Bubblegum's Creature Study @emerald
Chapter 18

The scene opened up to show TME while he was looking over last chapter.

"So Atomsk wants a Cedric centered chapter huh?... going to need to make sure he has a long enough plot for that, could fit in some minor Emerald moments as a word taker so we can hit the 25 page mark if needed…" TME said while he sipped some tea.

"Sounds like a plan man." Said a voice from behind.

TME got wide eyes and spat out his tea when he coughed and looked back to see Atomsk as a portal closed.

"Good grief man!... you trying to kill me!?" TME said while Emerald popped his head in.

"No but I have seen Atomsk here talking with some odd looking ninjas in case you go into your DME mode so… maybe in just in case moments?" Emerald said as he looks at Atomsk with a half lidded look.

Atomsk sweatdrops.


"Err… no problem… just better make sure your ninja's know its a high danger mission in case DME shows… anyway you remember what happened last time?, I'm looking up last chapter, Marceline and Emerald's kids were born, Emerald toured the new home for him, Marceline, and many other ladies with Cedric and Finn tagging along with Emerald and Marceline's parents like Hunson on Marceline's side and Nocturn and Helios… nuff said it ended with a lemon but Cedric and Finn left… think there was a dungeon mentioned so we could lead into that if its the dungeon train or something as a starter." TME suggests since the BCS story could go anywhere now… just needs some creatures to study next time to keep the story in its central theme.

"Hmmm… that could work as a start before anything." Atomsk said.

"Hey to be fair… easy cash for Cedric so he could pay for a date for Dr. P…. maybe enough of a nice moment to skip the first date moments and get to the fun part hehe." TME said while he had a method to his madness.

"Hehe, didn't say I have a problem with that." Atomsk said.

"Nice… however we have to do one important thing… one so important that it may make or break BCS from the title it has." TME said while he had a comiclaly serious look on his face.

"And what's that?" Atomsk said.

"Simple… we can have a Cedric heavy, Emerald light chapter here in case the cedric heavy part needs a bit more and could use filler… but… we need a creature next chapter for Emerald and the others to study… its called Bubblegum's creature study after all… maybe we could head to the Fire Kingdom for some creatures and maybe some Emerald X Phoebe thing?... cannot remember if we have Phoebe having a thing for Finn or Cedric but I do remember Emerald heading there and not getting burned at the Fire Kingdom so… eh?" TME said while he shrugged his arms a bit.

"Hehe, sounds like a plan. We can do that after this chap. This will be like… a break for the group." Atomsk said.

"Isn't that what last chapter was about with the tour heavy chapter and lemon for many?" Emerald said with an amused look.

"Still as long as we don't too many break chapters, we can have this one be a cedric heavy chapter but we need to foreshadow a creature that the group can study, can be in the candy kingdom or Fire Kingdom, but point is, as long as we do that and have AT MINIMUM 25 google doc pages… we can do anything here… well anything besides murder…" TME said while he looks dramatic before calming himself.

"Anyway dear readers, welcome and enjoy the 18th chapter of Bubblegum's creature studies." TME said as the scene shifts to Cedric and Finn while Cedric was destroying a crystal Ant.

Ooo/ Dungeon Train/ Finn, Cedric

After Cedric picked up some loot that looked like a fancy diamond bangle making Cedric pocket the item since he could gift it to Dr. Princess, he looked over to see Finn comically suplexing a random Boss adventurer who tried to kill them making the loot the mad adventurer appear after the boss vanished.

"Huh?, not kidding about the vanishing act… wonder if they died or just got booted from the Train." Cedric said when he moved to pick up a crystal ball that looked black in color as it lit up with fire surprising Cedric though it didn't burn him… when he tossed it, appeared in his hand again and when he pockets it, it didn't burn him… guess it was a item that returns to the user so magic free fireballs more or less… handy.

"No clue but hey, more prizes for us." Finn said.

"Yeah… should be profitable if we sell the lesser items here… anything interesting for you?" Cedric said when he saw a ring like item… too big for a finger and looked similar to something like what Lillum would use on a dick so maybe a magic cockring?... hard to say… Cedric pockets that so Lillum could look at it later.

"Oh yeah, got me this new sword that shoots ice and um… oh this ring that makes me invisible and let's see… huh a potion that lets me summon birds." Finn said.

"Huh… it have a label as a toss and shatter item or is it one where you drink and gain the ability to summon birds at anytime?... hard to tell with how random this place is." Cedric said while he summoned an enchanted bag he found so he could put all the sellable loot in the bag, he and Finn could split the cash 50/50 later once they were off the train..

"No kidding. Gotta make sure not to stay here too long or else we don't leave. Trust me on that." Finn said.

"Alright, lets finish one more car and fill this bag and we bolt." Cedric said while he showed Finn the bag and it was nearly full.

"Yeah sure. One more." Finn said though he felt giddy for a second.

Cedric noticed that and he was glad he wasn't so inclined to stay here like Finn… thanks to him having that kind of mentality different from Finn's after they got more loot after taking out the boss, Cedric was able to pull Finn from some monsters and Finn pants while Cedric sweatdrops after he and Finn jumped from the train.

"Guess that warning was for you than me… honestly you looked a bit… unhinged for a moment Finn." Cedric said while he held the full bag of loot on his shoulder.

Finn chuckled nervously.

"Sorry. It's the thrill of fighting and getting loot that gets you to do more."

"Maybe… for now we should head back so you can cool down, and with all this loot, even with selling most, can make a profit so I can show Dr. P a time she won't forget." Cedric said with a grin on his fanged face.

"Hehe, yeah. Congrats by the way. Always wondered when she would head out and meet someone." Finn said.

"Surprised you didn't try anything with her man, with how many injuries I heard you got, would figure aside from being a patient, you would ask her out… your loss is my gain though hehe, so any new ladies to meet on your end?" Cedric said while he starts to walk from the train with Finn in tow.

"Well… besides Huntress, did have fun with this other nymph name Sakura. Though I'm already bonded, she could be good for you or Emerald. I'm also seeing that mermaid girl, Delta." Finn said.

"Oh ho… well won't lie, those Mermaids are sexy, as for Sakura… would have to talk with her first before anything, one step at a time though, need to wow Dr. P first before I date other women, hehe, man I feel like one lucky wolfman." Cedric said when he pictured all the ladies in his life and smiles at the soon to be addon of Dr. P if possible.

"No kidding. I know the feeling after being with Huntress. I'm making sure I don't screw up just like… well when I dated Phoebe before." Finn said as he still remembered how things ended.

Cedric was quiet before he looks at Finn.

"Hey more fiery ladies in the lava sea so to speak, pretty sure with PB's help and Lillum's magical knowhow, could meet other women there at the fire kingdom… I mean before this it was just you mainly right?... well with the smarts of PB and the magical knowhow of Lillum, pretty sure you can break boundaries if not with the Queen of flames, maybe some other hot cuties." Cedric said while patting Finn on the back to cheer him up.

Finn blushes a bit.

"Well… Maybe. Phoebe and I maintained a good strong friendship for a while so who knows."

"Well careful… if you don't speak with Lillum soon on Phoebe… who knows, Emerald may get the Queen since out of the 3 of us… well last I checked he was able to heal from injuries but now he maybe so strong in recovery he could hold hands with the Queen of flames… things may not do well with you there if you don't act… if not, again no real loss… plenty of ladies in the elemental seas." Cedric said while he moved before Finn to get on a path that they had to go single file to get by.

"You're right. Can't cry if Phoebe doesn't want to start things again with me. Like you said plenty of ladies. But I can still try." Finn said.

"Hehe thats the spirit, maybe we could suggest a thing with Bubblegum on switching things up and learning about Fire Kingdom creatures and if Lillum can come up with a way to be fireproof or resistant… could even help scout out flaming cuties as well hehe." Cedric said as he and Finn went to the Candy Kingdom… when they got there they saw Azure walking with Angel towards a restaurant.

"Huh… is that Angel and Azure?... look like they are on a date." Finn said while he looks curious since a pairing like that rarely happens.

"Really?… well no problem here. I trust Azure. Maybe she's trying to get to know Angel considering things." Cedric said.

"Maybe, want to go say hi and stuff so we can let them know were back?" Finn suggests while he looks to see Azure pulling a seat out for Angel.

"Hmmm… couldn't see no harm." Cedric said before he and Finn got to the duo.

"Hey two. Guess who's back." Cedric said.

Azure and Angel look over and smile when they saw Cedric.

"Oh hey Cedric, glad you're back, been a few hours, how was the trip to that random train thingy you mentioned before leaving?" Azure said while she smiles at the duo.

"Oh it went good. Won some interesting prizes. Though I had to get Finn out quickly after the bag was full. He was getting a bit nuts." Cedric said.

Finn blushed from that while Angel giggles.

"Well hopefully Finn will calm down after a bit… got any souvenirs for us with that trip?" Angel said while Cedric hums.

"Maybe… the items in here are so random that some may not interest you… want to take a look?" Cedric said when he held the bag of loot for Azure and Angel to look in… though Cedric did pass the black crystal ball to Azure and it lit up like a fireball.

"Oh here, that could be helpful if you don't want to turn things to ash… thing returns to my hand when I toss it so think of it as a recyclable fireball with a kick with the crystal ball being a heavy weight." Cedric said when he points at the fireball crystal ball.

"Wow, well that's neat." Azure said.

She tossed it a bit far from her and it returned to her hand once it impacted and shattered on the ground fully intact, seems that if the crystal ball shattered, it would be repaired.

"Neat." Azure said while she looks amused.

"Hehe, yeah. Also found this weird ring like object. May need to have Lillum look at it. Anyway, whats new with you and Angel Azure?" Cedric said.

"Well since were sharing the same man, may as well try and get along with one another so I figured after taking Angel out on a date, I would make her sing in bed to top things off." Azure said with a smirk on her face.

Angel smirks.

"Unless I turn things around." She said making Cedric grin.

"Hehe. Would love to see my best gals do that."

"Well unfortunately you got a date with Dr. P planned, if you want to stop that though…" Azure said while Cedric quickly shook his head no.

"No, don't want to stood her up. Perhaps another time. Hope you two enjoy the date." Cedric said before he kissed the duo.

The two woman moan from that as Azure smirks when she smacked Cedric's ass making him jolt.

"Good luck making that Doctor your bitch hehe… try and make sure we have a personal doctor who can do alot… even making surprisingly intelligent positions for us to try out." Azure teased while she smirks at Cedric.

Cedric blushes a bit before smirking.

"Oh don't worry, once I wow her, she'll definitely want to stay with us." He said as Finn blushes when he heard this.

Angel chuckles when she saw this.

"Hehe, well Cedric, better get going before Azure makes some thoughts enter the human's head since he looks a bit worked up on his end." Angel said while she smirks at Cedric.

Finn jolts after hearing that which amuses Cedric.

"You're right. Maybe I'll help him meet a new lady if Huntress or that Jasmine woman aren't here." He said before kissing Azure and Angel again as he comically starts dragging Finn.

Azure chuckles when she looks at Angel.

"Hehe, looks like this would be comical moments to be… hopefully we won't have another Lich type moment for a long time… now… mind explaining how the Angelic monster woman would turn the tables on little ol me when I could make you squirm?" Azure said when she teased Angel when she used her foot to rub Angel's leg under the table.

Angel lightly jolts when she felt that before smirking.

"I could tell you…" She said before she raised her foot up.

"… but better to surprise you." Angel said before she starts rubbing Azure's crotch.

Azure jolts and lightly groans more… though she smirks as the waiter came by which distracted them.

"Pardon me, may I help you?, here are some menus if no one gave you any." the waiter said reminding the duo they were on a wholesome date for now.

This made Angel stop her actions.

"Thank you. I would like some tea please."

"Same here… with a diet soda as an extra… Angel and I will be ordering for real after we look at the menu." Azure said while the waiter nods.

"Very well." The Waiter said as he walked away… as Azure and Angel enjoyed their date, the scene wnet to Cedric as he was approaching the hospital after he sold and split his cash with Finn for a 50/50 split so he and Dr. P would have one hell of a date planned.

As Cedric got in, he approached to the receptionist.

"Yes?... how may I help you sir?... are you visiting a patient or do you need to see a doctor?" the Receptionist said while she looks curious.

"Well actually, I'm here to see if Dr. Princess is here. She and I have a date." Cedric said.

"I see… well I'll have to contact her to see if she is free, she does get patients at anytime so lives are more important than romance unless she is off the clock… can't work 24/7 after all." The receptionist said while she gave Cedric a serious look that lives matter more than romance in a hospital.

"Hey, no worries. I can understand her work is important. If she's busy, I can reschedule or help out. I did help fix the generator issue once." Cedric said.

"True, just let me check and… ah says here she is almost done with a surgery… penis lengthening one as well… before you make a crude joke no… doesn't involve anything sexual, some are not able to aford spells or use them given the princesses reluctance on magic here so some prefer to use science and pain killers… some people are not gifted so they need a bit of help to impress their partners." The receptionist said while giving Cedric a half lidded look… seems some made jokes about that and this irritated the receptionist a bit.

Cedric sweatdrops.

"Wasn't gonna say anything but regardless, I'll wait patiently for her."

"Good… my apologies for snapping, some are not as controlled as you." The receptionist said making Cedric smile… controlled… guess those… sessions with Rachel and her therapy helped Cedric immensely.

"Understandable. I've been down that road before but have been getting help to fix that." Cedric said.

"Well if this is you after the help you got than I'm glad it turned out well." The Receptionist said with a smile as Cedric went to sit nearby at on a chair while he was with his thoughts for a moment.

'Boy I'm really glad I met Rachel to help me through this. If I didn't… would've been a loner or worse… I could've looked like that twisted version of me that serves the Lich.'

This made Cedric shudder though that did make him think…

"Hmmm… wonder what he is doing now." Cedric thought while in some kind of cyberspace with Cynthia in a more digital form with her dress looking more digital… she watched as Lich Emerald and Lich Cedric destroy some kind of virus in Bubblegum's computer… seems a suggestion from Lich Emerald had her use the Lich versions of Emerald, and many others as firewall programs so they could prevent future errors in the holo room and more while Lich Cedric was silent as he rend a Virus before him in two with digitally themed spectral claws while Lich Emerald walked to him.

"Not bad… 5th high tier virus taken out." Lich Emerald said while he cracked his neck.

"Yup… some people can't stop the temptation of going to a site with bad malware." Lich Cedric said.

"Well with the proper ad blocker programs from certain browsers, simple to limit them, I could prevent them from coming entirely but considering Emerald talked me into a way to help you ease your guilt, may as well let you and the other Holo-people here in the Digital cyberspace made work to help keep this kingdom safe from hack attacks… we did have this odd virus who tried to get in… nice job locating them by the way Cedric, really helped us out." Cynthia said while she smiles gently at Lich Cedric.

Lich Cedric lightly bows his head.

"I make sure not to half ass the job."

"Now now, you have been doing well… maybe I should take the chance to reward you for your hard work… you and Emerald both?... still I'm worried since there is an Emerald hologram who hasn't been recalled… if you remember Cedric, there should have been a cloaked Emerald who didn't join in the battle… you remember him?" Cynthia said when she smirks at Cedric teasingly but… got serious when that abnormality was mentioned.

"Oh I do. Not sure why he's not back given his program… could be after the Vampire Queen… for a different reason." Lich Cedric said.

"Why not go after Marceline now?" Cynthia said as Lich Emerald chipped in.

"Probably because of the real Emerald and his powers… no matter how strong this oddity is, Emerald is abnormal in that he absorbed the Amulet of the Nightosphere, even if this odd version of the real Emerald was made to… punish Marceline if I remember hearing Cedric mention once, he may not be idiotic, or could be waiting for when Marceline's kids were born… or could be other factors… point is Marceline made him so only she and you would know the real details… is that Emerald truly evil?" Lich Emerald said while Cynthia shook her head.

"No… just… odd in how he ignored my commands to return even after I regained control… I respect choices since to me, you and Cedric here are as real as I am in cyberspace or the real world with the hard light projections allowing us to go to the real world to interact with it… I have my eyes on him but all he is doing is just wondering around the Kingdom and nothing else… like a spectre without a purpose…" Cynthia said while she looks thoughtful before shaking her head.

"Still he is not trying to cause issues yet so all I can do is just keep an eye on him, if he does anything I'll send you guys as a last resort and what not." Cynthia said while she looks at Lich Emerald and Lich Cedric with a trusting look in her eyes.

"As you command it, I will follow your orders." Lich Cedric said.

"Same with me, if not for the Holo room and your generosity, Cedric and I may not even be here so if you require anything from us, please ask." Lich Emerald said while Cynthia smirks.

"Well… considering things… why don't we head to my home and… I give my reward to the two of you… thanks to all the data I gathered I rather enjoy rewarding my eager subordinates." Cynthia said while she walked from Lich Cedric and Lich Emerald with swaying hips.

Lich Cedric watched for a moment.

"I believe a break won't destroy us."

"Maybe… though with how eager Milady is… may need a recovery program for a broken pelvis." Lich Emerald said with an amused look on his face as he walked from Lich Cedric.

Lich Cedric though didn't show a reaction as he follows Lich Emerald.

Road of forgiveness is not an easy path.

As this happened, Cedric took 15 to 20 minutes to wait for Dr. P to show up as he waits in the lobby while patting his hips a few times to an invisible beat.

It took a moment before Dr. Princess finally walked out and sees Cedric.

"Hello Cedric." Dr. P said with a smile.

"Hey there Dr. P… sorry if I'm interrupting that… surgery of yours." Cedric said while he tried to be classy about this Penis lengthening surgery.

Dr. P can tell Cedric was being classy.

"No worries. The surgery was a success. Sorry if I kept you waiting." Dr. P said.

"Great, want to head out for our date?... got a gift for you as well after a dungeon dive of sorts." Cedric said while he moved to reach in his pocket and pulled out the jeweled bangle for Dr. P and passed it to her.

Dr. P was surprised at the gift before smiling at the wolfman.

"I love it. As for our date, I don't have any other surgery so we can go now."

"Great, follow me, while I was waiting, I called around and got lucky with a date at a restaurant near here." Cedric said while he moved to hold Dr. P's hand and smiles kindly at her.

Dr. P did blush at the gesture before she grabs Cedric's hand.

After the duo left the hospital and walk towards a restaurant, Cedric and Dr. P enter the restaurant and after a small talk Cedric was sitting before Dr. P while they were waiting for their orders.

"You know I'm glad that we were able to go on a date today, with how hectic things were, honestly I'm just glad to have a peaceful moment here." Cedric said while he rubs his head.

"I agree. The whole thing with those holograms was one of them but glad everyone made it out okay. Especially you after hearing about the arrow thing." Dr. P said.

"Hehe, well thanks to Ursula with a healing spell, didn't get any lasting damage, otherwise I may have had to retire from taking an arrow to the knee unless Bubblegum used something to help me get places." Cedric said while Dr. P looks amused.

"Really?... pretty sure the arrow would have to go a bit higher to make you retire with how many female women you fool around with." Dr. P said with a teasing smirk on her face.

Cedric also smirk.

"Perhaps… though it was a good thing my ex came to the rescue and knew healing magic. Won't lie, seeing her… brought back some… memories but… it's all good now."

"I see… I heard about her a bit… aside from you helping her, you OK with seeing her in the Kingdom?" Dr. P said while she remembered hearing that Ursula was wanting to work with Bubblegum in the Creature study job and stuff.

Cedric was quiet.

"Well truthfully… it's Bubblegum's call and Ursula did save me but… she and I have not yet bury the hatchet even if I'm being the bigger person. But I won't lash out or attack."

"I see… well hopefully you two can make up and stuff… doubt you two would hook up given what she did but you consider the possibility she may try hooking up with Emerald or other women around you?" Dr. P said while she sipped some tea.

Cedric was thoughtful.

"It's possible for Emerald… granted I haven't seen her lately. But if Ursula changed, then I wish her the best if she sees someone."

"I see… let's make sure things go well than in wishing them luck in case Emerald and Ursula do hook up… still considering the leftover issues, may want to talk things out more and maybe hash things out… don't want any lingering issues, after all if Bubblegum does hire her, she may have you two work together so better to try and make sure no issues would happen." Dr. P said while she used her logic to points out the possibility of that happening… better to settle things now soon after the date than later with possible issues.

Cedric was quiet for a bit.

"You're right. Better to do it now. But later since I'm having a date with a beautiful and smart doctor."

"*Giggle*... well hopefully after this date this… smart doctor can do a good up close inspection to make sure her date is healthy before the day is over…" Dr. P flirts back while smirking at Cedric's wagging tail.

Cedric smirks.

"Well then, I'm your good hands." He said before he picked up Dr. P's hand and kissed it.

Dr. P smiles and blushed more and after the well paid for meal with to go bags, the duo exit the restaurant with Dr. P burping while she covered her mouth.

"Oh pardon me, didn't expect to eat that much." Dr. P said as Cedric comically burped as well and chuckles when he rubs his head.

"Well what can we say, good eats, shows we ate well." Cedric said though as the group walked, the duo ran into Ursula and more interestingly enough, the three Armored Banana guard women Cedric had fun with and they saw him.

"Yo Cedric, nice to see you, hows the date?" Ursula said while she waved a bit.

"Hello Ursula. It's going well." Cedric said before looking at the banana trio.

"How you three doing?" He said with a smile.

The trio giggle while Ursula chuckles.

"Well they are doing well from what I hear, after what they did with you and Azure on that Harpy mission, they were assigned as guides and helpers for test takers… I'm actually about to go get an interesting… sample from a unique pick Bubblegum suggested and wanted me to bring back… well one of three its just this one is a bit more high on the list of creatures I can have fun with… want to join you two?... could be fun… and very informative for you Dr. P since this has to do with Finn as well… ever hear of a Candy Sphinx?, more specifically Stormo?" Ursula said while she grins at the duo.

The duo blinks a bit.

"I have but… isn't he still battling Golidad?" Dr. P said.

"Ehhh… not quite… you see Bubblegum explained to me in a dumbed down of a way as I could understand… she technically freed the two from their battle, nuff said they were exhausted from mentally battling for years and when Bubblegum saw that, issues with Goliad or not, she had to help, hey Bubblegum made the duo so couldn't help but worry for their health, so she made a way to help communicate with the duo while they were in the middle of their fight, convinced them to stand down, and as long as Goliad Royal promised, vocally when she woke, that she would no longer try and take over the Candy Kingdom and also not force people into her mind controlled clutches, Bubblegum would help the duo out in trying to live life not battling 24/7… couldn't blame her for doing that, I mean not only did two creations duke it out mentally for years, they never had time to grow and mature so she with the help of Lillum, gave them a new ability to take humanoid forms and back to their Sphinx state at will and Bubblegum let them go with a few more Candy Sphinx's as companions with similar shifting abilities… apparently Lillum had to summon a creature from her world to help with this and it went with them on Lillum's orders to keep an eye on them for a bit since this creature was immune to Goliad's mind powers to some extent so this is not only a checkup, but to see how well Candy Sphinx's can mate… nuff said I got my eye on the technical son of Finn hehe… and with the humanoid forms, maybe you could help with bonus points and see how well Goliad can have fun and stuff?... same to you Dr. P… Bubblegum may have made them but getting a close up look to examine them in case you need to heal them… good for a field study right?" Ursula said while she smirks at Cedric and Dr. P.

The duo were surprised again.

"Well… I do have an oath to help anyone in need of healing." Dr. P said.

"Well hopefully its not that serious of a trip… nuff said its mainly just a visit and fuck moment while getting some details on how they are doing, depending on what happenes, could bring a Sphinx or two back so they could be integrated into the Candy Kingdom society… they are intelligent beings after all, not wild animals." Ursula said before looking to see how Cedric would respond.

Cedric was thoughtful for a moment.

"Well me and Dr. P are still on a date… if it's okay with her, maybe we can help."

"Oh I don't mind, could think of it as a continuation of the date and who knows… in case those Sphinxes have trouble… reproducing… maybe we could give a demonstration before them." Dr. P said with a teasing smirk on her face as Ursula laughs.

"HAHAHA!... I like you, you're a live wire or something I bet." Ursula said when she grins at Dr. P.

Cedric light sweatdrops as Dr. P chuckles.

"Well I hardly ever go out due to the job. That is until after meeting this hunky wolfman."

This made Cedric blush from this and in no time, after getting Bubblegum's permission with going along with Ursula, with some added protection in a couple items made by Lillum and by Emerald when he was contacted… nuff said in case things go FUBAR, well for the mind control issue, Lillum gave a summoning seal to Cedric and Ursula just in case and for Dr. P and the female Banana guard trio, they gained a seal to summon Emerald, with his permission of course but only for emergencies, a last resort in case Goliad of all beings try anything funny.

As the group walk along the grasslands, Dr. P looks at Ursula.

"So… where do they live?" Dr. P said while Ursula hums and pulled out a map.

"Well… says here they normally live near the Ice Kingdom and occasionally a few were spotted at the ruined treefort and even a couple in Emerald's village, but thats because its a REALLY recent event type thing like a couple days ago… apparently some Sphinxes got separated from the herd and humans found them… nuff said they were taken care of and when the parents came by, the kids returned so seeing this, some Sphinxes either live there or just visit for a few days, helping out with odds and ends, the place were going to is near the Ice Kingdom though… Candy Sphinxes like the cool weather but not too cool so they just live near the border." Ursula said while she points at a mark on the map between the human village and the ice Kingdom.

Cedric was thoughtful as he looks at the map.

"So judging by the area, we might see a house or something."

"Maybe, Sphinxes are not quite the house living beings, especially Goliad and Stormo since they are like the first generation types… granted with their powers could make a home but for most, wouldn't expect much." Ursula said though when they got to the border of the Ice Kingdom…

"Whoa… OK I need to shut up because I seem to be wrong in so many ways." Ursula said when she and the others saw not a simple place like even a small town in case the sphinxes wanted a home… but a full blown kingdom made of metal and stone… granted the construction going on here or there showed it was still a work in progress but with how some Sphinxes used their psychockentic powers, for the older ones anyway, it was simple to make walls and bend metals with their minds and carry things with their arms in their biped mode… nuff said the Candy Sphinxes had well… sphinx like bodies with varying head shapes like Goliad had a oval like head and Stormo had a more rectanguar one somewhat… some even had more cone or triangle shaped heads to boot… though when they saw one take a more biped form they looked almost human with sphinx like traits and a closed eye on their forehead… though many blushed when they saw that all the sphinxes either went fully nude or just wore loincloths… mainly the ones leaving town and with females, cloth bras for decencies sake for kids of other kingdoms.

Cedric whistled.

"Wow… did not expect that." He said as Dr. P and the banana trio were surprised.

"Yeah… lets see where Goliad and Stormo are and see what they are doing." Dr. P said though as they walk to the main gate of the Sphinx kingdom from seeingly mainly Sphinxes, they were stopped by a couple guards… literally when they all froze in place.

"Halt, who goes there in King Stormo and Queen Goliad's domain." The Sphinx guard said while using a third eye to levitate the group towards him and he had crossed arms when he was in a biped mode while everyone could speak so Ursula did the talking.

"W-We are here… to study Candy Sphinx's and check in on Goliad and Stormo… B-Bubblegum sent us!" Ursula said while the Sphinx guard raised an eyebrow and after scanning Ursula's mind, he nods and sets them down.

"Very well, considering you work directly under our grand creator who created our rulers, you are welcome here, cause trouble though and you will be quickly evicted, Lady Goliad and King Stormo are planning on registering this Kingdom soon so issues will not be tolerated… and yes though they are technically created one after the other by Bubblegum, Stormo clarified that no DNA of Lady Bubblegum's was used in his making so no Wolf Kin, there is no Incest here… they are mated though since out of all Sphinx's here, they are the strongest and Lady Goliad is already expecting an heir." The Sphinx guard said making Cedric jolt big time when he had his mind read.

"Whoops… thanks for the clarification and I'll make sure to keep my mind to myself." Cedric said.

"Unlikely in this Kingdom unless you have protection… many like to read minds for fun so expect your mind to be blown by kids occasionally when they blurt out your deepest secrets… the young like to pry and some do it accidentally when they first get their powers… and yes miss Ursula, got everyones names already by the way, many here do have sex and share mates but its consensual or by challenge in mental battle… physical battles are so barbaric… mental battles are good for showing that a mental powered mate is capable of thinking outside the box and than some… also Lady Frya, the Sex hound that Milady Lillum had to supervise Lady Goliad and Lord Stormo lives with them, you'll seem more later so I won't keep you more… enjoy the soon to be hopelyoffical Sphinx Kingdom and remember, your minds are not safe to any here, especially the kids." The guard said when he gestured for the group to enter.

"Oh dear… this will be awkward." Dr. P said.

"Yeah… wish Bubblegum made a helmet that repels mind reading." Cedric said.

"Well no helping it now, we can just ask for something like that in the future… for now lets get going." Ursula said while she and the others walked by the Sphinx guard… as they did so and look around… they saw that the place was insanely well made from simple homes to even large buildings made in pre-mushroom war style… they saw many kids run around with adult Sphinx's either in biped form or four legged form walk by and again, similar body shape in quadriped form but with various styled heads… as they walked by a group of Sphinx's a female in a biped form with a cute looking human like head smirks at Cedric… she was fully nude.

"Why sir that is rather inappropriate of you to think… I know I have a nice ass but try and keep that thought to a more private setting…" The Sphinx woman said before she winked at Cedric teasingly as she walked from him with swaying hips.

Cedric jolts when he was caught in his thoughts which made Ursula laugh a bit.

As this happened, a male smirks at Ursula in passing.

"Oh my dear you really shouldn't think like that, yes we are nude but imagining many males in those ways is rather distracting… not our fault our culture doesn't work with many clothing… though I do appreciate the thought… I am however a happily mated Sphinx though if we run into one another again, maybe we can talk." The male Sphinx said as he left… he wasn't bad looking and had a large wang to match as Ursula blushed when Cedric laughs a bit when Ursula had her mind read.

Just then a bunch of sphinx kids were running and one of them spoke up to one of the banana ladies.

"You're in love with the wolf man there?"

This made the Banana guard woman blush brightly as she looks to Cedric, thanks to Cedric being distracted, he never noticed so the Banana woman and her friends quickly ran after Cedric while the kid giggles as the group quickly got to the Castle… when they got inside, they were escorted to the throne room and well…. They saw… Finn and Bubblegum?... no… they looked like the duo sure but with the bipedial traits Bubblegum gave them, add on the fact that Stormo is pretty much Finn's son and Goliad is Bubblegum's daughter, they looked exactly like them but with Sphinx like traits though Stormo had a beak still on his mouth while Goliad smiles at the group… and… they were fully nude showing their nude forms though Stormo and Goliad has crowns on their heads.

"Greetings everyone, I see you came here on Bubblegum's orders." Goliad said while she read everyone's minds in an instant showing she was more than the other Sphinx's outside.

"That's correct, your highnesses." Cedric said as he lightly bows.

"Hehe, please no need to bow, you're here on Mother's orders even if they are… peculiar… granted with the news about what happened to the Candy Kingdom recently and the fact that other events happened, would make sense she doesn't know about this kingdom's current situation… hehe, may as well surprise her when Stormo and I show up at the royal meetings to make the Sphinx kingdom official…. And yes Ursula, I know I Royal promised no to take over the Candy Kingdom and force people into my servitude and stuff… never promised to make my own kingdom and have the other Sphinxes be my subjects… was rather easy though given my control of power and add the fact they already saw my mate and I as Alpha's amongst the others." Goliad said while she rolls her eyes when she could read Ursula's head about that… unlike Finn, Jake, and Bubblegum they were not even trying to hide their thoughts.

Ursula shut her mouth on that as Dr. P clears her throat.

"Congratulations on a thriving Kingdom."

"Thank you, my Mate and I along side others used our powers to help make this city you see before you, was simple to alter molecular bonds to make certain materials in no time like metals and what not for housing, honestly I'm glad mother gave me a brain like hers, easy to make something out of almost nothing if you know how to do it… oh and yes I don't mind getting examined to see if my child is OK… though considering the reason you're here, I don't mind if my mate and I have fun with you all… right Stormo?" Goliad said as Stormo sqawks though he cleared his throat and gave a mental thought to all.

"My apologize… habit sometimes… a lack of normal lips makes it hard for me to talk so I learned how to communicate with others with my mind… so yes while you can come here with protection against mind readers, unless you have an interpreter, I suggest taking such things off unless you want to hear me squawk a lot." Stormo mentally said to everyone while he looks a little amused.

The group blinks a bit.

"Right… we'll try not to piss anyone off here." Cedric said.

"Oh don't worry, many here understand an unguarded mind is one that doesn't mean a true insult unless its specifically directed at another knowingly… we have laws against intentional insults and stuff mentally… oh and yes while my mate does look nice wolf kin… please try and keep your mind clear… you're getting me and my guards a bit worked up at the images your thinking off… I know she looks a lot like Milady Bubblegum but we're not in a bedroom yet." Stormo said when he looks amused when he and many guards had erections when Cedric's mind had images of him fucking Goliad as hard as he could with Goliad giggling when Ursula and Dr. P blush when they saw how massive Stormo is.

"Hehe, yes my mate is gifted… not only thanks to Finn but from mother making him a bit… more…" Goliad said when Stormo had a cock that beat many Sphinx in size… 13 inches and 3 in width… hell even Emerald didn't match normally so this was a record breaker.

The females blush more as Cedric clears his throat.

"Okay. Tease aside, do we get like a tour of this place?"

Stormo squaks as Goliad speaks.

"Of course, if you would please follow us we can give a small tour before we… help with this study of yours… and depending on things we could send some people back with you if you do well in pleasing us." Goliad said as she and Stormo stand… Stormo looked like physical perfection of a bipedial sphinx with a large cock, balls, and a long tail while Goliad had a figure matching Bubblegum's to a T, nice ass and breasts and all… she had a long cat like tail with a bit of a pregnacy belly showing she was well into her pregnacy right now and as the group followed Goliad, she teased Cedric a bit when she swayed her hips making her ass sway in turn to really work Cedric up.

Cedric blushes when he saw but he tried to keep his mind pure.

Which didn't work obviously.

Goliad looks back at Cedric and smirks when she knew what he was thinking and winked at him when she walked a bit faster making her juicy ass sway more in Cedric's view.

As this happened Goliad brought the group to one room.

"Welcome to the dining room, we have many meals here, occasionally we remove the table and have some relaxing moments with my Mate taking me and many males on with a few female maids… willingly of course… sometimes by force with guests though they try and either try to kill my Wife or try and kidnap kids here to either brainwash… or worse… nuff said in the simplest terms… mess with us and we break you physically and mentally… I was made after Finn so letting the bad guys get away is not in my vocabulary yet I'm not a hero type fully… more of a king now trying to help his people so sometimes have to make questionable calls." Stormo said while he had a angered look in his eyes as Goliad nuzzles her head on Stormo's neck in a comforting way.

"Well we would never do anything like that." One of the banana ladies said.

"Oh we know, main reason why I'm not giving issues with this wolf man here wanting to put a litter in my wife after she gives birth… maybe open in relationships but were not that open unless the situation demands it." Stormo said while giving Cedric an amused look.

Cedric was now embarrassed as Ursula laugh.

"Man Cedric. Wonder how sis would think if she saw this."

"Well I can assure you if anything did happen with Cedric and Goliad… should be fair if I do the same to one of his women… with consent of course though until one of the ladies agree, maybe hard for me to keep calm if this wolf man impregnates my mate behind my back… still not going to happen for awhile since she is carrying my young… we may have had issues but to put it in ways that this Wolfman will understand…" Stormo said as he gripped Goliad's ass making her jolt.

"This is my bitch and I'm the Alpha here… so try and watch it otherwise I may challenge you in impregnating your women… and considering how equipped I am… pretty sure that will be simple given how virile Milady Bubblegum made me." Stormo said while his cock grew erect and smirks a bit with his beak when Dr. P and Ursula blush a bit with the Banana guard lady trio doing the same.

Cedric made sure to stay calm.

"M-Message received."

"Good… though to mean no harm between us, I don't mind if my Mate takes you to the bedchamber occasionally or visits you or others… just remember that if you knock her up… I knock a bitch of yours up… plain and simple… I don't start things… I finish them like when I stalemated my Wife… or knocked her up in the end after a number of mating sessions that broke a few beds… now come we should continue the tour, for Ursula, she may enjoy the armory we have here, though a bit lacking given our power over reality with our minds, in case of issues like counters against said powers we do have backups just in case." Stormo said while he rubs Goliad's back making her hum and giggle a bit at what Stormo said.

"Hehe, better be on your toes then Cedric."

Ursula said.

Cedric had a half lidded look.

"Make sure you guard your ass Ursula."

"Hehe, that an invitation Cedric because if so… may as well be the naughty kitty to mess with you more." Ursula said when she looks amused as she followed Stormo to the Armory with Goliad and the others following.

Cedric was taken back from that before he tries to think calmly.

'Don't fall for it Cedric. She's the very girl that betrayed you.'

As the group continues onward, they passed by many rooms, the entire place looked high tier among castles they saw, and when they got to the Main bedroom for Stormo and Goliad… Stormo smirks when he and Goliad looks at the group.

"Well everyone, how was the tour?, any questions before we get to the real meaning of your visit?" Stormo said while he looks at everyone.

"Well I have one, what made you chose the border of the ice kingdom?" Ursula said.

"Well in a nutshell its far from the Fire Kingdom so we won't have issues with them, not like we would have issues making peace talks with them but given the rumors we heard about some people there still being evil even with a good Queen, we restricted travel there until the meeting offically happens so we can talk with the Queen of flames personally, also we need to learn the flame shield spell so we won't worry about getting burned, we didn't move near the human village since my grandmother Minerva lives there and I respect the fact she wants humans to be comfortable there, mind reading Sphinxes would unnerve many humans there since most are not like my father Finn, as for here personally… well in winter times we can move a bit to a warmer town we can make with the humans so we can work to have humans integrated with Sphinx culture and as for why here in summer… well the Ice Kingdom being this close makes things stay comfortable so geologically its a great place to live… and yes while I'm related to Finn I was also made by Milady Bubblegum to be intelligent so no offense to my father I'm much more intelligent than him." Stormo said while he crossed his arms though sweatdrops at the end.

"Sounds reasonable. Given the logical sense." Cedric said.

"Indeed, anything else?" Stormo asked while he had a serious look on his face.

"Hmmm… nope I'm good." Ursula said.

"Good… lets decide who goes to who and we can start this… Ursula to me most likely, my mate with Cedric, Dr. Princess with my mate and Cedric… as long as my mate doesn't mind, I can also take the three Banana guard women if they are interested." Stormo said while he smirks at the three Banana guard women trio.

The trio blushes as Cedric shrugs.

"Well it's their call to make. I don't own them or anything."

"Fair enough… so ladies… want to Join Ursula and I?" Stormo said and while the three Banana guard women nod their heads vigorously… as they start to undress… well one of them said this when a tearing sound was heard.

"Uh oh." the third women with Lillum's summoning seal was heard as the seal was activated, a moment later, Lillum appeared while she looks concerned.

"OK whats wrong?, I was busy helping Bubblegum with a project and my summoning symbol was activated." Lillum said when she looks around but looks confused when nothing seemed off.

"Huh?" Lillum said when she looks confused while a few look at the accident causing Banana guard woman as she chuckles nervously.

"S-Sorry Lillum. Called you by mistake as we were about to do… something." One of the banana ladies said.

"Oh…. I see… well glad the summoning worked and… oh… hey Stormo, Goiliad… nice to see you two again… very much nice to see you two." Lillum said when she smirks as she looks at the nude duo lustfully.

Goliad giggles.

"Good to see you as well, Lillum. We just gave them the tour of the kingdom."

"Kingdom?... wow guess that explains the fancy room I'm in… didn't expect this when I helped you and Stormo get bipedial forms, oh and looks like your well on your way to having a kid… congratulations Stormo, know if its a boy or girl yet?" Lillum asked while she moved to hug Goliad and Stormo in congratulations.

The duo returns the hug.

"Don't know yet but we want it as a surprise." Stormo said.

"Hehe, fair enough… so… since I'm here, mind if I join in?... honestly with Stormo's cock poking my hip its hard to resist." Lillum said while Stormo chuckles nervously.

"Hehe, sorry, mind of its own." Stormo said while Goliad giggles.

"We would love for you to join us Lillum, you can have fun with my mate or with me and Cedric here." Goliad said.

"Hmmm… maybe… I'll stick with your hunk of a mate while you have fun with Dr. P and Cedric… maybe you could help Cedric with pleasing Dr. P by mind reading her kinks and putting them in Cedric's head for starters?" Lillum suggests with a smirk on her face..

Goliad smirks at Lillum.

"Oh nice idea. If anyone else wants to join Cedric is your call." She said before smirking at one banana lady that likes him.

The Banana lady blushed as she held a hand up.

"M-Mind if I join in with Cedric?" The Banana guard woman said with a blush on her face.

Cedric blinks a bit before smiling.

"If you want to sure."

The banana guard woman blushed more as Lillum smirks.

"Well than, guess we should start the fun…" Lillum said when the scene went to show Lillum and Ursula licking Stormo's cock and he groans while he used his fingers on the other two Banana guard women's pussies.

Both banana ladies groan from this action as Ursula uses her scratchy tongue on Stormo's cock.

As Stormo hums from the feeling… on Cedric's end, he was getting his cock licked by Dr. P and Goliad from the sides while the Banana guard woman sucked the head of his cock a bit, her body made it hard for her to join in some positions.

Cedric groans for a moment before he pets the trios heads which caused them to blush while Goliad eye smiles at Cedric.

Dr. P and the Banana guard woman blushed from this as the Banana guard women sucked Cedric's cock harder and faster when she felt him throbbing in her mouth while his balls throb in Goliad and Dr. P's mouths until…

Cedric growls as he throws his head back and climaxed inside the Banana woman's mouth.

The Banana woman, expecting this worked to drink as much sperm as she could get while Goliad and Stormo worked to suck Cedric's balls harder to help him climax more.

This made Cedric's orgasm get stronger for a moment before he finally taps off.

The banana woman hums as she savor the taste of the wolfman's cum.

After Cedric tapped off, the Banana guard woman pulled her head back and swallowed the load in her mouth while Goliad looks amused.

"Tasty huh?... shame you didn't share… well more for me and Dr. P when we have fun with his cock one on one… maybe Dr. P getting eaten out while I ride his cock since you lubed it up." Goliad said while she smirks at the Banana guard woman.

The banana woman blushes after hearing that before a moment later, Dr. Princess was getting her pussy eating out by the banana woman.

Dr. P groans when she felt that as she sat on the Banana guard woman's face… as this happened Goliad smirks when she looks down at Cedric while his cock was iron hard and points at her.

"Hehe, you look pretty eager Cedric… ready to fuck my royal pussy?" Goliad said while she smirks at Cedric teasingly.

Though Cedric blushes, he did smirk.

"I think you already know that."

"Good…" Goliad said when she summoned her third eye and smirks when she made Cedric floats with her powers and after she spreads her legs, she groans when Cedric's cock penetrates her deeply.

"Because I'll be showing you a whole new meaning of mind fuck when I make you fuck me hard." Goliad said before she moans when she had Cedric's body lower and lift in the air aggressively to have Cedric's cock penetrate her again and again.

Cedric was greatly surprised by this as he was groaning a few times.

As Goliad groans more, she smirks at Cedric while she used a hand to rub his chest and tightened her folds on Cedric's cock while she enjoyed the look on Cedric's face since Goliad was pretty much using him like her sex toy.

'F-Fuck… this is so different but… nice… maybe I should get a sphinx in my harem later on.' Cedric thought.

This reminds Cedric about that Sphinx woman from earlier, nuff said this made Cedric worked up more while Goliad smirks when she read that memory easily and made her lift and Lower Cedric in the air while his cock went into her folds more and more until…

Cedric growls as he grinds his teeth before climaxing a bit hard in Goliad.

Goliad moans when she felt that and came hard on Cedric's cock while sperm leaked from her pussy lips around Cedric's cock.

Cedric groans more as he continues to climax before he finally taps off.

After this happened, Cedric was moved to lay on the bed while Goliad smirks when she looks down at Cedric as sperm dripped from her pussy.

"Hehe, well that was fun… maybe I should let you take control for a round." Goliad said when she smirks at Cedric while she had a hand on her hip.

Cedric lightly chuckles.

"Well, your pussy did feel good."

"Bet my ass would feel better… your memories tells me that it looks just like Mother's… so should feel as good as mothers if those moments you had with her in your head are any indication…. Hope you like doggystyle since I do like that position." Goliad said when she licks her lips at Cedric when she moved to get on all fours and shook her large tempting ass at the wolf man.

This made Cedric feel very excited as he gets up and gets behind the altered Candy Sphinx before grabbing her hips.

Goliad licks her lips and shook her relaxed ass before Cedric to tease him into acting.

And act he did before Cedric forced his cock inside Goliad's ass before groaning from how tight it is.

Goliad moans when she felt this and relaxed her ass more on Cedric's cock so he would enjoy it more.

After a moment of adjusting, Cedric starts thrusting his cock in and out of Goliad's ass.

Goliad groans and moans from this and as this happens, Stormo on his end looks at the four women.

"Well ladies… considering I have been warmed up… anyone want to go first in the fun?" Stormo said while he stroked his slickened cock.

Ursula grins at Stormo.

"I'll take you on."

Stormo smirks when Ursula points her ass at him while shaking it.

"Very well… just in case since my cock is rather massive… want a safe word?" Stormo said while he moved to aim his cock at Ursula's folds.

Ursula chuckles.

"Sure. Let's go with… Apples."

"Alright… Apples it is." Stormo said before he gripped Ursula's ass and slowly forced his cock inside of her stretching her folds greatly as a result.

Ursula groans as she didn't expect how big Stormo's cock was as she took it in nonetheless.

Once Stormo got his cock deep enough to hit Ursula's cervix, he waits for a moment for her to adjust to his cock.

After a bit, Ursula calmed down a bit before she looks back at Stormo.

"Y-You can start."

Stormo nods before he thrusts his hips and his cock barraged Ursula's pussy in no time, making Ursula moan and groan with a fucked up look on her face while Lillum and the two Banana guard women look on.

"W-Wow. She's already enjoying it." Said one banana person.

"Y-Yeah… and it looks like Stormo is barely trying." The other said while Lillum smirks.

"Well considering I got Stormo's virginity when he got that form, he was really intense, honestly its amusing how much he is holding back." Lillum said when she had an amused look.

Urusula to groan and moan loud as she begs Storm to fuck her more.

Stormo didn't argue with her as he growls lowly when he fucked Ursula harder while his balls swing with each thrust, he even smacked Ursula on the ass a few times to mess with her.

Ursula groans very loud from that action which lightly brought Cedric's attention when he noticed his ex in that predicament.

Honestly it brought up a bit of a irked feeling from him when this reminded him of that moment when Ursula cheated on him though before his thoughts could consume him… Goliad looks amused when she used her powers to speak in his head.

"Hey, thought we were having fun, no need for downer thoughts like that with your cock in my ass." Goliad thought in Cedric's head reminding him he was fucking Goliad right now.

"R-Right… Sorry." Cedric mentally said as he went back to fucking Goliad harder.

Goliad groans when she felt that and tightened her ass on Cedric's cock when she enjoyed her ass getting fucked harder and faster as time went on… same with Ursula as she moans and yowls a bit from how hard Stormo was dominating her… so much so that Ursula throws her head back and moans when she came hard on Stormo's cock while Goliad groans when she came on Cedric's with the ass of Goliad and Ursula's pussy trying to milk the respective cocks inside of them.

Said duo growls as they creampie their respective partner's holes, pussy with Ursula, Ass with Goliad.

Though Cedric was making sure to focus his thoughts on the Candy Sphinx Queen.

Goliad moans when she felt this and she smirks when she used her powers to make Cedric's hips thrust hard enough to have him knot her ass while also messing with his head to make his orgasm stronger to ball throbbing levels of strong.

And stronger it did as Cedric let's out more cum before he finally taps off including Stormo as well with Ursula.

After this happened, Goliad used her powers to force Cedric's cock to shrink when she used powerful pressure on the knot making him cum for a moment more as Cedric's cock was freed and Goliad smirks when she looks back at Cedric while sperm leaked from her ass.

"Not bad… maybe not to Stormy's level of load but not bad…" Goliad said with a teasing smirk on her face.

Cedric blushes a bit felt a bit irked but knew Stormo was better.

"T-Thanks. Though seems I need to get better and… sorry if I was… distracted." He said.

Goliad looks amused when she read Cedric's thoughts like an open book.

"Oh don't worry, for a normal person you have more than what most would say for normal loads for your kind… honestly anymore and I may have puked up sperm since you fucked my ass well to make it gap a bit… Stormo was just made to a higher level with Lillum and Mother helping him and I get better forms… sometimes a bit too much but you know what they say, too much, too little, just right, those kind of sayings… so honestly a nice fuck… as for the distraction… why not just get some angry sex with Ursula and just deal with the issues you have with her?... you remember your talking with a mind reader on par or maybe surpassing a Succubus right?" Goliad said while Lillum looks amused.

"Consider I mind fucked you into submission when you tried to dominate me, better hope you don't put a Royal like me as a normal Sex demon hehe." Lillum said while Goliad blushed a bit but kept quiet as she looks at Cedric.

Cedric was quiet.

"Well… I want to bury the hatchet with Ursula but… I still feel… angry for the betrayal and to be honest… I do want payback."

"Well whats stopping you?... pretty sure unless you work out your issues you won't be able to work with her period… I pretty much betrayed Mother so to speak yet here I am with my own kingdom and with my own king… Mother and I worked out our issues when Stormo and I were freed so why not you and that Ursula woman?... in a sense, you should be thanking her… before you get angry… think of this… if she didn't do what she did, you probably wouldn't be with Azure, that therapist, the Doctor here, those three Banana guard women, and so much more with the job you have that allows you to have fun with women like me that you just fucked up the ass… work out your issues and just focus on the good stuff, no one is forcing you to do anything now, I probably would have tried something but that was a younger me, now, I'm just trying to give some guidance now that I have some perspective in some things… so again… what will you do?... dwell on the past or get payback and move on?" Goliad said while she looked over her shoulder at Cedric with a curious look in her eyes.

Cedric was quiet for a bit before finally deciding things.

"I want to move on… but also get payback."

Goliad smirks when she heard that.

"Well get to fucking than… Stormo weakened her so make that woman your bitch for what she did… after that, tell her to go to Emerald or someone else since you're dating Azure now… or maybe try and break her so others can't claim her… no reason a strong wolfman like you has to settle for second best… granted Emerald in your head is a Glob like being now… but compared to most mortals… you may as well be a top tier mortal… perspective… think differently and you may see things in a new light." Goliad said when she smirks at Cedric..

"You're right. Might as well fuck her till she can't walk. I have Azure but… whether or not I claim Ursula is… something to think about. But can tell her to go to someone if she and I don't want to… start things. If you excuse me." Cedric said before he starts waking to Ursula's direction.

Goliad smirks and as Stormo was about to continue things, he heard Goliad in his head.

"..." Stormo heard in such a fast fashion that it would be hard to write as he smirks when he looks at Ursula.

"Seems our fun will have to end for now since it looks like someone is tagging in." Stormo said confusing Ursula when she looked to see Cedric getting near her while he had a serious look on his face and a hardon like no other as Stormo moved away and as he did so, he had everyone, even Lillum, keep their mouth's shut when he gestured to do so and even Lillum was surprised when she was effected when she heard Stormo's voice in her head.

"My apologies Lady Lillum, just helping my Mate with getting some issues sorted out with these two, I'll make it up to you for the forced silence in a bit." Stormo thought as Ursula looks at Cedric.

"C-Cedric I-!?" Ursula starts to say as her head was gripped and she was forced to suck Cedric's cock deeply.

"Shut it and suck my cock bitch!" Cedric growled while some looked concerned when Cedric face fucked Ursula though Goliad's voice entered their heads.

"Consider this Cedric getting some issues worked out… don't worry Stormo and I will get involved if things get bad but from the thoughts Cedric has… no need for now." Goliad said in many people's heads as Cedric growls in a pleased way as he facefucked Ursula harder.

"Take this and that! Finally gonna get some anger out. But I won't hurt her obviously." Cedric thought as he looks down at Ursula with a dominant grin.

Ursula blushed a bit as she saw the raw lust in Cedric's gaze, honestly if it wasn't for the anger behind the lust she would figure Cedric was doing this to really enjoy the fun but she figured this was him getting back at her… well she couldn't blame him… so she relaxed her throat as best as she could so Cedric could vent his frustrations with her as much as he wanted while she licked his cock as best as she could.

Cedric growls when he felt that as he continues to facefuck his ex making some of the females blush.

In no time, after a bit, Cedric snarls as he forced Ursula to deepthroat his cock and held her head steady as he came hard inside of her mouth with great force thanks to Goliad messing with his body making her cheeks puff a bit when she had trouble drinking the load being fired.

Ursula did her best to swallow the cum as Cedric lets out more.

Once Cedric tapped off with a groan… he pulled Ursula's head back roughly and he forced her on her back.

"Not done yet bitch!" Cedric growled when he got over Ursula and forced her legs apart with an iron grip while his cock looked like it was harder than ever.

Before Ursula could speak, she yowls as she felt her pussy getting speared by her ex's cock.

Cedric growls as he slammed his cock deep into Ursula's folds again and again.

"How do you like that bitch!?... think that fucker you cheated with matches me!?" Cedric growls as he moved to fondle Ursula's breasts roughly and moved to suck one nipple intensely.

Ursula was groans and moans a few times.

"N-No!… Y-You're more… powerful!"

"Bet you wish you were in Azure's shoes I bet huh!?" Cedric growled when he pulled is head back and fucked Ursula harder.

Ursula groans more as she looks at Cedric.

"I-I do… now!… F-Fuck!… I'm sorry for… h-hurting you!" She said while being truthful though her pussy was squeezing Cedric's cock a few times.

Cedric growled more when he gripped Ursula's ankles.

"Well tough… until I work out this anger in my system thanks to you and that fucker making it appear in me, no way I'll forgive you fully!... we maybe working together with Bubblegum but until I work out my frustrations you better expect to be bent over a fucking table or something if we have to work together because unless I make you my fucking bitch, I doubt I can concentrate on my job!" Cedric growls as he fucked Ursula harder with his anger really holding his orgasm back as he barraged her folds more and more.

Ursula knew she fucked up and that she had to make amends and this… was the best way.

"A-Ah!… T-Then do it!… I really screwed up. U-Use my body till I'm forgiven. I deserve to be punished!" She moans as her pussy squeezes her ex's cock again.

Cedric growls more and looked almost feral with his eyes going blank when he fucked Ursula harder while Stormo looks amused as he looks at Lillum.

"So milady… think we can have some fun?" Stormo said when he smiles at Lillum kindly.

Lillum giggles.

"Oh of course. A king deserves to be worshipped." She said as the group heard Ursula beg Cedric to punish her more.

As this happened, Stormo chuckles as he had Lillum get on her back and he was eating her pussy out while he sent her this thought.

"Maybe, but since I did mess with your head for a moment, did say I would repay you so worshipping a princess or… soon to be Queen like you should be a priority to me." Stormo said while he sent his tongue deep into Lillum's folds a number of times.

Lillum moans a few times as she enjoys this action before she rubs her breasts to tease Stormo.

Stormo on his end worked to please Lillum more while rubbing her bud and as this happened, Cedric growls as he fucked Ursula harder and pulled his hips back and roars when he came hard on Ursula's body a number of times with his cock throbbing eratticaly… once she was decently covered Cedric aimed his climaxing cock at her pussy and forced it deep inside of her so he could cum in her womb when his cock busts by her cervix.

Ursula moans loudly before she climaxed hard on Cedric's cock while her toes curled as she felt her womb filled up.

As that happened, Stormo pulled is tongue from Lillum's pussy and moved to get over her.

"Seems your ready… want me to go further or want more foreplay?" Stormo asked while he gave Lillum a kind look.

Lillum smirks.

"No need for foreplay. Go rough."

Stormo nods as he aimed his cock at her folds… a moment later, he slammed his cock deep inside of Lillum's folds and growls when he thrusts his hip so his cock barraged her pussy in no time.

"Oh fuck yes!" Lillum moans as she enjoys Stormo's cock going in and out of her pussy.

Many women blush as they look on as they watched Cedric, after he got by his first orgasm, was already fucking Ursula's pussy again while Stormo did the same while Goliad looks at Dr. P.

"Hehe… so think Cedric would be a low level lay for you?" Goliad said while she smirks at the blushing doctor.

Dr. Princess blushes brightly at the tease.

"J-Judging from what I'm seeing… no." She said as she saw Ursula's face looking fucked up.

Lillum on her end was in a similar state when she was enjoying herself so much… in no time Cedric growls and Stormo roars when they forced their cocks balls deep inside of Ursula and Lillum's folds and floods their wombs with sperm making Ursula's womb bloat with sperm and Lillum's to do so as well for a moment as she worked to absorb the sperm inside of her.

Both ladies moan loudly before they climaxed hard on their partners's cocks.

After the four ride out their orgasms, Cedric pulled his cock from Ursula's pussy which leaked with sperm and Lillum took a moment to enjoy the afterglow as Stormo removed his own cock as Stormo looks at the Banana guard women trio and Cedric with Dr. P.

"So ladies… who wants to go next?" Stormo asked while Cedirc followed up with a lustful grin.

"Because I'm not going down anytime soon!" Cedric said while his cock and in some odd sync, Stormo's cock, looked rock hard.

The ladies blush brightly before Dr. P stepped forward.

"Considering we're still on a date Cedric… I would like a turn with you." She said while blushing cutely.

Instead of saying anything, Cedric moved to Dr. P and smashed his lips on hers while he lifts a leg… he aimed his cock at her folds and swiftly, but carefully slid his cock inside of her and when he felt his cock get cervix deep, he slowly thrusts his hips while Stormo approached the Banana guard women.

"So… any takers in taking my cock?" Stormo said when he smiles at the three Banana guard women.

As Dr. P, though surprised, was moaning into the kiss as the banana trio did blush a bit at Stormo before the third banana lady raised a her hand.

Stormo smirks while he used his powers to make the Banana guard woman who raised her hand float… a moment later with Stormo crossing his arms, he used the Banana guard woman as a fleshlight of sorts when he had her take his cock deep inside of her and his cock barraged her folds when Stormo worked to lift and lower her with his mind.

"A-Ah!… Oh fuck!" The third banana woman groans a few times as she can feel the insides of her pussy stretching.

Stormo smirks when he saw that and looks to the other Banana guard women and used his powers to make some psychic doubles to approach the two women… in no time they were in similar states in getting fucked hard by the doubles… aside from them being partially see through they were exact doubles of Stormo… so much so that the cocks were not any smaller or bigger thant he original as Lillum looks amused when she laid next to Goliad.

"Hehe, seems your mate learned new skills if he can do that." Lillum said when she smirks at Goliad.

Goliad chuckled.

"You have no idea." She said while smirking.

"Guess he became the stronger of you two since you can't train much with you having a child though… pretty sure that may change after you give birth… how are you feeling by the way?... any discomfort?" Lillum said when she rubbed Goliad's stomach where it was slightly extended.

Goliad blushes a bit.

"Well no but I'm making sure not to do too much for the baby's safety."

"Good…" Lillum said when she got over Goliad and after forming a cock, smirks at the slightly surprised Candy Sphinx.

"Why don't we rock the baby and make you feel good as I fuck your pussy." Lillum teased when she rubs the head of her cock on Goliad's pussy.

Goliad blushes a bit before smirking.

"Bring it on."

A moment later, Lillum inserts her cock inside of Goliad's pussy and was fucking her deeply but making sure she didn't harm her womb as Lillum moans from how tight Goliad was.

Goliad groans as she felt Lillum's cock going in and out of her pussy a few times while letting the succubus royal have her way with her.

As this happened, with everyone having fun as Ursula recovers, the scene slowly fades to black… honestly more would be seen but this chapter has gone on long enough… don't worry dear readers, more lemons to be will be seen with certain characters but this Cedric centered chapter comes to a close… see you next time in Bubblegum Creature studies.

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