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So Long Dungeon Train Part 3

The scene opens up to show TME and Atomsk while they were busy working on the final Dungeon train arc chapter.

"Hehe, finally finishing the arc, going to be interesting showing Marceline in the past knocking up Lillum, and we have a donator on paying to have this updated once a month." TME said when he smirks at Atomsk.

"Hehe, indeed. This will be an interesting arc end." Atomsk said while grinning.

"Indeed, I'm thinking about the chapter title… hows So long Dungeon train part 3?" TME said when he looks amused, simple title for a simple ending of sorts for the arc.

Atomsk lightly chuckles.

"Works for me. Want to just get this chapter started?"

"Hmmm… one thing first just in case, for any who wonder if we will be using a lot of OC's don't worry, after this we will be cutting off on OC use somewhat until we get to the later Arc after we do a break type of chapter or a time skip chapter of sorts, trust us, things get really interesting next arc though many of you maybe surprised at how things will go… either way enjoy the final chapter of the Dungeon train for now… at least for detailed visits, won't stop the others from visiting here off screen and stuff." TME said when he looks at the readers.

"You got that right. Wouldn't be right if we're doing a pattern of sorts." Atomsk said.

"Yup, though we can't break from the plot we set up and stuff hehe… anyway want to say anything before we start?" TME said as he looks at Atomsk with a curious look.

"Eh, I'm good. They already know about the , and our warning regarding bad reviews." Atomsk said.

"Yeah… won't stop them most likely… anyway the chapter last time ended Me-Mow getting turned into a sex demon by Lillum and what not… want to skip to after her feeding so we can get to the final moment of Lillum's movie?" TME asked since it could start things out a bit differently.

"Sure. We'll probably have them do one more sex fest before they leave." Atomsk said.

"Alright, though probably not as full orgy though to save space… anyway we start the story out right after Lillum and the others fed Me-Mow…" TME said as the scene went to...

Ooo/ Dungeon train/ Sex demon car/ Various beings

... show a rather content looking Me-Mow as she laid on her side while Lillum pets her head as many were getting ready to continue the final half of the flashback film and Me-Mow purrs from the pets as Lillum sat on the ground near the others though Marceline sat on one side and looks at Lillum with amusement when she watched Lillum dote on Me-Mow quite a bit as Lillum smiles at the former feline now feline succubus.

"Wow Lilly, guess this kitty here is finally full with all that extra cream." Marceline teased.

"Hehe yup, celebrating a birth of a new succubus is something to really celebrate, doesn't happen every day after all, ah nothing like seeing an eager newbie to get one worked up… so how you feeling now that your full Me-Mow?" Lillum asked as she continues to pet Me-Mow and even scratches behind Me-Mow's ears a few times.

Me-Mow purrs again from that action.

"I feel... great. Who knew cum would taste much better after turning into a succubus."

"I know right… when I had my first taste I was hooked… even when depowered by Marceline I felt one nightosphere of a rush when she flooded my insides again and again hehe, granted I couldn't absorb it given my weakened state at the time, but still…" Lillum said with a teasing grin as she looks at Marceline as she continues to rub Me-Mow's head.

Me-Mow purrs again as Marceline lightly blushes before chuckling.

"Yeah… talk about a wild moment."

Lillum laughed for a moment while many more got seated as Bubblegum sat next to Marceline while Frost and Rose sat behind Lillum and Marceline.

"Haha… yup… and we get to see it again with many others watching, should be a good aid since Frost and Rose had their own heat cycles and boy did they need a lot of watching after during those times, had to get a few friends of mine to help them and even had to join in myself, used spells in advance to prevent accidents and what not but boy they reminded me of you when you went wild." Lillum said when she rubbed the back of her head as Frost and Rose blushed a bit… they were a bit unique compared to most hybrid succubuses and what not after all.

Marceline did blush a bit.

"Yeah… Sorry you had to go through all that."

"No problem mom, it wasn't that bad." Frost said while Rose nods her head cutely.

"Yeah, made plenty of friends those days, we even keep in contact." Rose said while her ears twitched cutely and Bubblegum saw this and blushed at how cute the sisters looked.

Me-Mow smirked when she saw this before looking at Lillum.

"Hehe, so are we gonna resume the movie now?"

Lillum chuckles as she poked Me-Mow's forehead.

"Of course sweetie, just need to make sure everyone interested in watching wants to watch first." Lillum said as she looks around and when she saw pretty much everyone waiting, she looks at Me-Mow as she raised her finger.

"Alright… get ready everyone because the movie resumes in 3… 2...1…" Lillum said with a count down before her finger glows and the movie resulted but seemingly a bit after the hunt with the Empress completed as Lillum and Marceline celebrated with some drinks at camp.

Final flashback of movie/ Campsite in a cave/ Lillum (Succubus Princess), Marceline (Demon Hunter, before Vamperism)

"HAHA!, that empress bitch didn't know what hit her when I tossed my ice spike through her chest after she climaxed on your cock, bet it was an end she enjoyed hahaha!" Lillum said as she laughed her ass off next to Marceline, she and Marceline wore simple tank tops and shorts which didn't hide much while they were both rather drunk, Lillum even used a spell to temporarily reduce the Moon's regeneration so Marceline could enjoy her own drink on her end.

Marceline also laughed.

"You said it. Man, we really killed it with our acting."

"H-*hic*hehe… no kidding, you would think the empress would have learned to not be tricked given she can hypnotize people, she really let it get to her head that she was untouchable huh and now you got her powers… what skills did you get from her anyway?, mind control or something?" Lillum asked before she drunk from her bottle and some liquor dripped down her chin, down her collarbone, and between her breasts under the tight tank top… Marceline's gaze seemed to be drawn to Lillum's body more and like last time… well she didn't get rid of the cock she had yet so it really effected her more then she would realize.

Marceline did lick her lips a bit when she saw it.

"Hmm… let's find out." She said before she starts accessing the Empress's powers.

However what Lillum didn't expect was Marceline turning invisible of all things which caused her to spit out her drink.

"M-Marcy!... where did you go?" Lillum said when she floats to her feet and looks around when she couldn't see Marceline at all and given her drunken state she couldn't use her spells at the moment to sense her.

Marceline mentally chuckled before she gets behind Lillum and gropes her breasts.

Lillum jolts and groans before she looks down to see hand imprints on her breasts before she moans when they got fondles.

"O-Oh!... didn't expect this… this an invisibility spell or this from the Empress?... didn't expect invisibility hehe… could do a lot of things with this…" Lillum moans out as her tanktop was lifted above her breasts so Marceline could fondle the large globes directly.

Marceline chuckles before she spoke to Lillum's ear.

"You got that right, sexy." She said before licking Lillum's ear as Marceline teased her nipples.

Lillum moans more from this and as this happened, Lillum got enough control to use a spell to cleanse the alcohol from her systems as Marceline pulled down the back of Lillum's shorts to show her ass and pussy and Lillum felt something heavy grinding against her ass cheeks, this caused Lillum to smirk as she grinds back so her ass grinds against the invisible cock on her backside.

Marceline groans from that before she brought her hand down and starts to finger Lillum's pussy.

Lillum really groans from this while Marceline's fingers sunk into the tight passage and Marceline felt a bit off as she did this… not from being drunk… but well… she felt some kind of urge building up more and more in her body which caused her to get rougher with her actions then she would have intended and though would harm a normal mortal, Lillum wasn't one and groans as she grinds her hips back so she could have Marceline finger her more and a dark part of Marceline's mind seemed to speak to her…

...A perfect mate… to bear young…

That kind of thought echoed through Marceline as her actions start to get a bit out of control somewhat and Lillum really groans when she felt something off with Marceline… she was fingering her too hard… not bad too hard but… like something was urging her to get Lillum as wet as possible or something and wondered what was up with Marceline.

'W-Whoa… never seen Marceline act like that before. Gotta be the alcohol or something.' Lillum thought.

Though it seems after a minute, Marceline seemed to get in control of herself but she had some kind of urge that was slowly trying to overpower her control and seeing Lillum… such a perfect fuckable beauty who could take a real pounding then then some… well she realized something was off when Lillum seemed to look more beautiful then she already was which was saying something and Lillum growns when Marceline pulled her fingers out of Lillum's pussy… however instead of getting fucked, she heard Marceline groan as she let Lillum go and she turned around and was shocked and worried when Marceline seemed to appear and grips her head in some kind of pain of sorts.

"M-Marcy!" Lillum said when she floats towards Marceline and placed her hands on Marceline's shoulders.

"Are you OK?" Lillum worried when Marceline seemed to be in great pain… Lillum was even confused that despite the pain Marceline was seemingly in, Marceline's cock looked so hard it hurts while juices pretty much drenched Marceline's shorts… if Lillum would realize it a minute later, many things would change but given how Marceline was teasing her… well… she didn't realize to read Marceline's mind and the conflicting thoughts in Marceline's head as two different thoughts, Marceline's reasoning… and Marceline's demonic nature in heat were fighting for control and Marceline's reasoning was loosing as Marceline glanced at Lillum and though Lillum was trying to speak, all Marceline could do was glance at Lillum's body while a dark thought entered her mind and her reasoning trying to talk it out of it… impregnating Lillum of all things.

"Do it. Knock the bitch up." The demonic nature said in Marceline's head with a deeper sounding tone to Marceline's usual voice.

Time seemed to slow then as Marceline tried to deny that.

"N-No!... s-she's been a g-good friend… don't want to harm her!" Marceline's reasoning said though the demonic nature scoffed at that kind of reasoning… so poor given WHO Marceline's reasoning was trying to protect… a succubus who would take a pounding from anyone.

"Oh come on. She's a succubus. She can handle anything." The demonic nature said.

"She saved our lives and helped us when we were so lonely!" Marceline's reasoning said in return.

Lillum was getting more worried.

"What's wrong Marceline? Let me help you." She said as she put her hand on Marceline's shoulder again when she pats her.

Though Marceline's gaze was on Lillum's breasts and exposed pussy and well… Marceline's reasoning was fully submerged as she smirks.

"Just leave things to me and we won't be lonely again." Marceline's demonic nature said as Marceline's reasoning left her and she placed her hands on Lillum's wrists.

"W-Well… there is something you can do…" Marceline said as shadow's hid her eyes for a moment.

Lillum blinks a bit when she saw that.

"And… what would that be?" She said.

Marceline smirks a bit ominously when she looks up at Lillum with eyes that surprised the Succubus when Marceline's eyes looked pure black around her green eyes.

"Simple… lose the powers for now!" Marceline growled out as she moved to kiss Lillum and gripped her tightly around the back of the head and to Lillum's shock… her power was rapidly being drained from her at a quick rate and despite Lillum trying to break free, she couldn't as Marceline keeps the kiss up and Lillum's wings started to shrink and her tail became much thinner and shorter… So much so that once Marceline was done and nearly drained Lillum dry, Lillum's demonic traits were nearly gone and thankfully her figure didn't change at all when Lillum kept her fully sensual form while Lillum's wings looked like cute tiny wings and the tail on her looks like a cute simple stub of a tail and her magic powers were nearly gone.

Marceline looks amused when she lets go of Lillum and she fell out of the air when she was so weak that her floating was even disabled and she pants a bit when she didn't expect this as Marceline had a wide grin as she wiped her lips.

"Hehehe… nice meal… going to need to work it off now and since you don't have magic… no birth control as well given you never use a long term one!" Marceline growled out with lust purely driving her and the meaning was clear when Lillum starts to piece things together… Marceline was in heat and her demonic side was taking control.

'Oh crap.' Lillum thought before she tries to reason with Marceline.

"Marceline… calm down. You're not yourself."

Marceline had a wider grin then usual and her eyes glow with demonic power.

"Oh but I am Lilly… and guess what… I want to pretty much put a fucking bun in that oven of yours… ever since I met you and even with the fun we had, you always teased me and what not… now I get to really enjoy this and you can't stop me… then again given how slutty and wet you are right now… you seem to enjoy how eager I am." Marceline teased as she looks at Lillum's pussy and well… she was drenched right now and Marceline wastes no time in rushing Lillum and as she smashed her lips on Lillum's lips, she ripped Lillum's shorts and shirt off her and after using the Hirophant power to shapeshift some tentacles to hold Lillum's legs apart, Marceline forced her cock deep into Lillum's pussy and showed no mercy when she pounds away at Lillum's body with great force and since Lillum barely had any energy… well no shape shifting so no natural adjusting to the massive cock inside of her.

Lillum's eyes widened when she heard everything as she muffles into the kiss.

Marceline really enjoyed that as she fucked Lillum harder, she couldn't believe how good Lillum felt now, with her body drained and what not, she couldn't do anything to stop Marceline from having her way with her and the demonic side of her was thrilled at the power she had over Lillum right now.

Though she was surprised when Lillum used a hand to actually punch Marceline's left cheek which caused Marceline to be stunned not from the pain but from how much of a fighter Lillum was and as Lillum moved off Marceline's cock, she tried to crawl away from Marceline though she felt hands on her ass cheeks which made Lillum jolt as she looks back to see a grinning Marcline who seemed more wild then ever now.

"Fucking fighter till the end huh!?, you just turned me on more!" Marceline growled out as she plunged her cock deep into Lillum's pussy again and fucked her like Lillum was Marceline's bitch, even used a hand to smack Lillum's ass cheeks a few times.

"Gah!" Lillum groans loudly before she begs Marceline to stop.

Though Marceline ignored the pleas as she fucked Lillum harder, her cock barraging Lillum's womb again and again while Marceline used a few hair tentacles to fondle Marceline's breasts and pinched her nipples so she could help Lillum feel good even despite the rough fucking she was experiencing.

Thanks to these actions, Lillum groans a few more times before she starts moaning in between while feeling Marceline's cock roughly going in and out of her pussy.

Marceline grins more as she licks her lips, she enjoyed how good Lillum felt on her cock and she really went harder with her thrusts when she knew Lillum could take it even if her womb and cervix would ache greatly later from this.

It wasn't long before Lillum starts to beg.

"M-More!" She moans.

Marceline chuckles as she thrusts her hips harder and leaned down to bite at Lillum's neck, thanks to the lack of fangs, best she could do was leave marks on her collarbone to show that Marceline was claiming her as her bitch right now while she kept pleasing Lillum as Marceline's cock throbbed inside of Lillum's pussy to show she was getting close.

Lillum groans from that action which caused her pussy to tighten around Marceline's cock a few times.

The demon hunter didn't even warn Lillum when she growls as she pushed her cock as deep as Lillum could take it and snarls when she floods Lillum's womb with sperm and plenty leaked from Lillum's pussy as a result while Lillum's womb bloats from the amount pumped into her.

Lillum moans loudly as her pussy grips Marceline's cock again before she climaxed a bit hard on Marceline's cock.

After Marceline rides out her orgasm after 15 seconds, she chuckles when she looked at how much sperm leaked from Lillum's pussy around Marceline's cock.

"Fuck!, you really took a lot!... lets make sure we go for hours… I'm nowhere near done!" Marceline teased before she flipped Lillum onto her back and she starts to fuck Lillum again while sperm was forced out of Lillum's pussy with each thrust of Marceline's dick, she made sure to use some hair to bind Lillum's arms behind her back and it prevented her from pulling a sneak attack just in case and Marceline enjoyed Lillum's breasts, so much so she slipped her head between them and pretty much moterboats the large breasts while she keeps fucking the succubus under her.

Lillum groans from that action before she actually wraps her legs around Marceline's waist.

"P-Please!... D-Don't stop!" She moans.

Marceline had no issues with this and as Marceline used her hands to fondle Lillum's breasts, the scene went from the movie to the movie goers and well… when Marceline saw how aggressive she was with Lillum well…

Marceline might've felt turned on but she was surprised for a moment before feeling guilty.

"Okay… this may have been long overdue but… sorry Lillum for doing that."

"Hmmm?, oh don't worry, Frost and Rose were born shortly after this so its not like it was all bad and as you can see I enjoyed things once I just started to go with the flow… I mean hey, if I'm getting knocked up, might as well enjoy it though afterwords, got to make sure Hunson doesn't find out just in case… may have gone a bit too… long term with that one hehe…" Lillum said before she scratched her cheek for a moment when she REALLY took her time in locating Marceline and only now did she find her.

"Right… speaking of… Did your mom knew I was the one that knocked you up?" Marceline said.

"Oh yeah, when she found out she wanted to come visit you and lets just say it wasn't all sunshine and stuff, had to really convince her not to get onto you since I heard you were dealing with more Vampires and stuff and only after a couple years after Frost and Rose were born, you got Vamped and what not… may call her a bit after I come with you and stuff and introduce you to her… hehe, we are engaged now after all." Lillum said when she teased Marceline with the ring on Marceline's hand.

Marceline blushes a bit from the tease.

"R-Right." She said but have a thoughtful look.

"Did you also made sure that your mom didn't contact my dad?"

"Oh don't worry about that, she didn't want to deal with a headache like your father and no offense… given how… cooky he can be and just straight up evil… better for all of us if YOU did the talking soon… considering that I'll be in Ooo now, he will ask questions and stuff and I don't mind putting him in his place if he comes after my little babies." Lillum said when she looks at Frost and Rose who said this as one.

"M-Mom!" The duo said when they looked embarrassed and Lillum giggles at the reaction.

Marceline did chuckle at that.

"Yeah… sooner or later, he's gonna find out. But I'll say this, unless Frost and Rose decide what they want to do, I ain't gonna let dad influence my girls to take his place if tries anything. Putting my foot down for that." She said with a tone that shows she's in parent protective mode.

"Good… though one thing just in case you ever get in heat again…" Lillum said while she had a teasing smirk on her face for some reason.

Marceline looks a bit nervous from the smirk as she wondered what Lillum would say.

"W-What?" Marceline said as Lillum used a spell to pull Marceline in a bit so she could grin in Marceline's face.

"I won't be caught off guard a second time so better be careful otherwise I could be the one putting a bun in that heated oven and I doubt I need to disable your powers and what not to do so my dear wife… so better get ready in case you try and get the jump on me again if you lose control like you did in the movie." Lillum teased right before she gave a small kiss on Marceline's lips before she lets Marceline go so she was moved back to be next to Bubblegum and the off guard moment caused Marceline to fall a bit so Marceline's head wound up on Bubblegum's lap and Bubblegum blushed from the sudden appearance of Marceline's head on Bubbelgum's lap.

Most of the women snickered at Lillum's antics while Marceline and Bubblegum continue to blush.

Seems Finn is gonna have a bit of competition here… Unless he plans to claim her once meeting Lillum.

Lillum giggles a bit while Frost and Rose look amused.

"So Bubblegum… you doing OK knowing you'll be a sexy concubine to our mothers?, can't really marry twice unless you want to marry into the family hehe." Rose teased before she covered her hand and giggles a bit at the thought.

Bubblegum did blush brightly after hearing that.

Not only does she have to marry Phoebe due to political reasons and what not, now she was engaged to Marceline… who is now engaged to Lillum considering that the Vampire Queen has twin girls with the Succubus Queen.

"I-I'll be fine. As long as I have Marceline and my other lovers."

"Yup… though considering how many of us are getting married… may as well have one huge wedding when we marry Finn… guys going to be King of Ooo at this rate so might as well make it official." Lillum teased when she grins at Marceline who blushed at what Bubblegum said, and Bubblegum herself.

"R-Right." Bubblegum said as she walked… or rather spoke herself to that one.

But she did have a thought.

'Wonder how Finn will react when Marceline and I tell him of this?'

Best scenario… Finn will be greatly turned on by having to marry a sexy milf like Lillum given how Marceline is marrying her and what not… worst case… well no real worst case as long as Lillum gets to know him.

'Then again, he'll be like a beast after getting to know Lillum. Just like how he was with Phoebe and…" Bubblegum thought as she blushes while remembering how Finn had his way with her, Marceline, Phoebe and the other flame ladies that knew their Queen.

Though when she looks at Lillum, she blushed when Lillum had a knowing amused smirk on her face when Bubblegum was reminded that Lillum and other sex demons can read minds… oh boy… looks like Lillum would give serious training to Finn later.

Me-Mow smirks since she read Bubblegum's mind as well before she and everyone else looked back at the porno.

When they did, many blushed when they saw video Marceline really working past Lillum good… so much so that Lillum was covered in many shots of Marceline's loads and she was fucking Lillum's ass now while making out with the sex demon princess when she turned Lillum's head back to have her look at Marceline as the demon hunter fucked Lillum from behind.

Lillum was moaning a bit loud as her face looks fucked up while kissing Marceline back as her tongue fight Marceline's tongue.

It didn't take long for Marceline to fuck Lillum to another orgasm and when she did, she came hard in Lillum's ass, whenever Lillum tried to use her powers from the sperm, Marceline kissed her and stole the energy before she could do much with it… honestly it was like a looping cycle of Lillum getting filled and converting the sperm to power and Marceline stealing the power back pretty much helping her recover… and for the first time in many people in the train car… they saw their at the time Succubus princess pass out from sex while heated Marceline chuckles darkly when she looks down at the knocked out Lillum.

"All tired out. I have more to shoot out." Marceline said as she stroked her cock a bit.

Lillum however couldn't answer but this gave Marceline the perfect time to turn Lillum onto her back and she was fucking her tits in no time and enjoyed how massive and soft Lillum's breasts were.

"Oh fuck these tits are awesome. I would fuck everything on your body for an eternity given the chance." Marceline said before groaning as she kept thrusting her cock.

However all good things must come to an end when Marceline felt her orgasm getting closer and closer as she fucked Lillum's breasts more and more until...

Marceline groans loud as she stood up and aims her cock before giving Lillum's face and breasts a good coat of sperm.

However, she was able to hold back her orgasm after a couple shots before Marceline plunges her cock inside Lillum's pussy and sends the rest of her cum straight to Lillum's womb.

Lillum groans in her sleep while her pussy subconsciously worked to squeeze Marceline's cock hard to milk her for her load.

Marceline groans from that as she continues to cum.

"T-That's right. I'm gonna make sure you're good and pregnant with my sperm."

Marceline seemed to unload more than she normally would even in her heated state but she didn't care as she watched Lillum's de-powered womb bloat more and more with Marceline's demonic load… honestly if Lillum wasn't knocked up now, nothing could do the deed.

Finally Marceline was finally able to tap off but still kept her cock inside Lillum's pussy.

"Hehe, no way I'm pulling out." Marceline said as she lustfully looks down at the still sleeping Lillum.

This resulted in Marceline resuming her fucking as the scene momentarily fades to black and by the time Lillum came too… well… Marceline was passed out on her body with a content look on her face while her cock was burried deep in Lillum's pussy… given how much sperm was in her and Lillum was so drained… even if she converts this she wouldn't have enough power to stick around… so she did the next best thing and used a spell to move Marceline off her carefully though she made sure Marceline was on a nearby old pre-mushroom war bed and groans lightly when she felt the sperm leak out of her… the kicker it was so packed with sperm it didn't flow from her… it kinda gooped out like some kind of thick jelly and Lillum felt her womb area… she knew she was pregnant as well and that meant one things…

However she looks at Marceline when she got close to her and hear Marceline muttering something in her sleep.

"Hmm… Lilly… I can feel the kid kicking." Marceline mumbled which meant that she was dreaming of having a kid with Lillum.

Well wish granted.

Lillum blushed brightly from that and she looks away for a second and sighs before she leaned down and kissed Marceline on the cheek… after that she got a blanket on Marceline and Lillum limped from the cave once she got near the cave exit… after that happened she opened a demonic portal with the last of her power and as she was about to pass out, she fell into the portal and it closed behind her before the movie ended and Lillum out of the movie smiles when she saw the end scene.

"And boy did Frost and Rose kick when I was pregnant, especially when I was having fun recovering." Lillum said when she was satisfied with how the movie went… bit anti-climatic but given how things went to the here and now in the car with them engaged… could call it a real life ending so to speak.

Marceline blushes a bit.

"Yeah… sorry you had to go through all that on your own. Wish I knew you were looking for me."

"I do have to wonder, why not take Marceline with you though?" Tai Ping said when she reminded many she was still around and Lillum hums a bit.

"Well… I… was kinda worried my sisters would try and steal Marceline from me… believe it or not I have sisters and well I'm kinda the middle child so to speak in terms of power and beauty… I studied a lot and my elder sister just brute forces things… not Queen material even if she is a Queen herself in ranking already." Lillum said with a bashful look on her face when she scratched her cheek… granted it was a bit extreme but was Lillum… jealous of her sisters and didn't want them to know about Marceline?

Marceline and Bubblegum blinked a bit when they heard that.

"Wait… are you feeling jealousy if your sisters were gonna plan to steal Marceline from you?" Bubblegum said.

"Well can you blame me?, Marceline is a sexy powerful woman whose beauty can't be matched by many, any Succubus or Incubus if they wanted would try and claim her as their own, granted not for good reasons… but still all the same I guess I was jealous… not anymore though since she got that ring from me… should be a good reminder that among Succubuses… Marcy is mine and only I can put a bun in her oven… present lovers of Marceline excluded of course… anyone else will have to be tested to see if they are good enough for the sexy Vampire Queen." Lillum said when she grins at Bubblegum.

Marceline did blush again before she slightly chuckled.

"She's not wrong." She said.

"Yup… and sense the movie is over… time for my comeback!" Lillum said when she pounced onto Marceline and pinned her to the ground after Me-Mow sat up when she could see this coming and Lillum grins when she looks down at a surprised Marceline while Lillum formed a massive cock… looks like Lillum was getting payback from what happened years ago it seems.

Bubblegum was surprised as everyone else smirked at their Queen.

Marceline was able to get over surprise before grinning at Lillum.

"Well what are you waiting for?... Get to fucking… my dear wife." She said.

Lillum blushed a bit as she smashed her lips onto Marceline's and after she moved Marceline's legs apart, she plunged her cock deep into Marceline again and again when she worked to fuck Marceline hard and fast as time went on as everyone looks on.

Marceline was groaning and moaning as she kissed Lillum back after wrapping her arms and legs around her.

Bubblegum was blushing brightly when she saw this.

Me-Mow smirks when she saw Bubblegum getting on all fours to get an up close look… this caused Me-Mow to use her stealth skills to sneak up on an unaware Bubblegum while forming a massive foot long kitty cock with barbs from her bud and well… many could see her gaze going right for Bubblegum's ass.

The other ladies all grin at what was gonna happen before Me-Mow grabs Bubblegum's hips and pokes her ass with her cock.

That caused Bubblegum to jolt but before she could look back, she groans with wide eyes as Me-Mow forced her cock balls deep into Bubblegum's ass and Bubblegum really groans when she could feel how massive of a cock that just went into her.

"F-Fuck! Talk about a tight ass." Me-Mow groans.

"Hehe, well heard Bubblegum has the softest ass in all the land so we have a top tier ass to fuck before Marceline and the others hog it all to themselves… better let me join in Me-Mow… I'm really hoping to get serious and fuck her ass as hard as I can." Tai Ping said when she approached the duo and formed a cock of her own.

Bubblegum was surprised when she saw that as Me-Mow grins excitedly.

"Why not?... More the merrier."

Tai Ping smirks and as this happened, Frost and Rose look at one another and shrugged before they made out with one another as a pair of Incubuses approached the twin sisters.

"Hey, care for some company?" One incubus said as he lustfully stares at the duo.

Once Frost and Rose break from the kissing, they grin at the two Incubuses and smirks as they speak as one.

"Sure just lose the pants you two and let's have fun." The twin sisters said as one while they playfully looked at the men to tease them.

The two incubuses grins before they removed their pants.

Seems they weren't wearing any underwear as the first incubus has an 10 inch cock while the other was 10 and half.

Frost and Rose lick their lips and they were sucking the cocks in no time.

The two incubus's groans in unison as they enjoyed the feel of both sucu-princesses mouths.

This caused the sisters to fondle their balls and deepthroats the cocks more and more as time went on.

The two incubuses groan in unison before they grabbed the twin's heads and starts thrusting their cocks fast and hard.

Frost and Rose gagged a bit before they adjust and sucked the cocks with gleeful looks in their eyes.

That made the two males feel excited as they continue their actions as they grunt and groan.

Frost and Rose let the duo continue to dominate their mouths more and more until…

The two incubuses groans as they both had a very firm grip on the two princesses's head as the male duo filled their mouths with cum.

The sisters moan on the cocks as they worked to drink the sperm while making sure to not spill a drop.

About 15 seconds pass before the two incubuses tapped off as they watch Frost and Rose drink their cum more.

Once the sisters finished, they pull their heads from the cocks and smirk at the Two Incubuses and wondered what they would do next.

The two males grin before a moment later, they were both eating out Frost and Rose's pussies with gusto.

The sisters groan from the feeling while their toes curled a few times from what these Incubuses were doing.

Said duo smirks as they enjoyed the taste of the two princesses's pussies before the first incubus lengthen his tongue to eat out Frost's ass while the second one fingered Rose's ass.

This really made the sisters moan while Frost and Rose held hands while they enjoyed feeling of the tongues in their holes.

The two incubuses then started teasing Frost and Rose's buds while making sure they climax good.

This didn't take long to happen when Frost and Rose came hard on the tongues inside of them.

The two incubuses lapped up their juices as they kept pleasing Frost and Rose to make them climax more.

Once the two sisters ride out their orgasms, they felt the tongues pulled free of their holes and Rose got on all fours to show her ass to the Incubuses while Frost spreads her legs to wait for the Incubuses to fuck them now.

No sooner then a second later, the first Incubus was already fucking Rose's ass from behind while the second gave Frost's pussy a serious pounding.

The sisters moan with pleased looks on their faces as Frost wrapped her legs around the Incubus's waist while Rose thrusts her hips back so she could enjoy her ass getting fucked harder.

The first Incubus grins as he kept thrusting before he starts spanking Rose's ass.

The second incubu continues to plunge his cock deep in Frost's pussy before he had his hands grope Frost's breasts.

While this went on, the camera turned to show Tai Ping was face fucking Bubblegum while Me-Mow fucked Bubblegum's ass harder as time went on.

Bubblegum gagged and groan as Tai Ping kept thrusting her cock which actually caused Bubblegum's ass to tighten around Me-Mow's cock.

"Oh!, looks like we got a masochist… didn't expect that when you facefuck her… do it harder." Me-Mow teased when she grins at Tai Ping.

Bubblegum's eyes widened as Tia Ping grins.

"With pleasure!" She said as she got rougher with her thrusting.

This caused Bubblegum to tighten on Me-Mow more and in no time, Me-Mow was really moaning when she enjoyed how tight Bubblegum was and fucked Bubblegum's ass harder as a result.

Bubblegum continues to groan each time while gagging as she can feel Tai Ping's cock hit the back of her throat.

It didn't take long but Me-Mow fucked Bubblegum harder and faster until…

Bubblegum groans a bit loud as she climaxed on Me-Mow's cock before Tai Ping throws her head back as she fires her load inside the Candy Monarch's mouth and throat.

Me-Mow snarls when she came hard inside of Bubblegum's ass and she gripped the soft ass cheeks through the orgasm as Bubblegum's stomach grew from the load flowing into her.

Bubblegum's climax got stronger thanks to that and it wasn't long as the trio kept climaxing before Bubblegum tapped off followed by Tai Ping.

Once Me-Mow followed suit, they changed things up so Bubblegum was lift and lowered onto their cocks with Me-Mow fucking Bubblegum's pussy now while Tai Ping took her ass.

"O-Oh fuck!" Bubblegum groans from having her holes pounded.

"H-Hehe… Y-You can say that again." Tai Ping said while grunting and groaning.

"Alright… oh such a fucking good fuck!" Me-Mow growled out as she thrusts her hips upward so her cock barraged Bubblegum's womb again and again at a rough rate.

Bubblegum's face starts to look fucked up as she moans loud as her tongue was sticking out.

Me-Mow smirks as she smashed her lips onto Bubblegum's and makes out with her as she held the back of Bubblegum's head.

Bubblegum actually moans into the kiss before returning it as her holes tightens around the duo's cocks.

This caused the two women to fuck Bubblegum more and more before they groan when they came hard inside of Bubblegum without restraint while Me-Mow produced more sperm then she did then last time.

Bubblegum moans very loud as she climaxed hard on the duo's cocks.

It took them 20 seconds or so to ride out their orgasms and when they finished climaxing, Me-Mow and Tai Ping chuckles in unison as they wondered if Bubblegum could continue.

Bubblegum panted a bit but was able to say one word.

"M-More." She said.

This caused Me-Mow and Tai ping to smirk and as they worked Bubblegum more, the camera turned to Lillum and Marceline and Lillum held Marceline's ankles apart while she pistoned her cock in and out of Marceline's pussy and enjoyed how pleased Marceline looked.

"O-Oh fuck Lilly!" Marceline moans as she was enjoying the pleasure she was getting.

"Hehe, as you wish Mar Mar!" Lillum teased when she used the Mar Mar name to see how Marceline would react to someone other then assh using the nickname.

Marceline blushes a bit from the nickname. She would've frowned but, since it was Lillum, Marceline decides to allow it as she moans more.

Lillum then formed glowing hands of magic and they went to fondle Marceline's breasts intensely so she would feel better.

Marceline groans from that action before smirking at Lillum before the Vampire Queen uses her long hair to form to hands.

Marceline then had them go to Lillum's breasts and starts to squeeze them.

Lillum moans from this and this caused her to thrust her hips harder so her cock bashed by Marceline's cervix in no time.

Marceline groans a bit loud from that action as she continues to squeeze Lillum's breasts.

She even teased her nipples.

Lillum really moans from this and she formed a dildo of magic and it shot into her ass and it lengthened so it went into Lillum's ass and Lillum was fucking Marceline with two cocks so to speak, one flesh, one magical dildo.

"Fuck!" Marceline groans as her holes tightened around Lillum's cock and the magic dildo.

"Hehe… thats right… enjoy yourself Mar Mar… going to make up for lost time and then some to come!" Lillum growled out when she pushed her cock and dildo deep into Marceline and groans when she came hard in Marceline's womb with great force.

Marceline moans very loudly as her pussy grips Lillum's cock again before climaxing hard on it.

After the duo ride out their orgasms, Lillum chuckles when she looks down at Marceline while sweat glistened on the duos skins.

"Hehe, working up a sweat finally… so how do you want me to fuck you next?" Lillum asked while she grins at Marceline, she was a civil Queen after all.

Marceline grins at Lillum before a moment later, she was now on her hands and knees.

Lillum licks her lips when she saw this and she moved to eat out Marceline's asshole to surprise her and lube her up for the real fun that will happen.

Marceline groans for a moment as she feels Lillum's tongue roughly moving around in her ass.

Lillum giggles when she had the tongue move wildly in Marceline's ass when she had the tongue lengthened so she could really reach deep in Marceline's ass.

"W-Whoa!" Marceline groans as she felt that while impressed at Lillum's actions.

Lillum then surprised her more when her tongue lengthens more and she used her magic to clean Marceline's insides and well… Marceline got a funny look on her face as Lillum's tongue actually exits Marceline's mouth to really mess with her for a moment.

"Hmmm?!" Marceline muffles in surprise when she saw Lillum's tongue poking out of her own mouth.

Lillum then licked the tip of Marceline's nose to mess with her before she had her tongue shorten quickly and Marceline could feel it shoot through her body after the tongue went back down her throat.

Marceline lightly gags as she can feel Lillum's tongue going through her body.

'T-That's new.' She thought.

Once Lillum pulled her tongue from Marceline's ass, Lillum giggles as she pats Marceline's ass cheeks.

"Hehe, looks like you are not the Queen of the tongue now if I did that… going to enjoy putting my cock in here now that I cleaned your insides out." Lillum teased when she moved so her cock was grinding against Marceline's asshole.

Marceline groans from that action as she waits for Lillum to act.

Lillum then pulls her hips back and she aimed her cock at Marceline's asshole and she slowly forces her cock into Marceline's ass and moans when she felt how tight the Vamp queen was.

Marceline groans as she feels Lillum's cock going deep inside her ass.

"F-Fuck." She groans.

Once Lillum got her cock deep in Marceline's ass, she starts to fuck Marceline's ass hard and fast in no time she was barraging Marceline's ass and smacked Marceline's ass a few times to help her feel better as time goes on.

Marceline groans a few more times before she starts to moan as her toes curled on the ground a few times.

Lilllum pants and groans as she thrusts her hips harder so she could help Marceline feel better, she even wondered what Marceline was thinking and used her powers to read Marceline's mind to see what else she could do to make Marceline feel more.

'F-Fuck… T-This feels… a-amazing. Maybe Lilly could try biting my neck a bit.' Marceline thought.

Lillum was amused by that and she leaned down while she kept fucking Marceline's ass while she made sure to bite Marceline's bite marks on her neck hard to mark her with her own teeth marks.

"W-Whoa!" Marceline groans as her eyes widened in surprise before she had this thought.

'D-Damn… forgot she can read minds. Well… not like I'm complaining. Would be funny if she tried to mark me more by knocking me up.'

Lillum this time really looks amused when she lets Marceline's neck go and whispered in her ear.

"Well I would do that but I believe you have your King to do the honor first hehe… though if I get permission… don't mind putting a bun in your oven." Lillum teased when she fucked Marceline's ass harder.

Marceline's blinks in shock when she heard that before she starts groaning loudly as she feels Lillum's cock roughly going in and out of her ass.

It took a couple minutes and Lillum felt her orgasm approaching which caused her to thrust her hips forward and her cock went as deep as it could go before Lillum floods Marceline's ass with sperm while Lillum bit Marceline's neck harder.

Marceline groans loudly again from that action before she climaxed hard on Lillum's cock as Marceline's ass tightens around it.

Lillum really groans when she fired more sperm and when she tapped off, she lets go of Marceline with her hands and teeth and pulled her cock from Marceline's ass and smirks at how much sperm that leaked from Marceline's ass.

Marceline, after tapping off, pants a bit before turning her head.

"F-Fuck… you really c-came hard… A-And that bite." She said as she felt her neck.

Marceline actually felt her neck had a small indent where Lillum's teeth bit her but nothing really damaging and the Moon's regeneration kicked in which caused the mark to vanish though the tingling feeling stuck around and what not.

Lillum chuckles when she stroked her cocks.

"Well given how productive I am… makes sense on how much cum I can fire into your slutty ass." Lillum teased when she smirks at Marceline.

Marceline did blush a bit before smirking at Lillum.

"Then you better keep firing more."

Lillum licks her lips as she aimed her cock at Marceline's pussy.

"Very well!" Lillum said before she forced her cock deep in Marceline's pussy and she starts to fuck Marceline's pussy in no time.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Marceline moans as her face looked very pleased as she thrusts her hips to meet Lillum's thrust.

Lillum had her hands on Marceline's ass as she fucked her harder, honestly it was amazing how good Marceline's pussy was… honestly she should have stuck with Marceline, she would have had a chance to put a bun or two in Marceline's pussy long ago but no use crying spilled milk now… time to make up for lost time when she fucked Marceline relentlessly and a few sex demons saw the look on Marceline's face as time went on.

Marceline's face starts to look fucked up as she was greatly enjoying the pleasure.

"M-More!" She moans.

Lillum had no issues with this though an Incubus approached the duo.

"Hehe, mind if I join in?" The Incubus asked while Lillum smirks.

"She has a free mouth, go wild, she has no need to breath so fuck her mouth pussy to your hearts content." Lillum said when she continues fucking Marceline wihout breaking a sweat so to speak now when she used her magic to recover.

The Incubus grins as he gets in front of Marceline and forced his cock inside the Vampire Queen's mouth and starts thrusting.

As Marceline muffly groans on the cock as she sucked it, Lillum grins evilly as she used her hand on the back of Marceline's head and forced her to deep throat the Incubus's cock and Lillum fucked Marceline's pussy harder so she could really give Marceline one hell of a thrill.

And it worked as Marceline felt excited from this predicament which caused her pussy to tighten greatly around Lillum's cock like she was already trying to milk out the Succubus Queen's cum.

It didn't take long for that to happen when the Succubus Queen pushed her cock deep into Marceline's pussy and her dickhead pressed against the back of Marceline's womb and she floods Marceline's womb with great force while the Incubus snarls as he floods Marceline's throat and stomach with sperm.

Marceline muffles as she drinks down the Incubus's cum before climaxing again on Lillum's cock.

Funny enough, even after tapping off, Marceline's pussy isn't willing to let go of Lillum's cock.

When Lillum felt that, she looks amused when she felt this and looks at the Incubus.

"Hehe… looks like Mar Mar isn't letting go of my cock… think you can shoot a few more shots into her mouth big boy?" Lillum said in a teasing way when she smirks at the Incubus to mess with Marceline a bit when the Incubus didn't pull free of Marceline's mouth.

"Hehe, you kidding? I can go all day with this sexy mouth pussy of hers." The Incubus said while grinning.

"Good… fuck away… she doesn't mind." Lillum ordered with a sensual tone to her voice when she starts to fuck Marceline again with harder and faster speeds then before.

The Incubus chuckles before he starts face fucking Marcline's mouth.

Marceline muffly moans and gags on the cock while time passed quite a bit… when everyone was done and stuff, many people were finishing up with Bubblegum, Frost and Rose, and Marceline were near one another while they licked, sucked, and jerked off many people around them for one hell of a finish.

Some succubus and incubus groan as they enjoyed Frost and Roses actions.

Bubblegum was busy pleasing Me-Mow and Tai Ping's cocks as Marceline was sucking off Lillums cock while stroking off one incubus's cock while doing the same to a succubus's cock.

The ones getting pleased groans and moans when they felt their orgasms approaching.

"F-Fuck… I'm about to blow!" Tai Ping moans out before she groans when she came hard on Bubblegum's face and breasts when Bubblegum jerked her off to one intense finish.

"M-Me too!" Me-Mow groans.

Bubblegum actually opens her mouth and takes Me-Mow's cock in and starts sucking on it.

Me-Mow takes a moment to enjoy this and she yowls when she came hard inside of Bubblegum's mouth, filling it with copious amounts of sperm.

Bubblegum muffles a bit as her cheeks look puffed out before she starts swallowing Me-Mow's cum while stroking it.

As Me-Mow rides out her orgasm, Frost and Rose worked some of the succubuses and Incubuses good when they stroked and sucked them off more and more until…

The first Incubus groans as he climaxed in Frost's mouth as the first Succubus did the same to Rose's mouth.

The second Incubus and Succubus groan as they shot their loads on Frost and Rose's breasts and faces.

Frost and Rose had happy looks in their eyes when they felt this and the Incubus and succubus getting sucked off groans when they came hard in the succu sisters mouths and Frost and Rose worked to drink the loads.

While this happened, Lillum, the incubus, and succubus who were getting sucked and stroked off… well Lillum groans when she climaxed hard inside of Marceline's mouth with great force and the Succubus and Incubus groan when they came on Marcelien's face and breasts and what not as the trio ride out their orgasms.

Marceline hums as she starts drinking down Lillum's cum while feeling her body getting covered in cum.

Once Lillum rides out her orgasm, followed by the Incubus and Succubus, the four women on the ground were pretty much covered with cum and Lillum looks amused at the sight.

"Hehe, talk about a finish ladies and gentleman… give a round of applause for the nice women who pleased us." Lillum said as a few people actually clapped for the four on the ground.

Frost and Rose giggle at the applause while Marceline smirked as Bubblegum blushes a bit.

Me-Mow chuckled.

"I'll tell you this, don't mind having a repeat performance with Bubblebutt here since she did enjoy my cock." She said making Bubblegum blush more.

"Oh… careful you may make Demonga jealous… then again given how much you want a bun in your oven from him, it could get him to really get rough with you if those kinky thoughts are anything to go on my new Kinky Succubus subject." Lillum teased when she grins at Me-Mow a bit.

Me-Mow blushes a bit as Marceline chuckled.

"I will say this. It was fun catching up with you Lilly including, having quality time with you and my two girls."

"Hooo… what do you mean?, I'm not done yet by a long shot, I'll be coming with you… same with our little girls since they may want to butter up their new step dad so to speak though given the age thing… would be more like them trying to butter up the fuck buddy of ours instead of a father for them hehe… you get the idea but point is you get three new party members for now." Lillum said with a teasing grin on her face.

Marceline blinked a bit after hearing that before chuckling.

"Well… got no complaints. Gotta show my man my new fiance and kids."

Lillum grins more at this and she looks at the Succubuses and Incubuses.

"Alright everyone, for a short time your Queen and princesses will be away for awhile, so try and not go crazy while we are gone, if any one wants one final hurrah before we leave, speak now or forever fuck others." Lillum said when she grins at the end since the sex demon car was like a never ending orgy here.

All the succubus and Incubus grins lustfully at the Queen making Me-Mow sweatdrop.

"Something tells me they all want one last hurrah, Lillum."

"Eh well my people are ever horny and lustful, why not do this… Frost, Rose, take this teleport stone, I'll know once it's set up, preferably in a place that's not to rough on skin and stuff, I'll meet all of you once a teleport point is set up after I finish having fun with the others here, can be used to get to the Sex Demon Car and back from where you have it so simple to use." Lillum said when she summoned an intricate looking rock like coin and passed it to Rose for later set up.

"Sure thing mom. We'll get it set up right away." Rose said.

"Well maybe not right away, haven't left the car yet." Frost said before she giggles as Rose lightly slapped her shoulder and Lillum giggles.

"Hehe, that's our girls… anyway if you'll excuse me, got to show why I'm the best sex drive drainer here… alright everyone follow me and lets get started." Lillum said when she left the group and many Succubuses and Incubuses followed Lillum with lustful looks in their eyes.

Tai Ping did smirk as she looks at Bubblegum.

"Don't forget Bubblegum. You still owe me our one on one later."

Bubblegum blushed before many glowed when Frost snapped her fingers and used a spell to clean everyone off.

"There, unless everyone wants to have a real bathing session, we are fully clean now, nothing like a full body cleaning spell to make it easy to clean up." Frost said as Me-Mow, Tai Ping, and other females of the group lost their cocks for now since the fun has ended.

"Well I'm good… going to need a new outfit since I doubt I can shapeshift to a lower figure for long given what I heard… especially with these puppies… hehe going to be a real attention getter back at the base." Me-Mow said when she lifts and lowered her massive breasts in many peoples gazes.

Some gave Me-Mow lustfilled looks as Bubblegum blushes a bit before clearing her throat.

"I-I'm fine."

The others gave similar response and Frost and Rose smile when they snapped their fingers and everyone, even Me-Mow was in their old gear though Me-Mow's was altered to fit her new figure and what not.

"There, hopefully I got the right size… don't mind getting hands on in proper measurements later if its a bit snug but for now should be good for some coverage." Frost teased when she looks at Me-Mow's outfit that barely covered her nipples.

Me-Mow chuckles as she smirks at Frost.

"It fits fine, thanks. Maybe later… I can give you a nice reward."

Frost smirks when she heard this.

"Nice, we could set up a date later, for now we should get ready to go now that you all are suited up." Frost said when she and Rose formed outfits of Dark energy which flickered with dark flames near the ends of the outfits which gave the gear exotic looks.

Marceline whistled after seeing that.

"Nice. Wish I can do something like that."

"Eh not unless you either get turned into a succubus like Me-Mow here which she will have to learn from lessons that Frost and I can do to teach her or you get the clothing directly from a succubus and stuff… unless you want to do that which would probably make mom's day, I wouldn't suggest it since you would have to go through a newbies feeding process… not great if you are short on time since we should be leaving now." Rose said when she shrugged her shoulders a bit at that part.

"Hmmm… good point. Eh, may as well get going then." Marceline said.

"Yup, and hey, again you can ask mom to turn you later so its not like you don't have options hehe, pretty sure Mom would turn you into a sexy succubus any day." Frost said while Rose giggles.

"Hehe, yup, mom always did think she would look like a more mature version of us and it really caused her to get into the lessons when she could just picture us as her for a few roleplay moments." Rose teased when she grins at Marceline.

Marceline did blush a bit.

"W-Well I'm already engaged to your mom. Will have to think about getting turned later." She said before smirking at Rose.

"Though careful… I'm the master of teasing."

"Oh really?... well then it should be simple of us to ask mom to turn our non succubus mother into a succubus then… can't be a tease if we go through with asking now." Rose teased back when she grins at Marceline which REALLY reminded Bubblegum of Marceline now… like looking into a succubus like reflection of sorts.

"She definitely got that part from you Marceline." Bubblegum said.

"Hehe, yeah, Rose really does like to tease people." Frost said when she leaned in towards Tai Ping and comically whispered loudly to her.

"Just between you and me… Rose is the sadist between the two of us and really likes to get kinky in the act… be warned if you want to get it rough." Frost whispered loudly so everyone could hear it.

Tai Ping, Me-Mow, Bubblegum and Marceline all blinked in surprise when they heard that as Rose rolls her eyes.

"Geeze sis, why not tell the whole world while you're at it."

"Oh relax, not like the entire sex demon dimension doesn't know already, its Ooo who should be worried about you and stuff." Frost said with a teasing grin on her face.

Rose did pout from that making Marceline chuckle.

"Alright you two. It's time we get going so your mom can introduce you to her future King."

"Yes." Frost and Rose said in unison like this wasn't the first time they were quieted as Bubblegum giggles when Marceline looked pretty motherly right now keeping her daughters under control.

"Already you're in mother mode Marceline. Gotta say looks nice." Bubblegum said making Marceline smirk.

"Well maybe later I can give you a little bun in the oven… after your marriage to Pheebs." She teased.

Bubblegum blushed brightly at this and after this happened, Tai Ping clears her throat.

"Alright ladies, you two love one another, we get that… for now we should get going so we can get an overview of what items we got that we can give to the princess here that can help with resource gathering." Tai Ping said when she reminds many of why they originally came here… restoring the Candy Kingdom.

"Y-Yes… Almost forgot about that." Bubblegum said.

"Hehe, yeah… nearly forgot." Me-Mow said before she, and the others left to get out of the base and well… when they did they were actually surprised when they saw Demonga near a table while he was looking over some kind of blueprint and didn't notice the group while Tai Ping smirks as she looks at a somewhat nervous Me-Mow.

"Hey boss, we're back!" Tai Ping said when she got Demonga's attention.

"I see and wh-!" Demonga tried to say before he, and probably for the first time in front of many was shut up when he saw a succubus version of Me-Mow, had wide eyes, and actually blushed though he managed to not jabber like an idiot when he saw her so probably a good move when Me-Mow looked a little nervous.

"H-Hey Demonga. Got turned into a succubus. What do you think?" Me-Mow said.

"W-What do I…" Demonga tried to say while Frost and Rose giggle.

"Hehe, well given what we are reading in his mind… looks like he wants to bend you over in front of everyone right now and show you a good time… gotta say not a bad looker and if he is packing what we can read from your mind Me-Mow, nice catch." Rose said when she actually caused Demonga to blush more and pulled at the collar of his shirt showing he was caught.

Me-Mow blushes from that as Tai Ping chuckles.

"Anyway boss, before you take Me-Mow to do whatever, I brought Bubblegum and Marceline here since they, or rather Bubblegum, needed some resources. Oh and on a plus side, seems Lillum and Marceline were very special friends in the past. Plus we found out that Marceline is Frost and Rose's mom."

"Really?" Demonga said when he looks at Frost and Rose when they walked forward and bowed a bit to Demonga.

"Greetings Lord Demonga… a thousand thanks for helping our kind gain some foothold on Ooo through this Dungeon train." The sisters said while Demonga blinks and gave a quick bow back.

"Not to worry, considering your people help keep the morals of my men and allies up, no need to be so formal especially since you two are princesses of the Sex Demon Race and the Vampire Queen's daughters… not sure if you vampires or not though." Demonga said when he was a bit out of the loop on the species part.

"Eh not quiet. I was still hunting Vampires before I met their mom and later on things got… heated which is all I'm gonna say. Didn't know they existed till I met Lillum again after so many years. So bottom line… this was before I got turned." Marceline said.

"I see… demonic heat cycle I bet… well either way guess with that ring you are now married into a legit kingdom unless you can take over the current Vampire Queen that I've heard about recently… so I heard you had some items… well lets review them and lets see what stays and goes." Demonga said as he gestured for everyone to place their items on the table and as they approached, the scene fades to black as the items were explained in full.

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