Bubblegum's Creature Study @emerald
Guardian Angel Study

The scene opened up to show TME and Atomsk while they were playing a game where they played on a Switch and the game was FighterZ, it was the single player story and they took turns with the controls.

"Hehe, man I love this game, one of the more punch heavy games, though MK 11 isn't too bad, just need to save up for the expansion pass for that one with the added aftermath campaign before I show you how good that game is… aside from that Kronika boss fight… doubt anyone would complain if I used easy mode on that fight alone… cheesing moves and what not." TME said before he frowned at how irritating Kronika was during her fight while he watched Atomsk play as Goku, Adult Gohan, and Piccolo while he fought clones of the trio in one of the story missions side battles for gaining exp.

"Right… though I never played it and don't got a switch." Atomsk said with a playful sweatdrop before continuing.

"But I get the gist of MK."

"I see, well just to let you know, get the Switch Lite, pretty much made for portable gaming period… though may try the original version since my Switch lite may have motion control issues, but the rest of the games are pretty fine." TME said while he watched Atomsk win the match with some quick button mashing with medium attacks for Goku which ended with Goku using a kamehameha on the final clone.

"Oh yeah! Who's the man?!" Atomsk said.

"Hmmm… you are though try saying that when you fight an online match against a player who knows the ins and out of how the characters fight." TME said with a grin on his face.

Atomsk sweatdrops.

"Man… you ruined the moment. I can hardly win again a player like that."

"Hey you never know, compared to most fighters, DBFZ is pretty simple except for the combos but many mainly work to hit hard and fast so if you get something going… don't let up… I win a few matches and lose some but I have fun since its not cheap." TME said when he had an irritated look at cheap fights… mainly the hard mode in the arcade section of DBFZ and looked pretty ticked from that.

Atomsk would've said something before he noticed the readers.

"Oh wait, we have company. Want to say something to the readers before we start the chapter?"

"Sure, depending on how things go after the intro chapters, Atomsk and I may go for a more adventure or action based route depending on how things go depending on creatures or the arc of the story so don't be surprised when we go from having the characters bumping uglies to having them kick ass or subdue a target by force." TME said while he looks at Atomsk.

"Oh yeah, since this is Cedric's time, got a creature or humanoid in mind for Cedric to tackle since he needs to be tested on if he can study a creature or not?" TME asked when he looked curious on what Cedric could bone.

Atomsk chuckled.

"Hehe, oh I have something in mind. But why say it when we can show it." He said with a grin.

"Fair enough… anyway last time Lillum went against a Simulation of the Lich and more or less passed though to be fair and let the group rest… lets say this went to about… 2 days later?... mainly for resting and to give Lillum time off since she did get clocked good by an alternate Emerald more or less." TME suggests so he can be a nice guy to his OC's, mainly Lillum in this case..

"Yeah that's fair. I mean they, Lillum mostly, needed a break after that fiasco." Atomsk said.

"Yeah… anyway we won't take anymore of your time so enjoy everyone." TME said while the scene went back to the Candy Kingdom two days after the Lich study session.

Ooo/ Candy Kingdom/ ?/?

The scene showed everyone in the throne room while Finn and Huntress had appeared since they were finally ready to talk details on their testing phase before getting hired.

"... we're in agreement?... you two will go through the same test everyone else will and if your results are satisfactory you two will be hired to go through a study session with a various creature with various amounts of pay depending on the difficulty?" Bubblegum said while Huntress shrugged.

"Well while the gold sounds cool, I'm more interested in the sperm, some potions are made with the stuff and could get a lot of powerful effects, may not be a succubus but you can get the powerful lifeforce from the sperm can be a strong agent, let me take a vial or two and I'll be good." Huntress said while she smirks at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised after hearing that.

"I-I see… if that's what you need then I'll accept that."

"Great, got a number of potions and can have that Lillum succubus help me since she loves sperm." Huntress said while she points a thumb at Lillum.

Lillum chuckles.

"If it means having fun then count me in to assist."

"Great, and since I doubt Finn would drink sperm based potions… hmmm… well we had talked about this but I'm suggesting my idea since many ladies here, or at least you and Marceline owe Finn so why not make things kinky and let Finn join in on the fun or let him ask if you and Marceline can have fun with him?... honestly I doubt Finn can ask for much when he has treasure piles out the yin/yang and I can help enchant weapons and make arms for him in a pinch if he's not feeling cybernetic so…" Huntress said while Emerald got a half lidded look on his face.

"Oh come on… first Cedric with Bubblegum now this… unless you are willing to make my day and try and offer to birth a kid for me if Finn happens to knock one of them up… mainly Marceline after what Bubblegum and Lillum did, why should I agree since I want to be a bit selfish here and say they are my women and one guy is enough unless they make it worth my while." Emerald said while a tick mark appeared on his head and he tapped his foot in annoyance… Cedric he could stand but Finn was a stranger to him more or less aside from hearing about his heroics and while Finn and Huntress were surprised about Emerald's change, they could see what Emerald was ticked about when they heard what was going on.

"Whoa man, chill. I'm not interested in knocking up another man's… ladies, especially when a couple of them are my friends. If you're bothered by that, we can talk things out or I just do nothing tier related with them." Finn said.

"Hey its not the fact that if they want to get knocked up by others that is an issue, they are immortal, I think I'm immortal now thanks to this as long as I'm linked to it so having a kid is like a snap more or less compared to infinity… its the fact that people just keep hitting on them that is the issue and don't ask me first if its OK or not before they ask my ladies if they want to have fun with them… I mean would you be annoyed if I started to hit on Huntress out of nowhere and offered to knock her up while you were not aware of things?" Emerald asked to put his two cents in.

"Well yeah I would… but luckily you can't since Huntress and I made a special bond so only I can knock her up… when the time is right." Finn said as he held Huntress close.

"Really?, wow talk about a foolproof way of making sure no one has issues then." Emerald said while Huntress shrugged.

"Well if I'm honest Finn has a 100% chance of knocking me up but again, 3 percent for anyone else, much lower then what Marceline's chances would be if she was not forced to a 100 percent state… I believe it was around a 5 percent chance right?" Huntress said when she looks at Marceline with a curious look in her eyes.

Marceline shrugged.

"Eh, give or take. I mean i was pretty much undead before Lillum and Bonnie made my womb active."

"Huh… and is it so bad?, I mean forced situation aside?, having a kid isn't the worst situation in the world." Huntress said while she wondered if having an active womb was bad or not.

"Never said it was. They just did it without asking me first. Wasn't even aware of the deal they were making when I was having fun with Emerald." Marceline said.

"Ah… well that would put a sour moment on things, but at the very least you have experience with birthing a child so can't say you won't learn from this… and may test Emerald's durability since birthing a child can be painful." Huntress said while Marceline rolled her eyes.

"I can shapeshift remember?, I can just make my baby cannon really wide and the kid can slide out and all I would have to worry about is the umbilical cord." Marceline said while she gave a half lidded look while many females who were not regenerators or shapeshifters felt jealous right now.

'Damn… wish I was like her.' The females thought as Finn lightly chuckles.

"Well that's good to know Marcy." He said.

"Yeah… anyway if something does happen which causes Bonnie or me to have fun with Finn, then don't be surprised if Emerald has fun with you Huntress… guy has two dicks now in case we didn't mention it... main reason I say this is because it seems all of us here have fun with other another while we watch the test taker get porked and sometimes the fun just gets out of hand, sooner you can accept this the sooner we can get this over with, besides its Cedric's turn for his backstory and what not before we go to the simulation room." Marceline said when she grins at Huntress.

Huntress blinked when she heard that before glancing at Emerald as Finn was surprised by this info before feeling slightly worried.

"What?... I got two dicks now and both are over 14 inches, not sure what Finn's size is but let Lillum have fun with him and boom, she can improve his size to match or surpass mine at least with one dick." Emerald said like it was a normal thing here.

Finn blinks a bit after hearing that as Huntress smirks.

"Finn's is 11 inches and 2 in width." She said making Finn feel surprised by his girlfriend.

Lillum smirks when she heard that.

"Oh ho… well if you want I can augment Finn's cock for you… for a price of one good time with Finn beforehand… could make his dick 15 inches to make up for the lack of double barrels." Lillum teasingly said while she grins at Huntress.

"Hmmm… interesting." Huntress said before looking at Finn with a smirk making said human jolt.

"Hehe, looks like Finn is nervous… maybe I should kiss him and make him feel better." Lillum said while she teasingly winked at Finn to mess with him a bit more.

"W-Wait huh?" Finn said before blushing brightly as a few people snicker at his reaction.

"Well while you do that, might as well feel two cocks fuck my holes, should be interesting later, you fuck my guy, I fuck yours and you give Finn's cock a yummy upgrade." Huntress said while she held a hand out for Lillum to shake.

Lillum chuckles.

"I like you. Deal." She said before taking Huntress's hand and shook it for a bit until Lillum did a surprising move by pulling Huntress in and kissing her lips.

Huntress looked surprised and went with the kiss in no time with a moan while she used a hand to grip Lillum's ass when she slapped Lillum's ass and gripped it hard.

Lillum moans into the kiss before she grabbed Huntress's clothed breasts and squeezed them as she kept the kiss up.

This went on before Huntress pulled away from the kiss and moved to slap Lillum on the ass and have her floats towards Finn.

"Alright, Alright, enough with me, time for you to really meet Finn while I get to know Emerald." Huntress said with an amused tone to her voice.

"Hehe, oh I will. Have fun with Emy here." Lillum said as she float towards Finn making Finn feel a bit nervous.

Lillum smirks while she chuckles when she got close to Finn.

"Hehe, something wrong Finny?" Lillum said when she teasingly rubbed a finger on Finn's chest.

"N-No." Finn said as he blushes more.

"Hehe… good." Lillum said before she kissed Finn on the lips while she gripped him on the back of the head.

Finn's eyes widened as he was being kissed by another woman while blushing brightly.

Lillum giggles in an amused way when she used her magic on Finn when she had it go through her lips and he felt a great tightness in his pants while many saw the bulge in Finn's pants get bigger while Lillum pulled away from the kiss with a smirk.

"There… now your cock is upgraded… and I'll make sure you pay me back later… but for now enjoy the upgrade with your mate before I have my fun… I got an order to things after all and don't want you to get overwhelmed." Lillum said with a lustful look in her eyes.

Finn eyes widened when he felt his cock get bigger before blushing when she saw a few ladies eyeing his junk.

That caused some to chuckle while Huntress winked at Finn in a teasing way.

"Can't wait for you to break in your… new sword Finn." Huntress teased with a smirk.

That caused a few others to smirk before Bubblegum looks at Cedric.

"Anyway Cedric, if you would be so kind as to explain how you got the flier, we can get started on your creature study if you want to know what kind of humanoid or creature you will get with." Bubblegum asked while Cedric shrugged.

"Not much to say… though I guess my story starts down a well…" Cedric said while the scene flash backed to much much earlier...

Flashback/ Well dungeon/ Cedric

The scene showed Cedric while he was in the well dungeon when he was on the way to his folks and he walked by a familiar panther or cat like creature with one floating paw and he smirks at Cedric.

"Ah, Cedric, going to see your folks about something you found?, something… block like?" The panther like creature said and while most would be shocked at how close he was to knowing what Cedric had… well… thats just it… it was block like in shape but more 2-D, not a 3d Cube and Cedric just looked amused by that.

"Oh so close, but nope. It's a flier for an assistant position at this place called the Candy Kingdom." Cedric said.

"Ah, well close in shape… this flier you got, does it have something to do with humanoids and studying them intimately since its an 18 year old thing?" The Demon Cat asked while he smirks at Cedric…. Oh a shame he ALMOST knew everything but damn was he close… if he traded Humanoids with creatures he would be spot on.

"Eh, pretty much. Would be interesting to see how this goes." Cedric said.

"Well good luck Cedric, don't do anything I wouldn't do, you are pretty aggressive and hot tempered, so much so that you worry your Mother and Father, not really a knowing thing by the way, just simple observation more or less before you wonder if I'm trying to be cute with my ability to know almost everything." The Demon Cat said while he gave Cedric a half lidded look on his resting area far above Cedric.

Cedric frowns.

"Hey, I can do okay, if someone doesn't cross me. You of all creatures almost knew why that happened."

"Well I tried to warn you about that but because of your folks, couldn't do much since *I am never fully right*… Psh… what do they know just because they are tough for this dungeon… don't see them doing complex thoughts that are almost right." The Cat Demon said while he finger quotes the almost never right thing while looking irritated.

He then looks at Cedric.

"Anyway boy, how did you get that flier?, only adventurers and food come to this place sometimes and since you are normally forbidden to leave…" the Cat Demon said before trailing off while Cedric sweatdrops… oh how close he was… it was a female Banana guard that he saved who had a stack of fliers, she fell in when she was walking by and saved her from the Guardian Angel… another story for another time though GA and him were close and he offered GA something to keep the guard alive when he found the info on the flier interesting and figured he owed the guard one for not making things boring.

"Oh I saved a female Banana person, who carried a bunch of fliers, from almost being Angel's snack. Had to compromise with her to keep the banana lady alive." Cedric said.

"Hmmm… almost right again about the person at least… mix of food and person… anyway I won't keep you any longer Cedric, your mother seems to me making your favorite dish, Chicken and Broccoli so better dig in before you give the news to your folks." The Cat Demon said before he left a shuddering Cedric who didn't like Broccoli unless it had cheese on it… favorite food was chicken and mushrooms though was a fav for him so slightly off or not… well today was a good day.

"Yeah thanks." Cedric said before he starts head towards his home.

Cedric ran by many beings and monster in the dungeon while he waved or ran by them and had a slime cube help him bounce by a pit and approached his home which was a cave more or less and but had plenty of wood blocking the entrance and a door was in the way so that Cedric could enter, and when he did, the Demon Cat was almost right again, seems it wasn't his mom but dad who was cooking the food and it was Chicken and Muchrooms and it smelled nice while his mom was nowhere to be seen, his parents were wolf folks (though to everyone listening to the story, Cedric just left the story at that), and Cedric approached his dad while he had a grin on his face… his dad was Juan and his mother was Emelina.

"Hey dad. Do I have some news to tell you and mom." Cedric said as he approached his father.

Juan blinks at that while he looks at his son.

"What is it son?, think it can wait till your mother gets back?, she's giving Eruru her first ever walk to see how well her little legs can work since she gave her first steps just now." Juan said with a prideful look on his face.

"Ah, well that's great to hear. I see you're making chicken and mushroom." Cedric said as he licked his lips at his favorite food.

"Yeah well its to celebrate Eruru's first ever steps and walk, gotta say she's growing fast… faster then you a bit, you rather just sat on your rump at her age, I can tell she will be a powerful fighter here." Juan said to mess with Cedric a bit.

"Hey, I'm a tough fighter. I can beat anyone that challenges me." Cedric said just to prove he wasn't lazy.

"Oh really?... can you beat your mother in a fight yet?, even I have trouble and can only get lucky 3 out of 10 battles." Juan said while he smirks at Cedric.

Cedric pouts.

"No fair dad. Even you know that Mom is unbeatable. She even made you say uncle a bunch of times yesterday."

"Hey, never said it was easy, and I did get three wins… when I was lucky… ah those were the days… two of those wins helped make you and Eruru when your mom was really excited when I managed to best her hehe." Juan said while Cedric look horrified when his dad was talking about porking his wife in front of his son.

"Oh my Glob dad! Why would you say that?!" Cedric said.

"Hehe, hey just saying, besides if you meet a lady as fine as your mother, you would be bragging." Juan said before Emelina's voice was heard when she opened the door to the home and Emelina walked in while she held the door open for a waddling Eruru who looked adorable when she followed her mother inside.

"Cute Juan, but like you said you got lucky those times, I have yet to be beaten by anyone else in a real fight hehe." Emelina said while she watched Eruru waddle on her cute feet when she smiles at her brother and made baby noises when she approached Cedric with her paws held out for him to pick her up, like Emelina, Eruru had a lighter blue fur color than Cedric who was dark blue in color.

Cedric did smile at his sister before he carefully picked her up.

"Hey little sis." He said.

Eruru rubbed her face on Cedric's chest while Emelina chuckles a few times when she approached Cedric and pets him on the head, unlike Juan, Emelina was a bit taller then him by a head to two for some kind of amazon like look, complete with cloth like bra and loincloth.

"So I heard from the Demon Cat you found something that could be interesting pup, what did you find?" Emelina said while she smiles at her son.

"Hehe, well like I told that Demon Cat, I saved a banana lady from Angel, and she was carrying a flier that said about applying as an assistant for someone name Princess Bubblegum. It's all right here." Cedric said before he gives the flier to his mom with one hand while carefully holding Eruru with this arm.

Emelina looks at it while Juan scoffed.

"Please, like she would really hire beings like us, granted I used to live on the surface but you know why we don't go on the surface." Juan explained while Emelina rolled her eyes.

"And how come dear?, Cedric is getting to be a better fighter day in and out and is close to your level, besides being stuck down here isn't good for him, I mean aside from Guardian Angel, who else is Cedy suppose to have fun with if he wants to meet some ladies?... I mean sure if he played for the other team there is Demon Cat and Bucket Knight but I'm pretty sure you want our family to survive so…" Emelina said while she shrugged her shoulders once while she hands Cedric the flier again.

Though Cedric took the flier, he shudders after hearing the part about the other team.

"Well I haven't… switched teams. Not that there's anything wrong with that team, I personally love my own team. But anyway, mom is right dad. I want to see more on the surface. And who knows, this assistant job can show me some places that I wanted to see. And plus… I probably will meet a special someone along away. Probably at the Candy Kingdom since I know more fliers are being passed out."

Juan frowned a bit before he huffed.

"Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you Cedric, just remember the warning I give every month and you will do well… just one question… do you even know where the Candy kingdom is?" Juan said while he looks at his son with a raised eyebrow.

"Well thought I would use my nose to follow the sweet scent if it's made out of candy." Cedric said before chuckling.

"Or banana's, no real sweet scent since that human, dog, and princess busted in here for the Crystal eye or the first two who came for the crystal eye, the princess came after… if you want an scent you could try in the chamber of the crystal eye but remember not to move that gem." Juan said while he warned Cedric about the eyes under the crystal.

"Don't worry dad, Angel warns me too if I ever get to the chamber. Though why not use a boulder to plug the hole?" Cedric said.

"Who knows, maybe the gem is enchanted to withstand the eyes attacks, either way not trying to fix whats not broken, still if you are planning on leaving then make sure you are packed and take some gold, Bucket Knight owes me some coin from his stash from when he took out some adventurers in the past so he should have plenty." Emelina said to put in her two cents.

"Good to know mom." Cedric said.

"No problem cub, anyway you know if you have trouble with the surface, you can always come back here." Emelina said while she pets Cedric on the head again.

"I know mom." Cedric said with a smile.

"Right, oh and if you need extra gold, Frank the Mimic can give you some, he always seems to make treasure in his body." Emelina points out while Cedric starts to head to his room to get ready after he passed Eruru to Emelina and she smiles when she pets her daughter on the head.

"Hehe, no kidding." Cedric chuckled as he was out of the kitchen before Juan looks at his wife.

"Do you think it's safe for him to be out?"

"Well can't let him be cooped up here for the rest of his life, not many female creatures and humanoids as sexy as me aside from Angel, granted would be nice if he got with her but can't force him… anyway keep that cookup up and I'll get some spices." Emelina said while the scene went back to the present.

Present/Ooo/ Candy Kingdom/ Throne room/ Cedric, Emerald, Lillum, Maite, Azure, Finn, Huntress, Bubblegum, Marceline

"...Anyway thats when I shortly cashed in the favor that Bucket Knight owed mom and got plenty of gold, pretty easy to locate this place in the end and was able to get to the here and no in no time." Cedric said when he finished his story just now while everyone looked at him with various levels of surprise.

"Dude… I can't believe you actually live in that very dungeon that I once visited." Finn said as Cedric chuckled.

"Yes well I was surprised when I heard how you managed to get out."

"Hehe, yeah, heard from Bonnie that you and Jake nearly bit it there when you two told her about that fight you two had." Marceline said with an amused tone to her voice.

Finn blushes in embarrassment as Maite spoke.

"Well I'm glad that the banana guard came out okay."

"No kidding. She owes me big time if I hadn't stopped Angel from eating her." Cedric said.

"Yeah… thanks for that, still surprised you are a dungeon raised monster though… no offense." Bubblegum said while Cedric looked amused.

"Hey I don't mind being a monster… after all this Monster made you squeal again and again after all in pleasing ways." Cedric said with an amused tone to his voice when he looks at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blushes brightly as Lillum giggles at the reaction.

"Though this Angel lady must be interesting. Have you two dated before?" Lillum said with a smirk to Cedric.

Cedric lightly jolt before chuckling.

"Hehe, no. Don't get me wrong, she's a nice woman but not sure anything serious is happening even if we're close."

"I see, well hopefully if you go back there, things will look up… in fact… hey Bubblegum… why don't we take a field trip to the dungeon and have Cedric give us a tour?, with him around it should be safe to move around in and we could say hi to his folks and maybe study real creatures instead of simulated versions." Lillum said when she looks at Bubblegum with a smile on her face.

Everyone blinked in surprise after hearing that suggestion though Bubblegum did look thoughtful for a moment.

"Hmmm… well it would be interesting to see what creatures dwell there?"

"Yeah, besides I'm interested in seeing Cedric's mom, seems like a real ass kicker and a looker if she looks like a beautiful version of Cedy here." Lillum said with a smile on her face.

Cedric blinked a bit after hearing that.

"Well don't know about the last part but she is a tough fighter that I can assure."

"Great, so when are we leaving?... though one thing first… did That Guardian Angel get Cedric's cherry?... seems like she is one of the only pretty ladies down there it seems." Azure asked while she crossed her arms for a moment though smirks at the end.

Cedric was a bit quiet for a bit though Marceline grins.

"With that level of silence… it's a yes considering that look on his face."

"Huh… wonder why Cedric never dated her then if that was the case." Azure said when she sounded curious.

Cedric closed his eyes a bit before turning his head.

"It's… complicated. Not sure if any of you want to hear the story."

Everyone looked at one another before Emerald shrugged his shoulders.

"Well if you want to talk about it now or later, your call, but now I'm interested in seeing this Angel woman since she sounds sexy as hell." Emerald said before his amulet glowed for a second to his confusion before a portal opened in front of him much to his shock and Hunson walked out of it out of nowhere.

"HAHA!, it worked!" Hunson said while he was wearing a suit again, this time it looked more demonic with some demon horns on the shoulders for added flair.

"What the… Dad?! What are you doing here?! Or how did you get here?!" Marceline said with a surprised look.

"Huh?, thought I told Lillum this when we talked about why I gave Emerald the amulet aside from the whole in law thing... gave Emerald here the amulet and in a nutshell gives him power and makes him immortal as long as he has this and its at 1/5th its power so he doesn't go insane and in a nutshell I can open a portal on my end whenever I want to this place, still working out the kinks on the portal part though since it took awhile to open… not sure if Emerald can do the same in reverse but eh… thats for finding out later, just wanted to give my little girl a surprise visit or is now a bad time?" Hunson asked while he had a happy look on his face while many look at Lillum to see if what Hunson said was true.

Lillum rubbed the back of her head.

"Yes. It's all true."

"Yup, so I miss anything?" Hunson said while Emerald tapped Hunson on the shoulder to get his attention and waved at him.

"Yo, we were just about to head to Cedric's place, apparently he lived in a monster filled dungeon." Emerald said to give Hunson a general idea of what was about to happen.

Hunson blinked a bit after hearing that.

"Really now?... Although I don't want anything harming my little Marceline and her little hellion."

Marceline blushed in embarrassment when she heard that and blushed more when Emerald looked overly serious while he hits his chest.

"Oh don't worry, I'll make anyone regret trying to put a malicious finger on my lady, just because we were put together against our will doesn't mean I won't fight for her." Emerald said while he sounded a bit cheesy though it was sweet when he had a serious look in his eyes.

Hunson chuckles.

"You know kid, you remind me a bit of myself when I courted Marceline's mother. If she didn't tell you, Dawn, which was her name, was human."

"I see, nice to know, anyway want to join us?, could be a good bonding experience and after we visit Cedric's place, we could stop by my place after that so you and Marceline can meet my family… could be a day or two but still fun dungeon adventure and what not, its a long story but were getting Cedric's test out of the way with a Creature or humanoid to study but I'm wondering who to pick for this since unless Cedric left someone out of his story, only one I can think of is that Guardian Angel woman, she lives in this dungeon with something called the Crystal eye." Emerald said while he looks thoughtful.

Hunson blinked after hearing that.

"Wait, I know that place and you said Guardian Angel?"

"Yeah, Cedric calls her Angel and she got his virginity it seem." Emerald said while he points a thumb at Cedric.

Cedric blushes in embarrassment.

"Hey, you didn't have to say that last part." He said with a half lidded look.

"Hey he would have heard about it sooner or later, better now so he can get the teasing out of his system or would you rather he do it when around your parents?, or worse, Guardian Angel?" Emerald said while he teased Cedric a bit.

Cedric grumbles as Hunson chuckled.

"Well congrats pup. Though I wonder how her folks are doing. And yes, I knew Guardian Angel's parents like awhile ago when they visited the Nightosphere."

"Seriously!?... wait… if thats the case you didn't happen to get it on with GA's mom and she's some kind of lovechild if you made a deal or something?" Emerald said while he was curious about some things and didn't hide it… seems the amulet really made it so that he wouldn't hold back on anything it seems.

Everyone else, especially Cedric, blinked at the question as Hunson was thoughtful.

"Hmmm… hard to say, though I will admit, her mom was an awesome lay." He said while chuckling.

Cedric looks at Emerald.

"Better hope that theory is not true Emerald."

"What?, if that's the case Marceline has a half sister all along who could look just as good as her and would be pretty powerful, makes me curious on my end... not many people could reach Marceline's level after all, and she has many Vampires worth of power so who knows what Angel can do, besides would it be that bad to be a possible in law with Hunson and myself if I marry Marceline in the future?" Emerald said while he grins at Cedric while he crossed his arms.

Marceline blushes brightly at the word marriage as Cedric had a half lidded look.

"Nevermind, let's just head to my home."

"Great." was all Emerald said when he walked over to Marceline with a smile before he looks at Bubblegum.

"So we all walking, floating, or flying in some peoples cases here or do we have a pretty simple way of being able to get there pretty easily?" Emerald asked Bubblegum since he didn't know how long the walk would be.

"Well actually, I had constructed a larger transportation device. Was based off of Banana man's blueprints for a car but made it into a bus instead." Bubblegum said.

Emerald sweatdrops while he just kept quiet and nods his head a few times since him asking about things about to be shown later would just make him feel stupid in the long run.

Thankfully Lillum came to the rescue.

"Great, lets go see this bus then." Lillum said when she stretched her body and floats near Bubblegum on her throne.

"Alright. Follow me everyone." Bubblegum said as she motions everyone to follow her.

That caused everyone to follow her while Hunson hums when he tagged along, it wasn't a surprise but still… Hunson coming along?... this was strange in of itself for many.

Everyone kept following Bubblegum till they were at the garage part of the Candy Monarch's castle.

"Alright, feast your eyes on my newest masterpiece." Bubblegum said as she opens the door.

What they saw was an old fashion yellow bus from the Pre-Mushroom war era that was suped up with armor all over the key parts of the bus and had various boosters and gimmicks on it to make it look interesting, even had a turret on top just in case of enemy attacks while Emerald looked surprised.

"Wow!, and this is our ride?" Emerald said when he approached the bus and the turret points at Emerald and a mechanical voice speaks while a laser sight points at Emerald's head.

"Halt!, Identify yourself or I will open fire." the voice said while Emerald froze in shock when he heard that.

Bubblegum went to his rescue.

"Stand down. They are my friends." She said to the bus.

The turret went back to its normal position while a voice speaks again.

"Very well your highness, the people in the room are now registered as friendly and will not open fire upon." The Turret said before it fell silent and Emerald breathed a sigh of relief and looks at Bubblegum.

"Thanks Bubblegum, you're a lifesaver." Emerald said with a smile on his face.

"No problem. Just shows that anything that's life threatening to me or anyone else and they will have to deal with her." Bubblegum said as she points at the bus.

"Her?... this a different AI or this the same one from the Simulation room?... lots of AI's if you got more I don't know about… honestly this is amazing." Emerald said when he looks around and saw lots of gadgets and gizmos around the place nearby and took a moment to look around.

Bubblegum chuckles.

"Alright, let's all get inside in a single file."

Meanwhile while unknown to many, some banana guards were walking by while they were doing some things and from the scent of one and the look of one, Cedric recognized the guard as the female one who he rescued earlier much to his surprise while the others start to get on the bus.

Cedric turns around and starts to follow the scent which got Maite's attention.

"Cedric, where are you going?"

Emerald looks at Maite and he speaks with her since he was in front of her on the line.

"Eh, probably a bathroom break before we leave, could be awhile so might as well play follow the leader, Hey Bonnie, I'm going for the toilet real quick so be right back." Emerald said when he moved to follow Cedric and surprised many when he used Marceline's nickname for Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blinks a bit when she hears her nickname being used as Hunson chuckles.

"Your fiance is on a roll, Marceline. I will say this, he's not bad. Always did wonder if you and Finn had something but Emerald is alright in my book." He said though Finn blinked when he heard that Hunson thought he and Marceline were dating.

While that happened with Marceline blushing quite a bit from embarrassment, Emerald followed Cedric and walked next to him while he grins at the wolf man.

"Hey Cedric, heading to the toilet?, I'll join you since it could be awhile before we get there." Emerald said while he had his hands in his pockets.

Cedric blinked before looking at Emerald.

"Huh? No, that's not what I was doing. I just smelt a familiar scent and I'm close to finding her."

"Her?... ah well I'll look for a restroom then so I'll leave you to that then." Emerald said before he left Cedric's side and went look for a restroom which left Cedric alone before he found the source of the scent nearby when he found the female Banana guard while she was sipping some tea with a few other female Banana guards and giggles when her friend told a funny joke.

"And I told him, "here's your nuts"." the guard said making some chuckled before Cedric approached the group.

"Hello ladies, sorry to interrupt your tea time." He said with a smirk.

The ladies looked over before the Banana lady, who Cedric rescued, blushed when she saw him.

"Wait… I know you, you're the hunk who helped me… see I told you ladies he was real." The Banana woman said when she points at Cedric.

The other female guards blink in surprise after hearing that.

"Wait, that's the guy who helped you? Huh, guess you weren't fibbing. And he is handsome looking." She said making Cedric chuckle.

"Thanks and you're not so bad yourself. Actually, you all look lovely."

"Hmmm… bit too scruffy if you ask me, does he even comb his fur?" a third lady said when she looks Cedric up and down before she was nudged by the first Banana guard woman who Cedric rescued.

"Shush you, you always nitpick about everything… so what do you need handsome?" The Female guard said while she smiles at Cedric a moment later.

"Oh nothing, was about to head out with your princess and some other people to my dungeon home til I caught your scent and went to find you." Cedric said with a little smirk.

"Oh… should you be keeping the princess waiting then?, I'm sure she maybe wondering where you are if you are working with her on something if it involves your home, maybe we can talk more after you get back." the Guard woman said while she looked a bit worried since Bubblegum was her creator and boss.

"Eh, not to worry, someone else, who goes by the name Emerald, is using the restroom so they thought I was too so I'm okay. But don't worry, the Princess will be in good hands since I know the lay of the dungeon." Cedric said.

"Oh I see… well guess we got a couple minutes, what are you doing exactly?, the fliers never did explain much about what the princess needed you guys for." The Banana guardswoman said while she looks at Cedric would a curious glance.

"Well I told everyone how I got the flier, and then the succubus, Lillum, suggested on taking a field trip to my home so we may come across a creature or something for my test." Cedric said.

"Oh… what's a succubus and why are you looking for a creature or something for a test?" The banana guard woman said while the others looked confused as well… guess Bubblegum hasn't told anyone about this kind of study yet.

"Oh… so you all don't know? Well…" Cedric said before he explained the female guards about what succubus's are and that Lillum is like a partner to Bubblegum… as far as he knows, and also told them of Emerald's change and the Vampire Queen's unborn child., before telling them the nature of the test.

The Banana guards blush a bit from what they heard and kept quiet as Cedric explained a bit more.

"... And so now it's my turn and I have to study a creature, female of course, and then do… well you get the picture." Cedric said.

The female guards blush at the story while Emerald, having taken care of business, popped his head into the room where Cedric was.

"Ah Cedric, found you, figured we should get going now before the others wonder what's taking us so long." Emerald said when he walked into the room and smiles at the Banana guard ladies.

"Ladies." Emerald said while he nods his head at the trio of Banana guard women.

Trio blinked when they saw Emerald before blushing a bit.

Cedric lightly chuckled.

"This is Emerald, the guy I told you about."

"Sup, anyway I hate to be a bummer here but like I said, need to get Cedric and get going, I peeked in and everyone is already on the bus." Emerald said when he gestured for Cedric to follow him after he bowed to the ladies in goodbye.

"Right right. Sorry can't talkmore ladies perhaps next time when I'm back." Cedric said before looking at the first Banana guard that he rescued.

That's when the young wolf grabbed her hand.

"Hopefully I'll see you later." He said before kissing her hand.

The Banana guard woman blushed more and looked like she was about to pass out and Emerald came to her rescue when he grabbed Cedric lightly on the arm and starts to drag him away.

"Alright romeo, lets get going before I have to get directions from you and leave you here to have fun with some ladies while the rest of us go embarrass you when we talk to your folks." Emerald said while he sounded amused at that last part.

Cedric had a tick mark on his head.

"Oi! Don't even think about it."

"Oh I won't as long as you tag along, now come on you can flirt with some Banana guard ladies when we get back when you get the job to celebrate… who knows could get those three ladies, not sure what Banana guard women look like under the outfits they wear but heard that the outer peel like casing is just like a uniform or something." Emerald said when he let go of Cedric's arm while the wolf man followed him.

Cedric grumbles before he looks at the trio and bow to them. But he did wink at the first one before exiting the room to follow Emerald.

When they got to the bus, the duo blink in surprise when they saw Ben the Candy Corn pup trying to get on the bus while the door was not opening, guess the AI on the bus never noticed the Candy Corn pup.

"Huh… guess Ben wants to tag along and may miss Azure." Emerald said when he walked to Ben and picked him up and held him in his arms while the bus door opened for the duo.

The duo enter before Cedric calls out to Azure.

"Hey Azure, you're little friend wanted to tag along." He said as he points to the pup in Emerald's arms before Cedric took an empty by himself which was a bit up front.

Emerald moved to hand Ben to Azure who looked a bit surprised and Ben snuggles up to Azure while Emerald took a seat next to Marceline while Hunson sat nearby and everyone looks at Bubblegum who was at the driver's seat.

"Alright everyone. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a nice drive." Bubblegum said before she starts the engine of the bus.

The bus then starts to drive after the main door to the garage opened and everyone leaned back a bit in their seats when the bus moved at a surprising speed down a wide road and through the Candy Kingdom while a Gumball Guardian waved goodbye to the group and Bubblegum glanced at Cedric from a rear view mirror.

"Alright Cedric, once we are outside of the main gates I'll need you to give directions, I don't quite remember the exact route back to the dungeon of the Crystal eye since its been awhile." Bubblegum said to get Cedric's attention.

Cedric nodded.

"No problem Princess." He said as he stayed in his seat while glancing a bit to see what the other's were doing.

Emerald, after Maite moved to sit in front of him and Marceline, were having small talk, Azure was petting Ben a bit to keep him calm on her lap while the group rides along the kingdom and grasslands in no time, Finn and Huntress were talking with Lillum while Finn blushed a bit every now and then from getting teased, and Hunson was just humming a bit while he was by himself and nods his head at Cedric when he noticed the wolfman looking his way before Hunson looks at his daughter for a moment to make sure she was doing OK on such a bumpy ride… granted it was pretty smooth but overprotective parents would be over protective.

As Marceline blushed from her father's concern, Cedric continues sitting quietly in his as he stared at the window but did have one thought.

'Should I talk to Azure?... Nah she probably wants to be alone with her pet… or best friend.' He thought… Could Cedric feel a ting of jealousy?

Azure noticed the look and gave Cedric a surprising kind smile before she looked back at Ben and pets him again while he slept on her lap.

Cedric blinked at the smile before he blushed a bit.

'Okay… don't know what happen but… she does look… cute with that smile.' He thought again before feeling the same butterflies in his stomach and wasn't sure why.

Though Azure didn't say anything or looked at Cedric again which caused the ride to go pretty smoothly when Cedric helped direct the group to the Lair of the Crystal eye and everyone was in front of the well while Emerald looked down the hole.

Ooo/ Lair of the Crystal Eye/ Entrance/ Emerald, Cedric, Maite, Lillum, Bubblegum, Marceline, Azure, Hunson, Ben

"Huh… nice front lawn Cedric." Emerald said when he admired Cedric's *Lawn* while he summoned a tentacle and had it extend down the hole and more tentacles formed on the tentacle to form a faux ladder.

"All aboard the Emerald ladder express, next stop Cedric's home." Emerald said while he made a funny when he used a tentacle as a hat to look like a conductor while he made a whistle sound with his mouth… though it was a bad whistle at best.

Most sweatdropped at the joke before each one started climbing down the faux ladder.

Emerald keeps the ladder steady while he made sure it didn't move much so everyone could climb down and Cedric made it to ground level first, though with Azure trailing shortly after, and Ben being excited when he was on her head, he moved around a bit too much and Azure lost her grip for a moment and fell towards the ground with a scream.

Cedric sees this and made sure that he catches her with open arms after making sure he was in the right spot.

Though funnily enough, Azure lands in Cedric's arms bridal style and Ben lands on Azure's lap and after getting her bearings, she looks at Cedric in an amused way.

"My hero." Azure said before she waits for Cedric to put her down.

Cedric blinked after hearing before blushing a bit as he sets Azure down.

"J-Just making sure you're alright."

"Well I am thanks to you, maybe I should give a reward later to thank you for keeping me from breaking my neck and little Benjamin here safe." Azure said while she sets Ben down and he sniffed around the place while everyone climbed down and Emerald called down the well.

"Everyone alright down there?, everyone down?" Emerald called to make sure everyone was alright since he heard a scream and got worried.

"Yeah everything's fine." Cedric said.

A moment later, Emerald's tentacles recalled back to his body before he jumped down the well and lands on his feet and he looks around for a second.

"Huh… not a bad place." Emerald said while everyone looks around at the architecture.

However unbeknownst to them all, a pair of eyes were watching them and a moment later a large figure lands behind Cedric and placed a hand on his head while many were surprised when they saw the figure while the figure gave a fanged grin.

"You know Cedric, you should have called ahead of time to let us know you were bringing guests, I came here looking for intruders yet I get a surprise when my son brings home so many people and many beautiful ladies from what I can tell while two are strapping men and a suit wearing suave gentlemen came to escort them." A Female voice said while light blue fur was seen on the hand from Cedric's gaze so it could only be one person who could do this with ease… his mother.

Finn blushes from the tease as Bubblegum and Maite blush when they saw the woman

Cedric chuckles.

"Sorry mom. Thought it would be a nice surprise visit."

"Well its a pleasant one, mind introducing your friends before we head home?, your father and Eruru would be happy to see you." Emelina said when she lets go of Cedric's head and looks to the group to see who would start introductions but when she smelled the air she hums.

"Huh… is the Candy smelling woman your lady or the man with the amulet on his neck?, I'm getting your scent on her mainly though so is she your bitch?, seems that undead and hedgehog woman are the amulet guys bitches but not share about the cat woman…" Emelina said while many ladies start looking pissed from the bitch thing which caused Cedric to quickly run damage control.

"W-Well its a bit tricky to explain but before I do… my mom means no ill will, its a canine thing, Bitch is a term for female mate of well… any canine like race, try and not take it to hard its like a… culture thing?" Cedric said while he hoped it helped somewhat while Emelina looked confused.

"Why apologize?, Juan calls me his bitch all the time and I take it as a compliment, was raised like this since childhood so no need to apologize on my end." Emelina said while Emerald sweatdrops when he realized Cedric could be a lot worse with manners somewhat if he didn't know the bitch and canine thing here.

Cedric facepalms.

"True but some women aren't liking to be called bitches. And to start things off, that's Princess Bubblegum. The royal who sent out the fliers. Also she's not technically my woman. But I do have fun with her."

"Ah… what about the cat woman?, seems she has her scent on you." Emelina said when she sniffed Cedric a few times and it must have mainly been from the fall when Cedric caught her… though the possible deal to give him a good time later did cause Azure to smirk.

"Well Romeo here saved me from a fall so I gave him my thanks, made a deal earlier as well that if he talked with someone about his issues, I would give him a good time later, depending on how he does, may be his lady but until then, playing the field so to speak, this guy here had two cocks both at 14 inches, both thanks to outside sources but he handles them well… have yet to get a good time with Cedric or Emerald here though I did have fun with the Succubus Lillum here." Azure said while she points a thumb at Lillum who waved with a smile.

"Hi, I'm the one who gave the size upgrade to Emerald and upgraded Finn's cock here, if you want me to upgrade your hubby, just let me have a good time with him later to pay for the increase hehe." Lillum said while she grins at Emelina.

"Though if you want to pay for him, I don't mind since you are a sexy looking Milf." Lillum teased while licking her lips at Emelina who looked surprised but smirks nonetheless.

"Hehe, You got it, though don't blame me if I make you squeal when I put you into a sex coma." Emelina said while many sweatdrop at the sight.

Cedric, at first blushes from what Azure said, facepalms at his mom.

"Anyway mom, the feline is Azure, the guy with the amulet is Emerald, the human there is Finn with his mate, Huntress Wizard. The hedgehog is Maite while the undead is Marceline the Vampire Queen, who's carrying Emerald's kid. And lastly, the guy in the suit is Marceline's father… the ruler of the Nightosphere."

Emelina looked surprised when she looks at the group.

"Well this is interesting, nice to meet you all and nice to meet an expecting mother, not many to meet down here and have a good conversation with, if this is your first one then don't worry I can give you some tips to make the harder parts of this time a breeze." Emelina said when she gave Marceline a kind smile.

Marceline blinked at the change of attitude but let it slide since getting advice from someone with experience won't kill her.

"Well thanks. Will definitely appreciate it."

"No problem, we moms should stick together." Emelina said while she gave Marceline an eyesmile.

"Hehe, right." Marceline said with a relaxed look now.

Emelina smiles when she sees that before she gestured for everyone to follow her.

"Come on, as long as you are with me no one would dare attack you guys." Emelina said before she starts walking while the group gave chase.

After a couple minutes, the group passed by an area familiar to Finn and he heard a voice he didn't want to hear in a long time.

"Oh looky looky at this Cookie, Frank the human with with a group of fine ladies, an immortal man, a guy with some kind of amulet of stability and Emelina with her son Jeric." A voice said which made everyone look to see the demon cat who almost knew everything while he looks most amused to see Finn here.

Finn frowns.

"Seriously? After all those years, you still can't get my name right?"

"I know and Jeric?" Cedric said with a half lidded look.

"Well first off for… Finn here?... he's only been here once and never again, can't help if his name starts to slip my mind so I just remembered the name I almost got right with when he first got here… thanks for jogging my memory, human who could only run from me more or less… as for Cedric here… couldn't resist a tease on his name." Demon Cat said while he looks amused even more.

Cedric facepalms at this.

"Always with that." He said as everyone else chuckles.

The Demon cat smirks before he looks at Emelina.

"So Emelina, these people here to observe us from afar?" The Demon cat said which proved again how close he was… yet so far away while Lillum giggles a bit.

"Oh just the opposite… up close and personal… you see…" Lillum said before she explained everything from when she was summoned, everyone's backstories minus Emerald's since his was next up until now.

"...So in a nutshell, Cedric here is here to study a female monster or humanoid though I must say there is a prime male monster here just wetting my appetite right now and many others… like an all you can eat buffet." Lillum said when she licked her lips when she looks up at the Demon cat.

"Hmmm, interesting and not bad from what I'm seeing." The Demon cat said with a grin as he looks at Lillum.

Lillum giggles a bit and winked at the Demon Cat.

"Thanks, can change my form to suit your tastes so this is just my base form more or less when I'm just traveling and using my low level looks." Lillum said when she gestured to her D cup breasts and slimmer hips in her skimpy leotard while she floats in the air thanks to her wings.

"Ohhh, I do like the sound of that. Maybe later, you want to get to know me." The Demon cat said before growling at Lillum.

Lillum chuckles and growls back in a sensual way.

"Oh don't worry… I'll be back soon, just make sure to eat well before you have fun with me, otherwise we won't have much fun, anyway I'm going to meet Cedy's family… oh and just to remind you if I forgot to mention it, I'm Emerald's woman here and this is Emerald if I forgot to mention him." Lillum said while she points a thumb at Emerald who had his hands in his pockets.

"Yo." was all Emerald said while he looks at the Demon Cat.

"Hmmm, like wise. Just make sure none of you tries to steal the Crystal eye like Frank tried to do last time." The Demon cat said making Finn groan in annoyance.

Huntress chuckles.

"Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on him."

"Hmmm… good, anyway I'll be going to get a bite to eat so I can have fun with this sexy succubus later." The Demon Cat said before he grins at Lillum.

"Oh and just to let you know." The Demon Cat said before his tongue exits his mouth and the cat tongue was seen which mewed before it went back into the Demon Cat's mouth.

"Just to let you know so you don't get too surprised not only when you see it later but when I hit all your sweat spots when I eat you out good… hehe the tongue can see in the dark after all." The Demon Cat said before he left the area while Many looked a bit weirded out by the cat tongue though Lillum had a different reaction.

Lillum shudders.

"Oh, definitely want to see what it can do to my pussy."

Many sweatdrop again from that before the group continues on and while they got near Cedric's home, they saw a tiny creature walking their way or by them at least before it noticed the group, turns out it was the Bucket Knight.

"Ah Emelina, nice to see you again and charming as always." The Bucket knight said before he noticed Cedric and the others.

"Ah Cedric, these your compatriots, excellent, I always did think you were a bit of a loner but here I am proven wrong, and many are fine lasses I see, any of them your woman?... Or women?" The Bucket knight said before he noticed Finn and frowned.

"Ah the non powered adventurer who ran from me like a coward instead of dying with honor, what are you doing here again?, here for revenge because I can get water from any source nearby if you want to fight like a real warrior." The Bucket Knight said while he puts up his dukes and shadow boxed a bit which was adorable for his size right now.

Finn frowns.

"I'm not here to fight a cheat like you. Just personal business."

"A cheat!?, why I ought to…" The Bucket knight said while he grabbed a bucket from his person and was about to get some water from some nearby when it leaked down to the ground, but Emelina stopped him.

"Easy BK, he's not here to cause trouble, and Finn what do you mean by cheat?, all the Bucket Knight can do is grow when his body is doused with water, if he doesn't do that he's no bigger then a doll so I don't see how he is a cheat… besides most intruders normally have powers so can't say he's a cheat when he is on an even playing field." Emelina said when she picked up BK and held him in one arm while he faces away from her and used her arm like a chair.

Finn took a breath.

"Sorry, but calling me a coward was something that I didn't like being called."

"Well sorry if the fight didn't go how you liked it, I mean how would you feel if you had a life and death battle if your opponent ran like a coward, can't call them anything else, I mean I'm the Bucket Knight… Knight is in my name, kinda my thing with honor and what not and you were intruding in my watery lair." The Bucket Knight said while he crossed his arms after he placed his bucket in his lap.

Finn rolls his eyes.

"Fine… sorry for the cheat remark."

The Bucket Knight hummed at that while he looks at Finn.

"Fine… granted I could have used less water but I don't have much control over the end result of the size, thats pretty much 0 to 100 and the water just gives a time limit." The Bucket Knight said while he keeps on sitting on Emelina's arm.

Cedric shook his head at this before he looks at his mom.

"Say mom, before we go see dad and Eruru, know if you or BK know if Angel is around?"

"Huh?, well I was walking with her just now." BK said when he looked around, though before the group could do much, Cedric got tackled from the side and everyone saw that Guardian Angel had tackled Cedric from the side and hugged him with her arms and she rubbed her face on Cedric's chest.

"Cedric!, its been so long!... hehe I missed this soft fur of yours… Emelina wouldn't let me snuggle with Eruru sometimes." GA said while Emelina rolled her eyes.

"Oh you know Eruru needs her naps Angel, not my fault you love the feeling of fur on your face." Emelina said when she looks at Angel who ignored the others for a moment.

Cedric, was a bit caught off guard by the tackle, blushes a bit before he weakly chuckles.

"H-Hey Angel good to see you too."

"Hehe, yeah well not everyday you see your favorite wolf man come back to his home turf." Angel said while she smiles more at Cedric and Emerald chuckles when he looks at Cedric in a teasing way.

"Oh really?... are you Cedric's girlfriend then?" Emerald said while Angel, when she looks at Emerald just smirks.

"Well…" Angel said to mess with Cedric a bit but he could see this coming from a mile away and stopped it before things could get embarrassing for him.

"Whoa there, don't even think about it Angel." Cedric said.

Angel pouts a bit and got off of Cedric while Emerald held a hand out for Cedric to take to help him to his feet.

When Cedric got up Emerald looks at Angel and smiles at her.

"Well its nice to meet you Angel, I'm Emerald, could say I'm Hunson's proxy or his walking portal out of the nightosphere, he is the ruler of the Nightosphere, Marceline's dad, and that is Marceline by the way, carrying my kid, long story on that so I'm more or less an in law unless Marceline says otherwise, there is Lillum the Succubus, another of my ladies, Maite the sexy Hedgehog humanoid, another of my ladies, Bubblegum… not sure about her, think she may have a thing for Cedric since she and I barely bumped uglies and she and Cedric had some pretty wild times… There is Azure who may be one of Cedric's ladies in the future, and you know Cedric hehe, and here is Finn the human and his mate or girlfriend or wife… not sure which… either way her name is Huntress Wizard… we came here to study monsters and humanoids in pretty interesting ways… oh and just to get this out there Hunson maybe your dad making Marceline your half sister." Emerald said while he smiles at Angel and some wondered if Emerald was insane when he just blurts out the fact Hunson maybe Angel's dad as well.

"Uh dude? Are you actually insane for saying all that?" Finn said as he couldn't believe what Emerald said.

All Emerald did was smirk at Finn.

"I don't know, you tell me, I was more or less forced to wear the amulet of the Nightosphere, at 1/5th of its power to be fair but still a lot of chaotic evil flowing from it, had my body altered and my brain fucked with, and now I'm in a relationship with 3 beautiful ladies, possibly 4, yet I have no real control on my impulses much so… hmmm… not complaints about that last one but still… I'm pretty sane even after all that though maybe a little unhinged… just a bit." Emerald said while he made a pinching motion with his fingers.

Everyone blinked at Emerald as Guardian Angel was confused.

"I don't know what's happening but…" She said before looking at Finn with a frown.

"I remember you. You were meant to be my meal til you and that dog decided to ruin it." She said making Finn frown.

"Too bad I ain't sorry. And if you try again, I will break out and kick your ass to the next room." He said.

Cedric didn't like the sound of that before he got in front of GA.

"Hey… watch yourself Finn. I don't like when someone messes with anyone that are important to me. So I'll handle Angel while your mate handles you and no blood will be shed."

Many felt the tension in the air and Emerald thought it would be a good idea to break that and well… his idea was to have a few tentacles pinch Cedric and Finn on the ass and see what may happen when he did it pretty hard.

"OW!" The duo yelps before they look at Emerald.

"What the ball man?" Finn said as Cedric glares a bit at Emerald.

"Hey, were here on peaceful terms right?, no need for anger, love and peace right?" Emerald said while he gave the two angered men a peace sign and while the anger was still there in the duos eyes… they just sighed when the absurdity of the situation just drained them of the energy to act on that anger.

Finn and Cedric apologized and shook hands.

Though Cedric whispers this to Finn.

"If we get the chance… we kick his ass."

"Agreed." was all Finn said but unfortunately for them… Marceline could hear that thanks to her super level hearing.

"Hey Emerald, those idiots are gonna try and attack you when you're not looking." She said shocking Finn and Cedric.

Though not as shocked by that when they heard this from Emerald.

"Really?, well should be interesting to see and see if I got some kind of deathless state from the amulet here or not after Hunson messed with it, at least they are not fighting one another, and I never did get combat practice yet so… Challenge accepted… after we get past all the hiring for the rest of us, can't have a combat arc yet after all when we are still in the introduction arc." Emerald said while unintentionally breaking the fourth wall… or was it intentional?... Emerald was greatly unhinged thanks to the amulet so who knows what it did to him.

Everyone blinked at that though Cedric groans at Marceline.

"Damn you and your hearing. You're worse than those bitchy lady elves in the forest when I snuck by. One of them tried to shoot at me."

Many blinks at that while Emerald chuckles when he heard that.

"Nice to know, and hey, not Marceline's fault if you whispered near her, she has super hearing after all… which means…" Emerald said before he whispered something so low behind his hand that many wondered what Emerald was saying though… Marceline blushed so brightly that she looked like a stoplight in no time flat.

Hunson wondered what Emerald said but he chuckled at his daughter's reaction.

Emerald keeps this up for a bit and dodges Marceline when she tries to hit him on the back of the head which starts to make everyone else laugh while Marceline didn't like to be teased… she was the teaser after all.

"Damn it Emerald. I'm the master teaser here." Marceline said.

"I don't know, you are pretty cute when you blush so it makes me want to tease you a bit." Emerald said when he dodged another hit and moved to stand in front of Marceline with a smile and gave her a slight peck on the nose to mess with her a bit before he moved away from Marceline.

Marceline blushes as she didn't know what just happened making a few others either chuckle or giggle.

Bubblegum giggles more then the others since all she knew was Marceline being a tease so seeing her being teased was interesting to say the least.

Marceline pouts.

"Not funny Bonnie."

"Hehe, you're right, it's not funny… its Hilarious." Bubblegum said before she giggles again while Emerald moved to hug Marceline from behind.

"Hey don't worry Marceline, you are the Queen of tease in the end, just consider this an off day." Emerald said before he kissed Marceline on the neck and cheek to help her feel better.

Marceline blushes a bit but did feel better.

"Alright… but I'm getting back at you for later." She said with a smirk.

"Hehe, and I'll welcome it with open arms." Emerald said while he grins at Marceline with a pretty sane look in his eyes when he talked with Marceline, guess romance was his grounding force to keep him in line.

As everyone sees this, Guardian Angel was thoughtful when wondered if Emerald was good boyfriend material, considering that Emerald has 3, maybe 4, ladies.

However, she did remember what Emerald said about Hunson being her dad?

Angel looks at Cedric.

"Hey Cedric, earlier your friend said that this guy was probably my dad. Why'd he say that?" She said with curiosity as Cedric rubbed the back of his head.

"Well to avoid the awkwardness, Hunson said that… he knew your mom a while back."

Angel looked surprised before she looks at Hunson and to Cedric with a half lidded look on her face.

"Really?... we don't look much alike and best I got was shapeshifting powers and flight from and these healing powers from my folks… can he do any of that?, besides my mom before she died didn't talk much about anyone else aside from my dad, is this payback for the tackle hug or does he have proof he knew my mom?" Angel said when she points at Hunson.

Hunson, who heard a bit, decided to join in on the conversation.

"Oh it's not a lie. Your mom was an awesome lady. I can definitely see good resemblance of her." He said with a grin.

"Oh really, then what was her real name?, you should at least know that, granted Angel is my name and it was a name my mom used as well when we used it as a way to trick people, but we have different names in the end, granted my name is Angel but still, you should at least know her real name since she wouldn't tell just anyone it." Angel said when she gave Hunson a half lidded look.

Hunson smirked.

"I believe it was… Akari."

That caused Angel to looked shocked.

"Holy shit… you are not kidding… y-you… really are my father?...w-why?... how?" Angel said while she had wide, cute, but shocked looking eyes.

Hunson chuckled.

"Easy now, we don't know for sure. I just know your mom personally. Speaking of, how are your folks?"

"Err… I just said my mom died right?, living here isn't exactly the most safe place to be and my dad, err… still confused on the biological stuff but he went missing shortly before hand when we got separated from him, I've been living here sense and have been friends with everyone here since I was a kid, had to learn many skills that I had from scratch." Angel said while she looked a bit bummed while Emelina pats Angel on the back.

Cedric went to give his friend a hug to comfort her as Hunson blinked.

"I see… sorry for your loss. Your mom was a nice woman. Strong willed."

"Yeah, I don't remember her much but she was a pretty powerful lady, heard she gave Emelina here some trouble in a fight." Angel said which made Emelina chuckle.

"Well if I was number one here, she was number two, we couldn't really get the drop on one another and her main factor was her durability and healing skills… shame it didn't help during that cave in years ago… still I promised her if anything happened to her I would look out for Angel here and I've been doing that for awhile… so food incident aside not cool with dropping things on Angel, Finn… Angel got a few broken bones and a wing that needed healing, you could be gentler with a lady with a pretty face like hers." Emelina said before she gave Finn a half lidded look.

"Hey, she was making stew out of me. You expect me to sit and do nothing? Plus, it's hard to say pretty when she brings out the ugly side." Finn said.

"Well not my fault, heard from my mother adventurers always taste best when you put a real amount of fear into them so I used an illusion to give me that ugly face, or did you think a cutie like me would use that just for cooking dinner, besides with how tenderized you got, you looked positively delicious." Angel said while she looks at Finn with a grin while she licked her lips for a moment while her stomach lightly growled.

Finn got to a guarded stance when he heard that.

Cedric rolls his eyes.

"Easy Angel, don't think the princess here will like it if you eat her friend. If you're starving, I can cook you something good when we go to my home."

Angel blinks at that before she smiles at Cedric.

"Oh goody, handmade food from you is always a good time, hope your skills haven't dwindled in the cooking department when you were gone, some things changed here recently and we have new monsters, plants, animals, and other things here, apparently Bucket Knight accidentally opened a hold to a new level of the dungeon and many strange monsters and what not moved in when they were sealed away… some were even flaming eyes as well though they just float around lighting the area, they do attack adventurers on sight… oh and here is one of them now." Angel said when a floating flaming eye was flowing high above the group before it noticed them and its gaze locked onto Finn and he gulps when he recogized the species… not sure if its the same one type but this looks like something the Crystal eye sealed since flaming floating eyes here were pretty bad news.

"U-Um… are those the same… eyeballs from the Crystal eye? Thought they were sealed there still." Finn said.

"Huh?, oh they are still sealed, apparently those eyes are a mutated species and these little guys are the more friendlier versions, they normally just like to watch people and help light the way in dark places." Angel said when the eye moved to float near the group while its flames lit up the area more and Angel pets it while the eye gave an eyesmile while the flame where she pet the eye moved away so she wouldn't be harmed.

Finn felt relieved when he heard that.

"Alright, now that things are calm, shall we go see dad and Eruru, mom?" Cedric said.

"Right… but one question first… what kind of creatures came from that hole and are any hostile?" Emerald asked which made Angel hum while the group followed Cedric.

"Well lets see, aside from flying magic sharks, Water Golems, and the occasional Octoraptor, most creatures are normally tame, surprisngly enough there is peaceful beings down there though like mermaids and other beings, apparently the hole connects to a place where many water based beings go it seems." Angel said when she took a moment to think about the question.

"Well hopefully they're not from the forbidden section." Cedric said making a few others blink.

"What's the forbidden section?" Maite asked.

"Errr… just saying in advance but pretty sure since this was mentioned, pretty sure this story will go that forbidden section route sooner or later." Emerald said while many looked confused on that story part.

"OK did this amulet really screw with your head that badly and now you are thinking you are in a story or something?" Marceline asked with a half lidded look on her face while Emerald shrugged.

"Maybe, could be a coping thing, I mean not the worst thing right?... hehe would show others how sexy you ladies are and kinda kinky if you think about it if that really is the case." Emerald said with an amused tone to his voice while he wiggled his eyebrows at Marceline.

Marceline blushes at that as well was Maite and Bubblegum since they knew what Emerald can do while Lillum smirks.

"Ho ho… so you're saying if we are being watched, that means pervs are lookin at us?" Lillum said while Emerald shrugged.

"More or less, depends on when this started but since you talked about offing Ash once, maybe they saw that and how sexy you can be, honestly wish I could have saw that part… damn the higher dimensions and their weird ways of looking at things… anyway they probably saw everything from the Candy Corn wolves all the way till now, and how sexy Maite is since out of everything… well, she did have a lot of screen time hehe." Emerald said while he placed a hand on Maite's waist and walked alongside her while he teased her more.

Maite blushes brightly as Cedric snickers.

"Let's get going then." He said before he motions everyone to follow him and Emelina to their home.

Though Emerald looked back for a second while no one was looking and winked at the readers before the scene shifts.

Ooo/ Cavern of the Crystal eye/ Cedric's home/ Study group, Emelina, Bucket Knight, Guardian Angel, Hunson, Ben

When the group got to the entrance of Cedric's home, Emelina walked to the front door and speaks while everyone followed her inside and saw a man who looked a bit older then Cedric looks wise while a small female wolf baby girl was seen while she was near the wolf man.

"Honey, I'm back and look who came back for a visit, and he brought plenty of friends." Emelina said while she grins at Juan.

Everyone else blinked when they saw the similarity as Cedric steps in.

"Hey pops, I'm back." He said with a smirk.

"Hey Cedric, since you brought so many guests here you might as well go hunt a bit to gather some food since I only got enough food for your mother, Eruru, and myself, and if I wasn't introduced, I'm Juan, Juan Middleton, nice to meet you all, odd that I would have a last name but lets just say I came from the surface originally and leave it at that." Juan said while he grins at everyone in the room.

Everyone blinked when they heard that though it seems, asking Juan why would be a bad idea.

Cedric chuckles.

"Sure thing dad, I'll go hunt in a moment." He said before he went to pick up Eruru and introduced her to everyone else.

"This is my little sister Eruru. Say hi, Eruru." Cedric said to the pup.

Eruru giggles and coos while she waved her tiny arms at everyone and many awed at her minus Hunson and Emelina.

"Oh she is a cutie, she is going to be a real looker when she hits 18." Lillum said when she pets Eruru on the head and she giggles from the pets.

As most awed, Juan though had a disturbed look on his face.

"Hehe, yeah, maybe I should check in 18 years from now and-!" Emerald tried to say before a spear flew by his head and hit the wall near him and he looks at Juan who was the culprit.

"I WAS JOKING MAN!" Emerald said while his eyes glowed and a few tentacles formed on his body so he could defend himself in case Juan tried anything else.

However, Emelina stepped in.

"Enough! You two are acting like idiots. And don't even say who started this because your antics are scaring Eruru."

Emerald and Juan blink and though Emerald wanted to say something, he did look at the frightened Eruru and frowned before he recalled his tentacles.

"Fine… I'll wait outside then since I don't seem well welcomed just from a joke." Emerald said before he exits the place while he had an angered look on his face.

Juan rubbed the back of his head.

"Sorry honey." He said.

"Just get back to cooking and if things go well and given enough time you can apologize to that Emerald guy, joke or not a spear is overkill no matter the situation right now." Emelina said with a look that said Juan would do that or no action from Emelina for a good long while.

Juan jolt before he quickly went back to the kitchen as Marceline sweatdrops.

"Can see where Cedric got that personality."

"Yeah… so want to try and have a bonding moment with Bubblegum and Emerald by having Bubblegum check on him, I know we can be worried for him or for the pour unfortunate soul who runs into him but might as well try and cheer him up right?" Lillum said while she looks at Marceline and Maite before the trio looks to see how Bubblegum would react to that.

Bubblegum blushes a bit at the look but, she knew Emerald needed cheering up.

"Well… alright. Guess it will be a stepping point if I become his 4th lady."

"Well unless Marceline gives the OK for you to go to Cedric or maybe Finn, I mean if you want, technically all you need to do is help raise a kid, not be in a relationship with Emerald, you are her girlfriend though so…" Lillum said before shrugging when it was complicated enough already.

"Even if I am still… I still have to earn brownie points." Bubblegum said.

"Hehe, fair enough, still since we can be possible contract holders…" Lillum said before she muttered something and a crest appeared on the back of Bubblegum's right hand.

"There, in case you are in danger, touch that with your left index finger and I'll be summoned, try and not use it unless you are in danger or a sexy situation." Lillum said while she grins at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blushes a bit.

"R-Right. I'll go see if Emerald is okay." She said before going outside.

When that happened, Azure sets Ben down and gave Cedric a half lidded look.

"Now I'm wondering if the whole temper thing is a thing I'll need to look out for if its a family trait." Azure said while Eruru was picked up by Lillum and set in the ground near the Candy corn pup and Eruru laughed when she and the pup starts to have fun when they pushed one another around like they were rough housing and start to roll around on the ground a bit while unaware of the slightly tense situation in the room.

"Hey, come on. Just because you saw my dad doing something stupid doesn't mean I'll do something that brash in the future." Cedric said.

"You might want to rethink your words dude." Marceline said with crossed arms.

Azure however just held a hand up.

"Now now, just to give him the benefit of the doubt, he may not act like his dad but…" Azure said before she looks at the spear imbedded in the wall and then looks at Cedric.

"If you ever have a kid and a daughter probably and I'm the mother somehow, I'm making sure if we have any guests you are not getting any throwaway weapons… understand?" Azure said while she raised an eyebrow at Cedric when she just dared to argue after what she just saw.

Cedric did gulp.

"Well… depending how things go but… crystal clear."

"Good… now then we just need to wait for Bubblegum to calm Emerald down and things can go back to normal… besides unless you have another female creature or humanoid here that can be studied, not sure what to do besides you and Angel here." Azure said while elsewhere...

?/?/ Emerald

"...Freaking spear throwing guys and their lack of joke taking." Emerald said while he walked through the dungeon of the Crystal eye while unknowingly he walked pretty deep into the dungeon, so much so that he wound up walking through the hole where Bucket Knight accidentally busted into and Emerald saw many pools of water around him as he walked… and oddly enough felt someone watching him… not from behind where he came from, (Not yet at least with Bubblegum following Emerald's trail since many monsters gave her directions with Emelina's scent being on her for safety reasons), but one of the pools of water and Emerald hums when he looked in one and used a hand to rub his face since he never did look in a mirror yet and looked at the changed details of his body.

It was then that something popped its head out of the water.

It was a female looking head with an ebony skin color, the female had blue hair that trailed down her back, or it would have if the water didn't make her hair float, she had deep blue eyes and scales on her pointed ears, cheeks and neck where some gills were and Emerald blinks a few times when she had a smile when she was looking up at him from the water.

"Uh… hello?" Emerald said when he sounded confused and blushed a bit when he saw the cute woman's face.

The woman giggles.

"Well hello to you handsome. What brings you out here in my neighborhood?"

Emerald blinks at that before he recovered his wits about him and sat at the edge of the water.

"Well first off my name is Emerald and…" Emerald said before he start explaining things to the woman while she listened for a bit while her eyes sparkle a bit when she seemed excited by the story every now and then.

"...And now here I am after I made a joke that got a spear thrown by my head and all because I said I would wait till Eruru was 18 before trying anything with, geeze no respect for jokes I tell you." Emerald said while he puffed out his cheeks and crossed his arms for a moment.

The woman blinked a bit after hearing the story.

"I see… though I never met these wolf people, i think the joke was a bit much. I mean if you had a daughter of your own and a guy said the same thing, wouldn't you do something like that?"

"Well you have a point though I would have given a warning first before doing anything… anyway enough with the backstory stuff on my end… who are you?" Emerald said since he didn't get the woman's name yet.

The woman smiles.

"Name's Epsilon. But call me Epsi for short."

"Ah well nice to meet you Epsi, names Emerald again, nice to meet you, want to come up and talk?, should be nice to talk on equal level without neck cramps right?" Emerald said while he pats the ground next to him.

Epsi though giggles.

"I could but…" She said before something was appearing behind Epsi.

It was a beautiful looking tail with scales so blue that they looked like jewels.

"Wow…" was all Emerald said when he was mezmerized by the tail of Epsi for a second before he shakes his head.

"S-Sorry about that, anyway you can't go on dry land or something?... hmm, well maybe I could come in there and we can talk but need to make sure my clothes don't get stolen…" Emerald said while he looked thoughtful before he looks at Epsi.

"Then again I don't want to seem too forward if I'm doing something inappropriate, so if you want to talk like this, I can sit here or something." Emerald said while he smiles at Epsi with a patient look on his face.

Espi giggles again.

"I don't mind. If you want to come in and cool off, there's plenty of room."

Emerald nods his head before he stands up and starts to untie his boots.

"So… why approach me?, I just got here and yet here I am about to take a dip with a pretty beautiful mermaid, heard about your kind and I gotta say you look like a cut above the rest if I can be honest… and I'm not sayin that just to be nice." Emerald said while he winked at Epsi for a moment before he went back to untying his boots and got them off after a moment and moved them so they wouldn't fall in the water.

Epsi blushes a bit from the wink.

"Well from down below you seem down and thought talking can help. Plus I wanted to meet some new people but can't since well." She said before pointing at her tail.

"Hmmm… can you not breathe out of water or something?, or you just have trouble moving above water?" Emerald asked while he removed his coat and he placed it next to his boots after folding the coat to keep it safe.

"Well I can't stay out of water too long since I need to breathe." Epsi said.

"Ah, well that is a pretty big deal… though ever consider learning magic that can let you make a bubble of water so you can float everywhere?, shouldn't be hard to learn right?" Emerald said before he removed his shirt and Epsi saw Emerald's torso and arms and after his change, to remind others, he looked like he was sculped from marble right now and had a powerful looking body right now and he carefully sets his shirt on the coat while Epsi watched Emerald undress more to show his powerful legs when he removed his pants and she saw a massive bulge… though it could be her imagination but did she see… bulges?... and massive ones as well?

Epsi blushes when saw the torso but when she saw the bulges, she was greatly confused.

"Ummm what's with the… bulges?"

"Huh?... hehe… you sure you want to know?... Could scare you off if you are a virgin." Emerald teased while he had his thumbs hooked on his boxer like underwear and looked like he would remove it but didn't yet to tease Epsi more.

Epsi blushes a bit.

"Well… I actually am."

"Hehe, I see… so I'll ask again… you sure you want to see?... could really bother you sooner rather then later." Emerald said while he grins at Epsi.

Epsi was nervous but, she had to see it now or regretted it.

"Show me." she said.

All Emerald did was smirk before he removed his underwear and Epsi saw Emerald's cocks in full while he grins when his cocks were much larger then Epsi would have thought for a being to have… she didn't hang out around a succubus after all and all Emerald did was toss his underwear into his pile of clothing but kept the amulet of chaos on his neck.

Epsi's eyes widened when she saw Emerald's dicks before blushing brightly.

'H-He has two… and they're so… big.' She thought.

Emerald chuckles when he approached the water and entered it and hums when he felt the water was just right surprisingly enough.

"Hmmm… nice, and I get to talk eye to eye now with you… that is if you can look me in the eyes." Emerald said while he looked amused when Epsi had trouble looking at Emerald's eyes when she seemed to be drawn to his cocks.

Epsi jolt a bit before feeling embarrassed.

"Sorry. Was just surprised when you have… two." She said while blushing.

"Hehe, no problem… if you want to get a feel of them you can but know that you may start something that you may not want to start if you get scared." Emerald said while he grins at Epsi, thanks to the closer look he saw she had a well endowed figure with E cup breasts, honestly they looked so round and perky and all that was covering the nipples was seashells and further down her body… well Emerald was surprised to see that Epsi looked different compared to the normal Ooo mermaid when instead of having full on fish fin, she had an actual pussy if the loincloth on her was any indicator and her ass as well was seen, granted they were covered in scales but all in all she didn't look restricting to him like he heard about the usual mermaids, guess she was a different type.

Epsi did gulp a bit.

"W-Why don't we talk a bit more."

Emerald chuckles at that while he relaxed at the edge of the water.

"Fair enough, so what questions do you have for me Epsi, I'll answer a few and you can answer a few of mine… fair enough right?" Emerald said while he teased her when he used a tentacle to bring his shirt over so he could use it to wipe his face when he got some water on his face by accident and set it back on the rest of his clothing and all while not leaving the pool.

Epsi blushes when she saw that.

"S-Sure. Sounds fair."

"Alright… I got one question first before we start the Q&A… why stick near me and why so curious about my body, plenty of people here in this dungeon more or less and I'm sure a number of them passed by this place daily." Emerald said while he smiles at Epsi when he recalled the tentacle into his body so he can relax.

"Well they don't stick around much and when I do appear, they're either scared or just want to hunt me for food so I would dive back down." Epsi said.

"Ah… well not sure why, you seem pretty cute for a monster hehe." Emerald said when he made some grabbing motions with his hands to make Emerald look menacing but looked just plain up ridiculous.

Epsi pouted but blush from being called cute.

"Okay for my first question… What's the outside like?"

"The outside?, well I guess you might have been locked up here for who knows how long… well… know the sky?... its as blue as the eye can see… not as pretty as your scales or eyes but its a pretty close second but its vast… feels like you can fly anywhere and the land outside is pretty varied… open green plains… icy lands… fiery lands… slimy lands… so many types I would have trouble listing them all… plenty of open land more or less, plenty of dungeons to explore and magical adventures as well… this amulet is one part of a reward so to speak… did you know I used to be fully 100% human?" Emerald said when he looks at Espi with a soft smile on his face.

Epsi's eyes widened after hearing that.

"Y-You were a human?!" She said.

"Yeah?... most humans died out but a small group who managed to survive till the here and now moved back to Ooo… bit of a story but it went more or less like this…" Emerald said before he explained the island, the guardian, how long he was on it but shortly after Finn, Jake, and Susan appeared, everyone was able to leave the island and make a home in the grasslands, he even explained Minerva and how even though she was now a human turned computer program, she was still the leader of all humanity in the village and what not.

Epsi was surprised when she heard this.

"W-Wow… and sorry for my outburst. It's just… it's been a while since me and some of my people met a human… well technically…my people and I were once… humans a long time ago."

"Really?, isn't that what Mermaids are though?, fish people with mostly human DNA in them or something?" Emerald said like it was an obvious thing given Epsi's appearance.

"Not originally. We became like this after our city home was sank to the ocean." Epsi said.

"Oh… wait how would you all survive then if you became like this AFTER your home sank into the ocean?" Emerald said when he didn't see the logic in that one.

"We don't know. It's been so long since then and we were just grateful to be alive now." Epsi said.

"I see… well question on my end then… what brought you up here to the surface… relatively speaking since this is more or less the entrance of this place again and again?, aside from now things could have been boring beforehand right?" Emerald said while he gave Epsi a curious look.

Epsi was thoughtful.

"Well we have heard about how the surface from the past was going to war so our people made sure to stay below. Never know what was happening. Then some time later, some of my people and I did some exploring to a new cave system but then suddenly, a cave in happen and we've been stuck ever since until a creature with a bucket freed us along with other creatures that had the same fate."

Emerald looked thoughtful for at that before he wondered something.

"Wait… how long ago was this?, because finding this place after so long and only when the Bucket Knight crashing through that wall well… the timeframe just doesn't make sense, didn't any past rulers or something try and find a way out?" Emerald asked since being stuck here for so long would probably drive anyone mad and in Emerald's case if he was here, he would try and find a way out after awhile… if this was from a bit after the Mushroom war, then that would mean this place was here for nearly 1000 years… maybe longer if it was hidden from humans in general.

Epsi was thoughtful.

"Can't remember how long ago it was. As for the rulers well… I am the ruler."

"I see, I see… wait… what!?" Emerald said when he looked surprised when he saw Epsi's giggling face at the reaction.

"It's true. I'm a princess to a city that once sunken centuries ago." She said.

"Wow… though not too surprising considering I get it on with a princess made of Candy, a Vampire Queen who has my kid in her, a sexy shapely Hedgehog humanoid and a Succubus Queen from what I remember with the ranking thing… may need a reminder there so a mermaid princess isn't the strangest thing but one question… why are there no guards here?" Emerald asked while a female voice speaks up from nearby.

"Who said there wasn't outsider." A voice spoke that made even Epsi jolt when she looked over and saw a green scaled mermaid with deep piercing green eyes and a stoic look on her face, unlike Epsi this one had snow white skin and more modest breasts, around B to C in size and long green hair that trailed down her back while Epsi gulps.

"H-Hey Gamma… nice to see you." Epsi said which introduced the mermaid here to be named Gamma who rolled her eyes.

"Sister we told you many times to not come here alone, you could have been attacked… or worse." Gamma said while Emerald raised an eyebrow when he saw Gamma glare a bit at him.

"Hey, I may be a tease and what not but I wouldn't force her to do anything, not my fault the ladies like my new bod… though since you are here… well… guess that would explain the other presences I sensed nearby… 5 more from what I can tell and seems like other sisters given the feel of their energy is so similar to yours and Epsi's here." Emerald said while he didn't look like he was being threatened.

Epsi was surprised.

"You can sense the others down below?"

"Well normally no… but when they are giving hostile looks like your sister here… well doubt anyone would miss them." Emerald said while the water rippled when other mermaids appeared in front of him, each with a different scale color as vibrant as the last with matching hair color aside from one.

First was a petite looking lighter green scaled one with matching hair which was cut short for a cute bob like look which had A to B cup breasts… she looked pretty small compared to the others.

Another was huge, towering over the others with brown scales and had a wide body with a breast size to match… to her C to D but they might as well be F to G to Emerald's smaller body.

Next was and red scaled mermaid with red hair and had an ebony skin color like Epsi, she looked more muscular then the others at least tone wise aside from one other who would be talked about next, she had C to D cup breasts and looked like the size to Emerald.

That one was an orange scaled and orange haired mermaid with an ebony skin color but had a lighter shade to the red one, she looked pretty excited with the fanged grin on her face which showed on the one with the red scaled mermaids face.

Finally and this mermaid looked unique but this one had black and white scales in an interesting wavy pattern while her hair had a similar one, aside from the light green haired mermaid this mermaid had spiky hair and looked black and whiite as well and had B to C cup breasts.

All in all if Emerald counted right, Emerald counted with the 5 newcomers… 7 Mermaids total… although many would worry they were in danger, all Emerald did was chuckle and grins at the Mermaids.

"Hey not bad with all the colors of the rainbow appearing, though if you are all sisters, why not have a royal guard since all of you seem important." Emerald asked while the red haired one spoke up with a fiery tone to her voice.

"You kidding… we may have pretty faces but were also the strongest here, who better to guard our sister then us?, if any man wants to get to her they have to go through us to see if they are worthy of her hand." the red mermaid said while she punches a fist into an open hand with a rather masculine tone though still sounded feminine while Emerald blinks at that.

Epsi sweatdrops.

"Sorry for Zeta, Emerald, she gets dramatic and stuff."

"Right… still don't like the threatening way they are looking at me… is it because I'm naked?, I didn't want to get my clothes wet and I doubt any here would like it if I looked down on Royals here." Emerald said while Gamma moved in the water at high speed and had a sharp fin blade from her right arm at his neck.

"Watch your tone surface dweller, we don't take kindly to those who act rudely before us." Gamma said with a stoic look on her face though Emerald looked more amused then anything.

"You know what… tried to be mannered but if thats the case I'll leave after saying this… fuck you." Emerald said right as Bubblegum appeared while Gamma, narrowing her eyes summoned a fin blade from her other arm and stabbed Emerald through the heart before anyone could react and he had a surprised look on his face while he coughed up a bit of blood.

"EMERALD!" Bubblegum screams with wide eyes as she runs towards him.

Gamma pulled her fin free from Emerald's chest while he fell lip in the water while she looks down on him.

"Should have known your place outsider, insulting me is a bad idea." Gamma said coldly while shadows covered Emerald's eyes which made it hard to see if he was even alive or not while the other sisters besides Epsi didn't look impressed with what just happened while Epsi in the meantime...

"Gamma! How could you do that?!" Epsi said.

"You know the rules Epsi, not only are intruders to be repelled like our ancestors always told us, even killed if they do anything stupid, you yourself are at fault for this since you snuck out of the palace again, I'm just doing my job." Gamma said while Emerald was quiet and Bubblegum looked more worried… was Emerald… dead?

Bubblegum check if he's alive as Epsi was angry.

"Oh fuck the rules! He wasn't doing anything bad to me. I even let him in the water."

Though everyone was surprised when Emerald speaks while his body twitched a bit and his blood seemed to… flow back into his body?... even the blood on Gamma's arm fin much to her shock.

"Y-You know… cursing isn't a good thing for a cutie like you… though I am a bit pissed that she attacked me." Emerald said before he opened his eyes when his blood returned to his body, the amulet of the Nightosphere glowed, and Emerald's eyes opened to show glowing red eyes for a moment before they returned to the red and black coloring while Emerald blinks a few times while many looked shocked… most would die from an attack like that so how was Emerald alive?... well Bubblegum might have put two and two together already but the mermaids… well…

"N-No way! Gamma's blade should've ended you!" Said a light green mermaid.

All Emerald did was be quiet for a moment before he got a cold look in his eyes when he looks at the mermaid sisters and his body emits a red demonic aura.

"Considering I was more or less friendly… Give me one good reason why I shouldn't slauter all of you." Emerald said while his tone turned demonic and he actually looked ready to attack the 6 sisters since to him, they might as well be enemies while Epsi and Bubblegum were not even on his radar for attack since they were friendly.

Epsi quickly got in front of Emerald.

"Wait Emerald stop. They don't know any better."

"Don't know any… are you fucking kidding me… if it was ANYONE else here aside from Hunson, then would be fucking dead, I'm not sure how I'm alive other then this amulet being the main reason… and aside from one curse to this bitch of a mermaid who has a trigger hair with her blade fins, I've been pretty civil… give me one good reason aside from her being your sister why I shouldn't kill her and be done with this bullshit!" Emerald growled out while his eyes turned a darker red from his anger… almost looked like the color of blood.

Epsi's sisters were now shuddering from this before Bubblegum tries to be peaceful.

"Wait Emerald. There's no reason for bloodshed. Yes one did… 'kill' you but I'm sure we can negotiate something reasonable."

"Are you kidding me… try saying that if Marceline or one of your friends were the one to get hit like this… you know what… screw this, talk peace, talk about negotiations, unless she or any of her sisters want to make up for what she did when she stabbed me through the fucking heart, I'll be as far from here as possible!, otherwise if someone pisses me off any more…" Emerald growled out while he starts to get out of the water while the red glowing eyes turned pure white and the rest of his face was obscured by darkness when he looks at Bubblegum.

"... well… I never tested this power I got out in combat yet… but I'm pretty damn sure I can end most here before I die and that is if they are combat ready… from the look of things… pretty damn doubtful unless they are in water." Emerald said with a tone that showed he was not please by this and gets out of the water and starts to walk to his clothing while he radiated a royally pissed off aura.

Epsi got a little sad.

"Emerald wait." She said as she tries to go after him but… she forgot that she can't walk as she made an pained noise when she feel to the ground afte she tried to pull herself out of the water.

Emerald stopped in his tracks and seems a part of him was still oddly calm and he used a tentacle to push Epsi into the water and when she popped her head back out, Emerald, though still having that Dark demonic face, sounded pretty calm though still looked pissed.

"Don't do that Epsi, you can't breathe on land remember?, I'll come back a bit later but if I see your sisters… don't blame me if I get hostile if I see anything like a fin blade coming my way… no offense but if the rest of your sisters are like her and you are the only nice one… no wonder you are the ruler since that Gamma woman is a fucking bitch and would probably keep your people in some kind of repressed dark age or something." Emerald said while he picked up his clothing and starts walking away before anyone can stop him.

Bubblegum was worried for him as Epsi glares at her sisters.

"I hope you're proud of yourselves. Especially you Gamma."

All Gamma did was frown and crossed her arms while she looks away from Epsi.

"I'm just trying to protect you, Mother and Father would do the same if they saw you out here with a complete stranger in this situation." Gamma said while she narrowed her eyes, the sisters parents, either retired or dead, hammered it into the sisters that Epsi was to be protected no matter what so it was a raised from birth type of situation.

"Yes. But you could've at least give him chance. Emerald wasn't doing anything harmful to me. All we did was talk. Now I'm gonna have to do some damage control if he even plans to come back." Epsi said.

"Are you insane?!" Zeta asked.

Though while that went on with the arguing between Epsi and her sisters, Bubblegum decided to leave for now to locate Emerald, thankfully he wasn't far and he was getting dressed as well a bit quickly though, though he wasn't emitting a red aura or anything intense… he still looked pretty pissed right now.

Bubblegum gulped before she cautiously approached Emerald.

"U-Um… Emerald?" She called till she was close enough to gently place her hand on Emerald's shoulder.

All Emerald did was look at her before he knelt down to tie his shoes.

"Yeah?" Emerald asked while he tried to keep calm.

"Are you… okay?" Bubblegum said.

All Emerald did was roll his eyes before he stands up and dusts his clothes off.

"I don't know, does getting a sharp fin stabbed through your chest while you can still feel pain even with the regeneration or whatever the hell that was count as OK after I got attacked by Epsi's sister count as OK since I walked away from that?" Emerald said while he starts walking away from Bubblegum or the hole to be exact where it leads to where Epsi and the others were.

Bubblegum tries to catch up.

"Emerald wait. I'm sorry if I asked at the wrong time. I was just concerned. Can't we just sit and talk?"

"And talk about what exactly?, I'm still trying to process that my heart was pierced and the amulet or whatever seemed to reverse that… I mean does that even count as regeneration?... I mean sure we could say cursing once at Gamma was wrong but still... would any sane person attack anyone for a small insult like that?, she was the one who started things when she gave me a cold look, it rubbed me the wrong way." Emerald said while he looks at Bubblegum when he walked next to her.

"Well I was only able to… witness the attack, but I will take your word for it as some of them were hostile looking." Bubblegum said.

"Yeah well unless Epsi or her sisters want to make up for what just happened, don't expect me to be so friendly with them again since I doubt we will stick around here long enough to try and be friends." Emerald said to remind Bubblegum about Cedric's test later.

"Yes though we don't know for sure. But if you want maybe I can… help cheer you up." Bubblegum said as she blushes.

Emerald looks at her with a raised eyebrow and sighs.

"Look as surprising as it sounds, I don't want to do it with you when angry, doesn't sound right to me since you didn't do anything bad… aside from that forced knock up thing but hey, got many ladies as a result so win in my book… though irritation at getting woken up and you helping with morning wood issues, that is a good way for me to get to know you, doing it while angry just doesn't seem right for many reasons… unless you are into that sort of thing but hey, not judging." Emerald said while he smiles a bit when he teased Bubblegum somewhat.

Bubblegum blushes a bit.

"W-Well there are times when… Marceline and I argue or when I get… agitated at stuff or angrily stressed."

"I see… still doesn't seem right since you didn't cause me issues just now… granted if I could give that Gamma woman both barrels up the ass I would be a happy camper, but are you sure?, can be pretty intense if I don't hold back like I have been doing… though we should at least wait till we see if we can get a humanoid or Creature for Cedric to study… I mean wouldn't Angel work?, Cedric knows her so he can fill in a lot of data on her, he can fuck her so can fill in some female only questions of data bits you may have in mind, and can even have him fill in her habit in no time, I mean we haven't found any other ladies… at least the more friendly ones… from this side of the hole that BK made… so… not many choices unless you have an idea." Emerald said while he shrugged his shoulders for a moment.

Bubblegum was thoughtful for a bit.

"You have a point. Unless we meet any new females here, seems Angel will be the only choice."

"Yeah, might as well have Cedric fill things out and if he's interested, he can get it on with her if she is willing, and even if not, can give plenty of info on her since he already had sex with her so its not like he doesn't know what she can or can't do by now… seems a bit easy honestly but eh, I'm not in the mood for a hard day and just want to get to the fun later, so why not get the complex list stuff out of the way and get right to the fun." Emerald said while he walks next to Bubblegum some more.

"Might as well do that then." Bubblegum said.

Emerald was quiet for a bit more before he had a small smile on his face.

"Hey, if you are worried for me because of this feeling of guilt you may have, try and not worry, I'm sure Marceline won't break up with you and you don't need to force yourself to act like you need to like me or anything, why not just be friends with Benifits for now and see how things work?... if you want to go to Cedric though I understand." Emerald said with a calm look in his eyes.

Bubblegum blushes a bit after hearing that.

"I see… though I'm not sure about Cedric, I will accept the friends with benefits thing."

"Well that's nice, still I should be responsible and maybe we could go on a few dates first to see how we sync up romance wise, should be a good way to get to know one another when we get back to the candy Kingdom right?" Emerald said while he had a gentle smile on his face.

Bubblegum blushes lightly.

"That would be best to see how it goes."

"Hehe, yeah… still how come you never did anything like this with Finn?, I heard he was pining after you for years so what's so different with me then him?, I'm just genuinely curious right now." Emerald said while he had a curious look in his eyes before he smirks a bit.

"Or is it that you have a thing for demonic beings?" Emerald teased since Bubblegum did get with Marceline in the past.

Bubblegum blushes brightly after hearing that.

"Well it's complicated. Finn had… feelings for me when he was younger but there was the age thing. Back then, I never told him how old I was since I doubt he would believe me. I'm in the same ageless group as Marceline."

"Oh… well then I must have a thing for ancient ladies because you and Marceline are pretty sexy for your age." Emerald said while Bubblegum playfully hit Emerald on the shoulder while realizing Emerald was feeling a lot better now… enough to tease her apparently.

"Anyway, me and Finn are okay and we're still friends to this day. But I will say he has matured a lot throughout the years." Bubblegum said.

"I see… why not ask Finn out then since he became mature?, or is it the whole Huntress thing and you dating Marceline at the time?... be honest what do you think about this with me having multiple ladies instead of just you and Marceline dating only?" Emerald said since he was technically forced into this after all.

Bubblegum was quiet for a bit.

"Not sure to be honest. I mean I didn't think of dating Finn since he's a little older but he's happy with Huntress Wizard and I am happy being with Marceline. Then of course the fiasco happened and now Marceline is dating you but not saying anything bad about that."

"I see… well its not like I can't just raise the kid while you and Marceline continue dating, no one is forcing either of you to date me, and while Hunson can try and force this, deep down he just wants what's best for Marceline, I mean he gets a possible heir for the Nightosphere, his daughter is in a good relationship, you or an or both at the same time, and we both care for her in our own ways, I'm still getting used to this even with the whole inhibition being lower than usual thing, but I'm sure we both can say we just want what's best for Marceline… besides I'm sure Marceline cares for you more then me since I'm technically a stranger to her." Emerald said while he gave Bubblegum a patient smile.

"Well there is that. But still, I have to endure whatever punishment she has for me before fully forgiving me." Bubblegum said but wonder if it's less… or worse than Lillum's punishment.

"Well I wouldn't worry, Marceline actually loves you compared to Lillum so I'm sure after a rather intense but well thought out time, she will forgive you." Emerald said while he pats Bubblegum gently on the back to cheer her up.

"Hopefully." Bubblegum said but was feeling a little better from the patting.

When the duo got back to Cedric's place, Marceline and the others looked surprised to see Emerald and Bubblegum acting all friendly to one another, granted Bubblegum was forced into a relationship somewhat with him but she laughed a bit when he made a joke.

"Haha, oh Glob that's funny." Bubblegum said as she laughed a bit more.

"Uh hey two, everything okay?" Maite said.

Bubblegum was able to calm down a bit.

"Well… yes though something happened that I don't want to talk in detail."

"Well I don't mind giving details but only after Cedric's test is over with, trust me… but of a health hazard if I don't let Emelina and Juan know about this so Eruru doesn't accidentally wonder into a stab happy mermaid." Emerald said while his face got a dark look about it while his eyes glow white for a moment before he looks normal again.

Emelina, who was in the room just now, blinked a few times after hearing that.

"Wait what?" She said.

"Again I'll explain after Cedric's test and Bubblegum and I may have brainstormed one for Cedric… Angel hehe…" Emerald said when he grins at the Guardian Angel.

Angel blinked in confusion.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

Emerald sweatdrops while he gave her a half lidded look.

"I… did say that Cedric's test would involve you plain and simple." Emerald said while he wondered about Angel's intelligence right now.

Angel blinked again before she got the idea.

"Oh… but why me? Not that I'm complaining but thought it was creature study thing besides… don't think there's any more of species like me."

"Well technically from Finn's account and what not on your… eating habits kinda make you a part of that list… most creatures and humanoids are technically mashed together for the most part with various factors... I mean thanks to some simulated stuff, Maite studied Hug wolves somewhat, and Lillum studied a replica of the freaking Lich, and Azure here studied full grown Candy Corn wolves out in the real wild, now it's mine and Cedric's turn but Cedric is going first but we don't have many female creatures here to study persay… and if you don't want to be a part of that, understandable but chances are we may have trouble finding some ladies… then again we could make a deal of sorts… test some blood of yours and Hunson's to see if you two really are related or not free of charge?" Emerald said while he tossed that offer out for GA since Bubblegum's tech was high tech enough to do some kind of DNA testing thing.

Angel blinked at the offer and was about to say no but… Knowing that Hunson KNEW her mom was giving her questions in her head as who her real dad is so… can't hurt to check.

"Alright. I'll take the offer and help with Cedric's test." Angel said.

"Great, I'm sure he will be happy to hear that." Emerald said while funnily enough, Cedric, who was with his dad cooking in the kitchen, popped his head into the room.

"Was my name called?" Cedric said which made Emerald and a few others sweatdrop.

"I'll explain in a bit, most likely over… Lunch?... hard to tell time down here but I doubt we were here for many many hours." Emerald said when he tried to remember how long the group was down here.

Cedric was confused before shrugging.

"Well food's almost done just hang on." He said before going back to the kitchen as Angel chuckles.

"You guys are gonna love what Cedric makes. I tell you, he just knows the right stuff to put on." She said as she licked her lips while remembering the meals from the past.

Everyone blinks at that before time went to a bit later with everyone at a large table pulled out by Emelina and in no time, everyone saw various meals in front of one another and everyone was talking and eating and like Angel said, the meal was pretty good, even if it was mainly meat based it also had tasty mushrooms, various greens, and other things while Marceline had plenty of red meat so she could drain it of the red and what not while everyone sat where they wanted.

Emerald, who was sitting next to Marceline to make sure she wouldn't push herself when she tried to reach for some things, used some tentacles to slide some things on the table carefully within arms reach of Marceline and smiles at her to see if she needed anything else.

Marceline blushes a bit as Maite sat next to Emerald while Bubblegum was with Finn and Huntress.

Cedric was sitting in between Angel and Azure as Cedric gave the two ladies some slices of meat.

Though while that happened and Lillum was playing a bit with Eruru after she ate a bit of food, Emerald looks at Cedric while he was drinking a drink.

"So Cedric… got Angel to agree to be your study target." was all Emerald said while he drinks his own drink that he had while he passed Maite some salt with a free hand.

Cedric though had his eyes widened before he comically spits out his drink and starts to cough a bit.

"*Cough*... *Cough*... W-Wait… huh?"

Emerald chuckles before Bubblegum speaks up to get Cedric's attention.

"Yes well… comedy aside… there is not many female creatures here that can… be used well with male studiers… besides she agreed when I offered to do a DNA test between her and Hunson to see if she really is Hunson's illegitimate daughter." Bubblegum said before she looks at Angel.

"No offense." Bubblegum said while she hoped she didn't anger the angelic being.

"None taken. Still wondering about this." Angel said.

"Right… anyway Cedric, all you just need to do is fill this out with Angel's help and if Angel is willing, let this camera record things since I doubt you two want an audience like in the Simulation room with the observation control room." Bubblegum said when she had people next to her pass Cedric a piece of paper and a camcorder.

Cedric blinked when he took said items.

"Well… I suppose recording this will be fine if Angel is cool with it."

Angel giggles.

"No problem with that. At least your parents won't see it."

"Or maybe they will!" Emerald said while he used a small flashlight he found nearby to give him a scary light shooting up the face look… though Eruru just giggles at the sight and Emerald got a half lidded look on his face before he turned it off and went back to eating his meal.

Cedric had a lidded look.

"That was not cool. How would you feel if your folks watched you in the act?"

"Well I'm sure my dad would cry tears of joy not only that I became a man but have many beautiful and sexy ladies at my side while my mom will embarrass me more by fawning over Marceline and the bundle of joy I put in her." Emerald said while he used a hand to rub Marceline's stomach lightly, though no bump was seen yet it was a pretty good gesture on his part to show his caring side when he had a small smile on his face.

Cedric sweatdropped as Marceline blushes from the rubbing as Emelina chuckles.

"That sweet. Hopefully Cedric will do the same, if nothing happens with Angel, no offense, and finally brings a grandchild that I can spoil later." She said as Cedric felt embarrassed.


Many chuckle at that before the meal went more or less without a hitch though Cedric did look at the list since unlike with Male creature/humanids, the female ones would be different.

Name: Guardian Angel (Angel)

Species: Angel?... Demon?

Realitives: Hunson?... Marceline?

Age: Unknown (18 to 20's)

Looks: Luminescent Angelic being for the most part, can show a hideous face when tormenting adventurers

Penis size if Subject can form one based on shapeshifting skills with face: (Will need female tester for this section and other related information.)

Sex: Female

Mental State: Sane

Health: Good

Powers: Able to heal via touch, able to make a scary face, extremely durable, Strong enough to lift various beings, Unknown if she has more

Sexual orientation: Either Bisexual or Straight

Habit in wild: (Cedric to fill out)

All in all, seems most of this stuff was filled out already aside from what ifs like the species, relatives, and other things like Habit in wild… Cedric can fill that one out later, for now he could just focus on Angel who looks at him when he looks at her and she smiles and waves at him a bit.

Cedric did blush a bit as he lightly waves back before looking at Azure.

"So Azure, how's your meal?"

Azure, after she heard that, swallowed her bite in her mouth and smiles a little.

"Pretty good, honestly I'm surprised a little, you could be a cook if you learn more recipes if you want to work in a restaurant or something." Azure said when she gave Cedric high marks for the food.

Cedric was a bit surprised after hearing that.

"Hmmm… interesting. Could consider doing that if I stay on the surface more."

"Indeed." was all Azure said before she went back to her meal and had a surprisingly cute smile on her face when she ate a bit more… maybe Cedric should learn how to cook if its this easy to butter Azure up if she liked food this much.

Cedric did blush when he saw how cute Azure's smile was before Cedric went back to eating.

Juan smirked when he saw that before whispering in Emelina's ear.

"Possible interest."

Emelina chuckles before she focused on feeding Eruru who munched on her little bits of meat, they were cut to be edible for her size and ate with her paws while Emerald looked curious.

"Hey Emelina… since you birthed and raised Cedric and birthed Eruru… I need to ask… how hard was it to raise a baby?" Emerald asked since he might as well learn from the master of baby raising before he tries to ask his own family later.

Emelina blinked a bit before she chuckles.

"Well first, carrying a child has some moments when the cravings kick in and your hormones changing. Then comes the labor. I don't want to go into details but… it was all worth it when I held my newborn in my arms. Made me felt like the happiest mom in the world."

"I see… we can ignore the labor part with Marceline, she can shapeshift and pretty much just widen things so the kids just slides out, not sure about the craving things though… still should be good if Mine and Marcy's kid comes out healthy." Emerald said while he grins at Emelina.

"Exactly. Though you have to be on top of things like feeding them, changing diapers, then comes the crying. Plus sometimes they can act out early as they grow. When Cedric was born, he was like a pack all by himself. Terrorised the insect bears, put bite marks on BK's bucket and even drew blood from Demon cat's paw. Then this one time, when Angel's mom came over, Cedric got out of his crib and… not sure how but he was able to get this close to Akari and… bit her breast."

"Wait…. What?" Cedric said as he was stunned.

"Hohohoholy… hehe, well guess it shows two things… one, Cedric was a happy cup then and healthy to boot and second… guess he was pretty hungry if he tried to breastfeed from Angel's mom." Emerald said before he laughed a bit at the image.

"Well considering how big they were… he was indeed hungry." Juan said with a smirk as Cedric was embarrassed.

"I just lost my appetite." He said before pushing his plate.

"Hehe, you sure, could let you try a repeat with me with less biting and more sucking." Lillum teased when she made her breasts grow to the G cup range and Juan's jaw dropped comically and Emelina had to roll her eyes and pushed his jaw up to close his mouth.

Cedric blushes but was still embarrassed when he heard this side of him.

"Sorry Angel." He said making Angel blink.

"What for? You didn't know. I'm sure my mom didn't hold it against you."

"She has a point, things could have been worse if Angel is giving a good reaction like this." Maite said to cheer Cedric up.

"But still…" Cedric said with his hands on his closed eyes.

Azure rolled her eyes before she moved to whisper in Angel's ear and she smirks when she tapped Cedric's shoulder to get his attention.

Cedric was able to uncover his eyes before looking to see what Angel needed.

That is when she kissed him on the lips for a moment and pulled away with a smile on her face.

"I'm going to enjoy the fun we will have soon." Angel said before she went back to her meal while Azure and a few others looked amused at the record breaking blush Cedric showed just now.

Cedric was blushing brightly as he couldn't believe what just happened though he somehow went back to eating his food.

The rest of the meal went on without much of a hitch more or less though One thing did cause a few people to look at Emerald a few times, ever since he came back he looked at his left peck every now and then while giving the occasional shudder, when asked he would say he would tell them later… though it was starting to get under Marceline's skin.

"Okay Emerald. You keep looking at your peck and you may want to tell us later but I want to know now." Marceline said.

Emerald jolts at that when he realized that he was getting looked at more then he thought and sighs.

"Alright… but you gotta promise not to do anything stressful alright?" Emerald said when he looks at Marceline, but had a look that showed he wouldn't budge unless Marceline accepted that promise.

Marceline had a raised eyebrow after hearing that before sighing.

"Alright. I'll try to be calm."

Emerald blinks at that while he knew that would be the best he would get before he himself sighs.

"Alright, Well… before I explain, I should tell you that I found that hole the Bucket Knight made and it seems there are more then just the odd creatures, I ran into differently evolved mermaids, not like the kind you run into on Ooo who look 50/50 woman and fish… more like… 70/30?... either way ran into one who had a fish tail and scales here and there, but looked human enough to have fun with though I did not since she just wanted to talk… but after a bit… well her sisters came by and well… long story short I got a bit ticked when one talked ill of me and well… gave one curse word towards that particular mermaid and well… got stabbed through the heart by a arm mounted fin blade that she summoned from her arm." Emerald said while he rubbed the back of his head.

Everyone besides Bubblegum, and perhaps Hunson, had wide eyes after hearing this.

"EHHH!" They said before Maite checked on him.

"Oh Glob Emerald. Are you okay?" She said not seeing the obvious.

"But how are you still standing?" Juan asked with curiosity as Marceline was quiet before glancing at Hunson.

"Dad, something you want to say about that"

"Hey in this case you maybe glad to hear that worked as intended instead of having a dead Fiance, anyway I tried a little… experiment, I wondered what would happen if I had my deathless state imprinted onto the amulet… would that ability work with the amulet?, I didn't know, would it be a downgraded regen skill since the amulet can only use 1/5th of its power?... maybe… still can you really complain since Emerald is alive?... still surprise he got stabbed though, though now I'm wondering if the ability will leave Emerald if the Amulet is taken off him." Hunson said while he looks thoughtful while Emerald got a tick mark from the fact he was being used as a guinea pig by Hunson… though in this case he couldn't really complain since he was alive and all that.

Though that did cause Emerald to blink a few times.

"Wait… would that mean I'm soulless as well!?" Emerald said while he looked shocked while Hunson gave a so-so gesture.

"Maybe?, Finn here was able to keep his soul and sanity even with the full power of the Amulet filling him years ago for a time yet he is still sane and has a soul after it was removed… not sure if it left mental nightmares beyond comprehension though ability copy aside on a possible way, the amulet is only at 1/5th of its power so I would say… maybe?, never did stuff like this before and this is amusing me." Hunson said before he smirks at Emerald who leaned back when Hunson chuckles darkly when he seemed to have something in mind.

Everyone else looked at Finn, who said human had a hard to read look on his face.

"No comment." He said though the slight shudder from his body answered their question.

Hunson chuckles more while Huntress pats Finn on the back while Emerald looks at the amulet.

"Why the hell did you give me this thing then?" Emerald said while Hunson shrugged.

"Hmmm… part curiosity, part boredom, all concern for Marceline so she wouldn't have a weak human as a possible lover who would die 100 or so years from now, heard they could live that long but eh…. Besides considering it saved your life, can't exactly complain right?" Hunson said while he looks amused while Emerald cringed when Hunson had a point… the amulet did save his life so he lost any rights to complain.

Marceline and Maite frown a bit.

"Either way, I'm gonna find that mermaid and give her a piece of my mind." Maite said before Cedric put his two scents.

"You might want to put a rain check on that Maite. I don't think Emerald will let you do that and you don't even know what these mermaids are capable of."

"Yeah, not playing the my woman card but I will say that I won't let my woman here get into a fight that would be pretty ugly… and anger just doesn't suit a cute face like yours... trust me I felt angered and Bubblegum saw a face of mine I don't want anyone to see." Emerald said while he smiled at Maite with a look that begged her not to do anything bad.

Maite, though blush, was still angry before she sighs.

"Okay fine, I won't go."

Emerald smiles before he hugged Maite gently.

"There there, its not like I won't get payback sooner or later… hehe, guess who my next study target is if things go well." Emerald said while he had an evil smirk on his face which cause Hunson to chuckle.

"Ah, nothing like seeing a former human plotting something evil." Hunson said while he sounded amused.

Everyone sweatdrops at this before they resume their meal.

After the meal was over with, Emerald looks at Cedric with a grin when Emerald walked up to Cedric.

"Hey Cedric, see you after you have your study session with Angel here, though if I see the footage and she is pretty hot, don't blame me if I hit on her a bit, just saying." Emerald said to see how Cedric would react, he was OK with the number of ladies that he had but wanted to try and get Cedric jealous since it seems aside from Bubblegum… Cedric doesn't have much fun with other ladies so Emerald wanted Cedric to really have some fun here.

Cedric blinked when he heard that and surprisingly… he was feeling slightly ticked when he believed that Emerald was going to try and swoop in on his friend.

"Lets go Angel." Cedric said before getting up.

Angel giggles when she heard that.

"Of course." Angel said while she winked at Emerald when Cedric's back was turned to show she knew what Emerald was doing and Emerald chuckles after the door closed though Marceline had a smirk on her face when she had a teasing moment here.

"I see what you're doing. You want her in your growing harem." Marceline said.

"Hmmm… maybe… but only if Cedric doesn't man up and claim her himself… I will say this though seems like beauty runs in the family since if she is your sister, seems like she is as beautiful as you." Emerald said when he counter teased Marceline just now.

Marceline blushes a bit before chuckling.

"Well until there's proof, she's a possibility. Speaking of… Say Azure, if Cedric does take her any chance he will try to claim you?" She said with a smirk.

"Hmmm… maybe, though his cooking does earn points on my end, if he goes to that therapy thing then I might as well give him a chance and give him a good time… anyway Emerald, mind explaining how you are going to get a Mermaid here to agree to this?" Azure said while Emerald smirks.

"Well Azure I'm glad you asked…" was All Emerald said before the scene went to the room where Cedric and Angel were and the two were already making out with Angel starting things when she pulled him into a rather intense kiss.

Cedric moans into the kiss as he kissed her back hard as the young wolf held her close.

Angel in turn had her tongue fight with Cedric's before she pulled away from the kiss and grins at Cedric.

"Set up that camera so I can show that princess how I rocked your fucking world… I'm going to get undressed in the meantime." Angel said before she stepped back and starts to slowly strip to tease Cedric a bit when she moved slowly on purpose.

Cedric knew that Angel loves to tease him before he quickly went to set the camera up in a perfect angle before he went back to bed to see Angel continuing to strip.

She got her dress off and wore a white fancy bra and panties while she had white leggings and smirks when she slowly removed the leggings to tease Cedric while she could see his cock getting hard after it slowly exits his sheath.

Cedric slightly whimper as he sees Angel slowly removing her leggings as his tail slowly moved.

Angel chuckles when she finished before she unhooked her bra but held the cups of her bra to her breast and teased Cedric when she looks at him.

"Now then… how badly does the Wolfy want to see my tits?" Angel said while she teasingly shook her breasts in her hands.

Cedric groans at this.

"Really badly Angel. Please." He begged.

"Hehe… good Wolfy… so here is your reward." Angel said before she lowered the bra and her D cup breasts were seen with her blue skin making her beauty heighten and her darker blue nipples were seen and she dropped the bra to the ground while she looks at Cedric in a sinfully sexy way and to some surprise, breast milk was leaking a bit when Angel fondles her breasts a bit and with her model like figure… demonic or not, she looked like a Globbess right now.

Cedric licks his lips at the milk as his cock got harder while his tail wagged with excitement.

Angel then bent down after she moved her hands to her panties and slowly, like at a snails pace, slowly lowered her panties and took them off so that she was standing in the nude and tossed her panties to the ground and used a finger to gesture for Cedric to approach her.

Cedric didn't need to be told twice before he got in front of her.

A moment later, Angel kissed him before she kissed her way down his body while she slowed greatly the more she got to Cedric's groin to tease him greatly.

Cedric groans while shuddering from the kisses as he feels Angel going lower.

Angel felt like she teased Cedric enough and kissed Cedric's cock a few times in a gentle way to mess with him, mainly when she kissed his area where his knot would form and it made his cock throb big time each time.

Cedric shudders a bit before giving Angel a begging look to not tease him.

Angel smirks before she starts to lick his cock from base to tip and making sure to not miss any part of his cock, thankfully Cedric washed up beforehand so his cock was clean as a whistle which was a good thing for Angel when she used a hand to fondle Cedric's nuts.

Cedric shudders from that action as he lets Angel do her thing as his tail wagged.

Angel keeps this up before she moved to licked the tip of his cock while she used a hand to gently stroke his cock while she made sure to not go too fast so Cedric wouldn't pop anytime soon.

Cedric lightly groans before he uses his hand to lightly pet Angel's head to let her know he was loving it.

That caused Angel to eyesmile before she opened her mouth and took part of Cedric's cock into her mouth and starts to suck the dick with slow controlled bobs while her tongue worked as much as she could lick.

"O-Oh fuck." Cedric groans as he relaxed from feeling Angel's warm mouth around his dick.

Angel giggles a bit while she bobbed her head more on Cedric's cock, she made sure to not slow down too much, she knew what Cedric liked and played on his weaknesses… especially when she used a hand to pet Cedric's back at the base of his tail where one weak point was at.

Cedric jolt when he felt his tail being petted before looking at the angelic woman.

Angel gave Cedric a teasing look and she sucked his cock at a harder rate while she keeps on petting Cedric at the base of his tail to really get him worked up and worked to get Cedric's load now when she wasn't holding back now.

Cedric groans from that action before he starts thrusting his hips a few times.

Angel gagged a bit from that but she adjusts her head bobbing so she could take the cock deep into her mouth again and again while she could feel Cedric getting close after a few minutes and keeps on sucking his cock more and more until…

Cedric groans a bit loud before he throws his head back and climaxes inside Angel's mouth.

Angel gagged a bit when she felt her mouth getting filled and she struggles to drink down Cedric's load while she keeps on fondling his throbbing balls and petting Cedric's base of his tail while she waits for him to tap off.

It took a bit before 15 seconds pass before Cedric taps off.

Angel worked to drink the load in her mouth while she made sure to lick Cedric's cock clean and cleared her throat when she pulled her mouth off Cedric's cock and giggles when she saw how hard Cedric's cock was.

Cedric panted.

"Fuck… you still have an amazing mouth Angel." He said with a slight grin.

"Hehe, and you still have amazing balls that can give such big loads, you ever get tired of cumming that much?" Angel asked with a smirk to show it was a rhetorical question.

Cedric chuckled.

"Surprisingly no. Which is good when I give 110 %."

"Good… now then… time to return the favor Wolfy and show me if your tongue work got better." Angel said when she moved to Cedric's bed and got on it before she laid on her back while she leaned against the headboard, she was careful of her wings as she did so which were spread out on the bed to give the room a slight glow.

Cedric grins before he gets in front of Angel's folds however, he decides to tease the angelic woman as well before using his hand to rub Angel's folds.

Angel shuddered from the touch and moans lightly from the feeling and spreads her legs more so Cedric would have a better time with getting to her folds.

Cedric kept going before he removes his hand and sticks out his tongue before he starts licking Angel's folds a few times.

Angel groans from the feeling and used a hand to rub Cedric's head and used her fingers to scratch him behind the ears to help egg him on.

And egged on he was before Cedric latches his mouth on Angel's folds and shoves his tongue inside before Cedric really got to eating out her pussy.

"O-OHHH!" Angel groans while her tongue hung out of her mouth while her toes curl quite a bit and she gripped the bed sheets with her hands while she was at Cedric's mercy.

Cedric mentally chuckled as he gave Angel's pussy the works before using his hand to play with Angel's bud.

Angel groans while her pussy slowly twitched as time went on while she grits her teeth and after a couple minutes, she tossed her head back and groans when she came hard on Cedric's tongue and her juices mainly hit his tongue and the juices gave him a jolt of energy.

Cedric hums as he lapped up her juices but made sure to keep pleasing her to make Angel's orgasm stronger.

She rides out her orgasm before she tapped off around the 15 second mark and pants for breath.

"F-Fuck… been awhile." Angel said while she smirks at Cedric a moment later.

Cedric pulls his head back after licking up the last bit of Angel's juices before smirking back.

"You said it. But tasty."

Angel chuckles before she gestured for Cedric to get over her and when he did, all she did was kiss him on the lips and pulled away with a smile.

"Oh shut it and fuck me hard like the wolf you are." Angel said with a sinful smirk on her face.

"Hehe, you got it." Cedric said before he got into position and grab Angel's hips before aiming his cock at her folds.

But before he can start, Cedric teased her again by rubbing the head on Angel's folds to get her to beg.

Angel whimpered from the feeling and looks at Cedric to see if he was serious about this.

Cedric just eye smiles at her before he pushes his cock deep inside Angel's pussy.

That caused Angel to groan while she felt her folds getting stretched wide while outside of the room, Lillum smirks when she used a spell to spy on the duo, and when she saw that Cedric was balls deep in Angel in no time, she used some magic to have his cock grow inside of Angel which made her really groan when she felt her folds getting stretched to the limit while wondering what the hell was going on with Cedric's cock.

Cedric was unaware of the change before he pulls his hips back and thrusts back in before repeating that action as he fuck Angel hard.

Angel groans more and she gets a fucked up look on her face in no time when she felt so much pleasure that her orgasm was approaching her in no time while Cedric was nowhere near close and felt that oddity since Angel could last much much longer then this before she actually came hard on Cedric's enlarged cock with a audile groan with squirting force.

Cedric didn't know how that happened but he figured that Angel hadn't had much fun time which made the young wolf fuck her more before leaning down and kiss Angel's neck a few times.

Angel just groans and moans while she wrapped her legs around Cedric's waist to keep him from pulling away and clawed at Cedric's back to really get him to fuck her harder while she had orgasm after orgasm and Cedric's orgasm slowly approached him with each orgasm until…

Cedric grits his teeth as he groans loud before climaxing hard deep inside Angel's pussy and surprisingly, his load got bigger as well.

Angel was just on cloud nine when she had the mother of all orgasms then and there while her womb slowly bloats from the intense orgams she had while she waits for Cedric to ride out his orgasm.

It took about 20-25 seconds before Cedric grunted as he taps off.

Angel lets go of Cedric and pants for breath for a bit while her body twitched and shuddered under Cedric which really was strange, she should have adjusted in no time so what was so different now?

Cedric, who panted, looks at Angel in the eyes.

"Y-You okay Angel?"

Though all she could do was pant for breath while her pussy had micro orgasms which was felt on Cedric's cock… though it was strange since his knot should have gone inside of Angel with how intense he was.

Cedric was confused when he realized something before he gently pulls his cock out of Angel's pussy before Cedric's eyes widened when he saw his cock being bigger.

"What the actual fuck?"

Though when he said that… his mind instantly went to Lillum while she chuckles on her end of her spell.

"Hehe, enjoy the gift Cedy… all 13 inches… lets see… 13 inches and 4 in width with a massive knot to make it 6 or so in width if you want to try and force it… Emerald's two 14 inch cocks… and Finn's single 15 inch cock hehe, easy to remember if I want to keep sizes similar." Lillum said before she ends the spying so that she could leave Cedric alone with Angel who was trying to recover from the intense fucking she recieved.

Cedric had a half lidded look.

"Damn Lillum… Not sure if I should thank her, which supposed I should later since it's still my test." He said before looking at Angel.

All Angel could do was pant for breath while her pussy was gapping thanks to the surprise growing cock and Cedric's load leaked from her STILL… guess his load levels were increased as well and Angel had a sexy blush on her face when she looks at Cedric's cock.

Cedric did like the blush on her face before he gets on top of her and kissed Angel's lips.

Angel groans from that and the scene went to a minute later to show Angel on all fours while she had her shapely round ass pointed at Cedric and used her hands to hold her ass cheeks open to show her tight asshole while she used her wings to keep her steady so she wouldn't fall on her face.

Cedric grins as he rubs his dick on Angel's ass a few times.

All Angel did was groan before she surprised Cedric when she actually begged.

"P-Please Cedric… don't tease me anymore… p-please destroy my asshole!" Angel begged while she had a cute blush on her face while she gave him her cute eyed look where her eyes looked oversized and adorable.

Though Cedric blush, he was surprised at the begging before grinning.

"Oh I plan to… beautiful." He said before he gently pushes his cock inside Angel's asshole.

Angel groans when she felt that and blushed from the beautiful comment but all in all she just went with things and groans when Cedric pushed more and more of his cock inside until Angel felt the knot touch her asshole.

Cedric was able to feel that before he tries to see if he can get his knot inside Angel's ass.

Though that was easier said than done when Cedric fucked Angel harder and faster but his knot never seemed to be able to get inside of Angel, though it was fun trying when she gripped his cock with surprising force.

"F-Fuck!... Love it when your ass gets tight Angel." Cedric said as he fucked her more.

Angel could only moan more while her ass tightened more on Cedric's cock more and more before she groans when she came hard on Cedric's cock with great force.

Cedric groans from that but still kept going before the young wolf leans down while being careful with Angel's wings before Cedric grabs her breasts from behind and squeezes them.

Angel groans again from the feeling and she moans when she felt her breasts get milked and her breast milk sprays on the bed and things got a bit messy as time went on while Cedric fucked Angel harder, so much so that his knot starts to force its way into Angel's ass when it starts to give way… just a bit more and soon he would really break Angel's ass in.

Cedric was like an animal in heat as he kept pounding the angelic woman's ass before he starts to kiss and lick the side of Angel's neck while squeezing her breasts more.

All in all, Angel moans from the feeling and her eyes widen when she felt Cedric's knot slip into her ass and quickly inflates and Cedric's orgasm gets closer and closer until…

Cedric groans loudly as he gave Angel's breasts one final squeeze before he gave Angel's ass a big creampie.

"C-CEDRIC!" Angel groans out while her eyes roll back into her skull and she came hard on Cedric's cock while her stomach slowly bloats from the feeling while none of Cedric's sperm escaped her ass thanks to the enlarged knot in Angel's ass while Cedric had the strongest orgasm of his life just now.

"A-ANGEL!" Cedric groans as he kept climaxing while grinding his teeth.

This went on for a bit with the orgasm seemingly never ending before Cedric sorta tapped off 20 seconds later but his cock was stuck in Angel's ass and he and Angel were forced to lay on their side while Cedric cuddles with Angel while she made sure her wings wouldn't get harmed and the duo pants for breath, though Cedric did shudder from the occasional mini orgasm since his nature wouldn't let him stop anytime soon until he deflates.

As Cedric pants, he held Angel close to his chest as he before kissing her neck again while waiting for Angel to recover.

Angel though managed to calm down, was tired beyond belief and she chuckles when she felt how full she was.

"D-Damn… so full… you trying to knock me up if it was my pussy?, or you just an ass man?" Angel said while she had a teasing tone to her voice.

Cedric blushes when he heard that before grinning when he had Angel look at him after gripping her chin.

"Maybe… but if things happen, you would make a great mom. Wonder if they would have your wings." He said as he teased back though somehow, part of him was liking the idea of a possible kid with wings.

Honestly the thought of how adorable pups with wings could be caused Angel to giggle before she yawns.

"M-Maybe… for now… I'm just wanting to nap thanks to your surprise monster cock… looks like you'll have to fill that paper out later and get a soon to be dead camera recharged before turning them in hehe." Angel said while she felt drowsy… and Cedric couldn't move right now so…

Cedric lightly chuckles.

"Hehe, well since I can't move, may as well take a break." He said before he covers the duo with the blanket.

The scene then slowly fades to black while the duo went off to dream land while unaware that soon Emerald's time for his study session would appear and things would get very wild very fast.

(End of Cedric's hiring chapter, results will be told in the next chapter.)

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