Dimensional Drifter school @emerald
Learning and meeting

The camera fades in to show Atomsk and DME walking along a path while they chase or walked after the green masked man while DME had a calculating look on his face… and since he was in the Master Xehanort outfit… it made him seem eerie.

"So what's the plan?" Atomsk asked whom was still weary of DME.

"Simple… to catch a prankster, we think like a prankster." DME said before he glanced towards Atomsk with one eye that showed… that he thought of something already.

Atomsk was creeped out by that.

"Okay. So what do we do?" he asked.

DME smiled before he spoke up.

"Simple, after I help our readers get situated… well start the plan in the outro." DME said before he looked to the readers.

"As you can see dear readers, Atomsk and I are about to attempt to catch that green jester… when you get back, we'll see if this plan works or not… now if you'll excuse me I need to help Atomsk here with his part." DME said before he summoned some rope from a flash of dark light before glancing to Atomsk again… this time with a grin on his face.

"Whoa. Whoa. Whoa...What do you mean my part?" Atomsk asked not liking this.

"Simple… every trap needs bait right?" DME said when he starts to walk to Atomsk while the scene slowly shifts back to the Dojo grounds.

Angel City/ Dojo/ Emerald, Demonga, Lillum, Azure, Cedric, Cream, Daniel, Strike, Lavender, Rachel

The scene shifts back to when Emerald told Azure that she was in a pseudo dark form.

Angel City/ Dojo ground's/ Emerald, Lillum, Demonga Azure, Cedric, Cream, Daniel, Strike, Lavender, Rachel

"D-Dark form?" Azure said while Emerald nods.

"Yeah… I was wondering why your body consisted of two elements, but now I know why, that's also probably why your memory is a bit scrambled." Emerald said while Cream looked to Emerald with worry before she looked to Azure, she saw what happens with dark forms every now and then and it doesn't end well sometimes.

Strike watched Azure to make sure she didn't get a panic attack.

Lavender wanted to rush over but she didn't want to spook Azure.

'If Azure reverts back, what would she look like?' Rachel thought when she got worried.

'This girl is full of surprises.' Daniel thought.

'Could Lavender's theory be true.' Cedric thought with worried look as well.

"W-What do I do then if your right?" Azure asked which made Emerald look upward for a moment before he held up one finger.

"One, we get you accustomed to using dark type abilities which would reduce the strain on your body." Emerald said before he held up a second finger.

"Two, we try and help you learn light techniques which will help create a balance of sorts." Emerald said before he held up a third finger.

"Three, I can absorb the darkness from you slowly so that your body isn't damaged from just having the dark energy ripped out." Emerald said before he placed his hands in his pockets.

"In a nutshell, you have the options of going full dark, full light, full fire… or all of the above." Emerald said which surprised everyone at the last option.

"What if something goes wrong?" Cedric asked while feeling concern for Azure.

Emerald looked to Cedric with a grin surprisingly.

"No worries, I went through something similar so I know what I'm doing." Emerald said which was a bit shocking except for Cream who saw what Emerald went through in the past.

Strike raised an eyebrow at that since her parents never told her much about other people's lives.

Lavender heard rumors but hearing it in person did confirm some of them somewhat.

Azure just looked to Emerald with shock… did he really go through something similar?

Cedric and Rachel were also shocked as well.

Daniel was surprised but kept calm.

"Was it difficult when you done it?"

Emerald looked to the sky for a moment at the question before he took a moment to think of an answer.

"Very… but my dark form is… more like a parasite that just won't go away, Azure should have an easier time than I did if it's just an overflow of Dark energy." Emerald said while Lillum frowned while she listened in.

"What do you mean when you said yours is like a parasite?" Rachel asked with curiosity.

Emerald rubbed the back of his head when that question was a doozy to answer.

"Well… I guess in the simplest of terms… my dark side has a will of his own, and... " Emerald said before he fell silent when he tried to think of an easy way to explain more.

The students were surprised after hearing that info.

"What happen?" Cedric asked.

"Hmm… in a way… that guy is a ghost who… devoured my original dark side and took it's place." Emerald said with a thoughtful look on his face.

The students paled after hearing that.

"Yeah… so compared to my issue with him… Azure should have a cakewalk with her problem since I doubt that she has another person living in her to give her trouble." Emerald said while he facepalmed at how odd his life if.

The students sighed with relief for Azure but felt sorry for Emerald.

Emerald sighs before he looked to Azure with a grin.

"For now though, we should deal with your problem in a step by step program… think of it like this, you don't want to go from step one to four without going through two and three right?" Emerald asked which made Azure frown before she nods which in turn made Emerald nod.

"So… Any questions?, cause if not, then I believe now would be a good time for a break, I may have something to help speed things up through each step." Emerald said before he waits for anyone to ask a question.

"What are you gonna do to speed things up.?" Rachel asked.

"I'll be talking with Shadow to see if he can use his inhibitor ring, he lost one arm long ago to Metal Sonic after he got a few upgrades, but he gain an interesting ability thanks to that incident." Emerald said before he explains more.

"An ultimate lifeform like Shadow and Demonga can use inhibitor rings to dampen their powers by a certain percentage, I'm thinking it might reduce the dark side effect on Azure's body if one is used." Emerald said while Cream, Strike, and Lavender looked to him with surprise.

Azure was just stumped from all of the info she got in one day.

'He's gonna get Shadow the Hedgehog?!' Rachel thought with excitement.

Daniel was too shocked to say or think anything.

'I hope Azure comes out okay.' Cedric thought with concern.

Emerald looked to the Students, mainly Azure, Cedric, and Daniel again after he thought for a second.

"I'll leave Lillum and Demonga in charge while I'm gone, talk to Cream, Strike, Lavender, or Rachel if you want to learn about using Chaos energy with no Chaos Emerald, or if you want to wait, talk among yourselves again, I'll be really gone this time, so no worries about accidents." Emerald said before he turned to leave before he vanished with a burst of speed.

The students were alone again, minus said teachers.

Cedric turned to Azure.

"Everything will be okay."

Azure blinked a few times before she raised an eyebrow his way.

"Really?... I'm still trying to process what just happened and found out that I may.. Keyword.. Maybe still in a dark form without even knowing it… tell me how everything will be Okay." Azure asked like she was giving an interrogation with crossed arms.

Cedric was taken back from that.

"I'm not trying to cause any harm...I'm just being supportive for you."

Azure sighs which helped her calm somewhat when she added a bit of black fire.

"Maybe, but with what I've heard about dark abilities and dark sides so far… shouldn't I be worried if things go bad?" Azure asked since this just worried her more.

"Believe me, I along with everyone else here, are very concerned about this as well. But I'm always told to never think anything negative." Cedric replied.

Azure was about to say something about the negative part when Cream decides to try and steer the conversation into… calmer waters.

"Hey… why don't we focus on something different for now… want to learn about using Chaos energy and how to use it?" Cream said as a way to change the conversation.

The rest of the students agreed hoping to change the subject.

Cedric felt he might've might made the situation worse.

'Smooth, Cedric. Smooth.' He thought.

Azure was silent before she nods in agreement with Cream.

"Might as well do something to distract me for now." Azure thought while Lillum watched Azure and the group before she decides to get Demonga in case something bad happens.

Cream in the meantime starts to talk about Chaos energy, or at least the stuff she was taught.

"First off, I'll start off by saying that since chaos energy is unstable to an extent, it can be extremely hard to channel first, but if you manage to do it, then a whole new world of possibilities open up for you in battle and in life, and if you learn Aura, doubly so." Cream said which seemed to make sense and confused the listening students.

"What… do you mean?" Azure asked when she sat on the ground to listen to Cream's explanation.

"How unstable can Chaos Energy be?" Daniel asked.

Cream took a moment to think about that for a minute which allowed everyone to sit on the ground near Azure before Cream continues.

"It's like I said earlier, It's unstable in that it's hard to channel at first, but for Element users as well... more so since if you get hit with an Element that you're weak with… it can cause some real damage, and for Emerald, he has a weakness with lightening since his energy is really unstable from the Master Emerald fragment in his chest, one hit knock out bad in some cases, though he got a resistance from fighting Demonga for so long so it's not as bad as it was in the past." Cream tried to explain before she got a stick from nearby to draw something in the dirt while the others watched.

They were wondering what Cream was gonna show them.

Cream then gestured for the group to gather around the diagram she drew.

Everyone did so they can get a closer look.

"Now try and remember this diagram for the future while I explain." Cream said when she points to the drawing which showed… icons of sorts with arrow pointing to each one in a circle or sorts while two icons were separate from one another which two arrows pointing to each others.

"This is Angel City's Elemental strength and weakness for element users." Cream said when she points to each icon.

"There are normally 7 if you don't count Chaos which is a non element, but Chaos can be added to each element for an extra boost." Cream said before she points to the icon that looked like water.

"Water puts out fire…" Cream said before she points to the fire like icon.

"Fire destroys earth which has wood as a sub element sometimes." Cream said before she points to a earth icon.

"Earth can attract and block lightening." Cream explained before she points to the wind icon.

"Wind can be boost by fire but can get blocked by earth." Cream said before she points to the lightning icon.

"Lightning can be channeled through water." Cream said before she points to the two separate icons.

"Light and Darkness are both strong and weak against one another but have no strengths or weakness to the other elements." Cream explained before she continues.

"Indeed… I asked my father when he was training once that depending on your experiences, the strain of getting hit with a bad element could lessen with training, but it will always still be there." Strike said surprisingly since she was normally the quiet one of the group.

The rest of the students try to process the info.

'Wow. Who know mine and Daniel's element are weak against earth.' Cedric thought.

Daniel was thinking the same thing.

"Try and remember this as well, that is Angel City's elemental wheel, it could be different in other Dimensions so don't be surprised if an attack doesn't work on an enemy like it might here." Cream said with a serious look on her face.

Everyone nodded at that and kept that advice in mind.

"Now for the actual method of learning how to manipulate Chaos energy.." Cream said before she held her hand out before an orb of green energy like the one that Emerald summoned earlier appeared… but this one didn't emit volts of energy.

Everyone was surprised when they saw it.

"First off, there are other methods of learning Chaos energy, but I was told that this is one of the safest… this is an orb of pure chaos, I'm going to sit it over here and I want the ones who can't use chaos energy to sit near it and meditate, now depending on your affinity, it could be 20 - 30 minutes before you'll be able to pull some of the energy to you before your body absorbs it." Cream said before she placed the orb near the group before it lifts off the ground somewhat and floats there.

"Though if your affinity is bad… it could take awhile." Cream explained before she walked back to the group.

"I'll give a hint… think of happy thoughts since chaos energy has two polarities, positive and negative, I'll explain more later about the last part." Cream said while she waits for Azure, Cedric, and Daniel to sit near the orb.

The three did and wait for further instructions.

Cream was silent however which caused Azure to breath in before she sat on the ground before she starts to meditate.

Cedric and Daniel watched Azure concentrating and see what the results are.

It took her awhile… about an hour before a little mist starts to emit and flows into her body.

Everyone watched closely at this.

Azure's starts to sweat before she breathed outward which caused the rest of the mist out of her body to go back into the orb while Azure fell onto her back while she pants for breath.

Cedric got to her side.

"You okay?" he asked feeling a little worried.

Azure just held up a hand before giving him the so-so gesture before her hand fell on her stomach, apparently this exercise was more taxing than it seemed.

Though thanks to Azure falling back, her shirt road up a bit to reveal her stomach which showed some slightly developed abs with a few scars here and there from past fights.

Cedric sighed with relief, but blushed a bit when he caught a glimpse of her toned stomach.

Cream walked forward before she helped Azure sit up.

"It's not an instant process, it could be days or weeks depending on how well you concentrate." Cream said before she looks to Cedric and saw his blushing face which made her grin before she looked to Daniel.

"So… who's next?" Cream asked while she helped Azure to the tea and cookies so she could get something in her stomach.

Cedric and Daniel looked at each other. The panda gave Cedric a firm nod to go first.

Said wolf acknowledged it and stepped forward.

As he concentrates, there were two things he was thinking; His father being alive and being friends with Azure...or possibly more than that.

The thoughts caused a green mist to flow from the orb and into Cedric, but even though it was more than Azure's amount, it was slower which took time to flow into Cedric.

Some of the students were impressed with that.

It was about 40 minutes or so for Cedric before the flow of energy slowed greatly while Cedric looked tired near the end.

He would've almost fallen on his back like Azure, but was able to use his arms to stop himself. He panted while catching his breath.

Cream smiled a bit at Cedric before she looked to Daniel after helping Cedric up.

"Your turn Daniel." Cream said before she sat Cedric next to Azure who ate a few cookies and a drank a few cups of tea… and depending on how you see this, fortunately or unfortunately… Cream placed Cedric a bit too close which caused Cedric and Azure's hands to touch somewhat.

Both wolf and feline blushed at this.

Daniel chuckled in his head as already knew what Cream was doing.

Rachel was getting jealous wishing it was her that touched Cedric's hand.

Azure pulled away for a moment before she resumed eating… with a noticeable blush on her face.

Cream looked to Daniel before she spoke up.

"Please sit in front of the orb Daniel and think of something positive." Cream said before she sat near Rachel.

Daniel nodded and started concentrating.

Rachel got close to Cream's ear.

"Are you trying to hook them up?" she asked while motioning her to look at Cedric and Azure.

Cream sent Rachel a slight smirk which was odd since Cream normally didn't do something like that.

"Maybe, but before you get mad, mind if I tell you a secret?" Cream said when she saw that Azure had a bit of trouble looking at Cedric while she still had a slight blush on her face.

Cedric had trouble doing the same thing.

'I can't believe how soft her hand was.' The young wolf thought.

Meanwhile with Cream and Rachel

Rachel nodded to Cream wanting to know this secret.

Cream looked around to make sure no one was eavesdropping before she whispered back to Rachel.

"Well, you'll hear of it sooner or later, but to put it bluntly, if you have no idea about Angel City's customs, then this might surprise you… but even if Cedric and Azure get together, if you play your cards right, then you could join them, after all… Sonic got married to Amy and Blaze of this Dimension so it's not as bad as you think, I can explain more later, but as long as you don't force someone, they are of legal age, and if it's in private, then it's all fair… and FYI even same gender marriages are allowed." Cream said like it was a normal thing here which would explain the three way or more romances between this world's residences.

Rachel's eyes widened after hearing that. But it washed away with happiness knowing that she might have a chance to be with Cedric. And after taking a quick look at Azure, she wouldn't mind sharing him with her.

Cream looked around again for a moment before she decided to try something before she looks to Rachel.

"Want me to do something that proves it?" Cream said if Rachel had any doubts, though it did get everyone's attention since everyone fell quiet a moment before to watch Daniel which allowed Cream's voice to travel well.

Rachel nodded wanting to see this.

Cream then lightly grips Rachel's chin which confused everyone looking, but before anyone could say anything… Cream kissed Rachel on the lips.

Everyone's eyes widen while their jaws dropped.

Rachel's eyes only widen since her mouth was...preoccupied.

Cream lingered a moment later before she pulled away.

"Believe me now?" Cream said when she lets go of Rachel's chin.

Rachel was still shocked while blushing. But was able to nod at her.

Cream grinned for a moment before she got up from her seat to look to Daniel.

"So… any luck with meditating with a good thought?" Cream asked since she did cause a bit of a scene just now.

Daniel nodded. Even though his only good thought was watching them kiss. He even blushed a bit from seeing that.

While Daniel tried to meditate again… Azure took another drink of tea before she spoke up Cedric.

"I… must say… I didn't see that coming… did you?" Azure asked since most Creams she heard of in her travels were normally childlike or normal full grown woman most of the time.

"To be honest...neither did I. And no." Cedric replied while he still felt shocked at what he witness.

Azure then saw that Cream walked to the duo before she spoke up.

"How are you two holding?" Cream said while Azure blushed a bit since the kiss between Cream and Rachel was still fresh on her mind.

"F-Fine… Still a bit wobbly, but fine." Azure said before she took another sip of tea.

"I'm okay as well." Cedric replied while having the same feeling as well before he took a bite of a cookie.

Cream smiled before got a thoughtful look while Daniel meditates.

"So… shocked about what I did?" Cream asked when she bit into her cookie which caused Azure to blush greatly while she nibbled on her cookie.

Cedric had no words to say for that when he took a sip of his tea.

Cream giggled a bit before she looked back to Rachel to see how she was holding, Cream did surprise her so she wanted to be sure she was OK.

Said hedgehog still couldn't believe what Cream. She brought her fingers to her lips feeling the texture.

'Who knew she had soft lips.' She thought.

Now Rachel was more determined to get in on this with Cedric and Azure.

Cream saw Rachel touching her lips before she looked back to Daniel to see how he was doing right now.

Daniel was doing fine as he was still concentrating.

Around 50 minutes pass while green mist seeped into him before it starts to slow when fatigue starts to set in from the effort near the end.

This time however, he was still sitting while panting. You can see a little sweat on his head.

A few minutes later, Emerald appeared in the middle of the group… but with a guest that was surprisingly familiar…

It looked like Shadow the hedgehog…but the difference for this version was that he wore a cloak which hid most of his body from view while the collar hid his lower face.

Most of the students were surprised that the legend himself was here.

The others, mainly Cream, Strike, and Lavender, walked up to Shadow to greet him.

"Hello Shadow, I didn't expect you to be joining Emerald." Lavender said before Strike spoke up.

"Yeah… welcome to the class area." Strike said when she couldn't think of much to say.

Cream however smiled a bit before she bows to Shadow somewhat with Shadow nodding slightly.

"So remind me of who Azure is…" Shadow said when he looked to the remaining Students before Emerald points to Azure who fidgets when Shadow looked her way.

Rachel was excited to see the Shadow of this dimension.

Daniel was thinking of asking him to a spar.

'I hope he can help her.' Was the only thing that Cedric could think of.

Shadow looked to the orb of energy near Daniel before he looks to Cream.

"Channeling Chaos energy into them?, That'll be awhile." Shadow said before he starts to walk to Azure while Cream walked alongside him.

"Just doing what you taught me with Chaos energy, I wanted them to get used to the energy before I go to a higher level method." Cream explained with a smile before they stop near Azure.

Though it probably explains why Cream knows about Chaos Energy, she learned it from Shadow of all people here.

Some of the students were shocked at the revelation.

'Shadow taught Cream?' Daniel thought.

'No way.' Rachel thought.

Even though Cedric was surprised, he was still concern for Azure.

"So… Emerald tells me you have too much Dark energy and you need something to help right?" Shadow asked while he examined Azure's energy for a few more moments which made Azure a bit nervous from Shadow's gaze when his eyes seemed to glow a bit in the colored areas.

Most of the students felt tensed when they saw his eyes.

After a moment, Shadow's eyes returned to normal before he pulled out his old inhibitor ring.

"Because of the amount of energy I can sense from you, I'll need to bring a few more inhibitors to reduce the strain fully, but for now, wear this and after you get used to this, I'll bring another." Shadow said before he placed the inhibitor ring in Azure's right hand.

Azure was a bit weary about it… but she placed the ring on her left wrist before it shrank to fit her wrist with a flash of light.

Cedric looked at Shadow.

"Are these inhibitors guaranteed to help?" He asked.

Shadow was silent for a moment before the inhibitor ring glows before Azure grit her teeth and gripped her left arm when she felt something… off… before pain followed which made her grunt while Shadow took a few steps back when Azure's black color fur… starts to turn blue, but only slightly, it still had a deep black color but now it had more of a blueish sheen to it.

The students saw what was happening to Azure. Out of everyone, Cedric was more worried for her safety.

The Inhibitor ring glows for a moment again before the pain fades which allowed Azure to gasp for breath, but that wasn't all… some images appeared in her head, but only three could be barely made out which kept her silent.

A searing pain…

A box...

And two other people, but they were so blurred that she couldn't recognize them.

Cedric turned to Shadow with a concern look.

"What's happening to her?"

Shadow looks to Cedric before he replied.

"Physically, the dark energy is being suppressed with an inhibitor ring by a small percentage of 20% after I had Tails rework it, after talking with Emerald before we got here, we decided to help train Azure so she could channel the dark energy when she is ready physically, and mentally." Shadow said before he continues.

"Mentally, that is for Azure to tell you since I'm no mind reader." Shadow said bluntly while he watched Azure's steady breathing.

Cedric ignored Shadow's blunt and focused his attention on Azure.

"Are you okay Azure? Do you need anything?" The young wolf asked.

Azure was silent for a moment before she looked to Cedric with one slightly exhausted eye.

"I-I'll be okay… just a bit winded…" Azure said before she looked to her arm and saw that her fur took a slightly… bluer tone, but if she looked close, she saw soe black tattoo patterns, but that might be a trick of the light.

"S-So what now?" Azure asked Shadow after her breathing calms somewhat.

"Simple, after your body gets used to wearing one ring… I'll bring another since I'm having Tail's make them." Shadow said while he looks to the inhibitor ring and saw that it was slowly getting stable.

Everyone sighed with relief that Azure was okay. Even though Cedric was feeling the same thing, he was still worried for the young feline.

Azure breathed deeply a few times when the discomfort fades before she looks to Shadow.

"Thanks…" Azure said while Shadow hummed… but before he could say anything, Emerald spoke up.

"Hey everyone, before we go eat and turn in for today, I'd like to make an announcement." Emerald said when he got in the middle of the group.

Everyone gave their attention to him.

"Tomorrow… we're going on a training field trip to another Dimension to help you with gaining experience in new or strange world." Emerald said surprisingly before he placed his hands in his pockets.

The students were surprised at the news. It wasn't long before Daniel spoke.

"Which Dimension are we visiting?"

Emerald got a grin on his face before he summoned a top hat of all things.

"I'm glad you asked Daniel… to put it simply… in this hat has a name of each student here… the name that I pull will tell us who's Dimension we are visiting first." Emerald said before he took a moment to let the info sink in.

The students sweatdropped at that, but they waited to see who's name comes out.

Emerald reached in before he spoke up while he dug around the names.

"And the winner is…" Emerald said before he pulled out a slip of paper.

"Whoever is written on this piece of paper." Emerald said with an implike grin when he purposely dragged this out for a funny time.

The students facepalm at his joke.

Emerald opened the piece of paper before he clears his throat.

"And the winner is… Rachel!" Emerald said before he points to Rachel.

Said hedgehog squealed with joy.

"This is great! I can't wait to introduce you guys to my family." She said with excitement.

Emerald then had the hat vanish before he sped over and placed an arm on Rachel's shoulder.

"Tomorrow though… tonight… WE FEAST!" Emerald said before he called out with a grin on his face before his stomach growled something fierce.

The students were creeped out by that.

However Shadow cleared his throat to get Azure's attention.

"Now then… before I got interrupted… Don't think me… thank Emerald for begging me for help." Shadow said before he gets ready to leave.

That's when Rachel called out.

"Wait. Don't you want to join us Shadow?"

Shadow raised an eyebrow at the question while Emerald took the thinker pose since he was sitting already.

"Hmm…. that should be interesting, besides I'm interested in seeing Rachel's version of her family… could be interesting if this Sonic is a speed demon compared to the others.." Emerald said with an imp like grin to help Rachel convince Shadow.

Shadow in the meantime was just looking to the duo for a moment before he vanished with a flash of light.

Emerald sweatdropped as a result before he rubbed the back of his head.

"I…. guess that's a maybe since he didn't say no?" Emerald said with a shrug of his arms.

Everyone else sweatdropped at that.

"So…. did I miss anything while I was gone?" Emerald said with an angelic smile on his face.

The students were silent considering they still remember what Cream did to Rachel. Finally Cedric broke the silence.

"Cream was teaching us on how to harness Chaos Energy."

Emerald, though glad that the students were learning something from one another, felt like they were hiding something which caused him to narrow his eyes a bit… which looked somewhat animated somehow.

"Really?... is that all?" Emerald said when he saw that most were silent… normally they would be excited to learn new things.

They had no idea what to say. Some of the students were sweating bullets. It wasn't long til Rachel broke the silence.

"Me and Cream kissed." She said while blushing a little.

….. Everything was silent for a moment before a shout rang out all over Angel City.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT!" Emerald roared with energy radiating off him in waves, they couldn't tell if it was from being pissed off or raw shock, but his gaze turned to Rachel next to him a moment later which showed that his eyes were pure glowing white while black tendril looking tattoos start to cover his skin.

And since he had his arm resting on Rachel's shoulder at the moment for comedy's sake earlier…. Rachel had a front row seat.

Everyone was either nervous or scared.

'Uh oh.' Daniel thought.

'This can't be good.' Cedric thought,

'What did I do? Did Cream lied to me?' Rachel thought as she was shivering with fear.

Cream walked forward before she stops in front of Emerald which got his attention.

"I was telling Rachel about certain things… and to prove it… I was the one who kissed her." Cream said… and just like that Emerald's energy fades greatly while his body froze when Lillum and Demonga appeared.

"What's wrong!?, we felt Emerald's energy spike and rushed over." Lillum said before she saw Emerald's current state which confused her when he didn't move.

"What happened to him?" Lillum asked when Emerald seemed unresponsive.

"Cream explained to me about this Dimension's custom and kissed me." Rachel answered while still shaken about what happened.

Lillum and Demona got a bit surprised at what they heard, though Demonga had the perfect poker face when he walked towards Emerald while he sat there frozen… Lillum however… was smiling for some reason.

Everyone was confused on their reactions. Most of the students however, were wondering about this custom.

Demonga in the meantime poked Emerald a few times bit got no reaction before he pushed him onto his back which got no reaction.

Lillum on the other hand wanted to ask a question in case she was thinking about this wrong.

"Just to be sure…. What custom exactly?" Lillum asked Rachel with a smile on her face, but she held herself back so she wouldn't get excited for nothing.

Rachel gulped before saying…

"How you can marry more than one person, like how the Sonic of this Dimension married Amy and Blaze. She also mentioned about same sex marriage."

The Students who didn't hear Cream's explanation blushed greatly when they remembered Cream kissing Rachel again while Lillum grinned again.

"Ah… how cute…" Lillum said with a teasing look before she looked to Emerald, she might as well clear the air before she had some teasing fun.

"Well… for the most part, it's true, but you need to keep in mind of the person's custom from their home Dimension… just because Angel City is a pretty free place, doesn't mean that it might fly in your home Dimension… before I continue… am I making sense so far?" Lillum asked while Demonga poked Emerald a few times with his spear to get a reaction… surprisingly nothing.

Daniel and Cedric were quite intrigued with this custom but weren't sure yet if they want to.

Rachel nodded to Lillum but was still confused.

Azure blushed a bit at the implications of what she was hearing while the students who lived in Angel City already knew about this custom.

Lillum saw that for the most part, that Rachel was following but decided to simplify things.

"Let me give an example, let's say Person A was born and raised in Angel City, they would think the customs are normal here right?, but Person B came from a different Dimension so they might think that the customs here are either normal, strange, or immoral." Lillum said before she continues.

"Now think of this, if person A and B came from two different Dimensions, they could have either unanimous reactions about Angel City's customs or two different opinions… are you following so far?" Lillum asked the ones who were new to Angel City.

The Students who lived here knew what she was talking about and kept quiet.

Azure nods with a blush on her face when she did get it after she thought about it for a second.

Cedric nodded as he had no problem with the custom. Then surprisingly, he was thinking of having one with Azure and Rachel but would like to know them first if something were to happen.

Daniel nodded as well but still can't decide if he wants try out this harem thing. Even if he has eyes on Cream he doesn't know yet about the other girls.

Rachel nodded as she fully understood what Lillum meant.

Lillum nods before she looked to Emerald was still being poked by Demonga… who looked like he was enjoying messing with Emerald.

"As for Emerald's reaction… Cream is light a daughter to him since he helped protect her from Robotnik and others for so many years, it also doesn't help that Vanilla has Emerald help her when Vanilla is in heat." Lillum said like it was nothing.

"So when Cream said that she was the one who started it… Emerald's thought process just halt." Lillum said before she giggles while Demonga slid Emerald a bit till his legs and rear hanged off the veranda and raised his spear while the others were distracted before he golf swinged Emerald in a place that no man should be hit with the flat part of his spear which caused a comical thwack before Demonga rests the spear on his shoulder.

"Either that worked and he's just stunned or I got him." Demonga said with a slight grin on his face while Lillum sweatdrops when she realized what happened.

The students were wondering what Demonga was talking about til they saw the bump on Emerald's head.

"Uhh…. anyway, like I said… Emerald sees Cream like a daughter and got protective when his mind started to think that you caused the kiss, but just froze when he heard that Cream was the one who did it instead." Lillum said after she sweatdrops at Demonga's actions.

Some of the students respected Emerald for being there for Cream like a father figure.

Cream rubbed the back of her head when she felt a bit guilty for causing trouble.

"Sorry Rachel." Cream said since she did start this.

Luckily for Cream, said hedgehog has a big heart.

"Oh, I couldn't stay mad at you." Rachel said as she gave the bunny a hug.

Lillum grinned when she got a perfect teasing moment when Cream returned the hug lightly.

"Ahh… you two gonna kiss now and make up?" Lillum said when she covered her mouth with the tip of her hand to try and keep her lips hidden while a light blush was seen.

Both duo separated while blushing, remembering what happened moments ago. The rest of the students didn't know whether to blush or laugh at the teasing.

"Oh don't worry, I'm sure with a little talking to Emerald you two can really get to know one another, I mean I join Emerald with Vanilla sometimes… and sometimes without him." Lillum teased while the blush on her face brighten a little at the memories

The duo blushed big when hearing that. Everyone else had the same reaction.

"They did it with Cream's mom?" Cedric thought.

"I had no idea that Vanilla was in Emerald's harem." Daniel thought.

Even though Rachel was surprised at the news, she was still blushing madly at the first thing Lillum said.

Cream blushed before she bowed to Rachel to hide her face.

"I-I'm so sorry for her… she's has some control issues with her being a succubus after all." Cream said to Rachel with an embarrassed tone.

Said hedgehog gave her an assuring smile.

"No worries. Since we're all gonna be here for the next few years, might as well get use to it."

"Well then… that out of the way and possibilities open… who's ready to eat?" Lillum said with a grin on her face before Azure's stomach growled fiercely which surprised her… she just ate cookies and drank tea but felt like she hadn't ate in ages, maybe the inhibitor ring did something to her appetite.

The students chuckled at the sound. They all nodded anyway since they're hungry as well.

Azure blushed greatly before time passed a bit to show the sun setting and everyone in the Dojo's dining room.

Everyone but Emerald, Demonga, and Lillum sat at the table, Emerald was dragged inside a bit ago by Demonga and he was placed there.

Lillum and surprisingly Demonga went into the kitchen in the meantime while the students talked with one another.

"This has been an interesting first day." Daniel stated.

Strike sat in front of him on the other end of the table before she nods in agreement.

"Indeed, finding out that were in the all type class, learning about Elements and their strengths and weaknesses, and seeing Emerald use those attacks." Strike said before Lavender continues.

"Finding out that Azure was in a Dark form of sorts, some here saw Shadow in person for the first time apparently, and found out that some here have the same parents." Lavender said before Azure continues.

"Heard about some of the customs here… and saw… Cream surprising Rachel to prove a point." Azure said with a slight blush on her face when she remembered the kiss with Cream and Rachel.

Everyone else had the same feeling too while said girls blushed again. Then Cedric looked to Azure.

"How you feeling Azure?"

Azure looked to her left arm and saw the inhibitor ring glowing with a dim light while it did it's work.

"Kind of hard to tell… but there's a one thing I do know." Azure said with a serious expression on her face.

"What's that?" Cedric asked with curiosity.

Azure then place her head on the table before saying something surprising.

"That I've never been this hungry in my life!" Azure said when her stomach growled even louder than before.

The students couldn't help but laugh a little after hearing that while the scene fades to black.

The Camera then fades in to show a surprising sight…. Atomsk tied to a tree while DME sat on one of the higher branches with a book of all things.

'I didn't sign up for this.' Atomsk thought.

DME turned a page when he noticed something which made him smirk.

"Seems the bait worked." DME said when he closed the book while the camera went to Atomsk while the Green faced man poked his head out of a nearby bush… and when he exits… he had power tools surprisingly… just what did this maniac have in mind?

Atomsk was sweating bullets when he saw those bullets.

'If DME doesn't do something, I'm gonna haunt his sorry ass like JarJar did with Darth Vader.' He thought already plotting his revenge.

DME just smirked when he opens his book again to read when the Green faced man got close and into a thinking pose.

"Hmmm… something is fishy about this…" The green faced man said when he looked Atomsk up and down.

A little tick mark showed on Atomsk's head.

"Hey, I don't swing that way. So eyes up here."

"Your stomach?... alright." The masked man said before he pulled out a power drill and revved it a few times.

Atomsk's eyes widen with fear when he saw that.

The green faced man then brought out something to attach to the drill… it was a… feather duster?... which spun rapidly on the tip of the drill.

Atomsk was now giving the masked man a dead pan look.

"A feather duster? What are you gonna dust me off to death?" He asked sarcastically.

The green faced man grins at that before popping the feather duster off.

"Painful it is." The green face man said before he approached Atomsk.

Atomsk didn't understand what he meant but what he was wondering was… WHERE THE HELL IS DME!?

When the Green faced man got within reaching distance… he angled the drill towards Atomsk's stomach before he slowly starts to have the tip approach his stomach.

Right before the drill could touch… a pair of hands appeared from the ground which got the duo's attention before the green faced man was pull into the ground till only his head was showing while DME dropped from the treetops and next to Atomsk.

Atomsk sighed with relief.

"About time you showed up. Now cut me loose so we can beat this bastard."

DME just waved his had for a moment before he looked to the Green face man.

"In a moment… I mean you got the perfect view of the guy right in case he tries something right?" DME said when he approached the green face man who still has a grin on his face.

Atomsk sighed but knew DME was right. So he might as well enjoy the show.

DME then knelt down a bit and looked to the buried man.

"So… mind telling me why you appeared?... I mean you could make things easy." DME said while his hand emitted a black colored mist.

Atomsk watched with curiosity.

"Yeah… just come a little clos..!" The Green face man said before DME gripped the top of the man's head.

"Now you wouldn't be trying to trick little old me now… would you?" DME said before he strengthens his grip.

"OWOWOWOOWWOWOW!" The Green faced man said when DME's grip tightens.

Atomsk grinned when he saw that.

'If only I was free, I get myself a bucket of popcorn.' He thought.

And low and behold… a bucket of popcorn appeared from under Atomsk's vision while a familar arm was seen… but the question… who was holding the bucket?... it wasn't DME...

Atomsk looked to see whose hand it was.

Turns out that it was the Green face man…'s body…. It's head was missing but it acted like it was fine while it held up a sign.

"Want some butter?" The sign said.

Atomsk was freaking out a bit on the inside.

"Uh, DME?"

"Yes?" DME said when he shook the Green face man's head around while it stayed attached to the ground.

"You might want to turn around." Atomsk said.

However when DME did… the body tossed the popcorn at DME's head which caused him to be blinded for a moment and for him to let go of the head for a second to pull the bucket off.

But it allowed the body to run over and grab the head from the ground and the body ran off while the head crackled like a mad man while DME was oddly silent after he pulled the bucket off fully and shadows covered his eyes.

"Once again the hunt is on." Atomsk stated.

"Indeed…." DME said before he raised his hand and the ropes binding Atomsk were severed which freed him.

"And it seems we got a reality warping trickster since he pulled that move." DME said when he got to his feet.

Atomsk was glad to be free.

"I guess that explains how he got here. But I still liked to know who hired him."

Atomsk looked at DME.

"If you're part of TME, did he or you pissed off anyone that want payback?" He asked with curiosity.

"As far as I know… no, this guy could be just a trickster who ran into us and wants to get some screen time." DME said when he wipes the popcorn off of him.

"Well either way it's time to give him the hook."

"Indeed… I have another plan...one… more likely to succeed now that I know what this man is capable of" DME said before he starts to chuckle while a dark aura emits from him.

"And just to be sure… I'll make sure I crush him before he tries another bullshit move next time instead of having fun." DME said while his eyes glow white.

Atomsk sighed.

"Well next time don't time me up."

The moment Atomsk said that, his body was covered with a dark aura before he was slammed into a tree.

"Try and watch your words…. I'm not TME… and believe me… compared to that weakling… I could end you in an instant if I wished." DME said while he approached Atomsk.

"Alright, alright, I'm sorry. Now untie me please." Atomsk begged.

DME snapped his fingers before Atomsk lowered to the ground.

A few moments later DME looked to where the green faced man went before he starts to walk forward.

"Though I am angered, I have manners, so I apologize for my actions, but remember… angering me is a risk on your life." DME said when he fades into the shadows.

'Note to self: Don't make him angry.' Atomsk thought.

Before walking, he turned to the readers.

"Well folks, the hunt for the Masked man is still on. Hope were successful next time. And if any of you are praying for me...Keep praying. Anyway, we hope you enjoyed chapter 4 with some good laughs, and I promise chapter 5 will knock your socks off.

Until then, live long and prosper." Atomsk said doing the Vulcan hand thing.

Then Atomsk opened a portal of darkness and walked in.

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