A New Vampire King @emerald
A slow start to an exciting day

A scene opens up with Atomsk and TME talking while wearing… armored SWAT gear.

"Ok… why are we wearing this again?" TME asked when he looks at Atomsk.

"Hey, you said 13 was unlucky so…. Gotta be prepared right? Especially if you go out to a different country or continent like for starters… did you know that in China, the number for is bad luck because it sounds a lot like the word for 'death'?" Atomsk said.

"Uh dude… you may want to be careful with what you say since we are continuing this for a reason and working on it constantly between random turns or paid work remember?... I just brought up the 13 number thing… not Death and not the AT version." TME said while he gave Atomsk a half lidded look since there was a calendar that had a deadline to 2024 for a reason.

Atomsk sweatdrops.

"How about we both be careful on what we say and leave it at that."

"Yup, anyway the readers are here so while I finish reading part 4 of the dungeon train arc, mind explaining what happened a bit ago so people jumping in will be refreshed." TME said while he looks at his phone.

"Alright… hey guys. Sorry for the late updates as TME and I are very busy with other fics. Luckily, thanks to a fan, this will be continued on schedule. Anyway, last chap things got very interesting when Morlock had fun with Finn's ladies. Not to mention that he and Marceline had a very steamy lemon hehe. Also the group, got to see Marceline's daughters. Their reactions was priceless." Atomsk said.

"Yeah, I'm up to the part where Frost and Rose ease the irritated guests of Phoebe in the chapter, I can guess that with some info being reminded to me and guesswork, pretty much the group of Lillum, Marceline, Phoebe, and others had fun with a recovered Finn after he got some real rest right?" TME said when he rubs his head.

"Yup. Also Me-Mow got turned into a succubus so she and Demonga are having a good time… Mega wink." Atomsk said.

"I see, anything else I'm missing before we start?" TME said when he rubs his chin.

Atomsk was thoughtful for a bit.

"I know that Bubblegum got some useful materials to help rebuild her kingdom from the dungeon train. That's all."

"Yeah, but before that Clover and Marceline made a deal so Clover is her familiar now and Marceline marked Bubblegum as hers and to know how she was doing and stuff, Clover should be well in done cleaning Bubblegum off and Bubblegum should be examining that Dancing Duplibot that the group got from the Dungeon Train to help with resources." TME said when he remembered that at least.

"Right. That too." Atomsk said.

"Anything else we missed before I give a final announcement?" TME said when he had a serious look on his face.

"Nope. All good." Atomsk said with a thumbs up.

"K… to all readers, Atomsk and I will be working on ANVK till completion between pattern like turns like this, ANVK, free or paid work, ANVK, Free or paid work, etc, doesn't matter if it's stuff we do on our own time, point is expect a lot of ANVK chapters and no matter what reviews say, we will continue, and all guest reviews that are not constructive at all will be removed, and this Intro will be rare from here on, future chapters will get into the story instantly next time so see you readers later… just to check we were In the Fire Kingdom Last time we left off right?" TME asked when he looks at Atomsk.

Atomsk looks things over.

"Yup. We left things off right there."

"K, I'll reread the chapter just in case while we work on this, so for now dear readers… enjoy a series Semi-marathon of ANVK." TME said as the scene shifts to the Fire Kingdom after a bit of time passed with Finn waking...

Ooo/ Fire Kingdom/ Phoebe's room

The scene showed Finn while he was slowly coming to after he powered slept for more than 24 hours… currently it was around 3 PM and during that nap, Finn's body was altered a bit more when his sanguine Vampirism effected his body more now that his body was more or less at full health and his hair turned a lighter blonde color till it was nearly white, his skin stayed the same as his eyes turned into a dark red in color though the eyes were not seen by anyone thanks to the closed eyelids.

"Oh man… talk about a long nap."

"No kidding Mr. Soon to be white hair." A voice said next to Finn making him blink and looked to his right to see Lillum laying next to him and from him not remembering everything instantly from last time, he screams girlishly as he fell from the bed with Lillum giggling as a result.

"W-Who are you?!" Finn said as he almost had a heart attack.

"It's me, Lillum the Succubus Queen remember?... fiance to Marceline since she knocked me up and stuff, came from the Dungeon Train and stuff?... that ring any bells?" Lillum said when she smiles at Finn when she used a spell to make him float and get on the bed next to her.

Finn blinks a bit before remembering what Morlock told him.

"Oh wait… Morlock told me about you."

"Yup, he and I had fun before I helped you recover sleepyhead… you were sleeping for longer than 24 hours after that but I blame the new look for this." Lillum said when she summoned a demonic mirror for Finn and he looks to see his body have changed greatly… he looked more Vampire like and…. More buff when his shirt could barely contain his body when he seemed a bit taller as well much to Finn's shock.

"Sweet Glob… how did this happen?" Finn said.

"Maybe the Vampirism getting stronger inside of you?... I will say it's not a bad look handsome." Lillum said when she teased Finn when she rubs a finger on his pecs.

Finn blushes a bit.

"U-Um thanks and you look… very pretty." He said.

"Really?... and that hardon in your stretch pants don't say more?" Lillum teased when she saw Finn's morning wood.

Finn was now blushing brightly after seeing that.

"U-Um… Oops?"

"Oh just whip out that cock and let me get my breakfast Finn." Lillum said with a teasing grin as she used her fingers to use some magic to remove her clothing and Finn got an eye full of her nude form and well… Finn's cock got so hard it actually ripped from his pants making Lillum whistle when that was a rare thing.

Finn gulped for a bit.

"Well… guess it's out now."

"Indeed… may as well use the chance to get your new sizes so… want to get a handful of my sizes?... no need to be shy… my Vampire King." Lillum teased when she laid on her side and posed for Finn a bit.

Finn blushes a bit before he leans in and kissed Lillum on lips.

Lillum hums into the kiss as she moved to get on Finn's body while he was put back on his back while Finn's cock rests between Lillum's shapely ass cheeks and he could feel how soft Lillum's body was.

Finn shudders from that feel before he had his hands reach around and grips Lillum's ass cheeks.

Lillum moans from this as she worked to rub Finn's chest while waiting to see what he would really do since he was waking more as time went on.

Finn squeezes Lillum's ass a few times before shifting a bit and his cock go inside her pussy.

Lillum moans eagerly at this and in no time, she starts to ride Finn's cock as the door to the room opens.

"...and I'm telling you Pheebs, Finn looks vastly different now and… whoa." Marceline's voice was heard when she stopped speaking to blush when she watched Finn and Lillum enjoy themselves as Phoebe was behind Marceline for a moment.

"What? What is it?" Phoebe said before trying to get a look and was blushing brightly when she saw this.

What she saw was the improved Finn while he was roughly fucking Lillum hard and fast, even smacked her ass a few times making her groan from the feeling as her pussy tightens on Finn's burly cock.

"Oh fuck!" Finn groans as he makes Lillum ride his cock more.

"Fuck is right!... keep going unload everything in my womb!" Lillum moans as Phoebe and Marceline look on as Finn fucked Lillum harder and faster as she rides his cock until...

Finn groans loudly as he thrusts his cock up and fills Lillum's womb with his vampiric seed.

Lillum moans with a eager look on her face as her fingers and toes curl from the pleasure.

Marceline and Phoebe blushes more as they watch the duo ride out their orgasms before tapping off.

When that happened, Lillum takes a moment to rub some hair from her face.

″Wow… not bad with some riding action, hope you can get more aggressive and… hmmm?... oh hey Mar Mar, Phoebe." Lillum said when she looks at Marceline and Phoebe when she noticed the duo.

Finn blinks a few times before he saw the duo.

"Oh… not sure if this is awkward or not."

"Given how worried the duo were, pretty sure they would care more about getting you some food later and getting their own fun before drama and stuff." Lillum teased when she grins at the duo as she tightens her folds making Finn groans a bit.

Finn groans from that as Marceline blushes a bit.

"Well… at least Finn is okay."

"Yeah… but surprised at the new look." Phoebe said.

"Indeed, gotta say he looks scrumptious, though I'll miss the old look as short as that was." Lillum teased when she smirks at Finn.

Finn blushes a bit before he looks at Marceline.

"So Marcy… how goes with everything else while I slept?"

"Well… when you passed out, Pheebs agreed to pretty much marry Bonnie and I and is planning on dating Lillum since things pretty much have Lillum joining your harem, and let's see… Bonnie managed to examine the parts of the Dancing robot and she replicated them and after some experiments, the reconstruction of Candy Kingdom 2.0 is going well, and we have Morlock's lion body at Jungle Princesses place in case we didn't mention that so hopefully no second Vampire King that maybe used… by the way Jungle Princess is named Elena by the way in case no one knows, she had an interesting way of beast taming and stuff." Marceline said with an amused look on her face.

Finn was surprised after hearing this as Phoebe blushes brightly.

"Wow… I really missed a lot." Finn said.

"Hehe, yeah, and I went to my dad and he said he would send someone to train me so that I won't have such a one sided fight with me not being able to help much in that battle before." Marceline said when she crossed her arms.

"Right… I might have to do some training as well so I can be prepared in case those vampires show up again." Finn said.

"Speaking of which, Ranmyakyu won't be able to help for now since he is helping with repairs, but he did give a map to a person who maybe able to help you and stuff and knowing how mysterious that guy is, could be pretty handy." Marceline said when she placed a protected flameproof map on a nightstand next to Finn.

Finn blinks a bit after hearing that.

"Well that's neat. So… what do we do now?"

"Well... since you and Lilly are having fun… think Pheebs and I can join in or you too tired and hungry to give us a long overdue cream filling?" Marceline teased when she smirks at Finn.

Phoebe also smirked as Finn blushes.

"Well… I'm not tired." He said as Lillum giggles.

"Well you heard him girls. Start stripping."

Phoebe blushed a bit as she and Marceline strip a bit till they were naked and Finn saw his nude girlfriends/ fiances approach him as they get on the bed and crawl to get beside him while Lillum grins as she pins his arms down to his side.

Finn chuckles nervously before Phoebe went in to kiss Finn with some passion as she missed him.

As Finn moans into the kiss when he calmed himself, Marceline grins as she licks and sucks on his neck after biting it lightly to not draw blood while Lillum takes the time to ride Finn's cock again after it got hard inside of her in no time.

As Finn groans from that, he took this time to finger Phoebe and Marceline's pussies.

The duo groan as they felt that before Marceline took her turn to kiss Finn.

As this went on, Spark in a sun dress was walking next to Cinder while Cinder was smiling when she looks at a peppy Spark.

"So going to check your hubby Spark?... makes me a bit jealous that you managed to get knocked up and stuff." Cinder said while she walked next to Spark.

Spark chuckled.

"Oh don't worry Cinder. Soon it'll be your turn. Just hope Finn finally woke up."

"Yeah I mean how long can he… hmmm?" Cinder said as she and Spark approached the room Finn was in and when they peeked in, they saw Finn now awake and having fun with Phoebe, Marceline, and Lillum when he had Phoebe on all fours while he ate out Marceline while Phoebe and Marcline ate out Lillum's holes when she floats in front of the duo and Spark and Cinder saw how much Finn's body changed.

"Whoa… not sure if I should be ticked we were not invited but hubba hubba look at those muscles." Cinder said when she licks her lips..

Spark licked her lips.

"I'll say. But we are here so…" Spark said before she opens the door and goes in surprising the group.

"Hello dear." Spark said with a smirk.

"H-Hey Spark, Cinder. Great to see you two. You look great in that dress, Spark." Finn said after getting over his surprise.

Spark blushed a bit while Cinder grins.

"Not as good as you stud… got room for two more?" Cinder teasingly said when she pulled at the collar of her shirt to nearly show her large breasts off.

Finn blushes more when he saw that as his cock got more harder.

"Well I be an idiot to say no when I want to catch up with my ladies." He said.

Hearing this made Spark and Cinder get nude fast and after approaching the group, Spark was seen making out with Finn as she hugs him.

Finn returns the kiss while Cinder moved to have her large breasts cover one of Finn's arms while she rubs his chest as he fucked Phoebe harder, this results in Phoebe moaning as she ate Lillum out harder while Marceline moved with a smirk to fondle Cinder's breasts from behind which surprised her.

"Hehe, surprise." Marceline said as she fondles Cinder's breasts more.

Though Cinder felt something grip her chin till she saw it was Finn before his lips connects with hers.

Cinder moans into the kiss when that happens and a minute later, Finn moved so that he pulled his cock from Phoebe and Spark, Cinder, and Phoebe were licking his juice covered cock while Marceline and Lillum look amused while they look at one another.

"Want to pick a lady to fuck?... pretty sure I could get Phoebe or Spark while you get the other… may as well let Finn have a chance to knock up another flame woman for his harem of flame ladies." Marceline said with a teasing grin on her face.

Lillum giggles.

"Works for me. I'll get the cute flame Queen."

"Guess I get the tightest pussy in the flame Kingdom then… lets make sure they are satisfied shall we my soon to be wife?" Marceline teased when she formed a Finn sized cock.

Lillum smirks before she gives Marceline a nice kiss to the lips before forming a cock of the same size.

After Marceline returned the kiss, the duo splits to go to Phoebe and Spark and Phoebe jolts when she felt a pair of hands on her ass and looks back to see Lillum… same with Spark with Marceline.

"Hehe, don't try to rest now… the fun is just getting started." Lillum said while grinning before she shoves her cock inside Phoebe's pussy as Marceline did the same to Spark's pussy.

This caused the duo to moan which left Cinder with a grinning Finn.

"Hehe, looks like its just us now." Finn said while his cock throbbed a bit before Cinder.

Cinder licks her lips.

"Yes indeed, stud." She said as she rubs Finn's chest.

This results in Finn going to Cinder and she moved to get Finn's cock between her breasts making him moan at the feeling since its been awhile since he had a good titfuck and between such hot breasts as well.

"Hehe… bet you missed these beauties, huh?" Cinder said as she moved her breasts up and down.

Finn groans while he looks at Cinder.

"F-Fuck yes… damn I missed these breasts on your body… some hot suns connected to a fiery Globbess hehe." Finn said when he grins at Cinder a bit though it was strained thanks to the pleasure he got.

Cinder blushes before grinning at Finn.

"Thanks. And I missed you too… including your cock. Let's make sure this reunion is very memorable." She said before she starts licking parts of Finn's cock while tit fucking him more.

As Finn groans from this, Lillum looks amused before she looks at Phoebe while she continues to fuck her pussy.

"My my, seems Finn is enjoying himself… wonder what you're feeling when I do this to hit your sweet spots!" Lillum teased when she angles her cock a bit to hit various parts of Phoebe's pussy to really see what Phoebe would do when she had a first time with a Succubus Queen.

Phoebe groans a bit loud when she felt.

"F-Fuck!" She groans before her pussy tightens around Lillum's cock.

"Fuck is right you sexy fireball… I'm surprised you didn't get laid long before now, pretty sure you would have many cocks in the palms of your hands and in other parts of your body at a whim." Lillum teased while she smacks Phoebe's ass a few times.

Phoebe groans again as her pussy tightens more on Lillum's cock.

Spark was in a similar boat as she moans from how rough Marceline was.

"S-shit you're so rough!" Sparks moans out while she had a pleased look on her face when she looks back at Marceline with a look that wanted more.

Marceline grins.

"You're so damn tight!" She said as she thrusts her cock much harder now.

"W-Well… I use spells and training to make sure my pussy is t-tight for cocks like this!" Spark moans out when she tightened her folds more with some serious muscles control.

Marceline groans from that before grinning again.

"Hehe, good. It's about to get a whole lot rougher!" She said as she really fucked Spark while making the knocked up flame lady her bitch.

As Spark moans more while thrusting her hips back, the scene went to Bubblegum for a moment in the Candy Kingdom 2.0 for a moment...

Ooo/ Candy Kingdom 2.0/ ?

The scene showed a rather impressive scene as the camera went to a massive castle like fortress similar to the previous Candy Kingdom in looks but it was more cylinder like instead of triangle like while many powerful weapon like turrents and other machines of unknown use on top of the castle and in various windows that were scanning various areas of the well… area… the Candy Kingdom wasn't rebuilt as far as one would think but it was farther than one would expect when many robotic workers walked from the fortress like Candy Castle to help the Foreman with rebuilding various buildings so slowly but surely many buildings were getting worked to livable condition while the scene went to Ranmyaku, Bubblegum, and Clover while Ranmyaku and Bubblegum were going over some plans.

"...OK so we're in agreement that once the Kingdom is finished you'll be making some kind of protective dome that can block UV lights and powerful attacks so not only can Finn and Marceline walk or float in the sun in the Candy Kingdom but any kids you all have in the future huh?... glad we got the materials for these guys from that Dancing robot or this would be a pipe dream even with magic." Ranmyaku said when he looks at the original dancing robot toy than outside to humanoid robotic beings all named the Pluton Series were using some killer dance moves and various other functions to not only duplicate materials based on careful algorithms to make sure they don't go over kill but also various protective weaponry was on their person just in case… honestly it was amazing on how human like these robots were and had some kind of hive mind like programming so if an order was given to one, all of them would get it in a matter of seconds and that was if there was a delay… details were hard to see of the Pluton robots but one in the room gave a general idea when the Pluton model looked like a humanoid built in the image of Finn somewhat, just bald to give access to their robotic brain and other features, could even use a sword as well that they could summon via plasma on a specized handle too boot.

"I agree. I was very lucky to get that little dancing robot from that dungeon." Bubblegum said while smiling at how her newly rebuilt kingdom was coming along.

"Indeed, Unfortunately we were slowed a bit when we lost track of this guy and had to make sure it stopped duplicating buildings… boy this made it awkward when it actually duped people too boot… that… was an awkward talk to give to doubles of people…" Ranmyaku said when he sweatdrops thanks to the robot having the power to not only duplicate bodies but memories and what not as well… ergo it pretty much copied and pasted life and what not… a powerful yet chaotic ability… thankfully the Pluton models didn't have that feature otherwise some construction work would be more complex and stuff.

Bubblegum sweatdrops at the memory as was Clover when she witnessed it.

"We should remember to be careful with items like that." Clover said.

"Yeah… could be funny if say… Lillum or Marceline was doubled but that would be the end of all of us… two pranking Queens and two seductive Succubus Queens… pretty sure it would be the end of days for all of us…" Ranmyaku said with a comically serious look in his eyes.

Bubblegum lightly pales at the thought.

"Yeah… This world can do well with only one pranking Vampire Queen and one Succubus Queen."

"Oh really?, and here we thought you would love this surprise." A voice said making the trio look to see two Marceline's and Lillum's looking amused while Bubblegum looks horrified as she looks at the robotic dancing robot.

"Dear Glob… me and my big mouth!" Bubblegum muttered as Marceline sweatdrops as the Lillum's did the same when they shift to look like Marceline.

"Easy there Bonnie, was just doing a thing I was told as homework so to speak by Ran here, he said I should try mixing and matching whatever powers I have left for training while my real trainer comes here or to the fire Kingdom while the original me went to the Flame Kingdom to check on Finn and she came up with this recently, granted we're nowhere near as strong as the original but we're physical clones of the original Marceline, so what do you think?... or is more than one Prank Queen too much for our soon to be Sugar Queen?" the Marceline Clone up front said when she looks amused at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blushes a bit.

"W-Well no." She said as the former Lillum clone giggles.

"Looks like you got the green light."

"Hehe, yup, why don't you two go back to a Lillum form and we… help Bonnie and Clover here relax while Ran… wait… Ran?" Marceline's clone said as two of the Marceline clones shift to look like Lillum before she and the other clones look to see a floating note and one of the clones read it out loud.

"Sorry but I have some things to do in my library, don't want to get in the way of a relaxing time while you ease Bubblegum in on the clone thing, keep up the good work Marceline, pretty sure Morlock would be proud you're using your powers more like this now… hehe, and I bet Finn will when he finds out about this… anyway see you all later." Ranmyaku's note read making a Marceline clone blink a few times at how fast Ran left, didn't even sense him leave.

"Huh… weird but that would be nice seeing Finn do that." One of the clones said with a smirk.

"Pretty sure he would need the Hierophants and Moon's power and doubt we can just let that happen, maybe Ran has a spellbook later for that, for now however…" One of the Lillum doubles said before she and the other clones look at Bubblegum and Clover with lustful looks in their eyes as the lone Pluton bot got what would happened, picked up a do not disturb sign and much to Bubblegum's shock, left the room and placed it on the door handle most likely meaning one thing…

"Oh boy." Bubblegum said as Clover blushes brightly from the lustful looks.

The clones grin and in no time, Bubblegum was on the R&D table after it was cleaned off while a Lillum clone face fucked Bubblegum while a Marceline clone fucked Bubblegum's pussy aggressively.

On Clover's end she was on the ground on all fours while a Marceline clone got sucked off while a Lillum clone fucked Clover's ass while jerking Clover off with a grin on her face.

Bubblegum and Clover were gagging a few times as they groan and moan in unison while the clones had their way with the duo.

The clones grin when they saw how lustful the duo looked and the camera focused on Bubblegum while the Marceline clone moved to fondle her breasts and the Lillum Clone lets her breathe a few times but Bubblegum could feel the duo getting close as time went on until…

Bubblegum groans a bit loud before she climaxed from her pussy while one Lillum clone creampies her mouth.

This caused the Marceline clone to groan as she came hard in Bubblegum's pussy and when this happens, the two clones with Clover groan as they climaxed in her mouth and pussy while Clover came hard on the floor from her cock with great force.

Bubblegum and Clover groans more as their climaxed got stronger before they finally tapped off.

Once this happened, the group changed a bit to show one Marceline riding a cock Bubblegum formed while another Marceline was fucking Bubblegum's ass and pussy when she formed two cocks.

With Clover, same thing with a Lillum clone riding Clover's cock eagerly while another formed a second cock and fucked Clover's holes mercilessly while Clover and Bubblegum were holding hands next to one another.

Bubblegum and Clover were both groaning loud from how rough their partners were.

"Oh fuck… Oh fuck!" Bubblegum groans loud while Clover moans.

The Clones grin more as they fucked and rode Bubblegum and Clover more and more until…

Bubblegum and Clover moans loud as they creampie two of the clones's pussies as their cocks throbbed.

This sets the clones off while the clones fucking Bubblegum and Clover moan as they flood Bubblegum and Clover's holes.

Bubblegum and Clover's faces both looked fucked up as they kept climaxing before tapping off.

Once this happened, the clones look amused as they look at one another before they look at Bubblegum and Clover when they got off the duo.

"So you two… want a break or want more?" Marceline's clone said while the other Marceline Clone and the Lillum Clone's grin at the two panting women.

Bubblegum and Clover's bodies lightly twitches as they blush brightly.

"M-More." They said.

The Clones grin as they did as asked for who knows how long, by the time Finn, Marceline, Lillum, and Phoebe came by after their fun ended… well… they walked into a room to show Bubblegum getting a facial by a couple Marceline clones while the Lillum clones flood Clover's ass and pussy with sperm while they hug Clover between their bodies.

Phoebe and Finn blushes brightly when they saw that.

"Wow… that's surprising." Finn said.

"Yup… not as much as Mar Mar keeping that from us… going to surprise Finn with a surprise orgy later with you and an army of clones against him after a training session?" Lillum teased when she poked the real Marceline's cheek as the clones noticed he group entering the room.

"Oh hey guys. How's it going?" One Marceline clone said.

"Pretty good… Finn had plenty of energy after he woke and we had fun with Spark and Cinder joining in… they didn't make it to breakfast hehe… after that Finn tested his powers a bit and he is a bit worried since they are stronger than usual… probably from the Sanguine Vampirism nearing completion, we're about to follow a quest to a place where Finn can get some serious training in and what not… so… how is Bubblegum and Clover?... well taken care of I hope." Lillum said when she grins at the handiwork done to the two.

The Lillum clone chuckles.

"Oh they are." She said as Bubblegum and Clover have a content look on their faces.

"Hehe, good… good… anyway where is Ran?... we want to make sure of things to make sure that this map is legit and stuff… no need to stop the fun on our account and stuff." Marceline asked her clones.

"You can find him in the library. Dude went there to check on something." The Marceline clone said.

"Alright, continue your fun ladies, the rest of us will head to Ran's library and stuff." Marceline said with a grin when she and the others got ready to leave.

Once they were gone, the Marceline clone chuckles before looking at the rest.

"You heard her girls. Let's keep the fun ball rolling." She said.

The Lillum clones grin as they look at Clover and Bubblegum to see what they thought and while Clover looked full on lustful, Bubblegum when she had a momentary breather to get her wits about her…

'Coma city… here I come.'

And as Bubblegum was on a trip to Coma City, the scene went to Finn and the others as they walk/float to Ranmyaku'a library while Marceline used a large umbrella while Finn had a new look to help him with sunlight… nuff said it was a mix of a VERY wide brim hat and a large trench coat with black leather gloves to cover his body…. Think Alucard hat and Mr. X coat and boots from RE 2 remake and you get a pretty close idea while he wore some sunglasses to complete the look… it was so much off from his old look that many didn't recognize him at all… bit of a refresher and Finn wasn't effected by the heat in the trench coat.

"Gotta say, thanks for the outfit Phoebe, you and Lillum did well with the getup and thanks Marcy for the color corrdination… would have thought you would have gone all black but nah, some blue here or there." Finn said when he looks closer at the outfit, the hat had some blue around a cloth at the base of the hat wrapping around the hat, there were blue markings on the trench coat in a dark color of sorts to help him not stand out and finally he had blue markings on his shoes… all in all it looked like a bit of a digital pattern going on his outfit to give him a cool techno look of sorts.

Phoebe smiles.

"No problem Finn. You look awesome with that getup."

"Thanks, I look baddass and can still fight even in the sun… just can't lose the hat or be blinded by light is the least of my worries… thanks for the enchantment to keep the clothes on and self repair and cleaning Lillum… makes it less of a worry in case I'm in windy areas." Finn said when he smiles at the succubus Queen.

Lillum chuckles.

"Or when you get dogpiled by horny ladies." She teased.

Finn blushed a bit at this as Phoebe and Marceline giggle at Finn and as the duo got closer to Ranmyaku's library, they saw him talking with a rather… unique looking male humanoid when the duo got inside… he looked to be male… looked like a mix of a wolfman from the waist up with red fur, and Snake or dragon like form from the waist down, he didn't wear much besides a vest with nothing being seen between his legs which must mean his cock and what not was hidden with various pockets on the vest and looked pretty powerful and the duo noticed the group approaching. (Note from TME: OC of the requester who wants this story continued Hardforfanfic666, Atomsk and I have permission to use him in other stories so expect this OC to be used more often.)

"Uh… Ranmyaku?" Finn called which got Ran and the mystery figures attention.

"Ah Finn. Glad to see you're finally up and about." Ranmyaku said.

"Yeah… who is the new guy here?" Finn asked while the humanoid hybrid looks at Finn as Ranmyaku rubs his head.

"Yeah… about that… remember that map I sent you… well… meet Lunarpyre… an old contact of mine from years ago… guys a powerful being who manipulates blood, can become a full on wolf of various sizes from a normal wolf to one who could tower over us all and pretty much speak all languages… oh and has a serious mastery over the void do he can visit other dimensions… in a nutshell… again meet Lunarpyre… or Lunar if you want to give him a nickname… guy hates being out in the day so he had a thing in common with Vampires and stuff." Ranmyaku said as Lunarpyre crossed his muscled arms.

"I see you're the new Vampire King… I'm not impressed Ran." Lunarpyre said with a blunt matter of fact way.

"Hey!" Finn said when he felt insulted.

"Just stating a fact, if you can't beat Ranmyaku, you have no chance of beating me boy… I was called and asked to train you in the art of combat and what not and in order to make sure you don't mess up and have weapons too weak for you to use, here… its one of my specialties, consider it a loaner until you earn it officially." Lunarpyre said as he tossed Finn a sheathed red and black sword confusing many as Ranmyaku explains.

"Lunar here has a hobby of using his blood to help forge weapons and armor, aside from globly blacksmiths, I find it hard to find anyone else in this dimension who can make weapons as good as this guy here." Ranmyaku said as he pats Lunarpyre on the back and he grunts while Finn pulled out the sword and his eyes sparkle at how… perfect the weapon was… perfect weight… balance… the edges were sharp though there was a glow about the blade that made it seem not as deadly as it seems…

It was a double sided broad sword while the hilt had a lion like guard and the handle was a double helix like handle with a red gem in the center to make the core of the handle with a blood red gem at the end of the blade completing the look… the sheath looked simple but Lillum could sense powerful enchantments on the sheath that made the blade's enchantments seem simple in comparison.

"What enchantments did you put on the sheath?" Lillum said.

"Simple Succubus Queen, Blade repair, cleaning, sharpening, sheathe repair, cleaning, recall for the blade to appear in the sheath in case the blade is lost, I don't half ass things a weapon or its link to its wielder, on the blade itself are various enchantments but until this soon to be Vampire King proves his worth in some tests, many of the abilities and skills in the blade are sealed so he doesn't do anything stupid with this weapon that I put my all into." Lunarpyre said while he gave a serious look to Finn mainly that unless he impressed he wouldn't unlock more powers in the blade for no reason for Finn who was a stranger to him even if it was a request by Ranmyaku.

Finn now had a determined look.

"If that's the case then I'll take that challenge and prove you wrong."

"Good… lets see how well you do when we fight in Ranmyaku's underground training room… depending on how well you do I'll unlock an enchantment or two… if your lucky that is." Lunarpyre said with a straight face as Ranmyaku sighs as he opened a portal and gestured for the group to enter and after they did with Ranmyaku pinching the bridge of his nose, he summoned a med kid for emergencies and followed last…

When the group got in, Finn, after removing his trench coat and hat to show nearly white hair and red glowing eyes past the sun glasses he wore while he wore a tank top and cargo pants with his boots he had the sword equipped while Lunarpyre was rolling his arms to get out some kinks and what not as Finn took a few practice swings of the blade to get used to the weight and what not as Ranmyaku summoned some beverages from a book of his and he passed them to everyone… Phoebe even got a top quality Lava drink so guess Ran kept stock of things for elemental based people as well.

"W-Wow… thanks Ranmyaku." Phoebe said.

"No problem, and please your highness, call me Ran, I'm an advisor to you but were not strangers." Ranmyaku said with an amused look though Lunarpyre clearing his throat and growling a little did cause Ranmyaku to chuckle nervously as he took a seat.

"H-Hehe… sorry." Ranmyaku said as Lunarpyre shook his head as he looks at Finn.

"Three rules boy… no killing moves, not like you'll be able to, if you get knocked to the ground or disarmed, you lose and finally if by some miracle you manage to subdue me, I'll not only undo all of those locks on the enchantments but I'll make a suit of armor fit for a Vampire King if your able to do so." Lunarpyre said when he stretched his legs a bit.

Finn had an excitement feeling after hearing that but knew better to not rush things.

"Okay and what happens if I break one… or lose?"

Lunarpyre raised an eyebrow at this.

"Are you going to try and kill me or be a sore loser if I disarm you?, because if so I can leave here and take my sword back easily." Lunarpyre asked like it was a rhetorical question while giving Finn a half lidded look.

Finn flinches.

"N-No no. Just curious. Can take things with grace."

"Good… and to prove my strength is nothing to sneeze at even for a Vampire King to be…" Lunarpyre said as he slits his wrists with his claws but as blood flowed from his wrists, the blood formed gauntlets that went up to his shoulders and hardened as Lunarpyre was quiet as Finn looks on as the blood formed an intricate looking armor that looked both deadly for close combat and durable as well as Lunarpyre shook his wrists while he gave Finn a gesture to attack him or he would do it soon.

Finn and co, minus Ranmyaku, were a bit shocked when they saw that but Finn didn't plan to stall as he charges at Lunarpyre.

Though when he did, Lunarpyre calmly moved out of the way of a few slices and he used a quick chop to Finn's neck making him cough and a moment later Finn felt his chin getting hit with a sudden swing by Lunarpyre… thanks to the sudden hit Finn was disoriented and Lunarpyre moved to take the sword from Finn as he fell on his ass while Lunarpyre waits for Finn to recover while Ranmyaku shook his head while everyone else was shocked that Finn was disarmed so fast and in such a surprisingly gentle way since Lunarpyre didn't use much force in his hits, just enough to stun Finn and get him weakened so he would let go of his blade.

"You have a lot to learn and seems you need to get used to your body since you seem to have trouble moving in it from the way you acted." Lunarpyre said like it was a fact as he waits for Finn to recover and when Finn did he shakingly got to his feet.

"G-Glob… that was fast." Finn said.

"Indeed… still you did pass one of my tests, I removed an enchantment on the blade giving an effect so should be handy when start training for real." Lunarpyre said when he hands Finn the sword while Finn looks confused… passed a test?... huh?

"Huh? I passed a test?" Finn said as he didn't understood while the rest of the group were confused.

"Thought Finn lost?" Phoebe said.

"He was able to swing the blade alone, that enough is enough to pass one test, the blade is enchanted to not be swinged by weaklings and I'm not talking physical strength or Marceline here would be able to do it easily… no I'm talking about his mentality… long story short the blade tests its user and my weapons don't half ass their choices… if it didn't want Finn to attack, it would have either teleported to the sheath or shocked its way out of its hands if it thought Finn wasn't worthy… and before you get onto me on how a blade of mine can do that, its enchanted to do that… simple as that." Lunarpyre said when he looks at the others and crossed his arms.

"Oh… well still… it's cool that I passed this part of the test. But even I know that I got a bunch more to do." Finn said.

"Oh yeah, definite difference between swinging at a target and actually hitting one… better get ready Finn you're going to despise me way before this training is over with." Lunarpyre said while he smashed his armored fists together and this time they made loud clangs which showed a serious strength behind his fists.

Finn gulped before he mentally starts talking to Morlock.

"Hey Morlock… got some advice you want to give me or do I need to pray for a Vampire Glob's aid?"

Morlock chuckles in his head a bit.

"Unfortunately I got nothing for you now Finn, best I can say is not hold back and just try and hit this guy, from what I can tell he is no slouch… if we're talking levels of power, he maybe near that Vlad guy in terms of strength, currently with your Vampirism advancing and you getting a better grip on your body, would consider you the weakest of the three Vampires that attacked the Candy Kingdom… its something but nowhere near that Vlad guy… better train hard because you'll need it." Morlock said before he fell quiet in Finn's mind.

"Oh crap." Was all Finn thought when he believed this training will send him to the Nightosphere.

As Finn pales, Ranmyaku looks at the others.

"So… what are you two planning for training?" Ranmyaku asked while Lillum hums.

"Well Marceline is getting a trainer soon from the Nightosphere soon, not sure about Phoebe but I'm pretty sure she is waiting till she has her kid at least right?" Lillum said when she heard about some things from Phoebe and Marceline on the way here.

"Yeah. Dad is sending one of his best trainers to help get stronger." Marceline said.

"I'm actually hoping to train myself and be a tough fighter like my mom." Phoebe said.

"I see… well if you'll excuse me I'm going to check on Simon, I've been doing various sessions with him to try and help him recover from his Ice King state but not much luck there… he really put his all into fighting that Vampire back than… glad the Ice King part is still alive and stuff but its going to be rough without Simon himself here." Ranmyaku said while he rubs his chin.

Marceline was concerned.

"Think I can come join you?"

"Sure, Simon is helping with sorting books here or there in the more fantasy section so follow me, want to joining Phoebe or cheer Finn on?, same with you Lillum… could use your help since you have abilities that can go in Simon's head and see how he is doing." Ranmyaku said when he looks at the duo.

Phoebe was thoughtful for a bit.

"I wish to stay and cheer Finn on."

"As much as I want to cheer for my man… I need to support my fiancé." Lillum said.

Ranmyaku nods his head and he passed Phoebe a fireproof walkie talkie.

"In case Lunar gets too rough with Finn or something happens, press this button and call for help, I'll come and save the day hehe." Ranmyaku said when he walked from Phoebe as Marceline and Lillum followed Ranmyaku out of the room.

Phoebe held onto the walkie-talkie before she looks at Finn.

"Good luck Finn." She said with a smile.

Finn smiles when he looks at Phoebe though a gauntlet covered fist coming towards his head was seen but as a comical thwack was heard, the scene went to Ranmyaku, Marceline, and Lillum as they went into Ranmyaku's library's foyar and follow him to the fantasy section while mad laughter was heard as Ranmyaku sighs.

"Simon, I told you not to read those books, you need to sort them so that you can read A book or two on your break times." Ranmyaku said while he looks up at the Ice King while he wore a Librarian outfit for males… made him look a bit like Simon with the library look as he floats in the air while stacks of books were on the ground near the trio as Simon noticed the group and gulps when he saw Ranmyaku and his tapping foot as Ranmyaku crossed his arms.

"Um… sorry?" Ice King said as Lillum blinks before looking at Marceline.

"This is Simon?"

"Yup, the ice King currently… the crown of ice messed with his mind something fierce… has powers over ice and snow but well… he went mad… and well… I miss Simon's real self… he was like a father to me and thanks to the crown I lost him… even protected me when I was a kid when he used it even if it risked his mind." Marceline said when she looks up at the ice King and he noticed Lillum.

"Oh hubba hubba… Marceline who is your lovely friend here?... she looks good enough to be a freaking Globbess." Ice King said when he wiggles his eyebrows at Lillum while adjusting his tie as Ranmyaku facepalms.

Lillum giggles.

"Hi, I'm Lillum. Marceline's fiancé."

"Huh?... Fiance?... when did that happen?... oh why does Marceline get all the good ladies… first Bubblegum now this and if Lillum here is with Marcy, she would be with Finn as well... why I aughta that lucky son of a gun I auta... $#%#$^#$5." Ice King said while he felt jealous as he gave comical cartoon like grumbles when he pouts in a funny way.

Lillum giggles again.

"Oh don't worry handsome. Whether or not I'm part of Finn's harem, I'll give you a good time." She said making Marceline blink in surprise but Lillum winked at her from the side while Ice King didn't see.

"Huh?... really?... whats the catch?... last time some dame said I could have fun with them I nearly woke without my kidneys when some guy tried to use a scalpel on me… was pretty fun making a getaway there and finding out I was in Casino Kingdom… not sure what happened there but eh… what happens in Casino Kingdom stays in Casino Kingdom am I right?" Ice King said while he nudged Ranmyaku a few times while he sweatdrops at the situation Simon got out of somehow.

"Wait what?" Marceline said as Lillum tries to change the subject.

"No catch. Let's just say I'm the type of gal that enjoys tier 15… by a lot." She said before winking at IK.

Ice King blushed before he laughs a bit at the lucky break he seemed to have as Lillum held up a finger.

"However there is one thing I should mention… heard you have poor hygiene so after we talk a bit you need to shower first and clean every part of your body… understand?" Lillum said when she gave Ice King a look that said she don't sleep with dirty people.

"So there is a catch. Well… alright." IK said as he didn't want to lose a good deal.

"Hey it's better than just getting stood up, besides… I'm sure you'll enjoy what I can do if you get yourself in a clean condition right?... please?... for little ol me?" Lillum teased when she rubs Simon's chin while she used a bit of magic to see if any of Simon's real self was there at all, this could be like with Finn and Morlock and Simon just needed a boost of energy and stuff to surface.

IK felt giggdy.

"Okay sure. You got yourself a deal."

"Good… now unless this place has a bathing area, may as well meet you at the Ice Kingdom and stuff, say we meet in 4 hours?... should give you time to also get it cleaned and presentable before we make it so that you won't be able to walk for awhile." Lillum teased while rubbing Simon's chin again before she let up on the magic when she couldn't get much if at all of the real Simon when he didn't seem to react to her mental magic.

IK laughs a bit.

"Later everyone. Got a hot date tonight." He said before flying out of the library to his kingdom.

Once this happened, Lillum snapped her fingers and the leftover books all float and went to their intended shelves while Ranmyaku whistles.

"Wow, maybe I should hire you if you need a job here." Ranmyaku said while Lillum giggles.

"Maybe if I need a hobby… Marceline I have good news and bad news… good news is I'll be able to help Simon… but bad news… it will be touch and go even for me… not only am I sensing other minds in Simon somehow… most likely past users of the crown reacting to my magic… Simon was the weakest presence though so if I do this wrong, may get the wrong personality to the surface." Lillum said with a serious look on her face as she looks at Marceline.

"Seriously?" Marceline said before she was thoughtful for a moment.

"I want Simon back but… I don't want to risk things but I'll trust your judgement, Lilly."

"Hehe, don't worry, I won't mess up, dream diving is my speciality after all, though I won't lie… gonna have fun with the Ice King to knock him out before I work my magic hehe, I'll be getting ready for that fun time so I'll see you later Mar Mar, love you." Lillum said before she kissed Marceline and floats away from the duo as Ranmyaku looks amused as he looks at a blushing Marceline.

"Hehe, feel the love Marcy?" Ranmyaku teased when he grins at Marceline a bit.

Marceline blushes more before she lightly bops Ranmyaku on his shoulder.

Ranmyaku chuckles before he looks at Marceline.

"Anyway I'll be looking up some things in the library Marceline, if you want to look around, feel free but watch out for guarded sections OK?" Ranmyaku said when he walked from Marceline leaving her with her thoughts.

'Really hope Lilly can help Simon.' Marceline thought before she starts looking around to keep her mind occupied.

She did find some things of interest, like some books on Vampires and powers they could use, however there was one thing that got her attention since it seemed familiar… blood crystals…

"Huh… this looks interesting." Marceline said before taking the book out.

When she did and read it she found and interesting bit on blood crystals.

"Blood Crystals… crystalized fragments of Vampires… either when they want to pass on their key ability or perish, a special crystal of blood is made… it's indestructable to all but Globs and to Vampires… Globs for being the makers of this world and for Vampires who can drain the blood and gain the ability of the Vampire on top of their own ability… in a nutshell this is a well known fact however only Vampires of certain levels and power are able to form these blood crystals… and they normally give a signal of sorts to nearby Vampires so that the blood can give on their traits to their new hosts… blood crystals are never to be underestimated because high class abilities even if they don't seem like it are gained from Blood crystals… it's only the user themself that limits the abilities that they have gained that are not theirs originally." The paragraph read on Blood Crystals and this reminded Marceline of her absorbing the dust of Vampires when she staked them… sure she didn't see blood crystals but what if some were left where she dusted many and they were hidden from view over the centuries?... plenty of skills and abilities could be hers for the taking if she looks at past battles where she last fought Vampire hordes.

"Whoa… I didn't know something like this existed." Marceline said with a surprise look.

This caused Marceline to close the books as she went to Ranmyaku.

"Hey Ran, I'm about to head out, found some interesting info in this book and could help me get stronger and stuff, see you." Marceline said when she sets the book on the counter near Ranmyaku who blinks as he watched Marceline fly out of the building while Ranmyaku looks confused.

"Interesting info?... what did she…" Ran starts to say while he rubs his head but before more could be seen, the scene fades to black on this point in time, looks like things are kicking up now that Finn is awake, and seemingly better than ever so he could train under his new master and he got a new weapon… hopefully things will go well with his training so he could counter anything that comes his way.

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