Dimensional Drifter school @emerald

A portal opens before TME steps out before he looked to the readers.

"Hay everyone, Welcome to the second chapter of DDS, and say hello to my co-host Atomsk." TME said before he took a few steps away from the portal.

Atomsk steps out with a smile on his face.

"Hey everyone, its great to be back." Atomsk announced before giving the spotlight to TME.

TME nods before looking to the readers.

"Now then… we left off on a cliffhanger of sorts when the spirit introduced everyone to the school and the class system… but who are the teachers going to be?, Atomsk, any thoughts?" TME said before he went silent.

Atomsk grin at the question.

"And spoil the surprise? Let them read it themselves." Atomsk replied while he takes out...a book and reads.

TME raised an eyebrow at the book before he shrugged.

"Now then, a bit of a addon for this chapter, I'll be posting this story on both AO3 with the lemons added but also on with the lemons removed since some people are keeping an eye on my lemon filled stories already." TME said before he looked to the reading Atomsk.

"Any thoughts at all before I get the story started?" TME asked with crossed arms.

Atomsk closed the book to look at the readers.

"Nope." Was Atomsk's response before going back to his book .

TME sweatdropped before he looked to the readers.

"I can assure you all that Atomsk is creative… not very talkative apparently." TME said before he looked to the sky.

"Well everyone, let's get into the story shall we?" TME said before the scene shifts to the arena.

Angel City/ Arena/ ?

The scene shifts to the arena right when the spirit asks the question.

"Now… shall I introduce you to your teachers?" The spirit said with a grin before three people jump off the stage and two land near the All type students while the third floats to the ground.

One was Emerald who had a grin on his face.

The second was the man with the spear, on closer inspection, the man looked a lot like Emerald for the most part, but the differences was seen… his clothing had a red and black pattern, his hair was pure red, and he had a ring around his neck, his wrists, and ankles where his boots stop at, he even had a muscular figure which was showed in various areas unlike Emerald who looked weak.

But it was the cold feeling and the cold look that he gave off which helped tell the difference.

The one who floated down to the ground was the large breasted woman who had gravity defying breasts and wore a leotard that showed off her figure well, she had long brown hair which was braided and it trailed down her back and stopped at the middle of her legs.

All in all, she looked like any man's fantasy and some woman's if they swinged that way.

The Wolf Mobian was shocked that Emerald was his and everyone's teacher.

'You gotta be kidding me.' The young wolf thought.

The female hedgehog had the same look as the young wolf, but was feeling a bit spooked from the second teacher.

The panda, however, couldn't help but stare at the third teacher.

'So sexy.' The panda thought while blushing.

The Hoodie wearing woman kept smiling when she looked to the three.

The Royal looking hedgehog looked to the three… and gave a small smile surprisingly.

The armored one just uncrossed her arms while she payed attention.

Azure took a moment to look to each one before she focused to listen when the spirit spoke up.

"You already know Emerald, but I'd like to point out that he is your teacher in an all around fashion,... the man with the spear is called Demonga and he's your physical arts teacher, and the woman is named Lillum, she is your magical arts teacher." The Spirit explained before it waits to let the info sit in for the students.

The young Wolf Mobian still couldn't believe that Emerald was their teacher.

The female hedgehog looked at the teachers.

'Emerald and Lillum seemed nice, but Demonga's so scary.' she thought.

The panda continues staring at Lillum, while almost having perverted thoughts.

The hooded woman glanced to the panda while her grin faded a bit.

The royal looking hedgehog and the armored hedgehog ignored him.

Azure wasn't really paying attention to the stareing panda.

A moment later, Emerald noticed the Panda looking to Lillum and frowned somewhat before he vanished with a burst of speed and placed an arm over the panda's shoulder.

The Wolf Mobian and female hedgehog were shocked at the speed. But were more surprised that Emerald was behind them with the panda.

"I know she's good looking... but she's taken already." Emerald said when he leaked a tiny amount of killing intent at the panda.

The students were shocked when they were able to figure out who emitted the killing intent.

The panda felt it and tried to make peace.

"My apologies. I didn't mean to disrespect you." The panda told Lillum hoping for forgiveness.

Lillum however giggled before she waved him off.

"Oh it's no trouble, Emerald just gets jealous easily so expect him to be a tiny bit protective." Lillum said before Emerald gave her a half lidded look.

"Don't give me that… you're a succubus so I need to keep an eye on you when I'm in this Dimension." Emerald said before Lillum rubbed the back of her head while she chuckles nervously… she did have a habit of attracting men without knowing it.

That's when the female hedgehog realized something.

"By any chance, are you two an item?" She asked with curiosity.

Emerald blinked a few times at the question while Lillum giggles.

"You could say that…" Lillum said cryptically while a blush grew on her face… but why did she say it like that?

The students were now wondering what Lillum meant.

"She means that charcoal here has many lovers and that she's one of them." the spear wielding one named Demonga said while he rests his spear on his shoulder and pointing to Emerald with his free hand.

Some of the students were shocked at this info.

'How many lovers does Emerald have?' The young Wolf Mobian thought.

The panda was thinking that, but was scared knowing that he was staring at Emerald's girl.

'Hope Emerald doesn't take it out on me during his teachings.' The Panda thought nervously.

The female hedgehog had one question.

"Why do you call him Charcoal?" She asked while looking at Demonga.

"Is there a reason I shouldn't?" Demonga said while raising an eyebrow to the female hedgehog.

"Just being curious." The female hedgehog replied.

"Just Demonga being an ass." Emerald said with a half lidded look on his face before he sent him a grin.

"Though I got a nickname for him… right low-watt?" Emerald said before Demonga sent Emerald a glare… while the Panda was still being held next to Emerald by his shoulder.

The panda paled while hoping nothing bad happens to him.

Both the wolf and female hedgehog were thinking the same thing.

Emerald grinned before he let the panda go while Demonga continued to send a glare his way while Azure cleared her throat to get everyone's attention.

"As interesting as this is, is there anything else we need to know?, like a tour or is there a place we can sleep at? Or are we going to start training now?" Azure asked which made Emerald grin a bit more at the question.

"Simple, after seeing what your weapons are, we're going to spar a bit with you to see what your current level is." Emerald said like it was a normal thing to him.

"But before we start, why don't we get introductions from each of you so we can know one another better, why don't we start with you." Lillum asked asked Azure who nods before she took a step forward.

"My name is Azure if anyone forgot, I can control flames like Blaze…but they are not simple flames" Azure said cryptically.

Most were confused on that.

"What do you mean?" The female hedgehog asked.

Azure looked to her before she pulled out a small case of sorts before she opened it which revealed a small bow of all things which seemed collapsible.

"A bow?, no arrows?" Emerald asked when he looked inside of the case.

Azure nods before she aimed the bow away from the group while the spirit made a rock appear a good distance away while Azure created a arrow of black colored fire.

Everyone watched with excitement as they saw what happened next.

"Anything I hit with this fire becomes brittle and weakened… like it ages into nothing." Azure said before she shot the arrow of black fire which hit the rock.

But instead of exploding… it covered the rock before it seemed to turn grey before the flame fades to reveal the grey colored rock which seemed to fall apart into a sand or a ash like pile a moment later.

Everyone was surprised after witnessing it.

"*Whistle* Nice shot." The Wolf Mobian commented.

Azure lowered her bow before she looked to the others to see what they could do.

Lillum then looks to the Wolf mobian.

"Your turn handsome." Lillum said while giving him a wink.

The Wolf Mobian blushed a bit from that, but was able to control himself.

The female hedgehog was able to catch a glimpse of said wolf.

'Oh he's cute.' She thought while blushing a bit as well.

The Wolf Mobian then stood up.

"My name is Cedric Middleton. I can run at the same speed as Sonic, and I can also control lighting." The Wolf Mobian named Cedric introduced before he stepped forward and was looking at one of the training dummies that the spirit summoned a moment later.

He started creating an electric orb with one hand as a demonstration before he shot at the training dummy.

The Dummy got hit with the energy which caused it to be covered with electrical energy before the Dummy slowly starts to smoke before the energy fades to reveal a greatly burnt dummy.

Cedric smirked at his handiwork.

The female hedgehog stared at AWE.

'So cool!' She thought while her eyes sparkle with excitement.

The panda was quite impressed.

But a chilling feeling was felt by everyone which made them look to see Emerald with an actual anime tick mark on his head while dark mist emitted from parts of his body.

"Your weapon?" Emerald growled out while he looked to Lillum with an irritated stare before he tried to calm down when Lillum chuckled nervously.

Cedric gulped before going to his duffle bag and pulled out twin swords.

Everyone looked at the weapons while Emerald examined them before he looked to Cedric.

"How experienced are you at using those weapons?" Emerald asked with a serious look on his face since swords were normally his speciality, he knew other weapon styles but he favored the swords styles

"I had some training with my father, but I wasn't able to finished due to his...passing" Cedric replied while feeling sad when he remembered something.

The female hedgehog felt teary when she heard it.

The panda had a different thought.

'You and me are alike my friend.' The panda thought.

Emerald was silent for a moment when he heard that before he walked away from the group and stood in front of Cedric with a serious expression on his face.

"Show me then." Emerald said with his hands in his pockets which surprised the students somewhat while Demonga and Lillum looked to see Cedric's reaction.

Cedric was surprised at his tone, but still agreed to do it. He approached another training dummy that was summoned with two swords as well.

As he attacks, the dummy was putting up a good defense, and vice versa when it counters.

For a minute, nothing happened except for Cedric and the dummy fighting one another before Emerald clapped his hands which caused the dummy to stop attacking after it jumped away from Cedric.

"Alright, it seems that a training dummy with basic skills is too simple for you… why don't we try something…a bit different?" Emerald said cryptically while the dummy vanished into the ground.

"What do you have in mind?" Cedric asked.

Emerald grinned before he took a few steps away from the group while looking to Cedric.

"To put it simply… I want you to attack me with everything you got like you're really trying to kill me, I'll be defending myself and if I get the chance… I'll disarm you, I'll hold myself back when I counter so I don't kill you by accident." Emerald said with a relaxed stance while his right arm was out of his pocket, his left was in his pocket.

"Questions before we start?" Emerald asked before he waits for anyone to speak up.

Cedric was confused.

"Shouldn't you have a weapon?" He asked.

Emerald just grins before he spoke up.

"Don't worry, I won't be getting hurt at all." Emerald taunts when he gave the come get me motion with his hand.

Cedric knew he was not to be fooled by that. So he went into stance, and after a few seconds, he went after Emerald using any moves he remembered.

Emerald waits for Cedric to get close, and when he did, his eyes glowed before he starts to dodge and block the attacks with his hand which seemed to glow with a green mist.

Cedric, and everyone that was watching, wondered about the green mist except for Demonga and Lillum.

Emerald just kept dodging and blocking while he slowly increased his speed before he starts to slowly put in counters to see how Cedric would react.

Cedric did see that and tried to counteract as well.

Emerald grinned when he saw that before he decides to amp up the challenge by trying to disarm Cedric by reaching for his weapons.

Cedric kept his guard up not realizing what's about to happen.

A few moment's later, Emerald gripped one of Cedric's blades before he forced Cedric's weapon away to make Cedric stumble.

Cedric stumbled back, while he was shocked after witnessing it.

A moment later, Emerald already had his mist covered hand at Cedric's throat before anyone realized it, but he didn't touch him to prevent harm to Cedric.

Cedric gulped at this.

The female hedgehog was a bit scared.

The panda, who although admired the wolf's sword skill, was shocked as he watched.

Emerald pulled his hand away before he chuckles.

"Not bad for a fighter at your level." Emerald said before he placed his hand in his pocket.

Cedric breathed for a bit before he bowed to Emerald.

Emerald grins a bit at Cedric before he lets him rest for a bit before he looked to the remaining students.

"So… who's up next?" Emerald asked before the hoodie wearing woman walked forward and reached up to the hood before she pulled it down to reveal... An adult Cream the rabbit of Angel City which surprised everyone.

She removed the hoodie entirely which showed an orange t-shirt with a tan flower as an icon while a thinner hood was connected to the shirt which had a flower icon on it as well while she wore light orange colored sweatpants, her shoes she wore looked similar to Shadows but looked more feminine with a tan and orange color palate.

But the real eye catcher was her height which was a foot taller than the other mobians and the scar on her cheek.

'What is Cream the Rabbit doing here?' Cedric thought while feeling surprised.

The female hedgehog was very surprised but did admired her outfit.

The panda, however, was shocked as he got a good look at Cream. But not like with Lillum. He can feel his heart pounding as he continues to stare.

'I think I'm in love.' He thought.

"Cream?, what are you doing here?" Emerald asked while Cream smiled a bit.

"I came here to learn how to defend myself, and before you argue, I trained a bit with Amy and Rouge so I'm pretty confident in my arms and legs." Cream said while she pulled out a case with a flash of light that was similar to the one that Emerald used before she took out an odd item.

It looked like a handle of sorts.

'What is that thing?' Cedric thought.

The female hedgehog and panda were wondering the same thing.

"Until I can get a guardian weapon, I had Tails help me with making this." Cream said before she used both hands to twist the handle before two metal poles extend which turned the handle into a Bo staff which surprised everyone.

'Wow.' The female hedgehog though.

'This place is full of surprises.' Cedric thought.

'Cute and can use a weapon. My kind of woman.' The panda thought.

"So… know an ability or skill?" Emerald asked while Cream nods a bit.

"I learned how to use Aura from Amy, watch." Cream said before she walked over to a rock that was summoned.

Cedric, along with the female hedgehog and panda were wondering what is Aura but were about to see what Cream was gonna do.

Cream then drew her arm back right before she slugged the rock which smashed the rock into dust which made everyone go wide eyed in shock while Emerald facepalmed.

Both Cedric and the female hedgehog stared wide eyed and had their jaws dropped.

The panda had a different reaction.

"Awesome." The panda said after enjoying what he saw.

"What kind of training did those two give you?" Emerald said to himself while Azure who was near him silently agrees when Cream walked back with a smile on her face.

"Amy did say that a woman has to defend herself right?" Cream said like it was a normal thing to her… just what was Aura in this Dimension?

The female hedgehog agreed with what Cream said.

Cedric was on the same boat but was still shocked of what the bunny can do.

'Note to self: Never make Cream, or any girl angry.' He mentally noted.

The panda was also in agreement with what Cream said.

'I seriously have to get to know her.' The panda thought.

"So who's next?" Emerald asked when he rubbed his head when he decided to speak with Amy and Rouge when he got the chance later.

The panda decided to stand up and step forward.

Emerald looked to the robe wearing panda before he and the students looked to him to get more details on the outfit he was wearing.

The panda started speaking.

"My name is Daniel Leemus. I was born in China, but was adopted by a family in Japan. I was taught in the way of the samurai, along with this katana, that was given to me by my father, whom like Cedric's, also passed on.

I also have an ability to control wind." The panda known as Daniel introduced.

Emerald grinned before he got a bit surprised when Demonga got in front of him.

"You had your turn, now it's mine to see what this newbie can do." Demonga said with a cold tone before he walked away from the group and turned to wait for Daniel with his spear at his side.

Some of the students felt spooked by that.

Daniel however was unfazed. He brought his hand to the hilt, but didn't draw his blade...yet.

Instead of waiting like Emerald did, Demonga charged Daniel with serious speed with the spear already aiming for him.

Luckily, Daniel, with quick reflexes, dodged the spear. He took out his blade and started charging at Demonga.

Demonga spun the spear to intercept the charge… the force of the spin it had wasn't to be underestimated when the other end of the spear was angled to hit Daniel.

Daniel was able to dodge the end and was a few feet away from Demonga. That's when he started channeling his wind element to his sword. With one swing, Daniel send a wave at Demonga.

The wave flew towards Demonga and it seemed to hit him when a dust cloud blocked everyone's vision.

Everyone covered their eyes so they don't get hit while Daniel did the same.

Nothing happened in the cloud for a moment before footsteps were heard.

Daniel heard this, and was on his guard.

A few moments later showed Demonga exiting the cloud unharmed while blue electrical energy was seen for a moment on his body before it fades.

Everyone was surprised at that, even Daniel. He got into a stance getting ready for anything.

Demonga just kept walking towards Daniel with the same steps while a pressure of sorts was emitting from his body.

Everyone can somehow feel that. This spar was becoming intense.

Before anyone could blink… Demonga vanished and reappeared behind Daniel with his spear at the ready.

Daniel dodged the spear again and started charging at Demonga.

Demonga mimics Emerald now when he justs starts to dodge and block the attacks while he held his spear with one hand.

Daniel kept swinging his katana.

'Not sure how long I can keep this up.' Daniel thought.

A few moments later passed before Demonga's speed increased before he struck Daniel in the gut with a palm strike which sent Daniel flying through the air.

Everyone was shocked at that.

Daniel landed roughly on his back. He grunted before he got up. He then started channeling his wind element to his sword again. As he charged at Demonga again, Daniel send another wave at him while still charging.

Demonga vanished when the attack hit where he was before he reappeared a bit away from Daniel and charged him while Lillum got a worried look on her fade before Emerald charged the distracted duo for some reason.

Daniel was shocked that Demonga appeared in front of him for a straight on charge before time seemed to have slow down for the duo.

Emerald raised his right hand when he saw that the duo didn't notice him, even if Demonga did, he probably would ignore Emerald.

"Come forth… Onimusha!" Emerald said before a crest appeared in front of him while he ran to it when something starts to emerge from the crest.

Everyone was shocked at what Emerald was doing.

A few moment's later, time seemed to speed up before Emerald grabbed something before anyone could get a good look while Daniel and Demonga got closer.

Daniel felt a little fear that he was close to Demonga as the panda was about to strike.

Right before the two seemed to hit one another, Emerald got right in between the duo before they sent their attacks which result in a dust cloud forming.

Everyone covered their eyes again but were wondering about the outcome.

A moment later the dust cloud fades which showed a horrifying sight.

Everyone, including Daniel, was shocked they saw.

They saw that Emerald took both hits full on while a large demonic looking greatsword blocked Demonga's attack.

Daniel's attack however…. Removed Emerald's arm entirely while the rest of the wind attribute attack caused a large chunk of his stomach to be removed which let blood drip to the ground while shadow's covered Emerald's eyes.

'Oh my God.' Cedric thought as he was shocked.

The female hedgehog felt she was gonna lose her lunch.

Daniel however was too shocked at what just happen. He moved back a bit and saw the blood on his blade. He was shaking a bit.

'What have I done.' He thought with guilt and fear.

A moment later… they heard Emerald speaking up.

"Are… you a-alright Daniel?" Emerald asked surprisingly even though he was so damaged.

The students were shocked that Emerald was able to talk after all of this happen while Daniel was also shocked at the question.

"Am I alright?... Look at you! I need to get you to a doctor." The panda replied as he tries to help him.

He was stopped however when he and the others saw a green mist emitting from his wounds.

Everyone watched at was happening to Emerald.

Emerald's wounds start to regenerate, starting with Emerald's stomach, while Demonga pulled his spear back when Emerald's stomach healed up till it looked like it was never damaged in the first place while the clothing repaired with a green energy a moment later.

The students were shocked after witnessing this.

Emerald's arm then slowly regrew before their very eyes before it finished a moment later.

Emerald then clenched and unclenched his hand a moment later to test that it was working right.

The students stared at AWE seeing that Emerald was good as new.

Emerald hummed for a moment when his arm was at 100% again before he looked to Daniel while he rests his greatsword on his shoulder.

Daniel was still shocked that Emerald was okay. But he still felt guilty. So he got down on his knees, put his sword down a few inches in front of him, and brought his head on the floor.

"I'm sorry Emerald. If you wish to strike me down, then feel free to use my blade." Daniel said as he closed his eyes waiting for his punishment.

The students were flabbergasted at what Daniel was saying. They were hoping that he wasn't serious.

Emerald approached Daniel with a pressure of sorts emitting from him… an angered pressure of all things.

Everyone could feel Emerald's anger. Even Daniel could sense it thinking Emerald was gonna take his offer.

Emerald knelt in front of Daniel before speaking up with an angered tone.

"Sit up." Emerald said when a chilling feeling was felt by everyone that chilled everyone to their bones except for Lillum and Demonga for various reasons.

Daniel hesitated but did as instructed. Everyone else watched for what's about to happen.

What Daniel saw was a very irritated look on Emerald's face before he spoke up.

"I want to tell you why I'm angry before I give you a punishment… understand?" Emerald said with an oddly calm tone now to Daniel.

Daniel nodded and waited for what Emerald was gonna say.

"I learned in one Dimension that teamwork is very important…. Here is what that man said." Emerald said before he continues.

"Those who break the rules may be scum, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than scum…. Now do you see why I'm angry…. Not at what happened to me… not the damaged I got... But what you just tried to do." Emerald said with an angered look on his face.

Daniel had not realized it after hearing this. He nodded as he understand what he did wrong.

"Now that you know what you did wrong… time for a punishment." Emerald said when he reached towards Daniel.

Students watched with worry as Emerald reached Daniel.

However instead of reaching for Daniel… he gripped the blade before it vanished and reappeared above Emerald in a green barrier bubble.

"I'll be holding onto this for a week so you don't try something like this again... I'm sure your dad, if he was still alive, would agree that you made a very stupid decision." Emerald said while he waits for Daniel to say something.

Daniel chuckles about something.

"Well actually, my dad would smack me in the back of my head for doing stupid stuff, ground me for a month and scrub the floors with a toothbrush for entire month." Daniel said remember the 'good times'.

"Don't tempt me, I was going for something worse then that when we get to your new home for the next few years after we finish the introductions, but I decided to confiscate your weapon instead for a week… just don't expect me to be so easy next time." Emerald said before his half his face went into a dark form for a moment when he spoke again.

"Understand?" Emerald said with a partial demonic tone.

Daniel was a bit spooked with the voice but nodded anyway.

"Crystal sir." The panda said.

Emerald stood up before he caught Daniel's blade with his free hand after the barrier vanished.

"Now then…." Emerald said before he looked to the rest of the students before he grins.

"Who's next?" Emerald asked the rest of the students to see who would walk forward now.

Daniel felt awkward as he going back to the group. But was surprised when he received comforting hands on his shoulders from both Cedric and the female hedgehog, letting him know that they were glad that he was okay.

That's when the female hedgehog decided to go up.

The students whom was watching her, got a good look at her outfit. She was wearing an outfit like Sakura's from Naruto, except it was purple. She also had white gloves and the same shoes as Amy.

'Wow. I had no idea she was sitting next to me. She seems cute as well.' Cedric thought.

Emerald sweatdropped when he hoped this mobian wasn't a fangirl of Sonic like Sakura was with Sasuke when she was younger.

"So… name, weapon and ability please?" Emerald asked when he keeps his greatsword on his shoulder.

The female hedgehog smiled before speaking.

"My name is Rachel, and in my dimension, my parents are Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose. I have the same speed like my father. And like my mother, my favorite weapon is…" The female hedgehog known as Rachel grins when she magically pulls out a hammer that's like Amy's.

Some of the students were shocked at that info.

"And the fangirl phase?" Emerald asked which was confusing since the Sonamy child might have been a bit of a surprise here.

Rachel giggled before speaking.

"Never had one. I always follow my parents ways of working hard and keeping people that you care safe." She replied.

"Oh thank Chaos…" Emerald muttered before he heard the royal looking hedgehog speaking up.

"Interesting to hear since my parents are also Sonic and Amy… in this Dimension though." The Royal looking hedgehog said with a calm tone when she walked next to Rachel with her arms behind her back.

She wore an outfit that was similar to Blaze's but it was a dark red to match her pink quills that had blue highlights at the end which spike out near the ends to look like her hair has waves.

Some of the students were shocked after hearing that.

"Really?" Rachel asked.

"I can understand the confusion, but I was raised by Blaze as well since she is my other mother, my name is Lavender." The royal looking hedgehog, now known as Lavender said while Emerald facepalmed… how many people from Angel City are here?

Some of the students were now more shocked to learn that the Sonic of this dimension was married to both Amy and Blaze.

"So… what are your parents like?" Lavender said when she looked around the room for a moment.

Rachel put one of her fingers to her chin when took a moment to think. For Daniel and Cedric, it was cute to them.

"Well in my dimension, both of my parents are regular." Rachel replied.

"Regular?" Lavender asked when she looked back to Rachel.

Rachel nodded.

"Yeah, I mean if my parents and your's met you can see the difference." She replied.

"My apologize, but my parents should be normal in their personalities, My father may have calmed down somewhat but he's still the fastest thing here since he kept his training up, my mother Amy is one of the stronger fighters here thanks to her own training and My second mother Blaze is normally the calm one of the trio." Lavender explained with a raised eyebrow.

Rachel felt like she offended Lavender.

"I'm sorry if I offended you. I'm just pointing out how things are different in some dimensions." She said hoping to not upset her more.

"No offense taken, I just wanted to point out that my parents are not so different, that's all." Lavender said with a slight smile on her face.

Rachel smiled as well and gave Lavender a hug.

Lavender blushed a bit from the unexpected move before she gently pushed Rachel away.

"Sorry but I'm not a hug person, my sister helped with that." Lavender said when she glanced to Azure who raised an eyebrow when she noticed the look.

Now the students were wondering why she was staring at Azure.

"Is something wrong?" Azure asked which caused Lavender to speak up.

"Nothing's wrong… it's just you remind me of my sister who went missing a few years ago." Lavender said with a mannered tone.

Some of the students were surprised at the info and were now looking at Azure again.

Azure raised an eyebrow at that before she shrugged.

"Look… I don't know who your sister is, I mean there a multiple versions of Blaze so for all you know I could just be an alternate double of her." Azure said which caused Lavender to shrug.

"Maybe, but there are ways for a person to lose or scramble their memories." Lavender said with a mannered tone which caused Azure to chuckle before she responds.

"So are you saying my life could be fake?, you must miss your sister if you think that." Azure said when she placed a hand on her hip.

The students were now looking at both Azure and Lavender and felt a little tension coming.

"Maybe, but I believe we should introduce the remaining student, right Emerald?" Lavender said to Emerald who nods.

"Yeah... so… mind introducing yourself?" Emerald asked the armored female Mobain who nods before her helmet collapsed to reveal a female echidna.

"Strike!?" Emerald said before he face palmed again when another Angel City resident that he knew was here.

Some of the students were speechless that Emerald knew her.

"My father, Knuckles if some of you are curious, wanted me to come here to get stronger in order to take over as guardian in case something happened to him." Strike said when she looked to the Students that were not familiar to her, mainly Daniel, Cedric, Azure, and Rachel.

'Knuckles is her dad?!' Cedric thought while feeling surprised.

'No wonder she looks familiar.' Rachel thought.

'Hmmm, she seems cute.' Was Daniel's only thought as he look at her.

Strike then walked over to a rock that was summoned before she slugged it with all her might which shattered it with her raw strength, and that was without energy amping the attack.

Some of the students stared wide eye after witnessing it.

'Whoa.' Cedric thought.

'She's got to teach me how to do that.' Rachel thought.

'Is it me or am I attracted to strong women?' Daniel mentally questioned as he admired her handiwork.

Strike then pulled her arm from the stone before joining the others when Lavender turned to Emerald.

"So Emerald… I believe we should continue the lessons before we turn in for today." Lavender said while Emerald sweatdrop before he cleared his throat.

"Y-Yeah, we're going to teach you elemental affinities and how to learn and use Aura in another location, it can get destructive after all." Emerald said when he crossed his arms while he waits for any possible questions.

Daniel and Cedric were a bit excited to learn about elemental affinities.

Rachel raised her hand.

'What is Aura?" she questioned.

Emerald blinked before he took a thinking pose to try and think of a decent explanation since showing is better then telling.

"Hmm… well, in a nutshell, Aura is the lifeforce in your body, when you learn how to tap into Aura, you're using your lifeforce to amp your abilities while at the same time tempering it so that you can recover and use more as you become more experienced with it…I can explain more later but that's the basic of basics of what Aura is in this Dimension." Emerald explained with crossed arms.

"I have my reasons for giving that kind of explanation right now since Aura can be fatal when not properly explained." Emerald said since he heard and seen some bad things with improper use of Aura.

Cedric, Daniel and Rachel gulped at the part for not knowing how dangerous Aura can be.

Azure shuddered at the info as well while Cream, Strike, and Lavender had relaxed looks on their faces…did they already know about Aura?

Emerald took a moment to look at each student before he spoke up.

"Now then… if there are no other questions… ready for a change of scenery?" Emerald asked with a grin on his face.

Some of the students didn't know what he meant but nodded anyway.

The other Students, Cream, Strike, and Lavender just kept silent which caused Emerald to grin.

"Alright, now everyone grab ahold of someone, then someone grab ahold of Demonga and Lillum's hand and we can leave." Emerald said when Lillum lightly gripped right hand while Demonga did the same but with his left shoulder.

Both Daniel and Cedric grab hold of Emerald's arms.

While Rachel gently hold one of Lillum's wings.

"Am I hurting you?" she asked with a worried tone.

Lillum grinned when she glanced to Rachel.

"No worries… I normally like it rough." Lillum teased with a fanged grin on her face.

Daniel and Cedric knew what she meant and turn their heads away to avoid Emerald's possible anger.

Rachel blushed after hearing that.

Emerald just facepalmed before he glanced at Lillum.

"Please control yourself Lillum..." Emerald said with a half lidded look on his face while Lillum giggles.

"Sorry." Lillum said with a tone that made Emerald sigh since that normally meant she would be in a teasing mood for awhile.

Azure went over to Cedric and placed a hand on his shoulder while Lavender did the same with placing her hand on Azure's.

Strike and Cream placed a hand on both of Daniel's shoulders before they wait.

Cedric blushed a bit after feeling Azure's hand on his shoulder but avoid her gaze since she wouldn't see it.

Daniel blushed a bit as well after feeling both girls hands shoulders.

Rachel was now regretting choosing Lillum as she was feeling jealous since she wanted to touch the wolf's shoulder.

Emerald's body then glows with a green mist which seems to glow brighter when he spoke two words.

"Chaos... " Emerald said before the glow went over the entire group.

"Control!" Emerald called out before the group vanished with a flash of light before the scene fades to black.

The camera went back to TME and Atomsk before TME noticed the readers again.

"Hello everyone, I hope this chapter was entertaining… but like every good story, things start out slow and this was the intro for the Students, the story really starts when we come back in the third chapter." TME said when he got a serious look on his face.

"Indeed. Though we should point out to the readers which OC we control. For example I control Cedric, Daniel, and Rachel. I also control friends and family of said OC(s)." Atomsk said with a smile as he gives TME the spot light.

TME nods before he spoke up.

"Yeah, the characters I control are Emerald, Demonga, and Lillum for the teachers for now, there are other OC's or characters that make appearance but at the moment, those three are the teachers for now." TME said before he continues.

"The Students for now are as followed, Azure, Strike, Lavender, and a grown up Cream, so all in all, I got 7 OC's or 6 with one who is OOC, while Atomsk has three in total, so 10 characters in total between both of us, am I counting things right Atomsk?" TME said when he counts the number of characters so far on his fingers.

"Yes indeed...for now." Atomsk replied.

TME nods before he grins again before he pulled out a box with a ribbon on it and gestured for Atomsk to take it.

"Here… take it." TME said with an angelic look on his face.

Atomsk was once again weary. He took the package and carefully opened it.

Which revealed a bomb of all things which caused TME to look to the readers before he ran off screen.

Atomsk was now pissed

"Son of a…" Atomsk was unable to finish as the bomb exploded.

If you zoom out, you see apart of Halo getting destroyed.

The camera went back to show an ash covered Atomsk while TME popped back in.

"Want to know why I did that?" TME said with a cryptic tone.

Atomsk coughed before giving him a half lidded look.

"What do you think?" he questioned.

"Remember when you Bazinga'd me into my own portal?" TME asked with a grin on his face… while shadows covered his eyes.

Atomsk nodded already knowing where this is going.

"Well… thanks to your little spook… I ended up in some canyon… but the real kicker… it was filled to the brim with cereal and milk!, do you know what it's like to nearly be drowned by an oversize breakfast!, and to top it all off… it somehow got flushed, actually flushed down into so kind of revine." TME said while he breathed in to try and calm himself when his body starts to emit a dark mist before he gave Atomsk a scary grin.

"So… if you think I'll let stuff like that slide… think again." TME said with a grin on his face.

"Well I don't know about everything else, but drowning, been there before. When I was little my family and I vacation to Elliot key and while they were doing something else, I fell in while looking at the fishies. I lost consciousness while sinking. Would've been electrocuted by eels if my dad hadn't saved me." Atomsk said while still giving TME a half lidded look.

"Besides, I can't be at fault since I didn't know about how the portal works. A portal YOU summoned."

"Maybe…. But you spooked me into it which caused me to lose my concentration… I may have made the portal, but you did the scaring." TME said while he gave Atomsk a half lidded look.

"Okay semantics."

TME just sighed before he looked to the readers.

"Well everyone, before things get worse, we should leave the intro by saying see you next chapter… we'll see if Atomsk and I continue this back and forth or we call it quits." TME said while he waved to the readers.

Before Atomsk said anything, TME's butler showed up with a drink.

"Your soda sir." The butler announced.

"Oh thanks." TME said with a half aware glance before he took the drink and sipped it… before he went a bit wide eyed before he looked to the butler.

"I don't remember meeting you before… who are you?." TME said with a worried tone.

The "butler" grin before he took off his mask to reveal a man with a green face.

TME gave the guy a half lidded look before he looked to Atomsk.

"You hired this guy didn't you?" TME asked Atomsk with a half lidded look on his face.

Atomsk was more confused of this scenario.

"I never seen him before in my life." He replied while really telling the truth.

TME blinked a few times before looking to the Mask.

"Before I get to the obvious… you put something in this didn't you?" TME asked when he points to the soda in his hand.

"Maybe." The green faced man said while trying to be innocent.

TME's stomach rumbled before he looked to Atomsk.

"If you'll excuse me…." TME said before he placed the soda on the ground and got ready to run.

"GANG WAY!" TME called out before he shot away from the two with record breaking speed to find a bathroom.

Atomsk awkwardly looked at the readers.

"Since TME is a little...busy, I'll say this; Thanks for reading chapter 2. We hope to see you next time. Also I should point out that we only control our own Oc(s). Everything else that you find familiar is not owned by us." Atomsk said before he gave the green face man a half lidded look.

"And as for you...The only person who can prank my friend is me. So time for you to go."

The green face man laughed.

"Ha, yeah right. You and what army?"

Atomsk gin at that question.

"This army." He said.

Atomsk did the hand signature before yelling out...

"Multi Shadow Clone jutsu!"

About 1000 Atomsk's appeared with weapons ready.

"Get this fool!" Atomsk commanded.

The clones grin before they get ready to chase the the green face man.

"Time to book it." The green face man said before he grins oddly.

"But before I do, I got one thing to say…" The green face man said to the original and the clones.

"What's that?" The original Atomsk asked while raising his brow.

"Bottoms up!" The green face man said after he picked up the soda that TME placed on the ground and before anyone could do anything, he moved next to the original before he placed an arm around the original's neck and placed the soda at Atomsk's lips which forced him to drink the soda.

Atomsk got away from him while coughing. Before saying anything, he already felt the effects of the drink working.

"You okay boss." One of the clones asked.

Atomsk gave the clone a half lidded look.

"No I'm not. While I leave… get rid of him." He said before he started running for the bathroom.

"You heard him guys, get him!" The clone said as they started chasing after the green face man.

The Green faced man chuckled before he shot off screen with the clones chasing after him for a minute before he reappeared while he chuckles.

"Well readers… while those two deal with severe stomach issues… and those clones chasing after an illusion after I managed to go behind a tree… I'll say to you all, see you next time." The green faced man said before he ran off while cackling like a mad man while the scene fades to black.

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