Dimensional Drifter school @emerald
Shocking switches and situations

The scene opens up with Atomsk and Thor talking with Superman and the rest of the league while TME was surprisingly out.

"...And that's why we're trying to get rid of those runes."

"So… what you're saying is that unless you can get rid of these runes, you can't get to where you need to go instantly and have to jump dimension by dimension to get rid of them… so you can find the Green faced man's weakness correct?, and unless we do that then this guy is invincible since he can warp reality… am I following so far?, what is his weakness exactly?" Superman said while the others looked at Atomsk.

"Hmmm I'm not sure but it has something to do with weakness from the parent." Atomsk said.

"Parent?, how would the parent help?" Superman asked with a raised eyebrow before Batman walked in to say something while he held a notepad with info on it.

"I'm guessing it has something to do with the Dimension the Green faced man is from, and if the child or the green faced man inherited the powers, wouldn't the parent have the same thing or some kind of way to get the man child to stop the rampage?" Batman said with a thoughtful tone.

Atomsk blinked a few times before he spoke up.

"You guessed it."

A moment later, Hawkgirl entered the room and when she saw Atomsk… she gave him an angered look before saying this.

"Someone better give me a good reason in the next 10 seconds to not smash this guy through the floor." Hawkgirl said while she held her weapon up and caught it in her hand easily.

Atomsk paled while Superman sighs before speaking.

"Shayera… put it down. It was my fault that Atomsk crashed into the showers."

"Huh?, how did that happen?, I heard there was a commotion but I didn't think much since Flash here normally causes issues when he runs by people." Shayera said when pointing a thumb at the Flash near the group.

"Hey." Flash interjected.

"Remember the coffee incident with Batman here… thought he would send a batarang where it shouldn't go with how steamed he looked." Shayera said while Batman's eyes narrow a bit when he remembered that day… painfully well.

Flash rubbed the back of his head while chuckling nervously before speaking.

"Thought you guys forgot."

"Oh trust us, when we see Batman here throwing batarangs at you in anger when he's normally the calm one, we remember." Shayera said before she looked at Atomsk before saying this.

"Alright, I'll let you off this time, but your fault or not, if you get into a situation like that and see me naked… well… lets just say you may not have a head when I'm through with you… and I don't think I'm talking about the upper one." Shayera said before giving Atomsk an evil grin of sorts when she gave that threat.

Atomsk paled at the images before speaking up.

"Message received."

"Alright, so if I heard things right, what do we do now with that green faced freak?" Shayera said before Batman spoke up.

"Apparently we need to find something like this, got the image from TME's phone, and guessing from the size and cut, I'm guessing 5 more pieces." Batman said before he pulled up an image of the rune DME destroyed in the Ed's dimension.

"Question is, how do we find them?, I mean it's not like we can just instantly find-!" Flash said before TME said this.

"Found it." TME said which made most jolt when he walked into the room with a fragment of all things in hand.

Atomsk and Thor were a bit surprise before Thor spoke.

"How did you acquire it?"

"Well considering the guy popped up here somehow, I guessed he must have placed this here somewhere…. And… I did… but... " TME said before blushing brightly when he said this.

"I… found this in the women's locker room when I tracked his energy there… and saw that the guy took… some things from multiple women's lockers and practically warped two into one later Locker and placed this in it… not really my call to go in there since I saw a flash of red when I was thinking and got knocked into there." TME said before he looked to the Flash with a slight glare.

Flash sweatdrop before he said this.


"Well…. As long as no one got hurt, do I destroy this thing or something?, I think my dark half already did so not really sure if I should." TME said while he held the fragment out.

"Sure. Just take a picture first before you do." Atomsk said.

TME nods before he got a few pics on his phone right before he crushed it with surprising strength… right before everyone heard a deathly shriek that was louder than last time.

"What was that?" Flash asked with a creeped out look.

"I have no freaking clue honestly, I woke up here after Wonder woman hit my dark side in the nuts… not a pleasant feeling to wake up to and had to be filled in a bit here and there, and considering we got rid of Fragment two, I say we leave so we don't overstay our welcome, does anyone want to join us?, we got Thor here from Asgard and he's a pretty nice guy when not irritated." TME said which showed how different he was compared to DME.

That's when Flash chuckled before speaking up.

"Maybe Shayera could join since Atomsk did say how hot she was."

"HEY!" Atomsk shouts.

"Or maybe we could take you since the other may need a break from your speedy ways for a day or two." TME said with his own grin on his face to the Flash.

"How about an entire month?" Shayera said with crossed arms.

"Ok, enough playing around everyone, how about a vote to see who goes, let' start with me so we can get it out of the way, all in favor?" Superman said before he looks around the room to see who votes for him.

No one raised theirs hands.

"Alright, all in Favor for Batman?, considering his detective skills, he could find them in a heartbeat if he really wanted to." Superman said before looking around again.

Atomsk raised his hand before looking at TME.

TME also raised his hand while Flash raised his hand as well which made Batman roll his eyes at that.

"Alright, so three for Batman, any for Wonder woman?" Superman said before looking around the room.

Surprisingly Thor raised his hand before he said this.

"She's a very strong fighter. That's all I have to say."

"Sure…. And I'm the king of the universe." TME said with a teasing tone to the God of Thunder.

Thor narrows his eyes while Atomsk sweatdrops.

"Alright, enough of the teasing, one for Wonder woman, any for Green Lantern?" Superman said before Batman raised his hand before saying this.

"Considering the various terrains, would be a good idea to send someone who can adapt quickly and fly as well, also the ability to make practically anything helps." Batman said when he points out those abilities.

Atomsk took a moment to think before speaking to TME.

"What do you think?"

"Hmmm.. maybe, lets see who else votes.

"Alright, next up, Flash." Superman said before practically everyone in the room besides TME raised his hand.

Atomsk surprisingly raised his hand while Flash said this.

"Oh that's so cold you guys."

"Well can you blame them after hearing about that coffee incident, hey just to make sure, did he cause any other issues when he didn't look where he was going?" TME asked which showed he was still a bit steamed about getting forced into a women's locker room.

Shayera chuckled before she said this.

"Hope you have a notepad and pencil."

TME then summoned a pen and a empty book before saying this when he handed them to her.

"Got more if you want to list everything." TME said with an amused tone.

Shayera chuckled before she starts writing down the things Flash did.

TME chuckles before he summoned more before he set them near Shayera before saying this to the Flash.

"Welp, seems it's unanimous, welcome to the dysfunctional team Flash." TME said with a grin on his face.

"Sounds uber." Flash said in an emotionless tone as he thought he was kicked out of the team.

"Hey don't worry, you be back here and tormenting your team faster than you can circle the world in time for dinner if that Green faced man goes down quickly." TME said to cheer up the Flash.

"That's if they take me back. They were this quick to get me to go." The Flash said.

"Well I'm sure they just need a break, I mean most can't keep up with one of the quickest beings in the multiverse right?" TME said to try cheering the Flash up by using his quickness for his reasoning.

Flash did calm a bit before speaking.

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

"Eh, give them a few days, you never know, you know the saying you don't know that you missed something until it's gone?, well since your like the life of the party here, well, I bet others will get bored without you around." TME said while patting the Flash on the back a few times.

The rest of the league raise their eyes a bit while Atomsk sweatdrops before speaking up.

"Well then we might as well get going. Want to cut to black TME?"

"Yeah…, see you later everyone, hope you like the rest of the Azure's mind arc." TME said when he looked to the readers before the scene shifts.

Rachel's dimension/ Azure's mind/ Emerald's group, Azure's main personalities

When the group got back from their fun with Azure, they were all sitting down when some personalities split back into the core personalities before Intelligence spoke up.

"Well, considering how long we took, I should think things are in order in this place, hope everyone enjoyed their time here." Intelligence asked when she looked the group over.

Cedrina blushed before speaking up.

"I know me and Tibet did." She said before she smack Tibet's ass.

Tibet jolts before grinning at Cedrina before saying this.

"Careful, you may start something you you won't be able to finish soon." Tibet said when she gripped Cedrina's ass with her hand and squeezed hard while Emerald sweatdrops before saying this.

"Well, I believe everyone did enjoy themselves, and I think that goes for everyone else right?" Emerald said before he looked to the others to see if they agreed.

"Yup." Rachel said while blushing since she remembers what Frost and Rose did.

"I had a great time." Sticks said while grinning.

"Me too." Maite said before she kissed Emerald on the cheek and grabbed his arm before she nuzzles her head on Emerald's arm.

Emerald chuckles a bit before using his free hand to rub the top of Maites head thanks to the angle before a minor personality ran into the room, whispered something into Intelligences ear before Intelligence got a serious look on her face.

"Listen everyone, I can only take 6 others with me to a certain place that is causing the trouble thanks to it being located finally, I get that Emerald and Cedrina are picks of course?" Intelligence said before Cedrina's hollow said this.

"Better count me in since this is my woman's head and I want to make sure its in one piece when we leave." Cedrina's hollow said with a fanged grin when she gripped some minor personalities ass's and pulled them to her to show how protective she was while Dark said this.

"I'll be going as well, how about you?" Dark said when he looked to Emerald's hollow who laughed a bit like a maniac before saying this.

"You kidding, seems this maybe a blast if there is going to be a bloodbath so I'll join if I can rip something apart." Emerald's hollow said with a twisted grin… three Emerald's and two Cedrina's if the situation was different this would be really confusing… one slot left.

Cedrina blinks for a moment before she looks at everyone else before speaking.

"So which one of you wants to join?"

The girls looked to one another before Rachel spoke.

"I would like to go." She said with a determined look.

"Very well, Cedrina, your hollow, Emerald, his Dark half, his hollow, and Rachel, if you 6 would follow me, I'll take you to where you need to go." Intelligance said before Anger said this when the 6 people followed her.

"Hey, better make sure that you don't fuck this up, don't want to have to save your ass's unless Cedrina here or Rachel offers it." Anger said with a grin on her face.

Both Rachel and Cedrina sweatdrop before blushing at Anger as the 6 follow Intelligence.

Once they were gone, Maite was a little worried before speaking up.

"I hope they'll be okay mistress."

"Eh, don't worry Maite, not the first time Emerald fought in his head so fighting in another's won't be so different… for now, we should go back to reality since I doubt we can do anything else right now." Lillum said before looking to everyone else.

"Alright everyone, I know how to reverse this, so grab a part of my body and we're gone, and don't be shy if you want to cop a feel." Lillum said before winking at everyone.

Most sweatdrop before Maite grabbed Lillum's arm and Sticks unsurprisingly had her hand on the succubus's ass.

Everyone else grapped a part of Lillum's body before she made a hand sign and said this.

"KAI!" Lillum said before everyone's body flickered before everyone besides the inhabitants of the room itself vanished while Love looked to where Cedrina and the others went before the scene shifts to Emerald and his other halves, Cedrina and her hollow, and Rachel when Intelligence led them back to the main room and stopped at the center.

"Why are we stopping?" Rachel asked.

However that question was answered when a crest of some kind appeared on the floor under them before the group starts to fly upwards.

"That answer the question sweet cheeks?" Cedrina's hollow said when she slapped Rachel's ass when she walked by her.

Rachel jolts before blushing a bit while Cedrina rolled her eyes a bit before she starts thinking.

'I hope we can wake up Azure. I still feel its my fault. I thought I had better control and when I saw Azure trying to help me… No I know we can save her. I'm not gonna let no one else get hurt or die like this. It already happen to dad and… him.'

Meanwhile, the group waits for a bit while the tower seems to have no end in sight before Cedrina's hollow strikes up a conversation with Rachel.

"So… how you feeling?" Cedrina's hollow surprisingly asked the hedgehog.

Rachel was a bit surprise before speaking.

"I-I'm doing okay. Just hoping we help Azy wake up. I know Cedy does since I get the feeling she's still feeling guilty."

"Yeah well considering this situation happened with pops… and another, can you blame her?, still, I'm not letting Azure go that easily since unlike everyone else, she seems to have accepted me more than anyone else here." Cedrina's hollow said with a serious gaze in her eyes.

Rachel blinked for a moment before she spoke up.

"Another one?" She asked.

"Story for another day I'm afraid." Cedrina's hollow said before pointing upwards for some reason.

Before Rachel looked she said.

"But you know Cedy accepted you after the apology."

"Not willingly I might add, even if they did, it was more or less pressure that made them accept me, Azure on the other hand didn't, and like I said, we don't…" Cedrina's hollow said before every seemed to phase through something and would up on top of the pillar and they couldn't see the ground around them with all the clouds in the way.

Cedrina was a bit confused before she spoke up.

"Where are we?"

"Simple, one stop before the real place I'm going to take you… but for now, look this way if you please." Intelligence said before pointing towards a certain direction.

Everyone else looked to see what Intelligence was pointing at.

Shockingly enough… it was Azure… in some kind of orb and looked like she was sleeping, but instead of black fur… hers was sky blue… oddly enough… looked a lot like the Azure who led them out of the cave…

Cedrina was shocked before she spoke up.

"Wait I don't understand. This Azure looks like the one that led us out of the cave."

"That should be impossible, this is the original Azure, the one who was originally in control of this body, if she woke, we would have felt it." Intelligence said while wondering what was going on.

"But that's want happened. That Azure appeared once we entered Azy's head and lead us before we met Love." Rachel spoke.

"Strange… if that really happened, then why is she asleep here?" Intelligence said before realizing something.

"Maybe… it was thanks to Cedrina here." Intelligance said when she and everyone else looked to the wolf.

Cedrina blinked before she spoke up.

"But I didn't do anything."

"Really?, Azure's mind went like this when your powers went wild, maybe it caused the original to momentary wake up and aided you, but because of the issues here, she shortly went back to sleep afterwards, in a sense I think you jump started the original with that weak electrical attack." Intelligence said… wait… weak?

Cedrina was however taken back before she spoke.

"What do you mean weak?"

"Well it was unfocused, wild, all around in a sense, all in all, I doubt that we can ask you to do something like that since its deadly at higher levels, but for a short time, it looked like you woke up the original Azure." Intelligence said when she placed a hand on the orb that Original Azure slept in, looking at her sleeping face showed the resemblance to Sonic and Blaze now that they got a up close look.

Cedrina and Rachel were surprise to hear that before Cedrina spoke.

"Great just great. No matter what I do with my powers… everyone gets hurt. I sometimes wonder why I have them."

Intelligence however walked up to her and knocked her upside the head before saying this.

"Don't you get it, thanks to your powers, Azure woke up for a short time, if that energy is studied, maybe she can wake up and the Azure that you know can come back here where she belongs, long story short, she's a Dark side if you remember, those inhibitor rings, while helpful won't fix her, all it will do is just make her unstable, the more you fight this, the more harm it will do, so when you all wake, make sure to remove those bracelets when she gets enough training, besides, I didn't come here to have you feel guilty, I came here to show you that up until now, Azure has been asleep this entire time while her Darkside accidently took charge." Intelligance said to Cedrina.

Rachel and the others were surprised while Cedrina felt the same thing while rubbing her head.

"Now then, to the real issue at hand." Intelligence said before the group starts to go down at a quick pace which left the original Azure to sleep at the top of the pillar.

As they wait on the lowering platform Cedrina was still bothered by something before Rachel spoke.

"You okay Cedy?" She asked with a concern look.

"Yeah, you alright?" Emerald asked when he walked next to the duo with a concerned look on his face.

The young female wolf sighs before speaking up.

"I don't know. I still feel it's my fault. I mean… when Azure tried to help me it reminded me how my dad tried to save me. I was worried that she might end up like him. I just couldn't go through it again."

Rachel was a bit sad before she spoke up.

"You mean like what happened with your dad or the other guy?" She asked that made Cedrina's eyes widen.

"Other guy?, And how did you know there is another guy?" Emerald asked since the other guy was new to him.

Rachel believe she made a mistake by saying that before she spoke up.

"Um… Cedy's hollow mentioned it." She said which made Cedrina's eyes widen again.

"Ah I see, well you don't have to speak now, but you should cheer up, your about to rescue the princess and could be rewarded very well in the end." Emerald said while wiggling his eyebrows at Cedrina and Rachel.

Both duo blushed before Rachel spoke.

"I'm sorry for bringing that up Cedy." She said while worried if she was in trouble.

Cedrina sighed before speaking.

"It's alright Rachel. Just wasn't expecting my hollow to bring it up. Though I should let you know that the other guy didn't die by my powers but from something else." She said which made Rachel look confused.

'If it wasn't her powers then what? And how come she never brought that up?' The young Hedgehog thought while a tear surprisingly left from Cedrina's right eye.

Whoever this mysterious person was seemed to caused Cedrina to be bothered by something.

A minute later the group reached the ground floor and phased through it before ending up in total darkness, not even Emerald's glowing core could be seen.

"Whoa, OK, who turned out the lights." Emerald said before he starts groping around with his hands to try and find someone.

Fortunately and unfortunately for him, Emerald did touch something that caused someone to scream.

"That's my breasts Emerald!" Said a voice belonging to Cedrina's voice.

"Seriously!?* Emerald said when he stumbled a little which caused him to fall forward when he panicked which in turn caused Cedrina to fall back and she felt Emerald's weight when he practically pressed into her breasts so to speak.

"What are you doing?!" Cedrina asked before light was shown… which shows Emerald on top of Cedrina… and both hollows laughing when they saw that Dark used a bit of magic to tie Emerald's boot laces together without them knowing… and Rachel saw that Emerald's hands where on Cedrina's breasts and it looked like Emerald froze with fright when he fully realized what happened.

Rachel frowns before she looked at the two Hollows before speaking.

"That's not funny you dicks and Dark shame on you." She said before she went to help get Emerald off.

Though when she did, she underestimated how heavy Emerald was with his gear on, and add to the fact that his boots were still tied, Emerald stumbled again… this time to fall on Rachel and his head lands between her breasts.

"What the hell?!" Rachel said while blushing big which caused Cedrina to look up and blushed when she saw that.

Emerald looked up at Rachel before saying this.

"Before anyone else tries to help me up and probably have my head in their pants… mind unting my boots first?" Emerald asked with a half lidded look while raising his legs and points a thumb at his boots laces that were knoted to hell.

Cedrina quickly got up and went over before she tries to untie those laces.

It took a bit of time to do so when a few knots were stubborn so Emerald decided to pass the time by talking with Rachel even though he was in this of position with his chin between her breasts.

"Sorry about that but you know gravity right?" Emerald said with a humored tone.

"Hehe… Right. Let's just be happy that Maite wasn't not there to see it or it would've been awkward." Rachel said before sweatdropping at the image of Maite hitting Emerald on the head.

"Well considering the situation, my money is her trying to hit Dark, how are things going Cedrina?" Emerald asked when he felt his boots get tugged a few times.

"Almost got it." Cedrina said as she was still concentrating.

"Great, sorry about earlier, unlike Lillum, I wouldn't take advantage of you." Emerald said before Emerald's hollow said this.

"Though considering how she is with sex, I doubt she could complain hehehe." Emerald's hollow said which caused Emerald to give the hollow the middle finger.

Cedrina blushed a bit from what Emerald and the Hollow said before she spoke up to Emerald.

"It's fine Emerald. Though if you try to get with me, I expect dinner and a movie first." She said before chuckling as she tried to bring humor.

Though Emerald decided to mess with Cedrina a bit by saying this.

"Weeeelll… considering I got with Amanda in a female form and I guess only in that form, and guess if your asking, I could lend her if you want to have some fun with her, though you may owe me one." Emerald said before chuckling a bit.

Cedrina stopped chuckling before her eyes widen when she heard that before speaking.

"W-Wait… what?" She said before blushing.

"Trust me, one, I have many abilities, and splitting you into a full Cedrina and Cedric, child's play... two, I have gotten with gender bent people before so don't think I won't again to aid Lillum's lessons." Emerald said with a grin on his face… and to the two… they could tell he was serious.

Cedrina was blushing mad before she quickly went back to untying Emerald's laces so she can avoid this awkward moment.

"Hehe, if you wanna tease the king then better prepare to knock em off the throne, so Rachel, what do you think of me helping with lesson's, got clones who can turn into ladies and other forms, Maite and Amanda can vouch for that." Emerald said while grinning at Rachel.

Rachel blinked for a moment before she took this time to think before she said this.

"Okay sure." She said that caused Cedrina's eyes to widen before paling a bit.

"Great, I'll speak with Lillum later to see if I can lend a hand or 5 for the lessons, hope you like the forms I have later." Emerald said with a teasing grin.

Cedrina still pales at the idea before muttering this.

"Oh, great." She muttered believing it's gonna be bad before she finally and successfully untied Emerald's laces.

Emerald then got up before he held a hand out for Rachel.

"Again, sorry about that." Emerald said with a grin on his face.

Rachel blush again before she grabbed Emerald and said.

"I-It's fine."

Emerald then pulls Rachel up before he looked around to see more darkness, but a small area of the pad was glowing so everyone could see one another.

"So… how long till we get where we're going?" Emerald asked which made Intelligence hum before saying this.

"About 20 to 30 minutes at this speed, were heading to a place that is supposed to be far away from the conscious mind for a reason, it's were a Dark side would reside normally." Intelligence said to some surprise.

"Oh great, got anything like an in flight movie while we wait?" Cedrina's hollow said which made Intelligence shrug before she said this.

"Well we could pass the time with sex or something, may have already done it but considering how dangerous it's about to get, might as well get one last hurrah." Intelligence said with a look on her face that shows she wasn't kidding.

Rachel and Cedrina both had their eyes widen before blushing bright at the suggestion.

"Well, I don't see why not, so do we pair one on one and take turns while the others watch?" Emerald said to Intelligence which made the feline grin before the scene shifts.

Reality/ Maite

When Maite came to, she woke up next to Emerald on a bed somewhere in the mansion, and from the looks of things, it was the Master bedroom.

"Looks like they put me and Emerald in the same room." Maite said before she looks around to see if anyone else was there.

At the moment, there was no one, though she did see that Emerald had some serious morning wood under the sheets.

Maite blinked in surprise before blushing a bit before speaking.

"What the? We had sex with Mistress and a couple of Azures. What could he be doing?"

Though considering it was technically a dream, and since he was with Rachel, Cedrina, her Hollow, and Intelligence, maybe he could be getting it on with them with his other halves, he did get it on with her and Amanda, either that or he normally had morning wood when he slept… either way it stood tall under the sheets and looked uncomfortable.

Maite still blushed before she said this while grinning.

"Well… since my man is getting himself a treat, I might as well do the same. But first…" She said before stopping as she got out of the bed and went to the door.

She then opens it only to hang a "Do Not Disturb" sign before Maite closes the door and locked it, though the lock seemed a bit off and when she closed the door, the lock unlocked by accident.

She walks back to the bed before removing the blanket and undo Emerald's pants and underwear.

A moment later his dick sprang free and bopped her in the nose while it was seen to be fully erect before the weight of the dick caused it to rest or Maite's cheek which let Maite feel the blood pulsing through it.

Maite was a bit cut off guard before she smirks as she grabbed Emerald's dick with one hand before she start to slowly stroke it.

Emerald's body shudders a bit at the touch but didn't react much after that, though unknowingly to Maite, without Emerald and the others taking command, there were a few other residents in his body who could… and one of them was stirring right now when Maite worked Emerald's dick.

The next person who woke up was Sticks.

Said badger took a moment to stretch before she looked around to see where she's at.

Turns out she was next to Rachel's body and near Azure's body on a bed which caused her to remember what happened before grinning.

"Hehe… those Azy's were fun." Sticks said before she heard a scuffle of sorts next door before she heard Emerald… or who sounded like him growl this out to most likely Maite.

"You know, if you wanted to get fucked, all you had to do was ask." Emerald growled out which got Stick's attention… wasn't he still in Azure's head?

"Huh? If Emerald is still in Azy's head, then who's that? and who's he talking to?" Sticks questioned.

Turns out when she peaked in the room that Emerald and Maite where in, she saw Emerald on top of Maite while he had rainbow colored eyes that glow with power… but that wasn't the only thing, parts of his body, his arms, his legs, his dick, all had scales on them and he had feathery wings coming out of his back while some kind of floating disk like object formed behind his back where the wings formed, all in all, aside from the feather's, he looked like he took a more draconic form.

Sticks was more confused and surprised but at the same time… she felt very turned on from watching this.

"So... Maite was it… since your mated with Emerald, I can only imagine the things going on in your head, but I highly doubt that you want to go that route… so… I'll ask again… if you wanted to get fucked… all you have to do is ask." Emerald? asked a greatly surprised Maite with a fainted grin on his face.

Maite was still shocked at just happened.

However, she figured that since this form is part of Emerald, then she has nothing to worry about.

That's when she said this.

"Please fuck me."

"Very well… my name is Ryu-Oni, a very powerful Demon who was sealed in this body, but that is for another day… but now… " Ryu-Oni said before he leaned down and said this.

"Now… how do you want me to fuck you?...I am the loving type for a mate after all..." Ryu-Oni asked like he was waiting for Maite to beg him to do something.

Maite blushed a bit brightly before she said this.

"As rough as you want."

"Alright… and if the peeking woman would come in, she would be more then welcome to join." Ryu-Oni said right before he looked Sticks right in the eye through the area she peeked through.

Maite was shocked to hear that someone's watching while Sticks on the other side had the same reaction but if that was an invitation… then there's no reason to say no then.

The female badger opens the door which shocked Maite when she saw that it was Sticks before speaking up.

"Auntie Sticks?"

"Ah, the stamina demon so to speak, well I'm not going to turn this down… so why don't you strip and get on this bed, really comfy and all that." Ryu-Oni said with a fanged grin while his cock pulsed with blood.

Sticks blushed when she saw that before grinning.

She then closes the door and locks it before she quickly strip down and ran towards the bed before she jumps on top of it.

Ryu-Oni chuckles before saying this.

"Now then… time to have some fun after being asleep for so long." Ryu-Oni said before the scene shifts to show that back in Azure's mind in the elevator, things were already underway with Emerald fucking Rachel's pussy when he lifts and lowers her on his dick while Intelligence was licking Cedrina's pussy, Cedrina's hollow was getting fucked up the ass by Emerald's hollow while Dark fucked her pussy, all in all, seems everyone was busy.

Both Rachel and Cedrina were both moaning and groaning from how good the pleasure was.

"Hehe, seems I got to have fun with you, Amanda, and Maite as well, hopefully I can go for your mom next since she still owes me a round since your dad fucked Lillum… still… should focus… ON THIS!" Emerald said before he starts slamming his dick into Rachel's pussy while his hands roughly grips her ass.

Rachel moans loud with ecstasy before she wrapped her arms around Emerald's neck before she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Intelligence continues to lick Cedrina's pussy with careful licks to really build the orgasm up while she purrs a bit at the taste.

Cedrina shudders and moans before she said this.

"O-Oh fuck Intelligence. Your tongue feels so good." She said with a deep blush on her face.

Intelligence pulled her head back for a moment before saying this.

"Thank you, I learned well from Lillum since I am Azure's knowledge, now just keep enjoying this." Intelligence explained before she went back to licking Cedrina's pussy and her ass a few times.

The young female wolf shudders again before she pants and moans a bit while her climax continues to slowly build up.

Emerald's Hollow and his Dark side keep fucking Cedrina's hollow before Emerald's hollow said this when he spanks the female hollows ass.

"Hehe, seems you enjoy this greatly, mind telling how much for all of us to hear since you're just like me… AND FUCKING ENJOY THIS!" Emerald's hollow said before growling loudly when he used more strength in his spanks.

Cedrina's hollow groans and moans loud before she said said.


Cedrina was shocked when she heard her hollow admit to that.

"Haha, oh yeah, and since you love this, I wonder how much your other half will feel if one of us goes for her, she took Tibet so can't say she hasn't taken a dick up her ass yet right?" Emerald's hollow growled out when he thrusts his dick at a faster pace in the female Hollow's ass.

Cedrina eyes widen when she heard that as she continues to moan from Intelligence licking.

"Now now, one thing at a time, we got a willing woman, even if she's part time… might as well make it a time she won't forget!" Dark said before he thrusts his dick at a faster rate to match the male Hollows while they pleased the female Hollow.

Cedrina's hollow moans loud with ecstasy as she enjoys getting her ass spanked.

Meanwhile in reality…

Ryu-Oni had Sticks and Maite next to one another on the bed while he fingers their pussies while their heads where next to his dick in a pseudo 69 position.

Maite and Sticks moan in unison while they used their tongues to lick Ryu-Oni's dick.

For a bit, the trio continue their actions before Ryu-Oni pulled his clawed fingers away before saying this.

"So… who is going first?" Ryu-Oni asked when he looked at the two women who licks his dick.

It was only a moment before Sticks pulls her head away before she spoke up.

"Me first."

"Alright, get into a preferred position and we can start, but if you don't have one can I pick?" Ryu-Oni said when he gave Sticks a fanged grin.

Sticks grinned as well before she moves a bit and lays on her back before she spreads her legs and use two fingers to spread her folds.

Ryu-Oni grins before he moved to get on top of her and he gripped his dick before he used it to tease Sticks's pussy and lube his dickhead up a bit as a result while Maite watched.

Maite at first wished it was her that went first but didn't mind to wait before she heard Sticks said this.

"Come on and stick it in."

Ryu-Oni grins before he pushed the head of his dick into Sticks's pussy before he gripped her hips and pulled her onto his dick before he thrusts his hips when he felt her cervix.

"OH FUCK YEAH!" Sticks yells before moaning at the pleasure.

Ryu-Oni chuckles before looking at Maite to see what she was doing while he fucked Sticks's in front of her.

Said hedgehog blushed big as she watches while she pleasures herself by fingering her pussy a bit.

The demon would have chucked again, but instead he just said this when some energy formed a large tail on Emerald's body that had scales to match the rest of his body.

"Instead of pleasuring yourself… get next to this woman and get ready to feel more pleasure." Ryu-Oni said when he showed Maite the tip of the tail when it moved with expert precision so that it could rest next to his body while he continues to fuck Sticks.

Maite blushes again before she moved and slides next to Sticks as she lays on her back.

A moment later, Ryu-Oni had his tail shoots forward and shot deep into Maite's pussy before it thrusts in her pussy without going too rough so that the babies wouldn't be harmed, Ryu-Oni was a demon who took this seriously so he was surprisingly gentle even when he fucked Sticks with no mercy.

Maite gasps a moment before she starts moaning from how good the demon's tail was.

Ryu-Oni grins at that before he now focused on Sticks before saying this.

"Hehe, well since Maite it feeling good, time to do the same for you… and get serious!" Ryu-Oni growled out before he got on all fours over Sticks while he was deep in her pussy which caused Sticks's lower body rise before Ryu-Oni jackhammer's his dick in and out of the badger Mobian's pussy which allowed the two women to see a large bulge form on Sticks's stomach when he broke into her womb.

Sticks gasped a bit before she moans loud and said this.


"Oh I will, make no mistake… now shut up… and moan for me!" Ryu-oni growled out before he starts to thrust even harder while his tail gently keeps thrusting in Maite's pussy.

Sticks moans loud with ecstasy while Maite keeps enjoy the demon's tail in her pussy.

Meanwhile back in Azure's mind...

Emerald now had Rachel on her hands and knees while he fucked her ass and even bent down to play with her breasts, for some reason he felt more then usual which caused him to thrust with more natural ways to make Rachel feel better with such gentle motions, even if it was still fast.

"Oh fuck Emerald!" Rachel said before moaning.

Emerald then leaned back which caused Rachel to bounce up and down on his dick while he keeps his hands on her breasts while the camera went to Intelligence and Cedrina while they scissored one another.

Cedrina moans as she thrust her hips to meet with Intelligence.

Intelligence lets out a pleased tone before the camera went to The trio in the last group to show Dark, Emerald's hollow, and Cedrina's hollow have changed positions to show Emerald's hollow was on his back while Cedrina's hollow was getting her pussy fucked while she sucked Dark's dick when he stood next to her head and bent his legs a bit so she could reach him.

Cedrina's hollow muffly moans as she bobs her head hard with gusto before using one hand to grab Dark's balls before fondling them.

Dark groans from that before he gripped her head with one hand and starts to force her to deep throat his dick while Emerald's hollow thrust his hips at a faster rate.

Cedrina's hollow gags from Dark's thrust but was able to take it as she enjoys the intense pleasure.

"Hehe… damn, top grade pussy here… good thing I'm about to blow… hope you like a fucking creampie!" The Male Hollow growled out before he starts to thrust harder and faster when he felt his dick about to blow.

Cedrina's hollow muffly moans loud before she felt her orgasm approaching.

The same could be said with Dark when he thrusts his dick in The female Hollow's mouth while Intelligence at this time felt the same and starts to grind her pussy on Cedrina's when she felt herself about to cum hard.

Cedrina felt the same thing which caused her to grind faster and harder.

Emerald felt the same when he had Rachel on her back and he was fucking her pussy now before he said this.

"T-Tell me where you want it… in your pussy… ass… mouth…. Or on your body!" Emerald growled out when he keeps getting closer and closer to his orgasm.

Rachel moans and groans as her orgasm got closer before she said this.

"M-My… PUSSY!"

Emerald grits his teeth before he roars a bit when he thrusts faster for a minute before hilting Rachel's pussy before he came hard inside of her which caused her womb to be flooded with his semen.

"AAAAHHH!" Rachel moans loud with ecstasy when she felt her pussy getting filled before her pussy tightens when she climaxed hard on Emerald's dick.

Whether or not they're in Azure's head, Rachel thankfully couldn't get pregnant thanks to that anti pregnancy crest.

Emerald's hollow and Dark grit their teeth right before they groan before they came hard in Cedrina's hollow, Dark with her mouth, and Emerald's hollow and her pussy which caused her womb to bloat a bit.

Cedrina's hollow muffly moans loud as her eyes widen from the amount before she came hard on Emerald's hollow's dick.

Intelligence grinds faster and faster on Cedrina's pussy before she lets out a yowl before squirting a bit on Cedrina's pussy when she came hard.

Cedrina howls after grinding her pussy faster before she squirts hard on the feline's pussy.

A moment later, everyone tapped off before Emerald said this.

"Wow… gotta say, time must have passed well thanks to this." Emerald said when he pulled his dick out of Rachel's pussy before semen flowed out a bit which had slight green mist emitting from it before Intelligence said this when she got up from the ground.

"Indeed, and thanks to this being the mind, you can do whatever you want as long as you don't go to crazy, for example…" Intelligence said before looking at Cedrina before her body glows and she was on her feet a moment later, clean, and at full health in no time flat.

"You can do stuff like that, though before Rachel or Cedrina's hollow tries that, one thing first." Intelligence said before she walked over to the downed Rachel.

Rachel, Cedrina and Cedrina's hollow were a bit confused as they saw Intelligence approach Rachel before wondering the feline is gonna do.

That question was answered when she knelt down between Rachel's legs and said this.

"Considering that you all won't be back anytime soon, might as well put in a little extra here." Intelligence said before she starts to eat out Rachel's pussy to clean out Emerald's cum from inside.

Rachel was surprised before she starts to pant and moan from Intelligence's tongue work while Cedrina and her hollow seemed to enjoy that.

For a few minutes, Intelligence cleaned out Rachel well when she ate her out before feeling Rachel getting close.

Rachel pants and moans as she felt her second orgasm approaching.

Though unknowingly to her, Emerald, his Hollow, and Dark were stroking themselves off over the duo while Cedrina's hollow looked like she was excited for her turn with the tongue action.

Cedrina sees that and believe that she can show her hollow that she's more accepting of her when said this.

"H-Hey hollow." she called.

The Hollow looked at her before saying this with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah?" The Hollow said when she wondered what Cedrina wanted from her.

"Come over here." Cedrina said.

"What for?, I'm about to get some tongue work from the sexy brains of Azure here." The Hollow said with a confused tone when she walked over to Cedrina anyway.

Cedrina then blushed a bit before she said this.

"Instead of waiting, how about I lick you?"

The Hollow blinked a few times before saying this.

"Uh… just to make sure I didn't hear things, but did you say what I think you said?" The Hollow said with a bewildered tone.

Cedrina blushed a bit more before thinking.

"Yes I did. I want to show you how much I accept you and plus I thought of trying something new."

"Hooo… I'll hear you out since this is definitely a first, what do you mean by new?, even if we do something, it won't change the fact that you and I will have to fight for this body sooner or later in the end." The female Hollow said before grinning when she reminds Cedrina about that.

Cedrina sighs a bit before she spoke up.

"Yes I know. But I'm very serious when I said that I'm showing how accepting I am to you. Plus when I meant new I mean how interesting it would be if you and I tried it."

"Alright, but since you're the submissive bitch in this relationship for now since thats a kink of yours… I'll be calling the shots… agreed?" The Hollow said with a fanged grin on her face.

Cedrina blinks for a moment before she spoke up.


"Nice… now… get down on your knees." The female hollow said with a dominant look in her eyes.

Cedrina blushes before she got on her hands and knees and shows her ass to her hollow.

The Hollow grins before she took a moment to think on something, and when Cedrina' couldn't see her, the Hollow grew a dick before walking up behind her and said this.

"Considering this place is technically a dream...might as well make it interesting." The Hollow said before she placed the head of her dick at Cedrina's asshole before shoving herself balls deep with a pleased groan.

Cedrina groans as she grinds her teeth a bit while trying to adjust to her hollow's dick.

However, since she knew that Cedrina's kink was pain, she starts thrusting her hips before Cedrina could adjust which got this reaction.

Said female wolf groans before she starts to moan in between.

While the female Hollow was having her fun, Ryu-Oni in reality was still fucking Sticks's pussy and from the look of things, didn't cum yet while Maite came quite a number of times, and Ryu-Oni had Stick's on her side while he used one hand to hold Sticks's left leg and was thrusting his dick deep in her while shockingly, Sticks could feel an approaching orgasm.

Said badger Mobian was groaning and moaning loud as her climax got closer and closer.

A minute, Ryu-Oni came hard in Sticks's womb, bit to her surprise, he keeps thrusting his dick in her which showed he wasn't going to stop till she came.

"GAAAAHHH!" Sticks moans loud before she came hard on the demon's dick.

"Hehe, h-how is this Sticks?... nice to finally cum after so long?" Ryu-Oni said when he stopped thrusting his dick to have it sit still while he continues to cum hard in her womb while Maite watched.

Maite moans as she climaxed again before Sticks yelled this.


Ryu-Oni gave her a fanged grin before he said this when he tapped off.

"With pleasure." Ryu-Oni growled out when he pulled out and slammed himself inside of Stick's ass before he starts to pound the abused ass.

"OH FUCK!" Sticks yells before she wrapped her legs around Ryu-Oni's waist to make him thrust deeper.

And thrust deeper he did when he placed his clawed hands on her ass and thrusts like a man possessed, technically he was possessing Emerald's body, but the fact was that Maite saw Sticks fully take Emerald, or Ryu-Oni's dick up her ass and saw the look on Stick's face when her ass got the fuck of her lifetime.

Sticks face had a very pleased and fucked up look on her face as she enjoys the feeling of having her ass pounded.

"Don't worry Maite, once I'm through with Sticks here, I'll show you the same treatment, though I'll focus on that ass of yours since I don't want to harm those kids growing in you." Ryu-Oni said while he gave Maite a fanged grin while he stood up and really used his muscles to force Sticks to go faster on his dick, it was like he was trying to make her ass reshape to take it all.

Sticks continues to work on Ryu-Oni's dick before she had this thought.

'Oh fuck this dick feels so good. Hope Azy and Cedy can give me the same treatment when they wake up.'

"So Maite, after I make Sticks come one more time, how do you want me to dominate you… or do you want to try and turn the tables?" Ryu-Oni said with a teasing grin on his face.

Maite blushed a bit before she said this.

"I would… like to ride you."

"Hehe… very well… just wait till I make this bitch here cum first, manners after all." Ryu-Oni said before he used a thrust to have Sticks bounce a bit higher than normal which caused her to lose her grip before she got turned in the air and slammed back down before Ryu-Oni's tail shot into Sticks's pussy and starts to thrust into her without holding back.

"GAH!" Sticks gasps before she moans and groans each time before she felt her orgasm getting closer.

Ryu-Oni gave Sticks a wider grin before he starts thrusting like a madman when he felt his own orgasm approaching and the tail danced in her pussy, and surprisingly it managed to hit all of her sweet spots even if it looked like the tail thrashed around in her.

Sticks grinds for a few moments as her climax got closer and closer until…

The badger Mobian grunts before saying this.

"I-I'm… CUMMING!" She yells before climaxed as her pussy squirts hard on Ryu-Oni's tail.

Ryu-Oni grit his teeth from how tight Sticks got before he pulled his dick free of her ass after firing a few shots of semen up her ass and aimed the ejaculating dick right at Maite to her surprise before some semen hit her pussy and breasts, seems he was trying to have some fun with her as well, either that or mark her with his scent.

Maite was a bit surprised before shuddering a bit when she felt the demon's cum hit her folds.

Ryu-Oni then aimed his still ejaculating dick up which caused his semen to hit Maite's face before he shoved his dick back in Sticks's ass to finish up in her.

Maite was caught off guard while Sticks moans as she felt her ass getting filled up before she climaxed hard again.

A minute later, Ryu-Oni tapped off before looking down to see how Sticks was doing.

Said badger Mobian's body shudders while her face showed a fucked up look with her tongue hanging out that shows she was very pleased.

Ryu-Oni chuckles before he pulled Sticks off of his dick which caused plenty of semen to fall out of her abused holes and she was set a bit away before Ryu-Oni turned to Maite when he knew Sticks would be fine there.

"So… you want to ride me yes?" Ryu-Oni said with a lustful look in his eyes while his dick surprisingly stood tall.

Maite blushes a bit before she nods her head at the demon.

"Well then… mind doing me a favor first…" Ryu-Oni said while he walked up to Maite, and points his dick right at her face before saying this.

"Mind if I get a clean up first?" Ryu-Oni said with a dominant grin on his face, granted the energy he used clean off the bad stuff easily so it wasn't an issue, but there was still Stick's juices and Ryu-Oni's semen that was coating the dick from tip to base.

Maites blinks before she shrugged and leans down til her face was in front of Ryu-Oni's dick.

She then stick out her tongue and starts licking the base of the demon's dick.

Ryu-Oni groans from that before he placed a clawed hand on her head before lightly petting it to show she was doing good so far.

Maite blushes a bit as she continues this action before she opens her mouth and swallows the head before she took a few inches of Ryu-Oni's dick and starts bobbing her head.

Ryu-Oni keeps petting Maites head before saying this.

"Hehe, you Mobians may have small frames, but you seem to keep up with plenty of human sized people when it comes to taking dicks, hope I can get a repeat in my real form later if your interested… I mean you should remember since Emerald took my draconic form with you when his clone was busy right?, my name does mean Dragon Demon after all..." Ryu-Oni said while he had a fanged grin on his face.

Maite did remember that before she sent the demon a slight wink.

Ryu-Oni chuckles at that before he just enjoys Maites mouth for now while the scene went back to the group in Azure's head with Emerald, his hollow, and Dark cumming on Rachel and Intelligence when it looked like Rachel was getting close with Intelligence eating out her pussy still and was even fingering her ass.

Rachel pants and moans as she was enjoying it while feeling her climax getting closer and closer.

The Female Hollow with Cedrina was still fucking her ass but she had Cedrina get on her back and was kissing her while she played with Cedrina's breasts, and it looked like Cedrina was enjoying it when her Hollow was hitting all of her sensitive spots with 100% accuracy.

Cedrina moans into the kiss before she surprisingly wrapped her arms and legs around her hollow before she kissed back before sliding her tongue in the female hollow's mouth.

That's when she had this thought.

'Oh fuck. Who knew that having sex with my hollow feels good.' She thought as she continues to kiss her hollow.

Emerald and the others in the meantime continue to look at Rachel and Intelligence before Emerald asked this.

"Hey Intelligence, how long do we have left?" Emerald asked when he saw what was going on with Cedrina and her hollow while his own Hollow noticed before Intelligence said this when she pulled away for a moment.

"10 minutes, time flows differently here then in the outside, speeds up or slows down so things could barely pass when you all wake." Intelligence said before she went back to eating Rachel out before Emerald and his Hollow look to one another with a grin before they walked to the distracted duo of Cedrina and her hollow while Dark moved his body so that his dick was in front of Rachel's mouth before he had it enter her mouth after she made a pleased moan.

Rachel's eyes widen when she felt that before gagging a bit before she looks at Dark with a surprised look.

Dark just grins before he starts thrusting his hips with his dick in her mouth which forced her to deep throat his dick while Intelligence continues to eat out Rachel's holes.

Rachel gags again for a few times before she starts to moan due to Intelligence's licking.

Meanwhile with Cedrina and her Hollow, the duo seemed to be too into the act to notice Emerald and his Hollow approaching before Cedirna's hollow got lift off and out of Cedrina before Cedrina herself was picked up… and when the duo looked back, they saw Emerald holding Cedrina over his dick while his Hollow did the same with Cedrina's hollow, Emerald's dick was pointed right at Cedrina's ass while the Hollow's dick was pointed right at the female hollow's pussy before the duo pushed themselves in and before they could react, Emerald's hollow moved so that Cedrina's hollow's dick was shoved back inside of Cedrina's pussy before they wait for the reactions.

"GAH!/AUGH!" Both Cedrina and her hollow yelped when they both didn't see that coming.

Emerald and his hollow then pulled their hips back before thrusting back in to their respective partners holes and as a result, Cedrina's hollow got forced to do the same when her dick got pushed and pulled in and out of Cedrina's pussy.

Both duo gasps before they moaned in unison.

It was a few moments before Cedrina wrapped her legs around her hollow's waist before wrapping her arms around the female hollows neck.

Emerald's hollow grins before he said this when he keeps fucking Cedrina's hollow's pussy.

"Hehe, wow, just a bit ago she was so against doing things like this but now she's letting you fuck her up the ass, guess Lillum did a better job then she thought huh?" Emerald's hollow said before he starts spanking Cedrina's hollow's ass and shocked Cedrina when Emerald's hollow grew a tail that made her look up before the hollow smashed his lips onto hers.

Cedrina's eyes widen before blushing big at the action before she surprisingly moan from the kiss.

Cedrina's hollow chuckled before she spoke up while looking at Emerald.

"Hehe… seems the big breasted woman taught her well. This might not win control over the body yet but… she has shown some nice commitment in accepting me. I think she and I will finally get along."

"Eh, that's for you two to work out… honestly you two seem to get along better than I do with that fucker there." Emerald said when he glanced at his hollow who just rolled his eyes at that before he thrusts his dick at a faster pace in the Female Hollow's pussy.

Cedrina's hollow groans before she said this.

"Well knowing that we both love Azure, I believe this one finally agrees with sharing her. Just as long she doesn't cause any issue that will makes us fight in front of Azure, I believe things will go smoothly between the three of us."."

"Maybe, but since we're running low on time, I should really do this!" Emerald said before he starts to speeds up on thrusting his dick into Cedrina's ass before he mimicked his Hollow self and kissed Cedrina's hollow on the lips.

Cedrina muffly moans loud in Emerald's hollow's mouth while her hollow did the same in Emerald's mouth.

A few minutes later, Emerald and the Hollow roar before they came hard, with Emerald cumming hard in Cedrina's ass, and with Emerald's hollow with Cedrina's hollow's pussy while Dark with Rachel came hard in her mouth after he pushed it all the way in her mouth to have Rachel deep throat him while Intelligence used her teeth to bite Rachel's bud and finger her pussy and ass with her index and middle fingers with both hands.

Cedrina's hollow growls a bit loudly before she came hard in Cedrina's pussy there by flooding the female wolf's womb.

Cedrina came hard on her hollows dick while Rachel came hard as her pussy squirted on Intelligence's face.

For a bit, the group pants for breath and recovered one at a time with Emerald, Dark, and Emerald's hollow recovering the quickest.

"Hehe, guess if you get partnered with a dude, you won't complain as much huh?, maybe teach that Panda samurai a lesson." Emerald's hollow said after pulling his lips away from Cedrina's and gave her a wild grin.

Cedrina pants while having a deep blush on her face before she surprisingly nods her head at Emerald hollow.

Emerald's Hollow laughed at that before he pulled his dick out of Cedrina's hollow's pussy and said this when he spanks her ass before pulling her free of Cedrina's pussy and sets her on her feet.

"Hehe, well hope to have a round two later if we ever get into another person's head, but only as a lady, I don't do dudes unless Light here takes his female form." Emerald's Hollow said when he points to Emerald who still had his dick in Cedrina's ass.

Dark at the moment pulled his dick out of Rachel's mouth and saw that there was quite a bit of semen on her face now, and thanks to the loads from the three Emerald's earlier, guess it showed how productive Emerald and the other residence of his bodies were.

Rachel gasps a bit before she starts trying to catch her breath while Cedrina's hollow groans from having Emerald's hollow's dick leave her pussy.

Cedrina groans since she still has Emerald's dick in her ass while trying to catch her breath.

Emerald then pulled free of her ass before semen ran free before he set Cedrina on her feet.

"Sorry about that surprise, looked too tempting to ignore." Emerald said to Cedrina with a grin on his face.

Cedrina blushed a bit before speaking up.

"I-It's fine." She said before she shudders a bit when she felt Emerald's cum leaking out.

Emerald chuckles at that before he closed his eyes and a moment later, his body glows and he was cleaned and dressed a moment later, same with his Hollow and Dark when they stepped away from their respective partners while Intelligence did the same a moment later, all in all, 4 out of the 7 were squeaky clean and in prime condition while the other three, the Hollow, Cedrina, and Rachel were still a mess.

Cedrina, Cedrina's hollow and Rachel looked at one another before Rachel spoke.

"Uh hey… how do we get ourselves clean?"

"Just imagine it, your real bodies are not messed up at all though you may wake up with a mess in the bed, and think of this body right now, your dream body like an RPG character, you can do a lot as long as you wish it, think of this situation as a dream and you should get the general idea." Intelligence said before Emerald nods while grinning.

"Yeah, I do this daily when I have issues when people try to take over my body and mind and I turned out alright in the end." Emerald said which caused everyone to have an awkward silence when many glanced at Emerald's hollow and Dark before looking back at Emerald with sympathetic looks that showed that they pitied him… which caused Emerald to tear up and crouch down near the edge of the elevator and make a circle on the ground a moment later while a storm cloud appeared above him and rained on him…

Cedrina, Rachel, and Cedrina's hollow sweatdrop before they imagined their bodies clean.

A moment later, their bodies glow after a minute of thinking and a moment later, their bodies were squeaky clean a moment later, but they were still tired and undressed, guess they had to be detailed or they would only get what they asked for.

So the trio once again imagined themselves clean, freshly clothed and full of energy.

A moment later, the group was fully clean, full of energy… though it looked like Cedrina and her hollow got some wires crossed which…. Caused Cedrina to be in a very revealing black and white Dominatrix outfit… and the female hollow to wear Cedrina's gear, but not pure black and white which made things odd for her which caused Emerald's Hollow to burst out laughing at that.

Cedrina's hollow was confused before laughing a bit while Rachel and as a bit surprise before blushing at what Cedrina was wearing.

Said female wolf looks down before she was shocked before speaking up.

"What the hell is this?!"

"HAHAHA… e-either you and your inner sexy babe got a cross connection with you and a switch h-happened… o-or you got some serious i-issues that y-you're not t-telling us right now… HAHAHAHA!" Emerald's hollow barely explained before he busts out laughing again while he fell onto his ass this time while he called Cedrina's inner Hollow sexy.

Cedrina's hollow did blush a bit before Cedrina shouts out.

"IT'S NOT FUNNY!" She said before she starts to imagine herself wearing her gear that Lillum got her.

A moment later, it did happen, but in a black and white variant since the Female Hollow wore the colored outfit, guess matching outfits were not allowed here in terms of color.

"Hehe, maybe, but I'm sure Pinky here enjoyed the view as much as I did." Emerald's Hollow said when he had a thought bubble form over his head to show everyone Cedrina in the Dominatrix outfit.

Rachel blushed a bit in embarrassment knowing that she had been caught.

However before anyone could say anything else, the elevator stopped right next to a demonic looking door which emits a large amount of dark mist… before Intelligence said this.

"Most of the Damage here is repairable, but the main issue is in this room, believe me… this is where the Azure you know once lived… so she maybe there so you can help her…. But know that something… horrifying was awakened in there… and it's not supposed to be there organically." Intelligence said with a nervous tone which was surprising… most of the time she was cool and collected… seems that whatever was in there… was unnerving for her.

"What do you mean?" Cedrina asked.

"Honestly… I have no clue, no other major or minor personality has ever entered this room since we know its a place that we can't enter without some kind of side effect, that place is a Dark place, and I don't mean lacking light, it holds all of Azure's negative traits and condensed to make the Azure you know, the Azure up there is normally upbeat and fun loving and would love to get to know you all, sleepovers, makeovers, the works since she loves being around people, the opposite of the Azure that you know right?, honestly we never expected this Azure, Dark Azure, to actually get feelings and what not since well…." Intelligence said before pointing a thumb at Dark who raised an eyebrow at her before he just chuckles for a moment and shrugged.

"What can I say, I maybe a parasite if you remember right, but I still took on all of Light's fears, his worries, and his negative aspects and helped make this body, aside from the fact that I am trying to get his body daily, I'm a regular ol Dark side of Light." Dark said with a grin on his face while Emerald frowns at him before shaking his head.

"You try to take over my body every few worlds and fail daily, so give it a rest." Emerald said before Dark said this.

"Not happening Light, I love seeing you get aggravated and desperate, it makes our back and forth fun since its a life and death thing for you to keep the Darkness from swallowing you whole." Dark said with a grin on his face.

Cedrina's hollow suddenly chuckles before speaking.

"Wow, this feels like Deja Vu. Your dark side reminds me the squabble I had to deal with this one's dark side." She said while point at Cedrina making said female wolf blinked in confusion.

"Yeah well considering the past they had and the fact that Chaos energy can help them form, not like there hasn't been one forming for a long time, I mean with you there, I would have been surprised if they hadn't gone insane already." Intelligence said to mess with the female Hollow a bit.

Cedrina's hollow blinks for a bit before she chuckles and said this.

"Well just in case you go in this one's head for another journey, try not to talk to that bastard."

"If I remember, noted." Intelligence said before she summoned a notepad and pen and wrote it down.

"Alright alright, can we save the fucking hugs and kisses when we get everyone back to reality, I'm itching for a fight right now and all this talk about being careful is really annoying me." Emerald's hollow said when he looked towards the door and walked up to it to get a good look, seems he wasn't bothered by the dark mist.

Everyone else blinks before Cedrina spoke.

"Should we be concerned about the mist?"

"Considering were about to enter a room that is full of the stuff, I would say not really, I mean what's the worst that could happen?, getting a darkside?" Dark said with a grin on his face while Emerald and his hollow gave the dark half of Emerald a half lidded look.

Rachel, Cedrina and her hollow gave the same reaction as well.

"Welp, since we're not getting anywhere just standing around, time to move forward." Dark said before he walked to the door, and before anyone could stop him, he pushed it open with a grin on his face before everyone was covered with Darkness that blocked all light while Intelligence got blasted back onto the elevator which by some security measure, starts to rise while the scene went back to Ryu-Oni and Maite.

Turns out that Ryu-Oni enjoyed the sight of Maite while she bounced on his dick and had his hands behind his head for now to let her have her own fun, seems there was a box set nearby that was gotten by Maite that said Lillum's toys, guess Maite or Ryu-Oni got them when one of them suggested it to make things a bit more interesting.

Maite continues to ride the demon's dick in her pussy as she groans and moans with each bounce while her face had a deep blush.

Ryu-Oni had a pleased look as well before saying this.

"So my dear, how is taking charge feel?, personally I'm enjoying the sight but without orders, I can't really act right?" Ryu-Oni said with a grin on his face while he watched his dick enter and exit Maite's pussy.

Maite moans a bit before she spoke up.

"I-It feels good. A-And if you w-want... you can use your tail to work my ass or use those toys in the box."

"Hehe… why not both… mind if I get up so I can pick a few things out?, could be interesting." Ryu-Oni said with a fanged grin.

Maite blinks for a moment before speaking up.


Ryu-Oni grins and a moment later after Maite let him up, he went to the box and rummaged around before finding a few before saying this when he turned to show her a collar with a leash.

"Mind if we use this?, its enchanted so that the wearer is forced to do whatever the holder of the leash commands, we could take turns… so… who goes first with wearing this… you… or I?" Ryu-Oni said with a fanged grin still on his face.

Maite blushes a bit before she surprisingly grins and said this.

"You wear it."

"Alright, and remember, this is Emerald's body, so no lasting damage, regeneration or not." Ryu-Oni said before he equipped the collar and it glowed for a moment before Ryu-Oni grabbed the box and placed it on the bed before he passed Maite the leach before saying this when it touched her hand.

"Your first order Mistress?" Ryu-Oni said when it looked like the collar worked.

Maite smirks before she leans down Ryu-Oni's body so she could kiss him on the lips.

Ryu-Oni lets out a pleased moan when he returns the kiss and had his hands on her hips and pulled her close to help deepen the kiss.

Maite moans before she slides her tongue in the demon's mouth.

The Duo continue the kiss before Ryu-Oni pulled away before he said this with a smile.

"Your order Mistress?" Ryu-Oni asked when he seemed to be deeply under the leash's control.

Maite smiles before she said this.

"I want you to pound my ass to submission.'

"As you wish." Ryu-Oni said before he used his strength to lift Maite and place her on all fours which had her ass pointing his way before he said this.

"Want me to go in dry or please you first, I am here for your pleasure after all." Ryu-Oni said while he placed his hands on her ass and starts to fondle the cheeks.

"Hmmm… pleasure me first." Maite replies.

A moment later, Ryu-Oni then leaned down and licked Maite's asshole before he used his strength to have his tongue go deep in her ass when it lengthed, guess a long tongue was a key thing since he was a Dragon possessing Emerald's body.

Maite shudders from that action before she let out a soft moan.

For a bit of time, Ryu-Oni continues to have his tongue wild in her ass before he surprised her when it starts to go in and out of her ass like some kind of dick, he even used his hands on her folds and bud to heighten her pleasure.

Maite continues to moan a few times before she spoke up.

"O-Oh yes Ryu."

Ryu-Oni couldn't say anything right now, but he did have his tongue wiggle more in her ass while his left hand went to please her bud to show he was listening to her.

Maite shudders and moans as she enjoys this pleasure a few moments later before she felt the folds of her pussy getting wet.

A moment later, Ryu-Oni felt that her ass was relaxed enough before he pulled his tongue free, he was ordered to pound her ass into submission and moved a bit so that he was over Maite while the head of his dick was aimed right at her ass.

Maite pants for a moment before she braced herself for what's about to happen.

A moment later, Ryu-Oni pushed the head of his dick into Maite's asshole before he adjusts himself by placing his hands on the bed for some reason before he said this.

"Mind if I take my real form mistress?, would be better for me to follow your orders after all." Ryu-Oni asked when he looked down at Maite when her head was on the bed.

Maite at first groans from the demon's dick in her ass before she took a moment to think on this before speaking.

"Okay sure."

Ryu-Oni grins before he thrusts himself as deep as he could in her ass before his form starts shifting when Sticks starts to come to… and while Maite could feel the dick growing in her ass when Ryu-Oni's frame got larger… much larger.

Maite groans while Sticks, who finally regain consciousness, had her eyes widen when she saw the demon's form.

Turns out, Emerald's body was shifting to something much larger, much larger than what would be possible with the transformation happening to quick to see… but all in all, when it finished, a massive Dragon like figure was over Maite, he had purple to blackish scales, the front of his torso had pure purple scales while Emerald's core sat there, and considering it burned through his shirts, it seemed to be a key part of his body no matter the form, his legs were bow legged, his feet turned into razor sharp talons, his arms bulged with raw power while scales covered them, and Emerald's head had turned into something Dragon like with a maw that housed deadly looking teeth… all in all, add the feathery wings and the floating icon on his back with the scaly tail… and he looked like his namesake… Dragon Demon… though he did have his monster size dick right up Maites ass which grew greatly to bring the ass to the breaking point… but the look on Maite's face showed anything but agony….

Maite grinds her teeth a bit but otherwise shows a very happy look on her face.

Ryu-Oni shuddered from how tight Maite's ass was before saying this with a much deeper demonic tone while his wings emit a energy of sorts after a minute to complete the look with energy based wings which lit the room a bit.

"So Mistress, want me to continue in this form or change positions… and since I heard your friend move, want her to join in?" Ryu-Oni said before looking at Sticks with one eye that showed raw lust.

Sticks blushed a bit from the look before she had a surprise look when she heard Maite said this.

"S-Sure she can join and yes continue in that form."

Ryu-Oni chuckles deeply before saying this to Sticks.

"Well you heard Mistress, Sticks come here if you want to join, I'll be busy doing this." Ryu-Oni said before he lightly placed a single finger on Maites back while being careful of the claw before he starts to thrust his dick in and out of Maite's ass which showed Sticks how massive he was… much more massive than anyone else here… a real monster cock.

Sticks was a bit shock when she saw how big the demon's dick was.

However since Cedrina, Azure, Rachel and technically Emerald haven't woken yet, she can go for more fun.

The badger Mobian grins before she approached the duo.

A bit later, Ryu-Oni had Sticks held in another hand and was using his tongue to eat her out while he keeps fucking Maite's ass while slowly speeding up, the two women came time and time again when Ryu-Oni's stamina and his tongue size multiplied so he wasn't even close to done.

Maite and Sticks began to moan loud from how good the pleasure was.

A moment later, Ryu-Oni, after he felt Maite's ass relax more on his dick, he gripped her around the waist while being careful of her lover stomach before he turned to sit on the bed and starts to lift and lower Maite like she was his sex toy right now while he keeps eating Sticks out.

Maite was enjoying that treatment while Sticks kept moaning before she felt her climax approaching.

Ryu-Oni speeds up with lifting and lowering Maite and eating out Sticks at a faster rate until…

Both female Mobians moans loud before they climaxed hard when they felt their pusssies squirt out.

However, since Maite gave the order for Ryu-Oni to dominate her ass, he keeps lifting and lowering her even during her orgasm and he keeps eating Sticks out, seems he wouldn't stop till Maite gave the order.

Maite and Sticks had no time to catch their breaths as they start moaning loud again from that action.

While Ryu-Oni keeps using Sticks and Maite as his sex toys, the group in Azure's mind right when they got covered with the darkness and Intelligence getting knocked onto the elevator before the mist fades to show that the area around them was stained with Darkness, the others were somehow fine… but with the elevator gone… there was only one way to go.

"I guess we just go forward. Hope Intelligence is okay." Cedrina said with a concerned look while everyone else got back to normal when they saw that they were alright.

"Yeah, considering what happened, I guess since we're not personalities, we're not affected by this mist… though be careful you three, considering this is Azure's deeped darkest attributes… and there is something not a part of her in there, expect to be on guard at all times." Emerald said while his fists glow with green energy while Dark and Emerald's Hollow had similar black energy emit from their fists.

Cedrina, her hollow and Rachel nod their heads before Rachel and Cedrina readied their weapons when they summoned dream like replica's.

A moment later, the group entered the door before finding themselves in a black void like area… aside from the door… nothing else was seen, but there was a crying noise from nearby.

"What is that?" Rachel asked.

"Seems like… crying?" Emerald said before he took a step towards the source before the ground rumbles like an earthquake was happening as a result.

Cedrina stumbles a bit before she made sure that Rachel and surprisingly her hollow was okay.

A moment later, the rumbling subsides before the group looked around again to see the darkness shifting around them if that was even possible… even Emerald, His Hollow, and Dark felt a bit on guard… since this Darkness… was not something a Mobian should have…

Rachel, Cedrina and her hollow were also on guard while wondering why there was so much darkness in this room.

A moment later… the group saw to their shock a figure forming from the Darkness… who looked a lot like Azure… but she had a single eye on her face and nothing else which looked right at them while she had some kind of box at her side.

"What the?" Cedrina's hollow said before Rachel spoke.

"Is that Azure?" She asked causing Cedrina to blink in surprise before speaking.

"And she's holding… a box." She said before remembering what Azure told her as Cedric.

Emerald had narrowed eyes while the crying seemed to be coming from behind the Azure look alike before he said this.

"Cedrina, Cedrina's hollow, Rachel, you three run past that Azure double while he hold her off… I got a bad feeling about this and-!" Emerald said before his Hollow charged the Azure with a twisted grin before he roared this.

"OH LIKE I CARE WHO IS IN MY WAY!, I'LL FUCK THEM UP ALL THE SAME!" Emerald's hollow roared before he sent his fist towards the one eyed Azure double who looked at him before a portal formed near her and a fist of Darkness shot out of it and slugged Emerald's hollow in the face which sent him flying back towards the group at insane speed.

Cedrina, her hollow and Rachel were shocked when they saw that.

A moment later, Emerald yelled this.

"SCATTER!" Emerald said before he shot over to Rachel and picked her up bridal style and jumped away while Dark did the same with no one which left Cedrina and her hollow behind.

Cedrina looks at her hollow before she spoke up.

"Let's move." She said before moving to direction.

The Female Hollow chased right after Cedrina before Emerald's hollow crashed into the ground where they were like a speeding bullet which caused a massive cloud of darkness to form to mimic a dust cloud when the rest of the group lands a bit away from one another while Emerald set Rachel down before saying this.

"Take Cedrina and her Hollow and find the source of the crying, Dark, my Hollow, who is most likely pissed now, and I will handle this Cyclops freak." Emerald said before he charged the double with Dark and Emerald's hollow doing the same to start the 3 on 1 fight.

Rachel looks at her girlfriend and female hollow before she spoke up.

"Let's get going." She said before the trio went to look for the source of the crying.

While the battle with the Emerald trio and the Azure Cyclops went on, the trio ran far from the fight while the crying got louder and louder while a tiny speck of white was seen in the distance where the crying was coming from.

The trio got closer but made sure to be cautious since they don't know what will happen.

Turns out, they saw another Azure, one who had pure white fur, a pure white version of her outfit in reality, and seemed to be pinned to the ground with some dark tentacles which seemed to really try and pull her into the ground.

Cedrina's eyes widen before she spoke up.

"Hang on Azure!" She yells before she ran towards the white fur feline.

The Hollow said something similar before the duo start to cut the tentacles which freed the white furred Azure who seemed to calm down when she rubbed her wrists and other parts of her body to get the soreness away while Cedrina, her hollow, and Rachel saw her recovering from that.

Rachel had her hammer ready before Cedrina got to the feline before she spoke up.

"You okay?" She asked with concern in her voice.

The White fur Azure nods before she said this with a surprisingly gentle tone.

"Thank you, I'm sorry this happened, I'm Azure's Aura personified… and it seemed this place didn't like me forming and tried to get rid of me." Aura Azure said when she got to her feet.

Cedrina and Rachel were surprise before Rachel spoke.

"Well not to worry. We're here to help."

"Thank you, I'm sorry again for what happened… honestly when I formed things should have been normal, me settling in and allowing Azure to use Aura, but next thing I knew, I was in this place, long story short, the Azure that Emerald and his group is facing isn't Azure… but something that took her form… I do know where she is though." Aura Azure said while she rubbed her legs for a moment around where the tentacles gripped her.

Rachel and Cedrina blinked for a moment before Cedrina spoke up.

"Well it's hard to explain but she's asleep while being in some kind of orb."

"Not her, the Azure you know, Dark Azure, when I was created, something went wrong and also dragged her in here as well, honestly, I was created recently but I know enough that whatever was in here wasn't an issue until Azure got her Aura unlocked, like it didn't like it when Emerald sent his energy into her and most likely acted in self defense, and that being those Emerald's are fighting is one of those defensive beings who uses Azure's form as a template." Aura Azure explained to clarify a few things.

Cedrina and Rachel finally understood before Cedrina spoke.

"Well we haven't seen Dark Azure. Only her personalities, the original and now you. Although I don't get why this look a like is being defensive but I get the feeling it has something to do about that box Dark Azure told me."

"Indeed, I don't know everything, but when that box appeared, the switch happened and Dark Azure was given control and Azure was put to sleep, we've been trying to fix things so that she and Dark Azure can be switched back safely, you two may not like it but unless we do this, Azure will never wake and Dark Azure will suffer for it since she is naturally inclined to Dark energy, and as a result, the more negative Dark Azure feels, the worse she gets, its the reason why this place is so full of dark energy, it was building up without ever getting an outlet that Dark Azure would use." Aura Azure said with a serious tone to her voice.

Rachel and Cedrina were shocked when they heard that. Granted the Dark Azure that they know and love will go back but… they didn't want her and the original to die. However despite who is who… both Rachel and Cedrina, especially Cedrina, love Azure greatly and will do whatever they can to help.

Although deep down they, and again Cedrina, hopes that Original Azure remembers them even if the personalities said so.

That's when Cedrina spoke up.

"What can we do to help?" She said with a determined look.

"I know where she is, follow me, and if you can, please protect me from anything that might try and grab me, I can't since the last time I tried, I got captured like you all saw." Aura Azure said before she starts running in a certain direction.

Cedrina looks at her hollow and Rachel before speaking up.

"Let's go to you two." She said before she ran after Aura Azure before Rachel and the Cedrina's hollow followed.

Back in Reality while the others were unaware, it looks like things changed up a bit when Maite was the one wearing the collar and Ryu-Oni had the leashes other ringed end on his finger like a ring while he was thrusting his hips and his dick entered and exits her ass while Maite was eating Sticks out.

Sticks was moaning loud while Maite continues to pleasure Sticks greatly by licking the badger Mobian's pussy.

"Oh yeah… eat that pussy well, keep this up and I may visit your pussy Maite, you may be pregnant but its not the first time I had sex with a knocked up woman, so I know what I'm doing." Ryu-Oni said while he lightly tugged on the leash to get Maite's attention.

Maite, though surprised, was too busy pleasing Sticks to reply.

However she did hear that before she actually went a little rough on her licking to Sticks pussy.

Said badger Mobian moans a bit louder before she had this thought.

'Oh fuck this feels good. And that collar works wonders. Maybe I can ask Lillum to give me and Azy one and convince her to use it on Cedy and her as well.'

A bit later, Ryu-Oni felt his dick finally pulsing, and starts to thrust a bit harder in Maite's ass.

Maite muffly moans loud by that action which caused her to lick Sticks pussy even hard her which caused the badger Mobian to moan even louder before the duo felt their climax approaching.

A minute later, Ryu-Oni groans loudly when his dick fully hilts Maite's ass before he came hard and his hand relaxed enough for him to let the leash slip from his finger and Maite flew onto Sticks's when the force of the semen launched her onto the surprised Badger and Ryu-Oni gripped his dick while it fired his load on the duo.

Sticks was caught off guard by that before the duo moan and screams loud when they climaxed in unison after feeling Ryu-Oni's cum land on their folds.

A minute with Ryu-Oni aiming his ejaculating dick passed which showed how virle he was before he tapped off and pants for breath and looked to Sticks and Maite to see how they were doing.

Said duo, who had their bodies covered by the demon's semen, were panting while as they try to catch their breaths.

"He… hehe… been awhile since I last had a decent fuck, hope you two are not done… caused I'm not." Ryu-Oni said while his dick stood tall.

Sticks was shocked that the demon wanted to do more before she heard Maite spoke up.

"M-More please… M-Master." She said with a deep blush.

Ryu-Oni grins before he said this.

"Oh we will my dear… we will… but first… want to tag team with me and dominate Sticks here?, or have her dominate you while I follow orders… all you have to do is ask… and we shall fuck." Ryu-Oni said with a teasing tone, contrary to his looks, he was surprisingly charismatic.

Sticks was a bit surprised when she heard the suggestions before she heard Maite said this.

"Let's tag team her."

Ryu-Oni grins before he and Maite look at Sticks with grins while Ryu-Oni said this.

"Guess who the collar goes on next." Ryu-Oni said before the scene went back to Emerald, His Hollow, and Dark when they were trying to attack the Dark Double of Azure with one eye, but the dark flames made it hard and when she didn't use the attack, she threw or slugged one of them which forced them back, and when they got close to a hit, she teleported or summoned a portal where some kind of massive monster like fist shot at them, and that's not even counting the black void around them which made it hard to tell where the double is physically and with Aura since it was everywhere... all in all, they had trouble getting anywhere but thanks to their power, they were able to take the hits easily.

"Damn… this is one tough kitty. If it is one." Emerald's hollow commented.

"Well don't just stand there, fire a Cero or something." Dark commented when he dodged another attack and sent a Dark version of Emerald's Chaos Cannon right at the double who raised a shield of Dark Fire as a result which protected her.

The Hollow rolls his eyes before he jumped up and fire a Cero at the double who blocked the attack but didn't see Emerald running under the blast and got slugged in the side which sent the double flying away.

"OH YEAH!" Emerald said when the clone landed on her back before it jumped back to its feet with Emerald saying this when the double looked undamaged.

"Oh no…" Emerald mumbles before the scene went to Cedrina's group while they followed Aura Azure to where Dark Azure was.

The trio kept following the white furred feline while making making sure to protect her before Rachel spoke up.

"How close are we?"

"Nearly there, remember that this place may try and mess with you, is you see Azure and she is acting strange, be weary, she could be under this… thing's control." Aura Azure said while she keeps running.

Cedrina, her hollow and Rachel blinked for bit before they made sure to look at their surroundings while following Aura Azure.

A minute after running, the group suddenly found that the scenery turned pure white… and Cedrina was by herself.

Cedrina stops in her tracks before she spoke up.

"What the? Why the sudden change? And… where are the others?"

"Simple…. They are not here, you were pulled into this place for your safety, same with Rachel." A familiar voice echoed around Cedrina… seemed slightly warped… but Cedrina would know that voice anywhere.

Cedrina blinks for a bit before she spoke up.


A moment later, Dark particles start to form in front of Cedrina… right before the Azure that Cedrina knew and loved appeared in front of her… but her eyes were pure white… sign of a Dark side in various Mobian Dimensions.

Cedrina was a bit surprise before she spoke up.

"Well as surprising as this is, I'm happy to see you Azure." She said with a slight smile as she approached the feline.

"Yeah… well… I'm not… especially considering… me… being a Dark side… thought I was just turbo charged into one… but being one is a different matter altogether…" Azure said while she looked at her hand that was covered with Darkness while her tone stayed slightly echo like.

Cedrina was a bit surprise before she spoke up.

"Regardless, you're still you Azure. The one I know and loved." She said before she grabbed Azure's hand.

Azure smiles a bit but then frowned before saying this when she had Cedrina let her hand go.

"Maybe… but considering things… I could be switched out with the real me...Sonic and Blaze's daughter… Lavender's sister… and back here… and I don't know if she will remember everything that I did or… even you and the others…. And the time we had…." Azure said when she keeps stepping back before saying this when a portal formed behind the Dark furred Cat mobian.

"Considering words won't work with a stubborn person like you, I have the next best thing to keep you here until you're back in reality… while I fix this before someone gets hurt… consider it my last act before being replaced." Azure said before she starts walking to the portal… right before pure dark doubles of Rachel and Emerald appeared, they didn't have facial features but they did look detailed enough when they summoned the original's weapons, but pure black looking.

Cedrina's eyes widen before she looks at Azure before speaking.

"Azure please don't."

However the Emerald double charged Cedrina with the weapon drawn back for an overhead strike and brought it down to hit the female wolf when Azure enters the portal and it closed.

Cedrina quickly, but barely dodges the attack before it hit her.

However before the Emerald double hits the ground the Rachel double rushed towards the Emerald double who put his foot out and he got launched as a result towards Cedrina with another overhead strike, too fast to dodge this time.

Cedrina might not dodge, but she did use her lightning while blocking and it will stall the duo.

However what she didn't expect was to hear a voice that was similar to Emerald's speaking up when the blades connect.

"Tell me, what can you do while knowing that Azure would lose either way." The double shockingly said to Cedrina before she got blasted back when the Emerald double's blade forced her to skid across the ground.

Cedrina, though surprise when the double spoke, groans before she looks at the Emerald and Rachel doubles.

This time both doubles spoke up, with the Rachel one sounding a lot like Rachel.

"Tell us… what can you do when you know the Azure you love would lose in many cases, you win and go back to reality, she gets sent back into this black void filled with Darkness and the original wakes to take her place, lose, and she sleeps for the rest of her days, what can you do while knowing those are the most likely of situations." The Doubles said before the Emerald one walked forward… and shifts into Cedric's male form, and unlike the other doubles, this one was fully colored and featured to look exactly like Cedric, but with a dark color pattern to tell the difference, and when he spoke, he sounded exactly like Cedric.

"Tell me what you would do when the Woman we love would be in a fucked up situation either way!" The Cedric double growled out before charging Cedrina after summoning Cedric's iconic twin blades.

Cedrina was shocked before she tries to charge at the double and block his attack.

The Double then countered by putting both blades in a reverse grip and he slipped past one attack, and when his face was in front of hers… he said this.

"I don't know about you… but I will protect Dark Azure… no… My Azure, no matter the cost, I was created so perfectly from her feelings about us, that I can't help but still love her, construct or not which allowed me to have so much detail compared to Rachel's or Emerald's double… so tell me… you're the original… you have the body… what would you do if the Azure that you loved got swapped out with the proper person, like the Azure you saw on the roof of that tower… can you tell me you would leave her in there and take the Azure we care about out?... options are available… but can you make that choice… one Azure has her own family, but the other, no matter the reason, will be forced back here… so tell me… what would you do… if the Azure that you loved got locked in here and a different one took her place?" Cedrina's male double said while waiting for an answer but also had his blades at her side in a stabbing motion, like he was prepared to end her if the answer wasn't good enough.

Cedrina was shocked at the question before she tried to take a few moments to think on this.

Deep down the double had brought up good points and after taking some time to think, Cedrina finally gave her double an answer.

"I guess I would do… nothing. If the Azure I love get's switched… I'll be sad like if I lost her but… I don't want her or the original to get hurt. I want Azure to be safe and happy even if I get hurt or worse or if the original doesn't remember me or anyone else."

The Cedric double then grins before saying this.

"Not bad for the later part, but not acting would be just as bad since the people Azure cared for are here and fighting that double of hers… so I ask you again… what will you do… will you sit around and do nothing, or fight to keep the woman you love alive?, because Dark side or not, Azure is still Azure, just with a different personality, and its not like she can't take control for a bit if you ask the original right?" The Double of Cedric said with a fanged grin when he stepped back from Cedrina.

Cedrina blinks before she gave the Cedric double a determined look before speaking up.

"Personality or not… I will do whatever I can to fight for Azure. I've lost people before… but I will not lose her."

"Good… Rachel and your Hollow is that way, Azure didn't do much to them since she was just bluffing about doing things to them." The Double said before a portal opened where the double points and stepped out of Cedrina's way with the Rachel double vanishing.

Cedrina blinks a few times before she looks at the Cedric double before speaking.

"Thank you."

"Don't thank me yet, fuck this up and the last thing you'll be seeing is me taking My Azure from you, unlike you, I'm a representation of her feelings for you so I care for her deeply, more so than you since I represent every positive…" The Double said before a Hollow mask formed before the Hollow's voice was heard.

"And all of the negative aspects… and she still accepts it… so better rescue both Azures, cause if you fail, I'll be making that coma of hers very pleasant for her and I since I don't want her to have regrets… I'll do whatever it takes to make her happy." The Double said before the mask vanished and he returned to normal.

Cedrina was bit surprise on the inside but didn't show the Cedric double any emotion before she starts walking towards the portal.

The double grins a bit when she enters… right before the Doubles form shifts to have yellow eyes and a Heartless symbol appeared on the chest while the double said this to where the portal closed while their voice slowly turned demonic.

"Heh… welp, hope they succeed… cause while I may not have a heart… I can almost feel like I have one with Azure around me… and I don't want her to feel sad when I make my reveal later." the Double? Said before vanishing in particles of Darkness.

A moment later, Cedrina seemed to open her eyes and saw that she was still running alongside of the group somehow, not injured at all… or fatigued after that fight with the Emerald or Cedric Double… was that all a dream in a dream or something?

"Hey, why are you spacing out for?, we were trying to ask you a question on how to help Azure." Cedrina's hollow said… wait… spacing out?

"I was spacing out?" Cedrina asked while Rachel looked at her girlfriend with a worried look.

"Yeah, like you were running on autopilot or something, better snap out of it cause we're getting close to Azure, at least that's what the Aura side of her said." Cedrina's hollow said with a raised eyebrow.

Cedrina blinks a bit before she remember what she and the Cedric double said during their encounter before Cedrina spoke up.

"Right. Sorry."

"Well better get ready, cause she said that we were close a minute ago." The Hollow said before she went back to running next to Aura Azure to protect her.

Rachel did as well while Cedrina, who tries to keep up, had this thought.

'Weird. I was running but it felt like I went somewhere else. Well no matter. I told that male double of me that I will do anything to fight for Azure. Although the double said that he was created by Azure's feelings for me, I feel there's more to him than he's letting on. I'll worry about that later. For now I'm gonna focus on saving Azure.'

A minute to two later, they soon saw some kind of Alter that Azure was laying on while three cyclops doubles were standing around like they were guarding her… but they were not turned towards her but towards the approaching group before one stepped forward… and shockingly said this with a tone that sounded a lot like Azure's.

"Considering you all came here with… her… I'm guessing you're here to harm Azure…" The double confusingly said while the other doubles got it fighting stances.

Rachel was a bit surprised before she spoke up.

"We're not here to cause harm."

"Considering you brought the one who started this… that Aura personality who was sealed away when Bordux did something to that part of Azure, I would think otherwise, you all know we're not native to this body, but were not the enemy, tell me, why do you think we had her pinned?, and why was she here in the first place?, you know what happened to that intelligence personality when the door to this room was opened… she got forced away… leave now… or we will make you." The Double said before the three Cyclops Azure's emit a shocking amount of power while Aura Azure just grins before saying this when something appeared on her forehead slowly… a crest that they never seen before.

"A shame really, I did enjoy sticking around these three thanks to these memories I have of them… but oh well…" Aura Azure said before she quickly got on her hands in front of Cedrina, Rachel, and Cedrina's hollow before spinning and hit the off guard trio with extremely strong kicks… either this was Azure's power unlocked… or something was very, very, wrong.

Cedrina groans before she got up a bit before speaking.

"Azure what are you doing?!"

"Hehe… simple… I'm here to put my Dark self under my Master's control, but thanks to this box's interference, only a part of her… AKA… me was put under this power, I mean… you know how crafty Bordux is right?" Aura Azure said with a grin on her face while the crest on her head glows brightly.

Cedrina, her hollow and Rachel, whom said duo got up, were shocked before Cedrina spoke up.

"BORDUX?! You're saying he's behind this?!"

"Well… I don't know all the details but I do know this… Bordux has his eye on Azure since the crest he put on her was delayed… I mean remember an incident with Azure and that box?, well seems when Bordux tried to possess Azure entirely, this box here interfered and as a result, boom, the switch with Dark Azure taking the helm, no memories of her past so she thought she was a normal person, and the icing on the cake… he even sent those Monsters to have Azure snap and send her to the one place where she could… get *Help*... so to speak… you really underestimate how far Bordux with go for his plans to succeed." Aura Azure said with a twisted grin when the crest glowed a bit brighter.

The trio were shocked before Rachel spoke.

"What does Bordux want with Azy?"

"Hmmm… well you know her flames right?, and how they can even harm beings like Emerald who is one of the most durable people minus a few beings like Aggro the Iron wall, a massive man who would crush you all without even hesitating, but I'm getting off track… what if her flames… could kill godly beings?, some can do what Emerald did and just cut off and regrow limbs… but what about the ones that can't?" Aura Azure said with a twisted grin on her face.

The trio were shocked before Cedrina spoke up.

"Like hell that's gonna happen. We'll stop you before anything happens." She said before she, Rachel and the hollow readied their weapons.

Aura Azure grins before saying this.

"Sure… you three can attack me… but remember, I'm a part of Azure, her ability to use Aura comes from me… harm and risk killing me… and you risk destroying her very life force… remember what Emerald said… Aura is the life force of a person that is used in various ways… and this crest has a nasty side effect aside from the Alignment shifts from good to evil… I mean… long story short… whoever has this crest equipped gets their power boosted to who knows how many levels, so I'm much stronger than the Azure that you know as a result… but did you know that many who have this crest equipped and they die with it have their soul destroyed?, I'm no soul so I doubt that would happen but if I'm Azure's life force… wouldn't that be the same as killing Azure herself?, I mean… why did these three have me pinned and not ejected?... It's because Emerald is the only one who can dispel this crest safely but to make sure that I don't change targets to Emerald himself… well… the main body is holding Emerald and his other selves off but it hasn't tried to kill them yet." Aura Azure said with a grin on her face when she saw their reactions.

Credina, Rachel and the hollow were shocked before paling at what they heard.

If they do anything to the Aura Azure, the real Azure will die.

That's when Cedrina starts to think.

'Damn I don't know how we're gonna do this but I need to send a message to Emerald.' She thought before she mentally tries to send Emerald a message and hopes he gets it.

However Aura Azure chuckles before saying this.

"Hehe, try and remember that I'm a piece of Azure… an original inhabitant of her body… I made sure to block any of you from trying to contact Emerald… and even if you did… well…" Aura Azure said before she vanished and appeared in front of Cedrina a moment later before kicking her in the gut hard while saying this.

"I would have kicked his ass." Aura Azure said before Cedrina got sent flying through the air and Aura Azure vanished before kicking her in the chin to have her fly straight up with insane force and Aura Azure vanished before reappearing where she was to watch Cedrina fly up in the air… the force was much more than what Azure could use at this moment.

"CEDY!" Rachel yells before Cedrina's hollow dropped her swords and starts to jump so she can catch Cedrina.

Aura Azure laughed at that before saying this.

"Hahaha, wow, didn't know how good this feels… this raw power… man I don't know why Cedy didn't stick around, he, or she at this time could have become much stronger if they just stuck around their world." Aura Azure said with a twisted grin on her face.

As Cedrina's hollow caught Cedrina, Rachel looked at the white fur Azure with rage in her eyes before speaking up.

"You maybe a part of Azure… BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I STILL WON'T GIVE YOU PAIN FOR THIS!" She yells before she charges at the Aura Azure with her hammer ready.

However, Aura Azure just held her arms out before saying this.

"Go ahead!, I lowered my defenses to practically zero, but Azure will pay for it… can you live with her death on your hands?" Aura Azure said when she waits for the enraged Hedgehog to get near her with a grin on her face.

Rachel however stopped in her tracks when she realized what the Aura Azure wants.

That's when she spoke up.

"Nice try you coward but I won't let you get the best of me."

"Hehe, smart…. But tell me… if you can't risk harming me when my guard is down… how will you stop me?, those beings there are not from this body and don't need to worry about dying if this body goes… so they can try and kill me when I get close… but this crest is the thing that made me feel so good… and improperly removing it… well…" Aura Azure said while she stepped towards Rachel and said this when she was right in her face.

"You know what will happen right?" Aura Azure said with a grin on her face when she waits for Rachel's response.

Rachel was now scared what she will do before Cedrina's hollow lands with Cedrina, who was able to wake up, before Cedrina whispered to her hollow.

"Here's the plan… As I distract her… I want you to run fast and get to Emerald."

"And how the hell will you do that?, she is technically a goddess here who can bend reality… or the mind here… if she notices that I'm gone she can just bring me back, you going to fuck her or something?, Or have her do it to you?" The Hollow whispered back while not feeling really serious about those last two options.

Cedrina, though gave her hollow a half lidded look, took a moment to think on this before she whispered.

"Ok, I will run towards Aura Azure while using my lightning. This will give you time to imagine a duplicate of yourself. You can send the duplicate to assist me as I run or use the duplicate to reach Emerald.'

"Couldn't you make a duplicate that can run for you?, I mean it looks like Rachel is distracting her well enough right now." The Hollow whispered when she noticed Aura Azure getting in front of Rachel to say something to her.

Cedrina sees this before she whispered.

"Okay. But I gotta make sure my duplicate blends in." She whispered before she starts to concentrate on making a duplicate of herself.

However what she didn't know, was that deep inside of herself, a figure in side of her grins before a double was made… one that looked like a full Darkside that blended in with the darkness around them, the only thing seen was the eyes that looked right at them… and oddly enough shushed at the duo to be silent when the duplicate vanished after closing its eyes… like it fully blends in with the darkness.

Cedrina's hollow however had her eyes widen before she whispered.

"Oh shit not him." She whispered before Cedrina whispered.

"What do you mean him? I'm a woman right now.. right?" She asked in a confused tone since Cedrina did ask for a duplicate version of herself… right?

The hollow looks at Cedrina before speaking.

"You'll figure it out soon since there's something in your head that'll make you remember. For now we need to help Rachel and hold out as best we can."

Cedrina was confused but decided to let it go since Rachel needs saving.

She then lets go of her hollow before speaking up.

"Let's go partner." She said before she starts running towards Rachel and Aura Azure.

A moment later, Aura Azure looked at the two before grinning and said this.

"Nice of you two to join us, did my little kick knockout Cedy for a bit… hehe, guess I need to hold back a bit to make this fun." Aura Azure said while she chuckles a moment later.

Cedrina however chuckled before speaking up.

"Please your kicks might've hurt but… you have no idea what pain I went through. So no matter what you dish out… I'll still laugh at your face." She said causing Rachel to blink in surprise while the hollow had a 'what are you doing look'.

Aura Azure just raised an eyebrow before saying this.

"Well considering I know how stubborn you are… I might as well go a different route since I can't force you three to do anything…" Aura Azure cryptically said before she held up two fingers.

"One… I can just walk over to those three who will most likely try and restrain me, but since they know I'll fight back, they may kill me by accident… and either kill Azure or cripple her…" Aura Azure said with a sadistic grin on her face when she looked at the reactions they gave her while the three guards for Dark Azure didn't seem to hear and were still on guard.

The trio were shocked before the hollow spoke up.

"That ain't gonna happen toots. We ain't gonna let you get near them."

"Well unless you three go for option two… then not one of you can stop me." Aura Azure said with a grin on her face to mess with the Female Hollow.

"W-What's option 2?" Rachel asked.

"Hehe… simple, considering how much you three care for Azure, you all would practically do anything to help her yes?, but I'm no idiot, I know you all won't kill one another… and I know you won't risk attacking her guards… so I have a delicious idea in mind… and here it is… I want you Rachel, and you, Cedrina's hollow… to rape Cedrina without mercy while I watch." Aura Azure said with a cruel grin on her face.

The trio were shocked before Rachel spoke.

"W-WHAT?! WHY?! And how do we know you won't just head straight to those three if we agree?"

"Simple… first off, I want sleeping beauty, Dark or Light side to come to the rescue… I mean… you know how much both halves care for you all and you and the hollow being in agony from being forced to Rape the person she cares most about… well I doubt I have to explain more for that part… and second, well, why would I run when I'll be joining in the fun and give orders as well, I may be under Bordux's control… but I do have to use my brain here since might isn't everything you know." Aura Azure said with a grin on her face.

The trio was shocked at this before Rachel and the hollow were shocked when Cedrina said this.

"Alright. I'll do it."

"Cedy?! What are you doing?!" Rachel asked.

"We have no choice Rachel. If we agree then one of the Azure's comes but if we don't agree, this Azure, with the help of that idiot Bordux and his stupid crest, will go to those cyclops and end up getting hurt which caused the real Azure to suffer." Cedrina said while adding some insults to Bordux and the crest.

"Sticks and stones Cedy. Sticks and stones…. Now… time to have some fun… first off…" Aura Azure said before she snapped her fingers and all four people lost their clothing and Aura Azure, Rachel, and Cedrina's hollow had theirs replaced with Dominatrix gear and had massive dicks equipped which pulsed with blood.

"Now then… a change in scenery…" Aura Azure said before she snapped her fingers again and the group saw a sex dungeon form around them while Aura Azure said this.

"Don't you just hate an imaginative mind and Mistress's lessons?" Aura Azure asked with an amused tone while she waits for a response from the trio.

However the trio did not respond but only glare at the white feline even though they love Azure they're just mad at the Aura feline.

Aura Azure however just chuckles before saying this.

"Welp, I'll sit here for now, and after a round or two, I'll join in… but for now… Rachel, I want you to use this on Cedy before fucking her ass dry… as for you Miss Hollow… how about a blowjob for a warm up before I have you join in, can't break a pet to soon after all." Aura Azure said after she tossed a whip at Rachel before she formed a throne and sat on it and gestured for the Female Hollow to approach while spreading her legs to show the Hollow her dick.

The hollow glares a bit before speaking.

"You might be part of our girlfriend… but don't get cocky." She said before approaching the white fur feline.

"Bit late for that now, now then… Rachel, remember that you need to play your part well, I know your not very dominating but remember, A, your GF's life is at risk… and B… well… Cedrina would probably beg for more since she is a grade a Masochist." Aura Azure said while she waits for Cedrina's hollow to act.

Said hollow still glares at the white fur feline before she got on her knees and stuck out her tongue before she starts licking the base of Aura Azure's dick.

Aura Azure moans a bit at that before saying this.

"Better start the whipping Rach, don't have all day." Aura Azure said while she pets Cedrina's hollow on top of her head.

Rachel grinds her teeth in anger before she looks at Cedrina with a sad look before said female wolf sighs before speaking up.

"It will be okay Rachel. Just be strong." She said before she got on all fours with her ass pointed at Rachel.

The pink hedgehog gulps before she raised her hand that was holding the whip up.

She was a bit hesitant before she swung her arm down as hard as she could before you hear the whip hit Cedrina's ass.

Cedrina's eyes widen before she grinds her teeth when she felt a little pain on her ass.

Aura Azure saw that before she waits for another and another while the Hollow could tell she was enjoying this when her dick got more and more hard as a result til it was iron hard.

The hollow was surprised for a bit before she resumes licking Aura Azure's dick.

The mind controled Feline lets out a pleased moan from that before she said this over a few whippings.

"Good girl, I bet if this situation was different, you would enjoy this… but this is for my own… so better step it up if you would be so kind." Aura Azure said with a grin on her face when she gripped her dick and had it slap Cedrina's hollow's cheek a few times to make a slapping sound.

The hollow moves her head away a bit to look at the white fur feline with a heated glare before she had this thought.

'Fucking bitch.' She thought before she opens her mouth and swallows the head of Aura Azure's dick before she starts bobbing her head a bit.

"Mmmmm… oh yeah… how is the Whipping Rach… nice and red?" Aura Azure asked when she looked back at Rachel and Cedrina to see Rachel's work.

Rachel continues to whip Cedrina's ass before she stop and looks at Aura Azure with a heated glare before speaking.

"See for your fucking self!" She said before stepping aside to show how red the female wolf's ass was.

Aura Azure grins before saying this.

"There… wasn't that fun… and considering even in this situation… I would bet everything that Cedy enjoyed it if the look of her folds was anything to go by." Aura Azure said while pointing to Cedrina's pussy while it dripped a surprisingly amount of juices to the ground.

Rachel looked for a bit before turning her head away while Cedrina's body shudders while trying to keep calm since her ass hurts.

Aura Azure chuckles before saying this.

"Now then… I believe there was an Ass fuck involved now… or want me to switch things up if you don't listen… by having Cedrina give you a punishment… not really involving whips… but something more… pleasant." Aura Azure said before she summoned an odd item to her hand… looked like some kind of sex toy for a guy when they wanted to jerk off… but seemed… bulky…

Rachel blushed big at the object before she sent the Aura feline another glare and was gonna say something before Cedrina spoke up.

"R-Rachel. Let's just get it over with."

Rachel took a moment to be calm down but surprisingly, she gave the Aura Azure… the finger before she turns around and grabbed hold of Cedrina's hips before she positioned her dick at the female wolf's ass.

Aura Azure grins at what Rachel did before saying this.

"Hold on… I'll be giving miss middle finger a penalty for doing that, Cedrina… get up." Aura Azure ordered before she got up from the throne and walked past Cedrina's hollow and towards the duo with a grin on her face.

The hollow was a bit worried for Rachel while Cedrina groans a bit when she stood next to Rachel.

She couldn't blame her knowing the situation they're in.

When Aura Azure got in front of Rachel before she said this when she roughly gripped Rachel's dick.

"You think you're pretty clever doing that huh?, well I got a gift for you, not exactly a wedding ring but." Aura Azure said before she moved herself so that she could slip on the sex toy on Rachel's dick before taking a moment to lock it on there, it was surprisingly light and only the head of the dick could be seen, but the rest of it looked bulky… and Aura Azure made a remove before she said this.

"So… anyone want to guess what this thing will do to Rachel's dick?, any takers… if no one gives an answer I'll give Miss Hollow here a penalty to really get it home that I'm not a good person at the moment, then again, even if I do return to normal, I bet you'll all hate me for this so what do I care." Aura Azure said while she shook her head before she held up the remote.

That's when Cedrina spoke.

"We don't hate Azure. We just hate what that dumb crest is doing to her and you. If Bordux we're here I'll pierce that pathetic heart of his till he's dead."

"Well that's all fine and Dandy but I did ask for an answer…. Last chance… what do you think this remote will do?" Aura Azure said while the crest on her head glows.

Cedrina then spoke.

"It makes the object squeeze around Rachel's dick to make her feel a little pain if she did something wrong. Also you can make her dick swell by forcing her to not cum until you say so." She said with crossed arms.

"Well you're half right, it squeezes tightly so it doesn't fall off… so it can do this." Aura Azure said before pressing the button and the machine on Rachel's dick vibrates like mad.

Rachel shudders while at the same time tries to keep her cool and not give the Aura Azure the satisfaction.

"Now then, Cedrina… please tie Rachel to this so she can't pull it off." Aura Azure said before she summoned a body sized table with cuffs at each corner next to the duo.

Rachel was shocked when she saw that before Cedrina spoke up when she grabbed the female hedgehog's arm.

"Sorry Rachel."

"It's okay Cedy. She's the only one enjoying it anyway." She said before the duo approaches the table.

Rachel then climbs on the table before she lays on her back and spread her arms and legs while her dick, that still had the bulky object attached to it, stands like tower.

Cedrina blushed a bit before she starts to cuff Rachel's limbs.

Aura Azure grins at that, and when Rachel was secure… Aura Azure said this.

"Now… to go from the low setting… to medium." The mind controlled cat said before she hit the button before the machine starts to vibrate harder which could be now heard very well by everyone.

Rachel's eyes widen a bit before she groans while grinding her teeth a bit.

Aura Azure then said this.

"Not bad… not bad… Cedy… mind doing me a favor and lick her holes?" Aura Azure asked when she had the table shift so the area between Rachel's legs shift and Cedrina had a perfect view of Rachel's holes.

Rachel was a bit surprised when she heard that while Cedrina took a deep before frowning at the mind control feline before she approaches Rachel and kneels down before she brought her head close to Rachel's holes.

The female wolf then took out her tongue and starts licking the folds of Rachel's pussy which caused said pink hedgehog to let out a slight moan.

Aura Azuret then said this when she pressed the remote again after a minute.

"High... " Aura Azure said before the machine starts vibrating at insane levels now which caused the machine and the tip of Rachel's dick to blur a bit.

Rachel then jolts as she grinds her teeth again before her groaning got louder.

She even attempted to move her limbs but couldn't since they were cuffed while Cedrina continues to lick both Rachel's pussy and ass.

Aura Azure then said this when she approched Rachel and said this when she lightly pets her head.

"So… does it feel good?, do I seem like a bitch now?... personally I'm giving you pleasure that you can only dream of outside of Mistress's lessons… and since you're getting close from the look of things… Cedrina… you can summon a dick if you want, but I want you to fuck Rachel up the ass to finish her off." Aura Azure said while she looked at Cedrina to see how she would respond while the vibration was heard.

Cedrina though shocked, frowns at the Aura feline even though she has no choice before speaking.

"Alright." She said before she starts to concentrate real hard as she tries to imagine herself with a dick that she had when she was Cedric.

A moment later, it appeared, knot and all which made Aura Azure grin before saying this.

"Good, now start humping away, you two may not like the situation, but I bet if the Azure you two knew and loved was in charge, you two, plus miss ghost here, would be thrilled to be Azure's pets." Aura Azure said when she gripped the vibrating machine and used it to slowly stroke Rachel after she hit a button to loosen the machine, but it still kept vibrating the entire time.

Rachel let out a another slight moan while Cedrina refuse to give that response even though sadly… it was true.

So Cedrina, with her now erect dick, approaches Rachel before she used her hands to spread her ass cheeks and aims her dick at Rachel's asshole.

Aura Azure grins at that before she said this.

"Come on Cedy… either you get going or I stop giving Rachel the pleasure when she is so close." Aura Azure said before she gently rubbed Rachel's head.

Cedrina sighs again before she gently shoves her dick in Rachel's asshole causing said pink hedgehog to groan loud.

Cedrina shudders from how tight Rachel's ass was before she starts thrusting her hips in and out.

Aura Azure chuckles before looking to Rachel to see the look on her face when she continues to stroke the machine on Rachel's dick.

Rachel groans and moans while she grinds her teeth and once again tries to move her body even though they're still chained.

"Hehe… I bet you want to move huh Rach?, well guess what… thanks to that middle finger moment, your getting a punishment and your enjoying it… maybe I should have Cedy stop and pull this machine away while your so close to the end?, think that will teach you a lesson?" Aura Azure asked while she keeps rubbing Rachel's head while she grins at the tied up hedgehog.

Rachel groans a again before she gave the Aura feline a defiant look before speaking up.

"Y-You can torture me all you want but… I will never surrender."

"Hooo… well maybe after this round… you'll change your tune… Cedrina… electricity if you would be so kind." Aura Azure asked while she grins at the look Rachel gave her.

Cedrina was shocked for moment before she sighs in defeat and used her electric powers to make her dick vibrate inside Rachel's ass while thrusting.

That action caused Rachel to gasps a bit before moaning a little loud which made Aura Azure grin a bit before saying this to Cedrina.

"Don't stop until she cums, if you cum, push past it and keep fucking, if you stop even once, I'll be going for more… extreme methods with Rachel… maybe some candle wax or maybe use special masks to cut off after for a bit… so many dirty choices."

Cedrina didn't like the sound of that before she used her speed to thrust faster without stopping causing Rachel to groan and moan even loud.

Aura Azure chuckles at that before time passed to a bit later with Rachel about to cum.

Rachel tries to be strong she felt her climax building up in her dick that caused the female hedgehog to groan in pain for a bit.

"Alright… time for the finished… Cedy… if your close… you can cum… but make sure you knot her ass and fire as much semen as you can that is way beyond charged with electrical energy… I want her body in reality to feel this orgasm." Aura Azure said when she used her free hand to finger Rachel's folds and she used the other to stroke the vibrating machine on Rachel's dick.

Cedrina and Rachel were shocked when they heard that but there was nothing they can do while Cedrina continues to thrust hard as her climax was getting close as well.

For a minute to two… the Hollow and Aura Azure saw Cedrina going faster and faster while she could tell the duo was getting close… until…

Cedrina thrust her dick in one more time before she made sure to knot Rachel's ass before she lets out a howl before she felt her dick spurt a huge dose of her cum follow by and electric charge inside of Rachel's ass.

Rachel's eyes widen when she felt that before screams loud and climaxed from both her pussy and her dick before everyone else saw the female hedgehog's dick spurt out big dose of cum of her own even though it's not bigger than Cedrina's.

However, to some confusion, Aura Azure grins before saying this when Rachel got close to tapping off.

"Good girl… such a big load…. But now for the real punishment… something called post-orgasm torture." Aura Azure said with a twisted grin on her face before she clicked the remote and the dick starts to vibrate even faster and faster then before while Rachel's dick was still sensitive… which got this reaction.

"GAAAAHHH!" She gasps before she felt her dick spurt a second time.

However it didn't stop which showed when Aura Azure had the remote vanish before saying this.

"Now then my dear pet Rachel… you can still say that your defiant now… but what if I keep… this… going… while I have my own fun with Cedy and her hollow?" Aura Azure said while she rubbed her hand all over the tip of the overly sensitive dick that was way beyond what was normally felt.

Cedrina and her hollow watch their girlfriend moan with agony before they saw tears leave her eyes before Rachel said this.

"I-I won't do it again. J-Just make it stop!"

"Well…. Since you asked so nicely… nope, I think I'll leave it on a bit since you can try that again… I want to make sure I'm through with my punishments." Aura Azure said before she touched the machine and it vibrates even faster… didn't she need a remote…. Or was it all her will.

Rachel cries again as she felt her forth orgasm before speaking up.

"I won't do it again! I swear!, Just please make it stop!"

"Hmmm…. Nope!" Aura Azure said when she summoned a small stick and had it float so that it slipped into Rachel's urethra and starts to slide in and out to get this reaction.

Cedrina could not keep seeing Rachel like this before she spoke up.

"Stop! She learned her lesson!"

"Bit late for that one Cedy." Aura Azure cryptically said when she yanked the stick out of Rachel's dick that vibrates before this happened…

Rachel came for the fifth time and this time her load got even bigger as she moans loud in agony.

Aura Azure grins before she had the machine vanish so Cedrina could see how much semen was being pumped through the dick and could allow Cedrina to see the look on Rachel's face while it happened, she had an agonized voice… but the look on her face...

She had a deep blush on her face while her tongue stuck out of her mouth.

When Rachel tapped off, Aura Azure leaned down next to Rachel's ear before saying this.

"So… who do you belong to?" Aura Azure asked with a grin on her face while she placed a finger on the overstimulated dick to get a reaction from Rachel.

Rachel body shudders a bit before she said this.

"I-I… b-belong to… M-Mistress… A-Azy."

Aura Azure grins before she said this.

"If someone asks you to do something sexually… what will you do if its Azure… no matter her personality?… no matter her state of mind?" Aura Azure asked with a grin on her face.

"I-I… d-do it." Rachel responds.

"Good girl… and a good girl deserves a reward…" Aura Azure said before she snapped her fingers before Cedrina was pulled out of Rachel's ass and Rachel's dick, which was sore beyond belief… felt good… very good… like it was fully healed good.

"Now…. if I tell you to rape Cedy, Hollow or not,… will you hold back?" Aura Azure said while she gently stroked the renewed dick while Rachel's binds became undone.

Rachel let out a soft moan while Cedrina and her hollow watch before their eyes widen before Rachel said this.


Aura Azure grins at that before she said this.

"Good, now… I want you to rape Cedrina as hard as you can in any way you can… do well… and I'll personally reward you by letting you fuck my pussy… how does that sound for incentive?" Aura Azure said while she lightly kissed Rachel on the cheek.

Rachel blushes before she spoke up.

"A-Anything for you Mistress."

Aura Azure then helped Rachel up before saying this.

"Then have fun with Cedy… I want her to beg you for more since she is a masochistic bitch… like I said… do well… and this pussy is yours." Aura Azure said when she grabbed Rachel's hand and placed it at her folds to see how wet she was right now.

Rachel hums as she enjoyed the feel of this while Cedrina and her hollow were surprised at Rachel's action before Cedrina spoke.

"I don't know what you done to Rachel but I will not beg for anything you psycho."

Aura Azure chuckles before she walked up to Cedrina and said this when she used a finger to angle Cedrina's face to look at her.

"Possessed or not… we both know that's a lie… for you… there are plenty of ways to dominate you… remember… out of everyone who took Mistresses classes, she said I'm one of the few to be more Queen like the others…. Now then… I believe you and Rachel have a date… have fun while I have fun with your sexy Hollow self." Aura Azure said before she walked towards the Hollow which left Cedrina with a broken Rachel.

Cedrina was shocked before she spoke up to Aura Azure.

"I hope this is worth it because I will not bow to your will."

"Try telling that to Rachel who got broken in after a short time." Aura Azure said before she gripped the Hollow's dick and said this when she led the female hollow away by pulling the dick like a handlebar.

"Come along now, we should leave these two to have their fun… I want to see how much of a beast you are." Aura Azure said before a door appeared in front of the duo and before anyone could stop them… the door closed which left Cedrina with a happy looking Rachel who had a messed up look in her eyes.

Cedrina backed away before she spoke up.

"Rachel please you can fight this. I know you're not completely broken." She said hoping if some part of Rachel was there.

However it seemed little remained right now of Rachel's mentality before she said this when she tilts her head to the side when she approached Cedrina.

"But if I don't… I won't be rewarded by Mistress…. Hehehe…." Rachel said when she backed Cedrina into a wall and was in front of her with an erect dick.

"Hehehe… hehehe…" Rachel repeats before she lunged at Cedrina and smashed her lips onto Cedrina's and quickly starts to overpower the female Wolf's tongue.

Cedrina blushed big before she muffly screams before she had this thought.

'Please someone help us.'

The scene then shifts to the Dark duplicate that ran through the void and stepped it up when it felt Cedrina's distress and the sound of a battle was heard in the distance… it would still take a bit before help arrives.

The scene then fades to black with the double running through the void.

The scene then fades in to show TME, Thor, the Flash, and Atomsk in front of one of TME's portals while TME said this to Superman and the others.

"Seriously, we'll bring the Flash back safe and sound, and sorry for what my Dark half said or did while I was out, especially to you Wonder Woman since I got hit in the nuts thanks to him." TME said while he rubbed his head when he tried to remember what happened.

Wonder Woman sweatdrop before speaking.

"It's fine. Rather talk to you than him."

"Y-Yeah… though if I happen to be knocked out and he stops by… please don't go for my fellahs… I think all men here can agree with me that I would rather be beaten to a bloody pulp as long as my fellahs are intact." TME said said before chuckling nervously when he remembered how much pain he was in from a Wonderwoman powered punch.

Atomsk and Flash did cringed for a moment when they heard that even though it hasn't happened to them… yet.

"I don't see the problem, your other half was very rude to her, and while I can't say much for you, he did deserve it." Thor said with crossed arms before TME said this with narrowed eyes.

"Oh really, I'm guessing in all your battles, you never got hit there once huh!?, personally I never did anything to you, but unless you get hit there, I doubt you can complain at me." TME said with an angered tone.

Atomsk blinks for a bit before he spoke up.

"Easy TME. I get you don't want to be kicked in that region but it's not worth it trying to anger an Asgardian."

TME looks at Atomsk before saying this.

"You kidding?... this situation sure, but if something happened to you and we find evil versions of these guys who are responsable, I won't hesitate to go for blood, I want to point out I'm no good guy, but I'm no bad guy, I AM AN AUTHOR… not a hero, not a villain, I'm just a guy who wanted to have fun with telling stories to others to entertain them, and personally, I would love to get along with everyone but make no mistake, I would fight Superman here and now at his strongest if you were held hostage Atomsk, that is how much I care for friends, and while I can be a fan of the justice league and their work and Thor and his accomplishments, try and remember that the god of Thunder here has a short fuse, and in various Dimensions, these guys are evil like Flash's counterpart, Reverse Flash, I just want this green faced bastard out of the way and if I have to kill him to end this… I will… remember in injustice when the Joker totaled metropolis and caused that issue to happen with Lois to turn this guy into the mother of all bad guys?, well lets just say that I won't hesitate to kill if needed." TME said while pointing a thumb at Superman before his expression grew cold towards everyone… extremely so.

The league were very confused when they heard that while Atomsk a bit surprise before he spoke up.

"Okay well first, I never played Injustice or the second. The Campaign part I mean. Still did the versus player thing for part one. But I get what you mean and if anything, would've done the same thing for you buddy."

"Well just letting everyone know I won't hold back next time I see that green faced freak, and I'm talking to you guys, Flash and Thor, I won't harm you but try and stop me from ending that guy and I send you guys back to your dimensions the hard way… and just to let you know I'm not bluffing..." TME said before a large amount of killing intent was felt by everyone when he said this.

"Unlike Darkseid whose abilities are limited, mine are not, I can practically warp reality at will without rhyme or reason, if that green faced freak causes something that risks the Multiverse… I'll do what needs to be done." TME said before he recedes his killing intent before saying this when he opened a portal.

"Sorry about that everyone, but I am serious." TME said before he entered the portal and it stayed opened to allow the others to pass through.

Atomsk rubbed the back of his head before he looks at the league and said this.

"Well… it was nice meeting you but we have to get going. And don't worry Flash will be back safe and sound." He said before he Thor and Flash starts walking to the portal.

When the trio entered, Batman said this while he walked away.

"Hmm, so there could be a chance of you going evil?... good to know..." Batman said to Superman before he starts walking away with a thoughtful look on his face.

Superman blinks for a bit before he looks at the rest of the league.

"Hey, don't look at us man, seems you got to keep a close eye on this Lois person, very close if she means that much too you." Green lantern said with a grin on his face while Shayera chuckles as well, granted she wasn't thrilled about this but the look on Superman's face was priceless, granted that bad Superman thing sounded bad, but that info can be used to keep things safe if used right.

Superman was concern when Lois's name was mentioned before he spoke up.

"Well I'm pretty sure it won't happen in this dimension." He said before he starts flying out of the room but was pretty obvious on where he's going.

"Hehe, anyone wanna bet on how long it will take Superman to get back?" Green lantern said when he looked to the others.

Shayera chuckles before speaking.

"I'll take a slice of that."

"Alright, you in Diana?, also want to make a side bet on how long it will take for Wally to get back, loser pays for a trip for the winners to whatever place they want?" Green lantern said with a grin on his face.

Diana took a moment to think before she spoke up.

"Eh why not? Count me in."

The scene then went to TME, Atomsk, Thor, and Flash, while the four walked along the pathway, which unlike DME's who's was monochrome, looked more green and black here and there to give it a night like pattern with green clouds.

Atomsk looked at TME with a concern look before he spoke up.

"You alright TME?"

"Oh I will be once this situation is through, I'm pretty sure I'm not well liked by most here so why try and have manners when people don't give me any." TME said with a slight growl before he starts walking faster to get away from everyone.

Atomsk tries to keep up before speaking.

"Hey man that's not true. The Justice League didn't had any problem with you. Plus there is one thing that's funny."

"We got knocked right through metal walls, you nearly got you head caved in by Shayera, I got knocked into a lady's locker room by the Flash here, and I could still feel the pain when Wonder Woman slugged my body's nuts, DME and I share a body, just because we switch, doesn't mean the pain does, and what is funny?" TME said before looking at Atomsk.

Atomsk sweatdrops before he spoke up.

"Uh… nevermind. Thought I could help and cheer you up but that went down the drain."

"Well as long as the next Dimension goes halfway well and I don't end up in some kind of pain, I'll be good, speaking of which, I can see the exit, mind ending this chapter for the readers while I make sure we don't end up walking in tar or something, not really pleased to go from a stable platform to being stuck in Tar in no time flat." TME said before he starts to jog to the exit to make sure things would go well.

Atomsk sighs a bit before he looks at the readers before speaking.

"Well folks, we just left the Justice Tower. TME, with the help of Flash who is now with us, was able to find another rune. So now we're on our way to another dimension. I was gonna tell TME a joke about having a little Marvel and DC character on our journey but that ship sailed. Anyway we'll see you next time for the 16th chapter of DDS. Hopefully whatever Cedrina sent will get to Emerald on time and hopefully Cedrina and her hollow make it out. Also big prayers for Rachel if she can snap out of it. So see you next time. Deucuses." Atomsk said with two fingers before the scene fades black.

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