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Trip to Azure's village: Part 2

The scene fades in to show TME and Atomsk while TME walked into the room and sat in a chair.

"Ugh, finally done with that sea of thieves Quest… plenty of Finn the Red rewrite material but that sword of souls thing was…. Wow… quest was glitched and had to get that ghost to appear after undoing the Quest and had to sail around the seas… nuff said taking a break for a bit from Sea of thieves… may Wilf rift things more until I'm not salty about this day." TME said while he looks a bit grouchy.

Atomsk was thoughtful.

"Interesting. Gonna need to start playing that. Got the Xbox version of that."

"Nice, try friending me on the console, hope you have a headset because I can use one to talk and stuff." TME said when he looks amused by this next.

"Ohh… actually gonna need to buy a new headset. Plus a charger for my controller. Can't always use batteries. But I'll check it later so we can do the chapter." Atomsk said.

"Nice… anyway last time Marceline, Me-Mow, and Maite stayed behind in the Candy Kingdom while the others went to Azure's village right?" TME said as he looks thoughtful on last time.

"Yup and looks like a bit of Cedric's past was revealed. Also, he has to plan a date with Angel on account of her jealousy hehe." Atomsk said while chuckling.

"Oh yeah… maybe Cedric has a thing for fliers or something since he seems to have a lot of fliers coming onto him lately… and there is also the meeting between Cedric and Azure's dad… what was his name again?" TME said while he looks thoughtful.

"Hmmm… let me look." Atomsk said as he looks over the pages.

"Huh… we never actually gave the parents names."

"Really?, not even during the flashbacks?... hmmm… want to brainstorm some names while we get into the story?" TME said when he was thinking of a few names already.

Atomsk was thoughtful again before chuckling.

"Hehe… maybe we could call the dad either… Mufasa or Simba."

"Hmmm… I say Mufasa and thanks to the time Azure was gone… hehe a Simba could be in the works… though less on the dad dying here hopefully so we don't pull a full on Lion king." TME said while he really didn't want anyone to die.

"True… then again, we didn't create an evil brother so I think we're good. And what of the mother?" Atomsk said.

"Hmmm… who was the mother of Simba again?... Kiara?... man so many names and I'm getting confused now." TME said while he found it a bit amusing.

"Nah that's Simba's daughter. Think the mom's name is Sarabi." Atomsk said.

"Ah… I'll look up the name just in case since I have bing up… want to go ahead and get into the story?" TME asked while he raised an eyebrow at Atomsk unless Atomsk had something to say.

"Hmmm… let's go ahead." Atomsk said.

"Alright… anyway dear readers we're going into the story as many enter the village…" TME said as the scene shifts to...

Ooo/ Azure's village/ Village Gate/ Azure (Guide), Emerald, Jasmine, Lillum, Finn, Cedric, Bubblegum, Huntress

As the group entered the village they saw it was a rather large place… it was a large cul de sac like village with many buildings surrounding a small hill and the buildings were of various sizes.

"Ah… home sweet home… nothing like a visit to feel refreshed… anyway here is the town… not much to see persay look wise but in each building is a rather unique thing… first off on this side if the marketplace area… we trade things like fish, metals, and other things with other villages and what not who come here or we send things out…" Azure said as she points at one side of the village and many jolt when Huntress spoke up after so long of her being in silence… aside from Finn who chuckles at this when he was by Huntress's side a lot.

"They have magical shops?" Huntress asked while Azure blinks.

"Uh… yeah right there… mainly deals with wood and earth based magics though so while maybe up your alley may not be quite what you're looking for if you're looking for other stuff." Azure said when she and many others calmed down and had one central thought.

"She was so quiet, she blended in with the background." The group thought as they calmed down.

Huntress smirks.

"I'll be the judge of that. See you guys later." She said before checking out the shop.

"W-Well… now that Huntress is amusing herself… want to follow me to my home while we get more of a tour?... we have a training group, various shops that are not just magic but tech as well thanks to this mad scientist type living on the hill here if you look up… apparently they want to make a monster with electrical energy or something to help defend the village… they they called themselves franken… Franky?... well… Franksomething… nuff said aside from a mad laugh and what not, pretty nice guy, and his son Aggro is a rather nice guy though Aggro is more or less the opposite and could be a monster himself… just to let you know he is a lion like man or a hybrid at least given his dad isn't a lion… either that or Aggro is adopted… nuff said the guy is built like a tank and well… he and I were kinda Ex's/ sex friends before I left and stuff… had to get serious stress relief if you remember what my dad does so expect a sudden attack when we get to my home." Azure said while she rubs the back of her head as Cedric's ears twitch a bit at this Ex/sexfriend thing.

"Wait… this Aggro guy is your ex and yet you both are… sexfriends?" Cedric while making sure he heard things right.

Finn whispers to Emerald.

"This could be bad."

"Hmmm?, yeah I mean you have sex with a lot of women now and I get ducked by lots of male creatures, soon to be orcs here, what's wrong if I have fun with Aggro for old times sake?, not like I wouldn't invite you for a kinky threescore if you're worried about that… you're my main squeeze right now, so who cares what happens physically, not like any emotions are between Aggro and I." Azure said as Emerald grins as he whispered this to Cedric.

"May as well call that an I love you as much as that can be called." Emerald teased as he gave Cedric a pep talk like shoulder rub like a boxer coach wishing the boxer luck.

Cedric blinks a bit before looking at Azure.

"Well… I was just surprised to hear that. I trust you completely Azure."

"Hehe, good… may as well get the introduction out of the way with Aggro then so we won't have issues in the future." Azure said as she walked from Cedric and the others with a smirk on her face.

Finn pats Cedric on the back.

"Well handled."

"Oh shut it…" Cedric said as he walked after Azure with a comical level scowl.

Emerald chuckles as he walked next to Finn.

"Want to follow and see the drama?" Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Finn chuckled.

"Wherever we go, drama finds us. So sure." He said as Bubblegum, Lillum and Jasmine sweatdrops.

They followed Azure up a set of stairs when they walked towards the hill with the large tower like building where the scientist seemed to live and when Azure got to the front door… well they saw a monstrous sized doorway while a smaller door was made in the middle of the door and when Azure knocks, the door opens a minute later, once this happened heavy thuds were heard and well… when the larger door opened, a massive unit of a lion man was seen… nuff said many had wide eyes when the guy was 3 feet tall and built like a tank with pure muscle…. Most were around 2 feet tall or so, which caused many to feel dwarfed by the massive lion man and he got an excited grin as he pulled Azure in and up by her ass with his hand for a hug against his chest.

"Azure!, how are you doing… you up and left on us after we heard you went to get some kind of job… who are your friends?" The lion man said while he held Azure effortlessly with one hand while she sat on it like a chair in the air.

"Whoa… that's a big lion." Jasmine said.

"Yeah… very big." Emerald said when he looks up at the lion man while Lillum smirks as she licks her lips when she looked as a massive bulge in the lion man's shorts.

"Hehe… Very very big indeed." Lillum said as she felt worked up right now from the sight alone.

Bubblegum blushes when she noticed as Jasmine licks her lips at the bulge.

Finn and Emerald noticed Cedric's eye twitch at this scene before clearing his throat.

"Is this Aggro, Azure?"

"Hmmm?... oh yeah, this is Aggro, most here call him the iron wall thanks to how powerful he is… some say he is the strongest warrior in the village because of this, doesn't matter if he is related to the scientist or not, might makes right here so he is well liked by many." Azure said while Aggro chuckles.

"Hehe, yup, many do like me, mainly the ladies, met a few feisty felines and a few orc ladies after Azy here left but they are still new so they have a hard time taking my dick… not a brag since my cock is huge… some say too huge." Aggro said when he grins at the others.

Finn and Emerald blinked as Bubblegum blushes while Jasmine chuckled.

"No kidding from where I'm standing." She said as Cedric tries to remain calm.

"Right… Name's Cedric. I'm Azure's boyfriend."

"Boyfriend?... a scrawny guy like you?" Aggro said when he leaned in to look Cedric in the face and after a few sniffs, hums.

"Hmmm… seems a bit iffy to me, I mean a tiny guy like this Azure?" Aggro said while Azure rolls her eyes as she hits Aggro on the side of the head though it had no effect.

"Oh shut it, not everyone has a body like yours, Cedric is perfect as boyfriend or mate material… remember why we broke up, its because of your arrogance and stuff." Azure said while Aggro laughed at this.

"Yeah well when you have a body like mine when you got it you got it… still just a warning… Cedric was it?... make Azure cry and…." Aggro said when he reached for a large boulder… picked it up while his fingers broke into the rock and with a snarl crushed the boulder into dust and looks at Cedric with a look to be very careful.

The group were shocked when they saw Aggro do that as Cedric stood his ground with a serious look.

"Understandable… but I have no intention of doing that."

Aggro hums at this and grins before he pats Cedric on the back hard enough to knock him into the wall.

"Hehe… now thats what I like to hear, Azure is a real treat of a lady, better make sure you treat her well otherwise I may steal her from you… hahaha!... come on Azure lets get you to your parents, my pops is busy with his latest experiment thanks to a storm coming so we don't want to get onto him right now." Aggro said as he walked away while Azure looks a bit worried for Cedric when he fell from a Cedric shaped imprint on the wall as Emerald opened a spell book and after a moment of talking with Lillum, Emerald used a healing spell on Cedric to help him go from a twitching mess to full health in no time.

Cedric get up before shaking his head.

"That hurt for a moment."

"Yeah… but that seemed like a light hit… probably good that he didn't go full force otherwise you would be flying THROUGH the tower instead of just into a wall." Bubblegum said when she considered Aggro's strength well… maybe not on Marceline's level but damn well close given his powerful body.

"Either way, no fights happened but still… good luck on impressing the parents man." Finn said as Cedric had a half lidded look.

"Let's just go." Cedric said before walking away.

As the group followed Cedric, the group managed to catch up with Azure and Aggro while they were making small talk and in no time, the group made it to a surprisingly simple, yet nice looking 2 story home with a large yard, once this happened, Azure got off Aggro's hand.

"Either step away from the pathway from the door or get behind Aggro… you'll see why if you remember my story." Azure said as she approached the door and used a unique looking knock as many moved either away or behind Aggro with Lillum teasingly pinching Aggro on the ass.

Aggro jolts from that action before grinning at Lillum.

"Hehe, a bit daring… like your style."

"Hehe, thanks… though before you ask, yes I'm not human, yes I'm taken technically by Emerald there, and no he doesn't mind if I have fun… Succubus after all… a S-E-X demoness… so I'm sure I could take that massive greatsword of yours later after we meet Azy's parents." Lillum said while she points at Emerald when he was mentioned and when he saw the lion man and Succubus looking at them, he waved while the scent of extreme danger wafted to Aggro's nose when he got a better look at him… despite his small stature his instincts were warning him not to anger Emerald for some reason.

"I-I see… Good to know." Aggro said as he calmed down while everyone else looked confused as they watched Azure knock on the door again.

A moment later, multiple thump noises were heard as Azure opened the door, steps to the side and a Cat man bigger than Azure did a flying double jump kick while many looked shocked when hearing about this was one thing… seeing was another as Azure's dad flew by many and Aggro caught the father so he wouldn't fall and sets him on his feet.

"Oh thanks Aggro." The father said as Aggro chuckles.

"No worries Mufasa, saw this enough to know when to catch you." Aggro said while Azure gave a tsk noise at the help for her father.

"Yo dad… stop doing those surprise attacks and say hello to my friends and my boyfriend here… his name is Cedric… attack him if that look on your face is any indicator and I'll elope with him after the first hit… try and get to know him first before you do something to REALLY get your daughter to not come home again." Azure said when she points a thumb at Cedric.

Cedric blinks a bit at the elope part as Mufasa looks at Cedric.

"Really?… Him?… He's so-!" He was stopped as Cedric had a tick mark.

Though as Cedric opened his mouth, Azure speaks for him.

"Chamber of the Crystal eye… Cedric is the son of the monster boss of the dungeon and yes, monster boss… nuff said Cedirc is stronger and smarter than he looks… if that doesn't make him good enough for me, I don't know what is… not everyone is as freakishly big as Aggro you know." Azure said before she looks at Aggro.

"No offense." Azure said as Aggro chuckles.

"Nah, I don't take offense to it… plenty enjoy my muscles… right beautiful ladies?" Aggro said to Lillum and the other ladies of the group when Aggro flexed a bit before them.

Lillum giggles as Bubblegum blushes while Jasmine smirks.

Mufasa looks at Cedric.

"Hold on… you're a Middleton, boy?"

Azure blinks at this like many did.

"Hold on, you know Cedric's last name?" Azure said while she looks at Cedric to see if she heard right.

Cedric did blink as Mufasa chuckles.

"Now I remember… you're Juan's kid. How is the old bastard?"

"Uh, alive and well but how do you know him?" Cedric said.

"Well… your mom and I used to date before I met Azure's mother." Mufasa said.

Azure blinks before she looks at Cedric again.

"Wow… so close to being related… glad that didn't happen right?" Azure said while she shakes her head at the momentary thought.

Cedric shudders before almost throwing up.

"Y-Yeah… good thing." He said.

Mufasa chuckled.

"Well word of warning kid… hurt my special kitten and make you wish you were never born." He said with a serious look.

Before any could speak, Mufasa seemed to moved with shocking speeds and had his claws at Cedric's throat already.

"Nuff said I'm not the head of this village for no reason… try and not think I won't do it… I go easy on building Azure up but know that when I get serious…" Mufasa said as his eyes turned pure white and he actually pulled an Emerald moment when he turned dark.

"Well lets just say not only have I trained with Emelina daily before she moved away… well… even Aggro knows not to piss me off… especially after that time when Azure broke up with him… after I heard that… he was nursing injuries for weeks." Mufasa said as he lets some killing intent leak for a moment to show he wasn't bluffing.

Cedric shudders when he felt that but stood his ground.

"U-Understand… sir. But I will not hurt Azure."

"..." Mufasa was quiet for a moment while he looks Cedric in the eyes before chuckling.

"Hehe… not bad… you got more stones than Aggro thats for sure, he was shaking like a leaf when I did this the first time, you barely gave a reaction… maybe you're good for Azure after all." Mufasa said as he looks amused while Aggro jolts at the mention of that time as Mufasa returns to normal.

Cedric was able to calm down.

"Thank you sir. Azure has helped me through some… troubled stuff I've been dealing with and… I care deeply for her and would do anything to make her happy."

"Welp you said it boy… may as well just make sure you take responsibility just in case… I can smell your scent on her… and plenty of it… make sure not to do anything under my roof and we will be good… agreed?" Mufasa said while he gave Cedric a half lidded look.

Cedric jolts a bit after hearing.

"Yes sir. No problem with that."

"Good… anyway welcome to my home, same to the rest of…" Mufasa said when he turned and well… when he saw Emerald… he jolts as he got in a guarded stance which confused Emerald.

"Huh?... uh… something wrong?" Emerald asked while Mufasa growls.

"Yeah… what the fuck are you… you reak of danger… and I'm not talking the normal kind." Mufasa said while Emerald looks confused and looks at the others while pointing at himself with a confused look as Azure sighs when she saw Emerald looking a bit bummed when he seemed to get more trouble just being there.

"Simple dad… Emerald is wearing the Amulet of the Nightosphere given to him by Hunson Abadeer since Emerald is dating Marceline Abadeer… Hunson's daughter… makes Emerald deathless as far as I know for a number of reasons and he has chaotic energy from the Nightosphere coursing through his body… relax… he is a cool guy… try and not antagonize him… not like he had a choice with the amulet." Azure said while Emerald looks at his hand and before many could say anything… well… Emerald moved to get out of everyone's sight before anyone could stop him… oh boy… not this stuff again… like a lesser moment of Grandfather oak with danger and stuff.

Cedric facepalms.

"Fuck… where are Maite and Marceline when you need them?"

"Currently they should be back at the castle… anyway Lillum lets get a fast travel door opened so we can get them." Bubblegum said as she looks at Lillum who nods her head.

"Sorry big guy, need to help get my man in a better mood, maybe next time." Lillum said as she pinched Aggro on the ass again as she moved to fly into Azure's home while Azure sighs and she knocked Mufasa flat on the ground.

"Good fucking glob… we had to get Emerald therapy for this shit and you pull a stunt like this dad… may as well kiss your balls goodbye because I'm telling mom what you just did." Azure said as she walked into the building in a huff.

Mufasa pals after hearing that.

"No, don't tell her that!" He said as he chase after Azure making Cedric facepalm.

"And mom dated him?… this will be awkward when I visit my home."

"Didn't we already do that already?" Bubblegum said when she looks at Cedric as she walked by him.

Cedric sweatdrops.

"I mean when I go by myself." He said.

"Ah… well you got a fast travel door set up so should be a simple visit." Bubblegum said as Marceline, Maite, and Me-Mow rushed out of the house while Marceline had an umbrella.

"OK… who the hell is this Mufasa guy and where do I kick his ass… Lillum just flew into the room we were in and told us everything." Marceline said while she looked pissed.

Maite was also pissed as Me-Mow had her arms crossed.

"Uh… first, if Lillum didn't say this, Mufasa is Azure's dad and he went in there to stop Azure from ratting him out to his wife. Though maybe you guys should find Emerald first. Also if you noticed the big lion dude, that's Azure's ex, Aggro." Finn said.

"Uh did they need to know that?" Jasmine said.

"Just saving time on who's who." Finn countered.

"Fair enough, nice to meet you but we have a guy to find and… hold on…" Marceline said as she sniffed the air a few times.

"His scent isn't in this place… seems like he ran off towards… well… that way?" Marceline said as she points in a certain direction as Bubblegum blinks.

"Isn't that the way to Maite's village or something?" Bubblegum said as she looks confused by why Emerald was heading that way.

Maite was confused before her eyes widened.

"Oh Glob… maybe he's gonna challenge my dad." She said.

"Okay, you guys should definitely get going now before anything." Cedric said.

Marceline and Maite nods their heads as Marceline flew in and got Lillum.

"Come on you!... we got a wild Emerald to catch, for all we know he could either go for Maite's dad or just go that way and use one of those spells to give us the slip." Marceline said as she pulled Lillum out of the house by the ear for a moment and after Lillum was moved in front of Marceline she smacked Lillum's ass hard to get her flying.

"Hey easy!" Lillum said as she groans from the ear pulling before she grabs Maite and starts flying.

Meanwhile… Ironically enough they saw a figure walking to Maite's village… but when they got close, they saw it was just a shadow of Emerald with a note… when Maite and Lillum got close… they saw that it said some things.

"Don't follow me… many shadow spells used to throw scent off with blood mixed in… will need time alone to think… sorry everyone… really…"

"Dang it. Was just a wild goose chase." Maite said.

"No kidding… lets double back… he can't have gotten far." Lillum said though contrary to what Lillum said… Emerald was already well in the Fire Kingdom of all things surprisingly enough… he stopped ironically near Flambo's place of rest and Emerald could only think was this.

"Even after using so much strength in my legs… I'm not even tired… is my body altering even more?" Emerald thought while he looks at his hand but he heard a voice try and get his attention.

"Hey mister. Yous okay?"

Emerald blinks at this before he looks over with an empty look in his eyes when he saw a Flambit of all things… he heard about them and they were normally harmless… all Emerald said was say this.

"No… I'm not…" Emerald said as he moved with great speed so he vanished from the flambits sight while the direction of the kicked up dust on the rock caused the Flambit to hum given that this guy seemed to come into the Fire Kingdom and not get harmed… not only that he looked a lot like a human but with an odd dangerous feeling about him.

"Hmmm… something tells me I should call Finn." Flambo said.

Though given the odd feeling he felt from Emerald, he did want to make sure no trouble was made so he first decided to go to Phoebe… after that he would call Finn…

Once he made it to the Fire Kingdom, he got into the throne room and saw Phoebe sitting on the throne while a person left the room after a usual listen in on the people's complaints.

"Pardon the intrusions yours highness… we may have a problem… a big one." Flambo said when he got close to Phoebe… the armor hid some of her figure but she grew to be a beautiful looking Flame person while parts of her armor were changed to not be so restrictive, in fact it seemed like a mix of armor and a dress now if you look close enough.

Phoebe blinks a bit.

"What type of problem Flambo?"

"Well… this weird guy came bys but he looked human… not Finn the Human but he didn't seems to be harmed by the heat and when I asked if he was OKs and stuff… well he said no and moved with surprising speed into the Fire Kingdom… not towards the Kingdom itself but towards the more dangerous parts of the kingdom from the direction of where he jumped." Flambo said while he looks thoughtful as he tried to remember the direction he jumped.

Phoebe was a bit surprised after hearing that.

"I see… then maybe I should meet this being. Have you called Finn about this?"

"Not yet yours highness… was going to after letting yous know about this, figured we could try and keep things from stressing Finn more than usual since I heard he is with Bubblegum in some kinds of… Creature study thing?... need to ask more details from people passing by… seems he is doing more than hero work now." Flambo said as he moved to leave the throne room.

"I'lls be going to call him now, from the direction of the jump unless he changes directions, he should be heading to the fire wyvern territory." Flambo said while many guards and noble flame people looked surprised when they heard that… Fire Wyverns were highly territorial so going there was tantamount to suicide unless you were a powerful flame person like Phoebe.

Phoebe was surprised to hear this.

"If this person is going there, then I should go myself and stop him before something bad happens." She said with a determined look.

"Will you need an escort Milady?" One of Phoebe's guards asked.

Phoebe shook her head.

"I don't wish for any casualties." She said but the guards protested.

"My Queen, at least take a couple of the strongest guards with you."

"*sigh*... very well… get me Bruno and Jake 3, may as well have the Strongest flame person physically and the Strongest Flame Alpha come with me." Phoebe said when she gave them guard a look to go get the duo.

The guard nods his head before fetching the Duo.

Once this happened, Phoebe met with a massive unit of a Flame person while next to him was an equally powerful Flame Wolf who was much bigger than Phoebe… both had powerful muscles, intense heat, and they looked at Phoebe silently while waiting for their orders… Bruno had a unique helmet with horns and aside from armored grieves, gauntlets, and a chain or two connecting his helmet to some kind of harness… he didn't wear any upper armor, never talked and Jake 3 had a scar over one eye to show he had a few decent fights in him and was toned as hell.

"Hello Bruno and Jake 3. Thanks for coming. I assume the guard told you two what is happening?" Phoebe said.

The duo nods their heads and Jake 3 moved to kneel on the Ground so Phoebe could hop on.

Phoebe approaches Jake 3 before getting on him.

"Alright. Let's move out." She said to the duo.

This results in Phoebe getting carried by Jake 3 at a rapid rate while Bruno, despite his massive frame would suggest was able to keep up when he ran after Phoebe and Jake 3 while he used flames from his hands to propel him over some buildings for impromptu jumps… nuff said the group managed to leave the Flame Kingdom in no time as they worked their way into Fire Wyvern territory in no time.

"Okay you two, based on Flambo's description, we're looking for a human of sorts that looks demonic and has an amulet. So be on the lookout." Phoebe said.

Bruno and Jake 3 nods their heads after they stopped to look around… however considering the Fire Wyvern territory was large… well… they didn't find anything for a bit… but when they did… well… they were in for a shock when they managed to locate the man they were looking for… however the man was laying against a Fire Wyvern and looked like he was actually napping and the wyvern didn't seem to mind?

"Okay… that's shocking". Phoebe said as she didn't expect that.

This got the man's attention and when he looks over, he was silent as Phoebe, Bruno, and Jake 3 got close and the Fire Wyvern looks over with a growl… but the man petting the wyverns side eased the dragon as the man got up.

"Easy there… sorry about her… her child was nearly killed and I helped it before it could be… its getting some help from other healing Fire Wyverns… at least thats what I think they are… over there… the mother is a bit jumpy." the man said as he points in a certain direction which caused Bruno, Phoebe, and Jake 3 to look over and see a injured baby fire wyvern while larger wyverns were using a green colored flame breath to help heal the baby wyvern as the man looks at the trio.

"Though… if you're here to hunt wyverns… I suggest leaving now… I'm really not in the mood to deal with poachers after the day I've had." the man said as a few tentacles came from his back in a threatening manner while a dark mist emits from him while he didn't do anything else as he gave the trio a cold look.

Phoebe shook her head.

"We're not poachers. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Phoebe, the Flame Queen and this is Bruno and Jake 3."

The man blinks at this while Bruno and Jake 3 were on guard though as the man recalled the tentacles and stopped emitting the dark mist, he sighs.

"Nice to meet you… heard about you from Finn and others mentioned… I'm Emerald… freak of nature that causes many to be frightened in my mere presence… now… if you'll excuse me your highness… I really want to be alone so if you'll excuse me…" the man said as he introduced himself but as he walked away… Bruno got in his way while Emerald raised an eyebrow when it seemed Phoebe gave a gesture to do that and looks at her.

"There's no reason to leave. We come in peace. Was just surprised when I heard you were heading to the wyvern territory." Phoebe said.

"Yeah well I'm leaving now since I'm pretty welcome here… mind telling your guard to move otherwise there may be an incident that you may not want to see your highness… I'm serious… I really don't want to be around others right now…" Emerald said as he starts to walk by Bruno though he was gripped by the hulking flame person with both hands and lifted off the ground while Emerald was silent as shadows covered his eyes.

"Buddy… I'm trying to be nice… well mannered in front of the Queen… and damn well patient despite things… keep this up… and you WILL be losing some fingers." Emerald said as he emits a deep growl with serious killing intent as his amulet glows in reaction to his rising anger.

Jake 3 whimpers when he felt that as Phoebe pets him.

"Bruno… step aside." She said.

Bruno was quiet about this as he sets Emerald down while Emerald was quiet as he starts to walk away while he seemed to have a dead look in his eyes right now.

Phoebe wondered what's wrong before she gets off of Jake 3 and run towards Emerald before lightly grabbing his hand.

"Hold on. Let's at least talk. Maybe I can help you." She said.

Though what she didn't expect was Emerald actually looking angered when he went to punch her, it was only thanks to some quick reforming and away from Emerald while Bruno and Jake 3 got near her while Emerald this time looked royally pissed.

Meanwhile nearby…

Marceline, Maite, Flamebo, Finn, and many others like Azure and Cedric when they changed plans to follow Emerald when they got the call about a guy looking a lot like Emerald from Flambo and when they met Flambo… well they followed Flambo's directions a bit before this… by the time they got to where Emerald was thanks to Flambo's guidance… well… they saw him try and attack Phoebe and Emerald roars this.

"TALK!?... I'M FUCKING DONE TALKING!... THERAPISTS CAN'T HELP SO WHAT MAKES YOU THE FUCKING EXPERT!" Emerald growls while his face was covered in a darkness so thick that even the whites of his eyes were barely seen while he looked almost demonic with the darkness going to his hands and feet similar to when he first transformed and stuff.

The group sees this as they got close to the scene.

"Emerald stop!" Maite said.

When everyone looks over… instead of calming down… Emerald seemed to emit more killing intent shockingly enough.

"Stop?... stop!?... are you kidding me!?... when I want to try and be fucking alone to let my thoughts untangle… everyone wants to get involved and I'm fucking sick of it!" Emerald growls out while he had a look that was almost unhinged though either good timing or very VERY bad… well a portal opened before Emerald when the amulet of the nightosphere glows and Hunson walked through while he hums a bit.

"Hmhmhm… oh hey, when did we get to the fire Kingdom?" Hunson said while some like Marceline couldn't believe this kind of timing and well… Emerald's killing intent kicked into overdrive at the one who turned him into this while his teeth sharpened into points and nuff said more darkness emits from him as a result honestly this was a record breaker when he made that Grandfather oak moment look like a simple thing in comparison.

"Dad, we need help. Emerald is super pissed now. We need to calm him down." Marceline said.

"Huh?" Hunson said as he looks at Emerald though he was more surprised and chuckles in amusement.

"Oh didn't expect this… looks like the transformation is going on more it seems." Hunson said shocking many and even Emerald big time when the killing intent stopped instantly… though in this case the look on his face was like the calm before the storm when Emerald's pupils and the colors of his eyes were extremely shrunken and his gaze seemed unfocused… Cedric noticed this and boy did his ears pick things up like a rising heartbeat.

"Okay… I'm actually hearing his heartbeat rising." Cedric said.

"That's a bad thing right?" Finn said.

"Oh big time… dad what do you mean by this transformation is going on more!?" Marceline asked as Hunson explains.

"Well of course, the amulet is only pumping out 10% of its power at a time, once its done adjusting things it goes onto the next step more or less while keeping his mind intact so-!" Hunson tried to say as Emerald's veins bulge, his breathing got haggard and he moved with such speed that he slugged Hunson into a wall before the Ruler of the Nightosphere could react at this while Emerald looked absolutely feral.

"You!... you're the reason why many see me as a freak of nature!... from people like Azure's family and pretty much normal people who look at me with fear... I'll kill you in such a way that not even your deathless state will help you!" Emerald growled with such ferocity while so much rage was seen on his face that if looks could kills Hunson would be dead thousands of times over while Hunson rubs his cheek while he sat up as he looks thoughtfully at Emerald.

"You can try boy… strike me down no matter how many times and I'll still get up." Hunson said.

"Hooo… if strikes won't work... ever get ripped apart limb from limb and pretty much have your pieces thrown all across Ooo and various dead worlds?... just because your deathless doesn't mean you can't be in states that will make you wish for Death." Emerald said as a cold smirk appeared on his face much to everyone's shock at the surprisingly evil method of dealing with Hunson was said.

Hunson wasn't afraid.

"Kid, you don't have it in you. Think of my daughter and her kids."

Emerald though got quiet and said this as he slowly walked towards Hunson with a cold look in his eyes.

"Oh that is rich coming from you of all people… you made me into this freak of nature and while it was for Marceline… it sure as hell wasn't my first choice… I could have done other ways of becoming immortal… magic… science… making a damn wish… but now you're telling me this transformation thing is just a start of something more?... tell me… in that brain of yours did anything about what I wanted ever go through that skull of yours or was it just for Marceline and her kids since you can have a chance of getting an heir to your throne… don't bullshit me… ever since I got this damn thing I've been hearing voices in my dreams… I've seen beings that no one else can and I'm not thinking I'm nuts with that… I've seen people cower from me… I had beings like Grandfather oak pretty much try and give me a damned test… Azure's dad looked like he wanted to kill me… if it was really for Marceline and her kids sake… why the fuck did you make me into a damned monster that would make many fear me!?... to protect them!?... Marceline is the damn Vampire Queen and is one of the strongest beings in Ooo with few matching her… she has people like Bubblegum who is in fact immortal as long as she isn't killed as far as I know and lets face it… I heard you're not the one with the best forethought…. So why not try and tell me the damned truth… because right now… all I see is a pathetic demon of a man who pretty much didn't know what he had until it was too late and I'm not talking about your wife before you say a low blow moment… I'm talking about Marceline herself… I heard about those fries… I heard about after you got to Ooo thanks to Finn… so why not try and do something honorable at least once because right now… its not just me listening in… your daughter is as well so if you could care less about what happens to me persay since you already got what you want more or less… why not try and explain that?... because right now a distraction should be good since I want to kick the ass of someone right now and ANYONE besides my women will do right now." Emerald growls out as he looked more enraged at the end while he looked like he was barely holding his sanity together.

Hunson was quiet.

"You want honesty… fine. I was trying to make sure I was the perfect dad to Marceline since I've been terrible at that job during her undead life. I just wanted to make up my mistake. Seeing you in this state shows I failed again and I am sorry for causing this much pain to you."

Emerald was quiet for a moment at this when he heard that and well… honestly it was hard to read what he was thinking though he did ask this.

"Fine… say you did this for Marceline… but I don't buy it in that you even feel remorse for me… I've heard you're a soulless remorseless guy who torments people for fun on a daily basis… whats to say you're not trying to just try and throw your mistake under the bus so to speak… to you… to many… I'm just a random guy who pretty much got your daughter knocked up… we don't hang out… we don't do any bonding things… so honestly I doubt ANYONE can say or do anything that can make me think otherwise… this damned voice in my head I've been hearing lately is telling me your lying out of your ass and it feels like its coming from this damned amulet." Emerald said while he gripped the amulet's jewel and when he went to throw it away… well it just teleports back to Emerald's neck much to everyone's surprise… even Hunson's when he didn't expect that to happen… something seriously wasn't right here… a voice?... from the amulet?... and what were these voices now that many thought about it?... Emerald never mentioned voices before…

"Wait… what do you mean voices?" Cedric said.

"Oh like anyone would even believe me about this… I'm sure most of you think I'm insane or something or flat out way beyond repair… day after day when I least expect it a voice says things in my head either about things that happened or comments on things in ways that just flat out sicken me like a twisted conscience…" Emerald said while he clinched his hand for a moment.

"Emerald… no one thinks you're insane." Marceline said.

"It's true Emerald. We all care for you." Maite said.

"Oh really?... what about those onlookers that only I can supposedly see?... I've seen you guys be skeptical and even mock that sometimes and don't think I didn't see that moment before we got in Azure's village Cedric… saw you… *Attempt* to speak with them and stuff before we entered… and seriously… while I can get you care… did no one else besides me see people starting to actually look fearful of me?... even on dates the butlers and waitresses for one example looked like they had to build up courage to even look me in the eyes… how do you explain that!?" Emerald said when he looked really frustrated by this conversation.

Most raised their eyebrows at Cedric when they heard that as Cedric jolts.

"Okay… let's ignore that part." He said before looking at Emerald.

"Look Emerald, we may not know what you're going through but all I can say is that first impressions may be bad but give it time and everyone will get use to this just like your father said."

"Give it time?... Hunson just said this is only the first transformation, second if I'm about to pull an evolve moment soon… there is no getting use to it if people will see more than there is now." Emerald said while he looked exasperated at how things were going.

Cedric had no idea how to respond to that.

"Okay, bad example… does anyone have something to say for back up?"

"Uh… not quite, mind explaining from the too for those who are not in the loop?" Phoebe said as Emerald got a half lidded look on his face.

"Yeah… Mr. Lord of Evil turned me into an immortal monster so that his daughter, my girlfriend or fiance or whatever won't lose her hubby to be from old age… the kicker… many in Ooo aside from people I hang with want to pretty much kill me, look nervous or think I'm a freak of nature now and I don't do jack squat… that enough of an answer for you or should I go into detail on how I was forced to be this by Hunson… stabbed through the heart and recovered from that when a Mermaid named Gamma did that… or how Grandfather oak… AKA mr. Grandpa of all wood based beings in Ooo did a test that royally pissed me off… or how Bubblegum's people look like they will blow up in my mere presence… and Azure's dad was pretty much the final straw because if this is a recurring pattern, why the fuck should I even do these creature study things when I'm the strangest creature in Ooo that requires a fucking death threat." Emerald said and he finished with this.

"Oh… and the kicker… this was shortly AFTER I put a twin based Bun in Marceline's oven so it's been 3 to 4 months since then so yeah… pretty productive months when you get worn down by people looking at you like you're a weapon or freak of nature ready to attack." Emerald said while he pinched the bridge of his nose.

Phoebe's eyes widened after hearing that as everyone was feeling bad for a bit even thought it wasn't their fault.

"Good Glob… I don't know if I should blame most of you. I mean… he doesn't deserve this torment." She said as she was feeling bad for Emerald.

Emerald then surprised many when he sat on the ground.

"Yeah well can't fault them… I'm the ass who pretty much caused many to worry… just do whatever… I'm done with running… I just wanted to be alone to think but even that was too much to ask for it seems." Emerald said while he laid on the ground with a defeated look in his eyes.

Maite was now sad.

"I'm so sorry Emerald. We were just worried for you. I should've just listened to your note." She said before running as she was in tears.

Though thanks to many not realizing it, thanks to everyone being distracted… well… an actual fiery rock titan tried to make an attack on Maite when she was distracted and while many were off guard… Emerald emits a ton of killing intent as he got to his feet while many were frozen.

"Oi… I don't care who you are… I don't care what the fuck I'm feeling right now… but try and sneak in to get a quick meal of one of my women… and I'll kill you in the most painful way imaginable." Emerald growled out while the rock titan was actually frozen from how much killing intent Emerald emitted and a moment later Emerald moved to get near Maite with surprising speed and picked her up and he looks at the fiery rock titan with a look that promises pain if it didn't leave now.

The rock titan pales before fleeing for its life as Maite was surprised from this.

Emerald than sat on the ground with Maite on his lap.

"Sorry for making you cry and stuff… not trying to be a bother…" Emerald said before he suddenly dozed off on everyone and light snoring was heard from him making many blink at the sudden turn of events… first things were dramatic… than Emerald threatened Hunson and when Maite suddenly ran and was about to be attacked by a fire rock titan… well Emerald threatened it away and now as he held Maite… he fell asleep as he sat on the ground?... man this moment was more swinging than mood swings and chaotic.

"Huh… looks like he tired himself out." Hunson said.

"No kidding… Dad we are going to have one big talk later about this with the multiple transformations thing and more… for now… hey Phoebe… mind if we head to your place so we can let Emerald rest, its probably because of him not having time to really rest that he went wild like this… knowing him he will probably need a lot of time to think and stuff but we can't force him to talk." Marceline said when she looks at her dad than Phoebe a moment later.

Phoebe, after calming down, nods her head before looking at Bruno.

"Bruno, pick up Emerald but he gentle. He's innocent." She said.

Bruno was hesitant before he nods his head and went to pick up Emerald as Hunson went to Marceline.

"I'm sorry Marceline. Seems no matter what I'm still a bad father. If your mom still lived, she would beat my ass." He said with a regret look that's sometimes is rare for the lord of chaos.

Marceline sighs as she looks at her father.

"Yeah… but at least you're trying… though you really need to work on your people skills so you're not hanging around demons who inflate your ego so much… for now… just try and keep the soul eating thing to a low level thing for now…. May as well start small." Marceline said when she got up in the air when she floats a bit.

Hunson was thoughtful.

"Guess I can try. If you want, I'll remove the amulet and make Emerald normal again."

"Well you can try." Marceline said since Emerald had a point… there were many ways of making people immortal and last resort, Marceline could just bite him and stuff.

When Hunson heard that and went to remove the amulet… he heard a fememine chuckle enter his mind and heard this after.

"Ah ah ah… not going to happen Hunsy." The voice said as Hunson's hand was forced off the amulet with a small blast shocking many who saw this while Hunson was the most shocked of all as he looks at the amulet and his hand a moment later which had actual damage on it before it slowly healed… him… harmed?

"Whoa! What just happened?" Finn said.

"And was he just… harmed?" Cedric said.

"Seems… like it… looks like there is more to this than even I would know…" Hunson said while he clinched his hand as it fully heals and looks at the others.

"Seems removing the thing is impossible now… Emerald threw it away and it just came back to his neck, seems anyone else trying to remove it will get blasted back and I doubt they would just get singed flesh like I just got." Hunson said while he looks at the amulet while he wondered just what was going on right now.

"So basically… Emerald is stuck with that amulet for a long time." Huntress said.

"Pretty much… guess I screw the kid more than I thought." Hunson said.

"Maybe… ugh… come on talking about things right now about what's pretty obvious won't help us…" Marceline said as she and the others left the area.

Everyone was walking talking to one another as Finn was talking to Phoebe.

"Sorry about today, Phoebe. Are you okay?" He said.

"Well… yeah, just surprised by everything… and I mean everything that happened, things went from 0 to 100 in no time." Phoebe said while she looks at Emerald as Maite walked next to Bruno since he was carrying the sleeping Emerald.

Finn was gonna respond before he took notice of the Flame Queen's armor.

"Did you change your armor?"

"Hmm?... oh yeah, figured while protection is good, it weighed me down too much, what do you think?" Phoebe said when she gestured to her armor/dress… the outfit had wrist bangle like gauntlets, shin guards with armored boots, and a breastplate that covered her chest well… the torso though was missing the middle section around her waist while her upper arms, her upper hips, and her waist were free of armor and a long billowing dress was seen, it went to her heels to give her a rather interesting look like a combat queen of sorts.

Finn lightly blushes when he looks at Phoebe head to toe.

"You actually look… great. Nice figure." He said.

Phoebe blushed a bit from this.

"Hehe, thanks, was trying something different, many probably say I look good just because of the honesty policy and stuff, so hearing it from you and probably others here make me feel nice." Phoebe said while she lightly scratched her cheek a bit.

Still she than looks at Emerald.

"So… is everything he said about what happened to him true and it all happened in 3 to 4 months and stuff?" Phoebe said while she looks a bit concerned for Emerald.

Finn rubbed the back of his head.

"Yeah… what happened was…" He said before telling Phoebe, what he heard, about Marceline getting knocked up by Emerald thanks to Bubblegum and Lillum's deal, Emerald meeting Marceline's dad, the mermaids, the problem with Huntress's grandfather's test, though Huntress didn't know, and then how the humans and a couple of Azure's people, Aggro and Mufasa, reacted to Emerald's look.

"… and that's pretty much it. Though much earlier, Emerald was talking to this therapist, who happens to be Maite's cousin."

"I see… sounds intense and wonder why he kept quiet about that voice thing and normal people getting intimidated by him just from being seen alone… how come we're not getting effected?" Phoebe said as Hunson chipped in.

"Probably a mix of your own power, familiarity, and other factors, the intimidation is more or less how he got that Flaming rock titan to scram, makes it so fights end before they begin though it seems its not potent enough unless focused since it seems many don't run in fear of him." Hunson said which would explain some things like people being on guard around Emerald and probably why Emerald didn't intimitate the group… he knew them and was relaxed and stuff… was he subconsciously on guard around others?

"So wait, was Emerald subconsciously on guard from us? I mean we never showed hostility towards him." Finn said.

"Actually the opposite Finn, Emerald was not on guard around you all, its the random folk he was on guard around, this intimidation thing was building up over time and normal people probably started to cause him to go from subconsciously on guard to consciously on guard… makes it more controlled now but now he has to learn how to turn it off at will since its an ability that can help get rid of weak threats, I mean would you be annoyed if you get attacked by weak level 1 enemies on a daily basis?" Hunson said while he tried to put it in a way that some would get hopefully.

Finn was thoughtful.

"Well… if I was in Emerald's shoes… which I almost was thanks to you." He said as he gave Hunson a half lidded look before continuing.

"I would definitely be annoyed if that happened. Especially if my loved ones like Huntress gets involved."

"Yeah well its only for those who have no affiliation with Emerald, if he got to know someone, power level wouldn't matter since he would have gotten to know them and put his guard down around them… nuff said this is an extreme matter of him getting to know people while many are in a majority hostile state… surprised I didn't hear anything about that big guard guy or wolf looking hostile when I appeared, seemed on guard when Emerald was on guard but now look pretty relaxed." Hunson said while Phoebe looks thoughtful.

"Well… maybe its because we're still in the Evil to good phase of the kingdom changing so many are used to intimidating figures, pretty sure no one would really bat an eye at Emerald unless he really concentrates on someone more or less." Phoebe said while she tried to explain why she and others were not hostile on sight and only when Emerald was on guard did they get on guard themselves… she was trying to stop Emerald from leaving as well so she did get him angry and stuff.

It wasn't long before the group finally made it to the castle.

Once inside, Phoebe ordered Bruno to take Emerald to the guest quarters.

Once this happened, she looks at the others and saw that some were about to run out of their flame shield and after a quick area wide recast, many saw that the flame shield was stronger than usual.

"There, now you guys have a few days without much issues of the flame shield spell failing, consider yourselves guests in the castle." Phoebe said when she smiles at the others.

Finn smiles.

"Thanks, Phoebe." He said.

"Hehe, yeah thanks Pheebs. And by the way, nice outfit. Looks good on you." Marceline said with a smirk as Huntress chuckled.

"I know Finn enjoyed it." She said with a teasing smirk causing said human to blush.

Phoebe on her end blushed a little from this.

"W-Well even if he does like it, we're broken up and friends and stuff… besides seems he is having fun with you all since I got more details about this… Creature study thing from Bubblegum… while I can't allow this… fast travel door in the castle, if you're willing to head to the outer wall of the Fire Kingdom walls, I'll allow a fast travel point to be set up and stuff though you'll have to make sure a flame shield is on first since the moment you step through, you'll be in a really heated situation." Phoebe said as she composed herself a moment later.

Huntress did smirk.

"Fair enough. But if you wish to, I don't mind if you have fun with Finn. Nothing wrong having fun with an ex." She said as Jasmine laughs.

"No kidding. Azure here has fun with her ex and girl, he's a very big lion. Kinda the same size as that guard of yours that carried Emerald."

While Phoebe sighs at the stuff with her having fun with Finn since she and Finn were broken up still at this point, finding things quickly getting annoying, she decided to change the subject.

"Really?, what's this big lion guys name?, I find it hard to believe anyone can match Bruno, as you can see he is the strongest of my royal guard and loyal as well… never questions orders unless its for my protection." Phoebe said as Bruno silently stands there while he rubs the back of his helmet covered head for a moment at the compliments while feeling bashful.

Marceline shrugs.

"Heard his name is Aggro. Don't know much so might have to ask Azure for more details." She said as she points to said feline.

"Alright, I'll ask later, want to see this Aggro since I haven't left the Fire Kingdom for awhile, may as well have a small vacation to visit various kingdoms and villages of interest, was planning some peace talks between some kingdoms, mainly the water Kingdom with Hydrian the Water Princess." Phoebe said while she smiles at the others.

Most blinked when they heard that.

"Seriously? Well this would be interesting." Me-Mow said.

"How so?" Phoebe said when she wondered what Me-Mow meant.

"Fire, Water… when have you seen both elementals in a room together?" Me-Mow said.

"Technically Me-Mow, PB is an elemental so…" Finn said.

"Huh?" Me-Mow said as Finn quickly explains the four elements, Fire, Slime, Candy, and Ice.

He also explained the Element incident where LSP had to save everyone when she was the Anti-elemental and stuff… Finn finished with this.

"So yeah… things really got hairy that time." Finn said while he rubs his head.

"Huh?… I get Fire and Ice but seriously?… don't remember that happening." Me-Mow said.

"Yeah well most don't remember and only those who did a lot seem to remember like Fern back than… he remembers some things and stuff." Finn said while he couldn't explain more… he really didn't want to talk about him fighting Phoebe back than when he thought she ate well… herself thanks to the jewel and stuff being swallowed when she was a massive blue dragon and Finn mistook things back then.

Huntress sensed this before she pats Finn's back.

"You don't have to talk about it if this memory bothers you Finn."

"Thanks… but thanks to Fern dying and me unlocking my vault I remember everything now… nuff said I got a lot of regrets and stuff… anyway we should rest up, we came here from Azure's place so I'm pretty wiped." Finn said while he rubs his head a bit… good thing a fast travel door can be set up and stuff soon.

"Me too. All that drama got to me good." Marceline said.

"Yeah, and we need to check to see if the twins in Marceline are OK thanks to how stressful things were." Lillum said while Phoebe looks at the others.

"Oh they are fine, unlike Marceline, I can read their heat signatures since they are half vampires not full ones… they may still be developing but they are not showing signs of issues… seems they are pretty tough for vampire hybrid kids." Phoebe said while she smiles at Marceline.

Marceline blinked a bit after hearing that.

"Well that's great to hear." She said with a relax look.

"Hehe, yup, though while I was shocked to hear you were pregnant, all I can say is congrats, if things work out with Emerald, thats cool, and if not, well… heard you have Bubblegum so…" Phoebe said while she grins at Marceline as Bubblegum blushed big time.

Marceline did chuckle.

"Yeah I still have Bonnie and definitely making sure she takes responsibility big time for this. But I will say, I enjoy spending time with Emerald."

"Hehe, sounds nice, which I could find someone like that, honestly people give me a lot of issues saying stuff like you can't be a Queen if your not married… know what I mean?" Phoebe said as Marceline rolls her eyes.

"I know right?... so annoying, some call me a Vampire Princess as well… honestly I kick the ass of people who do that… know what we should hang out more, you seem pretty fun, not sure why no one like Finn didn't introduce us at all." Marceline said while she and Phoebe seemed to have an odd bond on the legitimacy of the Queen status and stuff.

Most looked at Finn as said Human chuckles nervously.

"May bad." He said.

"Eh he probably wanted to keep you to himself and…" Marceline said as she and Phoebe follow Bruno with Maite and Me-Mow in tow as Jasmine looks amused.

"Hehe… me thinks there could be an interesting romance if she and Marceline hook up… or maybe the Queen of Flames and Emerald?... issues aside could be a fun mix since Finn had his shot." Jasmine said with an amused look on her face.

Huntress chuckles.

"Unless Finn wows her himself if he still has feelings for the Flame Queen."

Finn was blushing like a tomato.

"Oh Glob this!" He said before walking out.

Once this happened, Jasmine chuckles as she looks at Huntress.

"Because of that… my money is either on Emerald… or Cedric if he tosses his hat into the ring so to speak though given he has one fiery lady on his end he may as well pass on this one given he has a date with Angel to plan for." Jasmine teased when she grins at Cedric.

Cedric blushes as Huntress chuckles.

"Maybe we should have a wager then."

"Sure… winner of the bet makes the loser their bitch and if Cedric wins we pretty much be Azure's bitch or Cedric's bitches so to speak?" Jasmine said as she and Huntress shake hands.

"Hehe, deal." Huntress said as she shakes Jasmine's hand grabbing it.

"Uh hold on. Don't me and Azure have a say in this? I mean we don't mind having fun with you two but what was the bet? Whoever pleases the Flame Queen the most gets her?" Cedric said.

"Hmm?... oh no, its more like who can make the Flame Queen their bitch more or less, fun is fun but claiming a lady is a different matter." Jasmine said with a fanged grin on her toothy face.

Cedric blinks at this as Bubblegum sighs.

"This won't end well."

"Or end very well… all we need to do is wait and stuff to see how things go, after a day like we had, things should be looking up right?" Huntress said while she looks at Hunson.

"So what will you do now?" Huntress said as Hunson looks thoughtful.

"Maybe… head to Prismo to see whats up with that amulet, he owes me one after a game of poker so may as well claim that IOU and see what is going on… I've had that amulet for as long as I had sentience and never in all my life, which is long mind you, has it done something like this with me, Finn, or Marceline when they wore the amulet… no… something is off here about this situation and I'm not liking this one bit… its one thing to have a gradual transformation but this… its a different matter like instead of a transformation… its more like Emerald is… evolving." Hunson said while he rubs his chin in thought.

"Evolving to what?" Jasmine said.

"No clue, thats why I'm going to ask Prismo, if its one thing you can ask, its him for info on certain dimensions, while there are other me's, you's, and pretty much alternate versions of dimensions, there is only one Prismo thanks to the effect of the Time room keeping him as a singular being as long as he is inside of it… so he has lived much longer than even time itself." Hunson said as he looks at Bubblegum.

"Tell Marceline I'll be visiting Jake for that note of his, heard that Prismo gave him a way to get pickles and stuff and will use that method to get to him… anyway nice meeting with you all again so see you later." Hunson said as he walked out of the throne room.

"Talk about bad and weird at the same time." Jasmine said.

"Yeah no kidding… whats next in this adventure aside more creature fucking?" Huntress said while she shakes her head.

Bubblegum shook her head.

"I'm not sure but I could use some rest.""

"Fair enough… Lillum, we should get going so lets go… Cedric, unless you want one of us to run for the Flame Queen, I would say you use that nose to sniff her down and stuff… we will be going for a good point to make a fast travel point and stuff." Huntress said while everyone looks at Cedric with expecting looks on him to run for Phoebe.

Cedric had a half lidded look.

"Not funny. I may be a wolf but I don't sniff around. That's a dog thing. Second, I haven't exchange any words with her."

"Eh you saw her for awhile and are wolf man much more attuned with their noses?... you saying you can't track the Queen of Flames?" Huntress teased.

Cedric had a half lidded look as he went to look for Phoebe while Huntress looks amused as she gave the others peace sign for victory.

"Come on ladies, lets head back to the Candy Kingdom… hopefully we can get those Orc's studied later at Azure's home and Lillum can have fun with Aggro and stuff." Huntress said as she smirks at the others.

Lillum chuckled.

"Sounds like a plan." She said.

Others chuckle at this, and after this happens the scene fades to black on this day… all things concidered no sex was seen surprisingly enough but that should change soon next chapter with Azure's village and the orcs as Lillum has fun with Aggro… how the scenes would go was a mystery but this would be a chapter that would be mainly Emerald free as he recovers from what just happened to him.

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