Bubblegum's Creature Study @emerald
Trip to Azure's village: Part 1

WThe scene opens up to show TME and Atomsk while they were going over notes.

"OK… so were in agreement that we will have Aggro show up as a possible ex of Azure but quick Q, what was the last thing we did since we had that harpy lady and those Banana guards in some fun… we could do another home visit thing with Azure's family unless you have ideas… you mentioned orcs so why not mix some BCS version of Orcs with Azure's hometown so they can act as protectors and stuff?, could have the females of the BCS crew study them… quick Q though, how far along is Marceline again and think we can go a couple months ahead to have some time pass?, could have the group slowly do the studying thing since its technically not a rush job and they help Bubblegum with things other than studying creatures." TME said when he suggests a few ideas.

"Hmmm… well first, you're right on some parts and second, may as well since we don't want to slow down the process." Atomsk said.

"Hehe yeah… and if we do a couple months… I got the perfect start so mind if I take the lead for a moment?" TME said while he grins at Atomsk.

Atomsk shrugged.

"Be my guest. Your story bro."

"Hey our story since you picked a number of sexy ladies and burly monsters for the group to have fun with… still thats for later so…" TME said when the scene shifts from the duo to...


A couple months passed since last chapter with a couple things happening of interest.

First of all thanks to the group slowing down some activities to relax and stuff, Cedric was able to talk to Rachel more with his issues, Emerald joining in a few times though even with Rachel's help she couldn't get Emerald to really open up much thanks to some situations being a bit out of her league to understand… mainly the deathless state Emerald had.

Still the talks did help though it made Emerald thoughtful about a lot of things like what he should do when not working… hell if he was right he had the rest of eternity to himself as long as he was altered by the Amulet of the Nightosphere.

Another on a brighter side was Flannary being pretty affectionate with Cedric when she was able to be talked into coming to live in the Candy Kingdom, Bubblegum offered her a job as a messenger given her flight capabilities and after a day of her sisters returning, them having fun with Cedric, Azure, and Me-mow with the female Banana guards… well nuff said Cedric was given flying tackles when Flannery noticed him so he had to learn the art of the dodging… good practice in surprise attacks which helped a few times believe it or not.

Though those were just two bigger moments… currently we see Marceline as she wakes after a couple months from last time and when she was in her bed, she yawns as she went to her bathroom to get ready for the day… her stomach had grown a bit sense than so she had to ease up on her own study job so to speak even if she was doing it for free thanks to the fact the twins in her were developing at a decent rate, a few trips to Minerva told Marceline that they were really healthy at the moment.

Marceline was glad to hear that as she was feeling happy while also wondering the sex of the twins.

Minerva at the time told her it would be another month at least before they would start to show any gender signs… for all she knew about the unique hybrid they both could be girls with shapeshifting or maybe they could just change genders at will… either way they would still be healthy babies when they would be born.

After Marceline showered, she heard knocking at her front door and when she got dressed in a rock shirt with some shorts while the shirt covered her stomach thanks to some enchantments, she saw Emerald grinning at her at the door.

"Hey beautiful, enjoy sleeping last night?... sorry I wasn't here, had to help my folks and stuff… got you a gift… how do you like red roses and a box of red chocolate?" Emerald said when he held some classic valentine based items for the red theme towards Marceline… granted the valentine day was a lost holiday in Ooo but the romantic gesture was still there.

Marceline blushes at the gesture before smiling.

"Oh I do." She said before she takes the chocolate.

She drained the red before taking half a bite with one piece before offering the other half to Emerald.

Emerald smirks as he leaned in and ate the chocolate while he didn't take it from her fingers making it seem like she was feeding him for a moment.

"Hehe, tasty… anyway got any plans for today?... I have an idea for a date between us so hope this is a good start to the romance today?" Emerald said while he smiles at Marceline.

"Hmmm… well I got nothing else to do so… what do you have in mind?" Marceline said while smirking.

"Simple… a relaxing day at a restaurant… a trip to a graveyard that has constant clouds and a concert showing of multiple musical bands… one of them even long dead musicains featuring guys from a band that… deals with lips?... and something called a nickelfront or something like that and more… honestly it should be a rocking good time at the end." Emerald said when he grins at Marceline more.

Marceline's eyes widened when she recognized the names before she hugged Emerald, while careful with the twins, and kissed his lips.

Emerald hums at this while he hugged Marceline back and he grins at her when he pulled from the kiss and passed Marceline a ticket.

"Here, when I told some people there about you, they gave us VIP seats since some of those dead guys are fans of your work… I'll see you in say an hour to get ready and wake up fully?... I need to get ready myself for the day anyway, heard Bubblegum has an announcement to make so see you in a bit." Emerald said as he kissed Marceline again and moved to walk to the fast travel door.

Once Emerald was gone, Marceline felt excited as she looks at her extended belly.

"Your dad really knows how to make a woman excited."

After this, the scene went to Bubblegum as she was humming while she got her name drawing hat ready after she removed Emerald and Huntress's names from the hat since they went to their homes already while Lillum floats into the room.

"So Bubblegum, who do we go next for next home visit?" Lillum said.

"Hmmm…. Well mind using a spell to summon everyone here or send a message, better to show the drawing like last time than just a simple message, pretty fun right?" Bubblegum said when she smiles at Lillum while Neddy, thanks to him peeking in the door, gave an ohoh like noise while a couple Marceline clones float next to Neddy while petting him.

"Hey Bonnie, taking Neddy on a walk around the castle, hopefully can get him interested in the town but still we got him to walk outside at least…. Isn't that right big guy." Marceline Clone A said while she and Clone B pet Neddy's head and chin.

Neddy smiles at the two while Bubblegum smiles.

"Okay, but please be careful you three." She said as Lillum uses a spell to summon the group.

Thankfully many were well dressed though comically Maite was eating a turkey sandwich and was about to fall from a chair that she once sat on and Emerald used a couple tentacles to mimic a chair to catch her so she was more or less leaning back now and Cedric was making out with Azure and like last time… nearly fell back but Emerald caught them, even Me-Mow and Jasmine were here though Jasmine was in a bra and panties while she held a dress in her hands… seems she was out shopping and blushed when she didn't expect this.

"W-What the fuck!?" Jasmine said as she quickly equipped the dress and pulled off the price tag.

"What's with the sudden summoning?" Cedric said as Bubblegum sweatdrops.

"Sorry guys. Kinda my fault. I had Lillum use a spell to summon you all here to announce the name of the next person's home will be visiting."

"Oh… well thats nice… though seriously Lillum… just a message would be nice." Me-Mow said when she saw that some like Marceline who was carrying twins would have issues if she didn't have her floating powers to stabalize her in the air.

Emerald than sets Maite on a nearby chair while she went to finish her meal as he looks at Me-Mow.

"Oh don't get so mad Me-Mow, at least we will know where to go next on our cross Ooo trip… hopefully it either won't take long or its 4 days from now, in two days and the day after, Marceline and I are going to a concert after I take her to a date to a fancy restaurant." Emerald said while he grins at everyone while showing his VIP ticket.

"Oh, that sounds nice." Maite said.

"Indeed." Bubblegum said before she pulls out a piece of paper and reads the name.

"Okay… this time we'll be visiting… Azure's village."

Many blink at this while Azure looks amused.

"Hehe, nice… though good luck Cedric if my dad hears about you." Azure said when she grins at Cedric.

"Oh crap." Cedric said when he realized he has to visit his girlfriend's parents.

Azure chuckles a bit while Emerald gave Cedric a sympathetic pat on the back.

"Eh doubt he would be as intense as Maite's dad, I have yet to visit him yet I may have to lariat him through a wall to get his respect." Emerald said when he worried for Maite and her dad's health.

Maite gulps.

"Well… try not to rough him up too much when we see him, Emerald."

"Eh… that's if we go anytime soon, seems the luck of the draw is giving small mercies to us." Emerald said when he and Maite didn't hear Maite's name from the drawing yet.

"Well actually Emerald, earlier I was looking at the map in my studies while keeping track of almost everyone's homes that we visited so far and I saw that both Azure and Maite's villages are a bit close by a few miles. So perhaps after visiting Azure's home, we can head straight to Maite's home if it's okay for Lillum to be last." Bubblegum said.

Emerald pales a bit and he chuckles nervously.

"H-Hehe… well… looks like we will have an interesting crossover of sorts when we cross over from Azure's village to Maites…" Emerald said when he seems to have a big mouth that he facepalmed.

Maite did pat Emerald's back a bit.

"Right… anyway everyone, we'll leave in a couple hours so prepare well. But if anyone has any plans and can't come, we'll understand." Bubblegum said.

"How long will this trip take?, Marceline and I have these tickets to the VIP concert and the restaurant thing before hand." Emerald said when he reminds many that the concert was in a few days.

"Why not set up a fast travel point at Azure's village and come back after?" Lillum said making Emerald shut up when he forgot about the fast travel doorways.

"There we go. We'll go Azure's village and Lillum will set up a fast travel point so you and Marceline can have your date. After that, Maite's village.." Bubblegum said.

"Well… OK… I got nothing now… what do you think Marceline?" Emerald said when he looks at Marceline.

Marceline shrugs.

"Can help us get to the concert faster."

Emerald shrugs at this as Bubblegum looks to see if anyone else had questions or issues.

Maite was curious.

"Say Azure, is there anything we should know about your village?"

"Well… this could be a good creature to study but we have these Orcs living there… ugly sons of bitches but boy are they well equipped… hehe, honestly they would outclass Cedric and Emerald here since they are all brawn but no brains… have large guts as well and tusks in their mouths… the females are oddly pretty though but strong as well… watch out if you get their attention… the females go for both males and females." Azure said while she explained something about her village.

"Oh and I think there is a feud going on there but can't remember what." Azure said when she rubs her head a bit in thought… sounded familiar to Maite honestly.

"Wait a feud? Between Cats and Orcs? Should we be worried about coming into the crossfires?" Finn said with a concerned look.

"If that was the case, my family and more wouldn't be there with orcs living there." Azure said when she gave Finn a half lidded look.

Finn chuckles nervously as Cedric rolls his eyes.

"Point is, better that we don't piss off any Orcs that we see. Maybe we can somehow make both Cats and Orcs live in peace and stop this feud." He said.

Azure than sighs and elbows Cedric in the gut winding him.

"Again… ORCS are NOT in a fude with CATS otherwise I and my family wouldn't live with them… it has something to do with my village and Maite's village now that I think about it." Azure said when she was getting irritated at the Orc and Cat thing… she knew a few good orcs so this felt like Cedric and Finn were insulting them.`

Cedric groans.

"O-Okay… stand corrected. I just misunderstood. Excuse me." He said before weakly walking out of the room as Me-Mow sighs.

"Dumbass." She said.

"Fuck off." Cedric said from outside as he recovers.

A few shake their heads as Emerald looks at Me-Mow.

"Hehe, something tells me I need to take you on a date before or after Marceline's date to help you feel better." Emerald said when he grins at Me-Mow teasingly.

Me-Mow blushes a bit.

"Well… if you want to but nothing Cedric say will hurt me."

"Hehe, strong lady… me likey." Emerald said as he walked to Me-Mow and kissed her on the cheek.

Me-Mow blushes again as Marceline chuckles.

"Tease aside, why Maite and Azure's village have a feud?"

"No clue, may have to ask the mayors or something about this but thats not the main reason why we are going… its to study creatures up close." Bubblegum said and she hoped it would be just that.

"Can't we do both?" Finn said.

"You can try Finn but a fuel depending on the seriousness maybe too much to fix… not saying it as a bad thing, just saying it maybe more swords and brawn can fix." Bubblegum said when she knew talking Finn out of this would be impossible.

"Hmmm… yeah guess you have a point." Finn said.

"Darn right I do." Bubblegum said as Emerald speaks up.

"OK… we should get going so lets get Cedric and get on the bus." Emerald said when he wondered if Cedric would come along or not.

Cedric heard this before entering.

"Yeah I'm coming. Just needed to recover after that low blow." He said.

"Well if I hit that low, maybe I should suck your cock and make it feel better?" Azure said with an amused tone since she hit the stomach, not his dick.

Cedric just smirks as Jasmine roles her eyes.

"Get a room you two." She said.

"We'll do that while you pay for that dress that you're still wearing." Cedric said.

Jasmine blushed before she smirks.

"Oh I did… pretty much showed the guy a good time and got it for free." Jasmine said while she grins at Cedric.

"Huh… neat. Guess your pet is not spending all your gold Finn." Cedric said.

Jasmine blushed more at this as Finn grins.

"Hehe, maybe, don't want her to get another disease though, PB took a bit to give her shots to cure her of any and all STD's she happened to get, main reason why she pricked Emerald and Marceline as well just in case as well as others." Finn said while Emerald rubbed his arm.

"Ah… so thats why you shoved that huge ass needle in my arm." Emerald said while he gave Bubblegum a half lidded look.

"Would you prefer I give it to you in the ass?" Bubblegum said with a half lidded look.

Emerald jolts at that as he hid behind Marceline as he had a frightened look on his face.

"Didn't think so." Bubblegum said before looking at the others.

"Like I said guys, we leave in a couple of hours so finish whatever you all were doing before Lillum summoned you and we head to the bus."

"Right… see you later than guys… hey Maite, Me-Mow can I talk with you outside and stuff?" Emerald asked while he gestures for Maite and Me-Mow to follow him.

Maite and Me-Mow looked to one another before they followed Emerald out.

Once this happened and the others went to do their own thing Emerald turned to Maite and Me-Mow when he and the two women were a bit away from the others.

"OK… nuff said I could have asked this with the others but didn't want Cedric getting onto Me-Mow and figured this would be better to ask here… but after we do this field trip thing or at the very least get that fast travel door set up and my date with Marceline goes well… Me-Mow do you want to go on a date after and Maite… when we get to your home… most likely after we deal with the Orcs, would it be possible to go on a date with you at your place and I get a tour of your home?" Emerald asked with a serious look in his eyes.

Me-Mow was a bit surprised of the serious look.

"U-Um yeah sure." She said while saying no didn't sound like an option.

"Hehe great… Maite what about you?" Emerald asked when he didn't hear a thing from Maite yet.

Maite did blush a bit.

"S-Sure. Would love to."

Emerald smiles at this and kissed Me-Mow and Maite on the lips a couple times each.

"Hehe… good… see you two later, need to plan things out." Emerald said as he bolts from the duo comically while a small dust cloud was kicked up in his wake.

"That was weird." Me-Mow said.

"A-A bit… but nothing out of the ordinary with Emerald since he is a hyper guy sometimes." Maite said as she looks at Me-Mow.

Me-Mow shrugs.

"So what we do now?"

"Well… maybe… you and I could go on a date?" Maite said while she blushed a bit at Me-Mow a little.

Me-Mow was a bit surprised before smirking.

"Really?… well I'm no stranger into dating a woman so sure. Know a good place or should I do the choosing?"

"Hmmm… well given we will most likely get food later… want to see a movie since we have a couple hours to pass?" Maite said while she gave Me-Mow a cute blush.

Me-Mow may have blush from that before chuckling.

"Works for me cute stuff." She said before she surprised Maite with a quick kiss to the lips.

Maite blushed at this as she returned the kiss when she hugged Me-Mow around the waist, she did have experience with women and stuff and used a hand to pet Me-Mow's back near her tail making Me-Mow's back arch so her ass was more pronounced and Maite used her other hand to rub Me-Mow behind the ears.

Me-Mow actually purr from that action before she grabs Maite's ass and squeezes it.

Maite moans as Me-Mow's fingers sunk into the soft ass of Maite's rather easily… despite her strength she was surprisingly fuckable right now given how eager Maite seemed...

Me-Mow then pulls her lips away and grins at Maite.

"Maybe we should skip the movie and have some… fun."

Maite blushed a bit as she nods her head.

"S-Sure… follow me, can head to one of Bubblegum's guestrooms." Maite said when she gently held Me-Mow's hand as she let Me-Mow into the castle while Marceline and the others were gone for now, pretty much giving Me-Mow and Maite clear access to one of the guest rooms and when they got to one, Me-Mow saw this one had some items showing it was Maite's room when there was shattered remains of her weapon, some items for taking back to her home and various other nicknacks.

"Damn… what happened to… well don't know what it is." Me-Mow said.

Maite rubs her head as she looks at Me-Mow.

"That… would be Emerald… nuff said he got… intense and well… my weapon broke the moment it hit him while I used full strength to try and knock him out." Maite said while she looks at Me-Mow.

"Wow… he must have a very hard head." Me-Mow said.

"Like you wouldn't believe… anyway shall we forget about that and get started?" Maite said as she starts to get undressed while Me-Mow saw Maite's shapely body before her.

Me-Mow whistles.

"Not bad. Seems Emerald is hitting the jackpot a lot." She said as she looked at Maite head to toe.

Maite blushed when she heard that.

"T-Thanks… sometimes I hear people say I'm a bit overweight." Maite said when she rubs her breasts and ass once she was fully nude.

"You? Not from where I'm standing. Who do you hear it from? Some jealous bitches?" Me-Mow said.

"Well maybe, most people where I'm from are normally muscular and bulky aside from my mom and a couple cousins of mine… guess you could say my village is more like a place for amazons and bodybuilders so I guess its just a culture thing now that I think about it." Maite said when she thinks about her mother and the rest of the females in her family VS the rest of the people in her village.

"Right… well let's get the fun rolling." Me-Mow said before she starts getting undressed.

Once that happened and Me-Mow removed her bandages… she smirks when Maite saw how shapely her body was up close this time… sure she saw Me-Mow's figure but was reminded that Me-Mow use magical bandages to hide her real figure and Me-Mow smirks when she looks at Maite.

"Personally I think your fucking sexy since we're similar in figures." Me-Mow said when she pressed her D to E cup breasts against Maite's E to F cup breasts while Me-Mow had hands on her hips.

Maite blushes brightly from how their breasts are touching before she leans in and kissed Me-Mow again.

After Me-Mow returned the kiss, the duo fought for dominance for a moment and Me-Mow pulled her head back and smirks at Maite.

"So… want to use a cock or no for now and enjoy some female on female moment?" Me-Mow said while she used her hands to grip Maite's ass and fondles them.

Maite jolts from that action.

"I-I don't mind if we use a cock." She said while blushing cutely.

Me-Mow smirks as she said this.

"OK… final question sweet ass… you or me with the cock?" Me-Mow asked while she licks her lips.

Maite blushes more.

"L-Let's go with you."

Me-Mow chuckles when she stepped back and after placing her finger on her bud, with a spell she learned, she formed a large 10 inch and 3 in with cat cock which had many barbs all over the cock and it throbbed a few times while Maite could see it before her.

Maite blushes when she saw that before a moment later, the pink hedgehog was seen on her knees and was already sucking Me-Mow's cock.

Me-Mow groans from this and pets Maite's head.

"Hehe… good girl… bet those bitches back home can't look good kicking ass or when sucking cock I bet." Me-Mow teased while she pets Maite's cheek a moment later.

Maite blushes from the petting as she continues to bob her head before she used her breasts and gave Me-Mow a tit fuck.

"O-Oh yeah… doubt those bitches can give a top grade titfuck like you or I can…" Me-Mow muttered while she enjoyed this greatly and Me-Mow fondles her own breasts before Maite to tease her.

This made Maite feel turned on before she doubles her efforts on pleasing Me-Mow's cock with her tits and mouth.

It took a couple minutes but Maite noticed Me-Mow's face starting to look strained when she could feel her orgasm getting close.

"O-Oh f-fuck… g-going to… to…" Me-Mow muttered while she felt her cock throb hard.

Feeling that made Maite bob her head faster and harder so she can make Me-Mow climax good.

Me-Mow pants a bit and as her orgasm hit her, she grits her teeth and groans as she came hard from her cock and pussy, flooding Maite's mouth and the upper part of her breasts with sperm.

Maite was surprised at how much cum Me-Mow let out before she starts swallowing the feline's load.

"O-Oh fuck… s-so much…" Me-Mow muttered as she rides out her orgasm… when she tapped off she pants for breath while she looks at Maite to see how she was doing.

Maite moans as she swallows the rest of the cum before she takes her mouth off of Me-Mow's cock.

"Hmm… for a kitty… you make good cream." She teased with a smile.

Me-Mow smirks while her pupils shrank a bit and she moved to lift Maite by her head when she gripped her cheeks and kissed her on the lips for a moment and pulled away as she grins at Maite and gave her a sensual growl.

"Get on the bed either on all fours or on your back and spread those fucking legs… going to return the favor before I make you squeal." Me-Mow said with a slight growl to her voice as her hardon looked really painful right now from how turned on she was.

Maite blushes a bit before she gets on the bed and lays on her back before spreading her legs.

"Here you go." She said before spreading her folds.

Me-Mow licked her maw and in no time she was licking Maite's folds eagerly with her long scratchy tongue and used her paw like hand to rub her bud to really work Maite up.

Maite was moaning a few times as she was enjoying this before pets Me-Mow's head and scratch behind her ear a bit.

Me-Mow purrs from this as Marceline was floating by the room and heard some things…

"Oh fuck."

Marceline blinked when she heard that before smirking as she went to investigate.

When she peeked into the room the sounds were coming from… she saw Me-Mow eating Maite out while she played with her bud… Me-Mow used her other paw like hand to finger Maite's ass after lubing it up with pussy juice.

Maite groans a bit loud from that action as Marceline mentally chuckled.

'Hehe… now this is interesting.' She thought.

A moment later, Maite threw her head back with a groan as she climaxed on Me-Mow's face and she lapped up the pussy juices while she rubbed Maite's bud more to help her orgasm get stronger.

Marceline continues to watch as Maite kept climaxing before finally tapping off.

Once she rides out her orgasm, Me-Mow pulled her head away from Maite's pussy and with a teasing fanged grin got over Maite while her cock rests against Maite's pussy lips.

"Hehe… ready to get fucked my sexy shapely beauty?" Me-Mow teased while her breasts press against Maite's again.

Maite blushes from that tease.

"Yes." She said.

"Hehe good… real question now… how hard do you want this slutty body to get fucked?" Me-Mow teased while she rubs the tip of he cock against Maite's pussy.

Maite shudders.

"R-Real hard. Use every inch of your cock and make my pussy remember it." She said surprisingly.

Me-Mow grins as she gripped Maite's hips.

"As the slutty beauty wants…" Me-Mow said as she forced her cock balls deep in Maite.

"The slutty beauty gets." Me-Mow teased as she loved the feeling of Maite's pussy gripping her cock.

Maite groans as she feels Me-Mow's cock going deep in her pussy before Maite felt it gripping the feline's cock as it tries to match the shape.

Me-Mow really groans from this and she kissed Maite as she starts to thrust her hips while an amused Marceline snuck in out of sight as she watched Me-Mow fuck Maite hard.

Maite moans a few times before she kiss Me-Mow back after wrapping her arms and legs around the feline in a tight embrace.

Marceline smirks as she used some hair in tiny hand form to tease Me-Mow's bud and Maite's as well… this caused Me-Mow and Maite to groan more and just figured this was the pleasure getting to them as Me-Mow fucked Maite harder.

Maite was groaning and moaning loud as her toes curled a few times.

"Oh yes Me-Mow. Keep fucking me!" She moans while feeling Me-Mow's cock hitting her womb.

Me-Mow had no issues with this as she fucked Maite harder and faster… though Marceline formed two cock like shapes from her hair and as she took aim and waits for Me-Mow's thrusts to get erratic… well Marceline forced her hair cocks into Me-Mow's pussy and Maite's ass making the duo groan and Me-Mow yowls when she came directly in Maite's womb with great force.

Maite groans loudly before she climaxed hard on Me-Mow's… and by proxy Marceline's cock hair.

Me-Mow on her end rides out her orgasm and pants for breath before she and Maite look at an amused Marceline.

"M-Marceline?!… Y-You were here the whole time?" Maite said with a surprised look as she recovered.

"Hehe… nah just saw things getting interesting with Me-Mow pleasing you and fucking you… you seem rather worked up… got a kink for cats?" Marceline teased while she grins at Maite.

Maite blushes as Me-Mow smirks.

"Considering her home has a feud with Azure's home… this is technically… forbidden pleasure."

"Oh yeah… think I should join in for real?" Marceline said while she wiggles her hair cocks inside of Maite and Me-Mow.

Said duo groan a bit as Me-Mow chuckles again.

"If you don't have any plans… then let's get to please this kinky hedgehog." She said while grinning as Maite blushes brightly.

"Alright… let me get undressed." Marceline said as she moved to undress near Maite and Me-Mow.

Me-Mow licks her lips for a bit before she looks at Maite.

"Oh I'm really liking you now pinky." She said before grabbing Maite's breasts.

As Maite blushed and groans, Marceline smirks when she heard that.

"Wow, confessing to Maite?, I know she has a rocking bod but I'm pretty sure Emerald would get jealous if you give Maite too much love." Marceline teased as she floats to the bed fully naked.

Me-Mow blushes a bit before smirking.

"Hey I don't mind sharing since Emerald did save my bacon. Besides, we're technically one weird family."

"Hehe… oh yeah… one weird dysfunctional but somehow functional family and it will grow as time went on." Marceline said when she remembered Epsi and the others and she looks to her womb where her kids were developing.

Me-Mow also had heard of those mermaids from Emerald but have yet to meet them.

"No kidding although… wonder how interesting it will be if one of us puts a Bun in Maite's oven before Emerald." She said while grinning at Maite.

Maite blushed at this as Marceline looks amused.

"Hehe, careful Me-Mow, pretty sure Emerald would be jealous if he didn't get to knock Maite up first… pretty sure he had a few dates ahead of you and stuff with Maite." Marceline said as she got on the bed and rests next to Maite and Me-Mow to watch what would happen.

Me-Mow chuckled.

"Then Emerald better hurry up. But for now, time to continue our fun." She said while smirking.

Maite blushed more from this as Marceline looks at Maite.

"So… want to continue the one on one with Me-Mow or want me to join in on the fun… not that far off so I can join in with a dick if needed thanks to a spell." Marceline said while she smirks at Maite.

Maite blushes more.

"I don't mind if you join us Marceline."

Marceline smirks as she used a spell to form a cock that had grey skin and a dark purple head.

"Nice… Me-Mow… you can take her ass… may as well let Maite lube me up." Marceline said as she moved so she was on her knees while her cock was pointed at Maite's face.

"Hehe, alright with me." Me-Mow said before she pulls her cock out making Maite groan and the feline sees her load leaking out.

"Damn did I come a lot. Plus, her pussy didn't want to let go." Me-Mow tease making Maite blush.

"Wow, guess all this sex is getting to you… still were having fun so…" Marceline said as she used a couple fingers to pinch Maite's right nipple for a moment and when she gasped, Marceline forced her cock into Maite's mouth as Marceline smirks more.

"Get to sucking Maite… may give you a reward if you work my cock good." Marceline said as she hums a bit at the feeling of Maite's mouth on her cock.

Maite blushes again before she starts sucking Marceline's cock while bobbing her head back and forth.

"Oh… fuck… damn Maite really gotten good from all this sex, maybe your father should worry you don't have just Emerald going after you but others for this body of yours." Marceline said while she pinches and twists Maite's nipple a bit as Me-Mow looks on.

Maite groans from that action as she kept sucking Marceline's cock while Me-Mow lightly stroke her own cock.

After a minute of stroking her cock, the sight caused Me-Mow's cock to throb as her orgasm was getting close… a moment later she smirks as she uses her stealth to sneak behind Marceline and as Me-Mow was getting close… well she inserts her cock in Marceline's pussy and groans when she comes hard inside of the Vampire Queen.

"W-Whoa!" Marceline groans with a surprised look before she climaxed inside Maite's mouth thanks to the chain reaction.

Maite lightly moans before she starts drinking down the Vampire Queen's load.

After this happened and the duo ride out their orgasms, Me-Mow pants for a moment and smirks as she rubs Marceline's ass.

"H-Hehe… payback for that surprise earlier… hope your pussy likes my cream." Me-Mow teased before she opened her mouth and lightly nips at Marceline's neck a bit.

Marceline groans from that action before chuckling.

"Oh I do." She said while shuddering as Maite used her mouth to clean Marceline's cock.

"Good… becaused I'm going to fire it up this tight ass next!" Me-Mow said as she pulled her cock free and with a grin shoved her cock up Marceline's ass and starts to fuck her intensely.

Marceline groans a bit loud as she felt her ass getting pounded as Maite was done cleaning her cock and was now watching.

Thanks to this going on… Maite teased Marceline when she showed her ass to the Vampire Queen and Maite starts to finger her own asshole while Me-Mow used her hands to fondle Marceline's breasts.

Marceline groans more before grinning as she uses her hair to grab Maite's hips and brings her closer before the Vampire Queen managed to shove her cock in Maite's ass.

Maite groans from the feeling and she used her hands to grip the bed sheets as she thrusts her ass back so she could take Marceline's cock again and again.

Me-Mow grins at the sight as she kept fucking Marceline's ass hard while fondling her breasts.

"F-Fuck… talk about a perfect ass… may give Bonnie a run for her money in the perfect fuckable ass department." Marceline teased while she used a hand to smack Maite's ass a few times.

Maite groans from each smack as she kept thrusting her hips back.

"Hehe, from where I'm seeing… definitely more fuckable." Me-Mow said.

It took a bit for the trio to enjoy themselves as Maite, Marceline, and Me-Mow continue their fun until Maite threw her head back and groans when she came hard on the cock inside of her ass and she squirts on the bed.

Me-Mow groans as she climaxed hard in Marceline's ass while Marceline did the same to Maite's ass as the trio ride out their orgasms.

Once the trio ride out their orgasms, Marceline looks amused when she pats Maite's ass while she used her other hand to pat Me-Mow on the hip.

"Hehe… nice fucking girls… though only 30 minutes passed since that meeting… an hour and 30 to go." Marceline said while she looks really amused as she tightened her ass on Me-Mow's cock while her cock enlarged an inch inside of Maite to mess with the duo.

Both duo groan from that as Me-Mow grins.

"Then let's keep going." She said before she had Marceline look at her and kissed her lips.

Marceline hums into the kiss as she felt Me-Mow fuck her ass again and she fucked Maite's ass hard in turn… nuff said when everyone was gathering again… Maite, Marceline, and Me-Mow were late while Emerald hums.

"Huh… strange… would think Maite would be here early." Emerald said when he did a quick head count.

"Could be doing something important. Should we wait for them a bit more Bubblegum?" Cedric said.

"Hmmmm… nah… I can just leave a P-Bot here and have it let them know where we are going and once we get a fast travel door setup, we can pick them up if they wait here." Bubblegum said as Emerald tilts his head.

"P-Bot?" Emerald said as a mechanical looking Bubblegum came into the room.

"She is speaking about me… I am P-Bot Version 5, nice to meet you all." P-Bot said with a smile while aside from some black slits for joint movement, she looked like an exact double of Bubblegum.

Most were surprised when they saw the bot.

"Huh. That's something." Jasmine said.

"Yeah… how similar are you to Bubblegum?" Lillum asked as P-Bot smiles at her.

"I am programmed to be a good replacement in the cases she needs to leave the Castle for an extended period of time, but if you talking about sexual acts, I have various attachments and disguises so I can look like Marceline, Maite, Me-Mow, and various other females thanks to various Nanobots I can control to alter my molecular makeup… for example…" P-Bot said as she changed her form to look like an exact double of Lillum and L-Bot smirks at Lillum.

"Is this satisfactory of a form change milady Succubus?" L-Bot said as she smiles at Lillum.

Lillum giggles.

"Oh it does." She said with a smirk.

"Thank you… anyway I'll wait for Marceline and the others here so you can leave ahead of the others." L-Bot said as she returned to her P-Bot mode and she looked at her creator with a smile.

Bubblegum returns the smile before nodding her head.

"Alright everyone, into the bus."

After this happened, the group minus Marceline, Maite, and Me-Mow left the Candy Kingdom and on the way, Emerald, having a rare moment not being with the three women… well he sat next to Bubblegum with a grin while he passed by Lillum.

"Hehe, so… seems you're alone here." Emerald said when Finn had his ladies around him, Cedric had his, but this caused Emerald and Bubblegum to be at the front more or less.

Bubblegum blinks a bit.

"What do you mean? I'm not alone."

"I meant here on the Bus… Lillum is talking with the others about some things when I passed by her, so figured you would want someone to speak with." Emerald said while he pointed a thumb at Lillum who was busy talking with Azure at the moment but their conversation couldn't be heard from the distance.

"Oh well… it's true no one is talking with me beside you." Bubblegum said.

"Yeah well figured now would be a good time to hang with you since we didn't have much time to talk since that moment in the Cavern of the Crystal eye… anyway how you doing lately PB?" Emerald asked while he smiles at Bubblegum.

"Well doing fine. Besides the whole species study thing, been upgrading the AI along with the virtual reality room. Then there's my experiments. Luckily, Cedric was surprisingly helpful thanks to his whywolf gene." Bubblegum said.

"Oh ho… brainy action I bet, bet Cedric helped you relaxed after some time… may make me a bit jealous he is hanging so long with a nice piece of gum like you." Emerald teased when he smirks at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blushes a bit.

"R-Right. How are you doing Emerald? How goes with the therapy session with Rachel?"

Emerald rubs his head a bit.

"Kinda don't want to talk about it yet… nuff said Maite had a hard enough time convincing me to go and Rachel had to work me well to even speak… nuff said its going to be a bit before I open up to others about this." Emerald said while he gave Bubblegum an apologetic look.

"Right… my apologies Emerald." Bubblegum said.

"No problem… Hey on a lighter note once we get to the village and after some dates… want me to take you on a Date Bubblegum?" Emerald asked while he looks at Bubblegum with a serious look to show he was serious in asking her that.

Bubblegum was surprised by this question.

Granted… Marceline was technically Emerald's lady due to the whole… knocked up thing and though Bubblegum has fun with either Cedric or Finn, neither of them as her on a date.

"Well… I don't see why not." Bubblegum said.

Emerald grins as he placed a hand around Bubblegum's shoulder.

"Hehe, nice, I'll plan a nice date later now that I know this." Emerald said with an amused look on his face.

Bubblegum did blush a bit as the bus kept driving them to Azure's village.

The rest of the ride went pretty uneventful as the bus got to Azure's village a bit later, they also saw Maite's village as well in the distance, it was barely out of sight on the other side of a massive mountain… Finn was reminded of that Marauder village when he got off of the bus as with everyone else.

"And here we are. I know this is Azure's home but man, been awhile since I was at the Marauder Village. Good fights… if there's the big Mountain that hates it." Finn said.

"Huh?, hates fights?... Frank here loves them, in fact take a look at that large arena, made so the guy can watch as we fight for his amusement sometimes." Azure said while she points to an arena which was made between the two villages and seems there was a battle going on when the mountain above cheered a bit for the show on his stomach though was too far to hear but plenty of things could be seen when a large fireball bursts in the arena and a small shake was heard… guess a fighter used explosions or something.

Most were surprised by this as Finn was more surprised when he saw the Mountain cheering.

"Wow… had no idea." Finn said.

Azure shrugged her shoulders.

"Eh, bit of a normal thing here, helps with making an alarm of sorts, can't get any louder than explosions and stuff… honestly the alarms at Bubblegum's place are a bit weak, maybe I should get my old alarm while we are here since I wake way to late for my liking." Azure said while she rubs her chin as the group enter Azure's village.

"Still should let my family know I'm here, oh and if I didn't mention it, I have a sister, she is normally not here and its only recently that I heard she was visiting from my dad from a call, so I was planning on coming here with Cedric alone but thanks to this trip, seems like a good time to introduce the full family and stuff." Azure said before she looks at the others with crossed arms.

"Before you ask no, no one asked so I never said anything and me and my sister don't get along sometimes… family things and stuff." Azure said when some looked like they were going to ask why about Azure not saying anything and they shut up a moment later from that.

Cedric sees this before he placed an arm around Azure.

"Hey no sweat Azure. We can understand."

"Although what's your sisters name?" Jasmine said.

"Hmmm?... oh her name is Ursula, she is a red furred cat like me, though I heard she may have used magic on her fur to give her a different look so she may make herself look like me but with purple stripes or something." Azure said though she was confused when Cedric jolts at the name Ursula and red fur.

"W-Wait… she's your… sister?" Cedric said as dread spread on his face.

"Dude… what's with you?" Finn.

Cedric gulped.

"Ursula… Is my ex girlfriend."

"Hold on… we talking about the same Ursula?... let me ask, has a somewhat snobbish personality but when in a bedroom brags about her skills?" Azure said to get some kind of general idea if they were talking about the same person.

Cedric sighs.

"Yes on the snobbish… but I haven't slept with her because… I was doing the whole respect boundaries thing. But that made her… cheat on me."

"I see… well you don't have to worry about her anymore, if she tries anything we can just put her with Emerald and be done with her." Azure said while Emerald gave her a half lidded look.

"And why am I a punishment?" Emerald said when he looks at the readers though to others, no one could see them.

"Geeze, Cedric got a winner here." Emerald said while he pointed a thumb at Azure.

Most sweatdrop Cedric chuckled as he hugs Azure from behind.

"Well Azure is the best." He said as he nips a bit of his girlfriend's ear.

Azure shudders from that as she purrs a bit though Emerald smirks at Cedric before he looks surprised.

"Oh Glob… hey Guardian Angel nice to see you." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Cedric blinks a bit before he turns around.

Turns out… Guardian Angel was there while many look surprised to see her.

"Yo… so… Azure is best girl huh?, thought that Harpy I heard about would be here with you all and wanted to see if that copycat was here." Angel said while she crossed her arms.

Cedric gulps a bit.

"Uh…" He said as Bubblegum spoke in Cedric's defense.

"I had Flannery do some errands for me so she's a bit busy."

"I see… then I guess I should be leaving for the Cavern of the Crystal eye since I don't want to get in the way of the best girl here." Angel said while she got ready to leave.

Cedric thought he might've hurt Angel's feelings before he quickly grabs her hand.

"Wait Angel." He said.

Angel than looks at Cedric with a raised eyebrow when she looks at him.

"Angel, I'm sorry what I said hurt you but… you're still important to me after everything we went through." Cedric said.

"Really?, Azure I can get since you got to date her a lot... but you seem pretty happy with that harpy girl, she seems a bit too much like me for my tastes and stuff as well, you haven't even visited your home in awhile so we barely hang out as we used to do." Angel said when she looks at Cedric with a serious expression.

Cedric did felt guilty for that.

"I'm sorry Angel. I have no excuse. I've been busy with helping Bubblegum's research like everyone else. Then of course I was enjoying my new relationship with Azure, which I have no regrets and I was having fun with Flannery." He said before shaking his head to make a point.

"Point is, I'm sorry that I haven't been spending time with you. But I'll do what I can to make it up to you." Cedric said.

"Really?" Angel said while she looks at Cedric.

"Yes really." Cedric with a look that shows he was telling the truth.

"Alright… I'll see you in a few days then while you think of what things to do when we go on a date." Angel said with a smirk as she flew away from Cedric while Azure chuckles a bit.

"Wait what?" Cedric said as Finn chuckled.

"Dude… you got duped."

"Hehe, yup, looks like you have a date to plan later with Angel unless you want what you said to be a lie to her." Azure said while she looks pretty amused.

Cedric blushes a bit before feeling offended.

"Never. Would never lie to you Azure and I sure won't lie to Angel."

"Hey not calling you a liar, just saying now you have a date to plan later… better make sure Angel likes it since she did have a point… Flannery is a flier who kidnapped people for her own gain and stuff so Angel may have felt like she was getting replaced… pretty sure many can think of it like that if its a third person listening in and stuff." Azure said while Emerald chipped in.

"Yeah, I mean what if Azure hung around another wolf man or something… out of context if she enjoyed his company it would seem like she was dating him but could be just a simple case of hanging out." Emerald said while he put his two cents in.

Cedric would've said something but remembered his sessions with Rachel.

"Okay… can see where you guys are going with this and I promised Angel I would make it up to her. I would never replace her."

"Good… I'll make sure to let you enjoy your date with Angel and stuff." Azure said while she grins at Cedric.

Cedric blushes a bit as most snickered.

"Well since we have that awkward moment pass, it's time we get into Azure's village." Bubblegum said.

Many nod their heads as they start walking to the village, but Cedric held back for a moment to stretch and once he saw that he was alone he looks to where Emerald looks and said this…

"Okay… don't know if you… people are real or not but… I knew Angel was faking it." Cedric said with a slight chuckle.

Though if Cedric could see the readers or not was up for debate given that he was just looking where Emerald was, but Cedric moved to catch up to the others before the scene fades to black.

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