Dimensional Drifter school @emerald
A fitting change and punishment

A scene opens up and you see Atomsk, Thor and DME at the Cul da Saq while DME went between two buildings a bit ago when he noticed something.

Atomsk followed the direction to see what DME saw.

He went between said buildings before he spotted DME from a far.

Atomsk ran up to him before speaking.

"Yo DME, did you find something?"

DME knelt down to examine something on the ground before speaking up.

"Maybe… take a look." DME said while he looked closer at the object in question.

Atomsk took a closer look at said object before speaking.

"What's that?" He asked in a curious tone before seeing what DME saw.

It looked like it was a piece of a glowing rune… or at least a piece of a rune… it looked like it was broken off of a larger piece.

"Seems to be a rune fragment… question is why is it in a dump like this?" DME questions while he picked up the fragment to examine it.

"Perhaps we can ask Thor. It could be Asgard related." Atomsk said while rubbing his chin.

"Maybe, but don't get your hopes up, looks like we need 5 or 6 fragments to see what this thing is fully." DME said when he turned the rune fragment over a few times.

"Damn. So basically the others are either scattered around this world, or each one is on another." Atomsk said.

"I'm guessing close in distance but in separate Dimensions…" DME confusingly said while he got a thoughtful look in his eye.

Atomsk sighed before speaking.

"We're gonna be doing a lot of Dimensional hopping huh?" He asked.

"Most likely, but we do that daily so it's not really a hassle." DME said before he took a few pictures of the fragment… before he crushed it in his hand which caused a odd shriek like sound before it fades.

Atomsk shuddered a bit before speaking.

"Huh why did destroy it?" He asked in confusion.

"Simple, it was the thing that brought us here and I destroyed it in case it was keeping us here, besides, I'm guessing that bringing all of them together isn't a good idea if the pieced were stored in separate Dimensions." DME reasoned while he dusts his hand off.

Atomsk couldn't find nothing wrong with that logic.

"Hmmm, you do have a point." He said.

"Maybe, better safe than sorry though, now we should find Thor and get out of here, knowing our luck, he might have run into the Eds and got caught up into their scams or something." DME said before he turned around and walked away from Atomsk to walk to the entry point for the portal.

Atomsk then looks to the readers before speaking.

"Welcome to ch.12 everyone. As you can see, DME has discovered an ancient object that somehow brought us here. Now we have to find other objects like this. So sorry we have to cut this intro short but we have to find Thor before the Ed(s) get zapped to oblivion. Enjoy the chapter everyone. Deuces." Atomsk said with two fingers before the scene changes to the Hidden cave.

Emerald's Hidden Cave/ Emerald, Wolf Emerald, Audrey, Maite

Emerald starts to stir from his sleep when he felt a slight chill for a second around his feet which showed that he kicked the blanket off of him and onto Audrey who was resting on his arm.

He took a moment to look at Audrey to see if she was sleeping well.

Said koala was sleeping soundly besides Emerald while snoring softly.

Emerald smiles a bit before he looked to Maite and saw her snuggling the Wolf clone for warmth, he then checked to see if she was asleep or not.

Said hedgehog was indeed sleeping, but with a happy look on her face.

Emerald grins a bit before looking a bit south when her ass was a bit exposed, most likely from a bit of shifting during sleep and saw that the Wolf clone was no longer knotted to her… but he did have morning wood which was inside of Maite's pussy which gave him an idea for an interesting wake up call when he saw the sun rising outside of the cave.

He summoned a clone and took it's place before he carefully walked behind the sleeping Maite and got onto the mattress carefully before he lightly gripped her ass cheeks and starts massaging them lightly.

Maite stirred a bit before she moans a little while Emerald continues for a few minutes before he stopped when he noticed how wet Maite was and guessed that thanks to his actions, she was now having a pleasant dream right now… might as well make it better.

Emerald then carefully adjusts himself and angles his dick at Maite's asshole before he coats it with energy before he slowly slid himself into her ass before he hilts himself.

Maite awoke with a jolt before her eyes opened widely.

"W-What's going on?" She asked before turning her head around.

She was shocked to see Emerald was behind her. Literally.

"Emerald?" She questioned which made Emerald grin at Maite.

"Good morning Maite, hope you like the wake up call." Emerald said before he starts to thrust in and out of her ass which made Maite wiggle a bit on Wolf Emerald's dick.

Maite blushed brightly before she starts to moan.

"I-I'd be lying and say I didn't. But we could've gotten a room for ourselves." She said while moaning.

Emerald chuckles while he continues thrusting while speaking.

"Maybe, but you would have to be awake first, we can have some fun in an actual bed later, for now… just enjoy this." Emerald said before Maite felt a pair of hands on her breasts all of a sudden before the dick in her pussy starts moving.

Maite moaned a bit loud before looking at the wolf clone to see if he's awake.

Turns out he was awake, and grinning at Maite while he keeps thrusting.

"Nice wake up call, might as well ask you to surprise me back if you get a chance dear." Wolf Emerald said before he lightly licks and nips at her neck.

Maite moans from that before speaking.

"Oh trust me, you won't see it coming." She said before she surprised the Wolf Emerald by doing the same thing to his neck.

Wolf Emerald chuckles for a moment before he starts to thrust even rougher into Maite before a few minutes pass with Emerald and Wolf Emerald's dicks starting to twitch.

Maite groans and moans from the pleasure before both of her holes tighten on both Emerald's dicks.

Which in turn caused both Emerald's to grunt before unloading into Maite again while Wolf Emerald follows by letting out a small howl of sorts.

Maite moans loud as she felt Emerald's cum fill her ass while Wolf Emerald's cum filled her womb.

For a few moments the trio enjoy the afterglow before Emerald pulls out of her ass and Wolf Emerald poofed away which caused Maite to fall onto the mattress for a moment before laying there with cum dripping out of her ass and pussy.

Maite groans for a bit before feeling her body shuddered for a few moments.

Emerald chuckles at the sight before speaking up.

"Thanks for the morning relief, I'll make a few clones to help you get cleaned up for now, I'll be heading back to your home to let the others know where we where if they ask things, just relax for now and we can meet up in an hour or so." Emerald saif with a grin on his face.

Maite pants a bit before looking at Emerald with a smile.

"O-Okay. But before you go, can I have my good morning kiss?" She asked.

"Of course, one second." Emerald said before he leaned down and after flipping Maite onto her back, and kissed her on the lips after he held the back of her head before slipping a tongue into wrestles Maite's tongue.

Said hedgehog hummed with delight before kissing back and having her tongue fight back.

After Emerald kissed Maite for a minute more, he pulled away with a smile.

"Careful, keep this up and we might not leave the cave for a few days." Emerald teased while he flicked one of her nipples to tease Maite.

Maite shuddered a bit before looking at Emerald with a grin.

"Maybe I should try that later then won't I?" She said.

Emerald chuckles before he stood up and summoned five clones before he starts to walk away.

"You heard her gentlemen, make sure she's satisfied before you guys leave, I'll make the seal and leave to let the others know that Maite will be a bit late." Emerald teased while the clones grin at Maite… all with erect dicks before Emerald summoned some clothing before he steps into a room with a thoughtful look on his face when he tried to piece the wolf clones memories together since a few parts confused him somewhat.

Maite blushed big before grinning when the clones approached her before the sound of a woman's pleasured cry was heard outside of the cave before the scene shifts to the Tibet's mansion right when the sun hits it.

Tibet's mansion/ Tibet's master bedroom/ Cedric, Azure

When the scene went into the room, the camera pans to two sleeping beings on the water bed, one was Cedric who had his arms around Azure while the duo slept before the unexpected sunlight caused them to slowly stir when it shined through a window.

Cedric groans a bit before he slowly opened his eyes to see Azure's face.

Azure took a moment more to awake before she let out a yawn before she wipes her eyes a bit before blushing a bit when she looked up to Cedric's face.

Said wolf smiles before speaking.

"Good morning, my lovely princess."

Azure blushed a bit before grinning.

"And good morning to you my beloved prince." Azure said before she kissed Cedric on the lips for a moment before pulling away.

Cedric blushed from that before speaking.

"Did you sleep well?" He asked which caused Azure to nod… before smirking when she felt something poking her.

"I'm guessing you slept well as well… and had a good dream to boot." Azure said before she looked down.

Cedric looked down and blushed after seeing his dick being erect.

"Hehe, whoops." He said which made Azure chuckle.

"No worries… want me to take care of that?" Azure asked with an amused tone.

Cedric was then nervous before speaking.

"Before that Azure, I must know...Are you still mad at me for last night?" He questioned.

"Actions speak louder than words, watch if I'm still mad or not." Azure said before she used her hand to stroke Cedric's dick slowly while she moved her body a bit to look at Cedric's dick before she starts to lick the head.

Cedric shudders a bit at the feeling before letting out a soft moan.

A moment later, Azure took the head of Cedric's dick into her mouth before she lightly bobs her head while she used her tongue to lick the underside of Cedric's dick.

Said wolf groans before moaning from the pleasure.

A few minutes pass before Azure took half of Cedric's dick into her mouth before she lightly bobs her head and fondles his balls.

Cedric shudders again while moaning before speaking.

"Oh wow Azure."

Azure took a moment to chuckle before she starts to double her effort when she starts to feel Cedric's dick twitching in her mouth and got ready to drink his load.

It was a few moments before Cedric grunts and yelled out…

"C-CUMMING!" He yelled before he unloaded a nice dose of his cum in her mouth.

Thankfully for Azure, it wasn't as big as it would have if Cedric was really worked up, so it allowed her to suckle on the ejaculating dick while Cedric watched Azure drinking down his semen with no issue right now.

About a few moments later, Cedric groans before he stopped cumming which allowed Azure to pull away before swallowing the remaining bits of Cedric's load in her mouth before looking to Cedric with a grin.

"So… still think I'm angry?" Azure asked before she moved her body a bit to rest next to Cedric's.

Said wolf blushed before holding Azure close.

"Nope." He said before kissing her forehead.

"I'm happy we're still together." He said which made Azure smile and blush brightly before the duo jolt when knocking was heard from the door.

"Uh...Who is it?" Cedric called out.

"Aryk… may I enter?" the voice, now identified as Ayrk said before waiting.

Cedric looked at Azure to see if it was okay.

"Come in, I don't think we need to do anything right now." Azure said while sitting up on the bed before Aryk walked in with a blank expression on her face.

"Good morning, Mistress Tibet is waiting for you two in the dining room with Lillum and Amanda, they stopped by a few minutes ago and they joined us for breakfast, they already know about Cedric's possible child and Lillum is examining her." Aryk said with crossed arms.

Said wolf was shocked that Lillum and Amanda are here and that they know.

"Well… how was it?" Azure asked while Aryk shrugged.

"Lillum is in the middle of examining her, you can come look for yourself since Lillum wanted to speak with the two of you… mainly Cedric." Aryk said before she exits the room with that ominous message.

Cedric paled before speaking.

"Oh boy...I have a bad feel about this." He said while shivering with a frighten look.

"Well, we can't sit here forever, might as well face the music together." Azure said before she got off of the bed and onto the floor before walking to the door since clothing wasn't needed here.

Cedric sighs before getting up.

"You're right." He said before heading towards the door before offering to take Azure's hand.

Azure smiles before she did so before the duo went to the dining room… to see a surprisingly cheerful sight while a nude Lillum and Amanda chat with Tibet with good moods on their faces.

"... and then Emerald got launched into a wall and was twitching, normally I would be worried but he did deserve that for not listening to our warnings." Lillum said before giggling which made her breasts bounce a bit while Tibet chuckles some from the story.

Amanda also chuckled before noticing the couple.

"They're here Mistress." She said which made Lillum's face return to a neutral one somewhat, though it still had a grin on it.

"Thank you Amanda, now then you two… seems you went above and beyond what I asked by knocking up Tibet here instead of just being lovers or just adding her to your harem… I heard it was an accident… but still… you do get that there are ramifications for this right?" Lillum said with a semi-serious tone while Azure sighs.

"Yeah… Still it was an accident, it won't change what happened but you can't say we did it on purpose Mistress." Azure said with a slight frown while Lillum shrugged a bit before looking to Cedric for his response.

Said wolf still hold Azure's hand before speaking.

"Azure's right, even though it was an accident, it doesn't change anything. I know what will happen and I'll accept it. I will take responsibility, but I will also be there for Tibet if she needs anything. Even when the child is born. Plus I still want to get know her and stuff." Cedric said.

Lillum scratched the side of her head for a moment before speaking up.

"Well that is all well and good, but you do realized that this is more serious then you two think." Lillum said with a cryptic tone.

Cedric nods before speaking.

"Indeed I do, if Tosagare caught wind of this, he'll send any assassin to either kill Tibet and our child or capture her till she gives birth so he can use our child for his gain."

"More like Bordux and his gain… and it's already in progress from what I can tell." Lillum said with a serious expression on her face.

"Yeah you're right. If anything, we'll have to take Tibet to safety. If anything happens to her or anyone else I love, I-I won't be able to forgive myself." Cedric said.

"Well that is up to Tibet more since we can't just rip her out of her own life… but it's more like the child I'm worried for… if Bordux or Tasogare made you an experimental Hollow hybrid… how strong would a natural born one be?" Lillum said to get the point to Cedric.

Cedric's eyes widen in shock before speaking.

"Wait, are you saying that our child is a Hollow?, like a complete Hollow?"

"Not quite, Hollows in nature are beings without a soul that feeds on souls, but what you are is something that defies that, there are others like you thanks to similar experiments but I never seen one that is born naturally from a mother's womb, so none of us will be sure of what the child can do." Lillum said while holding an arm out for emphasis.

Cedric was shocked after hearing that before speaking.

"Um...What happens to Tibet after giving birth?" He asked with a worried look.

"Well as far as I can tell now, the child is drawing on her energy even as we speak to keep healthy so she'll be weaker than normal, aside from that there are no issues to speak of, and we'll be taking her to the healers on Angel City to help with the birth so the chances of anything bad happening is slim and we'll put the kid in a schooling program with others for pre-schoolers once a program like that kicks in, trust me, Angel City is like a fortress and Bordux and Tasogare won't be able to get to the kid." Lillum said with a reassuring look on her face.

Cedric sighs with relief before asking.

"Is there a way I can have her come to Angel City to visit our child?"

"You kidding, we already talked about this and after a bit of work, she'll have a second home in Angel City and a gate will be constructed here to allow people to come and go at will, did you think we would keep her here and away from her kid?" Lillum said with a raised eyebrow.

"No no. Sorry I was just worried with everything else." Cedric said.

"Understandable, though you should be glad Azure decided to make Tibet a lady in her own harem." Lillum said with a grin forming on her face.

"Hehe, right. Speaking of which, how are you feeling Tibet?" Cedric asked with concern in his voice.

Tibet did have a slightly slower response to Cedric's question.

"Well... aside from the tiredness, I feel great, I got the explanation from Lillum already and I hope you got plenty of energy since you'll be visiting me later for after hour visits." Tibet said with a lecherous grin which made Lillum giggle.

"Yeah, some ladies get extra horny during pregnancies, so invite Azure since I doubt Tibet here will hold back… and that means for every part of her." Lillum teased when she points to Tibets dick for a moment.

Cedric and Azure blushed big after hearing that while Azure blushed a bit more when Tibet eyes her..

Cedric chuckles nervously before speaking.

"Hehe...I guess by now everyone is worried sick for me and Azure. I hope they don't pop in or anything."

Though reality seemed to want to screw with the male wolf in the room before a flash of light appeared on the table before Emerald, Demonga, Sonic, Amy, and the students appeared… all clothed to let the naked group know that they had no idea of the rule yet.

Azure then gave a half lidded look to Cedric while everyone took a moment to recover from the shift in scenery.

Amanda was surprised to see everyone, including her parents, here while Cedric facepalm himself before muttering.

"Me and my big mouth."

A few moments later, everyone managed to get their bearings before the ladies blushed brightly at the nude people in the room before their gaze stopped for a moment on Cedric…. And his well muscled body… and his large weapons that were out for everyone to see.

Daniel, however, avert his gaze before speaking.

"Uh Cedric? Why are you naked?"

Tibet was the one who spoke up however with a grin on her face.

"Simple, you guys and gals are on my property and the rule is this… no clothing at all unless you have a towel… makes since since I own a nude beach and a sex beach… I mean look around and you'll see that you guys are the odd ones out." Tibet said while she stood up and towered over everyone except for Emerald, Demonga, and Lillum, which made Emerald and Demonga raise their eyebrows at Tibet's height… and large male attachments that were on display which made the clothed females blush brightly at the massive size she had.

The clothed male's eyes widen when they saw that.

Finally Sonic spoke.

"You're a woman right?"

"Yep, I would give you a ride to prove it but best I can do is show you for a tease, I got these bad boys from some kind of mutation when I was born so I can get the ladies pregnant." Tibet said before moving her balls and dick out of the way to show her clit to Sonic and the others as proof.

Everyone, that was clothed, was shocked after hearing that before Daniel spoke.

"Forgive me for asking this but...can you also get pregnant?"

"Oh yeah, I mean I'm carrying Cedric's kid so that proved the doctor right?" Tibet blurts out with a grin on her face.

Everyone, that was clothed, widen their eyes with shock before blurting out.

"WHAT?!" They yelled before looking to said future father.

Emerald then looked back to Tibet for a moment before his eyes glowed before they open to comical proportions.

"Oh by Chaos she's telling the truth." Emerald mutters before he gained a dark aura while his head slowly turned to look at Cedric with pure white eyes and shadows covered his face.

Cedric shivered with fear before speaking.

"Now Emerald hold on. You don't know the full story."

"Yeah, I mean there is also the hollow part as well." Lillum said with an imp like grin at the situation that was happening which made everyone blink a few times before Emerald looked to her with wide eyes while Lillum gave him a thumbs up to confirm what she said before looking back to Cedric with comical wide angered eyes while Tibet cleared her throat.

"Now before we get into this, for everyone who is staying for now… off with your clothes, if you have a towel then you can use that, but my rule here is law." Tibet said while she gestured for the clothed group to look around.

Some blushed brightly before looking at Emerald.

Emerald facepalmed with a sigh before speaking up.

"You heard her, can't really argue with a pregnant woman can we… but Cedric…" Emerald said while he sent Cedric a slight glare.

Said wolf gulped before speaking.


"Hope your full story is good… otherwise I'll have Lillum use you as her toy for a week… Understand?" Emerald said before his last words got demonic for the wolf.

Cedric shivered again before nodding.

"Alright… everyone, let's find a locker room or something and get our clothing put up." Emerald said before Aryk walked forward to lead the group who got off the table with some people blushing before they took a moment to look at her… before looking to Strike who kept looking at Aryk and back at Aryk with shocked looks from how similar the two looked.

"Uh… Strike...s?" Cream said with a slight blush from looking at the nude Aryk while looking at the duo before Aryk spoke up.

"I'll lead you to the locker room, please follow me." Aryk said with a blank look on her face.

The group nods to her before following Aryk.

Once they were gone, Cedric took a couple of breaths, while still holding Azure's hand before speaking.

"I have a very bad feeling about this, Azure."

"Like you being used as a toy by Mistress bad?" Azure said with a slightly humored tone while Lillum chuckles.

"Oh don't worry, I'll treat you right, might want to get your story straight first though." Lillum teased before giving him advice.

"Yeah." Cedric said with a sigh.

"Eh don't worry, I'm sure once they hear it was an accident, they'll lighten up… though two of them did seem angry, one looked like a badger and the other looked a lot like Amanda here." Tibet said while pointing at Amanda with her thumb.

Cedric gulped a bit before speaking.

"Yeah, the badger is Sticks and that's Amanda's sister, Rachel."

That's when Amanda spoke.

"Now Cedric, I don't hate you but you gotta fix this." She said while shaking her head.

"Think they'll lighten up from hearing that it's an accident?" Azure said about the duo in particular.

Before Cedric could answer, the group finally came back while some of their faces were like the same color of a tomato. But Rachel and Sticks were very angry when they saw Cedric again.

"Oh ho, not bad… so many delicious looking women here." Tibet said while eyeing all of the women in the group while her dick twitched a few times.

Rachel blushed big when she saw that before returning her gaze at Cedric with a mad look.

Sonic was embarrassed to be naked in front of two of his daughters and classmates.

Daniel was blushing in embarrassment knowing he was in the nude. He also blushed big knowing that he can see Cream, Lavender and Strike in the nude as well.

Demonga had a neutral look on his face while he had his arms crossed… he had some serious tone to his muscles… and it looked like he was well equipped.

Emerald was in a similar state but his anger at Cedric overrode his embarrassment.

Tibet chuckles before speaking up.

"My my, I also have to say, if I wasn't sticking with Cedric… I could have more options here." Tibet said while she eyed each male of the group with a grin while Emerald and Demonga sweatdrop from that.

Daniel and Sonic blushed a bit before Sonic spoke.

"I'm happily married." Sonic said before Daniel spoke.

"And I'm in a relationship."

"Oh I wouldn't mind sharing, I got the equipment to play with both sides, I mean Azure did ask me to be her lady since she heard that Sticks is making a harem of her own." Tibet said which made Azure jolt a bit.

Some of the people looked at said badger before Sticks spoke.

"Yeah that's right. But this isn't about me. We're all focused on Cedy here." She said with an angry look.

"Can we explain things first before you get to punishments?, it was my fault somewhat." Azure said to help ease thing for Cedric.

Everyone was confused before Rachel spoke.

"What do you mean your fault?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well…" Azure said before she starts to explain the things that happened during the date while omitting some... private parts like what happened under the restaurant table, and the question that Cedric asked.

She then told how Tibet slipped on water that was underneath a pinned Cedric which resulted in the accident that caused Tibet to get pregnant before they went to bed after telling the part that involved Aryk and how similar she was to Strike and what not before the duo went to bed.

"... And then we woke up and came here to find Lillum and Amanda speaking with Tibet about a funny story about Emerald… though we missed that one before we spoke up Lillum about a few things." Azure said while she finished the story.

Everyone was surprised after hearing the story while some of the women blushed at some certain parts of the story.

"So… any questions?" Azure asked with a raised eyebrow since everyone just looked surprised instead of angry… she hoped that the others would buy the lesser irritating question that caused Azure to get angry with Cedric.

Most were silent before Daniel spoke.

"What was the question the Cedric said?"

Said wolf gulped since they're not gonna like what they'll hear.

However he sighed since there's no point of hiding it.

"I accidently said if she would leave me after comparing my size to Tibet's."

Emerald facepalmed at that before speaking up.

"Please tell me it wasn't during sex… that is… oi…" Emerald said before actually feeling a bit sorry for Cedric since he could feel multiple angry auras around him… all pointed at Cedric.

Cedric paled a bit before speaking up.

"Look I know how angry you all are feeling, and believe me I felt terrible. I was almost gonna lose Azure, but we talked things out, everything is forgiven and we're still together. Right Azure?" He asked his feline girlfriend.

"Y-Yeah, besides since I was the one who lost my temper, I had those other ladies pin Cedric down, so try to not place all of the blame on him." Azure said while she held his hand.

Everyone seemed to calmed down for a moment but Rachel and Sticks were looking at Cedric and Azure with mad looks.

Azure sighed before speaking up.

"Look, I know you two are even madder then the others here but it can't change what happened, is there anything that Cedric and I can do to make it up to you two?" Azure said to Sticks and Rachel specifically.

Both hedgehog and badger looked to one another before Rachel spoke to Lillum.

"Say Lillum, do you have an idea to help us?"

"Depends… Cedric, Azure, will you two do anything to make up for what happened?" Lillum said while crossing her arms under her breasts.

Azure took a moment to think before nodding.

"Yeah... just as long as it's not to extreme… don't want anything to painful." Azure said since… some of Lillum's lessons were… not so easy on the body.

Cedric nods in agreement as well.

"Alright, I got a few ideas since we can add Tibet to this… I have a spell that can turn Cedric into a full on woman for a month… he will understands a lot about women for that time… and he'll find out what it's like to be on the receiving end… how about it for idea one?" Lillum teased while she gave a lusty smirk.

Most people were surprised after hearing that.

Cedric paled from after hearing that.

Rachel and Sticks took a moment to think on that before Rachel spoke.

"Works for us."

"As for Azure… hmm… Rachel, Sticks, any thoughts for her?" Lillum asked to see if they had any ideas of their own while Azure gulped a bit.

Rachel couldn't think of one before looking at Sticks.

"Any ideas Auntie?"

"Hmm… how about a role reversal as long as Cedy get's turned into a woman… she has to do whatever we ask for a month... within reason of course, even during sex… I got a few ideas for moments like that." Sticks said with a grin on her face while Azure blushed a bit from the later part.

Rachel took a moment to think on that before speaking.

"That works too."

"Great… Azure… get ready to be our bitch for a month." Sticks said with a wide grin while Azure blushed a bit for what Sticks said to her.

Rachel also grinned at Azure.

That's when Cedric noticed something.

"Hey where's Maite at?"

"She should be here soon, she got a bit frisky so I left her with four clones and a time dilation crest… I'll keep the rest private but time should have passed for Maite… and her new… playmate." Emerald cryptically said while Lillum giggles.

"He means mine and Maites slave… a woman who dated one of Maite's ex's and after a few issues, well… let's just say that she is more obedient after I got through with her... " Lillum said with a grin while her eyes glowed a bit with magic to show that she was serious.

Everyone was shocked after hearing that. Even Maite's family.

"And guess what, for the future… lessons I'll be giving you all… well, let's just say that you'll have someone to practice on… no worries about getting her pregnant for now, you guys have a seal on your bodies when you got the notes to Angel City that prevent one another from getting the others pregnant until 4 years pass, though for those without seals…" Lillum said before glancing at Tibet for a moment to show that those without are fair game.

Cedric also looked and wished the incident didn't happen.

"So… we got a seal that prevents us from getting pregnant no matter what right?, would that apply to Cedy when he turns into a she?" Sticks said with an amused tone when she had a few ideas for the future.

Cedy paled and hoped that he doesn't get pregnant.

"Oh he can if he is turned into a she, would make things fair but the crest would prevent that for four years first unless it was dispelled early." Lillum said with a grin at where Sticks was going with this.

Cedric didn't like where this is going.

"Alright, this has got to stop. I can accept on being turned into a woman as punishment, but I would appreciate that the seal stays on at all times."

"It would stay on for four years in Angel Cities time until graduating, that's how long you guys would be students, anyway I wouldn't force you to get pregnant, well… at least not on purpose." Lillum said with a half lidded look on her face while making a light jap at Cedric for the insult of her forcing others to have kids.

Said wolf saw the look before speaking.

"Sorry, mistress."

"Just remember I can remove it at anytime… make a insult like that again and I might as well pin you down in woman form and let Tibet, Rachel or Sticks return the favor by getting you pregnant… and since Tibet is bigger than even Vanilla and my toys can get even bigger… think of how big the baby would be for a three foot Mobian if Tibet does it… I maybe a succubus but even I have standards." Lillum threatened with a steely look in her eyes while Tibet grins at the idea.

Cedric paled before speaking.

"I'm sorry mistress. I'll be good. I'll be good."

"Good… now then…" Lillum tried to say before another flash of light appeared before Maite, Audrey and one of Emerald's clones appeared before the clone poofed away which sent the memories to Emerald while Maite and Audrey were recovering from the shift in scenery.

They had their clothing equipped which showed that the duo didn't know where they were yet, or at least not yet since they had to rub their eyes from the flash of light since Chaos control was a rare thing here.

"Ugh, where are we?" Maite asked before her vision returned to normal only to blushed greatly after seeing everyone naked. Even her parents and sisters.

"Okay...why are you all naked?" She asked while Audrey wondered the same while her gaze went over everyone's bodies.

"Uh… know of Tibet?, the owner of the nude and sex beach here?, I looked and this place is called Siren's beach." Emerald asked to make sure Maite knew of her.

Said hedgehog blushed after hearing that before speaking.

"Oh I heard of it, but never been here."

"Well… take a look behind you, you two… then look around." Emerald said while pointing behind Maite and Audrey for some reason.

Both Maite and Audrey did look around and blushed greatly at what they saw.

They saw Tibet and her massive attachments and saw how large she was in size, she was around Emerald, Demonga, and Lillum's height and saw a few naked maids behind Tibet while others were in various parts of the room.

They also saw Aryk next to Tibet who looked like she was waiting for an order.

"Wow. I take it that you're Tibet?" Maite asked.

"Yep, and just like everyone else here, off with the clothes unless you have a towel, no exceptions as you can see." Tibet said with a grin on her face when she gestures for the duo to look at everyone in the room.

Maite blushed before sighing.

"Fine. Come on Audrey, let's find a place to strip." She said which made Tibet grin.

"Eh do it here to save time, I can have Aryk here take the clothes to the locker room and bring you two the id card for your lockers, we already waited for everyone else here to do that and it took a bit." Tibet said to Maite and Audrey while grinning when he dick twitched a few times.

Both girls blushed brightly before they started taking off their clothes.

Emerald blushed a bit while he watched while Lillum grins when she saw that before looking to the students to see their reactions.

Cedric, Daniel and Rachel blushed a bit as well as they watched.

Azure and Cream blushed a bit when they saw Maite's body but Audrey's figure did get their attention as well.

A minute to two passed before the duo stood there naked while Tibet grin.

"So… feel better?" Tibet said to the duo with a grin on her face.

Both Maite and Audrey blushed with embarrassment before Maite spoke.

"Uh, yeah...Did we miss something important?" She asked.

"Yeah, Cedric knocking up Tibet here and Azure had some part in it… just got done with choosing a punishment for the two." Emerald said with crossed arms when he approached the duo.

Both Maite and Audrey were shocked after hearing that before looking at said couple.

Azure rubbed the back of her head with a slight blush, but kept silent since she thought Maite might get pissed off or something while she was confused with Audrey being here… unless…

Azure then looked to Audrey with a thoughtful look since Audrey was a stranger to her.

Cedric rubbed his arm, but kept silent as well. He was also thinking the same thing about the koala.

"Uh… I know we got some questions coming our way… but can I ask one before you start?" Azure asked while she kept looking at Audrey.

Cedric wondered what Azure wants to ask.

"Who… are you?" Azure asked while pointing at Audrey while Lillum smirks.

"Oh her… she's the sex ed classes personal sex slave when not with Maite… you already know the rest right?" Lillum said while she floats behind Audrey and placed a hand on one of her breasts and starts to massage it it front of everyone.

Most of the people blushed while watching that.

"So… any questions for Audrey herself before we get back on track?" Lillum asked before Azure spoke up.

"Uh… I got some but just one that's bugging me, you said she was dating one of Maite's ex's right?, so why is she a… sex slave for us now?" Azure asked while she blushed when she watched Lillum continuing to fondle Audrey.

That's when Maite spoke.

"Well...let's just say that Lillum and Emerald's clones did something that made her into what she is. Plus she's nice once you get to know her. Also she dumped the guy."

"I-Indeed… after I l-learned things from Master and M-Mistress… I decided to d-dump that small sized l-loser…" Audrey stutters out when Lillum caused a few jolts of pleasure through her body.

Most of the people blushed again before snickering while thinking of the poor douchebag's misery.

Lillum pulled away from Audrey much to her disappointment before she leaned down and kissed Maite on the lips for a second before getting a slightly confused look on her face.

"Hey Maite… were you in heat or something?, your body seemed warmer than normal a few days ago but it looked like it passed early for some reason." Lillum asked with a thoughtful examining look on her face.

Maite was confused before speaking.

"Uh, I was feeling something yesterday, but I seem to be okay now."

Lillum looked a bit thoughtful before she surprised Maite by holding a hand over her womb before her hand glows and her eyes widen a moment later.

"Uh… Emerald…. You did keep your anti pregnancy ability in effect right?" Lillum cryptically said while Emerald was confused at the question.

"What do… yoooooooou." Emerald said before his mind pieced things together the Wolf Emerald clone's odd actions which caused his illusion skills to make his body look like a statue from shock while some of the sharper students eyes widen in shock when they pieced together where Lillum was going with this.

Cedric, Daniel, Rachel and her family's eyes widen in shock when they realized what this means.

Maite was speechless after finding out why Wolf Emerald was aggressive before speaking.

"Are you saying that I'm…" She said before stopping as she already knew the answer.

"Pregnant… yeah… though it shouldn't happen with Emerald's ability in effect… seems you got twins forming… was something off with Emerald a few times ago?" Lillum said while she rubbed her temple… while Emerald was as still as a statue.

Everyone else was shocked after hearing that.

Maite, who was shocked as well, gulped before speaking.

"We'll actually...last night I was with his wolf clone… and he was very aggressive."

"Uh… can you be specific?, I mean why was he aggressive?" Lillum asked to try and figure things out before Emerald spoke up after he managed to pull himself together.

"I think… it had something to do with her scent and how I don't have experience with them… normally I have no sense of smell but my wolf form actually has one and… I think he went out of control thanks to it... and I couldn't figure out the info from the Wolf Clone's memories…" Emerald admits to the group while he tried to remember the smell itself.

Everyone was shocked after hearing that before Sonic spoke.

"Emerald despite what I heard, you, me, Amy and Maite are gonna have a talk about this."

Emerald sighs before speaking up.

"No need, I'm not gonna be an ass and abandon Maite or our kids, but Cedric, since you have the sharpest nose here…. I got one question for you." Emerald said while saying that with a glowing eye.

Said wolf gulped before speaking.

"What's that?"

"Simple… since Maite was in heat at the time and I had no idea… but did Maite have a different scent during our date?" Emerald asked to make sure of something.

Cedric was completely caught off guard by that before speaking.

"N-No I didn't detect nothing like that."

"I see… and Maite, are you ok?" Emerald asked after looking at Cedric for a moment more while he looked to Maite with a slightly worried look.

Said hedgehog was still shocked for a moment before looking at Emerald.

"I think so. I mean I'm still shocked but otherwise happy." She said.

"Welp… since we're doing a check… Amy, want me to check if you're pregnant as well?" Lillum asked with a half lidded look since this was two for two already.

Everyone else was surprised after hearing that.

Amy was shocked while blushing in embarrassment before speaking.


Lillum then walked forward before placing a hand near Amy's womb before her hand glowed.

A few moments later and she pulled her hand away with a grin.

"Congratulations, you're pregnant though…." Lillum said while placing her hands on her hips… though she did get a bit of a nervous look on her face for some reason.

Cedric was wondering what's wrong before speaking.

"What's wrong mistress?"

"Well… hehe… during the check… I sensed some demonic DNA in the child… like 1/3rd demonic DNA… normally the kid would be pure hedgehog since… well I'm sure some here remember… but when Maite and Amanda fell into the room, I was distracted for a second which caused one of my spells to be a bit off… mainly when I borrowed Sonic's dick." Lillum admits while chuckling nervously.

Everyone's eyes widen while their jaws dropped after hearing that.

Then Sonic spoke.

"So you're saying that you, me and Amy are parents?"

"Yep, though you might be the lucky one out of this Sonic." Lillum cryptically said with a grin on her face.

"Why's that?" Sonic asked in confusion.

"Well… considering the kid has my DNA and Amy is carrying the kid… she'll get moments where she craves nothing more then sex, I mean the kid is part sex demon so it makes sense for the mother to get as much sex as possible to help make a healthy baby." Lillum said while grinning at Sonic.

The students were shocked after hearing that.

Said hedgehog was shocked while blushing before he was secretly already getting excited.

Lillum cleared her throat to get Sonic's attention before she points down with a grin.

Sonic looked down and was shocked to get a boner before covering himself.

Maite, Amanda and Rachel, were shocked but excited that they were getting a new brother or sister. But at the same time they wish they didn't hear that part. Or see their dad's erection.

The students also wished that as well.

Though Demonga speaking up for a rare time did cause a sweatdrop moment.

"Well this is going to be an interesting family tree." Demonga said with crossed arms.

Everyone else shook their heads at Demonga's saying.

"So… we got one pregnancy that was a bit accidental from Lillum and two from Cedric and Emerald…. What's next?, Rachel or Amanda getting knocked up since this is all within Rachel's family right now for the most part?" Sticks said while rubbing the back of her head.

Rachel blushed while liking the idea of Cedric impregnate her.

Amanda was feeling embarrassed for that.

"Uh, Sticks remember, we all have that special crest that makes sure none us gets pregnant. In fact did you get yours?" Cedric asked.

"Eh not me yet... and The student's have one sure sure, but did Lillum use those on us?, I mean even if I get one on me next, there is still the people who don't like Amanda and Maite here, and you heard Lillum… with a different version of her toy, females can get other females pregnant so it's not like it might not happen, I mean for all we know if you're not careful, you could get pregnant with someone's kid Cedy if someone changed you into a female and got rid of that crest thing, and knowing our luck up till now…" Sticks said with a raised eyebrow and pointing to three pregnant woman already.

Cedric rubbed the back of his head instead of saying anything.

"Well what now?" Azure said while Tibet grins.

"For now, you guys should get things in order first, I've been doing that a few hours ago and I already got things in order." Tibet said with a grin on her face.

"Like what?" Cedric asked.

"Well… stuff like scheduling a doctor to see what gender this kid is later in the months so I can think of a name for a boy or girl, doesn't matter to me which gender it is since I bet the kid will have my condition." Tibet said while she points to her extra equipment.

"Will if that happens, I'm coming with you. Plus I did thought of two names just now." Cedric said.

"Wow, you work fast for a guy who just knocked me up." Tibet teased before she chuckles.

Cedric chuckles while blushing a bit before speaking.

"Like I said before, I want to be there for you and our kid in case anything. Plus me and Azure still want to get to know you and stuff."

"Speaking of getting to know people…" Tibet said before she looked to Sticks and Rachel before speaking up.

"Mind meeting me later you two for a… little bonding session since we'll be sticking together for awhile." Tibet said while her dick twitched a few times to let the duo know where she was going with this.

Rachel blushed brightly at the sight before nodding to Tibet while Sticks grins at the sight of Tibet's dick before licking her lips from the possible fun she would have..

Emerald sighs at this before he speaks up.

"Look, I was planning on getting Cedric's hollow under control today, but we need to get a few things in order first before we can do that, mainly what do we do with Tibet, Maite, and Amy later since they have to keep calm and whatnot… which means that they cannot fight, Maite and Amy can for self defense but I don't know if Tibet can." Emerald said with crossed arms while he got a serious look on his face.

Everyone looked to said female wolf to see what she has to say.

"Eh I can fight, I mean a punch from me would hurt quite a bit, more so from how big I am, still I get it, no fighting, but defending ourselves is ok right?" Tibet said with a grin while Emerald sighs.

"If it's the last thing you can do if you get separated from someone." Emerald said before looking to the group.

"Anyway… I have some good news among the surprises today." Emerald said to everyone.

Everyone was confused for a moment before looking at Emerald.

"What good news?" Cedric asked.

"Simple… our new home for half a year is finished, I had to use a quick way of training to power level so I can make more clones but I just visited the area, and aside from a few new areas needing to be added… like a nursery… and a few rooms just in case… the home for us teachers and students is finished so we don't need to crowd Rachel's house anymore." Emerald said with a grin and crossed arms.

Everyone was shocked and surprised after hearing that.

"So… after we take a bit to relax from the shock, want to see the place everyone?" Emerald said with a grin on his face.

The students nodded eagerly.

"Alright, that's all well and good… but Cedric… Emerald?" Amy said with a cryptic tone in her voice which caused a shudder up Emerald's spine when he thought he recognized the tone.

Cedric also shudder before looking at her.

"Y-Yes?" He questioned.

"I understand if now is not an option… but you are planning to marry the women you knock up right?" Amy asked with a sweet looking smile on her face… but the feeling… and a demon mask appearing behind her made Emerald pale greatly and wondered if this Amy was like Unohana from the horrifying smile she was using.

Cedric paled while shivering when he felt that aura before Emerald spoke up.

"O-Of course, though I'm not sure it will be a normal one since Lillum is a daughter of Satan and the guy doesn't mix well with churches." Emerald nervously said with a sweatdrop while Lillum chuckles nervously from that.

Most of the people were shocked after hearing that last part.

Cedric was nervous before speaking.

"Well, even with the kid on the way, it's too soon. I mean, I want to get to know her first. Plus I have to talk with Azure since Tibet is in her harem. Also Tibet also has a say in this."

"Eh I don't mind if I get to know ...Cedy was it?... Though I am nearly 40 so I hope you don't mind marrying a milf." Tibet teased after hearing Cedric's nickname.

Everyone was shocked after hearing that.

Cedric blushed from that before speaking.

"Well no but I still need to talk with Azure about that."

"Eh I'll marry her as well then, I mean there should be no issues if I sweep her off her feet right?" Tibet said which made Azure blush brightly while Sticks calls out.

"WHAT!?" Sticks called out when she got in front of Tibet.

"I got dibs on marrying Azy, get in line." Sticks said which made Azure blush more and facepalm from being in the center of this without even trying to.

Everyone was surprised at what was happening before Cedric spoke.

"Sticks calm down. I'm sure we can do something about this."

"Hmm… depends… are you willing to make a deal?" Sticks said with a lecherous grin on her face.

Cedric raised his eyebrow before speaking.

"What kind of deal?"

"Simple, you have Tibet go through with this… and I get to take your female forms virginity and if not... I can think of something later for you… deal?" Sticks said with a grin on her face.

Everyone, especially Cedric, Rachel and Azure were shocked after hearing that.

Cedric took a moment to think on that.

"Hmmm... if I'm marrying Tibet, then I need to marry you, Azure and Rachel. I'm not doing it to be fair but out of love." He said.

Rachel and Azure were shocked while blushing brightly.

"Maybe, but since you got Tibet pregnant, accident or not… then you can't complain if we get back at you right?… I even have another type of punishment in mind for Azy who brought her into this without talking with us… simply put, if we want to… Rachel or I can knock Azure up… and you can't complain Cedy, we can speak with Azy later… but you get where this is going right?" Sticks said while licking her lips and Azure blushed even more as a result.

Rachel blushed at thought.

Cedric was about to say something however...

He felt a familiar pressure on his mind before he got a backseat view of what was about to happen while his body gripped the front of his face in front of everyone before a familiar voice was heard.

"Like hell I'll let the dense bastard even consider agreeing to that…" Cedric? Said before pulling his hand away to reveal a mask fragment forming over his right eye and the white of that eye turned black.

Everyone was shocked to see Cedric's Hollow appeared.

Rachel then got mad.

"Hey! Bring back Cedy!" She demanded.

"Oh shut up, thanks to what that dumbass nearly did, we nearly lost Azure, I'm making sure that Cedric's actions don't bite me in the ass as well... I mean everyone but Azure wants to get rid of me right so why even bother listening to you guys at all?" Cedric's hollow said to Rachel with an irritated look on his face.

Everyone was getting a little irritated after hearing that.

"Oh… seems I struck a nerve… please, speak up, I'm already mad as hell so I'm not going to back down from a simple fight." Cedric's hollow said with a cold look in his eye.

Cedric had enough of this before he tried to break free.

However the Hollow have of Cedric had enough of him for now and he starts to chuckle when he wasn't reverting back.

"Sorry Cedric, but until I get things sorted… I'm in command for this moment." Cedric's hollow said with a cold tone.

Cedric was getting angry.

"The second I'm in control, I'm gonna imagine a worst nightmare for you." He said.

"Don't push it Cedric… unless you get that training you can't do Jack to me for long, and I could care less about you right now since you do the same with me… you said so yourself at the pool and Azure heard it all and when this thing kicked in… the other ladies there heard it so I got witnesses." Cedric's hollow said while tapping the crest on his shoulder while it glowed to allow everyone to hear the conversation again.

Cedric sighed in defeat.

"Oh don't be a baby, I can't take over for long yet so you'll get your body back sooner or later, but I'm not going to stand by and let another knock up my lady without a fight." Cedric's hollow said which made Azure blush a bit from that.

Cedric sighed again before speaking.

"Fine. Do whatever shit you want. But you should remember that Azure is our lady. Got that?"

"Could have fooled me, have I ever done anything to get this much hatred from you?, Granted I fondled Rach here in front of everyone, but that was more for fun before I had her get close to prevent us from getting attacked." Cedric's hollow said with a neutral look while he grins when he remembered how soft her breast was.

Rachel blushed in embarrassment from that memory.

Cedric took a few breaths to calm down.

"Alright, let's talk in a civilized manner."

"Oh screw you... I haven't forgotten what you said in the pool, and FYI I'm your instinct so going civil isn't in my nature… tell me why I should even listen when it'll just go in one of your ears and out of the other, and if I do something you're going to fight me anyway so… why bother when I'm not going to hold back with taking control during your lesson." Cedric's hollow said with a cold tone.

"You're really pushing my buttons man. Just say what you want so I can get my body back." Cedric said with a angered look.

"Well then, how's this to get it through that thick skull of yours, since you want nothing to do with me, I'll have nothing to do with you… if you get into a battle and die… I'll take over no questions asked since I rather work alone then with an ungrateful ass like you… I've saved your ass time and again but if this is how things are going to be then forget any holding back from me." Cedric's hollow said to Cedric with an angered tone.

Cedric sighed before speaking.

"Okay fine, I admit it, I'm a complete asshole. Is that what you want me to say?, fine I'm a jerk. And despite everything that happening now...I'm sorry. I'm a complete fool for arguing with you instead of just accepting what I have. So again I'm sorry." He apologised.

"Sorry but I'm not accepting that easily… I'm you remember and I can tell that you don't mean it with all of your being… as for taking control… try again if you want but the result will be the same." Cedric's hollow said with crossed arms.

"I will not try but I was true to my apology. You just don't want to accept it period." Cedric said to the hollow.

"Bullshit... answer me this then and really think about it, if something happens to you or the ladies or Azure, then am I supposed to just stand by and let you fuck up?, I may be a sadistic bastard to you and others views but that's because you're a masochist idiot that can barely do anything right now…, tell me, what would you have done with Tasogare if I hadn't kept you alive then?, What would you have done when you pissed off Azure not once but twice… I maybe a monster but what does that say about the person I came from?" Cedric's hollow said with a vain showing from his own anger when he had to get Cedric out of so many issues either by himself or through advice.

Cedric took thought on this before speaking.

"You're right. I'm nothing without you. I can't do nothing right apparently. All this time you were there and I showed no appreciation. I guess I'm more of a monster on the outside." He said.

The hollow pinched the bridge of his nose before speaking up.

"Ok you idiot, news flash but when you get depressed then things in here get turned into some kind of storm in here that makes it very hard to nap, one reason I'm easily pissed off right now, and that's not why I said that, I was trying to say that I'm doing things to make sure that YOU don't screw up in the long run, you're not a complete idiot, but you really don't think things through sometimes and it nearly bites you in the ass badly, I'm just doing damage control… simple as that." The Hollow said with crossed arms.

Cedric just remains silent since he's got nothing to say.

A moment later, a loud pow was heard when Azure surprised everyone by slugging Cedric's head from the back.

"OW!" Cedric's hollow said while Cedric himself felt the pain as well.

However he didn't say nothing.

Azure then surprised everyone by gripping the chest fur of Cedric's body before yanking his body around to look her in the eye... Very angry eyes

"Before I get to a pep talk… I want to ask… But you said you think you're like a monster on the outside Cedric?... Well then… wouldn't that put me in the same boat?" Azure suddenly said to get a reaction out of Cedric.

Cedric was put out of his thoughts before speaking.

"You were never a monster Azure. However no matter what I do, I always make the situation worse each time."

"Oh really... then how are we different?, I made choices that could have been better instead of getting pissed off all the time, but do you see me getting depressed now?, I went on a date with you and gave you my apparent first time and I feel many times better thanks to that, but I still remember all of my mistakes… I'm not forgetting them… I'm learning from them so I don't make the same ones in the future, now tell me… do you remember all of your mistakes… did you learn from them?" Azure said while she had a slight growl to her voice.

Cedric took a moment to think on his answer before speaking.

"Yes, I have."

"Then are you going to make more mistakes like those again?, There will be more mistakes sure, but are you going to make ones like the you did recently?" Azure asked to get something through the wolf.

Cedric took another moment to think before he finally spoke.

"No. I won't."

"Then what is there to argue about, now you two better kiss and makeup or neither of you will get anything from me for as long you're in Rachel's dimension, I got other options to get some stress relief but I want to have you more than anyone else here." Azure growled out with a slight blush on her face.

Cedric smiled before speaking.

"You know that she's right. I don't want to keep arguing with you for anything. I'm very sorry for causing this mess. And thank you." He said hoping the hollow accepts it.

The hollow was silent for a bit before sighing.

"Fine… I'll shut up for now on this matter, but do a stupid stunt like that again, whether on purpose or accident and I'll take care of things my way, anyway, this is this and giving you control is another matter…" Cedric's hollow said while Azure raised an eyebrow at the hollows cryptic tone in his voice when she let Cedric's body go when she realized that's the best she would get with Cedric's hollow for now.

Everyone was shocked from the conversation that was going before they calmed down. But were confused on the hollow's saying.

"What do you mean?" Azure asked which made the hollow grin when he gripped Azure around the waist and pulled her close before speaking up.

"Simple… unless a lady or two makes it worth my while, I won't hold back with Cedric's lesson, I'm his instincts remember and throwing something as important as that makes me sick to my stomach since Cedric is the kind of guy who doesn't want to take a cheap win… right Cedric?" Cedric's hollow said while he got erect and his dick slipped between Azure's thighs to get his point across which made Azure blush brightly.

Cedric sighs before speaking.


Daniel, Rachel and her family were shocked at what they saw while some blushed at the sight.

Cream, Strike, and begrudgingly Lavender blushed at the sight of Cedric's erect dick while Sticks grins at the sight before licking her lips.

Audrey blushed a bit from seeing that and licked her lips while rubbing her hips together while Lillum grins at how aggressive Cedric's hollow was.

Tibet and Aryk had similar reactions, though Tibet's was more open with her wide grin and Aryk had a slight blush on her stoic face.

Emerald and Demonga got ready to intervene if needed, but what Azure said would be a shocker.

"Maybe… but what guarantee do you have that you'll hold back at all?" Azure said to the grinning hollow… was she actually considering it?

Everyone, especially Cedric, was surprised when they heard that.

"… does that mean you accept?" The hollow said while Azure sent him a teasing grin.

"Maybe if you do hold back, but considering Cedric is already pretty good in bed, what would a guy like you have to offer besides using his body?, You never did it right?, Wouldn't Cedric easily beat you there?" Azure teased while clinching Cedric's dick between her hips while making a jab at Cedric's hollows performance in bed which caused a tick mark to appear on Cedric's forehead when the Hollow got irritated at that.

Everyone snickered at that. Cedric was feeling amused after hearing that.

"Why you bitch… why don't I take you here and now and show everyone what kind of animal I am for that insult." Cedric's hollow said before Azure gripped the chest fur of Cedric's body and gave Cedric's hollow a fanged grin while responding which surprised him bit.

"Bring it on you bastard, we can settle who's the real top in a bed later today, consider that a down payment before the real thing starts for Cedric's lesson… I mean you and Cedric are the same right?, Why fight you when I can get the both of you." Azure said with a fanged grin still on her face.

Everyone was shocked after hearing that before Cedric spoke.

"She's right you know. Can't fight with that logic."

Instead of saying anything to Cedric's response… Cedric's hollow starts to laugh to everyone's confusion.

"What's so funny?" Cedric asked.

The question was answered when Cedric's hollow smacked and gripped Azure ass which made her jolt before speaking up.

"Simple you… Azure here accepts me more than you or anyone else here which I'll admit, makes me have a soft spot for her… unless anyone else objects to that." Cedric's hollow said while massaging Azure's ass with his hand which made Azure blush more from that sudden confession.

No one said a word to counter that.

"He… thought so… you may have Rachel, Sticks, and Tibet here as well but I doubt that they can stand being near me… objections ladies?" Cedric's hollow said while looking at said three women.

"Eh, personally I don't know much about you so asking me that wouldn't mean much from me but you seem like a guy who wouldn't take no for an answer, but you seem…" Tibet said while giving a so so gesture which made Cedric's hollow shrug a bit.

"Fair enough I guess… how about you two?" Cedric's hollow said before looking to Rachel and Sticks.

Said badger took a moment to think before speaking.

"Same thing, though like you, Cedy is the type of guy that likes to go rough. Rachel should know about that. However I've yet to take my time with him, so for you...hmmm, maybe." Sticks said which made some of the people, especially Rachel's family, to look at Rachel in shock while said hedgehog blushed in embarrassment.

"Oh really, and you getting screwed in the ass by Cedric while you sucked Azure off didn't count?" The hollow said with a raised eyebrow.

Everyone was shocked to hear that before Sticks spoke.

"I'll admit, it was good, but I need more than a simple ass fuck."

"Hey, all I'm saying was that it did happen, so the three of you already know what Cedric can do right now… but have you three ever had a time with me?, A real animal?" Cedric's hollow said with a grin on his face while he hugged an arm around Azure.

Rachel, Sticks and Tibet didn't say anything till Rachel spoke.

"Now hang on, just because we haven't been with you, doesn't mean that Cedy isn't an animal. I know he rocked my world. What about you Azy?" She asked.

"Of course, Cedric can rock my world…" Azure tried to say before Cedric's hollow spoke up.

"But has he really Azure?, You were the one to rock his world on the poolside but could he really do much underwater, granted it was interesting… but was it a rough as you want?, The guy is a masochist remember." The hollow cryptically said while Azure blushed a bit.

Everyone did remember before looking at Azure while Cedric was feeling embarrassment whenever people mention that..

"Uh… that's… " Azure tried to say before Cedric's hollow spoke up.

"Think carefully… Rachel is a sub and she really enjoyed her time with Cedric and he had hours to work her over… and Tibet and her ladies joined in and you only got to finish with Cedric once… so tell me… can you say you had fun when you didn't go all out?, Really show him why Lillum thinks your queen material." Cedric's hollow said with a fanged teasing grin while Azure's eyes widen a bit.

Rachel blushed brightly when Cedric's hollow mentioned her first time.

Cedric was now feeling regret for not giving Azure what she wants.

"And what makes you think my first time with Cedric wasn't good?, It might have been short but I treasure that time." Azure said while Cedric's hollow sighs before he taps Azure on the nose.

"Then explain why Cedric was able to recover quickly, Aryk here can attest to getting a quick ass fuck by Cedric and blowing him off." Cedric's hollow said before Azure sent him a glare.

"Alright you bastard... you want me to go all out… fine… Cedric, if you can hear me then take a nap or something since I'll make this guy beg me for mercy when I'm through with him." Azure said with a cold tone in her voice from the sudden command which made the hollow grin from the change.

That's when Cedric spoke.

"Listen Azure, the only reason that I recovered was because I had Aryk wash my back and when she got to my tail, I didn't realize how sensitive it was till my you know what got big again." He explained.

"Interesting… so your tail gets you going again… good to know." Azure said without changing her expression while Cedric's hollow spoke up.

"You do realize you just gave her your achilles heel right?" The Hollow said with a half lidded look when Azure gave a cold smile.

"I don't care about that. I figure she can use that to her advantage when it's my time with her. She deserves to have her world rocked." Cedric said.

"Maybe… but take a look at the other women here and say that again." The hollow said while looking to the ladies of Cedric's harem.

Cedric did see and was surprised at their reactions.

Tibet had a lust filled grin when she heard that while her dick was fully erect at the thoughts she had.

Rachel stared with lust while having similar thoughts.

Sticks bit her bottom lip from her own ideas to actually getting an orgasm from Cedric before muttering.

"Would the same thing go for Cedy's female form?... Or would it make her horny enough to do anything?" Sticks said while her hips rub together.

Cedric sweatdrop before speaking.

"Well it had to come out either way."

"Maybe, but now you'll have to deal with four horny ladies who can make you their bitch… good luck when you turn into a female…" Cedric's hollow said before falling silent when he saw how bit Tibet was.

"Seriously… you'll need it if Tibet convinced Sticks and Rachel to take your virginities first as a form of punishment." The hollow said while sweatdropping when Tibet licks her lips.

"You do realize I am being punished for impregnating Tibet right?" Cedric questioned.

"Yeah but… still… good luck when it happens you poor SOB, I'll be asleep for the first few times." The hollow said with a half lidded look on Cedric's face.

Cedric shrugged.

"I'll still accept it either way. But thank you." He said.

"Try saying that after thinking… your a three foot tall Mobian and she's five feet tall and her dick is a full twelve inches or so… and you would be a virgin… think how painful that would be if you remember what happened with Rachel… and she's a tough woman who cried twice when you had sex with her heartless which was a connected to her." The hollow said while pointing a thumb at Rachel.

Rachel blushed from the compliment while rubbing the back of her head.

Cedric did think about that before speaking.

"That is true."

"Yeah, good luck again since you might get the railing of you life and get broken a bit as well… anyway before we get too off track, sorry Sticks but I would rather get turned into a woman first and get Tibet first before letting Azure get pregnant, but I got Cedric for that part so..." The hollow said with a grin on his face.

"Oh haha, very funny." Said wolf spoke.

However Sticks actually looked thoughtful about that while humming.

"Hmm… interesting idea… what do you think Rachel?" Sticks said with a grin on her face.

"Works for me." Said hedgehog spoke with a grin on her face as well.

"Oh goody… Virgin Female wolf for me… me likey." Tibet said while she lightly strokes herself a bit.

Cedric sweatdrop while shaking his head, or he would if he was in control.

'Boy this an interesting morning. If dad were alive he would pretend to be disappointed with what's going while secretly gives me a thumbs up with how many girlfriends. But if my mom found out about Tibet, she tear my ass out, literally, like that last the guy that crossed her.' Cedric thought.

"Well after what you saw that day in your parents bedroom years ago… I don't think she can complain much." The hollow thought when he got the thoughts.

Cedric shudders at the thought before thinking.

"Don't remind me."

"Hey I'm just saying, after you left home, can she really complain?, Nuff said." The hollow thought… before Azure's thought was heard.

"What happened that day with your mom?" Azure thinks which reminds Cedric about her thought seal.

Said wolf widen his eyes in shock since he forgot about the thought seal.

"You don't wanna know. Trust me. It took me four months before I can sleep." He thought.

"Yeah... I mean it's not like he walked in on his parents going at it when he was a kid… oops." The hollow thought while Azure's eyes widen in surprise.

Cedric's eyes widen in shock before he blurted out instead of thinking.


Everyone jolts from the sudden exclamation before Cream spoke up.

"Uh… did we miss something?" Cream asked when Cedric fell silent for a minute or so.

"No you didn't. I suggest no one brings it up." Cedric said.

Emerald raised an eyebrow from the obvious lie before speaking up.

"Ooook, well if you want to talk about whatever really bugging you, were all ears, anyway… we got a new home so if you want to join, then grab your clothes and meet me at the front gate." Emerald said before the hollow spoke up.

"In a bit for me… I want to show Azure an interesting time before I give Cedric control again." The hollow teased while he slowly grinds Azure on his dick.

"The second I'm back, I'm gonna give Azure the best night her life." Cedric said.

"More like second best." The hollow teased while Azure sighs.

"Ladies, ladies, you're both pretty but I don't think arguing will get anywhere." Azure said with a half lidded look on her face.

Cedric didn't like the lady remark before speaking.

"Sorry Azure."

"No worries, just remember to share without arguing." Azure said before looking to the others to see their reactions.

Daniel, Rachel and her family were surprised after hearing that.

Emerald facepalms before speaking.

"Fine, then the others will head to the new home, does anyone else want to stay here for now?" Emerald asked while Tibet grins.

"Oh yeah, I'll stay back… I got a feeling that I can get the punishment started early." Tibet said while looking at Cedric's ass.

Then Rachel spoke.

"I like to stay here for now as well."

"Same here." Sticks said while Emerald pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Anyone else?" Emerald asked while looking to the others.

"I'm staying." Amanda called out.

"Me too Master." Audrey spoke.

"I'll follow shortly… I want to get a few things in order." Lillum said while giving a teasing grin.

Everyone else sweatdrop from that while Emerald sighs.

"Anyone else?" Emerald said while looking at the others.

Everyone else shook there heads.

"Alright, let's get dressed and go, I'm sure Daniel must be getting funny ideas from the women around him." Emerald teased while he turned to the door as walks to it while Demonga follows.

Daniel blushed in embarrassment before following.

Sonic patted Rachel's head before speaking.

"Be careful sweetie." He said before calling out to Emerald.

"We still gotta have that talk Emerald."

Emerald sweatdrops before he spoke up.

"Uh, just to point out I can fight back if you attack, purely self defense and I'm sure Maite will back me." Emerald said while he took a step away from Sonic.

Maite nods in agreement since it's true.

"Oh relax I'm not gonna beat you up. Don't want one of my special girls hate me for that." Sonic said.

"Sure… and then I get jumped like the last few dads did… one killed me a few times with his sword and one actually tossed me into an oven…*shudder*" Emerald said with a disbelieving tone from the memories.

Everyone was shocked after hearing that before Sonic spoke.

"Okay...nothing like that. I just want to have a normal talk between you, me, Maite and Amy regarding the news of our future grandchildren."

"Oh wow, way to make me feel old." Amy said with a humored grin on her face when she got next to Sonic.

Sonic chuckled before gripping her chin.

"Oh Amy, you're still young and beautiful to me. Don't forget we have our own bundle of joy along the way."

Lillum approached the duo before speaking up.

"Speaking of which… Amy, I believe you two should head to the sex session real quick and feed the child before your talk, It'll give enough time for Emerald to write a will and spend time with loved ones." Lillum teased while Emerald gave her a half lidded look before Lillum bent down behind down Amy and lightly placed a hand on her back before it gave a pink glow before Amy jolts before her eyes turned pink before looking to Sonic with a lusty filled look in her eyes.

Sonic was shocked before look at Lillum.

"What did you do?"

"Oh… Just put a pregnant woman in a high level heat… I doubt you two will be heading home for a few hours." Lillum said while Amy approached Sonic with a hungry look in her eyes.

Sonic gulped before stepping back a few times.

Amy took a few more steps towards Sonic before full on sprinting towards him.

Sonic then shrugs before grabbing her hand when she got close.

"Let's go Amy." He said before dragging her out of the room while Amy had a love struck look in her eyes.

"Well, that buys us some time, have some fun with Emerald, Maite after the tour, if things go bad, you may have to look for Emerald if he hides around the island." Lillum said while Emerald sweatdrops at that.

Maite approached Emerald before hugging him around the waist.

"Don't worry. I won't let dad harm you." She said.

Emerald chuckles before he placed an arm on the back of Maite's head and spoke up.

"Why don't I have a clone handle the tour and we got a room for ourselves, you'll like the way the Master bedroom is built… extra sturdy so we might use one of my… larger forms to test it out." Emerald teased while his dick got erect near Maite's head.

Maite blushed big after hearing that before speaking.

"Let's go."

Emerald chuckles before summoning a clothed clone before he and Maite vanish in a flash of light.

Everyone sweatdrop at what they saw.

"Well… grab your clothes everyone, I'll teleport us to the new home when you guys get back." The clone said to the remaining students.

Those that were staying nods to the clone while the ones that were going went to the lockers with Demonga leading the way before the clone follows.

Rachel looked at everyone else before speaking.

"So now what?" She asked.

"Simple… we can start Cedy's punishment soon, though we'll have to wait for his hollow to go first, wanna help speed up the process ladies?" Lillum said with a teasing grin.

"I'm in." Rachel said with a grin.

"Count me in." Sticks said with an amused grin on her face.

"Eh what the hell, I'll join in." Tibet said with a lust filled smirk.

"Hehe, seems we get a lot of company for now huh Cedric?" The Hollow said with a grin on his face.

"Yes indeed." Said wolf spoke with a smirk.

"Well then, Tibet, mind leading the way to your room?" Lillum asked with a grin on her face before Tibet's grin widens.

"Sure." Tibet said before she starts to walk away from the group.

Lillum however looked over to Amanda and Audrey who were silent so far and smirked at the duo.

"Come slaves… we got a fun time ahead of us for tonight." Lillum said with a teasing grin on her face.

Audrey and Amanda smiled with excitement before going to Lillum.

Everyone get's up to follow said female wolf mobian.

A bit later, they were in Tibet's room while Lillum sat on a nearby chair.

"Unless a lady wants to have fun with me… I'll be over here enjoying the show, Amanda, since you only go for woman, want to have some fun with me… or Tibet here?... Or maybe both?" Lillim said while pointing to her or Tibet who grins when she looked Amanda up and down.

Most of the people in the room were surprised after hearing that.

Amanda blushed brightly at the options before speaking.

"I would say...both. If it's alright with Cedy and Azure since Tibet is in Azure's harem and carrying Cedy's baby."

"Eh, I don't think Cedric cares if Tibet goes for other women, I think he would enjoy the sight." The Hollow said with a grin on his face while he looked Amanda up and down with an impressed look on his face.

Azure gave him a half lidded look on his face before speaking up.

"I don't mind as well, but be careful… get pregnant and I may have to keep you for myself if you break that rule." Azure teased Amanda while she crossed her arms.

Said hedgehog blushed from that tease before speaking.

"Well actually...I don't mind at all."

Azure blinked a few times before speaking up.

"Uh… just to make sure… could you repeat that for any who had trouble hearing?" Azure asked while pointing a thumb at a few people.

Cedric and Rachel were shocked when they heard that.

Sticks had a slight wide eyes look on her face.

Audrey covered her mouth a bit to try and hide her blushing face, but failed when her imagination got the better of her.

Aryk just raised an eyebrow at what Amanda said while she stood next to Tibet.

Lillum, and Tibet smirks what they heard while Cedric's hollow blinked a few times before grinning.

"Would that mean some benefits for yours truly, not very fair if you just please the ladies you know." Cedric's hollow said with a fanged grin when he looked Amanda up and down.

Amanda blushed while raising an eyebrow at the hollow.

"As I was saying, I don't mind if I get pregnant. I'm older now and I always wanted to be a mom." She said.

Cedric and Rachel were once again shocked after hearing that while the Hollow grins at Amanda.

"Yeaaaah, two problems with that for the most part." Lillum said with a semi serious, semi flirtatious look on her face.

"Why's that mistress?" Amanda asked.

"First off, aside from Tibet and Aryk, who have no anti-pregnancy crests yet, I thought you wanted to learn a few things from Emerald later?, If you get pregnant, then you'll have to wait nine months before actually taking lessons from him, and second… I thought you wanted to meet a sister or two of mine?, change your mind already?" Lillum said with a smirk.

Amanda now felt embarrassed after hearing that.

"Whoops. Sorry Mistress. I forgot after that intense pleasure last night."

Lillum chuckles before responding

"No worries, you can get pregnant if you want... a few my sister's just love a possible mother daughter combo… if you get a daughter and if she's anything like you… and has Tibet's extra equipment, then my sister… or maybe two of them might have some fun with a milf… I even have twin daughters who are coming later to this class and might get friendly with you and the other students." Lillum teased while she licks her lips.

Amanda blushed big at the thought before responding.

"You know, I'll hold off on the pregnancy part since I still like to learn from Emerald. Plus I do want to hook up with one of your sisters. Perhaps marry one." She said while the hollow snapped his fingers from losing a chance with possibly getting a lesbian while Lillum spoke up.

"You'll have to learn how to share then, a few sisters I have in mind are around my level so you'll have to take more of my lessons and try and satisfy my daughter's first before even thinking of hooking up with one… understand?" Lillum said with an amused look on her face.

"Absolutely Mistress." Amanda said.

Cedric and Rachel were shocked before speaking.

"Wait...you're a mother, mistress?" Cedric questioned while Cedric's hollow grins from the two younger succubus's coming to this class.

"Yep, didn't think your teacher was a sexy milf right?, I can introduce you guys to their other mother, her name is Leonel, one of the four guardians of Angel Cities Master Emerald, you all saw Umbra, the winged man with the scythe right, he's the strongest guardian." Lillum explained while she teased the group a bit by holding her breasts at the sexy milf part.

Cedric and Rachel blushed a bit after hearing and seeing that.

Cedric's hollow licked his lips when he imagined his own mouths wrapped around the large breasts nipples.

Amanda blushed big while licking her lips with a smirk.

Sticks drooled a little while looking at Lillum doing that.

Tibet chuckles a bit when she realized she would join Lillum in that category while she chuckles a bit when she could have more fun with Lillum.

Audrey blushed somewhat while rubbing her thighs together when her imagination got the better of her again.

Aryk still had a blank look on her face.

Azure, after blushing, did remember something before speaking up.

"You mean the scary feeling guy with the purple getup Mistress?" Azure asked while Lillum chuckles.

"Yep, Umbra's strong, strong enough to rival Emerald and Demonga believe it or not, even close to an fully trained Elemental's level of power." Lillum shockingly said to the group who knew Umbra looked like while the rest looked confused since they didn't know Umbra yet.

The Hollow, though hiding it well, Azure, Cedric, and Rachel were shocked after hearing about someone being on the same level as their teachers.

Amanda was surprised to hear that.

"And another thing… Umbra is an immortal that was created to watch over the Master Emerald when it was first created so he's even more ancient than the current Elemental's so he has more combat experience the everyone on Angel city put together… you can get why he's so strong right?" Lillum said with an amused tone at their shocked expressions.

Everyone else's jaws dropped after hearing that.

"Whoa…" Azure simply said while the others agreed with her before Lillum spoke up.

"So… want to decide the order of things or just make this a full blown orgy?" Lillum said with a teasing grin on her face.

Cedric and Rachel blushed at the orgy part while the Hollow's grin widens more from the later option.

Amanda was feeling the same thing.

Tibet grins more while she got an erection from the two options while Sticks grins as well.

Audrey was a bit conflicted from the two options.

Aryk just stayed silent.

"Eh… if no one picks soon, I'd say full blown orgy, let people hook up with whoever they want and go all out, ladies, you got my toys so it's not just Cedy, Tibet, Azure, and myself who as them." Lillum said with a grin before she summoned a toy and equipped it which gave her a 10 inch throbbing erect dick.

Everyone else blushed again before Rachel spoke.

"I like to join Cedy and Azure."

"Alright, we got one group… who wants to make group two since I got Amanda and Tibet." Lillum asked while she stood up and walked towards Amanda and Tibet when Tibet got near Amanda which left Amanda with two giant lovers for her.

Said hedgehog blushed greatly before licking her lips with a smirk.

Now there was Aryk, Sticks and Audrey.

"Hmmm…. How about this… Aryk comes with us… Audrey, you go with Cedy, Azure and Rachel… Sticks… how about you join us as well to really make this an interesting day for Amanda and see if that Stamina can be used… in another way if you get where I'm going with this... I'll be alternating with the two groups to make it fair and to test you guys on how far you came." Lillum said while summoning two more toys for the two ladies for her group.

Audrey nods at Lillum before heading to Cedric, Azure and Rachel.

Sticks grins before she walked over to Lillum and held a hand out.

"Alright, I'm game, might as well make Amanda a real mess then." Sticks said with a grin that promised she would use what Lillum gave her really well on Amanda if she got the chance.

Amanda blushed brightly before grinning at Sticks.

"Bring it on auntie."

Tibet liked Amanda's confidence.

Aryk still carried a stoic impression which made Lillum sigh before speaking up.

"Hey Tibet, does Aryk do anything without an order or is she always following orders?"

"Hmm… hard to say... she normally does things when you order her to but she can surprise you if you let her do her own thing... Aryk, do what you think is best for now and have fun." Tibet said while she gave Aryk the order to not hold back.

Aryk nods to Tibet before going over to the group and surprised Sticks by kissing her.

Sticks blinked a few times in surprise before shrugging it off by returning the kiss while Lillum chuckles.

"Definitely surprising... Hey Aryk... don't forget this." Lillum said while holding out a toy for Aryk to take.

Said Echidna woman stopped kissing Sticks to look at Lillum before taking said toy from her.

"Now a little tutorial on how to equip them if you missed that lesson…" Lillum said before removing her dick by pressing a flame like icon before speaking up.

"Tibet aside since hers is O'natural, please place your dick dildo right here and old it for the next step." Lillum said before holding her toy above her clit while the dial was held still.

Aryk nods to her before she did what Lillum said with Sticks doing the same while getting a bit excited to see her new dick.

"Now hold the dildo itself steady and turn the dial till you hear a click and get ready to see your newly grown dick, word of warning, no matter how much stamina you have, this is a brand new dick for you two so consider yourselves virgins, and the new dick for first timers does have a… side effect by sending new info to your brains so you might try and rape Amanda or even us if your not careful… hell you two might tackle Cedric and have your way with him, guy or not so Cedric… you might want to hide behind Azure for a just in case moment since everyone here would be a target." Lillum said before she turned the dial and her dick formed from a flash of dark light.

Cedric gulped before speaking.

"Yes Mistress."

Aryk acknowledges that before turning a dial on her toy.

A moment later, the dildo flashed before a surprising 11 inch dick was seen on Aryk, it was also 3 inches thick which made Lillum lick her lips.

"Ohhhh… not bad, so how do you feel Aryk?" Lillum asked to be sure if Aryk was still sane or not.

Said Echidna woman raised an eyebrow before responding.

"It feels...interesting...but not much else."

"Hmm… not bad, how about you Sticks?" Lillum asked before looking to Sticks when she turned her dial and her dick was seen which made the women of the room's eyes widen in shock… and Lillum looked a bit worried.

"Uh oh… I may have given you a prototype by accident… everyone… watch out." Lillum said with a slightly nervous tone when Sticks had… a 14 inch dick to everyone's shock… what kind of prototype was Lillum working on… but Stick's body wobbling was a bit worrisome while she starts to get a lust filled look in her eyes.

Azure, Cedric, Rachel, Amanda and Audrey's eyes widen in shock after seeing that. Though Audrey and Amanda blushed greatly after seeing this monster.

"What type of prototype were you working on Mistress?" Cedric asked in shock.

Though him speaking up seemed like a bad idea when Sticks turned to him and started to wobble her way over to Cedric slowly while Azure got in front of him while the Hollow cringed a bit when he took a step back while Lillum spoke up.

"That one… was made for larger bodied users like Tibet or a human female who wanted to push things past the limit… not for a three foot Mobian who can only normally take a 12 inch version at best for now… I'll take care of her, you guys start when I get Sticks's attention." Lillum said before she walked over to Sticks who turned to her with the same lust filled dazed look before actually trying to tackle Lillum who gave Sticks a grin of sorts and actually let it happen before using her floating ability to float the two to the ground while Sticks sucks and bites Lillum's nipples like a wild animal after gripping her breasts and humps Lillum's stomach with everyone watching.

Cedric, Azure, Rachel, Amanda and Audrey stared while blushing big at what they're seeing while Cedric's hollow spoke up.

"Hehe, talk about hot… so you ladies wanna start like she said to do?" Cedric's hollow said while placing a hand on Azure's ass and Rachel's breast before starting to massage the two which made Azure purr a bit before grinning.

"Oh yeah… Rachel, Audrey, mind lending a hand?" Azure said when she placed a hand on Cedric's chest before pushing Cedric back and onto the bed which made his Hollow make a ompf sound from the unexpected move.

Rachel and Audrey grinned before Rachel spoke.

"Why of course." She said before approached Cedric's hollow and knelt down before grabbing his balls with one hand.

Audrey knelt besides Rachel before licking the side of Cedric's hollow's dick.

Hollow Cedric grins when he got his bearings by just relaxing and watching the show for now before Azure had an idea before she walked behind Rachel and Audrey before kneeling down and lightly rubbing their folds with two of her fingers for each hand.

Said hedgehog and koala shuddered from that action before Audrey resumed licking one side.

Rachel gave Cedric's hollow's balls a nice squeeze before she starts licking the other side of the hollow's dick.

Cedric's hollow sighs a bit from pleasure before he spoke up.

"Hey Koala, Audrey was it?... you're going to need to take this a step further to get me to really get into it, Rachel here is doing good so far though I'll be getting offensive soon." The hollow said with a fanged grin while Azure took a moment to stop before she slid her fingers into the two women's holes before wiggling her fingers around.

Audrey and Rachel jolt from that before Audrey took a step further by licking the top of Cedric's hollow's dick before she worked her tongue on the tip.

The hollow hums before he surprised Audrey by placing a hand on top of her head and before she could react, he gripped the fur on her head and slammed her all the way down onto his dick with a grin before holding her there for a bit.

Audrey gagged a bit before she starts bobbing her head while Cedric's hollow's grin widens before he lets go to watch the sight while Azure heats her fingers up in Rachel and Audrey's tunnels.


Sticks was still in an out of control state while she kept humping Lillum's stomach and playing with her breasts which made Lillum sigh before looking to the others.

"Do any of you want to join in?, I'm about to get serious with Sticks here since she's just acting like a simple dog here, Wolfs not included since they get to the real deal from the get go." Lillum said while sending Tibet a teasing grin.

"Oh I want in on this." Tibet said before she stood up and behind Sticks before she aimed her dick behind the badger's moving ass.

Lillum grins before she used her magic to freeze Sticks in place with a purple glowing outline while she floats Sticks a bit till she as near the ground.

"Go balls deep… I'll take Sticks dick into my pussy… Aryk, wanna take her pussy or mouth?" Lillum said while making her dick vanish for now while Sticks tried to struggle, but failed when the hold was still to strong.

Aryk still hold a stoic expression she lay underneath Tibet before she scoot up till her dick was underneath the badger's folds.

Lillum grins before she surprised Aryk by slamming Sticks balls deep onto her which made Sticks groan loudly while Sticks was held there and her tunnel tightens harshly on the Virgin Aryk's dick.

Said Echidna woman widen her eyes a bit before letting out a soft groan from this feeling.

Tibet smirked before she shoved her dick balls deep in Sticks's ass which made her tongue hand out before she let's out her own groan which made Lillum grin before speaking up.

"So, how does she feel?" Lillum asked while she walked forward and lightly gripped and strokes Stick's dick which made her shudder.

Tibet groaned a bit before speaking.

"Nice and tight. Wish I met her sooner." She said before she starts thrusting which made Sticks groan while Lillum grins.

"Want to help with Student's lessons?, who knows… maybe I can get you to let out twice as much semen from those monster balls with my… delicate touch… and who knows, you might be a favorite with the students if you get to know them." Lillum said with a lusty grin while she got over Sticks's dick and lowered her hips and took it in easily which made Sticks groan even more from the triple pleasure she was getting from the three women while her holes tighten.

Tibet moans while thrusting in Sticks's ass before speaking.

"Hmmm, that sounds like an excellent idea. Plus I get to be closer to Azure and my baby's father."

"Well there is that, but I'm also talking about meeting my daughters as well… they might love you if you can give me a fun time." Lillum said while she rides Sticks's dick with no issue with her voice somehow.

"That sounds great. I would love to meet them as well." Tibet moans while thrusting which made Lillum giggle before she looks to Aryk.

"So Aryk, you maybe silent, but I doubt you can keep that for long… wanna put your two cents in about joining my lessons?... or meeting my daughters?" Lillum said while she just keeps riding Sticks.

Aryk groans again before speaking.

"I...hold no objections of joining your lessons… or meeting your daughters."

"Good… a tiny reward then… and to see if I can break that stoic look." Lillum said before she snapped her fingers before the pleasure for Aryk spiked so much that she was forced to cum for the first time from her dick at full force.

Aryk's eyes widen for second before she moans from the climax when it seems like she wouldn't stop cumming.

A minute later, and Aryk finally finished while Lillum smiles when she looks to Aryk when she continues to ride Sticks.

"So… how was your first turbo charged ejaculation?" Lillum said with a teasing grin.

Aryk's face had a light blush before speaking.

"It...felt...good." She said before moaning when Lillum made Sticks ride her again.

"Tibet, mind laying on your back this time?, I thinks it's time for a slight change in position." Lillum said with a teasing grin.

Tibet grins before speaking.

"Okay then." She said before laying on her back while Sticks was pulled off of Aryk's dick and Lillum float upward to pop off of Stick's dick.

"Now then… Aryk… did you ever want to fuck your Mistress's ass or pussy before?" Lillum said with a teasing grin when she angles her body to float next to Aryk with a devilish smirk on her face.

Said Echidna woman pants a bit before speaking.

"I've...thought about doing mistress in the ass."

Tibet was surprised to hear that before grinning while Lillum did the same before speaking up while wrapping a hand around Aryk's dick and slowly stroking it with expert precision.

"Why not indulge in that fantasy... there is no Master or Mistress here right now… and you got a nice big thick juicy dick... so why not use it to please Tibet like she was your lover and if Tibet acted like that… a role reversal if you think about it." Lillum said while kept stroking Aryk and saying tempting words into Aryk's ear.

Aryk shivered from that before she got in front of Tibet's ass and aimed her dick at the entrance of Tibet's asshole.

Lillum grins before she spoke up.

"Seems that Aryk is taking my advice… mind if Aryk goes to town on your ass?" Lillum asked while she floats around and took Stick's dick into her hand and angled it at her lips before she starts to lick it a few times which made Stick's groan and her asshole tighten around Tibet's dick.

Said female wolf groan before speaking to Aryk.

"Come on Aryk, show my ass who's boss." Tibet said with a grin.

Aryk took a breath before she insert her dick in Tibet's ass.

Both women groan from that feeling while Lillum chuckles a bit before surprising the duo by actually lifting her body upside down and deep throating all of Stick's dick which made a large bulge in Lillum's throat which made Sticks let out a whorish groan while her ass tightens again around Tibet's dick.

Tibet groans again which caused her ass to tighten around Aryk's dick before speaking.

"How does my ass feel Aryk?"

Said Echidna groan before replying.

"It's tight...but it feels good."

Lillum chuckles a bit before her body starts to move up and down on Sticks's dick with no issue which made Stick groan more while her dick starts twitching which made Lillum think that she was not quite ready to use this one yet.

"Going to need a smaller one… maybe a 9 to 10 incher if I don't get it mixed up again." Lillum thought while she continues her action with no mercy in sight for the berzerked badger.

Aryk took another breath before she starts thrusting in and out of Tibet's ass.

Said female wolf groans and moans from the action before speaking.

"That's it Aryk keep going."

A few moments later and Sticks lets out a scream when she unloads who knows how much semen into Lillum who effortlessly gulped down the torrent of constant cum with no issue, to others it would be a shocker, but to those who knew Lillum personally, it wasn't much of one.

Amanda, who was watching from afar, was gonna wait for her turn before she starts masterbating.

Lillum noticed while she kept drinking Sticks's semen before she wiggled a finger before a dick dildo appeared in front of Amanda while Lillum pulled away from Stick's dick with a grin.

"Hehe, equip that and wait there for a moment… I got an interesting idea for you." Lillum said with a teasing grin.

Amanda smiled before speaking.

"Thank you Mistress." She said before she grabbed the dildo and insert it in her pussy before clicking the dial.

Lillum sweatdropped when that happened… she did say that it was suppose to be slightly above the clit… on her palm… and it formed inside of her pussy as well.

Amanda sweatdrops as well before speaking.


"Well, you can have some fun with yourself, or join us for an interesting idea I have, take it out of your pussy and let's see how big it is." Lillum said while grinning from an idea she has.

Amanda did as she was told before walking towards the group, the dick attached to her palm was around 10 inched in length and a few inches in width.

Lillum licks her lips before she floats over Sticks and holds Stick's folds open.

"Let's see if you can use it properly here, if it works well… I'll let you fuck me properly, or maybe have you fuck my ass and spank me at the same time if you want to keep it on your hand." Lillum said with a lust filled grin.

Amanda grins before going to Sticks before aiming her dick at the badger's folds.

"With pleasure Mistress. Get ready auntie. This is payback for that morning." She said before inserting her dick in Sticks's pussy.

Sticks groans from getting her pussy filled before Lillum looked to see how Amanda was taking a dick on her palm while she was palm deep in Sticks.

Said hedgehog groans from that feeling before she starts to thrust in and out of Sticks's pussy.

"So… how is it, instead of feeling pleasure on your groin area, you feel it through your arm… I'm wondering if it feels different." Lillum said with a grin on her face before looking to see how Aryk was doing with Tibet.

Said Echidna woman groans and moans as she continues to thrust in Tibet's ass before speaking.

"How does it feel mi'lady?"

Tibet was moaning from the pleasure before speaking.

"It feels excellent. Just keep pounding my ass."

"With pleasure." Aryk said before thrusting a bit harder which Tibet moan louder.

Lillum grins at that before she looked back to Amanda.

"I'll be heading to the other group for now, let me know if Sticks does anything, and if you finish, please join us, you might not like guys but you might be at least curious right?" Lillum teased before she floats away from the group and floats towards Azure's group.

Rachel continues to fondle Cedric's hollow's balls while licking his dick as Audrey bobs her head while making slurping noises.

Deep in Cedric's hollow's mind, Cedric shuddered at the feeling while holding his groin before thinking.

"Oh man this feels so good...but at the same time I'm not really there. If only there were two of me. I feel like this should've been my punishment instead of the woman thing." He thought to himself while feeling a little upset.

"Hehe, you forget that I'm you remember, technically there are two of us, and who knows, you might like it when you're on the receiving end… HAHAHA!" Hollow Cedric said before mentally laughing while he enjoys what is happening to him so far.

Cedric mumbled incoherently after hearing what the hollow said.

He also forgot again about the thought seal which allowed Azure to listen in for a moment while she adds a third finger to Audrey and Rachel's pussies.

Said girls moan from that action as they continue to service Cedric's hollow's dick.

"Oh don't be like that, like I said, I'm you remember… and I know you're a bit curious about the women thing… who knows, maybe you'll like it if Azure does the deed to us since Sticks is a bit distracted." Hollow Cedric thought to Cedric with a teasing tone.

Cedric blushed but decided not respond to that remark before Azure decided to let her presense known.

"Oh I don't know, Tibet has first dibs and I doubt he… opps sorry, she would be able to walk for awhile." Azure thought with a teasing tone when she warmed her fingers up more to make a light sizzling sound when steam starts to emit from Audrey's and Rachel's pussies..

Said hedgehog and koala shivered at that feeling.

Cedric blushed in embarrassment before he chuckled.

"Hehe, nice one Azure."

"You sure?, seems like Azure is in her Queen mode and hopes to see you begging for mercy… I mean just look at her face." The hollow thought to Cedric.

"The only thing I see is beauty on her face. And I would always treat her as Queen." Cedric thought.

"Try thinking that when you get your ass busted in… then again you might enjoy it considering how you are." Cedric's hollow thought with a half lidded look while Azure mentally giggles before she pulled her hands free of Rachel and Audrey before speaking up.

"Hey you two… want to give Cedric and his hollow an interesting show?" Azure said with a teasing grin when she had an idea.

"Huh?" Cedric's hollow thought with a confused tone.

"What?" Cedric said with a confused tone as well.

Rachel and Audrey stopped what they're doing before speaking.

"Like what?" They asked in unison.

Azure grins before she gestured for them to get closer to her for some reason.

Rachel and Audrey were both confused before coming closer.

Azure then gripped their heads for a moment to get their ears closer together before whispering in their ears for a few seconds before pulling away with a grin.

"So… what do you think." Azure asked with a blush on her face.

Rachel and Audrey both blushed with a surprised look before grin.

"Sounds tasty." Rachel said.

Audrey nods in agreement before Azure spoke up.

"Then get in position you two, I'll join in a second after making sure Cedric and his hollow have their eyes on you two." Azure said while Cedric's hollow got a confused look on his face.

Cedric was more confused than ever.

"Hmmm, wonder what Azure is planning?" He thought.

His question was answered while his Hollow made his eyes widen in shock when Rachel and Audrey shift their bodies… and got ready to scissor one another after their pussies touch.

Cedric's eyes widen in shock while blushing big.

"Holy mackerel. That. Is. Hot." He thought while his Hollow agreed with him.

"Oh yeah… would make it hotter if Azure joins in." Cedric's hollow said before Azure thought to the duo.

"Ask and you shall receive." Azure thought before she spoke up.

"Alright ladies, move over." Azure said while she managed to puzzle herself in and got in a threeway sissoring with Audrey and Rachel… all in front of Cedric and his hollow's gave which made the Hollow's eyes widen more before thinking.

"Maybe I should ask for a million dollars next time if a wish like that came true…" The Hollow thought with a surprised tone at what just happened.

"Lucky for the two of us that did happen. And more." Cedric thought before Azure spoke up.

"Alright, let's get moving you two." Azure said before she starts to grind on Rachel and Audrey's pussies while heating her own up greatly.

"I have to ask about that one later, but for now enjoy the show." Azure said while she shifts her hips more to get Audrey and Rachel moving.

Cedric mentally facepalm before he and his hollow starts to enjoy the show.

Rachel and Audrey moved their hips along with Azure's while moaning from the pleasure.

"My My, seems like an interesting sight to see." A familiar voice said which made everyone look over to see Lillum floating by with an amused look on her face.

"Mistress, why are you over here?" Azure asked with a slightly surprised look on her face when her body heats up for a second.

Cedric, his hollow, Rachel and Audrey were surprised to see Lillum here.

"Well then, since you three are busy, I might as well see how well Cedric is now personally." Lillum surprisingly said to the group.

"Huh!?" Azure said with some shock while the Hollow felt the same for a second before grinning.

Rachel and Audrey were shocked as well.

Cedric was now confused.

"Wait what?"

"Think of it like a graduation exam of sort for the starting class, I'll be doing it again after later lessons with everyone as well so it's not like I'm just doing this to pick favorites, think of it as a perk of sorts…. I mean I did this with Cream a few times and Azure and Rachel while keeping away from their pussies to save their virginities for you… though I'm hoping for a later visit to finish their exams now that I know that they're not virgins anymore... and I thoroughly went over my lessons with Audrey here again and again so she knows what I'm talking about." Lillum said while licking her lips at the former virgin duo which made Azure blush brightly.

Rachel felt the same thing before hearing Audrey spoke.

"That's right Mistress." She said.

"Y-Yeah… it… was interesting to say the least." Azure said while Lillum grins before looking to Rachel with a look that promised pleasure.

Said hedgehog didn't respond before blushing brightly at the thought.

"Welp, as you can see, they're already with through with the finals for their rank… and questions?, Cedy or Mr. Hollow?" Lillum said with a lusty grin on her face.

Cedric blushed before speaking through the thought seal.

"Well...Can the girls continue to scissor each other...while rubbing our dicks?"

"Oh ho… guess Cedy is more perverted thanks to these lessons, well ladies?, wanna do this request for him?" Lillum asked which made Azure smirk.

"If it's alright with the others, well… how about it ladies?" Azure asked while she gives the two a grin.

Rachel and Audrey blushed at the request before grinning.

"I don't mind. What about you Audrey?" Rachel questioned.

"It's alright with me." Said koala spoke.

Lillum grins before looking to Cedric.

"Well Mr. Hollow, Cedric, seems they're alright with it, mind scooting over while they lift their hips." Lillum said to give the three ladies the idea.

Azure grins more before speaking up.

"Well then ladies... on three?" Azure asked while getting ready to raise her hips.

Rachel and Audrey were also ready to raise their hips.

"1…" Azure said with a grin.

"2…" Rachel said with a grin.

"3…" Audrey said with a grin before the trio raised their hips while Cedric's hollow grins.

"Tasty sight… you going to join in?" Cedric's hollow said with a grin to Lillum who grins in turn.

"Maybe afterwards, I believe you have three willing women here and I don't think their hips will last long in that pose." Lillum said with a grin before the Hollow chuckles.

"Oh just you wait… you'll be howling this body's name when I get through with you." Cedric's hollow said which caused Lillum to get a lust filled grin.

"Not if I break you into a submissive little puppy first." Lillum said with a teasing grin before Cedric's hollow chuckles for a moment while Azure looked on with surprise and shock at what the Hollow just did.

Rachel, Audrey and Cedric were also shocked at the display.

"I'm… a little worried for you now Cedric… I don't think any punishment will match a fully serious Lillum." Azure thought with a sweatdrop at the look in Lillums eyes

"Believe me...I'm thinking the same thing too." Cedric thought with worry before he continues.

"If I don't make it out...Always remember that I love you, Rachel, and Sticks, including Tibet."

"I know… I'll miss you." Azure thought while a mental image of Azure crying into a handkerchief and she knelt in front of a grace was seen in Cedric's mind.

The Tombstone read, here lies Cedric… he went out as most men would dream by a crushed pelvis.

Cedric felt that he was having the same vision before speaking to his hollow.

"You better hope we make it alive." He thought to the hollow.

"Eh… it would be an interesting way to go, not like I'm and by extension you, are going to die, but there would be worse ways to die." The Hollow thought before speaking up.

"Well then, get ready ladies, I'm about to show you why I'm a better lover then Cedric is." The Hollow said with a teasing tone while he slid his body under the three ladies and angles his dick between their bodies.

"Hey!" Cedric protested while Azure spoke up.

"We'll see if you don't get broken in by Mistress you rabid dog… now girls, drop!" Azure said with a Queen like tone before she got ready to lower her hips on Rachel and Audrey's que.

Said hedgehog and koala followed Azure's direction before lowering their hips.

A moment later and Cedric's dick was wrapped by three sets of folds before the three women rests their asses on Cedric's hips and Cedric's dickhead pokes past their folds before they raised and lowered their hips a few times to get a good rhythm going.

Lillum in the meantime grins at the sight while she plays with herself a little to get warmed up for later.

Azure, Rachel and Audrey continue to raise their hips against Cedric's dick while moaning.

"Oh damn, not a bad feeling… makes me want to take over more if this is what I can expect." Cedric's hollow said with a fanged grin.

Cedric rolled his eyes while enjoying the sensation.

Azure chuckles a bit while she kept going with Rachel and Audrey's motions while adding heat to her pussy which made Cedric's hollow hiss a bit before grinning.

"Time for reason one why I'm a better lover… I can multitask…" the hollow said with a fanged grin before his dick starts vibrating and actually sparking at the same time for an extra jolt for the three women.

Azure, Rachel and Audrey jolt from that actions before shuddering at the feeling.

Cedric was getting upset after hearing his hollow say that.

"This is not a competition. I can do that too." He thought to the hollow

"Then answer one question, why haven't you?" The hollow said while he watched the three women getting pleasured looks on their faces.

"Because we haven't got that far yet what with everything that's happening." Cedric thought.

"Now that's bull, you had plenty of times with one or the other with multiple women but never both, before you complain… take a look at our ladies faces." The hollow said while looking at the three women's faces.

"I am seeing them. But you keep saying how you're better than me is upsetting." Cedric thought.

"Then prove me wrong next time, do something that I can't make better and I'll admit that you're not have bad." The Hollow taunts when he felt his dick twitching that's to getting warmed up earlier.

"Deal. The last thing I want is for my girlfriends to think I can't pleasure them like you." Cedric thought.

"Hold that thought…" The hollow thought before he spoke up.

"Get ready ladies, I'm about to blow." The Hollow grunts which made the three women move faster and faster untill…

"CUMMING!" The hollow yelled before he erupts an electric charged load which starts to splash onto the three women.

Azure let's out a slight grunt when she had a mini orgasm when some of the semen lands on her clit before she fell onto the bed when her legs gave out on her for a moment.

Rachel and Audrey grunt as well before cumming before they also fell back onto the bed to recover.

Lillum in the meantime pulled her fingers free from her pussy to show that she was soaked from the display.

"Hmm…. Tell me Mr. Hollow, think you can continue?" Lillum asked while Cedric's hollow gave a thumbs up while his dick stays erect to the group's surprise.

"Oh yeah…" the hollow said before Lillum grins.

"So ladies, mind if I take a turn or do you three want to do the honors?" Lillum asked the three women with a lusty grin.

Both Rachel and Audrey pant a bit before looking at Azure.

Azure just gave a thumbs up while she pants to show she was Ok with it since her hips were still recovering.

"M-Make sure Cedric doesn't die… for his Hollows actions…" Azure said while the Hollow chuckles at that while Lillum grins.

Cedric smiled after hearing that.

Rachel and Audrey were a bit worried after hearing that.

"Oh don't worry… I won't kill him… though he might not be able to get erect for a while… perfect time for a gender swap if you think about it." Lillum said with a teasing grin.

Cedric gulped before thinking.

"I don't like the sound of that."

"Well then… bring it on." The Hollow taunts while Lillum grins more.

"As you wish." Lillum said before using her magic to make, Azure, Rachel, and Audrey float a bit before getting set nearby to get a perfect view when Lillum sat on the bed next to Cedric while she was in her human form.

"So… want a form change, or go as is?" Lillum said while Cedric's hollow took a moment to think about that while somehow hiding his thoughts from Cedric and Azure.

Said wolf was sighs before thinking to his feline girlfriend.

"How are you feeling Azure?"

"Slightly sore hips, but nothing bad... you?" Azure thought back.

"I'm upset with my hollow and I'm also a prisoner in my own mind. This should've been my punishment." Cedric thought before sighing again.

"Oh don't worry, when we get to you being turned into a woman… I'll make sure to show you some extra loving… Cedrina." Azure thought before mentally giggling to Cedric.

Cedric was surprised before thinking.

"Did you just...Oh you know what who cares...some loving from you will make me feel better. I love you my lovely princess."

"Thanks, and in my defense, do you have a better name for a female form?" Azure thought to Cedric with an amused tone.

"To be honest no. But the only thing I'm thinking now is being close to you again." The wolf thought.

The duo was taken out of their thoughts when Cedric's hollow spoke up.

"I wonder… can you take a milf like form of… Azure here?" The hollow said with a grin while Lillum did the same while actually thinking about it.

Azure was surprised at the questioned but did wonder what she would look like as a mom.

Cedric, Rachel and Audrey were also shocked at the request. before being curious.

"Hmm… I don't know…" Lillum said before her form glows before her formed shifts into something highly blush inducing for everyone while Cedric's hollow's dick got iron hard at what he saw while Azure got a bright noticeable blush on her face.

Cedric, Rachel and Audrey blushed big at what they saw.

They all saw an older looking Azure who had wider fuller hips, much larger breasts that seemed realistic if she got a size increase from a pregnancy, and a gentler looking face which had a teasing smirk, though she still had the wings on her back which shows that it was Lillum.

"So… what do you all think?" Lillum asked while holding one of her breasts while the Hollow spoke up.

"Like one hot mama… puns fully intended." The hollow said while drinking in Lillum's Azure milf form.

Rachel and Audrey giggled at the joke while still blushing at Lillum's form.

Cedric, even though he did laugh on the inside, couldn't stop staring at the form before thinking.

"So that's what Azure will look like. Even though Lillum is in that form, I say it'll look better on Azure. I think she'll make a great mom in the future. Is it weird that I already thought of names for our kids?"

"Sorta… but seeing what I could look like… I don't mind if you plan ahead." Azure thought while she looked Lillum's Azure's milf form up and down before Lillum spoke up.

"Now to point out, this is not a set in stone form, this is just a educated guestimate and what Cedric thinks would look good for Azure if she was a mother." Lillum said while gripping her left breast which made Azure raise an eyebrow while smirking at Cedric.

"Wanna knock me up that bad?" Azure teased which made the hollow chuckle a bit at that.

"Hehe...thinking about it. But only when we're married." Cedric thought.

"Still thinking that far ahead huh…" Azure thought before Lillum spoke up.

"Now then… time for you to lay back." Lillum said before pushing Cedric onto his back which made his hollow grunt.

Before anyone could do anything, Lillum wrapper her, or older Azure's breasts, around Cedric's dick before speaking up while his hollow moans a little at how soft Lillum's breasts were… Azure felt a bit self conscious when she looked at her own breasts that were smaller than everyone else's.

"So… how do these feel?" Lillum said while the hollow spoke up with a grin.

"Hard to say when you haven't moved yet, I'll admit that they're soft though." The hollow said which made Lillum grin before she spoke up.

"Alright, time to see if you can say that later." Lillum said before she starts to lift and lower her breasts around Cedric's dick which made his hollow grit his teeth when he fought back a moan.

Cedric shuddered at the feeling before thinking to Azure.

"You okay Azure?"

Azure took a moment to watch Lillim working her breasts on Cedric's dick before thinking.

"Just… a bit worried that my breasts and ass aren't good enough, I mean Audrey and Rachel are like sexy models and it's not set in stone that I'll get a form like that, I mean I never saw Blaze from Angel City yet and I normally see her alternate versions with a figure like mine…" Azure thought while she cupped her own breasts with her hands which easily cup them while Lillum starts to lick the tip of his dick when it points between her breasts.

Cedric was surprised to hear that before speaking.

"Oh Azure, I don't want you to think like that. You're beautiful and sexy to me no matter what. I love you for who you are. Even Rachel, Sticks and Tibet do." He thought hoping it makes her feel better.

Rachel noticed something before speaking.

"What's wrong Azy?" She asked which distracted her from answering Cedric.

"Huh?... Oh… just jealous of you and the other ladies in the groups... figures… I mean out of everyone her, I'm pretty small in an all around fashion… and these scars aren't good to look at either." Azure said when she looked at her body before looking to Rachel, then Audrey, then Tibet's then everyone else's and felt more self conscious.

Rachel was shocked before going over to Azure and hugged her.

Azure's eyes widen a bit at the action before looking to Rachel.

"Oh Azy. I don't want you to feel that way. Me, Cedy, auntie Sticks...and I guess Tibet, love you for who you are. You're beautiful in everyway." Rachel said before kissing her.

Azure returns the kiss for a second before pulling away when she spoke up.

"Maybe, but it's still a fact that I'm smaller than everyone here, and you got some of the largest breasts here." Azure said while surprising Rachel my gripping her breasts with her hands.

Rachel jolt a bit from that before speaking.

"It doesn't matter what size you are as long as you remember who loves you. I mean has Cedy or I have said anything wrong about you?" She asked before surprising Azure by gripping her breasts.

Azure moans from that before speaking up after she points a thumb at Cedric and Lillum.

"Then do you think I can do that with breasts this small?" Azure said with a half lidded look a moment later when she saw Hollow Cedric enjoying Lillum's breasts when she sped them up and latched her mouth around the head of his dick which made the hollow groan.

"I say yes. Besides Cedy would enjoy having a taste of your breasts. Just think of him sucking and biting your nipple a bit like he was a baby." Rachel teased before pinching the feline's tits.

Azure let out a groan of sorts before grinning at Rachel.

"Oh I can imagine that, but I'm sure he can do that with you as well… but can he do this with me?" Azure said before squeezing Rachel's breasts together and latching her mouth on both of Rachel's nipples and starts sucking them.

Rachel moans before speaking.

"You know he we will do it. He wants to make sure to please us in anyway." She said before giving Azure's breasts a nice massage.

Azure purrs for a moment before pulling away and placed her hands on Rachel's ass.

"What about this juicy ass of yours, compared to you and the others, I'm a twig." Azure said with a grin when she squeezes her hands which let her hands sink slightly into the soft asscheeks of Rachel's.

Said hedgehog gasped from that before speaking.

"You're not a twig. The only thing I see is a body of a sexy angel." Rachel said before gripping Azure's ass and gave it a nice squeeze.

Azure jolts before grinning at Rachel with fangs showing.

"Why you…" Azure growls before speaking.

"Punishment or not, I won't take teasing like that laying down… but you will… get on your back…" Azure orders while she kept a fanged grin on her face.

Rachel grinned before laying on her back.

Azure wanted to really surprise Rachel before speaking up.

"Tell me, we had a few times together thanks to Lillum's lessons… but…" Azure said before summoning the dick dildo she had before equipping it to herself.

"Have we ever used each others pussies before?" Azure asked while she placed her dick at Rachel's folds.

Rachel grins before speaking.

"I can't say that we have. But that won't stop us right?"

Instead of saying anything… Azure lifts Rachel's legs above her head to get Rachel a perfect view before Azure slammed herself balls deep into Rachel before gasping at how tight she was.

Rachel moan before speaking.

"That's right Azy. Show me who's boss."

Azure blushed a bit while her toe claws dug a bit into the blanket under her before she tightens her grip on Rachel's legs before she starts to thrust in and out of Rachel's pussy before speaking up between breaths.

"I'll… show more than… that… I'll… make you… fall… for me… like you fell… for Cedric… " Azure pants out while she keeps thrusting into Rachel.

Rachel moans before speaking.

"Oh Azy… You don't have to...because I already… fell for you. I love you and Cedy very much."

"Maybe… but after you get… knocked up by Cedric… I'm knocking... you up next…" Azure said between thrusts before she kissed Rachel with a blush on her face when told everyone that she wanted to knock up Rachel after Cedric did.

Everyone, including Rachel and Cedric, were shocked after hearing that before Rachel pulled away a bit before speaking.

"Actually Azy, I don't mind if Cedy knocks you up first before you knock me up." She said with a blush on her face.

"Hoho… seems like an interesting sight to see later, though I am tempted to see Azure knocking up Rachel first since Azure would be carrying our kid first… well second if you count Tibet but you get what I mean right?" Hollow Cedric said when he imagined a pregnant Azure knocking up Rachel with her own kid.

"Yeah. I do agree with you on that." Cedric thought which was heard by everyone when the thought seal acts up again.

"Well… how about it... wanna have my... kid first... or Cedric's since... he would enjoy... the sight." Azure pants out when she kept thrusting in Rachel while her dick starts twitching and heats up as time went by.

Rachel moans before speaking.

"I'll have your kid first...after Cedy knocks you up. If you and Cedy agree on that."

"How about it… mind if Azy knocks up Rachel first?" The hollow said while he placed a hand on Lillum's head when she starts to take his dick deeper into her mouth which slowly starts to twitch.

Cedric moans before speaking.

"I don't mind. It will be interesting to watch. Plus I can knock Azure up first and wait for my turn for Rachel. What do you girls say?" Cedric spoke.

"I say... I hope... fours years go by… so… Rachel… can carry… my kid…" Azure pants before her hips go erratic before slamming herself into Rachel and letting out a loud yowl when she hugs Rachel and unloads a large amount of scalding semen into Rachel's womb while Azure had a tough time recovering when she unloads more than she normally would.

Rachel moans before she hugged Azure back before climaxing hard on her dick.

Cedric was surprised to see that before thinking to Azure.

"I hope those four years go by as well so I can put a kid in you Azure."

Though Azure seemed to be in a dazed state when her semen starts to pour from Rachel's abused hole from her orgasm before it slowly taps off and she laid on Rachel to recover.

The sight seemed to set the hollow off before he grit his teeth before gripping Lillum's head and slammed her balls and knot deep before he howls when he starts to unload electrical semen into Lillum's mouth before she starts drinking it up.

Cedric shuddered at the feeling while hoping Azure heard what he said and hoped that she felt better from what he and Rachel said as well.

However instead of slowing down with his orgasm… Cedric and the hollow felt it getting stronger and stronger which made his Hollow actually let out small howls when the pleasure reached a certain point before looking down to see Lillum gripping his nuts with pink glowing hands and she had an amused expression on her face while she continues to drink his semen.

Cedric grown and shudder again before trying to think to Azure.

"Do you... feel better... Azure?" He asked between pants.

Azure managed to recover enough to see what was happening… but before she could think anything… Lillum made the pink glow blinding for a moment and caused Cedric's hollow to roar before the light dimmed… and saw that Cedric was on his back now and his hollow mask was gone… but he wasn't moving.

Rachel and Audrey noticed what was happening before Rachel spoke.

"What's wrong with Cedy, Azy?" She asked with a worry look.

Lillum however answered after she licked Cedric's dick clean before pulling away to show a flaccid dick.

"No worries, I just drained him dry and knocked his hollow out… now before he wakes in a few… want to surprise him by turning him into a her?" Lillum asked while licking her lips clean and wiggles a few magically charged fingers at the trio.

Rachel and Audrey looked at Azure to see her opinion.

To their surprise… Azure had a fanged grin and got erect again inside of Rachel.

"If it's ok with Rachel… wanna get Tibet for the virgin busting?" Azure said before looking to Rachel.

"Hmmm...Okay." Rachel said with a grin.

"Alright, after I change Cedy, I'll be back soon with Tibet and the others… might as well make this an all out gang bang on a female Cedy huh?" Lillum said with a lust filled grin at the women here while Azure grins again at the thought.

Rachel grins as well before speaking.

"So Azy, since Cedric agreed with you knocking me up first, do you agree with him knocking you up after?"

"As long as we graduate first, not exactly a good move for a pregnant woman to learn possibly deadly moves right?" Azure said with a grin.

"That is true. Cedy did say he wants to marry us after graduation. Doesn't that sound exciting?" Rachel asked while blushing.

"Hope I can marry you as well, I doubt I can find woman as perfect as you, there might be others but your number one to me." Azure said while blushing a bit at Rachel while her dick twitched a few times inside of Rachel.

Rachel blushed before hugging Azure.

"Don't worry Azy, we'll find away. And I know Cedy will want to help too." Rachel spoke.

"Aww… so sweet, reminds me of Leo and myself, though Azure reminds me of myself when she's aggressive, Rachel… you remind me of Leonel, tough but sweet." Lillum teased with a grin while Azure blushed a bit.

"Thanks Mistress. By the way Mistress, when Cedy marries me, Azy, Sticks and Tibet, is there a way me and Azy can get married in between?" Rachel asked.

"Why do you think I mentioned you and Leo and Azure and Myself…" Lillum counter asked with a teasing grin.

Rachel blushed from the tease.

"Well if you want, you and the others can marry one another in a mass wedding or one on one as long as you marry Cedric first, a bit of order for things but makes sense right?" Lillum said before she turned to Cedric before she starts chanting.

Rachel took a moment to think before smiling.

"Works for me. What about you Azy?" She asked her feline girlfriend.

"Hehe, works for me as well, but after graduating alright?, Like Mistress said, there's an order to things." Azure said with a grin before she pulled herself out of Rachel but still held her down when another idea came to her mind from seeing the semen filled snatch of Rachel's.

Said hedgehog shuddered before speaking.

"Why of course. I can already picture the wedding. We'll be wearing our white dresses, while Cedy looking handsome in his tuxedo."

"Hehe, yeah, though I may need a black wedding dress if it can work as a tux since I'll be asking you to marry me as well, and Tibet and Sticks as well, then show you all a honeymoon you all won't forget." Azure said before she surprised Rachel by leaning down and kissing her pussy lips before she stuck her tongue into clean Rachel's pussy out… like she was French kissing here on her lower lips.

Rachel jolt from that action before moaning.

Audrey was surprised while blushing at the scene.

Lillum chuckles as well before she moved away from Cedric's body and returned to normal.

"Well ladies… take a gander at the new misses Middleton." Lillum said which caused Azure to pull away from Rachel's snatch before looking over to get both a raging boner and serious envy at Cedric's female figure.

Rachel and Audrey looked at Cedric's new form before blushing big at what they're seeing.

"As you can see… I added a bit extra for more fun… So no worries about a lack of breasts or ass." Lillum teased while she admires her work on the knocked out now female wolf.

Cedric's female form has a slender body with good curves. She has C-D breasts size. Her ass a perfect round shape that can rival Sticks. Also on top of her head, she has long hair like Jennifer Aniston from "Friends".

The girls were silent before Rachel spoke.

"W-Wow Mistress… You really outdone yourself. I have a question though."

"One thing before you ask, this is just a low grade work, if I really went into this with a serious mindset, Azy's dick would erupt with semen from the sight alone at Cedy's female form… so this around… 15% at best?" Lillum said like this form was nothing to her with a confident grin at her abilities.

Azure, Rachel and Audrey were surprised to hear that before Rachel spoke.

"Really?... Well okay. My question is… This is Cedy's punishment right? When you said a month, did you mean like a month, month thing? Or you gonna use that special seal like you did for our training?"

"Do you want her to not use that form, I can change her back if you want… as for the time seal… maybe, but we should have Cedy's new form be seen by everyone first before talking about that more… or if I take a bit… I can show a 100% percent female Cedy if you want." Lillum said with an amused tone to Rachel while Azure had a tough time imagining a 100% Cedrina.

Rachel and Audrey was shocked after hearing that before looking at Azure.

"What do you think Azy?" Rachel spoke.

"Well… first off Cedric and I talked about the female name, Cedrina, as for now… I wouldn't mind seeing her at 100% after we help her get used to the form first, I'm sure that even if Cedric knows about this… it'll still be a shock for… her now." Azure said with a grin on her face.

Rachel was shocked after hearing that before speaking.

"Okay. Should we let others see Cedy's form during our lessons or just for our pleasure?"

"Oh definity... let the others see, should be interesting if we get a funny moment with Daniel if he doesn't know." Azure said with a grin on her face.

Rachel giggled at the idea before getting a worried look.

"Do you think Cedy might hold a grudge against us if we let it happen?"

"Hmm… maybe for a few hours, but I'm sure we can make it up to her?" Azure said with a lusty smirk.

"Well hopefully she doesn't ban us by having sex with her/him." Rachel spoke.

"You kidding, do you think Cedy would really do that?" Azure asked Rachel with a are you kidding me type of look on her face.

"Well we don't know what could happen. Just saying."

Azure shrugged before looking to Lillum.

"So what now?" Azure said while Lillum grins.

"We give Cedrina was it a wake up call she won't forget… Audrey… Rachel… equip these and I'll get the others." Lillum said before tossing the two a pair of her toys before she equipped her own before floating back to Tibet's group while Azure looked to the duo to see if they had new dicks since Lillum had that prototype.

Rachel and Audrey placed their dildos above their clits before turning the dial and a pair of flashes were seen before they fade to reveal Rachel's and Audrey's dicks… and in Rachel's case hers was new.

Both Rachel and Audrey's dicks were at least 8 and half inches long and 2 inches width.

Rachel's oddly enough looked like it had a cross shaped mark on it and there was a large knot of sorts at the base of her dick… but instead of just a round not… it looked like there was four small bumps instead.

For Audrey, hers has ridges and… looked collapsible?...if that was even possible.

Azure looked at the two dicks before speaking up.

"Wow, those… look original…" Azure said to the duo.

Both Rachel and Audrey were surprised at the dicks they got before Rachel spoke.

"You're right… but oh well." Rachel said with a shrug.

Audrey nods in agreement.

A moment later and Lillum spoke up.

"Yep, I designed them myself… some by replicating, and some with originality, anyway I got things sorted out here with Sticks and I made things more interesting with Tibet here and put Amanda dick where it was suppose to be… take a look." Lillum said when she approached the group with Tibet's in tow, they looked a bit tired and Tibet had semen flowing out of her ass… but looked pleased.

Azure looked over before getting the shock of her life when she saw that all of them had dicks equipped, and Sticks now had a smaller one equipped and was seen in control of herself now, around a 9 to 10 inch dick… but she was even more shocked when she saw Tibet.

Rachel and Audrey looked at said older female wolf mobian before gasping at what Azure saw before Lillum spoke up.

"Well Ladies… take a seat, I'll wake Cedrina now." Lillum said before she approached Cedrina to wake her.

A few minutes later….

The scene now showed Cedric or Cedrina in the middle of the room with a pillow under her head while she slowly stirs.

She groans a bit before opening her eyes a bit before speaking.

"Oh...man. What...happen?" She asked before feeling confused,

"W-Why does my voice sound different?" She asked before her eyes open completely.

However, when she lift her head, Cedrina's eyes widen in shock at what she was seeing.

She saw Azure and the others sitting on carious chairs and the bed while looking to her… and they all had erect dicks of various shapes … and in Tibet's case… she had a second 12 inch dick above her original.

"Nice nap Cedrina?" Lillum asked with an amused tone.

Cedric or Cedrina was shocked before speaking.

"You turned me into a woman didn't you?" She asked while already knowing the obvious.

Instead of answering… Lillum conjured a full body mirror made of water before she sets it in front of Cedrina before speaking.

"This is only 15% of my work on you, I'll be getting you to 100% before we show you to the others." Lillum said with a grin.

Cedrina was shocked before speaking.

"Seriously?! Everyone will laugh at me."

"First off, they'll be cumming in their pants instead of laughing from how hot you'll be and the others here are happy to see this form already…" Lillum said before getting a cold look on her face.

"And this is my punishment for what you said to Azure, I expected better of a student of mine… so trust me… I could force you to help with lessons by being Daniel's partner and no one here could stop me... or even worse… still could if I'm not amused by the end of this… for this round… you're our slave… and that means even Audrey, who's normally the lowest ranked here, is now above you for this… understand?" Lillum said with a tone and a look in her eye that showed that she could even if everyone teamed up against her.

Cedric shuddered at the look before speaking.

"Y-Yes Mistress." She said before thinking.

"God if she makes me partner up with Daniel… I'll just kill myself before letting that happen."

Her hollow, now with a female tone spoke up with a groggy tone.

"Ugh… Ok, Note to self, watch out around the big breasted bitch… she can suck us unconscious… totally worth it though... and you may want to ask if she did anything to your head as well… you… might not hate the idea of a man in this state, I'm not saying you'll do it… but I'm just being sure… since I… feel confused…" Cedrina's hollow said with an unsure tone.

"I don't have a choice for the matter since this is our punishment. Also if Mistress isn't amused, she'll make us partner with Daniel on the... lessons." Cedrina thought while shuddering

"Oh i'll just ask if you won't, things in here are more screwed up then normal in here." Cedrina's hollow thought before speaking through the seal again.

"Hey… Lillum… did you do something to Cedric or Cedrina's head?, Things are messed up in here more than usual." The Hollow said which made Lillum smirk in a scary way.

Azure, Rachel and Audrey were confused on the hollow's saying before Rachel spoke.

"Like what?" She asked.

"Well… it's better to show then tell…" Lillum said before she looked to Azure.

"Azure… walk in front of Cedrina… and without doing anything… place your dick in front of her face." Lillum said with a teasing grin which made Azure gulp before responding.

"Y-yes Mistress." Azure said since she was blushing a bit at the thought of a Cedrina X Daniel moment before she got up and starts to walk to Cedrina.

Rachel and Audrey was thinking the same thing about Cedrina x Daniel while watching Azure approach said female wolf.

Cedrina watched while thinking.

"This my punishment. This is my punishment. This is my punishment. This is my punishment." She repeatedly thought before Azure stops in front of Cedrina and her dick was pressed against Cedrina's nose before Lillum spoke up.

"Now… inhale the scent and get ready for a surprise." Lillum said with a devilish grin.

Cedrina sighed before sniffing the scent on Azure's dick.

Suddenly, she surprised everyone, especially Azure, before she started licking the feline's dick.

Azure, Rachel and Audrey were shocked before Rachel spoke.

"What just happen Mistress?"

"Simple, just like Emerald in his female form, Cedric or Cedrina is now a full on female until she returns to normal… though unlike Emerald who had time to adjust, Cedrina didn't… long story short, male or female… as long as she's in that state… she's a cock craving slut now, only practice can get some control back, but she won't be as objective of getting fucked by anyone now, get it ladies?, She's getting the full women package from the get go and until she returns to normal… well… prepare to fill all of her holes and she'll beg for more." Lillum said with a imp like grin while Azure moans at the treatment that Cedrina was giving her.

Everyone else was surprised at the explanation before finally understanding it before looking at Azure and Cedrina.

Said wolf was licking the feline's dick before thinking.

"I don't know what just happen. For a moment I just sniffed Azure's dick, and now I just started licking it. It's bitter yet I don't want to stop. I'm a complete mess. If this is my punishment for that stupid question then so be it. But one thing for sure, I would never ever, be Daniel's partner. I would still kill myself if Mistress did that. God if Daniel hits on me, I'm just gonna ban sex for two days."

"Now then… would any ladies want to try turning into a man?, It seems we got a stubborn person here who's not adjusting right to her new form." Lillum said when she noticed a defiant glint in Cedrina's eye.

Cedrina paled at the idea before she opened her mouth and starts bobbing her head with gusto.

Azure grit her teeth before letting out a moan from feeling her girlfriend's mouth around her dick before Sticks spoke up.

"Not that I'm complaining but wouldn't Cedy try something after returning to normal?, Like harming himself?" Sticks said with worry while Lillum grins

"Oh don't worry… first off Emerald would revive him after patching his body up if none of you know about a revival ability he has… and the second reason… well… feeling how good it will be to be a woman, I highly doubt she'll object with helping with a few lessons… I'm sure her mind is objecting now from not having any experience… but her body must be soaking at the idea of having a male please her… just have a feel of your folds if you doubt me Cedrina, your mind is rewired in this new form… as much as you hate it… you already know it to be true, besides… she's a masochist so she would enjoy the humiliation, no matter the gender if some of you remember..." Lillum said with a glowing pink eye from how serious she felt with her work on Cedrina's head.

Said wolf continues to bob her head before she nervously brought her hand to folds, which she surprisingly felt it getting wet before thinking.

"Oh...God. She's right. I am enjoying it. And there's nothing I can do. Plus I don't think killing myself will be a good idea after hearing Emerald can revive others. Maybe I'll just ban sex for two days because right now I'm pissed off."

Suddenly Rachel spoke.

"Say Mistress, what if hypothetically, when Cedy turns back to normal, he decides to ban sex for a certain amount of days?"

"Maybe for a day or two, but I doubt he would do worse...and then there would be the feeling that his body and mind would remember as a female and would beg for another round as Cedrina… and let's not forget his Hollow… a being more honest than Cedrina herself right now, I didn't touch a single part of her… and she's Cedrina's F-E-M-A-L-E instincts now, not male instincts." Lillum explained with a grin on her face.

Cedrina was now cursing her luck before thinking.

"Son of a bitch! I can't think of anything. Fine I won't do that, but I do need to vent my anger for this situation. And sex is not my answer. I just need to endure this. I just don't want to be Daniel's partner for this. Sword battle, yes. Sex...fuck no. I hope this island has a gun range." She thought before sucking Azure dick a little harder.

However… while she sucks Azure off… Her hollow spoke up… but not in a forceful tone… but in a lust filled tone.

"Don't lie… you're smarter than this and can think ahead... can you think that way for an entire month after staying as a woman and getting the pounding of you life from many hung women… ah… Azure… come on and finish." The hollow thought while moaning at the end when Azure's dick slowly twitches in Cedrina's mouth.

Cedrina mentally sweatdrops before thinking.

"Damn...I can't escape it. Fine I might as well try to enjoy it since I'm a freak. But I'll tell you this, I'm gonna be beyond piss at the girls when this is over. I'm gonna need like a quiet place to vent my anger out. If I was at the temple. That place was a good hiding place to vent my feelings." She thought while continuing to bob her head up and down before using her tongue to lick the head.

"O-oh Cedrina… I'm… I'm… about to…." Azure said when she got closer and closer while Lillum spoke up.

"Get ready girls to see that by the end of this… Cedrina or Cedric when he returns to normal… won't be angry at all with you after a month passes…" Lillum said with a tone that shows certainty.

Rachel hopes so since she still has a bad feeling about getting a cold shoulder from her.

Cedrina was getting angry after hearing that before thinking.

"You better be right you bitch. Because I am livid right now." She thought with more anger causing her to suck harder on Azure's dick.

Azure pants for a few moments before muttering.

"Cumming… cumming… I'm… CUMMING!" Azure muttered before yelling when she shot a hot gooey load in Cedrina's mouth while she gripped her breasts when she just wouldn't stop while her tongue hangs out which shows a very pleased look on Azure's face.

The girls were surprised to see that look before looking at Cedrina to see if she's doing okay.

Said wolf was shocked at the amount before she tried to swallow the load down her throat even though some escaped from her mouth and landed on her breasts.

Oddly enough… instead of tasting horrible… Azure's load was surprisingly tasty… and the pleasure that shot through her body… oh god… maybe Lillum was telling the truth if this was happening for an entire month…

Cedrina continues to swallow Azure's load before thinking.

"Geez my body is heating up from just drinking Azure's cum. I can feel myself getting wetter. Mistress might be right about this. However I'm still angry. I don't think anything will make me feel better."

However, that statement would be tested when Azure fell onto her rear before panting for breath before speaking up.

"C-Cedy… oh god…. I… love you… so much…" Azure said in the temporary after glow while looking Cedrina in the eye while that feeling was felt by Cedrina through the thought seal.

Cedrina's anger lowered after hearing that before blushing.

"I love you too Azure." She thought to her.

However Lillum spoke up to get her attention while Azure sat there in a daze.

"Sorry for interrupting, but try and think like this… if a mouthful of semen was mind numbing… hehe… then think of what can happen when you lose your virginities…" Lillum said with a gentle smile… it looked like she wanted Cedrina to enjoy this even if it made her a top class bitch in a bad way.

Cedrina was surprised and a bit angry at the same time before speaking.

"You want me to enjoy this...Mistress?" She questioned while not facing the succubus.

"Look, I get that you're pissed off at me, but I didn't do this for a bad reason… think about it, if you just go with the flow for now… you would understand since it's hard to explain in words… besides… was it so bad?, I may have said the part about Daniel, but that was from me getting angered, I would only do something like that if you did a truly unforgivable act… but ask this… haven't you always wondered what it would be like to be as a women… learn what they think, feel what they feel on their best days and worst?... And what it would feel like to have sex as a woman from watching the pleased expression on everyone's faces when you filled them to the brim and more?" Lillum asked while smiling at the wolf even if she couldn't see her face… but her tone seemed genuine.

Everyone else looked to Cedrina and waited to see what she thinks.

It took a moment or two for said wolf to think on this before looking at Lillum.

"Alright I will do it. But here's the thing, I don't want to be partnered with Daniel for anything except sword fighting. Also if he so much as hit on me or laughs at me, nothing will stop me from electrifying his nuts." Cedrina said.

"Fair enough on most, but understand one thing on my part, I won't do something like partnering you up with a male… but do something unforgivable… and I'll freeze you in a block of ice if you don't want to deal with a few minutes of being with a male since you know Emerald won't let you harm anyone without a good reason, perverted... sure you can shock him wherever you want… but laughing can be talked out… but never think about killing yourself…. Understand since I don't want your corpse on my conscious?... I'll drag you out of hell itself and make you suffer for taking a cowards way out." Lillum said with a surprisingly cold tone which reminded some of the students that she was a daughter of Satan.

The girls winced after hearing Cedrina warnings about Daniel before shivering at Lillum's words.

Cedrina was spooked on the inside but gave the succubus a stoic look, like Aryk before speaking.

"Understood… Mistress."

Lillum lost the pressure emitting from her before speaking up with an angelic smile.

"Great… since we got that part out of the way.. if you're still angry at me, I'll let you do anything you want to me to make it up to you... male or female form it doesn't matter since I swing both ways… even if you want to inflict some pain." Lillum said with a teasing grin.

The girls were shocked at the idea before looking at Cedrina.

Cedrina did blush at the idea before speaking while having a stoic expression.

"I accept."

"Alright, two conditions though, one is no childbearing on my part or Emerald might actually come for you and kill you painfully… and if you do inflict pain… know I enjoy it, but try and not break anything… even I have a limit you know." Lillum said with a semi serious tone.

The girls raised their eyebrows at the succubus after hearing that.

Cedrina, who's still using a stoic expression nods to Lillum before speaking.


"Alright… how about in advance right now… I'll give you the best dick for only the most hardened of sadistic women and you can tear my holes up… interested?" Lillum teased with a demonic grin forming on her face.

The girl's eyes widen when they heard that.

Cedrina was indeed surprised before speaking with a stoic expression again.


"Alright, one thing though, do this and you can't be angry at me anymore, I'm a sex demon and even something like that would cause me borderline pain, so don't use it on any of the women here… or I will get angry… understand?" Lillum asked while giving a look that somehow shot through Cedrina stoic guard.

Cedrina raises her eyebrow while feeling shocked on the inside before speaking.

"I would never do anything like that to the girls, Mistress." She said while maintaining her stoic look.

"Normally I would agree, but you saw what happened to Sticks right?" Lillum counter asked while Sticks rubbed the back of her head with embarrassment.

"Yes." Cedrina replied with a stoic expression.

"Alright… here, it looks underwhelming at first, but you know how things are with this group right?" Lillum said before summoning and tossing a black dildo with a warning symbol on it to Cedrina while dismissing her own for now.

Cedrina looks at the dildo before speaking.

"Yes." She said with her expression not changed.

Cedrina then placed the dildo above her folds before clicking the dial before the light starts to appear.

"You ladies might want to step back just in case, sometimes things get… ugly when a women uses that dick dildo." Lillum warned when the light fades slowly.

The girls nodded before stepping away from Cedrina while Lillum stayed in her chair.

Rachel and Audrey helped get Azure away before moving back to the group.

A moment later the light fades away and stood there, while a 10 inch dick was seen on her… but the kicker was that it was emitting a dark mist while other parts of her body did the same… parts of the dick that were seen through the mist… seemed deadly… it looked like a wiggling mass of tentacles that were in the shape of a dick while some of the tentacles shift to have slightly sharper edges then back to normal while the head grew spike before returning to normal… and Cedrina's eyes were shadowed over.

The girl's were shocked at what they saw.

Lillum however looked normal before speaking when she stood up.

"Cedrina… you in control?, Or at the very least… do you know who your target is?" Lillum said while she got ready to cast a spell in case Cedrina didn't respond somewhat positively to her.

Cedrina blinked before looking at Lillum.

She licked her lips before trying to go to her.

Lillum noticed before waiting to see what she would do, altered or not, she was stronger and she already laid a few traps around the others for a just in case moment.

Cedrina then used her speed to tackle Lillum.

The girls were shocked at what was gonna happen.

Lillum grunts before she and Cedrina crashed back into her chair which set her on her ass and the chair wobbles but stays stable thanks to the specially made wood and Metal for Tibet's weight.

The girls were again shocked at what they saw and they each wanted to help Lillum.

But when Sticks tried to help, she crashed into a see through wall of sorts which caused her to groan after she fell onto her rear while she rubbed her head from the unexpected wall in her way before seeing some Lillum made crests around them.

"Are you okay auntie." Rachel asked with worry while Sticks stood up after a moment which showed that aside from a slight bump from crashing into the wall, she was fine.

Everyone else sighed with relief.

Cedrina had pinned Lillum to the chair while her dick was on the succubus's stomach.

Lillum was silent when she looks down before waiting for what was about to happen… it was good that she knew healing spells.

Cedrina lowers her dick till it was at Lillum's folds.

Lillum breathed in before relaxing, tensing would make it worse for her.

The girls were silent but worried for Lillum's safety.

Cedrina then shoved her dick in Lillum's pussy with no mercy before she starts thrusting.

Right when she did, Lillum grits her teeth while letting out a restrained scream when blood starts to drip out and around Cedrina's dick and onto the floor and it continues to drip while Cedrina keeps thrusting.

The girls were shocked at the sight.

Cedrina sees Lillum's screaming face before she leans in and kissed her on the lips while thrusting.

"Oh good god… why did she hand her that one if it does this?" Azure thought while her mind was blocked off somehow from Cedrina.

"Why is she acting like this?" Rachel thought with worry for both her girlfriend and Lillum.

"Where are Master and Mistress when you need them?" Audrey thought while worrying for the succubus.

"Mistress…" Amanda thought with concern.

"Don't care if this is a deal… if she causes something that can't be recovered from… both of these dicks are going in one fucking hole!" Tibet thought while Lillum gripped the armrests while her breasts bounce a bit around Cedrina.

Aryk… actually had an angered look on her face.

Cedrina continues to thrust harder in Lillum's snatch before slipping her tongue in Lillum's mouth.

Lillum continues to scream in Cedrina's mouth before she felt her dick twitching in her ripped up pussy which continues to bleed more on to the floor.

Cedrina also felt it too before going rougher on Lillum's pussy.

She then stopped kissing the succubus before putting her mouth on Lillum's tits before biting a bit… enough to draw blood.

"AAAAGGGH!" Lillum yelled while tears went down the side of her face without her control.

The girls were shocked at the scene before seeing Cedrina doing the same thing to the other tit.

"GAAHHH!" Lillum screamed while her hips shake and her pussy tightened around Cedrina's dick which caused the deadly dick to rip into her more which caused more blood to pour from her pussy.

It made Cedrina thrusts faster.

About 5-10 minutes later, Cedrina couldn't hold anymore before she pulled out of Lillum's pussy which lets more blood pour out without the dick plugging her torn up hole.

Cedrina then gripped her dick before bringing it down to the entrance Lillum's asshole which got coat with blood.

Azure and most likely the others could only watch in horror at what was about to happen.

Lillum was just silent while she pants for breath, she felt that her pussy was in agony and just relaxed when she felt the head of Cedrina's dick prodding her asshole.

And just like she did with Lillum's pussy, Cedrina shoved her dick in the succubus's asshole with no mercy before she starts thrusting.

Instead of yelling… Lillum just let's out groans and moans… weather out of pain or pleasure was anyone guess but her ass was bleeding even more than her pussy when the dick rips into her.

Cedrina continues to thrust in and out of Lillum's ass before she leans in to kiss the succubus again follow by some tongue.

Lillum barely responds at that by letting her mouth open for Cedrina's tongue.

Said wolf moves her tongue around while thrusting harder.

Lillum then felt Cedrina's dick twitching harder and harder while everyone watched with various reactions.

Azure had her mouth covered while she had wide eyes.

Rachel couldn't bare to watch.

Audrey was in the same boat.

Amanda wrapped her arms around the two to comfort them.

Sticks grits her teeth while she tried to hit the barrier a few times while Tibet had a snarl on her face when she didn't know who to blame.

Aryk just continues to stay silent, but the look in her eyes would promise pain if Lillum got lasting damage.

About 5 minutes later of thrusting, Cedrina had already reached her limit before pulling out of Lillum's ass.

Cedric then surprised Lillum with her speed by putting her dick through the succubus's breasts before thrusting in and out.

Lillum starts to scream again while blood starts to form between her breasts before slowly going down to drip onto her pussy.

The girls wish they could something instead of watching.

After about a few more thrusts, Cedrina grunts before she came all over Lillum's faces.

Lillum groans from feeling that before panting when things seemed to be over while Cedrina kept cumming on her.

It took at least a few minutes before Cedrina finally stopped.

A moment later, the dick glows before it returned to normal and just sat between Lilium's semen covered, bloody breasts while the dark mist fades from Cedrina's body while the barrier around the girls fades.

Cedrina shook her head before speaking.

"W-What happened?" She asked while Azure surprised everyone by walking forward and speaking up.

"Look down." Azure simply said to the confused female wolf.

Cedrina was confused before looking down and was shocked at what she saw.

"Oh my God! Mistress, what happened?" She asked shocked and confused

All Lilium did was point to a nearby desk before a bag of sort appeared in a poof of magical smoke while Lillum spoke up.

"Red… round… vial…. Bottom… careful…" Lillum said before she lowers her arm to breath.

Cedrina was still confused what's happening before she sees her black dildo on Lillum's breasts and realized in shock at what happen.

Instead of saying anything, Cedrina gets off Lillum before going to the bag.

She quickly searched through it before pulling out the very item that Lillum needed.

Cedrina approaches the succubus with object.

A moment later, the vial glows before the vial was floated over Lillum before the liquid was poured into her mouth and some of the red liquid was flowing down her body before it taps off before Lillums body glows before her wounds heal, her vagina and ass tighten back up and the wounds on her breasts vanish.

A moment later passed before Lillum surprised everyone by standing up and stretching like her holes weren't just ripped into at all.

While the girls were shocked and happy for Lillum, no one noticed Cedrina going to corner and sat down while shivering with fear

"What have I done?" She whispered which Azure noticed.

Lillum sighs before she surprised Cedrina by making a purple outline around her to keep Cedrina from running while she walked up to her.

Cedrina shivered with fear.

"No please... stay away." She pleaded with tears in her eyes.

Lillum however ignored her by bending down and surprising everyone by hugging Cedrina's and rubbing the back of her head.

"Shhh…, it's ok… you did nothing to be sorry for… I was the one who offered remember?" Lillum said with a gentle tone to calm the female wolf down.

Cedrina hugged Lillum back before crying.

Rachel was getting tearing at the scene while feeling sad for her girlfriend.

Audrey and Amanda were also getting teary at the scene.

Aryk had a lesser frown but had a soft look in her eyes.

Tibet sighs when she realized that Cedrina was back to normal.

Sticks felt relief for Lillum and Cedrina now that things were back to normal.

Azure was just silent while she was watching what was going on before Lillum pulled away.

"Still angry?" Lillum asked with a gentle look in her eyes.

Cedrina still cried before shaking her head.

"Good… now then, can you calm down, or do I need to make you?, A pretty face like that shouldn't be crying" Lillum said with a slightly teasing tone while one of her hands glowed with a bright pink light, it wasn't the same shade as her master level touch, it seemed to have a different feel.

Cedrina blushed after being called pretty before she took a some moments to calm down.

"Good girl… now then, since that is over with, want to make this a round to remember by making this a good memory for everyone if you get where I'm going with this?, It's not a punishment for you but I doubt the others can just forget." Lillum said while rubbing Cedrina's back and ass with a slightly teasing/comforting motion.

Cedrina blushed from that before awkwardly look at the girls. She was wondering what they think of her now since they witnessed what happened.

"Can I speak for all of us ladies?" Azure said while walking towards Cedrina's while Tibet shrugged.

"No complaints from me, and from looking at Aryk, no complaints from her either." Tibet said while Aryk nods.

Rachel, Sticks, Audrey and Amanda nods to Azure with no complaints.

Azure nods to them before looking to Cedrina's.

"Cedrina…" Azure said with a serious look on her face.

Cedrina sees it before replying.


"First off, even if Mistress forgives you, you realize that you did something bad… so I only have one thing to say." Azure said when she walked over to her.

Cedrina shivered a bit with fear, while knowing what's gonna happen.

"So I only have this to say..." Azure said before she stops in front of her.

The girls watched with curiosity at what's about to happen.

"You better satisfy all of us here and now or we'll be giving you a punishment from each of us without holding back… understand?" Azure said with a serious look on her face.

The girls were shocked to hear that before Cedrina spoke.

"I-I do." She said.

"Good… do this and I'll forget what just happened today… ladies do you agree?" Azure said before looking to the other women with a grin on her face.

Rachel, Audrey and Amanda looked at each other before saying…

"Yes." They said.

Sticks grins before saying…

"Oh yeah, as long as I get a load off then I'm good." Sticks said with a grin.

Tibet chuckles before speaking up.

"Welp, I can't argue, but I'm not holding back, Aryk… you do the same." Tibet said while her twin dicks grew erect in Cedrina's view while Aryk nods while she actually grins at Cedrina's.

Said wolf blushed at Tibet's dicks while surprised at Aryk's grin before putting her head down before thinking.

"Will any of them forget? Whatever I did tonight will haunt me. Just like what happened to Dad and of course…" Cedrina thought before stopping since she didn't want to say the last part.

Lillum looked to Cedrina and grins before she did something surprising for everyone.

She leaned down and kissed Cedrina on the lips before slipping a surprisingly long tongue into her mouth before wrestling with it

Cedrina was shocked at this action before taking a few moments to melt in the kiss before moaning.

Lillum chuckles into the kiss before pulling away to speak up.

"So… who do want to take your virginity first?" Lillum teased with a lust filled look in her eyes.

Cedrina blushed brightly before looking at the girls.

It took her a moment to think on her decision before finally speaking.

"Azure. I pick Azure."

"Welp, you heard her, Rachel, Tibet, mind if Azy get to pop her cherry?" Lillum teased with a grin on her face.

"I don't mind." Rachel said.

"Same, but what about her ass… can't have Azy here take all of the fun right?" Tibet said with a teasing grin while the other women did look thoughtful.

"Well… mind picking a second lady for later… or do you want a double team?" Lillum teased Cedrina.

Said wolf blushed brightly before speaking.


Said hedgehog blushed big after being picked.

"Nice… now for the unanswered question… want them to tag team you… or one at a time?" Lillum said with a teasing grin.

"Um...one at a time." Cedrina said while blushing.

"Alright then, ladies, seems you get a few shows to watch before really breaking Cedrina's new form in… so if you want to, pick a person and start having your own fun, but not to much since you just want to keep yourselves warmed up." Lillum said with a teasing grin before speaking up.

"So… who goes first, Azy or Rachy?" Lillum said while giving a nickname that ended in Y.

Cedrina looked at both of her girlfriends, or if they still will be after what happen, before speaking.

"S-Still Azure."

Azure chuckles for a moment before looking to Rachel.

"Sorry, Rachel but seems you have to wait for a bit, you can get first dibs next time." Azure said with a teasing smile.

Rachel giggles before speaking.

"I don't mind. We're all gonna get pleasured anyway."

Azure smiles before looking to Cedrina before speaking up.

"Still, I want to be sure of something thanks to this… are you ok, this thing kicked back in after you returned to normal and I think you still have some kind of doubt?" Azure asked while pointing a thumb at her thought crest on her shoulder.

Instead of replying, Cedrina just thought to Azure.

"I don't know what I think now. Except knowing I'm a freak."

Azure surprised everyone right then and there by walking forward… and actually raising her fist and slamming it down on her head harshly which knocked Cedrina to the floor while Lillum looked a bit surprised before seeing the thought seals and sighed.

"She's having negative thoughts huh?" Lillum asked while Azure kept silent before thinking to Cedrina.

"And you think that's bad?, look at all of us, you can say were beautiful, you can say we're kind as well, but the fact of the matter is this, all of us are freaks in one way or another so your not the only one who feels that, I got this dark energy issue, Tibet actually has a dick, Sticks practically raped you in the bathroom when we first got here and I can go on and on about the others here… but ask yourself this before you respond… if being a freak with freaks is normal thing here then would being a normal person among freaks be the true odd person out." Azure asked while she looked down to Cedrina.

Said wolf rubbed her head while taking a moment to think while not facing Azure before replying.

"I guess not."

"Then why say you're a freak anyway?, just between you, me, and your hollow if she or he can keep it's trap shut, he maybe a nice guy but have you met Emerald… that guy did things that would make us the normal people in comparison so what would be freakish in your book?, he even has that hollow mask and can help you with that so that card is out…. Unless… do you actually like your female form?" Azure thought with a raised eyebrow when she thought about some things.

Cedrina still couldn't look at her before speaking.

"Surprisingly...I do feel comfortable with this look. I sorta look like my mother when she was my age. But I want to be my old self when it's over. I do however don't mind changing back to this form whenever you girls want. Or if I do have chance with you, Rachel, Sticks or Tibet after what happened to Mistress."

Azure sighs before she walked close to Cedrina before thinking.

"Cedrina… Cedric, look at me." Azure thought with a serious look on her face.

Cedrina looked at Azure with a sad look in her eyes. They were a little red after the crying.

"Before I do what I want to do... look at Mistress carefully… does she seem mad?, I was worried for the two of you as were the others, but does Mistress… the one who ended up like that after *She* passed you that dildo… which hopefully I'll be turning into ash later if Mistress allows it… and if she wanted to, she could have stopped you at any time even with you doing what you did to her without you actually remembering what you did… as far as I'm concerned, Mistress is to blame and she paid for it already so there's no need to feel guilty… get it or do I need to knock you down again?" Azure thought with a raised eyebrow while pointing a thumb at Lillum.

Cedrina looks at said succubus before looking at Azure.

"No...I'll be good." She thought.

"Then tell me... what do you have to feel guilty for aside from liking your female form when Mistress doesn't blame you, and it shouldn't be an issue since I might ask Mistress if I can turn male for this to show you that you're not alone." Azure thought while sending Cedrina a teasing smirk.

Cedrina blushed a bit before thinking.

"I guess I shouldn't. I don't mind if it's you. I just don't want Daniel as a partner."

"Is that the real issue?... what if he was turned into a woman?... wouldn't this be the same situation, but in reverse?... I get along with Rachel and I might ask her if I can have a fun time with her as a guy, so the only thing making me consider you getting it on with Daniel is the fact that you keep apologizing and feeling guilty about that were out of your control which is irritating me beyond belief… not very convincing after my issues earlier… but you do get where I am at least going with this right, I don't hate you, even if the entire world does, I'll still love you, and I'm sure the others here do as well… well Aryk is a mystery so I guess she's debateable and Audrey is just a slave for us but the others do care for you… I can see that… why can't you when you think you did something?" Azure thought with a sad expression on her face at the end.

"Maybe because, with all the mistakes I'm making, I'm just afraid of losing you guys. I love you all. I want to have a future with you, Rachel, Sticks and Tibet and any possible girl that joins us." Cedrina thought with a regretful look on her face.

"Then stop feeling guilty all the time alright?, I may love you but that guilt stuff is really bumming me out when it reminds me of my own past, try thinking of all the happy things that happened in the past, not all of the sad things." Azure thought to try and get Cedrina out of this funk.

Cedrina took a moment to calm down before thinking.

"Okay, I'll try to do it for you, for us, for everyone. I don't want to keep bumming my future wife."

"Then do it, think of all of the good things now, even from before you meeting me and the others, there must be other good things as well right?, like Kyra and your friends… I think I heard Emerald say this once before after he said he heard it from another, but you might not have a happy beginning, but it doesn't mean that you need to have a bad ending… or something… you are who you choose to be… like I should with me and my issues… still looking for that beginning in my case though." Azure seriously thought while mentally chuckling at the end.

Cedrina took a moment to think of the good memories he had in his home dimension.

In her memories as Cedric, she remembered her parents, her little sister Eruru, Sonic, Sally and their kids, Tails, Dulce Kyra, their band of 7 group and lastly some mysterious Raccoon boy he befriended in the Brotherhood.

After thinking everything, Cedrina looked at Azure with a smile.

Azure smiles before looking at her eyes to see if she was feeling better instead of trying to hide it… she ignored the redness for now since that was from crying from earlier.

Cedrina then surprised the feline by hugging her.

Azure was a bit surprised before returning the hug with a smile.

"Feel better now? Not just saying it for appearances?" Azure thought with an amused tone.

Cedrina continues to hug Azure before thinking.

"I do. Thank you Azure. I'm so lucky to have you in my life. And I hope we stay together forever. You, me and everyone else in our harem."

"Better not forget that, cause marriage or not, school or not, you're not getting rid of me or the others easily, if you start to think bad thoughts again… then I may do worse then hit you to get you back to normal… like Tibet or I screwing your ass in male form… or Tibet using two dicks on your ass… get it?" Azure thought with an amused tone.

Cedrina mentally chuckles before thinking.

"Don't worry Azy, I won't think anything bad again. All I care now is you and the others."

"Good… now I think we need to explain what just happened to the group caused I think we stood here for who knows how long and they are probably confused beyond belief." Azure thought before looking back to the other ladies in the room.

Cedrina sees the girls looking at them with a little worry before speaking.

"Hey girls, sorry for making you all worry. I was feeling doubt about something, but I'm better thanks to Azy." She said before holding Azure's hand.

"Also I want say some things. Amanda, I care for you and also think of you like a big sister since I'm dating Rachel. Same thing with Maite." Cedrina said.

Amanda smiled at that before the female wolf looked at Aryk.

"Aryk, I say your a great person and I hope to get to know you better while visiting Tibet since I still want to know her." Cedrina said before looking at Audrey..

"Same goes to you Audrey. Since you'll be with us."

Cedrina looked at Rachel, Tibet and Sticks before speaking.

"Now Azure, Rachel, Sticks and Tibet, I love you all so much and I hope to spend the rest of my life with you all, along with anyone else that might joins us."

Azure smiles a bit before seeing how they would respond.

Tibet just chuckles before speaking up while Aryk just crossed her arms with a shrug of her arms.

"Bit early to say I love you to your baby momma, but it's the thought that counts." Tibet said with an amused tone.

Audrey giggles at what Tibet said before speaking.

"As long as Master and Mistress need me, then I doubt you will get rid of me." Audrey said with a smile.

"Well I doubt you can get rid of me, you still gotta work on pleasing me remember." Sticks said with a teasing tone.

Rachel smiled at Cedrina before speaking.

"I'm not going anywhere either. I love you and Azy very much. Plus I don't care which gender you are, as long as you continue to love me and pleasure me." She said while looking at Azure and Cedrina with a lust filled smirk

"There you have it, seems you're stuck with us whether you like it or not… though I think I speak for everyone by saying that you're not using any of Lillum's toys without knowing what they do exactly… don't mind that aggressive part even if you were knocked out for it… but I doubt anyone wants to get bloody right?" Azure said with a slight frown near the end while glancing at Lillum who chuckles nervously from that jab… she did deserve that one after all.

Cedrina shuddered before speaking.

"Yeah I think I'll be better off without Mistress's toys. But quick question...did my fur change to a darker tone?"

"Uh… not really… but you did emit a dark mist from parts of your body, kind of like me and my dark energy, but it felt off to me… closest that I can give a comparison is Rachel's heartless." Azure said when she thought back to what happened a bit ago.

"Oh, I see." Cedrina said which caused Lillum to clear her throat to get everyone's attention.

"Look, can we leave the serious stuff for later?, We got a newly female wolf here with virginities to break, personally this serious talk is breaking the mood for me slowly." Lillum said while Azure looked to her with a half lidded look on her face.

"No disrespect Mistress, but didn't you get your holes torn up?, Healed or not, shouldn't you be scarred mentally or something." Azure said while Lillum shrugged.

"Eh, not the worse fuck I had in my life, worse did happen after all and I bounced back." Lillum said like what just happened with her and Cedrina was a low level moment for her.

Cedrina looked at Lillum with a raised eyebrow before looking at Azure.

"Hey Azure?"

"Yeah?" Azure said before looking to Cedrina.

Instead of replying, said female wolf surprised her feline girlfriend by cupping her cheeks before bringing her lips to Azure's.

The girls were surprised by that move.

Lillum blinked a few times before smirking.

"Well, sex stories can wait for later, girls take a seat and enjoy the show, partner up if you want." Lillum said before walking to the bloody chair and cleaning it with a snap of her fingers before she sat in it.

"Hey Rachel, mind a quick warm up?" Lillum asked with a teasing grin while Azure returned the kiss and hugged Cedrina's body.

Rachel blushed a bit before replying.

"Okay." She said before walking to the succubus.

Cedrina continues to kiss before slipping her tongue in Azure's mouth for a tongue war.

Azure was a bit surprised at the action before she reached both hands down and fondles Cedrina's ass before her erect dick slips between Cedrina's thighs to show that she was getting aroused.

Cedrina moans in Azure's mouth before she surprised the feline by bringing her hand down to her folds before she starts rubbing it.

Azure shudders before surprising Cedrina by actually picking her up by her ass and after a few steps, sets her on the bed before Azure spoke up with a lusty smirk on her face.

"Get ready… things are going to be surprising from here." Azure said before she knelt down to Cedrina's folds and saw that aside from being wet… they were perfectly closed which made her smirk before looking up to Cedrina while licking her lips to show her what she was about to do to her.

Cedrina blushed a bit before nodding to Azure.

Azure nods in return before she moved both of her hands to Cedrina's folds and used two thumbs to carefully open her petals to show perfectly untouched insides.

Cedrina shudders a bit from that action.

Azure then slid a single finger around the outside of Cedrina's pink petals before looking to see how Cedrina was doing from being touched like this for the first time in her life.

Said wolf shudders again from that action while breathing a bit before letting Azure know that she's fine.

Azure smiles before she opens her mouth and starts to slide her tongue on the outer parts of her folds.

Cedrina shivered from that action before letting out a soft moan.

Azure then pulls her tongue back before looking at Cedrina's bud above her folds before latching her lips on it before sucking and licking it with heated lips and tongue.

"Gah!" Cedrina gasped a bit before shuddering from this feeling.

Azure chuckles before continuing to eat her girlfriend out before the scene to Lillum and Rachel nearby.

Lillum had Rachel sit on the chair while she was giving said hedgehog's dick a titfuck with her massive breasts.

"So slave… how are my breasts?" Lillum teased while lightly licking the head of Rachel's dick a moment later.

Rachel shivered at the feeling before replying.

"T-They feel...fantastic Mistress." She said before moaning while Lillum smirks while she keeps up her actions by lifting and lowering her breasts on Rachel's dick before the scene went to Tibet and Aryk who were teaming up on Amanda.

Apparently Tibet was carefully using both of her dicks to screw Amanda's ass and pussy at the same time while Amanda was on all fours and she was licking and sucking Aryk's dick.

"So… Amanda… how does it feel… with two massive dicks… going to town in your holes?" Tibet asked while she thrusts into Amanda and keeping a grip on Amanda's ass for leverage.

Said hedgehog groan and moans while licking Aryk's dick before reply.

"It feels... AMAZING! Cedric and Azure picked the right woman."

Tibet grins before she spoke up.

"Thanks for the compliment… I won't hold back then." Tibet said before she gripped Amanda's waist before she starts to thrust even harder into the smaller hedgehog which caused her hips to slap against Amanda's after a few thrusts.

"Gah!" Amanda yelped before moaning at the extreme pleasure while the scene to Audrey and Sticks while Sticks lifts and lower Audrey onto her dick and into Audrey's ass while Audrey strokes her own dick.

"Hehe, What's the matter?, running out of steam already?, I can go all day if I want before letting my load in your ass." Sticks teases while she continues to thrust into the Koala's ass.

Audrey moans from that action before speaking.

"Never. Keep using my ass as long as you want." She said while continuing to stroke her dick.

"As… you wish!" Sticks said before she starts to thrust her hips even faster while the scene shifts back to Azure and Cedrina while Cedrina was now on her back and her legs hanging off the bed when Azure shifts to sliding her tongue into her tunnel and swirling it around.

"So… how is being a woman now?" Azure teased through the seal while she continues to move her tongue inside of Cedrina's inexperienced tunnel.

Said wolf blushed while moaning before thinking.

"Well it's...different...but it feels incredible." She thought while moaning.

Azure was silent before she pulled away from Cedrina's snatch before grinning after she licks her lips.

She then stood up and showed that her dick was fully erect before she spoke up.

"So… think your ready?, cause from here…. Your more then enough." Azure said while drinking in the sight of a sweaty Cedrina and her leaking pussy.

Cedrina blushed while panting before speaking.

"I'm ready, my lovely princess."

Azure grins before she walked forward before she placed the head of her dick at Cedrina's folds before speaking up with a serious tone.

"Try and relax, battles are one thing, but something like this should hurt badly for a first timer… which I remembered so I can give a better example but Rachel should be able to better than anyone from losing hers twice." Azure said while she grips her dick and rubs the head on Cedrina's folds to get her dick lubed up.

Cedrina shudders a bit before remember taking Rachel's first time before speaking.

"Okay. I'm ready for you...my love."

Azure nods before she grips Cedrina's hips before slowly pushing her way in, and after a moment, stops at a barrier before speaking up.

"Want be to slowly push through or just rip the bandage off and slam in?" Azure said with a concerned look.

Cedrina took a couple of breaths before remembering two things that hurt when she was Cedric.

Getting her hand stabbed during the robbery, and also the training she got in the brotherhood, which she didn't told anyone the details.

"Rip it all off." Cedrina said.

Azure nods before adjusting her hips and kissing Cedrina's lips and slipping a tongue it to Cedrina's mouth to wrestle with her tongue.. and after she did, she slammed her dick in and slapped her own hips with Cedrina's before hugging her to wait out the pain that Cedrina would feel when she felt blood on her dick from ripping Cedrina's hymen away.

Said wolf hugged Azure back to ride out the pain while she closed her eyes while tears were leaking out as she continues to kiss Azure.

"Go with the pain. Just go with the pain." She thinks to herself.

"Don't worry, if other women can ride out the pain… you can too, just focus on me if you can." Azure thought to her while she continues to kiss Cedrina and rubs her hands on her sides and breasts to help distract her from the pain.

Cedrina moans in the kiss while hugging Azure close before thinking.

"Okay." She thought before wrapping her legs around the feline's waist.

Azure continues to kiss Cedrina before she slowly pulls in and out of Cedrina when she felt that Cedrina's tunnel was loosening from relaxing which caused a little blood to drip to the bed with each thrust.

Cedrina groans and moans in Azure's mouth from this action while her tongue continues to fight the feline's tongue.

Meanwhile with Rachel and Lillum.

Lillum was still titfucking Rachel before she pulled away from the hedgehog with a giggle when said hedgehogs dick was throbbing slowly.

"Now then, time to give you a ride my dear slave." Lillum said before she turns her ass to Rachel before speaking.

"Pussy or ass, your call." Lillum teased while shaking her ass a bit at Rachel which made her ass jiggle.

Rachel blushed big from the sight before speaking.

"Ass." She said.

Lillum grins at the answer before she floats a bit till Rachel's dick was prodding her asshole before she lowered her body with a groan when Rachel's dick enters her all before she continues till it hilts her fully.

After a second of adjusting, Lillum looked over her shoulder at Rachel before speaking with a teasing grin.

"So… how does this ass feel?, did you forget our lessons?" Lillum teased before she placed her feet on the floor and surprised Rachel by twerking her ass like she was dancing on it like a master with Rachel's dick still inside.

Said hedgehog groans from that before speaking.

"Never Mistress. I keep what I learn to the heart." She said.

"Well then, how about a surprise." Lillum said while she stops to sit on Rachel gently before she made a crest over her dick and one at Rachel's pussy before it slid onto the dick which made it vanish when the crest went on it before it reappeared on the spare crest and shot into Rachel's pussy before the crest sat near the base of Lillum's dick while she grins.

"What's happening Mistress?" Rachel asked which made Lillum grin.

"Simple, I made a portal that allowed my dick to enter you, and now I can do this…" Lillum said before she starts to twerk her ass on Rachel's dick again, but now Lillum's dick was moving in and out of Rachel's pussy when the crests stayed still in the air to allow Lillum room to work her magic.

Rachel moans a bit loud before wrapping her arms around Lillum which caused her to grind more on Rachel but it allowed Rachel to go deeper into the succubus's ass.

"Oh… getting handsy huh?" Lillum teased before the camera went to Sticks and Audrey while Sticks moved things to where Audrey had her hands on the wall and her feet on the floor while Sticks changed things by fucking her pussy while semen was seen under Audrey.

"Come on, you came around 3 times already, guess you lack training huh?, I never got trained yet but even I'm outlasting you by a mile." Sticks said with a grin before she used one hand to grip Audrey's throbbing dick to stroke out another shot of semen from the Koala.

Audrey moans before looking at Sticks.

"Just shut up and keep fucking me."

Sticks grins before her thrusts and strokes went erratic.

"Just shut up and cum for bitch!" Sticks said while stroking Audrey faster and faster.

About a few moments later Audrey grunts before cumming on the floor again while the camera went to Tibet, Amanda, and Aryk, Tibet now had Amanda on all fours, Aryk on Amanda's back, and Tibet had her two dicks in their pussies while she gripped both of their waists with her hands.

Amanda was moaning with ecstasy from the pleasure.

Aryk had grit her teeth while she lets out tiny grunts and moans that were muffled before Tibet spoke up between thrusts.

"So… how… am… I… doing… since… you… get... lessons… from… Lillum... there." Tibet said between thrusts while she went even rougher after a second.

"Y-You...are...AMAZING! DON'T STOP!" Amanda yelled.

Tibet chuckles for a moment before speaking up after stopping to adjust her legs a bit.

"As you wish." Tibet said before she starts to thrust even harder and rougher in the duo's pussies before Aryk grunts and cums which caused her to coat the underside of her breasts and stomach with semen which flowed onto Amanda's sides.

Said hedgehog grunts and cums before her semen landed on the floor.

The camera went back to Azure and Cedrina when Azure felt Cedrina relaxing more and decided to speed up her thrusts while Azure held Cedrina's legs over her head and then rests them on her shoulders for a better angle.

Cedrina was moaning from how good it was before speaking.

"Oh God Azure this feels so good. Please don't stop."

Azure had to grit her teeth a bit while she thrusts before speaking up through gritted teeth.

"Glad… you enjoy it…. But I'm getting close." Azure grunts out when she felt her dick slowly twitching inside of Cedrina.

Cedrina also felt it before speaking.

"Then let's embrace before you do."

Instead of saying anything, Azure sped up her thrusts more before speaking up while her arms were on the other sides of Cedrina's body.

"Almost… almost…" Azure said when she fought herself from cumming for as long as she could.

Cedrina can also feel her climax approaching.

"M-Me too. Please kiss me." She said right before Azure did just that after she wrapped her arms around Cedrina's body.

She kissed Cedrina on the lips before her eyes rolled back into her head when she starts unloading insanely hot semen into Cedrina's pussy and womb, the strange thing was that Azure seemed to unload more then normal then ever which made her body shudder when she hilts Cedrina.

Said wolf moans loud in Azure's mouth before she climaxed hard on the feline's dick before thinking.

"Oh God, Azure...I love you." She thought to Azure who continues to shudder when she kept unloading into Cedrina.

"I…..love…. You…. to…." Azure barely gets out while Cedrina felt how much pleasure that was going through Azure's body right now which would make a person wonder how Azure managed to respond at all.

It took about a few minutes before the duo stopped cumming. But Cedrina still had a hold of Azure while still kissing her.

"I...love...you...Azure." She thought again.

Azure couldn't respond for a bit, but she did fall to the side to pant for breath which allowed a surprising amount of semen to flow from Cedrina's pussy before Azure's thoughts were heard.

"Love… you… too." Azure thought before the duo heard a groan which got their attention after a minute which made them look over to see Lillum riding Rachel and it seemed like Rachel was getting close while Lillum grins at the hedgehog in her ass.

Rachel moans before speaking.

"Oh Mistress...I'm almost there."

"Let it out then, I'm about to shoot my load as well… and after that, you get to have some fun with Cedy and her new female ass." Lillum said before her ass jiggles faster and faster on Rachel's dick until…

Rachel grunts before yelling out.

"C-CUMMING!" She yelled before cumming hard in Lillum's ass which in turn sets her off from the feeling of Rachel's cum in her ass.

"GUH!" Lillum grunts before she cums which starts to fill Rachel's pussy thanks to the crest which acts as a portal to allow her to fuck Rachel's pussy, and since Lillum was on top of Rachel, she couldn't move at all.

Said hedgehog holds Lillum close while still cumming inside of her.

Lillum groans while she rode out her own orgasm before she taps off after a few seconds and waits for Rachel to finish while she enjoys the feeling of Rachel's semen in her ass.

It was about a few moments before Rachel grunts and finally stopped cumming which caused Lillum to sigh before she stood up which caused Rachel's dick to pop out of her ass while Lillum's dick stays in Rachel's pussy.

"So, want to have my dick fuck you while you fuck Cedrina or do you mind if I take Azy for myself for a bit?" Lillum teased while she thrusts her hips a bit which caused her to fuck Rachel a few times without actually humping her thanks to the crest around her dick.

Rachel moans a bit before speaking.

"Hmmm... fuck me while I do Cedy."

"Alright, and Azure?" Lillum said while she got a thoughtful look on her face from a few ideas.

"Let her rest a bit." Rachel suggested.

"Alright, but if she wants in later?, mind if I have fun with her to let you two have some privacy?, or maybe she could have fun with your sister if she's willing?" Lillum said since Azure was a quick recoverer.

"Hmmm, okay." Rachel said.

"Well then… let's get started." Lillum said with a grin before she snaps her fingers before Rachel was teleported onto the bed next to Cedrina on her back while Azure was float a bit away on the bed to rest while Lillum appeared near the duo with a smile on her face.

Cedrina was a bit surprised before speaking.

"H-Hey you guys."

"Hello Cedy, how was your time with Azure?" Lillum asked while she gave a lusty grin to Cedrina.

Said wolf blushed from that before speaking.

"At first it hurt, but it felt good." She said while Lillum smiles before she raised an eyebrow when she noticed something that wasn't seen earlier… she took a closer look while keeping an innocent look on her face to keep from getting suspicious.

"I see, well… ready for Rachel and her turn with your ass?" Lillum said when she examined Cedrina's body with a careful glance here and there.

Cedrina blushed from the look before nodding at the duo before she went on all fours and showed Lillum and Rachel her ass.

Said hedgehog blushed big after seeing the wolf's ass before feeling her dick twitched.

Lillum smiles before she leaned down and massages Cedrina's ass while coating a finger with magic.

"Well then, since you seem to be ready, I'll help loosen you up before Rachel does her thing." Lillum said while she slid the magic coated finger into Cedrina's ass before she lightly wiggles it around, she also took a moment while she does that to examine Cedrina's body up close, she may have made her into this form, but that was only for a gender swap, she didn't mess with anything else at the moment.

Cedrina shudders at the feel of Lillum's finger before letting out a soft moan.

Lillum used her free hand to caress Cedrina's body to help warm her up more while she adds another finger to Cedrina's ass and to feel her body when she felt… something off when she got past Cedrina's fur a few times, mainly on her back, stomach, and some on her breasts.

Said wolf shudders again from the feeling before she felt Lillum...inspecting her?

"S-Something the matter Mistress?" Cedrina asked.

"Hmmm… maybe, but I'll ask that later… for now, your ass is ready." Lillum said before she pulled her hand away and used both hands to hold Cedrina's ass cheeks apart before looking to Rachel.

"Ready Rachel?" Lillum asked Rachel with a teasing grin on her face.

Rachel blushed before grinning back.

"You bet Mistress." She said before going behind Cedrina and angled her dick to the entrance of the wolf's asshole.

Cedrina shivered a bit after feeling it.

Rachel giggled before speaking.

"Ready Cedy?" She asked before giggling at the rhyme.

Cedrina giggled from that before speaking.

"Y-Yeah, I'm ready."

Rachel acknowledges it before she took a deep breath before she gently inserts her dick in Cedrina's ass.

Said wolf's eyes widen before she grinds her teeth to numb the pain.

Lillum smiles before her hands glow with a spell to induce heat in a person, the anti pregnancy spell would work well if Rachel was going to town on her pussy, but since this was her ass… well… no holding back for a now in heat female wolf.

It wasn't long before Rachel was finally at the hilt.

She groans while feeling how tight Cedrina's ass is.

Lillum now smiles at the sight before looking to Azure who was coming out of her dazed state.

"Ohh…. wow…." Azure said while she sat up and blushed when she saw Rachel balls deep in Cedrina's ass.

"Wow… did I miss much?" Azure said which made Lillum giggle.

"Nope, though your turns up, why don't you go to Tibet, Amanda, and Aryk and get to know them better." Lillum said with a lusty grin which made Azure blush brightly before nodding.

"Of course Mistress, have fun Cedrina, Rachel." Azure said when she slides off of the bed and stretched a bit to get a few kinks out of her body.

Rachel acknowledges it before speaking.

"You ready Cedy?"

Said wolf groans a bit before replying.

"Y-Yeah, I'm ready."

"Alright then." Rachel said before she grabbed Cedrina's hips and starts thrusting.

Cedrina groans from that action before moaning at this feeling.

Azure smiles a bit at the sight before she looks for Amanda, Tibet, and Aryk before seeing the group and walking over to them with a grin when Amanda was thrusting into Tibet's ass while Aryk was thrusting into her pussy while Tibet was on all fours.

"How... do you... like that...Tibet?" Amanda asked between thrusts.

"Not… Bad… keep… going… and you…. Might be… making more stops… to this ass…"Tibet pants out.

Azure took a moment to think since Amanda and the others seemed distracted before grinning when she walked up to Amanda and placed her dick at her pussy before gripping her hip, and before Amanda could react, Azure thrusts all the way in one go which caused her to go balls deep in Tibet's ass which made Tibet groan at the sudden action.

"GAH!" Amanda yelped before looking back and was shocked to see Azure.

"Sorry for the surprise, but Rachel is busy with Cedy and you seem to have a few free holes… now… do you want to complain… or do you want me to fuck you?" Azure said while teasing Amanda by flexing her body which made her dick twitch in Amanda's pussy.

Amanda shudders a bit before grinning at the feline.

"Like I have a reason to complain. But a heads up would be nice. For now, fuck me to your hearts content." She said

Azure smiles before she pulls out before she thrusts back into the hedgehogs pussy before repeating the pattern which caused Amanda to grind in and out of Tibet's ass.

Tibet grins when she noticed before she starts moving her hips which caused her to hump Amanda who was stuck between the duo while Aryk thrusts into Tibet's pussy while she held her breasts together around one of Tibet's dicks for a titfuck.

Amanda was moaning from the pleasure she was getting.

Azure then changed things a bit by gripping Amanda's breasts before speaking up.

"Damn Amanda, Mistress must have trained you well, your pussy is milking my dick more than anyone else's… did Mistress give your special training or did she just go all out on you from the get go?" Azure said before she starts to pant when Amanda's snatch tries to milk her dick.

Amanda moans a bit before speaking.

"Little bit of both. And I'll tell you...her lessons are great."

Azure continues to thrust before speaking up again.

"Remind… me to… ask Mistress… to have you… join Rachel… and I… for a threesome or something…" Azure said with a wide grin before she goes even rougher on the hedgehog.

"Sounds like...a...PLAN!" Amanda said before moaning loud when Azure hits a sweet spot a few times before Azure grins before she focuses on that spot while the camera went to Sticks and Audrey.

It seems that Sticks decided to change things up by letting Audrey taking charge this time by having Sticks on her back and Audrey was using her dick on Stick's pussy in a missionary position.

Audrey grunts and moans while thrusting hard before speaking.

"How'd you...like that...Sticks?"

Sticks had a grin on her face while she held her legs out before speaking up while Audrey keeps thrusting into her.

"Not… bad…. But… still need… more... lessons…. I… haven't… came... once... yet…. Try… and…. Get even…. Dirtier... if... you... can!" Sticks teases while she tightens her pussy around Audrey's dick.

Said koala groans before grinning at Sticks.

"Very well then." She said before she brought her hands to Sticks's breasts and gave them a nice squeeze before thrusting harder.

Sticks hisses a bit from a shock of pleasure before grinning when she lets Audrey continue her action before the camera went to Rachel, Cedrina, and Lillum.

Lillum decided to join the duo by lifting and lowering her hips which caused her dick to thrust in and out of Rachel while she licks Rachel's but under her dick.

Said hedgehog jolts from that action which caused her to thrust in Cedrina's ass faster.

Said wolf groans and moans from the pleasure.

A few minutes pass for all groups before Azure, Lillum, Tibet, Aryk and finally Sticks felt their own orgasms approching which caused them to thrust harder into their respective lovers right now.

Rachel, Amanda and Audrey also felt their orgasms coming which made them thrust fast as well.

Azure huffs and pants before gritting her teeth before hilting herself in Amanda before yelling.

"I'M CUMMING!" Azure yells before she unloads a fiery load into Amanda's pussy and womb.

It caused said hedgehog to grunt before yelling out.

"ME TOO!" Amanda yelled before unloading a dose of her cum in Tibet which made Tibet grunt before shouting.

"AAAAHHH!" Tibet yelled before howling when she shot her own load onto Aryk's face while her tunnels tighten on Amanda and Aryk's dicks to milk them which caused Aryk to groan before her dick twitches before she starts unloading into Tibet's pussy.

Sticks had Audrey on her back and was in a scissor like position where Sticks stood above Audrey and was raising and lowering her body while her dick enters and exits Audreys pussy while Audrey's dick was pointing right at her face.

Sticks had a pleasured look on her face before she got a lust filled grin before speaking.

"Oh Fuck… finally… CUMMING!" Sticks said before yelling after pulling Audrey's legs up when she starts shooting out a extremely massive load of semen into the Koala's pussy which caused her womb to bloat a bit from Stick's backed up state.

"AAAAHHH!" Audrey yelled with ecstasy before cumming onto her own face after feeling the badger's cum inside her body.

Lillum pants a bit before she spoke up.

"Get ready Rachel… I'm about to cum again." Lillum said before she wiggles her hips on the bed which caused her dick in Rachel's pussy to wiggle and thrust into Rachel's pussy.

Said hedgehog grunts and moans before speaking.

"I-I know. I feel...it too. W-What about...you Cedy?" She asked.

Cedrina was moaning loud from the pleasure before replying.

"Me too."

A few thrusts later and Lillum grunts ones before groaning when she starts to unload in Rachel's pussy while she rests her front on the bed to enjoy the feeling.

Rachel grunts from the feeling before yelling out.

"I-I'M CUMMING!" She yelled before cumming hard in Cedrina's ass before collapsing on the wolf's back.

Cedrina moans loud before climaxing.

Her juices sprayed to the bed before falling on her belly.

Everyone in the room was now in an afterglow like state while they wait for their own orgasms to end before Lillum spoke up while her own orgasm slows.

"*Huff*...*Huff*... tell me, can anyone else do anything… or do you all want to sleep for now?" Lillum said when she sat up on the bed after turning onto her back to look at everyone else while her dick unloads more into Rachel.

Amanda huffs before speaking.

"I can go for a nap." She said with Tibet and Aryk giving thumbs up in agreement.

Sticks pulled free of Audrey after she finished unloading into her and lets her body fall to the ground before stretching.

"A nap sounds good, still got some energy to go though but I can burn that off later." Sticks said with no exhaustion on her face at all which showed her stamina off.

Azure pulled free of Amanda before speaking up.

"A nap for me as well… Cedy, Rachel, make some room." Azure said before she walked over to the duo on the bed and after pushing Rachel and Cedrina onto their sides, Azure got in front of Cedrina, inserts her dick into Cedrina's folds, and hugs her while her body heats up like a body pillow again.

Said wolf moans from that before hugging Azure back.

Rachel giggles while shifting a bit without pulling out.

"You know, I think I'm gonna stay like…" She said before stopping in mid sentence when she felt something on Cedrina's back.

She felt around which caused the young female wolf's eyes widen a bit.

Cedrina was about to say something, but Rachel beat her to it before the hedgehog gasped at what she saw.

"Oh my God." She said before Lillum made a shushing gesture before Rachel could get the other woman's attention before speaking up.

"Later… we can ask later… for now rest Rachel." Lillum said with a tone that told Rachel that if she disobeyed… then Lillum would give her a punishment of sorts.

Rachel gulps before she nods to the succubus before laying back down on Cedrina before Rachel wrapped her arms around the wolf.

Cedrina was relieved at first before feeling nervous about what Rachel saw and what the others will find out later.

The other women looked a bit confused at Rachel's outburst, but Lillum saying what she said made the group shrug before they bunk together in group.

Tibet was on her back while she had Aryk and Amanda resting their heads on her stomach.

Sticks rubs her head before she decided to drag Audrey to some spare blankets and sat her there before looking to Lillum who grins at her.

"Well then, since you ladies are going to rest up, I'll make a time crest so things pass faster in here, Sticks, can you really sleep now?" Lillum asked which caused Sticks to shrug.

"Not really, there was that tour later but I think it will be held later." Sticks said which caused Lillum to grin.

"Follow me then, I got a few lessons for you… that can really take advantage of that stamina of yours." Lillum said which made Sticks grin before she walked over to Lillum who starts to chant while a crest appears in her hand and she taps the wall which caused the room to glow for a second before it returns to normal.

"Alright, 2 hours here is 30 minutes outside, so 8 hours is 2 hours for you all in here." Lillum said before she summoned her outfit and summoned Sticks outfit before tossing it to Sticks who looked surprised when the outfit seemed… different to her before she starts to put it on which showed that her outfit was indeed different.

Everyone was surprised after seeing that before nodding to Lillum.

"And Cedrina… after you wake… there is a serious matter to talk about that only Rachel and I can help you with." Lillum said with a serious expression on her face when she put her outfit on.

Cedrina gulped before she nods at the succubus.

"And that serious matter… is shopping for a few new outfits for you since you'll be like this for a month!" Lillum said with an excited tone in her voice.

Cedrina did smile a bit from the idea.

Rachel was now excited after hearing that.

"Mistress, if we're going clothes shopping, then I highly recommend we go to Tail's wife's clothing store." She said.

"Alright… but don't think that I can't give a good design choice or two for an outfit… though their mainly for the bedroom, still I have a few dresses and sets laying around that would look perfect on Cedrina here, who knows, if they look good enough… I may let her keep them as hand me downs, same with you and Azure if you're interested." Lillum said with a grin while she points to Sticks for some reason.

Azure, Cedrina and Rachel were surprised after hearing that before they looked to Sticks and their eyes widen at what they saw.

"I used Sticks old outfit as a base and gave it a Tikal like look to help the tribal look if any of you know who she is." Lillum said while the camera showed that Sticks was now wearing brand new dress that did use her old outfit as a base.

First off was the shoes while the camera went from toes to head.

She wore sandals that looped around her toes and ankles for something.

She wore few anklets that the strings looped under.

Instead of pants, she wore a skirt that had two longer sections that went between her legs and showed off her toned hips without showing anything adult.

It was hard to tell if Sticks wore panties or not underneath when it looked like there was nothing around her hips.

Two similar strips of clothing led up from the skirt and went up to a tube top like shirt that had a few holes and segments cut out to give it a bikini like feel.

To complete the outfit, Sticks had a couple armlets around her forearms and shins and bracelets around her wrists, two each which caused some tiny rings.

All in all, Sticks looked like a tribal amazon to the others… a beautiful one at that when the outfit seemed tailored to fit her figure exactly without restricting it.

"So…. what do you think?, hot or not?" Lillum said with a teasing grin while Sticks looks her body over.

Azure, Cedrina and Rachel were blushing at what they saw before Cedrina spoke.

"Definitely hot." She said which made Lillum smile.

"Good, now if you'll excuse me… Sticks and I need to do a few lessons to help her tap into her real potential… and I gotta think of a few outfits some of you here… Audrey, come, you'll be helping with both parts as a lover.. and as a model for various outfits." Lillum orders with a smile on her face while Sticks smiles with crossed arms.

Audrey smiled big before speaking.

"Absolutely Mistress." She said before getting and excitedly went to Lillum and Sticks.

Lillum grins before looking to the others.

"Tibet, wanna help out?, you seemed to hold back with your groups during your fun time, consider it some quality time with Sticks if you want to think like that." Lillum said to the larger female wolf.

Tibet grins before speaking.

"Like I can say no to that kind of opportunity." She said before approaching the trio.

"Great, Aryk, can you wait here and rest up?, you can be the eyes and ears here if anyone needs anything." Lillum said to the Echidna women.

Aryk just nods while she rests near Amanda before Lillum smiles.

"Now then, shall we leave ladies?, Tibet, I know you prefer no clothing, but a few custom outfits shouldn't be a bad gift to you right?, consider them my early wedding gift if you want." Lillum said with a teasing tone when she opens the door for her, Tibet, Sticks, and Audrey.

Tibet chuckles before speaking.

"Thank you Lillum. I'll be happy to accept them."

Lillum grins before she and the others left the room before the door closed which left the others to rest in the room.

Azure was silent for a second before speaking up.

"Good night everyone, not that I'm complaining, but I hope we can actually get to learn things later, not only that but I'm curious about our new home… though I am now wondering if we can get new outfits from Mistress later, Sticks's was surprisingly fitting for her." Azure said when she relaxed on the bed while keeping her body temp up to keep Cedrina and Rachel warm.

Rachel and Cedrina nods in agreement.

Cedrina hugged Azure a little tight before putting her head in the feline's neck.

Azure returns that by hugging her tighter before she dozed off with light snores that were heard a moment later.

Cedrina giggled before thinking.

"Good night Azure. I love you. Always have and always will."

The only reply that Cedrina got was the mental images of tiny Z's which showed that Azure was already knocked out… she must have tired herself out faster than Cedrina thought.

Everyone else starts to doze off before everyone fell asleep one by one till only Cedrina was left awake.

Cedrina giggled again after seeing everyone fell asleep. She also knew that Azure loves her no matter which gender.

She kissed the feline's cheek before falling asleep while the scene fades to black.

The scene fades back in to show DME and Atomsk when they finally found Thor… who to their shock… was powering something while three kids stood near him.

One was rubbing his hands with a greedy look on his face.

Another with a sock hat was writing notes with a curious look on his face.

And the third and final kid… looked positively excited to see Thor's arm glowing while he continues to power the machine.

"Uh…. I may see a lot coming… but not this… Atomsk, did you?" DME said which got everyone's attention while the duo approached the four near the machine.

"Knowing what the short one is thinking… Yeah I do." Atomsk said.

"Eh you have a point… Oi Thor, what happened to get you in this trio's scam?" DME said with a half lidded look to the god of thunder who looked back with a raised eyebrow.

"These Children needed my aid and said that it would make their lives better, what is wrong with trying to help?" Thor said which caused DME to sigh before looking to Atomsk.

"Do you want to break it to him or should I?" DME said while a confused Thor looks to Atomsk when he didn't get what was going on.

"I'll tell him." Atomsk said before looking at Thor.

"Uh Thor, you're being played." Atomsk said with a blunt tone.

"What does being played mean?" Thor said while DME facepalmed.

"You're being tricked you…. You…. ugh." DME said while pinching his nose from how nieve Thor was being while Thor's eyes grew wide before glaring at the three kids near him.

"Is what he saying true?... are you three related to Loki somehow!?" Thor said when he let go of the device and stood to his full height which towered over DME and Atomsk and really towered over the three kids while his body sparks with energy.

Said kids lost their colors while shivering with fear.

That's when Atomsk intervene.

"Thor stop. They're not working for Loki. The only thing they do is trick people for their money and what not."

"Why would they do this instead of getting an honest job?, I mean this device here would make most adults wonder if they were smart or not from the end result…" Thor said with more confusion while DME spoke up.

"Tell that to their track record, have any of their inventions worked in the end without some kind of karma hitting them?" DME asked while looking to the eds and Atomsk.

Atomsk chuckled before speaking.

"I think you know the answer to that."

DME took a second to calm down before speaking up.

"I found the source of the problem and took it out, main issue if that we got more of them to get rid of, here, look for yourself." DME said before pulling out his phone and showing Thor the picture of the Rune fragment.

Said Norse God looked at the picture before his eyes widen.

"That artifact you discovered is ancient Asgardian." Thor said.

"Hope you don't mind if I get rid of them, seems we have 4 or 5 more to get rid off before getting to the earth we need to get to for some reason." DME said before getting the phone back and pockets it.

"Not at all. Those things became obsolete centuries ago." Thor said.

"Could have fooled me since were here… I do wonder one thing… what placed it here?, think it might be a test of Odin or something, I doubt that an artifact of Asgard would be here for no reason." DME said with a half lidded look when he thought of a few ideas already.

Thor frowns before speaking.

"This is not my father's doing. These artifacts were placed at different worlds way before my father became king."

"Ok… let me rephrase then… any idea why a fragment would be here in this world then?, I mean this is a world where the most interesting things are these kids and their scams, so is there some kind of effect besides bringing us here?" DME said while pointing a thumb at the three kids near them.

Atomsk had no clue about Asgardian artifacts.

Thor couldn't come up with an answer.

To the trio's surprise, the kid with the hat on his head spoke up which got their attention.

"U-Um… I don't know if this helps, but we saw a man with some kind of green mask earlier but we kept away from him so we don't know what he did." The hat wearing kid said to the trio.

Atomsk facepalm before speaking.

"Great. He was here, but now we don't know what the Mask man did."

"Maybe he was just screwing with us for all we know…. Anyway we got a fragment down so we should get going, I'll take a picture of any other fragments we find then destroy them… God I am beyond tired of this freak." DME said while pinching the bridge of his nose.

"You and America buddy." Atomsk said.

"Right…. Let's find an empty place to open a portal away from anyone who could give us a headache." DME said before he looked to the three kids.

"Mind pointing us to a empty area… and don't even try tricking me… I'm not Thor here." DME said while he sent the three kids a slight glare to show he wasn't messing around.

Thor frowns at DME's remark.

Atomsk shook his head from that.

The kids shook a bit at the glare before the hat wearing kid spoke up.

"T-T-The construction site or the dump…. T-those two places are normally e-empty." The Hat wearing kid said while pointing in two different directions which made DME chuckle a few times before speaking up.

"Good, now if you'll excuse us, we have a prankster to catch." DME said before he walked away from the duo and the three kids.

Atomsk shook his head again before looking at Thor.

"Let's get going Thor." He said before looking at the three kids.

"Nice meeting you all. And thanks for the help, Double D." Atomsk said before he and Thor went to follow DME while the kids wondered how Atomsk knew Double D.

A few moments later, the trio found themselves at the construction side while DME looks around with a half lidded look on his face.

"Ever wonder when this place will finally be complete?, or did they give up on building things here?" DME asked when he saw some old tools nearby.

Atomsk shrugged before speaking.

"Who knows. Maybe it's just there for comedy purpose. I mean remember that one episode when they got put in the cement? Or the time they got attacked by crows?" Atomsk asked while chuckling at the memory.

"Considering the fact we travel Dimensions, Evil Tim might actually exist." DME said before a crow lands nearby before DME gave Atomsk a frown.

"If you jinxed us you cloak wearing son of a…. Well, you better hope crows don't flock at us." DME threatened with a slight edge in his voice.

Atomsk raised his hands in defense.

"Hey now, I didn't mention the name or anything." He said.

"I'm pretty sure references count, now let's get out of here, to quote the greedy ed here… I HATE BIRDS!" DME said before shouting at the crows that start appearing before he made a portal when more and more seemed to appear.

Atomsk and Thor entered as quickly as they could before the portal closed on the birds.

"That was too close." Atomsk said.

Atomsk the for some reason felt a tap on his shoulder from behind him.

"Uh Thor?, DME?, is that you tapping my shoulder?" Atomsk questioned.

Thor was in front of Atomsk and DME was next to him, and when they looked to Atomsk… they quickly take a few steps away from Atomsk before DME spoke up.

"I… Recommend running… now." DME said before he and Thor bolt like bats out of hell down the path and away from Atomsk.

Atomsk turned his head, only for his eyes to widen in shock at what he saw.

It… looked like a mix of a Ghost and a Zombie that got hit multiple times with an ugly forest…. In other words…. Horrifying as hell… and since it most likely came from the Ed World…. and… it was growling at Atomsk.

"Uh... nice zombie. You wouldn't want to hurt me." Atomsk said before he starts walking backwards.

The creature then roars a terrifying roar right in Atomsk's face before it fell silent with glowing eyes.

"Yeah I thought so. WAIT FOR ME GUYS!" Atomsk yelled before starts running away from the zombie as best as he can while the creature shambles after him with surprising speed before the Green faced man appears from the edge of the screen with a grin.

"Well Folk, say hello to a version of Evil Tim if no one got where this was going and that… well, I doubt that there is an official Evil Tim image… anyway… here's hoping for better hi jinks…. Toodles." The Green faced man said before he punched and shatters the screen which caused the screen to shut off.

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