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So long Dungeon Train part 4

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Dungeon train base/ Table area for examining items/ Bubblegum, Marceline, Tai Ping, Me-Mow (Succubus), Frost and Rose (Marceline and Lillum's twin daughters), Demonga

"So… these are the items you want?" Demonga asked when he looks at all the items on the table that Marceline and the others set on the table and he looks closely to see what they were.

"Yup. Those are the items that we need." Marceline said.

The items in question were the snake bracelet with Tai Ping, the homing laser with shape shifting projectile ring and the battle heart which could charm enemies.

With Marceline she got that skeleton summoning guitar pick.

And for Bubblegum's items, she had the dancing robot that kept doing the robot, the black hole blasting gun, and then there was the supplies Bubblegum's banana guards got with the help of Tai Ping's men… all in all Demonga hums as he examines each item but stopped at the dancing bot.

"Hmmm… cute… can see why you got this…" Demonga said while he had a raised eyebrow, everything else had a purpose but aside from looking cute and what not, was there a hidden effect to this robot that danced here?

Bubblegum was confused.

"What do you mean?"

"Well considering I heard you like cute robotics and what not and all your bots that you have like the Gumball guardians have a cute charm to them, can see why you would want this… though I do have a question… how does this or any of the items here help with resource gathering?" Demonga said to remind everyone of the original reason many were here and well… Marceline and Bubblegum blink and facepalm when they forgot that reason… though unknown to many the robot though dancing looks around and starts to boogie towards the bag of provisions that Bubblegum's banana guards collected.

"Guess we got too distracted with the prize getting. Seems Finn wasn't joking on how addictive it gets." Marceline said.

"Yeah and… hey wait… was there two bags on the table?" Bubblegum said when she looks by Demonga and saw two bags of provisions on the table which made everyone look in confusion and saw the Robot dancing on the bag of provisions and well… a moment later everyone got wide eyes when they saw a third bag of provisions poof up on the table nearby and the Robot flipped into the bag and kept dancing when many were surprised while Demonga opened both bags and both had the exact number of provisions and even tasted like one another when Demonga tested out two apples and looks surprised when both tasted the exact same.

"What the?... Did the robot just make copies of things while dancing?" Me-Mow said with a confused look.

"Apparently so… guess the trip wasn't fruitless after all." Demonga said when he saw a fourth bag be made and he picked up the robot so it wouldn't go make crazy and it stopped moving when it wasn't on a surface and he looks at Bubblegum.

"Seems you got really lucky cousin, looks like this little bot here maybe the way to rebuild the Candy Kingdom… better figure out how it works because if it breaks down, we may not get another little treasure like this for a good long time." Demonga said as he passed Bubblegum the toy robot.

"Indeed. Thank you, Demonga." Bubblegum said as she takes the robot.

"Don't thank me, you are the one who found it, as for payment for the entry however since my men and I helped make it somewhat civil to come here and what not, once you rebuild the Candy Kingdom and what not, try and remember you owe me one more or less since Tai Ping and Me-Mow helped aid you in this, doubt you would have found this place easily given Finn's current state." Demonga said when he moved to grab another apple and eats it while he had the other bags handed to Marceline and the pick as well so Marceline could summon skeletal minions easier then summoning them by normal necro magic.

Bubblegum was a bit quiet.

"I have not forgotten."

"Good… anyway I'll have a few people escort you back to the Candy Kingdom so you can focus on rebuilding when you get there, for now I have a certain… future wife to speak with in detail about her new form…" Demonga said when he glanced at Me-Mow with a raised eyebrow… guess once he calmed down, all he had for her was questions right now since a species change was a huge thing for him.

Me-Mow gulped when she heard that making Marceline roll her eyes.

"Hey dude, give her some slack. Reason she did this was so there can be a slight chance for you to knock her up."

Demonga raised his own eyebrow but kept quiet so he wouldn't cause issues here and speaks a moment later.

"Fair enough, but for now you and Bubblegum should head on back… Tai Ping… help lead them back and come back after, need to talk with you about something later." Demonga said when he looks at Tai Ping.

"You got it boss." Tai Ping said before she gestures for Bubblegum, Marceline, Frost and Rose to follow, leaving a nervous Me-Mow alone with Demonga.

Once that happened, Demonga looks at Me-Mow and smirks at her.

"So… just to check you did this to help raise the chances of having a child with me huh?" Demonga said when he moved from the table and gestured for Me-Mow to follow him to one of the back rooms… boy looks like Me-Mow was going to get it in a good way since those rooms normally had a bed for Demonga to use if he was in the area.

Me-Mow felt excited of that possibility before she quickly follows Demonga.

"Well, I was gonna talk to you about it but… my time with Lillum helped me decide faster."

"I see… any issues or health risks becoming a sex demon?" Demonga asked when he led Me-Mow to a room that had a luxurious bed on one side of the room and was decked out in things that could keep Demonga preoccupied when not busy.

He had other rooms made like break rooms and what not so his men could relax, hey he wasn't a guy that would just make things for himself after all.

Me-Mow grins.

"Nah, Lillum and the others helped out after my transformation. Only thing I want to do is make intense love to my future hubby and hopefully get a bun in the oven."

"Hmhm… I see… well lets test out that form of yours and lets see if I can outlast it or not." Demonga said when he starts to strip out of his gear and Me-Mow saw his nude body in full once he got naked.

Me-Mow licks her lips before she got naked as well before showing Demonga more of her new body.

Once this happened, Demonga walked to Me-Mow and moved to kiss her on the lips and he moved to grip her more rounded ass cheeks and enjoyed how soft her body was while her breasts pressed against his muscled chest.

Me-Mow moans as she kissed Demonga back after wrapping her arms around his neck.

As this happened, the scene went to Bubblegum and the others as they were getting close to the Candy Kingdom while Frost and Rose looks around.

"Huh… despite the destruction, seems like a rather… sweet place to live hehe." Rose said when she saw a few nice looking homes that were remade by a few construction workers so people could have homes to live in.

"Yes well, luckily with this little robot's help, we'll get more supplies easily now." Bubblegum said as she was grateful to find the small robot.

"Yeah, though just to make sure, why not try and have the little guy replicate a house or something to really test it?, it made all that food and the bag around it so…" Frost suggests while Tai Ping gave the succubus a half lidded look.

"Better make sure those houses are empty then of Candy peeps or anyone else, for all we know, if we say Marceline is inside of a house getting copied, whats to say we don't accidentally duplicate the Vampire Queen or candy people." Tai Ping warned when she points out how OP this little dancing bot was if it could do something like that.

"She has a point sis." Rose said as Bubblegum sweatdrops a bit.

"Right… I'll just have to be careful then."

"Yeah… may also want to let the foreman know so he won't wonder why the houses are suddenly multiplying." Marceline said as Frost continues.

"Shouldn't she see how the little guy works first in case it breaks?, can't overload it after all." Frost said when she remembered Demonga saying something about that just in case.

"Indeed. Gonna study the little robot first to understand how it works before anything else. That way, I'll know what to do if he breaks down." Bubblegum said.

As Bubblegum ran off to see how the little bot ticked, Marceline, wearing a sun hat and stuff, looks at Tai Ping when she starts walking away.

"Leaving already?" Marceline said while Tai Ping chuckles.

"Yeah, boss's orders, if I'm quick I could have some serious fun with him and while you may not like his personality, gotta admit he has a serious body that you can drool over." Tai Ping said as she walked away with a grin on her face.

Marceline did raise an eyebrow at that claim as Bubblegum stops moving when she heard that to look at Tai Ping.

"Well have a safe journey Tai Ping. I'm sorry how things won't be the same between us now." Bubblegum said.

"Eh, don't sweat it much, depending on how things work out, could be friends again, though you still owe me a 1 on 1 later to really make up for things… until then you'll know where I'll be." Tai Ping said as she walked out of everyone's view.

Bubblegum blushes after hearing that as Marceline chuckled.

"Wonder if I should stick around and watch my lovely fiance get fucked by her former warden." She teased.

"Hehe, would that be before or after you marry mama?" Rose teased which caused Frost to giggle when she heard that as Bubblegum blushed royally in so many ways thanks to this strange conversation topic… reminded her she had to marry Phoebe on her end after a year or so give or take a few days.

Marceline did blush on her end before clearing her throat.

"Yes well, will you need anything, Bonnie before we go look for Finn?"

Bubblegum snapped out of her thoughts and she looks at Marceline.

"W-Well last I remember Finn should still be at the Fire Kingdom with Phoebe, so I don't think we need to worry about rushing… we got Morlock's former body in the Jungle Kingdom, we got this little guy who can help rebuild my kingdom after I take a look at its internals, if you three want to head on to the fire Kingdom I won't stop you but don't you want a break or something after all this traveling one after the other?... besides need to wait for Lillum since I think she said she can help Finn unless Frost and Rose can do something." Bubblegum said and right as Bubblegum said that, a portal opened which caused Lillum to appear while she stretched her body and had her royal gear on.

"Mmmmm… ah, nothing like a good refueling to help with hunger…" Lillum said while many looked surprised to see Lillum here already.

"Dang Lilly. Already done?" Marceline said with a surprised look.

"Hmmm?, its been about two hours or so since you left the Dungeon train Mar Mar, I pretty much satisfied a lot of people there, oh and I brought a gift so to speak… hey Clover, come on out!" Lillum said when she reached into the portal and pulled out a nervous looking Clover who had a blush on her face when Lillum held her by the scruff of her outfit.

Marceline blinks a bit when she saw her.

"Is she the gift?" She said.

"More or less… she was impressed with you and wanted to try and make a contract with you… though given how shy she is she is more or less tongue tied, so why not let me help by telling you… just because we don't have an energy drain anymore thanks to the Dungeon train doesn't mean we can't kick the need to have a summoner, so why not give it a try?" Lillum said when she grins at Marceline as Clover blushed more.

Bubblegum and Marceline were surprised to hear that though Marceline did smirk at Clover.

"Really now?" She said before floating closer to the rabbit hybrid.

"This cutie wants me as a partner?" Marceline said as she lightly rubs Clover's chin.

Clover blushed more while she shyly nods her head as Lillum giggles.

"Well just to let you know, contracts have changed a bit since we don't need summoners to stay in Ooo now, you could say the better the person we contract with, we can rank up, I'm already a high ranking Queen so I don't have that urge anymore so I can just go where I want but Clover is still in learning and wants to have a contract with someone… don't get me wrong, its not like she is using you, its just a nature thing for Clover here… anyway in a nutshell just come up with some deals to give to one another and when things are settled you two agree… after that boom you two become contracted, and as long as you both uphold the contract, you two will be able to do a lot together." Lillum said as Clover blushed more when it sounded a lot like marriage so to speak if one ignored the energy need that was no longer an issue.

Marceline did chuckle after hearing that.

"Eh, why not. Wouldn't mind having this cutie as a partner." She said as she smirks at Clover more.

Clover really blushed from this as Lillum grins.

"Hehe, nice, anyway just come up with deals to make and make counter deals on what deals are given and you'll be done in no time, why not start Marceline with giving Clover a deal and she can work from it." Lillum said when she looks at the duo.

Marceline looked thoughtful before she looks at Clover.

"Okay… for the first deal… I would like the ability to know if any of my friends or lovers are in danger."

Clover blinks at that while she looks thoughtful.

"W-Well I wouldn't know who your friends and lovers are but I know a way to make it so you can place some kind of marker on them so if you have someone you care for marked, you'll be able to tell where they are and what they are feeling… the mark is even fine tuned so you don't get overwhelmed by so many feelings constantly hitting you all at once, can turn it off and the mark would force the link if the person you care for is in actual danger." Clover said when she points out that unless there was a safety part, Marceline wouldn't be able to turn that ability off… Thankfully there was one so to speak.

"Hmmm… that can work. As for the lovers part, well I can show you who they are, but I believe you already know Bonnie, and of course, Queen Lilly here." Marceline said as she smirks at the duo.

"Well how about a marker you can place on their bodies?... maybe a cute bat of sorts?... can place it like a tattoo or something." Clover suggests for the marker while Frost and Rose giggle at the mark that would be made.

Marceline chuckles.

"Works for me. Will let people know that anyone bearing the mark… belongs to me." She said while grinning.

Bubblegum blushed from this when she could guess where Marceline would play that mark on her later and Clover nods her head.

"A-Alright… i-in exchange… I-I can do the same to you so I will know if you are in trouble or not." Clover surprisingly said to Marceline as Lillum teased Clover.

"Oh why not just confess that you are sweet on Marceline." Lillum said with an amused look on her face as Clover gave a good impression of a stop light with how red she looked.

Marceline snickered.

"Eh, I don't mind." She said before kissing Clover's forehead.

Clover blushed more from that while deal one was accepted, wonder what deal two would be.

This was answered when Clover speaks.

"O-Ok… m-my turn on a d-deal… I-I want… t-to… have o-one d-day a week… w-where y-you and I… have f-fun w-without interruptions." Clover said when she blushed more at Marceline.

Marceline blinks a bit when she heard that before grinning.

"Oh hooo… you want some alone time with yours truly?... Hehe, alright. I'll take the deal."

Clover blushed more while Lillum chuckles.

"Well if thats the case might as well have her have fun with Finn as well later since I doubt Mar Mar would hog a cutie like Clover to herself… got a final deal to make?, rule of threes you know." Lillum said when she looks at the duo for a moment.

Marceline took a bit as she was thoughtful for her final deal.

"Hmmm… how about you help boost up my magic?"

Clover and many others were surprised by that.

"R-Really?" Clover asked while Marceline looks at her hand.

"Well… considering Finn has the Vampire King in him, I am lacking a lot of power… if I was stronger I could have helped Simon… if its impossible though, I can always think of something else." Marceline said while Clover shakes her head.

"N-No… it can work b-but it may not be a drastic boost… in order for that to happen I'll need to feed on others daily though since I would be converting sexual energy into power and I would technically be working for two now so to speak." Clover said when she brought up the fact she would be working for Marceline and if she was to protect others when Marceline calls for it, and to boost Marceline's power… well seems Clover would need to be and I quote… pimped out for others to have fun with.

Marceline smirks after hearing.

"Well don't worry you little cutie. I'll make sure you get all the fun you deserve." She said.

Clover blushed more as she held a hand out to Marceline.

"R-Right… so… are we good on the contract?" Clover asked when she wanted to get the detailed stuff out of the way.

"Oh, we're good alright." Marceline said as she took Clover's hand.

However, Marceline had an imp like grin when she pulls Clover in before the Vampire Queen kissed her lips.

Clover blushed more as she and Marceline glow for a moment and when the glow ends, a carrot was on the back of Marceline and Clover's hands that shook and bat wings came from the carrots to show the contract was complete.

Marceline pulls her lips back before she looks at her hand.

"Huh, interesting symbol." She said.

Clover blushed more when she heard that.

"T-Thanks… mix of your bat trait with my… rabbit trait…" Clover said as she and Marceline let go of one anothers hands and Lillum giggles at the sight.

"Hehe, cute… for now though we should have Clover stay here after you mark Bubblegum with your icon Marceline so Clover can protect her and stuff…. I would suggest copping a feel of her ass or breast so that the mark won't be seen on others unless you want it not hidden." Lillum said with a teasing look as she and Marceline look at a jolting Bubblegum since they had to go to Finn to help him but now that Marceline had that mark ability… might as well use it now.

"Oh I know where to put it." Marceline said while grinning before she quickly floats towards the Candy Monarch.

Bubblegum blushed as she steps back from an amused Marceline.

"N-Now now M-Marcy… shouldn't we do this indoors or something first?" Bubblegum said when she worried that Marceline would do something drastic in placement of the mark.

"Hehe. Don't worry Bonnie… this won't hurt at all." Marceline said before she went invisible.

No one knows where she went before Bubblegum jolt when she felt a pair of hands on her ass.

Bubblegum grits her teeth with a groan when many looked over and saw hand prints on Bubblegum's ass after the back of the dress was lifted up to show the perfect looking ass to everyone… thankfully they were far enough from town so no one would show up as Lillum took the items from Bubblegum so she wouldn't drop them by accident.

"M-Marceline?!" Bubblegum said as Frost and Rose were grinning at their mom's antics.

Marceline in her invisible state smirks as she forced Bubblegum up against a nearby boulder and after pulling her panties down, she was eating Bubblegum out in no time while many could see what Marceline was doing when her tongue really worked Bubblegum's pussy good.

Clover blushes brightly at the scene as Bubblegum groans from her fiancé's actions as she grips on the boulder.

Marceline was amused by this and after a bit to work Bubblegum up, Marceline summoned a cock and in no time, had it aimed at Bubblegum's pussy and many saw how stretched wide Bubblegum was when Marceline forced her cock deep into Bubblegum when her pussy was drenched thanks to Marceline's actions.

"Gah!" Bubblegum groans as she grinds her teeth for a bit.

"Hehe… this is a great show." Frost said.

"Indeed sister… wonder if this is how the mark is placed." Rose said while she licks her lips when she watched her mother fuck Bubblegum again and again while Bubblegum was stuck between a rock and an invisible place.

Bubblegum kept on groaning before a moan or two escaped from her teeth.

"F-Fuck!" She groans.

Marceline on her end smirks as she moved to grip Bubblegum's breasts from behind and grunts and pants as she humped away harder at Bubblegum's pussy more and more until…

Bubblegum groans a bit loud as her pussy grips Marceline's cock before climaxing on it.

Marceline gave a light snarl as she filled Bubblegum's pussy and womb with sperm, when that happened a mark appeared on Bubblegum's womb pretty much giving a bat icon with a heart above it.

Bubblegum groans as her climax got stronger while unaware of the mark's location before she finally taps off.

Marceline rides out her own orgasm and pants for breath for a moment as she pulled her cock free while she keeps invisible.

"Hehe, check your womb area under your dress later Bonnie… should be a fun reminder of me." Marceline teased when she grins at Bubblegum while she aimed her cock at Bubblegum's face after Bubblegum fell to her knees.

"Quick clean up please." Marceline ordered with a teasing sensual tone to her voice as she gripped Bubblegum's head and forced her to suck her cock for a moment before letting her go while everyone else saw Bubblegum's mouth forced open by a large invisible force that went into her mouth again and again.

"Hot damn. Mom just made things more interesting. This would be an interesting porno." Rose said.

"Yeah, primo prices for scenes like this." Frost said when she watched as Marceline, invisible, face fucked Bubblegum now and a bulge was seen in Bubblegum's throat again and again as time went on and Marceline's cock throbbed when she was getting close.

Bubblegum gags and groans a few times as Clover blushes brightly while Lillum felt turned on at Marceline's actions.

A minute later, Marceline grits her teeths as she gripped the top of the boulder so hard that finger indents appeared and she roars when she came hard down Bubblegum's throat and a lot of sperm was seen forming in Bubblegum's mouth as her face and body got covered in the stuff as Marceline rides out a rather intense orgasm.

Bubblegum gags again before she starts to drink down Marceline's load.

Clover did lick her lips when she saw Marceline's cum as it goes down Bubblegum's throat.

When Marceline rides out her orgasm, she chuckles as she pulled her cock from Bubblegum's mouth and became visible again.

"Hehe, fuck gotta say that was a relief… hey Clov… first order… clean Bonnie and I off and I'll have fun with you later." Marceline said when she looks at Clover with an amused look.

Clover blushes brightly after hearing that though no sooner than later, Clover was already cleaning out Bubblegum's pussy with her mouth as she slurps up the cum inside.

Marceline looks amused when she sees this as Bubblegum moans from the feeling.

"Well I did say clean her out but was going more magical inclined to save time… though if you want, I can lead Lilly to Finn while you have fun with Bonnie, either or works for me." Marceline said when she grins at Clover.

Clover did blush in embarrassment before pulling her lips back.

"S-Sorry. The scent of cum was making me a bit peckish for a snack."

Marceline looks amused when she grins at Clover.

"Hey, I don't mind either way so eat that pussy out if you want or use magic, I can summon you now to my side so no real rush to finish… besides Bonnie really seemed to enjoy it." Marceline said when she gestured for Clover to look over and when she did, she saw a panting blushing Bubblegum looking back at her with a somewhat lust filled look on her face.

Clover blushes when she sees that before going back in and cleans out Bubblegum's pussy again.

As Bubblegum groans from this, Marceline looks amused as she looks at Lillum.

"So Lilly… ready to go see Finn?" Marceline asked when she looked at her succubus fiance.

Lillum grins at Marceline.

"Sure. Lead the way, dear."

Marceline nods her head as she gets ready to fly when she equipped her sun gear in full and she and Lillum flew away from Bubblegum and the others while Frost and Rose placed Bubblegum's items near Bubblegum and Clover before they flew after Marceline and Lillum.

Once Lillum, Marceline, Frost, and Rose made it a bit away from the Candy Kingdom, Lillum looked at Marceline.

"So Mar Mar… how have you been doing lately?, I mean aside from the vampire attack I sensed from many peoples minds…" Lillum asked to make small talk of sorts.

"Well before the vampire attacks, been having some major fun with Finn, Phoebe and Bonnie. Along with some nice looking flame chicks that you have to meet. Still rocking as ever. Have to deal with an idiot ex of mine. There was issues with me and dad but he and I have been working things out. Before the Bonnie's kingdom blew up, Finn and I were working at a library." Marceline said.

Lillum blinks as she looks at Marceline with an amused look.

"You… in a library?... you sure I didn't get the wrong dimension?" Lillum said when she grins at Marceline in a teasing way.

Frost and Rose giggle as Marceline rolls her eyes.

"Oh haha, it was at first punishment when Finn and I… made a mess in the library. By mess I mean… I took Finn's V-card the second he turned 18. Of course Finn got turned into a girl… a cute one. But anyway, Finn and I work there. Pay is good, plus Finn is learning how to fight well with his vamp powers by this cool dude, Ranmyaku."

"Really?... did you get Finn's V-Card in both male and female forms?, and I'll have to see this whole work in a library thing to believe that… I mean you told me years ago that and I quote… Who needs nerd books when you can learn things in real life?" Lillum said while she momentarily used Marceline's voice and what not.

Marceline sweatdrops.

"Okay… can't believe you still remember that. But I'll admit, books can be helpful. Like for one, that Ran guy gave me a book that can cure any cursed objects. Don't know if you remember me talking about Simon but maybe with that book's help, I'll finally free Simon from the crown."

"Really?, heard about the ice King and stuff… how is he nowadays?" Lillum asked when she looks curious.

"He's okay. Still the same. Although, his sanity was back temporarily when those Vamp bastards attacked us." Marceline said.

"I see… hey if you want I could help with curing the Ice King, Frost and Rose will want to help as well, right girls?" Lillum said while Frost and Rose look determined.

"Yeah!, Mom's friend is our friend!" Rose said while her cat ears twitched a bit in excitement.

"That's right!" Frost said.

Marceline smiles at them.

"Thanks girls." She said as she kissed the duo's foreheads but for Lillum, Marceline kissed her lips.

Lillum returns the kiss when she felt that and smiles at Marceline as the four fly to the Fire Kingdom, when they got to the castle, they met with Phoebe when she was sitting on her throne dealing with some complaints she was getting about faulty flame shields and what not and when Phoebe noticed Marceline, she look relieved to see the Queen of flames though the new ladies to her did get her curious.

"Hey Marceline. Haven't seen you for a bit. Who are these ladies?" Phoebe said.

Marceline chuckles as she held a hand towards the trio.

"Well…. Its a long story but I guess I can introduce you to Lillum the Succubus Queen, and her daughters Frost and Rose… Succubus Princesses and… my daughters…" Marceline said while she had a nervous grin on her face when she sees Phoebe's get comically wide from shock.

"W-What?... DAUGHTERS?!" Phoebe said as Frost and Rose grin.

"That's right. Both our moms got very intimate with each other and 9 months later, boom we're born." Rose said.

"Yeah, we didn't know or met our second mom until recently, she and that Bubblegum woman came with Me-Mow and Bubblegum's former warden, Tai Ping. Now Marceline and Mom are engaged." Frost said.

"Indeed." Lillum said as she walked forward and bows to Phoebe.

"Greetings Queen of Flames, I am Lillum Demonica… or Abadeer since I'll be marrying into Marceline's family soon, as you heard it was recently that my daughters were able to meet Marceline, if you want the full story I can explain in full later but I do have to ask… where is the former human Finn?... heard he needs help and stuff in order to return to normal and I'm hoping I can aid him first before we deal with a lot of drama." Lillim said when she stands to smile at Phoebe while many guards blushed when Lillum's breasts bounced a bit in her outfit.

Phoebe blushes when saw Lillum's breasts.

"W-Well… He, or this case, Morlock, is having his last hurrah with Spark and the others in my room to keep busy."

"I see… well if you want, Marceline can lead my daughters and I there while you handle things here… hopefully… after a little fun with the former Vampire King… I can help the current one back to normal and really get to know Finn… similar to how you and Bubblegum are going to have to get married, Marceline and I are getting married soon so might as well get to know our King so to speak if I can butter him up a bit…" Lillum said while she sensually licks her lips a bit when she looks at Phoebe.

Phoebe did blush again from the look.

"S-Sure. Still have some things to get done."

Marceline did chuckle.

"Well hope you finish soon Pheebs so you can join us. Also just to let you know, Bonnie and I are also engaged. Hehe, this will be an interesting wedding for this century."

"Ain't that the truth… hehe… might as well skip individual weddings and just have one massive one here in the Fire Kingdom complete with an orgy or something so people will know its legit." Lillum said as she giggles when she followed Marceline out of the room with Frost and Rose giggling as they stay behind for a moment.

"You two go on ahead moms, we want to say hello for real with the Queen of flames and maybe help her deal with the irritated people here." Rose said when she grins at her mothers.

Marceline did smirk at her daughters after seeing Frost nods her head.

"Alright then. Guess Lilly and I get more fun."

The sisters giggle as their mothers left the room and Rose and Frost look at the irritated guests all ready to give complaints and surprised many when they asked this.

"Hello everyone… instead of complaining to the Queen here and giving her a headache… why don't we all make a deal and the two of us give you all a good time… should help you all relax greatly right?" Rose said when she smiles at many people in the room while she crossed her arms under her breasts which made them jiggle a bit to tease many.

Frost also crossed her arms making her breasts jiggle as the complainers were surprised.

"Are you serious?" One of them said.

Frost and Rose smirk as they float to the group and stop before them.

"Want proof… pull out those cocks and we will show you how serious we are." Rose said when she snapped her fingers and she and Frost were naked in no time thanks to a disrobing spell that Frost used.

Phoebe blushes when she saw the duo's bods and no sooner than later, the complainers quickly pulled out their cocks with excited looks on their faces.

Phoebe was shocked by that but she was further shocked when Frost and Rose pretty much went through with their claim and were sucking a few cocks already… Phoebe would have complained but given the complainers seemed to be satisfied with getting sucked off… not sure if this was good or bad since she didn't have a headache anymore.

"O-Oh... fuck this feels so good." One guy groans.

"Y-Yeah… it's like… a-all my troubles are… w-washing away." Another guy groans.

Frost and Rose, as they continue to suck the cocks, mentally giggle as they sucked the cocks harder while they used their hands to fondle the men's balls.

The men gave out a pleased groan from that action as they continue to enjoy while Phoebe was blushing brightly at the sight.

'Glob… can't believe it's actually happening. Then again… at least it'll shut them up.' Phoebe thought as she didn't want to feel this headache any more.

While this happened, Marceline and Lillum managed to get to Phoebe's room and when they entered, they saw Morlock, in his own form thanks to Phoebe giving the OK to keep the form, while he was fucking Spark hard and fast while his cock barraged her pussy as others like Blaze, Infernus, Flannary, Cinder all watched Morlock as he really fucked Spark to make her feel good while Lillum licks her lips at the sight when she sees Morlock's muscles bulge a bit from how hard he was fucking the woman before him.

Marceline though was surprised at the sight as she was blushing brightly.

"Morlock?" She said.

Morlock stops his actions before he looks over to see Marceline and Lillum.

"Hello Marceline and… hmmm… never seen you before though you do… look familiar… my name is Morlock, former Vampire King and right now I'm technically borrowing Finn's body and Phoebe said I could use this form when I am in control so no one gets the wrong idea and what not." Morlock said when he looks at Lillum though he resumed fucking Spark which made the woman moan from the feeling while Morlock keeps in control… as for the familiar thing with Lillum… he probably heard some things from his minions in the past but Lillum didn't stick around long enough for Morlock to really know who Lillum was.

Lillum did smirk.

"Well you probably haven't heard of me, but I'm Lillum Demonica, Succubus Queen. Though I was a Princess when I met Marceline in the past and helped her hunt down your minions. I even helped kill that Empress woman."

Morlock raised an eyebrow at that and relized a few things.

"I see… well… nice to meet you, your highness… I don't have hard feelings for what happened in the past since its been over 1000 years and the Empress and the others lost their chance to go with the flow of time and join this world in a new way of living… mind if I ask why you are here though?, doubt its for pure pleasure if you followed Marceline here for who knows where." Morlock said while he fucked Spark harder and his cock barraged her pussy while he could feel her getting close until he growls and came hard inside of Spark, flooding her pussy with sperm and it leaked onto the bed a moment later when it quickly overfilled the flame woman's pussy.

"Well… after killing the Empress, Marceline and I did get… intimate with each other. I will say this, she was an animal. Had to go back home after getting my energy back after she drained me of my power. Then later on, I was pregnant with twins. You can guess who the mother is. And FYI, Marceline and I are engaged." Lillum said.

Morlock, after he finished climaxing in Spark, blinks as many others did when they heard that and all of them look at Marceline with some surprise when they wondered if Lillum was telling the truth.

Marceline rubs the back of her head.

"It's true. I didn't find out till I met Lillum again at that Dungeon train and met my daughters. They're here, but with Pheebs at the moment and as for engaged…" She said before bringing her hand up and shows everyone her ring.

Everyone sees the ring and while many look surprised, Morlock hums a bit.

"I see… well congratulations, though I think it will be odd to explain that to Finn when he wakes, though he is recovering slower then I would have thought." Morlock said while Lillum smiles.

"That's why I came to help, though I just can't pass up a fun time with the Former Vampire King so why not make a deal… you help me with getting a top up on energy and I'll restore Finn to normal no questions asked… could even have Mar Mar here help since she is eyeing your bod with a rather curious look." Lillum said with a teasing tone at the end.

Marceline jolts when she heard that as Morlock was amused by that.

"Hmmm… is that so?... I'll accept." He said.

"Great, just let me get comfortable… hey Mar Mar, want in on this?" Lillum said when she used a spell to strip so she was nude before everyone.

Some of the flame women blushes when they saw Lillum's bod as Marceline didn't need to think.

"Well I want to help Finn so yeah." She said before went nude as well.

Once this happened, Lillum got on the bed as Spark moved out of the way for now and Lillum was sucking Morlock's cock in no time with an eager look in her eyes while she moans when she loved the taste of the cock in her mouth as her tongue ran across the cock for a bit while Lillum was on all fours and Morlock was laying on the bed and he groans at the feeling when Lillum really went wild in sucking his cock eagerly.

Morlock let out a pleased groan as he enjoys this action before he smirks at Marceline's direction and motions her to come here.

Marceline blushed a bit at that and wondered what Morlock would do when she moved to get next to him on the bed.

Morlock smirks more before he grabs Marceline's arm and pulls her down till their faces were closer.

"Always wanted to do this." He said before he kissed Marceline's lips.

Marceline blushed from this when she moans into the kiss for a moment from surprise… however she melts into the kiss when she used a hand to pet the side of Morlock's face while Lillum deepthroats Morlock's cock to really help him to feel good.

And feel good Morlock felt as he kissed Marceline more while caressing her cheek as he looks at her eyes with lust.

Marceline blushed more from this though the other fiery ladies smirk as some moved to join in with Infernus moving to eat Lillum out while Blaze did the same with Marceline and her unguarded pussy.

Lillum shudders from that action before enjoying it as she deepthroats Morlock's cock more.

Spark got under Lillum and starts licking Morlock's balls while Marceline groans from Blaze's actions before she slides her tongue inside the former VK's mouth.

Flannery moved to kiss one side of Marceline's neck and used her hands to tease Marceline's breasts a bit to really complete this orgy that started in no time.

Thanks to this, in no time, Morlock groans after a few minutes of constant deepthroating and he floods Lillum's mouth with sperm which made her cheeks puff a bit from how virile Morlock was.

Lillum hums before she starts to drink down Morlock's cum before absorbing it while Marceline still kissed him due to the fact that both vamps don't need to breathe.

Once Morlock rides out his orgasm, Lillum, after she finished drinking the former VK's load, moved from Infernus, who was eating her out, to get over Morlock's cock and after aiming it at her pussy, she groans as she drops down and takes the entire cock into her pussy and starts to ride Morlock which caused him to groan as he sent his tongue into Marceline's mouth and Infernus went to eat Spark's sperm filled pussy while she was distracted.

Spark groans from that action as Lillum grunts and groans while riding Morlocks faster and harder as Marceline had her tongue danced with Morlock's mouth.

Seems the Vampire Queen was really enjoying kissing him.

While this went on, Lillum grunts and groans as she rides Morlock's cock more.

"F-Fuck!, now this is a c-cock of a King!" Lillum moans out when she rides Morlock more and she used her hands to scratch Morlock's chest a few times.

That made Morlock groan as Cinder and Flannery grins.

"You got that right." Cinder said before she and Flannary went to lick Lillum's breasts and nipples.

Lillum moans from this as she used her hands to pet the duo on the heads.

"Oh… you two are really attentive huh?... well enjoy these breasts… all yours for now!" Lillum moans out when she rides Morlock harder as Cinder and Flannary went to suck Lillum's nipples hard now.

Cinder and Flannary didn't need to be told twice as they kept pleasing Lillum's breasts.

Spark and Infernus were seen in a 69 position as they were eating each other out.

Thanks to this going on, many in the room were pretty much swept up in a tidal wave of lust for awhile, so much so that Lillum rides Morlock's cock more and more until…

Morlock groans in Marceline's mouth as he fires his load deep inside Lillum's pussy as Spark and Infernus cum on each other's faces.

After the three ride out their orgasms with Lillum climaxing on Morlock's cock, the others look on as Marceline moved away from the kiss for a moment to watch as Lillum enjoyed herself with Morlock's cock impaled inside of her.

Marceline felt amused.

"Enjoying that cock Lilly?" She said.

Lillum chuckles when she looks at Marceline.

"Oh yeah… can see why you would enjoy this cock if Finn is a similar size hehe." Lillum teased when she smirks at Marceline.

Marceline did blush a bit before smirking as she looks at Morlock.

"So Morlock, want me to ride you like Lillum or do you want to… dominate me?"

Morlock looks at Marceline and with a smirk, the scene went to a minute later to show Marceline on all fours as Morlock fucked her ass hard and fast in no time while everyone else looks on with lustful looks at how rough Morlock was when he smacked Marceline's ass a few times.

Marceline moans and groans loudly as she enjoys it before looking at back.

"F-Fuck!... P-Please go deeper… y-you stud!" She moans.

Morlock growls as he followed that command when he really pulled Marceline towards him and his cock went deeper into her ass, pretty much balls deep now as he thrusts his hips harshly so he could keep up the pace.

Marceline moans loudly as she enjoys this action for a few moments before she said this to Morlock.

"I-If you plan to… c-cum...give my pussy… a f-full blast!" She moans again as her face looks fucked up.

Though Morlock was surprised, he had no issues with that when he fucked Marceline's ass for a minute more at an intense pace and as he was getting close, he quickly pulled his cock from Marceline's ass and jammed it right up her pussy and fucked it hard in no time at a rapid pace while he continues to smack Marceline's ass to keep her holes tighter than usual.

Marceline really groans loudly when she enjoys that action as her pussy tightens around Morlock's cock a few times.

"Y-Yes Morlock! Keep fucking me! M-Mark me hard till your balls are dry!"

Morlock couldn't answer with how rough he was fucking Marceline, so much so that after 40 seconds, he roars as he floods Marceline's womb with sperm while he had a tight grip on her ass to pull her towards him to keep his cock buried deep inside of her.

Marceline moans loudly with her tongue sticking out as she climaxed hard on Morlock's cock as her pussy kept squeezing it.

The Vampire Queen did make her hair form into a hand and uses it to tease Morlock's balls.

Thanks to that, Morlork came much more than normal and growls through gritted fangs through his orgasm, when he tapped off, Marceline's womb was rather bloated as a result given she couldn't break sperm down like Lillum could.

Lillum did like the sight as Marceline, after tapping off, pants a bit before she slowly looks at Morlock.

"F-Fuck me again… M-My… king." She said with great lust in her eyes.

Morlock was surprised by that but didn't mind as he turned Marceline onto her back and starts to fuck her hard in no time while making sure to smash his lips onto Marceline's for a heated kiss.

Marceline moans loudly as she enjoys getting her pussy fucked as Spark chuckled.

"I don't mind resting a bit so I can watch the two mate like animals." She said before seeing Marceline wrap her arms and legs around Morlock and kissed him back while looking at his eyes with lust again.

Everyone else had similar thoughts to Spark as they watched Morlock thrust his hips up and down and his cock barraged Marceline's pussy relentlessly, so much so it was like he was trying to reshape her pussy for his own use when he barraged her womb again and again now.

Marceline was greatly lost into the pleasure as she hugs Morlock more before she had this interesting thought.

'F-Fuck!...This is… a-amazing! I don't want it stop. Shockingly… wouldn't mind if he knocked me up since this is Finn's body.' She thought before the inside of her pussy starts to match the shape of Morlock's cock.

Though it would be up for debate if Marceline would get knocked up here but Morlock tried his damnedest to try when he forced his cock deep in Marceline's pussy and floods her womb with sperm again while he growls into the kiss with Marceline.

Marceline's toes curled as she climaxed again on Morlock's cock as she kissed him more while hugging him.

Though judging from the hug, seems the Vampire Queen isn't gonna let go even after tapping off.

That was fine with Morlock though by the time he, Marceline, Lillum, and the other flame ladies were done with their fun, Phoebe was coming to her room with Frost and Rose as she had a blush on her face.

"I cannot believe you two got the guards in the throne room in on what you two did… its going to take a cleaner weeks to get all those stains out of places where stains shouldn't." Phoebe said as she, Frost and Rose approached Phoebe's bedroom.

"Hehe, sorry but hey, at least you no more complainers." Frost said.

"True… hopefully the throne room won't be a mess next time." Phoebe said while Rose smirks.

"Hooo… so there will be a next time huh?... nice to know… maybe we could show you a good time on the throne since you were rather quiet and never joined in." Rose teased when she gave Phoebe's neck a light tongue when Rose breathed on the neck of Phoebe.

Phoebe shudders when she felt that.

"L-Let's go see how everyone else is doing." She said as the trio got closer to the Flame Queen's bedroom door.

Though as the trio enter, they were surprised, more so with Phoebe when they see Morlock getting his cock pleased when Lillum at this time had her breasts going up and down his cock before he roars and came hard on her face while Marceline was resting on the bed nearby while the other flame women were in similar states of messes.

Frost and Rose grins excitedly when they Morlock and his cock.

"Damn he's hot." Frost said.

"You said it sis, makes me want to jump in and help mom with pleasing a cock like that." Rose said while she lips her lips at the sight of her mother getting covered in Vampire jizz.

Morlock groans as he kept climaxing before he finally taps off as his cock stays hard.

Lillum licks her lips as she looks at Phoebe and Frost and Rose.

"Hehe, nice to see you three… how were things in the throne room?" Lillum said when she let Morlock take 5 when he was resting on the bed and Lillum smirks as she sat at the side of the bed while the sperm was cleaned from her body.

Frost and Rose grin at their mom.

"Oh it went fine mom. Managed to help Phoebe deal with some mean complainers. I see everyone else enjoyed that hunk's cock." Rose said as she eyes Morlock's bod.

"Yup, and considering how tuckered out Morlock is, I'm about to start with helping Finn get control of his body again… Morlock before you sleep mind giving Finn his form back so when he gets control, he won't be confused on why he looks like you?" Lillum said when she looks at Morlock with a smile.

Morlock did smirk and nods at Lillum before taking one last look at the ladies before looking at Marceline for a bit before Morlock close his eyes.

Once that happened, Morlock willed his form to vanish and Finn's form was seen a moment later though seems Morlock kept a large cock size for Finn so he wouldn't have issues with pleasing the ladies and Lillum licks her lips at the sight.

"Hehe, going to enjoy this cock later… anyway now that many here are satisfied… lets get the real Vampire King woken up shall we?" Lillum said as she touched a finger to Finn's forehead and a moment later the scene went into Finn's mind.

Finn's mind/ Mental treefort/ Finn's dream room

A moment later, Lillum, given her current bodies state, was in the nude when she appeared in Finn's room and takes a moment to look around.

"Huh… so this is Finn's room and what not… neat." Lillum said before she starts to look for Finn himself, given the timeframe he wouldn't be sleeping persay but would be too weak to take control of his body since his mind would have to be active at some point… either way his mind wouldn't be too far from a place to rest so Lillum was patient as she looks around the place.

A moment later, Finn comes back to his treefort and was surprised to see Lillum here.

"Uh excuse me, but who are you?"

Lillum smiles when she sees Finn.

"Hehe, well its a long story but I'm Lillum, Queen of Succubuses and mother to Frost and Rose… Marceline's daughters…" Lillum said when that would get Finn to ask questions.

"D-Daughters?!... WHAT?!" Finn said with a surprised look.

Lillum in turn messed with Finn when she pulled a handkerchief out of nowhere.

"Oh it's just horrible Finn… you've been out for years, the reason you haven't changed in looks is because your body is a vampire and it effects your mind… you've been out for almost 20 years!" Lillum said while she wondered if Finn would fall for that.

"TWENTY YEARS?!... How can this be?!... Oh Glob… I missed my own kids's birth!" Finn said as he was now having a mental heart attack.

"That would be the case if it was twenty years Finn, been about 3 to 4 days since we swapped for a bit, and if they were YOUR kids… their Lillum and Marceline's children made way before you were born… its a long story…" Morlock said when he appeared nearby to make himself known.

Finn blinks a bit when he saw the former VK here.

"Morlock? and… you tricked me." He said as he gave Lillum a half lidded look.

Lillum giggles when she heard this.

"Sorry but couldn't resist, pretty sure Mar Mar would be proud of me for that." Lillum said and before Finn could say anything, Morlock beat him to the punch.

"No Finn, she is not Ash in disguise, Marceline seems to be letting her use that name, and to answer things, again, this happened way before you were born, so its not like she cheated on you but given how things are, looks like you get to marry not only Bubblegum, Phoebe, and Marceline, but Lillum as well… I had some last minute fun with Lillum and Marceline before Lillum came here to help bring your mind to the surface… I will say this… Lillum is a good woman since she could drain even I well." Morlock said while he looks amused at the end.

Finn blinks a bit after hearing that.

"Okay… I can take your word for it but I need to know Lillum myself. Still have so many questions."

"And yet so little time to answer them… I'll answer 3 questions before I bring you back to reality Finn." Lillum said while she crossed her arms under her breasts.

Finn blushes a bit when he saw that.

"Okay… how did you and Marcy meet?"

"Hmmm… helped her during her demon hunter days and pretty much let a group of vampires trying to kill her have their way with me while she got away for a bit in the confusion… pretty much drained those Vamps dry before she came back to help me." Lillum said when she smiles at Finn more.

"I see…" Finn said as he blushes again.

"If you and Marcy have kids, how come I haven't seen you with her before? Does it have something to do with her dad?"

Lillum had a half lidded look on her face while she chuckles a bit.

"H-Hehe… Pretty much… I mean aside from family circumstances do you think I would let that goof of a lord of evil know he has grandkids?... you know him better then I so would he try and take my babies against their will?" Lillum counter asked when she looks Finn in the eyes.

Finn though gave her a half lidded look.

"I think you know the answer to that."

"Right… anyway, final question to ask before I help you from here." Lillum said when she smiles at Finn.

Finn was thoughtful for a bit.

"Well, I know that not only do I want to get to know you, but also make sure to impress you… is there a special ritual of sorts in case I try to make you my wife?"

"Hmmm… not really unless you want to try and be an Incubus/ Vampire hybrid, may give Marceline that choice later but all in all, nah, no real changes needed to marry or to impress me later, do well sex wise and we may hit it off, for now though unless you have a question you really want answered, I suggest we get you back to reality." Lillum said when she was ready to leave on Finn's command.

Finn had nothing else to say before looking at Morlock.

Morlock shrugged his shoulders and Lillum smiles when no questions were asked.

"Alright… time to head back to reality in 3… 2… 1…" Lillum said and as Finn looks at her and when she snapped her fingers, Finn blinks and he was looking at a ceiling of the Fire Kingdom and for a moment starts to register the sudden shift right before he lets out a groan when he felt something on his cock and looks down to see Marceline sucking him off… seems she wanted to surprise him and Finn, worked up from how far Marceline got him, groans as he came hard in Marceline's mouth with great force.

Marceline hums before she starts to drink down Finn's load before using her hands to fondle his balls to make Finn climax more.

This caused Finn to climax more sperm and when he tapped off, he pants for breath as he looks down at Marceline and pets her on the head to help her know Finn was awake.

Marceline blinks a bit when she sees that Finn was back before she takes her mouth off of Finn's cock after swallowing the rest of his cum.

"Hey sleepyhead. Welcome back." She said with a smirk.

Finn blushed a bit from that though he did grin at Marceline.

"Thanks… been a bit… heard you got daughters when I saw Lillum in my head… so… missed a lot more then I would think." Finn said when he looks amused at the end.

Though Marceline blushes, she did chuckle a bit.

"You have no idea. Could tell you what else had happened… unless you want to save that for later and have some fun." She said with lustfilled grin in her face.

Finn had a similar look though before he or Marceline could start things… Phoebe cleared her throat when she decided to try and get some order in before things could get chaotic again.

Finn blinks before he looks at his girlfriend.

"Oh hey Phoebe. How's it going?"

"Oh I don't know… had to shelter some people after the Candy Kingdom was destroyed, waiting to hear about repairs from Bubblegum, had to deal with Morlock for a few days, not too bad… now just watched you wake and now you want to start more fun after Morlock ran your body ragged?... not sure about Lillum and her daughters but pretty sure you need more rest given the tired look on your face." Phoebe said when she saw the bags under Finn's eyes while Lillum chuckles a bit.

"Yeah, as much as I want to say you're at 100% Finn, you're not, just gave you enough energy to wake for now but you'll crash later and sleep the rest of the way to a recovery… should be tomorrow when you are at full strength… don't worry you won't swap places with Morlock again unless its willingly or something." Lillum said when she sat at the side of the bed and grins at Finn while making herself known.

"Oh I see…" Finn said as he was feeling tired now but did remember what happened at the Candy Kingdom… and what Phoebe lost.

"How are you feeling Phoebe?" He said with concerned look.

Phoebe blinks at this and smiles gently at Finn.

"I'll be fine Finn… I had a number of days to process things and though it stings, I won't cry anymore if you're worried about that." Phoebe said while she had a calm look in her eyes.

"I am, but I'm here if you ever want to talk about it." Finn said with a caring look in his eyes.

Phoebe smiles at that while Lillum clears her throat.

"Well that will have to be when Finn wakes… again Finn you'll wake 24 hours from now while your body naturally recovers the rest of the way, don't worry about anything, we lasted 3 to 4 days without you so one more won't be the end of the world, and Bubblegum now has an item that can help with the Candy Kingdom repairs once she manages to reverse engineer a dancing replicating roboting so she can make materials out of nothing." Lillum said when she smiles at Finn.

"Well that's cool and… dancing replicating robot?" Finn said with a confused look.

"Yeah, Bonnie and I went to that Dungeon Train you mentioned. Although FYI, that Demonga dude has dibs on that place." Marceline said.

"Yeah, he helped make things stable so I and my kind don't need a contract to stay in Ooo now… also I turned Me-Mow into a succubus so she could wow Demonga so don't be surprised if you pop a boner at the sight of the new Me-Mow." Lillum said when she grins in an amused way while Finn had a wide eyed shocked look at this.

"S-Seriously?!" Finn said with wide eyes.

"Oh she's serious Finn. Me and Bonnie, along with Frost and Rose, and Tai Ping, Bonnie's former Warden, witness it happening. And I'll admit, she was cute looking and sexy." Marceline said.

"Yup, depending on how some things go, you may get to meet her and have a lot of fun with her… contrary to what you may hear… Humans are a rare treat for us so don't be surprised if a few succubus ladies if they hear about you come from the dungeon train to have fun with you." Lillum said in a teasing way when she grins at Finn a bit.

Finn blushes brightly after hearing that before he actually pictures Me-Mow, as a succubus like Lillum, coming onto him.

"Hehe, hey human… heard you have a lot of ladies at your side, mind if I get some of that action?" Dream Me-Mow teased as she hugged her breasts making them wiggle a bit in Finn's gaze.

Finn kept blushing, making Frost and Rose giggle when they knew what he was thinking.

"Geeze mom, are you secretly trying to get Finn to feel more turned on?" Frost said.

Lillum giggles a bit when she had the magic she used to make Me-Mow's current image to vanish from Finn's mind.

"Hehe, sorry, couldn't resist, though given if she runs into Finn sooner or later, better he learn what she looks like now then later…" Lillum said when she grins at her daughters.

That made Finn feel embarrassed as Marceline chuckled.

"Better get used to the teasing Finny if you plan to wow Lilly and claim her." She said with a smirk.

"Yup, I'm a tease queen like Marceline… don't be surprised if Frost and Rose try and wow you as well… they are my little girls after all and may want to try and get some primo human cock." Lillum said while Frost and Rose grin at Finn with teasing looks while they wave at him.

Finn blushes when he saw that making Phoebe roll her eyes.

"Okay everyone, you should all save the teasing for tomorrow since Finn needs his rest now."

"Yeah, as much as I want to tease Finn more, I know more than most that Finn needs the rest, trust me, I gave a bit of energy that I'll need to recover myself so I can be at 100%... had to give about… 35 or so percent and thats quite a bit since I have a lot of energy to spare." Lillum said while Frost and Rose look surprised.

"Really?, and the human still needs to rest?... wow…" Rose said when she looks at Finn.

"Better rest well Finn, seems you need the rest more than you think." Rose said while she had a concerned look for Finn and Lillum.

Frost also had a concerned look as Finn blushes from that.

"D-Don't worry. Your mom and I will be fine after a good night's rest." He said while giving them a reassuraning look follow by a kind smile.

Frost and Rose smile back a bit before everyone noticed that Finn had passed out just now while he gave light snores to show he was sleeping now and Lillum gave many a single finger gesture for many to leave the room.

Once most did with Lillum using a spell to seal the door for security reasons, she looks at the others.

"Alright, considering things, anyone in favor of just relaxing for the day… after that we should deal with training since I doubt we can take much longer in just fooling around… even I know after reading so many minds that we have much to talk about with these vampire punks coming to try and harm many here to get to my Vampire Queen." Lillum said while she had a teasing grin at the end.

Marceline blushes a bit as everyone else snickered.

"Well I can use some relaxation after today." Phoebe said.

"Great, and since I need to restore my energy… think you can bring in some people who need serious TLC?, Can help with stress free of charge." Lillum said when she grins at Phoebe.

Phoebe blinks a bit after hearing that.

"S-Sure. I'm sure I can find some people that need it."

"Great, hope you'll join in, you seem like a big fireball of stress yourself." Lillum said when she looks Phoebe up and down a few times.

Phoebe blushes after hearing before a moment later, she left the room to find anyone that can help Lillum out.

Many chuckle or giggle at that and Marceline looks at Lillum.

"Well seems you'll be having a lot of fun soon, after I get some red stuff to eat, mind if I join in?, don't have much else to do right now since training won't work for me normally in a day." Marceline said while she grins at Lillum.

Lillum chuckles as she grins at Marceline.

"Like you need to ask." She said as she goes to Marceline and kissed her lips.

Marceline returned the kiss for a moment as many wolf whistle at the sight and Phoebe returned and she blushed at the make out moment.

"Ummm… hey… got a messenger rounding up plenty of veterans of my army who could use the relief… if you'll follow me we can meet them at the barracks." Phoebe said when she gestured for Lillum to follow her.

Lillum smirks after pulling her lips off of Marceline.

"Ohh this will be exciting." She said before grabs Marceline's hand and drags her a bit as the duo went to Phoebe.

Phoebe blinks at this and after the duo left the room, she looks back at the others.

"So… will you all be doing your own thing?" Phoebe asked while Infernus waved Phoebe off.

"Pretty much, go take care of the vets Phoebe and after that, could have these two take care of any rookie army men later who are needing a moral boost." Infernus said as Frost and Rose grin at the mention while Phoebe sweatdrops.

"I-I see… well… I'll give a summons later… for now enjoy your stays here Frost, Rose, hopefully you'll enjoy your time in the Fire Kingdom." Phoebe said as she moved to leave the room and the twin sisters smirk at one another.

"Oh I believe we will enjoy ourselves quite well… right sister?" Rose said while Frost grins at Rose.

"Indeed… lets go explore a bit to see if we can't find anyone to snack on." Frost said as she and Rose fly out of the Castle which caused many to sweatdrop as the scene fades to black… oh the poor soul who gets targeted by these two… it would be a wonder if they would enjoy or be frightened by the prospect of getting seduced by two Succubus princesses… for now however the scene fully fades to black on this day with Finn resting up… next time would show Finn in his fully recovered state and ready to really train.

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