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Trip to Emerald's Village: Part 2

(Part 2 of Emerald's hometown visit, Continuing off from last time.)

Site of the destroyed Treefort #1/ West side/ Emerald, Marceline, Jasmine, Me-Mow (Leo to Emerald for now)

The scene showed Emerald while he was fondling Jasmine's ass while Marceline fondles Me-Mow's breasts from behind while Lillum, on the south part of the site of the destroyed Treefort #1 was just watching things go on for now while smirking when she would see a pretty kinky sight.

Jasmine groans from having her ass fondled while Me-Mow gave the same reaction with the way Marceline felt her up.

Thanks to this, Emerald and Marceline worked the two women up when Emerald moved to suck one of Jasmine's nipples and Marceline licks and sucks one side of Me-Mow's neck and used some hair to form a third hand and she used it to rub Me-Mow's slickened folds.

Jasmine groans again from that action as Me-Mow lightly pants before she lets out a slight moan through her teeth.

Marceline mentally chuckles as she slipped a finger into Me-Mow's folds while Emerald moved to have his fingers on his right hand rub Jasmine's folds and he fingered her pussy a moment later.

Me-Mow and Jasmine groans from having their pussies fingered as time passes before Jasmine looks at Emerald.

"C-Come on and really dig in there."

Emerald chuckle as he removed his fingers.

"Alright sexy… here we go." Emerald said as he moved to lick and suck Jasmine's bud while he occasionally ate her pussy out deeply while he held her ass cheeks.

"O-Oh fuck." Jasmine groans as she starts enjoying that action.

Emerald in turn keeps his actions up while he made sure to work Jasmine up good and Marceline used another hair hand to finger Me-Mow's ass after making sure that digit was well lubed.

As this went on, Maite ran back up the hill with Finn and the others though after Maite gestured for them to sneak or walk quietly, they all got to Lillum and Maite tapped Lillum on her ass to get her attention since Maite told everyone to keep quiet for now, they couldn't see anything but they heard moaning and groaning on the other side of a wall while some guys and girls blushed when they saw Lillum's nude body.

"I brought the calvary Lillum." Maite said but made sure she was low.

Lillum nods her head and when she looks at Finn, she gestured for him to look over the wall but to keep quiet since Lillum didn't want these two to run off at the sight of Finn.

Finn was cautious before he approached Lillum and did a quick glance and though he bushed, he recognise the two woman before looking at Lillum.

"Oh I know those two. The girl with the horns is Bandit Princess. She stole a sword from me and killed a few people. The cat is Me-Mow. She's an ex-guild assassin and bounty hunter." He said though Cedric's eyes widened when he heard that.

"Wait… Me-Mow's here?" He said which got the group's attention.

"Uh... you know her Cedric?" Maite said.

"Yeah… She's Demon Cat's daughter." Cedric said.

"What!?" The others lowly said with various shocked looks to not get Emerald, Marceline, Jasmine, or Me-Mow's attention.

"What do you mean Demon Cat's daughter?... you mean the Demon Cat guy that almost knows everything?" Bubblegum asked Cedric while she keeps her voice low while Nocturn made himself known.

"Hey, I get that we may be speaking low to not let them know we are here but how come we are not capturing them?, if they are pretty bad women why not do that?" Nocturn said while Lillum smirks.

"Well I have an idea if all of you will humor me… instead of capturing and imprisoning them… why not have them work for us as assistants?... and no Finn I know I'm not insane, many people tried to kill you before or did horrible things to others around you and you forgave them after giving them a chance so you lose all rights to complain since I know you'll give them one chance to make things right since we all know I can talk you into it." Lillum said while she got a half lidded look and didn't need to look at Finn as he raised a hand to speak but Lillum beat him to the punch by saying what she said.

Finn grumbled a bit after hearing that.

"Yeah well… I'm not gonna fully trust them that easy."

"Never said you had to, just to give them a chance to earn it, besides Emerald could have a new lady or two in his harem if he played his cards right… maybe Cedy since he knows another demonic descended daughter and could show he has a kink for cat like women hehe… or maybe you Finn since you could give the sexy kitty a good spanking of sorts if you want to get some anger out… maybe have Bandit princess if she is the one with antlers choke on your cock to make up for what she did… I mean you can't deny that would be some sweet payback hehe." Lillum said when she smirks at Finn.

Finn blushes brightly after hearing that though he does want payback deep down.

Cedric rolls his eyes at Lillum.

"Yeah not gonna happen with Me-Mow, Lillum. She and I aren't friends in this."

"Really?, thought you were since you knew her… well either way as to answer your question Nocturn, why fight struggling women or risk letting them run when we could have Emerald and Marceline tire them out?, might as well take a good look at seeing how the new Demonic Emerald pleases a lady and just to let you know… my bet is Emerald outlasting Marceline, Me-Mow, and BP." Lillum said while she grins at Nocturn while she points a thumb over the small wall.

Nocturn raised an eyebrow before he took a slight peak over the wall.

He saw Emerald eating out Jasmine more and more while Marceline helped Me-Mow feel more and more better when she fingered Me-Mow's holes until…

Me-Mow and Jasmine groans a bit loud before Jasmine climaxed on Emerald's face as Me-Mow climaxed on Marceline's fingers.

Emerald worked to please Jasmine more while Marceline fingered Me-Mow's holes through her orgasm and Nocturn chuckles lightly while he looks at Lillum.

"Fair enough, I'll let you deal with these two, all they did was take crops if these two are the culprits, it would make sense since wild animals wouldn't be able to get by security we have, but two women like that and professional thieves or assassins if I remember them right from some wanted posters I saw on the latest updated security sites, then would be child's play for them… you serious about Emerald outlasting those three?... gotta say I'm pretty proud if he could do that with you and Maite as well." Nocturn said with an amused grin on his face.

Maite blushes brightly at the compliment as Lillum giggles.

"Believe me. He can also please Bubblegum here. He also had fun with a couple of mermaids."

"I see, I'll need to say hello to them later if I get the chance, as for the princess here, hope my son doesn't give you a hard time and hopefully if you date my son, nice to have a new daughter in law to be hehe, that is if you get that far." Nocturn said while he grins at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blushes brightly from that which caused most that heard that chuckle.

After that, everyone moved to watch as Emerald had Jasmine on her back and he grins at her while his cocks were iron hard.

"Hehe, so ready Jasmine?, might as well give you the option… one cock or two?" Emerald said when he had his upper cock vanish and reappear to show Jasmine had the options of going single or double barrelled.

All Jasmine did was grin at Emerald.

"I'm not scared. Hit me with both barrels."

Emerald grins at this and he gripped Jasmine's hips, aimed his cocks at her ass and pussy, and a moment later he forced both cocks into her while Me-Mow watched this happen.

"Oh fuck!" Jasmine groans at the double penetration as Me-Mow blushes brightly.

Marceline chuckles while she sneakily formed a large cock on her body and it pressed up against Me-Mow's ass cheeks.

Me-Mow jolts before she looks back and was blushing brightly when she saw Marceline's cock.

Marceline smirks as she whispered in Me-Mow's ear.

"Spread those cheeks… I want to see and hear which hole you want fucked hard." Marceline teased while she grinds her cock on Me-Mow's ass a couple times.

Me-Mow gulped but not because she was scared. She knew that fighting the Vampire Queen would be suicide.

So without no choice, she spread her ass cheeks open.

Marceline smirks at this and she teasingly rubbed the head of her cock against Me-Mow's ass and pussy.

"Now… what hole do you want fucked and filled with my Cream, kitty." Marceline said while she lightly nipped at Me-Mow's neck to mess with her a bit.

Me-Mow groans a bit from that.

"M-My… pussy."

Marceline chuckles as she aimed her cock at Me-Mow's pussy and she slowly forced her cock inside while being careful to not harm Me-Mow and she groans from how tight Me-Mow was.

Me-Mow groans at the penetration as she feels Marceline's cock going inside.

"Oh yes… this is a nice pussy… going to enjoy fucking it hard and fast." Marceline groans out while she gripped Me-Mow's hips to help pull her into Me-Mow more and felt her dick head hit Me-Mow's cervix a moment later.

"F-Fuck!" Me-Mow groans as she feels that.

"Hehe… as you wish." Marceline said as she starts to thrust her hips and her cock barraged Me-Mow's pussy in no time.

Me-Mow groans again as she feels the Vampire Queen's cock going in and out of her pussy.

While that happened, Emerald in turn was fucking Jasmine hard and fast in no time and loved how tight Jasmine was, it was like she didn't get much cock or something to fuck her with.

"Oh fuck yeah! Now this is what I'm talking about!" Jasmine groans as she was really enjoying it.

Emerald had a grin on his face while he leaned down and was sucking Jasmine's left nipple and he thrusts his cocks harder into Jasmine's ass and pussy and really worked to hit her cervix harder and faster as time goes on.

Jasmine was groaning more and more before she wraps her legs around Emerald's waist to make him thrust deeper.

And deeper he did when he gave one good thrust and got his cock deep enough to bash by Jasmine's cervix and his cock pressed against the back of her womb which caused a bulge to be seen as a result.

Jasmine's face was now looking fucked up as she was moaning loudly while her toes curled.

As this went on, Marceline used similar power to do the same to Me-Mow while her cock barraged Me-Mow's womb again and again.

Me-Mow was groaning loudly at how rough Marceline was which caused the ex-assassin's face to look fucked up.

As this went on, the others looking on had various levels of blushing faces while Lillum smirks at the sight.

"Hehe, seems like we won't have to wait long if those two are not used to getting it on with others of higher levels sex wise." Lillum said as she watched Emerald and Marceline dominate Jasmine and Me-Mow.

Some of the people were blushing brightly at the show while a few felt turned on.

Even Finn and co were having the same reaction.

Thanks to that, Lillum smirks when she was next to Maite and decided to make things interesting when she tapped her shoulder.

Maite blinked before she looks at Lillum to see what she needed.

Lillum surprised her then when she used her hand to grip Maite behind the head and pulled her in for a kiss all of a sudden and everyone saw this happen.

Maite was very surprised by this as everyone else had the same reaction before blushing a bit.

Lillum smirks mentally and sent her tongue into Maite's mouth and pulled away from the kiss.

"Considering we were stopped earlier… why don't we continue our fun… anyone want in on this or are some of you interested in just watching?" Lillum said as she used a spell to remove Maite's clothing from her body.

The men and women of the group all blush when they look at Maite as said humanoid was blushing from the stares.

Lillum giggles when she looks at Nocturn.

"Hey Nocturn… want in on this?... might as well have Maite and I get some brownie points to a new father in law hmm?" Lillum said while she teasingly smirks at Nocturn as she teased Maite when she rubbed her folds in front of everyone's gazes.

As Maite shudders, Nocturn grin after hearing that.

"Don't mind if I do." He said as the group was surprised before they Nocturn remove his clothing.

When Nocturn noticed, he chuckles at the looks as his body was seen more and unlike Emerald's Nocturn's body was trained to be rather well toned and muscular from natural training.

"What?, its not like its the strangest thing, in order to spice things up we sometimes bring others in on some fun when Emerald isn't around, hell even Minerva brings a few bots over for some fun on her end, I even bring a few friends to help have Helios relax when I can." Nocturn said while he grins at the others while he removed his pants and underwear, he seemed to have an experiment done since while not as big as Emerald, Finn, or Cedric, Nocturn still had an 11 inch cock that was 3 in width.

Most of the group were shocked at the info while Finn wished he didn't know that part of his mom.

Some of the ladies were blushing when they saw Nocturn's cock. Even Bubblegum and Maite blushed at his physique.

Nocturn chuckles as he approached the duo.

"Hehe, hope you ladies don't mind if I get a bit rough, Helios likes it when I get like that and what not." Nocturn said while he placed a hand on Lillum's ass and fondles the soft ass cheek.

"Hehe, not at all handsome." Lillum said with a lustful grin.

"Good… and since you seem to be soaking…" Nocturn said when he got behind Lillum, aimed his cock at her folds, and shoved his cock deep inside of her in no time and starts to fuck her intensely while he had a tight grip on her ass cheeks.

"Oh fuck yes." Lillum groans as she was enjoying her soon to be father in law's cock going in and out of her pussy.

Nocturn chuckles while he fucked Lillum harder, so much so that Lillum's breasts bounced in front of Maite's face which gave her an up close show of Nocturn fucking Lillum intensely.

Maite blushes brightly when she sees this before she decides to help by grabbing Lillum's breasts and massage them.

Lillum groans more from that while the others blush when they saw this happen… and thanks to Azure and Cedric being mainly undressed, Azure noticed Cedric getting hard and she smirks when she used a hand to stroke him off to get him hard in no time.

Cedric groans from that before smirking as he uses his hand to rub Azure's folds a few times before fingering her pussy.

He even kissed her lips.

Azure groans while she muffly moans into the kiss and Huntress on her end shrugged and she just gripped Bubblegum behind the head and pulled her in for a rather intense kiss out of the blue.

Bubblegum was surprised buy that action as she blushes brightly as Finn felt like being left out as he sees his friends doing it.

Huntress smirks when she saw that and gestured for Finn to approach while she used a spell to undress Bubblegum and used some Roots to pull her clothing off and they turned into leaves which left Bubblegum and Huntress in the nude.

As Bubblegum was again surprised, Finn blushes before he approaches the duo.

When that happened, Huntress used a spell to remove Finn's clothing which left him in the nude and Huntress had herself and by proxy Bubblegum kneel down near Finn's cock…

Bubblegum blushes before she starts licking one side of Finn's cock making Finn shudder.

Huntress smirks before she did the same on the other side while she wondered what Finn was thinking with his very first time with the Candy princess in this kind of situation.

'Glob after all those years… I'm finally reliving my fantasy of PB doing this.' Finn thought as he groans before petting the duo's heads.

This caused the duo to blush a bit, more so with Bubblegum in her case as she worked to lick Finn's cock more thanks to her being egged on by Finn's petting.

Finn groans again as he was enjoy this while Huntress continues her actions before using her hand to fondle Finn's balls.

Bubblegum moved to then lick the head of Finn's cock while she stroked him off while making sure not to get in Huntress's way.

Though Huntress smirked and made sure to give Bubblegum room as the wood nymph starts licking and sucking his balls.

As Finn groans more, Bubblegum blushed as she opened her mouth wide and takes Finn's cock deep into her mouth and bobs her head again and again while she looks up at Finn with growing lust in her eyes.

Finn blushes as he looks at the Candy Monarch with the same look.

"Oh fuck PB… y-you're mouth feels good."

Bubblegum blushed from this and bobbed her head faster to show she enjoyed the compliment.

Finn groans from that action before he starts thrusting his hips a bit as Huntress smirks at the show.

She moved away for a moment to get behind Bubblegum and she teasingly rubbed her folds with her fingers to work her up for the real fun soon.

Bubblegum shudders from that action as she continues to bob her head more on Finn's cock.

Meanwhile back with Emerald and Marceline…

Emerald was fucking Jasmine hard while she was on all fours and Me-Mow was on her back and thanks to her head behind under Jasmines thanks to the angle, Jasmine and Me-Mow made out while Me-Mow was technically upside down and Marceline was fucking her pussy hard when she enjoyed herself.

As Me-Mow moans from the kiss, Marceline chuckles at the display before looking at Emerald.

"Now this is the hot foursome." She said.

"Hehe, no kidding, maybe I should try two cocks in one hole to see how kinky these two are." Emerald suggests while he keeps thrusting his hips at a rapid pace to help get Jasmine to climax when he could feel her orgasm getting close.

Marceline was on the same boat as she felt Me-Mow's orgasm approaching which caused the Vampire Queen to fuck her pussy harder.

In no time the two women moan loudly when they came on the cocks hard and Emerald and Marceline, thanks to their training, didn't yet and continue to fuck the two while they wait for them to ride out their orgasms.

It took Jasmine and Me-Mow 20 seconds before they both tapped off in unison before groaning again.

Emerald and Marceline removed their cocks and Emerald grins at Marceline.

"Want to trade partners?, Jasmine's pussy and ass are tight, may give Leo a good time and see if she wants to really get kinky hehe." Emerald said while he knew Me-Mow as Leo only.

Marceline chuckles.

"Sure. Go right a head."

"Great." Emerald said as he moved to get where Marceline was and Marceline moved where he was.

Marceline grins as she looks at Jasmine before she grabs her hips and jams her cock inside Jasmine's ass.

Jasmine groans whorishly from the unexpected penetration while Me-Mow noticed Emerald approaching her with a grin.

"So my cute kitty… one cock or two?" Emerald said while he grins at Me-Mow more while he licks his lips.

Me-Mow blushes a bit as she looks at Emerald.


"Nice… want both up the ass, pussy or seperate in both holes?" Emerald said when he used his tentacles to stroke his cocks a bit to mess with Me-Mow.

Me-Mow blushes again when she saw that but she had a feeling she can't handle two cocks in one hole.

"S-separate holes."

Emerald nods while he moved to have a few tentacles pick Me-Mow up.

"Alright… might as well ease you into things so…" Emerald said when he used the tentacles to bring Me-Mow over and with one tentacle gripping a limb each by her thigh or upper arms, he aimed his cocks at Me-Mow's holes and gently eased Me-Mow so she took both cocks up her pussy and ass and Emerald watched with a grin as she squirms from the feeling while he placed with her breasts.

Me-Mow groans as she feels Emerald's cocks slowly going inside her holes as her breasts were being fondled.

Emerald then surprised her when he starts to make out with her as he fucked her gently in no time and his cock carefully hits her cervix again and again as time goes on.

Me-Mow groans again into the kiss as she feels Emerald's cocks going in and out of her holes before she starts to feel better.

Emerald keeps this up while he uses a few more tentacles to play with Me-Mow's breasts and Emerald worked to touch various parts of Me-Mow's body to make her feel good while Marceline with Jasmine on the other hand….

Marceline had an excited grin as she continues to dominate Jasmine as Marceline fucks get ass harder and faster.

She even used her hand and starts spanking the Jasmine's ass cheeks.

Jasmine was moaning with her tongue hanging out of her mouth as her thoughts got more fucked up from how good her ass felt, she did wonder what Marceline was thinking as she humped away at Jasmine's ass like she was Marceline's bitch.

'Fuck this is awesome. I probably don't know who she really is but definitely gonna keep making this one my bitch if I find something bad about her since she seems like a good friend to Me-Mow.' Marceline thought.

As this went on, Emerald and Marceline were finally getting close and Emerald grins at Me-Mow when he could tell she was about to pop as well.

"I-I'm finally about to blow… where do you want my loads?" Emerald growled out as he fucked Me-Mow harder.

The pleasure affected Me-Mow so much, all she can do was say this.

"I-In… s-side!"

Emerald nods his head and he thrusts his hips more and more as Me-Mow's orgasm gets closer until Emerald pushed his cocks balls deep into Me-Mow's pussy and ass and he blew a large load inside of her with great force making her womb and stomach bloat as a result.

Me-Mow groans loudly with a fucked up look on her face before she climaxed very hard on Emerald's cocks.

Marceline on her end didn't give Jasmine the same end when she was now moving to facefuck Jasmine while using a few tentacles from her hair to fuck Jasmine's pussy, she was using Jasmine's horns as handlebars and Marceline was moaning as she made Jasmine's throat her toy.

Jasmine was gagging a bunch of times as she can feel Marceline's cock hit the back of her throat while moaning from having her pussy fucked.

Marceline continues to make Jasmine's throat her plaything and after a minute of constant facefucking with one breat for breath after a 30 second mark, Marceline groans loudly when she came hard inside of Jasmine's mouth after going balls deep forcing Jasmine's throat to pretty much bulge as sperm was sent directly into her stomach.

Jasmine's eyes widened before she gags again from having her mouth and throat filled up before she climaxed as well from her pussy on Marceline's tentacles.

It took Marceline 20 seconds to ride out her orgasm, same as Emerald and when the duo tapped off, Marceline pulled her cock free, she fired a few aftershok like loads on Jasmine's face before she tapped off fully while shuddering from the feeling.

"Fuck… that felt good." Marceline said while grinning at her handiwork.

"Hehe, yeah, makes me want to add these ladies to my harem so we can have more fun with them but they look like they are almost about to pass out… one final round?, same partners?, you seem pretty eager with Jasmine there." Emerald said when he wanted to try something with Me-Mow.

Marceline chuckled.

"No problem with that since you're enjoying Me-Mow so much. Which by the way… that's her real name. She's an ex-assassin/bounty hunter."

"Me-Mow?, ex-assassin?... bounty hunter?... well I can ask her later about that… for now… Me-Mow was it?... want to continue the fun?" Emerald said while he grins at Me-Mow while his cocks were buried deep inside of her.

Me-Mow's eyes widened when she heard that her real name was told.

"Oh and don't even try to escape, kitty cat." Marceline said with a grin.

Emerald on his end did wonder about all this though he played along.

"Well not like you could run if you could… but why don't we make a deal… let me use both cocks on a hole and I'll make sure no one harms you… pussy and ass this good deserve more loving after all." Emerald said with a teasing grin on his face.

Me-Mow had no choice but to accept it.

"Fine… my ass."

"Oh kinky… well don't worry I'll make sure to warm you up and make sure you feel good…. What do you say?" Emerald said while he starts to lick and kiss one side of Me-Mow's neck to mess with her a bit.

Me-Mow shudders from that action.


"Good… why don't we go single dick for now to give your holes a breather and you titfuck a cock of mine… how about that?" Emerald said when he grins at Me-Mow after he moved from giving her a hickey of sorts.

Me-Mow blushes after that.

"A-Alright." She said.

Emerald licks his lips and a minute later after and after Me-Mow got on her knees, she was using her breasts to massage Emerald's cock and he groans from the feeling while he enjoyed how soft Me-Mows breasts were.

Me-Mow blushes more as she can feel Emerald's cock going in and out between her breasts as Me-Mow kept moving them.

Emerald really groans from this and thrusts his hips so his cock slid between the large mounds.

On Marceline's end, she was really going wild with her thrusts and she was making Jasmine her bitch as she fucked Jasmine on all fours and was smacking her ass again and again.

Jasmine was moaning and groaning loudly as she felt her pussy was getting destroyed before she felt it tighten around Marceline's cock a few times.

Marceline chuckles darkly and uses a few tentacles formed from her hair and was using them to mess up her ass big time when they went deep in her ass again and again.

"OH FUCK!" Jasmine groans more loudly from that action.

Marceline licked her lips as she continues to fuck Jasmine harder while Emerald on his end felt his orgasm getting close after a bit and Me-Mow noticed that.

As Jasmine groans more, Me-Mow kept using her breasts before she decides to lick the head of Emerald's cock a few times whenever it pops out.

Emerald groans more from this.

"G-Good K-Kitty." Emerald muttered as he felt Me-Mow's scratchy tongue hit his dickhead again and again.

Me-Mow blushes at the remark which caused her to be rough with her breast fuck.

Emerald groans from this and a minute later, Emerald threw his head back and groans when he came hard on her face and in her open mouth.

Me-Mow had her eyes closed as she lightly moans from having her face and mouth hit by Emerald's load.

Emerald took 15 seconds or so to ride out his orgasm and when he tapped off, he looks at Me-Mow and saw she was covered in his sperm and she was dazed from the scent of his load.

Me-Mow took a bit to swallow the cum that went into her mouth as she was lightly panting a bit.

This amused Emerald and he grins at Me-Mow.

"So… ready for the real fun?" Emerald said when his cocks were iron hard even after all he unloaded.

Though Me-Mow was in a daze of sorts, she was able to nod her head a bit.

"Good… get on all fours… let's finish this in a fun way." Emerald said as he grins at Me-Mow while he admired her ass.

Me-Mow blushes at the stare and a moment later, she was on all fours.

Emerald moved to get behind Me-Mow.

"Any requests before I start?" Emerald asked to try and be nice to Me-Mow.

Me-Mow was a bit quiet for a moment.

"U-Use… both cocks."

"Hehe, thought I was going to, still want me to do anything else besides that?" Emerald asked since he wanted Me-Mow to be comfortable for this.

All Me-Mow did was shook her head since she couldn't think of nothing else.

Emerald nods his head and after he used a couple tentacles to grip his cocks to hold them together, he aimed his cocks at Me-Mow's ass and slowly and carefully starts to force them in while giving Me-Mow time to adjust while he used more tentacles to please Me-Mow's breasts, mainly her nipples thanks to Emerald's loads missing the erect nipples.

Though Me-Mow moans from having her breasts pleased, she still groans while grinding her teeth when she can feel the inside of her asshole stretching.

As this went on, Maite on her end, after taking 5 for a moment after getting her pussy and ass filled by Nocturn and Lillum after some rounds, saw this happen when she checked in on the four people.

"Oh boy. Looks like Emerald's using both cocks on Me-Mow's ass." Maite said.

Lillum, as she groans from Nocturn fucking her own ass now, chuckles.

"H-Hehe… well got to say she is a trooper for doing t-that!" Lillum moans out while she tightened her ass on Nocturn's cock.

Nocturn groans as he fucks Lillum's ass harder which caused Maite to blush before glancing at the others.

Finn was fucking Bubblegum while she was laying on a piece of overturned wood to act as a table so Finn didn't have to lean over Bubblegum and Huntress was squating over Bubblegum and forced the Candy Royal to eat her out while Cedric was getting his cock ridden by Azure while she had her hands on his chest and he had his hands behind his head.

Finn was groaning as he pounded Bubblegum's pussy harder making said Candy Monarch groan as she ate out Huntress more.

Cedric was enjoying having his cock ridden as he lustfully stares at Azure along with another feeling though too soon to say but… it's obviously growing.

Azure noticed the look and grins as she teased Cedric when she leaned back as she continues to ride Cedric's cock and she played with her breasts to mess with him a bit.

Cedric felt very turned on by that before he grabs Azure's hips and starts thrusting his cock up hard.

Azure groans and moans lightly when she felt that and dropped down towards Cedric's thrusts to help him get deep inside of her again and again while Maite at this time…

Maite blushes more after seeing that and she felt her folds getting wet before taking another look to see how Marceline and Emerald are doing so far.

Though to her shock, she saw Marceline's grinning face right before her and she kept quiet while Maite got a wide eyed look on her face and she screams when she fell back from Marceline who laughs a bit while everyone's attention was on her now.

"Hehe… Sorry Maite couldn't resist." Marceline said.

Maite panted a bit as Cedric chuckled.

"You knew we were here the whole time Huh?"

"Eh… to be fair, not the whole time, but the scent of sex drifting over did get my attention… would be ticked but considering we have two unintended orgies… why not mix them… Maite seems pretty lonely and while I do have a clone keeping Jasmine in check, pretty sure some of you may want some payback like fun on Jasmine and Me-Mow… though considering Me-Mow is getting Emerald's cocks right up her ass, why not go easy on Me-Mow Finn?, pretty sure you have more of a beef with Jasmine since I recognized her as Bandit princess now… remembered seeing her poster in town and stuff just now thanks to being at this distance which reminded me of that." Marceline said while she grins at Finn who was too into his pleasure to stop fucking Bubblegum.

"U-Uh?... Oh yeah sure… I-I'll go easy on… Me-Mow… Bandit Princess though… t-that bitch is getting what's coming." Finn said while groaning.

"Hehe, nice, anyway instead of sitting and watching and just having fun on the side, why not come and join on in with exhausting Jasmine and Me-Mow, Maite, you are left out after all." Marceline said while she grins at Maite a bit.

Maite blushes brightly after hearing that.

"U-Um okay." She said.

"Great, come on, the more the merrier." Marceline said when she held a hand out to help Maite over the wall.

Maite blushes a bit more before she takes the Vampire Queen's hand.

After this happened and Maite was brought over the wall, Marceline looks at Maite.

"So Maite, just to double check, got a dick growth spell or no?, not sure if you know that, know Azure has one and Lillum can form one, I can do the same, Bonnie can, honestly I've seen them had fun but I haven't seen you have fun with a woman… I know the spell if you want to try losing your V-Card." Marceline said since she never saw Maite have fun being on the offensive.

Maite was a bit surprised after hearing this.

"U-Um… no. I don't know that spell."

Marceline smirks.

"Want to give it a shot?, got two cuties who can help with training or I can get your V-Card." Marceline said with a teasing smirk.

Maite blushes brightly at the teasing.

"Um… maybe… you can help?"

"Excellent choice." Marceline said when her finger sparked with a magical light and when she tapped Maite's bud, a pink and tan cock starts to form around the 10 to 11 inch mark and was 2 in width and Maite saw her body now carrying a rather large cock now that throbbed while her body starts to adjust to the new information flowing into her head and Marceline smirks when Maite's eyes roll back in her head as she climaxed from her cock hard when the spell was a Lillum brand spell which would cause Maite to experience a rather intense orgasm so she could get fully used to the dick for later use.

"O-Oh… Oh Glob." Maite moans from experiencing her first climax from her own cock.

Marceline chuckles as she used a hand to stroke Maite off to help her orgasm get stronger.

Maite almost felt weak in the knees as she moans more as her climax got stronger.

It took a bit for Maite to ride out her orgasm and Marceline chuckles when she lets Maite's cock go which was still iron hard.

"Not bad with the load… so how was your first orgasm with a nice thick cock?" Marceline said when she saw the unfocused look on Maite's face when she was processing things.

Maite panted a bit as she has a deep blush.

"F-Feels… d-different but… a-amazing."

Marceline grins more when she got in front of Maite and just bent over in front of her to present her ass to the hedgehog marauding woman and shook her ass to tease Maite a bit.

Seeing this made Maite blush brightly before lightly groaning as her cock got hard and was twitching a bit in excitement.

Marceline chuckles and she said this.

"Come on Maite… I'm already worked up so no need for foreplay… pick a hole and shove it on it so you can graduate from being a virgin." Marceline teased when she used her hands to spread her ass cheeks open so her soaked pussy and her tight ass were seen.

Maite tried to decide which hole to take before she grabs Marceline's hips and decides to slide her cock in the Vampire Queen's asshole.

"OH!... didn't take you for an ass kind of woman!" Marceline groans out as her ass reshaped to take Maite's cock easily so Maite wouldn't have to force it in.

Maite groans a bit.

"I-It was… h-hard to pick." She groans again as she kept pushing.

Marceline in turn groans more but kept quiet as she lets Maite get as deep as she wants in her ass and when Maite got balls deep she could feel how tight and nice it was to be on the offensive right now.

"O-Oh fuck… Y-Your ass is so… t-tight." Maite groans as she can feel her cock getting squeezed a bit.

This amused Marceline when she made it much tighter with her shapeshifting to really mess with Maite.

Maite groans again as she light grinds her teeth. It was like Marceline was making it hard for Maite to pull out.

Though thanks to Maite's stubbornness, she gripped Marceline's ass cheeks and starts to thrust her hips slowly and her cock went into Marceline's ass again and again, she even surprised Marceline when she smacked her ass a few times.

Though Marceline was surprised, she still enjoyed it none the less.

"F-Fuck that's good. Keep doing that!" She groans.

Maite has no issues with doing that while she gained more speed when she was getting a rhythm going and she enjoyed Marceline's ass ripple from each thrust of her hips and smack of her hand.

Marceline was groaning and moaning a few times as she was loving having her ass pounded as her toes curled on the ground.

Though Marceline sometimes makes her ass tighten around Maite's cock for a good reaction.

This caused Maite to groan loudly from this and Emerald and the Marceline clone noticed and grinned as they fucked Me-Mow and Jasmine harder while Emerald's cocks barraged Me-Mow's ass more.

Jasmine and Me-Mow were groaning and moaning loudly from these actions as the clone chuckles.

"D-Damn… talk about a… h-hot show." The clone groans.

"N-No k-kidding… s-so h-how i-is your fun going?" Emerald growled out when he was really fucking Me-Mow's ass harder to really get her ass to feel good.

As Me-Mow groans loudly, the clone grins at Emerald's direction.

"Oh it's going great!" She said as she fucks Jasmine even harder.

"H-Hehe… good… time to really go wild then for a finish for these two to remember!" Emerald growls as he thrusts his hips at a faster pace which caused his cocks to barrage into Me-Mow's ass while Emerald smacked her ass cheeks again and again.

Me-Mow's eyes rolled in the back of her head as her face got more fucked up while moaning whorishly as her tongue was sticking out.

The clone grins excitedly as she gave Jasmine the serious works.

It took a couple minutes, but with the intense poundings Jasmine and Me-Mow took, their orgasms got closer and closer until...

Jasmine and Me-Mow both groan loudly after tossing their heads back before they climaxed beyond hard on their partners's cocks.

Emerald and Marceline's clone grits their teeth and pushed their cocks deep into their partners holes and a moment later they came deep inside of the two women's holes while Emerald's cocks fired a hearty load into Me-Mow's ass, double that thanks to two dicks firing equally large loads.

Me-Mow and Jasmine's climax got stronger as they felt their bellies grow big though Me-Mow's was bigger thanks to Emerald's double loads which caused the feline bounty hunter to cough out some cum.

By the time Emerald nearly tapped off, Me-Mow was on the verge of passing out when Emerald moved to pull his cocks free of Me-Mow's ass and he shot a few more ropes of sperm onto Me-Mow, hitting the back of her head, her back, and a few shots hit her ass a few times.

Me-Mow shudders and groans from that action while the clone did the same thing to Jasmine's body.

When the two tapped off, Me-Mow had passed out with a rather content look on her face while Jasmine did the same and Emerald chuckles at the sight.

The clone also chuckled.

"Fuck… that felt great." She said.

"Hehe, yeah… you tired?, because we could have more fun with Maite and your original." Emerald said when he points a thumb at Marceline and Maite as Maite pushed her cock balls deep in Marceline's ass and came hard inside of her with a large groan.

Marceline groans from that as the clone licks her lips.

"Oh I'm down for that."

"Great, see you there." Emerald said as he kissed the clones cheek and he walked from her while the clone was alone for a moment with the sleeping Jasmine and Me-Mow.

The clone blushes from the peck thing as she looks at the sleeping duo before chuckling.

"Don't know what the original me is thinking but… things just got more interesting." She said as she starts floating towards Emerald, Maite and the original Marceline.

After that happened, the scene went to a number of hours later with Me-Mow starting to come to with a groan on a really soft bed and she was resting against something rather comfortable.

"O-Oh… Glob… Talk about a weird… and intense dream." Me-Mow said as she rubs her head a bit.

Though again she felt something comfortable she was resting against and when she looks over, she saw Emerald grinning at her.

"Hello beautiful." Emerald said with comically deep voice which caused Me-Mow to scream for a moment as she fell away from Emerald while Emerald chuckles and looks at the side to see an amused Marceline while she sat on a chair.

"Hehe, hey you were right Marceline, that was funny." Emerald said with an amused look on his face.

"Hehe, told you." Marceline said as Me-Mow panted.

"Damn… so it wasn't a dream."

"Nope, was not a dream when I made you squeal in pleasure, you're in the human village and unlike your friend, you were given some mercy so to speak, don't worry though… Jasmine if that is her real name is alive and stuff." Emerald said while he sat up on the bed.

Me-Mow though was concerned.

"Okay… but when you say it like that… I get the feeling something bad is happening to her."

"Well…" Emerald said while back in the Candy Kingdom sex dungeon curtasy of the magic fast travel door checkpoint…

Finn was face fucking Jasmine relentlessly and used her horns as handlebars while Cedric fucked her ass hard as Lillum in a dominatrix type gear was smirking as she dripped hot candle wax on Jasmine's back, upper part of her ass so Cedric could grip the lower part, and Huntress was even there to use some plat like roots to whip at Jasmine's breasts.

Jasmine was groaning loudly as she gags at Finn's cock.

"Y-Yeah… C-Choke on it bitch!... T-That's what you get for… t-taking my weapon and... k-kill people with it."

The scene then went back to Emerald, Marceline, and Me-Mow.

"... lets just say that with what I can gather from what Lillum told me… Finn is getting some long overdue but kinky payback and after that, Lillum is going to make Jasmine Finn's bitch with a slave tattoo of sorts so she can't disobey his orders… better then tossing her in prison and stuff… anyway believe it or not I managed to talk everyone, even Marceline here, out of giving you one since A, you seem to be the lesser of the two evils, no offence, then Jasmine, and B, well… unlike with that slave tattoo spell thing, I prefer to have more willing ladies at my side… so Me-Mow, I kept my deal with making it so you don't get punished and ETC for everything here, but now its your call, want to go back to wondering or be one of my ladies?, personally it would be a shame for a woman of your skills to go to waste from being a thief or something… I can explain more but what do you say?" Emerald said when he grins at Me-Mow teasingly.

Me-Mow blushes brightly from the tease before weighing the pros and cons of things.

If she joins Emerald… she would be his woman in a harem of sorts… if not.. Back to stealing crops and what not.

Finally she made up her mind.

"Surprisingly… I'll stick with you since it's better than going around and take people's crops."

"Nice… you agreed faster then I thought… guess Cedric was right about you being pretty agreeable when calm… honestly compared to the others…" Emerald said while the scene flashed back for a moment.

Flashback/ an hour ago/ ?

"You want to make Me-Mow one of your women!?" Finn said with a shocked look on his face after Emerald came back down from a bedroom that he set Me-Mow in and many were surprised by Emerald's announcement… well aside Marceline but that was because of the fact she had fun with Me-Mow and stuff.

"Emerald… she's a criminal. She once tried to murder a royal and had Finn held hostage." Bubblegum said as she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"OK…. can see your point but I have three points that will make you rethink that criminal thing you have on Me-Mow… well 2 really, first reason is that I'm a demon now and thanks to this amulet…. Morals be damned… nuff said for reason one." Emerald said when he used a hand to wiggle the Amulet of chaotic evil a bit to remind people Emerald was a bit unhinged thanks to this.

Everyone else sweatdrops as they almost forgot about that.

"And what's the second reason?" Finn said with his arms crossed.

"Simple… A aside from Me-Mow attacking Wildberry Princess, who for the record would probably not believe you if you brought Me-Mow to her in her current size and said she was the attacker that I heard about… but B… would Me-Mow have a reason for attacking anyone now that I heard she was kicked from the guild?, pretty sure she wouldn't go on a kill spree since she is not an assassin... In fact I'm wondering why the Guild wanted Wildberry dead since I doubt the Guild would just put a hit on a Royal of all things for a simple entry test..." Emerald said for the second reason in another bundle type way though he got thoughtful on why Wildberry of all princesses was picked as a target.

Everyone else had a thoughtful look though Cedric shrugs.

"She'll do it." He said surprising everyone.

"Huh?" Emerald said when he looked at Cedric while many wondered what he meant.

"I may only know Me-Mow… as an acquaintance... but if she's like her mom, then she finds ways to survive… even in rough times. Though with you Emerald… she'll agree quicker. But when that happens… good luck with DC since you're gonna date his daughter."

Emerald blinks at that.

"DC?... wait you mean the Demon Cat from the well?... OK… may already got numb to the fact I'm with a lot of daughters and stuff from Dads I know it seems… anyway what do you mean by with me specifically she would agree quicker?" Emerald asked since that was a bit detailed for an answer though was still roundabout somewhat.

Cedric snorts.

"Considering what you just did to her, she'll pick you over stealing people's foods. She'll just think calmly first."

"I see… as for you and Bubblegum, Finn… well is she really wanted in Bubblegum's Kingdom?" Emerald asked while he looked curious.

Finn and Bubblegum were quiet for a bit.

"Well… not not really just that… we've been dealing with crazy things so we hadn't realized she escape before seeing Me-Mow again at the war." Bubblegum said.

"I heard she was in prison though, if she wasn't really wanted why is she in your prison then?" Emerald asked like he was leading the two somewhere with these questions.

Finn blinked a bit before having a narrow look.

"What are you a cop? Trying to interrogate us or something?"

"Not really, just wondering since I heard before being imprisoned, Me-Mow was a bounty hunter, was that true or were they just rumors?, from what I heard as well Me-Mow thought you were a criminal with… two eyepatches?... took a quick trip back to the Candy Kingdom while everyone was recovering and took a moment to ask about her, even got this thing here." Emerald said when he pulled out one of BMO's fliers with Finn wearing two eyepatches as well.

Everyone blinked when they saw the photo before they look at Finn and repeat it while Finn felt nervous.

Marceline had a raised eyebrow.

"Something you want to say Finn?"

"Um… no?" Finn said.

"Really?... well I can take a guess of sorts… Me-Mow, being a Bounty hunter, thought you were a bounty, you got caught, BMO helped you since they were with Jake and while I'm not sure what happened after, Me-Mow was thrown in jail for no apparent reason as far as I'm aware and last I checked unless Bubblegum was using crimes in other lands, well… doubt she has authority to put Me-Mow in jail otherwise Marceline would be top contender for that place since she is the prank Queen of Ooo and has done a lot of harmless stuff but managed to freak alot out by being a sexy menace… point is… did Me-Mow do a crime in the Candy Kingdom that would get her locked up for a good reason… or was it just convenient to lock her up so she wouldn't bother you anymore Finn?, does Me-Mow have a body count that you know of?... I won't defend Jasmine since I have an idea you may like that deals with giving Bandit princess a punishment that would be more effective then prison time... but with Me-Mow… eh… I don't think she would be trouble if you give me or Me-Mow per say a chance to make things right… I think you owe her one since a few people here send you or cause you plenty of issues on your life either from Marceline's pranks and her dad causing issues, or Bubblegum and her missions that she sends you on yet you don't give them issues for the issues… I could go on but if you got something that would change my mind, I'm all ears." Emerald said with a raised eyebrow as he gave Finn a patient look to see if Finn had anything to counter what he said.

Finn would've countered but… he got nothing.

Cedric shook his head.

"Wow man… really should've thought that through."

"Oh… fuck off Cedric." Finn said with an annoyed look.

"Welp seems I got the all clear, I can speak with the rest of my ladies about this since I could ask them one at a time later, but for now, might as well give some interesting news that will cheer you up Finn… Lillum has a unique spell she told me about as she helped clean Me-Mow and Jasmine off… let her use this and Jasmine will pretty much follow any command you want." Emerald said while he grins at Finn as Finn's ears twitched when this could be good payback and a way to vent since he was a bit irritated right now.

"Fine… could use a distraction since I'm now mad at you, Emerald… and Cedric." Finn said, making Cedric rolls his eyes.

"Go ahead. Doesn't affect me." He said.

"Eh I'll survive." Emerald said while he looks at Lillum.

"Want to explain the spell Lillum?" Emerald said which caused Lillum to smirk.

"Oh yes… long story short, its called a slave tattoo… I place a special mark on the person's body and depending on the tattoo, one either gives commands or follows them and they won't be able to resist the commands… they have their own free will still but can't resist commands from their master… want to give it a try?, just need to place a Master Mark on you so once I use the Slave Tattoo on Jasmine, she will be under your every Command." Lillum said when she grins at Finn.

Finn was thoughtful after hearing that.

"Let's do it."

"Alright, drop your pants and underwear." Lillum said with a smirk.

"Huh?" Finn said and a couple minutes later at the base of his cock after Lillum trailed her finger along where his cock connects to his pelvis, a black intricate ring was seen and Lillum smirks at her handiwork.

"There, once I get the slave tattoo set up, Jasmine will be your bitch." Lillum said as Finn gets his underwear and pants equipped.

"Okay… though was still confused why that tattoo had to be on that spot but right now… I just want that bitch prepared for her biggest punishment." Finn said with a serious look.

"Hehe, whatever you say Master Finn… and FYI… I placed it there since it could be pretty kinky since it makes it look like you have a cockring on and whats better for a Master of a sex slave then a kinky cockring… anyway I'll get Jasmine set up so why don't you guys head back to the Candy Kingdom, I set up the fast travel door in Emerald's room in his closet so we won't have many issues coming and going… obviously with Nocturn and Helios's permission of course." Lillum said when she smiles at Helios and Nocturn.

"Oh yeah. That way I can visit my little Emy faster." Helios said with a smile.

"Hehe, yup, and it doesn't hurt that we also can use that fast travel thing to get to other kingdoms faster… with permission from her highness of course since I don't think she would let strangers use the portals since they are on her kingdom for the main point." Nocturn said when he looks at Bubblegum.

"Indeed. Only if I gave permission." Bubblegum said.

"Which we got hehe, will have to pay her highness back but I believe Helios and I can work something out… still we should let you guys deal with Jasmine or whoever she is, doubt she would sleep long." Nocturn said as Lillum giggles when she turned to head to the stairs.

"Oh don't worry, I'm about to place a tattoo on her now, so I'll see you all in a bit, we dealt with Me-Mow and Jasmine and I don't mind if Me-Mow joins us, she will have to work hard to impress us though." Lillum said before she giggles as she left the group.

"Yes indeed." Marceline said as she chuckled.

Cedric snorted.

"DC will have a field day when he finds out… but I ain't telling him."

"Pretty sure he will ALMOST know about this sooner or later, so I'll deal with him later… anyway I'll see you guys later, I'm going to wait for Me-Mow to wake so she won't get confused when she wakes." Emerald said while Marceline follows.

The scene then went to the present...

Present/ Emerald's Home/ Emerald's Room/ Me-Mow, Emerald, Marceline

"Anyway as you can see, Jasmine is pretty much Finn's bitch by now, you are one of my ladies now since you agreed by choice though again since you heard a lot, doubt many can stay mad at you and stuff so you have more freedom to leave then you may think… and since we handled the crop thieves in a pretty civil manner, we were about to head back to the Candy Kingdom Via my new fast travel closet, so want to join us Me-Mow or do you want to leave?, more info and stuff so you may have second thoughts now." Emerald explained while he looks calmly at Me-Mow.

Me-Mow was surprised at the story before pinching the bridge of her nose.

"I knew her plan wouldn't work. Nothing I can do now. As for me leaving… I got nowhere to go so yeah… I'm going with you guys." She said before having a narrow look.

"Still can't believe Cedric is involved… dumb prick." She said.

"I take it you had the unfortunate time of running into Cedric during his bad moods?... guys getting better believe it or not since he is getting…. Brace yourself… Therapy…*Gasp!*..." Emerald said before faking a gasp and covering his mouth to try and look funny to help Me-Mow relax.

Me-Mow blinked at the joke.

"Okay… don't know if you're joking but thank Glob. Bastard needs one. I mean all he ever did was sulk. Boo hoo… I'm a lonely wolf because my girlfriend cheated on me with a different guy." She said in a mocking way.

Emerald and Marceline looked surprised and after they look at one another, they look at Me-Mow.

"Cedric was cheated on?... thats the first we heard about this… maybe the AI knows since it scanned Cedric's brain and stuff… either way guess in case you gave him a good time to try and cheer him up didn't work huh?" Emerald asked when he wondered if Me-Mow tried to cheer Cedric up in the earlier times she knew him.

Me-Mow rolls her eyes.

"Fucking no. He and I aren't friends and he's not my type."

"Fair enough, thought that since you knew him and being related to the Almost knowing everything Demon Cat, you and him were probably friends or something, but might as well change the conversation… here, might as well give you some clothing until we get you some real clothes, who knows, may take you on a date or two to see if we really click or we could just be sex friends, I know I enjoyed myself." Emerald said when he used some tentacles to bring Me-Mow some clothing like a loose tanktop, shorts, and a pair of sandals that would hopefully fit her, if not would be a bit baggy on Me-Mow even with her curves.

Me-Mow blushes when the word, date, was mentioned before she took the clothes.

"Well… depends on how the date goes."

"Great, might as well take you on one in say… 3 days?... should be long enough to adjust and here, some spending money on clothing on the condition that Marceline takes you on a shopping spree, she knows how to style and profile people…. Oh and this is also for the good time and going with the rather intense moment with two dicks up your sexy ass hehe." Emerald said when he summoned a large sack of gold that could fit in the palm of his hand and he sets it next to Me-Mow.

Me-Mow was shocked when she saw the gold before looking inside.

She saw that while it wasn't much persay, it was a lot of gold, if were going with the amount, it was about Emerald's head in size in how much gold was in the bag.

"Anyway, I'll see you in the Candy Kingdom ladies." Emerald said before he surprised Me-mow when he kissed her on the cheek and kissed Marceline on the lips for a second and approached his closet.

"Oh and yeah, Cedric has gotten better, honestly when we first met, thanks to an incident involving Lillum, Bubblegum, and a contract, I accidentally knocked Marceline here up and Cedric laughed about it… Marceline kicked his ass without having to move with her hair alone… I'll let her explain the other stuff… anyway I'll see you two sexy ladies later." Emerald said as he entered his cloest and went through his fast travel door which left Me-Mow and Marceline in the room.

"Wait… He knocked you up and Cedric laughed?" Me-Mow said.

"Yup, and thats just one thing… you should hear some of the others… although to be fair after he went to those therapy sessions he has improved so you should give him a chance… honestly I wanted to punch him through a wall but now guys tolerable to straight up OK depending on the situation… though mind explaining this whole girl cheating on Cedric thing?" Marceline said when she looked worried this would cause issues in the future.

"Not much to say… He dated some cat bitch, she wanted to have fun but chose to respect boundaries which caused her to fool around with some dude. Don't know what happened to the girl but the guy she cheated with…" Me-Mow said but was quiet for some reason.

"... well… better if you don't know."

"I see… well hopefully we don't have to deal with that woman but just in case we do… well doubt Cedric will respect boundaries with her next time hehe, not sure if you know but want to know how Emerald got all this dosh from?" Marceline said when she points at the bag of gold near Me-Mow.

"Uh… yeah. He didn't rob a bank did he?" Me-Mow said.

"Nah… he and pretty much Cedric, I, and a few others pretty much get paid to screw various creatures to study them… well to be honest I do it for free since its fun but Bonnie calls it a creature study but its just more or less a thing were we pretty much get paid to have fun, for example, a girl Cedric is dating right now works with him, a Cat named Azure pretty much got fucked by Candy Corn wolves, one of Emerald's ladies Maite, a Hedgehog woman got screwed by a simulated version of Emerald and a few others as hug wolves… for safety reasons of course since well… infection via hugs… and Lillum got fucked by a simulated version of the Lich… Cedric fucked the Guardian Angel or Angel if you know her and Emerald fucked two Mermaid women who were princesses and won a bet with them to make them his ladies… honestly might as well let you know since you may get dragged into this but hey, nice pay and you get to have fun doing it… want to try and apply for the job?... all you really need is just a tight pussy and ass and be pretty eager and what not… may help you last longer as well… I mean how else do you think Emerald and I outlasted you and Jasmine?... wasn't raw talent I can tell you that much." Marceline said while she grins at Me-Mow.

Me-Mow was shocked after hearing everything.

"Okay… a lot to take in though for Cedric… seriously?… another cat? Good luck to her. And yeah I know Angel. Surprised she hasn't claimed him. Girl has a major crush on the guy."

"Oh really?... well I can ask later when we go on a shopping spree courtesy of Emerald, but while I can wait to see if I can talk with Bonnie about you joining us in our Creature study thing… want me and a few others to train you so you can keep up when we have fun with Emerald?, won't lie, guy can outlast me, Maite a Murauder Hedgehog woman, a Succubus called Lillum who is another of his ladies, and me shockingly enough… bit of a long story but guy has my dads amulet, Amulet of the Nightosphere and while its restricted for his own safety he is still channeling 1/5th of pure Chaotic evil through him… my dad can be an ass and this is way up there but its doing more help then harm… just a tip… if Emerald mentions some invisible readers or something… ignore that… guy went a tiny bit mad thanks to all that chaotic energy." Marceline said when she took a second to let Me-Mow process all of that.

Me-Mow's eyes widened after hearing that.

"Wait… Seriously?!... I thought you were dating that Bubble princess."

"Oh I am, but let's just say thanks to Bonnie and Lillum, Emerald and I got stuck together not by choice… and Bonnie may swing towards Emerald's harem where I'm in since she and I are still a thing... don't get me wrong though, Emerald's pretty cool when you ignore the tiny insane moments he has after he got my dads Amulet, in fact if you give Emerald a shot you'll find him to be pretty sweet… should also let you know if you didn't hear yet, I'm having twins as well, oh and bit of a bonus… Lillum pretty much fucked Ash to Death in case you didn't know and were wondering why he wasn't seen for awhile." Marceline said while she grins at Me-Mow.

Me-Mow's jaw dropped at that last part.

"He's… dead?" She said.

"Yup, Lillum even has his corpse as a remade animated Zombie with no mind of Ash at all… guys not bad of a fuck now since Lillum pretty much remade him from the ground up to be a silent sex toy that follows commands… no rot to boot so yeah… big improvement since no brains up top but plenty down below if you get what I mean." Marceline said when she chuckles at the before and after of Ash… all it took was him dying and being remade as a sex Zombie and he is getting plenty of tail that he can't even really feel.

Me-Mow couldn't believe what she heard before she starts to laugh.

"Thank Glob. Hated that idiot."

"Guess you had the unfortunate run in with him huh?, he blackmail you into trying to give him a good time and he didn't live up to his boasting or was he just being his arrogant asshole usual self?" Marceline asked when she liked insulting Ash with full on curses.

"All the above. Glad I don't have to deal with that prick no more." Me-Mow said.

"Well at least until you see his braindead zombie form… major improvement, can actually get a few orgasms and doesn't talk, though I do have to ask… how did you like your time with Emerald and I?... mainly Emerald since it seemed like you really needed the good time." Marceline said when she grins at Me-Mow when she wanted to see how Me-Mow ticked.

Me-Mow was blushing brightly before crossing her arms.

"No comment."

"Oh come on… I could see you enjoy yourself but what did you think of Emerald?, got to be honest, we share the guy after all." Marceline said when she moved to sit next to Me-Mow on the bed.

Me-Mow blushes a bit more.

"Okay fine… He was… the best fuck I had in a while."

"Hehe, nice, should really pick your brain on past lovers but for now unless you want to have more fun with me or want to just relax in the Candy Kingdom, we should get going, need to get you some clothes and stuff and might as well do it now and deal with stressful stuff later." Marceline said as she picked up Me-Mow's bag of gold.

"I happen to know a good shop that has some decent clothing and we can stop by a restaurant for some good food… bet you're hungry since you haven't eaten much in awhile right?... well something not a liquid protein diet at least." Marceline said with a teasing grin on her face as she floats near the closet and waits for Me-Mow to follow her.

Me-Mow blushes a bit from the tease.

"Well… I am starving." She said before getting up and follow Marceline after she got dressed real quick.

Once she got close, she and Marceline enter the fast travel door and the scene fades to black as it shut… looks like there would be a new addon to the Creature study group now and it was Me-Mow the former Bounty Hunter.

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