Bubblegum's Creature Study @emerald
Neddy Study

The scene opens up to show TME and Atomsk while they were brainstorming ideas for this latest story… mainly the creatures that could be thought of for each kingdom.

"So in a nutshell, we are in agreement that as long as it somehow makes sense with the plot AND as long as an assistant is used in some cases like Neddy to prevent Incestt since Neddy is Bubblegum's brother, anything is good as long as we make this as scientific as possible… in a nutshell this is like Data's fiend log but hopefully with more than one chapter hehe." TME said when he grins at Atomsk.

"Yup… more than one." Atomsk said as he looks over the notes just in case.

"Indeed… oh and seems the readers are here, we should tidy up so mind getting the notes gathered while I give the basic idea of the story if they never read Data's fiend log?" TME asked while he looked over Atomsk's shoulder and noticed the readers.

Atomsk wasn't looking at them.

"Yeah sure. Do your thing." He said bluntly before he starts to pick up the mess.

TME sweatdrops at that.

"You alright dude?" TME asked since a blunt answer like that was pretty rare.

"Peachy dude. Just tell the readers the plan and then we can focus on the story." Atomsk said as he kept picking up things.

"Right… Anyway for Bubblegum's creature study, like the story says, Bubblegum studies various creatures in various kingdoms and starting with hers, so expect a lot of details about each creature, old canon ones and new ones that are personally made by Atomsk and myself… either one short chapter with one creature or maybe make it two creatures per chapter… either way unlike most stories these chapters won't be too long, depends on how much we write for the first creature… and all studies end with Bubblegum or her female assistant of the day getting dragged into lemony situations… maybe we should start with Neddy and maybe have either… Huntress or Marceline as Bubblegum's assistant of the day for this?, unless you want to use OC's Atomsk, could help with diversifying the female assistants and we have plenty of OC's, could be after the series ended as well so we have more then enough things to work with and a blank slate so to speak since I haven't watched that HBO Max stuff of Adventure times series so can be new canon so to speak if we ignore that." TME said when he tossed that idea out there.

"Alright, done here. How about you?" Atomsk said.

"Good on my end, so want to start this story and hmmm… go OC assistant route for now and see what happens later?, could be like a 1 for 1 with Data's fiend log here as well… well not quite but close… still that does bring up one issue… who to use?" TME said while he looked thought since he wondered on WHICH woman to use.

"Yeah sure, lets go nuts. Who you have in mind?" Atomsk said.

"Hmmm… depends since each lady has a vastly different intro and could be a long term person who will stick around while everyone else maybe a one off or rarely seen lady outside of her intended chapter… I'm tempted to use Lillum the Succubus for obvious reasons on my end and have an intro for her, remember Maja getting Marceline's shirt that Bubblegum cherished… well why not have Ash get it and have a summon go wrong and we just off the guy with Lillum feeding on him and bam… no more Ash… never killed him off yet have we?" TME said while he grins evilly at Atomsk.

Atomsk was thoughtful before he grins darkly.

"Perfect. Been hoping to off that guy for good."

"Great, lets Give Lillum a grand opening intro then before we get to the real meat of the story while she makes Ash her bitch before she offs him, want to say anything real quick before we start?" TME said while chuckles evilly at the ideas in his mind.

"Nah. This is enough. Let's start this." Atomsk said.

"Right but… one thing first… thanks to a certain requester for a different sets of Stories, Atomsk and I are finally getting paid work after all this time so just a heads up, Atomsk and I take paid requests either solo or Co-op… both on my end and mainly solo on Atomsk's end for now, and any negitive reviews may stick if they amuse me… but those that are just straight up pointless… well… like Ash soon… They will be destroyed!" TME said while he turned dark mode or DME for a moment and chuckles evilly when he compared those kinds of reviews to Ash the Asshole in the AT canon…. Oooo now that was a low blow… take it what you will dear readers… DME is pretty much calling the shitty reviewers out and is enjoying it.

"Oh boy, better start putting up defences, its a flame war." Atomsk said.

The scene then shifts away from a worried Atomsk and a cakkling DME while the scene went to a cave to show a certain asshole.

Ooo/ Mystery cave near a certain Shack/ Ash

The scene showed the certain donk making a complex looking summoning circle while he had many items nearby… many were objects of power, others were potions and what not… however one one part was a certain shirt that a certain Candy Princess once wore daily.

It looked like a tangled mess of images and what not all having a punk rock kind of feel and Ash in the meantime finished the circle and chuckles while he went to the shirt.

"Hehe, finally, got enough items of power and enough ingredients to summon a succubus… and not just any Succubus… a Succubus Queen… hehe… hehehehe…. Heard they are a rare breed… of succubus and its a good thing I got an offering ready just in case." Ash muttered while he looked nearby to show a few tied up humanoids… looked male and female and were 5 in total.

Once Ash counted the numbers, Ash starts the summoning while he made sure the shirt was in the center without making a mess of the circle or he would have to start all over again by hand.

"$#^ #^% ^ ^ ^# #^# ^# ^#!$$%$#%$#^&*&^%$#$%^&*&^%$#$%^&*(*&^%$#" Ash incantated for a long time and a portal of dark energy starts to form in front of him above the shirt while energy seemed to be drained from it.

That caused Ash to smirk when something starts to appear and Ash was momentarily stunned when he felt the power outclass his own by a few dozen times… how many dozens of times… no one knew… though Ash was thankful he made preperations when a beauty of a demoness appeared… she had a figure most men would kill for and many women would be envious off… she was a voluptious woman with gravity defying G cup breasts, wide hips and a thin waist that looked sexy as hell and gave a new meaning to the word bubblebutt, long brown hair that was braided behind her back… she had large demonic wings that supported her body and she had a cute demonic tail… and she went nude as well which showed her in her beautiful glory while she had beautiful white skin that seemed to glow with health and opened pink glowing eyes when she looks around the room and hums.

"Hmmmm…. Well not the strangest place I have been summoned… wonder who did the summoning for me of someone my ranking." The Succubus said while she looks around to see if a Wizard or someone magical was near.

"Hehe, right over here sweetcheeks" Ash said with a smirk.

Lillum looked over with a curious gaze and saw to her confusion a pretty weak looking Wizard and thanks to her years of being able to tell spells, could only see a immortality enchantment on him though she did smile when she could already see that this man was not up to her standards and had a way out of this when she noticed something off that the man seemed to miss.

"Oh so you are the strong powerful Wizard who summoned me?, I must say not bad if I do say so myself and these digs here… I'm guessing hidden lair?, got some tasty offerings, got plenty of binding ingredients… though even for one such as yourself should know unless we Succubus's and Incubus's make deals, there is no reason for me to serve you… so… mind explaining what your wishes are if you want my power to aid you and what can you offer me in exchange that I don't already have?... my name is Lillum by the way… Lillum Demonica… high ranked Succubus Queen of my Dimension so low level offerings won't just do." Lillum said while she had an amused look in her eyes.

"Hehe, psyche… I'll just devour this fool and look for my real master or Mistress, this fool may not even realize it but his power didn't summon me… whoever's power from that shirt back there is my real Master mistress so I can look for them later… for not might as well have fun with my soon to be snack." Lillum thought while she put on a poker face of a cute girl.

'Hehehe, I'm so gonna have fun with this bitch.' Ash thought.

"Well for my first wish… I want power. More power then I could ever get on my own."

Lillum smirks when she floats towards Ash and rubbed a finger on his chest.

"Oh but of course… however you should know for a deal like that you need to offer something equal in exchange or little ol me won't get much out of this." Lillum said while unknown to Ash, Lillum was already casting a stealth type spell while she buttered Ash up… just a bit more...

Ash blinked a bit after hearing that.

"Okay… what would you want in return?"

"Hmmm… how about… All of your lifeforce you stupid man…" Lillum said while her eyes gain a demonic red glow and Ash's body locked up on him and his body moved to stand straight up though his head was still able to talk on his command.

"W-Whoa! What the fuck?! But I summoned you. That means I'm your master!" Ash said.

Lillum giggles before she made a few tsk sounds while wagging a finger near Ash's head.

"Sorry but all you did was just summon me and even then it wasn't much from you… at best I would say… 1/1000th of your puny insiginficant power…. And that's me being generous since I haven't been on Ooo in a long time and don't have a proper power scale yet… anyway pretty much 99% of the power that summomed me came from… this here." Lillum said before she picked up the rocking shirt and smirks at Ash.

"I'm sensing two energies from this shirt so one of the energies that the mortal that this belongs to is my master or Mistress if they accept my deal later when I find them… besides… haven't you read warnings and what not with sex demons?... never get near a sex demon until a binding is made… unless we are willing to do so out of a kink which I am willing to do for a powerful and sexy being… I wouldn't mind being a bitch… however… with your lack of power and… pathetic equipment under your pants… well… honestly it would make my title pathetic if I even humor the idea of a deal with a weakling like you." Lillum said while she floats near Ash and shocked him when she actually kicked him in the nuts with some of her demonic strength and knocked Ash onto his back but he couldn't move a single muscle while his nuts ached horribly when Lillum used just enough strength to cause the most amount of pain but not enough to actually destroy them which gave a perfect balance of agony like no other for the male Wizass.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!... You bitch!" Ash screamed with a hilariously high voice.

Lillum chuckles while she floats around the lair and untied the captives.

"Now… unless you people want to be my snack along with this pathetic excuse for a Wizard… if one of you can tell me who this belongs to then I'll let you all go, consider it an apology of sorts and who knows… if you want to stick around we could have fun later… but for now… please… tell me who this belongs to." Lillum said while she gave the now freed captives an eyesmile but has a pressure beind it to try and answer fast.

The captives shivers in fear before one of them spoke.

"I-I over heard him bragging how he acquired the shirt by going to the last place where the previous owner, Maja the Skywitch was before she… was blown up during the war as he said. But then mentioned that the shirt was originally owned by a Candy Monarch by the name of Bubblegum."

"Interesting… Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom… there are two energies though but I can work with this… thank you, you all are free to go though if you want to have a good time later, here is my card, use it and you will teleport to be near my location and an arrow on this card will act like a compass, you can do the rest right?... either that or just pass it to some guy or gal and bam… out of your hair possibly for good… now if you'll excuse me I got a fool to feed on before I leave." Lillum said after she summoned some special cards and passed one to each person before she starts walking towards Ash with a swing of her hips.

As Ash pales, the freed captives quickly starts running out of the lair leaving Ash alone with his worst nightmare.

"N-No… Have mercy."

Though Lillum just giggles while she used a spell to make Ash's clothing vanished and sets them nearby so she could use them later to make her own outfit and sighs when she saw how pathetic Ash was right now and more so when she looked at Ash's cock.

It was 5 incher. No way it would please any lady even if erect.

"O-Okay… despite what just happened, I won't be good to you like this so how about you let me go?" Ash said hoping Lillum agrees.

Though to his horror, Lillum smirks while she aimed a finger at him.

"Sorry but nope." Lillum said while she shot a beam of magic at Ash's cock and balls and they start to grow before Ash's eyes and in no time… Lillum grew Ash's cock to be a shocking 14 incher and 3 in width while his balls were massive, they looked so full that they looked like they hurt while Ash's cock, now cleaned by Lillum's spell, pulsed while Lillum licks her lips a few times.

Ash's eyes widened in shock.

"W-What did you do?!"

"Simple… gave you an upgrade and well… unfortunately we can only go one round since I pretty much packed all your lifeforce in your balls so… yeah… I'll get a taste to see how my work well worked but after that… time for you to go bye bye in a way that men would dream of going." Lillum said when she moved Ash's body so he walked like a puppet towards a nearby chair and he sat it in it after Lillum summoned it and it leaned back a bit like a recliner so his cock was standing tall like a tower while Lillum approached while she licked her lips.

Ash's eyes widen again.


Lillum rolled her eyes while she got between Ash's legs.

"Oh don't be such a baby, everyone has to go sooner or later either from age or death so why not have a fun end?, besides, your fault for not planning things properly, did you even read the warnings or did the naked Succubuses distract you?... well no complaints on my end… so better relax and enjoy… not like you have any choice in the matter." Lillum said before she opened her drooling mouth wide and slowly took Ash's augmented cock into her mouth and she started to bob her head from the get go while her tongue ran across the entire did when her tongue lengthened to do so.

Ash tries to resist but having his cock sucked hard made the douchebag groan which was all he can do.

Lillum giggles for a moment and keeps on sucking Ash's cock while she used her hands to fondle his enlarged balls so she could feel the sperm sloshing around in his nuts and boy were they packed to the brim and then some.

Ash groans again as his resistance slowly fades.

"O-Oh fuck." He groans.

Lillum then hums to help Ash feel better but she stopped after a moment and slowly pulled her mouth off Ash's cock and moved to have her large breasts smother Ash's cock and she smirked when she moved them up and down so she could please Ash more while his balls and cock throbbed more then ever now.

"Oh fuck… These melons are so better than Mar-Mar's." Ash said as he can feel how soft Lillum's breasts are.

Lillum giggles and smirks at Ash.

"Well not sure who this Mar-Mar is but I'm sure she is not a Succubus… we are demonic bitches who know what we want and can make our bodies perfect for sex and spells as well… now shhhh… just enjoy… think of nothing but the pleasure…." Lillum said before she took Ash's cock into her mouth again while she keeps on giving him a high grade titfuck and slowing down a few times with her actions so Ash's orgasm wouldn't hit him anytime soon while more sperm built up in Ash's balls.

Lucky for Lillum, the donk was definitely thinking about the pleasure as he kept groaning from that action.

Though Lillum did get curious since this Mar-Mar person was mentioned and pulled her mouth off Ash's cock and slowed her breasts movements a bit.

"Still I am curious… who is this Mar-Mar person?... not anytime that I ever saw." Lillum said before she went back to moving her tits on Ash's dick to get him to talk while she licked the tip of his dick.

Ash still groans but was still able to answer.

"S-She's a… V-Vampire chick that I used to date who goes by… M-Marceline… Mar-Mar is a nickname I used to call her."

"Hooo… so this pathetic being dated Hunson's daughter?... I'll need to talk with her about that but for now… time to finish him off." Lillum thought before she stopped her actions before she stands up and looked at Ash's slickened cock and smirks when she floats over Ash while she faced him and lowered her body before she sat on his lap and his cock sat between her soft ass cheeks.

Ash shudders as he can feel the succubus Queen's ass cheeks touching his dick.

Lillum smirks more before she twerked her ass a bit on Ash's cock and he could feel Lillum's round ass grind against his dick for a moment before she raised her body and she used magic to aim Ash's cock at her folds and in no time… she dropped down and with a groan, fully took Ash's cock into her and a large bulge was seen forming inside of Lillum while her body worked to keep any damage to her insides and womb at a absolute zero while Ash felt Lillum's folds grip his cock hard.

"D-Damn!... Best pussy I ever felt." Ash said while groaning at the tight squeeze.

Lillum chuckles while she waits for Ash to get used to the feeling.

"Well I am a Succubus Queen, so my pussy would be top class compared to many, now… enjoy before you die!" Lillum said before she raised and lowered her hips and she moans and groans while Ash's cock bashed into Lillum's womb again and again while Lillum tossed her head back and moans more and more as time went on.

Though Ash groans, his eyes widened as he remembered what Lillum was doing to him before he tries to resist again.

Though it was pointless when Lillum rides his cock more and more and Ash's orgasm was getting closer and closer as time went on and so did Ash's panic so he tried the next best thing he could do… beg for his life with making a deal with Lillum on doing anything for her.

"P-Please don't kill me! I'll do anything for you." Ash begged.

Lillum stopped bouncing and just keeps on looking at the ceiling for a moment and looks down at Ash with lightly glowing eyes.

"Anything?" Lillum asked while she smiles at Ash.

"Y-Yes… anything." Ash said while hoping that it works.

"Hmmm…. Alright… there is one thing you could do right now…" Lillum said while she grins a bit at Ash.

Ash gulped a bit.

"A-And what's that?"

Lillum just gave him an eyesmile before she said this while she gripped the armrests on the chair.

"Simple… cum with everything you got and die." Lillum said before she starts to ride Ash's cock again at such a pace that it wasn't possible for most mortals while Ash's hands went to her hips out of Ash's control and he starts to fuck her pussy harder then he could ever do while she moans and groans while she repeats the same word at a rapid pace.

"Cum… cumcumcumcumcum!" Lillum repeats while she gave Ash no mercy when she rode his cock relentelessly and a massive orgasm far bigger then any Ash had in the past starts to approach him.

"N-No!" Ash groans as he desperately tries to hold back his orgasm.

Though it was pointless when Lillum, her lust unleashed, rides Ash's cock more and more while she could feel him getting closer and keeps on repeating the cum word and when Ash was getting close, her words changed right before Ash's orgasm hit him so hard that his vision fully blanked out and all he could feel was pleasure like no other.

"Cumcumcumcum… Cum and die!" Lillum moans out right before she forced Ash's cock balls deep into her pussy when she dropped down to fully engulf it and Ash screamed when he came so hard in Lillum that he screamed like he was in agony but it was anything but agony when all Ash felt was pure pleasure and his vision fades for good when he died thanks to all his lifeforce getting blasted into Lillum's womb and then his body glowed and his body starts to shrivel and everything while Lillum groans when she came hard on Ash's cock which was the only thing staying hard and full.

When Lillum rides out her orgasm, she takes a moment to pant for breath before she looked down and saw Ash's shriveled up husk though his cock stayed iron hard and Lillum giggles at a job well done when she got off Ash's cock and used a spell to make his remains float while she used a spell to keep the cock hard like iron and keep his body preserved.

"Hehe, going to enjoy making your body my perfect plaything like I did with the rest of my victims… anyway… time to see where this Bubblegum is after I alter this man's outfit for my use… shame I can't go nude but alas… this isn't my Dimension so no nudity like my world…" Lillum said while she tossed Ash's body through a portal and low and behold there were many dried up bodies of Lillum's victem's floating around there while many males had their bodies drained yet their cocks were enchanted to stay iron hard and there were even a few females as well, though they were shriveled up as well before Lillum closed the portal and looks at Ash's outfit and smirks… she cleaned it with a spell and used some magic to alter it… at best it was now a cute tanktop and shorts so it could cover her body and she shrank her breasts to be around C in size so she wouldn't get much attention before she floats out of the cave with a hum after she got the shirt that Ash got.

"Now then… where to find a person who knows the direction…" Lillum said before the scene went to the Candy Kingdom some time later… a few weeks in fact...

Ooo/ Candy Kingdom/ Bubblegum's lab/ Bubblegum, Marceline

"... so the main reason you called me here besides the possibility of a date was to introduce me to your brother Neddy?, thought the guy couldn't stand others besides you?" Marceline said while she and Bubblegum went through a few passages towards Neddy's room.

"Yes but I'm hoping to cure Neddy of his shyness and fears by having you and maybe a few others slowly get to know him, remember the song I taught you?, the one I use to calm Neddy down?... besides… considering we are dating and what not again, might as well introduce you to Neddy offically instead of just telling you about him." Bubblegum said while she looked at her girlfriend…. Again if this was not mentioned before, this was after the AT canon so Bubbline is canon here.

Marceline was thoughtful for a moment.

"Well you have a point since you met my dad before."

"Yeah, speaking of which, I may need your help with something later, considering various things and to help future fighters against threats in Ooo since we seem like trouble magnets… don't deny it Marceline I've seen you needing help a few times… I may need you to guide me through the Nightosphere every now and then, I'm planning on making a list of creatures and what not to a digital journal to catalog various beings and lets just say I'm hiring an assistant soon who can help me with that, I placed fliers around the Candy Kingdom so I'm not sure who I will get, and I'll also need help to test their strength and since you are one of the toughest people I know, might as well ask for your aid with helping the hiring process… I can explain more later and I can even pay you for your help if we go to the Nightosphere… its just I heard from Finn and Jake they had to deal with guys like Ke-oth and aside from certain code phrases that can send them back to their plane of reality they originated in, there is barely anything known about certain creatures peaceful or deadly that could make them great threats… take Stormo and Goliad if you rememeber them since I know I showed you them a few times… Stormo is pretty much good incarnate but Goliad… well lets just be glad Goliad has Stormo to keep her company…" Bubblegum said while she keeps on leading Marceline through the castle and got to the passage that would lead to Neddy's chambers…. Though she did give Marceline a look to not interrupt her since she did hear about Marceline getting into more then her fair share of trouble in the past.

Marceline did pout a bit but knew that her girlfriend was right since she did have a knack for getting into trouble while following Bubblegum.

Bubblegum saw the pout and smiles a little.

"Hey cheer up, at least with this we can make plans to deal with threats easier, and who knows, we could make friends with some of them, but for now I'm just sticking with creatures in the Candy Kingdom that are natural or made by me for study, if you want you can help out since I do need to check up on Neddy soon to make sure he's healthy, brother aside he is also pretty much the lifeblood of my kingdom." Bubblegum said while she led Marceline to a doorway and looks at Marceline.

"Alright, try and not do anything forceful… I cannot stress how easily panicked Neddy can be, I reinforced the room so he won't break free again but I don't want him getting harmed either… so if I say back off and we try again later, please listen… not as just a worried sister for Neddy but as your girlfriend… I want you and Neddy to hopefully get along… I really do, but unless you listen to every word I say, we may have issues doing that so just to recap, no music for now aside from that song I taught you to help calm him, no showing well… anything which is why I had you leave your guitar behind, and NO shapeshifting at all, even if you can look like me, Neddy may freak out more from seeing two of me here… I remember how panicked some citizens were when you pulled that prank last week and dressed up to look like me and took my form… many wondered if I was going punk rock thanks to you." Bubblegum said while she gave Marceline a half lidded look at the last one.

Marceline chuckles nervously.

"I thought it was funny. Plus, now that I think about it, you would look great in that getup." She said with a smirk.

Bubblegum however had a smirk of her own when she approached the door to Neddy's room.

"Was that before or After I took you to my lab to give you a punishment for that and it involved me wearing Bondage gear to get you worked up before I made you my bitch?" Bubblegum said before she entered the room and left Marceline behind for a moment… Marceline was pretty submissive in the bedroom even if she did seem dominant so Bubblegum used that one to her advantage.

Marceline blushes brightly at the memory and remembered how sore her ass was that day before she shook her head and floats inside.

What she saw was Bubblegum lightly petting a large pink Dragon like being that was sucking on a root of some kind while brown juices flowed out of various parts of its body and Marceline heard many clicks and clocks like sounds from Bubblegum's mouth when she gave a soothing… well… not song but something close while her body gently glowed while the Candy Dragon, Neddy it seems, looked a lot less nervous while he sucked on some roots like it was a pacifier.

When that was done, Bubblegum spoke to Neddy.

"Hey Neddy… sorry for startling you, but I got someone I would like you to meet, don't worry, she's friendly I can promise that." Bubblegum said in a soothing way while Neddy, not exactly comprehending that given his entire life was mainly sucking on a Candy Root, just looks at Bubblegum before he noticed Marceline and he starts to freak out with incoherent noises and tried to bolt but crashed into a nearby wall a few times but when that didn't work he just cowered against the wall while Bubblegum looked worried before she looks at Marceline with a look that just begged Marceline to try and be careful with Neddy right now when he was like this.

Marceline nods to Bubblegum before she cautiously and slowly floats towards Neddy in a calm manner.

Though Neddy still cowered before Marceline tried that song like sound she heard from Bubblegum while she gently rubbed the side of Neddy's body… though while she didn't glow or anything like Bubblegum did when she did that song like thing, Neddy did seem a bit calmer when he looked at Marceline with raw confusion in his eyes while his body shook a lot less and Bubblegum looked visibly relieved when she saw that… though this was just one step for now, getting Neddy to actually leave the room in the future for his own life at least with more to do… that would be a real challenge.

Marceline kept petting Neddy for a moment.

"Hey there big guy. Don't worry about me. I'm a… special friend of your sister."

Neddy still had no idea on what Marceline meant but he started to mutter incorheriently which showed that while the song helped… it wasn't much with how nervous Neddy looked so Bubblegum gestured for Marceline to come to her, being able to get a word in with Neddy like this was a miricle and when Marceline moved away from Neddy, the Candy Dragon moved back to suck on the root again and more juices flow again from his body and a moment later, Marceline and Bubblegum sigh in relief when they left the room.

"Glob… only there for a few minutes but I felt like I would have a heart attack when that actually worked for a bit… one step at a time…" Bubblegum said while she gestured for Marceline to follow her.

"Yeah." Marceline said before she follows her girlfriend out.

This resulted in Marceline following Bubblegum to Bubblegum's lab and Bubblegum typed some things on her computer which Marceline could see thanks to the Large Monitor.

Subject of Study (and for health observations mental and Physial): Neddy

Species: Candy Dragon

Realitives: Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum (Sister)

Age: A minute after Bubblegum was born (1000+)

Sex: Male

Mental State: underdeveloped thanks to lack of schooling and fear of the outside world, working on getting Neddy more trust with others

Current Status health wise: Same as usual, Good

Powers: Able to secrete a candy juice that can power many things in Candy Kingdom and is litterly the lifeblood of the Candy Kingdom (Protection is top priority for citizen's sake.)

Mental: Same as usual but was able to get Marceline close to Neddy and was able to get her to pet him… need to teach song to any assistant I hire in case I am unable to give Neddy his usual checkup

Though the next part would definitly shock Marceline when Bubblegum typed this.

Sexual orientation: Unknown (Fear of others prevents him from getting to know people)

Healthwise and maybe since this was only for Neddy, this could be a good health reason if he done nothing but suck candy tree roots all day, but why did Bubblegum put all that down?

"Uhhh… what's with that last part?" Marceline said.

"You mean the sexual orientation thing?, well in case we ever do get Neddy out and about, he may meet someone and who knows, could have a niece or nephew thanks to him, should be at least good to log that away right?, besides my studies with many other creatures isn't just normal stuff, I'm also going to study mating habits as well of various creatures since we barely know anything about various creatures, like why do Why wolves mate when it would just cause the CO to eat them or how would other beings reproduce?, granted I know a lot but I normally shied away from this kind of stuff… maybe I should blame you for this for making me more relaxed lately." Bubblegum explained while she looked a bit amused near the end.

"Hehe, hey, girl's gotta do something." Marceline said as she chuckles.

Though Marceline did have a thought that did pass through her skull… especially about the sexual orientation thing… granted Neddy can be ignored since she and Neddy are siblings but was Bubblegum going to try and get some of that data personally?, creature like or not many creatures on Ooo had intelligence and would probably ask Bubblegum to try something with them or maybe Bubblegum's assistant… was that the main reason for sending out those fliers?

"Wait… is that why you sent out those fliers… to understand how any creature fucks?" Marceline said.

Bubblegum rolled her eyes while she keeps on typing on her keyboard.

"If you want to be blunt, somewhat since some creatures, I have no idea about their mating habits and some can be pretty territorial so better safe than sorry and have warnings made about certain species, but the assistant would do other things like help around the lab and other things to help lighten my load, ever since I helped Huntress Wizard make Finn a new home I've been quite busy upgrading my kingdom and Gumball Guardians so a bit of outside help would be good so I sent a few fliers out, depending on how many people apply, I could have various assistants around here who can help me with getting more free time so you and I could spend time together." Bubblegum said while she looks at Marceline with a small smile.

Marceline blushes a bit after hearing that before smirking.

"Well if that's the case… then sign me up."

"For an assistant position?... that for the paperwork or the possibly getting it on with creature work?, I know you and it's most likely the latter." Bubblegum said with an amused tone to her voice while she types on the keyboard a bit but looked thoughtful.

"Actually… I may have an idea… since you were able to get close to Neddy, why not try and have some fun with him?, if you can do that then forget any other paperwork issue, if you can get Neddy relaxed and help with possibly getting an assistant or two with him to help him open up more, you might as well consider yourself hired." Bubblegum surprisingly said while she smirks at Marceline.

Marceline blinked a bit after that.

"Whoa there Bonnie, already trying to hook your bro up with me? Big sister of the century to you." She said with a smirk.

Bubblegum blinks at that before she chuckles.

"Well thanks, but not exactly, thanks to how… hard to knock up you are, add birth control to that and nothing would come out of it, I'm just trying to help Neddy relax, so unless you have any ideas on how to get him to relax around others, I'm all ears." Bubblegum said when she wondered if Marceline had her own ideas on how to get Neddy to be friendly to others.

Marceline was thoughtful for a bit.

"Well… I don't have an idea… yet but it hasn't stopped me before and you know I have my ways. I was able to get you." She said while wiggling her eyebrows at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blushed at that and rubbed the back of her head for a moment.

"Yeah… really regret the whole break up in the past but hopefully things will be very different if I hire help here… the assistants should be here in… *checks clock*... about two hours, so you have plenty of time to decide on going to have fun with Neddy or not if he will be calm about things after you use the song to help calm him down." Bubblegum said while she smiles at Marceline a moment later after she looked a bit regretful from the breakup.

Marceline sees the looks before she hugs Bubblegum.

"Hey, no sweat it Bonnie. It's in the past. Now we have our future."

Bubblegum blushed when she heard that and smiles at Marceline.

"Yeah… hopefully a good one." Bubblegum said before time went to 20 minutes later to show Marceline while she wore a ear piece and heard Bubblegum's voice over the ear piece to show it was a communicator.

"Alright Marceline, remember take things slow and use the song again to calm Neddy down, to keep him from flying off that pedestal I made for him before I set him back there, your best bet is to get his attention AFTER you use the song on Neddy, so try and sneak up on Neddy but don't startle him, he will think you are me at first so that will be the easy part… it when he realizes its not me is most likely when he will freak out so use the song again with you in his sights to show that you are friendly… and remember that Neddy, thanks to a test with a small mist of an aphrodisiac in the past and Neddy is much bigger then I can ever make my own penis, best record for me is around 10 inches, 11 to 12 if I push it so expect some discomfort since you can't transform in front of him yet." Bubblegum said to try and help Marceline out.

"Gotcha. No worries Bonnie. I'll get this done hands down." Marceline said.

"Hehe, that on the floor?... on a serious note I'll be watching from a camera I have set up in my lab so if I call you to back away, try and do so please… anyway I'm hanging up now so good luck." Bubblegum teased with the hands on the flood thing before she hung up on Marceline.

Marceline blushes from the tease before she lightly chuckles as she starts floating towards Neddy when she entered the room.

Right now he was busy sucking on a root again while juices flowed from his body before he felt a hand on his back and the normal song he heard which normally would have told him it was Bubblegum… however when he looked when he didn't feel a soothing feeling, he nearly flipped the freak out when he saw Marceline and she did the song again while she lightly pets Neddy a few times and just keeps on doing so for a bit when it seemed to have some kind of effect and Neddy shakes less and less as time went on while Bubblegum on her end watched the sight and wrote how long it took for Neddy to calm down greatly, not near instant with her but it was still a calming effect even if it was slow.

"Okay, so far so good. Marceline was able to calm him down." Bubblegum said as she watches after writing things down.

After Marceline takes a moment to calm Neddy a bit more so that he wouldn't bolt at the first sign of movement, Marceline wondered how to start things out and thought on what Bubblegum said and what she saw… Neddy just liked to suck things more or less which made Candy juice from a Candy Root… that did give her an idea when she stopped petting Neddy for some reason and he looked at Marceline with a worried look that looked confused when Marceline removed her shirt and seems she went braless because her breasts bounced free, she had C to D cup breasts and Marceline used the calming song on Neddy while she pets him and with Neddy's mind right now… best he could think was that Marceline wanted to cool down but in an even simpler way… though he was surprised when Marceline floats a bit higher while she keeps on petting him and using the soothing song on him till she was pretty much near his head and Marceline smirks when her left breast was right in front of Neddy's mouth and wondered what the Candy dragon would do while Bubblegum looks on.

Bubblegum blinks in surprise while blushing a bit.

"What is she doing?"

Neddy was still confused before seeing Marceline's nipple which reminded the Candy Dragon the root he sucked on before Neddy lightly licks Marceline's nipple.

Marceline lightly moans though she did pet Neddy's head to show that Neddy was doing good since she did enough of the calming song for now so that simple pets worked to help keep Neddy calm, she just had to make sure not to do anything that would spook Neddy for now and hoped his instinct to mate was intact.

Neddy continues his licking and he actually starts to enjoy it before he starts to suck on the nipple like if it was a candy root.

Marceline groans a bit when the sucking was pretty intense, but all in all, with the pets, the nipple sucking, and Marceline not harming him, Neddy seemed pretty calm and thankfully didn't emit candy juice so cleanup wouldn't be an issue… at least not yet.

Bubblegum in the meantime while she watched what was going on between her brother and Marceline…

Bubblegum was writing down what she was seeing but was blushing as well as she can hear Marceline groaning a bit while watching her brother continue his sucking.

This went on for a minute before Marceline had Neddy switch nipples to make things even and she took a glance at the camera while Neddy's eyes were closed to see if Bubblegum could see if Neddy was getting erect on her end since Marceline was busy keeping Neddy calm and she was forbidden to shapeshift for now so she gave Bubblegum a signal to check.

Bubblegum sees her girlfriend looking at her through the camera before she angles the camera to see if Neddy's dick was erect.

Turns out, unlike with the root, seems Neddy's need to breed was indeed intact and he was erect… and matching his frame he was about 15 to 16 inches long and 3 in width when he got fully erect, though with how preoccupied with Marceline's breast Neddy was, Bubblegum doubt he noticed.

Bubblegum then went to tell Marceline via headset.

"Okay Marceline, Neddy is fully erect. I repeat, fully erect."

That caused Marceline to smirk at the camera to show she got the idea before she pats Neddy's head twice to get his attention real quick.

Neddy opens his eyes to look at Marceline as he kept sucking on her nipple.

Marceline just smiles when she had Neddy let go of her nipple and she pets her way down Neddy's body so that she was able to get near his cock under his body, thanks to him standing to be able to suck on Marceline's nipple, Marceline had a perfect view of the dick and Marceline used a hand to lightly touch it while she used the soothing song to show Neddy she meant no harm and lightly stroked the side of Neddy's cock to see how he would react since he was a pure virgin who most likely would be backed up beyond belief.

Neddy at first felt fear when he felt his dick getting touched but the soothing song was able to calm him down before he lightly made a groan sound.

This caused Marceline to smirk after she stopped the song and gave an experimental lick of Neddy's cock while she keeps on stroking him off, this time with a second hand added to the mix.

So far Neddy hasn't tried to run as he groans again from Marceline's actions before he starts to slowly enjoy it.

"Alright… time for the real test." Marceline thought and Marceline even surprised Bubblegum watching when Marceline opened her mouth wide and took part of Neddy's cock into her mouth and starts to suck on the dick hard while she stroked more of it like she was returning the favor for the sucking she got earlier… granted they were getting around to this but it seemed a bit fast for Neddy's pace.

"What the?!" Bubblegum said as she blushes brightly before she sees Neddy groaning a bit loud.

Marceline then bobbed her head hard while she used a hair hand to fondle Neddy's large balls that were seen and Marceline had a lustful look in her eyes when she could feel how backed up Neddy was and worked to really get him some relief.

Neddy on the other hand felt some kind of sick feeling starting to form in the pit of his stomach… and though his first instinct was to panic… something else was telling him to stay still and let Marceline continue her work while another feeling starts to rise from his balls.

Bubblegum noticed what was going on but didn't say anything to Marceline so she can let her continue.

Marceline keeps on going with her actions when she could feel Neddy about to blow and shocked all when Marceline forced herself to take pretty much a full foot of Neddy's cock down her throat which was the final straw for the royally backed up Neddy who never had an orgasm in the 1000 or so years of his life while Marceline gripped his balls hard.

That made Neddy emit a loud groan as he climaxed for the first time inside Marceline's mouth.

Marceline's eyes widen when pinkish sperm blasts into her stomach, filled it to a large level and Marceline's eyes rolled back into her skull while pink sperm blasts from around her lips and it starts to cause a big mess on the pedistal that she and Neddy were on while Marceline's hands keep on gripping Neddy's nuts.

Though on Bubblegum's end when she saw how… productive Neddy was… well… it was his first orgasm but still this was insane… must be his dragon like nature.

Bubblegum, who was shocked, was blushing brightly before quickly writing down her notepad of how… productive Neddy was.

Granted she would never get with Neddy being with Bubblegum being his sister, but with that amount… well a pregnant woman was not out of the question unless the volume dropped a bit but Bubblegum looked over to see Neddy tapping off nearly 30 seconds later with a groan and his eyes looked unfocused while Marceline, after she managed to get her bearings, pulled her head off Neddy's cock and coughed a bit since plenty of sperm went into places that she didn't want it to be though she did used a spell to clean herself off and the ground around Neddy as well while he was still dazed so he wouldn't freak out and used another spell she had learned to return her stomach to normal and now waits for Neddy to recover his senses after he had his first ever orgasm.

Bubblegum still blushes before she tries talking to Marceline.

"You okay Marceline?"

All Marceline did was use her hair behind her back to make a large thumbs up so Neddy wouldn't notice though she did wonder how Neddy was doing when Marceline returned her hair to normal and moved to float in front of Neddy with a curious look on her face.

Seems Neddy was catching his breath as he slowly recovers from his first orgasm.

Marceline smiles at Neddy while she waits for him to recover fully so she could continue if Neddy wanted to, granted she would need to lead but all in all she was having fun… but was Neddy?

After a moment, Neddy was fully recovered before he sits up.

Marceline waits for a moment to let Neddy get himself fully sat up before she floats near Neddy with a smile to see if he would do anything panic like if she just floats near him without the calming song or pets.

Bubblegum was gonna say something but surprisingly… Neddy didn't show any scared reactions.

Marceline smiles before she float close to Neddy and pets him without being slow to see how he would react.

Neddy may have lightly flinched for a second but he felt calm with the Vampire Queen's petting.

Marceline smiles before she moved away a bit from Neddy and removed her pants and sets them on the ground near her shirt and showed she went without panties before she floats to Neddy without humming and all that and moved to float in front of Neddy near him to see what he would do without any input from Marceline.

Bubblegum blushes since she knew that Marceline wouldn't wear bra and panties for any reason… well at least panties sometimes for interesting pranks and other things but for now she went commando for a reason.

Neddy sees Marceline getting closer and felt like backing away but something in his mind was telling him to stay put which he did.

Marceline smirks when she leaned back in the air and spreads her legs to show Neddy her folds and similar to her breasts, Marceline's bud was seen as well while she waits to see how Neddy would react.

Neddy tilt his head a bit in confusion before he brought his nose to Marceline's folds and sniffs at it.

Marceline just used her hands to spread her folds a bit to give Neddy better access and so he could get a better look at her folds thanks to his eyes being under his mouth.

Neddy can see how grey or purple Marceline's pussy was before Neddy had a curious look as he sticks out his tongue and gave Marceline's pussy a small lick.

Marceline shudders at that and gave a cute moan but otherwise she didn't move while she wondered how Neddy would react, she made sure she was clean before coming here so hopefully nothing bad tasting was going to appear.

Neddy blinked when he heard Marceline make a sound before Neddy decided to lick Marceline's pussy again.

She let out another cute moan again and her folds start to get a bit wet thanks to Neddy and her own juices starting to flow.

In Neddy's mind did Marceline make juice like he did… but in reverse with him licking her and her making fluids… did all ladies like her do this and only for the licker to enjoy?... those kinds of simple thoughts were going through Neddy's head right now when he saw this and tried to comprehend all this when he had a surprisingly thoughtful look in his eyes.

Bubblegum, who was still watching, blinks in surprise when she notices this.

"Oh my… seems Neddy is thinking of something." She said before Bubblegum wrote it down as Neddy licked more of the Vampire Queen's pussy before tasting a bit of her juices.

Marceline moans from the feeling while she waits for Neddy to get quite a bit of her juices on his tongue and Neddy looked thoughtful on the taste.

Neddy had no way to describe it. At first it was… bitter but now it might've tastes… sweet?...

Neddy was still thoughtful on this but kept licking Marceline's pussy nonetheless.

Marceline just moans more from the feeling and she keeps on staying still in the air so Neddy could have a better access to her folds and more of her juices hit his tongue as time went on.

Neddy kept going before he had his tongue lick Marceline's bud.

Marceline really groans from the feeling and more of her juices flowed from her pussy while Nebby licks at the nub which was similar to Marceline's nipple… maybe he could suck it like he did with her nipples?

Neddy decides to try that theory before he latches his mouth on Marceline's bud and tries to suck on it.

"O-Ohhh!" Marceline groans while she used a hand to pet Neddy on the head to show that he was doing a good job while more of her juices flowed though Neddy missed it with how hard he was sucking Marceline's bud while it starts twitching which Neddy noticed thanks to his eyes having a perfect view… was she going to go through what he went through just now if he continues?... that was Neddy's thought process more or less since he just had a rather intense orgasm just now though he had no idea of the concept yet the nice and relaxing feeling he got was a good thing for him.

Though Neddy wanted to see how a woman reacts which caused him to suck the Vampire Queen's bud a bit harder.

Though considering things, Neddy underestimated what would happen when Marceline grits her fangs and groans when she came hard just now and her juices flew and hit his face, thankfully his eyes were closed at the time but he did feel a lot of liquids hit his face just now as a result while Marceline's body shook from her rather intense orgasm.

Neddy was a bit startled at first but then he just starts to lick up Marceline's juices.

Marceline floated back a bit when she lost control of her floating power for a second but watched as Neddy licked at his face for her juices and Marceline glanced at his cock to see how it was right now.

Surprisingly enough, the Candy Dragon's cock was fully erect again without Neddy's notice.

Marceline smirks while she got herself under control and she moved to get near Neddy again to see how Neddy would react while she pets Neddy a moment later to show he did a good job.

Neddy, after cleaning his face, didn't show a scared reaction as he let's Marceline pet him more.

Marceline smiles before she wondered if she could give Neddy a command.

"Hey Neddy… not sure if you can understand me… but can you sit?" Marceline said while she used her hair to make a small Neddy while that hair Neddy sat in front of Neddy's gaze and she points from the hair Neddy to the real Neddy and hoped that it didn't freak him out.

Bubblegum was confused when she heard that and wondered why Marceline ask that.

Neddy tilt his head before he surprised Marceline and Bubblegum by actually sitting.

Marceline eyesmile while she made the hair Neddy vanish and she pets Neddy on the head.

"Good boy… and Good boy's deserve a reward." Marceline said while she moved to get over Neddy's cock and rubbed the head of his cock on her folds and a moment later, she starts to lower her body and she groans when she starts to take Neddy's cock inside of her and Neddy could feel Marceline's tight pussy grip his cock hard but not in a bad way though it was surprising since Neddy would never think his dick could be used like this.

Neddy was surprised and confused from what was happening before he made a groan like noise as he felt his dick getting squeezed a bit.

Marceline just keeps on lowering her body while she could feel Neddy's cock going deeper and deeper into her before she felt Neddy's cock bump against her cervix and Marceline pants when she already felt so good with Neddy's cock inside of her and had to say this.

"F-Fuck… what is it with you Gum people and pretty sweet bodies… do I have a thing for sweet people?" Marceline said with a smirk knowing Bubblegum could hear things thanks to her camera though the words were muffled slightly on Bubblegum's while Marceline stays still so Neddy can get used to the feeling.

Bubblegum was blushing brightly from what she is seeing as Neddy groans a bit more after feeling his dick poke at something inside of Marceline.

Marceline chuckles when she heard Neddy moan and actually leaned down while being careful of Neddy's cock inside of her and she kissed the Candy Dragon on the cheek since his mouth was over his eyes, best she could do at this moment before she leaned back and starts to ride Neddy's cock while being careful to not go too fast so a virgin like Neddy wouldn't burst too soon.

Neddy blinked a few times from having his cheek kissed before he starts to groan again from feeling his dick going in and out of Marceline's pussy.

Marceline groans from the feeling of the large dick going in and out of her folds while on the other end of the monitor… Bubblegum was using a pretty large dildo on herself while she finished taking notes for now and formed a cock as well which was 10 inches in length and 2 in width and was strokin herself off as well for added pleasure.

Bubblegum was moaning and groaning as she was turned on what Marceline was doing as she didn't want to picture Neddy for obvious reason.

That didn't matter much to Bubblegum though since she had eyes on Marceline and how sexy she looked when doing this, more so when Marceline played with her own breasts in front of the camera like she was teasing Bubblegum mostly and somewhat to Neddy when she stucked and licked at her own nipples to tease the duo while she bounced more on Neddy's cock while his orgasm was slowly approaching.

Bubblegum blushes from the tease as Neddy didn't know why Marceline did that but that curiosity was replaced as he moans a bit loud as part of him was starting to enjoy this feeling.

This resulted in Marceline riding Neddy's cock while his orgasm was getting closer and closer with a much stronger feeling then his last orgasm was happening and Marceline could see the signs easily which caused her to ride Neddy more and more until…

Neddy moans loudly before his dick fires another big load inside Marceline's pussy.

"F-Fuck!" Marceline groans out while her womb slowly extends from how much sperm was being unloaded into her while she had her orgasm hit her hard just now when the kink factor was through the roof… On Bubblegum's end her computer monitor was partly hit with her own sperm and her juices were on the floor after she came hard on her dildo and was panting deeply while she blushed when she had a bigger orgasm then she thought… did she enjoy Marceline getting dicked by others or something?

Neddy groans as he kept climaxing before finally stopping after 30 seconds pass.

This resulted in Marceline relaxing while she tapped off herself and looks at Neddy to see how he was doing though she was surprised to feel his cock still hard inside of her… guess he had more round in him thanks to his durable build.

Neddy was panting for breath as he was recovering from his second orgasm but it seems he can do more.

This resulted in Marceline getting off Neddy's cock and while he was busy recovering, Marceline used a spell to clean herself and Neddy off while he recovered…. Better to do those things while he was distracted and she waits for Neddy to sit up or something since he fell onto his back without harming his wings.

Bubblegum was able to get her computer screen clean after recovering before seeing Neddy recovering still for about a minute before he was able to sit back up.

When he did, he saw Marceline land and smirks while she points at his cock and her pussy again to see if he wanted to go another round and hoped Neddy got the message.

Neddy blinked a bit before he understood as something in his mind was telling him to do it again before the Candy Dragon nods his head at Marceline.

Marceline smirks before she confused Neddy when she made two hair puppets of Neddy and two puppets of herself and had them in two positions that… made some sense to Neddy when they looked like him over Marceline… though one was her on all fours with him humping her in that position to show that he would be doing the work while the other was the same with Neddy doing the work but with Marceline on her back and her legs spread and Marceline points to Neddy then to one position then the other and Marceline gave a confused look to show Neddy that Marceline had no idea which to pick… on Bubblegum's end it seemed like Marceline was having Neddy think of the choice on his own to think for himself more.

Bubblegum couldn't believe what she was seeing and didn't know if that was gonna work before she was surprised when she saw Neddy actually pointing at the second option.

To make sure that Neddy was pointing at the right item, she placed her hand on the option where Neddy was fucking Marceline on her back and looked less confused to make sure Neddy's choice was this one.

Neddy nod his head at the Vampire Queen.

Marceline smirks when she moved to get on her back and spreads her legs for Neddy and her inviting pussy was in Neddy's view.

Neddy sees the invitation before he gets close to Marceline and gets a bit on top of her before Neddy aims his dick at Marceline's folds.

Although he had a bit of trouble at first before he managed to get it and pushes his dick inside of Marceline's pussy.

Marceline groans from that and used her hairs hidden behind her back to dig into the ground a little, not enough to damage the floor but enough to make sure she won't be pushed away from Neddy when he starts fucking her, but she had to wait for him to get used to being on top this time, Neddy would be the one leading this after all.

Neddy groans as he felt his dick was back inside the Vampire Queen's pussy and continues to push forward till Neddy felt his dick touch Marceline's cervix.

Marceline groans from the feeling and just waits for Neddy to adjust when Marceline's pussy gripped Neddy's cock with a tight grip.

Neddy groans again for a moment before he finally started to pull his dick out a bit before pushing back till he understood part of the rhythm.

Marceline groans from that and played with her breasts again, mainly her nipples when she felt pretty good right now under the Candy Dragon's barraged even if they were mainly inexperienced.

Neddy sees the display which surprisingly got him to thrust his hips a bit hard.

Marceline moans from the feeling while she keeps up with her actions while she could feel Neddy getting close thanks to his inexperience and keeps on letting her fuck her more and more until...

Neddy made another loud groan like noise before he gave Marceline's pussy another big creampie.

Marceline tossed her head back and she groans when she came hard on Neddy's cock while and her juices squirt from her and get Neddy's pelvis wet as a result.

Neddy groans as he kept climaxing for almost 35 seconds before the Candy Dragon finally taps off.

Marceline laid on the ground before she looks at Neddy and saw him fall onto his ass and his cock pulled free of Marceline's pussy and she groans when she felt Neddy's load leak from her pussy and this time Neddy saw the load leaking from her and Marceline just didn't use a spell to clean herself when Neddy looked pretty coherent now.


Seems Bubblegum had another orgasm before she had to clean her computer monitor again.

"Oh fuck. I must really enjoyed seeing Marceline in that predicament." She said.

While Bubblegum updates her notes after she calmed down when things seemed over with, Marceline on screen got to her hands and knees and pants for breath to help her recover while her round ass was pointed at Neddy and Marceline was looking at her nearby clothing and was just waiting to recover so she could get her clothing and leave… though… she did miss Neddy's gaze going to her ass… mainly her asshole when Neddy saw that Marceline has a second hole and what not.

Neddy may have thought it was an invitation of sorts and he never experienced that part of Marceline's body before Neddy gets behind Marceline and mounts her.

Marceline jolts and looks back at Neddy with a surprised look when Neddy wanted to go more… guess he had more energy then she thought but Marceline adapts and just braced herself when she thought Neddy was going for her pussy again… oh how wrong she was… and when Bubblegum looked back at the monitor, she saw her brother getting ready… to fuck Marceline right up the ass this time.

"Oh boy." Bubblegum said before Neddy shoves his dick inside the Vampire Queen's ass.

"G-GAH!" Marceline loudly groans out when she didn't expect that which was seen by Bubblegum when Marceline looked genuinely surprised while Neddy forced his cock deeper into Marceline's asshole while Marceline surprisingly starts to get a pleased look on her face from the unexpected penetration already while Neddy felt that Marceline's ass was even tighter then her pussy which really squeezed his cock harder then ever.

Neddy groans at the tight grip on his cock before he took a moment to fully adjust it.

When he did, and Marceline relaxed enough, Neddy starts to thrust his hips and Marceline moans and groans from how rough Neddy was while Bubblegum in the meantime…

Bubblegum was seen blushing brightly as she sees Marceline getting pounded from behind.

"Mein Glob… seems Neddy is slowly understanding what he needs to do."

Though seeing Marceline getting it good from Neddy… well… her body felt heated again… maybe another shot from her dick and pussy would help her calm down before Marceline gets back from Neddy's room.

As Bubblegum starts pleasuring herself again, Neddy made what sound like grunt like noises as he thrusts his dick in and out of Marceline's ass.

Marceline keeps on moaning and groaning while she used a finger to please her bud which made her ass a bit tighter as a result.

That made Neddy groan when he felt that but didn't stop him to fuck Marceline a bit harder.

This went on with Neddy having his way with Marceline more and more while his Orgasm was getting closer and closer while Marceline felt her own orgasm getting closer and closer until...

Neddy groans loudly after pushing his dick further before climaxing hard inside the Vampire Queen's ass.

Marceline moans from the feeling while her tongue hangs from her mouth and she came hard on Neddy's cock with great force while her stomach slowly bloats from how much sperm was pumped into her and she waits for Neddy to tap off while she felt so full now.

It took a bit of time before said Candy Dragon finally stops cumming before panting for breath.

Marceline managed to recover from her orgasm and pulled herself off Neddy's cock and groans when she felt Neddy's load leak from her ass and she looked back to see a greatly tired Neddy and Marceline, who couldn't help herself, giggles a bit before she gets to her feet and floats to her clothing and she looked like she was getting ready to leave the room which Neddy noticed.

"H-Hm?" Was the only sound Neddy could make.

Marceline noticed and she looked back to see if Neddy was the one who made that noise.

Neddy made another noise as he wondered if Marceline was leaving.

Marceline smirks before she held a finger to her earpiece and looks at the camera.

"Hey Bonnie, if you are not jerking it off or pleasing your pussy, better get a good look at your screen since you may have to write a section about me soon on your Creature study because I'm about to surprise you and Neddy here with a new power I just thought of, and may have to make a room here near Neddy's and this will explain why." Marceline said when she smiles at Neddy.

Bubblegum and Neddy blinks a few times after hearing that.

"What are you gonna do Marceline?" Bubblegum said on the headpiece.

All Marceline did was smirk and used her fangs to pierce her thumbs for a second and a little blood formed on them before they dropped to the ground… but at high speed faster then Neddy could blink and Bubblegum's camera's could keep up, Marceline shockingly made two naked clones of herself that looked lifeless at first before they blink and start to look animated when they start to look around and Marceline looks at the camera.

"Considering I got separate vampire powers mixed in me, why not see if I can mix them in new ways… just put 5 percent of my total power into a clone here, so 10 percent is split between these two, they have my powers, memories, and what not though their power doesn't even hold a candle towards me, they were made from the Moon's regeneration and the Hierophant's shapeshifting combined… so you might as well let them bunk here with Neddy and let them have fun taking turns with him and helping him get used to people, still need to see how well Neddy will react but all in all, if this works, Neddy is going to need an addon to his room for a pair of sexy guests." Marceline said while she lightly slapped her doubles on the ass to have them float towards Neddy.

Bubblegum blinks in surprise after seeing this as Neddy was confused when he sees the two clones getting closer to him.

The clones smiles before they pet Neddy when he looked more confused than frightened and they did the calming song thing with their tongues to see how Neddy would react to Marceline in stereo.

It took a bit before Neddy felt calm after hearing the clone's song.

One clone then gentley hugged Neddy's head and kissed him on the head to show she was friendly while the other clone snuggled up to Neddy's body while the original Marceline floats out of the room while Neddy was distracted by the clones and Marceline floats to Bubbelgum's lab after she avoids people so they wouldn't see her in the nude before she found herself at the lab door and entered and smirked when she saw Bubblegum using some kind of spray on her monitor and was wiping it clean, earlier she used simple cleaning tools and was using the heavy duty stuff and missed Marceline entering the room.

"Hehe, enjoy the show Bonnie?" Marceline said after she snuck up behind Bubblegum and pinched her on the ass.

"Gah!" Bubblegum jolted before looking at her girlfriend.

"Very funny Marceline." She said with a small half lidded look.

"Hehe, hey not my fault you got off on watching me getting it on with your bro or just others in general, who by the way is packing… I may stop by if my clones need a break." Marceline said with a smirk on her face and points to the floor.

"You missed a spot by the way." Marceline said when she points out some sperm on the floor that dripped to the ground that Bubblegum missed cleaning.

Bubblegum blushes in embarrassment.

"Yes… well good job by the way."

"Thanks, just did what you said and went with it, my clones should help him open up more and looks like you updated the list thing it seems." Marceline said when she looks at a monitor and saw that Bubblegum updated things.

Subject of Study (and for health observations mental and Physical): Neddy

Species: Candy Dragon

Realitives: Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum (Sister)

Age: A minute after Bubblegum was born (1000+)

Sex: Male

Penis Length: 15 to 16 inches long and 3 in width

Semen quantity: Large

Mental State before obserbation: underdeveloped thanks to lack of schooling and fear of the outside world.

Added side note on Mental State: thanks to Marceline, seems to be opening up to her

Current Status health wise: Same as usual, Good

Health status update: Good

Powers: Able to secrete a candy juice that can power many things in Candy Kingdom and is litterly the lifeblood of the Candy Kingdom (Protection is top priority for citizen's sake.)

Mental state after first observation: Same as usual but was able to get Marceline close to Neddy and was able to get her to pet him… need to teach song to any assistant I hire in case I am unable to give Neddy his usual checkup, thanks to Marceline, Neddy was able to open up more with her and should work on a side guest room so Marceline's clones have a place to live

Marceline chuckles at the added stuff while she looks at Bubblegum who finished cleaning her mess.

"Anyway seems Neddy will be in good hands, and considering time passed faster then we thought… aren't you late for the assistant hiring thing you got going on?" Marceline said while she looked at the clock and saw that Bubblegum was late…. By about 5 minutes…

Bubblegum's eyes widened.

"Oh Glob! I completely forgot."

"Better get going then, we can talk more later, I want to see those assistants who came for a job here." Marceline said while she gets dressed real quick in front of Bubblegum.

Bubblegum made sure to fix herself as she rearranged her clothes after making sure her dick vanished before she quickly gets out of the lab.

Marceline chuckles before she went to the computer and used it to make a recording of the scene with her and Neddy and put it on a file before she put it in a USB she had, she learned how to use computers somewhat and chuckles when she had a audible thought.

"Hehe, might as well try and bring more ladies for Neddy so he can get used to others easily." Marceline said while she chuckles at her idea while the scene went to Bubblegum who rushed through her castle and made it to the throne room and saw a small number of people, 5 to be exact, one was a cat humanoid with black fur, another a wolfman humanoid, another looked like a human with brown hair and since humans more or less lived the grasslands when they got to Ooo, made sense for one to be here, another looked like a rare humanoid who looked like a hedgehog humanoid, and finally a woman with demonic wings and all of them noticed Bubblegum entering the room.

"H-Hello everyone. Sorry to have kept you all waiting. I lost track of time when I was doing some… research." Bubblegum said as she didn't want to say anything about Marceline and Neddy's… actions.

Oh if she knew what Marceline had planned she would be singing a different tune, though the man with brown hair smiled and just waved Bubblegum off.

"Oh no worries, took the time to introduce ourselves to one another, I'm Emerald, the Wolf man is Cedric, the Cat woman is Azure, the Hedgehog like woman is Maite, and this lady here with the wings is Lillum." The man named Emerald said while he smiles at Bubblegum to help with intros while Azure just gave a simple wave of her paw like hand. (If you readers thought we wouldn't use OC's and male ones as well you people better have another thing coming hehe, we have female monsters and humanoids in the works that Bubblegum can study so bring on the flaming reviews if you want from this.)

Cedric bowed as Maite waves a bit at the Princess.

Bubblegum clears her throat a bit.

"Yes, now reason all 5 of you are here is because I have need to hire new assistant or assistants to help with some important research."

"What kind of research do you need?" Cedric asked with curiosity.

"Well given what this flier says, guessing it has to deal with studies but why 18 and over though?" Emerald said when he looked at flier he had on him.

Bubblegum lightly blushes a bit.

"W-Well… for this type of research… you will examine how the animals and various humanoid like creatures in my territory kingdom act like how they communicate, feed and lastly how they… mate."

The group blinks at that while Emerald raised a hand to get Bubblegum's attention.

"Excuse me your highness… a question if you would be so kind as to answer." Emerald said while he had a curious look on his face.

"Very well." Bubblegum said.

"Right… not sure about Maite, Lillum, and Azure since they are ladies but won't Cedric and I have issues if this is mainly them studying male creatures and humanoids?... pretty sure Cedric and I can't do much with males since we're straight, or will there be female creatures and humanoids that we can examine for you or was this just geard for a female assistant based job?" Emerald asked since nowhere on the flier did it say anything gender specific.

Cedric also checked the flier as Bubblegum blinked before she lightly chuckles.

"Oh not to worry, I would never force you or Cedric into something that will make you two uncomfortable. Nothing against same gender but you two would indeed study female creatures."

"Great, though how would this whole hiring thing work?, I'm not exactly the brainy type, more brawn then brain, so while I can give details what what I see… not very knowledgeable about Ooo, moved in recently after all and don't know much outside of the Island where I grew up on." Emerald said to remind Bubblegum that unlike the others, Emerald's knowledge was limited thanks to him living away from Ooo for most of his life.

"Well not to worry. I'll make sure to fill you in on somethings but I can still hire you for any skill set that you have." Bubblegum said.

"Well not sure what I can or can't do, just left the village that I helped set up with the others in the Grasslands after I helped build my home with my family's help, Though considering you want to hire us, maybe you could give each of us a creature to study and maybe we can give you the info later after we get some time to study them?, should be perfect since it tests how good or bad we are at this kind of job, right guys?" Emerald said while he looks at the others.

Cedric and Maite were thoughtful.

"That could actually work." Cedric said.

"Yeah, and if its simple creatures or humanoids, could be easy for a first job, still since there are 5 of us, could be a bit before we get a job from her highness here." Azure said to throw her two cents in.

Bubblegum was thoughtful for a bit.

"Very well, I will give you all time to study the creature or humanoid that I will assign to you before I give you more instructions. Are there any other questions?"

"Yeah, how much is this job if we do get the jobs?, or do we get some kind of prize depending on how many creatures we study?" Maite asked which made Lillum giggle.

"Hehe, maybe we could ask that we could have fun with the princess since we may get to do some pretty kinky things on her command, makes things simple right?" Lillum said while she smirks at Bubblegum.

The rest of the group blinked after hearing that as Bubblegum blushes.

"W-Well… not sure about that… as for the pay, it depends on the creature or humanoid. Though if something happens and one of you don't wish to continue, I'll still pay for your troubles so you won't go out empty handed."

"Hmmm… so in a nutshell the harder the job the better the pay… does this first job count or will it be so easy that we won't have much trouble so no pay, just the chance to have this job?" Emerald said while he wondered how easy this would be if this was a introduction type study for the job.

"Hmmm… let's say it's a bit of both." Bubblegum said.

"Alright… so do we come back later like tomorrow for our first targets or do you have some creatures and humanoids in mind?" Azure asked since she wanted to get started now.

Bubblegum was thoughtful.

"Well I do have a few in mind but why not start fresh tomorrow? If you all want, I can provide some rooms for you so you don't have to walk much." She suggested.

"Sounds great, might as well get a fresh start early tomorrow, where are the rooms?" Emerald asked with a smile on his face.

"Peppermint Butler will help escort you all. He'll also make sure if you all need food. There's also a library in case any of you wants to read." Bubblegum said.

That's when Peppermint Butler entered the room and gestured for everyone to follow him, though Bubblegum was confused when she saw Lillum still in the room while Marceline decided to finally appear and noticed Lillum as well.

"Something you want to say… Lillum was it?" Bubblegum said with a confused look.

Lillum giggles for a moment before she approached Bubblegum and Marceline when Marceline got near her girlfriend.

"Yeah, just three things… one… is this yours?" Lillum said when she summoned Bubblegum's rock shirt that she got from Ash's lair and held it out to a greatly surprised Bubblegum and a shocked Marceline.

"W-Where did you get that?" Marceline said as she was still shocked.

"Well that is where thing two comes into play… you see thanks to the energy in this, a certain Wizard with a cherry blossom went and tried to summon and enslave me, but thanks to some things he didn't quite get I… fed on him and now he's not going to be an issue to anyone… see my outfit?... curtasy of the recently Late Ash." Lillum said while she gestured to her outfit which did look similar to Ash's outfit, just missing the leggings that went with the outfit to make short shorts out of them and Lillum summoned the cherry Blossom wand to her free hand while the other still held the shirt since no one took it yet.

Bubblegum and Marceline blinked a few times after hearing this.

"Late? You mean he's…" Bubblegum said but she and Marceline knew the possible answer.

"Dead?... well that is a bit of a hard to answer answer… you see, like I said, I fed on him, he maybe dead but his body is still useful as a guinea pig of sorts, heard you are not much of a fan of spells and what not… but ever consider putting zombies on your list of creatures to study?" Lillum said while she smirks and waved the cherry blossom wand and a portal opened and a moment later, Ash's body, clothed, rejuvinated, and more importantaly, with pink glowing yes was seen while he stumbles from the portal but the main difference was that not only was his body altered greatly to make him look like an adonis, tall 6 to 7 feet tall, muscular but not sickeningly so, had long hair that seemed to have a hero wind going on thanks to the portal… honestly that made Bubblegum and Marceline second guess if this guy was Ash, but the Zombie Ash groans while Lillum floats towards Ash's body and smiles at her work.

"Ah, nothing like a good makeover to make a zombie look good, and best of all, no annoying personality that I had to deal with before I drained this fool dry, took me a few days of work but managed to make him look pretty decent if I can say so… even gave his pathetic dick a massive overhaul to my prefered size of 14 inches and what not, I'm a kinky bitch of a succubus after all." Lillum said while she smirked at Marceline and Bubblegum.

Bubblegum was again shocked at the info and though Marceline gave the same reaction, she then started to laugh.

"Finally… sweet justice. Now I won't have to deal with that donk no more. And it's ironic. Bastad got so into magic so much, not once did he thought of using it in the one place that counts."

"Yeah well idiots will be idiots, some are better then others like using their brawn to make up for the lack of brains but eh… guess this guy was just trying to make up for how pathetic he was now look at him, got what he wanted so to speak, powerful body yet no mind… though I did keep one part of his mind intact… his lust, can't get rid of that drive or I wouldn't be a succubus." Lillum said while she still had Bubblegum's shirt… wasn't she going to hand it over to Bubblegum?

Bubblegum blinked for a moment.

"Yes well… I suppose I should have my shirt back now?" She said as she opens her hand expecting Lillum to return it.

Though Lillum surprised her when she held it behind her back with her hands.

"I don't know… lots of energy in this shirt and plenty of spells use this type of stuff… besides are you really the owner of this shirt?... from what I can tell I can feel a lot of energy from you and Marceline here in this shirt so its hard to tell who it belongs to." Lillum said with a smirk on her face.

Bubblegum blinks in surprise before having a narrow look.

"Yes that's my shirt. Marceline gave it to me as a gift."

"Hmmm… this true?" Lillum said cryptically when she looks at Marceline to be sure Bubblegum was telling the truth.

Marceline looks at the shirt for a moment.

"Yeah I gave it to her. Was a long time ago. But… how did that Asshat even get it?"

"Well from what I could tell, seems after Maja's Death, Ash went to Maja's place and raided it, not much stopping him since you caused Maja's familiar to quit and at best when I went to look at things, some defensive spells that I would get around, seems this was one of those items, and without Maja's claim on the shirt thanks to the death and theft, this had no real owner so here is the third issue since the matter of the owner has been sorted out… while I can return this, Bubblegum and I have to settle a matter of making a pact, this guy didn't read the fine print in the book he used and long story short, while I can delay a force dismissal back to my home by feeding on others bit by bit... if I don't make a pact with Bubblegum soon and make her my mistress, its poof for me and all that, and unlike that botched summoning, I'm forced to more or less try and make a deal here since unlike with the summoning which barely had any of Ash's energy, this thing had yours and Bubblegum's energy in it so one of you two can be my mistress, if she declines I can go home but I rather like it in Ooo since things are not so predictable, and since you need an assistant and a rather kinky one at that given what I was just told, win win here right?, I work for you with these studies and other things and I get to stay on this place of existance." Lillum said while she grins at Bubblegum while she passed her the rock shirt.

Though Bubblegum takes her shirt back, she was surprised after hearing that before looking at Marceline.

Marceline looked surprised as well though she did look amused.

"Wait… so because of Ash here, Bonnie gets a sexy Succubus as a servant and it just so happens that Bonnie needs help gathering data on many creatures and part of that means getting dicked or giving dick daily?... not sure if this is some kind of Globs work at making things work well but Bonnie, if Lillum here doesn't ask too much I would take the deal, the payoff would be worth it many fold, I mean she took Ash out so that is a gold star to me." Marceline said while Lillum giggles a bit.

"Thanks, you're not too bad yourself… maybe my first job should be to study you before I really see how well you get in the bedroom later." Lillum said when she teasingly winked at Marceline.

Bubblegum blinks at this before she clears her throat.

"Okay, so you're saying that due to circumstances, I have to decide whether or not to be your mistress?"

"Pretty much, just need to iron out the contract and the deal can be made as long as you and I accept the terms, so… do we have a deal on making a contract?" Lillum said while she smiles at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum was thoughtful and she can see that Lillum looked nice but didn't want to answer right away.

"Well… I'm not sure yet. Mind if I think this through and tell you tomorrow?"

"Hmmm… well I'd prefer getting this done now, but if you really want to wait till tomorrow, I can wait, but better send me a few of those Banana guards or something so I can have a snack… need to keep my energy up so I don't vanish… and don't worry, I won't kill your guards, wouldn't want to risk getting a flat out now right?" Lillum said while she smirks at Bubblegum.

"Unless you and Marceline here want to keep me company and maybe test out my newest Zombie's improved body… don't worry, made his nuts impotent so he can't knock a lady up." Lillum said while she pats Ash's chest and all he did was groan like a zombie to show that he was still Lillum's magically controlled undead minion now…. Honestly the near silence was an improvement.

Bubblegum blinks a bit as Marceline chuckles.

"Maybe later. I kinda already had some… fun of my own." Marceline said with a smirk.

"I see… well if not you and if her highness doesn't want to have any fun, maybe I could go for that Emerald guy or maybe that Finn Guy I heard about… been such a long time since I last got with a human… ahh… the lifeforce from a shot of human sperm is so good… honestly many succubuses and Incubuses were actually shocked out of their daily routine back home when they heard they were coming to Ooo and were actually alive and well somewhat." Lillum said while she starts to drool a bit and chuckled perverted like and the Ash zombie pulled out a napkin, most likely from some kind of programmed spell effect, and hands it to Lillum who blushed and cleaned her mouth for a moment.

"Sorry about that, for sex demons you could consider us a type of Vampire, when we go without the good stuff for awhile, we get a bit excited to hear about a rare delicacy and what not." Lillum said while she smirks at Bubblegum and Marceline after her mouth was cleaned.

Bubblegum and Marceline sweatdrops a bit though Marceline chuckles.

"No sweat, I get the feeling whenever I get a hunger for red and if I don't eat soon… well you don't know the details but I get it. Though I don't know who this Emerald guy is but if you want to get a taste of Finn, you may have to get his girlfriend's permission first." Marceline said with a smirk.

"Ah, well I'm sure it won't be too hard if I just make that girlfriend beg for more pleasure after I get to really know her, though since you did miss the others, there are 5 applicants for the assistant job in total, one if a hedgehog humanoid named Maite, never really heard of her kind around these parts so you may want to add her to the list of humanoids to study hehe… then there is Azure, she is a Cat humanoid… rare are well, next is Cedric, a Wolf humanoid, not sure if he has Why wolf in him or not but hmmmm… got some good muscles… next would be Emerald, human and from the recently made village of humans in the grasslands, not a bad looker but not handsome, more on the cute side then anything so you wouldn't think he's very threatening, finally me, a Succubus or sex demon on the female side of the species… and I don't mind if anyone wants to study me… open book here." Lillum said while she winked at Bubblegum in a teasing way.

Bubblegum blushes a bit but did look thoughtful.

"Well… I never met a succubus before and it would be interesting to study you."

Lillum smirks at that and while she starts to walk away with a swing of her hips, she waved to Bubblegum and Marceline goodbye.

"Well then… seems like I have a good chance of getting a free ticket to stay in Ooo… see you later… Mistress…" Lillum said in a teasing way before she left the room while Ash's zombie like body stumbles after her with a groan.

Though he did trip over a spear that a banana guard dropped and he landed on his face, but he just got back up and stumbles after Lillum with more of a shamble when he rushed to catch up with her while with Marceline who laughed at the fall and Bubblegum…

Bubblegum blinks in confusion.

"W-Wait… what just happened?"

After Marceline calmed down, she looks at Bubblegum with a grin.

"Hehe, seems like you set yourself up to accept Lillum as your servant, though its not 100 Percent, I should warn you since I heard this from my dad once years ago when he was talking about demons, try and make this deal pretty iron clad, you don't want Lillum to go too far or give her too long a leash so to speak, she may have kept in control for now but give her enough time without a daily feeding from you or anyone you send to her and she would pretty much rape you or anyone nearby to get her fill… my dad maybe a goof but he does know his demons." Marceline said while she had an amused look in her eyes.

Bubblegum's eyes widened after hearing this.

"Glob dammit."

"Hey not all bad, you get a powerful magical creature who to you, you know nothing about, and are planning on studying her and that would pretty much cause you to get it on hard with her and all that, honestly I say take the deal since you can be pretty kinky sometimes." Marceline said while she had an amused smirk on her face.

Bubblegum sweatdrops at her girlfriend's antics.

"Fine… but I'll tell her tomorrow."

"Hehe great, anyway I'll be crashing in your room tonight but try and remember that you may want to have some guys work on a guestroom near Neddy's place, my clones will need a place to rest in when they are not working on getting Neddy to open up or getting it good from him… gotta say wish you told me about him long ago, would have worked on getting him to open up sooner." Marceline said while she floats away with an amused look on her face.

Bubblegum sweatdrops again but knew that Marceline was right since she really needs to get Neddy to open up more.

The scene then fades to black with the first subject of the Creature study finished… for now...

(End of the Neddy study chapter… possible further Neddy chapters maybe made later as Neddy Develops more.)

(If you want to suggest a Creature, please PM Atomsk or I or suggest one in a review, it maybe used if you give details on the creature or humanoid in question.)

Possible Creatures so far:

Neddy (Assistant will be needed) (Species: Candy Dragon)

Stormo or Goliad (will need a way to keep Goliad in line, maybe a collar or mind control prevention device so Goliad can't do much for now.) (Species: Candy Sphinxes)

Candy Owl (Made Up.)

Candy Corn wolf (made up)

Candy Chimera (Made up)

Jelly Horse (not made up)

More Creatures will be added as time goes by to list.

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