Dimensional Drifter school @emerald
The eggbots, the talk, the hotspring

The camera fades in to show DME walking past a few trees with Atomsk in tow.

"So are we heading in the right direction?" DME said when he ducked under a branch.

"Yup. This is the right way." Atomsk said as he ducked the same branch.

DME then noticed the readers before he grins.

"Atomsk, I believe we have guests." DME said when he starts to see a familiar scene approaching.

"Welcome back to DDS everyone. As you can see, we're still continuing our hunt for the elusive green Mask man. Anything you want to say DME?" Atomsk asked before passing the spotlight to DME.

DME grinned before answering.

"Of course, this is also a Lemon chapter, and depending on how things go, might be two separate ones in one chapter, I won't spoil any more for now." DME said when he made it to the field where the bomb went off a few moments before Atomsk did.

"Well this is the place...or what's left of it. Reminds me of the old Halo 2 map." Atomsk said after looking at the ruins.

"TME only played 3 and 4, but games aside, mind Iointing me in the direction of where the green faced man appeared from?" DME asked when he looked around the area.

Atomsk nodded as he lead DME to the spot where the bomb exploded.

"It would be right here." Atomsk said while pointing at the spot.

"Hmmm… well I know that the green faced man didn't originate here unless he used the explosion as a beacon, so… mind leading the way since I remember that the man appeared away from the explosion site." DME said when he remembered the Butler soda incident.

"Okay. If I remember correctly, the green face man obviously came through that doorway when he was dressed like a butler." Atomsk said as he lead DME to what's left of the doorway.

"Interesting, I can feel a little Dimensional disturbance here, while I think of why this is here, maybe from the Green face man, I'll let you send us into the chapter." DME said before he starts to examine the doorway.

Atomsk nodded before looking at the readers.

"Alright, while we keep investigating, I'm gonna say we hope you enjoy Chapter 7. Sorry that we can't put lemons in FFN because...you know. Anyway, happy reading." Atomsk said as the scene shifts to right when Sonic got up to look for Cedric.

Sonic Boom Dimension/ Hedgehog Residence/ Emerald, Demonga, Lillum (tempoary went back to Angel City), AC Shadow, AC Knuckles, SB Sonic, SB Amy, SB Tails, Rachel, Amanda, Maite, Charles, Azure, Lavender, Cream, Strike, Cedric, Daniel

The scene shifts in to show the inside of the house when Sonic starts to look around.

"Yo Cedric, are you here?!" Sonic called as he was upstairs looking for said wolf.

And just like that, Cedric exited from the bathroom. He made sure that he was decent before exiting.

"You called sir?" Cedric asked.

"There you are. Was wondering where you went." Sonic said.

Cedric was wondering why he was looking for him.

"What happen? Did Emerald need me or something?" Cedric asked.

"Actually, I wanted to talk to you myself." Sonic said as he was in front of the wolf with a serious expression.

"What's to talk about?" Cedric asked while feeling a little uncomfortable from the stare.

"It's about Rachel." Sonic said.

"Did something happen to her?" Cedric asked feeling worry for his classmate.

"No but it's regarding her, you, and that custom." Sonic said with a still serious look.

Cedric gulped while his eyes widen.

"How much do you like my daughter?" Sonic asked out of the blue.

Cedric blushed at this before answering.

"Well when I met her at class, I thought she was cute and she seems to be a great girl. So I thought of getting to know her first before anything."

Sonic seemed to like that answering before he asked the wolf something out of the blue.

"Do you have feelings for another of your classmates?"

Cedric gulped before speaking.

"I-I do."

"Who is it then?" Sonic asked.

"It's Azure." Cedric replied.

Sonic's eyes widen from that.

"Wow, really? Well we can't deny what the heart wants. But regardless...I don't know what you'll do, but I support you dating my daughter since she likes you."

"R-Really?" Cedric questioned after hearing that.

A few moments later, they heard footsteps approaching up the stairs nearby which made them look over to see to their shock… Azure of all people who had a bright blush on her face.

"Uh...Azure. How much did you hear?" Cedric questioned.

"F-From the part… when you… said that…you liked Rachel… and I." Azure said with a brighter blush on her face with each word.

Cedric blushed a bit as well knowing she heard.

Sonic sense something and decided to make himself scarce.

"I think I hear my wife calling. Excuse me." He said as walk towards the stairs leaving both wolf and feline alone.

Azures blush lightens before she glanced to Cedric to see how he was holding so far.

Cedric was blushing at the same level as her.

"So…" Cedric said as he tried to say something.

"So… how long?" Azure asked when she scratched her cheek.

"How long what?" Cedric asked.

"How long did you like… the both of us?" Azure asked when her face brightened a little.

Cedric gulped while blushing.

"After we did orientation, I couldn't stop thinking how you cute you both were. My heart reacts different when it's about the two of you. I mean...when you talked about your past, I felt like a great connection between you and me. I feel like I want to be by your side because you're so beautiful and the way you use your flames makes you majestic. And as for Rachel… well like you, I wanted to get to know her as well cause she seemed to be a great person. But now I don't know what to do, because if I choose one of you someone will get hurt and I don't want that. You're probably mad at me when I said that huh?" Cedric said as he looked at her.

Azure was greatly surprised and slightly worried when it seemed like Cedric was really having trouble making a choice which had her stay silent for a few more seconds while she felt a bit guilty from getting mad multiple times before she decided to do something surprising.

Seeing Azure not talking made Cedric feel very worried. He put his head down in sadness.

"I understand if you want to be alone. I'll see you later." Cedric said as goes to the stairs.

Azure jolts before she decides to just act and before he could get to the stairs… she grips his shoulder, spins him around, grabbed both of his shoulders… and planted a kiss on Cedric's lips before she slipped her tongue in when his guard was down.

The wolf's eyes widen in shock at what just happened.

'Sweet Mobius. She's actually kissing me!' He thought while blushing big.

Azure then gripped the back of Cedric's head which allowed her more control for a moment before she pulled away before she gasped a few times.

Cedric also gasped for air.

"Azure." He said in a whisper.

"Just shut up and listen… I'm sorry for getting mad in the past… I… was just…" Azure said before she fell silent before she shook her head and continues.

"Anyway… I'm sorry for not understanding your situation… and as for Rachel… well… I can work with sharing you with her if it help." Azure said with a blush on her face.

Cedric blushed while his eyes widen.

"R-Really? Are you sure?" He asked making sure if that's what she wants.

Azure blushed before she nods.

"Y-Yeah… besides after what Rachel did… I'm a bit curious about girls… thanks to her. " Azure said with a brighter blush on her face.

Cedric was surprised about that. That's when he remembered the photo he got of them kissing...which Sticks now had. But here's a question...Who took and sent him that picture?

Azure however did send Cedric a slight glare which was… a bit scary.

"By the way… why do I taste a different woman on your lips?" Azure asked since she already knew Rachel's lips and Cedric's to an extant earlier.

Cedric felt like he was in death row. He gulped while sweating bullets.

Little did the new couple know, Sonic pretended to go downstairs, but stayed there so he can listen. He was shocked to hear that the feline would agree to share the wolf with Rachel. But was curious about that secret woman.

"Okay before I said anything...promise me you won't get mad." Cedric said.

Azure narrowed her eyes before she quickly reached down… and gripped his testicles through his pant.

"Sure… but only if you have a good enough defense." Azure said while tightening her grip a bit to make a point… not enough to really hurt… but enough to send a message.

Cedric groan a bit from pain before speaking.

"Okay. While I was hiding in the bathroom, I tried thinking of something to make my...you know...go down. That's when I received a picture." He said.

Azure blinked a few times from confusion before she lightly tightens her grip.

"A picture?" Azure asked with a slight growl in her voice.

"A picture of you and Rachel kissing at the beach." Cedric replied with a groan.

"And how did you get that picture?" Azure asked when she lightens her grip a bit to give Cedric some relief… mainly when she got a slight blush in her face.

"I don't know. It just appeared in front of me like magic." Cedric said.

Azure blinked a few times before she realized who before she looked to Cedric.

"Lillum most likely… do you still have the picture?" Azure asked with slightly narrowed eyes.

Cedric was now scared on what he'll say next.

"About that...it's gone."

Sonic was wondering what Cedric meant that it's gone.

A moment later… Azure's grip strengeths greatly before Sonic and Cedric heard Azure growling in a dark tone.

"Gone!?" Azure growled when she emits a dark mist.

Even though Cedric was in a bit of pain, this was somehow turning him on with the way she growled and the hold his testicles.

"I-I didn't mean t-to. She appeared out o-of nowhere and c-caught me off g-guard." Cedric said before Azure's grip tightened a little more.

"Who!?" Azure growled when she wanted a name.

"Sticks. Her name is Sticks." Cedric replied.

Sonic gasped after hearing one of his friends was here.

"Where is she…" Azure growled when her eyes turned pure white.

"I don't know...but she will be coming tomorrow for Daniel and me." He replied.

"And why would she come for you two… did she do something to either of you?" Azure growled out, but this one seemed a bit more worried.

"I'm not sure about Daniel...but me yes." Cedric said.

"What… did… she… do!?" Azure growled while tightening her hand each time.

While this was going on, Sonic peaked his head a bit to see what's happening.

"You see...when I was in the bathroom, I tried to relieve myself by thinking of you, me and Rachel at the beach. As I was distracted...Sticks somehow saw me and snuck in. I didn't know what happen till I felt her mouth on my...thing… but I... didn't notice for a bit...since I was to into...my daydream." Cedric said with a groan while he kept things censored in case Charles was around.

Sonic's eyes widen from this.

'She did WHAT!?'

Azure however… fell oddly silent when she took a moment to blink when she let that info sit in before she looked to him.

"Did you try and stop her?" Azure asked with narrowed eyes.

"Yes, but unfortunately… she doesn't take no for an answer. And I'm ashamed to say that she tempted me by calling me a coward...And so...I had shown her I wasn't." Cedric said now feeling ashamed and regret for letting it happen.

Azure however fell silent while her hand slowly tightens a little when she tried to think before she looked him in the eye with her pure glowling white eye.

"Considering that I've been a bitch to you lately… I'll forgive you but you'll have to tell Rachel next later BEFORE Sticks appears….but I'm gonna have a talk with this Sticks when she appears sooner or later… but if you let something like this happen again... well…" Azure growled before she tightens her grip greatly within Sonic's view.

Sonic was thinking of scolding Cedric, but after witnessing this, he believes the wolf has been punished enough. After he talks with Rachel.

Before Cedric could react… Azure noticed something which made her look down before her eyes widen a bit.

"A-Are you actually enjoying this!?" Azure said with a shocked tone when she saw...something... shifting in his pants.

Sonic was shocked when he noticed the slowly growing bulge in Cedric's pants.

Said wolf could feel it growing.

"I-I like the way you growl and 'hold' my...stuff... I've always liked strong women." Cedric said with a blush.

Sonic sweatdropped since that's his relationship with Amy.

Shadow's covered Azure's eyes before she spoke up.

"I see… I guess I'll have to keep that in mind for a punishment later since normal won't work on you huh?" Azure growled out to their shock… maybe that partial dark mode made her more dominant as a result?, was she alright?

Cedric chuckled a bit.

"If that's what you want, then I'll accept it." He said while blushing.

Azure grins before she steps away before she looked Cedric in the eye.

"You might want to let Rachel know about the picture… and that little kink of yours..." Azure said when she remembered the strength that Rachel normally used.

Cedric gulped but nodded.

"Should I also tell her about...you and her...sharing me?"

Azure surprisingly grins and nods in her Dark from which… was confusing and scary.

"Yeah… you could even add more woman if you want… but... " Azure said when a chill went up Cedric and Sonic's spines.

"Y-Yeah?" Cedric asked while shocked that she'll let him have more.

The next moment would send a shiver through all men around the area when Azure shot forward and gripped Cedric's nuts with a grip that was many times stronger while… red lines appeared around her eyes… like her rage was giving form to a new level of Dark form.

"Two things… 1.) Rachel and I have a choice as to if a woman you pick joins us or not… and 2.)... " Azure growled when her grips strengthens more.

"If you let another woman overpower you like that and you actually could stop it and let it happened anyway...I won't just crush your nuts… I'll rip them out while keeping them connected and shove them down your fucking throat…. Understand." Azure growled…while some red mixes with the dark mist while the inhibitor ring glows brightly but it seemed that it would snap if she lost her temper more.

Cedric groaned from the pain and was very afraid. But he surprised the young feline with a smile.

"Anything for you my love." He said with a groan.

Azure actually calmed down enough to her regular dark form then her regular form before she noticed what she nearly did and pulled away with wide eyes.

"I... I… I'm sorry… you could say otherwise… but I nearly…" Azure said when she starts to get worried when she looked to the inhibitor ring… which now had a crack in it.

Cedric was shocked when he noticed it.

"You should have Shadow check on it." He suggested.

Azure then gave him a raised eyebrow before responding.

"I would have to tell him why it happened… and I don't think trying to hide things would work on him… are you sure?... and are you okay?... I mean… I think I nearly crushed them." Azure said when she blushed when she looked a bit south.

Cedric blushed while rubbing the back of his head.

"Yeah you're right. It's better if we keep it to ourselves. Perhaps turn the inhibitor around so no one would noticed. And also...you don't need to worry. This is a lesson I must learn. I want to make sure that our, including Rachel's, relationship happens. I don't want nothing to jeopardize that. I'm gonna make sure to be the perfect guy for you both. " Cedric said with determination.

"W-Well I could turn it but if something happens, don't blame me if I have to speak with someone later." Azure said with a blush on her face when she did turn it around.

"Azure...you look cute when you blush. Also you and I both agree that it's my fault." Cedric said.

Azure then kissed him again before she starts to step away again.

"And Rachel?, do I keep it from her for now?" Azure asked with a blush still on her face.

"It's your call...since I'm gonna tell her what happen between me and Sticks." Cedric said with a blush as well.

Azure nods before she turned to the stairs before she spoke up.

"We should tell her now then… then after we can show something interesting since I learned a bit about you now." Azure said with a teasing grin when she starts to walk Sonic's way with a slight swing of her hips which made her tail swing from side to side lightly.

Cedric blushed while shocked that she did that. That's when he remembered something.

"Wait Azure."

Azure stopped before she looked to him with some confusion.

"Something wrong?" Azure asked when she saw the worried look on his face.

"I should let you know that Sticks might talk to Lillum." Cedric said.

Azure was a bit confused when he said that.

"And why would talking with her be a problem?" Azure said with a raised eyebrow.

"She said she was thinking of joining us in Angel City and also she might know of its custom.

And low and behold after Cedric said that…someone called from outside which would cause Cedric's heart to skip a beat.

"HEY CEDY!, I CAME BACK EARLY!" A familiar voice shouts from outside.

"Uh, oh." Cedric said while hoping for a heart attack.

Azure raised an eyebrow when she looked to him.

"Cedy?" Azure asked with a small grin starting to form from the nickname.

Cedric chuckled nervously.

"Y-Yeah that's what she's calling me now." Cedric said as he shivered a bit.

"Kind of hard to tell if you not liking this situation or enjoying it now… anyway we should be sure that this isn't some kind of coincidence that someone just made a nickname for you." Azure said with a slightly humored filled tone before she starts to walk to the stairs with an angered look.

Sonic could see the feline approaching and used his speed to get out.

'Why does trouble seem to find me?' Cedric thought as he starts to walk slowly towards the stairs.

A bit later… they went outside to see everyone around ...Sticks... who looked the group over with a grin on her face.

"So that must be Sticks… why is her outfit like that?.. Looks a bit undersize." Azure said before she sent Cedric a raised eyebrow look before Sticks looked their way.

"Oh Cedy, nice to see you again." Sticks said when she actually jumped and bounced off of Emerald's head which made her land in front of Cedric while Emerald got slammed into the ground comically.

Sticks then surprised everyone by kissing him again in front of everyone which made their eyes widen while Emerald's eyes widened a moment later after he looked to Cedric and Sticks kissing after pulling his face from the ground.

Cedric's eyes widened again from that kiss.

Most of the students didn't know what's going on or why Sticks is kissing Cedric. Rachel, however was getting upset and jealous.

"Auntie Sticks, why are you kissing Cedric?!" Rachel asked.

Sticks pulled away before she looks to Rachel with a grin.

"I want to join you guys so I can have some fun with you all, and after the fun I had with Cedy… well that only made that choice stronger." Sticks said to the out of the loop peoples shock.

"SAY WHAT!?" Everyone else said before looking to Cedric.

Azure facepalmed which also got their attention which was also surprising since most thought she would snap when she heard that.

"Did you know about this Azure?" Rachel asked.

"I found out a bit ago… ask Cedric for the details, but one thing first… Cedric and I are now a couple." Azure said with a slight blush on her face which made Sticks blink a few times before she looks to Cedric with a grin.

"Wow, you work fast Cedy." Sticks said with a chuckle a moment later.

"Cedy?" Everyone else questioned.

Rachel felt upset when Azure said the news. She felt her heart was about to burst however what Azure said next would surprise everyone.

"Nickname for Cedric apparently… anyway, I also gave Cedric permission to let him get other women to join… on two conditions though, one is pretty obvious, I would have to see if they are good enough to join." Azure said which was shocking…. But the second?

"What's the second?" Rachel asked while still feeling shocked about the news.

"Just that if Cedric let's a situation like with Sticks happen again, and he just lets it happen… I would rip off his… fella's off while they're still connected and shove them down his throat." Azure said while keeping things censored to an extent with Charles nearby while she looks to Sticks for a moment who just seemed to keep her grin.

The men amongst the group, minus Charles for censored reasons, knew what the feline was talking about and shivered while looking pale at the image.

Everyone else was wondering what happen between Cedric and Sticks.

"Amy, could you cover Charles's ears, I don't think we can censor this one well." Azure asked while Amy nods before she looks to Charles to do a better suggestion.

"Charles sweetie, could you go get some ice cream in town, the good kind?" Amy asked she grabbed a few rings while she glanced to Emerald who nods before a clone was created which waits for Charles.

"You can count on me, mom" The young hedgehog said with a salute.

"Alright, kid, I'll race you there, loser carries the tub?" the clone suggests to Charles with a grin.

Charles smirked back before speaking.

"You're on." He said before using his speed to bolt past the clone who gave chase a moment later while Amy looks to the group.

"We should have 10 minutes, Charles really likes to see what kinds of combos of ice cream he can make, though just in case, can we be quick with this?" Amy asked when she looked to the group.

Everyone now looked at Azure wondering what she was gonna say.

Azure just shrugged before looking to Cedric.

"Sorry for being blunt with this Cedric." Azure said before she looked to the group and pointed a thumb at him.

"Cedric here was having… fun in the bathroom after he found a pic and after a bit, Sticks appeared and…. Well joined in without him realizing it until it was too late, and then she managed to goad him into willingly join her in his fun." Azure said with a half lidded look on her face.

Everyone else widen their eyes before looking at Cedric.

Said wolf turned his head away to avoid their gazes as he was already embarrassed enough.

Sticks however grins before she spoke up.

"Well in my defense, it looked like he was having a bad day and I wanted to cheer him up, besides, he wasn't claimed until AFTER it happened and he wasn't complaining in the end." Sticks said with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Besides, it's not like I asked to be his girlfriend, like I said I just wanted to have some fun and he was the only one who seemed the most likely to agree." Sticks said before she looked to Daniel.

"Besides, Cedy's not the only guy I got my eye on." Sticks said with a grin on her face.

Everyone else was wondering what she meant but Daniel noticed her looking at him and was a bit creeped out by it.

"And why are you looking at Daniel like that?" Cream asked when she noticed Stick's gaze which made Stick chuckle.

"Why?, I mean sex plain and simple, I like strong guys and gals and that Black and white guy there,... hmm, Danny seems to be really strong… though I wonder if he's compensating or if his little friend isn't so little under that funny outfit." Stick said with a teasing tone.

Daniel was shocked while blushing when she said, but felt insulted when she made fun of his outfit including saying some about the size of his dick.

Cedric was able to turn his head back to see this.

"Don't do it man. That's how she got me." He warned his friend.

Sticks shrugged when she heard that before she spoke up.

"Well it's not like I'm hiding what I'm thinking, besides, does Danny have anyone here he like or is he free for now?" Sticks asked when she looks the group over with a grin.

Daniel was blushing since Cream was the one liked. Along with Strike and Lavender.

Sticks noticed the blush before she gave a wider grin when she had an idea.

"Well if he does then it's not really my business if he objects, but if he doesn't then I hope to get to know him very well later." Sticks said before she reached into her pants and pulled out the picture… which seemed a little soaked.

"After all I got this to entertain me for awhile." Sticks said to Azure's shock before she looked to Cedric.

"You forgot to mention that she hid it in her pants…" Azure said with slightly narrowed eyes while a slight blush was on her face.

Cedric blushed as well.

"Sorry, I forgot to mention that." Cedric said.

Rachel couldn't believe that this was happening. That's when she noticed the photo of her and Azure kissing and was blushing like mad from it.

"Where did you get that photo Auntie Sticks?" She asked.

Sticks blinked before she points a thumb at Cedric.

"Cedy had it first before I got it, I already made copies with…. What did Tails call it… a p-printer? From his lab... though it exploded after I used it… no clue why though." Stick said with a grin on her face.

When Tails heard that, he immediately ran fast to his lab.

Cedric gulped before asking…

"How many...did you...make?"

He hoped it was only one copy.

However what Sticks said with shock the group.

"No clue, made about…" Sticks said before she held up 10 fingers.

"This many before I left while that print thing kept making more, I heard an explosion an hour later.." Sticks said to the group's shock.

Rachel felt embarrassed after hearing this.

Cedric now felt regret for not taking back the photo.

Sticks just keeps her grin before she pulled out another photo from one of her pouches.

"Here Cedy, like I said before, you get this one back, I got more now." Sticks said with a grin on her face when she passes… the original...soaked pic back to him before he could object.

Cedric only hold the corner of the photo since it was the only spot clean.

Azure's eye twitched before she turned to Sticks, but to her shock a pic was passed to her before Sticks passed one to Rachel and a few others before they could react, most likely from the random action.

"There now some of you have one." Sticks said with a grin while Emerald whispered into Amy and Sonic's ears.

"Is she normally like this?" Emerald asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Uh..." Amy said while she remembered something… blush inducing which made Emerald raise an eyebrow in confusion.

Rachel saw this and was shocked at what she realized.

Sticks however grinned when she looks to Emerald.

"It's not surprising, Amy and I had a few flings in the past before she started to date Sonic." Sticks blurted out which caused Amy to blush brightly when Sticks heard Emerald's question and saw Amy's reaction.

Everyone, but Rachel, was shocked when they heard that.

Sonic had a different reaction.


Everyone covered the their ears from the volume.

"...Like Sticks said… it was from before we started dating…" Amy surprisingly said while Sticks got an irritated look on her face.

"Hey, It's not her fault, you and the other guys did some pretty stupid stuff in the past and she needed the stress relief a few times, can you really say that you and the others didn't do anything too bad with a straight face?" Sticks said with a momentary moment of seriousness.

Sonic calmed down for a bit after hearing that. He was now feeling regret for screaming.

"You're right about that Stick." He said before looking at Amy.

"I'm sorry for the outburst Amy. I just didn't expect to hear something like that."

Amy rubbed her ears a few times before she looked to Sonic.

"No problem dear, just please don't do that again, I was right next to you." Amy said when she rubbed her ear close to Sonic while Sticks grins.

"Well it's not like I don't have momentos… I could show them to you later Sonic." Sticks said with a grin on her face which caused Amy to blush when she looked to her.

"M-Momentos!?" Amy said while Sticks grins.

"Yup, got pics mainly but I think I got something called videos as well with one of Tails's… c-cameras if I remember right, had a book with pictures so it didn't explode." Sticks said with a grin on her face.

Everyone was shocked after hearing that. Though Rachel and Sonic were more shocked than them.

Sticks then looked to Emerald who raised an eyebrow when she approached him.

"Cedy said I had to ask you to join, so can I join?" Sticks said surprisingly.

Everyone was shocked silent at the question.

"Alright." Emerald said with a shockingly straight face right afterwhich was even more shocking.

"Wait WHAT?!" The students said with shocked looks.

Emerald gave them a half lidded look before he spoke up.

"Before you guys object… how old do you think I look physically?" Emerald asked all of a sudden while Cream had an idea, but Strike, Azure, and Lavender were clueless since Emerald never really changed over the years.

"Uh… 20's I think?" Cream said when she couldn't remember Emerald's age fully… he did look young.

Everyone else thought of the same thing too.

"I became immortal thanks to the Master Emerald at the age of 23 -24, my actual age…is over 10,000 and I just lost count so I could be older, shocking but when you hear some things in the future, it will make sense." Emerald said shockingly.

Everyone's jaws dropped while their eyes widen after hearing this.

"Yeah… just consider my age unknown for now if it helps, but you should get why I don't really care about Sticks's age, though she'll have to take the class type test when we get to Angel City. Emerald said with a half lidded look on his face.

Everyone nodded but were still shocked that Sticks is now part of the group.

Sticks grins before she looked to the group.

"Well everyone, nice to meet you." Sticks said while she gave a peace sign with her hand.

Everyone sweatdropped after the ordeal they experienced. That's when Rachel approached Azure.

Azure noticed before looking to her.

"Something wrong Rachel?" Azure asked with a concerned look.

Rachel put her head down in sadness to avoid looking at the feline.

"I just want to wish you good luck on your relationship with Cedric."

Azure just raised an eyebrow before she spoke up.

"What are you talking about?, did you really think I would keep you out of this?" Azure said to surprisingly to Rachel while the others were surprised at that.

"W-What?" Rachel questioned while Azure just grins at Rachel's shocked expression.

"I forgot to mention earlier since Sticks here threw me off guard, but Cedric and I already agreed that you could be apart of this wacky relationship." Azure said with a slight blush of embarrassment from forgetting to mention that.

Rachel couldn't believe what she was hearing and looked to Cedric to see if it's true.

Said wolf nodded with a smile.

Rachel didn't say anything, but walked towards Cedric.

Everyone was wondering what she'll do once she was in front of him.

That's when Rachel surprised everyone by wrapping her arms around Cedric's neck and brought his lips towards hers for a passionate kiss.

Said wolf was surprised by this till he kissed her back.

Azure just grins before she looked to the group.

"So… anyone have any issues." Azure asked while most of the group seemed happy.

Cream was smiling before she congratulates the three.

Strike to some people had a stoic look on her face, but she did give a thumbs up.

Lavender was silent… oddly so but most would pass it off as her normal self… but her eyes spoke volumes which went unnoticed by most… cold…

Daniel was happy for his friends and gave them a thumbs up as well.

Sonic showed no objections since he wants his daughter to be happy and also he still remembered the deal between Lillum and Amy.

Rachel's sisters were happy that she got a boyfriend. Even though she has to share but were still happy.

Emerald, though happy, noticed the feeling Lavender gave off but kept quiet for now.

The same could be said for AC Knuckles, AC Shadow, and Demonga.

Amy however noticed the look since she was practically opposite of her and… was shocked at how cold it was while she saw where Lavender's gaze went… right at Cedric for some reason which gave her a bad feeling that she would ask Emerald about later.

Both Rachel and Cedric stopped kissing to get air but Rachel gave the young wolf a hug.

"Alright you two, save the love for the bedroom...since we got so many people, we should split you guys into teams for some training exercises later." Emerald said with a half lidded look on his face when he thought he saw a heart like icons pouring from Rachel.

Both hedgehog and wolf separated a bit while blushing in embarrassment.

Cream however starts to count the number of students with her hands.

"Let's see… there's myself, Daniel, Strike, Azure, Rachel, Cedric, Lavender, and now Stick's apparently…So two teams of four?" Cream asked while Emerald nods.

"Yeah, the teams are as followed, the lovebird trio and Strike, while the other team will consist of Daniel, Cream, Lavender, and Sticks." Emerald said with crossed arms while Azure blushed at the nickname he made.

Cedric and Rachel also blushed at the nickname.

While the groups was talking… the scene shifts to an odd place outside of Rachel's Dimension...the best that could describe it was a mobile Dimension or sorts which housed the base of a certain person who lead a certain group.

This group was led by the man who wore mainly red…and is a master of magic.

The scene then shifts into the base where said man was talking with two others.

The scene then shifts into a dimly lit room inside the base which shows the man in red who was talking…to a man named Ivo Robotnik, this version of Robotnik was from the same Dimension of Angel City and after few incidents, he joined the man in red as the head scientist.

"So good doctor… have you and your men managed to get in touch with the eggman of this world?" The man in red asked while Robotnik gave a grin.

"But of course, I'm about to head out with Steel and Metal to… persuade him if he's not willing to help us." Robotnik said which caused the man in red to grin.

"Very good, I'll leave you to deal with this situation as you see fit." The man in red said while he looked to a floating mirror which showed the group appearing in Rachel's dimension for the first time.

"Though I recommend you hurry, and do me a favor… mind having one of them test out a certain student there?" The Man in red said which caused Robotnik to grin… this time the grin seemed a little… twisted.

"Of course… mind telling me the student in question?" Robotnik said before The man in red grins when Robotnik starts to walk out.

"The one named Azure if you would be so kind… I have a theory I want to test." The man in red said while the scene shifts back to the SB Dimension where we see the SB eggman's base.

The scene then shifts into the main lab where we see the SB eggman who seemed to be busy working on something while Orbot and Qubot watched.

"Hey Orbot, what do you think the Doc's been working on?, I mean he rushed out of his lab so fast that I got spun around like a top." Qubot said to Orbot.

"Hmmm...I don't know Qubot. Why don't you ask him?" Orbot said to Qubot.

"Good idea, HEY BOSS, WHATCHA WORKING ON!" Qubot said before he he shouts at SB Eggman.

"I'm fixing my dinner you dunderbolts!" SB Eggman shouted when he tossed something at Qubot which knocked him back somewhat.

However before anything else could be said… a portal opened in the middle of the room to the trios shock.

"WHAT THE WHAT!?, Orbot, Boss, are you seeing this or are my optics on the fritz again?" Qubot said when he twist his eye cameras a bit.

"No. I'm seeing it too." Orbot said.

"What is the meaning of this?!" SB Eggman questioned.

"The meaning is very simple my dear double…" A familiar voice said before AC Robotnik appeared from the portal… with two very surprising allies.

One looked a lot like a shorter Sonic with a grey tanktop, grey cargo pants, and grey shoes with a black X on the top of each shoe, he may have had the blue quill color, but for some reason there was green glowing tattoos over his body.

The other looked a lot like Emerald surprisingly, instead of being organic through, this one looked fully mechanical… though the look in it's eyes, and the grin on it's face spoke different for some reason.

And the feeling from all three… felt… horrible while the worst was felt from the Human robot looking one.

"B-Boss!?, why is there two of you?" Qubot said when he looked to the two eggmans.

"Did you clone yourself and made some alterations?" Orbot asked.

"Let me check." Eggman said while checking his schedules.

"I'm not a clone you pieces of junk, I'm Eggman from another Dimension or are two you so low grade that this Eggman couldn't upgrade your intelligence even if he wanted to?" Robotnik said while sending the two bots a dangerous glare.

"J-Junk!?, are we junk Orbot or are we the Boss's main bots here?" Qubot said with an offended tone.

"Definitely Boss's main bots Qubot." Orbot said while also feeling offended.

"Who are you imposter?!" SB Eggman said.

Robotnik just grins before he walked towards Eggman.

"Simple, I am Doctor Ivo Robotnik from a Different Dimension, we make look different but we share the same DNA, if you doubt me then ask any question about us." Robotnik said with a grin on his face.

"Very well then...What's our favorite drink?" SB Eggman said.

"Apple juice with the egg inside." Robotnik said with a grin on his face while he rubbed his mustache.

SB Eggman's eyes widen after hearing that.

"Th-Then you are me!"

"Of course, but I am one who was able to travel the multiverse which allowed me to acquire some certain knowledge on how to destroy a certain hedgehog… if we are both the same then you should know who I'm talking about right?" Robotnik said with a frown this time.

SB Eggman frown too as he knows who the AC Eggman was talking about.

"Indeed I do."

Robotnik grinned for a second before he sighs.

"Unfortunately for the both of us, unlike here… the Dimension I came from has… acquired some new heros and that damned rodent has gotten stronger, and one of those new heros is here with some… students while they hang out at your Sonic's home with his family." Robotnik said with a serious expression a moment later.

"Is that so? Then what do we do about it?" SB Eggman asked.

Robotnik grinned before he spoke up, but not without one thought first.

"To easy." Robotnik thought while he spoke up.

"Simple, I have some certain plans that could let us handle the students first, after all, if you want to weaken an army… you go for the weakest when their guard is down… right?" Robotnik said with a grin that emitted a bit of bloodlust.

"Right." SB Eggman said while feeling a little creeped out by that grin.

"Good, but first, a little recon, can you send some bots to attack the group, it will allow you to see what they can do before they can get their strength back." Robotnik said before he took a minute to explain the AC Dimension side effect of going to new Dimensions.

"Why of course. In fact... we can use this bird bot that looks like a bird but has a camera in its eyes so they'll be none the wiser.." SB Eggman said.

Robotnik grins before he raised his hand and snapped his fingers before 5 portals opened which revealed around a few dozen X variant Eggbots which lined up behind Robotnik like a squad.

"Mind fitting these robot with your worlds tech to keep my involvement unnoticed for now… after all, there are three of those heroes here and they would recognize them instantly…and the one named Emerald would like nothing more then my head on a pike." Robotnik shockingly said to Eggman.

SB Eggman shivered a bit after hearing that.

"Don't worry though my dimensional double… these two are strong enough to protect us from them right now, I would send them to finish them in an instant but I need them alive for a more… interesting plan in mind." Robotnik cryptically said when he gestured to the Sonic look alike and the Human like robot with the wide grin.

SB Eggman grinned as well.

"Then let's get to work then."

"One thing…. Mind telling me if this Sonic has a family…it doesn't matter which version there is… after all, they seem to value family above all else." Robotnik said with a wider grin on his face.

"Actually, he's married to that pesky pink hedgehog. I'm still shocked that they ended up together."

Robotnik sweatdropped before he responds with a half lidded look.

"Actually… the Sonic I know married two women, one of them the Amy of that world and another was a cat mobian and their daughters who looks a lot like this worlds version of their daughter and the other who is a cat mobian, but we don't know if that this cat mobian is the same person… I did some digging before coming here but I wasn't able to get much, hence my question since I only knew that he had a daughter that went to train in my old dimension." Robotnik explained while he held back some info on purpose.

SB Eggman was surprised to hear that.

"While you update my bots here, mind telling me who the children of this world's Sonic and Amy are if there are more than here, if you would be so kind my intelligent counterpart." Robotnik said while he tried to flatter the SB Eggman.

"Yes of course. He has two older daughters, named Amanda and Maite. Another daughter at 19 named Rachel. He also has a 8 year old son name Charles." SB Eggman replied feeling some confidence.

Robotnik in the meantime was already of thinking of a few ideas when one made him gave a chilling grin before he calmed down so he wouldn't spook the SB Eggman.

"Well then, while you're busy, could we take a tour of this facility?, I would like to know what the brilliant defences you have built here look like and how they operate, and these two would be able to react swiftly in case of an emergency." Robotnik asked with a small smile while he gestured to the Sonic and human looking bots behind him.

"Certainly. But I will be busy." SB Eggman said before looking at his main bots.

"Qubot, Orbot. Give my brilliant doppelganger here a tour."

"Sir yes sir boss, by the time we're done they won't forget even if they wanted to." Qubot said with a salute.

"You can count on us boss." Orbot said with a salute as well.

"Good. Now get to it." SB Eggman said as he started working on the droids when they approached one by one.

Qubot turned to lead the trio away… but got tangled with Orbot when he bumped into him which caused Robotnik, the Sonic look alike, and the Human looking robot to sweatdrop at the sight.

"G-Gah, Orbot watch where you're going!" Qubot said when he tried to get untangled from Orbot.

"Me? It was you who bump into me." Orbot countered.

"GET MOVING!" SB Eggman yelled.

The result of that shout caused the two bots to shriek before their tangled bodies somehow shifted a bit which allowed them to roll out of the room like a comical wheel which caused Robotnik to sigh.

"Hard to find good help here?" Robotnik said while his two main bots followed Orbot and Qubot out of the room.

"Like you wouldn't believe it." SB Eggman replied.

Robotnik shrugged before he walked out of the room with one last line.

"If this plan works…Then we should have two new allies soon." Robotnik cryptically said with a grin on his face while time shifts to hours later where the student group walked out when Sticks shouts from the outside.

Robotnik walked back into the lab to see how Eggman was doing.

"So have my bots been updated for this world yet?" Robotnik asked with a grin on his face.

SB Eggman grins before speaking.

"See for yourself." He said as he removed the tarp.

What Robotnik saw was a bit surprising to say the least.

It looked like the eggbots noodle like arm joints were bulked up somewhat and given a hula theme of sorts which hid most of their regular leg parts without actually restricting movement while they wore some cloaks of sort which ended near their hands.

"Hmmm… that should do for now, I must say that you have an interesting mind." Robotnik said when he examined the bots now look.

SB Eggman chuckled before speaking.

"Thank you. You know what they say, great minds think alike."

"Now then my Intelligent ally, why don't we do this... " Robotnik said before the scene shifts back to the Student/ hedgehog group right after Emerald split the teams.

Right when Emerald said the two teams names… slight rumbling was heard… which seemed to be heading their way.

"Hey Sonic… got any company today?" Emerald asked when he turned to the noise which seemed to grow louder.

"Not that I'm aware of." Sonic said with a confused look.

A moment later…. 8 hulking hula eggbots appeared from the trees… when they hopped over them and land in front of the group with thuds.

"What are these things?" Daniel asked.

Sonic got upset before speaking.

"These are Robotnik's toys. I guess he came back early from his vacation."

Emerald however grins before looking to Sonic.

"Why don't we see if the students can handle them, there are 8 bots… and 8 students." Emerald said surprisingly.

Cream was a bit surprised when she heard that, granted she wanted to be able to prove herself, but she didn't expect it to be this soon.

Azure was in the same boat when she tests her flame, it was a bit stronger when she tried to practice every now and then after she heard Emerald telling her about her abilities being put back to level one and managed to get it to a decent fist sized flame.

Strike just narrowed her eyes at one of the bots while her armor helmet shifts onto her head for a fight.

Lavender smiled a bit when she could take out her frustration out on a bot.

Stick's pulled out a… foldable boomerang and had a wide grin on her face when she could have some fun right now.

Rachel got to a stance after pulling out her hammer.

Cedric, like Azure and Cream, also wanted to prove himself. He got into a stance after bringing out his blades. That's when he tried coping Daniel's way of channeling element energy to his swords.

Everyone was surprised that he did that.

Daniel was very impressed that the wolf did that. He'll have to congratulate him later.

The young panda got to stance, but forgot that he still had the wooden sword.

"Uh Emerald? How am I supposed to fight with a wooden sword?" Daniel asked.

Emerald took a moment to see if the bots were about to try anything… and oddly enough they weren't which did bring a question to his mind, but he would try and figure it out later before he looked to Daniel.

"Simple, channel your element through the wooden sword first and I'll explain a technique which can multiply your attack for a hit if done right." Emerald said with a grin on his face while he took a hand out of his pocket.

Daniel didn't know why but followed Emerald's instructions. It took about a few seconds before the blade was covered in wind energy.

"Now for a before moment, attack that rock next to you." Emerald instructs when he points to a rock nearby the group.

Daniel nodded and swung his blade as a way to send his wind attacks towards the rock which created a slight dust cloud as a result.

And when it fades…only a slight nick was seen.

"Try attacking up close." Emerald suggests to the panda.

Daniel nodded and ran towards the rock. Once he got a good distance, he tried attacking again for a better result.

Which results in a crack this time while Emerald sigh.

"I mean hit it with the sword… not send the energy flying." Emerald said with a half lidded look.

Everyone sweatdrop at that.

"Oh, sorry." Daniel said with a embarrassed tone before striking the rock with the sword this time.

Third time's a charm they say, especially with Daniel's third attack which went halfway through the rock to mosts surprise before getting stopped when the energy in the blade fades.

Most of the students couldn't believe that this wooden weapon did much damage though what Sticks said next would be both sweatdrop causing for most and blush inducing for Daniel.

"Ohh, very strong guy… me likey." Stick said with a grin on her face.

Daniel blushed from that comment.

Cedric, for some reason was getting jealous with what Sticks said.

However what Emerald said next would cause quite a surprise.

"Not bad Daniel, and don't worry, everyone can do this with their element which can cause their melee attacks to do some serious damage, some more so than others since some elements are more defencive than offencive… but there is a step above which can multiply that damage, but that part is easier said than done." Emerald said to everyone's shock while the bird bot flies above the group to send the images and sound to the two Eggmans who watched.

"Now we witness these so called students." SB Eggman said while chuckling.

"Indeed." Robotnik said when he watches what would happen next.

The students were still shocked after hearing that melee attacks can do more damage.

However, before Emerald could continue… the bots start to walk forward all of a sudden which made Emerald frown.

"Looks like it will have to be a lesson during the middle of a fight, remember to be careful and try to listen to my explanation if you can." Emerald said when he turned to the bots.

"One person to a bot if you can." Emerald said a moment later before the bots start to run to the group now.

The Students ran past him a moment later, some more worried than others when they split to take one bot each and ran a bit away from one another to keep from getting in the other students way.

Cedric and Rachel used their speeds with their weapons in hand to attack their respective eggbots.

Daniel started charging with his weapon in hand.

Azure tossed a few fireballs when she ran towards the bot which jumps to avoid them… which was strange, bot's would normally just take the hits.

Cream pulled out her bo staff before she pole vaults over a bot before she got ready to attack from behind.

Strike took a guarded stance in front of the bot before her.

Lavender just used her speed to bolt past each attack her bot used against her while she looked for a weak point in the hulking bot.

Sticks just jumped on her bot's approaching fist while she tossed her boomerang above the bot before she jumped on it's head before jumping off when the boomerang connects to it which caused it's head to ring like a gong which made it stumble.

But even though they were making hits for most of them… it looked like their armor was too tough compared to normal SB Eggbot's while Azure was getting irritated when the bot she was facing was just dodging her.

Sonic was getting worried.

"Something's not right."

"What do you mean?, isn't this world's eggman a threat or are his bots normally weaker?" AC Shadow said from nearby.

"Both actually. Usually after a few hits, those bots will go down." Sonic said

Emerald in the meantime just looked to him.

"Wouldn't that mean that he learned from his mistakes and went for more durable bots?" Emerald said before he looked back to the students.

"Pssst. Please, even if Egghead tried something, his bots will always go down. Heck, one of his robots left him for a better life. I think he might've got help from a different source." Sonic said while both Eggman's jolt.

"Unless that was some coincidence, it seems this Sonic is a bit more perceptive when he actually uses his brain for once." Robotnik said with a raised eyebrow.

SB Eggman chuckled nervously.

"Had no idea." He said trying to act like he didn't know.

Meanwhile with Emerald's group while they watched the students.

"Different source or not, how are they going to beat them?" Amy asked with worry when Rachel gave one a powerful hit which knocked it back… but it just looked to her with a glowing optic before it starts to head her way again while Emerald frowns before he walked forward.

"Seems it's lesson time then." Emerald cryptically said before he sped towards the bot which was attacking Rachel again when it managed to get her guard down, or blind her, when it blasts sand her way after it hit the ground in front of her.

Both Sonic and Cedric saw this.

"RACHEL!" They both yelled.

One of them was about to help her but stopped to see Emerald coming to her.

When the bot raised a fist to attack… it stops when Emerald appeared in front of it with a grin on his face.

"Hey Rachel, clean your eyes real quick since you'll want to see this." Emerald said when he got into an attacking stance.

Said hedgehog did and was able to catch Emerald about to do something.

To give Rachel time to clean her eyes… Emerald breathed in before shouting which got everyone's attention… Even the bots.

"HEY EVERYONE… LOOK THIS WAY!" Emerald shouts with a louder volume than Sonic did earlier.

Everyone looked to Emerald to see what he's doing.

When he saw what the everyone looked to him… he spoke up.

"Since these guy interrupted the lesson… I think it should be fair that this guy help." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Everyone was wondering what's gonna happen.

Emerald then focused some chaos energy into his hand which forms a low grade chaos fist before he spoke up.

"Now… you're probably wondering, why did I interfere?, why am I using a low grade attack against a robot with high defense?, well… here is the reason." Emerald said while he closed his eyes while the robot approached him with a fist raised to attack again.

When it got close, the energy on Emerald's hand seemed to… shrink and brighten before it covered each knuckle when the bot sent the attack before Emerald opened his eyes and dodged the attack while making sure that Rachel wasn't in the way of the robot's fist before he sends the lightly covered fist towards the gut of the bot before the attack connects which gave a shocking result.

The bot was blown in half while it flew away a bit while there was blood pouring from Emerald's arm when shrapnel was seen that was embedded in parts of his arm.

Everyone was shocked when they witnessed it.

Emerald took a moment to pull the shrapnel from his arm before he looked to each student before he noticed that the bot he blew in half was approaching when it used its arms to pull itself up like a gorilla of sorts… it was now walking on it's knuckles.

"So… anyone know what I just did?" Emerald asked if anyone had an idea while he backs away from the gorilla walking bot.

Everyone was too speechless to give an answer.

Emerald noticed before he sighs.

"It's simple, I had a low amount of energy in the attack, but I concentrated it all on a single part of my body and at a single point, my knuckles only to multiply the power, it can also work with weapons if you know what to do." Emerald said with a grin when he looked to the weapon wielding students to see if they got where he was going with this.

Cream blinked once before she grins when she looked to her bot before one end of her staff glows with energy before it was slowly focused onto the end that was aimed towards the bot before she launched at it when it sent a punch her way.

She then sent a stab towards its head before it stabs clean through the camera eye and computer brain it used to operate which slowly shut it down before it stood still.

Everyone's eyes widen from that.

That's when Daniel shout out...

"Way to go Cream!"

Which caused Cream to blush and rub the back of her head before she heard a ripping sound before another bot fell which showed five claw marks that went clean through it's torso and that it was Lavender who gave the attack before she dismissed her weapon and placed her hands behind her back.

"I see… so it's the way energy is used huh?" Lavender said when she starts to walk back before a loud bang was heard which showed that Strike mimicked Emerald, but instead of just punching it, she charged before jumping over the bot when it sent a hit to the ground… and a moment later Strike punched the top of it's head which crumpled the bot like a soda can before she lands on her feet and examined her arm which was fine since she wore protection.

Azure however sweatdropped when she realized that she had no weapon or chaos energy, she tried to fling more fireballs which caused it to dodge her attacks, and if she tried to get close, it jumped away from her which was really irritating her… it wouldn't attack her for some reason.

Cedric followed Creams example and charge his energy to his blades. Then use his speed to charge towards the bot and an X strike against said bot.

However he bounced off for some reason which caused him to jump back to only see sparks on the bot before they fade which showed a slight X shaped dent on the chest.

"Remember to focus the energy or you'll only just give an all around charge!" Emerald called out when he jumped back again from the gorilla bot.

Cedric nodded while feeling a little embarrassed.

He tried focusing his energy again but to the edge of his swords this time.

He then charged at the bot again and swung both his blades as hard as he can.

This time the eggbot received serious damage after Cedric did another X attack.

This time it collapsed in four pieces.

Emerald grins at the result before he look over to see how Daniel was doing.

Said panda focused his energy to the edge of the wooden sword and started charging towards the bot in front of him. The bot saw him and used its fist to attack him.

Daniel used his samurai skills to dodge each strike.

He was able to jump on the bot's hand after it punched through the ground.

Daniel then started running till he was on the shoulder.

He swung his blade as hard as he did and was able to cut the head clean off.

Emerald's grin widens at Daniel's attack before his bot fell to the ground before he took a moment to glance to Rachel to see if she could see again.

Rachel did see and understood what she was suppose to do.

She started channeling her energy to her hammer.

Emerald grins before he vanished with a burst of speed when Rachel's energy went to one side of her hammer while the gorilla bot looked around before it noticed Rachel and starts to run to her on it's knuckles.

Rachel sees this and started running towards the bot with her hammer in hand.

The Gorilla bot then jumps with both arms before it raised them for a double slam attack.

Rachel also jumps in the air and pulled her hammer back for a powerful swing.

The bot then brought it's arms down to end things here… but because of the action, there was a slight gap between it's fists.

Rachel was able to go through the gap and swung her hammer hard to the bot's chest.

The resulting blow launched the bot away with a large smash like dent before it hits the beach with a bang.

It tried to get up while it's body sparks before it's eye camera's glow fades before it explodes while Rachel lands nearby.

Everyone's eyes widen after seeing what Rachel did.

Then Sonic and Cedric said something at the same time.

"That's my girlfriend/That's my daughter."

Rachel blushed big at the praises.

However Azure was busy when she tries to hit her bot again which just continues to dodge her attacks which start to irritate her greatly.

This results in a dark mist emitting from her body while the inhibitor ring glows… before it starts to act weird… like the glow was having trouble forming which results in it blinking erratically between a few moments of glowing.

"You Damn Piece of Junk… STAY STILL!" Azure said while her voice alternated between her normal voice and the slightly demonic one.

Everyone was getting worried for her. Especially Cedric.

To everyone's shock, AC Shadow vanish before he reappeared next to Azure and grips the arm with the inhibitor ring equipped before he spoke up.

"Calm down, let me look at your ring." Shadow said before he took a moment to examine her ring before he thought he saw something while Azure grit her teeth before she snatched her arm away which made him frown.

"Everyone else Took their bots out… And I know I can if this one stays still!" Azure growled out before she tossed another fireball at the bot who dodged again while AC Shadow sighs.

A moment later while Azure got ready to throw a fireball again… she felt a hit on the back of her neck before she passed out and hit the ground while the ring slowly returned to normal… which Shadow next to her with his right hand in a chopping like gesture which showed what he did.

Everyone was shocked that AC Shadow did that. Cedric ran to Azure's unconscious body and check to see if she's okay.

Shadow in the meantime looks to the bot who kept dodging before he vanished and reappeared behind the bot in question… before it was cut in half from head to toe before it could react while the side of his hand glows with a yellow light like the classic chaos spear glow.

Everyone stared at AWE after witnessing AC Shadow's attack. Cedric didn't paid attention as he was more focused on Azure.

"Now then… before her arm was snatched away." Shadow said when he approached Azure and reached for her arm to examine her ring.

Cedric was feeling a bit nervous for what the cloaked hedgehog will find.

After he raised her arm, he saw the crack in the ring after he turned it a bit which made him raise an eyebrow before he gently set her arm down while he looks to Cedric with a calculating glance.

"..." Shadow was silent before he spoke up after a few seconds.

"Take her to the house to rest… and I'll be speaking with you after." Shadow said with a tone that dared Cedric to disobey.

Cedric gulped but nodded and picked up the unconscious feline and brought her inside Rachel's home. Once inside, he lay her down on the sofa, but didn't want to leave her side.

Meanwhile, Amy looks to AC Shadow when he starts to walk to the house.

"Is something wrong?, you look angry." Amy asked which made Shadow raise an eyebrow before he looks to the house.

"And why not?, if what I think is true then I have a wolf to chew into." Shadow said with a blank tone, with a barely noticeable angered tone.

Rachel didn't like what she heard.

"Oh no you don't. I don't know what you think Cedric did, but if you're gonna try to hurt him, then you're gonna have to go through me."

Everyone else gulped a bit.

Shadow however looks to her with a raised eyebrow before he showed his own ring.

"Then what would you do in this situation?... what would you do if you had an abnormal amount of dark energy and it had to be repressed?... and what would you do if you lost control and either something very bad happened to you or the people around you?, would you be able to forgive yourself?"

Rachel didn't think of that when she remembers Azure's story.

"You're right about that...but blaming Cedric won't solve anything." Rachel said.

"I kept an eye on Azure's ring to see if there was anything wrong earlier and it was in working order… it wasn't until that fight that I noticed that something was very wrong… tell me, what would you think if the only other person who might knows what happens, we were called out by this Sticks person and those two are the only ones who came out last… it's not like anyone else here knows right?... so I'm getting to the bottom of this before she explodes or something." Shadow said while he looked to Rachel.

That's when Sonic spoke.

"Actually, I was there."

Shadow then raised an eyebrow before he looks to SB Sonic.

"What do you mean you were there Faker?, did you spy on them or something or did you have something to do with this?" Shadow asked with slightly narrowed eyes.

SB Sonic gave him a half lidded look.

"Spy on them of course." He said.

Amy facepalmed when she heard that before looking to Sonic.

"Sonic… honey… since this is a situation where that was an unintentional good thing, I'll let it slide, but try to not make it a habit." Amy asked with a slight glare near the end.

Sonic shivered a bit from the glare.

"Yes dear." He said with a shiver while Shadow cleared his throat to get their attention.

"Anyway… what did you hear?" Shadow asked with a serious expression on his face.

Sonic sighed before speaking.

"Well I heard them confess their feelings and the feline willing to share him with my daughter and other women. That's when she got angry after finding out about Sticks kissing him way before. While discussing about the cracked ring, Cedric did suggest to go to you but Azure made him change his mind after what just happened." Sonic said leaving out the part about the mega junk grabbing.

Shadow just sighs when he realized that SB Sonic was hiding something, but got enough to work with.

"So like I thought, Cedric and this Sticks had something to do with it anyway, guess I can talk with him to get more info before I talk with Sticks here." Shadow said before he starts to walk towards the house while Sticks raised an eyebrow.

Rachel was now getting worried.

"I gotta warn him." Rachel said and was about to use her speed to get there...

But Amy gripped Rachel's shoulder to stop her before she could bolt towards the house.

"Rachel sweety, I don't think you have to worry much about Cedric, I mean this Shadow seems… calmer than our Shadow… besides, what can you do to warn him anyway?, Shadow would just chase him down and would get more irritated as a result." Amy said while she tried to reason with her daughter.

Rachel sighed with defeat and stayed put.

"If he hurts my Cedy...he's gonna feel my wrath big time." Rachel said with determination.

"That is if you can even touch him, at best, if Cedric deserves it, just let at least one punch or something slide." Emerald said with a sweatdrop when he realized that he could only reign in a few people.

Everyone else sweatdrop at that too.

Meanwhile… in the house.

Azure was still unconscious while Cedric sat at her side.

The young wolf felt someone was staring daggers at behind him which made him look back to see AC Shadow who entered the room a moment ago.

"I'm guessing you already know why I'm here." Shadow said with a controlled tone." Shadow said before he walked over to Azure and points to her ring.

"Indeed I do." Cedric said not showing any fear.

"And you realized that I might punch you through a wall if you don't have a good enough defense for yourself." Shadow said while giving Cedric a slight glare this time.

"It wouldn't matter anyway, I would still get punched either way." Cedric said while still not showing any fear.

"Maybe you're right, or maybe you're wrong… I could do worse than a simple punch…now… I'll tell you that the Sonic of this Dimension spied on you earlier and left some stuff out, but from what I could understand…. You and Sticks seem to be the issue which caused Azure's ring to crack, and trust me, I'll be speaking with Sticks later." Shadow said with a momentary red glow emits from his eyes before they return to normal.

Cedric was shocked that Sonic spied on him and Azure. But then he looked to AC Shadow.

"Look I don't know what you're planning to do to Sticks, but the situation was my fault completely. I'll take it all." Cedric said willing to take the punishment to save Sticks.

"Cute... but this situation is no laughing matter, tell me, what do you know of dark energy in general?" Shadow asked all of a sudden while he just stood in the room.

"I...don't know much about it." Cedric said.

"I'll simplify things then, most elements on Angel City normally require a certain level of control to acquire…but the dark element requires not only a certain level to acquire it, but also a certain level of control with your emotions, your mind, and your heart to prevent yourself from being corrupted… now tell me, what do you think would happen if a person had access to the dark element, but not enough control or a strong enough heart to withstand its negative effects?" Shadow asked with a serious expression.

Cedric didn't answer but did remember what Azure said.

"Now the kicker, Emerald told me what happened with Azure in her world… but what would happen if something worse happens?" Shadow asked with a raised eyebrow.

Cedric put his head in his hands since he didn't want to think about the answer.

Shadow noticed before he gripped Cedric's shirt and lifts him with one hand which forced him to look him in the eye.

"You think I'll go easy with this… no…you could say a lot in your defense, but who would really pay in the end?... you?... Sticks?... no… it would be Azure who does...Now I want you to make me a promise and I'll leave you to think about what to do from here on out." Shadow said with glowing red eyes.

"Okay." Cedric said as he looked at AC Shadow.

"Good… now I'll get a new inhibitor ring to replace the once that Azure nearly busts… but I want you to try and keep her calm in the meantime, now for the promise... I want you to really think about the consequences of what could have happened if Azure's ring did break… all of that dark energy would have built up and it would have went somewhere, either an explosion or a new dark form… now the question of this promise… what would you do in that situation?" Shadow said before he sets Cedric on his feet.

"If it's the explosion then consider it game over, but if it's a dark form…then what would you do if she can't control it?" Shadow said before he walks to the door.

"Think about it… cause that's a scary what-if to think about, and if you don't I'll do worse then punch you through a wall." Shadow said before he exits the room and closes the door.

Cedric looked at Azure with regret. He picked her hand up and hold it with both of his hands.

"Azure, I doubt you can hear me, but I'm sorry. If I hadn't allow what happened between me and Sticks, you would be okay. I know deep down it's not Sticks's fault. But I want you to know that I love you and I'll make sure to be there with you no matter what. And if the situation happens again, I'll still be by your side...even if my life is in danger, I'm willing risk it all to make sure you're safe." Cedric said as he still hold her hand.

Azure's hand squeezed for a moment before she starts to groan.

"O-Ohhh… ow… my head." Azure said when she starts to sit up while she held her head.

Cedric was happy that she's awake.

"How you feeling Azure?"

"Like I got hit by a truck… what happened?, last thing I remember was tossing fireballs at one of those bots and then nothing… though I think I heard something before I came to." Azure said when the pounding in her head lessens.

"Like what?" Cedric asked.

"Something about sticking by me or something… I was fading in and out so I could barely hear anything." Azure said with a slight blush on her face when she realized that Cedric was holding her hand.

"Yeah...I was telling you how sorry I am for the whole situation and I would be by your side no matter what." Cedric said as he looked at her in the eyes.

Azure blushed greatly before she calmed down when she realized something.

"Look… Cedric, I don't blame you alright, lately I was getting irritated at the smallest things and now I seem to be getting more and more angry lately… true I was pissed about what happened with Sticks, but it was more or less…the fact that you did something… that I should have done." Azure said with a bright blush at the end.

Cedric put his head down after hearing it.

However before he could say anything he heard Azure speaking up.

"So I might as well give Sticks some payback when Lillum get's back so I can ask something." Azure said with slightly narrowed eyes.

"What are you gonna ask?" Cedric asked.

"Let's say that's a secret for now and that you should be ready as well… after all, you're gonna help me with some payback." Azure said with a grin on her face.

Cedric gulp but nodded.

Meanwhile…. Lillum actually appeared near the group on the beach from a portal which got their attention before she looks around and saw the destroyed bots.

"Whoa… I guess I missed something interesting huh?" Lillum said while she rubs the back of her head.

Emerald's eye twitched before he spoke up with a half lidded look on his face.

"You think?... what were you getting anyway?" Emerald asked while Lillum gave a imp like grin.

"Hehe… that's for certain people to find out later." Lillum said which confused most except for three.

Amy blushed lightly when she now remembered what she and Sonic agreed to.

Emerald facepalmed before he decides to speak with her later about this.

Sonic was on the same boat as Amy.

Rachel also blushed remembering what happened during the talk.

Everyone else that was outside, didn't know what were they talking about.

"Uh… what are you talking about?" Cream said which caused Lillum to grin.

"Oh just a private thing with Rachel's parents, so… what did I miss anyway?" Lillum asked before the scene went to a bit later where Lillum had a thoughtful look on her face.

"I see… so these strange bots attacked, you used them to help teach the students… and Azure is now with Cedric in a knocked out state… am I following so far?" Lillum asked with a serious expression.

Everyone nodded, letting her know that she got it.

A moment later, Azure walked out of a nearby room with Cedric in tow which got everyone's attention.

"Azure, you're awake!" Cream said before she rushed over and hugs Azure lightly while Azure chuckles nervously.

"S-Sorry for the worry everyone." Azure said when she pats Cream on the back.

Everyone else was glad that the young feline was okay.

Lillum however grins before she spoke up.

"So… Cedy… how was your trip to the bathroom earlier?" Lillum teased Cedric while Azure sweatdrops at Lillums question for Cedric.

Cedric groaned in annoyance from that.

"Seriously?" He questioned.

"Well when I sent you that picture, I didn't expect all of that to happen." Lillum said which made the others blink when they processed what they heard.

"Wait… it was YOU!" Azure said before she called out while pointing to Lillum who chuckles.

Rachel couldn't believe that Lillum sent Cedric the picture. She blushed in embarrassment, but was upset.

Emerald facepalmed before he spoke up.

"Considering who we're talking about… Is it really a shocker?" Emerald questioned when he saw the shocked looks on everyone.

It was a clear sign that no one knew that Lillum took the picture.

"Sorry… like I said… I didn't expect Sticks to make an… explosive situation out of this, I mean I only made one picture after all, she made who knows how many." Lillum said while chuckling at her wording.

"Hey don't blame the copier, blame the creator." Sticks said with crossed arms.

Everyone didn't know who to blame.

Azure sighs before she spoke up to get everyone's attention.

"Mind if I speak with Rachel and Cedric in private for a moment?" Azure asked which confused most of the group while Emerald shrugs.

"I don't mind, do you guys agree?" Emerald said when he looked to the others while most agree.

Everyone else nodded seeing that they have no problem with it.

"And Lillum, could I speak with you later after I talk with Rachel and Cedric?" Azure asked which made Lillum raise an eyebrow.

"Sure." Lillum said with a slightly confused tone before Azure nods when she looks to Rachel.

"Coming Rachel?" Azure asked with a small smile.

Said hedgehog was a little surprised but smiled back before speaking.

"Sure." Rachel said as she follows Azure and Cedric into another room while Lillum sent Sonic and Amy a grin which meant one thing... She got what she needed for later which caused Amy to blush for a second while she looked away to hide the blush from everyone else.

Sonic did the same as well while Emerald gave Lillum a half lidded look before he decides to speak with her when everyone else leaves.

Meanwhile with the lovebird trio…

Azure led Cedric and Rachel back into the room she was placed in before she closed the door and looked to the duo.

"Alright, before I get anywhere… do you two want to say anything first?" Azure asked the duo.

Both wolf and hedgehog shook their heads as they got nothing to asked.

"Alright…then how do you think we should deal with Sticks then?" Azure asked with crossed arms.

Cedric was kinda feeling sorry for what they're about to do to Sticks while trying to think of something.

Rachel was trying to think of something till she spoke.

"We can tie her up."

"Would work for a bit, but we can't do it for days on end." Azure said when she saw many holes in that idea.

However before anyone could say anything else… someone knocked on the door which got their attention.

"Hello?" Azure asked before they heard Lillum speaking up.

"Hey, everyone else decided to split up to explore the island for the most part, mind if I come in?" Lillum asked before Azure looked to the duo to see if they wanted to let Lillum in or not.

"So…?" Azure asked when she points a thumb at the door.

Cedric and Rachel shrug saying that they didn't mind.

"Come in." Azure called before Lillum opened the door and closed it.

"Hey, I just wanted to say sorry for the pic, I maybe a succubus, but I still have some morals, though I don't regret getting an interesting shot like that, I should have planned that someone else would get it." Lillum said while rubbing the back of her head.

The lovebird trio sweatdrop a bit before they heard Lillum speaking up again.

"Tell you what, I'll do something to make it up to you three, just ask." Lillum asked when she placed her hands behind her back.

That's when Cedric noticed how big Lillum's breasts are. He only look at them for a few seconds before he averted his gaze.

However Azure noticed before getting a half lidded look on her face.

"You say your not a perv… but your actions just spoke for you." Azure said when she pinches the bridge of her nose.

Cedric couldn't think of anything to say, so he decided to stay quiet.

Lillum giggles a bit before Azure looked to her.

"We're trying to figure out a way to get back at Sticks… any ideas?" Azure asked which surprised Lillum for a moment before she grins.

"Alright…you did ask, but…it would have to wait for tomorrow." Lillum said cryptically which confused the trio since they didn't know what Lillum was talking about.

"Why tomorrow?" Rachel asked before Lillum grins a familiar grin… which further confused the trio again.

"Well… Emerald and I need to talk with your parents Rachel remember?, and it would be too late to help you three today." Lillum said with a imp like grin.

Rachel widen her eyes and blushed when she remembered that.

Azure and Cedric were confused however before Azure looks to Cedric.

"Know what they're talking about?" Azure asked which was heard by the other three in the room.

"No idea." Cedric replied.

Lillum however grins before she spoke up when she got a teasing moment to use with Rachel.

"Well… it's a private thing between the teachers and parents so you shouldn't worry.." Lillum said which would be a normal sentence to most.

Cedric and Azure didn't know why Lillum said it like that but nodded to her anyway.

Rachel however felt embarrassed from this while Lillum grins before she heads to the door.

"Well, we can continue this tomorrow...besides you guys should feel tired after fighting those bots and it would be pointless if you try a plan with exhaustion right?" Lillum asked when she opened the door before she looked to the trio.

Cedric looked at his girlfriends.

"Are any of you tired?" He asked.

Azure moved her body for a second before looking to Cedric.

"Somewhat, I got a nap earlier and I can move well." Azure said before she looks to Rachel.

"How about you Rachel?" Azure asked while Lillum's grin grew a bit wider.

"A little tired at first but I'm up for anything." Rachel said.

That's when Cedric blushed a bit before he spoke.

"I was wondering if you two want to go on date with me tonight."

Azure blushed greatly when she didn't see that coming while Lillum's grin widens more.

Rachel was on the same boat as the young feline while blushing.

"Ah that's cute… guess that'll mean that you three are heading to the town nearby right?, shouldn't Rachel be the one asking since she knows the place?" Lillum said with a teasing tone.

The lovebird trio nodded while blushing.

"So Rachel… any plans now that Cedy asked you and Azure out?" Lillum said with a teasing tone… apparently Cedy wouldn't be forgotten in a long time.

Cedric gave Lillum a half lidded look.

Rachel blushed again before answer.

"W-Well, we can head to the cafeteria and later see a special laser show that's happening tonight." She replied.

Lillum then grins before she spoke up.

"And maybe you three could have some fun after at the end of the date after dark huh?" Lillum said which caused Azure to immediately blush brightly when she put together what Lillum ment instantly since… it was Lillum of all people so she was predictable.

Cedric and Rachel came to the same conclusion as they both blushed at the same level as Azure.

"LILLUM!" Azure shouts while Lillum giggles after she exits the room and shut the door before she heads to Emerald to talk with him while the camera went back to the lovebird trio in the room.

Azure just had a bright blush on her face while she looks to Rachel and Cedric.

"W-Why don't we get cleaned and dressed and we just see what's happening in town… like Lillum suggests… Rachel should take the lead here." Azure suggests before she waits for the duo's response.

Cedric and Rachel both nodded in agreement before Azure looks to Rachel.

"So who gets the bathroom first?, Cedric or Rachel and I?" Azure asked with a slight blush on her face.

"I think Cedric could go first." Rachel suggested.

"You sure?, I mean another woman might jump Cedric in there and we could be here for awhile." Azure said with a slight grin on her face.

Cedric blushed in embarrassment from that.

Rachel giggled a bit from the teasing.

"How about this, Rachel and I share a shower or something to save time and we give Cedric 10 minutes to get ready in there, it would save time." Azure suggests with a slight blush forming on her face.

Both Cedric and Rachel, who was blushing as well, were surprised that she suggested it that but agree to that anyway.

"Well Rachel, we might as well start, and Cedric, try not to peak alright?" Azure said before looking to Cedric with slightly narrowed eyes.

"Come on Azure, I thought we were passed that. Besides if you forgot, it was an accident since the door wasn't closed all the way." Cedric said.

"I was… until I found out a certain thing about you in the hall earlier which really made me think otherwise." Azure said with a half lidded look on her face.

"What are you guys talking about?" Rachel asked with confused yet curious look.

Azure gave Cedric a raised eyebrow before she spoke up.

"You want to tell her or should I since this seemed like something to tell later." Azure said when she gestures to Rachel and the curious look on her face.

"Okay well... back at the dojo, I went check on Azure to see if she was alright. That's when I noticed her door opened a bit. So instead of knocking, I went in only to see that she was undressing." Cedric answered.

Rachel was surprised to hear that.

"Turns out that a mobian penny blocked the door from closing which allowed the both of us to apologize, but it was what happened earlier today during our little one on one before Sticks arrived that I found out a surprising thing about Cedric." Azure said while glancing to Cedric.

Said wolf rubbed the back of his head.

Rachel was curious about that.

"What is it?" She asked.

"Apparently Cedric is a masochist." Azure said with a blush on her face.

Rachel was shocked after hearing that before looking to Cedric.

Said wolf blushed from that.

"Yeah it's true. The way Azure yelled and threateningly hold my...you know? Was very arousing. I did say I like strong woman." He said with a blush.

"He means his testicles, I got angry and I gripped them to keep his attention on me and well… I found out that it… apparently made him very… happy when my grip strengthened if you can imagine it." Azure said with a slight blush on her face.

Rachel blushed big after hearing that.

"Well aside from that… we can trust Cedric, right Azure?"

Azure glanced to Cedric before she looks to Rachel.

"For having manners?, somewhat… but against woman who could kick his ass… doubtful, so let's try to keep an eye on him if we can, agreed?" Azure asked Rachel.

Rachel nodded before the duo looked at said wolf.

Cedric sighed before speaking.

"Look Azure,I know you think of me as weak right now for what happened earlier and I'm sorry. But believe me, I'm a gentleman. I wouldn't peak on anyone. Not now or ever. But if you still doubt me, I'll find a way to prove you both that I'm not."

Azure however grins when he said that which was… off for her.

"Oh really?, you say you'll prove it?... fine I have an idea for that...but I would like to first point out that Kyra person that Emerald asked this Tails about, now I maybe wrong, but didn't you have a different reaction to that name then everyone else?, I mean he did say that she was a past crush right?, any incidents with her?" Azure said with a raised eyebrow again.

Cedric sighed before speaking.

"Yes Azure it's true that she was my past crush. But I don't know if I still feel any for her." Cedric said when he turned his head away a bit.

"Well Cedric, you know the deal, if you still have feelings for her, that's fine… but Rachel and I are the ones that she needs to go through if she wants to join if we find her." Azure said with crossed arms.

"That's if she wants to join. For all I know, she probably moved on and I'm not sure if she wants to see me.. But Emerald is so keen on finding her just to help me." Cedric said

"And if she feels like she wants to join, then we'll have a talk with her, if not then we can forget it...now about that favor… we'll need Daniel and Cream first." Azure said cryptically before she starts to walk to the door.

"Why them?" Cedric asked while feeling confused.

"You'll see... hey Rachel, do you have a bathroom for large groups here or is there a clean lake nearby?" Azure asked before she looks to Rachel.

"We do have a downstairs bathroom that's big enough for a few people." Rachel replied which made Azure grin.

"Great, then I can ask Cream if she can join us while Daniel sticks with Cedric." Azure said suddenly before she exits the room all of a sudden… did her ring nearly breaking cause a slight shift in her personality?

Cedric and Rachel were shocked about that.

Then Rachel looked at said wolf.

"Well despite that, I know you're not perv Cedric. And if anything...you peak on me whenever you want." Rachel said with a big blush.

Cedric blushed big after hearing that.

Meanwhile with Azure who took a moment to look around the house before she found Daniel and Cream talking to one another.

"Hey you two, what are you talking about?" Azure asked which caused Cream to smile a bit.

"Just talking about how Daniel was able to use that wooden sword like he did earlier, I mean it didn't break when it hit the bot right?, I'm just wondering what would happen if he used his actual weapon." Cream said with a slightly wider smile on her face.

Daniel was curious about the weapon too.

"Yeah, I amazed that it's still in one piece. Maybe it's made from a special tree or something. Wonder if Emerald trained with this." Daniel said as he inspect the weapon.

For the most part, it looked like a normal wooden sword, but near the handle was some odd crests and inscriptions, some somewhat familiar while some were completely strange, that seemed to shimmer with a glow like the black and green chaos energy… if no one looked close then they would miss them.

"What is that crest Cream?" Daniel asked.

Cream was a bit confused as well when she looks at it.

"It… looks like a durability crest of sorts… but it looks slightly altered, did you feel a drop in energy or something when you hit things with the sword without using your element?" Cream asked to be sure of something.

"Hmmm...Now that you mentioned it, I did felt something, but I didn't know what it was." Daniel replied.

"Then this wooden sword, if I'm right, should be the best weapon you could have for now until you get a guardian weapon… it seems that this durability crest creates a small barrier that drains you of a small amount of energy to create which negates damage to it, but since it drains you of energy, you should be careful of big prolonged attacks which could drain you dry if your not careful." Cream explained when she looked to the weapon again.

Daniel let the info sink and took the advice at heart.

'So smart and beautiful.' He thought.

"Well… we could ask Emerald later, but for now…" Azure said before she looks to Cream while Cedric and Rachel walked in when Azure spoke up.

"Cream, do you want to join Rachel and I for a bath?, Rachel said there's a large bath downstairs and just two people would seem to little for it." Azure asked which made Cream blink a few times.

"A bath?... do you mean a hotspring or something?, I heard that Emerald ran into those normally when he went to downstairs areas in the past." Cream said while she got a thoughtful look on her face.

Daniel however, was shocked that Azure asked Cream that.

"And Daniel… could you do me a favor?" Azure asked with a smile on her face.

"Uh, sure?" Said panda replied.

"Could you keep an eye on Cedric while you two keep watch?, mainly because of Sticks for one." Azure asked the muscled panda.

"Alright." He said.

"Thanks." Azure said before she turned to see Rachel and Cedric while Cream spoke up with a grin.

"Hey you two… And sure Azure, I'll join you two." Cream said with a smile on her face.

Rachel nodded at the bunny. Before joining the girls Rachel turned to Cedric and gave him a chaste kiss on the lips.

"We'll be back." She said with a blush.

Cedric nodded with a blush.

Then suddenly, they hear Rachel's sisters calling out.

"Hold on you three, were joining as well." Amanda said.

"Great, the more the merrier." Azure said before they heard Lillum speaking up from near the group.

"Joining you for what?" Lillum asked when she floats over and lands near the group.

"We're joining them for a bath." Maite replied.

"Can I join?, I'm getting freshened up for later..." Lillum asked with a grin on her face.

Everyone was shocked after hearing that.

"..or am I not allowed to join?" Lillum said while she gave a slight pout.

The girls looked to one another before looking back at Lillum.

"You're more than welcome to join Lillum." Rachel said.

Lillum grins at that before she turned away.

"Great, I'll grab a towel and some cleaning products and meet you there." Lillum said before she flew out of the room.

"I guess we better get going." Rachel said.

"Yeah, let's meet up with Rachel in 5 minutes, Daniel, Cedric, could you meet up with us in 5 minutes?" Azure asked while Cream talks with Amanda and Maite nearby before they walk away.

Both male duo nodded at her.

"Great, and thanks again Daniel." Azure said before she walks away to grab a towel and cleaning products for herself.

Daniel looked to Cedric.

"Something you did man?"

"You don't wanna know." Cedric said as he really didn't want to say anything.

Daniel just shrugged and stayed put while time went to about 5 minutes later where everyone met up with Rachel at a stone looking stairway.

"Wanna lead the way Rachel?" Azure asked while she looked to Daniel and Cedric to see if they were here before she spoke up.

"Can you two follow us for a moment, I got the perfect spot for you two." Azure asked before she looked back to Rachel and winked with her right eye which was hidden from the male duo's view.

Cedric and Daniel nodded and followed the girls down.

They went down till they saw two doors, one that had the sign for male, and the sign for female on the other.

Azure then looks to Rachel.

"Just to check, are the bath separate or mixed?" Azure asked with a curious tone.

"Separate." Rachel replied.

Azure nods before she looks to the duo.

"Guess you guys are getting a bath as well, and Daniel, could you make sure that there is nothing wrong on your side?, I don't want any accidents to happen since they seem to happen a lot around me." Azure said with a half lidded look on her face before looking to Cedric.

"And you… please don't go near the wall, you might accidently knock it down." Azure said with a half lidded look still on her face.

Cedric chuckled from that.

"Just a quick question, how many more do I have to keep expecting that?"

Azure just raised an eyebrow before she turned to the bathroom.

"Well ladies, ready?" Azure said before she walked into the female's changing room which caused Cream to sweatdrop before she looks to Cedric.

"I guess whatever you did made an impression huh?" Cream said while she chuckles nervously.

Cedric gave her a half lidded look.

"By the time she told you, you would give me the same look." He said before enter the Men's changing room.

Cream just rubbed the back of her head while looking to the others with a confused look.

"Did I say something wrong?" Cream asked with a confused look.

That's when Daniel said something.

"No you didn't. It's just seems like Cedric is terrible with timing."

"I… see?" Cream said like it was more of a question before she enters the female's changing room while Lillum grins.

"Welp… Amanda, Maite, shall we enter?" Lillum said before she floats into the changing room.

The duo nodded before entering.

Rachel then looked at Daniel.

"I guess we'll see you guys later. Try to not ask Cedric what happen. I don't want him to get upset more."

Daniel nodded before they went to their separate changing rooms.

After a few minutes, everyone exits their respective changing rooms on their respective sides before Lillum, Azure, and Cream went to the shower area to clean their bodies before they would enter the bath.

Amanda, Maite and Rachel went to the showers as well.

However most noticed Lillums figure and gravity defying F to G cup breasts while she bathed since she was in human form.

Azure washed her body which showed her trained body and the scars as well.

Cream was also washing which showed her trained body and surprisingly large breasts… Around D to E cup.

Rachel was like Azure with a toned body. Her breasts size were about C size close to D size.

Amanda had inherited Amy's slender body and like Cream, her breasts are D to E size.

Maite however was a little self conscious about her appearance since she believes she might put on a little weight. However, her breasts were and absolute E size.

Lillum noticed before she looks to Maite.

"Something wrong Maite?" Lillum asked which got everyone's attention.

"N-No nothing." Maite said while trying to pretend nothing is wrong

However Lillum was able to read her body language before she smirked and vanished and reappeared in front of Maite with a grin on her face.

"Aww come on, no one judge if need to get something off your chest." Lillum said with a grin before she floats in front of Maite at Maites height.

Amanda sighed before speaking.

"She's a bit self conscious believing she has gained weight since she hasn't gotten any good dates."

"Gained weight?, Honey you seem fine to me… very fine." Lillum said with a grin on her face while she looked Maite up and down with a lecherous grin on her face.

Maite gulped before speaking.

"R-Really?" She asked while blushing.

Lillum grins before lightly cupping the underside of Maite's breasts.

"Large tasty breasts." Lillum said before she floats around and cups Maite's ass.

"Delicious looking hips and ass, trust me, man and woman from Angel city wouldn't keep their eyes off of you… I mean look at me, You got a figure that's similar to mine but do you see me acting like you?" Lillum asked when she tries to help Maite by flipping a bit to show her body.

"N-No" Maite said while blushing.

Lillum chuckles before she looks to Azure, Rachel, and Cream.

"Hey you three, Do you think Maite looks beautiful or overweight?" Lillum asked with a grin while Azure raised an eyebrow.

"You kidding, she looks beautiful… I mean look at me, I got all of these scars, even if I look good, most normally see these and wonder if I got tossed into a blender." Azure said while Cream nods.

"Yeah, I agree with Azure except for the scar part… I mean look at my cheek, now most might consider that a little but for alternate me's it might as well be a beacon or something… besides you got a nice figure like Lillum said… most man and woman back home would drool over you, the men here must be blind, right Rachel?" Cream said about her cheek scar before looking to Rachel.

"I agree. While growing up I always look up to both Amanda and Maite. And I always believe you both are beautiful. Especially you Maite. Any man or woman would definitely be lucky to be with you." Rachel said giving while giving her confidence.

Amanda nodded at her showing Maite her support.

Maite smiled a bit while blushing. A tear even left her eye.

"Thanks guys, that means a lot to me."

Lillum grins before she decides to have a bit of fun when she got a mischievous twinkle in her eye before she floats behind Maite while the scene went to the male side.

The male side looked the same as the female though reversed for a mirror look before Daniel and Cedric were seen in the bath while they relaxed.

"This feels great." Daniel commented.

"I agree." Cedric said.

A moment later… talking was heard on the other side about Maite's body and how males here didn't date her and the stuff the others said to cheer Maite up.

"Wow. I feel bad for Maite. If its any consolation, I date her." Daniel said.

Cedric was surprised at that.

However before Cedric could say anything… they heard a shriek of surprise followed by Azure shouting.

"DAMMIT LILLUM, WHY ARE YOU GROPING HER!?" Azure shouts before Lillum spoke up.

"Don't worry… I'm only sampling her goods… Besides she doesn't seem to mind." Lillum said before a moan was heard a second later.

Both Cedric and Daniel couldn't believe what's happening.

"Are they doing what I think they're doing?" Daniel asked.

"I don't know. But I don't to be near the wall right now." Cedric said making sure he wasn't anywhere by that wall.

Another moment went by before the same moan turned to a shriek before the person fell silent.

"Ah poor thing, her breasts were too sensitive from lack of use." Lillum said with a humored tone.

"Anything we can do to help?" Amanda and Rachel said in unison.

"Yeah… grab one of Azure's arms girls." Lillum ordered.

"What!?" Azure said.

"Okay." The two sisters said as they went to said feline.

"H-Hold on… when did it turn into this?" Azure said before Lillum was heard again.

"When you backed into Cream." Lillum cryptically said before more shouting was heard.

"H-Hey Cream l-let me go! Ack...Rachel, Amanda why!?" Azure asked the duo when they grabbed her arms while she was distracted.

"Sorry kiddo. Doing what you're teacher said." Amanda said, while both hedgehogs dragged the feline to Lillum.

"H-hold on… No… No…. NNOOOAAAAAHHH!" Azure tried to beg before a scream like moan heard by Daniel and Cedric.

Even if said duo was away from the wall, it didn't stop them from listening.

"Ah...wai...Ah….n-not there!" Azure tried to breath out before the guys heard her breathing hitch before a growl like roar was heard.

"NAAAAAAAAGH!" Azure roared out before things fell silent for a second while the heard Lillum chuckle.

"Hehe, guess that technique was too much for her." Lillum said with a tone that gave the duo the picture of Lillum using a lecherous smirk.

Amanda and Rachel both nodded with the same smirk.

Meanwhile with Daniel and Cedric...

It looked like they both sank down into the water till only their heads float above the water while they had blushed on their faces.

'Oh man.' Daniel thought.

'Hearing Azure screamed is hot right now.' Cedric thought after hearing his feline girlfriend.

They then heard Lillum speaking up again.

"So… anyone else want a little fun?" Lillum said to their shock.

That's when Amanda said something that shocked everyone else.

"I'm game."

Cream blinked in surprised when she heard that while Lillum grins before she walked forward and whispered into her ear for a few moment before pulling away.

"So… does that seem interesting?" Lillum asked with a lecherous grin on her face.

Amanda was surprised but nodded while blushing.

"In the meantime, how about a little taste like preview..." Lillum said while the sound of Amanda moaning was heard a moment later.

The girls in the room were surprised at what they're witnessing.

The moaning grew louder which was heard on the other side of the wall.

Daniel and Cedric blushed big when they heard this.

'What's going on in there?' They both thought before things fell silent after another scream was heard before Lillum spoke up again.

"As fun as that was… Cream, Rachel, mind helping me dress them and take them to their rooms, Amanda and Azure should come too soon but Maite might take awhile, and Rachel… I would have asked you to join just now, but you got a date with Cedy later right?, can't have you unconscious right?" Lillum asked with a teasing tone.

"S-Sure, just let me get dressed first." Cream said before she dried her body off before she went to the changing room.

Rachel blushed while nodding as she went after Cream to dry off and get dressed.

Lillum in the meantime grins at her handywork while she felt somewhat calmed down before she called out to the male's side.

"Daniel, Cedy, you two should go for now, and Cedy, show Azure and Rach a good time alright?" Lillum said while she teased Cedric before she used some magic to dry and style her hair before she made some clothing appear on her body with magic.

Both boys were shocked that Lillum said that but agreed anyway. They had their towels wrapped tightly around their waist before they went to the changing rooms to dry off and get dressed while the scene went to earlier in the day… in Eggman's mountain base with the two eggman's going over the bird bots camera recording to look at each student's fight.

The two eggmans were sitting in two matching chairs while Orbot and Qubot gave them snacks and drinks.

"So… you see why I recommended some recon on them?, those Students, even the feline that missed could have easily took down a normal bot, and let's not forget that man named Emerald, you saw what happened when he pulled the shrapnel from his body right?" Robotnik said when he showed the parts where the students attacks hit while the camera showed that even though Azure's hits missed… it turned rocks and trees behind the bot to ash.

SB Eggman tried to let the info sink in before speaking.

"I see what you mean."

"And let's not forget that the one's named Demonga and Lillum didn't intervene, granted the woman named Lillum wasn't there but I know Demonga… and those bots would be childsplay for him since he has a much higher lightening level then the one named Cedric, so he could have easily EMP'd them all instead of destroyed them." Robotnik said while he watched the fights play out.

SB Eggman paled a bit after hearing. Even Orbot and Qubot were shivering.

"Now then, I'm guessing you're lacking with electric proof material right?, then why don't you help me with… a certain plan which could render them incapable of attacking." Robotnik said with a grin on his face.

"I'm all ears." SB Eggman said while chuckling evilly.

"Simple, we give them a few days to get use to things here which would let their guard down before we attack for real… and our targets…. Are these two who Metel will personally acquire for the next step while Steel distracts the three teachers and the students." Robotnik said while two images appeared… which showed Amanda and Maite.

"They will prove quite useful." SB Eggman said while grinning while both Eggman's chuckle while the scene shifts to black.

The Camera then shows DME and Atomsk while DME stood up after he starts to chuckle.

"I see…" DME said all of a sudden while cracking his neck.

"What is it?" Atomsk asked

"Simple, It seems that this doorway was temporarily turned into a portal somehow, for example, if you use a certain ability and another uses a certain ability, then you would get a surprising result, another example, TME's bomb plus whatever the green man did caused an error of sorts which created the temp portal I just described." DME said with hands in his pockets.

Atomsk let that info sink in before speaking.

"Is there a way to fix it?"

"I did say it was temporary right?, all we need to do is wait and it'll repair itself, though the green faced man on the other hand…" DME said before getting a serious look on his face while looking to Atomsk.

"He would be stranded here if he doesn't enter this portal before it closes fully, stranded here…. with us…" DME said while he let's the info sink in with Atomsk.

Atomsk shudders at the thought.

"What's plan boss?"

"Well then… I'll say what my plan is when…" DME said with a grin on his face before he fell silent.

"Yeah?" Atomsk asked hoping for the rest.

"When… we get to the next chapter since the readers are here." DME said before he points to the readers with a jackass like grin.

"Oh, hey everyone. Welcome back. Boy a lot has happen for this chapter. Cedric was able to get two girlfriends but man is Azure going cold on him. Really needs to chill. I mean what's your opinion on this and the bath scene DME?" Atomsk said while passing the spot to DME.

"Well after what Lillum did, I don't think she would have much issues with Cedric later, and as for the bath scene… it's not a lemon scene so it's OK to show right?, besides…. Like Both Eggman's are planning, in a few chapters there will be some blood showing." DME said before he passed the spot light to Atomsk.

"Indeed there will be." Atomsk said in a creepy voice as he chuckled behind his hood.

"Now then, have a good time reading this since the other chapter should be shorter, then again I'm DME or Dark Master Emerald which means that I'm a mean jackass so who really knows." DME said with a grin on his face.

"Until next time my fellow readers. Deuces." Atomsk before the scene fades to black.

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