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Trip to Huntress's forest part 2

(This is an introless chapter, this chapter starts out right when part 1 ended, welcome to part 2.)

Ooo/ Huntress's forest/ Finn, Huntress, Marceline, Maite, Lillum, Bubblegum, Emerald (Left just now last chapter), Grandfather Oak, Willow

'Damn… this day is not going good.' Marceline thought as Maite and Lillum were worried for Emerald.

"Might as well give him time Willow, he won't calm down on a dime, and we did provoke him in a rather intense way, I'm sure if he calms down he will be able to listen to a more detailed apology, but for now you should rest and recover since the impact to that wooden double did shake you up quite a bit." Grandfather Oak said when he looks at Willow.

Willow nods her head.

"I will do so at once grandfather." She said.

"Right… considering things I doubt many of you want to stick around but for Finn and Huntress's test, they will need to do so soon since you came here for that reason, you have my permission to come and go as you please from this area until you take the test so go to your friend and try and sooth his anger." Grandfather Oak said while he gave the group a gentle smile.

Bubblegum looks at the group.

"He is right. Though should we postpone the test till everything is calm?"

"Maybe, we could take a few days to see if Emerald will calm down, we do have that fast travel door so we can just come back here in no time… besides… I need to get my weapon repaired." Maite said while she looked at her damaged weapon.

"Uh yeah… was a bit shocked you were gonna do something Maite but not as shocked that Emerald was able to withstand that." Marceline said.

"Guess we found out another surprising thing about him… my apologize Marceline, Maite, Lillum, I knew Grandfather Oak would do something like a test but not to this level, I maybe many things but one to not apologize I am not, I truly do apologize since I seemed to cause everyone some grief." Huntress said when she looked a bit regretful.

Marceline sighs.

"No worries Huntress. Not your fault. Nothing we could do now but wait for Emerald to calm down."

"Right, though I don't want to get in the way of the whole process and delay it by a few days, why don't Finn and I take this test and have our heads scanned by that AI thing Bubblegum has?" Huntress said when she gave that suggestion, not everyone was needed after all to calm Emerald down.

Bubblegum was thoughtful for a moment.

"Hmmm, if that's what you two want then alright."

"Well I won't lie, I would be a bit distracted but I wouldn't back out, the sooner we do this the sooner we can head back to the candy Kingdom to rest and what not, right Finn?" Huntress said when she looks at Finn to see what he thought.

Finn was quiet for a bit.

"Right." He said as he just want to get this test out of the way.

The group then awkwardly splits up with Finn and Huntress staying behind while the rest of the group went back to Huntress's place to try and find Emerald.

They found Emerald sitting on Huntress's home while he was laying on it and looking at the sky like he was lost in thought.

Everyone else was quiet as they see Emerald doing nothing.

"What should we say?" Bubblegum whispered.

That caused a few to shrug though Marceline gathered some courage and she floats towards Emerald.

"Hey Emerald… looking at the clouds?" Marceline said when she looks at the sky, thanks to the angle of the trees and the sun, Marceline was in the shade and Emerald didn't look at her.

"Yeah… before I came to the Candy Kingdom I used to nap a lot near Finn's old Treefort site… even made this stand thing to support the new tree that he seed sprouted recently… still a sapling so its pretty small… still not many came around that area so it was a nice place to nap in peace..." Emerald said while he seemed to be lost in thought.

"That's cool." Marceline said before she sat slightly by Emerald but made sure to avoid the light.

"Do you want to get something off your chest?" She said.

Emerald lightly chuckles at that when he heard that.

"Ironic given whats on my chest is giving me issues mentally… Hey Marceline… do you think I'm insane?... am I even mentally human anymore?" Emerald said when he got a stoic look as he looks at the sky more.

Marceline didn't know how to respond to that but gave it her best shot.

"Well despite appearances and you 'seeing' invisible readers, I think the mental part of your human is still in there. I mean no one got killed."

"Yeah… but am I really human anymore mentally?... I mean just what am I?... I'm not human physically, mentally I still feel me even if unhinged… I don't feel demonic even if I call myself a demon, I don't feel human… honestly I can see why Grandfather Oak was nervous about me… even I'm scared of myself sometimes…. I just hide it well… I talk a big game about being honest but until now… I was just a hypocrite and I guess I was taking out my frustration out on Cedric… I mean ever since I transformed I never went back to my parents to show them what I became… I mean recently I WAS human and now I'm… just… something that is not of this world that can't be classified…" Emerald said while he lifts his right arm to look at his hand while everyone listened to him.

Marceline was a bit surprised when she heard that before placing her hand in his shoulder.

"Well we have been busy with stuff so you still have time to tell your parents what happened. I'll even be there to support you. Plus no matter how you acted, you're still you inside… and out."

"Yeah… but at least your dad accepts you entirely… what if my family becomes scared of me?, unlike your dad my parents are not used to stuff like this… we recently lived on an island purely for humans who never even saw beings like you, honestly I feel like this IS a story sometimes and its just me dreaming that I'm with such great women, this crazy adventure that is fun for me… just… everything feels so unreal that I have a hard time processing it sometimes… know what I mean?" Emerald said when he looks at Marceline.

"Hmmm no not really, though I'm sure that… whoever is doing this so-called story wouldn't think of having your parents be afraid of you. I'm sure your parents will still love you no matter what. If you want just call them and ask them to visit you at the Candy Kingdom." Marceline said.

"Maybe… or we could visit my home first so they don't need to travel so far since I need to introduce some special ladies I know to my folks, think its a classic I need to do… besides its been awhile so might as well see how everyone there reacts to the new me…" Emerald said with a small grin… though he still seemed to look thoughtful about some things… guess a small talk wouldn't get him back to normal fully.

Marceline pats him on the shoulder.

"Whatever you choose, we're all here for you."

"Thanks… hehe, you know its funny, I heard you normally don't like to use emotions but you seem to be the first one here to act when Drama like this happens." Emerald said when he gave Marceline a small smile.

Marceline chuckles.

"Eh well, I dealt with some… bad memories during a thousand years. Remembering old friends that are long gone even though I made new ones. Plus after dealing with some old enemies, it helped me get a bit more mature."

"Hehe, is that before or after all the drama we went through with everything up till the Gum war?" Bubblegum said when she approached the duo though she couldn't climb up the house thanks to how it was made and was on the ground level.

Marceline shrugged.

"Eh… doesn't matter. What matters now is the future. Especially since this little guy will definitely see how big the world will be." She said as she pats a bit of her stomach even though it hasn't got big yet.

Many saw that and nod in various ways since the future was pretty much an unknown to many… well many except the readers who most likely knew about Ooo's future state… but that could change given how different this was to the normal Adventure time line… in this case things really were an unknown…

Emerald then sat up and looks at Marceline.

"Hey, sorry for the trouble, guess what happened with GO just got me to think on a lot of things, I mean test or not I pretty much scared myself with what I did, I mean I moved with speeds that I didn't know I had and I'm not sure even Hunson has that kind of skill… either that or he never showed it given his Deathless state, I mean why bother really trying when you can't die in a fight?" Emerald said which did bring up a good point… if Emerald wore the amulet of the Nightosphere, did Hunson's abilities come from himself or the amulet?... well the soul sucking was all natural but the rest?... hard to say…

"Hmmm… hard to say to be honest but luckily you got a chance to channel that power and you won't do it alone." Marceline said.

"Right, got a rocking sexy and powerful lady to keep me in line as well alongside a few others who are tough in their own right… still got to apologize to Maite here… sorry for your weapon Maite." Emerald said when he looks at Maite a moment later.

Maite rubs the back of her head.

"It's okay. Sorry that I tried to hit you. Was trying to knock some sense to you... or knock you out."

"Eh can't blame you for that though I do have to ask, why try to knock me out when I was just trying to protect you?, sure I know your tough but if by chance you lost… well do you think I would have held back in getting you back?" Emerald said while he gave Maite a curious look.

"Well… no. I was just worried about the tension happening. I know you were trying to keep us safe. Was afraid something bad would happen to you." Maite said with a bummed look.

Emerald then moved to hop off the house of Huntress and he moved to stand in front of Maite.

"Maite, look at me for a moment." Emerald said with a calm tone to his voice.

Maite though gulped when she felt like she messed up before slowly looking at Emerald.

He then smiles and gave her a light kiss on the lips for a moment and pulled away to look at her.

"Thanks for worrying about me Maite, but maybe next time instead of trying to hammer me into the ground, use words next time alright?... pretty sure it would save you on money for weapon repairs right?" Emerald said when he tried to be funny about this with the damaged weapon of Maite.

Maite sweatdrops.

"Yeah… Mom usually says 'if your man goes nuts… or does something stupid like forget an anniversary… use the hammer… Though she was more vocal on that last one since… dad forgot that one time."

"Well… can't blame you there but pretty sure your dad doesn't have demonicly influenced abilities so pretty sure you gotta think more instead of getting swing happy… pretty sure it will save you a lot of cash on weapons." Emerald said when he saw that Maite's weapon was cracked big time… or was the crack bigger?

"Uh Maite? Did the crack get bigger on your hammer?" Marceline said.

That caused Maite to look at her weapon… and right at that moment, everyone got wide eyes when the weapon snapped in two with the upper part falling to the ground while Maite had her hilt of her weapon in her hand only.

"Ah man… my dad is gonna kill me!" Maite said as she stares at what's left of her weapon.

"Don't worry, I'm sure Bubblegum can fix it, right PB?" Emerald asked when he looks at Bubblegum to see if she can do anything.

"Well… I never fixed a weapon before but… as science as my witness… I will give it my all." Bubblegum said.

"Hehe, looks like you get a new repaired weapon then Maite, hopefully next time she can make it to where you can knock some sense into me next time and not lose a weapon hehe." Emerald said while he grins at Maite in an amused way.

Maite couldn't help but giggle at that which helped her feel better.

Marceline chuckles at the sight before she floats to the group.

"Since things are good, should we stick around or head back to the castle and wait for Finn and Huntress to finish their test? Speaking of, Emerald, I know you mean well but you know you have to apologies to Finn and his girlfriend."

Emerald rubbed the back of his head when he heard that.

"Yeah… not going to apologize for getting mad but will apologize when I see Finn and apologize when I threw him away from me, bit overkill there." Emerald said while he did look regretful on getting physical.

"Yeah… though you also insulted Huntress as well. But I'm sure they'll forgive you." Bubblegum said in a reassuring tone.

"Yeah well… still wasn't cool with the whole tricking thing so if she apologizes for the trick since it mainly involved ticking me off mostly, I'll apologize for insulting her and her kind, just didn't like how serious everything sounded like it would have happened for real." Emerald said when he had a serious look on his face.

"Fair enough. Though in her defense, Huntress wasn't aware of what her grandfather have planned but she did felt guilty." Marceline said.

"I see…" Emerald said when he wondered what he should do now, did Huntress really not know or did she at least have an idea… with how respectful she sounded to Grandfather Oak, even if he kept quiet about the details, she should have at least known about there being a test like trick in general.

Though Lillum did speak up after all this time with being quiet.

"Alright, enough with the drama, for now we should head on back and rest while Finn and Huntress take their test, we can have Emerald and Huntress apologize to one another later but standing here in the middle of a forest won't help us relax to unwind after this stressful day." Lillum said to try and be the voice of reason for once.

Bubblegum nods in agreement.

"She's right. Let's all head back so you can relax while I start working on ways to get Maite's hammer fixed. Depending on the time, Cedric could be back from his appointment."

That caused everyone to nod their heads and they went back to the throne room right as Cedric entered the throne room himself from inside the castle while he rubbed his stomach, seems he had a late lunch or something given it was half an hour pass lunchtime.

Cedric blinked when he saw the group.

"Hey guys. Back already?" He said.

"Uh yeah, just got back after dropping Finn and Huntress off… bit of a long story, Lillum even made a shortcut behind the throne so we have ways of getting around the castle now for fast movements so we don't have to catch our breath when we get to Bubblegum's room or the dungeon level, can explain more but was wanting to explain the new door here in case you didn't know." Emerald said when he points behind the throne and the new door on the back of it.

Cedric blinked when he saw the door and didn't realized it was there.

"Huh, surprising but neat." He said.

"Yup… so how was Rachel?" Azure said in such a way it would catch Cedric off guard with how sudden the question was.

Cedric blinked in surprise.

"Uh… it went well but how did you know her name?"

"Well the process of elimination and what not, and add the fact that Maite could fill in a few blanks and Bubblegum with her PDA, we found out a lot…. So spill the beans on your past with her to get a good time from her?" Lillum said with a teasing grin on her face.

Cedric blushes a bit.

"Actually… yes. Told her what happened that made me into an ass towards all of you to which I'm… fully sorry for." He said.

That caused a number of people to get wide eyes and Lillum leaned in to Marceline for a moment.

"Considering you have super hearing, did you hear what I heard?, Cedric apologizing?" Lillum said which made Cedric look angry.

"Hey!, I can apologize Dammit, why does it have to be so much of a shocker!?" Cedric growled out before he took a breath.

"Look, I get it alright, I can be an ass, sometimes without meaning to, but thanks to that talk with Rachel, which will be private for now since it was still hard to talk about some things just FYI, I managed to actually work out a few things more or less… still a work in progress but progress nonetheless." Cedric said while everyone looked pretty surprised at what Cedric said.

"Wow. A bit deep man." Marceline said.

"Yeah… still though seems we have interesting tastes with women if you stuck around with Rachel that long… seems we maybe in laws faster then I would think." Emerald said with an amused tone to his voice, first Angel being related to Marceline, now Rachel with Maite… this was just a big pattern of funny moments it seems.

Cedric blinks at the thought before looking at Maite.

"Speaking of, Rachel hopes you visit her, Maite. She hopes to catch up with you. Plus she wants to meet Emerald." He said making Maite blink.

"Huh why Emerald?" She said.

"Well I told her he was your boyfriend and she wanted to see if he was a nice guy for you." Cedric said.

"Seriously?... wait… what did you tell her about me exactly?... pretty sure I can at least know that if you talked about me for a moment right?" Emerald said since he had to deal with Grandfather Oak messing with him, he didn't want a therapist trying to mess with his head as well which showed with Emerald getting an irritated look on his face.

Cedric had his hands up.

"Whatever I said, she had heard rumors about Maite being in a relationship with a guy forming a harem so I said the truth but said good things to at least get someone on your side."

"I see… and you didn't get a good time from her in exchange for that kind of information?" Emerald said when he looked a little amused now.

Cedric chuckled.

"Sorry… That's private." He said though Maite sweatdrop.

"Even so… Be careful around her, Cedric." She said.

"Uh? Why? Something I should know?" Cedric said.

"Well… not sure about the her in the here and now but Maite said things like Rachel being a bit of a thug in the past and well…" Emerald explained before he went into details on what he heard about while Maite jumped in every now and then to fill in some gaps that Emerald either forgot or missed, all in all, by the time they finished explaining, Maite was finishing things off herself now.

Cedric blinks in surprise when he heard everything.

"Damn… that explains a few tattoos that I saw. Should I be worried?"

"Well… given the situation, unless you actually want to try and date her I would say just stick with what you have for now and wait until Rachel gives the green light on you with a clean bill of mental health, I doubt she would date patients after all, pretty sure she is pushing things right now with the sex thing but I think dating is a big no for her so she doesn't get her skills called into question, its been four years since I last heard from her so who knows how skillful she is with her job, but point is, try and not get your hopes up on actual dates until she sees you as more then a client otherwise you may get burned if she is with other patients in situations like you were in." Maite said while not knowing that she unintentionally mentioned the Cheating cat girl by accident with how accurate that kind of situation was… if Rachel did things with Cedric, chances are she did things with other patients as well… Cedric couldn't get angry at Maite given that she had no idea with how tight lipped Cedric was about things, it was just so damn ironic given the situation and how Rachel dealt with clients.

Cedric couldn't fault Maite but took a moment to breathe a few times to calm down.

"R-Right… Nice and slow… need to be cured first." He said with his eyes closed.

Everyone looked confused when Cedric looked a bit off.

"You OK dude?, you look a bit… off, I mean not like I'm trying to pry since a situation happened at Huntress's forest that nearly set me off big time, apparently there is this Trent thing named Grandfather Oak and…" Emerald said before he explained what happened, how he nearly snapped and how the group got back while Finn and Huntress stayed behind to deal with their test.

Cedric, who calmed down, was surprised at the story.

"Damn… that's fucked up. If I was in your shoes, Emerald, I would definitely stop anyone from taking my women… too bad I don't got any." He said.

"Eh I wouldn't say that, play your cards right and you could get Azure and possibly Rachel once you get the green light for not being a client anymore with her, Azure did promise a date once she saw improvement with self control and stuff… and don't you have Angel back home?" Emerald teased when he grins at Cedric.

Cedric blushes a bit.

"Well yes… but we haven't dated." He said.

"Well since we got this fast travel thing down… hey Lillum why don't we set up a fast travel door at Cedric's home later and maybe at the entrance to Epsi's place that we can have ways to visit them easily… and Cedric can see his precious Angel at anytime he wants." Emerald said while teasing Cedric again.

Cedric blushes again which caused some to chuckle.

"Oh that's no trouble at all since Angel enjoys Cedy's fur." Lillum said as she giggles a bit.

"Right, anyway since we just got back, might as well take a break for now and well leave Maite and Bubblegum alone so Maite can explain how her weapon was made so Bubblegum can repair it… kinda… broken now at the moment." Emerald said when he points at Maite as she carried her broken axe/hammer like weapon.

"Okay… first didn't know Maite can use a weapon and second… yikes. Did some rock creature broke it?" Cedric said.

"Eh, let's just say that she tried to hit something hard but backfired." Marceline said.

"Yeah… my skull when I used a lot of demonic energy… should clarify that when I got pissed and what not, took a more demonic form and well… Maite tried to knock me out and well… didn't work out too well." Emerald said when he felt bad for Maite and her weapon.

Cedric blinked in surprise after hearing that.

"Wow… won't ask for further details." He said.

"Right… anyway I'll see you all later, hopefully Finn and Huntress get hired but I think a nap is a good thing for me right now… after that might as well send a letter to my folks that I maybe bringing everyone to my home village to show a few… surprises… man that is going to be rough if things go bad." Emerald said before he walked away from the group while he looked a bit worried.

Everyone else, minus Cedric from lack of info at the moment, felt bad for Emerald as they see him walk as Cedric rubbed his arm.

"So… what do we do?" He said.

"Well first off we will need to probably fill you in on some things later but for now, we should take a break from all this drama so I'll see you later." Lillum said before she yawned when she could need a nap herself.

"Yeah. I'm gonna go and give Emerald company." Marceline said before she starts to float after Emerald.

"Well looks like its just us four now, then again Maite and Bubblegum may walk away to talk details on Maite's weapon so why not we leave the two to it Cedric, I want to see how… collected you are after one talk, you seem pretty relaxed now all things considered." Azure said when she saw that Cedric didn't have this normally guarded look about him as much when he was with the group.

Cedric blinked a bit after hearing that.

"Very well. I promised you that I'm getting help and want to show you how collected I am."

"Good now lets get going." Azure said when she moved to grab Cedric's hand and pulled him from Maite and Bubblegum so the duo could talk alone about Maite's weapon.

"Alright Maite, let's head to my lab so we can discuss ways to make your hammer good as new." Bubblegum said as Cedric felt a bit of… happiness from having his hand held by Azure.

The scene then went back to Finn and Huntress while they stood in front of Grandfather Oak while he was laughing a bit at the duo.

"Hohoho, now that we have the drama out of the way, unless either of you have any questions, shall we get you two with some partner or something and help with this test of yours?" GO said while he didn't seemed bummed about what happened with Emerald just a minute ago.

"Seriously? You're not bummed about what happened earlier?" Finn said with a surprised look.

"Not really, sure it was harsh and he maybe conflicted but I doubt he will be down in the dumps for long, you humans are tough beings and for a human with the amulet, he is doing rather well in a composed way, he could have done much worse yet he hasn't, and while not long, I do know of Emerald and the humans in his village that was set up near your old home, he is a good natured guy even with his new form and his more unhinged state, pretty sure as long as those who care for him for who he is sticks by him, he will not fall to evil intent." Grandfather Oak said while he looks pretty calm.

"I… guess that makes sense." Finn said as he had no other counter.

"Hohoho, indeed young human, anyway to get on topic again, considering the situation, you may as well let one of the Wood Nymph's or hybrids approach you and see if they are too your tastes while Huntress takes a moment to pick her partner in this test." GO said while he smiles at Finn.

Finn sighs a bit since he needs to pass his test.

"Alright then." He said as he wondered which nymph or hybrid will come first.

Though to his surprise, one of the Hybrids came forward and she had vine like hair that trailed down her body and she seemed to control her hair like an extension of her own body and her hair had beautiful flowers on them.

"Hello Finn the Human, my name is Sakura, hope you don't mind if I ask to aid you in this test of yours, should be interesting since you never mated with a hybrid before right?" The Hybrid known as Sakura said while she smiles gently at Finn.

Finn blushes at the smile.

"R-Right and it's nice to meet you Sakura."

"Indeed, it is nice to meet with one as distinguished as yourself, from what I heard you are rather beastly where it counts so I hope I can satisfy one such as yourself, my father would love to meet with your mate again since I believe she gets his sap every now and then from him when she comes to look for ingredients." Sakura said before she waved to Huntress and it seemed like she knew Huntress and all Huntress did was nod at Sakura to show her own style of greeting.

Finn was surprised by this.

"You knew Huntress?, and your dad's the one that gives Huntress the sap she needs?"

"Yup, my mother met my father a number of years ago and I was birthed shortly after that, I just turned 18 years of age a few hours ago." Sakura said while she smiles at Finn in a teasing way to say that she was a virgin.

Finn was surprised after hearing that.

"O-Oh well happy birthday." He said.

"Thank you, anyway my father should be here in a moment so…" Sakura said before stomping was heard and a large walking tree like being approached Huntress and she recognized the being in question an Ent, a state before it would find a place to take Root before it became a full elder Trent.

Finn was shocked when he saw how big the Ent was as said being grins when he saw Huntress Wizard.

Huntress nods her head when she saw the large being approach her.

"Hello again Goliath, your mate doing well?, you planning on rooting nearby and becoming a full on Trent soon?" Huntress said when she made a bit of small talk to get the tension away from everyone.

The Ent, now revealed as Goliath, did spoke but in a language that Finn couldn't understand.

"Huh? What's he saying?" Finn said.

Huntress looks at Finn after a moment.

"He is saying his mates doing well and that he may take Root near my place not only for protection for his family but to make it easy for me to get his sap later, once an Ent takes Root and becomes a Trent, it is very hard for them to move around, want a general idea, think of Ent's like Swords, an Ent is like a sword or a dagger but upgraded enough over the years, it can change into a Greatsword, powerful, but not very good for speedy attacks, may not make sense in context but you get the idea right?" Huntress said when she gave Finn a roundabout general idea of how hard it would be for a Trent to Move after it takes Root.

Finn took a moment to let that info sink in.

"Believe so."

"Right… as for how I understand him, you can say its a earth and plant thing more or less in case you are wondering if you can learn how to understand him… maybe I can try teaching you later but for now, might as well focus on Sakura while I deal with her father." Huntress said while she glanced at Sakura to show that she was near Finn and Huntress was next to the Ent named Goliath which showed the duos for this round.

As the Ent had an excited look Finn turns his head to look at Sakura.

She had a smile on her face while she removed her hair blocking her important bits and her body was seen in full, she had C cup breasts, wide hips, and a clean shaven pussy or maybe it was naturally smooth… either way, Sakura looked gorgeous.

Finn blushes a bit brightly as he admired at Sakura's bod.

"W-Wow." He said.

Sakura giggles a bit before she approached Finn.

"Thank you, please follow me so we can give my father and your mate some privacy, many are already leaving so we should do the same for now." Sakura said which reminded Finn that there used to be a ton of earth based creatures… yet many were either moving away or just flat out vanishing, even Grandfather Oak was gone somehow.

Finn blinked a bit when he saw that.

"Oh right. Better we go somewhere private then." He said before looking at Huntress.

"Good luck Hun."

"Same to you, try and not push yourself too much Finn, all we need is just a few rounds of fun with these two, remember that while you can have fun, you and I have a real bond so try and not make a second one alright?" Huntress said while giving Finn a slight glare when she points at her bonding necklace and the one on Finn's neck as well.

Finn jolts at the glare.

"O-Of course. I would never do that. You're my only bond mate." He said.

Huntress got a more stoic look to show that she calmed down.

"Good, now enjoy yourself, if you do by chance knock her up, as slim as that is since those without a bond have a very poor chance of doing so, I don't mind if she sticks around, but she better remember not to annoy me if she tries to romance you while I'm around, if this were a pack I'm the alpha bitch of the group and she is the beta." Huntress said and gave Sakura a look of warning this time to not cross her in the future.

Sakura chuckles nervously.

"D-Don't worry. Nothing like that will happen."

"Good… now get going before I have Finn move away from you." Huntress said with a tone that said she wouldn't take arguments at the moment.

Sakura sweatdrops before looking at Finn.

"Well you heard her Finn, let's go." She said before she grabbed the human's hand and starts taking him to a private place.

That caused Huntress to chuckle before she looks at Golitath.

"Alright, now that we are more or less alone, how do you want to start after I strip?" Huntress said while she smirks at the large Goliath.

Goliath chuckles before he summoned some vines though if you look at the ends of each one, they appear to be… phallus shape looking.

Huntress smirks when she saw that the vine like cocks and she moved to strip her clothing off her body and they turned into leafs, drama aside, Huntress wouldn't say no for a good time and she had D cup breasts, wide hips, and had a toned body to show she wasn't weak at all.

Goliath felt excitement as he had his vines go to Huntress and starts to rub certain parts of her body like her breasts, folds and ass.

Huntress shuddered while she felt that and noticed a massive giant size cock appear from between the Ent's legs, it was made for much larger lovers so Huntress couldn't get fucked by it, but she did moved to approach the Ent as he sat on the ground and Huntress rubbed her body up against the massive tree like cock which was very smooth to the touch.

Goliath shudders from that action as he enjoys the feel of Huntress's smooth skin.

Huntress keeps this up while she lifts and lowered her body while her breasts and pussy rubbed up against the Ent's cock while she waits for him to do something since she was working to please his main cock even if she couldn't get fucked by it.

Goliath wasn't gonna disappoint Huntress before he sent one tentacle to her mouth and another one towards her ass.

Huntress muffly groans when she felt her mouth getting filled and her ass getting penetrated but that didn't stop her from grinding against the Ent's main cock which slowly made it throb over time while she sucked the cock in her mouth and tightened her ass on the cock inside of her asshole.

Goliath groans a few times before he starts fucking Huntress's ass as his tentacle slides in and out of the wood nymph's ass.

Huntress muffly groans from the feeling and she keeps on grinding her body on Goliath's main cock while she worked to suck the tentacle in her mouth more and more as time went on.

Goliath grunts and groans as he was enjoying this which caused him to fuck Huntress's ass faster and harder.

This went on for a bit with the Ent's main cock and tentacle cocks getting closer and closer to climax until...

Goliath groans a bit loud as he grinds… what appears to be teeth as he climaxed from his big cock before filling Huntress's mouth and ass cum from his tentacles.

Huntress gagged a bit from the loads while she drank as much as she could, she keeps on rubbing her body against the Ent's larger cock and waits for him to ride out his orgasm.

About 15 seconds pass before Goliath grunts as he taps before enjoying a bit of the afterglow.

Huntress then moved away and used a spell to clean her body off while she made sure that she stroked a few more tentacle cocks vines to keep the Trent worked up.

Goliath groans from that action as he smirks at Huntress's direction.

Meanwhile with Finn and Sakura…

Turns out she was knelt in front of a nude Finn and she was sucking and stroking his cock hard to really work him up, she pretty much seems to enjoy choking on Finn's cock when she took it pretty far into her mouth.

Finn groans as he was enjoying the feel of Sakura's mouth.

"O-Oh fuck Sakura, your mouth feels so good." He groans.

Sakura gave Finn a small eyesmiles behind her mask while she keeps sucking him off while she fondles his balls roughly to help him feel better.

Finn shudders and groans from that action before he starts thrusting his cock inside Sakura's mouth.

Sakura gagged a bit from that action but she didn't seem to mind and let's Finn have his way with her mouth while her tongue ran under his cock.

Finn grunts and groans as he face fucks Sakura's mouth faster and harder till he feels his cock hitting the back of her throat.

Sakura gagged more and used a free hand to finger her folds while she could feel Finn getting closer and closer until…

Finn grinds his teeth before he groans a bit loud and climaxed inside Sakura's mouth and throat.

Sakura groans from that and worked to drink as much as she could while she moved the ball fondling hand to Finn's cock and stroked his pulsing dick off more so that she could get more sperm.

Finn groans as he continues to climax before tapping off after 15 seconds.

Sakura licked the cock clean when she finished drinking the sperm and smiles at Finn when she waits to see how he would command her next.

Finn pants a bit before he glances at Sakura's folds to see how wet it is.

She was pretty wet all things considered, dripping actually, seems she really liked it when Finn got rough with her.

Finn smirks at Sakura.

"Lay on your back with your legs spread open."

Sakura did just that when she heard the order and spreads her legs to show her willing holes to Finn and smiles at him in a lustful way as she eyed his cock.

Finn returns the stare before he gets on top of her and angles his cock at Sakura's folds.

Sakura relaxed since she knew this would be a rather intense fucking and waits for Finn to act.

Finn remembered that this was Sakura's first time before he took a deep breath and gently slides his cock inside the Nymph's pussy.

Sakura groans from the feeling and Finn shockingly felt a virgin barrier blocking his path while Sakura takes a moment to adjust.

Finn looks Sakura.

"This will hurt so… do you trust me?" He said with a serious look.

Sakura smiles and she wraps her legs around Finn's waist.

"Don't worry, I'm tougher than I look, fuck this pussy hard and fast, the more you do this, the sooner I adjust." Sakura teased while she tightened her pussy a few times to egg Finn on.

Finn groans a bit before nodding his head at Sakura.

"Okay." He said before he starts to count.

"1…!" He said before smashing his lips on the hybrid's lips hard before pushing his cock forward which tore away the hymen.

Sakura moans into the kiss and while she felt pain for a moment, she surprisingly adapted and wrapped her legs around Finn's waist to keep Finn's cock inside of her.

Finn kept kissing Sakura a bit more as he waited for her to fully adjust.

It took a minute or two and as Sakura keeps the kiss up, her pussy relaxed on Finn's cock while blood dripped a bit from her recently broken virginity.

Once Finn felt that, he raised his hips causing his cock to come out before the human slams it back in and repeats it.

Sakura groans with each thrust and her pussy tightened in reflex to the thrusts and her pussy eagerly took Finn's cock again and again as time went on.

Finn groans from how tight Sakura's pussy was but continues to fuck her hard.

"F-Fuck!... your pussy is tight!" Finn said after he pulled away from the kiss.

"A-And y-your cock is fucking massive!" Sakura moans out while she used her legs to pull Finn into again and again as time went on.

Finn grunt and groans as he kept on fucking Sakura like a beast that wants to mate.

Sakura groans from the feeling and her pussy tightened like a vice grip to try and work Finn for his load as his orgasm got closer and closer as time went on.

Finn made sure that his cock hits Sakura's womb a bunch of times before giving the hybrid's lips another intense kiss.

Sakura groans into the kiss before She came on Finn's cock with a surprisingly tight grip, guess being a virgin made her a quick shot when she squirts on Finn's body.

Finn didn't mind the quick as he continues to thrust his dick faster and harder while keeping the kiss going before Finn slides his tongue in Sakura's mouth.

Sakura barely returned the kiss when her orgasm was getting stronger for a bit and Finn keeps fucking Sakura more and more until…

Finn groans but tries to hold back his orgasm when he tries to pull his cock out.

Though to Finn's shock, Sakura keeps her legs locked around Finn's waist to keep him inside of her.

Finn was shock and though he tried to pull out again, Sakura's legs made sure to keep him there.

Finn had no choice since his orgasm was there and gave a few more thrusts before the human groans loudly as he gave Sakura's pussy and womb his biggest load.

Sakura groans from the feeling and keeps on holding Finn to her body while she waits for him to ride out the orgasm.

Finn grinds his teeth as he kept climaxing for about 20 seconds before tapping off.

Sakura let Finn go and as his cock was pulled free, he saw that he practically flooded her pussy and then some.

"D-Damn… I came a lot." Finn said with a surprised look.

"W-Well you must be very Virile, Huntress is lucky with a beast like you around." Sakura said… then again Lillum altered his body so maybe he was much more productive then normal.

Finn blushes a bit.

"Still though, we need to be careful. I might knock you up with this much."

"Well, hard to do normally without a Bond, but if you do, I'm sure Huntress won't mind, but enough about that, for now we should continue… I believe your cock and my ass should meet." Sakura said with a teasing smirk as she turned onto all fours and her round ass was seen for a moment.

Finn blushes at the sight as his cock twitches in excitement before a moment later, Finn gets behind Sakura and had his cock aimed at the hybrid's asshole before rubbing it.

Sakura shudders from the feeling and waits for Finn to act.

Finn grabs the young hybrid's hips and took a deep breath before he starts inserting his cock inside Sakura's ass.

Sakura grits her teeth and groans when she could feel her ass getting penetrated by Finn's massive cock.

Finn groans at how tight Sakura's ass was as he kept pushing his cock further.

Sakura had to relax a few times before Finn felt his pelvis touching Sakura's ass.

Finn took a moment to adjust for a bit before starts thrust his hips back and forth as his cock barrage in Sakura's ass.

Sakura moans and groans from the feeling and thrusts her hips so that her ass smacked into Finn's pelvis again and again.

Finn grunts and groans from that which caused him to thrust his cock more before Finn raises his hand and starts to smack Sakura's ass.

"OH YES!" Sakura yelled out as her ass tightened on Finn's cock a few times.

Finn was a bit surprised at the reaction but made sure to give Sakura what she wanted as the human kept fucking her while making sure to keep spanking the hybrid's ass.

This went on with Finn fucking Sakura more and more as her ass tightened on his cock more until…

Finn groans loudly as he throws his head back and climaxed hard inside Sakura's ass.

Sakura moans when she came hard on Finn's cock to milk him for all he had.

Finn groans as he continues to climax before tapping of between 25-30 seconds.

Sakura moans when she finished climaxing and pants for breath and she waits for Finn to remove his cock from her ass.

After a moment, Finn slowly pulls his cock out of the hybrid's ass before seeing his load leak out.

Sakura shuddered from that and looks at Finn to see if he had more in him.

Finn saw the look before smirking.

"I-I ain't down yet."

Sakura smirks before she moved to suck his cock clean, but as that happened, the scene went to show Huntress while she was getting her pussy and ass fucked by many tentacles at once which made her pussy and stomach warp a bit thanks to how many tentacles dicks were inside of her.

This really made Huntress groan through gritted teeth while she sucked off multiple tentacle cocks while she stroked off more.

Goliath groans a few times as he gave Huntress the works as he made sure to fuck her good in the same treatment he gives his mate.

This went on as Goliath fucked Huntress more while Goliath got closer and and Closer, though to get Goliath worked up more, Huntress used a spell to make many nearby vines move to stroke off Goliath's main cock to please him more.

Goliath was bit surprised by that as he groans loud before getting very serious with fucking Huntress Wizard.

This caused the duo to please one another more and more until…

Goliath groans loudly as he gave Huntress Wizard a very big creampie. If she wasn't bonded to Finn, Huntress would be knocked up faster with all that cum.

There was also the geyser of sappy sperm that blasts from Goliath's main cock and as Huntress climaxed hard on all the tentacle cocks, she keeps on pleasing Goliath more during his orgasm.

Goliath groans again from that action as he continues to climax more before tapping off after 30 seconds.

This results in Huntress getting set on the ground and Goliath pants for breath while his main cock lowered, seems he was satisfied for now while Huntress slowly recovered.

Goliath pants a bit before using one tentacle to rub Huntress's cheek.

Huntress chuckles before she got up and kissed the vine.

"Nice time we had but I should get going, thanks for the sap." Huntress said while she used a spell to summon a strange bottle and used another to force the sappy sperm into it, though she did notice one of the vine cocks looking pretty hard.

"Hmm… one last round since you look like you could use a good milking?" Huntress said when she sets the bottle under the cock vine and starts to jerk it off while Huntress licks it to get it worked up.

Goliath nods his head in an exciting way while groaning.

Huntress in turn sucked the cock vine a bit to get it tensed before she removed her mouth and while holding the tentacle cocks towards the bottle, she held the vine like cock with her thumb and Index finger near the head and stroked it off with her free hand and could feel Goliath about to climax and stroked him off harder and faster until…

Goliath groans loudly before climaxing hard again one last time.

This results in the sperm blasting from the vine cocks and the sap sperm was sucked into the bottle as a result.

It wasn't long before Goliath finally taps off.

Once that was done, Huntress put a cork on the bottle and looks at Goliath after she sucked the vine cock clean.

"Head to my place, have plenty of room for you to take root and plenty of sunlight as well, will help in getting me more sap so win win right?" Huntress said while she gestures got Goliath to start walking.

Goliath grumbles which was like saying thanks to Huntress before he starts heading to Huntress's home.

That made Huntress chuckle before she walked in the direction of Finn and Sakura while ignoring the nudity she had after using a spell to store the bottle, hey it was the forest so no one could complain.

When she got to the duo, she saw that Sakura was moaning and groaning as Finn lifts and lowered Sakura onto his cock again and again.

Finn grunt and groans as he grinds his teeth while making Sakura bounce hard on his cock.

Huntress looks amused and used her body's natural biology to form a cock from her bud and she approached the duo.

Finn was busy dominating Sakura before he took notice, seeing his bondmate approaching before smirking.

Huntress smiles before she placed her hands on Sakura's ass.

Sakura jolts before looking back and was surprised to see Huntress here.

Huntress smirks while she angled her cock to Sakura's ass and after kissing Sakura, she thrusts her cock deep in Sakura's ass for a surprise DP moment.

Sakura groans in Huntress's mouth when she felt her ass getting her ass penetrated.

Finn felt turned on from this which caused him to thrust his cock up hard.

Huntress joined in on the action and fucked Sakura as hard as Finn which really caused the inexperienced hybrid to really get overwhelmed by the pleasure for now.

Sakura's face starts to look fucked up as she had no idea being in a threesome was fun.

The two experienced lovers continue to fuck Sakura harder and faster while Huntress used her hands to grip Sakura's breasts from behind while Finn keeps on lifting and lowering Sakura onto their cocks while Huntress keeps the kiss up.

Sakura kissed Huntress back while moaning as her holes tighten around the duo's cocks a few times.

This went on for a bit while the duo fucked Sakura more and more until…

Sakura moans loudly before her holes tightened around the duo's dicks and climaxed hard on them as Finn gave the hybrid's pussy a powerful creampie.

Huntress did the same with Sakura's ass as she thrusts her cock balls deep into Sakura and unloads who knows how much sperm into the eager hole.

Sakura groans loudly as she continues to climax for about 30 seconds before tapping off.

This caused Finn and Huntress to pull their cocks free of Sakura and she seemed to be in a daze while Huntress looks amused.

"I see you trained her well enough that something this wouldn't surprise her, surprised that her mother didn't train her herself, but eh, no complaints here." Huntress said while she pats Sakura on the ass.

Sakura shudders as Finn chuckles.

"Well… I learned from the best. Who happens to be my hot sexy bond mate." Finn said as he stares lustfully at Huntress.

Huntress looks amused by that.

"Well since we have the memories, unless this hybrid here wants to go more, maybe you and I should act like real beasts and give that simulation room a sight to remember when we go back to Bubblegum's Castle." Huntress said when she gives Finn a lustful look.

Finn grins before he approaches Huntress.

"Let's do that." He said before smashing his lips on Huntress's lips after hugging her,

That caused Huntress to moan into the kiss and Sakura had a first class view of watching Finn and Huntress right before her eyes.

'Damn… Huntress is so lucky. Wish Finn was my mate. I could try having his kid but… don't want Huntress to get mad. Maybe I can try my luck with those two male friends that she was supposed to bring.' Sakura thought.

Time then went back to the Candy Kingdom a number of hours later to show Finn and Huntress, now on an upgraded scanning table made for multiple people, was getting their brains scanned while Emerald sat far from everyone much to Cedric's confusion.

"Uh… you alright Emerald?" Cedric said.

All Emerald did was look at Cedric and looked back to the ground… seems even with that talk with Marceline earlier, seemed things still bugged him.

Cedric looks at the group.

"Should we… do something?"

Marceline shook her head.

"Give him time. He has to sort things out."

In case you readers wonder about the about face on Emerald's emotions, he was starting to have conflicting thoughts about himself again, this would not be one conversation fixer it seems.

Cedric decides to let it go.

"So what do we do now since Finn and Huntress are getting scanned?"

"Well we take another break for now, we have no idea if they get hired or not and it will be a bit before we get the info from the two of them… besides I doubt we can concentrate on gathering info at the moment." Bubblegum said while she glanced at Emerald for a moment.

Maite was worried for Emerald as Cedric sighs.

"Guess you have a point. Unless something surprising happens." He said before stretching.

"Maybe we could have him talk with Rachel, she seems to be doing good with Cedric here." Azure said when she glanced at Cedric to see how well he would take that kind of suggestion.

Cedric blinked a bit when he heard that.

"Seriously Azure?" Maite said with a surprised look on her face.

"Hey, Cedric didn't give a bad reaction when I suggested it so she must be doing something right." Azure points out while she points a thumb at an oddly calm Cedric.

Everyone else looked at Cedric to see what he would say.

"Well… she's not wrong. And Rachel is the best at what she does."

"I bet she is hehe, anyway better give her a call and tell her she has another appointment soon." Azure said with an amused tone to her voice.

Cedric blushes a bit at the teasing.

"Alright then." He said before he surprisingly pulls out a cell phone… from his fur?

"What the… how did you do that?" Marceline said.

"Oh most wolf humanoids like me have… special pockets on our furs." Cedric said before he pulls a bit of his fur and it seems you can put something in there.

Everyone blinks at that while Bubblegum looked intrigued.

"Huh, now thats a new thing to learn." Bubblegum said with many in agreement.

Cedric then dials the number for Rachel as he waits for her to pick up.

It took a minute before Rachel picked up the Phone.

"Hello, relaxing Therapy business at your service, how may I help you?" Rachel's voice was heard.

Everyone blinked when they heard that.

"Uh hey Rachel, It's Cedric." Cedric said.

"Oh hey Cedric, how are you doing?, any issues since our session?, you were limping a bit so I worried I may have pushed you a bit hard there." Rachel said without a hint of shame to her voice.

Cedric jolt as the rest of the group, minus Emerald, Finn and Huntress, smirked at Cedric.

"N-No. I'm doing fine. I was calling because I have a… friend that needs your help."

"Hooo?, this friend of yours hidden and need another fun time?, you'll have to come by on the appointments I'm afraid, if you were not a patient I would love to have more fun with you but I can't play favorites." Rachel said when she got the wrong idea about the call.

Cedric blinks at that before he tries to fix things.

"No Rachel you got the wrong idea. It's Maite's boyfriend, Emerald. Something... happened to him and he's been feeling down. We hoped that you can help him."

"Really?, well I don't mind but hope she isn't the jealous type, my methods can be a bit… intense, just try and fill her in before she gets the wrong idea if I am helping her boyfriend, if she wants she can come with to help him if she wants, should be a good reunion as well, though we will have to make an appointment, and if Maite has any lady friends with that Emerald guy, might as well have them join in as well so I can get the full story, you know the secretaries number so you give her a call if you want to make an appointment with this friend of yours." Rachel said with a curious tone to her voice.

"Yeah. I will do that." Cedric said.

"Great, see you next time Cedric, remember our appointment is next week, don't be late." Rachel said before she hung up while many people look at Cedric in an amused way.

Cedric was blushing a bit from the looks.

"Well… guess we know what to do." He said.

"Yeah, have this Rachel chick wonder which guy she should go to after those appointments on who can please her more, or she may go the middle ground and just have fun with you two and try and keep you both hehe." Marceline said before chuckling at the thought of Rachel trying to keep both guys for herself.

Cedric would've said something but Maite beat the punch.

"Oh no. I want Rachel's help but I need to see if she's really okay at her job considering her old life."

"Well why not ask Cedric details… well… not too many details considering how hush hush therapists are… anyway Cedric, considering that you are really serious… might as well be a woman of my word and let you take me on a date or two to see how well you are doing now." Azure said while she looks at Cedric.

Cedric perked up after hearing.

"That's great. How about I take you to that night club that Emerald and Marceline went?"

"Works for me, we got time and Bubblegum can really think of creatures we can study and other stuff so we can get paid now for our work, so better not cheap out on me in the future, not a gold digger but don't want a fast food place as a dating spot… nuff said." Azure said while she shrugged her shoulders a moment later.

Cedric chuckles before he actually kiss Azure on her forehead.

"Oh don't worry, would never take you to a fast food joint. Like my dad say, always treat your woman like a Queen."

"Really, guess that means I should pick a 5 star restaurant when you get paid next time huh?" Azure said with an amused tone to her voice.

Cedric chuckles.

"Well… can't always be a 5 star but I'll make sure that it's not a fast food joint or something worse."

Azure chuckles before she starts to walk out of the room.

"Good, see you for our date then… say a few hours?, Don't need to go all out for the first date at Club Night… after all, the real date starts after we get to a bedroom." Azure said while her hips sway to and fro in Cedric's gaze.

Cedric felt his tail wagged a bit when he saw Azure walk away before she gone.

That Cedric did this.

"Yes!" He cheered before doing a jump.

However, he forgot about the people in the room.

Marceline cleared her throat to remind Cedric about everyone else in the room.

Cedric blinked a bit when he saw the group.

"You didn't see that." He said.

"Sure, we didn't see the lovesick puppy jump for joy just now." Marceline said before she floats out of the room.

Maite, Bubblegum and Lillum giggle a bit as Cedric felt embarrassed.

"And goodbye." He said before leaving the room.

The others start to leave the room one by one while Emerald, Bubblegum for the scanning process, and Maite were left behind while Emerald still looked lost in thought.

Maite looks at Emerald with worry before she approaches him.

"You okay Emerald?"

"I don't know Maite… honestly I know we had a talk but… I can't help but second guess myself now." Emerald said while he looks conflicted.

Maite sat next to Emerald.

"You wanna talk about it… or wanna wait till we go see Rachel?"

"Well… not sure what to say… mind asking questions?" Emerald said to try and start things off… least he was willing to talk.

"Alright." Maite said as she was ready to listen.

"Alright, fire away." Emerald said when he waited for Maite to ask Questions.

"Do you feel like you're not yourself in the moment?" Maite said.

"Well… Yes and… no… I mean remember that strength and speed I used earlier?... it felt so out of this world that before I registered what happened, I already beat that wood clone… I revived when Gamma killed me in one hit… yet I felt nothing from that… and that is what scared me… what if I feel less and less over time and just… feel nothing." Emerald said while he looks really worried at that.

"You're worried about being emotionless?" Maite said.

"Well… more or less, I mean Hunson is Deathless, pretty much the embodiment of evil, and whether we can disagree or not, I kinda feel like he is making me similar to him for a reason… I mean not like similar as an exact double… that would be weird since I'm dating his daughter… but similar as in…. Maybe a replacement?... I mean if I was able to keep the Amulet on, whats stopping Hunson from just pretty much doing something to get me locked in the Nightosphere and him pretty much roaming free?, I know he may not do it given how he does care for Marceline's choices… but thats just it, I don't know what he is thinking or why he turned me into this, for all I know I'm overthinking things and this could be me just… being stupid… but with all these powers I was just… given… maybe it came at a cost of my emotions?" Emerald said in a bit of a ramble for a moment.

Maite cupped Emerald's cheeks but only to kiss his forehead this time to stop him from Rambling.

Emerald blinks from that and he looks at Maite with a small blush.

"Sorry. Just needed to calm you down." Maite said with a small smile.

"I-I see…" Emerald said with a small blush on his face.

"Right. So you're feeling like you're gonna turn to a monster?" Maite said.

"Well… I don't know… would you like it if I turned into a lustful one?" Emerald teased while he grins at Maite.

Maite blushes.

"Depends… if I was in your shoes, would you still… like me if I was different?" She said.

"Hmmm… depends… would you like me if I was just a normal human or as I am now?" Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Maite blushes a bit more.

"To me… doesn't matter which species you are. I'll still like you for who you are." She said.

"Then that is my answer… I can't really chose how I like you… it just happened." Emerald said while he grins at Maite.

Maite blushes before hugging Emerald.

"Then you don't have to worry about stuff like this. Just remember you have me, Marceline and Lillum to help."

"Yeah… I know…" Emerald said while he hugged Maite... He did feel better thanks to the hug and everything so he did look a bit pepped for now.

Bubblegum smiles when she noticed the duo before looking at Finn and Huntress to see how their scanning was going.

Turns out both were around 80% now, only 10 minutes to go for the needed info.

'So far so good.' Bubblegum thought as she glances at Emerald and Maite.

The duo just relaxed a bit while time seemed to pass before the helmets give a small alarm to show the download was complete and Finn, who use the scans, was first to stir.

"O-Oh man… How long was I out?" Finn said as he starts to get up after removing the helmet.

"About… 3 hours, you had plenty of info to give, same with Huntress here." Bubblegum said while Huntres sat up with a groan as the AI compiles the Data as Huntress removed the helmet from her head.

"Well… hopefully the info that Finn and I give will be helpful." Huntress said as she gets up.

"I believe so… Your highness I compiled data on the Ent and Hybrid, who do you want detailed first?" The AI said when it spoke to Bubblegum.

Bubblegum was thoughtful.

"Hmmm… let's go with the Ent first."

"Very well… here are the statistics of the Ent…

Name: Goliath

Species: Ent

Age: Near the Trent stage of Evolution

Gender: Male

Looks: Like a tree at a glance however on closer inspection, is a walking Bipedial Tree like being that has great strength, is known to be in well forested areas, and their kind while secretive is abnormally lustful.

Penis size: Main cock: 20 to 24 inches, not to be used on smaller lovers since cock size is around that range: has many tentacle cocks that can be used on smaller lovers though the payload from them won't satisfy the Ent for long so various ways to safely to the main cock will be needed to tired them quickly

Semen Quality: Exponentonal

Habit in wild: Normally reclusive in certain forests, however with Wood Nymph's, they are the usual lovers of the species so they have friendly relations with them, normally the Wood Nymph Huntress uses the sperm like sap in a base for many female only potions with this Ent in general and hangs out around her home now given Huntress's recently scanned memories: More data required for more on habit but for now… adequate.

The Data on the Ent was interesting to say the least and well… for Bubblegum and Maite who read that…

Both ladies were surprised but blushing brightly when they read certain parts about the Ent especially his cock size.

Huntress looks at the duo and rolled her eyes.

"Oh please, its not like you two don't have experience with Tentacles with Emerald here." Huntress said while she gave the duo a half lidded look.

Bubblegum and Maite jolt before blushing brightly when they remembered Emerald using tentacles… in various ways.

Emerald blushed at the image as well before the AI cleared its throat or more like made the noise of one.

"Pardon me but about the Hybrid Data…" The AI said to get things back on track.

"Hm?... oh right. Please show us the Hybrid Data please." Bubblegum said.

"Very well…" the AI said before the info was shown on the Hybrid Nymph.

Name: Sakura

Species: Ent/Nymph Hybrid

Age: turned 18 recently

Gender: Fluid, normally Female, Wood Nymphs can grow a cock naturally to impregnate Females

Looks: like all Wood Nymphs or Hybrids Sakura has Green skin, however has Braid like Vine like hair and controls the vines to cover her body so has a lack of clothing, can move to show her body off and has flowers in her Vine like hair.

Penis Size: Unknown

Semen Quality: Unknown

Habit in Wild: like most Nymphs, they hide in forest areas and rarely come out of hiding unless they are planning on finding a mate or plan to move to a new location for a home, the mothers normally teach the daughters the art of sex at a young age but rarely do any Nymphs like Sakura keep her Virginity, Wood Nymphs and Hybrids have a 100% impregnation rate on the conditions that not only do the Nymph and the mate have a special bond necklace, but the concent of the Nymph in Question…. Unbonded Nymphs can be impregnated but the chance is extremely low… 3% rate low, so a chance of impregnating an unbonded Nymph is unwise if you want to start a family with her… they have a habit of being attracted to strong males and females however, dominant Nymphs sometimes take shy partners to please if they have that kind of kink… more will be explained in full habit detail.

The list then cut off on the Habit list for Nymphs.

"Well… that was… very informative." Bubblegum said as she was surprised at the info about Sakura.

"Yeah, talk about a drastic pregnancy boost from a bond… whatever that is." Emerald said while he looks confused on why that happened.

"Yeah I sometimes don't get it but Huntress helps out with the info." Finn said.

"Yeah, Finn is still working on things but he is getting better… so Do Finn and I pass?" Huntress said while the AI did some Calculations."

"Given the data and past hires, I would say you are hired at the 80% mark, could use more data on Ents but I'm sure Bubblegum can overlook that and hire the two of you officially." The AI said while everyone looks at Bubblegum to see her response.

Bubblegum was thoughtful for a second.

"Yes. I'll allow it." She said.

"Alright! We did it!" Finn said before hugging Huntress.

"Indeed, but remember Finn, you and Huntress will be pretty much having sex daily and Huntress maybe away on an assignment depending on the subject in question and vice versa, I hope you understand that." Bubblegum said when she reminds Finn this wasn't all fun and could be intense.

Hearing that made Finn stop in his tracks.

"Oh yeah… But I got nothing to worry about. Even if Huntress and I have sex with other people, our bond will still hold true." He said.

"Well just as long as you remember that, I don't think we will have issues, let's go celebrate, we can head to a restaurant nearby, my treat." Bubblegum said when she smiles at the duo.

"Sweet." Finn said with an excited look.

"Indeed, might as well get some food and what not." Huntress said while she got off the scanning table.

Bubblegum then looks at Maite and Emerald.

"Maite, Emerald, if you two want you can join us. Unless you both need some… alone time." She said.

Emerald blinks at that before he looks at Maite to see what she wanted to do, either or works for him but he rarely had one on one times with various ladies of his.

Maite had a thoughtful look before looking at Bubblegum.

"Actually… Emerald and I will stay."

"What Maite said… who knows we could roleplay in the simulation room with a brand new simulation." Emerald said when he was perked up a bit.

Bubblegum blinked a bit after hearing that.

"I see… we'll have fun you two." She said before motioning for Finn and HW to follow her.

This caused Finn and Huntress to leave the room and Maite and Emerald were alone.

Once that happened, Emerald looks at Maite.

"So… want to pick the simulation or should I?" Emerald said which reminded Maite that Emerald never did pick a simulation before.

"Hmmm, you pick. So you can have a better feel to the selections." Maite said.

"Alright… lets go inside." Emerald said while he gestured for Maite to follow him inside.

Maite smiles before she follows Emerald inside the room.

When they were inside, Emerald was fiddling with some settings while The AI gave him the run down on how it worked… the settings was surprising with Maite's village again… however the roleplay of the setting was a Sexual offering to a Demon and Emerald smirks when he wondered if Maite was getting where this was going.

"Huh?... what are you… Oh." She said before blushing brightly.

"Hehe, yeah… well we could change it… maybe to a pretend marriage for practice and go to a honeymoon?" Emerald teased when he grins at Maite when a marriage and honeymoon option was available as well.

"Then again… why not mix the types…. A sexual offering to be my bride and we have some interesting fun." Emerald said while he grins at Maite.

Maite blushes brightly after hearing that.

"O-Okay." She said.

"Great." Emerald said before he mixed the types thanks to the mix mechanic… once he was done, he and Maite saw Maite's village forming and Emerald vanished from sight thanks to him not being here yet while Maite was in her family home and her parents were at a table while her father was pacing back and fourth while muttering curses galore at this situation.

'I cannot believe this." Said the father.

"Well we can't object to this Geoffery… you know the rules when the elder summoned that demon generations ago, once a generation the chief gives his firstborn Daughter to the demon as his bride… nothing can change that and in exchange not only do we get prosperous lands but well… at least Maite can visit since that demon is surprisingly relaxed from what I heard." Maite's mother said while she tried to calm her husband down.

Geoffrey sighs.

"I know… I just hoped it didn't happen yet."

"Well it always happens when the daughter turned 18 so it was just a matter of time…. Oh Maite, didn't see you there, you OK?" Maite's mother said when she and Geoffery noticed Maite near them.

"Y-Yeah mom. Just feeling nervous." Maite said while being in character.

"Well… try and not worry honey, this may scare you but don't worry, once a Demon takes a deal they will honor it fully." Maite's mother said while she moved to hug Maite before knocking was heard.

"Geoffery… its time for the sacrifice… better say goodbye to your daughter now." A voice said which was one of the Muraders.

Geoffrey had a half lidded look.

"Thanks." He said before he approaches Maite and hugs her.

Maite was quite before she returned it.

After that happened, Maite and her family exited the house and approached a large altar up a small set of stairs that was made in the middle of the village.

Once the trio got close, the Village Elder looks at Maite.

"Maite… are you ready to offer yourself to your new Groom to be?" The Elder said while he gave Maite a kind understanding look.

Maite was nervous for a bit before looking at the Elder.

"Yes… I'm ready."

"Good… make no mistake, as long as this demon honors the deal, you won't need to worry for anything, but for now… please… step on the circle and the spell will do the rest." The Elder said while he gestures for Maite to step on a spell circle.

Maite gulped before she starts walking towards the altar as everyone watches.

A moment later, the circle glowed and a portal opened under Maite after a moment of testing her it seems and she fell through before it closed and a moment later… Maite lands on plenty of pillows and cushions in a fancy looking room.

Maite was a bit surprised at the landing before looking around the room.

"Wow… talk about a nice room."

"Indeed, its been awhile since we last had a new bride to be join us." A Female voice said near Maite which made her jolt.

Maite yelped before she turned her head to see who spoke.

Turns out, the AI made an AI version of Lillum who was in a rather revealing maid outfit while she smirks at Maite.

"Hehe, sorry about that, its been such a long time that this room was used I couldn't help it with the small prank." Lillum said while she moved to circle Maite while looking her up and down a few times.

Maite was able to calm down but was feeling a bit nervous when she saw Lillum checking her.

After a minute, Lillum clapped her hands and smirks at Maite.

"Oh you will definitely do… plump in all the right places… plenty of muscle so not a weak mortal… cute to boot… our lord will love you greatly… I'm one of his wifes you see, I'm just passing the time by working as a maid by choice since I love the outfit and do want a few skills in case I'm summoned to the mortal world, I'm Lillum the Succubus, you should know about them since you were in a demon summoning village after all." Lillum said like she was testing Maite… was the AI doing a pop quiz on seeing how knowledgable Maite was and using the Roleplay for that?

Maite blinked a bit when she thought of it before going along with it.

"Y-Yes. I'm familiar with your kind. I heard you're the most powerful succubus."

"Most powerful?... hehe well I do have a reputation but been awhile… anyway lets get you suited up so you can meet your new hubby for the wedding, can't have you show up in front of him dressed in your every day type of outfit right?" Lillum said when she gestured to Maite's outfit while comfy… wasn't much to look at given it was simple in design.

Maite looked at her outfit for a bit.

"Is it really that bad?"

"No but considering its a special day for you, you don't want to stay in a simple outfit right?" Lillum said while she teased Maite for a moment on the special Day thing.

Maite blushes a bit.

"No I guess not."

"Right… anyway follow me, I'll help you get suited up for our hubby to enjoy when he unwraps you and enjoys your body." Lillum said before she gestured for Maite to follow her out of the room.

Maite lowly sighs before she gets up from the bed and follows Lillum out the room.

When she did, she followed Lillum through many hallways, rooms, and what not till Lillum and Maite enter a dressing room of sorts while a woman was in the room.

"Hey Azy, we got a new one here, think you can help with the fitting for a wedding outfit?" Lillum said to an AI replica of Azure and nearby was an AI Version of Cedric who seemed to be working with Azure… the relationship here was unknown for now though given how the AI was working, most likely has these two as a couple here just in case.

"Ah a new comer. Our lord will definitely like her." AI Cedric said with a smirk.

"Indeed, Cedric get the measuring tape, might as well make this outfit a rather… tasty one." AI Azure said while she grins at Maite when she liked what she saw.

Maite blushes at the stare as AI Cedric brought the measuring tape before looking at Maite.

"We're gonna need you to strip please." He said making Maite blink in surprise.

"Eh?!" She said.

"What?, shy?... we can't get exact measurements unless you do this." AI Azure said while she smirks at Maite.

Maite blushes a bit brightly before she starts to remove her clothes since she can't run from this.

Once she was naked, Cedric starts to measure her while Azure licks her hips.

"Oh she is just drop dead sexy, might as well give her an outfit that will make our lord drool." Azure said when she grins at Lillum.

Cedric chuckled as he continues the measurements.

"I couldn't agree more." He said while Maite was blushing brightly.

Once she was finished getting measured… with Cedric getting a few feels of her body… he looks at Azure.

"Got the measurements." Cedric said which made Azure nod her head.

"Good, give us a few minutes and we will pass you your new outfit, doubt you need these until the wedding is over so…" Azure said before she takes Maites clothes and left her naked in the room while she and AI Cedric went to get the materials needed for the wedding dress.

"Just relax, you're in good hands." Cedric said as Maite still blushes from being nude.

"Yeah, Azy never steered us wrong with the outfits." Lillum said and a few minutes pass before Azure returned.

"Here, made something that will get the Lord's attention." Azure said when she passed Maite a box that showed her outfit was inside.

Maite blinks a bit before she took the box.

She was curious before opening it to see what the outfit look like.

Turns out… it was pure white like a wedding dress… but looked like a dominatrix outfit with a skirt that was opened in the middle to show that there was no covering for a pussying and the breasts parts looked like they wouldn't cover Maite's nipples.

Maite was greatly surprised at the outfit while blushing brightly.

Cedric was chuckling.

"A nice reaction."

"Yeah newbies always get like this but hey, she's marrying a demon lord not a mortal or a holy being so being classy won't cut it." Azure said when she reminds Maite that she wasn't marrying a normal person but a demon, and not just any demon but a demon lord.

"R-Right… Guess I should start putting it on then." Maite said.

"Or if you want… we can help you fit into it." Cedric said while grinning.

Lillum flicked Cedric on the head.

"Oh chill out you horny hound, let her give it a try first, your spooking her right now." Lillum said to try and help Maite out.

Cedric chuckles a bit.

"Hey I was just joking to break the ice. Maybe this can help. A sailor comes into a bar with a weird jar and asks the bartender for a drink. But later the manager asks the sailor to leave. When the sailor asks why, the manager points at the jar. Then the sailor goes… "What? A man can't have a drink with his semen?" He said.

No sooner than later Maite starts to laugh.

After that helped Maite relax a bit, she went to get changed and the outfit managed to fit her perfectly and made her sinfully adorable and sexy at the same time.

'Wow… can't believe I actually look good in this.' Maite thought.

When she exits the changing room, Azure, Lillum, and Cedric clap for Maite to show she looked good to them.

"Very nice. Our lord will really love you in that." Cedric said.

"Yeah, before he takes it off you hehe, hey Lillum is Marceline with him right now?" Azure said before she looks at Lillum.

Maite blinked a bit when she didn't expect Marcline to be here as well while Lillum giggles.

"Oh, you know she is." She said with a smirk.

"Hehe, good, might as well let you bring Maite there then and introduce her to Wife number 2, Cedric and I will clean up here so get going and try and not have Emerald wait, he can be a bit impatient when he wants to get to know a new wife." Azure said with a grin while she moved to push Lillum and Maite out of the room.

Lillum chuckled.

"Okay Okay… we'll leave you and Cedy all alone here." She said before she grabbed Maite's hand and guides her out of the room.

After that happened, Lillum looks at Maite as she led her through a few halls.

"Sorry about that, Azy can be a bit hasty, making a tasty outfit like that has her going at it with Cedy soon after." Lillum said before giggling at the image.

Maite blinked a bit after hearing that though she did questioned that possibility when real Azure mentioned something bedroom related with Cedric after their first date.

"N-No worries. The outfit is… nice." She said.

"Great, hope Emerald likes it and his new cute wife…" Lillum said before she was in front of some fancy double doors.

"Here is his room, try and not be shocked at what you may see alright?" Lillum teased while she winks at Maite while she gets ready to open the door.

Virtual scenario or not, Maite half expected what was gonna happen but was curious as she waits for Lillum to open the doors.

When the door opened, Maite saw that the room was… surprisingly spacious while at one end of the room, she saw Emerald pretty much fucking an AI version of Marceline, guess he was waiting longer then Maite would have thought and the AI helped keep him from getting bored.

"O-Oh fuck Emerald!" Marceline groans as she was enjoying this.

Emerald grins as he smacked Marceline's ass, she was on all fours so Maite could see Emerald really dominating Marceline right now.

Maite blushes brightly at the sight as Marceline groans loudly from having her ass smacked.

Lillum licked her lips a bit before she tries to get Emerald's attention.

"Oh Emerald. Sorry for interrupting your fun but… you have a special guest."

Emerald stops thrusting his hips for a moment before he looks at Lillum and his gaze sets on Maite… the look Emerald gave Maite showed that he was definitely no AI while he looks at Marceline.

"Give me a sec babe, looks like we got a new playmate in a moment." Emerald said while he pulled his cock free from Marceline's pussy.

Marceline groans a bit even though she lightly pouts since her fun was stopped but didn't say anything.

"Well don't worry babe. Take your time."

Emerald chuckles and pat Marceline's ass.

"Eh no worries, I'll be back for more fun…. So… your my newest bride… I must say you are pretty good looking for a mortal woman." Emerald said while he grins at Maite when he approached her in the nude and admired the outfit she wore.

Though Maite was in character, she still blushed brightly when she looks at Emerald's nude bod.

"T-Thank you. And you're quite… handsome." Maite said as she blushes more.

"Thanks… anyway since you are the newest wife, we can skip the whole isle thing and get right to the honeymoon, no use doing a ceremony for now when you are marrying a demon right?... besides as you can see I'm not dressed for such an occasion." Emerald said while he smirks at Maite.

Maite blushes more.

"I-I can see that."

"Right… though just to be mannered… mind if I ask for Milady's name?" Emerald asked while he grins at Maite.

"M-Maite." Maite said as she was slightly nervous.

Emerald hums before he takes Maite's hand and kissed it a moment later.

"Hmmm… nice name for a nice looking lady." Emerald said while he grins at Maite.

Maite blushes at the gesture.

"T-Thank you."

"Your welcome, considering we don't need much in ceremony, why don't we just get right to the fun part then we can get to know one another, pretty sure this day has been stressful right?" Emerald said while he winked at Maite.

Maite blushes from that.

"Y-Yes. It has."

"Indeed… come lets get started, I may take a shower first so why not talk with Marceline while I get… presentable… can't exactly wow a lady when I reek of sweat." Emerald said when he gestured for Maite to sit by Marceline while Emerald himself went to get cleaned real quick.

Maite was feeling a bit nervous before she sat on the bed next to Marceline.

"So… you're also one of Emerald's wives?" She said.

"Hehe, yup, my dad surprised me with this and while I was ticked at first, Emerald warmed up to me when he brough my Ex's corpse to me, you would not believe the crap that guy gave me, after that Emerald took time to get to know me, strange considering demons don't normally do that, they either fight or fuck in no time." Marceline said while she grins at Maite.

Maite was a bit surprised at the story.

"I see…" She said when she thought that Emerald had changed a bit of the story of how Assh died.

Then again the AI was probably making a scenario to go with this altered simulation and given Emerald was real, he was just playing along for now.

"Yeah, anyway doesn't hurt that Emerald knows how to please a lady, lots of practice on his end, anyway you are the newest wife here and Maite right?, you alright with just skipping the whole Marriage thing or going to try and have one later down the line?" Marceline said while she sat near Maite.

Maite was thoughtful for a bit.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to skip it. Don't know what my family would think if they saw me in this." She said as she points at her outfit.

"Well not sure about your dad but pretty sure your mom maybe jealous if you get the eyes of so many men, you look pretty sexy right now." Marceline teased while she looked Maite up and down a few times.

Maite blushes from the look.

"T-Thank you." She said.

"Eh your welcome, might as well try and get along with the newbie right?... though I have a question… what will you do in the future?... unlike Lillum and I, you are mortal… do you think you can keep up with Lillum and I years from now as your body ages?" Marceline said while she sounded oddly logical… was the AI controlling the AI Marceline to ask that question?

Maite blinked at the question.

"Um… I don't know. I am a trained fighter. But I thought when a mortal woman is married to a Demon Lord, they live forever."

"Nope, you stay the same, its only from outside sources and natural born stuff that one can be immortal like being bitten by a Vampire, or turned into a Succubus and feed daily, or make yourself magically immortal though I don't recommend that route since Assh is the end result… can explain him later… point is unless you are willing to give up something you may not last long with Emerald more or less… reality isn't that kind." Marceline said with a serious tone to her voice.

Maite was a surprised after hearing that.

"I-I see… and hypothetically, what would I have to give up to be immortal?"

"Well if you were Vampped by me, you would have to give up going in sunlight unless you have protective gear, you would have to deal with draining the color red every now and then, Blood works as well but I wouldn't reccomend that, messy and I would have to knock you upside the head for attacking mortals and you would have enhanced strength so you would have to get used to that kind of boost or you could harm weaker beings, as for being a Succubus…. You'll need to ask Lillum about that." Marceline said while she nods her head at Lillum for her to start explaining what a Succubus does to keep their power and youth.

"Well like Vampires with blood, Succubuses like me need cum or otherwise we may go on a frenzy and drain a poor innocent soul till they're nothing but empty husks. You may get strong in magical properties. Though if you're like me, mortals will try to summon you to perform a contract of sorts." Lillum said.

"Yeah so its a choice of being a slutty spellcaster who gains power from sperm and may get summoned to deal with contracts or being a monstrous Vampire lady who has to take in a blood substitue and deal with physical based issues and having to avoid sunlight, there are other ways but these are probably the most sane ways of getting immortality since aside from red and sperm, you won't have to adapt much to anything else, you could stay mortal for now but sooner or later you would die of old age more or less." Marceline said while she shrugged her shoulders a moment later since this was Maite's choice.

Maite was thoughtful after hearing everything.

"Well… I may have to give it some thought after I… get to know more about Emerald."

"Fair enough, though try and not take too long alright?, you never know what the future has in store." Marceline said while Emerald entered the room after he got cleaned.

"Hmmm… nothing like a good shower… hmm… something happened?" Emerald asked while Marceline grins at Emerald.

"Oh no, nothing much, just girl talk while we wait for you to get back and sweep Maite off her feet." Marceline said before she looks at Lillum.

"Hey Lillum, why don't we leave these two alone and you and I have some fun elsewhere?" Marceline said while she winked at Lillum.

Lillum giggles.

"Sure thing Marcy." She said before she winked at Marceline before heading out of the room.

Marceline floats after Lillum but not before she winked at Maite for a second before she left the room.

Maite blushes a bit before looking at Emerald.

Emerald smiles at her as he approached Maite.

"Oh don't worry my dear… I won't force you into anything you don't want, I have plenty of ladies who can sate my lust and I can wait for you to open up to me before I approach you… though I won't lie, it is very tempting to jump you right now while you are in that outfit." Emerald said when he teased Maite.

Maite blushes more.

"T-Thank you. But I don't mind if you do it now." She said as she blushes more that made her look very cute.

Emerald blushed a bit from that but kept himself in characters.

"I see… well then my dear… why don't we get started with you getting on your knees in front of me and showing me how you can worship a demon's cock." Emerald said with a lustful tone to his voice while he gestured for Maite to approach him.

Maite lightly gulps before she approaches Emerald.

"B-Before I start, should we… kiss first?" She said.

Emerald smiles before he gripped her chin.

"Sure, I can humor a wish like that." Emerald said before he gave Maite a passionate kiss while he moved his hand to her waist a moment later to bring Maite close to his body.

Maite blushed brightly when she felt her body touch Emerald's bod before Maite starts to slowly kiss back.

This caused the kiss to go on for a bit before Emerald's tongue worked against Maite's for a moment.

Maite lightly moans from that action before she had her tongue lightly interacted with Emerald's tongue.

This caused the kiss to go on for a minute to to before Emerald pulled away from the kiss and waits for Maite to get in position.

Maite took a bit to catch her breath before she got on her knees and looks directly at Emerald's cock.

Maite blushes when she saw how big it was before Maite gently grabs it with her hand before she starts to stroke it to get a better feel to it.

Emerald groans from the feeling and he watched as Maite strokes his cock while he wondered what she was thinking right now.

'Wow, its so… big and hard.' Maite thought as she continues this action before she leans her head in and sticks out her tongue before she starts licking Emerald's dick.

Emerald hums from that and he stands still while he watched Maite lick his dickhead again and again.

Maite shudders as she continues to lick Emerald's dickhead a few more times before she starts licking the base.

Emerald groans from the feeling and keeps still as he watched as Maite got his cock lubed up pretty well after quite a bit of time passed as she worshiped his cock.

It wasn't long before Maite opens her mouth and starts swallowing Emerald's cock but made sure to not rush it.

That caused a jolt of pleasure to surge through Emerald's body and his cock starts leaking precum into Maite's mouth.

Maite shudders from the taste as she takes more of Emerald's cock in her mouth.

"Oh yeah… take that cock." Emerald ordered while he had Maite take more of his cock into her mouth.

Maite blushes from that command as she took in more of Emerald's cock till tries to adjust to it first.

After about a minute, Maite starts moving her head back and forth on the demon lord's cock.

Emerald moans while he pets Maites head and watched as her lips moved on his cock in a seemingly hypnotic way.

Maite blushes at the petting as she continues to suck Emerald's cock while making sure to really please him.

This went on for a bit and she could feel Emerald getting close after a few minutes.

That caused Maite to bob her head faster and harder before she had her tongue lick the tip on Emerald's cock when she moved to have her head able to do so.

Emerald shuddered and shaked before he tossed his head back and groans when he came hard inside of Maite's mouth with great force, seems his time with AI Marceline got him worked up since this was pretty quick even for Emerald.

Maite was surprised at the amount before she tries to drink down Emerald's load while waiting for him to ride out his orgasm.

It took Emerald a bit and Maite got a bit of a mess on herself, but Emerald rode out his orgasm pretty well and takes a moment to calm down while he watched as Maite drank his load and tried to get his cock clean.

Maite hums at the taste of the demon lord's cum as she swallows the rest before she starts using her mouth to thoroughly clean Emerald's cock.

Emerald waits for Maite to finish cleaning his cock off before he stepped back as the AI used a cleaning program to clean Maite off so she wouldn't have to worry about a mess later though made the program magical looking to make it look like someone used a spell on Maite.

Maite took a moment to catch her breath before she looks at Emerald.

"Did I do good?" She said while blushing.

Emerald grins while he helped Maite to her feet.

"Oh yeah… and work like that gets a reward… get undressed and get on the bed on all fours." Emerald ordered while he points at the bed.

Maite blushes at the order before she gets on dressed and was now on the bed on her hands and knees.

Emerald approached her and after getting on the bed, he placed his hands on Maite's ass cheeks and starts to fondle them to help her fell relaxed.

Maite lightly groans from that action but did start to feel a bit better.

Emerald then starts to lick her folds while he made sure to be as gentle as possible.

Maite shudders from that action when she felt Emerald's tongue on her folds.

Emerald gently ate her out while he made sure to not push things far, he was working to build up Maite's pleasure after all.

Maite groans a few times but was starting to enjoy this feeling as she feels a bit more relaxed.

Emerald in turn keeps on licking Maite's folds more and more while her orgasm gets closer and closer until…

Maite groans as she lightly throws her head back before climaxing on Emerald's tongue.

Emerald lapped up Maite's juices while he waits for her to calm down after her orgasm.

About 15 seconds past before Maite taps off and pants for breath.

Emerald removed his mouth and he smiles at Maite.

"So… ready to fully commit to being my wife?" Emerald said while he really enjoyed this roleplay for now… felt like practice for the future.

Maite pants a bit before she turns her head to look at Emerald.

"Y-Yes." She said.

"Good… better relax, after all I am on the large side after all." Emerald said while he placed his large cock between Maite's ass cheeks for added effect.

Maite did gulp before nodding her head at Emerald and took a few breaths while making sure to be relaxed.

Emerald then moved his hips back and he aimed his cock at Maite's pussy while he teased her when he rubbed the head of his cock on her pussylips.

Maite shudders from that action as she waits for Emerald to start.

Emerald slowly pushed his hips forward and his cock was forced into Maite's pussy and her pussy lips were stretched wide by Emerald's cock.

Maite groans a bit loud as she feels the inside of her pussy stretching before trying to match the shape again.

Emerald shuddered when he could feel how tight Maite was, even after all this time with her, he could feel how perfect he was when he could get his cock deep inside of Maite and felt his cock press against her cervix a moment later.

Maite groans a bit before she took a moment to adjust to Emerald's cock despite the fact that she had fun with Emerald whenever she had a change.

Emerald takes a moment to let her adjust to his cock before he starts to thrust his hips and his cock rammed into Maite's cervix again and again as time went on, Emerald even smacked Maite's ass a few times to get the kink factor up a bit.

Maite starts groaning a few times before moaning as her pussy hugged Emerald's cock a few times.

For a bit, the duo enjoy their time together while Emerald fucked Maite harder and faster, he then moved so that Maite laid on her side and Emerald keeps fucking her while he moved to kiss her on the lips and used a hand to play with her breasts.

Maite moans as she returns the kiss while looking at Emerald in the eyes. There maybe lust in there but… there might also be love in there too.

Emerald has a similar look but right now Lust was mainly a factor for him right now while he fucked Maite harder and faster until…

Maite moans loudly before she climaxed hard on Emerald's cock as she kissed him more.

Emerald then turned Maite onto her back and keeps on fucking her while he keeps the kiss up while he fought to keep himself from climaxing anytime soon.

Maite taps off but was still kissing Emerald more as she wrapped her arms and legs around him.

Emerald keeps on fucking Maite while his own orgasm was slowly approaching as time went on but he struggles to keep the orgasm on his end back while he fucked Maite more and more until…

Maite moans loudly with ecstasy as she climaxed very hard on Emerald's cock as Maite's toes curled.

Emerald grits his teeth and snarls when he came hard inside of Maite's womb after his cock busts into Maite's womb.

Maite moans more as she hugs Emerald hard while climaxing a bit longer before she taps off.

Emerald however didn't feel like stopping and when he tapped off… well… he went back to fucking Maite hard and fast in no time.

"O-Oh yes Emerald!" Maite moans as her toes start to curl again.

The scene then fades to black on this day, seems Emerald would be awhile with Maite, Bubblegum would treat Finn and Huntress, and Azure and Cedric would go on a date soon, everyone else was either doing who knows what or relaxing until next time… but for now… the Hiring Arc is closed…. If anyone else joins the group in the future they would be told in special chapters… next up… the home visit Arc… and the creatures near said homes!

(End of Hiring Arc…. next Arc will be the Home Visit Arc, so see you next time, until then Atomsk and I will work on other things while letting this chapter stew a bit.)

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