Dimensional Drifter school @emerald
An interesting first impression

The Camera fades into the field where TME & Atomsk first hosted the story.

A small building was shown there which let the duo host the show, it was repaired after the bomb incident by TME before he got swapped for DME at the moment.

Speaking of which, a dark portal opens up, and coming out is Atomsk while DME follows behind. Once they exist, Atomsk turned to the readers.

"Welcome to chapter 6 my dear readers. Hope you got good laughs from our last chapter. Boy is Cedric trying hard to win Azure. And who is this Kyra person? I guess you're all gonna have to find out yourselves. But anyway, let's pass the spotlight to DME here." Atomsk said as he points to DME.

DME however starts to walk out of the building with a wave of his hand.

"You already got most of what I wanted to say, I'll say that there is a lemon this chapter which will be on AO3 which would explain later things so look there... I'll be looking into the site that you two saw him at, so congratulations you became the host for this chapter." DME said before he had the camera go back to Atomsk.

Atomsk sweat drop at that.

"Wasn't expecting that. Anyway we hope you enjoy Chapter 6. And like DME said...there will blood." He said with a creepy voice.

Atomsk does an evil laugh while lightning showed up.

"A BIT CLICHE WITH THE LIGHTNING!" DME shouts from outside as his voice as he got further away.

"I'm just doing what you would do." Atomsk said.

"I MAY BE EVIL BUT I GOT STANDARDS!" DME shouts while his voice fades more.

Atomsk sighs as he looks to the readers.

"While you guys read chapter 6, I'm gonna try talking to DME." He said as he walks to DME's direction.

"Look man I wasn't trying to insult you or anything, I'm just trying to bring good suspense like you did." Atomsk said as his voice fades while the scene went to the groups when they reappeared at the dojo.

Angel city/ Dojo grounds/ Emerald, Lillum, Knuckles, Shadow, Azure, Cream, Lavender, Strike, Cedric, Daniel, Rachel.

The groups reappear before the two groups let go of Shadow and Emerald.

"Well everyone, double check that you have everything and pack things before we leave… it'll be awhile before we come back." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

The students decided to head to their rooms to grab some extra stuff. They came back with the stuff they needed.

Cedric had his duffle bag.

Rachel was carrying a suitcase.

Daniel had a...backpack?

Cream and Lavender had suitcases.

Strike had a duffel bag.

Azure had a large backpack which held her things.

"Everyone have what they need now?, again we won't be back for awhile." Emerald warned before he got hit on the head with the flat side of Demonga's spear when he appeared.

"I'm sure they got everything that their bags could hold… now let's just get going already before the sun sets." Demonga said while Emerald rubbed the top of his head.

The students sweat drop before they grab hold their teachers.

"Uhh.. This isn't a teleportation… this is a dimensional portal I'm making so no need to grab on." Emerald said while he sweatdrops.

The students felt embarrassed from that.

"Eh I don't mind… in fact I need to speak with these two while you get the portal made." Lillum said when Cedric and Daniel gripped her wings.

Said panda and wolf didn't know what she wanted till they were in the air and found themselves on the other side of the dojo building.

"I know I'm good looking, but you boys can let go now." Lillum teased when they hadn't let go of her wings yet.

The male duo blushed when they quickly let go. They looked at each other, then back to Lillum.

"What was it you wanted to tell us?" Cedric asked.

Lillum smirked before she reached behind her back and summoned two items before she showed them to the duo…. Much to their horror.

It was the fur colored Speedos again….

Cedric and Daniel blushed in embarrassment when they remembered those.

"W-Why do you have them?" Daniel asked.

Lillum smirked at the question.

"Trust me...you'll be glad I brought these after I explain some… things."Lillum said before the scene went to a few minutes later.

Minutes later

The trio lands back with the group after Lillum finished her talk.

Cedric and Daniel act like nothing happen.

Everyone else was a bit confused but Emerald shrugged before he looked to an empty part of the ground.

He then held his right hand forward before he emits some energy.

He then pulled back his arm before he brought his arm down in a cutting motion which…. Seemed to rip the space the front of him before the rip widens and shifts to a perfect circle with a green portal forming in the rip.

Student's eyes widen and went…


Emerald pulled his arm back before he looks to the students.

"So…. Let's go." Emerald said before he enters the portal with Lillum, Demonga, Shadow, and Knuckles in tow.

The students were able to regain their composure and went in 1 by 1.

When they entered… They found themselves in a strange tunnel… a green plasma colored tunnel and it seemed like they were floating in the air for a moment before they land on an invisible floor while Emerald appeared while the rest of Emerald's group were seen a bit away.

"What do you think?" Emerald said when he looked around for a second.

Cedric, Daniel, and Rachel were amazed at the tunnel along with the atmosphere.

Azure was amazed as well… she used a portal to get here but it was nothing like this.

Cream looked around when she had a dejavu feeling, like she was here before.

Strike and Lavender had their normal blank looks while the looked around.

Emerald the cleared his throat to get the students attention.

"Well everyone… follow me and we'll get to Rachel's dimension in a few minutes." Emerald said before he and his group starts to walk down the tunnel.

Everyone nodded as they followed Emerald through the tunnel.

A few minutes pass before they saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

Emerald grins before he looked to the students after stopping at the exit.

"Well here we are… Rachel, you want to do the honors?" Emerald asked with his hands in his pockets.

Rachel smiled before saying…


She stepped forward and walked towards the exit.

Everyone followed a moment later before they got engulfed in a bright light…. And when it fades… they found themselves on a beach with a building in the distance.

"Is this where you activated the portal Rachel?" Emerald asked when he looked around.

Rachel smiled again.

"Yup. I did it at the backyard of my house, which is over there." She said as she points at the building.

Emerald grins before he looked to her with a serious look a moment later.

"Listen Rachel, before we meet your family I need to tell you something… time flows differently for different Dimensions." Emerald said with a serious look on his face.

The students didn't know why he looked serious.

Rachel and some of the students were confused on that saying.

"W-What do you mean?" Rachel asked.

"Thankfully when you used that portal note, it stabilized the time of this dimension to run on the same time as Angel city… without that lock then the time here could have not passed at all or years could have passed within seconds." Emerald explained to the students.

Cedric, Daniel, and Rachel were shocked at the info.

"So you're saying without the lock, I would stay the same while everyone grows older?" Rachel asked.

Emerald scratched his cheek before he spoke up.

"Sort of…. Think of Angel City and this Dimension as an example… a few days passed there correct?, but for other dimensions without a lock… the time there could either not pass at all or it could run faster than Angel City's, so as a precaution, we sent those portal notes to stabilize them so that they would match Angel City's time… are you following so far?, Cream, Strike, and Lavender already know since their families normally deal with this stuff on a daily basis." Emerald explains as best he could.

Cedric, Daniel and Rachel nodded to him as they understood.

"Well… since we got that out of the way, mind introducing us to your family Rachel?" Emerald asked when he placed his hands in his pockets.

"Sure. Come on everyone." Rachel said as she lead them to her house.

Everyone followed Rachel around the house to the front door before they wait for Rachel to introduce them.

Rachel rang the doorbell and waited to see who answers it.

"Coming... " a familiar female called before the door opened… to show the Amy of this Dimension.

She was surprised to see so many people at once, but she got a smile on her face when she saw Rachel.

"Rachel…'s?" Amy asked to be sure before she raised an eyebrow from seeing Lavender as well.

Rachel smiled at her mom.

"Hi mom. I want you to meet my friends." She said as she turned around.

"This is Lavender, Cream, Strike, Azure, Daniel and Cedric."

The students waved to Amy.

"Also, these are our teachers: The one in the middle is Emerald, the one on the right is Demonga and the one on the left is Lillum." Rachel said while she introduce them to Amy.

Amy raised an eyebrow at the three humans before she saw Shadow and Knuckles.

"Uh...Shadow...Knuckles...what happened to you two?, you look shorter and like you got tossed into a blender Knuckles… and the eyepatch?, and what's with the cloak Shadow?" Amy asked the duo with a confused tone.

Rachel and the others sweatdrop at that.

"Um mom? They're not the Shadow and Knuckles that we know." Rachel said.

Emerald stepped forward to explain.

"To make a long...and complicated story very short...were from another Dimension." Emerald said like this was a normal thing to him while Amy gave him a confused look.

"Uhhh… right?" Amy said like it was a question which showed that she was more confused.

"I know you're confused mom, but it's the truth. We just came from the school that I'm learning from." Rachel said.

Amy blinked a few times before she turned to walk inside.

"Well.. Make yourselves at home… I'll get everyone. Rachel give them a tour if you be so kind." Amy said before she walked into the house to get Sonic and the rest of the family.

Rachel looked at her friends and teachers.

"You heard her guys, come on in." Rachel said before everyone got ready to walk in.

"BUT WIPE YOUR FEET FIRST!" Amy called out which made everyone sweatdrop.

After the group enters, and wiping their feet, some of them sat in the chairs while the rest stood before they took a good look around the room.

It was a nice living room, big enough for company. There was a fireplace at the back wall with a mantel that hold some pictures of Sonic and Amy along with their kids and friends. In one corner there's a tv with a video game system. A nice rug in the center. There was also a big one on the other side facing the fireplace.

"Nice place." Knuckles said when he looked around the room.

"Indeed, for an island dimension, the items here are surprisingly advance, is there a Tails here who made the electronics?" Lavender asked when she looked at the electrical stuff around the room.

Rachel giggled.

"Yeah. Uncle Tails always likes to invent stuff. In fact, he has his own shop down where the other buildings are." Rachel replied.

"Hmm... I wouldn't mind looking around later." Azure said when she thought of what could be on the island.

A few moments later Amy appeared again with the Sonic of this dimension and three other people.

"Hi dad." Rachel said as she came to hug Sonic.

"Hi sweety." Sonic said hugging his daughter back.

Once they separated, Rachel got hugged by the other three.

"Hey Rach." said the first older female.

"Good to see you sis." said the second older female.

Then the finale person, whom was like a very small version of Sonic, happily yelled out…

"Big sister!" As he hugged her at the waist.

Everyone smiled at the reunion, while surprised to see that they're Rachel's siblings. Once the four hedgehogs separated, Rachel turned to her friends with a smile.

"Everyone, I like you to meet my dad, Sonic."

"Sup" said hedgehog announced.

"And these are my siblings. First one is Amanda, this is Maite and this little guy is my brother Charles." Rachel said before said siblings waved to the new company.

Emerald grinned… and before anyone could wonder what the grin was for…. He vanished with a burst of speed and appeared in front of Sonic for a hand out for a handshake.

"Nice to meet you and your family… my name is Emerald and I'm the classes main teacher when Demonga and Lillum are not teaching their respective arts." Emerald said with a smile on his face.

Sonic was still shocked at the speed Emerald showed.

"Y-Yeah, nice to meet you." He said while shaking his hand.

Amy's eyes widen in shock as well… normally only Sonic and Shadow had speed like that… just what Dimension did her daughter go to?

Rachel's siblings were wondering the same thing.

A moment later… the flat part of Demonga's spear hits Emerald on the top of his head.

"Don't spook them Charcoal, you could cause a lot of trouble thanks to that." Demonga said with narrowed eyes while Emerald looked to him with a twitching eyebrow.

"I'm trying to break the ice Low watt!, if their shocked now then they'll probably collapse from shock if they get surprised later...does anyone really want that?" Emerald said with a raised eyebrow before Shadow spoke up.

"I believe were confusing them more than were answering questions…" Shadow said to try and not make the situation worse.

Sonic recognized the voice and saw the cloaked Shadow standing next to Knuckles.

"Shadow, Knuckles? What happen to you guys? You look so different." Sonic said as he was shocked at their new looks.

"Long story short… We're not the Knuckles and Shadow you know, were from the Dimension were Rachel's school is… so dimensional variant would be the right word." Knuckles said with a serious expression on his face.

Sonic was more confused but nodded anyway.

Knuckles sighs before he spoke up.

"What does the Knuckles of this world normally look and act like?" Knuckles asked with a half lidded eye.

"We'll he's big on muscles, doesn't have those accessories and scars. He's also not that smart but makes up for it by attracting ladies with those muscles. He can also be a little self conscious though." Sonic replied.

Knuckles facepalmed before he responds to his Boom variants description.

"Great… a musclehead idiot…" Knuckles said while Shadow chuckles.

"Takes a brainless idiot to know an idiot." Shadow said which caused Knuckles eye to glow when he looked to Shadow with an angered look.

"What!?, you wanna dance Shadow!?" Knuckles growled out at the insult.

The students were getting a bit weary at the situation.

Amy cleared her throat which got everyone's attention before flinching at the look she gave Shadow and Knuckles.

"Please don't cause a mess in here… take it outside if you have issues." Amy said with a smile on her face… but the way she said it… was scary.

Rachel was use to that. But the others shivered a bit.

"W-Well, like Amy said… we should head outside to spar anyway, heading to new Dimensions… has some interesting effects." Emerald oddly said while he rubbed the back of his head… it was official to him already… but women can be scary sometimes.

"Effects?" Azure said which caused Emerald to nod.

"Yeah, I'll explain in the front yard." Emerald said when he starts to walk to the front door.

Everyone followed Emerald to the front door in a single file of sorts.

But the door was opened and hit Emerald in the face before he could react.

The students cringed at that while Emerald groaned out while he took a few unsteady steps when he tried to keep from falling… but failed when he sat crossed legged on the ground and held his face.

"OK… what hit me?" Emerald groaned out while his face recovered after a few seconds.

The person that opened the door was Sonic's good friend, Tails.

Tails looked and sweatdropped at what happen.

"S-Sorry kind sir, I didn't see you there." He said in a apologetic voice.

Emerald just raised a hand to stop him before he spoke up.

"No worries… I just… didn't see that coming." Emerald said when he got to his feet and his face appeared to be undamaged now… a surprise to everyone who doesn't know of his regeneration since his nose a moment ago looked broken.

"Are you a friend of Sonic or something?" Tails asked.

Emerald rubs the back of his head before he looked to everyone with a grin.

"Yeah… but here… a stranger who's Rachel's teacher." Emerald cryptically said before he looks to Tails.

Tails was a little confused till he saw said hedgehog in the group.

"Rachel, you're back." He said in a happy tone.

"Hi uncle Tails." Rachel said.

Shadow then walked forward before he spoke up.

"Mind telling us why you barreled in here?" Shadow said to try and get things back on track.

Tails got a good look at the AC Shadow.

"Are you from a different dimension?" He asked.

Shadow raised an eyebrow before he spoke up.

"What makes you say that?" Shadow asked with a barely noticeable curious tone while the others wondered that as well.

"Well one I just passed the Shadow that I know and that he wasn't wearing this getup. And two it's quite obvious." Tails answered as he counted his fingers.

Shadow raised an eyebrow before pointing a thumb at Sonic and Amy.

"Tell that to those two, Knuckles and I got mistaken for this world's version of ourselves… and if you look at Knuckles then you'll see what I mean for a mistake." Shadow said when he lowered his arm while Knuckles frowned.

Tails did noticed AC Knuckles and can definitely see the MAJOR difference between him and the Knuckles that he knew.

"I see what you mean." Tails said.

Emerald grinned before he looked to Tails.

"Well I should tell you that there are doubles of you, Sonic, Amy, and many more from where we come from." Emerald said when he walked a few steps to the talking duo with his hands in his pockets.

"In fact… Lavender here is the daughter of the Sonic and Amy of our Dimension." Emerald said when he points a finger at Lavender who nods.

"S-Seriously?" Amy asked with wide eyes while Lavender nods.

"Indeed, in a sense, Rachel could be my Dimensional variant if you think of it from various angles." Lavender said with a calm look on her face to try and help keep things calm.

Sonic and Tails could definitely see the similarities.

That's when Tails said…

"I expected something like that."

Knuckles then spoke up with crossed arms.

"What do you mean?" Knuckles asked since this situation, though explainable, was unexpected.

"Well I was coming here to tell Sonic my newest invention." Tails replied.

"Invention?" Amy asked since Tails normally knocked before he enters the house, whatever it was must be a pretty impressive invention.

"Yes Amy. I always wonder if there different versions of us so I invented a machine that let me see and find certain people in other dimensions." Tails answered.

"Interesting, so… wouldn't that mean that you could find anyone in any world if you wanted?" Emerald asked with a thoughtful look on his face.

"Yes indeed." Tails replied.

"Hmmm…. Could you show me?... I'm wanting to find a certain… person named Kyra." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Cedric's eyes widen when he heard that, while everyone else was confused of that name.

Tails nodded at his request.

"Sure. In fact, all of you should come and witness it." Tails said.

"Wait… who's Kyra?" Azure asked with a confused tone while Emerald looked to her.

"Oh… just a past crush of Cedric from his Dimension, no biggy.." Emerald said with a nonchalant tone before he looked to Tails.

Everyone else was looking at Cedric, while said wolf facepalm at this.

'I can't believe he just did that." He thought.

"Past crush… wait… why does that irritate me?" Azure thought when she frowned.

"Does he still feel something for her?." Rachel thought with a worried look.

Everyone else was just confused before Emerald spoke up.

"But for now… let's head to the front yard first so I can explain something." Emerald said when he turned to the door again.

Everyone nodded as they followed Emerald outside.

Though he did make sure that no one was at the door first before he opened and led everyone outside.

When everyone was there, he looked to the students and grinned.

"Now then… Cedric, Rachel, Azure…. Could you three step forward" Emerald asked when he looked to them before Azure stepped forward.

Said three did as requested.

"Now before I get into what I'm about to ask you to do, I need to explain something first." Emerald said with a serious look on his face.

"What?" Azure asked which caused Emerald to continue.

"Some of you can sense energy right?, do you remember what my power was like in Angel City?" Emerald asked the group while Cream, Strike, and Lavender nods… they couldn't forget even if they wanted to.

"Somewhat… though I could have imagined it." Azure said while she rubbed the back of her head.

"I might've sense something." Cedric said as he raised his hand.

"I felt some energy there." Daniel said.

"I-I couldn't sense anything." Rachel said.

Emerald grins before he spoke up.

"Well then… consider this a tutorial on sensing energy." Emerald said before his body bursts with energy…. But for some reason it was much weaker than it was on Angel City, though it was still large.

Cream, Strike, and Lavender raised their eyebrows… they sensed it but wondered why the energy was weaker.

Azure thought she felt something for a bit… but it felt iffy at best to her.

"Somewhat… but it seems… weaker?" Azure said like it was a question since she wasn't sure if it was her imagination or not.

Cedric and Daniel were on the same boat as Azure.

That's when Rachel said…

"I think I might've sense something this time."

Emerald looked to each student before noticing that the four of them were having trouble before he lets his energy fade.

"Well then, Since I got a reaction, though small from the four of you… I can really explain things, even the lower amount of energy emitting from me." Emerald said with crossed arms.

"Could you please explain?" Lavender asked since even though she could sense things… her abilities felt weaker for some reason.

Emerald nods before he tried to explain the feeling.

"First off… how do the rest of you feel?" Emerald asked the students which caused most of them to frown.

"... Weaker." Azure said before she lit her hand with a flame… that was smaller than normal.

Strike just frowned at the question.

Cream took a moment to check her energy before she responds.

"Same… weaker for some reason." Cream said while Lavender took a moment to think of the reason before looking to Emerald.

"Same as the others… weaker." Lavender said after she decided to check her energy as well.

Cedric tried to use his lightning powers but was a little low.

"Same but a little weak." Cedric said.

"A bit weak like the others." Daniel said.

"Well I feel fine. In fact I feel like I have more energy." Rachel said.

Everyone looked to her with surprise since the rest were weaker than normal while Emerald grins.

"What do you mean stronger?" Azure asked before Emerald cleared his throat to get everyone's attention.

"I can explain that part…. You see Rachel should be at her original strength before she came to Angel City, everyone else, since you're new here, your levels should have went to level one just like myself, Demonga, Lillum, Shadow, and Knuckles." Emerald said to their shock, though said teachers didn't look shocked.

"Original strength?" Azure asked before she looked to Rachel while Emerald spoke up.

"Tell me Rachel… did you feel weaker when you first got to Angel City?" Emerald asked with crossed arms.

Rachel took a moment to think.

"Now that you mentioned it, I did felt a little weak when I entered there." Rachel replied.

"That's because you became slightly altered by the Dimension of Angel City, or the rules of the Dimension, to prevent damage to other Dimensions believe it or not… if you'll give me a moment to explain… it'll all make sense." Emerald said with a serious tone.

"Rules of the Dimension?" Cream asked since that was the first she heard of it.

"Yeah… for example, you all saw what I could do on Angel City right?" Emerald asked which caused the students to nod.

"However…. This is the best I can do in a new Dimension without training." Emerald said before he held his hand out before a very small orb of chaos energy was created.

"In a nutshell…. Newcomers to new Dimensions get their power levels reset to level one while returning visitors get their power boosted to the level they trained to here or in Rachel's case… back to the level she had originally before she arrived in Angel City." Emerald said before he took a moment to let the info sink in.

The students took a moment to let the info sink in.

"Questions?... anyone?... even the people who are not students can ask." Emerald asked before looking to each student and then the others nearby.

That's when Cedric asked…

"How long does it usually take till we're back to normal level?"

"Till you train back up to it… there is no waiting for normal level, I mean think about it like this, it's to keep it other dimensions safe, I mean what would you think if I shot off a chaos cannon and I couldn't control the energy fully and you were a normal resident here?" Emerald said with crossed arms.

Everyone took a moment to think on it.

Emerald saw that he needed to simplify the explanation for them to get it.

"Alright… then let me ask this… you might think that this would be an issue, but think about guys at my level… at full power… I could rip a planet apart easily if I'm careless, now resetting my level to one would allow me to get used to that world and if there are any side effects that effects my abilities, I won't have to worry about blowing up a mountain or two from misfires." Emerald said while he looked to everyone to see if they got it.

Everyone nodded as they finally understood.

Emerald grinned before he spoke up.

"Now Rachel, Cedric, Daniel, could you step forward?" Emerald said before he waits for the trio.

Said students did as requested.

"Now then… before I get to what I want to ask…" Emerald said before he summoned a wooden sword and tossed it to Daniel.

"I want you three to attack me with intent to kill… you'll see why in a moment." Emerald said with a green mist emitting from him after he took a few steps away.

The trio looked at each other in shock before they shrug knowing that Emerald got this.

Cedric brought out his swords while Rachel took out her hammer with determination.

Sonic chuckled before speaking.

"That's my little girl."

Rachel blushed in embarrassment before being ready again.

Amy got a worried look on her face when Emerald got into a lightly guarded stance.

"Be careful!" Amy called with worry while everyone watched.

"Don't worry mom, I'll be fine." Rachel said in an assuring tone.

"Don't get too hurt Cedric." Azure said to said wolf.

Cedric smiled a bit for the feline's concern before he looked to Rachel and Daniel.

"I hope you two come out safe." The young wolf said to Rachel as he got to a stance.

Daniel nod at him while Rachel blushed a bit after hearing that. Her family had noticed it.

Amy giggled at that before she heard Cream call out.

"Good luck Daniel!" Cream cheered with a smile on her face.

Daniel blushed after hearing Cream. He sent the bunny a smile with a thumbs up.

Emerald sweatdropped before he called out.

"Alright you guys… you can flirt when class is over." Emerald said while sending Daniel a slightly… odd grin for some reason.

Daniel shivered a bit from that. He had no idea why but everyone else knows with a sweat drop.

Emerald then decides to start things by walking to the trio with his hands in his pockets.

They waited a few seconds before the strike.

Cedric and Rachel used both of their speeds to attack Emerald on both sides while Daniel went for the front.

Emerald grinned before he waits for them to get close… he noticed that Cedric and Daniel's speed was slowed greatly, even if they were fast while Rachel seemed faster… so he used that to his advantage with his next move.

He jumped towards Rachel with his right shoulder facing her to everyone's surprise since Rachel was the strongest of the trio at the moment.

Everyone that was watching this were wondering what Emerald was planning.

When he got close, he grabbed Rachel's hammer surprisingly before giving Rachel an innocent looking smile.

Rachel's eyes widen when her hammer was caught but at the same time was not liking that smile.

Emerald then turned to Cedric with a wide grin on his face while his eyes seemed to gleam… before he actually threw Rachel towards Cedric… with her hammer as well which made her spin in the air.

Cedric's eyes widen and moved his swords out of the way so he wouldn't hit Rachel.

A moment later… Rachel collides with Cedric with a noticeable crash which caused them to caused a small dust cloud which hid them from view for a moment.

Daniel stopped for a moment as he was worried for his friends.

Rachel's family was more worried.

Amy was really surprised when Emerald tossed her daughter at Cedric before she looked to Emerald who had a half lidded look on his face… but with a grin as well which made it look like he was just playing with them.

The watching Student's, mainly Azure, and Cream, were worried for Cedric and Rachel in case they got injured… but when the dust cloud fades… it showed a surprising sight.

Apparently… when Emerald caused them to crash… they ended up kissing by accident with Cedric on top of her… with a hand on one of her breasts… in full view of everyone… which included Sonic and Azure while Amy covered Charles's eyes before he could see anything.

Sonic was getting angry red when he saw that.

Cedric and Rachel were able to open their eyes and were shocked at the position their in.

Cedric realized where his hand was and immediately got off of her.

"Y-You okay Rachel?" He asked while blushing at how awkward.

Rachel didn't say anything but nodded as she blushed.

"I can't believe I got to have my first kiss with him." Rachel thought.

Cedric bought his hand out to help her up...but was pushed out of the way by an angry Sonic.

"You've done enough boy." Sonic said as he helped his daughter up.

Emerald cleared his throat to get Sonic's attention before blood could be spilled.

"Excuse me but I believe it's my fault somewhat… not his, while I admit that I tossed her, you can't deny that the way they ended up was purely accidental." Emerald said when he walked over with his hands in his pockets since the spar would have to wait for now.

Sonic calmed down when he remembered what happened and now felt bad for pushing Cedric.

He turns to said wolf.

"Sorry about that kid."

"No worries. I understand how you felt. If my dad were alive, he would do the same thing or worse to any boy that did something bad to my little sister." Cedric said letting him no that there were no hard feelings.

Emerald then looked past the duo before sweatdropping.

"Oh sweet Mobius...Uh… Cedric?" Emerald said when he tapped the wolf's shoulder.

Cedric looked at Emerald with a confused look.

"What is it?" He asked.

"Uhh…" Emerald said while he points back to the house… with the others looking before most sweatdrop when they saw a royally pissed off Azure who emitted a dark mist... And pure white eyes this time.

Cedric didn't know what's going on.

"What did I do this time?" He asked.

"I suggest running this time for now…. She saw everything and I doubt talking her down will work… especially with your hidden weapon like that.. And in full view of almost everyone." Emerald said when he glanced down for a second with a sweatdrop forming while Azure's inhibitor ring glowed when it tried to hold her back.

"I don't have a hidden…"

The young wolf didn't finish as he looked down and was shocked as he realized what Emerald meant. He can also see murder in Azure's eyes. That was a clear sign to get the hell out.

Cedric used his speed and went to Rachel's house to hide in the bathroom.

Emerald sweatdropped when Azure turned to the house while everyone tried to calm her down.

"C-Calm down Azure… it was an accident right?" Cream said while holding up her hands defensively.

Strike and Lavender backed away to slowly get in front of the house to defend it when Amy walked forward.

"Yeah… I mean I'm not to thrilled about what happened myself, though I may ask Rachel some questions later... but why are you so angry… are you Cedric's girlfriend or something?" Amy asked while the others looked to see her reaction while Emerald tried to think of a way to calm the situation.

Azure in the meantime stopped in her tracks before she blinked a few times she did feel irritated but shook her head when she looked to Amy.

"Girlfriend?... I've only known him for a few days but what he did was perverted!" Azure growled before Cream sighed when she looked to Emerald with an apologetic look.

"But wasn't it Emerald who caused this one?" Cream said while Emerald jolts.

"Did she just…" Emerald thought before he starts to back away while Demonga tried to hide smirk on his face.

Azure looked to him which caused him to sweatdrop again before she spoke up.

"You better run… we're both around the same level so I'm sure I can cause some real damage… as for Cedric, try explaining what happened to Cedric's pants after he got up." Azure said to Emerald who sweatdropped before he caused a small dust trail when he ran away from the house with a panicked look on his face while Azure said the later half to Cream who sweatdropped as well.

"Uh… I don't exactly know how to answer that….hormones maybe?" Cream said with a nervous grin on her face.

That's when Rachel tried to make peace by hugging Azure and kissing her on the lips. Everyone, including Rachel's family widen their eyes in shock after seeing this. However, Sonic fainted in a lame theatrical way.

Lillum cheered Rachel on while Azure's eyes blinked once which revealed that they went back to normal before the dark mist fades…. Right before Azure's eye's widen greatly when she fully realized what just happened which caused her to pull her head away while a bright blush was on her face.

"W-What was that for!?" Azure said with a shocked tone… she tried to wiggle out of Rachel's grasp but Rachel was stronger than her at the moment… which didn't work in Azure's favor.

That's when the young hedgehog spoke.

"To calm you down...and also letting you have a taste of Cedric." Rachel said with a smile while Azure's blush brightens… and unknown to them… Lillum took a picture of the kiss before she smirked when she sent it to Cedric with magic while Amy cleared her throat.

"A-Alright… I don't know what's going on Rachel so I'll be blunt… what was that about?, I thought you liked boys with the way you talked about them sometimes… and now you kissed your classmate?... granted that would probably shock anyone back to normal… but you get what I'm asking right?" Amy said with a confused tone before she gestured to the rest of the family.

Rachel's sibling's was still shocked about the kiss while Sonic was still unconscious.

Rachel blushed before speaking.

"Well actually mom, Cedric was my first kiss, even though it was an accident, and who knew his lips were so smooth. But to answer your question, I do like boys, mainly Cedric. But I might like girls too. It might be difficult to explain so I was hoping you, me and Lillum can talk about it." Rachel said while blushing.

Lillum grinned before she flew over the group and lands between Amy and Rachel.

"Yep… I can explain a lot… and more if you're interested?" Lillum said to Amy with a lecherous grin while Amy blushed greatly.

"Uhh... " Amy said when she realized what Lillum just said.

"Please mom. Just hear her out. Dad might not agree to it, but I'm hoping for your support." Rachel said with a cute begging look.

Amy, though blushing looked to Rachel before nodding in agreement.

"Alright.. Alright… I'll hear things out, but first help me get your father inside." Amy said when she walked over and grabbed one of Sonic's arms before getting surprised when AC Knuckles grabbed him and placed him on his shoulder.

"I got him, just tell me where to set him." AC Knuckles said while Amy nods before she starts to walk into the house with the others splitting up to look around the place while Azure looked to Rachel.

"Y-You can let me go now… please?" Azure asked with a blush on her face… mainly from the fact that Rachel might like woman now.

Rachel blushed in embarrassment as forgot that she was still holding Azure.

"Sorry. Do you feel better though?" She asked.

"Sort of… was it really a calming reason that you did that?" Azure asked with a blush on her face.

"Well...It was the only solution I can think of...and it worked. But I do admit, it was quite interesting." Rachel replied.

What they probably forgot was Lillum nearby who smirked.

"Ahh… that's so cute… tell you what, after we talk with your mom… I can lend you a certain item to have some one on one time to get to know one another." Lillum said with a lecherous smirk on her face.

Rachel and Azure blushed big time when they heard that.

Everyone else was surprised as well.

Lillum turned to everyone with the same grin on her face.

"Oh don't be too shocked… I mean most of you already know Angel City's customs so why not help them out?, like I said, I'll explain more later." Lillum said with a smirk on her face.

Daniel remembered the talk he had with Lillum.

Rachel's siblings were confused.

"What customs are you talking about?" Amanda asked which caused Lillum to grin before she leaned in and whispered into her ear for a moment while everyone watched when a blush grew on Amanda's face before Lillum pulled away.

"Try to keep quiet with Charles around, him being a kid and all." Lillum said with a grin on her face.

Amanda nodded while still blushing.

Maite didn't know what's going on.

"What did she say?" She asked.

Amanda looks to Lillum if it was okay to tell her.

Lillum grinned before she looked to Maite.

"Sure, though try to make sure Sonic doesn't overhear and I might… reward you two later." Lillum said with a grin on her face.

Amanda blushed again before she whispered what Lillum said. Maite blushed big like a tomato when she heard it but agreed to keep it a secret from both Charles and their dad.

Azure blushed greatly at what she heard when Lillum practically just said that she would offer to have sex with Rachel's sisters before she glanced to Rachel to see how she took it.

Said hedgehog had her jaw dropped when hearing that.

"Now then, time to speak with Amy… Rachel could you follow me please?" Lillum said when she starts to float back to the house.

Rachel nodded as she followed them so they can have privacy after letting Azure go.

Meanwhile with Cedric who was in the bathroom.

'Every damn time. Why does bad stuff happen to me? Then again...I did kiss Rachel, even if it was under different circumstance. Who knew her lips taste so good. And when I touched her breast...Wait, I'm getting off topic here. I am surprised she wasn't mad though. I can't say the same for Azure. I'm not sure if I want to leave.' Cedric thought as he paced around the bathroom.

A moment later something poofed into the room… it looked like a piece of paper or picture.

"What is that?" Cedric quietly asked before picking up the paper.

Turns out that when he turned it around… it showed a picture of Rachel kissing Azure in her semi dark form.

The young wolf's eyes widen in surprise when he saw that.

'I can't believe I'm thinking something like this...but this is hot.' He thought with a blush.

Lemon alert/ see on AO3 as well

Cedric looked around for a second before he locked the bathroom door and walked over to the toilet and sat down after he pulled his pants down and showed a slowly growing erection.

That's when he started imagining himself at the beach along with Rachel and Azure in their swimwear while he's wearing the speedo that Lillum gave him…. the fur colored one.


This imagination had him and the ladies at the beach for sure, but it starts to get steamy when Azure pulled at her top for a second.

"I may not be affected by the heat but I can still sweat, do you two want to take a dip?" Azure asked when she got up from the ground.

"Don't mind if I do." Cedric said as he walk up to them.

Azure then grins before she starts to walk to the water and to his and Rachel's surprise… unties the strings on her top before it fell to the ground followed by her pulling the ties on the bikini bottom which left her in the nude a moment later.

"Hope you don't mind if I make myself comfy." Azure said with a grin on her face while she dipped a toe into the water to test it.


Cedric got up and lift the toilet seat up as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his hardened dick with a knot at the base.

It was at least 9 ½ inches long and nearly two inches thick... The knot was around three inches in width and that was before it would swell.

He then starts jerking himself so he can get rid of his erection while at the same time continues to imagine what happens at the beach.


"Hey Rachel… want to join?" Azure asked with a grin on her face.

Said hedgehog grin before speaking.

"Sure. Just let me take this swimsuit off."

As she took her swimsuit down, Cedric was able to see her nude body. Seeing the size of her bust made him believe that they're at least C size since he did touch one of them.

Azure grinned before she looked to Cedric.

"Mind joining us?" Azure asked when she looked down to Cedric's speedo's with a grin still on her face.

Cedric grinned back at her.

"Why of course. Just let me do something first." He said as he brought his hands to the hem of his speedo and brought down between his legs before taking it off completely.

Azure grins before she grabbed Rachel's right arm and slowly pulled her into the water.

"Come on Rachel, why not give a show for him." Azure said before she kissed Rachel on the lips and slipped her tongue in.


"Oh yeah, that's good." Cedric said quietly as he continues to off himself before things went back to his imagination.


Azure then gripped Rachel's ass with her left hand while her right went to Rachel's left breasts and starts to lightly pinch her nipple while she continues the kiss.

Rachel decided to return the favor by doing the same thing to the feline's breasts.

Azure moaned at the action before she took a quick glance towards Cedric to see how he was holding.

Said wolf was enjoying the show. His member being hard was proof.

Azure grinned before she slid a hand down to Rachel's snatch before she lightly starts to rub it.

It made Rachel moan in the feline's mouth before Azure lightly pushed Rachel into the water with her body being partly submerged.

Azure then knelt down before Rachel could react and starts to lightly lick Rachel's folds while the sea water lapped against Rachel's ass.

Said hedgehog was moaning in pleasure from the treatment while Azure's ass was seen perfectly by Cedric.

Cedric was surprised at this before he started jerking off.

After a few more seconds, Azure looked to Cedric before she held one of her ass cheeks.

"What's wrong?, enjoying the show to much to join in?" Azure asked before she let go and starts to eat Rachel out again.

Cedric was indeed enjoying it, but didn't want to be left out. So he decided to walk towards the duo.


Cedric continues to jerk himself as he was liking where this is going.

Precum was already leaking out while the knot swelled a little.


When Cedric starts to walk into the water, he got both of the ladies attention before Azure grins.

"So… want to go first this time Rachel?" Azure asked before she gave a few more gentle lick.

Rachel looked at Cedric but licked her lips when she saw his dick.

"You bet I do." She said as she wanted to feel Cedric inside of her.

Azure grinned before she moved over Rachel and turned themselves till Azure was on her back in the water while Rachel was on all fours.

Rachel wiggled her ass at Cedric like she was inviting him.

Said wolf accepts it before he went up behind her.

He brought his member to the folds of her pussy. He moved it around in a teasing manner.

Rachel shivered at the feeling.

"Come on Cedric, stop teasing me and stick it in there." She said in a begging voice.


"Alright then Rachel. You asked for it. " Cedric quietly said as he stroke himself fast.

Meanwhile outside the house's bathroom window most of the people went away from the house to look around.

We find a badger mobian who appeared from the jungle nearby and lands near the bathroom window.

Turns out it was Sticks the badger… and the years were kind to her, her figure grew more developed and her height increased a little from years ago which gave her a womanly figure which was covered by her old outfit which had trouble fitting with her grown figure which made her frown when she had to adjust again.

"Need a new outfit." Sticks muttered to herself before she saw something… or someone in the bathroom when she thought she heard something which made her worry a bit for Amy… and when she realized what was going on… she blushed greatly before she grins.

"Ohhh...Strong looking male." Sticks said when she looked Cedric up and down before she saw the size of his dick which made her grin widen more.

Said wolf, who's oblivious to what's happening outside, continues to stroke himself as he imagined what happens next while Sticks grinned when she had an idea to take advantage of the situation when she carefully opened the window and entered the room after she removed her shoes which left her in her socks which muffled her already silent footsteps more before she approached him.


Azure held Rachel's hips to steady Rachel when she saw Cedric getting ready to thrust inside of her.

Cedric steadied himself before he starts inserting his dick in.

"Ah!" Rachel yelped as she felt that while Azure grins when Cedric starts to get into it.


Stick's saw that the wolf in front of her was too distracted which allowed her to get a good look when she bent down to examine his dick to see how much longer he could last.

As said wolf kept stroking, more precum leaked out.

Sticks grins before she licked her lips when he missed going to the tip of his dick before she opened her mouth and ever so carefully… took it into her mouth so he wouldn't stop.

Cedric could've swarm that his dick got warm, but didn't care as he continues to jerk off, which caused Sticks to smirk when she starts to lightly lick the tip.


Azure just watched for a minute when she saw Cedric thrusting in and out of her before she starts to slide out from under Cedric and to his surprise starts to lick and fondle his balls.

Cedric groan and moan from that. It made him thrust fast in Rachel.

Said hedgehog moaned with ecstasy.

"Oh God, yes Cedric. Keep thrusting!" Rachel said between moans.

A few minutes pass before Azure felt his nuts tighten a bit from an approaching orgasm before she pulled away and looked to Rachel who looked like she was enjoying herself.

"Hey Rachel, mind joining me down here for a second, he's about to blow." Azure said when she starts to rub the knot forming at the base of his dick.

"O-Okay." Rachel said while Azure grins.


Sticks somehow managed to get more into her mouth when she took him deeper and deeper with every pump of his hand and lightly bobs in time so she wouldn't hit the hand before she looked to see how he was doing and saw his knot slowly swelling.

Cedric groaned from feeling his climax coming while Sticks got ready for the payload.


A few moments passed when Azure looked to Rachel who knelt next to her before they grin at Cedric.

"So… who's mouth do you want to finish in?" Azure said with a blush on her face when she looked to Cedric's dick.

Cedric looked at both girls till he said...

"Your mouth Azure."

Azure grinned before she opened her mouth wide and waits for Cedric's dick.

Said wolf shoved his dick in her mouth and started thrusting after gripping the back of her head.


For some reason… Cedric stopped for a moment which confused Stick when she wondered what was going on before she took the chance to play with herself.

Cedric, unfortunately for her was broken from his dream and opened his eyes when she made an odd movement which caused him looked to down and his eyes widen in shock when he saw this strange woman's mouth on his cock.

"W-Who are you?!" He asked in shock as he try to pull his cock out.

However… Stick gripped both of his arms before he could and pulled away while keeping him in place.

"Don't blame me… you were playing with yourself in my friends house strange strong man, so I decided to have some fun as well." Stick's said before she looked down to his dick.

"Besides… can you really calm down now without a little help?" Sticks asked with a slightly flirtatious tone when she saw that he was iron hard.

Cedric blushed at the strong remark along with the flirting but was still speaking.

"That isn't the point. You can't sneak up on people and do...this. I like to know my women first before anything happens." Cedric said as he tries to get out of her grip.

However Sticks just shrugged before looking him in the eye.

"Alright, my name's Sticks, age 26, and I like strong guys." Stick said like it didn't really matter much before she licks the tip of his dick a few times to keep him from stopping her.

Cedric wasn't expecting that when she gave him her name.

"Okay. My name is Cedric and I'm 19. So how about we stop doing this." Cedric said hoping Sticks agrees.

However it had the opposite effect before she opened her mouth and took half of his dick in before she starts to bob her head.

Cedric groan from the feeling of her mouth on his dick.

Sticks then pulled away after a moment before she looked to him with a grin.

"I bet you're angry huh?, why not teach me a lesson or something?, or are you going to be a coward all the time, cause I watched you and your group of odd people and you seem the cowardly type when the unexpected happens." Sticks said with a taunting tone before she resumed bobbing her head again.

Luckily for Sticks, all that coward remarks was making Cedric angry, like Marty McFly and chicken remark. So he was able to get his arms out of her grip to her shock before she was set on the toilet a moment later, Cedric then put both of his hands on her head and his dick back into her mouth which made her eyes widen in slight surprise before she heard his voice..

"I'll show you who's a coward." Cedric said before he started thrusting hard in her mouth which caused Stick's head to be hilted fully on Cedric's dick while the knot kept outside when it bulged more.

"Finally!" Sticks thought while she used one hand to support her while her other slid in her pants before she starts to finger herself while she relaxed her throat.

'Damn, her mouth is something. Wonder how long I can keep up.' Cedric thought as he was starting to enjoy this while he kept pushing and pulling Stick's head.

Sticks mentally grinned as her head was used like a toy when she took a moment to adjust her feet before she used her now free hand to massage the bundle of nerves that helped made the sensitive knot.

"Why don't you use your tongue more?" Cedric asked while thrusting.

Sticks took a moment to hold her head still surprisingly before her tongue starts to move like a snake before she lets Cedric continue to use her head as his toy… and the keyword… she let him.

Said wolf groan from the feeling.

"Yeah, that's more like it." Cedric said while loving the feel of her tongue.

Sticks starts to hum before she sped her head up on her own along with Cedric's thrusts which caused her to hit his knot with each pull.

It wasn't long till Cedric felt his climax approaching.

When Sticks felt that, she increased her thrusting more which seemed to make the knot slowly enter her mouth while she opened her jaw as much as she could to prevent her from damaging it each time, but she was having trouble with it growing a little more.

It was about 5 minutes when Cedric groan before saying…

"I-I'm cumming."

He held Sticks's head firmly when he shot his load in her mouth.

Stick groaned for a moment from the taste before she gained enough control to actually slip her hands to his and pulled them away… which allowed enough room to slam her face forward which forced his knot into her mouth before an insane amount of semen shot down her throat while the knot kept any from flowing out of her mouth… thankfully she was somehow able to breathe.

About 10 minutes later, Cedric grunts and moan till he stopped cumming while his knot slowly deflates enough for Sticks to pull away while licking the excess semen with her tongue.

"So… still...think of me..as a...coward?" Cedric asked between breaths before he brought his back to the wall and slid down on the floor.

Sticks had to rub her jaw before she sent Cedric a grin of all things.

"Nope… but I think you're tapped out at the moment… hope you don't mind if I make a visit later to finish things?" Sticks said with a grin that said everything.

Cedric blushed in shocked after hearing it.

Sticks grinned before she walked over to the window and starts to climb out.

"I might visit that guy in the robe first though… he's got a lot of muscle on him, looks like a black and white bear mobian." Sticks said with a grin before she pulled her other leg out.

'Could she be talking about Daniel? Well I'm not gonna let him have her. Wait, what am I thinking? I barely know Sticks and I still have some feelings towards Azure and then there's Rachel and also...Kyra. But Sticks is hot, What am I gonna do?' Cedric mentally thought.

Sticks then stood the roof before she stretched with a grin on her face.

"Welp, see ya Cedy, I may invite both of you for some fun later if that other guy is as good as you." Sticks said before she jumped off the roof and into the jungle.

Cedric blushed at the nickname, while shocked that she want's to invite Daniel over along with him. But felt insulted when she said that last part.

However Sticks jumped back into the room to his surprised before she grabbed her shoes when she forgot them in the bathroom.

"Forgot my shoes and another thing…" Sticks said with a grin on her face which seemed a bit confusing when her actions seemed random.

"What's that?" He asked.

Sticks then moved with surprising speed when she kissed him on the lips for a second before pulling away.

"Ehh.. just because I like to go between a few guys doesn't mean I don't like ya, but I overheard that lady with the wings on her back and the large boobs talking so I wanted to see if I could have some fun with you guys." Sticks said with a grin on her face.

Cedric blushed after receiving his second kiss.

"So when I say I want to have fun… I mean it, even with other women as well and there are so many to pick so I might talk to that large boob lady and see if I can join you guys so I can have some more fun later." Sticks said when she starts to walk to the window again.

"Actually, it's Emerald's call so you might want to talk to him." Cedric said.

Sticks rubbed the back of her head before looking to him with a half lidded look.

"You mean that average looking guy with the gem thingy in his chest?... he ran when your woman with the dark mist like stuff gave him a look that sent a chill up my spine before he ran off after you did before this happened which returned her to normal." Sticks said when she held up the photo of Azure and Rachel kissing and tapped it with a free finger… how did she get that?

"1.) Yes. 2.) He may be average here, but he's much more powerful in his own world. 3.) That's Azure and she's not my woman...yet. 4.) Can I have that photo back?" Cedric asked while counting his fingers.

Sticks in the meantime thought about each one before she mimicked Cedric with a teasing grin.

"1.) I prefer to speak with the boob lady since she's closer, 2.) I know when I got a funny feeling that he shouldn't be messed with, 3.) you deny it somewhat but your actions here kind of make it obvious that you love those two… and 4.)... nope… should make a very nice dream for me before I come back tomorrow since it's getting late, I'll return it later after I have Tails make a double." Sticks said before she surprised Cedric by placing the pic in her pants… and underwear.

"Or you could take it… I won't complain." Sticks teased when she tapped her crotch area where the pic rests.

Cedric didn't know what to do. It was either a) Let Sticks go or b) Get the pic back before he gets blamed again.

Sticks grinned before she at his dilemma before she spoke up.

"Tell you what, let me make a copy and I'll give you reward that you won't forget." Sticks teased when she turned and slapped her rear once.

Cedric gulped while blushing.

"O-Okay." He said agreeing to the terms.

Sticks's grin widened before she hopped out of the window and got ready to jump again.

"See you tomorrow then Cedy." Sticks called out with a grin before she jumped into the jungle and vanished after a moment, this time with her shoes in hand.

Cedric could feel his heart pounding.

"What did I get myself into?" He asked himself as he thought about everything when he starts to clean himself.

Lemon over/ see on Ao3 for Lemon

When all was said and done, Cedric was left alone before the camera went to Amy, Rachel, and Lillum who said away from some of the group to talk before Sticks even jumped at the bathroom window in the first place.

"So… wait… you're saying that people in this Angel City can have multiple lovers… and it's legal?" Amy asked with a blush on her face.

Little did they know, Sonic was able to regain conscious and was over hearing what Lillum was telling Amy.

"Yep, and believe it or not, the Sonic of our Dimension married another woman as well as our Dimension's version of you… I never heard the actual reason since it seemed private but the three love one another very much." Lillum said with a grin on her face.

Sonic was shocked to hear that the other Sonic has two wives and one of them was another Amy.

Amy was shocked to hear that as well before looking to Rachel.

"Is that true?" Amy asked with a blush on her face when her imagination went a bit wild.

"Yeah mom it's true." Rachel said while blushing.

Amy blushed before she heard Lillum clearing her throat.

"It's not all bad, in fact… I could prove it if you let me." Lillum said with a grin when she placed a finger on Amy's chin while Amy's eyes widen in shock at what Lillum said.

Sonic was wondering what Lillum was gonna do to Amy.

"Uh…. prove it?" Amy asked like a question while Lillum grinned.

"Excellent choice." Lillum said before she got ready to prove her point when she sent a glance to Sonic… like she knew he was awake before she starts to lean in towards Amy's face.

Sonic was shocked that he was found out but was more shocked at what was happening.

Rachel had felt like this was happening before.

But before Rachel could fully remember… Lillum pulled Amy's arm and kissed Amy on the lips which made her eyes widen in shock before she starts to moan when Lillum slid her tongue into Amy's mouth…Apparently Lillum made Cream seem like a novice, which she was, while Lillum used her years of sexual expertise to made Amy as hot under the collar as she could which was shown when Amy's struggles slowed rapidly as the kiss went on.

Rachel and Sonic's jaws dropped when they were seeing this.

'I can't believe Lillum is kissing my mom.' Rachel thought.

Sonic had a somewhat similar thought.

'This woman is kissing Amy. I should be upset...but somehow I'm enjoying it.' He thought as he continued to watch.

A few seconds later, Lillum pulled away which showed that Amy had a blush on her breathless looking face before she starts to gasp.

"Hah… hah.." Amy repeats for a minute while she tried to get her head wrapped around what just happened while Lillum looked to Sonic.

"So Sonic, want me and your wife to have some fun in front of a camera so you can look at it later?" Lillum teased which caused Amy to blush greatly before she looked to Sonic with a bright blush on her face.

Rachel was shocked that her dad was awake and was watching them the whole time.

Sonic chuckled nervously after being found out before he got up from the ground.

"So how about it Amy? Want to give your husband a show later in video form?" Lillum asked when she looked to a stunned Amy.

"Uhhh…" Amy said when she covered her mouth before she answered in the heat of the moment when a blush appeared.

Sonic blushed at what was happening.

Lillum chuckles before looking to the trio.

"Well… if not now, then I could sweeten the deal so to speak…" Lillum cryptically said with glowing pink eyes.

"W-What type of deal?" Sonic asked.

Rachel and Amy were greatly surprised that Sonic asked that.

Lillum grinned before her entire body seemed to glow dimly before she… shrank?... and a moment later a new form was seen…. It was another Amy!?... Who gave a lust filled look.

One that was wearing a revealing outfit like Lillums, slightly larger breasts and fuller hips… and smaller demonic wings that looked like Lillums while Amy looked… at herself in shock.

"W-Wha…" Amy said with shock at what she just saw.

Rachel was speechless after seeing this.

Sonic had this reaction.

"T-T-T-T-Two Amies?!" He said with a shocked look.

The other Amy chuckles before she placed her elbows on the table which showed her… or Amy's cleavage before she spoke up…. With Lillum's voice.

"What's wrong big blue?, shock that two beautiful woman are sitting right in front of you?" Amy?... Or Lillum teased with a grin on her face when she remembered the AC Rouge's nickname for Sonic.

Sonic was still shocked and was blushing big from the nickname.

Lillum grinned before she looks to Amy.

"So Amy… interested in giving him a video with a twin?" Lillum teased while Amy blushed more when she felt heat in the pit of her stomach.

Rachel and Sonic were now wondering what she was gonna say.

"I… I... alright…" Amy whispered in a quiet tone, but it seemed to make it more noticeable to the trio which made Lillum's grin widen.

Rachel and Sonic were shocked at her answer.

"A-Are you sure Amy?" Sonic asked.

"T-Think of it as an early anniversary gift then…" Amy said while Lillum keeps the grin on her face while she watched.

Sonic blushed big, but smiled as he walked to her and hugged her.

"Aww, if it weren't the fact that I got Emerald, I would have you join us." Lillum said when she saw the duo hugging for a few moments more.

Rachel smiled at her parents.

Though what Lillum said said would probably make them all blush.

"Though if I talk with him… I could have him join and in turn have you join to make it fair." Lillum teased with a wide imp like grin at the fun she was having.

The trio were shocked after hearing it.

"Wait, so you and Emerald are dating?" Sonic asked.

Lillum held up a finger before she points to the duo.

"Sort of…he's got his own harem and I'm the leading woman there, as long as I don't go after other guys… all woman are OK, hence the reason I suggested that I ask Emerald since I felt bad about leaving you out of loving your wife." Lillum said with a teasing grin in Sonic's direction.

"Beside, I wanted to see if the fastest thing alive lives up to his name in the sack as well, though I hope your not a quick shot as a result." Lillum teased when she gave a wider grin.

Hearing that made Sonic grin at the challenge.

However Amy tapped his head with a finger.

"Oh Sonic." Amy said with a sing song like voice when her grip tightens on Sonic's arm after she noticed the grin.

"Yes Amy." Said hedgehog replied.

"Mind telling me what you're thinking…" Amy said before Lillum floats over before she whispered into Amy's ear… and the angered look that she had slowly fades before she spoke up.

"Alright… I'll bite… can he really do that?" Amy said while Lillum nods which caused Amy to nod.

"Alright Sonic, I'll make a deal with you, you can have fun with her…. But I get a turn with Emerald." Amy said with crossed arms after she stepped away.

Sonic and Rachel were shocked at this.

"Seriously mom?" Rachel asked.

That's when Sonic asked…

"You're sure Amy? The only thing I want to do is make you happy." Sonic said wondering if she's serious.

Amy gave him a half lidded look before pointing her thumb at Lillum.

"Can you really focus on anything with her teasing you like that… and in that form?" Amy counter asked when she waits for Sonic to answer.

"To be honest Ames, she may look hot and look like you, but she's not you. I love you for who you are Amy." Sonic said as he was serious.

Lillum smirked at the scene and before anyone could say anything, she spoke up.

"That's sweet, want me to tell you what I told her which got her to agree earlier?" Lillum said when she turned her chair a bit and leaned against the counter.

"Um...sure." Sonic said.

Lillum closed her eyes and held up three fingers.

"Emerald has three very interesting abilities that he can use in the bedroom, one for battle as well… well he has more but these are my fav." Lillum said when she held up one finger.

"One is his cloning ability… on a good day he could make an army if he wanted to… or a small squad for a more… pleasurable experience." Lillum said with a grin before she looked to them with one eye open to see how they were reacting so far.

The trio were surprised surprised that Emerald can do that.

Rachel was now thinking of something.

'I wonder if Cedric can get that ability. It can be very helpful for Azure and me.'

She blushed after thinking that.

Amy blushed greatly when she looked to Sonic with a similar but more personal thought while Lillum continues.

"If you want, Emerald could teach you Sonic so you could really show Amy a good time if you and Amy agree since I haven't been able to do much lately and I'm getting a bit… Hungry after all." Lillum said while her eyes seemed to glow for a second at the hungry word for some reason.

The trio shivered a bit when she said that.

"Uh… are you OK?" Amy asked while Lillum sighs.

"I'm a succubus alright if the wings didn't help explain that, and if you know anything about succubus's then we need to *Feed* every now and then or we could go into a lust fueled frenzy, main reason I suggested this if I'm being honest." Lillum said with a shrug of her shoulders while she quotes the feeding part..

The trio now understood what she meant.

"So what's the other ability that Emerald has?" Sonic asked.

Lillum grinned again at the question before she answered.

"Well… more like a two in one thing, the ability to prevent unwanted pregnancies on command and a passive ability which makes him immune to getting and giving STD's and HIV's now those are handy abilities." Lillum said with a smirk.

The trio were shocked that such an ability exist.

'I need to talk to Lillum and Azure about this.' Rachel thought.

"And the final ability?" Sonic asked.

Lillum gave a bit of a chilling grin when she held up a finger.

"Simple, he gained this curse in a certain world… but if he gets splashed with cold water without a skin tight barrier, then he turns into a full fledged woman." Lillum said when memories came to mind which made her giggle while a little drool appeared at the corner of her mouth.

The trio's eyes widen while their jaws dropped when they heard that.

"So, want to help a lady out and have some fun learning a new skill?" Lillum asked with a tempting tone while Amy frowned.

"And how do we know you're not lying…" Amy said while Lillum grins.

"Ask the others, they can vouch for me." Lillum said while Amy took a moment to think before she looked to Sonic.

"What do you think?" Amy asked with a raised eyebrow.

"To be honest...I never thought of being with another woman other than you Amy. But I'm thinking that with me learning some new moves, I might be able to make you feel even greater." Sonic replied as he rubbed the back of his head.

Amy frowned at that lightly before she looked to Lillum.

"If… I agree and I find out that you're lying… well I don't know about your Amy, but I can promise you you'll be sent flying with my hammer." Amy said while Lillum grins.

"No problem, I can speak with Emerald later after he comes out of hiding, until then… you and I could make that video as a good memory right?" Lillum said while Amy jolts with a blush on her face.

"...Al...alright." Amy said with a bright blush on her face while Lillum grinned before she stood up.

"Alright, we have a deal, and demons take deal making seriously, I'll just need to head back to Angel City for a moment to grab a few things, then you and I can start." Lillum said when she walked around Amy and gave her a light spank on her rear which made her jolt again while Lillum's form shifts back to normal when she exits.

Sonic and Rachel were surprised from that.

Amy then looked to the duo while blushing.

"Guess we can't complain about you having a boyfriend or girlfriend or we would look like hypocrites." Amy said while she rubbed the back of her head when she looked to Rachel then sent a glare to Sonic.

"Right Sonic?" Amy said with a tone that warned him to say his words carefully.

"R-Right. But your mom and I want to get know them in case of anything. I don't want my little girl getting heart broken.. Sonic said as he looked at Rachel… did Lillum plan this in advance?

Rachel understood and was happy that her parents approved of this.

"Now I don't know if you are, but I want to have a few words with that Cedric fellow when I see him." Sonic said being in Father Mode.

Rachel gulped when hearing that. But nodded in understanding.

A bit later

Emerald arrived back in the house and near Sonic who sat on a chair after making sure Azure was not in the room… she had a temper after all.

"Hay Sonic… is Azure here?" Emerald said when he looked around the room again.

"Nope." The hedgehog replied.

Emerald then walked around the chair before getting a bit confused,

"Have you also seen Lillum by chance?, I can't seem to find her." Emerald said when he peaked into the kitchen for a second.

"She went back to your Dimension to get somethings. She told my wife about certain stuff." Sonic said while blushing a bit.

Emerald was a bit confused, or greatly now that he thought about it.

"Why would she head back without saying anything?" Emerald said with a raised eyebrow before he sat on a nearby chair.

Sonic sighed as he looked at Emerald.

"Because my wife and your girlfriend made deal." Sonic replied.

"What kind of…" Emerald said before he got it finally before giving Sonic a half lidded look.

"Just so I don't get the wrong idea… mind telling me the deal in question?" Emerald asked with crossed arms.

"Where if I'm with Lillum, Amy tries you out." Sonic said.

Emerald was oddly silent… or maybe he was right to be silent before he looked to Sonic.

"Did she say when she would be back?" Emerald cryptically asked with crossed arms.

"No clue." Sonic replied.

"I'll need to speak with her then…" Emerald said with a serious look on his face before looking to Sonic while a chill went through the room.

"So… mind explaining how you and your wife got mixed in?" Emerald asked with a slightly Demonic tone creeping in.

"Well apparently while you went hiding, Rachel surprised everyone by kissing that Azure girl to calm her down. Now I'll admit I fainted from that. When I woke up I overheard Lillum talking to Amy about your Dimensions custom. It also has something to do with Rachel if me and Amy approved. Which we did after Lillum became so convincing. Since I agreed, I wanted to have a word with Cedric since my daughter likes him. Have you seen him by any chance?" Sonic questioned.

Emerald scratched his forehead before he responds after he calmed down.

"1. Azure's fire is unique in that it doesn't burn, it turns things it touches to ash, so unless your willing to chop off a limb… I really shouldn't dis me since I know you'll be running if you tick off Azure, 2. I'll need to speak to Lillum more about this deal of hers with you, and finally 3. No I haven't, last I saw, I saw him bolt to the house with a clone staying back in the trees to see what happened after before it vanished when my control slipped after, it would also explain why I'm here now, I was training a bit to get some control back." Emerald said while unknown to them both… Sticks hopped out of the window and into the jungle… a second time.

"Well if he's in the house, I better go look for him." Sonic said as he got up and started looking while the scene fades to black when Emerald got a thoughtful look on his face.

The camera sees DME and Atomsk outside of the building.

"How long you're gonna be mad at me?" Atomsk asked since he offended DME with the lightning thing.

DME just gave him a half lidded look.

"Who said I was mad, I was just pointing out that the lightening was a bit cliche… besides, do you want me to be angry?" DME said with a raised eyebrow.

Before Atomsk could answer, he sees the readers.

"Hey everyone, welcome back. We hoped you enjoy chapter 6, along with that lemon scene. Who knew Sticks was horny. Cedric is gonna have a hay day with this. I'm quite excited for what will happen between Sonic x Amy x Lillum x Emerald."

"Though knowing how random Sticks is... I personally wouldn't put it past her to try something that might unintentionally cause trouble for Cedric when Azure and Rachel find out." DME said when he starts to walk to the area the green faced man came from.

"True true. It seems he's gonna have to wing it then. And we cannot forget about that Kyra person and what her role is. Anyway, do you want to say something to the readers?" Atomsk asked when passing the spotlight to DME.

"Just this… while there are a few more lemons planned for the next few chapters, I can assure you as a Darkside of TME, that things will get dark before this arc is through." DME said with a chill inducing grin on his face when he walks away from the spotlight.

Atomsk shivered before looking at the readers.

"Well you heard him folks. We hoped you enjoyed this chapter and we hope to see you soon. Now if you excuse us, we need to continue our search." He said before the camera fades completely when Atomsk ran off screen and after DME when he entered the woods.

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