Bubblegum's Creature Study @emerald
Mermaid study

The scene opens up to show TME and Atomsk while TME had a grin on his face.

"Ah, its been awhile since we last got an Arc of a story completed, nice feeling, how do you feel Atomsk?, feel pretty good?" TME asked while he looks at his friend.

"Oh yeah, feel pretty good." Atomsk said before stretching.

"Yeah, after this we are going to take a break and get to work on other stories in need of work, for now just want to get this chapter started?" TME said while he grins at Atomsk more.

"Oh yeah. I believe it's Emerald's turn right?" Atomsk said.

"Indeed, and this time should pretty obvious, but this target for the study is Epsi and her sisters, most likely Epsi only but should be a good what if to consider, anyway this chapter shouldn't last as long as Cedric's chapter since we got most of the plot stuff out of the way last chapter right Atomsk?" TME said when he looks at Atomsk with a curious look on his face.

"Oh yeah. It was at least interesting when we gave Guardian Angel her first lemon." Atomsk said.

"Hehe, no fooling, can't remember if we had one or not… anyway lets get this chapter started and over with so we can get to a updating a story or something." TME said while he fist pumped the air.

"Yeah!" Atomsk said with his fist in the air.

That caused TME to cheer before the scene went back to the Dungeon of the Crystal Eye with everyone, minus Cedric and GA who were in Cedric's room, while Juan stayed behind with Eruru and Azure left Ben with Eruru so the two can play together so Emerald can talk with everyone privately when he led the others out of the house.

Ooo/ Lair of the Crystal Eye/ Emerald, Maite, Lillum, Bubblegum, Marceline, Finn, Huntress, Emelina, Hunson

After saying goodbye to the Bucket knight for now after they left the house, Emerald looks at everyone and he had a smirk on his face.

"Hehe… looks like I got an interesting study target for my test." Emerald said when he told the group about the mermaids in detail from how their bodies more or less looked with Bubblegum chipping in every now and then to how Epsi treated Emerald compared to the rest of Epsi's sisters.

"Are you sure Emerald? You say this Epsi is okay, but I don't want her sisters near you." Maite said with a worried look on her face.

"Oh don't worry… pretty sure if they give me trouble we won't have to deal with them for awhile… not letting ANYTHING sharp come my way… not sure what the hell happened but I could feel every moment of pain as I slipped into Death and felt everything go in reverse which while interested… caused the pain to double when I felt my body pull myself back together… so yeah… they try and use Fins… they see a pissed off Emerald." Emerald said while he shuddered at the memory while Lillum crossed her arms.

"Yeah… and I doubt they would try much with all of us with him." Lillum said when she had an itchy trigger finger for using a spell on this Gamma bitch who did the attack.

"You said it." Marceline said as she had her Axe with her.

"Where did you pull that out from?" Emerald said while Marceline looks at Emerald.

"I enchanted it recently so I can summon it and send it home, easy for storing it." Marceline said when she dismissed her Axe and summoned it a few times as an example.

"Ah… well hopefully you won't need it… anyway follow me everyone, I'll lead you to the hole." Emerald said though he was stopped by Marceline.

"Hold on… arn't you forgetting something?" Marceline said which caused Emerald to blink.

"What?" Emerald said while Marceline looks amused.

"We went over everyone elses backstories on them finding the flier, you are not getting out of that one." Marceline said while everyone looked at Emerald with an amused look.

"Oh…" was all Emerald said before he rubbed the back of his head when he honestly forgot that.

"Well Emerald if you want, you can tell us your story after your test. It's not a rush." Bubblegum said.

"Hmm… nah, might as well do it now so we don't have to do this anymore… anyway this story starts out in the human village…" Emerald said before the scene flash backed to quite awhile ago when Emerald was human and before he found the flier.

Flashback/ Ooo/ Human Village/ Emerald

Emerald at this time, human, was walking through the village of humans, thanks to them moving in Ooo recently, a village was being made in the Grasslands near Finn's home, he had a new home made thanks to Minerva and Huntress while the remains of the former Treefort was seen in the distance, Emerald normally hung around here since not many came by and a Minerva bot came to check on Emerald since he should have been back awhile ago but she found him sleeping near the dirt pile where the Fern seed was and it seems Emerald made a stand around the pile to help support the sapling to be when it sprouts.

The Minerva bot knelt down and lightly nudges at Emerald.

"Wake up Emerald."

Emerald mumbles in his sleep a few times while he turned away from Minerva and had a pretty content look on his face, one more gentle nudge before Minerva gets serious with waking Emerald.

"Come on Emerald. You can't sleep all day." Minerva bot said as she nudged Emerald more.

That caused Emerald to turn onto his back and slowly opened his eyes while he had a tired but waking look on his face.

"Ok pretty globess, I'm waking." Emerald said while he didn't realize what he just said while he sat up and had a somewhat dazed look on his face.

Minerva bot blinked before she giggles.

"Well don't know about that but good that you're waking up."

When Emerald managed to wake more he yawned and cracked his neck a few times and his back like usual before he looks at Minerva.

"Oh hey Minerva, need something?... you normally don't send a Minerva bot up here." Emerald said when his brain fully wakes and he gets up and dusts himself off for a moment.

"True but you didn't return so I was making sure if you were alright." Minerva bot said.

"Thanks, though I wouldn't worry about me much, I'm normally here or there around town mainly and this place is pretty peaceful, was making something to help the new tree here grow well, plenty of junk around here so figured I could make a stand thing for the sapling at least when it grows but who knows how long that will take." Emerald said when he looks at the makeshift stand where the tree in the future would grow.

Minerva bot did smile a bit.

"Well still you should always check in. Don't want your parents to be worried sick for you."

"Right… anyway might as well get back to town now, know what time it is?" Emerald asked since he had no idea on the time right now.

"About 12 noon." Minerva bot said.

That caused Emerald to go bug eyed before he ran by Minerva.

"Oh crap I missed Breakfast and Lunch!" Emerald yelled while he looked comical as he ran away from the remains of the treefort.

Minerva bot chuckles at the reaction before she went back to the village.

While that happened, a banana guard from the Candy Kingdom was carrying fliers and was turning a corner of a building but when he did, Emerald, who never noticed the guard or fliers, crashed into the guard at full speed and a few humans laugh at the sight of the dazed duo while Emerald and the guard twitch on the ground.

'O-Ow… what hit me?" The Banana Guard said as he tries to get up.

"M-Me and my haste…" Emerald groans out while he tries to do the same but thanks to how hard he ran, he couldn't get off the guard while a man laughed when he approached the duo.

"Geeze Emerald, what did your mother and I tell you about rushing?, and here you are full on tackling a Banana guard from the Candy Kingdom, sorry little guy, my son can be pretty lazy but when he hoofs it, he can hoof it." The man said while he got a dazed Emerald off the guard when he gripped the collar of Emerald's shirt and the guard saw that aside from brown and black hair, this man barely looked like Emerald since compared to Emerald, this man looked like he trained hard and looked to be quite a bit taller then Emerald by half a head.

The Guard groans as he gets up.

"N-No worries. But I have to pick all these fliers up." He said when he tries to pick them up.

That caused a number of Minerva bots to appear and they used many robotic tentacles and what not to pick them up.

"Sorry about that Mr. Guard, here let us help you." the Minerva bots said and they quickly got the fliers together while the man who picked up Emerald grabbed one and looks at it while the guard was distracted by the Minerva bots.

"Thank you ma'am. Don't know what I would do if all of the fliers got lost." The Guard said.

"No problem, my son is a good friend of the princess so might as well do my part to keep the peace." Minerva said while she and her bots smile at the guard when they passed the fliers back and the man held the flier he had.

"Hey mind if I keep this flier?" The man asked while he showed the guard the single flier that he had.

The guard blinked a bit.

"Sure. Don't see no harm."

"Great, see you later then." The man said before he carried Emerald away while the Minerva guards wave to the man.

"By Nocturn, sorry for the trouble." One minerva said which made Nocturn smile.

"Oh don't worry, its no trouble at all." Nocturn said while he left the Minerva bots and the guard behind.

"Who's he?" The Guard said with confusion.

"Head of security here." Minerva said while the camera went to Emerald who was carried into a house owned by Nocturn and he placed Emerald on a nearby couch while Emerald groans while Emerald's mother, a beautiful woman with white hair walked into the room, she had a figure of a Globbess with C cup breasts wide hips and no blemish on her skin and rose colored lips… all in all one would wonder if Emerald was Nocturn and this woman's kid on looks alone and she saw a dazed Emerald on the couch and wondered what happened to him.

"Hi honey, what happened to Emerald?" The wife said.

"Well Helios, after I went to look for Emerald, found him after he accidentally tackled a Banana guard who was passing out fliers, I won't give many details but might have found something for Emerald to do that can get him to move around more." Nocturn said while he passed Helios the Flier.

Helios blinked at the story before she grabs the flier and looks it over.

She saw the post from Bubblegum and looks at her husband.

"Well it sounds nice but think it will be safe for our Emerald?" Helios said while she worried for Emerald's health, Bubblegum was known to do some questionable things and the humans heard about the two sides of Bubblegum from Finn which resulted in the humans regularly checking for any bugs in their homes from top to bottom for the sake of their sanity for privacy.

"Well you know how Emerald is when he's out late so he might as well make some money if he applies there." Nocturn said.

"I see… well if we can talk Emerald into this the house would be pretty empty… maybe we could try and make a sibling for him?" Helios said while she teased Nocturn when she winked at him.

Nocturn blinked a bit before smirking.

"Careful dear. Don't start something you can't finish." He said before giving his wife's ass a good slap.

Helios jolts from that before she used a hand to pinch Nocturns ass.

"Honey, who can't finish what exactly?, pretty sure I can outlast you normally when it comes to sex hehe." Helios said before she walked away.

"Still… thats if you manage to get our Emerald to go to this job… until then I'll be getting the bedroom set up… either for sleeping or…" Helios explained while she smirks at Nocturn before she left the room and left Nocturn behind while her ass sways in her outfit.

Nocturn grins as he kept look.

'Glob do I love this woman.' He thought.

The scene then went to the present.

Present/ Ooo/ Lair of the Crystal Eye/ Study group plus Emelina

"...And that's what I was told after I woke so after I got a bit of a talk with my parents about going on this job so here I am, so pretty sure my dad is getting it on with my mom right now trying to make me a sib or something." Emerald said while he looks thoughtful when he remembered everything that happened..

Everyone was blinking a bit after hearing the story.

"Very interesting." Bubblegum said.

"Yeah, but is every parent having tier 15 when their only child goes to someplace else?" Finn said.

"What?, would you rather the parents get it on with one another while their kids are around?... well my folks do it daily even if I'm in the room if I visit so I'm not one to talk but still…." Lillum said before giggling at the memories.

Everyone was a bit surprised after hearing that.

"Well I didn't mean it like that. Just saying that each story that I heard about who had the flier has the same end." Finn said.

"Really?, didn't Azure's dad more or less have Azure leave and he cried her name and didn't Maite's dad just get worried for Maite about leaving and finding a boy?, and I don't think Emelina here and Juan did much unless they had Bucket Knight or something babysit Eruru so its just my folks unless I miss something." Emerald said while he puts his two cents in.

Finn sweatdrops a bit.

"Nevermind, let's just go find those mermaids."

"Right… though Lillum don't you need to meet with the Demon cat from earlier?, I doubt we need every single one of us to deal with them." Emerald said while he reminded Lillum about the promise with Lillum and the Demon Cat who almost knew all.

Lillum blinked a bit.

"Oh right, almost forgot. But I was hoping to make that fish slut, Gamma, pay." She said.

Emerald just moved to kiss Lillum on the lips to calm her before he pulled away from the kiss when he lets her go.

"Oh don't worry, you will but hopefully on a more kinky fun level, let us do the hard part and you just have fun, a frown doesn't look good on a cutie like you." Emerald said when he smiles at Lillum.

Lillum pouts cutely.

"Okay." She said.

"Hey don't worry… tell you what… if I do have fun with Gamma for payback, I'll leave her ass for you to really break in… that make you feel better?" Emerald said while he grins at Lillum.

Lillum perks up after hearing that.

"Now it does." She said with an eye smile.

"Hehe great, now go show that Demon Cat what the most sexy succubus is all of Ooo can do." Emerald said while he used a tentacle to slap Lillum's ass to get her floating away from the group.

Lillum lightly jolts from that before smirking at Emerald and made a sexy cat noise before going to meet the Demon Cat.

Emerald chuckles before he looks at the others.

"Now then while the cat plays with the sexy succubus, time for us to catch some fish." Emerald said when he made a joke a bit before he starts to lead the group away from Lillum in the opposite direction with the scene going to Lillum who floats to the Demon Cat's area to look for him.

"Hey Demon Cat… I'm here, where are you?" Lillum said while she looks around the area.

Unknown to her, a pair of eyes was looking at Lillum before the figure jumps and pounces on Lillum.

"KYA!" Lillum called out before she made an oomph noise when she hits the ground hard and her eyes glow with a demonic glow when she gets ready to throw a spell at whoever dared tackles her but stopped when she saw the Demon cat as the culprit.

"You… *eyes narrow*... considering you almost know everything, ever consider I could blast you into next week or year and figured I could just flat out attack you no matter what for that?" Lillum said while she waits for the Demon Cat to get off her.

The Demon cat chuckled.

"Sorry Lilly the succupie. It's my nature."

Lillum ignored the errors in her name and the species mistake and lightly pushed the Demon Cat off her.

"Well next time try and remember that I can blast you into oblivion if you try this again, I don't give many second chances with physical issues." Lillum said while she dusts herself off.

The Demon cat chuckles again.

"Message received."

"Good, I'm sure with your mind, you already know a general idea about things so just in case, let's hear what you have to say on why I'm here and not with Emerald." Lillum said to make a little talk while she used a spell to clean her body off fully.

"Well if I have to guess, your husband went to the hole that Bucket Knight made and he met some fish ladies only it did not go well." The Demon Cat said.

Lillum blushed at the husband part and didn't correct him.

"Not bad, though its not fish ladies, its mermaids." Lillum said when she starts to get undressed with a snap of her fingers and her nude body was seen in full.

Demon cat grins as he was liking the sight of Lillum's body.

"Either way, time to get down to business… the fun kind."

"Indeed, got a place where we can have fun or just want it here and now?" Lillum asked while she looks around the place and saw it was mainly rocky, not very comfortable here.

"Hehe, hop on and I'll take you to my bed." The Demon Cat said.

Lillum shrugged when she did so though it seems things would get interesting when the Bucket knight walked into the area.

"Hey Demon Cat, I brought over that encycopedia you wanted and GREAT SCOTT!" BK said when he saw a naked Lillum on Demon Cat's back.

"Hello BK. As you're about to see, I'm gonna have fun with this sexy lady." The Demon cat said.

BK blinks at that while Lillum giggles at the dumbfounded look on BK's face.

"Want to join in?, I can get two subjects of study out of the way if Bubblegum wants to study you guys rather… intimately." Lillum said in a teasing way to Bucket Knight while she sensually licked her lips to tease him.

The Bucket Knight was thoughtful for a bit as the Demon cat chuckles.

"What do you say BK?"

"Hmmm… very well. Not much to do anyway." BK said.

This resulted in a pretty happy BK riding on Lillum's lap while his head was between her breasts while Demon Cat move to take the group to his room and Lillum had a careful grip on BK to make sure he didn't fall off while she waits for DC to get to his area of rest to see what his place looked like.

It wasn't long before the trio made it to DC's area of rest.

"Well here we are. Not much to look at." He said.

Lillum had to admit DC was right when the best he had was mainly fur pelts in one area for the bedding.

"Hmm… not bad, could use some redecorating but not bad." Lillum said when she sets BK on the ground and used a spell to clean the fur on the ground off just in case while BK and DC had a perfect view of Lillum's ass when she stands in front of the duo.

"What do you think?" DC whispers with a grin.

BK was a bit quiet for a moment.

'"Interesting assets."

Lillum would have giggled but she held that in when she placed a hand on her ass and shifts feet so that DC and BK could see her asshole while standing when she teased them while she used some magic to clean the bedding more and enchant it to keep any nasty fluids off the bedding and ground under it.

The duo saw more of Lillum's ass before they were feeling a bit turned on at the sight.

When Lillum finished, she dusts her hands off.

"There, now we won't have to deal with the after cleanup mess." Lillum said while she looks at the duo.

"So… who's first?" Lillum asked while she smirks at the duo.

DC chuckles.

"Well if BK doesn't mind, I'll take a crack at you."

BK in turn nods his head while he pulled out a bucket.

"Need to find some water so have fun you two." BK said before he rushed out of the area and that left Lillum with DC.

"Now it's you and me." DC said with a fang grin.

"Indeed… though since we are so different, might as well let you show me that fancy tongue of yours and see how it does when a Pussy licks a pussy." Lillum said when she got on her back and spread her legs so her folds were seen.

DC chuckles before he got close to Lillum and when he got close, the Demon Cat sticks out his cat tongue.

It gave a small mew like noise before it starts to lick Lillum's pussy with a tiny micro tongue and Lillum shuddered from the feeling and groans a bit when the cat tongue worked her more hidden spots pretty well.

DC chuckles a bit as he let his tongue continue its work.

This went on for a few minute before the tongue moved to Lillum's vaginal hole and surprised her when the wide tongue pretty much tackled its way inside of Lillum's pussy and she groans from the feeling and looked down with a surprised look when she saw something wiggling around inside of Lillum's folds.

DC had a smirk on his face before he had his paw mess with Lillum's bud a few times.

Lillum groans more from the feeling while her toes curl on the ground a few times while the cat tongue inside of Lillum's pussy wiggles around more when it liked the warm insides of Lillum's pussy and licked the insides from various angles while Lillum could feel her orgasm approaching while the Cat tongue worked its way deeper into Lillum's folds.

DC was loving the sounds of Lillum's moaning as he made sure to push his tongue deeper inside Lillum's pussy.

That really caused Lillum to groan before she moans whorishly when her pussy tightened on the Demon Cat's tongue and the tongue felt a pleasant tightness all around it and purred which caused Lillum to moan from the feeling while her juices coat the tongue in her folds.

DC was able to feel it as his tongue laps up the juices with gusto.

When Lillum tapped off she pants for breath while groaning when the cat tongue was pulled free of Lillum's pussy.

"Hehe, how's that for a wild tongue." DC said while grinning.

"H-Hehe… v-very wild…. Wonder if that cock of yours is as lively as that tongue of yours." Lillum said while she grins at the Demon Cat.

The Demon cat chuckles.

"See for yourself." He said before showing Lillum his now erect dick which is 10 inches long and 2 ½ in width.

"Hmmm… impressive." Lillum said which was true, for a natural born creature this guy was huge though she did noticed something with the cock… it looked snake like and could wiggle here and there though keep a erect state if the Demon cat wanted.

"Ohhh… me likey… though I have an offer… give me a wowing good time and I'll use a spell to make that cock bigger, big enough to wow any female." Lillum said while she grins at the Demon Cat.

"Hmmm… interesting. Very well then. I'll accept." Deman Cat said.

"Good… now bring that cock over here so I can show you a new meaning to hide the snake." Lillum said with a teasing tone to her voice when she gestured for the Demon Cat to approach her.

The Demon Cat grins before he approaches Lillum and gets on top of her before the Demon cat aims his cock at Lillum's folds.

That caused Lillum to relax while the cock wiggles a bit near her folds like it was sensing where her folds were, she groans when it shot into her and stayed still so the Demon cat can do the rest while the cock worked to stay as still as possible.

The Demon cat groans from feeling Lillum's warm pussy on his cock before DC starts thrusting it back and forth.

That really made Lillum moan while she relaxed her pussy on the Demon Cat's cock and it caused the Demon cat to thrust his hips deep so he could get more of his demonic dick inside of Lillum, it was like her pussy was made for him.

"D-Damn… this pussy is the best." The Demon cat groan as he made sure to go balls deep inside Lillum's pussy.

Lillum moans more before she smirks at the Demon cat.

"W-Well o-of course… I-I'm a s-succubus Q-Queen after all… not a low ranked one who is still learning… can get your perfect pussy instantly so you feel as good as possible." Lillum groans out while her folds proved her words when she made the feel change again and again on DC's cock before it went back to the best feeling one that she made earlier.

DC groans from that feeling as he humps on Lillum's pussy before he had his paws squeeze Lillum's breasts.

Lillum groans from that and she gave the Demon Cat a lustful look while she had her hands on his paws.

"Oh yes!, fuck me harder!, keep on fucking me!, earn that larger cock size!" Lillum moans out while she had her legs wrap around the DC's waist to help pull him in harder.

Hearing this made the Demon cat growl as he really fucked Lillum so he can claim his prize.

This went on for a bit while the DC felt Lillum getting closer while he was getting close as well and this kept going until the DC threw his head back and snarled while his cock, after doing something interesting with the head flaring like a horse cocks would, fired a lot of sperm into Lillum with surprising force and she gasped and groans when she came hard on the cock and her body absorbed the sperm before it could cause a mess.

The Demon cat grinds his fangs as he continues to give Lillum's pussy a powerful creampie as he rides out his orgasm before 15-20 seconds pass.

Lillum tapped off a few seconds after and pants for breath while she looks at the Demon cat an smirks when she used a hand to bring his head down for a kiss and while that happened, she used magic to make the Demon cat's cock much larger and add thick but safe barbs to his cock which made Lillum groan when she made him a foot long inside of her and his barbs hit all her weak points at once.

DC groans from the chance before kissing Lillum back for a moment.

When the Bucket knight returned with some water, he saw that DC had Lillum on all fours and was fucking her ass with his barb equipped cock and looked a bit thicker then normal with his cock, did Lillum enlarge the width as well?... well Lillum's moaning and groaning really showed she loved the fun she was having while the Bucket Knight who returned… well he just poured water onto his body and he starts to grow greatly… thankfully he only used a small amount of water for his bucket because when he finished growing, he was only half a body taller than Lillum instead of a full on giant.

The Demon Cat groans as he pounds Lillum's ass hard before noticing BK at the door.

"Ah welcome back Bucket Knight." DC said.

"Yes well had to find the right amount of water to use, I miss anything?" Bucket knight said when he stomped over with his enlarged size so he could watch the duo.

"Hehe, nothing much, except Lillum upgrading my… weapon." DC said when a grin.

"Huh?, you mean you?... well congratulations, granted I don't need that kind of help since I can change my form at will as long as I have my bucket and water, but still congratulations my demonic feline friend." BK said while he pats DC on the back which thanks to the added strength made DC thrust his hips harder then ever… though not very comfortable even if it did cause Lillum to moan more.

"Hehe, thanks." DC said he kept on going.

This went on for a bit while Lillum felt DC getting closer and closer until…

DC growls loudly before he climaxed hard inside Lillum's ass.

Lillum moans while she had a fucked up look on her face when she came hard on DC's cock which throbbed while he rides out his orgasm… and from how intense the throbs were, his orgasms were made stronger for a better pleasing feeling.

Almost 30 seconds pass before DC finally taps off and pants for breath.

That caused DC to pull his cock free of Lillum's ass and BK saw the size increase on DC's body and hums when he looks at Lillum while she recovered from her orgasm and chuckles when she looks at the duo while her ass gapped a bit from the pounding she took from DC.

"I really outdone myself here." DC said as he admired his handy work.

"Indeed, though not much of a payload since none of your essence is flowing from her hole." BK said which made Lillum giggle.

"Oh thats because I absorbed it… now then since I had fun with DC here… why don't I show the Knight of water some loving." Lillum said while she teasingly licked her lips when she wondered what BK had in stored for her at his current size, which if compared to Emerald if he was here, would be nearly half a body taller then him, BK shrank a bit so had to refresh the water a little on his body which resulted in said height.

DC chuckled.

"You heard her BK. She's all yours." He said before stepping aside so he can recover for the later fun he would have.

The Bucket Knight smirks before he removes his cod piece.

To be exact, it slid upword under the shell like armor he had on his body since the armor was apart of him and couldn't be taken off, handy since it could protect his real body and not get removed and since he can use water without ill effect like rust or something, well… all the strengths and no weaknesses and with his current size being around 8 to 9 feet tall, his cock, which was also grown to be proportioned for his size was around the 13 to 14 inch mark and looked natural on his body unlike the augmented sizes Lillum put on Emerald and the others which made Lillum lick her lips when she liked what she saw, the color of the cock was greyish like the rest of his body though going with the artificial look, there was a gold ring like base at the base of the Bucket knights cock and his balls were seen when they fell free, looked heavy as well and Lillum moved to lick at the BK's cock in no time with a lustful look in her eyes.

BK was a bit surprised before he groans from from having his cock licked.

This resulted in Lillum having plenty of fun while the scene went back to the others a bit back in time right when they got to the hole where Emerald met the mermaids.

Lair of the Crystal eye/ New area/ Study group minus Lillum and Cedric, Emelina, Hunson

The scene showed The group after they walked into the area with all the pools of water and Emerald looks at the others.

"Alright, here is where I met Epsi and her sisters, wonder if she is nearby." Emerald said while he looks around after he takes a peek into the pool of water he first met her in.

Luckily for him, Epsi was there by herself and looks like she was still upset about what happened.

She was a bit underwater so Emerald used a tentacle to reach underwater and tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention.

Epsi had a raised eyebrow before turning her head and her foul mood washed away when she saw Emerald at the entrance and swam to the surface.

"Emerald?" She said.

"Yeah, and brought the cavalry somewhat minus a few people in case your sisters are near and stab happy, I told them about what happened so while they see you in a good light, your sisters… no so much." Emerald said when he points a thumb at Marceline, Maite, Bubblegum, Azure, Finn, Huntress, Emelina, and Hunson.

Epsi blinked when she saw the others.

"Still though, I'm very sorry for Gamma's actions."

"Yeah… lets not try and talk about that, I may have a way that we can burn the bad bridge and make a good one though may have to have your sisters join in… again, you maybe a Royal but if I marry these ladies… well most of them… let me reintroduce you to Marceline, Vampire Queen and her father Hunson Abadeer the Freaking Rular of the Nightosphere, the most chaotic place ever conceived and its fucking unpredictable… Bubblegum the Princess of the Candy Kingdom, There is also Lillum, but she is not here but has the powers of a succubus Queen, next is one of my ladies and the chiefains daughter of a powerful village full of warriors, her name is Maite and she is the sexy hedgehog woman here, next is Azure, not one of my ladies… maybe… though could be friends with benefits at best since she has her eyes on Cedric somewhat if he can get some things in order… and there is Emelina, Cedric's mother and probably the strongest woman in this dungeon… well… if Marceline and Lillum were not here since Marceline has supernatural strength and Lillum has magic beyond belief… still she is like the head of the laid of the Crystal eye… and finally if you have heard of them… Finn the Human who is known far and wide as the Hero of Ooo and Huntress Wizard his mate… now not sure if any of these names ring a bell or not but they are powerful in their own rights, and lets just say your sisters did not impress them… now… considering I may marry some of them, Marceline, Maite, Lillum, and possibly Bubblegum if I go on a few dates with her and we hit it off… well.. I technically become king of two kingdoms and have a good rep with Hunson here who is more unkillable then I am… now have any questions before I talk more?" Emerald said while he introduced everyone one by one and while many heard the king thing, they knew with Emerald's mentality that it was just to show Epsi that Emerald didn't give a crap about royal status and all that since saw them more or less as equals.

Epsi blinked a bit when she guessed who each person was though when she saw Finn, she had to admit he was cute looking.

"Well nice to meet you all. You already know me as Epsi, Princess to some mermaids."

"Yeah, Emerald mentioned that. Including your home being underwater, kinda stinks." Finn said as Epsi waved it off.

"Not to worry. My home is still standing… as far as we know and my people and I are alive which is good." She said as she lightly smiles at Finn.

"Yeah, though we should get back to the current matter at hand since Marceline and Maite here are the most pissed at this situation right now… not sure what Maite can do in a fight but saw Marceline use her hair alone to kick Cedric's ass when he laughed at her when Emerald accidentally knocked Marceline up so who knows what she can do when actually out for blood." Azure said when she points a thumb at Marceline and Maite.

Epsi blinked when she noticed said duo being upset though Emelina didn't like what she heard.

"Wait, what did Cedric do?"

"I can explain later and we're working on the issues with Cedric right now, he is pretty healthy since Marceline didn't do much physical wise just to get him to shut it." Azure said to try and calm Emelina down.

Emelina facepalms.

"Considering that I don't like that someone slugged my son, I'll let it slide since Marceline is with child and that Cedric may have caused this one."

"Well he did laugh at Marceline right when Emerald came inside of her after Lillum and Bubblegum kickstarted Marceline's womb… still you are right we should get back to the situation at hand." Azure said while she looked away from Emelina.

Though Azure didn't know that Emelina had now a hard to read look but it seems that Cedric was in deep trouble when they come back.

Finn noticed and whispered in Huntress's ear.

"I think Azure got Cedric in trouble if you saw his mom's face."

"No kidding." Huntress said while the group looks back to seeing Emerald and Epsi talk more.

"... Anyway if you really want your sisters to be cool with us, you might as well summon them here so we can talk with them… hopefully on more… peaceful terms since I'm not outnumbered." Emerald said which showed he was still a little sore about the whole attack but was willing to keep things civil as long as he had ways to prevent ANY kind of conflict.

Epsi was quiet.

"Well… I don't know if they want to talk now since our argument got ugly."

Emerald frowned when he heard that.

"Well if you want anyone to come here and hopefully on friendly terms, you might as well try otherwise this place might as well be sealed off again since your sister may give others a bad impression and make others think your people are nothing more then savages… do you want that as ruler?" Emerald said with a serious tone to his voice.

Epsi frowns at Emerald.

"No... I don't."

"Good, then we will wait here so you can talk with your family in coming here, I'm not trying to be an ass but you realize anyone else would be dead if your sister tried anything like she did with anyone else… do you really want your sister to be a murderer?, or hopefully a nice woman who can get along with others." Emerald said while he sat at the edge of the water.

Epsi was quiet again.

"I'll be back." She said before she dives down and went to go get her sisters.

Emerald sighs while he looks at the others.

"Think I was too hard on her?" Emerald said when he looks at Marceline and Bubblegum mainly since they were Royals… granted Marceline didn't have subjects but she did have respect from many and Bubblegum led her own kingdom pretty well.

"I would say a bit much." Bubblegum said.

"You kidding, unlike me with the whole people thing, someone needed to give her a reality check, Emerald does have a point, if it was anyone else… her sister would have killed them instantly with a blow to the heart and we had no idea Emerald was able to recover, personally I think was too soft on her since she let that happen in front of her." Marceline said with her two cents to show the differences in opinion.

"Oh come on Marceline, if it was the other way around, you would do something similar if I hadn't had the chance to say something." Bubblegum said.

"Fine, I'll shut it, but what if Finn or one of your citizens were attacked like that?, you could probably clone a citizen but can you clone a human and even then would it really be Finn?, we had that Fern guy here and he turned out pretty bad in the long run before he helped out in the gum war, but point is… if it was a person you cared about like a normal person with no way of recovering… would you say the same thing?" Marceline points out that not everyone was hard to kill.

Bubblegum would've retorted but was quiet since on some occasion… Marceline was right.

And she was right about this, if it was a citizen of hers, she could clone one in a snap and even if she did clone Finn, chances are it wouldn't have his memories and what not while she realized that while harsh, Marceline was just telling the truth here.

Time then went to quite a bit later with Epsi returning with her sisters though from the look of things, seems she had a hard time convincing them while Emerald and the others were playing blackjack 21 to pass the time and didn't notice them arrive.

"We're back." Epsi said.

Everyone noticed and after a moment of getting the cards together and passing them to Huntress who pockets the cards, everyone looks at the mermaids with various looks.

"Yo… remember me?" Emerald said when he looks at Gamma with crossed arms.

Gamma frowns at Emerald.

"Indeed I do Mr. Foul mouth."

"Hey I only cursed once and that was after you had a fin blade at my throat, foul mouthed I maybe but stab happy I am not… well… at least in the bad way I'm not… many ladies would like the stab happy when it comes to bedroom matters… anyway I would like to introduce various royals who have a bone to pick with you if we can't be peaceful so I'm hoping these numbers here cause you to not fly off the handle." Emerald said when he introduced Marceline and the others.

Marceline and Maite glares at Gamma with daggers.

"So you're the chick that likes to stab people. If I wasn't pregnant, I would turn you to sushi." Marceline said but Gamma glares back.

"Don't know what you just said but I don't like your tone." Gamma said.

"Well you better watch it or otherwise…" Maite said before she surprisingly summons a big hammer.

"...It's hammer time."

Many blink at that while Emerald looks at Maite.

"OK… didn't know you could do that but nice, second put the hammer away Maite we are here to talk and try and make peace, if anyone has a right to be mad its me and I'm pretty chill compared to you and Marceline." Emerald said while he tried to keep the tension low.

Maite was quiet before putting her hammer away.

"Sorry Emerald. As my mom said, if anyone messes with my man, bring in the hammer." She said as Zeta laughed.

"Ha! Funny, mother said the same thing but use a trident instead."

Emerald sweatdrops at that common ground and moved to Maite and smiles at her.

"Look, try and keep calm and don't cause issues I'll make sure to make it worth your while… same to you Marceline, try and keep a level head and I'll make sure you forget this day later." Emerald said when he smiles at Marceline.

Maite and Marceline blushes a bit though Marceline pouts.

"Alright. Just as long they don't piss me off." Marceline said.

All Emerald did was kiss Marceline on the lips before he walked away from her.

"Right, I'll channel my inner diplomat so we can get the peace for real… not sure if I had a past life as one but people do say I am pretty persuasive." Emerald said while Finn was about to open his mouth but Huntress covered Finn's mouth when she gave him a look that showed that now was not a good time for the whole past like thing.

Finn sweatdrops before he nods his head at his girlfriend.

In the meantime Emerald looks at Gamma and the 5 other hostile sisters since Epsi was not counted among them.

"So… lets just get to the the nitty gritty but what would it take to not be hostile since aside from one curse word and unintentional trespassing… haven't done anything wrong to get your anger." Emerald said to start things off when he starts the peacetalk.

The 5 sisters cross their arms.

"We protect Epsi as family should. It's not a crime." Delta said.

All Emerald did was sigh and gave Delta, the petite looking mermaid a half lidded look.

"It is when you technically assaulted another royal who doesn't just have one, but two official royals as his women, granted its a bit complicated but if I marry them then that would mean you have two pissed off royals who can send the wrath of Glob on you all with Demonic and Candy based warfare… which is odd when I say that out loud but still Bubblgum here could make a Mermaid killing bomb out of just about anything with her smarts, she could probably do that with a toothpick and soap if she could somehow do that and Marceline is the freaking Vampire Queen… an immortal possibly harder to kill then I am kind of demonic Vampire who is the daughter of Hunson Abadeer, a guy who is literally Deathless… now that maybe overkill and Hunson may not have a reason to unless the demonic horde he has… but pretty sure if Marceline let him since I'm sure if she cried he would come to her side in a heartbeat if he had blood… but pretty sure he would single handed attack your home and suck out your souls… I can go on but honestly its freaking scary on how just one being can do that much damage… and you have two kingdoms worth of scary fuckers who can do much worse given the chance… honestly its a little scary to me now that I think about it when they toss away any mercy they have." Emerald said before shuddering at the thought.

"Yeah but hey, I will save Marceline in a heartbeat if something came at her." Hunson said.

"Yeah… point is unless you want to risk the wrath of Hunson if you even look at Marceline funny… I suggest we drop the whole pitchfork and torch routine and get to peace making, I mean let me give you a comparison that will make sense with you all… I was stabbed and yet I recovered… I'm sure if you attacked Hunson… he would not register the hits and just keep on moving like he was not harmed at all… that scary enough for you?" Emerald said while he points at Hunson while he had a wide eyed look on his face for dramatic effect.

The sisters thought Emerald could be bluffing but one look at Hunson gave their answer.

"Well… that could be bullshit but… looking at this guy's face confirms it." Said an orange mermaid.

"Hey!" Hunson said.

Emerald however just went with it.

"Yeah well Hunson can be a scary guy normal or monster like, and he gave me this amulet which changed me into what I am now, now I want to point out that this amulet is only 1/5th the normal power and this guy wore this since the beginning of time at full power… let that one sink in… anyway if you heard all of that, here is my offer for peace since I have multiple royals as witnesses and heard this makes it all official like, let people, who can take a test for trust, come and go from your kingdom as the first condition, talking here isn't exactly…. Roomy." Emerald said when he looked around at the smallish room here, not comfortable for prolonged visits.

The sisters look at one another before they look at Emerald.

"Fine… We'll listen to what you to say." Gamma said.

"Great, lets see… aside from the test thing so people who you all can test, you all might as well try and talk with Emelina here on helping with that more since she and the monsters here are pretty much your gatekeepers now more or less since if people want to get here, they would have to go through them, maybe you could have an ambassador here so that way if Emelina or anyone else comes here, the ambassador can take the person or group to your kingdom, though you may have to cast a water breathing spell on the people since I doubt many would know that, and while having people come and go maybe annoying, isn't it good to be able to talk with others?, I mean you ladies and your kingdom were trapped who knows how long… Did you know that humans have come back to Ooo and made a small village in a place called the grasslands?... Finn owns that place, the Grasslands where they live, and is pretty much the Grassland prince more or less since he is like the prince of humans as well with his mom being the Queen… somewhat." Emerald said while he tried to mix in some info to help get the mermaids relaxed.

Epsi and her sisters blinked in surprise before they looked at Finn making said human blink in confusion.

"This guy's a prince? Doesn't look much like one." Zeta said.

"Well looks are not all that matter, don't judge a book by his cover after all, besides Finn's more of a heroic adventurer then a prince so you may want to ask about his adventures like him fighting the Lich, saving the world a few times, and other things." Emerald said when some of the sisters looked more relaxed… though Gamma still had the stoic look about her.

"Still not convinced about him." Gamma said making most sweatdrop.

Emerald did the same and looks at Finn and shrugs.

"Can't win them all at first." Emerald said before he looks back at the mermaids.

"Alright, second thing to do is probably make some kind of gate so people don't walk into your turf, as much as you may not like it, Emelina and her group live here as well on land, they can make a gate but unless you all can somehow float over land or fly… I highly doubt you can force anyone away, there is this guy, Bucket Knight who grows to giant proportions when doused with water… try and fight that guy underwater when he is probably huge… underwater… and there is this demon cat who knows almost anything… can probably get a ballpark of you ladies weaknesses if you ask the right way… not sure how but he can do that… and Emelina here is the leader of all of these beings here so you might as well call her the Queen of the Crystal Eye or something so you might as well talk details about some kind of gate so you won't have issues later with intruders who don't get tested." Emerald said when he points a thumb at Emelina.

Emelina had crossed arms as she looks at the mermaid with a raised eyebrow.

The sisters whisper at this for a moment looking at Emerald.

"Fine. We'll accept that." Gamma said.

"Great… someone can probably talk more details on helping with the peace but now its time for the fun part… depending how things go this could just involve Epsi for pure fun… or with Gamma in the mix for some payback with the whole stabbing me through the heart… felt pain even when I could heal, and that pain doubled when my nerves were being reconnected… not fun…" Emerald said while he shuddered at the memory of the feeling.

Gamma had narrow eyes.

"I will not let you do anything to my sister. If you want vengeance, then fine. Do what you want with me."

Emerald gave her a half lidded look while he looked Gamma in the eyes.

"Lady… your sisters have the right to object all 6 of them… you however sure as hell don't with me… you stabbed me through the heart over one swear word and I felt pain through it all… I'm not forgetting that kind of pain anytime soon… and I would ask Epsi her consent with ANYTHING since unlike you… she was civil when we first met…and I'm trying to make peace though after all that so who is the bigger person here?... Besides, unless you hear the full story you may not know what I have planned so why instantly think badly of me when you barely know me?" Emerald said when he gave Gamma a raised eyebrow.

"And not only that, if Epsi is the ruler here, why do I need to go through you all when I could just talk with Epsi herself, family or not if she is in power for a reason, she could pretty much just ignore what you say right now no matter your reasons for just about anything or are you scared of her getting hurt?... is she so weak that you need to baby her or is it because she is the princess here?" Emerald said while he wouldn't back down from Gamma again when he looked her in the eyes.

Gamma kept giving Emerald a narrow look.

"I'm not obligated to explain myself to you."

Emerald narrowed his own eyes and just flat out said this.

"It is if you want these peace talks to go down well, enthroned or not you are a royal so what is best for your people?, being civil or being a savage because to me, we can just forget about you all and cave this place in and no one would be the wiser and things could go back to the usual you people being stuck in this place with no way out… not only that… But considering you nearly killed me once… try and say your next words carefully otherwise Epsi will be losing a sister very soon." Emerald said while his voice turned demonic at the end and his eyes glow red when he felt insulted because what Gamma said pretty much said that she didn't care what she did to Emerald more or less and Emerald was trying to be pretty patient with her all things considered… Epsi or someone better step in or things would get ugly.

Epsi quickly stepped in.

"Enough of this. Gamma… get out."

Gamma rolls her eyes.

"Whatever… princess." She said before diving down.

Emerald calmed down and looks at Epsi.

"Geez… not sure what her past was like but she really needs to work on her people skills, not sure if she had bad moments with people other than underwater folk but considering all that happened, pretty sure I'm the calm one here." Emerald said while he shakes his head to help calm himself.

Epsi sighs.

"Sorry about her. Let's just say she experienced a terrible thing and leave it at that."

"Yeah… not going to ask about that now since now is not a good time, anyway you want to know why we came here in the first place or did I mention it last time I was here?" Emerald said when he rubbed the back of his head.

"Hmmm, you may as well explain it anyway." Epsi suggested.

"Right, well this all started out with fliers… or pieces of paper with info on them which explains that Bubblegum here needed help…" Emerald said while he explained to Epsi and her sisters minus Gamma about the Creature study, that everyone already passed their tests and what their targets were and looked like, all the way to the here and now.

"... So in a nutshell I'm wondering if you will help out as my testing partner Epsi, simple as that, unless Gamma wants to try if she is nearby, though I wouldn't be as loving for her and more on getting payback, but still point is… not many female beings compared to males and Cedric and I don't swing that way." Emerald said while he rubbed the back of his head.

The rest of Epsi's sisters got pissed.

"You want to take our sister's virginity for your test? That's just wrong." Delta said.

"I see… what if Bubblegum made some way for Epsi and the rest of you mermaids to be able to move on land in exchange for this?... even if your sister did cause Epsi and the rest of you to owe me one." Emerald said while pointing out that Gamma did cause a serious ouch moment for Emerald and Emerald points a thumb at Bubblegum who looked surprised when Emerald just said her name all of a sudden and what not.

That's when the mermaid with black and white scales spoke up.

"What? You mean this pink cunt can help us walk again?" She said making Bubblegum narrow her eyes.

"What did you call me?!"

Emerald narrowed his eyes and looks at Epsi.

"Are all your sisters like this or are you the only nice one here?" Emerald said when Epsi's sisters were really making a bad impression on Emerald right now.

Epsi facepalms.

"Actually… Alpha can be nice. She has a mix personality problem." She said before Alpha spoke again in a different tone and her scales color seemed to shift to a mainly white pattered color while the black was the minor color.

"It's true. So sorry for that rude comment."

Emerald and the others blink at that while Emerald sweatdrops.

"Wow… interesting family… anyway you all used to walk or was that from the human ancestor thing?... I mean not sure about walking but with a sexy brain like hers, Bubblegum can make something could I don't know… make a bubble of water that can be forced to stay around you somehow so you can technically swim on land?" Emerald said while he looks at Bubblegum to see if that was possible for her.

Bubblegum was silent for a bit as she was thoughtful.

"Well… it's possible. Hasn't been done before but I can still try."

"Hehe, well with that sexy brain of yours, I'm sure you can do it." Emerald said while he looks back at Epsi and her sisters.

"There you have it, to keep your sisters calm, as long as Bubblegum can make that water swimming thing work somehow, we should be good now, besides its not like I can't get to know a sexy woman like Epsi here so it's not like I can't be responsible with her right?" Emerald said while he smiles at Epsi.

Epsi blush a bit as her sisters roll their eyes at the flirting.

"Well… I suppose that can work with us." Epsi said.

"Great, though unless there is a small pool of water here, not sure where we can have fun unless you all know some kind of water breathing spell so that I can breath underwater… not sure if the others want to tag along to see an underwater kingdom after what just happened but still should be an interesting adventure." Emerald said while Finn's ears twitched at the possibility of an adventure.

Finn was now hoping there is one since hearing a possibility of adventure brought excitement in the human's eyes.

The sisters looked to one another as they whisperly discuss something before they look at the others.

"There is a way." Epsi said.

"Really?, is it some kind of spell?" Emerald said when he knelt down so he could get a close and curious look on his face when he looks at Epsi.

Epsi blush at the closeness.

"Close… it's more like…" Epsi said before she surprised Emerald and everyone else when Epsi cupped Emerald's cheeks and kiss his lips before taking him below.

"Emerald!" Many called while Emerald underwater looked like he was panicking when he was suddenly pulled underwater though the kissing did help calm him while he had a blush on his face when he wondered why Epsi kissed him like that.

Epsi kept the kiss going before she pulls away.

"Now… try breathing."

Emerald though had his mouth covered after Epsi pulled away, blinks a few times when he looked confused when he looks at Epsi and wondered how she would speak underwater and while Emerald did look a bit worried… he breathed in and much to his surprise, he could breath… though when he spoke all that could be heard or seen was bubbles… guess it was just a mermaid thing or maybe another spell was needed while he shrugged his arms at Epsi before he points to the surface and starts to swim upwards so he could calm the others.

Epsi swims after Emerald, though she knew his friends would be piss with her.

When Emerald and Epsi got to the surface, they sweatdrops when Hunson had to restrain Marceline from charging into the water while Emelina had to restrain Maite when she had summoned her hammer.

"U-Um… hey guys. Emerald's okay see?" Epsi said.

When everyone looks over at the duo, all Emerald did was wave in the water.

"Hi, seems Epsi give me the kiss of breath because I can breath underwater now… though not speak it seems… not sure if it lasts as long as I'm underwater or timed so…" Emerald said before he ducked his head underwater and a moment later came back up.

"Can still breath underwater… though I wish I had some warning… pretty sure my clothes are ruined now." Emerald said when he pulled at his waterlogged shirt and the rest of his outfit which looked drenched while his body was submerged.

Epsi chuckles nervously.

"Sorry. Didn't know if you would believe me if I told you."

"Well its not like I would turn down a kiss from a beauty like you, not sure if there are other ways though if that was the main reason people would get here, pretty sure they would be falling for mermaids here and there if they gave kisses like that." Emerald said while he looks at the others with a grin.

"Though that means that unless they have an alternate way to give water breathing… well better get ready to pucker up and dive, dive, dive." Emerald said before he sank into the water for comical effect while he gave a thumbs up when he lowered into the water before he raised to the surface and got on dry ground and starts to strip.

"Still going to need dry clothes later so might as well hang these up… hey Epsi got a dress code or something?, I can wear underwear at least but I doubt many can swim much underwater with heavy clothing weighing them down." Emerald said when he stripped to his underwear in no time and used some rocks to hang them nearby while all he had was the amulet of the Nightosphere and his underwear.

Epsi blushes a bit.

"Well… my sisters and I don't wear clothes besides ourloincloths and shell bikinis so…" She said making everyone else blink.

"So we have to get in the water…. Naked?" Finn said.

"Hmmm… well as long as I don't get any issues…" Emerald said before he removed his soaked underwear and sets it on a rock and his nude body was seen by all, mainly the females when the males looked away before Emerald jumped into the water next to Epsi and popped his head back out to look at her.

"Going to need a loincloth though I doubt you would have one big enough to hide my weapons hehe." Emerald said while he looks at his nude body where his two cocks were seen floating in the water.

Epsi's sisters's eyes widened when they saw Emerald's dicks.

"You kidding? We might have to skin a big shark to make a loincloth that size." Eta said.

"Hehe, then better hope I can get a towel at least because I doubt I can just swim in the open streets… also Finn has one near my size if Lillum's magic worked as intensed so... " Emerald said while he grins at the sisters reactions when he told them about Finn's hidden greatsword.

The sisters looked at Finn making said human blush at the stares.

"Are most of you men that well equipped?" Beta said.

"Hmmm… not sure, I don't look down dudes underwear… though Marceline, Bubblegum, Huntress from what I heard about her species, and Lillum in some way shape or form or spell can form a cock on their bodies just as big so don't judge books by their covers." Emerald said when he grins at the mermaids more and their stunned expressions.

"Really?! Women can grow their own?!" Delta said with wide eyes.

"Err… not every lady naturally but if they learn a spell they can… heard it's not too hard, how long were you all sealed away for?" Emerald said when this felt strange even for him.

Epsi and her sisters were thoughtful.

"Hard to say but best guess… 100,000 years." Epsi said.

Emerald whistles before he looks at the others.

"Wow, old kingdom." was all Emerald said when he looks surprised that a mermaid housing place was existing before the premushroom wars.

"Yeah… what kingdom did you guys come from?" Marceline said making Zeta snort.

"Depends… has most of you heard of… Atlantis?" She said making Hunson's eyes widened.

"Wait… you ladies are from Atlantis?!"

"Yeah, why would we lie?" Beta said when she looks curious on why Hunson of all people looked surprised.

"Sorry just… didn't think any of you guys survived the outcome. I mean that tragic event became a legend through history. I mean a city that was rumored to be a very advanced civilization with technology that was never meant to be seen gets sunked down to the ocean after 1 day and night. It made people search for that city but nothing. Heck even I tried looking for it." Hunson said.

"Seriously?, why would you look for Atlantis?" Marceline said when she looks at her father.

Hunson chuckled.

"Well funny story but sometimes, when I get bored, I had a trick where I can go to the surface without using a portal by inhabiting a human body. Downside would be I would have to forget the Nightosphere but I come back once I die on the surface and I would have my old memories back with new ones from my experience."

"Seriously!?" Everyone on land and Emerald in the water said with shock on their faces.

"Pretty much. Stopped doing it for a while since I thought humans no longer existed… until I met Finn of course and then later hearing from Marceline that they're back on Ooo." Hunson said.

Everyone was a bit surprised still though Emerald cleared his throat while he looks at everyone else to get back on track.

"S-So… anyone up for a swim?, ladies may need to either skinny dip or wear bikini shells on them." Emerald said though he blushed at either image that popped into his head with the nude or bikini shells on all parts of their bodies.

Most sweatdrop at Emerald before Maite cleared her throat.

"Well lucky for me, I did pack a swimsuit in case we head to the beach but I guess it's close enough."

Everyone sweatdrops at that and Emerald raised a hand.

"Uh Maite… we never packed to go far from Bubblegum's place… why would you bring a Bikini to a dungeon?" Emerald asked when he wondered why Maite would bring something like that or could she summon it to her like she can with her hammer.

Maite raised an eyebrow at Emerald.

"Uh considering that we're gonna be working for Bubblegum, there's a chance that she'll send us to a different area to study things so you have to be prepared."

"Yeah but wouldn't she tell us if we needed to bring certain items like clothing?, pretty sure she had no idea about this place right?" Emerald points out since Bubblegum wouldn't send a person out without the required equipment.

Maite sighs.

"Look Emerald, we can go back and forth on this but right now you have a test to do."

Emerald was just more confused but shrugged.

"Right, not sure if anyone else brought bikinis though, anyway Epsi and I are heading ahead so see you all later." Emerald said before he and Epsi dived into the water.

Everyone was looking at Maite.

"Feeling alright Maite?" Marceline asked.

"Yeah, why ask if I'm alright though?" Maite said when she looks at Marceline.

"No reason. Let's just head to the water." Marceline said.

"Err… is that safe Marcy? You are carrying Emerald's kid." Finn said.

"Finn, not only do I have super strength, I got high speed regeneration and speed, I'm also pretty tough, a dip in water won't be an issue, I don't even need to breathe so I can go in as is." Marceline said before she moved to strip in front of everyone when she found a spot for her clothing.

Finn averts his gaze since it wouldn't be right to look at Marceline in the nude… again.

Though Marceline chuckles when she glanced at Finn.

"Something wrong Finn?" Marceline said when she had prime teasing time here.

"N-No. everything is fine." Finn said.

Hunson chuckled a bit as he finds this amusing.

Marceline was in the nude before she formed a faux bra and panties on her body for a black bikini like look.

"There, that safe enough for you Finn?" Marceline said while she smirks at Finn.

Finn did look before blushing.

"Y-Yeah Marcy." He said as everyone else snickered.

Marceline then looks at everyone else.

"Alright, besides Maite who seems oddly prepared, everyone else got a way to get some bras and what not?" Marceline said which showed she thought Maite being prepped for this was a little odd.

"Hey what do you mean oddly prepared!?" Maite said as she pouts.

Marceline smirks and points at most.

"Finn normally skinny dips from what I heard and because of his traveling ways would have swim trunks or just swims in his underwear, Huntress can most likely reform her clothing into a Bikini, Bonnie can takes bits of her hair and use it to cover the important bits, I can make my hair into clothing from looks alone and not sure about Emelina or my dad but they would have ways to make do or ignore their wet clothing and follow no matter what… we don't pack clothing normally unless we know what we are doing in advance." Marceline said while she grins at Maite.

Maite blushes brightly as Emelina chuckles.

"Oh I have no trouble swimming nude since I have fur."

"Yeah, and I can just get my suit dried with a spell later or just swim o natural, either works with me or used some tentacles to make a towel like covering." Hunson said while he smirks at the teasing going on.

The sisters were liking what they were seeing.

"Hehe, this is getting good." Zeta said.

"Yeah though wouldn't this mean that this Maite person is a know it all when she talked down to Emerald?" Alpha said in her kind persona while she looked confused.

Maite was able to hear that.

"Hey I'm not a know it all! I'm just being prepared. Why does no one think that?!"

Everyone just looks at her and Marceline gave her a half lidded look.

"Because most of us don't need to pack luggage for a simple trip and can adapt thanks to our natures." Was all Marceline said with a shrug while others nod a bit though some less subtle and Marceline walked to the water and jumped in without hesitating while everyone else starts to get changed or strip and Bubblegum used some gum from her hair to make a faux bra on her body, made her hair shorter for a cute looking bob but all in all, Huntress changed her clothing via a spell to a greenish bra, Finn had packed some swimtrunks since he had to go through underwater dungeons sometimes, Hunson just stayed as is and Emelina just stretched her body to get ready for swimming while Azure did the same, she didn't say anything since it didn't seem needed and she went nude normally anyway with fur covering her body, all in all, everyone besides Maite was ready in no time while Maite was still not changed yet since she hasn't summoned her bikini or went to get it if she left it at Cedric's place.

Though looks like Maite was upset.

"Forget it! I'll just go without it." She said before she begrudgingly took off her clothes.

When she did, everyone saw her nude body before she moved towards the water and after she jumped in, she saw Alpha in front of her in the water and kissed her on the lips before she could react.

Everyone was a bit surprised at Maite.

"I think we were too hard on Maite." Finn said.

"Maybe but she was the one who started the whole packing thing, just telling the truth and she will cool down, we can apologize then, for now better get ready to pucker up Finn, looks like were up soon." Huntress said when she points at the mermaids who wait for the rest of the group.

Finn gulped before he got inside the water and looks at the mermaids.

"So… who should I go to?" He said.

"Hmmm… why not Beta?" Zeta said when she looks at the largest sister mermaid and she looks down at Finn from where she was.

Finn gulps again before he cautiously got close to Beta.

When Finn got close, Beta leaned down and lightly kissed Finn on the lips, she was careful not to scar him since… well if you want a comparison in size, think of Canyon sized kisses more or less.

Finn blushes as he lightly returns is while waiting for the effect to take place.

Though when Beta pulled away from the kiss, she just pulled Finn in so that he fell into the water with a girlish scream and Beta let go of him during the fall and she looks down to see Finn panicking before he calmed and was able to breath normally… though saw that he couldn't talk when all he could talk were bubbles.

Finn brings himself up before looking at Beta.

"A heads up would've been nice."

"Well you did see Epsi and Alpha giving the kiss for breathing underwater, would have thought that was more than enough." Beta states like it was a simple thing to expect.

Finn sweatdrops.

"Right." He said before diving back down.

Beta followed and in no time, everyone who needed to be kissed were kissed and given the breathing water spell and everyone swam after the mermaids though some moved faster then others and in no time, the Group swam through the water and after a bit, the land dwellers were shocked when they saw a massive underwater city that made the Dungeon of the Crystal eye seem like a entray way lobby in a 5 start hotel… general size comparison again, the city was massive, many times bigger then the Candy Kingdom and was fully underwater.

'Oh my…' Bubblegum thought but stopped as she couldn't think of anything to say as she marveled at the city.

Most had the same reaction but Finn tried to be more vocal.

"This is amazing!"

Though Finn forgot that he couldn't speak and all that came out was bubbles from his mouth while the mermaids giggle a bit when they saw that.

Finn felt embarrassed.

"Yeah we know it's amazing so no worries." Delta said.

This resulted in the group following the mermaids and when they got to the main entrance, they saw Emerald and Epsi waiting for them with Gamma it seems when she had crossed arms, looks like she was going to make sure the group got to the castle at least.

"Well we're all here." Zeta said as Gamma was silent still.

"Well lets get going everyone, time to show you all our underwater paradise." Alpha said in her kind persona when she swims towards Epsi with a smile on her face.

'Underwater paradise?' The land dwellers thought before following the mermaid sisters.

When they did, they saw many mermaids and mermen swimming around and giving the land dwellers odd looks like they were strange people, Emerald looked like some kind of warped octopus to them when he used his tentacles to move around when he dragged himself through the water while the others looked just as odd to them, all in all many were wondering why they were here and when the group got to the castle some time later, most were panting in the water when they practically swam miles, mainly the mortal group while the immortal group didn't look winded.

"Wow… you guys need to practice swimming more." Eta said.

That made many sweatdrop before the group followed the mermaids deeper into the castle when Epsi had the guards let them in, all in all Epsi was on her throne while her sisters stand near her while Emerald and the others saw many powerful looking Mermen and mermaid guards here and there and some blushed at the sight of the naked peoples bodies like Emerald and Maite, the ladies with Emerald and males for Maite.

Emerald just winked at the ladies while he grins at them, all in all the ladies here were pleasing to the eye.

Maite blushed at the stares she was getting and just ignored the guards for now when she looks at Epsi to focus on the moment at hand.

Epsi then starts to speak up.

"Everyone, there is no need for caution. These are new guests that came from the surface."

The mermen and ladies blink in surprise before they whispered amongst themselves after hearing that.

"The surface?... I thought that was a myth." One guard said while a few mermaid guards all looked just as surprised and two start to talk with one another.

"Is that what surface dwellers look like on the surface?... they all look so different to one another its surprising… no gills or anything… and that pink surface dweller… her breasts look so big I'm surprised she can move around well underwater." One mermaid guard said while not trying to sound hurtful in her comment.

Maite was blushing brightly when she heard that.

"Yes well, even if they have no gills, my sisters and I made sure they can breathe underwater. But I guarantee it's no myth. The world has changed for sometime now." Epsi said before telling her people about Emerald and his change before telling about the other land dwellers before talking about Finn and the humans.

That caused many to looked shocked while a few mermaids went to Emerald and Finn.

"You two were or are human!?, like our ancestors?" One mermaid said before the others start to bombard them with questions and Emerald looks at Epsi for backup since he nor Finn could speak underwater.

Epsi claps her hands.

"Okay, you guys need to back up. Finn and Emerald can breathe but they can't talk yet like the others. Also to answer your question, Finn is the only one in the group that is human as Emerald went through the change as I told you."

The Mermaids made an aww sound and moved away to get back in position to guard the room while Emerald and Finn wiped their foreheads in a relieved way.

"Sorry about that you two. They haven't seen any humans for centuries so can't fault them for their curiosity." Epsi said.

All Emerald did was give Epsi a thumbs up to show everything is alright while Finn did the same while he swam to Huntress and placed an arm around her waist to show that he was with her for now so unless a mermaid wants to get with him, they would have to go through her first.

Epsi looks at her people.

"In case any of you don't understand, these two are already taken. Finn is dating Huntress Wizard, a wood nymph, while Emerald has… well 3 ladies. Maite, the pink hedgehog, and the grey skin woman, Marceline, who is also carrying his child, are his. The third woman is back at the surface but bottom line, if any of you ladies want to have fun with these two gentlemen, you'll have to ask their women. Same thing applies to you mermen if any of you want a good time with Finn and Emerald's women."

The Mermen and mermaids looked surprised and looks at the land dwellers and back at their princess before they nod their heads in agreement, now all that was left was the attack on Emerald by Gamma and Epsi and her sisters making up with Emerald and the others more or less… or Emerald and Epsi with possible Gamma in the mix.

"Okay. Onto a serious matter, the reason Emerald and his friends are here is because a… certain incident happened and I need to help make amends for this." Epsi said.

"Amends Milady?, did you do something to the land dweller?" One guard asked with a confused look on his face while Gamma scoffed.

"I stabbed the one called Emerald through the chest when he was rude with us, our elders and past rulers told us to not trust outsiders and now because I'm following that rule, this Land dweller gets to defile my sister Epsi." Gamma said like it was a horrible thing while the guards looked horrified for many reasons… like not only would Emerald defile their princess but somehow Emerald was alive and well even after getting stabbed through the chest while Emerald looked pretty pissed and wished he could speak right now even when he tried and failed to do so since all he could say was bubbles when they flowed from his mouth.

Epsi frowns.

"He only said one bad thing to you Gamma and you instantly overreacted. I'm trying to make sure that things are peaceful here. And as such I may order you to assist so there will no bad blood."

Gamma just frowned and looked away while Emerald frowned and had a tentacle look like a two on 1 sign and Emerald points at himself… looks like Emerald wanted to take Gamma and Epsi on and teach Gamma some manners.

Epsi was a bit surprised when she saw and understood what Emerald was trying to say.

"On second thought… you're gonna join me Gamma."

Gamma looked shocked before she looks at her sister.

"Are you serious!?" Gamma said while she had a shocked look on her face.

Epsi raised an eyebrow.

"Does it look like I'm joking? You're my sister and I love you but your actions made us look bad… even if you were trying to protect me. All we have to do is please Emerald, while he's teaching you manners, and things will be forgiven."

Gamma looked like she would object more though Zeta placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Give it up Gamma, once Epsi has that look in her eyes, nothing is changing her mind." Zeta said while Gamma frowned and crossed her arms and looked away from the group.

Epsi sighs before she got up from her throne and swam towards Gamma.

"Look Gamma, I understand you still have your… issues but at least do this for me. Not as your princess but as your sister. The last thing I want is to lose any of you."

Gamma looked less angry and sighs before she gave Epsi a serious look.

"Fine… but this Emerald guy better be good otherwise I won't stick around long." Gamma said while Emerald looked steamed and it could be just for comical effect but the others thought water was boiling near Emerald's head to show how steamed he was at the jab at his skills in the bedroom.

Epsi sweatdrops.

"Considering he has 3 women shows he can be that skillful."

Gamma just shrugged and kept quiet and many wondered if Epsi was going to start this now or later.

Epsi looks at Emerald.

"We can start things off later if you want. You and your friends are welcome to look around the city."

Everyone looks at one another before Bubblegum approached Epsi and with some gestures easy to understand asked how long this water breathing would last.

Epsi was able to understand that.

"Not to worry Bubblegum. The breathing lasts for 24 hours but can also get refreshed if you get kissed by another mermaid or merman."

Bubblegum looked a bit relieved though blushed when some mermen and mermaids smirk at her, though now the real question where to start in looking around the city.

Epsi giggles.

"Not to worry. My sisters and I can show you all around."

Emerald and the others nod their heads and in no time, everyone was split up into groups.

Finn and Huntress were following Delta around one part of the kingdom, mainly a library area and the books there had an ancient enchantment that not only repaired the books but made them waterproof, this made Huntress's day since she found spells not know to wizards and Finn found a book on locations of dungeons near the City of Atlantis that were under the city.

'Oh man. Can't wait to locate these dungeons!' Finn thought excitedly as he starts reading the book.

While that went on, Beta was leading Emelina and Hunson through the city when their curiosity on how the city could still be in one piece got the better of them, Beta explained that after the city fell, her ancestors used ancient magic to construct the cavern wall over them and from how things went over the years, seems the Cavern of the Crystal eye formed from one of the closer entryways of the old exits that used to connect to a larger kingdom, so in a nutshell Emelina's home was just a small part of Atlantis more or less.

Emelina was amazed after hearing that.

'Damn… can't believe it after all this time. The others are not gonna believe this.' She thought.

Hunson though was feeling like a kid in Disney World since he said he has been looking for Atlantis for who knows how long he was on Earth.

Now one may wonder why Hunson would feel like this since he was the ruler of the most chaotic place in the Nightosphere… however the reason was not as chaotic… it was so simple it was childish...


Hunson has been alive since the beginning of time and being cooped up in the Nightosphere for most of that time, even if you count his times as a human, they were more or less just dream like moments for him… after all only the memories of the human world were in him… he never actually experienced himself so he was giddy just to have something new happen.

While this went on, Alpha was showing Bubblegum and Maite the various technology in various parts of the castle, mainly the R&D stuff, and while Bubblegum's eyes sparkled when she saw the high tech stuff, Maite's eyes sparkled when she saw the strong looking weapons and had new ideas on how to upgrade her hammer.

'This is… HEAVEN!' The duo surprisingly thought as Bubblegum looked at the technology while Maite checked out the weapons.

Maite even lifted a strong looking weapon that may looked heavy but she somehow still lift it.

Though the mermen and mermaids didn't look too surprised, they were able to lift similar weapons thanks to the water giving the heavy weapons some buoyancy and some chalked it up to Maite having some strength for living on the surface.

While that went on, Azure was led by Zeta to a food court and Azure was impressed by the food she had, she managed to gesture to Zeta that she wanted to write down some recipes that she can try later when she recognized some foods and ingredients in the meals.

Zeta was thoughtful before shrugging.

"Sure thing. Nothing wrong with that."

Azure gave a thumbs up before the scene went to Emerald and Marceline while they followed Epsi, Gamma, and Eta around the castle while Epsi showed them some art based items and explained some things about the castle's history.

"If you look at this portrait, you can see how our kingdom and city looked originally before the terrible flood." Epsi said as she points at the portrait.

The duo looks to see the sight of the city over a lot of water… however Marceline noticed something familiar about the rest of the city that Atlantis used to be connected to… she only visited the place twice or so but… was that the Water Kingdom around Atlantis?, if that was the case then how did Atlantis get here when it was smack dab in the center of the Water Kingdom and how did the Water Kingdom get underwater when the Water Kingdom part of the city looked above water level… Marceline really wished she could talk right now but best she could do was make bubbles from her mouth when she looked shocked.

Eta noticed this.

"Hey sis, I think Marceline is trying to say something."

When Epsi looks at Marceline, she just shakes her head and points at her mouth and the bubbles and then points to the ceiling like she was telling Epsi she would tell her later when she could talk on land, either that or if Epsi had a water free area she could talk in so that she wouldn't have to swim all the way back up for a conversation.

Epsi wondered before looking at the ceiling to see if there was an air pocket or something.

Unfortunately there was none, or at the very least if they were, they were too small, think like those small dome bit like dips in ceilings, it would be too small for Marceline's head to fit in.

Epsi pouts.

"Looks like we'll have to know later. We had the ability to help people breathe underwater yet we can't seem to help them speak."

Marceline shrugged and the group just went back to the whole tour thing, and hours later, everyone was back in the throne room after everyone finished their tours and Epsi had a smile on her face when the tours went well after her sisters gave their reports on what they did and all that.

"So I take that the tour was successful?" Epsi said.

"Yup, showed Finn and Huntress the library. Huntress was intrigued with our magic and Finn was really excited to look for some dungeons." Delta said.

"I see, though what is Huntress doing now?" Epsi asked which made everyone look to see Huntress swimming near Emerald who looked confused while she was bubble talking and what not for some reason, though she did shock all when she gripped Emerald on the back of the head and kissed him for some reason which shocked all and that caused Emerald to get wide eyes and when Huntress pulled away, Emerald shockingly and clearly spoke or yelled.

"What the hell!?" Emerald said while not bubble talking and covered his mouth and blinks when he uncovered his mouth and looks at the others with a shocked look to see if he heard what he think he heard while Huntress smirks in amusement.

Epsi and her sisters were shocked at the sight.

"Did he just spoke?" Zeta said.

"I believe so… how in the world…" Beta said while Huntress used her hand to point at Emerald after she points at herself and gave a thumbs up, however when she points to herself again and again and gave a thumbs down, Emerald tilts his head.

"So… you can cast the spell or whatever you did on me and others… but not on yourself?" Emerald said while Huntress gave a thumbs up… this reminded Epsi that Marceline wanted to talk about something earlier… wouldn't this be perfect?

"Okay… don't know how you did it and obviously, I liked to know where you found that spell but can you do the same to Marceline Huntress?" Epsi asked.

Marceline blinks at that while Huntress gave a thumbs up before she swam to Marceline and got in front of her and gave her a look that wondered if Marceline would be alright with this.

Marceline again blinks before she nods her head as she didn't mind.

Huntress nods her head before she used a hand to pull Marceline in for a kiss… though she did mess with the others when she keeps the kiss up with Marceline and Finn's jaw dropped when the two went into a slight makeout session for a moment.

Marceline mentally chuckles as she made out with Huntress making Finn and a few others blush brightly at the sight.

When Huntress pulled away, she lightly smacked Marceline on the ass when she swam away and that caused Marceline to look amused when she spoke and clearly this time.

"Hehe, you tease, well if I can talk might as well say it but I think I know where the other half of your kingdom is Epsi though how it got underwater and how this place got in this massive cavern is still a mystery to me but I've been to the water Kingdom, granted the center has been filled in but if you take the newer stuff out, this place would fit there exactly like a puzzle piece." Marceline said when she looks at Epsi and Huntress goes around to give each land dweller a kiss on the lips so they can talk.

Epsi and her sisters blink a few times after hearing this theory.

"Wait, so you're saying that half our home went to a different spot and this part of the city is shared with a different underwater kingdom?" Delta said.

"Yeah, though the kingdom I know is the water Kingdom and there is a Water Princess there named Hydrian, last I checked she is a powerful Water Elemental similar to a Water Nymph or close to it at least in looks." Marceline said while he looked thoughtful.

"Seriously?! So if we somehow destroyed the blocked cavern, we're somehow trespassing on her turf since no one knows of us yet." Eta said.

"No… I think you maybe fine, the Water Kingdom is in a different location entirely and the princess there is pretty chill and a different species then Epsi, granted if you want to try and argue Epsi is the ruler of that kingdom you may have trouble convincing people since the Water Kingdom has good relations with others and would give you issues… but getting registered as a princess of a different kingdom that happens to be in water is a possible thing to do, could call Epsi the Merfolk princess since there are hunky male guards and men here and sexy female guards and women here so its not like you don't have subjects, right Bonnie?" Marceline said when she looks at Bubblegum who got the ability to talk underwater now thanks to Huntress.

"Y-Yes. There are many kingdoms in Ooo and there's no rule of two water based species to have their own kingdoms in the same element." Bubblegum said.

"Yeah and who knows, if Huntress can make a spell that can allow land dwellers to talk underwater like us, who knows how good this place can get with other royals helping, for all we know we could bring this city to the surface and make some kind of machine that can keep water in some kind of dome over the city so no one would have issues getting into this place, people can come and go as they please, or if not there can be elevators and what not so that people have an easy time getting down here, honestly this place rocks… aside from the lack of oxygen but one step at a time right?" Emerald said while he grins at Epsi with an excited look on his face.

Epsi blink a bit after hearing this but was thoughtful for a bit.

"Well… it would be nice to experience those things."

"Hehe yeah it would, guess outsiders are not too bad huh?" Emerald said while he grins at Gamma who just made a humph sound while she looks away and crossed her arms again which made Emerald chuckle when he would enjoy the fun he would have soon on changing Gamma's dismissing tune.

Epsi sighs at Gamma before looking at the land dwellers.

"So, since you all can talk now, did everyone else enjoy the tour?"

"Well since Huntress can't cast the spell on herself, I can say we both enjoyed our time greatly since Hun and I stuck by one another." Finn said while Huntress nods her head a few times.

Epsi did smile at that before looking at the rest.

"Well I was excited when I saw the weapons. Great craftsmenship and good for fighting. I should know since I was born and raised in a village of mauranding warriors." Maite said.

"Indeed, she really impressed some of the guards there when she used some heavy weaponry, and the technology here is astounding, I could use some blueprints and make improvements so not just merfolk can use them." Bubblegum said with a smile on her face.

Epsi smiles at that.

"I appreciate that Bubblegum." She said before looking at Azure.

"What did you like about the tour Azure?"

"I like the food… nuff said." Azure said while she gave a thumbs up with a stoic look on her face.

Most sweatdrop as Zeta chuckled.

"Well she asked for the recipes and stuff." She said making Emelina smirk at Azure.

"Perhaps if you ask Cedric, he can probably make it for you."

"Why do you think I've asked for the recipes… no offense but if something does happen between Cedric and I, I'm going to be using his cooking skills to make up for possible issues if his therapy doesn't work out." Azure said when she looks at Emelina with a stoic look still.

Everyone blinked in surprise when they heard that.

Emelina didn't know if Azure was joking or… if she was actually gonna use her little boy for a personal gain.

Either way seems Cedric had one lady already with him… now he just needs to impress her and what not.

Though that could be talked about later, for now Epsi continued the report.

"So Emelina and Hunson. What did you two think of our city?" Epsi asked making Hunson chuckled.

"Don't know about Emelina, but it was… awesome! Finally, I was able to find and see the lost city. Can finally cross that off my list." He said but didn't take his list out since they're in water.

That caused many to sweatdrop when they heard that and since Emelina and Hunson had a good time, seems all that was left was Emerald and Marceline so they could tell the others about the things that Epsi showed them.

"So Emerald, Marceline, what did you two think of my kingdom?" Epsi asked.

"Its awesome, honestly if I could make a home away from home it would be here, granted the whole oxygen thing is a thing that needs to be fixed but all in all… aside from one stab happy mermaid… everyone else was pretty chill." Emerald said while wondered why Gamma was so hostile when others just seemed curious about them.

Gamma didn't make eye contact with Emerald or the rest of the land dwellers as Epsi ignored that.

"Well I'm glad you all enjoyed the tour."

"Hehe yeah… though now it seems the afterparty of the tour is going to start soon and I can pass my test." Emerald said while he grins at Epsi.

Epsi blushes a bit brightly.

"Y-Yes… Perhaps we should take this to my… personal chamber."

"Hehe, yeah, though if your sisters want to join in, I won't complain though they may have fun with the others if they want, most land dwellers up top are pretty open with relationships… in the meantime lead the way to your chambers your highness, Gamma and I will follow your lead." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Gamma grumbles before Epsi motions the duo to follow her.

After the group left, Marceline smirks at the sister mermaids.

"So… anyone else want to join Emerald or join one of us… personally I'm interested in seeing how good mermaids taste." Marceline said while she used a really long tongue to lick her lips and to tease the mermaids a bit… and a few mermen who blushed from the tongue and Marceline's tease.

Finn, Bubblegum and Maite blushed at that as Hunson chuckled.

"Hehe, and she get that trait from her mother." He said to the trio before smirking.

While this went on, the camera went to Emerald, Gamma, and Epsi while the trio was led to Epsi's room by Epsi and Emerald whistles at the underwater theme… made sense since he was underwater.

"Nice room, fancy as well and big bed." Emerald said when he went to the bed to feel it and felt that it was really soft, must be a water bed in some kind of material to keep the shape.

Epis chuckled.

"Well it is made for royals like me."

"Hehe, nice… so since I'm in the nude already and what not… why don't we just skip to the real fun or mind if I… make things interesting for the two of you… a bet so to speak." Emerald said while the grins at the two royals.

Gamma raised an eyebrow as Epsi tilts her head.

"Like what?" Epsi said.

"Simple… if I can outlast you two ladies in terms of stamina… mind if I make you two my women?... there is a pretty good reward if you two can outlast me and all that and would even make Gamma here agree because of the reward if she and you win." Emerald said while he grins at the two ladies.

The duo blinked after hearing that before Gamma raised her eyebrow again.

"And what reward would I want from you?" Gamma said.

"Simple… while Bubblegum does have majority control since I'm most likely going to be employed by her and won't be near Atlantis sometimes… if you and your sister win… I'll be your slave and do any command you want no matter what it is… we all know I'm tough to kill if a stab would to the heart didn't kill me so why not think of the possible ways to use me if you two win?" Emerald said when he looks at Gamma with a smirk on his face.

Gamma couldn't believe what she was hearing as was Epsi.

"You're really serious?" Epsi said.

"Oh yeah… I'm more or less a demonic being now thanks to this… so breaking deals won't sit well with me, though its your call if you want to agree or not, just know if I win, I won't accept any reason to not have fun with me other then emergencies and other things like that that pretty much have you away from me… point is if you two agree to this, you two would be my women if I win and I can romance you at any time I want, if I lose, I pretty much become your bitch for physical labor and other things." Emerald said while he had a look in his eyes that showed he was serious.

Epsi and Gamma were again surprised after hearing this and though Gamma was gonna object… somehow the idea of Emerald being a servant if she wins was something that Gamma can't refuse after getting in trouble.

"Alright… I will agree. But I do have a condition or two." Gamma said while Epsi was actually surprised by this.

"Alright, going to need to ask Epsi if she agrees or not but what are your conditions?" Emerald asked when he looks at Gamma.

Gamma held two fingers.

"1… don't say nothing cheesy and 2… don't you dare kiss me."

"Hmmm… I can work with the first though its more like your call on the second on if you want to keep it or not hehe." Emerald said while he grins at Gamma.

Gamma crossed her arms.

"I'm serious."

"Alright alright, but I have one condition of my own, if by some chance YOU are the one who kisses me… don't get all stab happy alright?, your condition says I can't do any kisses but never said anything about you kissing me, just saying in advance, do that and we can start… after I talk with Epsi about this." Emerald said while holding out a hand for Gamma to shake.

Gamma raised an eyebrow.

"Fine… but don't count on it." She said before shaking Emerald's hand after taking it.

The duo shook their hands before Emerald looks at Epsi after he lets go of Gamma's hand.

"So Epsi, what is your choice?" Emerald said when he smiles at Epsi.

Epsi blushes a bit.

"Well… maybe be a bit gentle with me since it's my first time."

"But of course, got anything else before we start?" Emerald asked when he approached Epsi with a smile on his face.

Epsi blushes a bit more.

"U-Um… no. Not that I can think of."

"Great… and since I cannot kiss Gamma might as well start with this." Emerald said while he gently placed a hand on Epsi's waist and pulled her in for a small hug and kissed her lightly on the lips a few times while her shell covered breasts pressed into Emerald's chest.

Epsi blushes from this action before a moment later, she starts to slowly kiss back.

Emerald keeps this up while he had his hand rub Epsi's waist before he moved his hands to her scaly ass and squeezed her ass cheeks to tease her quite a bit.

Epsi lightly jolts from that action making her blush before she starts to enjoy her first kiss with Emerald.

Emerald keeps this up for a minute before he pulled away from the kiss and smiles at Epsi.

"Hehe, just as good as I remember from that surprise first kiss… though now I should see how good those breasts taste… though mind if I remove the shells or do you want to do the honors?" Emerald asked when he looks at Epsi's breasts.

Epsi blushes while feeling nervous.

"L-Let me." She said before she slowly and carefully removed the shells.

Though the way she did it look like she would be teasing Emerald and not even know it.

Emerald had a grin on his face when he saw that and his cocks start to get hard while Gamma and Epsi could see that while Emerald saw Epsi's nipples appearing and her darker chocolate colored nipples appeared which looked like heresy kisses on her lighter ebony skin color, that made Emerald lick his lips when Epsi looked pretty sweet tasting to him.

Epsi blushing brightly at the stare.

"D-Don't stare too much. It's embarrassing." She said as she blushes cutely.

"Sorry, I just can't help it, you look so beautiful and tasty that I'm having trouble holding myself back in ravaging you." Emerald said while he grins at Epsi when he looks her in the face.

Epsi blushes more before she clears her throat.

"R-Right… so how should we start this?"

"Well…" Emerald said when he picked Epsi up bridal style.

"Why don't we go to your bed so you can relax while I work my magic." Emerald said while he walked by Gamma… though he smirks when he used some tentacles to pick her up bridal style and the trio approached the bed as a result… cheesy lines were not allowed with Gamma and him kissing her… never said anything about doing cheesy actions like this.

Epsi and Gamma were surprised at this while Gamma mentally cursed herself that she should've mention about cheesy actions.

Though Emerald sets them down on the bed before he looks at Gamma.

"I'll focus on Epsi here Gamma, you may want to remove the shells as well or I can do that for you in a bit." Emerald said with a grin on his face before he looks at Epsi and crawled onto the bed and moved to get over Epsi and smiles at her when he looks down at her while she laid on the bed and kissed Epsi on the lips but this time with a more aggressive way while Gamma had the perfect view to look on.

Gamma made a hmph sound as she removes her shells as Epsi blushes brightly before she kiss Emerald back.

Emerald then starts to his way down Epsi's body, mainly focusing on her neck before he got to her right nipple and latched his mouth on her nipple and sucked on it hard while he used his free hand to fondle her free breast.

Epsi lightly groans a bit as she can feel her breasts getting played with making her tail move a bit.

Emerald keeps this up before he used some tentacles to untie Epsi's loincloth and got it off the bed and one moved to rub her folds while he had a lustful look in his eyes when he messed with Epsi more and a tentacle went under Epsi to tease her asshole for a bit.

Epsi whimpers a bit before she lightly moans from the teasing as Gamma watched.

Emerald keeps on going while he keeps on teasing Epsi before he switched sucking nipples and had one tentacle rub Epsi's bud to really mess with her.

Epsi moans a bit more as she starts to slowly enjoy this feeling as Epsi's tail moved more.

This went on for a bit while Emerald could see the signs that Epsi was about to come already… and stopped pleasing her for some reason while he had a grin on his face when he pulled his head away from Epsi's breasts and the tentacles from her body.

Epsi was confused before pouting.

"W-Why did you stop?"

Emerald grins and gave her a slightly evil look.

"I want you to beg for more… beg me to eat out your pussy or I may focus on Gamma for now." Emerald said while he gave Epsi a dominating look in his eyes while his cocks were iron hard right now.

Gamma couldn't believe what she heard, same as Epsi, while Epsi didn't know if she should give in.

Emerald takes a moment to wait for Epsi to answer and Emerald shrugged his shoulders.

"Alright… might as well show Gamma a good time then." Emerald said and slowly moved to get off Epsi's body and towards Gamma.

Gamma had a raise eyebrow as she knew what Emerald was doing as Epsi was quiet but… she wanted to feel that tingly feeling again so…


Emerald stopped moving and looks at Epsi with a smirk.

"Yes?" Emerald said while he grins at Epsi.

Epsi whimpers a bit.

"G-Give me… more."

"Hehe… alright… but real question… ass or pussy?" Emerald said while he grins at Epsi with a lustful look was seen in his eyes.

Epsi blushes brightly as she was very embarrassed when she said this.

"M-My… p-pussy."

That caused Emerald to smirk before he moved his head near Epsi's pussy and gave it a couple experimental licks… tasted like sushi somewhat and it really got Emerald to eat her out in no time.

Epsi lightly tossed her head back before groaning at the way Emerald ate her pussy.

Emerald keeps this up while Emerald made sure Gamma had the perfect view to watch while Emerald used a couple fingers to spread Epsi's folds and he licked her pussy directly and licks at Epsi's vaginal hole to show what he was about to do.

Gamma crossed her arms before hearing her sister moan from this action.

However…. Seems a slight blush may have appeared on Gamma's face but was hard to tell.

Emerald mentally chuckles before he slowly pushed his tongue into Epsi's folds and had his tongue touch her hymen but he didn't breat it yet when he wanted to please Epsi first… though he did have a question when he pulled his tongue from her pussy.

"Hey Epsi… want my tongue to break your hymen when you cum?, or want me to break it with my cock later?" Emerald asked her to see what she would want.

Epsi blinked a few times after hearing that and didn't know what to say for a moment.

"W-With your… c-cock."

"Alright." Emerald said before he starts to eat out Epsi again and this time didn't stop pleasing her.

Epsi went back to moaning as she was really enjoying this pleasure as she lets Emerald continue this action.

This went on with Emerald pleasing Epsi more and more while he could feel her getting close fast which showed she was a full virgin and keeps on going without stopping until…

Epsi taossed her head back before she moans loud and climaxed on Emerald's face.

Though unfortunately for Emerald, thanks to him being underwater, Epsi's juices were barely seen while the juices vanished in the water… though Emerald didn't complain while he focus on licking Epsi's pussy more and more while she rides out her orgasm.

About 15 seconds pass before Epsi taps off and pants for breath.

Emerald chuckles at that before he looks at Gamma.

"Your turn Green scales… might as well have you on all fours or all three in your case so I can eat that ass or pussy out." Emerald said since he wanted to make sure Gamma didn't feel left out.

Gamma rolls her eyes.

"Don't get full of yourself." She said before removing her loincloth and get on her hands and belly.

That caused Emerald to chuckle when he moved to Gamma and got over her tail so she couldn't move and gripped Gamma's ass cheeks and fondles them a bit while making sure to be a bit rough so she could feel the touches through her scales.

Gamma had a stoic look but she might've made a slight groan but was hard to hear… yet.

This caused Emerald to continue his actions before he spreads her ass cheeks and when he saw her asshole, he leaned down and while Epsi looks on, she saw Emerald licking at Gamma's asshole while he made sure to used his fingers to fondle her ass cheeks more to show he would purely please her ass for now.

Epsi blushes at the sight as Gamma kept giving out more small groan like noises.

Emerald keeps this up before he slowly pushed his tongue into her asshole and deeply as well which showed Emerald wouldn't be as slow with Epsi.

Epsi continues to watch as Gamma let's Emerald continue while groaning a bit more.

Emerald then summoned a couple tentacles which snaked around Gamma and rubbed against her folds on the other side of her body while Emerald sent his tongue deeper into Gamma's asshole.

Gamma lightly shudders from that action before as she kept groaning.

'N-Not bad… but not impressed yet.' She thought.

Though it seemed Emerald noticed and wondered if Gamma was a virgin or not and surprised her when he slipped a tentacle into her pussy and slowly felt for a hymen or not.

Surprisingly, there was no hymen inside Gamma which meant that she was definitely not a virgin anymore as Gamma was caught off guard from the penetration.

"H-Hey… watch it." She said.

Emerald chuckles and instead of slowing down, he thrusts the tentacle deep in Gamma's pussy while he removed his tongue from Gamma's ass.

"Oh I would… if you were a virgin… seems like we have a naughty princess here." Emerald said while the tentacle wiggles in Gamma's pussy while Emerald smirks when he realized this would be more fun then he would think.

Gamma groans a bit loud from the action before she turns her head to look at Emerald.


"Oh really… where is your hymen then?, your sis has one so can't tell me you don't naturally have one… get it on with a guard or something… hehe… you are one naughty Mermaid princess then." Emerald said while the tentacle thrusts in and out of Gamma's pussy again and again with surprising ease while Epsi heard all of this.

Epsi blushes at this as before a moan was finally heard from Gamma even though she tries to hide it.

Though that caused Emerald to grin when he messed with Gamma more while he moved to aim his lower cock at her asshole.

"Hehe… either that or you got it on with a sea creature or something, you seem pretty adaptable to my tentacles… maybe with… whats it called again… ah… an octopus…" Emerald said while he rubbed the head of his cock on her asshole.

"Well hope you like my tentacles and my really hard one… looks like I'm paying this slutty ass a visit, sorry for Lillum and the promise I made but she will understand." Emerald said while he teasingly rubbed the head of his cock on her ass more.

Gamma groans a bit.

"D-Do your worst." She said with determination since she wants to win the bet.

Emerald chuckles darkly before he licks his lips.

"Alright… just remember… you asked for it bitch!" Emerald growled out and starts to force his cock deep into Gamma's ass before he could register the change with Emerald.

"Gah!" Gamma groans with a surprised look on her face.

Emerald forced more of his lower cock into Gamma's asshole and his upper cock grinds between her ass cheeks and in no time, Emerald was balls deep in Gamma's ass and Emerald groans from how tight she was while his cock pulsed a few times in Gamma's ass.

Gamma grinds her teeth as she felt the insides of her ass stretching a bit as Epsi was a bit worried for her sister.

Though Emerald chuckles a moment later when he felt Gamma's ass quickly adjusting.

"W-Wow… hey Epsi looks like your sister is quickly getting used to this, you may want to ask if she had some secret lovers or something." Emerald said while his cock felt so snug in Gamma's ass.

Epsi was a bit surprised when she heard that before looking at her sister.

"Really Gamma?" She said as Gamma groans.

"O-Only when I… need relief."

Emerald chuckles when he heard that and lightly smacked Gamma's ass with his hand.

"Why you naughty Fish woman, I should punish you for keeping that a secret from your sister, possibly sisters… or do your other sisters have fun as well and you left poor Epsi out of the loop… better speak because I feel spanky right now." Emerald said while he smacked Gamma's ass again and grits his teeth when Gamma's ass tightened on his cock a few times.

Gamma looks at Emerald with a defiant look.

"You won't make me talk."

Emerald grins more and gave Gamma a look that she fucked up.

"Oh ho… if thats the case… looks like I'm right and some sisters do get the down and dirty fun." Emerald said while he keeps on spanking Gamma's ass a few more times.

Gamma groans from each smack but was holding up a strong front as she was gonna prove Emerald wrong.

Though Emerald changed ass cheeks but when he saw that Gamma wouldn't talk, he just placed both hands on Gamma's ass and fondled them for a moment.

"Well if you are not going to talk, I don't see why I should fuck your tight ass… I may give Epsi that honor…" Emerald said while he slowly starts to pull his cock free of Gamma's ass.

Gamma's eyes widened.

"Oh no you don't." She said before using the muscles of her ass to hold Emerald's lower dick in place.

Emerald groans from that and smirks at Gamma.

"My my, gotta say tightest ass around, would give Lillum a run for her money… though why stop me?" Emerald said while he wiggles his hips and his cock dug around Gamma's ass.

Gamma groans.

"I'm not letting you toy with me so you can use my sister."

"Hooo….and why would I use Epsi when she wants to be used so to speak at the moment after I pleased her this much." Emerald said while he grins at Gamma while he slowly pushed his cock balls deep into Gamma's ass again.

Gamma groans.

"Because… I've been… fooled before."

Emerald blinks at that before he looked confused.

"Fooled before?" Emerald said while Epsi looked confused by what Gamma was talking about.

Gamma looked away.

"Back before the city flooded, I had a lover once… or twice but just when things look okay, they would have their secret plan to use me just to get close to Epsi since she is the Princess. So I punish them for their actions. Even after being sunked to the ocean the process continues. I refuse to let anyone break Epsi's heart like they did mine."

Emerald blinks at that before he asked this question.

"Ooook?... two things… one… how old are you all?, I mean didn't atlantis sink long before the mushroom war?... its the war that caused Ooo to be what it is now and that was 1000 years ago, I mean Marceline and Bubblegum I get with are over 1000 years old… am I the odd one since I'm in my twenties?... as for my second question… every time?... honestly aside form your… stab happy moment… you are not too bad, heard there are worse ladies like this LSP woman who is annoyance incarnate with her actions." Emerald said before he explained who LSP was and what not before he ends with this.

"Still if I win this bet, wouldn't that cause many guys and gals to not target Epsi since I got you two claimed?... or was it assassins?" Emerald said when he worried about that last one.

Gamma was quiet.

"Few of those times were assassins, the rest… just people that are after the family fortune and having power on the throne."

"Seriously?, they attacked Epsi?... well may have to fix that… as for after Epsi's riches I could care less, I mean aside from a good time I could care less about cash and if I need any I can just ask Bubblegum for some since I work for her and can get some nice tail on the side for fun." Emerald said while he grins at Gamma.

"So I wouldn't worry about me going for Epsi because of greed, I think she is cute and sexy and aside from that stabbing incident, I find you pretty beautiful and sexy as the Nightosphere… I mean I got my cock up your ass if that shows how hot I think you are." Emerald said while he thrusts his hips a couple times and his cock went in and out of Gamma's ass before Emerald stops while she could feel how hard Emerald's cocks were in her ass.

Gamma actually blushes before shaking her head.

"You're just saying that to butter me up. I stop believing in romance. All I care now is protecting my family and my home."

"Hmmm… tough nut to crack huh?... well good thing I got my nutcracker here…" Emerald said before he placed his hands on Gamma's shoulders and forced her fully onto the bed and starts to fuck her ass hard and fast while his upper cock grinds between her asscheeks again and again.

Gamma groans a bit loudly each time as Epsi watched but felt a bit sad as she hadn't realized what Gamma went through in order to protect her.

Though she was surprised when Emerald used a hand to grip Gamma's face after he used his free arm to lift her upper body up and Emerald turned Gamma to look him in the face after Emerald moved so that Emerald was laying on the bed and gave Gamma a serious look.

"Screw the kiss condition, you can bite my lips off if you want…" Emerald said before he smashed his lips onto Gamma's while he used some tentacles to have Gamma ride his cock easily.

Gamma's eyes widen in shock before she tries to take her lips off of Emerald's.

However he keeps the kiss up while he had a good grip on her face and lets her face go when his tongue went to fight with Gamma's and Emerald moved his hands to Gamma's breasts so he could fondle them and used more tentacles so he could used some from his back to give him some leverage when he starts to fuck Gamma's ass hard and fast, now Gamma could pull away from the kiss if she wanted.

Gamma wanted to but… somehow… she felt… warmth from the kiss. Something that she missed a long time ago.

That made Gamma actually kiss Emerald back before Epsi could actually see tears leaking out from her sisters eyes.

Emerald saw the tears and used a tentacle to gently wipe them away and moved so that he was standing and was fucking Gamma's ass gently while he fondles her breasts more while a few tentacles moved to rub against her folds.

Gamma kept the kiss up for a bit before pulling away and kept crying.

Emerald stops his actions and just gently hugged Gamma while he waits for her to stop crying.

"Sorry if I went too far… if you want me to stop then I will stop." Emerald said while he had a patient tone to his voice.

It took a bit before Gamma calmed down.

"No… keep going."

"You sure?" Emerald said while he hoped he didn't make things really bad, payback was one thing, being a shitty bastard was another.

Gamma looked at Emerald with determination.

"I'm dead serious."

"Alright, sorry about the kiss, won't do it again unless you want it." Emerald said before he moved his hands to Gamma's breasts and starts to fuck her ass again while he groans from the tightness.

Though Gamma groans, she lightly blushes a bit.

"I suppose I can… remove that rule. But don't get smart."

"Hehe, no promises if I can get you to feel better." Emerald said before he kissed Gamma on the neck a few times.

Gamma shudders from that action before groaning as Epsi watched.

'Oh Gamma… I wish I knew.' She thought.

Though it seems that things were getting better a bit with Gamma when Emerald fucked her ass for who knows how long without cumming once while Gamma's orgasm was getting closer and closer until…

Gamma groans loudly as she throws her head back before climaxing again on Emerald's lower cock.

Emerald grits his teeth from the tight grip but keeps on fucking Gamma's ass more and more while he has a tight grip on her breasts.

Gamma moans this time before she taps off after 20 seconds before groaning again follow by more moaning.

This repeats with Emerald fucking Gamma through orgasm after orgasm while Emerald fights to keep from cumming while he wondered if Gamma was enjoying herself.

Though Gamma was strong, seems she was slowly enjoying this pleasure but didn't want to look weak.

Though Emerald keeps on going he whispered in Gamma's ear.

"You don't need to hold back Gamma… aside from your sister and myself, no one else unless you want them to will see this side of you." Emerald whispered and thrusts his hips harder and harder as time went on.

Hearing this made Gamma feel… a bit better before she starts moaning loud as she lets the pleasure fill her.

Emerald grins and glanced at Epsi to see how she was doing while she watched Emerald fuck Gamma up the ass nonstop.

Epsi was blushing brightly from the scene before she slightly fidget on the bed.

Emerald chuckles before he whispered to Gamma again.

"Hehe, take a look at your sister, seems she is enjoying this sight, looks like she likes how perverted we are." Emerald whispered to tease Gamma a bit before he forced Gamma back onto the bed fully and Emerald got on top of her while he fucked her ass harder and faster while Emerald's orgasm was getting closer as time went on.

Gamm's eyes widened as she glanced at her sister before blushing in embarrassment and would've said something but was busy groaning and moaning from having her ass pounded.

Emerald keeps his actions up more and more while he keeps on fucking Gamma up the ass and felt his orgasm getting close.

"T-Tell me… where you want my load!... about to blow!" Emerald Growled out while he keeps his thrusts up while he fought to keep himself from cumming.

Gamma groans a bit before turning her head to look at Emerald.

"I-Inside!" She said surprising Epsi.

Though Emerald surprised Epsi and Gamma a moment later when he leaned down and kissed Gamma hard on the lips while he fucked Gamma harder and faster until…

Gamma moans loudly in Emerald's mouth before Gamma's ass tightens around Emerald's lower dick before climaxing hard.

Emerald pulled away from the kiss and roars when he finally came from his cocks and the lower one starts to fill up Gamma's ass while his upper one fired thick ropes of sperm upwards and the load was so thick that it was dense enough to land on Gamma's back lightly after it floats downwards and Emerald keeps this up even when Gamma's stomach bloats a bit while he unloads more onto Gamma's back and head, though thanks to the water here, the sperm was slowly breaking down so it would be simple to clean if one waits long enough underwater.

Gamma groans more as her climax got stronger as her ass continues to get filled up.

Emerald rides out his orgasm before he tapped off around the 20 second mark with a groan and pants for breath while he looks at Gamma with a grin.

"H-Hehe… so think I won this or do I need to do more?" Emerald said while his cocks stayed iron hard in and on Gamma while he grins at her to show he could still fire more.

Gamma was able to recover before looking at Emerald.

"Y-You haven't won yet." She said.

"Hehe, fair enough though I'm sure Epsi would ask about going a round first so…" Emerald said before he starts to pull his cock free from Gamma's asshole.

Gamma groans before she feels Emerald's load leaking out of her asshole.

When Emerald pulled free and noticed that, he chuckles and lightly pats Gamma's ass cheek.

"Oh don't worry, I managed to last hours with Lillum, a sex crazed succubus and Marceline who has super strength and stamina in her own right so I'll make sure you are beggin for more my beautiful gem colored mermaid." Emerald said before he kissed Gamma on the cheek and moved away from her and looks at Epsi so Emerald would miss any looks that Gamma would give him.

Gamma, though blushes from the kiss, blinked in shocked after realizing that Emerald had more fun with said women.

'Shit.' She thought.

Though while Gamma was dealing with that thought, Emerald moved in front of Epsi and grins at her.

"So my Saphire colored mermaid, what will you have me do?" Emerald said while he grins at her.

Epsi gulps a bit.

"I-I want you to… f-fuck my… p-pussy."

Emerald grins when he heard that.

"Nice… want to take one cock or two?, I can ease you into that one later but for now… mind doing me a favor before I fuck you?... I did warm you up beforehand though." Emerald said while he grins at Epsi.

Epsi was feeling nervous.

"O-Okay. W-what should I d-do?"

Emerald just chuckles before he points to his cocks.

"Simple…. Pick a cock to lick, suck, and what not and stroke the other, need to ease you into things right?" Emerald said while his cocks throbbed a few times.

Epsi blushes brightly at the request before looking at Emerald's dicks for a moment.

She saw both of Emerald's cocks throbbing while he moved to stand in front of her face, all she would have to do is pick a cock to lick and suck, thankfully in the sea, Emerald's cock was more or less cleaned thanks to all the seawater around him.

Epsi was feeling nervous before she stuck her tongue out and slowly starts licking the upper dick.

Emerald shuddered from that while his cocks twitched as a result from Epsi's licking but Emerald did nothing else for now.

Epsi continues to lick Emerald's upper dick before using one of her hands to stroke the lower dick.

Emerald shuddered from that and groans while he used a hand to pet Epsi's head to show that she was doing a good job in his eyes so far.

Epsi blushes from the petting before a moment later, the young royal decides to open her mouth and nervously takes Emerald's upper dick in her mouth.

Emerald really groans from the feeling and just stayed still while he made sure Epsi could explore his body at her own rate, he did wonder what she was thinking while she sucked his cock and Emerald looked her in the eyes as she did so.

Epsi blushes brightly.

'By the Gods… I can't believe I'm… sucking my first dick. The taste is a bit… sour but I could get use it later as I was told in my lessons on mating.' She thought as she sucked Emerald's upper dick more.

Emerald kept still more while he watched Epsi to see what else she would do while Gamma was looking on at the sight.

Gamma was quiet as sees her sister get a better feel of Emerald's dicks before Gamma decides to help her.

"Sister… use your tongue more on the upper dick."

That surprised Emerald a bit when he heard Gamma helping Epsi out and looks to see Gamma lightly swimming to get next to her sister for more pointers.

Epsi was a bit surprised but she followed that advice thanks to Gamma's experience before Epsi uses her tongue to lick Emerald's upper dick during the blowjob.

Emerald moans from that while he listens to Gamma while she starts to give more explanations near Epsi.

"Now use your other free hand and gently fondle his balls." Gamma said making Epsi blush brightly but still went through it before she starts to fondle Emerald's balls.

That caused Emerald to grit his teeth and hiss a little while he grips his hands but didn't do anything to stop Epsi, looks like she was doing well so far.

Epsi blushes when she noticed as she continues her actions.

Gamma crossed her arms.

"Remember to give the lower dick some attention. You can switch." She said.

Epsi, though blushing, hadn't consider that before she takes her mouth off of Emerald's upper dick and goes right to the lower dick before sucking on it.

Emerald really groans again while his cocks throb a few times to show he was starting to get close after a bit of Epsi's work.

"Okay, if you have gotten use to this, try quickening your pace." Gamma said.

Epsi, who did got used to this, follows that advice and starts bobbing her head a bit faster.

This really caused Emerald to groan and Gamma noticed that Emerald was getting close and warned Epsi of that so she would be able to brace herself since Emerald's loads were huge.

"He's about to climax, sister. Brace yourself." Gamma said.

Epsi lightly nods her head as she sucks Emerald's upper dick again after switching.

This went on for a bit while Emerald's pleasure just grew more and more and Epsi switched cocks multiple times until he threw his head back and roars when he came hard in Epsi's mouth with his lower dick and his upper one unloads in the water with great force.

Epsi was surprised at how much cum Emerald let out before she tried to swallow the load before having this thought.

'So… salty… like the water.' She thought.

Emerald rides out his orgasm while Epsi, being a virgin, had trouble with keeping up with the load drinking and some escaped her lips around Emerald's cock before he tapped off with a groan and pants for breath while he looks at Epsi to see what she would do next.

Epsi took her mouth off of Emerald's lower dick and took a moment to swallow the rest of the cum before breathing a bit.

The duo took a moment to calm down before Emerald heard Gamma giving Epsi this order when she decided that things waited long enough.

"Alright Epsi… get on your back and relax… its time for you to become a woman." Gamma said while she had a serious look in her eyes.

Epsi blushes brightly after hearing that.

"O-Okay." She said before laying on her back while blushing more that made her a lot cute.

Emerald blushed a bit at that before he looks at Gamma for a second to see if she had anything else to add before he would start, either for him with a mermaid in general or Epsi so she can be more relaxed since this was her first time.

"Just be gentle and if the pain bothers her… well obviously kiss her." Gamma said as she crossed her arms.

Emerald nods his head before he looks at Epsi.

"Your call on what happens next Epsi… want me to go slow or go balls deep in one quick go to rip the bandage off so to speak?" Emerald said when he moved to get over Epsi.

Epsi was nervous as she looks at Gamma for guidance but Gamma gave her a look that shows that this was Epsi's choice and hers alone.

Epsi was quiet before looking at Emerald.

"G-Go… all the way."

Emerald nods his head before he aimed his lower cock at Epsi's pussy and teased her a bit when he rubbed the lower dickhead on her folds.

Epsi shudders from that action before she closes her eyes and braced herself for what comes next.

What came next was Emerald moving to kiss Epsi on the lips so she could relax instead of being braced.

Epsi blushes from the kiss for a bit before returning it which helps distract her.

This caused Emerald to adjust himself and pretty much fucked it and thrusts his lower cock nearly balls deep into Epsi's folds and he hugged her tightly while he keeps the kiss up to help her ride out through the pain when blood leaked into the water from between Emerald and Epsi.

Epsi's eyes widened before groaning loudly from the pain as she hugs Emerald tightly while riding out the pain.

Emerald patiently waits for Epsi to adjust to his cock while he wondered what she was thinking so far while she had her first ever cock in her and a monster sized one as well to boot… Lillum would be impressed with how much she took, about 11 inches or so.

'O-Oh fuck!... it's like being impaled by a spear! I was told that it hurts at first… but not this much!' Epsi thought as a bit of tears came out which washed away thanks to the water.

Emerald just keeps on kissing Epsi while Gamma looks on and had her own thought on the situation while she watched Emerald deflower Epsi.

'Oh Epsi… you're finally a woman. I wish I could help you stop the pain but this is Emerald's responsibility now.' Gamma thought before a bit of time passes and Epsi was starting to slowly feel better.

Emerald noticed that before he pulled his head back and looks down at Epsi.

"So… mind if I can start now or need to wait more?" Emerald asked while he looks at Epsi and used a hand to hold her cheek in a tender way.

Epsi blushes from that action.

"Y-You can start n-now."

"You sure?" Emerald asked with a caring tone to his voice while he made a tentacle that moved to rub Epsi's bud to help her feel more pleasure.

Epsi lightly groans from that.

"Y-Yes. I'm sure."

Emerald nods and used a tentacle to hold his upper cock steady in the air so it wouldn't poke at Epsi and Emerald slowly starts to thrust his hips and his lower cock enters and exits Epsi's pussy again and again while Emerald groans a bit from how tight Epsi was right now.

Epsi starts groaning from that action and even though she still feels a bit of pain, the young royal begins to feel more better as the painful groans were replaced with groans of pleasure after time passes.

This helped ease Gamma a bit while she watched Emerald fuck Epsi harder and faster while she noticed his free cock and couldn't help but be curious on if she could team up with Epsi in some way.

'Hmmm… should I join?... or just let the two have their moment?' Gamma thought as she continued to watch.

She decided to wait for one orgasm at least and watched as Emerald, being experienced by now, fucked Epsi harder and faster as time went on while he grits his teeth and keeps on going until…

Epsi groans loudly as her pussy tights on Emerald's lower dick and climaxes a bit hard on it.

This caused Emerald to groan but he held his orgasm back and keeps on fucking Epsi more and more through her orgasm.

Epsi's orgasm got stronger for a moment before she taps off between 15-20 seconds.

Though Emerald was being a bit sadistic when he keeps on fucking Epsi without restraint to see how she would react.

Epsi, after tapping off, was surprised at Emerald before she started groaning again from how intense Emerald was.

This went on a bit while Gamma saw the look on her sisters face change as time went on while Emerald's orgasm slowly approaches while he fucked Epsi through orgasm after orgasm.

Gamma blinked when she saw that her sister's face was starting to look fucked up thanks to all that orgasms before hearing Epsi moaning loud now.

This resulted in Emerald fucking Epsi more and more before he made a few good thrusts and pushed his lower cock balls deep inside Epsi and groans when he filled her womb with a lot of sperm while his first fired a load that floats down onto Epsi's breasts and face while Emerald snarls from how hard he came.

Epsi moans loudly before she climaxed hard again on Emerald's lower dick.

The two ride out the orgasms before Emerald tapped off with a groan and he grins at Epsi while he waits for her to recover.

Epsi took a bit to recover before she was feeling better.

Emerald chuckles when he saw how out of it Epsi was and looks at Gamma.

"Hehe, looks like unless Epsi is a fast learner, looks like you are the biggest contender here, remember though if I win this bet, you two are my ladies." Emerald said while his cocks were iron hard while his lower one was still hard in Epsi.

Gamma crossed her arms.

"We will see. I never lost a fight."

"Maybe a fight… but not a sex battle!" Emerald said while he reached over and pulled Gamma in for a intense kiss while Epsi was recovering and was able to see what happened.`

As Epsi blushes, Gamma was a bit surprised but returned to kiss but only to prove that she's not backing down with a determined look in her eyes.

This caused Emerald to keep the kiss up and a moment later, he used a few tentacles from his back to move to Gamma's holes and he had both go in her ass and pussy to fuck her while Emerald thrusts his hips to fuck Epsi at a steady rate.

Epsi groans again from having her pussy fucked as Gamma muffly groans.

However, Gamma remembers that Emerald's upper dick was free before Gamma grabs it and stroke it hard.

Emerald shuddered from the feeling but didn't stop fucking Epsi while his tentacles work harder to fuck Gamma's holes and Emerald was a bit rougher with the two ladies as a result.

Epsi couldn't do anything as she moans a few times while held strong as she kept stroking Emerald's upper dick faster and harder.

This went on for a bit while the inexperienced Epsi's orgasm was getting closer and closer until…

Epsi toss her head back before she moans loudly and climaxed hard on Emerald's lower dick.

Though Emerald just keeps on fucking Epsi while he powered through his orgasm and just went with him pleasing her more and more while Gamma's orgasm slowly approached her end and Emerald's two tentacles didn't help matters when they keep on pleasing her until…

Gamma groans a bit loud as she climaxed on the tentacles while stroking Emerald's upper dick more.

This finally set Emerald off a moment later and filled Epsi with his load and his sperm fired from his upper cock as a result and at a harder rate thanks to Gamma and Epsi's actions.

It took a bit before Epsi and Gamma taps off while Gamma strokes Emerald's upper dick more to make him climax more.

This caused Emerald to ride out his orgasm before he tapped off with a groan and pants for breath while his upper cock was slowly stroked at a slow rate by Gamma.

"Had enough?" Gamma said as Epsi slowly recovered.

Emerald just grins while he looks at Gamma.

"You kidding… I can go for hours last I checked." Emerald said with a scary grin on his face while he looks at Gamma when he gave that message that showed he wouldn't stop until Epsi and Gamma were his women.

Gamma mentally curse at this.

"Then we might as well till one of us is the victor."

"Well then I might as well congratulate on my soon to be victory by taking Epsi's anal virginity hehe." Emerald said to tease Gamma and to let Epsi know her ass was next.

Epsi blushes brightly after hearing that as Gamma rolls her eyes.

"Again… don't get cocky." She said.

Emerald would have said something to mess with Gamma but didn't since she had his upper cock in her hand and he pulled his lower cock from Epsi's pussy and a lot of sperm flowed from her pussy as a result before it was broken down with the seawater hitting it.

Epsi groans at first while blushing more when she knew what will happen next but Gamma was there for her.

"Just make sure to be gentle." She said as she slowly strokes Emerald's upper dick.

"Oh I will… just wish I could use one cock for now so I can use more positions…" Emerald said when he looks at his body before he blinks when the amulet of the nightosphere glows… and Emerald's upper cock retracted into his body much to the confusion of Emerald and Gamma for how fast that happened and Emerald blinks in surprise when that just happened and he had one cock now.

"Well… didn't expect that to happen…" Emerald said which told Gamma and Epsi this was a first for Emerald.

"Y-You mean you didn't realize that you can do that?" Epsi said.

"Well… considering I only recently got this amulet and I'm wearing an amulet of Chaotic evil and haven't gone to the darkside… somewhat… I'm surprised it did this though since its chaotic… guess it has a mind of its own?... well I'm not complaining… more stamina for me now that I don't have to worry about both barrels and don't have to worry about poking an eye out hehe and since I can form tentacle from my body… well not too surprising if I think about it." Emerald said when he was quick to adapt and smirks at Epsi.

Epsi blushes a bit.

"S-So should I lay on my belly?"

"Whatever you want beautiful, on all three, on your front, on your back, on my lap, all is OK now that I don't have to worry about breaking a dick here, and I learned a new trick now so… guess we all learn something here." Emerald said when the amulet glowed a few times and Emerald's upper cock appeared and vanished into his body a few times, guess he had an idea on how that worked now that he felt how it could vanish.

Epsi gulps a bit before a moment later, she was now on her arms and tail as her rear points at Emerald.

Emerald smirks at that before he moved to have his hands on Epsi's ass cheeks.

"Wow, gotta say I can see how you and Gamma are related, sexy asses all around it seems." Emerald said while he fondles Epsi's ass cheeks a bit.

Epsi blushes at the compliment before groaning a bit as Gamma didn't say something but lightly blushes a bit on her stoic face.

Emerald them moved so his head was near Epsi's asshole and when he made sure her ass was clean, he used a long tongue to lick at Epsi's asshole while he keeps on fondling her ass cheeks.

Epsi shudders from that action before groaning a bit as she felt Emerald lick her asshole more.

This went on for a bit before his tongue went into her ass to really tease Epsi while Gamma looks on when it was just Emerald and Epsi for now.

Gamma was a bit silent as she was making sure to be there for her sister just in case but couldn't help but blush lightly at the sight.

That caused Emerald to get a teasing look in his eyes when he saw Gamma watching and moved his body a bit so that Gamma could see more when Emerald's tongue went deeper in Epsi's ass.

As Epsi groans a bit loud, Gamma blushes a bit more when she saw what Emerald did but tries to not look interested.

That caused Emerald to really eat Epsi's ass out more and more while he keeps on going and could see the signs of Epsi's orgasm approaching and keeps on going until…

Epsi groans loudly before she climaxed on Emerald's tongue as Epsi's ass tightens around it.

Emerald keeps on wiggling his tongue inside of Epsi's asshole while he waits for Epsi to calm down.

It took a bit before Epsi taps off after 15 seconds with her ass.

Emerald pulled his tongue out of Epsi's asshole and grins at her.

"So… how was cumming with your ass for the first time like?" Emerald teased when he smirks at Epsi.

Epsi blushes a bit but was too embarrassed to say something on that matter.

Emerald just smirked and moved to get on Epsi while his cock rests between her ass cheeks and she could feel how massive it was… like it grew a little thanks to Emerald's upper cock going into his body… either that or Epsi was just nervous and thinks that Emerald's cock was bigger then it already was.

Epsi was now feeling nervous after feeling Emerald's cock in her ass before she brace herself for what happens next.

Though Emerald got a serious but kind look on his face when he leaned down and grinds his cock between Epsi's ass cheeks.

"Relax… this won't hurt as long as you stay relaxed… the more tense you get the harder this will be." Emerald said while his cock was iron hard in no time.

"O-Okay." Epsi said before she took a deep breath so she can relax.

Emerald waits for a moment to see how Epsi was doing while she relaxed and saw that her body visibly relaxed when her muscles take a moment to unwind.

"Okay… I'm ready." Epsi said.

Emerald nods before he pulled his hips back and aimed his cock at Epsi's asshole while Gamma looks on while Emerald slowly pushed his hips forward and his cock slowly starts to enter Epsi's asshole.

Epsi's eyes widened a bit before she starts to groan while feeling Emerald's dick going inside her ass.

Emerald stopped a few times to give Epsi some pats on the ass to help her relax when he signaled her that she tensed up a few times.

Epsi realized that before she tries to relax again.

This helped Emerald get deeper in Epsi's ass while he made sure to not harm Epsi and in no time, his cock was balls deep in the mermaids ass and Emerald groans a bit from how tight Epsi was.

Epsi groans as she tries to adjust.

"F-Fuck… your cock is so much… b-bigger than before."

Emerald gave a strained chuckle before he looks at Epsi.

"W-Well your ass is tighter then I would expect… so how you feeling Epsi?" Emerald said with a grin on his face while his cock throbbed a few times in Epsi's asshole.

Epsi groans again after feeling that.

"F-Fine. Just need a bit."

"Fine by me… c-can wait while I enjoy the feel of this sexy ass of yours." Emerald said while he just stayed still while Gamma looks on.

Epsi blushes as she tries to adjust more before Gamma decides to help her sister by swimming to her side and gently hugged her before humming a gentle tune.

This helped a bit and after a few minutes, Emerald felt Epsi's ass relax on his cock and Emerald wondered if he should start or not.

Gamma let's go of her sister.

"Are you ready Epsi?" She said as Epsi nods her head.

"Yes… I'm ready."

This made Emerald nod his head before he starts to thrust his hips again and again at a slow rate while his cock was buried in Epsi's ass again and again as time went on.

Epsi groans a few times as she feels Emerald's dick going in and out of her ass before moaning a bit.

This caused Emerald to keep his actions up while he grits his teeth from how good Epsi's ass was, honestly it was hard to keep in control with how good she felt.

Gamma was silent as she watch the duo go at it as Epsi moans a bit loud as she begins to enjoy having her has fucked.

"F-Fuck… its like your body is built to be fucked without restraint… how you doing Ep-Epsi!?" Emerald growled out while he got more rough with his thrusts.

"D-Doing… fuck… f-fine!" Epsi groans before feeling her ass tightening around Emerald's dick.

This caused Emerald to grit his teeth and roars a little when he thrusts away wildly at Epsi's ass while he made sure to not harm her during the barrage.

Epsi groans and moans loudly as her hands grabbed the sheets of her bed.

Emerald in turn made sure not to get too rough since he wanted to ease Epsi in and while he did that, he used a couple tentacles to reach around and play with Epsi's breasts when they wrapped around the large breasts and squeezed them to help distract from any pain Epsi may feel.

That helped Epsi a bit as she moans more while blushing brightly.

Emerald smirks at that and thrusts his hips a bit harder so his cock barraged Epsi's ass again and again while her orgasm was getting closer until…

Epsi toss her head back as she moans loudly before climaxing hard as her ass tightens around Emerald's dick.

This caused Emerald to grit his teeth and growled when he came hard inside of Epsi's ass with great force, making her stomach bloat as a result.

Epsi groans loudly as she feels that which made her orgasm get stronger before she taps off after 20 seconds.

A moment later, Emerald pulled his cock free of Epsi's ass and chuckles when he admired his handiwork with Epsi, Gamma could take it but Epsi was still a newbie so she may need a tag out for now to recover.

"Seems my sister still needs to get use to your… equipment. Might as well let her rest." Gamma said.

"Hehe, right… though I'm guessing you want to tag in?" Emerald teased when he grins at Gamma while Emerald's cock stayed hard, like his stamina wasn't dropping at all.

Gamma lightly blushes but had a determined look.

"I'm still here and breathing."

"Nice to know." Emerald said before he pulled Gamma in for a rather intense kiss while he had his hand on Gamma's ass to keep her close.

Gamma expected that before she returns the kiss as her hands went to Emerald's ass.

Emerald hums a bit in a pleased way when he felt that and time went to who knows how much later with Emerald, laying on the bed with a happy grin on his face while he held a royally tired, yet please mermaid duo while Emerald chuckles a bit.

"Hehe… looks like I win this bet eh Gamma?" Emerald said while he looks at Gamma with a smile on his face.

This time, Gamma made a light chuckle.

"Very well… I'm willing to admit defeat. You win."

"Nice, time to sleep then… though… just to remind me, how long will this water breathing thing will last?, don't want to drown in my sleep after all." Emerald said while he worried a bit about eternally drowning thanks to the amulet keeping him alive.

Gamma rolls her eyes before she gets on top of Emerald and kiss his lips.

Emerald blushed at that but went with it and kissed Gamma while he wrapped his free arm around Gamma while he slipped his tongue into her mouth while Epsi saw this going on.

Epsi blushes at the sight as Gamma kissed Emerald more as her tongue plays with Emerald's tongue before Gamma pulls back a bit as her lips hovers above Emerald's.

"Now you don't have to worry about drowning." She said.

Though Emerald grins while he kissed Gamma lightly on the lips for a moment.

"Great, I remember that kisses from you ladies are like kisses of life... nice to know, guess that means when I wake I can get a good morning kiss from two of my sexy mermaid ladies." Emerald said when he hugged Epsi and Gamma and cuddled with them with a happy look on his face.

Epsi blushes a bit as Gamma let out another low chuckle.

"Yes but until then, rest well. And don't worry, your friends are safe as long as my sisters are with them." Gamma said.

"Great… maybe I should make the bet with the rest of your sisters next time I come here in case they don't have any lovers and get jealous, I got the stamina after all and plenty of ways to please you ladies." Emerald said with a teasing grin on his face while he had a few tentacle teases Gamma and Epsi when they tickle one of their ass cheeks each.

Epsi and Gamma shudders from that though Epsi couldn't help but let out a cute giggle.

Emerald chuckles from that before he looks at the ceiling and had a rather… confused look on his face.

"Still… I feel like I'm going way too fast and I maybe a bit intense with this whole multiple lady thing… feels like its all going way too well with how its going and how I'm oddly alright with this… what about you two?, I still have Maite and Marceline and maybe getting more ladies either out of my control with Marceline as an example or Maite in a more willing way… what do you two think?, are you both alright with this?" Emerald asked in a rare moment of seriousness after he became what he was now.

Gamma and Epsi blinked at the question.

"Well… besides my issue on romance in the past, and how you claim us, I'm willing to give you a chance and get to know you better." Gamma said.

"Really?... Epsi what about you?" Emerald said when he looks at Epsi with a curious look in his eyes.

Epsilon's blushes a bit.

"Well… even though our first meeting didn't go… all too well and plus me losing my virginity to you, I would actually like to get to know you more as well and hopefully start things fresh. Plus you know how to find us since we can't go anywhere."

Emerald blushed a bit from that and chuckles a bit.

"Well sooner than you may think, I'm going to see if I can learn some way to clone myself, most likely some way magical, so that you won't be lonely if I'm gone for a long time." Emerald said while he grins at Epsi.

Epsi blushes brightly after hearing that.

"T-That's good to know." She said.

"Hehe, yup… for now though we should sleep and when wake we could have more fun before I leave with the others." Emerald said with a smile on his face.

"Right. Now until then, night you two." Gamma said.

This resulted in the trio falling asleep while the scene fades to black, what would happen in the future?, no one could be sure, but one thing was certain, things would get very interesting soon as the hiring arc was getting closer to completion.

(End of Emerald hiring chapter, results will be told next chapter.)

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