Dimensional Drifter school @emerald
Entering the mind, meeting personalities

A scene opens up in the JL med bay with TME resting on one of the beds.

Just then Atomsk walks in while holding the data pad he got from the Flash.

Thankfully for Atomsk, Superman was in the room while he leaned against the wall while a ice pack was on TME's forehead while said author lets out the occasional groan.

"Hello, sorry for the trouble with Shayara, didn't expect you to go through 4 walls, I was just trying to stop the… fight… that was bouncing around the room before a window was destroyed or something." Superman said when he noticed Atomsk in the room, super hearing helps after all.

Atomsk wasn't about that part since everyone knows Superman's powers and stuff.

"Eh, no worries. I didn't rat you out if you're wondering. Though if I wanted to meet a hot woman, it would not be like that." He said.

Superman chuckles for a moment before he spoke up.

"Well considering how angry she can get, I would suggest… ratting me out as it were since at the very least, I can talk to her after she cooled down, anyway, sorry about your friend here, but at the very least we have that Green faced man in the containment cells below, Martian manhunter is keeping an eye on him." Superman said to fill in Atomsk about where the Green faced man was.

Atomsk sighs a bit in relief after hearing that before looking at TME before speaking.

"Hey TME, you doing okay? or is this DME again?"

TME or DME spoke up then while his eyes were covered a bit by the bag to show who was in control.

"TME here, and are you sure he's in there Clark?, he has reality warping abilities so he could have just let you catch him for some kind of twisted game of his." TME said when he sat up after removing the ice pack from his head while Superman frowns before he spoke up.

"I'm guessing you knowing that means that either A… you did your research on me… or B… what Diana told me with that Thor fellow was right and that your from an alternate Dimension right?" Superman said while TME nods for a moment.

"Kind of both… right Atomsk?" TME said to the man of Steel.

"Oh yeah." Atomsk said.

"I see, that guy reminds me of Darkseid a bit since he can use powers that are… deadly… any chance the Dimension you two came from can be trusted?, no one else is coming and you two are scouts or something?, not the first time we nearly got into a war between different Dimensions." Superman said with slightly narrowed eyes at the duo.

"No, no one is coming. And we're not scouts or anything. We're just simply two fanfic writers, that have been on one crazy adventure. Though I'm not sure if TME remembers anything before his other half took over." Atomsk said.

"Yeah, if there are others like us than we never really run into them, they're probably just doing their own thing and watching guys like you and others and sending what happens back in writing back to our world as interesting stories… best think I can say is we're observers, but unlike the ones who won't do much, we're pretty much free guys who do our own thing, so as long as you don't cause us issues, we won't in turn, though I'm sure that Green faced Freak caused trouble while I was out… what happened with my other half exactly?, he didn't do anything to you Atomsk?" TME asked while Superman quietly looked to Atomsk since it seems Atomsk knew more than TME right now, TME's heartbeat was steady and his face didn't give any lying indications so he wasn't lying right now.

Atomsk chuckled a bit before speaking up.

"Well he had his… moments… do you want to know what happen?"

"Well I'd at least like to know what that Green faced man did and if I happened to piss anyone off, I'm still looking over my shoulder when I go by Greek God areas…*Shudder*... still watching out for Zeus and his lightning bolts, the god of war one, not the Disney one… word of advice… Don't ever have your plots in writing… a gust of wind will screw you over if your not careful." TME said while he shudders.

Atomsk sweatdrops a bit before speaking.

"Okay… well it's a long story, mind if we cut to black and let everyone read this while I explained?"

"Might as well, I don't have a clue what's going on somewhat, explain away while the readers read the story." TME said while waving a hand and laying back on the bed.

Atomsk nods before looking at the readers.

"Hey everyone. Sorry to cut this intro short, but I have to tell TME what happened so he can be caught up. Hope you enjoy this chapter and we'll see you in the outro. Deuces." He said with two fingers before he begins to tell TME what happened before the scene shifts to Emerald's mansion.

SB Dimension/ Emerald's mansion/ ?/ ?

The scene fades in to show that Cedrina was now resting on a bed and it looked like she was alone right now before it looked like she was slowly stirring… how much time passed was unknown right now.

The young female wolf groans a bit before she starts opening her eyes before speaking.

"Oh...man. What happen?" She said before she groans again before sitting up.

She was able to open her eyes before finding herself alone in a room.

"How did I…" She said before stopping as she remembers how she ended up in the room.

"Of course. It was either Emerald or another Clone." Cedrina said before her eyes widen in fear.

"Oh no. I hope Azure is okay. Then again, she got hurt because of me." She said before she starts crying a bit before she spoke up.

"Why?... why did it happen again? I don't know if the others fear me or angry at me. They'll probably keep Azure away from me and if Tibet knew, I won't be able to see her or my child. I'm gonna have to go in hiding till things cool off. But first I need to check if Azure's okay. Though I can't let no one see me." She said before taking a moment to think before she had an idea.

"Of course I'll just use my ninja training and walk on the walls and ceilings of this mansion. No one will ever see me." Cedrina chuckled a bit before getting off the bed.

"Though I should do a little practice just in case." She said before walking one of the walls.

Then she put one foot on the wall before she starts to think calmly before focusing her energy on her foot.

For a moment, more energy than Cedrina would have normally used appeared which made her stumble a bit before her energy calmed down a bit which showed that while she had control right now… the slightest slip up could cause things to blow in her face.

Cedrina was a bit surprised before she tries to be calm again before channeling some energy to her foot again before she tries putting the other one one the wall.

Thankfully for Cedrina, since she had a better gauge of her energy, she was able to stick to the surface with her foot and it stuck.

Cedrina smile a bit before before speaking.

"Okay, just got to be calm and nothing will happen." She said before she starts walking up to the ceiling.

When she did, Cedrina was careful when she exits the room and looks around to see it was surprisingly high class looking on the inside, like 5 star classy before she starts looking in other rooms before finding Azure in one room while she was on a bed at the far side of the room at the opposite end of the door.

Cedrina was a bit hesitant before she carefully walked on the ceiling till she reach Azure's room.

She carefully opened the door before getting in.

The young female wolf walked a bit on the ceiling before she sees her feline girlfriend resting peacefully on her bed.

However a voice under her was heard with a confused tone to the person's voice.

"Uhhh… well, talk about an odd entrance." The voice said from under Cedrina on the floor.

Cedrina blinked before looking for the source of the voice.

Turns out it was a confused Emerald under Cedrina who looked up to her with a raised eyebrow.

Cedrina's eyes widen in shock before she begins to panic a bit which in turn caused her energy to go out of control.

Thanks to the energy going out of control a bit… Cedrina… launched at Emerald who's eyes widen in shock before Cedrina crashed into Emerald and their heads connected with a loud crack like sound which results in Emerald and Cedrina getting wide eyes before Emerald fell onto his back while Cedrina fell on top of him with her tail in his face.

Cedrina groans a bit while rubbing her head before speaking up.

"Of all the people...what's next?"

"Well with Emerald of all people, you won't have to worry about his hospital bills and he can heal you in a moment so consider that a good thing." Another familiar voice was heard next to the downed duo.

Cedrina's eyes widened a bit before she got off of Emerald to see who spoke.

Turns out…. Practically everyone from yesterday was in the room, along with Demonga, an irritated looking Dawn who glares at Demonga every now and then, both Shadows and Knuckles, Perci and Staci, Amanda Maite, Tibet, Aryk, and even Charles, SB Sonic, and SB Amy were here… and everyone was looking right at Cedrina and the stunned Emerald… just how long was Cedrina out?

Cedrina was shocked to see everyone. Though she did pale a bit with fear before stepping back a few steps after she quickly got herself to her feet… though her head hurting did slow her a bit.

Lillum raised an eyebrow at the frightened look on Cedrina's face before she spoke up.

"What's wrong?, do I have something on my face?" Lillum said before she panicked a bit before she pulled out a mirror with a crest… she didn't look angry… nor anyone else for some reason.

Cedrina stopped with a confused look before speaking.

"Wait… why are you all not angry with me? Did you guys not see what happened?"

"Should we?, sorry but we already filled in everyone with your story about your dad and with you muttering in your sleep, we kind of put two and two together as to why your energy went wild." Cream said with a calm look on her face when she steps forward a bit.

Cedrina was surprised to hear that now everyone knows before wondering what Cream will do.

To Cedrina's shock… Cream actually stops in front of her before she place a hand on Cedrina's head, smiles, and starts to pet her head in a comforting way.

"No worries, I mean does anyone here look really angry to you?" Cream said while she continues to pet Cedrina's head to calm her down.

Cedrina, though still shocked at Cream's action, looked at the others to see what they're feeling.

Aside from Demonga who looked like he was normally in a bad mood, everyone else looked like they were not even angry with her while Cream continues to pet Cedrina's head.

Cedrina then starts to cry before she surprised Cream by hugging her.

Cream was a bit surprised at that before she spoke up.

"Uh… what's wrong?, we're not mad so why the tears?" Cream asked with a comforting tone while she rubbed the back of Cedrina's head to help her calm down.

Cedrina sniffed a bit before speaking.

"I'm just relieved is all."

"Well… that's nice to know, but like I said were not mad… though Emerald might be a little irritable that you knocked him out like that but I don't think he'll be mad." Cream said while she looked to Emerald and giggles at his stunned state.

Cedrina let go of Cream before speaking.

"Yeah I did not expect him to be here. Wasn't sure if he was actually surprised when he saw me on the ceiling."

"Well, he sensed your energy as well as some of the others and myself when your energy spiked for a second but it calmed not a moment later, next thing we know, the door opens and your walking on the ceiling and here we are." Cream said to explain the not really surprised part.

Then Daniel spoke.

"But how were you on the ceiling?"

Cedrina chuckled a bit before speaking.

"It was part of my ninja training. I was taught how to channel a bit of my electrical energy to my feet so they could stick to a wall like a magnet."

"Seems similar to Chakra." Demona said before he walks to a wall and after pressing his foot to it, starts to walk up the wall with no electrical energy emitting from him, but a light blue energy was seen at the soles of his feet.

Most of the people, including Cedrina, were surprised after seeing Demonga do that.

"Well anyway, after you and Azure passed out, Emerald had to carry you to bed after… something strange happened to Azure." Cream said while Demonga hopped down after he got off the wall and approached Emerald for some reason.

"Something strange? What wrong with Azure?" Cedrina asked with a worried tone.

Demonga than picked up Emerald by the scruff of his shirt before he spoke up.

"This." Demonga simply said before he simply tossed a stunned Emerald right at Azure before he lands on top of her, but before anyone could react, Emerald lit up like a christmas tree when electrical energy went through his body before he got blown away and bounced off the ceiling and floor a few times before he lands on the floor with a charred body and a painful groan emits from him which showed he was still alive.

Cedrina was shocked after seeing that before speaking.

"How did this happen?"

"Uhhh… remember you bombarded her with Chaos energy and electrical energy and it was like a forced awakening for her… she has Chaos energy now, but the electrical element was also unlocked for her… but since she is untrained with Light, Dark or fire… well… she hasn't woken yet… we were actually talking about that now before you… dropped in." Cream explained while Maite walked up to Demonga and jumped a bit to smack him upside the head for doing what he did to Emerald.

Everyone else was surprised to see Maite do that before Cedrina spoke.

"So because of me not only she did awaken her Chaos energy but has electric powers like me?"

"Well… it's debatable since she's only doing that in her sleep right now and could be discharging an abnormal amount of electrical energy… Emerald was about to do a mind transfer technique to see if he could wake Azure from the inside out so to speak but... Demonga just barbecued him just now." Cream said while everyone gave him a half lidded look while Maite jumped again… this time summoning her weapon and smacking Demonga upside the head with it which made him crash to the ground.

"I should've hit you with this first." Maite said with a pissed off tone while she brandished her weapon at the down Demonga.

Emerald's body twitches a bit more before he starts to stir with a groan.

"O-Oh…. What hit me?" Emerald said while actual stars were seen around his head after his body regenerated from his wounds but it looked like he was dazed right now.

"Uh… well that was me when I accidentally crashed into you." Cedrina said while rubbing the back of her head.

"Don't forget Demonga tossing you onto Azure." Amy said while raising an eyebrow at Demonga while he picked himself off the ground and dusts himself off like he wasn't damaged right now.

"I see… well in any case, before I get knocked out again, I'm about to go into Azure's head… hopefully no one will knock me out again." Emerald said while his eye twitches a bit.

Some of the people sweatdrops while Maite give a threatenly look to Demonga before reminding of him of her weapon.

Demonga just rolled his eyes at her before he vanished with a flash of light before Emerald pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Let's…. Just get this started." Emerald said before he got ready to use the ability by using strange hand signs.

Suddenly Cedrina spoke up stop him.

"Emerald wait. Is it possible if I join you?"

"Me too." Rachel said.

"Same here." Tibet said before Sticks spoke up.

"OH! I want to see what makes Azy tick!" Sticks said before Emerald sweatdrops.

"Uh… sure… but just a heads up… things might get weird and our bodies will be put in separate beds… and Sticks… just to be clear in the future… unless it's 100% necessary… there is no way in hell I'm going into your head again…" Emerald said while Sticks chuckles when Emerald noticed her grinning face.

Amy sweatdrops before she spoke up.

"Uhh… dare I ask when you did that?" Amy asked which made Emerald speak up.

"Long insane story short….it was when Lillum went to Zooey and Lillum wanted me to look through her head to see if Sticks had anymore screws loose… by chaos… the horrors I've seen." Emerald said while he pales and Sticks chuckles at his reaction.

Everyone else sweatdrops before chuckling a at Emerald's reaction as well.

Emerald got irritated with that before he comically shouts at the group.

"DO NOT LAUGH AT ME!… if you went into Stick's head… I doubt any of you… even Demonga would laugh at me." Emerald said with wide comical eyes to everyone.

Everyone jolts from that yell before they just awkwardly looked away.

Emerald than looked back to Azure before he spoke up.

"Everyone who is joining… just place a hand on a part of my body and I'll work the rest out." Emerald said when he starts making hand signs again.

Cedrina, Rachel, Sticks and Tibet all approached Emerald and just as they were about to put their hands on him, Maite calls out.

"Better be above the waist."

"Well do you want to join and go below the waist than?" Sticks teased back when she gripped Emerald's coat while Lillum grins.

"Oh me!" Lillum said before she starts floating forward and Emerald sweatdropped as a result.

Maite thought about it before speaking.

"Would it be okay if I join you Emerald?"

Emerald sighs before he spoke up.

"Sure, I'm running out of room though so grip whatever you want since I doubt anyone would stop you." Emerald said while Lillum, who had a hand on Emerald's left hip, spoke up.

"Right hip is free Maite, join us." Lillum said with a teasing grin on her face before Frost and Rose spoke up.

"Can we join?" Frost and Rose said while Emerald's eyes twitch before he calls out.

"Fine but no more!, I'm seriously running out of room here!" Emerald called out before Frost and Rose smirk before they went next to Emerald and placed one of their hands on the side of Emerald's head which made him sweatdrop when things looked ridiculous for him.

"I… am starting now… I am out of freaking room when Maite joins…" Emerald said before he starts to make the hand signs again.

Maite then approaches Emerald before putting her hand on his hip.

A moment later, Emerald had his hands in a circle like fashion before he called out when he aimed right at Azure.

"Mind Transfer Jutsu!" Emerald called out before a wolf like howl was heard before Emerald and everyone touching him collapsed onto the ground in a pile.

Cedrina was on the floor while Rachel collapsed on top of her.

Maite fell on the lower part on Emerald, mainly his groin area.

Frost and Rose fell before their breasts hit Emerald and Cedrina in the faces while Lillum's face was next to Maites.

Tibet nearly fell on the entire group… but fell onto Sticks in a comical way while Sticks, after she passed out, let out a noise of sorts from Tibet falling on her and her tongue hanged out of her mouth as a result.

Emerald in the middle of all of that just fell to his knees and fell forward to lean over Maite and Lillum before Frost and Rose bumped into him before Rose lands on Cedrina in a provocative way which caused Amy to cover Charles's eyes.

Strike than spoke up when things got quiet.

"Come on everyone, grab a person and put them on a bed, Dads, can you get Tibet?" Strike said before she looked to the two Knuckles near her.

SB Knuckles was confused before speaking.

"But… I'm not your dad."

AC Knuckles than spoke up when he went to grab Tibet's arms.

"She is in another Dimension, she's my daughter and I'm a Dimensional Variant of yours... or is she not good enough to be a daughter of ours?" Knuckles said while he had a slight edge to his voice.

SB Knuckles jolts before speaking.

"No, no. She is, she is. Sorry daughter." He said before going over and grabbing Tibet's legs.

Strike then looked to the others before she spoke up.

"I'll get Maite and take her to Emerald's room, can someone get Emerald?" Strike said before Lavender spoke up.

"Well everyone, you heard her, grab a person and go, pregnant women like Amy should stay back while everyone else gets to work." Lavender said with a pointed tone to everyone else before she went to get Sticks while the scene shifts.


When the scene fades in… there was only a black void while a person was vaguely seen before another popped up before another and another until multiple people were seen before one starts to stir followed by others starting with Cedrina who was the first to appear in the void like area when the camera got close enough to show Emerald's group.

Cedrina groans a bit before she got up before speaking.

"Oh man, where am I?"

However a giggling was heard nearby which got Cedrina's attention… but the rest of the group was still trying to recover so who let that giggle out?

"Who was that?" Cedrina asked as she looked around… and oddly enough… he saw a person in pink who was too far to get a good look at… before the person starts to run off with more giggling.

"Hey!" Cedrina yells before she starts running after the pink figure.

For a moment, Cedrina's speed allowed her to easily catch up… but for some odd reason, after a certain distance was reached, she couldn't seem to get any closer no matter how fast she ran while the Figure continues to let giggles out.

It made Cedrina get annoyed before calling out to the pink figure.

"Stop running and show yourself!"

However the figure giggles again before the person in pink turns… and actually vanished from Cedrina's sight.

Cedrina stops running before speaking up.

"What the...where did it go?" She asked with confusion.

A moment later, she got tackled from the other side by something before Cedrina and a figure rolls a bit before Cedrina was now on her back while a familiar giggling was heard from on top of her.

"Get off of me!" Cedrina yells before getting a good look at the figure before her eyes widen at what she saw.

It seemed impossible but she saw a pink furred Azure dressed in a slightly pinker belly dancer outfit before Azure? Giggles before she jumped off of Cedrina and starts running again.

Cedrina, who was still shocked, tries calling out to her.

"Azure, wait come back!"

However Azure? Seemed to ignore Cedrina calling out to her before Cedrina heard voices from nearby.

"Cedrina?, why were you calling out for Azure?" The voice now known as Emerald called out when he just walked to Cedrina… what was going on here?

Said female wolf was confused before speaking up.

"Well I saw Azure, but she was all pink. Even her outfit. I try calling her but she ignored me."

Everyone either looked confused or shocked before Emerald spoke up with a raised eyebrow.

"Uh… Cedrina… we were here the entire time and you just sat up and just called out for Azure… no one here saw her or that pink version." Emerald said with a confused tone to the female wolf.

Rachel, along with Tibet and Sticks were a little worried for their girlfriend.

Maite was concern as well before Cedrina spoke up.

"But that's impossible. I was the first to wake up, heard some giggling before seeing a pink figure at a distance. I ran after it before getting tackled by a pink fur Azure." She said

Lillum however looked thoughtful when she and her daughters looked around before Lillum spoke up.

"Actually, it might have happened, remember that Emerald brought us into Azure's mind, this isn't reality so while it may have happened to you, none of us would have even noticed, being a succubus or sex demon allows some degree of control of dreams to help find out what men or women like best from their partner and in a nutshell… you could have been affected by Azure's mind the moment you entered, I mean for all we know you had a dream within a dream that was faster than what we could process." Lillum said when she looked around with a thoughtful look with Frost and Rose doing the same.

Cedrina somehow through her hands up before speaking.

"Great, just great. Either I've gone crazy in my girlfriend's head or somehow pulled an 'Inception'."

Rachel then approached Cedrina before speaking.

"You're not crazy Cedy." She said before hugging her.

"Yeah, she's not crazy." A voice said from nearby which got the group's attention… to see a blue furred and blue clothed Azure standing near the group to their shock.

"Azure?" Cedrina said before she starts to walk over to the blue feline.

The Blue Azure just turned away from the group before she spoke up.

"Follow me, this place isn't safe." The Blue Azure said before she starts walking with a calm tone to her voice.

Everyone else didn't know what to do before looking at Emerald to see what he thinks.

Emerald just shrugged before he spoke up.

"Well, it's not like we have any other choice, all I see is a black limbo all around us." Emerald said before he starts to walk away from the group while Lillum, Frost, and Rose followed Emerald with Tibet and Sticks doing the same a moment later.

Cedrina, Rachel and Maite followed after as well.

For a minute, the group followed the Blue furred Azure before she stopped when a light appeared from a distance.

"The Exit to this place is over there, head on ahead and you'll enter a new place, just follow the path and you'll reach a building, another me will be waiting for you." The Blue furred Azure said before she starts to walk away from the group.

Everyone was confused on what the blue furred Azure said before Maite spoke.

"Another her?"

Sticks just grins before she starts to run forward to everyone's shock before they sweatdrop when they heard her calling out.

"AZY'S, HERE I COME!" Sticks called out to the groups shock before Emerald grit his teeth before he sighs.

"Oh screw it, EVERYONE AFTER HER!" Emerald said before he picked up Maite while Lillum levitates Tibet before they, plus Frost and Rose gave chase to Sticks.

Cedrina and Rachel used their speed to run after the excited badger.

A few moments pass before the group found themselves in some kind of flowery field and on a large path that to their shock, led to a tower in the distance that led high into the sky.

"Whoa." was all Emerald said since a mental thing like that was a rarity with Lillum, Frost, Rose, and Tibet agreeing with him while Sticks… just ran along the path.

Cedrina, Rachel and Maite were on the same boat as they saw the flowery field before Cedrina spoke.

"This place looks so peaceful."

"And pretty." Rachel added.

"Don't think too much on looks alone, this place is a representation of Azure's mind… but if you look to your right… well…" Emerald said when he noticed something far to the groups right which made them look… to see some kind of large black blob that was slowly appearing from nowhere before another blob like orb formed to their left when they past and saw that the blob engulfed some of the flowers… and seemed to either absorb it or destroy it before more blobs slowly appear here and there in the massive dream like world.

Everyone was creeped out by blobs before Cedrina spoke up.

"So should we get out of here now?"

"You heard the Blue Azure, bolt to the tower as fast you can, seems it's the place she was talking about!" Emerald said before he picked up speed with the others following suit before they found themselves in front of the tower with a massive wooden door was seen in front of them.

"So… where is the other Azy?" Sticks said before the door opened to reveal a red looking Azure, she actually looked a lot like the Azure they they know except her jewelry was red, not gold.

"Azure?" Rachel called before Azure stopped in front of them before she shocked all by punching Emerald in the family jewels and down Emerald went with a strained oomph.

Everyone was shocked when they saw that.

Maite however was pissed before yelling out to her.

"You bitch! Why did you do that?!" She said before going to Emerald's side.

The Red Azure than looked to Maite with an angered look before she spoke up.

"Oh don't even fucking start with me!, because of him, things around here went to shit and this mind is on the verge of breaking down." Azure? Growled out to Maite with glowing red eyes.

Maite also glared at her before Cedrina spoke up.

"Alright stop you two, fighting is not gonna get us anywhere."

"Yeah, she's right, we should be loving one another, not fighting one another." Another voice said to the group which made them, minus Emerald, into seeing a pink colored Azure… just like the one that Cedrina saw earlier.

"Ah ha! I knew I wasn't crazy." Cedrina said.

The pink one just giggles when she approached Cedrina and spoke up.

"Sorry for Anger here, she's not easy to get along with." Pink Azure said before Red Azure or Anger just gave the pink one the middle finger before she spoke up.

"Oh fuck you Love, you can't say your not pissed off as well, I mean Cedy here nearly fried us." Anger said before Love giggle again.

"You know it wasn't her fault, besides, I'm sure we would have done it again to help her no matter what." Love said back to Anger while the two Azure's bicker back and forth.

That's when Cedrina tried to make peace.

"Ladies, ladies. There's no need to bicker. I mean look at me and our girlfriends."

Love did so while giggling before she spoke up.

"Oh I haven't forgotten you or them, I'm hoping to get reacquainted with you all real soon." Love said before she turn to the large doors and starts to walk to them with Anger letting out a puff of air to calm herself before she followed.

Cedrina looked at the others before speaking.

"Guess we go inside. We're gonna have to carry Emerald in though."

"I got him." Tibet said before she grabbed Emerald and tossed him over her shoulder.

Everyone was a bit surprised to see Tibet was that strong before they went inside the tower.

Azure's mind/ Tower/ Cedrina, Rachel, Maite, Tibet, Sticks, Emerald, Lillum, Frost, Rose.

What the group saw when they entered was shocking when multiple colored Azures ran here and there in the tower while some of them carried things in their arms while others looked like security or something.

"Is it me, or did we entered like a government facility?" Cedrina asked

"You could think like that if you want, but it's not quite right." An Azure said from nearby the group in a bright blue outfit, but unlike the last one, she had black fur, this Azure wore glasses for some reason.

Cedrina blushed a bit after seeing this Azure before thinking.

'Wow. I know that she's part of Azure, but she looks sexy with those glasses. Wonder if I can have Azure be either a sexy librarian or a teacher.'

Then Rachel spoke.

"Which Azure are you?"

"I'm Azure's intelligence, one of her main personalities that form the Azure you all know.." the blue Azure or Intelligence said when she introduced herself and pushed her glasses a bit to adjust her glasses.

Cedrian then starts to think.

'So hot.' She thought before she mentally picture Azure as either a librarian or a teacher but the twist is they both had a dominatrix thing.

"Ahem… you do realize that in here all of us can hear you thanks to the thought crest if the thought is strong enough… and you may want to look above your head." Intelligence said before pointing skyward.

Everyone else wondered what Intelligence meant before they looked up before their eyes widen in shock.

They saw an actual thought bubble coming from Cedrina's head that shows the two dominatrix styled Azure's before Intelligence spoke up.

"Maybe after you help fix Azure, you can get her to do that, but not for a few hours unfortunately." Intelligence said with an even tone like it didn't phase her.

Cedrina was now blushing mad before looking at the others to see their reactions.

Tibet had a grin on her face at the provocatively dressed Azures with Sticks, Lillum, Frost, and Rose grinning as well before Lillum spoke up.

"Guess I know what Azure's next lesson is when we get out of here." Lillum said while she glanced at Cedrina for a moment.

Said female wolf was now blushing mad after hearing that. Though deep down, she was happy about that.

Then Rachel approached Cedrina with a sly grin before speaking up.

"Say Cedy… is there an outfit you want me to try on with you?"

Cedrina was a bit nervous since she did thought of an outfit.

She did try not to think it, but unfortunately, a thought bubble did appear over Cedrina's head before an image of Rachel wearing that swimsuit that made her look naked appeared.

"Hmm… I wonder who's the perv here now, the sex inclined demons, or the student who got turned into one." Intelligence said when she saw the revealing outfit on Rachel in the thought bubble.

Cedrina blushed in embarrassment before putting her head down.

"Well considering you're in Azure's head and we're parts of her personality, we're not complaining, in fact you might get those fantasies fulfilled in a bit since the other lesser personalities are working right now to try and get things in order and we'll have to pass the time for now." Intelligence said when a few Azure's ran by with odd objects in their hands, they looked like they were carrying some bubble like items in their hand.

Cedrina did perk up after hearing that.

"Oh I like that idea, how long until things are goodish around here?" Sticks said when she heard about the possibility of getting sexed up soon.

"About two to three hours and we don't have much in terms of entertainment, best we have is to view Azure's memories from her perspective and to screw one another after Lillum got Azure more and more lust inclined." Intelligence said before another Azure was heard from behind the group.

"You could say that again…" Another Azure said… but she had a more lust filled tone to her room voice.

Everyone turned to look at the other Azure before they blushed a bit bright at what they saw.

It seems this Azure, unlike the mainly pink Love Azure, this one was an odd mix… for starters, she had a purple fur color that reminded Lillum, Frost, and Rose of Blaze the Cat but without a gem on her forehead and she wore a pinkish red… revealing outfit that looked like a the Belly dancer outfit, but minus the cloth like covering which showed off her legs and the bra… was actually missing which showed her breasts off to everyone while this Azure gave the group a lust filled grin.

Cedrina along with Rachel, Tibet and Sticks couldn't stop staring at this Azure as they continued to blush.

This Azure, or Lust, grins at the group while Lillum, Frost, and Rose grin at this Azure before lust spoke up.

"Why not let me handle this intelligence… after all, lust is my forte here after all and we do need to pass time until things are sorted here." Lust said when she walked to the group with a swing of her hips and a lick of her lips… seems that even if Azure didn't have the same figure as Maite or Rachel, she had a stride that showed how confident she was, or at least this lust part of her at least.

Cedrina blushed again before speaking.

'Damn! This Azure is hot. Even though I want to help my Azure, I wouldn't mind getting to know her.'

Lust than turned to Cedrina before licking her lips.

"Nice thought Cedy, maybe you, Rachel and I can have some fun… or if you want some one on one time, maybe I could have some fun with Maite here while Emerald is down for the count right now, I always did want to see what Maite tastes like after all." Lust said to the female wolf while licking her lips when she looked at Maite.

Cedrina, Rachel and Maite blushed brightly after hearing Lust said that.

Sticks chuckles before she spoke up.

"Well what are we waiting for, bring out the Azies and let's get started!" Sticks said with a grin on her face.

Everyone else kinda sweatdrop a bit before looking at Intelligence.

"Well until things get sorted out, might as well, just follow lust while I get some personalities to join." Intelligence said before she starts to walk away with Lust grinning before she turned away from the group with an amused look on her face.

"Well follow me everyone, you can split into groups if you want after we meet the other personalities." Lust said before she walked away with a noticeable swing of her hips to the group.

Everyone blushed again after seeing that before they start following Lust.

Emerald, after a minute, starts to stir on Tibet's shoulder before he spoke up.

"Oh… what hit me?, And where are we going?" Emerald muttered when he raised his head a bit.

Maite was able to hear Emerald's voice before getting behind Tibet before speaking.

"Oh Emerald, I'm so happy you're awake." She said before she gripped his chin and brought her lips to Emerald's after Tibet and the others stopped to watch for a moment before Emerald pulled away with a grin on his face.

"Well it takes more to take me out, as long as my core is intact, I can't die easily, but like I asked, where are we going?" Emerald asked with a confused tone when he saw he was being carried by Tibet.

Cedrina then spoke up.

"Well first you got your nuts punched by one of Azure's personalities. Though she was very pissed off at you. Then we saw her intelligence and later… her lust. Anyway, Lust is leading us to the other Azure's. Also Intelligence told us that we have like 3 hours to wait so we're just gonna do some... stuff to pass the time while everything gets sorted out."

"Oh I see." Emerald said when he relaxed for a moment before he got a shocked look on his face before he looked at Cedrina.

"We're doing what with who now!?" Emerald said with a shocked tone to his voice.

Cedrina and everyone else we're a bit startled by that before Cedrina spoke up.

"We're gonna spend some time with Azure's personalities while we wait since there's nothing else we can do."

"Yeah and since this isn't the actual complete Azure, and since she's my student, I don't think anyone can complain if you get an Azure or two for yourself and Maite, besides you can't get others pregnant on command and you can't get them sick either so just think of yourself like sex toy of sorts." Lillum said with a grin on her face before she sweatdrops when Emerald starts to cry.

"I am not a sex toy!" Emerald cried out with a comical tone to his voice.

Maite then approach to Emerald before she grabbed his head and put him on her chest before speaking.

"There there my sweet Emerald. If anything we can have our one on one again, or invite Mistress to join."

"T-Thanks… I doubt Cedrina would like it if an Azure went with us and I doubt the others would like it as well." Emerald said when he calmed down somewhat.

Cedrina, Rachel, Sticks and Tibet would indeed not like that one bit.

Maite continues to hold Emerald's head to her chest before she kisses his forehead.

Tibet though did say something that would cause most to sweatdrop.

"Well unless an actual army of Azure's is there, I doubt we need help, but if a few go willingly do you think we could stop them… especially that angry one…" Tibet said when she had a feeling Anger might join in as well.

Maite frowns a bit before speaking.

"After what she did, that's not gonna happen."

"Was just giving an example, but can you really stop any of the others… even that hot lusty one here who gave you a good look." Tibet said with a grin on her face while she pointed a thumb at Lust who sent Maite a lust filled grin and waved to her.

Maite blushed a bit bright after seeing that.

Cedrina however was feeling a bit jealous while wishing Lust was looking at her.

Lust noticed the jealous look before she spoke up.

"Oh don't worry Cedy… there's more than enough of me to go around, besides I got dibs on you with love so the others are gonna go to the others here." Lust said to Cedrina while licking her lips.

Cedrina blushed brightly before sending Lust a happy smile.

"Now then, follow me, we got other Azure's to meet and personally greet." Lust said to the group before she starts leading them again after Emerald was set on his feet before the group follows again.

Cedrina looks back at Tibet before speaking up while walking next to her.

"How you feeling Tibet?"

"Pretty good, maybe you and I could get a few Azure's to make it up to me if you get what I mean… that form of yours really makes it hard for me to focus." Tibet said while her dick twitched under her loincloth.

Cedrina blushed a bit brightly before looking at Tibet again with a smile before speaking up.

"Anything for you Tibet. Like I said back at the mansion, I love Azure, you, Rachel and Sticks."

The woman who heard blushed brightly before Tibet spoke up.

"Oh that's it, when we pick our Azure's, I'll be showing you why women just love my cock up close and personal." Tibet said while she slapped Cedrina's ass for a moment before she fondles the slapped cheek.

Said female wolf jolts from that action before she surprised Tibet by wrapping one arm around her hip before pulling Tibet closing.

Tibet was a bit surprised from that before she looked down to the Female wolf with some surprise before she surprised Cedrina by leaning a bit to kiss her on the lips.

Cedrina was surprised a bit from that action before she melts into the kiss before she slides her tongue in Tibet's mouth.

A moment later passed before Lust cleared her throat before she spoke up.

"Oh don't mind us, we'll just continue on ahead, you two have fun." Lust teased before she starts to walk away.

Cedrina pulled back a bit before speaking.

"Guess we got caught in the moment. Though I did enjoy that." She said with a blush.

Tibet however picks up Cedrina by her ass with both hands before speaking up.

"Then let's go!, I got a pretty good ass to break into!" Tibet said before she starts to run after lust and away from the group to their surprise while they saw Cedrina's expression.

It was first shocked but then excitement before she wrapped her arms around Tibet's neck before nuzzling her head on her neck.

Emerald sweatdrop before he looked to the others after picking up Maite.

"Welp, when in Rome." Emerald said before he starts to run as well with Lillum and her daughter's chasing after the duo.

Rachel looks to Sticks before shrugging.

"Let's get going auntie." She said before she starts running after the group.

Sticks grins at that before she gave chase.

The group than found themselves in a large dining room with… many Azure's sitting at the table with 9 of them sitting at the head of the table.

One was Anger, another was Intelligence, another was Love, another was mainly wearing purple, another who wore green, another was orange, another was grey, another was pure white, and another was Lust who sat next to love before the snow white Azure spoke up with a mannered tone.

"Greetings everyone, please have a seat and we can introduce ourselves if you have trouble placing us… I'm Azure's kindness." The white or Kindness said with a gentle smile on her face to the group.

The group smiles back at Kindness before they each took a seat.

The green one than spoke up while she sat next to Intelligence.

"Yes, nice to meet you, I am Wisdom, my apologies for Anger here but being controlled is not her strong suit but she means well so to Maite and Emerald, I wholeheartedly apologies on Anger's behalf." The Green one or Wisdom said to the group before looking to Maite mainly since she was the angered one when Emerald got hit.

Maite smiles a bit at Wisdom before speaking.

"Thank you Wisdom and I accept."

Anger however looked to Wisdom before she spoke up.

"Oh fuck that, it's thanks to him over there that we're even in this mess, this place would have fell apart hours ago if it wasn't for the original Azure, not only that but Cedrina got reminded of her dad when her powers went out of control back than and if Azure hadn't stepped in, than who knows what would have happened to Cedy!" Anger growls out when she sent a glare to Wisdom.

Everyone else was a bit surprised after hearing Anger speak out.

Cedrina did felt touched when Anger defended her and Azure.

Emerald however spoke up with a shocked look on his face.

"Hold on… you said original Azure… do you mean…" Emerald said with shocked looks while Lillum and her daughter's had similar looks as well.

Cedrina, Rachel, Maite, Tibet and Sticks were confused on what they're talking about.

The grey one noticed before she spoke up with a slightly quiet tone.

"S-Shyness here...I-I t-think he means L-Lavender's sister… b-before A-Azure's d-darkside g-got swapped w-with her t-to give you t-the Azure you know now." The Grey one or Shyness said while she twiddles her thumbs and looked to the ground after she finished speaking.

Cedrina however was shocked when she heard that before speaking.

"So Azure is really Lavender's sister?" She asked while making sure she heard right.

"Indeed, but the Azure that you all know is the original's darkside that after a certain incident, got forcefully switched with her light side and got sent to the dimension she called home for awhile, her memories got messed up greatly and mixed with the original's to an extent… I mean don't you find it odd that she didn't get much back beside those three subtle images Cedrina?" Kindness said with a patient look on her face.

Everyone else was shocked at the info they heard.

Cedrina however was now in turmoil as she put her head in her hands before thinking.

'I guess Lavender was right then. Azure is her sister. Which makes Azy a princess as well. But what's gonna happen once we tell Lavender and the Sonic from Angel City? Would that Sonic allow me to keep dating her. But what happens if Azure gets turned back to normal? Will she forget about everyone else? Will she forget about me?' She thought she starts to silently cry.

"Well first off I would suggest you voice your thoughts instead of thinking them, your allies can't hear you but we can." Kindness said to Cedrina while multiple Azure's look at Cedrina.

Everyone else in the group looked to Cedrina while a couple or were bit worried for her.

Cedrina lifts her head up which showed tears in her eyes before speaking.

"Well I'm sorry you all heard that but after hearing who Azure really is, I can't but feel worried about what could happen when this is over."

Anger than surprised Cedrina again by speaking up with a growl.

"Oh you loveable dumbass, we're Azure's personalities, do you think any of us would let her forget no matter who's in control, seems your more of a dumbass if you can't see that." Anger said while love smiles before she spoke up.

"Yep, like the resident Tsundere here said, do you think anyone would forget you… especially me?, I'm Love so I'm not going anywhere anytime soon." Love said while Anger grumbles at the Tsundere bit but kept quiet for now.

Cedrina sniffles a bit before she smiles at both Love and surprisingly Anger before speaking.

"Thank you Love and you too Anger for setting me straight."

"Well considering how many times you called me out with pissing off Azure, did you think I wouldn't get attached?, Don't read too much into that since Love here messed with me at those times." Anger said with a frown on her face… but it could be a trick of the light, but Cedrina could probably see a blush on Anger's face.

Cedrina smiles again before looking at Anger before speaking.

"Well even when I do piss Azure off, I always learn from my mistakes while trying to be a better boyfriend or girlfriend to her no matter what gender.'

"Well learn harder dammit!, I get that it's not all your fault but I had to pop out daily and even if you do learn, and I don't think popping out daily is good for Azure's health… I even had to come out during Sticks bet after Rachel passed out." Anger said with a raised eyebrow while Sticks's eyes widen when she realized how Azure got that good.

Rachel blushed a bit brightly at that memory before she felt surprised after hearing that.

Cedrina did felt bad for most parts before speaking.

"I understand and I'm sorry. But I give you my word that I won't do or cause problems in the future. Even though my track record is beyond terrible, I'll still go the long mile to learn heard till my brain explodes."

"Might want to reword that promise than, cause I bet your luck will cause her to blow her top in 3 days or so." Anger said with a half lidded look on her face before Lust spoke up.

"Speaking of blowing…." Lust said while she held her hand up in a very dirty suggestive manner.

Cedrina blushed a bit before turning her head away.

Lust chuckles before she spoke up.

"Though I think I speak for everyone when I ask this… what happened with your parents anyway?, I heard about it awhile ago and the walking in on the parents bit and I'm curious about the dirty details." Lust said with a grin on her face.

Everyone else was surprised when they heard that before look at Cedrina before Rachel spoke.

"Is that why you yelled Cedy?"

Cedrina's eyes widen with shocked after Lust said that before muttering.


The orange one than laughs before she spoke up.

"Oh wow… Courage here by the way, but you have to admit a step like this takes quite a bit to work though, but at least you're with people who will listen tight?, Besides with who I caught earlier who already spoke of it, it's not exactly a secret." The orange one or Courage said with a confident grin on her face.

Then Cedrina spoke up.

"I know you mean well Courage, but this is something I don't want to talk about."

"Tell that to this one, hey ladies, bring her in." Courage said before chuckling was heard with some giggling before two Azure's were brought in… with a pure white Cedrina who had her arms over their shoulders and it looked like she was very amused while a familiar mask fragment was seen over her right eye.

Cedrina was shocked when she realized who it was before speak.

"Hollow? How did you get here?"

Everyone else was shocked to see Cedrina's hollow here before the hollow spoke up.

"Hehe blame Teach here, when you all got thrown in here, I got blasted to a different area with another where orange there lent a hand, and we've had one hell of a time getting to know one another again and again and I've told them a lot about you." The hollow said before Emerald got confused.

"We?" Emerald said before a familiar voice to Emerald spoke up.

"He means us dumbass." The voice said which made everyone look before getting shocked when they saw not one but two Emeralds, one was pure black with pure white eyes and another was pure white with half of a dragon like mask was seen while a few Azure's were next to them with a couple holding on to their arms or legs.

Everyone was a bit shocked at the scene before Cedrina spoke.

"Well I see you made some new friends. Though knowing that you're here, there's something that I've been meaning talk to you."

"Such as?, I mean you should know the one wearing the mask is my elder but what about the other guy here?" Cedrina's hollow said when there was a lack of questions and reactions about either of them.

"I will get to that but I need to tell you something first." Cedrina said with a voice that tells she serious.

"And like I asked, such as?" The hollow said with an amused look on her face, seems the Azures gave her a good time from how calm the Hollow was.

Cedrina took a deep breath before speaking.

"Last time when I apologized… you said it was half ass. Which was true since I was still pissed at you. But I took some time to think this through so I can tell you this for real. I'm sorry for being a colossal asshole to you. I'm also sorry for not being appreciative for when you save us against Tosagare, or the Clone, but you get the picture. You didn't deserve that treatment. So again I'm really sorry. I also don't want to keep fighting against you. I know with this apology, it doesn't mean I've earn your trust completely since I have to complete my training but I hope you know that I do mean it this time."

However to the groups shock, Cedrina's hollow laughed before she spoke up.

"Well while I can't give you a free pass for getting control of my powers, thanks to these ladies here, I'm in a good mood so I'll accept the apology this time, after what these two and I went through that room needs a serious cleaning after I got a ton of stress out." the hollow said while hugging the Two Azure's who looked like lesser versions of Lust who had heart like icons popping from their bodies when the Hollow hugged them.

Deep down, Cedrina knew that the hollow was better than her. Cause at least the hollow thinks first before doing anything.

That's the one thing Cedrina could never do.

Which was the reason Azure gets mad at her.

A moment later, rain cloud appears over Cedrina's hollow and starts to rain on her and the two lesser Azures before the Hollow gave Cedrina a half lidded look before speaking up.

"I did mention the rain right?, Still affects me here… so what got you down now?" the hollow said before letting the two lesser Azures go who moved from the Hollow and their bodies dry off.

Cedrina sees the rain before speaking up.

"Sorry my bad." She said before trying to think calmly so the rain cloud will leave the hollow.

Unfortunately for her, her emotions right now kept it there before the hollow spoke up.

"Oh for Pete's sake, just talk about what's bugging you already, I feel alot better after doing what I did to those Azure's there, so why not just speak what's on your mind." The hollow said when she ignores the rain.

Cedrina sighs before speaking.

"The truth is… I felt that you're better than me when it comes to action. You managed to think first before doing anything. Which is something I can't do right."

"Well no shit, I'm your instinct incarnate, I'm stronger, better, an upgrade so to speak but there's one thing you have that I never will that annoys me to hell and back." The hollow said with an annoyed look on her face.

"And what's that?" Cedrina asked with confusion.

"Simple, look around you, can you tell me if anyone here actually cares for me?, Long story short, you have allies who would do anything to get you back no matter what, if I win and get your body, do you think they will just sit back?, Fact of the matter is this, no matter what I'll always be an enemy to them and I would have to fight them to keep in control, I can list other things but that's the main one." The Hollow said with a frown on her face when she looked to the others for reactions.

Cedrina also looked at the others to see their reactions as well.

Most looked a bit reluctant after hearing that but still had some kind of glare at the Hollow, Mainly Emerald who had his own hollow to deal with on a daily basis sometimes and all of the personality stuff he goes through.

Rachel was frowns at the hollow as she hasn't forgotten the things she did.

Maite was glaring a bit at the hollow since she remembers the hollow taking over Cedric and groping Rachel during breakfast.

Sticks didn't exactly know what to think since she missed the first part but the second one just enticed her while Tibet barely knew what to think right now.

Lillum, Frost, and Rose, actually looked a bit conflicted which made Cedrina's Hollow chuckle before she spoke up.

"See, practically everyone here would prefer I leave, but guess what, I'm here and I'm sticking around so just deal with it, Azure as far as I know was the only one here to accept me wholeheartedly and these ladies here did as well since and FYI, they are apart of her." Cedrina's hollow said with a slightly insane tone before Emerald's hollow spoke up with a similar tone.

"Yeah!, Tell it like it is!" The Hollow said with an insane grin which made Emerald sweatdrop when his Hollow wanted to put his two cents into this conversation.

Everyone else sweatdrops as well before Cedrina spoke..

"Well I accept you as well."

"Maybe now, but try saying that when I'm kicking your ass later for control of our body, I won't be a backseat driver forever." Cedrina's hollow said with a grin on her face.

"Well regardless, I hope that the two of us can be equals later on. And perhaps being friends." Cedrina said.

However to the surprise of both, Both Emerald's and Cedrina's hollow start laughing before they fell silent before Emerald's hollow spoke up.

"Oh wow, you just don't freaking get it, we may want to keep you safe in a sense, but only so we don't bite the bullet so to speak, if Emerald here didn't get stronger in certain battles I would have taken full control no problem, we are instinct incarnate you nieve wolf, looking out for ourselves is our forte if were considered a personality, selfish, greedy, and could care less about others mostly, though thanks to somethings that Emerald is holding back, I do have a soft spot for Maite here but that's all, I would do things to her that would even make Lillum here blush in shock and I could care less since I would bring her into it as well and leave the room one hell of a happy men and with pleased ladies sleeping what just happened off, and that's for our lust as a starting thing." Emerald's hollow said with a smug tone while licking his lips at the two women with a wild look in his eyes while Emerald looked both embarrassed and pissed at the same time.

Maite blushed a bit brightly after hearing that before she frowns a bit at Emerald's hollow.

Said hollow just laughed at the frown before he spoke up.

"Oh don't give me that look, dare I tell everyone what you and Emerald did in the master bedroom recently and how well you took to his *Borrowed form*?" The Hollow said with an amused tone before laughing like a madman at Maite's expression.

Maite couldn't come up with anything before putting her head down.

Cedrina and Rachel didn't know what The Hollow meant borrowed form but they did blushed when they already kinda knew about what Emerald and Maite did before they frowned a bit at the Hollow before Rachel tries to comfort her sister.

Emerald's Hollow just chuckles before he spoke up.

"Well if you'll excuse me, I'll just take my leave for now since I'm not wanted, so ladies, were were you leading me exactly?" Emerald's hollow said with a grin on his face while a few lesser lust Azure giggle before they start leading him away before Emerald's eye twitches when he really wanted to pummel his hollow into oblivion right now.

Maite notices it before she grabbed Emerald's arm before speaking.

"Shhhh...he's not worth it. If you want, you can take your frustrations out on me." She said before she brought her mouth to Emerald's ear before she starts nibbling a bit which made Emerald shiver with some pleasure going up his spine.

"Ahem… before you two go at it in front of all of us, mind looking this way my dear." Emerald's darkside said all of a sudden which made everyone but Emerald jolt since The Darkside was quiet this entire time.

Maite looked at Emerald's darkside to see what he wants.

Though the blushing faces of practically everyone else did show why he spoke up just now with an amused look on his face while Emerald looked to him with irritation.

Maite was also irritated since she was trying to help Emerald feel better.

"Don't look at me like that my dear, just trying to make sure you don't get bent over this table now since Lillum and her daughters might snap soon if you keep doing that." Emerald's darkside said while pointing near Maite and Emerald.

Maite blushed a bit before looking at said succubus and her daughters.

Said trio were looking at Maite and Emerald with hungered looks in their eyes which slowly clouded over with some lust… they were succubus's so seeing and hearing about all this sex and not getting yet was really pushing their buttons.

Emerald sweatdrops at the trip while Maite…

Maite blushed a bit in embarrassment before hiding her face on Emerald's arm.

The Darkside chuckles a bit before Emerald spoke up.

"Thanks for the warning Dark but please just leave before I try and kill you here and now." Emerald said with some venom in his voice while the darkside… Dark just chuckles before he shrugged.

"I don't know, you tell me to leave but I've been the one called here by these ladies here." Dark said with an amused tone while Emerald got really confused from that.

Everyone else were confused on the darkside's saying before Kindness spoke up.

"It's true, Courage may have called caught Cedina's hollow but these two came willingly for some reason while the Hollow seemed more interested in the lesser lust Azure's but he… seemed to know more about this place than he lets on." Kindness said while Emerald frowns at Dark.

"Well considering I mentioned to the others that this guy is a parasite who took my original Darkside before I even started my Dimensional drifting career, it makes sense that he would already dig around in this place before anyone else would notice." Emerald said while Dark just grins at Emerald but kept quiet.

Cedrina, along with the others were surprised after hearing that before Rachel spoke.

"Do you think he did something in Azy's head?"

"Knowing him… most likely." Emerald said with distrustful eyes while Dark just smiles a bit before he spoke up.

"Oh you wound me Light, do you really think I would do harm to Azure when she herself is a fellow darkside?" Dark said with an amused tone before Emerald spoke up.

"Hell yes!" Emerald said with an irritated tone before Kindness spoke up.

"Actually, he helped get rid of some of those black ooze like orbs you probably seen that formed here, when you all came here, he started to instantly use some strange spells and got rid of the larger Ooze that was destroying this place and even helped strengthened this tower so that it pushed any Ooze that came close away like a repellent." Kindness said which made Emerald frown for some reason while he crossed his arms.

Everyone else was surprised to hear that before Cedrina spoke up.

"What were those black Ooze things?"

"Well in simple terms, its the unstableness of Azure's mind as it breaks down, those Ooze like orbs are actually gaps in her mind, like movable empty space, if they grow large enough to consume this mind, than the Azure that you all know will become nothing… simple as that, not dead, but not really alive… a limbo of sorts, she could wake but as an empty husk and all I did was bandage things a bit." Dark explained when he crossed his arms.

Cedrina, Rachel, Tibet and Sticks were shocked after hearing this.

Guess they owe Emerald's darkside greatly.

However Emerald got up from his chair with a pissed off look before he spoke up.

"Oh don't fuck with them, I know you more than anyone else here… you may do a good deed, but that's only to cover what kind of trickery you have planned when things are put back to normal, you even did that when I first met you by infecting the dark energy I had to *Borrow* when it wasn't even yours in the first place to get a better hold of me, honestly I should have thanked Bordux back then since he screwed with those plans back than, but since I got one madman after me on the outside, reality decided to screw me sideways by putting one on the inside, honestly I don't know who I hate more!" Emerald said with a pissed off tone when he didn't trust Dark one bit.

Everyone else was shocked after hearing that info before Cedrina spoke up.

"W-What did Bordux do?"

"Well for starters, if what that assassin said is true, than he should be the one who's in control of those assassin's who you nearly got rid off and because of him, my predecessor and a father figure of sorts when I first got tossed into AC Sonic's world, Nocturn got framed by Bordux and got his mind and powers sealed in a gem… his body… was fused to mine in a sense before I was even born, making me part Elemental before I even had these abilities, not only that but he screwed with my Trials of blades test for Onimusha and his right hand man actually killed Lillum in front of me, I used the revival skill I talked about awhile ago to revive her and he helped Robotnik who made a bot named Steel if you remember, who nearly killed me and forced Nocturn to give up whatever remaining power he had to help the Spirit of the Master Emerald bond this core to me, main reason I want to really crush Robotnik under my boot or rip his spine out and shove it up his fat ass… but Before I could end the fucker…. Bordux got in my way and helped him and the main source of Steel's power escape with the backup data of Metal Sonic… believe me, I know these two and manipulation is their forte.. And that was just in the two weeks I was on Mobius but thanks to the time warping properties of the Trial of blades… I spent 4 years in there but that's a separate story all together but that's where I met Lillum and nearly lost her to Aggro there..." Emerald explained with a pissed off look on his face while he talked about Bordux, Robotnik and mentions Dark when he looked right at the Darkside.

Cedrina, Rachel, Sticks, Tibet and Maite had looks on their faces that said 'Oh my God' as they were shocked at the info.

They had no idea what to say while Emerald sat back down with crossed arms while Dark just had a grin on his face while he kept quiet while most of the Azure's had the same look before the Purple Azure finally spoke up.

"Seems you had a rough past, but I'm guessing things went worse from there right?" The purple Azure said with a sad tone to her voice but she didn't introduce herself while Emerald gripped his arm tightly but kept quiet.

Everyone else saw that and was a bit worried before Maite hugged Emerald in a comforting way.

"So… who are you?" Emerald asked before the Purple Azure sighs.

"Debatable, but you could say I'm her sadness, sorry for bringing you down like that." The Purple Azure, or Sadness said with a depressed sounding tone.

Cedrina, Rachel, Tibet, Sticks and Maite, who was still hugging Emerald, were surprised when they saw Sadness among the other Azures.

"No worries, though since we know your story, we don't need a rerun right?" Emerald said which made Sadness fall silent before Kindness spoke up.

"Well considering we had multiple stories told, want to explain the parents thing Cedrina?" Kindness asked with a smile on her face.

"Seriously? I thought you all would forget." Cedrina said.

"Well… I could bring up the *Other thing* right now if you don't want to speak up right now." Lillum said to get Cedrina to spill the beans.

Rachel, along with everyone else, were wondering what Lillum meant before speaking up.

"What is she talking about Cedy?"

Cedrina knew what the succubus was table, but she was not ready to tell anyone about the scars or doesn't want to tell anyone period.

She sighed in defeat before speaking.

"Alright, when I was still a little boy before my sister was born… I walked in my parents room and saw them… having sex."

Everyone had to sweatdrop at that since the… other stories were pretty dark in comparison before Sticks spoke up.

"Uh… no offence… but… is that it?" Sticks said to the female wolf with a sweatdrop on her head.

"You probably don't understand Sticks, but what I saw, made me not sleep for four months." Cedrina said.

Lillum just had a curious look on her face before she spoke up with a grin.

"Oh… so tell me, which parent is more like you Cedy?, who was the top and who was bottom?" Lillum said which made Emerald sweatdrop

"Uh… can we change the subject please?, I think Cedrina might blow a gasket." Emerald asked while Tibet shrugs her arms before she spoke up.

"Eh, I'll take a whack at it." Tibet said while Emerald sweat drops at her choice of words when Tibet looked to Cedrina.

Said wolf shook her head before speaking.

"Forget it Emerald, they're not gonna stop, so I'll tell what I saw only if you guys promise me 3 things."

"I'm guessing one of them is keeping quiet right?" Emerald asked with a raised eyebrow what one seemed obvious.

"Yes, between the other students and… my mom if we see her." Cedrina said which made Emerald shrug before he looked to the others who nod in agreement about keeping quiet.

"Okay Second, I need mine and Azure's punishment go down to at least 3 weeks." Cedrina said.

Lillum grins than before she spoke up.

"I don't know, I was thinking of using that for when we talk with Emerald about that other thing, so you may have to use another condition for that." Lillum teased Cedrina with a grin on her face… she was the daughter of a demon after all, messing with people was a forte of hers besides sex.

Cedrina sweatdrops a bit before speaking.

"Okay, I'll change it. For the second… I would like to learn the clone technique."

Emerald blinked a few times before he looked to Cedrina.

"I was planning on doing it at a later date when we go to the world where the ability came from, though for the Sonic and Amy of this world were the exceptions since they made a deal with Lillum and aren't students, maybe I could make an acception but you have to follow a step first since I can't avoid it." Emerald said with a serious look on his face.

"I understand and I will do it." Cedrina said while giving off the same look too.

"Very well, the clone technique, with enough work, can be used with Chaos energy, but each clone takes a large degree of energy and control just to make one, so here is the condition, you need to meditate and train to a high enough level before I can teach you, I have an abnormal amount of energy so summoning clones is no issue with some training, but you might take a longer time to do that, the Shadow clone jutsu is normally a forbidden jutsu because of how much energy it takes." Emerald said with a serious look on his face when he explained the reason for the condition.

Cedrina took a moment to let the info sink in before she nods in understanding.

Kindness than spoke up with a patient look on her face.

"So… if there are no other conditions, may we hear your story?, it might not be much but talking about it should be therapeutic right?" Kindness said with a patient look on her face when she looked to Cedrina with the others doing the same.

Cedrina took a moment to breathe before speaking.

"Alright, well like I said before, back before my little sister was born and I was a young pup… I woke up in the middle of the night 'cause I really need to use the bathroom. Once I was done, I was on my back to my room. That's when I heard strange noises in coming from my parent's room. I didn't know what was going on till I heard another noise which sounded like muffled screams. That's when I cautiously approached the door. If only I heard the phrase 'if that rooms a rockin, don't come a knockin'. Because once I opened the door I saw something that caused me to not sleep for 4 months. I saw… my dad taking my mom from behind. I also saw my mom wearing a blindfold, had a ball gag in her mouth and was handcuffed behind her back. I was so shocked the only thing I said was 'holy smokes'. Of course my parents stopped when they heard that. My dad was very shocked when he saw me at the door. So the only thing I did was run away. I used my speed to get out of the house and kept running to the old ancient temple that I mentioned in my previous story. There were a lot of places to hide, but I always chose the throne room. Now unfortunately for me, my dad knows me and the temple well and was able to find me quicker. On the night that my dad brought me home to my worried mom, the two decided to tell me why they were doing it before telling me how babies were made and stuff."

"Oh wow, remind me to… visit your mom later to give her a reason to lock the door than." Lillum said while licking her lips which made everyone sweatdrop since… well this is Lillum so should they really be surprised?

"Yeah… you might want to hold off on that visit Mistress because A, I still need to patch things up with her. And B, I might not sure she'll agree because she wouldn't date or sleep with anyone that's not her husband." Cedrina said.

Lillum just giggles before she spoke up.

"Oh Cedy, do you really think that would stop me?, I mean… you took my lessons remember so you know how aggressive I can be." Lillum teased with a fanged grin of sorts when the light around her made her look more demonic for a moment.

"Well let me tell you something about my mom, she's sweet and a lovely person. But can be strict. Plus you don't want to provoke her. Like one time when I was little, my mom took me to this bank for the first time and later a burglar shows up with a gun. I was hiding at the time but the burglar found me. He tried to get me but I bit his hand. He got angry from that before pointing his gun at me. However that was his big mistake because next the thing I knew, I see my mom's hand on the burglar's shoulder along with the look she gave out. Honestly, it looked a bit like Emerald's shadowy eye look. Then I see my mom do like the unthinkable. She literally ripped the burglar's ass clean off, like really ripped it off. The police, along with an ambulance, came by and took the burglar away. My mom was deemed a hero on that day. And surprisingly enough, she kept the burglar's ass and mount it on the wall as a personal trophy." Cedrina explained.

Everyone… looked shocked and a bit disturbed from the story near the end before Rose spoke up.

"Uh… no offence… but niceness a side… does your mom have a screw loose?, cause mounting an ass on the wall isn't exactly the saneist thing to do." Rose said with a raised eyebrow.

Rachel, Maite, Sticks and Tibet, who were shocked at the story, were wondering a bit as well before Cedrina spoke up.

"All I'm saying is that you don't provoke a mom by threatening their kids. I mean take you and Frost for an example. I know you both are strong, but you're telling me that your mom won't do something like that to save you?"

Frost and Rose looked to one another before they laugh for some reason before Rose spoke up.

"Well no offense but if your mom does something that tame then our mom should have no issue, I mean listen to this, when we were in trouble when we were kidnapped once when we were younger, she had Emerald revive this guy after killing him in various different ways, trust me, you don't want to go into details about either right now, but let's just say that she takes after Grandpa really well when pissed off, and he's the ruler of hell in our Dimension, or Mom's home, not Angel City, just being clear." Rose explained while Lillum blushed a bit while Emerald paled a little and kept quiet… what the hell did Lillum even do?

"What did Mistress do?" Rachel asked before Frost rubbed the back of her head before she spoke up.

"Well… for one of the tamer ones… she used a succubus ability to make the guy cum so hard that he literally dried up like a mummy… painfully I might add." Frost said while Emerald's eye twitched from that bit but kept quiet.

Cedrina, Rachel, Maite, Sticks and Tibet's eyes widen before their jaws dropped after hearing that info.

"Yeah… and after… a few times of more… torture and reviving, after she finally got the info… she ripped the persons nuts off while they were still somehow connected and shoved the testicles right down the persons throat and thanks to all of the revives and regenerations… the person was still alive to feel everything before she just left them there." Emerald said before he shudders again while Lillum grins before she spoke up.

"Well no one messes with my babies like that and get away from me when that happens, really wish you didn't kill the fucker so that he could suffer." Lillum said to Emerald who flinched a little and it could have been a trick of the light… but some red crack like lines appeared on Lillum's skin before they vanished.

Cedrina and everyone else were shocked again before speaking up.

"See my point exactly. A mom will do anything to keep their kids safe. Although hearing what Mistress did reminds me of something."

"Please tell me it's not another fucked up story." Anger said from nearby.

"Well… not exactly, but I remember back in the academy, Hebi and Nami were stalk by two perverted ninja's who thought they were the best and deserved respect. However those two guys were dead wrong until Hebi and Nami did this thing where they cast a spell on the two making them think they were having sex with them but they just have those dumb looks in their face as they somehow kept cumming in their pants. It took like a month for the spell to wear off. Is that also a succubus thing?" Cedrina asked.

Lillum took a moment to think before she spoke up.

"Maybe, but it could also be a powerful illusion spell, not common but not too rare, I'll have to… meet them personally when I get the chance after I say hello to your mom… we might get along very well after all." Lillum said with a teasing grin on her face when she was still adamant about… meeting Cedrina's mom… now she had her eyes on Nami and Hebi… good god Cedrina you just got those three targeted by a sex demon of all things.

"Oh boy, something tells me I'm gonna be at fault for this." Cedrina said before Rachel placed her hand on her girlfriend's hand in a comforting way.

"Oh don't worry, I'll take good care of them… really good care of them… but that's for later, for now, do we have anything else to ask right now?" Lillum said to everyone in the room.

Cedrina, Rachel, Maite, Sticks and Tibet looked to one another before shaking their heads.

Lust than grins before she spoke up.

"Well then, since we got nothing else to talk about, why don't we split up and have some dirty fun until the others get things in order here." Lust said with a teasing grin to everyone which made Love giggle a bit at Lusts antic.

Everyone else sweatdrops a bit before Cedrina looks to Tibet before speaking.

"Who do you want to join us Tibet?"

"Hehe, personally I want to see if the Lust one and maybe the Shy one will join, really see how those two work." Tibet said while Lust grins at Tibet while Shyness just hid her face with her hands more while she blushed brightly behind her hands.

"Okay. Rachel do you want to join us?" Cedrina asked.

Rachel took a moment to think before speaking.

"Hmmm for now no. I think you should spend some time with Tibet. Right now, maybe I can get to know Frost and Rose during our stay here."

Frost and Rose looked to one another when they heard that before their eyes glow when they looked to Rachel and spoke up at the same time.

"Hooo… better bring some backup than since we doubt that you will walk right when were through with you." The twins said in perfect harmony while looking at Rachel with lust filled eyes.

Rachel blushed a bit before speaking.

"Okay, ummm I think Love, if she wants to join Cedy."

Love in turn grins before she spoke up.

"Oh I would love to, pun intended, I mean I want to really show you what I can do as well… I mean Azure cares for you… so I do as well." Love said when she sent Rachel a grin while Frost and Rose felt a possible 3 on one tag team moment here... And grinned anyway.

Rachel blushed a bit before looking at Sticks.

"Who are you going with auntie?"

Sticks grins before she spoke up.

"Well… I wouldn't mind a rematch with Anger, but if not, maybe with Courage if she's up for it." Sticks said which made Anger frown and Courage grin before Anger spoke up.

"Hooo… ready to lose again?, don't think you got anymore experience from Lillum yet right?" Anger said to Sticks while Courage chuckles a bit.

Sticks grins at Anger before she licks her lips.

Then Cedrina spoke up.

"So where do we go?"

"Well we still have more of us to go around, Anger to Sticks, Love to Rachel, Lust and Shyness to you and Tibet, so… anyone else interested in picking or you all good?" Kindess said when she looked around.

Lillum grins before she looked to Maite.

"So Maite, want to pick an Azure?, I may go either one on one or tag with you since my daughters have Rachel and Love here." Lillum said with a teasing grin on her face.

Maite blinked a bit before blushing before speaking up.

"Hmmm… well I guess I could pick Kindness. Is that okay with you Emerald?"

"Uh… that's more of Cedrina's choice on that matter, you OK with it Cedrina?" Emerald asked since he didn't want to cause issues with her.

Cedrina took a moment to think before speaking.

"Hmmm, I say okay for now."

Emerald was a bit surprised at that before he spoke up.

"Er… Ok, mind if I add one more?" Emerald cryptically asked for some reason.

"Sure." Cedrina said before Emerald nods before he spoke up.

"I'll take Sadness with us as well, hope you don't mind." Emerald said while Sadness blinked a few times before she spoke up.

"Whatever." Sadness said with a depressed tone which made Emerald sweatdrop from that, then again she was the personification of Azure's sadness so it seemed like a normal thing here.

Everyone else was thinking the same thing before Cedrina spoke up.

"I guess that's everyone right?"

"Just to recap, there's myself... Kindness, Sadness, Anger, Courage, Shyness, Love, Lust, Wisdom, and Intelligence but you didn't pick Courage, Intelligence, or Wisdom yet." Kindness said with a patient tone to her voice.

That's when Cedrina spoke.

"Well if it's okay with Tibet, we can also pick Intelligence.

"I don't mind, Maybe the geeky part of her has some interesting positions in mind." Tibet said while licking her lips before Intelligence adjusts her glasses before she spoke up.

"Maybe, but you'll find out later." Intelligence said which made Tibet grin more from that subtle tease.

"Now all that's left is Wisdom and Courage." Kindess said to the group.

"I'll take Courage." Sticks said with a grin on her face which courage mimicked before she spoke up.

"Bring it on then, might as well go for more daring positions than." Courage said with a teasing tone to Sticks.

Sticks licked her lips again before feeling excited.

Then Rachel spoke.

"I don't mind having Wisdom with me."

Wisdom looked to Rachel before she spoke up.

"Very well, let's see how things go then shall we?" Wisdom said to Rachel with a slight smile on her face.

Rachel smiles back at Wisdom before blushing a bit.

"Well than, please follow the personalities you picked and they will take you to a room that matches their personality." Kindness said which confused some… don't they have doubles or triples of Azure here?, so why one room?

"Wait, how come each of you have one room?" Maite asked with a little confusion.

"Well we are the main personalities, but for just one room…" Kindness said before she walked over and placed a hand on Sadness's shoulder before Sadness turned pure grey with nothing else before the greyness flowed into Kindness before the lesser parts of Kindness outfit turned pure grey while she had a slightly sad look on her face.

"As you can see, we can fuse in a sense to help balance ourselves out somewhat, I am the combination of Kindness and sadness or Sympathy to be exact." The combined personality or Sympathy said to the group.

Everyone else was a bit surprised when they heard while they thought how interesting that was.

"Now than, please follow me Emerald, Maite, Lillum, while the others can lead them to the rooms and do what we did." Sympathy said before she starts to walk away from the group.

Maite nods to Sympathy before getting up to follow Lillum and Emerald.

Everyone else got up to follow the personalities they pick as well.

With Emerald's group.

They were led from the group before they found themselves in front of a large stone door.

"Well you three, hope your ready." Sympathy said with a… sympathetic tone before she went to open the door which revealed a glowing grey portal with white mixed it to show the mixed personalities.

Emerald just walked forward before he enters the room with Maite and Lillum a moment later before they looked around the room.

It looked like a mix of some kind of angel themed room with various colors of grey and objects that looked like they would made a person easily sad here… all in all it made Emerald, Maite and Lillum feel some… sympathy for… Sympathy since the room looked like both a sad, yet comforting place.

"This room looks nice." Maite said while trying to brighten the mood here.

"No need to lie Maite, I know that this room is depressing somewhat, but hopefully that will change later." Sympathy said with a smile on her face.

Maite rubbed the back of her head before speaking.

"Right, sorry."

"No worries, follow me to the bedroom, it's not as depressing there, in fact its one of the better parts of this mixed room." Sympathy said while she led the trio to another door before opening it to show a large bed which had a large round bed with various grey colored angel like wings which acted as curtains and the room looked like something out of a painting.

Maite stared at amazement when she looked around the room.

Emerald and Lillum do the same before Emerald spoke up.

"Whoa… I've been in my own head before but this is beautiful, mines just an open plain like area with floating islands with various themes on each one with the main occupant of that island living on it." Emerald said while he looked around the room which made Sympathy smile.

"Thank you, but for now… shall we start?" Sympathy said which made Lillum grin before she spoke up.

"Oh yeah, Emerald, Take a seat and get ready for a show… it's been awhile since I last had fun with Maite here and I really want to make up for lost time." Lillum said while she gave a fang like grin to said hedgehog.

Maite blushed a bit brightly before she starts getting undressed while Lillum grins when she saw that before she snapped her fingers and her clothing vanished instantly while Sympathy surprised Maite by walking up behind her and while Maite was getting her shirt.

"Let me help get your pants." Sympathy said when got close to Maite and offered to help her undress.

Maite blinked for a bit before she nods her head at Sympathy.

Sympathy than reached around Maite and unbuttoned her pants before she let go and than unties Maite's shoes before she carefully lifts one leg back and slipped her shoe off before going to the next one.

Maite, was a bit surprised, blushed a bit at Sympathy's action.

Sympathy than went to grip her pants with her hands before she lowered Maite's pants to the ground before Maite was standing in her bra and panties before Sympathy spoke up when she gently placed a hand on Maite's stomach before she spoke up while gently rubbing it.

"Can't have you do anything too strenuous while your pregnant right now, but when we get to the bed…" Sympathy said while she gently moved her hand to Maite's bra covered breast and gently cupped it with her hand before Sympathy spoke up into Maite's ear.

"We can be as loud as you want…" Sympathy teased a bit while fondling Maite gently before her other hand lightly cupped and fondles Maite's other breast.

Said hedgehog was shocked again at Sympathy's action before she lets out a soft moan while Sympathy lightly kissed Maite's neck with a loving level of care while Emerald and Lillum watched with grins on their face.

Maite giggles a bit after feeling Sympathy's lips on her neck before Sympathy surprised Maite by picking her up bridal style before she carried Maite to the bed next to Emerald and Lillum who got up to watch what would happen.

Maite was indeed surprised from that action before she looks at Sympathy to see what she would do next.

Sympathy than had Maite adjust so that her ass was at the edge of the bed before she used her hands to grip the edge of Maite's panties before she carefully slid them off with care before she tossed them onto Maite's clothing before looking back to see how Maite was doing.

Said hedgehog was doing fine even though she's blushing a bit after seeing that.

Sympathy than knelt down and used one finger and ran the tip across her folds to see how she would react and to see how wet she was.

Maite was a bit surprised before she shudders a bit after feeling that.

Sympathy than pulled her hand away when Maite was a little wet, and used her hands to gently grip Maite's ass before she starts to lick Maite's folds with careful licks

Maite was a bit surprised at this action before thinking.

'W-Wow… I can't believe I'm doing something like this with Azure… or one of her personalities. Cedric or Cedrina better make sure to keep Azure close.' She thought before she lets out another soft moan.

Sympathy was egged on by Maite's moans by continuing to lick Maite's folds before she surprised Maite by moving a bit to lick both her asshole and pussy in one long lick.

"O-Oh, wow." Maite said before she moans a bit more before Sympathy continues her action while Emerald and Lillum look to one another before Lillum grins when she got up from her seat and while the two lovers on the bed were distracted, she floats over Maite and kissed her on the lips and used her hands to play with her breasts and slipped her tongue in to fight with Maite's tongue.

Maite was a bit surprised when she didn't noticed Lillum before she moans into the kiss before she had her tongue interact with Lillum's.

Lillum chuckles when she felt that before she continues to keep kissing Maite while Sympathy surprised Maite by slipping her tongue right into Maite's ass before her tongue wiggles around in Maite's ass.

Said hedgehog's eyes widen in surprise from that before moaning a bit loud in Lillum's mouth.

Emerald in the meantime just unzipped his pants while he starts to warm himself up by stroking himself while Lillum giggles at Maite's predicament before some water formed near Maite's pussy from Lillum's magic before a dildo of water was formed before it prods Maite's pussy and slid in a moment later thanks to the slippery properties of the water.

It caused Maite to moan a bit louder in the succubus's mouth before Lillum pulled away with a grin on her face before she turned into the air and had her body rest on the bed at Maite's side and her head was at Maite's folds before Lillum starts to lick and sucks at Maite's bud while Emerald strokes himself more at the sight.

"Gah!" Maite yelps from that action before she pants a bit before moaning again.

Lillum chuckles when she heard that with Sympathy hearing that as well before they double their efforts to get Maite to cum.

Maite continues to moan from the pleasure for a minute or more before she grunts and yells out.


Lillum and Sympathy double their efforts again to help Maite's orgasm get as strong as it could while the water dildo starts to spin like a drill without harming Maite.

Luckily for the duo, Maite's climax was indeed strong.

It only lasts for a minute or 2 before she finally taps off before Lillum and Sympathy stop their actions to help Maite recover.

Said hedgehog pants for a few as her body shudders a bit from the afterglow of the double lick.

Lillum chuckles before she spoke up while Sympathy smiles at Maite.

"So Maite, want to take a minute to recover?, I can even wait and we can watch Sympathy here and Emerald go at it." Lillum said before she pulled Maite a bit after floating behind her and rests Maite's head between Lillum's large breasts.

Maite pants for a few before speaking.


Lillum grins a bit while taking a moment to Kiss Maite on the head before looking to Emerald.

"So Emerald, want to give Maite a show?" Lillum said before Emerald sighs as he stood up.

"Well I'm still here so sure, hope you don't mind Maite." Emerald said when he starts to strip and he was in his battle form which showed that his body went from weak looking, to very threatening with his dick being at full power.

Maite blushes a bit before she licks her lips as she enjoys seeing Emerald's body.

Emerald chuckles at that before he looks to Sympathy with a grin on his face.

"So Sympathy, want to take this slow or for me to go all out since we have time?" Emerald asked while he waits for Sympathy's reply.

Sympathy took a moment to think before speaking.

"Go all out."

"Alright, get on all fours than while Looking at Maite, I want her to see your face when I rock this part of Azure's world." Emerald said with a grin on his face while Lillum giggles a bit as well.

Maite was a bit surprised before Sympathy smiles a bit before she actually got on all fours before looking at Maite.

Emerald just grins at the sight of Sympathy's ass before he moved a bit, got onto the bed and placed a hand on Sympathy's ass and gently rubs it for a second before he leaned down and used a hand to tease her folds a bit to see how worked up she was.

Sympathy shudders a bit after feeling Emerald's hand on her folds.

Emerald than leans down when she was decently soaked before he starts to lick her folds while a thumb plays with her bud to really get her warmed up for what he had in mind.

Sympathy shudders again for a few before she lets out a soft moan.

Lillum had to grins at this before looking down a little to see how Maite was doing right now.

Said hedgehog, who finally regains her strength, did giggled a bit when she saw Sympathy's look.

After a moment more of eating Sympathy out, Emerald pulled away when he saw that she was decently soaked before he spoke up.

"Ready Sympathy?, I'm about to give you a good time now, unless you want to return the favor first?" Emerald said while he got up to show a fully erect dick to Sympathy.

Sympathy sees it before blushing a bit at the sight before she surprised Emerald by actually licking his dick when she turned to him a bit.

Emerald lets out a hiss like sound before he placed a hand on Sympathy's head when he felt a lot of pleasure right now thanks to Sympathy's tongue.

Sympathy giggles a bit while she continues to lick Emerald's dick before she brings her tongue to the tip.

Emerald shudders from that action before he lets out a groan before he spoke up.

"Wow, remind me to have you or Azure meet Leonel later, you two would make quite the duo." Emerald said which made Lillum smile a bit more before she spoke up.

"Well… Rose does have a cat like tongue… maybe I should invite her and Frost to give a another Student or even Maite here some triple tag team action, would be interesting with one of my toys… right Maite?" Lillum said when she watched Sympathy continuing to please Emerald's dick.

Maite was a bit jealous after hearing the first part before speaking.

"I don't mind getting triple tag teamed Mistress. Beside… I'm sure Azy can use a break or two."

Lillum looked down for a moment before she got an imp like grin before she spoke up.

"Hooo… a little jealous of Azy?, well she does have talent and I'm bringing it out if I can but I can't play favorite with my students... but I can't just not have some fun with them… don't worry though, I'll make sure you get plenty of one on one time if you want to have me to yourself." Lillum said with a teasing tone to Maite while she rubs her cheek on top of Maite's head.

Maite blushed a bit before speaking.

"W-Well… I don't want to sound selfish… I mean I know you have a lot to teach your students… but I would love to spend some time with you since I'm part of the harem."

Lillum took a moment to think about that before grinning.

"Awww, well than, why don't you lend a hand with my future lessons than?, obviously not with Cedrina or Danielle when they go back to normal, but everyone else, even sisters are fair game right?" Lillum teased with a grin on her face.

Maite blushed a bit before she moved her head to look at Lillum before speaking.

"Anything to help Mistress, as long as I'm with you."

"Good to know, and I always did want to have some fun with a pregnant woman since I never really got the chance, I was the one on the receiving end of that bit for awhile." Lillum said before she looked back to Sympathy and Emerald to see what they were doing right now.

That's when Maite said this.

"Well Mistress, if you want… we can start now." She said while blushing.

Lillum had to grin at that before she looked to Emerald and Sympathy again.

"Welp, you heard her you two, I'll be busy showing her how I can really show love since were in the mind… really a mindfuck if you think about it." Lillum teased before she floats up with Maite in her arms and onto the other edge of the bed.

Maite blushed a bit brightly before holding Lillum close before Lillum carefully set Maite on her back and looked down to Maite with a teasing grin.

"So Maite… want to really see what I can do?, your body in reality might have a major mess to clean up later." Lillum teased while seeing how Maite would respond.

Maite blushed brightly when she didn't consider that. But she shook her head before speaking.

"I'll worry about that later. Right now I should be focusing on you."

Lillum just smirks at what Maite just said before she spoke up.

"Well… a little tip about the mind and us sex demons…" Lillum said before right before Maite's eyes, a dick grew from Lillum's clit which twitches with blood before Lillum spoke up.

"As long as the host allows it… we have just as much control over the mind as they do… and I'll be using all of my tricks on you my dear." Lillum said with a grin on her face when another Lillum appears from Maite's right outside of her vision which had a grin on her face.

"So how about it…" the second Lillum said before a third appears from Maite's left.

"Want to see what we can do?" Lillum said with the two saying the same at the same time before waiting for Maite's response.

Maite was a bit surprised after being surround before speaking.

"Yes." She said with a determined look which made the Lillum's chuckle before one spoke up.

"Still I am fair, want two of them to change forms?, I could show you what Vanilla looks like with one if you want." Lillum said with an amused tone to her voice.

Maite was a bit confused before speaking.

"Who's Vanilla?"

"Oh one of Emerald's lovers back home, she is Cream's mom so think of a more mom like version of Cream, I think she was mentioned once or twice in the past." Lillum said with a teasing grin on her face while she looks to Maite to see her expression.

Maite was surprised to hear that one of Rachel's classmate's mom is part of Emerald's harem before speaking up.

"Ummm… no. I don't think he did but I would like to see what she looks like."

Lillum gave Maite a teasing grin before the clone next to Maite glows before a very shapely, and nude Vanilla appears with demon wings on her back.

Her breasts were E to F in size, she had a shapely ass that you could bounce a coin off of, and she was around 4 feet tall like Cream and she had flowing orange hair that went down her back.

All in all… this *Vanilla* was looking at Maite with just in her eyes… but was her form changed a bit to mess with Maite?

Said hedgehog was blushing brightly as she was just staring at *Vanilla's* body before thinking.

'Oh. My. God.' She thought with a surprised look while blushing.

*Vanilla* giggles before she spoke up.

"Something wrong?, I hope this form didn't make you think of my daughter just now… maybe I could invite her." *Vanilla* said before the third Lillum shifts her form into a very shapely *Cream* who had a lust filled look when she looked Maite up and down.

Maite continues to blush after seeing both *mother & daughter* staring at her.

The trio chuckles before Lillum spoke up.

"So Ladies… let's give Maite a dream she won't forget." Lillum said before *Vanilla and Cream* grins as well before the trip looks to Maite before *Vanilla and Cream* moved till they were next to Maite from opposite sides and the duo used one hand to cup and gently play with Maite's breasts while Lillum grins at the sight before she herself moved Maite's legs apart before she grins at the sight of Maite's folds.

As it turns out, said hedgehog's folds were getting wet as Maite moans a bit as her breasts continues to get played with.

A moment later, Lillum grew a dick which shows what she was about to do next to Maite while *Vanilla and Cream* continue to please Maite's breasts by latching their lips on her nipples and starts sucking them.

The scene than shifts to show Anger, Courage, and Sticks while Anger and Courage grew dicks themselves and they were plowing both of her holes while Sticks was lift and lowered at a steady pace while Anger was railing Sticks's ass while Courage plowed her pussy.

Said badger was having the time of her life as she was enjoying both her holes getting pounded as she moans loud with ecstasy.


The two Azure's didn't need to be told twice when they picked things up by lifting and lowering Sticks at a faster pace while Anger spoke up with a growl.

"Don't get to cocky Sticks!, I'm just getting warmed up you cock loving slut!" Anger growled out when she thrusts even faster than Courage was.

Sticks continues to moan loud with ecstasy before she turns her head back to look at Anger before she used her hand to grip the back of the red feline's head before Sticks brought her lips to Anger's.

Anger in turn returns the kiss while she gripped Sticks's hips and thrusts even harder into her ass while Courage just grins at the sight while she gripped Sticks's breasts and fondles them before the scene shifts to Rachel's group and it looked like they were already going at it.

Frost, Rose, Love, and Wisdom had summoned dicks and were using all four on Rachel who was riding Love's dick while Wisdom was thrusting into Rachel's ass.

Frost and Rose in the meantime were getting sucked and stroked off by Rachel who were enjoying the feeling of Rachel's hands and mouth when Rachel got to one of the twins.

Said hedgehog, who was greatly enjoying this intense pleasure, brought both of the succubus's dicks close to her mouth before using her tongue to lick both dicks while stroking them.

Both Succubus's groan from the feeling before Frost and Rose brought one hand each over to Rachel's ears and lightly played with them before Rose spoke up.

"Good girl… mom taught you well, hopefully we can have a repeat later during lessons in reality." Rose said before moaning again while Frost spoke up.

"Indeed, we heard you're the submissive type… hope we can really get serious with you in a moment." Frost said before she grit her teeth and groans from the pleasure Rachel was giving her.

Rachel felt excited after hearing that before she doubled her efforts on licking and stroking Frost and Rose's dicks.

Love and Wisdom had to smirk a bit before they start to double their own efforts on pleasing Rachel while Love reached up and starts to play with Rachel's breasts to really please her, she was love after all.

Luckily for said personality, Rachel moans with delight from that action which caused to go a bit rough on the succubus's dicks before the scene shifts to Cedrina's group.

This time, Cedrina was pressed face first into the wall while Tibet held a hand on the side of her head while her erect dick was pressed on Cedrina's ass cheeks before she spoke up while grinding her dick a moment later.

"Oh you have no idea who much I want to break into this ass, Aryk tried to help but seeing a figure like this really made it hard for me to not jump you in front of everyone!" Tibet growls out with a possessive tone while Intelligence, Lust, and Shyness watched for now… though Shyness did have a bright blush on her face while she hid her face behind her hands and Lust herself had a grin on her face since this was going to be hot to her.

Cedrina groans a bit before speaking up.

"I'm sorry if I made you feel this way Tibet. But I will take responsibility for this. So why don't you take that monster of a cock and just really plow my ass. But let me hold you while you do it."

Tibet just grins before she leaned down and whispered into Cedrina's ear.

"Sorry but I want to see you really lose it, it's not called doggystyle for just the position after all." Tibet said before she pulled back her hips and her dick was pressed right at Cedrina's asshole before Tibet pressed a bit to tease her without actually going into it… yet.

Cedrina shudders at the feeling before she spoke up with a begging tone.

"Tibet my love, please don't tease me. Just please fuck my ass."

Tibet grins when she heard that before she spoke up when her free hand gripped Cedrina's Tail at the base when she heard it was a weak point for her.

"Well then, LET'S DO THIS!" Tibet said when she tightens her grip on the base of Cedrina's tail and thrusts her dick into Cedrina's ass which surprisingly took most of Tibet's monster sized dick into her ass in one go.

"AAAAHHH!" Cedrina yelled at the mega penetration before the juice from her pussy squirts out after having her tail pulled.

Tibet just grins when she felt some juices hit her testicles before she spoke up when she starts to thrust her hips in and out of Cedrina's ass while the two Azure's start to masterbate nearby, or more like Intelligence doing the work for Shyness by using one hand on Shyness's folds while Intelligence played with her own as well and Lust in turn helped Shyness by playing with her breasts when her hands were not guarding her chest.

"Damn!, what a tight ass, say what you will but in this form, your nothing more than a cock craving bitch in heat!, tell me I'm wrong!" Tibet said when she found it easier and easier to thrust more of her dick into Cedrina's ass as time went by while she used Cedrina's tail as a handlebar.

Cedrina moans like crazy before speaking up.

"I-It's true! I'm a bitch in heat when it comes to yours, Azure's or any of my girlfriends's cocks!" She moans before cumming a second time.

Tibet groans from the feeling of how tight Cedrina got before she spoke up after she starts thrusting again.

"So if any of us wanted to… you would carry our kids?, you say we would carry yours and I'm carrying yours already… so how about it… want to get knocked up in the future in this form!" Tibet growled out with a grin on her face when she was enjoying dominating Cedrina right now.

"I-If Azy and… the others a-agree… t-then… YES!" Cedrina moans again.

Tibet took a moment to chuckle at that before she continues to thrust into Cedrina's ass while speaking up.

"Well then, thank Azure for this moment, cause I'll be filling your pussy when I finish… consider it a preview before the real deal!" Tibet growls out while she thrust even harder into Cedrina's ass.

Cedrina moans with ecstasy before speaking.

"O-Oh God Tibet! I love you so much! P-Please kiss me when you cum."

Tibet grins when she heard that before she spoke up.

"Oh don't worry… I will, but in exchange, when you get back to normal or borrow one of Lillum's toys, I want to see what you can really do since we barely had any time at the pool." Tibet growls out while she keeps thrusting while the scene shifts again.

This time we see that Emerald was now plowing Sympathy's pussy while she was on all fours while Sympathy was kissing Maite, Lillum was using a new form to really mess with Maite by taking Amy's form for the height decrease while *Vanilla and Cream* were getting stroked off by Maite while they were on their knees next to her.

Maite and Sympathy moans in each other's mouths while their tongues interact with one another while Maite stroked a bit fast and hard on *Vanilla and Cream's* dicks.

Lillum in the meantime wanted to mess with Maite a little before she spoke up with an exact copy of Amy's voice.

"Come on Maite, cum for Mama, really show me how tight you can get." *Amy* said with a teasing tone while she plowed Maite's pussy.

Hearing her mom's voice actually and surprisingly caused the folds in Maite's pussy to wrap around *Amy's* dick in a vice grip.

"Oooohhh, oh yeah Maite, that's my girl... get even tighter… I'll be filling this pussy soon." *Amy* said while she continues to fuck Maite with careful thrusts to hit all of Maite's sweet spots while Emerald had to chuckle for a moment at Lillum's antics before he looked down to Sympathy's head before he spoke up.

"Well Sympathy how do you want to finish this?, seems Lillum has a plan for Maite right now." Emerald said with an amused tone while he keeps thrusting his dick into Sympathy's pussy.

Sympathy pulls her head back a bit before looking at Emerald before speaking.

"Cover my back with your cum."

Emerald grins at Sympathy before he spoke up.

"Very well, get ready for a large load!" Emerald growls out when he starts to pick up the pace greatly while he roughly gripped Sympathy's ass while the scene went to Sticks's group.

This time the trio had a position change, Courage was on her back while she plowed Sticks's ass while Anger was roughly thrusting into Sticks's pussy on top of her with gritted teeth.

Said badger groans and moans in ecstasy before speaking.

"Come on Anger, show my pussy who's boss!" She moans.

"Oh yeah?, well get ready bitch!, cause this is gonna be a blast from the past!" Anger said before she grits her teeth while a red mist seeps from her body and her dick grew an inch with Anger getting demonic like… seems she was going for a repeat performance before her hips start to blur with speed and the sound showed she was using more power as well while Courage picks up the pace as well with Sticks's ass.

"FUCK YEAH!" Sticks moans again before she wrapped her legs around Anger to maker her thrust in deeper.

Then Stick decides to turn her head to look at Courage before bringing her lips to the orange feline.

Courage in turn returns the kiss while Anger sees this and gets a bit more ticked off and that made her go even faster and deeper into Sticks's pussy while the scene shifts to Cedrina's group.

Tibet was now on her back while Cedrina was riding her dick with her pussy while Intelligence, who summoned a dick was thrusting her dick into Cedrina's ass while Shyness was getting licked by Tibet and was letting out moans and groans, but they were muffled when Shyness had her mouth covered, Lust in the meantime summoned a dick and was fucking Tibet's massive breasts while she sat under them.

Cedrina was on cloud 9 as she continues to bounce on Tibet's dick, while enjoying her ass getting fucked by Intelligence before Cedrina turns her head to look at said blue clothed feline before speaking.

"Oh God Intelligence! Your dick feels so good. Keep fucking my ass!" She moans before she put her lips as if she was signaling Intelligence to kiss her.

Intelligence answered that silent call by kissing Cedrina on the lips before she goes even faster, and when she found a sweet spot in Cedrina's ass, she kept hitting it when it seemed to get a good reaction from her.

It caused Cedrina to moan in Intelligence's mouth before she bounced a bit harder on Tibet's dick.

Tibet eats out Shyness more with her making more groans into her hands which muffled her again before Tibet decided that before she was through, she would get those hands away from her mouth before the scene shifts to Rachel's group.

This time Rachel was now being held in the air by Frost who was screwing her ass and Rose who was screwing her pussy while they lift and lowered her onto their dicks in a standing position of sorts while they float in the air while Love and Wisdom stroke themselves nearby to keep themselves warm for their turn.

Rachel was enjoying get fucked in the air before she wrapped her legs around Rose to make her thrust deeper in her pussy.

For a moment, it actually did, but Frost and Rose froze for a moment before they sent each other a grin before they both glow pink and their forms start shifting.

A moment later, Frost behind Rachel turns into Amanda while Rose turns into Maite before *Maite* Spoke up.

"Well well, seems The other me is getting it good from mom, hope you feel the same about fucking a sister." *Maite* said while winking a bit to Rachel at the word mom.

Rachel was shocked after seeing the transformation before she felt both of her holes getting tight on *Amanda* and *Maite's* dicks.

The *Duo* sent Rachel a grin before *Amanda* spoke up to Rachel when the *Two* start thrusting into her ass and pussy again.

"Indeed… I mean since this is a dream, we can read a person's kinks like an open book, guess your sister really like her mom… but what does that say about you with these tightening holes?, ever have dreams about fucking your own sisters or at the very least… picture them getting it on with other people?" *Amanda* teased while she and *Maite* gently grind their dicks into Rachel now.

Rachel blushed a bit brightly as she didn't know how to answer it.

The *Duo* chuckles at the silence before *Maite* spoke up.

"So sister… how about it?, want to have some fun with *Mom* later as well?, we could invite her during lessons when we get out of here." *Maite* with a teasing tone before she starts to give Maite loving licks and sucks on the side of her neck with *Amanda* doing the same to the other side.

Rachel shudders at the feeling before speaking up.


The *Duo* Chuckles a bit after they pulled away when they heard that before *Maite* spoke up with a quiet tone in Rachel's ear.

"So how about it sister… how do you want all four of us to finish?, double creampie your ass and pussy or a full on cum shower?" *Maite tease when she whispered into Rachel's ear while she felt her dick pulsing slowly.

Rachel moans a bit before speaking up.

"D-Double creampie."

The *Sisters* chuckle before *Maite* turns to look at the Azure's who were stroking themselves faster and faster at the sight before *Maite* spoke up.

"Get ready ladies, your both taking her ass." *Maite* teased before she and *Amanda thrust harder and faster into Rachel's holes.

Rachel was moaning loud with ecstasy as she feeling excited with having her hole filled with cum.

The scene than shifts back to Emerald's group for their finish.

Emerald, who was still thrusting into Sympathy's pussy was now thrusting harder than ever when he felt himself getting close while Lillum had Maite turned to be beside Sympathy.

*Cream* was playing with *Amy's* breasts while *Vanilla* was fondling Emerald's testicles to help him with his ejaculation.

Maite and Sympathy were moaning in unison before feeling their own climax approaching.

*Amy* than spoke up to Maite with a caring, but dirty, tone when she wanted to help set Maite off.

"Come on baby, tell momma where to unload all of this cum!, inside or out!, pussy or breasts!" *Amy* mutters out while she felt herself getting close which was told to Maite from how fast her dick was twitching inside of Maite's pussy.

Maite couldn't take it anymore before speaking up.

"I-Inside!" She moans which made *Amy* grin somewhat before she spoke up.

"O-Oh y-you bad girl… wanting mom's cum i-in your sweet p-pussy… w-what w-would your father think if he saw this?" *Amy* groans out when she thrusts even harder into Maite.

Maite groans and moans at the sensation while forgetting about the question.

*Amy* in turn slows down with a grin before she spoke up.

"Oh no you don't missy… I want to know… what would your father think if he saw you fucking your own mother!" *Amy* growled out with a grin on her face while she fought back from cumming.

Maite groans for a moment before speaking.

"H-He would be… d-d-disappointed with me… and have you p-punish me."

*Amy* in turn grins before she slowly sped up her thrusts.

"Oh really… and your father won't think of fucking my sweet ass while I plow you?, I mean think about it, I fuck you while he fucks me which makes me thrusts… harder… into...you!" *Amy* said while thrusting harder and faster near the end.

Maite moans loud before speaking.

"He might do that too!"

"Hehe… well than… since you agreed with that… how about a fresh CREAMPIE!" *Amy* groans out before she yelled out when she slammed herself balls deep into Maite before unloading right into Maite's pussy.

"AAAAHHH!" Maite screams with delight as she felt her *mom's* cum filling her pussy before she came hard on *Amy's* dick.

Emerald in turn starts to thrust harder and faster when he heard *Amy* talking like that to Maite before he spoke up with a slightly strained voice to Sympathy.

"S-Still… want… it on… your back?" Emerald groans out through his teeth when he focused from cumming between thrusts.

Sympathy groans a bit before speaking.


"Very… well… THAN!" Emerald said before he roars out when he pulled out before *Vanilla* quickly shot her hand around Emerald and starts to stroke him off before he lets out a loud groan when he came hard on Sympathy's back with slightly green glowing semen to show he was using an element with it.

Sympathy shudders a bit before she came after feeling all that cum on her back.

Emerald than surprised Sympathy when he angles his ejaculating dick to her asshole before he shoved himself inside before he starts unloading right in her ass with surprising force while *Vanilla* went under him to lick Sympathy's folds.

"Gah!" Sympathy gasps as she was surprised at not only getting her ass penetrated, but having her fold's licked as well.

For a few moments more, Emerald continues to cum hard in Sympathy's ass before he tapped off with *Amy* doing the same with Maite before they pulled away before semen starts to flow out of their respective holes right before *Vanilla and Cream* surprised them when they start to eat out their semen filled holes, *Vanilla* to Sympathy's asshole while *Cream* ate out Maite.

Both Maite and Sympathy shudders for a few before they start moan in unison from the feeling.

After *Cream* was done, she pulled away and looked to Maite before she spoke up.

"Hope we can go for real in reality later… though you may have to give me a kiss in reality for that to happen…. And FYI… I learned a lot from Mistress here… not a bluff in reality." *Cream teased before she vanished in a flash of light.

Instead of stopping, *Vanilla* continues to eat Sympathy's ass out before she starts to lick and clean off her ass and back while Emerald and Lillum, after she returns to normal, watches the scene.

Sympathy shudders for a moment before she starts to pant a bit.

Maite was panting as well while blushing after hearing what the Cream clone said before thinking.

'Should I really kiss Cream? What would Daniella say?'

Lillum looked to her with a grin before she leaned down and whispered into her ear.

"I'm sure Danny would love to see a sight like that… and remember… the dream world or the mind is a Succubus's plaything… so reading minds are easy here." Lillum teased in a whispering tone before pulling away with *Vanilla* doing the same after she was finished cleaning Sympthay off before she spoke up.

"Ohhh… I would love to meet your full self in reality, I knew your other half well when she was in charge… hope I can get to know both Azure's better as well… you… and your dark half." *Vanilla* teased before she vanished with a flash of dim pink light.

Sympathy pants for a bit before speaking.

"I… look… forward to… it."

A moment later, the four recovers a bit before Lillum spoke up with a grin.

"So… ready for round 2?" Lillum teased while Emerald's eyes and her eyes glow with their iconic lights which showed they were far from done.

Maite and Sympathy looked to one another before they look at Lillum and Emerald before speaking.


Emerald and Lillum grin at the duo with their energy flaring for a moment before they resume the fun time here while the camera shifts to Stick's group.

This time, Stick's was getting the ass fuck of the century by Anger when she had a tight grip on her ass, and her thrusts were so fast and hard that Sticks's ass had a hard time keeping together which made it a jiggling mess while Courage was doing the same to her pussy while she had her mouth latched onto Sticks's right breast and sucked on it like it was the most tasty thing in the world to her right now.

Sticks felt like she was on cloud 9 before speaking up.

"OH FUCK! THIS IS AMAZING!" She loudly moans out while Anger snarls like a wild animal before she surprised Sticks by going even faster on her ass.

Sticks moans loud with ecstasy before speaking.


Unfortunately for her, all things must come to an end when Courage had to pull away and grit her teeth before she spoke up.

"G-Gonna… cum!" Courage groans out when she felt herself about to pop… she had an idea about where to finish and wanted to surprise Sticks when she did.

That's when said badger yells out.


Courage didn't disappoint, but instead of cumming in her pussy… she actually pulled herself free, grins with wild look in her eyes, and surprised Sticks by shoving her dick straight up Sticks's already filled ass which caused it to really stretch more before she joins Anger in the rapid thrusts while she fought back from cumming a moment later, barely, but somehow did when she wanted to cum with Anger who was getting close herself when her thrusts got erratic.

Sticks's eyes widen in shock at the surprise double anal penetration before screaming out.

"OH FUCK!" She moans loud before her pussy squirts big time on Courage who ignores it when she and Anger start to get close but not before Anger raised a hand and starts to spank Sticks's ass and speaks up with a growl.

"God damn slut cumming from getting two dicks in her ass, might as well bring eveyone here and give her what she wants!" Anger growls out while she felt herself getting close with Courage speaking up while she used a hand to spank Sticks's free ass cheek.

"Oh yeah, wonder if we can invite everyone here, the teachers, students, even the lesser personalities… really see if her Stamina is as demonic as you said." Courage groans out when she felt her end approaching quickly.

Sticks moans from each smack before she looks at Courage with a grin before speaking.

"Let's put that to a test then." She said before smashing her lips on the orange feline's lips.

Courage returns the kiss before the two personalities thrust their hips even harder and faster until…

Anger threw her head back and roars when she came hard into Sticks's ass with Courage doing the same while she lets out a loud groan in Sticks's mouth.

Sticks groans as well before she shoves her tongue in Courage's mouth.

A few moments later, the two personalities tap off before they pull free of Sticks's ass with a jerk of their hips before semen starts to flow from Sticks's ass while they pant for breath.

Said badger pants as well before speaking.

"O-Oh...my… G-God."

Courage was panting for breath… but Anger surprised them both, more to Sticks surprise really when Anger grips Sticks's ass cheek and pressed the head of her dick at her folds before speaking up with a darker growl.

"I'm not through with you bitch!, I'm starting round 2 whether you like it or not!" Anger said before she slammed herself all the way inside of Sticks and starts thrusting her hips while she didn't care if semen got on her.

"GAH!" Sticks yelps before she starts speaking.

"I'd be an idiot to not like it. KEEP FUCKING ME!"

Anger just keeps thrusting her hips with no response before something was pressed against Sticks's lips when she was distracted… and when she looked, she saw that Courage moved from under her and pressed an erect dick at her mouth before Courage spoke up with a grin.

"Hope you can work for two than… cause I'm not out yet!" Courage said with a grin on her face which showed she was serious.

Sticks was surprised for a bit before she sends Courage a slight grin before she starts bobbing her head with gusto.

Courage groans from the feeling before the scene shifts to Rachel's group.

For this time with Rachel's group, Love was lifting and lowering her at a gentle pace while she sat on the bed with Rachel on her lap while Rached was turned away from her while Love gently played with her breasts while Frost in Amanda's form, Rose in Maite's form, and Wisdom were stroking themselves off at the sight while Love had her dick right up her ass and whispered lovingly into her ear.

"Hope you like this Rach, going rough maybe nice, but being gentle has a better delicate touch right?" Love said when she continues her actions before lightly licking and nipping at Rachel's neck.

Rachel moans a bit before speaking.

"It actually does feel nice."

"Still, you like to be used right?, this pace maybe… nice… but you like it rough right?, just tell me how rough you want it and I'll oblige… I mean I am love after all… so giving my lovely Rachel here a good fucking and making her feel good would make me feel good as well." Love said when she stopped leaving marks on Rachel's neck and starts to lightly bite Rachel's ear in a loving way.

Rachel moans again before speaking.

"I want you to go very rough on me."

Love just pulls away with a grin before she looked at Frost, Rose, and Wisdom.

"Well ladies… you heard her… lets try and break her shall we?" Love said before she surprised Rachel by tossing her onto the floor which put her on her hands and knees while all four dick equipped women had lust filled grins which were all sent Rachel's way.

Rachel was at first shocked at Love's sudden move before looking at everyone.

Surprisingly, the young hedgehog grins at them before speaking up.

"As my dad would say, 'Bring it on'."

The next thing Rachel knew was that she had two dicks shoved into her mouth by *Amanda and Maite*, a dick in her ass by Love, another in her pussy by Wisdom.

Love and Wisdom than start thrusting as hard and as fast as they could while *Amanda and Maite* gripped Rachel's head and start to force their dicks into Rachel's mouth to practically jaw hurting limits without going over it by reading how Rachel's body reacted to give her as much pain and pleasure as possible, it was a bit of an issue with *Amanda and Maite* next to one another but they made it work by moving aside a little to allow them some space, and since this was a dream and their own shape shifting bodies, than they were able to bend their dicks to make them more bendable without hurting themselves.

Rachel's moans were muffled before thinking.

'Hope my jaw doesn't get sore when I wake up.' She thought before tried doing everything she can to please *Amanda* and *Maite* by doubling her efforts.

Time than went to a few minutes later with position changes before Rachel was in… a shocking position.

Thanks to the dream like state or the fact that they could shapeshift, *Amanda and Maite* had Racher holding the bed while they had her doing a perfect split while her leg was held in the air by *Maite*, but that wasing the shocking part.

No, the shocking part was that both Frost and Rose, back in human form, used their floating abilities and scissored one another before they insert both or their dicks into Rachel's pussy and go in deep before stopping to see how Rachel would react.

Rachel's eyes widen from the sudden double penetration before tries to adjust a bit.

However before she could, Love and Wisdom did what Kindness and Sadness did before Love Absorbed Wisdom.

The coloring was a bit odd with the green clothing replacing the pink clothing with the pink fur staying the same, but she still had a loving look on her face when she spoke up.

"Hope you have room for one more in that position… names Commitment by the way." The Combo form of Love/Wisdom or Commitment said when she approached, and after a slight use of the bed, pressed her dick at Rachel's ass before she slid herself inside with ease, and it seemed the combo form gave her a size increase which greatly stretched Rachel's ass out.

"Gah!" Rachel yelps after feeling her ass getting penetrated.

The next few minutes were filled with the slap of flesh on flesh and groans and moans before Rachel was on top of *Amanda* after Frost turned back into her with a dick in her ass while *Maite*, who did the same as Amanda, was thrusting her dick into her pussy, Commitment was having her dick sucked off by Rachel in the meantime while she forced Rachel to deepthroat her cock which caused gaging noises which Commitment ignored when Rachel seemed to enjoy it.

Rachel's moans were muffled but she didn't care as she was having the time of her life before she used her tongue to lick Commitment's dick.

A few moments pass before *Amanda and Maite* both grunt before Amanda pulled herself free and quickly thrusts her own dick into Rachel's pussy before the duo came hard inside which quickly filled and over filled Rachel's womb.

Rachel moans loud from that feeling before cumming on hard on both *Amanda* and *Maite's* dicks.

*Amanda and Maite* Pulled free of Rachel's pussy while Commitment did the same with Rachel's mouth before *Maite* spoke up.

"So Rach… how was sis's cock?, think you want to go another round after this?" *Maite* teased while Commitment sent *Maite* a grin before she spoke up.

"One step at a time my dear… I have an ass to fill remember?" Commitment said with a teasing tone while her massive cock pulsed with blood and was slick with Rachel's saliva, it wasn't Tibet size but it came close.

Rachel blushed brightly before smirking at Commitment before speaking up.

"Well come on in then."

Commitment gave a grin before Rachel now had a fucked silly look on her face when Commitment really was filling her ass while Rachel had her hands on the bed and her feet on the floor while *Amanda and Maite* stroked themselves while they watched Commitment really giving it good to their *sister.*

"OH FUCK YEAH!" Rachel moans with ecstasy before Commitment spoke up.

"So tell me, among the females you bedded… who was the best?, no need to worry if were not, after all were understanding and still learning." Commitment teased when she thrust even harder and faster into Rachel's ass with surprising speed and force.

Rachel groans a moment before speaking.

"W-Well… Azy and Cedy would always be number one to me. B-But... out of you...t-three… I say… Commitment."

Commitment gave a fanged grin before she spoke up.

"Oh what an unfaithful bad girl... and guess what bad girls get…" Commitment said before she spoke up when she raised a hand.

"A SPANKING!" Commitment said when she starts to spank Rachel's ass with her hand while she speeds up her thrusts.

"GAH!" Rachel yelps before she starts groaning and moaning from the intense pleasure.

Commitment continues the action before she surprised Rachel by glowing a bit before she split back into Love and Wisdom, who was how under Rachel and used the bed to keep her in the air, before they spoke up at the same time while their dicks stayed in Rachel's ass which stretched her ass out more than before.

"... AND A CUM ENEMA!" The duo said before they start unloading right into Rachel's ass with no mercy which caused semen to shoot out of her ass and around the dicks.

"AAAAHHH!" Rachel yells with ecstasy after getting ass double stuffed with cum before she came hard as well.

For a few moments, the trio continue to cum inside of Rachel's ass before Love and Wisdom tap off before they pull their dicks out and Wisdom pushed Rachel to the side which had her lay on her back on the bed while Love and Wisdom got to their feet after they stumble a bit while Frost and Rose, back in their human forms, got around Rachel to see how she was doing so far.

Said hedgehog's body shudders a bit as cum starts to leak out of her ass.

Her face shows a very pleased look while her tongue stuck out.

Love than chuckles while her dick grew back to full erection with Wisdom, Frost, and Rose doing the same before Love spoke up.

"Oh Rach… do you think we're even halfway through yet?" Love said with a love filled look in her eyes with Frost and Rose giving her a lust filled look while Wisdom have her a calculating gaze.

Rachel pants a few times before she weakly shook her head before she looks at Love before speaking up.

"K-Kiss me."

"Oh I will… and much more right now!" Love said before she and the other woman approached Rachel while the scene shifts to Cedrina's group.

We see Cedrina who was getting her ass pounded by Tibet who was sitting on the bed in a crossed legged position for balance while holding Cedrina.

Then you see Lust thrusting her dick in and out of the young wolf's pussy while Cedrina was stroking Intelligence's dick while Shyness sat nearby and while trying to hide it, stroke her own dick with one hand.

Tibet had to grin at the sight before she spoke up.

"Wow… only a few times and your already a cock craving slut… maybe Lillum did a better job than we all though… tell me, how does it feel to stroke these two off!" Tibet said when she picked up the pace a bit which forced Cedrina to stroke Lust and Intelligence at a quicker pace which made said duo groan from the pleasure.

Cedrina groans a bit before speaking up.

"I-It feels amazing. B-But not as amazing as yours and Lust's cocks."

Intelligence felt a bit off from that before she spoke up.

"Oh… well than, time to step up my game… don't forget Intelligence can be either warm or cold!" Intelligence said when she surprised everyone by gripping Cedrina's head with one hand and forced her to take Intelligence's cock into her mouth while Lust gave a cute like pout.

"Oh Intelly, no fair." Lust said before Intelligence rolled her eyes and spoke up while she facefucked Cedrina.

"Just mix forms, you should know that since you personify lust here." Intelligence said which made Lust Grin before she spoke up.

"Thank Intelly." Lust said before she touched Intelligence's shoulder and a moment later, her form vanished before the black fur that Intelligence had turned pink and her cock starts to swell in Cedrina's mouth.

Cedrina's eyes widen a bit after feeling that before she looked up to see who Intelligence turns into.

This new Azure gave her a lust filled grin before she spoke up.

"Hello Cedy, names Libida… a mix of Lust and Intelligence… and my cock is about to really rock your world!" Libida said before she used her other hand to force Cedrina to deepthroat her cock which shot down her throat and she held her head there for a moment to enjoy the feeling of Cedrina's throat while Tibet just grins at the sight while she continues to raise and lower Cedrina on her own cock.

Cedrina gags after feeling her throat stuffed a bit before she tries to mentally think to Libida.

"Oh Libida... I've been a bad girl for hurting Intelligence's feelings. If she's somehow in their, tell her I'm sorry and I'll service this cock greatly as an apology." She thought before she used her free hand to grab Libida's dick before stroking it and then starts moving her head a bit.

Libida groans at the feeling before she spoke up.

"Oh you bad girl, trying to bribe us, of course Intelligence is here, we both are… and Intelligence is a bit steamed you left her out… how about this, Tibet here fills your ass up and we fill your mouth up as an apology… how's that?" Libida said before she lightly thrusts her hips a little to make Cedrina gag again a few times before stopping.

Cedrina groans and gags a bit again before thinking again.

"Oh God yes. Please use my mouth however you both want. I deserved to be punished. Drown my mouth with all the delicious cum you have so Intelligence knows how sorry I am. I love everyone of Azure's personalities."

Libida grins at what Cedrina thought to her before she spoke up when she felt herself getting close anyway, they were at it for awhile as separate being so the build up was transfered to them.

"Wish… GRANTED" Libida said before she pulled Cedrina's head as hard as she could and forced Cedrina to take every inch on her dick into Cecrina's mouth before unloading an insane amount right down her throat and into her stomach while Tibet grins and after a few more thrusts, lets out a loud howl and cums hard right in her ass while her knot stays outside of Cedrina's ass so it would be easier for getting to later rounds.

Said wolf would've moaned but was trying to swallow all the cum in her mouth before thinking.

'So… much… cum. N-Need… MORE.' She thought before she used her hand to stroke Lilbida's dick to make her cum more.

Libida lets out a loud groan before she spoke up with a whorish moan.

"You want cum… YOU GOT IT!" Libida said before she and to Tibet's shockingly pleasurable surprise, shot more cum out like a geyser into Cedrina's mouth and ass which quickly overfilled them and made a mess of her face andTibet and Libida's groin area, seems in this place, the personalities can control many things here, even the strength and length of theirs and others orgasms.

Cedrina hums with delight as she enjoys getting her ass and mouth filled up before thinking.


Libida and Tibet continue to groan and cum while Tibet's nuts actually clinch and unclinch from how strong she was fiering her load before the duo taps off and Libida pulled away from Cedrina's grip before semen gushes out of her mouth a bit now that an oversized stopped was gone.

Cedrina tires to keep her mouth closed before she coughs a bit but tries to make sure that anymore cum didn't leave before she tries to swallow what's left.

Libida chuckles at the attempt before she just pressed a hand to Cedrina's overfilled stomach… and pushed while she got clear of Cedrina's mouth.

Cedrina groans a bit and tries to stop herself from coughing up... But Libida didn't stop applying pressure until…

Cedrina opened her mouth before some of the cum got out and covered her breasts.

Libida continues to repeat the process before Cedrina looked back to normal somewhat, but her front was covered with semen before Libida pulled her hand away before she spoke up.

"Sorry about that sweety… but I think Shyness there needs some attention… why not help her after you recover… would be a shame to let her get pent up like that." Libida said while she points to a surprised Shyness who covered her face and showed that her dick was fully erect and rapidly twitching… seems she was close to cumming but getting noticed caused her to hide her face again.

Cedrina pants a few times before speaking up.

"I will help her. Does Intelligence forgive me?" She asked while giving Libida a cute begging look.

Libida just grins before she used a hand to hold Cedrina's chin before giving her little peck on the nose before she spoke up.

"Well… give Shyness some much needed relief and were square, she rarely gets any if you get what I mean and this could help her losen up somewhat." Libida said before she looked to Tibet who nods back and lifts Cedrina off of her dick and placed her onto her wobbling legs while semen pours out of her ass.

Cedrina groans a bit before looking at Shyness before speaking.

"Shyness? Do you want me to suck you off or do you want my ass or pussy?"

Shyness however just shook her head while she had a bright blush behind her hands which made Libida sigh before she spoke to Tibet.

"Grab her arms, I got the legs." Libida said which made Tibet grin when she got up and a moment later, after some struggling, had Shyness pinned onto her back while Shyness's dick was like a tower that points into the air before Libida spoke up.

"Just let her feel your pussy, should be fair since that hole was rarely used here." Libida said while Shyness looked away with a blush on her face while she closed her eyes.

Cedric sees this and crawls towards Shyness before she got up, have her pussy above Shyness's dick before Cedrina slowly inserts the grey fur feline's dick in her pussy.

Shyness's eyes opene wide from the feeling before they close and she lets out a surpisingly cute mew like sound of pleasure when she felt that… apparently Shyness was also whatever was left of Azure's submissiveness and her dick twitches quickly as a result inside of Cedrina's pussy.

Said wolf groans a bit after being at the hilt.

She shudders a bit before speaking up.

"Oh man, it feels good. Libida, do you wanna take my ass while I suck Tibet off?"

"Hehe, oh we will in a bit, for now, just focus on Shyness here, she might try and run when the love of her life is giving it to her, she is the personification of Shyness remember?" Libida said when Shyness continues to let out slight mew like noises while she tries to get free of Tibet and Libida to prove Libida's point.

Cedrina sees this before speaking.

"Shyness, don't try to leave. If you do, I might cry and you wouldn't want that to happen do you?"

Shyness froze from that for a moment before she seemed to have some kind of internal struggle with herself which… seemed odd while Libida frowns.

"Oh geez… now you did it, just because were the personification of Azure's emotions, doesn't mean we can feel others." Libida said before Shyness surprised Tibet and Cedrina by slipping her hands free, sitting up, and hugging Cedrina around her waist and rubs her head between her semen covered breasts and rapidly fucks Cedrina while seeming to say something.

"I-I'm… s-so… sorry… d-d-don't cry… o-or… le-leave me!" Shyness said while she continues to rapidly bounce Cedrina a bit, it wasn't much compared to Libida or Tibet but it was something.

Cedrina was surprised to hear that before she hugs Shyness back and tries to soothe her.

"Shhhh… Hey its okay. I'm not going to leave you. I just want to show you how much I Iove you."

Shyness then stopped thrusting her hips before she looked up to Cedrina with a somewhat relieved look on her somewhat semen covered face even if it was blushing like mad.

"R-Really?" Shyness said before sniffing a few times with a slight break in her voice.

Cedrina kissed Shyness on the forehead before speaking up.

"Yes." She said with a kind smile.

However to Cedrina's surprise, Shyness's eyes widen a bit from that kiss on her forehead before she lets out a groan when she came in Cedrina's pussy which quickly filled it while Shyness's tongue hangs out of her mouth while she groans out with a pleased look on her face.

Cedrina groans a bit while hugging Shyness close as she enjoys having her pussy filled up.

"I-Im… showwy...shoooowwwy." Shyness barely gets out when she came so fast and couldn't control herself.

"I-It's okay. It actually feels good." Cedrina said before letting out a slight moan before Shyness tapped off and fell back onto the bed with a groan.

A moment later however, two shadows covered Cedrina and the tempoarly downed Shyness before Cedrina heard a voice speaking up.

"Ohhh Cedy… hope that ass is still up for grabs…" The voice now known as Libida said while the other voice spoke up.

"And that tasty mouth for little ol me?, seems obvious since your other holes are plugged up right and Libida here had your ass called for." Tibet teased while she strokes her monster dick which was at full power.

Cedrina looks at the two before she surprisingly… starts crying.

Libida, Tibet, and even Shyness looked to her with shock, before Shyness spoke up with worry on her face.

"U-U-Um… s-s-sorry… but did I do something wrong?" Shyness asked with worry on her face while Tibet and Libida thought the same thing when they looked to a crying Cedrina.

"Or did we do something wrong?" Libida said when she worried she screwed up badly with Tibet pointing to Libida than to Shyness for similar questions and to herself.

Cedrina sniffles a bit before speaking.

"No. I did something wrong."

The trio, after getting over their shock, looked confused before Libida spoke up.

"Uh… mind explaining please?, three confused women here, four in a sense but you get what I mean." Libida said with a confused tone to her voice.

"I was supposed to help Shyness feel comfortable, yet I messed up. No matter what I do I intend to mess this up. Even if I learn, I still feel bad. Sometimes I wonder if I deserve to be forgiven."

Tibet than surprised Cedrina by walking forward and gripping the top of her head and pulling her off of Shyness before looking to Cedrina with a enraged look on her face.

"Alright you whiny bitch, get ready for a news flash but do you think anyone, especially Azure of all people would leave you over these mistakes!?, I've seen others leave for worse and believe me, if Azure could put up with all of this crap, then guess what, she can put up with this two, do you think she feels good for making you feel bad?, I mean this is her SHYNESS for pete's sake, I'm honestly surprised you got a positive reaction like getting her to actually hug you and and actually fuck you back, Honestly I consider that some kind of win in my book when you got a core personality who shys away from practically anything to creampie you and not freak out after." Tibet growls out to Cedrina to try and get the point across that Azure wouldn't leave Cedrina for practically anything.

Cedrina crys a bit more before speaking up.

"You're right Tibet. I'm sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me."

Tibet just gave her a half lidded look when she dropped her away from her while Shyness got up from the bed.

"Maybe after we fix Azure, we go into your head and kick whatever's messing with your mind around till it gets a clue… but until then…" Tibet said before her dick grew erect with Libida… and surprisingly Shyness's dick grew erect while all three looked to Cedrina, though Shyness did have a slight slouch and she had her fingers pressed together when Tibet spoke up again.

"I think you need a reminder that were not leaving you… so how about it ladies, ready to really give it to this whiny bitch?" Tibet said before Shyness surprisingly spoke up with barely any stutter.

"Y-Yeah… I… don't want to… lose… Cedy…" Shyness said which made Libida look to her with surprise before she grins at Cedrina.

"Well than, seems you really irritated Shyness into action… might as well really make you remember that your our bitch no matter what form, dream or reality, past or future… don't really care… your ours and not even this assassin guild, Emerald's past enemy, or even your own hangovers will change that… so get ready for a real fucking Cedy… cause you won't be leaving till you are satisfied or part of me is not named Lust." Libida said while she strokes her cock.

Cedy smiles a bit while still crying before speaking.

"I understand… my loves. Please use me however you want till you're all satisfied."

The womanly trio, and to a partial extant Shyness grin before they approach Cedrina before the scene fades to black.

The Scene fades in now to show TME was finally done recovering from his *Accident* and sat up from the bed and stood up to stretch while Superman spoke up which also got Atomsk's attention after his story was finished.

"You sure you're ok enough to walk around?" Superman asked while TME sent Superman a grin before he spoke up.

"Oh yeah, I've been through worse, so a flight of stairs is nothing, and we got to find these rune things that Green faced man planted right Atomsk?" TME said while he placed his hands behind his head.

"Yup. Glad I caught you up to speed." Atomsk said which made TME nod before he spoke up.

"Yeah and sorry for what happened in Asgard and with DME in general, gotta apologize to Thor when I see him later as well…. And Diana as well since DME did piss her off… though speaking of pissing off, ever get a chance to try and get on Shyera's good side yet?" TME said when he heard how much of a douche DME was to both Atomsk and Thor and sent Atomsk a teasing grin.

Atomsk paled a bit before speaking up.

"Not yet. And I wouldn't worry about Diana I mean if you remembered the green faced man groping her, I think that trumps what DME said."

"Yeah about that… think it would be too much if I castrate him?, I really hate people who disrespect women." TME said with a deadly tone while his eyes flashed with a white light and his body emits a green and black mist before Superman leaned to Atomsk and whispered a bit.

"Uhhh… is he supposed to glow like that?, I thought he was back to normal or does that happen when he gets mad?" Superman said when he saw the two colored mists.

"When he gets mad. Also TME, I think Wonder Woman earns the right to castrate him. But I'm sure she let you help her hold him down." Atomsk said.

TME calms down a moment later before he spoke up.

"So… is the guy still locked up?, he can bend reality remember… he can even look like an ally or something a trick one of you." TME said when he got a serious look on his face.

"Well we can check to see for ourselves if that's okay with Superman." Atomsk said before looking at the man of steel.

"No worries, from what I've heard and seen, it's better to be safe than sorry, follow me, I'll lead you to the holding cells." Superman said before he walked out of the room and past the Flash who walked past him with a drink in hand and they waved to one another when Superman did so.

TME walked by as well with his hands behind his head when he continues to follow Superman though the space station while he looked around and spoke up.

"Huh… maybe I should have a base like this back home, would make a good base for holding intros and outros." TME said before he looked to the readers and wiggles his eyebrows to show he already did so just now with this chapter.

Atomsk walks by his friend before speaking.

"Speaking outros, want to lead this one TME?, since I had helped lead a few intro and outro here and there."

"Sure, but can we check on the Green faced freak first?, I don't know why but I have a bad feeling in my gut right now." TME said when things seemed to quiet for him.

"Okay." Atomsk said in agreement.

A bit later, the trio managed to make it to the prison cells and when they finally made it to the green faced Man… they didn't see him there… but instead… the Flash was in the cell and he looked a bit ill which made Superman and TME's eyes widen before Superman spoke up.

"Flash!?, why are you in there?" Superman said when he got ready to open the cage before TME stopped him by gripping his wrist.

"Wait!, it could be a trick, get Martian Manhunter in here to read his thoughts or we could be in serious trouble… and if this is the genuine Flash…" TME said before his eyes narrow before he bolts out of the room when he remembered seeing another Flash near the med wing.

Atomsk and Superman waited for TME to comeback with help.

However when he came back a few minutes later he looked pissed beyond belief when he spoke up.

"Atomsk… find Thor… the bastard slipped away… he took the Flash's form, and used the teleport pad or whatever it's called to slip away… even pulled off the Flash mask he wore, waved at me and vanished." TME said while his eyes glow with a white light again and more mist emits from him while Superman frowns before he opened the jail and the Flash exits the place with a shamed look on his face.

Atomsk was shocked after hearing that before he blurts out.

"SON OF A BITCH!" He yells before speaking in a normal tone.

"Okay. While I get Thor, you handle the outro." Atomsk said before he used his own type of speed to find Thor.

TME just looked irritated as hell but he managed to calm down when he rubbed his head somewhat before he looks to the readers while Superman talks with Flash on how he got tricked in the first place.

"Sorry for the trouble everyone but it looks like I need to make this quick somewhat, seems that after Azure got knocked out, Cedrina woke up in Emerald's Mansion in the SB Dimension and after some talking with the others… after an interesting... reunion with everyone involving two stubborn people crashing heads together, Emerald,Cedrina, Lillum, and some of the others had went into Azure's head to help her wake, but it seems that everything's not all sunshine and rainbows in Azure's head and they have to help her or she could be a shell of her former self if Emerald's dark half appearing to explain that part comes to pass, and with the two Hollows of the two Hollow holders there, things might get interesting if I do say so myself, and with the lemons here… wow, 4 for the price of one chapter… and with some drama in the mix as well from Cedrina… so until next time dear readers, I bid you adieu and as Atomsk would say at the end of most of the stories nowadays, Deuces." TME said with a grin on his face before he went to check on Thor and Atomsk while the scene fades to black.

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