Dimensional Drifter school @emerald
The Date, the bet, the bedroom training

The scene goes to DME and Atomsk while they hovered through DME's portal pathway, unlike TME's this one was monochrome in color.

"So, tell me what you know about this Mask, I've got TME's memories about it but only from those movies." DME said while he crossed his arms.

Atomsk took a moment to think before answering.

"Well...the Mask is a magical item that makes anyone that wears it to be the ultimate prankster. Jim Carrey wore it, then the bad guy, then the dog. Now in the second movie it was...what's his name...and the dog. Wonder if it's the same dog." Atomsk said while thinking on it.

"I'd be surprised if it was the same dog, anyway… know of any apparent weaknesses?, because it was a stalemate with Loki the guy who made the freaking thing." DME said while he closed his eyes to help think.

"Hmmm...not that I know of...except taking it off." Atomsk said as he couldn't think of anything else.

"Great… and if that trickster were dealing with is the baby who grew to a full grown adult… forget removing the mask, the kid is the Mask!" DME said while opening an eye.

"Yeah...but he has powers from the Mask. He doesn't actually need it. So we could rule him out." Atomsk said while DME gave him a half lidded look.

"Then how do you expect that headless body trick then if the masks power wasn't used?, remember that the kid doesn't need it to do some pretty scary stuff, he even beat the mask powered dog." DME said while he remembered getting a tub of popcorn thrown at him.

"I don't know about that...but you said he did a...dimensional...something...didn't you?" Atomsk questioned.

"Yeah, but it was thanks to the bomb remember?, or maybe he got it from Loki who could when he could, jump from earth to Asgard and back, so it shouldn't be much of a stretch if we think of that and he just used the explosion to locate where you and TME were doing your comedy routine and he decided to join in on the fun." DME said before giving Atomsk a half lidded look.

"And I bet everything that I got that the green faced man did it to join in on the fun during YOU TWO AND YOUR COMEDY WAR!" DME said before shouting to Atomsk with a tick mark on his head.

Atomsk brought his hands up in defense.

"Whoa whoa man…If anyone's at fault here is TME. He started this by almost putting me in that portal." He said while DME points to him.

"It was a clone of yours right?, Didn't you egg him on by spooking one of his clones into that portal which caused him to get flushed… Your clone on the other hand landed on your bed right?, what was he to think when he got the raw end of that deal?, more so when the clones memories go back to the original after they vanished." DME asked with a finger pointed at Atomsk.

"Okay...A) I didn't know that TME had a clone and B) I didn't know he would end up in a worst situation. But point taken on everything else." Atomsk said while rubbing the back of his head.

DME just raised an eyebrow before speaking up.

"Sooo… by that logic, you would have been fine with TME himself getting flushed whether it was a clone or not?... your darker then I thought, almost as dark as I." DME said while he looks back to the path.

"Okay I'm gonna stop you right there. First, there are only two people that are evil; you, when you want to be,...and someone else. Second, I didn't know that his portal would shift. I thought he had everything under control. I felt really bad for what happen to him after he told me. Plus you should remember about my, almost, tragic story." Atomsk said while DME just looks to him with a raised eyebrow.

"You remember that TME and I are opposites right?, two sides of a coin?, I'll leave it to you to think about that one." DME said while he floats ahead with a half lidded look on his face.

Atomsk now felt like he insulted him.

"Alright look man...I'm sorry for disrespecting you." He apologies.

"Look… I could care less of what you think, it's TME who's the nice guy here, the only reason I'm working with you is to get rid of that Green faced freak." DME said with a cold tone before looking to Atomsk with one pure white eye.

"And another thing… we are not friends, the more TME cares for a person, the more I want to rip them apart,... get it now?, TME is a practical nice guy and I embody all of his negative traits, so things like friendship and caring are nothing more than strange words to me." DME said before he starts to zoom on ahead.

Atomsk then starts running after him.

"I respect how you feel. But I have a thing that says "I don't give shit" about how much you hate me. Like it or not...you're my friend too. And we should focus on the important thing...Getting rid of the Mask man." Atomsk said.

DME was silent before he points to the readers.

"Then the readers are all yours while I head on ahead to deal with any issues we might meet." DME said before he vanished with a burst of speed and towards the path ahead.

Atomsk stopped running before he looked at DME's pathway with a little sadness.

Then he looks at the readers before changing his personality.

"Hey guys...sorry you had to see that. Me and DME here are...having a rough patch. Hopefully things will run smoothly. Anyway, we hoped you Really enjoyed that last chapter. That lemon scene was intense. And even though it was long...I mean very long...It was worth it. And I think if DME was here, he would agree as well. Anyway we hope you enjoy chapter 9. I bet you're all still wondering what that blob from Rachel's arm will do huh? I guess you'll have to read it yourself. Happy reading y'all. And now internal darkness." Atomsk said before the scene fades till it switched to Rachel's house while the sun starts rising.

SB Dimension/ Rachel's house/ Guestroom/ Emerald, Lillum, Maite

The sun shied through an open window before it slowly went to the trio on the bed which caused Maite to groan before she starts opening her eyes.

"Hmmm...oh man what a night." She said before sitting up.

However, she couldn't sit up much because Emerald still had a good hold on her and when she moved Emerald mumbled something before tightening his grip on Maite a bit before he mumbled again when he pulled her back down.

"5 more minutes… too comfy." Emerald mumbled while he hugs Maite before he fell silent again.

Maite blushed from this and decided to stay like that without saying anything. She even snuggle closer to Emerald before a sound was heard across from her.

"Pufu." The voice said which sounds like a laugh from in front of Maite...on the other side of Emerald.

Maite was confused about the laugh so she moved her head a bit to see who it was… and saw Lillum who had a imp like grin on her face while she rests her head on Emerald's chest.

"Enjoying yourself?" Lillum said with an amused grin on her face.

Maite blushed in embarrassment from that. But she smiled back at Lillum before nodding.

Lillum chuckles before she whispered to Maite after Emerald stirs a bit and from Maite nodding a little.

"Try to not move much alright?, we won't get those five minutes if you're not careful." Lillum teased while she relaxed in the bed.

Maite blushed from this before speaking.

"O-Okay mistress." She whispered which made Lillum smile.

"Remember that it's only when we have our fun that you call me that, out of it, call me whatever, unless you want to call me mistress in public… I have no objections." Lillum whispered with an amused tone.

Maite blushed again before speaking.

"Right. Sorry Lillum." Maite whispered which caused Lillum to giggle a little..

"Like I said, I have no issue with you calling me that in public either… makes things more interesting if you think about it." Lillum whispered with an amused look on her face.

"Yeah it is." Maite whispered.

"Well we got 7 or 8 minutes before everyone else wakes, want to nap a little more or get up?" Lillum asked Maite with a teasing smirk.

Maite smiled at Lillum before speaking.

"I wanna stay." She whispered which made Lillum smirk before she responds.

"Alright, though after Emerald gets ready to talk with your dad… I'm hoping to get a bit of one on one time in the shower later… deal?" Lillum whispered with a smirk while her thought process was an open book.

Maite blushed big from this before speaking.

"D-Deal." She whispered which caused Lillum to grin before she spoke up.

"Then we have an agreement, and I'm planning to collect, that you can be sure of." Lillum whispered before she closed her eyes to nap a bit more.

Maite still blushed from that before she closed her eyes as well before time passed to a few minutes later.

5 minutes later…

Maite starts waking up again and checks to see if either Emerald or Lillum are awake.

Turns out that Emerald was still asleep for some reason while Lillum was awake and waved to her with one hand.

"Good morning." Maite whispered which made Lillum giggle before she points to the bathroom for some reason.

Maite was confused till she blushed after remembering the deal they made.

Lillum noticed before she giggles again and motioned for Maite to look to the bathroom this time.

Maite was confused again till she looked at the bathroom which showed a surprising sight.

For some reason the wall looked like glass and Emerald was seen showering in his battle form which… showed everything while Lillum grins.

"He thinks that I can't work around certain seals, but he's definitely wrong… wouldn't you agree Maitey?" Lillum said with a teasing smirk while the apparent other Emerald slept on the bed.

Maite was shocked while blushing at the scene. She then nods to her before resumes looking at Emerald showering.

Apparently Emerald didn't know he was being watched which allowed Maite and Lillum to watch him clean his body and his core in the middle of his chest.

Maite blushed at the scene before she grew curious at the core.

"What's that thing on his chest?" She whispered.

Lillum grins before pointing to the core in the clone's chest.

"I can explain more later, but let's just say that this is the main reason that Emerald can keep going and going in battle… and in the bedroom, though he had good stamina before he got this." Lillum said with a teasing smirk.

Maite was amazed that this thing helps Emerald out. But blushed at the stamina part.

"Still, after he leaves… you and I are having our own kind of fun in there." Lillum teased while she reached over and gropes Maite's ass.

Maite jolts a bit before blushing from that before Lillum let go when she heard the shower stopping and looked to see that Emerald was stepping out of the shower which helps show more of his body thanks to the fading steam while he dried his body off.

Maite noticed that and blushed very big after getting a good look at Emerald's body.

The room wall then returned to normal when Emerald got dressed before the door opened to show a fully dressed Emerald who walked out and looked to the duo before raising an eyebrow from confusion.

"Maite, is something wrong?" Emerald asked Maite when he noticed her blushing face… didn't he notice Lillum?

"Um...no nothing at all." Said hedgehog replied while still blushing.

"Really?, cause Lillum's asleep next to you and I thought you gotten sick or something." Emerald said which was confusing… Lillum's asleep?, wasn't she awake?

Maite looked to her side to see Lillum...with her eyes closed?

'That faker.' She thought while Emerald spoke up.

"Well if you're OK then I won't argue, I was going to wake the others for breakfast, check on Azure… and ask you dad his permission to date you… though I hope he doesn't spin dash me where the sun doesn't shine." Emerald said while he sweatdrops at the end.

Maite blushed from this before speaking.

"You don't need to worry. If my dad accepted Cedric to date Rachel...then I'm sure he'll accept you. Plus if anything, mom can very convincing with her hammer." Maite said with a chuckle.

"Y-Yeah… I think any Amy in any Dimension is scary when she pulls her hammer out…" Emerald said while he got a half lidded look on his face while his eye twitched at the memories.

Maite sweatdrop from before speaking.

"Well I do hope things go well. I really want to get to know you on our date." Maite said while blushing at the last part.

Emerald blushed a bit as well before he turned to the door.

"W-Well then, I'll be heading out, my clone will dispel if you just knock it on it's head or after 30 minutes pass, you can sleep more if you want or wait for Lilium to wake, whatever works for you best." Emerald said before he walks to the door and opened it before he exits and closes it.

A few moments pass before Lillum's voice was heard.

"Well you heard him… we got thirty minutes to waste." Lillum's voice said before a poofing sound was heard next to Maite… and the heat of the clone vanished.

Maite then looked around for Lillum before speaking.

"You almost got me in trouble." She said before she felt arms around her neck.

"Oh don't worry, besides… I know how to make it up to you and more." Lillum teased before she lifts Maite from the bed and floats towards the bathroom with Maite resting on her stomach.

Maite gulped a bit before blushing while Lillum floats into the bathroom before the door closed with a seal before the scene went to Rachel's room.

Hedgehog residence/ Rachel's room/ Cedric, Rachel, Azure, ?(Blob thing)

All looked calm in Rachel's room.

You see Azure, still in her red furred form, resting peacefully on the bed while you find Cedric sleeping on the floor with just a pillow.

Then you see Rachel sleeping behind said wolf in a spooning position. You can see her arms wrapped around his chest while her head nuzzles his back.

And let's not forget the blob that was left on the dresser which starts to act odd… apparently it had a partial will of it's own when it starts to stir when sunlight hit it before four little stubby things appeared which acts like arms and legs before it stood on two of them while the two glowing eyes open. (for a good example, think of the creature mimicking Kirby or shadow Kirby's shape.)

It wiped what would most likely be eyelids, though one couldn't tell even if up close, before it looked around the room to examine its surroundings.

It was a common girl's room where you had the pink walls. The dresser, where the blob was at, carried pictured of her, her family and her friends that she mentioned before going to Angel City along with some perfume. A closet that's filled with designer clothes. And then you see posters of boy bands like Justin Beaver on a wall or two. Also flowery curtains on the window.

The blob looked around a little more before looking to Azure before looking to Cedric and Rachel, It felt it's instincts kick in a bit when it saw Azure but held them back when it felt Rachel's thoughts about her.

It then looked to Cedric before a couple heart like icons appeared on it's eyes before it took a few steps back before jumping off the dresser… and towards Cedric's face.

Said wolf was just opening his eyes a bit. But his eyes widen when he saw something heading his way.

"What the…" Cedric wasn't able to finish before the blob landed on his face.

Cedric's screams were muffled by that before the blob latched it's arms and legs on his face while snuggling into his snout.

Rachel was able to hear something before opening her eyes.

She had the same reaction as Cedric when she saw the black blob on him.

"AAAAHHH!" She screamed while the blob still had a hold of Cedric's face and tried to snuggle him by moving its round body from side to side.

Rachel then got up before trying to get the blob off of Cedric.

"GET OFF OF MY BOYFRIEND!" Rachel yelled at the blob...however it seemed to have an iron grip or something and...Cedric got pulled around as a result.

A few moments pass before the door to Rachel's room opens which showed Emerald who walked in before he saw the commotion.

"I… see that you're busy… I'll be back later." Emerald said before he turned back to the door with a half lidded look on his face.

Rachel however was getting upset.

"Come back here and help Emerald!" She said.

Emerald sweatdropped before he looked back to the group.

"Just tickle the thing or yourself, you and it share senses remember?" Emerald said before he walked over, pulled out a feather, and used it to tickle what seemed to be the creature's back or rear which caused it to blink which got rid of the heart like icons before it starts to wiggle and gurgle… like it was laughing ...however that feeling was transferred to Rachel as a result.

"Hahahaha." Rachel laughed like she was being tickled before Emerald noticed the blob's grip slipping.

A moment later, Rachel lands on her back while the blob was in her grip which caused Emerald to chuckle at the sight before he looked to Cedric to see how he was doing.

Said wolf was breathing after having almost lost a lot of his air.

"What was...that...thing?" Cedric asked between breaths while Emerald took a second to look to the blob who looked back to him with confusion before Emerald used a illusion skill which made him look like Cedric which caused hearts to appear on the blobs eyes again before Emerald returned to normal which made the blob's eyes return to normal before Emerald sweatdrops when he repeats the process a couple times to be sure before returning to normal.

"Uh… Cedric… remember that this thing came from Rachel's arm?… in a nutshell… it's... like... Rachel herself." Emerald said with a sweatdrop.

Cedric was shocked after he remembered the blob thing.

"Well I wasn't expecting that. I hate to see how Azure would feel if it attached itself to her face. Oh my God...Azure." Cedric said before he got up and went to her side to see if she's okay.

Emerald looked to her with a regular expression on his face before his eyes glowed for a moment.

"Aside from the fur color change, she seems to be getting better, I'd give her a few more hours of rest before she wakes." Emerald said while he helped Rachel up with a look that showed that he knew what that form was.

Rachel and Cedric nods to Emerald.

"So what do we do about...it?" Cedric asked while pointing at Rachel's blob which caused Emerald to grin before he whispered into Rachel's ear for a moment.

"Follow my lead." Emerald whispered before he looks to Cedric.

"Personally I don't know, unless we go to your dimension for an antidote I don't think we can get rid of it… I mean it's connected to Rachel right?, maybe the reason it latched onto you is that it shares Rachel's feelings and it just wanted to give you a hug." Emerald teased while he made a hugging gesture while the little blob creature helped reinforce that idea when it tried to give Cedric a hugging gesture while hearts were back on it's eyes again.

Rachel felt like it was cute that the her and the blob shares the same things.

Cedric blushed while sweat dropping from that.

"Well...if it doesn't cause any harm to anyone of us...it can stay." He said while Emerald chuckles.

"Nice to hear that, and as for the creature… I think it's a heartless believe it or not, especially with that emblem floating in it's body." Emerald said while he bent down to look at the little blob who looked back to him and placed a stubby arm on his nose when he got close before Emerald pulled away with a chuckle.

Rachel and Cedric sweatdrop from that.

Cedric sees the heartless symbol before speaking.

"You know that emblem looks like the brotherhood's symbol. Well half of it at least." Cedric said while Emerald looked to the symbol in the heartless which seemed like a normal heartless emblem to it.

"Know the other half?" Emerald asked while rubbing his chin.

"Uh...not really but I can draw the other half. Rachel do you have any pencil or paper?" Cedric asked.

"Yeah it's in my nightstand." Rachel replied.

Cedric nodded before going to said nightstand before taking out one pencil and paper. He used a little of his speed to draw the brotherhood's symbol till he was done.

Then he showed it to Emerald and Rachel.

"This is what it looks like." Cedric stated which showed the Heartless/Nobody symbol which caused Emerald to sweatdrop.

"I see the originality there." Emerald said while he sweatdropped at the icon.

"Well sadly they were a bunch of copycats." Cedric said while shaking his head.

"Well… I'm gonna check on the others before talking with the Sonic of this Dimension about dating Maite, bye." Emerald said before he exits the room before Rachel and Cedric could fully process his words.

Both said wolf and hedgehog looked at each other with shocked eyes while the heartless got little exclamation marks on it's eyes before they looked at the door.

"Did he just say…" Cedric, while still shocked, tried to say but couldn't finish his sentence before Rachel spoke.

"Yeah he did." Rachel said while still trying to process that which caused the heartless to get question marks on it's eyes when it felt Rachel's confusion.

"How did that happen?" Cedric asked.

"I don't know...but I'm happy for Maite. Hopefully dad will agree with it." Rachel said hoping that Sonic will approve of Emerald.

Cedric remember about Maite's self esteem and hoped that it happens.

"I'm sure he'll approve of that Rachel. Besides if you think about...if Emerald marries her and I marry you...we be in laws." Cedric said which caused Rachel to look at the young wolf while her eyes sparkle which in turn caused extra large hearts to appear on the heartless's eyes before it launched out of Rachel's hands and latched itself on Cedric's face again.

Cedric screams were muffled again before Rachel tried to get her blob off while the scene went to Daniel… or Charles's room.

Rachel's home/ Charles's room/ Daniel, Charles

You see charles sleeping in his race car bed while Daniel was sleeping on a blowup mattress in a shape of a fish.

Unfortunately for Daniel… Charles ate a bit too much ice cream and had a bit of a sugar rush last night which had him literally running on the walls and ceiling till around midnight before Charles crashed on his bed around 2:30 AM.

Daniel groaned after he woke when he had trouble sleeping last night.

'I remember my first sugar rush. I can see why mom and dad banned sugar from the house.' He thought after reliving the memories before the door opened to show Emerald who held a piece of paper in his hand.

"Daniel in Charles's room, check…" Emerald said while he put a checkmark on a piece of paper he had, most likely a check list before he looks to Daniel.

"So how was bunking with Charles Dan..whoa… nevermind.. Uh you can sleep in more if you want I'll… uh… save you breakfast… and possibly lunch." Emerald said before he exits the room and closed the door after he saw how tired Daniel looked to him.

Daniel gave him an appreciated look even if Emerald couldn't see it before closing his eyes.

However… to Daniel's horror… Charles starts to groan on the bed.

'Oh no.' He thought while Charles slowly opened one eye and rubbed the other before he looks to Daniel with an odd silence for a few moments.

"Morning Daniel." Charles said.

Said panda groaned before mumbling…


"Do you wanna play a game?" Charles asked.

Daniel groan before speaking.

"No...I need more sleep." He said.

"Come on...please." Charles pleaded.

That's when Daniel thought of something.

"I think Cedric is awake. Why not ask him?" Daniel asked while hopping it worked.

"Great I idea. I'll ask him." Charles said while jumping out of his bed before heading towards Rachel's room.

'Finally. Peace and quiet.' Daniel thought before the scene went to the room the rest of the ladies were in.

Rachel's house/ Living room/ Cream, Strike, Lavender

Emerald walked into the living room and saw the rest of the Students sleeping in here.

Cream was on the couch, Strike was resting on the recliner, and Lavender had a spare mattress pulled out for her before Emerald decides to check on Sticks and Amanda before waking the ladies.

Rachel's house/ Amanda's room/ Amanda, Sticks

Amanda was sleeping peacefully in her bed with Lillum's *Homework* still in her. While Sticks was...having a very nice dream on Maite's bed.

"*Mumble*...Oh Cedy...Danny...not so rough…I don't bend that far without help." Sticks mumbled in her sleep while she turned over on the bed while a blush was on her face.

Amanda somehow heard that before she put her pillow over her head to quiet the noise.

A moment later, the door was knocked on before a voice was heard.

"Hello?, anyone awake?" the voice now heard as Emerald said before he knocks again.

Amanda got up before heading towards the door.

She opens it gently before greeting Emerald.

"Morning Emerald. Did you sleep good?" Amanda asked before Emerald nods while grinning.

"Yeah, though I can't say the same for Daniel who had to bunk with Charles.. I just passed by him and he was rushing to Rachel's room, he was muttering about playing with his big bro or something." Emerald said with an amused tone.

Amanda chuckled at this before speaking.

"I guess since he's dating Rachel, Charles thought it would be nice to have a big brother in the house. By the way, how is Rachel feeling?" Amanda asked with a worry tone.

"Well… let's just say that she's having an interesting time with Cedric right now, nothing scaring for Charles, but definitely a good laugh." Emerald said before he chuckles.

Amanda didn't know what he meant but took his word for it before grinning.

"So how's Maite doing?" She asked which caused Emerald to blush a little.

"Oh she's with Lillum right now and they're sleeping in a bit, they'll be ready in 30 minutes or so." Emerald said while he had no idea about what the succubus was doing to Maite right now.

Then Amanda gave Emerald a caring smile.

"Well I hope things work out for you both. I was shocked when Maite confessed to you...but I know she means it. I have a feeling you're the one person that can make her happy." Amanda said which confused Emerald a bit, he heard about the self esteem thing from Lillum before but thought she was exaggerating.

"Seriously?, I mean I heard about Maite and her issue with her body and the men here from Lillum, but she isn't bad looking, hell you and Maite are both beautiful looking and still went for my more monster like forms, honestly I feel bad for those guys and gals who don't see a good woman when they're right in front of them." Emerald said, but the way he did wasn't perverted, in fact it was with a surprisingly honest face.

Amanda blushed at the compliment before speaking.

"Well it's true. She might've gone on a couple of dates with one guy at a time but they don't call back the next day...which is a month later." Amanda said while feeling bad for Maite in the past.

Emerald got an actual anime like tick mark on his head before speaking up.

"Hey Amanda… do those guys still live around here?" Emerald asked with a cryptic tone.

Amanda can see where this heading before she grins at him.

"Actually yes. I'll give you a list of their addresses later." Amanda said while grinning.

"Why thank you my dear, I'll have my female clone stop by later to thank you… in the meantime, could you wake Sticks?, I need to wake the others in the living room." Emerald said before he gives an evil like chuckle while he returns to the living room after he shook Amanda's hand.

Amanda looked at Sticks before looking at Emerald who continues to walk away.

"Oh great." Amanda said before she goes to Sticks. She can tell that Sticks is still...*dreaming* by the blush on her face and the way her body squirmed.

"Oh Cedy… Danny… don't stop…" Sticks mumbles while she drools a bit with a lecherous grin on her sleeping face.

Amanda groan before she tries to wake her up which turned out to be a bad move from Amanda's next action.

"Psst...Auntie Sticks...Auntie Sticks...wake up." She said while gently nudging her… which turned out to be a bad move when Sticks turned to her in her sleep and somehow managed to get Amanda in her arms on the bed before she realized how that happened.

"Whoa what the…"Amanda tried to finish before getting pulled in.

A moment later Sticks was now resting on Amanda's body while she used Amanda's breasts as pillow… and it seemed that Sticks's dream shifts to something different

"Oh...softy soft marshmallows…" Sticks said which told Amanda enough to know for what Sticks might do now.

Amanda didn't know what to do before she had an idea.

"Auntie Sticks look...a naked Cedric." Amanda said while hoping that it works.

Unfortunatly… it had a different effect… it caused Sticks to giggle in her sleep before muttering something surprising.

"Oh Cedy… need me to calm you down again… Ok." Sticks muttered before she raised her head and starts to head to one of Amanda's clothed breasts.

'Oh God no.' Amanda thought before the camera went to the living room.

Rachel's home/ Living room/ Cream, Strike, Lavender

Emerald entered the living room and was about to wake the trio before a moan filled scream made him jolt before getting confused and looked to the rooms before muttering to himself.

"Must be Lillum messing with Maite again… great." Emerald said before he looked back to the trio and saw that they sat up while rubbing their eyes.

"Uh… what happened?" Cream asked while Emerald chuckles.

"Oh nothing, most likely Lillum again." Emerald said with crossed arms which caused Strike to yawn before looking to Emerald.

"Mind asking her to keep it down?" Strike said after she yawned again while Lavender streched her body but she did keep silent while Emerald sweatdropped.

"I'll try but no promises with Lillum." Emerald said before he heads to the kitchen.

"I'll be cooking in the kitchen for now, I should be ready in 20 so see you later." Emerald said before he passed the trio who nods before Emerald entered the kitchen and got a grin on his face.

"Might as well make this a meal that goes above and beyond." Emerald said before he cracks his knuckles before time passed to 25 minutes later.

25 Minutes later….

When 25 minutes passed, people starts to leave their rooms when they smelled a really good smell that emits from the kitchen.

The living room trio where the first ones there followed by Lillum who had a grin on her face, followed by a greatly blushing Maite who had trouble walking after Lillum was through with her… but she was shocked by what she saw.

Demonga, Shadow, and Knuckles then enter the kitchen when they smelt the food, Demonga and Shadow was here and there in the jungle or on the roof to keep away from people when their not needed while Knuckles a place in the backyard to get some private time to sleep.

Sticks entered the kitchen with a grin on her face as well before Amanda walked in with a bright blush on her face and she got a similar look at what she saw in the kitchen.

Emerald sent a clone for Cedric, Rachel, and Charles who came into the kitchen when the clone promised that the boss would save some food for Azure when she awoke.

Then there was Sonic and Amy…

Said hedgehogs were coming in while they hold hands while smiling at each other.

"Good morning everyone." Sonic greeted cheerfully.

"Yeah good morniiiiwhaaa!?" Amy tried to say when she looked into the kitchen.

Sonic had the same reaction as Amy when he saw the kitchen.

What they saw was the largest feast they ever saw with many strange looking foods while Emerald wore a flowery apron and he cleaned his hands off.

"Well you guys, consider this a thanks for putting up with us for the last few days, not only that but some of us might be more hungry than others." Emerald said with a teasing grin to those who would get it.

Sonic didn't know what he meant but his mouth watered at all the delicious food.

Amy and some of the ladies got it though which caused them to blush while Lillum grins.

"That from your personal stash?" Lillum asked before she looked around the feast and saw familiar ingredients.

"Hehe, yeah, had to link this fridge with mine so I could pull gourmet food into this Dimension and had to renovate some things in here but I think it was worth it." Emerald said to the hedgehogs Family's surprise.

"Wait… renovate?, everything looks normal." Amy said while she looks around before Emerald chuckles.

"Well… watch." Emerald said before he went to one wall and a crest appeared before he turned it like a dial… before the room shifts to seem bigger with more chairs and a larger table to let everyone sit there with no issue.

"Hope you don't mind, and I can change it back later." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Sonic was shocked at the change before looking at Amy to see what she thinks.

Amy was greatly surprised while she looked around, when she did, things looked even cleaner than before... almost brand new.

"Did… you clean things in here as well or something?" Amy asked which caused Emerald to chuckle.

"Oh yeah, you would be surprised at what clones can do when you can make an army." Emerald said while Amy got a grin on her face when she remembered that Emerald would teach her and Sonic about how to make clones.

"Good to know." Amy said while she looks to the table and the food before she looked to Sonic and the rest of her family to see how they were holding.

Everyone else was surprised at the food. That's when Cedric noticed Daniel was not here.

"Where's Daniel at?" Cedric questioned which got Emerald's attention.

"Oh he's sleeping in so I'll be saving food for him as well, he looked exhausted for some reason." Emerald said with a confused tone.

That's when Amanda said something.

"Probably because Charles ate too much ice cream and had a major sugar rush. And Daniel picked the worst time to bunk with him." Amanda said while shaking her head.

Cream got a bit of a worried look on her face before looking to Amanda while glancing to Charles.

"Uh… how bad of a sugar rush?, I mean Charles has super speed right?, isn't that a bad combination?" Cream asked when she got worried for Daniel.

Amanda chuckled while looking at Cream.

"Its way worse than bad. Trust me...you don't want to know. But don't worry, your boyfriend will be alright with some more sleep." She said while chuckling which caused Cream to blush while Emerald's eyes glowed pure white before he shook his head.

Cream however didn't notice while she waved her hands nervously.

"H-He's not my boyfriend… I'll admit he's nice, a-and g-good looking, but it looks like he's not really interested in anything else besides getting stronger right now." Cream said while Emerald jolts when he leaned on the counter behind Cream… apparently talking about Cream's love life was causing Emerald agony to some people who found it amusing… like Demonga who was already digging in.

Most of the girls were surprised by her saying that before Amanda spoke up with a grin.

"Oh honey trust me...he's definitely into you. I can tell with the way he blushed when you cheered him on and with the way you blushed when he preaised you as well." Amanda said while grinning which caused Cream to blush a bit more while Emerald slid to his knees while he tried to think of something… but he got critically hit mentally with what Cream said next.

"M-Maybe you're… right, but after hearing about AC's customs… he might have his eye on others… how do I get his attention." Cream said while Emerald reached up before he fell to the ground while steam emits from his body and a chibi version of Emerald flowed out of his mouth which acted like his soul.. Or whatever made Emerald who he was.

Then Amanda gave her a caring smile.

"Whether or not he chose that custom is his choice. But bottom line is he wants you by his side. Besides, if he did chose it...would you be okay to share him? It's your decision whether it's okay or not...but he'll do anything to make you happy. Unless of course if there's no one that is close to you to stop it." Amanda said cryptically.

Cream was a bit confused near the end before she spoke up with a blush.

"W-Well… I'm not against sharing him… and… I… did experiment in the past… so I'm not close minded." Cream said surprisingly which was like the nail in Emerald's coffin when his body crumbled before only his head and his core were the only things intact while they rest on the ashes of his body while a white mist continues to flow from his mouth comically.

Everyone else was surprised by that before Amanda kept speaking.

"Then I suggest you go talk to him when he wakes up. Probably ask him out so that way the two of you can get to know each other before anything serious happens." She said which caused Cream to nod before she looked to the table.

"I'll bring him some food later then, might as well get him into a good mood first right." Cream said before she walked to the table and grabs two plates… one for her and the other for Daniel.

Emerald in the meantime was still out of it comically.

After hearing Amanda's advice, it gave Maite some courage before looking at her parents.

"Mom, dad...I need to ask you something." She said.

Amy blinked a few times before she looks to Maite.

"Yes sweetie?" Amy asked after she sat on a nearby chair.

Sonic also looked at his daughter to see what she wanted to say.

Maite gulped before speaking.

"Is it okay if...Emerald takes me out on a date?" She asked while blushing.

Amanda and Rachel were surprised that their sister asked them that before looking at their parents.

Cedric and Charles were also surprised by that.

Sonic...Well Sonic was frozen stiff after hearing that which caused Amy to giggle before she looked to Maite.

"I don't mind sweety, I mean Emerald seems to have a good head on his shoulders for the most part, and just look at the kitchen and the food, definitely good points in my book, besides… he seems many times better than those… guys... who never even called you back after one date." Amy said while she got really irritated when she remembered what happened in the past while she kept herself censored since Charles was around.

Maite put her head down a bit when she remembered those guys while Emerald's ashes twitched a bit when Amy mentioned those guys.

Amanda, Charles and Rachel were sad about Maite's love life.

Everyone else felt bad for Maite.

Sonic, whom was finally able to get back to reality, felt bad for his daughter and wished he did more for her.

Then Amanda gave her mom a grin.

"Well don't worry mom. Emerald is gonna make sure those guys learn from their mistakes." She said while grinning.

The students were surprised after hearing that. But felt like those guys deserved it.

Amanda, Charles and Rachel grinned from this knowing that their sister will have peace now.

Maite was shocked that Emerald will do this for her. Which made her love him even more.

Sonic was glad that Emerald was gonna do something, but still like to have a word with him.

Emerald's *Remains* wobble a bit more before he pulled himself back together while he looked… angry and happy?

"Oi Amanda… where are those guys at, I don't think I can eat until I give those guys the pranking of a lifetime!" Emerald growled out before he starts to chuckle evilly.

Most of the people were taken back by that voice. Amanda however was unfazed by that. She somehow grinned even more before she got up and went to the kitchen to grab a small notepad and pencil before writing the name's and addresses of the guys that hurt Maite.

Then she comes back with the list before handing it to Emerald.

"Here you go. Make sure they suffer." Amanda said while chuckling at their misfortunes.

"Thank you my dear." Emerald said before he got the paper and turned to the kitchen entrance before he zoomed out before anyone could stop him while evil laughter was heard.

Everyone else sweatdrop from that and decided to eat to avoid any awkwardness. So they grab a plate for themselves and start to eat after they got into their seats.

A few minutes pass before a horrified shriek was heard followed by more of Emerald's evil laughter… he must have found the first one already.

Everyone decided to ignore it and talked to one another.

Amanda looked at her parents like she wanted to say something important.

"Mom, dad. There's something I want to talk to you guys later after breakfast." She said.

Amy was about to say something before an explosion was heard outside, followed by another scream followed by more of Emerald's evil laughter… apparently he found another on the list.

"Y-Yeah… later." Amy said before she bit into her food again before smiling a bit.

"I gotta say, this food is better than anything I've ever had in my entire life." Amy said while she tried to keep a conversation on the breakfast in front of her.

Everyone else agreed on that since this food tastes better than anything.

Cedric however still felt bad about last night and looked at SB Sonic & Amy before speaking.

"Mr. and Mrs. Hedgehog?" He called.

Sonic and Amy looked at Cedric while they wondered what he had to say.

"Yes?" Amy asked with a slight smile on her face.

"I want to apologies for what happened between Rachel and the assassin. I didn't want her or Azure to get hurt from this." He said while hoping they'll forgive him after remembering that the assassin was after him.

Amy sighs before looking to Cedric again with a serious expression on her face.

"Listen Cedric, as surprising as it is to hear this, I'm not mad for two reasons only… if it wasn't for those…I would have smashed you into the ground like a nail." Amy said before she gave Cedric a surprisingly cold look… she wasn't glaring but that seemed to make it scarier.

Everyone else paled by that look before looking at Cedric.

Said wolf gulped a bit before speaking.

"I-I understand ma'am." He said while shaking a little.

Amy took a moment to calm down before she spoke up.

"First reason… as far as you or anyone else knew, that assassin or his group didn't have any dimensional hopping abilities right?, and he got the drop on you so it was out of your control." Amy said before she waits for the reason to sink in.

Cedric nods to her before speaking.

"Yeah it's true. Even though I sensed it, he still got the drop on me. But I was trained like them to sense things and stuff. But that's when I realized that after going to Rachel's dimension...not was my skill set reseted, but so was my ninja training as well. If only I figured it out sooner." Cedric said while shaking his head.

Rachel hold his arm while resting her head on his shoulder in a comforting way.

Amy then looks to Rachel before she spoke up again.

"And then there is the second reason… Rachel, Azure, and you are still alive, I understand that things will get dangerous but I know that you'll learn from this and protect Rachel and Azure right?." Amy said with a serious expression on her face.

Cedric looked at Amy before speaking.

"Yes you're right. I am learning from this. And I promise you that I'll protect Rachel, Azure and everyone else that I care for till my last breath." Cedric said with a voice said that he means it.

Amy took a moment to nod before looking to Sonic.

"Anything to say dear?" Amy asked before she cut into a stake and took a bite which caused her to grin from the flavor.

Sonic took a firm look at Cedric before speaking.

"I trust him. He's shown responsibility for what happen. Besides, I know he's the type of guy that won't go back on his word." Sonic said before biting his chili dog.

Cedric sighed with relief that they forgive him.

"Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Hedgehog. And I promise you that when I find the brotherhood's new leader...I'm gonna kill him for what he done. Only by my own hand this time." Cedric said with a serious tone in his voice.

Before anyone could say anything… a scream was heard nearby followed by Emerald shouting.

"OI YOU BASTARD GET BACK HERE, I JUST WANT TO SHOW YOU WHAT A TOASTER AND A TOOTHPASTE CAN DO TO A MOBIAN BODY!" Emerald roared while the person's footsteps got closer to the hedgehog house.

Everyone else sweatdropped while shivering at what Emerald was doing.

A moment later, the front door to the house opens before one of Maite's ex's closed the door before shouting.

"S-Someone help, there's a maniac out there attacking people!" the ex said before knocking was heard which freaked the ex out.

"Knock knock...Anybody home?" Emerald said with a slight sing song tone before he chuckles which really freaked out the ex who takes a few steps back after he locked the door.

Rachel's family frowned at the ex before Sonic got up from his chair before he walked to the door.

"Don't worry kid. I'll help you out." Sonic said even though he had a better idea before unlocking the door to the ex's shock.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" The Ex called out to Sonic while the door stayed closed for a moment to let Sonic respond before he gripped his the ex's shoulder firmly.

"Pay pack for what you did to my little girl." Sonic said with hate before he opened the door and shoved him out to Emerald's grasp to the Ex's horror.

"M-M-Mercy?" The Ex asked while Emerald got a thoughtful look on his face before looking to Maite.

"What do you think Maite?, think this guy deserves it?, I went from longest to shortest so if he apologized… I may let him go." Emerald said before he winked to Sonic while the Ex looked around before noticing Maite.

"M-Maite?, P-Please… D-Don't let this psycho g-get me…" The Ex begged with a pathetic look on his face.

Everyone else looked to Maite to see what she said.

Said hedgehog took a short moment to think before she stood up and brought her fist out with her thumb sticking out which caused Emerald to grin while he tightens his grip on the Ex's shoulder.

Maite then grins at her ex before speaking.

"Too little...too late." She said before pointing her thumb down which caused Emerald to suck his air through his teeth while the Ex looked fearful.

"Ooooh to bad… if she agreed then you would have only have to worry about Sonic, but now you got both of us to deal with if Sonic wants in on this…" Emerald said while looking to Sonic with a grin.

Sonic grins before speaking.

"Are you kidding me? I wanted to do this for a long time." Sonic says before he shut the door to join Emerald though voices were heard outside.

"What do you say Sonic, give this guy a 30 second head start or a minute to be fair?,… I mean he's got the two of us to deal with now so I feel a tiny bit sorry for the poor sap." Emerald said with a humored filled tone which told everyone that he was enjoying this.

Sonic chuckled before speaking.

"How about 20 seconds?" He said.

"Eh better than nothing…I'd take the head start if I were you." Emerald said before the Ex ran off screaming while Emerald countdown.




The countdown continues to go down till it got to the last three seconds.




"READY OR NOT!, HERE WE COME!" Emerald roars out before looking to Sonic with a grin while their voices got quieter and quieter when they walked a bit from the house to keep Sand away from it when they zoom off.

"After we catch him, mind following me… I got a perfect prank for him." Emerald said with an evil chuckle a moment later.

"Alright. Besides we can use this time to talk about your date with my daughter." Sonic said which caused Emerald to chuckle nervously.

"Hehe, fair enough, but first things first, shall we follow the guy while we talk and really put a scare in him when we get to him?, I gave him the head start as a false sense of security so he should be easy to mess with right now, I got a lock on him so he can run but he can't hide." Emerald said while he continues walking.

"Works for me." Sonic said while walking beside him before the voices fell silent before Lillum looked to Cedric.

"Anyway… while Emerald and Sonic deal with that guy… mind if I ask a question Cedy?" Lillum said before teasing him near the end which caused some of the females in the room to giggle or chuckle.

Cedric groan from that for some reason before responding.

"Okay sure." He said.

"What did you mean when you said you would kill him with your own hands… I could be wrong... but didn't you end him before?" Lillum asked while giving Cedric a surprisingly serious look when things didn't quite add up to her, granted Cedric's story did end without actually saying anything about the leader's death, but the way Cedric said that… wouldn't that mean that he's still alive?

Cedric sighs before looking at Lillum.

"I was gonna wait til Emerald came back...but I guess it's better with some of you as well in case of anything." Cedric said before speaking.

"The part where I left out about killing Tasogare...I'm not sure if it was me." Cedric said.

Lillum just raised an eyebrow before she gave Cedric an analytical gaze.

"What do you mean?" Lillum asked when she wanted to be sure of something.

Cedric shivered a bit before he spoke.

"When I mentioned the part of Kyra getting hurt for trying to save me...Something snapped inside me. I blinked for a moment and...for some reason...Tasogare was somehow afraid of me. He then yelled out stay away before he tried to strike me down with his own sword. I wasn't armed but I caught it. However...that's when I saw that my hand was white like a ghost. Then I somehow disarmed Tasogare. That guy was now shivering. He begged for mercy...but that's when I spoke. My voice sounded like an echo. I said, "All out of mercy", before I brought my hands out and shot lightning at him. But you want to know the strangest part?...My lightning was red for some reason. I don't know how...but anyway I still kept using my lighting on him till I somehow threw him out the building." Cedric explained to see if they were following so far.

Lillum took a moment to think before looking to Cedric.

"Tell me, what did your hand look like at that time?" Lillum asked when she was starting to get an idea.

"I'll give you a better description. You see when I turned around, I saw Kyra being a little distant. I asked her what's wrong till she pointed to something. I turned around till I saw the mirror in Tasogare's office. I was shocked at what I was looking at. It was me...but beyond totally different. However, I'll just draw it out for you all. Charles, can you bring a pencil, paper and some crayons?" Cedric asked.

"No problem big brother." Charles said before he got up and used his speed to go to his room and grabbed the stuff he needed for Cedric.

Once he came back, he handed the stuff to said wolf.

"Here you go big brother." Charles said.

"Thanks little man." Cedric said before he used his speed to draw himself.

He even used his speed on the crayons he needed as well.

Once he was finished, he showed his drawing to everyone.

Most were shocked at the look… however Amanda, Maite, Lillum, Shadow, Knuckles, and Demonga would recognize the form which made Lillum's eyes widen before she snatched the paper from Cedric to get a closer look.

The look that Cedric described was a hollow form like Emerald's.

The body was completely white like a ghost, there was a hole on his chest where his heart use to be. You can see him wearing a mask that was like Ichigo's but wolf like. It's eyes were like orange-yellow that can pierce right through you.

Lillum looks to the paper a bit more before giving Cedric a serious look… one that was more serious than normal.

"Have you ever went into that form again after words?, heard a voice of something?" Lillum asked while she held the paper in her hand.

"No. Not since the mission was over. I did hear the voice thing. The only time it talked was when it said 'You will never escape me.' And it was only once." Cedric said as he shivered from that memory.

Rachel and Charles both hugged Cedric to make him feel better.

However Lillum, Demonga, Shadow, and Knuckles got up from their chairs before Demonga, Shadow, and Knuckles bolts for the door while Lillum looked to Cedric after she glanced to everyone else.

"Sorry about this everyone but we got to cut breakfast short to find Emerald now, trust me, he can explain more later but he has a similar form that looks like this… but unlike Cedric… Emerald can control this form." Lillum said before she floats over the table and towards the front door with a worried look on her face.

Everyone was now looking at Cedric.

"Am I in trouble or something?" He asked which caused most to shrug while Cream looked to Cedric.

"Listen, I only heard things from around Angel City but if you have a form like that… then you have a hollow form most likely." Cream said to the groups in the kitchen.

Most didn't know what a hollow is.

"What's a hollow?" Cedric asked.

"Y-You'll have to ask Emerald that since the best I can tell you is that he can summon a mask to help increase his power… but the best I can say is that it's similar to a heartless or to be more exact… it's the opposite of one." Cream said while she tried to find words to describe one.

Cedric nodded to Cream before looking at everyone else.

"Is anyone of you afraid with what I got?" Cedric asked feeling worried that they might turn their backs on him.

Cream was silent before she looks to Cedric.

"Listen, I don't know why you have one or how you got it… but if you don't get that form under control then you might actually attack an ally if you lose control of it… I heard from Emerald that another had a similar ability and form… but that ally attacked another of his allies by impaling that man with the sword that he used… I'll trust you for now, but try and remember that a hollow is like a wild animal unless tamed." Cream said when she remembered Emerald's shortened version of what happened back then.

Cedric gulped before putting his head down. Now he was more afraid if he didn't control his...hollow form...everyone he care for will get hurt...or worse.

Rachel sees how upset her boyfriend is before she got up from her seat and wrapped her arms around his head before kissing the top of said head.

"Everything will be okay Cedric." She said in a soothing voice.

Cream rubbed the back of her head when she thought she went to far.

"Look Cedric, I'm not trying to say we'll avoid you, all I'm doing is telling you what Emerald told me and that's probably why Demonga and Lillum went to look for Emerald in a hurry, so that you can get it under control for those just in case moments, besides I doubt anyone here would abandon you even if you did." Cream said while most of the students agreed with her with serious looks on their faces.

"I know you mean well Cream. I just wish I knew how I got it." Cedric said while still having his head held by Rachel's arms. He blushed a bit after feeling his head on her bosom.

"Maybe we can ask that Tasogare guy if he's still alive, he may have been freaked out, but instead of running from something like that… he stayed to fight, so maybe he knew of it's basic abilities at least but didn't count on your lightning getting mixed in." Strike said which was surprising for two things… one that she spoke for so long… and two she was right next to Cedric and Rachel without making any noise at all.

"No, he's 100% dead. You see when I threw him out...he landed on the academy's flag pole which pierced his heart. No possible way that he survived that." Cedric said while Strike didn't seemed phased.

"If that was really him that is…" Strike cryptically said while she walked back to the table and sat down before she grabbed some more food.

Cedric then moved his head a bit from Rachel's grasp but still had a hold on him.

"I'm serious Strike. I saw his body. Everything in him was real. Besides, you forgot what the assassin said to Emerald...the new leader of the brotherhood was someone that Emerald hated. If Tasogare was still alive, then the assassin would've been looking at me." Cedric said.

"Now that I think of it...Emerald was really agitated about the brotherhood's new leader. Cream, do you know whom Emerald hated the most?" Cedric asked.

Cream raised an eyebrow before she took a bit to think.

"Well… I can think of a few but from what I can tell I'm going with Strike on this… the Assassin could've done that since Emerald is normally hopping from world to world and doing many things… for all we know the assassin could have just said it to get under his skin, did the assassin really say anything about a new leader or just a benefactor?" Cream asked when she tried to think about how the assassin acted when they talked with him.

"Well somehow the assassin was given info about us. This new leader of theirs knew where we were gonna be, how weak we were, along with Azure's...problem. He even said Emerald's name nonchalantly. Besides, we all would've got the name if the other assassin didn't show up and killed the guy." Cedric said while Strike looked to him.

"Then let me ask this… would this new leader really kill you?, you said so yourself that you used a form that you never knew and it was strong enough to take out that Tasogare guy who at the time would have been the leader of a group of specialized assassins, would this new leader if there is one really kill you without at least see what that form is, him or herself, to make sure it wouldn't be a threat or not?" Strike asked before she bit into a chicken leg.

Cedric took a moment to think before speaking.

"Well you might have a point on some things Strike. But I'm sure this new leader didn't care if I lived or die. I think he's just using the surviving brotherhood for his or her personal gain and probably made them a deal that they blindly accepted all for their stupid vengeance." He said while Strike shrugged.

"Maybe, but for now we should focus on what we know for now… like who the leader is really, why they attacked you, and who the Assassin meant when they looked to Emerald, I got a few ideas but I need more info to be sure." Strike said before she bit into her food again.

Cedric chuckled before speaking.

"Getting straight to the point. Just like Kyra. If anything...you're like her dimensional equivalent." He said while thinking back.

"Maybe, but if you want to put the moves on me like with Kyra then you have to prove yourself first." Strike said with a blunt tone.

Cedric chuckled again before speaking.

"I never did put the moves on Kyra. What we had was platonic till we grew closer like I said." Cedric said

Strike just gave him a half lidded look while pointing to Cedric.

"You said that you confessed to her right?, isn't that putting the moves on her?" Strike said before she bit into her food again.

"Not really. You see she and I did hung out as friends. But my feelings for her grew. And like I told you before, when I asked if she felt the same, she said she didn't know and left. Never got the answer that I need since then." Cedric said while Strike just shrugged.

"Well either way, you or Daniel would have to prove yourselves if you want to try and get me in your love group, I'm looking for a strong male so that I can continue the Echidna bloodline anyway." Strike said like it was nothing.

Everyone else was surprised by her saying that while Cream chuckles nervously.

"B-Better not let Knuckles hear you say that or he might get angry... scary angry." Cream said while Strike just shrugs before she bit into her food again.

Cedric blushed what Strike said and felt glad the Master Emerald's guardian was out at the moment before speaking.

"Well I don't know about that. But I want to enjoy being with Rachel and Azure before I see someone else that I want to join." Cedric said which made Rachel blush before hugging him a little tight.

"Alright, but just a little tip, try to not think that things will be so easy in the future, if anything you're reminding me of Emerald and his luck with getting into trouble." Strike said with a blunt tone before she bit into her chicken again before tossing the bone on her plate when she finished it.

Everyone sweatdrop after hearing that before the scene went to Emerald and Sonic who tailed the Ex.

SB Dimension/ Town/ Emerald, SB Sonic

Emerald and Sonic trailed after the Ex when he ran to town, Emerald suggested to Sonic that they keep back a bit to let the guy get into a false sense of security.

"Hehe, the trick is to get them off guard right?, what's better than thinking you got away when you really haven't in the end." Emerald said with a grin on his face while he used Zetsu to hide his presence but making sure Sonic still saw him, otherwise Sonic would lose him.

"Hehehe...nice one." Sonic said before asking this.

"So where are you taking Maite on this date?"

"Well… I honestly don't know, I was going to have Maite give me a tour first before we decide, I was also gonna surprise her with a new form I got thanks to a bit of experimenting in private… hehe trust me, you and the others will get a kick out of it." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Sonic sweatdrop before speaking.

"Okay then."

Emerald then gestures for Sonic to follow him when he saw the Ex heading down an alleyway which caused Emerald to chuckle.

"Doesn't that guy know that alleyways are perfect for an ambush?" Emerald said before he points to the rooftop of the building before he jumps onto the roof.

Sonic sees this before he jumps high and lands on the same roof with Emerald who pulled out something from his pocket while Emerald grins when he saw the Ex looking back and forward but not up.

Sonic grinned before speaking.

"This is gonna be fun."

Emerald then chuckles like a certain snake ninja before he held the object a bit in front of the Ex… it looked like a bomb of sorts but it didn't look explosive.

"You might want to take a few steps back." Emerald said before he dropped the item while quickly stepping back quite a bit when the item nearly hits the ground.

Sonic took his word for it before he starts stepping back as well before an explosion and some pink liquid was seen rising up from where Emerald dropped the item before it flowed back into the alleyway.

Emerald chuckles before he walked forward and looked down to see the result.

Sonic also checked to see the results before he starts chuckling at the scene.

Turns out the entire alleyway was now covered with bright pink paint and nothing inside was spared before the duo notice the Ex who peeled himself off the ground while he coughed and groaned before Emerald grins before he jumped down in front of the Ex, and with his feet glowing with a blue glow, was able to stand on the liquid without getting paint on him.

Emerald then brought out his phone before he snapped a picture of the Ex before he pushed the Ex onto his back which fully paints the Ex.

"The paint and dye was for Maite, the shove was for pissing me off." Emerald said before he pockets the phone and jumped back up to the roof see how Sonic was doing.

Said hedgehog was still chuckling before speaking.

"That was excellent man." Sonic said before bringing up a high five.

Emerald returned the high five with a grin before he turned to walk to Rachel's home.

"So, hungry?, now that I've gotten back at those guys, my appetite came back." Emerald said before chuckling when his stomach growls.

Sonic sweatdrop after hearing that.

"Yeah...anyway, if you take Maite out...don't go to the laser show. Speaking of which, you should talk with Cedric. He still thinks it's his fault because of what happened to Rachel. Amy and I don't blame him but can you talk to him just to make sure?" He asked which caused Emerald to chuckle.

"Yeah… I was at the laser show when the assassin attacked there so point taken, as for Cedric, I can try but it'll be up to him if he can forgive himself or not… I may be many things, but I can't force people to be who they are or how they think." Emerald said before placing his hands in his pockets.

Sonic nodded to him before speaking.

"Also remember about that story he said about his mission and what happened with the old leader?" Sonic asked.

"Yeah, but we never heard about what happened in that battle, for all we know, even if Cedric did kill the guy, it could be a substitute, I mean I ran into many guys who could easily clone a fully functioning body while the real leader just pulls the strings safely." Emerald said when a few memories played out.

"Well either way there was something he said that made no sense. He swore to me and Amy that he would find the new leader and kill him...but with his own hands this time." Sonic said.

Emerald did wonder about that last sentence… his own hands, but before he could think, Demonga and Lillum lands on the roof, but Demonga had an irritated look on his face.

"Finally found you two… we got an issue with Cedric, Charcoal… he has a hollow form." Demonga said which caused Emerald's eyes to widen in shock before he shot to the hedgehog residence with a surprising burst of speed.

"Dammit, now that he knows, things might get very bad, very soon!" Emerald thought with a worried look on his face.

Meanwhile, Cedric along with everyone else that was present, was still enjoying breakfast.

Rachel was next to Cedic while before the heartless popped it's tiny head in the room, it was left behind earlier when Rachel sat it on the dresser again and it wanted to see where she was going.

It then wobbles to the table before it gripped Rachel's leg and tugged it a few times.

Rachel looks down and was surprised seeing her heartless here.

"How'd you get here?" She asked which got the group's attention.

"Who are you talking to?" Cream asked since she was on the other side of the table while the heartless looked up to Rachel in a cute way before it gestures for Rachel to pick it up.

Said hedgehog smiles before she brought her hands to her heartless.

"Why this little guy of course." Rachel said before she brought it up to show everyone else.

Cream, Strike, Lavender, and Amy's eyes widen in shock.

Amanda, Maite and Charles were surprised after seeing that.

The heartless peaked it's eyes over the table before it tried to pull itself on the table before it managed to but it stumbled and rolled onto its rear before looking to everyone with a slightly confused, cute expression.

Amanda and Maite surprising gushed at how cute the heartless was.

"Oh my God Rachel, where did you get it?" Amanda said while blushing at its cuteness.

"Well surprisingly, it use to be the blob that Emerald tickled." Rachel replied.

"Seriously?, it turned into this little cutie?" Cream said while she tickled the heartless's chin… which apparently got the feeling transferred to Rachel again when the heartless made a giggle like noise.

"Tehehe...Yeah." Rachel replied while giggling which caused Cream to remember that when the heartless was tickled, Rachel was as well… which did make Cream wonder if it felt anything else.

"Can I hold it?" Cream asked while the heartless plucked a grape before it rolled it on the table a bit when it got it's attention.

Rachel smiles before speaking.

"Sure, it's very sweet." She replied before Cream picked up the heartless which caused it to blink a few times before she starts to hug the heartless a bit which put it between her clothed breasts.

Which caused Amy to cover Charles's eyes from what happened next.

The heartless got hearts in it's eyes before it hugged Cream's chest before moving it's head from side to side which caused Cream to eep before she tried to pull it off… to no avail.

"A-A little help?" Cream asked when she couldn't pry off the heartless who snuggled into her clothed breasts.

Rachel then got up before she went over to Cream before tickling her heartless. Even though she was getting the effect but hoped that the heartless let's go of Cream.

Which it did after a few second when the heartless made the giggling noise while it's body wobbles before it fell off and onto the table again which caused it to bounce a few times before it looked up with a cute look on it's face.

Cedric then asked…

"You okay Cream?" He asked which caused Cream to giggle while the heartless looked to everyone.

"Yes, though I didn't see that coming." Cream said while Strike spoke up.

"Well since it's connected with Rachel, and since Rachel is now dating Cedic and Azure, maybe this thing thinks the same way that Rachel does and likes both genders." Strike said with a raised eyebrow.

Rachel giggled before speaking.

"Like you wouldn't believe it. You should've been there when it latch itself to Cedy's face." She said which caused most of the group to raise their eyebrows before looking to Cedric.

Cedric blushed in embarrassment from that while Rachel sat down next to Cedric again so the group could continue eating.

"It's its way of showing affection." Cedric said before he resumed eating… however a voice was heard...one that hasn't been heard in a long time for Cedric from inside if mind.

"Why don't we show her and everyone our affection." The voice said with a slightly demonic… and perversed tone before Cedric's arm shot to the side…and gripped Rachel's clothed breast and squeezed a few times.

Most were shocked that Cedric did that.

Said wolf was shocked as well but only after he heard the voice.

"Oh my God. Guys...I know how it looks...but it's not me." Cedric said hoping they'll believe him before the voice spoke up again.

"Says the guy who still has a hand on her breast." The Voice teased when it caused Cedric's hand to squeeze Rachel's breast more.

Said hedgehog let out a soft moan.

Maite was able to cover Charles eyes before he saw anything.

Amanda along with everyone else was still shocked at what's happening.

Then Cedric tried to take his hand away before speaking.

"Stop this. Get out of my head." He said like he was talking to someone which made everyone wonder who he was speaking to.

"You do realize that no one can hear me right?... and that it looks like you're talking with yourself." The Voice said with a humored tone while it kept Cedric's hand on Rachel's breast.

Cedric realized that the voice was right before he finally realized who's voice it is.

"Guys it's my hollow form. It's making do this." Cedric said before he tries to pull his hand away again which tugged on Rachel's breast when his fingers didn't want to let go.

"Hehehe, nice and soft." The Voice said with a perverted tone...But the real kicker before anyone could say anything… was the front door opening which showed Emerald, Demonga, and SB Sonic who rushed in with worried looks on their faces while Lillum, AC Shadow, AC Knuckles came in a moment later when Emerald's group met up with them on the way back, though they froze where they saw Cedric's hand on Rachel's breast which caused Lillum to smirk.

"Why Cedric, how bold." Lillum teased with a wide grin on her face.

Sonic was not liking what he was see.

Cedric blushed with embarrassment before speaking.

"It's my hollow form. Its making me do this!" Cedric said while Emerald rubbed the back of his head.

"Uh… Cedric, I hate to be the bearer of bad news… but while it's true the Hollow is acting on it's own… it's also you… in a sense… it's just acting on you more deeper desires… and apparently deep down… you don't mind this situation." Emerald said while the voice chuckles.

"Hehe, he's got a point partner, I would love to put this woman on the table and show everyone how to really please a lady, but… we got a lot of people near us who could kick your ass… so I'll just settle for this." The Voice said before something felt off with Cedric… something off… like he was getting switched with another person or something while something starts to form on his face… 1/4th of a hollow mask and the whites of Cedric's eyes turn pitch black… and a wide wild grin appears on his face.

"Yo… I hope you don't mind if I crash this party!" Cedric? Said before pulling Rachel onto his lap while Emerald, Demonga, and Lillum got serious looks on their faces while Cedric? Keeps messing with Rachel's breasts while Maite continues to keep Charles's eyes covered.

Everyone else was shocked while blushing a bit at the scene.

Rachel was now moaning a bit more from this.

Sonic was getting a bit angrier.

"Okay can someone tell me what's going on? Is it or is that not Cedric?" He asked which caused Cedric? To chuckle.

"Oh but I am Cedric… or to be exact his instincts which have been given a physical form, I'm sure Mr. teacher here can tell you more since I can smell the same scent emitting from him." Cedric? Said while he points to Emerald while he continues to fondle Rachel's breast.

Amanda blushed a bit as she knows what Cedric? was talking about.

Everyone else was looking at Emerald after hearing it.

Rachel still moans from this which caused Emerald to sigh.

"Before I start… mind letting Rachel go?" Emerald asked which caused the Hollow Cedric to grin.

"Sorry but no, not that I'm taking a hostage, but I'm sure that pops here would full on attack me if I do." Cedric? Said while pointing to a pissed off Sonic which made Emerald and the others sweatdrop.

"Riiiight, well, I was saving this for my date with Maite, but might as well use it to help out." Emerald said before his body glows before he poofed with a green mist.

A few moments later, Rachel was seen in his place for some reason.

"Huh? Where am I?" Said hedgehog looked around in confusion before the group looked to Cedic?... And a new person who sat on Cedric?'s lap.

He was a male cat mobian with brown fur and a smaller version of Emerald's outfit and his core before the Mobian looked to Cedric? With a grin while Cedric? Looked to him in shock.

"Well now, didn't expect you to play for the other team." The Cat mobian said before he was pushed off while Cedric? Growled at the cat mobian.

"Alright, who the he-!" Cedric? Tried to say before Demonga bolts forward and smashed the mask bit off before anyone could react which caused Cedric to return to normal… weakened but normal while the Cat Mobian picked himself up and dusts himself off.

Cedric groaned a bit before speaking.

"Ow...What just happened?" He asked before the cat mobian looked to Cedric before he cleared his throat and spoke up with a familiar voice.

"You got taken over by your hollow, I helped Rachel out while the hollow was busy messing with her breast, and Demonga shattered the mask that starts to form which brought you back to normal." The Cat Mobian said with a grin on his face.

Cedric felt extremely bad for Rachel.

"Okay I don't know who you are...but Rachel, I am so sorry that it happened...but believe me I did not want to do that to you like that." Cedric said hoping that she forgives him.

Rachel, whom was blushing while covering herself, surprisingly gave him a caring smile.

"It's okay Cedric. Just wasn't expecting your hollow to do that." She said.

"Though considering how Maite and Amanda acted last night with Emerald and a female clone… I wouldn't be surprised if Rachel didn't mind the groping." Lillum teased while she nudged Rachel a bit.

Said sisters blushed in embarrassment from that.

The students were shocked before looking at Amanda, Maite, and Emerald or they would look at Emerald if they knew where he was.

Sonic kinda wished he didn't hear that while Amy chuckled a bit while she made sure that Charles's ears were covered.

That's when Cedric asked…

"By the way, where's Emerald? I could've sworn he was here before blacking out a bit." Cedric said.

Lillum and Demonga point to the cat mobian who points to himself with a grin.

"Yo." The Cat Mobian, now identified as Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Everyone else was shocked that Emerald was the Cat Mobian.

Maite on the other hand was blushing a bit after looking at him.

"Though I have this form, I can try another." Emerald said with a grin on his face before his form glows with a green light before he was now in a hedgehog form which had brown quills which spiked back somewhat and went down the back of his head with slight waves.

Most were surprised and impressed a the form.

Maite however blushed big after seeing that.

"I learned how to do this from Lillum but I still need practice to change clothing and colors." Emerald said before he glowed and was now in a Wolf Mobian form that looked strong looking with brown fur.

Most kinda liked that form.

Rachel liked it as well but will always love Cedric.

However munching was heard from the table which showed Sticks who had a large pile of food in front of her… when she stopped eating she noticed the looks pointing at her which caused her to swallow what she was eating before speaking up.

"What?... did I miss something?" Sticks asked while she wiped her mouth which caused everyone to sweatdrop.

"You're telling me that you missed the heartless and the fact that Cedric had a hollow form?" Cream said before Sticks looks to her.

"Huh?, what are you talking about?" Sticks said which caused Cream to facepalm before she took a moment to explain things to her and Sticks was grinning at the end.

"Oh you mean that squishy there is linked with Rachel and Cedy can become more manly?, great." Sticks said with a wide grin on her face.

Everyone else sweatdrop from that.

Cedric blushed a bit as he already knows what she's thinking.

Rachel frowns a bit before she already had a plan to get revenge on Sticks. All she has to do is wait for Azure to wake up.

"A-Anyway… Like I said, I learned how to do this from Lillum but it's a work in progress, but it should be enough to impress right?" Emerald said after sweatdropping at Stick's train of thought with crossed muscled arms before he looked to Maite with a grin.

Said hedgehog blushed while nodding at him.

Emerald then looks back to Cedric with a serious look on his face.

"But that is that, and this is this… Cedric, I'll be teaching you on how you can summon this and control your hollow." Emerald said before he held his hand in front of his face before a dragonic like mask appeared while the whites of his eyes turned black and the greens of his eyes glowed.

Everyone else was surprised by that.

Maite, Amanda, and Sonic were already familiar with look.

Amanda however blushed as she remembered Emerald's female clone using it.

"Questions?" Emerald asked with a demonic tone in his voice.

Cedric gulped a bit before asking.

"Ah yeah... wouldn't it be possible if you could remove my hollow form in me?" He asked which caused Emerald to give him a half lidded look.

"Weather you like it or not, it's apart of you, even if I get rid of him, he would just come back since he is you… I cannot stress that part enough." Emerald said before dismissing his mask.

Cedric sighed in defeat before looking Emerald.

"Well if I have to get use to...it...then I might as well learn cool abilities it had to see if some are helpful." Cedric said which caused Emerald to grin.

"Alright, after my date with Maite, I'll help you with getting it under control, though I only have one word of advice for now since I need to do a few tests first to see if you can take real training." Emerald said while giving Cedric a serious look.

"What's that?" Cedric asked while feeling unfazed by that stare after everything that happened.

"Simple, try and humor your hollow self, it helps surprisingly with calming it down since you're going with what your instincts tell you." Emerald said with a serious look on his face.

Cedric was confused by that saying.

"Like what? By saying knock knock jokes?" He asked.

Emerald just gave him a half lidded look before speaking up.

"Okay smart ass, I was going for a helpful way but I'll be blunt… from what I could see… you need to have sex or something with the hollow in control, I doubt anyone wants to hear that but you started it with that knock knock crap while I was trying to be serious, I joke every now and then but this is a non joke situation." Emerald said while his eye twitched which caused Sticks to grin which went unnoticed at the moment.

Cedric was shocked before face palming.

"In my defense you said humor. And also you could've just whispered it in my ear." Cedric said.

"Yeeeaaahhhh, Amy has Charles's ears covered so no worries there, but you have no memories of what happened… but in order to help Rachel… I got fondled by your hollow self as a result, he and I didn't like it, but it happened anyway.." Emerald said with slightly narrowed eyes.

"Oh my God." Cedric said as he realized that his hollow form used his hands to fondle Rachel before Emerald switched.

"Yeah, though Rachel didn't seem to mind… anyway, you don't have any memories of what happened right?, well ask Rachel and the others." Emerald said while gesturing to Rachel and then the others.

Rachel blushed a bit since it's true.

Cedric shook his head before speaking.

"That's okay. I prefer to not know that."

Emerald rubbed his head before looking to Rachel.

"How are you feeling Rachel?, he wasn't too rough right?" Emerald asked since the hollow could have gone a bit too far.

Rachel blushed before she shook her head.

"Good… well until we get Cedric's hollow under control, it looks like you and Azure need to control Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde here." Emerald said to Rachel with an amused tone while he points to Cedric with his thumb.

Cedric groan before speaking.

"What is this? make fun of Cedric day?" He asked which caused the group to chuckle.

"Eh in our defense, we got personalities we can't control sometimes… welcome to hell." Emerald said with an amused tone before he looked to Maite.

"Ready for our date Maite?, got a Mobian form request?" Emerald asked with a grin on his face.

Make blushed before speaking.

"The Cat Mobian form please." She requested.

Emerald chuckles before he glowed and reformed into the brown furred cat mobian form.

"Well then, shall we?" Emerald said with a grin on his face while he held his hand out for Maite to take it.

Said hedgehog blushed before smiling before she went to take his hand.

After she did, the duo vanished in a flash of light while Sticks cleared her throat.

"Well, since Azure is still out cold, and it's only Rachel, mind if I help with calming Cedy down if he goes out of control?" Sticks asked with a grin on her face.

Everyone, including Cedric, were shocked at what Sticks was saying.

Rachel gave her a half lidded look before speaking.

"Maybe Auntie Sticks, but since Azure is still resting, I'm calling the shots here until otherwise. Though I don't know how Cedric feels for you after that stunt you did in the bathroom."

Sticks just grins before she spoke up.

"Oh he wasn't complaining, in fact he seemed pretty happy after and when I asked for the photo… we made a deal that I would return the favor if I returned it later… right Cedy?" Sticks said with a grin on her face while she glanced to Cedric.

Everyone else was looking at said wolf who was still sitting on the floor.

"Well yes.. but only because you were trying to tempt me to getting the photo back from the same place you took it out. And something tells me it might have lead to... well most off you get the picture."

Sticks just grins before she held up a finger.

"And yet you agreed, you could have just let me have the pic but you were the one who wanted it back, I just wanted to make it a give and take moment… besides did you get the picture with their permission?, did your big boob teacher get permission?, all I did was just take atvantage like you did." Sticks said with a grin on her face.

Cedric now put his head down in shame after knowing that Sticks was right and he should've just let her have it.

"Still, I did cause multiple copies to get popped up which could be around town so I can't say much for myself, but I'm just reminding you that it wasn't a one way street so I don't get all the blame for this." Sticks said while she looked to Rachel.

Said hedgehog frown at the badger's direction.

"So.. I'll make a deal here, you can ask me to do anything to make up for this but you should wait for Azy to wake first so you can let her know…. Anything at all." Sticks said with a grin on her face.

Rachel frowned a bit before she sighed.

"Okay deal."

Everyone was surprised that Rachel accept it.

However a voice spoke up which surprised them all.

"Yeah… and I got an idea in mind." A familar voice said from behind the group.

Everyone turned their heads and was surprised to see who it was.

It was Azure who was still in her red furred form while she rubs the back of her head and rubbing her stomach when a constant growling sound was heard.

Cedric got up before he and Rachel, whom was still covering herself, went to her.

"Azure. How are you're feeling?" Cedric asked with his hand on her shoulder.

"Are you okay?" Rachel asked.

"I'll feel better after I eat, I feel like I haven't eaten in a long time… and...sorry for how I acted last night when I lost it, I tried to control myself but I started to go a bit… well… I think insane would be the right word." Azure said while she rubbed the back of her head a bit more before she lowered her arms and looked to Rachel.

"Are you OK Rachel?, last thing I fully remember before fading in and out was the guy stabbing you in the arm part of the fight with that assassin." Azure asked when she looked to Rachel with worry in her red colored eyes.

"It did hurt a bit, but Emerald and and Cedric were able to help me through it. Plus, I did get a new friend." Rachel said before she points her thumb at her heartless.

Azure was silent for a second before she gave the heartless a half lidded look.

"So aside from the new looking arm which you could cover with a sleeve and glove if you wanted to, you got an adorable looking friend while I look like a freaking demon after I blow my top." Azure said while she deflates a little.

Everyone was worried after hearing it.

"You're not a demon Azure." Cedric trying to assure her.

"I licked my claws after bloodying them… what else would you think?" Azure asked while a voice spoke up in Cedric's mind.

"I think that she's my kind of woman." The Voice, the Hollow, said from within Cedric's mind.

Cedric turned his head away for a moment before speaking.

"Be quiet you." He said before the voice spoke up.

"Again... in your head, and again... in front of everyone… and with Azure here as well." The voice said with a tone that said that Cedric was an idiot for forgetting that.

Said wolf mentally face palm before speaking.

"Well I'm gonna tell anyway. So until then shut up." Cedric said before looking back at Azure who had a look that wondered if Cedric was ok while the voice chuckles at the look Cedric was getting.

"Uh… tell me what?, are you OK Cedric?, did the assassin harm you when I got knocked out or something?" Azure asked with a raised eyebrow.

Cedric shook his head before speaking.

"No Azure, I just found about something I have and I'm now worried that I might lose control." Cedric said which caused Azure to get a bit confused.

"Uh… can I get the short version if it helps me with getting caught up with everyone else here?" Azure asked while she had a confused look on her face.

"Okay short version. I got this thing called a hollow form from my dimension that i didn't know about till today and let's just say that it made me do something that I should tell you later." Cedric said.

Azure would agree with Cedric when she spoke up.

"Well I'll ask more later after I eat, and again with Sticks, I got a plan of sorts, but it mainly involves Rachel and I speaking with Lillum here." Azure said while pointing a thumb at Lillum who raised an eyebrow but kept quiet while Azure walked to the table and grabbed an actual mountain of food.

Rachel and Cedric sat by her sides to accompany her.

Azure ate with gusto but the expression on her face told everyone that she was happy that she was awake to eat a meal this delicious.

Honestly it looked like Azure was a kid in a candy story which caused Cream to giggle a bit while Strike and Lavender grins a little.

Sticks chuckles before she dug back into her food while Demonga and Lillum joins them again, this time to eat.

Amy had Charles sitting next to her while she ate and helped clean Charles's face off when he got to messy.

The heartless sat on the table while it looked to everyone before it grabbed an oversize drumstick… and to everyone's surprised, sucked the drumstick into it's mouth before it gave a tiny cute sounding burb.

Everyone else chuckled from that.

Sonic and Amanda were enjoying a plate of chili dogs.

Cedric was happily enjoying his meal while being by his girlfriend's.

All in all… it looked like everyone enjoying their meal before the scene shifts to Emerald and Maite when they appear on the outskirts of the town.

SB Dimension/ Town outskirts/ Emerald (Cat Mobian form), Maite

The Duo appeared with a flash of light before Emerald kept ahold of her hand to while making sure she was okay after the sudden shift.

"Hehe, sorry about that Maite, figured we should get things started properly." Emerald said while rubbing the back of his head.

Maite smiled at him before speaking.

"It's okay. I'm just happy to be on a date with you."

Emerald chuckles a little before he looks to the town.

"Well then, why don't we walk around and see what's happening today, though Sonic said for us to stay away from the laser show for obvious reasons, besides I feel like just taking in the sights if I'm honest… how about a tour Maite?" Emerald asked with a grin on his face.

Maite smiled again before speaking.

"Okay then. Follow me." She said before she starts pulling his arm.

Emerald nods before he remembered something.

"Oh yeah, let's…uh also keep away from the ice cream shop around here for now… I don't think I'll be recognized in this form but…thanks to Charles and our little race… I kind of crashed into a cart and totaled it and had to pay for it all and my outfit might give me away." Emerald admits while he rubs his head while chuckling nervously.

Maite remembered that after seeing all the ice cream.

She giggled before speaking.

"Don't worry. I'll make sure we won't see any."

"Well I don't mind getting us ice cream, but I need a new outfit first… know a good clothing store around here?" Emerald asked since he wanted to blend in.

"Hmmm...Actually Uncle Tails's wife Zooey owns a clothing store that's a few buildings down." She said.

"Will...uhh… Tail's be ok if he sees us?, I mean Sticks did cause his copier to explode." Emerald said while he follows Maite.

Maite sweatdrops from that memory but she gave him an assuring smile.

"Oh I wouldn't worry. Uncle Tails will probably let that go. Beside, Auntie Sticks has a habit of destroying his machines by accident. But don't worry, he can't say no to me." She said which caused Emerald to grin.

"Well then, might as well meet this Zooey woman then." Emerald said while he followed Maite.

It only took 20 minutes or so till they were at Zooey's clothing store.

"Well here it is." Maite said while showing the front of the store to him.

"Whoa!" Emerald said while he took a good look at the store in question which seemed huge.

Maite giggled at his reaction before she speaking.

"Come on. Let's head inside." She said before she pulled his arm again to bring him inside while Emerald had a grin on his face while he let's Maite pull him, she seemed to be enjoying the date so far.

When they enter, a little bell rang before a voice was heard.

"Welcome to… oh Maite, nice to see you again, and who's the poor sap that you dragged in here." a female voice said with an amused tone from nearby.

Maite chuckled before speaking.

"Zooey, I want you to meet Emerald. He's Rachel's teacher and...My date." Maite blushed at the last part before looking at Emerald.

"Emerald, this is Zooey, Tails's wife." She said while Emerald chuckles.

"Hehe… you might already know us if Tails said anything yesterday, I took Sticks as a student but… I heard that his printer exploded cause of Sticks." Emerald nervously said while Zooey grins.

"No worries, Tails' can make them in his sleep, he actually did once before, he could do it again, anyway, Rachel's teacher?, you also a student of his Maite?" Zooey said with a teasing smile on her face.

Maite blushed from that before shaking her head which caused Emerald to fake a hurtful expression.

"Ahh, and I thought you and Amanda were interested in learning a few new skills and abilities, guess I was wrong." Emerald said with a fake sad expression

Maite thought she hurt his feelings.

"Don't say that Emerald I be happy to learn from you as long as I'm with you." Maite said while hugging him.

Emerald grins then before he spoke up while hugging her a little.

"Guess that means that you're a student of mine then, guess this makes it scandalous huh?" Emerald teased with a grin on his face while Zooey giggles at the sight.

Maite blushed from that while still hugging him.

"Hehe, guess Tails was right when he said that you guys are interesting, so are you just introducing him to family Maite or here for a new outfit?" Zooey asked.

Maite stopped hugging him before looking at Zooey.

"Actually, my family already met him. You see Rachel and her new friends came here to train. Which is when I met Emerald. He was so handsome when I saw him." Maite said with a blush.

"Oh I wasn't that good looking, I can be very funny though… take a look." Emerald said before he pulled out his phone and showed the duo a few pictures… starting with the pink painted Ex.

Maite started laughing at her Ex's misfortune.

"And there is the first guy…" Emerald said before showing a picture of the first Ex who was shown to be puzzled into a wall which caused Zooey to chuckle.

Maite also chuckled from that.

"Still… my personal favorite is this when I found two together." Emerald said while showing a pic of a ex in a dress while another was in a diaper which caused Zooey to full blown laugh at the sight.

Maite also had the same reaction before looking at Emerald.

"I can't believe you did that for me Emerald. Thank you. And another thing, it doesn't matter what form you have, I'll always love you for who you are." She said before hugging him again.

Emerald chuckles before speaking up.

"Well I wanted to help you feel better...though I could have done worse to those ex's… but… The one in the dress and diaper played for the other team if you get what I'm talking about." Emerald said which caused Zooey to blink before she got what Emerald said.

"You mean…" Zooey asked which caused Emerald to cringe.

"Let's say… that… those two were not just talking when I found them." Emerald said with a half lidded look on his face.

Maite was shocked after hearing it.

"Well...despite that...I do feel better." She said while still hugging before she snuggled her head on Emerald's chest.

Emerald just smiles while hugging Maite back which caused Zooey to smile.

"Ah you two look so good together, tell you what, first outfit is 50% off." Zooey said with an amused tone.

Maite smiled at Zooey before speaking.

"Thanks Aunt Zooey."

Emerald grins before looking around.

"Well then, want to pick an outfit out for me Maite?" Emerald asked while he rubs her back gently.

Maite looks at Emerald with a smile before she nods at him.

Emerald grins before he spoke up.

"Though I do have an idea about the pants and an accessory." Emerald said before he gestures for Zooey to get close before he whispers into her ear before Zooey nods.

"Of course, just give me a second, oh and I got the perfect shirt as well." Zooey said with a smile before she heads to an isle of clothing nearby which caused Emerald to chuckle.

"Might as well do a fashion show for you Maite, want to pick a second outfit for me?, I got more then enough to pay for it." Emerald said with a smile on his face.

"Okay." Maite said with a smile.

Emerald grins before he gave Maite a light kiss on the lips before he let go of her and walked over to a chair and sat down to wait for Zooey who seemed to bolt here and there with a new piece of clothing in her arms.

Maite blushed from that before she went to pick the next clothing for Emerald.

A few minutes pass before Emerald had two outfits picked out for him before he heads to the changing room.

Meanwhile with Zooey and Maite

"So… Think this guy is a keeper?, or is he gonna be like those ex's?" Zooey said with a serious look on her face.

"Oh he's definitely a keeper. Nothing like those guys." Maite said which caused Zooey to smile.

"I hope so, you remember the state you were in last time right?, I'm just worried for you." Zooey said when she remembered how Maite was from her last break up.

Maite gave her a caring smile before speaking.

"I know you are Auntie. But things are different now. I know that I love Emerald from the bottom of my heart. Plus...he's also a great lover." Maite said while blushing that last part.

Zooey blinked a few times before sending Maite a teasing grin.

"Oh… mind telling the details?" Zooey asked with a grin on her face.

Maite blushed while giggling a bit.

"Oh Auntie, if I told you, you wouldn't believe me. But I do know that Emerald is the one for me. I'm just hoping that the others will accept me." Maite said with a little worry.

"Others?" Zooey asked with a confused tone.

Maite blushed a bit before speaking.

"You see Auntie, Emerald is from a different dimension. He along with two other teachers and another Shadow and Knuckles came from a world that was teaching Rachel and other students about certain skills. And in their world, they have a custom where you can have more than one lover, if it's okay with the leading lady. In fact Rachel is doing that as well. She now has a boyfriend and a girlfriend."

Zooey was surprised at what Maite told her, though instead of getting mad at Emerald… she got a teasing grin on her face.

"So...not only are you Emerald's mistress… you say that Rachel is in a similar boat?, makes me wonder if it's just the guy you two are pleasing… do you and Rachel get to have fun with any ladies?" Zooey teased when she has more material to use.

Maite blushed again before speaking.

"Well I don't know about Rachel...I mean I've seen her kissing her boyfriend Cedric, who's a wolf, and Azure, a female cat. As for me...well I did have some fun in the shower with Emerald's leading lady name Lillum." She said while blushing big which caused Zooey to smitk.

"Oh ho, guess little Maite isn't as innocent as most would think." Zooey teased.

Maite blushed from that before saying this.

"If you think that's crazy, you should hear about mom and Amanda."

"Amy and Amanda?, why?... Did they do something?, does Sonic know?" Zooey asked with an interested tone.

"Oh dad knows alright since he and Emerald were recording Lullim and mom going at it." Maite said with a smirk.

"Wow, remind me to ask for a copy of that video later." Zooey said with a smirk on her face.

"Well I'm pretty sure Lillum can do that. Plus she might ask to join you and Uncle Tails as well." Maite said with a smirk.

"Well I don't mind if Tails watches but that's as far as this Lillum woman will get… after I had some fun with Perci one time, neither of us swapped partners though." Zooey said surprisingly.

Maite was surprised by that.

"Wow...Well anyway I should give you a heads up if it happens...Lillum can shapeshift into anything and also...she might borrow Tails's...you know what, and use it on you." Maite said while blushing which caused Zooey to chuckle.

"Good to know… and FYI… it's not just me, us older ladies partner up every now and then while our significant other knows, though Amy hasn't done that in awhile when she married Sonic… let's just say I had twins once." Zooey teased while she remembered that day.

Maite blushed from that before speaking.

"Yeah I heard about mom and Sticks hooking up before." She said which caused Zooey to raise an eyebrow.

"Sticks huh?, better watch out then, once she has an eye on someone, it's impossible to get her to stop unless you can satisfy her, nearly had Tails help out to my regret when Sticks had an eye on him for a bit… She's like a stamina monster." Zooey said while blushing from the memory.

Maite was surprised by that info.

"Well...I'm safe but we should be worried for Rachel. Auntie Sticks was eyeing that Cedric kid and this panda boy that a certain bunny girl has eyes for. Plus she was at my home and gave Cedric a kiss on the lips in front of everyone. That's when we found out that she gave the kid a bj in the bathroom without him noticing."

Zooey sweatdropped before she spoke up.

"How did he not notice that?" Zooey asked since that was an attention getter.

"Well there was a certain incident at the beach and let's just say the kid had a boner and was trying to relieve himself before Sticks showed up. Cedric tried to stop her but sadly she got him to do it." Maite said while shaking her head.

Zooey sweatdropped again before she spoke up.

"Then we are to late… Sticks can be surprisingly persuasive when it comes to sex, long story short… unless someone can make a bet with her and last longer then her then she won't stop and this Cedric and panda guy all ready targets to her… you can put two and two together right?" Zooey asked with a serious expression on her face.

"Yeah I know. Luckily, Rachel and Azure are planning a little revenge scheme on Sticks" Maite said.

"Uhh… remember the twins I talked about?" Zooey asked while raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, but they have Lillum for help. And trust me, if you seen her you'll understand. Anyway I don't know what will happen once they're done, but maybe they'll make her part of Cedric's harem or something." Maite said.

"Well just to give you an example of Sticks's stamina… she outlasts both Shadow and Knuckles...and Perci and Staci… all at once…and those are four are stamina monsters in their own right." Zooey said with a worried tone.

Maite's eyes widen after hearing that.

"Oh my God." She said which caused Zooey to nod.

"Shocking for many reasons but you might want to fill in Rachel before you're too late." Zooey said to Maite.

Maite nodded before she pulled out her cell phone to Rachel.

Meanwhile at the hedgehog residence…

Rachel's cell started ringing in her pocket.

She looks at her mom before speaking.

"Um mom can I be excused for a moment?" She asked.

"Sure honey, just don't take to long or you friend might eat everything here." Amy said while she points to the heartless which imitated a certain similar pink character… and sucked in an entire turkey after opening its mouth before it lets out a loud belch which was still somehow cute looking.

Rachel along with everyone else sweatdrop before chuckling.

"Don't worry mom. I won't be long." Rachel said before she got up and went to some place to talk private.

She then took out her cell phone before accepting the call.


"Hey Rachel it's Maite." The voice belonging to Maite said.

Rachel smiled before speaking.

"Hey sis, how's your date going so far?" She asked.

"It's going great. We're at Aunt Zooey's store to pick out clothes, but anyway there's something important I gotta warn you and Azure about Sticks." Maite said.

It took about 10 minutes for Maite to explain Sticks's stamina thing to Rachel.

Rachel was shocked after hearing that.

"W-Wow...that is something. Thanks for the heads up sis." She said.

"No problem. Now I gotta go. Emerald is trying out clothes and is gonna model for me to see what I think." Maite said.

"Oh Okay then. Hope you have a good time. Bye." Rachel said.

"Bye." Maite said before hanging up but not before Rachel heard Emerald in the background when he shouts.

"OW!, forgot how much fur I have… freaking zippers." Emerald said from behind the curtain.

Maite cringed at that.

Rachel sweatdrop before heading back to the table.

Azure was still munching on her food before she heard Rachel sitting next to her before she spoke to Rachel after she swallowed her food.

"Everything ok?, you seem worried." Azure asked with a low tone to keep the others nearby from hearing… though Cedric was able to hear.

"Everything's fine. I'll tell you later while we talk to Lillum." Rachel whispered which caused Azure to raise an eyebrow before she shrugged and dug back into her meal.

It wasn't long till everyone was full.

Azure and the heartless sighs before they let out some funny burps, though Azure did blush before speaking up.

"Excuse me…" Azure said before chuckling with a blush on her face.

Everyone else chuckled from that as well.

"I will say this...that was some good food." Cedric said.

Everyone else agreed before Cream grabbed Daniel's plate before she spoke up.

"I'll be back in a bit, I'm taking this to Daniel." Cream said before she walks out of the room.

Everyone agreed with her before Azure spoke up

"Well then, Rachel, Lillum, Cedric, could you follow me so we can talk?" Azure said before she starts to walk away.

Rachel, Cedric, and Lillum nodded before they got up to follow the young feline.

Azure then led them to an empty room before she closed the door.

"Alright Rachel, you were saying you would tell me something after we ate right?, does it happen to deal with Sticks since you didn't want to speak about it at the table or did I miss the mark?" Azure asked with a thoughtful look on her face while Lillum kept quiet to listen.

"Oh it definitely is. Maite just called me during her date with Emerald and she told me something that Tails's wife, Zooey, said to her about Sticks." Rachel said.

Azure raised an eyebrow before she spoke up.

"Wait wait wait… Emerald and Maite are on a date!?... when did that happen?" Azure said with a shocked look on her face.

"I don't know. But I'm pretty sure Lillum will tell us something sooner." Rachel said before telling Azure what Maite said about Sticks.

Cedric was shocked after hearing that while Azure raised an eyebrow.

"So Sticks is a stamina demon when it comes to sex?, how strong are the Shadow and Knuckles of this Dimension?" Azure asked while Lillum grins.

"Uncle Shadow and Knuckles train everyday. Half the times Uncle Shadow has helped me understand Chaos Energy before coming to Angel City." Rachel replied.

Cedric was surprised after hearing that last info while Azure got a thoughtful look on her face.

"Are they stronger than their AC variants?, and I mean from before they got their attributes degraded." Azure asked with a curious tone.

"I would say...they're almost at the same skill level as them before coming here." Rachel replied before Lillum spoke up.

"Powerwise and ability wise yes, but experience… I doubt it since the Knuckles and Shadow of Angel City are older than they look." Lillum said while crossing her arms under her breasts.

"Well what are we gonna do now?" Cedric asked while Azure took a moment to think before looking to Lillum.

"So… any ideas Lillum?" Azure asked which caused Lillum to grin.

"Oh yeah, Cedric, could you exit for now?, I need to… teach these two on how to take on Sticks later and I doubt your hollow half will stay out of it if you watch." Lillum said with a teasing tone which caused Azure to blush when she noticed the teasing tone.

Cedric blushed at the memory before speaking.

"Right...Anyway Azure, I need to talk to you about something later." Cedric said before he left and closed the door which caused Lillum's grin to widen greatly.

"Now then… ready for a lesson on to how to really get down and dirty with a woman?" Lillum said with a teasing tone which caused Azure to blush before she shook her head to calm herself.

"L-Like Rachel said, we gotta be able to beat Sticks at her own game or she won't stop, what choice do we have?" Azure asked with a serious, but blushing, face.

Rachel also blushed but had a serious look as well which caused Lillum to grin before she summoned two certain *Items* and held them in her hands and held then to the duo.

"Well then, get ready girls, because we won't be leaving this room for a few hours outside, but days will pass in here." Lillum cryptically said with Azure blushing brightly when she recognized the items and grabbed one before a large seal appeared on the door.

Rachel also blushed big after she got her item.

Lillum giggles before the scene shifts to Cedric, hours later, with two cries of pleasure from two of the three woman in the room.

SB Dimension/ Rachel's home/ Living room/ Cedric

Cedric was sitting in the couch while waiting for his girlfriends and Lillum to return.

However to his surprise, Daniel and Cream walked down the stairs with happy expressions on their faces.

"Hey guys. What's with the happy looks?" Cedric asked the happy duo which caused Cream to giggle before she spoke up.

"Well… after I took Daniel's meal to him, I woke him and…" Cream said before the scene flashed back to earlier.

Hours ago/ Charles room/ Cream, Daniel

Cream managed to carry the food into the room after she opened the door and looks to Daniel to see how he was doing right now.

Said panda had just woken up after finally been able to sleep.

He gets up before stretching which caused Cream to blush a bit before she cleared her throat to get Daniel's attention.

Daniel turns to the doorway and blushed when he saw Cream there.

"H-Hey Cream. How you doing?" He asked which caused Cream to smile.

"I'm doing good, how are you?" Cream asked while she walked to Daniel and sat the plate of food on Charles's bed.

"Hehe...Well I slept in late after Charles finally calmed from his *groan*...sugar rush." Daniel replied with a shiver which caused Cream to giggle again.

"Well with what I've heard, I'm surprised you survived." Cream said before she sat on the bed while being careful of the food.

"Hehe...yeah." Daniel replied before blushing a bit.

Cream noticed the blush this time before she took a second to breath in.

"H-Hey, Daniel, could I ask you something?" Cream asked while she tries to keep calm.

Said panda wondered what she wanted to ask.

He sat down on Charles's bed beside her before speaking.

"Sure. Is there something you needed Cream?" He asked which caused Cream to blush before she spoke up.

"I...I was… wondering… if you wanted to go… with me… on...a… date?" Cream asked while she got more and more red with each word.

Daniel was shock, while blushing big, after hearing that.

'I can't believe she's asking me out! I feel like my heart pounding. Just got to keep calm.' He thought before giving Cream a proper response.

"Y-Yes Cream. I'll be happy to take you out a date." Daniel said while blushing which caused Cream to blush before she asked another question.

"A-Alright, though I have to ask… do you have any other woman who you like?" Cream asked since she already knew of the AC custom well.

Daniel was surprised that she asked him this out of the blue. He wanted to have a relationship with Cream and possibly with Strike and Lavender but he didn't to lie to her since she can tell he would lie with Aura.

The panda sighed before speaking.

"I'm gonna be honest Cream...When I saw you in orientation, I thought you were the most beautiful girl I have seen. Plus the way you use your staff was sexy. That's when I started believing that I found my soulmate. Then I noticed and felt attracted towards Lavender and Strike before Lillum explained about the custom. Now I want to get know you first before anything...and if our relationship happens but you don't want me to do the custom, I will accept it and remain loyal to you only." Daniel said while blushing.

Cream's eyes widen a bit at the confession before she giggles a little which scratching her scarred cheek.

"Well… after seeing how Cedric is with Rachel and Azure… I don't mind sharing… but I do have a condition if I accept that." Cream said with a smile on her face.

Daniel was surprised that Cream was okay with it before he spoke up.

"Whatever you say, I'll make sure follow it. Making you happy is my top priority." He said.

"Well, I want to know who the woman is before you have her join… and just a precaution… if you let what happened with Cedric and Sticks earlier happen to you and I'm not OK with it… well you never seen me get angry right?" Cream said with a scary smile on her face… she looked calm but that seemed even scarier…

Daniel shivered at the smile before speaking.

"N-No...but believe me I'm not gonna let what happened to Cedric happen to me as well." He said while letting Cream know that he means it.

Cream smile returns to normal before she spoke up.

"Good, now don't get me wrong, if you're forced into that kind of situation, I'll understand, but if you can get out of it, try to alright?" Cream said with a serious expression on her face.

Daniel gulped a bit before nodding to her.

"Good, now enjoy your meal before it gets cold." Cream said while she gestures to the food before the scene goes back to the present.

Present/ Rachel's home/ living room/ Cedric, Daniel, Cream

"...and then we talked for awhile after Daniel ate and here we are." Cream said with a smile on her face.

Daniel was smiling too as well from the memory.

Cedric however gave them a half lidded look to them before speaking.

"Okay even though I'm happy for guys...did you had to use my incident as an example?" He asked.

"Well in our defense, Sticks might try something so I was thinking of that at the time and she is coming with us so I just wanted to be safe." Cream said with a smile on her face.

Cedric sighed since he knew Cream was right.

"Well again, I'm happy for you both. I hope your relationship sails smoothly." Cedric said with kind smile before steps were heard from the stairs before Azure and Rachel walked down with confident looks on their faces while the heartless waddled into the room from who knows where.

Cedric smiled at his girlfriends before speaking.

"Hey girls, how did the talk with Lillum go?" He asked which caused Azure to smile.

"Oh great, it was informative, right Rachel?" Azure said with an oddly happy tone.

"Right." Said hedgehog replied with the same tone.

Cedric didn't know what happened between the girls and Lillum before he noticed Rachel's heartless.

"Hey there little like guy. I was wondering where you went." He said with a kind smile which got the heartless's attention…a bad move when it got hearts in it's eyes when it saw him and before anyone could say anything… it latched onto his face again while rubbing its body on Cedric's snout.

Cedric screams were muffled again.

Daniel was shocked at the new creature.

"Uh...what is that?" He asked which caused Cream to speak up while she sweatdropped at Cedric's situation.

"A… heartless if you know what it is… apparently it was that blob that Emerald got from Rachel's arm." Cream said while she watched Cedric who struggles with getting the heartless off.

Daniel was shocked again from the info.

"That use to be blob?" He asked.

Rachel sweatdrop of the scene before speaking up.

"Yeah but its really harmless. It shares the same feelings as I do." She said before she went over to Cedric and the heartless before she tickled it again to get it off.

It wobbles while giving a giggle like sound before falling off of Cedric's face and bouncing on the ground a few times before it looked to Rachel with it's tiny yellow eyes.

Rachel gave the heartless a smile before giving Cedric a kiss on the forehead.

Meanwhile Azure looked to Cream and Daniel.

"Hey, did you two see Sticks anywhere?, I want to ask her something." Azure asked while she waits for Rachel to help Cedric get his bearings.

Daniel shook his head meaning he didn't see her.

"Unfortunately we just got down here, I have no Idea where Sticks is." Cream said which caused Azure to huff… but before anyone else could say anything, they heard Stick's voice.

"Someone say my name?" Sticks said when she walked into the room while she wiped her eyes, apparently it looked like she was napping until now.

Everyone wondered where she went before Azure spoke up.

"Where were you?" Azure asked which caused Sticks to yawn.

"Was napping outside in a tree and just got back in, you need something?" Sticks asked while she stretched her body which made her muscles a bit more noticeable for a second.

Cedric and Daniel turned their heads away to avoid staring though Cream and Azure sweatdropped at their reactions before looking to Sticks who relaxed a bit.

"Actually yes Auntie Sticks we were looking for you." Rachel said which caused Sticks to get slightly confused.

"About what?" Sticks asked since she didn't know about Lillum's lessons or the warning that Zooey and Maite sent to Rachel.

Rachel then looked to Azure waiting for her to answer before Azure looks to Sticks.

"Simple, we want to make a bet with you." Azure said with crossed arms which caused Sticks to think for a second before she grins.

"Oh I see… Want to talk about this elsewhere?" Sticks said with her hands behind her head.

"Yes let's." Rachel said before Azure led the trio into another room while leaving the others in a confused state while the heartless followed them with a waddle like motion.

"Uh… should we be worried?" Cream asked Cedric and Daniel when the three ladies exit the room.

Cedric shook his head before speaking.

"Nah don't worry about it. I know they're gonna be fine." He said which caused Cream to blush before she spoke up.

"Uh… you do realize that this is Lillum were talking about… right?" Cream said with a blush on her face.

"I know. But what can I do about it." Cedric said with a blush as well.

"Uh… you also realize that they could have had a *Private lesson* with Lilium right?" Cream said while she tried to get Cedric to understand where she was going.

Cedric took a moment to think before speaking.

"You know...I wasn't thinking that until now."

"Yeah… they… are probably not the same if Lillum used a special crest of hers for… her lessons." Cream said with a blush on her face which was notice by Cedric and Daniel.

Both panda and wolf were wondering what Cream meant.

"She most likely used a time dialation crest on the room they were in… how long were they in there for?" Cream asked.

"Umm... about three hours at least." Cedric replied which caused Cream to gulp.

"Then… uh… three days passed for them in there… which gave Lillum enough time to teach them the basics and probably some more if they took to her lessons well." Cream said with a brighter blush on her face… like she knew what happened already.

Cedric was now worried what Lillum taught him before blushing.

Cream blushed more before she spoke up.

"I… took some personal lessons from Lillum so I know what most likely happened to them in there." Cream admitted with a blush on her face.

Cedric was surprised after hearing that.

Daniel blushed a bit but was remembering the conversation between Cream and Lillum.

"I… would follow them or something to be sure but I wouldn't be to worried since Lillum most likely taught them about sex." Cream said before the scene went to Azure, Rachel, and Sticks who walked outside of the house and into the woods while the sun was setting.

SB Dimension/ Jungle/ Azure, Sticks, Rachel, Rachel's heartless

Azure led the trio out of the house and into the jungle which confused Sticks a bit but she just went with it if it got her something fun to do while the heartless followed behind the group to watch for now.

It wasn't long before the trio found a good spot for them to talk.

"This seems perfect." Rachel said before she sat on a log.

Sticks grins before she sat on the ground while Azure spoke up.

"So, what will it take for you to leave Cedric alone?" Azure asked which caused Sticks to grin.

"And why should I give up on trying to have fun with him?, I mean I need your permission to date him that I get, but all I want is to just have some fun with him and possibly Danny as well." Sticks said with a blush on her face when she starts to imagine things which caused her to chuckle while some drool flowed out of her mouth which caused Azure to sweatdrop at Stick's response.

Rachel also sweatshop before her heartless go on her lap when she was distracted.

"First of all if you want to have fun with Cedric then we have to know how much you like him for real before me and Azure decide if you're in or not. Second you can't go after Daniel since there's someone he likes in our group." Rachel said which confused Sticks a bit.

"Who said I wanted to date anyone?, I was wanting to have some fun with them both… I mean yeah, Cedy is nice and well built, but Danny seems to have all those muscles that would make women weak in the knees if he was the aggressive type." Sticks said with a lust filled look.

Rachel was a bit surprised at that before looking at Azure who seemed a bit surprised as well.

"Wait… so you're saying you don't want to date either of them?, just… plain fun?" Azure said with finger quotes at the end which caused Sticks to grin.

"Maybe I could date one of them later, but I don't want to tie myself down yet, I mean think about it... love maybe good and all but sometimes you just need rough animal like sex to really blow off steam." Sticks said with a wild grin on her face.

Rachel blushed from that before speaking.

"Well like I said Auntie Sticks, if you want to date Cedy, then it has to be my and Azure's decision. And as for Daniel, I'm pretty sure Cream had claimed dibs on him and if they're doing the custom thing then it's her call too."

Sticks just grins before she spoke up.

"So then, what would it take for me to at least have meaningless sex with Cedy for now?, I can speak with Cream later." Sticks said with a lust filled wild grin.

Rachel then looked to Azure to hear her answer.

"Simple, if you can take us in a sex like match then you can have fun with him… but if we beat you then you gotta stop messing with Cedric." Azure said which caused Sticks to blink in surprise before she licks her lips.

"Oh… Rach, do you agree?" Sticks said while her eyes seemed to shimmer in the moonlight.

"You bet your ass I do. It's time for you to learn to not mess with anyone's boyfriend." Rachel replied which caused Sticks to grin.

"Well then, shall we start?" Sticks said before she got to her feet and starts to undress in front of the duo.

Lemon alert/ Also on AO3

Sticks fully undressed which showed that her outfit did restrict her figure greatly… she had a bust size that was a little under Rachel's, but hips that were toned beyond belief while the rest of her body was toned with muscle which showed that her jungle lifestyle really helped her which could possibly explain her stamina that Zooey and Maite warned about, or it could be Stick's special ability.

Azure's eyes widen a bit at the sight while she blushed since she didn't expect that… this could be trouble.

Rachel had the same reaction as before blushing.

Azure and Rachel then stood up while Rachel set the heartless on the ground.

Azure and Rachel then started to undress as well to get this over with…. But to Sticks's surprise… the duo had dicks equipped.

"H-Huh?, wait… huh?" Sticks said when she didn't see that coming at all.

"The big breasted woman, Lillum gave us some toys to help even things out since we heard of your insane stamina from Zooey and Maite when Emerald and Maite went to get some new cloths." Azure said before she slowly stroked her 8-9 inch dick and a couple inches in width which was red to match her fur and barbed from head to base... she was filled in on who Zooey was and what she did for a living from Rachel.

Said hedgehog also stroked her dick that matched her quill color. It was at least 8 ½ half inches while the width was 3 inches.

However instead of still being shocked Sticks grins at the duo.

"Interesting… seems that even if I lose… I got options if I can get one of those from Lilly huh?" Sticks said while giving a nickname for Lillum while she walked to the duo with a slight swing in her hips which caused Azure to gulp when she didn't think that Sticks would go for that option.

Rachel was thinking the same thing before the two woman groaned out when Sticks knelt down and starts to stroke Azure and Rachel's dicks, they may have trained with Lillum but they only had three days of experience while Stick… who knows really.

Rachel groan a bit from the feeling while Sticks continues her action for a few more seconds before surprising the duo by taking both dicks into her mouth at once and bobbing her head.

Meanwhile the heartless starts to blush a bit when the feeling Rachel was feeling transferred to it but it didn't know what to do at the moment before it looks to Rachel before it looks at Azure.

It then wobbled to the trio while they were busy and was behind Sticks… it then pulled its arms and legs into it's body before it starts to shift its form and grow.

Rachel then noticed her heartless and was shocked at what she was seeing.

The heartless grew to Rachel's height before it took a featureless form of a hedgehog mobian before it grew breasts to match Rachels and it grew a dick to match Rachel's though it still looked blob like, it looked like an exact double of Rachel except for a heartless emblem in between it's breasts and the two glowing eyes in what seemed like the doubles head.

"Oh my God." She said with a shocked look which caused Azure to open her eyes when Sticks stops which opened her eyes wide with shock when she saw the double.

Sticks heard what Rachel said before looking behind her before blinking a few times before she grins.

"Oh hello, wanna join in?" Sticks asked the heartless which just stayed silent.

Rachel was again shocked after hearing that.

Though instead of talking, the heartless grabbed Sticks's head and forced her to take more than half of *her* dick into her mouth which caused Sticks's eyes to widen in surprise while the feeling was transferred to Rachel when the heartless starts to feel pleasure.

"O-Oh my God." Rachel said before the clone starts to thrust its hips.

But even though Sticks felt the dick forcing its way down her throat… she noticed that Rachel was feeling it for some reason which caused Sticks to reach over and gripping Rachel's dick before she strokes it and starts to suck the heartless's dick herself which caused the pleasure to double for both the heartless and Rachel while Azure took a step back to cool off.

Rachel moan and groan at the feeling while Sticks continues to bob her head and moving her tongue on the underside of the heartless's dick while she continues to stroke Rachel before Azure moved around and got behind Sticks.

Rachel still moans from that before noticing said feline behind the badger.

Azure took a second to stroke herself before she noticed how wet Sticks was… she then grabbed Sticks's ass before she lifts her to her feet and before Sticks could fully realize what was going on… Azure pressed the tip of her dick to Sticks folds before slamming herself inside in one go which caused Sticks to groan while she was forced to take more of the heartless's dick into her mouth which caused a slight bulge to be seen which in turn caused her grip to strengthen on Rachel's dick.

Said hedgehog groan a bit from the grip, before letting out another moan.

Azure then pulled out before she starts to piston her hips in and out of Sticks while she huffs and pants for air.

Unfortunately for Rachel, Sticks felt her and the heartless's dick twitching which caused her to think that with the two of them feeling the same thing… stamina was cut in half for both before she doubled her effort to make them cum.

Rachel knew what Sticks was doing and she didn't want to cum yet. So she tried to hold it in.

But Sticks wouldn't have it since this was a challenge to her, she strengths her grip before forcing Rachel to stand side by side with the heartless… and before Rachel could do anything, Sticks took Rachel's dick into her mouth with the heartless's dick as well before she bobs her head on the two dicks while the pleasure was bounced to and from the heartless and Rachel.

Rachel moan from this action.

'Oh man. Who knew Auntie Sticks was a pro at this.' She thought while enjoying it.

Azure sped up her thrusts at the sight while Sticks felt Rachel and the heartless's dick twitching again before she used her hands to play with Rachel and the heartless's clit to help them orgasm.

About a few moments later, Rachel couldn't hold it in anymore.

She grunted before saying…


Rachel and in turn the heartless unload their loads right into Sticks's mouth which start to pour to the ground when Sticks wasn't able to swallow, and thanks to the heartless, the pleasure of the orgams was doubled.

Rachel moaned loudly from the sensation while the heartless let out a similar sound while the duo rode out their orgasms while Azure stopped thrusting to watch.

Sticks though kept stroking the duo when they pulled back a bit to milk them for what they had.

It wasn't long before both Rachel and the heartless double stopped cumming before Sticks took a second to taste the semen.

"Hehe, not bad… Cedy's load gave me a pleasant jolt but yours is surprisingly sweet." Sticks said to Rachel while she opened her mouth to show the semen to Rachel before she swallowed to help tempt Rachel.

Said hedgehog frowns a bit before blushing since she remembers tasting Cedric's cum the other night.

Azure blushed when she heard that before looking to Rachel for a second.

Azure then looks back down to Sticks before she resumed thrusting into her pussy which caused Sticks to groan.

"Oh yes, definitely gonna come back for you later Azy." Sticks groans while grinning when Azure's barbs scraped her insides while Azure blushed a bit at the nickname.

Rachel raised her eyebrow at Sticks for that nickname before she thought of saying this.

"You know Auntie, I think deep down you have feelings for Cedric. Why else did you kiss him out of the blue in front everyone?" She asked while Sticks took a few moment to think while Azure continues to thrust into her.

"L-Like I said, I'm j-joining mainly f-for fun, e-even if I do feel a-anything f-for Cedy, w-would you and A-azy her even s-share?, I-Im s-seeing how C-Cedy and D-Danny are in t-the s-sack first b-before I make a s-serious choice like t-that." Sticks stutters out with pleasure while Azure continues to thrust into her while Azure's dick hits plenty of weak spots with the barbs help while Azure pants while she kep up her actions.

"Well I know Azy and I have no problem sharing Cedric since he has a good heart. And no matter what mistakes he made...we still love him. Right Azure?" Rachel asked which caused Azure to stop for a moment to reply and catch her breath.

"Y-yeah… he's a… nice guy w-who would do a-anything to protect us… and we don't mind sharing as long as the outside lady gets our permission first, were not unreasonable as long as said outside lady listens to what we say to get our trust… right Rachel?" Azure said after she caught her breath before she resumed to thrust into Sticks which caused her to groan from the sudden action.

"Right. Besides Auntie Sticks, you know I've always looked up to you right?" She asked which caused Sticks to think for a second while she gasped and groaned when Azure took a moment to adjust her hips before Azure thrusts again at a different angle.

"A-Alright… asking to date right now is one thing, but c-can I at least ask to see i-if I could ha-have some fun w-with h-him e-every now and t-then." Sticks asked while Azure continues to thrust into Sticks before Azure starts to grind into Sticks which caused said badger to groan.

Rachel shook her head before speaking.

"We're still in the process of the deal Auntie. Plus if you want to have fun with our Cedy then we have to know how you feel about him. I know deep down that you want to be in a relationship since everyone is married and had kids. I love you Auntie Sticks and I had hoped you did find someone to be with." Rachel said before looking at Sticks with a little sadness.

Sticks pants and groans when Azure resumed her thrusting before she sends Rachel a slightly irritated look.

"D-Dont you t-think I've tried, p-people call me insane sometimes, but even I c-can see that m-most guys o-only care a-about one thing and the r-rest are a-already t-taken… t-tell me, i-if you guys d-didn't pop up here, w-would I s-still find someone w-who could k-keep up with me a-and have enough manners t-to respect me on this island?" Sticks said while Azure stopped to process that but kept silent since this seemed like something that Rachel could say and get through to the Badger.

Rachel was a bit surprised at that answer.

"I don't know Auntie. But now after thinking about what you said, you should get the respect you deserve. You're a great person Auntie. Any guy would be dumb enough to not give you chance." She said.

"Oh really… Tell me… would anyone in town not hit it and quit it after I have my fun?, you heard from Zooey, I can't get satisfied normally thanks to my abnormal stamina, so while I drain a guy dry, they barely do anything for me, do you know how long it's been since I had a real orgasm?, why do you think I've been this pushy." Sticks said while she surprised the duo by pushing herself and Azure before Azure lands on her back with an oomph while Sticks stayed connected to her hips by Azure's dick.

Rachel now felt like she went to far.

"I'm so sorry Auntie. I didn't know." She said while Sticks groans out for a moment while she took a moment to adjust to Azures dick before she responds.

"No worries… But you do know now that I won't lose so easily to two beginners right?, I may be a bitch to you right now but I really want to finally get that long overdue orgasm so that's why I want to have fun or test Cedy and Danny, after all even if you love him, wouldn't you get irritated if only your lover was getting the better end of the deal time and time again?" Sticks said before she starts to raise and lower her hips which caused Azure to groan out while she held Sticks's ass cheeks.

Rachel took a moment to think before speaking.

"Well I don't know about that, but the 3 of us will find a way to make each other feel good." She said which caused Sticks to grin before she stood, turned her back to Rachel and slid herself back on Azure's dick before she looks back to Rachel while holding her asscheeks apart and bent down a bit to present herself to the hedgehog mobian.

"Mind making my ass feel good then?" Sticks said before she stops to allow Rachel a good look.

Rachel blush before grinning back.

"Certainly." She said before getting behind Sticks before lining her cock towards the badger's ass.

Sticks took a second to relax her body when she felt that, she had fun with her ass before but not as much as her pussy which twitched a bit around Azures Dick which caused Azure to groan for a second.

Rachel took a deep breath before she insert her dick in Sticks's ass which slid in slowly since Sticks's ass was much tighter then her pussy.

Sticks groans out while she kept relaxed for the most part, her body shuddered when the dick going deeper into her ass caused her pussy to tighten which allowed Azures dick and barbs to be felt a bit by Rachel.

Said hedgehog groaned before asking.

"How do you like that Auntie?" Rachel asked with a grin.

Sticks groans again before grinning to Rachel.

"Well what are you waiting for, tear my ass up." Sticks said before she surprised Rachel by kissing her after she sat up a bit and sliding her tongue into Rachel's mouth before Sticks grinds a bit on the duo.

Rachel was caught off guard by that before she kiss back and sliding her tongue in Sticks's mouth before she starts thrusting.

Sticks groans while the heartless in the meantime watched on...it looked to the group before deciding to join in again… this time by getting behind Rachel.

Rachel didn't noticed her heartless as she was still kissing Sticks while thrusting in her ass.

The heartless grips Rachel's hips and before she could react, placed the tip of its dick at her asshole and slowly pushed in.

Rachel jolt a bit before screaming in Sticks's mouth from the feeling while the heartless slid deeper and deeper with every inch which was also felt by Rachel when the feeling the heartless felt was transferred to her.

It made Rachel thrust a little fast in Sticks's ass while moan in her mouth before she had her tongue wrestle against the badger's.

Sticks groans out when she felt Rachel getting to get rougher but just went with it before she held Rachel's cheek before the heartless starts to thrust in and out of Rachel's ass.

Said hedgehog continues to thrust in while still kissing Sticks before she clenched her ass on the heartless's dick.

The heartless was a bit out of sync for a bit before it got a pattern going, when it thrust in it was when Rachel push to it, when it pulled, Rachel did it as well which meant Rachel was under a constant state of pleasure.


Cedric was walking through the woods while to look for the trio.

'I hope nothing bad has happened to them.' He thought with worry since he still remembers what Rachel said about Sticks's stamina.

But for some strange reason, he was secretly turned on after hearing that. However, he was more concerned for his girlfriends.

"Where have they gone to?" He whispered.

His question was answered when he heard something from the deeper part of the jungle nearby, but it was too low to fully get but it wasn't a natural jungle noise.

"Hmmm...I wonder what's going on there." Cedric said before he starts following the strange noise.

What he saw was Sticks, Azure, and Rachel while they talk about some things and their bet which starts the steamy show.

He also heard about Sticks and her stamina issue and her pushy attitude as well which would explain a lot of things… and the fact that she might still go after Daniel if Cedric couldn't match her in the stamina department.

Cedric made sure to stay hidden in the bushes so he wouldn't get caught. He felt bad after hearing her story but upset that Sticks will go to said panda if he doesn't satisfy her.

'Why does that irritate me? I can do so much better than Daniel. Whoa...where that come from. I mean Sticks is attractive. But how come no guy will come for a smoking hot body like hers? I mean I would rock her world right now.' Cedric thought before he was shocked after thinking that.

'Okay seriously, why am I feeling this way about her? I hardly know her and I get jealous that she would focus on a different guy other than me. Unless...do I actually like her?" He thought while still watching them before he heard about Sticks other reasons for going after him and Daniel before he heard his hollow in his head.

"Oh face it, you never had real sex right?, how would you last against her when other guys with better stamina lost to her… you would get a crushed pelvis most likely if you underestimate her." the hollow said with a tone that said a lot.

Cedric would've retorted but knew that his hollow form was right.

"Thought so, you might as well talk with Lillum or Emerald for tips… Though I would go for the big breasted woman any day, hehehe." the hollow said with a perverted tone.

Cedric sweatdrop before he used his speed to get out of the jungle and back to Rachel's house to find Lillum, but not before hearing Rachel moaning loudly when the heartless entered her ass.


Cedric finally arrived at Rachel's house before looking for the Succubus.

"Lillum, Lillum you there?" He asked before he heard Lillum speaking up from another room.

"In here Cedric." Lillum called from the room that she taught Azure and Rachel in.

Cedric was about to enter before he asked.

"Are you decent?"

"Yep." Lillum simply said from in the room.

Cedric sighed a bit before entering the room and saw that Lillum was wearing a tanktop and shorts which showed off her figure well while she seemed to work on a crest.

"Need something?, like on how to please Stick?" Lillum said like she knew what Cedric was here for.

Cedric was shocked after hearing that.

"H-How did you know that?" He asked which caused Lillum to chuckle.

"Few reasons, mainly even if I taught Azure and Rachel, they only got three days in, so even if they got use to their new toys, putting them against a stamina demon like Sticks really works against them, add the fact that Sticks might go for you or Daniel after shes done would be easy to figure out right?" Lillum said while looking to Cedric with one eye.

Cedric was surprised but was once again feeling jealous.

"Everytime I hear that, I get that jealous feeling and I don't know why." He said which caused Lillum to chuckle.

"Oh that's easy, you and your hollow half like Sticks, simple as that, but if she heard about my toys then she might try to make a harem of her own, and I like playing fair or dirty if the situation calls for it so I can't just say no if she asks for one of her own." Lillum said with a teasing grin.

Cedric was blushed while realizing the truth about his feelings but surprised when Lillum said that last part.

"Man it's going to be awkward telling Azure and Rachel about this." Cedric said while rubbing the back of his head.

"Eh I wouldn't worry much if you get the stamina needed, but like she said... if you lack it, then there's always Daniel, so think of it like this… don't think that you lose the chance to win Sticks, all you need is practice and you might do well, but you need to get some experience first, I mean do you think you could get Sticks right off the bat?" Lillum said with an amused tone.

Cedric blushed at that before responding.

"Well not really. My hollow suggested going to either you or Emerald and since he's out with Maite, I'd go for the expert here. Plus I also want to have my first time with Azure and Rachel to be special before I go to Sticks." He said while blushing which made Lillum giggle.

"Alright then, what do you need to know?" Lillum said while sending a grin to Cedric.

Cedric gulped before speaking.

"Everything to please woman."

Lillum grins before the door slammed closed behind Cedric while Lillum floats to her feet.

"Really?, cause while I can teach you… it won't be so easy, ready?" Lillum said with a grin while her eyes glowed.

"Yes." Cedric said though feeling nervous about it.

"Don't worry… I won't be the one getting hands on, this will." Lillum said before water gathered next to Lillum before it formed a featureless mobian figure which had some female features.

Cedric was amazed when he saw that before the water figure approached Cedric while a seal appeared on a door before the scene went back to Azure, Rachel, and Sticks while howls of pleasure was heard from the room.

Rachel continues to thrusting her dick in Sticks's ass while moaning at her heartless as it thrusts at her ass as well before her dick starts to twitch faster and faster when the heartless's actions caused her to lose stamina fast.

About 5 thrusts later, Rachel grunts before yelling out…


She let out a load of cum in Sticks's ass which caused Sticks to moan while the heartless shot its own load right into Rachel's.

Azure saw what was happening and lays still for now to wait for them to finish.

Rachel moans at the feeling of her heartless's cum in her ass before it took 5 seconds before she finally stops cumming.

The heartless pulled free of Rachels ass before and fell back onto its rear which caused semen to flow out of Rachel's ass while the heartless felt very weak which showed that the same was said for Rachel, two or four loads if you get technical was shot from Rachel after all.

Said hedgehog took a breath before pulling out of Sticks's ass which caused semen to flow from Stick's hole as well and falling on her ass on the ground.

Sticks took a breath before looking to Rachel with a grin.

"Down already?, I'll keep going till you say you give up." Sticks said with an amused tone.

"N-Never." Rachel said before grinning as well.

Sticks grins before she spoke up.

"Well then, what are you waiting for?" Sticks said while slapping her ass a couple times before she starts to ride Azure which made Azure grit her teeth before she had enough and to Sticks surprise, pushed Sticks on her back before Azure spoke up with an irritated tone.

"Don't forget I'm here!" Azure said before she got on top of Sticks and slams her dick inside of Sticks pussy while she grit her teeth before she growls a bit when she thrusts her hips in and out of Sticks which caused her to groan from the new position and how deep Azure was going.

Rachel was surprised at Azure's move before she grinned and went to Sticks's head while the clone followed but went to Azure instead.

Azure and Sticks were to distracted at the moment to notice the approaching duo.

Rachel brought her dick to Sticks's mouth before speaking.

"Open your mouth and start licking."

Sticks opened her eyes before grinning, she then starts to lick the underside of the dick and part of the tip while the heartless blocked Rachel's view of Azure by sitting on Stick's chest and placed its dick between Sticks's breasts which popped out of the underside while the head of the dick was near Azures mouth before the heartless starts to thrust her hips back and forth with the head of the dick popping in and out of Sticks's breasts as a result.

Azure noticed before she starts to lick the tip of the dick when it got closed to her face while she continues to thrust into Sticks's pussy.

Rachel shivered at the feel of said badger's tongue before she shoved her dick in her mouth.

Sticks moans when she felt Rachel doing that before she relaxed her throat while Rachel had to grab her heartless but because of how close she was she had to grab its breasts for leverage which sent the feeling back to her and caused the heartless's dick to be angled a bit which allowed Azure to have her tongue lick the entire head of the heartless's dick.

Rachel moaned from the different angles she's feeling before Sticks start to moan and hum around Rachel's dick.

Then Rachel said something to Sticks that reminded the badger of Cedric.

"Come on Auntie, try using your tongue more."

Stick took up that challenge be using her free arms to grab Rachels ass before forcing Rachel to fully hilt her dick in Sticks mouth and throat while Sticks used her tongue to slide over the top of Rachel's dick.

Rachel groans from that before she starts enjoying it while Sticks felt Azures dick twitching before Azure groans out after she hilts Sticks.


Azure grits her teeth when she shoots out glob after glob of semen into Sticks who groans out at the intense heat that flowed through her body while her body shudders during her orgasm.

Rachel then starts thrusting in Sticks mouth before Azure surprised everyone when she resumed thrusting in Sticks pussy during her ejaculation while she growls.

Rachel continues to thrust in Sticks's till she starts feeling her dick hit the back of the badger's throat who gags a few times before she managed to relax her throat, however she felt Rachel and the heartless's dick twitching again.

It took a few moments before Rachel grunts again before saying…


When she came, the heartless did as well after pressing Sticks's breasts together, Rachel shot her semen down Sticks's throat which made Sticks's eyes open in surprise while the heartless gave Sticks's stomach a decent coating of semen.

Rachel grunted a bit before she finally stopped cumming.

However… thanks to the fact that she and the heartless were linked, her energy was so low that she and the heartless start to wobble while Sticks drank Rachel's semen.

"I-I think...I'm gonna stop standing up now." Rachel said before laying on the floor while her dick turned flaccid while the heartless fell to its side after its dick vanished.

The last thing she saw was Azure thrusting into Sticks who groans before her eyes shut.

Azure got a bit worried for Rachel after a few seconds before she tried to pull herself free of Sticks to check on her.

Sticks knew what the feline was gonna do and wasn't gonna have that.

"Oh no you don't." She said before wrapping her legs around Azure's waist to keep her in place.

Azure grunts when she was forced back inside of Sticks.

"H-Hold on, Rachel could be in trouble or something." Azure said with a slightly worried tone.

"Relax she's fine. She's just resting. I'm surprised she lasted this long. Some of the guys I was with a while back only lasted one load and ended up falling asleep." Sticks said while reassuring Azure.

Azure took a second to think about that while she looked to Rachel and the heartless and only saw the rising and lowering of Rachels chest.

She then looks back to Sticks.

"Alright then, guess its you and me for now." Azure said before she adjusts herself before she starts to thrust in and out of Sticks again.

A moment later, after she groans a few times, Sticks then thought of something to get Azure really going before speaking.

"Come on you can do better than that. I thought Cedy picked a strong girl. Though after seeing how long you two last, I think I'm be better suited for him. And who knows, when I'm done with him...I'll be his number one girl." Sticks said in a taunting voice.

Normally Azure would have brushed off the taunt, but because of the inhibitor ring being missing and her body getting bombarded with dark energy recently and add the fact that Sticks had a point when Rachel was already out for now but Sticks seemed to be barely winded… and Azure's body emits a red mist before she looked to Sticks with glowing red eyes while her dick swelled an inch bigger.

Sticks grinned before speaking.

"Awww, did I hurt your feelings? If you want to prove yourself to be Cedy's number one girl then show me what you got." She said with a challenging tone in her voice.

"Alright bitch… get ready to scream!" Azure said before she gripped Sticks, turned her onto all fours, and with no mercy took her dick out of Sticks's pussy and shoved it into her ass before she starts thrusting before Sticks could get used to it.

"GAAAHH!" Sticks screamed from that feeling before Azure snarled like an animal.

Sticks was now starting to relax before enjoying this while the time advanced to later when Rachel starts to come to while sounds slowly returned to her ears.

Rachel groaned a bit before her eyes flutter open.

Then she sat up on the ground while rubbing her eyes before speaking.

"Anything I mi…" Rachel couldn't finish her sentence before her eyes widen at what she was seeing.

First was Azure who's features seemed more animal like, sharpened fangs and claws, the red mist, glowing red eyes… but what really got Rachel's attention was Sticks who Azure was ramming herself into with no mercy… Instead of being calm and collected, Sticks had a face that showed she was beyond fucked and was loving it while tears streamed down her face and drool went down her chin and to the ground, her stomach was greatly bloated with semen which begged the question… how long were those two at it?

"Uh...Azure? How long was I out?" Rachel questioned.

Though her answer went unanswered when Azure actually roared when she slammed herself into Sticks and unloaded another load of semen into the Badger who groans.

"Ahhh...t-thhhaannnhhss you…" Sticks shockingly slurrs out while Azure grunts a few times before she resumed thrusting.

Rachel was shocked at the sight before Azure unloads another load into the badger who groans before she passed out which caused Azure to pant for a second before she pulled out of Sticks and a flood of semen flowed out of her ass and pussy which showed that Azure went for both of Sticks holes.

Rachel was shocked at the amount that was flowing out.

She looked at Azure to see if she's okay.

"You alright Azure?" She asked while Azure pants a for a few more moments before the red aura starts to recede and the fangs and claws shorten to normal while Azures dick returns to normal size before Azure fell to her knees.

Rachel then ran to her side and holds her incase the feline falls.

"You okay Azure?" She asked again.

Azure pants a few times before barely speaking up.

"S-Sticks?" Azure asked while her body felt weak from what she just did.

"What about her?" She asked while Azure took a moment to get her breath again.

"S-She… o-ok?" Azure managed to say to Rachel.

Rachel looked to Sticks to see if she was okay or not.

Though the state she was it seemed to be Ok physically...but mentally…

Sticks looked like she went through the fucking of her life and then some, her eyes were rolled back into her head, her tongue hangs out of her mouth, she made the occasional noise and her body twitched a bit while her pussy squirts every now and then… All in all… she was fucked up beyond belief right now but still living and breathing.

Rachel sweatdrop before looking back at Azure before speaking.

"She looks...okay. But what happened while I was out?" She asked which caused Azure to look to her with tired eyes.

"S-She...taunt… lost c-control...s-sorry." Azure said before she passed out.

Rachel chuckled from that before speaking.

"Guess that means we win."

"N-Not….quite." A familiar voice shockingly said… One that should be out cold right now.

Rachel looked at the source of the voice and saw to her shock that Sticks was awake somehow...not moving...but awake.

"S-Seriously Auntie Sticks? You still want more?" Rachel asked in disbelief.

Sticks however chuckles… But barely before she spoke up.

"Y-You p-passed out for n-nearly t-two hours… and A-Azy passed out as w-well j-just n-now… I'm st-still awake...b-barely...bu-but still awake." Sticks managed to get out while her body shuddered.

"And something tells me you're still not satisfied right?" Rachel asked which caused Sticks to chuckle again.

"A-Azy finally...made..me cum...after so...long...and...more...I may w-win but I'll keep a-away from C-Cedy for now….I got a favorite in your a-arms there." Sticks managed to get out with a grin on her face.

Rachel was surprised that Sticks said that before she asked this.

"What if hypothetically...Cedy likes you as well?" She asked which caused Sticks to grin.

"A-As long… as I get… another g-good time with Azy...you a-and Cedy...can do w-what you...w-want with...m-me….C-Cedy s-still needs e-experience...b-but I don't mind tr-training him." Sticks said with a blush on her face.

Rachel was surprised by that before speaking.

"Well even though I said it's mine and Azure's decision, I'm secretly hoping she accepts you in our group. I miss hanging out with you Auntie." She said with a smile.

Sticks just grins before she responds.

"G-Good to k-know, h-hopefully I c-can g-get to k-know Azy b-better." Sticks said with a smile.

Rachel gulped before speaking.

"Do have feelings for Azure Auntie? Like romantically?" Rachel asked which caused Sticks to grin.

"H-Hell yeah, she was a-able to get me to c-cum when no one else has in a long time… y-you could object… but it won't change w-what I think." Sticks said with a grin on her face.

Rachel was surprised at that before asking this.

"And if Cedy or me did that to you?" She asked which caused Sticks to chuckle.

"Then I might as well marry one of you then, you guys are great in multiple ways but only Azy here got me to cum...guess Cedy will have to share until he does the same to me." Sticks teased while her body shuddered again.

Rachel blushed before speaking.

"I don't think Cedy will mind sharing since me and Azure are sharing him. Plus I think only Cedy can marry the girls in his harem but you can still have fun with Azure if they accept you that is." She said.

Sticks just smiles before asking a thought bringing question.

"A-And do you k-know for a fact t-that w-woman c-cant marry others from that s-school dimension?, I d-dont mind g-giving C-Cedy a good time… But I'm not giving up on Azy." Sticks said with a grin on her face.

Rachel was surprised by that before she took some time to think before speaking.

"Yes it's true that in the *school dimension* that same gender marriage can happen and Azure likes me and Cedy along with any woman that might join. But you can't expect her to betray Cedy by leaving him. I mean Cedy has somewhat claim us but I'm sure they'll be okay with you being in our group." Rachel said hoping that got through to her.

"And w-who said that Azy couldn't stay with Cedy, I mean you three are in a relationship...why not make it interesting?, besides If Cedric is good with sharing and he knows then it shouldn't be an issue right?" Sticks said while she slowly sat up when she starts to recover.

Rachel took a moment to think this before speaking.

"I guess you're right. But if they accept you, then the four of us will have to discuss this in a civilized manner." Rachel suggested.

Sticks chuckled before responding.

"Alright, but if we're going with those rules that Lilly comes from...then I could make my own harem right...especially if I have one of those on me right?" Sticks said while she points to the flaccid dicks on Azure and Rachel.

"Um...I don't know how that works. I mean you can have fun with the girls in Cedy's harem and him but if you start your own, then it be like you're on your own." Rachel replied while Sticks chuckles.

"No worries… I would only go for those who would be fine with going to Cedy for some fun if you and Azy are ok with it, those who are lesbian, or those who have abnormal stamina like myself, I'd still be in the harem, but you could think of it like a sub harem… I mean doesn't it seem interesting… Ladies who you can have fun with whenever you want, those who are fine with your tastes and then some… Think about it." Sticks said while she grins.

Rachel took a moment to think before speaking.

"Hmmm, well we should talk to Lillum about that to see what she thinks." She said.

"Alright...I do have a favor to ask though…" Sticks said while she blushed a bit.

"What's that?" Rachel asked.

"Mind helping me up...I can't feel my legs right now." Sticks said while chuckling nervously…. Seems Azure really did a good job.

"What about Azure? Someone has to help her up too." Rachel said before hearing a surprising voice that echoed around them.

"Oh don't worry, I can help with that." The voice said before a crest appeared under the trio and the heartless before they found themselves in Lillums room and their bodies were cleaned… She looked amused for some reason.

Rachel was shocked at what just happened.

"W-Were you watching us Lillum?!" She asked while Sticks was a bit surprised at the sudden shift in scenery while the succubus chuckles.

"Well… I was using your love fest as a visual aid for my newest student." Lillum said with a teasing tone while she points to her bed while the area they were in was seen on a holographic image in the middle of the room.

Rachel looks at the suppose student in the bed before her eyes widen in shock at who it was.

It was a nude Cedric who was in the middle of humping the water mobian while his dick was seen through the water but stopped in shock and surprise when the three woman and the heartless just poofed into the middle of the room.

To add more to this awkward situation...Cedric's control was shot from the surprise guests appearing and he ejaculates in the water mobian with more volume than normal which caused him to howl in everyone's view before he stops after 15 seconds though Azure was still down for the count.

Cedric didn't know what to say in this awkwardness while blushing.

Rachel finally broke the silence by looking at Lillum before speaking.

"C-Cedric is your student?!" She asked which caused Lillum to point to Cedic.

"He's the one who asked, I'm just helping him with his stamina since he lacks experience compared to you three." Lillum explains before the water clone mobian starts to move her hips on Cedric's dick again.

Said wolf groans from that feeling.

Rachel blushed at the scene, but mostly at the nude Cedric while Sticks grins at the sight.

"So he came to you to help with his stamina?" Rachel asked to hear the full story.

"Yep, but unlike my personal touch with you and...Azy, he's using a water mobian… A water double in the shape of a mobian, as a substitute so he's not cheating on you two...or three if he can tame a wild Sticks since he said that he liked her...right Cedy?" Lillum said with a teasing grin while the water double cools down greatly while continuing to hump Cedric.

Rachel was shocked at the news before looking at her boyfriend to see if it's true.

Cedric blushed at the stare before speaking.

"Yeah it's true Rach. I asked Lillum to train me so my first time with you and Azure will be special. And yes...even though I hardly knew Sticks, she grew on me. So I hoped to satisfy her as well with my training."

Rachel was surprised but felt touched that her boyfriend was doing this just to please her, Azure and now Sticks.

Lillum however chuckles before she spoke up.

"You should have seen him, a few hours of sex straight and he was begging for rest, but now he can go for an hour straight and unload so much semen that you would be surprised." Lillum said with a grin on her face.

Rachel blushed big after hearing that before she started thinking of Cedric taking her which...caused her to get an erection to Lillums amusement.

"Sorry Rachel but Cedy doesn't swing that way...want me to remove it so you can have some fun with him personally instead of a water mobian doing the training?

Rachel quickly nods at Lillum instead of replying which caused Lillum to chuckle before she walked over to Rachel.

"Well then, just to make it fair and to see if your nap helped..." Lillum said before she gripped the dick, and after a pink electrical jolt... Rachel unloaded an insane amount of semen in front of her and onto the middle of the floor while Lillum slowly stroked her dick.

Cedric was surprised at what he saw follow by the amount.

Rachel was surprised as well before she groans for a few moments before she tapped off while Lillum licked her hand clean.

"W-Was that necessary?" She asked which caused Lillum to chuckle.

"I believe you forgot the main rule here slave…" Lillum said with a teasing grin before she caused Rachel's dick to return to the dildo form which floats back to Lillum's hand.

Rachel remembered about the rules before speaking.

"I'm sorry mistress." She said while Lillum grin.

"As punishment…" Lillum said before she snapped her fingers and a moment later, Rachel was where the water mobian was on her back while the water mobian was where Rachel was… Though the kicker… Rachel was bound by many ropes which put her in an a very suggestive position.

"Cedric can have as much fun as he wants with you and you can't disobey him, do so and those ropes will prevent you from cumming with the seals on them." Lillum said before the ropes shift to some kind of bondage gear to allow Rachel movement.

Cedric blushed greatly after looking at his hedgehog girlfriend.

Rachel blushed with embarrassment but was thrilled to have her first with Cedric.

"I understand mistress." She said which caused Lillum to grin.

"And to make things more… interesting training wise... " Lillum said before she snapped her fingers before a glowing ring appeared around the base of Cedric's dick.

"A bit of homework Cedy… you have to make Rachel cum 5 times before you come once… if you do the count will restart and you won't be able to cum yourself." Lillum said with a lust filled grin.

Cedric was shocked before speaking.

"I accept the challenge mistress." He said which caused Lillum to smirk.

"Goodboy… And FYI, Rachel and Azure went through the same training, Rachel used Azure's ass and Azure used Rachel's in turn...so don't think I did that for no reason." Lillum said with a grin on her face.

Cedric blushed from that before speaking.

"I would never think like that mistress."

Lillum grins before speaking up.

"No worries… though I can use this to help Rachel a bit…" Lillum said before she looked to the heartless and snapped her fingers before it appeared next to Rachel in a similar state to Rachel now while the glowing ring appeared on Cedirc's dick again before a second one appeared and melds with the first before vanishing.

"There… now you have to please the both of them, and since they are linked...20 times since Rachel's stamina is cut in half when she has her heartless help her, you can come once but the number will reset if you come twice." Lillum teased Cedric while she reclines in the air.

Rachel blushed from that info.

Cedric nods to Lillum before speaking.

"I understand mistress."

"Now then, start doing what I taught you but remember you have to order her for the most part." Lillum explained while she used a spell to place Azure on a nearby bed to rest while she laid Sticks at her side which caused her to chuckle.

Cedric nods to Lillum before he got on top of Rachel and brought his dick to her mouth.

"Start licking." He said with a commanding tone in his voice.

Rachel blushed after looking at her boyfriend's dick before replying.

"Yes master." She said before she took her tongue out and started licking the wolf's dick.

Cedric blushed when she called him that before he shivered a bit at the feel of her tongue.

The heartless looked on with some confusion before it looked to Rachel and her mouth before it formed a similar looking mouth and tongue before it… or she from the more female like form, moved a bit to lick what Rachel missed.

Said hedgehog was surprised at what her heartless was doing before she continues to lick Cedric's dick.

Said wolf was surprised that the heartless can do that before he shivered again at the feeling.

"You know I am surprised that you can do that but no one said for you to lick yet." He said before Lillum giggles which got his attention.

"Silly Wolf, remember that test is to get them to cum, not you, and the Heartless is linked with Rachel so it's like ordering two Rachels at once, besides, the heartless is starting to form into a form based on what it learns so if you just let it follow Rachel's lead… you could have two very happy sex slaves for yourself." Lillum explain while she noticed the similar things between the heartless and Rachel.

Cedric did like the sound of that before looking at Rachel.

Said hedgehog gave him a wink while lick meaning she wouldn't mind.

Cedric acknowledges it before looking at Lillum before speaking.

"I understand mistress."

Lillum chuckles before looking to the heartless who stopped.

"Besides... seems this little slave is already obedient to you Cedy." Lillum said since the heartless did stop its actions on Cedric's command.

Said nods at Lillum before looking back at the heartless.

"Resume licking." He said before the heartless did just that by licking the parts that Rachel missed again.

Said hedgehog moved her tongue to the head of Cedric's dick before she starts licking the tip.

Cedric shudders at the feeling before speaking.

"Hmmm, that's some good tongue Rach. Mistress has taught you well."

Rachel was happy at the compliment while Lillum giggles again before Sticks spoke up.

"Hey Lilly, is it true that women can marry one another in your world?" Sticks asked which got Lillums attention.

"Oh yeah… I even have two daughters with a female lover of mine thanks to a different kind of toy that Azure and Rachel used on you, though since Cedy and I heard about your crush on Azure, we don't need too much filling in thankfully… right Cedy?" Lillum teased while she watched Rachel and the heartless worship Cedric's cock.

"Yes mistress." Said wolf replied while enjoying the double lick which caused Sticks to grin.

"So how about it Cedy, wanna bang two married women in the future if I talk Azy into it?" Sticks said with a grin.

"I will agree. You do know I will marry you as well in the future right?" He asked with a grin.

"On two conditions, one is that you actually have to satisfy me, I'll have fun with you if you want but you have to make me orgasm first before I agree, that reasonable?" Sticks said with a challenging grin.

Cedric grinned at that before speaking.

"I accept. But you don't have to ask. Part of my training was to make sure you get the best orgasm you deserve my dear Sticks."

Sticks grins before she spoke up while she turned to face Cedric, she wasn't shy about hiding her body.

"Alright, and the second is that I can make my own harem, I'll make sure to let them know about you and your harem and if you and your ladies want to have fun with them, then you can ask their permission to have some fun, though I may go for lesbians and Bisexuals mainly, no men allowed though… since I can talk to Lilly here about getting a few of her toys for my own use." Sticks said with a grin on her face.

Cedric grinned back before speaking

"Does that mean I'm not allowed?" He asked with almost hurt tone.

"I did say that YOU and YOUR ladies can have fun if you get permission right?, but it's their choice if they want to or not right?" Sticks said with a raised eyebrow.

Cedric chuckled before speaking.

"That is true so I'll accept the second. But I do have a question for you."

"Shoot." Sticks said while shrugging an arm.

"When I marry you and the others in the future, I will want to start a family of my own. will you accept carrying my child when the time comes?"

"I'll make a deal for that then, if you can actually satisfy me, and I mean orgasm after orgasm satisfy like Azy here did when she snapped, I'll be more then happy to carry your kid, until then I'll stick with birth control and other things, makes sense right?" Sticks said while chuckling.

"Then be ready my lovely Sticks. Cause when I give you want you want... I'm gonna impregnate the hell out of you." Cedric said with a grin which caused Sticks to grin as well.

"Then you better level up a lot cause if you don't get to Azy's level when she snapped then it might be awhile." Sticks said while she turned around for a moment before getting behind Azure and placed an arm around her waist.

"Who knows, I may get Azy to knock me up first if your too late, or it could be the other way around." Sticks teased Cedric while Rachel heard everything while she and the heartless continue their work, Lillum just grins while she listened in.

"Only if I impregnate her first." Cedric said with a smirk.

"It's a bet then." Sticks said surprisingly while she rubbed Azure's stomach… in Cedric's view.

Cedric blushed at the sight before smirking Sticks.

"Shall we kiss on that then?" He asked.

"Maybe later since I can barely walk now, stamina recovery or not, my hips giving out is another matter entirely, not only that but you got a lady waiting for a new order." Sticks said with an amused tone.

"You're right. But when this is over, your lips will be kissed by mine." Cedric said with a smirk before giving his attention to Rachel and the heartless.

Said hedgehog was turned on at what was happening.

'Hmmm...I like this new Cedric. I can't wait til he marries me. I can picture mine and Azure's kids and even Sticks's, if Azure agrees, playing together.' Rachel happily thought for the future.

Then Cedric said…

"Okay you two stop licking."

Rachel and the heartless stopped what they were doing to see what Cedric was going to say.

Said wolf then said…

"Open wide Rachel."

Said hedgehog knew what he wanted. So instead of replying, Rachel opened mouth as wide as she can before Cedric insert his dick to her mouth before he starts thrusting.

The Heartless just tilts her head when she didn't know what to do at the moment since Cedric didn't give her an order.

Cedric noticed that before smirking.

"Don't worry. I got something planned for you." He said before he took his arm back and brought his fingers to the heartless's pussy before he starts rubbing it.

Though the heartless didn't make much noise, she did start to pant a bit with her mouth open while the feeling was transferred to Rachel.

Said hedgehog shuddered at the feeling while Cedric continues to thrust in her mouth before he inserts his fingers in the heartless's pussy.

The heartless shuddered at the feeling before she turned onto all fours to let Cedric have better access.

Cedric was pleased by that before he starts moving his fingers around while thrusting in Rachel's mouth.

The heartless still didn't make much noise but she did wiggle hips a little while pressing her rear to Cedric's hand to get him to go deeper, all while Rachel feeling everything the heartless did.

Rachel's moans were muffled due to Cedric's dick in her mouth, but she was starting to enjoy it. She can already feel wet in her nether regions which was also felt by Cedric when the heartless starts to get wet herself.

Cedric smirked at this before he starts moving his fingers a little fast in the heartless's pussy while thrusting a little fast in Rachel's mouth.

She gagged a bit but was really enjoying it.

However to Cedric's surprise, the heartless's tunnel spasmed which showed that it was cumming right now while the feeling was felt by Rachel, apparently Lillum left out vaginal training which made said succubus smirk but she kept silent.

Rachel's eyes widen from that feel before she moaned a little loud before climaxing as well.

Cedric had a feeling that she climaxed before he pulled his dick out to check the results.

Rachel gasped from that before trying to catch her breath.

Cedric smirk after seeing her soaked folds before looking at her.

"Did you enjoy that?" He asked.

"Y-Yes master." Rachel replied before blushing.

Cedric smirked again before speaking.

"That's good but I'm just getting starting."

He took his tongue out before he starts licking Rachel's folds after he bent down to get between her legs.

Rachel shuddered a bit after feeling her boyfriend's tongue lick there before letting out a slight moan.

The heartless looked on before she tried to think of a way to help without disobeying Cedric.

Cedric sees this and stopped for a moment much to Rachel's disappointment.

"If you want to help, how about giving her breasts some nice kisses." He ordered which caused the heartless to nod before she moved a bit before she starts to kiss various parts of Rachel's breasts which caused Lillum to sweatdrop.

"A bit too literal Cedy, it maybe nice, but I'm not sure it will do much since the Heartless is still learning." Lillum said while the heartless just kisses Rachel's breasts.

Cedric took a moment to think before speaking.

"Hmmm...you're right mistress." He said before hearing Rachel speak.

"Cedy...please continue."

Cedric looked at her with a half lidded look before grinning.

"I'm sorry but what was that?" He asked.

Rachel realized the mistake she made.

"I mean master." She said.

Cedric still grinned before speaking.

"No you said my name. Looks like someone deserves to be punished."

"P-Punished?" She asked.

Instead of replying, Cedric grabbed hold of Rachel before flipping her over before her head was on the pillow while her rear is sticking up.

The heartless watched while sitting cross legged on the bed to wait for another order.

Cedric then raised his hand up before he starts smacking her ass.

"GAAAAHHH!" Rachel screamed while the heartless jolts from the feeling transferring to her.

Cedric continues to smack her ass before he starts speaking.

"Now here's the rule my lovely slave...You can call me Cedric or Cedy when we're with our friends or if we're going out. But when we're alone in the bedroom or if we bring Azure, Sticks, or anyone else, it's 'Master'. Is that understood?" He asked while smacking her ass.

"Y-Yes...Master!" She said with ecstasy while the heartless rubbed her legs together when she got more wet thanks to what Rachel was feeling.

Lillum and Sticks in the meantime grin at what Cedric was doing before Lillum spoke up.

"Don't forget you got another lady in bed with you right now, very important to multitask...hmm.. Maybe you could ask Emerald about teaching you on to how to make clones." Lillum said before giving Rachel and Cedric a imp like grin.

Cedric returned the grin to Lillum before speaking.

"You're right mistress. I'll be sure to ask Emerald that when he returns. But now if you excuse me." He said before looking at the heartless.

"Get on all fours and raise your ass." He commanded which caused the heartless to nod before she turned onto all fours and got on her hands and feet which gave Cedric a perfect view of her ass and soaking pussy.

Cedric chuckled before speaking.

"I see you're enjoying this but it's time for your spanking as well." He said before he raised his other hand and started smacking the heartless's ass before resuming to spank Rachel's.

The heartless made no noises but her tongue hangs out of her mouth and pain and pleasure went through her body while the feeling went to Rachel who's feelings went to the Heartless which seemed to bounce the feeling back and forth which made the feeling stronger.

Cedric gave both Rachel and the heartless 10 smacks each to their asses.

Rachel screamed with pleasure from this action while Lillum grins at the sight while Sticks did the same as they watched the scene before them.

Cedric was at nine slaps before he gave Rachel one last slap before she came hard which in turn caused the heartless to as well… for a moment Cedric could have actually heard a sound emitting from the heartless.

Then he sees how red Rachel's ass is.

"You learned your lesson slave?" Cedric asked.

"I-I have master." Rachel before shuddering a bit.

"Good girl." Cedric said before he starts kissing said hedgehog's rosy ass cheeks while the Heartless tilts her head while she watched, apparently it would be awhile before she actually says something.

While Cedric continues to kiss Rachel's ass, he brought his hand out before rubbing the heartless's ass which caused her to jolt when Cedric rubs her sore ass which was felt by Rachel.

Rachel shuddered a bit before holding back a giggle at her boyfriend's lips on her ass cheeks while the Heartless pants a bit when Cedric's fingers got a bit close to her folds a few times.

It wasn't long before Cedric stopped kissing before he brought his head.

"Do you feel better my lovely slave?" He asked while continuing to rub the Heartless's ass.

Rachel blushed at that before replying.

"Yes master." She said.

"Good." Cedric said before he flipped her over and making her lay on her back.

"Before I start with you, I'm gonna try out her first." He said before he got behind the Heartless before lining his dick to her pussy which caused the Heartless to shudder a bit before looking back at Cedric with a slightly confused look when she thought Rachel was first.

Cedric smirked before he insert his dick inside the surprisingly tight hole which caused the heartless's eyes to widen and to everyone's surprise… made a small sound that was barely audible.

"Aaaahhhh." The Heartless moans out lightly while something that looked like blood came out of her vagina and around Cedric's dick which caused pain and pleasure of a hymen ripping to be felt by Rachel as well.

Cedric was surprised by what just happened before he looks at Rachel while said hedgehog was getting a little teary at this feeling.

Cedric then said.

"Shhhh...It's okay, I'm here." He said before he starts rubbing Rachel's folds while the Heartless's torso fell down to the bed while Cedric's dick supports her rear.

Rachel was starting to feel better from his words and the way he rubbed her pussy.

It took a few minutes for the heartless to adjust to Cedric's dick before he started thrusting which caused the heartless to pant a bit while the pain slowly fades to pleasure.

Cedric groan a bit at how tight it was in the heartless while he continues to thrust before inserting his fingers in Rachel's pussy.

Said hedgehog groan and moaned a bit from that.

The heartless pants when she felt that, to her and Rachel, it felt like they both were getting fingered and dicked at the same time.

Rachel was already getting wet again at the feeling while the Heartless felt Cedric entering and exiting her tunnel which made her ass jiggle with each thrust.

'Oh man...I never thought I would be inside a heartless. It actually feels pretty good.' Cedric thought while thrusting while the Heartless gripped the bedsheets under her when she felt an approaching orgasm from her tightening tunnel which was also felt by Rachel.

Cedric can feel his dick twitch meaning he was gonna cum, but planned to hold it in a bit longer while Lillum grins.

"Hey Cedy, why not use your shocking personality to help?" Lillum cryptically said with an imp like grin.

Cedric looks at Lillum before grinning.

"Good idea mistress." He said before he resumes thrusting in the heartless a little faster which made the heartless pant more before she meets Cedric's thrusts by pushing and pulling her hips a little which let Cedric go a bit deeper.

About 5 or 6 thrusts later, Cedric grunts before yelling out…


He gave the heartless a big load of his cum in her but not before adding a little shock to it.

But thanks to his training with Lillum, he unloads more than he normally would, which caused the heartless's womb to bloat a little while the electrical energy made the heartless orgasm really hard on Cedric's dick while her body shudder and twitch and her tongue hangs out of her mouth.

And all of it was felt by Rachel when the feeling of getting filled and shocked was felt in her vaginal area.

Rachel came hard at the same level as her heartless. She shuddered at the feeling like if she was getting it.

By the time Cedric was done, the heartless was a twitching mess while semen dribbled to the bed from her hole.

He groaned a bit before pulling out which caused a surprising amount of semen to flow from the heartless and onto the bed while the heartless collapsed onto the bed.

Cedric pants a bit before speaking to the heartless.

"Did you enjoy it?" He asked while the heartless took a moment to sit up after she recovers.

Instead of saying anything, the heartless took a moment to lick Cedric's dick clean before pulling away and smiled which showed that she did enjoy it.

Cedric smiled back before speaking.

"Good." He said before looking at Rachel.

"Did you feel good as well my lovely slave?" He asked.

Rachel huffed a bit before looking at her boyfriend.

"Y-Yes master I have." She said with a blush.

"Then you're about to get rewarded." He said with a grin before he got in front of her and starts lining his dick up to her pussy before Lillum cleared her throat to get the duo's attention.

"Remember, cum again and you'll have to restart from scratch, and remember the feeling of the heartless was transferred so Rachel would lose her virginity a second time if she's a virgin and the pain would transfer to the heartless." Lillum said with a serious look on her face.

Cedric gulped from that before looking to Lillum.

"My apologies mistress. I was caught in the moment." He said.

"No worries, I'm not the one doing the work or getting sexed up right now, you and Rachel are so I figured I should remind you that Rachel would lose her virginity twice and the limit for you before you reset this." Lillum said with a shrug of her arms.

"You're right mistress." Cedric said before looking at Rachel.

"I hope you don't mind if I save you for later." He said.

Rachel gave him a caring smile before speaking.

"I don't mind master."

Cedric smiled before looking at the heartless.

"Lay on your back." He said before the heartless followed the order before waiting for Cedric's next order.

Said wolf then picked Rachel up before he laid her on top of the heartless with Rachel's face facing the heartless's cum filled pussy while the heartless is facing Rachel's soaked folds.

Cedric smirked before speaking.

"Start licking." He said to the two which caused the Heartless to grip Rachels rear before she lightly starts to lick Rachel's folds and clit.

Said hedgehog jolts a bit before she took her tongue out and starts licking the heartless's pussy. She can taste Cedric's cum inside but she didn't care since she enjoys it which caused the Heartless to jolt before redoubling her efforts by being rougher with her licks.

Rachel felt that before she went rougher on her licks as well.

Cedric smirked at this before he went behind Rachel and lined his cock to her asshole.

But to his surprise, the heartless licks the underside of his dick to since Cedric never specified on who gets licked.

He looks at the heartless with a grin before speaking.

"This pleases me."

Then he gently and slowly insert his dick in Rachel's ass.

Rachel stops lick when she gasps feeling Cedric's rod inside which caused the heartless to stop for a second when the feeling went to her as well while Cedric goes deeper and deeper into Rachel's ass.

It wasn't long before Cedric was at the hilt.

Cedric groaned at how tight Rachel's ass was and thanks to her experience with Azure, it wasn't as painful as he would think.

"Dang slave, you have one tight ass...and feels so good." He said.

Rachel groaned a bit before she turned her head to look at him before blushing and smiling.

"I'm glad you're enjoying it master. Use my ass as much as you like." She said.

Cedric grinned before speaking.

"With pleasure." He said before he starts thrusting which caused the Heartless to pant a few times before she resumed licking Rachel's folds to help increase the pleasure and to follow orders.

Rachel moaned from this feeling before she resumes licking the heartless's folds. She can still taste Cedric's semen in there which makes her lick a little fast which caused the Heartless to shudder before she looks up a bit to see Cedric's swinging balls before using one hand to gently cup them and fondle them while she starts to slide her tongue in Rachel's tunnel.

Cedric was caught off guard a bit from that but it didn't stop him to continue thrusting in Rachel's ass.

Said hedgehog groaned and moan while licking the heartless's pussy. She can already taste the juices that are coming out which caused the Heartless to pant a few times before she redoubles her efforts to please Rachel and Cedric, Rachel by wiggling her tongue in Rachel's slowly quivering tunnel and Cedric by fondling his balls a little more with a slightly stronger grip.

Said wolf shuddered again before he starts thrusting faster.

Rachel moaned a little loud before she stuck her tongue in the heartless's pussy before moving it around which caused the heartless to shudder from an approaching orgasm before she took a finger and starts to finger Rachel's pussy lightly and she switched from massaging Cedric's testicles to massaging his knot.

Cedric moaned a bit from that treatment before he felt Rachel's ass getting a bit tight.

Said hedgehog felt her orgasm approaching after feeling the heartless's finger moving around inside of her.

She licked at the heartless's bud before biting a little which caused the Heartless to jolt before her grip on Cedric's knot strengths greatly when she squirt in Rachel's face with a barely audible groan, one so small that you would miss if you didn't pay attention.

Rachel moaned from that feeling before she squirted in the heartless's face as well.

Cedric groaned a bit from the heartless's grasp while the heartless felt his dick twitching again before she removed her finger from Rachel and used both hands to massage his knot since it was a canine mobian's weak point while Rachel felt everything.

Cedric was surprised at the heartless's bold move before moaned and groaned from that.

It made Cedric thrust a bit faster in Rachel's ass again.

Said hedgehog was moaning loud from this before the heartless took a look at Cedric's swinging testicles before she opened her mouth and to even Lillum and Stick's surprise, took both balls into her mouth and starts to run her tongue on the semen filled balls which twitched faster and faster.

Cedric had a feeling his climax was coming but need to hold out a bit more... However the heartless felt Rachel felt and wanted Cedric to come soon so she did another surprising thing.

Her hands morphed and linked together into a ring like vice which starts to clench around Cedric's knot harshly to give him the sensation of fully hitting a woman's vagina.

'D-Damn...I can't hold it anymore...I-I'm…' Cedric couldn't finish his thought before he yelled out…


He unloaded a very large dose of cum in Rachel's ass which slowly caused her stomach to bloat. It was bigger than what the heartless received which caused Lillum to grin since her training was working.

Rachel groaned from that feeling before shuddering at the feel of her boyfriend's cum inside her ass.

Lillum grins before she decided to speak up while Cedric's orgasm seems to not stop to his shock.

"Ah sorry, but you came twice… time for a slight penalty." Lillum said before Cedric's orgasm seemed to get stronger and stronger for some reason.

Cedric looked at Lillum with worry while his dick pumped more of his semen into Rachel ass which starts to flow out and onto the Heartless's face.

"M-Mistress? W-What penalty is this?" He asked while groaning.

"Glad you asked, but if Rachel gets a penalty for not listening to your orders… then not holding back long enough deserves a penalty as well… long story short, you're unloading everything you have into Rachel before magic replenishes your balls and then some to overfill them… long story short, every time you fail… you get stronger and stronger orgasms till they start to hurt." Lillum said with a devilish smirk on her face.

Cedric was indeed feeling it, like everything he had in his nuts was pouring out of him with no stop in sight while the semen hitting the bed starts to vanish when a seal on the bed appears to clean things.

"P-Please forgive me mistress." He said which caused Lillum to smile.

"Good luck Cedric, you did say that you wanted to really level up your stamina right?" Lillum said before she gives him a darker grin.

"So what's better then this kind of training?" Lillum said while she enjoys the sight.

Cedric grunts before speaking.

"N-Nothing else mistress. I want to keep learning from you so I can satisfy any woman I meet and want them to join."

"Good boy, I'll make sure to train Azure and Rachel well so they can keep up with you until you get more ladies… until then… good luck." Lillum said before Cedric finally stopped cumming before the magic kicks in which refilled his balls with semen… before he felt his testicles filling more than naturally possible which made his testicles look a little bigger.

"I will make you proud mistress." Cedric said with more determination in his voice.

"You might want to check on Rachel though, I'm sure she's getting a JOLT out of this and then some." Lillum said with a grin when she looked to Rachel.

Cedric looked at his girl only to see her shuddering after feeling all that cum inside her while her stomach was extended greatly... And the semen caused her her body to jolt since it was electrically charged… and everyone thought that say Rachel's ass emitting sparks of all things a few times.

"You okay Rachel?" Cedric asked with worry.

That's when said hedgehog said this.


Cedric was surprised at that response before grinning.

"You asked and you shall receive." He said before looking at the Heartless.

"And I'm gonna start by punishing you."

The Heartless surprisingly smiles before licking Cedric's nuts again before time skipped into the future… Cedric failed 3 more times but each time he got closer and closer to getting the 10 orgasms out of each of them until…

"Come on Cedy, almost there." Sticks said with an amused tone when she saw that he was on the 9th orgasm for Rachel and the Heartless and it looked like it was nearing the 10th, however Cedric already used his first shot earlier ago and it looked like he was getting close again… his testicles looked like they were in pain from the amount of semen in them.

Cedric grunted as he thrusts in Rachel's pussy while fingering the heartless's who was on top of Rachel and they were kissing one another to cover their screams of pleasure… for every orgasm they had, they seemed to become more and more submissive to Cedric and followed more of his orders to the letter.

Cedric continues to thrust his dick in Rachel's pussy while fingering the heartless before he alternates while Lillum grins.

"Wanna learn a tip?, try focusing your energy into your dick, not to cum but to make your dick electrically charged… think you can manage?" Lillum teased while she rubs herself a bit.

Cedric was surprised at this before speaking.

"As you wish mistress." He said before channeling his energy to his dick which caused it to get a bluish glow while electrical energy wrapped around it which caused the pleasure of Rachel and the heartless to skyrocket to who knows how many levels.

"Oh...MASTER!" Rachel screamed with ecstasy before she and the heartless came liky geysers on Cedric's dick and finger which caused Lillum to clap for the royally backed up wolf.

"Congratulations… now for your reward." Lillum said before snapping her fingers and the crests on Cedric's dick and the ropes binding Rachel vanished.

"Now, just finish however you want and you'll go back to normal, though you might have a bit more room in your balls now since you got the training of your life." Lillum said which caused Cedric to nod.

"T-Thank you Mistress… Rachel, can you hear me for one last order?" Cedric asked when he looks back to Rachel.

"Yes master?" She asked with a smile.

"I want you and your Heartless to stroke me off." Cedric said with a grin while he points his throbbing dick to Rachel and the heartless.

"Anything for you master." Rachel said before she and the Heartless used one hand each to grip Cedric's rod before stroking it.

"That's it… almost there…" Cedric said between pants before his dick throbs faster at the duo's actions.

Rachel and the heartless tried stroking him a little faster so they can get to taste his cum before Cedric placed a hand on Rachel's and the heartless's cheek and brought their heads closer together.

"Almost….al...most….*HOOOWWWWWL*!" Cedric said before he howled when he unleashed the largest, thickest, load of cum he ever have in his life which instantly plasters Rachel's and the Heartless's faces and breasts while the orgasm went on while Cedric's balls slowly shrank.

Cedric leaned forwards a little while he groans loudly when the orgasm got stronger as his balls shrank before he stops a minutes later… his balls were a bit bigger then normal, but he finally stopped cumming while Cedric pants for breath.

Rachel and the Heartless on the other hand were covered with electrical jizz which caused them to shudder in pleasure.

Cedric was surprised but was very impressed at his handiwork.

He looked at Lillum before speaking.

"Did I make you proud mistress?"

"Oh indeed, just wait till we get to the beginner course, congrats on passing the novice level." Lillum said to everyone's shock while she grins.

"Novice?... wow, if this was Novice, than beginner must be a nightmare compared to this." Sticks said while she sweatdropped.

Cedric was shocked at what level he's in before speaking.

"No matter what level I'm in, I will continue to learn from mistress."

"Well… might as well show you what you can do when you learn all I can teach you." Lillum said before she floats over to Sticks who raised an eyebrow in confusion.

Before anyone could wonder what she was planning, Lillum grinned before she surprised Sticks by placing two fingers into Stick's soaked vagina much to her shock… but before she could say anything… Lillum's hand glowed with a light pink light before Sticks screamed and her body shuddered before she collapsed on the bed before gasping for breath.

Lillum sent Cedric a teasing grin while she licked her hand clean of Stick's juices.

Cedric blushed at this before speaking.

"What was that mistress?"

"Simple, by learning all I have learned, you and others can learn this as well, Simply put, I can make anyone cum with a simple touch now as long as their guard is down… otherwise it it makes a simple handjob feel like heaven… and that can be applied to other parts of a body like lips… breasts… and even a dick like I taught you… it's a bit more complicated than that but that's the simplified version." Lillum said while she sent Cedric an imp like grin before she floats in the air to relax.

Cedric and Rachel were surprised when they heard this.

"Will you teach me this mistress?" He asked which caused Lillum to giggle.

"One step at a time, I got plenty to teach, but if you don't know how they work, then even if I show you everything now, then no one here would get it… it's like learning how to fight, you can swing a sword or throw a fist, but real masters train for their art and this Cedric… is the art of seduction...by the time I'm through I can make you into a man who can make other woman cum a little just from seeing you approach them… and who knows… you might get Kyra, who's normally calm right?, to beg you for your dick if you wanted her to." Lillum said with a wide grin on her face.

Rachel was surprised when Lillum said that.

Cedric was surprised as well before he started thinking about Kyra. He now really wants to find her but to get answers but Lillum spoke up which got his attention.

"But for now, you guys should rest, you came many times with no breaks and even I'm not that heartless, I want you guys to come here next week and we can start the beginner course, I'll be inviting Maite and Amanda in on this and maybe Cream and Daniel as well, I mean I can't play favorites with my students can I?, I may even invite the others here as well since I can tell that their virgins as well… a shame if you think about it." Lillum said with a grin on her face.

Cedric and Rachel were surprised at the info while blushing.

"We would like to rest mistress." The couple said in sync.

"Very well, a little tip about Azure first after I clean you off." Lillum said before she snapped her fingers and the bed the Duo and the heartless were on glows and all of the semen was cleaned on the bed and in the area.

"As much as I love semen, too much is not good for a stomach… now want to know a little secret with Azure Cedy?" Lillum asked with a teasing tone.

Cedric blushed while nodding to Lillum.

"Well… let's just say that unlike our submissive little Rachel, Azure is just as dominant as you, possible more so Cedy… I mean 9 times out of 10, Rachel let Azure go at her which worked really well for the duo." Lillum teased while using a hand to hide a grin on her face while Stick's grins as well.

Both Rachel and Cedric blushed from that.

"So Azure's the aggressive type huh?, good to know." Sticks said while she rests her head on her hand.

"She is right about that." Cedric said with a grin.

"Yep, so I'll be flipping things next week by having Azure leading things while you… well the best term I got is… being Azure's boy toy and I'll be having Rachel listening to Azure's orders." Lillum said while her eyes glowed with mischief.

Rachel nod to Lillum while Cedric shrugs at the boy toy remark.

"I'd be a bit worried if I were you… I'll be personally preparing her myself to become a real Queen… and you know how thorough I can be right?" Lillum said with a devilish smirk.

Cedric gulped before nodding to her which made Lillum smirk.

"Good, now good night, you guys can crash here and I'll go have a bit of fun with Emerald and possibly Maite if their date went well… I'll need to check the time when I leave since time got sped up in here." Lillum said before she floats to the door.

"Sweet dreams for now… cause they might change next week." Lillum said before she exits while chuckling while the seal on the door fades which lets in ambient sounds and time flowed like normal again.

"Boy that was something." Cedric said.

"You said it."Rachel said before looking at Cedric with a blush.

"You were amazing Cedy."

"Eh, I'd give him a 6 out of 10, 6 for how long he last, but he missed the four from cumming so many times." Sticks teased with a grin on her face.

Cedric blushed from that before grinning at Sticks.

"Bet you enjoyed seeing it huh?" He asked which caused Sticks to chuckle.

"I won't lie, I really did but you really need to work on your stamina… after all I might take these lessons myself and you got better from it… what do you think would happen if I did as well?" Sticks teased with a raised eyebrow while she placed a hand on her hip.

Cedric blush before speaking.

"I don't know the answer Sticks, but I do know that I need all the practice I need to please any girl that I will like and hope they become part of my harem. And even though I hardly knew you Sticks, I actually do like you and hope to get to know you before we get serious."

"You gotta satisfy me first big boy, then we can talk about getting serious… until then, night." Sticks teased before she hugs Azure and pressed up against her body before the bed glows and a blanket was pulled onto the duo… must be Lillum's magic again.

"Hold on Sticks there's something I want to do first." Cedric said before getting up and going over to Sticks and Azure's bed while Sticks opened her eyes and looked to Cedric.

"Yeah Cedy?" Sticks asked with a slightly confused tone.

Instead of replying, he leans down to kiss Azure's forehead before smiling at her when she moved a bit to snuggle into Sticks's body for warmth.

"Sleep well my love." He said before looking at Sticks with a grin before leaning in to kiss her which caused Sticks's eyes to widen for a moment before she returned the kiss.

He even slipped his tongue in her mouth while Sticks fought back with her own tongue, Cedirc may have power and technique now thanks to Lillum's lessons but Sticks's stamina even affected her tongue which made it hard for the Wolf to keep the kiss up.

Cedric kissed her for about 5 minutes before Stick's starts to win in the end when her tongue barely tires and it allows her to slip her tongue into Cedric's mouth.

Said wolf was really enjoying the taste of her mouth before he decided to keep going while Rachel and the Heartless watched.

A few minutes later, Sticks chuckles before she pulled Cedric's head away by the back of his head fur while she grins.

"Not bad lover boy, but you heard the teacher, head to bed and we can continue tomorrow if we're not busy." Sticks teased before she lets go of Cedric's fur.

Cedric blushed from that before he grins at her.

"That's fine by me. But hopefully it be in a nice private spot...just...the... two...of...us." Cedric said before whispering those last words

Sticks grins before she whispers back.

"It's a date then... get ready to howl to no end." Sticks teased before she kissed the Wolf's cheek before she rests her head on the pillow to try and sleep again.

"Until tomorrow my lovely Sticks." Cedric said before he returned to bed with Rachel and the heartless who snuggle up to him on either side of his body when he got in the center of the bed.

"Good Rachel, night heartless." He said.

"Night Cedy. I love you." Rachel said before closing her eyes while the Heartless snuggles onto Cedric more before her glowing eyes dimmed which could be the eyes closing version for her.

Cedric smiled before he kissed both of their heads.

"I love you both." Cedric said before shutting his eyes before the scene fades to black.

The scene fades in to show DME and Atomsk while they near the exit.

It was awkward silence between the two before Atomsk broke the silence.

"Is this the place?" He asked before DME spoke up.

"Almost, if the landings right we should end up near the second Masks home." DME said with hands in his pockets.

Atomsk nods to him before looking at the readers.

"Hey everyone welcome back. Didn't expect to do another long chapter huh? What do you think DME?" He asked before passing the spotlight to DME.

"Maybe long, but it's not as annoying for a few reasons, mainly the fact that I managed to select everything at once on google doc at once instead of slowly highlighting." DME said while he looks around the portal.

"Hehe...yeah. Man did Cedric had a big test .It was not easy for him to please two girls, but he did it. And now Sticks is part of his harem. If Azure agrees since Rachel agreed. And here's another thing, the whole thing with Rachel's heartless was...wow. What was your thoughs on this DME?" Atomsk asked.

"Hmm… well, the Heartless is just starting to learn things, wait till later then that's when the surprises really start, and Azure going berserk when she was with Sticks was surprising right?" DME said with a grin on his face.

"Oh totally. Wonder what her reaction will be when she wakes up and sees herself in Sticks's arms. Also do you think she'll be mad when she finds out about the arrangement between Cedric and Sticks?" He asked while chuckling.

"If I was a fortune teller, I would say that signs point to yes." DME said with an amused tone in his voice.

Atomsk chuckled again after thinking it before looking at the readers.

"Well everyone, we hope you enjoyed our ninth chapter of DDS. If you excuse us, we have to find the second Mask guy. Anything you want to say DME?" Atomsk asked.

"Yeah, the exits here." DME said while he points to a light at the end of the tunnel which got brighter and brighter as the duo got closer.

"Ah well then, wish us luck everyone. Deuces." Atomsk said before bringing up two fingers before the duo enters the portal.

But what the duo see after exiting the portal would surprise the both of them when they saw not the home of the second mask… But asgard...home of the norse gods while they stood on the bridge after the portal closed.

"Huh...Atomsk… I have one thing to say to you." DME said with a half lidded look on his face.

"What's that?" Atomsk asked.

"You jinxed us you son of a bitch, seriously who says wish them luck for a story like this, it's just asking for trouble, I was aiming for that cul de sac but we end up here of all places." DME said with a twitching eyebrow.

Atomsk sighed before speaking.

"Okay, I'll admit that's my fault. But look on the darkside...We can still use your Odin idea." Atomsk said trying to change the subject.

"You remember he is angered easily right?, I suggested him since Loki fears Odin's anger… what do you think will happen if he hears that there is a third Mask and that you and by extension TME managed to bring him into the freaking multiverse." DME said while he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Then I'm gonna tell Odin the truth that it was my fault that the third Mask is running around. He'll probably kill me since I deserved that. But it'll give you time to escape." Atomsk said before DME bops Atomsk on the top of his head.

"You do realize that if I let you die then TME will never let me out again, I may not like to fight gods… but it's not like I can't." DME said with pockets in his hands.

"Then what do you suggest we do?" Atomsk asked.

"Uhhhh… For now… you might want to look since we got company." DME said while pointing down the bridge.

Atomsk looks down to see the guards of Asgard coming towards them while a large man in golden armor walked towards them.

"Well...shit." Atomsk said with a half lidded look.

"Yep...the freaking guardian of the bifrost bridge himself… Heimdall the all seeing guardian." DME said while the guards and Heimdall approach the duo while the scene fades to black.

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