Dimensional Drifter school @emerald
A nude time and a change in sight

The scene fades in to show DME and Atomsk while they followed Odin into a large building, they then followed Odin into a throne room before he sat on the throne while guards and valkyries watched Atomsk and DME like hawks.

"Before I aid you in this capture of… that Mask character... mind explaining to me what happened and if that creature has any outlandish abilities, it seems strange that creature would just appear there unless you and this other friend of yours did something over the top." Odin said with a tone that dared the duo to defy him….more exactly towards Atomsk.

Atomsk gulped before speaking.

"Well what happen was, my other friend thought it be funny to push me in a portal, but I tricked him by using a doppelganger before pushing him in the portal. That's when the prank war started. Then the next day, he got me with a bomb. That's when the Mask character showed up causing a major ruckus." Atomsk explained.

"*Sigh* idiots and their stupid stunts…. and prey tell where is this friend of yours?" Odin said after he mumbled an insult at what caused the Green face man to appear... He got a reminder about Loki and the mischief he caused.

Atomsk rubbed the back of his head before speaking.

"Uh well, this will be hard to explain...but when me and my friend tried to stop the Mask character ourselves, it got the best off us and knocked out my friend. However his dark personality took over, whom's actually with us right now in the same body of my friend here." Atomsk explained while DME grinned a bit while giving the watching norse beings a slight wave of his hand which made Odin raise an eyebrow.

"And by dark…" Odin said before DME chuckles which stopped Odin from speaking.

"Dark as in that unlike my other half… I don't show mercy normally to my enemies, but I have enough brains to think things through, if the situation was different and I was forced to defend myself…. Well… you would be having some of your men here clean up body parts back on the bridge." DME said while a chilling feeling emits from him to show that he was serious even with the grin on his face.

Atomsk shook his head after hearing that since it's true.

The guards and Valkyries all aimed their weapons at DME, but before they could move, Odin slammed his staff on the ground which quiets the unrest before it starts while his uncovered eye emits raw power.

"Enough, Tell me what it is you need plain and simple, otherwise I'm just wasting my time, do you need this Mask impostor taken care of or what?" Odin said with an obvious tone that showed he was losing his patience.

"Definitely want him taken care of my lord." Atomsk said which caused Odin to look to Atomsk for a moment before he spoke up.

"I should let you know then that if I get Loki, then the situation would end up in a draw, I'll send my son Thor, you can meet him back at the Bifrost bridge." Odin said to the duo.

"Thank you Odin." Atomsk said in a appreciative tone.

"Don't thank me, you two brought the Mask into your world somehow... aside from lending my son as aid... this is all on you two to fix, now leave my sight before I lose my patience." Odin said while his body sparked a few times.

Atomsk gulped a bit before speaking.

"We shall do so at once." Atomsk said while DME chuckles again.

"Oh believe me, if I get the chance, I'll rip the skin off of the bastards face, I do have one question, we were heading to this Dimensions earth but wound up here, mind explaining why?" DME asked which caused Odin to frown at DME's attitude.

"Simple you savage, we have ancient magic here that can attract travelers between worlds if they don't use the proper channels, now leave before I blast you two out… NOW!" Odin said before his body emits raw power from his nearly lost patience.

Atomsk shivered before looking at DME.

"You heard him DME. Let's go." He said before going to a different direction.

"Yeah... but the Bifrost bridge is this way." DME said while pointing a thumb behind him to the entrance of the building.

Atomsk felt embarrassed after hearing that.

"Oops." He said before going to that direction DME pointed while DME followed a moment later with Odin glaring at the duo the entire time when they exit.

They were now out of Odin's throne room and were now on the way back to the Bifrost Bridge while DME had his hands behind his head and he was silent when he looked around the area.

It took about 20 minutes before the duo arrived at the Bifrost Bridge.

No one was there right now so it looked like the duo would have to wait a bit for Thor before heading to earth.

About 5 minutes later, said Norse God flew with his hammer before landing in front of the duo.

"So you're the two fools that my father spoke of." Thor said with a frown.

DME just rolled his eyes before looking to Thor.

"Yeah yeah, we get that Atomsk and TME were fools with their prank war, but we know a bit about you Mr. wants a battle, so why don't we keep the hate out of this for now and get rid of that green faced freak and you can fight frost giants while Atomsk and I can get back to our story telling." DME said with a half lidded look.

Thor frowned at DME's lack of respect before speaking.

"Alright then."

"Alright, now just to ask so we don't get shot into a random dimension, is there a proper way to get to earth from here or is it possible to take my own route?" DME asked Thor with a serious look on his face since this might be an issue for getting around the area.

Thor took a moment to think before answering.

"This bridge is the only route from here to Earth. But what route do you take?"

"TME, Atomsk, and I can make our own portals from just about anywhere, he makes portals of Darkness while TME and I make classic looking portals you might see which act more like gates into long tunnels you have to pass through, pretty safe on the inside, but as you can see, the exit can be changed for unwelcomed results." DME explained to Thor with a slight shrug of his arms.

Atomsk nods to Thor since it's true.

Thor took another moment to think before answering.

"Will do it your way then."

"Alright, just don't say that I didn't warn about unexpected exits." DME said before he held a hand out in front of the trio and a round portal opened for him.

Thor scoffed a bit from that before entering the portal while DME got a tick mark on his head.

"Seriously considering on shooting that guy into a sun if he keeps up the arrogant act, I may be an ass, but at least I'm honest about what I think." DME muttered before he entered the portal a moment later.

"Just relax. I mean we did made a...bad impression here so you can't blame him for that." Atomsk said before DME popped his head out to give Atomsk a slight glare.

"And I didn't bring us here intentionally, their freaking spells did and they point their weapons at us, all things considered I could have done worse… but I got enough headaches to deal with and I don't want Norse gods chasing me all over the multiverse, and are you gonna come on or do you wanna stay here alone with the hostile gods?" DME said before he popped his head back into the portal.

Atomsk rolled his eyes before he entered the tunnel.

For a few moments the trio walk along the monochrome pathway while DME walked on in silence to think, he was really hoping this would lead to earth and not a random Dimension.

Atomsk was having similar thoughts while Thor stayed silent.

For a few minutes, nothing happened, but a light was seen at the end of the tunnel.

"Well, here goes nothing. To quote Sam Jackson; "Hold onto your butts." Atomsk said.

"Great… mind getting the readers and the god of thunder up to speed while I make sure we didn't pop up over a volcano?" DME asked before he stuck his head out of the portal.

Atomsk looked to the readers before speaking.

"Hey everyone, welcome to chapter 11 of DDS. After me and DME made an...impression in Asgard, Odin was able to have Thor help us find and beat the Mask man. Which by the way, thank you Thor and sorry for the ruckus we caused."

Thor waved his hand at him before speaking.

"Your apology is accepted since you've shown respect."

Atomsk nods to Thor before looking at the readers.

"Well folks, I don't want to jinx this for the sake of this journey, so we hope you enjoy this chapter. Deuces." Atomsk said with two fingers before entering the portal.

Thor sighed before following him before the scene changes to where Cedric and Azure entered a building.

S.B. Dimension/ Dance club/ Azure, Cedric

When the duo enter, they saw that there was a mix of people wearing fancy outfits in a more relaxed way and some people who were in casual clothing while some of the people inside danced in a large area that looked like a high class night club.

Azure looked around with awe on her face since this was a first for her to see.

Cedric was indeed impressed with this place.

"This place looks amazing." He said while Azure spoke up with a slightly nervous tone.

"Maybe coming here was a bad idea, I mean there are a lot of people here which could give that second assassin a place to hide." Azure said when she noticed the amount of people around.

Cedric then grabbed the feline's hand before speaking.

"No Azure, this place is perfect. I promise you nothing will happen. Besides, how else am I gonna impress you with my dance skills?" He said with a kind smile.

Azure was silent for a moment before looking to Cedric with a lesser, but still noticeable smile.

"Maybe, just keep an ear out or something alright?... you can show me your moves as long as you do that." Azure said with giggle at the end when she wondered what moved Cedric had.

Cedric nods to her before the music changed to something he was familiar with.

"Ah, here's something we can do. Azure, would you do me the honor of dancing with me?" He asked.

Azure looked to Cedric with an actual smile this time before responding.

"Of course, mind leading this dance?" Azure asked with a slight curtsy to imitate a noble or princess.

Cedric nods to her before bringing her to the dance floor.

Everyone was doing the waltz.

Cedric still hold her hand before putting the other on her hip while Azure in turned placed a hand on Cedric's shoulder and followed Cedric's lead, it was a bit tough for her since she wasn't used to this so it would take a bit for her to get it right.

Cedric sees this before smiling.

"Don't worry. Just keep looking at me while we dance." He said before he starts moving while Azure nods for a moment before she looked to Cedric and continues to follow his lead.

As the couple danced, Cedric had Azure twirl before grabbing her hip again. He look deeply at her eyes while still dancing.

Azure continued to look into Cedric's eyes while they continue to dance, what the duo didn't notice was a few people watching them from afar, mainly Cream and Daniel who followed them in to make sure that things were ok on the inside.

Cream wore a dark orange dress that would remind of her outfit as a child, minus the collar part that acted as a neck piece which left the dress in an all orange state, but it went all the way down to her ankles, she had a sash to act as a belt and simple orange shoes.

And the dress showed off her figure well while she drank some tea she orders, aside from that, the only makeup she had was a light shade of lipstick to help show her lips off a bit.

"Seems they're having fun, right Daniel?" Cream said before glancing at the samurai Panda and his choice of outfit.

Daniel was wearing a tuxedo like Cedric before speaking.

"Indeed." He said before looking at Cream.

"I don't know if I said it already, but you look very beautiful tonight Cream."

Cream blushed lightly for a moment before smiling at Daniel.

"And you're very handsome yourself Daniel, where did you find that tux anyway?" Cream asked since she thought he would wear something samurai related here.

Daniel had a thoughtful look before drinking a diet soda before speaking.

"Hmmm...You know, I had no idea. When I was getting ready, there was a package for me with my name on it. It didn't say who it was from."

"Maybe Emerald?, I heard he got ones for Cedric and Azure." Cream said when she heard that Cedric and Azure got their outfits from Emerald.

Daniel was surprised after hearing that.

"Well that was nice of him. But how come he got me one? Does he know you and I are on a date? Or are we since we're watching our friends just in case?" Daniel asked with a confused look.

Cream chuckled nervously before speaking.

"He… already knows, Amanda and I talked right behind Emerald about… how I felt about you and Emerald… had some comical moments… hopefully Maite will keep him occupied so he won't focus on you too much." Cream said to Daniel before she took another sip of her tea.

Daniel was both surprised but nervous after hearing.

"Yeah hopefully. I hope he approves of me Cream. I enjoy being with you." He said.

"Hehe, I do too, still it might be awhile before he actually warms up to you… let me give you a good comparison… you know how Demonga and Emerald get along?" Cream said which was… shocking… Emerald and Demonga get along?

"Really?" Daniel question with a surprised look.

Cream sighs before giving Daniel a half lidded look.

"Really, believe it or not Emerald and Demonga did fight a lot in the past, and I mean try to kill each other a lot… Demonga even joined this man named Bordux once in order to get a proper fight with Emerald, and Bordux makes Emerald's life a living hell... but that one was a long time ago… and Demonga has more than made up for that mistake… especially after Emerald's master died." Cream said when she remembered some stuff about that day.

Daniel was surprised but felt bad for Emerald on losing his master. That's when he remembered something.

"That assassin that died in Rachel's house, do you think that Bordux person was the one that him to attack Cedric?" He asked which made Cream sigh while ice clinked in her glass.

"Knowing our, as in Emerald and some people back in Angel City's luck,… more than likely, or at the very least Bordux is using the assassins for his plans… I don't know why myself… but Bordux seems obsessed with Emerald inborn ability before he even became one with the Master Emerald or Angel City appearing above Station Square after the Dimensional fusion…" Cream said when she remembered that day long ago in front of the cave… though to Daniel it looked like Cream had a far off look… like she aged some years from remembering that.

"Boy, I can see why Emerald was agitated when that assassin gave him a hint." Daniel said.

"Agitated is an understatement… because of Bordux… Emerald lost people who he considers family three times and some of his friends for various reasons…. His entire family from his Dimension when he got forced onto Angel Cities Mobius for the first time… his predecessor the former Elemental of Darkness Nocturn who's mind and power was sealed into a black gem that was similar to a chaos Emerald by Nocturns own lover, Emerald considered him a father figure… and his Master… Xan Grandblade… a perverted old man but was well liked by everyone… he died when he fought Bordux and his two strongest allies in a 3 on one fight and drove those three away… but he died of his injuries in the end… and from what I remember from so many…. his soul was destroyed..." Cream said while she looked into her glass when the memories flowed through her mind.

"In fact… I'm surprised Emerald managed to stay sane after… that incident…. Or maybe his mind broke and he barely pieced it back together…" Cream continues before falling silent while her eyes got a dangerous glint before the glass cracks in her hand a little when some killing intent was actually emitted from Cream of all people.

Daniel shuddered from that feeling while felt shocked seeing how angry Cream got.

"Um Cream? Your glass." He said before Cream noticed what she did.

"Sorry… it's just that my scar is throbbing after I remembered what Emerald went through before getting his Core before that mind shattering incident and what Steel did before Bordux rescued Robotnik at the last moment before Emerald could kill him… Steel is a replica robot of Emerald… a very dangerous one and he gave me this unhealable scar when I was around 10 or so… Steel killed hundreds before Emerald stopped him… and that was a few days after Emerald first got to Mobius…" Cream said before she let go of her glass to touch the scar on her cheek that had some dark lines in it… which seemed to move slightly when she got irritated.

Daniel was shocked when saw that before he gave Cream a light hug.

"I'm sorry it happened Cream."

"It's not your fault… you weren't there and had no idea… I doubt you were even alive at the time." Cream cryptically said to Daniel.

Daniel was confused.

"What do you mean? Are you saying you were there?"

"A little tip when you learn Aura and Chaos Energy…" Cream said before looking to Daniel with glowing eyes and a body that emitted a pressure of some kind… it wasn't hostile but it was felt.

"... your body becomes more like Shadow's and time barely flows anymore as a result…. I'm around 200 to 250 years old and that's considered young among Aura and Chaos user's…" Cream admits before she signaled for a waiter to bring her another glass after she had her eyes and *Pressure* return to normal..

Daniel's eyes widen after hearing that.

"W-Wow. Call me crazy but you're beyond cool after hearing that."

Cream chuckles a few times before looking to Daniel.

"Trust me… it wasn't until I got to join this school to really learn… I mean… until I got trained by Amy and Rouge… I was more or less dead weight to the others… I still have a long way to go but I can say this… until you and the others learn how to use both Chaos energy and Aura, you're weaker than you think, Chaos energy amplifies your strength and helps you with learning and training elements, and Aura can strengthen you further in interesting ways, from physical boosts to even strange abilities, and then there is the stuff that you can learn in other Dimensions to help level up more…" Cream said after the waiter brought her a new glass of tea.

"Hmmm...Then I should up my training then. I hope you be my teacher...or my private tutor." Daniel said.

Cream blushed a bit at that before smiling.

"Maybe on a later date, but we should watch Cedric and Azure for now, think you can dance after they leave?" Cream asked with a small smile on her face.

Daniel smiled at Cream before speaking.

"As soon as they're gone, I'm gonna sweep you off your feet."

Cream giggled a bit before speaking up.

"We'll see…" Cream said before she looked back to the dancing duo and saw that Azure was getting the hang of things by matching Cedric's pace more and more.

Said wolf continues to lead while still looking at Azure's eyes.

Azure did the same when she followed Cedric's lead before stepping a bit closer to the wolf.

It wasn't long til the song end before Cedric surprised his feline girlfriend by dipping her.

He still looked at her eyes with a smile before Azure surprised him by gripping the back of his head and kissed him on the lips while her eyes slowly closed.

Cedric was surprised by that action before he kiss her back as his eyes closed as well.

For a few moments, Azure and Cedric kissed before someone cleared their throat next to them which got their attention.

Cedric stopped kissing his girlfriend before turning his head to see who it was.

Turns out it was a bear mobian who looked like the owner of the place had an amused grin on his face.

"Sorry for interrupting a happy moment… but the song ended a few seconds ago and the next song is about to play, if you like fast songs you can stay, or you two can continue this somewhere private... don't get me wrong, I think you two look good together, but… your making some of the single people here jealous and I want to prevent damages here." The Bear said with a grin while he points a thumb behind him.

When Cedric looked, he can see that the owner was right when he saw some of the single people with jealous looks.

Cedric chuckled a bit before he brought Azure up before speaking to the owner.

"Sorry about that sir."

"Eh no worries, just giving you two a heads up before the fast song starts so you two won't get *attacked* by other dancers here." The owner said while giving a few finger quotes.

Azure jolts a bit at the attacked word before chuckling nervously which caused the owner to raise an eyebrow in confusion when Azure seemed to pale a bit.

"Are you OK ma'am?, did something I say upset you?, you seem a bit pale now, or are you just tired?" the owner said with a concerned tone while Azure took a second to try an calm herself.

"J-Just a bit tired, must have got a bit into the dance and did realize how tired I was." Azure fibbed a bit which the owner seemed to buy it when he shrugged.

"Well I recommend sitting or something, don't want a beautiful woman like yourself worrying your boyfriend here by passing out right?" The owner said with an amused grin which caused Azure to blush a bit from the beautiful comment before nodding.

"Y-Yeah, I might as well take a few minutes." Azure said before she took a moment to walk away before the owner spoke up to Cedric.

"Is she really ok?, I was at the laser show with a date of mine before that guy attacked you and Rachel and I saw what happened to you and Rachel before I saw her fur turn that color and ran when things started to look bad." The owner said with a quieter tone.

Cedric was shocked after hearing that the owner was there.

"Well first, you know Rachel?" He asked.

The Owner chuckles a bit before speaking up.

"Is there anyone on the island who doesn't know Sonic and his family?" The Owner counter asked with an amused tone while he crossed his arms.

Cedric chuckled before speaking.

"I guess not. And to answer your question, she's very worried about how our date is going but more worried if the attack happens again."

"Hmmm… understandable, don't know if this might help, but want to hear a bit of advice?" The owner said while he gestured for Cedric to follow him off of the dance floor and after Azure to allow new dancers on.

Cedric nods to the owner before following him.

When they got clear of the dance floor, the owner turned to Cedric with a smile on his face.

"I know this might be already known to you, but keep on reassuring her, and I don't mean once or twice, but also try to keep quiet if it looks like she is thinking about something… contradictory I know, but it can help if your date can work things out herself, just let her know you'll be for her no matter what." The Owner said with a grin.

Cedric made sure to let the advice sink in before speaking.

"I'll make sure to follow that. But don't worry, I'm making sure to do that. Plus I have friends watching us incase of anything."

"I see, would it be those two there?, they had their eyes on you and I thought they were a couple jealous people." The owner said while pointing in a certain direction behind Cedric.

Cedric took a glance and was surprised to see Cream and Daniel standing there.

Cream was keeping an eye on Azure while she drank her tea to make sure Azure was ok while Azure got her own drink… Daniel on the other hand...

Was watching Cedric and the owner before he gave the young wolf a firm nod.

Cedric returned the nod before looking at the owner.

"I better get back to my date. Thanks for the advice." He said.

"No problem… though I recommend getting to her now, looks like someone is trying to hit on her or something and it looks like your date is getting irritated… fast." The owner said with a raised eyebrow while nodding in Azure's direction.

Cedric's eyes widen before to looking at said person pestering Azure.

"Oh no you don't." He said before he used his speed to get to Azure's side.

He gave the man a half lidded look before speaking.

"I suggest you stop bothering my girlfriend if you know what's good for you." He said before putting his hand on Azure's shoulder.

The man gave Cedric a half lidded look while grinning when he held his hands up defensively.

"Alright... I'll leave... but it looked like she wasn't in a good mood so I tried to cheer her up… do a better job and the others here might keep away." The man said while making a jab at Cedric before the man walked away with a few other guys and gals looking towards Cedric and Azure to back up the man's claim.

Said wolf knelt down to look at Azure before speaking.

"Sorry Azure, he didn't bother you too much did he?"

Azure looked back to Cedric with a slightly relieved grin.

"No, just glad you got here... sorry for the trouble... I was just trying to calm down with a drink or something and he popped up out of nowhere and started to try and flirt with me." Azure said while she shook her glass back and forth gently to make the drinks inside swirl a bit.

Cedric frowned a bit when after hearing that before speaking.

"Well I'm here now. And again sorry, the owner needed to talk to me."

"No worries, but I still need to apologize, I actually enjoyed the dance but when he said attacked… I just…" Azure said before she fell silent when she drank from her drink a moment later.

Cedric gave her an assuring look before speaking.

"You don't need to apologise Azure. I understand. But I want to make sure you're having a great time. The only thing I want is to see that beautiful smile of yours."

"I am… I just want to calm down first before we continue this date, I know we got people watching but my body won't listen and I'm expecting an attack… *Sigh*... sorry for worrying you Cedric." Azure said before she took another swig of her drink.

Cedric brought his hand to hers before speaking.

"It's okay. You don't have to worry. Daniel and Cream are here in case of anything." He said before motioning his head in the direction he's pointing at.

Azure took a moment to look where Cedric was pointing before she saw Cream and Daniel, Cream waved a bit a moment later.

Cedric nod to her before looking at Azure.

"If you want, we can talk about stuff." He suggested.

"Like what?" Azure asked when she looks to Cedric.

"Well, we can try to get to know each other more, but if it's too personal for you, you can just ask me about my dimension and stuff." He said.

"Well, what do you want to know about me exactly?, I don't remember much aside from living with that old couple for a few years." Azure asked since she didn't do much.

"You can tell me what you like and dislike certain stuff." Cedric said.

"Well… I like training, that's one, I don't like loud areas unless I can have fun there, like this place… uh…" Azure said before she tried to think of other likes and dislikes for herself.

"Do you have a favorite fruit or vegetable?" Cedric asked.

"Well… I like Banana's and apples when I want something juicy… and any vegetable is good as long as it's cooked right." Azure said which showed she wasn't a picky eater.

Cedric smiled before speaking.

"Same thing with me on vegetables. I like some fruits, but my favorite is always mangos."

"Hmm… any fears?... mine is losing my friends here that I made… and you, Rachel… and Sticks as well since she's going to be a part of this group now." Azure said with a slight blush on her face.

Cedric blushed as well before speaking.

"Well I'm afraid of losing you as well. Along with Rachel, Sticks, our classmates. But now I'm also worried for my friends back home, including my mom and sister."

"I'm glad you have a family to worry about… I don't even know if Lavender is really my sister or not, *Sigh* I wonder why I can't remember what happened to make me lose my memory." Azure said while she looked into her glass.

Cedric gripped Azure's chin to look at her before speaking.

"Azure...whether or not Lavender is your sister, me and everyone else in this class are with you. In this scenario, we're your family. And always remember that I'll be there to help you with anything."

"Maybe, but I just realized something…" Azure said before grinning a bit at Cedric.

"What's that?" Cedric asked with a confused look.

"If Lavender is really my sister and Blaze is my mom… wouldn't that make me royalty or something?, and wouldn't' that mean that you have been dating a princess all this time?" Azure said with a humored tone while she drank from her glass again.

Cedric took a moment to think on that before chuckling.

"Hehe, I guess you're right. But regardless of anything, you'll always be a princess to me." He said with a smile.

"Yeah, but the Sonic of Angel City might be my dad as well… makes me wonder if he's the protective type." Azure said with a humored grin on her face when she remembered how protective Rachel's Sonic was.

Cedric chuckled before speaking.

"Well that's the job of the father. But if anything, I'll just have to prove to him that I'm worthy for you."

"True, but we only known each other for about 8 or nine days if my memory holds up, a few days in angel City and a few more here, makes me wonder if we're going a bit fast." Azure said while she moved her glass a few times.

"Well Azure, I want our relationship to happen. I love you very much. But if you believe that we're going fast, we take this slowly before we go serious. I don't want to force you to anything you're not comfortable with." Cedric said.

"Thanks… I don't mind some fun every now and then, but you gotta admit that you work fast to have three women at your beck and call right?" Azure teased since Cedric did have multiple women already, plus the heartless with a two in one deal with Rachel now.

Cedric blushed before chuckling.

"Yeah you're right. But this time I'll try not to be fast if I meet another girl. I'll still follow the conditions we have. But for now I want to enjoy being with you. Along with Rachel and Sticks."

"Well… I'll admit that I was angry earlier and took it out on Sticks earlier… I'll need to apologize to her later." Azure said with a regretful tone.

"If it makes you feel better, I don't think Sticks mind. And call me crazy, but I find that aggressive side of yours very hot. But I am sorry for making you angry that morning." Cedric said with a regretful tone as well.

"I'm the one who should say sorry, even if you do find it hot, it doesn't excuse my actions… anyway, I have an idea to make it up to you and if this date goes well… well... we might not make it home till it is past midnight." Azure teased before she finished off her drink.

Cedric blushed from that before speaking.

"Well after this, do you wanna continue dancing or go somewhere else?"

"How about just a walk and see where we end up at, adapt to the situation so to speak." Azure suggests to Cedric.

"Hmmm...Okay. Maybe we can do some more talking along the way." Cedric said.

"Alright, mind leading the way?" Azure said when she turned to the wolf.

Cedric smiled before speaking.

"Absolutely." He said before bringing his hand out which Azure took before she followed the Wolf out of the door and into a random direction.

A few minutes later and they were walking along a long pathway through some trees when the path led out of town.

Azure then looks to Cedric before speaking up.

"So… I get that your dad trained you, but did he use dual bladed weapons like you or did you pick up that style later?" Azure asked since it was rare for her to find a duel wield user.

Cedric chuckled before speaking

"Oh I picked the style. You would've love to meet him. He beats me in every duel using one sword that's been in my family for generations." Cedric said.

"One sword?, so if it comes to a one blade on one blade thing then would Daniel beat you in that style or did you train in multiple styles?" Azure asked since she never saw Cedric use one weapon before.

"Well I did learn how to use one sword...but that was after my father's passing. But it was under a different circumstance." Cedric said.

"Different circumstances?" Azure asked with a raised eyebrow since she was knocked out for Cedric's stories.

Cedric sighed before speaking.

"There was a reason why the assassin was after me. You see I went on a undercover mission in my home dimension to infiltrate a boarding school that was actually a secret ninja academy. I was put to the same program like most students and learned how to fight like them. And during that mission is where I met Kyra and how we form our Band of 7 group. It wasn't long before we finally took down brotherhood. Although I thought we did until that attack happen."

"I see, any chance that second assassin will come for you?" Azure asked while she looks around.

"No. But it doesn't mean I can't keep my guard up. But if anything, I think he/she was only meant to kill his/her comrade in case the mission failed. I'll tell you this Azure, whatever happens, I'm gonna make sure to protect you and anyone else I love to my last breath." Cedric said.

Azure blushed a bit before she tightens her grip on Cedric's hand a little.

"Thanks Cedric, I… love…. You... too…."Azure said while she blushed brightly at what she said to said wolf since she rarely said that to others.

Cedric was surprised after hearing that before he surprised Azure by hugging her.

Azure returned the hug and rests her head on the crook of Cedric's neck for a bit while she kept blushing.

About a few moments later, the two separated.

"Shall we continue walking?" Cedric ask with a smile.

Azure was silent for a moment later before she pulled away with a smile.

"Sure, let's go." Azure said before she gripped Cedric's hand and pulls him along the path… but what neither of them saw was a sign in the dark which had a barely noticed symbol that had a male and female symbol on it.

It wasn't long before the duo reached the beach.

Cedric chuckled before speaking.

"Hehe, a whole beach to ourselves."

"Uh… not quite." Azure said with a rapidly growing blush when she points in one direction that led deeper into the beach.

Cedric was confused before looking at said direction. He blushed big as well at what he was seeing.

It turns out the beach they went to… wasn't just a normal beach… it looked like a nude beach… but…. The duo saw some people having sex in full view while other people who were just relaxing ignored the people having sex.

"Oh boy...we just came upon a nude beach." Cedric asked.

"Uh, I don't think this is a nude beach… look at the sign." Azure said when she looked closer at a nearby sign that was lit to help others see it.

Cedric saw the sign before blushing after reading it.

"Siren's Beach. Where couples come and make love to one another." Cedric said while blushing big while Azure bent down a bit to read smaller text.

"No clothes allowed unless a good reason is given to the owner of the beach." Azure read before blushing after she finished reading.

Cedric had the same reaction after hearing that.

"Do you think we should get out?" He questioned.

Though his question was answered from a voice from behind the duo.

"My, my, looks like you two are new here." The voice said from behind the duo.

Cedric and Azure jolt a bit before turning around to see the source of the voice.

Turns out it was a surprisingly tall female wolf Mobian who was even taller then Cedric by a head surprisingly… the only thing she had was a towel wrapped around her waist, most likely for resting on the beach which showed that she had large E to F cup breasts.

Azure's gaze turned into shock at the surprisingly tall female before looking up to her head.

Cedric was shock as well before looking at the wolf Mobian.

"Uh, well actually...we were just passing through and didn't realize where we at." Cedric said which caused the woman to chuckle.

"Yeah, we get that a few times, anyway I'm the owner of the place and was about to get a drink, wanna join if you got questions?" The owner said with an ever present grin on her face.

"Uh… I don't know… besides we don't have towels or know to store clothes at, gotta lot more but the signs warning." Azure said which made the owner laugh a few times.

"Hon, I'm the owner, if anyone has any lip for newcomers then they'll have to go through me." The owner said to Azure with a grin.

Cedric looked at Azure before speaking.

"What do you think Azure?"

"Well… why not, what's the worse that could happen?" Azure said with a slight shrug of her arms since she was naked around other women before.

Cedric was a bit surprised but couldn't complain since he was naked when he was with Rachel, her heartless, Sticks and Azure. Even though she was clothed.

The owner laughed a few times before gesturing for the duo to follow her.

"I'll show you the front entrance, you two entered through the exit, the real nude beach is past those rocks there." The owner said before she starts to walk through the sex having people with the grin still on her face.

Cedric blushed a bit before looking at Azure.

Azure had a lesser blush before she shrugged at Cedric.

"Well you heard her, we should follow her." Azure said before she bent down to get her shoes since sand and heels don't mix.

Cedric nods to her before bending to remove his shoes and socks since sand can get in the shoes.

Though… Cedric got pinched on the rear… while Azure was fully seen while she was focused on getting her heels off which meant...

Cedric gulped before turning around to see who did that.

To Cedric's horror… it was a male dog Mobian who looked like they worked out too much… and they were in the nude and fully erect.

"Hello handsome… you alone?" The man said to Cedric while Azure who noticed covered her mouth to fight from laughing at Cedric's delima.

Said wolf was freaked out before speaking up.

"No. I'm with my beautiful girlfriend who's standing beside me."

Azure in the meantime was hitting a tree with the side of her hand while some laughter slips out while the dog Mobian chuckles.

"Beautiful lady and great ass too, my boyfriend might like to have fun with her if she's interested… could make it a four-way." The man said to Cedric which made Azure blush, jolt, and chuckle at the man's stubbornness at trying to hit on Cedric again at what was said about her rear before she turned to see how Cedric would react.

Cedric frown a bit after hearing that before sighing.

"Look, you're a nice person...but I'm not into men. Not there's anything wrong with that. I just prefer women. Also she and I are on a date." He said.

Azure chuckles before speaking up.

"Yeah, besides I love Cedric, there are other women with Cedric… but we got to know one another and decided to share Cedric." Azure sighed which made the man sigh.

"Good looking and can handle multiple women, makes me jealous if that gave you a lot of stamina, who are the other lucky ladies?" The man teased Cedric with a grin.

Cedric was feeling awkward before speaking.

"Uh, Sticks the Badger and Sonic's daughter, Rachel."

The man blinked a few times before laughing which confused Azure greatly.

"Uh… did I miss anything funny?, Cedric's telling the truth." Azure said while the man's laughs slowed down when he calmed down.

Cedric realized what was going on.

"I'm guessing you and your boyfriend were with Sticks one night?" Cedric asked.

"Oh honey, I'm only into men as good looking as you, my boyfriend had a few times with Sticks in the past with other men here, sometimes Sticks took on 10 or 20 men here and she came out of it with a bored look on her face, tell me, how did you manage to get a stamina demon like Sticks to be your girlfriend, we even heard her say that she wouldn't hook up with anyone unless they could satisfy her." The man said with a humored tone while Azure was shocked at the number of men she had… apparently daily in the past.

Cedric was shocked as well before speaking.

"I don't want to spill any details, but I love Sticks the same way I love Rachel and Azure."

Azure blushed a bit while the man chuckles.

"Honey, trust me, when Sticks doesn't appear here after a while, people are gonna ask, mainly the guys who like Sticks, and if rumors spread that you actually tamed Sticks, then women are gonna try and get a piece of that, and tame was just an example of… cleaner words said around here." The man said which made Azure frown before she spoke up.

"I'll have you know that I did it, she made a bet with me and Rachel and she pissed me off enough to get her to cum a few times, she won in the end though when Rachel and I passed out which… allowed her to get close to Cedric, but because of certain circumstances that would take to long to get into, she ended up dating Cedric while I was passed out…" Azure said before glancing to Cedric.

"Speaking of which, you'll have to explain that part later." Azure said with crossed arms and a half lidded look on her face.

Cedric gulped a bit from that before chuckling nervously.

The man chuckles before speaking up.

"Then you'll like the lady who you spoke to just now, she's a favorite of all the beach goers here for a few reasons other than being the owner of this place." the man said with a grin while his dick got erect again which caused Azure to blush a bit at the size before she looked away… didn't he go for woman?

Cedric turned his head away before speaking.

"Well anyway, me and Azure have to follow the owner. So have a good night." He said before grabbing Azure's hand and pulled her while heading to where the owner is while the men called after them.

"Don't think I was just saying that about the owner for nothing, you'll see later." the man called before he walked back to his boyfriend to help get rid of his own problem.

"Uh, should we be worried about what that guy said?" Azure said with a slight blush when the duo walk by two cat Mobian, male and female, near them while the man had the female on her back while he thrusts in and out of her which caused the female to pants and groan loudly.

Cedric avert his eyes while blushing before speaking.

"Well...despite the awkwardness, I guess we should keep our guard up. If one of us feels uncomfortable, we leave, agreed?" He asked.

"Agreed, but let's try to not insult anyone here, we might get mobbed if we say the wrong thing here." Azure said when she could picture a mob comically chasing them away while they were nude.

Cedric shivered from that thought before speaking.

"Agreed with you on that. Now Azure, Sticks and I haven't dated when you were passed out."

"Could have fooled me, you were screwing her ass first when I woke and got a stress reliever... guess you work in reverse huh since Rachel and I payed you a visit before our screwed up date." Azure said with a humored tone.

"Hehe, yeah. But anyway, it was one time only." Cedric said.

"You say that now but knowing our luck, you could be getting to *know* women before dating them first." Azure said with a half lidded look before blushing when she saw a two women Mobian, a hedgehog and koala, eating one another out.

Cedric blushed as well before speaking.

"Azure, I don't want us to fight on our date. I'm very sorry about that morning. But I promise you that I won't be fast on getting to know a woman, as long as you get to know her first as part of our condition." He said.

"Not really fighting, just pointing out the facts, anyway where is she?, We're getting close but I don't see her." Azure said before looking around while blushing at the sights on the beach.

Cedric sighed before speaking.

"It's because that guy back there distracted us."

"Well, I see the other section, or the section leading to the other section." Azure said when they saw the cove which seemed to be rounded and hid a section while another section was seen which showed other nude people, but they were not having sex.

"I think that's the nude beach the owner mentioned." Cedric pointed out.

"Alright, let's go…" Azure said before she starts to cross the mid area before stopping when she noticed something to her right which made her blush brightly and looked shocked at what she saw.

Cedric was confused as he approached his feline girlfriend.

"What's wrong Azure?" He questioned.

"The...Owner…" was all Azure said while she points deeper into the middle section while a female panting was heard a moment later when Cedric got close.

Cedric looked to where the owner was and got the same reaction from what he was seeing.

Apparently the owner wasn't fully female as she appeared… sure there was a clit on the large female wolf… but she also had a massive dick and a pair of testicles… and she was using her dick on a poor cat Mobian who seemed to bite more than she could chew while the owner had a fanged grin on her face while she continues to plow the cat Mobian.

"Oh. My. God." Cedric said which got the owner's attention while the man's words came to mind.

"...She's a favorite of all the beach goers for a few reasons other than being the owner…" the man's words echo which explained the reason for the homosexual man's erection.

"Now… I get why he had that reaction." Azure said while the owner went even faster which made the cat Mobian yowl out when the owner knots herself into the cat Mobian with a grunt which caused the cat mobian to yell out before her womb starts to bloat before the owner picks up the cat Mobian and rests against the rock which gave Azure and Cedric a full view of her pulsing dick and testicles while they pumped her semen which was visible.

Cedric was shocked at the sight before speaking.


The owner chuckles before she gripped the cat Mobian around the waist and after tightening her grip yanked the cat Mobian off of her dick which caused the cat Mobian to groan loudly before passing out which caused the Owner to chuckle before she sets the cat Mobian on the sand nearby and used the towel as a pillow for the cat Mobian before walking to the duo with her dick being fully seen.

Before it starts shrinking while it leaked semen, it seemed to be around a full foot in length while it hanged between her legs.

"Enjoy the show?" The owner said with a grin while she placed a hand on her hip.

Cedric blushed like a tomato since he had no idea what to say.

Azure was in a similar state which caused the owner to chuckle.

"You two might want to close those mouths… or I might take advantage of them." The owner teased which caused Azure to close her mouth with a blush when she realized that it was open.

Cedric was in a similar boat before closing his mouth.

The owner chuckles before pointing to her dick.

"Just to point out, aside from my all round giant size, this is O' natural, no tricks… I got a few kids with their own that prove that." The owner said with an amused tone while Azure's eyes widen in surprise.

Cedric was also shocked before speaking.

"You're a mom as well?"

The owner grins before pointing a thumb at the knocked out cat Mobian.

"More like a dad of sorts from what you just saw, I can still get pregnant since I got a womanhood but I do bun in the oven part more instead of receiving it, I'm looking for the right person for that part." The owner said with a teasing grin when she moved her testicles and dick out of the way to show a soaked pussy which made Azure blush brightly at the sight.

Cedric also blushed after seeing that which made the owner chuckle when she released the large orbs and walked to the nude part while speaking up.

"Come on you two, the lockers and the drinks are this way." The owner said with a slight swing of her hips… and thanks to Lillum's training… Azure stared for a few seconds while swallowing for a moment when her mouth dried a bit.

Cedric blushed from that before looking at Azure before sweat dropping.

"Uh...Azure?" He called.

"H-Huh?" Azure said before sweatdrops when she stares at the owner for longer than she should have and looked to Cedric.

Cedric chuckled before speaking.

"Come on. Let's go and get a drink." He said before grabbing her hand.

Azure smiles before she sped up a bit to walk alongside Cedric.

What they didn't know was the grin the owner had when she could have fun with the duo later, but one step at a time.

The trio found themselves at a large mansion gate a few minutes later and a building was connected to the gate which said lockers nearby while a massive mansion was seen.

Azure's eyes widen at the mansion before realizing that this place was… lucrative if this was the owners place.

Cedric had the same reaction before looking at the owner.

"Is that mansion yours?" He asked.

"Yep, people normally pay 50 bucks to get into this beach since it's maintained on a daily basis and I own this land… the nude part has a hundred dollar pass for 7 days… and I have a few businesses I own aside from this which help, though if you do the right favors for me, you get in free." The owner said while looking at Azure's rear… and Cedric's *package* with a grin on her face which made Azure blush brightly at what the owner meant.

Cedric also blushed from that as well.

"Still, since you two came through the back entrance that only VIPs should enter… I'll look away from the payment for today since I'm in a good mood, but extra days will cost you." The owner said with a grin.

Cedric blushed brightly before looking at Azure.

Azure, thanks to Lillum's training, though blushing, slapped the owner on the ass and returned the teasing grin.

"Treat us well and maybe… but we got standards after all." Azure teased back which made the owner chuckle.

Cedric was surprised after seeing Azure did that. Though he had a feeling it was due to Lillum's training. Then again it was hot for him.

The owner then full blown laughs before speaking up.

"Well then, might as well give the royal treatment for you two then to get a chance at having fun with you two later, but remember the rule here, no clothing except for towels, understand?" The owner teased back while she turned and gripped Azure's ass with one hand and cupped Cedric's dick through his pants to *measure* him before pulling away to open the gate with Azure blushing brightly at the owner's forwardness.

Cedric also blushed brightly from that action.

The gate opens before the owner walked in with Azure looking to Cedric.

"Well I like her already from how confident she is, how about you?" Azure asked with a slight grin on her face.

"Well, she's nice and I do like the confidence she has." Cedric replied.

"Want to get to know her a bit, she reminds me of you somewhat, could be a dimensional variant of you if you think about it." Azure said with a grin.

Cedric raised an eyebrow before speaking.

"Hmmm, I guess. But just to get to know her. I don't know how long the night will be, but the only thing I care about is spending time with you." He said before he surprised Azure by kissing her on the lips.

Azure purrs a bit at the kiss before pulling away.

"Who knows, maybe we could get a bed here or something if we play our cards right?, Or do you have a more interesting idea?" Azure teased while she placed a hand on his pants covered dick to tease him.

Cedric blushed before grinning.

"Actually, during my training with Lillum, she gave these special seals and I was hoping to try it with you." He said before kissing and licking her ear.

Azure blushed before looking to Cedric.

"What seal?" Azure asked before a familiar voice spoke up.

"A water breathing seal and a thought seal to think to one another." The familiar voice said from behind the duo which made them look to see to their shock… Lillum and Amanda.

Lillum was in her human form, but the real eye catcher was their nude bodies which were in full view and the dicks that they had equipped which made Azure blush at the sight.

Cedric blushed brightly at the sight before speaking.

"L-Lillum? Amanda? What are you guys doing here?"

"Well we were the duo keeping an eye on you in this general area and went on ahead when you came in this direction… I already *met* the owner Tibet, and got Amanda and I a free day here so we can have our own fun while I teach Amanda a few tricks I have, anyway I recommend getting to really know her since she and Amanda had a few rounds as well… right Amanda?" Lillum said while she gripped one of Amanda's ass cheeks and massaged the cheek.

Said hedgehog jolt bit before blushing brightly.

"Very true Mistress." She said.

"Well, if you excuse us, we might have more fun with the ladies on the sex side… in the meantime mention me and she should warm up greatly to you two." Lillum suggests while Azure nods with a grin.

"Of course Mistress, have fun Amanda." Azure said with a grin on her face.

Amanda chuckled before grinning.

"Oh I will. And I hope you two have fun as well." She said.

That's when Cedric had a question.

"Say Mistress, I have a question." He said.

"Yes?" Lillum asked Cedric with a confused look.

"During dinner, Emerald mentioned how big your family is. Like really big and I was wondering if you have sisters that traveled a lot?" Cedric asked.

Lillum blinked a few times before giggling.

"Oh cedy, of course, I have over 500 sisters and the castle can hold about 50 or so if we don't bunk together, normally 300 or so travel Dimensions to feed and settle sometimes, though the latter is a rarity, why ask?" Lillum asked with a grin.

"Well when Emerald asked me about my group, I told him that besides Kyra, there were two girls who specialize in magic. They're actually sisters by blood, even though one is a snake and another is a swallow. They didn't know who their mom was, but I mentioned they have X shape pupils in their eyes." Cedric answered.

"Hmm… possibly since a succubus can get pregnant by anyone if they let them... do they have wings on their backs or have a really strong command of magic that is beyond their years?" Lillum asked with a thoughtful look on her face.

"Well, I don't know about the wings part, but they are very strong in magic. But I'm don't think they know they're succubus." Cedric said.

"Interesting… I might as well… help them awaken to their demonic nature if they really are related…." Lillum said while her dick grew fully erect at the ideas she had which showed where her thoughts went.

Cedric and Amanda were surprised by that before speaking.

"Well...Emerald seemed to think so. And I do too. I had hope that the two had found any surviving family members. I'm hoping that you're one of them Mistress."

"Well they could go from just single siblings to around 500 or so, that is if I can see if they're actually family… in the meantime, here Azure, in case you want to have fun with Tibet." Azure said before she summoned a *toy* of hers and Azure caught it, and before Azure could fully register what she had, it vanished and a tattoo of a L appeared on her palm.

"Uh…" Azure said with a confused tone while she had a slight blush on her face.

Cedric was also confused before asking Lillum something.

"Is that suppose to happen Mistress?"

"For storage, just hold your finger on it for 5 seconds and it will appear, I got a different storage seal but it requires a different energy you two will learn later for one of Emerald's lessons." Lillum said with a teasing tone before she turned and gripped Amanda's dick like a handle bar and starts to walk away with Amanda in tow.

"Good luck you two, think of getting Tibet as a lover or as part of Cedy's harem as your homework, you got until we head back to Angel city, you got time since we'll be in this dimension for half a year." Lillum teased with the surprise homework while she heads towards the sex area with Amanda in tow.

Cedric was surprised at the homework part before blushing at the idea before looking at Azure.

"That was unexpected, and did she say half a year?" He questioned.

"Yeah… I guess we're getting a new place or something since I doubt that Rachel's home can bunk up for that long." Azure said before blinking a few times before looking at the mansion.

"You don't think…" Azure said when she looked to the large mansion with a suspicious look.

Cedric was thinking the same thing before speaking.

"I don't know for sure yet. But now we have to think on our homework assignment. I mean what do you think Azure?"

"Well she seems nice so it's not too bad, still... I feel sorry for you if you're forced to take drastic measures with her." Azure said before laughing when she walked to the locker room.

Cedric shook his head before speaking.

"Unless Lillum taught you and Rachel how to turn men into women...nothing goes in my mouth or butt." He said before heading to the locker room as well while Azure poked her head out with a grin.

"Possibly… and you never know, you mind might be rewired to actually like to do said actions… I mean it would be poetic since you used Rachel's holes daily and Stick's ass." Azure said before she popped her head back in.

"You forgot Rachel's heartless. But I don't object to trying something new. And it would be interesting to see what it would be like to look like a woman." Cedric said.

"Well if Lillum does know how… I'll be the first one who breaks you in… and since I know how to please a woman now, to a certain extent until I get more of Lillum's lessons, I'll be using those lessons to make it hard for you to even change back." Azure said before she opened a locker after she found a card in a slot which showed that it was a I'd card of sorts which showed that it was all you need to get into a locker… and the room was unisex so Azure was seen while she looked at the card a few times.

Cedric opened one of the lockers to get the same card as well.

"Well Azure I do love a challenge and maybe we can switch it up from time to time. Cedric suggested.

"Like me turning fully male and you female?, Alright, if Lillum can do that, we can try it." Azure said while she placed her shoes in and starts to remove her dress after removing her headband.

Cedric blinked a few times before speaking while he undresses.

"Well actually, I was saying that I go female and you use one of your toys...but that can also work too." He said before putting his shoes in the locker along with his pants and tuxedo jacket before he starts to unbutton his white shirt.

Azure followed suit by removing her underwear bra first which made her breasts bounce a bit since the lessons made them a bit bigger from being played with time and time again from training with Rachel which now showed that they were Midway between C and D cup breasts, still smaller than Maite and Amanda but she was slowly getting there before she reached for her panties.

After taking off his shirt, Cedric reached to his boxers with the burnt hole in the front which his dick popped through before bringing them down.

"So anyway Azure, is Tibet gonna be part of the harem or just a lover?" Cedric asked.

"Hmm… possibly, but we would have to get to know her first remember?, Like Lillum said, we got half of a year to make that choice so no real rush for now." Azure said while she slipped her panties off and put then in the locker before shutting it which left her fully in the nude.

"That is true. I wouldn't mind knowing her during our stay." Cedric said after putting his boxers in before shutting the locker door in as well.

Azure blushed a bit at the sight of Cedric and his muscles… and his dick for a moment before she walked to the locker room entrance with the blush still on her face.

Cedric blushed a bit when saw Azure and her slender body… and her breasts for a moment before he walked to the locker entrance with a blush still on his face.

Azure was at the entrance and stopped before looking left and right before stepping out and onto the Mansion yard while her heart pounds a bit in her chest.

Cedric was feeling the same thing before heading out to the Mansion yard as well.

"So… how do you feel… in the nude in public?, I feel… nervous but… uh… free?" Azure said while she looked around and saw a few people looking her way.

Cedric was surprised to hear that before speaking.

"To be honest...I feel the same way." He said before grabbing her hand.

Azure took a few times to breath before she gripped Cedric's hand and heads towards the mansion with Cedric in tow.

It only took like 5 minutes til they were at the mansion itself.

A moment later, Azure knocked on the door a few times… before the door was opened by a naked Echidna woman who had a blank look on her face.

"You must be the two that Mistress talked about, she's in the office right now with Jenny." The Echidna woman said before she opens the door for the duo.

Cedric blushed a bit after see the Echidna woman before speaking.

"Thank you." He said before he and Azure entered inside.

"..." The Echidna woman stayed silent while she walked away before speaking up when she was about to enter a room to the group's right.

"Follow me, the room is this way." The Echidna woman said before she walked into the room while Azure sweatdrops.

"E-even more silent then Strike." Azure said before she follows the Echidna woman.

"I know." Cedric said before following Azure.

A bit later, and the duo found themselves at a pair of double doors which sem extra thick.

"The Mistress is inside." The Echidna woman said before she walks away from the duo while Azure looked to Cedric.

"Well… might as well see what's on the other side." Azure said while she placed a hand on one door.

Cedric nods to her before putting one hand on the other.

When the duo push the doors open, they were assaulted by the smell of sex and the sight of Tibet plowing a female fox while the fox laid on the desk while Tibet held the female Fox's legs apart which caused Azure's eyes to widen in surprise while her body heats up a bit at the sight of the two people having sex right now.

Cedric was having the same reaction before feeling his dick getting a little hard.

Tibet noticed the duo and grins at them while she continues to plow the fox.

"Hey… you two… take a seat or do something…. screw around… I don't mind… nearly done here… what do… you… two need?" Tibet said between a few thrusts before she focused on fucking the female fox who gasp and pants for breath.

Cedric blushed brightly before looking at Azure.

Azure was in a similar state before she looked to Cedric and shrugged since she was caught off guard.

"Do we just wait Azure?" Said Wolf questioned.

"Uh… Hey Tibet… do you have a pool? Azure asked since she wanted to try out those two seals that Cedric got.

Cedric was surprised to hear that before looking at Tibet.

"Pool… huh?... Sure… just take... the opposite… door and enter the farthest room… I'll be 20…. Minutes or so… fucking this bitch." Tibet said while she placed her hands on the desk and really starts to thrust into the female fox who gasp and groans turned into loud moans and the smell of sex got stronger… and something else… like the fox was in heat or something.

Cedric was more turned on before grabbing Azure's hand.

"Alright, let's get going Azure." He said before pulling her to follow him.

Azure was a bit caught off guard at the sudden action but followed anyway before the duo heard a female howl followed by a extremely loud moan which made her blush greatly.

Cedric also blushed before the duo finally reached the entrance to the pool.

When the duo enter, they saw that it was massive and extremely clean, and the smell of chlorine was absent for some reason which made Azure wonder if it was chlorinated or not.

The real kicker… was the many woman and a few men in the room which were either, cleaning, relaxing, or having sex here and there which made a much stronger smell of sex than ever with a few woman in heat as well which made the smell nearly control breaking.

Cedric couldn't help smell it before looking at Azure.

Azure blushed a bit from the various sights and smells before she looked around.

"Well… when in Rome…"Azure said with a slight grin before looking for an empty spot nearby.

Cedric was surprised while blushing before looking for a spot as well.

They found a spot between a few resting females near the pool edge before Azure led him there while a few people looked their ways, when they saw the cards they had in their hands, they went back to what they were doing.

Azure saw that the spot was decent before looking to see how Cedric was doing so far, she had a resistance of sorts thanks to her training but Cedric might have issues with various factors, like his hollow for one and the females in heat for another.

Said wolf was trying to show restraint even though the aroma of sex affected his senses a bit.

"I suppose we sit down now." He said.

"Yeah… mind sitting at the edge and hang your legs in the pool?, And pass me those seals alright?" Azure asked with a blush on her face.

Cedric nods to her while blushing before he hands her the seals.

Then he goes to sit at the edge of the pool with his feet hanging in the water.

Azure took a moment to stretch for cramps which gave the already aroused Cedric a full view of her body before she slapped one seal each on her shoulders before jumping into the pool.

Thanks to her ability, the cool water was warmed in a second in a pleasant way before Azure took a moment to swim around Cedric to test the seal out, though she couldn't think to Cedric yet since he didn't equip his seals.

Cedric looked at the water to see how Azure is doing.

For a few minutes, Azure swam around which proved that the seals worked before Azure gave Cedric a thumbs up under water before tapping her own shoulders and then points to Cedric.

Said wolf acknowledges it before putting one seal each on his shoulders.

A moment later, Azure's thoughts enter Cedric's head.

"Can you hear me Cedric?" Azure thought.

"Yes. I hear you Azure." Cedric thought before his hollow spoke up with a humored tone.

"Can you hear me as well hot stuff?" The hollow thought before Azure looked around in the pool in shock which made the hollow laugh which starts to freak Azure out a bit more.

Cedric mentally glared at his hollow form before speaking to Azure.

"Sorry Azure. That's my hollow form speaking." He thought.

"That's right hot stuff, and I'm not leaving a chance like this easily, I mean do you know what this guy thinks most of the time… the horror if you knew your boyfriend tried to-!" The hollow tried to say before getting cut off for a moment.

"Alright that's enough from you. I'm trying to enjoy my date with Azure. So butt out or else." Cedric thought.

"Fine… I'll be good… for now, just one thing hot stuff, if you want Cedy here to get any chance of control with me… Make my day and I might go easy on him later...ciao." the hollow thought which made Azure blink a few times in surprise.

"Sweet Mobius." Cedric mentally muttered.

"Sorry Azure." He apologizes.

"Well, it's not like I'm against it, he's you after all and I have to accept him, though if he can still hear me, then one warning you psycho, hurt the others and only Cedric and the ladies gets the goods, you get nothing." Azure thought while a chuckling was heard for a moment in Cedric's mind which showed that the hollow listened but kept quiet for now.

Cedric shook his head before speaking.

"I think he got the message."

"Good… now then…" Azure thought before she swam to Cedric and with the help of momentum, managed to place her hands next to Cedric and pushed herself up to kiss Cedric before she lowered herself safely back into the water before using one hand to grip Cedric's dick carefully and starts stroking him before continuing.

"...shall we start?" Azure teased while she let go of Cedric's dick to adjust her hair before she took another gentle grip of Cedric's dick to resume stroking.

Said wolf blushed big before groaning a bit from that action.

For a few moments, Azure continued to stroke Cedric before using her free arm to pull herself up a bit and to brace herself steady before she lightly licks the tip of Cedric's dick while her lower body relaxed in the water.

Cedric shuddered a bit from that feeling while Azure continues a bit more while a few women look their way and adjust their bodies to watch while a few women who were close start to caress each others bodies while Azure noticed and mentally chuckles before showing these women that Cedric is hers right now by taking the head of his dick into her mouth and purring around his dick.

Cedric let out a soft moan after feeling that before Azure took a bit more of Cedric's dick into her mouth before lightly bobbing her head.

"Oh wow Azure. Keep going. Don't stop." Cedric said while moaning.

Azure chuckles for a moment before doing just that for a minute to two more for Cedric before pulling away with a pop.

"Mind joining me in the pool?" Azure asked while she let her body lower into the pool with the heated wolf sitting on the edge.

Cedric quickly nods to Azure since he wants to feel more before pushing himself in the pool.

Azure was waiting near the bottom with crossed arms and an amused grin on her face from seeing Cedric getting in with his erection on display.

Said wolf then dive in before swimming to the bottom to meet his girlfriend.

"Hello beautiful." Cedric thought while grinning before he heard Azure's thoughts.

"Thanks, your not bad looking yourself handsome." Azure thought with a slightly amused tone before moving a bit to keep Cedric from crashing into her.

Cedric blushed from that before stopping a bit to keep from hitting the bottom.

Azure in the meantime swam around Cedric before she kissed him on the lips and wrapped his body in a hug to keep him from floating away.

Cedric kissed Azure back before hugging her back and slipping his tongue in her mouth.

Azure would have moaned if not for the fact that the two were making bubbles underwater.

Azure then used her tail while her lower body floats a bit to grip Cedric's dick a few times and starts stroking it gently while her tail heats up greatly.

Cedric moaned from that action in Azure's mouth before mentally speaking.

"I love you Azure." He thought which caused Azure to deepen the kiss before thinking back.

"I love you too Cedric." Azure thought back with as much honesty as she could while her tail sped up when Cedric's dick starts twitching.

Cedric groans in Azure's mouth again while feeling his dick twitch before he deepen the kiss as well before he had his tongue interact with the feline's tongue.

For a minute, nothing happened while Azure held the back of Cedric's head before she pulled away to grin at Cedric before she used her hands to gently claw her way down Cedric's body before her head was in front of Cedric's dick after her tail pulled away to allow her to gently grip it in her hand.

Cedric groan a bit from that grip before looking down.

Azure licked her lips a bit before blowing bubbles on the dick to get the water out of her mouth before she carefully took Cedric's dick into her mouth while she rubs her tongue on the bottom of Cedric's dick before bobbing her head to repeat the action… all while looking up at Cedric.

Said wolf moaned from the pleasure, or would have since all he's letting out are bubbles.

For a minute, Azure keeps up the action, and instead of stopping when Cedric's dick starts twitching, she actually sped up.

"Come on Cedric, cum for me." Azure thought while her tongue rubs the base of Cedric's dick when she took most of it into her mouth.

Cedric grunts before mentally speaking.

"As you wish my love." He thought before he let out a dose of his wolf cum in her mouth.

Azure tried to take it all, but some leaked from her mouth and starts to mix with the water while Azure stroked the leftover part of Cedric's dick to help make the ejaculation stronger.

Luckily for the feline, Cedric's climax did get stronger as he let out more cum in her mouth.

Azure swallows as much as she could without swallowing water before pulling away when Cedric slowly taps off.

Said wolf grunts before he stopped cumming.

"W-Wow, Azure." He thought.

Azure mentally giggles before finishing off the leftover semen in her mouth before swimming away for a moment before turning to Cedric.

"We can skip my foreplay… I can't wait." Azure thought while when leaned back a bit and used a hand to open her folds to Cedric to tempt him.

Said wolf was indeed tempted. He can already feel his dick twitching with excitement before he swam to her.

Once he was in front of her, Cedric angled his dick to her folds.

"Are you ready?" He thought.

Azure grins before she used her tail to grip one of Cedric's hips before she grinds against Cedric's dick with a thought.

"Oh yeah, I want to see what I've missed out on." Azure thought to Cedric with a teasing grin while she keeps grinding a bit to tease Cedric more.

Cedric shuddered a bit before thinking.

"Okay...Here I go." He thought before and gently insert his dick in.

To the duo's confusion… Azure didn't bleed or even had a hymen at all, Cedric was able to fully hilt Azure which made her gasp before thinking.

"S-so… full… but why don't I…" Azure thought with a slightly worried tone near the end when she placed a hand on her womb area where Cedric's dick was in… which felt like a pleasure infused inferno thanks to her body's natural extreme heat.

Cedric shuddered at the feeling of his dick inside before thinking.

"Are you okay, Azure?"

"Y-Yeah, but that's the issue… why don't I have a hymen… none of Lillum's lessons ever touched here except petting and licking." Azure thought while her pussy tightened pleasurably… like it already knew what to do… very well which was odd.

Cedric grunts a bit before thinking.

"Perhaps you should ask Lillum about that when you see her."

"Maybe, but you should start thrusting Cedric, help me forget this for now." Azure thought while she tightens her tunnel around Cedric's dick.

Cedric grunts again before thinking.

"Don't worry Azure I'm gonna rock your world." He thought before he grabbed her hips and start thrusting in and out of her pussy.

Azure starts to let out a lot of bubbles from the air being knocked out of her and her moans and groans before she had thoughts.

"O-Oh Cedric… d-don't stop!... HARDER!" Azure thought while wrapping her legs around Cedric's waist while gripping her breasts and played with them to heighten her pleasure.

Cedric moans and groans as well before thinking.

"As you...WISH!" He thought before going rougher. He then gave his dick an electric boost making it vibrate while thrusting harder.

Azure let out even more bubbles before using her hands to grip Cedric's shoulders and kept her legs around Cedric's hips before the duo continue for a few minutes.

Azure then felt Cedric's dick twitching, and instead of thinking anything, she just latched her lips on Cedric's before sliding her tongue in to wrestle Cedric's off guard tongue.

Said wolf was indeed caught off guard before he kissed back and have his tongue to fight hers.

Unfortunately for the wolf, Azure was unusually aggressive which caused her to overpower Cedric's tongue and for her hips to start thrusting onto Cedric's while a knot forms on Cedric's dick.

Cedric was surprised by this. But he didn't care since he likes the feline's aggressive side.

About 7 thrusts later, Cedric grunts in Azure's mouth before cumming hard in her pussy.

Azure let out a lot of bubbles into Cedric's mouth while her claws dug into his back a bit when she felt Cedric unloading his electric load into her which in turn caused her pussy to heat up to boiling levels around Cedric's dick from her own orgasm.

Cedric groans in pain for a bit as he let out more cum in Azure's pussy that went straight for her womb.

While that was happening, Azure managed to keep her wits and had her tail around Cedric's pulsing unloading balls before constricting around them harshly when she remembered that Cedric enjoyed pain to an extant… and she would test that from here on out.

Cedric was indeed enjoying this pain as he continues to cum.

After a few moments later, said wolf finally stops.

However Azure sent him a teasing grin while cupping his head between both hands.

"Don't think I'm done with you, meet me at the surface and we can continue this, and I don't care if others watch… or join in if I order them to." Azure thought with a lust filled, slightly sadistic smirk which showed that she was enjoying using Cedric like this before she let go to swim to the surface.

Cedric was surprised after hearing that before thinking.

"Wow. Call me crazy, but that side of Azure is making her more hot." He thought before swimming up to the surface.

"Well considering you're a complete masochist, it makes sense." The hollow said which made Azure chuckle on her end before she surfaces to take a few breaths before she heads to the pool edge but stopped for some reason, breathing seal or not, nothing beats fresh oxygen… but why did she stop?

Cedric was confused before he reached up to the surface to breathe.

When he made it, a familiar voice spoke up.

"Interesting show you made in my pool, nice lungs as well, pretty rare to see something like that and not get the lifeguards." The voice, now known as Tibet said while she sat at the edge with her erect dick being licked by two women, a bandicoot and another cat who looked like they were really into it.

"Uh… how long were you there?" Azure asked which made the larger wolf's grin widen a bit.

"Hmm… around the time this stud here sat at the edge and you started to give him some head, I got done with Jenny and she's resting so why now see the two newcomers and I get a surprise show as a result, tell me, do you two do stuff like that on a daily basis?" Tibet said while she reached behind the two woman and fingers them which made the two women moan and increased their efforts while Azure blushed a bit.

Cedric blushed as well before speaking.

"Well...this is our first time."

Tibet took a moment to actually looked shocked before grinning.

"Why you little fibber, do you think I would believe a steam yshow like that was a first time?, Maybe I should punish you or something?" Tibet said while her dick pulsed a few times.

Cedric gulped before speaking.

"I'm telling the truth. Isn't that right Azure?" Cedric asked while looking to his girlfriend.

"I don't know… you did have sex with other women before, it was our first time but who knows what games you played with them." Azure teased back to the wolf in the pool which made Tibet grin at the duo.

Cedric blushed before speaking.

"I don't play games. When I have sex with a woman, I make it special." He said.

Tibet laughed loudly before getting up to the two other women's disappointment before Tibet spoke up while she got into a nearby recliner.

"Oh wow, you really are telling the truth if you don't get that game bit." Tibet said while she looks to Cedric and Azure while Azure giggled in the pool.

Cedric blushed a bit before rubbing the back of his head.

Azure swam to the edge before pulling herself up which gave Cedric a perfect view of her rear before she stood on her feet while her body dries off thanks to her ability.

Cedric blushed brightly after seeing that before he swam to edge before pulling himself up.

A moment later, Azure walked to Tibet and whispered into her ear for a moment which made Tibet grin widen greatly before she nods which made Azure grin before she spoke up after looking to Cedric.

"Alright… ladies, grab a limb and hold him on his back." Azure said before a few ladies nearby grin when they look to Cedric.

"Wait what?" Said wolf questioned before being surrounded by the naked women.

A moment later and Cedric was pinned to the ground while two women each held an arm or leg while Azure approached him.

"Simple Cedric, I asked If I could give these ladies an order and I would owe her a favor within reason, and since you like to be on the receiving end… I might as well help make that fantasy a reality." Azure teased with a grin forming on her face.

"Who knows… since you like the ladies… I may give them an order to drain you dry and then some till you beg me to get them to stop." Azure teased again to see how Cedric would respond while the women on Cedric grin at a possible shot.

Cedric was shocked while blushing before speaking.

"Okay I don't know if this is a secret punishment, but Azure, I like to have sex with women I love. Like you, Rachel and Sticks. And even though the women here, along with Tibet, are attractive, I still stand for what I said." He said.

"Say that to you big friend down below and tell me you don't enjoy this?" Azure said with an amused tone while she points down a few times while the women on him and Tibet did the same and smirk at the sight.

Cedric looks down and was shocked to his dick standing tall.

"Okay...I can't deny this scenario is indeed hot and all, but you do believe me right Azure?" Cedric asked with a look that says he's telling the truth.

"Oh I do now, but let's just say that Lillum didn't just teach me on how to be on the receiving end… I can order as well…" Azure said with a look that said it all while Tibet looked a bit surprised to hear Lillum's name but kept quiet while she grins while the Echidna woman from earlier approved with a drink in hand for Tibet who took it.

Cedric sighed before speaking.

"I guess I have no choice since you're in control, which I find that very attracted, can I at least get a kiss for good luck before starting?" He requested

"No worries… this isn't a punishment per say, I'm in a good mood now and I want to see how well I can give orders… I mean Rachel follows them well… I want to be sure you can do the same… and of course." Azure said before she walked over and bent down to kiss Cedric on the lips for a few seconds before pulling away.

"Now then…" Azure said before looking to two of the woman, a dog and fox, before speaking up.

"Start licking." Azure orders which made the women shudder a bit at Azure's commanding look before they start to lick the sides of Cedric's dick.

Said wolf shivered from that before thinking.

'Oh man, never thought I get a double lick from two different women. This feels really good.'

"You do realize I can hear you right?" Azure thought to Cedric while she walked around the ladies at his legs before joining them by licking the head of Cedric's dick which made it a triple lick now.

Cedric forgot that Azure and him can still read each other's thoughts before shivering again before thinking.

"Sorry Azure."

Azure just mentally chuckles before pulling away to speak up to a Raccoon Mobian on cedric's left arm.

"Hey you…" Azure said which made the woman look to her while Azure grins.

"Sit on his face and Cedric… eat her out until I tell you otherwise." Azure orders which made the raccoon blush before she gets up to get into position.

Cedric was shocked after hearing that before speaking.

"As you wish my love."

The Raccoon woman carefully sat on his face while her heated scent enters Cedric's nose.

Cedric felt turned on from that sent before he starts licking her folds which made the raccoon moan out while Azure grins at the sight.

"Now you…" Azure said while the woman on Cedric's other arm, a cat Mobian, looked her way when Azure got up from the ground while the two women licking Cedric's dick sped up more to make up for the lack of the third tongue.

Azure then gripped the top of the cat's head before she forced the cat woman's mouth on her semen filled snatch.

"Clean it up." Azure orders which made the cat woman to blush before she starts to lick Azure's folds which made Azure shudder and let out small moans while she pets the top of the cat woman's head… all while the Cat woman grinds on Cedric's arm.

Even though said wolf can't see as he continues to pleasure the Raccoon Mobian with his tongue , he had a feeling what was going on before thinking.

"Getting yourself a nice treat Azure?" He thought while the Raccoon Mobian pants and huff's when her scent changed a bit to show that she was going into heat while Azure held the Cat mobians head before letting to to walk back to the two pleasuring Cedric's dick before speaking up.

"Focus on his balls, I'll take a ride now." Azure said with a grin while the two woman blush a bit before doing as instructed and starts to lick and suck Cedric's furry orbs while Azure got over Cedric and sat a bit to let her grind on Cedric's dick.

Cedric was shocked from that action before shuddering at the women's action.

He also moaned a bit from Azure's grinding before he insert his tongue in the Raccoon Mobian's pussy.

The raccoon Mobian groans from that while placing her hands on Cedric's chest before Azure stood up a bit before placing the head of Cedric's dick at her heated hole before slowly dropping till only a formed knot was the only thing outside.

Cedric moan after feeling his dick inside Azure's, very warm pussy.

"Oh man Azure. Even though it's my second time, but your pussy is the best." He thought before moving his tongue around in the Raccoon Mobian's pussy.

Before the group could continue… Tibet cleared her throat before speaking up.

"I hope you don't mind… but can we join?" Tibet said while she pat's the Echidna female on the rear a few times while the Echidna's face stayed the same.

"Well, I do owe you one... Cedric, what do you think?" Azure asked while the raccoon moved her hips up to give him breathing room and for her to catch her breath.

Cedric took a moment to breathe before lifting his head up to see.

"Eh, the more the merrier." He said.

Tibet grins before speaking up.

"Well then, hey you, get up." Tibet said while pointing at the raccoon girl who looked like she would argue… but got up before Tibet pat's the echidna on the rear which made her walk forward before she took the raccoon girls place by sitting on Cedric's face while Tibet walked behind Azure who looked back when Tibet dick was in front of her face while the Echidna gave Cedric enough room to see what was happening.

Said wolf was curious at what was happening before looking up.

What he saw was Azure already licking the head of Tibet's dick before Azure starts to ride Cedric like she did this before in the past, possibly so from Lillum's training… and it looked like Azure was enjoying it with the blush on her face and the half lidded look when she really focused on the taste, though she had to angle her head to take the dick into her mouth since Tibet was much taller than even Vanilla.

Cedric was at first surprised at first to see Azure doing that before moaning from the pleasure.

He put his head down only to see the Echidna woman's pussy before thinking.

"Oh man Azure this feels awesome. How you doing over there?"

"I'm enjoying myself… guess I took too well to Lillum's training… do the same and dig into that stoic Echidna's snatch and let's see if she can actually make a different expression." Azure said before giving Cedric an order before Azure took the head of Tibet's dick into her mouth while Tibet grins at the sight.

"As you wish my love." Cedric thought before opening his mouth.

A moment later, the Echidna jolts a bit but her expression didn't change much except for a raised eyebrow before looking at the wolf who was eating her out.

Cedric used his tongue to lick the folds of the Echidna woman before putting it inside her pussy and moved it around.

The Echidna placed her hands on her hips and sat a bit to rest on her knees which made it look like she was sitting Japanese style while her thighs locked Cedric's head in place.

Cedric groaned a bit from that as continues to move his tongue before going to her bud.

The Echidna shudders a bit from that but still had the same expression.

"Yeah… time to jolt your tongue or something, might cause a few sparks, but should be worth it to make this bitch howl or something." The hollow suggests which made Azure chuckle since the hollow seemed the aggressive one.

Cedric rolled his eyes before following his hollow's idea before putting some jolt to his tongue to make it vibrate.

The Echidna actually grit her teeth from that before looking down to Cedric with some confusion and actually saw his tongue shaking like a vibrator to her surprise.

The Raccoon, Cat, Dog and Fox, along with the Bandicoot, Tiger and Lioness Mobian were surprised to see Cedric's tongue shake like that. They each gotten wet before thinking of said wolf's tongue in their pussies.

Cedric continues to lick the Echidna woman's bud with his vibrating tongue before putting it back in her pussy and moved it around.

Tibet noticed the tongue action as well before looking down to Azure.

"You naughty kitty, where did you find a stud like that?" Tibet asked with a raised eyebrow, however Azure just smirked a bit around Tibet's dick before she starts take more and more of Tibet's she dick into her mouth while her pussy heats up around Cedric's dick which caused a bit of steam to emit from the area to show that she had tricks of her own which made Tibet lick her lips from seeing that and looked to Cedric to see how he was taking a scalding pussy around his dick.

The women around them were shock to see the steam coming out of the feline.

Said wolf groan a bit in pain from the heat before moaning from the pleasure as he continues to eat out the Echidna woman's pussy.

Said Echidna's chest starts to huff a bit from that while a blush slowly forms on her face, she raised an eyebrow at the steam from Azure's pussy but ignored it to concentrate on keeping her cool.

Some of the women were surprised to see the blush on the Echidna woman's face before focusing on Cedric. They were indeed getting turned on with the wolf's tongue before going rougher.

The Echidna tried to fight back more by closing her eyes but Cedric seemed to hit a sweet spot which made the Echidna gasp out for a second which was a surprising first for her before her hands tighten a bit on her knees.

Some of the women, like the Cat, Raccoon, Lioness, and Bear who were on Cedric's arms, blushed a bit brighter when they saw that since the Echidna barely even made much, if any noise during a love making session, even with Tibet which made their hips squirm a bit while they wondered how Cedric's tongue would feel which made Tibet chuckle.

"Hehe, seems like your boyfriend is popular, hope he can keep it up for more ladies." Tibet said before pulling out of Azure's mouth which made Azure pant for breath for a moment before grinning at Tibet.

"I'm not the only lady Cedric had, he has Rachel and Sticks as well… and you know how tough those two are right?" Azure said which made Tibet raise her eyebrows before laughing for a moment while that info was heard by the others.

Every lady on Cedric's eyes widen, even the Echidna woman's for half a second before the Echidna closed her eyes while her clit gets wetter and wetter under Cedric's barrage.

Some of them start to mutter to one another about Sticks and her stamina while others wondered how he got Rachel before Tibet cleared her throat to get their attention.

"Instead of asking questions now ladies, just enjoy the pleasure now since it might be awhile before these two come back." Tibet said which got an instant effect since they didn't want to mess this up.

Cedric tasted the wetness of the Echidna woman's clit as he continues to go rougher in her pussy.

Tibet walked behind Azure before she knelt down after licking her middle finger and pressed it to Azure's ass and before she could react, Tibet slid her middle finger into Azure's ass which made her freeze before letting out a loud moan which made Tibet chuckle.

"Seems you have experience here… not bad since most of these ladies don't… mind if I make a back door entrance." Tibet said while wiggling her finger which made Azure grit her teeth from feeling that while the feeling was felt by Cedric.

Cedric was surprised after hearing that.

"You alright Azure?" He thought while Azure returned her thoughts.

"She's just… huge, her finger even feels like a dick itself, I may love you but she's got you beat in size itself, she maybe even around a human's height, and that's saying something since we saw how big Vanilla was, and Tibet beats her there as well." Azure thought while gritting her teeth when Tibet wiggles her finger more to loosen her up.

Cedric felt worried after hearing that.

"I see...you're not going to leave me for that right?" He thought while he could hear a facepalm and his Hollow spoke up.

"Ok… I may be an ass to some women, but before Azure get's pissed off beyond belief… think for a second about what you said to Azure herself, who as far as YOU and I know, gave us her first actual time and what YOU ASKED YOU DENSE IDIOT!" The hollow thought before roaring at Cedric while shadows covered Azure's eyes when she fell oddly silent and stopped moving which got everyone's attention.

Cedric took a moment to think before his eyes widen in shock.

"Oh crap...Azure, if you can hear me, I am so so sorry for asking that. I don't know what was I thinking when I asked that. Please forgive me." He pleaded.

"... Tell me one thing before I answer…. Was that thought for an actual reason… or from feeling jealous…" Azure thought back with a hard to place tone.

"Jealousy." He answered.

Azure then knelt forward before thinking to Cedric.

"Then get ready for an actual punishment Cedric… if you refuse I'll leave here and you can forget about being my boyfriend… understand?" Azure thought with a serious tone while she placed a hand on his chest to pin him down.

"Azure, I be nothing without you. Even if have Rachel and Sticks or someone else. It won't be the same. So I'll take any punishment you have for me. I don't want to lose you." Cedric thought.

"Very well…" Azure thought before she looked back to Tibet.

"Tell me, did Lillum give you any interesting items?" Azure asked to make sure of something first.

Tibet took a moment to think before grinning.

"Oh yeah, special dildos which gave some of these ladies here dicks… wow what a night." Tibet said with an unembarrassed tone while the woman blushed greatly while Azure grins.

"Well, see the two seals on mine and Cedric's shoulders?" Azure asked while Tibet and the woman looked to the seals with confused looks before nodding while Tibet nods as well.

Cedric was shocked when he heard that before thinking..

"What are you doing Azure?"

Though Azure's tone was oddly cold when her claws stab into his chest during her reply.

"Until I fully explain… Shut…. the …. Fuck… up… until I finish your punishment, as far as I'm concerned right now at this moment, you're a slave to me and I can roast your dick to ash if you don't think ahead." Azure thought with a cold tone even if her face seemed normal.

Cedric groan from that before thinking.

"Okay I'm sorry. I'll be good. I'll be good."

Azure was just silent, but she did retract her claws for a moment while Tibet spoke up.

"Yeah, one looks complex writing while the other has a similar one, why?" Tibet said which made Azure grin.

"Simple, that was a underwater breathing crest, Cedric and I could practically sleep in the water if we want as long as their in effect… or even screw around as long as we want." Azure said with a grin while she explained one seal to the surprised group which made Tibet grin when she made a mental note to visit Lillum later.

The ladies around Cedric were surprised to hear that. They did wonder how Azure and Cedric were able to stay underwater that long.

"And the second?" Tibet asked since the other was different.

"Oh… that, it's a thought crest, as long as we have these, Cedric and I can think to one another without speaking, a good combo with the underwater sex if you think about it." Azure teased with a grin which made Tibet grin.

The women around Cedric also grin at the idea.

"Yeah, but that seal just put Cedric in very hot water just now…" Azure said while giving Cedric a pointed look to show where this was going for the first part.

"Dare I ask?" Tibet said with a rare frown since this didn't seem good… and she never really frowned except for the really bad feelings she had.

Some of the women wonder what the wolf did.

Cedric winked since he knows what Azure will say which made Azure raise an eyebrow before she spoke up.

"Well I said that you're bigger than he was in an all around fashion with no real meaning while you have a finger in my ass to prove that… and he thought I would leave him for you when he got jealous, and since I just gave him my first time as far as I remember, and you can get why I'm not in a good mood for forgiveness… only punishment." Azure said which made Tibet's eyes widen, sure she got the large compliment before but this was a rare thing to hear… and Azure's first time?

Tibet sent Cedric a slightly narrowed glare before grinning.

"So… ladies, what do you think?, think we should feel sorry for this man here or help this fine kitty here?" Tibet said while she gave Cedric a fanged grin.

The women around Cedric shook their heads before speaking.

"Help her out." They said in unison.

Cedric now regret asking Azure that dumb question. Now he wished to jump in the pool and either electrocute himself or drown.

"Mind if I give him a punishment that he won't forget?" Tibet asked while she stroked her dick and eyes Cedric's ass which made a few women giggle while Azure actually looked thoughtful about that.

Cedric's eyes widen with fear after hearing that. He prayed that Azure doesn't say yes.

Thankfully for him, Azure shook her head in a no fashion which made Tibet frown a bit… but what Azure said next was shocking.

"No… how about this… you grab a chair and take a seat… and I give you the ride of your life while Cedric here watches…" Azure said which made Tibet grin while looking to see Cedric's reaction.

Cedric was indeed shocked but didn't want to say anything since he deserves this.

Tibet chuckles before she looked to the lioness and bear female mobians and nods in their direction before letting Cedric go which left him with the Raccoon and Cat females holding him down.

A moment later the two women brought in a poolside recliner before Tibet got up before she sat on the chair before Azure got up which left a steaming dick without anyone touching it before she walked over to Tibet who grins at Azure's approach while the Echidna woman stood up and lifts Cedric's head before taking the japanese style way of sitting and sets Cedric's head on her lap which gave Cedric a perfect view of what was about to happen.

Cedric gulped while believing he was a terrible boyfriend and shouldn't be allowed to live.

"Tell you what Cedric… watch what's about to happen to the end and I'll forgive you… if you look away for too long… well, at least you have Rachel and Sticks right?" Azure said while she placed a hand on her hip to hear his response.

Instead of replying, Cedric nods to her because he still felt terrible. He was also trying to fight back some tears that were trying to escape.

"Oh grow up you baby, do you think tears will work?, you've seen and heard about the big breasted bitches lessons and Rachel's time with Azure… what makes this one any different?, you may deserve this for that remark but at least she's giving you a chance to redeem yourself… beside you seem to be enjoying this anyway you masochistic bastard." The hollow thought to Cedric with a tone near the end that sounded like the hollow was giving him a half lidded look.

Cedric was getting tired of this before speaking.

"Oh my God, will. You. SHUT UP!? Her name is Lillum. Get it right. And first of all don't tell me how to feel. I really screwed up. All I want to do is give Azure the best date and I destroyed that because of that question. I don't deserve to be forgiven. I still haven't forgiven myself after that last date. I'm a foolish worm." He thought to the hollow.

However the hollow put so much pressure on his mind that Azure looked to him with some worry before the seal on their shoulders glow a bit before the Hollows voice was heard by all somehow.

"OH FUCK YOU AND YOUR PISSY ATTITUDE!, You and I are stuck together whether you fucking like it or not, I may be an ass but have I ever once, I MEAN FUCKING ONCE, do anything to you or our woman to get you worked up!?, WHO CARES IF I CALL LILLUM A BIG BREASTED BITCH OR EVEN A WHORE, I'm sure she would just laugh it off as a compliment or something, and fucking FYI… I've been trying to help you keep your cool since you can't and saved you from Tasogare or a FUCKING CLONE FOR ALL I CARE… I CAN TAKE OVER IF I WANTED TO BECAUSE OF YOUR WEAKASS WILL RIGHT NOW AND YOU MAY BOAST…. But you and I both know that I can do it very easily right now… but one fact is preventing that…. I am your instincts… and I'm practically roaring out for you to just KEEP YOUR FUCKING COOL OR WE'LL LOSE THE WOMAN WE LOVE!, you may feel the same with Rachel and Sticks but I prefer Azure for the fact that she's no pushover and I'm attracted to that… so don't screw this up Cedric or I will make you regret it… I can promise you that…. Now I'm gone… for now." The hollow said before falling silent and the seals returned to normal while Azure had wide eyes when she looked to Cedric and the seals on their bodies.

The ladies were shocked and confused after what just happen.

Cedric just remained silent after hearing the hollow's speech while still feeling regret before looking at Azure and Tibet.

The duo were looking at him with wide eyes while they tried to process what just happened before Azure spoke up a moment later.

"Whoa…" was all Azure said when she couldn't put more words into what just happened while Tibet just nods in agreement.

The women also nods in agreement.

Cedric just stayed silent while still looking at Azure and Tibet.

Azure was the first to recover before sending Cedric a grin.

"So… that was your other half when he goes all out with talking… has a sweet spot for me huh?" Azure said with an amused tone.

Cedric just nods without showing emotion which made Azure sigh.

"Ok… I may have over reacted by threatening to dump you, but you get that I'm not going to forget what just happened easily… so how about this… you watch me get it on with Tibet here and you're forgiven, or you don't get any sex from me for a few months." Azure said with a much easier punishment.

Cedric was shocked on the inside before feeling regretful again.

"Okay." Was all the young wolf said while looking at them.

Azure noticed before she took a moment to think before whispering into Tibet's ear from an idea she had which made Tibet grin before nodding which made Azure grin back for some reason.

"Tell you what… withstand this Cedric and Tibet and I will give you a reward of sorts… what it is… not telling unless you pass this punishment." Azure said while Tibet grins again for some reason.

This time Cedric blushed after hearing that before speaking.

"Okay. For the sake of our relationship, I'll watch." He said showing that he'll do it.

"Alright ladies, mind telling me if any of you ever did anal with Tibet here?" Azure asked with a grin which showed what she was about to do which made Tibet's tail wag for a few reasons while her foot long dick twitched a few times.

Some of the women blushed when only four raised their hands. It was the Lioness, Bandicoot, Cat and Bear.

The Echidna did so as well which made Azure grin before speaking up.

"Might as well make that number six then." Azure said surprisingly to those who had no idea what Lillum's training entails when she looks to Tibet.

"How about it?, think you can go a round in my ass?" Azure asked the larger wolf woman while placing her right hand on her right asscheek and pulled it a bit to show her asshole to Tibet.

Said wolf grin while licking her lips.

"My, my, does your ass look good. Why don't you come and… take a *seat*."

Azure grins at the aggressive tone of Tibet before she walked forward and stepped onto the recliner to kiss Tibet on the lips while her tail wrapped around her dick to slowly stroke it while Tibet's dick hits Azure's ass a few times from a few strokes.

Tibet smirk before kissing back before slipping her tongue in follow by a moan.

Cedric watched with awe before blushing. Even though he still feels regret on the inside.

He can already feel his dick slowly getting erect which was seen by a few woman who licked their lips at the sight.

Azure in the meantime fought Tibet's kiss with her own and thanks to her own aggressiveness, was able to match Tibet's kiss before pulling away and stood over Tibet's dick and angles the head to touch her asshole.

She then slowly lowered before biting her lower lip a bit from the raw size of Tibet's dick before the head managed to pop in after a moment which made her gasp out before she pants a bit for breath and to relax some.

Tibet smiles a bit before speaking.

"Just relax. There's no rush. We have all night."

Azure took a few breaths before grinning at Tibet.

"Oh don't worry, I'll be making you beg me for more once I get into gear… I'm not going to back down since I got some serious training with those toys that Lillum has." Azure teased Tibet while she lowers herself slowly til she took four inches into her ass before stopping to adjust again while she placed her hands on her knees.

Tibet groans a bit from that while feeling impressed with Azure's nerves.

Azure then surprised her by fingering her pussy a few times with one hand each and used her juices to lube up the dick outside of her ass a bit before she was able to lower a couple more inches which allowed her to take half of the dick into her ass with no trouble before stopping to adjust again.

Cedric continues to watch while blushing brightly. He really wished that if he didn't say that question, he would've had a good time with the Azure's ass otherwise.

Azure took a few more breaths before she lowers herself slowly till she got another inch in before stopping to relax again.

Tibet smirks at Azure while the women are surprised and impressed with the feline.

Azure managed to relax after a bit before trying an idea to help her relax more by moving her tail which slid into her own pussy which made her gasp in pleasure when it wiggles around before she slid another inch down, she was at the 9 to 10 mark now and the knot that Tibet had was at the 10 mark.

"Wow, Lillum really trained you well." Tibet commented which made Azure grin.

"Y-Yeah, glad I took the training or something like this would be impossible… now then…" Azure said right before she managed to lower herself till she sat on Tibet's knot while her ass rests on the knot itself.

"Tell me, has anyone here managed to take the knot here?" Azure asked with a grin on her face… would she really do that?

Tibet chuckled before speaking.

"Actually, you're the only one that has."

Azure chuckles before she spoke up.

"Then start slamming, I want this entire monster in me before you bust a nut, if you don't… I'll just force it in." Azure said with a wide grin which showed that she was serious.

Tibet grinned before grabbing the feline's hips before speaking.

"With...Pleasure." She said before she starts thrusting which made Azure yowl with a pleasured look on her face when Tibet starts to slam in and out of her ass while everyone watched the sight.

Azure gripped her breasts before she grins to Tibet through clinched teeth.

"Come on you bitch!, make me call your name, are you really the one who pleased these ladies?" Azure growled out with pleasure filling her body while she taunts Tibet.

The women were shocked while blushing at the scene.

Tibet grinned before speaking.

"You ask for it!" She said before thrusting harder than ever.

Cedric watch with a surprised look while blushing big with his mouth open. He didn't noticed his dick being fully erect.

Even though he was a bit turned on and felt excited, he was still feeling sad and regret on the inside.

The Echidna woman noticed before she touched the Lioness and points to the erect dick while Azure gasped and groaned when she felt Tibet taking things up a notch but managed to stay in control of her wits by saying things like harder you bitch or faster every now and then.

Tibet groans and moans while thrusting harder than ever.

'Man this kitty is something. Hope the young wolf is learning his lesson. Hate to see a young couple split up.' She thought.

Cedric still watches while blushing in silence from both mind and voice.

A moment later, a rough tongue was felt on his dick which seemed to cause a pleasureable itch before a powerful grip was felt on his knot.

Cedric jolts a bit before looking down to see who it was… turns out it was the Lioness who had Cedric's dick in a vice grip before she starts to suck his dick, she was a lot bigger than Azure but smaller than Tibet but had more strength then Azure by how hard the lioness's grip was on Cedric's pleasure filled knot.

Cedric tried to fight off a moan before he tried to stop the Lioness.

But the Raccoon woman on his arm and the cat and bear on the other stopped him from using his arms which left him at the women's mercy while Azure let out an extra loud gasp when Tibet's knot starts to go into her ass slowly with stronger thrusts.

Cedric watches that before struggling from the women's grasp.

"S-Stop. L-Let me go." He whispered to the women while watching Azure and Tibet… but the Lioness just got a grin on her face while her lips were wrapped around his dick before she starts to suck harder while Azure felt an approaching orgasm, but felt Tibet twitching in her ass as well.

Said Wolf Woman groans before speaking.

"Hope you're ready little kitty." She said which caused Azure to grin and say something to get Tibet to go all out.

"O-Oh… J-Just shut up a-and b-breed my… ass… like I-I'm y-your bitch!" Azure growls out to some sort or rise out of the female wolf from her not breaking.

Cedric was surprised when he heard while still struggling to break free while watching them.

Tibet grinned before speaking.

"Very well. Enjoy your treat." She said before gripping the back of Azure's head before bringing her lips to the feline's before unleashing a very big dose of cum in her ass.

Azure groans out at that while she lightly clawed Tibet's breasts before she took one last time to pull back and used Tibet's semen as a lube to slam herself onto Tibet and took her entire knot into her ass which made her yowl into Tibet's mouth when the knot starts to inflate to make Tibet's orgasm many times stronger and locked her onto Tibet.

Tibet groan and moan as her climax got stronger.

The women, along with Cedric, who was still struggling, blushed big as they watched.

Azure let out a groan during the kiss while the knot made her rear tingle when she kept orgasming again before pulling away to grin at Tibet.

"You know, I heard about Sticks making a side harem of her own while she helped me get ready for my date with Cedric after she got my clothing after Rachel helped with my hair… maybe I should do the same and add you to it." Azure teased while she clinched her ass cheeks around the knot in her ass.

Cedric was surprised that Azure knew that.

Tibet grins at the idea.

"Hmmm, that does sound like a great idea."

"Well if you have doubts, I'll tell you that I'm just beginning Lillum's training, just imagine what I'll be like when I learn more." Azure teased Tibet while grinding her ass a bit on Tibet.

Tibet, and surprisingly Cedric, did thought of that before blushing.

About a few moments later, Tibet groans before she finally stopped cumming however the knot kept her stuck on Tibet which made Azure grin.

"Mind helping with Cedric since I can't move right now?, he's still my boyfriend and in a sense, the head of this harem… so mind showing what you can do?" Azure teased to get Cedric some relief since he was pinned while the Lioness pulled away with a grin before going back to pinning his arm.

Said wolf did felt some relief, but still not feeling better.

Tibet nods to Azure before speaking.

"Alright girls. Let him go." She commanded.

"Actually I had… a different idea…" Azure cryptically said before she gestured for Tibet to lean down while the women looked a bit confused.

Cedric was also confused while Tibet leaned down to hear what Azure has to say.

Azure then whispered something into Tibet's ear which made Tibet grin a bit before speaking up.

"Change of plans girls… keep him pinned for now… I'm taking this guy for a ride." Tibet said with a grin while Azure looked back to Cedric with one eye while her tail went down and moved Tibet's testicles out of the way to show a soaked pussy underneath.

The women grinned before looking at Cedric while said wolf gulped while blushing brightly at the sight.

Tibet then stood up while Azure wrapped her arms around Tibet's breasts and had her legs wrapped her waist while her tail held Tibet's balls out of the way before Tibet effortlessly walked over to Cedric and stood over him with his dick pointing straight up before Tibet kneels down and rubs the head of his dick at her folds.

"You ready boy?, it's a rare thing for a man to go here, try to not disappoint me since you're suppose to be a ladies man." Tibet teased while she slowly moved his dick a bit to rub against her folds which seemed warmer than normal while a familiar scent was smelt by a few women and Cedric.

Cedric blushed from the aroma while gulping nervously before he nods to Tibet.

Tibet grins before she slowly lowered herself down onto Cedric while she let out a sigh from having something there after so long.

Cedric groans a bit after feeling his dick in the Wolf woman's pussy.

Some of the women recognized the smell and went a bit bugged eyed when they realized that Tibet was in heat, they knew she wouldn't let him cum inside with that happening but it was still a rare moment.

Tibet then lowered more till her hips touch Cedric's which caused his knot to hit her abnormally warm pussy fold before Tibet starts to raise and lower herself while Azure groans out somewhat since she was still locked to Tibet and the motions caused Tibet's knot to move around a bit which caused mini ejaculations from Tibet.

Cedric groan again after feeling his dick at the hilt inside Tibet's pussy before Tibet starts to ride him harder and harder while the women watched with blushes on their faces when they felt left out which caused Tibet to grin at the looks before she spoke up.

"Don't worry ladies… after I'm through here… I'll be showing you all good times since my engine is fully revved… don't expect to walk home after this." Tibet said to the women while she used one hand to play with one of her breasts and another to fondle her large balls that Azure's tail held to keep from hitting Cedric.

Said wolf continues to groan a few minutes before he starts to moan bit from the pleasure while the Women blushed greatly while their hips rubbed together from how wet they were.

For a few minutes, nothing happened other then the sound of slapping flesh and the clink of drinks from the other guests that Tibet had at the pool while butlers and maids served them in various ways.

Tibet then felt Cedric's dick twitching before looking to see how long he had and felt that his knot was fully inflated.

Said wolf did feel his dick twitch before remembering his training with Lillum before he tried to put his climax on hold.

Tibet was a bit impressed with Cedric before continuing to ride him while he slowly got closer and closer to cumming until…

Cedric forgot that Tibet is in heat so he tries to warn her.

"Y-You have to get off like right now." He said while still holding off his climax.

Tibet agreed with Cedric by nodding before trying to use a bounce to momentum herself up… but since Cedric couldn't dry himself off like Azure could, some water pooled under him which went unnoticed by everyone and when Tibet tried to jump... her feet slipped which caused her to land her full weight on Cedric's dick and knot before it popped in and rapidly inflates to lock itself in Tibet much to Azure's shock since she didn't see that coming.

The women around Cedric were shocked as well after witnessing it.

That chain of events caused Cedric's eyes to widen, before he surprised everyone when he howled loud before cumming hard in Tibet's pussy.

If anyone had an ex ray machine, you can see Cedric's sperm heading straight for Tibet's womb before her womb bloats from the increased amount of semen that Cedric got from Lillum's training.

"O-Oh F-Fu… FUCK!" Tibet said before she shouts out before howling herself before she came hard on Cedric's dick and unloads more semen into a shocked Azure who groans out from that.

The women were shocked while blushing big at the sight.

Cedric continues to cum for 5 minutes till he was tapped out.

Tibet pants before looking to her stomach after pulling Azure back a bit to see that her womb was bloated greatly which showed that Cedric let out much more than the normal person before she sighs.

"*Sigh*, great… now I got a kid on the way from this amount... must be karma from what I did to other women over the years, what kind training did Lillum give you to get you to unload this much anyway?" Tibet asked while rubbing her head a bit while she had a half lidded, but not an angered look on her head surprisingly.

Cedric was now panicking.

"Oh man what I'm gonna do. How am I gonna explain this to Emerald or anyone. I wanted to be a dad, but not yet. Azure is probably angry with me. Did I lose my one only chance?" He thought with fear.

But what Azure said next would be surprising.

"Are you ok Cedric?" Azure asked while looking to Cedric.

Said wolf was surprised the young feline asked him this before speaking.

"Um...I think so." He said while Azure sighs in relief.

"Good, how about you Tibet?" Azure asked since Tibet did fall.

"Well aside that I'm most likely carrying your boyfriend's kid, I'm fine." Tibet said with a raised eyebrow while Azure sighs.

"I see, since I saw what happened I can't be mad since it was an accident and I did cause this one, how am I gonna explain this to Rachel and Sticks?, or the others?" Azure said with a slightly worried look.

Cedric sees this before speaking.

"I will tell them the truth since this whole thing was my fault anyway."

"Ahem… I believe we should wait first for our knots to deflate first before doing anything else, ladies mind bringing the chair?" Tibet said before she gripped Cedric's chest fur and slowly stood up to their shock while still locked to Cedric and Azure.

Said wolf was still shock before looking at Azure.

"Are you okay Azure?" He asked.

"Yeah, probably better than you since you're hanging in the air right now." Azure said before the Echidna woman looked worried and rushed over to the recliner before she somehow managed to push it when the Bear and Lioness had to carry it together.

"Thanks Aryk, I'll take it from here." Tibet said before carefully sitting in the chair while Cedric stood in front of Tibet now which gave him a perfect view of Azure's ass.

Said wolf blushed at the sight before speaking.

"Azure I am very sorry for making you angry because of my question." He said with regret in his voice.

Azure just looks back to him with a half lidded look before speaking up with a confusing question.

"Do you want me to let these testicles go?, they would hit you if I do." Azure said with a half lidded look since it was true.

Cedric's eyes widen before speaking.

"No no. I'll be good." He said.

"Good then stop apologizing, consider us even if you want to continue to blame yourself since I did cause you to impregnate Tibet here." Azure said while Tibet relaxed in the chair.

"Can I still say I love you?" Cedric asked which caused Azure to chuckle.

"Yeah you can, though you better say that to Tibet once you get to know her since she's carrying your kid now." Azure said with a lesser grin before looking to an amused Tibet who watched the duo.

Cedric gulped before speaking.

"Right. Tibet, even though we just met, I think you're a great and lovely woman and I would love to get to know you during my stay here. And I will make sure to be there for you for. And Azure, I love you very much and I'm gonna make sure to keep you happy." He said to the women who just chuckles while Tibet tightens her vaginal walls around Cedric's dick.

"Well since you're going to be coming here daily now, you might as well get to know me tomorrow before we go another round, and don't worry, I'm blind stinking rich so raising a kid won't be to hard." Tibet said with a grin.

"Well even so, I still want to be there for the both you." Cedric said which made Tibet chuckle.

"Well, I heard from Lillum that you guys travel a lot so you don't have to worry about things here, just visit every now and then to meet the kid when it's born and to have another round or two if Lillum's training makes you better then you are now." Tibet said with an amused tone in her voice while she grinds herself on Cedric to get him to cum again since he was so sensitive now.

Said wolf groan again before speaking.

"I'll make sure to do that." He said.

"Good, I'll have to meet your friends anyway so why not spend the night and we can go tomorrow?" Tibet said when she kept her grinding up.

Instead of speaking, Cedric groaned before letting out another dose of cum in Tibet's pussy.

Tibet groans at the feeling while unloading more of her own semen into Azure's ass which made her groan while she rests her head between Tibet's massive breasts before Tibet spoke up.

"Might as well keep thrusting and cumming to help deflate faster, tapped out already handsome?" Tibet teased to Cedric.

Cedric blushed before speaking.

"Not at all beautiful." He said.

A moment later groaning and moaning was heard while the women watched Cedric lightly but swiftly thrusting in and out of Tibet while making sure to not injure himself while Tibet held Azure's back to keep her steady while she did the same to the feline which made her groan lightly.

About a few thrusts later, Cedric grunts before yelling out…


He unloaded a good dose of his cum inside Tibet's pussy that went straight to her womb.

Tibet in turn groans when she unloads right in Azure's ass again which made Azure groan from the feeling while she laid there before the duo repeats their actions again and again for who knows how long before the trio was able to be unknotted when Cedric and Tibet's knots were small enough.

Cedric felt this before he pulled himself out before semen flowed from Tibet's pussy which made Tibet groan when she unloads into Azure again before her dick flopped out after she jerked her hips free but just lays there while Azure groans when semen flowed from her ass and onto Tibet's dick and down on the floor to join Cedric's semen.

Said wolf panted before looking at the girls.

"Are you two okay?" He asked.

Azure recovered a bit to look at Cedric.

"I'll have a sore ass, but I'll be fine." Azure said which made Tibet chuckle before she looked to Cedric.

"I'll be fine, just need a drink or something after letting out that much… man my balls feel light after all of that." Tibet said before chuckling while Azure let go of Tibet's balls which hid her pussy from view to get her tail some rest.

Cedric panted again before speaking.

"So do me and Azure get a room for ourselves or do we bunk with you Tibet?"

"Hehe, after what happened, I'll be having you guys bunk with me so we can have some fun while you're here, I may have some fun with Rachel and Sticks later as well… after all a pregnant woman can be very horny after all sometimes." Tibet said with a teasing grin while Azure blushed a bit from the images.

Cedric was thinking the same thing.

"Well then, follow Aryk to my room and use the shower, Azure and I will be up in a bit when the two of us or I can feel my legs." Tibet said while the Echidna woman, Aryk, walked to Cedric with the same blank look on her face while she walked past Cedric and towards the pool entrance.

Before following her, he goes to Azure after carefully stepping around the puddle of semen before gently gives her hug.

Azure was too exhausted to return the hug so she sent Cedric a soft love you before she dozed off before lightly snoring on Tibet's body.

Cedric kissed Azure on the forehead before he went to Tibet and surprised her by kissing her on the lips.

Tibet was a bit surprised at that before she just went with it and surprised him by slipping a tongue in for a minute before pulling away.

"Careful, I may have a few more rounds left, don't start something that you can't finish yet." Tibet teased while she grins at Cedric.

Cedric blushed before chuckling.

"Hehe, right. I'll see you both later." He said before he carefully avoided the semen puddle before walking towards Aryk at the pool entrance.

Though Tibet's shout did cause a blush inducing moment.

"If you get horny, just ask Aryk or another lady here to take care of that, I doubt that anyone would object after seeing what they saw." Tibet called out with a grin on her face.

Cedric did blush big before yelling out.

"I'll keep that in mind." He called out before following Aryk who walked out of the room while her rear was fully seen which seemed to be extremely tight… and wet when her juices flowed down her leg from Cedric's earlier treatment.

Cedric blushed after seeing that before he avert his gaze while following the Echidna woman.

After passing a few hallways, and a few naked men and woman, they arrived at a large set of double doors before Aryk opened them effortlessly which showed a room to match a woman as large as Tibet.

"The Bathroom is over there." Aryk said while she points to the bathroom.

Cedric nods to her before speaking.

"Thank you Aryk."

Aryk was just silent while she crossed her arms under her chest to see if Cedric needed anything else.

Cedric was confused before speaking.

"Is something wrong?"

Aryk sighed mentally before speaking up.

"Do you need anything else?, if not then I'll wait here for Mistress Tibet." Aryk said with a blank tone.

Cedric did took a moment to think before speaking.

"Well, how come you don't smile?"

Aryk just gave Cedric a half lidded look like that question was idiotic of him to ask her.

Cedric felt like he insulted her.

"I didn't mean to offend you. Someone beautiful like you should smile sometimes."

Aryk just kept the blank look on her face before she spoke up with a raised eyebrow.

"Are you hitting on me?, or do you need me to satisfy you already?, you got permission from Mistress Tibet but you seem to recover fast." Aryk bluntly stated to the wolf.

Cedric was taken back by that question before speaking.

"I'm just speaking true and I guess maybe you can help wash my back." He said before shutting his mouth.

"Follow me then." Aryk said before passing Cedric and heading to the bathroom with the same look on her face… seems like Cedric would have to work for a smile or any kind of reaction.

'Why did I say that part?' He thought before following her.

The bathroom was just as grand as the master bedroom, a large tub that could fit 10 people sat on the opposite side of the room and a large Tibet sized shower was at another wall, and a… large toilet was at another wall with a smaller one next to it for the smaller guests she had.

All in all… this place looked DAAAAMMMN expensive.

"*Whistle* This bathroom is...wow." Cedric said before looking around.

Aryk in the meantime went to the bathtub and opened a panel which showed a stool of sorts when she sets in the tub, she then pressed a button which caused hidden panels to open before jets of hot water shoot out which quickly fill the tub before Aryk hits the button again which stops the flow when the water got halfway up the stool before looking to Cedric.

"Sit and I'll start cleaning you." Aryk said while she knelt next to the stool in the water.

Cedric nods to her before he went in and took a seat.

A moment later, Aryk grabbed a bottle of special soap that acts as a conditioner as well was poured into her hand before she lathered the soap and gently starts to rub it onto his back.

"Hmmm, that feels good." Cedric said while Aryk went a bit lower.

"I practiced with Mistress and some guests when the Mistress entertained them." Aryk said before she went lower and rubbed the base of his tail and starts to gently clean the entire tail with her hands.

Cedric jolts a bit from from that action.

Unfortunately for Cedric, it seemed his tail was a sensitive place for him and Aryk's gentle motions caused a certain part of Cedric to wake again.

Said wolf looked down and was shocked to see his dick fully erect.

'Uh, oh.' He thought while Aryk was unaware at the moment while she continues to rub his tail to get some stubborn dirt out while her fingers gently brushed more spots.

Cedric tried to think of some unpleasant thoughts to make his dick go down.

However it seemed Aryk's motions only made the dick grow more and more erect if it was even possible… seems that Cedric's tail was a really sensitive spot.

'Oh man...Why does my tail have to be sensitive?' Said wolf thought before Aryk rinsed the tail off before speaking.

"Right arm out." Aryk said while she lathered her hand again.

Cedric gulped before bringing his said arm out while covering his erection with the other.

Aryk didn't seem to notice Cedric's issue yet before she starts to wash his arm, but unless something happened, it would be a matter of time before he was fully seen.

Cedric felt he had to come clean.

"Um, Aryk?" He called which made Aryk look to him with a raised eyebrow to show that she was listening while she continues to rub his arm to get a few spots she missed.

"Yes?" Aryk simply said while she used water to start rinsing his arm off.

Cedric was a bit nervous before speaking.

"Well, you see...my tail was very sensitive and when you washed it...my dick got really hard."

"I see, then I'll have to take care of that since it was my fault." Aryk said with the same blank expression on her face while she finished rinsing off Cedric's arm.

Cedric blushed a bit after hearing that.

"It wasn't really your fault." He said trying to make her feel better.

Aryk raised an eyebrow again before speaking.

"I was the one who rubbed your tail, besides you could have stopped me at anytime and modesty isn't necessary here if you've see how the Mistress lives daily so why hold back?, I doubt your woman would complain since she asked Mistress to join this harem of hers." Aryk said while giving Cedric a half lidded look.

Cedric didn't think of anything else to say before speaking.

"Yeah you got me there."

"Well then, what do you want me to do to satisfy you?" Aryk asked with the same look on her face while she kept kneeling behind him.

Cedric blushed again before speaking.

"Um, a blowjob will be nice." He said.

"Very well, I'll clean it first before starting." Aryk said before she stood up and walked in front of Cedric before kneeling down again to get a better look at his dick while she had the soap she had in her left hand.

Cedric gulp while blushing as he saw what Aryk was gonna do.

A moment later, Aryk placed some soap in her right hand before setting the soap down and rinsed Cedric's dick with a bit of hot water to get it ready before she lathers her hands.

She then carefully starts to rub and clean Cedric's dick, mainly near the head and under his knot where things could build up by carefully slipping a finger into his sheath and slowly going around.

Cedric shuddered from that feeling before letting out a soft moan.

Aryk continues to clean Cedric for a minute more before nodding a bit from her work before rinsing it off a few times to make sure soap didn't get left on before she spoke up after she lightly grips Cedric's dick.

"I'm starting." Aryk said before she starts to lightly lick the head of Cedric's dick with precision to not miss a single part of the head.

Said wolf shivered a bit from the Echidna woman's tongue before Aryk then placed her hand on the head of his dick before she starts to lick and suck on one side of his dick to get it lubed up.

Cedric shivered again before moaning a bit.

Aryk repeats her action by licking and sucking the other side of his dick before she then went to Cedric's balls before licking and sucking them.

Cedric's eyes widen a bit from that action before moaning a bit loud before a voice spoke up from behind him.

"Well, well, well, didn't expect you to take the offer, hope Aryk is doing a good job." The familiar voice said which showed that it was Tibet before another spoke up.

"Yeah… makes me wonder who's the stamina demon here." Another voice said which told that it was Azure as well while Aryk ignored them to get a few sensitive spots to make his load stronger than normal.

Cedric jolts a bit before turning his head to see said girls standing there.

"Uh, hey you guys. How's it going?" He questioned.

"Well, we decided to freshen up before sleeping but I guess we get a show as well, right Azure?" Tibet said with a grin on her face while Azure sighs before speaking up.

"Yep, seems Cedric has a bottomless pit when it comes to sex, make way for Sticks's kid the stamina god." Azure said with a slightly amused tone.

Cedric chuckled a bit before speaking.

"So Azure...did you enjoy the date?"

"Eh, the question that you asked earlier and Tibet getting possibly pregnant was unexpected, but it wasn't too bad, I think Sticks might be ok with this since she might want a crack at Tibet here… but I wonder how Rachel will take it?" Azure said while shuddering a bit from the possible outcomes and how her family might take it.

Cedric shuddered as well before speaking.

"I'm more worried how Emerald is gonna take this. He's definitely gonna tear me a new one on this."

"Eh we'll just throw Lillum under the bus so to speak, I mean she did say for us to try and woo Tibet here, I already explained things to her and she was surprisingly cool with it, must be the fact that we could get better as lovers under Lillums lessons." Azure said to get a silver lining for Cedric's dilemma.

Said wolf liked his feline girlfriends logic before speaking.

"Azure, I know you're tired of me apologizing a lot, but I do regret making you angry at me. I learned my lesson and promise not to do something like that again. Even though my track record is terrible, I still mean it. I don't want to lose for anything Azure. I love you very much."

"I love you too, but apologize again and I'll have Tibet go to town on your ass, Aryk and I will even hold you down to get that to happen." Azure said with a half lidded look on her face while Tibet grins while Aryk took the head of Cedric's dick into her mouth before bobbing her head lightly.

Cedric paled from that thought before moaning a bit.

"Y-Yes dear. I'll stop doing that."

"Good, and we better enjoy the ladies here caused I think Rachel may cut us off from her for awhile… mainly for the fact that Tibet would be carrying your kid, we'll need to take a test to make sure, but…" Azure said before she approached Cedric and kissed him on the lips for a moment and sat in the water next to Cedric to watch what Aryk was doing.

Cedric moan again before speaking.

"I'm happy you're still my girlfriend Azure."

"I'm happy too, still, I would make sure to remember the exits of Rachel's home to make sure you get a chance to escape the Sonic of this world." Azure said while Aryk took half of Cedric dick into her mouth while Azure got a thoughtful look on her face.

Cedric shuddered from that feeling before speaking.

"Say Azure, do you think it'll be alright if we kept the question thing to ourselves?"

"I would recommend that, but apologize again within 24 hours and I may say something, understand?" Azure said with a half lidded look on her face.

"Don't worry. I'm keeping my mouth shut on this one. The only thing I'm wanna do is make you happy." Cedric said.

"I'm happy about that as well, I do have a question for Tibet though since Aryk is a bit busy right now." Azure said while Tibet raised an eyebrow when she sets in the bath and sat at the wall which made the water raise a bit while Aryk managed to get 8 inches of Cedric's dick into her mouth.

Cedric moan a bit loud before hearing what Azure was about to ask the female Wolf Mobian.

"Yeah?" Tibet asked while she lathered some soap on her body before she starts cleaning herself.

"Just to check, but is Aryk a name that Aryk had or did you come up with it?" Azure asked which made Tibet raise an eyebrow from confusion.

Cedric was confused on that question as well.

"She was given that name from her folks, why?" Tibet asked before Azure responds while Aryk felt Cedric's dick twitching rapidly before she hums a little and pinched a sensitive spot on Cedric's knot while she felt his balls with her other hand and felt that they were heavy from her earlier action.

"Well, I heard that a person that Cedric knows is named Kyra, wouldn't Aryk be a reverse of that?" Azure asked to be sure of something while Aryk, though confused at the question, managed to take the entirety of Cedric's dick into her mouth while the knot was outside.

Cedric moaned loud before his eyes widen and he came hard in Aryk's mouth.

Aryk was surprised at the amount of semen and the lack of warning which caused her to pull away suddenly before she got a few good coats of semen on her face and chest while she coughed a few times.

Cedric felt worried before speaking.

"Oh man I'm sorry. Are you okay Aryk?"

Aryk coughed a few more times before sending him a slight glare.

"Next time… warn me before you shoot a gallon of cum down my throat." Aryk said with a slight edge to her voice.

Cedric rubbed the back of his head before speaking.

"Right. My bad."

Tibet chuckles a little before speaking up.

"So what's so important about this Kyra person and what does Aryk have to do with her?" Tibet asked with an amused tone.

Cedric pant a bit before speaking.

"Maybe because Aryk's name is backwards for Kyra. I didn't notice it before Azure spoke."

"Really?, I've been thinking about it when Tibet mentioned her name, seemed obvious since Aryk and Strike look alike, thought Kyra looked similar as well." Azure said with a raised eyebrow while Aryk starts to rinse off her body.

"Well I was distracted with everything else." Cedric said which caused Azure to shrug.

"Well take a good look at Aryk and try and tell me that she doesn't look like Strike for the most part." Azure said while pointing a thumb at Aryk who used a rag to dry her face before working to get the semen off of her breasts.

Cedric did looked at said Echidna woman, and blushed a bit, before taking a moment to examine her before speaking.

"Yeah I can definitely see it." He said while Azure grins.

"Well then, why not continue since the show is interesting so far." Azure said with a teasing grin when she noticed that Cedric was still erect.

Cedric blushed as he looked down and was surprised to see that he was still erect.

"Might as well. What do you think Aryk?" he asked.

Aryk managed to clean her body off before looking to Cedric with a blank look again.

"If you wish me to do that, I will, but give me a warning first on a later date before you cum, I am safe now but I don't want to have children yet." Aryk said while she stood in the water after she tossed the towel onto the edge.

Cedric blushed big after seeing her body before speaking.

"Well if you want, I can take you in the ass." He suggested before Aryk spoke up.

"If that is what you wish, what do you want to do, don't hold back since you got permission." Aryk said with a blank look on her face.

Cedric gulped a bit before speaking.

"Okay. I want to take you in the ass." He said.

"Very well, do you have a preferred position?" Aryk asked while Tibet grins.

"Maybe doggystyle?, seems like it was made for wolves like Cedric and I." Tibet teased which made Azure giggle.

Cedric blushed big before speaking.

"Definitely doggystyle."

"Very well." Aryk said before she turned around and got on her hands and knees while pointing her ass at Cedric.

Cedric blushed brightly at how big the Echidna woman's ass is before he got up and approached her from behind.

He positioned his dick to the entrance of Aryk's asshole before he moved around in a teasing motion.

Aryk didn't really make any noises while Tibet and Azure watched the sight since Aryk did have a shapely rear, looked well muscles, but still had enough cushion for some serious pushing.

Cedric took a few breaths before he gently insert his dick inside Aryk's asshole.

Aryk let out a slight groan from the action but kept quiet when Cedric slowly went deeper and deeper into her tight ass, though it was a struggle when it seemed that Aryk had the tightest ass on the island it seemed.

Cedric groan a bit loud from the tight grip before he finally was at the hilt while his knot rests outside which made Tibet's grin widen at the sight.

"Really make her loose for me Cedric… I want to be able to have a turn with her ass like I did with Azure here… lube her up as well by filling her ass up as well." Tibet orders the male wolf while her dick grew to a fully erect state while Azure chuckles when it seemed that wolves can recover quickly.

Aryk took a bit to relax while she waits for Cedric to move.

Said groan again before speaking.

"Are you ready Aryk?"

Aryk just gave Cedric a nod before she took a breath while her ass relaxed more.

Said wolf took a another breath before speaking.

"Alright. Here I go." He said before he grabbed Aryk's hips and starts thrusting in and out of her ass.

Aryk grit her teeth while she breathed in and out with steady but shaky breaths while she tried to get Cedric deeper into her by pushing her hips back when Cedric thrusts into her which made the water slosh around them.

About 7 minutes later, Cedric groan before speaking.

"Oh man Aryk. Your ass feels incredible." He said before moaning while Aryk spoke up.

"And… your dick… feels good… don't stop." Aryk said while her face looked slightly flushed while her eyes slowly glaze over with lust which made Tibet grin at the sight since that was rare to see.

Cedric was surprised to see that before grinning.

"Alright...Then you're gonna love this." He said before he gave his dick an electric boost to make it vibrate before he thrusts a bit hard.

Aryk let out a loud groan from that before she actually squirts into the water from the actions while her ass tightens greatly when she actually had an orgasm just now...

Cedric was surprised about that before he groans at the tight grip on his dick that made him thrust harder.

Azure grins at the sight a bit before remembering something which made her call out after 15 seconds.

"Hey Cedric… got room for one more?" Azure called out cryptically which made Tibet look her way before her eyes widen a bit from what she saw which turned her face into a wide grin.

Cedric was a bit confused at first before his eyes widen in realization.

"Why of course. Come on over." He said before sloshing was heard before Azure walked in front of Cedric and Aryk to show that she had a dick equipped now while Aryk's eyes widen a bit at the sight of the cat cock on Azure which was fully erect.

"Lift her up and we can stuff both holes." Azure orders while she made a point up gesture.

Cedric nods to her before lifting Aryk up and held her legs open which showed her soaked tunnel before Azure approached the duo and placed her dick on Aryk's folds before grinding on them to lube her up for a minute which made Aryk groan out when the barbs kept hitting her folds.

Cedric was surprised to see Azure doing that while still holding Aryk.

Azure pulled away for a moment before she placed the head of her dick at Aryk's tunnel before she pushed herself in slowly to let Aryk feel everything, and thanks to Azure's size, Cedric was able to feel it as well before Azure fully hilts Aryk a moment later which caused Aryk to pant a bit from the double penetration.

"You okay Aryk?" Cedric asked before Aryk responds a moment later.

"Y-Yes… please continue…" Aryk said which made Azure grin before she looks to Cedric.

"You heard her, lift and lower her, I got her breasts." Azure orders while she gripped Aryks breasts which made Aryk moan out when Azure used her heat to make her hands and dick steam from the heat they emit.

"As you wish my love." Cedric said before doing what Azure said before thrusting in Aryk's ass again which made Aryk moan loudly when Cedric's and Azure's dick were slipping in and out of her ass and pussy while Azure pushed Aryk's breasts together before sucking on both nipples at once while adding heat to her mouth.

Cedric blushed big after seeing that before he added an electric boost to his dick to make it vibrate again while thrusting.

Azure starts to thrust as well before the duo stopped when a sloshing sound was heard before Tibet's dick was pointed right at Aryk's mouth which showed that Aryk was grinning.

"Hope I can jump in, you seemed to have missed a hole." Tibet teased while she pressed her massive dick at Aryk's mouth who opened it a bit a moment later before she barely took the head in and used a hand to stroke what she couldn't take in.

Azure grinned a bit before she resumed thrusting and sucked even harder on Aryk's nipples.

Cedric also grinned as he continues to thrust harder in said Echidna woman's ass while his dick still vibrates.

For a few minutes, nothing happens but the sound of slapping flesh the sound of sucking before Aryk felt everyone's dicks twitching which made Tibet grin.

"Why not give this slut a shower she won't forget… I think she deserves it after taking the three of us." Tibet teased with a fanged grin when she fought back from cumming.

Cedric nods to Tibet as he fought off his orgasm as well.

Azure nods as well when she fought an orgasm back before speaking up.

"Then set her down and have her stroke us off, Tibet, you can take her mouth." Azure orders between thrusts with a fanged grin which Tibet returned.

Cedric nods to Azure before he set Aryk down.

A few moments later and Aryk was stroking Cedric off with her left hand and Azure with her right while she was licking the head of Tibet's dick which made the group groan and moan when they felt their orgasms approaching.

Azure had her teeth grit before she called out.

"C-CUMMING!" Azure called out before letting out a groan when she let her load fly which starts to coat the right side of her face and right breast.

Cedric grit his teeth as well before yelling out…

"M-ME TOO!" He yelled before he groan as he let out a bit dose of his wolf cum to the left side of Aryk's face, along with her breast as well.

Tibet managed to hold back for a few more seconds and used those seconds to grip the top of Aryk's head before forcing her to take a few inches of her dick into her mouth before snarling when she shot her massive load down Aryk's throat between words.

"Enjoy… your…. Meal!" Tibet snarled while her dick visibly pulsed while Aryk's eyes widen in surprise before she tries to drink it all down but failed when semen shot from around Tibet's dick to further coat Aryk's breasts with semen before Tibet pulled away to further coat her face… all in all it would be awhile before Aryk would be clean.

Cedric grunts before he finally stopped cumming with Azure doing the same before letting out a sigh of relief while Tibet did the same before she sat in the water to clean herself while Aryk coughed a few times before panting for breath with a lust filled look in her eyes.

Cedric panted before speaking.

"You alright Aryk?"

Tibet however spoke up with an amused tone.

"You kidding, I never saw her this satisfied before, maybe I should have her join in every now and then to help her get that stoic look off of her face every now and then." Tibet said while Azure chuckles at the idea.

Cedric nods to Tibet in agreement.

"Well then, leave Aryk here to clean, I'll do the same and get her to bed since I doubt she can feel her legs right now… you two head to bed and I'll join you two soon." Tibet said while Azure nods before she quickly soaped her body and cleaned it all before turning her dick back into a dildo which automatically stored itself and steps out of the bath while her body steams itself dry.

Cedric did the same thing to clean his body before stepping out.

This time he grabbed a towel to dry himself off so there won't be any more slip ups.

Azure was already on the bed and it seemed like she didn't need a blanket which reminded Cedric of her nude sleeping habit.

Cedric blushed a bit from the memory before he approached the bed and sat beside Azure who looked to Cedric.

"So… think we can get out of a fight with Rachel and the others?" Azure asked with a slightly worried tone.

Cedric took a moment to think before speaking.

"I think so. If we explain what happen, but not mention the other part, I believe we'll get off easy. Probably get scolded. But Emerald might tear my ass a new one." He said which made Azure chuckle.

"Well, if he does then I'll kiss it and make it better, besides I think he might get onto me more since I caused that in the first place." Azure said while she stretched on the bed to relax when it was so comfy, it seemed like a waterbed or something which was seen by the wobble the massive mattress made

Cedric shook his head before speaking.

"No Azure, this one is on me. I don't want you to get in trouble."

"I think it will be obvious when Tibet tells her side of the story, and lying won't work on Emerald, might as well come clean and hope for the best.

Cedric sighed before speaking.

"You got a point there. If anything happens Azure, I have your back in case of anything." He said.

"Thanks… we should get some sleep now… night." Azure said before she closed her eyes and dosed off.

Cedric smiled before he laid beside Azure.

He wrapped his arms around her to hold her before speaking.

"Goodnight Azure… I love you." He said while Azure snuggles into his chest and her body heats up to act like a heat source.

"Love...you...Cedy…." Azure mumbled before light snoring was heard from Azure.

Cedric smiled again before he kissed the feline's forehead before closing his eyes and dosed off.

A few minutes later, Tibet entered the room with a cleaned Aryk in her arms who was asleep before chuckling at the sleeping duo.

"Eh, I got other rooms, might as well let them be alone." Tibet said before she walked out of the room with soft footsteps.

Cedric noticed it with one eye before closing it.

He snuggles to Azure before sleeping as the scene changes to earlier with Emerald, his clones, Maite and Audrey.

Hours ago/ Hidden cave/ Maite's picks/Human Emerald, Hedgehog Mobian Emerald /Audrey's leftovers/ Wolf Mobian Emerald, Cat Mobian Emerald

Maite licks her lips with excitement when she saw Human Emerald and Hedgehog Mobian Emerald approach her.

Audrey was feeling the same thing while looking at Wolf Mobian Emerald and Cat Mobian Emerald with lust in her eyes.

"So ladies…" Emerald said before the Mobian versions of him spoke up as one.

"What kind of fun do you want?" The trio said while they gestures to all of the toys and gadgets in the cave.

Maite took a moment to think before speaking.

"How about some bondage?" She asked with a grin.

Audrey nods in agreement.

"Anything in particular?, Or do you want these and we could surprise you." Emerald said while holding two odd looking blindfolds in his hands after summoning them.

Maite licked her lips again before speaking.

"Surprise me you sexy stud."

Emerald grinned before tossing the blindfolds to the ladies.

"Put those on and we can start, just a warning… things will get weird." Emerald said with a grin while the clones did the same.

Maite grinned back before speaking.

"I don't mind." She said before she and Audrey put their blindfolds on.

A moment later the blindfolds actually glow which blind the duo for a second before the glow fades to reveal a shocking sight… for some reason they saw themselves with the blindfolds from right in front of them.

"Emerald? How come I can see Audrey and myself?" Maite asked with a confused look which made Emerald chuckle before he responds.

"Try moving your bodies and take a peak with one eye only… you'll see in a second, might be a moment since you need to get used to the new view." Emerald said while chuckling at his pun.

Maite and Audrey were both confused before doing what Emerald suggested.

They saw from their uncovered eye that Emerald and the cat Mobian had some kind of plate with a glowing seal on it and it was a bit disorienting since when they looked at the crest which showed that the crest looked back like a camera.

"Uh what's that?" Maite asked with an even more confused look.

"Simple, those blindfolds are connected to these plates… in a sense, you two are watching yourselves like you watching a porno as long as you got them equipped and we're the cameraman who are gonna take turns filming you in various ways." Emerald said with a grin while he gestures at the plates Maite's and Audrey's shift in pov moment.

Maite and Audrey were surprised to hear that before Maite shrugged.

"Works for me. What about you Audrey?" She asked.

Said koala nods to Maite in agreement.

"Oh trust me, we got a few group activities that involve all of us every now and then and we'll be blocking your vision until we get them ready… so ready ladies for the separate rounds before we group up?" Emerald said before he and the cat got ready to cover the slabs of metal with their free hand.

Maite and Audrey looked at each other before looking back at the Emerald's.

"We're ready." They said in unison before they fully equipped the blindfolds before the Emerald's covered the tiny slabs of metal which turned Maite and Audrey's sight pitch black before they felt hands on their shoulders and the duo got moved from one another without knowing what was going on.

Maite VS Human Emerald and Hedgehog Emerald

Maite was then moved a bit before finally stopping before Emerald spoke up.

"Ready Maite to see round one?" Emerald asked with an amused tone.

Maite smirk before speaking.

"I'm ready for anything my love."

Emerald grins before revealing a hanging beam with a couple cuffs hanging on it while a couple were on the ground while the pole seemed adjustable.

"So… want to see yourself on this?" Emerald said while pointing the crest at Maite to see herself and the face she made.

Maite nods to Emerald with a curious look.

Emerald grins before the Hedgehog Emerald took her by the arm and Maite saw herself being cuffed into the upper binds while she felt everything and her legs were left free.

"Get ready Maite, you're about to see yourself getting… well you'll see." Emerald said while the Hedgehog Emerald walked in front of Maite and kissed her while he pinched Maite's nipples while Emerald moved a bit to show Maite everything and to show that the Human Emerald was the cameraman right now.

Maite was surprised before she groans a bit.

It took a couple of seconds before she got use to it and moan in Hedgehog Emerald's mouth before she kissed back and slip her tongue in.

The Hedgehog Mobian chuckles for a moment before continuing the kiss for a few more moments.

He then pulled away and nods to Human Emerald while the Hedgehog Emerald knelt in front of Maite's pussy before Human Emerald approached and a moment later, Maite got a serious close up of her own vagina before Hedgehog Emerald gently rubs her folds for a moment and carefully opened her folds which caused Maite to see her own pussy after the folds got moved away and felt everything.

Maite blushed brightly after seeing her own pussy.

A moment later, she saw Hedgehog Emerald sticking out a tongue before lightly licking her pussy while Human Emerald moved a bit to allow Maite to get a better view of Hedgehog Emerald eating her out.

Said Hedgehog woman blushed again before shivering a bit at the feel of Hedgehog Emerald's tongue.

While Hedgehog Emerald ate Maite out, Human Emerald spoke up with an amused tone.

"So Maite, tell yourself, how are you feeling now and do you like the sight change?" Emerald asked with a teasing tone while he reached forward and fondles one of Maite's breasts for a moment before letting go while the Hedgehog Mobian stuck his tongue inside of Maite and wiggling his tongue around.

Maite shuddered from that action before moaning a bit loud before speaking.

"I-I feel fine… and it f-feels a little weird at first… b-but I'm getting use to it already."

"Well then, we should step things up and get to the Main event." Emerald said before he turned the camera to show the hedgehog standing with his erect dick before lightly rubbing the head on Maite's folds before Human Emerald moved to show what was happening from the Hedgehog clone's hips to give Maite a perfect view of what was about to happen.

Maite watched with some excitement before speaking.

"Mind giving a little kiss for good luck Emerald sweety?"

Emerald grins before speaking up.

"Sure, one second." Emerald said before he summoned a clone to take the camera and kept it pointing at Maite's pussy.

And thanks to that, Maite was caught off guard when Emerald kissed her on the lips and slipped his tongue in before Maite saw the Hedgehog Emerald pushing his dick into her pussy with Crystal clear detail.

Said Hedgehog woman moan loud in Human Emerald's mouth before she kissed back and had her tongue interact with his.

For a minute, after the Hedgehog clone starts to thrust in and out of her, Emerald continues the kiss before pulling away while the Hedgehog clone gripped Maite's legs and lift them and pulled them apart while Maites arms hanged from the ceiling by the binds.

Maite groans before moaning louder at the pleasure.

For a few minutes the Clone keeps thrusting before Maite felt his dick twitching while the other clone got a close up of Hedgehog Emerald's dick and Maite's pussy to give her a detailed sight of what was about to happen when the Hedgehog Emerald starts to pant more and more.

Maite moan loud before speaking.

"OH YES, EMERALD! DON'T STOP! FILL ME UP!" She said before surprising the Hedgehog clone by putting his dick in a vice grip by tightening her pussy.

The clone grunts and groans loudly after a few thrusts while closing one eye before Maite saw the Clones dick twitching and pulsing as he shot his semen deep into her pussy which filled her womb, thanks to an ability Emerald had, She wouldn't get pregnant which meant that the clone didn't hold back when he kept unloading before semen dribbled past his dick and twitching nuts… and all in Maite's view.

Maite blushed while staring awe at the scene before moaning loud with pleasure.

"AAAAHHH!" She screamed before climax on the Hedgehog clones dick.

A few moments pass before the clone pulled out while keeping her legs in his hands before Maite saw semen flowing from a slightly gaping pussy and the semen flowing down her ass and dripping to the ground.

Maite was shocked after seeing all that cum leaking out before shuddering at the feeling.

Emerald then had his clone pass the recovering Hedgehog clone the crest after letting her legs go which caused semen to dribble down her legs before Emerald was seen as he leaned next to Maite to whisper in her ear.

"So… want to continue?, You got an ass that need plugging after all before we meet up with the other group for a group activity." Emerald teased while he rubbed her shaply rear with one hand while the other used a crest to clean her body of semen.

Maite blushed brightly before shuddering a bit.

"Y-Yes...I like you to use my ass."

Emerald grins before he moved his right hand and after having Maite watch his middle and index finger getting coated with green energy, Emerald inserts his fingers into her ass and wiggle them around when the energy boosts his fingers strength to practically mold the inside of Maite's ass to his own liking.

Maite groans from that before grinding her teeth a bit.

For a few minutes, Emerald did nothing more they play with her ass before he felt her body starting to twitch which made him grin when he decided to not hold back anymore on Maite and his fingers glowed with more energy which caused Maite's ass to turn into pure pleasure when he wanted her to cum for him.

Maite's body twitched each time while her pussy started getting wet again.

The Hedgehog Emerald noticed with a grin before gripping her legs after passing the camera to the spare clone, and before Maite could say anything, The Hedgehog clone inserts himself into Maite again before Emerald himself used some earth energy to make the rocks under him move before he placed the head of his dick at Maite's ass before he thrusts in and starts thrusting which showed Maite getting double teamed by Emerald and the Hedgehog clone before they both used the pleasure inducing energy on their dicks to attack Maite's pleasure spots while Emerald put the same energy on his hands and gripped Maite's breasts and fondle them to overload Maite with pleasure.

Maite was moaning loud from the intense pleasure while the duo continues to thrust into her until…

Her body twitched before she yelling out.

"AAAHHH!" She screamed before climaxing hard on the duo's dicks.

However the two kept thrusting with no mercy in sight while the pleasurable energy grew stronger to put Maite on one orgasm after another.

Maite moan and groan loud in ecstasy each time she climaxed until nearly half an hour passed before the duo's dicks twitch while they looked a screaming Maite when she had orgasm after orgasm instantly.

"Get ready Maite…" Emerald said before the clone continues.

"... Cause we're about to blow." Hedgehog Emerald said through gritted teeth, though they doubt Maite can understand them right now from the fucked silly look on her face.

Maite panted while her tongue stuck out before the Hedgehog clone and Emerald thrust faster and faster till they both hilt Maite and unload everything they got while the third clone got everything in Maite's view with the two rapidly unloading dicks balls deep in her.

"AAAAHHH!" Maite yelled with ecstasy before climaxing as well before the duo pull out of Maite when they are done which showed Maite's abused holes which sperm flowed from and pooled under her after Emerald stepped out of the dent he made in the ground.

Maite pants with a pleased look with her tongue still sticking out.

Her body shuddered while feeling cum leak out from both holes.

"So Maite… ready to continue?" Emerald teased before he and the Hedgehog clone got erect again which was shown to Maite.

Said Hedgehog woman still pants before speaking.

"Y-Yes." She said between pants.

The Emerald's grin before time advanced.

10 mind shattering orgasms for Maite and 3 ejaculations from separate Emerald's later…

Maite was practically a puddle of pleasure while she sat on the ground after Emerald let her go a few orgasms ago while the Emerald's stroke themselves off.

"Open wide Maite, get ready for a protein drink." Emerald pants while the third Emerald points the camera at Maite when the two Emerald's angle their dicks at Maite's mouth while Emerald himself pulled Maite's head back to make it easier for her.

Said Hedgehog woman blushed brightly while panting before opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue.

A moment later, the duo grunt before they start unloading into Maite's mouth while stroking themselves off… the amount quickly filled her mouth before the duo tapped off while semen overflowed and starts pouring down her cheeks while Emerald let go of Maite's head to watch the sight.

Maite shuddered a bit before closing her mouth.

She swished the cum around in her mouth like mouthwash to savor it before swallowing it completely.

She then open her mouth to show Emerald and the Hedgehog clone that it was gone.

"Good girl, hope you can go in a few minutes when we join the others… take five while this guy and I set things up." Emerald said before he kissed Maite's forehead and pulled away while the camera went closer to Maite's mouth to show her opened empty mouth.

Said Hedgehog woman was surprised before speaking.

"Okay. I love you Emerald."

"Yeah... and this guy will get you a real meal and drink, enjoy it since you earned it, you can take the blindfold off for now." Emerald said while pointing a thumb at the camera man clone who nods in agreement which shook the camera a bit.

Maite nods to Emerald before taking off the blindfold.

Emerald and the Hedgehog clone smile at Maite before walking away while the third clone ran off to leave Maite to think for a minute after the clone uncuffed Maite.

Maite was in deep thought about something.

'How come Emerald won't say it? Is he still mad at me for licking Cedric's cum off my finger?' She thought with a slightly worried look before the clone returned to give Maite her meal which smelt heavenly… maybe she could get answers from the clone.

"Um...excuse me, Emerald's clone? Can I ask you something?" Maite asked.

"Hmm?" The clone asked with a curious tone.

"I was wondering if Emerald is still mad at me for the restaurant thing." Maite asked with a worried look.

The clone chuckles a bit before responding.

"Irritated at first sure, but after what happened just now, I don't think it matters much to him, I mean you got a protein shake right?" The clone said with an amused tone.

Maite blushed a bit before speaking.

"Yeah. But how come he doesn't say "I love you" back to me?" She questioned.

The clone sighs before sitting next to Maite with crossed legs before speaking up.

"I'll talk, but you need to eat first, agreed?" The clone said while he points a finger at Maite's food and drink, a simple sandwich and tea with ice.

Maite nods to the clone before she starts eat her meal.

After a few bites, the clone spoke up.

"It's a bit of a complex matter to the boss, but it might seem stupid to you, still want to hear it?" The clone said with a serious look.

Maite took a moment to think before she nods to the clone.

The clone nods before he spoke up.

"It's because the boss is immortal, no matter how much time passes, he'll stay the same, and even if he's killed, he'll revive at the Master Emerald as good as new, unless you're willing to stay at his side for who knows how long… well… the Boss is over 10,000 years old and that's after he stopped counting… and he hasn't changed a day since he got his core… are you following so far?" The clone said with a serious expression on his face.

Maite was shocked after hearing the age count before speaking.

"Yes and I do want to be his side forever." She said.

"Try and not regret that choice then, the boss has a habit of getting into some seriously bad situations and even if you disagree with me now… you might change your mind later." The clone said with a worried look.

Maite shook her head before speaking.

"I'm willing to do everything to make Emerald happy. The only regrets I made was dating those guys that used me. I understand that if I live long, the people I knew and care will be gone. It will be sad but I'll still do it for Emerald."

The clone sighs before speaking up.

"Again you say that now, but try saying that after a few hundred years, and the boss… saw more people he cares about die then you would realize, mainly, some wonder why the boss is still sane, but it's mainly from the fact that he still has friends he cares for that keeps his mind together… the boss snapped before a few times with his enemies who took people the boss and it wasn't pretty." The clone admits with a frown on his face.

Maite remembered hearing it before speaking.

"I know but I still want to be there for him."

"Well if you're sure, anyway, enjoy the meal, it may look simple but it has ingredients that can help a body recover faster." The clone said with a smile on his face.

Maite was confused before feeling something in her body.

"Wow, you're right. I feel like my body is recovering quickly." She said with a surprised look.

The clone chuckles before speaking up.

"Good to know... anyway… want what you saw when the boss and the Hedgehog clone teamed up on you as an actual video for later?, We got stuff that can do that." The clone asked with a grin on his face.

Maite blushed brightly before speaking.


The Clone chuckles a bit at her blushing face before speaking.

"Alright... anyway... got any more questions before I poof away?, The boss will get the memories so no worries about asking again." The clone asked Maite.

"Hmmm, nope I'm good." Said hedgehog replied.

The clone chuckles before kissing Maite on the cheek.

"If it's any consolation for now, the boss does care for you, he's just worried for you in the long run." The clone said before he poofed away to leave Maite by herself.

Maite then smiled after hearing the clone say that before she continued eating.

Meanwhile with Audrey, Wolf Emerald, and Cat Emerald right after they split from the others...

The duo led Audrey to a different section of the cave before stopping.

"So Audrey… ready for the fun we're about to have?" Wolf Emerald teased with a deep tone in his voice while he lightly gripped her chin while Cat Emerald kept the camera covered which hid what the Emerald's had in mind for her.

Audrey lightly nods to the Wolf Emerald with a lust filled look even if the Emerald's couldn't see thanks to the blindfold.

Wolf Emerald grins before nodding to Cat Emerald before Cat Emerald removed his hand to reveal… a box of sorts with a two holes on opposite sides one was bigger than the other before Wolf Emerald spoke up.

"I'll be blunt… we're going to put your upper body in that box and you're going to please us, you'll be sucking one of us off while the other rails you… who do you want to fill up you up and who do you want to suck off… I'll allow that choice slave." Wolf Emerald said while roughly gripping Audrey's ass with one hand.

Audrey took a moment to think before speaking.

"I want the sexy cat to pound me while I suck your cock."

Wolf Emerald chuckles before he lightly nudged Audrey towards the box before managing to have her upper body slip into the hole and had her feet stay on the ground before knocking to see if Audrey was able to respond.

"Can you hear me slave?, Knock twice if so." Wolf Emerald asks since only sight was passed through the camera.

Audrey knocks twice to confirm it.

"Alright, after pretty boy has his way with you and you suck me off, I'll be tearing into your ass since it's tempting me greatly…. Knock once if you agree or twice if you disagree." Wolf Emerald orders while Cat Emerald rolled his eyes.

Audrey knocked once in agreement.

"Good girl, who knows… keep this up and and the boss might reward you well by getting Lillum involved, after all… Lillum may have taught you everything you know… but not everything that she knows." Wolf Emerald said before he and Cat Emerald got into place while Cat Emerald admired Audrey's improved ass by gently caressing it with one hand.

Audrey shivered a bit at feeling before knocking excitedly.

Cat Emerald chuckles before he used his free hand to stroke himself a few times before he moved his hand to Audrey's folds to see how wet she was right now.

Surprisingly, said koala's folds were already getting wet from excitement.

Cat Emerald chuckles a bit before deciding to skip the foreplay and adjusts himself and placed the head of his dick at her folds before gently pushing in after gripping Audrey's ass to let Audrey feel every inch that enters her and every Barb that scraped her slowly stretched out walls.

Audrey groan and moan while feeling every inch of Cat Emerald's dick entering.

Since she was viewing her own pussy being filled, she was caught off guard when something warm and large shot into her mouth which pulsed a few times before Cat Emerald starts to thrust into Audrey's pussy while her ass jiggles with each thrust.

Audrey's moans were muffled before she was already enjoying the intense pleasure.

"Start sucking slut." Wolf Emerald said which told Audrey what was in her mouth.

Audrey complies before she starts sucking on the Wolf clone's dick with gusto.

"Oh yeah… Lillum taught you well… keep it up slave." Wolf Emerald said when he felt Audrey's mouth working his dick while Cat Emerald continues to thrust into Audrey with no end in sight.

Said koala was moaning loud or she could have if it wasn't muffled. But she didn't want to disappoint the clone before sucking a bit harder.

Wolf Emerald growls lightly from being pleased before a few minutes pass before Audrey could feel their dicks twitching.

Audrey couldn't wait to feel both clone's cum entering her before she sucks Wolf Emerald's dick even harder.

A few thrusts later from Cat Emerald and more licks from Audrey set the two clones off, Wolf Emerald howls when he held his hips on the wood and hit knot slips into the hole before he starts unloading in Audrey's mouth and possibly her face while Cat Emerald's semen starts to fill her womb quickly while Cat Emerald gripped her ass tightly which caused his hands to sink a bit into the round ass.

Audrey groans and moans with ecstasy before she came hard on Cat Emerald's dick.

For a few moments the trio rode out their orgasms before Cat Emerald pulled out roughly before semen dribbles from Audrey's pussy.

Wolf Emerald had to wait for a moment before pulling himself free of the hole which caused more semen to shoot on to Audrey's face before the two take a moment to catch their breath.

Audrey panted while her body shuddered for a moment or two.

Wolf Emerald then leans on the box and speaks into the hole which had a little semen dribbling from it.

"So slave… enjoying things so far?" Wolf Emerald asked while Cat Emerald stroked himself off a bit on Audreys ass to get a few drops of semen on it.

Said koala knocked twice as in saying yes.

Wolf Emerald chuckles before he and Cat Emerald switched places and Cat Emerald used a crest to clean the hole while Wolf Emerald did the same with Audrey's ass.

A moment later, Wolf Emerald placed the head of his dick at her asshole while Cat Emerald slipped his dick into the hole and felt Audrey's lips before Wolf Emerald pushed his entire dick into her ass with one thrust with a fanged grin before he starts to thrust with no mercy.

Audrey groans and moans before she started sucking Cat Emerald's dick with the same gusto she did to Wolf Emerald.

Cat Emerald purrs a bit and he rests his arms on the wooden box while his hips stay still to enjoy Audrey's treatment while he passed Wolf Emerald the crest which showed Audrey that Wolf Emerald was practically showing no mercy on her ass while his knot beats at her back door.

Said koala moaned from the intense pleasure before she sucked on Cat Emerald's dick a little harder.

Cat Emerald breathes a bit to keep himself calm before time passed to a few minutes later which showed that the duo was getting close when they felt their dicks twitching.

A moment later, Wolf Emerald howls right after he pressed into Audrey's ass and shoved his knot in before it starts to inflate right before he starts unloading into her ass.

Audrey groans and moans a bit loud before she sucked on Cat Emerald's dick as hard she could to milk him of his cum.

A few sucks managed to do it when semen starts to fill her mouth while Cat Emerald yowled and his dick pulsed in Audrey's mouth with each ejaculation.

Said koala kept sucking to milk the clone dry while try to swallow Cat Emerald's load.

For a few moments, she succeeded before semen starts to flow out of her mouth and down her chin from how much semen the Cat Emerald had.

Cat Emerald tapped out a bit later, but Audrey was dragged out of the box and she was held by her ass after she was set on Wolf Emerald's chest since she was still locked with Wolf Emerald's dick.

Cat Emerald walked forward before he removed the blindfold to let Audrey see everything that was happening from her end while Wolf Emerald continues to slowly unload into her ass.

Audrey groans and moans while her face had a deep blush.

A few moments later, Emerald and Hedgehog Emerald appear while Emerald had an amused look at Audrey's predicament

"So… have a nice time?" Emerald asked when he saw the knotted dick in Audrey's ass.

Audrey moans a bit before speaking.


Emerald chuckles before he looks to the others.

"Let's go, we got the group activity before turning in for today." Emerald said before he and the other Emerald's follow while Audrey was bounced a bit on Wolf Emerald's dick the entire time.

Said koala groan and moan from each bounce before they find themselves with Maite while Audrey was still connected to Wolf Emerald's dick.

"Enjoy the meal Maite?" Emerald asked with a smile on his face.

Maite blushed with a surprised look after seeing Audrey before smiling at original Emerald.

"I sure did. Thanks Emerald. I feel like I can go all night till morning." She said which made the Emerald's grin before Wolf Emerald yanks himself from Audreys ass before Emerald spoke up while semen dribbles from Audreys ass before the cat clone cleans her up.

"Well then, get ready to be surprised at the group activity, you and Audrey need to work together on this one since you'll be taking the four of us now." Emerald said with a grin while the four Emerald's dicks stood at full mast.

Maite nods to Emerald before looking at Audrey with a grin.

"You ready Audrey?" She asked.

Said koala pants a bit before looking at Maite with a grin as well.

"Indeed I am Mistress." She said.

"Good, now then, follow me and we can start, trust me, you two will like this." Emerald teased before he walked away with the other Emerald's following before Cat Emerald picked up Maite and starts to follow Emerald with Wolf Emerald following with Audrey in his arms.

A bit later and Maite and Audrey saw what Emerald had in mind… it looked like some kind of odd looking BDSM gear for women, 5 in fact, which gave plenty of spares… and parts of them glowed with seals and crests.

Both koala and hedgehog woman stared at AWE of the equipment.

"Quick question… what do you two feel when I do this." Emerald said before he gripped one of their breasts and starts groping them.

Maite and Audrey moan a bit before Maite spoke.

"It's like you were testing to see how soft they are."

Audrey had a different response.

"It's like when you're buy fruit and give them a nice squeeze to see if they're good."

Emerald hummed at the answers before he slipped his hands down and slid his middle and ring fingers into Maite's and Audrey's pussies before he starts to finger them.

"How about this… how does this feel?" Emerald cryptically asks.

Both Maite and Audrey shuddered from that before speaking.

"L-Like a tentacle entering in." They said in unions

Emerald chuckles before speaking up.

"I mean how does it feel, I know it feels good, but how good?" Emerald cryptically asked before he pulled his fingers out and walked to two of the BDSM gear.

"Like if your dick was inside of me." Maite said while blushing.

Audrey nods in agreement before Emerald chuckles when he returned with two suits.

"Alright… put these on then before we get to the next part." Emerald said before he passed a couple BDSM suits to the duo.

Maite and Audrey nods to Emerald before they start putting on the suits.

A few minutes pass before the duo stood head to toe in the gear, their breasts, asses, and pussies were fully shown and the gear had black gloves that ended at the middle part of their upper arms and the boots had a similar thing for their upper thighs.

Emerald and his clones admired the view before Emerald spoke up.

"So ladies, how do they fit?" Emerald asked when he approached them and looked them up and down to see if there was any issue in the suits.

Maite and Audrey blushed before speaking.

"It's a little tight but feels very comfortable." Maite said.

Audrey nods in agreement.

"Remember the feeling from earlier?, when I fondled and fingered you two?" Emerald asked with a cryptic grin on his face… where was he going with this?

Maite and Audrey nods to Emerald but were wondering why he was bringing this up.

Emerald kept his grin before he approced the duo… and slipped his ring and middle fingers into their pussies again… but instead of moaning… they yelled and squirt all over his hands while their bodies shudder before they got dropped to their knees when their bodies were bulldozed with pleasure.

"So… get why I asked for a before or after now?, I can explain what happened in a moment, but for now, you two recover." Emerald said while he licked his finger clean over the two women.

Both girls took a few moments breathe before they were feeling better.

"Hehe, well since you two are recovering… I'll let you know that Lillum made these, and that their main function is to increase a person's pleasure 10 fold… and that's just for a beginners setting… think of what can happen if we used our dicks instead of fingers." Emerald teased while he lets the info set in for the women.

Maite and Audrey's eyes widen while their jaws dropped after realizing it before blushing big.

"So… mind if we switch partners?" Emerald said while his clones grin at the two women while the wolf clone was looking at Maite with a hungry look in his eyes.

Maite blushed brightly at the look before she and Audrey nods to him.

"Alright, let's get started shall we?" Emerald said with a grin before he and Hedgehog Emerald approached Audrey while Wolf and Cat Emerald approached Maite.

A few moment's later, and Audrey was picked up by Emerald before the trio was taken to a nearby mattress while the same was happening to Maite and Wolf Emerald when he seemed to be in a slight hurry for some reason.

The two women were set on the separate mattresses while their two Emerald's looked them up and down for a few moments.

Maite and Audrey blushed big from the stares before Emerald was the first on top of Audrey and Cat Emerald for Maite to help ease them into the pleasure spiking suits by sucking on and playing with their breasts.

Both girl's bodies jolt from that action before they started moaning while Emerald and Cat Emerald continue by lightly massaging their folds instead of fingering them since it would just lead to another early release for the two woman.

Maite and Audrey pants for a bit while moaning before their folds started getting wet.

"That's right, just relax… you two will get to the main event soon… don't want to pop yet right?" Emerald teased while he resumed to bite and suck on Audreys nipples and played with her folds more while Cat Emerald purred while he latched his lips around one of Maite's nipples and start sucking like he was being nursed by Maite while his fingers slowly go an inch into Maites tunnel but no further when he pulled out to slowly repeat the process.

Maite and Audrey's breathing deepened a bit while moaning as they felt their folds getting wetter.

A few minutes pass before Emerald at Cat Emerald pull away from the duo to look at the results of their work of warming them up.

Maite and Audrey took a few breaths while they felt that their folds were completely soaked which made Wolf Emerald grin before speaking to Cat Emerald.

"I'll take the pussy this time, you get the ass." Wolf Emerald oddly orders which made Cat Emerald raise an eyebrow from slight confusion at the Wolf Emerald's odd force in his voice before just shrugging since he did take Audreys pussy last time, fair was fair after all.

Maite blushed big after hearing Wolf Emerald was taking her first after she got a good look at the clone's dick.

It seemed even bigger than before for some reason while his knot was partially formed… he was really excited for some reason.

"On your knees bitch." Wolf Emerald orders Maite with a fanged grin on his face.

Maite was shocked a bit from that before doing as she was told which made Wolf Emerald chuckle.

"Very good girl… time for a reward." Wolf Emerald said while he got behind her and rubs his dick on her folds for a moment before he surprised even Cat Emerald by thrusting all the way into Maite in one go before he starts to pound her pussy after he gripped her ass for leverage.

"GAAAAHHH!" Maite yelped at the sudden action before she starts moaning like crazy.

Cat Emerald raised an eyebrow again at Wolf Emerald's actions while fluids constantly flowed down Maite's legs and start to dampen Wolf Emerald's groin area before he moved around and sat in front of Maite and his legs next to her head while his dick points at her mouth.

Maite continues to moan from the extreme pleasure before she opened her mouth as wide as she can before swallowing Cat Emerald's dick and starts sucking.

"Oh shit!" Cat Emerald muttered from the action while he rests his right hand on top of her head after feeling Maite's mouth and throat trying to suck the life from his dick.

Maite giggled at the clone's reaction before she continues to suck harder on Cat Emerald's dick.

Meanwhile, Emerald finished warming Audrey up before he rests his dick on her folds, compared to the clone's, Emerald was larger than the clones by a few inches and he was around 5 feet tall so it was a bit of a bend to have him look at Audrey underneath him while he slowly pulled his hips back and pressed the head of his dick at her folds before gently pushing in inch by inch before he hilts her.

"Gah!" Audrey yelped while feeling Emerald's dick going in before Emerald waits for a moment for Audrey to adjust before Emerald whispers in her ear.

"How are you feeling slave?... I ask since I don't want to break my property…. You may belong to Maite for the most part since your a gift to her, but I'm still your master as well and I need to keep my slaves in a good condition." Emerald whispered while he slowly pulls in and out of Audrey's pussy.

Said koala moans loud before speaking.

"I-I feel...G-Great! P-Please keep pounding my pussy Master!" Audrey said.

"As you wish!" Emerald said before he used more power to make the mattress wobble with his powered up thrusts while the Hedgehog clone walked above Audrey before kneeling down till his balls rest near her mouth before he made her grip his dick with her hands to play with it.

Audrey moan before compiling as she starts to stroke Hedgehog Emerald's dick before bringing her mouth to his balls.

Hedgehog Emerald moans a bit while Emerald continues to pound Audrey with stronger and stronger thrust for a few minutes before….

"Cumming!" Emerald groaned out before he hilts Audrey and unloads right in her womb.

"AAAAHHH!" Audrey yelled in ecstasy before cumming hard on Emerald's dick which made him grit his teeth when he felt how tight she was getting.

A few moment's later, Hedgehog Emerald's dick twitches before Emerald himself had an idea and right when he finished ejaculating, he made a hand sign before he got switched with his Hedgehog clone who groaned from the sudden switch right before he ejaculates right into her womb while Audrey was now holding Emerald's semen covered dick.

Said koala was shocked at the switch before moaning loudly from the surprise creampie.

A few moments later, the Hedgehog clone finished unloading in Audrey before he pulled himself out of her… right before he surprised her by shoving his dick into her ass before he continues to thrust while his semen acts as a lube of sorts.

"Gah!" Audrey yelped while feeling surprise before starts moaning.

She even surprised Emerald by taking his dick in her mouth to clean it before sucking on it.

Emerald moans at that before chuckling in amusement before speaking up.

"Good girl, keep this up and you might be able to help the Students during their lessons with Lillum later." Emerald said with a teasing grin while he watched Audrey sucking his dick.

Said koala hummed with excitement before she started sucking on Emerald's dick a littler harder with gusto.

Meanwhile while Emerald was getting a blowjob and the hedgehog clone was railing her ass…

Wolf Emerald was really getting into pounding Maite for some reason, even though he slipped his knot in, he forced it out before thrusting back in while fighting back from cumming while Cat Emerald was twitching from an approaching orgasm.

Maite moaned loud, or would've since it was muffled with Cat Emerald's dick in her mouth.

She didn't know what's happening but couldn't care as she was enjoying the intense pleasure before she sucked the Cat clone's dick harder.

A few sucks later and Cat Emerald yowled before he starts unloading into Maite's mouth while Wolf Emerald growls a little when he thrusts harder and harder when he smelt something from Maite and it enticed him to get as rough as he could.

Said Hedgehog woman was moaning louder while trying to swallow Cat Emerald's cum.

She succeeds for a bit before it starts to dribble down her chin and breasts before Cat Emerald tapped off and scoots back to watch Wolf Emerald who starts to look a bit wild when his hips start to blur from speed... and he gripped the back of her head by her quills with his fangs before slamming himself in a minute later and starts unloading into her womb with some kind of need when he let out a few small whines from how hard he was cumming when he knots her.

"GAAAAHHH!" Maite yelled a bit with the pain from having her quills pulled before she moaned with ecstasy from the extreme pleasure as she felt her womb getting bloated.

A few moments later and Wolf Emerald fell onto Maite with panting breath while he slowly kept cumming while his was knotted to Maite before he licks the back of her neck with his tongue to help sooth her sore neck.

Maite's body shuddered a bit from that action before she was feeling better from that.

"Sorry but, I'm not pulling out for a bit, Cat here will have to take your ass." Wolf Emerald said before he carefully lifts Maite and twists her so that her ass was pointing at Cat Emerald while he was still knotted into her pussy.

Maite pants a bit before putting her head on Wolf Emerald's chest.

Cat Emerald moved a bit before he was behind Maite before he placed the head of his dick at her asshole.

"Ready Maite?" Cat Emerald asked while he lightly nudges Maite's asshole.

Said Hedgehog woman turned her head a bit to look at the Cat clone before nodding to him.

Cat Emerald nods back before he pushed the head of his dick into Maite's ass before he gripped her ass before he pushed the rest of his way in which made Maite even tighter around Wolf Emerald's knot which in turn made her ass even tighter.

Maite grind her teeth from Cat Emerald's dick going in before moaning before she wrapped her arms around Wolf Emerald's back and putting her head on his neck.

Wolf Emerald gently hugged her back before her body starts to shift back and forth when Cat Emerald starts moving.

Maite groans a bit before she starts moaning from the pleasure.

For a few minutes, nothing but Cat Emerald slamming himself in and out of Maite's ass and Hedgehog Emerald who was slamming in and out of Audrey's ass could be heard while Audrey sucked Emerald off before the Emerald trio's dicks started to twitch before Emerald groans when he starts unloading into Audrey's mouth, followed by Hedgehog Emerald who hilts himself in Audrey's ass and shoots deep in her ass, followed by Cat Emerald who hilts himself in Maite's ass and does the same with a yowl.

"AAAAHHH!" Maite and Audrey yelled in ecstasy while Audrey's yell was muffled by Emerald's dick before cumming in unison while Wolf Emerald shudders when he felt Maite tighten before he let out a bit more semen into Maite with a few spurts before the flow slowed greatly.

The Emerald's pant for breath while Cat Emerald rests his body on top of Maite which got sandwiched between Wolf Emerald's body while Emerald fell on his rear while Hedgehog Emerald fell forward onto Audrey when they felt a bit weakened from how much semen they let out.

Maite and Audrey pants for breath as well while their bodies shuddered after all that clixaes.

"So… who wants to turn in?, Maite?, Audrey?" Emerald asked while looking to the two woman.

Maite and Audrey both said…

"Y-Yes Emerald/Master."

Emerald chuckles before the hedgehog clone poofed away before he got next to Audrey after cleaning the bed of semen before he placed an arm around her waist after he summoned a blanket and pillow.

Cat Emerald vanished before Wolf Emerald mimicked Emerald by summoning a blanket before placing it on Maite and himself while he hugs Maite tighter while his knot stayed bloated in her vagina.

Audrey snuggled her head on Emerald's chest while Maite hugged Wolf Emerald back before snuggling her head on his chest.

A few moment's later, the lights in the cave dims before the scene fades to black.

A few moments pass before DME, Atomsk, and Thor find themselves in some kind of… colorful cul de sac of sorts before the trio looks around.

"Uh...Where are we?" Atomsk asked with confusion.

"If my landing was correct, then we should be near the second Mask user's home… question is… which one?, all of them look way too damn colorful." DME said when he looked at the brightly painted homes with some confusion.

That's when Atomsk's eyes widen in realization.

"Oh I know where we are. We're in the Ed, Edd n Eddy world." He said.

"What do you mean by this… Ed world?... shouldn't we be heading to Earth from Asgard?" Thor asked with slight narrowed eyes when he looked at a few buildings… and saw some kids playing nearby.

"Don't look at me. I didn't say anything last time to jinx us." Atomsk said while DME shook his head.

"Don't look at me either, my calculations are spot on normally, the only thing that could have happened is if someone messed with my portal mid jump from the outside like Odin's magic did when we got to Asgard, any thoughts Thor?" DME said with crossed arms while he thought of a few theories.

"My father would never hinder us for a mission like this, tell me what reason he would have for doing this." Thor said with a serious expression.

"Maybe he was pissed off at DME for hurting the guards and me for the prank war." Atomsk said.

"Maybe if he was alone, but do you think he would send me on a wild goose chase as well?, My Father may be quick to anger, but he is no fool, he knows what can happen if one of Loki's creations run amok." Thor explained while he looked to Atomsk.

"Unless Loki disguised himself to look like your father." Atomsk said.

"Impossible, remember that Heimdall has his all seeing eye, if Loki tried to impersonate my father, Heimdall above all others would know… he takes his job seriously as guardian of the Bifrost bridge and would have notices any irregularities if Loki really did take our Father's form." Thor said with a slight edge in his voice at the possibility of Loki doing that.

"My apologies Thor. I did not mean to offend you or your world." Atomsk said before DME spoke up.

"Eh no need to apologize to him, besides aside from the fact that you and TME getting the Green faced Man's attention, I consider this a fault of the Norse gods for not keeping an eye on the guy, I mean seriously the guy bends reality like he's freaking picasso and reality is his art to him, I mean wasn't he taught right from wrong by his parents and how to use his abilities by someone?" DME said when things didn't add up for him.

"What!?" Thor said with anger from the insults while his body sparks a few times from his anger while some dark mist emits from DME who gave the Thunder a cold look… this did not look good.

Atomsk did not like what he was seeing before speaking.

"Alright you two, let's stop before one of you regrets it. Besides, you both do realize who's watching us right?" Atomsk said to calm them down.

The Duo blinked a few times while the elements they showed a little fades before looking around to see what he was talking about.

Atomsk points to the kids of the cul da saq that were staring at AWE at what they were seeing.

DME thought fast before he grins.

"Alright everyone, that's a wrap, let's take 5 before shooting the next scene." DME said to try and convince the kids that this was some kind of movie being made.

Luckily for the trio, the kids were indeed fooled by DME's lie before they went somewhere else to do whatever it is they're doing.

DME sighs a bit before speaking.

"Freakin' annoying… anyway, I'll try and figure out what went wrong with the portal, you two try and do the same as well, for all we know, were being followed by that Green faced freak and he did something to bring us here." DME said before he walked away after looking around a bit while Thor scoffed a bit.

"Is he always this irritable?" Thor asked with narrowed eyes while he did wonder if they were being followed.

Atomsk sighed before speaking.

"Like you wouldn't believe it. But he does have his moments." He said which caused Thor to roll his eyes.

"Unlikely, I heard of beings like him who are the other half of others… the sides that are kept hidden... they are normally only in this for selfish reasons, if this TME is a good guy like my Father said when he was mentioned earlier… what does that say about this DME guy who is like his opposite?" Thor asked before he walked away from Atomsk to see if anything was out of place nearby.

Instead of replying, Atomsk looks to the readers.

"Welcome back everyone. Sorry you had to see the fight. It would've got ugly if I didn't step in. We hoped you enjoyed chapter 11. Boy did Cedric almost put himself in the doghouse. I mean never ask your girlfriend a question like that. He's lucky that Azure didn't dump him. But now he's in more trouble since he got a Tibet pregnant. Wonder how everyone, especially Rachel and Sticks, are gonna react. Emerald is really gonna tear him a new one. However, the date was a success since there was no attack. Any thoughts DME?" Atomsk called out.

However DME went past a few buildings when it looked like he spots something so he was unable to respond to Atomsk's question… what did he find that got his attention?

Atomsk was curious before speaking.

"Looks like DME can't hear me. Anyway sorry to cut this outro short, but I need to help out finding any close to this predicament. See you next time. Deuces." He said with two fingers before he went to DME's location before the scene fades black.

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