Dimensional Drifter school @emerald
A life lesson and a fashion show

The Camera fades in to DME walking through the forest with his hands behind his back while he tried to think of a reason for the Green masked man.

Then suddenly a black portal opens up a few feet in front of DME. Coming out was Atomsk himself.


DME however just gave a simple wave while he walked by Atomsk before he placed his hands behind his back again.

Atomsk came up to his side.

"So what's the plan, boss."

"I'm thinking, he's a reality bender so normal means won't work so we need to think outside the box." DME said while he tries to think of a few ways.

Atomsk was also thinking.

"Hmmm, if we could distract him, then I could do something, but we would only have a short time though." DME said when he looked to Atomsk.

"Interested in hearing?" DME said with a grin on his face.

Atomsk shrug.

"Lay it on me."

"In a moment." DME said before he looked to the readers.

"Greetings readers, I hope you have been enjoying the story so far… Last time we left off on a happy ending of sorts… let's see if it lasts… shall we?" DME said to the readers before giving Atomsk a chance to speak.

"I bet you're all wondering what will happen to our heros when they go to Rachel's home Dimension. Well like a magician, we can't tell any secrets. Just read and find out yourself." Atomsk said with a grin.

"I'll just say that this arc will be bloody thanks to a few… returning characters… Now… let's start…" DME said before the scene shifts back to the Dojo dining room.

Angel City/ Dojo grounds/ Emerald, Lillum, Demonga, Azure, Cedric, Cream, Daniel, Strike, Lavender, Rachel

The Camera goes to the students before they finished laughing before it centers on Azure who was still thinking about the three memories which caused a serious expression on her face when she calmed down, even if someone saw, they would most likely think that Azure was trying to keep from thinking of food right now.

However, Cedric did see her expression. But decided to talk to her later in private.

A few minutes later of idle banter later, Lillum walked into the room with an apron equipped.

"Alright everyone, Food's nearly done so ready for some tasty food from the gourmet Dimension?, and did you all wash your hands?" Lillum said before she waits for their answer.

All the students nodded as they show their clean hands.

Lillum smile before she calls to the kitchen.

"Alright Demonga… Bring the food in!." Lillum calls out before a long metal tray with… what would be considered a mouth watering feast with smells that made their stomachs growl into the room with Demonga carrying it… with an irritated look on his face while he carried it with a single hand.

"Remind me succubus… why am I the one bringing it out?" Demonga said while Lillum grinned a devilish grin.

"You lost at rock, paper, scissors remember?" Lillum said while Demonga's eye twitch when he placed the tray on the table.

The students snicker when they heard that.

Demonga gave the student's a cold glare before he spoke with a chilling grin of all things.

"Ohhh… should you really be laughing when your friend here is already digging in?" Demonga asked when he points to Azure who to their shock had a mountain of food on her plate… and a mountain size by mobian standards.

Everyone turned their heads and was surprised to see the amount of food on Azure's plate.

Azure froze when she got ready to dig in before she felt like she was being watched which caused her to look over to see who was looking her way which made her blush greatly before she tried to hide her face by looking away.

"W-What?, I was starving for some reason so I helped myself… there's plenty for everyone right?" Azure said which made Demonga speak up after he looks at her plate.

"I don't know… you seem to have an the appetite of a saiyan or a gourmet hunter now." Demonga teased before he enters the kitchen with with Azure pouting a bit at that.

"Did I really eat that much?" Azure said when she looked to her stack off food and frowned.

That's when Cedric tried making her feel better.

"Don't worry. It's the effect of the inhibitor. It'll go away soon."

"Maybe… but what if this is permanent?" Azure said when she feared she might become an eating machine.

Lillum on the other just smiled before she spoke up.

"No worries, even if it is permanent, we have more than enough food to keep up and then some, so help yourself… in fact, believe it or not, Demonga cooked most of the food himself, I just help with the special prep ingredients." Lillum said before Azure gave her a confused look before she took a turkey leg and bit into it before her eyes went wide before she swallows the food after she chewed it.

"Y-You're telling me that food this good came from a guy like him?" Azure said while Lillum smiled a bit.

"Yep, you know the saying, never judge a book by it's cover?, well Demonga is a perfect example of that.

Everyone else was shocked at the news. Cedric, Daniel and Rachel tried the food and had the same reaction like Azure.

'It's like tasting Heaven.' Rachel thought.

'Best food that I ever have.' Cedric thought.

'I must know his secret.' Daniel thought.

Demonga then brought more food in surprisingly before setting it in the middle of the table… oddly it was covered with a metal cover which he got ready, and after a second he did which revealed a blinding light.

The students covered their eyes to avoid the brightness.

When the light fades somewhat, it allowed everyone to look, they saw actual glowing slabs of meat piles on top of one another before Demonga spoke up.

"Jewel meat, special meat that is hard to come by, so try to not waste any." Demonga said with a blank but slightly cold tone while the smell wafts to each student.

Strike Stomach growled, much to her chargrin since she normally didn't eat much food.

Lavender had a similar but lesser reaction.

Cream smiled a bit before thanking Demonga, and if you looked close enough, you could see Demonga grinning a bit…. But only for half a second.

Azure… looked like she was fighting herself from grabbing as much as she could.

Cedric was having the same feeling as Azure since he was a wolf.

Daniel wished he had his blade so he can get as much meat as he can.

Rachel was on the same boat as Lavender and Strike.

While they were distracted… a hand reached between Cedric and Azure before the group looked to the person the arm connects to… and to their surprise... and slight worry… a depressed looking Emerald.

"Scoot over… I need a bite to eat." Emerald said with a dull tone.

Cedric wanted to protest this as he wanted to stay next to Azure, but didn't and made some room for Emerald.

Emerald grabbed a few pieced and slowly chewed one while to most of the students surprise… a storm cloud appeared over his head before it rains on him… oddly enough no one got wet, nor the table or the place he sat at, not even Cedric or Azure got wet.

No one said anything for the next 5 minutes, till Cedric asked an obvious question.

"You okay Emerald?"

Emerald glanced to Cedric with a look that said everything… are you kidding me.

"Try and think that question through Cedric… I just found out that Cream… the one who normally acts like a good natured woman… surprised another by kissing her, I'll admit that I can't stop her from having a relationship, but what would you do if you were in my shoes and that this was 100% unexpected, especially since I thought she liked Tails… or did I get that wrong?" Emerald said before confusing himself greatly at the end.

Cream rubbed the back of her head nervously when she heard that while chuckling nervously.

Cedric averted his gaze.

"Sorry." He said before continuing eating.

Daniel felt a bit jealous when he heard about Cream liking Tails. He hoped that its not true.

The rest of the meal went by without a hitch before Emerald stood up near the end.

"Considering this is the first day and that were about to head to Rachel's Dimension tomorrow, I suggest we turn in soon, for those who finished early, follow me." Emerald said before he walked to the door and waits there for the students.

Cedric and Rachel were the two finish and get up.

Daniel decided to stay a little longer to finish eating.

Azure took a few more bites before she got up with Strike and Lavender following a moment later, Cream decides to stay behind for some reason to speak with Lillum.

Demonga left the room before anyone else earlier.

When it looked like everyone besides Cream, Daniel, and Lillum were following him, Emerald starts to lead the group away.

Daniel continues enjoying his meal while he wondered why Cream stayed behind.

Meanwhile with the rest of the Students…

As they continue to walk…

Rachel felt excited to see her family again. But there was one thought that crossed her mind.

'I hope dad doesn't go all protective when I introduce them to Cedric.'

Said wolf was having some thoughts of his own about a certain feline.

'Wonder what can I say without making Azure mad.' He thought while trying to find a way to talk to her in private.

He even took a quick side glance at her.

Azure in the meantime felt someone's gaze on her and turned her head in Cedric's direction, but since Strike and Lavender where near him, she just shrugged it off as her mind playing tricks on her.

Meanwhile, Daniel was still enjoying his meal. That's when he heard Cream's voice.

"So… are you sure I can use that?" Cream whispered while Lillum nods.

"Yeah… try to hide it from Emerald or he might actually blow up, he's got more energy than anyone and he might actually pop if he finds out that you're using that item." Lillum said while Cream blushed somewhat for many reasons.

Daniel was using his spoon as a mirror and discreetly watched them. He was wondering why Cream was blushing and what they're talking. He also made sure that he pretend that he was not listening.

Lillum noticed though when she noticed Daniel using the spoon like that, but she did it in a way so Daniel wouldn't notice.

"Though I do have to say… Bisexual or not, I'm surprised you kissed Rachel like that, was that really proof or did you have other thought?" Lillum teased with an imp like grin on her face.

Cream blushed at that when she realized what Lillum just said.

Daniel blushed a bit whenever people mentioned that. He was now secretly wishing that Cream kissed him. Good thing for him, that they can't see him from the front.

Cream blushed more while she rubs the back of her head again.

"T-That's... I-I mean I'm 70% sure that she has a thing for Cedric, and I'm sure Cedric has a thing for Azure… I'm kind of reminded Amy and Blaze with those two so if they can't agree to share… they might but heads in the future." Cream said before placed a finger on Cream's chin before Lillum had Cream look to her.

"Oh don't worry about that… if you follow my private lessons like you did before you came here… I'm sure you could *help* those two, or anyone agree with you… they would be putty in your hands." Lillum said while Cream blushed greatly… she did go to Lillum for help with... certain things… and got the other of all sex-ed classes from her.

Daniel was confused on what Lillum meant.

'What private lesson did Cream take?' He mentally questioned.

But what he would hear would be both blush inducing and question answering at the same time.

"So here's some homework that you can work on later in Rachel's Dimension, you may have the know how and curiosity, but you never really put it into practice… in a nutshell, try and seduce one of your classmates, man or woman, it doesn't matter, I can even help you by talking with one of them… after all… I can be very persuasive." Lillum said with an imp like grin which made Cream blush greatly when she processed what she heard.

Daniel was indeed blushing after hearing that. He was even thinking that he might've been caught by Lillum. So the only thing to do is make a break for it after eating.

Lillum decides to give Daniel a slight, keyword, slight break for now by looking to Cream.

"But for now, turn in and rest, you'll need to listen to Rachel to see what kind of outfit you'll need for Rachel's Dimension… who knows, it might be very eye catching, I can distract Emerald so don't worry about him." Lilum said with a smirk before Cream nods silently before she walked past Daniel and out of the room which left Lillum, who had a widening grin, alone with Daniel.

Said panda didn't need a spoon to know that Lillum was watching him. That's when he decided to act casual and get out of dodge.

"Tell Demonga that the meal was excellent." Daniel requested as he got up and made his way for the door.

However before he could exit… it closed in front of him when he heard the snap of fingers behind him.

"Sure… but after you… hear out a possible request." Lillum said with a smile on her face while her hand emitted a little magic that fades… apparently she closed the door with a snap of her fingers.

Daniel gulped before he turned around to face the lovely succubus.

"A little tip with aura users… we can tell if a person is lying by how unstable their aura gets if they answer a question dishonestly… I'm not much of one… more with magic, but you get where I'm going right?" Lillum asked when she starts to walk forward while her eyes emit a slight pink mist before she continues.

"Anyway… I got one of two deals for you…" Lillum said when she stops in front of him.

Daniel was a little nervous.

"What type of deal?" He asked.

"Well.. you should already know what I'm about to ask since you listened in on a private conversation, but for one… I want you to… help Cream with her homework later." Lillum said with a devilish grin on her face while she held up one finger.

Daniel's eyes widen while his jaw dropped after hearing her request.

Lillum held up a second finger before she spoke up.

"Deal two… if not one, then help Cream with her homework by helping her when she needs it… so how about it?" Lillum said when her eyes glow again.

"Are you a virgin… or…" Lillum said with an analytical gaze on her grinning face.

Daniel felt embarrassed from that last question but nodded at the virgin part while blushing.

Lillum grinned before she spoke up.

"A virgin huh?.. For a moment I thought you played for the other team so to speak." Lillum teased while covering her mouth to hide a grin.

Daniel shook his head.

"No ma'am. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but I'm not."

Lillum giggles a little before she spoke up.

"I want to hear you say it… deal 1… or 2?" Lillum said while part of her enjoys teasing Daniel.

Daniel didn't know what to pick til' he said something.

"W-What if I want to help with both?" He asked with another question.

Lillum's eyes seemed to glow with mischief before she decided to tease Daniel.

"Oh... got your eyes on someone else as well… got to say, I'm impressed said while she lowered her hands, though coming from Lillum, you would be 90% right with her thinking perverted thoughts.

Daniel was sweating bullets while blushing. Even though he liked Cream, and he still does, he did find the other girls attracted. He already figured about Cedric, Azure and Rachel. Which leaves him with Cream, Lavender and Strike. He nodded to Lillum.

Lillum grinned before she got a serious look on her face.

"So… who are the lucky lady or ladies?" Lillum asked with crossed arms under hear breasts which bounced a little at the action.

Daniel hesitated while blushing.

"Well first, I was hoping to get to know Cream, even date her. Then I would also like to know Lavender and Strike as well."

Lillum grins at the info before she spoke.

"Interesting… Cream… Strike… and Lavender… I must say that your walking on ice with those three, good choices, but dangerous so I'll support you 100%" Lillum said with a cryptic tone.

Daniel bowed to her.

"Thank you and I'm willing to take that risk."

Lillum then held up three fingers.

"Just a heads up about all three, for Cream, she has Emerald, who you already know, and Pluton, a humanoid robot, that is watching her every now and then, Pluton used to have a Chaos Emerald as a core which gave him human emotions as a result, he may seem blank, but harm Cream in anyway and you'll see what Pluton can really do." Lillum said before she waits if Daniel had any questions so far.

"Is this Pluton here at the dojo?" Daniel asked.

Lillum took a bit of a thinking pose since this question is a bit… difficult to explain.

"Well… he has a main body… but because of a certain incident, his backup data was used to control some ancient Echidna security, so… while he does have a main body, he also has eyes and ears all over Angel City which has been handy since it means that if there is trouble in one sector, then the others can react even faster than normal people, you'll see when we head to Angel City tomorrow." Lillum said since it would be better to show then tell.

Daniel nodded but was a little nervous about having 'big brother' watching him.

"For Strike, She gets with certain woman who are interested in her, but for men… you would have to impress her with your overall battle power, heir for guarding the Master Emerald or something, so if you don't impress her, then Cedric might or none of you at all… though she might test you in another way since it's not all brute force with her." Lillum said before she waits.

Daniel blushed at the first part but was confused at the last sentence.

"What other test is there?" He asked.

"Well… she tests the person sexually to see if they can satisfy her at least, so even if you're weaker than her, you might have a shot." Lillum said with a lecherous grin on her face.

Daniel blushed big on that. If he wanted to prove to Strike that he was worthy...then he'll accept this challenge either way.

"Though you'll want to go after Cream first to get some experience right?... I mean virgins don't last long normally." Lillum teased Daniel before she got ready to explain Lavender.

Daniel blushed in embarrassment after hearing that. He also hoped that Cream will accept him.

"As for Lavender… well the Sonic of this Dimension is fiercely protective of his daughter after *Azure* apparently vanished, so don't be too surprised if he starts to get dark mode level threatening…" Lillum warned… but that begs the question, how could Daniel reason with Sonic if he gets like that?

Daniel took a moment to think about that.

"Then I'll just have to prove to him that I'm good enough." Daniel said with confidence.

Lillum gave him a half lidded look before she spoke up.

"Like the moxy, but… well… Sonic is not as nice as other Sonic's when it comes to protecting his family,... because of the Robotnik of this Dimension, he's more merciless to his enemies and extremely protective of his allies, so before you do anything that might get a limb removed, try and find Amy and Blaze first so they can back you up in calming Sonic down." Lillum said when she paled a bit when she remembered a certain memory.

Daniel could see that look but doesn't even want to know. However, he nodded and kept that advice in mind if things got serious between him and Lavender.

Lillum grinned before she snapped her fingers before the door opens.

"Well then, I recommend waiting till we get things sorted out in Rachel's Dimension first before you talk with her, you can tell her everything if you want, just be careful of Emerald alright?, Protective after all." Lillum said when she crossed her arms again.

Daniel gulped as he remembered the story. He nodded again to show her that he understood.

"Good now get a good night's sleep… we're going clothes shopping after all!" Lillum said with a grin on her face.

Daniel nodded.

"Good night then." He said before leaving through the door.

Lillum smiles when Daniel leave before she got a wide grin on her face.

"Now then… time to plan some fun times when those three get here." Lillum said cryptically when she vanished with a dark pink light while the scene went to the guestrooms where Azure was getting ready to sleep.

Azure wore a simple tank top and panties before she went to remove those, starting with the shirt.

That's when her door open to reveal Cedric wearing a tank top and grey sweatpants.

"Hey Azure, I was wondering if I can…"

He wasn't able to finish as he saw said feline in her 'getup'.

And unfortunately for him… she already pulled off the tank top to reveal that she wore no bra underneath which showed everything from the waist up C -cup sized breasts.. And when Azure finally realized what happened… it was too late while time seemed to freeze for a moment, but in fact they were both shocked still.

The only thing that showed movement was the blush growing on Azure's wide eyed face.

Cedric was shocked while blushing big as he saw her.

Azure then moved when she finally came back to her senses by covering her chest with her shirt while she lit her right hand aflame.

"I hope you have a very good reason for not knocking you pervert!" Azure growled out while she barely held herself back from attacking while a dark mist emits from her from her anger.

Cedric brought his hands up in defense.

"Whoa wait hold on!, it's not what it looks like! You door was somewhat not closed all the way."

"Bullshit… I'm sure I did close it all the way… besides… shouldn't you knock!?" Azure growled while her eyes slowly turned white.

"Yes you're right. I should've knocked. But I swear on my life that the door wasn't closed all the way. But I didn't come here to cause a ruckus. I came here to talk that's all." Cedric said with his hands up while telling his reasons.

Azure however focused on his hands… one of them which had a scar which made her calm down somewhat.

"What do you need anyway?" Azure said with her voice slowly returning to normal while she turned away from Cedric to put her shirt back on.

Cedric sighed as he put his hands down somewhat.

"Okay well first, I want to say two things:

I'm sorry for what happened just now and you're more than welcome to punch me hard after that.

I'm also sorry about what happened at the field when I tried to make you feel better."

Azure was silent before she glanced to Cedric with one eye.

"As long as you don't try anything funny… you can come in… though if you do… I'll roast your nuts into ash… remember that." Azure said when she sat on her bed.

Cedric gulped before speaking.

"Believe me, the last thing I want is to be...that guy. My parents, more likely my mom, taught me how to respect people, especially women. And if I slip up on both...You don't want know." Cedric said as he shivered when he remembered those teachings.

Azure gestures to a chair at her desk before she spoke up.

"Mind making sure the door is closed when you enter?, I'm sure I did close it so I still don't get why you keep saying that, but you don't seem to be lying." Azure said when she placed her hands on the bed.

Cedric nodded and went to shut the door when he noticed something shining in those edges. He bends down to pick it.

Azure watched with a confused look before she blushed a bit when her gaze went to his rear… apparently his outfit left little to the imagination.

Cedric went back up to show Azure the culprit.

"What do you know, a small Mobian penny. That's what was causing the door to not close."

Azure blinked for a moment before she cleared her throat.

"Strange.. I don't think I was carrying any money with me." Azure said with a slightly confused tone while a lighter blush was on her face.

"Maybe it belong to the previous student that came here." Cedric said while the scene shifts.


"ACHHHOOOO!" ? sneezed before sniffing while a woman's voice was heard.

"Emerald?, are you OK?" Lillum asked when she entered his room in some revealing nightwear.

The room that the duo was in was Emerald's master's old room.

"Yeah, must be dust or something, I'll need to have some clones tidy the place up while we're gone." Emerald said before the duo went to sleep while the camera went back right when Cedric said his sentence.

Angel City/ Dojo guestrooms/ Azure's room/ Azure, Cedric

"ACHHHOOOO!" Emerald's sneeze echoed through the building which caused the duo to sweatdrop.

"Uh… did you hear that?" Azure asked with a confused tone.

"Yeah what was that?" Cedric asked while also feeling confused.

"A-Anyway, what did you want to talk about again?" Azure asked when she rubbed her head when that sneeze threw her off for a moment.

Before answering, Cedric closed the door and decided to sit at Azure's desk.

"What I want to talk about was what happened at dinner. I felt like you were hiding something and I wanted to know if you want to talk about it."

Azure then glanced to her wrist with the inhibitor ring before looking to Cedric.

"You sure?... I'm not even 100% sure of what I've…. Apparently remembered since the images were blurry and the other thing.. Was the memory of a searing pain..." Azure said surprisingly.

"What else did you see?" Cedric asked.

"That's just it…. A vague image of some kind of box… two blurry shapes of… people I think… and a searing pain… that's what I saw when I placed this on." Azure said with narrowed eyes from the memories? while she made light glint off the gold ring.

Cedric had no clue what to say about that.

"Do you ever think that Lavender maybe right about...you being her sister?" He asked.

Azure looked up to the ceiling while shadows covered her eyes.

"I'm… not sure, I mean I don't have any memories of her or this place… so I'm not sure unless I learn more." Azure said with a frustrated tone.

"Well remember, I'm here for you if you ever need help." Cedric said in a reassuring voice.

"..." Azure was just silent before she looked to him.

"Tell me… if you had no memories of your home…. What would you do?" Azure asked out of the blue.

Cedric was taken back that.

"Well if I were you, and hoping you agree, I would still need help. Because I feel like the images that you mentioned are your only clues and who knows how far it goes. It might lead to something dangerous. So even if you didn't want mine or anyone else's help, I'll still follow you no matter what." He said in a normal tone.

Azure gripped the bedsheet for a moment before she looked to Cedric with a relaxed look.

"Thanks…. I'll think about what you said." Azure said when she gave a soft smile.

Cedric smiled back at her.

"Now then… you heard Emerald right?, We got to get ready to head to Rachel's world tomorrow so if you'll please leave so I can finish getting ready… with no interruption this time." Azure said with a slight blush on her face near the end.

Cedric blushed too remembering what happened.

"Yeah I'm sorry about that. I'll remember to knock next time."

"Word of warning… I sleep in the nude so if this happens again but I'm in bed… don't expect mercy you perv!" Azure said with crossed arms and a blushing face.

"Believe me, I learned my lesson. No perverts here." Cedric said with his hands up in defense again.

"I'll believe that when I don't see it anytime soon." Azure said with a half lidded look on her face before she points her thumb at the door.

Cedric chuckled nervously.

"I won't waste your time anymore. Hope you get good night sleep." He said as he gets up and goes to her door.

Before leaving he looked at Azure one time.

"Make sure your door is closed ALL the way and lock it just to be safe." He advised.

Azure nods when she opened the door for him.

"Message received." Azure said when she looked to him.

Cedric then exits her room.

"Hey Cedric." Azure said from her doorway which made said wolf turn to her, but before he could fully turn… Azure surprised him by kissing him on the cheek before she steps back into the room with a slight blush.

"My threat still stands… though consider that an apology for overreacting… good night." Azure said before she closed and from what Cedric heard… locked the door and the lights went out.

Cedric blushed big when that happened. He brought his hand to his check. Then his mouth formed a small smile.

"Good night." He said with soft tone that sounded like a whisper before going back to his room.

Azure in the meantime was laying on her bed with the brightest blush on her face when she realized what she did.

"Night…" Azure said before she closed her eyes and time passed.

Hours later

When everyone woke the next day, they all gathered at the dojo grounds, everyone seemed ready…. But four seemed a little out of it.

Azure seemed to have a bit of trouble looking to Cedric while a blush appears.

Cream had a blush on her face while she blushed every now and then when she looked to certain people, mainly each student when she tried to think of someone to help with her issue.

Cedric was also having trouble looking at Azure with blush as well.

Rachel sees this and couldn't help but feel jealous.

Daniel was wondering what was up with the blushing duo till he felt someone was looking at him.

Emerald sweatdropped at what was going on before he cleared his throat to get everyone's attention.

"Alright, to prepare for our trip, were going to listen to Rachel to hear what her world is like, like the weather, the type of land it is, ETC, Rachel if you would be so kind." Emerald asked when he gestures for Rachel to step forward while everyone looked to her.

Rachel smiled as she stepped forward and faced her friends.

"Well in my world, me, my family and their friends live on this big island. My house is 10 feet away from the beach, so if you guys have or want, bring a bathing suit. Most times during the year it gets hot so I recommend to wear shirts and shorts. Also if you ever want to explore out of the island, there's some boats to rent for two or more. That's it."

Emerald then got a serious look on his face.

"And do we need to worry about Robotnik there?" Emerald asked with a… cold look on his face.

Rachel took a moment to think.

"Well sometimes Robotnik goes on a little vacation on his own...but the Tails from my Dimension set up and alarm system in case he came back early or faked it. But so far nothing." She replied.

Emerald then got an extremely cold look on his face… so cold that it caused Demonga and Lillum to actually shiver for a second.

"Then I'll end that Robotnik if he causes any trouble… unless he has a redeemable aura… I'm not taking chances with a normal Robotnik…" Emerald said with a tone that had no mercy in it.

The students shivered when they heard that.

Lillum then clapped her hands to get everyone's attention from Emerald.

"Well you all heard Rachel… time for a new wardrobe… courtesy of Emerald." Lillum said which caused Emerald's eyes to get comically wide.

"WHAT!?" Emerald shouts before Lillum points to the Students.

"I believe you owe them for that scare just now." Lillum said before Emerald looked to the students.

Azure looked a bit pale…

Cream looked like she got ready to run.

Strike had wide eyes and her body actually shivered.

Lavender looked pale like Azure, but she actually fell on her rear.

Daniel stood his ground, but his body and clothes turned white from fear.

Cedric was almost like Daniel, except he still had his color. He was shivering a lot. But part of that was caused by Rachel who was so scared, she hid behind the young wolf and grabbing his arms.

Emerald blinked a few times before summoning his wallet and passed it to a surprised Lillum.

"Fine… meet me at the at the usual spot with the others…. I'm going for a walk." Emerald said before he looked to the Students who still had their eyes on him before he looked away and walked into the shadows before anyone stopped him.

It only took a few moments till everyone calm down.

Azure took a few breaths before she looked to Lillum.

"W-What… I mean… Robotnik is normally bad…. But Emerald… seems to despise him...Just… what happened?." Azure said between shivers.

Cedric, Daniel, and Rachel, whom is still behind the young wolf, was wondering the same thing.

Lillum was silent before looking to where Emerald went with a sad look.

"Similar to Cedric…. The person… the one who brought him here to this dimension and who acted like a second father to him…. Was taken from Emerald in a cruel way…. All thanks to the Robotnik of this Dimension before he left this Dimension with a traitor before he could be killed." Lillum said before looking to the Students.

"Cream already knows this since she was just a child back then, but I think that's a story that Emerald should tell himself." Lillum said when she pockets the wallet.

Most of the students were shocked after hearing it.

"So for now… we should let Emerald go for now and head to Angel City for our new outfits, after we do that, we'll come back here to grab a few things so don't worry about forgetting things for now." Lillum said with a serious expression on her face.

Everyone nodded with her in agreement.

Lillum nods before she had the students gather around before a crest appears under them before it flashed with a light before the group vanished...

?/?/?/ Lillum, Azure, Cedric, Daniel, Lavender, Cream, Strike, Rachel

...And when it fades a second later, they found themselves in the middle of a busy city street near a massive building with many mobians, humans, and beings that confused some of the students, entered and exiting.

"Welcome to the Dimensional Mall." Lillum said when she gestures to the building.

Some of the Student's who lived here already visit here… but for the others.

Azure looked around with an amazed look in her eyes at the people and the buildings around them.

"A-Amazing." Azure simply said to show how surprised she was.

Cedric and Daniel were surprised at the size of this place.

Rachel however...had this reaction.


Everyone was both shocked and sweat dropping when they looked to see what Rachel was doing now.

Rachel saw them staring and felt embarrassed for shouting.

"Sorry about that." She said while chuckling nervously.

Lillum smiled before she starts to lead the group in but stopped for a second when a grin causing idea formed.

"Come on, I know a good place for summer wear, Cedric and Daniel…" Lillum said before she looked to the duo with a grin on her face.

Said panda and wolf wondered what she was gonna say but weren't liking that grin.

"You two will be judges in a little fashion show for us ladies." Lillum said with a grin on her face while Azure, Cream, Lavender, and Strike, lightly blush with various levels.

Rachel blushed big knowing that she was gonna model for Cedric. Even though Daniel will see her too.

Both male duo had their jaws dropped after hearing this.

Lillum then grins when she looked to the ladies.

"And you girls will judge the boys when they dress to impress… then afterword… the swimwear round for both sides… hmm now that I think about it… I might join, seems fun." Lillum said with a grin on her face.

Cedric and Daniel blushed big knowing that the girls are gonna judge them. But then their faces became red like a tomato after hearing that Lillum will be part of this.

The girls blushed greatly, though Strike and Lavender were less noticeable when they heard that Cedric and Daniel would judge them as well, but the blushing shot through the roof when they heard about the swimsuit challenge.

No said anything for a few minutes.

Lillum then giggles before she starts to float above the ground and towards the mall.

"I wonder what's good right now…. Maybe something a bit small…." Lillum said before her voice fades when she flew in the mall.

Everyone else looked to one another before they started going to the many stores in the mall.

They found Lillum speaking with… a robot humanoid… and Cream with some differences!?...even though she was standing with the group.

Strike, Lavender, and Cream smiled when they saw the duo.

"Mom, Pluton!" Cream called when she ran to the trio.

Cedric, Azure, Daniel, and Rachel had this thought.


Instead of the iconic Vanilla… when the group got close… they saw that Vanilla and Cream actually looked clone in age somehow, though Vanilla had a less trained body then Cream it seemed, but she had a more mature woman's figure that was seen under her dress slightly which his most of her figure, and longer head fur as well.

Azure blinked a few times.. Before she rubbed them in case she was seeing things… nope… this Vanilla was real.

"But why does she look so young!?" Azure thought with a greatly confused mind.

Cedric, Daniel and Rachel were thinking the same thing.

Cream walked forward and hugged Vanilla before she looked to the others.

"You already know Lavender and Strike mom, but let me introduce my classmates, Azure, Cedric, Daniel, and Rachel." Cream said when she gestured to the four students.

"H-Hello." Azure said with a slight wave of her hand.

"Hi." Rachel said normally.

"Nice to meet you." Cedric said.

"A pleasure to meet you, Miss Rabbit." Daniel said before he bow to her.

Vanilla smiled lightly before she held up a bag.

"Nice to meet you, I was planning on giving this to Cream later, but I figure I should give it to her now." Vanilla said before she passed the bag to Cream before an another robot… one that looked like a bulky Echidna walked up before it starts to walk Vanilla out while Pluton stood there in silence.

The students wondered what Vanilla gave Cream.

What Cream pulls out… to her surprise… was a scarf… one that looked handmade, well made but handmade.

It looked a bit long while one end looped to make a noose of sorts but the angle looks like it rests in the shoulders… not the neck.

The pattern looked like an orange with tan flowers leading to a carrot at one end.

"Not exactly made for warmer climates… but it's really well made." Azure said when she grabbed one end near the carrot and felt how soft it was.

Everyone else went to feel it as well.

"Wow, this is soft." Rachel said.

Daniel was in the same agreement as well.

"What type of fabric your mom used?" Cedric asked.

"That's a secret." A mechanical voice said which made everyone look over to Pluton who had crossed arms… he actually speaks up now?

Most of the students were surprised by that.

"No need to worry about it being destroyed, Lillum enchanted it with a self repair and cleaning crest so it can be used in various situations." Pluton explained with a blank expression on his face.

'So this is Pluton.' Daniel thought as he looked at the droid.

Pluton's eyes narrow a bit surprisingly before he looked around.

"What's wrong?" Cream asked with a worried tone.

"... I could be wrong… but I think someone's thinking bad of me." Pluton said oddly which confused most of the students.

The students were wondering who it was.

"Don't know why but I get the feeling that someone thought of me as a droid." Pluton said which further confused most of them.

Daniel was a bit shocked on inside.

'Uh oh. Hope he doesn't look at me." Daniel thought.

"Is it your world Emerald acting up?" Cream asked which brought up the question… world orb?

Some of the students were wondering what a World Emerald is.

Azure raised her hand before speaking up.

"Ummm… what is a world Emerald?" Azure asked which caused Pluton, Cream, Strike, Lillum, and Lavender to try and describe it before Cream spoke up.

"In a nutshell… it's like a upgraded version of a Chaos Emerald in the shape of an orb." Cream said shockingly.

Cedric, Daniel and Rachel were shocked when they heard that.

"Again… what!?" Azure asked while Pluton just sighs surprisingly before he opens his chest compartment and pulled out something while a computerized voice was heard.

"Backup generator active… remaining time 20 minutes." The computer said while Pluton showed a round gem that emitted a beautiful glow… like a miniature sun in a glass sphere that was emitting a blue light.

"This used to be the blue chaos Emerald." Pluton simply said before he waits for their reactions.

Most of the students marveled at the orb.

The World Emerald seemed to pulse from their elated moods which caused it to pulse like a heartbeat while the glow brightens and dims with each rise and fall of the beat.

To most students, it was like a heart.

Azure seemed mesmerized for some reason though which Pluton noticed before he slid the Emerald back into it's core holder which caused Azure to blink before she shook her head before getting a confused look on her face.

Some of the students were worried for a second.

"You okay Azure?" Cedric asked with a concern voice.

Azure took a moment to blink before looking to Cedric and the other.

"U-Uh yeah…" Azure said when felt fine now… but what did that happen when she saw it?

Everyone looked relieved, but Cedric was still concern for her.

Lillum also looked a bit concerned but when Azure looked normal to her before Azure decided to try and get the subject on track.

"Well then, since I'm alright now, what say we continue?" Azure said when she looked around a bit.

Everyone nodded in agreement and started shopping by following Lillum to the summer wearing clothing section of the mall… which had so many stores it was boggling.

And to their surprise and embarrassment… Lillum led then to a store that though it had a decent selection of clothing… it left very little to the imagination for both genders.

There were a lot selections of swimwear (Mostly for girls) that made the students blush big as they remembered what's gonna happen next.

"Now then… everyone... Have fun and pick what you would like." Lillum said with a grin on her face.

Cream had a blush… regular clothing she could handle… but the swimwear…. Hold on…

Cream then thought about the scarf before she had an idea.

Strike and Lavender surprised everyone by entering with no complaints after they took a glance.

"Now that I look around, I'm not worried anymore, compared to the stuff that Lillum normally wears… this is tame and I'm sure they have some more decent stuff here." Lavender said which caused everyone to sweatdrop while Strike kept quiet… this was tame to Lillum's normal stuff?

Azure just walked to a wall and leaned against it surprisingly which the remaining students attention, Cream, Strike, Lavender were already browsing.

Rachel looked at Azure.

"You're not gonna look for anything Azure?"

Azure flinched before she points to her outfit.

"I don't really do fancy outfits… besides they get ripped up easily and these are easy to replace." Azure said while Lillum got a bit confused.

"Don't you have variants then?" Lillum asked which caused Azure to flinch again.

"N-No…" Azure admits which caused a tick mark to appear on Lillums and Rachel's head.

"Rachel?" Lillum said while shadow's covered her eyes.

"Yup." Rachel replied as she still hadn't take her eyes off of Azure.

Cedric and Daniel were creeped out by this.

"Grab an arm." Lilllum said, and before Azure could respond… Lillum grabbed her left arm.

"Huh?" Azure said while sweat dropping at the glare that Lillum had.

Rachel grabbed her right arm with the same glare.

Cedric and Daniel we're still creeped out by this.

"We're picking out a few outfits for you then…" Lillum said be before she and Rachel start to drag her into the store.

"Hold on!" Azure tried to say before she looked to Cedric and Daniel for help.

Cedric and Daniel would've said something, but Rachel gave the boys a death stare that read


Azure flinched at Rachel's look even if she wasn't the target.

The boys flinched from that.

Cedric looked at Azure and mouthed the word, "Sorry" , since he was a bit scared of Rachel at the moment.

Azure sweatdropped when Lillim lead them to various area's of the store.

"Why are you doing this?" Azure asked before Lillum sent her a lesser glare.

"Simple...a girl with looks like yours deserves to dress up every now and then, seems like a shame not to." Lillum said when she continues to lead the three to different clothing options and had a basket that was floating, follow them, thanks to Lillum' magic.

"That's right. Besides, don't you wanna look good for Cedric?" Rachel asked teasingly while blushing a bit.

Azure blushed greatly which was a bit odd since nothing should have happened right… but before the two could ask what was with the blush… Azure sent them a glare.

"Then can either of you make fireproof clothing… I mean you saw what my fire can do so wouldn't it be a waste if I burn or ash it off?, Why do you think I wear such short clothing?, For looks or to keep cool in hot days?" Azure said which did raise a bit of a point.

Rachel had no answer for it. So she looked at Lillum whom had a grin on her face surprisingly…

"Good thing then that I learned a few tricks… Come on Rachel you find some clothes on that side, I got this one." Lillum said when she looks through a nearby clothes rack.

Rachel nodded and went to her side.

Azure starts to panic a bit on the inside when she felt a bit self conscious and tried to find a way out…. But every time she tried, she got stopped by either Lillum or Rachel until….

The three met up with Cream, Strike, Lavender, Daniel, and Cedric who had clothing of their own while Lillum had her own clothing while Rachel held hers… Azure's was being held in the floating basket.

"Ready ladies?" Lillum asked while one hand kept Azure from running which caused some to sweatdrop.

Rachel nodded with a smile.

"I am."

"As am I" Lavender said when she showed her basket while Strike did the same.

"Yep, got everything I need here." Cream said with a smile on her face.

Azure just looked anywhere but her basket which caused Lillum to frown a bit before she grins.

"Well then...if you'll give Azure and I a moment alone…." Lillum said while she dragged a surprised Azure towards a changing booth.

The rest of the students sweat drop from that.

When the duo enters… it was... oddly quiet.

They were a bit worried at the silence right before they jolt in shock when Azure screamed some words every now and then.

"AHH...WHAT!?...WHERE ARE YOU GRABBING!?, STOP!" Azure screamed while the curtain moved a bit from the commotion inside while… Azures tank top flew...above the curtain.

Cedric was the only one that caught it which showed a rip on the back. He blushed a bit remembering that it's the same tank top that she was taking off last night.

A few more screams were heard before Azure's shorts flew out with her sandals following… and something that was balled up which flew through the air and lands in Daniel's robe comically.

Once again Cedric caught the shorts while Rachel got the feline's sandals. When Daniel pick up the thing on his robe, he blushed big as he realized what it was.

It...was Azures panties to everyone's surprise, they were surprisingly red in color… and lacy…

Daniel still blushed big. He quickly turned to Cedric.

"Here take it." He said quickly as he pass it to the wolf.

However when Cedric got it…. The curtain opens a bit to his horror which revealed Lillum and Azures heads while Azure blushed at what happened.

And then to Cedric's horror… Azure looked his way while the panties were in his hand which caused Azure's blush to deepen greatly.

"Ah.." Azure said when she tried to find words to say.

Cedric followed her gaze and his eyes widen when realized that he was holding her panties.

"It's not what it looks like. Daniel had them first."

Said panda was now a bit afraid when Cedric rat him out.

Azure's blush brightens when she heard that before she ducked down with one word.

"PERVERTS!" Azure shouts which caused… a surprising amount of killing intent to come Cedric and Daniels way, it wasn't from the other students thankfully… but… yeah… Different direction.

Said boys shakingly looked for the source.

To their horror… it was Emerald or a clone at least and Pluton….and their gazes were on Cedric and Daniel and the panties in Cedric's hand.

Cedric took one step back.

"I know how it looks...but I'm not a pervert." He said with a little fear.

"I heard the plural...perverts… not pervert." Pluton said when his gaze locked onto Daniel with robotic eyes focusing with a mechanical zooming sound.

Daniel was getting nervous. But was also feeling guilty for getting Cedric in trouble.

"Look, it was my fault. Something of Azure's landed on my shoulder and when I saw...the item, I panicked a bit and quickly pass it to Cedric. He didn't have time to say or object anything. So don't blame him on this. Blame me." Daniel said as he told the truth.

"Hey, are you a clone?" Lillum asked from behind the curtain.

"Yeah… and why didn't you toss it back over the curtain?" The clone asked with narrowed eyes when he looked back to Daniel.

That's when Cedric answered for him.

"That's because Lillum took Azure in the changing room and she was doing something in there as she tossed her clothes out."

"I mean when after it happened.." The clone said with half lidded eyes.

"It all happened so fast. We were gonna give her clothes back when it was over." Cedric said truthfully.

The clone narrowed his eyes before looking to Lillum.

"What are you doing to her in there anyway?" The clone asked before Azure shouts.

"SHE STRIPPED ME, WHAT DO YOU THINK!?" Azure said which caused the clone to sweatdrop.

The rest of the students had the same reaction as well.

"I'm not done, here…" Lillum said when she poked her head back in which caused Azure to scream again.

"AH… WAIT… NO….AAAHHH!, WAIT WHERE ARE YOU TOUCHING!, AH!" Azure screamed with various levels of imagination from everyone… mainly blush inducing.

Most tried to ignore it till it was over, though one scream did get a reaction.

"WHY ARE YOU GROPING ME!?" Azure screamed out which most of the Students to blush, mainly Strike and Cream.

Cedric blushed more as he heard it.

Daniel felt awkward being here.

Rachel blushed while thinking what Lillum was doing to the young feline.

A moment later Lillum exits with a grin on her face before she gripped the curtain.

"I give to you... the New summer wear Azure!" Lillum called out before she pulled the curtain out of the way.

It was mainly red with black patterns to compliment her fur

It was a red sleeveless t-shirt with a black flame icon on the front while she wore an actual skirt that ends past the middle of her hips that has small little black ember like icons on them, finally there was sneakers on her feet with a black flame icon on the outside of her feet.

For the accessories, she had a couple red red bands on her forearms which connected to another band on the elbows to allow easy bending with the piece of connecting cloth not getting in the way and finally the wrist which looked looked like they were connected to fingerless gloves.

She also had a hairband which looked similar to Blazes which ties the longer part of her fur into a ponytail.

Azure in the meantime blushed at the looks she was getting from everyone.

Rachel smiled at Azure's new look.

"You look fantastic."

Daniel agreed with her on that.

Cedric was silent for a moment as he looked at her. He was blushing at how cute she looked.

"I doubt that… I mean I got all of these scars." Azure said when her new outfit showed the scars on her body that her previous outfit hid.

Everyone saw the scars and felt bad that she has it. Even though Cedric was blushing, he can also see them too.

A moment later, the clone walked to her and spoke up.

"You mean those little things?, I got scars believe it or not that would make those things look like badges of honor, even the boss's regeneration has limits as shocking as that sounds." The clone said with crossed arms while Azure looked surprised.

Everyone else was surprised when they heard that.

"Really?" Azure asked before the clone nods.

"Yeah… though that situation is rare, it happens when certain people use attacks with very dark emotions." The Clone said before he lifts his shirt to reveal an average looking stomach… but a massive scar next to his core where his heart should be.

"Years ago… during a certain incident…. Demonga gave me this when I was seperated from my Core for a few years…. Thankfully I had a different way of healing but it left it's mark." The Clone said before lowering the shirt.

The students looked pale when they saw it.

Azure wondered what the hell happened between them which caused Demonga to cause a wound like that.

Cream frowned at the sight.

Strike and Lavender stayed silent when they wondered what else Emerald experienced in the past.

Cedric, Daniel and Rachel were on the same boat as Azure.

"Well… ignoring Emerald's past wounds for now… time for the rest of you to suit up for our four judges." Lillum said which caused everyone to sweatdrop before the clone raised an eyebrow.

"Four?" The clone said with a confused tone before Lillum points to the clone… Cedric… Daniel… and Pluton surprisingly.

Cedric and Daniel were surprised that the Clone and Pluton were also gonna judge as well.

"Yep… now ladies, hop to it!, I'll be joining so try to make sure you didn't forget anything to make your outfit unique." Lillum said when she walked into one of the changing rooms.

Right when she did… Azure sent Cedric a glare before she walked up and held her hands out.

"My clothing please… and my panties… you pervs." Azure said before she glanced to both Daniel and Cedric while the other woman got in their stalls to change.

Before Cedric could do that, Daniel spoke.

"Look Azure I don't know if you heard, but it was my fault that it happened. Cedric isn't a pervert and neither am I."

Azure then points to the panties in Cedric's hand.

"Getting caught I get… but why haven't either of you put them with the rest of my clothing already since you two are technically safe?" Azure asked both of them with narrowed eyes.

That's when Rachel spoke when she poke her head out.

"It all happen too fast, Azure. Lillum was throwing your clothes left and right. Daniel and Cedric and I were able to catch some. But none of us expected your underwear to be one. Then Daniel got scared a bit and past it to Cedric. He didn't have time to hide them in your clothes when you two showed up." Rachel said before she points to the duo who arrived.

"Hey I came here when I ran into Pluton, we talked a bit and walked this way… we heard perverts and that's it." The clone defends before Azure got a tick mark on her head while a dark mist appeared which surprised them all.

"That's not what I'm asking… I'm asking why haven't you put it with my clothing now! When you two now have had plenty of time to do that!, one of you has super speed right!?" Azure growled before she snatched the panties and clothing from Daniel and Cedric before she walked away after placing them in a basket.

"Azure wait, we did tell you why." Cedric said.

Azure then glared at Cedric.

"I mean in between… super speed remember, you could have shot to my clothing and back before we could blink." Azure growled when she starts to walk away and towards a bench to sit on.

Cedric sighed as he put his head with sadness.

"Tell me when it's over." He said as he used his speed to be somewhere else.

The clone sighed when it decided to try and do damage control by vanishing with a burst of speed to talk with Cedric since Azure would need time to calm down.

After a minute of chasing… Cedric finally stopped which allowed the clone to look around to see that they were in one of the parks with a lake nearby which caused the clone to guess that Cedric just ran in a random direction.

Said wolf was sitting by the lake as he brought his head to his knees and wrapped his arms around his legs.

The clone grinned when it seems that Cedric didn't notice him before he used an aura hiding ability to hide his presence while he carefully approached to listen if Cedric said anything.

Said wolf sighed again.

"Why? Why is it happening to me? Is the universe telling me that I'm not allowed to love anyone?" Cedric said while feeling depressed.

"I see… so that explains a few things." The clone said after he sat next to Cedric and lifts his Zetsu ability with his aura which revealed his presence fully.

Cedric turned his head and was shocked to see Emerald's clone next to him.

"Where the hell did he come from?" Cedric thought.

The Clone had a serious expression on his face before sending Cedric a grin… a knowing grin.

Cedric was confused but wasn't liking that grin.

"So… who's the lucky lady?" The clone asked out of the blue with the grin widening.

Cedric's eyes widen when he heard that.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about." Cedric said while trying to deny it.

The clone grinned when it used Zetsu in front of Cedric…. Even though he could see the clone… it was like his existence was erased if Cedric looked away… he would most likely lose the clone if it moved.

"Should I recite everything you said.. Or the universe part?" The clone said while he waits for Cedric's response.

The young wolf was shocked that the clone heard him say that. But was wondering what he did just now.

"What was that thing you did?"

The Clone grins before he let's his presence known again.

"I'll tell you when you tell me why you think you'll never find love." The clone said before it got a serious look on his face.

Cedric sighed with defeat as he had no choice.

"I have feelings for Azure."

The clone grins before it starts to chuckle.

"Oh man… you and the boss got a thing for the strong angry types huh?" The clone said surprisingly.

Instead of responding, Cedric just blush at the question.

The clone chuckles before holding up one finger.

"Don't know why she is so peeved with you since you apologized, but easy to anger people have one thing in common if you want to romance them." The clone said with a understanding expression.

"Oh what's the use? After what happen today, she's never gonna like me. I feel like history almost repeating itself." Cedric said with a sad tone.

"Repeating itself?" The clone asked since Azure seemed to be the one that that Cedric right… or was this before Angel city?

"Azure wasn't the first girl I had feelings for." Cedric replied.

The Clone scratched his head before he sighs.

"Look, before we get into another backstory… want a tip with people, with Azure's type of personality, or do you want to hear why she was still mad even after everything you tried to apologize for." The Clone said with crossed arms.

"Both please." Cedric replied.

"Well… for the angry type… you need patience, they get angry easily, but they'll calm down sooner or later, just try to not avoid her or she would feel bad in the long run… am I making sense so far?" The clone said with a fatherly tone when it tries to teach Cedric on how to deal with this situation in a calm manner.

Cedric nodded as he hadn't realise that.

"Now for the second one…. Try to think of yourself in Azure's shoes for a moment… she got stripped and her clothing tossed around before getting forced into another outfit… how would you feel if everyone saw every detail, would you have been able to calm down easily?" The clone asked with a patient look.

Cedric's eyes widen in realization as he remembered that..

"Oh man, I'm such idiot." He said.

The clone pats Cedric's back gently before speaking up.

"As long as you realized it before it was to late, then you have a chance to fix it, besides… no one said love is easy." The clone said with a wise tone.

"Tell me about it." Cedric said as he was remembering something.

"Remembering something?" The Clone asked with a curious tone.

"Yeah. But it's not important now." Cedric replied.

"You sure… cause I can read auras like the boss remember and what you said it a half truth… you told the truth about you remembering something, but lied somewhat about it not being important... Trust me, you don't want regrets." The clone said with a serious expression.

Cedric sighed.

"There's nothing much to say...I helped someone out and grew a close bond to her. When the mission was over, I told her my feelings and asked if she feels same...But said she doesn't know and left. That's all." Cedric replied.

The clone then bopped Cedric on the head lightly before he spoke up.

"And you never got a reply once after?... sorry but you kind of deserved that one if you never even tried to get one before coming here… though once we head to your world… we can see if we can track this mystery woman down and get an answer from her." The Clone said with his expression turning into the prankster look more and more with each word.

"You can try, but she knows how to cover her tracks well. Besides, she probably moved on. Don't even know if she remembered me." Cedric said.

The clone grins before placing a hand on Cedric's head.

"No problem, I've trained as a high class ninja in a certain Dimension and tracking is a breeze when you can sense auras… besides… after what you did for her, do you think this mystery woman really forgot you?" The clone asked with a patient look.

"I don't know. Never got a phone call or a letter." Cedric replied.

The clone sweatdropped before speaking up.

"Name at least?" the clone said with an are you kidding me look.

"Kyra." Was Cedric's response.

The clone then gave a grin surprisingly before he stood up.

"Well then, we should get back or Lillum will have your hide… if I vanish, the boss will most likely head for the hills when the memories get to him." The clone said before he placed a hand on Cedric's shoulder and the scene flashed with a light before the duo found themselves back in the store… a few inches above the ground which caused them to fall on one another in the middle of Daniel, Lillum, and Pluton much to their surprise.

"Ow… forgot that there was suppose to be a bench here." The clone said when it picked himself up.

Cedric groan from fall.

"Where were you two?" Lillum asked while the clone looked to her.

"J-Just having a chat with Cedric and lost track of time." The clone said while Lillum sighs.

"Well you missed the summer wear event… everyone is getting ready for the swimwear event now." Lillum said before she walked into one of the stands with a bag in hand while next to Pluton was multiple bags.

"Yeah sorry about that." Cedric said.

"It was interesting to say the least, the rest of the Students were original with their outfits by basing them partly on their old outfits." Pluton said before the four heard Lillum shouting.

"You girls ready?" Lillum called out from her stall before waiting for the others.

"As I'll ever be." Cream said from another with a happy tone.

"Same." Strike said simply with the same tone she normally used.

"I'm ready." Lavender said with a even tone.

"Ugh… like I have a choice." Azure said from behind another curtain with a tone that said that she did want to be here.

"I'm ready." Rachel said with some enthusiasm.

"Alright then… ladies open the curtain one by one." Lillum said before she pulled open her curtain… which caused the Clone to go bugged eyed and bright red at what Lillum wore.

She wore a two piece bikini with a towel on her shoulders… or it looked like a bikini, but there was so little that the group wondered how nothing important showed but left so little to the imagination while her wings stretched a bit before relaxing, her large F-G cup breasts which seemed to defy gravity and wide model hips were barely covered.

"So… what do you guys think?" Lillum said with a grin on her face.

Cedric and Daniel were speechless. They blushed while their jaws dropped.

Pluton just gave a thumbs up while he had a blank face… he was a robot after all, emotions or not.

The clone just stayed silent after it said one word.

"...Damn!" The clone said with a blush on his face before Lillum chuckles.

"Alright, Cream, your next." Lillum said all of a sudden to get the guys attention.

The 4 waited for Cream to come out.

When she did they were surprised at her choice.

She wore an orange bikini that hid a bit more than Lillum, but the kicker was the scarf from Vanilla that was equipped.

The looped part rests on her shoulders while the longer part wrapped around her breasts once before it went lower to wrap around her waist like a towel somehow, it looked like it was carefully planned for that part to keep it from unwrapping easily… but it really fit her somehow, the lower part of her breasts were seen… they looked fairly large.

The rest of her body was fully shown which showed off how trained her body was, she was also a foot taller than the other Mobians in the room so she looked like an Amazon.

"S-So… how do I look?" Cream asked when she felt a bit… exposed.

"You look great Cream." Cedric said liking the look while a small blush formed.

Daniel however couldn't say anything as he was too mesmerized with the bunny's outfit. He blushed while his heart was pounding.

"My statistics say that you're one of the top class woman in looks right now… also Cedric and Daniel's heart rates are rising to help prove your beauty thanks to my medical scanners… though it only happened for a moment with Cedric… Daniel on the other hand, his heart won't stop beating rapidly." Pluton said before he looked to the duo with mechanical sound coming from his eyes while Cream blushed greatly at the info and compliments.

Cedric felt embarrassed for a moment.

Daniel, however, still hadn't stop staring.

"And my point is proven." Pluton said with the same tone from earlier while Cream hid her face behind the scarf loop.

"S-Strike, your turn." Cream said before she went back in to change into her gear for Rachel's world while Strike opens her curtain to reveal Strike without her armor to restrict her figure.

Just like Cream and Lillum, she wore a two piece, but it was black in color while surprisingly D- cup breasts were seen and slightly wide hips.

Strike just kept quiet as she looked to the men.

Pluton just gave a thumbs up while the clone did the same.

Cedric whistled as he got a good look.

Daniel blushed as he saw her figure.

Strike looked to the duo before speaking up.

"Lavender." Strike said before she enters to change before Lavender's curtain opens.

Which revealed Lavender in a mostly purple one piece surprisingly with pink claw patters here and there which hugged her figure well and showed off some skin with some cut out patterns here and there while the rest of her figure was hidden.

Cedric nodded approvingly.

Daniel just clapped his hands.

Pluton and the clone gave a thumbs up with approval.

"Thank you, I did say that there was more modest stuff right?" Lavender said with a slight bow before she looked to Rachel's stall.

"Rachel, if you would be so kind." Lavender said before she enters her stall to change again.

When said hedgehog stepped out, Daniel and Cedric blushed when they saw what she was wearing.

She was wearing a bathing suit that made her look almost nude. There were floral patterns were her breasts are. Cedric and Daniel saw how big her bust is.

"Wow." Cedric said as he blushed.

"You look magnificent, Rachel." Daniel said.

Rachel giggled while blushing.

"Thanks guys." She said before looking to both Pluton and the clone to see what they think.

Pluton gave a thumbs up while the clone raised an eyebrow.

"Looks good but it… looks more revealing in a sense." Emerald said when he tried to not look to low.

Rachel chuckled while blushing in embarrassment.

"I couldn't resist the one with flowers."

"W-Well… it's not like anyone here is complaining… but how would your family react?" The clone asked with a finger raised.

That's when Rachel's eyes widen as she realised whom will disapprove.

"Oh man. My dad will throw a fit if he sees me in this."

"Maybe a reverse colored one?, same style, but with a different color pattern?" the clone said before it took a thinking stance.

Rachel nodded in agreement before she went back to the changing room.

"Eh, I say keep it and the recolor one, I mean Emerald's paying, your over 18 and you live in a different dimension… why not live a little?, besides I heard that Emerald will make a new home for us there so we can train in peace, so you're not really breaking rules." Lillum said with a grin before Rachel could enter.

Cedric, Daniel and Rachel were surprised at the news. Rachel was also happy that she was getting two swimsuits.

The Clone sent Lillum a glare which made her sweatdrop before Lillum called out.

"Your turn Azure." Lillum called while the remaining female students returned.

Everyone waited for Azure to come out.

"S-Seriously… you expect me to wear this?" Azure said while Lillum grins.

"Want me to drag you out?, we had a deal, you try on that one and you pick out one that you like." Lillum said while Azure growled.

"Fine, but don't think I'll forget this!" Azure called out before she opens the curtain which revealed her outfit.

Turns out that Lillum passed Azure an outfit that had Rachel's idea in mind.

It was a Pure black two piece outfit which made it hard to tell where the suit starts and fur ends while scars littered Azure's body here and there with a couple big ones on her stomach and back with one on her arm while red lines were on the bikini parts as well to make it much harder to tell.

Azure kept quiet while she had a bright blush on her face while she still had the ponytail equipped.

"Outstanding." Daniel said.

Cedric blushed when he saw her.

"So beautiful." Was what he said.

Everyone fell silent before they all look to him while the clone both facepalmed and grinned.

"Did I say it out loud?" Cedric asked.

"P-Perv…" Azure said with a bright blush while she covered her body which confirmed his question...though she didn't sound angry anymore.

"How was that perverted?" Cedric asked with confusion.

The clone leaned in to whisper in his ear with a half lidded look.

"Look at her outfit and tell me that you see it instantly." The clone whispered to the confused Cedric.

Cedric did look and facepalm when he realized the mistake.

"Everytime." He muttered.

Azure just sent Cedric and Daniel a glare before she grins oddly.

"Just wait… part of my deal with Lillum was having her choosing your outfits and swimsuits as payback for the panties.. Don't worry, you can choose yours after if you don't want them." Azure said with a smile.

Cedric and Daniel went bug-eye on the first part, but were a little relieved on the last sentence.

They both looked at each other.

"Might as well accept it huh?" Cedric said.

Daniel nodded as he had no choice.

"I…. wouldn't be too relaxed if I were you… I talked with the girls and I got the perfect outfits and swimwear for you two to wear." Lillum said from behind them while she had a grin that could rival the devil on her face.

Cedric and Daniel shivered with fear when they heard that.

"CRAP!?" They both thought while the scene went to later with Cedric and Daniel in separate booths with their…. Current temporary summer wear.

"Come on out boys. We're waiting." Rachel said with giggle.

Azure was waiting as well with crossed arms like Strike and Lavender.

Cream had a slight blush on her face.

Emerald and Pluton just played poker or something since this could get ugly.

A moment later Cedric's certain opens to a surprising sight while Lillum spoke up like an announcer.

"Since we're going to a island type dimension.. I went for a seafaring theme with both Cedric and Daniel but for Cedric… I went with the sexy pirate look." Lillum said when she turned which allowed everyone to see his outfit… or lack thereof.

He had the iconic pirate hat with a skull and crossbones on it… but lower revealed that he was just wearing a simple vest with nothing under it and a pair of short that… well were practically speedos like a swim team wears… just add pockets… he wore simple sandals to complete the outfit which really showed off his surprisingly muscular body to the ladies.

Azure couldn't really help herself with her blushing face showing how much she was impressed with the look.

Cream just blushed and covered her mouth when she couldn't stop staring.

Strike looked like she was examining him for some reason.

Lavender seemed try and keep her eyes upward when the speedo like pants seemed to… show certain featured that were normally covered... like the speedo was a size too small on purpose.

Rachel couldn't help but giggle while at the same time blushed at how cute he looked along with the whole speedo part.

Cedric blushed big in embarrassment.

"Okay, I've been humiliated. Are we even Azure?" Cedric asked hoping it's over.

Azure grinned before she spoke up.

"After Daniel comes out… speaking of which, how long are you going to make us wait?" Azure asked Daniel through the curtain.

Daniel sighed as he stepped out while...wearing a blindfold?

Lillum grins before she raised her right hand and snapped her fingers which unraveled the knot while she spoke up when it fell to the ground.

"Now since this guy is a samurai… I decided to make this one more… his style… say hello to the slim sumo." Lillum said when she gestures to Daniel.

Daniel's outfit… was just a fundoshi which had a cloth trailing to the ground which showed off every muscle he had on his body while hiding the important parts from everyone.

Cream's blush grew brighter than when she saw Cedric.

Azure blushed as well since Daniel was packing some serious heat under his robe.

Strike raised an eyebrow while humming.

Lavender got a blush on her face since Daniel was wearing nothing else.

Rachel blushed when she got a good look at Daniel.

Cedric felt bad for the panda.

Daniel was very embarrassed being in this get up.

Lillum whistles at the two.

"Looking good you two… ladies what do you think?" Lillum said while the girls blushed in various levels.

"T-They both look g-good." Cream stuttered when she had a hard time looking away.

"Physically strong looking." Strike said which caused them to sweatdrop.

"Ah.." Lavender said like she was stunned.

Azure… just blushed brightly.

"L-Like Cream said… they both look good… though you could have given Daniel a bit more." Azure said with a bright blush which made Lillum chuckle.

Rachel couldn't think of anything to say but blushed.

"Well one opinion aside, it seems the ladies love it." Lillum said when she looked to the duo who the ladies talked about.

Daniel was still blushing while feeling embarrassed.

Cedric was in the same boat, but was feeling jealous on what Azure just said. He looked at the feline.

"So are we even Azure?" He asked again.

Azure blinks a few times before she looked to Cedric.

"Huh?... oh yeah, you two are off the hook." Azure said when she got herself together… though Lillum smirked.

"Hold on…. We still got one more event to go remember?" Lillum said with a grin on her face.

Both male duo paled when she said that.

"And I got the perfect pair for you two." Lillum said when she held a couple items to the two while her wings hid them from view of the girls.

Both Cedric and Daniel widen their eyes in horror.

"No. You can't be serious?" Cedric said.

Daniel was shaking a bit with fear.

Lillum however was enjoying this.

"Oh I am… think of it like this… you could impress the lady or ladies you're thinking of so why not?" Lillum said when she bent down to whisper in their ears.

"I mean you got the bodies for them, so why not show off a little." Lillum tempt when she starts to try and convince them.

Cedric and Daniel wanted to say no, but the part of impressing their dream girl got the best of them. So they nodded to her before taking the items from Lillum.

Lillum grinned before the scene went to a minute later.

"Are you two ready?" Lillum called out to the duo in the changing rooms while the women looked confused since Cedric and Daniel seemed to have serious looks to them.

"Yes." They said in unison.

Lillum grinned before she turned to the woman.

"Now ladies… a real treat for the eyes… I give you the duo of Cedric and Daniel." Lillum said which signaled for Cedric and Daniel to open their curtains.

When Daniel and Cedric opened their curtains… the woman went bugged eyed at what they saw.

It…. turns out that Lillum went with the same style as Azure and Rachel to the woman's surprise…. Skin tight speedos that matched their fur color.

Daniel wore a skintight speedo which matched the pure white fur color part of his fur… and really showed off what he was packing.

The same was for Cedric… in fact the color of the speedo actually matched his fur and it showed off his figure so well that… he actually looked naked.

Azure had the brightest blush on her face while she stares at Cedric.

The same could be said for Cream while she looked to Daniel.

Strike looked to the duo with an impressed look in her eyes.

Lavender… just looked to Daniel and couldn't look away.

Rachel blushed big when she looked at both boys but was obviously leaning more to Cedric.

Said wolf blushed embarrassedly at the stares but was happy on the inside that Azure was looking at him. He was even glad to have Rachel's attention too. He had a feeling that Strike was looking at him.

Daniel also felt embarrassed but was happy to get Cream's attention. He could see Lavender staring at and also felt Strike looking at him too.

Lillum gave a wolf like whistle before speaking up.

"Oh boy don't those two look good huh?... still their show is over so they can pick their real outfits now." Lillum said with a grin on her face.

Both Cedric and Daniel were relieved that it's over.

"Now then, after Daniel and Cedric get their new clothing, we'll head out after I pay." Lillum said to everyone.

Everyone nodded in agreement. Daniel and Cedric went back to the changing rooms and a few seconds later, came out in their regular clothes. That's when the two went their separate ways to get their own clothes. After about 30 minutes, both boys found what they're looking for.

For Cedric, his summer wear was a grey t-shirt that had the big Linkin Park logo in the center, black shorts that had the belt attachment and black & white sneakers. He even got himself a pair of shades. His swim wear was red baggy swim trunks with the blue trim, a pair of sandals, and a towel that had a image of two swords in a criss cross.

Now for Daniel, his summer wear consist of white shorts, a brown belt, a light blue short-sleeved button shirt and a fedora hat. His swim wear was a special wetsuit for surfing, hence why he had a surfboard with him.

While they got their outfits… Lillum snuck to where the duo left their fur colored speedos and slipped them into her bag for an idea of sorts while she grabbed the one that Azure wore when she switched it out for a pure red bikini when Rachel kept saying that she should get that one before she paid for everyone's outfits.

A bit later, the group was walking with their bags in hand after saying goodbye to the clone who poofed away and Pluton who went in another direction before they found themselves at the Master Emerald altar where the Master Emerald itself sat before they noticed three people.

Emerald of course.

Shadow to their shock.

And finally the Angel City version of Knuckles to their surprise… his body, though muscular, was littered with scars and he was missing his left eye.

"Hey everyone, got everything ready?, we're about to head to the Dojo for a last minute check before we head to Rachel's Dimension with Knuckles and Shadow." Emerald said to their surprise which shocked most of the students.

Cedric, Daniel and Rachel were shocked that Shadow was coming. They were even more surprised that the Knuckles of this Dimension was coming as well. They paled a bit when they saw his eye.

Strike however walked forward and hugged him to their surprise before Strike spoke up.

"Hello Father, how's Mother?" Strike asked while Knuckles nods.

"Shade's doing alright, she told me to tell you that she's sorry she couldn't be here now but she's busy training some of the physical arts class." Knuckles said before Strike nods.

"Understandable, may I ask why you're joining us?" Strike said while Knuckles crossed his arms.

"Emerald talked with the spirit and the spirit told him that I was to join for this Dimension, I'll explain more later." Knuckles said with a gentle look with his eye.

Cream and Lavender walked forward before Cream bows to Shadow again while Lavender greets Knuckles like a family friend when she hugged him as well before she let's go.

Azure felt a bit like the odd person out right now while she watched.

Cedric, Daniel and Rachel were surprised that Strike's mom was one of the teachers at the school.

Emerald looked to the Student who held themselves back before he looked to everyone.

"Alright everyone… grab a somewhere on mine and Shadow's body and we can get this trip finally started." Emerald said before he waits for everyone to grab onto him after a few seconds of figuring things out while Shadow took Cream, Azure and a few students with him before the groups vanished with a flash of light while the scene fades to black.

The Camera fades back in to see DME and Atomsk walking alongside one another while they considered ideas to get rid of the green faced man.

"So… what can you do exactly?" DME asked when he glanced to Atomsk.

"Well we're both authors, so aren't our powers somewhat the same?" Atomsk asked.

"Not quite, while it's true we could write the ending already, it would be in bad taste, besides this green faced man could warp reality so that we would just get rid of an illusion or he could do that separation trick like he did last time." DME said when he tried to think of a limit to that green faced man.

"Hmmm...that's true." Atomsk said as he was thinking of something too.

"Tell me… when and where did he first appear?, the landscape here looks the same to me but I doubt you and TME could forget getting poisoned right?" DME said with a smirk.

"It was after TME's bomb prank and he showed up dressed as a butler, making us drink that 'soda'." Atomsk replied while rubbing his stomach as he remembered it.

"Maybe there was something nearby that he came from and your little comedy war got his attention?" DME said while he rubs his chin.

"Like a secret back door?" Atomsk questioned.

"Well… the multiverse is a mysterious thing my rookie friend… and that explosion could have caused that back door in the first place… so maybe that place could have a way to deal with our green friend." DME said with a grin on his face while a possible plan starts to form in his mind.

Atomsk had already gotten use to that grin.

"So what are you thinking chief?" He asked.

"Let's head there first before we get our hopes up, it's just a theory and nothing might be there, unless you have a better idea?" DME asked when he glanced to Atomsk after he stops.

Atomsk shook his head meaning he didn't,

"Well then, lead the way, just because TME and I share memories, doesn't mean we're watching 100% of the time." DME said with a grin again.

"Okay." Atomsk said as he led DME back to where it happen.

While Atomsk led the way, DME looked to the readers.

"Well dear readers, while Atomsk and I go for a possible lead on our green faced man, I'd like to say that the next chapter is the start of Rachel's Dimensional arc… things start out interesting for the Student's this chapter that's for sure, but I can assure you that things will get more… bloody later after the group gets settled in." DME said with arms behind his back as he walked.

"Let's hope for some romance scenes as well. Until next time, may the force be with you." Atomsk said as he opened the black portal for him and DME.

DME and Atomsk enter while the scene fades to black after the portal closed.

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