Dimensional Drifter school @emerald
The attack and the deal

The scene fades in to show DME and Atomsk near the doorway while DME got ready to explain his plan.

"So, any ideas before I tell you my plan?" DME asked Atomsk while he leaned against a mostly intact wall.

Atomsk took a moment to think before answering.

"I got nothing...unless I create a diversion." Atomsk said.

DME gave Atomsk a grin of sorts before he spoke up.

"Actually, I was going to suggest that if we want to catch a comedian… we think like a comedian and since you volunteered as bait this time, you shouldn't have any complaints right?" DME said with a wide grin

Atomsk sighed from that.

"Yeah okay...can I at least say my plan before you toss me out?" Atomsk asked.

"Sure, want to montage it by explaining it to me while the readers read the story?, and for the readers the real lemon is in this chapter… maybe two." DME said while pointing a thumb at the readers.

"Oh right. Hey welcome back folks. Sorry we can't talk right now since we're coming up with a plan to finally get rid of the Masked man. But we hope you enjoy chapter 8 along with the lemons that DME mentioned." Atomsk said before looking back at DME.

That's when you hear the Mission Impossible soundtrack.

"Now here's the plan…"Atomsk began before the scene changed to the Sonic Boom Dimension.

Sonic Boom Dimension/ Hedgehog Residence/ Emerald, Demonga, Lillum , AC Shadow, AC Knuckles, SB Sonic, SB Amy, SB Tails, Rachel, Amanda, Maite, Charles, Azure, Lavender, Cream, Strike, Cedric, Daniel, Sticks

The Camera went to an hour after the hotspring incident where we see that Rachel had Cedric place Azure on her bed shortly after she got Azure dressed.

Cream had Amanda and Maite placed on their beds with Daniel's help.

With the lovebird trio…

Cedric and Rachel sees that Azure was starting to wake up after her… ordeal in the spring.

"U-Uhhh…oh wow… I… didn't see that coming." Azure said when she sat up when she remembered what Lillum did to her.

"Hey Azure. How you feeling?" Cedric asked.

Azure blushed brightly before she spoke up.

"I'm sure you and Daniel heard… I… was pretty vocal after all and Rachel could probably explain more since she was the one who held my arm while her sister joined her." Azure said with a bright blush on her face.

Both Cedric and Rachel blush from that.

"If it helps, we did try to ignore it." Cedric said hope it assure her.

"Thanks… though I'll get you back for that Rachel." Azure said while she gave said hedgehog slightly narrowed eyes.

Rachel giggled from that.

"Sorry Azure. But you needed to cool off after that."

"And having to experience that was cooling off?, how would you feel if Lillum did that to you." Azure said with a half lidded look on her face while she blushed brightly from the memory.

That's when Rachel gave the feline a smirk.

"You're forgetting that I kissed you, so you should know the answer for that. Besides, I wouldn't mind at all."

Cedric was surprised by that response.

"Try saying that if you get forced into it then like I did." Azure said with a raised eyebrow.

Rachel gave her a smirk again.

Cedric looked at his girlfriends before speaking.

"Hey I don't want to interrupt this but shouldn't we get going for our date?" He asked.

Azure blushed brightly before she got up from the bed.

"Y-Yeah, I'll be back after changing." Azure said before she walked to the door quickly and exits the room.

Cedric then turned to Rachel only to see her giving him a smirk.

"And now it's the two of us." Rachel said before she got closer to him.

"Y-Yeah." Cedric said as he blushed.

"I know what we can do while we wait." Rachel said with a smirk before she starts leaning in.

Cedric blush from this.

"W-What do you…"

The young wolf couldn't finish as he felt Rachel's lips on his. She even slip in her tongue in his mouth.

Cedric was surprised by that. But it washed away as he kissed back follow by some tongue.

He even wrapped his arms around Rachel before he lays on his back on Rachel's bed with his head on the pillows while having Rachel on top.

The two moan from this sensation.

A moment later, Azure walked back in to ask Rachel for advice with going on a date, but fell silent when she saw the duo making out on Rachel's bed.

She would have gotten a little irritated but grins when she got an idea for a little revenge before she waits for a moment for them to get a bit more into it to allow Azure to approach without being noticed.

It only took a few moments till the kissing duo stop so they can breathe.

"W-Wow…" Cedric said between pant.

"I...know. Makes me...wish Azure was...here." Rachel said between pants as well.

Lime alert/ see on A03 for now.

"Ask…" Azure said from behind Rachel which made the duo jolt before Azure gripped Rachel's breasts after she reached under her shirt and bra.

"...And you shall receive." Azure said before she pinched Rachel's nipples lightly while her claws gently brushed against them.

"Gah!" Rachel yelped from this.

Cedric was surprised by this before he looked at Azure.

"How long were you watching us, Azure?" He asked.

"After you fell on the bed, I waited for a minute to let you two get into it so I can give Rachel some payback, she may talk a good game, but does she have experience with this?" Azure said before she starts to massage Rachel's breasts while her index finger and thumb pinched Rachel's nipples while her claws lightly went over Rachel's mounds.

It made said hedgehog moan from this.

"Mind holding her arms Cedric?, I'll do something for you later after the date if you do." Azure said with a teasing grin when she strengthens her grip a bit and lightly nipped Rachel on the neck.

Cedric blushed after hearing it.

"O-Okay." He said before he gripped both of Rachel's arms.

Rachel was getting a little worried.

"W-What are y-you planning Azure?" Rachel asked while moaning.

"A little payback, like I said, don't worry, after this, we can head out." Azure said before she slipped her left hand away from Rachel's breast and slid it into her pants and gently massaged Rachel through her panties.

It made said hedgehog moan a little more before Azure rubs a little harder while her right hand kneads Rachel's breast more.

"Mind helping a little Cedric?, she's got a free breast right in front of you." Azure said before she licks Rachel's neck a little.

Said wolf gulped while blushing before he moved his left hand away from her right arm to grab said free boob.

He gave it a few squeezes making Rachel moan a little loud.

"Oh Cedric." She said while enjoying it.

Azure grins a bit before she moved Rachel's panties aside for a moment before directly rubbing her folds.

"N-No fair A-Azure." Rachel said between moans.

Azure grins a bit before she spoke up.

"Says the person who had her sister help out while Lillum had her way with me." Azure said before she slid two fingers into Rachel's tunnel gently.

"Gah!" Rachel gasped again from this.

Cedric blushed big after seeing this and hearing what Azure said as he remembered the screaming.

Azure then starts to slide her fingers in and out of Rachel's vagina for a bit while she slowly increased her fingers speed.

Rachel kept moaning from the sensation while Cedric continues to rub said hedgehog's breast.

Azure then looked to Cedric to see how he was doing so far.

Said wolf still rubs Rachel's breast while still blushing.

"Hey Cedric, mind stopping for a second?" Azure asked cryptically when she stops her own actions and pulled her hands away.

Cedric nodded and pulled his hand away.

Rachel however was disappointed about that.

"Why'd you stop?" Rachel asked.

Rachel's question was answered when Azure grips the lower part of her shirt and pulled it up while catching her bra on the way which showed Rachel's large breasts to Cedric.

"Simple, Cedric seems a bit pent up, mind using these to help him while I take care of another area." Azure whispered into Rachel's ear.

Rachel blushed big when she suggested that. But she did wanted to see it.

"Okay, but make sure to close the door and lock it." Rachel whispered.

Azure nods for a second before she went to the door to see if it was open or not, thankfully it was closed before she locked the door.

"There, now we can have a moment alone." Azure said when she walked over and sat on the bed to watch for now.

Cedric was blushing after hearing that.

Azure took a moment to look to Cedric's pants and then to Rachel.

"Seems he's a bit stunned, mind lending a hand Rachel?" Azure asked with a slight smile.

"Okay." Rachel said as she brought her hands to the wolf's pants.

Cedric blushed big from this.

"Uhhhh…"Cedric tried to say something but couldn't.

Azure stood up from the bed and walked behind Rachel while she waits for her to get Cedric's pants down.

Once Rachel got said wolf's pants down, both girls saw the big tent in his boxers.

Azure blushed a bit when she saw the size that was hidden before looking to Rachel.

"Seems you and Cedric make quite the pair huh?" Azure said while she continues to wait.

Rachel turns to Azure with a smirk.

"So are you, remember?" She asked.

"I mean with you two and your large items on display." Azure said when she teased the duo.

Both said duo blush from that.

"Now then, Cedric, your turn to show what you got." Azure said with a grin.

Cedric gulp before bringing his hands to the hem of his boxers. As he slides it down, his dick popped for both girls to see.

Azure gulped a bit to see it at it's full glory before she wondered how Sticks took it.

Rachel gasped at how big it was while blushing.

Azure broke out of her shock by looking to Rachel.

"Well Rachel… want to see if you can match him?" Azure said while she felt a bit inadequate compared to the duo.

Rachel blushed big but nods before she shifts her body a bit before she carefully placed Cedric's dick between her breasts and pressed them together.

Cedric couldn't believe that she did. But that washed away after feeling his dick in her breasts.

Azure in the meantime decides to join in by kneeling behind Rachel and sliding her pants and panties down before she could react.

Rachel then starts moving her breasts up and down.

Cedric shivered a bit from this.

"Are you okay Cedric?" Rachel asked.

"Y-Yeah. It just feels good." Cedric replied.

Rachel smiled at his response and resumed moving her breasts.

Azure then knelt down further before she angled her head to carefully lick Rachel's folds with her cat like tongue.

Rachel jolt a bit from that. She stopped for a bit, which Cedric didn't like, and turned her head a bit to see Azure was behind her.

"What are you doing Azure?" She asked.

"Simple… eating you out." Azure said while her eyes momentarily turned pure white, but her eyes were hidden from view somewhat by Rachel's ass before Azure stuck her tongue out and starts to do what she said when she slid her tongue into Rachel's tunnel.

Rachel shuddered at that but was starting to love the feeling.

Then she hears Cedric calling her.

"Can you...continue Rachel?" Cedric asked with a blush.

Said hedgehog looked to her boyfriend before speaking.

"Oh of course Cedy. Unless you don't want me to call you that." Rachel said with a cute blush.

Cedric thought she looked cute with the way she blushed.

"Actually...I'm okay with you and Azure calling me that. " Cedric said with a blush.

Rachel smiled at that before she resumes giving the young wolf a breast fuck.

Azure used her right hand to hold one of Rachel's ass cheeks before using her index finger to… finger Rachel while she ate her out while her thumb rubs Rachel's nub.

Rachel moans from that which made her move her breasts a little faster.

Cedric moaned a bit from the feeling.

Azure had an idea before she placed her right thumb at Rachel's folds which soaked them before she placed it at her asshole before she starts to tease it.

Said hedgehog shuddered at that.

Azure then slid her thumb in before she starts to grip her ass which in turn teased the inside of Rachel's ass.

Rachel was starting to enjoy it which made her move her breasts faster.

Cedric moaned again while enjoying this sensation.

Rachel sees how her boyfriend's dick popping out. There was something she wanted to do.

Rachel opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of Cedric's dick.

Azure then had her body temperature skyrocket which made her thumb and tongue steam while she starts to get rougher and her tongue goes faster inside of Rachel's holes.

Rachel gasped and moaned while having Cedric's dick in her mouth.

Meanwhile... said wolf was deep in thought of what's happening.

'Wow. I can't believe Rachel did that. But it feels so good. I don't want it to stop.'

With Azure...

She starts to raise her body temp more which caused her left hand to heat up while she sped up her actions again when she felt Rachel's tunnel's twitching.

Rachel felt her orgasm coming while at the same time her and Cedric felt his dick twitched meaning he was gonna cum soon.

Azure then decides to finish Rachel off by pulling away and lightly pinching her bud between her teeth while her thumb went deeper into Rachel's ass and heats up to a near painful level which caused Rachel's body to steam a little.

Rachel moan loud but was still muffled with Cedric's dick in her mouth.

It took a few moments before said wolf grunts before saying

"I-I'm cuming." Cedric said before his sperm shout out to Rachel's mouth.

However, said hedgehog felt an electric surge in the wolf's cum.

She shudder at the feeling which made her climax in Azure's mouth.

Azure felt Rachel tighten when she placed her tongue back into her hole before she starts to lap at Rachel's twitching hole to help make her orgasm stronger.

Rachel moaned when her climax was made stronger from Azure's actions.

For a moment, nothing else happened while Azure pulled back to see the results.

Cedric grunted before he stopped cuming which showed that Rachel's chin and the top of her breast were covered by the amount of semen that Cedric unloads.

Rachel felt that he stopped. So she used her tongue to clean the head before she took her mouth off.

Cedric breathed a bit before speaking.

"Wow...Rachel. That blowjob...was great." Cedric said between.

Before speaking, said hedgehog took a moment to savor the taste before swallowing the first load.

"Yeah well your cum was delicious." Rachel happily interjected.

Azure pulled away before she spoke up again.

"Same to you Rachel." Azure said when her eyes turned white for a moment again before they return to normal.

Cedric saw that and was a little worry.

"You okay Azure?" He asked.

Azure was a bit confused at that.

"What do you mean?, I feel fine." Azure said before she looks to Rachel to see how she was doing.

Cedric looked at said hedgehog with concern.

"How you feeling Rachel?"

"Well other than getting surprised by your big load...I feel great." Rachel said with a smile.

Azure the scoots a bit before she surprised the duo by kissing Rachel on the lips before she slid her tongue into Rachel's mouth and wrestled with it and felt the electrical semen that was still in Rachel's mouth..

Cedric's jaw dropped as he got himself front row seats for this.

Rachel was caught off guard by that. But quickly washed away when she kissed the feline back. She also slid her tongue in to fight Azure's.

After a minute… Azure pulled away while taking a moment to lick the side of Rachel's lips before looking to Cedric.

"I'm surprised Cedric… with a load that big and shocking to boot, I'm surprised that you haven't already got a girlfriend yet." Azure teased with a grin… was she really ok or did the ring cracking cause a side effect?

Cedric blushed while chuckling a bit.

"Well lucky for me, I have two beautiful girlfriends by my side." Cedric said.

Azure blushed a bit before looking to Rachel.

"Ready for another bath?" Azure asked Rachel cryptically.

Rachel nodded while blushing at what Cedric said.

Azure then grins before she starts to lick the semen off of Rachel's face.

Rachel and Cedric were surprised by this.

"W-What are you doing?" Rachel asked while giggling a little.

Azure took another moment to finish with Rachel's face before she spoke up again.

"A tongue bath… I'm a cat remember?" Azure said before she starts to lick the top of Rachel's breasts.

Both Cedric and Rachel didn't expect that.

Said hedgehog was giggling at the feel of the feline's tongue.

Azure then starts to head lower and towards one of Rachel's nipples before she took a second to lick the tip of one before sucking it for a second… she the heads to the other breast to repeat her actions.

Rachel moaned a bit from that.

Cedric was liking what he was seeing.

'So hot.' He thought.

Azure pulled away before she looked to Rachel.

"There now your shower should be easier." Azure said with a grin.

Rachel blushed from that.

"Thanks Azure." She said while blushing.

Azure then grins before looking to Cedric.

"I'll be cleaning my body as well, you might want to do the same again, or I could clean it first..." Azure said with an amused tone when she saw the leftover release on Cedric's dick.

Cedric nods to her before speaking.

"So I guess we're using the downstairs bathroom again?"

Azure smile before she nods.

"Yeah, but first…" Azure said before she leaned down and starts to lick the remaining semen off of Cedric's dick, she starts by licking Cedric's knot with her scratchy tongue.

Said wolf was surprised while shivering at the feel of her tongue.

Rachel now wished that she had lick more off...but oh well.

Azure the moved higher till she lightly licks the tip of his dick which dribbled some semen before she took the head of the dick into her mouth and pulled away with a small popping sound.

Cedric was a bit disappointed that she stopped and hope for more.

Azure noticed before she sent him a smile.

"Don't worry… I'll do more to make up for that after our date." Azure teased with a grin.

Cedric blushed but nodded in agreeing with her.

Azure smiled before she got up and looked to the duo.

"I'll head on ahead… you two can catch up right?" Azure asked while she walked to the door and the duo saw Azures ring cracking a little when she exits.

"Uh...Cedric?" Rachel said.

"Yeah I see it too." Cedric replied.

The two got out of Rachel's room quickly to follow Azure after they got dressed.

Lemon over/ see on AO3 as well

However...Azure looked OK when she enters the female's changing room before they could speak with her, she even had a smile on her face.

Cedric and Rachel were at the entrance.

They both looked at each other.

"You go in there and checked to make sure she's okay." Cedric said.

Rachel nodded before the two entered their respective changing rooms.

Unfortunately for Rachel, Azure had already walked into the hot spring area with a towel and cleaning products.

Rachel quickly undressed and grabbed her towel and cleaning products before entering the hot springs.

And to her surprise, Azure was under the shower while she was humming… She seemed to be in a good mood.

Rachel got into the shower next to Azure and started showering.

"You seemed to be in a good mood Azure." Rachel said.

Azure sent her a smile after she wiped her eyes to get rid of some soap.

"Am I not suppose to be?, I mean this is the first date I've ever been on with a guy and now a girl that I like." Azure said before she rubbed some more soap into her fur.

"Yeah I guess you're right, sorry." Rachel said.

"No problem Rachel, I mean after what happened with my...old home, I kind of gave up on romance… but then I met you guys at the school and that feeling changed." Azure said while she sent Rachel a slightly wider smile.

"Well I'm happy you're with us. And I know Cedric is as well." Rachel said with a smile.

With Cedric who listened in…

Said wolf, who was listening in, believe everything was okay. Hearing Azure losing hope on romance reminded him about what happen with him and Kyra. He was now glad to be dating Azure and Rachel.

Meanwhile with the girls…

Rachel had one question on her mind.

"Say Azure...did you had a past crush before coming here?"

Azure blinked a few times before she blushed a little.

"Y-yeah, but I got you and Cedric now, do you really want to know?" Azure asked Rachel while Cedric listened in.

Rachel felt like she went too far.

"I'm sorry Azure. I shouldn't have asked." She said.

Azure shook her head before she spoke up after rinsing her head.

"It's alright Rachel, I'll have to say something sooner or later anyway, so why not you first before I let Cedric know since I did mess with him about this Kyra woman earlier." Azure said before she starts to wash her arms after she sat on a stool.

Rachel gulped before speaking.

"What happen between...the two you?"

"Nothing much, we met up every now and then from the village where I lived with the old couple, it was when I had some free time normally, he was a really nice guy and unlike Cedric, he seemed to have a knack for keeping out of perverted trouble." Azure said before she chuckles at the last part.

Cedric groaned with annoyance from that.

Rachel chuckled a bit as well before speaking.

"Yeah but you know he wouldn't do it purpose right?"

"I know, but it doesn't change the fact that we could get into more situations with him around… still I don't regret getting with Cedric." Azure said with a smile on her face.

Rachel smiled at that response.

Cedric also smiled at the last part.

"Anyway the guy I knew had abilities like some others did there but he seemed to be a cut above the rest with his gravity based abilities." Azure said when a few memories played in her head.

Cedric and Rachel were shocked by that.

"R-Really?" She questioned.

"Yeah, he was a strong looking snow leopard who could fight multiple ability users at once… the thing to look out for are dark rings that show that he's getting ready to use his ability." Azure explained to Rachel.

"Wow...So what ended it?" Rachel asked.

Azure's smile fell a little before she spoke up.

"...Me blowing up…" Azure said when her ring cracked again… this time from the bad memory.

Rachel and Cedric were surprised when she said that.

"Oh my...I'm so sorry Azure. I don't know why I asked." Rachel said feeling about it.

"It's not your fault, and he could still be alive… but if so...he might try and kill me since I did blow up his home…" Azure said while she put her head down a little before she washed her back.

Rachel teared up a bit before she got out of her shower and hugged her from behind.

"Well if it happens...Me and Cedric along with everyone else will protect you. I'm not letting that jerk near you." Rachel said while still hugging her.

Azure smiled while she placed a hand on Rachel's arm.

"Thank you Rachel…." Azure said before she finished cleaning after Rachel let go by cleaning her legs and torso before she got up and lets her body dry when steam emits from her body.

"I'll wait outside at the front door so I can get some fresh air, can you let Cedric know?." Azure said to Rachel before she exits the room to change.

"Sure." Rachel said before she continues to wash herself.

Cedric also resumed to clean himself before he dries himself and heads to the men's changing room.

Meanwhile with Azure who waits outside before the duo could finish changing.

Outside/ SB Dimension/ Rachel's home/ Azure

Azure was in her summer wear while she thought of why she told Rachel that.

"I know I was right with telling Rachel… but still…" Azure thought before she decides to walk onto the beach a bit while she felt herself about to cry, Azure then sniffed a bit more when more memories came to her while she felt a few tears start to fall which kept her from hearing if anyone would approach her.

"Why you cry pretty cat lady?" Said a young boy's voice which made her jolt before she looked back and saw Charles nearby while he held a bowl of ice cream.

"Oh...hi Charles… how long were you there?" Azure asked while she wiped her eyes.

"Oh we came back few seconds ago and saw you crying by yourself." Charles said.

"We?, do you mean the clone?, where is he?" Azure said with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh he lost a few bets with me." Charles said while grinning.

"Huh?" Azure asked before she heard a voice speaking up.

"Yeah… this kid didn't play fair when he had me slip on a puddle near the finish line." A voice said which made Azure turn around before her eyes widen a bit when she saw the clone… carrying 20 icecream tubs with a half lidded look on his face.

"I won the bet fair and square." Charles said with a victory smile.

"Tell that to the ice cream vendor when I slid into his cart… I had to pay for Charles's victory ice cream… and the entire cart…" The clone said which made Azure giggle a bit.

"R-Really?" Azure asked when she looked to Charles.

Charles nodded while chuckling.

Azure then covered her mouth to try and hold back her laughter while the clone just gave her a half lidded look.

Just then, Cedric and Rachel were able to find Azure with Charles the clone and the many tubs of ice cream?

"Hey guys what's so funny?" Cedric asked.

"And why do you have so many ice cream Emerald? Was there a mega sale or something?" Rachel asked while looking at how much ice cream he had.

The Clone just glanced to Charles before looking to her.

"Ask Charles since I'm pretty sure he led me to that puddle, I had to buy him his ice cream and the entire cart when I crashed into it." the clone said with a half lidded look.

Cedric and Rachel were surprised before looking at Charles.

"He's lying. I beat him fair and square. There no rules about slipping on puddles." Charles interjected.

"Tell that to the guy who's crying over his smashed cart, I had to buy everything just to get him to stop for now, and more for the smashed cart itself." the clone said with an irritated tone at the memory when the ice cream vendor really got onto him.

Cedric, Azure, and Rachel sweatdrop after hearing that.

"I thought you were kidding with the cart." Azure said while the clone just gave her a half lidded look.

"Tell that to the boss's wallet." The clone said before he walks to Rachel's house with the multiple tubs.

Charles then looked at the trio for a second before looking to Rachel who smiled when she already knew what he was about to ask.

"Yes Charles. Cedric is taking me and Azure out for a date." Rachel said with a smile which caused Charles to smile.

"Well I hope you have a good time big sis." Charles said before looking at Azure and Cedric.

"Bye pretty cat lady...Bye big brother." Charles said while he surprised Cedric with a quick hug before going back to the house.

"Big brother?, did you say something to Charles Rachel?" Azure said with an amused tone.

Rachel shook her head before speaking.

"No but I guess he likes Cedric so much." Rachel replied.

That's when the girls noticed a tear leaving said wolf's eye.

"Something wrong Cedric?" Azure asked with a worried tone.

"Hmm...Oh sorry. It's just that...when he said big brother, it reminded me about my little sister Eruru with they way she said it. She must be at least his age right now." Cedric said while wiping his tear away.

"Gotta watch out then when she gets older if she has your same kind of luck and good looks." Azure said with a grin.

Cedric chuckled a bit before thinking on that last part.

"Uh...Azure I don't think we should have him worry about that during our date...Which we should get going right?" Rachel asked to change the subject

"Alright, mind leading the way Rachel?" Azure said when she got ready to follow her.

"Absolutely." Rachel said before she starts leading them to the cafeteria.

Azure follows with a smile on her face while she looked to see how Cedric was holding.

Said wolf looked to her with a smile on his face.

When they got to the cafeteria, they managed to find a decent table before they went to grab some food while Cedric held the table for them by sitting for them.

With Azure and Rachel...

Azure's mouth watered a bit at the options, but since this wasn't Angel city, she would have to keep controlled for now which results in her getting a slightly bigger plate than Rachel and another for Cedric before the duo returns to the table that Cedric was waiting at.

"Sorry for the wait, here." Azure said when she sets a tray down in front of Cedric and sat next to him.

Cedric smiled at her before speaking.

"No worries. I'm just glad to find us a good spot.

Azure then turns to Rachel before she looks around.

"Know anyone here Rachel?" Azure asked before she starts to dig into a large burger.

Rachel looked around for a moment before back at the feline.

"No why?" She asked but sweatdrops when she saw that Azure finished the whole burger already.

Azure chuckles nervously when she noticed Rachel's gaze before she tried to get the situation on track.

"Just wondered if you had friends here before you came to Angel City… was that a bad question?" Azure asked while she rubs the back of her head.

"No no it's okay. Yeah I do have friends. Let's see...Well in my dimension, Tails is married to a woman name Zooey and they have a daughter, named Sam who's the same age as me. Now the Shadow and Knuckles of my Dimension are also married to two women who are actually twins named Perci and Staci. Now Shadow and Perci has twins of their own, 1 son and daughter who are a year older than me. Knuckles and Staci have 1 son in the same age group as them." Rachel said before she started digging in.

Azure smiles a bit when she hoped she would meet them later during her stay here before she bit into a fry she had.

Cedric would also like to meet them. But there was one thing he had to asked.

"So what you're saying is that the Shadow and Knuckles here are in fact...brother in laws?"

"Yeah pretty much." Rachel replied.

"Wow… the Knuckles and Shadow from Angel City are gonna love this." Azure said with a sweatdrop when she thought of a few reactions already.

"No kidding." Cedric said while chuckling a bit.

The rest of the meal went in silence for the most part with some idle chit chat here and there before they finished and then followed Rachel to their next destination.

"Now that we're done, let's head to the laser show." Rachel said before she starts leading them to the light show area where some other people were walking to and from.

The trio made it to the area and got a good spot to see the light show building entrance.

Azure grins before she looks to the duo.

"Let's hurry." Azure said with an excited bounce in her step and a grin on her face when she walks a little faster and away from the duo.

Rachel and Cedric chuckled a bit before they try to catch up to her while a group of people came out of the building and walked by Azure who had a slight skip in her step before they head towards Cedric and Rachel.

Said wolf and hedgehog were able to catch up to Azure before they try to find a spot to sit.

Little did the lovebird trio know...One mysterious figure looked at them...more likely towards Cedric.

"Target sighted." the figure? said to itself before it started moving within the crowd and towards the trio.

Azure slows down a little before she looks back to the duo with a grin.

"Hurry up you two or we won't find a good seat." Azure said to the duo… not knowing what was about to happen.

"Don't worry Azure we're coming." Cedric said though deep down, he felt something was about to happen but couldn't place it.

Azure was about say something to Cedric before she thought she noticed something behind Cedric.

But that something seemed to blend into the night before she could get a good look since she was too far so she ignored it to give a grin to the duo.

Both Rachel and Cedric finally caught up to her and were now looking for a nice place till Cedric noticed one.

"How about that one?" Cedric asked which caused Azure to look to the spot in question before she looks to Rachel.

"Seems good to me… how about you Rachel?" Azure said before she sent Rachel a smile.

"Looks perfect to me." Said hedgehog said with a smile too.

The three nodded to each other as they moved around a bunch of people til they were at the spot they pick.

When they did they got ready to sit down… but Azure felt like something was off, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

"Hey Cedric, Rachel… do you get the feeling like we're being watched?" Azure asked before she sat on the ground.

Rachel to a moment to think before answering.

"I don't think so." She said.

"I actually did sensed something but was a little faint." Cedric said.

"And I thought I was just being a little paranoid since those bots attacked us, should we worry or is this place safe?" Azure asked when she looked around and saw how many people were here.

"Well nothing bad happens here." Rachel said.

"Well we should be on our guard just to be safe. The last thing I want is for you two to get hurt." Cedric said.

And like if someone said, like nothing could go wrong, something sped at Cedric's back with a momentary mist of darkness before it fades to reveal a ninja looking person who held his right arm back and glowing yellow eyes were seen past the hood which hid the rest of their face in darkness.

"DIE TRAITOR!" The person yelled before a blade, or knife of darkness formed on his right arm's wrist before he got ready to palm strike Cedric's back.

Unfortunately for the assassin, Rachel noticed and pushed Cedric out of the way right before the assassin hits Rachel in the shoulder.

"GAH!" Rachel yelled in pain before she hits the ground while holding her shoulder.

"RACHEL!" Cedric yelled before he got to his hedgehog girlfriend's side and hold her in his arms.

The people around them gasped and started running from the building in a panic while Azure looked to Rachel with shock.

Cedric looks at the assailant and was shocked when he recognize the outfit.

"Impossible... You guys shouldn't exist." Cedric stated with a disbelieving tone.

The Figure had a noticeable grin while he points the hidden knife at him.

"You thought wrong… our new leader helped us recover and he doesn't like traitors." The ninja said with a fanged grin while his body emits darkness like an anti-form.

Cedric was shocked when he saw this.

"Oh… one thing since your woman protected you… this blade has a little… nasty side effect." The ninja said while his eyes glowed a little

Cedric didn't know what the ninja meant til he looked at Rachel and gasped at what he saw.

It looked like dark vine like tattoos were coming from the stab wound on Rachel's shoulder, they looked like they were moving like tentacles while they slowly covered her skin at a snail's pace.

Cedric looked at the assassin with hate in his eyes which made the assassin grin more.


"Oh don't blame me for this… you betrayed us and you got what was coming to you… she took the hit and made things complicated… but to answer your question… one of two things might happen since she got hit with a hidden knife that was made of darkness." The assassin said while looking to Rachel with a lecherous look.

"She could either get a dark form in the end… or she could turn into a heartless if her will is too weak… either way works for me since our group had a few… changes which allowed a select few to gain control over the heartless and nobodies…, though only one type unfortunately, but if she becomes a heartless… I could take real good care of her." The assassin said with the hidden meaning as clear as day.

Cedric became more enraged with each word the assassin spoke.

"Like hell that's gonna happen…I'm gonna beat your ass senseless and you're gonna give me the antidote." Cedric said with anger.

"Oh please, I heard that your strength was cut from a reliable source, add the fact that you got a girl who's a walking time bomb now and could easily be killed now… do you really think you have the advantage now?" The assassin said while pointing a blade at him.

Cedric was shocked at this.

"Who told about this? Who sent you?" Cedric asked wanting answers.

The assassin grins before he pulled his arm back before charging Cedic and Rachel.

"THE SAME ONE WHO GAVE US THIS POWER!" The assassin roared before he sent his arm forward mid charge while his eyes glowed with a bright yellow light.

Cedric didn't have time to move as he saw the blade coming for him.

However the blade stopped short... near his heart short... before the duo saw to their shock that Azure grips the assassins arm with her arm that had the inhibitor ring equipped which seemed to crack more while her body emits her own dark mist while shadow's covered her eyes.

"What do you think you're doing?!" The assassin yelled before he tries to free his arm but nothing worked.

The assassin then used his other hand and tried to strike Azure with another hidden blade of darkness.

Which actually hits her on the chest… over her heart…but her hand still held onto the assassin while her ring cracked more.

Cedric's eyes widen in shock.

"AZURE!" He yelled with fear.

"You know…." Azure said while the dark mist she emits starts to turn red to the duo's shock.

Rachel groaned a bit before she opened her eyes.

Cedric looked down to see her.

"Rachel." Cedric said with worry.

Said hedgehog groaned again before speaking.

"C-Cedric." She said while her arm flared with pain when the dark tattoos pulsed for a moment.

"Hang on Rachel, everything's gonna be fine." Cedric assure her before Azure spoke up again which got everyone's attention this time.

"I really wanted this date to work… but you ruined it and hurt my girlfriend Rachel and threatened my boyfriend Cedric…" Azure said before she growled out the other half when red tattoos start to form on her skin while her inhibitor ring actually made a cracking sound this time when a large crack appeared.

The ninja was spooked by that but gave her an angered look.

"I don't care who I hurt. That boyfriend of yours is gonna pay for his crimes. And for that bitch you call, Rachel...she should've known better than to help that traitor." The ninja said showing no remorse.

Azure then opened her eyes which glowed red right before she slugged the assassin in the gut which sent him skidding away from the trio.

Azure then took a few steps towards the assassin while the red lines grew more while she seemed to emit more red mist.

"I'm going to enjoy ripping you apart… YOU BASTARD!" Azure growled before she roared when part of the inhibitor ring broke off which results in Azure unleashing a burst of red dark energy and the knife wound seemed to heal.

The ninja was shocked by that, before he sent her a grin.

"That's good. I was hoping for a little workout." The ninja said before he started powering up.


Emerald was walking through the house to see if he could talk with Lillum… but froze when he felt Azures energy spike… and he sensed that it slowly starts to turn dark which caused him to grit his teeth before he shot out of the house and towards the town.

"Hope I'm not too late…" Emerald thought while he sped to Azure and her fight.

Meanwhile back with Azure…

Azure just growls before she vanished with some kind of odd ability which made her and her presence vanish into a red mist before Cedric, Rachel, and the assassin's eyes.

Said assassin didn't know where she go. He took out his katana and checked his surroundings.

After a moment of looking and finding nothing… something seemed to come from the assassin's shadow from behind him before Azure was seen with a fist drew back which was sent towards the assassin right after she fully emerged.

The assassin tried to block the hit but Azure was slightly quicker when she slugs him on the side and after a moment of seeing her fist going deep into the assassins side… The assassin was sent flying with a loud bang sound before she shot towards him to continue her attack.

Cedric and Rachel stared at AWE at what they witnessed. Then Rachel groan in pain again from the wound.

Cedric looked at his girlfriend with worry.

"I'm so sorry Rachel." He said with tears.

Said hedgehog weakly smiled at him.

"Don't worry Cedy...I'm going to be okay. And it's not your fault." She said trying to assure him.


Azure managed to hit the assassin a few more times before she sent another punch towards the assassins stomach.

But this time the assassin caught that punch.

"You're a strong kitty cat...but not as strong as me." The assassin said before he kicked her in the stomach.

While it did knock her back a bit… it only served to piss Azure off more which made her growling sound more feral when the red lines got thicker and more red misted formed before another part of the inhibitor ring broke off… which showed purple demonic like pupils forming on the red glowing part of Azures eyes… which looked at the assassins eyes which conveyed more rage than before.

The only thing the assassin did was grin more.

"That's it. Give in to your hatred. But it won't do you any good. Once I'm done with you...I'm gonna finish off your traitorous boyfriend. And as for Rachel...I think she'll make a fine edition to the brotherhood." The assassin said before powering up even more.

However… everyone who could sense energy could feel that the assassin said something that he would regret when Azure emits more red mist… before the inhibitor ring snapped off before Azure unleashed a demonic roar of rage before a red pillar of energy burst from her body and made everyone skid back from the energy which overpowered the assassins by many times.

Cedric, Rachel and the assassin were shocked at the power that Azure unleashed.

Azures new form was seen slowly when the pillar fades.

Her fur was now blood red… her eyes were not glowing anymore but were now a deep crimson color… her pupils were demonic looking violet pupils...her claws and teeth elongated a bit… all in all she looked like rage personified if it wasn't for the surprisingly calm look on her face.

Cedric and Rachel were now more shocked after seeing that. But they now feel worry for her.

"A-Azure?" Cedric called.

Azure however ignored him while she kept her eyes on the assassin.

Said assassin grins again before speaking.

"Alright...let's...DANCE!" The ninja said before he moved to attack.

However, Azure vanished before she reappeared behind the assassin… right before blood was seen on her claw and from where the assassin's left arm...was… while said arm flew away and lands nearby.

"GAH!" The assassin yelled in pain while using his right arm to hold the bleeding stump.

Both Cedric and Rachel gasped at that.

Azure then turned to the screaming assassin before she gave a chilling grin.

"What's the matter… I thought you would enjoy an interesting fight… or did you think that you were the strongest here?" Azure teased with a dark tone before she slowly walks to the assassin while she actually surprised everyone by licking her bloody claw for a second.

"...I'm going to enjoy ripping you apart for what you tried to do to Cedric and for what you did to Rachel." Azure said with a fanged grin… like she was enjoying the assassin's pain… just what the hell happened to her?

Cedric and Rachel were once again worried.

"Azure! If you can hear me, don't kill him. We want to know who sent him." Cedric said with hope that she'll agree.

"Don't kill him?, alright…." Azure said surprisingly while she kept her gaze on the assassin.

Said assassin started chuckling.


Azure took a moment to raise an eyebrow before she spoke up with a grin.

"What's so funny... losing your mind?, or did you lose it from the blood loss?" Azure asked when she flexed her claws a few times.

"It'll be a cold day in hell before I tell you anything. The brotherhood will get their vengeance...even if I'm not there." The assassin said before he used the fingers on his right arm to make weird motions.

Azure however grins before she spoke up.

"Well if more are coming… " Azure said before she vanished before she reappeared in front of the assassin with shadow's covering her eyes while a wide grin was on her face.

"... Then I won't need to hold back!" Azure growled before she shot her claw at the assassin and pierced right through his arm making the signs and his shoulder which completely disarmed him.

"Though Cedric wouldn't be happy if I didn't think ahead right?... I may not be able to kill you… but I can bring you as close as possible right?" Azure said with bloody claws glistening from the low light from around her and a grin was seen on her face.

"GAAAAAAAHHHHH!" The assassin yelled in serious pain.

Both Cedric and Rachel in the meantime are hoping Azure turns back to normal before anything else happens.

To their relief… Emerald appeared with a burst of speed from an open door with a serious look on his face before his eyes widen at Azure's form and the state of the Assassin.

He then looked to Cedric and Rachel before his eyes widen in shock when he saw Rachel's arm before he grit his teeth from anger.

"What happened here?" Emerald asked with a tone that was chilling before Azure looks to him.

"Oh nothing much on my end… just a little payback for what this guy nearly did to Cedric and for what he did to Rachel though." Azure said with an oddly calm smile while Emerald's eyes narrowed at Azure's shift in personality.

Then Cedric called out to Emerald.

"Emerald! Rachel needs help. That assassin put something in her." He said with worry.

Emerald looked to Rachel again before he looks to Azure and the assassin after he forced himself to calm down.

"Azure, you need to step away from him and calm down, the dark energy in you is running out of control and you could kill him before we get anything…if you don't… I'll be forced to stop you myself." Emerald said with a look that showed that he didn't want to hurt her… but he would if it would help her.

Azure just grins more before she tilts her head a bit.

"Oh… and what can you do?, you've been weakened right?" Azure said to everyone's shock while Emerald himself sighs.

Cedric and Rachel couldn't believe this.

"Azure...I love you...but please don't this. Rachel needs our help." Cedric said trying to get through her.

Azure looks to Cedric for a moment which gave Emerald enough time to vanish before he sent a chop to the back of Azure's neck which let out a resounding bang before she fell to the ground… unconscious...

"I maybe weaker now, but I know ways of getting strong much quicker then most from over the years." Emerald said while he looked to Azure's body… which didn't revert to his confusion before he looks to the armless assassin with a cold look.

Said assassin chuckled before speaking.

"Hehehehe...If it isn't the infamous Emerald. Never thought I get to meet you of all people in a place like this."

Emerald frowned a bit before he looks to Cedric.

"Hey Cedric, Rachel, do either of you know this guy?" Emerald asked since he wanted to be sure of something.

Cedric shook his head before he sent the assassin a glare.

"No we never seen him before. But I recognize that outfit. He's part of a ninja force that I helped took down in my dimension. I thought for certain they were gone...but now they're back and are trying to take me out."

Emerald frowned before asking another question.

"And your Dimension...does it have anyone who can jump Dimensions?, we had to sent the note to make a portal but as far as I know...no one in your Dimension should be able for now." Emerald said with shadows covering his eyes.

"He said they have a new leader. Probably the same guy that sent him here. He also knows our weaknesses and Azure's power." Cedric said.

Emerald then knelt down in front of the assassin before speaking up with a tone that showed that Emerald was serious while a dark mist emits from his body.

"If you already know me and what I can do… then you know lying and suicide is pointless right?, you can either answer a few questions and have a chance at living…. Or I can devour you and get all the info I want." Emerald said with a tone that showed that he was serious about everything he said.

Cedric and Rachel pale after hearing that.

"Is he serious?" They both thought.

The assassin chuckled weakly before speaking.

"Hehehe...Thanks for the kind offer...but I'll take my chance with death." The assassin said before giving out a weak smile while closing his eyes.

Emerald then stood up before he held his hand over the assassin and a green glow appeared over the assassin, the assassin's bleeding stops while Emerald sent the assassin a jolt of energy a moment later before he placed his hands in his pockets.

"There… now I won't have to worry about you bleeding out on me." Emerald said with a deadly tone… he was already getting irritated with this guy.

Cedric and Rachel were kinda relieved that they didn't have to witness the devouring part.

Just then, said hedgehog groan in pain again from the wound.

"Rachel!" Cedric yelled with a worry tone.

Emerald creates a clone to keep an eye on the barely living assassin before he moved to Rachel's side instantly and looked to the wound.

"How was the damage inflicted?" Emerald asked when he held Rachel's infected arm.

"The assassin tried to attack me from behind. I didn't react in time, but Rachel saw it and was able to push me out of the way. She was then stabbed in the shoulder. The assassin said that the blade had a side effect that would've turned me to a dark form or a heartless." Cedric said before he starts feeling regret.

"This is all my fault. How can I let this happen?" He questioned.

"Try to not blame yourself, for now we need to work fast or Rachel could turn soon, I can't stop it from changing her but I can keep it in her arm for now while I have a chat with the assassin, word of warning… this will not be pleasant at all for Rachel." Emerald said before he looks to Cedric and Rachel to hear if they wanted to say anything first.

The two nodded at him while Cedric still hold her.

"Don't worry Rachel. I promise you we'll get that thing out of you." Cedric said trying to assure her.

Rachel smiled at him for that.

"If you want Rachel, I can knock you out." Emerald asked since he want to make this easy for her.

Cedric was worried about that before he looked at Rachel.

Said hedgehog nodded to Emerald.

Emerald then placed an index finger on Rachel's forehead before an odd green crest appeared before Rachel fell limp.

"There, I used a sleeping crest to knock her out, but I need you to do me a favor Cedric." Emerald asked the wolf next to him.

Said wolf looked at him before speaking.


"What I'm about to do might wake her in the middle so if she does, I'll need you to knock her out yourself since I need to focus on getting Rachel stabilized." Emerald asked the wolf with a serious look on his face.

Said wolf was shocked at that request.

"I don't want to hurt her. Can't you show me how to use the sleeping crest thing?" He asked

Unfortunately Emerald sighs before he looks to Rachel's arm.

"It would take too long to teach you and Rachel doesn't have the time, listen Cedric, what's worse... a simple knockout... or pain like you never felt before in your entire life?" Emerald said to Cedric.

Said wolf sighs as he already knew the answer to that.

"Okay. I'll do it." He said.

Emerald nods before he examined Rachel's arm again before he raised his right arm.

"I'll need to work fast." Emerald said before he thrusts his arm and his finger and thumb pierce into Rachel's shoulder and around the infection before his hand glows.

"Get ready, once I send my energy into her... it'll keep this infection in her arm, but Rachel's arm might change so try to support her if she takes that situation hard." Emerald asked while he glanced to Cedric.

Cedric nods to let Emerald know that he'll do anything to help his girlfriend.

Emerald nods before he looked to Rachel's arm before he shot his energy into her arm… the effect was instant, when the energy forced itself through Rachel's shoulder, her body squirmed somewhat...like she was trying to get away from Emerald while he kept an iron grip on her arm.

Cedric also had a firm grip to her body in case of anything.

The infection seemed to actually squirm when Emerald's energy was shot through it before it felt that the rest of Rachel's body was starting to be close off to it...so it did the next best thing since without Rachel's full body, it couldn't fully form as a heartless or bring out a dark form from her without access to her heart or mind.

But it could do both with her arm which caused Emerald to widen his eyes in shock when Rachel's arm suddenly turned a deeper shade of red… so red that it nearly looked black while a heartless symbol appeared on top of her hand with her nails elongating to sharp claws.

Cedric was also surprised by this.

"What's happening to her arm?" Cedric asked with a worry look.

"Must be the infection doing something since the rest of her body isn't available, I've done what I can for now, but this could be a permanent thing if the assassin doesn't have the antidote on him." Emerald said before he got ready to pull his arm free before he blinks when something soft, squishy, and round, filling his hand which made him look to Rachel's shoulder with confusion.

"What is it?" Cedric asked.

"Uh... " was all Emerald said before he pulled his hand away to show… a blob the size of his hand while a heartless symbol on shown to sit in the center when the heartless looked a bit...jelly like?

"Uhhhh…" Emerald repeats while he showed Cedric the little blob that seemed to not move at all.

"What the…" Cedric said a bit confused by this.

"No...clue, just to be safe, I'll keep an eye on whatever the hell this thing is... can you carry Rachel back?, I'll get Azure and our DISARMED assassin." Emerald said while he grinned a bit at his pun.

Cedric nodded before he grab hold of Rachel's unconscious body in his arms.

Emerald used one hand to summon another clone which picks up Azure and a few pieces on the inhibitor ring while the other clone picks up the assassin before they used a burst of speed to head back to Rachel's home.

"Let's head back." Emerald said before he turned to the entrance and starts to run.

Cedric nodded as he followed Emerald.

'Wonder what her parents will say to me when they see her.' Cedric thought with worry thinking they'll blame him since he's still blaming himself for this.

Later, back at the hedgehog house...

The duo ran to the house where they saw everyone around the clones that held Azure and the armless assassin before they noticed Emerald and Cedic who carried Rachel.

Amy ran over with worry on her face when the duo got closer.

"Is Rachel alright?, those clones said the assassin did something to her but wouldn't say more." Amy asked with a worried look before she noticed Rachel's arm and covered her mouth to hide a barely his gasp.

Sonic came to her side to hug her.

"What happen to my daughter?" Sonic asked with a little anger in his voice.

"An assassin tried to kill Cedric since he was weakened here and Rachel got in the way from what I can understand… Azure was the one who did that to the assassin before I stopped her from killing him, and I helped Rachel… though there were side effects." Emerald said while he looks to Rachel's arm.

Everyone else was shocked after hearing it.

'Why was someone targeting Cedric?' They thought.

"What type of side effect?" Sonic asked.

"Uhhh… well her arm's new look for one… and… this thing apparently." Emerald said while showing the blob to Sonic and Amy.

"Uh… what is that?" Amy asked with a greatly confused look while she poked it which caused it to jiggle… which also caused Rachel's body to shift a little.

"Are they somewhat connected?" Sonic asked.

"Maybe, it came from her arm after I got done with helping her… I can wake her if you want since I did put her to sleep with a spell." Emerald asked with a hand in his pocket.

Sonic nodded to Emerald.

Emerald nods before he gestures for Cedric to put Rachel down.

Everyone, minus Azure, looked at what he's about to do.

Emerald then placed his free hand in front of Rachel before he snapped his fingers which caused a green spark to emit from Rachel… the same color of that the sleeping crest that Emerald used earlier which caused Rachel to shift and stir… while the blob starts to as well to Emerald surprise.

Everyone else was surprised as well.

Finally Rachel opened her eyes before speaking.

"Hmmm...C-Cedric?" She called.

Said wolf looked at his girlfriend with relief and hugged her.

"Rachel." Cedric said softly.

Emerald knelt down with a grin before he spoke up.

"Welcome back sleepy head, did you have a nice nap while Cedric carried you back?" Emerald teased while he wondered how she was doing now.

Rachel blushed but smiled before speaking.

"Actually, I did." She said before snuggling to Cedric's neck which made said wolf blush from that.

The Blob in Emerald's hand stirs again which made him look before getting surprised to see two tiny little yellow lights which seemed like eyes to him… though they didn't hold any malice when they start to look around.

"Emerald...is that blob thing awake?" Amy asked with a slightly nervous tone while Emerald got a thoughtful look on his face before he decided to poke it which caused the blob to jiggle and let out something that sounded like giggling while the feeling was transferred to Rachel.

Said hedgehog giggled as well like somebody had poked her.

Everyone was surprised and confused while wondering why.

Emerald grins when he decides to tickle the blob with a grin on his face while those nearby sweatdrops.

Rachel started giggling a little loud.

"C-Cedric...s-s-stop...that...t-tickles." She said between giggles.

"Uh...Rache, I'm not doing anything." Cedric said.

Emerald then gets an evil like grin before he pulled out a feather from who knows where and starts to tickle the blob more.

It made Rachel laugh at this.

Everyone else sweatdrop at that.

Emerald continues to tickle the blob while chuckling evilly.

That's when Sonic finally spoke.

"Hey Emerald, can you stop that already and help me get answers. I want to know who sent that assassin that not only hurt my little girl but also tried to kill my future son in law."

Everyone else including Cedric was surprised after hearing that last part.

Emerald sweatdropped before he sighs after dismissing the feather.

"Demonga… mind waking the guy?" Emerald asked while Demonga grins before he points his spear at the assassin before a jolt of electrical energy zapped the assassin.

Said assassin groaned from that before opening his eyes.

Which to his view… showed a lot of angry people who looks right at him.

"Wasn't expecting an audience." The assassin with no fear in his tone.

Emerald then walked to him before kneeling in front of the assassin.

"As you can see… dying isn't going to be an easy thing around me… now tell me… is there an antidote for that knife you used on Rachel." Emerald asked while he points a thumb at Rachel and her new arm.

That's when the assassin started chuckling.

"There was never meant to be an antidote. My target was for the traitor only. And he was meant to fall like the others will."

Emerald took a moment to think about the assassins words before grinning oddly.

"You say there was never meant for one to be made right?... Wouldn't that mean that one was made for emergencies… I mean accidents happen right?, maybe a clumsy member or a newbie lost control or something?, And someone had to help another member?, you hate traitors rights… so wouldn't that mean that you value comrades at least?" Emerald said while he waits for a reaction.

Said assassin was surprised by that notion.

"Okay fine...there were antidotes but only given to pairs of assassin's during a mission. I only went on my own so I can get my vengeance for the brotherhood. But sadly I failed. However she seems fine now that you're here." The assassin stated.

"That is if you really came alone… could you normally jump dimensions or did someone help…" Emerald asked the assassin.

"Our new leader gave us these special rings that let us pass through one dimension at a time. And yes I did came alone." The assassin said.

Emerald could tell that the guy was telling the truth… but what was this feeling he was getting.

"Who is your leader?" Emerald asked with a serious look.

That's when the assassin chuckled again.

"I'll give you a hint...It's someone that you hated the most." The ninja said cryptically to Emerald.

Some of the people didn't know what the assassin meant.

Emerald was silent for a second before he looks to the assassin with a look that spoke volumes.

"You're telling me that he's the leader?...the leader of YOUR group." Emerald said with his voice having a slight echo.

Everyone else, besides the assassin and the teachers, were spooked by his voice.

The assassin grinned before speaking.

"That's right. He came to us in our time of need...after that traitor and his followers destroyed our brotherhood...and killed our old leader in cold blood." The assassin said as he sent a death glare at Cedric.

Said wolf glared back at him.

"A name… I want to be sure…" Emerald asked.

However...before anyone could react… something shot from the darkness and pierced the Assassins heart… it looked like a shuriken that was made out of dark energy which caused the original assassin to fall back.

Everyone was shocked and looked to see who caused that.

They saw to their shock...another assassin but this one had white glowing eyes before the assassin's assassin ran into the trees before anyone could move and vanished into the darkness while their presence vanished before anyone could give chase.

Emerald then looked back to the assassin to see if he could do anything to help.

"Is he dead?" Daniel asked.

Emerald walked over to the assassin before narrowing his eyes.

"No...but he'll die soon, either from the wound or the infection if this weapon is like his poisoned weapon." Emerald said when he sensed a faint aura from the assassin which slowly ebbs.

"Are you gonna try to save him or...devour him?" Cedric asked while paling a bit.

Rachel also paled remembering what Emerald said.

Rachel's family and Daniel were a bit freaked out by that.

"I was pissed off from earlier, besides I don't think he would digest well with a personality like his." Emerald said… he didn't deny that he really could devour a person...what ability did he have to do that?

Some of the people sighed with relief but were still disturbed when Emerald said that.

Emerald looked back to the assassin before he narrowed his eyes before he stood back up.

"Damn…" Emerald said while scratching the back of his head.

"What is it?" Cedric asked.

"He died… and with the infection in his body, I can't do anything to help." Emerald said when he and the other AC residence frown when they noticed as well.

Emerald then looks to Cedric before speaking up.

"Since this situation just happened… I'd like everyone to head into the house before we continue this, I'll handle the assassin's body before I come back." Emerald said before he grabbed the assassin's body and starts to walk away.

Everyone nodded before they went back in the house.

About 10 minutes later, Emerald returned to see everyone in the living room.

"Hey, did I miss anything?" Emerald asked the group with his hands in his pockets.

Everyone shook their head.

"Well then… I'll just ask what some are probably already thinking while we can fill in Azure later if she wakes soon…Cedric… what did that assassin mean when he said you took down the brotherhood… kind of sounds like cult or something to me." Emerald said before he sat on the couch.

Cedric sighed before speaking.

"I should probably start at the beginning." Cedric said before he starts telling his story.

"It was six months after I moved out of my house, the Tails from my dimension hired me for a little undercover work. He received intel from an inside source that there was this boarding school which wasn't really one but was to train ninja. My mission was go in and act like a student while I meet the source. When I came in, I was escorted to the principal's office which was owned by the leader of that place. He was an Echidna name Tasogare. He looked kind on the outside but cold and calculating on the inside. All I had to do was keep my cool and don't get caught. That's when he had me partner up with his niece. I think you would know whom I'm referring to Emerald." Cedric said while looking at Emerald.

"Yeah, this Kyra person right?, and from what I can hear, she's an Echidna so that'll help later when we look for her." Emerald said with serious tone… but went to a teasing one near the end.

Cedric blushed a bit from that.

Everyone else was surprised about that.

"Yeah well anyway...after partnering up with Kyra, I found out that she was the inside source. I bet you're all wondering why...well as it turns out...her uncle killed her parents in cold blood while she was a baby. Why he spared her was a mystery. It was almost a year til we found enough evidence to stop his plan. And during that same timeline, we recruited about 5 students to help us, since they didn't want to be here. They each of their own skill set. That's when we called ourselves the Band of 7." Cedric said seeing if everyone is following him so far.

Emerald and a few others sweatdrop while Emerald chuckles with a half lidded look.

"Uhh… was there a crossdresser in your group?" Emerald asked to be sure of something.

Cedric was confused by that question.

"No...our group was 4 guys and 3 girls." Cedric said.

Emerald nods before he spoke up again.

"Sorry about that… I ran into a different group who called themselves the band of seven in the past and… some were more eccentric than the others, they were all strong humans and I think one was an ancient looking cyborg... Though I still don't know how when the tech in that Dimension back then was around the Feudal era." Emerald said while the AC males of the group sweatdropped and shuddered at the memories while some of the AC females chuckles a bit.

Everyone else didn't know what he meant.

Cedric then continued the story.

"Anyway, me and Kyra had to keep our group a secret. So whenever all of us head out, we would use this ancient temple, that my dad took me to train when I was a pup, as a base to our operation. A little later, we found out the real reason why Tasogare is training ninjas. He plans to take over Mobius with a vast army of ninja. Half of the students I knew were part of that cause. And sadly, when Kyra and I partnered up I was too. I was given missions to assassinate my targets...but I only faked their deaths so no one would notice. We gave Tails the evidence, whom also gave the Sonic from my dimension all the proof he needed to bring in reinforcement. As they strike the boarding school, the students who didn't want to be in this were escorted safely. The rest...chose their fate. That's when it was just me, Kyra and Tasogare. We told him to surrender but wouldn't take no for an answer. So it was two against one. It was an epic fight...until Kyra got hurt trying to same me. That's when…" Cedric stopped as he shivered at a certain memory.

"If you want to stop, we can stop for now, I think we got enough to get a clear picture." Emerald said with crossed arms.

"Thank you...So after stopping the ninjas, Tails and Sonic rewarded us for our bravery. Then our group split up but we always have a way to contact each other. Kyra stayed with me for week at my apartment...and before you all say something, my place is a two bedroom apartment." Cedric said believing someone would've said something.

"Right." Emerald said with a look that just emitted a teasing vibe while Lillum giggles.

Everyone else just sweatdropped at the duo.

"Now I won't deny, that me and Kyra grew a close bond during the mission...but my feelings for her grew. That's when I finally confessed to her and asked if she felt the same. Sadly the only response I got was "I don't know" and she left the next day. It was the last time I saw her." Cedric said.

Emerald rubs the back of his head since he thought Cedric was exaggerating what Kyra did before he decided to speak up.

"I don't know about you guys, but do you want to turn in for the night and continue talking tomorrow?" Emerald asked when he looked to everyone.

Everyone was still shocked at the story but felt bad Cedric after hearing that.

They all nodded anyway since they need some sleep.

Lillum however grips Emerald's shoulder which got Sonic and Amy's attention while the others left.

"I hope your not forgetting the deal right?, I would drop it normally but do you know how long it's been since I've fed?" Lillum said with a tone that caused Emerald and Amy to sweatdrop while Amy blushed some.

"Uh... " Emerald said when he tried to think of a way to fix this but came up with little options before he looks to Sonic and Amy for backup.

Amy shook her head when she didn't want to aggravate the hungry succubus any more than she already is.

Sonic didn't say anything since he agreed.

The rest of the group noticed that Emerald, Lillum, Sonic, and Amy didn't follow which caused them to return to hear the conversation… from the next room at least when Sticks stopped them.

"Why not listen in?" Sticks said to the others before she pressed her ear to the door before anyone could stop her.

The students and everyone else turned to Demonga for help but to their surprise… he had a glass in one hand while he placed it against the wall and had a scary grin on his face.

"Hehe, might as well see if I can get some blackmail material on Charcoal." Demonga mutters to himself.

The students and everyone else sweetdrop at that.

Cedric turned to Rachel with a sad look.

"Rachel I'm really sorry that this happen." He said.

Said hedgehog gave him an assuring smile.

"It's okay Cedric. It's not your fault. The only person who should be sorry was that ninja. I mean not only did he ruined mine and Azure's first date with you, but he also tried to kill you, my boyfriend. Besides if you think I hate you for that then you're wrong." Rachel said before she gave him a chaste kiss on the lips.

"I love you." She said.

Cedric blushed from that but smile before speaking.

"I love you too." He said before the two hugged each other before Sticks spoke up.

"Hey lovebirds, can you take that to another room, I can't hear them." Sticks said while she pressed her ear to the door more after she said that.

Everyone else sweatdrop at that.

Rachel and Amanda however have an idea of what they're talking about inside of the room which caused them to blush a little.

Back in the other room…

"So… ready?, cause I'll be waiting in their room." Lillum said after she calmed down before she floats out of the room with a stunned Emerald being left with Sonic and Amy.

"Uh… are you two really okay with this?, I mean I could teach you the clone ability free of charge." Emerald said while Amy chuckles nervously.

"M-Maybe, but Lillum is looking… a bit like she's about to lose it, right Sonic?" Amy said when she worried that Lillum would do something if they get interrupted right now.

Sonic nods to her.

"So… if you two are ready… ready to head in?" Emerald said while rubbing the back of his head.

Both Sonic and Amy blushed but nodded.

"Alright… a bit of a warning… Lillum could be… a bit rough in that state… so expect some possible claw marks or more." Emerald said before he followed Lillum into Sonic and Amy's room.

Sonic gulped after hearing that since Lillum is gonna ride him out.

Amy blushed for similar reasons but with both Lillum and Emerald if she remembered about the deal with Lillum.

Sonic looked at Amy.

"You feeling nervous?" He asked.

"Sorta… Emerald seems ok… but Lillum seems a bit intense with this kind of thing… so I'm a little worried that she might do something shocking." Amy said before she starts to walk into her room.

"Yeah...I was more worried with what Emerald said. I do hope I make it out alive...but always remember Amy...I love you." Sonic said when looking to her in her eyes after he zoomed in front of her.

Amy blushed a bit before she kissed him a little on the lips.

"Love you too dear, now come on, for all we know Emerald might be having trouble with Lillum." Amy said before she walked past Sonic.

Sonic chuckled a bit before he followed her.

Lemon alert/ see on AO3 as well

When the duo enters the room… they saw that Lillum already stripped, fully in the nude, and was sitting on the bed while Emerald was stilled clothed for some reason.

Sonic and Amy blushed big after seeing Lillum. But they have no idea why Emerald is still clothed.

"Why are you still dressed Emerald?" Sonic asked.

Emerald just points a thumb at Lillum who giggled.

"I believe we got a video to make first… Right Amy?" Lillum teased with a grin on her face before she shifts into her Amy form.

"Right." Amy said with a blush before she started undressing.

Lillum grinned at the sight before she summoned a camera and tossed it to Emerald and Sonic who fumbled with it for a second before Sonic caught it which caused Emerald to sigh with relief before Lillum spoke up.

"Would one of you record this show?" Lillum asked with a teasing grin on her face.

Sonic blushed again before he nodded before he hit the record button.

Lillum grins more before she looked over to Amy to watch her strip.

Said hedgehog already removed her dress only leaving her with her bra and panties. If you look at her bosom, her breasts size are like Maite's since she gave birth to 4 kids after all she had slightly wide hips but looked slightly toned.

Emerald raised an eyebrow before looking to Sonic.

"I'm guessing all of that bot fighting helped huh?" Emerald said while he stood there.

Sonic chuckled bashfully at that.

Lillum then gestures for Amy to approach her with a lust filled grin.

Amy blush from that before she walked up to her.

Lillum then hooked a finger on Amy's bra when she got close before pulling her towards her… before she kissed her on the lips while laying back so that Amy was on top of her.

Amy was surprised from that. But after a few seconds, Amy kissed Lillum back.

'It's been awhile since I kissed another woman.' Amy thought before Lillum gripped Amy's ass with her left hand while her right pinched nipple through Amy's bra.

It made Amy moan in Lillums mouth.

Sonic was starting to enjoy the show while recording it.

Lillum then lightly trailed her hand across Amy's ass before she slipped her hand under the front of Amy's panties and starts to lightly massage Amy's folds.

Amy shivered at the touch of her hand.

Lillum grinned a bit while kissing Amy before she slowly slid a finger in Amy's tunnel.

Amy's eyes widen a bit before she moaned again.

Lillum in the meantime, took advantage of Amy's distracted state by letting go of her nipple before she unclips Amy's bra which was pulled off by Lillum when she made it vanish with a flash of magic.


Amanda and Maite were very curious and decided to hear what's going on before they press their ears on the their parents door after everyone else left to sleep in various parts of the house.

"Should we be here?" Maite asked in a whispered tone.

"Relax. We just want to know what's happening. Don't you think it's exciting that mom and dad are doing this with Rachel's teachers?" Amanda asked in a whispered tone.

Maite wouldn't deny it after what Lillum did and stuff especially the confidence she got from everyone else.

"What if we get caught?" Maite asked.

Amanda then smirk before speaking.

"As long as we stay quiet, no one will ever know."

However in the parents room…

Lillum could still sense things even before she got ready to latch ler lips on one of Amy's nipples and mentally grinned before she made a magical crest behind the eavesdropping duo which went unnoticed...for now since Lillum wanted to put on a show first.

She then latched her mouth on Amy's nipple before she starts to suck on it.

Said hedgehog had her mouth shut but still moan as she was liking this.

A few moments of sucking later, than Lillum spun around till Amy was the one who was on her back now.

Amy was caught off guard from that.

Sonic was taking a couple of breaths from this.

'This is so hot.' He thought while still recording it before Emerald tapped him on the shoulder and whispered into his ear.

"I recommend getting some pants or something in the future." Emerald whispered before he stood back up to watch the ladies on the bed.

Sonic didn't know what he meant til he looked to see his dick was rock hard.

He tries to look for something to cover up but nothing.

"Just a suggestion for the future, not gonna wear it long even if you find one now." Emerald whispered while he continues to watch when Lillum starts to kiss her way down Amy's body.

Amy giggled a bit from that before Lillum surprised the trio by actually biting the front of Amy's panties and pulling them off before Lillum spoke up after letting them drop.

"Ready for the appetizer?" Lillum asked with glowing eyes.

Amy blushed but nodded at her before Lillum lowered her head towards Amy's snatch.

Meanwhile with Amanda and Maite…

Both sisters were wondering what's happening till… they heard their mom moan a little bit louder then normal.

"I think Lillum got herself a treat." Amanda said with a blush.

"You think?" Maite questioned with a blush.

Both sisters were getting wet while hearing what's going on.

A moment later… the crest behind them pulsed before a thin tentacle of magic formed from it and slid the tentacle on the wet part of Amanda's panties for a second before pulling away and vanishing into the floor to hide to trick Amanda into thinking Maite did it.

"Knock it off sis." Amanda said.

"Knock what off?" Maite asked with a confused tone.

"Nevermind." Amanda said while she resumed listening.

Maite shrugged before doing what Amanda did.

The crest appeared again before it formed the tentacle again… this time it did the same action with Maite this time before hiding.

Said hedgehog shivered a bit before looking at Amanda.

"Real funny Amanda."

"What are you talking about?" Said hedgehog asked.

"You had your hand touching my...you know?" Maite said while blushing.

"Well you did it to me." Amanda retorted.

"No I didn't." Maite said

"Well I didn't do it either." Amanda said before the crest appeared behind them and sent two tentacles around them to keep them from noticing before it slid them on both of their wet spots at once before it vanished again.

"Knock it off!" The two said in unison but we're making sure two did not say it too loud.

That's when they realise it's not either of them.

"If it's not you and if it's not me...then who's touching us?" Amanda asked.

"Well we're the only one in the hallway." Maite stated.

The crest appeared under each of them this time before two tentacles appeared for each of them… one carefully pulled their panties to the side before another tentacle massaged their folds directly.

Both girls' eyes widen when they felt that.

"W-What is that?!" Amanda asked while blushing.

"I-I don't k-know." Maite said.

The tentacles continued to tease them while the scene went back into the room.

Lillum pulled her face away from Amy's snatch with a grin when she got her soaking wet after a few orgasms before she looked to Amy.

"Ready for the main event?" Lillum asked Amy with a teasing grin on her face.

"Y-Yes." Amy said with a blush while breathing heavily.

Lillum grins before she held her right hand up and summoned… an odd looking dildo with a dial on it which made Emerald blink before he looks to Sonic.

"Get ready for an unusual sight." Emerald whispered to the hedgehog, he was used to Lillum's antics but Sonic wasn't so he wanted to give him a heads up.

Sonic didn't know what Emerald meant since he thought it was a simple dildo.

Lillum then placed it above her own snatch before she twists the dial like object before a click was heard...before a flash of dark light was seen.

Both Sonic and Amy didn't know what's going on til the light went down. What they saw next made their jaws dropped.

It was a massive looking dick, around 10- 11 inches long and 2 inches wide while it looked like a knot was seen at the base which made Lillum grin.

"Thought I could try this…. You'll see why with Emerald if you get the chance later." Lillum said while she slowly stroked herself.

Amy gulped when she saw the dick on Lillum.

'I can't believe something that Lillum has is gonna go inside of me.' She thought.

Though Lillum surprised the group by leaning back with the dick pointing upward.

"Mind returning the favor?, make it real slick for me later." Lillum said with a teasing grin.

Amy gulped again since the only dick she sucked was Sonic's. But she wasn't gonna back down now.

She moved her body a bit till her head was in front of the dick.

She took a couple of breaths before she brought her tongue out and started licking the base of the dick.

Lillum grins while her breathing sped up a little before she let's Amy do her own thing while the camera went outside of the door.

With Amanda and Maite…

Apparently the tentacles that Lillum programed only brought them to the brink before stopping to let them cool down which resulted in a pattern of build ups and cooldowns with no release for either of Maite or Amanda.

"I-I don't know what's going on but...that feels good." Amanda said with a deep blush.

"I-I agree." Maite said with the same reaction before the tentacles sped up again after the two cooled down...what was Lillum planning anyway?

Back in the other room…

Amy continues to lick Lillum's dick like if it was Sonic's.

'This isn't bad.' She thought before Lillum placed a hand on her cheek.

"Hon… you'll have to take a bit in to help me feel good… or are you scared?" Lillum with a teasing tone.

Amy then gave Lillum a look that said 'Oh it's on.'

She brought her mouth to the top of Lillum's dick before she took her tongue out again and starting licking the tip.

Lillum grins at the challenge before she placed her hand on top of Amy's before forcing her to take a few inches into her mouth.

"You asked for it… now I'm getting serious." Lillum said with a teasing grin before she starts to lightly push and pull on Amy's quills to get her started on sucking her dick.

Amy was surprised by that but didn't want to look weak at Lillum so she took it and started bobbing her head on her own.

With Emerald and Sonic…

Emerald had a slight blush on his face at the sight, he looked to Sonic to see how he was holding so far.

Sonic blushed big as he sees his wife doing the same thing she did for him.

With Amanda and Maite…

The tentacles kept up their actions while still keeping them from orgasming once, you could say it was a pleasureable torture but how long would the two last?

"I wish this feeling could last forever." Amanda said.

Maite didn't say anything but nodded to her in agreement.

However, instead of continuing… the tentacles vanished before they could find release.

Both sisters groan in disappointment.

"No not now." Amanda said.

Maite was on the same boat as well before the door handle to the parents room twists open and opens silently before the duo could react which showed Lillum and Amy's position fully while Emerald and Sonic had their backs to them.

Though for the lust fueled duo… they noticed Lillum's massive dick which was being sucked by Amy.

Said hedgehog continues her action before she brought her head up a bit and brought her head down to deepthroat it.

Lillum groaned before she held Amy's head there for a few seconds before she pulled Amy's head away to let her breath.

"H-How...was...t-that?" Amy asked with a grin while breathing.

Lillum grins before she kissed Amy on the lips.

"Enough to really get me ready to give you a pounding you won't forget… ready?" Lillum asked Amy with a lecherous smirk.

Amy smirk back before speaking.

"You know it." She said before Lillum pushed her onto her back before looking to Sonic and the peaking duo and spoke up in a way to keep the male duo occupied.

"Get a good look you guys… cause I don't think Amy is gonna walk right for a while." Lillum said before she looks to Amy with a hungry expression on her, or Amy's, face.

Said hedgehog braced herself for what's about to happen.

Lillum then placed the head of her dick at Amy's vagina before she pushed the head in after a slight struggle.

"Ohhh… nice and tight huh?, you exercise or do you just go for your husband on special occasions?" Lillum groaned out when she felt how tight Amy was already.

Said hedgehog groan while blushing before speaking.

"A bit of both...but more with Sonic...even when the kids are away." Amy said between groans.

Sonic blushed from the memories he had when he and Amy wait for the kids to leave so they can have some alone time which was like a big work out for them.

Lillum grins before she slowly pushed the rest of the dick in to let Amy feel every inch while everyone watched.

Emerald was silent for the most part on his end.

Amy shuddered while feeling every inch of Lillums dick before Lillum stopped when she hit Amy's cervix… which left part of her dick and the knot out which caused Lillum to chuckle.

"Mind if I cum in?" Lillum said when she *knocked* on Amy's *Door* a few times.

Amy was hesitant before asking.

"I'm not gonna get pregnant from this right?" She asked which caused Lillum to grin.

"If you don't want it to, then it won't… but I won't mind visiting again if you do." Lillum teased when she pressed a bit harder into Amy for a second before relaxing.

Amy took a moment to think before speaking.

"You can cum but.. the only babies I want is from Sonic."

Lillim grins before she glanced to Sonic before a crest appeared under him.

"No problem then… I got just the spell for this." Lillum said with a grin on her face when the spell starts to charge.

Sonic and Amy were wondering what Lillum was doing.

Emerald did wonder as well before a thump was heard behind the male duo which made everyone look to see that Maite fell on the ground… with her pants down and Amanda who was playing with herself… but stopped when the duo was spotted.

However before anyone could say anything… the crest under Sonic sparked for a moment before a dim light filled the room before it vanished.

Sonic was shocked to find his two daughters here.

"Were you two listening in on us?!" Sonic questioned.

Amanda and Maite have no idea how to respond to this.

However Emerald tapped Sonic's shoulder.

"Uh… dude, I know this is an odd moment… but you might want to look down." Emerald said while he points downward.

Sonic was confused till he looked down and gasped at what he saw.

Apparently… his dick vanished and in it's place...one of Lillum's crests.

Before Sonic could panic, Lillum spoke up.

"Oh don't worry about your daughters… I called them here with Amanda's help so that they could have some fun with Emerald… though as for the whereabouts of your dick… mind looking my way." Lillum said when she pulled out of Amy with a slick like sound to reveal a shocking sight.

Emerald was about to say something about Amanda and Maite… but his jaw dropped and nothing came out when he got a bit shocked at what he saw.

Sonic, Maite and Amanda had the same reaction as Emerald after looking at what they saw on Lillum.

Apparently… Lillum had taken Sonic's dick and somehow copied it onto herself which made a bit of a clash from the Amy form and the Sonic dick.

"Surprised?, hehe… main reason I did this was to grant Amy's wish of getting pregnant with Sonic's child and so I can have some fun myself." Lillum said before she looked her form over for a second.

"Though the color clash is a bit off putting… might as well make a change." Lillum said before her body turned pink before it fades… to reveal that Lillum turned into a busty female version of Sonic.

"Well…what do you think?" Lillum asked about her new form.

Emerald just facepalmed since this would really get a reaction out of most here.

Sonic didn't know what to say after seeing a female version of himself.

Amanda and Maite both felt that the female version of their dad was pretty.

Amanda was getting a bit wet seeing that form's slender body.

"So Emerald, want to show what you can do with Amanda and Maite… you got alternate forms after all." Lillum said while Emerald blinked a few times before thinking.

"Why am I the sane one here?" Emerald thought before he looked over to see how Amanda and Maite are reacting.

Said sisters both blush while looking at him. They really wanted to climax so bad right now since the teasing left them hanging from earlier.

Emerald sweatdropped at their looks when they looked to him before he looked to see how Sonic was taking this so far.

Said hedgehog shrugged before speaking.

"After everything that happened...go ahead." He said to Emerald's shock.

"Uh… are you sure… I mean I believe this was all planned by Lillum somehow, aren't you irritated?" Emerald said when he glanced back to Amanda and Maite.

"I am. But since Lillum has my dick, I got no say what so ever. Besides I trusts you better than the other guys you brought." Sonic said nonchalantly which caused Emerald to sweatdrop again.

"Geez, I guess getting your dick taken must really calm a person down after the shock fades." Emerald thought before he spoke up.

"Alright, but don't chase after me afterwards when you get your manhood back, alright?" Emerald said with a half lidded look.

"Ah no worries. You helped my daughter so we're cool." Sonic said.

Emerald rubbed the back of his head before he responds.

"Before I start, I did it because she's my student, not out of getting a reward." Emerald said before looking to the ladies in front of him.

"Well you two, I can tell you a few forms I have and you can decide which one I can use." Emerald said while he looked to the sisters.

Amanda and Maite both looked at each other before looking back at Emerald with a nod and saying okay.

Emerald then had his shirt and coat vanish which revealed an average looking body.

"Here's my normal look, but when I focus…" Emerald said before he gained a greenish glowing outline before his body seemed to emit steam for a second and when it fades… it revealed an extremely toned Emerald, like all the fat on his body faded with the steam.

"... And here is my battle form, it's where I get serious in a fight or… or for other things." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Both girls blushed after seeing his body.

"Then there is my werewolf form I got after a certain incident, my ring has multiple crests which keeps me from using it along with my real strength somewhat but I can remove it to allow me to change at night." Emerald said while showing his ring to them… it looked like a fidget ring to them… but up close...

Amanda and Maite could see a lot of crests on that small ring. Each one in a different color.

"Then there is a dragon like form, again a long story, but I would become a strong looking dragon in either a biped form or a quadruped form for speed and power respectively, I can access it… on certain conditions." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

"What kind of conditions?" Amanda asked.

"Well… I need to ask for it first, but then I can access it, again long story." Emerald said before crossing his arms.

Both girls didn't know why but nodded anyway.

"I got more but those are the least scary forms I got." Emerald said to the duo.

Meanwhile while Emerald explained the forms…

Lillum turned to Amy with a grin on her, or Sonic's more female, face.

"So… ready?" Lillum said when she realigned her dick with Amy's tunnel.

Amy nodded while blushing.

Lillum wastes no time then when she thrust back into Amy in one go before she starts to piston in and out of Amy with a hungry grin on her face… oddly enough, the feeling was being sent to Sonic as well when he placed the camera on a bookshelf nearby to record the video with no more issues.

"W-Whoa. What the hell am I f-feeling?" Sonic asked before putting both of his hands where his crotch, temporarily, use to be while Lillum gripped Amy's breasts to steady herself before she sped up more which caused a light slapping sound when she barraged Amy's cervix which made a bulge in her stomach each time.

Amy shuddered in delight from this feeling before she wrapped her legs around Lillum's waist and wrapping her arms around her neck.

Lillum grinned before she kissed Amy on the lips before slipping her tongue in while she focused more on power which caused her to hit Amy's cervix which seemed to make it open slightly.

Amy moaned in Lillum's mouth before she kissed her back. She also slip in her tongue to fight hers.

Lillum moaned into the kiss before she starts to use her magic to increase her thrusting power… and with each hit, she went a little deeper and deeper before she gave one more thrust which managed to slam herself in except for the knot, but Lillum grinned when she felt Amy's cervix clamping just past her dickhead.

"He may have speed, but did Sonic ever go this deep before?" Lillum asked with a teasing grin on her face while she slowly grins into Amy.

Amy blushed before speaking.

"Sonic goes deep, but not that deep. But I still love him either way." Amy said which caused Lillum to grin.

"Well then, might as well make up for what your missing!" Lillum said before she starts to thrust in and out of Amy after she gripped Amy's hips.

Amy moaned a bit loud from that feeling. Even though Lillum is giving it to her good, she still picks Sonic anyway.

Meanwhile with Emerald and the peaking duo...

Emerald was silent for a second when he heard Amy moaning before he spoke up.

"Want to hear of the more monster like forms?" Emerald asked since some people have some interesting tastes.

The girls nodded to Emerald wanting to see more.

Emerald took a moment to think.

"Well I have my Dark form for one, unexpected but it works." Emerald said as an example.

"What do you mean unexpected?" Maite asked.

"Well most would think a dark form is nothing more than a form for battle right?" Emerald asked with a grin on his face.

The girls nodded but believe that there's more to than what's he saying.

"Then I have my hollow form… long story short, a lot more monster looking then a dark form." Emerald said while shrugging.

"Though I'll warn you I can get a bit more aggressive when I'm in that state, nothing threatening when I'm out of battle but I can be less calm if you get where I'm going." Emerald said before he puts his hands in his pants pockets.

Both girls blushed while thinking about the aggressive part and thinking about how Emerald would use in bed.

Emerald raised an eyebrow at the looks he was getting before he gave them a half lidded look.

"You two… are masochistic huh?" Emerald bluntly said to the duo.

Both girls blushed big from that.

"Sometimes we...are." Amanda said feeling a little embarrassed.

Sonic wasn't really expecting to hear that.

'Wish I didn't hear that.' He thought.

"Guess I'll get to the best form for this kind of situation then." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

'Best form?' Amanda and Maite thought.

"Well I say best form, but it's restricted so I can control it, but you two should enjoy it right?" Emerald said before his left arm seemed to shimmer like a mirage before a durable looking gauntlet with some kind of gem on the top of his left arm appeared…did he wear that all the time?

Both girls were surprised when they didn't notice the gauntlet. But they really wanted to see Emerald's best form.

The gem seemed to glow before a black mist seems to appear on it which starts to creep up his arm.

"I normally have to remove this gauntlet first, but I can take a weakened, but controlled form, if I do this." Emerald explained before the mists starts to creep onto his torso.

Both girls nodded while watching with anticipation.

A moment later, the mist covered his entire body before it fades to reveal a horrifying form to the group while Lillum grins when she noticed.

"Oh, nice choice." Lillum said before she starts to speed up her thrusts now.

Amanda and Maite gasped at what they saw.

Sonic just flat out asked…


"Well… Let's just say that I'm not sure, It started out as a Demonic like form that allowed me to absorb sand to create more energy for myself… but a lot of curses and negative dark forms combined to form this, it's only thanks to this gauntlet that I can control it in its reduced state." Emerald said with a demonic tone before his form was fully shown.

Reddish black Scaly clawed hands were first seen followed by reddish black demonic arms which had a few wicked looking spikes.

His shoulders had nothing on them except for some yellow tattoo like patterns.

His torso looked like it was pure muscle, like the skin on top was stretched to it's limits.

His feet had a wicked looking claw like talon on each toe, his legs had nothing on them except for more of those tattoo like lines.

His pelvis was covered with what remained of his previous outfit which hid what appeared to be a surprisingly large bulge underneath.

Finally his head… instead of a human looking face, the best that could describe it was pure yellow eyes followed by reddish black scales that went around his entire head with some tattoos here and there.

His mouth wasn't even human like… it looked like it was just a row of sharp fangs that could easily rip into their prey.

All in all… this form looked dangerous from head to toe with the muscles showing how strong it looked from sight alone.

"So… still think this is a good idea now?, I may have suggested it but I can revert back." Emerald said to the duo.

Amanda and Maite were indeed still shocked about that last form. But for some reason they actually like it.

They surprised Emerald by saying…

"We don't mind if you stay like that."

Emerald blinked a few times before he rubbed the back of his head.

"Well… if you sure, Hey Sonic, got an empty guest room nearby?" Emerald asked Sonic after he looked to him.

Said hedgehog blinked before answering.

"Yes, there's one across from mine and Amy's room."

Emerald nods before he looked to Lillum.

"Hey Lillum.." Emerald tried to say before he caught two pieces of paper that was tossed his way.

"Mind placing one on your way out?" Lillum asked while she looked back to Emerald with a grin while she slowly grinds into Amy.

Emerald nods before looking to the peaking duo.

"Mind leading the way ladies?" Emerald asked Amanda and Maite so he could close the door after they leave.

Both girls nodded before they exit the room.

Emerald closed the door on the way out before slapping the seal on the door which vanishes into the wood and the sounds inside quiet completely.

"What was that thing you just put on the door?" Amanda said.

"Silencing seal… Great for privacy." Emerald explained before he turns to the duo.

"After you ladies." Emerald said to the duo.

The girls giggle before they lead Emerald to the guest room.

After entering, Emerald placed the seal on the door which caused things like insect noise and other ambient noise to vanish completely.

Emerald then turned to the duo before speaking up.

"So… who likes what?" Emerald asked the two.

Amanda and Maite both looked at each other before looking at Emerald.

"I like to try your last form." Maite said.

"I like to try your hollow form." Amanda said.

Emerald raised an eyebrow at the requests before speaking up.

"Well I can do that but I was talking about your sexual preference, do you like men, woman, or both?" Emerald asked again before he creates a clone in his human form before it waits for an order.

Both Amanda and Maite blushed when after hearing it.

"I like men." Maite said.

"I would like to try out a woman." Amanda said.

Emerald raised an eyebrow again before he spoke up.

"Same forms that you asked for already or any changes if a female form is added?" Emerald asked the duo to their surprise.

Maite nodded to her request.

Amanda however had this idea.

"Can the female form still a have a dick?"

Emerald and the clone blinked a few times before Emerald looked to the clone before it nods and walks out of the door.

"It'll be back in a minute." Emerald said before looking to Amanda.

"I'm getting a lesbian vibe from you from that request, planning to go back and forth with the clone in it's female form?" Emerald asked with a raised eyebrow.

Amanda nodded with blush.

Emerald nods before the clone returned a moment later with one of Lillum's toys in hand.

"Give me a moment." The clone said before he enters the bathroom with Emerald looking to Amanda.

"Any form change with the female form?" Emerald asked Amanda before they heard the shower going.

"I did say, I want to try the hollow form, but as a female, but still has a dick. And...D size breasts." Amanda said while blushing.

Emerald took a moment to think before they heard the shower stop.

"Good thing I listened in then." the clone said with a female sounding voice when she steps out from behind the peaking duo.

Amanda and Maite, but mostly Amanda, widen their eyes while blushing at what they saw.

Apparently this female form was above what Amanda asked.

She had an hourglass figure, E-F cup breasts, wide full hips and had a dick nearly as long as Lillums, about an inch shorter but an inch wider to compensate.

"So… you like?" the female clone asked Amanda with a grin on her face.

Instead of saying anything, Amanda just stare with while her mouth opens and her face blushing from the sight of clone's beauty.

"Now then, the Hollow form." The Female clone said before a green and black mist emits from her body before her size increased a bit before it stops to reveal a surprising sight.

Apparently the clone's body turned pure white first from head to toe while a mask of sorts appeared, then her nails turned into claws.

Her legs seemed to shift into a more bow legged style like a dogs or wolves but managed to stay upright.

And the center of her chest, between her size increased breasts to a G cup, opened to reveal a hole that seemed… painful but she didn't say anything.

Her hair then turned black before the mask seemed to shift more till it looked more like a demonic dragon.

When the transformation was complete, there stood the clone who looked a foot taller then earlier.

And right between her legs stood a pure white erect full foot dick which seemed to be 4 inches in width that had vains showing which pulsed with blood.

"So… still up for this form?" The Clone asked with an amused tone since her face was hidden for the most part thanks to the mask…. The only thing seen was the red glowing eyes with black around it.

Amanda was spooked by the mask...but wasn't gonna back out.

"Yes...but can you remove your mask?" She asked.

"Unfortunately it's needed to keep the form active, remove the mask and you cancel the form." The female clone said while tapping her mask.

"Oh...I see." Amanda said feeling a little disappointed.

"Don't be disappointed now, I can still do a little something even with the mask on." The clone said with an amused tone before the maw part of the mouth of her mask opened...before a very long tongue shot out, it was about 7-8 inches long, and if you include the mask which blocked part of it, then there was about 5-6 to actually see clearly.

Maite was surprised by that.

Amanda had the same reaction but felt a little turned on from that.

"So… if you two are good, shall we start?" Emerald asked before he removed the rags from around his waist which revealed a large dick, not as long or as wide as the clones, nearly 9-10 inches in length and a couple inches in width which seemed a bit underwhelming compared to the clones.

But the real kicker… was all of the barbs and ridges that were all over the dick and the serrated edges on the edge of the dickhead while… instead of a regular slit for the urethra, it was crossed shaped.

Maite blushed big when she saw it.

Amanda was surprised when she saw it and compared both dicks.

One had pure size while the other, though smaller, seemed to have more added to it to please a woman.

Both Amanda and Maite feel like they made the right choice.

"Last thing." Emerald said before he and the clone spoke up.

"How rough do you want me to be?" The two said at the same time while Emerald's face attempted a grin.

Amanda and Maite both looked at each other while blushing before they looked at Emerald and the clone with a grins on their faces as well.

"Very rough." They said at the same time which caused the female clone to smirk before her hand shot forward and grips Amanda on her side before effortlessly lifting her off the ground.

"You did ask right?, you can't complain if I treat you like a rag doll... right?" The female clone said before she looked to Emerald.

"You two can take the bed, I doubt I'll need it." The clone said with a slight glow in her eyes.

Amanda already felt excited while Maite looked at Emerald.

"Welp you heard her…" Emerald said before four things appeared from his back… long blade like tentacles which wiggle a bit.

"Shall we start?... no worries about getting hurt, they can be as soft as a hand or as sharp as a blade if I want them to be." Emerald said before one wrapped around Maite's waist and lifts her into the air before Emerald walked to the bed.

Maite blushed before she spoke.

"Do you have another Silence crest?" She asked.

"No worries… these are high grade seals that Lillum handed me, I doubt that anyone could hear us unless they open the main door here." Emerald said while pointing to the entrance with his thumb.

"Or do you have an idea?" Emerald asked with an amused tone.

Maite blushed a bit before speaking.

"W-Well...I don't want people to hear me scream if you go very rough on me." Maite said with a blush while Emerald chuckles before moving Maite so that she was in front of him and held her chin with his clawed hand carefully.

"The only one who would hear is your sister and myself, remember that the clone is me in a different form remember?" Emerald asked while looking Maite in the eye.

Maite nodded while she blushed at the sight of his eyes.

Emerald chuckles again before he opened his own mouth or maw before a long tongue appeared before it shot into Maite's mouth for an odd feeling french kiss.

Maite was a bit shocked at that...but that washed away when she started moaning in the kiss.

The clone skipped most of the romance by lifting Amanda before she immediately shot her tongue into Amanda's snatch and starts to wiggle and turn like a living snake but got a bit confused when there was no hymen in her way.

Amanda shuddered with ecstasy before she brought her hands to the clone's head to push her in deeper.

However it looked like Amanda's action wasn't needed when the tongue starts to wiggle more till it starts to slide into Amanda's cervix and wiggles in her womb with quite a bit still left out.

Amanda's face flushed at the feeling while moaning loud.

Emerald continues his kiss before one of the tentacles moved under Maite before harden while keeping the blades soft.

A moment later, the tentacle turned into a wheel like shape before Maite was slid on top to rest on it.

"Get ready for an intense moment, my only warning before I keep quiet from here on out." Emerald said with an amused tone.

"What's that?" Maite asked.

Instead of saying anything… the wheel under Maite getting ready to spin rapidly with each blade acting like rubber instead of a sharp weapon

Maite was a little nervous for what's about to happen, but what Emerald did next would really be unexpected.

That when the wheel spins and hits Maite's folds with no mercy… the result was Maite getting what she asked for and more while Emerald held her steady with the other tentacles holding her legs steady to prevent her from kicking.

Maite was moaning a bit from that. She was already getting wet again from the feeling.

The wheel then spun faster and faster while time went by before Emerald slid tongue into Maite's mouth again.

Maite moaned again from the kiss before she wrapped her arms around Emerald's neck.

Meanwhile… back in Sonic and Amy's room…

Lillum felt herself getting close before she stood on her feet while Amy kept connected before she continues to pound into her.

"Get ready Amy, you're about to get knocked up by your's truly, I maybe using your husband's dick, but I'm the one using it." Lillum said while she gave Amy some dirty talk tactics while Sonic listened in.

"DO IT! FILL MY WOMB UP!" Amy yelled while wanting Sonic's cum.

Lillum grins before she she sped up her thrusts which caused the knot on her dick to slam into Amy's pussy slowly with each thrust before she managed to slam her dick fully inside before she threw her head back.

"AAAAHHH!" Lillum shouts when she unloads her load directly into Amy's womb with an unholy amount while Sonic could feel everything on his end while the knot kept everything inside of Amy which made her womb bulge slowly.

"AAAAHHH!" Amy screamed while feeling rope after rope of cum filling her womb.

Sonic shuddered at the feeling while feeling jealous at this. Even though Lillum has his dick, he wished it was him that was impregnating Amy.

Lillum groaned out a bit more before she sighs in relief before she looks to see how Amy was doing.

Said hedgehog's body shook a few times after that intense fucking.

Lillum grins before she pulls a little which popped the knot out before she pressed something on her stomach before Sonic's dick returned to him while the dildo acted as a plug when kept most of the semen in while some leaked without the knot to keep it in.

Lillum then looks to Sonic with a grin.

"Well handsome, ready to have some fun yourself, your wife's in dreamland right now and I doubt she'll be coming to any time soon." Lillum said while placing a hand on her rear and sent him a teasing grin.

Sonic blushed from that before speaking.

"S-Sure... but can you change to someone else or turn back to you?" He asked not feeling comfortable fucking him/herself

Lillum chuckles before speaking up.

"Thought a guy like you would be OK with fucking yourself, Oh well, might as well mix things up a bit." Lillum teased before her form starts to shift again before the light fades to reveal...

A female looking shadow surprisingly…

"Thought you might want to get some anger out if the real deal got turned into a woman, you gotta admit that it might be tempting to put Shadow down a peg or two, so why not a female one?" Lillum said with a cocky grin to Sonic.

Sonic took a moment to think before speaking.

"Works for me." He said before he walks up to her.

"Want me to get in character?" Lillum asked with a grin on her face.

"Sure. I'm game." Sonic said with a smirk which caused Lillum to grin before she cleared her throat before she got up from the bed before looking around.

"What is going on here… and why am I in this form?" *Shadow* said with a slight growl before she noticed Sonic.

"Are you responsible for this faker?" *Shadow* growled out at Sonic.

"I don't know what you mean Shadow. But I gotta say you do have a smokin' hot bod." Sonic said with a smirk as he got closer while the scene shifts back to Emerald and Maite.

With Emerald, Maite, his clone, and Amanda…

Emerald was still pleasing Maite before he pulled her off the spinning tentacle before checking to see how wet she was.

Said hedgehog was completely drenched in her nether regions.

Emerald was silent when he used his tentacle blades to lower Maite before pressing the head of his dick at her vaginal entrance before he teased her for a second more before he looks to Maite's eyes since he heard that she was a virgin.

Maite looked at him wondering why he hasn't moved.

A moment after seeing that, he looked down before he decided to thrust all the way in in one go before holding Maite steady to help her when he noticed blood dripping from her snatch.

Maite shut her eyes before she grinds her teeth just to numb out the pain. A couple of tears were escaping her eyes before Emerald leaned down to lick her tears away before he leaned back up.

"Want to wait?, even I know how painful that can be." Emerald said while he gestured to the female clone who continues to eat Amanda out.

Maite nodded at him so the pain can leave.

Amanda in the meantime was having the time of her life from this.

The clone, after a minute more pulled her tongue out before she pulled her tongue back into her mouth.

"Delish." The clone said before she moved Amanda over her massive dick and spoke up.

"Get ready, cause unlike the boss… I won't be gentle if you're not a virgin." The clone said with a tone that was both serious and teasing.

Amanda breathe a few times before speaking.

"I actually tore my hymen due to me using a dildo too roughly. But you can still go rough on me." Amanda said with a blush.

"I see… well then..." The clone said before she slammed herself inside of Amanda with no reserve which made her slam past Amanda's cervix.

"I won't hold back then!" The clone growles before pulling Amanda off like a fleshlight before she slammed her back on like she was nothing more than a toy to her.

The clone repeats this action while leaning against a wall.

"GAAAAHHH!" Amanda yelled while moaning at how great it is.

Meanwhile with Emerald and Maite…

Emerald looked to see how Amanda was doing while muttering to himself.

"I did warn her… but she seems to like it." Emerald muttered before looking to Maite.

"How are you feeling?" Emerald said while he waits for a reply when his dick twitched a few times inside of Maite.

Said hedgehog looked calm before speaking.

"I feel fine...You can start moving now.

Emerald nods before he starts to pull out his blood covered dick before he slams it back it with the barbs and ridges on his dick scraping Maite on the way in and out before he starts to repeat this pattern while the tentacles pulled her away before slamming her onto Emerald to match him in the same but opposite way which helped him go deeper into Maite.

Maite moan while grinding her teeth again at the intense pleasure.

Emerald then used his hands to grope Maite's breasts to massage them while his claws lightly scratched her breasts.

His tongue however shot out with a much longer length than before which slid between Maite's breasts and then into Maite's mouth.

Emerald then moved Maite's breasts up and down for a pseudo tit fuck around his tongue.

Maite loved having his tongue in her mouth while moaning. She wrapped her arms around his back while wrapping her legs around his waist.

Emerald groaned for a second before he decides to do something very surprising.

The head of his dick, the cross shaped slit, seemed to open for some reason before a few mini tentacles shot into her womb after they forced her cervix open while he continues thrusting before they start to moved, twist, and turn, inside of the womb itself.

Maite shuddered at this, forcing her to tighten her grip on him.

Emerald groans for a second before he sped up his thrusting which caused the head of his dick to enter Maite's womb before he starts to increase his thrusting again.

It caused Maite to moan and scream loud.


"As… you...wish...I'll even step… things up in...second." Emerald said between thrusts before he stops for a oddly.

Something then pressed at Maite's asshold for some reason which caused Emerald to chuckle.

"Ready?, I saved a tentacle for this." Emerald said before a tentacle opened before a second dick formed out of many smaller tentacles which pressed again's Maite's ass again.

Emerald then thrust both dicks into her in one go while her body was angled upward.

"GAAAAHHH!" Maite yelled with ecstasy.

She still had a firm hold on him before she put her head at the crook of Emerald's neck.

Emerald in turn starts to used his deadly looking fangs to lightly nip at a side of her neck before he resumes thrusting into Maite again, this time with the tentacles alternating between trusting with Emerald and out of sync a bit later.

Maite somehow relaxed at the feel of his fangs. That's when she surprised Emerald by saying…

"I love you."

Emerald was so caught off guard with Maite's confession that both his dick and tentacle shot an insane amount of semen after hilting her while his eyes narrowed to focused so that he wouldn't harm Maite.

"AAAAHHH!" Maite screamed feeling both her holes getting filled with his cum.

Her womb starts to bloat a bit before Emerald finally pulled out when his semen stopped shooting from him.

The clone turned Amanda around a moment before the confession so she could watch her sister getting it good before she got creampied by Emerald.

"So… any thoughts about your sister's confession to Emerald, I mean she's legal age right?, no issues?" The clone teased while she slowly grinds into Amanda.

Amanda took a moment to think before speaking.

"Well...I know a lot about my sister...but her confession was a shock. I have no issues but...do my parents and Lillum approve? And does Emerald feel the way?" Amanda said hoping that her sister finds happiness.

The clone grins before pulling out of Amanda fully before she aimed her massive dick at Amanda's asshole.

"Well, I don't know about your parents, but I'm sure Lillum would approve if you already know what she thinks, as for Emerald, he might get to know her first before replying, I mean he did get caught off guard right?, and they barely know one another… but that's their issue, as for you... I got an ass to wreck." The clone said with a teasing tone when she gripped both of Amanda's legs to get a good grip on her before lightly pressing her dick against Amanda's asshole.

Amanda shuddered a bit from that feeling before she braced herself for what's about to happen.

A moment later, the head of the clone's dick pressed against Amanda's ass before it managed to slide part of her dick in after a second before the clone took a moment to readjust its stance.

Amanda groaned when she felt that before the clone chuckled before she pulled on Amanda's leg's harshly which resulted in over half immediately entering Amanda's ass before the clone starts thrust her hips with each thrust going a little deeper each time.

"GAAAAHHH!" Amanda yelled, but the clone didn't stop her actions.

At first it was painful...but after a few minutes, she starts to feel pleasure from it making her moan a lot.

The clone chuckled a few times before she increased her power which made her go deeper and deeper till… she fully hilts Amanda which was impressive for the mobian who took it all.

"Hehehe, nice and tight… tell me, how does it feel to have a dick like this up your ass." The clone said after she chuckled.

Amanda moaned and groaned before speaking.

"It feels...SO GOOD! KEEP GOING! OWN MY ASS!" Amanda said hoping for more..

The clone chuckled before she let go of Amanda's hips and gripped Amanda's breasts for better leverage.

"Well then, get ready to be owned." The clone said before she starts to pull her dick out till only the head stays in.

Amanda didn't want the clone to pull out.

But that just made the clone chuckle before she slammed her dick back in fully before she starts to piston in and out with a loud rapid slap sound which showed how much speed and power she was using.

"OH YEAH!" Amanda yelled in ecstasy while the scene went back to Sonic and Lillum.

Meanwhile in Sonic and Amy's room…

*Shadow* took a few steps away from Sonic while she got a bit worried about the look in his eye.

Sonic chuckled again as he continues to come closer to *Shadow*, not realizing that said female hedgehog was standing at the edge of the bed.

"What's wrong Shadow? I won't bite." Sonic said which caused *Shadow* to frown.

"Oh really?, then why are you walking to me with a look like that on your face Faker?" *Shadow* said before she bumped into the bed and looked back in surprise.

Sonic chuckled again before speaking.

"Why don't I help you getting more...comfortable." Sonic said before he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down to the bed but still have a hold of her.

*Shadow* was shocked and she tried to struggle free, but it seemed her *New* body wasn't responding well.

"Get off of me Faker!" *Shadow* growled out when she tried to struggle again.

Sonic smirked before speaking.

"If I did that...then I can't do this." Sonic said before he smashed his lips on *Shadow's*.

*Shadow* was caught off guard greatly at that action, so much so that her body froze for a second while her mouth opened for a slight gasp.

Sonic then surprised her by slipping in his tongue in her mouth which caused *Shadow's* eyes to widen in shock again before she tried to struggle away more while moaning and groaning when she felt frustrated.

Sonic smirks in the kiss before he started grinding his body on her which caused *Shadow* to get extremely surprised when she felt that before looking to Sonic's eyes with *Rage* when he hit her folds a few times.

That's when Sonic took his lips off of *Shadow's* before he starts going for her neck.

*Shadow* gasped before she *tried* to get Sonic off by trying to grip his back, but because of her *lack* of control, she could only lightly scratch him on the back.

"Hmmm...I love it when my women get rough." Sonic said.

*Shadow* let out a hiss when Sonic bit a sweet spot apparently before she growled in his ear.

"When I get free… you better get ready cause I'll make you regret this!" *Shadow* growled when she felt her body betray her by getting a bit hot in her pelvic region.

Sonic grinned at her before speaking.

"All I hear are threats. But your body speaks otherwise." Sonic said before he latched his mouth to one of her nipples.

"AH!" *Shadow gasped to out when she felt a jolt of pleasure to her *horror*, apparently her body was really sensitive, she could fight it all she want but her body would say otherwise for now.

Sonic used his tongue to lick the nip before he gently bit into it.

*Shadow* grit her teeth while letting out a barely noticed groan before she looked to Sonic with *Angry* eyes.

"Y-You better stop Faker, y-your o-only making things w-worse!" *Shadow* said while she tried to fight the pleasure she was feeling.

Sonic grinned at her, telling *Shadow* that he wasn't intimidated by that. Then he brought his mouth to her other breast to repeat the same action. Even brought one of his hands down to *Shadow's* folds before he starts rubbing it.

*Shadow* gasped loudly before she reached down to his hand to try and stop him, but because of her reduced strength, she accidently caused his fingers to enter her pussy which caused her to gasp out.

Sonic smirked at what happened while his mouth was still on *Shadow's* breast. That's when he started moving his fingers in and out.

That's when *Shadow* starts to squirm under Sonic while she bit her lower lip, she hated to admit it but she felt like she was getting more and more soaked with each of his actions.

Sonic bit *Shadow's* nip again while moving his fingers harder in her folds.

*Shadow* then surprised Sonic somewhat when her tunnel unexpectedly before his hand was soaked with juices after she let out a moan through her bit lip which bled a little.

Sonic looked at her with a smirk before speaking..

"Wow...Who knew it felt that good for you."

"S-Shut up F-Faker…" *Shadow* said while she looked away from Sonic.

That's when Sonic noticed a little blood on *Shadow's* lip.

"Awww, you injured you lip. Let me kiss it and make it better." Sonic said before he brought his lips to hers again after moving her head to look at him.

*Shadow's* eyes widen in shock before she gripped his shoulders to try and pry him off, but it wouldn't work while she felt his erection hitting her folds again.

Sonic slip in his tongue again to fight her while *Shadow* felt her body heat up more which caused her to feel more of her juices when they went down to the bed and past her ass.

Sonic then stopped kissing *Shadow* so he can look at her in the eyes.

"I think it's time for the main attraction." He said before he shifted his body a bit to line his cock at *Shadow's* folds.

*Shadow* looked down in shock before she looked to Sonic.

"Y-You… Faker…!" *Shadow tried to say but couldn't find the words to say right now.

Sonic smirks at that before he gently, but roughly, shoved his dick in her.

*Shadow* grunts at the feeling before her walls unconsciously tighten around Sonic's dick after he hilts her.

Sonic groaned at the vice grip on his dick.

"Nice...and tight." Sonic said before he started thrusting.

*Shadow* grunts with each thrust before she slowly got used to it, much to her chagrin.

"D-Dammit!" *Shadow* growled out when she felt her body betray her more by subconsciously tightening around his dick to massage it.

Sonic groaned again with each thrust at how tight it is.

"I see that you're finally enjoying it." Sonic said.

"F-Fuck you… I'm surprised Amy would g-go for a guy a-as slow as you." *Shadow* taunts after she managed to get some control back.

Sonic was now insulted by that comment.

"I'll show you slow!" Sonic said before he used his speed a bit to go rough on her.

"AAAHHH!" *Shadow* screamed from the sudden speed increase while her legs tried to hold him steady, but that only served to help Sonic go a little deeper.

"Hehe...How you like that huh?" Sonic said with each thrust.

"F-F-Fuck...y-y-y-you… you s-small d-dick Faker." *Shadow insults after she managed to get a tiny bit of control back to really get Sonic to show her what he can do.

Sonic was now angry at the insult.

"Alright that's it, you asked for it." Sonic using his speed again to go rougher on *Shadow* more than he had ever had which caused his hips to blur while the scene went to…

Emerald and Maite….

After he finished cumming… he gently set Maite on the bed before seeing how she was doing while semen flowed out of her holes.

"Hmmm...you...were...magnificent Emerald." Maite said between breaths.

Emerald however rubbed the back of his head before he spoke up.

"A-About what you said a bit ago…" Emerald tried to say but fell silent.

Maite felt she might crossed the line there.

"I'm sorry. It's just that...when I first saw you...I thought you were the most handsome person I met on the island. I felt my heart pound quickly when I think of you. I know you have Lillum...but I can't stop feeling this way. I am glad that my first time was with you though." Maite said while blushing.

Emerald was stunned at that… Normally most woman just wanted a one night stand every now and then so a confession like that made what he said next would make him sound nervous.

"W-while I'm flattered about hearing your feelings, but I barely know you and you barely know me so I'm thinking it was the moment talking for you… How about this...I...can take you on a date tomorrow so you and I can get to know one another better, that OK?" Emerald asked while scratching his cheek nervously.

Maite was surprised but blushed at the request.

"R-Really? Won't Lillum get mad?" Maite asked feeling worried.

Emerald somehow gave her a half lidded look in his demonic form before speaking up.

"You do remember that this is Lillum right?, if she heard about this then she would most likely toss you on her shoulder and take you into another room to *get to know you better*, besides she's the one who managed to convince the other ladies in the group to share me… so are you cool with sharing?" Emerald asked Maite after getting a serious look near the end.

Maite took a moment to think before she gave Emerald an honest answer.

"Rachel was able to share that kid Cedric with the feline. So if she can do it, then I can do it too. The only the thing I care now is being by your side." Maite said with a tone that said she means it.

Emerald chuckles at that before looking to her.

"Alright… But you need to do a few things first like hearing some rules that Lillum can talk to you with later and I'll need to teach you a few abilities so you can keep up...that Ok?, it won't be easy." Emerald said while he waits again.

"I'll do whatever it takes to make you happy." Maite said.

Emerald chuckles before all of the tentacles pulled back which showed that one had an extra dick on it before the others opened a little to show three more making 5 erect dicks total.

"Well then… might as well make sure your satisfied before I talk with your parents tomorrow." Emerald said with a teasing tone.

Maite blushed but nodded with a smile before Emerald gripped her hips and pulled her back onto his dick while the dick that was in her ass went back in.

Another dick went between her breasts while the soft blade part held her breasts together .

The last two went into Maite's hands which left Emerald to slid his tongue back into her mouth.

The dicks in her pussy, ass, and between her squished breasts start to move in sync.

Maite moaned very loud at the many dicks in her. But loved the feeling of it before wrapping her legs around Emerald again and kissing him back before the camera went to Amanda who was getting the screwing of her life when the clone had her placed on her feet before she forced Amanda right cheek onto the wall.

"You've been a bad girl right?, seems your sister got a boyfriend out of this… but I'm not going to be that nice...especially when I do this." the clone said before she raised a clawed hand and spanked Amanda on her right ass cheek while she let her dick hold Amanda up.

"GAAAAHHH!" Amanda yelled with ecstasy.

"Enjoying this?, you seem to be a real slut huh?" the clone said before a tail behind her formed out of sum white substance before it starts to tease Amanda's pussy before she stops thrusting into her ass for some reason.

"Y-Yes...I a-am...PLEASE CONTINUE!" Amanda pleaded.

A moment later, both the dick and tail of the clone shot into Amanda's ass and pussy respectively before she used both hands to spank Amanda's asscheeks which would force Amanda to use her hands on the wall to keep herself still or her body would be bent from the force of the thrust before the clone starts to piston both the tail and dick in and out while alternating with spanking each cheek.

"AAAAAHHHH!" Amanda yelled in ecstasy while the clone continues her actions before the clone spoke up when she felt her dick twitch.

"Ready for my cum?... I'm about to let it out, just tell me if you want it in your ass or if you want a cumbath." The clone growled out before she starts to thrust harder.

Amanda moan loud before answering.

"BATHE ME IN YOUR STICKY CUM!" Amanda shouts before the clone roared out.

"AS YOU WISH!" The clone roared before she pulled her dick out while her tail lifts and twists Amanda to face her before the Clone held her dick before it shot a thick stream of cum onto Amanda which soaked her in cum.

Amanda hummed at the feel of the clone's cum on her body.

The clone then set Amanda on the ground a bit roughly while she continues to stroke her dick.

"Hope you don't think that I'm finished with you yet… I got a womb to bust into after all." the clone growled out with her eyes glowing red for a second while her dick pulsed with blood flowing through it.

Amanda smirk at the clone before speaking.

"Then what are you waiting for...FILL ME UP!" Amanda said before she used two of her fingers to open her pussy.

The clone's tail then wrapped around Amanda's waist before it lifts her and the clone pressed her dick at her pussy opening before she slammed Amanda onto the dick which fully hilts Amanda and her womb which it practically bust through her cervix while the clone crossed her arms under her breasts when her tail starts to pull Amanda on and off her dick with no mercy.


The clone chuckles before leaning down to whisper into her ear.

"I guess even if you were curious about men before… then this should make you only go for the ladies huh?, after all Lillum's toys give us a really impressive dick huh?, no men can match normally unless they're the monster kind huh?" The clone whispered into Amanda's ear while she grinds into Amanda's pussy.

"Yes...It's true." Amanda said which caused the clone to grin under her mask before she growled out when her dick starts to pulse again.

"Good girl… here's your treat then." The clone growled before she slams Amanda onto her dick a few time before she hilts her when she unloads her semen directly into her womb after she grunts which made Amanda's womb bloat greatly thanks to the monster dick that kept it inside while it sent more shots into Amanda with each pulse of her dick.

"AAAAHHH!" Amanda yelled with her tongue sticking out.

After a few more seconds… the clone pulled away when she stops cumming, in the end Amanda was held in the air while the semen flowed like a faucet from Amanda's gaping pussy while the clone chuckles at her handywork.

"So… if you can still hear me… satisfied now?" The clone asked with an amused tone.

All Amanda did was nod to the clone while trying to enjoy the afterglow of the intense sense.

"I'll give you a bit to recover… afterwards I'll be letting you use this bad boy on me, I'm a female mentally as well so no issues on my end, just don't go trying to use it on the boss in his male form, male thinking process after all." The clone said while she points to her dick.

Amanda nodded happily at that idea before the scene went to Sonic and Amy's room again.

*Shadow* had a wide eyed look while she went to grab the sheets under her and grit her teeth tightly to keep herself from screaming and still when she thought Sonic would screw her off the bed.

Honestly, fast wouldn't even begin to describe what *Shadow* was feeling while her toes curled while Sonic battered her insides.

Said hedgehog continues to ram his dick inside *Shadow's* pussy.

"So...what do you think of me now?" He asked while *Shadow* shouts.

"FUCK YOU FAKER!" *Shadow* calls out in defiance, Lillum might be enjoying this but she is staying in character really well under the barrage.

Sonic smirk at her before speaking.

"Too bad I'm the one that's fucking you." He said while thrusting which caused *Shadow* to only glare at him with wide eyes.

After a while, Sonic felt his dick twitching which meant he was gonna cum.

"Oh man...I hope you're ready. I'm gonna give a big load of my cum." Sonic said feeling he was about to burst.

*Shadow* managed to speak up before he did though.

"I d-dare you F-Faker… I'll make you pay when I r-return to n-normal." *Shadow* gasped out while her walls clenched around Sonic's harshly.

Sonic groaned again from the tight grip. He gave *Shadow* a look that said he was tired of her attitude.

That's when he surprised her by kissing her lips again follow by some tongue before he unloaded a big dose of his hedgehog cum in her.

Though it wasn't as big as Lillum's it was still an impressive amount that set *Shadow* off when she groaned into Sonic's mouth when she had her own orgasm which soaked the quills around Sonic's lower half before she just laid on the bed to pant for air.

Sonic also pant for air while still laying on top of her before he put his head at the crook of her neck.

"W-Whoa… I didn't expect that." A familiar voice said from next to the duo which caused them to look to see… that Amy was awake and she had a big blush on her face while she sat there with a slightly swollen stomach.

Sonic was shocked that she was up.

"How you feeling Amy?" Sonic asked while Amy chuckles a few times.

"W-Well, besides the fact I could be pregnant with our child, I feel fine, though I wonder why your going at it with a female looking Shadow… who I'm guessing is Lillum from the wings… though it still has so many...worrying questions that come to my mind." Amy said while she blushed at the duo while *Shadow* or Lillum now that she got out of character before wrapping an arm around Sonic's neck.

"Maybe he had a thing for female versions of the males here, he could have asked me to take a different form, all I did was just suggest this one." Lillum teased with a fang like grin on Shadow's face.

Amy was surprised before looking at Sonic.

Then Sonic spoke to reassure her.

"There's nothing to worry about Amy. The reason she suggested was to vent out some anger on Shadow. You know how he gets? Plus I wouldn't do that if Lillum turned to a guy." Sonic said.

Amy felt better after hearing that.

"Oh really, I get that you won't go for males, but I'm a female… and I did say that I suggested this form right?, it was an o-p-t-i-o-n right?" Lillum said before she tightens her vagina around Sonic's dick after she said that while she kept the fem shadow form.

Sonic groaned a bit from that.

"R-Right." Sonic said.

Amy sweatdrop at Lillum's antic.

"Still, I should leave you two lovebirds alone for now, I want to see how Emerald is doing with your daughter's." Lillum said before she returned to her full human form while Sonic was still inside of her.

Amy remembered that Emerald walked out with Maite and Amanda before looking to Sonic.

"How were they when they left?, I was… a bit occupied so I couldn't see well." Amy asked Sonic with a slightly worried tone.

"They were okay before leaving the room. Hopefully Emerald is treating them right. No offense Lillum. Just being a father and all." Sonic said trying to be careful with his words.

Lillum just grins before responding.

"No worries, I'm a mom myself with two daughters of my own so I understand parental worries, but no worries with Emerald, he might not have the same… experience that I have with pleasing people, but for Amanda and Maite… well, let's just say that they won't be walking right for a week or two after he's through since he can think outside the box." Lillum said with a lust filled smirk when her tunnel starts to massage Sonic's dick without her moving at all.

Amy just blinked a few times when she heard that Lillum herself was a mother before getting a bit confused when Lillum's... lower muscles seemed to move oddly around her vaginal region.

Sonic looked to his wife when he noticed her discomfort

"You okay Ames?" He asked with a worried look before Lillum's vaginal muscles start to squirm and tighten at an insane speed, it was more like it was trying to vibrate Sonic's dick now.

Sonic groan at this before speaking.

"W-What's going?!" Sonic questioned which caused Lillum to smirk.

"Just getting one last shot before I go, I held back in that Shadow form, might as well show you what I can really do since you were so kind to me earlier." Lillum said before she pets sonic's head since he barely went past the bottom of her breasts now before her walls seems to stretched to make a suction like effect inside of her vagina.

Amy was shocked when she saw what Lillum was doing before Lillum's pussy starts to move back and forth slight when it actually strokes Sonic's dick inside of her while she grins.

"Try not to be to surprise, Sex demons can really be a monster in the sack." Lillum said before she looked to see how Sonic was holding.

Said hedgehog groan again from the suction, but was really enjoying it.

"Wanna see how your daughters are doing?" Lillum said with a wide grin before she made a holographic image appear next to them which starts to form two images... one of with Emerald and Maite, the other had Amanda and the clone.

Maite was getting it from Emerald good with the 5 different dicks and seemed to enjoy it while Amanda was resting in the Hollow female's arms while the large dick hanged since Amanda was resting while they watched the duo of Emerald and Maite.

"Oh my!" Amy said while Lillum smirked.

"Guess they're in good hands… the large white thing is the female clone in something called a hollow form, guess that's why that clone earlier needed one, while Emerald is using… well.. We don't know what to call it exactly but I think Maite seems to enjoy it." Lillum said while she watched the show with Sonic still at her mercy.

Both parents still was shocked at what their daughters are doing.

Lillum grins before she tightens her tunnel around Sonic's dick.

"Don't worry, Emerald won't do anything to them if they don't want him to, they probably asked for those forms." Lillum said when she lightly snuck her arms around Amy and pressed the dildo into her for a second.

Amy jolted from that before looking at Lillum who gave her an imp like grin.

"Though I can stay if you want a little payback...the dildo works both ways after all." Lillum teased Amy while she works Sonic.

Amy took a moment to think before speaking.

"Actually, I'm still a bit tired. Maybe next time."

Lillum grins before looking down to Sonic.

"Hear that… your wife said so herself that there's a next time." Lillum said while she felt Sonic twitching inside of her when she starts tightening her tunnel again.

Sonic was surprised again that Amy wants to do this again with her before he groaned again when he felt his climax coming.

"I-I'm cuming again!" Sonic yelled before he shot into Lillum which made her groan for a second.

Seems he used most of his earlier load on the fem Shadow form and only a little was released as a result.

"Oh, I guess you're tuckered out already huh?" Lillum teased while she rubbed the back of Sonic's head which rests between her breasts.

"Y-Yeah...Sorry." Sonic said between breaths while blushing.

"No problem, you did better than I thought, though." Lillum said before she used her magic to have Sonic and Amy float in the air while Lillum got up from the bed and approached her.

"I'll need this back if you would be so kind." Lillum said before she pulled the dildo out of Amy before she used a magic seal to close her vagina before anything could seep out.

"There, the crest will fade in the morning and you be pregnant with Sonics child… Now for the final touch before I leave you two." Lillum said before she reached up and gripped Amys chin and kissed her in front of Sonic while he floats nearby.

Both Sonic and Amy were still surprise after everything that's happened.

"Boy that was something huh?" Sonic said while looking at Amy who was still being tongued by Lillum for a minute before she pulled away.

Amy blushed from that kiss which made Lillum chuckle before she spoke up.

"Well after all of that, I can't leave you empty handed, tell you what, after I… have some fun with you daughters if they're still up for it, and before we leave this Dimension, I'll leave this little toy with you so you could have some fun with your clones." Lillum said with a grin on her face while showing Amy the she had in her hand.

Amy blushed at the object.

"W-What do you mean clones?" Sonic asked.

Lillum giggled before looking to the duo and settled her gaze on Sonic.

"Remember the deal?, Emerald would teach you how to make clones Sonic, I'm sure he would teach Amy if she asked which opens a whole new world of possible love making right?" Lillum teased when she giggles again.

Both Amy and Sonic remembered that and blushed big after hearing what Lillum said.

"And this toy can be used with males as well… to give them a second dick for double the fun… a little bonus info if you're curious." Lillum said while she held the dildo up again.

Amy was now imagining Sonic with two dicks. That image caused her to have a nose bleed which made her spin a bit in the air comically.

Lillum chuckled before she looked to Sonic.

"So how about it Sonic, double the dick means half the stamina, think you would be up for it?" Lillum teased Sonic with the challenge while Amy seemed to be in lala land right now.

Sonic was curious about. And Amy would be mad if he didn't agree.

"Sure. I'm game."

Lillum grins before she set the duo onto the bed after she used her magic to clean it completely.

"Great, I got more back home so no worries, who knows, I might come back for seconds of this Amy here... Sorry for you Sonic but this was a one time thing for now since convincing Emerald was hard enough, who knows… I might teach her a few things personally to really please you." Lillum teased with a wink of her eye.

Sonic blushed big after hearing that.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I got a foursome to crash." Lillum said with a smirk before she starts to walk out of the room with a swing of her hips...while still in the nude.

Both Sonic and Amy blush after that. Then they looked at each.

"You feel okay Amy?" Sonic asked before he grabbed her hands.

"Y-Yeah, it was unexpected… but I have to admit that it was fun right?" Amy said while she pats her slightly bloated womb.

"Yeah. To be honest, I was turned on when Lillum filled you up...but jealous that it wasn't me that did that. I am glad that she used my dick...although I hope it doesn't become a habit. But bottom line is...I hope we do have another kid soon." Sonic said while giving her a loving smile.

Amy smiled before she hugged Sonic's arm before the duo laid on the bed.

"Oh Sonic, don't worry, I won't make it a habit, though seeing two me's going at it might have been good sight for you huh?" Amy teased since Sonic did gaze at Lillum in that form for a bit.

"Yeah I did. But I prefer to have the real Amy with me." Sonic said which caused Amy to kiss him for a second.

"Hehe, thank you Sonic, I love you too, though I'm hoping to at least pay Lillum back later since I'm sure I won't be walking right for awhile." Amy said when she felt that her hips were already getting sore.

"Hehe, well I'll be there to help you if you need it." Sonic said while gently holding her.

Amy giggles before yawning.

"*Yawn* Though I have to admit, It was worth it since I feel really relaxed now." Amy said before her eyelids grew heavy.

"*Yawn* Me too." Sonic said before he kissed her on the forehead before shutting his eyes.

"Good night, Amy." Sonic said before he dozed off.

"Night Sonic…" Amy said before deep breathing was heard from her end which showed that she was already heading into dreamland while the scene went to the room that Emerald's group was in.

With Emerald, Maite, the hollow female clone, and Amanda…

Emerald was huffing and panting while he and the tentacles kept drilling into her holes and between her breasts while the one's in Maite's grip kept still to allow her to do whatever since he removed his tongue to focus.

Maite was having the time of her life as she continues to enjoy getting pleasured by the man of her dreams.

Amanda and the clone were greatly enjoying the show.

"So… ready? Or do you need more time?" The clone asked when it looked down to Amanda whose head rests between her large breasts.

"Hmmm...I'm up for anything beautiful." Amanda said which caused the Clone to chuckle.

"Hehe, well then, can you stand?" The clone asked with an amused tone while her dick pulsed again which was felt by Amanda who used it as a simple seat so she could rest.

"I think so." Amanda said before the clone lifts her up and gently sets her on her feet before letting go to see if she could really stand or not.

Amanda wobble a bit but was able to stand correctly.

"Can you walk?" the clone asked since standing was easy.

"Sure." Amanda said before she walk up a few feet.

The clone grins before she walks up to Amanda before pressing a spot a little above the dick which made her dick flash with a dim light before Lillums toy was seen.

"I'll need to lay on the ground since you're quite shorter than I am… or do you want me to ride you?" the clone said with a teasing tone while she passed the toy to Amanda.

Instead of replying, Amanda smiled before laying on the ground.

The clone chuckles before pointing to Amanda's clit.

"Place it slightly above your vagina and hold it steady while you turn the dial." the clone said with an amused tone.

Amanda nodded before she grabbed the dildo and did what the clone instructed.

A moment later, a dark flash was seen before it fades to show Amanda's new dick.

It was about 8 ½ inches long and 4 inches width with a big knot. The skin matched her fur color.

Amanda was so surprised at how real it was before she lightly touched it.

Thanks to the fact that it was her first time… she had a virgin's sensitivity which meant that simple touch was extremely pleasurable.

"This might take a while to getting use to." Amanda said which made the clone chuckle.

"Sorry but you did say to go all out… you'll be begging me to stop when I wring you dry." the clone teased when she knelt in front of Amanda while the long tongue came out to let Amanda know what she had planned for the virgin hedgehog.

Amanda gulped a bit but nodded at the challenge.

"As my dad said...Bring it on." Amanda said with a smirk.

A moment later they heard a familar voice speaking up.

"Mind If I join you two?" the voice said with an amused tone from behind Amanda.

Said hedgehog turned her head to see Lillum floating in the air… with her dick attached again...which points at the duo.

"Already tucker out Sonic and Amy?" the clone asked while Lillum giggles.

"Yep and Rachel should expect a new sibling in 9 months" Lillum said with a grin on her face.

Amanda forgot about her parents but was both shocked and happy that her mom got pregnant.

"So… what did I miss?" Lillum asked while the female clone points a thumb at Emerald and Maite.

"Seems Maite liked the boss and confessed so the boss is taking her out if he can convince Sonic and Amy." The clone said which caused Lillum to blink a few times before she grins.

"Oh really?... well I'll be having some alone time with her then after their date tomorrow." Lillum said with a lust filled smirk and a iron rod dick which pulsed with blood.

Amanda was surprised that Lillum was okay with it. She was even blushing at what she'll do to her.

Lillum then looked to Amanda who was on the ground before grinning.

"Since I'm practically getting to know everyone here… mind if I join?" Lillum asked with a lecherous smirk on her face.

Amanda blushed big before speaking.

"I don't mind. If it's okay with the clone." She said.

"I don't mind but can you really take the both us?, its two to one and you might pass out before were satisfied." the female clone warned Amanda with a slightly worried tone.

"My sisters and I were trained by both our mom and Knuckles on how to fight...and I say our stamina is quite impressive. I believe I can endure it." Amanda said with determination in her voice.

"Alright, but don't say I didn't warn you." The clone said while Lillum spoke up.

"Yeah, think of yourself as a virgin right now with the dick, if you think it'll be easy, well…" Lillum said before the female clone knelt down before it shot it's tongue out and wrapped it around Amanda's dick.

Amanda shivered at the feel of the clone's tongue.

Lillum smirks before looking to the clone.

"Show her what you can do with that tongue." Lillum said cryptically which made the clone chuckle before the tongue extends a bit more before the tip of her tongue was over Amanda's urethra for some reason.

Amanda groaned from that but was started to enjoy it before the tip of the tongue angled towards Amanda's urethra before it slid inside of her dick while the rest of her tongue wrapped around her dick which both widened it and closed it at the same time.

Amanda moaned loud from the feeling while the clone starts to used her tongue on the outside to stroke Amanda while the inside starts to thrust in and out like a piston.

"Oh..my...God...This is so good. I wish we can do this forever." Amanda said between moans.

However during one of Amanda's moans, Lillum angled her dick to Amanda's mouth while she was distracted and forced over half down her throat after she gripped Amanda's ears for leverage.

"Get ready hon, cause I'm getting serious since you seem to like it rough." Lillum said before she actually hilts herself in Amanda's throat before she starts to facefuck her while the clone's stroking and thrusting got stronger.

Amanda was caught off guard by that but was able to get use to it in a second. Amanda then used her tongue to lick around Lillum's dick when she pulled out before Lillum thrusts in with even more power.

The clone then removed the coil around Amanda's dick before she gripped the dick with an extremely strong grip before stroking Amanda while her tongue went even deeper into Amanda's dick with each thrust.

Amanda groaned which was muffled with Lillum's dick in her mouth while the clone felt Amanda's dick starting to twitch which made her chuckle before he stroking sped up for the idea she had.

Amanda knew what the clone was doing since she felt her dick twitch as well. She used her willpower to hold it in much longer.

However the clone tried to catch her off guard when she had her tail go in front of her… and after taking a second to wet it with the part of her tongue that was free… and slid it right into Amanda's ass before her tail piston's in and out while it wiggles like a snake.

Said hedgehog was indeed caught off guard from that but was not gonna be intimidated by that. She still tried to hold it in so she can keep experiencing this.

However the clone chuckled before she did something that would surely set her off when green energy shot through her tail and into Amanda's ass before the energy burst which coats the entirety of Amanda's insides like pseudo semen.

Luckily for the clone, that her technique worked causing Amanda to climax from that.

However, the tongue inside of Amanda's dick blocked it off completely which caused the clone to chuckle.

"Sorry, but I'm not gonna let you finish that easily." The clone said before stroking the still climaxing dick.

Amanda moaned from that intense pleasure while Lillum chuckles when she pulled away all of a sudden.

"Don't be to happy now, by the time we're through… you'll be begging to cum once." Lillum said while the clone stopped stroking while keeping the hole plugged.

Amanda chuckled in her mind while using her tongue again on Lillum's dick.

Lillum chuckles before she looked back and chants something which caused a glowing crest to appear around the base of Amanda's dick before it vanished before she looks to the clone.

"You can pull away now." Lillum said before the clone hesitates before it pulled it out while scraping the inside of her dick and ass on purpose.

Amanda groaned with disappointment when she wish it didn't stop.

Lillum chuckles before looking to the clone who nods before she got on all fours and lifts her tail which showed off her soaked tunnel and thick ass.

"Why not use that dick for real now?" Lillum teased when she lifts Amanda to her feet.

Said hedgehog blushed while feeling her dick twitched after seeing the clone's ass and pussy.

Lillum chuckles before she nudged Amanda towards the clone who stayed silent.

Amanda gulped before she got behind the clone while the clone wiggles her rear, though she was getting a little annoyed.

"Unless you want me to go to Lillum, I suggest you pick a hole and start already." The clone growled out since she didn't like to beg in the hollow form.

Amanda blushed before she guided her dick to the clone's pussy.

Lillum watched before the clone's tail kept still to allow Amanda to grip it if she needed to, she would have rushed Amanda now, but it was her first time and she wanted it to be nice.

Lillum however grins before she summoned a crest behind Amanda before she used it to force Amanda to hilt the clone when it pushed her back in one go which made the clone gasp out from the sudden action.

Amanda had no idea what happen, but didn't care when she felt how warm it was inside the clone's pussy.

The clone looked to Amanda with an amused eye before speaking up.

"Didn't mean for you to shove it all in like that, you could have burst." The clone said with a chuckle a moment later before she tightens her vaginal muscles a little.

Amanda groaned from the tight grip before she grab hold of the clone's hips and starts thrusting in and out.

The clone groans for a second before she looks to Amanda with a teasing look in her eyes.

"Come on Amanda, show me what you can do or this won't be much fun for me." The clone teased while meeting Amanda's thrusts a little when she wiggle her hips.

Amanda smirked before speaking.

"Alright. You asked for it." She before grabbing the clone's tail with one hand while smacking her ass with the other.

The clone groaned at the action before she starts to thrust her hips back while Amanda thrusts forward.

Amanda continues thrusting in the clone while smacking her ass. She pulled on the tail a few times while the clone gasps with each thrust.

Lillum in the meantime grinned while she strokes herself before she floats over to get behind Amanda while Amanda was distracted.

Said hedgehog continues doing her actions at the clone, while thrusting a little faster which caused her dick to pulse again from an approaching climax which seemed to be stronger since the last one was denied.

Amanda grunted before speaking to the clone.

"How you liking it now?" She asked with each thrust which caused the clone to chuckle.

"Should you be saying that when you seem so close to cumming." The clone teased when she tightened her pussy again.

Amanda groaned again from the tight grip. This time Amanda tries to hold it in again so she can last longer.

However before she could really get her guard up, Lillum hovered her hands over her hips and silently hilts herself inside of Amanda's pussy after immediately grabbing them this time while grinning an imp like grin.

Amanda jolted from that before she turned her head to see Lillum with that grin which made Lillum speak up.

"Might as well join in right?" Lillum said before she starts to thrust into Amanda which made Amanda thrust into the clone who thrusts back when she got what Lillum was planning.

All in all, Amanda looked like she was staying still while Lillum held her in the air while the duo screwed her in multiple ways.

Amanda moaned and groaned from this before looking at Lillum again with a blush.

Lillum grinned before she angled he head to kiss Amanda while she used a crest to summon a water tentacle out of Amanda's view before it shot into her ass and spins like a pleasure inducing drill.

Amanda moaned in Lillum's mouth from that action before she brought her tongue out, begging Lillum for entry.

Lillum obliged when she opened her mouth a little before she starts to wrestle with Amanda's tongue while her dick starts to pulse from an approaching climax.

"Ready for my load?" Lillum asked after she pulled her head away from Amanda's.

"Y-Yes. But please keep kissing me." Amanda pleaded with a blush since she was close to her climax as well.

Lillum grins before she thrust back in to kiss Amanda while her dick thrusts faster and faster into Amanda's pussy.

"Cumming!" Lillum said before she slammed her hips one more time into Amanda's pussy before her load shot into her waiting womb which makes it bloat some from the amount.

Feeling all that cum made Amanda unleashed a load of her own in the clone's pussy... Or she would have if a glowing ring didn't appear around the base of her dick which stops her from cumming again… this time the pressure from Amanda's orgasm was greater which made her dick swell a little.

Lillum chuckles at Amanda's predicament before whispering into Amanda's ear.

"Did you think I would let you come so easily?" Lillum said when she pulled her dick out before she slammed it into Amanda's ass this time.

"GAAAAHHH! N-NO...FAIR!" Amanda yelled while Lillum chuckles.

"We did say that you would beg us to cum once right?, well get ready for a pleasureable hell." Lillum said before she lightly bit Amanda's ear before she starts to thrust into Amanda's ass again while the clone starts to thrust back onto Amanda's over sensitive dick.

"OH MY GOOOODDD!" Amanda yelled while Lillum grins when she made a water tentacle shoot into Amanda's abused pussy before it twists like a drill with watery bumps to hit all of her G-spots.

It made Amanda moan very loud from that action.

After a minute, Amanda's dick pulsed again which told of an approaching orgasm which Lillum and the clone felt before speeding up their actions.

Amanda grunted and moan before feeling her orgasm coming. But she knew Lillum won't let her cum.

Lillum chuckles before she had an electrical current flow into Amanda's pussy from the water tentacle, it was at a safe level but for an inexperienced person, that would be more than enough to set Amanda off again.

Amanda groaned and moan again from this while Lillum raised the voltage a little while whispering into her ear.

"Come on… try to cum for me." Lillum teased when she grinds into Amanda's ass while the clone tightened her vaginal muscles greatly to help Lillum with her plan.

Amanda grunted before she yelled out.


However like before Amanda couldn't cum thanks to the ring which made things more painful and pleasurable for her while Lillum grins.

"I did say that you would have to beg right?, well… let's get to work." Lillum said before she resumed thrusting into Amanda's ass.

Time went by for a few minutes while Amanda was denied orgasm after orgasm while Lillum used her water tentacle to bind Amanda's arms behind her back while the clone tightens and loosens her vaginal muscles around the engorged dick.

Amanda couldn't take it anymore.


Lillum however leaned down and whispered into Amanda's ear.

"Don't you mean… please Mistress?" Lillum said while nibbling Amanda's ear again and grinding into her ass after thrusting a few more times.

Amanda looked at Lillum in the face after Lillum pulled away.

"Please mistress." Amanda said softly while blushing which caused Lillum to grin.

"Please what?, I can't hear you." Lillum teased before she made a extremely strong thrust.

"PLEASE MISTRESS!" Amanda yelled which caused Lillum to chuckle.

"Good girl… now for your reward." Lillum said before she starts to rapidly thrust into Amanda's ass which caused Amanda to ram into the clone while the ring slowly cracked from Amanda's next orgasm… it would be the biggest one she had since she was denied so many time.

Amanda hoped that it will be over when she really wants to cum badly.

A few thrusts later, Amanda's dick starts to twitch again while the ring cracked some more.

It made Amanda thrust harder in the clone's pussy with vigor before the ring broke and vanished completely which allowed Amanda to finally have the orgasm she begged for.

"OH GOOOODDD!" Amanda yelled with ecstasy while releasing a very big thick load of cum in the clone's pussy.

"Ugh!" the clone grunts when she felt herself already getting filled with an insane amount of semen which actually made her womb bloat a little before she looked back to see how Amanda was doing when she didn't seem to stop ejaculating into her.

Amanda grunted and groaned as she kept ejaculating before Lillum pulled herself back which pulled Amanda back which results in the clone's ass getting a thick coating of semen before the flow stops.

"Hehe, how was that my pretty little slave?, did your mistress promise a good time or what?" Lillum said while she held Amanda on her lap which her dick was still buried in.

Amanda looked at her with a blush while smiling.

"Yes..you did and it was...wonderful. Emerald is very lucky to have you." Amanda said while Lillum grins.

"If you want… I could make a repeat performance later?, after all our group will be here for a while." Lillum said while she resumed thrusting into Amanda's ass.

"Oh...YES...I would love that!" Amanda said while Lillum grins.

"I'll do it on one condition though… call me mistress when were in private, in public call me whatever you want, understand?" Lillum said before she made a few strong thrusts near the end.

"Y-Yes Lillum anything you want." Amanda said while Lillum grins a bit before she stops.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?, I'm sure I said to call me something when in private." Lillum teased when she barely moved at all.

"I-I mean mistress. Anything you want mistress." Amanda said hoping she continues.

"Good girl, now for a reward." Lillum said before she starts to rapidly thrust her hips into the mobian's ass again, this time with her own dick twiching.

"Ready for my cum slave?" Lillum said when she puts more speed into her thrusts.

"Y-Yes mistress." Amanda said which caused Lillum to grin.

"GOOD GIRL!" Lillum yelled when she unloads a massive load into Amanda's ass again.

"AAAAHHH!" Amanda yelled from the pleasure before Lillum's shot tapered off after 10 seconds.

Lillum sighs in relief before looking to Amanda to see how she was doing when she felt her energy drop greatly, guess it was to much for the hedgehog after all.

Said hedgehog was taking a few breaths before looking at Lillum.

"You were amazing mistress." Amanda said with a blush on her face which made Lillum grin.

"No problem slave, now get some rest, your body may feel good now but you'll crash in a few minutes." Lillum ordered when she pulled out of Amanda's ass while kissing her for a second.

Lillum pulled her head away before snapping her fingers before Amanda's dick vanished and her semen covered body was cleaned after she glowed a bit.

"There, now you won't have to worry too much about showering tonight, though I still recommend one when you wake since you be feeling sore, that I can assure you." Lillum said with a grin on her face before she looked to Emerald and Maite to see how they were doing before looking to Amanda.

"Thank you mistress. Do you...have any sisters?" Amanda asked while blushing.

Lillum blinked before grinning.

"Oh yeah... practically hundreds… you see why if you join us in our little school of ours, maybe you could snag a pet or two for yourself after I train you." Lillum teased while she gave an imp like grin.

"R-Really?" Amanda asked while blushing which caused Lillum to chuckle.

"Really... though I won't go easy on you, what I did today was tame compared to the real thing… still up for it slave?" Lillum said with a teasing grin.

Before responding, Amanda surprised Lillum with a hug.

"I'll follow whatever you say mistress." She said which made Lillum grin before she held the dildo in front of Amanda.

"Might as well give you some some homework then… stuff this into your pussy and sleep with it all night tonight, I'll know if you don't." Lillum said to Amanda with a grin.

"As you command mistress." Amanda said before she grabbed the dildo.

Lillum grins while she watched Amanda.

Said hedgehog groaned a bit after stuffing the dildo in her folds.

Lillum pats Amanda on the head when she saw that.

"Good girl, now head to your room after getting dressed, don't want anyone to get surprised...yet… right?" Lillum said to Amanda after she summoned Amanda's clothing which appeared in her hand before she passed them to the mobian.

Amanda nods to thank her before going to the bathroom to change.

The clone huffed a bit before looking to Lillum.

"Might as well leave, bye." the clone said before she vanished which caused Lillum to scratch her head.

"Hehe...oop." Lillum said before she turned to watch Emerald and Maite who were still going at it before thinking.

"Hmm… Nah… I'll handle Maite later… might as well enjoy the show." Lillum thought before she stroked herself.

Meanwhile with Emerald and Maite…

Emerald was showing Maite how much energy that he had when he didn't seem to stop even after cumming multiple times.

Maite was still having a great time. It look like she was tired...but didn't want the pleasure to stop.

Emerald however noticed how tired Maite was before he chuckled.

"No worries, we can do this more later… how about I finish this with a bang." Emerald said before his body starts to emit a green mist after he stopped moving.

Maite did like the sound of that. She waited for what Emerald was about to do.

The mist then went to give his entire body, tentacles and dick, with a green outline before he hilts Maite with all 5 dicks which caused the energy to hit every sweet spot inside and outside of Maite while the same happened to her ass with the tentacle dick when it shot into her.

The same thing happened with her breasts when the energy went to the dick between her breasts and in her hands.

Maite moaned like crazy from that action before Emerald pistons in and out of Maite with hip bruising force while the one in her ass and between her breasts did the same.

The ones in her hand had the tentacles wrap around her wrists before the dicks in her hands start to move which caused Maite to stroke them.

"OH EMERALD!" Maite yelled which caused Emerald to speed up when he felt an approaching orgasm.

"Get...ready...Maite...cause...I'M CUMMING!" Emerald warned before he roared when he shot his load into her waiting womb while the one in her ass did the same while the ones in her hands and between her breasts gave her a big facial with multiple shots.

But the kicker was the light green energy in the semen which made the pleasure skyrocket for Maite.

"AAAAHHH!" Maite yelled after she climaxed from this.

After a 20 to 30 seconds of cumming… Emerald finally stopped before he pulled his dick out of her and called back the tentacles so he could get a good look at Maites state while he pants a little.

Maite was panting greatly from this. Her belly looked very bloated with all that cum in her womb and stomach.

Emerald chuckled a bit at his handiwork before he spoke up.

"I'll be cleaning myself in the bathroom… I need to use water to return to normal so I'll be back in a bit… just relax for now." Emerald said before he turned to the bathroom and starts walking towards it.

And not a moment too soon that Amanda exits the bathroom with her night clothes on.

He passed Amanda while leftover semen and juice was still on his dick and tentacles before he closed the door to the bathroom and locked it while a sign appeared on the door.

"Door sealed against peeking succubus."

Amanda didn't know why Emerald put up the sign before she looked at Lillum who was kissing Maite on the lips while she floats over the bed before she pulled away while she continues to stroke herself.

"Welcome to the party Maite, I'll be teaching you a few things tomorrow… but until then… guh!" Lillum explained before she unloads semen over the parts of Maite's body that Emerald missed which covered Maite in demonic seed.

Maite shivered a bit at the succubus's cum but loved the feel of it on her body.

Lillum smirked at Maite before she looked to Amanda with a grin.

"I'll be taking Maite to her room if she wants to head there after I clean her, you head on to you room." Lillum said before she looked back to Maite and chuckles when some future plans formed in her head.

"Actually mistress, we both share a room." Amanda said.

"Well slave, it seems you might bunk alone….or do you want me to spend the night?" Lillum teased with a grin.

Amanda blushed from that before speaking.

"No that's okay, I'll go on my own. Good night you two." Amanda said before exiting the room which made Lillum chuckle before she snapped her fingers and Maite was cleaned up when a crest appeared over her and sucked the semen into it.

"Might reward your sister if she does keep it inside of her, wanna help Maite?" Lillum said with a grin after Maite was cleaned for the most part before she turned her dick back into a dildo.

"Sure thing Lillum. Or do I call you something else since I'm part of Emerald's harem?" Maite asked.

Lillum chuckles before placing a finger on Maite's chin.

"When we're having lessons with your sister… call me mistress, out of them… call me whatever you want, deal?" Lillum teased with a look that showed raw lust.

Maite blushed before speaking.


Lillum chuckles before looking her in the eye.

"Good girl, so are you staying or going to your room?" Lillum said with a grin on her face.

"I'm gonna go join Amanda, 'cause I know you and Emerald need some alone time." Maite said which caused Lillum to chuckle.

"Alright, but a little parting gift." Lillum said before she kissed Maite then went down to her pussy while the scene went into the bathroom.

With Emerald…

Emerald was washing his hair after he returned to normal before he heard a pleasure induced scream which made him jolt before looking to the door with a raised eyebrow.

"Lillum must be playing with Maite, might as well get out and check on Maite and Lillum." Emerald thought before he rinsed off and got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist before he exits the room and sweatdropped at what he saw.

"Damn Lillum, did you knocked her out?, doesn't mercy exist in your head?" Emerald said while he looked to Maite.

Maite looked down but was still breathing while Lillum sat next to her while licking her lips.

"I-It's...okay...Emerald. I-I'll get...use to...it." Maite said between breaths.

Emerald sighed before looking to Lillum.

"You do realize that she won't be able to move right?" Emerald said while Lillum chuckled slightly.

"Hehe, sorry." Lillum said while scratching her cheek before Emerald looked to Maite.

"Ready to sleep?, you can bunk here since this was Lillum's fault." Emerald said while giving Lillum a half lidded look.

Maite nodded to Emerald since she's very tired.

Lillum giggles before she used her magic to help Maite float to the head of the bed while Emerald got onto the bed before Lillum set Maite on Emerald's right arm before Lillum floats over and lays on Emerald's left.

She then made the blanket float over the trio before it lands on them before she used her magic to turn off the light.

"Night Emerald, Maite." Lillum said before she adjusts her body before Emerald wrapped an arm around her.

"Good night Emerald, night mistress." Maite said before she adjusts her body to Emerald's right side while Lillum giggled.

"Only call me mistress during our love making… call me what you want after ok?" Lillum said while Emerald wrapped an arm around Maite, he wasn't gonna ask about the mistress thing right now but he would later after they rest.

"Good night Lillum, Emerald." Maite said correcting herself while Emerald spoke up.

"Night ladies, see you in the morning." Emerald said while lightly hugging them before he closed his eyes which made Lillum smile before she did the same.

Maite blushed while smiling at the hug before she closed her eyes.

Lemon over

The time slowly shifts to the next day's dawn before the scene fades to black.

The scene went fades in to show DME and Atomsk while they passed some ideas around.

"Okay so what do you think of the plan?" Atomsk asked while looking at DME.

"Seems fine for the most part but where will you put the boulder?" Dme asked with crossed arms.

"I guess right above, unless I use one of my clones as bait." Atomsk said.

"Unless he uses a switch which gets us squished, I got an idea though… instead of going with multiple plans… why not bring in someone from his world to lend a hand?" DME said with a grin on his face.

"And who would that be? The second Mask guy? Loki?" Atomsk questioned.

"I'm thinking of someone a bit… higher on the deity totam if these two guy fails… but I'm suggesting we bring in the second Mask into this first since he seemed the most stable,… and if he fails we bring in the first… and if he fails… we get the king of the norse gods… Odin since even Loki can't beat him." DME said with a twisted grin.

Atomsk's eyes widen after hearing Odin's name.

"Are you sure he'll help us?" Atomsk asked.

"That old guy was stubborn about the mask during the second movie right?, do you really think he would allow a possible third if the mask somehow got into another mortals hands?" DME asked with a grin on his face.

"I guess not." Atomsk said.

"Still we should go for the second mask first since like I said, he seems the most stable." DME said when he points out how erratic the first could be and how angry Odin could get.

Atomsk nods to DME since he has no other plans for this.

DME then noticed the readers before grinning.

"Oh look Atomsk, the readers are back already." DME said when he points a thumb at the readers.

Atomsk looks at the readers with a smile.

"Welcome back everyone. Hope you all enjoy that mega lemon scene. I mean man...I didn't expect that to be long. What do you think DME?" Atomsk asked before passing the spotlight to him.

DME was comically wearing an accountant hat while he typed on a keyboard.

"Lets see… carry the one…. Divide by five… used the fanfic word count feature… And were over 25000 words for this chapter alone, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that it's near 30000 words… though it will be much shorter for FFN while AO3 gets the full chapter unfortunately… who knows maybe after I backup and update things on AO3 and FFN, I'll add the lemons to the FFN version since TME only had an issue with one person… personally I don't care what that person thinks but TME is a nice guy." DME said while sighing at TME being a pushover.

"Yeah I'm with you there." Atomsk said understand the problem before he looked back at the readers.

"Anyway, we hoped you enjoy the rest of the chapter. I bet non of you expected Cedric to be target. Talk about a big story he said. At least we now know something about Kyra. Don't you agree DME?" Atomsk asked while passing the spotlight again.

DME closed the laptop he had before looking to the readers.

"Indeed, but that mystery will be explored in full after the group gets to Cedric's Dimension… and I sure none of you would expect Maite going for Emerald and Amanda becoming Lillum's *Student* right if you read the AO3 version right?" DME said with finger quotes for the student part.

"You said it man." Atomsk said in agreement.

"Any parting words Atomsk?, like for Rachel's new arm or Azure's new form?" DME asked when he looked to Atomsk.

"Well Rachel's arm is a mystery...but I'm more concerned about that blob thing that Emerald took out. And as for Azure's new form...it was shocking but hopefully Emerald and AC Shadow can fix that." Atomsk before looking at DME.

"Maybe… But for now, Atomsk and I will be busy with dealing with this trickster with possible help from the second mask...wish us luck." DME said before he opened a portal which led to the Mask's dimension.

"Deuces." Atomsk said with two fingers before the duo enter the portal before it closed with a bang while the scene fades to black.

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