Bubblegum's Creature Study @emerald
Candy Corn Wolf Study

The scene opens up to show TME and Atomsk while they were going over some notes and what not on some creatures and what not that could be used with the Candy Kingdom Creature study arc for now.

"OK… we got by Neddy for now and left two Marceline clones with him, had Lillum and other OC's show up, might as well give some intro bits for the others to show how they found the fliers, Lillum wasn't seen grabbing one but its implied that she could have found one during her few days on Ooo and it helped her locate Bubblegum." TME said while he suggested that idea so the story can be fleshed out before the chapters would get much shorter thanks to the fact that after the intro bits, it would be purely creature study chapters from here on out with the occasional fun moment.

"That is true." Atomsk said as he looked thoughtful.

"Yeah, anyway lets just get into this story for now and might as well introduce the ladies first before we get to Emerald and Cedric, want to go with Maite or Azure first since they would star in the chapter mainly with their creature to study." TME said while he wondered who should go first.

"Sure, no problem with that." Atomsk said.

"Well no details on who to use yet so might as well go with Azure for now and we get Maite next chapter." TME said while he looks at Atomsk again.

"Want to say anything or get into the story?" TME said while he wondered if Atomsk had anything to add before the story would start.

"Nope. I'm good. Let's start the chapter." Atomsk said.

"Alright, and just a reminder, after we go over the four OC's here who may or may not be Bubblegum's assistants, the story will be much shorter chapter wise since we don't have to worry about backstories down the line… now this story starts out with the group waking and after getting a meal, they go back to Bubblegum to get their assignments…" TME said while the scene went to the Candy Kingdom throne room.

Ooo/ Candy Kingdom throne room/ Bubblegum, Marceline, Emerald, Maite, Lillum, Cedric, Azure

The group of applicants and Lillum met up with Bubblegum, and a tired looking Marceline while she floats after Bubblegum while she hugged a big pillow and was dozing off on it while Emerald sweatdrops when he looks at Marceline.

"Guess she's not a morning kind of person huh?" Emerald said while he points at Marceline who snoozed on the pillow in her pajamas.

Bubblegum sweatdrops.

"Not all the time. I hope most of you all slept well." She said as Cedric chuckled.

"I know I did. The beds you have were very comfortable, your highness."

"I have to agree. It was like being on a cloud." Maite said with a smile.

"Yeah… though Lillum jumping me in the bedroom did surprise me… honestly after what she did I feel like going back to sleep like Marceline here… good thing the food helped perk me up." Emerald said while Lillum giggled at Emerald while he rubbed the back of his head.

"Oh come on, don't say it like that, you really enjoyed it after all and lets just say… impressive size, I would worry about female creatures or humanoids having trouble taking you… that all natural or was it by some medicine before I helped augment it?" Lillum said while Azure and Maite blink before they glanced at Emerald and their gazes went south for a moment while blushing when they got the idea of what Lillum meant.

Cedric blinked a bit after hearing that before smirking at Emerald.

"You dog."

Emerald sweatdrops when Cedric called him that.

"Well… good thing Lillum got my V-Card so it helps with this job… anyway seems Lillum here is a succubus that she never mentioned yet, seems she and Bubblegum need to talk about some kind of deal… and she told me a lot about herself and her kind and well… guess you could call this my first job since I got a lot of details about Lillum and how she did mating wise." Emerald said while he passed Bubblegum a piece of paper while Azure frowned.

"Hey, no cheating, succubus or not we got to do this job properly, heard about them and while I'm surprised about her being one, that would just give you an easy win since Lillum here would be a natural born slut and pretty much give you a win if it helps with getting the job and keeping any males around her, heard about them and heard they loved humans more then other species so of course she would try things to keep you around." Azure said while Emerald chuckles nervously at the intense look Azure gave him while Emerald leaned back when he didn't like the heated stare.

Most sweatdropped before Cedric tries to calm things down.

"Well it's not technically a contest Azure and the flier wasn't specific if any of us had to be virgins or not. I mean granted we still have to study whatever creature or humanoid we're given but having a little experience for later wouldn't hurt."

"Maybe, but no easy wins here, just because this isn't a contest doesn't mean all of us will be hired in the end so we should see how well Emerald does when not given info up front, I mean doesn't Lillum need to apply for the job as well?, can she even research a creature properly?, getting dicked is one thing but actually putting thought into it is another, I can go on but I'll shut up now so we can get this test started." Azure said when she backed off while Lillum frowns.

"Hey, I can be pretty intelligent when I want to be, I just need to talk with Bubblegum about making a deal and after that I can get started with studying a creature or something." Lillum said while she crossed her arms under her chest, she had the D size right now so her breasts were not gigantic at the moment.

Maite blushes when she noticed as did Cedric while Marceline comically still slept through the conversation.

Bubblegum sighs a bit.

"Now now, there's no reason for fighting. And yes Lillum, we do have to discuss something. But first, why not tell me a bit about yourselves and explain how each of you got the flier."

"Alright… I'll go first." Azure said while the scene flashed back to a few days ago.

Flashblack/ ?/ Azure

Azure at this time was eating a meal that involved her eating at a restaurant that was simple for the most part, she was minding her own business at the time while she ate her food, paid for it, and was walking out of the restaurant and saw a few Banana guards posting some fliers around town.

That got Azure a bit curious so she walked over and talked with the guard.

"Hey, what's with the poster posting?" Azure asked to get the guards attention.

One of the Banana Guards looks at Azure.

"Oh, we were tasked by the Princess Bubblegum to post these fliers and see if there is anyone interested in getting a job as the princess's assistant."

"Huh?... interesting, mind if I get one?" Azure asked when she held a hand out for a flier.

The Banana Guard looks at Azure for a moment.

"Sure." He said before he hands Azure a flier.

When she got the flier, she looks at the piece of paper and saw that the job interview would be in a few days, all Azure would need was a decent level of intelligence and be 18 or older and show up at the spasific time.

Azure hums before she starts to walk away while she thanks the guards.

"Thanks for the flier, I may check out this job later but for now I'm going to show this to my folks." Azure said while she left the guards behind and heads toward her home.

When she got there, she was about to open the door but thanks to some finely honed senses… she stepped to the side and the door was bashed off its hinges and a large cat man flew through while he tried to give Azure a flying drop kick out of nowhere.

Azure saw the man crash on the ground and she sighs.

"Dammit dad, again you attack me out of nowhere and call it training, most girls my age are normally interested in boys and clothes yet here I am having to keep my senses sharp so my old man doesn't try and clobber me and what not… freaking training freak." Azure said while she starts to walk inside of the house while her senses felt some hostile intent behind her when her dad got up and tried to attack her again, this time Azure dodged under the attack and slugged him right in the gut while a female looking similar to Azure popped her head out of the house and saw the male felling to the ground while holding his stomach and she giggles at the sight. (Want a general idea, think of Ichigo and Isshin from Bleach and you get a general idea of the father daughter dynamic here.)

"Oh honey, when will you learn not to attack our baby girl." The mother of Azure said while she looks at her stunned husband.

Azure's father groans before getting up.

"Sorry dear, gotta make sure my baby girl is prepared for anything."

"Says the guy who likes to try and lariat me right as I'm coming out of a bathroom, honestly I shouldn't flush the toilet until after I toss you head first into it so you learn not to attack me there of all places." Azure bluntly said while she walked by her mom.

"Got something interesting by the way, I'll talk about it during dinner… though if dad tries to attack me beforehand again I may just let mom tell him after I leave home for awhile since he will be tied up and in the basement while I have a civil conversation with mom." Azure said while her dad jolts at the threats and what not.

Azure's mom shakes her head but was curious on what her daughter meant.

"What do you mean leave? Where are you going?"

"Well like I said, I'll talk about it later during dinner, should be a good buffer so Dad won't attack me again so he doesn't miss hearing WHY his little catnip is leaving the nest soon." Azure said while she walked away from her folks.

Azure's father blinks before he looks at his wife.

"Is she serious honey?"

"Hmmm…, well considering how many times you attacked her and what not… maybe she got tired of all your antics and is now leaving home for good." Azure's mom said while she looked worried at the idea.

Azure's dad paled at the thought.

"But I don't want her to leave yet. I do this because I care and I also want to make sure that if any boy does something to my catnip then they'll be sorry once she's done with them." He said as he frowned at the image of horny boys trying to touch his angle.

Azure's mother shakes her head while she gave her husband a half lidded look.

"Considering she got a reputation here of breaking boys arms like that Fernando guy who tried to use her before… pretty sure our daughter having boy troubles at least in defending herself is the least of her worries." Azure's mother said before she walked inside of the house.

"Come on, we might as well wait things out until Dinner, I know a good recepie that will help Azure open her mouth to talk more." Azure's mother said before she walked into the house while her hips sway too and fro as a result, she was a curvy woman, more so than Azure who was more petite then her mother, and unlike her mother who had snow white fur, Azure had pure black fur like her father and had the strength to boot from him as well.

Azure's dad did like how his wife's hips sway before he quickly follows her into the house.

Time passed to much later to show Azure chowing down on her favorite meals while her mother and father did the same though with more control and when everyone was finished, they went into the living room of their home and Azure had her parents sit on a nearby couch.

When they did, Azure moved so that she was in front of her mom and she passed the flier she got to her.

"I'm planning on applying for this job here as an assistant for the princess of the Candy Kingdom, some banana guards were placing them around town and I figured this could be interesting and I could use some extra pocket change so to speak." Azure said while she smiles a bit at her mom.

Azure's mom blinked a bit when she heard that before looking at the flier.

She saw it was pretty point blank while Bubblegum was on the flier while she held a hand out towards a bubble with words.

"Are you looking for an exciting job?, need to get through a day and look for a way to earn some easy gold?, well look no further, Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum is looking to hire you if you come to the location provided and if you pass a test, you can be hired as a top tier assistant for Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum and her various works around the Candy Kingdom…" The flier said before it went on a bit more about possible wages depending on the job in question and other things though it didn't have too much detail.

"Hmmm… well it does sound like an interesting opportunity." Azure's mom said.

"Yeah should be an interesting right?, not much happens around here so should be a good way to waste time if I do this job thing… anyway I'm leaving in a few days so I better pack in case I need to live in the Candy Kingdom for a while." Azure said while she gets ready to head to her room to pack.

Azure's dad was quiet as he saw his daughter leave before looking at his wife.

"Should we really let her go?" He said with a worried look.

"Well she won't live here for the rest of her life dear, who knows, she may meet a cute boy who won't try and give her issues… or maybe a nice lady, I'm not closed minded so if Azure find someone she cares for there then who am I to stop her?, besides this should be good for her since she doesn't get out much from town." Azure's mother said before she gave Azure's father a teasing smirk.

"Not only that… with Azure gone… well… we could try making her a sibling or two you know." Azure's mother said in a teasing way while she winked at her hubby.

Azure's dad perked up after that.

"Well… when you say it like that…" He said before he eyes his wife with a lustfilled look.

The scene then went back to the present where Azure finished her story.

Present/ Ooo/ Candy Kingdom Castle/ throne room/ Bubblegum, Marceline, Emerald, Azure, Cedric, Lillum, Maite

"...And that is when I left home shortly after, knowing how my parents act that is the most likely thing they would do after I left the room and flirt with one another, most likely trying to make a sibling for me even as we speak...Nothing much happened on the way here so all in all not every eventful of a backstory right?" Azure said while some sweatdrops.

"I don't know… you getting surprised attacked by your dad daily seems pretty eventful to me." Emerald said when he wondered if Azure's dad has a screw loose or something.

"But at least he's making sure that Azure is well prepared. Surprisingly, my mom is like that when she trained me… well, doesn't do the surprise attack but she trained me good." Maite said.

"Yeah well helps me with expecting the unexpected, anyway before we get off topic and what not with other backstories, why don't we just do one backstory for now and just get to the creature study now?, I mean Bubblegum here can't watch all our progress at the same time properly right?, if that is alright, mind if I go first with this study thing if her highness has a creature in mind?" Azure said while she looks at Bubblegum to see what she thought.

Bubblegum was thoughtful.

"Very well then. A creature I have in mind would be a Candy Corn Wolf ."

"Candy corn wolf?, never heard of that one before." Azure said while Emerald and the others looked just as confused as Azure.

"Yes well I had created the species a while ago before setting them free. I've been meaning to have them studied just haven't had the time." Bubblegum said.

"I see… just to check, but A… you at least have a pick so I know what they look like and B… got a notepad or something so I can write things down?" Azure said while Bubblegum nods her head.

"Indeed, here, take this touchpad made for outdoor use and it will have everything you need to know already uploaded, most of the info is taken out purposely so you can fill it in yourself, if you are somewhat to mostly close to what I have cataloged already since I made the creatures, you are hired, but if you find anything new that I have yet to discover myself, I'll give a bonus, also there is a compartment filled with birth control on the back so in case you are somehow compatible, you won't have to worry about Candy Corn Kittens or something." Bubblegum said while Azure blinks at that.

"Well… nice to know, any chance they are hostile or could become hostile?, not that I'm saying anything bad but want to at least know if I'm going to have issues or not." Azure said while Bubblegum hums.

"Well… depends, they can be territorial, but the touchpad will give you a list of things to watch out for so you don't get their ire, besides that they are realitively peaceful like Fire wolves in the Fire Kingdom, at least the tame ones, made them to not be hostile to anyone aside from people who look threatening." Bubblegum said while Azure hums and looks at the touchpad, it looked like it was set in a durable case that had many pockets and what not on it and when Azure turned it on, it showed some info on the Candy Corn wolf like an image of what it looked like and its name and species and other things as followed with some info erased so Azure can fill it in herself.

Name: Candy Corn Wolf (Can name the subject of the species a different name for a unique name)

Species: Candy Wolf

Gender: (Male/Female) (Choice of subject can differ)

Age: fast growers so fully mature Candy Corn wolf can be near 5 to 6 years of age naturallly (Dog years from premushroom war records indicate first year of life is around 15 or so years of age once fully grown: Species and size can very, but later years slow to around 5 years per one human year, so fully mature Candy Corn wolf can be around 5 or so years of age, size of wolf may very.

Looks: Mainly the pattern, can be different then original picture

Penis size if the subject has one: Subject may very

Semen quality: Subject may very

Habit in wild: Fill in from observation and experiences

When Azure saw all this she looks at Bubblegum.

"So in a nutshell, I just need dick size, how much sperm I can get, what they look like, and pretty much what they normally do in the wild… is that all?" Azure said while she raised an eyebrow at Bubblegum.

"Yes. That is all that I need for you to put." Bubblegum said.

"Alright, I'm guessing from the lack of location, I can find these guys here or there around the Candy Kingdom, but got a location in mind so I can find a pack of them?" Azure asked when she didn't see a location in general.

"Well there is a large pack nearby the kingdom but you will find some smaller ones in the forest." Bubblegum said.

"Right… well might as well go for the larger pack then, simple to find and deal with." Azure said while she surprisingly used a spell to store the tablet for later… would explain why she was techically nude and had nothing on her while her fur made her body modest.

"Yes well before you go, I should give you this." Bubblegum said before she gave Azure a headset with a small camera on top.

"With these, I'll be able to talk to you and see what you're looking at with the camera."

Azure honestly couldn't resist a tease moment while she walked away more when she equipped the headset.

"Sure, I'll make sure you see everything… even the kinky POV where you can see a Candy Corn wolf's Candy corn fuck me hard, though hope you made them on the large side, may not even come back if they are not huge." Azure said while Marceline chuckles while her face was on the pillow to muffle her laugh while Azure walked by Cedric and her hips swayed a bit in his gaze.

Bubblegum blushes brightly at the tease as Maite couldn't help but chuckle.

Cedric did like the way Azure's hips move.

"Good luck Azure." He said before giving her a good growl but not in a threatening way.

Azure blinks when she heard that and looks at Cedric and gave him a teasing grin.

"Careful, someone may say you are hitting on me with that teasing growl… well… you'll see what I can do soon so might as well show you how rough I like i so you can get a good idea of how to try and dominate me…. Unless I turn the tables and make you my bitch… but for now, see you Cedy." Azure said while she gave Cedric a cute nickname and Emerald gave Cedric an amused look.

"So… Cedy huh?" Emerald said when he enjoyed that the focus was not on him right now.

Cedy jolts before chuckling nervously.

Marceline chuckles at that as Maite, Lillum, and Bubblegum did the same.

Everyone then looks at Bubblegum while she gestured for them to follow her.

"Come on, I have a room that has a computer that is linked with the headset so we can see and hear everything that goes on around Azure." Bubblegum said before she leads the group out of the throne room and to an empty room with a large computer monitor and many chairs.

"Just take a seat and we can get this observation started, sorry Lillum but the deal thing will have to wait til after this is over with." Bubblegum said which made Lillum shrug.

"I don't mind, if I get peckish I can just go to Emy here and have him give me a good time." Lillum said while she hugged Emerald's right arm and he jolts when HE was given a nickname and blushed when Lillum rubbed her cheek on his arm.

Cedric chuckles at Emerald for the nickname as Maite sees the display.

She saw how clingy Lillum was and wondered what that was about since Bubblegum should be her future contract holder, though Bubblegum starting the display which showed Azure running at pretty high speeds towards the main pack did get everyone's attention.

"There, headset is fully operational, lets see how Azure does with studying these Candy Corn wolves." Bubblegum said while the scene went to Azure when she got to the main pack, though she stayed a fair distance away to make sure she wasn't spotted while she summoned the notepad and tries to find a subject out of the pack to study.

The candy corn wolves in general were pretty simple looking, made out of multiple candy corns so that the Candy corn wolf could work right, the head was a single candy corn with two smaller ones for ears, the round part on the back of the head was the main connecter to the main body that had two candycorns touching to make it balaned, think of an hourglass of sorts and you get the general idea when the two smaller sides touched to make it balaneced and to allow bending room, same with the legs, with two long pieces for each leg… honestly it was a bit of a wonder how the candy corn wolf stayed in one piece when nothing seemed to hold them together, there was also a long piece of candy corn for a tail with the small end touching the back of the main body… all in all, aisde from various sizes and differences, they all looked the same more more less, maybe different colorings as well on the orange part but all in all, they looked similar.

Azure hums while she wrote that down in the looks department for the most part, though unknown to her, a small Candy Corn pup stumbles to her when her scent was noticed and Azure noticed when the pup got close to her and she looks down at it and wondered what it wanted.

Though she did smile a little and sets her notepad down for a second so she could pet the little guy on the head… surprisingly soft.

"Hehe, hey little guy… you lost?, your family is over there so you may want to get running, don't want your parents to get mad right?" Azure said when she stops petting the Candy corn pup for a moment.

"Aww, that was adorable." Maite thought when she thinks that the candy corn wolf pup was cute.

Cedric though had a different thought.

"I don't know… Azure should be careful."

"Really?, whats the worst that could happen with her petting such a little cutie?" Marceline said right before some bushes nearby rattle and growling was heard near Azure while Emerald looks at Marceline.

"You know… I maybe younger than you by a lot of years but even I know not to say that in this situation." Emerald said while he gave Marceline a half lidded look while a massive Candy Corn Wolf, most likely an Alpha, appeared from the bush and growled at Azure while she looked surprised and froze when she saw it come from her side.

Though… all she could do was say this one line when she saw it was male.

"Clever boy." Azure said before the Alpha knocked her to the ground and from her own hiding place and many Candy Corn wolves saw her on the ground nearby while the Alpha appeared and was about to try and bite down on her, but the pup came up and stopped the alpha when it actually stood on Azure's stomach and growled cutely at the Alpha which caused it to lean back and look surprised that a pup would actually do that.

Though a smaller Candy Corn wolf, female from the look of things rushed over, and gripped the pup on the back part of its head and carefully lifts the pup off Azure's body and starts to walk away from Azure though the pup tried to break free but it was pointless while a few Candy Corn wolves approached Azure while she was sitting up, but a deep growl from the alpha stopped the lesser wolves from approaching and the Candy Corn Alpha wolf approached Azure and starts to sniff her body a few times much to Azure's confusion while she rubbed her head.

Everyone was watching this as some were concerned for Azure.

"What is he doing?" Maite said as Cedric was thoughtful.

"Well… considering I'm a wolf and call it a hunch but… I think he's trying to find something good on Azure."

"Something good?, like what?, I know this may end where I think it may end but what do you mean exactly?" Emerald asked since even canines like beings were foreign to him.

"Well, the alpha there would check if Azure was the right of age." Cedric said making the others blink.

"Seriously?, you can smell if a woman is of age or not?, do you also know if its their time of the month or something?" Emerald said which made many ladies blink while Cedric looks at Emerald with a half lidded look on his face.

"Can't most canine like beings do that?, helps me stay away from women who are irritable and that is the main reason why, not embarressed by it since it keeps my fur on my body." Cedric said while Emerald hums.

"Huh… hey Princess if you don't have that as a thing for canine like beings might as well add that to the canine list… Though may want to add it later." Emerald said before he blushed when moaning was heard from the screen which made everyone look to see the Alpha licking Azure's folds again and again while she gripped the grass on the ground where she was.

Bubblegum blushes when she saw that before making sure to put in a reminder regarding the canine thing about women and their… periods.

While that went on, the scene focused on Azure while she moans more and blushed a bit when this went from threatening to pleasing at the drop of a hat, even the other Candy Corn wolves looked less hostile when they saw this and some went back to doing whatever while a few others came up and lick at Azure's nipples which made her groan from the feeling, thanks to a toss of her head thanks to the headset being loosened after she was knocked to the ground, the headset fell onto the ground nearby but at a perfect angle to show Azure getting licked by three Candy Corn wolves.

"Wow… seems a pervy Glob is watching out for us huh?" Lillum said with an amused tone to her voice which made Emerald sweatdrop a bit.

Everyone else had the same reaction but Marceline chuckled.

"Well don't know about that but we got a good angel for a nice show." She said as she was surprisingly munching on… popcorn?

"Where did you get the popcorn Marcy?" Bubblegum said as she didn't recall seeing her girlfriend getting one.

"Eh, I have my secrets and you have yours, I can talk later but for now we should enjoy the show while it lasts though got to say, nice size choice on the cocks." Marceline said while she smirks when the Alpha and the minions were getting erect and the Alpha was around the 12 to 13 inch mark and the minions looked 9 to 10 inches long and aside from a candy corn like color pattern, they looked purely canine like cocks which made them look odd on the Candy Corn wolf bodies but Azure didn't mind when she reached over and strokes off the minion candy corn wolf cocks all of a sudden which made them jolt but Azure keeps on going with her actions to show she didn't mean harm.

The two minion wolves let out some pleased groans from this feeling as Cedric and the rest watched.

A moment later, Azure moved her body and from the get go starts to suck off the left Candy Corn wolf's cock and hums when she liked the taste and the alpha keeps on licking her folds and Azure keeps on stroking the other minion off so it wouldn't feel left out.

The candy minion getting sucked off, was letting out a pleased whine as the second minion groans as his tail wagged a bit.

This went on for a minute before Azure switched cocks and was sucking off the second candy corn wolf's cock and stroked off the first, this went on for a bit a few times when she alternates cock sucking and could feel the two wolves getting closer and closer with the first getting close the quickest until…

The first minion lets out a whine before he shot his seed inside Azure's mouth as the other shot his cum on Azure's breasts.

Azure got wide eyes from the amount and groans when she tried to drink the load down while she stroked off the second to help his orgasm get stronger.

As the two minions ride out their orgasms after both got stronger, the Alpha was licking Azure's pussy with gusto.

Azure shudders from that but she manages to withstand the licking for a bit while she waits for the two minions to ride out their orgasms, when they tapped off, they pant for breath while a few female Candy corn wolves came over to lick Azure clean while Azure shudders when she could feel the alpha still licking her folds and her folds were soaking wet right now thanks to his work.

The alpha did like the taste as he licked Azure's pussy more before using his tongue to lick the bud a few times.

Azure groans from the feeling while she waits for the female wolves to clean her off and when they were done, she pets their heads and Azure moved away from the Alpha for a moment and got on all fours in front of the alpha and raised her tail to show she was giving the alpha concent to start fucking her if he wanted while she looks at him with a lustful look in her eyes.

The Alpha blinked but gave out a fang grin before he mounts Azure after getting behind her and jams his cock inside the feline's pussy.

Azure groans from that while the camera had a perfect view to see her tongue hanging out of her mouth before the people on the other side watched as Azure starts to get fucked hard by the Alpha Candy Corn wolf and her breasts bounce a bit from the action, she had B to C sized breasts and they were seen in full and many people were blushing at the sight while Marceline, who was munching on her popcorn, shared with Bubblegum while Lillum had a lustful look in her eyes when she glanced at Emerald who blushed when he saw Lillum looking his way.

Marceline licks her lips.

"Damn, this is hot." She said as Bubblegum and Maite blush at the sight.

Cedric didn't say anything but he was indeed turned on if no one noticed his cock getting hard.

If this was not mentioned before, Cedric and Azure were not wearing clothing at all, though Lillum, Maite, and Emerald were, though thanks to the seating arraingment noticed, Maite, being the closest, noticed Cedric's situation while Lillum was teasing Emerald more before Lillum looks at Bubblegum.

"Hey your highness… mind if we have our own fun here since we are technically watching a porno more or less?" Lillum asked while she smirks at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blinks a bit after hearing that.

"Hmmm, alright. But better make sure to clean up after yourselves."

Lillum smirks at that before she looks at a blushing Emerald.

"Oh don't worry, I'll make sure any mess is cleaned up… now then…" Lillum said before she kissed Emerald on the lips while he blushed and groans a bit from the kiss while Lillum used a hand to rub his chest… Maite and Cedric in the meantime…

Cedric blinked a bit when he saw Lillum do that to Emerald before looking at Maite.

Maite blushed at the sight before she looked back at Cedric and down at his cock which was iron hard thanks to what was going with Azure on the screen.

Cedric noticed the stare.

"If you want we can have a bit of fun of our own but if you're uncomfortable, then no worries, I can respect personal space." Cedric said as he focus his attention on the screen.

Maite blushed from that and looks at Emerald and Lillum and looks at Cedric and the screen a moment later and saw that seems everyone besides her was either having fun or be more open about things so… she surprised Cedric when she used a hand to grip his cock and stroked him off while she had a small bush on her face, her Quills were mainly pink so it was hard to notice.

Cedric did jolt a bit before he let out a groan as ge starts to enjoy that.

Maite blushed more and stroked off Cedric at a harder rate and Lillum noticed what was going on and whisered in Emerald's ear, that caused Emerald to blush but he went with what Lillum said and the duo got up from their seats and went to Cedric and Maite and Lillum surprised Cedric when she kissed his maw like lips out of the blue and Emerald moved behind Maite and he gripped her breasts from behind and fondles her, surprising her a bit.

Maite was indeed surprised by this action as she groans a bit while stroking Cedric's dick.

Cedric, was also surprised but went with it as he returns the kiss before Cedric uses his hand to rub Lillum's folds.

Lillum groans from the feeling and her right hand joined Maite's hand and went to stroke of Cedric.

Emerald in turn used a hand to reach down and rubbed Maite's folds through her pants while he had moved to get in front of her and sucked on one of her nipples after he lifts the front of her shirt above her breasts which were surprisingly large even when restrained by a bra and when Emerald lifts the bra, her breasts bounced free and they were E to F in size surprisingly enough… he wondered how she was able to walk and guessed the bra was enchanted and Emerald went to please Maite when he licked at a nipple and used a hand to group the free breast.

As Cedric groans in Lillum's mouth, Maite blushes brightly as from having her breasts freed before moaning a bit from Emerald's licking.

Emerald keeps on going with his actions before he opened his mouth and latched his lips around the nipple he was licking and sucked on it hard before he slipped his hand under her pants and panties and rubbed her folds directly, mainly her bud.

Maite moans again as she blushes more while helping Lillum stroke Cedric's dick more as said wolf starts fingering Lillum's pussy before using his thumb to play with the bud a few times.

Lillum groans from that and pulled away from the kiss and moved so that her head was in front of Cedric's dick.

"Hey Maite… why don't you focus on Emerald while I deal with Cedy here… really show him how good my skills are and you can show Emy how good you are if you have experience." Lillum said while she keeps on stroking Cedric off with Maite.

As Cedric groans, Maite blushes brightly.

"W-Well to be honest… I'm not… all that experienced."

Lillum giggles at that before she looks at Maite.

"Perfect then, Emerald was a virgin until I got through with him so you might as well get to know him… I helped him get much better as you can tell and really upgraded his cock for a ladies pleasure, so try and relax, who knows you two could date or something if you haven't gone out much, heard Emerald wasn't much of a ladies man until now so you two could learn a thing or two from one another." Lillum said before she knocked Maites hand off Cedric's cock and deepthroats it in no time.

Cedric was surprised by this action before he groans a bit loud at how hard Lillum sucked his cock.

Maite continues to blush more before looking at Emerald.

Emerald blushed at what Lillum said before he pulls his head off of Maite's nipple and with a blush, looked Maite in the eyes.

"Well… since Lillum mentioned it… after this want to go get something to eat?... Lillum is a succubus so well… technically feeding her but you are not a succubus so… want to go on a date later?" Emerald asked when he stopped his actions so Maite could speak.

Maite blushes brightly.

"R-Really? You're asking me out?"

Emerald blushed a bit while he looks away a bit.

"Well if you don't want to go out…" Emerald said while he worried if this was a bad time or something.

Maite blushes more before she cupped Emerald's cheeks and has him look at her.

"I was just surprised. First time I was asked out."

Emerald blinks at that and looked confused.

"Really?, you look really beautiful so why hasn't anyone asked you out yet?" Emerald said with a confused look in his eyes, he was being purely honest since Maite looked like a Globbes to him right now.

Maite blushes a bit.

"Well… I come from a village of Marauding fighters and my dad… is the chief."

"Really?, wouldn't people be fighting for your hand or something?" Emerald said when he looked more confused than ever.

"Well in order to get close to me, any guy has to beat my dad in a fight and well… dad always wins." Maite said

Emerald blinks at that and Emerald looked more confused then ever.

"Really?... seems pretty stupid but would I have to worry about your dad in the future if he hears about this?" Emerald asked since he wasn't the strongest guy out there.

"Maybe… unless you plan to get stronger in the future but… I don't mind going on a date with you." Maite said as she blushes.

Emerald blushed more at what Maite said while Emerald nods his head for a moment.

"I see… well no harm in going on one date at least right?... but that can be for later… for now…" Emerald said when he moved his body forward and surprised Maite when he kissed her on the lips and slipped his tongue into her mouth before she could react.

Maite was surprised at this sudden action before a moment later, she starts to melt into the kiss before she slowly returns it.

For a minute Emerald keeps the kiss up before he pulled away and kissed Maite's neck while he fondles her breast and fingers her folds again to get Maite worked up again.

Maite blushes a bit before she lightly moans a bit from Emerald's actions.

Emerald keeps this up before he moved down her body with some kisses till he was between her legs and after unbuttoning and unzipping her pants, he slipped them off and saw her wet folds, Emerald licks his lips before he starts to eat her out with careful gentle licks to her folds while he stayed away from her bud for now.

Maite groans a few times before she starts enjoy Emerald's tongue on her folds causing it to get a bit wet after a bit of time passes.

Once that was done and Emerald got Maite soaking wet, Emerald stands up and looks at Maite.

"So… want to continue?, got enough time to back out now just in case." Emerald said since he didn't want to cause Maite issues.

Maite blushes at Emerald's concern before she shook her head.

"No. I'm not backing out from this."

Emerald shrugged before he unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them.

"Alright… just to let you know… Lillum went all out with remaking my cock so…" Emerald said in warning before he dropped his pants and underwear and a massive cock was seen… and it amused Lillum when many saw Emerald's cock was 14 fucking inches long, the size Lillum made it and it looked thick with 3 inches in width.

Marceline and Bubblegum were surprised when they saw Emerald's cock as Maite had the same reaction while blushing brightly.

'What was Emerald's original size?' The trio thought.

Lillum just looked amused while she keeps on sucking Cedric's cock while Emerald used a hand to stroke his dick.

"So… want to continue after seeing this?, Lillum could make it smaller if you want." Emerald said when he worried Maite was nervous after seeing this.

Maite shook her head.

"N-No. I can work with this."

"Alright, just know I warned you, unlike Lillum you may not get every inch inside of you since Lillum made this cock for her size and her body automatically adjusts to the large cock inside of her." Emerald said to warn Maite while he kicked his pants and underwear away to make sure they don't get dirty later and Emerald removed his shirt to show a shockingly athletic body which made Lillum smirk when Emerald noticed Maite staring at him.

"Oh yeah, Lillum also had all the fat on my body vanish as well and altered my body so my muscles would be more noticable, guess I forgot to mention that hehe." Emerald said while he rubbed the back of his head when he forgot to mention that thanks to his clothing hiding his body really well being so loose and what not.

Maite was blushing brightly as she fully got a good look at Emerald's body. It was like if Emerald was a male supermodel.

Emerald however, thanks to his past, didn't think that since up until now, not many women gave him those kinds of looks and just looked confused.

"Maite?, you OK?" Emerald asked when he leaned in and felt Maite's forehead with the back of his hand to make sure she was alright when she looked really red in the face.

Maite blinks a bit before realizing that Emerald's hand was on her forehead.

"Y-Yeah… it just…" She said before Marceline butts in.

"She's saying your bod his hot." She said with a smirk before whistling.

Emerald blushed at that and wondered what Maite would say about that when he stands up and his iron hard cock was near Maite to see.

Maite blushes brightly for a bit before she gently grabs Emerald's dick and starts stroking it.

Emerald shuddered when he didn't expect that and just looks at Maite to see what she would do.

Maite continues stroking it before looking at Emerald.

"Even though I stuttered, the Vampire Queen was right about your bod." She said before she starts licking Emerald's cock but did it slowly to get a better feel of it.

Emerald blushed a bit while Emerald groans and just stayed quiet while he enjoyed the act while the scene went back to Azure while the Alpha was getting closer and closer to finishing inside of Azure's pussy until…

The Alpha made a howling noise pushing his cock deep inside Azure's pussy before giving it a big creampie.

Azure yowled when she felt her womb getting filled up and her pussy tightened on the cock and she squirts on the cock itself.

The Alpha groans from the tight grip as he unloads more cum before he taps off after 25 seconds.

Azure pants for breath from that and would have tried to relax, but the alpha pulled his cock free from Azure's pussy and her load leaked from Azure's pussy and while Azure was trying to recover, another Candy Corn wolf with a slightly smaller size got in the Alpha's place while he takes a moment to recover and pushed his cock into Azure's pussy and starts fucking her which made Azure groan and moan again while her pussy gripped the cock tightly, her pussy never loosened much so it was still a snug fit for the candy corn wolf who had a 11 inch or so cock.

The minion let out a pleased groan as he humped Azure's pussy like there was no tomorrow.

A moment later, Azure saw many other male Candy Corn wolves approach and had a feeling she would be here for awhile, though she just chuckles a bit when all she did was have one thought while she thrusts her hips back to take more Candy Corn wolf cock into her.

"Well may have brought this on myself but can't say this won't be fun when I get through with having fun with these massive cocks." Azure thought when she licked her lips when she saw many horny candy corn wolves in front of her… while the camera got it all which showed Bubblegum that Azure would be studying many more Candy corn wolves then she originally thought.

Bubblegum blushes at the sight.

"Well… seems Azure will be… studying the pack for a while." She said to Marceline.

"Yeah… good thing you gave her birth control, something tells me she would be knocked up pretty soon if she doesn't take one, though I do have to say, a show in front of us and a show behind us isn't too bad to be honest." Marceline said with an amused tone to her voice when she looked back and saw that Lillum was riding Cedric's cock while he had his hands on her massive breasts from behind and Emerald was letting Maite suck his cock in the 69 position while he ate her out when she removed her clothing.

Cedric groans from how rough Lillum rode him as he squeezed her breasts.

Maite was moaning as she sucked Emerald's dick as best as she can.

Bubblegum blushes brightly at the sight.

"Yes… I can agree."

Marceline smirks while she grins at Bubblegum.

"You know… I did get some rest and everything… we could fool around and you have this to record what is going on so… want to join the fun and make this foursome here a sixsome?" Marceline said when she grins at Bubblegum while she looks at the four people near them while they had fun.

Bubblegum blushes brightly but did know that the camera was recording so…

"I suppose an early break won't hurt."

"Hehe great… so you going to have fun with your soon to be succubus and wolf boy and I go to the less experienced duo or do I go to the more experienced duo and you go for the more nieve duo?" Marceline said when she grins at her girlfriend.

Bubblegum blushes bright for a bit.

"I… already said I will give Lillum my answer so I'll go to her."

Marceline chuckles before she dropped her pillow to the ground and sets her popcorn on the pillow.

"Alright, time to get comfy first though." Marceline said while she removes her shirt first when she starts to get undressed.

Bubblegum blushes before she starts undressing as well.

When the duo was nude, Marceline kissed Bubblegum on the lips for a second before she floats away to let Bubblegum focus on Lillum and Cedric while Marceline floats towards Maite and Emerald.

Bubblegum blushes a bit before she approaches Lillum and Cedric as Maite was busy pleasing Emerald's dick.

When that happened, Lillum noticed Bubblegum approaching her.

"O-Oh… hello y-your highness…. I would stand and b-bow but I'm a b-bit b-busy a-as you can see…" Lillum said while she keeps on riding Cedric's cock with a fast pace.

Bubblegum blushes a bit.

"T-That's fine. I just thought of taking a little break and… join you two."

"H-Hehe… I-I see… t-though y-you'll need to wait, C-Cedy here is p-pretty durable… with his stamina… and f-fuck… talk about a huge dick… not as much as my altered size but maybe I could change it later… but for now, just enjoying the natural sizes…" Lillum said when she tightened her pussy on Cedric's cock quite a bit.

Cedric grits his teeth when he felt that before he took one of Lillum's breasts in his mouth after turning her in his lap so that she was facing him now and he starts sucking on the nipple hard before he starts thrusting his dick up in the succubus Queen's pussy.

Lillum groans loudly when she hugged Cedric's head to her breast and lets Cedric enjoy himself for now while Bubblegum watched Cedric grip her round ass so he could help slam Lillum's body down and his cock rammed into her pussy again and again.

Bubblegum blushes brightly at the sight while seeing Cedric being like an animal in heat as he made sure his cock went all the way up before hitting Lillum's cervix.

This went on for a bit while Lillum could feel Cedric getting closer and closer while his knot slowly worked its way to bust into Lillum's pussy until…

Cedric growls loudly before he pushes his dick further as best as he can before climaxing inside Lillum's pussy.

That caused Lillum to gasp when she lightly came on Cedric's cock when his knot busts into her pussy and quickly locked Cedric inside of her and she smiles while she pets Cedric on the head while he lets his head rest on her breasts, she was in D cup mode for now but that would change soon.

"So your highness, while Cedy rides out his orgasm, got something to talk about?" Lillum said to try and pass the time a bit.

Bubblegum blushes a bit for a moment.

"Yes well… after taking some time to think… I've decided… to take your offer and be your… Mistress."

Lillum smirks when she heard that and keeps on petting Cedric on the head.

"Good… though to make it fair we have to talk details like what do you want me to do as your servant?, depending on what you request I have to make a counter offer to match the level of the request, contracts are tricky like that but fuffil them and I'll be your bitch to command… when I'm not on the clock since I doubt you'll summon me 24/7 unless its an emergency." Lillum said while she keeps on petting Cedric's head.

"Alright." Bubblegum said as she was being thoughtful.

While Bubblegum looked thoughtful, Marceline floats towards Emerald and Maite when she saw Emerald groan while he ate Maite out and he came hard inside of her mouth.

Maite groans a bit before she climaxes on Emerald's face while trying to swallow his cum.

This resulted in Emerald groaning and shuddering while he tried to lap up Maite's juices and Marceline watched the duo ride out their orgasms.

It took a bit before Maite taps off as she waited for Emerald to finish as Maite swallows more cum.

Emerald tapped off 15 seconds later with a groan before he got off Maite and looks at her with a grin.

"Hehe… sorry about that… felt really good." Emerald said while he rubbed the back of his head thanks to how messy Maite looked right now.

Maite blushes a bit.

"N-No worries. I was bit surprised at how much you let out. Hope my blowjob was good."

"Hehe, well while not Lillum's level that felt very good, you're the second woman I had fun with so I can say that this is going to be fun." Emerald said while he smiles at Maite.

Maite blushes at the smile before she noticed the Vampire Queen beside them.

"U-Um… can we help you… Marceline was it?"

Marceline smirks while she points a couple fingers at the duo.

"Yeah, I'm here to join in the fun with you two while Bonnie has fun with Lillum and Cedric… got complaints?" Marceline said with an amused look in her eyes.

Maite blinks a few times in surprise after hearing that before looking at Emerald.

Emerald had a blush on his face while steam seemed to emit from his head… looks he was overloaded at the moment when another pretty woman was willing to have fun with him it seems.

Maite sweatdrops a bit before looking at Marceline.

"W-Well… Not sure what Emerald will say but I guess it wouldn't hurt if you… join us."

Marceline chuckles before she floats towards the duo.

"Good to know… and since I got your permisson…" Marceline said before she flat out kissed Maite on the lips gently to not scare her away.

Maite's eyes widened as she just got her first kissed by a woman since it was obvious that Emerald was the first man to kiss her.

Emerald blushed more when he saw that and watched as Marceline made the kiss more intense when she slipped her tongue into Maite's mouth and hugged Maite gently while her hands went to Maite's ass and fondled the soft ass cheeks.

Maite muffles a bit from that action before she slowly melts into the kiss and hugs Marceline before actually returning it.

Emerald gulped while he gripped his cock and lightly strokes it while he watched Maite and Marceline continue their makeout session.

Maite didn't noticed it as she was now a bit lost with the kiss before she had her tongue played with Marceline's before Maite had her hands gripping Marceline's ass.

Marceline moans from the feeling and used a finger to finger Maite's folds to see how wet she was from earlier.

Surprisingly enough, Maite's folds seem to be still wet even after Emerald had a little treat.

Marceline smirks when she felt that and slipped a few fingers into Maite's folds and gently fingered her to get her worked up while she keeps on kissing Maite.

Maite moans in Marceline's mouth before the young hedgehog humanoid started fondling and squeezing Marceline's ass cheeks..

This went on for a minute before Marceline pulled her dripping fingers from Maite's pussy and smirks when she looks at Emerald.

"Hehe, seems she is ready big guy, ready to plung that massive cock into an eager lady's folds?" Marceline said while she teasingly winked at Emerald who blushed but nods his head at Marceline.

Maite blushes brightly after hearing that before she hugs the Vampire Queen a bit and looks at Emerald before nodding her head a bit.

Marceline then moved so that Maite was on top of her and she held Maite's ass cheeks apart so Emerald had the perfect view of Maite's holes and Emerald gulped while he slowly approached the duo while Maite was laying on Marceline.

Maite was feeling very nervous since she's about to have her first time with a guy she just met yesterday.

A moment later, Emerald had a hand on Maite's ass cheek and used his other hand to aim his cock at Maite's folds and rubbed the head of his dick on the folds to tease her a bit and to get his dickhead lubed for what will happen.

Maite blushes brightly for a bit as she shudders from that action.

A moment later, Emerald slowly pushed his cock into Maite and was careful when he wanted to make sure that he didn't harm Maite and if she had a hymen, he wouldn't take it painfully, or at least try and make this as painless as possible.

Maite groans for a moment as she feels Emerald's cock going inside her pussy.

Emerald takes his time on getting deeper and deeper and bumped into something a moment later and knew it wasn't a Cervix and looks at Maite with slight surprise and wondered if he can go ahead.

Maite blushes brightly before turning her head to look at Emerald before she slightly nods her head and braces herself.

Though Emerald noticed Maite tensing up.

"Easy… try and relax, the more you tense up the more painful this will be." Emerald said when he heard from Lillum this was a pretty big deal and wanted to make sure Maite didn't have issues later.

Maite understood as she made sure to relax while Marceline helped as she rubs Maite's back in a soothing way.

While that went on, Emerald felt Maite relax and while Maite was distracted, Emerald gripped her hips tightly and thrust balls deep into Maite in no time flat which pretty much ripped away Maite's virginity in no time and Emerald bashed through her cervix as well by accident and a bulge formed in Maite's womb.

"GAH!" Maite groans loudly after feeling Emerald's dick going all the way in.

Emerald grits his teeth from how tight Maite was while Marceline used a hand to quickly rub Maite's bud to help her relax while Emerald stayed still while he waits for Maite to adjust.

Maite continues to groan but lessens a bit thanks to Marceline's help before, after a bit of time passes, Maite was finally able to adjust.

Emerald just waits for a moment so he can get a signal to start.

Maite then slowly looks at Emerald.

"Y-You can start, Emerald."

Emerald nods his head before he starts to pull his cock free of Maite's pussy and slowly pushed it back into her and his cock glides in and out of her pussy after a couple of minutes.

Maite blushes before she starts groaning a few times but Marceline made sure to comfort her.

This went on for a couple minutes more while Emerald noticed Maite moaning more and more as time went on while he could feel her pussy relaxing on his dick while Marceline used her hands to play with Maite's breasts to help her feel better.

That made Maite moan a few times as she starts to feel more relaxed before Maite decides to thank the Vampire Queen by kissing her neck.

Marceline groans from that and her fingers gripped Maite's breasts at a harder rate and to some surprise, some breastmilk starts to flow much to Emerald and Maite's surprise, granted Marceline knew large breasted woman didn't always make breastmilk but guess Maite was one of those few and shrugged before she leaned down and starts to suck on one nipple and drinks some breastmilk while Emerald did the same to the other nipple and sucked hard on it which resulted in Emerald fucking her and Marceline and Emerald sucking the breastmilk from Maite's breasts.

"O-Oh fuck!" Maite moans loud from having her breasts sucked.

Meanwhile with Cedric, Lillum, and Bubblegum…

Seems Cedric had changed things where he was standing on the ground and Lillum and Bubblegum were licking the sides of his cock and slowly growing knot at the base of his cock while Lillum fondles Cedric's heavy feeling balls.

Bubblegum blushes as she licks one side of Cedric's dick as Cedric let out a pleased groan.

"Oh fuck this feels great." He said before he starts petting the duo's heads making Bubblegum blush a bit.

Lillum chuckles a bit at that and moved to lick the head of Cedric's dick again and took his cock into her mouth but no so much so that Bubblegum could have her own fun with what she had.

Cedric let out a pleased groan again as Bubblegum continues her actions before she goes down and actually went to lick and suck on Cedric's balls.

That amused Lillum a bit while Cedric groans from the feeling and Lillum deepthroats Cedric's cock again and bobbed her head more and more while Cedric's orgasm was getting closer and closer as time went on until…

Cedric groans a bit loudly before he climaxed hard inside Lillum's mouth as Cedric's balls pulsed on Bubblegum's mouth.

Lillum hums at the taste while she drank the load easily while she waits for Cedric to ride out his orgasm.

About 20 seconds pass before Cedric grunted as he finally taps off.

Lillum pulled her mouth off Cedric's cock while she has some sperm in her mouth and Lillum tapped Bubblegum's shoulder to get her attention.

Cedric panted a bit as Bubblegum looks at Lillum to see what she needed.

Though that was all Lillum needed when she gripped Bubblegum on the back of her head and she kissed her while she slipped her tongue into Bubblegum's mouth and sperm went into Bubblegum's mouth as a result when Bubblegum was forced to drink some of Cedric's load.

Bubblegum muffles a bit in surprised from this action before a moment later, Bubblegum starts to reciprocate as her tongue rubs Lillum's semen covered tongue.

While this happened Cedric watched this happen and in no time, his cock got iron hard again which got the two ladies attention and Lillum smirks when she looks at Bubblegum from the side.

"Hehe, looks like Cedy here is still good to go… why don't you take the lead this time while we go over the deal so if you have anything you want me to do, better ask now." Lillum asked while she grins at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blushes brightly and as she was thoughtful on her wish before she thought of someone important in her life.

"Alright… for my wish… I want to… be able to knock up… Marceline." She said making Cedric blinked when he heard that.

"Hmmm… interesting… tell you what, I'll do that after you go a round with Cedric here, might as well let you think about that one at least before you go through with it just in case you change your mind… fair enough?, and just to let you know you can have more wishes on your end but remember the cost for this wish maybe pricey since I get to ask for a thing in return." Lillum said while she smiles at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blushes brightly after hearing that.

"I-I understand."

"Alright… Cedy if you would be so kind…" Lillum said while she smirks when she looked behind Bubblegum before she was pushed from behind and wound up on all fours while Lillum smirks when she saw a horny Cedric behind Bubblegum and his cock was ready to fuck her hard now.

"Hehe… It would be my pleasure." Cedric said before he grabs Bubblegum's hips and aims his cock at Bubblegum's pink folds before he immediately shoves it inside and starts fucking the Candy Monarch hard.

Bubblegum groans from the feeling and moans when she could feel Cedric barrage her womb again and again as time went on while Lillum smirks when she could tell Bubblegum was enjoying herself before she looks at Cedric.

"So Cedy… how does the sweet princess's pussy feel?, bet it feels good around your hot throbbing cock don't it?" Lillum said when she walked over and knelt down and fondled Cedric's balls a bit when they came back to her hand when she didn't grip them but just gave a quick light squeeze to get him more worked up.

Cedric groans a bit from that action which made the young wolf fuck Bubblegum's pussy harder.

"Oh fuck it feels so… snug and tight!... especially when it starts sticking to my dick like if her… p-pussy was squeezing it."

Lillum giggles when she heard that.

"Well pussies do get like that… though since she is made of gum, maybe more so which gives her an extra hungry pussy, its like she doesn't get fucked much so maybe she is the top in her relationship with Marceline." Lillum said with a smirk on her face when she looks at Bubblegum to see how she would respond.

Bubblegum blushes brightly and did try to speak but Cedric's thrusts made her moan loudly instead.

Lillum chuckles at that before she looks at Cedric.

"Seems we have our answer… so why don't you enjoy the rarely used pussy of the sweet royal here, might as well make this a reward for us when we get pretty hard creatures studied hehe." Lillum said before she giggles at the suggestion.

Cedric grins.

"Oh I will. And I bet I'll make sure that the only cock she'll think of will be mine." He said before he really humped Bubblegum like if he was in heat.

Lillum rolled her eyes and pinched Cedric on the ass a bit playfully and somewhat seriously to distract him.

"Considering that you are talking to a sex demon and tried to play up your skills around me, I'll have to test that to make sure you can even do that… try and not get too big of an ego around me boy… after all if anyone is on top here… its me and I don't take challenges like that of making others my bitch lightly." Lillum said while she stands up and points at Emerald.

"Take Emerald for instance… he had no idea on what to do but after my lessons and augmentations… well…" Lillum said while she points a thumb at Emerald, Maite, and Marceline to show Emerald fucking Maite like a beast while he had his hands on her hips and Marceline, after getting her fill of breastmilk, just looked on with an amused look on her face while Maite in the meantime…

Maite was moaning and groaning loudly as she was enjoying the pleasure as Cedric sees this but chuckles a bit.

"Oh calm down Lillum. I may be a bit more experienced but even I know not to challenge a Succubus. I mean how old are you really?"

Lillum hummed while others listened in though Emerald was more focused on Maite so he and possibly Maite couldn't hear her when she gave this shocker of a bombshell.

"Hmmm… last I checked by human years… 3857 years old by human standards, feedings pretty much allow us Succubuses and Incubuses to keep our youth, why do you think we travel Dimensions and allow others to summon us?, it keeps us from overpopulating certaion worlds and the multiverse is an infinitely expanding place so no issues with moving around if we want." Lillum said like it was not a big deal to her.

Marceline and Bubblegum were shocked when they heard that as Cedric's jaw dropped a bit.

"Seriously?! You're that old?!" Cedric said.

Lillum just got a tick mark on her head and she reached over, grabbed Cedric's nuts rather hard and used a spell to pretty much make him blow a geyser into Bubblegum with great force and Cedric was barely able to wheeze when he seemed a bit thinner than normal like Cedric was starting to turn into a dried out mummy while Lillum let his balls go and Bubblegum's womb looked many month's pregnant with how much sperm was forced into her while Lillum used a spell to return Cedric to normal when he looked ready to pass out while his cock turned flaccid after unloading so much sperm into Bubblegum which caused him to pull free and a large flow of sperm flowed out of Bubblegum's pussy as a result… though with how much sperm was blasted into Bubblegum… that might as well have been a small trickle.

Lillum smirks and got to her feet before she leans in towards Cedric with a scary smile on her face.

"Call me old again and next time I'll bring you near death instead of having you drop a few pounds next time… I don't know you and insulting me is rude and I am not under Bubblegum's command yet so I don't have to follow anyone's rules aside my own… I don't care about my age much but pointing that out and making me sound like an old woman gets you a time out so for the next 24 hours… no more orgasms for you so enjoy watching all of us ladies please Emerald's cock… consider that a warning and better learn to not blurt out things… in the meantime I'll be helping Bubblegum since I had you climax directly into her so she would have a hard time moving from how full she is right now." Lillum said while she not so gently pushed Cedirc into a chair to have him watch what was going on while Lillum moved so that she was near Bubblegum's pussy and placed a hand on Bubblegum's ass cheeks.

"Hehe, sorry about that, guess I lost my temper a bit and got you caught in the crossfire." Lillum said while she smiles at a slightly dazed Bubblegum who had trouble thinking when her womb felt so full that she might have exploded if Cedric unloaded more into her.

"H-Huh?... What?" Bubblegum said as she tried to collect herself as Cedric groans from his seat.

"H-Hey… not fair. I only made one mistake."

Lillum looked back at him with a half lidded look on her face.

"Why do you think I didn't kill you?, consider that ball draining and a time out as my first warning of the day, I give three per day with various levels of drainage and restorative… first was just your balls getting fully empty, added effect is a bit of life draining which I return after you feel what its like to be drained for real… second is feeling like your nuts are imploding from unloading more then you can possibly unload in a lifetime and possibly making you impotent if you are not careful… final strike and you're out so to speak is full drain mode, I pretty much devour your life energy and leave your corpse where it is, simple as that, plenty of warnings, you get them per day so if you can withstand the first two then congrats you are stronger then most but piss me off enough and Bubblegum will have one less assistant to worry about." Lillum said with a look that showed she was not joking about this.

Cedric gulped but did frown a bit.

"Fine… you made your point. But if I can't have more fun, then I'm not gonna sit around and watch like some loser. I'm heading to my room." He said before trying to get up.

Though Lillum smirked when she had a spell to keep him in place for a moment.

"You sure, I'll let you go but you got Azy's fun show on screen that you can look at and could get a boner again, if you do, you can at least stroke yourself off or ask a lady to please you… but if an old woman like me is a turn off for you then sorry, seems like you miss out of things like this." Lillum said before she slapped her round ass in Cedric's view while she teasingly winked at him before she undid her magic binding on Cedric so he could move again and Lillum went back to Bubblegum, stuck her mouth, mainly her lips around Bubblegum's pussy lips, and uses a spell to drain all the sperm in her pussy and it flowed into Lillum's mouth which she drank and turned into power for herself and hums when she liked the taste.

Cedric wanted to leave but… his instincts was making him stay and the sight alone was turning him on a bit.

"Oh forget it… I'll stay but I'm only seeing Azure. Way too piss right now." He said before turning his chair to look at Azure's screen.

That resulted in Cedric watching two Candy Corn wolf Alpha's pretty much making Azure their bitch when one Alpha was fucking her pussy hard while his forelegs were gripping her waist while another was pretty much facefucking Azure while a paw was on her head to keep her from pulling away and she gagged from the actions while she moans and groans when she went through plenty of the wolves and had a fucked up look in her eyes when she enjoyed what was happening to her.

The two alphas made sure to really fuck Azure as Cedric sees this with his arms crossed.

He might've liked how Azure looked but mentally scoffed as he thinks he can do better than the two alphas.

Though for now all he could be content with right now was him watching as the Alpha's fucked Azure more and more while she gagged and groans between various thrusts while the Alpha's growl and pant more and more while they fucked her harder and faster until…

One Alpha growls loudly before he climaxes hard inside Azure's pussy while the other Alpha did the same inside the feline's mouth.

Azure groans while her eyes rolled back into her head and she came hard on the Alpha's cock in her pussy while she waits for the two Alpha's to ride out their orgasms and she drank the load flowing into her mouth as best as she could.

It took a bit before the two Alphas tapped off after 25 seconds passed.

Azure groans when she calmed down after riding out her orgasm and pulled her mouth off the alpha's cock and pants for breath while she groans when the Alpha in her pussy pulled free and his load leaked from her pussy.

"F-Fuck… good thing you guys are running out of steam." Azure said while she felt her body shake from micro orgasms.

The two alphas panted a bit as they didn't have more cum to fire.

Azure chuckles a bit when she got to her feet and walked to the touchpad so she could get some birth control and what not and fill in the data she got while the scene went back to the others while Cedric watched what happened.

"Looks like she's done." Cedric said despite the fact he liked what he saw.

Lillum in the meantime chuckles when she heard that and pats Bubblegum's ass a few times when she finally finished cleaning Bubblegum out.

"There, empty and what not, feel better your highness?" Lillum asked while she grins at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blushes brightly.

"Y-Yes. Much better."

"Great, since you need a moment to relax, want to talk about making the deal now in full while you are recovering?, I can wait a few minutes while you get your bearings." Lillum said while at this time Emerald made a few thrusts into Maite and growled when he came hard inside of her eager pussy with surprising force.

Maite moans loudly as her pussy grips Emerald's dick and climaxed hard on it from her pussy.

Emerald grits his teeth from the tight grip and rides out his orgasm before he tapped off with a groan 15 seconds later and pulled his dick free and Emerald's load leaked from Maite's pussy a moment later.

Maite taps off a few seconds after Emerald before the young hedgehog pants a bit while enjoying the afterglow.

Though while Emerald takes a moment to recover, his cock was still iron hard and he jolts when he felt a hand grip his cock and looks to see an amused Marceline was the culprit.

"Hope you're not tired. Haven't had my turn with you yet." Marceline said as she strokes Emerald's cock.

Emerald shuddered from that before he grins at Marceline.

"After what Lillum did to my body, I still feel like I can go for awhile, lets just have fun for now so why don't I start by doing this." Emerald said when he used a hand to grip Marceline's chin and pulled her in for a quick but heated kiss.

Marceline was a bit caught off guard before she went with it and kissed Emerald back a bit hard.

For a moment, Emerald keeps the kiss going before he pulled away and smiles at Marceline with a happy look in his eyes.

"So Milady, what is your first command on me pleasing you?" Emerald said with a good mood just radiating off his body.

Marceline blinks a bit at the happiness before she lightly chuckles.

"How about giving this royal pussy of mine some good licking." She said with a smirk.."

Emerald chuckles before he pushed Marceline onto her back gently.

"Your wish is my command Milady… mind spreading those legs so I can really get deep with those licks?" Emerald said while he grins at Marceline.

Marceline was a bit surprised at the pushing before she smirks again and spread her legs to show Emerald her folds.

When that happened, Emerald takes a moment to lick her folds and hums a bit at the taste before he really dug in and starts to eat out Marceline with deep intense licks from the get go while he used a thumb to play with her bud.

Marceline was impressed with how good Emerald's licks are before she starts to let out some pleased groans.

This caused Emerald to smile before he really went wild with his actions before he used a free hand to tease her asshole for a moment… seems Lillum's lessons really worked Emerald from a virgin to a decently trained sexual man in no time.

Marceline continues to groan for a moment before she starts moaning a few times while petting Emerald's head letting him know he's doing a good job.

That really caused Emerald to go with his actions before he pushed his finger into Marceline's asshole and had his finger move around a bit to get her more and more worked up.

"Oh fuck." Marceline groans before she starts playing with her breasts for a moment.

This caused Maite, when she recovered from what just happened, and she saw Emerald really eating Marceline out and could see how well Marceline reacted to Emerald's actions.

'W-Whoa.' Maite thought with a surprised look while blushing brightly.

Emerald keeps on going before he adds a second finger to Marceline's asshole and he slipped his tongue deep into her folds so he could really eat her out.

Marceline groans a bit loud from this action as she really enjoys the pleasure as Maite blushes more.

This went on for who knows how long while Marceline felt an orgasm getting closer and closer until…

Marceline toss her head back before moaning loud as she climaxed from her pussy.

Emerald in turn closed his eyes and lapped up any juices that hit his tongue while he waits for Marceline to ride out his orgasm.

Marceline groans for a bit before she stops climaxing after 15 seconds.

Emerald pulled his head back and smiles at Marceline when he looks down at her to see how she is doing.

Marceline had a slight blush on her face as she pants a bit.

"D-Damn… that's some… t-tongue you have." She said with a slight chuckle.

"Hehe, thanks, Lillum helped by enchanting my tongue to locate a ladies weak points so made it pretty good to find out what pleases you." Emerald said while he leaned back and stroked his cock.

"Though… mind if I get started on the real fun?" Emerald said while he licked his lips lustfully for a moment.

Marceline chuckled.

"No problem for me you stud." She said before she opens her legs again and show Emerald her now soaked folds.

Emerald gulped for a moment before he got in position and he aimed his cock at her folds nad after a moment of aiming right, he pushed most of his cock into Marceline and moved to kiss her while he forced more of his cock into her folds while he made sure to not harm Marceline by accident.

Marceline moans a bit into the kiss before she wrapped her arms and legs around Emerald.

This resulted in Emerald managing to get pretty deep in Marceline before he starts to thrust his hips and his cock barraged Marceline's womb again and again while many could see what was going on.

As Marceline groans a few times, Maite blushes brightly as she sees Emerald pounding her as Bubblegum had the same reaction. Cedric took a glance but didn't do anything.

Lillum giggles at that before she grins at Bubblegum.

"Pretty sure Emerald can go for awhile after what I did to him so I'm sure he can give you a good time… still though maybe we should talk about our contract and what I can get if you have any requests for me aside from the usual me serving you thing." Lillum said when she looks at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blushes a bit.

"Y-Yes… we probably should." She said before remembering her first wish.

"I wish that… Marceline could get pregnant like a normal person." She said while blushing more.

Though what Bubblegum forgot at the moment was Marceline getting dicked by Emerald right now and he was thrusting away without a care in the world.

"Oh ho… interesting, well that I can do rather easily but the cost for that would be interesting, I can think of one later but for now, why not just consider that wish with the cost of you owing me one." Lillum said while she smiles at Bubblegum to see if that would work.

Bubblegum was thoughtful for a bit.

"Alright, sounds fair."

"Great, and since I know you'll want to make the chances pretty high, I'll put in a bit of Oomph and have Marceline get 100% knocked up next time she has fun, can't say its a failure when its like that right?" Lillum said while Marceline's body glowed from the magic Lillum used which worked Marceline's body into a heated overdrive like no other before she and Bubblegum were reminded big time when Marceline made a large groan when Emerald was fucking her harder and faster and looked pretty focused right now… wait… did Lillum say 100%... next time she has fun?

Bubblegum's eyes widened.

"W-Wait… is it if she has fun with me or… with someone else?"

Lillum got wide eyes and raised a hand to try and cast a spell to interrupt what was going on, but before she could even snap her fingers, Emerald made one good thrust into Marceline and he groans when he came hard inside of her with great force and a snarl while his body shook and Marceline's womb starts to bloat while Lillum looked stunned at what she just witnessed after this kind of blunder.

Bubblegum also had a stunned look as Marceline moans loud and pulls Emerald down for a heated kiss before climaxing from her pussy.

Emerald returned the kiss and the duo rides out their orgasms before they tapped off 20 seconds later and Emerald pulled away from the kiss and looks at Marceline with a grin on his face.

"Heh-hehe… wow… felt like you were trying to strangle my dick for a moment there…. Hehe, good thing you can't get knocked up and we have pills for the others or I would worry that you would have a kid with how much sperm I pumped inside of you." Emerald said while he grins at Marceline.

Marceline chuckled.

"Please, you can keep filling this old womb of mine with so much cum and I still won't get knocked up."

Emerald blinks at that before he smirks at Marceline.

"You kidding?, you?... old womb?... you look like a super model… hey your highness you agree with… why are you two looking like you just saw the worlds worst moment happening right now?" Emerald said when he looks at Bubblegum and Lillum and saw their horrified looks on their faces while he wondered what that was all about.

Maite and Marceline looked at the duo with confused looks.

"What's the matter Bonnie?" Marceline said.

"I'm so sorry Marcy." Bubblegum said making the Vampire Queen feel even more confused.

"Why are you saying sorry?" Marceline said.

Emerald looked confused before he starts to chuckle a bit.

"Well whatever it is I'm sure its not that bad, I mean its not like Bubblegum and Lillum made a deal for you to get knocked up or something right?" Emerald said while he had an eyesmile on his face… though Bubblegum and Lillum were not laughing and Emerald paled but kept the eyesmile while he sweatdrops nervously.

"R-Right?" Emerald said when he really hoped he was right about being wrong.

Marceline though sees the look on her girlfriend's face before her eyes widened.

"Oh Glob Bonnie… tell me you two didn't…"

Cedric though chuckles when he heard everything.

"Oh she and Lillum did… seems like they forgot about you two and Bubblegum made a wish that Bubblegum would owe her for as part one of her deal and well… 100% knock ups for you though that may change soon… but since they forgot about Emerald and you it seems… well… they did try and stop Emerald but well… way too late to do anything at all." Cedric said before shrugging when he couldn't say it any clearer.

Bubblegum puts her head down in shame as Maite gasps at the info before looking at Emerald as Marceline was just shocked.

Emerald just looked stunned before he looks at Lillum.

"B-But there are spells for this or you can just cancel the deal for a moment right?" Emerald said while Lillum cringed.

"A-Actually… while I could do it at any time… in this exact case… I can't… part of the deal between Bubblegum and I for our first deal was to let Marceline get knocked up pretty easily, that means… nothing can stop this birth from happening 9 months or so from now, pills would be nullified, spells would be canceled, ETC." Lillum said while Emerald got comically wide eyes from that and looks at Marceline with a record breaking blush on his face before he probably did the best thing he could do right now… and passed out when he fell onto Marceline and his cock went a bit deeper into Marceline as a result while Emerald was out like a light.

Marceline groans from that as Cedric just laughs a bit.

Maite frowns.

"Not funny Cedric."

"Hehe, no you're right Maite… It's hilarious when Emerald fainted." Cedric said as he laughed more.

Marceline though greatly irritated did find a good stress relief when she smirks at Cedric.

"I don't know… situation aside which I will speak to Bonnie about… *Glared at Bubblegum and Lillum for a second to show that Lillum was in hot water as well*... Emerald does have a massive cock lodged it my pussy, so having his kid without my consent in this case wouldn't be the worst thing in the world since this wasn't his fault and he can have the choice to stick around or not for the kid… after all Emerald has a better personality then you do right now so I wonder how you would react when Emerald technically gets three sexy ladies all to himself… four if Maite here joins while you at best get one with that Azure chick if she doesn't want to see how good Emerald was?" Marceline said while most of that was just her venting… she would have to get to know Emerald first but taking Cedric down a peg or two was a good stress relief for her.

Cedric frowns before getting up.

"Hey… I'm already pissed off with one lady, Vampire Queen. So don't let me put you on my list."

Though Marceline just raised an eyebrow and many sweatdrop at Cedric's dumbassery before the scene fades to black for a second while the sound of impacts were heard and when the scene fades back in, Marceline had her hair hands in fist form while they steamed.

"Now… what have we learned?" Marceline said while she gave a half lidded look to a royally in pain Cedric while he laid on the ground with various injuries on his body.

"N-Not to p-piss you off at this point in time…" Cedric groans out while he just laid on the ground.

"Good… now as for you Bonnie… simply put… whether I have Emerald here take responsibility or not… I'm not giving you that choice… you asked for this so you better help me through this or we are over and this time for good… understand?" Marceline said while her eyes glow with a demonic red light even if she looked calm… but that was just horrifying on so many levels like she could snap at any moment.

Maite was shuddering when she saw the look as Bubblegum flinches from that.

"Y-Yes Marceline. I'll be super supportive." She said before lowering her head in sadness.

Marceline would have said something to cheer Bubblegum up, but right now was her punishment time and what better than one that was a major guilt trip.

Though she did look at Lillum.

"And you…" Marceline said which made Lillum jolt.

"Y-Yes?" Lillum said which made Marceline smirk.

"Contract with Bonnie forming or not… until this kid is popped out you are my fucking bitch… understand?" Marceline said while Lillum chuckles nervously.

"O-Of course… wouldn't dream of doing anything else right now… got an order milady?" Lillum said while Marceline rolls her eyes.

"First off clean the room and next get this contract thing over with Bonnie, while that happens I'll be making sure Emerald here doesn't think this was some kind of freaky dream or something, hey Maite help me get Emerald up, I can carry him but I don't want to break anything by accident." Marceline said when she looks at Maite with a calm look on her face.

Maite jolts.

"O-Okay." She said before she went to help get Emerald off of Marceline's body.

When that happened, Emerald's cock was pulled free and his load leaked from Marceline which made her groan and a moment later, Marceline got Emerald from Maite and carried him out of the room while she looks at Maite.

"Hey come on Maite, considering you want to date this guy, might as well have you help by gathering his clothes and mine as well after you get dressed." Marceline said when she nods her head at the clothes scattered about.

Maite nods at Marceline before she went to gather both Emerald and Marceline's clothes after getting dressed.

She ran out of the room which left the down Cedric while he listened in on Bubblegum and Lillum's conversation.

"Well… that went better then I thought it would." Lillum said while she got to work on cleaning the room while she stayed near Bubblegum.

Bubblegum still have a downed look.

"I don't think it did. I really Globbed up."

"I don't know, anger aside which will fade she didn't break up with you, besides you should be happy, granted this may not be your child persay but doesn't mean you can't help raise it and have another with Marceline, our deal is still in effect after all." Lillum said while she smiles at Bubblegum a little.

Bubblegum sighs a bit.

"I suppose you're right." She said but was still sad.

"Hey cheer up, tell you what, until we can come to some real deals, I'll stick around for awhile and be your servant until the kid is born at least and maybe a bit after to see what happens, I made a mistake and I'll own up to it so try and cheer up, you get a pretty sexy assistant at your beck and call who can do any task you request." Lillum said to try and show a silver lining in all of this.

Bubblegum this time felt a bit better.

"I guess that can help."

"Yeah, besides we got to greet Azure when she gets back but what would she think if she sees you all down in the dumps, think like this you are going to be a mother, you asked for it and in a way you are getting your wish right?" Lillum said to help Cheer up Bubblegum more.

Bubblegum was thoughtful for a bit and in some way, she is going to be a mom considering that the child in Marceline, her girlfriend, was Emerald's.

"Yes… This is what I wanted. Even if it wasn't part of the original idea."

"Yeah, and since this Emerald guy is a blank slate, you can get to know him and who knows, he can be a real catch, I mean I heard Finn tried to wow you but that didn't seem to work out for some reason so why not try giving Emerald a shot… besides you really need to get back into the dating game anyway… when was the last time you even left this castle?, heard that unless Marceline dragged you out of here, you barely leave your lab." Lillum said while she gave Bubblegum a half lidded look.

Bubblegum lightly chuckles nervously.

"I've been… busy."

"Well better open up that schedule because it seems like you will need the free time now that you need to butter Marceline up and convince Emerald to give you a shot, or is the great Bubblegum nervous about dating a young human man?" Lillum said while she teased Bubblegum a bit.

Bubblegum blinked a bit after hearing that.

"Never." She said with a narrow look.

"Hehe, good, I'll make sure to plan the best date of your life… if we can talk Emerald into agreeing, pretty sure he would be pretty steamed about being forced into this so… considering I augmented his cock better prey he doesn't ask to take it out on your ass because while thrilling and good for me… you… may not like having a monster cock shoved right up your ass." Lillum said while she chuckles nervously at Bubblegum before she floats out of the room and left Bubblegum alone so to speak.

Bubblegum blinks a bit before gulping as she didn't like the sound of that before she exits the room… leaving the still downed Cedric on the floor.

"U-Uh… Hello? Can anyone help?" Cedric said though no answer before grumbling.

"Fucking women… Second I'm healed, I'm heading home."

Though considering the things that would happen… Cedric starts to chuckle even through the pain.

"Then again… I can do that… after seeing the funny stuff happen… won't deny that this job will get better so might as well not let my temper get the better of me again… dad always said I got one after all." Cedric said while he chuckles a bit more before the scene went to a bit later with Emerald waking while he held his forehead.

"U-Ugh.. My head… talk about a weird dream… first I had fun with many pretty ladies and thanks to Lillum I knocked one up… Marceline if I remember right… hehe, like a dream like that could happen with me getting multiple ladies, got a date planned for Maite unless I dreamt that one up as well." Emerald muttered while unaware that the the *Pillow* his head was on was actually an amused Marceline's leg while Maite sat nearby and heard Emerald talking to himself.

"U-Um… Emerald? It wasn't a dream." Maite said.

Emerald opened his eyes wide when he heard Maite's voice, looked at her, then looks at Marceline with a wider eyed look before the camera panned away and from the castle for a second to hear a girlish scream being heard and when the camera went back in Emerald was bowing pretty quickly towards Marceline.

"Oh my freaking Glob I am so sorry for what I did If I knew what would happen I would have pulled out and and…" Emerald said while he bowed deeply towards Marceline and was sweating up a storm on what Marceline could do to him right now.

Marceline however rolled her eyes.

"Oh calm down you big baby. None of us knew what Bonnie and Lillum were doing so they were basically at fault but I'm making sure they are taking responsibility for this."

Emerald blinks at that and sighs with a relieved look on his face.

"I see… though guess that means my date with Maite would have to stop before it starts huh?, I can't date multiple ladies after all after I got one knocked up, my fault of not, I'll need to be responsible and help raise a kid." Emerald said when he never expected this and looked at Maite with worry though Marceline just looked amused.

"And why would you need to cancel your date with Maite?" Marceline said while Emerald looked confused.

"Huh?" Emerald said when Emerald saw Maite giggling and Emerald looked more confused… did Emerald miss a conversation while he was out or something?

"You see Emerald, Marceline and I got to talking and she convinced me that even though Marceline is very likely caring your kid, it doesn't mean you and I can't still have a… relationship." Maite said as she blushes at the last part.

Emerald got a surprised look on his face and looks at Marceline to make sure this was actually happening after Emerald pinched his cheek to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

Marceline, though sweatdrops, chuckles.

"Not dreaming dude. Besides it's a good opportunity for you."

"R-Really?, I mean getting two ladies seems like a dream come true so how can it get better then good?" Emerald said when he wondered what Marceline meant.

Marceline smirks.

"Remember, I'm making Bonnie and Lillum own up to their mistakes so not only are they gonna try and earn my forgiveness, they'll obviously want yours too so you'll basically get two more ladies since Bonnie is still my girlfriend and she did want to be a mom and Lillum would be my bitch and I would have her follow your orders after she and Bonnie make the contract."

Emerald blushed from that while his pants, which were equipped onto him, shift a bit when his thoughts went a bit dirty when he imagined 4 ladies pleasing him and him pleasing them and he rubbed the back of his head and chuckles nervously though he never noticed the bulge in his pants.

Maite blushes as Marceline smirks some more.

"Trying to do a stick up? Or are you just happy with getting 4 girlfriends."

Emerald blinks at that before he looks down and blushed when he covered himself and gave a good impression of a tomato.

"Hey uh… where is Azure?" Emerald said to change the subject and Azure walked by the room.

"Yo, just turned in my tablet, should have enough info on it so see you later if I get a job here Mr. harem king, maybe I should throw my hat in the ring if Cedric hasn't recovered yet after what Marceline did." Azure said with a smirk while Emerald looks at Marceline with a confused look on his face.

"Cedric was being an ass so I gave him a good whooping." Marceline said.

Emerald blinks more at that while Bubblegum entered the room with Azure's tablet.

"OK Azure, I went over the data and I gotta say, this is pretty good, especially when you gave subjects multiple names and various length sizes and even details on how the pack works, consider yourself hired as assistant number one." Bubblegum said while Bubblegum shook Azure's hand while Marceline, after seeing Bubblegum place the tablet on a nearby table, picked it up and looked it over.

Name: Frederick (First Alpha who started things)

Fernando (Second Alpha)

Bertrand (Third Alpha)

Species: Candy Corn Wolf

Gender: All subjects male

Age: fast growers so fully mature Candy Corn wolf can be near 5 to 6 years of age naturallly (Dog years from premushroom war records indicate first year of life is around 15 or so years of age once fully grown: Species and size can very, but later years slow to around 5 years per one human year, so fully mature Candy Corn wolf can be around 5 or so years of age, size of wolf may very.

Looks: All looked similar to how picture looked, first had opposite colors from picture.

Penis size if the subject has one: Frederick (12 to 13 inches in length)

Fernando ( 11 to near 12 inches long)

Bertrand (14 inches in length long)

Semen quality: All produced way to much to record, full on pack orgy caused recorder to be bathed in the stuff.

Habit in wild: Not much hunting wise, but mating wise if a person is captured, chances are if they are not mauled, if the subject is female they (The males) start to have their way with the trespasser and many males of the pack are pretty energetic, all having their way with the female until they are spent, while that doesn't seem like much, there are nearly dozens in the Candy Corn pack so in a nutshell… you will be walking away funny weather you like it or not. (Thankfully Bubblegum supplies birth control or I would be in trouble).

Marceline had an oh the irony thought but she was tossed it away when she heard and saw how big those Candy Corn wolves were… maybe she could have fun with them to blow off steam later or something if Emerald, Bubblegum, Maite, or Lillum wasn't wasn't around though she did have a thought about those wolves and how Bubblegum was the one to make them that massive..

"Say Bonnie. How did you make these candy corn wolves so massive?" Marceline said.

Bubblegum blushed and rubbed the back of her head.

"Well… honestly I… heard a bit about how Fire wolves in the Fire Kingdom were naturally friendly once… tamed…. And wondered if the same principal applied to a similar creature so I made the Candy Corn wolves and well… made them pretty big so no one would be unsatisfied…" Bubblegum said while she blushed a bit and Lillum, who giggles carried a Candy Corn pup in her arms which looked familiar.

"Guess that's why this little guy followed Azure, took a liking to her it seemed and may want a shot at her when he grows big and strong." Lillum said while she snuggles with the little pup.

The pup snuggles back as Maite blinks in surprise.

"T-That's the same pup from before. But won't his mom be worried?"

"Actually I made the nature of the Candy Corn wolves to be pretty relaxed near the Candy Kingdom… besides Azure told me she took the pup back a few times but it just followed her back and after her… moment with them, seems they accept her as one of their pack so she got jumped once and after satisfying a few Candy Corn wolves, here she is and with this little guy here, if the mother was worried she would come barging in no questions asked to get her child back, guess she knew Azure wouldn't do anything bad since the pup defended her from that Alpha." Bubblegum said when she tried to explain a few times while the Pup jumped from Lillum's arms and moved to sit on Marceline's lap and moved to curl up and slept on her lap.

Marceline blinked a bit before smiling a bit a softly pet's the little pup as everyone else understood.

Azure moved to sit near Marceline and pets the little guy on the head.

"Hmmm… I'll call him… Benjamin, or Ben for short, got to give him a name and all that." Azure said while the pup or Ben in simple terms, yawned cutely while he slept on Marceline's lap.

Maite quietly cooed when thought it was a cute sight as Marceline chuckled lowly.

"Works for me."

"Great, anyway mind if I crash here tonight?, those females cleaned me off but I really need a shower and some sleep, and who is next on the list of people to test?, Maite?, Lillum?" Azure said when she looks at Maite and Lillum when Emerald and Cedric could be last since they were men.

Bubblegum looks at a different PDA that she pulls out and checks the schedule.

"Hmmm… it says here that… Maite is next." She said.

"Alright… what is the creature?" Azure said while Bubblegum looked thoughtful.

"Well… I did want to test a new machine that can help with this one… I have to get Finn though to help fine tune it but if this works Maite can study a Hug wolf up close in a simulation of sorts, don't worry I'm not turning Finn into a hug wolf, just getting the memory of one from him." Bubblegum cryptically said while many looked confused.

"Huh? Why a hug wolf Bonnie? They're not part of the Candy Species list." Marceline said.

"Well no but they do sometimes live near here, remember that time there was one hug wolf here and Finn got infected?, whats to say there is not more?, this could be a good way to know how Hug wolves act since Hug wolf Finn would think Maite is a female Hug wolf in this simulation." Bubblegum said when she looks at Marceline.

Marceline blinked a bit after hearing that.

"Well… can't find nothing wrong with that since I heard how much trouble they were with their hugs."

"Yeah, besides this would be a culmination of Finn's experience, what people know about the Hug wolf, and info from biography books so the Hug wolf Finn will act like a hug wolf in his natural habitat in the wild, anyway I got calls to make so I'll see you later… and again… sorry Marceline and Emerald… I really didn;t mean to cause this." Bubblegum said while Bubblegum walks away and Emerald looks at Marceline after Bubblegum left the room.

"Are you really angry with Bubblegum Marceline?, payback aside she didn't exactly realize what would happen so end result aside you can't hate her right?" Emerald asked while he walked over to stand near Marceline.

Marceline rolls her eyes.

"Well I'm not leaving her if that's what you're thinking. Though I'm still angry. She could've at least talked to me first before making my womb an active oven now."

"Hehe, well to be fair its not an old womb now, seems Lillum gave it a serious jump start." Emerald said since he remembered Marceline talking about her womb being old and all that.

"No kidding." Marceline said with a half lidded look.

"Hey on the bright side situation aside, you can have a kid now, granted I'm probably the last person you want to have a kid with since we just met but on the brighter side I can take you on a few dates if you are interested." Emerald said to try and cheer Marceline up.

Marceline smirked a bit.

"You better." She said before she slightly frowns.

"Though now I may have to tell my dad about this and it's gonna be a pain."

Emerald blinks at that and chuckles.

"Well I'm sure it won't be that bad, I mean your dad is your dad and should understand right?" Emerald said when he had absolutely no idea about Hunson freaking Abadeer the Chaotic evil ruler of the fucking Nightosphere.

Maite rubbed the back of her head.

"Um Emerald. Marceline's father… is the ruler of the Nightosphere."

Emerald blinks at that before tilting his head.

"Nightosphere?, what's that?" Emerald said which floored many… how in the blue hell did he not know… scratch that he came from the island of humans and their knowledge on Ooo was shitty at best even with Finn and others helping to fill in the gaps so not many would have knowledge on the Nightosphere since it was a rare topic.

Marceline facepalms herself a bit.

"Okay… ignoring that. The Nightosphere is what you humans once called Hell… or something and my dad well…" She said before telling Emerald more about the Nightosphere and about her dad.

Emerald just got more and more pale as time went on and he shakingly raised a hand.

"U-Uh… do I need to write my last will and what not now or right before we hand my soul to him on a golden platter?" Emerald asked when he worried his afterlife was at stake.

Marceline sighs before she uses her hair to make a fist and lightly bop Emerald on the head.

"Calm down. First of all, you're completely safe since you're with me now. So I doubt dad will try anything since his first grandchild still needs a dad. All you have to do is take responsibility and other things and you're golden."

"R-Really?... well that's good… when do we talk with him?" Emerald said while Marceline chuckles.

"Now actually, already made a portal and just need some bug milk with a banana guard is bringing, you were out for awhile after all." Marceline said while Emerald gulps.

"M-Mind if I use the bathroom first?... I'll be right back." Emerald said while he walked out of the room to take care of business while Lillum raised an eyebrow at Marceline.

"You sure about doing this so soon?, I can just take the blame for all this with your dad if you want." Lillum said while she worried for Emerald's health, Hunson wasn't the most stable guy and even if he did leave Emerald alive… he may not leave in one piece.

Marceline rolls her eyes.

"Not like it'll matter. Besides, better to tell him now then let someone else, who probably dabbles in dark magic to accidentally spread the word. Plus, dad wouldn't try anything on Emerald on my watch."

"You sure?... I mean I heard how your dad made you put on his amulet just to make you the ruler of the Nightosphere for a time and I could at least take him from punching Emerald a few times to him plowing me into the ground, got history together after all… still if you are serious I won't stop you but I'm tagging along just in case, Nightosphere is unpredictable after all and when was the last time you actually traveled the place?, I mean I traveled that place daily for years yet even I get turned around sometimes and I'm nearly four times your age." Lillum asked while she crossed her arms under her breasts which were clothed now.

Marceline had a raised eyebrow after hearing that before shrugging.

"Alright, you can come along."

Lillum smiles before she moved over to sit next to Marceline and kissed her on the cheek.

"Hehe, thanks, besides I doubt you want anything to happen to Emerald right?, emotions or not you gotta admit losing a nice guy with a cock like that would be a shame, hard to find guys who can withstand that level of magic, honestly it's surprising, most men would just break down after a few hours after the casting is over with but Emerald seemed to adapt pretty well to his new body." Lillum said while she grins at Marceline.

Marceline lightly blushes a bit before coughing a bit in her hand.

"Yeah well… not that easy to find someone that can… satisfy my needs… besides Bonnie."

"Hehe, well I hope I can be added to that list sooner or later, anyway seems Emerald is coming back so we should get going now." Lillum said right before Emerald returned and looked much better then before while Maite looked a bit worried.

"Are you okay Emerald?" Maite said.

"Hmm… oh yeah, just needed to go to the bathroom and I feel great, besides Marceline has a point, as long as I'm with her in the Nightosphere I got nothing to fear, Marceline's the strongest lady I heard of thanks too many rumors from around Ooo and one of the most beautiful ladies as well, pretty sure many demons would just look at her in awe and ignore a guy like me." Emerald said while he smiles at Maite.

Maite was still concerned as Marceline blushes at the compliment but chuckles.

"Alright Romeo. Time to rip the bandaid off." Marceline said.

Emerald nods his head when he looks at Marceline before he looks at Maite with a smile.

"Don't worry, I'll be back to take you on a good date later, for now…" Emerald said before he grabbed Maite's chin gently and pulled her in for a kiss for a moment to help her feel better while a Banana guard ran in with some bug milk.

"Uhh… got the milk." The Guard said as Maite felt relaxed from the kiss.

Emerald keeps this up for a minute while Marceline used the milk from the banana guard and made a portal nearby and tossed the bug milk onto it, though while it was made, no one noticed that the bug milk was a bit… out of date… but some expired bug milk won't cause issues right?

Though Emerald pulled away from the kiss and moved to get near Marceline and Lillum.

"Alright… time to say hello to my new in law it seems." Emerald said before he moved to walk towards the portal and when he did, he vanished from sight, followed by Lillum which left Marceline the only one behind for now with Maite and Azure, who kept quiet while she held Ben on her lap.

"Don't worry Maite. Not sure how long it'll be before you do your studying, but I'll make sure that my old man doesn't do anything to him." Marceline said.

Maite did look a bit better when she heard that and nods at Marceline.

"Alright… I trust you." Maite said while she smiles at Marceline with a trusting look in her eyes.

Marceline smirks before she cupped Maite's cheeks and leans in before kissing her lips.

Maite blushed from that though she quickly adapts and hugged Marceline while she made the kiss more intense to show she wouldn't be naive for long.

Marceline kept kissing Maite before pulling back.

"Expect more later on." She said while grinning.

Maite blushed before she nods cutely and watched Marceline enter the portal before it closed a moment later while Maite and Azure looked on while the guard picked up the carton and looked worried.

"Hope they get there alright, not sure if expired Bug milk would help but Marceline said to get it no matter what and I found this in the trash." The Guard said while Maite and Azure had wide eyes in no time flat.

"W-Wait… the milk was expired?!" Maite said.


A portal opened somewhere in the nightosphere and Emerald fell out of the portal with a groan when he lands on the ground hard.

"Oooohhh… talk about a painful landing…" Emerald muttered while he pushed himself to his feet and when he did… he saw he was in front of a human sized looking man… demon… thing… who looked surprised to see Emerald.

"Uh… hi… my name is Emerald… you uh… happen to know where Hunson Abadeer is?" Emerald said while the demon raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah… I'm Hunson human and why are you here?" The demon known as Hunson said which caused Emerald to get wide eyes and gulped.

"Oh boy… and from what I can tell… Marceline or Lillum is nowhere near me… oh crap I can feel my soul panicking right now." Emerald thought while he apparently got split up from Lillum and Marceline which he noticed after looking around once and found himself right in front of the freaking Ruler of the Nightosphere Hunson Abadeer while the scene fades to black.

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