Dimensional Drifter school @emerald
An explanation and demonstration

A portal opened before TME popped his head out and looked around for the green faced man before he looked into the portal.

"Let's agree that if we see that guy… we make a truce to get this guy… agreed?" TME asked when he steps out of the portal fully.

"Agreed." Atomsk said as he got out of the portal while wearing the Organization XIII outfit. His head was covered by the hood.

"Nice outfit, but why the change?" TME asked when he saw the clothing that Atomsk wore.

"I always want to try it out." Atomsk replied with a shrug.

TME shrugged before his clothing glowed for a moment while he spoke up.

"Might as well go for an outfit change myself then." TME said before his outfit turned into Master Xehanort's outfit from Birth by sleep.

"So, how do I look?" TME said while he looked himself over.

"Not bad." Atomsk replied after looking at his outfit.

"Maybe we should form our own Organization XIII huh?"

"I'm sure we could be taken down for copyright if we did that, I mean just singing a song can get a story taken down so I'm… trying to be safe for now." TME said while he rubbed the back of his head.

"Tell me about it. My story got taken down for one mistake. Had to change it so I can repost it. But yeah, better if we didn't do that". Atomsk said as he gave TME the spotlight.

"Well then everyone, last time we left off with Emerald teleporting away with the students… the real question….is where?"TME said with a grin when he looked to the readers before he looked to Atomsk.

"So Atomsk, how do you think the readers will react later?" TME said when he placed his hands behind his back.

Atomsk grinned behind his hood.

"I don't know. Why don't we let them read and find out for ourselves." He replied.

TME nods before he looked to the readers again.

"Well then… let's go ahead and get into the story shall we?" TME said before the scene went to an unknown location.

?/?/ Emerald, Demonga, Lillum, Azure, Cedric, Daniel, Lavender, Strike, Rachel, Cream

The camera went to a field of sort before a flash of light appeared before Emerald, Demonga, Lillum, and the students appeared from the light.

The students were shaken up from that, but they were okay. That's when they stare at AWE when they looked at their surroundings.

What they see is a massive Dojo near a lake in the middle of a jungle which had a waterfall.

But the breathtaking part was the gems that seemed to grow from the edges of the lake and the edges of the waterfall that the water fell through which helped channel the water into the lake.

All in all, besides a bit hidden, the place looked amazing.

"Woah." Cedric said.

"This place is fabulous." Rachel said as she admired the beauty of this place.

"Indeed." Daniel said as he too was admiring the place.

Strike looked around with a blank look on her face but her eyes shined a bit at the sight.

Lavender was the same while she looked around.

Cream smiled when she looked around the place.

Azure looked around the place, even the jungle like area which caused her to look to Emerald.

"Why is this place… hidden?" Azure asked which seemed like a good question.

The rest of the students were wondering the same thing.

"Well… my late master wanted his privacy and built this place in a hidden location on Angel Island before it became Angel City." Emerald said when he walked to the dojo.

"So… what do you think of the place so far?" Emerald asked the students when he looked to them.

"Its an amazing place." Was Cedric's response.

Daniel and Rachel were thinking the same thing.

"I agree with Cedric… I mean… a place like this is hard to come by." Azure said while Strike and Lavender nods while Cream smiled.

"It's been awhile since I was here and it looks like it got an upgrade." Cream said surprisingly.

Cedric smiled a bit after hearing Azure agree with him.

Rachel agreed with Cedric's saying as well.

Daniel looked at Cream quizzically.

"You been here before, Cream ?" He asked.

"A couple times in the past when I was a child, once when I need a safe place to stay in during one of Robotnik's attacks and another when… I had a few lessons from a certain person who wanted me to keep things a secret for now." Cream said while she felt a bit bad near the end for keeping secrets.

Daniel felt that Cream was hiding something. But he chose to let it go since it was her business and he didn't feel right to keep digging.

Rachel and Cedric were thinking the same thing.

Azure just raised an eyebrow before she shrugged since she didn't want to pry.

Strike and Lavender were silent, but the mention of Robotnik made their faces turn… angered for a moment before they calmed down.

Cedric, Daniel and Rachel noticed those looks. Whatever Robotnik did in this Dimension must've been pretty bad. The three chose not to ask any questions about it.

Emerald, Demonga, and Lillum went silent at the mention or Robotnik which… was eerie… Robotnik was a bad guy sure…. But how bad was he in this Dimension?

It took a moment til Cedric broke the silence.

"So what do we do now, Emerald?" Cedric asked which caused Emerald to blink a few times before he looked to Cedric.

"Oh… sorry, just follow me to the dojo and we can talk more, ease you into the school right?" Emerald said while Demonga walked away from the group which caused Emerald to raise an eyebrow.

"Where are you going?" Emerald asked Demonga who just raised the middle finger to him which caused everyone to sweatdrop.

"Napping...don't bother me unless a class starts or I'll be sending you to the healer." Demonga said which caused Emerald to sigh.

"Good grief… He makes Shadow and Vegeta seem social in comparison." Emerald said while he facepalmed.

The students had sweatdrops on their heads.

Cream giggles before looking to everyone with a smile.

"Don't worry, he may seem mean but he's really a nice guy, he normally helps me with things when the others are busy." Cream said when she was in a good mood.

Most of the students took a moment to think about Demonga being nice. But they decided to take Cream's word for it.

Lillum then floats to one side of the Dojo while she spoke up.

"I'll make some tea and snacks, good luck with teaching Emerald." Lillum said while Emerald sweatdropped again before he glanced to the Students to see what they were doing at the moment.

They were all looking at him waiting for him to say something.

Emerald sweatdropped again before he looked to the Dojo.

"Alright… let's head in so I can explain." Emerald said before he walked to the part of the Dojo that looked like a training area while Azure, Cream, Lavender, and Strike jogged a bit to catch up before they walked behind him.

Cedric, Daniel and Rachel followed them to catch up.

A few moments later, Emerald stepped onto the wooden floor before the wooden doors opened when a crest appears to reveal a regal looking Dojo which seemed empty at the same time to allow plenty of room…but where were the weapons?

The students were wondering why there were no weapons in the dojo.

Cream, Strike, and Lavender already knew thanks to one or both of their parents, but Azure was confused as well.

"Where… are the weapons?" Azure asked when she looked around while Emerald grinned.

"I'll get to that on a later lesson… but for now, Elemental and Aura energies… who wants to learn what?" Emerald said when he stopped in the middle of the Dojo before he looked to the Students.

Cedric raised his hand.

"I like to learn both." The young wolf replied.

"Same goes for me." Daniel said as he raised his hand.

"I like to learn more about Aura." Rachel said as she raised her hand for that.

"I'd like to learn both but I want to learn more about Elemental energy for now." Azure said with crossed arms.

"Elemental." Strike simple said with a blank tone.

"Same as Strike." Lavender said with a blank look on her face.

"I know a bit about both but I need a refresher on Elemental." Cream said with a smile on her face.

Emerald took a moment to think before he counted out the vote.

"Let's see… six for Elemental and three for Aura if we're counting double votes… guess we're starting with Elemental energy… sorry Rachel but you got out voted." Emerald said with a shrug.

Rachel pouted at that.

Cedric brought a hand to her shoulder. It made Rachel look at him.

"Don't worry you'll get your turn." Cedric said as he gave her a friendly smiled.

Rachel nodded appreciatively at him. Luckily for her, when the wolf turned his head, he didn't notice when she blushed from that.

Emerald then clears his throat to get everyone's attention.

"Before I start, who here already knows about Elements and sub elements?" Emerald asked the students to see how much they already knew.

Cedric raised his hand.

"I know some but not a lot." Cedric replied.

"Same here." Daniel said.

"I have my fire but I don't think it's suppose to be like that." Azure said when she looked to her hand for a moment.

Everyone was confused by her statement.

"What do you mean?" Cedric asked.

Azure just raised an eyebrow at him before she spoke up.

"Shouldn't fire normally be red and orange in color?" Azure counter asked to see how he would respond.

Cedric took a moment to think.

"Maybe it's a new type of fire. I remember reading a story of guy who rode on a dragon who can breathe fire but was sapphire color." Cedric replied.

"Wasn't that a story?, besides I can do the same." Azure asked since most fire users she met could breath fire before she breathed inward before she made a puff of black fire which dissipates after a moment.

No one knew what just happen.

"You okay?" Cedric asked.

"Yeah...was I not suppose to be Okay?" Azure asked when she crossed her arms again.

Cedric put his hands up in defense.

"No, No not like that. I mean you were showing us a demonstration, and I just thought you were coughing. That's all. I wasn't trying to offend you or anything." He said hoping not to upset her.

Azure shrugged before she responds.

"No offense taken, was just showing that I could breath fire if needed." Azure said before she breathed fire through her nose now for a moment while she smiled a moment later at the trick.

Cedric sighed with relief but was amazed at that trick.

Everyone else was thinking the same thing.

Emerald cleared his throat to get everyone's attention.

"Alright then, now… before I get into the lesson I want to ask if you can keep this place a secret, only friends and their family's know about this place and I'd like to keep it that way so no one can bug us later." Emerald said with crossed arms.

The Students nodded in agreement.

Emerald nods before he sat on the ground.

"Alright, sit down first to get comfy, it'll be a bit." Emerald said since this explanation could take awhile.

Everyone sat down as they waited for Emerald to explain.

"Now where to start…Hmm, let's start with this… In this Dimension there are 8 elements… Earth… Water… Wind...Fire… Lightning… Light… Dark… and Chaos… Yes Chaos, in this Dimension, it's considered the non-element or the Zero element that can branch into others." Emerald said with a serious look on his face to see if anyone had questions so far.

Everyone was processing the info to their heads.

That's when Daniel raised his hand.

"How powerful is the Zero Element?" He asked with curiosity.

Emerald grinned when he held out his right hand and clenched it into a fist.

A moment later, green energy seeped from his hand which lit the room with a green light before a large power was sensed from the fist before Emerald's eyes closed so he could concentrate.

The result was his entire arm being covered with a black substance with many twinkling lights and the green energy seeped out less which made the power lower oddly… but a pressure of sorts was now felt from the arm.

Everyone stared at AWE when they saw that. They were now waiting to see what else he was gonna do.

"For beginners, I would recommend the basic Chaos moves first, but if you have the aptitude then I can teach you my signature move... Chaos Fist, a basic punch which can be amped with an insane amount of Chaos energy, the trick is to not force it, but letting the power flow… that part's tricker to get but here is it's initial form that you guys will learn if this interests you." Emerald said before the attack went back to the green mist form with a normal looking hand.

The night sky looking form of Emerald's arm seemed many times stronger while this one seemed weaker in comparison.

Everyone watched with anticipation. They really want to see what happens next.

"And a sneak preview of a ranged attack before it's launched for those who are more happy with range." Emerald said before he opened his hand which resulted in an orb which floats a bit above his hand while green energy sparked around the orb.

Cedric and Daniel were very interested at the ord, while Rachel had the same feeling but was loving how the orb sparkled.

"A orb of this size is called a Chaos shot while the spear based move that Shadow uses is called Chaos Spear, but a larger orb would result in a slightly different attack… which reminds me." Emerald said before he got up after he made the orb vanish.

"I need to set things up for a demonstration, talk amongst yourselves while I set things up." Emerald said with a grin before he jogged to the door which opened for him before it closed when he passed.

So Cedric decided to get to know Daniel and Rachel.

Lavender decides to speak with Strike and Cream while Azure sat against the wall alone.

Cedric notice this and motions said feline to come sit with them.

Azure raised an eyebrow at the gesture before she got up and walked to Cedric's group before she sat down… though she did sit a bit away from them for some reason.

Cedric would've asked, but didn't. He then turned to Daniel.

"I just got to say, Daniel your performance was quite interesting. Especially when you used your wind element."

Said panda smiled at the compliment.

"Thank you Cedric for your kind words. And I got to say your sword skills were were very impressive too. Maybe when we don't have class, you and I can have a spar." Daniel said hoping to challenge him.

Cedric took a small moment to think.

"Sounds like a plan." Cedric said liking the idea.

Rachel was feeling excited about seeing Cedric in action. Even though Daniel is a good person she hope Cedric wins. And speaking of said panda.

"Say Daniel. About what happen back at the introductions, I don't think it was right that you asked Emerald to take your life." Rachel said with a serious voice.

Daniel felt bad about that.

"Yeah sorry about that. It's just that I felt so guilty about the damage inflicted on him and I thought letting him have his vengeance might give him peace. That's what I get for following tradition."

"Well I'm glad you're okay." Rachel said with a small smile.

"Me too." Cedric interjected.

Daniel smiled at his two companions.

"I'm sure he would probably punch you into the ground if you tried that again… besides, It seems that unless Emerald got in the way, you would have had some real trouble… what do you all think of this school anyway with so many strong fighters as teachers?... honestly it kind of unnerves me a bit since it should be impossible for so many to be in one." Azure said with a dull tone.

Cedric nodded at the young feline with agreement.

"Well you know the saying; Some question are better left unanswered."

Azure shrugged before she fell quiet for a minute while the others talked to one another before she looked to the others.

"Hey… why did you all come here anyway?" Azure asked out of the blue which confused the students in the room.

"I came here to continue my sword training and to learn more of my lightning element." Cedric replied.

"Like Cedric, I also want to continue training with my katana and learn more of my wind element too." Daniel explained.

Azure looked to Rachel for a moment before footsteps were heard which showed that Strike, Cream, and Lavender approached the group before they sat near Cedric's group.

"Like I said, I came here to train as a possible Echidna guardian." Strike said with her arms crossed under her breastplate.

"I came here to get strong enough so Robotnik can't ...kill anyone else here again." Cream said with a serious expression on her face.

"Same as Cream, but for protecting this city which is my home." Lavender said with a blank look on her face, but if one looked close enough, you could see some seriousness in her eyes.

Azure looked to Rachel before she spoke up.

"You?" Azure asked Rachel since Azure and Rachel were the only one's to not say anything about their reasons.

Rachel smiled before speaking.

"Same boat as Cream and Lavender. But like my father, I wished to be a hero wherever I go. Also I want to understand and learn how to control Aura. And…" Rachel could finish this next sentenced as she blushed while thinking the next part.

Daniel and Cedric were wondering why her face is red.

Azure raised an eyebrow when she had an idea which caused her to speak up with a half lidded look.

"Let me guess the last part… trying to find someone to marry or something like that?... or did I miss the mark." Azure said with an eyebrow raised a moment later.

Cedric and Daniel were shocked at this.

Rachel felt a little embarrassed by this.

"Was I that easy to read?" she asked while blushing.

Cream blushed a bit since romance was a grey area for her… in certain ways.

Strike raised an eyebrow when she was reminded of Amy in her younger years.

Lavender felt that as well while she sweatdropped when she remembered some of her dad's stories.

"Well… unlike everyone else here, my goal isn't that simple." Azure said while she felt more than a bit nervous since everyone else told their reason, it would look bad if she didn't.

What they didn't know was Emerald leaning against the door when he managed to keep it from opening automatically while he listened in on the conversation… all in all, everyone seemed Okay in his book, though Rachel's reason did caused him to sweatdrop before he listened in on Azure's reason.

Everyone wonder what she meant.

"How come?" Cedric question.

Azure was silent for a moment before she looked to Cedric.

"Remember the rock and that my fire just turned it to ash?" Azure said which caused some confusion with Cream who raised an eyebrow.

"Isn't that what fire does?, burn things?" Cream said before Azure sighs again before ignighting her hand.

"Tell me… do you feel heat from this fire?" Azure said which really confused everyone before Lavender placed a hand near it while her eyebrows raising in slight shock.

"N-No...I… don't feel heat from it for some reason." Lavender said before she pulled her hand away to look at Azure's flame.

Cedric brought his hand out and was surprised at the result.

"Me too." He said before pulling his hand back as well.

Daniel and Rachel both brought their hands out at the same time and was surprised as well after not feeling anything.

Azure let the flame die down before she wrapped her arms around her knees with her face hidden.

"I… lost control once...and a lot of people died as a result." Azure said while she waits for everyone's reactions.

Everyone's eyes widen after hearing this. No one said anything til Rachel spoke.

"W-What happen?"

Azure was just silent for a bit when Cream surprised everyone by rubbing Azure's back before she spoke up.

"Listen… you don't have to explain more if you don't want to, Emerald, Demonga, and the Sonic of this world had issues that they needed to work with to get certain abilities under their control, I don't know about the others, but I'll lend a hand with helping you get your abilities under control." Cream said with Strike nodding in agreement.

Lavender was silent, though she did agree with Cream, but she would need some help later… the question… is who to bring.

Emerald in the meantime looked to his right hand when some memories rushed back to him which made his eyes narrow a bit… after he helped the students learn Elemental energy and Aura, he would help them with getting their powers under control.

'Poor Azure.' Was all Rachel could think.

Daniel didn't think or say anything but gave her a sympathetic look.

Cedric on the other brought his hand to her shoulder.

"I know how you feel."

Instead of being calm… Azure froze for a moment when a dark mist emits from her body.

"What did you say…" Azure said when she angled her head a bit which showed an eye to Cedric…one that was royally angered.

Cedric was surprised a bit but was not phased.

"I said I know how you feel."

Azure grit her teeth before she brushed Cedric's arm away before actually yelling in his face.

"WHAT DO YOU KNOW!?, I SAW SO MANY PEOPLE DIE BECAUSE OF ONE LITTLE SLIP UP!" Azure roared which caused Emerald who was listening in to jolt and Lillum who was using magic to carry trays to stumble which caused the tea to spill which made her frown before she went back to the kitchen to make more.

Demonga who was napping jolts from his sleep before he looked to the Dojo with an irritated look before he laid back down with grumbles and swears.

Cedric sighed before responding.

"There was something I didn't say about how my father died." Cedric said which caused Daniel and Rachel to get confused on what he meant.

Azure blinked a few times, though she was still angered, she fell silent while the rest looked to him with confused looks.

Cedric looked at Azure in the eyes.

"My father wasn't just teaching me how to fight with swords, he was also teaching me how to control my lightning element. You see when I get angry, my element gets out of control. Which is the reason why he takes me to woods to train. Little by little I was starting to get the hang of it. Then came that night.

I was sleeping in bed 'till I heard a ruckus. I got up and grabbed one of my swords. I quietly went downstairs and saw that my mom and little sister were scared and tied up while my father laid on the floor unconscious with a head wound. That's when I noticed 5 burglars in the house.

I was so angry, I used my lightning to blast one of them. The other 4 saw me and and tried to finish me off. I was able to kill off two more and blast another one with lightning. I thought it was over 'til I forgot about the last burglar stabbing the back of my hand with a knife. The pain caused me to drop my sword.

The guy thought he won, 'til I got the upper hand and pushed him off. I took the knife out, which was painful. I was so enraged, I used both hands to fry him. I didn't care how much my hand hurt. All I care was to protect my family. Then something bad happen. My element was becoming unstable. I tried to calm down but nothing was working. I was worried that my family will get killed.

That's when my father was finally to get up. He saw the 'condition' I was in and walked towards me. I yelled at him to forget about me and get everyone out. But he didn't listen to me. He then wrapped his arms around me and tells calming words. As that happen, the lightning surged through his body damaging his heart. I was finally able to calm down but the damage was already done.

As I hold my father, the only thing he said to me before he died was "I'll always be proud of you." Then he closed his eyes forever." Cedric explained.

Everyone, mainly Azure was shocked greatly at the story… it helped Azure calm down somewhat but she was still on edge.

"I…" Azure said before she shook her head before she sent a glare to Cedric again.

"Were you called a monster then?, an abomination who others wanted dead?" Azure asked with a much calmer tone… though it did sound like there was more to her story, but she wanted to know what Cedric's answer was.

Cedric looked down a bit before looking back at Azure.

"Well I wouldn't use those words exactly. When word spread of what I did to those burglars, some saw me as a hero while others were afraid of me. But the relationship between my mom and me changed."

"Changed?" Azure asked with a calmer tone in her voice.

Cedric sighed again before speaking.

"It was a year after my father's death. My mom hardly looked at me or said anything to me. Even though she never said it, she blames me for his death. Then one night, when my sister, Eruru, left for a sleepover, I was in the kitchen making dinner when I heard my mom talking to me in a drunk tone.

"I turn to see her on the floor with her back at the kitchen entrance with an empty bottle of wine in her hand. She asked me to get her another bottle. Obviously, instead of doing that, I went to help her. That's when she ended up attacking me. She didn't hit hard due to her drunk state, but it's what she said that pains me. She said words like; "It's all my fault" and "I wish you weren't born." I hugged her as she cried herself to sleep."

"3 days later, I moved out. My mom cried as she told me how sorry she was and begged me to stay. I never hated my mom for what happen but I know that I'm the reason for her anger. My sister was sad also when I was leaving. But I told them that I still love them and will always be there for them. Then I left and 2 years later I'm here with you guys now."

Azure fell silent at the story and it looked like she wanted to say something but looked like she was having trouble with it.

Rachel felt teary after hearing the wolf's story. Daniel didn't know what to say but gave him a sympathetic look.

"I...was adopted like Daniel here… But it didn't exactly start out good." Azure said surprisingly which got their attention.

Cedric tried to assure her.

"You don't have to talk about it, if it's to painful."

Azure shook her head a bit before she continues.

"It's not as bad of a beginning as you might think… apparently I was found injured somewhere and brought back to the place I would call home for a few years… the couple who found me was an old man and woman who had no children or grandchildren… and apparently I was told that because of a head injury and from the lack of certain memories... I got partial memory loss." Azure said when she move her head and part her fur somewhat to reveal that there was a scar above her left temple which seemed to heal over decently which allowed fur to regrow over most of it.

"I can't remember parts of my past… mainly my original home or home Dimension." Azure said with a sad tone when she place her hands on her knees.

At first everyone's eyes widen when they heard this but we're feeling sad when they look at her.

"I also didn't know about my ability of fire at first either, a year had passed before I could walk and run like normal again, in fact it was because of the old woman who took care of me nearly got eaten by some monster that I accidentally found out that I had the ability to control fire… and it wasn't black fire like you all saw earlier… it was a yellow or gold colored fire." Azure said like that was both a good and bad memory.

But the main question… why the change from gold colored fire to black cursed fire?

Finally Daniel spoke.

"If you don't mind me asking, how did your flames change from gold to black?"

Azure was silent for a few moments before she continued.

"Apparently… that monster was a grunt for some kind of commander and it didn't take it's comrades death well." Azure said before she fell quiet to let the story sink in so far.

That's when Rachel surprised the feline by hugging her.

Azure ignored the hug to continue.

"It was about a few weeks after I got the golden fire… was walking with the couple into a nearby town to get some food and what not since I could do the heavy lifting." Azure said while everyone listened.

"I'll skip most of the stuff and say that when the monsters attacked… the commander went after me first since I was the most dangerous there… even if there were other ability users there to defend the town…" Azure said when she remembered that after she fought a few monsters… she got into a fight with a stronger and larger monster that appeared shortly after.

"And after we fought for a few minutes, I stumbled over loose dirt which left me unguarded for half a second… but that was enough for the monster to get an attack in which would have killed me if it connected." Azure said while she placed a hand on Rachel's arm for a moment to let the others think about the story so far.

Everyone had a bad feeling what they were about to hear next.

"What I didn't know was that I got pushed back… got covered with blood… and saw that the old couple tried to protect me…" Azure said when she remembered what the old couple did.

"I… cant remember much about what happened after… just the monster laughing… my flames going out of control which frightened it while the flames slowly turned black… and then my vision turning red… then nothing." Azure said before she continues a moment later.

"The next thing that I fully knew was that I was standing in a perfectly round crater where the center of the village was… with ash everywhere around me… and only the outer part of the village was standing… my flames stayed pure black from then on… shortly after… I ran when the survivors looked at me with Anger… Horror….and fear." Azure said with oddly blank eyes… like she was trying to force herself to be calm.

Everyone was quiet after hearing this.

Then Cedric broke the silence.

"I know that you and I are different Azure, but I know that you can't always run from your mistakes. You have to accept what you have no matter what. And you won't do it alone. You have us now, and we're with you every step of the way."

Azure chuckles surprisingly which… seemed a bit unnerving before she looked Cedric in the eye.

"I didn't run because I wanted to… I ran because I was forced to." Azure said to Cedric while Emerald decided to knock when he had a feeling that this situation wasn't going well.

"Hey… are you guys alright?, I heard shouting earlier and wanted to check on you, but I was putting the finishing touches on… well… may I come in?" Emerald asked while he waits at the door.

"Yes, everything's fine." The students said in unison since none of them wanted to keep talking.

Emerald opened the dojo door with a slight grin on his face, he had a few plans to help them, but first…

"So… if you ladies and gentlemen are ready… " Emerald said before he fell silent when he gestured for them to follow him.

Everyone nodded and got up to follow him. Cedric, however, remained back. He wanted to make sure when no one was looking he grabbed Azure's shoulder. He turned her around and gave her a look that said he wanted to tell her something.

Azure was a bit confused at the action, but what the duo didn't know was that Emerald made a clone when hid behind a case in things got bad.

"...So… got any issues with what I said." Azure said with an even tone.

Cedric shook his head before speaking.

"No. I wanted to say sorry for offending you. I was just letting you know how I understand your pain."

Azure was silent at that… she could say many things but Cedric did have a point.

"..." Azure kept quiet for a minute before she looked to Cedric.

"Sorry for getting angry at you." Azure said before she looked to her shoulder.

"Though I wonder… how long are you going to keep your hand there?, I don't normally let people touch me." Azure said with a slight blush on her face.

Cedric forgot that his hand was still there and immediately took it back. He blushed a bit in embarrassment.

"What I said before was true. You don't have to face this challenge alone. Everyone will be there to help you through it. Even me." Cedric said as he was trying to be on her side.

Azure looked to Cedric before she nods, though she still had a bit of a blush on her face when she turned to the door.

"Come on… we'll probably irritate everyone else if we're late." Azure said before she heads to the dojo door while the Emerald clone grinned before it vanished with a silent poof.

Cedric followed her to meet up with the others. While walking, the young wolf was thinking about something, mainly Azure.

'I hope she and I will get along. And I will admit, she is cute when she blushed.' Cedric thought as he was blushing a bit as well.

Azure was thinks similar thoughts but she was less noticeable about it which allowed her to hide her blush when the duo made it to where they heard Emerald talking with the others.

When he noticed them getting close, he waved which caused the other students to look to the duo.

"Hey you two… glad you could make it, though that does beg the question… what did you two do behind closed dojo doors?" Emerald said with a wave of his eyebrows which caused Azure to blush greatly.

Cream looked to Emerald with a raised eyebrow, Strike just crossed her arms… Lavender was…giving Cedric the mother of all death glares.

Cedric blushed big at what Emerald said. He also shivered a bit after seeing Lavender's glare.

'What the hell did I do?' The wolf mentally questioned.

Daniel chuckled at what Emerald said.

Rachel however was getting jealous.

Emerald chuckled a bit before he turned to a box that was next to him.

"Now that everyone's here, please sit near Lillum who will create a barrier to protect you from debris and the shockwaves, I'll get the item out before I explain more ." Emerald said when he walked over to the box to get what he needed.

Lillum in the meantime was sitting in one of the veranda like area while a couple trey sat near her.

"Hey everyone, come here, I got some tea." Lillum said while she waved to the students.

Everyone nodded and went to Lillum and sat by her.

While Emerald was busy, Lillum decided to try and start a conversation.

"So… how was your day so far?, learn anything new about one another or learn a new ability already?" Lillum asked the Students before she bit into a cookie.

"We talked with one another and Emerald is showing us a few of his techniques alongside Elemental manipulation." Strike said with crossed arms.

Everyone nodded to Lillum letting her know that Strike was correct. Then they all focused on Emerald.

They saw that Emerald pulled something out so fast that they didn't see what it was fully until he sat it on the ground… it was a massive block that was somehow many times bigger than the box it came from.

The students were shocked as they saw that. They were now wondering where did that giant rock come from.

Emerald grinned at the faces before he speaks up while he pat the block a few times.

"First off… this is a special block of stone from a certain Dimension that is resistant to physical and energy attacks, I forgot the name but I can tell you that this thing is durable… second this box is linked to a pocket Dimension for storage, the block was shrunk down to allow easy coming and going and this is it's full size when taken out." Emerald said when he starts to walk away.

The students were quite speechless at that info. They now wait to hear more.

Emerald stopped when he was a good distance away before he turned to the rock.

"Now then, I'll be demonstrating how strong a Chaos Fist can be from Beginner to Advance to Master level… ready?" Emerald said while Lillum casts a barrier to prevent any damage to the dojo and students.

All the students nodded while they have their eyes focus on both Emerald and the block.

Emerald took a fighting stance where he had his right hand ready to punch… his left was aimed at the block, Emerald then breathed inward before his eyes open wide when his body burst with energy.

Emerald then used his left hand to cup it around his right forearm before the energy seemed to to concentrate into it.

Strike was watching the move carefully so she could try and learn it.

Cream had a smile on her face when she saw the dancing energy.

Lavender had a stoic look on her face, but she was impressed with the amount of energy Emerald was controlling.

Azure was watching to see what the result would be when he attacks.

Rachel's eyes sparkle after seeing the energy.

Daniel studied the way Emerald harness the power and hoped to use that with his wind element.

Like Azure and said panda, Cedric wants to see the results and was also wondering if he can do the same damage with his lightning element.

Emerald then ran towards the block with his fist drew back before he roared when he punched the block which caused a slight shockwave which rattled Lillum's barrier before the block was sent flying before it bounced on the ground a few times before it skids to a stop.

The energy on Emerald's fist dissipates while a couple clones were created which jog to the block before Emerald looked to the students to see how they were taking the demonstration so far.

Cedric, Daniel and Rachel were amazed at what they witnessed.

Azure had wide eyes when she saw that massive cube flying through the air.

Cream, Strike, and Lavender were calm about it compared to the others though.

"Any questions before I get to the ranged attack?" Emerald asked with crossed arms while the clones picked up the block to get ready to toss it.

No one said anything as they want to see what happens next.

Emerald grinned before he turned to the block again while the clones got ready.

"PULL!" Emerald called out before the clones roared before their arms lit with a green energy before the cube was sent flying high into the sky.

Azure had to bend her neck back to see how high the cube went… but because of the angle… she fell back and her head lands on Cedric's lap which caused her to blush.

Cream, Strike, and Lavender didn't notice when the cube went higher.

Daniel was also watching the cube.

Rachel, however saw that and was getting super jealous.

'No fair. I want to be on his lap!' She mentally thought.

Cedric blushed greatly before he helps Azure up.

"You okay?" He whispered while blushing.

Azure nods with a bright blush on her face before she sat next to Cedic quickly before she looked up to the cube before she glanced to Cedric.

"Yeah… sorry, lost my balance." Azure apologized before she looked back to the cube again.

Emerald then had a clone make a barrier around the cube to keep it aloft, this was a demonstration, not a battle so he wanted everyone to see well.

"No worries." Cedric whispered to her before looking at the block. But deep down though, he actually enjoyed it.

Emerald then aimed his right arm at the cube before a large orb of energy was formed before it shrinked down to the orb they saw in the dojo while green energy jots from the orb wildly.

They were wondering what he was doing.

Emerald the drew his arm back before he thrusts his arm towards the cube which launched the orb of energy skyward.

Right before it hits the cube Emerald turned to the students while his left arm points to it before he spoke up.

"Bam!" Emerald said before a green color explosion happened right after which caused a large shockwave to hit the barrier which rumbled more as a result.

The students starred with an AWE while their jaws dropped.

Emerald grinned at the expressions before he spoke up.

"If you think that was a real attack, then just wait till I show you my personal technique." Emerald said while a dust cloud was formed around the barriered cube before it fades to show an undamaged barrier.

The students were surprised at that while thinking…

'You mean there's more?'

Emerald kept his grin before he got a serious one a moment later which caused some surprise.

"What I'm about to show you is just a demonstration, unless it's an extreme situation, do not repeat what I'm about to do since the energy needed would normally be too much for a normal person to generate." Emerald said with a look so serious that he looked like a different person for a moment.

Everyone made sure to remember that as they continue to watch.

Emerald then looked to the cube before he reached for his right hand while Lillum got a bit worried.

"Uh… Emerald, maybe you could keep you're limiters on?" Lillum asked while Emerald grinned when he gripped the ring on his middle finger.

"Maybe… but this is to show how serious I am about this move!" Emerald said before he pulled off the ring while he spoke up.

"10% limiter… release!" Emerald called out when his ring vanished before his energy skyrockets exponentially while a green energy flows from his body like water and electrical looking energy jolts from his body while a fanged grin appears on his face when he targets the cube.

'If this was 10 percent… then what the hell was 100!?' The students all thought while still watching.

Cedric and Daniel definitely wanted to learn how to do that.

Rachel was speechless while starring with an AWE.

Azure went wide eyed before she saw that the barrier looked like it could barely keep itself together… maybe that's why Lillum was nervous.

Strike gripped her forearm while she watched Emerald charge more energy.

Lavender heard rumors… but if this was Emerald with one limiter removed… how many does he have on him all together.

The thought caused Lavender to shudder for a moment with … fear when she heard other rumors about Emerald… he maybe a nice guy, but she heard some dark things about some of his battles.

Cream had a smile on her face when she thought the opposite of Lavender… it was because of his strength that the she and a lot of people are still alive today.

Emerald then held both arms to his side before a massive orb of chaos energy appeared which looked like a miniature sun.

The students watched with anticipation.

Emerald then forced his arms to bends which caused the orb to rapidly shrink before Emerald took a prayer like stance with his right leg behind him while all of that energy was condensed between his hands while he looked to the cube.

"Chaos.." Emerald said while his voice seemed to echo… and a pressure was felt by everyone as a result when Emerald starts to move his left leg forward while time seemed to slow.

Azure could barely believe what happened when Emerald somehow shrank all of that energy before she saw what happened next…

Cream was on the edge of her seat while she had a happy look on her face.

Strike didn't blink so she could see everything.

Lavender had a stoic look on her face, but she also felt both awe and fear at what happened next.

Cedric and Rachel was on the same boat as Azure as they watched.

Daniel was also not blinking like Strike.

Emerald then separated his hands… and for a moment, the energy stayed in his right which allowed him enough time to aim his right hand towards the cube when he said the second word.

"...CANNON!" Emerald roars out before a massive beam of Chaos energy shot from his hand and engulfed the cube a moment later while Emerald skid on the ground for a bit, but managed to stand his ground.

The students jaws dropped when seeing this.

The energy fades to reveal a shocking sight…. The cube was destroyed completely and the area around it seemed to… warp like a mirage before it settled back to normal while Emerald pants when he had to catch his breath.

No one said anything til Cedric broke the silence.

"You okay Emerald?"

Emerald took a moment to respond after he stood back up.

"Like I said… it takes a ton of energy, and I can't rapid fire those like normal unless I remove more limiters and use my weapon partner to help focus the energy." Emerald said before he used his forearm to wipe his forehead.

Everyone understood that even though they still need to learn more about this.

Emerald then took another moment to recover before he looked to the students with a grin.

"So… interested in learning the basics first?, I'll get to the higher levels in a later lesson." Emerald asked with Azure, Cream, Strike, and Lavender raising their hand in agreement, though Lavender seemed hesitant for a moment.

Cedric, Rachel and Daniel raised their hands as well.

Emerald chuckled before he gestured for the students to come closer so he could explain.

They all got closer so they can hear what he has to say.

"First off before I start… who here can manipulate Chaos energy without a chaos emerald." Emerald asked before Cream, Strike, and Lavender raised their hands.

Cedric, Daniel, and Azure couldn't do it to their embarrassment. But they were surprised to see Rachel raised her hand.

"I can do a little bit, but that's all I can do." Rachel said while feeling embarrassed for admitting it.

Emerald gave Rachel a grin.

"Hey, nothing to be embarrassed about, I mean you know how to manipulate chaos energy with no Emerald, that makes you one of the ones that have a leg up on the others." Emerald said to try and cheer up Rachel.

Rachel felt better when Emerald said that. Even Cedric and Daniel agreed with him.

"I mean compared to me when I started out, you guys are real prodigy's." Emerald said when he remembered a part of his past.

Rachel smiled big at the compliment.

Azure raised an eyebrow at that before she looked to Emerald.

"What do you mean when you started out?... didn't you have abilities when you were born?" Azure asked with a raised eyebrow.

Everyone else wondered the same thing.

"Hmm… well… let's just say that this Mobius was the first world I ever came to… my Dimension doesn't have ability or magic users at all, no Mobians either, just humans." Emerald said with crossed arms.

The student's eyes widen after hearing that info.

"Wait… if there are no ability or magic users…. How did you get here in the first place." Lavender asked since this was the first she heard of this.

The students were confused and curious about that.

Emerald however as silent at that before he spoke up.

"I'll… save that story for another time.." Emerald said while a shadow covered his eyes for a moment.

The students decided to take his word for it.

Emerald then breathed to calm down before he spoke up.

"Now four out of seven isn't bad, but I guess that since you three have elemental abilities, then you had no need to learn right?" Emerald asked to see how they would react.

Cedric and Daniel nod at him.

"I… never really got a chance to learn how until today." Azure said while she rubbed the back of her head.

Both panda and wolf were shocked after hearing that.

'You gotta be kidding me.' Daniel thought.

Cedric turned to Azure.

"But wait, how come you were able to hit the boulder so perfectly?" he asked.

Azure looked to Cedric before pulling out the case with her bow.

"Practice, and a flame resistant bow, though I'll need a new one soon since my flames wear it down shot by shot." Azure said when she pulled out her bow to reveal… corrosion marks of sorts with Emerald examining it for a moment.

"Well.. I don't get what Chaos Energy has to do with accuracy most of the time, but I can explain what happened to the bow." Emerald said surprisingly.

Everyone was all ears.

Emerald was silent before he looked to Azure and Cedric.

"First off I have to apologize.. I overheard what happened in the dojo on my way back." Emerald said which caused Azure's eyes to widen in shock.

"E-Everything?" Azure said which made Emerald nod.

"Yeah… and I'm sorry, but I can at least help some since I know what to do for now." Emerald said which was surprising.

Cedric was also surprised since he believed that Emerald had heard him talk about his past too.

"Azure… believe it or not, but you might have three elemental attributes, not black or cursed fire, though it seems like it." Emerald said when he took a thinking pose.

The students were shocked at what they heard. Cedric, Daniel and Rachel had different thoughts.

'Three elements?' Rachel thought.

'Impossible.' Daniel thought.

'What other attributes can she use?" Cedric thought.

Emerald crossed his arms while everyone looked to Azure with some shock before he spoke up which got everyone's attention.

"Don't be too shocked, remember what I said about the Chaos Element being the Zero Element that can branch out, it's also affected by emotions." Emerald said before he continues when he had everyone's attention.

"Let me explain, for Azure's golden fire, the elements of fire and light are needed, which makes Blessed fire, a sub element which I will go into later, as for her current fire, Fire and Darkness are needed to make Cursed fire." Emerald explained before he continues.

"As for how… it could be possible that she inherited the basic fire element from one of her birth parents while the light and dark came from experience, believe it or not some people here can use multiple elements with the right training." Emerald said before he continues.

"Remember Azure's story, she didn't get her fire back until that old woman was in danger right?, she didn't need the ability until then, she was protective and she instinctively used her fire with some light mixed in to take the monster out" Emerald said before he waits for everyone to process the information.

Everyone now understood what he meant.

"Then there is the cursed fire, when that old couple took the hit for her… Azure gave into her rage and went into a dark form… a form that primarily runs on negative emotions or when you go to deep into the Dark element and you don't have enough mental strength to control it… the element of Darkness is normally a double edge sword, but a strong one if used right." Emerald said while he took a moment to let it sink in so far.

Cedric shivered a bit when he remembered what happened with his family.

'I wonder what would happen if I had received my own dark form.' he thought.

Emerald then looked to Azure before he spoke up.

"And the reason why your fire is still like that…. It's probably because you're still in your dark form but as a greatly reduced effect, enough for your body to handle it, but too much for your body to revert to normal." Emerald said with a examining look while his eyes glowed a bit… like he was examining her.

The students couldn't believe that Azure was in her dark form the whole time.

Azure went bug eyed before she blinked a few times.

"D-Dark form?" Azure said while Emerald nods before the scene fades to black a moment later.

The camera went back to TME and Atomsk who seemed to be speaking about something which distracted them from the readers.

"... and you're sure you have no idea about that Mask look alike?" TME asked when he rubbed his stomach before he shudders.

"Yes I'm sure." Atomsk replied while rubbing his stomach as well.

A moment later, something tapped TME on the shoulder which caused him to raise an eyebrow before he looked over... And saw the Masked man to hi shock.

"YOU!" TME growled when he tried to swipe at the man while said masked man moved away with physic defying moves while he chuckles like a madman.

Atomsk tried catching the Masked man with a...butterfly net.

However the masked man spun like a top when he got caught which starts to spin Atomsk like a helicopter propeller blade.

"Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa!"

Before TME could do anything, the Masked man ducked and with a final swing which sent Atomsk flying headfirst towards him… which caused Atomsk to full on tackle TME in the nads with the top of his head.

"...!" TME couldn't even say anything while the mental image of two walnuts appearing near his head appeared before they cracked before he fell on his back.

Anyone that read this would cringe.

The Masked Man chuckles before he acted like the roadrunner with his tongue poking out a few times before he sped off with a mad chuckle fading.

Atomsk groaned after the collision.

"I'm gonna kill that bastard."

However a hand was placed on his shoulder before TME sat up while a dark mist covered his body before he starts to chuckle which was a bit creepy for him.

"Dude, you creeping me out man." Atomsk said as he grew weary.

"Oh Atomsk… your wrong with one thing… I'm not TME…" TME? Said while he got to his feet.

Atomsk was shocked.

"Then who the hell are you?! Unless..."

More dark mist emits from TME's body before he looked to Atomsk with pure white eyes.

"TME was knocked out so I decided to take charge to get rid of that green nuisance… names DME… Dark Master Emerald, I handle TME's more… darker stories if you'll pardon the pun." DME said when he introduced himself.

"Then where is the real TME?" Atomsk asked not liking the change in scenery.

DME just smirked when he taps his head.

"He's in here, just knocked out… I mean wouldn't you get knocked out if you got hit in the nads like that?" DME said with a grin on his face.

"You're right about that." Atomsk said.

"Good, now that we got things straightened out.. Shall we go Mask hunting?" DME said when he starts to walk at a simple pace in the Masked man's direction.

Atomsk had no choice but to follow him so they can get rid of the Mask.

DME stopped for a moment to look to the readers… like he knew they were there before TME and Atomsk.

"Before we do… I'd like to say see you next time dear readers, hopefully with myself here for now, we can take this story into a more.. bloody direction." DME said with a grin on his face before he resumed his walk.

Atomsk shivered at this.

'I hope he doesn't stay that long.' He thought while following him.

The camera then fades to black while DME chuckles a bit which echoes in the darkness before he fell silent.

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