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Trip to Huntress's Forest part 1

A scene opens up and you see Atomsk and TME talking.

"Man it's good to have you back TME." Atomsk said.

"Yeah good to be back, however just saying in advance… any guest review gets deleted from now on if I get even a hint of negative reviews and I'm taking one day off from writing per week so I don't burn myself out." TME said with a look like it was a matter of fact now.

"Damn straight. And sadly… the people don't learn." Atomsk said.

"Yeah, any flames and reviews that insult me, Atomsk, or give downright insulting reviews can go to hell and you flamers can fuck yourselves, tired of trying to be nice for 5 years yet no more, if this gets Atomsk and I kicked off FFN, we still have A03 so we can keep righting so to all flamers…. Fuck you to hell and hope you all have a bad end, got proof that one guy asked me to kill myself so look for the story called Fairy Captured review before you say I'm bullshitting you all, actual damn proof that people sent me death threats… to those however who enjoy mine and Atomsk's work, please continue to support us and that we do requests… however I'm making one change to the requests… unless the story really interests us and we can use it to break into a new category… all stories from now on are paid works… no more reserved spots…. No more free works unless it's a one time thing for a new category or for testing our skills… buy I'm sure we already did more then enough for that… anyway got anything to add Atomsk?" TME said while he smiles at Atomsk at the end like he didn't just go from angered beyond belief to happy looking in no time.

"Uh yeah. To Fiery Crusader, if you're reading this, we hope you're doing okay and also hope that you're recovering well." Atomsk said.

"Yeah, hope you recover from your Covid issue, Atomsk and I wish you the best of luck, you and I write Queen's in heat so I'm really hoping you and I can continue the story." TME said when he looked worried for FC.

"Yeah I really enjoyed the stuff you and TME put in the latest chapters. Hope you'll pull through man." Atomsk said with a worried look as well.

"Yeah… anyway enough about the dark stuff, let's try and look for the brighter side of things, mind reminding me what happened last time Atomsk?" TME asked since he did take a long break from writing and reading fanfiction so he may have some memory issues here.

"Right… So last chapter, Emerald fully claimed Epsi and Gamma, Cedric may, or may not, have some trust issues with Azure considering that Azure rat Cedric out to his mom. We found out that Cedric is also a reverse werewolf whenever a full moon appears. Funnily enough, Bubblegum pulls a Maury when she announces that Guardian Angel is Hunson's second daughter. Hehe bet no one saw that coming. Lastly, Emerald and Marceline went on a date and they were able to witness Cedric playing a guitar and have some electric powers." Atomsk said.

"Oh yeah, I also remember Party Pat being talked with as well and Huntress has to return with either the location of Huntresses Forest so that the group can go there or Huntress can give the data on Trent's and their habits… pretty sure we are going for another field trip like situation here, as for Cedric… I believe we got an idea with Elves being apart of his harem right?" TME said when he tried to remember more but his memory was not the best, his creative side was.

"Yeah though I suggested one of them but still you never know." Atomsk said with a smirk.

"Yeah, but can't say we can't have multiple elf ladies for the guys heh." TME said before he waits for Atomsk to continue the recap.

"So true but why spoil the surprise when we can show them the chapter?" Atomsk said as he grins.

"Yeah, though in case I forgot other things, mind telling me if there was other stuff I missed last time?" TME said while he remembers the date part but not sure what else was there.

Atomsk was thoughtful.

"Well there was the 'pep' talk that Emerald gave to Cedric and he was planning to go for that therapy session." He said.

"Oh yeah, though hope you mean Cedric going otherwise he would have a hard time impressing the therapist down the line hehe, and for a good reason since Emerald would have had to go got his 4th wall break moments." TME said while he remembers more now.

Atomsk chuckled.

"Oh don't worry, I believe this chapter would be good time for Cedric to go to his appointment if he plans to impress Azure more." He said while grinning.

"Yup… anyway we should have this chapter start off fresh with everyone waking, I do remember that sex Dungeon that Emerald made plus the fast travel stuff that Emerald set up… need to look to see if Emerald was having a one on one moment with Marceline though so if you have any last moment thing to say to the readers, now is a good time." TME said while he got a page from last chapter to read.

Atomsk looks at the readers.

"Anyway, TME and I are back and if some of you haters don't like that then screw cause we're not stopping the stories. And you might as well stop with the negative guest reviews since TME and I will erase them. If you got something to say then man/woman up and make an account you pussies." He said with a serious look.

"Yeah, all bad guest reviews get deleted no matter what from now on… might as well be spam to me… anyway read last chapter so I know what to get the scene shifted to so got anything else to say Atomsk before I officially start chapter 7?" TME asked while he looks at Atomsk after dismissing the chapter from his hand.

"Nope. All good here." Atomsk said with a thumbs up.

"Right… quick Q though, since its been awhile, want to start with plot or with a lemon since its been awhile?" TME asked since that would be two different starts altogether.

Atomsk took a moment to think before chuckling.

"Why not do both?" He said while grinning.

TME chuckle before he looks at the readers.

"Hehe, its good to be back, anyway this start out with Emerald and Marceline right when the sun was rising on the land of Ooo…" TME said while he grins at the readers while the scene went to Marceline's cave...

Ooo/ Marceline's Cave/ Marceline's house/ Emerald, Marceline

The scene showed Emerald while he and Marceline were laying next to one another while Emerald had an arm around the Vampire Queen as the two slept a bit more, however, since Marceline didn't have sunlight hitting her house, she had an alarm that went off just now with beeps and books thanks to the alarm being electronic and Emerald blinked his eyes a few times when he heard that and rubbed them while a tentacle shot from his body to turn it off while Emerald looks at Marceline to see how she was doing so far thanks to the alarm that went off.

Marceline though did groan in annoyance earlier from the sound of her alarm clock before feeling relieved that it was turned off.

"T-Thanks Emerald. Don't know why the alarm was set."

"Hehe, well considering you now have no excuse for not getting to Bubblegum's castle in no time now since you can avoid the sun, you set it so that we could test the return feature of the fast travel door that was set up, remember you now have a sex dungeon/ fast travel thing set up for you to use in the Candy Castle, besides we also need to wake since Huntress could return at any time now for some fun in the forest." Emerald said when he looked more awake as time went on.

"Damn… Almost forgot." Marceline said before she sits up and stretches a bit as part of the blanket fell off and her breasts were exposed.

Emerald blinks at that and chuckles while he sat up himself, though he felt a bit of morning wood happen thanks to him seeing his girlfriend/fiance's breasts… still need a ring though to make the latter part official after a few more dates but one step at a time for Emerald.

"Hey if it's any consolation, you got me to help wake you up and what not, can't say we can't have fun in the morning right?, need me to get you anything to eat or drink before we shower and stuff?" Emerald said to try and help make Marceline feel comfortable as she woke, she was normally nocturnal so Emerald was being patient with Marceline and her slow waking in the morning.

"Hmmm, just need some coffee and a nice red apple." Marceline said.

"Right, I'll get to making it now for you then, I'll be back, hope you don't mind if I don't get dressed yet in the meantime though, your home your rules so you got final say on if we get dressed or not hehe." Emerald said before he got up from the bed after he kissed a tired Marceline on the cheek and he starts to walk away from Marceline in the nude.

Marceline, though blushes a bit, let out a low growl.

"Not at all. If it's us two, or if we bring Maite, Lillum or whoever, no clothes are needed here."

Emerald chuckles at that before he got ready to leave the room.

"Alright, though just a word of warning, got some morning wood issue so may need your help with taking care of it in a moment, hopefully after you had your apple and coffee hehe." Emerald said before he jumped down the ladder with a twist to grab the handles and Marceline could see Emerald's hardon as he went down before he left Marceline's sight.

Marceline lowly chuckled after getting a good eye at Emerald's junk before disappearing.

'Oh don't worry you stud. I'll make sure to take care of you.' She thought.

Meanwhile down below, Emerald was busy making coffee while he hums a bit, that caused him to not noticed a mischievous Marceline who was using her speed to sneak up on Emerald while he was focused on the coffee maker, it was styled after an old coffee maker that required a pot and what not so Emerald had to read the instructions and the rest would take care of itself.

Marceline waits for the right moment before used her speed to move in front of Emerald on the ground and she opens her mouth and takes Emerald's cock in one go.

Emerald jolts big time before he looks down with a surprised look on his face before he calms down and smirks.

"Damn, didn't expect you to do this before you had a meal… then again you'll get a good protein shake in no time if you do this so I'm not complaining." Emerald said before he pets Marceline on the head while he lets her do her thing while he groans a bit from the feeling as he stood there.

Marceline mentally chuckles before she starts moving her head back and forth while making sure to be careful so Emerald can focus.

This caused Emerald to calm down a bit while he watched Marceline, the coffee maker would give a beep when it was done with its job so he wouldn't have to look away for long, this caused Emerald to summon a few tentacles and they moved to tease Marceline's ass and pussy to really get her worked up while two more were summoned to tease Marceline's nipples a bit.

Marceline groans when she felt that which caused her to bob her head a bit faster and harder before she brought her hand up and cupped Emerald's balls before fondling them.

Emerald shudders from that and pants a bit more though to Emerald and the slightly distracted Marceline's confusion, knocking was heard which got the duos attention at the front door.

"Hello?, its me, Bubblegum, I came by to test the fast travel door and wanted to check up on you two." Bubblegum said while Emerald had a funny idea and gestures for Marceline to keep quiet while he used some tentacles to hold Marceline, move her, and himself after he grabbed three glasses from a shelf and after moving himself and Marceline so Emerald was standing at the counter facing the door, he gestured for Marceline to continue her actions while he looks at the door.

"Hey Bubblegum, its me Emerald, you can enter, just making some coffee for Marceline and myself, want some?, making a big pot of the stuff." Emerald said while he waits for Bubblegum to reply.

"Hmmm, that does sound good so sure." Bubblegum said before she enters the house.

Emerald, with his lower half being hidden, smiles at Bubblegum while he waves at her while he looks shirtless and his hair looks frazzled.

"Hey, sorry for not looking my best but just woke up and was making Marceline something to drink and getting her an apple after to help perk her up for the morning, how you doing after what I saw last night?" Emerald said while he gave Bubblegum a teasing grin while he had the perfect poker face when he looked like he ignored Marceline as she sucked him off more from the kinky situation going on when she could be caught at any time right now.

Bubblegum at first blushes when she saw Emerald shirtless before composing herself.

"W-Well it was… intense since I did owe the clones some… fun for watching over Neddy. Surprisingly they didn't know what was happening while you and everyone else took the test."

"I see, may have to visit them myself since I doubt they want to not have fun with me hehe, they are Marceline after all and I don't want any part of her to feel unloved." Emerald said while his tentacles continue to move, out of Bubblegum's sight, to tease Marceline more while a tentacle pets her head to get her to move her head faster on his cock.

Marceline did get the message before she starts giving Emerald what he wants as she hears Bubblegum's voice.

"Yes… So how was the date last night? Go somewhere good?" Bubblegum said.

"Hmmm… it was surprising in a lot of ways, I give details later when Marceline and I wake more but in a nutshell, we went to a club for a meal, found out Cedric can play the guitar there and has electric powers, either inborn or magically learned, that got Marceline to spit her drink at me in a comical way so can't fault her for that, we left a bit after and ran into Party Pat, talked a bit and Marceline and I may head to where his parties are held to have some serious fun there, and after that, you know the rest with Marceline and I heading to the castle dungeon, the hidden sex dungeon and to her place with the fast travel door, and here we are the next morning… you alright?... you seem a bit… off when Marceline dating me seems to be talked about… jealous or something?, we could go on a triple date if you want to get to know me and have fun with Marceline, you know that right?" Emerald said while he gave Bubblegum a kind smile on his face.

Bubblegum blushes a bit.

"W-Well not jealous. Guess I'm still feeling guilty for this situation."

"I see… well I don't think its as bad as you may think, Marceline hasn't broken up with you and sooner or later you and Marceline get to be mothers and I'm the dad so it's not all bad right?, and you get a free sexy servant with Lillum and everything, sure its all bad with the timing of that deal in progress that you need to make with Lillum, but fact of the matter is, if Marceline didn't break up with you face to face yet, pretty sure she won't in the future, you are trying to take responsibility so no one can't say you are not doing that right?" Emerald said while he fought to hold back his orgasm as his cock throbbed in Marceline's mouth.

Marceline felt that which caused her to bob her head faster now as Bubblegum spoke up.

"You're right. I love Marceline and the last thing I want is to lose her again." She said as she was quiet for a bit.

"So Cedric can play an instrument and has electric powers?" She said as this info did peak her interest.

"Yeah more or less, didn't ask many details, the guitar thing was impressive, he and Marceline could jam out together sometime to get to know one another and probably not be so hostile to one another… not sure about the powers though, could be just an effect that the guitar had if it was enchanted to wow the crowd, heard some guitars can do that if they have the right enchantment… interested in guys who can play music?" Emerald said while he teased Bubblegum with that last bit.

Bubblegum blushes a bit.

"W-Well I have Marceline and was just surprised that Cedric can play." She said though comically enough, she started to think of said wolf with a rock punk look.

That caused Emerald to chuckle when he realized he may have a harder time getting Bubblegum as his lady then he thought but hey, no anger with Emerald if Bubblegum does go to Cedric, he has Marceline and could at least have fun with Bubblegum occasionally… though that did get him to smirk a bit.

"You know, while this talk is good, considering things, maybe I should try and get to know you better since you are Marceline's main lady more or less, maybe while Finn and Huntress are having fun with their test, you and I can have some fun, we did have some good heart to heart talk in the Cavern of the Crystal eye before we went to Epsi's kingdom after all." Emerald said while he grins at Bubblegum while he had a tentacle wrap around the base of his cock to keep himself from climaxing for a bit longer.

Marceline saw this which caused her to suck Emerald's cock more before she massaged his balls harder as Bubblegum blushes a bit.

"W-Well it would be nice to get to know you more and stuff."

"Nice, and hey, if you want, we could have a bit of fun now if you want if you need to relax, I mean lets face it… were not saints here so why fight our urges, pretty sure you could use a stress relief since I hear you like to stay up to the crack of dawn with experiments and stuff, you do that last night after your fun in the dungeon or you just wake?, either way I could give you a good morning kiss if you want to start out small." Emerald said while he gestured for Bubblegum to approach the counter.

Bubblegum blushes a bit.

"I suppose that can help." She said before getting close to the counter.

This caused Emerald to smirk and he used his hand to grip Bubblegum's chin, and as he brought her in for a kiss, the coffee pot beeped constantly to show the coffee was done and Emerald moans while he made the kiss intense and unlatched the tentacle around his cock and came hard down Marceline's throat and Emerald had his tongue enter Bubblegum's mouth to really mess with her when he gave her one intense kiss.

As Marceline gulped down Emerald's load, Bubblegum blushes as she feels her tongue being messed with which causes her to lightly moan into the kiss.

For a bit, Emerald rides out his orgasm while Marceline felt Emerald's sperm drip down her chin to her breasts while Emerald keeps the kiss up before he pulled away when he tapped off at the 20 second mark and Marceline made herself known when she pulled herself from Emerald's cock to handle the coffee making since Emerald was a bit busy recovering and Emerald's sperm sits a bit on Marceline's body the entire time.

Bubblegum was surprised when she saw Marceline appear out of nowhere from under the counter.

"M-Marceline?!, you were here the whole time?!" She said making Marceline chuckle.

"Well this is my house so…" She said before pouring herself a cup.

Emerald chuckles after he recovered while his hardon was seen a moment later.

"Yeah, sorry about that, but to be fair Marceline was doing this before you got here and didn't want to interrupt her, though you really going to complain or you want to come over here and have fun with me while Marceline enjoys her coffee and apple?, could give her a show with breakfast while we wait for her to wake fully." Emerald said when he grins at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blushes a bit brightly but remembered after everything there was no point to complain.

"Might as well get it over with." She said before getting undressed.

Emerald grins at that while he looks at Marceline who looked less undead as she drank her coffee after she drained an apple of red.

"Hey Marcy, you cool with enjoying the show for now while I have fun with Bubblegum?" Emerald asked as Bubblegum walked around to join the duo on this side of the counter while Bubblegum was in the nude.

Marceline chuckled.

"Not all. Will be interesting to watch." She said before taking a sip of her coffee.

"Right… so PB, how do you want to start, I'm pretty much lubed up but you may not be so why don't we sit you on the counter and I can get something sweet to eat." Emerald said with a teasing grin on his face as he pats the counter for Bubblegum to sit on.

Bubblegum blushes again after hearing that.

"A-Alright." She said before getting up on the counter.

A minute later after Emerald moved Bubblegum's legs apart, he was licking her folds and eating her out while he used a tentacle to play with her bud while Marceline looks amused when she watched this go on as she drank more coffee.

Bubblegum blushes as she groans from feeling Emerald's lips on her folds.

Emerald looks up at Bubblegum and chuckles before he tried to alter his body a bit while the amulet of the nightosphere glowed on his neck and his tongue lengthened greatly which caused his tongue to slowly inch its way deep into Bubblegum's folds again and again when he really wanted to get Bubblegum worked up.

Bubblegum jolts before she groans a bit loud.

"O-Oh Glob." She said as her toes starts to curl.

Emerald looks amused by that when he pulled his tongue out of Bubblegum's folds.

"Sorry but Glob isn't doing this nor can he or she help you now." Emerald said with a bit of a demonic theme going on while he has his tongue lick at Bubblegum's asshole next for a moment to really get Bubblegum worked up.

Bubblegum jolts again from that action before shuddering at the feeling of having her asshole poked.

Emerald then had his tongue go in Bubblegum's ass while he used his fingers to finger her pussy to really get her worked up while he could feel Bubblegum's orgasm approaching while Marceline looked on though while no one was wondering what she was thinking, she could see how intense Emerald was with Bubblegum while Bubblegum really went well with the treasing which caused Marceline to look amused at how this was going and if an onlooker was looking in, they would wonder what Marceline was thinking right now.

'Hehe, nice. Breakfast and a show. Seems Emerald is really gonna give Bonnie the works. If I didn't know I better I think he wants to try and claim her for my benefit before Cedric sinks his fangs on her. Well can't stop this since Bonnie and I are still together. This will be one interesting race. Though whether or not he's good with a guitar, Cedric better get his anger in check if I plan to trust him with Bonnie.' Marceline thought before she took another sip of coffee and then drained the red from her apple more.

This went on for a bit with Bubblegum's orgasm getting closer and closer until…

Bubblegum throws her head back a bit as she groans loud before climaxing from her pussy.

This resulted in Emerald wiggling his tongue in Bubblegum's ass while he keeps on fingering her folds while he keeps his eyes closed so that the juices from Bubblegum wouldn't hit his eyes while he waits for her to ride out her orgasm.

Bubblegum's climax got a bit stronger before she taps off after 15 seconds before panting for breath.

Emerald pulled his head back and had his tongue pull from Bubblegum's ass and he grins at the candy Royal.

"Hehe, seems both your pussy and ass taste pretty good, thanks to that your holes are warmed up… so… want one cock or two cocks?" Emerald said when he reminded Bubblegum he could summon one cock alongside his original cock now for two dick action.

Bubblegum blushes a bit from that reminder.

"O-One cock… for now please."

Emerald shrugged before he looks at Bubblegum's holes.

"Ass or pussy then." Emerald said while his cock throbbed with the need to fuck thanks to how turned on Emerald was.

Bubblegum was thoughtful for a bit.

"Pussy." She said.

Emerald nods his head and a minute later, Emerald was fucking Bubblegum in a surprisingly gentle way while he held her hips, he had no issues with getting his cock deep inside of Bubblegum but since she normally had it rough, Emerald decided to try a more gentle route with things while his cock lightly hits Bubblegum's cervix again and again.

Bubblegum, surprised at how gentle Emerald was, was groaning and moaning as she feels her cervix getting hit a few times.

"O-Oh… fuck." She moans before a moment later, Bubblegum wrapped her legs around Emerald.

While this went on, Marceline was now fully awake and everything while she watched what happened while Emerald was pretty gentle with Bubblegum, he even leaned down and kissed her out of the blue again to surprise her.

Though Bubblegum was surprised, she moans a bit more into the kiss before finally returning after wrapping her arms around Emerald's torso.

This caused Emerald to practically treat Bubblegum like a lover while he continues his actions and keeps on fucking Bubblegum at a decent pace more and more until…

Bubblegum moans loudly during the kiss as her pussy tightens around Emerald's cock before climaxing hard on it.

Emerald stayed still while he waits for Bubblegum to ride out her orgasm while Marceline decided to take a shower real quick but let the duo know what she was doing first.

"I'm gonna go get washed up. You two enjoy yourselves." Marceline said before she floats out of the kitchen.

"Alright, I'll join you in a bit after I finish up with PB here unless she wants to join for an interesting shower time." Emerald said while he grins at Marceline while a recovering Bubblegum listened to the duo.

Marceline chuckles.

"Well it's up to Bonnie but I think she wants to have more fun right now." She said.

"Eh who says the fun has to stop, pretty sure you are worked up thanks to that blowjob you gave me so why don't we all have fun in the shower and get cleaned at the same time, would prevent a mess from happening in the kitchen so win win for us hehe." Emerald said while he moved to pick Bubblegum up while his cock was still inside her pussy and Emerald used a tentacle to bring some coffee to himself, drank it and placed the cup on the counter while he held Bubblegum's ass to keep her steady while he gets ready to follow Marceline up the ladder with his tentacles acting as arms for him.

Marceline smirked.

"No problem there." She said before she gestures for Emerald to follow her but not before giving her ass a good smack to tease him.

Emerald blushed at that and growled with a grin as he followed Marceline the ladder and in no time, Emerald, Marceline, and Bubblegum were in the shower while Marceline made out with Emerald as he fucked Bubblegum a bit harder while her body was turned so that her hands were on the shower wall and her feet were on the floor.

Bubblegum was groaning and moaning loudly as Marceline had her hands around Emerald's neck as she kissed him hard before sending her tongue in Emerald's mouth.

Emerald had his tongue fight with Marceline's for a bit while he made sure to not lose in the battle of the tongues while he had his hands on Bubblegum's ass and continues to fuck her harder so he could enjoy her sweet feeling pussy for as much as he could while he summoned a few tentacles to pet Marceline's body so she could feel good as well.

Bubblegum moans more as she feels her pussy tightening a bit around Emerald's cock again while Marceline shudders from the petting as she continues her tongue war with Emerald while looking at his eyes with lust.

Emerald had a similar look while he keeps on fucking Bubblegum more and more before he growled when he came hard inside of Bubblegum's pussy and his load filled her womb in no time thanks to that while his grip on Bubblegum's ass strengthens to keep her from pulling away at all.

Bubblegum moans loudly before she climaxed again on Emerald's cock as Marceline kept the kiss going before she brought her hand down and fondles Emerald's balls to make him climax more.

This resulted in Emerald really riding out his orgasm before he tapped off with a groan 15 seconds later and lets Bubblegum go which caused her to fall to her knees and sperm leaked from her folds a moment later.

Bubblegum groans before panting a bit as she feels Emerald's load leaking out.

Marceline noticed before she pulls her lips away from Emerald and you can see a string of saliva connected between them for a bit.

"Damn Emerald. It was like you were trying to knock Bonnie up hard." She said with a teasing smirk she said as she fondles Emerald's balls again.

Emerald shuddered from that as the saliva was washed away by the shower water before he gave Marceline a toothy grin.

"Hehe… maybe… already got one lady even if its by accident so might as well try and make a really big family with other ladies that we are close to… still need to get to know you and the others well but currently I got a list of ladies I really want to knock up now… if I have a lot of ladies I might as well work to give them what they want right?" Emerald said with a lustful grin in his eyes which glowed a bit with the amulet of the Nightosphere doing the same with the glow… seems the amulet really caused Emerald's morals to loosen up and what not so he didn't look embarrassed when he said all that.

Marceline blinks a bit after hearing all that before chuckling.

"Well you have time. You can fuck me here or… we move back to the bed and make it shake again." She said with a lustfilled smirk.

Emerald smirks at that before he had an idea.

"Hehe, why not both… make a clone before I explain my idea… involved PB's help so I hope she is listening." Emerald said when he had a bit of a devilish grin on his face.

Bubblegum still panted for breath but did heard that before turn her head.

"M-My help?" She said with a confused look.

"Hehe, yup, will explain after Marceline makes a sexy clone of herself… but a general idea is that Marceline herself comes with me after we wash up and she leaves a clone with you to have fun with so she can have fun here and in the bedroom while Marceline and I get the bed again while you and the clone have real fun in the shower, either that or you and Marceline take the bed while the clone and I keep the shower for a bit more, either way Marceline and I will need to get cleaned again after this so might as well let Marceline and I take the bed for now but its Marceline's call here on that one." Emerald said while he grins at the recovering Bubblegum… was that really all there was to that idea?... seems a bit… simple if one thinks about it.

Marceline blinked at the idea but shrugged.

"Eh, I'll let Bonnie have fun with the clone here while you and I take the bed." She said before summoning another clone of herself.

"Hehe, well I happen to have one more surprise that only Lillum knows about… one thing first, hey there miss clone, nice to meet a sexy lady such as yourself, a beautiful double of a beautiful lady that I'm happy to see." Emerald said when he grins at the clone.

The clone blushes a bit before chuckling.

"And nice to meet a handsome stud like yourself."

"Thanks, I'll be happy to get to know you later… or another me will hehe… bit of a side project while Lillum was working on the sex dungeon but… surprise!" Emerald said when he held his hand in the middle of the room and after he had a tentacle move to cut Emerald's hand, some blood flowed from the hand and in the middle of the room in a flash of red light, a double of Emerald was made right before everyone's eyes while Emerald, and the newly made Emerald clone smirk at the looks they were getting.

Bubblegum was shocked at what she saw as Marceline and her clone had wide eyes.

"Holy… Didn't know you can do that." Marceline said.

"Well I can explain in detail later but in a nutshell, this amulet pretty much gives me infinite demonic energy to use, Lillum figured with a little practice, as long as I know the method, I can cast a spell even if its sloppy since the energy would do the rest, I still need practice since one clone is an energy hog to summon, but I can make clones now, was planning on surprising you when we got to Huntress's place but figured now would be a good time, even talked with your dad about these spells and as long as I don't do anything to damage the amulet, can pretty much do whatever I want with it so I got an infinite magic generator here for me to use… also had to talk with your dad on a deal to keep him from opening a portal at his whim but that can be explained later, for now I'm learning a number of spells from Lillum and this cloning spell is one of them, still need practice but what do you think, made a pretty handsome clone to pal with a beautiful looking clone right?" Emerald said while his clone wiggled his eyebrows at Marceline's clone in a flirting way.

Marceline's clone blushes a bit smirking as she had her hands on Emerald's clone's chest.

"Couldn't agree more." The clone said.

"Yup, so my clone and Marceline's clone here can tag team Bubblegum or have fun with one another while Marceline and I take the bedroom… but first… hey Bubblegum, you OK?, you seem pretty quiet all things considered." Emerald said when he looks at Bubblegum who was looking at Emerald in shock and his amulet as well which supposedly had infinite energy to use.

"Y-Yeah… just… surprised at what I was seeing." Bubblegum said after finally calming down.

"I see, well for now, since Marceline and I will be in the bedroom, we're going to dry off, hey clone me, make sure Bubblegum is well taken care of and cleaned after the fun, doubt I need to give Marceline's clone the same order but…" Emerald said since clones normally only listen to the creators commands.

Marceline's clone chuckles.

"Don't worry. We'll give Bonnie a wonderful time in the shower." She said with a fang grin as she looks at the Candy Monarch.

"Oh yeah, we will make sure she is well taken care of Boss, make no mistake and we can clean every inch of her body to make sure no one wonders about any kind of smell hehe." The Emerald clone said while he grins at Bubblegum.

Marceline chuckles.

"Good enough. Have fun Bonnie." She said before she grabs Emerald's hand and takes him out of the shower.

This leaves Bubblegum with two grinning clones.

The two clones smirk at Bubblegum while Emerald and Marceline dried off and left the room while Emerald's clone looks at Marceline's clone.

"So my dear, how do you think we should treat our guest here?" Emerald's clone said while he grins at Marceline's clone.

Marceline's clone grins.

"I'll take her pussy, you get her ass." She said.

"Hehe, nice, I get the bubblebutt and you get the sweet pussy." The Emerald clone said before the Marceline clone and Emerald clone slowly approach Bubblegum dramatically which gave Bubblegum enough time for one last thought.

'Oh… fuck.' Was all Bubblegum thought.

Meanwhile after Emerald and Marceline left the bathroom, Emerald looks at Marceline while she sat on her bed.

"So now that we are alone, want to skip the foreplay and get to the real fun?" Emerald said while he grins at Marceline a bit.

Marceline grins.

"Oh yeah." She said before she lays on her back and spreads her legs.

"This time bring out two cocks. One for my pussy and one for my ass. But I have two requests." Marceline said.

Emerald blinks at that after he summoned his second cock.

"Alright, whats the two requests?" Emerald asked when he looked curious.

Marceline smirks.

"First, don't pull out even after you climax. I want you to keep stuffing me. Second… I want to continue our tongue war." She said as she licks her lips.

Emerald blinks at that again before he smirks.

"Alright… mind if I mix things up with one thing though?" Emerald said while he had a pretty interesting idea.

Marceline raised her eyebrow.

"And what's that?"

Emerald was quiet while he used the clone spell with his hand and tentacles to make 6 Emerald clones in the room for a total of 7 Emerald and they all look at Marceline with grins on their faces.

"Simple, we really make this intense with all of us fucking you till you can't feel anything for awhile." All the Emeralds said with dual hardons on their bodies.

Marceline was surprised with all Emeralds surrounding her before she starts grinning.

"Bring. It. On."

This caused Emerald and the clones to work in unison as they worked to please Marceline, Emerald fucked her ass and pussy with his cocks, one clone worked to kiss her, another two worked to suck her nipples while the others were either stroked off by Marceline with two of them while the rest were stroked off by Marceline's hair hands for now to keep them worked up.

Marceline was moaning and groaning loudly from this greatly intense pleasure as she kissed the clone back while stroking off the others.

This went on for a bit while Emerald continues to fuck Marceline roughly, thanks to the magic from Lillum working on Marceline's womb, Emerald's cock couldn't bash into her womb so he kept barraging her cervix again and again as time goes on.

Marceline continues to moan and groan as she stroke off the multiple clones's cocks before she had her tongue fight the kissing clone's tongue.

This resulted in the kissing clone fighting back while Emerald keeps on fucking Marceline harder and faster while the bed actually shakes until…

Marceline moans loudly with ecstasy before she climaxed hard on real Emerald's cocks.

This caused Emerald to growl while he came hard inside of Marceline's ass and pussy with great force, resulting in Marceline's stomach bloating a bit from the amount.

That caused Marceline's climax to get stronger for about 15 seconds or more before she taps off.

Emerald rode out his orgasm before he tapped off and chuckles when he saw that.

"Hehe, you know I can make this more intense but I would have to pull out once so a clone can join in… mind if I change things up for one around?" Emerald said while he grins at Marceline.

Marceline panted a bit before she looks at Emerald.

"S-Sure." She said after pulling her lips away from the kissing clone.

This caused Emerald to nod and after he looks at a nearby clone, he and the clone moved so that Marceline was resting on the clone while Emerald stayed standing and the duo used some tentacles to hold their cocks together while they were aimed at Marceline's holes… two for the pussy and two for the ass.

"Hehe, hows this for intense?... think you can go for it?" Emerald said when he rubbed both cocks on his body on Marceline's pussy while the two dicks at her ass prodded her asshole a bit to mess with her somewhat.

Marceline shudders from that action before grinning at Emerald.

"I'm not scared. Show me what you got."

Emerald and the clone grin before they forced their hips forward and a moment later, Marceline felt the two sets of cocks enter her ass and pussy which stretched her holes way past her limit for a moment before the Moon's regen kicked in to heal any issues that Marceline had.

"OH FUCK!" Marceline groans loudly as she feels her holes getting penetrated.

A moment later Emerald and his clone wait for Marceline to give the go ahead for them to start while their cocks pulsed inside of Marceline's holes.

After about a minute or so, Marceline gave Emerald the clones the green light to continue.

Thats when Emerald and the clone start to thrust their hips as one and their cocks barraged Marceline's holes again and again as time went on while the kissing clone went back to kissing her and the other clones were getting stroked off again.

Marceline kissed the clone back and hand her tongue in the clone's mouth as the Vampire Queen made sure to stroke off the other clones's cocks at a fast and hard pace.

This resulted in the group really having their way with Marceline while Emerald grits his teeth with how forceful he was with Marceline.

"D-Damn… just how kinky is Marceline with her taking this kind of a pounding?" Emerald wondered in his mind while he could feel Marceline's pussy grip his cocks hard.

Marceline was having the time of her undead life as she continues her tongue war with the kissing clone as Marceline's curled greatly a few times.

This went on for a few minutes while Emerald and the clone fucking Marceline felt their orgasms getting close and fucked Marceline at a harder and faster rate while they could feel her orgasm getting closer and closer until…

Marceline groans loudly as her holes got tightened before she climaxed hard while making sure that multiple clone dicks were being pleased.

After a moment, Emerald and the clone in Marceline's ass made one good thrust each right before they growl and came hard inside of Marceline, really flooding her this time while many clones growl as they came hard in the air or on Marceline thanks to her handjobs.

Marceline moans as she feels all the cum hitting her and filling her up as she continues to stroke off multiple clones's cocks to make them climax more.

This went on for a bit with everyone tapping off one by one and the only one who hadn't climaxed was the one with the kissing action before he pulled away and dismissed one cock and waits for everyone to ride out their orgasms and when they did, the clones and Emerald pant for breath while they recover.

Marceline also pant for breath as she enjoys some of the afterglow as her body shook a bit.

This caused the kissing clone to look amused and waits for Marceline to recover while he stroked his cock.

"Hey hey hey… don't leave me out of the fun, I kissed a lot so mind if my cock gets some fun now?" This Emerald clone said with a grin on his face while his cock throbbed a few times.

Marceline let out a chuckle after hearing that.

"W-Well... it would be rude of me to not help out."

"Yup… so open wide my dear, time to see how deep this throat really goes." The Emerald clone said while he smirks at Marceline with a look of raw lust while Emerald gave his clone a half lidded look.

"Dude relax, Marceline isn't going anywhere anytime soon." Emerald said which made the clone roll his eyes.

"Oh come on man, you say that because you get to be with a sexy lady like her 24/7 more or less, we only come out rarely." The Emerald clone said while he gave the original a half lidded look.

One of the clones spoke up after calming down.

"He's got a point dude."

Emerald blinks at that before giving the clones half lidded looks.

"OK… two things… one… once you guys vanish, after I summon you, you have all my memories so its not like you don't get to spend time with her since you all are technically me… second, unlike you I got infinite energy with this amulet and you guys don't, unlike Marceline's clones which are self sustaining… remind me, how long can you guys last before you vanish and the memories come to me like a freight train?" Emerald said when he gave the clones a half lidded look and one clone gave the one who gave the question earlier a half lidded look.

"He's got a point, best we can last is three days so unless Boss here can fine tune that spell or learn something similar to what Marceline has, we can't last long… we may have amulets but they are just in look only." A clone said when he points at his own amulet which was just a replica.

The clone grumbles.

"Fair point." He said.

"Yeah, I mean you all are me so unless I have some kind of memory that I forgot about spells that Lillum taught me on longer lasting clones and one of you remember, better speak up now or shut it and lets continue pleasing Marceline here, pretty sure we can all agree on that right?" Emerald said when he gave a point… they were summoned to please Marceline after all.

The clones had nothing to say to counter that since they were here to please Marceline.

"Agreed." They said.

"Right… sorry about that Marceline, sometimes my clones have more… Oomph in them then others and can be a bit willful, not like that's bad but does cause an argument or two like this." Emerald said when he looks at Marceline and hoped she wasn't irritated… though she did look amused from what he could see.

"Oh don't worry. I thought it was funny." Marceline said as she chuckled.

"R-Right… want to change positions or…" Emerald tried to say while the clone who didn't get off yet cleared his throat and Emerald sweatdropped.

"... Or please this guy before we do anything else." Emerald said while the single dick clone grins at that.

Marceline rolls her eyes.

"Might as well this guy get some relief." She said before a moment later she was sucking the single clone's dick like there was no tomorrow.

The clone groans from that while Emerald chuckles when his clone looked really off guard from that and he looks down at the clone under Marceline and grins at him.

The clone under him grins as well before he and Emerald start to fuck Marceline hard again in unison.

Marceline groans from that action before she starts sucking the clone's cock a bit harder before the Vampire Queen had her tongue roughly lick the tip a few times.

The clone groans from that but anymore fun with Emerald and the clones would have to be explained later since the scene went to the Candy Castle an hour later with Emerald, Bubblegum and Marceline appearing while everyone else who appeared, AKA, the hiring group, Finn, and Huntress, were there and seems they were messing around to pass the time since Emerald, Marceline and Bubblegum were the last ones here and saw all three pretty much glowing when they came up from the fast travel direction.

Candy Kingdom Castle/ Throne room/ Hiring Group (Azure, Emerald, Cedric, Lillum, Maite), Finn, Huntress, Marceline, Bubblegum

"Looks like you three had fun, and tested out the fast travel door to boot with you getting here from inside the castle." Lillum said with an amused look on her face while Emerald rubbed the back of his head.

"H-Hehe, yeah, sorry about that, one thing led to another and well… got two greatly relaxed royals so a win in my book." Emerald said while he chuckles nervously at the looks he got from everyone on how late he made everyone it seems.

Most smirked at Emerald, Marceline and Bubblegum, like Huntress, Cedric and Azure.

Though Maite pouts.

"Still wish you gave us a heads up… or at least invited me and Lillum."

"Well to be fair Bubblegum came by out of the blue and things happened… I mean if you want the long story short…" Emerald said before he explained how he and Marceline woke, the coffee and the fun Marceline had while they waited, Bubblegum appearing, ETC.

"...So by the time we all got officially clean, we just came through the door and closed it before walking up here, sorry for not inviting you Maite but considering the time, figured you may need the beauty sleep, not like any of the ladies here need it but I learned that unless important, let sleeping women sleep." Emerald said when he tried to calm Maite down.

Maite blushes a bit.

"It's alright." She said.

Seems Emerald is forgiven… for now.

Though Emerald didn't want there to be any issues no matter how small.

"Hey if it's any consolation, that secret project that you and Lillum helped me with alongside the sex dungeon and the fast travel hall paid out earlier when I had real fun with Marceline and Bubblegum so I can show the surprise to everyone else here now since the real test run went well." Emerald said with a grin which caused Lillum to smile when she heard that.

"Really?, none of them faded or poofed after a few minutes like last time?" Lillum cryptically said much to many's confusion minus Maite, Marceline, Bubblegum, and Emerald since three of the four were knew about the clones… though the time thing was new, guess Emerald practiced in secret and never told anyone, either that or the talk with Hunson and the amulet alteration was an Emerald and Hunson only talk so the boost to the energy was not known to everyone besides Emerald, Marceline, and Bubblegum.

"Huh? Sex dungeon? And what project are you talking about?" Finn said with a confused look.

"Oh right, you may not know, well Finn long story short…" Lillum said before she explained to Finn and the late to arrive Huntress who was out of the look about the sex dungeon down below and the fast travel hallway.

"... So as you heard, now we have ways to set up travel points, unfortunately we need to head to the locations to set up the doorway for a two way transport back and forth, but all in all it will make the study thing and just travel a breeze in the future once the travel points are set around Ooo and maybe then some, as for side project, I was teaching Emerald a few spells and we found out he can use demonic energy to make magical clones… though I'm surprised since the last time Emerald summoned one, they could only last a few minutes." Lillum said while Emerald grins as he summoned a clone for an example.

"Well I can explain some things in a moment but Tada, actual factual clone… not like Marceline's who are self sustaining and probably as immortal as her, but thanks to a few things I did in secret after I had Lillum help send me to the Nightosphere for a talk with Hunson, I can now may an army of clones who can last hours… hmmm… well make that a squad… seems I put too much energy into them so to many would give me a headache to try and control." Emerald said while Lillum starts to piece things together… she didn't know how but she got way… Emerald must have talked with Hunson to do something with the amulet since she saw magical energy go from the amulet and into Emerald when he made that clone, unlike last time when it was just him.

Azure, Cedric, Finn and Huntress were surprised when they saw the clone.

"Damn… talk about full of surprises." Cedric said.

"Oh like you can talk Mr. Guitar playing electric user." Emerald and the clone said as one with grins on their faces while Cedric looked surprised not only from the syncronization the two used but what they just said.

"What the? How'd you know that?" Cedric said with a surprised look.

"Simple, Marceline and I went on a date yesterday and we went to Club Night… and heard you were filling in for one of the bandmates there." Emerald said while he grins at Cedric while everyone else looks at the reverse werewolf.

"Really?, thats surprising, didn't know Cedric could play a Guitar, didn't see anything musical like in his place and electric user?" Azure said when she sounded curious.

Cedric rubbed the back of his head.

"Well I never practiced at home since Eruru likes her naps so Angel let's me practice at her place. As for electric…" He said before with the wave of his hands, he summoned a bit of electric energy.

"Huh, guess you can be called the elecman of the group… why not show it before now?" Lillum said when she looked curious on why he never talked about the Guitar or the powers before.

Cedric shrugged.

"No one asked what hobby I do so I never brought it up."

"Fair enough on that, but what about the electric powers?, did you keep quiet because of Bubblegum's issues with Wizards or something?" Emerald asked since there was a few times he could use them but never did for some reason… only reason he could think of was Bubblegum… he may not know much about Ooo but he heard Bubblegum wasn't fond of stubborn Wizards and what not.

Cedric blinked at the question.

"Well… there's that. No offense, your highness but also… I'm still learning how to master it and worried that I might… kill someone by accident."

"Interesting… for many reasons… hey Bubblegum, would you have given Cedric issues if you heard about this power of his?" Lillum said when she wondered if that rumor she heard was as bad as she thought it was.

Though Finn did speak up.

"Well when Starchy had a cold, we had to get a cold spell but because PB wanted to know what made a cold spell a well… Cold spell… we snuck into Wizard City once and after a moment with Ron James that got us caught and PB not saying Wizards Rule to the GMW, Jake, PB, Abracadannial and I got tossed in Wizard Prison… long story short we got out when that Cold spell was not for healing but a COLD spell for freezing… we got out and next thing we did was force a shot into Starchy to help him recover… long story short I tried to avoid Wizard City for awhile until the heat blew over… being mated with Hun here kinda gives me a free pass there since she taught me a few low level spells so I can show I'm her *Apprentice*." Finn said with air quotes at the end to show he barely knew any spells and looks like the apprentice thing was in name only…. Though many look at PB after Finn explained a lot and everyone was giving her a half lidded look that just said one thing… Really?

Bubblegum chuckled nervously at the looks.

"Wow Bonnie, just wow." Marceline said as she shook her head.

"You know… I don't mind explaining how my spells work in a scientific way as best as I can… but I'm sure even your mind wouldn't get it, not because of intelligence… but because of Different Dimension, different laws of physics and the way I use them is completely different than how beings on Ooo use them so try and not get the wrong idea." Lillum said when she worried this would give her issues with this deal with the contract if Bubblegum wanted to know how her spells worked.

Bubblegum lightly narrows her eyes.

"Ignoring some parts, the explanation can be done later. Though I'm not going back to the City for a very, very long time."

"How long ago was that exactly?, I mean I may want to go there but I don't want to be attacked just if I mention you." Emerald said with some worry on his face, he heard about the whole stick thing and since he was employed here, many in Wizard City may get the wrong idea if he mentioned Bubblegum way too soon.

"Oh that was years ago, if they wanted to try something they would have done it long ago." Finn said while Emerald sighs in relief.

"Just don't mention my name Emerald and you'll be fine." Bubblegum said.

"R-Right…" Emerald said while that maybe harder then he thought.

Meanwhile outside of the castle…

A certain floating being was recording something from a nearby window… turns out it was LSP and she was spying on the hiring group while she muttered to herself about PB and her butlers dumb reasons for not hiring her and in fact her butler kicked her out before PB could see her.

"Stupid Bubblegum. Not hiring me because she's jealous of my lumps." LSP said.

As she continues filming, she heard everything that happened and not official or not, she got crystal clear footage and sound on Emerald having fun with many ladies here and what not.

"Hehe, pure gossip gold. Not to mention Finn is there and some hunky wolf." LSP said.

Though LSP was watching, she keeps on filming in secret while Emerald looks at Finn.

"Speaking of Huntress, seems Huntress is back, sorry for not saying hi but well…" Emerald said while Huntress shrugged her shoulders.

"None taken, anyway I'll be frank with the message, we got the green light with the Trents, however there are a few conditions for Emerald and Cedric to tag along since they are technically not claimed by anyone from my home area." Huntress said which confused Emerald and Cedric greatly.

"What kind of condition? Though I won't be able to tag along since I finally made my appointment with the therapist." He said.

"Oh really?, well makes things simple then, I mentioned you two and a few Wood Nymph daughters were interested in meeting you two, guess I'll have to let them know that we will be missing one male." Huntress said while Azure looks at Cedric.

"Wow, guess you really are going through with this huh?, well not bad, step in the right direction more or less, and since it would be a few days before we get back, might as well see how well the therapy does when we get back." Azure said but Lillum grins.

"Actually Azy, thanks to the fast travel system here, once we get to Huntress's home, we can set up a travel door near her place and we can come and go as we please so instead of hours, it would just take a few minutes to get there and back for people around our sizes." Lillum said to remind everyone about the fast travel system that was here.

"Oh yeah, that will save traveling time like a lot." Finn said.

"Yup, so you can see your bondmate at any time Finny, just think, a fast travel point to Bubblegum's place and just a few steps away to Huntress's home… makes the lost distant relationship now a breeze." Lillum said while she grins at Finn in a teasing way.

Finn blushes a bit as Huntress chuckles.

"Well I'm glad you're getting the therapy Cedric. Sorry that you'll miss the fun though." Maite said.

"Eh, I'm not worried. I just want my problem fixed and finally I can move on. Middleton men like me take their commitment seriously." Cedric said.

"I see, well guess that means I better live up to my end of the deal if these sessions go well." Azure said with a smirk on her face.

"Indeed though I do want to ask you something, Azure." Cedric said.

Emerald blinks when he heard that and thought it was Azure supposedly ratting Cedric out though Azure looks curious.

"What?" Azure asked when she looks at the reverse werewolf.

Cedric though lightly blushes.

"Well despite that I'll be taking those sessions but when you come back, I was wondering if you… want to catch a movie or something." He said making others blink in surprise.

Did Cedric ask her out?

Azure looked surprised and smirks.

"Cedric, are you asking me out on a date?" Azure said while she had a teasing look in her eyes.

Cedric blushes a bit.

"Yeah… I am."

Azure chuckles while she looks amused by that.

"Alright, I'm a woman of my word, if you go to those sessions and learn how to keep yourself under control, I'll go on a few dates with you, don't be too surprised if I have fun with others though since you would be having a lot of fun with others here." Azure said when she gave Cedric that reminder.

This time Cedric smirks.

"Believe me Azure, I know. But I still plan to be the best guy for you."

"I see, well better play nice really well, I'll show you a good time later if you do." Azure said with a small smile on her face when this was going well.

Seeing that smile caused Cedric to be calm before he grabs her hand.

"It's a deal." He said before kissing it.

Azure blinks at the gesture while others chuckle at that and Huntress cleared her throat.

"Alright, now that we got this out of the way, is anyone else staying behind or is everyone else following me to my home?" Huntress said when she looks at everyone else.

Minus Cedric, no one else said anything which meant that they were ready to go.

"Alright, lets get going then so we can get a fast travel door set up while Cedric here goes to his appointment." Huntress said when she gestured for everyone to follow her to the hanger where the bus was.

"Well then, enjoy yourselves everyone." Cedric said before he starts to leave the group.

After Cedric left the group, Emerald looks at Azure.

"Hey just in case, where is Ben?, normally he would be with you Azure." Emerald said while Azure looks at Emerald.

"Oh Ben is with his pack for now, had to bring him back to them for a bit, had a little more fun with some of the males there and came back, pretty sure Ben will pop up sooner or later if he tracks my scent here so I doubt we need to worry much." Azure said while she didn't seem too worried.

Marceline chuckles.

"Either that or some of the other candy corn wolves will follow you. Let's hope you're new boyfriend isn't the jealous type."

"Well considering he will get more pussy sooner or later, pretty sure he can't complain if I get dicked by many large cocks monsters and humanoids." Azure bluntly said while she smirks at Marceline more.

Marceline chuckles.

"Fair enough. Just don't get too surprised if he gets a harem."

"Eh, I got a pack of Candy Corn Wolves at my beck and call now so technically got my pick of the fun wolves there so not jealous if Cedric gets a harem, after all I can't exactly say its bad when I'm technically going with the flow like you, Maite, Lillum, and… maybe with Bubblegum?... still wondering if she will go for Emerald or Cedric or could be just having fun with all the guys here… wonder when she will have Fun with Finn." Azure said while she chuckles a bit at the looks on Finn and Bubblegum's face.

Said duo was blushing brightly after hearing that making Huntress chuckle.

"Guess we'll find out later but for now, let's get going so Finn and I can do our test."

"R-Right." Bubblegum said before she leads the group to the bus and after it drove off, the scene went to Cedric a few minutes later while he waits in some kind of lobby while he waits for a receptionist to call his name.

"Cedric Middleton?... the therapist will see you now." The receptionist said in a dull tone to her voice while she looks at Cedric.

Cedric sweatdrops at the tone but chose not to say anything.

"Thank you." He said before getting and heads for the door.

When he opened the door, he saw a long hallway that had many therapist offices inside, he went to the number for the office he was sent to and when he entered he saw to some surprise a hedgehog woman who oddly looked a LOT like Maite add more blue to her quills then Maite's pink but unlike Maite this hedgehog humanoid was more shapely and was wearing a nice looking suit with a skirt instead of pants while she sat at a small table and she noticed Cedric.

"Oh hello there, nice to meet you, I'm Rachel, I'll be your therapist this evening." The woman said while she smiles at Cedric more with a kind look on her face.

Cedric blinked but did like what he saw.

"Hello, I'm Cedric. Sorry if I asked this but are you related to another hedgehog humanoid name Maite?"

"Maite?... hmmm… maybe, she live in a village of Muradurs?, is daughter of the chief?, has more pink Quills to my bluish ones?" Rachel asked while she wondered why Cedric asked that.

Cedric blinked a bit.

"Uh… yeah exactly how you said it."

"Oh yeah, that's her, well you could say I'm her cousin, not many hedgehog like humanoids and they are pretty rare, most of the time you just see smaller braindead hedgehog like creatures that are just as big as my head so if you find family you remember them, I'm from the moms side of the family, Maite's mother is the sister to my father and when she moved to marry the chief of the marauder village, we kept in touch though we lost contact after Maite's mother mentioning a job in the Candy Kingdom with Maite but I never saw her around town much, in fact I thought I was seeing things a few times when I thought I saw her running by a few times but we never had the chance to talk since I'm normally in my office." Rachel said while she explained the resemblance.

Cedric was surprised after hearing that before he sits down.

"I see… well to help with your curiosity, who you saw was Maite. Met her when we applied to be Bubblegum's assistance which by the way we pass. She does have a boyfriend who's forming a harem."

"I see… I heard rumors about that but didn't think she was involved… is this guy treating her well?" Rachel asked while she moved to sit in front of Cedric in her own chair.

Cedric chuckles.

"If you met him, you can see that he's treating her well."

"I see, and your body language shows you're not lying so I have no reason to doubt you so I'm glad she found someone… though you may have to bring him here so I can see how well he is for her." Rachel said while she had a smile on her face… was she already reading Cedric with body language right now?

"Wow, you must be pretty good at what you do if you can read my body like that." Cedric said.

"Well I can read much more as well… was trained to see every kind of tell and well… I can tell that you're fighting back an erection right now since you are pantless, not the first wolfman who came here in the nude more or less." Rachel said when she smirks at Cedric a bit in a teasing way.

Cedric blinks a bit in surprise when he realized he was found out.

"Oops." He said as he chuckled nervously.

"No worries, there are no rules about me having fun with my clients later as long as I'm not on the clock, I can keep my business life separate from my personal life, anyway we should get started so we can get to the root of your issues, says here on this small file that you helped fill out, you have anger issues and what not and you want to be able to get them under control… is that correct?" Rachel said while she leaned back in her chair and got in her therapist mode for now.

Cedric sighs a bit.

"Yeah I do. Worried that my issue is affecting my life and I just want it gone."

"Well thats what I'm here to help with, getting that anger under control, and I know a few methods that may help… heard from around town you like to flirt and what now so I'll make you a deal since you are cute… you tell me one emotional thing that is bothering you and I will do one act or action for you no matter what order you give as long as its not an evil one." Rachel said with a smile on her face.

Cedric, who blushes from being called cute, was a bit surprised when he heard that.


"Its an unorthodox method but it helps with some of my clients, think of it as giving them a treat of sorts after they do something that they are uncomfortable with, incentive to spill a secret or two." Rachel said while she didn't give much info… confidential was a serious matter after all but general stuff was OK to talk about.

Cedric was quiet for a bit.

"Well… if you want to know. I thought that I… loved someone but then she ended up betraying me."

"Really?, how so?" Rachel said while she got ready to take notes with a recorder and a notepad with a pen for good measure.

Cedric sighs for a bit.

"Well… I was younger and I was head over heels for this girl who was a red cat. Thought she was someone I can spend the rest of my life with. Then one day… I saw her cheating on me with another guy."

"I see, was there any reason why she did that?, maybe there was some kind of story for that that you didn't hear?, not like I'm trying to defend her but maybe it was a one time thing… maybe she was drunk?, under some kind of influence, etc… point is did you stay long enough to listen at least or is that when your anger got the better of you for the first time and you couldn't stop it from driving your actions?... again I'm not trying to be a bitch, I'm just wanting the full picture so I can understand more." Rachel asked while she scribbles on her notepad.

"A bit of both. I was angry but the reason why she cheated on me was because I was trying to respect boundaries and I was making her feel impatient." Cedric said.

"I see… *Makes various notes*... so in a nutshell this was the trigger for your anger and now you can't keep it in check as easily?... maybe you think like, if I wasn't so… restrictive of myself, maybe things would have been different?... well if you want to know what I think…. I believe your ex was a straight up bitch from that story, unless she had a different reason that actually made her sympathetic, I can't think otherwise, you however… are grade A stupid for letting what happened get the better of you… you want my honest opinion, I think you should just be yourself, not let others influence what you think is right or wrong… after all from what my notes say, you have plenty of fun here with many women from what I can tell yet you hold back on your feelings for some, personally I believe you should be more outgoing and honest instead of letting that bitch win mentally, after all if you are not really happy, who would win in the end?" Rachel said while she looks Cedric in the eyes.

Cedric was surprised at the honest opinion but did frown but not towards Rachel.

"Well I don't want her to win. It's just I'm afraid to get hurt again despite the fact I actually asked this one girl out before coming here."

"Interesting… mind explaining more about this girl you asked out?, and if you asked her out, will she really harm you?, seems to me if she agreed to go on a date later, maybe she really cares for you or is at least giving you a chance… have you been fully honest with her?... romances and what not is a two way street and keeping secrets like this won't be good in the long run." Rachel said while she relaxed in her chair.

Cedric was a bit quiet for a moment.

"Well… her name's Azure and ironically enough… she's a cat humanoid but with a different fur color. She's actually the reason why I'm here." He said before telling Rachel about Azure.

"I see, looks like emotions aside, seems you have a thing for felines hehe… and from what I heard, seems she cares about you in her own way, after all not many would have you come here unless they have a good reason to do so… I mean I'm here to help people with mental damage, not harm them." Rachel said when she gave Cedric a gentle smile.

"Right. I just hope with your help, I can be able to handle my emotions better." Cedric said.

"No worries, we can take things one step at a time and right now we have 50 minutes to go for your time in my office, and to show I'm a woman of my word, do you have a request for me to do for you since I did open an old emotional wound just now." Rachel said when she smiles at Cedric and paused the recorder for privacy now.

Cedric was thoughtful for a bit.

"For a starting point… we could make out for a bit."

Rachel blinks a bit when she heard that and giggles.

"Really?... most clients would rather I get more… intense, but alright, we can start with that, though since I doubt it would last long, might as well give a kiss as a freebie and give you another chance to give a command after you get done with that… for now though… better sit back and relax then." Rachel said when she got up from the chair she was on and approached Cedric with swaying hips.

Cedric liked what he was seeing as he sits back and relaxes while watching Rachel.

When she approached him, she sat on one of his thighs and used a hand to pet Cedric's head to sooth him before she gave a few gentle kisses to his maw like mouth and made one more intense so she could have her tongue poke Cedric's lips like she was asking permission for her tongue to enter his mouth.

Cedric didn't need to be asked as he opens his mouth and had his tongue wrapped around Rachel's tongue before he held her and kissed her back.

Rachel moans into the kiss for a bit while she raked her hands on Cedric's chest to get him worked up when she felt his muscles and like what she felt.

Cedric moans into the kiss before he had his hands on Rachel's ass and gave them a good squeeze as he kissed her more.

Rachel moans into the kiss before she pulled away from it to smile at Cedric.

"So… whats your first real order for me?" Rachel said while she grins at Cedric… seems she did have quite some relations to Maite because she had large breasts that rivaled Maites and they were pressing into his chest so…

Cedric did like looking at Rachel's breasts.

"Hmmm, I would like a blowjob but also for you to use your breasts."

Rachel chuckles at that when she got off Cedric's lap.

"Very well… please lay back while I get comfy." Rachel said while she starts to unbutton her shirt.

Cedric was feeling excited as he gets comfy on the couch.

This resulted in Rachel unbuttoning the upper part of her suit and her breasts spilled free from their confines and they looked a bit bigger than Maite's cup size and though not as perky, looked firm still and Rachel left the upper part mostly on so only her breasts were seen and she smirks at Cedric when she looks down to see his erection.

"My my, what a big cock you have." Rachel said when she saw how large Cedric was.

Cedric chuckled.

"All the more to please you with my dear." He said with a smirk.

"Indeed… but for a later time, for now, its time for me to please you." Rachel said before she got on her knees and after she opened her mouth, starts her work with getting Cedric's cock lubed when she sucked on it hard while she barely gagged on the cock surprisingly enough… guess she had practice with large sized lovers or something.

Cedric, though surprised and impressed, shudders before he let out a pleased groan as he was enjoying the feel of Rachel's mouth on his cock.

Rachel gave Cedric an eye smile while she worked to get more of Cedric's cock into her mouth, she gagged a bit a few times but it didn't slow her down much while she worked to get Cedric's cock more and more lubed before she pulled her head off Cedric's cock for a moment and moved to have her breasts near Cedric's dick and smothered them in the soft breasts for a moment so Cedric could enjoy the feeling, his augmented cock looked like it could barely get by the large breasts that Rachel had and she smirks when the head and a bit of Cedric's cock was pointing at her.

"Oh fuck." Cedric groans as he enjoys this feeling before he uses one hand to pet Rachel's head.

Rachel smiles a bit before she moved her breasts up and down while she opened her mouth and licked the head of Cedric's cock to help him feel good.

Cedric groans again as he was enjoying this pleasure.

"F-Fuck Rachel. Your breasts feel so good."

Rachel keeps on moving her breasts and stopped licking the head of Cedric's cock.

"Thank you, many clients do enjoy my work both with talking and helping the client relax, why do you think this building required an ID to get into?" Rachel explained, and while odd for first timers… well… Cedric at this moment was glad he got that ID thing since getting in Bubblegum's employment got him a pretty detailed ID to boot so he could get in places in the castle… and here it seems before Rachel moved to get Cedric out of his thoughts when she opened her mouth and took the head of his cock into it and she starts to suck him off again while moving her breasts at a faster rate.

"Oh fuck." Cedric groans again before moaning as he relaxes himself and lets Rachel continue her work.

This went on for a bit while Cedric watched as Rachel moved her breasts more on his cock while she sucked it pretty hard as well and Cedric could feel his orgasm about to hit him pretty fast to boot… either this was that one shot thing again or Rachel was just that good, either way Cedric had enough time for one good thought as this all happened.

'Damn… she's very good. Glad she's my therapist.' Cedric thought.

Rachel was no mind reader, she saw Cedric looking at her more and she moved to suck and please Cedric's cock more and more until…

Cedric lightly tossed his head back as he groans a bit loud before climaxing in Rachel's mouth.

Rachel's cheeks puffed a bit from the amount flowing into her mouth but she quickly adapts and starts to drink the load as best as she could while some sperm leaked onto her breasts when she couldn't take it all and waits for Cedric to ride out his orgasm.

Cedric grunts as he continues to climax for about 15 seconds before tapping off.

Rachel then licked Cedric's cock clean after she swallowed the remaining load in her mouth and she pulled her mouth of Cedric's cock to speak with him.

"Now then… how was that?, you are more relaxed yes?" Rachel said while she smiles gently at a panting Cedric.

Cedric blushes at the smile as he panted for a bit.

"Y-Yeah… Very relaxed."

"Good." Rachel said before she stands up and surprisingly used a spell to clean her body off and she moved to button her shirt up.

"Then we can get to the next question and maybe I can reward you again for being a good boy and telling me your troubles." Rachel said with a smile on her face when she moved to get back in her chair.

That made Cedric feel excited.

"Oh yeah. I am in your hands."

"Good… now for my next question…" Rachel said before the scene went to Bubblegum and the others as they park the bus at Huntress's forest treeline and everyone was getting off the bus.

Ooo/ Huntress's forest/ Entryway into forest/ Bubblegum, Marceline, Finn, Huntress, Emerald, Maite, Lillum, Azure

"Sorry about the lack of a path for the bus Bubblegum, should have filled you in on this since we need to walk a bit to get to my place." Huntress said while she looks at Bubblegum and the others while Emerald helped Lillum, Maite, and Marceline off the bus while he helped Azure off as well since Cedric wasn't around… hey no one said he couldn't be nice to all ladies just for being a gentleman.

"No worries Huntress Wizard. Gives me an idea to help improve the bus." Bubblegum said.

"Right, anyway if you'll follow me, and stick near Finn and I, we should get there fine, try and not get lost, this forest is massive and unless you know where you are going, you may not like where you end up, remember the Mandragoras I talked about?" Huntress said when she looks at the group.

"Uh… I think so… think they paralyze people for mating reasons?" Emerald said while Huntress nods her head.

"Yeah, in a basic way thats what they do, they can be reasoned with but they won't hesitate to stun stragglers if they are watching us now… all I'm saying is stick nearby since if you get lost you could wind up at a village of theirs… and while I say village I just mean a herd of them who normally set up shop near various parts of the forest, trust me its not as complex as I make it sound, just stay near me while we are here and we will be fine." Huntress said while she gestured for everyone to follow her as she entered the forest.

Everyone else made sure to be on guard before they follow Huntress and Finn through the woods.

Thankfully there was plenty of shade for Marceline so she wouldn't get burned even thought she has some gear on.

Add to that, Emerald had a few tentacles over Marceline to act like a large faux umbrella when he had the tentacles interlock to do so and Emerald smiles at Marceline as he walked next to her, he even used tentacles to move branches out of the way for Lillum and even gave Maite a chair every now and then since she was the only not floater or flyer of Emerald's ladies right now, even did the same for Bubblegum so he was technically like transport or shade or just a foliage mover for the group… multitool of sorts given the looks.

Bubblegum blushes at the gesture.

"Thank you Emerald." She said with a smile as Azure continues to follow Finn and HW.

"No problem, hey Huntress, Azure, need a lift?" Emerald said since he was pretty much carrying a lot of ladies, a couple more wouldn't hurt.

Huntress just chuckles lightly at that.

"No need, this is my home turf so I know how to avoid things and travel fast here." Huntress said while Azure shrugged.

"As long as Cedric doesn't find out, sure, doubt he would mind me getting a free ride but unless I see results from that therapy thing, might as well consider him the jealous type." Azure said while she moved to sit on a few tentacles and enjoyed the ride towards Huntress's home.

Finn sweatdrops at the thought.

"Let's just hope he's not the jealous type or it might get ugly."

"Hey pretty sure I could be punched and kicked to near death or die and just revive so as long as Cedric doesn't go too far, I don't mind giving a reminder or two as a warning before I start kicking ass, pretty sure I can either let him blow off steam kicking my ass or I can uppercut him in the maw with my fist." Emerald said with a half lidded look while he moved to avoid some roots as he followed Huntress and Finn while Lillum moved to join Maite and Azure on sitting on a few tentacles while Emerald offered Marceline a seat as well if she wanted a free ride there.

Marceline smirk at the offer before she took the seat as Bubblegum put in her two cents.

"Well I'm sure that the therapist that Cedric is seeing will be of great help. I have heard great things about Dr. Rachel."

"Dr. Rachel?, don't therapists go by their last name?" Emerald said while Maite looked surprised by the name Rachel, not a normally used name after all.

"Not according to Ooobook. She's very single. I haven't met her in person but I've seen her profile pic and surprisingly, she's a hedgehog like you Maite." Bubblegum said.

"Really?... wait… does she have more… blue in her Quills then I do?" Maite asked to be sure of this hedgehog woman.

Bubblegum took a moment to think.

"Actually… yes she does. Do you know her?"

"Well if she is who I think she is, then yeah, Rachel is my cousin, didn't know she worked in your kingdom so I may have to see her if she is the same Rachel we are talking about, she's from my mom's side of the family somewhat, her brother married someone out of he Murader village and my uncle and his wife moved away, guess they moved into the Candy Kingdom or Rachel moved there after so many years… though I'm curious on why Rachel is working as a therapist there, we don't keep in touch but last I remember about 4 years ago, I heard from my uncle that Rachel used to be more or less a thug once, said it was from all the moving around they did and what not, I mean there was this picture showing Rachel in a rather… revealing outfit so I find it a bit hard to believe that she went from someone who would cave someone's skull in to being someone who pretty much helps people mentally, how does she help people?, I mean talking is fine but how come I never heard of her working at the Candy Kingdom before now?... Unless..." Maite said while she just looked straight up confused before she had some kind of idea of her own on something… did Rachel have some kind of thing she did that made her unique to the other therapists or was she one of the few people who just had that profession?

Everyone, who is shocked and curious about Rachel and her possible connection to Maite, wondered what Maite was thinking before Marceline decided to speak up.

"Something on your mind Maite?"

"Well… I'm not sure about how serious she is about this whole therapy thing but if she is using her job for her own end as well… it would make sense if guys like Cedric came to her, I got this one letter now that I'm remembering more and this was two years ago, seems Rachel is trying to find someone to be in a relationship with but most guys or gals just can't keep up with her so she maybe testing people in her own ways on trying to see if they are good enough for her or not… I mean sure it would sound odd but given how strange things have gotten lately… not the strangest." Maite said while Emerald looks confused.

"Wait… why would she use therapy to try and find a guy?... wouldn't she have better luck in just going to a club or something?, and considering I came from a village where we have Minerva bots pretty much checking our health physically and mentally, isn't that well… morally wrong?... think it was something Minerva said when she was with a client who wanted to try and date her once… think it was… was… her being impartial?... no… thats not it, think it has something to do with not taking advantage of a patient or something." Emerald said while he looks a bit confused when he had trouble remembering the right term for a situation like that.

Finn blinked a bit when he didn't know about that part.

"Okay… Don't know that part but should we be worried for Cedric if this Rachel person is really doing this? I mean I would get very angry if a woman or two took advantage of me."

"Uh… dude… I heard many women take advantage of you because you are a hero, heard even Bubblegum here did so as well thanks to a lot of rumors… like this one thing, not sure if I mentioned it, but heard she tried to revive the dead a few times and even locked people away just for questioning her judgement, but that can't be right since she seems to have a good head on her shoulders." Emerald said while he shakes his head while missing the looks that appeared on Finn, Bubblegum, and Marceline's face when they heard that.

Said trio felt awkward as the rest saw those looks.

"Is it true?" Maite said with wide eyes.

Emerald blinks when he heard that and looks at the trio.

"Seriously!?... wow… maybe we should worry for Cedric then... wait… hey Bubblegum, where does Rachel work at exactly?... I actually heard this rumor about one of those mental help places but if this is the one where I'm thinking of… well… we may not have to worry much persay but boy this is going to be awkward to speak about with Maite here." Emerald said while he looked both curious yet flabbergasted that rumor with the revival thing and what not was true.

"Well... I'll need to check my PDA." Bubblegum said before taking out her electric pad.

"Though I want to point out that I only revived the dead one time." She said.

"Uh, twice PB." Finn said.

"It was one time Finn." Bubblegum said.

"But you kept a piece of zombified candy and Cinnamon Bun ate it which caused a second zombie attack." Finn retorted.

Emerald, Maite, and Huntress sweatdrop while Marceline did the same as Emerald looks at her.

"Is there anything else I should know with skeletons in the closet so I don't accidentally wind up on an examination table or something?" Emerald asked since PB seemed a bit… dangerous to him now.

Marceline was thoughtful for a bit though Bubblegum tried to change the subject on the matter.

"Okay everyone, I found where Rachel works. According to the map, her office is…" She said before blinking in surprise.

"...Oh dear." She said.

"What is it?" Maite asked.

"Her office is in the bad part of my kingdom. Though Maite, is this her?" Bubblegum said as she shows Maite Rachel's picture.

Maite looks at the picture while Emerald crossed his arms.

"Yeah thats her, surprised she looks that good in a suit." Maite said while Emerald hums.

"Yeah, could look like a twin… just invert the colors… but if its THAT office place, guess that would help explain the popularity there, heard a rumor or two while I was walking through that section once to get to know the place that one of the workers in that building… *Rewards*... clients for opening up as some kind of perk, not sure if Rachel is doing that but if she is… heard its tier 15 related stuff and if so on a scale of one to obvious, how long can Rachel keep Cedric talking?" Emerald said while Maite looked shocked as Azure shrugged her shoulders.

"Unless there is a time limit… probably like an open book if that is the perk for talking with her." Azure said when she didn't look surprised after hearing that.

"You're not surprised or worried about this Azure? I mean didn't you promise him a date?" Finn said.

Azure rolled her eyes before she looks at Finn.

"Finn, you and Huntress are taking a test to pretty much fuck things with a pulse, females for you and probably both genders for Huntress, same with Maite, Emerald, Lillum,and I within certain tastes and Cedric as well, if I get jealous because Cedric gets his dick wet with another female then I would be pretty stupid to do so since not only is having sex daily a requirement here given what we hired people would have to do, but if Cedric can't last long enough to go for multiple women, then that is what would get me irritated since if Cedric couldn't get it up after he had fun with other women, that would be the piss off factor for me, Emerald here can pretty much last long so if Cedric really can't last long enough against multiple women, he can't complain if I have fun with Emerald or other men here or there, would be hypocritical if he complains in many ways, if Cedric wants to date me, I don't mind giving him a chance since we are all pretty much swingers so who cares if we fuck other people or creatures, doesn't mean I love any of them, sex is sex and relationships are a seperate matter entirely with us at the moment." Azure said when she brought up a lot of points to counter what Finn said.

Hearing this made Finn shut his mouth since he had no other counter and was now feeling a bit of a hypocrite considering what he and Huntress will do.

Some sweatdropped at the argument.

"R-Right… but I think what Finn means is that if Cedric made a deal to go on a date with you, won't there be issues since Cedric would be vising Rachel daily?" Emerald said while Azure shrugged her shoulders.

"Well its going to take more then one session to prove to me that Cedric changed for the better, a Castle wasn't built in a day after all." Azure said while Bubblegum chuckles.

"H-Hehe… aint that the truth." Bubblegum said when she remembered how hard it was to build the Candy Kingdom.

"...Right… anyway like I said, could care less if Cedric fucks other women, don't mind going on a few dates with him, but if he gets tired with one session with one woman, doubt he can complain if I have fun with others, simple as that." Azure said while she relaxed on her faux seat.

Everyone blinked at Azure's attitude and though they don't believe that Azure was heartless, they wonder if Cedric is really going the mile to date her.

Though that wouldn't be known yet, the group made it to Huntress's home and Huntress gestured for the group to look around the… lacking place.

"Welcome to my home, help yourselves to whatever." Huntress said while everyone sweatdrops at how… empty Huntress's home was, even the game console and TV were busted and what not…

"Well… this is… a nice home." Bubblegum said as she tried to be nice.

"Thanks." Huntress said while Lillum looks around.

"Well… not much inside… mind if I just use the doorway here to set up the fast travel door?, we can head back and what not after we get the test for you and Finn out of the way, though the bus would be left behind unless someone drives it back." Lillum said while Huntress shrugged.

"Just make sure to not block my home and your good." Huntress said while Lillum nods, she entered the home and after finding a place that wouldn't be an issue to block, she made a door of wood from an entryway and after some chanting, a leaf icon appeared on the door.

"There, fast travel point is set up." Lillum said as everyone entered and when Lillum opened the door and everyone entered, they were in the sex dungeon and the leaf doorway was next to the Treefort Fast travel door.

"Whoa…" Finn said as he was surprised at the doorway before blushing at the sex dungeon.

"Hehe, yeah, anyway now that we have this set up, why don't we get some lunch before we head back to Huntress's place, shouldn't be an issue and just to make things easy, I made a fast travel door to Bubblegum's room for various reasons here, not only so Bubblegum can have an easier time getting to the fast travel hall but so that we don't have to walk up so many stairs and what not." Lillum said since the dungeon was pretty deep in the castle.

"I can also set up a fast travel door behind the throne so that we can get there in a flash and in case of emergencies, Bubblegum can escape the castle without much issue and she can even have her people come here to escape since the more doors here, the more fast travel points there are so not much issue in terms of evacuations." Lillum said when she gave Bubblegum that suggestion for the throne room… everyone pretty much meets up there so should make sense to have the fast travel doors easy to reach from the throne room as well.

Bubblegum was thoughtful to the idea.

"Hmmm, that would actually be very helpful."

"Right… anyway given that we are eating lunch, we may run into Cedric since its been awhile since we saw him." Emerald said when he points out the time on the demonic clock and it has been awhile since they left the kingdom.

Everyone sees the clock and judging on the time, Cedric would be done with his appointment right now.

This resulted in everyone walking upwards through the dungeon… though to everyone's confusion, as they approach the kitchen… they saw a second Marceline there?... was that one of her clones?

"Huh Marcy? Is that one of your clones?" Finn said with a confused look.

"Yeah I believe so… hey other me what are you doing here?" Marceline said which got the clones attention… but oddly enough the clone rushed to cover Marceline's mouth and shushed her before gesturing for everyone to be quiet but look into the kitchen… everyone was surprised but when they peaked inside… they saw to their shock and double shock for those who knew… they saw the other Marceline clone carefully feeding Neddy of all people soup inside of the kitchen… seems like a lot of things were moved around to give Neddy room so he could fit and while he looked nervous, the Marceline in front of him who fed him gave him a patient look while she fet him a bit more so he would be a bit at ease while she repeats the calming song a few times to show that everything was alright.

Everyone was shocked at the sight especially Bubblegum when she sees her brother in the kitchen for the first time as Neddy cautiously ate the soup.

This caused the group and the clone of Marceline to move away while she explained things out of Neddy's earshot.

"Sorry about that, main me, just didn't want Neddy to freak out, took us awhile to even get him up here, were trying to get him used to being out of that room for a bit… not only that we are getting a bit stir crazy down there since we have nothing much to do down there besides have sex 24/7, a few Banana guards came by and said if we wanted the alterations done to allow the other clone and I to live there in a decent room, we have to have Neddy out of there as well so he doesn't freak out and well this is a start of sorts." The Clone said when she explained why Neddy was out of the room, it was to help build Neddy's courage somewhat.

Everyone nods in understanding.

"I see… well thank you for doing this and sorry." Bubblegum said.

"Eh no worries, sorry for the surprise but were trying to get Neddy more… open if thats the right word I can use… if you want something from the kitchen one of you can come in and we can see how Neddy reacts but only one person… and since this guy here is pretty much in a relationship with our creator, might as well be him first to ease Neddy in on strangers." The clone said while Emerald points at himself when the clone looks at him.

"Me?, wouldn't Finn be a better person to get used to?, I mean didn't he meet Neddy before?" Emerald asked since Finn may have met Neddy before… given the context and how long Finn know Bubblegum, couldn't blame him for thinking that.

"Well yeah but it was one time and that was years ago. Beside, Marcy's clone is right since you're dating the real Marceline and I guess you're somewhat close to PB." Finn said.

"Well… true… though just in case better watch out if things get hairy… PB, you may want to come with just in case." Emerald said since he didn't want to spook Neddy and the more familiar people with Neddy the better to get him relaxed.

"Alright." Bubblegum said before she was the first to enter the kitchen in a calming way.

This caused the clone with the soup and Neddy to notice and while Neddy jolts from the footsteps, he calmed down when he saw his sister and smiles at her.

Bubblegum smiles as she got closer to the duo.

"Hi Neddy. Are you enjoying the soup?"

Though Neddy didn't really react, Marceline herself entered the kitchen and that caused Neddy to look at Marceline and smiles at her a moment later while the other clone came in, seems Neddy was pretty cool with Marceline and her clones now.

"Okay, so far so good." Real Marceline said.

"You said it. Now let's bring in the baby daddy." One of the clones said.

That caused Neddy some confusion when he heard that, he didn't understand the conversation itself but when Marceline exits… she came back in while her arms were wrapped around someone's arm and that arm led to a nervous Emerald who looked at Neddy and he gave a nervous grin.

"H-Hello…?" Emerald said while he waved at Neddy and… Neddy shrieked and curled up into a ball since Emerald was pretty much blocking the only exit big enough for Neddy to go through and Emerald sweatdropped.

"Err… was the wave a bit much?" Emerald said while he worried he came on too strong for the frightened Neddy.

"No no. He's trying to get used to new people." Bubblegum said before she pets Neddy.

"It's okay Neddy. He's a friend." She said before singing her soothing song.

Neddy however keeps on shaking while Emerald tried to think of something and he had an idea of sorts.

"Hey Marceline, mind following my lead and PB, get Neddy to look over here alright?" Emerald said while he had a smile on his face.

Marceline was confused as was Bubblegum before she was able to have Neddy look at Emerald.

Though Neddy was confused, he saw Emerald move and kiss Marceline on the lips gently much to his surprise since Marceline did that with him earlier and that royally confused him which caused him to tilt his head and wondered how Marceline would react… getting kissed was a nice move but doesn't she do the kissing?... does Neddy kiss someone?

Marceline again didn't know why but didn't mind as she returns the kiss.

'Huh? Is this Emerald's way of showing that he's friendly?' Bubblegum thought.

Though after Emerald pulled away from the kiss, he looks at Neddy while he held Marceline's waist.

"Hehe… see Neddy… I'm friendly… doubt Marceline would let me get this close if she wasn't cool with that right?" Emerald said in a calm tone while he gently hugged Marceline's body.

Neddy was still confused as real Marceline chuckles.

"It's true Neddy. Emerald wouldn't hurt a fly." She said.

"Yeah, pretty sure the fly would kill me first before I could even defend myself." Emerald joked which made him, Marceline, and the clones laugh or giggle a bit at the joke.

Most though sweatdropped at the joke though luckily Neddy seemed to calm down if Marceline was okay with Emerald.

This seemed to go well so Emerald had an idea again.

"Oh hold on a sec." Emerald said before he ran out of the room, he came back in with Lillum and Maite this time after a minute and before Neddy could panic, Emerald had Maite and Lillum kiss Marceline's cheeks since that seemed to work well with getting Neddy to know they were friendly.

Neddy blinked again at the new people but since they just kissed Marceline's cheeks, guess that means they are friendly too.

This caused Emerald to grin while he looks at Maite and Lillum.

"Seems Neddy is alright with you two now… want to try and pet him?, I would try but… he may not be ready for contact with guys yet… or… wait, can he tell gender apart?" Emerald said when he wondered if Neddy can even understand what was going on or what even gender was… from what he heard the Candy Dragon never talked with anyone or anything so who knows how much Neddy even knows on well… anything.

"Not to worry, Neddy can tell the difference. Even if he hasn't been outside, he can tell." Bubblegum said.

"I see… well still he may not like contact with guys yet so better one step at a time, still we should get the others here to show that they are friendly so…" Emerald said before he walked out and came back in with Azure, Finn, and Huntress.

"Alright, before Neddy freaks out, kiss Marceline somewhere and that will get Neddy calmed down pretty fast." Emerald said to the trio while Neddy did look nervous… he wasn't freaking out when he looks at the trio… yet… he did look like his shaking was getting worse quickly when he saw the three newcomers.

Finn didn't know why but he didn't want Neddy to be scared before he kissed Marceline on the cheek.

Neddy seemed calm when he saw Finn do that.

Though Marceline smirked before she gave Finn a light kiss on the lips before she moved to kiss Azure on the lips and then Huntress as well for a moment, Azure and Huntress didn't have much of a reaction… Finn on the other hand…

Finn was blushing like a tomato as he couldn't believe he got kissed by his friend.

The only time Marceline kissed him was on the cheek.

Granted the situation got Neddy to calm down greatly but this was still a shocker for Finn who was mostly silent now and Emerald looks at the others.

"Alright… lets get some lunch and hopefully we can think of a plan when we get back to Huntresses forest." Emerald said while he grins at everyone while the clones were out of the loop for the moment.

"Huh? What plan are you talking about?" Clone #1 said with a confused look.

"Huh?, don't you know?, well in a nutshell…" Emerald said before he explained the hiring, how Finn and Huntress were last in the list, and now they were going back to Huntress's forest after they had lunch.

"Oh now I get it." The clone said as she and the other clone nods her head.

"Yeah, anyway its nice to meet you two, sorry for not introducing myself sooner, didn't know you two were made." Emerald said when he walked to the two clones of Marceline with a smile on his face.

"Oh not to worry. Bonnie filled us in about everything. Though you're definitely hot." The clone said as the duo liked what they saw.

Emerald chuckles at that while he rubbed the back of his head.

"Hehe, thanks, you two are not bad looking yourselves, then again you were made to look like Marceline who could be a Globbess herself so its like Globbesses times three hehe, I won't lie, if you saw me before this transformation thanks to this, you may not say I was as good looking as before." Emerald said when he showed the two clones the amulet of the Nightosphere which caused them to look stunned at the sight.

"A-Are you wearing dad's amulet?!" The two clones said unison.

Emerald jolts at that and he chuckles nervously.

"Y-Yeah… didn't PB mention that?, thought she would have told you two if you two live here with Neddy to keep you in the loop or something." Emerald said while he looks at Bubblegum to see what was going on.

Bubblegum facepalm herself.

"Sorry… I forgot that part."

Emerald blinks at that before he chuckles when the clones were looking him up and down with curious looks.

"W-Well… guess I should start from the beginning." Emerald said before he explained how he accidentally got Marceline knocked up thanks to Bubblegum and Lillum, in case that part wasn't mentioned… then the trip to the Nightosphere, the transformation with the restricted amulet, his fun with Marceline and Lillum in the middle of that and outlasting both, pretty much everything.

"...So after that, we came back to Ooo and I had more fun with Maite when she weirdly met us in the nude for some reason." Emerald said when he remembered getting hugged by Maite while she was naked but never heard the reason why for that.

Maite was blushing in embarrassment.

"It was after my test and I was just told you were back." She said.

"And you never felt a breeze before hugging me?... well I wasn't complaining when I made you squirm." Emerald said with a lustful tone to his voice when he looks at Maite.

Maite was blushing brightly as most chuckled.

"Damn… wish I was there to see it." One clone said.

"Yeah… though can't believe dad got you to wear the amulet. Then again He's always trying to force me… er, the boss here to wear it." The other clone said as she points at real Marceline.

"I see… well pretty sure we can all say in agreement that better for me to have it since I haven't gone mad… then again to answer the first clones question I don't mind making a repeat by having my way with Maite on a table here so guess part of my morals got tossed in exchange hehe." Emerald said when he grins at the first clone.

The first chuckles as she was liking Emerald.

"True that. Least you're handling it better than Finny here." She said.

"Really?... I may have forgotten some things thanks to how hectic some things were but you wore the amulet Finn?" Emerald said while Finn had a somewhat haunted look in his eyes.

"I don't want to talk about it." Finn said while Huntress pats him on the back.

"I-I see… a-anyway after we eat and get Finn and Huntress tested, maybe I could hang out with you two clones if you need a break and I can help you relax, you two are technically Marceline after all so can't say I don't care for you two… I can even do this as well." Emerald said when he summoned two magically made clones and they grin at the Marceline clones while Neddy, though spooked at the lightshow, looked confused when he looks at the three Emeralds and looked confused on who the real Emerald was and wiped his eyes to see if his eyes were playing tricks on him.

The two Marceline clones blinked in surprise.

"Whoa… Now this is a type of surprise that I like." The first clone said as she and the second one grins at the two Emerald clones.

The two Emerald clones grin as they look at the Marceline clones.

"And hopefully we will be a surprise you two will enjoy, unfortunately the boss's spell won't last too long, about an hour or two with how much energy he packed into us so while he can summon us, we don't last as long as two perfect beauties like yourself." The first Emerald clone said while the other nods his head in agreement.

The two clones pout.

"Man… that sucks." The duo said.

"Hey don't worry, our memories go to the boss so he can summon us again… either that or get his lazy ass to train with that spell or learn a more permanent skill to make clones that actually last." Emerald clone two said while Emerald got a tick mark on his head.

"Oi, I just learned the spell RECENTLY… I can only practice so much and pack so much energy into you guys before you start to get unstable and blow up like bombs… you want to blow up in these beauties faces?" Emerald said when he glared at the complaining clone with the whole time limit complaint.

"No…" One Emerald clone said.

"Good, now either shut it with the whole lazy ass thing or I'll stop with the cloning spell until I find a new way to make you guys… I got plenty of ways to please ladies and don't exactly need your help to do so and since you two are me… you know that I'm not bluffing… not trying to be an ass but you guys are complaining WAY too much about my lack of talent with cloning spells… so zip it or no more fun times for you guys." Emerald said when he glared at the clones who leaned back from Emerald when he looked like he would burn them with his glare alone.

"Geeze okay man. Just put your head in a freezer and chill." One clone said.

Emerald rolled his eyes before he looks at the Marceline clones.

"Anyway… Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumbass here are pretty much at your disposal until we get back… don't hold back on doing whatever… time limit aside… they can last." Emerald said while he grins at the Marceline clones.

The Marceline clones chuckled.

"Oh trust me, we don't know the meaning of holding back." One of them said while grinning.

That caused the clones to grin though one sweatdropped when he had a bad feeling he may want to vanish before his time limit was up.

Though after that, the group had a large meal and Neddy was fed a bit more by one of the Marceline clones and with the Emerald clones staying behind, the Emerald clone, Tweedle Dee, for now, was waving goodbye as they head to the throne room.

"Don't worry, we will get Neddy back to his room safe and sound, only a Grade A dumbass would try and harm him with us around." Tweedle Dee said while he grins at the Marceline clones and Tweedle Dumbass.

"Damn straight. If we can protect our women, then we can protect this guy from anything." Tweedle Dumbass said.

"Right, see you later Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dumbass, better earn better nicknames from the memories I get from you two later or by the time we get back." Emerald said before he and everyone else left Neddy and the clones alone.

"D-Dumbass?" Tweedle Dumbass said while Tweedle Dee chuckles.

"Hey you did call him a lazy ass, I mean we are Emerald so you know better than to insult ourself after all… anyway ladies lets get Neddy home and we can get to know one another." Tweedle Dee said when he placed his hands on the clone ladies waists and had them float by his side as he and Neddy who followed the clone ladies mainly, walked away from Tweedle Dumbass while his eye twitched.

"That cheeky…" The clone said before he follows the trio and Neddy.

The scene then went back to Huntress and the others as they exit her house, a doorway was set up behind the throne so it was simple to get back to Huntress's home area.

"Man its nice to fast travel." Emerald said when he looks around and saw that barely any time passed for the group thanks to how easy the travel system was now.

"Couldn't agree more. Imagine having to walk that much." Finn said.

"Well we would have strong legs then if we walked everywhere." Huntress pointed out before she looks at the group.

"Alright, the place we are going to head towards is actually close by, again stick close to me and let me do the talking with the Trents when we get to their gathering area, they are pretty territorial so it was hard for me to talk them into letting outsiders walk in like this." Huntress said while she gestured for the group to follow her again.

The group nods to Huntress before they followed her while being careful as they don't want to get caught or get attacked by something.

This allowed the group to was through the forest while after some times, some of the group felt like they were being watched and Emerald had Maite and Marceline stick by him just in case while the group followed Huntress more until they approach a massive clearing with plenty of trees and large treestumps here and there… though the weird thing was that there was no fallen trees near the stumps.

"Huh?... Is this the place? There's no one here besides us." Marceline said.

"Looks can be deceiving." Huntress Cryptically said before a deep voice was heard from all around the group.

"Indeed…" A booming voice said which caused many besides Huntress to get on guard while many of the treestumps shake and rattle before they actually start to move and turn in place while their roots moved like they were swimming in the earth without shifting the ground… like the dirt was water to the treestumps and when they turned to face the group, they saw large faces on the treestumps behind some of the tall trees, were large bipedial like tree monsters who look down at the group though they didn't do much aside from come out of hiding.

And to some surprise, many women, either barely clothed, nude, or just wore leaves were sitting on the tree like creatures heads, moving to get up off the treestump like beings on the ground, or even coming from the treetops while Huntress looks at the group she came with.

"Let me introduce you guys to the Trents, Ents, and the Wood Nymph and Nymph Hybrids of this area." Huntress said while she had a calm look on her face.

"Whoa… kinda reminds me of this old book Simon read to me. Don't remember the title but it involved a group of warriors. But there were walking trees in the story." Marceline said.

"I believe it was J.R.R. Tolkien who wrote a series that dealt with destroying a magical ring in a volcano." One of the Treestump creatures said… or was it a treestump Creature?... when one of them turned, this one had an actual tree instead of a stump above the face while Huntress turned and bowed to the being.

"Hello Grandfather Oak, thank you for gathering many for this unique kind of meeting." Huntress said to the being… wait… Grandfather!?

"W-Wait… he's your grandfather?" Maite said with a surprised look.

"Well its a bit complex, actually you could say Bubblegum and I have more in common then many would think… I believe I heard about something called a… Mother Gum was it?... well in this case you can call Grandfather Oak the original being who made Earth and Grass like beings like us… in a sense our source of life, we are not related persay since the bloodline is so diluted but all of us earthly beings, even the Spirit of the Forest, can thank Grandfather Oak here for aiding in our creation, or in the Spirit of the Forests case, the enabler of a physical form for him given the right circumstances, if you want a timeframe, he came into being right when the Premushroom war was near its end." Huntress said while she looks at everyone.

Everyone else was shocked at the info.

"That is… very surprising." Bubblegum said as she couldn't believe there was a being that was like her mother though it's been many years when Bubblegum thought of her.

"Hohoho… its not that surprising my dear young Gum, after all how do you think each being on Ooo came to be after the Mushroom war?... each being categories by the element had a progenitor that can self reproduce or ensure that they wouldn't be alone for centuries… I mean ask this, would fire elementals come from just fire?... no, Fire elementals require more then just a spark of heat, and water elementals require more then just water… no its the spark of life… no matter how odd one is, the spark of life is pretty much the deciding factor in how a being is created, even for undead beings like your young Vampire Friend here, she has her own kind of spark of life even if she is undead and your friend here with the Amulet of Chaos, though altered, has his own spark thanks to his origins." Grandfather Oak said while Emerald blinks when he looks at the amulet… Amulet of Chaos?... shouldn't it be Nightosphere?

Everyone blinked a bit in confusion.

"Uh excuse me sir. Isn't it actually the Amulet of the Nightosphere?" Finn said.

"Actually my dear Human, currently its called the amulet of the Nightosphere, but in the past the Nightosphere was called hell, and its also a rather chaotic place in general… its all a matter of perspective… besides… seems easier on the mouth if it was just called the amulet of chaos right?" Grandfather Oak said while he sounded amused when he looks at Finn with barely seen eyes that just shimmered with Wisdom and a bit of mischievousness as well which made Huntress chuckle a bit.

"Always the one to see deeper with meanings then others…. Anyway Finn, everyone, this is Grandfather Oak, our creator, if it wasn't for him, none of us would be standing here or even in one piece, many here would rather either force us away or use the females of the group for breeding purposes for survival and let the female Nymphs have their way with the men here, you should be thanking Grandfather Oak on him getting everyone here in line." Huntress said while she saw many earthly beings eye the group while Grandfather oak chuckles a bit.

"Well my dear sapling, while its true that I am keeping them from doing anything rash, aside from you and your bondmate, the others here are technically breaking many rules just by being here, normally the strong take the weak and I try and not interfere given that the current generation should be the ones making the choices, not me, but an idea that I had was just too good to pass up on and since the Candy princess wants to use us for her own end, why not use her and you all as well in exchange… a trade of sorts." Grandfather Oak said while he sounded a bit… cryptic..

"And what challenge is that?" Bubblegum said.

"Simple really, as you can see many here are rather against unclaimed beings walking around like they own the place so in a rather crude way of speaking, you must select a partner here and satisfy them, simple as that, if you pass, you can leave and depending on how well you do, the person you pick could even join you as potential bondmate material." Grandfather Oak said while he had an amused look in his eyes.

Everyone was surprised after hearing that though Maite gulped as she looks at Grandfather Oak.

"And what happens if none of us pass?"

"Simple, the winner gets to claim the loser for themselves, survival of the fittest after all." Grandfather Oak said before a large amount of energy emits from Emerald.

"Oi… do you really think I wouldn't turn you into Wood Chips… let me spell it out for you… Marceline… Maite… Lillum… they are MY women… I don't mind if they have fun but if you think I wouldn't defend them from a damn army that you have better think again…" Emerald said while his features turned dark and his eyes glowed an eerie white which was unnerving while many trents, Ents, and Nymph's look nervous while Grandfather Oak didn't look phased.

"Hooo… then do you doubt their skills?" Grandfather Oak said which made Emerald raise an eyebrow.

"Huh?... what's that got to do with this shit you are talking about?" Emerald growled out to the first Trent.

Everyone else felt tension before Finn tries to calm the situation.

"Look Emerald, I get that you're getting angry but you don't want to provoke the people of the forest."

Though Emerald shocked everyone when he gripped Finn around the throat and lifts him into the air with surprisng ease and looked Finn in the eye.

"Finn… three things… you… have no right to try and calm ME down… your Bitch of a mate brought us here so unless she has a damn good reason for that… back off or I will punch you THROUGH that fucking pile of Wood!... second if I said something like me wanting to claim Huntress, pretty sure you would be pissed the fuck off and want blood… and finally… do I look the most stable to be reasoned with right now!?... I could cripple you and force myself on Huntress and pretty sure by the law of the woods here I could damn well do that with how this fucker is saying things so I'm only giving ONE warning Finn… and no matter how angry Marceline… Maite… or Lillum get… I will rip ANYONE apart if they try and harm them so if you think you are wanting to calm the situation down… then do it with your bitch and her fucking family then while I still have enough self control to not raze this damned forest to the fucking ground!" Emerald growled with rising bloodlust before he threw Finn a bit away while he looks Finn in the eyes as Finn sat up and Finn saw so much restrained rage in Emerald's eyes… one wrong move now and Emerald would snap no matter what unless something was done.

Maite sighs as she knew what needed to be done as she gets behind Emerald and summons her hammer.

'Sorry Emerald.' She thought before she raised her hammer and slams it on Emerald's head.

Though to everyone's shock, Emerald didn't even seem effected by that… in fact Maite's weapon seemed to crack a bit while Emerald looks at Maite.

"Maite… do that again and I will destroy that weapon… I'm not in the mood to humor a hit right now while these fuckers are trying to claim what is mine." Emerald said with a barely restrained tone when he tried to not snap at Maite before he looks away from her.

Maite was shocked that her attack didn't work and not only that, her weapon was cracked.

'How did this happen?' She thought as the rest of the group wondered how they're gonna stop Emerald.

Though Grandfather Oak just chuckles a bit at the sight.

"Well then… why not a change in the conditions then?, if you'll humor me by hearing me out at least." GO said which caused Emerald to look at him with piercing white eyes while he kept quiet so that GO could continue.

"Hehe, good, simply put, after Finn and Huntress do their study session with two beings here of their choice, you take on the toughest Wood Nymph here in a small fight to see if your abilities are not all just rumors…. If you win you get to claim her by law, if the opposite happens, then she gets to claim you as her own, if I had to guage her power… it terms of raw strength, she would be superior to Huntress Wizard in terms of being in tune with the earth, not only personally trained by the Spirit of the Forest, but is training to become my successor as well once I go into my slumbering state." Grandfather Oak said while Emerald was oddly quiet before he speaks up.

"Why wait then… bring whoever you want out and lets get this fight over with, personally I could care less about claiming anyone since I'm not in the damn mood and if I can get everyone away from here safely then the sooner the better…" Emerald said while he really didn't sound amused to be here though he did calm a bit from the condition change, he still looked ready to break something.

Marceline, Maite and Lillum were concerned for Emerald as Bubblegum was a bit cautious now.

Finn wasn't liking this situation.

'Glob… this is not good. His anger is much worse than Cedric's… as far as I was told… Someone is gonna get hurt.' He thought but then lightly frown.

'Though he didn't have to call Huntress a bitch. If this nymph doesn't beat his ass, I will personally punch him for that insult.'

A moment later, a voice was heard.

"No need Transgressor, I've been here from the start." A voice said from the treetops before a beautiful looking Wood Nymph appeared and from the power felt… she wasn't one to take lightly… unlike the other wood Nymphs she wore a rather regal looking robe that was forest themed like she was a princess of the Forest… made sense given what was heard.

All Emerald did was look at her and she had a masked face like Huntress, her face was more angular then Huntress's, she was a little taller then Huntress but not as toned in muscle, all in all she looked like a beauty beyond compare for most Wood Nymphs and had a rather shapely body too boot that would make most men and women drool.

Though while many did blush… Emerald's current state didn't change much while he was quiet.

The wood nymph raised her eyebrow at Emerald's lack of reaction.

"Wow… no comment on my appearance? Seems I'm facing a man with too much anger."

"Lets just get this over with, if all Wood Nymphs are trickers like Huntress or twisted like your Grandfather, I don't want to be associated with any of you… people can say I over react and what not but trying to claim my women or force a situation out of the blue… well… do you think I would give a good reaction to any kind of look in the state I'm in?... what are the rules?... make the opponent submit?... knockout?... either work?" Emerald said while he had an even tone to his voice.

The nymph frown a bit.

"I watch that tone if I were you. As for the rules, if you don't have a hankering for murder, we try to knock each other out or make one of us submit. Though when this is over, I suggest you talk to a specialist for your anger."

Emerald then starts to chuckle a bit from that oddly enough.

"Hehehe… HAHAHAHA!" Emerald laughed like he just went mad or something which was all kinds of unnerving in so many ways.

Everyone was surprised and confused at this turn of events.

The wood nymph raised her eyebrow.

"And what pray tell is so funny?"

Emerald stops laughing when he looks at the Wood Nymph.

"Its just ironic that I was told to get my anger checked out and what not like a certain friend I know of back in the Candy Kingdom is doing… however unlike him as far as I know, I actually have a reason for my anger… I came here to get a job but accidently got the Vampire Queen knocked up… I was turned into a demonic mentally unstable demon like being and I found out recently AFTER I was apparently killed and revived by this amulet that I couldn't die and the ONLY thing human about me is probably my soul and mind now, and until now, I never was able to test out my abilities for real in a fight… and while there is mainly a culture difference but let me ask you this… if its your culture to try and force yourself on my women and myself and Demonic beings like myself want to keep whats mine safe from fuckers like you… should I just act chill like you and let it happen?... or fight back to protect what's mine?... let me give you a general timeframe… all of this shit happened to me within a damned week or so so I have a LOT of stress building right now… so let me give you one warning… use your strongest moves and your best defense… because one wrong move…" Emerald said before he gave the Nymph a look so cold that the air around Emerald seemed chilling.

"You may die because I don't know how to hold back yet." Emerald simply said while his body radiated demonic power and the amulet of the Nightosphere bursts with more power for the full 20% that Emerald could use which was… staggering to say the least.

The nymph may have shuddered when she felt the power but still held her ground.

"Let's see if you're true to your word." She said before getting into a stance.

Though to everyone's shock, all Emerald did was move with a burst of speed that Marceline could barely follow and before the Nymph could realize what was going on, she was gripped on the face and all Emerald said was this.

"Sorry." Emerald said before he slammed the Nymph's head into the ground so hard that the ground cracked greatly from the impact and the Nymph didn't move after a moment and when Emerald lets go of the Nymph, everyone saw that she was out cold with the whites of her eyes being seen and her body twitched ever couple seconds.

Everyone's jaw dropped when they saw that Emerald beat the wood nymph in just a second and the fight was barely started.

Emerald then dusts his hands off before he starts walking away while he still looked angered.

"Do whatever you want… just don't force my women into your sick games old man otherwise you and your forest home will get destroyed… that's a promise." was all Emerald said before he walked by everyone who just let him pass without much issue since well… this was a shocking thing to see.

Everyone was just silent as they didn't know what to say or if they wanted to say anything.

Though as Emerald was about to leave, Grandfather Oak chuckles oddly enough which got Emerald and the other's attention.

"And what pray tell is so funny old man?" Emerald said while Grandfather Oak looks at Emerald.

"Hohoho, nothing much young man, but seems like you are just how I thought you would be, completely impartial when it comes to various matters yet you only truely show your capabilities when loved ones are involved, My apologize but this was all a test of sorts devized by myself and a few others to show the rest of my children here that out of all of you, currently you are the most dangerous so it would be most undesirable to anger you… you even held back against a magical double of all things instead of destroying it as well to boot." Grandfather Oak said while the knocked out Nymph on the ground… cracked and looked more wood like while the same Nymph appeared from behind Grandfather Oak who didn't look worse for wear while Emerald was silent… everyone else besides Huntress however…

Everyone else was just shocked after hearing this.

"Dude… that's messed up. You purposely made Emerald an ass just to test him to see how far he would go." Finn said.

"On the contrary, young human… I could have done much worse, all I did was test to see how controlled he can be… after all let me ask a hypothetical… what if his women were harmed or put into a situation just like this but the worst happened?... or maybe a situation where something horrible happened to his ladies happened and Emerald appeared to see the worst?... what do you think Emerald would do in that situation?... you may question my methods but considering you are friends with people and beings who are worse with their own methods… I believe I'm the lesser of two evils more or less… besides you heard him… with his unique circumstance, I would have had to test him before letting anyone of my children near him for their safety in case he was mentally unstable or easily angered like his friend Cedric, ancient and barely related anymore or not I am still a parent to children and want what's best for them… remember Finn you are mated to Huntress Wizard, a being who while drifted from the ways of the forest, slowly gained a balance between her magic and heritage… simply put in the law of the forest and earth, its survival of the fittest, do you really think Huntress would bring all of you here without some kind of test to see if you and the outsiders are worthy?... my Roots know all on this continent yet thanks to how abrupt the humans from the outside moved in, I know nearly nothing about them other then them being power hungry or trigger happy enough to start world ending wars… I know your deeds and know you are more than worthy of Huntress's hand since she has the most potential out of all the Nymph's here as a combative Wood Nymph." Grandfather Oak said while he looked Finn in the eyes with a look full of Wisdom.

Finn was just quiet after hearing this and even though that the Grandfather Oak bring in some 'good points', he still didn't like this test and was still pissed at Emerald.

"Still I should apologize, test or not, this was a bit harsh, I would… do as you walkers say and bow, but as you can see I'm a mighty oak and not a willow." Grandfather Oak said before he laughed while everyone, even Emerald sweatdrop at the Joke.

"Boo." Marceline said with a thumbs down.

Grandfather Oak sweatdrops for a moment and cleared his throat.

"Y-Yes well, it's been awhile since I last told a good joke, but while its true that the double of this lovely lady here was a double, her power and what not were not fabricated so it was like you fought and best her for real, may I introduce you to Willow, she is a powerful Wood Nymph who inherited my abilities but has yet to mature fully to use them at their full potential and needs more training, I hope you can get along with her." Grandfather Oak said while the Wood Nymph approached the group while not showing fear and bowed to the group.

"My apology for the rudeness I have shown you all, my grandfather may have had good intentions but they came at a cost of trust and in this beings case, provoked his anger intentionally, I can't say much other than we are sorry." Willow said while she bowed to the group, mainly Emerald who stayed quiet through all of this.

No one else know what to say but were now worried on what Emerald was gonna say after everything.

Though… he said nothing as he turned to walk away while Willow watched Emerald for a moment before the scene fades to black.

(End of Part 1, Part two will start with Everyone being worried for Emerald so the chapter literally starts out a moment after the ending here once posted.)

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