and faster but instinctively, he managed to hold himself back when he wanted Marceline to finish first.

Marceline continues to moan loudly at Finn's actions before she yells out.

"CUMMING!" She screamed before her juices spread on the table while her ass tightens around Finn's dick which caused him to freeze for a moment before yelling when he starts unloading right in Marceline's asshole with great force while he pulled her hair in reflex, it seemed that the volume didn't drop at all from earlier.

"GAAAAHHH!" Marceline screamed a bit with ecstasy before she finally tapped off.

Finn did the same a moment later before he pulled himself free of her ass which caused semen to flow from Marceline's ass and onto the floor, if Finn was in his right mind, he would secretly wonder if Marceline had others in the past and would wonder how he was doing compared to them… however…

Finn, in his out of controlled state, wasn't done with Marceline yet when he gripped her right leg and flipped her on to her back on the the table which showed a dazed Marceline that Finn was far from done with her with his dick still being erect… it seemed Marceline awoken a monster.

Said Vampire Queen pants a few times before speaking.

"Oh… Glob… Finn."

Finn than walked forward and after moving Marceline's legs apart, placed his dick on Marceline's folds before he starts grinding to get his dick slickened a bit more while his bodies actions showed what he was about to do to her.

Marceline shudders at the feeling before she remembered the anti pregnancy spell.

She weakly brought her hand up before she point her finger at her stomach before she said the incantation.

A green glow covered her stomach for a couple of seconds before it fades.

Once it was done, Marceline looked at Finn before speaking.

"Alright hero...Give it to me."

Finn didn't need to be told twice when he pulled back after gripping Marceline's waist before he placed the head of his dick at her folds before he thrusts his hips forward which caused most of his dick to enter the Vampire Queens snatch before he starts thrusting in and out of her with no mercy while his dick rammed into her cervix with great force when it looked like he wanted to go even deeper into her while Finn let's out growls and huff's from his strengthening actions.

"OH FUCK YEAH!" Marceline screamed in delight before she starts moaning loudly.

Finn in the meantime starts floating which rose Marceline's ass into the air as a result before Finn starts to slow a bit, but he gain more powerful thrusts as a result which caused him to really slam into Marceline's pussy while his dick slowly twitched when he starts to bring her into the air.

Marceline groans and moans from the pleasure before speaking.


Finn, while he didn't respond, did pick Marceline up before her torso met which squished her breasts on his muscled chest before Finn leaned back into the air at an angle which caused Marceline to lay on him before Finn gripped her ass with both hands and starts to thrust even harder into her, and even faster thanks to him being able to grip her ass for leverage while he barred his fangs for a moment when he fought back his orgasm for a bit longer.

Marceline moans and groans before she wrapped her legs around Finn's waist and her arms around his back before speaking.

"OH GLOB FINN, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! DON'T STOP POUNDING ME!" She yelled before she smashed her lips on Finn's lips before slipping her tongue in.

Finn didn't respond verbally, but he did bring one hand behind Marceline's head and after overpowering her tongue, gave her a surprisingly tender kiss while he stopped thrusting for a second… before he starts to gently thrust in and out for a moment, seemed his body was listening to her right now.

Marceline moans in Finn's mouth before she brought her hand to the Hero's head to help deepen the kiss as well since she didn't want to stop kissing him.

Finn the starts to thrust faster again into Marceline when something in his body wanted to claim Marceline as his own in some way which resulted in Finn resuming his strong thrusts… but something was different, with each thrust Finn went deeper and deeper until...

Finn pulled his head away from Marceline's head and roared when he made one final thrust of his hips which caused his dick to finally break through Marceline's cervix before he starts unloading right in her womb with so much force that it caused her womb to bloat and the dick managed to stop semen from pouring out.

"AAAHHH!" Marceline screamed with ecstasy before she came on the Vampire King in training's dick after feeling so much cum inside her.

Luckily for the duo, the Vampire Queen's anti pregnancy spell took effect.

Finn in the meantime leaned down to Marceline's neck during their orgasms before he starts to lick and suck at a certain spot when it looked like he would give her a hickey.

Marceline shudders a bit at the action before she did the same to Finn's neck.

However, while that did make Finn shudder in pleasure, he hugged Marceline with one arm and opened his mouth before he lightly rubbed his fangs on her neck which scraped the two upper fangs against her neck, Marceline was already on the way to being a vampire again so why was he doing that?

Marceline shudders again before wondering what Finn was gonna do.

Her question was answered when Finn actually bit into her neck lightly for a moment before he pulled away while the Moons regeneration kicked in for Marceline… but the holes turned into the iconic pinpricks that most would recognize before he starts to lick and suck on the pinpricks with gentle licks and sucks, like he was trying to please a lover now.

Marceline was surprisingly pleased after she felt relaxed by that action before she brought her head to Finn's neck before speaking.

"I love you Finn."

Finn stopped his actions before he gripped the back of her head and pulled her head back and kissed her with glowing eyes that showed how much lust he had for the Vampire Queen… and something else… maybe deep down, out of control or not, Finn felt the same for her.

Marceline was a bit surprised at that move, but realized that this was Finn's way of saying he felt the same for her, or at least his body's new Vampire half's feelings before she kissed him back before Marceline slipped her tongue again.

Finn let out a slight groan before he surprised Marceline by thrusting into her again which caused his semen to flow around his dick and onto the ground but it didn't seem to bug Finn right now when all he or his body wanted to do was please this vampiress in front of him.

Marceline moans a bit with delight in Finn's mouth before she hugs him tightly before time passed while the scene went back to Bubblegum and Phoebe who were still trapped in Ranmyaku's collection section.

Ooo/ Bad Section Library/ Ranmayku's collection/ Phoebe, Bubblegum

Phoebe groans in frustration before speaking.

"When I get my hands on her, she's gonna rue the day for trapping us here."

Bubblegum looked up from a book that read: Cursed Armor and you, before she spoke up.

"Honestly I should have seen that coming sooner than you would, I mean I knew her longer and should've guessed she would try something when she got me to approach the security panel… why didn't I figure that out since I should know better." Bubblegum said while she pinched her nose before the duo heard footsteps from outside and a familiar voice speaks up.

"Hello?, your majesties?, I have the book that the Flame Queen requested and… why is the security gate up?" The voice said before Ranmyaku was seen with a book in his arm while he approached the gate with a confused look on his face.

That's when Phoebe spoke.

"Oh thank Glob you're here. Our dear friend, Marceline, somehow tricked us which caused the security gate to turn on. Now she's with Finn doing… Glob knows what." She said before blushing at the idea.

Ranmyaku blinked a few times before he spoke up.

"Then… why didn't you hit the kill switch on the inside?, granted you would have to look in the corner where the bookshelf meets the wall but there's a hidden switch if you look close enough, guess that would explain the chain outfit if you tried to bust your way out… though the style… is interesting." Ranmyaku said while he points to the left where the security panel was which had a shelf that matched the security panel's height exactly.

The girls blinked a few times before Phoebe yells out while her body flared with anger.


Ranmyaku and Bubblegum cover their ears before Ranmyaku spoke up… but with a surprisingly cold tone.

"OK Miss Flame Queen, calm down now or I'll make that outfit permanent… I don't want those flames going too far from you and burning my personal collection." Ranmyaku said with a surprisingly cold tone to the flame queen while his eyes emitted a glow of sorts.

Phoebe was surprised at the way the librarian spoke and threatened her before paling after hearing him mention about the outfit.

She took a few moments to calm down before speaking.

"I'm… sorry."

Ranmyaku took a moment to calm down as well before he spoke up.

"My apologies your majesty but some of those books are either one of a kind or hard to come by so I get protective of them, some are even alive in the upper shelves and are like my children… now, like I said, the kill switch is on your end, just move some books away from the shelf wall and you should see some creases." Ranmyaku said which explained his anger and how to show Phoebe and Bubblegum the switch…

A minute later…

The Gate opened before the two rushed out while Ranmyaku had his hands on his hips.

"I have your book by the way, please don't lose your temper next time and I'll be more mannerful around you, your majesty." Ranmyaku said to Phoebe while pointing to the book on the table which showed he was still a little sore at her even if he was calm.

Said Flame Royal rubbed the back of her head before speaking.

"Right… thank you for bringing the book and I'm sorry for losing my temper." She said before she went to grab the book.

"No worries, now about the Vampire Queen, you said she tricked you right?" Ranmyaku said while he crossed his arms while he wanted to be sure that he was following right now.

The girls nodded before Phoebe spoke.

"Yes. She tricked us to coming near the security switch before she had tangled us up somehow. She said she was gonna get Finn… but we believe she might either forced him or get him to do tier 15 with her."

"Well if he's consent… wait… please tell me that she wouldn't try anything in my Library… please tell me she at least has some control." Ranmyaku said while he pales a bit at what the duo could do in the Library.

Phoebe and Bubblegum gave Ranmyaku a look that said she has no control which made him pale more before he spoke up.

"Quick!, look at a map!" Ranmyaku said with a slightly panicked tone when he points to their maps.

Phoebe opens up her map before she looked it over till she found Finn and Marceline's dots.

"Found them. their dots are near where we left Finn. Though I believe they're at the upper level." She said when she looked closely at the map.

Ranmyaku looked over her shoulder before he paled a bit.

"Uh… we better hurry then, I have… book golems here to act as security and if rule breakers continue to well... break rules… let's just say that I made them so they won't go down easy…" Ranmyaku said before he surprised the two royals by taking a few steps before he jumped and then quickly glides on the ground like he was one a invisible skateboard while green energy trailed from his feet. (A/N: think of Wisdom Sora's movement from KH 2 but with green energy instead of blue.)

Bubblebum and Phoebe were shocked after seeing that before they shook their heads and followed the librarian as quickly as they could.

Though what they would find would horrify Ranmyaku and make Bubblegum and Phoebe blush brightly when they got to the second floor.

Ooo/ Bad Section Library/ 2nd floor/ Ranmyaku, Bubblegum, Phoebe, Finn, Marceline

The Trio had to stop in shock while they watched what was going on… when Finn had Marceline on the table again while his dick thrusts in and out of her pussy with great force while Finn himself looked like a man possessed with his glowing eyes… though considering that he had Vampire instincts and repressed lust… it would explain a few things… Marceline on the other hand...

Said Vampire Queen was in pure bliss as she kept moaning from the intense pounding that Finn delivered.

Bubblegum and Phoebe's eyes widen while blushing brightly as they watched Finn dominant the Vampire Queen.

That's when they each have different thoughts.

'Mein Glob… It's seems my calculations were right. But how was he able to do… that? Must be his repressed lust and instincts. Curse you Jake for not teaching him. Hmmm… I wonder if I can do the same thing that Marceline did.' Bubblegum thought before blushing at the idea.

'Oh my… I had no idea Finn would be this hot without any clothes on. I should be mad at Marceline… but now I feel jealous and wished it was me. I don't know how Finn is a natural at this, but I know for sure that Jake didn't teach him. Doesn't matter now. I should find a way to spend some… alone time with my King.' Phoebe thought before blushing as well from the idea.

Ranmyaku however shook his head when he saw how much of a *Mess* they made and got ready to cast a spell to stop them… but froze in shock when Finn roars and starts to unload more semen into Marceline's womb with great force which to the three watchers saw that Marceline's womb was bloating while semen poured to the floor under Finn who was floating over the Vampire Queen which showed the trio who somehow missed it… a large puddle of semen which made Ranmyaku pale at the sight.

Marceline screamed again with ecstasy after feeling Finn's cum inside of her before she came on Finn's dick.

She used her arms to wrap around the Vampire King in training's neck before she pulled Finn down for a passionate kiss.

Finn returned the kiss while he continues to cum inside of Marceline for a minute before he tapped off to pant for breath before Ranmyaku finally had enough before he cleared his throat while the green energy he emitted started to turn black in color while an angered feeling was emitting from him.

Phoebe and Bubblegum finally got out of their blushed fill daze before looking at the pissed off librarian.

"Oi… Miss Vampire Queen… sorry for interrupting but mind looking this way?" RanMyaku said to get Marceline's attention.

Marceline pulled her head away from Finn before turning to look.

Her eyes widen when she saw Bubblegum, Phoebe and Ranmyaku.

"Oh… shit." Was all Marceline said.

However Finn starts thrusting into again while Ranmyaku got a tick mark on his head before he held out a hand before speaking.

"Enough!" Ranmyaku said before he stop a ball of energy at Finn which knocked him off the Vampire Queen before a practical fountain of semen flows from her holes… just how long were the two going at it… though Finn landing on his feet and looking at Bubblegum and Phoebe with lust fueled eyes and at Ranmyaku with angered eyes did show what his body's intentions are while he stood there in the nude while Phoebe and Bubblegum got the perfect view of Finn's improved body.

"Oh my…" Bubblegum said before stopping as she had a deep blush on her face before Phoebe spoke.

"Glob." She said with the same reaction.

The two looked at Finn's package and surprisingly can already feel their pussy getting a little wet.

Ranmyaku just gave the two royals a half lidded look before he spoke up.

"You two do realize that he has murder and rape on his lust fueled brain right now right?" Ranmyaku said before he raised a hand while Finn's body knelt down before he got ready to charge Ranmyaku with anger in his eyes.

Marceline, Phoebe and Bubblegum was shocked at what Finn was gonna do.

Finn then charged the Librarian before anyone could move except for Ranmyaku who snapped his fingers before a book flew in front of him before a ball like barrier formed in front of it which blocked Finn's attack and bounced him back before more books moved behind Finn before a large legless golem of books formed which floats over the floor and before Finn could react, punched Finn into the ground which caused the floor to rumble while Finn's body shudders before falling limp while the Golem held Finn down to make sure he didn't do anything else.

The girls stared at shock and awe before they yelled out.

"FINN!" They screamed in unison before Phoebe and Bubblegum rush to check on him while the golem looked to them with an analytical gaze.

"Relax, aside from keeping him from killing me, I only had the golem hit him with enough force to snap him out of it hopefully, if not than knocked out at best." Ranmyaku said while he walked forward while the barrier encased book floats near him and followed.

Bubblegum, Marceline and Phoebe sighed a bit with relief. Though they're still concerned for Finn's safety.

"Now… I'm guessing you had something to do with the mess and mr. mckilling here right?" Ranmyaku said with a half lidded look while he glanced to Marceline and the puddle of semen that was under her and the table.

Said Vampire Queen chuckled a bit nervously while rubbing the back of her head before speaking.

"Well… at first I was gonna show him a few things… but then his instincts and… apparently his lust, took control. Even though there some parts of Finn that became concerned for me, he was like ferocious beast… but in a good way."

"Hmhm… I see so no blood for ladies… now about this mess… but first mind looking at The Flame Queens outfit for a moment?" Ranmyaku said while pointing a thumb at Phoebe and her new outfit.

Marceline looked at Said Flame Royal before speaking.

"Wow Pheebs, didn't know you were into that." She said before chuckling a bit.

Phoebe blushed before she spoke up while looking to Marceline.

"I-I'm not… into what this is... "Phoebe said with a blush while Ranmyaku gave her a half lidded look.

"Uh… you remember that the cursed outfit is different for each person for their personality, I'm guessing you have control issues or something." Ranmyaku said to Phoebe when he took a whack at what the outfit could mean.

Marceline and Bubblegum looked at Phoebe with raised eyebrows.

"H-Hey I'm a Queen of the Fire Kingdom, I have some issues with annoying subjects and I need to sit through meetings constantly to get stuff in like, of course I have issues but not in what this outfit means!?" Phoebe argued to the trio before Finn starts groaning when he started to come to.

"U-Ugh… my head…" Finn said while Ranmyaku gestured for the Book Golem to float back a bit to let Finn up.

Bubblegum then ran to Finn's side before speaking.

"You okay Finn?"

"Y-Yeah… why do I… OH GLOB!" Finn said before he felt a breeze and looked down at his fully nude state before he tried to cover himself… and failed humorously, but couldn't find his clothing when he looked around.

Bubblegum blushed a bit when she saw Finn's nude body while Phoebe felt that same as well before Marceline spoke up to get Finn's attention.

"Um Finn?" She called which made Finn look her way before blushing brightly when some memories started to come back to him.

"Y-Yeah Marcy?" Finn asked while he looked at her naked form with some lust and love in his eyes when he starts to remember the conversation from earlier.

Said Vampire Queen blushed a bit from the stare before speaking.

"Okay Finn just need you to calm down and listen. 1) You ripped our clothes off. 2) I used the anti pregnancy spell before you… ravaged me. 3) Do you remember what we talked about?"

"Y-Yeah… about sharing and stuff right?" Finn asked the Vampire Queen while he glanced at Phoebe and Bubblegum for a moment before looking back to Marceline.

"Yes. Now before I ask you this, do you remember what I said during our… time together?" Marceline asked while blushing.

Finn blinked a few times in confusion before he blushed brightly when more memories start to come back to him slowly before he nods.

"S-Sorta… their coming back and I think you said… that you loved me right?" Finn asked with a bright blush on his face.

Phoebe and Bubblegum were surprised to hear that before Marceline replied.

"That's correct. I love you so much Finn." She said with a smile however before anyone could say anything to Marceline, Ranmyaku cleared his throat before he spoke up with a chilling grin.

"That's sweet… but you do realize that you two are in trouble for making a big mess right?" Ranmyaku said with a look that showed how angry he was while Finn pales when he saw the mess around here if you the area.

Marceline chuckles a bit before speaking.

"Right. Sorry for that. Since this was my fault, I'll handle the cleaning."

"Again, that is sweet… But I have the perfect punishments for you two and I'm not budging on this." Ranmyaku cryptically said with a scary grin while emitting an angry pressure before the scene fades to black.

The intro fades back in to show The Spirit and Daniel talking about the story with the Spirit asking this.

"Hmm… so Daniel, how do you think this chapter came out?, Did it seem rushed to you?" The Spirit asked while a portal like window showed Ranmyaku about to get on to Finn and Marceline in full.

Daniel took a moment to think before speaking.

"I say it came out great. The lemon scene was excellent as well. It might've been rushed for Finn, but better if he knew about it now than later."

"True but I feel sorry for Ranmyaku and the second floor, talk about a mess, and then there's Phoebe's outfit, makes me think that our objective fiery princess doth protests too much, reminds me of Azure somewhat but I can tell that to her and Cedric later… anyway the second host is here…" The Spirit said before a Portal opens… right before the adult Cream the rabbit from Angel City appeared from it in a new outfit.

From the feet first, It looked she wore black sandals with a few ankle bracelets on her feet, going up showed an orange skirt that showed quite a bit of leg followed by a black tank top to complete the outfit and the entire set showed off her body and figure we'll which could rival Vanilla's while Cream had a smile on her face when she approached the duo while the Spirit had a very wide grin when it looked to see Daniel's reaction.

Said panda blushed a bit after seeing Cream's outfit before speaking.

"Hey Cream how you doing?" He asked with a smile.

Cream smiles at Daniel before she spoke up.

"Well the Spirit invited me since I never host anything before and told me to dress up a bit for it, what do you think?, To much or revealing?, I had Rouge lend me a hand so you'll have to thank her for the advice." Cream said with a smile on her face while she took a moment to turn to show her back and rear area before turning back to the Samurai Panda.

Daniel blushed again before speaking.

"You look absolutely beautiful Cream. I feel like painting a picture of you." He said which made Cream blush brightly while the Spirit leaned in and whispered to Daniel.

"Laying the romance a bit thick there Romeo." The Spirit teasingly whispered before it stood up to speak to the readers.

"Before we finish this outro, why don't we check on Atomsk who's in a Galaxy far, far away shall we?" The Spirit said while a portal window opened to reveal the Millennium falcon while it approaching a planet while the ship starts to land… but a couple tie fighters who followed started to try and hit the ship before the Spirit closed the Portal with some awkward silence for a moment before it spoke up.

"Let's check on TME shall we?" The Spirit said before opening another Window… which showed just static like a old TV which caused another awkward silence before Cream spoke up.

"Uh… do we need to worry for either of them?" Cream asked after she sweatdrops at the two images… or lack off images of the two authors, granted Atomsk was on the Millennium falcon… but TME's was just static.

Daniel was on the same boat as Cream before looking at the Spirit.

"What do we do Spirit?" He asked.

"Hmmm…. I suggest we wait, Atomsk can take care of himself and TME, well… let's just say I know what he can do and I'd worry more about the person who messes with him… anyway, Daniel, could you lead this chapter out while I fill Cream in on what's going on?, Thanks by the way Mr. Host." The Spirit said before leading Cream away before Daniel could answer with an amused grin on its face.

Said panda felt a bit upset after seeing Spirit take Cream away before looking at the readers.

"I would say this got awkward 3 times. But anyway welcome back. I hope you all enjoyed the second chapter, along with the lemon scene. That was pretty wild. I feel very sorry for Finn and Marceline for what's about to happen to them. If you guys want to know, then you better wait for the next chapter. Anyway since there's nothing else to say, we hope to see you next time and best wishes to Atomsk and TME. Peace out. " Daniel said before the scene fades black.

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