Bubblegum's Creature Study @emerald
Trip to Emerald's Village: Part 1

(Mostly introless chapter: start of the hiring Arc: Emerald's hometown visit)

Timeframe/ two weeks later/ Candy Kingdom/ ?

The scene showed that a couple weeks passed since Maite went to the simulated Roleplay with Emerald as a demonic offering to him, the questions on what Maite would do since she was the only mortal so to speak of the group weighed on her mind a bit, honestly there were many ways to become immortal but would she really take that since it meant seeing others age before her eyes and stuff while she stayed young forever.

Other stuff was more or less Azure getting to go on a few dates with Cedric which made things official when Cedric and Azure announced that they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Another was that Bubblegum and Lillum finally ironed out the contract and just made things simple, as long as Bubblegum made certain requests and didn't use Lillum for evil purposes she would follow Bubblegum's commands while making sure to follow Marceline's since she owed Marceline still until the kid would be born.

Bubblegum couldn't complain since she did owe her girlfriend that but at least things are going smooth between both royals.

Cedric was happy that he has a girlfriend and wasn't feeling any anger for any reason even though he still visits Rachel for his scheduled therapy.

With the Marceline's clones's help Neddy continues trying to adjust to things. It be awhile before Neddy can actually go outside.

Speaking of Marceline, not only did she and Bubblegum made up, she had been enjoying spending time with Emerald and getting to know him better.

Hunson Abadeer would sometimes visit his daughter just to check on her and his grandchild.

Speaking of daughter(s), Guardian Angel decided to visit Cedric and when she saw Hunson, the Lord of the Nightosphere felt awkward before telling her that he was her real father.

Angel was quiet but, she actually welcomed Hunson as her dad but he had to make up for so many missed birthdays.

Finn and Huntress Wizard were still part of the assistance program and they didn't need money from Bubblegum since Finn has treasure.

For the most part, many in the Creature study group was working well to live in the Candy Kingdom and study more creatures when called upon, there was even a new applicant called Sakura from Huntress's forest and thanks to Bubblegum working on some prototype belts of sorts, Epsilon or Epsi was able to visit occasionally with her sister guards while they were in bubbles of water that they swam in... of course while Emerald and a few others escorted the sisters around the place to make sure they didn't get lost.

Delta has been spending a bit of time talking with Finn and whenever he made a joke, Delta would giggle.

Epsi and her sisters can tell that Delta has a little crush on the human.

A number of other things happened but all in all, things seemed to be looking good for everyone though one thing did get everyone's attention when Bubblegum called all the Creature study people for an announcement.

Candy Kingdom Throne room/ Creature study group

"Thank you for coming everyone, I have an announcement to make, thanks to all your hard work with the Creature's data I have been given, I have decided to allow long distance travel to other kingdoms for further studying of other creatures, I have talked with each Princess or Queen and they have given permission after I talked with each one, there is also one other thing, I am planning to have all of us visit your homes since we have already went to Cedric's home." Bubblegum announced while she had a smile on her face.

Everyone blinked a bit after hearing that.

"R-Really?" Maite said with a surprised look.

"Yup, figured we could do that and make it a repeat thing, maybe even study new creatures around the area, we got Angel and Epsi and Gamma at Cedric's place so why not try others?" Bubblegum said with a smile on her face.

"She has a point." Finn said though Maite was feeling weary about that because if they went to the Muarder Village that would mean that Maite would have to introduce Emerald… to her dad.

"Well whose home are we starting with first?" Emerald asked which caused Bubblegum to hum.

"Well… instead of just picking, why not just do a simple thing and pick a name from a hat?" Bubblegum suggests while she had pulled out a hat more or less from somewhere on her body while she smiles at the group.

"Aside from Cedric's name being kept out since we were at his home recently, everyone else has their name here, so who wants to pull the name from the hat?" Bubblegum said when she smiles at the others more.

Everyone was thoughtful before Maite raised her hand.

"I'll… do it." She said before she nervously went towards the and was cautious before she stick her hand inside and rummage through before pulling out a piece of paper and looks at the name.

As she did so, her heart was beating up a storm when she hoped her name wasn't on the paper but she oddly wished it was when she saw the name Emerald and knew that he had some things to work out after what happened with Grandfather Oak… Emerald and Maite went to Rachel a few times but even with Rachel… helping… Emerald still seemed a bit off every now and then so she really hoped things went well.

"The name on the piece of paper… is Emerald." Maite said when she showed the name on the piece of paper and Emerald in turn felt a bit nervous and tried to hide things so no one would worry for him… though thanks to Marceline hearing his heartbeat speeding up… she could tell he was nervous as hell right now.

Marceline placed her hand on Emerald's shoulder.

"I know you're nervous Emerald but… You can't hide from your parents. They have to know what happened."

"Y-Yeah… still just worried about how the villagers will react given that they may not be as accepting… many humans were nervous since they all lived on the Island that was protected from strange beings by the guardian… my parents maybe accepting but I'm worried about how others will react and may try something." Emerald said since many had to take time with non humans being brought into villages and stuff.

"Hey no worries Emerald. Remember my mom is in charge and since I'm her son, they're sure to listen to me." Finn said with a reassuring look.

"Maybe… just worried we may get into trouble or something… we do seem to be trouble magnets after all." Emerald said since each place or simulation they went in, something went odd or near bad in some way or another.

"Yeah… but we managed to get out of any situation." Cedric said with a smirk.

"Is that before or after we get into those situations from others or by anger and stuff?" Emerald said since he and Cedric got into troubling situations thanks to odd timing from Bubblegum getting Marceline knock up able while Cedric was more or less forced into therapy thanks to his anger and stuff… granted its old news but it still popped up for both guys time to time.

Cedric had a sweatdrop look on his face.

"Okay I was just trying to make things less awkward but nevermind."

"Sorry… guess I just can't relax unless I actually go there and see how people react." Emerald said with an apologetic look on his face.

Cedric sighs.

"Look Emerald, not trying to tell you what to do but you have to rip the bandaid off and go for it. Believe me. If I had the chance, I would confront the very person who… caused me pain and finally let go."

"Maybe, but this isn't me confronting people so pain can heal, its me meeting people and wondering if they want to wound me or not that is the issue… look can we just get ready to go since I really just want to get this over with before I chicken out and try and hide somewhere." Emerald said to the others when he really wanted to get this over with.

Everyone seems a bit worried for Emerald before Maite came to his side.

"Hang on Emerald. Maybe we should go outside so you can take a breather first and think calmly." She said

"No Maite… I want to get this over with… if I keep on waiting it will just make it harder for me to go there… its already been two weeks, I don't want to make things harder." Emerald said when he gave Maite a nervous but determined look.

Maite can see that he was serious.

"Okay… then we go." She said as she grabs Emerald's hand.

Emerald gripped Maite's hand and in no time, everyone was in the bus and the group was on their way to Emerald's hometown minus Hunson who had went back to the Nightosphere for now.

On the bus, he was sitting between Marceline and Maite while Lillum funnily enough sat on Emerald's lap which made him blush at the way he was doted on at the moment to try and calm him as Lillum relaxed on his lap.

Bubblegum was driving the bus as Huntress and Finn sat together and Cedric was with Azure.

Though Cedric felt like he wasn't helpful in Emerald's situation

"I get the feeling I made things worse when I tried to pep talk Emerald."

"Nah, it was just bad timing, I mean think like this, if your family suddenly moved but the meeting time was the day or the night before that full moon thing that you don't like… wouldn't you be nervous on if people saw you in that form?, sure we saw the form and accept it but normal people maybe shocked or surprised by the form… in a nutshell Emerald has a worse off transformation since his is for good while yours is just one night a month." Azure said while she put her two cents in.

Cedric was thoughtful after hearing that.

"Okay I see where you're going with that."

"Yeah… I mean what if you were stuck in your human form?, not like it would be a bad thing but if you got cursed to look like that and your parents didn't know, and the others back in the dungeon as well… wouldn't you be nervous and stuff?, looking so different and out of place in the world." Azure said when she had a calm look on her face.

Cedric was again thoughtful.

"Yeah… I would definitely be nervous if that was the case." He said.

"Yeah… anyway let's just support Emerald and hope for the best, there is only so much words can do after all." Azure said while she leaned against Cedric to rest her head on his shoulder.

Cedric blushes a bit but was having a warm feeling before he grabbed Azure's hand.

The rest of the bus ride was uneventful for the most part though while Bubblegum drove the bus, she noticed the village in the distance and decided to let everyone know.

"Heads up everyone, we're close to the human village." Bubblegum said.

This caused everyone to get ready to get off the bus as it was pulled into the village and many people noticed the strange vehicle and a couple Minerva bots approach while Bubblegum, Finn, Huntress, and a few others were getting off the bus as Helios and Nocturn were with the Minerva's as well and Emerald's heart thumped in his chest so much that it was really audible to Marceline since she was last to get up besides Emerald who followed last as Marceline gently helped walk him off the bus.

As Maite was trying to comfort him, Finn was the first to approach one of the bots.

"Hey mom. Sorry that I didn't call a head but thought you would like a surprise visit and I brought my friends along." He said with a smile.

"Hey Finn, its nice to see you again, and nice to meet all of you as well, sorry if Finn gave you any trouble." Minerva said while she smiles at the group of Finn's friends.

Marceline chuckled.

"Nah Mrs. M. Finn can be a handful but we all love him." She said.

Minerva smiles while Nocturn noticed something thanks to them looking at Marceline.

"Hey Helios… who's that with the Vampire Queen?... hard to tell with the guy hiding behind her… hairs blocking most of the guy from view." Nocturn said which made many look over to see that Emerald had turned while he whistles nonchalantly as he was standing behind Marceline and hoped no one noticed him.

Marceline rolls her eyes before she pulls Emerald out of hiding and pushes him towards his parents before the duo were close enough.

"Mr. and Mrs. Ranmyaku, the guy that was hiding behind me is your son, Emerald. And before you say anything, here's the story." She said before telling Emerald's parents what happened to him after meeting her dad and receiving an amulet that not only changed his appearance but also made him immortal before going to the end of the story.

"... and to top it all off, thanks to a deal between my girlfriend, Bonnie, and the succubus Queen, Lillum, without my knowledge, they made my womb alive so your son ended up knocking me up which in this case makes you grandparents. Also I'm part of your son's harem. If you don't believe me… well I'm sure that my friends can back me up on that."

That… pretty much floored many while Nocturn and Helios had dropped jaws when they heard that and they look at Emerald and his demonic attributes while he rubbed the back of his head while he looks REALLY nervous now which his parents noticed.

It only took a second before Helios practically hugged her son.

"Oh my little boy!" She said.

Emerald was surprised by that while he felt his mother hug him though Nocturn chuckles a bit as he approached Emerald.

"Good grief, you become a man with a number of beautiful women and knock one up and you don't tell us?, sure forced or not thanks to a succubus but still, not telling your parents?" Nocturn said while Emerald looked really bashful right now and had a big blush on his face as his dad chuckles at that.

Helios then looked at her son.

"Emerald. Were you afraid how we'll react to your… transformation? Even though you're father and I understand, you shouldn't feel that way. We love you no matter what form you have."

Emerald blushed more while he looks away from his mom.

"M-Maybe… was more worried how the other villagers would react to my new looks and stuff." Emerald said when he saw a few villagers indeed looking nervous though Nocturn just waved that off.

"Oh forget them, just give them a day or two and they will be back to normal, anyway Minerva, mind giving Marceline a checkup and bring her to my place later, might as well give everyone the tour of the house and let Helios embarrass Emerald by showing baby pictures or something." Nocturn said while Emerald blinks.

"Why would I be embarrassed by that?" Emerald said while Lillum cleared her throat when Nocturn looks surprised by this.

"W-Well… not sure if Marceline mentioned side effects but the amulet pretty much screwed with Emerald's emotions and stuff, were honestly surprised he was even nervous about coming here though after what we heard he was probably putting up a front… now that he seems more relaxed he doesn't have to worry and stuff… he is wearing the Amulet of the Nightosphere and though 1/5th or so of its total power output, its still pumping him full of chaotic evil… honestly were surprised he is morally stable so to speak." Lillum said to Nocturn.

"Not to mention he has the habit of bringing up these… invisible readers thing." Finn said.

"What?, not my fault I feel like were being watched right now." Emerald said as he looks at Finn while Nocturn raised an eyebrow when he heard that and looks at the others to see if this was a thing or Finn could be just messing with him.

Cedric sighs.

"Sorry sir. But it's true. And it sometimes gets annoying." He said before approaching Nocturn.

" Hi, I'm Cedric Middleton. I applied for the same assistance job like Emerald and everyone else." He said before offering Nocturn a handshake.

Nocturn shook Cedric's hand with a powerful grip.

"Nice to meet you Cedric, sorry if my son gave you a hard time, he can be a handful every now and then." Nocturn said while he smiles at Cedric a bit.

Cedric chuckled.

"Eh not to worry. There are times when I'm an ass towards him... and some of the others but… we all look pass that and are cool." He said.

Maite could see the interaction before she nervously approached Nocturn.

"U-Um… hello sir. My name is Maite and… I'm also dating your son." She said.

Nocturn looks at Maite and chuckles a bit at her.

"Well I gotta say, looking at you this close, you are pretty cute, guess I got an adorable daughter in law if you stick with my son, sorry if he gives you trouble in the future." Nocturn said while he grins at Maite with an Emeraldesk grin which showed who Emerald got the grin from.

Maite blushes from that before she was caught off guard as she got hugged by Helios.

"Aw… it's nice to meet you Maite. I don't know when my son will pop the question but… welcome to the family." She said as she rubs her cheek on Maite's cheek.

Some people chuckle at the friendly greeting from Helios while Emerald blushed when things were going rather well so far.

Bubblegum then approached Emerald's parents.

"Mr. and Mrs. Ranmyaku. I'm Princess Bubblegum and I want to apologize for causing this whole mess."

This caused the parents to look at her and Nocturn chuckle while scratching his cheek.

"Well I'm not sure what you are apologizing to us for, sure we would be ticked but seems Marceline here already got onto you enough so no need to add on to that guilt you have and stuff right Helios?" Nocturn said when he looks at his wife.

Helio giggles.

"Indeed. Plus, in your way, you helped us get a grandchild whom I can't wait to meet and spoil when they're born." She said while feeling giddy about being a grandma.

Emerald and Marceline blushed a bit since it seems they would be visited by Nocturn and Helios while Helios was gushing over seeing mini Emerald's or Marceline kids to spoil.

Lillum giggles and nudged Bubblegum a bit.

"Hehe, bet this is a relief for you a bit huh?" Lillum teased when she saw Bubblegum visibly relax a bit.

"Y-Yeah. It is." Bubblegum said as she slightly felt relieved before Helios looks at Bubblegum, Lillum and Azure.

"So are you three part of my little Emerald's harem?"

The trio blink at that while Lillum chuckles.

"Well I am, But Azure here is Cedy's girlfriend, granted as long as Cedric has fun with one of us, he doesn't mind Emerald having fun with Azure during certain moments but she is more or less with Cedric a lot, as for Bubblegum… eh… she is on the fence on either guy more or less right now, she does seem to be having lots of fun hanging out with Emerald lately though hehe." Lillum said with a teasing grin on her face.

"Oh really now?" Helios said as she smirks at the Candy Monarch.

Bubblegum blushes a bit brightly from that look.

A few others chuckle while Nocturn gestured for the group to follow him.

"Well aside from Marceline and possibly Emerald if he wants to stick with Marceline for a checkup, follow me to my place, Helios made some food and its pretty good, besides can't stand outside all day right?" Nocturn said while he starts walking away as Helios follows with a smile as Minerva approached Marceline.

"If you will follow me your highness, we can check some things out to make sure the child is developing well, you may not be showing right now but thats probably because the child could be just forming and stuff." Minerva said with a calm smile on her face while Emerald moved to stand next to her to show that he would be with Marceline for now.

Marceline did blush a bit.

"Alright. Let's go." She said.

Minerva smiles when she heard that and she starts to lead Emerald and Marceline away from the group while the other Minerva looks at Finn and Huntress.

"Hello again you two, want me to help with anything or are you two good on going to Nocturn and Helios's place?" Minerva asked as the others start to follow the parents of Emerald while Finn and Huntress were with this Minerva bot.

"Nah, not unless you have a creature or monster for us to take a look at for study reasons, I can explain more later if you don't know the… finer details and stuff." Huntress said while trying to keep clean with Finn's mother.

Minerva was confused at Huntress but she did have something to say.

"Actually… there is a creature that we're having trouble capturing. It's always been alluding us and it's been taking the crops." She said which irked Finn a bit.

"Well whatever it is mom, we'll make sure to capture it." He said with a determined look.

Minerva smiles when she heard this.

"Thanks Finn, I know I can count on you, however you need to wait until its the dead of night so why not follow me to a few places to help you prepare, in fact Finn, I've been helping a blacksmith make new weapons so you may like some of the swords there." Minerva said when she smiles at Finn more.

Finn's eyes sparkle in excitement after hearing that.

"Sweet! This I gotta see."

"Great, follow me Finn, you want to join Huntress?" Minerva asked when she looks at the Wood Nymph mate of Finn.

Huntress chuckled at Finn's excitement.

"Sure, why not."

Minerva smiles as she leads the duo away.

Once they walked to a certain shop, she opened the door to unique looking blacksmith shop and she approached a counter with a surprisingly young looking kid was manning the counter.

"Hello Shunpei, nice to see you, your father in the back?" Minerva said to the kid named Shunpei.

He looked to be around 10 or so, maybe 9, he had black spiky hair, greese and what not on his body and clothing and he smiles when he saw Minerva.

"Oh I'm doing great Aunty Minerva, pop's is in the back moving stuff around and getting ready for the day, you here for the latest upgrades that you requested?" Shunpei asked while Minerva smiles at him.

"Not today Shunpei, I'm here to show my son Finn the newests sword you invented." Minerva said while Shunpei looks excited while he hopped off his stool he sat on and ran to Finn and grins at him.

"So you are the legendary Finn?, Finn the greatest hero of Ooo!?" Shunpei said while he grins at Finn with sparkling eyes which gave Finn a bit of dejavu like Shunpei was a younger Finn who was admiring Billy and stuff.

Finn chuckles nervously.

"Yeah, I'm Finn. Nice to meet you." He said.

"Hehe, thanks, anyway I'm Shunpei, I'm working with my pops to invent things and I just made a new plasma based sword!, come and see!" Shunpei said as he rushed to one side of the room while Huntress chuckles a bit at how energetic Shunpei was.

"Reminds me of you when you see something exciting." Huntress said as Shunpei worked to carry a heavy looking case.

"Whoa, you need a hand with that?" Finn said before he went to help Shunpei.

"N-No n-need!... need to b-bulk up… p-pops c-carries… heavier things… really worked with training." Shunpei said as he stumbles over to the counter and after a moment, Shunpei got the case on the counter and pants for breath for a moment while he took a moment to climb on the stool and gestured for Finn to approach.

Finn was curious before he approaches the box and opens it up.

Once the case was opened, Finn pulled out a handle of sorts and on that handle was well… nothing while Shunpei grins as he gestured for Finn to hit the button on the handle.

Finn was confused before he pressed the button and waited to see what happens.

He didn't have to wait though, as soon as he hits the button, the end on top of the handle opened up and a metal tube exits the handle right before it glows with a blue light giving Finn a an electrified stun baton or some kind of… light up saber?... it was hard to tell but from the look on Shunpei's face the light show wasn't just a lightshow as the energy on the baton have a gentle blue glow.

"Slamacow!... This is awesome." Finn said as he lightly swung the weapon.

It gave a light buzzing sound as Shunpei rubbed his nose and chuckles a bit.

"Hehe thanks, made this when I was looking at this old premushroom war movie, still don't get how they could make weapons like that since the beams had no way to stay stable… anyway this is a similar concept, its a high powered plasma sword, its pretty powerful but doesn't last long so try and not use it unless you are up against some pretty deadly foes Finn, the case here is the charger, works with solar energy so you can just leave the case in the sun and it will be fully charged a couple hours after you put the plasma sword in it… eco friendly hehe… anyway if you want to test this bad boy out, follow me, I can explain more about this." Shunpei said like he was giving this to Finn.

"Sweet. I want to try this bad boy out." Finn said with an excited look.

"Hold on Finn… Shunpei was it?, are you really just giving Finn this weapon?" Huntress said which stopped Shunpei and he looks at her with a grin.

"Why not?, Finn could use it and if not for him we would still be stuck on the Island, not only that if he tests this out in actual combat I could fine tune it so it could be upgraded later to be more useful then it already is… already working on a portable charger for the handle so in case Finn loses the main case or can't get to it for awhile, he always has a backup on him." Shunpei said while he smiles at Huntress more.

Huntress was thoughtful for a bit.

"Guess you have a point." She said.

All Shunpei did was grin as he moved to run out of the room.

"Come on Finn!, lets test out this bad boy!" Shunpei said while an excited Finn ran out of the room while Minerva giggles.

"Hehe, looks like those two will get a long well years to come." Minerva said when she liked seeing Finn happy.

Huntress couldn't help but chuckle.

"I have no doubt about it."

As this went on, the Minerva with Emerald and Marceline brought them to a large hospital building like place and after some sorting and stuff, Marceline was getting her stomach scanned by Minerva with one of the machines Minerva had set up and it was scanning Marceline's womb to see how things were coming along.

Emerald and Marceline were quiet as Minerva stopped her scan and smiles more before she wrote something on a clipboard.

"Well congratulations you two, seems the development is going well… and good news… your carrying twin's Marceline." Minerva said while she smiles at Marceline while Emerald was surprised by the twin part.

"Wow… really?" Marceline said as she was surprised by this info.

"Indeed, no idea on gender yet since it is too soon to tell but right now I can tell you have two developing fetuses in your womb, and from the look of things are doing rather well, I expect them to be healthy further down the line." Minerva said while she smiles at Marceline more.

"Well that's great to hear." Marceline said before chuckling.

"Now comes the part where Emerald and I have to think of names for the little guys."

"Well I got a name for a girl already… how about Ruby or something?" Emerald suggests as one name for a kid if one was a girl.

"Hmm… not bad. Although… I was thinking of naming the girl… after my mom." Marceline said while having a slightly bummed look when she thought of her human mom.

"Your mom?... wait I think Hunson mentioned her… Dawn right?" Emerald said while he placed a hand on Marceline's shoulder to comfort Marceline a bit.

Marceline nods her head while appreciating Emerald's comfort.

"Yeah but could use her middle, which is Elise."

"Why not both if we have twin girls?, one could be Ruby, and the other Dawn, Ruby getting the Elise name as a middle name of sorts… would have to think of a middle name for little Dawn here… if either of them are girls of course… still need to think of names for boys just in case but if we ever do this again… think Obsidion could be a good boy name?" Emerald said when he seems pretty fixated on gem based names… well at least the coloring of the names were in good taste, red for Ruby, Black for Obsidion.

Marceline blinks a bit before she chuckles.

"Damn dude. Now you're fixated on gems?... hehe… but I do like your idea."

"Hey when you got a good theme, you use it, besides I'm Emerald, so might as well start a family line with gem based names hehe." Emerald said while he grins at Marceline.

Marceline couldn't help but chuckle at Emerald.

"Yeah might as well." She said.

"Hehe nice, so Minerva, any issues with Marceline as well or is she good for going to my place?" Emerald said while he looks at the Minerva bot as she was wiping the gel from Marceline's stomach so Marceline could lower her shirt.

"Nothing so far so she's good to go." Minerva said.

"Nice, might as well let mom and dad dote on Marceline here for a bit." Emerald said when he chuckles at picturing his mom and dad hugging Marceline a lot for a while.

Marceline blushes a bit.

"Yeah. Plus they'll be happy to know about the twins part."

"Yeah, come on Marceline, lets get going, we will see you later Minerva… well most likely soon since we would run into a bot or two along the way, though I couldn't help but notice some people wielding weapons and blasters… is there something troublesome in the area or are people weirded out by my looks and stuff?" Emerald asked while he raised an eyebrow at Minerva while he gets ready to leave the room with Marceline.

Minerva shook her head.

"No no. It's just before you and your friends got here, we were dealing with a creature that's been stealing our crops and has been alluding our traps. Finn is determined to help catch the creature after hearing this."

"I see… looks like I'll be lending a hand for obvious reasons… anyone tries to attack my home and the people I care about… I'll show no mercy!" Emerald growled out while his eyes glowed red with demonic anger and determination for a moment.

Minerva and Marceline were a bit surprised to hear that but Marceline chuckled as she wrapped her arm around Emerald's neck.

"Well whoever it is will regret coming here." She said before kissing Emerald's cheek.

Emerald blushed from this when he was calmed down and Minerva smiles at the sight.

"Well either way you'll need to wait till the sun sets, we don't have issues during the day." Minerva said which caused Emerald to nod his head.

"Right, let's get going Marceline." Emerald said as he moved to open the door for Marceline like a gentleman.

Marceline smirked before she thanked Minerva and floats out of the room.

Once the duo left and Emerald got a large umbrella for Marceline to use since she was trying to be careful with a sun hat, the duo were speeding up as they walked or floats in Marceline's case to Emerald's place while he was giving her a small tour.

"...and there is the main restaurant where many come to eat, we don't have anything fancy like in the Candy Kingdom but we can go here if mom and dad don't have food for us already." Emerald said when he and Marceline float by the restaurant and Marceline saw it looked like one of those classic indoor restaurants that served various meat based meals with various veggies and had a farm theme right now with barrels and haystacks here or there inside.

"Wow, the food looks good in there. Though I don't get about the farming theme but eh, everyone has to have a theme." Marceline said.

"Well actually the place changes the theme every week to make sure things don't look all… samey… if you get the idea… we don't have many food joints here so need to make do with what we got until we can expand more." Emerald points out since in this village there were 2 blacksmiths, one Shunpei's shop that deals more with tech then weapons, 1 hospital, and 1 restaurant… and one general Market place for various items and what not... this place was still a work in progress more or less.

"Hmmm good point. I mean, it'll take a bit before you guys start expanding and stuff." Marceline said before a moment later as the duo walked/floated, Marceline noticed a statue before she starts floating towards it.

Emerald blinks when he followed her and when he noticed the statue, he smiles.

"Ah, right, nearly forgot, say hello to the statue of the founder of the Island, Two Bread Tom, or at least thats the name on the old statue, had to leave it on the Island for now so we made a replica here until the old one can be brought over, Minerva made this with many bots help so that it can be used to cover the place where her super computer brain is kept, pretty much the heart of the village so why not have Two Bread Tom help guard her hehe." Emerald said while before him and Marceline was a massive statue of Two Bread Tom and a few other original islanders immortalized while it was on a large cybernetic platform that when used right, could slide away to show a stairway leading to Minerva's cybernetic brain… there was even a hand scanner in front of the statue to allow access to the Super computer brain just in case of emergencies.

"Only Minerva and a select few like my dad, mom, myself, and mechanics can go down there or allow others in, being the son of the head of security can have its perks hehe." Emerald said while he looks at Marceline and smiles gently at her while he placed comforting hand on her shoulder again since he could guess Marceline may miss Two bread Tom… he heard about how she helped him in the past so seeing this statue may not be so heartwarming to Marceline at the moment.

Marceline did place her hand on Emerald's hand and gave him an appreciative smile.

"Let's head to your parent's house."

"Right… if it means anything, heard Two Bread Tom passed on in peace from some old records, if he could see things now, bet he would be proud to have you see how the village is going… come on, might as well get to the fun parts of the village later." Emerald said as he grabbed Marceline's hand and dragged her away gently from Two Bread Tom's statue… and though it had a stoic look… it almost seemed like the statue was smiling at the angle Marceline was looking at when she was led away like the statue agreed with Emerald.

Marceline did smile a bit as she glanced at the statue's direction even though the distance was far.

'Tom… glad you and your peeps made it.' She thought before she lays her head on Emerald's neck.

Emerald blinks at that and smiles as he keeps quiet though he did use a hand to pet Marceline a bit on her head.

Though as the group got close to Emerald's place and heard laughter inside… Emerald said this.

"You know… I get I may not be your first choice of romantic partners… but I got to say… in some way… and not saying this because of this amulet… but I'm kinda glad Bubblegum and Lillum did this kind of accidental deal… after all in normal cases… doubt I would even have a chance normally with a woman like you being a top tier Queen and all… and though I'm still working things out mentally… I'm glad you are at my side." Emerald said when he stopped and turned to look at Marceline with a really rare serious look though he had a small smile on his face while he showed a lot of care in them… maybe something more in his eyes when he looks at Marceline as well.

Marceline blinks a bit at the serious but blushes when she saw some care on Emerald's face.

"Well to be honest, even though I didn't like what Lillum and Bonnie did, it did surprisingly gave me… or us a silver lining. Knowing I'm gonna be a mom, I can teach them how to be rock stars. Plus, well I may have had some romantic partners in the past and though I have Bonnie, I'm actually really liking you. Besides Finn, you're one very cool dude. Who's also gonna be one cool father." She said.

Emerald blushed from that and grins at Marceline.

"Hehe, nice… hey what do you say after we tell my parents the good news, you and I have a one on one moment?, as far as I know we rarely get those." Emerald said when he wanted to celebrate a lot of things right now.

Marceline grins.

"Fine by me. Been hoping to have some alone time with my twin baby daddy."

Emerald chuckles while he had an amused look.

"Well if we can somehow get away from the others, can't blame Maite or Lillum if they want to join in so lets try and keep quiet hehe." Emerald said while he gave a shushing gesture to Marceline while he grins a bit.

Marceline let out a low snicker as she gave Emerald a thumbs up.

Once Emerald saw that, he opened the door and the duo entered to see many people talking here or there while Helios was speaking with Maite and Lillum and Bubblegum and Nocturn was speaking with Cedric and Azure.

"And I told the guy, you want an easy way out of town… well say hello to my fist!" Nocturn said as he swings his fist while Cedric busts out laughing and Azure giggles while Emerald and Marceline missed a good joke it seems.

"Uh hey guys, we missed something?" Marceline said making everyone look at the duo.

"Oh hey guys. Welcome back. Was everything fine when Minerva checked you Marceline?" Maite said.

Marceline chuckled.

"Oh yeah. I'm okay… and so are the twins." She said.

Everyone took a second to look at one another while they look surprised and Nocturn had wide eyes.

"T-Twins?... as in two kids?" Nocturn said while Emerald chuckles.

"Hehe, yeah, too soon to tell gender but we got some names if we get two girls and I got a name for a boy, Ruby for a girl, my name of choice, and Marceline wants to name the other Dawn after her mother, may give Ruby the Elise middle name hehe, as for the boy if one of them is a boy, calling the kid Obsidian… and yes before anyone asks I seem Gem obsessed but blame my folks, they named me Emerald, they caused a gem name related landslide here." Emerald said when he grins at his parents.

Though everyone else blinked, Helios ran up to the duo and hugged them.

"Oh this is a happy day." She said while feeling excited to be a grandmother of two kids.

Emerald starts to look a bit blue while Marceline was largely unaffected but she was surprised by Helios's strength of her hug though Nocturn clears his throat.

"Honey… as well as I enjoy hearing about our son's announcement, err… you may make Marceline a soon to be single mom if you don't let our son go." Nocturn said while Emerald really looked blue now.

Helios blinked before she quickly let her son go.

"Oh sorry Emerald. Got too excited." She said while feeling embarrassed.

Emerald coughed a few times while he grins at his mom a moment later.

"N-No… *Clears throat*... No problem… not like I can die now." Emerald said while he rubbed his throat.

As that happened, Cedric chuckles before he looks at Azure.

"Guess I'll tell Angel that she'll be an aunt for two now."

"Hehe, yup, should be good news when Hunson hears about this as well, two grandkids he can spoil or try and corrupt on his end." Azure said while Emerald's pendent of the Nightosphere glows and a moment later, a portal opened and Hunson steps out.

"Phew, finally done with that issue… man you would not believe the day I had." Hunson said with a grin while many gave Azure a half lidded look when it seems like she just jinxed the group.

Marceline facepalms.

"Dad… not that I'm happy to see you but… what are you doing here?"

"Oh, well I had to take care of a couple matters that had to be done with in case your friends and you want to visit the Nightosphere, where are we by the way?... seems… too wholesome to me." Hunson said when he saw the interior of the house and Emerald facepalms.

"Hunson sir… first off this is my place, second, these two are my mom and dad… Mom… Dad… this is Hunson Abadeer, Marceline's father and ruler of the nightosphere… and just to get the elephant out of the room… we just got Marceline checked out and she is having twins." Emerald said when he went ahead to fill some things in.

Hunson blinked a bit after hearing this.

"T-Twins?" He said with a surprised look before Helios stepped in.

"That's right. So you're the man that gave my son that amulet?"

Hunson looks at Helios and with a grin said this.

"Yup, pretty much got your son demonized so he would be there for his kids hehe." Hunson said right before he, and everyone else was shocked when Helios uppercuts Hunson onto his back with surprising force and Hunson groans from the surprise attack.

"That… was for putting my son through that kind of pain, heard from a few sources that amulet pretty much fucked with Finn and a few others mentally…" Helios said when she looked really scary right now and she cracked her knuckles while many looked surprised by the change in her attitude while Nocturn tried to run damage control.

"Honey… sweetie… your scaring some people here…" Nocturn said as he escorted a fuming Helios out of the room while Emerald sweatdrops as he looks at Hunson.

"Dude… I know you may be the lord of evil and stuff but try and look that surprise attack over since I don't want Marceline to be stressed out… pretty sure Marceline would do the same if you try and put our kids in a forced situation and if Dawn was here she would do the same for making Marceline wear this amulet." Emerald said while he poked the amulet he was wearing.

Hunson, after getting over that surprise attack, looks at Emerald with serious look before calming down.

"Fine. Won't do anything to cause anyone stress here."

"Great, love and peace here after all!" Emerald said with a grin though Hunson shuddered at the peace stuff.

"OK… none of that… ever… anyway Marceline how you doing?, I may visit from time to time but how is my little Queen of the Night doing with two bundles of joy now?" Hunson asked while he smiles at his daughter.

As Marceline blushes a bit, Bubblegum, Lillum and Maite were talking with Cedric and Azure.

"Wow… talk about how awkward the moment was." Maite said.

"Indeed… especially the bad timing." Bubblegum said before Cedric puts his two cents.

"Now let's not blame Azure for that. Any one of us could've said that. I mean every action has its simple opposite reaction. Think of it like your virtual reality Princess. There are many different realities from the cosmos with different version of us in a different scenario." He said though the way he was talking sounded surprisingly… intelligent?

Many blink at that while Azure gave Cedric a half lidded look.

"Dude… you part Why wolf or something?, because that sounded way to… well… up there with your usual vocabulary and stuff." Azure said when she was a bit surprised by that.

Everyone else had the same reaction making Cedric facepalm.

"Dang it… guess no use hiding it… Yeah I am… from my mom's side. Thank Glob she had the looks when my dad met her." He said.

"But I don't understand, why hide it?" Maite said.

Cedric sighs.

"Because… they got massive egos when showing off their smarts. Which is a reason why I hide it. Not to mention how they talk about the Cosmic Owl. Worst of all… few of them I know are my cousins. I love them as family but… their ego needs to be put away. I want people to like me… not get annoyed."

"Okay… but how come you're not wearing a lab coat and glasses?" Maite said.

Cedric snorts.

"My eyesight is perfect so I don't need them. As for a lab coat… I mean come on, that's like a major turn off. What girl would want me in a lab coat?"

"Not sure about you but wouldn't Bubblegum be Alright with that?" Emerald said when he points a thumb at the brainy Bubblegum who normally wore a lab coat and glasses sometimes.

"Huh?" Bubblegum said but blushed at the thought of Cedric in a lab coat.

"Hehe...yeah. Not to mention, aren't there female whywolves? Plus I'm sure Azure here wouldn't care if you wear one." Marceline said.

"Yup, pretty much, who knows… maybe you could wear a lab coat and glasses when you… study me or a feline of a similar species… pretty sure we don't have details of me or similar beings like myself as test subjects right?" Azure said in a teasing way when she looks at Hunson.

"Nor is there any data on Hunson when he gets down and dirty in the sheets, maybe if we stop by the Nightosphere one of us ladies minus Marceline for obvious reasons could study him in up close detail." Azure said when she grins fearllessly at the larger lord of the Nightosphere.

Hunson grins at Azure.

"If that's an invitation, then count me in." He said before glancing at Cedric.

"And don't try to be a jealous wolf young man considering you had some fun with Angel. Which I'm wondering why you never court her til now." He said making Cedric blush.

"Long story short dude, while we don't know details Cedric has anger issues, going to get some therapy on my end when we get back to the Candy Kingdom later… anyway you want to stick around a bit or you heading back to the Nightosphere to announce that Marceline is having a couple kids or something?" Emerald said while he was trying to help Marceline somewhat by having Hunson leave for a bit since that announcement thing could take awhile.

"Eh I can tell them later, just want to see my little girl first and then visit Angel… really got some making up to do with her." Hunson said since he now is trying to make things right with two daughters now.

Emerald shrugged at that.

"Alright, but you can't cause trouble here alright?, I know you won't care and what not but this is technically my home town and stuff, and Marceline here may not like it if you cause trouble… and well I have been practicing with this…" Emerald said as he held his hand out and formed a small portal over it and when he reached in, he rumaged for something and pulled out a drumstick that was cold for a moment and used a snap of his fingers to make a small flame over his free hand and he starts to cook the drumstick as the portal closed.

"Thanks to this amulet, I'm now able to learn spells from Lillum without going mad… well… maybe because I'm partly mad somewhat so can't do worse then what this thing did… and I am now able to open a portal to the Nightosphere at will and keep it closed on my end… not saying that as a threat but know if you cause trouble I can now use this to send you back to the nightosphere and keep it closed for a bit… granted normally I won't but two reasons why I will… one is if you try and cause trouble and two is well… more or less me having some after dark fun if you get my meaning… can't have you walk into the room from a portal while I'm having fun right?... especially if I'm trying to help Marceline relax… pretty sure we are in agreement that is a good thing with me learning it for that exact reason so the other stuff is just a bonus." Emerald said while he looks at the drumstick as the smell of cooked chicken wafts into the area.

Cedric did hum since he liked the smell of cooked poultry since he's… well a wolf as Hunson was thoughtful.

"Good point." He said.

"Yup… anyway as long as we make a deal on you not causing trouble here in my hometown or around Marceline, I won't have to send you back to the Nighosphere… deal?... this could let you spend more time with Marceline since she would love to hang out with you in things that you two can actually bond over if you are not sucking souls here." Emerald said as he held a hand out for Hunson to shake while he used a tentacle to hold the drumstick over the flame and he dispelled it so the chicken wouldn't burn and gave Hunson a serious look on this deal making.

Hunson was quiet for a bit before smirking at Emerald.

"Deal." He said before shaking Emerald's hand after taking it.

Once this was done, Emerald used a spell to change the drumsticks color to red in color and he passed it to Marceline.

"Snack Milady?, doubt many would care if you enjoy yourself since you are eating for 3 now." Emerald said when he grins at Marceline a bit.

Marceline chuckled before grabbing the drum stick.

"Thanks dude." She said before she sucked on the red to drain the chicken before taking a bite.

As this happened, Nocturn came back into the room and bowed a bit to Hunson.

"I'm sorry for my wife Lord Abadeer… granted after what we heard I wanted to attack you myself but held myself back for everyone's safety… if you have issues with my wife then please take them out on me instead." Nocturn said while Emerald chuckles.

"Oh don't worry Dad, we talked things out and Hunson here doesn't care anymore… right?" Emerald said when he glanced at Hunson with a relaxed grin.

"Yeah I'm over that already so no biggie. I mean I never hold it against Finn when he once sliced me in half even though he summoned me the first time." Hunson said.

Many already heard about this though Nocturn didn't and looked surprised… oh if Finn was here he would be asked so many questions right now…

"R-Right… anyway if everyone could follow me we can get this meal started and… why do I smell chicken?" Nocturn said when he sniffed the air a few times.

"Oh Emerald pulled out a drumstick from a portal he summoned and cooked it before handing it to me." Marceline said as she continues to eat the drumstick.

"Oh… I see?..." Nocturn said while he looks confused as Emerald used a hand to turn Nocturn to the kitchen.

"I'll explain later, lets get the food passed around before it gets cold." Emerald said while he had Nocturn pushed outside of the living room while others followed and hours later, 2 to be exact, many were going around town while Emerald and Marceline were saying goodbye to the others for now and Lillum looks amused as Emerald and Marceline left the others when they start the split up and she speaks to Maite after many left them alone.

"So… you get fooled by these two?" Lillum said while she grins.

"Nope…" Maite said with her own amused look.

"Want to crash that one on one later after Emerald and Marceline have a little fun?" Lillum asked while she looks at Maite this time.

Maite giggles.

"Oh yeah." She said.

"Good… lets get going." Lillum said as she and Maite followed Emerald and Marceline while they moved to actually go near where the old Treefort was and Emerald had made a faux shelter nearby so Marceline could sit near the tree and Emerald sat next to her, thanks to this they had plenty of shade to work with so Marceline didn't need the umbrella.

"Hehe, been awhile since I've been here… seems the stand thing I made for the sapling is still intact." Emerald said when he grins as he saw the stand around the growing sapling.

"Hehe, I'm still surprised that the old tree fort is gone. Originally that was one of my homes before Finn and Jake moved in." Marceline said.

"Really?, huh… you learn a new thing every day hehe… miss this place at all?" Emerald said while he looks at Marceline with a slightly worried look since this place may have been a bad place to take Marceline.

"Eh, I have good memories… though sadly… was me living with… Assh." Marceline said with a frown at the name.

"But that's in the past. Though the place would be missed, at least I still have my home in the cave and all."

"Yup… and Bubblegum's Castle, my hometown here… many other places where we can set those doorways… hehe, why not we set a doorway here later so we can come and go from my hometown as we please?" Emerald said when he points a thumb at a large piece of wood that had an M marked on it ironically enough.

Marceline blinked a bit when she noticed before chuckling.

"Works for me." She said.

"Great… want to also make this a fun spot for us to have fun in?, no one really comes here besides me and a few Minerva bots who come and check up on the Sapling every now and then so we have a few hours to kill…" Emerald said while he got a lustful look in his eyes.

Marceline returns the look.

"Big risk taker… I love it."

This caused the two to lean in to one another and make out while Emerald used a hand to pull Marceline in a bit by her hip as he did so.

Marceline moans as she kissed Emerald while wrapping her arms around his neck.

After a minute of making out, Emerald and Marceline were slowly undressing one another and Emerald was grinning as he looks down at a naked Marceline with a lustful look on his face while his cocks were iron hard, he went double barreled for now to really work Marceline up.

Marceline licks her lips before a moment later, she was on her knees and was sucking off the bottom cock while stroking off the top cock.

Emerald shuddered from this and groans while in the distance nearby while they hid behind a piece of the old treefort, a grinning Lillum and Blushing Maite were looking at the two demonic lovers.

"My my, looks like we get a good show, right Maite?" Lillum said when she looks at Maite and saw her fidget a bit as Maite looks at Emerald's cocks and how Marceline sucked his lower one while working the upper ones more.

Maite blushes at the sight.

"Y-Yeah we do." She said.

"Yup… so… want me to help you warm up and stuff so when we join in we won't have much issues?" Lillum suggests while she smirks at Maite in a lustful way.

Maite blushes brightly at the look.


Lillum grins and after a minute with the duo undressing, Lillum was eating out Maite while Maite was on all fours and Lillum was under Maite in a 69 position so the duo could please one another.

Maite was groaning as she made sure to please Lillum's pussy.

As this happened, the groups were being watched by a couple set of eyes, not from the Creature study group or Minerva bots but from an unlikely duo…

For starters thanks to all the junk around, after some shuffling a makeshift home was made and ironically enough the unlikely duo was Bandit Princess and Me-Mow… its a story that can be explained in detail later but right now they were blushing up a storm as they saw from two different sides of their makeshift home Emerald and Marceline having fun while Maite and Lillum were having their fun on another part… if were going from directions and to have a general idea of the reshuffled junk… well the makeshift home was more or less next to the sapling and when Emerald saw this at first, he just thought the Minerva bots were moving things around to clear some stuff up and thought nothing of it.

As for directions, the village of humans was to the south, Emerald and Marceline a bit west a few feet from the makeshift hut and Maite and Marceline were a bit south of the impromptu hut… honestly the details on looks were not needed now but right now Me-Mow and Bandit princess were blushing up storms right now when they had now idea on what to do… they were laying low after the Gum war on Me-Mow's end and for Bandit Princess, who Me-Mow found out was named Jasmine, was hiding after her latest bandit spree with the Finn sword and stuff and the duo happened to be working together to survive by stealing crops and what not from the nearby human village.

"What the flip are they doing by doing this outside!?... sure this place isn't exactly noticeable but still out in the open?" Jasmine muttered while trying to keep her voice low enough thanks to her knowing Marceline had hypersensitive ears.

"I don't know… It's like they have a thrill or… fetish of doing this outside with the idea of almost being seen." Me-Mow said.

"Maybe… and since we are stuck here we can't exactly run… those guys are in front of the hatch." Jasmine said when she looks at their only doorway which was smack dab near Maite and Lillum… they would have made a second doorway in the back soon but were trying not to get spotted on grabbing and moving things around and were doing it slowly to make it seem like the Minerva bots were the culprits on moving things around.

Me-Mow frowns.

"No kidding… looks like we're gonna have to wait till these people leave."

"Yeah…" Jasmine said before she blushed when she heard Maite moan more and heard Marceline growing when Emerald moved Marceline so he could eat her out to pay her back for the pleasing she did.

"... though given that we are stuck here… want to do the usual thing to help pass time?" Jasmine said with a blush on her face… thanks to them being on the run the duo were technically sex friends when not moving around and what not.

Me-Mow did blush a bit.

"Yeah. Not like we've done it before."

This pretty much caused the two to unknowingly join the four in their fun while Jasmine had undressed fully while Me-Mow did the same with her simple tank top and sweatpants and right now, Me-Mow was eating Jasmine out deeply and she lets out small moans that were hidden from the others thanks to the wooden walls around them.

Jasmine was groaning a bit but made sure to not make it loud as she was eating out Me-Mow's pussy.

As this went on, Emerald with Marceline was really eating out Marceline now and was fingering her ass a few times to get her worked up more.

Marceline was groaning from that action as she was busy pleasing Emerald's cocks.

Emerald in turn keeps on making sure to please Marceline more and more while her orgasm was getting close until…

Marceline groans before she climaxed on Emerald's tongue and face as she pleased his cocks more.

Emerald lets Marceline ride out her orgasm before she tapped off and Emerald pulled his cocks from Marceline's head and moved to stand over her.

"Hehe, looks like we did enough foreplay… want to get to the main event?" Emerald asked when he liked his lips while his slickened cocks were on display.

Marceline, after tapping off, licks her lips.

"You know it."

"Good… either spread those legs or get on all fours… I'll be making you scream my name before we go back to the village!" Emerald said like that was a promise while he gave Marceline a really lustful look.

Marceline grins before she lays on her back and spread her legs to show Emerald her holes.

This caused Emerald to get over Marceline and after aiming his cocks at her holes, he shoved his cocks deep inside of her and as Jasmine and Me-Mow notice when they took a break from pleasing one another, they blush when they saw Emerald fucking Marceline with both of his cocks hard and fast but not hard enough to harm her womb.

Marceline was groaning and moaning as she was loving the pleasure before wrapping her arms and legs around Emerald making Me-Mow blush again.

"Call me crazy but… that is hot."

Jasmine had to admit… this was and considering she and Me-Mow didn't get some top tier cock in a long time… well…

"Hey… think we could try and *Stumble* upon them and we join in?, we could remove some wood in the back if we are careful and make it seem like we came in from a different direction." Jasmine said when she looks at Me-Mow.

Me-Mow was surprised at the suggestion.

"Isn't it too risky? What if they know who we are?"

"And what are the odds of that?, besides can you sit here and tell me your not soaked from what we did and can you sit here for hours on end while listening to this lady getting it good from the guy with two massive cocks?" Jasmine said while Emerald in turn got rougher with Marceline, thanks to her womb being protected he didn't have to hold back on Marceline and giving her a nice pounding.

"Oh fuck yeah Emerald!" Marceline moans making Me-Mow blush more.

"Okay… fair point. So we just… walts in casually?"

"Hehe, sorta… follow my lead and we may have those cocks in us in no time." Jasmine said while she got a sword and passed Me-Mow her dagger as the duo start to whittle away some wood from the back to make an impromptu exit.

By the time the duo finished, they had managed to make a space big enough for them to slip from and after Me-Mow followed Jasmine, Jasmine grins as she led the duo towards Emerald and Marceline after they left the area for a moment.

This resulted in them coming from the north now and thanks to this, they saw Emerald fucking Marceline on all fours now and thanks to the angle, they didn't notice Jasmine or Me-Mow and they could see Emerald's cocks barrage Marceline's ass and pussy while he had his hands on her ass cheeks, he was even smacking her ass a couple times.

Marceline was moaning and groaning loudly as her face starts looking fucked up as her holes tightened around Emerald's cocks.

Emerald growls a bit as he fucked Marceline harder and faster while Jasmine and Me-Mow got closer until….

Marceline groans loudly before she throws her head back and climaxed hard on Emerald's cock.

Emerald snarls when he pushed his cocks deep into Marceline and he blew a rather large load inside of her and over filled Marceline in no time and his sperm leaked onto the ground around his cock from Marceline's pussy.

Marceline moans more as her climax got stronger for a bit as she and Emerald ride out their orgasms.

When Emerald and Marceline tapped off, they heard chuckling.

"Wow, look at what we have here Leo, seems we came upon an interesting sight to see." A female voice said which caused Marceline and Emerald to look over to see a blushing Me-Mow, or Leo to hide her name from the duo.

"Uh… who are you people?" Marceline said.

"Eh, we are just passing by, right Leo?, were trying to find a nice place to work so we can get a bit of cash and we heard about this human village and wanted to see if there were jobs or something, names Jasmine, this is Leo, we were taking a shortcut from the north but found you two in an interesting way…. Not sure if this is rushing or not but mind if we join in?, we were trying to find a good way to destress on our trip here and stuff… of course you can say no if this is a private thing but when we saw the two cocks on this hunk, we couldn't resist walking over." Jasmine said while she had a picture perfect fake angelic smile that could fool just about anyone right now and make Jasmine look innocent.

Me-Mow had hoped this plan works as Marceline raised an eyebrow before turning her head to look at Emerald to see what he would say.

Emerald blinks at this and though he had a funny feeling he shouldn't trust Jasmine's speech… he did remember something… mainly the creature that has been evading capture… and while he wouldn't instantly say anything to these two… well letting them go without finding some things out with this nagging feeling he felt did cause him to grin.

"Well… personally I don't mind if two beauties like you want to join in but its Marceline's call on if you two get in on this kind of fun." Emerald said while he smiles at Marceline but while the left side of his face was hidden, he used a tentacle hidden to gesture for her to follow along with this for some reason that was out of Jasmine and Me-Mow's sights… sure Emerald getting a good time would cause Marceline to ask questions but the look in Emerald's eyes asked her to trust him.

Marceline can see where Emerald was going with this since she had a bad feeling about the two women, especially Jasmine since she can see a fake smile along the way.

"You know what… sure. Not the first time we did a four way." She said making Me-Mow's eyes widened.

'I don't believe it.' She thought.

"Hehe thanks… well you two, might as well get undressed and join us, though better make sure I get you two well lubed before I use these cocks on you." Emerald said while he pulled his cocks free and Jasmine and Me-Mow saw his cocks in full up close while Marceline groans from the loads leaking from her holes and Jasmine bit her lips in excitement at seeing the massive cocks on Emerald.

Me-Mow was blushing brightly when she saw those cocks.

'So big.' She thought.

Meanwhile with Lillum and Maite… they were so into their own pleasure that they nearly missed joining in, but when Lillum saw the duo, she stopped Maite from going to them when she used a quick spell to read their minds.

"Hey Maite… get dressed and go to the village and get the others… looks like we have troublemakers here with those two… get Finn and… try and not rush… looks like the longer these four have fun the better for us when we get these two caught…" Lillum said while she grins at her pink Hedgehog sex friend.

Maite blinks a bit but nods her head at the succubus.

"Alright." She said before getting dressed.

Once she got dressed and carefully ran off, Lillum looks back to see that Jasmine and Me-Mow had undressed and Emerald was admiring their figures.

Me-Mow was actually the more shapely of the duo with bandages binding her breasts, when they were removed she had large D to surprisingly E cup breasts and wide hips, the bandages were enchanted to hide them so they wouldn't get in the way of her work.

Jasmine was more petite with B to barely C cup breasts and she had a more toned body which caused Emerald to grin at the sight of the duo.

"Wow, not bad looking wouldn't you say Marceline?" Emerald when he looks at Marceline and while Jasmine was more or less focused on the compliments… Me-Mow starts to realize who this woman was and her eyes widened a bit when she remembered the name after it was said a few times… Marceline the Vampire Queen!

'Oh shit… It's the Vampire Queen. She was there at the blasted war. She's friends with that Bubble-bitch and… Finn.' Me-Mow thought when she believed that she and Jasmine made a mistake and had to find a way to warn Jasmine.

Unfortunately for Me-Mow, Marceline sees the recognition and on her end and remembers something which, after moving to get next to Me-Mow while Emerald pulled Jasmine in for a kiss, Marceline whispered this.

"Seems you remember, same with me now that I got a better look at you… Me-Mow was it?... heard you were once locked in Bonnie's prison for some reason… play along and enjoy the fun and not cause trouble and who knows, may help you not get put back there and stuff… besides when was the last time you got a cock as good as Emerald's here?" Marceline whispered when she used some hair to point at Emerald's dicks that throbbed at full power.

Me-Mow was shocked that Marceline found out who she was before blushing brightly as she sees Emerald's cocks as Jasmine moans into the kiss.

The scene then starts to fade to black as he gripped Jasmine's ass, one thing was clear, things would get intense very soon.

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