Dimensional Drifter school @emerald
A new point of view

The scene right now shows DME, Atomsk, and Thor running from the zombie like creature from last chapter while the monster slowly starts to catch up to them… mainly Atomsk and starts to swipe at him.

Atomsk keeps ducking each swipe before speaking.

"What's your problem man?!" He yelled as he continues to run before DME jumped, turned in the air, and shot a ball of dark energy at the creature which smacked it into its face which made it fall onto its back before he lands, turned back and ran away.

Atomsk sighed with relief as he catches up to DME before speaking.

"Thanks for the save DME."

"Thank me later!, keep running!, I only used enough energy to stun it so it could get up and chase us at anytime!" DME said before he picked his speed up and ran past Thor.

Atomsk understood before he tries to pick up speed as well before Thor spoke.

"Here's a question, why can't the three of us take down that being all together?" He asked while running.

DME gave Thor a raised eyebrow like look before he spoke up when he slowed down to speak to Thor.

"Would you fight on the Bifrost Bridge or in the teleporting chamber?, Take a look around and tell me what you see after I do this!" DME said before he raised his right hand and snapped his fingers before the monochrome like walls vanished and Thor and Atomsk saw a shocking sight.

Atomsk and Thor's eyes widen in shock at what they saw before Thor spoke.

"Nevermind." He said when he and Atomsk saw a empty void with many round icon like bubbles with icons or logos on them and seems to have a world shown behind the symbol.

"Welcome to the motherfreaking Multiverse that TME and I travel through normally, and say hello to the creatures in the void between worlds… makes Evil Tim chasing us look cute!" DME said before a large… and by large… creature that blotted out many worlds and flew or swam next to the trio outside of the bridge with one massive eye looking at them…. The creature was beyond scary looking but it didn't seem to have hostile intent before it swam or flew away with various other creatures moving past them outside of the tunnel.

"That you two is called a freaking World eater, cleaner of the Multiverse for dead worlds and something even I don't want to mess with, and if one happened to get into a live world… well let's just say that you Thor would be asking Loki and the Frost Giants for help faster than you would admit it!, We can take Evil Tim when we get to the world ahead but if this bridge is destroyed than you might as well kiss your life goodbye or hope you get a painless death instead of corrupted since only beings like myself can safely travel through here… the void in a nice way is a really fucked up place that I need to be careful in." DME said before he picked up the pace when a roar was heard from far behind them… seems Evil Tim got back to his feet and sounded pissed.

Atomsk and Thor saw that before they tried to pick up their pace again like their life depends on it. Which it is.

A moment later, Evil Tim was seen behind them when it slowly catched up while the exit to the portal was seen in the distance.

"PICK UP THE PACE YOU TWO!" DME called back before he starts to run even faster again with a comical look on his face like Zatch bell or Kiyomaro from the show Zatch bell when he saw the finish line up ahead.

Thor and Atomsk sees it as well before they add more speed to their running.

A moment later, the trio get out of the portal with a jump before they saw a city under them before DME and Atomsk start to fall while Evil Tim tackles Thor in the air when they fell.

"Get off of me!" Thor yelled as he used his hammer to get Evil Tim off.

Evil Tim got hit multiple times on the way down before something blue and red crashed into Evil Tim which got him off of Thor before a green beam hit DME and Atomsk before they were in a floating green orb which stopped their fall… and caused them to crash into the bottom of the orb.

Atomsk groans a bit before speaking up.

"What just happened?" He asked before getting up.

"Ugh, if I had to guess, either we got into Angel City, or... " DME said before a deep sounding voice spoke up.

"Or you three nearly hit the pavement of this city, would not have made good news for the locals." The voice said before a man with dark skin, green and black tights, and a ring Icon on his chest said while he held a hand out which had a green ring on it which shot the beam of energy at the duo.

Atomsk eyes widen in shock before speaking.

"The Green Lantern!"

"The one on earth yeah, mind telling me why you and your two friends brought some zombie like creature here, were still having issues with Solomon Grundy, so start talking while Superman takes that thing on for now." Green lantern said while Evil Tim got thrown past them and the man of Steel himself stopped to look at the bubbled duo for a moment before he zoomed past them to fight Evil Tim.

Atomsk rubbed the back of his head before speaking.

"Well can we talk in a safe location?"

"Well you could bring us to your space base, would make things very private for us." DME said when he got up and dusts himself off while the Green Lantern frowns when he heard that.

"How do you even know that?, granted we have some people wonder where we're based but we normally keep it a secret to keep a lot of people from complaining about it." Green Lantern said when he glares at DME and Atomsk.

"Well… where we're from, besides Thor, we, along with other people, kinda know where the Justice League is." Atomsk said.

Green Lantern frowns in silence before he looked over to see what Thor was doing right now since he was silent right now.

Thor raised his eyebrow at the look before speaking.

"May I help you?"

Green Lantern just sighs before he held his free hand to his ear before he spoke up.

"Wonder Woman, you heard them, beam them up to the base and have the Martian manhunter read their minds, well see if these guys are who this one says they are." Green Lantern said while looking at Atomsk for a moment before DME, Atomsk, and Thor were covered in some weird energy before they vanished while Evil Tim got slammed into the barrier before bouncing away before the scene shifts to show the trio appearing in the JL space station on the teleporting pad with a beautiful amazon looking woman getting up from a chair nearby and walking to the trio with a serious look on her face.

Atomsk blushed a bit before speaking.

"Wow. Never thought I meet Wonder Woman of all people. Besides Green Lantern."

"Smooth…" DME said with a half lidded look while he shook his head before Wonder Woman spoke up.

"Save it romeo, until the Martian manhunter reads your mind, I'll be making sure to keep you three under watch since you three brought this monster here." Diana said to the trio with a glare.

Atomsk put up his hands in defense before speaking.

"Hey let's take it easy now. It was not our intention to bring the zombie here since we were trying to escape from it. But I assure you we're not here to harm anyone."

"Yeah, we're mainly here for something like this to destroy it since it keeps screwing up my portals." DME said before he pulled out his phone and got the needed picture before he showed it to Diana who took the phone and looked at it with a serious look before she spoke up.

"These… look somewhat like Nordic runes… but they seem off or too old for the current runes of today." Diana said with a hand on her hip.

"What do you mean current runes?" Thor asked.

Diana gave him a raised eyebrow before she spoke up.

"Tell me, do you have the same language in your world from the get go or does your world have an evolving language?, cause many cultures languages seem to get improved over time this rune however seems off… like… hmm… do you have forbidden runes in your world?, you look like a Nordic being… maybe a god from the feeling I sense from you… and the Hammer… Thor the thunder god right?, I am Diana, princess of Themyscira the reason, I ask because I think these runes look off to me, but Runes are not my forte so I maybe wrong." Diana asked when she saw Thor's hammer.

Thor chuckles a bit before speaking.

"You are correct. I am Thor, Prince of Asgard. It's an honor to meet you your highness."

DME chuckles at the sight before he leaned in to whisper into Atomsk's ear.

"Ever try and pair these two up if you think about it?, they are a prince and princess right?" DME said before his eyes widen in shock… when Diana kicked him where the sun doesn't shine before he collapsed onto the ground before Diana looked to Atomsk to see if he had anything to say to answer his question.

Atomsk and Thor was shocked when they saw that before Atomsk spoke.

"Why'd you do that?"

"One, your friend was too loud, and two, I don't like those who disrespect women and others by forcing them to pair up together." Diana said when it seemed she got the wrong idea while DME held his fellas and tries to recover.

"He wasn't actually saying force. You see where he and I come from, people like us write fanfiction about certain stuff. Most have made romance stories when they pair you with either Batman or Superman."

Diana would have said something about that, but DME groans before he spoke up… but he seemed off.

"Ohhhh… what happened… and why the hell do my nuts hurt like they just got hit by a freaking cannonball." DME? Said when he got up slowly before the trio saw green glowing eyes instead of DME's black based eyes.

"TME?" Atomsk asked which confused Diana when she saw the different colored eyes.

"What is going on and why did his speech pattern and eyes just change?" Diana said to TME while he continues to recover.

"Well what happen was me and my friend here were after a Green faced menace that loves to prank. We tried to catch him but ended up getting hurt instead. TME, had his nuts punched which caused him to black out before his darker personality took over. Then when you kicked his nuts, though that was rude, you somehow knocked the Dark half out and brought back the Lighter version of my friend."

"Split personality huh?, might want to remember that since it seems to flip a switch in your friend here if he gets like that again." Diana said with a raised eyebrow before TME looked to her with a glare.

"A-Are you kidding me, like hell like I'm just gonna let myself get kicked in the nuts for that… what am I?, some kind of punchline!?" TME said while Diana raised her eyebrow again.

"Do you really want the answer now?" Diana said with a straight face which made TME sweatdrop from that answer.

Atomsk brought his hand to TME's shoulder before speaking.

"Easy there buddy. Don't want to have your nuts kicked a third time."

"He's right you know!, not very pleasant unless you're into that sort of thing!" A familiar… annoying voice said from around the four in the room which got everyone on guard when two people recognized it… A.K.A. the two authors.

Atomsk then yelled out.

"Alright you, show yourself!"

"Ask…" The voice said before it focused more on Diana before a shadow appeared from behind her before two hands shot from it and… gripped her breasts before laughing was heard.

"... AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE!" The Voice shouts when the shadow fades to reveal the green faced man while he fondles Diana much to Diana's shock and disgust.

Atomsk, TME and Thor were shocked when they saw that before Atomsk spoke.

"Get your hands off of her!" He yelled.

Diana however elbowed the green faced man in the face which made him let go with a caved in face like Hades's was when Hercules backhanded it in the movie before Diana kicked him way with a rear kick which sent the man flying onto his back and Diana looked pissed off before Superman and Green Lantern appeared behind the four with a flash of light before they got confused when they saw the man on the ground.

"What happened here and who is he?" Green Lantern said before Diana spoke up with a furious look on her face.

"A man who's about to be turned into a Women after I'm through with him!" Diana said while she punched her right hand into her left palm with a loud bang while Superman spoke up.

"Uh… a bit extreme Diana, I mean what did he do exactly?" Superman said when he walked past the group and towards the downed Green faced man.

"He groped her!" Atomsk yelled out which made Green Lantern and Superman's eyes widen before the duo glared at the Green Faced man who sat up all of a sudden which made them jolt before he stuck his thumb into his face, sucked in some air somehow, and blew before his face popped into a balloon of sorts before going back to normal.

Atomsk, TME and Thor were surprised before Atomsk spoke.

"Should we help them TME?"

TME popped his neck before he glares at the Green faced man with an angered look on his face.

"Hell yeah, GET HIM!" TME said before he charged past the group and at the green faced man who got a cartoonish scream with his eyes popping out of his head before TME and the Green faced start fighting with a comical dust cloud forming around the duo while the heroes looked straight up confused since something like that normally never happened.

Atomsk sweatdrops a bit before speaking up to the readers.

"Hey folks welcome to Chapter 13 of DDS. As you can see, TME is back and we're at the Justice League's space station. So sorry to cut this intro short, but there's an asshole who deserves an ass beating. So see you all at the outro. Deuces." Atomsk said with two fingers before he runs past the heroes before diving in the fight.

The Dust cloud got bigger before the trio start to slowly ping pong around the room before they crash into something and start to head to the four heroes which made Superman frown before he breathed in and out which caused the trio to fly back with multiple screams before they crashed into various things, The green faced man crashed into a computer Monitor and starts to make noises when everyone saw his skeleton.

TME flew toward a flight of stairs before he starts to bounce down them with painful crunches while Atomsk…

Atomsk crashed to a wall, although, instead of crashing, he got through one wall before crashing through a couple of more before stopping at the fourth wall.

"WHAT THE HELL!?, WHO ARE YOU!?" A angry female voice said before Green lantern facepalmed before speaking up.

"Oh great, you blew him into Shayera's room Kent..." Green Lantern said while Superman rubbed the back of his head before the trio saw some mist from the hole before Green Lantern spoke up again.

"And… she was showering was she?" Green Lantern said with a sympathetic look on his face.

Atomsk groans a bit before he looks up before seeing an angry Shyera, who's wrapped in a towel, but holding her electric mace before speaking.

"Okay I know how it looks but this was an accident." He said before he starts running for it.

Shayera instead roars before she tossed her mace at him which crashed into the wall when he barely got past the door before Atomsk heard shouting.


Atomsk ran as fast as he could before speaking.

"Cue black screen now!" He yells before the scene fades black.

SB Dimension/ Tibet's home/ Tibet's Room/ Cedrina, Azure, Rachel, Amanda, Audrey

To the group resting inside when the scene fades in, 8 hours have passed before Cedrina starts to stir first.

Cedrina groans a bit before opening her eyes.

"Oh man, what a night." She said before looking at Azure to see if she's awake.

Azure was still sleeping right now, but the shifting of Cedrina on the bed did start to cause her to stir slowly when she starts blinking to clear her vision.

Cedrina smiles a bit before speaking.

"Good morning my love."

Azure smiles a bit and blushed a little when she heard that and saw she was resting with Cedrina and Rachel before she spoke up.

"Have a nice rest... dear?" Azure said to tease Cedrina back.

Cedrina blushed a bit before speaking.

"Actually yes since I have my two beautiful girlfriends with me." She said before bringing her lips to Azure's.

Azure surprised Cedrina by actually purring and returning the kiss which caused the two to go into their own little world and not noticing the others stirring as well.

Rachel was the first to wake up before her eyes widen a bit before her face blushed a bit at the sight before she clears her throat to get her girlfriends's attention.

Azure blinked a couple times when she heard that before she looked to Rachel with a slight blush before she spoke up.

"What?, after all we went through yesterday, a simple kiss couldn't hurt." Azure said to Rachel with an innocent sounding tone.

Rachel giggled a bit before speaking.

"I'm not complaining. Just hoping I get my good morning kiss as well."

Azure grins before she surprised Rachel by gripping one of her breasts and pulled her in for a kiss before letting go of Rachel's breast to grip her head and deepen the kiss.

Rachel was surprised at that action before she moans into the kiss before she slides her tongue in Azure's mouth.

Cedrina was surprised at the scene before she shrugs and brought her mouth on Azure's, left breast.

Azure let out a groan from that… but before things could pick up, the door to the room slams open to wake everyone in the group before a voice called to the ladies in the room.


Amanda and Aryk were jolt out of bed after hearing that.

The trio jolts from that before Cedrina groans in annoyance before speaking.

"Man, just when things were getting good."

Azure had to agree before she carefully pulled their dicks free from Cedrina's pussy before Azure saw semen leaking from the hole before she spoke up with a grin.

"So… how was your first times last night?" Azure said with a grin on her face.

Cedrina groans a bit after feeling that before speaking.

"Well it was painful at first but you were there to help me feel better Azy." She said while blushing.

Azure blushed a bit as well before she spoke up.

"Well if you want a repeat performance, all you need to do is ask later, for now, I want to see what kind of clothing we got, Sticks got a good upgrade and Rachel might blow a gasket if we keep her occupied before she can see them." Azure said when she points a thumb at Rachel since clothing is her forte socially.

Cedrina nods a bit before feeling Rachel pull her dick out of Cedrina's ass before Rachel spoke.

"When it comes to shopping and clothes, you know I got to be there."

Azure chuckles before she spoke up.

"Well you go on ahead, Cedrina and I will follow in a moment, besides, I always wanted to see you modeling new clothing since your body fills out the outfit well." Azure said while she used a hand to lightly smack Rachel's ass.

Rachel jolts a from that before she gave Azure a smile before speaking.

"Then I'll meet you guys later then." She said before she went to the door, follow by Amanda Aryk before it was just Azure and Cedrina.

"So, anything you want to ask before we go?" Azure asked since aside from yesterday, Cedrina was in her second day of being a woman.

Cedrina rubbed her arm before speaking.

"Well… are still mad at me for what happened between me and Mistress?"

"Remind me, what happened exactly?, considering we just had a full on orgy here… multiple times.. Well.." Azure said with a slight blush on her face.

Cedrina blushed greatly from that before speaking.

"Well I was kinda mad at Mistress when she suggested of me partnering up with Daniel, though she only said that since she was angry at me for what I said back on our date. She then let me tried this experimental dildo but I blacked out for some reason till regained consciousness and saw Mistress hurt." She said before shuddering

"Well… honestly… I wouldn't mind seeing you get partnered up with Daniel for a couple reasons right now, mainly him getting turned into a female but… that can be debatable… and as for the Dildo thing… well… like we talked about… Bring it up again and I'll have Mistress force you and Daniel together for a lesson." Azure said while her body emits a red mist for a moment when she already went through this with Cedrina earlier.

Cedrina shivered a bit with fear before speaking.

"I-I won't. I promise." She said while still shivering a bit before Azure smiles.

"Good… now let's get going… still it's an interesting idea between you and Daniel if I think about it." Azure said with a teasing grin while she walked away.

Cedrina however paled a bit after hearing that.

She would think of something, but remembered that Azure and her were still connected to the thought crest.

Cedrina sighs a bit before she got up and followed Azure while mentally praying that it doesn't happen.

After leaving the bed, they walked out of the room to see the others in outfits that complimented them well.

Amanda was seen wearing some nice jeans with a button collared shirt and a black leather jacket. She's also wearing some nice boots.

Rachel was seen wearing an outfit that looks like Tenten from Naruto, but with a different color scheme.

She wears she wears a magenta sleeveless qipao-style blouse with red sleeve trimmings and blue fastening buttons and dark grey pants.

She's also wearing sandals.

Azure had to whistle for a moment before she spoke up.

"Not bad you two, and really nice for Rachel since she looks sexy yet fierce in that outfit." Azure said while she walked around the duo.

Amanda smiles at the compliment.

Rachel blushed before speaking.

"Thanks Azy. What do you think Cedrina?" She asked before doing a twirl.

Cedrina blushed after walking down before speaking.

"You look perfect." She said with a smile.

"Indeed, took a bit to work the material, any discomfort you two?" Lillum said from nearby.

Cedrina was surprised to hear that before speaking.

"How'd you get the material?"

"Well…" Lillum said before the scene shifts for a second to go to Zooey's shop.

SB dimension/ Zooey's clothing store/ Zooey

The scene showed a surprising sight with Zooey in the nude, bent over a counter, and semen dribbles from her holes and she had a very pleased look on her face with her tongue hanging out and her eyes rolled back into her head.

Zooey pants a few times before she tried to speak.


The scene went back to a smiling Lillum who had a grin on her face before she spoke up.

Tibets home/ Azure, Lillum, Cedrina, Amanda, Rachel.

"... Let's just say I may have invited her for some lessons since she couldn't even stand after we… came to a deal of sorts." Lillum cryptically said to the group… and knowing Lillum as well as they did…

Azure, Cedrina, Rachel and Amanda blushed brightly before their jaws dropped when they get the meaning.

Lillum chuckles when she saw that before she spoke up.

"Now then, for your outfits…" Lillum said when she looked to the duo and licks her lips.

Cedrina blushed a bit after seeing that before she walked forward a bit to see what outfit Lillum has for her.

A moment later, and Lillum pulled out an outfit that was out of the camera's view before she spoke up.

"So… what do you think Cedrina?" Lillum said with a grin on her face when Azure looked at the outfit and blushed when she imagined it on Cedrina.

Rachel saw the outfit as well before getting the same imagination like Azure.

Cedrina blushed when she saw the outfit before speaking up.

"It's wonderful."

"Well then… follow me and we'll complete your transformation." Lillum said when she gestures for Cedrina to follow her with an innocent smile on her face.

Cedrina however knew where this will lead to, but had no choice either way before she walk towards Lillum.

Lillum then led her back into the room before she sent a trio a grin when she looked their way when Cedrina passed her before the door closed.

The trio looked to one another before they start hearing things in the room.

"Now then Cedrina… let's get things started shall we?" Lillum said from behind the door.

Cedrina was feeling nervous about this before speaking.

"Please be gentle." She said before the trio heard Lillum hum for a moment before Lillum spoke up.

"Hmm… nope!" Lillum said before the trio on the outside of the room heard gasping, moaning, and jolts of pink energy coming from the room.

Rachel was getting worried before leaning in to Azure's ear before whispering.

"Think she's doing okay?"

"Hmmm… well it's Mistress were talking about so physically… yeah… mentally… maybe?" Azure said with a shrug before Cedrina let's out more moans and groans before the pink light stops which made things oddly silent before Lillum opened the door a little before she looked to Azure.

"Oh Azure, mind coming here for a second, no worries about an outfit right now, just… want to test something." Lillum said while Azure looked confused before she just went with it and walked in before Lillum closed the door.

Things were silent for a minute before a loud groan was heard before a loud thump was heard a moment later before a satisfied Lillum walked back into the room.

"Welp, you two can go in, but Rachael, Amanda, if you haven't already, remove the dicks if you still have it or you'll end up like Azure just now." Lillum teased the hedgehog before she waits at the door.

Amanda and Rachel didn't know what Lillum meant before Rachel unzip her shirts and went to her dick before pressing the flame like tattool and removed her dick before speaking.

"Okay, I'm ready." She said before zipping her shorts back up.

Amanda made sure that her dick was gone as well before she waits to see what happens next.

The duo then walk in before they looked around and blushed brightly when they first saw Azure… who was on the ground… and her torso and stomach was covered with semen while her dick leaked more with a tongue hanging out of her mouth.

"Uh...what just happened?" Rachel asked while still blushing.

Lillum popped her head into the room and spoke up.

"Look… towards the bed if you'll be so kind." Lillum said with a teasing grin on her face.

Amanda and Rachel were confused before they turned to look at said bed before theirs eyes widen at what they saw while Cedrina was awake on the bed.

If Cedrina was beautiful before… than this form made her previous form look like a regular thing to see.

Her figure was now more filled out in a way that made her look a size bigger, but the weight and proportions were even out in such a way that they made the suit in question heighten her beauty when it hugged her curves just right.

It looked like Aqua's outfit from Birth by sleep and the shoes were given some claw like sections to allow nails to fit into.

Her fur and face, which seemed to be beautiful before… seemed even more feminine and angular… and her eyes color seemed to be heightened to shimmer like stars somewhat… honestly it was hard to explain how well the form was… but it made sense now for Azure's current state and why Lillum had Rachel and Amanda remove their dicks or they would have came hard in their own pants from the sight alone.

"So… what do you ladies think?" Lillum said while she looked at her nails.

Amanda and Rachel were speechless as they continued to look at Cedrina.

Said female wolf blushed brightly at the stares.

Lillum chuckles before she walked in front of Rachel and Amanda before she placed her hands next to their ears and clapped once to snap them out of it.

Said sisters finally snapped out of it before Amanda spoke.

"Sorry Mistress, but you really out done yourself.

"Thank you Amanda, but were not quite done yet… if you two lend me a hand, Cedrina can sit here while you two take Azure to get cleaned and dressed while she's out of it right now, I have her outfit in that box." Lillum said while pointing a thumb at a black box on the nearby desk before she turned to a still ejaculating Azure who had a tongue hanging out of her mouth and her eyes were rolled back into her head.

Cedrina nods a bit before she went to sit on a chair before Amanda and Rachel went to retrieve Azure before taking her out to get the passed out feline cleaned up.

"Ah….ha… Cedy..." Azure groans out while semen dripped down her body and her dick turned flaccid from how much she let out while Lillum chuckles when she summoned a semen cleaning crest which she tossed at Azure before the crest stopped in front of her and Lillum snapped her fingers before Azure's dick turned into a dildo while Azure stayed dazed.

"I suggest you two hurry, once she wakes, she might fight you two for this outfit." Lillum said after a dazed Azure was fully cleaned from semen.

Amanda and Rachel nods to Lillum before they exit the room while carrying Azure out.

Lillum than turned to Cedrina before she spoke up.

"So… like the reaction Azure had Cedy?, I know I did, I mean I almost want to eat you up myself and have my way with you like that… I doubt anyone will laugh at you in that form after all." Lillum said while licking her lips a bit.

Cedrina blushed a bit before speaking up.

"Well they may not laugh Mistress but… I fear they may hate me after hearing what I said to Azy yesterday." She said with a sad look

"You mean the leaving you bit?, oh don't worry, after what you went through yesterday, I won't let that happen…Trust me…" Lillum said before she got a deadly serious tone while her eyes glow for a moment with a pink light.

Cedrina however wasn't phase by that before speaking.

"Well I know that Lavender hates me. I don't think she approves of me dating Azure."

"Well considering Azure could be her sister, she's most likely being protective but can't do anything right now, who knows though, you and her could have a moment during one of my lessons and get her to warm up with you if you get what I mean." Lillum said with a teasing grin on her face.

Cedrina blushed a bit before speaking.

"I hope it works, I just want her to realize how much I love Azure and I would do anything to protect her."

"Well knocking up Azure should show Lavender how serious you are but you have four years to go the hard way with her." Lillum said before chuckling at her sex based joke.

Cedrina blushed greatly before speaking.

"Definitely will wait on that but what if I proposed to Azy?"

"Hmmm… a bit early for that since… you two have only known each other for about a week or so if you count combined Dimension days, I recommend just keeping things how they are first then after a month or two, maybe you can ask, I mean time flows faster with my lessons remember?" Lillum said while she crossed her arms under her chest.

Cedrina nods a bit before speaking.

"I'm not trying to rush things Mistress."

"Well you're doing better than I did at first with Emerald, I mean when I first met him, I was just a lust fueled succubus and I drained him nearly dry when he was just a shortly popped virgin, still… he got better each time and we knew each other for a long time…" Lillum said when she got a faraway look on her face before she got a open mouth grin on her face before she starts to chuckle with a blush on her face which told Cedrina were her mind went just now.

"Uhhh… Mistress?" Cedrina called which made Lillum shake her head before she spoke up.

"H-Huh?, yeah?, sorry what was the question again?" Lillum said when she snapped out of it.

"You were spacing out for a moment. But anyway. I really want to keep knowing Azure and my other girlfriends, but mostly Azure." Cedrina said.

Lillum was silent for a moment before she grins at Cedrina.

"Oh ho… seems you have a softer spot for Azure than the others it seems… reminds me of Emerald and myself somewhat… though who you take after in that sense is debatable mrs. split personality." Lillum said with a slight tease to her voice.

Cedrina blushed before speaking.

"Azy will always be my number one gal but I will love all my girlfriends equally. Same goes to our future kids."

"Wow… guess you take after me if you thinking that far ahead with the kids bit… well since you got Tibet knocked up and Leonel got me knocked up before either of us can do that to Emerald or Azure respectively, than I guess you and I are alike… makes sense since you take well to lessons after all." Lillum teased when the memories came to her again but she didn't space out like last time.

Cedrina blushed a bit brightly before speaking.

"Who's Leonel?"

Lillum chuckles before she spoke up.

"Simple, she's one of the four guardians of the Master Emerald before Knuckles, she looks human, but she's called Leonel the Lioness since she can turn into an actual lion or something in between, she's a real animal in the sack like Azure is with you so all I can say is your a lucky person Cedrina, still have some work to do in that form, but still lucky nonetheless." Lillum said with a grin on her face.

"Well with this form, I could almost look like my mom." Cedrina said.

Lillum however frowns now before she spoke up.

"Speaking of that… mind explaining the scars?" Lillum said with a serious look on her face.

Cedrina gulped a bit before speaking.

"You saw didn't you?"

"Yep, during your time with Azure and Rachel, and had a good look just now when I improved your body… I could speak to Emerald for you to see if he could heal them, make it like they never happened." Lillum said with a comforting tone to her voice.

Cedrina did felt a little comfortable before speaking.

"Well before that, you should know that my mom didn't cause these scars." She said in a tone that spoke true.

"Well that's good, cause if she did, I would have shoved an icy dildo up her ass or use that Dildo you used on me on her, granted I wouldn't lose control so she wouldn't be injured, but I would have given and most likely everyone else a reminder on why Succubus's are dangerous in the sack sometimes." Lillum said with a deadly glint in her eye.

Cedrina gulped a bit before speaking.

"Well don't worry, like I said she didn't do it. I got these from… somewhere else." She said before shuddering a bit from a certain memory,

"Hmmm… " Lillum said when it seemed like she was thinking of something but decided to leave it for now when they heard footsteps and dragging sounds.

"Seems like their back, want to surprise them?" Lillum said with a grin when she approached Cedrina with a slight swing of her hips.

Cedrina blushed a bit before she subconsciously nods at Lillum.

Lillum grins before she leaned down to Cedrina when the doors opened to see Amanda and Rachel dragging a reluctant Azure into the room.

"We're back Mistress." Amanda said before she and Rachel looked into the room to only blush brightly at what they saw.

Seems Lillum had Cedrina pushed back onto the bed and Lillum was getting ready to remove her panties before she let go when she noticed the duo dragging in Azure.

"Oh hello, you three were taking so long that I was nearly able to start Cedrina's female lessons on to how to please a women, how is Azure by the way, get the outfit on right?" Lillum asked when she turned from the bed and waits for the reveal.

"Well it was quite easy since Azy here was still in a daze." Rachel said while giggling before she and Amanda turned to have Lillum and Cedrina look at what Azure was wearing.

It looked like something from half-genie hero that Shantee wore, it seemed like a red belly dancer outfit with slightly puffy legging and gold bangles on her wrists and a necklace was on her neck, finally her head fur was pulled to the top of her head and had a gold band or something hold it into one long ponytail it also looked like she wore a red bra or something that matched the outfit in a way to complete it and it went well with her red fur when the outfit nearly looked blood red to show the difference to her lighter color red fur.

"Aww… I knew it would look good on her, tell me Cedy, what do you think?

Cedrina was looking at Azure while blushing big before speaking.

"So beautiful."

Lillum grins when she saw that before she spoke up.

"Well then… time to head out and we can drag Azy there, show everyone what she and you look like before she throws a fit, think you three can manage?" Lillum said to the awake trio in the room.

Amanda, Cedrina and Rachel before they nod to Lillum and picked Azure up before the scene shifts to when they follow Lillum to an out of the way location.

?/?/?/ Lillum, Cedrina, Amanda, Rachel, Azure

For the four out of the 5… when they finally got to where Lillum wanted to go… three of the 4 nearly dropped Azure from what they saw.

Amanda starred with an AWE at what she saw.

"No way." Rachel said.

"Emerald build this?" Cedrina asked.

Lillum giggles before she spoke up.

"Consider getting the clone ability and something like this is easy." Lillum said before the camera panned away to reveal not just a house… but a freaking small sized mansion complete with a working Dojo and pool… it also looked like some clones were working on something nearby but a comical dust cloud hid what they were working on before Lillum noticed something in the Dojo area.

"Oh look, seems they're having a lesson right now, guess Sonic is still busy with Amy." Lillum said before the scene shifts again...


This time, the scene showed Amy and Sonic on the sex part of the nude beach while she was getting the pounding of her life from Sonic while she was on all fours and he was fucking her ass like no tomorrow while semen was here and there which showed that she was putting him through the ringer while her tongue hangs out of her mouth and her eyes were rolled back in her head.

Seems others watched the display while Amy shouts with no care in the world.

"OH SWEET… SOMETHING!, DON'T STOP SONIC!" Amy yelled when she felt another orgasm coming hard.

Sonic grunts and groans with each thrust before speaking.

"Don't worry babe, I'm never stopping." He said before going rougher on Amy's ass which in turn caused her to yell out and squirt out onto the ground under her when her ass tightens on Sonic's dick.

Sonic groans a bit at how tight his wife's ass is before thinking.

'I hope I'm not too much for her.' He thought with a worried look.

However to his surprise, Amy pushed off the ground which forced Sonic onto his back with his dick still in Amy's ass before she sent Sonic a lust filled look on her face before she surprised him by placing her feet on the ground as well as her hands before she starts to lift and lower her ass on Sonic's dick with unbelievable speed to make him cum again.

Sonic was completely caught off guard by that action before he starts moaning from the pleasure before speaking.

"Oh fuck Amy. This feels so good."

"Just shut up and unload those ball in my ass, I've never felt so horny in my life!" Amy groans out before she starts to go even faster on Sonic's dick with a strong grip of her ass to milk his dick for all he had.

Sonic groans a bit again before speaking.

"Anything for you Amy. In fact here it...CUMS!" He yells before he climaxed hard in Amy's asshole.

Amy lets out a whorish moan from the feeling of Sonic's cum filling her ass… but probably to Sonic's horror… she didn't stop riding him even during the ejaculation while her tongue hangs out of her mouth start masturbating to them nearby, men for Amy and women for Sonic for a few reasons but Amy didn't care right now since she wanted more.

Sonic groans a bit while grinding his teeth before he finally taps off.

Horrifying enough… Any just keeps on going after he tapped off while Sonic was reminded of Lillum's warning about Amy's lust…

'Oh man… Don't how long I'll last. Wish Lillum gave me something for my stamina.' Sonic thought before Amy decides to change positions… again.

Meanwhile back at the newly built training ground.

SB dimension/ Emerald's School/ Emerald, Lillum, Demonga, Daniel, Cream, Strike, Lavender, Sticks, Rachel, Audrey, Amanda, Tibet, Aryk

Lillum had a blushing face while laughing which told what she was thinking which made Emerald sweatdrops before he spoke up to the others.

"Well nice outfits you three… four if Azure was awake." Emerald said to complement the four following Lillum.

Rachel and Amanda smile at the compliments.

Cedrina, however happy with the compliment, was nervous being in the same area as her classmates.

Cream smiles at the outfits… but when she noticed Cedrina bringing up the back… her eyes widen in shock and a blush was seen on her face which got the students attention before they than look where Cream was looking before they got shocked faces… while some had interesting reactions.

Tibet, who was wearing a loincloth and a bra to hide her features… got wide eyes before she got up from the ground before she spoke up when she ran a bit.

"Excuse me, Bathroom!" Tibet quickly said with Aryk, who had a lesser blush on her face, followed Tibet when she saw something shift on Tibets body.

Sticks's jaw just dropped while it looked like she was about to drool.

Lavender blushed as well but didn't say or do anything.

Strike for a moment had wide eyes and a blush on her face.

Audrey… she just couldn't stop staring at Cedrina and how perfect her figure looked.

Demonga had no reaction whatsoever when he silently stands nearby.

Daniel, who had no idea who that woman was, blushing big when he saw her before speaking.

"Who's this beauty?"

Emerald, Demonga, Cream, And Lillum blinked a few times from the question before Emerald decided to lead Daniel to the answer.

"Remember the last time you saw Cedric?" Emerald asked with a finger raised.

Daniel was confused for a moment before he looked at the mystery girl again before his eyes widen up realization before speaking.

"Y-You mean…" He said before stopping

"Yep… this beauty is Cedric in a form made by yours truly, fully female too… so, what do you all think?" Lillum said with a grin on her face while most of the Students blushed when they heard that while Sticks herself licked her lips and had a wild look on her face when she looked at Cedrina.

Cedrina blushed brightly at Sticks before she surprisingly gave her a wink.

Sticks blushed a bit at that but keeps quiet for now.

Cedrina looks at the others to see what they think.

For the most part, the female students, even Lavender reluctantly, had to admit that Cedrina looked very good.

Daniel however was starting to laugh.

Which… in turn caused Everyone to look at him with a glare… though Lillum herself grins when she raised her hand and snapped her fingers which… caused a pink cloud to form around Daniel and the laughter… turned surprising feminine while everyone else looked surprised.

Daniel then starts to cough when he didn't see the cloud form around him.

It slowly starts to dissipate which… starts to show a shocking sight to everyone while Cream blushed brightly when things looked clearer.

First off, Daniel's clothing was the same, but the figure?...Daniel had showed what Lillum did…

This Daniel had a womanly figure, large breasts and wide hips, and thanks to the robe, one of her legs was seen which shows quite a bit of muscle and her chest was barely covered when the robe got way too tight.

All in all… Daniel looked…. Like a beautiful Panda female now.

Daniel coughed a bit before finally able to speak.

"W-What was that?" He asked before hearing his voice sound feminine?

"W-What's wrong with my voice?" Daniel asked.

"Take a good look down… for a quick fix, I believe I did a decent job, gonna need to get more personal later for my real work." Lillum teased with a grin when she walks to Daniel.

Daniel was confused before looking down before his or her eyes widen in shock when she saw the change on her body before she screamed.


Lillum chuckles when she heard that before she placed an arm on Daniel's shoulder before speaking up with a smile.

"Well… considering you not only insulted my best work, you insulted Cedrina here so can you blame me… not only that…." Lillum said before her eyes glow with a pure red light and she had a royally pissed off tone to her voice.

"But did you even consider Cedrina's feelings when you did that?, She was worried that something bad would happen but I said I would take care of it… believe me, I could make you my bitch right here and now for a stunt like that and only Emerald and Demonga would stop me, but take a look around and see if anyone wants to help you right now!" Lillum said with a tone that showed she was a daughter of hell itself.

Daniel shivered with fear before looking everyone else.

Cedrina was a bit sad but also upset when she saw Daniel's reaction.

Rachel grinds her teeth while flames were seen on her eyes.

Amanda frowns after seeing Daniel's reaction.

Cream looked disappointed with Daniel.

Strike was cracking her knuckles.

Lavender, though not very fond of Cedric, did looked to Daniel with a cold look.

Audrey just grinned coldly when she wanted to help Lillum out.

Emerald and Demonga were just looking away to show that they wouldn't get involved.

Daniel knows she really messed up before speaking up.

"I'm sorry Lillum."

"Don't tell me that… tell Cedrina that or I will have you choke on my dick later… unlike what I did with Cedrina and made her mind more female like… yours is still 100% men..." Lillum threatens the female Panda.

Daniel paled at the threat before she got on her knees while putting her hands together in a begging motion before speaking.

"I'm sorry Cedrina. I didn't mean to laugh or disrespect you."

Lillum and the others just looked to see how Cedrina would respond since this was Cedrina who would or wouldn't accept right now.

Said female wolf took a moment to think before speaking.

"Considering what an ass move you made, I'll accept your apology as long you don't do something like that again. Are we clear?" She said with a frown.

Daniel nods her head quickly to Cedrina.

However Lillum spoke up when she gripped the back of Daniel's robe and pulled her up to look at her calmer face before Lillum spoke up.

"Still… you did insult my work… and I have two punishments for you, first is that for the next 24 hours, you will stay in this form, see how it feels to be like a woman for a day like Cedrina here did…" Lillum said for part one of the punishment while most of the women around Daniel grins or smirks at her.

Daniel gulps a bit before speaking.

"And the second?"

"Simple…. Just like Cedrina… I'll have you turn into a woman later for a lesson of mine… and just to be slightly nice… I'll even let you pick a woman to pop your newly acquired cherries while they punish you." Lillum said with a fanged grin while the others blush a bit when some of them looked at Daniel's female ass which was covered and gulped at the thought.

Daniel paled at the thought before lowering her head in defeat before speaking.

"Okay." She said.

"One last thing… and this is for you and Cedrina here…" Lillum said with an innocent smile on her face.

Everyone else, especially Cedrina, were confused after hearing that.

Lillum then gotta look on her face that made the previous one pale in comparison when shadows covered her face, two white dots were seen where her eyes were, and a pure white jagged smile appeared where her mouth was before she spoke up with a demonic tone like no other.

"If you two ever pull stunts like this again, then I will force you to have sex with one another while everyone here watches and no one can stop me, neither of you can, not Emerald, not Demonga, or even your damn parents... believe me... if you think that's a heavy punishment than you never seen where I lived… in an actual hell where the screams of the damn were a comment thing so it was like a lullaby for me as a child… so believe me, having you two go at it is the lightest thing I can think of right now." Lillum said while a pressure like no other pressed down on everyone that made the Students crash to the ground while Demonga and Emerald were shockingly forced to one knee.

Rachel, and Amanda shivered with fear while staring at Lillum with AWE since this was a side of said succubus they never seen before.

Audrey was now a bit scared since she never saw her Mistress this angry before or ever during her training.

Daniel and Cedrina were pale like ghosts before they spoke in unison.

"We understand Lillum/We understand Mistress." They said with some fear in their voices while making sure they don't make anymore mistakes like that again.

Emerald then got up before he placed a hand on Lillum's shoulder to snap her out of it before he spoke up.

"Enough Lillum… I think they get it." Emerald said to calm Lillum down before the pressure slowly lifts from everyone and they could breath and move properly.

Cream and the others From Angel City itself we're not too shocked from the display of power… but this was a first from being so close before they could breath properly.

Azure…. Was just snoring peacefully must to the amazement of Emerald who noticed and sweatdrops when he saw that before he looked to see if the others are recovering enough and when they were, he let go of Lillum's shoulder before she looked a bit worried.

"Sorry everyone… lost my temper a little." Lillum said to everyone after she let go of Daniel.

Daniel however was still feel down and sad after everything before thinking.

'Great… just great. Because of that laugh, I now have to face what Cedric is dealing with. Now everyone hates me. Even Cream. Wish I had my sword back so I can stab my gut after what happened.' He thought.

"So… everyone else forgive… Hmm… how about Daisy for now unless any of you have a better name for Daniel's female form right now?" Lillum said with a smile on her face.

"How about Danielle?" Cream suggests since it seemed to fit more.

Cedrina, Rachel, Amanda and Audrey took a moment to think before they nod their heads in agreement.

"So Danielle, what do you think?" Cream said to Daniel or Danielle now.

"Its fine." Danielle said with a sad tone while still not looking at everyone.

Cream sighs before she walked to Danielle and surprised everyone by punching her on the top of her head for some reason while some steam emits from the impact point.

Daniella grinds her teeth a bit while rubbing her head.

"Tell me, will you do that again?" Cream said while she looked down at the female Panda samurai.

"No." Danielle said which made Cream nod before she spoke up.

"Good." Cream simply said before she surprised everyone and shocked Emerald greatly, before Cream gripped the front of Danielle's robes and pulled her up and kissed Danielle on the lips.

Danielle was very shocked at the sudden move before thinking.

'Sweet kami...I'm kissing Cream!' She thought before kissing Cream back a little.

Cream after a minute pulls away before she spoke up.

"Now look around, some might be a little irritated, but we can never really hate you, especially people from Angel City who care for their friends more than others… no offence." Cream said before saying that last bit to the non-elementals AC students while the AC students did look calm after a short time.

Cedrina, Rachel, Amanda, Audrey, Lavender, Strike, and Sticks waved their hands a bit letting the rabbit know that no offence taken.

"So you can see, no one is really angry here for long unless they do something unforgivable, so cheer up alright?" Cream said to the sad Samurai.

Daniella did felt a little better before speaking.

"Yes, Cream-chan."

"Chan?" Cream asked since she never heard that term before.

"Sorry that's how people in Japan express a bit of their affectionate side to people they like. The men say chan to the women while the women say kun to the men." Daniella explained.

Cream blinked a few times while blushing before she sent Daniella a teasing grin.

"Well, Daniella-chan, hope you and I get better acquainted later to break this new form of yours in." Cream said with a teasing grin on her face.

Daniella blushed a bit brightly before she nods her head at Cream.

Emerald was facedown on the ground while his leg twitches and a mini-soul Emerald flows from his mouth while Demonga sweatdrops at that when he noticed.

Lillum chuckles at the display before Azure starts to stir next to Cedrina which got everyone's attention.

"Ohhh… what happened?... And… why is Cream messing with that female Panda… in robes like Daniel's?" Azure asked with a slightly dazed look when she didn't notice her clothing.

Then Rachel spoke.

"Well first sorry to Cream and Daniella to be blunt, but Daniel laughed a bit after seeing Cedrina which made Mistress get angry and punished Daniel by making him into a woman. Now Daniella has to be like that for 24 hours and we have to watch her lose her virginities."

Azure blinked a few times when she registers the question before a red mist seeps from her and she glared at Daniella.

Daniella paled at the stare before walking back a bit.

"Hoooo…. Mind if I help Cream?, After all, even if the others forgave her, I still want a bit of payback…" Azure said when her temper starts to get out of control.

Daniella was now scared shitless after hearing that before Cedrina wrapped her arms around Azure to help calm her down.

For a moment it did seem to help, but she still had a slight red mist emitting from her body, seems reasoning was needed right now for Azure.

Cedrina then used the thought crest to mentally speak to Azure.

"Azure, I know how angry you're feeling, but everything's fine now. Please don't be angry. If you calm down, I'll give you a nice massage later tonight."

Azure blinked a few times before she calmed down for a moment which returns her to her normal red state before she looked to Daniella.

"Better thank Cedrina now, thanks to this thought crest here, I won't have to bust into your ass later… but do something like that again…" Azure said before she trails off while the threat hanged in the air while Azure still looked a bit irritated, calmed down, but irritated.

Everyone else was wondering what Cedrina said in the thought crest before Daniella spoke.

"I-I promise. I won't do it again. Thank you Cedrina."

Cedrina waved her hand before she continues to hug Azure.

Azure in turn blushed some before she noticed her outfit and called out.

"WHAT THE HELL AM I WEARING!?" Azure called out with a slight blush a moment later, she looked like some kind of belly dancer right now.

Cedrina pulled back a bit before speaking.

"Well just to let you know, I didn't pick that outfit. But I think you look beautiful."

Azure blushed a bit more before Lillum spoke up.

"Yep, looks nice on you, and I worked extra hard to make them both fire and dark proof so you should have no trouble with your abilities now, I even added some surprising features to the other outfits as well." Lillum said with a smile on her face.

"Uh… before that… where is Maite?... and Tibet… and Aryk… thought they would be here." Azure said when she continues to wonder things since she woke.

Cedrina rubbed the back of her before speaking.

"Well…" She said before the scene changes to Tibet and Aryk first.

Mansion area/ ?/ Tibet, Aryk

Seems seeing Cedrina's new form really set Tibet off which resulted in Aryk being fucked on all fours on a large bed while Tibet gripped her waist and fucked her pussy with no mercy.

"S-Sorry Aryk, but…" Tibet tries to say but grunts for a second while she continues to fuck Aryk.

Aryk groans and moans from the pleasure before speaking.

"N-No worries Tibet. E-Even I couldn't contain myself." She said before moaning more.

Tibet didn't reply before she slammed her self into Aryk before she lets out a loud howl before she came hard into Aryk's pussy, thankfully she ordered Aryk to take birth control so stuff like this wouldn't get her pregnant.

Aryk moans loud while her eyes widen after feeling Tibet's cum in her pussy before cumming hard on Tibet's dick and yelled out with no restraint.

Meanwhile with the Students at the same time outside…

SB dimension/ Emerald's School/ Emerald, Lillum, Demonga, Daniel, Cream, Strike, Lavender, Sticks, Rachel, Audrey, Amanda

Everyone jolts a bit when they heard a howl followed by a yell which made the group outside sweatdrop before Azure spoke up with a half lidded look on her face.

"I see... " Azure said when an awkward silence filled the area while Emerald slowly got up when he recovered.

"You alright Emerald?" Rachel asked.

Emerald shudders a bit when he saw Cream holding Daniella before he spoke up.

"I'll… be fine… Cream's choice… it's Cream's choice…" Emerald mutters while he fought himself from attacking Daniella while Cream chuckles abit at how Emerald was acting, he was like a dad sometimes for her in the past so it made sense.

Everyone else sweatdrops while Daniella had a nagging feeling of Emerald being full on dad mode for Cream and something else.

"Er… and Maite?" Azure asked before Emerald spoke up.

"Well…" Emerald said before the scene shifts again.

Mansion/ Emerald's master bedroom/ Maite

When the camera came in, it showed Maite… and Emerald?... going at it with Emerald plowing Maite while she was on her back and a couple clones were in the frey with Maite jerking them off.

"Good… thing I have a clone doing the teaching right now...Damn, ever since you found out that you got pregnant… you won't stop asking for more… thought it was for later when that stuff happens." Emerald said while he continues to fuck Maite while the clones next to Maite agree while they grit their teeth from the pleasure.

Maite moans and groans for a few before speaking.

"S-Sorry if it annoys you… but ever since we found out that we're having twins, I've been feeling extra horny." She said before moaning loud before wrapping her legs around Emerald's waist.

"W-Well, g-good thing I can make clones… might… as well make sure… your satisfied… before I leave… clones won't… last long with you… so it looks… like the clones are taking charge of the class." Emerald said when he starts to thrust faster into Maite's pussy and the clones play with her breasts.

Maite moans loud in ecstasy from the intense pleasure she's getting before speaking.

"I-I'm sorry for disturbing your work, Emerald. I-I just love spending time with you."

"S-Same here… get… ready… g-gonna...gonna… CUM!" Emerald said before he growled out and slammed himself in one more time before he starts unloading in Maite's pussy with the clones doing the same by unloading on Maite's breasts.

"AAAAHHH!" Maite screams in ecstasy before climax hard on Emerald's dick before the inside of Maite's pussy coiled around Emerald's dick like it wants to milk out more of Emerald's cum.

Emerald in turn continues to cum for a moment before he tapped off and pulled free when his clones dispelled before he fell onto his rear to catch his breath while he looked to see how Maite was doing so far.

Said hedgehog pants a bit as her tongue hangs out while her body shudders a few times.

Emerald managed to catch his breath before he spoke up with a grin.

"So Maite… want to break in a larger form that I have?... I won't be able to later so think on it." Emerald said with a grin on his face and his eyes glowed for a moment.

Maite shudders a bit more before speaking.

"R-Regardless… I would still… say… y-yes."

The camera then turns when Emerald grins before his form shifts and his voice starts changing to Focus on Maite and her reaction.

"Well them… get ready Maite… cause I had to ask to borrow this form…. From another occupant in my head… and let's say that he has a really nasty temper normally, but when it comes to a mate… well… hope you enjoy this." Emerald said with an altered tone to Maite before the bed shifts quite a bit when thuds were heard and… something large dangles to the bed.

Maite's eyes widen in shock before she licks her lips before speaking.

"Come and get me big boy." She said with a grin before the scene shifts when Emerald in his new form approached Maite with loud thuds.

SB dimension/ Emerald's School/ Emerald, Lillum, Demonga, Daniel, Cream, Strike, Lavender, Sticks, Rachel, Audrey, Amanda

"... I don't know what they're doing in there but I was made right before they went in there and took the Bosses place since Maite… wouldn't let Emerald leave her side." Emerald… or the Clone said to the group.

Practically everyone but Demonga, Lillum, and Cream looked to the clone in shock while said clone rubbed the back of his head with a nervous grin on his face.

Azure, Strike, Lavender, Sticks, Cedrina, Rachel, Amanda, and Audrey blinked for a moment before blushing big after realizing the clone's double meaning.

"So… your a clone?... and Emerald is with Maite?" Azure said to be clear while the clone nods.

"Well considering most of you guys took 30 minutes to come back, or from what I heard from Lillum earlier when we ran into each other in town when she left Zooey's place, 8 hours should have pass for you all." The Clone said while giving Lillum a half lidded look to Lillum and the Students who stayed with her which made Audrey, Azure, Lillum and Sticks blush a bit from that since they were not any better.

Cedrina, Rachel and Amanda were in the same boat as well.

"And unless others are getting it on... I should say that we are getting a couple new students today." The Clone said with a grin on his face.

The students were surprised when they heard that before Cedrina spoke.

"Who are they?"

"Why not look behind beautiful." A female voice said before another spoke up.

"Yeah, my sister and I are hoping for a good reaction." Another female voice said from behind the group.

Cedrina and the rest of the students turned around before their eyes widen in surprise when they saw who the two new students are.

It… looked like they saw two women who looked a lot like Lillum, though instead of leotards, they wore skimpy bikinis for the beach like theme around here, they have large bouncing breasts that defied gravity and looked like a cup smaller than Lillum's, shapely hips that looked like you could bounce coins off of, beautiful figures that made them look like models… only difference with one was some cat like ears and an ebony skin tone to help tell a difference while Lillum had a happy look on her face when she saw them.

"Frost, Rose, you made it!" Lillum said when she flew forward and hugged them while the two women hugged Lillum back before one of them, the dark skinned one, spoke up.

"Hey mom, sorry were late, had to finish some training with our other mom Leonel before coming here." The Dark skinned women said while Lillum spoke up.

"No worries Rose, better late than never." Lillum said before she hugged them again.

Cedrina, Azure, Rachel, Amanda, Daniella, Sticks and Audrey were shocked when they saw that before thinking.

'They're her daughters?!' The seven thought while Azure blushed greatly when she saw the twins.

"Oh wow… really blame Mistress for this but… wow." Azure said while the twins giggle before the other one, Frost spoke up.

"Thanks hot stuff, maybe you and these other ladies I heard about can join me and my sister here in getting to know one another later." Frost said with a wink to the group before Lillum lets them go.

Cedrina, Azure, Rachel, Amanda, Daniella, Sticks and Audrey blushed a bit after hearing that before Sticks and Audrey lick their lips a bit.

'Something tells me that they're serious.' Rachel thought.

Daniella couldn't think or say anything as she still blushes after hearing Frost said that last part.

Amanda had this thought.

'I can't believe these to are Mistress's kids. I wonder if my kids will look like that.'

Audrey was just feeling a little excited after hearing what Frost said.

Cedrina then used the thought crest to mentally speak to Azure.

"Something tells me that they're serious Azy. Are you feeling okay by the way?"

"Don't know if it's the ears… but I think Rose looks hot… and her sister Frost… damn!" Azure thought which showed that Lillum's lessons really showed what her tastes in women can get to.

Cedrina was surprised when she heard that before she mentally chuckles before mentally speaking.

"You're right about that. But seriously are you okay?"

"Oh yeah, aside from the clothing being put on me while I was out... And Danielle insulting you… I'm really getting excited for the massage later." Azure thought when she took a second to glance to Cedrina.

Cedrina smile a bit at her feline girlfriend before thinking.

"Well I'll make sure to make this massage very special since you're the first one to receive it."

"And I'll make sure to return the favor afterwords… hopefully one on one for real this time." Azure thought back to Cedrina with some lust being sensed by Cedrina when Azure didn't hide it.

Cedrina blushed bit before she returns the same lust feeling before thinking.

"Definitely. Just you and me."

A moment later, a voice was heard behind the duo, a male voice.

"Whatcha talking about." The voice said which made the duo jolt before they look over to see the Clone next to them while kneeling down with a half lidded look on his face with a slight grin as well.

Cedrina gulped a bit but didn't want to say something.

"Well… Cedy and I have some real solo plans later to help us relax, hopefully that won't be a problem since as far as I know, we never really did since the last one had Tibet and Aryk in that." Azure said while sending the Clone a slight glare which made him sweatdrop since she didn't lie but still held back some info.

Cedrina nods in agreement but still didn't want to say a word.

"I.. see… anyway, were about to get into the lesson for real right now, Frost and Rose are sitting next to you two right now." The Clone said before he got to his feet and walked back to the head of the class.

Cedrina didn't know if it was a good or bad thing after hearing that before she went to sit with Azure.

Frost and Rose sat next to the duo on the ground before they sent the duo some flirt filled grins before they looked forward to watch Emerald when he got ready to start the lesson with the other students sat around them.

Cedrina and Azure blushed a bit from that before Rachel sat next to Frost.

Daniel was between Cream and Lavender while Amanda and Audrey were next to Strike and Sticks was sitting behind Rose while she had a grin on her face.

The Students then had to look forward when the clone cleared his throat before he spoke up.

"Now then… if I have your attention, I'll be continuing the practical uses of Chaos energy and how they can be used in Battle and out of battle." The Clone said with crossed arms while he looked to see if he had everyone's attention right now.

Everyone was indeed interesting in hearing more while waiting for the clone to continue.

"Good, now then, Rachel, tell me what you have learned so far since you are technically in the middle of the group in terms of Chaos energy, Cream has more experience using it, but Cedrina and Danielle barely have a clue since their more focused on Elemental energy, same with Azure and most of the Students here since they don't have the same level for Chaos energy and know more about Aura for some of them while the reverse can be said the same for others." The Clone asked when he looked to Rachel.

Rachel was a bit nervous before speaking up.

"Well I know that when your channeling chaos energy, it takes longer depending on your affinity."

"That's for when you get the energy channeled into you, I mean what do you yourself use it for or how do you use it in battle or your daily life?" Emerald asked to be clearer with his question.

"Well… Uncle Shadow just tells me that using my emotions can help. I'm trying to get the hang of Chaos Blast." Rachel said.

"Hmm… nothing else?, like Chaos spear or Lance?, or even how to use chaos energy to augment your actions?, I think I showed how last time with the bots, Chaos energy can be used the same way." Emerald said when he realized something.

"Hmmm… I don't think the Shadow of this world does that lance thing and we haven't got to the spear part yet." Rachel said.

"Oh wow… no offence but it seems this Shadow is weaker than the AC Shadow if he can't do the Lance move, it's like a concentrated chaos spear shot thats turbo charged… spears aside, have you seen him use a large single shot?, or no?" Emerald said with a raised eyebrow when it seemed like he had some work to do to help Rachel here.

"Hmmm, actually when I was little, I remember seeing Uncle Shadow and Uncle Knuckles bringing their wives, who are twins, along with their kids to a Bar-be-que at my dad's house and I saw Uncle Shadow showing off when he did that Chaos Spear to a large boulder. Seeing that made me want to learn from him."

"Hmmm…interesting to hear about the twins bit, guess they married two women each huh, ever seen him using that single shot move?, I get if you saw Chaos Spear, than that's a multishot move normally, Chaos Lance is a single move that is like a massive Chaos spear move with one shot only." The Clone said while he thought the Shadow and Knuckles of this world married two women here.

"Uh actually Emerald, the Shadow and Knuckles in my world have one wife each, but are twin sisters." Rachel said.

"Oh… my bad, in laws huh?, well this is going to be interesting when AC Shadow and Knuckles find out… still, know anything about that single shot move I have been talking about?" The Clone said while most of the students who didn't hear looked to Rachel with shock on their faces.

Rachel shook her head before putting her head down.

"Oh don't worry, I'll be giving the whole nine yards for these lessons, in fact, with enough training, you could kick this worlds Shadow's emo ass all the way from here to town and back when I'm through teaching you all." The clone said with a confident grin on his face.

That's when everyone heard a voice that sounds familiar to Amanda, Sticks and Rachel.

"I'm sorry but what did you just say?"

The Clone jolts with a shocked look on his face before he comically turns like a clock hand ticking before he saw a… familiar face behind him.

It was SB Shadow the Hedgehog and he was not looking amused right now.

"Hehehe… you… heard everything I said… did you…" The Clone said with a nervous look on his face.

"What was you're first clue?" SB Shadow asked before more people showed up behind him.

One was SB Knuckles and he's just like what SB Sonic described.

With him are two women who are identical and with 4 kids.

The two first kids were twins themselves.

They both look like Shadow, but have some purple stripes instead of red. Their eye colors are the same so the woman behind them.

The second boy looked like Knuckles, but with a slightly thinner build and a few purple streaks on her shoulders.

The last child is a fox like Tails and Zooey, with yellow fur, but has 3 tails.

The Clone looked a bit confused before he spoke to SB Shadow.

"Uh… before you decide to kick my ass, mind telling me how you found this place?, thought it was a bit out of the way here." The Clone said while hoping to calm SB Shadow down.

"Well, we were coming back from a trip and decided to stop by faker's house till we came upon this building that's never been here before. That's when I overheard you tell...Rachel is that you?" SB Shadow asked when he saw said hedgehog with a group of kids.

Hearing her name brought the attention of the kids behind SB Shadow and Knuckles before Rachel waved her hand before speaking.

"Hey Uncle Shadow."

SB Shadow would've said something before Knuckles spoke up.

"Sticks?, Amanda? What are you two doing here?"

Sticks grins at the duo before she spoke up.

"Oh, we're this guys students and I found a few people here who can… finally make me finish if you get what I mean, Azy here's one of them and she did it solo to boot, but that's when I got her pissed off enough to snap, hehe." Sticks said with a grin on her face when she placed a hand on a blushing Azure's shoulder while she looked down for a moment.

SB Shadow and Knuckles eyes widen in surprise when they understood that.

"Hehe, yeah… let's just say that the big breasted woman there… Lillum… is this classes sex ed teacher and would make you guys seem like mid bosses in comparison… but since she is a succubus then it makes sense since she is a sex demon after all." Sticks taunts while Lillum grins when she waved to the SB duo.

SB Shadow and Knuckles's jaws dropped when they heard that before Amanda spoke.

"I'm also under Lillum's teachings. And I'm learning a lot from her." She said with a smile.

"And don't forget my two daughters here, they got here a bit ago and their gonna help out with the lessons later." Lillum said with a teasing grin to the Students while Frost and Rose waved to the SB duo and their families to get their attention.

SB Shadow and Knuckles were again shock after hearing that while the boy that looks like Knuckles and the fox girl were just surprised at the news.

The Shadow kid twins looked shocked as well which made their own jaws drop as well while the two older twins did the same as well.

Azure than spoke up to Rachel when the families were distracted.

"Wow, he's… different than the Shadow we know… and the Knuckles here… lot… bigger than I would think." Azure said to Rachel when she looked to her girlfriend.

SB Shadow however heard that before speaking.

"I'm sorry, but did you say there's another me and Knuckles?"

Ironically enough, a small blue blur ran towards the group followed by a black, red, and tan colored blur before the tri colored blur managed to get the small blue blur near before stopping to reveal AC Shadow holding a hyper looking Charles by the back of his neck followed by AC Knuckles a moment later while AC Shadow spoke up.

"Finally got you you sugar demon… should have locked those pints of ice cream in that freezer…" AC Shadow said while his mouth was hidden by the collar of his cloak while AC Knuckles spoke up… seems they didn't notice the others yet.

"Yeah… remind me to warn Amy or something later about getting the freezer triple locked or something." AC Knuckles said while his one good eye looked at Charles when he shuddered when he remembered… the horrors in the kitchen.

SB Shadow and Knuckles didn't know what's going on before SB Knuckles spoke.

"Hey you two, put him down!"

AC Knuckles just looked to SB Knuckles with his one eye, but the look in his eye just froze everyone in place when a pressure emits from him before it fades.

"First off, since you guys were not here, we were given a message by your Sonic to look after Charles here, and second, this kid is hyper as hell, so sure we can put him down, but don't blame me when he shoots through rocks and stuff." AC Knuckles said with crossed arms and a half lidded look on his eye a moment later when Charles seemed to struggle in AC Shadow's one hand… why didn't he use both?

Just then, the Echidna boy behind SB Knuckles was surprised when he saw AC Knuckles before speaking up.

"Hey dad, that guy with the eyepatch looks like you."

SB Knuckles was confused before looking at AC Knuckles before speaking.

"You're right son, he does look a bit like me. Except he's a bit short and creepy looking."

AC Knuckles sweatdrops at the last two bit before he spoke up.

"Oh screw you tiny, I'm one of the strongest fighters where I'm from and the eyepatch and scars are from battles over the years." AC Knuckles said while using one hand to hide his middle finger from a sugar rushed Charles.

Most of the people sweat drops after seeing that.

SB Knuckles, however felt insulted from that remark before speaking.

"Oh yeah, we'll… double to you."

AC Knuckles just grins before giving the come get me gesture with his middle finger hand a moment later to taunt SB Knuckles.

SB Knuckles was now more pissed of before he just runs towards AC Knuckles with his fist ready.

Once he was close enough, SB Knuckles went for the punch.

To everyone's shock though, AC Knuckles just raised one finger… and blocked the punch and didn't even move from where he was while his finger emits an orange mist that was only noticeable to Aura users… to non aura users though… it looked like AC Knuckles just stopped SB Knuckles with one finger only.

Said Echidna was shocked before speaking.

"How'd you do that?"

AC Knuckles just grins more before he spoke up.

"We Knuckles may have muscle, but you don't know how to use Aura, stick around to learn about it and you'll find out why." AC Knuckles said when he just moved his arm a little and SB Knuckles got blasted back a bit and skids on the sand… far away from AC Knuckles.

"Dad!" The son yelled before going to SB Knuckles's side.

Staci and Perci's eyes widen when they saw SB Knuckles getting over powered before Staci rushed to his side with a worried look on her face.

"Knuckles!" Staci said before AC Knuckles spoke up with crossed arms.

"Don't worry, aside from a sore arm, he should be fine, my daughter in the group can attest to that since she could see what I did." AC Knuckles said while Strike stood up in her armored suit with her Helmet un-equipped before she silently nods in agreement before speaking.

"Normally, Aura users can highly damage non Aura users, but my dad here removed it from his finger somewhat to keep the shock to a minimum and boosts his arms strength and you got sent flying, simple move really but to those who can't see it… well…" Strike said when she steps out of the group while she fell silent… but the message was clear.

SB Shadow took a look at AC Knuckles before looking at AC Shadow before speaking.

"I take it that you're the other Shadow that the young feline spoke of?"

AC Shadow turns to SB Shadow with Charles in his hand before he spoke up.

"Indeed, I'm guessing you have questions besides the obvious right?" AC Shadow simply asked with a blank tone to his voice.

SB Shadow crossed his arms before speaking.

"Are you both from a world with another Faker?"

"Indeed, but unlike the one that you know, the one that I know could easily kick his... " AC Shadow said but feel silent when he looked at Charles before continuing.

"And unlike this worlds Faker, he won't hesitate to get rid of his enemies since the Robotnik of our world and other enemies have done some things that would make me want to crush his and this worlds Robotnik skulls under my boot… trust me, the Multiverse has strange things but the Faker I know has more sense in his head to get rid of some of his enemies… permanently." AC Shadow coldly said with a cold look in his eyes.

SB Shadow and Knuckles, who finally got up we're surprised when they heard that.

Then SB Shadow spoke.

"Are you two Rachel's teachers?"

AC Shadow spoke up to answer the question.

"No, Rachel is a student here and I may teach her and the others myself about Chaos energy since your lessons seemed to be bare bone since as far as I could tell with Rachel, she didn't even use and Chaos based abilities yet, and as for the alternate version if your curious..." AC Shadow said before Lavender stood up before she spoke up.

"That would most likely be me, I am the daughter of Sonic and Amy from my world who joined the others as a student, he's married to Amy and another Women named Blaze the Cat." Lavender said when she looked to Shadow with a calm look on her face.

SB Shadow raised his eyebrow after hearing that before SB Knuckles spoke.

"Wait… your saying that your world's Sonic has two wives?"

Before anyone could answer, the young fox girl walked towards Lavender before looking at her.

"May I help you?" Lavender said with a mannered tone when the fox girl got close.

"Sorry, it's just that you look a bit like Rachel." The fox girl said.

Lavender sweatdropped from that before she spoke up.

"I did just mention that I was the daughter of Sonic and Amy from my world right?" Lavender said before she looked to Rachel and spoke up.

"Mind standing next to me Rachel?, seems this person has trouble with listening." Lavender said with a irritated but controlled tone to her voice.

Rachel sweatdrops a bit before standing up and walked next to Lavender.

Aside from the different clothing styles, they looked like exact doubles, though unlike Rachel's more relaxed face, Lavender's was more calm and collected now.

"Hmmm, I see what you mean. I'm sorry if I offended you." The fox girl said which made Lavender nod her head gently before she spoke up.

"My apologies as well, I shouldn't have snapped like that but considering people ask me that on a daily basis here, I have gotten… slightly irritable… guess I know what it's like for Father and Shadow now since they get mistaken for each other daily." Lavender said with a polite tone to the Fox woman.

The fox woman nods before she took notice at Rachel's right arm before speaking.

"Rachel, what happened to your arm?" She said with concern in her voice.

SB Shadow walks towards the two before seeing Rachel's arm before speaking.

"What happen Rachel? You're arm wasn't like that before you left."

"I can explain that one for the most part, I share the bosses memories." The Clone said with a raised hand to get SB Shadow's attention.

SB Shadow was confused before speaking.

"What do you mean share memories?, Are you and this boss psychic or something?"

"Well… not quite, I'm a physical ability made clone of the original, you see we clones share every memory of the boss and when we get dispelled, our memories go to the original… so this saying would work really well if you attacked me." The Clone said before he quotes a movie or at least attempted to.

"If you strike me down, I'll return stronger than you can possibly imagine." The Clone said with an amused grin on his face.

Most people sweatdrop a bit before SB Shadow spoke.

"Okay first, nice quote but not even close. And second, if you're a clone, where's the real you?"

"Oh he and Maite are getting it on in the building there, Maite's even carrying his kids, twins even." The Clone said with no embarrassment whatsoever.

SB Shadow and Knuckles, along with their wives and kids, were shocked at the news before SB Knuckles spoke.

"Wait a minute, Maite is dating you and carrying your kids?!"

The Clone just shrugged before grinning before speaking up.

"In a nutshell yeah, the boss even got back at the other Ex's by A, pranking the ever loving crap out of them… and B, stealing a recently met Ex's girlfriend and added her to the group of ladies he romances, there she is now." The clone said while pointing at Audrey.

Audrey waved her hand at them.

SB Shadow raised his eyebrow before speaking.

"Okay nice work on the ex's thing, but how many lovers does this original have?"

"Hmmm… well, lost count after 20 or so, but it's mainly one or two, sometimes three per dimension for various reasons, now before you insult him just know…." The Clone said before he shocked everyone by unleashing so much power that his eyes glow and a pressure pushed everyone to the ground expect AC Shadow who made a barrier to protect Charles before the clone spoke up.

"Unless you hear the full story for each woman… don't insult the boss since he respects every single woman he meets… otherwise you'll be seeing why even though I'm a clone… I'm no pushover." The Clone said before he recalled the energy and pressure which released everyone into picking themselves up.

SB Shadow was surprised after feeling that, but wasn't phased for a bit before speaking.

"I believe you. And I know you've treated Maite with same respect as well since you know about those break ups she experienced."

"Well considering what the boss did was light… he could have easily tortured them than killed them and made it look like complete accidents, but he wanted things between Maite and him to work out so he held back, and the latest Ex actually attacked the boss but from the way the boss was standing, if he had dodged the attack, Maite would have gotten hurt so he took the hit on purpose, and Audrey, the Koala there, before she got… charmed by the Bosses clones, cheered the ex on, and if you're wondering how we went on that date..." The Clone said before he shifts into his cat Mobian form for the groups to see.

"Than this should explain one possible question." The Clone said with crossed arms.

The students remembered seeing the Cat Mobian look before they finally understood.

The other's who didn't though…

Staci and Perci's eyes widen before their jaws dropped from seeing that while the Shadow like twins mimicked them since… they never say anything close to that.

SB Knuckles and Shadow, along with Knuckles's son and the fox girl were surprised when they saw the clone shapeshifters.

"Than there's this…" The Clone said before shifting into the wolf form.

"Than this…" The Clone said before shifting into the hedgehog form before the clone returns to normal.

The two sets of twins jaws drop more at the sight before the Girl shadow twin spoke up.

"Uh… what… are you?" The woman said before Emerald looked to her with a grin.

"Emerald is the bosses name and Dimensional drifting and teaching is his game." The Clone said with an amused tone at his rhyme.

Most chuckled a bit before SB Shadow spoke.

"Well you already know who me and Knuckles are." He said before pointing at his family.

"That's my wife Perci and our children. My son's name is Night while our daughter's name is Dawn." SB Shadow introduce.

"Hey, Perci here in case you're confused, my sister and I look alike after all." Perci said with a smile on her face when she managed to calm down.

The Girl twin of Shadow than spoke up with a look that seemed similar to SB Shadow's before she spoke up.

"My name is Dawn, sister to Night here." Dawn said while she looked to her brother.

Said twin boy, waved his hand before speaking.

"Hello. Nice to meet you all."

AC Shadow looked to Dawn before he actually chuckles to most people's shock while Dawn frowns.

"And what's so funny?" Dawn said before AC Shadow looked to her.

"Cause I have a daughter myself named Dusk, but she's half Echidna and more like her mother, happy and annoying when she gets excited." AC Shadow said while the Students and people who knew smiles from the memories… to those who don't though.

Cedrina, Azure, Rachel, Daniella, Amanda, Sticks and Audrey were surprised after hearing that AC Shadow was a father himself.

Then SB Shadow chuckled as well before speaking.

"Good to know. Now over there next to Knuckles, would be his wife and Perci's twin, Staci. And the kid there is his son Impact."

AC Shadow and Knuckles looked to one another before AC Shadow and Knuckles looked to their variants before they spoke up with sorry looks in their eyes.

"My condolences." The duo said at the same time before they glanced to one another before looking away from one another.

SB Knuckles was confused before looking at SB Shadow before speaking.

"Why did they say sorry for us?"

SB Shadow, who knew what they're AC variants meant, looked to SB Knuckles before speaking.

"Don't ask." He said before pointing at the fox girl.

"Before I forgot, the fox girl is Sam, Tails' daughter, if you met him by any chance."

"Oh… we did… and Sticks screwed that meeting up somewhat… and Lillum… really got to know Zooey to… get the fabric for some of the Student's outfits… and the Boss met Zooey before that but… well… Lillum is a sex demon… so… put two and two together if you get where I'm going with this." The Clone said while Lillum just tapped the top of her head with her fist lightly.

"Tehe.." Lillum said like she was innocent looking right now.

SB Shadow and Knuckles looked to one another before their eyes widen in surprise.

Sam however didn't like the sound of that before speaking.

"Wait… what did she do to my mom?"

AC Shadow than starts to take a struggling Charles out of earshot since no amout of censoring would help this before Lillum spoke when it was safe.

"Well… to be blunt, your mom and I made a deal… and I rocked her fucking world right on her store counter, and she looked like she enjoyed it every step of the way." Lillum said while licking her lips when she looked to Sam.

The two sets of twins had shocked reactions from that blunt response and their eyes widen while they realized why Charles was taken out of earshot just now.

The Students just blush or sigh when they saw that answer coming a mile away and the Clone facepalms when he wished he could not see this.

Sam's eyes widen after hearing that before speaking.

"Does my dad know?"

"Hmm… he should by now if he went to the store earlier, I doubt Zooey could recover quickly after what I put her through and I even invited her to attend classes later to… spice up her sex life." Lillum said while grinning at Sam.

Said fox blushed big in embarrassment after hearing that before SB Shadow spoke.

"Okay, despite hearing these surprises, I still like to know what happened to Rachel."

"Oh… just wait… there's more surprises later… as for Rachel… well…" The Clone said before he breathed in before time advanced.

10 minutes later…

"And that is why Rachel has that Arm thanks to that Assassin and Heartless that can shapeshift to allow a second Rachel of sorts for Cedric to bump uglies with, Cedric and Daniel or Cedrina and Danielle are women, why Amy is pregnant with Lillum and Sonic's kid, and Tibet is pregnant with Cedric's kid, and why some of the students are in relationships with another." The Clone said before he breathed in and coughed a bit when he had to explain everything that happened and needed to breath while an extra clone came by with a glass of water for the main clone to drink.

SB Shadow and Knuckles, along with their family and Sam were shocked when they every detail of the story before SB Shadow spoke up.

"Okay… I have no idea what to say, except that I'm happy that Rachel's alright." He said before frowning a bit at Daniella and Cedrina before speaking.

"I hope you two learned a valuable lesson and be glad that your… girlfriends didn't leave you."

Cedrina and Daniella rubbed the back of their heads before nodding their heads at SB Shadow.

"So… any more questions?" The clone asked after he caught his breath.

SB Shadow and Knuckles looked to their families to see if they any questions.

Dawn spoke up with crossed arms when she looked at the clone.

"Can anyone join your class or is their a requirement?" Dawn asked the clone which made the clone grin.

"Sure and no requirement, just a drive to train mainly with a thirst for adventure since we'll be heading to other Dimensions to train in." The clone said which made Dawn smirk a bit before she spoke up.

"I want in then, seems like a good way to get stronger." Dawn said with a determined look in her eyes which glow for a moment.

Everyone was surprised at the request before looking at the Clone to see what his response.

The clone grins before speaking.

"Well we got someone as insane as Sticks with us… welcome aboard, you have to take a test when we get back to see what class type your in, but for now, welcome to the all type class, anyone else interested?" The clone asked before looking at the group.

Impact took a moment to think on that before speaking.

"If it's okay with my parents, I like to join as well."

Staci had to smile a bit when she heard that before she spoke up.

"I don't mind personally, I mean I met your father and he's strong looking from his own type of training, and with all of the ladies in class possibly more... I might see grandkids soon." Staci said with a teasing tone to both Impact and SB Knuckles.

Said duo blushed big after hearing that.

Perci however looked to Dawn with worry before she spoke up.

"Are you sure Honey?, I mean things sound dangerous already and this is their first world." Perci said while Dawn emits a surprising amount of power when she spoke up.

"Exactly mom… after hearing what happened to Rachel… do you really think I wouldn't join… training aside… I want to rip those bastards who harmed her apart… dad would do the same if you, Night, or anyone of his friends got hurt and Rachel is one of my closest friends…" Dawn said with anger radiating off of her.. seems a friend getting hurt is a anger causing button for her.

Everyone was a bit surprised when they saw that.

SB Shadow however chuckled a bit before wrapping his arms around Dawn before speaking.

"That's my little girl." He said before hugging her and kissing her forehead.

Dawn calmed down greatly after that before blushing a bit and looked away.

"D-Dad, not in front of the others." Dawn said when she felt embarrassed right now.

Azure chuckles a bit before looking at Rachel.

"I like her, good friend you got Rachel." Azure said to Rachel when she saw Dawn getting embarrassed.

Rachel giggled a bit before speaking.

"Indeed I do."

"She one of the strongest fighters here around your age right?, or is Night the strongest?, I mean from before you left for Angel City?" Azure asked Rachel when Dawn emits some serious power when she was angered.

"Actually, even though Night looks calm, he and Dawn are both equally strong." Rachel said.

Azure looked a bit confused at that when she had an odd feeling when she looked at Dawn before Demonga actually spoke up from nearby.

"Interesting... mind if I test that?" Demonga said all of a sudden which caused most to jolt since he barely speaks at all.

Dawn looks at Demonga with a raised eyebrow before she grins at him before speaking.

"Sure. I don't mind getting a challenge."

"Uh… just to point out, Demonga is like both Shadows here, an ultimate lifeform in the shape of a human… it would be like fighting your dad if he had an affinity for electrical energy." The Clone points out nearby while Demonga raised an eyebrow at the clone with crossed arms.

Dawn scoffed a bit before speaking.

"I'm not backing down from anything."

"Alright, but just a heads up, Demonga knows how to use both Chaos energy and Aura and we all know how that worked out between the two Knuckles there, Demonga, have fun and Dawn… good freaking luck." The Clone said when it gave up trying to calm things down while Demonga looks to Dawn.

"Follow me, we got an open combat area here so there shouldn't be an issue there." Demonga simply said before he turned to the combat area and surprised everyone by turning into a bolt of lightning and appearing in the middle of the combat field not a second later with his arms crossed.

Everyone else was surprised at Demonga's move before they all head to the combat field.

Once there, Dawn then step forward to the field.

That's when SB Shadow calls out.

"Be careful out there Dawn!"

Perci then called out to her as well.

"Yeah, be careful sweety, no need to prove anything, just come back safely!" Perci called out to Dawn next to SB Shadow with her hands cupping her mouth.

Dawn blushed a bit at her parent's words before focusing her attention on Demonga before stopping in front

All Demonga did was just uncrossed his arms before he just raised one hand and gave Dawn the come get me gesture before he stood there after he placed his arm at his side.

Dawn waited a couple of seconds before she went to attack.

Dawn ran for a bit before she jumped up and went for a flying kick.

Demonga however just stepped away before Dawn lands next to him with a loud bang like sound before he just placed his hands in his pockets before he spoke up.

"That all?, guess I shouldn't expect much if that's your opening move." Demonga simply said to Dawn.

Dawn scoffed a bit before speaking.

"I'm just getting started." She said before pointing her fist at Demonga before yelling.

"Chaos Blast!" She said before a beam shot out of her fist and head straight to Demonga.

To everyone's shock, Demonga just stood there before he took his hand out of his pocket before the beam connects with his hand… and he held the beam back with ease while he still had a blank look on his face before he clinched his hand and the beam of energy dissipates to show he was unharmed.

Dawn's eyes widen a bit after seeing that.

"You think that's a Chaos Blast right?, why don't I show you a real Chaos Blast?" Demonga said before he starts to walk to Dawn while his entire body sparks with red energy.

"Chaos..." Demonga said while everyone felt his energy building before his eyes widen a bit before he growled out.

"Blast!" Demonga growled out before a pillar of energy shot from his body before the Pillar starts to widen to encompass the field and towards Dawn and the pillar of energy shot into the sky to show that Demonga had more energy than the SB and non AC residents even knew.

Dawn then suddenly teleport to get away from the blast before appearing up in the air.

The Blast of energy fades to reveal Demonga was in the middle of a scorched area before he looked up to Dawn to see what she would do next.

Dawn was still shocked at the power Demonga demonstrated before she got angry before shouting out.

"Chaos lance!" She yells before throwing said lance at Demonga.

Demonga in turn just stood there for some reason while the attack connects before a cloud of dust formed around him after a loud bang.

Everyone else, including Dawn, wonder what was happening.

But to everyone's shock… the cloud vanished to show Demonga never moved… in fact, aside from blue electrical sparks every few seconds… he looked unharmed...

Cedrina, Azure, Rachel, Amanda, Daniella, Audrey, Sam along with Dawn's family members were staring at AWE at Demonga's power.

Dawn was now getting frustrated till she continues using Chaos Lance at Demonga.

Demonga just stood there for the first few hits before he vanished with a burst of speed before he reappeared behind Dawn in the air with one foot raised before he just kicked her and launched her at the ground which results in a loud bang when she lands in a cloud of dust before Demonga lands on his feet and placed his hands in his pockets.

Everyone, included Dawn's family, were shocked after seeing Demonga do that.

Dawn groans in pain as she tries to get up before SB Shadow rushed to his daughter's side.

Demonga just watched since he wanted to see what this Shadow would have to say to Dawn… he could probably use it since he could sense something… off with Dawn and wanted to test something out.

SB Shadow picked Dawn up before he heard his daughter spoke.

"I-I'm sorry Dad. I failed you." Dawn said before a bit of tears starts to leak out.

SB Shadow was a bit surprised to hear that before he hugged Dawn a bit before speaking.

"It's okay, you did your best. I'm proud of you no matter what."

Though what Demonga said next would piss off practically everyone except for the clone and Lillum.

"Too bad her best wasn't good enough, I'm honestly shocked to say the least since she's your daughter… she may have power but doesn't really know how to use it or maybe… your just a soft Shadow and took it easy on training her… either way… a weakling is a weakling." Demonga coldly said to SB Shadow while he ignored the anger pointing his way from multiple people.

SB Shadow was angry after hearing Demonga's words before speaking.

"You know nothing of me. I have not gone soft. I care for my wife and kids, along with my friends."

Demonga than surprised everyone by actually chuckling for a moment before he looked to SB Shadow with a cold look in his eyes.

"Than let me tell you this, I'm being nice by doing this to her, I'm taking things easy yet I managed to beat her easily… we may have students here, but her anger could get her killed… believe it or not, from what I heard so far, a certain group that has been an enemy of Charcoal there could be leading the people who made the assassination attempt on Cedrina's life there… and a few of those guys can easily kill me if I'm not careful so tell me… am I wrong in what I'm doing… I may be a bastard to all of you, but the fact of the matter is… I'm trying to keep her from getting killed… and as for that remark of not knowing anything about you…" Demonga said before he vanished with a burst of speed before he appeared right in front of SB Shadow with glowing white eyes.

"I could say the same thing back to you since you have no idea about me or your counterpart who's keeping an eye on Charles… but this is your daughter's fight and you have no right to interfere like that… I mean haven't you insulted her enough by doing that." Demonga coldly and cryptically said to SB Shadow before he starts to walk away from him.

SB Shadow still glares at Demonga, but deep down he realized the mistake he just made by getting in way.

SB Shadow put his head down as he felt regret by doing those actions.

Demonga than looked back to SB Shadow before he spoke up.

"You might not sense it…or you just don't want to... but I can tell that if she really went all out, than she would easily overpower you and that brother of hers and actually give me a slight challenge… but with how you treat her and how prideful you might be, she must hide that to help you save face… but then again, what do I know about you and your family… you should be the one who knows your daughter best right?" Demonga cryptically said before he starts to walk away with one last sentence.

"I'll be either napping or training alone, if your daughter is interested in a rematch, and actually wants to go all out… send her to me… who knows, I might even personally train her to get her to use her full power." Demonga said while he continues to walk away.

SB Shadow let all the words that Demonga said sink in before a bit of tears starts to leak out before speaking.

"I'm sorry Dawn. It seems I'm the one that failed you."

The Clone then approached the duo with a concerned look on his face.

"Try not to feel bad about what just happened and try to not let Demonga get under your skin, he normally does that even if it makes him look like an ass because he just wants to keep your daughter safe, technically he would be her uncle since he and our Shadow grew up together." The Clone said while pointing to Demonga who vanished with a burst of speed a moment later.

Most of the people that heard that were shocked at the info.

SB Shadow doesn't look at Emerald before speaking up.

"But the bastard is still right. I humiliated my daughter by interfering her match. And also I'm ashamed to admit it… but I now feel like I'm holding her back when he mentioned how powerful Dawn can be."

"Well what father wouldn't try and protect their kids... no father can be perfect after all, as for her power, I'm sure Lillum would agree with me in that she and I can sense it as well, honestly in this world, it seems she easily overpowers the other students in raw power and she's still holding back, kinda scary if you think about it but eh, what the hell.. before she goes to Demonga for a rematch if she's stubborn about it, I'll see if I can't get some of that power unlocked, that is if she agrees to it." The Clone said while sending SB Shadow a grin.

SB Shadow this time looked at The Clone before looking at Dawn before speaking.

"Dawn, do you still want to be part of that group?"

Dawn was still aching while she laid in her dad's arms before she spoke up.

"Y-You...kidding... I-I'm not… gonna back down… a-after all… I-I'm your d-daughter right?" Dawns said with a slight grin on her face which showed that even after getting beaten… she was still willing to power through the pain.

SB Shadow smiles a bit at her before speaking.

"Yes you are. And if that's what you want, then I won't stop you. I already embarrassed you enough and I don't want to hold you back for anything."

The Clone had to grin at the sight when it saw the two and that Dawn seemed to finally pass out before he clears his throat.

"Well then, why not take her back to your home to rest and I can have her catch up with the others later, for now, why not have Night at least attend this class for now to see if interests him or not, a trial run so to speak." The Clone said while pointing a thumb at Night.

SB Shadow looked at his son before speaking.

"What do you think son?"

Night took a moment to think before speaking.

"I can try it out. If it's okay with mom."

"Well… as long as things don't get to dangerous I'm fine with it… not that I'm trying to hold you back… but…" Perci said when she felt worried about Night after seeing Dawn getting hurt like that.

"Oh don't worry, first few days are just lessons about Chaos energy and Aura and their applications in and out of battle, honestly the only thing Night would have to do is follow the others to certain areas so I can demonstrate the moves themselves." The Clone said to help ease Perci when she looked worried to him but Perci looked more relaxed after hearing that.

"Then I'm in." Night said before Impact came up to him before patting his back.

"Welcome to the party cuz. I have a feeling things are gonna get interesting. And who knows, we'll probably get to meet more lovely ladies along the way."

The Clone grins when he leaned in to tease Impact a bit.

"Easy Romeo, quite a few of these ladies are already taken, think like that and Cedy and Danny here might think your gunning for their girls." The Clone said with an amused tone.

Impact, who remembers hearing the Clone's story, looked at Cedrina and Daniella, whom said female wolf and panda were now looking at Impact with looks that said 'don't even think about it'.

Impact sweatdrops a bit before speaking.

"No worries. I would never do nothing like that."

"Oh no worries, I mean you and the other Students got these sex ed lessons from Lillum, her daughters, and Audrey there later so it's not like you won't get any… I mean schooling aside, were all adults here right?, I mean you are over 18 yes?, or did you just get your somewhat bulky build from your dad early?" The Clone asked while Frost, Rose, and Audrey looked to Impact with grins on their faces and waved to him while winking.

"I'm 20, just like Dawn and Night."

"Good to know… anyway, Sam, want to join in as well?, figure I should ask you and you can talk with your family about it later if your interested." The Clone said while he looked to the three tailed fox.

Sam took a moment to think before she nods her head at the Clone.

Lillum though put her two cents in to mess with Sam a little.

"Well if she can even walk and talk after I got through with her, than you might be only able to talk to your dad… but if your mom can walk, she might actually encourage joining for a few… reasons." Lillum said with a teasing grin on her face.

Sam blushed brightly after hearing that while the others sweatdrops at Lillum's antics.

Cream than spoke up after raising her hand.

"Um… Sam… I'm just wondering if you do join, what kind of abilities do you have?" Cream asked since she was curious and the others looked to her, than everyone looked to Sam to see what she would say.

Said female fox rubbed the back of her head before speaking.

"Well… I don't think I have anything in the powers department. The only thing I have is my dad's love for technology and building things."

The Clone then decided to make a funny moment when he pulled out a Microphone from his pocket and spoke into it.

"It looks like we got a mechanic inclined badass than, everyone please lend a hand for her and give her the courage to join!" The Clone said while a few students chuckle at the Clones antics before they start clapping and what not to cheer Sam on.

Azure, Cedrina, Rachel, Daniella, Amanda, Audrey, Impact, Night and everyone else cheered Sam on to join before said female fox blushed a bit at the cheers before she smiles at everyone before speaking.

"Okay, I'll do it."

The Clone than spoke into the Microphone like an announcer again.

"And there you have it people, Sam the Fox has joined the team, give her a hand everyone!" The Clone said before everyone did so as well for a minute before everyone fell silent when the Clone held up a hand.

"So… unless we have anything else to worry about, let's get the Students sitting together and if the Parents want, they can stick around to see how lesson one turns out." The Clone suggests to everyone with a grin on his face.

That's when SB Shadow spoke.

"I'm gonna take Dawn to my house so she can rest and heal. Do you want to come with me Perci or stay to watch Night?"

"Hmm… I'll stay here for a bit to see how things are with Night than come home to help with Dawn, hope you don't mind watching her for an hour or so." Perci said while she kissed SB Shadow on the lips for a moment and pulled away to whisper into his ear.

"Besides… seeing you all fatherly is really getting me hot and bothered… hope the bed can take what I'm going to do to you later." Perci whispered with a teasing tone so that only SB Shadow would hear.

SB Shadow blushed brightly at his wife's actions before whispering back with a grin.

"I'll see you later." He said before he starts heading towards his house while carrying Dawn.

Perci smiles when she heard that before AC Shadow walked back to the group with a calmer Charles in hand before he spoke up after he looked to Rachel.

"Is it alright to set Charles down Rachel?, he might zoom off if I do though." AC Shadow said while he looked to a more sluggish Charles.

Rachel took a moment to think before speaking.

"Bring him to me. I'll hold him."

AC Shadow did so before he plopped Charles on Rachel's lap before he starts to walk away before Perci spoke up.

"Um… excuse me…" Perci said which got AC Shadow's attention before Perci spoke up.

"Do you… think it would be possible if you could help check on Dawn later?" Perci asked which made AC Shadow just look to her before he silently walks away before the clone spoke to her when she felt a bit irritated when AC Shadow didn't answer her.

"Eh, don't worry, the silent thing is normally a maybe that is leaning to yes, doesn't matter what version, but the Emo incarnates normally care more than they let on." The clone said with the others able to hear him while Perci giggles a bit before the clone spoke up.

"Now then… on to the lesson of Chaos and Aura energy and their uses in and out of battle, any questions before we start?" The Clone said before waiting for a question.

No one said anything till Sam raised her hand.

"What is Aura?"

"Well… in a nutshell without getting too complicated is that Aura is the life energy of the body being used to strengthen it, no worries about burning out if you think it's not recoverable but using to much can be fatal, just get a good night's rest and a meal before or after sleeping and you should be good to go, normally only Aura users can see Aura since it's mainly an invisible force of sorts, think of killing intent as one example, it might not be Aura exactly… but with Aura enhancing it…" The clone said before his eyes snapped open and a horrible pressure shot everywhere which made Everyone but Lillum, Cream, Lavender, AC Knuckles And Strike, jump back from the clone in shock and fear before the clone relaxed and the pressure fades before he spoke up.

"Sorry but that was one of the ways I learned how to Identify if an Aura user was targeting me, another example is more of a comparison, but think of this, pretend you're standing in the harshest blizzard imaginable and you have no clothing at all, in a nutshell shell for what just happened, the ones who jumped back couldn't withstand the force and retreated while the ones who could had brought up their defenses, and another example was when Demonga took the Chaos Lance earlier, thanks to Aura, his bodies defenses were amped greatly and he came out unscathed as a result, are you all following so far?" The clone asked when it looked to Everyone around him.

Sam, along with Night and Impact nod their heads at the clone.

The other non Aura users finally got why Demonga got out of that predicament without issue before Azure spoke up after calming down.

"W-Well.. we get that now with what happened to Knuckles and Demonga here, but is there other uses for it?" Azure said which made the clone grin before three more clones walked from a storage looking are before The main clone spoke up.

"Glad you asked, before we start, I want to explain the categories of Aura and how you guys are separated into them thanks to a method of quick unlocking and the water glass trick." The Clone said with a grin on his face to the Students.

"What's the water glass trick?" Cedric asked.

"Well it's only for fully trained Students who manage to see and manipulate Aura, but I'll have Cream demonstrate the Water Glass Method, or Water divination as the proper name goes." The Clone said while Cream smiles when she got up while the extra clones set up the method… a simple table with a see through glass and plain water that filled half of the glass.

"Now watch… you'll see that Cream here has one of six categories here that she specializes in." The Clone said while Cream stopped at the table and held her hands next to the glass without touching it and looked like she was focusing… to the Non-aura users, it looked like nothing was happening for a moment… until…

The water itself seems to slowly rise and spill out of the glass… it was like an invisible faucet was filling the glass without water actually filling while the clone grins when he looked to the Students before speaking up.

"Cream here held back but in a nutshell, she is an Enhancer class Aura user since the water overflowed when she applied to the water, there are 6 classes that Aura can be categorized as and Enhancer is one of them." The Clone said to the Students and waits to see if they were following.

Some of the students, who were shocked at Cream's skill, were very eager to know more before Daniella raised her hand before speaking

"And the other 5 categories?"

The clone grins before holding up 6 fingers and starts counting down with each type listed.

"First is Enhancer, it's a aura type that's focused on close combat and augmenting ones body for hand to hand based battles, their normally open about their thoughts personality wise." The clone said before lowering a finger.

"Second is Transmitters, they are normally tricky minded people, and they can use techniques that reflect that with random or unpredictable effects." The Clone said before lowering finger two.

"Third is Emitters, normally impatient people, not detailed oriented and quick to get violent, they are similar to Enhancers in that they can be impulsive but they normally calm down and forget things easier, they normally have long range abilities as a forte." The clone said before lowering Finger three.

"Forth is Conjurer's, they normally have high strung or overly serious or stoic, they are normally on guard, smart, and plan things in advance which is a forte, and they can create objects made of Aura that can be used in senseable ways in and out of battle." The clone said while lowering the fourth finger.

"Fifth is Manipulator, logical people who advance at their own pace, they can argue with others but want to keep their families and loved ones safe, but are too damn stubborn about listening to others when they have their own goal in mind, manipulators are able to manipulate people, objects, like smoke or Paper that has been hardened with Aura, but that is later since I need to go over the very basics of Aura after this." The Clone said before lowering a finger.

"Finally is specialist, they are normally loners and surprisingly popular, they like to keep to themselves but are surrounded by people, they normally as their class says, have a move that is unique to them that can't be categorized by the other 5 categories and focus on that skill only, I know a guy who has a specialist ability that allows him 100% control of the other 5 categories when a certain condition is met which makes him one scary Aura user, but it comes at a cost to him, but that is a story for another day." The clone said when he lowered his sixth finger and waits for questions.

The students paled a bit as they didn't like the sound of the cost thing before Impact raised his hand.

"So we're going to learn all categories or do each of us get one category that we can do best at?"

"Well… hard to say but it would be best to do this, work on what your best at and the two types next to your main category to give you some skills there since if you go farther, the harder it is to learn… think like this, Cream is a Enhancer, so she can go 100% into The Enhancer category but she can only use the Emission and Transmutation category at 80% effectiveness, any further and the effectiveness drops by half to 40% so I would say for Enhancers, stick to those two categories if you want to spend out more with an efficient manner, I'll make a graph to show the iconic category wheel so that you can decide to either focus on one single category or go for a double or triple threat." The Clone explained to Impact and the others.

The students nod their heads in understanding as they let the info sink in.

"Now, anything else before I go to the very basics on training your Aura to a safe level for a full awakening?" Emerald asked to make sure no issues were left.

Students tried to think on one before they shook their heads in unison.

Emerald nods before he spoke up.

"Now, to learn Aura properly, there are four starting steps you need to take, you will need to use these daily to train your Aura so don't forget these, and it will help now since everyone has a tiny amount leaking from them before they can control it." The Clone said before continuing.

"The first step it called Ten, or Shroud, is the process of keeping something called Nodes open, nodes let Aura escape the body slowly, but Ten keeps the Aura locked around the body instead of leaking away, best I can say is that it feels like a lukewarm, viscous fluid all around your body, it helps keep the body youthful so there is the reduced aging effect of this step, and Ten is also the most Basic defense against Aura based abilities, it also helps with physical defense but you need to be careful if the attack is enhanced with Aura, and through constant meditation and Practice, you can do it in your sleep, it's like riding a bike or breathing, you never forget how to do it since it will be apart of your daily life, it's the easiest but most important step as the better Ten you have the more control you have over your Aura." The Clone said while he waits to let the info sink in while Staci leans in a bit to Rachel when she stepped close and whispered into her ear.

"Think I can get in on this?, that Aura thing is like every woman's dream." Staci said while Perci walked over before pinching her sisters ear and starts to walk away with Staci in tow while she keeps saying ow.

"Don't interrupt them sis, maybe you can later, but for now, let them focus." Perci said while the Clone sweatdrops from that before looking back to see if the Students got all of that.

Students did understand what Emerald meant after they, especially Night and Impact, sweatdrop after seeing Perci pinching Staci's ear.

"N-Now… the second step is called Zetsu, Cedrina here can help identify if since another clone used it to track her when she was a man on Angel City, it's the opposite of Ten in that it closes the nodes that let Aura leak out and it makes your presence harder to sense and it's perfect for trackers, but not impossible for people to sense if said 5 senses like sound and sight are high enough, even strong Aura users can hide their aura fro. Others with this and it can be used to recover faster from fatigue, but try to keep that part for when you know your in a safe place since you would be completely defenseless from others and can take massive damage from Aura based hits, even weak ones." The Clone explained before he used Zetsu in front of everyone and he just walked by people and knelt next to Cedrina before he let his Zetsu lift which revealed his presence to everyone and they all jolt while The clone grinned at Cedrina since she wanted to know that move was done in the past.

Said female wolf did remember that which made her more determined to learn that move.

The Clone chuckles from the look on Cedrina's face and the Student's reaction from the Zetsu move before The Clone got up and walked back to the front of the Students before he turned to them and spoke up.

"This Next move is the opposite of Ten called Ren… in a nutshell it's... like... THIS!" The Clone called out before a massive pressure explodes from him which knocked all of the students onto their backs while the Clone spoke up when the pressure recedes.

"In a nutshell, this move makes the Aura around you amplify around you and allows you to use higher level techniques and stronger power with physical attacks, but it's like a double edge sword since it can eat up Aura, one can train their Ren so it can be used longer in and out of battle, but normally it takes one month of training to only get 10 minutes out of battle, so if Ten is the defensive style of Aura, than Ren is for the offensive style." The Clone explained while it waits for everyone to pick themselves up and for questions so far.

The students, who were still shocked from that action, sat back up before Rachel spoke up.

"What happens if you train in Ren, more than a month? Like say in a year."

"Than you would have more than 10 minutes, it might not be 10 every month, but the time you could use Ren would increase more, and you know what they say, practice makes perfect." The Clone said with a grin on his face.

"So… anymore questions before I get to the final basic step?" The Clone asked with crossed arms.

The students shook their heads as they wanted to hear the last step.

"Alright, the final basic step is called Hatsu, It is normally influenced by the category your in and is used to project the Aura into a special or unique paranormal ability that is normally called a Nen ability, Nen is another word for Aura if any of you are curious, even though it's called a basic ability, its mainly to allow the activation of a Nen ability so it's… a bit hard to just say that it's categorized since it mainly depends on the person, are you all following so far?" The Clone said while shrugging a bit near the end.

"And that is the four basic steps since Hatsu can't be shown right now since only a small amount of you can see Aura, any questions before we start the Chaos energy section?, everyone will be able to see it easily unlike Aura which needs the Nodes activated in your eyes." The Clone asked before waiting for questions.

The students let the info sink in before they shook their heads so they can learn the on Chaos energy.

The Clone grins before speaking up.

"Great… cause unlike Aura… you can use Chaos energy in so many ways that only your imagination is the main thing use for it, Chaos Energy is by Nature unstable… But that unstableness is the key for that freedom… but when combined with your Aura category... well… you really start to get strong after that..." The Clone said while green mist seeps from his body.

The students watched closely at the green mist that the Clone released.

However the mist vanished when the clone look serious.

"Now before I get started, I want to let those who don't know know about this, but Chaos energy can be classified into two categories, Light attribute and Dark Attribute without any elemental energy amping the attack, for light, positive emotions are needed while for Dark, negative emotions are needed to power the attack, so the stronger your emotions, the stronger the Chaos based ability, it might be a given but it can also be a dangerous tool if you lose control." The Clone said with a serious look on his face while Azure looked a bit depressed when she remembered her home… and the home she destroyed.

Cedrina noticed that before she grabbed Azure's hand before squeezing it a bit in a comforting way.

Azure jolts a bit before she blushed when she felt that and felt a bit better before she lightly squeeze Cedrina's hand to let her know she felt better before the Clone spoke up.

"But trust me, keep the energy under control and you can do things like this…" The Clone said before he held his hands out and a green plasma like barrier covered everyone around them which gave them a green hue when the sunlight hit the barrier.

"One decent defense is to make a barrier of Chaos Energy around you and your allies to block certain attacks, but it's not perfect… but something this… makes some very interesting maneuvers in combat or when getting from A to B quickly." The Close said before the barrier vanished before the Clone took a step forward and before his foot could hit the ground… a pulse of green energy emits from his foot before he stepped up… and actually starts walking up into the air like he was climbing stairs.

The students stares at AWE as they continue to watch before the Clone stopped a bit high into the air.

"So tell me, have any of you gotten into manipulating Chaos Energy this well?, or can at least create a barrier?" The Clone asked before Cream, who was smiling, raised her hand, and Lavender who did the same with a calm expression a moment later while Strike did the same.

"I can walk on barriers but I'm still working on making them more efficient." Cream said before Strike spoke up.

"Similar, but focusing on defense." Strike said with Lavender speaking up.

"Same as Strike but I'm about to work on Barrier walking." Lavender said while she lowered her hand.

Cedrina, Azure, Rachel and Daniella shook their heads.

Night, Sam and Impact stayed silent since they never done that before.

"Well then, it's your lucky day everyone, cause today is the day that I unlock Chaos energy in you all safely, all you need to do is to remove your shirts for the men, and for the women, please equip this lovely skin tight shirt, loose clothing will just be blown away into shredded remains so try and not think that I am like Lillum here." The Clone said while holding out a surprisingly small but stretchy shirt that the clone stretched before looking to a laughing Lillum at the last bit.

Everyone sweatdrops at that before the students, or in this case, Impact and Night, blushed a bit before the two only boys removed their shirts which showed off their torso with a bit of muscles.

Frost and Rose giggle a bit when they saw that while some of the women around them did so as well

Cedrina however looked at the two boys before thinking.

'Wow do they look hot. *Record Scratch*... Did I just think… OH NO!' She thought with horror.

However Cedrina's hollow sounded amused when she responds.

"Well considering that the big breasted bitch messed with our head, you might as well be a full on woman… honestly since I'm your instinct… I feel drawn as well… hehe…. And I just realize that Azure might be listening in…" The Hollow said with an amused tone before she fell silent.

Cedrina paled a bit before mentally thinking to Azure.

'Um… Azure? Did you hear what my hollow and I thought?'

"Oh yeah… definitely some dream material there…" Azure thought back with an amused tone to Cedrina while she herself had an amused grin on her face.

Cedrina then covered her face as she was now embarrassed as hell.

Azure however chuckles a bit before thinking back.

"At least its not Daniella and complete strangers right, what happens in this Dimension, stays in this Dimension right… HAHAHAHA!" Azure thought before she mentally busts out laughing while she had to fight from laughing physically.

Cedrina was now blushing mad in embarrassment before thinking.

"God… if only there was an ancient temple I can find where I could hide in peace after this.'

"Do I even need to respond to that one?, I mean I did say that I could try turning into a man to experiment with Mistress's help and we did have fun so what's the difference between genders?, granted I don't want to bump uglies as a guy but still, you got the body of a woman who can make practically anyone go wild from just looking at them." Azure thought while she subconsciously sent some jealous waves to Cedrina.

'Yeah part of that doesn't make me feel better.' Cedrina thought before Azure spoke up.

"Well consider this then, can you really complain when you never did it with a guy in that form, I mean I doubt you will when your back to normal but I doubt Mistress would screw up with her work in your head by making anything negative happen, so for all you know you might actually like it, or not, like I said, never tried it." Azure thought to try and calm down Cedrina somewhat.

Cedrina took a moment to think on that before thinking to Azure.

"I guess you're right Azure. If I haven't done it, then I have no reason to complain."

"Well than, guess I have something in mind for later than." Azure just simply thought back to Cedrina in a cryptic way while she walked over to Emerald and grabbed a shirt before she went behind a rock to change.

Cedrina now had a bad feeling what Azure meant before she got and just walked up to Emerald, while showing no emotion before grabbing the second shirt before she went behind a tree to change.

Everyone else did the same before they exit one by one till everyone saw Azure and Cedrina… and… the coloring for Azure… kind of had Emerald sweatdrop while Cream had to cover Charles's eyes and The Clone had a different clone takes Charles away to play a video game the extra told Charles about before he could get a good look.

It… kind of looked like Azure was wearing nothing for torso while Cedrina's full upper figure was seen even if it was covered in a black cloth.

Azure had to blush a bit when it kind of looked like she was only wearing her belly dancer pants after removing the red top, she still had the jewelry equipped so she still had the bangles and the hair piece.

Cedrina blushed a bit as well while turning her head away a bit so she wouldn't look at the others before she walk towards them before sitting down.

She still didn't look.

Rachel, Amanda, Audrey, Sam and Daniella did blushed a bit when the saw the duo.

Night and Impact however just stared at the couple while blushing.

The Clone felt like teasing the duo when he appeared between Night and Impact before he spoke up between their heads.

"You do remember Cedrina was originally a Cedric right?, Azure was born that way but Cedrina… well if you don't mind the past male form I can't stop you guys, Lillum made Cedrina into a full on women so what do I know, hell I do know since the boss has a female form as well." The Clone said within earshot of people who did and didn't know.

Night and Impact were now embarrassed after remembering who Cedrina was before they quickly shook their heads meaning they didn't want to go there.

The Clone chuckles before he spoke to Lillum.

"Sorry Lillum but no go for that kind of fantasy still." The clone said while Lillum just snapped her fingers when she looked disappointed… looked comical.

"Well since everyone is suited up, why don't we go ahead and start… so… who wants to go first?" The Clone said while clapping his hands together.

It was only a couple of moments before Rachel raised her hand.

The Clone grins before it points to the ground in front of everyone.

"Alright Rachel, just stand her, I'll place my hand on your back, and I'll fire my energy through you, if you have any potential locked away even after training, than this should bring it out, if not, than the energy will harmlessly pass through you." The clone said with a smile on his face when he gestures for Rachel to step forward.

Said hedgehog was a bit hesitant before she got and walk towards the Clone before standing at the exact spot where the Clone said to go.

The Clone nods before he placed a hand on Rachel's back before he spoke up.

"Just relax Rachel, and if this works then listen to my words ok?, this part is important." The Clone said with a serious look on his face while his hand starts to glow to show that he was about to fire his energy.

Rachel took a moment to relax as she let's the Clone do his thing.

A moment later, and the Clone shot a blast of energy through Rachel… and when the energy fades… nothing was seen for a moment while The Clone took a step back when Rachel starts to act… odd… mainly she seemed to hunch over and a green mist starts to emit from her before the ground around her starts to rumble.

Everyone was worried for the hedgehog's safety.

Rachel shudders a bit before thinking.

'Oh man. What just happened? I was doing okay, now I'm about to fall. But I did felt something in my body. I hoped what the Clone did worked.'

A moment later… and a burst of energy builds in her body before she threw her head back and roared out when energy shot from her body and her eyes give a pure green glow while everyone got blasted back again before the clone roars over the roar of Rachel's newly acquired energy.

"RACHEL!... CAN YOU HEAR ME!?, IF YOU CAN… LOOK MY WAY!" The clone roars out to get Rachel's attention… this was the important part.

Rachel struggles a bit but was able to look at the Clone.

The Clone noticed before he called out over the roar of the energy.


Rachel struggles again before doing just that.

She kept thinking of the raging river as she hopes that the energy dies down.

Though instead of dying down, it only seemed to calm a little and be more focused before the Clone roars again.


Rachel acknowledges the advice before picking the dam to block the river.

The students were now very worried for Rachel's safety. Especially, Cedrina, Azure, Amanda, Strike, Sam, Night and Impact.

For a few moment, Rachel's energy flickers before she lets out a yell when the energy turned into a smooth egg shape around her body before it slowly went into her.

For a moment nothing happened before Rachel starts to fall forward before the clone caught her and gently set her on the ground before he spoke up.

"Congratulations Rachel, you maybe exhausted now, but when you wake, you'll feel better than you ever have in your entire life, just make sure to dream about a date with Cedy or something on a dammed river, the mental image helps keep the energy in check." The Clone said with a teasing grin to the exhausted hedgehog.

Rachel blushed a bit at the thought she gave the Clone a nice smile before shutting her eyes.

However, she did actually start to dream of her and Cedric at the river.

Everyone was glad that Rachel was okay.

Cedrina did blush a bit when the Clone gave Rachel that idea before the Clone picked up Rachel with his arms like a bride before he walked over to SB Knuckles and sets her under a tree for shade before he turned back to the Students.

"So… who's next?" The Clone said with a grin while time passed multiple times while the scene showed multiple students managing to succeed easily while some had some more trouble to get the energy under control, the troubled ones were mainly Audrey, Impact, Sticks, Danielle and Amanda and Azure.

Sticks had a lot of energy compared to the others which made it a bit of a hassle to get her to focus but she managed to focus when The Clone got a bit desperate and told Sticks that he would talk to Cedrina later about doing something for her that she wouldn't normally do… and… funny enough it caused Sticks to get some kind of iron focus and… get the energy under control with no issue a minute later which caused the clone to sweatdrop from that… when it doubt… use lust as some kind of bait it seems.

Cedrina, though happy for her badger girlfriend to pass, was not amused when used her as bait.

Daniella used her samurai training of patience when she was trying to get use to the energy that was passing through. However it got a bit difficult, but she used the Clones advice he gave to Rachel and started to imagine herself with Cream at the river. And sure enough she was able to maintain it.

Audrey had some issues mainly when she had trouble focusing mainly for the fact that since her body was altered, the shirt like suit hugged her torso and breasts in ways that made it hard for her to focus… and caused a lot of Students to blush when the Clone had to tempt Audrey like he did Sticks with Cedrina by saying the Boss would get Audrey to have the best day in bed so far that she would have which… like for Sticks… got her to focus long enough to get the energy under control before Audrey passed out and the Clone set her next to the other passed out Students.

Some of the people fell on their backs after that.

Some had muttered 'Are you kidding me?'.

The Clone saw their looks and got a comical look on his face when he spoke up.

"Oh come on, if you were in my shoes you would try the same to help get the person in question to focus, if you want to blame anyone, blame Lillum for Audrey and Cedrina here for Sticks, she's the one who targeted Cedrina when she jumped him when she was a he." The Clone said with a comical look on his face when he points to Lillum and Cedrina.

Cedrina however got annoyed.

"Oh yeah sure, let's all blame the wolf here. I'm just sitting here doing nothing while everyone does their own thing."

"... I did point out Lillum right?, in a nutshell she's the one who started things but you got jumped in the bathroom." The Clone said before Lillum points to Azure with a comical look as well.

"Hey don't blame me, Azure was the one who snapped back then, and didn't your clones cause Audrey to get like that when your clone brothers had their way with her?" Lillum points out with the clone and Azure sweatdropping while Azure blushed before she spoke up.

"Can we just drop it and get to the rest of us?, I think Cedrina here and myself are after Impact here and I want to finish before tomorrow gets here." Azure said with a half lidded look on her face to the arguing trio.

Cedrina looked at the Clone with crossed arms.

Azure sighs before she leaned in and whispered into Cedrina's ear.

"Cheer up and after the massage and my own little surprise for you… I'll do anything you want… a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g at all… even that one thing I talked about with you." Azure whispered into Cedrina's ear to tease her.

Said female wolf blushed brightly while surprisingly, her tail starts wagging with excitement before Cedrina stood before speaking.

"I like to go next." She said before walking towards the Clone, but not before Cedrina teases Azure by swinging her hips a bit.

Azure blushed a bit while the Clone sweatdrops before he looked to Impact.

"Sorry Impact, mind waiting a bit more?" The Clone said with an amused tone while Frost and Rose gave Azure thumbs up for what she did which made Azure blush a bit before she fell silent.

Impact just was surprised seeing Cedrina do that to Azure, but didn't blush since he still remembers what the Clone said before speaking.

"Not at all."

The Clone shrugged before he looked to Cedrina who stopped at him before she turned her back to him.

"Alright, like the others, brace yourself Cedrina." The Clone said before he got ready to send energy through her back.

Cedrina tries to relax while letting the Clone do his job.

She was still very excited after hearing what Azure said and promised.

The Clone in the meantime took an extra moment to charge his hand… but he also felt something off with Cedrina's back… felt like… large scars under the shirt and fur, he would have put it off as battle scars but their way to many… he or the boss would ask later.

A moment later, he shot his energy through Cedrina's back… everything went normal… but when the power starts to build… something went wrong….

Everyone watched what was happening.

Cedrina was now feeling something. But it was not a good feeling.

The power kept building and building before…


Cedrina than had a split second reminder of her powers running wild right before she threw her head back and let out a cry of anguish before blue and green energy shot from her, the blue energy hit the Clone who was caught off guard and vanished with a poof of smoke.

Everyone saw with shocked looks as Cedrina continues to cry out.

A moment later, Azure starts to hear many random thoughts… before they start to sound coherent and she starts to make out some words while her eyes widen in shock.

"No...No...Not again. I don't want to go through it again. Dad help me!"

A moment later, to the leftover awake Students shock, Azure starts to walk forward and towards Cedrina and the raging energies.

Cedrina looks at her girlfriend with shock as she remembers what her dad did before she tries to speak.

"S-Stay...b-back Azure. D-Don't come any...c-closer.'

Azure however didn't listen, she continues to walk to Cedrina even after getting hit with a few bolts of energy which made her grit her teeth in pain… but she just powered through it before she got into the large bit of energy around Cedrina and she froze for a moment when pain went through her body when her entire body got shot with the energy.

"G-Guh!" Azure grunts out before she slowly starts to step closer to the out of control Wolf with a determined look in her eyes.

Some of the students tries to tell Azure to stop while Cedrina tired to use the thought crest.

"Azy please don't. That's how my dad died. I don't want to lose you."

Azure however ignored Cedrina… but a few thoughts were heard by Cedrina when Azure got even closer.

"Not…. Going… to let…. You…. Lose… it…. I'm…. Not…. Going to…. Lose…. You…" Azure barely thought…. It was like she didn't even register Cedrina's question fully while she got close… each step was like agony to Azure when the pain got stronger before she was standing right in front of Cedrina.

Everyone was still shocked that Azure kept going.

Rachel, who finally starts to wake up a bit, widen her eyes in shock at what was happening. But was too weak to do anything.

Cedrina stared at Azure with tears in her eyes.

A moment later, and to everyone's shock, Azure raised one hand and… slapped Cedrina on the side of her face while energy shot through Azure's arm which made her let out a restrained scream through gritted teeth but she didn't fall back.

Everyone, especially Cedrina was shocked at the sudden move.

"That….was… for trying… to get… me to… leave you... like that…." Azure slowly got out thought crest before she surprised the others again by using her other hand and gripped Cedrina's chin, fought through the pain, and kissed her on the lips.

Everyone was again shocked at the sudden move while most blushed at the scene.

Cedrina, who was also shocked for a moment, melts into the kiss before she wrapped her arms around her feline girlfriend.

Oddly enough, focusing on Azure slowly got Cedrina's out of control energy to act calmer.

Azure noticed before she thought to Cedrina.

"Picture… a raging river… channeled… into a calmer stream…." Azure thought to Cedrina to get her to remember the steps.

Cedrina, who was still kissing Azure, acknowledges it as she remembers the Clone's advice before she starts picturing said river in her mind before she slides her tongue in Azure's mouth while the energy seemed calmer.

Azure then thought another thing while either Emerald, or a clone appeared from nearby with a serious look on his face.

"Picture the calmer river being channeled into a thinner before being blocked off by a dam…" Azure thought while she continues the kiss and fought through the pain.

Cedrina did just that as she continues the kiss.

And just like that, the energy stopped roaring out of control before Cedrina and Azure start to fall from one another.

From Cedrina's perspective, before she passed out, she saw the clone or Emerald catch a steaming Azure before a green energy goes over her body before she passed out… but not before she had one last thought.


The scene than fades to black with most of the Students and parents rushing over to Cedrina and Azure while most of the knocked out Students, minus Rachel didn't even notice what happened.

The scene fades in to show that Atomsk had ran into a random area of the JL space station before he had to stop to catch his breath when it seemed safe and Shayara wasn't coming after him.

Atomsk took a few breaths before speaking.

"Boy that was close. Superman owes me big time. Although… Shayara was indeed hot."

"Gotta agree with you there but the anger is not my thing, gotta say, nice speed to get away from her." A voice quickly said from behind Atomsk with a jovial tone.

Atomsk jolts before turning around to see who spoke.

Turns out it was the Flash who spoke to him with an amused look on his face.

Atomsk chuckled a bit before speaking.

"Well as the saying goes, 'the need for the speed'." Atomsk said before putting on a pair of shades.

Flash chuckles at that before he spoke up.

"Eh, I think you and I will get along…Soda?" The Flash said before he looked away and back and rests his arm on Atomsk's shoulder while his free hand had a soda in it while he held it to Atomsk with a grin on his face.

Atomsk chuckles again before speaking.

"Like the way you think." He said before getting the soda.

"Well you should know than that your green faced friend is locked in a cell right now and the other one is in the med room while nursing some bruises, so I came here to get you to the med bay." The Flash said before hanging Atomsk a datapad like gadget before he spoke up.

"Follow the arrow, see you later." The Flash said with an amused tone before he zoomed off.

Atomsk sees the pad before looking at the readers.

"Hey everyone. Welcome back. As you just saw, I was able to escape Hawkgirl's wrath. But I will say again, she was hot. Anyway hoped you guys enjoyed chap.13. Cedrina got through a new look. She got the eyes on most females, some are her girlfriends, and a couple of boys. Though now she might have to deal with the fact of actually acting like a woman. Now it seems a few people know of her scars. But where did she get them? At least Azure was able to help calm Cedrina down after what just went down. It's Deja Vu for our wolf friend. At least Cedrina is gonna get a nice surprise from the young feline. Among other things...wink, wink. Anyhow, I'm gonna check on TME to see how's he doing, unless DME came back but still. So anyway see you next time. Deuces." Atomsk said with 2 finger before using the datapad to find TME before the scene fades black.

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