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Trip to Azure's village part 3

(Skipping intro for now to get into Part 3 of story)

Ooo/ Candy Kingdom/ Fast travel area/ ?

The scene now showed Bubblegum, Finn, Azure, Cedric, Lillum, Huntress, Jasmine, while Maite and Me-Mow were unfortunately forced to come back given that they couldn't stay in a flame shield for long term which left Marceline to be the one to hang back with Emerald while he was sleeping still at the fire Kingdom.

"OK… is everyone ready to really start this trip back to Azure's home town?... hopefully to study Orcs and Lillum with Aggro?" Bubblegum said since the group had one hell of a round trip to the Fire Kingdom thanks to Emerald… helped with setting up a fast travel point there but fireproofing would have to be worked on later just in case.

"Hehe, I know I'm ready." Lillum said making most sweatdrop.

"Maite and I are… since Flame shields aren't permanent." Me-Mow said.

"Right well… hopefully after a day or two, we can visit Emerald at the Fire Kingdom later… for now lets try this visit with my family again." Azure said as she and everyone entered the door and exit the closet in Azure's room.

"OK… why are we always exiting closets?" Huntress asked while Lillum smirks.

"What?... don't like… coming out of the closet?" Lillum said with an amused tone to her voice when she seemed to set up a joke from this.

"Ooh… no offense Lillum but… joke killed… not in a good way." Cedric said before going through the portal.

Though since he already did that, he would up back at the candy Kingdom teleport area.

Lillum stuck her head through the portal with a half lidded look.

"Hey I know it was a bad joke but no need to run… anyway the others already walked out of the room so see you with the others." Lillum said as she pulled her head back in through the portal and went to go with the others.

Cedric rolls his eyes before he tries again with the portal to Azure's closet.

Thankfully now that he entered the right way, he entered Azure's room and went down to see the others already talking.

"... and Emerald is now resting at the Fire Kingdom so it will be a bit before he even visits and stuff… so we should make sure not to cause more issues… right dad?" Azure said when she looks at Mufasa while his wife gave him a pointed look to no do anything stupid here.

Mufasa jolts.

"R-Right." He said as Cedric got close to the group.

"Yeah, so anyway we are going to see the Orc Mercs and stuff and Lillum is going to see Aggro… may join in later for old times sake and have Cedric join in on that to see how well things go… for now lets get going everyone." Azure said when she got up from her seat and stretched a bit as she gestured for everyone to follow her.

"Hehe, time for some big fun." Lillum said as everyone got up to follow her.

"Yup… maybe next time we could invite Aggro and Bruno for some interesting giant sized fun." Huntress said with an amused look in her eyes while seeing how Lillum would react to that.

Lillum grins excitedly after hearing that.

"Ooh such a naughty nymph. I say yes to that." She said as Cedric looks at Azure's parents.

"Just in case, good to meet you again Mufasa and… forgive me, what was your name?" He said as he looks at the mom.

"Sarabi my dear Wolf man, Sarabi, sorry about what my husband did… I already punished him on some things so he won't try anything stupid again… right dear?" Sarabi said as she gave her husband another pointed look.

Mufasa jolts from the look as Cedric chuckles.

"No worries. Though I have to say, I can see where Azure gets her beauty from." He said.

Sarabi chuckles when she teased Cedric.

"Careful… some may think you're hitting on a married woman given your career and what not." Sarabi said as Mufasa blinks and looks at Cedric with a watch it type look.

Cedric just smirks.

"Maybe… maybe not. But can't blame me. I mean if you weren't married, wouldn't mind showing you a good time."

As that happened Cedric ran out as everyone heard Mufasa roaring this.

"BOY YOU BETTER WATCH YOUR FUCKING BACK!" Mufasa roars out while Azure blinks as a slightly panicking but smirking Cedric ran by and Azure facepalms.

"Oh boy… can't defend Cedric from my dad with whatever he did to get that kind of reaction."
Azure said when she really wondered why Cedric did things like this…. Whatever it was given Azure and the others didn't hear the flirt moment.

Sarabi chuckles as she walk to the others.

"Your father just doesn't like that someone flirted with me. You definitely know how to pick them Azure."

Azure chuckles at this.

"Wow, now I get why he ran… well hopefully Cedric will be busy with a few orc ladies so Dad will have time to cool off… until then time to do my job so see you later mom… try and make sure Dad doesn't try and hunt Cedric or something." Azure said when she noticed Mufasa looking inside of the house while he picked up various weapons and shook his head when he went from swords, spears, even a few guns and a damn rocket launcher of all things for one right before Mufasa grins when he found a shotgun.

"Hehe… hello Sebastian." Mufasa said before Sarabi grabbed it by force.

"Don't even think about it Mufasa." She said with a serious look that dares him to try.

Though no one else heard this since everyone else was outside as they watched Sarabi take the shotgun from Mufasa and the group left as Sarabi did damage control with her husband for now.

"OK… so just two warnings… unless you want to try and piss them off, do not get in the way of their meals since they like to eat and don't insult their figure… they may seem heavyset but that is just their natural looks, well fit Orcs are actually rare mutations and its the females that are oddly attractive until their older years so try and not say things that could piss them off." Azure said when she looks at the others.

"Don't worry, we're not Cedric." Me-Mow said but comically they heard Cedric's voice as he yells out.

"Not funny Me-Mow!" He yells but was still hiding.

Funnily enough he was doing a good impression of a nearby totem, pole and people had to double take when he mimicked the middle part pretty well like some kind of camo and Azure rolls her eyes.

"Nice trick but mom has dad on lock down, you can come out of hiding." Azure said when she gave Cedric a half lidded look.

Cedric blinked before he got out of his hiding spot.

"That's good. Talk about overreacting for a compliment." He said.

"Dude, you flirted with Azure's mom. What if someone flirted with your mom?" Finn said.

Cedric had a half lidded look.

"Did you forget my dad and his spear?… When Emerald talked about my sister?"

"No I didn't forget... but figured after that we learn not to flirt with anyone in the families of others after a spear getting thrown was seen… pretty sure family flirts were a no go and stuff and Emerald was joking at the time considering Eruru's age." Finn points out when he gave Cedric a half lidded look.

"Joke or not, dad is protective. Either way, I'll stay clear of the house and stay close to you guys." Cedric said before grabbing Azure's hand.

"Good… though guess that means you'll be tag teaming with an Orc when we have fun with their species and get to have fun with a female it seems." Azure said to mess with Cedric a bit.

Cedric blushes a bit after hearing that.

As Jasmine smirks.

"Let's get to it everyone."

Azure and the others nod when they moved to continue their way through the village and when they got to a massive building, Azure lets go of Cedric's hand, she than held a hand towards the building.

"Well here is the main place where Orc's converge, you haven't seen any since right now is their meal time so get ready for a rough looking group." Azure said as she gestured for many to follow her to some large doors.

Most looked to one another before they each went inside the building after Azure.

Once they did, the scene was like day and night when they all saw many various skin toned beings having a blast with a large meals when many heavyset yet powerful looking men and beautiful women were here or there and many could see the orcs in full… the males and females had various tusks coming from their mouths for most males, some females even had a third breast that was covered, even rarer was some muscular looking male orcs who could look like they could break through stone with punches alone… nuff said the most classic looking orcs were the green skin toned ones while the head of the room had various elders and stronger looking orcs and Azure gestured for everyone to follow her when Azure starts to walk by many as some look at Azure and grin at her.

"Hey Azure welcome back, here for a meal or a fun time hehe?" One male orc said as Azure looks amused as her group follows her.

"Maybe some other time, showing my friends and boyfriend here the top dogs of the Orcs so to speak, swingers here so if you want, try and make a pass with the other females here… nuff said here to study the Orc's up close and personal so if the elders and strongest are not interested… I'll swing by after." Azure said while she winks at the orc who flirted with her.

"Hehe, hold you to it hot stuff." The orc said before winking her.

Azure chuckles before she looks at the others as Bubblegum and Maite were slapped on the assed by a few male and female orcs in passing.

"Hehe, friendly bunch like I said, just remember not to insult their culture and who knows, Cedric may not get ran out of here if he happens to flirt with the mates of the elders here… hehe." Azure said as she grins when she walked by some orcs and ignored some smacks to her own ass when she walked by a few drunk orcs.

Cedric took a breath.

"Not gonna risk it." He said before following Azure and surprisingly, some female Orcs smacks Cedric's ass while both male and female Orcs did the same to the others as they walked.

Though seems Maite got the most, besides Lillum.

Maite blushed from this as Lillum smirks at the attention and when the group got close to Azure, they heard chuckling from a deep intense voice.

"Hehe, nice to see you here Azure, hope your father won't give issues if he catches you here." a rather old looking Orc though he still looked pretty youthful body wise as he sat at an intricate looking table as Azure smirks.

"Nah Bolo, my dad knows about things already but mom has him on a leash hehe… lets just say he got into some serious trouble and you know how when my mom gets serious, she gets scary." Azure said as the elder or Bolo looks amused.

"Aye, a fiery lass she is, shame Mufasa isn't as open minded on having fun otherwise he would get that ban lifted, we told him my kind may slap his wife's ass when drunk but he just had to start a fight here… entertaining but given it took weeks to repair said damage, well unless he comes here on his hands and knees to beg for forgiveness, he won't be getting that ban anytime soon… still has to wait a year at least… so who are your friends?... you mentioned something about a boyfriend?... shame would have introduced you to a couple sons of mine to see if you could be one of their ladies hehe." Bolo said when he points at two nearby Orcs that look a lot like him though one was rather muscular and the other was heavyset but the arms and legs on both showed they were not to be underestimated when they had veins on veins on strong looking arms.

Bubblegum and Maite blush when they saw the duo as Lillum, Me-Mow and and Jasmine grins when they pictured how big their cocks can be as Cedric clears his throat.

"Uh right here sir. Name's Cedric Middleton, from the Chamber of the Crystal Eye." He said.

Bolo blinks as he looks at Cedric and hums as he rubs his chin.

"Cedric?... you look a lot like Emelina… fun lass as well when she used to live around here… you her son boy?" Bolo said when he looks at Cedric.

Cedric had a disturbed look when he heard that.

"Yes sir. She's my mother."

"I see… wondered why she would live in that dungeon but when she wanted to get strong, best she said was in order to gain strength, one needs to embrace danger… pha… like she couldn't get that here when we have plenty of dangerous missions and hunts too, but to each their own… so how is Emelina doing with that Juan guy that I heard about?" Bolo said when he looks at Cedric again after wiping his mouth clean of food when a rather attractive female orc passed him a large napkin.

Cedric calmed down.

"Doing fine. They still guard the place from intruders and I also have a baby sister." He said.

"Oh ho… a baby sister huh?, bet she will be a fine fighter when she gets older… how old is that sister of yours?" Bolo said when he looks amused.

Cedric's eye twitched.

"4 to 5 months sir."

Bolo than laughed at this.

"Haha, so I could have one of my sons go and wow her when she is 18 years from now or have one of my grandkids do the same it seems, honestly the middleton men and women always have such strong bodies, maybe I should introduce you to one of my daughters who just came of age Ashoka." Bolo said while he moved to drink from a large tankard.

Cedric really wanted to rip Bolo a new one but he really shows restraints as he didn't want to embarrass Azure or make her look bad.

"That sounds nice, sir."

"Hehe good good… lets have you meet her now… hey Ashoka get your ass over here, got a prospective mate for you!" Bolo said while he looks amused at the surprised look on Cedric's face at the sudden call as a fememine voice was heard.

"Coming father." A female voice said as footsteps were heard when many look over and saw a large well endowed and three breasted woman and she looked like one powerful Orc lady with a couple tusks coming from her lower jawline while she wore a fur like bra that covered large D to E cup breasts and loincloth and some fur boots… she had a mohawk like hairstyle similar to Marceline's that one time in the past and while she had green skin, she looked powerful with some strong arms and legs to boot.

"Whoa." Finn said as a few were surprised while Me-Mow chuckled.

"Hot damn." She said as Cedric was still surprised.

As the one called Ashoka approached, she looks at her father with a hand on her hip.

"So Father, who is this prospective mate?" Ashoka asked while she looks at the others.

"Hehe, him." Bolo said as he points at Cedric.

"Hmm?... you mean the wolfman?... already had fun with a Why Wolf I subdued recently so what makes this one so different aside from unique looking cocks." Ashoka said as Bolo grins.

"Simple… middleton male, if you remember the stories they make Why wolves look like low grade lays and a sparring partner in comparison." Bolo said while Ashoka looks amused.

"Interesting…" Ashoka said before she suddenly sent a fist Cedric's way and he had to avoid the hit when he jumped back as Ashoka starts to try and barrage him with attacks via fists and while sudden, Cedric knew one good hit would be VERY bad for him while many male orcs and female cheered for this like this was a normal thing for them.

"Hey, what is she doing?!" Finn said.

Bolo laughed at this as he looks at Azure.

"Really should explain things to them but this is our way of doing things." Bolo said as Azure scratched her cheek.

"Yeah, it's been awhile so I forgot… fun moments only no real things needed to have fun… just flirt and you get bent over a table and stuff… for mating purposes… well… you get into a ritual like fight where the winner dominates the loser and stuff." Azure said when she rubs her head.

"Tehe?" Azure said while trying to laugh this off in a funny way she heard about once.

Most blinked at Azure's reaction as Cedric kept dodging Ahsoka's attack before having this thought.

'Damn… looks like I'm gonna have to do this… analyze.' He thought before quickly thinking a way to beat Ahsoka with the Why wolf part of his brain as he checks for a pattern and weaknesses.

Though he got a rather interesting one when he saw that Ashoka wasn't trying to move around much and well… his body got into a stance and when Ashoka used a hit to try and hit him he moved around after then she would react and well… many were shocked when Cedric slipped his hands under Ashoka's fur like bra, gripped her breasts and used his electrical magic to shock the two outer breasts big time while he wrapped his legs around her waist to keep her from pulling him off of her.

"What the?" Jasmine said.

"H-Hey?!" Ahsoka jolts before she tries to get Cedric off.

Cedric however smirks when he said this.

"You seem pretty tense, and rather hesitant to move around… probably because of these I bet… wonder how well they are used…" Cedric said before he really used his magic to shock Ashoka's breasts intensely while focusing his magic on the pleasure parts of her breasts.

Ahoska groans a bit loud as she keeps trying to shake Cedric off.

When she tried to pry his hands off her breasts, she had to let go when Cedric's magic shocked her hands something fierce while Cedric's magic worked her breasts to the point that she groans as she fell on her knees and actually climaxed hard from her breasts alone.

The Orcs couldn't believe what they witnessed as well as Bubblegum and the others.

Cedric looks amused as he saw this.

"Hehe, this fight isn't one where all might is used… but brains and tactics as well… you say you took down a Why wolf right?... called him pathetic… well guess what my mom was part Why wolf and so am I… used that to find out you don't like to fight long fights given you seem to have very sensitive breasts… am I off the mark?" Cedric said with a teasing grin as he fondled Ashoka's breasts more.

Ahsoka groans from the tease before she finally taps off.

"Okay… even I have to say that is… smart thinking." Bubblegum said.

"Smart enough to impress you?... he does help you sometimes in your lab so his brains should be pretty good even if not on your level." Azure said with a grin at Bubblegum while Cedric licks at Ashoka's neck.

"Want to give up?... I'll just keep looking for weaknesses while you wear yourself down… and I pleased you rather well… I'm more of a lover than a fighter even if I could kick ass." Cedric said as he grinds his hardon that he had on Ashoka's ass though the fur on Ashoka prevented her from feeling some of it.

Ahsoka frowns.

"Not down yet!" She said before tries to attack Cedric again.

Though thanks to him being on her back, she tried to ram her back against the wall a few times and Cedric had to think fast when he quickly jumped off as she smashed into the wall which caused her to hit her back full force on the wall and Cedric smirks as he watched an enraged Ashoka try and right herself as she pulled her back from the wall.

"Hehe, over here." Cedric said with a come get me gesture.

Ashoka growls as she charged Cedric but with his upper brain being at full power or 50% so to speak given the other brain down below was at full power… hehe… he could read where her hits were going and with a swipe of his claws he had Ashoka in the nude when he nicked her bra and loincloth to show her nude body to all and many orcs cheer as a result.

"H-Hey!" Ahsoka said.

"Oh yeah! Now it's a show!" One orc said.

"Oh you guys want a show… well lets make it a really interesting one… last chance to submit Ashoka was it?... a moment later I'm about to show a really interesting scene for all." Cedric said with an amused grin on his face.

Ahsoka growls.

"I will not back down!" She said before she charges at Cedric with full speed.

Though Cedric got a half lidded look as he side stepped Ashoka and used a leg out stretched to trip her up and she crashed into a pillar pretty much stunning her while her tusks in her mouth got her stuck in the pillar while her ass was presented to everyone.

Cedric looks amused before he looks at Bolo.

"Hey big guy, anything goes in this fight until the orc submits right?... just want to make sure since your daughter started this and I don't want to do something that could piss off many." Cedric said while he had a hand on his hip while Ashoka had trouble getting her tusks out of the pillar.

Bolo sweatdrops.

"That's correct boy. Anything goes."

Cedric shrugged as he heard that.

"Alright… and just to check I got plenty of witnesses here so you can't say its not a thing… now then…" Cedric said as he walked to Ashoka and made her jolt when he placed his hands on her ass cheeks and he grins as he fondles them.

"Last chance to submit… just to let you know I'm not above fucking you right here and now while your stuck in a pillar… just saying since your pops said ANYTHING goes and given the end result already of your last match… pretty sure no one will complain if I skip to claiming my prize." Cedric said while he rubs the head of his cock against Ashoka's folds teasingly.

"Oh and while I admit that my combat skills may not top my mothers… at least yet… I do have plenty of experience in fucking many sexy ladies… so just saying this fight may go from a battle to a sex match." Cedric said in a warning as he teased many when the head of his cock slipped in but it slipped free when Cedric grins sadistically as he smacks Ashoka's ass a couple times to mess with her.

Ahsoka groans but still shows defiance.

"Do your worse."

"Very well… hey you people ready for a real show!?" Cedric said as his cock starts to spark and vibrate against Ashoka's folds to really mess with her.

Ahoska shudders as the crowd cheered.

"Boy… they're really into it." Finn said.

"Yeah well that's how Orcs are, they saw Cedric dominate Bolo's daughter, one thing many don't get is that while Cedric may have his screw ups, he is a strong fighter, has brains, but is normally overshadowed by many who have freakish levels of strength like Marceline, durability like Emerald, or magical might and brains like Lillum and Bubblegum… nuff said while he may not have a focused trait… he is more all around so he could use that brain to say fight Marceline with her weaknesses and win unlike Bubblegum who may just think of things but not be able to do much unless she has serious prep time… for you Finn… he can use his magic to magnetize your swords making it a fist on claw match and given one of your arms is metallic… yeah pretty sure many can get why I'm with Cedric despite many others technically overshadowing him… in a nutshell is a perfect package of sorts without a trait going overkill making his ego bloated… I blame it on his past messing him up with my sister… going to kick her ass later for this or just brag since I got a good catch with Cedric and not her hehe." Azure said while Cedric thanks to his ears hearing this… well he had one hell of an ego boost from hearing all of this and forced his cock balls deep into Ashoka and starts to fuck her hard from the get go while many orcs cheered him on.

"Gah!" Ahoska groans loud as she feels her pussy getting pounded as the Orcs cheered.

Azure chuckles while she looks at Bolo.

"Hey Bolo, I'm heading out to have a fun time with Aggro after Lillum has some fun with him, try and save one of your sons for me later, going to get a good moment in later but for now… come on Lillum, pretty sure Cedric will get plenty of data on the Orc females here if the looks they are giving him is anything to go by." Azure said while she starts walking out of the building with her hands behind her head.

Some of the Orcs kept cheering as a few or more female Orcs were turned by Cedric's actions as Lillum giggles.

"He'll get more than data that's for sure." She said as she starts following Azure.

Though Azure was stopped by the drunken Orc from earlier.

"H-Hey sexy… where you going?" the Orc said as Azure blinks when she remembered this guy.

"Oh hey there, my friend and I were just leaving… before you say anything… see that pink Hedgehog woman over there?... she would be happy to have fun with you… she gets paid for it for the data after all so the more females you and your friends behind you fuck… the better… oh and see the Candy Princess… her ass is her weak point so focus on that and you'll make her squirm." Azure said when she grins at the orc and the friends behind him that she noticed.

Said drunk Orcs noticed Maite and the other females before grinning as they just walk past the duo.

"Hehe, sneaky." Lillum said.

"Well given we're supposed to get both male and female orc data… well may as well let the others do the work while we have fun so come on Lillum… may as well get some good lion cock that can impress." Azure said when she continues walking as the drunk orcs stopped near the others.

"H-Hey… sexy… want to have a good time?" The drunk orc said when he looks at Bubblegum mainly while other orcs flirted with Maite, Me-Mow, Jasmine, and Huntress while a couple drunk females flirted with Finn.

"Hey you. Want to have fun with us?" The drunk female said to Finn with a seductive smirk as the duo rubs Finn's chest making the human blush as one drunk orc smacked Huntress's ass.

She blinks from this while many wondered where these guys and gals came from, hell Maite was picked up by a rather large Orc while he had her rest against his chest while Bubblegum felt a pair of hands grip her ass roughly and in no time the group was broken up before they knew it as the female Orc's undressed Finn and tossed his clothes to the side while the same was said for Huntress, Me-Mow, Jasmine, Bubblegum, and Maite when they were brought to various tables.

The scene focused on Maite for a moment when she was laying back on a table while a few orcs had massive 10 to 12 inch hardons of various levels of thickness while they gave Maite lustful looks when they drank in every inch of her body.

"Damn is she sexy and look at her breasts."'one orc said before grabbing Maite's breasts and squeezes them.

Maite groans from this while she bit her lower lips as her ass was gripped roughly.

"No kidding, look at this ass… lets get the fun started boys!" Another Orc said as one Orc leaned in to suck Maite's free nipple and another went to finger her pussy roughly.

Maite groans from these actions before one orc brought his cock to Maite's lips.

Maite saw this and knew what he want before opening her mouth and take the orc's cock in.

The orc groans from this and is no time she was forced to stroke two cocks, suck one and a moment later one penetrates her pussy when she was surprisingly wet surprisingly fast when an orc looked really eager to get started as he thrusts his hips relentlessly so his cock barreged her pussy in no time.

Maite groans when she felt that as the Orc was pleased.

"Damn her pussy is tight." He said as he thrusts his cock hard.

Hehe, going for her ass next after." Another orc said and while this happened… well…

Bubblegum groans as she moans and gags on a cock in her mouth while she rode a cock while another orc fucked her… the kicker both were fucking Bubblegum's ass mercilessly while she took both massive cocks without much issue.

"Fuck!… this one probably has a lot of experience if she can take both cocks in." One orc said before smacking Bubblegum's ass making said candy monarch ride their cocks faster.

"A-Azure was right… this bitch just has a perfect ass!" The Orc under Bubblegum said as he thrusts his cock up harder so he could fuck Bubblegum's ass mercilessly.

Bubblegum blinks when she heard that.

'Azure did this?!… she's gonna get a stern talking to after this.' She thought while groaning as she sucked one Orc's cock as she continues to ride the duo's cocks.

After a minute, the two orcs in her ass growl as they flood her ass with sperm while the one in her mouth roars when he floods her mouth with sperm… first shot of the day it seems.

The same could be said with the orcs with Maite when they growl when they came hard on her breasts, in her mouth and in her pussy in no time while the orc in her pussy went balls deep inside of Maite's pussy flooding her womb with a heavy load.

Maite muffly moans before she climaxed on the orc's cock in her pussy as she drinks down the second Orc's cum as Maite's pussy tightens around the first Orc's cock.

Other moments with the other ladies were similar with them getting fucked hard by the orcs while Finn was getting his cock sucked by one of them… however the scene shifts a moment later to Azure and Lillum when they were looking for Aggro… low and behold he was actually approaching a hot spring while he hums and noticed Lillum and Azure approaching him.

"Oh hey you two, back already?" Aggro said while he grins at them.

"Yup, and considering the hotspring here is rather unique… good thing we found you." Azure said when she smirks at Aggro.

"Yes indeed." Lillum said while smirking at Aggro.

Aggro blinks at this when she heard that… nuff said after Azure and Lillum brought Aggro into the hotspring and the trio got clean… well… Aggro was sitting at the edge of the hotspring while he groans as Lillum and Azure lick at the sides of his cock while Azure and Lillum fondle his balls while they both had lustful looks in their eyes, Aggo had a massive 14 to 15 inch cock and was 3 in width while his balls were packed to the brim with sperm and felt incredibly heavy to the duo.

"Oh fuck that feels good." Aggro groans before he pets their heads but did it gently since he was bigger.

The two women blush at this and Azure worked to suck Aggro's cock as deep as she could while Lillum worked to suck his balls while Lillum enjoyed how plentiful the balls in her mouth were… probably so packed that they hurt.

Aggro groans a bit more as he really enjoys this.

"Fuck Azy. Keep sucking my cock hard." He groans.

Azure had no issue with that as she worked to suck more while her tongue licked the shaft of his cock while she had a lustful look in her eyes as she enjoyed herself… thanks to Aggro being stressed a bit… well… it didn't take long for Aggro to get an unfocused look on his face until…

Aggro growls a bit before he climaxed inside Azure's mouth as his balls throbbed in Lillum's mouth.

Azure got wide eyes at the amount while she worked to drink as much as she could but even she had trouble drinking all of the sperm which dripped onto her chin and breasts and Lillum worked to lick Aggro's balls while the duo wait for him to ride out his orgasm.

About 15 seconds pass before Aggro finally taps off and was lightly panting for breath.

Azure pulled her mouth off Aggro's cock which didn't wilt at all and Lillum moved to kiss Azure on the lips to steal some sperm and she moved to lick Azure's chin and breasts clean and teased Aggro when she changed into a shapely lioness as she did so.

Aggro blinks when he saw that before grinning.

"Now that's hot." He said as his cock twitches in agreement.

Lillum looks amused when she heard that and she pulled away from kissing Azure and licking at her breasts.

"Hehe, if you think that is hot… why don't we get you to returning the favor big boy with eating one of us out?" Lillum said when she teased Aggro by shaking her ass at the massive lion man.

Aggro grins before a moment later, he picked up Lillum with one hand and was eating out her pussy while using the other hand to finger Azure's pussy.

The two women groan from this as Azure's claws scratched the hot spring floor while Lillum moans as she felt Aggro's tongue go into her tight pussy again and again… she did wonder what Aggro was thinking from all of this happening and stuff.

'Hehe… this is good. Here I am about to enjoy the hot spring and I'm getting a good time with two sexy ladies and one of them is my ex. Always did want to fuck a succubus after hearing about it but I'll make sure to remind Azure why she loves my cock so much.' Aggro thought.

After a bit of time making Lillum's toes curl, Aggro swapped Lillum with Azure and she waits patiently for Aggro to give Azure a good licking while Cedric, after he finished a couple rounds with Ashoka at this time while she was tired out from the fight and fun… and well… he went to get clean and relax so he doesn't burn himself out too soon by fucking one woman after the other but when he entered the hot spring, he saw Azure getting eaten out by an eager looking Aggro as Azure moans at the feeling of Aggro's tongue eating her out big time.

"Well this is interesting." Cedric said as he watched Aggro please Azure more.

Lillum when she heard that looks surprised as she made herself known.

"Oh hey Cedric, surprised you said this given your issues with Aggro before." Lillum said while Cedric was surprised to see Lillum in this form but he did roll his eyes.

"Well maybe but given that what I heard Azure say earlier about me with calling me a perfect package and stuff hehe, guess it helped me a bit… and to be fair I do fuck a lot of women so as long as she doesn't get knocked up… hopefully not by a certain Succubus with dealing ways… I won't have issues… and as long as Aggro here remembers not to try and steal Azure from me… we will be cool… sure Aggro maybe bigger than me but given how… honorable I've heard he can be… it would be… dishonorable if he tried to impregnate my woman while we were still a couple." Cedric said while he made sure that last part was heard by Aggro as a momentary threat/warning that Azure was his woman right now, Aggro lost that chance and stuff and Cedric won't let Azure out of his clutches if he can help it… sure fun is fun but knocking up another's woman… low blow if that happens.

'Damn… he is right. Can't knock Azure up… but I can still make her scream my name when I fuck her pussy.' Aggro thought as he kept eating out Azure's pussy.

Azure really groans from this and she moans when she came on Aggro's tongue a minute later while Lillum smirks as she looks at Cedric.

"Hehe… hey Cedric… want to have fun with me or want me to give you a massage first?... I know some healing magic that will help with getting you to full power and stuff." Lillum said when she summoned a massage table with a hole for the face to rest in and well… a hole where Cedric's cock would go if he laid face down.

Cedric did smirk.

"Sure. Can use one after dominating Ahsoka."

Lillum smirks and as Cedric got on the massage table, Lillum was massaging Cedric's back while making sure to not cause too much pressure to be felt while she worked the kinks out of Cedric's back.

Cedric let out a slight groan as he was enjoying this treatment while Aggro lapped up Azure's juices.

Once Azure finished climaxing… she pants for breath as she looks amused when she looks at Aggro.

"Hehe… looks like it's you and me big guy." Azure said while she grins at Aggro for a moment.

Aggro grins as he brought Azure close to his face.

"Ain't that the truth." He said before kissing Azure's lips.

Azure returned the kiss while Aggro's tongue overpowered hers instantly thanks to the strong tongue of Aggro's.

Aggro continues the kiss for a moment before he had Azure lay on her back as Aggro rubs his cock at Azure's folds to tease her.

Azure shuddered at this and grins at the large lion man.

"Come on Aggro… you know I hate the gentle shit when it comes to you." Azure said with a teasing grin when she rubbed her folds against Aggro's dickhead.

Aggro shudders before grinning at Azure.

"You're right. Gonna fuck you hard like the old days!" He said before shoving his cock inside Azure's pussy and got straight to fucking her.

Azure really moans from this while she quickly got a fucked up look on her face… as this went on Lillum was using a spell to have magical hands work Cedric's legs, back, and shoulders while she herself was sucking Cedric's cock while he relaxed on the massage table.

Cedric let's out a pleased groan as he was enjoying this.

"Ooh… magic hands and a blowjob? This is great." He said before shuddering at the feel of Lillum's mouth.

Lillum looks amused as she sucked Cedric's cock harder while the hands worked to get more kinks out of his body.

Cedric groans a bit more as he was enjoying these actions while Aggro kept pounding Azure's pussy as he made sure his cock hits her womb.

Azure really groans from this while her pussy tightened around Aggro's cock while he was able to bash his way into her womb easily again and again while her claws on her paws and toes scratched the ground while she tried to keep herself stable so Aggro's thrusts wouldn't make her fly away from him.

Aggro groans before grinning lustfully at Azure.

"Almost forgot how great your pussy is, Azure." He groans.

"A-And your c-cock is a-as m-massive a-as always… A-Aggro!" Azure groans out while her orgasm was getting close thanks to Aggro's barrages.

Aggro grins wildly as he continues to fuck his ex while holding her down.

Azure's eyes roll back in her head as she lets Aggro fuck her more and more while her orgasm was getting close until she threw her head back and yowls when she came hard on Aggro's cock in no time.

After a few more thrusts, Aggro roars before he pushed his cock deep and floods Azure's womb to the brim with his sperm.

Azure's orgasm got stronger from this while she called Aggro's name loudly while her pussy strangles his cock to milk it for all he had.

Aggro enjoys hearing this before he was careful as he leans his head down and smash his lips on Azure's lips during the orgasm.

Azure moans into the kiss while she used a hand to grip at Aggro's mane while she and Aggro ride out their orgasms, when Aggro and Azure tapped off, Azure was taking a moment to pant for breath while she looks up at Aggro with a grin.

"F-Fuck… definitly still got it." Azure said when she grins at Aggro.

"H-Hehe… Damn right. Shame we broke up. Would've been nice if I put a kid in you." Aggro said with a cheeky grin.

"Hehe… yeah shame I'm already claimed by Cedric, he gets first dibs if things happen but he hasn't pissed me off enough yet for a break up." Azure said while teasing Aggro that Cedric had claims on her for now.

Aggro was a bit ticked before chuckling.

"Well… I can still have fun with you but… if he messes up… I'll definitely swoop in and take you back."

Azure looks amused by that as she wondered what Cedric thought when she glanced at him… no way would those ears not pick something up.

Cedric, who was groaning, obviously heard that.

'Obviously that ain't gonna happen as long as I live.' He thought before glancing at Azure and winks at her follow by a reassuring look.

Azure winked back and groans when Aggro moved to fuck her ass next.

Aggro grunts and groans as he makes sure that Azure focuses on him only as Aggro fucks her like an… well pun intended… animal in heat.

However, judging from this, this leaning more to mating than actual sex.

Cedric would have been pissed but Lillum deepthroats his cock to get his attention.

"W-Whoa." Cedric groans with a surprised look which helped with the distraction.

Lillum was really amused by this and as Cedric got close, a magical hand found a really big kink near the base of Cedric's tail and after pushing it with a resounding but pleasant pop…

"H-Hey?!" Cedric said before groaning loud as he climaxed in Lillum's mouth.

Lillum worked to drink the load as more pleasant pops were felt and all of Cedric's kinks and aches started to leave his body like his sperm was leaving his nuts.

Cedric starts to feel more relaxed as he climaxed more before tapping off.

Once this happened, Lillum wrung out a few more drops of sperm and she used a spell to clean herself off as she stands next to a very relaxed Cedric.

"So Cedric… how was my happy ending for you?" Lillum teased while she grins at Cedric.

Cedric blushes a bit as he recovers.

"S-Surprisingly… felt good." He said.

"Good… want to return the favor by letting me ride that cock?" Lillum said as she licks her maw.

Cedric grins.

"Go for it."

Lillum smirks as Cedric got onto his back and after Lillum got on the massage table, she grins as she rubbed the head of Cedric's cock against her pussy lips.

"How badly do you want to fuck me?" Lillum teased while she keeps rubbing the head of Cedric's cock against her folds.

Cedric shudders.

"R-Really badly… Mistress." He said in order to entice Lillum.

Lillum smirks as she enjoys this.

"Good boy…" Lillum said as she lowered her body and she groans when she took Cedric's cock deep inside of her.

Cedric groans as he felt his cock enter Lillum's tight pussy.

A moment later, Lillum starts to ride Cedric's cock while she had her hands on his chest.

"Oh fuck." Cedric groans as he enjoys this.

Lillum on her end keeps riding Cedric's cock while Azure was moaning as she was turned onto all fours and fucked hard by Aggro when he went wild with his actions.

Aggro groans as he continues to fuck Azure's ass before he starts spanking her.

Azure groans big time from this while she thrusts her hips back so she could work to get more of Aggro's cock inside of her ass while Azure tightened her ass and Lillum rides Cedric's cock until…

Cedric groans loudly as he thrusts his cock up before climaxing hard inside Lillum's pussy while Aggro did the same with Azure's ass.

The two women moan from this and the holes gripped the cocks tightly while they wait for them to ride out their orgasms.

Cedric and Aggro groan from that as they continue to climax before they finally tapped off.

Once this happened, the scene showed one more round with Lillum taking a moment to relax as she watched Azure ride Aggro's cock with her ass while Cedric was over Azure while he fucked her pussy as she faced Cedric.

Aggro groans as he thrusts his cock up in Azure's ass as Cedric enjoys fucking her pussy before the electric wolfman starts making out with her.

Azure in turn returned the kiss as she tightened her holes on the duo's cocks while she wondered what the duo thought from the unexpected tag team moment against her… an enemy of an enemy is my friend moment it seems.

'Talk about a weird setup. Never thought I would be in a threesome with my girlfriend and her ex… but Azure did say she won't leave me to if I can trust her… guess I can give Aggro the benefit of the doubt. He's not all bad.' Cedric thought.

Aggro had a somewhat similar thought.

'Fuck, this is intense. I'll admit that Cedric dude is alright. But still… he should be careful or else I'll take Azure back and give her enough sperm so no man can take her hehe.'

A moment later, comical sparks came from Aggro and Cedric's eyes and they fucked Azure harder making her moan louder from the feeling as she hugged Cedric tighter.

Both men seems were trying to prove to Azure who was the better lover.

Though Cedric up the ante as he made his cock vibrate in Azure's pussy.

Azure really groans from this and climaxed thanks to Cedric when she calls his name out.

"C-CEDRIC!" Azure called out when her pussy submitted to Cedric's cock first.

Aggro was shocked as Cedric had a victory smile that was only for a moment before the male duo groans and climaxed in Azure's holes though Cedric calls out…

"AZURE!" Before Cedric gives Azure's womb a big dose of cum.

Comically enough… his load was electric.

By the time the trio ride out their orgasms, the trio were panting, sweating, and what not as they enjoy the afterglow.

"F-Fuck… t-that was intense." Cedric said.

"H-Hehe… you said it." Aggro replied before the duo looked at Azure to see how she was doing.

She was a panting sweating mess right now and all she did was mutter one word.

"M-More…" Azure said while she had a lust filled look on her face.

Cedric and Aggro were surprised to see that before grinning.

Looks like Azure is gonna get what she wants.

Lillum looks amused at this while she used some water to make a portal of sorts and she went to check on Emerald… right now he was laying on a soft bed in the Fire Kingdom while Marceline sat near him though she looked more worried than usual.

Lillum blinks as she steps out of the portal when she made herself decent and returned to normal.

"Hey Marceline, everything okay?"

Marceline blinks at the sudden arrival and she shakes her head.

"No… Emerald looks like he is having a nightmare and Phoebe said his temperature was getting higher like he is having a full body fever." Marceline said when she looks worryingly at a knocked out Emerald.

Lillum was surprised after hearing that before she went to Emerald's bedside and checked him with her magic.

Turns out his body temperature was way higher than usual… this wasn't a fever… it was a full on cook session and it was coming from inside of his body, not out.

"This is not a fever. Whatever this heat source is coming from, is coming from inside his body… not out." Lillum said.

"Oh glob… I hope whatever my dad finds out… he can find it out fast…" Marceline said and at the same time…

Hunson knocked on Jake's door a few times and waits for Jake or Lady to answer given he heard they lived here.

After a bit, the door opens and it was revealed to be Jake, who was shocked to see the lord of evil here.

"Marcy's dad?!… what are you doing here?"

"Hey Jake listen I need to head to Prismo's for a moment and I need that note can you get it for me, great thanks." Hunson said with a look that said… refuse and I'll suck out your soul.

Jake jolts before he quickly fetches the jar of pickles with the note from Prismo and gives the note to Hunson.

"Hey thanks, I'll have Prismo return this so see you!" Hunson said after he took a few pickles from the jar and used the note to teleport from Jake who looks confused.

"What the Flip just happened!?" Jake said as the scene fades to black on his bewildered looking face.

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