Bubblegum's Creature Study @emerald
Chapter 16

The scene showed TME and Atomsk as they were busy talking about what to do now.

"OK… since Emerald is out of the story for now unless we have someone have fun with him in his sleep, given some things… like that coma thing he is in, may as well get started with Maite's village since Emerald has a reprieve moment from this… either that or we take say… a hmm… how far along is Marceline again currently at this time?" TME said when he looks curious.

Atomsk was thoughtful for a moment.

"Hmmm… I don't remember actually. Maybe… a month and a few weeks? Time skip have gotten confusing."

"Eh its more like how long into her pregacy she is, I have a plot in mind but it involves knowing how far along Marceline is right now." TME said when he gave Atomsk an apologetic look.

"Right… As for Maite's village… hmmm… well maybe that visit can be on hold till Emerald wakes and we could try that idea you pitched." Atomsk said.

"Alright… wait… I pitched an idea or is it the one I'm suggesting now and stuff to get this story more action packed?" TME asked while his OC Emerald just popped his head in.

"Oh just get into the story already, lets just say A, Marceline is now around say 7 month's along which cripples her and you do that thing and Emerald wakes to save the day… oi you two are impossible when it comes to compromising on some stuff sometimes." Emerald said when he gave his creator and his friend a half lidded look before he left to do things backstage with the other OC's.

"Yeesh… must be his time of the month." Atomsk said before laughing a bit.

"Either that or we take too long with these Intros… lets just get into the story and set things up and what not." TME said when he suggests this to get things started.

"Yeah alright. Let's do it." Atomsk said.

TME nods before he looks at the readers.

"Well everyone, hope you all enjoy the story hehe…" TME said when he rubs his head as the scene went to the Candy Kingdom.

Ooo/ Candy Kingdom/ Dr. Princess Hospital/ Emerald's room/ Emerald, other people

Currently the scene showed Emerald still knocked out and much time passed since he passed out in the fire Kingdom… a few days was a worry… once it got to nearly a week he was brought back to the Candy Kingdom and well… ever since they were told he was in a coma… Marceline, Maite, Lillum, Me-Mow, and a few others visited daily… granted not all at once and thanks to how far along Marceline looked, she looked to be around her 7th month of being pregnant which was a huge time jump and Emerald showed no signs of waking… Marceline had a test done on her womb and she was waiting for the results as Bubblegum came by when she figured Marceline would be here… the others were doing things near the Candy Kingdom since the home visits were on hold till Emerald woke.

"Hey Marcy… how you doing?" Bubblegum said when she went to kiss Marceline on the cheek while she watched Marceline rub Emerald's hand.

Marceline sighs.

"I'm trying to be strong but… I'm worried about Emerald. Don't know how long he'll be in that coma."

"Well hard to say Marceline… could be awhile longer… for all we know Emerald could be waking soon or… well… it maybe a bad thought but… think Emerald is just not wanting to wake and his body is just trying to protect him?... he really was in a lot of issues that day and many things didn't help… your father couldn't even get a straight answer from Prismo… saying that as many stars there are Dimensions, this one is rather unique and that even he couldn't alter anything with the Amulet… something about it being too Chaotic even for Hunson's level of chaos and Prismo couldn't do anything to things stronger than him." Bubblegum said when she looks thoughtful about that.

Marceline was now more worried.

"Whatever is happening to him, I hope he wakes up soon. I don't want him to miss the chance of seeing our kids when they're born." She said as she pets Emerald's head more.

Bubblegum smiles at this.

"You really grew to care for him huh?" Bubblegum said when she gave Marceline an understanding look.

Marceline blushes a bit.

"After getting to know him a bit… yeah, I do."

"Hehe, well hopefully once he wakes, we could get a punk rock like wedding happening… seems the Vampire Queen needs her immortal King otherwise her kids would drive her as insane as you do when you mess with me during my experiments." Bubblegum said when she nugged Marceline a bit.

Marceline blushes more before she lightly chuckles.

"Well… can always do that to help me feel better… there are other ways." She said as she smirks at her girlfriend.

"Hehe, yeah… who knows… maybe we surprise Emerald if we get married while he is out and say that he has been asleep for a year?" Bubblegum said when she got a bit prankish… oh Marceline would be proud at the prank though the marriage… was Bubblegum serious?

"W-Wait… you serious on the marriage part?" Marceline said.

Bubblegum blushed a bit at this and she scratched her cheek.

"Well… given how long we known one another… and also given how I technically got you pregnant so to speak… shouldn't I take responsibility and well…" Bubblegum said before she blushed big time now.

Marceline blushes brightly as well.

"W-Well yeah… plus Emerald did ask you out once right?"

"Well… we never did go on that date yet… was too busy with some stuff… going to need to make that up to Emerald when he wakes… hehe… strange… sometimes you don't really know what you have until its gone… and in our case its like a double dose since while we got back together… well… we lost a good guy for awhile." Bubblegum said when she looks at Emerald.

Marceline was quiet before she shook her head.

"We didn't lose him Bonnie. Deep down, I know he's fighting to wake up since there are people that actually misses him and cares for him."

"Maybe… guy can't be killed after all… come on, lets go see Dr. Princess and do something to help you relax… you're well on your way and stressing yourself out is bad for the kids even if you and by proxy them most likely have regen." Bubblegum said when she pats Marceline's extended belly and boy was she well along right now… good thing she can float and have super strength otherwise she would have serious back problems.

"Yeah you're right." Marceline said before she carefully leans down and kiss Emerald's forehead.

"Hope you wake up dude."

After Bubblegum and Marceline left the room… Emerald's hand twitched a bit but that was all for what Emerald did the scene showed Bubblegum and Marceline when they were before Dr. Princess while she was looking at some charts.

"Hmmm… well your bloodwork came in fine… your hormone levels are perfect and everything… your kids maybe a little stressed out but not much to be worried about as long as you keep calm, maybe take a few days off from the hospital visits and try and relax for a few days Marceline… Emerald won't be going anywhere and he does, Bubblegum and by proxy you would be the first I call." Dr. Princess said when she gave Marceline an understanding but stern look to relax away from the hospital since the babies in Marceline were a little more stressed than they should.

Marceline didn't like that stern look but she knew better than to argue with the doctor.

"Okay, I'll make sure to take it easy until otherwise."

"Hehe, good… sorry but I'm just worried about you… Bubblegum doesn't know but Marceline rarely left the hospital when Emerald was sent here… may as well give her a room next to Emerald's in advance at this rate." Dr. Princess said with a smile as Bubblegum raised an eyebrow.

"Oh really?" Bubblegum said with an amused look on her face.

Marceline blushes brightly.

"H-Hey, nothing wrong with worrying for someone. Would do the same for Bonnie if anything happened to her."

"Maybe… but for now we should get going Marcy, sorry for the trouble Dr. Princess, Marceline means well." Bubblegum said as Dr. Princess chuckles.

"Yeah I know… I've been getting back into the dating scene recently… know that Cedric guy?... he came here to help out with some things when one of my generators for the emergency room nearly went out, saved many patients lives with his lightning magic… passed out from getting drained that much in one go… honestly worried me but he woke up fine after and after some talking, agreed to go on a date with him… should be happening after my shift is over." Dr. Princess said when she smiled at the duo.

Marceline and Bubblegum blinks a bit in surprise after hearing that.

"Well congratulations Dr. Princess." Bubblegum said with a smile as Marceline chuckled.

"Yeah, maybe later, you guys will be playing… doctor." She joked.

Dr. Princess blushed at this while she looks up a bit.

"Well… maybe?... been awhile and stress isn't good for people… besides… after hearing about his… exploits under your care Bubblegum… pretty sure giving it good to one other woman won't throw his back out yet… speaking of which I need you to bring your workers here so I can do the usual tests to make sure they have no STD's and HIV's… thanks to Emerald being here already did those tests and aside from a worker getting scared off when one of Emerald's blood vials shatters and his blood ran amok, he has no other issues… I'm guessing because of his regen his blood tried to find him and stuff… was still a shocker for many." Dr. Princess said when she shuddered when she remembered that day and had to use a flamethrower to get rid of that blood.

Bubblegum and Marceline remembered that day.

"Right… I'll make sure they go see you right away." Bubblegum said.

"Well no need to rush, just make it so that before you do anything or have your workers… have fun with others… come and get them tested first… better safe than sorry." Dr. Princess said when she gave Bubblegum a serious look not to forget since sexual diseases were no laughing matter.

Bubblegum did shudder a bit.

"Indeed. Better safe than sorry."

"Indeed… anyway you two are good to go… though Marceline come back next week so I can check your stress levels to make sure your kids are alright since a mothers stress levels can cause your kids issues like you just heard… its not much but its still something to remember." Dr. Princess said when she looks at Marceline now.

Marceline did rub her belly a bit with a concerned look.

"Yeah… tell me the time and day and I'll be there."

"Alright, given your nocturnal mainly, we can meet after hours at this time and day since it will be a weekend, I normally don't work those days but don't mind giving you special treatment." Dr. Princess said when she smiles at Marceline in a calming way.

Marceline did feel a bit better.

"Thanks Dr. P but I don't want to ruin your weekend." She said.

"Oh it's no trouble, besides I would only have you there so after the examination you could visit Emerald if you want… just make sure to either not stay too long or if your tired, just crawl in bed with him… the sleeping man would enjoy waking to a beauty like you, never tried that method before so who knows, could work." Dr. Princess said when she teased Marceline a bit.

Marceline blushes a bit as Bubblegum giggles before the duo said bye to the doctor and left the hospital.

Once this happened, the duo went to the castle and they heard the AI voice from the Hologram room from a speaker set up.

"Welcome back your highness, Milady Marceline… how was your trip to the hospital?" The AI said over the speaker as a Camera over the throne looked at the duo.

"Oh it went well. Sadly, Emerald is still in a coma but we're hoping he pulls through." Bubblegum said.

"Indeed, I hope you feel better Milady Marceline, Emerald wouldn't want you to be so worried about him given he is incapable of dying as far as we are aware… though I wonder if they are making sure his body is in top condition… last few scans of him before he left for Azure's village showed that he was accumulating stress, are you helping with easing his stress while he is asleep Milady Marceline?, or do they have a system in place for that?" The AI said when it zoomed in on Marceline.

Marceline blushes a bit.

"Well… I'm helping him as best as I can. But I didn't want to overdo it just in case."

"I see, I'll contact Dr. Princess and have her request some female workers to help with that if that causes your stress levels to rise, I got the medical reports when she sent them to me just now." The AI said with a calm tone to its voice.

"That would be a good idea. Maybe invite Maite and the other females to help too, if they're not busy." Bubblegum said.

"Very well… I have given the request to Dr. Princess, just need to wait for a reply." the AI said though… what Bubblegum and others didn't know was that thanks to all the Data it got, the AI was curious about what most organics did… and thanks to a request with a hidden agenda from the AI, many special items were developed by Bubblegum… normally they were for security and for ease of protection but the AI altered the programming a little of the items when it mixed some of the data of the holo room into them… and after the items, AKA, hardlight projectors were installed in every home and sector of the Candy Kingdom, even in the hospital and the one in Emerald's room glows as a digital figure starts to appear in his room while they had a female form… of sorts and more details were seen as the form starts to focus.

The form looked to be a Antalope humanoid in shape… difference is she looked partially see through, had a long flowing dress that had digital 1's and 0's flowing from the bottom and she looked rather shapely… colors start to form making her a bit less see through… she looked Green in the fur color and brown for her horns and hoove like feet… she had beautiful blue eyes and had a cute look about her while she looks at Emerald and hums when she approached him to examine him and smiles when she knew this would be good as she went to strip him.

"It's a shame you're in a coma, Emerald. Would definitely needed your help to test this new body of mine."

Once Emerald's body was naked, the hologram woman or the AI examined Emerald's nude body and his cock when she went to grip it… Emerald's body reacts when his cock quickly got hard in her hands and she saw it in its full power glory… nice and clean as well from a recent cleaning by a female nurse earlier.

"Hmmm… good. Looks like not everything in your body is fully asleep." The Ai said before she started stroking it a bit.

Emerald would have groaned in his sleep but all he could do was lightly twitch every now and than as the AI kept stroking his cock more while it starts to throb in her hand… curious on how organics would reach orgasm like this.

The AI continues this action before she had another curious look before she leans down and gives Emerald's cock some light licks.

Emerald's cock twitched a bit at this while the AI tastes Emerald's cock for the first time with her taste buds… thanks to how advance the AI was, she had the capability to simulate taste now.

'Hmmm… this actually tastes good.' The AI thought as she continues licking Emerald's cock.

This went on for a bit more as Emerald's cock throbbed more in the AI's hand and against her tongue.

That's when the AI remembered seeing what other ladies did thanks to the recordings before she opens her mouth and carefully takes in Emerald's cock.

Emerald's cock really twitched now thanks to this, if he was awake he would really be groaning from how intense this was when the AI deepthroats his cock and didn't gag thanks to her not having a gag reflex.

The AI hums as she tastes more of Emerald's cock while bobbing her head a bit faster.

It took a minute but Emerald's cock throbbed and he climaxed hard in the AI's mouth with great force.

The AI was a bit amazed at the amount before she starts to swallow it while waiting for Emerald to tap off.

Thankfully no mess was made when the AI drank all of Emerald's sperm and when he tapped off, she pulled her mouth off Emerald's cock and took a moment to feel the sperm in her stomach, such a large amount, and plenty of data as well for her to study… though Emerald's still hard cock did get her attention.

'Extraordinary. He was able to unconsciously let out this much sperm, which can impregnate any woman and his cock can still stand strong. This will be an interesting study.' The AI thought with a small smirk.

This results in her removing her dress showing a nude bodythat had a partial digital thing going on that mixed well with a shapely body… the body was based off Maite's figure to an exact number and she got on the bed over the cock and she smiles a bit when she would get a lot of data from this.

"It's a shame you're not awake, Emerald. You would definitely enjoy it when I do this." The AI said before she lowers herself down till her pussy starts taking in Emerald's cock.

This caused the AI to groan when she felt a lot of info flood her brain all at once, thanks to her not needing to warm herself up if she willed it, she was able to get her pussy wet enough but there was still pleasure, discomfort, and whatnot as Emerald's cock went deeper in the AI's pussy.

'O-Oh my… now I can see why the other females give this reaction whenever they please a cock like this.' The AI thought while still groaning.

Once she got deep enough to have Emerald's cock poke her cervix and she takes a moment to adjust and once she was fully adjusted, she placed her hands on Emerald's chest and starts to raise and lower her hips and she groans when she felt Emerald's cock enter and exit her at a steady rate.

"O-Oh… Glob." The AI groans as she steadily rides Emerald's cock while actually feeling the insides of her pussy trying to match its shape.

She would definity register this part of her body to Emerald when she was with him for tests when no one was around, could do that with others once she fine tunes things, but for now she just keeps riding Emerald's cock as a feeling starts to rise up in the AI's hardlight body much to her surprise and it was a pleasant feeling.

The AI actually wanted to feel this feeling more as she rides Emerald's cock a bit harder but made sure to be careful before having this thought.

'T-This is… fuck… a wonderful experience. It's a shame that Emerald won't know of this.' The AI thought before she lets out a moan or two.

Though thanks to the fact Emerald's body didn't have a way to hold his orgasm back, after a couple minutes, Emerald's body twitched and his cock starts to unload sperm in the AI's digital womb and pussy.

The AI moans a bit loud before she experienced her first orgasm as her juices sprayed on Emerald's cock.

After the two ride out their orgasms with Emerald tapping off with a light groan in reflex, the AI woman takes a moment to enjoy the afterglow… so this was an afterglow huh?

"W-Wow… that was… i-incredible." The AI said while panting.

"Maybe, but I highly doubt raping a patient in his sleep is a good thing whoever you are." A voice said making the AI look over to see Dr. Princess and she did not look amused at what she saw despite the blush on her face showed.

The AI blinks a bit when she saw Dr. Princess.

"Sorry Dr. Princess. Was experimenting with the new body."

"New body?... wait… that voice… are you the AI?... how is this possible?... do you have some kind of… no… not robotic but…" Dr. Princess said when she noticed the slight see through parts of the AI's body making the AI smirk.

"Perceptive… tell me have you heard of the Hologram room that Bubblegum has for her studies when normal monsters are not safe enough to approach and stuff?" The AI said as she sat on Emerald's lap while she enjoyed how full she was.

Dr. Princess blinks when she heard that.

"Uh yeah, I have."

"Good… will help me save an explanation… in a nutshell for every camera here, I can make a hardlight construct form for myself… for a name in this state… call me Cynthia since I'm going to be using this form a lot… the princess doesn't know about this yet since I am testing this body out and the security you called won't get the signal to arrive since I made sure it won't call anyone if it was used around me in a hostile way… I am literally everywhere in the walls of the Candy Kingdom thanks to all of my composite parts in the Kingdom… anyway I'm not meaning any harm, just getting Data about sex and since Emerald needs relief and stuff every now and than… two birds with one stone so to speak so what is the harm?" the now identified Cynthia said when she looks at Dr. Princess with a stoic look on her face.

Dr. Princess wanted to argue but… couldn't find anything wrong with that logic.

"Well… as long as Emerald is alright, then I guess I can allow it."

"Good… now unless you want to join in, I suggest you leave, you have a patient in room 103 who is giving a nurse trouble and in room 325, a patient who can't walk is unable to get help from a nurse from a faulty call button, you may want to go there first." Cynthia said as she looks at Dr. Princess.

"Oh and try and not tell the Princess about me yet… once I'm done here I need to complete the data I got here and than I'll tell the princess about my new form." Cynthia said as she waits for Dr. Princess to leave.

"Alright… but try not making a mess okay." Dr. Princess said before she walks out of the room.

Once this happened, Cynthia looks at Emerald with a smile when she got off his cock and it was iron hard even after all he unloaded into her.

"Don't know if you can hear me Emerald but… you're gonna have a wild ride as they say." Cynthia said.

This then showed when Cynthia went to take Emerald's cock up her ass for her final data gathering moment when his cock went up her ass after she moved to lower herself to do so.

Cynthia groans as she feels this while lowering herself more.

Once she got Emerald's cock balls deep inside of her, Cynthia enjoys how good this felt when Emerald's cock stretched her ass greatly and pierced her deeply… even if she did make her body larger framewise, she may not want to with a feeling like this.

"F-Fuck… this is… d-different than when your cock went inside my pussy." Cynthia said before she starts bouncing after a bit of adjusting.

Thanks to this, Cynthia really got a kick from her first anal moment… honestly its a shame Emerald wouldn't move though… did his hand just twitch or was it just him getting bounced a bit on the bed from Cynthia's movements?

Cynthia thought of it but shrugged when she thought that her bouncing caused it.

Emerald did nothing else as his cock was ridden and as Cynthia enjoyed herself… well…

Back in the Hologram room while it was inactive… normally nothing would be happening but thanks to Cynthia's attention being drawn from the Holoroom… she never noticed that the room activated when it sparked a bit and a moment later, many beings filled the room and boy did they not look friendly when some thugs, beasts, and various figures in evil attire appeared… the top three being a Digital version of the Lich… a Digital version of Cedric under the Digital Lich's control, and a cloaked figure who couldn't be seen… guess a past room was used to make this guy but thanks to some things, his figure couldn't be made out and the gender was unknown as well.

"Hmmmm… interesting… well everyone… looks like its a malfunction in the Holoroom and we are now living hehe… what do you say we do what we were made to do and cause havoc and other issues… maybe make this Kingdom our bitch more or less before we work to go for others." The Digital Lich said with an amused look on their bony face while digital numbers and glitch signs showed over many holo people's bodies.

Digital Cedric chuckles.

"Oh I'm in, Master." He said with a crazed and dark chuckle.

"Good… who knows… we may run into that bitch who caused us to lose our positions in our world and reduced to playthings… may as well make her pay by making her our bitch and let her watch as her world burns." The Lich said with a slight growl since thanks to Lillum, Emerald broke free and ended the two of them with surprise attacks… guess the data also gave them the memories of their deaths as well.

Digital Cedric growls.

"Don't have to tell me twice. Because of her, I got destroyed. Well not this time. Once we get her… I'm gonna enjoy capturing the real versions of the other ladies… as long as you give the command, my lord."

"Than don't let me stop you my loyal minion, go and rape and pillage to your hearts content but make sure to bring that Lillum bitch to me after your fun so I can deal with her, you can keep the others as pets if you so wish… that goes for the rest of you, do what you will but remember that leaving the Candy Kingdom in our current state is impossible for now, best we have with the current hardlight projectors is about a mile from the Kingdom, any further and we will be deconstructed so go… go and make those who used you all pay!" The Digital Lich said with a twisted grin as he looks at the many beings in the room and though the cloaked figure kept quiet… Digital Lich Cedric and the others…

"Hey what's with you? Don't want to share the joy of causing havoc on this Kingdom?" Digital Cedric said with a raised eyebrow.

The figure however kept quiet and Digital Cedric had a feeling of Dajavu right now and when he moved to grip the cloak of the figure… well… the Lich stopped him when he gripped Digital Cedric's arm.

"Don't… you will regret it immensely Cedric… he is a recent addition and is conflicted in his programming… cause him issues and he will attack you if you piss him off." The Lich said while forcing Digital Cedric to let go of the figure who kept quiet.

"Message received." Digital Cedric said as he didn't want that to happen to him.

"Good… one thing for all of you to remember, do NOT harm or kill the Vampire Queen, have fun with her if you want but in order to keep this guy on our side, Marceline is not to be harmed… aside from that everyone else is fair game… now… GO!" The Digital Lich said as he gestured to the door to the holoroom that was ripped off its hinges by the Lich when he formed a large skeletal hand and tossed the door aside.

"You heard him, move out!" Digital Cedric said making everyone else roar in excitement as they leave the holo room.

This left the Digital Lich and the Digital figure alone in the room as the figure walks towards the door.

"Try and keep your end of the deal Lich… because if Marceline harmed… you'll be the first I come after." The Digital figure said while their body emits a bit of power before they left the holo room.

Digital Lich chuckled.

"Oh I'll keep my word alright." He said before chuckling again for the havoc that will come.

As the Lich left the room and left the Hologram floor… the room flickered again but a small few figures appeared this time… however before the figures could be seen, the scene went to Cynthia as she rides Emerald's cock more when she was so close to climaxing with her ass as she rides the cock more and more until…

Cynthia groans loud as she throws her head back and climaxed hard on Emerald's cock as Cynthia's ass squeezes it.

Emerald's cock twitched at this and Emerald climaxed hard inside of Cynthia's ass as her stomach bloats greatly from the amount that floods her.

Cynthia's climax got stronger thanks to that before she finally taps off.

However before she could enjoy the afterglow, thanks to her sensors hitting her head hard with various alarms and she got a serious warning in most parts of the kingdom starting from the center of the Kingdom and slowly spreads and much to her shock the Hologram room was inaccessible to her for some reason.

"Oh no… something must've happened to the Holo room. I need to warn Bubblegum and the others." Cynthia said.

A moment later, she got off Emerald and after going to a bathroom to get rid of most of the sperm inside of her, she vanished while Emerald slept more.

As this happened the camera spun as it went towards Emerald's head and well...

Emerald's mind/ ?/?

The scene showed Emerald while he was sitting in some kind of black voide of sorts while he was huddled in a ball of sorts while he sat up and held his legs… he wasn't rocking his body but he did have a tired look in his eyes though giggling being heard made him look to see a black figure with red glowing eyes and a red mouth… no other features were seen aside from a Marceline like figure but no details were seen as the figure approached Emerald and he looked away from her.

"Aww, talk about rude." The figure said.

Emerald was quiet for a bit more as the figure spoke with a teasing tone to her voice.

"Shame you were not awake, that Cynthia woman really gave it to you good hehe." the figure said though Emerald was quiet for longer and this starts to irritated the being and she actually picked Emerald up by the shirt of his neck and had him look her in the eyes.

"OK this sulking is getting really annoying, how long are you going to sit here!?" The Figure said as Emerald, not showing fear, looks down with tired eyes.

"Until you explain what you are and why should I even listen to you… ever since I got the Amulet and this happened… you've been trying to get me to use more of its power and all it does is just get me into situation after situation that pretty much makes me look more like a monster… why should I do that when all it seems to do is amuse you… guess being locked in this amulet really gets you bored huh?" Emerald said while he didn't even have his guard up.

"Big on the nose. Regardless, I'm trying to help you get more powerful. You want to be able to protect the ones that care for you. I know that Marceline woman does. She's very worried. Which is not good for the kids' health." The figure said.

Emerald than glared at the figure.

"Oh don't fuck with me… while I may not know much about you… I know you could care less about Marceline and anyone related to her… I've heard how you were stuck in a boring place with Hunson for who knows how long… what guarantee you won't go and kill Marceline and my kids just to fucking spite him… we both know I'm not as crazy or stupid as some make me look so why should I even humor you?... Marceline had Bubblegum and the others so why should i-!" Emerald tried to say as the figure smirks as some kind of mental window opened and well… there was chaos in the streets of the Candy Kingdom making Emerald's eyes widened… many odd looking beings… some Emerald recognized from the Holo room since he never saw them anywhere else and were pretty much causing chaos through the streets… hell some men were having their ways with captured women, some men were getting forced on by some digital looking woman and more to Emerald's shock, he saw the digital version of the Lich, the undead version of Cedric, and some mystery figure walking down the road while some Banana guards were knocked through or splat against some walls by the Digi Lich as the figure smirks more at Emerald's stunned gaze.

"I think that answers your question? See while that Cynthia woman had her way with you, seems the holoroom went on the fritz and now… all the characters and creatures or the evils ones at least that were made are now alive. Granted they can't leave the Kingdom or else they disappear. However… you do know who the Lich and his lackeys are going after right?" The figure said.

Emerald was quiet for a moment before he said this.

"Lillum… she would be with the others and given what happened in that hologram room…" Emerald said before he trailed off when it didn't take a rocket scientist to know many would protect one another… even Marceline in her condition.

"Indeed… the Lich would want Lillum alive for his purpose while the evil version of Cedric… well I'm sure you already guessed what he plans to do." The figure said.

Emerald grits his teeth at this and the figure smirks when she had the image change to Bubblegum, Marceline, and the others as they were either split up dealing with lesser Hologram bad guys or fighting higher level ones… hell Maite would have gotten hurt when her Hammer broke and a group of thugs slowly approach her but a moment later a large wolf like figure appeared before them, getting in the way of them getting to Maite.

Ooo/ Candy Kingdom/ Ruined sector/ ?, Maite

"You know… trying to harm her in my sight is a very bad idea." The wolf-like figure said as Maite's eyes widened when she saw… the Alpha Hug wolf version of Emerald from that Hug wolf roleplay she did… she thought he was her Emerald for a second until the digital glitch signs show on his body to show his artificial nature.

"Y-You're the hug wolf digital digital version of Emerald. Have you come to help us?" Maite said while part of her hoped it was.

Hug Wolf Emerald chuckles as he said this.

"Wow, not going to question why I'm here huh?... well won't argue with that… and I'm not the only back up here." Hug Wolf Emerald said as with Lillum while Lich Cedric found her while she was protecting some civilians as many thugs cheered Lich Cedric on…

Lillum was gritting her teeth when she was using a few spells to block attacks from Lich Cedric though while he used a skeletal hand that was summoned to trip Lillum up and Cedric went for the final blow to knock her out… well a wall of bones blocked Cedric from hitting Lillum much to her confusion.

"You know… trying to harm her is a VERY bad idea Cedric." Lich Cedric heard as many of Lich Cedric's minions were pierced by many bones and near Lillum, the real Cedric and to Lillum's shock, Lich Emerald appeared near her while they looked at Lich Cedric while Lich Emerald had digital glitches like Lich Cedric had on his body.

"What the fuck?!" Real Cedric said as Lich Cedric was pissed.

"You didn't have to kill them, asshole!" He said as real Cedric got in front of Lillum.

"Stay away from her." He said as his body sparks.

Lich Emerald looks at Cedric.

"Don't worry, I can handle him… you go help Azure and the others after getting these people to safety… more allies are coming even as we speak so its not like its all enemies now." Lich Emerald said as he looks at Lich Cedric.

"I really don't want to kill you again Cedric… stand down and we can talk about this peacefully… I'm much stronger as you can see." Lich Emerald said as he got protectively in front of Lillum as the real Cedric, knowing Lich Emerald had a point, went to get the civilians away from this fight.

Lich Cedric growls.

"Not this time, traitor! Peace ended when the boss took over our "virtual" world. And he can do it again here."

Lich Emerald was silent before he sighs.

"Very well… lets make this quick." Lich Emerald said when he held a hand up and a powerful skeletal familiar appeared behind him and Lich Emerald floats a bit as he crossed his arms while Lillum looks on with a worried look on her face… sure these two maybe digital but Lich Emerald was still a nice guy to her and everything.

Lich Cedric growls before he summoned a skeletal figure as well.

This one moved to get next to him in a mirror style of sorts… and as Lich Emerald raised a hand to signal his familiar to strike, the scene went to Marceline while she was next to Bubblegum as Hunson, who thanks to the portal effect of the amulet still being in effect, allowed Hunson to appear earlier than the attack and he was holding his daughter's shoulders to keep her from doing anything stupid.

"Damn! How the heck could this have happened?" Marceline said.

"I can explain that." A new voice said as Cynthia appeared near the group which surprised many when Cynthia appeared in a digital mist of sorts while she had crossed arms and looks at the group with a stoic look.

"Whoa… who are you?" Marceline said as she didn't expect that.

"I am actually the AI that you all know, I go by the name Cynthia now. Thanks to some programs I installed in the many camera-like devices that Bubblegum made, I was able to make this body as you can see to help me with gathering more data… I was busy with Emerald in the hospital and thanks to getting… distracted… it seems all the data I stored from past studies went on the fritz and now we have a serious glitch moment… However, it seems some good guys from the world are appearing as well to aid us more or less… I can explain more but time is of the essence and just turning off the holo room won't work, I tried, its been locked out and in a slow reboot process as a failsafe… however unless we get rid of the Lich and his minions, there is a chance they won't be deleted once the reboot happens…" Cynthia said when she looks at the group while they had wide eyes.

While many were shocked by that… Marceline did narrow her eyes at the part where she was busy with Emerald in the hospital.

"Uh hold on… what do you mean busy with Emerald in the hospital?" Marceline said.

"Marceline, considering what we're dealing with, right now it's not the best time to ask questions." Bubblegum said.

"Indeed… currently many of the good Holo people are aiding others, it's the Digital Lich and a figure that is with them… I couldn't get much but my records show that this figure was made after Marceline requested the holo room once… things were intense that day so she may know who he is." Cynthia said when she looks at Marceline who blushed big time when that time was mentioned.

"Is that right?" Bubblegum said with a raised eyebrow.

"Indeed… apparently its an Emerald version but rather unique even compared to other Emerald's made, apparently Marceline made this one… to get punished and stuff or something… guess she picked a Roleplay to help cope with things if she thought what happened to the real Emerald was her fault… thats all I could get before the system locked me out for the official reboot." Cynthia said when she looks at Bubblegum after moving to stand next to her.

Marceline blushes brightly before she uses her hair to hide her face as Hunson chuckled before patting his daughter's back.

"Marceline, it's not your fault this is happening to Emerald." He said.

"Indeed… we can deal with this however and that figure you made is an abnormality in my systems even more so than the Lich… I can pinpoint the Lich's location but Marceline you'll need to stay behind while the others deal with him, logically speaking you would be putting three lives in danger if you went… your own and your kids… Hunson normally I know you don't like getting orders but given your daughter will be a prime target for the Lich and this figure, mind going around to locate the Lich and take care of him… a group like this needs a leader and with the Lich gone, everything else will be simple." Cynthia said when she quickly formed a battle plan with Hunson the Deathless as the main attack force.

"No problem with that. Refuse to let anything, real or fake, harm my daughter and my grandchildren." Hunson said as he was now in protective dad mode.

"Good… Marceline please follow me, Bubblegum, I brought over various weapons and what not thanks to the hard light projectors still being in my control mostly, here is a battle suit made on blueprints you designed… some parts are made of hardlight so try and not go to far from the Candy kingdom or the suit will fall apart." Cynthia said as a armored suite flew over in pieces and put themselves together in front of Bubblegum… looked like a Candy themed Iron man suit for the most part.

Bubblegum was a bit surprised when she saw it before getting a determined look.

"Let's do this."

Cynthia nods and she brought over a Axe/hammer weapon and passed it to Bubblegum.

"Bring this to Maite, her weapon broke and a Hug wolf version of Emerald is busy protecting her, she may be holding her own but martial arts are not her strong suit." Cynthia said as a Hardlight platform brought over a powerful looking Axe/hammer and placed it on the back of the suit that opened up for Bubblegum to enter.

Bubblegum nods her head.

"I'll do so at once."

Once Bubblegum got changed into a more skin tight suit when she got out of her dress, she got in the armor and flew away and Cynthia looks at Hunson.

"Your best bet for the Lich would be in that direction, if you hit an Inn you went too far." Cynthia said as she points to the south west portion of the Candy Kingdom.

"Alright. Be safe Marceline and do what Mrs. Cynthia say." Hunson said before he starts going in that direction.

Once Hunson was gone, Cynthia looks at Marceline.

"Come on Marceline, lets get you-!" Cynthia tried to say as an explosion rang out when the hospital that Dr. Princess ran and had an explosion nearby.

Marceline's eyes widened.

"That came from the hospital!"

"Or close to it… seems some annoying holo villains are approaching it for easy prey… I'll send some security so-!" Cynthia tried to say as Marceline flew towards the hospital with great speed, even Cynthia trying to stop her with a few massive hands that digitally get made around Marceline couldn't stop her.

As Cynthia cursed a bit much to her chagrin in not restraining Marceline, she flew after her to try and keep her safe while the scene went to Cedric as he led the last of the people he was with to a bunker that was getting ready to close after he placed a Candy kid inside as Rachel ran by with a few more in her arms since this was near her office.

"Is that the last of them, Rachel?" Cedric said as he kept leading more in the bunker.

"In this area, yeah I believe so… CEDRIC LOOK OUT!" Rachel said as a digital bandit fired an arrow and it pretty much went through Cedric's knee and barely came out the other side making him growl in pain as he pretty much placed a hand on Rachel and pushed her back into the Bunker while the sensors caused the door to close before she could rush back out.

"No, Cedric!" Rachel said as she bangs on the door.

On the other side…

Cedric groans in pain as he down on one knee before glaring at the bandit.

"C-Cheap shot… well try this!" He said as he shot the bandit a ball of lightning.

Though the Bandit was surprised, he grins as he fired a arrow and thanks to that, he blocked the shot in the air.

"Hehe… nice try but don't you know metal attracts lightning… all I have to do is use a arrow to bloc-!" The bandit tried to say as a sword pierced right through their gut and it pretty much went upwards bisecting them into digital particles and well… Cedric's eyes widnened when he saw a familiar cat woman who looked at the breaking down remains while she had a sword in her hand… and it wasn't Azure.

"No way… Ursula?" Cedric said.

Ursula, a near double of Azure in looks with her fur color being a deep red, looks at Cedric with her placing her sword on her shoulder.

"Cedric?... heard you were working here but didn't expect you to be down on one knee like this… then again an arrow to the knee is a pain in the ass no matter who experiences it…" Ursula said when she approached Cedric and after breaking the head off the other end and pulling the remains free, she used a healing spell that slowly mends Cedric's knee and regrew his fur back to normal.

Cedric was a bit surprised from that action.

"Yeah well, I was more surprised to find out Azure is your sister, though right now we got some virtuals to kill."

"Virtuals?... well this is a pretty poor game if its one that involves people's deaths but I'm not complaining since I can kick some ass." Ursula said when she helped Cedric to his feet and his leg was fully healed.

"Good. We're gonna need that for what we're dealing with. Let's go find your sis and the others." Cedric said.

"Speaking of which, I doubt we need to worry for her, a big lug you know is going to help her since Azure's parents wanted to visit her and Azure's mom needed a bodyguard to keep her dad in check… guess who the bodyguard is." Ursula said with an amused grin on her face as she and Cedric went to go to another sector in trouble.

Cedric's eyes widened when he realized who Ursula was talking about before he went to go find Azure.


Azure was using some flame on a few virtual enemies though as an enemy tried to sneak up on her, well… she saw a burly version of Cedric rush by her and well… turned into a partial Hug wolf and ripped the throat out of the Virtual being and as that happened, Aggro appeared near Azure when he punched through a wall with Azure's parents in tow.

"Hey Azure. Good thing we came at the nick of time." Aggro said as Mufasa and Sarabi appeared.

"Uh… yeah but…" Azure said as the Hug wolf version of Cedric grins as he looks at her.

"Hehe, so this is what you look like out of that weird room, cuter than you seemed to be there… I ran into your parents and aside from a misunderstanding, quickly got them over here when I picked up your scent." Hug wolf Cedric said with a friendly look on his face while his tail wagged at Azure.

Azure blinked a bit.

"Misunderstanding?" She said as Sarabi sighs.

"Your father still has a grudge on him for the flirt on me a while back."

"Hehe, yeah was pretty funny when he tried to attack me with a sword but since it was one of those mean bad guys, it broke down before it could hit me, funny right?" Hug wolf Cedric said with an amused tone to his voice while Azure gave her father a half lidded look.

Mufasa chuckles nervously as Azure had her arms crossed.

"You and me are gonna have a BIG talk after this. Right now, there's a kingdom that needs saving." Azure said.

Though before the group could move much they heard chuckling as a voice full of malice speaks.

"But who will save you when I kill you all painfully?" The voice said making everyone look and they pale when they saw an amused Digital Lich on a higher floor of the ruined building they were in and he looks amused at the group… mainly Digital Hug wolf Cedric who helped Azure.

Digital Hug Wolf Cedric growls as he got in front of Azure to protect her.

"You can't kill us. We'll stop you." Aggro said.

The Digital Lich raised an eyebrow and he said this as deadly magical flames and bones with a digital theme on them raised slowly around the group.

"I am the end of all life… a being who can only be stopped by beings like Billy and Finn… what do animals like you know of me when all you do is just work as hired muscle." The Lich said as a green fireball shot from a bone and knocked Aggro flat on his face as he roars in pain while a serious scorch mark appeared on his back.

"Aggro!" Azure said as she was concerned for her ex.

The Lich smirks as he summoned some skeletons and starts to walk away.

"I'm busy looking for something so I'll leave these minions for you to play with… good luck in living since your strongest physically was taken out of the fight." The Lich said as Aggro tried and failed to get up but he was still living.

Mufasa got pissed.

"You're gonna pay for that, you bag of bones."

The Digital Lich laughed at this as he starts to leave the groups sight.

"If you can live that is, if you'll excuse me I need to pay a visit to the hospital here and see if I can't possess that body of that man in a coma… hehe." The Lich said as he left the others as their eyes widened at what the Lich said.

Azure's eyes widened.

"Oh no, Emerald!" She said unfortunately, the skeletons were in the way.

Sarabi narrows her eyes.

"Go Azure. We'll handle them."

Azure nods and as Aggro got to his feet finally, he roars as he threw a skeleton through a large group, knocking them apart while Aggro barely held his ground when he used a foot to keep balanced while Mufasa and Sarabi covered him as Azure ran through the open gap.

Mufasa chuckles as he looks at Aggro.

"Not sure how well Cedric will do but if things don't go well… you got my blessing to date my daughter if we live through this." Mufasa said as he chopped down a skeleton.

"Hey?!" Hug wolf Cedric said in protest as Aggro had an excited look after hearing that.

"You can count on me sir!" Aggro said as he went to cause more damage as Sarabi rolls her eyes.

"You know Azure will be more upset if she heard that." She said before knocking one skeleton's head off and rips the back bone off of the other one.

"Hey just saying if Cedric doesn't work out with Azure, got Aggro as a fallback hehe." Mufasa said as Hug wolf Cedric growls as he looks at Sarabi.

"Guess my real self really did pull a stupid moment by flirting with you… though can't blame him since I know where Azure gets her good looks from." Hug Wolf Cedric teased when he knocked a skeleton away from Sarabi.

Sarabi chuckled.

"Thank you my handsome wolf man. Nothing against Aggro but my money is on Cedric keeping Azure safe." She said before she rolls on the ground and does a v kick to two skeletons.

Thankfully the skeletons were destroyed but since they didn't have many parts that would really break from a kick like that… no cringe moment… hopefully though the other males cringe when some skulls flew far and broke down.

As this went on, Marceline who flew near the hospital saw some pure chaos as Banana guards, some robots made by Bubblegum to back them up, and various others were trying to fight the enemy holograms who were trying to get in… she would have helped but seeing the Digital Lich enter the front door did worry her greatly since she heard that the real Lich could possess bodies if he wanted.

'Why would this copy of the Lich be going inside the hospital unless…' Marceline thought before her eyes widened when she realized why the Digital Lich was going there as she quickly head inside the hospital.

Thankfully she was able to get to where Emerald was when she broke into his room through a window and saw him sleeping there still and in the nude to boot since Cynthia couldn't dress him after the fun she had… unfortunately the Lich was trying to break down the door when a security program kicked in but the door wouldn't last long when it starts to cave a bit with each hit.

'Damn, can't fight the Lich in this condition. Need to get him out.' Marceline thought as she quickly went to Emerald's bed and got the wires off of him before the Vampire Queen picks him up along with the blanket and tries to head to the window.

As she was about to exit the window, she heard the door get busted in and a growl was heard before the window frame was destroyed showing the Lich as he looked at Marceline with Emerald in her arms.

He than looks to a small few near him of evil Hologram people and gave this order.

"Capture the Vampire Queen and bring me that body she has in her arms unharmed!" The Digi Lich ordered when he points at a retreating Marceline.

The evil creatures heard that before Marceline quickly flew away.

"Don't worry Emerald, I'm not letting them get to you."

As this happened the scene went into Emerald's mind as he watched Marceline carry his body.

Emerald's mind/ Emerald, Mystery female figure/ Emerald, Mystery figure

"Why are they going after me!?... even if that guys gets my body its not like he can use it for long given he is stuck in the Candy Kingdom." Emerald said when he looks really worried as Marceline flew more but she had to avoid some rope and some evil Gargoyles… just where did these guys come from… though given the hardons they had they had their eyes on Marceline in a lustful way it seems.

"Well here's the thing, in the real world, the Lich had a knack of possessing people. So imagine what this digital Lich can do if he got a hold of your body… he can leave the Candy Kingdom easily without any issue." The figure said.

"Won't he still need those cameras though since you said that Cynthia appeared from them." Emerald said while hoping Marceline would fly his body far from the Candy Kingdom… still with more beings eyeing Marceline from word spreading to capture her, even with Bubblegum and Hunson appearing to help her once Cynthia told them of whats happening, Emerald looks worried and grits his teeth as the Lich flew by the duo before they could stop him.

"Fine… you win… but I want to make a deal since I don't want you to try anything funny… let me use the full power of the amulet and not go mad… and I'll make sure you never go bored again… after all you have been stuck in the Amulet for who knows how long… pretty sure if the Lich got my body, he would make sure the amulet was buried deep underground or something." Emerald said as Marceline lands on the ground with many people firing blasters at many enemies that tried to get near the Castle.

The figure frowns after hearing that.

"Deal. Though just so you know, I may have beef with Hunson but his kid was never my issue. To be honest, wish that Finn guy took the amulet again."

"Really?... even after what I heard happened with him going all massive and stuff?... you know what…. Nevermind… I can ask later… for now… lets kick that fuckers ass and we can talk more details on how I can amuse you." Emerald said as the Lich reached for Marceline and Emerald...

Candy Kingdom/ Castle front/ Many guards, Marceline, Emerald

This happened a minute before the Lich got to the platform, Marceline had Emerald on the ground near her while she had him in the blanket and looks worried when the Lich made his appearance when he got by Bubblegum.

"HAHAHA!... COME HERE YOU BITCH AND GIVE ME MY NEW BODY!" The Lich roars as he flew towards Marceline and Emerald with a twisted grin while many looked worried as Bubblegum and Hunson knew they wouldn't make it… but as the Lich got near Marceline… a fist flew towards his face and pretty much sucker punched him away as many like Maite, Marceline, pretty much many who got to the main pad saw that it was Emerald himself who sat up pretty fast and just slugged the Lich into a building while a dark mist emits from his body though his eyes seemed more alive than ever and shockingly in control to boot.

"What the… Emerald?" Marceline said as she was a bit shocked at what she was seeing.

Emerald than got up while not caring if he lost the blanket and he looks at Marceline with a smile.

"Yeah… not sure if I should say morning or good afternoon… but one thing is certain… I have a bony ass to kick and much more since this is the rudest waking I ever had… and to make sure I don't fuck up…" Emerald said as the Lich roars when he flew from the building and lands before Emerald and Marceline as Emerald confused everyone, even an enraged Lich when Emerald gripped the jewel part of the Amulet as more dark mist emits from him and Emerald smiles at the Lich.

"You know… I would have slept long if not for you… I was really depressed for many reasons… but when guys like you show… it just reminds me and hits home on how fucked up reality can be and I can't run anymore… so why don't I just skip the drama and show a new me… Marceline… let me tell you in advance how sorry I am… same with everyone here… but I'll make it up and to you all and more later… after I do this…" Emerald said when he heard giggling in his mind as he actually ripped the Amulet of the Nightosphere off his neck with the necklace breaking apart like it was a cheap rope much to Hunson's shock.

"Hey?! What are you doing?!" Hunson said.

"Hehe… just shut it and watch Hunsy… your about to see something you never experienced before." A voice echoed while the female voice sounded very excited as a green mist emits from the jewel and shockingly enough Emerald raised it over him with an open mouth… and shockingly swallowed the jewel whole much to everyone's shock as Emerald covered his mouth to make sure he wouldn't lose anything… a moment later Emerald grits his teeth and groans as he held his chest as a black and green mist emits from him.

Maite and Marceline wanted to help but Hunson held them back.

"Don't… whatever he's doing… I think he would not want you or anyone else get close to him."

The Lich however didn't want to take that chance and he rushed Emerald pierced a hand through his stomach showing red blood from around Emerald's wound though… the Lich felt nothing like a jewel in Emerald's stomach and Emerald chuckles as he gripped the Lich's arm.

"Sorry but…" Emerald said as he looks at the Lich with green glowing eyes.

"I've already absorbed it." Emerald said as he punched the lich so hard that part of his skull cracked while Emerald removed the Lich's arm that got left behind from his stomach and his wound healed up faster than ever while Cedric and Ursula appeared and were shocked to see Emerald though Ursula noticed his nude state and smirks as Emerald's body seems to lose every ounce of fat on his body and a black orb starts to encase him, similar to what Lillum and Marceline saw as Lillum and Lich Emerald make themselves known as Lich Cedric went to the Lich's side when he managed to get away from Lich Emerald and that guardian as the real Emerald was encased in that black ooze and demonic energy emits from it in waves.

"Hello handsome." Ursula said as real Cedric looks at the others and aside some injuries and what not, many were alright.

"What just happened?" He said as Lich Cedric helps his master up.

"Master, we must leave. This one is too powerful."

"And where would we go you fool!... were limited at best to stay within a mile of the Candy Kingdom or we would break down into nothing… you can flee if you want but if we take down this guy and I claim his body, nothing can stop us from forcing Bubblegum to make more devices and we can spread around the world." the Lich growled out at his minion though the shell around Emerald cracking did get everyone's attention.

A moment later… Emerald broke apart the shell and he was… actually in his initial outfit he wore and even looked human but something felt off… like this was just a start and that was true when Emerald moved to slick his hair back which stayed slicked back and as he stepped forward… his clothing changed to look a lot like Hunson's suit… a few add ons to make it unique were added though like a long trench coat in a regal style was seen and Emerald's shoes altered to black boots and he stands before many while he looks at the Lich unflinching.

"Sorry for the wait… considering things… why don't I give you the first shot." Emerald said as giggling was heard before joyous laughter was heard as a being came from Emerald's shadow and to many's confusion, she looked like she was on some kind of high when she floated around Emerald and how in control he was despite absorbing the Amulet of the Nightosphere and moved to hug him around the neck.

"Oh this new look definity suits you hehe, serious upgrade compared to Hunsy thats for sure my perfect new Avatar." the mysterious female being said with serious glee in her voice.

"Avatar?" Cedric said as the Lich growls in anger.

Once this happened, the Lich growls as he formed a massive skeletal being under him and honestly… giant was an understatement when the Skeletal being towered even over the Gumball Guardians and before many could say anything, the Lich used the skeletal being to throw a massive fist at Emerald who… did nothing but smirks as the fist rockets towards him like a comet.

"Emerald?! What are you doing?!" Marceline said.

Though Emerald was quiet… as the fist got closer to him and it looked like the Lich would crush him… well a massive portal opened and the Lich's constructs hand flew through and before it could break the fist down wherever it was… a second portal opened and the fist flew out of the portal, sucker punching the Lich and its construct from the side, rocking the Lich away into another sector of the city as the Mystery female figure laughed as the construct broke down and many could see one portal that Emerald made to the Nightosphere linked it back out making a perfect counter move to use against the Lich.

The group was shocked when they saw this as was Lich Cedric and now he didn't what to do whether to help his master or die… either way… it's a losing battle since he can't escape.

Though seems the Lich wasn't done yet when he formed a massive rib cage for protections as he got in another construct this time as Emerald sighs.

"Seems he is a one trick pony… want me to end him now since I doubt anything else he will do will amuse you." Emerald said when he looked at the floating figure near him.

"Oh yeah, make him suffer, my hunky avatar." The figure said.

As this happened the Lich and his construct roars as Emerald walked through a portal and just appeared in front of the Lich inside of the Construct with a fist held back.

"Better grit your teeth." Emerald said as he slugged the Lich out and way over the Candy Kingdom, so much so that he almost broke down from nearly passing the boundary that could keep him intact but two portals opened near him and he saw a flash of orange near him while with Emerald as the construct broke down…

"This should make you suffer… Hell lava straight from the Nightosphere." Emerald said as Lava right from the Nightosphere blasts the Lich making him scream in agony as the other portal sucked up the Lava in an endless loop to keep it from harming anyone below and thanks to the intense temperature for many below, they could only guess at how hot a direct hit with Lava from the Nightosphere was.

Once Emerald used a bit, he had the lava vanish and the Lich was barely intact when most of his skeleton was broken down and only his spine and skull were left floating as Emerald appeared before him silently with a cold look in his eyes.

"Any last words before I end you you Digital reject?" Emerald said with a sadistic grin forming on his face.

"I will see you in oblivion." Digital Lich said.

"Unfortunately I'm beyond oblivion now… and I could care less what you or others think." Emerald said as he smashed the Lich into dust and floats towards the ground while the mystery figure cheered Emerald on as he slowed and stopped to walk down the air like he was walking down stairs from dark platform like bits that appeared under him to give him a safe landing while many look at him with either shock, awe, fear for some holo villains, and wide eyes looks from others.

The holo villains starts to retreat before Lich Cedric was left standing as he couldn't believe his master got beaten again.

Once Emerald got to the ground, Cynthia speaks as she managed to get somewhere when the Lich was destroyed.

"I have good news… I have control back on the Holoroom, resetting the system in 1 minute, all evil Holograms will be broken down and if not for some reason, will be easily locatable by various programs I have installed with a quick patch update I made." Cynthia said as she walked to Bubblegum who lands as Emerald was about to say something to everyone but the black floating female figure moved to hug him around the neck from behind.

"You did great. And you thought using me was bad." The figure said as Lich Cedric heard what Cynthia said about the reboot.

This time though, he was giving up.

'I'm already a dead man.' He thought before he walked to the ruined structures of the Candy Kingdom so he can wait for his demise.

Though he was stopped by Lich Emerald when he looks at Cynthia.

"Hey Cynthia… mind ignoring Cedric here?... if you let me keep an eye on him, I promise he won't cause trouble… we will have to leave soon anyway but I want to speak with him for a bit." Lich Emerald said when he looks at Cynthia… she had the power to end all holo beings after all now that she had control of the Holo room so no real threat anymore.

"Hmmm… very well." Cynthia said much to Lich Cedric's shock.

"What are you doing?" He said to Lich Emerald.

"Simple… I want to talk with you later… but not now… for now… we should leave since even I'm getting some on guard type of looks right now." Lich Emerald said as he looks at many around him who look weary given he was given some Lich like traits and stuff… didn't bother him but he did look at Lich Cedric with a look that showed Lich Cedric wouldn't get out of this talk anytime soon.

"Fine… but letting me live won't do me good now. I have nothing." Lich Cedric said before he starts leaving.

Lich Emerald rolls his eyes and he moved to smack Lich Cedric upside the head as he walked by.

"Just follow me… given things I'm sure no one will mind if we use a building to talk in… besides given what we heard about this world's Cedric… pretty sure you're not a lost cause even if you think that… now come on… may as well try and talk man to man unless your scared." Lich Emerald said as he walked down some stairs to the ruin City.

Lich Cedric grumbles as he follows Lich Emerald while most people were wary as Maite looks at Cynthia.

"You think it's safe to let them go? I'm not doubting that version of Emerald but evil Cedric… no offense Cedric." She said making the real one sweatdrop.

"None taken." Cedric said as Cynthia reassures Maite.

"No worries, if he did cause issues I would delete him in a heartbeat." Cynthia said as many evil holograms were erased and deleted but… for some reason one resisted that command and it was the cloaked Figure much to Cynthia's shock… but he didn't cause issues yet so it was hard to tell if he would do anything good or bad… she could keep an eye on him to be safe… for now however she and many others watch as Marceline went up to Emerald while he looks at her.

"Hey Marcy… sorry for napping for so long… and sorry for what happened in the Fire Kingdom…" Emerald said while he rubs the back of his head as the mystery figure rolled her eyes at this.

Marceline sighs.

"No dude… I feel this was my fault. If I haven't introduced you to my dad, you wouldn't be feeling this way."

Emerald on his end just smiles and he moved to grab Marceline behind her head and pulled her in for a gentle hug.

"No… if I didn't run off or get affected by what happened around me… I wouldn't have gotten like this… Marceline it's not your fault or even your dad's fault… its mine for worrying you and just passing out like that… honestly this drama is really not right to dwell on so why don't we just try and put this behind us… your dad wanted what's best for his daughter and it just happened to not go well until now… I'm not going anywhere away from you anytime soon that's for damn sure… besides, it should be interesting since I got a massive power up beyond belief." Emerald said when he grins at Marceline while he uses a hand to wipe a few tears from her face.

Marceline did felt better after hearing that before smirking.

"Good. I almost wanted to slug you for how things went."

Emerald chuckles though he did hear a throat clearing to the left of him and when he and Marceline look over… they saw Lillum, Maite, and many more giving them half lidded looks and Emerald chuckles nervously as he looks at Lillum and Maite mainly.

"H-Hey you two… how have you been doing?... didn't get to see much until this attack thing so…" Emerald said when he looked really worried now as the Mystery figure rolls her eyes as she hugged Emerald behind the neck more reminding many she was around.

"Oh just give them a long overdue fuck and they will be singing a better tune, they are just jealous Marceline got to speak with you first before anyone else." The Figure said as many were reminded she was here in the first place.

"She's right, Emerald. Marceline isn't the only one that has been worried about you." Maite said.

"Hold on, before we talk about this… who are you and what are you doing here?" Lillum said as the Mystery figure raised an eyebrow.

"Talk about a really late reaction… long story VERY short… I'm the being inside of the Amulet of the Nightosphere and thanks to my hunky Avatar here after giving him a serious upgrade… I got free reign to move around again to some extent now that I don't have to worry about the jewel anymore since Emerald absorbed it into his very being." The Mystery figure said before she said this.

"Call me Night or something since I doubt you want to call me Nightosphere." The figure or Night said as she grins at the others.

Most of the group blinked in shock as Lillum rubs her head.

"Okay… though should we be worried for any sides Emerald may get for swallowing the amulet?"

"Actually… I feel better than ever Lillum… my head feels clear and everything." Emerald said when he looks at Lillum with a lucid look in his eyes as Night smirks.

"Yeah… reason for the side effects earlier was because he FOUGHT against the energy and what not… main reason why Marceline and Finn didn't get the amulet… they fought against the transformation instead of embracing it… I could explain more but I believe we took enough time so why don't we just skip to the part where Cynthia here uses her full power and rebuilds the Candy Kingdom in no time and fills in the gaps with her hardlight constructs for the entire city." Night said when she crossed her arms in the air as she looks at Cynthia with an amused look.

"Alright." Cynthia said before she uses her powers of sorts to help rebuild the Candy Kingdom.

To many… they look on in Awe as the Candy Kingdom seems to rebuild itself when the rubble and what not glows and pulled the pieces back into place… for things that couldn't be salvaged, they were disposed off and temporary digital replicas of the structures were repaired by digital doubles… in no time, the Candy Kingdom was at 100% aside from an occasional Digital theme on some things showing the places where the hard light constructs were used.

"Wow… now that was cool." Me-Mow said who was apparently in the group but not seen much during the chaos.

"No kidding… shame we missed it when we had to evacuate." Jasmine said which explained things on why she and Me-Mow were not there.

"Cedric!" Said a voice making Cedric look over and sees Rachel coming to him but comically… she slaps his face.

"Idiot! Don't ever scare me like that again. I thought you died when you got hit by that arrow." Rachel said.

"To be fair, I did save his ass and healed him up… good thing to or he wouldn't be able to fight and fuck with the best of them… heard an arrow to the knee is a pain to deal with." Ursula said getting Azure's attention now that she heard her sisters voice.

"Ursula? Well this is a surprise. Didn't expect you to be here." Azure said.

"Well when I heard about the fun moments you had, figured I come to see if they were legit or not, may even try and get a job here but for now, may do some part time stuff until I get some coin in the City and… hehe… scope out some nice guys here." Ursula said when she grins as she glanced at Emerald for a moment though she did look back to see Rachel still getting onto Cedric while he looks really worried for his safety when Rachel looks like she wanted to slug him into the ground right now.

"Well still… thanks for helping my boyfriend." Azure said.

"No problem, considering how things ended, figured I could save his ass and make things even, heard you're dating him sis, so… how is he now that he isn't holding himself back now?" Ursula said when she sheathed her sword on her back.

Azure raised an eyebrow a bit.

"Well if you must know… he was amazing. Especially when he used his lightning powers in the right places."

"Really?, shame I couldn't enjoy that, but hope you have a happy life with him if things get to that level, for what it's worth, sorry if you think the worst of me and everything." Ursula said while she did look a bit regretful on the cheating part with Cedric.

Azure sighs as she goes to her sister and pats her back.

"Despite your faults… you're still my sister. Though you should know that because of that stunt you did, Cedric had anger problems. He had to take therapy before he started to get better. If you want to make up with Cedric, try taking with him."

"Maybe… but hey, at least he got more ladies and what not, won't say in a way I helped with this but guess I should really apologize and stuff… most likely later since well…. Pretty sure Cedric has a new lady with how angry she looks and I doubt she would let him out of her sight for awhile." Ursula said when she sweatdrops as Rachel with tears in her eyes keeps getting onto Cedric making Azure sweatdrop.

"Well ironically… it's not her… yet. Cedric has fun with her but… Rachel is his therapist." Azure said.

"I see…" Ursula said while the scene went to Emerald as he, Lillum, Marceline, Cynthia, Night, and Maite with Bubblegum surprisingly went into a large bedroom an hour after many went home and Bubblegum started a cloning process to help heal or revive many who died that day or at least clones with the deceased's memories in them and Bubblegum left a double of Cynthia to run the process.

"Alright, won't be long till the injured are healed while the deceased get revived or in this case, cloned while getting memories of the deceased." Bubblegum said.

"Would question the ethics of that but given we had enough drama, I'm ready some TLC before we sleep…" Lillum said as Night chuckles.

"Hehe, oh yeah and this time Cynthia won't fuck with a comatose man." Night said when she looks at Cynthia with an amused look.

Cynthia could have blushed after hearing that.

"It was to test the body… along with helping Emerald lose some stress like Marceline did."

Marceline blushed at this as Emerald chuckles a bit.

"Well ladies… I believe this day has been rushed but why don't we just make up for lost time and have fun… I'm really behind in some fun times with certain ladies so why don't I make up for things and more soon." Emerald said when he grins at the ladies in the room.

Lillum giggles.

"Can't argue with that." She said.

"I agree." Maite said before the ladies, minus Cynthia and Night, starts to undress in front of Emerald.

Once everyone got undressed, Cynthia just willed her clothing away and Emerald grins at the sight of the women before him.

"Hehe… Alright." Emerald said as he approached the naked ladies as the scene fades to black.

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