A New Vampire King @emerald
Small break second half

(Introless for now, part 2 of small break)

Ooo/ Jungle Kingdom/ Lunarpyre

Lunarpyre was currently eating a meal brought to him when JP ordered for him to get a good meal in him, it consisted of boar meat, various vegetables, and various safe mushrooms to eat… all in all he was a content guy when he finished eating his meal.

"Hmmm… that is some good grub." Lunarpyre said.

As he pats his stomach, he chuckles a bit when he remembered what he did with JP… pretty sure after he recovered and got that meal in him, pretty sure JP would call him to her for a real good time.

"Might as well go see the mighty Jungle Queen and give her a good time for real hehe." Lunarpyre said as he gets up and heads for the JP's throne room.

After he got there, he ran into a female guard and he walked up to the Jungle warrior woman and asked this.

"Hey, where is the princess?" Lunarpyre asked to get to the heart of the matter but did it in a way to not sound too aggravating since he was a guest here and did want a real good time after all.

"Oh she's finishing an important meeting with her advisors. She'll be back in 5 minutes." The guard said.

"I see… need a way to kill time… want to have tier 15 and stuff?" Lunarpyre asked bluntly now when he looks at the shapely but powerful guard.

The guard blinks a bit before smirking.

"Sure. Got nothing else to do." She said.

Lunarpyre nods and well…

5 minutes later…

JP was returning to the throne room after she finished a meeting with some advisors, she was humming a bit but she heard moans, groans, and what not nearby in a… closet for Janitorial workers?

"What the?" JP said as she heads to the door.

When she got close to it, she opened the door a crack and well… JP blushed big time when she saw Lunarpyre fucking a female guard while he was leaning over her to fondle her breasts from behind while his cocks barraged the female guards holes.

"Oh fuck yes!" The female guard groans as she was loving this pleasure while JP blushes more.

'Geeze… guess he couldn't wait that long.' She thought.

Though seems he was at it for a bit since he pushed his cock deep into the Female guard and growls as he floods her insides with sperm making her womb and stomach bloat in no time while his balls visibly throbbed with each shot that JP saw.

JP blushes when she saw that which caused her to lightly fidget as the female guard moans loud before climaxing on Lunarpyre's cock.

After Lunarpyre rides out his orgasm, he pulled his hips back and his cocks were pulled free from The female Guards holes and sperm leaked from her making Lunarpyre chuckle as he pets The female guards ass.

"Hehe… good girl." Lunarpyre said while he grins a little at how eager this woman was.

The female guard blushes a bit before chuckling.

"T-Thanks. Still have time for more?"

"Well… I would but considering I smell the scent of a high class bitch in heat, would be rude not to speak with her have making her wait…" Lunarpyre said in a teasing way when he looks at the door and the crack where JP's eye was looking in from.

JP blinks a few times as she backs away from the door.

'W-Wait… did he see me?' She thought.

Though now that JP thought about it as Lunarpyre approached the door… he was part wolf from the waist up and may have heightened sense of smell and sounds as a result and as he opened the door, he grins at JP.

"Hello your highness… sorry for the wait but had five minutes to kill." Lunarpyre said while his twin cocks hung low to the ground.

JP blushes a bit when she saw Lunarpyre's two cocks.

"N-No worries. Would say sorry for the wait but you were already entertained."

"Indeed, must say you Jungle warrior women are top tier, definitely prime lover material." Lunarpyre teased while he had a hand on his hip.

JP blushes a bit more.

"W-Well my people and I make sure to train hard to be strong when in fighting or mating."

"Hooo… easy lays is that what you mean?" Lunarpyre teased when he heard the training hard and mating part which meant she had to train a lot with sex and stuff as well.

"Well… wouldn't say easy since we like rough sex like the wood nymph species." JP said.

"Difference between easy and liking rough sex Milady… got a name that I can call you or do I need to earn that honor later?... you already know why I'm here and stuff at least for a more… personal reason… so not going to hide that I like what I see… do you like what you see?" Lunarpyre teased while he flexed his hips making his cocks twitch a bit.

JP blushes a bit when she did like what she see.

"Yes… though if you want to know my name, you have to really impress me in the bedroom.

"Good… I like a challenge… anyway unless you want to get something to eat after that meeting... I'll need to get bathed anyway first so I'll be using that lake I found you in and meet you in the throne room so you can bring me to your bedroom… see you later." Lunarpyre said before he opened a portal that led to a dark hall but that hall quickly opened at the lake JP was in and Lunarpyre walked into it and it closed behind him leaving a surprised JP behind while she and the female guard were alone.

"I will say this… he was amazing." The female guard said with a smirk.

JP blushed when she heard that and all she did was just grip the door handle.

"Oh get this place cleaned and get back to your post." JP said with a blush as she closed the janitor's door and the female guard chuckles as JP walked from the door.

"Hehe… maybe that Lunarpyre guy will impress my lady enough to be king material." The guard said.

After 10 minutes, Lunarpyre returned to the throne room after he cleaned his body from head to toe and smirks when he saw JP from behind and surprised her when he used a portal to have a hand go through and grip her ass to tease her at a distance.

JP jolts from her seat when she felt that.

"What the?"

Lunarpyre chuckles as he walked to JP after he gave her ass another squeeze and pulled his hand back from the portal.

"Just me, thought I forgot about you?" Lunarpyre said with a fanged grin on his face when he came in JP's sight.

JP blushes a bit.

"N-No." She said before getting up.

"So… shall we head to my room?"

Lunarpyre nods his head as he followed JP out of the throne room while he had a neutral look on his face now as he followed JP down a number of halls.

After about a minute or two, the duo reached a door before JP opens it.

When they enter, Lunarpyre saw a large fancy room while Morlock's mortal lion state was laying on a large soft mattress made for him and he opened his eyes and noticed Lunarpyre and looks at JP to see if he should attack or something since he was pretty close to JP.

JP shook her head.

"It's okay Morlock. He's friendly."

"Morlock huh?... may want to give him a different name since I heard from Finn after some training that he has the mental version of the Vampire King in his head… would be confusing if you kept calling Morlock's old body Morlock while Morlock's mind is playing shotgun with Finn's head." Lunarpyre said when he walked up to Morlock's mortal body and rubs his chin as he looks the lion in the eyes without fear.

"Really?… Hmmm… how about… Simba?" JP said.

"Simba?... hmmm… actually I have a suggestion… why not try Mufasa?, lets just say that name has a bit more… regalness so to speak." Lunarpyre suggests since he saw a few videos of Lion King in a few dimensions and figured Mufasa would work with Morlock's former body.

"Hmmm… that can actually work. What do you think?" JP said as she looks at Morlock's lion body.

Morlock's mortal form blinks and just stares at JP while giving a small growl of agreement and stuff, seems he liked the name… started with an M and stuff so not 100% different.

"Well… guess he likes it." JP said.

"I see… will he give me issues if we have sex on your bed with him being here?... I don't mind if he joins in but would like a couple rounds to you all to myself to show what I can really do." Lunarpyre said while he smirks at JP.

JP blushes a bit.

"He doesn't mind. I've had fun with some of my guards before."

"I see… well I don't need to undress so mind giving me a good show your highness?" Lunarpyre said when he moved to lay on the bed after he got on it and looks at JP.

JP blushes before she starts removing her clothes but did it slowly to tease Lunarpyre.

Lunarpyre licks his maw as he watched this… seeing her nude body before was nice but her undressing and this close really worked him up and his cocks and balls appeared from a slit in his body and the more JP undressed, the harder Lunarpyre got until his cocks were standing like towers.

JP blushes brightly when she saw the strange hybrid's cocks and balls which caused her folds to get a bit wet after getting fully undressed.

Sure she saw them before and felt how good they could feel but instead of a gloryhole of sorts being between them… she saw who was connected to the cocks and Lunarpyre gestured for JP to get on the bed like an Alpha male commanding an omega female mate without any words.

JP blushes a bit before she gets on the bed before getting closer to Lunarpyre.

Once this happened, Lunarpyre smirks as he gripped her chin.

"Safe word is bloody hell… you'll get what that means much later… for now…" Lunarpyre said as he smashed his lips on JP's and slipped his tongue into her mouth while he used a hand to grip her ass to pull JP in more to deepen the kiss.

JP, though confused on the catchphrase, moans from how forceful Lunarpyre was before she returns the kiss.

As this happened, Morlock's mortal lion form, or Mufasa now, was looking on as JP was starting to enjoy herself as Lunarpyre moved to grip her ass cheeks with both hands while she rubs his well muscled chest.

While Mufasa watches, JP moans more into the kiss as she kept rubbing Lunarpyre's chest while feeling every muscle.

She could feel how powerful his muscles were… every time her nails raked his furry muscle chest, it tensed a bit to pretty much flex automatically like his body was teasing her with what he could do.

JP kept doing that before she brought her hands down and starts stroking Lunarpyre's cocks when she moved to lay next to the hybrid after grabbing it.

Lunarpyre groans from this and used a hand to pet JP's cheek for a second and kissed her again as he moved to bite his thumb a bit and some blood leaked to form an orb that floats over Lunarpyre and the cut heals and the blood reformed to make a large dildo and it hardened to look like a kinky jewel like dildo with a large set of rocky balls with one side being flat for balance if JP wanted to store it for later and it moved to tease her folds from behind.

JP shudders a bit but surprised when she noticed the dildo.

'Whoa… I'm definitely keeping that.' She thought as she kept kissing the strange hybrid more.

This amused Lunarpyre before he willed the jewel like Dildo to slip into JP's pussy while it went slow at first so she could get used to the penetration from the smooth yet bumpy Dildo thanks to the various angles the Dildo had since it looked like a rugged jewel like dildo more or less but didn't hurt JP at all.

JP likely groans from that before she takes her lips away from Lunarpyre's lips for a moment.

"Y-You're full of surprises." She said.

"Thank you… now… lets get the foreplay out of the way by making you squirm." Lunarpyre said as the bloody jewel dildo thrusts itself in and out of JP's pussy again and again.

Though JP groans a few times, she goes down before she starts pleasing Lunarpyre's cocks by stroking one cock while sucking the other.

Lunarpyre moans when he felt that and went to use his hand to finger JP's asshole when it was in reach after he licks his fingers to lube them up when her ass was in view while the dildo moved faster.

JP moans and groans from these actions while pleasing Lunarpyre's cocks more. She even uses her free hand to squeeze and massage his balls.

Lunarpyre moans more while he fingered JP's ass more while Mufasa looks on more… contrary to his looks, he did have thoughts thanks to him once being Morlock and given Animal's in Ooo could have serious sentiance, well… Mufasa had a thought as he watched this.

'Hmmm…. As much as I enjoy this display, they should get to mating now.' Mufasa thought as he continues to watch.

Though Mufasa did know without some foreplay, JP wouldn't enjoy herself, as he continues to watch, he saw Lunarpyre groan when he came hard in the air on JP's body and in her mouth.

JP moans as she drinks down Lunarpyre's cum while stroking the other cock more.

As this happens, the dildo moved in JP's pussy more at a faster rate making her groan as she came hard on the dildo with great force.

Mufasa did licks his lips a bit when he saw JP's juices as she and Lunarpyre rode out their orgasms.

When they ride out their orgasms, Lunarpyre takes a breath as he grins at JP.

"Fuck… rare to find a person in certain dimensions who can drink my load like this." Lunarpyre grins when he pats JP's ass for a job well done for the foreplay round.

JP blushes a bit as she uses her mouth to clean off Lunarpyre's cock.

Lunarpyre moans at the feeling as he waits for JP to finish cleaning his cocks.

After a bit, JP takes her mouth off of the strange hybrid's cocks.

"So… shall we go to the main event?"

"Indeed… and I got the perfect position." Lunarpyre said when he grins as he forced JP onto all fours while she looked at Mufasa as a result and he looks amused at the sight of seeing JP so submissive when it was normally her being in control.

JP blushes brightly at the position while looking back at Lunarpyre.

Lunarpyre chuckles as he aimed his cocks at her ass and pussy and he gripped her hips before he slowly forced his cocks into her holes again and this time he groans when he enjoyed the closer contact with JP with her being so close to him.

JP groans as she feels Lunarpyre's cocks going deep inside her holes as she lightly grinds her teeth.

Lunarpyre groans when he felt how tight she was… seems last time was her more relaxed and she was tense here so he slowed his actions to let her adjust until he hits her cervix and waits for her to get used to his cocks.

After a moment or so, JP looks at Lunarpyre.

"Y-You can start."

Lunarpyre nods as he rubs JP's ass cheeks before he gripped them and thrusts his hips at a fast but controlled pace as he fucked her ass and pussy intensely.

JP groans a bit loud as she felt how intense Lunarpyre's thrusts are as Mufasa watches.

This got the lion worked up but he kept still as he watched Lunarpyre smack JP on the ass cheeks while he fucked her harder.

"Oh fuck… oh fuck!" JP groans as her holes tightened around Lunarpyre's cocks.

Lunarpyre growls in a pleased way as he moved to fondle JP's breasts from behind while he licks at her neck as he thrusts his hips harder and his lower cock threatened to bash through her cervix.

JP moans loudly again and again.

"D-Don't stop!"

Lunarpyre was amused, not like he would stop his actions as he opened his mouth wide as JP's orgasm was getting close and he bit down roughly on her shoulder while not breaking her skin but came close like he was marking her as his bitch.

JP was a bit surprised by this action before she groans loud and actually climaxes hard on Lunarpyre's cocks.

Lunarpyre groans when he felt that and forced his cocks deeper in JP's pussy and ass and forced his knots deep in her folds and ass making the knots swell to lock him inside of her and floods her ass and pussy with sperm making her womb and stomach bloat greatly as a result.

JP moans loud from that which made her climax stronger as her toes curled on the bed.

After Lunarpyre and JP ride out their orgasms… Lunarpyre chuckles as he forced his knots to shrink when he reversed the flow of blood in his knots and pulled his cocks free of her holes harmlessly and sperm leaked from her holes while Lunarpyre licks her neck affectionately.

JP blushes from that while shudder at the feeling.

"D-Did you… bite my… n-neck?"

"Hehe, yeah but didn't bite hard enough to really make a mark… in a nutshell… teasing you greatly and what not… don't even know your name and we never been on a date my dear." Lunarpyre said before he licks at JP's neck again.

JP shudders again while blushing a bit.

That's when she says…

"I-It's… Elena."

Lunarpyre chuckles as he heard that.

"Elena huh?... well thats a very nice name… wonder why you hide it." Lunarpyre said while he rubs her sides of her body with his hands.

Elena blushes a bit.

"I-It's a tradition… any Jungle Princess… or Queen keeps their name hidden till they found someone worthy enough to be… husband material."

"Oh ho… guess that means I was impressed enough in the bedroom to be a Jungle King huh?... well will have to ask for a few dates first but don't worry I'll keep it secret until you give the green light." Lunarpyre said while he gave Elena an amused look.

Elena blushes a bit.

"Well… I could say that you're… courting me." She said with a cute blush on her face.

"I see… well guess that means I get a chance to take you on a few dates later after my training days with Finn." Lunarpyre said while he grins at JP.

Elena blushes more.

"So… can we continue?"

Lunarpyre grins as he moved to kiss Elena and after he got her on her back… in no time he was thrusting his hips and growling as he fucked her ass and pussy again while he used a hand to fondle her breasts.

"Oh fuck!" Elena moans loud a few times before she wraps her arms and legs around Lunarpyre's body.

As this happened, the scene went to Marceline for now while she was exiting the bathroom of Bubblegum's room while she looks amused at the satisfied and slumbering Bubblegum while Kira was charging the suit of Bubblegums as she passed Marceline a touch screen phone.

"Here, its an item Bubblegum made and would have handed it to you before the sparring session, but better late than never, I'll be transfering to this phone so I can tag along since it will be abit before Bubblegum will wake after what we did." Kira said as she made sure that the touch screen Phone had an armored case to protect it… had a red and black coloring while it had a bat icon on the back with the bat looking a bit heart shaped as it sat on a piece of Candy.

Marceline chuckled.

"Nice. Looks like I got a new travel buddy."

"Indeed, oh and if you are wondering where Clover is since we haven't seen her, she was given orders by Bubblegum to aid some of the Banana guard workers and foremen since the Pluton units don't need aid though given how much energy she used, she maybe giving the Banana guards relief while she feeds, I can point you in her general direction once I'm in your phone." Kira said while she moved to stand next to Bubblegum's headboard while Marceline's phone boots up and the Candy Suit shuts down as Kira transferred her programming to the phone and it ran an update as a result so Marceline would have to wait a few minutes to talk with Kira.

"Hmmm… interesting. At least the Banana Guards will have a good time." Marceline said with an amused look.

As Marceline was waiting for her phone to restart, the scene went to Clover while she was with a large group of horny Foremen and Banana guards, Clover used a spell to hide her cock for now while she gave the large group of Banana guards lustful looks and they moved to have fun with her.

The foreman groans as he was getting his cock sucked while one Banana Guard fucked her pussy and another went to her ass.

Clover moans as she stroked two more cocks while she loved how pent up the Foremen's were for obvious reasons as she worked to suck, stroke, and tighten her holes on the cocks inside of her.

This made the foreman and a few Banana Guards groan as they fuck her hard while some of the other guards stroke their cocks.

In no time, Clover worked the Banana peoples cocks well as she enjoyed the tastes as their cocks throb in her until…

The foreman and the guards in unison as they filled Clover's mouth, pussy and ass with their cum while a few others climaxed their loads onto Clover's body.

Clover moans at the feeling while she stroked, sucked, and tightened her folds while she waits for the group of Banana men to ride out their orgasms… no relation to Banana man… as far as people are aware….

After a moment are so, the foreman and the few guards tapped off while panting for breath.

Clover pulled her mouth off a Foreman's cock and she smiles at the Banana based people.

"Hmmm… tasty sundaes… do you have more for me?" Clover said with a cute begging look in her eyes.

The Banana Guards all blush at the look.

"W-We have plenty more, cute bunny lady." One of them said.

Clover smiles as she gestured for them to approach.

"Come on then… unload all you got." Clover said when she had an eager look in her eyes.

Hearing this made the Banana Guards feel more turned on as they each approached Clover.

As this happened, the scene went to an unknown location with Me-Mow walking next to Demonga and Tai Ping as Demonga talked to Raven, or if people forgot, Patience St. Pim.

"So the people you sent off of Ooo located the island where the Vampire's that attacked my cousin's kingdom came from right?" Demonga asked Raven when the group entered a room with a meeting table to talk as they sat at the table.

Raven nods her head.

"Yes. They were able to tell me the location of the island after placing a tracking device if we plan to go there."

"I see… shame many died to get that tracker there… some may have questioned motives for joining but they proved their worth… heard Finn has a new trainer thanks to the spies and that trainer is in the Jungle Kingdom now… like Ranmyaku he is an unknown somewhat but seems he can manipulate blood and stuff if the questions a spy of mine asking the Water Nymph sister trio was anything to go by… and not only that, seems Simon was brought back and is in full control of the Crown of Ice now, maybe slow but seems we're starting to make progress in getting aid in the Vampire threat." Demonga said while he crossed his arms as he placed various files on the table talking about the events and info from Denise, Lapis, and Lazuli.

"Question, how did the spy get that info from those laides, don't they live next door to Finn?" Me-Mow said.

"Yeah, but after their fun with that Lunarpyre guy, they were in good moods, it also didn't hurt that I sent Canyon as the questioner and all they wanted was a good time getting it on with her with them Dominating Canyon and they sung like birds." Demonga said while he looks a bit amused.

Raven, Me-Mow and Tai Ping blink in surprise after hearing that as Tai Ping chuckles.

"Wow… talk about going to great lengths."

"Indeed, though Canyon wasn't complaining about her fun with the water nymph trio, she rested up and is back to guarding the three we have, and to not confuse you, its Gumbald, Chikle, and Aunt Lolli in their dumbed down states." Demonga said while he relaxed in his chair.

"Yeah… still can't believe who they were before." Tai Ping said.

"Well believe it. We just need to figure out how to cure them." Me-Mow said.

"Indeed, harder to do since we can't do much for now… still Raven's plan later with Bubblegum, Phoebe, and Slime Princess later may help once we get the Vampires out if the way… it's an idea Raven has in mind." Demonga said when he looks at Raven and nods his head at her to explain.

"Indeed, my last plan failed but this time… I will make sure that they will embrace their elemental sides." Raven said with determination.

"Right… though why?" Me-Mow said.

"Well long story if you haven't heard but…" Raven said before telling Me-Mow and Tai Ping her side of the story before getting to the end.

"And that's what I'm trying to do now after meeting those royals since they don't know the full potential they have."

"I see… should be handy if Bubblegum knows her potential at least but think they would just come here and stuff?, best you would have to do is kidnap them if you just walk up to them and stuff, I mean with the Vampire issue right now, we need to focus on one thing at a time time and if not… Bubblegum is going to have a kid with Phoebe thanks to an arranged marriage so it's best to wait till they are married and have the kid, don't want to harm innocent lives after all." Tai Ping said when she crossed her arms.

"No kidding. Plus, that Phoebe chick is also carrying Finn's kid. Not to mention that he would be quite protective so unless Finn was not around, we can't do anything else. Unless we go after Slime Princess first." Me-Mow said.

"Well that is an option… what if I worked my charm on her and had her come to us and what not?... and before many question that, I would like to remind you all that I have a number of women who would legally be mentally insane so least of my worries and some Slime people can reform their bodies and stuff." Demonga said as he gave some I'm the room half lidded looks.

"Well… that is true." Me-Mow said.

"As long as it helps with my plan, I'm up for anything." Raven said.

"Good… for now we just play it safe, build things up, and strike once the Vampire threat is over with, not many good things will happen if we spread ourselves thin… aside from this, anyone have other announcements or matters of importance to bring up?" Demonga asked when he looked at the others.

"Uh yeah. What are we gonna do about Maja? You hired that old Flame King to usurp her. But with him gone, we're gonna need someone else to do this." Me-Mow said.

"Simple, I'll deal with her personally since she is a crafty bitch… gonna go and get a bit of help though… since this could get a powerful ally." Demonga said as he got to his feet.

"And who will you get?" Tai Ping said.

"Simple… someone who wants payback with Maja more than anyone… her Former Crabbit Familiar." Demonga said with an amused look as he exits the room after gesturing for Me-Mow to follow him.

"Welp… see you two later." Me-Mow said with an amused look.

After Me-Mow left… Raven and Tai Ping were alone as Tai Ping hums before she looks at Raven.

"So… wanna fuck?" Tai Ping bluntly asked the Ice Elemental woman.

Raven blinks a bit before shrugging.

"Well… I got nothing else to do so sure."

Tai ping chuckles as she moved to get on Raven's lap and kissed her on the lips.

Raven moans into the kiss before returning it as she lightly hugs Tai Ping.

As this happened, the scene went to Demonga and Me-Mow as Denonga and Me-Mow got in a specially made hovercraft and Demonga got in the driver seat while Me-Mow got next to him.

"Hmmm… talk about comfy." Me-Mow said.

"Indeed, we will need it since we will be traveling to Casino Kingdom, heard the Familiar is getting a gig there but something seems off about this since I heard it's more adult rated stuff." Demonga said when he starts the hovercraft.

"Really?… maybe he's making cash while giving ladies a good time." Me-Mow said.

"Normally I wouldn't think much of that but heard from a few people that it seems like he is running himself ragged and stuff, may as well see what these dances are like… may as well be a date for you and I while we are there." Demonga said while he relaxed in the chair as he starts the hovercraft and it moved to the direction Demonga steers it.

Me-Mow blushes a bit before smirking.

"Sounds good to me." She said as she kissed Demonga's cheek while rubbing his chest.

Demonga smiles a little as he used his right arm to hug Me-Mow as he put the hovercraft on auto pilot so he could relax in peace with his Fiance.

Though Me-Mow got a bit mischievous as she uses her paws to fiddle with Demonga's pants before fishing his cock out.

That's when she brings her head down and starts licking and sucking his cock.

Demonga moans as he pets Me-Mow on the head..

"Eager for a snack huh?" Demonga said as his cock hardened thanks to Me-Mow's actions.

Me-Mow continues this action before takes her mouth off of Demonga's cock.

"Can't help it. You got a delicious cock." She said.

"I see… well suck away my dear… may as well consider this the practice for the honeymoon… who knows… we could get married in Casino Kingdom and do a better marriage once things settle down." Demonga said as he moved to push Me-Mow's head back down to suck his cock again.

Hearing this made Me-Mow feel excitement as she really bobs her head faster and harder on her fiance's cock.

Demonga groans more before he leaned his seat back making it easy for Me-Mow to have more fun as Demonga's cock was deep throated a number of times now.

Me-Mow hums and moans as she keeps sucking Demonga's cock while using her paw to fondle his balls.

Demonga shudders more as he moved to have Me-Mow get over him so she could get in a 69 position with him and he ate her folds out eagerly while he rubs her ass a few times.

Me-Mow shudders and groans from that action before she uses her tongue to roughly lick the tip from Demonga's cock.

Demonga pants as his orgasm was getting close as time went on while he slipped his tongue in her folds as time went on.

Me-Mow groans again as she continues her actions while feeling her climax approaching.

Demonga than used his electrical power to have his tongue vibrate and shock Me-Mow's folds before he groans as he came hard in Me-Mow's mouth with great force.

Me-Mow groans a bit loud as she climaxed on Demonga's face and tongue as she drinks down Demonga's cum.

After the duo ride out their orgasms, Demonga takes a breath after he lapped up Me-Mow's juices and pats her ass to let her know he was ready for the real fun.

Me-Mow hums as she drinks down the rest of Demonga's cum before a moment later, she was facing him while getting into position before Me-Mow has her pussy take in Demonga's cock.

Demonga groans before he gripped Me-Mow's ass and thrusts his hips upwards and his cock barraged her pussy in no time while his cock vibrates and shocks Me-Mow's pussy while hitting her weak points.

Me-Mow groans a few times before she hugs Demonga and kisses him, after making sure her mouth was clean.

Demonga returned the kiss while he wondered what Me-Mow thought so far on the possibility of marriage as he continues to fuck her mercilessly.

'I'm not sure if Demonga was teasing me about marriage… or serious about this but… I'm fucking ready for this and hopefully with my succubus body, we can finally have kids.' Me-Mow thought as she kissed Demonga more while looking at his eyes with lust… and love.

Demonga had a similar look as he continues to fuck Me-Mow as his cock throbs inside of her pussy.

Me-Mow felt that which caused her pussy to squeeze Demonga's cock a few times before she begins to ride him.

This allowed Demonga's cock to bash into Me-Mow's womb while Demonga grits his teeth while he fought to keep from climaxing as long as he could.

Me-Mow sees this before she tries to entice him.

"C-Come on Demonga. Give all that sweet cum. Try and knock me up… my dear husband!"

Demonga when he heard that growls as he moved to turn himself and Me-Mow so she was in the chair while he was over her and he fucked her harder than ever, she may have wanted his load but he wanted her to cream on his cock so he could give it a serious creampie.

Me-Mow was now moaning and groaning as she starts begging Demonga to fuck her harder.

And fuck her harder Demonga did as he grits his teeth as his muscles bulge a bit as he worked to fuck Me-Mow harder and faster with his cock vibrating harder inside of Me-Mow until…

"D-Demonga!" Me-Mow moans out his name before she climaxed hard on her fiance's cock.

"Me-Mow!" Demonga snarled as he forced his cock balls deep inside of Me-Mow's pussy and floods her womb with sperm which sparked her womb something fierce as his balls throb with each shot.

Me-Mow moans loud as she climaxed more as her body takes in Demonga's cum.

Part of her body absorbs it but Me-Mow wanted to keep Demonga's load in her womb.

Though her body worked to absorb the load, some of it did stay in her womb when some of the turbo charged load resisted getting absorbed and after the duo ride out their orgasms, Demonga changed things so he was on the seat again and was lifting and lowering Me-Mow onto his cock while he gripped her soft ass cheeks while she was facing away from him so he could focus on fucking her ass this time.

"Oh yes Demonga! Keep fucking my ass!" Me-Mow moans as she enjoys it.

Demonga thrusts his hips as he enjoyed Me-Mow′s ass immensely.

Me-Mow moans more before she had her ass squeeze around Demonga's cock as her face starts to look fucked up.

This made Demonga thrust his hips harder while his cock zapped and vibrates inside of her ass more and more until…

Me-Mow groans loud with ecstasy as she climaxed hard on her fiancé's cock with great force.

Demonga growls deeply as he lowered Me-Mow fully on his cock and he floods her ass with sperm while he moved to hug Me-Mow from behind and groped her breasts and kissed and licked her neck during the orgasm.

This caused the feline/succubus to groan more as her climax got stronger while enjoying the moment.

Demonga then used a hand to have Me-Mow look at him before he kissed her on the lips and slipped his tongue into her mouth to tease her when he had his tongue roll around on her scratchy tongue.

Me-Mow moans into the kiss as she returns before having her tongue dance with Demonga's tongue.

As this happened, the hovercraft continues on its way to the Casino Kingdom, as this happened, Demonga was groaning when Me-Mow sucked his cock again from the side while he pets her head… she was relentless in pleasing Demonga and his cock and balls.

Me-Mow hums and moans while enjoying the taste of her future hubby's cock as she deep throat's it.

Thanks to this Demonga groans when he gave Me-Mow a large load of sperm when he never seemed to run out of sperm for Me-Mow to enjoy.

Me-Mow moans as she drinks it down like a delicious drink while hoping Demonga let out more.

And let out more he did, for 2 straight hours as the hovercraft approached the Casino Kingdom, Demonga was fucking, pleasing, and pretty much making Me-Mow cared for as he was now fucking Me-Mow against the side window of the hovercraft as her breasts press against the cold glass.

"Oh fuck yes Demonga! You're a sexy and daring beast!" Me-Mow groans loud.

Demonga chuckles a bit from this as he smacked Me-Mow's ass cheeks again and again as he continues his actions.

"And your a fucking sexy cum craving slut… bet you're just eager for my damn load!" Demonga growls out while he looks really worked up as he fucked Me-Mow harder.

"Y-Yes I am!… S-So don't stop!" Me-Mow begs.

Demonga didn't need to be told twice as he rammed his cock into Me-Mow's pussy again and again until he growls when he climaxed hard inside of Me-Mow's womb again.

Me-Mow moans very loud in ecstasy as she climaxed hard on Demonga's cock.

After the duo ride out their orgasms, Demonga chuckles as he pulled his cock free and saw his load leak from Me-Mow's pussy a bit while her body shook from the pleasure.

Me-Mow panted while having a pleased look on her face.

"O-Oh… fuck."

Demonga pats Me-Mow on the ass before he noticed the Hovercraft hovering into the Casino Kingdom.

"Hey Me-Mow, better take 5 and stuff, we're finally here… though first…" Demonga said as he moved to have his semen and juice covered cock before Me-Mow's lips and nose.

No sooner than later, Me-Mow immediately starts sucking off her fiancé's cock.

Demonga groans from this as Me-Mow enjoys herself a bit more… even moved to give him a titfuck with her large breasts to work him up more.

Me-Mow made sure to smother Demonga's cock while using her tongue to lick it.

Demonga shudders as he watched the horny succubus cat work her magic and as the hovercraft moved to part on its own, Demonga felt his orgasm approaching as a female attending for the Hotel that the hovercraft parked in approached the vehicle as it had a sign that said it was fine to open.

The female attendant opens the door to greet the duo.

"Hello and…" she said but blushes brightly at what she saw.

She saw Me-Mow sucking and moving her breasts more on Demonga's cock and he growls as he fired a large load in Me-Mow's mouth and his sperm flowed to her breasts when she had trouble taking the entire load.

Me-Mow moans as she drinks Demonga's cum as the female attendant was again surprised.

After Demonga rides out his orgasm, he blinks as he notices the attendant.

"A-Apologies… give us a few minutes to get presentable…" Demonga said as Me-Mow worked to lick and suck Demonga's cock clean like she was in her own world while Demonga's shudders at the feeling.

"Y-Yes of course… My apologies." The female attendant said before closing the door.

After this happened and Me-Mow getting another load from Demonga, she used a spell to clean the two of them off and Demonga and Me-Mow exit the car after Demonga and Me-Mow fixed their clothing up.

"Sorry about that, we were having fun on the way here since we had 3 hours to kill, I'll give a serious tip if you keep quiet about what you saw." Demonga said while he looks down at the female Attendant and she blushed when she saw how powerful Demonga was and since she saw his cock earlier… well Me-Mow got an amused look.

"Maybe instead of a normal tip, we invite her to a hotel room to give her your personal tip dear…" Me-Mow teased while she wrapped an arm around Demonga's right arm in a loving way.

The female attendant jolted.

"I-I don't wish to oppose. I'll make sure your vehicle is extra clean." She said.

"Oh don't worry about that, I know a spell that handles the cleanup of what just happened easily… and who said it was an order… your call if you want to follow us and find out the room we are going to while we stay here for a day or two on some business… and I don't mind others joining for fun." Me-Mow said when she winked at the female attendant.

The female attendant blushes bright.

"W-Well… my… shift ends in… 10 minutes."

"Good, follow us, we can at least check into a room and tell you the room number." Me-Mow said as she was led by Demonga to a fancy hotel while Me-Mow floats which made it simple for her to follow along as she cuddled with Demonga.

The female attendant blushes more after hearing this before actually following the couple inside after making sure that the car is parked.

Once she got inside, she was surprised when she saw Demonga get a key for the top floors Royal Suite and he looks at Me-Mow.

"May as well stay in style." Demonga said as he passed the Receptionist the cash for the room for a week worth of a stay.

Me-Mow chuckled.

"Couldn't agree with you more babe." She said as she snuggles closer to Demonga.

"Indeed dear… hey if there a Dance show here with this guy in town?" Demonga said when he showed a picture of the Crabbit to the receptionist and the Female Attendant.

The receptionist blinks and she smiles.

"Indeed, he will be here in 3 days sir, he is a popular dancer and is well liked by many both male and female alike for their unique way if dancing." The receptionist said while she smiles at Demonga in a mannered way.

"Really? How unique is it?" Me-Mow said.

"Well… first off they dance with their own shadow thanks to special light magic they learned which makes an interesting shadow dance of sorts, better to show than tell, and than there is the… well… they have a thing where if a paying VIP customer pays well… they do things with them that wouldn't be spoken of in public and let's just say that is all I can say there… though between you and me, I think some people are hindering their dance requests which made them do that VIP payment thing but that is just a rumor there." The receptionist said while Demonga hums when he thought something was off here.

Me-Mow had an amused look when she looks at Demonga.

"Forming an idea, Demonga dear?"

"Indeed, may as well pay them for a good time a couple days from now so we can guarantee a meeting with them, depending on how it goes… get a good time with a shape-shifting familiar and a new ally and stuff… still two days… want to get married like I suggested here and have a honeymoon here?" Demonga asked while he looks at his Fiance.

Me-Mow blinks a bit at the question as well as the rest of the people that heard that.

Me-Mow's response was hugging Demonga before leaning up and smash her lips on his.

Demonga returned the kiss and he lets her go a moment later.

"May as well go all out… know if there is a jewelry shop in this Kingdom?" Demonga said as he held 20 gold coins to the receptionist as a tip for good info.

The receptionist blinks when she saw the coins.

"Well the jewelry store is a few buildings down to the left." She said.

Demonga nods and after he paid the receptionist her tip, he and Me-Mow left the hotel while Me-Mow had a happy look on her face though she did say this to the two ladies before they left.

"Hehe… well ladies… you're now looking at the future… Mrs. Demonga." Me-Mow said.

Demonga chuckles a bit as he led Me-Mow to a shop that had jewelry and the Jeweler noticed the duo and he approached them with a smile on his face.

"Hello, and welcome to my shop. What can I do for the lovely couple?" The jeweler said.

"Indeed, we need some wedding rings… price is no object but don't try and rip me off with some gaudy stuff… or fake… I know people who can tell forgeries from legit items and stuff." Demonga said while he gave the Jeweler a serious look as his body jolts with electrical energy for a moment with the veiled threat to not rip Demonga off.

The jewelry jolts.

"W-Why of course. My rings are very legit. I used to work for Engagement Ring Princess." He said.

"Good… than in case things go bad, I know who to complain to if the product isn't good… now Me-Mow, go and take a look at the rings and see which one you like the best." Demonga said when he gestured for Me-Mow to approach the rings and pick and good wedding ring set.

"With pleasure." Me-Mow said before she approaches the counter and starts to look at some the rings on display.

As she looked at the rings with a happy look in her eyes, Demonga wondered what Me-Mow was thinking in that she was actually getting married soon and everything.

Though it seems that the feline/succubus was happily thinking of being married to Demonga while having a happy look as she continued her examination as the jeweler was nervous.

After a bit, Me-Mow smiles when she made her choice in the wedding rings and came to get the Jeweler to get them as Demonga looks at her pick.

It was a classic gold band as the diamond cut was 10 ½ karats.

Demonga nods his head as he saw that the rings were satisfactory… the diamonds were even in the shape or a lightning bolt that was sideways to run alongside the gold band.

"This will do, how much for these rings?" Demonga asked when he crossed his arms and looks at the Jeweler.

"W-Well today we're having a special. Half price off of everything. Here it is." The Jeweler said as he shows Demonga the price.

When Demonga saw the price, he hums…

"Very well, toss in a pair of silver or stainless steel necklaces that the rings can go on just in case and I'll pay extra for them, you have a deal." Demonga said while he had a satisfied look on his stoic face.

The jeweler smiles excitedly.

"Why certainly sir. I'll make sure to give you the best necklaces." He said as he went behind the counter.

In no time, the Jeweler smiles as he was counting his gold while Me-Mow and Demonga exit the shop with Me-Mow looking happy while she examined her ring up close on her finger while she wore a silver necklace while Demonga had his wedding ring on the necklace he wore as he looks at Me-Mow.

"Pretty happy huh?" Demonga said while he looks at Me-Mow.

"Oh very happy. Especially when we become husband and wife." Me-Mow said.

"Not there yet… follow me, heard there was a good place to get fast marriages, we can get a real one later down the line." Demonga said as he reminds Me-Mow that the first wedding though official, wouldn't be a dream wedding yet for various reasons.

Me-Mow was excited as she wraps her arms around Demonga's arm.

"Then let's get going."

Demonga nods though he got a serious look when he saw a being wearing a hood before them and seemed to block their way.

Me-Mow blinks a bit before narrowing her eyes.

"Uh excuse me but can you step aside?"

The figure smirks as Demonga had a hand on Me-Mow's shoulder.

"Me-Mow… go around and head to the chapel… I'll meet you there." Demonga said while he never looked away from the mysterious figure when something rubbed him the wrong way.

Me-Mow didn't want to but… she knew that Demonga didn't want her to get hurt.

"Alright. Don't take long." She said before heading to the chapel.

Though the figure tried to grab her, Demonga moved to grip the figure on the face.

"Won't take long… see you in a bit Me-Mow." Demonga said before he and the figure vanished with Demonga using high level speeds to get outside of the Casino Kingdom and left a surprised Me-Mow behind.

"Okay… I don't know what's going on but… I have a bad feeling about this and that hooded guy is one of those examples." Me-Mow said.

After Demonga got far enough he threw the figure away and the figure crashed on the ground… though instead of getting angered, the figure was laughing and Demonga got a good look at the figure… looked male… bulky but more toned… and Demonga's eyes narrow when the figure raised a hand to make a sunless room around the area.

"Vampire I take it?... got some serious balls coming to attack me and my Fiance like this… either you have a death wish or you don't know what I did to your ally." Demonga said as the figure chuckles and they used their own ability to make some electrical energy that sparked on their bodies.

"Hehe… oh I know… I just want to see how powerful you are." The figure said.

Demonga frowns while the cloaked figure got in a combat stance with his hands held to the side while Demonga got in his own combat stance as he crossed his arms in a guard of sorts ready to counter anything the Vampire would try… if he had electrical powers, he could possibly counter some of what Demonga could do and he would have to get serious… the feeling he felt from this guy felt similar to Vlad but not as intense.

The figure grins more before he quickly charges at Demonga as he left a trail of electric sparks.

Demonga charged in turn and in no time they went into an intense fight with Demonga and the figure trying to hit one another but Demonga was a bit surprised by the speed the figure used but figured he was hightening his reflexes to keep up with him… Demonga could play that game as well when he sped up his actions as well with a serious look on his face and when the duo start to get serious, Demonga got a scratch on his cheek while the figure was clocked in the shoulder to keep the figure from taking his head clean off his shoulders and Demonga watched at the figure chuckles before they licked their bloody nail clean.

"Hehe… we might be at this all day." The figure said as he charges at Demonga again.

"Indeed… I'll get a bit serious than since I need to meet my Fiance at the alter." Demonga states as his eyes glow and his body followed suit with a black mist and the Vampire was shocked when Demonga's fist was deep in the Vampire's stomach and launched the Vampire back and when he crashed, he was shocked when he didn't expect this and his wound was having trouble healing… what the hell… wasn't Demonga's power electrical powers?

"D-Damn… what are you?" The Vampire said as he coughed a bit of blood.

Demonga than slammed his foot onto the Vampire's chest forcing him into the ground somewhat and gave him cold look.

"A freak of nature that makes guys like you seem like an everyday being… want to know why I can do this?... I was made in a lab and while I prefer electric attacks, my body automatically adapts to my enemy and shifts my magical nature to counteract it after some time… ergo… an artificial Apex predator to all who oppose me." Demonga states as he brought his fist back which charged with a ton of dark energy and as the Vampire took one last swing with his arm, Demonga sent his fist down and as the clawed hand gave Demonga one hell of a wound on his chest and ripped the front of his shirt off his body, he smashed the Vampire′s head in and the sunless room broke nearly destroying the body… Demonga raised his fist that was covered in blood as the darkness over his fist returned to an electrical energy and he takes a moment to relax.

"Seems like plans will have to speed up once Me-Mow and I get back." Demonga states as he walked from the body… though after a minute or two, another cloaked figure appears near the remains of the corpse and after using a small sunless room, they raised a hand and the body starts to regenerate after a green light was sent towards the body and the Vampire that Demonga killed was revived and he sat up with a groan as he rubs his head.

"Fuck… I'm gonna feel that tomorrow." The Vampire said.

"Indeed, good thing you'll get a reward from me for getting info on that Demonga man, he will be a threat worth studying." The voice said which showed the Vampire was a woman and when she pulled her hood back, she was a beautiful woman with deep blood red eyes and smiles at the Vampire man who grins lustfully at the Vampire woman.

"Hehe… I like the sound of that. He's very protective on that Me-Mew woman. Not only that, I sense succubus traits on her." The Vampire said.

"Interesting… follow me, you'll need to report to the Queen about this, I'll request a replacement for you to make that Demonga fellow think you are dead." The woman said while she looks amused since Demonga never looked back once he left.

"Awesome. Let's get going." The Vampire said.

"Indeed, and you get a reward well earned, especially since you held your ability back to make Demonga think you're a weakling… should be interesting when the captain of the Royal guard comes back for revenge right?" The Vampiress said as she walked from the man or Royal Guard captain with swaying hips noticeable even under the robe she wore.

The vampire grins excitedly before he follows the Vampiress while mentally chuckling.

As this happened, the scene fades to black for now… seems the next arc is going to be action packed for many...

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