Bubblegum's Creature Study @emerald
Break time for many

The scene opened up to show TME and Atomsk while they were eating at a table, seems TME got dorito tacos for the meal.

Atomsk was enjoying a couple of steak burritos.

"Hmm, these burritos are good."

TME looked confused when he heard that.

"Huh, seems my order got mixed with Burritos… oh well, more variety for us, mind passing a Burrito to me?" TME said while he looks at Atomsk after he finished a Taco.

"Sure." Atomsk said before tossing TME a still wrapped burrito.

"Thanks, now you get to speak to the reader since my mouth is full hehe." TME said before he ate his burrito.

Atomsk chuckles before looking at the readers.

"Hey everyone and welcome to a new chapter of BCS. So last time Finn and the gang, minus Cedric who's with Angel and Lillum being somewhere else, the group followed Epsi and her sisters to the last city of… Atlantis! Dun Dun Dun." He said for dramatic.

"*Swallows bite of food*... Yeah and Emerald gained two ladies there, Epsilon or Epsi for Short the Princess of Atlantis and her sister and possibly head of the Royal guard if were taking this literally since Gamma and the rest of her sisters guard Epsi, everyone else in the study group went around Atlantis to enjoy the sights and what not, how will this new day hold up?, who knows, we could have two creatures studied here if we can't make a good plot but all in all, pretty sure most of you are more focused on lemons then plot but we still give both anyway hehe." TME said before he chuckles at the readers.

"Hehe you said it. Though here's a q… who should be next in the hired arc of things?" Atomsk said.

"Hmmm… why not mix this up and go both Finn and Huntress here if we can fit them in this chapter?, should be a good way to save time and I know just the two creatures we can use hehe… and real this time so no simulation to boot." TME said while he smirks at Atomsk.

Atomsk chuckles.

"Nice. Have anything else to say before starting the chap?"

"Yeah… what time is it?" TME said while he held a fist out towards Atomsk.

Atomsk smirks before holding his fist out.

"It's Adventure Time!"

"Well I was going to say Creature Study time but that works to." TME said while he gave Atomsk an amused look.

Atomsk blinks a few times.

"Oh haha, let's start the chapter." He said.

TME laughs and looks at the readers.

"RIGHT!, Time to go back to Atlantis!" TME said while the scene went to Emerald, Gamma, and Epsi when they started to wake in Epsi's bedroom.

Ooo/ Sunken Atlantis/ Epsi's bedroom/ Emerald, Gamma, Epsi

The scene showed Emerald, while he cuddled with Gamma and Epsi while the three slept soundly for a bit, hours passed since the last chapter and Epsi was starting to stir first.

"Hmmm… what a night." Epsi said with a slight groan before trying to sit up.

Though she was unable to move at the moment when she felt something over her body which kept her pinned to the bed.

Epsi blinked before she turns her head and her eyes widened before blushing brightly as she looks who was pinning her.

Emerald, who was lightly breathing was hugging Epsi a bit to him and her head was on his chest and she could hear his heart beating… either that or the amulet of the Nightosphere was pulsing on Emerald's chest like it was his heart now.

Epsi was blushing brightly again as she saw how close she was with Emerald and didn't know what to do besides staying where she was since the mermaid princess can't move.

Though not like she can complain since it felt a bit nice.

Though thanks to Epsi moving a bit to look at Emerald he starts to stir and blinks a few times before he looks at Epsi.

He then grins when he saw her.

"Hey there blue fish beauty, sleep well?" Emerald said when he grins at Epsi more at the nickname.

Epsi blushes a bit more.

"Y-Yeah. You?"

"Pretty great, though a wake up kiss from one of my ladies so I don't constantly drown would be a nice wake up call to start the day… or night?... not sure how long we slept but can't be too careful right?" Emerald said while he gently held Gamma as well and the shift caused Gamma to stir from her slumber.

"Hmmm, w-what's with the moving." Gamma said as she starts to wake up.

When she did she blinks in shock and surprise when she saw that she was in Emerald's embrace with one arm while he held Epsi with the other and he smiles at her.

"Hey Gamma, sleep well?" Emerald asked to see if Gamma was alright… and hopefully remembered last night so no stabbing would occur since he saw the surprise in her eyes.

Gamma was still shocked for a moment.

"S-Surprisingly yes." She said as she blushes lightly.

"Hehe, good." Emerald said before he kissed Gamma on the forehead since it was closest to his face and he couldn't move at the moment besides his head.

Gamma blushes again from the gesture which made Epsi lightly giggle.

Emerald just laid back on the bed for a moment and blinks before he smirks at the duo.

"Hey quick Question Epsi, how long were we asleep?, got a way to tell time here?, got a reason why I'm asking that." Emerald said while he seemed to have a thoughtful look on his face.

"Hmmm, let's check the hourglass." Epsi said before turning her to look at said object on her night table.

Surprisingly, it looked specially made when the top part had AM and the bottom had PM with marked lines on the side.

Emerald blinked in surprise when he saw that and after a minute of looking at the hourglass, Epsi looks back at Emerald.

"Its been 7 hours since we fell asleep, I saw the time before we got on my bed." Epsi said which caused Emerald to hum.

"Hmmm… nice… though I do have to say since you two are well rested, want to continue on where we left off if its late at night and the others are asleep or go back to sleep after I get a good night kiss?" Emerald said while he grins at Epsi and Gamma.

Said duo blinked a bit after hearing that.

Though Epsi was surprised when she heard what Gamma said.

"Well… I don't mind a repeat."

Emerald smirks at that and used some movement to pull Gamma close.

"Alright… the fee for a good time is a kiss so…" Emerald said before he kissed Gamma on the lips after making sure she was comfortable.

Gamma blushes from that action before she slowly kiss back.

This caused Emerald and Gamma to make out a bit while Epsi looked on for a moment while unknown to the group, Marceline and Maite was floating/swimming towards the room when they asked for some directions to see how Emerald was doing… Epsi they were cool with… Gamma was a different matter since she was a bit stab happy in their eyes.

"Hope Emerald is doing okay. I have no problem with Epsi but Gamma though…" Maite said with a narrowed look.

"Yeah, though considering we haven't heard screams of pain yet, we shouldn't get too hostile here, can barely move in water." Marceline said to remind Maite to not do anything too crazy, she had to keep her cool like Marceline did right now while she grins at Maite.

"Though if things are going well… think Emerald would break that promise to Lillum and fuck Gamma in the all long ago?" Marceline said while she sounded amused as she and Maite approach Epsi's room.

Maite blushes at the thought.

"I-I don't know… though it's Emerald we're talking about."

"Hehe, yeah, anyway here is the door and I think we came here at the right time for the fun." Marceline said before she opened the bedroom door without knocking and she and Maite saw Emerald eating Gamma out while she was on her back and Epsi looked on while Emerald had a few tentacles work Gamma's ass good.

Gamma groans a few times from having her pussy eaten out and tentacles were really working Gamma's ass as Maite was surprised at the sight.

Marceline smirks when she saw that cleared her throat to get the trios attention on the bed.

That made Epsi and Gamma blinked before they were surprised to see Marceline and Maite at the door.

"O-Oh… Marceline and Maite. Wasn't aware the two of you were awake." Epsi said.

"Yeah well we happened to be awake and near your place so figured we could join in on the fun if possible… what do you say Maite?" Marceline said when she nudged Maite for a moment to get her attention.

Maite blushes a bit brightly.

"I-I don't mind." She said.

"Great, what about you Epsi, mind if we join in?, could be fun and with how your sister is acting with Emerald, doubt she would complain… besides you seem pretty lonely so why not get to know you intimately." Marceline said when she approached the bed with a lustful look in her eyes.

Epsi blushes from the look.

"W-Well… I guess it can be… okay." She said while still blushing.

"Great and just a reminder…" Marceline said before she formed a cock on her body, Emerald's size and length…

"...I am a shapeshifter so can have a lot more fun then you may think." Marceline said while she smirks at Epsi.

Epsi blushes brightly in surprise when she saw Marceline's cock as Maite got close to the duo.

Marceline smirks when she got close to Epsi with Maite in tow and when the two got on the bed, Maite kissed Epsi when she got close and Marceline smirks at the sight.

Epsi was surprised by this action for a bit before she slowly starts to kiss Maite back a little.

While this happened, Emerald noticed Marceline and Maite and Maite kissing Epsi and pulled away from eating out Gamma though he had a couple tentacles go to her pussy as a result.

"Oh hey Marcy, nice to see you and Maite getting along with one of my new ladies… long story short, had a bet with Gamma and Epsi… I won." Emerald said while he grins at Marceline.

Marceline blinks a few times after hearing that before smirking.

"Really now. So I guess Mrs. Stab happy is behaving?"

"Oh yeah, take a look to see for yourself." Emerald said while his tentacles ran wild and wiggle in the moaning and groaning Gamma who had trouble processing things from the pleasure she was getting.

Gamma groans as her tail swished making Marceline grin.

"Good. Though I wonder… did you fuck her in the ass Emerald?" She said.

"Yeah, I'll make it up to Lillum later since she would be pretty happy to know I got two new ladies for her to have fun with… either that or she could have some fun with me being bound or something for some kind of kinky roleplay if she wants… you complaining?" Emerald said while he grins at Marceline.

Marceline chuckles.

"Heck no. If there's anything fun happening, you bet your sexy ass I'll be there." She said with a smirk.

Emerald chuckles when he heard that and gestures for Marceline to approach him.

"Then get rid of that cock for now so I can show you some real fun while I please that sexy body of yours." Emerald said with a lustful look in his eyes.

Marceline grins before she made her cock disappear before floating towards Emerald.

When she was close enough, Emerald gently gripped her on the back of her head and kissed her lips and had his tongue poke at her lips a few times to see if he can get permission for his tongue to enter Marceline's mouth.

Marceline smirks before she opens her lips and had her tongue fight off Emerald's tongue after returning the kiss.

This caused the duo to make out for a bit while Epsi, Maite, and Gamma who felt the tentacles slow in her, noticed after they saw Emerald kissing Marceline… though Maite noticed he only had one cock shockingly enough.

"Huh? What happened to Emerald's other cock?" Maite said.

Emerald pulled away from the kiss and smirks at Maite.

"Well I can explain that in a moment but missing the twin cocks that I had?" Emerald said while he grins teasingly at Maite.

Maite blushes brightly.

"J-Just curious." She said though part of her body said otherwise.

Emerald chuckles while he summoned the second cock from his body which everyone noticed.

"Apparently my body is more… command in putty then I would have thought, apparently when I was having fun with these two sexy mermaids, I said something like wanting to remove the second cock so I could have an easier time with them and well… my body or the amulet acted accordingly… as you can see." Emerald said while he had his cock vanish and appear like a adult rated jack-in-the-box.

Marceline and Maite blinks in surprise after hearing this.

"Hehe, wow. Talk about learning new tricks." Marceline said.

"Yeah, handy for much later… for now, I'll just stick single dicked for now so I can have fun with everyone here without issues… I'll go duel cocks when we land dwellers get back on dry land." Emerald said with a teasing look on his face.

Maite blushes again along with Epsi and Gamma as Marceline chuckles.

"Alright. At ease sailor. Time to get back to this." She said before cupping Emerald's cheeks and smash her lips on his.

Emerald didn't complain when he let the kiss happen and used his hands to fondle Marceline's ass cheeks while he pulled her in so he could feel her body against his own.

Marceline moans into the kiss as she feels Emerald's muscled body on hers as everyone watches.

The scene then went to many, MANY, hours later to show everyone in the throne room while they were missing Maite, Marceline, Epsi, Emerald, and Gamma and many were confused by that.

"Huh, wonder where Marcy, Maite and Emerald are at?" Finn said.

"Not to mention Epsi and Gamma. It's not like them to be late." Delta said with a concerned look.

"Knowing Emerald and how Maite and Marceline are, maybe they joined the trio in Epsi's room, could be a good reason why she is late." Bubblegum said while blushing a bit at how intense things could get with Emerald and Marceline teaming up.

"Actually we're here now, sorry for being late." Emerald said while he, in a loincloth now, and Maite in a loincloth and bra like binding, were swimming in front of Marceline, Epsi, and Gamma though Epsi and Gamma had bright blushes on their faces when they were seen and Gamma looks away from everyone… now that was a new look for those who knew her.

Everyone blinks when they saw Gamma's blush.

"Something we should know about?" Zeta said with a smirk.

"Hehe, just celebrating two new ladies for my growing harem… Epsi and Gamma lost a bet to me and now they are my loving ladies." Emerald said while he smirks at everyone in the room.

Everyone else was surprised at the info especially Epsi's sisters.

"Seriously?!... you were able to claim Epsi and tame Gamma?" Eta said.

"Hehe, oh yeah… want proof..." Emerald said before he placed an arm around Gamma's waist and pulled her in for a rather intense kiss while all the guards jaws dropped since the normally ice Queen like Gamma was getting kissed by a land dweller no less in front of everyone… hope there would be no blood this time.

Gamma blushes from that action before everyone else was shocked when Gamma returns the kiss in front of them.

This caused the duo to make out for a moment and Emerald pulled away from the kiss and grins at everyone.

"See… no longer hostile." Emerald said while he grins at the others.

Everyone else was still speechless while Gamma blushes.

However, Hunson chuckles.

"Hehe, you're doing good boy. Looks this world will have an interesting harem king is you keep getting more ladies. Unless Finn or that Cedric boy becomes contenders." He said with a smirk.

"Hmmm… maybe, top quality ladies already, Cedric just needs to go to therapy and Finn may need to up his game with the ladies so he doesn't stick with Huntress… but all in all don't mind if they want to try and get other ladies." Emerald said while he didn't seem offended at the harem king thing.

Finn blinks a bit after hearing that before glancing at his girlfriend even though Huntress can't speak.

Emelina though crossed her arms.

"Speaking of, I need to give my son a stern talking to when I get back home."

"Well pretty sure he and Marceline are even after the beating she gave him, Cedric did say he would go to therapy soon so think you can give him a break for now oh beautiful and wise wolf woman?" Emerald said when he didn't want there to be conflict and wanted to try and butter Emelina up so she would get in a better mood.

Emelina blinked a bit from that before chuckling.

"Fine… I'll ease up a bit. Though careful how you flatter me." She said with a smirk.

"Why, worried your hubby would get jealous or Cedric would have issues with that?, Gamma here proved I can revive thanks to this so I say bring it on." Emerald said while he shadow boxed under water, if Juan or Cedric attacked him he would defend himself, he wouldn't attack without reason though made it comical in his response.

Emelina though chuckles.

"I was talking about me. If you forgot, I can be very tough during a fight… and in the bed room if you catch my drift." She said with a fang grin.

All Emerald got was a smirk on his face and he points a finger and a few tentacles at Epsi, Gamma, Marceline, and Maite.

"Counting Lillum and a one time thing with Bubblegum... I outlasted every lady I've been with, pretty sure I could handle you, though guess that means you and your family have an open relationship huh?" Emerald said while he looks amused when the 4 ladies blushed when they couldn't counter Emerald at the moment… he did have a broken stamina meter more or less while everyone elses was intact.

"Well I did have fun with Angel's mother. Not saying bad about my hubby, but Akari was the only one to actually keep up." Emelina said.

"Huh, interesting to know, maybe you and I could have fun later when we are not busy, though it seems like everyone here will be pretty busy in the next few hours… mainly Finn and Huntress's targets for their own studies since we got plenty of info here… well not sure about Cedric but I got plenty of info on how Mermaids tick that I can upload to Bubblegum's simulation room for interesting fun later." Emerald said while he grins at Emelina more.

"Hehe, interesting. We'll set a up a plan then." Emelina said as she grins back.

That caused Emerald and Emelina to shake hands while everyone sweatdrops at the sight.

Finn whispers to Bubblegum and Huntress.

"This just got weird and I feel sorry for Cedric if he found out."

Bubblegum sweatdrops.

"Nothing we can do about it." She whispers.

All Huntress could do was nod her head a few times and the scene went to the surface to show everyone coming out of the pool of water and the mermaid royals all came to say goodbye to the land dwellers while they got dressed in their now dried clothing.

"Well I will admit that it was interesting meeting you all." Beta said.

"Yeah, stop by, Gamma actually looks relaxed now and Epsi seems to have this glow about her, we should plan a marriage or something to make this relationship official in the future." Zeta said while she sounded excited.

Epsi and Gamma blinked a few times after hearing that.

"Z-Zeta?!... a bit too soon." Epsi said as she blushes brightly.

"Hehe, well can you blame her, you actually look sad to see Emerald to go, and even Gamma looked a bit down." Delta said while Emerald rubbed his nose and grins at the mermaids.

"Oh don't worry, as soon as I learn how to make clones some way, either magic or by some ability of this amulet, I'll send a clone or two here and they can really have a lot of fun with showing Gamma and Epsi a good time… maybe the rest of you if you are interested." Emerald said when he grins at the rest of the mermaids and winked at them.

Huntress looks amused and smirks at Finn.

"You know Finn, don't mind if you want to try and get a mermaid or two as your ladies if you want, or want Emerald to be the only guy here with many ladies at his side?" Huntress said while she looked amused and was happy to actually talk… she would need to rework that talking underwater spell for self cast use as well.

Finn blinks a few times.

"W-Well… no. Though I didn't know if you would be okay if I started a harem."

"Well I was a bit iffy at first but could be good training if you think about it, and I have an idea on who lady one could be if she is interested… and it also helps that her father can be a good pick for Bubblegum's Creature Study as well." Huntress said which got Bubblegum's attention.

"And who would they be Huntress?" Bubblegum said.

"Hehe, simple, a Trent from my forest home and a Trents Wood Nymph hybrid Daughter, some can use the bonding ritual but others don't, its more or less just sensing one another as the main product of the ritual for them, they have higher chances of getting knocked up, like… 25%... its a round number there since one in 4 get knocked up but its still a good number." Huntress said when she talked about a Trent and the daughter that she knew.

Everyone else was surprised after hearing this.

"S-Seriously?" Maite said with a surprised look.

"Seriously… Trents are a main source of Sap and well… there is a fun way of getting it… Trents have many Tentacle like vines… sometimes nearly 30 and that shows that the many tentacled Trents are strong Elder Trents, pretty happy to see and mate with Wood Nymphs so Trents are friendly as long as you know how to deal with them." Huntress said while she smirks at Maite.

As Maite blushes Finn blinks as he realized something.

"Wait, is it the same Trent you always go to get his… sap?" He said.

"Well more or less, there are younger Trents who are getting my attention since they have been giving a lot of sap, the Trent I know is getting on in age but can still give it good, so its more and more fun nowadays instead of business, I know the Trent's daughter and mother, can bring them tomorrow or we can visit my place if were doing this as a field trip type of thing if the Princess here doesn't mind getting down and dirty in the forest." Huntress said when she smirks at Bubblegum and her prim and proper attitude.

Bubblegum blushes brightly at the attention as Marceline chuckles.

"Oh you should see Bonnie when she gets down and dirty. I heard she had some good fun with Cedric when he was unconscious." She said.

"M-Marceline?!" Bubblegum said in embarrassment.

"Oh really?, does my little Cedric have the eye of the Candy Kingdom Princess?" Emelina said when she teased Bubblegum a bit.

Maite giggles.

"Well, when Cedric woke up, he seriously gave Bubblegum what she wanted after I was done with my test." She said making Bubblegum blush more.

"Was that before or after she had fun with him while he was out like a light thanks to her scanning helmet?" Azure said with an amused tone to her voice when she enjoyed seeing Bubblegum squirm while Emelina looked amused.

"Maybe I should call her the next Mrs. Middleton if she and Cedric get married." Emelina said while she looks greatly amused.

Everyone else chuckled or lightly laughed a bit.

"O-Okay… I think its time we head on back to Emelina's home so we can get results from Cedric's test." Bubblegum said in hopes to change the subject.

"Either that or she can jump Cedric's bone hehe." Emerald said when he walked by Bubblegum but not before he smirks at Bubblegum.

"Though if you want to have fun with me, I'm more than happy to show a sweet lady like you a good time… don't want to split up you and Marcy so might as well try and get both ladies as my own… no insult and full respect to all ladies… just can't help but try and be selfish when it comes to nice looking and nice minded ladies." Emerald said while he winks at Bubblegum before he left the area and walks from everyone.

Bubblegum blushes brightly before facepalming herself making Marceline chuckle.

"Hehe, chill Bonnie. There's nothing wrong with showing that dirty side of yours. I find it sexy." She said with a lustfilled smirk.

This caused Bubblegum to blush more while many chuckle and Marceline had to push Bubblegum out of the room while Huntress looks at Epsi and Gamma.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure Emerald learns how to clone himself or we could find another way if the Princess can't make that way for you Mermaids to be on land." Huntress said before she left the mermaids alone.

Everyone else looks at the mermaids.

"Well it was nice meeting you Delta. Maybe when I come back we can look at some of the dungeons you showed me." Finn said with a smile.

Delta blushed at that and nods her head lightly while Zeta looks a Azure with a grin on her face.

"Make sure that boyfriend of yours enjoys those recipes and knock his socks off Azure." Zeta said while Azure had a small smirk on her face.

"Oh I'm sure he will and I'll make sure to do that, and who knows, Cedric could come here later to have fun with you since he seems to like tough ladies." Azure said while she smirks at Zeta.

"Hehe, sounds like a plan." Zeta said with a grin.

Maite looks at Alpha.

"I had an interesting time on the tour Alpha and enjoyed seeing the weaponry."

"Yeah Yeah, just fucking go now before things get odd." Alpha said in her foul mouthed persona before she went into her kind persona.

"Though do visit please, it would be nice to get to know you really well." Alpha said while she grins at Maite and winked at her in a teasing way.

Though Maite blush, she sweatdrops at the personality change before she nods her head at Alpha and leaves.

Thanks to Bubblegum being pushed out, she couldn't say anything to Alpha, Hunson at this time looks at Beta.

"Thanks for the tour Beta was it?, I'll make sure next time I visit I don't suck out some guards soul, honestly guy should have listened when I said I was not a pickpocket yet tried to cuff me anyway." Hunson said with an amused tone to his voice before he walked away from the group.

Beta sweatdrops.

"Remind me to put warning signs for the guards in case this guy comes back." She said to her sisters.

"Alright, put warning signs up before he comes here then when we go back home." Alpha said while it was hard to tell if this was her foul mouthed side or her kind side… could be both with how amused she looks.

Beta and her sisters sweatdrop before they look at the others.

They then said goodbye to everyone else and swam away while the camera went to Emerald and the others while they head towards Cedric's home.

"Hehe, don't know about you guys, but I can definitely cross this off my list since I finally saw Atlantis." Hunson said before he finally took out his list and crossed out whatever was written.

"Still surprised you were able to have a human form on Ooo though you don't have memories of the time… isn't it boring since it's technically watching another person's life?, that pretty much shocked the Nightosphere out of me." Emerald said when he glanced at Hunson for a moment.

Though Hunson looks amused he Pat's Emerald on the back.

"Maybe in the past but no longer, thanks to you I can come here any time I want now and not have to worry about making a portal on this side!, Can pal around with Marceline, steal souls if I'm able, have fun with parties… the dimensions the limit!" Hunson said before he laughed a bit at the situation while Emerald sweatdrops at the Lord of Evil.

Marceline felt embarrassed by her dad's actions as the group got closer to Emelina's home.

When they got there, they saw in the living room Juan while he was feeding Eruru and Cedric was cooking a meal while Angel was shaking a rattle above Eruru which made her giggle and Ben was snoozing nearby to show he was tuckered out.

"Hey everyone. We're back." Emelina said making Eruru giggle excitedly as she brought her arms as if she was asking her mom to pick her up.

Emelia smiles when she all reached Eruru and Juan and after kissing him on the forehead, she picked up her baby girl and rubbed her face on Eruru's belly which made the young baby wolf girl giggle.

"Hi honey. Happy you're all home. I take it things with the mermaids went well?" Juan said.

"More or less… though I would recommend not attacking Emerald if he makes a joke, found out if you forgot that he can revive himself so…" Emelia said while she smirks at her Husband while Emerald shadow boxes behind Emelia and a tentacle would say self defense mostly.

Juan raises his eyebrow.

"Just as long he doesn't go too far and behaves himself."

"Well as long as you don't throw the first hit, I'm sure he will behave, otherwise I may have to repay him to make up for your… trigger happy moments…" Emelina said while she smirks at Juan.

Juan blinked a bit before raising an eyebrow.

"Very funny." He said.

"Oh I'm serious, heard this guy has broken stamina and doesn't know the meaning of stopping until the lady he is with is knocked out, so better watch the spear throwing hubby, pretty sure Emerald wouldn't mind if you have fun with his ladies if you ask nicely, but don't blame me if I have fun with Emerald if you get spear happy again." Emelina said before she walked away from Juan while she hums a tune for Eruru while rocking her in her arms while Emerald went to talk with Marceline and the others which left Juan by himself as Ben laid near him with a content look on his face when he liked how everyone was here.

'Hmmmm… that punk better not try anything funny.' He thought.

Meanwhile, the front door opened to show, Lillum, BK, and DC entering the home while BK was shrunken down to normal and sat on DC's back while Lillum floats into the room with a happy look on her face.

"Hey everyone, I'm back, how was your trip with the mermaids?" Lillum asked which got everyone's attention.

Marceline chuckled.

"Girl you're not gonna believe what happened." She said before she told Lillum, with DC and BK included, about seeing the mermaids, knowing about Atlantis and how their home is connected to the dungeon well and she even told Lillum the fun Emerald had with Epsi and Gamma before claiming them.

Lillum looked surprised by that and puffed out her cheeks with narrowed eyed looks.

"Seriously?, well while we all had fun didn't Emerald promise I could bust Gamma's ass wide open?" Lillum said while Emerald chuckles nervously at the look.

"W-Well, yeah I got caught up in the heat of the moment but I blame you Lillum, all this sex is really making it hard to keep control with willing ladies and I learned a few tricks for the bedroom, one during my fun with Gamma and Epsi and I got a trick for you since I know that I can revive, besides with me winning that bet, once you get introduced to Epsi and Gamma, you can have fun with them if you are willing and didn't use two dicks with Gamma's ass so you can really test her ass out if you want to go double barrel with her." Emerald said while he explained he could dismiss and summon his second dick, and since he learned that he could revive himself, he could pretty much feed Lillum all she wants and not die at all.

Lillum continues to pout for a bit.

"Okay fine, I'll forgive you… for now."

Emerald moved to hug Lillum from the side.

"Oh come on Lillum, tell you what, give me a smile and you and I can have a one on one moment for as long as you want to help you feel better." Emerald said while he kissed Lillum on the cheek a few times and then her neck to see if it would help.

Lillum blushes but did perk up after hearing that.

"Okay." She said with a smile.

"Hehe, nice to see you smile, hopefully our time together will be great and I can learn more, who knows, maybe I can do more surprising tricks thanks to this amulet… now to give you some sugar." Emerald said when he kissed Lillum on the lips a few times while he had his hands on her waist to keep Lillum close.

Lillum moans before she returns the kiss and returns the hug as everyone else watches.

"Wow wish I had joined you guys. Then again my wings may not have worked well under water. But can't complain since I had a great time with Cedric. Which reminds me." Angel said before tossing Bubblegum the recording device.

Bubblegum caught it though she nearly dropped it and Angel smirks at Bubblegum.

"Enjoy the show and editing later, not sure if its dead or not, Cedric couldn't pull free of my body thanks to his knot and we fell asleep while it was still on." Angel said when she smirks at the blushing Bubblegum… thankfully the AI in the simulation room can help with the editing and what not.

"T-Thank you." Bubblegum said while blushing more.

"No problem, who knows, if I have free time I may join you guys on the surface every now and then so hope you don't mind if I have fun at your place, besides need to see if Hunson here is my old man or not." Angel said while she grins at Bubblegum more while Marceline heard that possible sister thing thanks to her hearing… did Hunson have fun with other ladies and did she have other possible siblings?

Hunson rubbed the back of his head when he heard it.

"Well chances of that are like a billion to one but we'll have to find out later won't we?"

"Yeah though if you are my dad… you owe me so many missed birthday gifts and what not." Angel said while she looks a bit amused at Hunson.

Though Emerald had a funny moment here.

"Though if thats the case, wouldn't that make Cedric and I in-laws?, that is if Cedric gets that far with Angel here." Emerald said while he grins when Cedric's ear twitched a few times.

"I heard that!" Cedric said from the kitchen while blushing.

"You really going to complain when you have a sexy looking angel at your side?, I won't mind having fun with her if its just a rare thing with you." Emerald said to get Cedric worked up while he winked at Angel…. Either that was a tease or him just signalling Angel that he was messing with Cedric… could be both.

Angel quietly giggles as Cedric had a tick mark on his face before a moment later, after cooking a bit more thanks to the returning party, he came out with some food for everyone.

Though he did look at Lillum.

"By the way, I know what you did Lillum." He said.

Lillum giggles at that when she heard that.

"Well if you don't like the gift I can always return you to normal." Lillum said with a smirk on her face while she used a spell to help get all the food in the room and had it set itself up while leaving enough space for Cedric to set the rest of the food down.

Cedric lightly blushes.

"That's… alright. Didn't bother me during the test."

Lillum giggles at that while she moved to sit nearby while Emelina leaned in to whisper to Cedric.

"Just to let you know... Heard what you did with Marceline when she was accidentally knocked up… I would do something but Emerald talked me out of smacking you upside the head or worse thanks to hearing how badly you were beaten by Marceline… nuff said." Emelina said before she walked over to sit near Juan.

Cedric pales after hearing this before he sat next to Angel and Azure like last time but did have this thought.

'Who told her that?!' He thought while trying to think of potential subjects.

Lillum couldn't do it since her warning made it clear plus she gave him an... upgrade. Marceline… was a maybe, though she couldn't since Marceline was the type of gal to do things her way. Bubblegum and Maite were definitely out since they were both sweet and weren't the type to tell. Hunson was with the others when then went to see the mermaids so he was likely to suck out his soul which made Cedric shudder.

That would leave the last person was…

'No… she didn't.' Cedric thought before he slightly glanced at Azure.

Though she did surprise Cedric when all she did was smile at him after she ate a bite of her food and she had such an innocent look… it was hard to tell if Azure really did squeal on him or not… and with how she enjoyed the food, hard to ask right now since she looked surprisingly cute right now… like an overgrown kitten of sorts.

Cedric blushes lightly and can't say anything with everyone else in the room before he went to eating himself.

'Damn… there's no way I can tell but it has it be. Cute or not… if she flat out told mom… that puts a damp in my trust to her. She's betraying me just like…' He thought though whoever Cedric was thinking of caused the young wolf to break a glass cup in his hand after grabbing it without realizing it.

Many look at Cedirc with some surprise while Lillum use a spell to get the shards of glass off the table and what not while Emelina looked worried when she hands Eruru to Juan.

"Cedric!, are you alright?, what happened did that glass break from a crack or something forming?" Emelina said when she thought the glass broke from old age or something and Cedric just got unlucky and she checked Cedric's hand and saw that it was bleeding a bit which resulted in Emelina using her claws to carefully pluck out the shards that were seen while Lillum worked to get more from Cedric's hand and many looked worried, even Azure in Cedric's gaze when she saw his hand.

Cedric blinked as he didn't know what happened at first or winced at the pain.

"No… Guess I didn't know my own strength." He said.

Juan though didn't buy it since he knew what it was but didn't say anything.

Emerald though seemed pretty aware since he was looking at Cedric and saw Cedric looking angered when he looked at Azure… he would talk with him later, possibly one on one to see what was eating Cedric later, if Cedric was going to be sticking around, he would make sure that he wouldn't do anything stupid.

Time went to much later with everyone at the entrance to the Cavern of the Crystal eye and thanks to Emerald, everyone minus Cedric, Juan, Eruru, Emelina, Demon Cat, and Bucket Knight, and Emerald since he was giving everyone lifts up, and Angel were at the bottom of the well.

"Well seems we are the last to go up Cedric, you say goodbye to your folks and Angel you tagging along now or coming at a later date?" Emerald said while Angel looks thoughtful.

"Hmmm… well thanks to Bubblegum and a med kit that she had, gave her a small blood sample to her so I can ask later, besides need to find someone who can take over as a guardian while I'm gone, can't leave my position empty after all." Angel said while Emerald hums.

"I see, well nice to meet you Angel, hope we have fun in the future if things don't work out with Cedric here, or if they do work out and Cedric and I swap ladies for a bit to spice things up we could have fun so..." Emerald said while he gave Angel an amused look while he held his hand out for a handshake.

Angel chuckled even though she blushed lightly.

"Well we'll see how things work out." She said before taking Emerald's hand and shook it.

Emerald shakes the hand before he smirks when he raises the hand to his mouth and kisses the top.

"Until we find out then, see you later." Emerald said before he turned to Cedric after letting Angel's hand go.

"Ready to head on up?" Emerald said while he looks at Cedric with a grin.

As Angel blushed at the gesture, Cedric did felt his eyebrow lightly twitch before he looks at his folks.

"Guess I'll see you guys later." He said.

"Yeah but hope you do well son." Juan said before the two hugged.

Emelina looks at her son.

"Make sure to be good." She said before kissing Cedric on the forehead.

Eruru in Emelina's arms used her tiny hands to try and hug Cedric and though Emelina tried to pull away, Eruru would't let go and that caused everyone to chuckle or giggle when Eruru didn't want her brother to leave again.

Cedric did smile before he was able to let Eruru go.

"Don't worry sis. I won't be gone forever." He said with a reassuring look.

Though Eruru just whined when she tried to hug Cedric again and Emelina had to step back a bit while Eruru looked adorably sad like a sad puppy right now.

"Better get going Cedric, otherwise you may never leave if Eruru has her way." Emelina said while she grins at Cedric a bit.

Cedric chuckled.

"K, mom." He said before going to Angel.

"It's not a full goodbye but I'll see you later Agnel." He said before kissing the angelic woman's cheek.

Angel blushed a bit before she smirks and kissed Cedric on the lips and pulled away a moment later.

"Try and not take too long otherwise I may embarrass you if you are studying a creature and I want to join in on the fun." Angel said while she stepped back while BK and DC chuckle when they kept mostly quiet for now.

Cedric blushes from the kiss before shaking his head and looks at BK and DC.

"Catch you guys later. BK keep doing what you do. DC… learn some more facts."

"Oh get out of here and go to that appointment with that chiropractor so you can get straightened out." DC said while Emerald and Cedric sweatdropped… so close and yet so far… though hard to tell if that Chiropractor thing was a joke or not while BK chuckles when he was just sitting on DC's back.

"Right…" Cedric said before he went towards Emerald.

"Let's roll." He said.

"Roger, Roger." Emerald said while he had a tentacle wrap around Cedric and as Cedric went up the hole, his eyes widened when he heard Maite talking at the top.

"Oh look at the beautiful moon tonight, all full and what not, not a cloud in the sky." Maite said while Cedric heard that...

"Full moon?!" Cedric said with wide eyes.

He then struggles in Emerald's tentacle, even clawing at it which made Emerald flinch when he didn't expect that though it was too late… Cedric was raised out of the well and he saw the big full moon though while many looked pretty content to see it, Cedric had a horrified look on his face.

"No! Gotta go back!" Cedric said before he practically tries to jump to the well.

Though again the tentacle around his waist had a good grip on him since he was still in the air and this resulted in Cedric's body pulsing while everyone looks at Cedric with confused looks while Emerald called up from the bottom of the well.

"Hey whats going on up there!?, Cedric keeps thrashing around and I can't tell whats going on up there thanks to the full moon, but Cedric keeps clawing at a tentacle thats keeping him from falling." Emerald said while Juan and Emelina heard that while Angel, DC, and BK heard that.

"I don't know but his body is acting weird!" Maite said before Juan gets to Emerald.

"You gotta bring him back in!" He said.

"Huh?, why?" Emerald said when he looks at Juan while Emelina facepalmed.

"Too late, he's been in the moonlight too long." Emelina said which further confused Emerald as Cedric starts to groan and what not while Emerald's tentacle keeps him in the air and everyone saw Cedric's body starting to change with him… losing fur?...his snout shrinking… honestly it was surprising to say the least and Cedric tried to cover his more… human shaped body from view?

Everyone else on the surface watch with confusion as Cedric tries to break free from the tentacle while trying to cover himself.

Though to everyones shock… Cedric looked like a pretty boy of a human with blue fur though the reaction he gave the group really confused them.

"D-Don't look at me!, I'm hideous!" Cedric said while Emerald, still blinded by the moon light looks at Juan and Emelina.

"OK… what is going on up there and why did Cedric say he was hideous?" Emerald said while he looked royally confused before he saw Marceline's head looking down the well.

"Cedric turned into some kind of pretty boy and is calling himself hideous… not sure why he would say that and not sure why he is a reverse werewolf but Emerald, you may want to set Cedric on the ground… you are holding a naked dude." Marceline said while Emerald got a shocked look on his face, sets Cedric on the ground carefully while he was stone statue still and he walks away from Juan and Emelina while he washed his tentacle with water to get it clean.

Emelina facepalms.

"We should've checked the time for the full moon."

"Yup." Juan said while up on top, Azure looks confused when she looks at Cedric's balled up form when he tried to hide his body.

"Why are you saying you look hideous?, you look pretty good though still confused on the whole transformation thing." Azure said when she approached Cedric and knelt down next to him.

Cedric didn't look at Azure but still spoke.

"It's a curse. In ancient times, humans that got bit by a wolf, get turned into one on a full moon. Mine however is reversed. It affects only the males in the Middleton family. My dad had it, his dad had it and so on."

"I see… still though why call yourself hideous?, you seem better looking then Finn and Emerald here… no offense Finn, and Emerald if he can hear me." Azure said while Finn shrugged his shoulders.

"Eh rather be rugged then pretty, would confuse a lot of ladies and other on if I'm a heroic adventurer or not." Finn said while he removed his backpack and got some spare shorts.

"Here, might as well see if these fit Cedric here." Finn said while he passed Azure some shorts and so Cedric could have some modesty.

Cedric was able to see this before he takes the shorts from Azure and quickly puts it on.

That caused everyone to see his face and Marceline looks amused.

"Huh, honestly this look seems to be an improvement since you don't seem so aggressive, though again… why say you are hideous?... you do look pretty cute right now." Marceline said while she gave Cedric a fanged grin.

Cedric blinked before narrowing his eyes.

"Don't joke like that. I look like a freak."

"Dude, Emerald down there is a real freak in a good way, Finn here lost his arm and had it replaced many times and one time had a grass sword that came to life… long story… pretty sure you are the least freakish being here and I can turn into monster like forms with shapeshifting." Marceline said while Finn would have said something… but he held himself back since this was not the time to talk and Azure rolled her eyes when she would shut Cedric up before he could speak when she pulled him in for a rather quick but intense kiss while everyone watched.

Everyone blinked at the sudden action though Lillum may have smirked at the scene while Cedric was greatly caught off guard.

Azure then slipped her tongue into Cedric's mouth and she keeps the kiss up while she had her tongue fight his.

Cedric was again surprised by this before his instincts helped washed that away before he grabbed Azure's arm and kissed her back as his tongue fought back.

This kiss went on for a bit while everyone watched and Azure pulled away from the kiss and grins at Cedric.

"So… still think you are hideous?... even if you were, I would be a shallow bitch if I just went for a guy with looks alone… may question cock size but all in all looks are not important to me." Azure said before she winked at Cedric.

Cedric blinked a bit before he blushes.

"Well… that's good if you think so." He said as Hunson chuckled.

"Listen to her well kid. I mean look at me. I'm not that good looking and yet I was still able to win Marceline's mom and she was a beautiful woman. If you don't believe me, then look at this." He said before he comically pulls out a big picture of Dawn.

Marceline blushed at that when she saw that.

"DAD!?" Marceline said with an embarrassed tone while Hunson looks at Marceline.

"What?, should I have summoned that body pillow?" Hunson said while Maite sweatdrops and looks at Marceline.

"Not sure if you are alright with that but think we could try and find a lady for your dad to love?, pretty sure he is a lonely guy." Maite said when she worried about Hunson's mental state and the loss of Dawn could have really messed him up.

"Maybe… I don't know. Let's get back to the bus first." Marceline said.

"Right… hey Emerald, you can come up now, don't forget Ben!" Maite said when she called down the well and Emerald looks around and saw Ben sitting near Emelina and he knelt down and held a hand out for Ben to come to so that Emerald could pick the Candy Corn pup up.

Ben sees this before he runs towards Emerald and gets on his hand.

Emerald picked up the pup with both hands and he looks at Emelina, Juan, Angel, BK, and DC.

"See you all later, if you all want to stop by or see some interesting things, come by the Candy Kingdom, everyone gathers there for the Creature Study work and what not." Emerald said before he shot a tentacle up and he pulled himself to the surface and passed Ben to Azure and saw Cedric.

"Huh… not sure why you said your hideous Cedric, at least you look normal looking as a human at least in form, I got these black colored eyes with glowing green bits and what not… anyway where is the buss again?" Emerald said when he looks around and didn't seee the bus anywhere though the tracks it had showed it didn't seem to move.

"Oh not to worry." Bubblegum said before she pressed the button and the bus appears out of nowhere.

"I added an invisibility mode so no one can steal it."

"Ah… Neat." Was all Emerald said when he looks at the Bus.

"Alright everyone let's get inside in a single file." Bubblegum said.

Emerald and the others moved to get on the bus in an orderly way and in no time the group was heading toward Bubblegum's Castle so they could rest and recover for the next morning while Bubblegum brainstorms a few ideas for allowing Mermaids and Mermen to be on land… would be tricky but she had a few good ideas but kept quiet about them while the group rides to her place and the night turns to day with everyone in the throne room.

The next day...

"Alright, last night we all fell asleep and woke a bit ago, so Huntress, you said you know of these Trents and their… capabilities… do we need to worry about any dangers from other creatures?" Bubblegum said while Huntress takes a moment to think.

"Well mainly its Mandragoras, you could think of them as half sized humanoids that look similar to Finn but have a paralyzing scream and they like to pull pranks or paralyze males or females with cocks with the scream and take them in that state to their home… long story short by the time the person returns they would have impregnated about a few dozen Mandragoras with their seed…. There are also Leaf Wolves, think of them as untamed Flame Wolves and you get a general idea, much more aggressive then Candy Corn wolves and are fiercely loyal to their mate or partners in relief, I actually know a few I can bring if you all are curious on what they look like or how they mate, we could stay at my place for a few days while we go over the creatures there." Huntress said while she had a small smile on her face when she would be visiting her place, Cedric was back to normal and was returning Finn's shorts to him.

"Whew so good to have my fur back. Thanks for the shorts Finn." Cedric said he hands Finn's shorts back.

"Eh keep them, could be handy if you get into a full moon situation again and need some coverage, I recommend a backpack or a satchel so you can carry things at your side." Finn said while he held his hand up so Cedric wouldn't give the shorts back.

"Hmmm, good point. Perhaps I'll get myself a shirt too since I can't walk around as people see my furless muscles." Cedric said like it was a bad thing.

"Eh I don't know, you looked pretty good in that state." Azure teased when she grins at Cedric while she hears this conversation.

Cedric blinked after hearing that before blushing a bit however… part of him wondered if Azure was playing mind games with him.

Though he didn't say a word and just sat by himself in one part of the throne room.

A few sweatdrop at the sight while everyone looks at Huntress in the Throne room.

"Anyway… I'll head on ahead to let the Trents know that guests will be coming their way, the males may want to have fun with some of you while a few Wood Nymphs or hybrids may want to come out and have fun with the males or some females, so expect an orgy… though I do have to ask, Bubblegum, did the AI edit the video with Cedric and Guardian Angel?" Huntress asked when she was curious about something.

"Hmmm, I'll have to check." Bubblegum said before pulling out her PDA.

When she did, she saw that the AI did edit it to be tastefully made and it was ready to be viewed later in the Simulation room.

"Looks like the AI was able to finish it so we can all see it in the Simulation Room." Bubblegum said.

"Great, you guys can watch it to pass the time, I'll return when I get the OK." Huntress said before she starts to walk from the group.

Bubblegum looks at the others.

"Not sure if any of you wants to see the results of Cedric's test now or want to wait for tomorrow."

"Eh might as well watch now, I want to see how sexy Angel looks." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Marceline chuckles.

"Well count me in then."

Maite blushes.

"Guess it wouldn't hurt to see it."

Finn was thoughtful.

"Well Huntress did leave so I guess I can kill some time before sleeping."

"Hehe, yeah… oh and PB, got that blood thing worked out?... Is Hunson the father of Angel?" Emerald asked while he looked overly dramatic.

"Oh right let me check." Bubbelgum said before she looks at her PDA.

When the others wait, Hunson and surprisingly Marceline were the most tense about the results and Bubblegum speaks.

"Alright… the results are…" Bubblegum said while Hunson gulps.

"The results are?" Hunson said while Bubblegum rubbed the back of her head.

"They are… still loading so no clue yet." Bubblegum said while showing that the progress bar was slowly going up on the screen and Hunson actually fell on his face when he heard that.

Marceline's eye twitch.

"Really Bonnie?" She said as everyone else sweatdrop even though a few chuckled.

"Hehe… sorry?" Bubblegum said before the progress bar pinged which gave the results.

"Oh, here are the results…" Bubblegum said when she looks at the PDA and after a tense moment… she looks at Hunson as he picked himself up.

"Hunson Abadeer… the results are in…." Bubblegum said which made Hunson gulp.

"And?" Hunson asked which caused Bubblegum to show the PDA and a check mark next to it.

"You… are the father!" Bubblegum said dramatically which made Emerald laugh when this situation was oddly funny to him, especially the looks on Marceline and Hunson's face on the official family member now.

Everyone else either laughed though Cedric was shocked considering his friend/fuck buddy was now officially Hunson's legitimate second daughter.

"W-What? How is that possible?" Hunson said.

"Didn't you say you had fun with Angel's mom?, pretty sure if she knew you, she would have kept quiet otherwise you would have tried to make Angel a possible heir by force." Emerald said when he remembered Hunson saying he had fun with Angel's mom in the past.

Hunson facepalm as he still didn't know how.

"Even if Akari knew she could've at least say something. Makes me wonder if that husband of her knows."

Cedric gets up.

"If you think that's bad, we now have to tell Angel the truth when we see her. Not sure how she'll handle the news." He said.

"No kidding… Though it's a bit funny considering that you and Emerald are now doing tier 15 with his daughters." Finn said.

"Dude, considering Hunson had fun with possibly other ladies, I wouldn't laugh since you could be getting with an Abadeer of the location if we somehow find out he porked a Wood Nymph or some kind of jungle based woman… for all we know Huntress could be related to him." Emerald said while he points that out and gave Finn a half lidded look at the possibility.

Cedric had a half lidded look as well as Finn pales at the possibility.

"Oh boy." He said as he didn't like those odds.

"And what's so bad if Huntress is a distantly related sibling of Marceline and Hunson?, same with Angel?, its not like it changes much right?, or would you be alright if all of Marceline female relatives to to Emerald here?, even if Huntress isn't related we could run into one who would be sweet on Finn and what do you think would happen if she heard he is creeped out by her being related to Hunson." Azure said when she gave Cedric and Finn half lidded looks.

Finn was quiet as Cedric put his hands up.

"Hey don't look at me. I'm just now concerned for my friend when I have to tell her that this guy is her real dad."

"And again, would that really matter?, she didn't seem put off by that so might as well pay her a visit or send a message, hey Bubblegum, mind giving me a slip of paper with the info on it so I can tell her myself, I'll break it to her gently but I doubt she would take it as hard as Cedric makes it out to be." Azure said while she looks at the Candy Princess.

"Alright." Bubblegum said though Cedric felt offended.

"Hey I can be gentle with stuff like this."

"Oh really?, then what would you say to her right now if I was Angel?" Azure asked when she raised an eyebrow at Cedric to see if he had anything to say.

Cedric rolls his eyes before he went to Azure.

"I would calmly ask her to sit down and then…" He takes Azures hands.

"Hold her hands gently and slowly tell her the news. She would say she wants to be alone but I would still stay just in case."

"Ok… maybe buy that, but what if she is oddly accepting and just shakes off the news and would most likely want to ask Hunson questions?, what then?" Azure said when that was a good possibility to her.

"Well I can't stop her from doing that but I give her my full support." Cedric said.

"Yeah, just saying she may not need it but would be happy to have it, nuff said." Azure said while she looked at Cedric's hand when he didn't let go of her.

Cedric noticed before he let's go.

"Least that prove my point." He said before stepping away from her.

"Yeah well saying it and the actual result can be very different then what you or I could expect, so how about this, go to those therapy sessions and lets see how calm you will be later and I'll let you give her the news, she is not expecting for a bit anyway so might as well take advantage of the time you got." Azure points out when she reminds Cedric of his therapy and deal on Azure giving him a good time later if he went.

Cedric looks at Azure with a stoic look.

"Alright." He said.

Azure looks confused with the stoic look and shrugged before she looks at Bubblegum.

"Might as well write that note and give it to Cedric so he can…" Azure starts to say while Cedric has his own thoughts while he looks at Azure.

'She maybe nice and… cute but can I truly be with her or just want a good time with her after everything?'

Though while no one was a mind reader, Emerald followed Cedric out of the room while Cedric wanted to be alone and Emerald gave Cedric a few more minutes, he called out to Cedric while they were alone.

"Yo Cedric, whats up?" Emerald said when he saw Cedric looking a bit down.

"Hmm? Nothing. Just taking a walk." He said.

"Really?... looks like you could use someone to talk to and not just because you seemed pretty angry with that cup or odd looking with Azure." Emerald said when he walked near Cedric without any fear in his eyes.

Cedric blinked before sighing.

"Damn… thought I hid it well."

"Eh, you may have fooled most, but pretty sure the readers, Lillum, Marceline, and I noticed but they probably chalked it up to you being an ass or just an accident with the glass… though I saw that you were looking at Azure those two times… mind explaining or do I need to worry about you being hostile?, remember I'm pretty much a OP regenerator so depending on what you say we could stay friends or we could be worse." Emerald said with a serious look on his face…. Though he did grin before that when he mentioned readers… seriously does Emerald think he is part of a story or was it the amulet messing with his mind to think that?

Cedric narrows his eyes.

"Okay. First you need to see a doctor if you keep mentioning these invisible readers. Second, I haven't done anything to Azure."

"OK… first you sure those readers don't exist?, with what we seen pretty sure those readers would be the least weird thing we've seen… and second, not saying you have… but what are you thinking about Azure?, you did look pretty angry with the glass… mind explaining that?" Emerald asked when he grins at Cedric more.

Cedric frowns.

"Well let's just say that someone in the group told my mom what I did regarding Marceline. I had my suspicions on some unless you or those 'readers' told her, Azure was the only one close I can think of."

"Ok… first dude, even if Azure or someone said something, pretty sure Emelina would find out sooner or later, it was just a matter of time and you gotta admit, you were an ass to Marceline when you laughed at her at the time, what if someone got with Eruru when she was of age and accidentally knock her up, would you laugh at her then for the accident?" Emerald said while Cedric in a moment of anger got in Emerald's face while Emerald has a passive look on him.

"Don't put my sister as an example! Whatever bastard knocked her up better pray to Glob that I get to him before my dad does. I make sure to protect my family." Cedric said.

All Emerald did was scratch his cheek a few times and just said this.

"Dude… you and your dad are a fucking dumbass if you get that upset over a hypothetical accident." was all Emerald said while he didn't move from his spot.

"Hey you started this by using my sister as an example and you're calling me a dumbass?" Cedric said with crossed arms.

All Emerald did was sigh and shockingly gripped Cedric's chest fur and pulled im in to look Emerald in the eyes which were abnormally cold.

"Yeah… you are a dumbass because you are assuming things about people without hearing them out, you are a dumbass for not thinking before laughing at Marceline, you are a dumbass because if Eruru meets someone in the future and she likes them, you would threaten him if he or she put pups in Eruru… my issue with you is not your personality persay… its how you use it… before you snap at me ask yourself this… ever since you got here, what actions have you done that got you into situations like this?... you laughed at Marceline, she kicked your ass… you are getting the wrong idea about Azure and may possibly fuck up a good relationship with her if you don't calm down and think things through and TALK to her about things…. And you and your dad are dumbasses because right now you are growling at a fucking partilly insane immortal who could end you by skinning you alive and your dad throws spears from a damned joke… I was recently KILLED but I get along with Gamma now and all because I talked to her to find out what her issues were… I maybe fucked up in the head to think people are reading what we are saying or doing but pretty sure many like me more because I am not an easily angered Ass like you… you want to prove me wrong… you want to say you are a calm guy then give me one situation of importance that shows your restraint… like I said I don't want to be your enemy but fuck things up with Azure, Angel, and other ladies and I WILL swoop in and take them from you… think of that what you will but I'm probably the closest thing you have to a friend outside of that dungeon you lived in… I didn't laugh at your human form, no one else did… and I put up with your anger but even I'm getting annoyed… run if you want but that will just prove you are a coward to me not worth the time to help… or get help and we can start fresh without any bad air and possibly be real friends… but I'm helping by giving you a fucking reality check… so Cedric… will you let your anger control you after everything I just said… or will you actually do something about it and possibly find people who actually care for you and want whats best for you." Emerald said before he lets Cedric go and just looks him in the eyes with such a serious look that Emerald wasn't fucking around with ANYTHING he just said… he did want to be a friend of Cedric's but if Cedric kept acting like this, he would have more enemies then friends.

Cedric was quiet for a moment before taking a bit to calm down.

"No emotion controls me. I'm my own being. But I will not let anyone or anything get in the way of my chance to be happy. Not even you." He said with seriousness in his eyes.

Emerald then chuckles and let's Cedric go.

"Good, but remember, make the wrong move and I may swoop in and steal your ladies to fix the damage you did... go to that therapist if you really doubt all of us and what I said, might as well let a professional give you pointers because you are easily angered dude, and try and hear Azure out if you really think she would tell your mom out of spite, not every lady is your enemy, otherwise why would you fuck Angel, Bubblegum, and others here?... Anyway I'll be heading back for now so see you later Cedric." Emerald said before he left the Wolf man alone again.

Cedric frowns as he sees Emerald leave but deep down… he knew that Emerald was right and if Cedric didn't get fixed soon, Emerald was gonna take all the ladies he encountered which he won't let that happen.

'Even if you're right Emerald, no way in the Nightosphere are you getting all the ladies. Though I will need to see that Therapist tomorrow. But mark my words. I'll make you eat those words of yours. Anyway, don't know what they're doing but highly doubt they'll need me so I'm heading to bed.' He thought before going to his guest room.

While that happened, the scene went to Emerald before he heard the amused voice of Marceline.

"You know, it's surprising how you can talk sense to that guy." Marceline said and Emerald looks back at her while she floats near him.

"O-Oh… you heard all that?, Thought he and I were alone, was just trying to help before Cedric did something so stupid that it would surprise us all." Emerald said while he rubbed the back of his head.

Marceline raised an eyebrow.

"You do know his track record isn't helping him right. Then again… people might change unlike some that I… regrettably know." She said as she remembers a certain Donk.

Emerald chuckles while he approached Marceline.

"Why do you think I'm trying to help him, under that anger really is a good guy, just trying to help him get his act together, honestly wouldn't mind being friends with him if that anger stick is pulled from his stubborn ass, as for that Ash guy if he is who you are mentioning, don't worry, Lillum zombified him and what not so no worries about him turning against us, pretty sure Lillum normally stores that guy away somewhere." Emerald said while he used a Tentacle to bring Marceline to his side and he held her gently in comfort.

Marceline blushes a bit from the gesture before chuckling.

"True. Just glad Assh is no more finally after all these years."

"Hehe yeah, heard he was a jerk but Lillum took care of that… hey considering things, want to go on an official date before we leave for Huntress's home?, fun is fun but I doubt we even had one date yet with how chaotic things have been." Emerald said when he remembered that while they had fun, no real dates yet.

Marceline blinked a bit before smirking.

"That's true. Guess it's time for my baby's daddy to take his Queen out." She said in a teasing way.

Emerald then in a funny way steps back and bows to Marceline.

"Then my lovely Queen, let this lowly former human take you out on a date you shall not forget anytime soon, I called in a few favors with some people I met and I can assure you, while not fancy, will make you amused at worst, pretty happy at best." Emerald said like he planned a date in advance it seems.

Marceline was a little surprise before chuckling.

"My my, you sure are on top of things."

"Well with this amulet, my thoughts are pretty much everywhere so why not use that trait and do many things in advance, hopefully I can do more after I learn a way to clone myself from Huntress or find a way to use my powers to make my own brand of clones… but for now forgive this lowly lover if I cannot keep up with a powerful woman like yourself." Emerald said while he grins at Marceline when he looks up at her.

Marceline playfully rolls her eyes.

"As long as the date goes great… and among other things, you're forgiven."

"Great, I'll give you a call in 30 minutes to see if my plan later will work or not, the soon to be night is still young and if I'm going to be with a sexy Vampire Queen, might as well be the King of the Night instead of King of the Day hehe." Emerald said before he moved to kiss Marceline on the lips and walked away before she could react.

Marceline blushes a bit before chuckling.

"Sounds good to me." She said before following Emerald.

Unknown time later, same day...

The duo then split up a bit ago so Marceline could get ready and Emerald went who knows where so he could get things finalized for the date, the rest of the day was pretty much just focused on Emerald and Marceline when many watched the video, saw how well Cedric did with Angel, and with Emerald talking with Lillum and Maite, they confused Marceline when they followed him when they passed her by when they didn't say anything… were they part of the date plan?

Bubblegum noticed but thought Emerald was doing a surprise for Marceline before she looks at said Vampire Queen, Finn and Azure, who was holding Ben, while Cedric was somewhere else.

"Well after seeing the recording, it's obvious that Cedric passed the test." Bubblegum said.

"Yeah, looks like its just Finn and Huntress now unless we have new surprise applicants wanting to join later." Azure said when she counted how many *Assistants* Bubblegum had and sweatdrops at the excessive amount.

Bubblegum lightly chuckles.

"No, Finn and Huntress are my last two to be tested."

"Hopefully, otherwise you would need more than a treasury to pay all of us for official work." Azure said with an amused look on her face which made Marceline chuckle a bit.

Finn chuckled as well while Bubblegum sweatdrops.

"Right. Not sure what most of you will do but remember to get some well deserved rest since we have to meet Huntress Wizard at her home." She said.

"She needs to send a message though first, pretty sure she said she would do that and it takes a bit on foot or flight to get too and from her forest so a message would take awhile, at best, unless Hun rushes, I would say early tomorrow at best and its around… 2 ish in the afternoon." Finn said to put his two cents in after looking at the clock in the room… might as well have the rest of the day off for now.

"Hmmm, if that's the case, Considering that Cedric, Emerald, Lillum and Maite are not present here, might as well have the rest of the day off." Bubblegum said.

"Great, Emerald's got a date planned for me so might as well do a quick refresher since its been awhile since he left… not sure what he has Maite and Lillum doing, but pretty sure its going to be pretty interesting." Marceline said when she grins at the group.

The rest were a bit surprised after hearing that.

"Really Marcy? Then again you are having his kid and there have been some intense tier adventures for some of us." Finn said.

"Well… haven't see you have fun yet but that will change soon, and at the very least can't hurt to get to know Emerald so I'll see you later." Marceline said before she floats out of the room and left the others behind.

Finn blinked before he looks at Bubblegum and Azure.

"So now what?" He said as Bubblegum smiles.

"Like I said Finn, take some time off for today. As for me, I might check on Neddy to see how he's doing before going to the lab." She said.

"Oh… wait why check on Neddy?" Finn said… though before he could get his answer, Bubblegum had already left and was humming a tune and Azure shrugged when she had no idea who this Neddy guy was and just exits the room… which pretty much left Finn alone with the AI in the simulation room.

Finn felt a bit awkward as he looks at the AI.

"So… lovely day huh?" He said to break the ice.

"Indeed, do you want to come into the simulation room and pick a simulation to try to pass the time?" The AI asked Finn.

Finn was thoughtful for a bit.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to try."

He then entered the room and while that happened, Bubblegum went to Neddy's place to see how Neddy and the two Marceline clones were doing so far since its been awhile since she last saw them.

Bubblegum enters the room before she calls out her brother.

"Neddy? Are you okay?"

Though to her surprise… and soon to be blushing face… she saw Neddy really pounding away at a Clone of Marceline while she was moaning from the feeling and with how intense Neddy was while his cock barraged her pussy again and again and the second Marceline clone nearby noticed Bubblegum with a smirk.

"Yo, wondered when you would come down here Bonnie, what took you?" The clone said which showed she had no idea about the situation upstairs or the fact the main Marceline was knocked up it seems.

"Oh right… Guess you two don't know what's been happening." Bubblegum said as she felt this was gonna be awkward to explain before telling the second clone everything that happened so far.

The Clone looked surprise… angry… shocked… and well… many other emotions but she kept quiet as she listened as Bubblegum continues on with the story until she finished.

"... and to top it all off, turns out that Guardian Angel is really Hun… well your dad's daughter which means she's yours and original Marceline's sister." Bubblegum said as she finished the story.

"I see… all I can say is that you royally boned up with Marceline… good thing you are taking responsibility." The Clone said while she had crossed arms.

Bubblegum did felt bummed about it.

"Indeed and I'm sorry." She said.

"Hey you didn't do anything to us but you owe us a good time since you kept us here with Neddy but with no housing and what not yet, had to have one of us watch Neddy while the other goes and does the eating, drinking, and bathroom business in the upper levels..., no offense to him at all, guys got a large cock and he can use it to boot, pretty sure we're doing a good job because when he is not sucking juices from that Candy Tree, other me here and I help Neddy relax quite a bit." The clone said while she grins at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blushes after hearing that.

"R-Right. Seems I should've started on making a room with a kitchen and restroom facilities for you two. Guess I'll have to do that later since I know I must repay you and the other clone for keeping Neddy company."

"Hehe, oh yeah you do, and bring that hunk Emerald here, if he can get our original attention, we want a piece of that action, maybe bring a few ladies here to help Neddy… open up more… can't get him used to the two of us and not have others around." The Clone said with a teasing smirk on her face.

Bubblegum blushes.

"W-Well that depends on the time since Emerald is planning something for his date with Original Marceline. I'll see what I can do since Finn and Huntress have their test coming up soon."

"Alright, doesn't change the fact that you owe us big time for keeping Neddy here company so just send a few Banana guards here with red stuff and make some kind of outhouse for now nearby so I or my lovely friend here don't have to fly all the way up to a bathroom until you can get this place remade." The clone said while she smirks at Bubblegum.

"R-Right. I'll make sure to do that." Bubblegum said but added this.

"I don't suppose you want my company too."

"Hehe… that you asking to join in on the fun?" The Clone teased while she grins at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blushes brightly.

"W-Well as you said, I do owe you two for helping me."

"Yeah but hearing you want to say that you want to join in would be the highlight of my day." The Clone said before she floats away to a small refrigerator nearby oddly enough.

Bubblegum blinked at the fridge but knew what the clone wanted her to really say.

"Wait." She said.

The Clone stops and looks back at Bubblegum with an amused look.

"Yeah?" The Clone said while she turned to look at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blushes a bit.

"I would like to… join you."

"Great… you can toss your clothes over in the corner, you can get it later when you leave." The Clone said before she floats to the refrigerator again.

Bubblegum blushes before she starts to remove her clothes.

The scene then left the room while the sound of pleased moans and groans were heard inside and the scene went to Emerald while he had called Marceline with a phone that he had, thankfully he had her number and was now waiting in front of a restaurant in the Candy Kingdom and the sun had set when he saw Marceline approaching and saw that she went all out with the getup.

Marceline was wearing a nice black dress that had a bit of red on some parts as the outfit cling to her figure.

Emerald blushed at that while he noticed she wore dark red heels and had an umbrella which showed she left right before the sun would officially set.

"Wow Marceline, thought you looked good before but you really went all out today, and here I am wearing only a pair of pants and a T-Shirt with boots." Emerald said while he wore a fancy T-Shirt that had Demon King printed on the front and had cargo pants on, he wore his usual boots so the place they were going to must nut be dress fancy, either that or Emerald had no fancy outfit to wear at the moment, he did slick his hair back and had it in a ponytail while the Amulet of the Nightosphere was around his neck.

Marceline chuckles.

"Hey no sweat it man. I like what I'm seeing." She said with a smirk.

"Thanks… thankfully this place doesn't have a dress code and since you may not like high class food much, why not go to a good night club I heard about and really party there?" Emerald said while he points a thumb at a nearby building that was called Club Night, people were entering with various masks or not at all and the bouncer looked like a tough Candy person who was acting as a guard while he checked for ID.

Marceline blinked when she saw the night club.

"Neat. But I don't mind if we grab some food first."

"Oh don't worry, I talked with the owner and while the food is not top class or food that Bubblegum would have, plenty of other things here, and plenty of red stuff as well." Emerald said while he smiled at Marceline.

Marceline chuckled.

"Well in that case, let's go." She said before grabbing Emerald's arm.

Emerald just looks amused when he and Marceline got in line and when they were at the front, Emerald showed an ID while Marceline did the same and they were inside of the club in no time and Marceline heard some pretty good music playing and smelled some pretty good food here.

"Wow, talk about good music." Marceline said.

"Yeah, and this is just recorded stuff, heard there is a band playing later today luckily enough." Emerald said while he grins at Marceline at the music being played live.

"Hehe, nice. Can't wait to see what this band can do." Marceline said.

"I know right?, lets get something to eat and if we're lucky they could be playing soon, dinner and a show." Emerald said while he gently grabbed Marceline's hand and pulled her towards the bar where the food was being made by a chef who made food in front of others instead of behind a wall.

The chef noticed the two.

"Hello there, what can do for this lovely couple?" He said with a smile.

"Well my good man, I hope you have plenty of red items and foods here, this here is the lovely, sexy, and beautiful Marceline the Vampire Queen and my girlfriend and hopeful Fiance when I find the right ring to propose with in the future, for now we are on a date and hope to have a good time here." Emerald said while he gestured towards Marceline and winked at her teasingly.

Marceline blushes as the Chef was surprised.

"Really? Forgive me if I say this but I thought she was dating our Princess."

"Well its a bit complex, mind if we order some food first and I can tell you the story?, I don't mind paying gold but hopefully I can get a discount since this is pretty juicy info that you can tell others if you want." Emerald said with a haggling look in his eyes which got the chef amused.

Marceline blinked as the Chef was interested.

"Well… if it's okay with your date, sure."

"Welp you heard him Marcy, think I can tell this guy the pretty interesting way on which we met?, pretty sure we would get a good discount thanks to how interesting the story will be." Emerald said when he looks at Marceline to see if she was cool with it.

Marceline was thoughtful for a sec.

"Well… if the food is good here, then alright."

"Well you heard her Chef, got any recommendations for Marceline?, she likes red based food, still need to learn more about her favorite food but that's what dates are for right?, get to know the other person to see what they like or don't like… for example, mind if I get a steak, medium rare, sauteed mushrooms, some mashed potatoes with gravy and finally some diet cola if you got it." Emerald said while he grins at the Chef in an amused way.

The Chef nods his head before looking at Marceline.

"I'll have the steak too but make sure plenty of red comes out. I'll also have

Mac and cheese and some corn. And to drink, I'll have tomato juice with a celery stick."

"Alright, I'll make it extra bloody for the Vampire Queen and make sure its perfectly cooked for the gentleman here, you two take a seat and relax." The Chef said while he wrote the orders down while Emerald pulled out a chair for Marceline while the chef went to a nearby stove.

Marceline floats to the chair before sitting on it.

Emerald gently pushed Marceline in a bit and Emerald got next to her in his own chair after he pulled one out for himself, the duo then watch the chef cook for a bit while they enjoyed the atmosphere and music that the place used.

Marceline watched the chef do his thing as she taps her foot a bit while listening to the good music that sounded right to her.

For a bit, the two people watched as the chef used various skills to cook their meals and when he was done, a good smell wafted towards the duo and Emerald's stomach grumbles when he saw the plate being put in front of him while the same can be said with Marceline while Emerald and Marceline's drinks were set in front of them in no time.

"Here you go. Hope you two enjoy the meal." The Chef said with a smile.

"Oh I know I will, how about you Marceline?" Emerald said when he looks at Marceline to see what she thought about the food.

Marceline cut a piece of the steak and was careful to take a bite since it was dripping with blood before swallowing.

"Dude… this steak rocks."

"Hehe, thanks, made it extra bloody for you, if the food is good enough, mind if I hear that story?... I'll give 30% off if so." The Chef said while he gave Marceline an amused look.

Marceline chuckles a bit.

"Alright." She said before telling the Chef how Bubblegum was looking for assistance and they met interesting people including Emerald and Lillum succubus before being at the end.

"... thanks to a little deal with Lillum and Bonnie, without my knowledge, I ended up getting knocked up with Emerald's child and now he and I are dating. But just to clarify things, Bonnie and I are still together, but she owes me. And Emerald here was human before he met my dad and then changed him."

"Wow… not sure what to think of that, and really?, he was human?... guess it goes to show not to judge a book by its cover it seems… and seriously?, the princess did that?, kinda surprise you didn't dump her but guess you still care for her enough to not do that huh?" The Chef said while he looks amazed by the story though he did grin teasingly at Marceline a little.

Marceline blushes before smirking.

"I may care but… still need to punish her a bit."

"Hehe, well if you need any help, let me know alright?, I'll give a free dinner to you and the princess afterwords since it looks like she will be the Candy Queen soon by having to take responsibility for what she did." The Chef said while he grins at Marceline more.

Marceline chuckles.

"Works for me."

"Great, enjoy the meal you two lovebirds, soda's and drinks are on the house but food cost coin, I'll get the bill ready for you two after you finish your food oh and you two are in luck, a new band is playing some music today in 5 minutes so hope you enjoy the music as well." The Chef said before he left the two alone.

Marceline chuckles again before she grabs her drink and looks at Emerald.

"Well… here's to our first date."

Emerald raised his own glass and lightly clinked it on Marceline's though as the two drank their drinks, they heard this announcement.

"Pardon me everyone but the Guitarist has gotten injured a bit ago in an accident, a replacement guitarist has arrived and is now tuning their Guitar right now, the replacement name is… Cedric Middleton." The Announcer said which caused Emerald and Marceline to get wide eyes in shock and while Emerald prevented himself from spitting his drink out… well… Marceline couldn't stop herself and Emerald got hit point blank as a result of the spit take and since it was tomato juice, his shirt which was white… well had a serious red look about it now and Emerald blinks a few times when he went from clean to messy in no time.

Marceline blinked a bit as she noticed.

"Oh Glob Emerald. I'm so sorry. It's just that this guy said Cedric and…"

All Emerald did was hold up a hand while he got up from his seat.

"No problem, understandable and who knows, could be a different guy with the same name, I'll go to the bathroom and try and get cleaned, if not… well… looks like you owe me a new shirt, though I doubt many would complain if I walk around without a shirt… many people are pretty much naked here." Emerald said when he talked about the candy people here and he walks to the bathroom with an amused look on his face… looks like he may go shirtless today if he can't get his shirt clean.

Marceline sweatdrops.

"I could've at least drained the stains from his shirt but oh well." She said as she took another sip of her drink.

It took Emerald a few minutes to return and he tapped Marceline on the shoulder to get her attention, he tossed his shirt and had a different way to cover his torso.

Marceline felt the tapping.

"I take it you couldn't remove the stains?" She said as she turned around only to blush at what she was seeing.

Apparently while Emerald tossed the shirt, he used many tentacles to make a faux shirt in an interesting way when it looked like he was wearing a tank top made out of black belts while it crossed onto his back where the main tentacles came out from which showed quite a bit of his body but hid enough to act like a tease and Emerald grins at Marceline.

"Hehe, demonic being got your tongue?" Emerald said while he moved to sit next to Marceline.

Marceline kept blushing before chuckling.

"No, but nice." She said.

"Thx, thought I could try something so I won't have to walk around half naked… disappointed?" Emerald said when he looks at Marceline after he got comfortable in his seat.

"Nope. Though I do regret for not draining the stains off your shirt in time." Marceline said.

"Wouldn't that just drain the color?, not the stains?" Emerald said when he heard that and wondered what the difference between color and fluids were.

Marceline was thoughtful.

"True… But I think it depends on some reds. But still though, my bad earlier."

"No problem, seems the band is starting to get on stage." Emerald said when he points a thumb at the stage and saw that most band members were not on stage yet so not sure if the Cedric that they knew was actually part of the group.

Marceline looks at Emerald.

"Maybe it's a different Cedric. Although they said Middleton. But what are odds of that happening?"

That's when the final member (Temp) walked on stage and to Marceline and Emerald shock, it was indeed Cedric and he was talking with a band member while he made last minute adjustments to the Guitar, he was too far to overhear and the music playing right now didn't help much while Emerald blinks a few times.

"Welp… that answers that question." Emerald said when he didn't expect this at all.

"Uh… yeah. I didn't know he can play an instrument." Marceline said.

"Guess it shows we shouldn't judge him before we get to know the real him huh?" Emerald said while he grins when this was interesting to him.

"No kidding. First he can cook and now this." Marceline said.

"Yeah, next thing we will find out is that he has super powers or something." Emerald said with an amused tone to his voice while he went to eat his food so that he could enjoy the date for now.

Marceline chuckles.

"Hehe, yeah the odds of that are slim." She said before she went back to her meal as well.

Though as they continue to eat, the music lowered and an announcer came on stage to announce the band name and the song they would start with.

"Alright everyone, despite the sudden change, I now introduce you all to Livewire and the song they're playing is… Terror Time Again." The announcer said before getting off the stage.

Cedric and the band get into position as they each grabbed their designated instrument before Cedric was last to pick up the guitar.

When he did, Emerald and Marceline looked over and thankfully their mouths were empty when they saw him raise his pick… and when he kicked off the song, he shockingly emits electric energy which starts the song and gave it a metal twist to boot while Emerald had wide eyes… either that was a spell or that was a natural ability, either way he was surprised.

Marceline had the same reaction as she was speechless while the duo here the band play.

As the duo listened to the music, they watched as the singer starts the song and the song went pretty well while Cedric, and the rest of the band backing the singer up while the songs came and went from Its terror time again, to stuff like Nickleback and what not while Cedric used the lightning powers to really get the crowd worked up.

"Damn… once again he surprised us." Marceline said to Emerald.

"Yup… anyway back to our meal." Emerald said while he went back to his meal while the chef reheated it with a heating spell to keep it good.

"Yeah." Marceline said as she went back to her meal but did glance at the band whenever they played a different song and she saw some females cheering the band. Some of them even eyed Cedric when they seem to like his electric trick.

That caused him to make fancy moves with the guitar with either spinning it on his neck with the strap or he flipped his in the air when his turn was about to come up but caught it at the right time and played the song which caused many females to cheer for Cedric more.

"Wow talk about some interesting moves." Marceline said as she ate more.

"Indeed." Emerald said when he looked back and saw the moves and the duo went back to eating and drinking and when they finished eating, they ordered some food to go and as Cedric played more songs, Emerald and Marceline left the club while Emerald used a few tentacles to carry the boxes while they walk, or in Marceline's case, floats towards the castle.

"Man was great. And talk about an awesome show courtesy of wolf boy there." Marceline said.

"Yeah, it was, the food maybe great but we're not done with this date yet… figure we could walk through the park by moonlight." Emerald said when he had himself and Marceline move on a long route towards the castle which went through a park.

"Sounds good to me." Marceline said as she stayed close to Emerald.

Emerald and Marceline then enjoyed the silence while they walked through the park, they passed by a few people and couples at this time but that was mainly people who worked or moved during the night and they stayed away from the duo while Marceline had various thoughts thanks to the now calm situation and so she can process things fully.

'Wow. This is turning out to be a good date. And it actually feels nice being with Emerald at the park in this wonderful night.'

Emerald then felt Marceline's hand lightly grip his and he looks at Marceline and smiles at her while he held her hand and as the duo keep moving, they surprisingly ran into Party Pat while he was walking through the park… Emerald had no idea who he was but Marceline did when she recognize the party king of the monster stomach.

"Yo Party Pat. What's up?" Marceline said making said bear humanoid stop and look at the duo.

"Oh hey Marceline. Didn't see you there. Who's that with you?" Party Pat said with confusion.

"This is my boyfriend, Emerald." Marceline said.

"Boyfriend?, well congrats though thought you were dating the Candy Princess." Pat said while he scratched his cheek with a hand that was oddly bandaged and had a little blood on it to show Pat was recently injured on the hand… hold on… injured hand?

"Uh hang on. What's with the injured hand?" Marceline said.

"Oh this?, was planning on playing with a band today to get a bit of extra cash to help with this party I was setting up but injured my hand when I tripped and fell and cut my hand a bit, not sure if you heard of the band, its called Livewire, a guy named Cedric filled in for me when he overheard the situation, said he needed an outlet or something for his aggression and no better way then aggressive music am I right?" Pat said while he smiles at Marceline while Emerald looked surprised.

"Livewire?, isn't that band that played at Club Night?" Emerald said when he wanted to be sure that was the right band.

"Yeah that's the one." Pat said.

"Wow… looks like we got to see the band in person than… saw Cedric playing quite a bit, got to go boxes from there as well." Emerald said when he held the boxes in front of Pat.

Party Pat blinked a bit.

"Really? Huh. And was this Cedric guy a friend of yours?"

"Ehhh… depends on if he can get his anger in check and goes to therapy, its a long story and Marceline maybe rock out with him a few times if she wants to try and get to know him while he is not in anger mode… you see…" Emerald said while he gave a quick explanation of Bubblegum's creature study and finished with a quick overview of the date while Pat hums a bit and smirks for some reason.

"Interesting… so in a nutshell on this study thing, you'll be studying various beings to see how they tick tier 15 wise?" Pat said while he had a thoughtful look on his face.

"Yeah that's pretty much it." Marceline said.

"I see… well I may have an idea if you want to study bear humanoids… I wouldn't mind if Marceline studied me, she did play a number of songs at the Monster's stomach and I got a few female bear ladies who would love to have a real party in the future." Pat said while he grins at the duo.

Marceline blinked at the suggestion before she looks at Emerald to see what he thinks.

Emerald though blinking on his end did have a thoughtful look on his face.

"Well I don't mind as long as Marceline is cool with it… but depending on the timeframe we may or may not be able to join… she is carrying my kid and if we find a baby sitter, you better bring condoms or birth control just in case, Lillum jump started Marceline's womb so she can get knocked up… not sure if its a one time thing or multiple times but all in all, really want to make sure if Marceline has fun… well… you better be prepared for it." Emerald said while he had a comically serious look on his face to show he knew Marceline wouldn't get knocked up easily thanks to spells later and just wanted to be part serious/ part funny.

Pat was shocked at the news.

"W-Wait seriously?! She's knocked up with your kid?"

"Huh?... didn't either of us mention that?, yeah it was more or less an accident and thanks to a small trip to the Nightosphere, got demonized by her dad and this amulet here so I won't die anytime soon." Emerald said when he points at the amulet of the Nightosphere while Marceline in the meantime…

Marceline blushes a bit since she felt slightly embarrassed considering what her dad had to do to make Emerald immortal.

Emerald looks at her and smiles before he placed a hand on Marceline's waist.

"Though while we may have had a iffy start, wouldn't change anything since I'm now with a sexy immortal who won't lose any beauty and even if she wasn't I would stay by her till her dying days." Emerald said with a serious look that wasn't comical looking to show he was 100% serious about that.

Marceline blushes after hearing that making Pat chuckle.

"Wow. Guess you two do make a couple. Though I guess Bubblegum has to share if she and Marceline hadn't broke up."

"Got that right, I even have other girlfriends thanks to Marceline here, Lillum the succubus and Maite the Hedgehog, Bubblegum is iffy since she is Marceline's woman but I can have fun with Bubblegum if needed so might as well be sexfriends with Bubblegum." Emerald said while he grins at Pat.

Pat blinked a bit after hearing that.

"Wow, you sir are full of surprises."

"Well sir if you are surprised now, you should know I also have two more girlfriends who I'll need to visit if I can't get a cloning spell… Epsi and Gamma the mermaids and they are royals and Epsi is the princess of Atlantis who is in charge." Emerald said while he grins at Pat.

Pat was confused.

"Uh… Atlantis? Not familiar with that kingdom. Then again this world has so many kingdoms it's hard to keep track." He said before chuckling.

"Ain't that the truth, next thing we know there is some kind of genderbent version of this world and there are genderbent versions of us or something and the female me is the one knocked up hahahaha!" Emerald said before he and Pat laugh a bit while not noticing Marceline while she chuckles nervously.

"Uh yeah… Be careful how you say it Emerald. Let's just say I personally knew someone who had a habit making fanfic stories of the genderbent side." Marceline said.

"Really?, well maybe I should meet this guy and we can talk stories, after all pretty sure the readers would love to get really meta here." Emerald said while Pat looked royally confused and Marceline looks at Pat.

"Don't ask… long story." Marceline said to keep Pat from asking about the reader thing.

"Right… anyway. Nice to see you Marceline. I'll let you guys get back on your date and remember you, guys are welcome to study my people." Pat said before leaving the duo alone.

It was a moment before Marceline looks at Emerald.

"That's Pat for you but he does throw great parties hence his name. And I will tell you, it gets really wild." She said with a smirk.

"Ho… you have a wild time with Party Pat after hours then?" Emerald teased when he starts to lead Marceline through the park more.

Marceline chuckled.

"Yeah… not feeling jealous are we?" She teased back.

"Hmmm… not really… even if you do want to get into a relationship with another guy, would just wait for them to die of natural causes and come sweep you off your feet again, besides we fool around alot with other males and females, females on my end, so would be hypocritical if I got pissed if you want to see another dude… though knock ups… another story… unless they get trust from you and me, might as well say that womb is my baby maker for now… not trying to piss you off if you take it the wrong way but I was serious with the whole ring thing later if I find the right one." Emerald said while he grins at Marceline with a look in his eyes to show how serious he was.

Marceline blinked a bit before she chuckled.

"Yeah well can't complain. Besides, I ain't losing you to anything." She said before grabbing his hand.

Emerald chuckles before he got a serious look on his face.

"Great… but I want to ask… why?... aside from starting to date, we barely know one another, pretty sure Bubblegum could help you raise my kid so why want me around?, seems things want to get us together and if its some higher power like Globs or something else, then I want to ask if you are really OK with it." Emerald said when he moved to stand in front of Marceline while he lets her hand go so he could have a deep conversation with Marceline.

Marceline was quiet for a bit.

"Well to be honest, when you showed up I was thinking of having you being sexfriends but thanks to Lillum and Bonnie making… certain things in my body work, that kinda changes things. Plus my dad made you immortal like me. And even if Bonnie helps, my kid still needs a dad. I mean when I was little, it was just me and my mom before she… passed while dad was in the Nightosphere. I then later met someone else who was like another dad to me but lost his sanity thanks to a cursed crown. Besides we have plenty of time to get to know one another before you pop the big question."

Emerald chuckles at that when he moved to hug Marceline but didn't pull her in yet.

"Yeah plenty of time… and who knows… if this whole knock up thing is for immortal life… maybe we could have a few more kids in the future but for now, might as well focus on me wowing a wonderful woman like yourself." Emerald said when he lightly placed his forehead on Marceline's while he smiles at her.

Marceline blushes a bit before smirk.

"You got that right." She said before she kissed Emerald on the lips.

Emerald returned the kiss while he gently held Marceline to not harm her while the kiss went on for a minute straight while Emerald wondered what Marceline was thinking after all this happened during the date.

'Hmmm, even though we don't know each other all that well yet, I can see the beginning of a good relationship forming.' Marceline thought.

The duo then stops kissing after a moment and Emerald smirks when he picked up Marceline bridal style.

"Better rest up, got one final part of the date to finish when we get back to the castle… trust me you will like this." Emerald said when he starts to run through the part while he carefully carried Marceline in his arms and tentacles while the To Go Boxes were carefully held to keep them from spilling.

Marceline blushes at position before having this thought.

'Hmmm… I wonder does this have to do with what Maite and Lillum were doing with him.'

The scene then went to Emerald's bedroom which was oddly empty and Emerald sets the food on the bed before he bolts from the room and… oddly went to the dungeon of all things and in no time, Marceline saw that there was a door there when there was normally not one and Emerald sets Marceline near it and gestured for her to open it.

Marceline raises her eyebrow before she opens the door and goes inside.

When she did, not only did she see a rather intense looking sex dungeon with so many kinky sex machines for various things… she saw to her shock and what not that not only was Marceline's two clones that were with Neddy were here, so was Lillum, Maite, and Bubblegum, while Bubblegum and Lillum were bound in Bondage gear and getting dominated by he Clones and Maite thanks to some strapons or cocks that the clones formed and Emerald smirks when he entered the room and closed the door.

"Had Lillum make this place and use various spells to hide it from sight if kids come here somehow, you could call this idea a gift of sorts since I had to give Lillum a LOT of energy to make this place… if Bubblegum has her Simulation room, you might as well get your own Sex Dungeon for a more real and thrilling experience hehe, I also wanted to test out some things and well… I died a few time when Lillum drained me fully and the amulet revived me when Lillum fed quite a bit on me, told her it was cool to do so to make this room." Emerald said while he grins at Marceline.

Marceline was still shocked as she saw this as Maite was able to notice the duo.

"Oh… Emerald, Marceline, you're here." She said.

"Hehe, yup, just telling Marceline about the gift now but never heard any reaction yet." Emerald said when he waved at Maite and he looks at Marceline to see what she would do when she got her own sex dungeon in her girlfriends Castle.

Marceline was quiet before she grabbed Emerald's shoulder.

"Dude… this is… the best gift… ever!" She said with excitement in her eyes.

Emerald chuckles before he gestured into the room.

"Well enjoy it, I talked with Bubblegum and on that door on the far end, she gave permission to have Lillum link it with your house so instead of trekking all the way to your place and possibly risking sun damage if you need to leave before the sun sets, BAM!, instant cave home door, had it set up near your home on a large archway that was made, had Lillum and Maite help earlier when we went to your place… though Lillum did need some fuel so we had fun in your room first and she replaced that couch of yours… forgot it was like a brick…" Emerald said while cringing at how he forgot about Marceline couch and showed he had a bad time with it… though did Emerald say that Marceline could come and go from her place with a magic door!?

"Wait, did you guys have a magic door installed so I go from here to my cave and vice versa?" Marceline said.

"Yup… follow me." Emerald said while he led Marceline by her clones and Lillum while the clones lift and lower Lillum onto their cocks again and again while Maite nearby was fucking Bubblegum up the ass while she was on all fours and getting hot wax dripped onto her round ass.

Bubblegum groans loudly as she feels that as Lillum was moaning and groaning from the pleasure.

Marceline smirks at the sight as she kept following Emerald.

She followed him to three doors in a huge ass hallway that had many blank doors, one was themed with a bat symbol, the other was a symbol with a digital symbol on it and finally one was a symbol with an eye in a crystal for some reason.

"Finally, Welcome to the hall of doors, your instant fast travel solution to anywhere you want to go… if a linking door is made at the point of travel… simply put the door with the bat symbol leads to your place, the circut symbol next to it leads to the simulation room so if you want to have a good time and no one is here, you get free sex either way, and this one leads to the entryway under the well to the dungeon of the Crystal Eye, that one took a bit and we were not able to tell anyone about it yet so Lillum used a spell to hide it from view until I can talk to Emelina and Juan about this, had to make an extra spell on this so those with evil intent can't pass through it, also gives Bubblegum an easy way to visit Atlantis if she has a way to help Epsi and others travel on land… bit of a bonus… I thought of the idea since I can pretty much feed Lillum constantly, she has magical knowhow and can do things that would be impossible for most so why not do something like this?" Emerald said while he grins at Marceline and opened the bat themed door to show Marceline's house at an angle from the front door.

"And best part is, as long as you will it with this door, you can even set it up right in your home but I figured you don't want unexpected guests so figured a stone pillar near it would be the next best thing." Emerald said while he grins at Marceline.

Marceline was surprised after hearing this.

"Wow, this can really help me save my time on traveling."

"Welcome, anyway you want to have fun at your place?, the Simulation room?, or…" Emerald said before he points a thumb back at the sex dungeon while he grins at Marceline when more moans and groans were heard from the room.

Marceline grins before she leans in and whispers in Emerald's ear.

"How about some one on one time in my place?"

All Emerald did was smirk and he and Marceline went through the bat door, closed it and were in her cave in no time while Marceline saw that her shortcut was on a stone pillar near her house… this would be good.

Marceline grins in excitement before she grabs Emerald's hand and starts dragging him to her house.

All Emerald did was chuckle and as the scene fades to black, The Queen of Vampires and the King of Chaos would have quite the time in Marceline's home one on one… but that was a story for another time.

(End of chapter 6.5, chapter 7 will be made in the future, this was originally 7 but made it into a break chapter as small filler and to help with building relationships here or there.)

(Big author notice: Marceline and Bubblegum are still together no matter what if no one sees it.)

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